Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 7, 1861 Page 2
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the late post office defalcation I'n 11<ri MUlrt District Court. Before Hon. Judge Bo Kb SECOND DAT. pja, 0?Ikt United SUilet i* Oronjr Law ami Otutnrut >1. 0.aoi<r ?The brft witness call'it was Henry Hilton, Judge of the Court i4 Common Ple-tfl, and being examiued by Mr f> Cell or, di-pnot-d.?In September, ISM, I wa<? oue of the Judges >h?" Cow t of Comui<>n Float; [Uoud pro dm ?>! ] tins is in) signature a< d I aut th-s peraou befoie wb'm th? acknowledgement w ta taken aa Judge, tho fl lu-g up U hi b'r o n>k and *?? Oi'ue by mo at uiy Uoiuo ii> Twenty eighth tlreel. g J1, a.-e to Mute your acta In connection with that i?n'or. a Oh ili ? ? aiti ruo-n of tho day of Uio date of the t*Hid I received a letter from Mr. Watct bury , oti wai> then iu the I us1 OfUce, aakl g 11 I couli fc1^ Mr. Fowler at my house tint even ing on pri aio aus.ueaa, between seven and eight o'clo k Mi. Fowler cauiu in a earn <g ? alone, Mr. Fowler was showaup u. n.j I brary, Bud alt'<r a lew general re marks he stld l e wartoo me to go with him t. en if I would, aua I ikt- the acki.e*ledj.ineut oi his i.OQd as I'oai mag er; be then n t tnat Uio reason he askelmo ?was vhit he v i.t. d to ktcp it p'tv^te, that Uia friend* did nut Ihn k b'i couiii ,.ot -ocurity, hu imkud nio a< a fi lend, Mid ?alii hi- knew I wo id not divulgo it; he -slid lie hail given a biHid wb^ti appointed by ttie I'lesidout, hut that he l ad lo 1*1 v. a uew hi'Oi on belug continued by tho .-cnuie ho sp ke waituiy of Mr. l*aw aud Mr. Conover. and Mr < h*ri|. k fri-'iiria who '-Dluiitiwrdii to btcome hla t-uretlifc, ho h oi an envel-MHi in his hand; my impression ia that wo w*m to Mr Oeuover a hois.* tlrat, but by tbe li Mid it witoid spp.-ar wo weut to Mr. Luw's boose Hi st, hut I ihiuk wo went tlrat to Mr. Con -ver's because I ??? n l'.'^t distinctly ihat Mr. Fowior Signed the' bi n i in Mr taw s house, while I w-m In iking around at some srtirl. s <>? tasie iu Mr. Oonover a houae be am: Mr. Fowler had fome ouuvornaUon, which I did not bi* ?r, nor atom H luy biisiueaa to li^tont i; I t i)k bin acknowlo. gi m-n'-tlu-re, whou Mr. Kowior produced tho bond out ol ail envelope, wlit' h I thi-n buw fjr tho flrst time. 1 said 1 would put my Bij,'ii?turo to it at my own houho; we tht-ti went to Mr Uiw g Iioubu an t found bin> at home;we oonvoit?*d <?? g.-noral aubjtio" ; Mr. Fow ler fnhi ho bad tak'-u mi- uloi:(.' t<> huve tho iioiuii>wlod^;o Sient to tbe bnud; I k waa pnalucod, and Sir l.iw sigtiod it; 1 i-atd to Vlr towlor ttiat lie had not 8 gn?d tho bouj hintfi-li, uid hi thiu tign-<l it, I Biirt I would till np the dat?-fi ui d mim? at my own home; wo w-r<' all mvidirg up ?'<i >lf ?' 'WJoraako'l Mr I,iw if Mr. Char lick was in towu; Mr. law i.-plied th it ho tho'ight he waa, or le #b<nild ku< w it; Mr. l'owter a.-iki>it Mr. w ii li?- ilumgbt we would tint biK ut borne, a'd he mid be thought wt Bhou'.d, we tb'?' wei.t Mr lui'i k's -m l fonud he was not u.t b-'me, 'm i ?luiik ao< in tie, b it was ox Sited back :bat u ght; Mr Fowler hooiiio i very much appointed, ?? ih i- g -t i to th? ciinuge an 1 urove i<? my boupe, eou\- ixng on oul' ;eui t.11-|l:and Mr i owu-r eayiDg it w >h a g ---I in h.ire i'i I'.-uds wh u one wanted ih.mi he i.flvt i ii >n au ! Mr. Couover wore eulticu lit lor tho bono ?aid 1 ?"n l h ?vu no hosit iti >n to state flint Uiuy w. . ? aufii<-iutit tor ili -amimnt, wh iu we got to n>y brniH' le> ?? <aim?ti< oa luikms! m* to how be could get V.r. Oiaim I. . sigitaiuie, i- no aiixioai to eend it otl ntt< iia; ; hi then i-aid, "U.-ll, never mint - if you are eat aued w oh .!r Uiw and Mr. 'iouover we will let it go as it. m " ! t-j?i. Ulled i!i> the l?<nd, h avmg a blank in Mr t'burlick could he n on u.-.\t day; Mr. I'owler s-ud tint :-8 Cbarliikbail voiunt 'Tod to flgii thw h"tid b 'did u- t like u> tend 't o;i Willi >.it his Signature, an It iihkI' ill-pl' a?<> hiiik. we si1, a whilo emokibg b. k iia am. u> km<{. when, tlu.illy, in ab it half an hour, Mr l-owi. r g"t it;> aulett; he ti?"k aw ty the bond, ano 1 never lie inl anytbing luoro about it uutil th'.8 suit tliFt ar-.e ; I ii-.ik iiiv is all ihat oc '.urred, and 1 haveg.ven b niitiei ;i .?ri-atdeil or consideration, l'be tlU i'M W'l^ li 'i ro's-cstamii'ed Uustavvs \ Cotmver. on.) o' ihe o'jligo'9, called by Mr. O'Cul'i'i, bi t in- teHtiuiotiy w.m otiject. d to by the District Alio i> v, <>i tie- -roii. ? tli it & jurty las it*, ii this cou't c iiiuoi he a ? i,m, -f' ail i that the State law <kx? not ?ppy hi ibe l uiteu ,-utei oourtM Mr. O'Conor conten inl for the admissibility of tbe obligors ?8 witnesses Mr. Gerard repiieu on the part or the government. Ilie Cotirt a<iui tt?>. the teetunony (excoptt -n). Mr. Conover theu d>*p *im1?I wrou- 'li s Hignvure lo tbe bond and al.-o to the alfldavit; thro is no oil)" r writing of mine In Hie* [tapers. 1 kii"w V. Fowler; 1 bad ordy one icurview with hiin in ri in- | tkm ta the bono p: i 'i to the time 1 i-igu d it; i Mr. Fowler catie i on i> o either the eyonu g before or the morning of thf Tem g I nlgni-d th.* l>ond; he called on me at my restoeuw*. he fitd be b*d been c intlru>e-l t>7 the >etiate and that hm boud would hive to be renewed and he atked me it 1 would be now one of his >n*c ir.tics again, 1 ai-k'-d him if Mr Lt* ~nd Mr Cbarlick wer - go ing to tign ii Janil he Ntui yes, 1 Said unoer th- so condi tions 1 would Bign, b i' rot unless loose yentleiu- n went on; he callO'l on the ollowiun evening or the ?a-no i-ven ing at my house wiib Judge Hilton; sir. Fowler told mo be had broijgtit Judge Hilton for the purpose of putting the Bignaluie to tlie <? let. ho then p-o una d tbibnnd; I remaiked that Iho body of the b'Miil hid n"l ho u fllh-d in and that the otb-r jiarucJ hid not s-goed; Judge Hilton said he would Oil it in at hU o-vn bouBe, Mr Fowler B-'il tout alter 1 sigued he was going to Mr. l*w and Mr Chtrlick, tbi .lul?'e w is tin Bent and I diBtinclly said I w.Mjld not beoome bondsman unless Mr. law and Mr tJbarHi k h.-caiue sureliee on the bond with me; I think I na> I thit it- foro 1 signed; nothing further <?cuirud; thi-re was uo writing done at my boose, except my two ?ign?tures; when tbov canoe in Judge Hilion walked out the roout, looking at tbe pictures, the llnee of ib>-m sit down and took a drink?(lacghter); I bad no kaiowledge of that bond be ing sent to Wunhington without the s gmture of Mr. Cbailitk; I never saw the bond tince, an . hid n < know ledge of Mr KowIjt'S defalcation un'n tbe warrant was issued, I never ga?e any c msent to !?"?>*lor o' a:iy pers-?n that the bond migat bt .sent to Washington wuhxit the signature of Mr. l.'barHuk. I had uo notice o knmledga that Mr Fowl-r was a deflator to the United -<tnu?. 1 think. about three munilut before be left, 1 a*w iu tho Nrw Vork Hkkaij> tliat there was a-uae diaa'r uigemoot in the l'u?t (KlUre t > th< amount of $lfl U00, bui thai was contradicted the next day. Cross examined by the United States Attor ney?[ Uiiik tho warrant waa biought to me in May; tho Iieputy Mushal produce 1 a paper. I c moot recollect what I said to tbe Deputy MaraHI, ex cept that 1 was surprited that Mr. Cbirlir.ka name was not to tho bi>nd; I did not b?ui 1 any lierson to the District Attorney a oUlce lo say not to incur any exi<ensea, that tbe matter abould be Bettl-il up; I do Hot remember whether 1 futld to the 1 'Isiriet Attorney that 1 coull not be compelled to pay the money an Mr. Charliek'B name was not t> the bond; I said I would n it pay It unless I waa compelled to. the District Attorney did not tell me that Mr llobmson or ?om-> oth r per?>n bad called oc my behalf to settle the bond I Oil not know Mr. Kobiti?on In the m titer at that lime, i was go ing to Furope at tbe limo and you aald It would be for me to pay the money over into tbe handaot aotne person subject to the drart of the government: 1 sild it would bi? sHue time before 1 would do that,and 1 thou left. 1 kn iw Mr. Cbarlick Intimately 1 have inel him several timen Since; I never a^ked him if he bid signed this boud, I never asked Mr Fowler or any otti.;er of tbe govommeni whether Cbarlick hal tigned the bonl; I knew thai Fowler was acting aa l'iMtma.