Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1861 Page 6
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Aunrii MfnATlo* l.**Ticn by t iKPKTi. I ? Irn-nuiin ?ho Ih iviuMy und-i-vand* Iwr bin i.i>? 1 to ?|l iu f>i??" ?'*: n-?ubi? 'Inn to aw-t with the wattling ? .4 iron ng n r?4H'M. i) ? '<1 city reforcocc. CilUSIlittE ?t , be???e? Mli uud tiih aveiiu"* , ?l< TID?, BOB IB, HON**?, CAPABLE and l ob lif ng i;li 1 ?i nt? ? ?'t m'Un.? U & ^ w?d cook au l laua lrt~t, flr? r*i? h? ?i -nnaid and waltre ? N H. ? \'o I'lie# ill r%r no ? , llf v good M>rv?uu bore waatlug situation*; ? a<- ? reduced. isM fourth avcuuo. ? K K * I* K< ?T A B LIS TOPNfJ WRL WANTS A SITITA \ lino aa mmilvji; oan out and At tadn;*' aud cblldien'a trr-m--, h*? n > o-j? tloua to fo 'o tli? country H-wtol'clty r?f?rcnc"a App y at '?H Kk*t n veulwDtli ?t? between F1r?t ?"d pm m.d *>?w , room >o. A. Am uatiom ivi*tbt>_by a good plain oook wbo would bave no objection u> aaaUt with tbe wa-thlrur' ba> <ny ieferei.ce t all at 17? Jat ??., near lltb at.. tn {Si ?lorv v MTT'ATION ^AVrED-BT a young WOMAN op .\ fleudy and ind"?tr1oua habi'a. to Ook, waah andiron or wonid do up M il'" work; la willing to make heraelf ceneraW uwlul B< ?t city reierenoe. Call at ?H 2d *v mtar Jlat at a UN NO woman WHIIE8 A situation TO DO A. chsmberwork and waiting, or cliambarwork and plain truinc has ih>> best of city reterenoe. Call at 384 west 31st , lui two days. S ? (k?h ? A RESPECTABLE. TRUSTWORTHY .t y< nng notnsn, ihoroughly competent for ber duties de m i- * situation 1. the alt; or <*ountry, >m meat aud pantry ml iati ilo all kind* ofcoftklngin the beat style, as well as ellic, uuing-s. cakes, biscuit, pies, Ac.; ran be lilglily -commended. Apply fur two days at M> Weal Slat ?l., near ui ?v. _____ Ah ht'ecrablb SCOTCH gisl WANTS A SITUA tiun a- seamstress; she can cut, fit and make ladies' and sol dieti f dresses, a> ; ahe would hire either by the day or aj< i?ui Call 2s 1st av . second tloor, ba k room. i *f?- 'ectabi k YOUNG WOMAN WI8HR8 A bittt A atl n to do general housework In a small private family; ? ii (<? d plain (m, washer and Ironer; has the b?at ol city refer rue. Can be seen at 1V1 varick at., second door from Kit | si. Afrottf-TANT YOUNG WOMAN WISHER A 8itua . tmil as c'lau.beruiald in a private family; beat of refe |{f\ eii from her laat employer; has no objection to i r ok yn Can be seen for two days at 110 East 27th si., corner oi 3d av. ? mtt ATh N WANTED?by A YOUNO WOMAN, AS A uurw and fine fewer; can come well reoommended. Ca'< at >41 West 36 h si. ACTUATION WANTED-BY a NEAT, TIDY GIRL, 14 ) cars i >11 todoligbt housework, to 'ake cars of children aud l< m ke her?tir generally useful. <jall for two days at 163 tvtb <1, between 7tk and nth avs , in tliejrear, tint tloor a ri?ht rate cook and laundress wants a a rli u-tloo: o ii get the best of city reference. Call at 233 Orand kt, Jersey City. At.lRL. 14 YEARS OF AGE, WANTS A SITUATION in a respectable family, ta take care of children or do any other light work suitable for her age; she Is obliging, good lempeiedand perfectly honest; best city reference giv ?u. t ail at 1w East 13th St., third floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD COOK- SHE .a. thoroughly understands her business and can bring the ?est of reference*; no objection to aailst in the washing if re paired Can be seen for iwo days, if not engaged, m 222 West Bth sl, near 9th av., first floor. k hiti'AT ON WANTED-BY A respectable GIRL, A. to do cliam?erwi>rit and wtltlng, in a private lamllv or io do g-neral housework in a small private family; has lived ?even years in her laat place. Call at 126 Green at, Jeraey l ltv. A SITUATION W *NTED?by A PRACTICAL AND EX perlcn. d American, who Will take the entire charge of afaim. Be?t c untry references given In regard to moral ebar- cler a> d business capacity. Address box 10 South igremont. Mass A YOUNG GIRL wi8ues A SITUATION TO DO LIGHT chsn.berwork and waiting, or to inii?d children aud sew, ?ad is ?tiling to make herself generally useful. Apply at ta Jit) av , between 2Mb aud 26ui sis. a yol'NG GIRL, 16 YEARS OLD, WANTS A HITUA A ti> n a? i bmmlm rniald and waitress; is smart and willing m ? ork Good reference can be given. Can be set n at 212 Mulberry >i, until engaged. . RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A a good cook and axoelleut waiber aud ironer; has got good etty 'ifervnie from lier last place Can be seen for t<vo aavs at w Dean st., teooud floor, front room, near smith at., Brook bn. A RESPECT* bl.E ENGLISH gikl WANTS A SITU a'ion a> waitress and to assist in th>>rhamiierwork, with goad ref<-ience l ron> her last place. Call at mo f'earl St., cor ner ol < entre, for tw o days. situation wanted?as plain cook, washer and Inner Good city reference Call lor three days at ma 4 Clarkson sl As A n<?od COOK IN A private FAMILY. BY A ?er> competent English woman, with good city refe rence call for two days at 22 6tli av., lu the rear. A situation WANTED?BV A YOUNG GIRL; IS A go d plsln cook, wash'-r an' ironer, in a small prlrate family, call for two days at 61 Delanccy ? A situation wanted ? by a respectable young girl, to conk, ?i-b and Iron in a private family i hesi ot < liy rc'e? noe from her lust pli<-?. Call for two days at 162 lloyt st., between Douglass and Butler, Brooklyn, ftm floor. Dark i o ho AhuaTION WANTED-hy a respect ablk womsn, as cook; no objection to go a short <listan< e In U>? country i All unt'l suited a< 116 East 16lb St., between 1st sod id a??s. g >od re erences Avihv kESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED. ENGLISH person ?l-he* a xltuation, as hou?ekeeper, or take charge i a m ail family of chloin-n, oraaslsl in a store; Is a g ?>d b'edie ? oman; ni.s no objection to travel with a Isdy or fa ?illy, al'her to hurope < r elsewhere. A ljress for three days i. m . > o-t oflire, Br>>oklyn Authation WANTED?by AN ENGLISH COOK, wb>> understands baking and pastry, or In ag > ?l funiily w> sssist In the washing and Ironlus Best >>f reference. ( *11 at 610 i'earl a , eorner Centre, for i wo days. A PROTECTANT YOUNO GIRL wishes A SITUA til n as chambermaid. is an exnellent fine waahcr aud ironer. Call at 77 West 28th st, top flo ir, front rtx m. Aiielpectable YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU, ation as first rate laundress, or as plain e<xik and is tin, dn ss t an be seen for two days at 77 West 23th st., top floor front room. A FRENCH woman WANTS A SITUATION AS PRO fessed meat ?nd p?stry oo< k. >iu'l>-r?und? ber l>u*ln>im Cfeetl) ; would suit a hotel restaurant or a large bearding ise; no i bjections to the country; best of city reference from her laat place. Call for three days at 96 Centre st., op posite the lombs. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS rhsmt*-roia.d, or to do general housework In a small K?aie ismily: good reference, ('all at 117 Smith St., nesr an >t , biookiyn. VERT CAPABLE WOMAN WANT? A SITUATION asseamsiress Csn cut and lit lads - and children s sad would do light chsmbei worl ' children, la willing and obliging. < au read and w all at 173 uth st.. tm-tween 1st and 2d avea ARFSPF.CTABLB YOUNO OIRL WANTS A 8ITUA tlou to do looking, washing and ironing. Good city refs call at u0 Greene st. A A a SITUATION WANTED-BY AN experienced A girl; she is a rood plain cook and a flrvt rale w aahcr and l?mr, would do lie baking of a small private family Can tefer to where she has lived for three yesrs Can be seen for two days at 133 West 13th at., between 7th and 8tb avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO A man, as cook; is a good baker of bread and biscuit; is willing ?o assist In the w sshlng and Ironing The best of city reference from her last place. Can be seen for two day* at so 16th st.. between 7th and 8th sves , second floor. p Tor NO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE family: the bast of reference given Apply to Mrs. Its, 9U6 3d av., near &mb st. A ABITUATIOM WANTBD-bt A respectable young woman, as chambermaid and waltresa, or as aaamherniald and to do the fine washing and Ironing, she has keat of elty reference Call at 346 7th av . between 31st ?bd 3ld sta., i or two days. