Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 7, 1861 Page 3
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(Aiaii oir aid ax. amAfft. 4 FIRKr CLA&8 FaBM MK MLR-i U1HTFEN A sol a III Xi w Jersey . !ir??r depo'. l??n jr traiiM dally ? f? AeiiA r> <J Huildm.a Ac, $ia.t>*J. ?? *??;?? ?*> Bucklaml ?ouuiy, ^ d limlU u*?, Ac , $2,OOU Other raxwa. W. U MUJol. W Bioadway. AYaEIETY OF FARMd, MILLR, VILLAGE AND UUy i'r. pert v In ?U location*. (ur wto or eulin^ ? Par lea havinge Oier o' the ahove t> dUpoae of would do ?clltocfttt. W. u. *?SLUK,407 Broadway, A HOUSE *ND f/*r, U>OATET> IN THE central J\ im>"t uf Weal Karma. WeatcMMar county, N. Y . will t>? ?old cheap f T?Mk. <* wl" be ?Xi h*n??d .for Brooklyn pro F*rtJ A| ply at 7 N?a-*u itreot, Room 11 CHOICE FARM KOH HALE-ONE HUWDEED AOEEI ? fii the fW btui of the Uudaon rlnT, bturwo ??? Hamboif *???< Pa>igl<keepsi?; <m? ut the hast Farm la Pi: ei-f eo. Biy bavin* a ntiabrr of flue building Hum, with ?iieiuuv?- 'ul .uil una rtrer rawa. with good farm build fciga, fto'k .if cattle.hay. fann'ng ausaiUa, Ac. *on(d be told low. Apply at 170 Wflllan atreet. Exchange for city property, for sale or to let a water-power Qrtat M 1.1, Id New leraey, adjacent to the city; h*a an entabllahrd and profitable bualntMS; tn* fix d will of which goat with the M11JL Addreaa W N., Herald (M Farm in morris county, N. J FOR HALE-AT a biii-pun, us 1 wlah to inove Weat frma eaay; good build fnga.even variety of fruit; health) local >n K'k'd eoll, and enutaii.a fl? mm For further particular am THOMPSON, for Hirer da}a, at New Jeraey Hotel, 71 OorUandi atreet Farm for balk at a bargain and te.ims easy?Only $.'1000 for a Farm of s?v nty-two a rea, with iiouae, barn, fruits. wo<>d running water, Ac , ?ttiiau*l mile* (r -m thia cur and near I'aU-raou depot For p?" 'Ictilar* apply U> A. HKBQEa.VT, 15 " all atreet. Ij'AItM < F<>R SALE-OREAT BAKOAI.VS OP VARIOUS JP lolcea, ?laa? and quall l^H, n*.tr the c.> v. conven t at to depot*; ai d *ome to exeh*n,<?< for eity or Ilrook'yn property. Alio, tome beautiful country wiai. HOI'thwIOK A WOOP^? N>?mti street. FOR 8AT.E?i FTNE FARM. ;CONTAI!fIN<J 260 a ?REM of Kind )??d. S) Mile* from cliy, with good milldltiM, plenty of all klodf of fnilt trena Tamil e*ay. ?'rlo.- AS,.kiU W.OUO e? h; bainnne In See T.-am, at ?li p r cent ?'or fur ther particular* inquire at tQ flreenwloh Hre *t (I. MALCOLM. FOB fALE.-THE THRKE STtJRT HRICK BOIISB, No 409 t'Bflflc street, Bro> klyn, oar? to ft .uth, Wall atrxet and fnltoL f rtie> near th? d.xir. fl?? lir wo atone banemeut, ?ub>'fi;ar. Urce yard, modern improvement, jjtut, bat)>, range. Ae , will b? eold for i6,HK) and la equal u> a New Y >rk hotiae at S1.00U rent. lauuLe at No. 3d Water utreet, up atalra. W. tfUE8r?EY. For ralw?on T.ExrxoTov awnce, cor.vER of I hlrtjf fifth airect, two fir** rlaa^ four Htorjr "tone froivt rrouset". w nh all the modern 'mnrovemfnta. Inquire of I). H K.NA11", owner, ltil alien b'.rwt. Foe rale?a three story and rasbmbnt brick HiiuW, *1 Ij hrown kIoiim triiFirni i??, loc it>-d In > n? <>' the beat ctrreta in H'ooklyn; lot 2'I' e-t front, id feet roar and ll!i feet d"<'p. Inquire at No. 1 Wall strert. IfOR KA1.E?10^ ACRES OF LAND, THREEQIJAR 1 tet of a ui le buck of Mn<[ Mnj? village; Nwitilul view of 0<e rlilaKe and the Hudson river Alto, a Itojse, No. #7 Monroe etreet, Seventh ward, in good ordi r Inquire of JOHN H. KOKI-.R18,1,010 Broadway, corner oftTwenty tbiid (treet. b th the above will be aoldclieap. For sale, at a ore at baru ai n?the first class four ainry Hoime nod lxit 2H Weat Fourteenth atn'et, wltli a!l the tiu>deru improTemenH Hovi"e2Mrt6, loi Sftxil'A ^pi'ly to tbe iiu ner, on the prcmlaea lermaeaay. Foaaea alori at ?n> time. IpOE HALE?TWO FIROT OLA'O FOl'E STORY ' rown ntoue front Bou>ea high ataope, replete with the modern tio^ruremenlr, atuated at 1MI aad IW Kaat Thirty fourth atreet, 1 exlnulou arennn. itviulre of JAMHH OWh AH, Judder, 108 But Tblr'y foufth KUtet. FOR BALE?f7,PtX>?TWO STORY BRICK HOUSE AND l ot. No. 188 rant Broadway, a:l In perfect order; $3,0)0 or can remain Alio, two ftorea a< d Direlltnc, Nna. 177 and I77K Dlrl?l>n (treet. I'rice $?,(**?; $3,000 nan remain; 1K)W ritiU for $700. Inquire of BLEKBAN, No. 17 Bo<very, or on the ptenilM-a. IfOR HALF.?THE NEW. KIKST CLASS BROWN 1 I'ote lloti?e No i;m Ve^t hlrty-nlnih atreet, near Broadway. Iiouae JJxfO, lot22x1011; bouae h.ia blivk wal nut alalia, marble ball and all fh.'r mo<iorn Improrninenta eoniplete Prlre $10,000 Apply to J AS. B. (JLKNTWOKTH, No. 7 limad atreet. FOR f<ALE?IN newark, NEW JERSEY, AVERY DE ?lrab!e Roldafcae, >ltuute1 on the corner of Walnut a.d Urebatd at re- u 1 h? bouae la well built and In a aubalantlal ji anner; Is thr-?'au?ii-a In hai^ht. *lih a ulninn room and kitchen eitenaion. Size ol'intln hot.g< , 2t r?y .14 feet; exten aiiui, <o b> 40 ect: furnished wuli jjaa, and hot a-idc!d water, and 1? in uocul order and repair, size of lot, 3il by l<Xi feei, wtth an J,- :vf by oO feet, being eqtial to a lot JJ by 175 fcut. Tbe tatd n 'a w.-ll atoeked with fruit tree*, crane rinrt, Ac. 1 b* h >uae on botU ?tr. eta is h.iii isomah aiiaded w ?h lr?g. 1 h" atxk'e d>-aenbrd nroperty Is w"-iiyihe atten tion nf p itl.-a drJlfl'iR a g?nte>'I nnvatn refldem-e, the dia tanei- fr. m i'k*Jgark-1 or Chestnut sti-eet d> pot hetinj hut cboiu (I e rrtm -'/r *a'k, m ikio^ It very convenient for p?r a..n? bown- 'a In fc.v York. It will b' sold at a reagot able pric and i>n t-rma very ao >mna ?l.i'liig to the P''rch;i*cr for whl h apply to Mr. A. A RfcRVBCat tlie ol'ice of the E??t Hlver Insurance Company, corner or Uretn wirh and Fu.ton atreeta, or on the pn uilaea. For sale-a nrro MTTr.F place of fourteen aerea, on the New York ami Sew Haven Railroad, and Vtthin alKlit of the d' pot at New r'.orhi-l'e; building* In gO'Kl order; perfectly b*altliy. For pnrtx'uLirs inquire of C. H. 1H Tt I F.K, 29 Beaver atreet, or of 11. F. PEYTON, on the I>r< niisea. FOR HALE-i/im ACRES OF LAND IN OVEIDA CountV th<* rmte. This In about ."H mllos iro-n L'tira and five from Much hirer Can?l: In heavily timbered, villi u tnilarice n< water power; It in also fine f*rin la id, at the improvement* in ibe vicinity will enow vNlil ullortndt the h hole or any pa11 thereof l?r jnup rty In or netr .vew l'orli citv. Cui'l.' ?> Info'itiatlonefci, im obtained of VVm rttaa tup, 4t*i Hi''k? ? re?t, South Hrix ki>n. ?rti.n h\l.t?A OHOH R FABM, NEAR T !R CITY OR J1 B unawtck New I?rsey In good or?i?-r, well watered find con-slul, / abundance of Irull. i r ce $7f> pci't'sre in of ll*r i' I SStfcHtIR, <>n ,t Cii , M -Vail stre t TTtOR saIT?