Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1861 Page 5
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NEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITAL 1W Iw [altd Males k?rtr-W?? Om lev Weed Here to Brig Over tkaa Gree ley? Harris and kvard Old Friend* Starvation In lamai-Dcleat ef (lie Bill hi (he Hewe?Capital mnkkneit-Cennb denert to Washington In (fee Senate, U, he* U Alb^xt, Feb. 5, 1861. Ttie suooeBaor to William H. Seward has been legalized "to day by the action of the legislature. Ira fltrris im beeu declared worth/ of the mantle of Senator Seward, ud upon his broad shouldora will it rest after the 4th day of March next. It is natural for mankind to praise the suc?<satul man, and look upon bin as the right <"?" for the position; but without any intention to speak well of Mr. Harris because of his success in this the most exciting contest that has ever been held at Albany for (Jolted States Senator, yet I can speak of him in no Other than a favorable light. No person could see the ?urging and fauning of the political waves in this <UOUMK without referring In terms of admira t;on to the course of Judge Harris through out for his independent And manly oourse, ki compared with that of bis opponents, and I do not won dor that each side claims the hooor of electing him. A1 Chough he may have in this contest sympathised more wHL.tbe Ojtoley side, after it was settled that Weed was for Kvarts, yet it Cannot be claimed ttat it belongs to facl-cm. He was in the field as an independent can didate?the machine smasher, speaking in modern po litical terms?and succeeded, in that capacity, to smash both siatt a. As far as the spoils are concerned, he is not committed to either side. No promises have bean made by him'. He was appointed by twenty faithful men on principle, because he was not attached to either of the contending factious, but in an Independent position, and beyond reproach in every way. Bis final uonitmtiliHi was the fore* of circumstances. Tbe Greeley men would have votod for him just aa soon as the other Bide, could they Dot defeat Weed's candidate lu any other way. Ills true position is the people s candidate; but if we look at him In the light of principle, or the issue of no Compromise or conciliation, then we must look upon it as a victory of Weed and those conciliatory principles that be advooalts, for that is really his true position. Be belongs to the conservative class of republicans, and wilt be found on that side when lie places Upoc his shoulders the Senatorial mantle, and takes his Seat in the -tsnate Chamber at Washington. rhere is not a particle of radicalism in bis composition; unlike m wt men at the present time he bat> to pist political speeches to uefend, having been for a long time upon the beuch, where he was honored by all who knew him. He takes bis seat without having a series of political harangues upon the stump to tfeft-nd, lu oider u> appear consilient; but may be said to he pledged only to his state and country. No person accustomed to the study oi human nature can look upon huu lor a moment without becom ing convinced that extreme doctrines find no lod^iog place with him. Having been elected to the high office of Senator to represent the must populous and influential stuo iu the L'nion, he m>) be considered henceforth p ib.ic property, und as such the public are entiile'l to know soinetliiug atx ut his pant history Mr. H rris was bom In Charles - ton, Montgomery county, iu May, 1802. When ho was 8:x yoais uld his Tuther removed to Cortlan i county, and Ira spent the early part of b<s life, until he was seven teen years of age, on the farm, and ih n onterod the Cortland academy to piepare for cllege; a'terwarila .ci>tered the Unlou College, and graduated from that in stitution in 1824 lie spent oue year in the office or .Augustus Donnelly, Id Homer, Cortland county, prepar ing for the logai prot est ion, and then came to AlOauy Hnd entered the cilice of Judge Spence, formerly Chief Justice, and remains" there until ihe lull of 1828, wheu ?be was admitted to the bar and commenced the practice Of law He was apiioii.ted waalcr ol Chancery by Go vernor Seward, whilst thut gentleman was Governor?a position that he held for tour years. In 1H44 he was elected to the Muie Assembly on the whig ticket, and re elected la 1845, and was also chosen by the same coo etilmnc} to tbe cohstir.utionsl convention of 1*46, and tn the tal' of the tame year he wus elected to tho alate Senate Cor the term of lour years, line ot the principal ec'.R of the Constitutional Convention was to submit to the people the question of elective judiciary, which Was aooptcd by them, aud Mr. Harris was in tbe spring of 184? chosen one of the Justices of tbe Su preme Court for the Third juuiciul uistrict, au>l took his position on tbe bench on the 1st of July ot that yesr?a pomtion that he held (having been ouce re-elected) until January, I860, having been defeated in the November ?lection of 1HJ9 by Judge I'eckham, m ?tly on the anti reat issue. Although i.y inpathiciug with the anti-routers, wet his decisions were invariably agal?st them, sbowiug that as a junge o? would not be swerved from the right by his feeliugb. In 1856 there was an effort made to nominate blm for Coveruo* instead of John A. King Judge Harris at that time sympathized with the American party.or rather what was then called tne North American, aud that branch of the party tn their treaty with the republlcois at lirst demanded hut nomi nation by the Joint Convention, but Weed would not hear to it, aud said that ilairia t?unl afford to w?ll. Again, When Morgan was Dominated the first time, bo wasa c*u tiidate. and Weed once more urged bun to wait for a more convenient season, aud opposed him in the Omveutlon. Hart is, however, received upwarua of twenty votes in the Conventi m, but as Morgan was ou tho slate which at that tune was sacred, no one for once daring to raise their buuc against it, Harris was, as a matter of course, Bet oue Hide; aud it Is charged that Weed ouly give him a negative support in the contest for re election to the Supreme Court in 1859 Throughout the caucus for Senator this winter tho two bavo bad freqnent interviews, and to all appoarat-ces have been on friendly terms. but ou more occa.-i.ius than one has Judge Harris informed Mr. Weeu of his course and opposition in the State conventions, and when the Albau} chief urged hit', not to lie a caudwate, Mr. Harris Informed him that he (Mr W.) bad on former occasions Raid that be could atlord to wait until some other time: but that time never seemed to arrive, and uow he should be a candidate in spite of him, and take his chances for Success or an honorable defeat, and in that uititude be remained immovable until the last 1 therefore repeat bere that it can be considered a Weed iriumpfi only in tbe sense cf the defeat of (ireeley and the suocess of a Buau ol conservative principles lie is au active mem her of the Baptist church, and al Wajs lakiwau active part in educational ana benevolent ?Llcrpri.