Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1861 Page 7
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BHimilB. HIK PRIT1SH AMD NOKTH AMERICAN BUtAL MAIL ?(miuhlpt , . ??o? *m *o?k *o nrrwroor. ? ief cabin |mn^ $l.W "ood c?Mu [?---y ' w," ?;;; 75 . . _ rno? n wtoi to livshtooi.. Ief cabin passage $1'0 ?oud, H.Mn |wm?k6 60 ships fro* Nen \ ork call at fork harbor. fca ships from Boston call at Hall'ax end Cork harbor. ^ itSlA, ('apt. Judku s iKIOA, Onl niMM. '-*??J- bumiu Canada < ?pi Un<. <lA. Cspt R. 0. l?u A*RRT V, ?apt Modi*. "H?H.%i.aHIaW. Capt B. NfAOAKV, Capt Anderson. "Hockley. KUHofA. Cap*. J. 1-elicU. SCOT' v (v0w building). Hieae vessels carry a cl'ao white light at mast head, |r ?*?? ?tarb.i?rd bo*, rea on port bow. 1AI>.\. Anderson. Leaves Beaton, Wednesday, Jan 9 (?TRALAaIAN, locklev '? Kev Tork, Wrdnnadar Jan. II IhKl ;A, LltUe " Boston. Wt dnesday. , JS fA, Lott '? Ne-v York, Wednesday, <iaa. 30 A, Moodle. .. " Boston, Wednesday, Ktb 6 <.rilA, sloes " hear fork, Wedaesdav, fell. IS IDA, Aapyr n.. " Boston, Wednesday, lebwtt ?crtua not xacurtd until paid for. ? etperlinoad su ,-eoB " Niard. be o? nera of the** ships will nat be acooustaMe for (lold, ver, Bullion, Mpecle, Jewtlry, l'reejous Mones or Metals, l<a?s Mil* of !aoing arc eigne.! therefor and the vatueth-reoi trein c? pressed. For freight or passage apply 11 E. CtNABD, No. 4 B a ling Green. TKAM WEEKLI BETWEEN NEW YORK aKD LUFHPOUL, landing, and embarking passengers at lU.N8i'OWN (Ireland i flic Liverpool, New >ork and !l?lel|,hia Sseampship Company Intend despatching their i poweivd Clyde built lrpu steamships aa follow?:? J* Saturday Fab. 9 U(> Saturday Feb. 16 TV OK CALIIMOHB Saturday, Ftb. ii Lud every Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 North river KATK.t Of PSHSSGB *} Cabin $751 Steerage 930 Do. to London 801 Do. to Loudon.... 3J ?ragf Return Tickets gtudforslx mouths 6J 'assengers forwarded to Paris, Harm Hamburg, Bremen, tterdaui, Antwerp, Ac., at reduced through laru ersonx wi-hlng to orinu out their friends can buy tlckfti eattue iollowtng rutoit to New York:?From Lirerpool jueustown, flrsi cabin, $7\ $86 and $105. Steerage Trorn "wpool, $40; from Quemstown, $S& hese steamers have eui orlor aouoouuodittlonafor paaaen k, and rarry anMnHMid HpW, Th. y are built In ter-tight iron aeciiona, and ba\? patent Ore annlhllatora on lu, or fur'.ber information apply In Liverpool to WILMaX IAN, at;em, <3 Uater atmei; in Ulaagovr, toWIULlAlf UK, 4,<t. Enoch ?quare; in Oneenato*n. to C. A W. D. VMCH K k CO , tit London to aIVJM A MACEY, 61 King '? n at reel; in Parte, to J I'LES DKCt tl K. a Place de la ? : lo Philadelphia, to JOHN U. DALE, 109 Walnut , ,ii at the company 's oBloM. JOHN (i. UaLK, Agent, 16 Broadway, New York. "1R SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. |0u iu ki'.vi, M*rok 2. tini Ukltod BUtM Kill Hi MM fclton, J. A WALTON, tlommaiider, 111 Bail from FIcr No 37 N nth River, foot of BtMk ?tre?'t, 14rl KDaT, Mv ib 2, at no in luoer, unaurpaaaed for safely and comfo: r, haa doa (ng'ii'e tinder dec*, encloaed by water tight compart it?, which, liesidea other results tend lu the event of c.>I n ot h<lauding to keep tho pumps free to work, and se ibe safety or vesacl and pai-aeiutars r.i e of passage in Second Cnhiii $76 and (GO. >r Freight or Passage apply to SAM I bL M. FOX, ) * f uw.. i?B OBO MACKEN/iIB, ' A?0nw? 7 Broadway. ? aiearner ARAuO will sail March 30 ij.-NEW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. ??Jy ierbi" Europe an line United Ma'es mull 'teamahlpa i(.|P^tweeu New York, douthaiuptou and ha/re. From New York for Returning from Southampton and Havre and south Havre. uiujion. iISOM, Tei^y ? Satufday, April 6 Wedn'dav, Aprils 1DERBILT Lifevre, " May 4 " May J2 l.M'lS, Teiry " May 18 " June 5 <l'F.i( BILT, Leferre, " Jutie 15 " July S i"?e si'ipa Lave watcrt'ght compai'tmeiita. r^fioatca of psMaace iseued t rora Europe to America, e deliveyed in London or Paris OR1.ANCE, Agent, No. 5 Bowling (Jreen, New York. E NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'8 STEAMSHIP NEW VOrtK. H. J. Vou Santer, commander, carrying the eil Su?t?.s mall, will sail from pier 30 Nortn river, foot of abers streel. on ?aiurday, Feb. 16, at 13 o'clock M., for BREMEN VIA SOLTHaMPTON, * pju-^enpers t > ONDON.HAV.iE, BOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN i0 followii.g rates:? First cabin, $li?: ?*ennd cabin, $60; steerage, $36, c freight or passage apply to OKLPCKE, KEPTOBN A REICHELT, SI Broadway. F AMKR OF APRIL ?, FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND lUrre. tiled States mall steiimship ILLINOIS, p'atn F. E. Terry, will sail from pier No. 3 North rlrer, lork,at noon, Saturday, April ft, with mailt, passca and Bpt-Qlc for Kngta&d and France. to souTitaJirroK. to bavk*. i ,'i n $75 First cabin.... $*) j ealln 30 Tbird cabin S$ i? itettmabip hai been suppllod with powerful nsw botl. ?Mil Lias be.-n refilled in the most thorough manner. 0?b: iron bulkheads absointely watertight and fire proof, >se Iter engines and boilera, and for safety, oomfurt and 1 'he rauka tu the l?ist class of AMM steamers. r pent trip from New \Oik will be on May 18. TiiKKaNCB. Agent, No. 6 Bowling oreen. New York. /M TO LONDONDERRY GLASGOW AND LIYBB jooL?'the Montreal itotia pteamahip Compinr'i flrat full powered Clyloimilt aieamor BOHEMIAN Capt. canning ihe l.unndUn and lulled Statee malli, will . >ra Portland noxt Sa'nn'ay, February ? Kale* uf Me from New York, flrat claaa. according U> aeeumraoda $1)0 Hud$X); e'cerage, found with oooked prorlilona, (.'It iMlratea lsaucd fur bringing out paaeenaert Irorn all irtnUpal town* ol Uieal hrl'aln aud irolaod al vurj low for i??aa(e apply at IS Broadway, New York. haIIMj A NIlAKlJs, Oeneral Aganta. P LIVERPOOL-FIRST SHIP.?BLACK BALL l.lne. The NEPTl'NE aaCa February 11 Thl* fhlp the Dreadnought 10 daya un her kaat paaaage, and haa ir aconumodatloiia, at lower hum. The FIDELIA aa'Ja r. 1ft. Apply on boaid, pier 93 Eaat river, or tojA 11.SON, lOH South atr-el. LIVERPOOL?THE WORLD BENOWNED UUP li.'p DHBAbNOUiiUT, Capt Samuila, poaltlvely ?ll ?w at ? o clock For nanaagc, lowoat ratee, apply I in '? for berth* ou boara, pier ? North river, oi to P. If. .EST, 40 south gtrcet. \<JE PROM OB TO LIVERPOOL BY TIIE OLD k Star Line ?Drain on ihe Koyal Htuk of Ireland, I I K w.i t lalU Kebiiuuy 7. 1 lie ,IOH V liRUjUf February U Apply to WILLI AMS i Ol'ItiN, 40 ? ft. ALIFORNIA?VIA PANAMA at claae ateainer all leave New York on the lit.llth i' each month, except ? heu tbeae datea fall ou Sun u the day of departure will bo the Monday follow ght or paaaage apply at the onlr offlee, No. 177 West . ner of Warren. D B AUiEN. Agent. tb- ? OA AND NEW YOBK 8CBEW STEAM PACKET . i arrylng the mall To ?all for Kingaton. Jamaica, *?h or each month. The mall ateamahlp Zl'LU, Fli. Edaard Goodwin, will xall for the above port on ? re lay, February 30 raxaage?Kiral cabin, $*>; aeeond ? %M, third i;l .**, M. For freight or paaaage apply to ttihN * BOOTH, Agent*. 67 Broad atreet. ASA AND NEW OBLEANS. KvkkY TEN DAYS. To aall ou Monday, Feb II, at 12 o'clock. Ihe atcamali'p I A II AW MA. J. W SMITH, COHMaNDEB, .