\ TENEMKJIT i'ROPKRTV II' TOWN, J* U"t far from Central I'a k. present root $1,2.Y> a year; con il i *lh ) <? iBcrc?M d to $\B0i) ?> Inveatln.' * few hun dttldiH >ra In palmtop. Ac >1 u" be sohi ; price gtiVkXJ; Me-Mlf can remain. JiUnttP,toi ID Herald I'OK nAi If?A SMALL ! AKM OK'.'l'.; ACRE-*; IT i.fEH 1 oe I'elhim Mtck, Rfc?lche?iercour ty, fifteen mlhs fmm the ci'.y: a fine i c?uon, fl e beach lor hathing. mid tl?-i view e-inrct be siirj>as?ed "N. t??No excliun^o. A^ply to fLTER K. EleKAM, I r.i. n Bn k. Ii'OR BALK IN IIPOOKL'N?TWO FIRST CLASS 1 three *torv Hi Irs donnes. browo stone bss.rn so I, jast fliiij-lirrt, on Hl?l?, betWOMI Hutu* snd er.^ra ?tlw??,; have a'l th? nii?>ni mprovemauta, *nd ronteu ent to tlirea ear route*. pi Ice tow and on taay terma. Apply to J. W. (SHANNON, on tb- premise*. "JjlOH WALE IN HROf'KLTN?ONE THREW BTORY I1 and bu ? m'-nt brick Houae, 17il F"rt Ureon pi a's>, a brown otune Hon*", with all the moder tninrovmnanta, on 1 ortisud avenue, utar Fulton avenue and Wa?hingti<n I'ark. Terns e?*?. T. B. JaCKKOM, oh the premise* fTIOHIMl.K AT A BAOBlFIOE.?BlfTJJtt) WANTED, REST P remnin. a i eauiifnl new i'ott?ge altna'ed in a lore Ik av. nn- in Williamsburg, built for a physh Ian; c-tg ehando l!?m. bnirony; pa?* the door (taie three cental. Inquire street W lliiutiisburg. For sale cheap?the brown btone hottse 108 Went forty eighth street beti?e?'n Hlxtb nod Seventh avrnue*, wl b all the modern Improvement*; newly punted And repaired. Pan be aeen from 10 A. M until 9 r. m. In quire on the pr mUes ' For kale oh k*ciianoe-a rmall farm at King Mng, two mile* fr n U?- depot; will bcaold t:heap. J. F. WILLI aMH, M2 E gbtb arenun. For bale or ExrnAWOE?a country beat iv Wen'chea er eounty, on tba New llavcn Railroad and Within 3t> minute*' rde from thl* city, r etaining in aefwi; will be aoid at i vsaln, or eich.tuae<i for a h >u*e an.i lot In tfala city, or for a co untry eeai in the county w i'b I?m land; buildlueanew ana moiern; h'>t ande->lit wateriu'ro duc-d. Ir.quue of UKEGOUV t CO., 36 Bond itreet, New York. For pale or exchange?a oottntrt re^i danee at AeU'ria, Long InUnd, the premlaee formerly oaned by I'a H and Marit Puttfy, and now occupied by the ?ubwnlier, c>tu[Ti(itng i'l'j acre* of Karden Un.d, with a large defiling and klteh- n atia> hed, In c -mplete rn-dar; barn and out-bul dii'k'e, clft-rn and two well* of wat?r. the ?aid preml?e* mgr about t*o mile# e*n of Klghiy-allth street lerrv, anil ihrcr u.IIch by the IIuuter'a Point road from the ferrle* p'yip* to lenlbatid thirty rourth * reeta, and three quarter* of i m'le Ir m Die ri-pot of (lie l/ong Ul iniKail Hieit Ihe "bove Wouiil be etehansfi'd for a first cla? dwelling I. n?e. with m dern lnipr>nerneiiia, In a r-iiwub:# nelghb< tboati in ihU city. Inquire of WM. BAJiTa, 367 Oanal aireet, eorner ?f t* "oa'er, New fork. FOR BALE OR KXriUNOR -FARMS, RESIDENCES > M il 1 ahead* Lands, near and a ers tble to New York iv railn .nl sn4-t ?amh a s, slao Neiv n.rk -itv and Bnx>klyn hui roved anunimproved i roperty. for Marc!ia< 'Use fc. ?<VmniK, K) line trwt FOR FATE OR FXi'llANOE ?FIRST CUBA THREE auirv hipb ba emeni brick Owe'i'ng. Vo. IWWeM Twenty fourth itreet, In e>tr? oid' r, frer and clear h:i* ement col ler, fowcr oourt yard, Ac Vlo>e-s, with particulars, ii. Ardet'on, No. 74 tirv tiwicH itr?*t FOH KaLK OR EXl'llANOP, FOH CUTLERf?TRJf 1/Ots on lligli I'olbt, near Utilon HUI. Addreea S. H., b-'X .t,275 "oM tiu ee FOR Is AIR OK nAi r.? *'E.-l I.RN PROFERTV, Full Pr\ ti'iids <'l 'th'tiB, stik^, iMoths t'a?-imores, '^Tinr*. fejrai*. n? Mac io?, Rata bee, J-welry, i<o?ls, iuw?, Fuml*hTg ? :?<!*. or * mhp wttk a ?e.ier?l an Timent. Ad dress lor tnrea da>s t'?-Lfoieiitial, lie alii >'lUce {jV>R BALE OH IhASK ' N VERT FAVORABLE ' terms Tb?ontti>gel mae, with two ioli <.f Union 1. In ?ghty-?i? h atreet, ne, r Third avenue; the ilnusn v? Oreen wich atrvet; tl?e H' uee ?nd Lot No. 7 C-ntre Market uiitce; a,*" in Brooklyn the llou-e *. d L t, al'h sta'd n ;( on >inn ?feet, northeast rorrer'.f l oluroh a ?nd Nttdnr; the Ho ine *'d l.ot ti<>nb?e*i corner of johB?oii s id Carll s'rr-*'t; 1 Lotaanntbeaat?oner of t'nluin'na end t'hureh ? reets; 00 1 ot* bnutided on Cdlu.nbiik llieks, tlenry, Blgioimey and li?> sireeta. Apidy at the rrankfoil Hotel )*o llri <?ilium tin ci, rum >o 1, up ?Ulni. ttOR BALE OR TO LBT-AT TBhMONT, t'PPRR MOR r rlaaiil , a fl' et r ?le Oror. ry Ntind, op^iaite the depot, si?o several Huua> ? aud Lota on e?ay term*. Applv to Jt?H N B rRAHBB, Washington avenue, betwaan Fi'e^ an" w>><t atieeta, Iremont L'nR RXCHAROR?A IIOVBI ON THIRD AfUJICB r for House on acri>?? *tree.. pav some aah, clto t?u tcre* Lend isplemllnd I Tntlon) and hnlldittgs, for tlooso 'n tliih cHy. BlH.1 House worth k\( 0u for House worth $15,<>W Ari lv a. Joe Duane m-mh up ?talra. HOVBE WANTED? WaMED TO Bl'Y, IN BROOK 1 in, ne?r rlty rar^, and within twenty or thirty minut. s' of o- e of tile ferries, a -mail Hottse and f!"t. I<or*Hon must ?e pleasant and beslthy. Prlee low, and term* ol payment ***1 Address, giving price, loi.tlon. t rms of paym"?; aud full particular*, w. R. M , box \TM New Y oi k Poat ollloe X otb roR bale to close am rbtatr-two J Kits on the wmih side of 1 lilny eighth *tre*>, hota-aen nrst and ,<ecnnd avenues oejlnmng I7S leet ea.t or Seeon.l 5VPVri?'rr'" w' bT ?* feet deep. Apply lo ADRIAMCB A TARDRRI-OEL, Attorne>*, m Nassau s(roe', N. T. \f C?BJT_ HILL I'ROPBBTT FOR BALE?BROWN -f 7""r* "n l^*?n#t..n avenue, Thirty fourth stnx ' and Thirty elihih street, near Fifth hvemie. Term* 11 ?>iit lia w uvnm.Htm the time. Apply to MAT T MTR^^. RfllBae^Thirty aeeond s?.?t NIEHi Mi TWO LAROl _t. r?L ^ In Market treat. one hdndeed ?H? from the depot ?? the New leraei Rallnstd, with Mteatn Pnwar; "ultable for any maniirac>uriti? purpose AotXv on tot pramlaaa or by lottar to JOHN 0. UBKmSiJ; 8ALE8 OF HEIL ESTATE. T) KAL fc>TA'l K It AND KKKCHANniSE W IN TED. for which flr*t class M uttle Hewing Mach.nea vall guaranteed) will b- given Is sichauga. Add/via, wito i*j titulars, bos AMI fwt otLoe. fTVEXAS LANDS -WANTED. A GENERaL STOCK OF 1 Itrjr goo?ie, grot* rtea, boo'a Ana ahoea, in exchange for Texas lands; well aluauid. wj .San Antonio, at (air pita*. Address D., >>oi 3,621 Putt uflice, N If. mWO LOTS WANTED lit BROOKLYN. BETWEEN A? 1 Un;lc sod Myrtle Washington avenue And Fo>t ?ire?n, for which a liiw (took of seg-ir* and chamnagne will 1?-given In exchange fh-s is a rare ->i>p .rtuuity for an Immediate transaction. LOCK. Jt PlrrMANTltt Bond atreet. TTALCABLE REAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN ? w Modern brawn Dwelling, 6* Vent Twenty eighth street, one block from Broad>v?y, three story and hijjh stoop basement; #) teet front by V I'aet; lot 2U by 1U1 feet. Two thirds of the purehas* money can run on noi-MMM for Ave years. 