-. s of the day. He has been lor a iotg fine one of the professors in tho law School al Albany, and in that capacity has made a tost of friends. The students lu the achooi all urged his nomination, and those that have heretofore graduated Wiote to their members urging ihem to support him. 1& per sonal appearance he li somewhat attractive; Is a person about six feet, large and (tout built, but not cor pulent) h .s a pleasing andresa, and a manner that wins all who come tn contact with him. He w ilks with bis head bent Torwatd, has a lull, cleanly shaven faco, and an expression of countenance that bears all the marks ol a strong and i-owertul intellect combined With a benevolent heart Ho cannot be termed a man of extraordinary talent. but a person of clear mind, easy in bis manners without any mit'ks of extreme vie<fB, aud is one of those that will prtscnt even noioui principles iu a way that wul not be offensive to bis opponents He is. In faot, b) nature wholly destitute ol sharp edg aud conciliatory to hut opponent* on all occasions. He cannot be claimed by tbs politicians in auy sense whatever as befongu g to them. There is no reason to doubt but thut he will Work in the harness with Seward. No one pre teuds but that the two will travel the Same road, their past friendly association* at once Settles that fact, id the ru?iter of appuntments for this State they will pe fecuy ?g<ee, an 1 he wbo expects them to quarrel will Oe disappointed, Greeley In the Chicago Convention suceeuueo in deieatmg Seward, but failed to fet bis man nominated. This has been a sort of rebell ion of that contest, be lias received a negative victory. Weed has been beaten, bot Greeley's frieuds did not muc eeed tn wmiuaiing their man It is therefore a sort of felt handed victory to ihetn, and on the whole Weed has gained the mr?i. Hy bis nominali<m a monster split id tbe party has been avoided, but tbe great breach ha* ool) been bridged ovor for the lime bung. The next Stale Convention of the parly will see a repetition of the feuds, and then tbs question will hardly be bridged over by them The dirty Uuen of tbe |#iv is bound in be exbioited then. This contest is only ibe b ginning of the tight Tbe House tins morning bad uuuer consideration, Id the Committee i>! tin Whole, tbe bill to ameud the act, passed iasl winter, to aboluh capital punisbineDt Mr. Angeil moved, as a substitute. that the murderer Id the first decree be punished by solitary c>nfluem?nl for life, and In tbe second degree, nj coiiduemeut and hard labor tn prison tor life. ITogress ouly ws- reported - Met du g Ksni-ss t sine up iu tbe House ibis mornlag In another sha|ie from what it bas besu used by the poitll. Clans for the lost ft# year* The Select Committee, to Whom was referred the s.ibj 11 oi starvation id Kansas, repo. leu by blU, this it or ng, as loikrws ? See I The suin oi < i.uodied lb ejsand dollars is hereby appropr.aied ( ? ?? ihe tre?sury W tni State, for tbe purpose o( furnish g *u|>plics and provisions and fbr defraying th? expensct oi the transportation thereof to the si.fie. Ing p. pis oi Kansas Sec. 3 Ibe Comptroller shall draw h a warrant upon tbs Trsasurer lor the saldsm ?unt, pay ?bls to tbs order of the Govsruor, Comptroller and -eetoiary of State, who are hereby coustiiutsd s comm -i%'ou to superintend and duet t the expenditure of the same -o as to proiaote tbe ohjeot hail in view by tuts UgisKiurx. The bill bad its third reading and wt? I >st, by not re celvtng the constitutional vote. The rbmooratK) caucus bal quite a controversy list Bight over tbe uomluation of a candidate for I'mted Stale# ?poator. Several ballots were had, and bad not the con Wit utl nal objection been raised, Sector Sptnoia would , bave been nommsled. I Tbe Senate this morning took up Senator Manlerrs's re solution to endorse I niton States bonds, and after s short lletiale reiened them to the Finance Committee Afur ibo ball<t tor Senator and Regents, tlitiy took up (be qusstinu of app>dutmcnt of Commissioners to Ihe W-sbuigtou Conler. niii A livey nebate e.iS'ied, aud Senator ammond openly avowed himself id favor of dla ?olntloB of tbe Unloo rath- than give up tbe slavery ait tat Ion. and wsnl ou to arg is that a diteolullon of tbe t'nlon'would not be so gnu an evil aft-r all. If this <? not a fulfillment of what I as life yesterday, ?that be wu al heart for secession, and aiming al t n? Mtma thing that tbs Ore eaters of ths South ware, lh m | am rmsbie to comprehend his position It Is (4rt liking an open ground for secession, and lbs tV ??ior In question bad cot bettor talc any more about In v ctli g -onator Toombe for hid treaaouable speech. for I la belong* in the same boat, aiming at the sccoutplish mtut of ihe bume object, only in the oppjtdie direction. Several of the Senators took part in the debate Senator (Hiinola the comae of Mi. and appealed ft r the adopHoa of tnv cTu?id.um1o,1 A vote wa* liu.!!; taktn on Mr. Bell's proposition, and voted down. 0 to 'H. Senator Hammond then moved to strike out ihe names of Curtis, Corning, Greene C. Brnn m>u and Addinon Gardiner, and itiaert the name* of Martin Ororer, John L. Talcott and J Mullor. On this propo sition debate again took place upon the merits of the men named. Senator Hammond insisted that there should be noLe but repubilcana on the commission, but declared that he would not vote for sending the commissioners on ai'V c<'be(deration He wus opposed to the principle. The motion to strike out the names was lust, and the immew of General Wood aid John A. Kiug WiTS added to tl e lift, miking eleven in all. In that way the reso lution* that passed the Hcuss, appointing Commissioners to Wufhington, were adoptou in the Sen ?te by a vtte of 19 to 12 The sens ion of the Senate was the long out held thin winter lasting until half post four o'olock P. M. ILe amendment to the resolutions appomtiug Commis *loners, ao opted by the Senate to day, waa brought up at the special session to night. An elfort was made to add an additional amendment, to the effect that an oath of nflUe ehall be administerod to the Commissioners, and on that there was all manner of Qlib mlerlng by those op p? se<i to the appointment of Commissioners. Appeals were taken, motions made to adjourn, (Histpone, lay on the table, yeas and ua>i- call-it, and every other Imagina ble device resorted to u> p? vent ? direct vote on concur ring with the Senate umiruments. A small squad of Re CeSflcnivtS sueoeded in makiug themselves appear perfectly ridiculous, and have obtained an uuunviv ble reputa'ion that will cling to them to the end of the session. Before the ttnal adjournment they will find that it is the pait or wisdom not to be facti iu* under the Decision* of the Chair, when those decisions are clearly within the let'er and spirit of the rulos. Two houig were f|*-tit In tomfoolery bjr the minority, led off'by Morgan, Benedict, Merritt and Blrdsall, whon, by the determinate action of two-thirds of the Assembly, a direct vote was taken, all amendments voted dowD.and the two additional names inserted in the Senate concurred in bv a vole of 72 to 3;t. The question is thus Unally settled, and the Commis ttoneri- duly appoioied. Gerrit Sn. 1th appears before the Judiciary Committee to morrow to argue in tavor of the passage of a Personal Liberty bill. It is said Governor Morgan has replied to Governor Brown, of Georgia, today, in regard to his despatch yesterday, stating that he had received the despatch from Mm, but as It reKtsd to important ques tions, and not being in an official form, he could not give him a definite reply until he had received it in the umuU otllclal manner, tbrough the mails. IIW YORK LBUISLATIIlll< Senate., Feb. 6,1861. Tbe Penal? took up the resolutions proffering to tfae general government the endorsement of the State for the I nitcd Mutes deposit fund in use in this .State. Mr. Mamuikk moved their reference to the Finance CVmmittee. Mr II ammon^ moved to refer them to a special commit tee of three. J. McljtcD Miki-hy read a letter from General Pix, urging the speed) adoption of the resolutions. M,lbbal? "ftued' M,r' 8po,OL4 opposing any Inatructioaa to the committee, ami the resolution were eventually re ferred to the fommutoe on Finance. Mr. Mamkkke presented a numerously signed petition to Ihe?p? rpl'e C tubm,hmon of.tho Crittondon compromise Mr. Mamhkrk introduoed a bill to provide that no In surance company be organized in New York or Kinca county with lew than $600,000 capital. Ihe V iiginia Commission resolutions were taken up. Mr. UoMtioMKHY offered an amendment expressing wil lingness to unite with the legislature of Virginia and other . tat. s in an application for a convention to auemble at an early day, proving amendments to tho constitu tion for ratification by the several states. Alter a protracted session the resolutions on the Vlr i? Were amen<??