-Wring fit-lght, and will aall oa .ibove tr-m pier fool Ntrert, North liver. *onTON, CROCHhRON A CO ,$H Murray atreet ilp uK bOIO aalto teb 21. ATANZAH. TO RAIL ON FRIDAY, FEB. 8, At I o'clock P. M. The Cnl od State* mall atoamahlp NX AH, Lleeeegang, commander, ta ready to receive t at plnr.'M North rn er, foot of. Chamber* ?treat. For t liawageanDly to MORA BROS., NAVARRO * CO.. M Ricbang* plane. ? rloee at the Poet office at 1 o'clock P. M. on the day of u R HAVANA, T1A NASSAU, N. P -THE BRITISH aad North American royal mall *t?atn?hlp KAUNAS, aii. ! knttirkr, wl I *al for tb? abort) porta from the >aiij'a wharf, at Jeraey City, on FebrnarvS. i*i March 4. rd* - < March 3Qi _ iutm or raaaAO*:? ?4fl Mia $0 mi .?ht or paaaage apply to E. CuNARD, No. 4 Bowling Oreca. R SaYANNAII ANDTllB SOl'TH. The ateamablpa of the aiaertcaa tllantle Leamahlp uao^r will leave pier 13 North rtrer un Uie folio i Lug lay*. >}? rtioMBBT, Cat*. W. O. Berry, Tiieedar. F*V & 1/ Ct'YLBR, Oapt Cro-ker. Thumlay, Fob. 7. }? ,tT VERNON, ''apt. LarfleM Satnrdar. Feb. Ii ? iSVlLLfc. Capt. roat, Tneeday. Feb. IX camera or thia Hoe are all new, and are not rtirjweed nr,i?, comfort, eafaty and epaol by any >m the Soaan. ? to New Orixaa, R3> 71; |Lil>tle. aV; Monij<oto?ry, p iphla. R!M 7*; Naahrttla, $77 75; KaogrHle. $M 30; ?a Albany, H$; Colnm u?. $? ; AtUnta, $?; JT Aogueta. tl7 ?? Sa?annah, Apfly M H. B KLL A CO.. ail Wea* atreet a ad OA Broadway. AVANNAH AND OTHER POINTR. AH BBLOW.? Ilmt claaa ?leam"hlp ATaR OF TIIK RODTH, Capt. - . . .t .Inc |a> M-nvj r. a' t I' ; >t?-r 3# North i1??r. Thro igh t.oke-a tan be had for wing place*?New orieana, B* 79: Mobile. Rt, icr*. fa. En'aula, Ala., $34; ' oiuiubta, $il, Al ?A. Atlanta, $21. Chaltiuion**, #2 '; Naahrilla. B27 7S; I-, $20 Kl, Mcmnhia, Bfl 7.' A'lgueia, $17 80 Maoon nnnah. $1A For freight or |>a??age apply at No. 1.1 I ay The eteaaaer At'tflSTA. Cant M. K WOOttuU, creed on Hatunlay, Febniarv <i. al 8 P. M. ; t Mi r I? L. MircflILL A RON, New York, ) H'. R U ll.lM.K A lit'.' IK 1 ^Rrl? CARt>l<INA?WBEBLT 1 e new and (Irat clanx ttcanuhlp PARKBRSBUBO, II s at.nard, wlil leave pier I t Nor'h nrer, for Wll lii n, N C., on Ma'urilay, Feb. 2. at 3 P. M , o(faceting W l uiirigwn and Weldou and B"Umlngt?n and Maaibea iilroad?. id- f"rearded to all part* <4 North and Son*h Carolina \ ? nuniailan i gi t 8 cenia Der foot and proportionate ratea. iranc* one half per cent. Apply to H. B CROMWFf.T> * CO., Sri Weat atmet and 14 ilroadwar. ii'TH CAHolina win ?i, ? leave ua Mar ? *$. FltFIOtlT \RR \N<?J-*4i;NT IHI NCR ? ?Ik, l*orH?f?4f, City Point and Richmond, oonnert'ng No- oik and IVlet.Suig an I ?,u'h?j.l? Kallroa.l ;'or |h?>?ru Brlatol M. ni! hl? and Intermediate plaeaa. glua iec?tve.l t rory lUy.atol hrough reovlLta lurnl?he>l Ir i North river. j i.i i i AMiiSTiiW N Cap'aln "yinaor, lear.* i et -i? Hay, at H I'. M i naiilp YOBKTOB >" <' iptaio I'arnah. "*?rf Saturday Rghl'lo Norfolk, Tenia per foot; to thy 1'oU.t, .< ccuta. ? i.mond, t edit*. ?e to Norfolk, vev rooei *i?d mean In -In iod, $$ to eiraoi RMniMwIKt n'lwil l"'l*Aieo the g. ,? of I i t orkM. Nj. lift Hmaoway, \ BA III A, ji ' King al Jervj i it), an Informed iti?l ali k >?!? der gcr eral orifer ?? til be ?enl iiylhe eii?| niMB bile at or* No. 7? Orewirwt.h utree' i?, Feb A, lm B < CNAIID. SF!?i \ It-* * Nl? T OHBCM tli? AT PA ill I Hit hs -t IHI.HII IIA^ IN V. P'> Roaau, i&uutfu, *c. BROWN UOR8K FOR 8 ALB?SOCND AND KIND, 8 !'??? old, suitable for heavv work; price $75; aim* four good worker* and driver* at pu'O prloea ipply until told at private stable, 149 Weat Twenty eighth street (MMf'H ftlMtD-A LIGHT oEl'OSD IIAND COR ' tamed l oach, In good order for which a fair cash price will bt paid. address Coach, bo? IX Uurslii odloa. C10AC1I ANI? HORSES FC'R SALB-A SPLENDID BS I tablislnu. ut, tine of Law. r? rice's Ooachea, but little used; two bay II irees, 7 yearn old,'if An* art Ion, with Harness. Apply at Merchants' -table in "twenty ninth street, near Sixth avi i,ur, aIvo too splendid hobes cheap. F'OK hAl E?A BAY MAKE, SiX YEARS OhD, WAR muted sound aud kind; ran trot In three minutes; also Wagon and sold cheap. Inquire at the private ttabie, 'M Ninth street. L^jR SA1.R- A VtAV FIN It BAV HO ft KB, BOM TAIL, r 16 bands ! Inches high, all \ear-< old, ponv built: a very tin* carriage or coup* hone. Also a thoroughbred iru.nen (bit, live * ear* Id tnl* a) ring, 13 banda .1 Incbi ? high, blood bsy, pniiilsea (jieat spewl. inquire of D. H. TALLMaN, Niis OS ai>d 70 .'treat, near Hleeoker. I ' ?? KAIL?A HA>DBOMK <'HE<1'M f Ma UK SIX P years old, a>? I lCi hat <1 bljth, goo ! <u liarueas or uuJor the sadd'e. Apply to J K. Wlt.Ll l <s. 412 EUhth avenue. J?OR SALE?Make. WAOOK, lUHVBhri, ltOBB. Blanket*, t< , tUetMnre is IMj hauds big\, wari mled to trot In ll ree tumult-*, uud a in d tneveiy eapeot; lj more tl'j deposits ttKen. I'rtct for wliol-i t-'ll. Aptly. at lib sUble, 72 Charles street. FO* saLK CHh^.-A BK.PTir* L 17 HANI* Uttlll l*?r> Ror-e, M* years ?H text sprtoK, amiable f ?r any hailnew. Hound and eli catenated (or au express wagoo. Inquire at No U'ii W tiiia? strMM. HORSKH, f'A' lU vjES, SLUUIIri ANT) IIltN'BSd lor sale ?'UP " ckanai s TVtggb k. grocers' a: d busluoss v* nj? n?, and second band Wagons n'? 1 kinds; SO Hoc** and KleiKbs; m>1iIdk otr eh ar No IS4 Pulton aveivie and No 10 Net ins s'reet, Kro <klvti. f7EKOBNNh->? fOU SALh.KaOMNN*w?. A Vfcli V uioo' Hit i i 11* k P' il lon. vt years hi. and p ifectly blnrk, fl'teen anit i i:?lf bin. ? l b cighi 1,070 lb? , g it 1/ I-avid fclM s olo brut**, Vermont rlaok lln-vk (the sire of Kttian Allen and mtr er...n < ?' tp i otl?s) <v tlllcaie of his jiedlnrre, *r., will be niveu. iu will tie ?< >ld lo? , as the owner l a* got li- sR k groKln^ p Ati", a utintlM-r o! fast trot'lnf, Maiea, Brood Ms tea, in !i .1, a a , OoUm, frota Piijht months to fom yearto .i, mti tth^j Alien C .It. three veirs old: can show s *'ee mluu g?i! mw Ve /?. nnessis' of * breed oi bor-.en t'.?- canuara the hiuheit prlr>-< for bo Pouthern und W ; ni m r. tinu** to atom on thoroughbreds, and for "tyle and Uanty runn i Oc men. 1 inquire at M rtrtet, <irai >o. 6 .xxrotid h*> i F A. lilt k KUUlM, 4U. KuaEJSLLx.j n:.Kn.ii l/tPKIU UlS KM U| stuck 01 Kuibr il m, I... ? a, >? i'IIii. ry vjouda. Ac., at much les? than c ? t't ootr< > < ? of ?? tiring fro u busine s kj April 1. fltV C-tnal street, oiar Wo?*ter. AT i.A i '? i?.- a.S i: K I KI n, ftA orlkood fol I . 'I ks il. >r?l iklr H, r )Ur tarda *lde, iji-n. il !?' i i. < '-ota, 75 <Mm*, tlook t ronti-, $), -k. t b t' k ist ,.|m,. >i 1 iriate prl ?h and ninoe to i ? to n* t ? li 'Jorsots oiada ?:t*r |*UKT.s b " - tir aqturs. HAtlNG LEI ?. ? AfTCIt > Kill 1 I tlierofore fei ? 1'ian if u. . clt, a ?ouiftlug ol I mbniibii *. 1 u \ A,o., >t oiu ? b-a- t-oau Cost- < ? I I I | A KO . . I A' ?, " 1 - et, eu" *o ?l?r M ourn;-.,. AXN Of lni|>< ?-i ation, suitably for the pre??pt ?T> ciatjlag seasuua, all o: >- ? . L u .1 . * ? iw vims Canal st.-'e* 1.1'tiM o al-epa*. OM ANU aTTEu KfiBI AI'.Y 1, .|VII Mil. I'l.n, I, wl 1 oBer tuy entire stook of Embroldsrlea, u M'lll riery Uo.?1s, li!i 1 i - sir, a . .. A at hall o-at I-adlW will Bnd u It the'r r. <. 11<? i a. iti?1 ' ?,! ?t, nesi A'o nt?r. SELL!v ') ', Al . L l.-fN OO.M ,:,y. Of if t g 1! '*ut '? anlia i he ? ifer iriyentUi-" ? * < i - ' ?, L -. \ U n-rv ? >-<d?, tc., ic., regara a. :.o S vi. ai T, -IW flat ai strict, ?ww VI oost#r. 4* fu r<t'-.'-' I .i. i.ti ?VLL iTi-iO AT t l)-r n*d -U I il"-<l?S. t ... rsr.s I'l l a, a rh^ac at ?' ; ? ?:it ia :aa and i.i n a ndar U.i M: ?? aa<l a tar.ed .t ? * oi nursaiy, gardan or firoiimuaJa tiki'hijgs.i .. 1 - '? ? ?ns fas or. Outfits - : (It'll I II- ? r.nst i og tor riin 1 Mti isat i km .* ne a. . ..hi *?? into-s on ladle*' (IV r .. I.IT I. ;iO . . lerweau ni' ti*'l tha gei i ine r rmi' h . > ..e c stiune ' ? nniMrnti i.h'ikhv f-', ?"*(? -it ?' r -i* ? , : I. ?t ,-i.. '.'to "i '. ua and embtuu. . * \ N 1 a liltia'l .