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A sitiation AS EL ehsral>erm?ld or to do general bouaewo'k for a small faatly. Is willing to make herae;r useful at any kind of work. (Ian tie t>-eii for two <>;s at 141 Laurens st , oorner of Bouston, rrnim ii, up slalrs A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM. A. bermau' and waller she -peaks French fluently, and English, reference from ber laat place, when she can be ?sew, m West 17th st. APROTE4TANT OIRL WANTS A sltftation as nurse or eliain ->ermal<! no obj -etloa to tra^> 1 in the sum ?nrr Call at 96 Thompson -tt., near Spring, hi th floor, rear bowse. A respectable YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU, stlon In a small private fatnilv, to do (toners' housework; gnod city refeienee Call at i2>* East 3dth ?l, for two d?ys. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A respectablb young woman, ss c?ok, washer and l?nn"r; Is a good baker, best city relerenc* Call at 2:12 Mulberry St.. in the rear AFRFCH OIRL, WHO SPEARS FRENCH, ENGLISH and 'lerman wants a situation In a re?p<-oial>,? family. 4n take car* of children; she can d'i a1! kinds ot sewing ana mso bousewoik in<jube at 139 Suffolk it.. in the rear A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS < <*>K, A. In a small fam'ly; hss the beat clfv reference, having Bred three years In her Isst place Call for two days at 166 3d betwsea 1th and 17th s(a Arhspectaslb TOUBO GIKL WISHES A SITU A tMn to do (.lain conking, washing and ironing for a ?m*ll private family; has good City referwooe; Is willing and okllg mg < ab for two days at wk 1st av , between 29th and ixb la., room ho 9.1 noc engaged A SITUATION WANTED?by A YOUNG GERMAN A gl'l to dkt tbe chsm bet work In a private family, she can do ail kmdanf ne?dle and knlltin( work she la willing u> make herself generally nsef til. Apply nt M Blvlngton st. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, TO DO CHAM A berwork and wsiting; would goto TarTytown to live. Can be seen lor two day, at 104 Mott st, third flo' r, b?ek \ "p^'^j'on wanted-by a young girl, as "V e?aiei>sririsld and p'aln sewer; has no objecmon to wait * "* ,hlldr?n CaU at 139 Enst 94th st; as the nest or r?ty ret ere new A -P* situation, to read to XK 1 b r t?rmon' or ftiur wour* stmm 4mj, and vmm or 60 any oihar u?!ii dutiin th? r#. In',u,rt As OENFMAL sbrtant.?WANTEn BY A lllmil V respe< table proteeunt young woman who ta a ?v,d ?nok, washer and Ironer, and understands her boalnha nee feeth. a ettnatlon good reference. Call at 4t? mr-xmc ,, feetly. a 1 bart Seer, front room. Atoung OIRL WANTS A situation to COOK *kah and Iron In a small private family. )>e*t of refel renee; no objection to the country. Call at 1*7 Spr4n<- st, Brat Wear in ibe roar M YOUNG OIRL WANTS A situation AS WAITER and rikaerhenweld or do general housework in a small Me family. |s v-llllng to saslst to do anything ??o..d ttif reference given fn.wn her igst plana. i?be can be seen at 94i muk av, between fgtlf |nd 26th ms., lap Pfr, bsck rvom. MTr*no\?i 'i#nrrr.n-rF.*?i,R?. ACOMPBTSpT jIRF.Hv / VKER A < f> LADY ? W\ll? want* % Kttuat .on with a la ly or family: urvl iv I * ??">???*? fitting /?h?!dn n*' clothing mlno family aeoriaf u4* ?11 kuada, no objection to the ?t'.'ia.'ion of g?nt<ral family ?MUktiWB. Bwt citj reference. Can b?* secu at i81 5th a v., ?el?e?a I7tb m 18th ?ta, In the ?u>io AGBKMAN tADT, EXPERIENCED IN <BA"!WIV(? and hnuaekM-plng. wisW m eltuation Id a ntWuari* family w wratMH and to attend to the dutlea <> t o'ntok-.op. tag la fully competeut to teach the Kngllali b u.cheu, 0?r man and the rnitlmrnU of Trench; th*? highlit le momal* ?? to character and capacity glvun. Addreas Mian M B , box IW Poet office. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AH rook In a Urge family, or to cook wash and Iron in a ? mail family. Call for two day* at Myrtle av., Brooklyn, In the (tore. A SITUATION WANTED-Bt A RESPECTABLE girl, an gtu6 plain oook and flr?t rate waaher and Iruuer: no objection u> go a short distance In the oountry Bern or city reference. Call for two daya at 219 Elizabeth at. Avni'WO OIBL. 1? YBAEB OLD. WANTB A SITU A Son do liht ch*n?i>?rw"r?i an<i waitlug or to attend ZiKwinJi Is willing to make herself mmrirtf ^fuT o-dX^ii' r^SUd. cm at M?4tS?., ?*. twee n 1st and 2*1 ST* ? ycTTno WOMAN WISHES a HirOATIOS To DO A general housework In * small private family; no tJon to do chamherwork and plain ?? sine; ?h" ^ reii renoe can be given Can he seen for twoday?ai at We?t 26th at, between 8th and 9th iv?., In the rear. SITUATION WANTK' -BY A respectable young woman, a* g'?>d piaan cook, wutar and lw?^ good elty reference from her last ?>?"", ,*Jln? " ,?Lr ^.SSltmSSffiliSmi- M ?> ?0. >*?>??? i t., flmt floor, back room. ' a VOlTWfl WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK | A and laundress; she Is a good cook, excellent and a rood bak?r. ila? the bent of city rafeo m e from her J Urt plSft Call at 11* Eaat 40th ?t., between M and 3.1 avs._ * HERMAN CHAMBERMAID, NURSE A5D VIVB A needle worker wants a situation as abo\e, lor ?ouiitry or city, liiunlre at No. 6 Clinton Hall, Asior pluoc, a duora' east of Broadway. A YOUNGWOMAN WANTS A SITU ATI* C TO OOOK, A ws?h and Iron; I- a good plain ^m^HudfSn s" trandlroner . city ret ereuce. tall at Hudson St., cm nt.r of Leonard, in the store. _____ __________ a bfspfctable OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO A do light chamber work and take care of ok|'drenand em broidery ; Is of good disposition. Call at JU6 s 1st av., neai IBtn ?t., first floor, bark room. - A SITUATION WANTED?BY 4 RESPECTABLE voting girl to do general housework in a private i ami'y; Is a first rale washer and Inner; good oity reference*. Call at 130 West 20th at., In the basement. . A respectable PROTESTANT MARRIED WOMAN H an's a situation as wet Buese; has a fresh breast of milt Best of referenco. Call at 144 ftest 80th st. A GOOD PLAIN COOK WANTS A SITCATION IN A A Iwiard'ng house or a private family. H.iag^Klt I y ?e N^n?s AppW at 137 Prince ft-, between VI "Operand La '" rens, from 10 illl J. a uwssu?s^st ?eil Can ba seen at her present employers 314 ??? st. (English basement house), for two days. _ HorsFKEEPF.RS SITUATION WANTED.?IN A "dow?r-. famllr, by a respectable American woman who Is caDable to fulfil W duties as housekeeper; kind and experienced In Ibe care of children; has no objection to another city or the country; refer-noe given and required. Call on or address Mrs. Mado, 17?>i Bowery, New York, for this week. ______ Housekeeper.?a young American lady, de ?ires a position as housekeeper; '? ? thoru."'^h^??I?: keener also competent to take charge of small children, would not object to a widower's family, or tog-i city would go as companion to an Invalid lady, reference given. Address A. L pITBroohlyn Post oHio, ??yw ? ^ ? ?t, Brooklyn, over the bakery. SITUATION WANTED?BY A respectable YOCNG u nman us chaml-emmid and waitress, or to do general bous? mese?-*.??? fcSWfc .t. ot city reference. SITUATION W A* TED-BY A GENTLEMAN, A.H NI R8E to an invalid gentleman Reference exchanged I all on addressPaffcktftrV ? MalUerrv st.. for three day.. OITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG S wmnan to do cbamberwork and plain sewing or . ham berwork and take carc of children; beat of cltf ^ rom ber last place. Apply for three days at 317 West 16th st. CMTU ATIOSS WANTED?BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, !S sister*. who can give the best city reterences; one as seamstress .* dr-ssmaler: the otlrer as waiter and . haraber maid Th- y are both willing to ?ake ^emselves u^ful n anv capacity for which they are nullified. Call at lt? 13th st., between 3d and 4th avs., second floor. THE PARENTS OF A YOUNG OIRL ABODT IS YEARS old Wish to place her in a respectable fanlly to learn the duties of a sen ant; hhe can sew a little understand* :ho care of children, and Is willing to roak.- hers.