<' *>y a-idlng tho name* of Mr. John A Kit g aud Geueril Wool to the Comwawion efs and pufiaod by 18 to 12. ihe Senate was in session from eleven until nearly li\e o clock P. M. In the course of a debate Mr. H?<u niond ma'ie a speech in favor or a separation of the i nun into two confederacies, so that in the Northern c< n eoeracy the cuite ol slavery might l>e forever ex graceVts acM|n? Prmt ?f * rool8tep of a slave evei dw He wiit. replied to by Messrs. Colvin and Spinnla tho atter o whom denounced hisst?tch as the most dis loyal and incendiary ever uttered in the State Senate. Aucmblyr. Auunrr, Feb. 6,1861. At twelve noon, In accordance with the law, the Assem bly proceeded to nominate a candidate for election to the United Stntes Senate in place of Mr. W. If. Seward. Mr. Ira Harris, of Albany, was nominated by all tho republicans except M<*srs. Anthony, Fieli, Finch and hire, absent, und lYendeigast. not voting. ^r- B?ratio Seymour, ol Oneida, was nominated bv all the democrats, except Messrs. Cozblh, not voting, and N.'mour 'l Woodruff, absent. For Harris, 88; for iho House then nominated Messrs. Hias W. I/saven worib ana J. Carson Iir.voort for Regents or the Univor sity, in place of Iiavid But-II and Ueorgn B. Cheover- the JSJTStoT.:'witajd!* ^ f?r jB-m^W.Cumm.n?8 fhe two houses met in a Joint session, and tho nomina tion* being found to agree, Ira Harris was declared duly elected to tbe United States Senate, and lxuveuworth aud Brevoort Regents of tho University. A FTKKNOON RK88ION. Mr. TnutKR, by unanimous consent, reported at twenty minutes to two o'clock a bill for the rolior of the an dot ing people of Kansas Mr. urn- real a telegraphic despatch just received fn ni Thaddeus Hyatt, mplorii g aid to the starving peo ple ol Hans ?a, saying that 60,000 people have on-yia bounty lw tww?n th? mhHvoh aud death. The bill appropriates f 100,(X'O to bo immediately paid out ol the treasury for the purchase or food and the uav ^ient of uatsportation. r^' Mr. Keknam d. sire i the bill to lie over one day as It mane no provisions tor the proper care or outlay of the money. * i he b'll was read a third time and loet by 82 to 17 re quiring two thirds of the members to pass it. A motion to recon?ider was laid on tbe table. The Governor prereuttd resolutions rrotn the Kentucky sol Mu m sola legislatures, which were ordered to be endered on the Journal und printed. KVENIKO rrhrion. The Assembly met ut seven o'clock, to consider Mr. Robinson's resolutions appointing commissioners to Washington in accordance with me Virginia resolutions. They we<e announced as a message from the Senate A motion being made by Mr. Pncan to concur in the Venule amendments, the minority opposeii to tbe resolutieis commence I a series of tactics deslgn-d to stave off action Th?' friends ot the measure how ever, urged a vote, and the Senate amendments wero finally agreed to. >*?? from the Pit rifle. ARRIVAL OF THK OVRKI.ANll PONT KXPRKRft. Fort Kiamkt, Fea. 6,1861. Tbe pony express passed li.-re at two A. M., with Has Franctoco advices of January It, 8:40 P. M. The news is as follows:? 8aj? Fraxcirco, Jan. 19, 1861. Arrived 18th, ships Aurora, New York; Ocean Pearl, Hong Kong. Our limited market Is at this writing in about the worst stage it can be brought to, when for nearly all artl cles there are few or no buyers. Money is comparatively easy on this steamer day. Candles have rallied a little: sales to-day of 426 b< x.s nseorl.-d adamantines at 20c. a 21c In the Absence of sal- a no change In qiJoialtooa can be made. There is an Increased demand for flour and Wheat tor shipment tj Kngland, with .utchange In rat.*. Ihe ei.ction ot Speak.r of the Assembly, on the 14th was tllecled by a coalition betw.on tbe r?publlcans and OooglM democrsts. A similar coalition will bo at t. mptea to elect a Douglas candidate or Northern bias for I niied Stales Venator. A portion oT tbe Breckinriu? and I Olivia* members are negotiating to combine on Borne M?uih? r l Iioubihh democrat. The t.overnor's n.e*e?ge was delivered on the lith Hie prUid|ial feature was the strong ground taken in lavor of pi? porting tbe I nlon and opposition to a I'aciflj r p'tbiir under an> cli cumsiances. He urgi* a petition ing of Congress to alter the eastern boundary of Call fori ia, so as to lake in the Aashoe silver regioa. The receipts of the State treaxury during the past year exceed the expenditures by |D6 tiOO. A Ini.-n me. ling m propoe??i at Sacrament?, wh u all tbe cai..i|da>ee f... ('lilted states Senat.if trill be called on to nellne .heir positu>na. The following is a complete list of all lh? known sspi rants for th^ senatorship?.lames A. Mrfhaigal, J. W Iiet.ver, Mmund lUudolph. John ("oi.iiw*, Jotin Curry Johu Nngent, John H.da. I' J |\ ? .?? and Humphrey' 0' ifflth. y. L Shatter, ft ilrun Mint ana Inland Stanford have been st?'ki n oi on the lupubitcan siae, and A. M. Giveil on ;be Hreckinri.iue lA-ucrs Irons Oitifie?Mn-n s ott an.t Ihirsb, advocating a i a. III.: tepublio, aie pubi.slic'd in mi the lea Hog papers^ aiei unetely oonoubt , ui.ij taro or thre^ obscure country pap. rs nefend or sxcuf either of tbe letters. Rewsir Kttia btive b. en introduced in tbe Senate d. clar Ing < aiiiortiu * lid* tity to the Colon, and in opposition to the access on of any stati', whi. h It is believed will pass both bous.s by large majorities. Jncge Mr Aliisier s deeiaton confirm* the New Mrwt lf mines to th^ claimants, agAtnat tke United States, with s< ven perieaene'ls or ImmedsUely surroundlns land ae cor*ing to the Mexican Mining laws. He rsiects their claim to three thousand varas of more remotely a n yd rung lands. Judge Hoffman eoe enried in the decree, but dteannled from McAllister In many points, kellevlng Mke clatmaaAa m I titu-dr ut-iel.nd. I^e cMdmants h%vo 6M|Mi an na |h h1 Mttmg will ln>m.dlately bo rt snaj^d, aort the t>e.?3a or ^unla t.iara have held a /ub.len over tbe ?m IM-ctsol a return to ilvt pr.wperity exiatlng before Ma. mines were closed and huadreUa <4 laborers doorpvad r e enpHiym.ut. " Ihe extensive war?bouse of Moore A Felger fa* |> Cisco, corner if CUWwult and fa via itrrx-ta m tr' fa wi re stored laifo <)uaiititl?? of liquors, can?k? ? u,r slota, *c., wss partly neatroyed b? Are on u?a the 17th A boa1140,000 worth of nerchaadw* . ?i? yed; rtilly insured. Toe clipper sbip Sunshine was sold to day bfii.. ? K'at's Maisbal, at auctam, for 146,000. " 1 ?",K, No pt.tij < xpress has arnvod since tne lar'i depArtnre the latest Fort Kearney dates being of ?'J0 ?)]?; ((f ?mber Fears are entertained that 6" .nj.rtal tronblei l.av. caused the ttlscontlnoaace of tf.t means of com mun caitoo with the taat (Ibe . xpress Weal was doublle* s tained by M0W in the tnOUDtatn* ] ' NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. WAMUjjQTGjf, Feb. 6, 1841. the eroiKji im'Ia> bonm. i Tu? .'v^,Tin* * 01 ** the ^olnl resolution offered In | the House to <Uy by Craif. of Missouri, read a second time, mid referred to the Ooui^M?? 00 ' &? Ab. sir action of Indian Bonds ? Resolved, by the Senate and House of RepreaO?lta'iv?? of the United states of America, in Congr<'?s assem^^i lbal A. B. Greenwood, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Kev-rdy Johnson and Montgomery Blair, of the IMUriel of Columbia, be, and they are hereby, appointed Obm- | miseioners on tbe-part of tbe United'States, to make a j full aud equitable settlement and adjustment of any <nd ail j claims and fcooun t? between tbe United States and Wil- j liam H Ku?sell, of tbe State of Miaaouri, or any buaineM linos or companies now or heretofore eng?g>Hl in the ser- i vice of tbe United States with wbicb tne eaid William ; H Kusseil is or has been connected; and if, upon such settlement by saM tommisaioutfri, any sum or balance ! shall be ascertained to he due to the said William H. Kuraell, as afnreaaid, tbe same shall be withheld by the secretary of the proper department until the aald William H. Hum. 11 shall have restored to the Secretary of the Inter ior, to tbe full amount of sui.u sum or balance, any U'nils or stocks belonging to