*ay. CLOTHI'V a. AWETTt'n CH^NCK TI'A.N EVKR?LADlSi A*D ae .i.eiuen, I huve ? great i 'tnand fof east .ft It 'hlog f >r the vv? i n. a?.t I t-.iai->*e l> pay f-.r-l.'kdie aaa iraini> f " |.1t ? 1 c.i* tin > .? # . 1 >r * .. -o ores a,d.'l^iaea, aaavrla. tut sMui i cii'i't- ij1"'. . t: ;*ld Call la St ult tuft t Dttt tti B Mcoti, 1* S Ith aveuue, between Ligbtt . i '. .?iio Witu . .v j..a x La..'.'* atteudttd to by Mis. Menu. AORVAT DRMANI>.-LAD1B8 AND CiTWrrLRMRN: Han < 1?A lit of msv-uJ c.ot'iicuj. furniture, c?rpeu and jMlbf. I Pay Jio boat p.lco lu the olw. Ca.l ou or ad dress M. t. ,al L - " -nib ' ? ? " ?>"? if*"tity Dt Ut and Tarerty-sttra htrrata Ladlaa n MM by Mra A. A ORPIaK MBUIt KuB l!Lt?TUINO? LaiMKn A.S0 tie ? 'ii ac.j.gae It oil c. htng, turin. im, aiinfft. .oatatrt i to ?lt>, aai! ut i"iiriis ?. t*i l i for ban - a-j ? -? ? ti.e bluest ml*- will b* paid bv caiun* i<ti . rad.iii' I ? a Ua .ui , Mi Tbird tr eiae. L'adJ s*. foiled uj Mania A * mtv I K?N.- l./il'lj.- A.Ni> uL>TLiM/4> I * JO y\ W?r > J : ft? vn,ue I ? r-Mi f . ?it.i-|,? k uiailur . ? urpals ?w be 'c?t 'I ca'? ilo I* ? Milin ?? 11 r llAnnl-v I.* -<>tilth hrenita. Tuere y?o !?.?> b?* o rivlnoed yoii lie lb .r?*i -'.r -a. Kr Bilk dr??-??, .ic:n * In $?'>. tw e,> i?, i r pin f.'?t Jt I for jmrtx St.. ? , I . *1 I.p. .Ll. I IB Unit for?et 1.41 bcvai b tvfcauc. r ?? *r it it, Ur*i ?tr?t LaUine 41 tended by M i?. Uwi ie. TOilt I.iilNll r. MM N ~1.AU.; ? AND i ?;> : t.. i ??<: ci 1 ?i cues, m m '.re*? * note by ?>? t to H Of"!-, lr. t* >v ? ."Iyua m? i e *ar-10 <W?po<e of WW ??*?? 'if I lot. j. ? r; '.?*[??, 1 a i? i- a"d .?waify at a i'lrtrn ??.. n 1 i? 1 'ini 1 #'??? .1 .* i> iimib*) w $?*!; fi 1 ???u, tr m $J io ?!-, f r ?' '? "i ?;? *>ai'd? t . - I'UiMi j IIJii 'i J t. 4r? 1 uil, J> 1?t*trr, tppuli , I un.j ?iu?. i*t, J..UH-?tr?eta. - is rxi< \ rr.i Aii.i. i> roa. *?r i>rr A CI ? ...' r,. I e: f ? ? no 'r?T* lie M r <t, 1 . . ...iu 4 ? in >g a w>i<! 'hoiu ,.1 4 |r??l artiann.*' t ? I ? !'??? to II . 44." ->'lx ? eO'l**. 1 1 ? ' - <**1 l*'i' " .U' .. .1 I' q. \n ii < t ? 1 orr 1'iiO m>o ; s 11 t!i<. W it; firs: in 1. 1 % . r:.. 1 III c " r* JAMEs M * K AlllUl t.H .k II > M ft! ?0 ?S."> C.ict Mik l*i. ? 1 . ?[? H 17; !?'? ?;?*? \ H ? ? > t, $???, f ? 11, . .1 , i 1. ?'prti,i> (* ?) Adrtrvkn A. 1 1 ? '.li ' iMWn Twmlj fourth a"' ?? < ?m l'? by Mi*, l) Amkttbk mtcw run k<-h l*D'u!- AVpiiKRr ? r?>i 01' '1 Mil- u 1 -H rv 1 nrpeu J??Hir? ?r I xitn $7 in $ i i 1 !??.? r, I run 92 Uj lid tut oimm UiKiiii $. Mm f ' rhint 4 t.M? hy rompanftially n' U-Drti rt to by K , IjI !? ? ' . lit '. ??? n>j?, !>?? ???*?? Ninot?eutb ??<? Twentieth ?troe?? l.a. l- n kltrixt" I In 1 jr Hi? E A BKTTKK CHANft SHl.Ai'tBi* AXOOFVTl.R mtn. 1 b?ve * (ml ik m?u'l for ue*t ulf nothing, Kur rlture, t ?rpei?. Jewelry, Ar, for i'ie Kmim uu.'kei. I will p?T Ihe ioU<>? Ing Iiriotr -F,.r Kllk Itr^eeee. fi-'m t > ftft, for (Mti, from fSto |l?; for t'knU, fmm ti loftrt, ?eaee cmll at ur atiuioeeJ. AnUolt, ivsse enih Go twrin Twentieth ani Twenty Bret unset* Punctually at t?ndrd Ladlee aneoded liy Mra Anliult. A^m OAltn.-ORHTI.KMRN HAVI.NiJ AffV QL ANIH Y UP new *ni1 left off nothing to dl*]m?<> of ?till meet wlili a reeh [mri'liawr by calling at the'Stor* or aiMreotng Tho* I). Conroe, 44 Ontre miwl N. B.?Men-haul tollora having any on hand will please addree* aa abort. A^m BABR CHAMni.?1 M.IBB AMD (IRNTUBMBN, I have J11 at received t ??*) 10 |>urcha*u oaet oli ( lotlilug I >t 'be lalliorn * maikrt. 1 promise no pav the high -.t prloe for them, b> railing on or adilre-n iig M. Bill*. V?. W Hevenih firt.ntie noar Serentefiith otrc^L Laitlee attendod by Mrt U\RB t'lUNCB. -LADIBM AND OR bare luet '8. eiroil $3,i??) wo pun haae 1 lor the tal If hi ula u-arke'.. J prmiUe u> paf 1 fi.r temllng, by rmli-ir on or 1 r. n h avrr.ue, noai Heventoenth Mr*. RUIa^^H hhh lARR CHaKCB. ?LADIBM AMDORXTLSMBil. I > oaat uf Clothing . r lh? highest prlje fur tending, by rsili-ir on or ad'lrealni M RUtfc, No. W 8e mM MMdMMa " ctreet. Lailiet attended by MRDirAli. Da n. tK>HMRTT HAH BRMOVBD PBOM It DITAHB street to A> Ontre street, near t'hambera, where he eaa be oofieuUrd with tke most hum rable confidence <>? certain dlecaaea. I*. B ?Dr. C. la a member of the Hew Torfc U?l rerelty Medioal College kee LI* diploma In hi* lOoa. Da BALm a orfirRg, m cbopby strebt.-. llour* irom 10,4 till t, and fr^ip I till ?. (111 nday 1 ex [ oepted. 2a MQKTBK MAS POR TMTETT TRAES COMPTKBD hie attenUun te lUeew of a sertaia elaaa, la waiek ae treated ao lee* than fifty Uoesaad eaaae wMtoai aa l? kiaaceof failure nie yeat remedy. Dr. Bunter'a Bed Drop, cerea eeruin dlseaaw whea refalar treatment and all other rewedlsa fall enree without dieting er re*tH?<l?a la tbe ha hit* of the peilent; euree withost thedl*oetlag and Mskentng efferta ef all uthar remedies, earee la uew eaaes la leee thaa sit h011 re. It roota out the polsunoua Ulat ine bi-x-d I* enra le absorb inleae tki* remody la need, it la tl a rial, and eaa nnt lie obtAlnnd gennlns a'lvwhere but at 'he ol I odloe, Ko I DtTltbn etrwst Book for aothlag, that treats of tiaevtf eff?wia of earlv abuse. T\K. I .A ICR, JM ORAND HTRKBT, COHSKR OP HOWP. 1J ry. Is tlally cfinsnlle?f <ni?l4eiiilaliy iiad sucmeel'u'ly by tjoUi Mixes. Oflice hoiir?, ha. M. to# I M DI1 WARD'S KAMOffl RRMEDirs OnTrtRATMf.NT eurr wlthmi* s*ckrnlng or ln ?rrnptl?ig ''mi'ieea. t)iU>? MQ Bf?adwity, en stairs. nB. WARD, THE Most Hl tH B^lPDL OP PIM m. | tbtn* In riirlng oriialn di*ea?<^. leci?n?ul'?d dally. OUoe 183 Bruadw ay . < T\P WATlD'S WOHTTWTR'H VTHF.^D. A N IVrAlr I* UW? n'lncdy ?'rti-?ti >linrr><at brncfvwt, female I'I Is. alro 91 Office Ivt Broednay TJTROI'BAN IIOPrfTAI. I'R VOtlflB nV M T,ARV<>NI\ Fj plijulrlsn, si igeon, %uihor. *<? , ?l t'l Bi iadw4f, up ?talra, from # A. M m 0 I*. M , also 7 top Thursday evening* (important to KKMAi,R.4 HRMil\\l, I H TlflRR^' 1 nfll ?? Is rrmoveil o No ^Uth avenue, "econd bin'It ??>'ire Ponrth street, Ni w Tork. Mmt RDlt'AU- INKORM ATlf>N OP A BJOLUTR 1MPOR taitee 10 both s<?e?, ikniit' I fr?im b ng and conllnua'l ?elaBtlllc liu-estiga'i in. a know'.il/? of *bl<h m*? w? 11 atdsi.xletv no? ? 'be first lm? given to the pu*?l by en ? "r'lti'j |l In |ir. lnlliis 0 flern*r, Him <'way 1 "?l oflitie (j . i f 1 ?s iir rr>Tr i,i rti xmpr-h Wimtt I epri<nii'.. i en in'inl. or bv lett?r addfe^ *d to b?>t FfWAMCIAL. NEW lOBK AM) HaHLKM BaII.RoaD company, Tre*aurer'a otlioe,oorner of F. .iirtli aveutie and r w-my ? iditb atreei, Mew lo t, Jan IH, lsdt ? luterent coupon* oi" tbe ?Miil mortgage ona? and bonds of 1(401 will be paid on aud alter f eb. I, at (be Treemrer'a ofl'ce _______ * 11^ KMhRSON, Trraamer. vroncK.-the books of si BftcmiTioN to rutf 1 v capital ?to.-k of the Traiutt Ufa Ineurauoe Com,*uy of tbe city of New York, witl oe opened on Frfdav. February S, at 10 o'clock A, .? , nt ihe office of A ilunrber, <?' Beaver ?ti ret, or lo Is *? bauge place, mom No 9, and remain open dull*, bsiwrtn the h..ur? of 10 A. M. and 3 t\ M , until the au>ck u> be laaued t> wholly aubw i ll-ed. t41MKUNDRAPF.K, j EDWAhD ROW 1, , CouituUhioucr*. Al'tJusri s Gl'brbsb, i Nkw Tom, J?u 30, lr?ei!. I k'H 0IVII.K5.O - rilK KMI M.rtlti). Khll STACK Company have tlua day dociared a dividend of I nine Gr cent lor tbe ia*t kit mouth*, pitvable u and alter tl.r *Hli ?Urn, until which tiuie tbe traua book* wtii be closed. tYaatraav t, 1M1 GEO. (\ FETEBS, 8t?ciwHry. $(>7. ?7,HU . ? CON ' linA~TO I<?AN OX Ttuvn VN'D MORTl VOX, aUUU Id (uni* of ??t.(ll?'. g*l,(*?, fit 0?l a id live leal delate id thUoitt. Apply I?