-fg^u''rollyu*e| wK Call at, or address 1W Wth It , between lit and id avea.,lu the basement. ???? TIT ANTE D?BY A respectable YOUNG WOMAN, A \\ ?! tuition ?S oook and to a?sl?t in the w ' 1" lng best city reference. Call at or address 106 XM st, bc tw.'eti 6th and 7th avs. third floor, back r>om. Tl'ANTEP-BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRU A )1 situation in s private tan.Hy. to do ehamherwo'k and waiting, or . hamberwork an I take care o? ( hildren. can gi*e goo.1 city refei*noe from her last place, can be seen for tao days at 79 6th av., third Moor, back room. TTr ANTFD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T\ young woman, to do ehainber*ork. Call at 177 Ll+*a b, th st. first floor, from, lot two dsya ll'ANTED-BY A MIDDLE AOFD WOMAN, A SITUA V> i jon Iti a small pri- ate (amlly to do general lionsework; ? a good cjok, washer and ironcr. fall at 4o W ' t lotli st. TI" ANTED? BY A RESPEi TABLE RCOT?"H <HRL, A Y\ ' situation tn chambermaid an l to do p aln sew inv. or as waitress in a sma'l family. Oatt bo t-en for two days at IW Wtst ?nh St., near ?th av. ________ Tl'AVTFD-A SITUATION. Bv A REflPEt'TABLE GIRL V> to do g. n.ralhnu?ework; good city irfei-ence. Can bo seeu for two dajs at 135 West ifr'th ?t., m the store. w \N1ED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOCNH GIRL, a ?? situation to .lo gei ?r <. r irk In a family, or to take care of children k jd citv r f. '.'nce given. 1 lease call for two days at 14 Varica st., tt;ni fiior. back rooui. sIta^ rrn- a situation, by a respectable W young girl, as cbuuUen.u.M and waitress; has gm* pltv refer, nee. CaU a; M 2d av., In the roar, for thie? days. If not engaged. _ AMBD-BY A RRSPECTABLE MARRIED WO* AN, a babv to wet nurse. Apply for tw o dav*, at ?4 West 3?th it, between Vth and Wth avs., second flour, back room. Wasted?a ktcation, ry a rrsprctablr vouns wewiaa. to do houseworks is a good plain coek. Best It call at TT, ^Irst ave., between l?tk and 17th sta., la 'he rear. yetanted-by a yohno lady, a situation ab tvi tescher In a sewing machine oflioe, or would accept any otlwr rwe,-H?al.le i??dtlon; is a good.operator and of or dinary intelligence Address A. X.. box lit ll. rald oBloe. WANTED?BY A YOT'Nti WOMAN. A SITUATION AS good plain oook, w ashei and ir ner, and to make her self generally useful In a small family^ Good reference^ Can be seeu at 217 EUiabeth H, betwosn Prince awl Huuat >a sts., In the rear. YETAN'TED? a SITUATION A8 FIRST t ^OO'S W in a private family, best of refereu ea Apply at IM West 39th s*. h'antf.d-by a youn<; 1 vdy. a sttuatiom as ' W governess: has haJ exp. rieno. In teaching. Addre?s M. B., Herald offlee. ClfANTED?BY' A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS W waitress In a private family. Cat ?? 114 Pacific ?t, Brooklyn. Tl^AVTED-A SITCATION as first hate COOK, \\ and to assist with the washing and lr .nlnff. Beat city referee.?. Call at A3 Downing at. Vie.vNTED?A SITUATION, BY A respectable ? young girl, as ohamljermald and seamstress or cham bermald and waitre?s. Can be seer, .'or tw j days at ker pre sent employer's, 9> Bast 17th st YET ANTED?*T A RESPECTABLE M ARRIED WOM AN, V? a ba -y to wet ner?? st h?r ow n resident*. Hhe has ?<t her owe tiaby. C aU at M7 77th St.. aal^een 7U and eth avs., t or two dsf s. TITANTID?A SITUATION, BY A TO I'NO WOMAN, TO Y\ cook wa?h and Irn; Is a ao.<l plain oook, aud sne? client washer and Inner; g od referent can be glv-n. ( sn be seen a' 36t West lft<h St., In the rear, flrsA floor, back room. "WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A REhPBCTABLF. V> young wiintan, as eo k washer aud Inne who th i ro'ighly uudersUnds ket businese, cau furnish tery b-st?i y referene Jail at?? Atlantic st , Brooklyn, for tap daj?. ; \lfANTED?A SITCATION, BY TWO RESPFt'TABLF. ' V* girls on?- to ui k wash andiron, ar.d as chambermaid and sesn.s.rese; ?? "I "y r-ter.'uee g'ver <;all at .tliMh st., between avs. B and C, In the ie,ar. Wall for two days. WANTED-BY TWO respectable YOCNG <".IRL^, situations, one a- < ??k, was) "r tnd Ironer. th" oth r as chambermaid and w aitress, and w>.aid assist In w??hlon and ironing B^st of city referen ???? from th"ir last places, t all for two days st 177 17th st, het've?n s>h and 9th avs. Ylr AN TED?BY A MO?-T REaPEt^ protestant W woraan, a sltHaUoii as ohlld's nurs. ; I- porf'-^tlv ac Iiualnted with the oare of an Infant I rom Its b'rth, noobjee. tlon to do plain wwlng, has th? best of Ity refer, k*. Can be eeen at lift 14th st . southeast o-irn-r ot 3d av. YVAfcTED-A situation TO DO CHAMBERWORK ff and waiting, bv an active. Indnsirlous y.iuns worn in ; or would do senera. hoasework she can refer |o the famlW with whom she has lived Ave years. Apply at HA hast IM St., first floor Y1TET NURSE.?WANT EH, BT A RE.HPBCTAlLS VV young woman, with a fresh breast '1 milk, a situation as wet nurse; .an give best of referen.*. Apply at 41 Hsnill ton St., for one week. Mrs. M ller. TITANTFD? BT A YOI'NO WOMAN, A situation AH Sffij,1? u"BS&.""'SiiIT?,' and inn sts. ???? nriVfUV-BT A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN. A SS f.?rss Hth anil ljth sta. ________ AV'ANTF.n-FY A protestabt JfOONG WOMAN, A VV Pit.uuv* M iMjitm maid or iiea*hr.-s?. can nlltltlietr s<tuat|nn to gh,. mure natlsfsctlon; h?a the best of Nly reference I 'at. at M Wret 77th at., near Ath av , aorlhwest co'aar, lop floor, front room, f ir two days. WANTED-A UTVATION, RY A RESPRCfABI.B young woman, as laundreaa; has no objection to the rov*it*7 OT <3?y. C*M at M SwUvao ?t V^TIOSS WAHTBD-.KKfVAL.iCfl. \l*ASlT5?1" rfllTATION, BY A RCHPfcrT?dl>8 TT Voting girl, ajLflrst class laun'lrean and ' ham'ier n it!, or tocotk. wash mill iron to a respeeuM* family. lioad city raferacoa from her last i>Um Call at It* WV? 2W1 n be Iimb 7th and Hth avs.. lop floor, front room, for two dtys. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESI'KCTaKI.B young * oman, as ? hambarmaid and waitress, or to do the general hoosework of a small family; the best ot olty re former can bo given Cm be seen till suited at U Pauld'' it., Brooklyn, second door from Hicks st. TITANIED-A SITUATION A8 Nt'RSK AND SEAM TT stress. or to wait on a lady; baa lived in tutli i*p? itii U nan jive good city references. Can be saen for two day* at ; 1 Si 7th av., second flight of stairs, back room. WiNTP.D-BY A RESECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A situation ai child's nurse and to do chaasberwork, or as lamidres* or waitress Good city reference. Call at .111 W est 2Vlh si., cottage in the rear. WANTEP?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE von nx woman, a.s ebambermaid anil wiiir'it, or to ' ears ot children; good city reference. Call for two dnjn at 4.W ttli av., room No. 9. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RES'E'T AHM5 \oung girl, aa rhaiubei-maid and waiter, or children's nurse; al.o, a good cook, waahei and Ironer. Good ref reuee from their last places can be given. Call at Moyt at, ?econd door from Baltic at , In the fancy store, Brooklyn. T^rANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOU SO (tfKLS, T? who have tl?el*wto city raferencea and are wlmug and obliging und not afraid to work; one us good plain e ? k; vmn'.d assist In the washing and ironing; the other asr'jaio Iwrmaid and waitress, or as tine laundress. Can bu ?r'ii at 1.1't hasi 26 th at., between 2d and 3d av?. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AH waitress; haul of oity reference. Call ut 2i SUio St., Brooklyn, t>econd floor. "IlfANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RES1*KCTABf<K TT young girl, aa chambermaid and waitress; can do very plain sewing; la willing and obliging. Apply at HO West 1Mb St. 1I7ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, as pluln cook, washer and ironer; ap<*l oily rete ren.e Iroiu her laat place. Call lor two days at 32 Harro> at. rr-ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO TT do the cliauiberwork and housework of a small private family, call ut W Umtsou st. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION chambermaid and to do Una washlOK and Ironing, or would like a laundress' plaoe In a email family; has lour yearn recommendation from her laat plaoe. Call at 178 East SMI: at , beta een 1st snd 2d mm. _____ WANTED?A "1TUAHON, FOR A SMART, INDUSfRI ous, well recommended girl; Is not afraid of work; u n drrstsnds housework thoroughly, neat and obliging and an exrellent washer and ironer; uo objection to inn country; wages moderate. Apply at 10 Hilary si., Brooklyn. "fTJ'ANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T ? young woman, as cook, washer and ironer; bent city re ference. Call for two days at 318 17th tt., between tftb and 10th ft* in the rear. IITANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL A TT situation a* chain Iwrmaid and plain sewer, or would d i plain rooking, washing and ironing. giiod re'erencc given Call at 100m 5, l'JO Mulberry at, between Broome and itirlnx, for lwo daya. TITANTED?BY A CAPABLE YOVNG WOMAN, A SfT T T uatlon an chambermaid and nurse; i* a g Kid plnln ?ew 'fi UI"!?'r?iand? doing up ladle*' fine inuallna: Htrw 't' ?"06 ,r0m I'1"0"- bo seen at tW West t7th nTANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A CAPABLE YOUNO TT H'rl, a* good cook; understand* soups, fl?n, meats, poul iT?|Wie, bread, biscuit, and 1* willing to as-dst with the waahlng and Ironing; baa the beat ?f city reference. Can be seen for two day at 224 7th av., between 24tli and iftth st*. TirANTED? A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE TT work In a respectable family, by a youngglrl. good city reference from her laat place. Cali at 30 Pitt ?t. for twodayi In the basement. TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL A SITUATION TT lo do general housework In a small family; go<?l plain ocK-k, washer and lioner; la ca|iablf> of < otng up *talr* work and taking rare of children; b-st city reference can be given. Call atPrince at, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO do general housework In a small private family; ia a gooJ washer and ironer; haa three years' reference from her last place. rull for two day* at Ml Bast Oth at., near M ar.. flint floor, front room. TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS TT ? hainl>ermald and nurse. Cull for two days at 91 Gold fetrod"**"1 Kron' *nd Wlkter' Brooklyn. Brooklyn pre T1TA.STED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT SEAM TT a tress, one who understand* cutting and fitting ladles' and children's dreaaea In the latest style; will go by the d iv week or month Can be aeen at 124 West 2Atfe at till encftgeiL WANTED?BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, A SITUATION TO TT doscneral housework in a private family; la Tilling to do Booking and rhainberwork, or anything required; two years rclereaa; If required. Cull at 496 2d av., ooruerof 2Mb ft. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED PER ?on. to do h uaework, or cook, wash and Iron for a ?y^Ji city reference given. Inquiry for two daya at l/j oiJi av , in fne utom. TyA.yi'ED-A SITUATION. BY A FIRST CLASS LVl'N ' \ arena; or would do chamber work i?nd waahl rur, or new 5??.* Camber work. ha* the belt or cat? reference. Call ut 260 31 it at.. went of Otb ar. _ HELP WANTKD-M.VLKS. Agents by applying to geohje wiikemcrTVo Kroadway, N Y., room No. 6, can obtain employment whereby ibey cau mak^ a goo4 llvln# and double their mont<y dally. A monopoly applicable to ?U paru of ibe country Particulars a?ni on reeei> t of atamp. A GENTS WANTED RVFHTWVfERR?TO HRLL PRR*. wt,1 ? rr?*e PackHgen, a new article, wanted *?y ovi*rv bodv. A.tive nu n cao make per day. hample* *?n hy niHilou rec-iptofan een's, or aend a stamp for circular tb JrreMcott & ( o., 4JV hroadwaj. GENTS WaNTFD-IN EVEKY TO *N AND CItTiN Pi.J the I nlon, i%liii fr?m $1 to $Hl capital Our agents both male and leuiale are making Iran $.1 to ?I0 per dav i>v telling our new Gift Jewelry Envelopes. Ill our prie s and the Iivialliy of our g ods we deTy competition. We ask but one trial, and we are sure of your future patronage. Applv to or address ieniloslu? sltuups, Hiienn ot A t'o., Ztj Uroatl way, second floor. ' Agents arj; making kive dollars a day on an ar.icle juat suited to the times. Obtained at 4N Bro?d way, room 1*. >. H.?A man wanted to carrj a bill botnl Agents wanted,?a w map for io cents-usual ? p^ee for such % Map and $10. LLOYD'S UVfTKD SfAitS R. R Map Is 0"W really for the p-ofde for 10c-inta plain, or 2?cenu, colored In St*>ea It la fourleei ajiiai-e' | printed on an entire ab^ct of tine whl e paper, and can be M*i*d anywhere In atronff wrappara for one cent po*taffe. It ?hows every Railroad tinlshed up to th- first dav of ?eboiarr IMI. Kyenr station la laid down: every river and every stronghold in Anwrl'-s Agents are selling W ooptea a dav tWile rights In counties given Apply (or private clrcu>ai ?nd samjrle map Refer to all Ballrwl Companies as to oorrnct n-ss ol Lloyd's I . H Map. Agent* will flnd the colored edi tion the. btatfor selling J. T LuiVI), Agent, 1?4 Broad way, New York. No ?iamp* taken. CI^RK WANTED.?A YOUNG MAN. ABOUT 20 OR 28 year* of age, ? ho ha* at command ?:intl; ample *eeUrltv given for the money, and a weekly aalary; oneVqualnted with dry gnoda pret erred. Address Dry Goods, Herald olBrn stating nameand where to be seen. ' a omcfl D?U0CL?RC.-AN UNMARRIED MAN, COMPETENT and wllliug to n ork, accurate and oulck at putting ud SfuTl^JmJ U1*y "PP1*1 wllh reference, at 12 Malison ?t., OFF! ;E 10T 7ANTBD-MUHT WRITE WELL AND reside with hi* parents. Wages $2 per week. Addrexs ?tailng itiallfleatlon*. rcfeiences and f>ill particulars, Shim plug, bo* 120 Herald odere. ' ' T? ULEBKS.-THE ADVERTISER, WHO IS ABOI T 1 relinquishii a hla sltuauon In oot of the leading city banka, owing to 111 aealth, will procure any gentleman hi* poaltlon aa chief clerk, by addreaalug a* nnd-r, enclosing one dollar to pay advertis.,ment. No gentleman need apply wh<i cannot fumi*h flrst clans reference* as to re*p.Tta dlitv P^toC*B.^d?;yU?n' Ad"ri,K" Mr G' "? \VrA?I?I>7r,J!RK ro* AW At'CTION STORE . driver for an eipress. 3 bov* for trades, 2 ^acgagemen. ^ brakesmen S pirtera, 2 m^m to drive home and e.nts ignis ^''V! ^r7a!V',?u ???' E?~p?, Clerk for a oointry s'r Apply at No. 7 < haihaw aqitara. W^"ntn-A.'kouNo MAW,"whose Wordings are KTT disangagea, is desirous of nmrtiringemplovment In Soruo m?rV* . "e nous., where he may require some know, ge of the business He Is a ? b-okkeewr. No MB a aeration required. Address S II A., Heral l oillce. TyANTED, WANTED. WANTED-l.tWO A1KNTS AND **, more, f torn 111 to Ml years, male or female, |n a new and paying business, with a oanlial of i rota SI to $4; h .ve ms.le andean make frini $1 *o U (*r dav selling Martlet Is original jewelry envebtpe eonulnlng psper, envel .pe* ?nd a gift of I jewelry. All wishing employment call anon al Hroad- ' way, eomer of Ktilfon gtreet, opitaira, room No ??, E. t, BARfLETT. TI'anri;n t ?.m\bt, active man, who ti a TT knowledge Ot t'le lioiior business, with gssl referen< ? ' *ni1 after jodo-kthl* morning, at 74 AUaritle j f, rrn 'e Bnwklyn. None need apply wlthou 1 smahi-, ACiivk fm mi man, fkuTi r TT iB toSU yearaof age, oi steady hshlt* and well Mom "tended. u> delliet ne?>|wp<'rs and make hims.dl gen-ra'lr "Bel ul W age, $10 per month, w ith board The bnsloe.s re. i|Ulrr? hat 'he applt. an? he at the otlir.. hv S *. M ApoJr between ? snd^A M, toJ?. h. Knglsnd l<2 West 17th si! flrAN.rD-A !?M*RT HOY. CR YOI'NH M \V*~OF TT genteel a, tsarsnce, who esn .|?ak German well. ?a jell goods In v tv Vrirl City App y aft-r 9 o clock to VI. Thompson, 1.10 Water st., tip stairs. | THE TRADM. A^m CrBTOM < I TIKRON PANTAt/ION-i WaVrs a ?Ituailon; wage* not so much an objnrt ss a >teadv rpiar t all 011 or address Daniel shoehan, 49H i ami gt eor n* r of^irt-euwlcb. In the drug store. A1 ^UPKNKR.-A GERMAN UARDRNBR, A MAN JX of piactUal eip. rtetiee, wants a sltnsilon. lias eie^iem reenmmendatlons, and can give und'.nbted satlsfaetlon in >, ?ard to ahinty, both from private gentlemen and nuriM-rym-n rro 1IATTERS-WANTED, A SITUATION IN A I retail hat store, as as.latant, by a young Ki glishman has aS^**,,y,*,, bjpeiieboe. Addreas J R., bog 158 Herald ffO PHOTOOB APHEH W \NTFD IMUPDliTFtv iA'car.r-":? - yreferree. A liberal aalary ylven to a nomi>et*nt and TI'ANTED?A SITUATION AS ri'TTER, OR CLFnif TT In a elothlng establishment, by ayoiatg m,n K hn has a practical knowledge of the buMnees In all lis branches' wn.tJ lake any Mtnatlonla a good bouaeat a moder?^*' referenoe given. Addreas B. S W , Herald office. PltBNCR ADVaRTIHRMKIVTM. ' Uwn riLl.? FEANCAISl DlSIRE AR PLACER POtTr bonne d'?sifsnt? dan- one tmnne famllle H'adreeeei a? Ml* taMMZftMe.trarfeug jownT ' IIKUl? W4NTEO-M>R<l\I.K<l. A COLORED W41TRE3$TWITH QOOD <K <o 4 tf?NO* tluna, may apply Immediately at Vf ^ F i ' I7'h t. AUOOD COOK W^ntKD?IX A PRI l' 4 FK fA*II,?. Bbe uiiwt understand h?r -iu>luc a < I !>? ? U> b-i!p