or held In trust for the Indians liy tbo l uited stales that may be ascertained to have come to bia hands in any mauner whatever; and upon the restoration of aald bouds, as herein provided, such sum or balance shall, after deducting the expenses ni this commission, be paid to the order of the said Wil liam 11. Kusseil oat of any money in tbe trcaaury not otherwise appropriate. THX TARIFF BILL. The Tariff' bill comes up to-morrow in tbe Senate, as amended in committee, the principal ameudmont being that relating to warehousing, and which in substance is as follows ? On all merchandise remaining on deposit in warehouse or public Btores on the la* day of July noxt, and on all deposited after that cay, tbe duties shall be paid within ninety days from the time of deposit. Tbe goads upon which the duties have been paid may be withdrawn for oocsumptlou or oxported at any timo within tlx months from the time of payment of duties, and when exported the duty shall be refunded, less one per centum; but no duties shall bo refunded when withdrawn more than six months after the time tbe duties were paid. In oiher words, the warehousing system, so prolific In advantages to our Atlantic and 1'acific ports, and to New York in particular, in making them groat murta for tbe distribution of tbe producta of the world on this continent, with all the concomitant benefits arising therofrom, is at one fell swoop to be done away, and New York city to to fcl tbe weight of tbe blow. Truly, our republican legislators are wise men. Other amendments have been mado, but none which take from tbe original bill its obnoxious and impracticable complex system of specific ad valorem duties on tbe samo article. It is designed to be a re venue bill, but it will prove a dirge for the republican party, #and for the importing trade of tho country, which now more than over should be fostered. The im porters of New York and other Cities should move promptly iu the matter, or it will be too late. Several gentlemen are now here explaining tho bearing of the bill on their particular interests, but the real estate owners?the Astors nnd Stewarts?should raise their voices aguinst an act evidently aimed by lis trainers at the prosperity of our city. Brooklyn Acadkmt ok Mcbic?The audience of l*at ntglit was the largest elncu the opening of tbo houfl>?a I act iu &omo measure to be accounted for by the anticipa tion of an excitement on the occasion o( the introduction of "the Star; Singled Banner," by Mias Hinkley, In the course of the performance. The opera ''II Barbiero" was, on the whole, much better performed than on the pre vious ovening at the New York Academy, although ltstilj left much to be desired. After I'acliii's waltz from the -'Saltimbanco," which sho introduced in the lesson scene, the national banner was handed to Miss Hinkley, who ad vanced to the footlights amidst tremendous applause, tte whole audience rising, and sang the ol>l words of the fa vorite national air, tho version of the previous night be icg wisely discarded. At the end of every stanza the bouse rang with applause, and, in obedience to vociferous encores, it was repeated with the samo demonstrations of approbation. At tho clono three rounds of choers were called for and given willk an enthusiasm wh>ch proved the deep feeling excited by this appeal to tho patriotic feelings of the audience. The fair singer was overwhelmed with bouquets at tho termination of the air?a tribute due rather to the satisfaction caused by it than to her performance of the eveniug, the part of Bosina not being very well adapted to her voico or style of acting. <)n Saturday "Krnani'' will be given at this house, with Coleon, Brignoli. Suslni and Ferri in tho principal rolet. Mile. Hinkley will appear the same evening in the last act of "Lucia." Ts eight "Martha" will be given at the New Vork Academy, with Colj>on, Philippe, Bi ignoli and Coloiti in the cast. Prraonal latdligcntei Mrs Fanny Ki mble, of I/onox, Mass.; Rev. John I/>rd, of Stamford, Conn , Josiah Collins, of North Carolina; J. J. An h, of Philadelphia, and Albert Vickers, of Knglaud, are stopping at the Rrevoort House. G. H. Martin, of Albany; James Wise, of New Haven; J. W. Harris and family, of New York, and 8. C. (iro?t, of Sthenctftady, N. Y., are stopping at tho I-afargo House. Gov. Cleveland, of Connecticut; Gen. J. C. Abbott, of New Hampshire; J. K. V Mansiield, of the United States Mai me Corps: Lieuta. Hall and Irwin, of the United rftatea Navy; Mrs. Irwin and Mrs. Saint, from the Navy Yard, I. nsacola; T. C. Hogan, of Georgia, aid J. K. Whipple, or Ijuisuiglmrg, are stopping at tho Aator House. C. 8. McI>onough and H. Erven, of the Lnited states Navv: K W Ciming, of Albany; John F. Winsiow, of Troy; S. R Payson and G B Mln?t, of II *ton; A. Wat kins, of Arkaneax, and G. F. Krole, of Baden IJaden, are stopping lit the Fifth Avenue Hotel. William Kelly, of Rhinebick; J. W. Vosburgh and"! Pruyn, Albany ; F. W. Kgerton an I G. C. Cimeron, S. C.; C. F. ftausbury, Washington; W. T. Glidden and C. A. I-ainbaid, ItosUn, J. M. Worrall and W. K. Hlgglus, Ky , ?nd George I/ochm'in and family, Boston, are stopping at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Hon. F. Martin, of Cal ; Br. G R. Rpauldlng, Albany; J. W. !-1nlth, Geneva; K. A. Graham and A. C. Smith, Philadelphia: J. H. Sedgwick, Syracuse; G. A. Meadow, N. R Briggs and J. H. Ball,Cal.; J. 0. Beraan, Oa.; R. S. Willis and M. W. Roque, Texas, and F. Newklrk, N. Y., are stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel. Ki I'tevident Tyler is described as be.irlng h i peat age with remarkable grace. He is the sane alto ttll Icoking, high broil. Virginia gentleman, his lurking feature* still showing a high degree of mental act.v:ty. He has that cbsracte'lstW; which Napoleon *. coi.t'.dered the mark of intellectual superiority?a prom ncnt t. se. Ills tie is keen and gentle, and rullcelti tho ai. ma. vIgor which is undiminished by age. Rnrro|at?'i Ofltee. Before Kdward C. West, Surrogate. W1LI. OF WILLIAM BLEAKLY. I'kb. The tesUtor In this case bequeaths a con siderable estate, real and personal, to his relatives, with the exception of a bequest of |300, which Is given to the Americun and Foreign Christian Uniou. Tha will was ad mitted to probate yesterday. Boston Weekly Bank Ntsicmrnt. BoMTivt, Feb. 6, 1941. The following la the bank statement far the we?k end ing Saturdaj, February 2, 1861 ? Capital stoek.... <2 ?u'u2o I/ads and I?!!! Specie <um I me from other banks fw, to other banks. ......... <??**:::. ? ? ***** ?arkslii rniLADKI phi a board. 1'im on?nn n j Feb ^ iwi Stocks?Penns* lv*n>a S?u?u Va, WIS, '**'! road.iO*, Mornta Canal, 60. V*?g K?Jr"ad,9 ,, l'< niisyhaaai Ksjlrond. 3H. iigbl cxchang" a* par a n? etgblh per cent premium. ? . , , * v Nsw 0*leaJ?>. 1. Wl. OnMoa?fa) rs to day 10 000 bale* at 10 Vj. ? ?'*c: l."r Vales of the w?-efc, W> 000 balca; rccelp*". Ml ?*> t.ater sgainst H? 000 !><??". deOTCjae <* wel| ?i?, 17* M? W OT; decrease of r.*eipt? at all Southern ports, t??M# >,ales eipoils, 34 600 bales, t*nl exports, UWsW.; stock in poll, MV toa Nkw (MiiJUTra, 4, lHUl. d?Sales to day, H,W? balsa at 11?. all WO for n- Molasses 34c a Me P??rk ?B?ei; mess, fis oo. ?Cotton to Liverpool, dv- 10 ,tarr?' Morujc, Feb. 4,1861. Cotton?Sales to day 9,000 bales at lie. for mldullng, I m"krt 0,0"'ng ?rm BtI^, Feb ?, 1?H. I Floiir fteady Ohl? and T!f>waril sire, t, $6 Ar'?' J'T nomln .hy at the same price. Wheat dull. ? a $1 :'3 white |1 40 a >1 60. Corn steady; a 66e , yellow, 0?c. a ?le. Provislooa active and Urn. at previous rates. Coffoe steady at 12V<o. a la^C. Whiskey Arm at l#o M1 Pnn.AP?iphi*. Feb. o. lwi. Flour dull at $f> 26 fo' ?iip-mne -Wheat dull .safe* 2 000 bushels rs.1 at |1 2ft ? ?1 ?, white, ?1 86a ?1 40 ( is n has a declining tendency new. 6?c,: ??, ?*? fee?Rx> 12c. a H?<c. Whmkey dull at lTXc a ISc. Ci.ici!r?r*Ti, Feb. 4, l**t F'enr qetet at |4 60 a *4 70 for HnperBne. Whiskey III fair di trand nt 14o. Provisions dull. Bacon, THO^ a ?