-itor under thit bond; I Bupfioeed be was receiving large sums of m mev; 1 never wrote to tho government to apprise them hat 1 would not be bound t<> pay Ihat bond unleaa Mr. Ctiar. leek'b name was In it, I waa stopping at tho st-ne bo el with Mr. Fowler, as 1 had broke up house. Intending to Clo Kurope with my famiiy; I last aaw Mr. Fowlor the turday before be left. I told the Marshal So wh -n he called at tbe New Yoik Motel; i had no knowledge of Fowler'sMktenimn to leave, did not know anything aivtut it uutil lb * m the pa(MTt on Monday mo- rnng. I sup posed, as VMM- ? ty else did. that be h-tt bocii-e be w?h a delaulier^^fcwt not bid any correspondence wilt Fowler since beVI. Judge HI loo was present, arting at tbe table when I said I w/uld not sign the boud unless vfr. Law and Mr detruck si.nod It; 1 del not aak Judge Hil ton le put the other uames in, Judge Hil oc Bald no would Oil up the blanks aft'-r he had obtained tbo ua nos. To Mr. O'Conor?Tbe bond under which I said I s ip posed Mr. Fowler wat acting wis the bund signed oy Mr. Law, Mr. Charlik and myself. To the District Attorney?-l prusnme Mr. Fowbr wai a boarder at tbe N n? York fl jtel whil-il w.n th-re. 1 went there in Ap II, and staid till July, went there again in November and staid mere till after Mty; t far aa I know Mr. Fowler was sn hon?sl and honorable Ban, that was his general reputation. To'the Court?I uever B[ioke Ut Mr Fowler lo ascertain If be bad signed tbe bond. George Law sworn and eximlned under win? objec tion?1 am one of tbe parties to this trial; the two aig nitiresoo the bond aud aillJavit are mtae. I ko-'w Mr. Fowler; I bad one interview with him tn ref Ui m to tho bond before the one at whicb I a gnu I it. I received a note from Mr. Fowler, asking me if I w is dnwu town to step into the P<Bt olUce that day I called on him an t ho ?aid be did not wish to trouble me in rouitug down <u his own business be told ine he had been cmiirni 'lby the Senate, and that he abould give a new bonl; he asked me if I would sign a bond with the parties who signed the former bind?Mr Chi' lick and Mr. Oonover, 1 said I w uid join tbe paitie* who weie on tbe form- r b n i in LMT. I asked him wbere should we m et. he said be would not give me tbe trouble of coming down again, but that he would call at my bo'is*. in lb - eron ing or the next evening be called at my bmse with Judge Hilton, we had s<>me cooveratlloti; tbu bou I wis produitd, 1 was unr<cr tbe Impression it was Judgw Milton had the bond, but 1 am not positive; 1 and tha other uentli-meL ba i not BigDe<l it, except Mr < <?n-iver; Judge Hilton th- n said that we called at Mr Conot r bouse, iui! Uint be hail^ngned the lemd, and tbat my Louse beltg on their way th-y hid cal'rxi "fiou me pre \loua to going to Mr. (Jiutili-k . Judge Hiitou said, "We will take your arknowMk, went and tus'iflcatlon hers, after tbat we will goovor to Mr. Cbarlick. g-1 His alalia ture, which will i ropine iti<; bond, and I will th-n (III i? cot; I then said vsiy weli,i-s>k the |ien and a'gned my BUB*, tbst wss the laet 1 h-aid ot Ihe bond until I heard of tbe e*pl<?lon of F'iwkr', 0?4aW-.*tlor In ver save aid consent a bonl the ?<on I except what I have >taled 1 never knew before, or at ih? lme ! sunwl the bond, or bad any or aueplciou tuat Mr, 1 uwler waa a daTauIter lo the gov. rtiinnnl iM eroas examination by the I'lslrlrt Attorney?Mr. l?w Mid. I waa not very intimate with sir K iwler, be I causi I had not time to be vo< y in'im ito with t'iyb ?ly | an my business gives me ?bo-it us tn'ten is t cso do 1 ant atqualnted wttb Oliver (Tlarlhk; I have h i.I basineea ' relations wrh bim. but n?)t with ie-?(>ec'. to this pirltci- I oaae, I have seen Mm perhaps "uc every two week* to connection with tbe Kighth Avenoc Kailroal; I h dd I ibr< e bundled thousand dot a a stock in tie* K'.hth j avenue railroad Mr l.?? a ?rues-exanilued at greit length, the luestiona tiring similar to tli e pro ? i iieled I t? Mr. (Xatover, and hli< in-wer boing about tbe one, ! denying tbst be bad an* knowledge o ibe bond bel ig ?eat to Waahlnguiri with en Mr. rbarllek'a BlgniWre He bMt saw Mi Fowler n Albany In M rch 'aat. p^et i oua to bis detati ture for llie i'ltarleston Convention Mr. O'Conor then put In evidence the ac> "unta f 1? the mat 0?ce llwpa -ment. A juryman sake-t at the tloi' this bond ??< gie- n w!a' fowwi indebte-lnnsa was, if any, t. ih? g-v mneiit' Mi O (Juoor went into an expiauatioii of ih" ac? 11 its. | Mt-i-stated that Fowh r was a del?uller on the , 0th o mixpmh.r, oi^bt days after the bond wu given, fW>.604 JW. -aiutH'i C. Jolhe. an accountant, th.U be had ex* aiutocd lli?- l'Mt Ofllre ai-coontp and toHtlfled a* follow*:?? Qiwtiiit What an.ouct <ine? Fowler appear to b . b. igtd Willi lur the quarter ending Sopum Jer 30, 184 ' Ai>??-r 249 04. y W bat amount d<*w it appear by the acviunt Fowler, dining I La1 quarter and wttiiin one week after lis expire ix'it vt,? untitled to &t.a received credit f rf Ana. fW,8)4 M. I1 V\ ]iai amoi'iit i'(hi Fowler appear, b? t'la roootru, to la-u arre?r, at 1X1 expiration of one week afier th> ? ??! 11 tbe quarter eliding i-cptember SO ISe7? A. He i.ppen? l.y the account to he lu arrear $0- 1'34 96. V. W hat .'inMKii't <jo?b Fowlor appear to be char ed v tii tm <)ie quaiter ending December 31, 1807V A. $134,9*6 61 Q V1 u< unionut dram it appear by tho account thv. l(.?Kr ouru.g that quarter m.d within one wiwk after iw t xpm-uoi.. wuh tntnud to and nceiveU credit fort A. $1-41 1<2 u ij What an.ount (b-ea Fowler appear by the uo^ount to ht ib idit-ai at tl'e i"! Iratw n uf oue week af. r the end <'f the quartoi? A- $14,793 tip. <,. In it? ?iil.i u. reft u uoe U> and In addition to the (i :ii i r finance ol 96, and if to do the two *&?< 1.11 lo? A. its; aiid toey amount together to $7 7 72? 0?. I,' * lia? t* ibo amount that Fowlor appears by this ac cotu i to lit- iliaih1 u with for tho quarter unoing Uarcti 21 l!>fSf J> #iaoa>?4i Q V l.ut imornl '.otw it appear by these oroount* Few er , liorn g mat quarter and wltliiu one w.-ek alter ita i xpirata n wia tcliUca to and received cre lltforf A. lit w..a 11 ut'od to aiid ? ax-ntd fwvlit lor $162.u61 46. tf In ?la?i atno it lot* Fowler appear by tho account 'o be to an var foi th'.s quarter at thu expiration of one w?<k alter ibjtT.d ol it;' a. (If il noi in arrear on tho i vectllc iccetpte of lb ? quarter, bat th" account* aiiow a a'uim in Ina tavor nl *J?i <<47 06 ' t) la i1m?i without reference to thi? balance of $77, 72C 84 i tHivi- m>ntiim'd. a-i i if ao w!\at still ri'inam <1 j <ii?; ficui l'Sttilf A Yet , an< b -ing deduct* d from that anMiunt. l?.iv? a Iw'-mcit agaloat Fowler of fil osl 69. ! t; W bat i.mount uoee Fowl?ir appear by tho account to bf < l.aiged with for tho ^uiuior euoiug June 30, lHjje -v. I iK0,VH?l bH y. Whvt amount d <-8 Fowler appear b> the account to ; be cm diteri witb durlr.g th.u quarter and w ithin one week c.U-r UK . \j iratu-tif A 79 i Q. .iniount <li?* F'ivn.-r atniear by the accwin' o | bo to airt ar at the expiraticn of one week after tin end of the <t< /irt? r? A. I"xi lusive of lulnioe on previous qi arloi $14 422 79. and includu g tbat o.ilauco ol $U, 0?1 {?!'? -ii.ri S(M .''S Q. What ammo.t dooa Fuwlt-r appo ir by the account to he < l aigtil with 'vn tlie quurti r i-ndiug M'ptmnbor JU, lbfHV A Sl-HMOl SJ <i V b it ituoi lit does It np|>ear by the arc Hint FowW, during tba* quarter uud will.ill o. o wivt al'tur its expi tinH'b. w i o t iii'd to and noi ivnl Oiedit foif A. ' $189 039 33. ' I) tUint ??'iniirt iV er- Fowler uppoa/ b? tlio icoount to ' be in arr'i.i a? the ? xpliai on of rm -v... k af'.? r tho end | of the qmii i f A. of the bala:i' ". oa prevous qeaiter. $11..'<"49, and including tiiat baUuco $05, | 604 Ho '.MI i>7 : i,1. I p li- what tui.1' In the quartfr cn-'Jng ^ip'orob^r | S" 1V'N. ' i. it riqulre the appropuat n of p?yuiau'.a m?t c t ill!* i' arte d .ruig the quarter to extiiig j t.'je Mm ?i 6,604 .'IS, which yi U h ive Slated cxh'vJ with lelr't ic ? t" the quart? i nn-U n i ,. ' ii*?. 1S5??.' i. To p?) rin'iit of .-epmmbei 4, ''ii68, r< quiring part jI that pjj n i m (,'. Mak'ng a pro rat oaie'ilsUionof the posta/oa r.liarg jil tof thi- tbit't qu..rt- r i-08 ol t'je amount viiii;h ?r ? i! I be cbarg< .ihlv t" the 22 ? of >e|?to nber, ls.