Willi IU?' waaliing. from 10 lilt2 iVoek it VI iill av AU FAMILIES AND OJ1D SEIfWT? Ca* I'l JO ll e largest ?u<1 bent ntUee la the city at the I aniline ?a I Heme, whrrf the b?*t servant* Are it m<ivh !v. life) g - J Kllua'J i n? I or good In Ijj. lis 11 th ?t., eu tier ?( av ' Ip-'O tl * in the evening (tnnfiN EMBKOIDFRIfcH. a FEW J with sample of work, at ihe embiotd ,pv Hlo** 47Al^ liioadway. Also a boy, In go errands and to clean wtu low* rlOOK WANTED? FOR A *WTATK BURfUVI J house; one that uuderxiands all kinds ol' mfi1", 'U tiles and i??try; miiai b? m<gi?<?nt and 1 ave g ? 11 r'tn u | mendetlons: no oMentou to oolored. Atiuly at ri# '.Hi ?t , ! west of Hnsdwav. i im HOCHF.KK.EPFR WANTKD.-A VOUVa W'MlV. without children, wanted t< h'?u?ekee[ier tnr a S'tiill I ? ull of Koouis. Addre*". with full pardctilArn tn all mpoVa, i Mr C. II. K., Cnlt-d HUtri Mall aution A, UK Spring itrwl. I II*'ANTED?A PROTESTANT NlK.iK AMD BEV* I m airtsH, competent, neat and obliging, with unnc-i? ! tlOMble re'ereneeti. Apply at .18 Wem 24th st , before ll o'clock. WTANTF.D?A GOOD FRENCH OK ilKKM \N COOK. T? Apply ?u No. 17 *' st MWi at, bciCc twelve or after all o'clock. TirANTD? * PROTESTANT mill., TO DO THE COOK V? log and general hmne-vork of a vjiall 'anally. Apply at <!?> Orange nl , Brooklyn WANTED?A (URL llV SEAT ll AHirH, TO DO CH AM I'erwork and *?*i?t In the washing aul Ironing; mint be a good wn|ti" .-?; none other* need apply. Call at 198 W -it 28th ?C, between Hth and 9th avu. WANTED?A GOOD, T? D Yj~F AiTl 1 PT7L~MTRSK TO take charge of a c lid "Ti e years >11. and to do ordi nary ?r.vlnt; must com'- well recommend".'!, and be wltli<m to make lu'tM'ir utefttl. None but such med adlrwj O. C b., Ileisld olllco. WAN TED?* NE AT,~ *M Ulf~ Yt il'YU"??'' ?M VN AS wal'rcM In h very n-nall family and *ocn?loin''d to WW. < all at lfirt v i-?t 15th at thla day, from 9 till 12 o'clock. ?rAN'*,E'^U TNDRES3 AND TO A^I?" I* ?? chiimlifr'?ork, a yo'-n* woman, -"ell rfctmra'iidcd. In a private family. ? ihort dlatanoe 'rotu *o ?n a f*l?hfoL W% pelent pciHon ?1'1 flud a go>id home. Apply ai 2til Ore- ott it., aftwr 10 A. M. WANTED?* FIRsTcLASr f.Al~m7k~FSS ONlTwHO th'iriiUKlily iinderHtatnlH her buolnecx may c ill at N<>. .'<2 Washington ?.<|it'ire. IXTANTED?A RESPECTABLE OTRU TO DO THE OB Vf iicritl ho'isework of a private fa'tnly; muat b ? a good washer and lronci and plain > ook, and have ago <d recommon datlon. Apply at 6&3 Atlantic ?(., above lowers at., Bro ,k l.i n. wanted?Immediately, a steady, cleavl.y Yv women, who la a g.wl cook, waaher urn) lroner, it. a private family, where th>-be.ivl. nt of ilic vva-niD* In out out Apply at )yy Clinton at., Hnx'klyn, after lOo clock. Wag".* $/ Mrooklyu reference* required. "WTANTED?A*COOK. WASHER AND IRONKR; MCST *Y be a good baker and miperlor Imi'tdresn, wilting and obliging; a Protestant preferred. App'v be we.-ntiie hours of ) and i P. M., at 67 Wnt 30th at., baeement d .or. WANTED?A GOOD COOK; ALSO A 0?AM?ERMAlt?; they must be Unit rate washer* and lion?r<; beat of re feu doc required. Apply at No. 3 Albion place, 4tn at. WANTED?A FIRST CLASdTAlf.VDRE-iS AND TO \S *M 111 the cham'ierwork. Apply from 9 to 1 o'clock at 21 WeatWth at WANTED? A~SMART,"CLEAN"iTRL~TO DO THE homework of a family. Apply at ttt Weat Mth at. WANTED?A PROTI-STaNT (ENGLISH, SCOTCH OR German preferred) woman 'o cook, wash and Iron in a private family. Apply Immediately, bringing reference, at >o. 7 East 33d at glTUATIOMB WASTED?MALES. A MAN AND WIFE WANT SITUATIONS; THE MAN Is a good coachman and gardener, and willing to make hlmaelt unci til; the woman would do the mantling of th? family and attend to the dairy poultry, Ac (test of cliy re'e renee. Addre. a D. P., herald office, or call at 117 Went llth at, ucar Wth av.. to the looking glana and fhture atore. AYOl'NG MAN WANTS A SITUATION A-J BAR keeper, clerk, porter or packer In a wIioVmIc or retail houae; la willing to make blmaeir generally unoftil Haa r cellent city references Addreaa TT M , box I Id Herald oilU A MAN WISHES TO WORK A FAKM FOR A FOR tlon of the prooeedH. The farm must be in go ?l order, and a too the material for working. State* of ,^ew Jersey, i e laware or Maryland preferred. Addreaa I'ntou, b n 2, t65 N. Y. Post office. YOI-Na MAN OCT OF EMPLOl MEN WHO H A. r>oth willing and ab!<* work?don't mind what so tout be la not Idle?w mid like to take care of a glck gentle nan Reference* given. Address Martin, box 142 ller&ld office. COACHMAN ?ANY ONE WISHING A GOOD MAN IN the above.capacity will piea-e CaU upon hu list employ, er, at 111 Pearl at.. llanover square. "\irANTED -TUE ADVERTISER, THOROUGHLY AO YY qualnted with the fur trade in a I ita branches, and who has leen In the but-ineaa on hi* own account for the pint twenty ycaia, la d*'slroua of being cnjjag.d a* manager of tfie maiiuUetnr'ng department andVad aaleaman. Auy hou?e wishing a confidential anil capable party will ulea*e addreaa Jure, box 2,1AM Post office, ami It wilful :et w.tli attention WA N TE D?A h I T(T AT ION IN A BOOK STORE OR IN a ? holcaale and retail groocrv. by a man 2.-I yearn old, who la not afraid to work; underataiids pa king and keeping b. oka In regular order In a book atore; writes a good hand and (mart at figure*; ?a?n i.ot ho much of an ..oject at a steady situation. Good reference from luat employer. Ad dress J. L. B., box 112 Herald -fliee. \Vtantf:d-by a ioung mawTwho has had Tf good experience In Scotland and England, a altimlon '"A.or wlioleaale grocery atore, good reference given. Addre*a box 176 ileraid office. " "UriWT?n_? riti'a*?ow, nv a mtddlu-aown " . *?""?M ?ailcr or nurse, ha had experience f,,r ihn a~t elgbt-i-n month* wrth a gentleman; will give every aa la action; haa no objection to cltv or country; go .d city ?h ",/0r *ru ' "" ul W<?1 ?fh at., between tn ftnd 8ih av*, fourth mory. WANTFD?A STTI'ATIOV, HY A RESPECTABLE young man, n% bartender, or would attend to horne< ?a* no .ibj.ctl. n t<< go a abort in tlx- country Can t'uir'0 a w y* at Mowory Inquire for Patrick ^ANTKD-BY A Yol NtJ MAN~A~ NKATLY* FLrR . nubed Room, without laiai-d; must be heated and M?{i^.Td"oflru!r AMr*M' ",atlng ?"?*?*<< L w LOIT AND POIND. HEAfY, NEW A HEAVY NEW FASHIONtD, (JoLO BRACELttT, luat on lh* HVf*ninff of Mondav, r*bruary4, at aca aemy ?f Music seat B. V,. 2IS, bafcony, or ihere to Fif. tecmh atreet t nion a ,uar?, Hroad?ay and West Nineteenth reward will oe paid on Ha reiurn to H n?a?t PfiQeK^nth wbere more particularn will begirea. AH Fl)U.NI>rON SUNDAY MuANIaU-A UKAY bound. The owner can have blm by paying all exnenaaa on applK-ation at 120 Leonard at. *iwuaae, Dog dokt-on scnday, feb. s, an enolish greyhound I n j (slut),, brlndle. about > Ix inontha old l?hS^Vrewa"dr?lUnl 'r 10 43 Walker ,w* >?oeive a FOL'ND-<>N MONDAY, 4TH INST, IN MINTaGTK atreet, Brooklyn, a Bracelet, whleh the owner can li*re V^aSTatriit firry!Ql and at II. Pord'a atorea, L0,7?~A ?La1'5" AN? TAN KNOLMH TERRIER; answew u? iUe iuuimi of Hkip. Any poriton reuirnlng UberaTi^ward! <y'h*rllon .tree^lNew lorflSa'SSil^l PAT"ffT ?afe kby, no mm - The finder will receive a liberal reward by returning t'ie aame to S Hrrrlng 1 Co., 261 Broadway, l&w Y^fc^ ' * L08T~A w*111 OF STKBt SPBCTA1LB< IN NASS41T or Fulton etreeta, or near the >arry. Will the floder KSwfve $Vreward?41 ,,ol<lb,iCl,,!,"? ,%on' ? Yultou atreet and LOOT?ON MONDAY, feb 4, IN QOIIQ FROM NO. 21 ,,i: T*L. *,"7?^ "anal, (towery and Spring stem' a g >ld socket, with a bkei.easot a gentleman an.) lady inside. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving tno aame at 443 Broadway, up Htalre. IOST-VgrrERDaY AFTBBN(N)N, A ORAFT ON J Geo. Hodges, l<?7 Water ?t-eet. pavabie at one day a alglit. not acoept.-,!. alu, a Note, made by Alfred tf^rber, due yea terday, payable at the Ka(( River Bank Payment haa li en SSrt G W*. MorrIl*44 Wad US? * ^D' ,ho LOHT-ON THE CSWTBAL Park POND, LAST EVEN t'W. a rtinte Kngliah nkate the find, r will be aultailv !5kbutl,/i,??,?,,wdfor^', p't,,,oa- 1 ? PKIIHON al. NY PERSON HAVING II* CH4RGB AN ORPdAN I rf tyfJl'r.? "T ??"nlrY peefermdi, between the ages or three and eight, and very prep..?se"?lng and healthv Tnd wool,I >.? Willing lo har. fi ad pt-d In a fatnllv where It' m .i| I """'T?n<l comfort iioaelble, will hear of an oo. portunlty by aildreaaing Adoptl.u,, box Herald olllce. P A. B -WHKTHEH YOU HAVE LEFT BRIDGE. J- H, ?" ""*? oifct lo me fun name through the New ?ork Post of! ee and give your tiddreaa ImmedUtely I have ocen ab? nt for the la?t two year*. 0 B S, Clarendon Wl^liKS Tn EXrLalN TO JERSRY (natne tb<-day' name time and place I'NION Syt'ARB tnformation WANTED?OF P tTRICK MAY, BY'MR ? -';V.r- f-'1"" !?"?? Irnm county Ualwajr, Ireland. Addreae hoi 2,A?6 f ?>*t N+w Yi>:k 1N?ORMATI?*N WaNTKD - t?F DANIEL KKHUIIHO.V or hla daughter Bridget, and John arid t tiomaa Mixhan' whoeame to thlai-ountry about elgu vi ara ago (rimcountv Ft nnanno. Ire.and, where ihey were farmer|tVhoever will give ai.y Information of them to their *l?ter Mary MUhan liS Plerre|Ot.t atreet, Brooklyn, will confer a g -eat fat ' favor INFORMATION WANTEIK??)F MAllY FOX, FROM CA * riekmacr ae, eonntv ol Monaghan Ireland; g| yearn of age; landed from the fhlp Atuir?lla; haa not been heard of >lnie Jut e laa? Addreaa Ann "m, 214 r,a*t Twegiy third at. TIlNNIE WIIL HEAR FROM DENTIST, IIT OErriNG O note addressed Anna A Hope, at aution C, earner of Fourth and IVeat Twellth atreeta, (.ate Troy ?treei.) MHISSIBO-MBB ANAKTASIA delanry. DRBSBED ? In white hat, brnan veil. gr?y long . loth ahawl an t 4?rk calko dfeae. Any Inf.irmat'on ooiinemlng her will In thank fnlly raoelved by JOHN DKLANBY M fteat Forty thlrt at PB HIIIP, WO'TLD LIRE TO SEB YOU^-p|^a <8 wilte. Ycm have my addresa. NBLLIB. PERSONAL - MRS TAYLOR WOPLD INFORM HER customers, that having b<?n run over and aeriou*lr In land, that she would be pleased to see them at bar taaldenoe, 114 Spring atreet ?pOCIIILLE ?THI'RhDAY MORNING, AT 9 O'CLOCK. Ik If stormy, then Saturday, aame hour. If yo? oannot orrme. write to me; hut do aome If po-ai ble TBaUBGENTLRMAN wTTo WAS to II AviViTA LA in* on nund*y evening last, at six o cloek, at the oorner of Plfth avenue and Thlrlf ae- ond street, ean rornmuol.'ate with har by addressing Mtelta, Pnlon aquare Poet office WILL THB PERSON WHO LEFT kN IRON SAFE over a year ago In Washington atreet oommunlcata with O. B., Herald ) -fTrDON-*Ol' WILL FOROI9E ME Will;!* |'a Tju.know all Caa I see yon a few momenta on U9, Fehraary 7, MVftlse aad place ae on Mtjgday MOrNKS, KOOM4, AC., WASTED.^ B?#FME?T.?WAKTVO AN T NTT RE HIGH HTOO? tciM-nt' -at: with ta? pnf?r ed '?ut must be modir-itfl to ?? e?I the AOil wl I he paid In advance. Particular* hy |*i??t ? nl* swtlug rnn , to II. O., rare of Measr* K aiders, ate I hfr- d avenue. / U>AI If ARDOR Pl.OL'H and pkid?tore wanted ? V' A'iv ne-Mio hiving u noa' yard In ? **>d loc itlon, wh'-h Itri would )ik<* t<> iIUikm" oi Hio kljo pre^err- d, or fl ur ? ?id (r> d slue id Hnt-klyn'T In tie neighborhood of James ?lip .New York, preferred), or a half lnter*?l would be t*k.ia In eithei one, with g od reference* given and required. For iwrtl>'n nr? Inquire of ftfbit C. Or.LL, iiJ Fulton atr<j-:t, Hto k.yn Hit **> WAiS'hU- AlflfcS WISH.NO 'HEIR Houses prom pi I.v l<-t, will ,4?i???vall and register their mini. n?t have a number of fl at class a ipHci .ta n>w on our h. oka K I'F.Kl A vX)., KS) Broadwav. M? r h WaNIRD-a ttt SPKi'KaBLK widow ladt In o> ?ir>'U* of rentins a fumla' ed lluuae, fr ui the 1st o' Kay u ?lt, lu a desirable and oleasant part of the city, a (!? > vl. w o' ttklng a f-w select boarilerf; wo lid not object to board tHe owner '???? of rvierence glren. Address In. fc , i.oi l?7 lleraid -II i*. I>ART Of A 'IB-I' CLASS nOUSE, WITH modern >ni| n>vrm*nU,'ed frtni May 1 by a small Ain-ricaa family ? f adults. Must be between Tenth and TUlrt'eth sire-is ai.d the ' bird mid sixth avenues. Address <J p. T., I'uloo nuare Foal office, stating terma And location. Rooms wanted immediately?in a pleasant ? locality, between t ool lb and Eighth avenues, and Four teenth and Houston a rcets; at Wat three Bedroom*, Parlor and anting itoom, ad pled to housekeeping purooaes, with in item linprovemeiva preferred. If furnished, furni'iire will be I ought at a '"imain Kent not to exceed $18 per month Address Mm Weeks Herald olBce. tl'ANTtI>~THKce. OR POl'R LaRGE LOFTS FOR maiiufae'uilng purpose*. Rent must be low. Apply to Lewia A <"o., 44 Warien atreet. lA/A^TKD?A PMAI.L BOl'SB OR COTTaGE, IN A r* c < d neighborhood with mod'm Improvements; a com foriab'> residence t< r a small famll. >o answer will be noticed tm? at. ting precise location and rent. Address L. i .uirch- ? box 2,W ? o-u office, or 111 ? ater street. Ut an l HiJ-I WO FUtiNIfiHED B'>OM8: ONE A REU ro. m, and l?rg? cl'>ael, with priv lege of eoiklng, In ? pen'erl bin ae, tor a >muM family Prlcemuat ba moderate. Vent | ?<d in advancc, and best reference given. Addresa H. Ii, tieru'd ofliee UrAV*H>-HY A PHYhlOlAN, A PtRST CLASS house with all m >dern lmprov mer.ta; loc.itiun between Grand and Twelfth atroets, eau' of Broadway Addrcdj, stating rent, 4c., H W , M. D., :<!? Broome street. fl/ANTFD ?PA?T OP A nor*E, WITH TflE PRITI VV log,. ?f K-. nlui' i Kmall aeleet school, between Twentieth and 1 wentv-S'in streets, and Hfth and Seventh avenues. I'oaaesMon 1st of May Address Teacher, 171 West twenty lb I rd street. tirA*'T>P? A SMALL PCRNISHED HOUSE, AT A v? moderate rent per annum, w'tliiu a short dUtanee of the city ?nd conven ent communication, healthy and pl -aaant Iv located, family sit all Address, atatlng terms, Ac., E. Smith, 118 Second avenue, N. Y. W'ANTFD-A SMALL HOFSB, IN OOOD ORDER, m <th the modem imiirovemenUi, not above Forty fifth street. Keut not to exoeed $300 per annum. Addraaa box 1,963 1 oat office. TIT ANTED?A ROOM and BRBDROOX, CNFUR ?V niahed. In ii reapec'able house, for a man and wife. Address, sta'.lng terms, wh cb must be low, A. M W., Herald < flice. Tl ""ANTED?A RETAIL DRUO 9TURE. IN A OOOD LO vr cation In this t ltv. Address N. R , llerald ollloe, s<at ing cash price, rent, i'\ TT' ANTED?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC OR A THREB ** sloty llouse on the weal side of the city, not above Thirtieth sireet; rent not over $000. Possession wanted Im mediately. Apply bv letter to B. C. 0., Broadway Post office. T\;ANTErWBY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE. TWO ?T 'nrnl?hed Booms without Hoard In a respectable pri vate house between Chambers and Bleeoker streets, ne ir K>oadway. Addresx for two days B. B., with terms, Herald oilio*. U a.MED TO HIKE?I* BROOKLYN, NEAR THE w all or Fulton street ferry, a small two and a baK sto ry frame Dwelling. Neighborhood must be good. Rent not to exceed $300 per annum Address, for two days. John Beusrn, box 10S llerald ulllee. fVANTKr TO HIRE?IN THE VICIN'TY OF THE CITY, VV bvu small family, a neat and comtrrUble House or Cottage. n uut be of cosy acoess to the 1 >wer part of the city aii'l moderate rent, healthy and on high grjund; Brooklyn or Willi m<burg preferred. Addre?", slating terms and !o cnthin, m ft F.W 4,i7a. N. v. Postomo* 11/ TO HIKfi?A H <ALl? tJlllTAilB IN Brt'ltlK* W 1)P ihastern part), near cars running to ^ultnn rerrj-; rent not to.xceedftw a year The hou.e nuut b. ln?o? order. References given. Address C. N., ?ox liw neruia ofBre Wanted to lease?a large akd cosvumbnt IIins*, pleasantly 1 rated, with fr >ro ihrw^twouty acre> of 1 andT within ten ml ee of this city. Address V. llera'd "dice, stating price, location, Ac. > AN1FD-TO RENT, ON THE InT OF MAY, FOR A p nt'einsr and ?.'fe, a furnished I'otwge, conttlnlng 6 or 8 rmmi> located either in Harlem T.rkvflle .r Biwoklyn. Acdresn, staling lull particulars, P. M. A , Herald offlce. MI8CELLAXE018. ^^rnOlT^ONftTONMENTfl.