*,c Mefx pork and bulk meal nomlnaL !?ght e? ebaai.g" on New York at X per oent premium. " 0t*cm*AT!, Feb s. 1W. Flonr unoharged at M TO for supwttne. Wh^eyttm at 14c. Pror?K>B4 nntnlnal: mess pork, ?16 76 a ?1T w. gigbt exchange on N*w Yt*k at S Pg c?"t ?retnMtn city Ial(lll|Mc?. I. C' 8' Supreme ftand Cbuncil of the I'mted ?f)W Qf A|uof the Independent Order of 9on? of Malta bold tbelr am. J*1 couvoc^'oa *l No- 8M Broadway (Pro I'atrla lodge room). w*' Wr_1'TL1 /? *'?!***; The oaU to made by DetuTv gn^^TfoOd, 8. G. C. In C., by hi. AW. A. A^uui l^eg.-- ** lhB 8Ul?- "? in attendance. Dbmbht on ax Ai.lbjkd H. _Th? F "?r Iff nth precinct police, under comnund of c. ham son, made a desoeut Uat evening on ao a.'1**4 gambling bouse, So. 436 Broad wax, *ud succ^eiod iu securing about one hundred dollars' worth of gambling Implement*. It seems tbat a warrant for,tho arrest of Frederick Ertger, the alleged proprietor, was issued by Justice Welch, on the complaint of one Diego, but the police were unable to Ond Kdger, and it was round tbat be had not kept the place for a loug time b<tck. Noue of the parties on 'be premises wcro tmmd playing, and they were accordingly permitted to leare the place. The gambling implements, consisting of a sweat b >ard, cuds, checks, counters, fcc , valued at about $100, were taken in charge by the otflcers and takjn to the station house. Poucs CoMM?Kio.vkHH.?The Board yesterday ma le ap pointments as follows:?Wm. H. Dean, J. Cor win, M. O'Brien, B. McCbllough, B. F. C. Abbott, M. eager John J. Bennett, Andrew Ilan^an, David Frisbe, David Cos - tello, A. Miller, N. H. Marcher, C. I/ihmager, Wra. Dti ri, Samuel 1.. Hitchman, John Siuger, J. H. Ijockwood, R l'rout, John Hull, F. F. Mans, Ed. McGinney, John Campbell, Jaiuos Adams, Deunis F. Hay, V. Darke, Thos. McCarthy. Captain McKllney, lately dismissed from the force, it is said, has been reappointed and detailed for poet duty in Brooklyn. CorsTBtnanwc.?A man named Thomas Jones was last evening arrested In Uie Fifth precinct on an alleged charge of pissing a new counterfeit Qve on the Bulk of Amsterdam. He was held to answer. Similar bills of the same denomination were passed in several parts of the city. , Koiibh) in Ckvtrk Struct.?A countryman nimed Waldron, stopping at French's Hetel, was last evening robbed of SCO >>y three little girls of easy virtue In Centre street. Waldron was conversing with tno girls for some time, when all or ? sudden he discovered his loss, but too la'e to secure the thief. Two of the females were soon alter ariested, but nono of the money recove-od. Brooklyn City Neiva. Tiik Norm.w .Sikh)i Examination-.?At the meeting of the Board of Education last evening a resolution was passed for the fifth annual examination of thn Normal School, to be held at the Academy of Music, on Thursday, the 14th inst. Hie scholars will be examined iu the so veral biam hes. and uddrusses will be delivered by gen tlemen of eminence. Anotiikk Bahk Bau. Match ok Skatk*.?The experi ment on Monday of a game of base ball on the ice, be tween the Atlantic and tl.e Charter Ouk Hubs, was bo far successful ns to li duce tlio making up of another match, which will come oil' to-uay, on tbo Fifth avenue pond, between the Atlantic and the Pastimo Clubs. Oownuirr Biujs.?Several counterfeit bills on the Amsterdamaud the Bull'sllead hanks, of New York, have been discovered to be In ciiculHlon. The imitations are very clever, and well calculated to decoivo the unwary. New York Historical Society. ?IM or A PAPBR ON "EARI.Y WM UN H THK UPPER VALLBY OK TUB UUDSON," BY 11KNHY BRACK, KHQ. The regular monthly meeting of the New York Histori cal Society took place last evening at the society's rooms, corner of Second avenue and Eleventh street. There was a very uutnerous audience aud a large attendance of the members. A communication was received from the t'lstor Histo rical Society tendering its co operation in any iu vomica tion which us local character might assist. Tim oflor was acceptcd and a repolution adopted dlreoting that in formation bo couvoyod to the Ultttur society of the actios of the society and of a desire for the continuance of a friendly correspondence. Rev. Iir. Os<?<hid, the Domestic Secretary, In response to the call for his report, Haiti that como might consider the Held of his duties contracted at present, and tlutt some portion of our Union came within the Jurisdiction ?t' the Foreign ^ecn tary. Ho, however, considered all the Stut? s ol the I'iiI in us ilotn'wtic now a* they were six mouths ?go, and lelt tint the uoblo Male wMch hid given Washington litrth, aud now held his ash-**, would be true to her sacred trust. After some rout .in b isiretw, Hkwy Brack, Ksq., reail an interesting paper ou ">' trly Dutch l.ife Jn the Upper Valit y of the Hudson." He enu merated the various trai's of cltaru* tor aud habits of life or the Dutch si tilers, and traced iho gradual adoption of tho Kngli.-h tongue, which was lutroduoed by the Iradeis from Connecticut and ottn r settlements. In 17b0 the population was 1K0 100 o( whom 10 (HiO were slaves, making a proixirtlou of one black to eighteen whites. In the early stares of the settlement the pro portion of slaves was one sixth or the population. The Dutch slaveholders were kind masters, and th -ir negroes were well fad and well -lothed. The exiiepso. however, of keeping slaves was vory great, aud economy at length compeilcd the e'tate to rt t them free. After therea nng 01 the paper, Intelligence or the death of John Fanning Wiuaon, of Boston, was communicutod, and appropriate resolution*) passed. 11m meeting then adjourned. Arrlvali and Drpartnrei. arrivals. Sava.hraii?Hteamaliip Keystone State?Mr* H O Wright Mrr, J 1* I'clot, clnld aril nurae, II rtwlft, and ;i In the atewrage. Ardiuimar?Brig Alice Iranklln?Capt Smith, of Boatou. PKrARTTTtM. Satarraii? Steamship Auguata?Miita John?ton, Mian Wr>ghl, Mr* Keul'vl le, Mrs Liiw-ombft, lliu i.unniml#, K Pclndeslar, lady Mjit four rhlldren, R W Woodrulgs, t'apt EIi?t I'HA; I li ml. tig, I' rt A; K M ,l?ffe.?m, M K Wood rutt',, U W Kln^Mwy ana lady, K it Hoy'., M Mczlns, f Morgan, C K Miller, V\ lloooe, J ltoonr. w H Chapman, U II Hmpson, J II Walker, K F Narfvllle, V LNarlvll'e, K O Koiiork, T R Pond, Capt Srms, W Pendleton. IheAuguata itImi brings Company B, SeC' nd artillery, under conirnand of C'apt Kliey, from I n'tid States Araeual, Augusta, tin. Norfolk *c? Steam*Mp Jaineatown? Mr and Mr* (Jarduer. Mlis Koima linker, Mrnta H S IliinUngdon, J.ia Luikey, F K Cochen, W Kennlnh. .la* French, Ilm 11 unwell, II I Moore, A l) Black, E II W llliamit, and 2 in the ateerage. RMMK N P?steamship Karnik?Mr an.l Mr* A tl Bar'lett. iloi.i< u, Mratid Mr* J Harris, cblla and wrrwit. Mr* L J llarlrtak, John II tiiadwln, Mew York: famii'l lirown, Newport, HI, Mr? l.u'h.r Wright anil Mr Luther Wright Jr. Oiwiaa N Y, S XV Collins, Conn; Mr an 1 Mrs II J Cromwell and rhild, Mr Itiley and *?*rvant, Mr* (I Kellly and child, Mr andMistobt l;?iklay. Ml-a M Bark ley mil M utter Hoixirt I'ewltt Ba'k "), K f- I'an II Mr and Mrs fit Mary and two tblldren, W i? l-ewrll, ,1 I.ty and Ml** Hay, Mr and Mr* W M King'land and child, New York; lion F M rCarthy, Cn'onlfU Het re ary, Na**?u Hon John F Cooke, do; Kdwln Burr, m-w York, Joel Cadhuty, Mln> Mary Ann Cadi. ,ry and Ml** KiI7? Is th Cadhtiry. Philadelphia: A A Tho?it*m, Ml*? llilen lltoiu wd Mi*a Isabella Thomson. New York; L .rlel tmorlster, N?f??.ii For liavana-J Bui* Havana fepede?For llava ua. for Rasinu. (??) ( wuft < ?1> nilar-Tltla !??? y. St i n mi iii.? ri..-t ii ?1 it ? kOl, Citt, vvk mi aoft, aoT, ao9. 311, ai7. Ml, 32J, saw.o.ta a.j6, :^ii, 3.w. hllxliiH C"l'RB?I'Art 1?No*. I Ail, 640, 1U7, I I'M, 11W1, ill. 61, VJl I Ift.'l. I lMl, 1141. UAJ, 1106. llflT l.tll), 1173, 1170. Part U? Son. 4ia, 408, *48, 144, A, 14^. 102 ?*>S. Cumro^ Pucas Cocrt.?Part 1?Nns 205 , 200, I'JOO t? 1010 icclus.\e, 61, Hf>. Part 2?.SamoCAlco Utr an Monday. DrnwlBgi of H. Kranc? A C?.'