1 am dele mined to aell it It is aa valuable a* any el y property. slid liicre?slag In value. Apply to 11. T. tiKEEN # OOD, 78 William aireet^ WANTED 10 PCBCHABE?A PRURIE FARM, 1ST A healthy part of sny ?f tiie Northwestern Kltif< (Lake Winnebago district, Wisconsin, ore/errrd;, with House, isrin I uildluga and fenees In g *>d ord?r, gracing privileges, and In the nelghb-.rbord of a railway "r ?t<-amlxiat lln?. I'rlf- not to exceed $2,t)b0cash. Full i-artlculais req<tl>ed a* to eiietit, 0- nditlon of mil, situation, distance from ruirtn and or ?teamhoal station, average yield of crops nel^h!x>rho .d >f cl urches and school*, Ac , *'?, and If a sketch or photo gi> pbtc View of th>- house and farm buildings be ap i?*nded it w ill ghe greyer aaMa'aciion ai d security. Wanted, al?o, a reapeclab e and active working overaeer to manage the farm, or to contract lor Its cultivation In the owner's absence. References and securities required. Term* ywnporti insli to !?? stated address, prepaid. X X. X., Poat ollioe. Melbourne, Auatrai'a. Facto*. Milwaukee, Chicajo and Detroit papers piea e Inttnate tbli- oppoitunltv. 117AN TED?TO HIRE OB PURCHASE, A FtRH ON vv the North rfrnr; the vicinity #f KlshktU preferred; a healthy location, slid go< d and commodious buildings. Ad drem Fanner, bo* I Ml Herald olllce, for ten da. a. TfANTED?A RESIDENCE.?HOfSE AND LOT, IN TT Brooklyn, Jeraey rity, or Hibokcn, In exchange for d unto umboied prijH-rty, In a flenr l-htng Weatern city on the Mlr-nN-it 11 Address, with particulars, A. L. King, bos I'Oft i nice. TITANTED TO purchase?A BBOWN STONE FRONT TT or bnck dw elling bouse; mail be located north of Tiven tj fllth atreet and west of Fourth avenue. Price not to ex en il (O.tu) Audress, witb full particulars, B. Uenson, 151 Boa er?. U U.L OIVB TWKM V illti BAND DOLLAR* CA*H, vv a new maibb- front dwelling house on Wab-ish avenue, Chicago, worth lilteen ttw?.mud d.-liars, and t?enty live th'uaand dollars worth of other Weatern p'orertv, f vr ilxty thi nasnd <lol urn worth of dry gooUa or g-xnt merchantable pi* da. Will nurc^u-c kninller amounta paying forty percent <usli and balaoe in first class property. Aodrcna box 3,U7;l New \ ork I'oat oil ce. ({??i T" worth first cla? household furul i ture wanted In exchangj lor real eauto. Ad ilrens Ke>l Estate, Herald o<! ce Ci; ? imirarMii oiTix^TTXNtlK" for' l?RO V"t" r'rtj (n the c untrj, near the city, the Btocn and Fixtures of an old established boot xnd ?hoe store, now doing a good busincae. Address 2V0 Third avenue. FOH RALE. Awfll ertahi tshed, haff ant> very i?RoriT able manufacturing buaineai. for aiil? low?All in (rood w oiking order and will bear cloae scrutiny. An exceeding good chance to make money hOPTHVVIfK A WOOD, f>i Vm au street. Ahfi-tai rant. OTfTSB CALOON and bar for ?sle?1 oeatt d on a hualntaa corner, hand^omelv fitted up; a chance ae dom offered to make m>ney; $.\W will nur chaac l^ate, Block atid Fixtures. Apply at 429 Broidway, 12 C. B. HOWES A OO. For rale?one m ttor^e steam boiler and Engine, with two of Prentiss A Foge's MIHs, with Rhaft ing, Bella, Ac Aiao five yearf' l^eaae of the building 161 Du ane s'reet. Apply at 2<ki Vulton n'rt et. For bale?a grocery store, doing a tood hnalneaa. satlafactoij reason- given tor selling out oa the fPHttiMA ln<|ulre Utttf i bird avenue. For bale?a first class wholesale and re tall corncr Liquor More, good stand; cheap rent; muat he told. Apply to J. A. BICHIH, 73 Naaa.iu street. FOR BALE?A CANAL BOAT, schooner RIOOED, lying in Hobok'n basin, -alU and tiling nnarly new; drnws six feet water with a*) tons; would be sold to a respon sible mail on accommodating lerma. Fur particulars inuulre of F D. BaNKS, s North Moore street. For sale?the stock, fixtcrek. ac? of a fa ml'v grocery establishment Tho business for the lust Cear, '"orcjsii, eicaeded &VX) per week, aud cnuld be t'gelj mrrated. A very favorable lease can be obtained of ikI' pun Ucs which an well adopted f >r the business, ami the stock. f.itu "?, Ac., are in first rate order, making It 11 ve v de?:r iW<'jjt r.rtuulty for any parties wishing to eruer the buslntax. Fin- further particulars or an interview address Grocer, Herald olli'-e. L10R KALE?ONE OK FLOAT'S HEWING MACIITNES; I coet$!*?: will be sold cheap, a* the owner U selling out. Inquire at 386 Cherry street. VOR SALE?A WELL FITTED I'l* MARKET, IN A r first class nelphborhood, now d< lr.? a business o' $2'> a day. A gt ?d .viand for a man that undrrstunds the business to make money Good rcasou* given for aeHiog. For further information address 0. h. W., bo* 137 Herald oOkv, for r,ne week. l/OR KALK?A FINE ll< TKti AND FOAKUINO (101 SB, A corner Of Forty-first stnet und 81*'h aventi . A Hue stand end full of noaH r; ; Furniture, good will uud Lease, U0 rentf.1,1*). ; g'?d. nice building; satisfactory reasons for felling. Apply <>n tin premises or u? M1LL.KK k CO., 335 ICosdway, r out 47 T?OR SAl.f?A LIQUOR STORE IN A JOOD LOC* A tlon; rrnt low; also Meek and t-'luturee for a?l<w lu.julie on tlir premise*, 182 Livitloti strce', corner of Norfolk I^crr RAT F?AN OLD ESTABLISHED LIQUOR (TORE, now d"lnf atrood Initlwn, n-ar l( I'wkiin lerrir, Spring utreet market, uud sold on acojuut of sickness. Apply at jli Ci.nal street. VllR SALE-TUB BAKP.RV 710 RROAOtVAY, TO I getber *lth i>n Mom and H traces, t>vo >ta?>iis. Hay, ai- Persons wlslong M buy will rji on H. O. ALLOOTf, 2I'M " asblngt"ii *treel or*' the hakerv I??'K HALE?A BAR, LI MOM AND RILLlAKP ROOM; I or*- of tie be-,I p'af. s down town will sell .he .p. i'aiisf oo reus ill* for ticllug. inquire of (. QAFKNKi, tZi' Br. adv. FIOR SAU ?a SMALL KEaTI V Fl'RNfsHED MOTEL, containing a'l the modern ImproreaMnta? line lodging, dining and sniper rooms, tilth line Restaurants attained Appl> to BRlTltlN k CO., No. II Krond street, New S oi k. Fob hale, or a partnki: t\ken?the saloon, 154 Fourth avenue. Teirns easy. A rare chauoo, For sale cheap-the lease, stock and fix tures i,f a nestly fitted up Liquor Store ant L>>dglng House. three year*' lease twenty sing e l.-dslng rr-ims, w th l)<<! and beading. App'y At .No. 6 Catharine dip, or to ?fctTOK, U5 Division street. FiOR SALE CHEAP FOR CAMH-AN OLO RSTaR lithed Grocery t-ture, Id Hoboken, n ivt doing a gooi cash business. with florae, Wagon arl Harness The store Is In tlif* b< st locaron In the eliy for ettendlng a larger ir.ide. For pai tii'ulsrs apply to JOHN McDoNOl'CfH, >o. 42S Broome stre* t, M. t. Foe sale or to let?the lease and furni ture of Walton's Hot-'t, Isllp. L. I Trotit fishing sea ion opening at this place on i he 1st of March. Early applica tion will be. u?cesa<ry. Apply t > E. M. WALTON, at Thorpe a Hotel, Eighth street and Broadway. Grocery a^-d liquor store?on a prominent and principal thoroughfare, doing a good, safe and pro (itsbe tiade; handsomely tiiu-d up, long estalilished well stocked, and an eieelient chance to get in business. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, 88 Nassau street. Hotel for sale-well established; low rent: long lesae: good location; will be sold at a great bargain, and satisfactory rua*< n? alvnt tor spiling out. E LAWRENCE * CO., fl East Fourteenth street, Oaloa square. II MPF.R TARD FOR SALE.?THE STOCK, FIX J tures and go<Hlwlll of lease of an old established lumber business Inquire on the prentlaea, ;U0 West street, comer of i hsrlton street, N. V IQUOR STORE FOR RALE?WITH OR WITHOUT . . ^ . * * ?? thorou "" " ~ " Dies. ID STEEL CAR Bri'INOS.?FORTY TONS TO AR For sale by llfcNKV VONOE, 199 Broadway. JLJ Stock, in one of the principal thorouglifarea In Brooklyn. Address t\ II (1., Brooklyn Fust o rive In a few days. For sale h^ Q UARTZ ROCK MILL AND PORTION or PATENT W forssie.?The very best for ret iring rock and other hard substances to perftet dust, with hardened shifting grinding surfaces, essily eharged SOl'THM I( K A WOOD, fc! Nassau street. Steamers for sale t our s.-rew st. an era. from 300 to 900 tona. Three sidewherl steainboata Three Vernr H'>als. Ptmm Kngine and bollsra, new and seciond band, eonstant y for sai*. Apply to CHARLESW COPELAND, 121 Rrumt-vay, ,V?W Fork. rito iiRiooisTs.-KiK saleI rnK^r< < k. futI/reh 1 si d I.e-ise of a firs' class whofrsa'e Pnip Store. In one of the beet locations In the ct i To ?ny one .les'rotts of en thla Imslne-s surh an optso nnitv r.tre y offers, with real name. Drugs, boi3.&M New York ?ost oi pnglng In Andit-ae, TO PRINTERS ?FOR SALE, A .IOH PI?r\nNOOFFI<;E. consisting of Mesm Enmn". R< tier, Cylinder and liana Presses, HteMm Inkers, Types, Ac. Can be seen on the pre mises, 71 Maiden l?ne. New \oik. rro J'Ri'ooisr*.?A First clTks-driIo store fi>r i isle n this eltj d ^nr a c- 't| business and well fiuee and staked. Apply to F. HA LB, Ul William st? N T T* UlK MANHATTAN KdAPOOMFAN V UFKIIH FOR SALE, lor rash, their Fa< ti ry and Oflieo FlsiU'ee, Stock on hard, TrsUe. Ac The s.,ap n ade by ? tieia has a high reputa tion and Is sold I irgntv to * hole? Je gt ire.e ot this and other ctalis It Is eell Introtheeed, alwavs sold lor caeli anil pa/sa (ttKid profit Par les wishing to pur.-hine can learn full par ttculai* by applying at the office, 19* Water street, snrond aiory, between II ana 1 o cloik. WHOLESALE DRFO STOrK FOR SALR-AT A gt- at sacrifice, in lots to suit customer*, by tke Aaslgne, 34 B< ekmati street. d?l r.n will prRriuspTTHE stock and fix ?It/v tures of a neat eortier Liquor More, oa an eve-l Unt thorough i are on tbe??si side of ' hit city doing agrnd t.i.slnees Aprly 'O T OA VFNRV, an. tloneer. 42-1 Hr.?-lsray c ; 7r, witiL but TnltEl teakr;~Leasr, Atock C.I I ?' sud fixtures, Kestsiii ant and twoftiinisbod Rooms o'le mar UqtMr store ?.Meh leaves store almost mot tree, Apph at 4AS1 wenty e'ght i street, corner second avenue d?j/\A wll pcitciiasr the stock and rix JP""v tures of a Taney and Rtatlonery Store, ino>tdlng furniture. Ac for h neakeeclnf. ihoroughfa natnl eluap rent 111 health eauso of soiling. Address Oanltal, Uetalo i.dice. d| r.7wT wild. Ml V 11 Mf HOOD WILL AND CTEN^ILS of a Ijm? Ctir'ain Hlnsehlng I'swbllshment, bav. In* s Aral rste run of riislon.ers, eatabll'h' 1 ?lno<' IW4; trade learned to the purchaser This Is a ehanoc seldom met WH?. Satisfactory re irons given for selling. Address Lace, Madison square Poet oftlee Ji9 _r,JR SALE. A Win. ESTAM.ISIIRD ?r^.? M Mf. wholesale ca>h bitslnesa, now In aetlva and snereisfm operation. Addreas, with full name, T. 0., boi |g) t'ernld ofl re. d>m linn -?TRAMB??Ar nm salr or rx change. A ^ of 140 tons, In good ord. r snd ready for Immediate servlee, will he sold or ax A _ HO&HD1NU 41D MIPQlWtl. AHANDSDHM-Y FURNISHED FRt'N f PllW* ?nil Bedroom to let, n'leinau and wife, or two single g< siltmen, with or wltituui i.uAiO. Apply at <?' Aunty ?trtfi. KM ALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET RtRiMH OR __ suits of Rooms oil -eeoud or third floor, to sl<u I- g?a tle?ien or gentlemen and tU- lr wives .with Hoard, at in>?era'.e prli ts. Huum) Lu ?ve.ry m>dorn Improvement, pi. **aitlly I'fCat'd, Convenient to Q*ib Mrel sia^o*. OilJ at ili n Olt Taeuty third nnel. A handsomely FURNISHED ROOM TO RE.XT, with Hoard, oa the ?econd tli.or, kill a tiedMotn ad joining. also* good sited loom ou the fou ib i*tory Apply at %b second avenue, uext door to Fourth street- RefertBcee exchanged. A handsome suit of rooms, on the second Cuor, to let, w it>i Board, at 4i oast Twentieth street, ltel t renccs excLanged. A handsome -irrr of rooms on the bboond do- r t-j 'et. wtth Hoard; also Rooms for ?dutl* /uutle nien, at 124 Ninth eireet, a few doors west of Brunl ? ??>" A GENTLEMAN CAN HE ACCOMMODATED WITH A rlimit l.i d Uojui In a small private family. Apply at ill Biooine street At-MALI. FAMILY WOl L3 RENT A PARI.OR and two Bedrooms to gemlsmen or a gentleman and ife, wuh or without Meals, bouse ne r; Rooms c urstu hot and cold water; oonsenn nt to can aud atagea and n?ar bleed* ay Apply at JlSlutveuaiu str?et flrat ue# ho'iae r*at ?' Third avenue, and between Nin'h and Tenth etree'A A gentleman WaNTS BOARD, AO, IV TMB neighborhood of Teu'h street. AUili-eaa, staling garlic a Ure, terms, Ao., y. R R, llea.d otloe Aprivaie family residing in twenty sixth street, near Fourth avenue, ? ill rent a ne.ulv Fur nish-d Honui, ou the second floor * uu or without pirtia boaid. Addiees A. M.. mallow K Poat ntlird. A gentleman and wife, ok a few SlWOLft geuUeiucn, may obtain desirable Ko nna, with Board In * private rami!)-, be app.ylng at Iff Weal bixteeuth atioet Re lc* uses required. A PARLOR AN D BEDROOM TO LET? ?URN1SHED. Willi lul' or partial lioa'd, In a modern built house. Apply a' 51 YVest fweniy-sixth snoot, bctfteeu Uroauway aud Blxtb avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LAR'lE AND very desirable Hnuui, on 'lie scond floor, suitable for a s< utltui.u ki d ?lfe, nr t?o i>tnt(le geiiileinea; a:* i, a n.nrfie Room: location 69 ha?l Twenty-rixth at., uaar Fourth avenutt. Refereucex oxrliHUtted. A HANDSOMELY Ft KNIilIRD FRONT R.?OM, with rhh and grata, on iM-eoiid tloir; a'ao a imall Room, to let to a etngle geatlemaii, without board. So. 41) I'/ve'uueiA ?tivet, lietwoen Broadway and fourth a>euue. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN 0AN BE AC03MM0 dxted with rurnliihed Roniu.i by applying at 100 Ninth ttrtet, between Broadway and L uivarcliy pUoo. A private FAMILY, HAVINU NO 17SE FOR THE i ntire third floor of a Arm cla a Iiouki", routilning eve ry coin( i.ii nee, will let ili< lioouM to g>'i?ili-tne(i dexlrmj i oil or , ait ml board, beat reference* resulted. Apply at IS H*u? tnond street. A FEW PLEASANT F'JRNISHED ROOMS TO LKT?IN the St. John's 1'ark Hotel, corner of lluds ma'id Lalghl atreela; a pleasant location and very eooveuient to loose d >iug bublni ss down town. Meals on the fcuiopcuii plan at ail hour*. A private FAMILY-WISH TO let A ROOM AND I'anlry on the third il 'Or, with fallur pstlitl Idin, to one or tw o persons; the hnuxe c ntaliis all thn iD Klorn lm pioveue nts. A) ply ut 'J1 Wed Twenty seventh street, be tweeu etxlh and feventh avenues. Avery handsome furnished frint and hat k i'arlor and two lleilroom-i in lei together or sepa lately, in a first eiaai house containing alt tTie modern lm proven.cuts. References exchanged. Ap,ny at liJ Waverloy place. A gentleman and WIFE REQUIRE ROARD IN crooklynoron the New York side. In llio nclghburh'KKl of the Fulton, Wull street or Catharine ferry. A genteel private faniUv preferred. Terms must be moderate. Addrcas A. L, 1 lei aid ofllce. A GENTLEMAN and LADY OR A few SINGLE GEN tli ram can be nlc?ly areomtnodaied irlili Board and lii/ine (U.ntorls. at 2lVt West Twenty eighth street, between Liybtti and Ninth avenues Near earn aud stages. A private FAMILY, LIVING IN A VFRY PLE WANT part of Brooklyn, would like to reduce thHr exisMinea by Poarding an elderly or Invalid pti-son, or two or three chll dri ii, gn ing gor.d Rooms and extra attention for liberal pay. Address A. G. H., Herald ofllce. AHPIENI'ID SI'IT OF furnished PARLORS ON ihe Urn flnor. with pilvllege ol Kitchen, suitable for a Ml,111: lamilv. aiso, sin^l'f R<iom<. wlihim deru linpeoreiuonta App'y at96 Friuce stivet, a few doors west o Broadway. APARTMENTn.-A handsome HL'IT OF c'OPR hiKims, with private table, al 74 Fifth avenue Altu Parlor and Bedroom lor a gentleman. A GENTLEMAN AMI WIFE May OBTAIN HOARD with eveiy leasoiialde ooinfort ?lt'i a plain faintly: a so 'd turnisticd itMjtu, IncItidlug fuel aud lin'tt; tirnm Tn'itilre *t asi lleniy siretl, N. Y. N. tt.?Another Rao in Cb ca}.t.r if preferred. A H ANDSOMELY Fl HNISHF.D FROST ROOM, IN T?t ntj-fourih (tret, between Madison and Fourth ave nues, will ne let, with Hosrd to a and wll'e m two tingle genttemeB, at lit per week, In and gas fncltuted Kit Il.vRI>>> A CO., 'i/0 r'oann aveuue A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SECOND *T(>RV boom to let, with board, a single %? nllr nan it 22 HV?l Twenty-ninth at ; al-o two tlngla room. Mtyl? of hou?e*??ep. iiu ana taMe uneioeptlonahle. Al?>, in t*u d?v*. the raoep lion and otl.rr nom-, amiable for u lamtly, will be vacetod by pailb a going lo houaclu tping. At m twentieth street, corner ok fourth avenue?To le', a handsome null of Room*, for ii family nr a parly of snitl' men, with or without boaid; li< ?*<? aiul location fli hl cl&aa. BOARD?M CROSBY STREET, BETWEEN BROOME hi <1 -p I uk single full' men i And excellent .i.n modatlon* wiib prompt al'et<iI n to c'iuf rt, U?tb, jto ; .? gocd rui'Ktantial (able, family Eo*;tfab. BOARD-IN SRVBKTTI WARD; a RARE CHANHB lor a peniVman and wife, or f"'ir flngl- gnnt'emioi, two aquare Hi i. ma. on fcond <lo r ca , ha'h, Hre and ev^ry onto ftirt of a home Tt-rnia moderate, :,?d re.ereuce exchanged. Ai ply at 72 Henry am.ct, near Mar act, Board.?olinton ri.ArE._To lkt, with boaeb, to a family or alrige geol "?men. two fnrai*h?d froni Room* Apply at 61 'llntn place, two door* eaat of Klftb av< nue !? < 1 ei-*nee* required. BOARD.?ABITIT OFRoOMBTO LET, Wir.l BOARD or together!, with g?a, hotardeild water, bath, Urge eentilM, Ac., in a email family, where ihereare few boarder*. InoUire ai No. 0 iiank aircet. fhm-n paaa within one blink of the bouae. Heferei.cea ex<h;ini<-d BOARD ? AS eliutbir aPARTHRNT IV A VERY aumll nnohtruaive family t> let with Board to an lnv? lid, <t u lady expecttnu to require m-'dioal aire kin.i im* ami In me attention For location terms, Ac , a,iply to, or addr? m l)r. Thirra, No 62 Sixth avenue, New I'ort Board?a oenti-eman and wife, or two *in. gle gi ntlemen, can be acromtnoilated with Board ami tb* cnmfirtiol a home at No. 25 tMuyveeanl atreet, cm tin nation of Aator I'iaee, convenient to car* and ?<**'* Board?to let, with or without board, a lat*e comfortable Room, with a small Boom and pantry attaelied. Alao, ft aingle Room. Apply at 48 Clinton pUv, Bight h at reel. * "* R0ARD -an episcopal CLEROYMAN WOULD RE reive into bia family thr e or four girls to board and educate. The *trl--lc*t attention will b? given totlmtr mora. anJ rrllftoua training, and no mean* will ke left untried to aup ply the place of parent* nnd make for them In every reapeel aliatpv home. Arplyio haLLERhhT A OO., 48 J .ho at Board?a few pleasant and nicki.v fur inxhed R. o?i ?lib ?"0d Hoard, be had at ^12 Fourth aireet, aecond i.loek weat of Broadway. Reference* ei changed Dinner at all o'eteck. BOARD.-AT 241 EAST broadway, BETWEEN riinton and Montromery atreeta, alar?e atory front Hoom, with or without adjolnialna Bedroom, fornlahivl or unfurnished, with Board, auitahle ror a gentleman and wife fit two aingle gmtlemen. Gaa, bath, Ac. BOAKD IN THE SEVENTH WARD-AT PRICES TO anlt tHe tlmea. One vacancy for a *eritl?in*n, with Hiard, fire and gaf, $t. A fnmt Parb>r. ?i-con.I floor; hall bedroom and a Room on third floor, to gentlemen or famlllca. Apply al \w Henry atreet. Hoard in a fbknch private fabilt, at i4? K?m Tlitrleenth ?t"eet, four d ?on w.wt of Heeond ave nue; a Dice Sitting Ko m and MBMHh f ' a gentlemmi and ladv or I wo gentlemen; alao a (mail Bedroom. Reference* exchanged. Board wanted-ik a respectable, qi'tet famliv, where there ar" no other lioardi-r*, Sy a lady, who?e hnal and will t-e abomt tvo or ?bl'ee moMk*. Ad drr**J. W. , box 1,012 Po*t mile-, elating term* (which mu*l be moderate , lueaUon, refei*-n?c?, Ac UOAB9 WAITED?IN A KM AM. FAMILV, WHERE the* have no bi ardera. from the I at of M.iv bv a ifenib' man, wit* and child; Hill lurnl?h tiielr own room* an I Klve *10 per week. Tarsal Board for the gentleman. Ad dree* W. O., llera.d "Ikce. Board wabted-a oenti.kmab and wifp, df. ?iie a nleaaant nirnUhed Room with Board In ? private family. Addreaa. ataUng term* and location, B MO, tie raid off re BOAHO BAfTl D? BV A OESTr.EKAN and WIFE, late'v marrl'd. Ill a gMlteel neighborhood, on the *n?i aide of the tiw*n, nm ?l>ove Iwentii 'b street. In a private family or where tbaee are few h iard.