> loll* ihe i.lhce of the PM|de > Ft re lu>iirau,e t o . f II121 70 LKNI) on hond and mobtqaoe, iJ' auTiia to?ult applicants, im imtinnwl real e*'He In Ihla city. Apply to s. S. UUOAJJ, U Wal. ilreet. aecond atory. LOAN OVFHKH. AT 111 OBaND afUKET, rilKKh DOORS WKHT Of Broadway - Voury hd.anc.d on Watobua, Diamond*, Jewelry. 1'late. Dry Co. da and j?'r?>iuil property of eve-y daerrtptlou, or >? iiaht aud aold, by JOHKFll A. JAC4SON au. U. ueer and looker. T 11 CHAtHKKS STRBKT.-MON BY TO ADVANCE i\ to any anio .in on Diamond*. Watches, Jewelrv, Ac , by ib" ?e'l kn .wi and old established ISAACS. auctioneer and broker, II Ch.mbera street. N. B.? No buainets traua ?acted on ^atunuv 11 WI'KUAK KTKf.BI.-UBNRY HYMaX, DfVMOND 1\ h ker. t a.-li artva need in Diamonds, ant or uinet; t Watch Movement, Silver flare, Jewelry, Se^aii, Ac , i . t t.cbl foi ca^h Opposite the Post oUtue, n*>ui No. I, up r'ulrt. tis Cedar ?treet ADVAK^KH MaDE ON diamonds, WATCHES, Jewelry aud MWerwaiw. or l>oui;!it for cash it tbi li^ibeai pi le, s Old gold and Hllvei iMiu^bt Apply *t thn old e^ial' laied < pic?> ot L. Jaloi>6, 07 W illiam Rltoet, brail !i, 407 Hr kdway. *TN<i HRoADWaV. 00BKB1 OK PRINI'K STRRKT ?*X it* in Ni ft. up K|?ir?._Money adv?uoe<l from fl to SJli.lW'ou bi*nu>nd>, A'au he*, Dry Oo.h1k, bet(i>r*. a:id every'l.ou of A.I hi> i m- v. Ill l>e dentU.1 BAC HuaKIMN A CO. AT 20e BKOAD A A t, SOCIIIEAr r tohner OF KUL 1( 0 hi.eel. ci uev a^vaurcd t .ny amount on Diamond*, atel.en, Jewelry. Ao. N. U.? lhc lil;;h.Mt ^tige paUl for i ?wi.l>ri ker?" I u-ki !? li MVtTo.v, yiHBioad^Hy. oor. !?'ulton St., room 9 Ai t4 ftTKtJST ?A IIOMOMAI. DIAMOND broker, Uiakett Uoerikl adiuiiee* oil I'iaiu..uil?. Wuteb jewel.y, Ac , or nys ilu m at ni l t luc. ?i liin private ullli Itf Vima'i Htrett, r- i iu No. 2. up Mulm. UuntueaacouQdeiiUol. ii>rn n< it) -CnHii ad\ am i r> tn si ms to suit, on i.miioiid< WuKlo-i. Ji!?*ry, igaiw. aid nil klodiot' M'ivhuMlioe, or b Mi^hi, by A, K I'lliiMP Ml>, ?iif<l--neet It.2 Naaaau au<.<'t, corner oi A.-u, w oon-1 lloo!. lt.i ai ho. SPECIAL \OTIt'Ktt. Am 8FECI MEN OF FINE < ATTLE. 108BP ICOLWEl>L, of New Waabin?ton Murknt, Sixth avooue. between lo.nty kii'h ?nd Twenty-aevenih atrceta, V'W York. I.a< pmcbaae<t waif oi the ine*v Meera ilia lim ln-en m rit to thi - ina kui lor .oine lime. m.hi?o1 th* ni will b?' on ekhibi.lon in fiou. of bla nurkct thla unrning. th? public m- i. l. d to Coti e and tee lli? m, a.t they are worthy c . notice Tuo ab vo citlle were in -d on l.e lartn of ,1 i,i,. I H iten, K->| , T inp kln? rounij, >ow Vork. Furv Iirm-q ,.f Jervla Chotuh. A^m I'BOCLAMA HON*. Mator'r ) Cirr or Savavnaii, Nov. 22, j V 1 ? roa*. within tbe past f?'v we. k< lb-re haa ''-on i\i. r. woi.'.ed laflui o' ateeiaxi- paiweng.-r* and !ab..rlD^ poor t rim tht i\o-tl ein portk into our > ily. and wbmik IM 6fU? r (U'tli.^ troii. ihli- lnio<>i Uitlon are b. coming both manil''st aud aiaiin nj. iinil t ht rc.t*. u ii no-osury thai a elovk kIiouM ?"> pUccd up-n Hilt l.iflut of la -urin^ i>ooi aud pauper^, and '.he City < ouncil ai Iti !aat miNi 11^ paweil no nrdl oaio '? eotHled An Orllnan e to l'ievent the Inttux of Fatipera Into tbe t Ily of Savannah, tn word* following, to wli:? Miction 1." Br it ordained by tue Mayor aud Aldermen of thu elly ol ba nutiai. aud tlie l.aaib t* tt.cre?i, in council a ae.n bied. ami ll lr I.. lei'V ordained by authority of t? aame,tiia. tt filial not Iw law. ul, lierawt'uir l or au/ inaater, captain ?i com Dia'.iier *.l auj ateaoier or aaiiuu vesaol arriving in th? haib(?r of ehtani t.b ii land or peni tt io l>* landed, ai.y uteenvj"p<a ?eng. r oi other oen?on llnely, ua n i??'i;>er, to be.x.'ne acaarn" (in cny, wulioui jhiiu'mIou irom tbo Mayor or aMIntt Va< or o ni'ilcl y. i.u> that for u violation of *he fo'onoiii*t pr vial ii ' u> h n 'iw?i< r. ? aptalti ? r oommaDdei kbull be liable, o-. c i.vie'l'M. hef le tne Police Conit, t i a fine ol twenty live dollar* for ry ?uch atcoraije, or paupw pu-i enuer a. land e<t, ? - wIom w. d. hut aueb tini may be remiti<-d ?n *u?h iu*a ter, explain or ou.iuHoaer ettnci arrv Iiik km-li pa?aen(er or iM.upt-r back 10 tbe \xm w lie nee he vaino, or itiuiliu iuto lMHid, to be approved by the Mayor, th*l auch pt?i?*iiuer or olUci pai.iau kliii'.l not be< onic a churiie to or ou nald cliy lor the ..puce oi at lea?t twelve motoba I'roa ?uch 'aodlng. aui on fcia.1. luaktei . ckptu u or c mmand> r ^.ij iim ail ooata of nr. ..n. rutit'ti :.i d all nupei.Bts attending ihi e i:oicem. nt ?f ihe ir dent ol' the s ayui iu carrying out lMr.ordman. o In any given case. _ <c 2 And b( It I or'her decliired by the aforcaald, That tht boi or 'be Va>, a .d be Is beert.y lnatmcted to Usue lu,in dial'ly H* 'proeleinatlon, giving n u ee all poraona oniicern- d,ol ib< tenor and rei|Uirenw?ta of ibiaord.nance- and ui ti . deieluio au n ol ibe aoihorltioa of Swaanab to I ievent the Itillo* ol |?uper? into th.- city, and that auch pro c.aii'k'lon be publ ah'd III tUega/e.tckOi earauoali ttlidlnsuch oilier papers t-?lii the j?dgm?nl or ih. MayO' uiay liepro|air. Now iheirlore I, ? harle-* O. .lonea. Jr May >r 01 the cliy of hkVMii.ab aud the hamle.ta ihoreol, in c .inpilanea with the luatri Cilona li a ."d .romance ct uialo ? d, lino fi?r ihe puria>?e oi g.vlng naort e>iended publlRtiy to tbe t?uui aud raquiie n-ei. k in* reoi, Co tasue ti.i?. my pro-lam . -on, hereby iiotlly li g ad in at-v tuai.nrr ooU'*eni( i, of tue tenor and ra u ? ma of tht* ?iid, and mo.'n penicu'uriy glv it.j hereby du *? d positiveuoli.e to toe ,.(.talu?ot ?tnm and aailiu>i l?-rela (ilylug l?#tweeuany Jl r; uero porta and the port ol Nvaneab. auu tlieagei'ti- k d u?ii>latMie?oi' eaid ?. *?d.- ol I' - Mi ' ti?. city audi ; viea of Aa tan nab a.rlctly tc tnfotce the rrndiitolM and pen.plea af aaid in Hide, e(Tec".allv to ortveo' the iiidu* at pa .pera ln? thi?' ily. oivtn tinder iny naud an4 ' he cor porate ??al of Ih* ot?v, aueaieo bv the Clt-ik of t'ouuiiliMI ihla tbn 22d day 01 i<io v.Bil) I IMiO. CHAltlaKH C. Jr., rai 'r. lAt e?t I I 1CH I Kb W. Cora ( bfkol t ouncll. At THE AKjrnAL MEBTINO OP THE NEW YORK Clq ?nrt t'ouaty Llni'T IIi-?i?-rs I'wimlw KocWji b* d at th?-li n oma li nnw ; 4, IH,I. lb* foilij* IK# tlcAet ?aa oriautmrnialy elec'cd;? t <a|onil W.?!U r Kochr, fir*4 Vice I'reeid' nt, Tlioma* B. Ferr, ii'-otddi, boiunrvwln; ttUol, J. J. Cully; Trea enrer Pn'rlefc MuMblll Financial Serretarv, I'etor I'oUn; Brturdln gieiaiary, HM?r IMViiM*; Trustee* P. F. H??, John hcvTiolda and (toward Mare; Hnuui e t'"miuiinc, J ?Tin h' lll/. William ?> *.?ii i.. gik< L. Tliomv- , ij?w t'umiait t<-?, thonuae Ky 111, I'. CUB, SilcU.ioI K?*u?? f. K. (:? rtioliU Mi l J<? j.h Mc(?rn ott; terifant nt ?-m?, J.imc* .li>rd FEiisK 14? V' AOli, t-ecroury. IO 8 M ?THE8FPRWMR OSAEIMWWCIl, OP THE |? Cniied Stale< will mc< 1 at I'm 1'atrit l^i<J*>: liijom. nlA Fro. dvoj, 011 We4uf ?<l?j, Fen. 6, at 1.' i.'cl or*. M. My order oi IiEM'Y 1HAHW1 >UU, Mptrm ' rand Cominnnder IB cMef. A. A. I'MiLum, /?l In for Nrw Vi rk. 1 HE fiL'P'iCPTBER IIFOH LEAVE TO INFORM lltS I Irlft 'ii ?nil ruimpcrithtl h>- b w aold ??-i1 LI* I rln n,g I Ul -? M- 1 1 "? hi* iwi li"* J. 1. OnmriMti, nnd fur'mtn, V. lla'rl^Kti, both o *b<m ta?v?j been In hi* eapb vmthi for II n l??t lu'i 'Tl i-ar*. Vip bMatiice* ?<11 be OnitllMW hy ?ben 'in I'T the Irm of < aio?r n t Co. and ne iriib U>'y Will ? ? eiv a roDtiunaiw ? 1 >f tb* liberal patrotiu 40 bw ?luwfd (11 1 m. O. CAEfcRON, Bt Ann -irein. flMlE ANM'AL KUOTION ?l THIRTKF.N OtKP.CT I fin? ol tf? isiith ?T?tiue liallmud ' "nil an> ?I'l b ..eld ?it ; be 'ln'ii ^ua arcane, corner ul FortyioiiiL mi t u-Mlny FtbniaiyU lri.ui IJ t > 2 f V. T. B.MLFV M i'F.RS, VALFAHSKS. \rALE> tJNES, VAIRVIINKR F'.NF. A ^iil'.TM KMT Af KTRO.n';#. Hj< Niihhii ulrrel. 