? DtU ware Lotterleii ? ht -nax CotJRTT, Class S'v Feb IV, 1H61. 3, 2, 51, 73, <>, ft, 71, 17, 6, 14, 40. Lorraar, Clajs 1*. Feb. 5, lNtl. 12, 40, 42, 20, 43, 2.'>, 7, 4.r>, 70, 16, 28, 57. ClreularaaoBt freuof charp: by aWre?atng R. FRAMCB k CO., Wilmington, UalAwar*. Drawing! of the Dataware Htata l.i>t terie* ? Wt?i)I> !? I>DY'* CO., Xran*grra of the URLAWARK, fcKsrt'CRT aih) KiaiM.rai *tat? Lorrnaias. LklawaR*?htTRA Class 111, Feb. ^ MM 40, 2U, 18, 37, 73, 40, 11, M, IH, 1, 71. 12. 20, 50. DiLtWAN*?Clam III, Feb S, isai. 4?, 39, 20. 3, 10, 4, 63, 2?. til), 14, I. circulars containing arhemaa, wltb foil pariicMlara, sent free ol o*a>g>- by adrtr eaaln* #?her to WOOD, KDDY A CO., Wilmington, Uala?rare, Or to WOOD, BD?? a CO., St. IsmOb, Mlaatmrl. Malaway A Hoia'a Overalrang Orand and an?are Planna are now aonaldered tba baai iuaau'arture.1; are warranted for Are yuars Warerooia* oJ and 8t Walter 'lakt Kbykli kl rcUe at Wond'? Oym PMl-Jm. 5o. ? Ea*. tj e.gbth aksoet. viftn day and tntnlug. The OterllBf 9a? t'gul??x** Impraves Ike light and wea ttegaa Mar.uifa' n>d ay Wheei. r k Wil son's Sewing MacKlaa 70. "f '*/> Hroadway, baaemeot Hill's Hair Dye, ">0 i < ?ta?Rlark ej brown. Depot Ka i Barclay il.a't, ?udaU druggUta. Aretlo OilUBMl Batrholar'i *3?tr Oy.-Wtllable, llarm Vea^ and lnltaeteaeouj: ? ?>? b^'wa- Factory, Jl ''arel iy Street Bold aa(J app.'c; at H *T UfcLOR d Wig Faoory. Id t'ond street. In\ en test Will aad Toapewi also Moldavia Cream, for prenervlna and Israntlfylng tha balr. Manufaetnred by W A. ?AtuH*LOR, Iti Bond areet. Hllltni of Bottlea of mm. wiNRL iwn ecKTmwo trrwvr, Arf no* uitd ftirj f?r In lh? ' nllcd Hum for eh I14M Ucthlna. wllh mtv falling auooeaa. UeUM U ?ttd I'KRTAIN. CrtitMloro'i Hm.Lt Ok*. W Wl? ""rt *?? pm??Tkc Iwnt In thn world. V oi**?l?t and r*la' *?d taa <1j?> prlTatalj applied a< - C Wor Hcum. ??rry'i Trfropb< ro?? U IM h??t Md ekaapmi article for drefill.. >??n\:.'rWjjL citrliua. jtotndii*. prrpwrrlBg and ratvrlng ,?? a*'!. UuLum, try It hold |>y all drugglata. Rait ntifiim, Srfirry, &C., iprlBI from foul Monod. By u.lug bOU-OWAY* Mb tk* bloc* wl.l be thoroughly rlran?> d (J all ImpfrPtf, and the outward tffrt-te are quickly hi kit4 by kl? Imtawuti: oioimeut. Mr .nia per bo? or pot. TraiMi oCtttinriftt Co., #S Bonrt atrnt, kit iha Me ^rt?rii tor* of %hlte't Pat?n) l?*?*r Tru??, a radical core ftor (ferula or Roptur*. Wend lor * pamphlet Tt.uiM^>Nkrth A (#.'? Uaillral Cw? Trtn Ho | Vr??7 atrial (iUWvr U?rur4, oppoafe th? eburefc. TOE FAflli. 1 The Revolution?News ft. "m South? Tb? Proceedings of Cong. of the Pc?re Conference at A ?ad the Mecca*ton Convention ak Mont gomery, Am?The llenctlunary Sk'**" ment?AJIhlrs la Europe?The Abnou Wlft Poloon t? g Case?Morheta, <Ste.f ^fi TUe Ptunr Hbiulu in ita edition of to Jay (Wednesday) I with other interesting things, will ounUiu ?The Utost lu w*'ligeaw from Washington City ami the South, in re?ard to ihc pruiTet* of RiTolutiou; The Latest Mtw* from Forta Sumu"* 40(1 f'c^ona, The Proceedings of Coo?rr-Ji; The Valedictory ^drosses of Messrs. Slldeli and Beoja miu of Louisiana; .*ocount of the Foray on the Aboli tionists at Svracuee; Aflki."* 'n Europe?The Cotton f'anic in Engiaud?OpinioM of the J&ig'lsb and French papers on the American Crista, 4c.; Hep^t of (he Testimony in the Abson Wife Poisonhrg Case; The Celebration of the One Hundred and Twenty seventh Aiu*uverse7 of Ihe Birthday of Thomas Paine, Ik-port of IIr. Jfuitoly'e Lec ture on The Fame and Achievements of the Irisli HoMier at Home and Abroad; Mr. Itarey'a Charitable Exhibition ? the Academy of Music; The Latest News; All the NowBofNew York and Vicinity of importance; Reports of the OUtle, Provision and Mouay Markets, and all in teresting news mailers of the preceding weak. I""***-??! ? y?*1"; 'our cents a single copy. Subscrlp. tlous received at the office, northwest corner cf Pulton aud Nassau streets, New York. Mingle copies for ?oie at tha counter and bv ai) news agents. Advertisement* In serted at the usual IIk&ald rates. Wheeler Ac Wilson'a ImproTed Sewing Machines at reduoed prices, (Mllce 600 Broadway. llrooklyn Pact tCstabltstied Ten Yean ? l^ino?j,,para?*itoof W^LLUMsilN-H Photographs and Cameo types. t ultoo street, opposite Clinton. Marrlril. ri..>ll?IT7Vfw,V0"'* ~?n r"0BllaJ'. February 5, at tho Church of the Incarnation, by tue Rev. Henry E. Mont gomery , Kiciuku M. Kvkkit to Maky r., daughter of Wat son K. Ijiwrence, Esq., ail of this city. l-ijftvHKK? Brooklyn, bv the Rev. James Manning, Gsom.k fl. Punum io, youngest daughter of Petor Bergen, all of this city. ,fl^KW/RTr"<)WJJ4,-4,a Wednesday. September 12, 1800, by Rev. EG. Brooks, pastor of Twentieth street 1 mvcrsalist church, Eooak f jvtkwakt, of New York to I* Aukijiuk Bowijm, of SpringUeld, Mass. pk?KMwpy<1 K?Pul)!icun and Counecticut papers _ Died. Bmatooh ?On Monday, Pebruniy 4. of derailment of the nerves, Aamk Camiubu., wife of John Bealson, aged 20 ) earn and 0 mouths. The friends of the family,and the members of Mariners' lodge No. #7, P. and A. M., also the momberBof Excelsior hcgine Company No. 2, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock WilhantbVr rM"UBUCe' N0' " d0Ul? K,*blh 8tr?ot Bkach ? In this city, on Sunday, February 3, after a short and severe illness, Makoarkt E\kktho?, youngest daughter of Aaron Beach, deceased, of Newark, N J 1 he relatives and frlonds of the faun*, and of her broth? rs, Henry N. and Kdward 1* Beach, are invited to attend the funeral, this day (Wednesday), at twelve 0 deck, from tho Presbyterian church in Fifth avenue corner of Nineteenth street Bvi'i*.?Ot congestion of the lungs, Euza Ckciua, daugh ter ot Gilbert I. and Harriet A. Buld The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, this (Wednesday) after noon, at two o'clock, from hoc lite residence, No 29 Catharine street. ' Bvkton?In Brooklyn, E. D , on Tuesday, February 6 mentha4' WWe ?f Koberl Uuflon> 46 years and i lit r friends and those of tho family are resiiectfullv invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday uftoruoon at two o'clock, from her lato residence, No. 293 South fourth street. ' CuMtitt?On Monday morning, February 4 Mrs. Namot MrMrujtN, widow of Hugh Con very, a native of 1 ort a lurry, county Down, ageu 70 years. Her friends and thoi-eof her daughter, Ann, are respect fully Invited to attend tho funeral, from hur late roai Cence, coiner of Fortieth strew and S'inth aveuue, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock precisely. Her ro mali s will bo taken to Oelvaiy for tnturment ('iu.-rwooi.__At Hageratown, Md , on Tuesday, Februa fy Akmk P , wife of (he Hev llobart Chelwood. lhu. relatives and friends of (he family are resi?c(fully invKed (u atti nd the funeral, on Friday mon. nir at half past ten o'ck>ck, fiom Christ church, Elizabeth, withou( further Dot ice. ' ' Cooi-kk.?On Tuesday, February 8, after * short and so v<re illness, knwAsn V., youngest son of lhomas aud Hannah Cooper, agod 2 years aud 0 months The fiienda and relatives are respoctfuUy tnvxed (o at tend tho funeral, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock from the residence of his parents, 04 rtuflolk street. ' 1 rrzt.KHAtji ?*>f diptheria, Jamkh, youngest son of Adede and John E. PlUgeralo, aged 1 year and H montlw. The frionda of hi*, father, and of hia brothers. , '""mi a"d Jamea, and the members and ot&ocrs o/ 'nde* Hoae Company No. 32, with all the friends of the family, are moat respectfully r -qui-*ted toatteud (he fu neral, (hia (Wednesday) afternoon, a( two o'clock from th.. r.Qfrt. r., n hlu |i?ienl?. Mil W?it l"..r<L. r.