-iS mi:lu?ivi>, ai d crecltirg all doiKifitf anil ntlu r creitlta 11 tn it date, wbut would be tlw imlaneo. according tJ thil uccauut, thm tlue by Fowiet? A ViO.MM 73. IhoCoutt iIku adjourned to i'nurifday morning. Suprrmit Court of (lie 1'nitctl Ktatvi. J in -t?.No .J7 //>?? rv-S f\x>le, jt'iinhjr in rrr.rr, e?. c. Yvt tl' ?!u error Id the District Court of U>. riri'c! tjitch for iiio Eastern disiriotof Texas. Mr. .Invito CampVil delivered the cpluhrn of tho Court, uUiiniii f.''be judgicenl of the fedi". liinrict Court ij tbm cnui-e, w i<h ccets No 4 8 Thm. M I*xig\i*,plaintiff t'n error, vs. (S/rvt ?F. Fy*ry rt al. lu error to tbo Dtatriat Court of the Cuitwd j I Ft?ti f for the Eastern district of Texas. Mr. Jn#lice | C#lr|ibeli delivered tie opinion of th" Court, alJlrmiug i ; the Jui'guetit of tlio <-aiu l)u-t/ict Court m this c.'mpo, with COBI8 No. TO Cm KeHnpg'* lxin,plaintiff* in error, nr. ttfb*rt Fnr>ytK. In c-ror t ? the Circuit Court of tho I'nlted State# l< r the Nortlietr 'tetrictof Illinois. Mr. Juntico Ciiiip tell delivered .>r>iniou oljtbo Court, overruling theuio ti- n to r'<i?w' _? ca -se | No. 61, < ' -let V ttiyer, tvri-ii ifig Permanent Ti lute* of ! John (Jwi'l >i>. WMellan}. it. Rutin Oti-eri l'zr,.utrt ? 1 Appeal '.om the Circuit Court of th? United ^t.itos i' -r the di.uict <>f Maryland. Justice Vetoon delivered tho opin.oo of tho Court, everting the decree of the <aid Llr euitOurt, wtih coats . i>nd renin.ding the ciusefor fur ther proceediitR to he Luul thorf-in in couforiuity to tho eji,n < t. > f this Cm.rt. No 64 Thr Cr.itrd Stalff, apfeUfntt, m. J"" fiw'rt j tt aJ ? A|>pe?l fr in the |>wtti't Court of th" United -tit* i (or the Northern d'.gtrlct of California. Mr .Chief Justice ! Taney d- live: i d th< epmi^u o( the Court, reversion th? j decree of the sitid I itrict Oourt, aud remanding tha i cause, with dittcUoiib to dismisa tho petition of tho cliiinini.ts. No. ?6. John T Jfor/fa ft <i! , pI'iintifTn in err r, >??. j H'm It. T mas'tat , 4Pini*i.ihifor? of ifnjar J. Pt inn: j 11* en fid, tfr.? The argument of tbi.s cause \vaw continued ! h> Mr .evirdy Johnson for tho defendant* in error, and | c> ncludia hv Mr Kwirg tor th" plultitltTs in error. N'i 72 The i'kUa '<l/Aw. IVtlntitfkin and thi,fimnr' i Hiutrmd Cnmpiny, j-laintifft in error, rt. /'hilip (J^i ilej ? , Iu error to the Circuit Court of the United -<tatiiH for tho district of MiujUci. This cfiure wo) nUmi^od, with ! cwin < f the filaiutiflk iu error, on the motion by couaent j of tl? t'arti?n No 07 T*'' Pcwh'itm Sleontfrtt' Company. jliiit!<rt tn | rrri/r, rf 7V Aw nt'itUu- HaiLr ad Cumpuny.?The ?rpi I tnr tt rf thnt chu. e was iu>tnmen<:o i hv Mr. HchUy for tSe I |1 ui'ilTh ill error, uad coutuiue<l by Mr. Uohinaou tW th" ) tltfecdio t? m error. Adjourned. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. WmrvKHnAT, Ff>b. 6?6 P. 3i. Tho Cn-tom Hon.""? tiiblr-s of the trade of the port for the mouth of Junuary were mado np to j day, and we prceont our usnnl comparative state ments:? Imports lflfiD. | wo. JSfli Ent for coiHuroptlon.*l5,f!Sn 727 16^21.574 8.178,837 lio wmhoiee 1,201 707 2,714 til 2 5?S ,?80 Vice gooda X.'il-' 'iM 2,WZt) l? 3.826 Mb Bpecie 71 ,.>01 060 7 :Mi ZOi Total lroi>orU $I(M47..?J ?l.7 ?fl7.J 26 ?17,411 Wlthd n ftotn w'touae. UOvt.'.ftO 2>r>4,ti:4 2 643,373 ta-blutieJ 3,478,471 2,039,202 II m*Kttc proi'upe 3,"82 1S2 6.2rm,H2 10,.77,'23 For* Un outi.ible 282 887 .'fri ill7 4'?A,' 78 1 Kor. i<n free 1IM48# S-.'l.nOi 3w,'-40 j Specie 2;'0'r,e88 863 602 68,-M Total irii|v>rtM pi 41W,0?6 6 ^76,024 11,"J?2 739 j It will thm be Keen t!iat the UJJrQ:^0K1,t', volniue of our import.^ ?bd of our eaportn, during tho moritf#>f January, wlargely in exce>* of that of the iin port * and exports of the corresponding mouth of 185# and li-t'0. It most be noticed, how ever, lliat n ore than oce-foutth of tlie total im j?ort of Jaunary was specie?sn article only imported from Europe under extraordinary cir cumn'arre-; also that tho amount of good* en tered f r consumption in January wuh not much more than half the amount entered for con* j anmption in .latiuary, l^-OO, und January, 18"!), I while the ametint en'ered for war.hJUHe wai I nearly four tiuieH ?< large thin year a-t last, j Thcr-e figures show tLe bcneflctel wr.rklng of tlio ! warehousing pyst?m which tie Morrill bill pro { poses to abolish, t>r at least to modify eti-entinlly. I'nder the Morrill bill the goods entered laat | January for warehouse', which, if the owners have j the meon of holding them, will lie there until the present commercial crisis subside*, and a fair market e offered, would have to be withdrawn at ' the end of four months, and thrown upon the n.aik<t, whatever the condition of the country might be. Ti e largo uniount of exports from this port will ill-o aitiart attention. It amounts, as above -hown, to twice .as much as was export <1 during the coiresponllng ]>eriod last year, anl n< ally three times as much a.. wa8 exported during the yeur previous. We subjoin our usual comparative tables of tho commercial movement of the fiscal y ?i 1*00-1:? 1*pi>i?ts. 18FH ?( isr.o CO. 1?00 I July >iS.6of, 7t7 27'jsflt jrt 34,881,619 Auifust 170 24 64t?8?l '.*o w:n,Hr?4 S |.timber 16 47: vt?r? Jn fit:. %sft In,200 460 flt. ber IU A4.< OT4 I3?l*0|fl lrt,7t7 242 Noven,ti?r 10 vil f.ofl 11 vt:i 002 13,421 M? Peccmbor 12.:M4 028 1 < '<n ? .'ch January iO,447,!Wri 21,760,613 26,827,411 C ? ? tlrnis, July f3.3*7 KM 4,V,l 2I? 4 60?,0<W i&IO.llI 4^43.010 4W6.2H S u<ember 2 67V ,#35 2 ' 'M 6fS) 3,038 803 (irV b.-r '2 OS 1.8.>4 2 318 750 2 632 07s N vem'?r 1.7O0 bi3 2 107,16* l,7i>4 74i IitC'ttiber 2 O.'O.S'i.l 2,^*1 ,i|S8 1,171 sej J.nunrj 3 ?71 471 196 2 0W.J02 l.*e >niv ?i? fvnn? n< Pmntin, July 771 MM 4,^.066 7|626,71.1 Ann lift.., 4 6*0,272 6,ISO,710 H,012.sl4 Kejilemlmr 3,621 Ml? 4.BI6 812 ? 232 HI IMcber f. 2# :-e4 4.7?2.77'i I0W.M Net ernbr-r 3 tm nr,4 b . ?11 II 2?2 70| |M'i ember 3,700 0ft8 0,382.172 10 010.916 Jaruary 17f.2 Is2 6.2W H2 10,1771125 1?rents ot prwt* Ju'T %i HjI 4'. 6 10 0M 01II 6r,88(l.s August U -01 "04 n|iri 7',i 7 164 s|3 f-'l>tetniier 3 2;? fiul s,907,sM 8 768 731 ? ?"'bi' 8 02* 406 /'Hi Mi 21O0 . ?r? Novell!bet 471 "TO 4 1'ii 6'2> o.M DeceOib-r M">V0i 2 t .mi 20^401 Jaouar) v;05 08h 863(02 6H.K0I The future prospect of the pending year depend to laibe!y upon political movement# that it la hardly possible to prrdiot anything with certainty. If, I y any chance, the present political cloud should be removed, business will revive suddenly, and except in those Southern Htau-a wh^-re stay laws have beeu enacted or proposed the year lfc<;l will be one of marked prosperity. The try ponsrsses every materia! element of pros perity?if it were i nly at pi ace. There it) no change in money matters, and rates remain a-. Ia?t quoted. M<>n> y in abundant, at 5 a ?? on call, ami 7 per cent and upwards for paper. N>>tl irg wan done ia foreign exchange to-day; the market ha* a declining tendency. We note a further advance in the stock market, predicated on the favorable news from Washing ton. At the opening of the session this morn ing bt<M.ka advanced with a buoyant feeliug. At midday the advance tempted speculators to realize, and prices declined. In the afternoon again buyers recovered courage, and the market closed firm at about the prices of the morning. The most buoyant stocks of the day were Vir giuias, which rose 2%, on the prevailing belief that the riiate would remain in the Union; Mis souri*, which ro?e 2, on the same theory; Michi gan Central, which rose 3%; Toledo, which rose 2; and Chicago, Hurling ton and Quincy, which rose 3 per cent?all on the strength of the large earnings. The following were the last quotations of the ilay:?Virginia 6'a, 73 a Yt; Missouri ti's, 6C a %; t uuton Company, 14% a lo%; Cumberland Coal, 7ya a 6%; Pacific Mail, 64% a New York Cen tral, 70% a %; Frle, 32% a Hudson River, 43% a 44; Harlem, 10 a %; do. preforred, 39 y, a %; Heading, 43% a %; Michigan Central, 55% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, , i//? a %; <1?- guaranteed, 32 a %; Panama, 112 a 115; Illinois Central, 7<>% a 77; Galeuaaud Chicago, 71 a %: Cleveland and Toledo, 32% a %; Chicago and Lock Island, 57 a %; Chicago, Ilurlington and Quincy, (!9y% a 70; Illinois Central 7's, {XJ a !?7. The business of the bub-Treasury was us follows to-day:? KeceipU $92,302 68 -For ctutvaM I?