'I'll h. BALL liuioi. f 1 HAND VILITaKV FKiR.-lllK mil lil'iMLAMD I I l.italic utal 1*11 UlUk jil.ii-f on Thiirnd.ty, February 7, .sCl.a Qw Cll> ttaaMy doon s. Ticket* 9-*aeh. The oev.max mepk*?ri>j! iocwt wit.r. nox.u their aneuaJ Paify liraan Hall at the I'lir A$fmbl* Inrma, ?n Monday, t'rfcruary II, to wbleh kUay Inrl'.a tbelr ?'ember* tad t lend. Tbe rtu <u> oommlt ae* In rharf* of the arraneevwii* *111 e*dear? 1 t? aualein tl.? nt?a i-i ni? tlen which th? )>?ll? of thl? ?nct?'y al-e?d? >nj.iy 11. a?U ? ' ft. BdrntMliif on- genileT)<an and ladlea. two lel.ivl of irtmbera otn?, mn^mg whom ? ?? ihe foihiwln ^?riti?mi'u: ? Wbi Jalt1n?haii?, 1 e"t*'^lurtlt ite; Ki-ed. Kaj.f. Ili Hrowl ?a*. O. aaAecMt' W, araoae; chat Jwomr M Walker street. Thari .*411 be im ul? iif t:cketa ?t the ?? or. and B'new III be r*e<*'ra4, without eiaeptlna. whU*h *?> eot hear the hum of tfer a^mlciaaa latiudueed aud ef the ?newthnr Intr .duHof Theae UckeU aru ir,t lraaa;crabb>. Ileinher* w 111 '*11 for their tlckate a* Tythacef aa Qali, ea luDday. Tueedty and rburt-iej erealaaa. EH.m ?T*r?E*. 8^iw'%-y. COPART\KKRIIIP NOTH R1. 4 .V BXTENMIVfc W'XJl) i \m?. <? NTAIN.Mi i TP! \ A hi rang- ii?rnt? ''or Mwln* an I ?|.llttln* wii*L a fin" rt ?k of nor*e?, wa*otit'e and elelKli>; r^mpluva. '.n gi- d or dor and a choice ato^k of wo?w. <4 anted, an active cartncr to pnr? haee lialf the ir'ereet thoreia. Thin y?tl bat tho Ini^rat council.iu In the city Ibe amount ln--e<?'5d br lh^ ln^eent, ac'eal ralce, about (4 'TO. Term* half of ih? sum ca?h. or 1 art, and security for ti-ilanoe Fur f*T 1 c 1 tin a ajiph at th? yard, ftirner of FiMUtewtk atreet and Temh avcnoc AKRERntl rjj.vTT.KM\!* WOri.O INVIIsT FROM ?? .nnj to f'.'iKt In a -at - ?nd re^ieeia' la tmaineae \d ?Ireea, wilk real n Hue*. *l?lm full parllculata, hot 719 l'o*t office. AOOOIl CHANCE roil A MAN HAVIE'l ???>TO?lrti to jo n with lb-: adrerllaei in ajiloa-ant wliole^ale imal nana, n hlcb can be ab wn to be a real mint ??> nake money Apply ltuni?-dl*uily to MtiAKs A Co.. No Broadwa/ rooru IS. CrEi'IAI. OR OEVERAI. P4RTKER, WTTH Mi0"0 TO p I KM. 1*1, v anted to enraje In an ct'?-'><lln*W prnAtaMe, lar#* and ?afe \\ hlte I^>ed and Paint tmalmwa, In tfcll ctlr Forpaitlaiilartadilroaa J. P., ho* till llcraid otlloa, for four day*. ^>iiiwi in 1 *1 - an act'vk nr^pTrAt mw mv " ' lug thl- aoiount. gaa liart* half *n in'ero ! In * rn "P?ct?bie cnah buainea* when h" *:in cli^r from $15 to fAl a and no link. A piiI) '? r. UAffRir, Itmadway. 177177 i'Mii-t' waStij) in t c?Vh VlVUi t,o"i|rlt>d biialnc?a, (????lebitahed end permanent, ettenalnn niiiiiHtcU; ennr-t t> ? w.? U ?h I?cle dry r".d? bi iieee; $tl 1 im d?t piotlt (Iiowm . 1 ap. al tor maclili ? a. ipi'ly u> (. T YoamiKH, Na. 3 Xev. U ?*??'}, <^jnj? r Oil >1 ralrA _ i&rtiwi ??<? $! i>?> ~\\.w ni'ii,' a v>. n.; m\n, ?Vi rn T* " tb ij ? am i"K', to iaks au'ntoiKal III 1 i" ), ?nd Incia'lT* bu-lreea, Adjrt>?i* f?. B., "xja lsj Hi r dbt o'.lco. <57^7i ?'? wam v 1 ..ftAi ~ \mii"riii.4 v?.?i m ?a l?"'F. fm ,1 ci|nai fiii ,n an <?? ii!l?'i.I Ha < rani a*t?'? alah'e; b t i'" 1 , nintkOCit|, ninin^atl u f< 1 25 hr,. a. ?, and a > lav. :nl,te t> am. Aii. i. t" WEI.IJA A t'O , room *t, II* ht 'v ay 45*? (Mill H<*NT 0, \ Vol >u"M AN *0" ' K^EROT ?r^aiWl "li III I >.1.| 1' I pa It/, to C . K" III a !? 1*1 nm* t" t?'lo> ei1 1 tho bualu a* 1* >rof] i>nt 1 i '.. I h<-i<, tiid a per?on or the ri?ht *<*mp wl?Si a *malt iwpltal cati h': r of a ^raiid onportukity to bi-conie Infuat-d in tho hram h to ho eaiabli*hc4 th' ri A>ldreae \. H , Herald ol ine. *Q nnn < *WWTt,l PI tfHAtE AE IMTEflE^T fK <??).'? itn ataM.^hrd 1. aru'iioiurliiu Ivi !o thl* <i'.y, CUT b d i n ? I'hceil im?.inM rl-k, *n?T vet v r->fll*h4e; fiill w-enrty ila'lilm'i foe *he m-oi' v ln?c*i 1 Aihirt a, AMt8KmS1T!l. WAJXAC'K'B rUEATiuT'~~~~ OM) COMEDY hkyivau MR WALLAOK, 'n acor rdance with (ha expre*?.??<! wi?he? of vut number* at bin pnlious to prertnt uoe.inloimlly m>ui? of the great and fa vorlta OLl> ?o c? ebrated tu this theatre, IxM'nra iu J-1.N VL CLOSE, hn ar'nuifcd tliat TOMOlir (WEDNF.SD \Y\ th? entertainment* will commence with ihr *| <-ndld1 om'dy, lu nve acta, of ? TOW N AND COUNTRY. Krulicn Oleuroy Mr. Lcaicr W'aUack Kit Cotey ... Mr. Hlak* Mr. Tint *lr. Young plu?uc Mr. I'loya .luctey II uw buck Mr rilun Capt. itli-nrov Mr. Norton Hi>v. Ov?? n Ulwivy Mr. Atmalroof .Mr. Parkoa Dwindle Mr l'aratoa, Jr lto>$ Mr. ISernard Etnii". Mr Oliver "obin Mi Connrn The Hon. MrkUleutoy Mia. Iloey *:*alte domain Urn. Sloan Mr* Mr.i S t-inoil Mm. Tr? t Mrs. W'aleot i'uMlo MUs Treo liood llawbnck. .. . . Mum Carman Tu MORROW. Tit (' K.tDA V, lkc(a?oiiie ('?modi, in live act*. of OLD UtAl>.-> AM> YoUftti III.AltTd. fn FRIDAY Will tie repeated, lu ?cu?e<iucuce of it? vplendid reception bv a riwrM hiu*e, 8b?rlc<aii'n live a t Comedy, THE nCLOOL FoK SCAN DAL. NOTICE? In preparation, anJ ?111 lie produced (.p.vdlly, A NEW tyOMIt: IikaM A, IN FIVE ACTS W ritten expre. ,ly lor thlM t ieaire replete with NOV hi. fcKI Ki"I'M, HTaHTLIN'U HITL'ATIONS 8PLENDID*.NEW SCJKNKKY, '! l.e ca*t Including fc\bh* MEMIIRR OF TIIK COMPANY ? Droit opeu ai 7; cou.m.nce at liulf pa?t 7. o I.D BOWK BY THEATRE. PATl'RDAY, FKB. 9. PROFESSOR ANDKItSON, OKFaI WIZARD OK TUK NoKTn, Will tranpforai the atmve t>Mii.-d nrtaMlalitncut into bia I'rtYCHOMASTKl M. For the nrodu-di.Mi of b'a cr. .u Oyclouaal Kntertaiiinunt, A NKiHT IV WlTNOKU Wiiltl. ), Is ut TrlpW llall, In 18M, An<^fi? at Winter iinrden, l?.<t fall. Tbe Old Bower! will, l>y one touch ot the ureal Wizard'* Wand. r> n ine Its' pneiine glorl??, lu addition toathomaua new attraction*. Full particulars In next UYIliKOADM. TTl PfON RIYEK 1U1LROAD FOR ALBANY AND J I iroy, connettlnK with tialiM Nortli and Mont. lr.?in? 1 ave? tui d i h.?v.hkks HtiiKKT. nam tiiiiitv i irsi sthkkt. 1 \pn?*. V and II A. M . .tnd 7:23. II:.'#) A. M. and .1 oil, .V26 and ft P .U. 6:bIP. M. Tim aoo " ,?iuy (v?lth aloep- lt?:i:> P. 11. (8u;idaya In li r. , K:4ft 1* M. eluded.) ' o.. uk. Cp?l<" train. 7:30 V ? A. M . I.' 10 md 4 _T. P. M. K., 12 Si mill t 1' M. Pi .k.Vi limn, b:.<l I*. M. :i f..'iP M hiiitf .ilntf trnin, .1:36 and 4:30 l Hiid 1.*k> P. M P V. Tarn town intlp, 6.10 P. 51. 7:10 P. M. A K. .SMITH, Hiiiietimetideni. VM.H VOHk', IIA Ii l.L M A\I> AI.RANY K 4II. HOW), i' I'm V:l auj unu i'l*'}, Oonutiu.; wilb ilio Ni'W Vork < eiitial l.atlti ..a fo? nil point* Went, v.rtliural ami South writ: al." i with tbe .North' i n Railroad, for Saratoga, Ituiland, ''tirlluf |i<b, l'UtUburg. Itouae a i'olnt, t >k.Ii nabui;; and Mon t.eai. W lulei arrai>|Kin?nt, eoiuiiteneing Monday, Deuenibor 24, 1NAJ?i "iiua will ? #?? New Wrk .1 <iAllow*:?K ir Vlbatiy, i A. M ai.d I ;J)1' M , etprcaa ti(Ui) f It)in Try I'll row, Ileal city Hull. IVr Albany, J 2D A >1. mul 1:43 r M., do lljth iu i?>t. Lin., in A. .M., ijxiin ?<.tii?iI train, from rryon row. Uo? |ll:S3 V M., d >. do., 261b at. depot ('rot in la!In, 4 1*. M., atopplng fit *1: -.uiion* above Vorkvtlle, 2t>that. dop't. t\ liiU) i'lains, H:l.% A. M., '1 -VI Uixl 1'. M .alopping at ;tl! ?t? liou?>, U'om 2>Hh i1|hii. Will to I'laina, fi.lti I'- M., slopping L i all uitliic?, Hum \\ bite atro? t depot Wlllwtiixiridp', II a. \i. a; d s.'tol". ? , ->i?? i'r 1 uk at all utmloiiK, front 2b:b at. iI'MHjt. Wllilame'rlV", 11.10 H M. Wedui *Iay itud Saturday only i, dti pi'lni; at ali elation*, I'ri.iu -'ill. at. depo'. iioluruing, ? ill Ira*t .,?:baiiy, 7 A. II and 1:10 IV M.; liaat \lbnnv, J |j A. M. andJ;lol*. .*., ? 