-ra T?rm? atMeeat.'. ll auited, a (tuple nf prompt |>avln4 and ate?dy h mrd r? can beMinr?d. Referent** given and re iuired. Addreaa T 0 L., box 1K< llemld i Hlee BOARDWANTED-FOR AORNri.EMAN, WIPE, Ml RBK aiid two Infanta, In a flrai e|a? Hon*" ami gi od l< e* Ion . mull have two laiy- will furi.lahed Riaim* and excellent. Ubla; tetm* alonl |l* pi r week. Addre-.* for tw.i day* X. t. 1. , box IWV, lleiald oil ee BOA JIM NO?TO LET, WITII BOARD, rim ENTIRE Her. nd Klo. r ?epara ? ly or together, I urnMieil or unfur nUh. il to gi<at!eiiien and tl'elr wlvee or geafl?men Refe> leni e? exi l.ang d. Apply at 2.1 Ab-ngdon *.|Ua' ', Eighth ate. BRO<iKLVN.-A PRIVATE PAMILT W IX LKT A fuminhed Parlor, mi flr-t flo- r,eh?ndeller, flreplace, An , toagentl. m?n, er two? mom uw-'tber, at tl 7? per ?eeh^ alao a bedrrwim, gaa Ac., $1; Bourn If reonlred. Anply at <fl Poyt*lreet, near liean, en mlno e*' walk from the lehie*. BOARIi IN BROOKLVN -OBNTI.gMF/N OAN obtatn partial Hoard, with diet ct???*rconimiMl*'li'n, atTTI fttate aireet, between l.enrv and ? Union, Ave mtautea' walk from Rail atreet and South fertle*. OARD IN broorltn.-TO LET, IN A private Ilouae, a anlt of Boom* fumiahed or unformatted, with fn l 'C partial Board; al*o mngle Koom*. Keferenoagiven. A|pVat 210 llenry atreet, near S'a'e BOARD IB BBOORLYN.-F(TRNI?IIED ROOMS OB eeoond and third atorle* to let, with Hoard, aeven minute*' walk of Wall and H uth ferriea. Apply at No. 100 Clinton eirret Refetenre* exi banged. BOARD IN brooklyn-IB A PRIVATE family, two blpck* from ( fty Hall. A few aingle irentlemen and a gentleman and wife nan be anromin'. lated with plevwnt Kooma. Term* moderate AddreaaC. C., W. Bachl * muaie atore, 28 Court ?tr*et BOARdIn RROORLTB ?A OEBTLBNAN AWO RM wife, or two young gentlemeti. oan be ae-ommodatnd with ptaaaant Boom* and good Board In an A me rt oan family, by applying at M State atn el, lietwenn lllck* and llenr* Mreeia, Are minute*' walk from either tbe South nr Wall atreet ferry. Tbe bouae ha* modern improvementa. Din MTMW B UOAttlMJVU AND UIIXtlNU. BOARD <)\ BROOKLYN' HEIGH f -, ?ONE OK TWO ? single gei.llcuit B win I* acixiiatnoda'ad with a p aa-"*"! Room hj spujjli.ji wt 75 Kuataguc pl??, corner o< Ueury siren, near tt ail ?uwi ferry. MinvaoM m-bmiil' l BOARD OS RHOO" LVN HKIG IT*.?A GENTLEMAN and wife uid t#o or lUree siwle get 'louj-u nan ?*? ? cemm tUH M'lili Ni*nl nad pl'wMiit IuvumIimI dit'i >lf or tingle ruoin* ut a Will .w nimsL, liru-iklyu H'l^bta, oetweeii Fullun aud W nil atieet i'l-nl Dinner ti jg 4.. ik. Board on Brooklyn heighth.?yeby pleasant uuil c.'UV. lurnt Ko. ma are n"# vacant ?t<S Cutu.uhla strict loca'Hii hack? pUona1la and taMe excellent; 'aib roouts on < ?cu ll<*>,'; tliise nilnuieV iVotu ? ull' u ,0ivy BOARD WHMEI) IS BROOKLYN?IN A IK. l'KI.L pr v.itr l.iuiily, fur four pMiwu requiring 'mot ton un: in nl.-bed, ala. b:o k Room and ball fwdnhim, furn1 ??il. on se<. nd or tht d floor, ' ef n nee* exchanged \ill, ism, at.tlng in ma uud l< mu.m, W T. K ., box 15) Herald BOARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN ?T*<> 1|N ILEGI'.N. tli tic-ii tii--ire furnished Koomi, with Boa d, III ? rr.v itc family c ar ' ity Hull Mtrmni exchange,! Addivas, stating u'nui, Ac., J. H. B , Ucrald olll e. _ Back paklor.-a fine large back parlor. wliti gas unit register, to lot with Hoarl, In a small family, at a moderate price Apply at 121 Ea>t Thirty orut (tree. ECOH< MV AN!) COMFORT.?VERY PLKa8*NT Pi It mshed ' roi l Rooms, with meal* on thi Kuroi?itu |>l?n. it I'KkjK> Hon 1, ljpknJ 10U lultou mri'-'t, corner ol ?_rin be* ij, lirooklyn. J'BBNCB HOARD.-FRENCH LRSiiONS, AT US EAST twenty secoud ?r- ft. Id the houao of a 1'arUian pri> fetaor, where only Krtuoli is i'i>oken, FRENCH BOARD IN BROOKLYN ?ONB OB TWB ' pntlcn>cu can ac aMniancslalnC <*1'k Uooma and lluiud j hyBTp'ytng ?t Ho. IMCUnten struct, Brooklyn i FMJRNIBUED Rt.'OMS.?A LAHO". P.VRI.O( A>'0 or.nfuctiiig, on nwottd tl-><>r trout, hAUdsii nply firn^lxd, to e l"'t to g>-niloni?"u, tognhcr or n^pai'MeVf. pBttlnl hoard If dealifd Apily a' ill HU celt-r ?? i*t. F^URMBHEO ROOMK TO LFf.-A UROI lurni-hid Rix.m, on third tteor, to Ir t, without biwrd; ltx?t on di Kiiable; tuinoi low. A") ply ut:?) Bond street GBhTBEL BOARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN.?A (1KN tl"uuin and "lie. lately marned, wNh beaixl In fn okl n; they r?qmra ? pn -lor and Nslroora with iiatiilim room, gM, hi*, Ae.; h lurtiw ? here there *rr 'io other bo ir.l'-rn pre1 e leniii< n?t t-.exceed #23 to J'H) per week. Addr- h? bos 3,'iLJ New ^ c ik Pi Kt oil oe. ]K I'ARTIEh Wl HIN<? BOARD WILi. I'ALL AT NO, til Yailw.ui arenue, etM e^ti l'? enly H'-veui.i and '(Vecity elglub slrri'iH. ihev will And handsomely furolahisl Itu nun, "T.lch nitty li<> hi tlieir'l.r [hm< I on rvMouablu tortus AUo it fhysk'tnu'tt o(IU;e on parlor II' or. Jf.RsK.v CITY HOARD?KQJARE FRONT ROOMS aiiltublf for two al'iglH |;?ntlemen or a cnatlnm >n and Ills wli'e. A good ehaeee r n- ultnjle ueutb nen. Thre't mioiHoa Irom Ilie erry. Apply at ii'l Meiccr, ue. t door to tbe Kaviiigs bunk. MATSOV MKl'BLFK?70 AND 72 WEST T'llRTV elglith mreet, between Klfib av?uue and l!r iadwi.y to let, eh naiitly (uraltbi-d,floora or aepaiate room*, hoiino^ new, first class, looi kioiy, t.r. w n at' im: common pa.I -r; hestau rant I < low , tent moHth'y, In advance Fine f*ni liaseuient, suitable for a physician's or other oiUco VpN'TH FTREET. WEST, NO 129?A I'RIYATE FAVI1LY XN wil let handsomely luinlstna Apartm-un on lh? se??ml llonr, through, eomnmnl. iitinif; nlso one on itilnl The housi llrst Kelercncia vxcliang>d. Ulnuer itt six ONE ENTIRE FLfOR TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT Boaid: Koomi for gei.tleme-i; pflva'e t.*b e If de sired Uouse llrst oliU-a, location UeniraMe arid near I'm n F<]tiarc Reler to Bradley llutehlus A Co , 42 I. as I Four tee ntli a'i eel. PLEAfiANT FURNISHED ROOMS. WITU PARTIAL Bi aid, for g' ntletcen, at ho lit Vv iverley p'ae ?, near Hxth avenue llouse wlib all the niodeui coiiventeuoua. Baler <-Mr a i xehanged. PRIVATE BOARDING A GENTLEMAN AND WI?'E, or two single pets ns, c in h> vc Board, with ti ? innll fr > it Hi^m, having can, )>aih, bnt and old wa("r Ao., a: Ea t HI\teen b street, next io Irving place, '!? rms tor two peimona $ i or $11 per week, IncluiUng are au.l Uefemnooa c* changed. OOMS, WITH BOAv D, WANTED?UY A GENTLE man in d III* wife xml s single gentle nan. U?ttl in must B r_ h betwe> D Fourteenth and ) wenty third.sireeta and Fourth Aodsevi ntli avflBies Those ou'y who can furnlah convenient aparunent* snd lii.'