#M M l :i, (uents 237,306 77 l.'ulauc OH The tunnel through which the trains of the >rie Railroad Company are to reach the Long Dock Comj any was to-day formally opened?a train lilled with invited guests having passed through it this allt rnooti. It is a work of stupendous magni tude? tho tunnel being nearly a mile Jong, cut through the Koliil rock. It has been three years in progress. The connection thus established be tween the Erie Railroad Company and the Hudson river must prove extremely valuable to the former, and must tend to increase its buskess in a very mntked manner. The subject of a steam service from Norfolk to Europe is now engaging the attention of practical steamboat men in this city, and in conjunction with a well organized system of through freight delivery to points in the interior of tho Continent, fair to prove successful. Norfolk, by its position on the Chesapeake, and Memphis, by its position ou the Mississippi, oiler, through the Virginia and Tennessee railroads, solid inducements to the capital to bo enlisted in the proposed freight service. Nor do we we at present any practical objection to a new feature lately brought forward to mag nify tho advantages of Memphis, ami that is, the establishment of a direct steam service between that city and Galveston, in Texas. '1 h? rc is now a line of rive r boats plying, we be lieve, between New Orleans nnd Mobile. The haibor of Galveston will always prevent it from having a line of steamers direct to Europe. But we really see uo reason why steamers adapted to Gulf navigation may not, ascend the Mississippi to Memphis, as there is plenty of water to that point. The Virginia and Tennessee roads would, in sfich case/ form the overland link connecting the steam service from Europe to Norfolk. All such efforts and trade developcments can meet only with favor in this metropolis, because, one way or the other, New York is benefitted just in proportion as the general prosperity of the whole country is pro moted. What say our Norfolk and Memphis friend*? The City Chamberlain controversy u atlaat con cladcd. The aity fuuds, amounting to about 92,0t)0,000. were transferred to-day from the Park Dunk to the llroadway Usuik. The exchanges at the Hank Clearing House tbi-t morning were #21,033,71*8 41, and the balances 11,196,032. The following dividends have boon declared:? Tlie Ejchanico Firo lt>pnrai>ce Ompwf ku dMiured i dividend .tf tnrea a> >1 a Imli |wr cent, p?j:?bl? im tho 20th lo-t.: ' !'<? New \ ? i>. ! 11 uii.l K?rlno Com pany 1. ik a iomi dividend of six per cent, (.ayable on C) tn?nd. The Cairo (fazette of Thursday r*ay?:? Rjsimaa bei1 < online* vi?y brisk, and tn.menso TianUtie* of Ir.'lflUt, principally i orn, are being nhippod HomU Ciilio lh now, and haa br< u for aoine time, p-?c ti ally tho head of navigation on iho MMata-upro. Cot WW baa again ebaaged ih< r?ui?-. au<i if now going N'orth through Cairo anil th?> Illinois Cent .?! KallrouO vVo un dent ad that a h> i\y detract iia* b?on made ?lth Hwmi Orahan llalli<l.?y k Co, fur ahlpra<-nt of e >tton by this ro.ile All St. l?nla boaU ar? turning b? k from tii,?t point. ?n ! th< y lie I no ui/licnky In trettl- g ioa<ls. The Philadelphia Bullet in of last evening say*: There i* no incroa^e ti, thu demand for money, *n l tho rati * n>r the btfl abort a< eept.tiioea *r* 9 a IV iier, and lor names not so w <11 or favoruhly k< own 12 a 16 percent Ttiero I* en Iniabeaaataouat?fIdle capltil nlloit.S'ino of wb'eb, In'.h'i af'i< hi* ? of *,ife toil prolli al le i rnpioj wen'. Is p Investment in bonuB and riiOit^ag h up?n real eniate Tl.e total shipments of copper from Lake Bo pe ril r for u serif* of years hat been as follows:? 7?n?. Twjj. 1*63 2 :*t6 l*i7 6 094 1?.S4 3,6<.') l*e>( ... fl,02."> llf.6 4 544 18M 0,000 into ft,337 J$00 (est) 9<?iO 1 h^ largest increase in lfe .0 was front l'ortuga Lake, where the Pewabic vein mines hate yielded wcderftaHy. '1 he Michigan Central Railroad earned in Janu ary? JH*i 9142 .I^S TO low t 24 Increase , 131,021 40 The ? leveland nod Toledo Itaiiroad? Jiwua.v IMI1 9*4.090 January jhOO 77,lid lucre.-e |7 000 Mtork |.'<00T 3 6>. 1805.. Vfl'i MI0 T<ra? 12 pc nta 101 2TI000 do lot 10(0 dO 1"1,H l( (.(>Tt .;n 0 s, *?0 "1 ?W O 71 ?? 10" !? Vlrg nta Oh. .. 74 lino io :t>j s< On Mi?#ourl 6'B.. . '4 loom do. r,7 KUI Itiiv klyn c w ! 100 N V On ol)-i.'79 Joo ?2f" o I ii< KK >n< bda !"?'> n Hnrlnm )m b<la nv HUM I! irlemRlt ?mb 77 1. (0 llll Mil Kit IxlH '>?'! K?0 UC k Mil 1 If b IT 1?? 0 1, KrMkW 2n? h .>7 r(00 0,M h<i HliKneb w.t it> ?ha Am K> limik. mo <n -boeAil.i'atbrr M( i?'? l(M(?tib*(to 1# f. I'artlt Mitll MS *'o *r a HO do 8? 4f<?M TOb 7t>^ . <:f> pAc 7tH; ,1(1 do...... rip* 7" i 10 fl' 7H^ o do e 7*i tu Urlnl-'t --2K 1.0 i!o blO <12H a.'o Hclnn Hivor Hit 4.'('i ,in do 4:;'i no d? li'?o 4.V< 1,0 dr. tu* 4J1S {<0 IfaHkm I'll. , .M0 |f>; .0 <lo 16*6 ."ti'il d" 16 V ?.HI do 14,'i I'O rtr b."" 10 (0 Hark m HU pref.. nr?; (n . #?'. J 00 d.. 31", (01 BcadUx RR..*80 4a 4iiO do 4?'t' ;<io do Si 0 do li.TO 4.'it? 8 N Jem/ Cm Mi. llox irnanie. #Kt>nM?*T, F?b n. ISfll 10(1 alM Mi b Cent KH 6"> 100 Il? .....a 10 y> f() do t(>% fiO do b30 t>0 1?0 do M AO Mick *?fcN In RR. lh^ "0 do . 16 liK) do blO 1ft 400 do 14*< SSClev, C lAClo RR PI fo Mtcb^uARInguaai ill 'g J00 .'.I M0 .11 \ 100 111 C RK ? erlp.cio 7!S'4 ftOo ilo /() do..... b30 7fi'i i<(? d<i 7111, 4'?0 do lit 60 dd HO U'( 260 do a30 74'i MMI do *00 74 2(0 U?1 It ( hi.: KH . . 7('t{ M do blO 70', 360 do 70 160 do ...MO 70' 100 do WW 70', ldO do hTO 70 \ ?0 .lo ?M 70 <t t?o >io ?!io 7o 100 do SlO 70 2160 Clave % fb! RR. S3 Cfl do l>:o 3(?, 100 do liW l'O do Hi i a:* loo do mo at m do 82 V 1W? <lo I..10 82V 60 ('hi fc It I RR l>16 67 16 <Io 67 1ft do 6(5\ 1(^? do 1.10 6H ^ 200 d? 1)10 61% HO do MO 60s O.'O do M'g too do .... tii'fi M\ M0k,S*QRR 'Id TO FO do hll ;o\ do '0 2ft do "0<4 BCOOHD BOAKl). $80< OHH 6'h, '86.... 84 IGOshsMichSkN I ga 3IV 7(M? ?' MH <00 do *80 3! ?<(*? T.HS #'?, MO.. 71* 60 tial fc Chi Kit -10 70* fit*" Vuglniu Cs... 74 100 IU C KKaorip bio 7i>K 1?U> 7?H 3?o do Jj% VHO Mu-.-ouii 6'i... C6>? 60 do. Ii30 75^ (<.<<? d 60 100 ClevA TolKK.slO MX 1U0M(* pelnislcb as 600 do s-j& 100 hi * NY ?>u K opg 78* 200 do s30 3 176 l-r?v i:M 32 600 do b30 34%' tv H'm r. i. l.iv UK. 43 60 T>i k H U KK.slO 604* to (larUKi I!l* IS 300 do tyX 10 liaihiu Kllpref.. 3<t 60 do ' tyTi 110 do 39 26 Chi, Bur tQ.?, 70 MO Pending XR 42^ 6? do blO 70 2f4< M'tli UoliK.... 66 100 do *15 6tf* 60 do 65l," 60 do b!6 70 COMkh t> AlN I g f-ik 3i\ 100 do aoO ClVY lOMHUHClAIi HEPORT. Wkii.mcu^t, Kib 0?0 I*. M. /hwf - f:c ail cal< ? of pots were making at 6c., aad of frui in ?i ! (?o HmuUwh hh.?Vlcur?The market wag without chango oi mi ii.< 11 *u pries, though it waa not active, while shipping brands ol Stale aud Weatern closed hn.tvy aud wnli a i>n tiicy (owan.'a lower rates Ki'ra braada were niwlw. Tim tmuHHctii-na for the iiiy fitoted up ubcut b Oto bbia., cloauig Witbiu the following range of prices:? Biijie, flii*' Stat* |6 IS A 6 26 Fairs S ate. good to choice 6 30 a 6 60 Si.pulliu Western 6 16 a 6 26 C< luuiou t'i Western extra 6 115 a 7 26 Mlxe<! to straight Southern 6 60 a 6 86 Htia'gbl to gi ?w extra do 6 1>6 a 7 26 < lion e extra family and bakers' brands 7 26 a 8 tK) By V Hour 3 30 a 4 16 Oati nnai, Jersey and Bratidywine 3 06 a 3 65 ?Gaiiautan v, an quiet aud supplies fair, while the sale* eitibaced about 176 bMx. at is 26 a $7 26. Southern wit* iuii hanged, while the sales embraced about 1,^00 bMs , clou lug within the above quotations. Kye (lour t>a< btiady at our quotations, *witb Hal-,-8 of 160 bli a. Corn meal was heavy aud dull, with salts of Jersey and Brandy wine at our quotation*. \\ beat wan in tair demand, both for milling and tor ex port The market exhibited a (Inner feeling at the cl'iso, while the vales embraced about 06 OOObusbels, at $1 60 for prltno wl.ite Mwhigin;$l 20 for uns?und white Western; j 1 ;i*>, for red Island; $1 31 a $1 34 for re<i Western (orolwary to prime); fl 30 for red State; $1 16 for umber Iowa, and $1 46 for Milwaukee olub, aud jl 16 a fl 20 lor ( Imago spring. Kye wan better, with Miles of about 2,000 bushels, ai 66c. for Jersey aud 67c. for N< rihem. Ba>:oV was inactive; a small lot of 600 bushels weie reported at 66o. Oats were steady and in lair dona, lid, wall Nu'es of Western and (Janauiaii at 36c. a ^6c ai d ai 36}?c. u 37c. ('.iii-k?At tlie auction mlo to-?!ny the catalsgue em braci d iibout 4 600 b.