>nr?h Htr? ot, nwir Ninth ttveuun. Hit TON ?On Tuesday morning, February 5, Ei-wami. P Hi ti>n, nged 22 years. i The rrieudF of tho family are respectfully invited to at feud the funeral, Irom the residence of his pareut* in B< rgen, N. J., this (Wednesday) afternoon, at half Dust one o'cl?? k. ' lit hhaki*.? In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, February & Ma *ia 8. HcwaBD, in the 2ad year of her a?o ' The friends of the lamiiy are invited, without further notice, io atteud the runeral, fiom the residence of tier mother, Mis. Ma Hubbard, No 22 l.awrenco street Brooklyn, on Thursday utteriioen, at two o'clock. ' J< sm?Miikaki. H. and A'm F. Juvkh, only sons of anu Gwyn Jonrs, the former iu L'tica N. Y ou Sui day, November 18, aged 20 years, the la<ter, a('tli? residence of bis parents, in atnden, Oneida county N. V., oti Monday , January 14, .iged 24 years. Their remains were deposited in one grave, in Hedfleld Oswego county, N. Y. ' Macdt ? At Winona, Minnesota, on Sunday, January 27, ot chrome dy?p? j?ia, Koiuurr Maixit, of New York city, aged 64 years. OIUIXIIM?on Monday evening, February 4 S. H t'KM.-HKB. sged 40 vears. Ihe li lenus of tiie family ure respectfully invited to at U&dtbe funeral, Uhh (Wc Inesday) afternoon, at one o'ciMk.from No 477 Third aveuue. P?ston [>nfxrs pleust- copy ?On Tutaduy. February 8, affr a painful 111 nets, Sak^h Aksi C. I>rmts, widow of (h.- late l.ovi I'ettes. Ihe relative and f, rends of the family, also of her bri> fh.r.O, H milti,and hor I-rothera iu law, Oscar lint ' and J IJ l^iinam, are respectfully mvitwl t i attend the fun. rai, fr< in the ros<?ieii?><t of o. Hoyt, No 129 West Fif | >eer th s reet, on Ifoursday afteriioon, at one o'clock | without I in ther Invitation. Her rttnaius will bo taken to Groenwood. | I'kkkins ?At Rithway, N. .T.,on Monday, February 4 CaS(iU>k C.. wife of L. M. I'erkins, aud daughter of Ira' Campbel, 1 ?-r|. The funeral will lake place from h. r late reeidence, on Ttmrsdsy atti rn<oj>, nt two o'er ck Traits l?ave foot or Cortlandt stn et at twelve o'clock Vf. OWr/toges will oe at the depot ou the arrival of the train at K.rbway. Km wick ?lr? llebokeii, N. J., on Tuesday morning Febrnary 6. of ciMisumption, A?tK VI . wife of Jno B.' Beiwick, anu dui/Khter of (be late A (onto Worden aged 22 ) < ars. 0 mouths and 19 d.iys. Fui oral se-\ . ?a will tike pi <v at the Meth.xllft Fpiaoo pal chun h corner ot Garden aed (?mirthstreets, Hoboken, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Relatives and friends of the family are respoctlinl> invited to at tend. H/ii*t.?'Jn Monday. February 4, Houiia WiUAnn, wire of t.' erge Ripley of this city , aud daughter of the late Francis I>*:.?, oi Camtiridge, Mass., ?ged 47 years. Ihe relaiives and friesds of the i'u mi I) are invited to at tend hep funeral, at the Church of M Francis Xavier, Wr t >iliiijih stieet, on rbur?Mla> morning, at ter'i o'clc?k 11r- remains wid b*> taken u"> Cantbrldge for iu tertneM. Miwj,u?ob ?On Monday, February 4, Mrs Masv R. .-liKUit st.n, of this city, in fin 90lh year of her age Further ro'lcc will begnen in n.'xt Frl' ay's papera. N'iMt-rAt H' st Hslrokeu, N. J , on Monday, February 4, .!< ? vii ."?'iiw-s, sgi d 06 years. Tha relatrvoe and friends are respectfully Invl'.ed to attend the tuneral, on lhursday uornmg, st ten o'olook tre.o bis "ale residence, Palisade avenue, We^t llobokea. >-tbwakt ?On fntnrday, Febramy 2, Omms* J^wast in i4>e<IOth year uf bis ?go The friend* ai I relatives "f the fsmlly are rospi-ctfully invited to attcn J hs funeral, fretn hia late No. W4 hixth avtvue, tlas (W' ^Inesday i afternoon, at sue o'ekek His i?n.ains will ke taaen to (ireenwood for ;n ?ern.en(. .-?tini ?Ofl Mon 'ay, Febrr.a y 4, Cleans Rrrrm, sac of John M atyi Ann Hiisa SsalW., age.1 ? j ears and 2 mouths The fun?)?*j t? ill take |lnc< 'ro a Uie r. aidenee ?4 Mrs. Snd'h, likil WiUiamsb*r&. Una (Wednesday) morning, at elcvr n o'clock Mi"tiUM ?fn this city, on Mon.lny eveobig, February 4 't lidl<oantatk>n of tha lungs. Chasmcs llasav, young"?t ?on of Clayton and Kliiubcih t-hotirdl, aged 3 years nntl 16 da>a. rbs frlinds aivd relaiives of (be family are reapectfnl.y Inv .fcid to a'terv his tuner il, from the r?sldence of his pm <ots 34 Sfxih s('?et, (his (we<'ne?iJa)) hfteru>sm, at ?w o c'oek, without further luTitatlou, I asm ?tie Monday, Fbhrwu . 4, Jam Ausua, your Jaught. r of William and Jane Ta*a, agud 1 y nar I iu 4>tha and A i ava The rwlatvee anlfrtenns nf the family, aier. those ef his br t'th- th |VU| ft David ^ an t Ja. .?o If. laws, ar? s* spe< tfud invil?ui to alteud thu funeral, from the n?l d. nreof th. parents, 1?7 Hude- n avenue, Brooklyn, this ( WwJB'S. a, ) afternoon, at two o'clock T*t?s - ?>n Morulay , February 4, Jasa AnnJA, youngest e*?iiliter of Wtu and Jane Taws, aged 1 year, 6 months ail. 1 il I.J ? Iba rrtatl*** Mid i4 I ho f?mll> ara raapaetfully ?t> . M?-f1 i* tb?* fno* ral, from lha rwldMC* of tba |> rmtt, If* Hudin.11 avrnua, Broukl/a, tbia (Wedneadaj ) a' two o'clock, Vw.Ni* ?At H*rta?, oahaiiday, F?h?uary 8, Fra.*C?( 1 (1 Vnkjh*. a?t<l 22 tun and # riiouUi*. IU ?Mitvt? ?ao frl?a?i? of ihf family art nmptatr< lav UhI ?r alb art ih* fuBe'al, from <ha reatdmca &t fn. Jn oib'-r Mr* Abigail WMfllUm, liTtb (itro?t, b- j^wmo kbd a?'. fourth ???un, tbn (WMn'-adaj) u two b i wx k. Wmm pat?r??!aaaa <"?W Wki?-t?b ?4* Mouday, Kabruary 4, AM?r dauahlar nl I'd. V Hid Amanda m. Wflnlw, i|*4 moi?tU* and 9 darn. tha ratal Irni and frland* of tha far .nT .rl r^r^.f-n. iptif.d to attand iha funaral, fror ,h/ * b!i paratiia, No Ftfth atraat, t?ta aft? D<vm, a< ou? o'clock. * " *?"BMnrtiy, M at T?hart?lta. (1\9 Dfrgo countj, N. Y., Mas Sarah J. Vas N???r*Aj? V IIKKIJUI, *iftxl 19 year*, wife of J. Harver Wheeler, daughter of Jaoub aud Kaon; Van Noatraad, of 8w<K? llollow, Hunt.lrU d, I?n? Island, and adopted aug Mr of Aiut late of Cutchogue, Lung Island. California papera please copy. Wauw?On Monday. February i, Jambi, only aOD at J( Un and Catherine Walsh, of Rally ragget, county Kil kenny, Ireland, Ufd 3 years and 7 months. The frientfi of the family are respectfully InTltel to at tend the funeial, fiom the residence of his parents, SlV "???t Twenty ninth street, this (Wedueaday) af ernooa, V> o'clock. at t??. -.?On Tuesday, February 6, of scarlet fever. Wixhiov Mor of Wb?. and Mary O. Wlnslow, age* { Mary S., dan*. -t 23 days. year, 8 months a*. 'ends of the family are respoctfullj The relatives an? ?> raj services, this (Wednesday) Invited to attend the i'*?-. ? tjje residence o her pa afternoon, at ih'ee o'clo*?*, Hop remains will b# rants, 61 West Thirty fifth ifrs* taken to Tarry town for interDS^W. ^ ?HSCBLLASSW*' - A KOTICE. XV xJ/DUES Y0PR OAS BY TWENTY TO FI , fv PE * IBffT. NAPOLEON . _ .. . OAS BURNER. A Doable Ck*nb?r Kfffrw I'remuir* Gu ldni#r, m? Idling the gaa at the point of burning, thereby vMlna nnoaM from tbe poteonoua Inhalation of one third of ,ni i'a {Z pausing Ihmugh burner* of ordinary construction. a f w ?*. ue'ior light l? had. with one third leu* ku simply n.aM the ku 1* prepared for burning, ?od none betas allowt 11n na. rape urconaumed In order to produoa the greatest amcvint of light fren* a it'ron quantity of gaa ire must hate perfect combustion. 