-A PARTY FROM THE Kii*Utii Rtat?a It now in the ell? to reoelve for auction phIph miM?aaoLable ami job |pts of Good*, and offers uiwiaua premises of quirk salt s, at good prices. Ample refer.-uees given. W 111 call Oil any persou* having siioh to dispose i of. Add-es* W. H llayward, care of Wesson, Walton A oo., Now. V and II I'ark place. _ ____________ Any pfrbon havino a steam hoisting en ?Ine upright Holier attached, cylinder, with drum ami Bearing complete, of from 4 O # horse power, win he*r >fa purchaser by addresalng, with price, George k. Stevenson, llW Ninth street. Babies, babiw, babies.-dr. brown s patent Habv Tender Is the name of a newly lnven ed artlJe, vhlch will put an end to the eld metooa oi treating young children Besides being a great saving they ar- highly recom mended by the medical faculty generally, call and see them at J f. BhOWN A t O.'B, Htoad?ay KUSltES OF EVKBV DESCRIPTION, AT THE BRUSH tactory ."??? t'earl street. Harper's Building All ar>teles fold at 'he loweet factory nrioea. Paint M. uafies of .opj rior qtiwiiiy constantly on baud. JOlI>f _ __ __ BAFNEHH.-A BBWLY INVENTED INSTRUMENT for extreme osees of deafness, called the Sound Magnl Oer Org?ne Vibrator and Invisible Voloe Conductor. It nts Into ibe ear so aa not to be in the Itaal peraeptfble; tha un pleasant sensation of singing noises In the head U entirely ra moved It affords In taut Telle' to deaf persona, and enable* thrm to bear distinctly at ebutch and al public aaaembilna. Price ?8 l.*s. E?sry other kind of hearing Instrument Messrs. HOl OMONS, Optlclana, 90 Alaemarle street, Piccadilly. W., London, It i. gland London agbncy.-the underhioned beino the proprietor of oeutrally located premises. and having an extensive and Influential connection aroonat merchants and shippers generally. Is now prepared to transact business of any nature for parues residing abroad, particularly this* la the United Mates, South or Ceatral Antrint and the West Indies In all of which tsMintrles h? la well known Ha la ?lao open to negotiate any 01 social traneactlons, the promoting of public O'mpanles. contracts with ar debts at foreign govern ments. Ac "be higheai reference given all ~mmnnTjaUona to b* Dreiald JOHUU A njiriBti. horm A? amicax Ciammm, Cecil atreet, strand, London, New York reference M?**rs. McLean A Unti, 1? Maiden Una. M ARBLB MANTBLR-ORRAT BARGAINS IN MAM ... tela?A lam stJick on band, and a great reduction in prices for any kind ordered thia tuonih. Call s*ion al A. KLA &RR's marble yard, US tvast Eighteenth *tr*a?, west of Third avenue. Man tela pnt up In any plaoe In the oountry. News agents ok all the cars in the united Mae* will, by sending their addree* and two stamp* to v lvln*. Fifth street and Columbia avenue, Philadelphia, receive a ?ample of an article Ibat can be 'sold to ?.cry pas senger, at a eeer proflt of 100 per cent Teas, orocerikh and rBovisioNs, itaE CHEAPEST STORE >S THh WORLD. 35 PER CkNT SAVE'J. The greatest bargains ever offered t'00,000 worth of Oro Mrlea * Ine*. Teaa, Flour and Provisions are now being aold at auction pneas. Vheee are facts to which thousands ?an testii?. tilve me a call, and you will also be aatud'd that this la the place to buy Teas, rfour, $5, M and W Orooeriea and Provlsi >na. Consult your own cv.odfl from THOU49 H AOMBvf. 2?H> Greenwich street and W Munay street, New York. Goo<l? Mellvered free In the dty. T~ lit WASHBOARD STILL TRIUMPHANT. 1I> agland's double action spring and roller Wash boaid Is pronounced by all wbo have used It, "the best waaher In existence." ",ln?t the thing," and "Wfet Is wanted In every family." It naves fully one-half lie time and labor reotilred by any other pr< eess. > o ? ear or tear of clothes and no ? ashing off of buttons. Keeps pe?'eutly dry. washing n'l d?y. The action ? f the springs and rollers greatly lessena the labor of the operator For sale by dealers generally Send for drcii Agent* wanted. mHE NEW TORE DVIUfl A?D PRIMWNO K8TAB "shmrnt. W0RR8 Qlf ?ATKN wj.ajjb. AS Dnane street (lata ?<lJohn street). Branch omcea, T7U Broadway, and IM yterrepoat etreet, Brooklyn. TO PHOTOGRAPHISTS?TUB ADVKRTHKR WUX buy a few second band cameras of ihe vari.u? sixes. thjiy mnst be first rate Instruments. Also wanted. *tw"b, tus snd materisla of all kind- appertaining tb-- ?rt. Al?> a first rlaes artist In wster onlonj. r.rr photographs Addnss Csr'oe. Msdlson square Pout offlce. dtinfl PER Mf>NTH MADE WIfH STENCIL TOOLS ? $100 Mine are the cheapest and b^t Send formr latest circular and se nudes All tree. Address IV L Mill I ken, Htancon, Vt, or Third street (I oat odloe, box l,7W), St Ix>uls, Mo. _ __________????? At A t\ -WE ARB NOW SKLLINO KINDLING WOOD $1 4 0. In bundles at our factory, *l |1 40per hundred. J. A. CONOVhli ? t> rv hiiitprb. ~a~ *TaRE~CHANCE^TO PURCHASE FIRST CUSS \ Household Furniture it great sacrifice at private sale, the properly of a family declining housekeeping, oon-lating of ParMrth amber and Dining Room Furnlltu*, all made to order,'has been In use but si* months. rosewood Pianoforte, cost $#??, will be sold f<w In clndttig Stool and fover; roaewood Parlor Suit, cost l**l, for BIM) one do. for |I40; elegant secretaire and Bookcase, out (IX) for |M, Etegere, cost ?'JOV for $ltJ0; f?ntee Table*. Mirrors, Paintings. Ornaments, Lace Cur<alns. Hal stand Burtaus, Bedsteads, Mattresses, Ac. In jture at Ho. 70 Weat Twenty sixth street, near Hirth a^|ue. BhDBOOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FORNITDRE FOE $?6, in all clora, of warrante?l niaiiufacture. Also solid Chestnut C hamber Suits, plain and ornamrntal, at B. R. FABF INGTON'B, MIS Canal atrcet, oppoelte Wooatar. Ealab Mshed In UMS, A LOT OF HANDSOME OFFIOE FURNITURE WANT ed?Price must be low. Address Fumltura, bo* 1?J He rald office. Auction notice.-bureham" fSfSJf'R? J*; pw tnd ?*Hrklnp? ^ ?*! Eleventh mreeL bet wen FMth and "1" furniture boxen and ahlpped to all parta ?f tb* WyldllWVeTnil wagons for removing fnmlturs to conatry. fnrnlture stare? EI'RNITI KF. HOlGHT FOR RfADY MONEY-AJ^lIR value given In ready noMf tor rnr^t'tre, ^-sjpets iks, Ac., at 1? Sixth avenna, between Ninth and Tenth St reel a TTOUSEnOI.D FURNITURE *ANTLD?THE SUB II serlber would like to pnrrha-e aa]-about MnO ?* BljOTO worth of medium q alltv Varnltnre, for which I will pay wor? Otm Ol nrenklng ap may send a line or caL upon Mr ? tbewa. ?? >W??" im H iioi'HrcM, ftooaiti, dto., to let. A HI IT OF comfortable FUBNISHEW l'AR\.,*(* oh first floor, to let -Snitabl 0 for a physician ?r *Kery^, al?i a KU>t ?t R"Oihh on awmn floor ?n 1 single Uoom, at 10. Mmlt ^tr?et. Location desirable, between Broadway uic ^Diversity place A FINE FRONT BAHEMFBT, BEDROOM, PANTRV ami vttchen: very quiet and highly reapcoLahle; water, irurr nod gas. Apply at .*0. 8 Tenth street, between FtfUt ?I)d flMb ?VFI1U'??. BAtFMENT TO LET OK LEaHB?ON SIXTH AVENUE, between Fif'< ruth and Sbteonth streets; a neat Base, ment, suitable foethe crockery, trunk or fruit bualuew. renji low. Apply on the preaiiaea, 341 Mkth avenue. Boarding houses or hotel to let?noh. a ANli J6 East fourteenth street, communicating, between Fifth avtnnr and Union square, 75 f*et front, ail stories nigh, yjfi t'xiim. arranged for a first class Hoarding House or Hotel, witb all modem improvements; will be let together or mspa rate. Apply to C. PALMKK, on the premise, er at 3*' 1'ine ttreet. CROHBV STREET ?TO LET OK LEASE, THAT LARGB tlnf Hve story Building, SU Crosby street. suitable for any manu ac urlug business Apply to BRAi/lJSY I CO , i Ig liter nth street and Fourth avenue. HCUSBTOLET1N FIFTEENTH BTBEET-CARPE? and oil cloths for sale. A v*i-j genteel bouse, at a 1 derate rent. In fifteenth street, nnar Eighth avenue; will reuied for one year from May uext. ana the carpet* and 0 cloths will be sold at a bargain. Poaaeaaion Immediately. Inquire of F. COLTOBf, M Beekmau itnll. 01'HE TO I.ET OR LEASE-FOUR STORY. HlOtt stoop house, with all modern Improvement*; situate* In Fifteenth street, near Kighth avenue; in the beet of order ?nd'epalr possession fciven Immediately If required. Re ?