'ii'KM tr.'illi; Albany, lO.ij.V M Ku.t V . ???? |.? v h i ! ilii. ' r'ion K>U", "A.M. ?topping ail blAuoim uoilb of tr< in lit Whl e I'lilna, 6 1'i. 7:2S and 10 A. M imll H,r. >!., slopping at alt atuiona. \YIIIiani*lirldgr, ii.HA M. and 1 I*. M , Htopi-ng at all ?"? ti in W ilnaniabriilgo, 10 1". M iWidiuadli) aud Saturday I.iiiji, atopptojr at all atationv Tick"!* told and hii?j(.ige vliein? d foi ? ay ata'lona at 'Aitu ? treel illation only. .1. >11,\ 111 !H'It I LI, A-- ? ? k 11 ? : U|* ilo eml""' Ml Ml ll'.M. A l-'KAIIiS. pMKRATlOll NOT1CK?A VET1TIOJI HAH BURN J pretested to the n i?ii of Aldeinvn to lave K uinh atroet, bi'tW" a Bank and Hammond atreota, with trap b.oek pavement, tlir> owner* <if i iopcrty lo pay oce lial.' of tlo pciK c, and thf r "iiialutng Iiall lo l?' paid hy the r<tv I'artlr* objrrtiuK ti tilt aauu- are rr.|Uf? ??l io ?< u.i innii oj- loaa, dlrcui^d w thrrbanman of tiie l/'ouiiulttuc on ?utn., kiiaud of Aide nnru, N". H City liall. P I. A. B >OLK, it:. ?!?? ?? joif* hi ; ?? T. P. Silts, Clerk. JOII.N 11 MUaUV ? ?? <ta ClOirOBATION NOTICK.-A RKKOLl'riON HA ? 1I! E.< ) t rcM<nWd to ibn Board of Aldertnxn lor a > ?.?; ? U llifl nic?a??i7 rtcHiTlnu baalnn and i:iil>rr'?. to l? ? in Troth aTou'ie, trim Korty-nrv.n'h to foriv nluth ? nM: ?liofora ae??r, ?iib tb? nmiwiary w l?? u.i culvrrla. in K?riy-ulii?h ?..uan<?ii< liiK tt?i r ? ?i of li ma aretiUa, to oonn^o: with tb" ..out at lik?r?>iith a?-o.i? >'arilo>' Int'-rntj-d In Ibe above, and liavlim obi'wUoii* lo Ibe nam", aro ritoiti'aK'dttU) aen l tbeir ohj. i'iion*, i|naii*l 1 o i> o i Lnr'i an or >bi> (.onin.HUo on ,?c? ? rn, Hnml .1 .VJder men, No. 8 City Hall KtCflARD H\RRV, i Cnmmltt.e e' I. A. HOOl.fc., \ on T. S Nnr^TWk. J?HIN 11. U HA U Y.) S. w rr ?. ("tORPORATIOK NOTICn-A VRTITION IIAH BKKN prt'M,nl?'?l to tlir B aid Of A1 d rineu for a H?'W iu Nor tolk Mrwt, b 't\%> ? n liraad and lieau>r trcnt*. Al^i, lor a acu'-r in X? w ati????t. Alio, fot h ' i lu Tbiid r.'n ie, to comrwivcf at tl<?* m ?v<r now built lu llfib ?li*i, to Okiend to ar.d tlipnifrb IV.Hl'Hr?fl I' a pC'tut l iijliiy fe- i east of Kourthavonilo. AI--1, a riK 'lu lor. for a ?ew w iu Twenty nc ond alree'. fr-'Ui ta<? i>i??eiit m ?er to ili?* ilnlkhead, Ka?! river. Alto, a (Million fur a ?I WI.I lu Kiriy iKIh atiert, fi-om Tlilrd avenur <o Ijcxlngtoii ttettM, an'l up Lrf-xlncton a>enue to Fifty clglilb atreet. AUo, a i-'iolnt' .ii for ? icwtr in Kim atteet, l>ciw?en (.rami and Br"?'n ? ?li< eta. | ilao, for a anwer In VandafD atreet, fi au \ailok alitci to I Mai douga. <tr< et. A l*i, a |m Hi lot or a H'Wer la Llltb- Tooei. mrrct. 41m, to. .? e*ir In Fitlluili i?"-l, ? era Klgb .b Kcllilo and Broa.iwsy. Alao, for a newer In Fwrlli avrnne, f .-ni Thirty fifih m Ihtrtv-aUUi il'ent. Al'O. a pi tltloii to have tin mnmh oi the ibwm eliang'-d from lb* fool of Kobiua >u uliiil, on tbe uoi ill ti'ie ol tbe pi' r. , Alao fur ??? '-r In Ten 1. ivjuue, b. i a?? n T sonly igli b and lw?ntj tilntb atresia. Alao, for a ?ewr In llrolaon ?ireat. betweon riiriiWipbtr iu4 Ali'oa g'.'rcla. Al. o, a rVMiln'ton f ?i build i i r> e> l> Inn basin . and i"tt/aru on tl>e ti' rtliWoat and m,ui1im-i >t ?rn?r? of Tblid .ivcntM- ar.d Fitly nluth "tie" . \l?o, forn r?< lvtng I" *ln ?n4 r'ilvi?rt on tli< vi tliwett urun of i'blity iie*?,nth -irect md Hivund avenue. Al", niieiitioi for a H?tr lu I. ?? ntrct, bet wen '.r.en il. I ai.if W "?t ?ire?''? Alw a rMoiutnm fora ?w?r In I <*iy eighth ati ?i, flufti Mnth a?- uue to Mud?on il.< r t t-o, a r?vitaUwi for ? frcetvlnn liaaln and filrrr* on ih" n< rih? ?t Corner of avon'ie B and 1'ifv i nu atrw t. Aleo, a r#ao|iiUon for a m? l*ing bw?fn and calvcil on tli? nor'bw ??' ' rnerol Thlrt} ?l?th ?m? and tfctr?nth av- noe Ai " a lirtlt.oii fora aonrr lu latigln n i ct, fioui M'l'K n ?li-ert l- ih? Nerlb rtVT. Ala<>. a resolnM'in lor a mix^r In l'ort> "Igbtb atiYtt, lie AM'i'U Nliilb At'U Ttnib avftiiu a. Al-o, tor a wn lu Nortb Moore ?iree?, frnrn M i l-on Itn i i iiiu n " ? ?illi "?'wer in Wo-t H iad^av AI?o, lor a ?ewei in Kteltt.y-<wi't?iU atr'tei, from Koarvbw 1 iiiiii at' iiue, to i.'iir.ret with <?wrr ilrady built. Alan for a a" er In Klr?t aventir, from Twenty fifth to Twetitv elitli atreet. Al*" 'or a petition f?ra ?ewr, er.^nTn"orlngln Wr :? Thirty elKlitb alr>'?t one hundreil and twrnty ie?-t *o?t"rlr of f'-nth a>eiiur; tbfme throtiirli rt>.?i Tbii*.y ei?Mb ?lr*et to tun J-.Itm tiib avenue: thence through ihn RMventb avenue aoiitU ??rly a lid ooT.i fct I ng alth Ibt: aewir ?Irea-l> b'ilt thmugb Vi eat 1 hlrty levrn'h atrret Mho fora a?M er on 'he ffi'K aide if Fourth avenue, from Tlilrtj ninth to Thirty-fourth atr?i t. AIm) tor a ai-wwr on the eavtaidtof Fouilh arM'ie, be twe- ti Thirty lilth ami Thirty ?i*il? alie> t?. A *o fo? a <".wor iu Jnnu atrei.'i, fr.tu tireenvrlobav. nue to Flgfcih MAWv, AI'o tor a upwit :u Third avenue, b. iwen 11 lib and 11Mb atrvta. Alao a re?'! itlon for a aewer In Moti utrect. iiei'vaen Pit i nkei and lloil ? n atreeiF. Alao for a ixiwer lu Fifty aerentb ?tr?ei, between Hlith and L'1 Infill av ii'iea. M?o a p< Hi on for a sewer In Tlilrd avenue, between 104th and IItnh atreet* AJaii a reaoltttion foi a ?rf'wer |ti llicb atieet. from Third feline lo h?<t river. Aleo lor <? K-wrr iu .St'.nnth avenue. In in Twenty ti. at to 1 ?>enty third alrr't Ai^ofora* wwIn r'"ty tlgbih rwei !>? wren Tblid ave cue and hast river Aleo :or a acwcr la Forty-tht'd ulreei, l?tween Thleil and Lexington avci.'iea Ala*, a petit on lor a ee.wm In Tenth avenue, from Nina tientb to Tweu'.leih olivet. A'?o for r?<-"lving'.aatn and oiilverl on tb- nortliwcM'.orner nf tilarul ami Mollwrry ?fi eta. Fa K<li t-r t' d in the a', and having oVe*t|on? tn th< ?MB*, v 11) vi. ' "ha|r it' J. ii e.,dlr"et-d t . ai<|. iman Nlehard itarrr.i bairman ol tin ? .-tnrmtUM on H-were. Hoa.d of Al .iukii. >'ia' CUa llnli. UiCHAMIl HARRY, F. I. A. HfMJLK, J01IM U Bit All t', Cot imltte. oi Fewrw, Hoaid of Aldeiintn. pvi i H ri>Nf>iv<: iilJuHR iii-i iiiiNou rnr mat I oi f"t apptoral i hum * iiti.Mi>H N? ll. Rrv.iutl'.n ;olay t'rotnn wglgr inaiu* in Mn^iy tbled aii'-M, rtweei Third and Konrth avniw-a Ilia' 'f Aid' ' i irj SI, I-*:i Allot d Boaiil ' t'oumilmt'ii, Fet'runrj 4, IWI. < ue iitrad in Iti ? lim n io tajr ei>ia?W.i'k In llenry *ttee?, ' ppnalie tiie Fnblle School. Hoai'iot A I'rmen. F?hronry 4, L8>>1 Adopted. jliiatd of ? otinnlmen, Kabpnary 4, lafil ? onnrre.1 In )t<'?>lnt ii '< rernova h? liell In Fiaiihlln nark'il auil piaen the tame In Hi' Kir^t Freelnot H'atlon lloui" Hoard r t ? derwen. Jai.'iary ,tl. 1*61 Adopt"d. B' aidol t iiinclluieii. February 4, 1161. ? 'incurred in. Iteaolniion to allow onuera in fourth AVrnag, between lliirlv ul 1 a id liiiny ? I?ta anteia, i cvo.ont ?ltii aawrr iu T ll ? 1/ II Ik * rr-L Hoard oi Aldevinen, '.innary HI, If jl Adopted. i>. aid f t iuIiC 'u "it, Febeuary 4, nil t'o'e urred in. i>e*n|ttHon I're'ting New Vork Tlailom lial.roid Company I , pla. " au inn rallipx on wall on Fourth avtsl", between highly 'lathand hlgnty iilmh rrwii. H' mil ft A dirn.en, Kelu uary 4, laill Aloptel Itor id of I'oiiniilmeo, Febriinry I, l^t'.h (\?ii"iin.d in. il? bit' n rv>!:?t|Ti? to i r<i>'. ediujjj of b ih Ho*rd? belrg plaei-n on the ?"?k? of the membera Hi aid "f \ dermrn, .lanu.iiy .11, lain. Adopi 4. It. ii lei 0 ium1li?eti, Kelnnarv I, IIMI. i >n unedln. II OI'I.I III to plaow Kaa lamp i lu irmt '^t' Kt Mark a 01 A| el, u Fori? tigli^V 'vfe" ? ? . H r?j \ J'rmen Fehntirv ?, II. \ lopt%l H n' t nf 0iWnM1i'"ti, fehru'arr ?, 1*11. I'-menrre' In HrMil1 .toil to i-onllrtii award of e? ntriM*t ? or regula'lng and utaoitH I itlv -a'V"nih airuai, between F.lmi iUi aTiiiun anu fiu?