<KM, of winali 1,700 were Hold at 11c. a l.'iaverage II Wlo., and 200 do. at 11c. a U\c. I, iti \ ?'he tun Uet was bt-ftvy, while .?a.en embraced about 1 U0 bales, cl< ting dull ou the basis of the follow ing quotati us;? iV/Mnuu U)>ltindl. Florida. M>MU. and Tsat. Orilinnry yt? Midiiiilig 12 12 12^ 1<i M?uliLg falr...??.. 12X UK 13 13.'i j-mr 13 13 14 14>^ I'liMrnT.' ?Hatei! weie Hti-a^'y, with fair on^'agemeutu. To 1 iverjeiol, about {? 000 bblp. (lour were tuk'-si at 3h. 11 i,d., lO 000 buei n h ro'ii at 10&d., 10,000 do. wbeai n bulk, at 11<I ,an<! iboi,t 20 000 ousheis wheat, iu wlup's bn^s, al llfjd., 600 balw ol Cotton at ^d., about 50o a boxes bacon and bariela at 36?. 1'he ahip North Wind, aken up for Lonion, ei gaged wheat at lid., in t-ln|.'.s bngx, Hour ai 4^., 600 boxes cheese at 45s , and box<s b?con at 46s. IIaV.?'Ihe tab s etnbracei" ab^ut 1.000 balt>8, chiefly within tho lai ge oi t-Oe. a S'6c. per 100 lha. I if -is were sl>aii> , with wiles or ubout 100 balivi within a ilaj or two of neW at 26c. a 36c. Old wore quiet aud nominal (;i n.?v Hai h were Ann; fa'ts in Boston at 12'^c a 13.- . end'.(0 bub s at lomi hvjii'Iih, and 400 to arrive here, ul 4z!i lbs a 4: 0, al 12\c., cash. Cl'tH wad tirin, but buslneen was light. The lata Kilts ombruceu about 100 balls, m Boston, at 10c., t ..rli, ud 60 uo at 10 Iloukstw.?\ sale ol 100 ll)!s. N'ew Orleans was made at 30c. Fti.kiw wi re quiet, aid in the absence of sales ol moment quotnth-us wi re n imual Jjiik war. noialnaJ and no vales making. (in, ih' maiket tor lii.rei d whs hteaiy, with sab?? iii c?i?ks fain! bbis at 60 ? a 61c The follow!ug review of the New Oduird ma-Uet ter the wei.-k ending February 4 is Irani iln> Whaltnnt-n\< Shify in# Lid?riotuo inquiry for Fp?rrii, but th>- vlowhol u irchaseis do n it come to fl' M-ol holders; t o sales In Hreooii, S60 bbls. sol I at |1 40 for export. Onl) wile in whale, 200 tibia, t > par tl<s in l'airbi.v n; i nco unknown. Wlialebanc?sialcs 8 OtO lbs. South S- u at 6lo . JMIUKTS ixro t'.MTRl) pTATKS. ll' U. 9p. liUs. WK Lbt. It nt Frrm Jnntiary 1 to .lute.. ,.'i ?i7S) 3,165 7,'<00 8nme tiiuo laat yrur 1 0C0 160 6ll0 1 homhumi?folk?The n.a ket was Inactive, ?nd quo tations iriege.Ur; Ihe sales embraced 100 a 200 bbU re poned at J l7 75 for muss, an l ut $13 50 for lie* prune. Heel whs stei ily, and In limited domain!, with sales of l'.O bble. at fs 76 a $0 76 lor repacked in ess, iu d #10 a $i0 76 lor txira; pi luie mess was nominal at $16 a $17. bams wi'te st.-ndy at $14 a $16. Bavin wax steady; 70 boxi s were sold at lO^u. Out meats were tlrtn and i.eintial. l utter wiis qunt, prime State duubH were sillng at 17c a l?o., common to good at 14c a 15c. Ch' < >-e whs dull, and quotati' ns nominal. Laid w is les? buoyant, wLlie the t-aics iinbraced about 3C0 bbl.i. at WXc. a 10ttc. luffed hogs, 7>,c. a 7>?c i:ui.?-all of 200 casks were made at 3\'c. a 4 L,'c The n .'irket closed tlriuly. Si oak,.?Tbe maiket wus quiet, and salon limited to ab< ut 176 a 200 hhua at unch-uiged prices, with sales of 400 I his. Wintrier ?The market mm flrmer and active: Bales o 7,000 bbls at lS/aC NEW l'OKK CATTLE MA.HKKT. Wnumwur, Feb. fl, ISfll. BKKF CATTLK. Contrary to general exportation the number of the offerings at the Washington drove yard on Tue? day was considerably smaller than last week and It became apparent at an early hour that the market was about to astume a more buoyant ar|M-ct, and that brokers would undoubtedly be enabled to obtain an advance on the best prices of last we< k. 'lhi.- was more oepecially owing to the fact that iho proportion of the offerings classed as prime wm unukually small?the bulk of them being common. Tor flifit cl?s* bullocks, such as are taken by the flikt cLifs butchers, the demand was active, an>! the entire Lumber on sale wi re readily taken at our outside prices. A larger pro|mrtion of the stock was sold on Tuesday tbau usual, and the markot was general ly good, though many of the brokers called it hard. On yenerday morning, however, the market amumed a very .iiflwi nt appcaruncp. Thero was a considerable .acquis! lion to the receipts, and tho demand and prices fell oif to a corresponding extent. <>h Tuesday a Urge n imbor sold nt about h,'?C. j'*? r |tound, whereas but few brought that yot- rdiiy, and a Urge proportion soi l below ?<-. The rui'ge was Trim St^c. n 9r., with n vor? few silng at 0>*c. Ihe tot .1 number on sale at Alierton's lor the we'-k wis .1,601 heul; at all the yards, irit'.biduig it*" gen It til, 4 (I'll head, against 3 tt!*3 head last week. Ihe rectlpts at the various yards wore as follows:? A tier- ftrmcn- Chnm- Her t--rti"ny's. berlin'*. O'/trun't. p--n. This .week,... 3.601 SO 42 81 MS Uist w.-ck 8,22i LIT 28 41 666 lhe current print for ihe *?tk at all tho markets are as follows:? wtt.f oArn m. Quality f /'rite. Quality. Prim. first, per cwt. $8 76 a 0 26 Common $7 00 a 8 00 Ordinary 8 00 h 8 60 Inferior 6 60 a 6 60 OOWS T4LMM. First, per lid.$66 (10 a 60 00 Common $30 00 a 36 00 Ordinary.... 40 00 a 60 00 Inferior 26 00 a .'JO 00 v*u cat.vvs. First, per lb.. a Tt^e.. Common .... 4c. a 69. Oidmary .... 6a 6c. Inferior 3.V"- a 4c. sutler \xn i.amim. Crime, per hd $6 26 a 7 00 Common $3 00 a S 74 Ordinary 4 00 a 6 00 Inferior 2 76 a 8 00 s wlv*. Cornfcd.per IbSl^c. a 0i4o. Still fed IP,c. a 6?;c. MM COWi. ?The market was steady , under a fai' demind foe go>d to prim* cows, at oar lull previous pre >?* other grades, however, WM negl.-eted. and though th^re wis no e*p? cial ail* ration in p.i.en, yet buyers obuuied supples at al out th? ir own t? rms flio receipts at the various yar t* wore as follows :? AlirtUm'i. Htauitinfi'g. UhambrUa't. O'ttriim't. Hits week.. 23 26 31 31 Uat week 13 20 23 36 TliL CAIVRS. The market continue* tlrm, uuuer a fair Inquiry for all kiln1*. The demand has be?n imperially active for extra*, of which the suppiy has heen Hght for some time nasi. Interior grade* foun.1 purchasers at our inside violation* Ihe receipts at the various yards wire as follows:? Ail'rfon *, /frowning t. Chamhnlin't. V/fritnt. This week.. 27* 26 33 37 Ijwt week.. 210 36 21 03 SIIKKI' AVn (.AMlt*. V Hh a stesdy, fair demand for all grades through the wi i k, the n>aiknt has retained the flrtnnrn ch t raeti rized It at the date of our UH report, and holders have bi-en enabled to dispone of their supplies about a* inet a? they ci me in. The better grade* still command full price* but inferior to ordinary are scarcely so tlrm, though wi retain our prevt>u? quotations. The receipts at the v*r'0.,a >*rds vti-io a* follows ? Allrnn't. Hm-iming t. CKamlTlin'L O Brim't. Tils we. k. 369 4 244 2,360 462 La*t week.. 4S3 4,32.1 1,648 1,420 RWtNR. , The demand has been fair for live hogs all throufh tho we. k, awl the offering* at Alierton's yards have round ready purrbn.?ers at our revised quotations above, though ?t the clone, It Is proper to add. the outside pric** were harely obtained. ? UrCAPtTTI.ATION. Hie total receipts of all stock at all the yard* for tho wr ek 'ind prevlmi-dy were a* follows ? llTe*. Cirtrt. (Mem. .Vvryi t Ta ,VwW?? AI left Wi 3,801 23 275 869 8,672 drowning** W 26 4,244 ? iliatnberlth'*.... 43 31 33 2,360 ?. I'Brl.n* 21 32 8T 4*2 ? llergen 468 Total 4 001 U2 870 T,<2& 8,672 Lut week 3 00.3 #7 368 T.874 W.606 KRCKTtTft Itv NEW TORK AND PRIR RAII.ROAD ail t.34A !'.(>? 2 W) Ph. a,6W SHIPPING NEWS. ??tmmbu of o?c?? Iuumiv. roa VALiroBNiA. Hertbsn Ught Maw York Feb lt...A?p?awall Narva utar MewTork *Vb 21 upinwtll Atm. New fur* Mob < iuwiiwall SPEOIAI. MUTIOR. M fmrknft* <md Utter* Mm led for (As In Tou Haul ihoulil be taleJ. iuudic roa tobk -thu dit. ?or aisas 7 <M| tiiKiH ?i?kh mora ft W ?nil uti 6 25] muu wjtbk eve 7 05 Port ?f New York, February 6, 1*61 O KAMA Steamship Star of the Souih, Kearney, Savannah?Samuel L Ulu hill i Sea. Steamship J a* Adger, Phillips, Charleston?S;ioflTord, Tiles tcn A < '? Steamship I.ocust Point, French, Baltimore?U B Crimwotl A Co. Hblp Christopher Hall, F eeiuan, Melbourne?R W fame im Bblp AAA (Br), Hutchinson, Belfast?Kdmlston Bros. Ship St Nloolas, Kmidni. Havre?Boyd A Hincken. Bark Black Eagle (Br), MuFee, Cork or Falmouth?.1 Wendt , 6 Co ! Bark Roya' Bride (Br), F.ngland, New Ko-? I C MoArthur. Paik H HI 1, Wataon, Constantinople?O M Bragglo L Haik Virginia Ann. Bryant, Names?Bra t, Son A Co. Balk Ae-onaut, Prince, Deraarara?J W mlth A Co. Bark John Payson, Terrr, 8t Jago?J A T A K Websier. Brig Ann, Buxton, Kin Grande?I B Gager. Brig lila I5ayne?. lenklna, Havana?Magutre A Armstrong. Brig Eliza Ann, (ieyer, Mataman Vato?, Porterlleld A Uo. Brig h'amak, Downing, Neuvltaa?Master. ? Brig Mary Meaua, Tlnbetta, 8t J ago?11 D Brookman. Brig 1'iinceea Koyal (Br), Newbould, Bermuda?Smith, Jones k CO. Brig Alice, Atwood, Norfolk?Roger* k Rltch. Brig Reporter, Glnn, Ge irgetown?H D Brookman. Helir Coidella. Horn, (:liu?.ow? Duub&m A Ulinoa. Kchr T X) Wugnei. Kyder, Montevideo?J Morton. 