(; $760 per annum; a rare chance for a family. Adore* C. 0. B , Herald office. Houses to let-furnished and unfurnished, in Twelfth. Thirteenth, Sev? venth. Twenty-third, Tblr ieib, Thirty ninth and Forty aeoond streets and Park avenutv Alao severs! three atorv Houses, at moderate rents. DINOfaE * HOLDEN, l No. 8 Pine street, and 1,344 Broadway Houses furnished and unfubnishsd, in lex. lngton avenue. Bond, Ihlr y-second, iwenU-alxth, hteenth and Ninth streets; aeverai llouaes and Stores in Brooklyn; several rountrv Places In Morrlaania, Harlem and Orange, N. J., for sale. LOCK. A FITTMAK, Centreal Real Estate office, 25 Hond street. Manufacturing fbbmibbi to lbasb, WITH OR WITHOUT MACHINERY. The building, with thirty-two lota of greoad, lately tenmM by A raid A Vivian, situated eorner of Il3th street and FirsC 1 avenue, at Harletn. The factory Is of brick and is 80x300 feet; Orotoo water la Introduced la the most complete manner. Oa the premises is a AO horse power Steam Eagiae, with ample boiler both for engine and for heating, As. There la alao allna of Shafting, with pullles, belts, Ac. One pair of Cliaeere, salt able for flax seed, bark, Ac., with complete apparatus far heating, drjlng, boiling, Ac., and aeverai tanks and boilers. These premises will be leased for a term of years, and suehef the machinery as may bo wanted sold, or the whole will M leaaed upon favorable terma For further Information av* ply to CHaRLES W. COPELAND, No. 133 Broadway, New York. Newark property for rent.?two labor four story Buildings in Market street, 388. one hundred yards from the depot of the New Jersey Railroad, with Steam Power; suitable for any manu facto ringfcmrpose. Ap> ply on the premises, or by letter to JOHN O. DENMAN. / Rooms to let-at aos Chatham square, to a smsll family. Good for a mechanic working down town. No other family In the house, or will be let for a light manu. facturlng business S'iEAM POWEit.?TWO ENTIRE FLOORS, 4SX3B FBBT, well lighted, with windows on throe aides, to let, with Steam Power; possession immediately. Inqui-e of W. F. PALM =. R, on the premises, M Columbia street STEAM POWER?TO LEASE, SUPERIOR ROOM with steady power, In the new Ave story buildings, 43, 46. 48 and SO Greene street, with extensive lire proof vaor The buildings sre lighted on all aides; heated by steam, W" every accommodation: location Is the most central?one block from Canal street and Broadway; Insurance one peroent. Parties in want o. superior accommodations at a low rent arc invited to call and look at the rooms, engine, Au. Apply to H. J. HOWARD, on the premises. nTL >u poWRR TO LET.?THE WHOLE OR part S Of a new Ton? *u,ry and towt Building feet on Twenty??veut!> street, between sixth and avenues. Facilities for manulacturers unsuruaased. Inqt*ro Zl the pre mines. No 116 Witt Twenty seventh street. STEADY STEAM POWER TO I^TrJ'^P12? small Rooma, well lighted. Inquire at 4? Water street. STitRFH IO LET NOS. 7? AND 88 BARCLAY STREET. _ _ Washington Market. Location excellent 'or whole ,.le TpplJ ?">?? -flice, U6 UreeawicB it, up stairs. ___? ? OTORE NO. 8? BROADWAY, TO LOT.? ALJO O in Cedar, Barclay, Fulton Canal, Howard, Murray, Letma.d, Duane, Franilin and ?OLDE!r, No. 8 Pine street and l.Mi Broadway SxnRF TO LET?150 CANAL STREET. NEAR BROAD* T way, running throughto Walker street; the "tire hul d j nr separate floors* steam power. If desired, from ad.i1 )1 r> ;"j App?y to JOHN UANDU, Engineer1* oHloe, 103 Walker Btieef. r*V? I.FT PROM 1ST OP MAt-TBB FIRST OLAM T"furnulied Bouse No. 36 hast Twelfth street, near Broad Ay. Apply *>?'"*>? * CO., 06 wall street TO LET?STORE 7UI BSOADWAY; FIRST ?0*W> In. Udii.u lour large mirrors, do. chandeliers and orna mental window hangings; also desirable Rooms aad furnished or uafurnlshed: location unsurpassed and term* low. Apply at the otllee or the hi. Lawreuee Hotel. r_ LET?WITH MEDIATE POSSESSION, THE large Dwelling House situated on the northeaat????' ? Twenty-third street %nd Ninth avenue, 1>. <0"?npl?J?' all the modern Improvement* Por further particulars apply to K. CuHEN, 6U Broadway, oorner Ei change pi see. * T~0 LET-A HAIR DRESSING AND BATHING SALOON tlited up with hot and oold water baths. Apply at iJU _ Broome street. _____ TO LET-ON WEST TWENTY FoORTH eTREM, 3 new story h..uses; hign stoops, all 'he modern Im nrovemenis; realy for occupancy lr a lew days. Rent $7W. JAMES R. EDWAKiA <77 West Twentv third street. rro LKT-A THREE HOUSE, WITH THE MO. 1 dern Improvements, 164 Allen street, and some of tho Furniture, nearly new, for ssle cheap. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OP HOCSB, SMBAir Tenth street, rot Klstlni of two Room<, two Bedrooms and Pantries; rent |14. Also p.rtof the th rd floor, los- > session Immediately, (ias and water Ip the house. LET?AT NO 10 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, FOTR doore west of Broadway, one noron, on the second floor, furnished with all the modern Improvements. rro LET?STORE OR SALESbO ?M ON FIRST FLOOR I 448 Broome street, two doors from corner Broadway ; a desirable business location, at a modenite rent. Possession immediate. Apply to UALfeN T?kK9, 111 W eat Forty-fifth street, N-^Y. LET?8ECOND FLOOR 109 EAST "FTY FIRST - sire?t, n?ar I.eilngton avenue, l'arl-r Kitchen and two Bedrooms, rent $11 permonth; extra Bedrooa If required; water, gaa, wardrobes, Ac. Inquire on the premises. . r LET?THE BACK PART OF THB THIRD FVOOK <il 307 Eaat Thirty fourth street, containing three iwoma, wardrobe, pantry snd water to a small genteel family; rent M Also tne front part of tlie first floor; rent $0 10. Apply at 258 Spring street. r LET-A MASONIC LODOB ROOM. tfWWT.J PC fi nished and painted, apply at bt. John's Hall, comer Bowery and Delancey street. r LET?OFFICES, IN NOS. 8 AND 7 NEW STOEET, and 7? Broadway. Ata, ston< W7 Bowery taU B. CHASE, No. 6 New street, between Hand 1 o clock T' M LBT-PART OF A HOUSE, FURNISHED OR UV furnished to a small genteel tamlly; house has modem j Improvements; location first clA?a. Apply at ?l West Thlrty flrst street, between Eighth and Ninth avenuea. I LBT-THB STORB NO. 8 ONION SQUARE, Jfi BY 100 feet, suitable for almost any business. Rent low, ana long lease given TO LET?A LARGE ROOM, OVER THE RUTOEM Fire Insurance Company, 17(1 Chatham square. Inqulra on the premise*. ? LBT?A LIQUOR STORE, IN A OOOD LOCATION; rant low; aim. Stock and Future* for sale. Inquire ?u the premises. 18? Ulvlsl 'n street, ooraar of Norfolk. riio LBf?A BAhBVKirr, ?? KKO*D? AY, IN G<K)D I repair long established as a first class Barber and Hslt Dressing Saloon; nosM*Sion given Immedtatelj ; rent iWjW ralTlSqulre ofToILSE?, Broadway, In tl^ eegar store rrwi l.FT L'P TOWN?TWO SUIT^ O' RQt)MS Q!t I th. second floor, each containing parlor. klt^en h~lr<?n? and elosets, chandeliers, Ac., c.-nvenlentfork^nghwise r?nU $16 and $14 per roontk A-Mrt-w nimcr. Hmul TH)'lbt or for bALB?the dksirablk No. 71 East "ortleth street, sear ^^,7Srtir PrtS ? ,,npWrTOntD^/?BPrHOL2N t8,W0, rent ?o 8 nn? stre. t and 1M* Breadwsy. ivt ltFVT MOO?THE TnREB STORY AHO basement br^ i hSSTno 1? West Forty eighth hetwwSTSUU and Seventh avenuea, nearly n'* aetween main ? house ooDtalns all the modern lsa ^ren^r^'Vbade,, Ac., to be Wld with th. hou^ Possession March 1 or later. ^_________. ? -nraflFD-A PRIVATE FAMILT TO TAKE A FIRBY W ci2- Hou?. part'* Ma familv Aonlv Mr HIN^'K 1?EY. No. 3d ran row, D? fire 13 o Clock or at 48 West Thirty sixth street, between ? and ? t. M- ? ? ? T l: FIHK ART8. ?1?Sr;:l<s,l'", fteootMl ivrwv +? - A RT1FICIAL BON* FILLINO FOB DECAYED TEETH A?" n~hiVe ?>7t, without rfivL (mm ih?lli ft* b? flllM with tthjr to# dnniwf. JAM^B P&RttON, M. D. Removed to 8W Hrwklway, north TJILLIABDB-NOW IB TOUR TIME TO BUY J) did Tables, ?lth marble or slate beds. Cheap Titles to let, snd Bagatelle for sale cheap. Se?d yoW by mall, or call and examine ' M H ORIFFTTH. U? Billiard tableb for <Ai3-Jf Tables, with his newlg InvenSsslCttefcto* J*"" " vember 1&, 1M?, well known tr> be superior to any ?? f Apply at the manufactory, U8 Fulto* strf*- * iwoDd Tit bio I.