*?n rliet ttoni'i of Aldoimeu, Jar. iary 'it, I 'Ol. On ay.-a and nieia contlin e 1. Hoard nt ' iin"ITi?ien, Fnhrugry 4, ItMl, On nnd nv?a nnre?rre<l in. iv|in I tiM till I hf OK SKWRHi OK Tl?8 BflAltO OF A il'iui'-n will uiri't on Wedneadar, I'el.niary A, ?l two 1 k F M . In beOliy l lbray rroin. I'aiib-a* ?|? i.l'ia't n* lor fenilea'ou oi aariiannitt lax '?efor? ? aid t'nil m '1. '? w H 11? ? ' a trnd rifAO 1 ?tflP'", if lewiktea Rtfll tHf> H A It IIV eii IH\Af IMVIIIV ? Taraa. A*nrsiB*nEirr*. o\nPEX. t<auir? M Mi >n. Li'?t^? anil Maaagrc. ?fld Nifnt of MR irnWI*- HORREKT-S K'l^a^ciui'iit (hi* sea* m Wt<(in. *1?v t rrutun. K?*brnary 4 Will be ruw'?l< a th? i-iixaui bUioriiai piaj A KK'IIKI.IKU: OR, TUB COffaflKi"*. rnrrtmal Rkheli^u Mr. KOiH.V FORffH.-tT Willi nrw mill k|>ii'iidtr| nenitf, |>ow?rfitl oa?t of ch* rauters, Jkc , At. T" morn # eTpnlnx, THE /Ol.'A.V'E8 lu t:? Ir ifciUl .14 M. tiary Drauia. On f-r.^ay, HKT NKiUf UK RU'HRC.IEU LAt RA KF.KNF'S THEATRE. AUK.* KKEM S fAKA'i UK UnitA KF.T'.M ? TPF.ATHV: LA I RA EKhNF'fl THFXTRR. LAUl.A KEKNE'tJ TilIIKB KRTKKTV Mnii Nil HI T HKVBNTY VIFTH NIOHT PEVr.VTY Finn NIOHT Hhn;M v Kin'i! night KRVKKTY FIFTH N HIT SfcVRNTY FIFTH NIUIIT hfcVhNTY FIFTH MGII1. SEVENTY FIFTH NIllHT 8K\ EN I * UK I II NIGHT. SEVENTYFIFTH MUHT ONE HINKRED AND FODK THOUSAND PBOPLR ONE HUNDI-KD AND FOUR THOUSAND PJJOri.B ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR THOU8\ND FBOPLB ONK HUNDRED AND FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE ONE HUNDRED AM) FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE ONE HUNDRED AM) Htl'H THOt'H.iND PEOPLE ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE ONB iii:m>ked AND FOI R THOUSAND pbopls ONE HUNDRED AND FOT'R THOUSAND PROPLB ONE HUNDRED AND roVR THOUSAND PKOPLR UAVA KkKlt 11IU GREAT THRRR AOT lAM-'AL BVRLF^QUH, GRPAT Til UK !>; ACT LOCAL BUP.LkMJUB. GREAT THRKK ACT LOCAL BURLE <]U?. TUK KFVFN SISTER*. SEVEN KIN+KR.S NKlfeN KlrtTEItS,' SEVEN Sli-'TEKK. fcF.VEN SlKfBKs, M5VEN SISTERS, 8KVFN SISTERS, REV UN SISTFRH, fK.FKN SIHTFItS, M.VftN SISTERS. fKVEN SlriTElM. SE\EN SISTIH.N, PFVRX SISTI , SEVEN SISTFRB, NE\EN SISTEiW, WHICU WILL RE REPEATED I'O-filUIIlL To Mil lit, TO M<1 IIT TO NKJIIT. TO MIGHT, IDS EVERT MOHT TI1IH *P3K. EVKRT NI .IIT TIi; WEKK, EVERY NIGHT TIM WI'KK, EVERY NIGHT 7IIH FKKK, BVERV MOHT THIS WLSli. Wtlb the following r?i-TuihuTioN or oiAKACtrng: MOKT4I I. Dor Arret Tows ut?ooounonly called Dowte No tall?-our <?mntl7 cotialn from Vermont. Mr. Jl U. Ro^iit) Aktih n Jraina: lai and nrtliit In crayon Mr. H P. Dai.v Snail, Ma friend Mr. T. B. Johxhtok i'!t,<uta I a pUortiruenal p<iljcemau, always In i v, j {"he way * U( u wanted, with . ( Mr' Mart Sri<tNui.*.Ar Mr?. J. H. Am.its [ IMMOtt I LA. Pmjto. Kliigor Hailed, the Flyalao Field* and all low conntrtea generally, h mi nurrti lv no monoa (o black aK he la painted, though probably not bear m) ?Mia ax he will app ar b> the representa tion of . Mr. Lkmow PtMunviitM, oneoT Pluto'* alda Mr Hautom Dmokiia, an old trim I with t. i ew face, hoplug toliupnia the public favorahh Mr. Lkyick Cun t one of the original * id* )'r>.iiier.i, an uu ?uHi|(ai(d, in av.-.jtjid) a way ant never ae<Mni}>ll>-hli'? anyib in ^ ian?o Tery bail that his Mvk father, I'lUto, won't ha*? him at Hailea at any fi-lec Mr. BLaNKrr Cokk?ki?t?Kao*YK?not bml hplrlta h? any nifatii, but who, wblle on earth, m i laic-d elToc tually to miii) preaeiu their ooiidjIjouih In tha eerr-'ratlon couwlla Gko. Wuus, .Mr Goopmrn Diavoi.tMR, drat of the Heven Pinter I, raialng a re volt In Hade* nml a bioe/eon eniib. al tnruanli the Anc>'l , ai'terwarila from Hlfhboy, af terwaroa the iiurdi tunt .Moiher, alter Ward 4 Flora, Gtiddeaa of Floweri, ai terw arda Captain HiKbboy. of llin Femihioe Zouares, aft-*rwanU Floi*, bia hitter, wlileb dlaptil-iea abe aaauniM lu the vain endeavor 10 inlabad Arthur . Mlaa L it'Rt Kkkhk fItrttti, the aecond nxler, a ebip of U10 old W<a k, out for a boliilav, a'terwarM tbo Antvl , alter** ill Hob lili(UHo>. afterwariU F?)<ba, aCernarda Lieut. )ll;:nlH.y of thn Feiiilnlue Zoilavea, afterwarda Ml*a AnKelinn IHgliboy, a f .ihlovV'la la llr, at ierwanla a Boi iblaek, alwava na?lallnf her airier, aud m-caab.ually a(e<.uiutuig a I It tie on her own ac count Mi?a Poi.i.* Mahsdau TaiiTARiyK, the thii-d (later, aaotlier liKnuinrUni chip. alMi out for a holiday, altmwarda the Awcel , ai leiw ar<ln Jemtshe IllKhboy, aiterwarda unnt, HUhboy, o! tho F< inin iiK /iniuvea, aftei * Mlaa MaiiiUibln HIkdNit, a la<bk>oable Mle. aftaAWaida a hot corn mil, fi llow iiik In the 'ooiatena of her UlU4trio?H pre f decenMira In all particular* Mrx Loirr Horn,a Ot-ruiaijkfc, , the imnaii. iik four of the 1 Mm. H. ViNiMi I Bi.vaii HtnTaut, 1 Fah' tan 1 >, I ?ho. tn the moat able | Mlaa MhLrTX i manner, af.Ut tUu ilia < RjrrA.M 14 *, | bb-rlea of their aiatera. aa i MI?a Mbllvil!.! I atiniiim a van t> of eha f CA^rtaiL* . ) re. ier- for thai ,"ii|><?e 1 MNh 'A'lM.oii.aa* Mia Pi.pto, formerly coiled l'roMMirtna, t!i? one fair daughter ?f LV e?. o odually born u> her t>< .lopuei and aubeejocuiiy bunii Irum bur by Fluto, w hich 'iw mu/l ii. utly uccoiiuta for her apia'arluK In tbii e omirtiou Mr. I'arKBa 1. nr. (??i|ii.*b.? lidy. lot.-lderably younger than her daughter above alluded to, and intro duced aolely for the purpoaeof Ibiroditeitig tho Ian aoone Ml<a Krvnterr Briair or AatHt.u's Hi.-rmi Mlaa Ftu.Vt.iui Cl rn>, a well knmn aplrlt. after .a (It Yontn< Bam, aftei warJa ? b-: Sprite of too Uhryaail' . LtrriK M lev Ri't.i.or* Dtirlne the piece will be iworejen'mt aeorlnui tragedy, u. out ao; and ?"*<'rat t ihleaux, oalled tb< MURUhkorrt Viol HER Awn Tin. DEVOTED DACGnTBR, The RomoraeieM Tyrant Mr. G. F. Browne Frrmltre Iian-.'!U?*, with a Grand Pa*....Mr*. G. F. Urowno DON'T FAIL TO HEE Tilt. LAST GREAT SCENE, BIRTH OF TIIK BUTTBRFLT Iff TIIK HOWKB OF FKRN8. BOX BOOK NOW OPEN, tIE.iTS MAI BR SECURED, ?llllU.;' I. A JIM (II.IK.K, TEN DAYS IX ADVANCE. Deora ?>pen at fiV; tn ?i-imern'e at 7'? o'clock. Farforniam* ovi r at 10 o'cl'ick. XTIKI.O'S GARDEN Mil. KORRFS'fH RICHELIEU.?In conae^ufnoe of tha uiiprer<'ili tiled ilr-mund for "&t? to wlittoti* the luimlhibift na perm .nation of CARDINAL RICHELIEU by Mr EDW'IF FOBRKSf, and the unboonib d withuaiMai dlaplayt-l at ea< h irpva n'aiion at thai ir'.endld roll by tne gr-'at tu'lnnal ?? tor, the play )f "RicbeBeu, or the Conafara"*" will be rw P??ti'd ou n talncaday and rrtilay 1 w nloge, t ehruary #aud8 artbn 1 an aacure e1?t.t M'ata loi Mr. Forrota'.i nighta at any litr e in by ai plylog at the Box o?ce. Tho alaive ate tbe only t an nlghu (fttrfi g tbe i>-?iim * '.i?oa that the oabllo opportunity of wl.ueaali.g Mr. Forreat In lilg Rl great character of hlcbellen. lUNBEY * HEWCOMB'H MIMRTBBM ,1 BBTL'RNBD ?ROM HAVANA, CI BA. la eonaennenco of tbe yellcw fe'rr making Ita ravages an 1.4 . ii inridlicn., aud taking from tu aome of oor prml B*>nt ^arforww* by death, we Were, for tbe ?afety of tbo remaining onea, oomiieliod to f >rl?lt all engagetn^nta anil leave the uloinl fi r liome. The miafortune that befal ua \am oauMd ih?> niatifcg'.Bae it '0 dl^r^nr.lxe nntll 17th of Mareb, when tLc n,\ ,pany will be made up lor tbetr regular aprlug and ?tinmi"r tone Artlata of a>-knowledg> d taleut, such aa Inatroinenial and irmalhiia, wlahlna to negotiate for the sedans 01 eleven rr. ntba, ^lil r.iloreaa ^Bt-'MSUY k NEWCOH8, 471 Broadway. \ I KLOJihTn, MRLODBON, MFl.tlDBON 1?| 1 U? American lerpalohoraaii CinivmNm for 1^1 ARf THIS WF.I'.K IN SESSION AT TllL MB LO PRO 5. SM HROADWAY, Cotnpo ril III ow%of the f<?il< wins lelemMta, well known aa lh.