.'irantoo a je'ifcit liomo u> ml apply. Atl dr ss 1*., I lei ii Id nllice. Rooms to LET-ri rnmhed. higgle or in si its, lu ihe brown atone house, 3." Bowery, by th? we. k ot the month. Honae flrat elars, furniture new. Reference 4e alr< d. lln|Ulre on the third floor, of J. W ABERTilN TWO MNGLE (iENTLRMKN OH A GENTLEMAN \N0 wffecan o'.taln g?s>d Board to aprlvat4i faiuily. hou??? With all the modern mi' ro*em>-nts Terms iO"'lerate. .ilnn-r at 6 o'clock. Inqiilie at SI W at Tenth atiuat, between Wavor ley clai e and Gi> enwlch nvenna. TOLET-W ITH OR WITHODT ? ^Itl). TWO I,?K'IK ir' nt i1 ot 'ins, on ih" sOcond and third ?nor', m-iu y fur* niflhed, In ? priv.itf family where i ie-e are a >e-\ otherh'iar.1 era; house has all the mod. rn luprovemen'aan I isoouvouleat to car* and *tas" ?. Innuifo at 3t King street. Reference slven aid requlti d. TO LET?A BACK PARLOR AND EXT N-^ION ROOM to let, w ith breakfast, and dinn ir -it ti. 'n>i lire at 71 Mac. douual street, Wtweet H. ttatoB nn I Illei i ki r. r|i<> iMftvin BOARD, rUBNfSHFD OB PNffTB I nlslied hiKiuiii to gen lemen and ilielr ?Wes; also > .r s n ? le ge.itlenten with or without H< nrd; gn and h itn, at .No. 1 Abingdon stiuare, corner ol Bank and Biei cker atre ia. rro LET- F!"l?N'lSirrj) ROOMM, WITH THE COH 1 vi tiietii e oi gas ami b.ubnn tn on men.' floir, in a 'afhku.sble pari or ihe eiiy Inqtiir" at 62 Woat Et?.iite nth itieei, between iflh and Sixth avenue-" ir# TED? HY A VOI NG AMEiiJCAN LADV OF THE vV highest res.s'i-ta' .li'y, a plcss^n', *h1? fiiroOliHl ao . n, wi l. Boi id, Die and Ugbi, In a gentea private lanii v, wnrre tfci instruct!, n of cMldri n,und?r twelve years of ag?, 11 the hngilgb b'aoclies, far three uotirmioli olid b 'c .n d -toii i'uit Ci tii) ei.<?tioii; um-\oeptl >ual?l? re:eren e? i-tv.*.? mjil r? <inlred. Aiidnts lor one week eoai<l< r, Ueiald odico. ? Til AVKNl'E, NF\R MA 1)1 SON SQI'ABE ?VERY *1 ill simh; II? ms.wlth Board, miy boMhtaln-Mi In a prfvat'* lami'v Ksi.irgln am <d?ni Hi si i a <* house, pleasauiiy aiid eoin< iilently located. App y at 417 I ourfb ave j&tl r/t ?GREAT BEDDCrrfON IN BGAHD?GOOD Iloaid and comt'ortable Kisima li ft) to t a week. IA<1 lea Irom up F .r corafoit, good Iiv1n<! and cheapness H I-bnuse excela all others. A warm par or with pttino. Watch' all night, and lodg ug* cheap. Lia peuard street, near Jwoadway. ^Iil FKB "ILK.?A GENTLEMAN AND flfl OH two Bingie gentlemen ran oi.luin llnrd, flra" e! '?*. ?I'U large *',uaie Km m on ai rtii d So >r, an I ttr>', ins, Ii .t ami co d asier In the room, *11 adjolnleg bath ro6m, wuti free u ? ol lam.- double parlor, p ami, Ac., at 12j v\ est Twenty Ut til stieet, b<n Seventh and Eighth avenues, for the above prloc Bel en nces exchanged. <)/? GREENE BTKEET?FURNIHHRD ROOM* TO LET, iil) to gi ritl-nx-n only; room* at $IW to $3 per we< k. Rooms lift" ( a?, Crolon water. Ac. np REACH fTREET, OPPOSITE BT JOHN'S HARK ? lA) Boarding for h family or King!# g>-mleiuen, ?lih every ? dImm and comlort, on very reasonable teri?? Q/? R Et>T MVT U HTREFT?TO LET, well furnished, with hot and enld water, suitable for ft gentleman ?nd wife or two tingle gentlemen iiiuner at 6. References eicl.anj-ed. HA CLINTON I'LACK, NEAR BROADWAY?Ro'lM* ON OU snood and third Boor* to let, wlitj Uuard. Dinner at all o'clock. A A WKKT ELEVENTH BTREET.-FrXRNISHBD ROOMS TTT." to let. parlor and Bedrooms on th' Urat door and "ne Rixmi on the third, with full or partial Board Reference* required. A a F1KTH STREET.?TO IF.T, WITH FULL OR P*K T'T: tlal Honul, Rooms nic?ly furnished, to suit single feu ll/ mcnor gentlemen and their wives, In a private larally. ? here there are few boarder*. 7Q TENTn STREET, ONE DOOR EAST OF FIFTH I /U avenue ?Rooms to let, with Board, o respectable p?r .<??? Dlaner at I o'elsek. ___ 7Q BPRINQ STREET, THREE DOORS FROM Bh'>aJ> | tt way ?To let, several handsomely furnished Room-, U ?Ingle gentlemen; the location If nvsfr all tli? dr t hob I* so<l place* of smnsement: reading room free. Inquire of ANHOB flOl'HE V 7(1 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. NEAR BROAOWAt I ?* and t blot) square ?A desirable family Room. also ?wr wnifortsble Rooms, miluble for single gentlemen. Tcr:n* very Di"d<>mte. References eii hMfsat Dinner ai 4 o'olock Q/i WHITE STREET-ONE DOOR EAST OF HltOM) (MJ way, Rnnma, with Board, a Parlor and bedroom, suit able for two or tbrne gentlemen, also, one singls Rouln. H? lejvn?e required ??? OkKKNK STREET, ABoVg SPRIfJii ?A M TON O ll"U"o Elegantly furnished ?nl?s o Room*; ?tas. t'co ton and every lor housekeeping eeoootuiaally; particularly suitable for small respec sble families or alngln g> nUtui' n. Keiit low t? perm nt tenant*. T-in PRW'E BTKEET, TnRF.E DOORS WEST OF 1?J<" Brosdway.?Pleasant Rooms, wl'h exce lent it >ard, fr. m *.1 to %!< per we< k Breakfast from io 8; dlnn-r at 12 nnd 6 \rt' PRINCE BTRBET-HT. CLAIR HOChK-EiJI J ? *V ganlly ftimi?lie(! R>pnm?, with Radroomg MMknl, ?itb all tin: c< nvenieiic** lor housekeeping compter |n r!u<Hr.(,'gB' and < 'rnion water, to let to roepwtable fAm'llea, or tingle gentlemen. _ " ' Olfl ELM BTREKT, NEAR MPhl SO-MAR'ON MOUSE 6* I ' ' Mcely furnished Apartment". iirrang-d for remo nl c?l buimekenniiig, ?lib all the cnnvenlt n 'ea, tncluMIng ? ?>k Ini; tiiei.Flli>. bent bedding, gts, water, Ao. Renia low tore pjienable tenanta ODD WK?T TWK.vrV TIlfRO STEEET.?A Sell1 4.W1) of I tirrltheil Hn>?na t<i let, with Hoard, for % iten'lc n an and family. Dinner At *U o'tloek Refercuc .'a n Chai.ged ffiiO BROADWAY, BETWEEN EIUHTH AND NiNru (UO ?'reeta?fulta of f< rnlabed ito.>m?, on llr?t and aeeend fl< . rt>. to let to gentlemen, togeib"rof aepar.'tejy Ho?>? new ly furnished andhaa all then>o<lnrnlinprovem?uia Location pleasant r "*EW Pt'BLlt'ATIOMr7 ROTAJ.TY IN 11IE NEW WORLD, OR THF, PRINZE of Ws'ea In Amerloa. By Klnahnn tVirnwallls Sew edition enlarged, with steal portraits. ' Bvery p*ge |? freih and sparkling, lively, true and original " 'leraM M. DOOLADY, Walker sireet. VANDTEE REVIEWED.?THE REV. ,t R DOfANE'ft Sermon In review of Sermon of H.J. Vandyk", l? l> . reduced to ffl per h tindred, 6c. single Fof sale by *VM ERVINO, No. 5 Beekman street, room 14. _ TOT >AiIi OTiAIMf. Z^EAND Mil ITART FETE.?THE 7?ni HI0HLA*D JLJ Regimental Ball, takes plane on Thursdey. 7, 1*1, at the <?ftr Assembly Kooms. Tickets $t naeli VALENTINES. ?yALENMNES V AT EEDITCED PRICES, AT RTEONO'i, He. IS Naseau street. MLM 4T 4lXTIUa. 