1. W Alexander, Alexander, Bt l'iorre?Jlt?. calf A Dua Schr Enterprise, Gould, fit John, NR?D H Dewolf. Kchr Alma, Curry, Cornwallls?D R Dewolf. frchr Jrls, Co? k. Baltimore?J W Mulfen Kchr J G< odspeed, Perrln, Bristol, ItS-L Kenny. Fcbr Trade W ind. Baxter, New Haven?Master. Bteawer Jersey Blue, Chadsey, Newport ARRrV'HD Steamship R R Ouyler, Crocker, Suvanoah, with radse and rissengers. to IT B Cromwell A Co. 4th Inst, 4:30 I'M, off npe Hatton-a, pasted steamships Alabama, hence, and SUte of i;eori:ia, from Philadelphia, boili for -avaiiuah Pleanixhlp Marlon, Adklaa, Charleston, with uuise and pas eeagers, to Spofford. TUeston A Co. Experienced very heavy weather. steamship Roanoke,- Couch. Norfolk, Ac. with rndse and pa wngers, to Ludlam A Heinekeu. Sicamslilp George s t reek, Wllietts, Baltimore, with md-te ord passengers, to H B l.r run ell A Co. Slip .lebn Klditey (of Ktehmend, Me), Wheeler, Calcutta, and firm sand Ueadh Aug 2, with linwciM', to Keemlth A Sou-i. lxt mat, lut 30 -10, Ion 80, spoke ship Ji inee l-oper. honoe tor Rotterdam. .Ian 24, in llie (julf. ei.lieii^r.crnd J\ h?'i*vy K^alo from NK to SW; stove bulwark k>liflit, twi-t il oir rudder ftiirk on main dcrk, and have been for last <n?y? atnerlng Ihr vhbm-i with tacltie. In the Bay of U>?n?aJ ba I very htntvy wtn-bi r; sprung fi?reniH*', ^|ilit alls, ,tc. Not S), put Into St Helena lor supplier, and while there the trevr rev >lt-d, 4 of vlK.m wen-put In Irons, snd given In charge of Coxswain Var.detdee, "of Jlaibor Police Beat, K08," upon the reaattl arm ncal Qr.anuitlne. Capi Wheeler receive! aasUtance at St lb <?! ? vbile pi 11 tig Ills ve-sel 011 !er weigh fmm the U 8 si' hh/i r Mystic, ant! waa supplied with 4 men roni tbatves n l as subkiltutes tor the principal mutineer* Hept IS, Wm Bolton, seaman, 01 Providence, HI, died of dysentery M.ip W uiud Cone, llombay, Oct 10, wliU Uu.teed, to order. Bark (trlon (Norw), Bacli, Newcastle, via TJsbon (where she put in in distress) l>ec IS, with ioal. to Punch A Mclneke. Experienced very heavy u catbi r; split Kails, Ac. balk FucIm u ?, .inyno, ApalacliluO:a. 18days, with cotton, fcidi a .Vc, !o master. Bri? Atlantic tof New Iluveu), Barbados, 10 days, in ballant, to 11 Trowbrldce's Sons BligWaredaTe (of l'astport), Sbackrord. Rl.vk itlver, la, J an w 1th logwood Ae, to Ilrmy. lie C udova A Co. Win up with Cape tlintern-' .Ian .11. Jan 27, l it 24 .'Hi, Ion 7.', I asaed hclir Norms 11, Collins, from lamalea for NVw Vork I'rig Northern I.lght Hr, 01 .Vaitlund. N'H), l'>?laie, Angullla, 18dins, with salt, to II J A C A Dewolf. Brig Mary Ann (Br, of St Jo) n, NH), Mcf.ellan, Havana via New| ort, lis day, ?lth sui;ai Ac, to P 1 Nevins A ;on. Kxpe rlenced heavy weather. Jan B, if IJattera-i, took a h*??*y pafc f>oni NE, during which carried away jluboom, shifted cargo. Ac. Brig Augusta (of Harrington), Cole. Nenvltas, 12days, with roal oganv, cedar Ac, to Thompson A Hunter. Brig Conductor (Hr. of Yaimontb, NS>, Strickland, Turks Islands. 12 days, with rhII, to Wilson A Braine Had very heaiy venlher; lost maintop and topgaiJautmaKt, and am tallied other trilling damage. Pehr Kate Sargent iof Provlncetown), Brown, Bahia, 40 days, with rosowood Ac. to Butnj?n A Co!>h, of Boston. Srhr Sarah H James (of Pall Hivr), Clark, MltlatltlQn via Breakwater 22days, with mahogany, to Put A Smsll. Kchr l'Hrndi{f (Br, of II all lax), Rlchea. Vux Cayes Jan IS, with colJee niid logwood. 10 IMaH<M A Wilson. Jan 23, lat 33 IK. Ion 72 1ft, sp kn brig K A Msber. hence Tor Klo lanelro. Kchr Norman ("t Baneor), Cu'ilns, Kingston, J a, 18 days, With iojiwiw d, to T II sanl rd Hchr A Baker (of Harwn h j, Miller, Kingston, Ja, via Break water. 16days, with logw od, tojamn Max*ell Kchr Agate (of I'rovincetow 111. Atkins, Ponce, 21 days, with orargfs lo 11 1'nderwood. Had very be.ivy weather from NWtoESE , lay lo 8 days in the Gulf: s.lit ^lls, Ac. Kehr Charlie A Willi* tof Oam trlaootta). Hooper, Santa Maitha, Jsn 9, with sa t to Mi icalf A Duncan Kcl r John A Stanley, Jackson, .savannah, 8 days, with cot ton, to MeCrendv. Mott A Co. Kchr Plying Scud, Carmine. Wilmington, NC, 8 days Pchr Ospray, Gandinr, Wasblnnton, Nt., 4 days, with cot ton Ae, to Ilowllng, Corners A Co Sclir I.?e pbine. Ross, Virginia, 3 days. Kchr t hesapeake, Seaman, ElUabethi'ort for New London. Kchrl 11 Wtlnwrlght, ('oraon, Boston, 4 days. Sebr Wolcott, Parker, Boston. :i days. Kchr l'hlllp Urtdgeo, Lludsey, Marhlthead, 4 days. Kchr Hydrangea, Mor?e, Gloucester, 3 davs. Kloop Wasp. Nash, Ebzabethport for Bridgeport. ateamer Host-?r. Cn oiter. PhlladelnawL. Steamer W amsut>a. Arer. New Bedf?nL ?teenier I lawn ferry. New Bedford. Steamer W-mtcbeater .tones. Providence. ?teamer Peegtue. William*. T'rov denoe. Steamer Albatross, Jone-i. I'rovidenoa. RK!/?W. ? Bark Nordstjernen (Swed) Resaeu, from Newcastle. BAIMBX Barks Mary B Rich, London; Northwood, Cadiz; Brigs Time, Nassau, NP; Echo, Port au Prince; lltanla, Mayaguez: Mary Alvlna, Maianzas Also steamships Star of the South, Savannah; J as Adgor, Charleston; Roanoke, Norfolk, Ae. Wind daring the day W8 W; at 10 PM. 8s W, fresh. Miscellaneous. fiTRiMsnir F.tha, which sail* on Saturday next for Queens town and Liverpool, taken the United SUIn mall, which closei at half post 10 AM. The Etna I* a very fast and excel lent sea boat. Her recent passage to New York waa the shortest made for aome month* paat. We are under many obligation* to Purser Pette, of steam ship R B Cuyler, from Savannah, for his attention*. We are indebted to Capt Andrew Hennessey, of steamtug Achilles, fur favors shown our ship news oo'.lector. Snir IIahtxt Bitot sailed fn.m New York Dec 14. and ar rived at Liverpool Jan 19. Dec 20, In a heavy gale from the North, shifted cargo, the ship going down on her beam rod*, and In that condition she made the passage, Captain Nelson thought without damage t? the ship or otherwise. He would write particulars by next mail. Snip R Coopv.ii, l-aphnm, for Nassau, NP, started from Hoston Mh ln?t, but got aground st Kaioifora Island. She would probably be got off at high water. Ship Witij*, of Bo?ton, from Cardiff for Rangoon, before reported put luto Mauritius for repairs, remained Dec ft A letter ironi PoH Louis states that she would be sold, as the exp ose of refitting her would l.e greoter than hor aotual value. Ship Western Ocean (of Philadelphia), Simmons, fvm LhrenpoOl for Calcutta, was refitting. ller cargo of salt was one third lost. Hhip Bcwbt Sorrn?The slsver Manuellts, alia* Sunny South, of Boston, waa st Msuritlua Nov 22. > prUe to IIM ste?in?r ller m< dfI Is beautiful. and her great speed at traded Admiral Kcppd's mIIm. lie purchased her for gov en meiit pi irpoees. It Is said that, alter using tlie Sunny South iva a rnilser, U>e \<lmlral Intends tn sent ktrtoKtu land that the naval architects may have a superior model to copy from The M inui'llta had over TOO slaves when cap lured. she showed Mexican eoiors. Hrnn North Htats?a Irtti'r from Cunt Manchester, Coder writer*' sgen'. statos that sc'ur .North state, asnote at I'olnt Judith, has bilged, ami hiT I >wer deck m about a loot under waterat low tide ller rudder and stern post are goni\ and "he 1? otherwise badlv damaged bv lying on the rocks Her deck load of oot'.on. nnd most of that st'iwnl between decks, lias been got out slightly damaged and taki-n to Providence. Another letter, dated at 2 atl I'M Mh, nays that 100 bales had l>een discharged. leaving 80 bales !