1 Ma Is only obtained by the proper eo-nblnatlon of the gaa with tlx oxygen ef the atmoephrre. I be llluminailng p.. war of the oxygen la the moat intern-a of any su balance x no an, while I Hut of the car Win and hydrogen of the gas la eMail. General observation aloae will aa Isfy any one .hat hi I'una lig with the common burner tn general oae. the gaa iaforceA through with too much veloeity for lta proper admixture with the oxygen <>f the attxioephere. The reaolt la an excoaa of gaa and a dull l>loe light By the Napoleon Rurner the ra'oelty of the gaa la com pletely arrested. and ibe flow Is steady and gradual, bealdaa the gas l? highly heated In the lower and upper chamber and having ample room for expnnsion Itefore It piiaaea the tin. t.'L1 lorfoct entnbuatloti, aud a soft, clear light? nmklnS a Having of 70 to SO per rout The?e Burner*. befora ?ipioved were adorned for atreet lamps In the clllea of AL biiny, Hudson. Chicago, Gloolimaii, Covington And othtf chlea of the I'nlon. * The public will And It materially to their advantage ta eiuuiln the nierita or thia Burner Office* Ml Hr dinar. GEO. 11. KITCHEN A CO.'S Chandelier Kmporlum, and Na PAstor Bourn. AT WM EYKRDELL'B SONS?WEDDING CARDS AS9 Knvelot cm oi the latent style*. |o| Fulton atreet. New Yo'k. F*tabll*hcd 1815. AT (1 !MHREDK'S? TH? OKAY . AKD AND OTMBB novelties; a aatin tie for wedding card* In perfection. AT $? fiO. DOUBLE SOLE NAPOLEON TAP HOOT?, at JONES', No*. II' and 12 Alii atreet; a new stvln CIOBNS, BUNIONS, 1NVEKTE1) NaILS, ENLAttOSB / Joint* and all diseases of the feet cured, without pate or Inoonyen'.enoe to the patient, by l<r /.Aril A illK, Surgana Chiropodist, 7ftI Broadway, Refer* to phyalciana and star** geons of thla city. ^JONCENTEAIED LEADEN. Our lady ftlenda will doubtless Investigate the merit* of Mt'tutrH. Kdward (Thamberlln A Co 's (Boatoni (J<loctofttr*ted Leu en, lor the milking of bread, roll* rakes anil p-nlry. Better, sweeter, aud more wholeeome edible* are produced if lta uhc than by any other means. For aale by all the princiiial grocers and drugglats. GEOKGb H. BATES, wholesale agent, 189 Pearl atreet, New Yerfc. (CHEAPEST SKATES IN NEW YOKE.?LADIES' f I Nil J nkatea, fl; gents', $1; boy*', 60c. Genst'Skaxe*. Boa Skate*, 26c per (ley; ladle*' Alio new Hkatea, 26c per day, 440 Broadway, baaement. Deafness. HUNDREDS HAVE BRBN CURED IN THE MOST OBSTINATE CAME* OF DKAKNKrtH, By Dr VON MOSt'll/.IHKKK, 107 Clinton plaoe, between Fifth and Klxth avenuea. El'KEEA HEWING MACHINES REDUCED TO OUlcetKi BrmdwSy. 1.UWABDB' WHITE SUGAR CURED WAKHINOTOM <J llama are now ready lor aal>-. Kai h Hani la branded O. W EDMAUDH, 227 aud 2J# ChrynUe alreeti^ MILITARY BOOKS Published by D APPI.ETON k CO., Nom ?;l and 445 Broadway ELEMKNTH OK MILIfARV AKT AND HCiKWoR; <J?V Courxe ol Inatruet/'iti In Strategy, Fortification, Taotlea of Battle". Ac . ? mbraclng the Duilea ot Staff, Inl.tatry, t'aval rv, Attlllery aud Lngintata. adapted to the use of Volaa ti-i ra and Mllltla. hreoud elltion, ? tth Critical Noteaontha Mrxlcim an 1 Crimean Wars. By 11 SVagor llalleck, A. M.a lat- l aptain Engineer*, united su'ea Army. One thick voL. l2mo , uumtron* engiavlngt. Cloth, $1 60. IIIK VI AIO-AKK OF all AuKs; or. Military Sr.inneen IUuatra'ed. With aa Alias of 61 steel plates, containing I,UN Uluatra'Ions. $6. __ POEILAR MUSIC BY THE BEST COMrO?ERS. Tbe following plecea of Mual<- have latelv bi en publUbad m tbe "Household Joninal, ' price thr>-? nenfs ? "My llapt y Home ' ?A choice Son*. In No. 21. "Ihe N .w N ork Polka.'-?In No. 20. "Hiiif hchotilia h."?In No. IV. "O' d Have our Noble I nion."?Bong. In No 18. "t?, ? ome Let ua Worahlp."?AatUem. In No 17 "Ourown swe?'tThoughts "?Song In No. Itt. "King Merrily, Oellal '?New Year s Song In No. 15. "Loye uivlne, all Love Excelling.''?Sacred Soug. No. M> "Oia et l.iiboia, ?.Sung and Cburua. In No. li. "D' sresl Hiuud."?Song aud t.'horua, lu No. 12. "The National Yaraovlaua."?lu No. 11. "The Language of the Stars "?Song In No. 10. "1 he l^ifiM Slumbera There."?Song. In ?. "'i hi Lanccra t^uauiiu?s ?yynu r%urva. In No. 8. "The Craig Waltx." lu No. 7. "The Old Clock on the Stalra."?la No. 6. "I he Prln'e a Own Polka."? fu flu A. "Music Shall W oo Thee Alone."?Soteuade. In No. 4. "Military <#alop."?In No. S. "Too Late! Too l^ttrt ?Sacred Song. In No. 2. "Annie lireen."?Song In No, I. Katb pine has p.annlorteai vimpanlment. and la publlabad In full in 'he hi at |? aell'le niaoic i, und eijinil to ll,u hlgbeei prned ajuslc pahliaberi anywhere. Any of the almve pie.. s can he hud In the numbers - ol the "Household Journal," priee tlneoceuU, thr.oghaoy um> ageM, or In m the publtaliera, din e; by mall, on f-oeiiA ol the price In stamps I'ubl'sheia, A. IIaK I HILL A CO , No. 30 North WUlhua atreet, N. Y. P OPl'LAK LEt II bhs BY POPlL\R MEN. The follewlng nen political, nonseetarlan, but ln'eraatli^ and Inatiuctlve Lelvrw I ?w aiwand in the respeuiiaa tiiimb?-i> ot the IIOl ME HOLD Jol aNAL, aa follows? aaf ol which i mi be had fi< m auy avws agent or from the pu? 1 iibeis dliect, on reuelpt ol a three eeat a<a.i.p for each:? On "A l>ay In the AJp1-,' by K*y. I.LI uyler, in Nil. SL On "Man and t llmate,' by b?yard laylor, iu No. JO. (in 'Little Things, ' by Ifav L>r sl..rr?, in No IV. On "The Equatorial Kegl ua In AI rlca,*" by Mbu Chailln, In No IS. On "Life In the Arctic Regions," by Bayard Taylor, In No. 16. On "Social Ite-ipi nslVlitles." by John B. (lough, In Wo. 11 on "^oung Ameritn," by ia;y H W. Beechnr. In No. IL Or "Braxil and he itraxillana, by Rev. J. C. Fletcher, tn N" Vl?. heported sp?lally far and pnb'lahed cxcltulvely .a the llO(<Sl-HOLD .lot RNaL The folh.a ing are tne fan ?us aeries of lx-cture* d^'lveiM by proleasor I- arailay before the Koyal Institution, Ln'j<U>a luustraii d with FIFTY-OWE ENGRAVINGS. Price thiee cents eaab.number:? on "Cravltatlou. ' by l'r< I Faraday, in No. 4. On "Oiavi'atlou and t'ohusleii,' by Prof. Faraday, ko No. fc. On "< hemhal AUmily," by I'rof. Faraday, In No J, On "Hi at,' l<> I'rof. laiaitay. in No. 7. im "Magnetism," by Pirf Kara' ay. In No. 8. (tn "The Correlation* of the Physical Force*,' by Prof. Fai .day. In 1 On "Ibe Khcirla Light. " by Prof Faraday, In Si LI On receipt of uosm.s ^w??ips for tne sm lint, any of tfea aho\s mention'd nutiuvra of the IIOUSKIIOLI fOUKNAls ft rloe three cenr? ia< hi will be *<-iit direct per rtailr by tha puhllabera, Al l X. II AKT'H 11.1. * CO , So Ml N jrth. WiUtaaa stieet. New toik. Sold by sdl new* agntiia. The IIOCSI JOLD .Itn KNAL ta the fa7*rlte family pa pel of the me lulnlahed weekly at three >enta ana la monthly parts at thlitaea eeata Sixteen pane. >a each weak ly number. VI W'a year San ple copy aenl free t.. any uMrMh., The HOVFEBOLD JHI RNAL Is publli-.l rd wtakly, price 3 aeats, and It. monthly aarX pric llnrois. Ksch weekly numlMir Mi 4 ylxjeeo quart* I ngi a. very 1' n> 'meat for binding, pilnui* 1 1 lb* beat man ner and ramalBlng r*?tUarly the following ? Populat Lectures Keeipea for (ha Workshop. 1 alt s Ol K act and Fletlea, New lnve-(iutui A Meohacfaa, I'oeliy, Juvnoile I'eparunent, hew Mesle. t'lie.a Pi bleou, Ac., Bli grsyhy, Literary HisceUaoy, P< palar f saava, A I^eaao- 10 French, Sci. nee aad Art. A Lc*eo'i.!? Qi'itnu, I hdli s Wort taMa. Wit an !.U joaor. Illeivey aadTravil, An?we-?,?o Correspondijta, Kd't*rlsls Osrde- ,ugand HortievitiM^ Househald Kicpea, Fashion# ?t tlie Day. Ike 11* I'MUftii D JOCRItAL Is the favorite family as per, and the cheapest In the wor Yearly *ubi tr ptp-n. fi m In eitiba, h nch lee*, l'utias jera. A. II AKT HILL A i'O . 20 f orth *littain atraet. New Vurlt, who will t *U ooptea free to any addreaa. IIE CHEAT BOOl or THE *MY, N EGBOF.S AND NRGM J. "MLAVER1 1 _ Ibe First aa Inferior Kaee?The Later ltaNorr^ Co*dltloaL BY J. H. VAN *VRIB, M. D. One rol. !2mo , y9> 3M Price JA This U a ? :perh t>ook IT the unhappy woul<l al? read It. *nd think up. n 'iV I'reebnlble fs?u iu <lne?< aaA e. |.i luslve lessonlngs, w o ?,gbt be. we ?'?uid be yd ? t barlea O Conor. The work will be set ,\ by mall, p<'*'NF ll**> ?* ?* one dollar VAft EVIUE. HORTON A CQ.. No. I(B N%*aau *treet"lfSw Toa?L For Mile by aU t*?M"Her*. Tba Iradc iIMdM by all ft* principal Ji bb< rs, u New Vort ?n.t PhiladelpaM^ fTHE CnAR aPTEM AND IHFU'EBCB A BOI.u'oNIBM I A K irmis Dell<a>a?l by tha EMT. HENE1 J VAMDTU, 'n khe Fll%\ PreahyUHan Church. Brooklyn. I'MlvtaMla. 1*- <VV*hed and for sal* <7 JAB. MACOUITR * CO., ?M Will ram atraat. T T" WOW rtTLLT IHTABUBS rd lh*t Dr. TOklAft' TimUm UkbMKl la M MK ?n tha ?orU for Ik* cur* of ehroala ?wiirr"?ii_ mm U p?ln> in lh? UMba, )-uk tnd tk. >t, .urw i!m<V *3 2"?V" t* "'**<. ?? ?B?ot bo Wt fmr *>. k< by *11 rlnulM, tl ?M4i?d p?f?nttl? OdU? M O^rtlaadt alNM. rpilK rAVOIUTB FAMILY PAPKR n THK HOfHKl'l('?I.O JOl'R.VAL. Try m>? B'rmhfr ?t ?ny b?w? ?of* *Vll\ KMIMKK MRiri.VH MACHIffBfl 3M tX)lJ. Thr eh*ai*>t iho ?-??? In m?rkot sriwi-m No. m HwMwifi W?w Tmfr in (WW) r*R*ow> OPWD I \ '.vM ll; of/or- thrrx>U muRift *nd croup hf D? *& HIA* V?ncllwi Innlm* nt It n??*r f*l? If ?u?? tbe Jirio'il' n* Only 2? <*nt* Sold b? tli Inntota ?herr. Payrt M < Y>rUbn<tt ilrnk

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