> I e?' ami inoet fItilag'itflhed ?rtl??t in tbo profeK?l.iti:? ERNESTINE and misnik DE KaIRRR, EHNFS1IVR aM? MTNNIK I>F. FAIHKR. J.BNl-'.H'iINE ARII MINNIE DE FAIRER. EUNRSTINU AND MINNIE DE FAIBKR KATF. K VTE K \ TK K '.TF PFVNOTER K \TK PFN'VoVKR. k'ATK ADF.LR CAL/Jk m W AUG! WTA WALBY, ADKI.F CALLA ? A AUGLHTA WAMI*, ADELE CALLA ? AUGUSTA WALBY, AD1LE CALL A H AUUUMrA WaLHY, aDELK cam.a V AUGUSTA WALBY. LAURA KI.nERK-N, LAt'l'.A FLi'KR TON, The ?e.?lons are he'd alghtlr. t'l ini 7', '111 12 o'.tlofk, lit f OB lUttatli 11 wtl 1 the World i Amu-?ii. -nl Society. on Hal "I day eT.'tilnu ue*t,n -p'.endld prlje will boawardM for tbe beat niM-<il, i?i be onntfuded lorjiy all the ilanau^ae til ihc company, whieh wl i !?? lerloul by tho aodlenire 'iva vo*e. TREMENDOUS APPLAUSE ba- gre<t-'like lerfi i^n unv of the uew ball" by Muna. ' ' LA MAJA DE d kVILLBi aiwl ib? uew ptntomimo, 1UIIII I.Arlf>N* OF A MXTQUIS, by Mom. R"ti? iry?tie ^rea'>"t hlta of thr eeaaoii. C O'Vrll. In hi* "E'eeooe,' In which baeieel*, In fact hJ>i no equal J okay Boril tvlll exeetii t hie Lightning tn >a:1at>ly rtieoreil < baa. HUay, In Id* origliial Jajianrae Jug gling aii-1 Magic feat*. Eiek W atklin, conU' amger. Paul Cane, vlark, Swlth/THbion M ??ra Hhai j-' aud Whltne*. on tb" mrde v ilante. Trare', korHiontal bar, A \ Beiintlfii! hitfieta, InteregUe* peetemnnea, Comloaete, roaring lane* meMkiM aonga, fam lnatlng daiin. a, mo., Inuoaperaed liriinihri it Tl'h the 1on|<r?i nml beat |>er>'<rmanc<^i in the world. AdmlMkm IfMnta. Oroheatra arm i-l atra 1#oe?ta. JA.MES ri. W1 it 11.1, 1'. pti. U?r. r_,RKN'(. II TII L AI RK. FHUNCH IHEATKR. FRKNCH TIIRATBM. Mr. ril ARLKS DILLON t .'I a It I I S I, II LON A"? BRLPHFOOR, ?ui 1 vrteii b? * Talen'ed Company, 1 I'oil OMR MIGHT iiM.f, MONDAT, pabr 'nry II Seat* m?T he aeeur"l?t the b?* ollre from thladal^. JAMKR MBMO.VDH, Manager A ^OUNG LADY Of good" EliUCATlov l''i-s A. tog drama He Uient and ? p'xxl -oprano voice iieaireaio Join a private com|>er>y for improve torn- >r would nn>iT w lib a u'ar actor, /ddr'?a forlWrt ?*ya, <J T MaUon F, rtalln* place of interview. New Vmk. V1 fiABETHTOWR -,r|HE HjB KJ aVVTof Fi l?e Cordova will rval Ida celeloated p*ui o be Prlntf aVi.ti, luLtbiai. Hall. J?ll/* f'hn_2!L??aLd iIr. itoy evening. I. h. IA ai H ?' d ek Mev? oy #ve|^?JM?i PJ* goo* ba^e lieaid it n rMkm- elM ? lo ihe WW "omkeru State* -wiII^ tTllR I IIAVi'AI'l, .'?? P"o tDWAY. ~JI.l DI, 1 1 K-iler miiKAh(;.r,;;r,j. ;i^ j l-J Ct VA Inane d(- la Malle 1 ate, draio hi '..ii|tie en Mt gcte., lb M M. Mot''?tl iHiadlr. i t I" ? ' jir. i^iW KCH CA-H. ON ACCOUMt " OF 1' death el 1h? ? * r?-v. a * < 1 1 Ifulandatt tieUvo inhibition * v,rf,-, I rril-f. It 11a* faid M|liu4 e*|ieetatlon. and l? n foi i i" to in etitei|>rl?lng man. A>idr< <a Kxhiouin, b \ t 'l II ? ii' 1'i Agtntg need ' ot apply. tNTED- \ I I Itf I \M ? f-? c"o*B VIOUNIST, A r.irl n '. 11 Co'e pri .* u 'm r and a lw<* ?lngei. to a (lrat el? . Varid. Tu gooi performer* in aeako reed ron? weI1 ibei ?, ?? aH >a wlube |tveo. ra 1 tb. .leva Mmi? r R , H'ra' I .9 ?l?U"g w A'TTSFUfUfM. KAhFMY OF MtT-tC, MKW YORK I *<>M)hY, FKBK"*.Kf II. f Ifat u'.ght in Atueil. a Ot Vjrdi'n e*U!'ra><l B'-w opera, I N "..Li. . I v M.??( lit U*_ T*r Mm juervl* ? i'l > Al'alfmy ot MCalC NKW YORK.?MAUI HA. THH, I,?y, KKB. 6. CP LI OSL 1'lllI.IF! *, B ? sol J, SI .-ini. COLT.BW I any I < liriotln ( 0i ,n Nui,ol PhillmM kin nel .. Fhtnkalt .. ...Hind"* TH?'an ? I.'oiellt 1/iTiHJiijr una conductor AluiU) t'u IWI ?i?r? j: ,.k,.? Mb-'ii'*, 12 v. all .Ireet." ON Mi'Nl.\y F\ "hH 11 , _ . 1 ,"*' "? Auvrle* of Verdi's cel-Fint e I m<w r^iera UN M 1,1.1 IN * asi'uPRa i'l<e <4?*elicrart? K?". ) Tliesaieof ticket* l? n tli- It .Ion M..S. lUc.mmM Mil T!iurida>, at the regular nckc, i;tt!-eij Brooklyn acaiemy ok mi sin. f.VH 'RDaY, ? ?> ;> LAST NIUIIT or T11 K F-.HON CHAM) f.AI.l N. lll BKKi err ok ^IMF. '?<?!. ?">V. JolM' Al'lhAiCAMr OK M.YE ? l.nON AM* .?.! d II InKLE ? On thia ??(?<??.,u.ii tl.i? f -lowinti citrn irdlww) | erf.irnuin* *'111 take p ace, ihu entire ' Ktm of \ et ll'ti oelebrated khna si Mim- (OLSON hh Flvlra ^iIPFaNI *J Frnanl FfcRKl ii v.rln (jntnto til/ INI. a*. .. ?M?? And U. Iji.v. Act of lurii/itn ? l.rand upert. I I I'lA Di LAMMKttMoOli. Mian HINKLK ? ns l.ucu h LFKaNi. m Kcardn Dln ctO! an! tiiti.'ctor SFftmr MCZIw Norn's?The Opemon Main Iht will <i nimcJU.* prtyumjiy ?t y.S oYlcck, fl*?*?t? ojen hi o'clock hcnUcuu u'ftobiramlat 4lb? n . Wall ttrtot W INTl'R (? AHI'KN Letter Mid MunnffPr a W iackani nl'Ki'UL Mil '? K. Tlie m??iM' menl ha< pn-uatir I- arm >unr1ng th?t, In nrxr. pilaiu* ?? .u. reiM-nimllr eitp i-t.ed tt t?tie t t, tun |.?rt of e largt p >r. .>ti j{ the tintiili ?r 11>W IN uutHU W IH.ap,x dr th.n et uliw, YVbDNESDAr, Feb. 6 In the eliara.-i. r rf HA Mi.FIT, In Nlnk.pTi'* jiely -t IliMLKT. ATKW li >WEKY 7UEA RK 1JI Bole Proprli t.tra M?-*oi O. I H'II \ I. W. L' ill f 11 hfll a V, 1 t i <01 Complete '?f Mr. t. t, . . %<* C-UMIt' I'uN'h >1,.. d V' HARLLgUIN jack I'llt llltM KlUviiR, PROIlt'CIll IN A IINI'ARALLKLEt) STYl.K <<? I iv Mr. O L. Irt? a? ?>?? Mr C k. l-ot n? Miff. S. Prl< <? a- oltun i v Mt W UiDlun a- lUi'n|uU 1'reTloua to ilii* I .n.ti'iii <e i li> I I?. ... , ,? li,>IM>'. i II . . I. Tlio in rfoima.'<? n iniloa l ^ PI.At K KVF'i V? B Ah.\: M S AMF !? AS ?l M \YB1?NF. r>a l r C-AMi i A Ml i.V !:?>..Ji . . TWO l?r I. FN I'll! Pit * M t 'i I- ' r< V*. K * A*TFRN?'??s and !<?'<? Ni t. ?> . li, At eavtl Ol wliic lj lilt; I l> bl< 1/AllV t?l I?i . .f #1 !? , l Vi'Y of ? ? <?! I. .|.^ in -l 1 , 17., will be pmd?ei-<l li? elegant Ht* , . Tin; fi Hi A'lng .ii .-ruil r i l tit- . i lirl-Mlll'M are al' to ?"?-> M>i li > ,< . .. ? OLD AI) A M V < Y 'I I'S i ? ' 1 TUB LI VIM, M '? ' ? t I - ?>> Tilh I.IVIN.i el aI;k M.a TI'F I ?'() 1.1 V . NO A '.I I ' i.I . N. I'llLIV1M. ALBINO K v V 1 (IF LI VINO V 11A i lf< I I mi: 11VINU Lh.? UN. J> 1 ' thirty 1.1VIFO Vi i-M? * ? ?' ' < Til F. LIVINO II Al'I'V F \M " .MISH OaWHON, IM.I.BI b \OI :? SI MIKH 1M) l'OLl.A H h''K'K I.F l> ><f i K ? i ' And U'-arly u Million i)url'^ilex i. < f tha W-,-w. Adnilaalto liScenii, chl dien .? ? i:.i u ?, I'ar 'iei 1.1 cen'4 e*ti?; child' . l"i- 1 rt< PRVANTP* MIN8ThJiI.M, Meehaulea' ll?ll, iTi Broad war ?Hold i<rr*k Monda .Feb ?, and e- ??? .r* <\ e k, Jt.RltY !j v M JERRY ltRYANT, I :* BUT A FY JUIItY BBYaNT, "? H'lArT JrKKV BKYAVT I J'l UKtA>r? kl> Aral app?araooe ?lnee li|c ? cut ? . t> ? '' ll F. HAkt.? * i s ,, Cmelty t#> Johnny, <*?? ? ? kj i- Vina T-?t.i. Poor* ope u at 6',; t 'itm ? ,?> it . i tukuu is cu* CtEO. VAW^ERnOFF I >. I Ai {. I BROOKM s , HEM WBDNF.M>a KV F i M? -f ?nftry 6, \\ 111 r. ? - r A "UNI N I K v; " AW>. 'itun t.nii' ? '?'W> ?DICK 6\. I >!?:.. I F V. * -> ?' * . .IOWX I ' ' Tkkcta H'centa ? >-i ' ' . k-i . . ft l,-?" i nnrir Mi>re?, ?nj W 'I ? - ? k - ?<. ,,!ili"'i ni?i Mid at A' ?. Ukc's I i'Kik-1 ? and it.-... -.*.t i tit 114 1 ?'* Atlantle alter' .J ,. ' i. or ______ Ami fican com i.J '* -, 444 *'? BROAOWAt. 444 4? 444 1 lOfg a'' e. ?, f - 11' L JVM. N- ??' . I M i? r N,-F 1V ,, JMMLASL h' Ct't. n CROWDS J' HO r.l'.S. <' V H )l ? If 't\i*t wet* ' 1 tiii* /? '.'ri'ft c<'.' ituixn. BILLY' t. VI.II, BILLY >'Ni , FII.LV O .l.U., W1.I.V si " 1IJ1.LY OM L, Bli I.V O'M'iH, UiU O'N', The on'y twifcioal It -ilii'-i m a r*ilitf ot ho*Mta. J'1 ???,'? 1 'j ? r :.ti?? First nliht o1' PAI.LIF. ,T t ' U', t.ALLit. I- 'ii"'. hAl.LJK J. BHiliii", f.ALV.r. J. r ? LI I ?' ' 10.*, ? 1.1.IK ' " " '. theb?autlful . ? 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