>? tween decks The cargo In lower hold must n mum until tin' schr Is got off. She lays head i ff shore. wind ?W, anil a r.iujfh se.i setting In. S earn tog I nele Ren, fiom New York, had arrived, to (insist in get ting the vessel off. Srt'K JrMA Oracb, or Orland. at Newport, hss been pump ed out, and was taken on the marine railway for repairs. Sctta ActTK, of Provlneetow n, arrlred at thU port from Ponce, has been U days perfotming the round voyage, 23 or wiblrb klw laid to In heavy gales. Thk Camporkia Passaops ro* M#> -Wm T Cnlemsn A Co'g San (Taorteco Clirutar and Market Ker|e<? published on the 10th ult, ?ays:?" Prom the details given below it will b* seen thnt the average run of vessels fiom domestlo Atlantic porn the pa?t year differ* but little from that of th > prrc. 1II04. al though ib-i* ha* c l>ern two Instaoees of a remai kabiy sh'>rt 1?stage? that of the Andrew Jackson from New York In 89 dsys. snd the Sierra Nevada fpim Boston In 97 day* rhese are tn? shortest on record fMm these ports respe-tlvely Tor the last four years; an<l with these eioroilons, ws have no tl Ing worthy of special leferenee. i>t a fleet of 115 sail from di mestle Atlantic |*.rts, 12 have been compelled to touch at wsy ports, mostly small craft. I Jut year the Dumber wis Ift out of a Ceet of 146 We give particulars as fnllnw* ?In th* TesrlfWO there were #9 arrivals d'rect from New York, the average time betng MIS days. The shone-t passtge that was made dnrlngthe year was by the Andrew Jackson, In H9 dsya, the same vessel having In the preceding year made the 1'asvsge In ll?2 days, and In MM In 101 da?s ,>it,Br v.-s ?|| aveisged Itr', days each, n^pcctivelv as follows: tie Warp L Sutton in 10S; the Robin Hooa In 'OT. th" Lviknut and Apefn-r in 118; the Ocean Ti legraph In 109, and the (ireat Hep ihlie In MO nays. The average time 111 1.489 wasl.191, d?y^ and Hie shortest 1 <12 data. Average In ISVt, 134; shortest, 101 Ave rsgeln IS?7, 121*; shortest 91 Average In l.4iW. LSI ( ihonest, 94 dsvs It will be seen that the Andrew .lackson bea'-s the palm for the last three je*ra. Thn Oreat Republic won It In 1M67, and the Sw eepstakes In IMA. ?V m Boston there wi-re 27 arrivals direct In I Still, the average time helng 111 S 9 days. The shortest was made hy the S'erra Nevada In 97 d?ys snil three other vcneels avera?ed IU71., days each. respe>-ti*rnly a* follow*: the M< mtng Star In ItJfl; the Horald of t!m Morning In 108, and the White 4w. Ilow In 110 davs. Average in H i) 140'., days; shortest 112 Average In MM, IM; sN .rie>t, 107. Aversge In IS67, 12fi. short-st. 101. Averag" In IJIM, 1.41; shortest, lit) days. Krom other Rastern ports then- were A srihalsdirect ?2 fmm Baltimore, averaging I6Adays?,hort est, 14.1; 1 from PhllMelphla, In I4*)day* I Trum 4l?tandria, Ya, In I.1Sdays, and I from llampton Roads. In I.MHays." Netlrf to Marlitsrt, TaaAsrav Dspauthbst, Orrtoa l.tgnrnorss Rntan, 1 V? tamftOTON, I?c, Dee 27, imw 1 AnatRAi.rr t??n, wtitfisvr's t i.A>n, tbii KtTOBT. Informsllon hs? been received at this office from Went N Mttehler, Corps of Topogrsphical Knsinsar*, of the comple tion of tbe Lighthouse at Ailmlially Head, on WhUlbey's U lat 4, Washlngt in Territory TIip atru< tnre roiislsts of a dwelling with a tower rlsin? through the ro >f at one end, both palntfd white; the tower It surmounted by an Iron lantern t<alnted red Th* lllumlns)Ing apparatus Is cntadioptrlo af the fntmh order of the sy>trrn of Fresnel, and will show a Plxed White Llaht; the arc of the horlion to l?- Illuminated Is 27t)degrees. The following dais are furnished ? lleli(ht of tower from t'ase to local plane. ?' feet hie atfon of i>ase <4 tower above mean level of sea . 7A " Delation of final p ane above mean level of sea 119 " {?stltude 4P 'J 21 '? N. EntwHutk 122?I8 W. I t In I Irn* 0 h, 10 m, 40 5 s. Frtim Point Wlllon It liear* NK by B nnagnetio, dl Unt .V4 miles. i'i"m Marrowstone Point N l>y W, W (magnetlot, distant S1, miles. 1'tota Point Partridge ?R by R. X K (magnetlot, distant mllf*. Prom New Dungenesa Light R by N, H N (msgnett 1, dis tant IImiles Admiralty Head eommatitU tbo New Dungenes* IJgHt, hut In shut out fixm Keith'., (Blunts) I ??laud Light by Point Fa*. tndee? The magpttit variation ?. 21 ?0 E In \ug'.ist, I860, with ? ye*riy Inert * ? of I 4. Hie litlit mil te exhibited for tb" 6'st I'trie on the n'^ht of Jan 2", l>i<t| and ?*iei j mcLt tUmwr Irons >no*rt to mu rine until further nonce It >ImM l?" '? Igible, In a favorable state of the atmosphere, fr>>m a height 01 lft feet ilxive the water, at x jImui c< til IV.. MA'i'tr < r 17 nautical miles. By imler hi the Light In nee Beard. WM, F. SMITH, Xngtneer Secretary. liuutsovat um ruutitn mum, morauu uakboii, van tOL'M K ULAHD. t.'wLOM u (hiiiuht'ii Omsi, I VwtS<U<, Dec I, 1&W. ' Notice is hereby given that a '.igbt Ik ?*?' dbi,ed in the LighW bonne rceently e"-cted on tlie summit o' Plsgard ! -Itul The Light Is IWed ai ,1 o' the fourth order of KreHO-M. H show* brijjlit when Iwai n<i from V 2 V t-' S Hi) . *ho? s ret when Ix-aring from N W to ?< G R, ai"l Is elevated 70 feet above m-..n hlgb water level, and may be seen lu (bear wea ther a distance of III mils The atincture e?n*Wis of a kee|ier's dwelling of brick, with a to w e i of <hi'.-.hum material, a iilUma<hc>d, ?urmi?untt>4 by an Iron Unti rn < alnted red. It li situated In !*t 4H 2ft :?* N, lou 13127 10 W. 1 be bearing! are magne to \V halMn^n. ? Arr at Bsrbados Ian 2". a Now Bedford hark, biim not as certained. St mi* out, ?ith AO hhla nil, put In for provl-iontf and a New Bedford i-cUr, about half loaded. S d from Culleo Jan It', but Afton. Allen. NR. on aeruta*, Sid fi'-in Hou-'lulu He" 7, ?'tm'irlt I'ea-wi, N't, to cruise; Maria Tkereas, <'oop, do, do lOtli, Montreal, 'larilner, do, d?s Orbit, Khfnnun, Hong Kong lltti, Alice, H?'?, I,'*, tonruns; Carolina, kinlinir NHeof >rtl 12th, lltuTnla 2d, "dwarfs. Nil. to crt^b; 1Mb, llarv-t, Chsrry, d", do; South Uoatoiu Har d 'th, PH. do; 17th, Harrison, wood, .SB, to cruise iff Ma jettic Chester. do aua home At do Dec 2ft, ahtp Arah OrlnneH, etf I'M; Emily Morgan. Whlteiiide. of NH A letter received In Naatoeket from Cupt Orant, of ahlp fa I an, NH, report* ber lulj 5, 18 0 13 inont is out, with HW ?>, rll well. A. letter received In Nnntncke' from Cupt D^frlet, of bark Pacranrifnlo, of VV<?tp >rt, reports her at I'il'n Dec 17, wUb WO ?p hnd (?hlpjx'd bis oil home by Imrk l.nfAyrtte A letter from f'ap' Pacini, nf bar'n I'ossa^t:, NW; renorta ber at l<?y of I*laj.d? ' >e? 22. IWl, having t t,i nr. and 9# hinpbk laat cruUe. Would l? home tn May o>- June. ?*|Nih?a, die. Ship Edilystone. (irant, from Calcutta Oct 23 for Boston. Dec 22 not No? til, 1st 22 W S. Ion 1 K Klup Ha/aar. Mi. *ait, from Liverpool for NOrleans, Jaa II latNt ?2 Ion 9 111 Ship Weston >len itt, KeMcran, from N?rleana for Llr?r priol. Jan 22, la' 2ft (Hi, Ion H4 S7 Ship l>ori-a? Prince, Wendy, ftom NOrleans for Iiiyerpool, Jan 22, lut 2ft W. Ion 84 :i7. hhipt lurs Whfder, Hilt*, from New Oilo*n? for Antwerp Jan 22, lat 3A 5K, Ion K4 S7 Hark flurilftht, from Ft Paul d? l,oando for Boston, Feb 1, lat :v> 1)9 N. lou 74 47. Hark Deborah Pennell, fn m Ruth for NOrleini, Jan 25, Onn Ki-t. Hrig Hrandywlifn, Harman, from Philadelphia for remain buco, Mdays'out, all traN, Jan I, lat 0 1ft a, lou 11 60. Porricn Pnrts. Arx Cavt- h, .Inn 12 -."-n Am veisel In port. K*hiji, about Dec 2i?lu port brig Tredtiric, OatTney, from Boifti.n rtlep. BakrapOs, Jan 30 In port bark' Mayflower, 't intio, for N^ oik 2 days: dm? le, Rhodes,?r"in Vlrork arr l'Hh Black Brv if. Ja, Jtn'.'O?in port ship Ola Ostnltiiin, Simp mn, from Klnpston for l.ondon Keb I M>. bark ValaHs, f'v MoD"fflis from d.*, for W*etp<?iil Feb Id; hriK s I'hurat-iD, Ltimph. r, from Kulmoutb, for l*hlM(MM next ''ajr. Hvi mi in, Ji n VI? Ait bi'i.s T VI Mavhew. imd Peerless, New York: S2<1 ^cl.r Ilurkav av. 1"; aftth. a ship (name un tmnn ni, reported o hfl from K'c1 mond for fdverjjool, loadel with flour anil wheat, aucln red at .Murray's anchorage lu di? trci-s. ? l'?Lcrm, Dec 10?ArrsMps North Atlantic, Grave's Liver pool Northern Crown Merrill, M lurit'u*. KlUr.RTOa, .te, inn 18 -No Am re?sel In port. LiTnirooi, Jan 80? Arr ahlp Ml tn, Bttstls NOrleans. I.OM'OK, ,len III? In port sblp.-< I'hmouth Ko,;i.p il.imm'.nd, for NYork 24'h O U l snisr, llrartley; <'srolus M .jtui", Ann ley, and I'alestlse lord fordo, Mogul, Spooucr, lor U mb iy; .^i-ills, Wyle, (or ?'nlci'i'a, Vsrr Hndford, Thomp?o?t, for Mclbourn* wild Bo- er, Croweil, and ICimln Hood. Orowall, for Port I'MUp' John A Parkn Itich, fordo: 'iaik Arthiir White. Ke'ley, for Boston- ami th'-rs MaPKI ,i, D<cR?In porjfhlps W'sban, ntrtriila*. front CaidifT for Bangocn, to be old, Western Ocean, Sltnm >ns, from I.lvcrpool f or Calcutta Mi i norhM , Not 14- In p^rt ship" Western Chief, '"ordle*, and Kislnt'Sun, ^kolfl. id, for Callao; llcrt-thin1, Wllliam-s for Tome, Chile Nki vitas, shout Jsn 21?In port brijjs Henry Means ^>11 <, for N York ft or 6 dsv; (Sraen WorthlnK'on. Kree'.by, for do 10 or 12 days si h-Sah>-. a, Elliot, for do3or.* d.tys. PALruvo. .Inn 12-In port brigs M.irtha Kerdsl', Psdd 'ck, from nYork i"st arr, for Philadelphia; Sea Koam, Btlj?i>, W dn\n from .Work, k fr? Pkrhambi'i o, Deo v8? In por' hrlit 11 A Dldler, Lelghton. for Delaware Brnnkw iter for orde ^ 2 dayi Pohck, about .iHn t:i?In port a 'hr Euphemia, Bayley, from NYork arr 2 days previous. St Tiioma", .Ian 20 In port ship Erie, Preble, repg. S1J 20tb, bsrke Dai otab, K lnitslon, Ja, to load for England; Cou rant. NOrh .ins Tmikm I'S, Jmi 25?In port a bark and a barkenUne, names unknown. America n porta. ItOKTON, Feb ft?Ait tte?n er B'n D. Ford, Halletl, Norfolk via Raltimorc; l>nrk Windward, V *i> ?? NOrleana. T'le graphed. ships F CtiahU ir. snd Ct -ii veil, from Calcutta. Old Br Macura, Mfn-dth, I.1 aisil via lltllfax: 'hip Fear Not, Hller, l lverpm': l.n,V ,'?<|f>. Wh?eler, M?t?n**-i; Manbaltim (of Savaunab, 1'- of NYork), >? -ay, Savaunahi Cieo S Hunt, VYoodln.ry, Por ' ind to loai* for Cuba; brV. "<aml f oi k Dyer. Jei. wle; ^cht Calliope O'Neii, Obarloston, W B Darltmr, RaiteT., t-1?* wlndW to RK, sletmT B B Forles; ships Alfred Hill. EUen Finte-; birks Brllliint, i C Nickels, Helen Maria, fieone Hurt: nnd from the Rmds. baik Syimi, bits- V<nin? Itepublio Brtj frolnge started and auchi red Ship H KCooper also started, but K>ta;round at Bnlnsfmd Isl mil would probably coruc ,rf at hLjh tide. 6th?ArrCbv fel* ''mk Itcn.i Bnr~>'*?, Ojeaf'tenos. BA I.TIMi iflE, Feb ft?\rr deamshlp thoa Swann, R?ms?y, NNorV Pelow, iff York Xplt. >bl|> Mile < tk''e, fr un ^b'le; brig Chessp>-ake, from Leniarir??both iK'und up. Cld Br brig Maunn Chart*, SI aw, K ng?'on, Ja; sohr tobn W Umln Frrneh, Fall Hlver Sid ship \r.n e Ito-ren, Collins, Klo .fa riciro and mkt; Brcm baik Columbia, Semcku, Bremen via Cl'y Point HATW. Frh 4?Arr bile Mornleg IJght Ulalr Savannah. HAMPTON ROADS, Heb0?Vrr (by tell ships Messenger, Fscbein, and Mary Banns, Callou; whr Or.u Marlon, Ma spraa. NKW BEDFORD, Feb 4-Rhl schr Cofrnlne, ^lctts, Yil mlrifftop NO NEW'f'flRT, Feb4?Arr se^r S Tnttle, Msyo Provldoneefor Philadelphia. Sid t-chr Julia baker, Baker ffmm Providenoe), NY oi k. Mb, AM?Sid sohr Emma Msyo, Mayo from Drv Harbor, Ja), NYork. !'*>-.? d o it 4lh bark B'tn ?Vliaon, Collins, from Providence for N'f?r cans NEW LONDON, Feb 4?Arr scbrs Adrlstic'Rrl. Howard, Windsor for NYork Sth Atlantic Washburn NVork; Oer trude. Casaldr, do for Eastport; sloop Oregon, Rhodes, Provl dcnce for NYork. NEW HAVEN, Feb S?Sid schrs American Eagle, Amboy; Eclipse, Fll/uhethport PHILADELPHT v. Fe** B?Cld steom?r Cambridge, ITowes. Boston; brig Adeline, ^chalken London s tirs Abica'l Ha'ey, Haley, Cieniuegos; Mar, t'rowell, Norfolk; 0 Liesnr, Laws, Boston: A E Douglss -'seders, NVork 6th?Arr steamers Kcnslne'on. Baker, Roston: Kevstona State, Marahmsn. NYork Delaware, Cannon, do, birk Mar garct, Qttlg, Pcrnambueo; brig S Thurston, l.amr>her. Black Blrer, Ja; sctirs Hannah, wentworth, do: Ceori.'e Bvroo, Hardy, Peinambttm via ^t Thomas, Anna Mc'lee, V^heaton. Jacksonville; JD McCa'thr, Smith, do, Cld ships Prank Boult, Mo-se, I.lverpO' l Ann h Hooper, Hoop r, do; schr Eveline, Y<?kc, Havana. PORTLAND, Feb t? Arr steamship Patapseo, Vull, NYork; schr Harriet Raker, Wetr>er, Philadelpbla. Old brigs Matat Ian, Reed, and Thotnn? Connor, i i rk, Havana; acbra 'lannah Westbrook, "trout, do; Ma-acalbo, Henley, and Starlight, York. Cardenas. PORTSMOUTH. Feb4?In port ship fndah Tmiro. for Mo bile ldg hay; If the weather Is favorable she will sail lattar part or this week. PBOVIDKNCE, Feb 6? Air steamer Ospray, Kenney, New York. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 1H?Arr ships Aurora, Clough, New York; Ocean Pearl, Crowe:!, Uong Kong. WIST Awn POUND. Ahbayy, >kw pt>uitoNMD. qold hrm;rlrt, loat on the evenlnc of Vondnr, Fabni.iry ?, a' the Aca demy of Mnate mat It No. 113, b-itoonjr, or fr-m there te nf teenlhatrret. I nton *.|n-re, Hrovl ??? (ml Weal Sin ?to-nlh atreet. A very good r-wa-d will ,o paid on t'a return to W Weet Nineteenth air- ei, where morn particular* will be give* BOOK LOST?IN A BROAD#AY AWD FOBTY.RBOON0 atre<-t onmlbii'. ycm -rdjr mornlag g <lug <l >wn ?' lia-ion on street '??llmad* " The flutter ?>tl 1>p ?H,I ably r* wanted by living the wme at SpotTurd, ille.Unn A Clo.'a, '29 Kroadway. for A. B. Held IOST?A SMALL LKACHBB T\ Art, OOlTTAlNI.Vtf J ?"me Jewelry a- d r irlmia o'fcar artlnlea Any one flud in<r tbe mme will lie aul'?My rrw.irded b* leavluj ll at B n brre A .laoob'a, I'4 Bi>w?ry, betwe-n Itrourna and (irnnd BtreetB. I OKI -$ft RKWARlt ?HTKATSD. KR 'M 2/7 ffl! IT J Teen y thltd street, ? black Newfoundland Do#, wtli * white irpot ou the breast; ha* ca ftrasi 'if the eyre l'mm old Me. Tbe above re ?aid will Im< paid for bia r. turn to the f ire B*mg x'dma. Lost?in an omnibus ms nroAnwvY. brtwbbk Fourteenth and Broome trrrm a Merlin Iron t'ortemnn n?le (black I, containing a $< MJ gold piece about $2 In allver and three bmili bill*. Th- Bud-r win bo Niiltit'ily rewardod by leaving It al tbe fcverett II' use oillce. LOHT-ON MONDAY 4TII INST, BKI'WKKH THR MO rlety Library ?nd Mad'-a n arenue and Thirty llrat at: net. an old faahloneil silver Htiokle marked J I' H AHlMUl ri-? ard "III or f|Ten by baring tbe atnie at I2J Madiaou aft IK^ of 77 Hear! atieet LOST?ON Nl M)AV LAST, A OOLU hrkasipir; ?1th b?lr?"iiln*r, tlu? Inlllal" "R n la It. J S."nn2r?T rd upon the beek H.-lnjr a r?-he ef a rteur friend, the Aider wtll be liheralljr rewarded by leaving tbe ?a neat 66 Him imud Mr**. OHT-TN TUB FOURTH AVRNI.B CARS, NBA* IJ Twea'y alith atreet, a amall patHn- parrel containing* illver fatd t a*.-and ' wo Tortntee Shofl Cnp*. A unliable re ward will te pmd If retained to Duncan, bhertiian A On Nu. V Naaeau atreet. LOST?IN A FOURTH AVRNUR ST A OB. LAST T0?? day fu nlnc, a large Mark Opera (llaaa, ?aln. d si a pr? ?enl The CudiM-will lie reward/.1 by leaving It or lilt ad dreaaat H M. Ilaviland'a ature, on. ner of Kntirth nvnne and Thirtieth etrett. IOST?ON WRDN KSDaY, A La ROB AND HBAVY A tiuld >l)njr. with the wont* ' In tu<-t?'iry of" earveA toiiDd ilie uutaiil?- in ol 1 Kn? lab i?xt A. ?iiit*nlc re*r*rd ?JI paid by leaving it with the aeor>'i?ry of tbo Inauraaoe c >m I enj ;IA W all fitrcet. It?sr?ON TilK RYRNI?(? OF FBBR1TARV ^ BB J tweeu ItlRhih mid Mlteotrth ntreeta, a (oid Watch m?>i1 < h?ir, wlib a < ?('it arm" on the vt'atjK. reward will Im pale for ihr lelnrti n' the i nme to the it A. J. 451 "har, eon * Od ho 7 I'ioe aire-1 IOST-A LADY'S (IRKB.M 1>1I ATllRB BBTIOCLB. II j a Droedway and Wall ?tica' otnubna. 'ho buj "hi took It to Rive tbe ledy wl|i ,.|n..-e !"?*? It at 1*0 ?tre?t, IOST?ON Tt'KCllAY, KEH. ^ A OOtiD FLAT, FLAT t band Hi ace et. In gotoic I r..u> Itrwodway mid <irati.l atreet llndxin nnd Yandnft air. < i?. In ? "prl'MI ?*r?et ?*???. Thu flinlfr will be ?ultai>ly rew.ird. d, a* it i? * keepjake, by re tuinnig U to 2WI hi ring?Uaal, to Mr. IOST ok MIfcLAID?VOL & DaNIBL WMBSTRB'B J Works, by KrerttA The Anter w||| br llb.-r,i y re warded, and rrrelee the thanka of the an >acrtbcr, upon retnrein?It too tk t'urter. til William ati'.el, olSuu haw York Mutual mantaBOfl < njnpany OAVINOS BANK BOOK lAMT.?A RANK Kn.iR or i* In- Hank for teae'ttfa 'n th? City of \?w vork, TSo. 211, 417, >n the nnmoel Ma?*aleni? Wo lie, hat wtl loat ?r atol^ix ffft* th? nwmr. Olt rvttarnliag th? nm# to the aw tier, lit! titand atreet, a wa*nu%ine reward will h ,??|.| HIUMRDH. BIU.IARDS, * MATCH AT tuR'iUM, KKfWRR* VMU aBi t\ad Herrw.n, will i aved thH i.vriilag at Keefe'a to. ma Wll <TAH V. XfO*trR -THF NI" '4 YORK TOMnfTRBRS ?lj* Li mw t ? nlirht at ,<)ie Mereer HntMe. at 7 ?'eh*'* ^eott W* QMti are, invited to attend ? R. OAltrHfTKR, Sergeant,

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