4 MOLTIMLR URIFHfT A Co', ACCl'lONEBBS. ^ lure'' "*"C> to ojiitlu drai el*-# UOUtifclIOl.1) nitMil kh Ar PUBLIC AUCTION, Tl r rr p< rty of * g. minium leaving for Europe. Magnificent 7>, octave roae?oou Pianoforte, _ . , A Httlx rb inaw-ing Boom BuiU, Oil Paintinga, by rniltent arilm v Prnicli pUte pier and mantel Mlrrora, bxoaoe and Lact CurUiu*. _ . . _ . *ronm and onnola Chandelier*, lit da.'ll./ii Velvet ( aipeUand Uuwle Rag*, Sevre* and Dresden Chin* Vim, ArtUlle llH'i iMK and Marble Matnaiy. Kteg?n**, Hooki- iaea, t'antra Tahlea, (ink lliteugti n Lining Table ?rd uUet ia match. ( mux Mini er *nd KeaSeta, iu bcinlan and Cr>>u?> Engraved liivH-war-. ?o.l<t Mlvfi ware and shi tUeVl Table Cutlery, "loure end Orni .lu i loeka and Candeiub. a* to ma.b, ii.,.- wix.d a rut Mill n n. i'bai?*>r r urnltui-*, en suite. A, MoKUNiE* UKlKr& A C<>. ontwr*. b:*v> the boim .1 ?i pounce o their iri-iM* arnica public u.*t tliey * U1 offer at public auction ihl* day. 1 lnraday, Feb 7, at It ** oclotk all the Hcii'ehold Kurttliure and Work* of /it contained lu the elegant realty ucj No. ?* Waal HI*, tn i ill ?ir?, t, b, tv een Flf'li end Mitn avenue*. Cata logue C' mil t.-'ux tho largest and rlclieat aaaortutenl of Ii. ciwholoVurnliuieoflVrcd atauctiontbl?aeM#u, T'.ieUou.e wai- i d au mtnUm a< ?, and U in pwrfe Jt order. Fur niture maUe to order by Haudoln, W?ekj A WeU, and laof tin I'oan.f.oi'pUi.n, Male peremptory. I>rawlng room Fur lii m<? 'l w? tupcib full .Su tii. wmd vuacwod, oovcrod la nulla broeotel, Hunt*, sec;vtalre Cabinet, Tablp.t, two lu go ruau ii-l kiirrnri" twoptfr Mirror*, critbr toerv.1 laoe Curtalna, ? -< light bronte ana ornwlu t haiuli Her-, pair of Ur.'?.de i china \ i fee, el. (i uulj decorated. aupcrb mantel nod etogere Orna ments, uiUbtic Broukw, n pi.*.mting Cbevalle do Mtrle, KKberd 1II , Cruaadci e, I'audora, 1'.????try, Mtlidc, Painting, Ai-.; Oil ratntingH, by auclcui ai d ni>>dern iuast*ni; ? rer-ou lin<- Kii?r?v t'Uvaui < ruiorn Clo. lt, ruii? oi.c, nioutb, lax PviUd tor ll.e lni'? i.t i.wui-i, MAUMK1CKNT Sh \ KN OCTATB PIANoFOUrE, cuTt-d ltga and CttM, rouud c > nern. ruurtu to order by Uroad way makeio, iht ru liivt insi unn'iit ifi->ed a: au?'iou tint trimon; Monl end L?ver Clianibcr*?llurt>a i?, Hh<lneadt, U u.-liMandM, tV'nitlrob'-e, Mniu?-w><'?, lieddlug. Ac ; MTrom, elatr t '.irjjMs; Mho u Urge HHM>rtni?'Ot of uiuIi.k r *im K .ml. tuio; uImi IxMUieut fciul ki'cbi-n Furulture. 'tlie above ?'.? V.i mdriu'o for tale or to lot Puriurlber partiouiar* la qulits 01 kiicUnier*. AUMINIKTRaTOK'H h.\I E. Au tx raardinery obaneo for hcuxekeepflri. MaKUill.'oiit llo?i-.< li Id furniture. Tburndny, FebiuA'y 7. at ak'veo o'cioak p'eotKelf, all the supvrl> una coetly Furniture, t'niuuu.:*, Statuary *hd Wm Wa o! Ar', ro?i'wixiil drnw leg iw tg ^ulta, elegant aeven ooiavo l'laiioforte Mir rote, vel?r t i'Hi|ict?, 4e., couinln>-4 In ibo i)i1 r uto ichidenee '.tw Fourteenth hi root, n> ar Mn ii aveu'i? he I in lilture vsii? nil miwle for the preaent owiur, i.nd * In uom plete i rdcr. 1 he whole w ID be ];en(ruptorlly aud ab?olut?iy told wl.hout reaenre. UKAWINO ROOM FL'BNITCRF. ?v>D?lftg of PHrred ron<nvo.'d Kfgrrrn, marble top? an 1 French p aO .lonrii aLd oaekit ladle*' ^ ork l'ubl** lnl?lu wuh inothtr ol (eal; rnaewood t'entre TaOl", HiHtuary marble top; tvo lull sultaof Prawlng boom Kurnltuie. el?gam tele a-tete SiIhh, tivu arm, twn r".-.plon and eluut oval buck t haiiw, earv?d ronewrod frame?, and covered In tbreooolm* e<l nit In brocwle of the uto t el)*-n*iv? dexti lp' lon, oou mating of twoConnole lablea, lutaid buhl and tortolm- nh iU; brocade ubd lace Cur'u.uH, < .n.icUbrav, llr.icketa, I'r^iu-h plute j ^r aiid uiantcl M rr< r?, wltli riob g>lt frame*; up> rb (?primaiid l nnden rblua Vmm, rlohly dnnorktfartau nun Me Matt'ette*. velvet Caiyets and h'JK*, 'lilikl*h e my t h#lr? brente I loek, run* oi e mouth; ' ?rl 'altituirfi, by Ho K-ao, Ionian, llui.tuu on, Colt *"il other eminent unlet*. MAUMFICENr ULVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORfB, rarvcil KgH and eane,?jour niund corn. r*. inlaid withiieA'l: lutikic Hack, ronewood htool, ootrer> ii in brooade; emb ' id, red fln'lit'. v r, Hooka at.d Mu*l): hall ronewond lla'aUnd, Oil elotli, Brunkela a airt'arinn, *e Cbambern. * .? nd story? R'ehlj carved roeewMMl He.'p eadH, atyte Louie JH Hureaua und i < nnnodeH lo inateb; \\ ndiin e?, di.'Miog and toilet fablen, hhHvng f 'and*, ltookut .uds, Couch, ariu t?halr<, t' ir Uli.?, hhade*, I'oi-n.' ee, hair Mailreaaea, I'jlilani"'.! 'ealnor Itcdn, Roiateik and I'illnwe, Blank in, cheet*. tjuilt-, Counter FaDen. decora'ed clilliu T. ilet (h, oval ?lirrOi?, dining rjom I nrnttnre oi every kind, also kilchcu Cteualla, Ac i' inIi de|H.niiH will be re.|Uiicd of ev"rv purchaser, a?ev.-ry nrtle.e Uiiml be void. f. KIMIJaLL, Adialniatrator. AN EXTftAORMXARVOPPOI(T''NITV TO PUBCtlASE Rich and c<?tly Uoum hold Furniture. tlegaiu roeewood I'lanoiorte. BoMwood I'arl'T eeta, In orocatil. Valuable Pa'ntlnga, Ar'4?tlc Hion/.e?, Marbi> Oroup.i, Ac. i v k. w \n EBfCoTT, Ancil aear. Thin day (fhutaday), at Ibe elegant uiir ai? realilenon l,ri2 Went 1 ?i ntj-llin> i Ir, et u lewilooniMm "t?\eulii avenue, t on menring ut 11 o cloct pn clauly. The falo comprl?r* the entire emion:* of Urn houw?. Tiie elegant parlor Fcrniture w?h mad.'to order, and la In milld iN'M-wiOd and katia brocatel Iho whole will b? nold to tlm highest ili d. r for cii-.1i, ruin or ablne, i Bering evtr iordn nry lnducetnt nu to puntbaaera, uu tho ontire turnituie oi tho boiuc l? new, having nil been made within four uioutii*. I Icgant. naew ni^t 0" t v< I'lannf jrte, Moii'.c, I'abtiK t. Mool and cmbroldor d Cover. 1 tree elegant lull knit* of roaewoorl rarlor Furniture, In ru b liri?ude and velvet; r.Moivond Eiegore.-s tploudld Hronje.H, l i.lntingi-. rich \a-Pi, tumble Pidet-lal", ?llk ?nd lac ? Cur ti< ns Turkisli Lounge* wi h Arm t hmr* io match! centm, aot'a at d jdoi Tubl s-. F1 rentlne inaut' i and pier Mirror ?; etc ii* an and lava Orriaruept*, rosewimd ilurcaiiH, Hedoo id*, r>iilia, Htipiitb Mtitre ><"*, Utd< and H dding, I oitii(> *, bronze and marble Clix-k", n<Miwood an.l c i..a ;o t', two hol'a Hetlhi atl-. Blkwulou lalne, ellferware, *1eh clilr.a, ivory and Mlver ' ut eiy, Forka, Kpooim, with tde rant ru'.y (iltths of even di-rn'r j.ti in, torming a valuable cd iittlt'ii ot liotikehoid t'liiuituif ami ntUi(U* and icciercito \i t'lVts of art. Ibe good* are n >w ou exhibition bv cai il'i^uc Kale mcommence tn dml'ig r.toni, a' il n'olock prvoiafly. Rel able men will be ai the ralo to remove th t good* lor pur cbakera. AI.IU.r.T 11. NICOLA Y. AUCTIONEER, will tell <bia cay <Thiir?d*y) K> t> 7, at 12,'a o'oloclc, at ll>' ntock aietroom, S3 W'n law atreet Ke^ular ?hl? M) *ba Continental Bank fcino l?i -hs Am. El. Bank. . .Jinn in )'.*i-k ot itfiiUjllo .... Kiii <10 -emirliy Iu? U SH .^InuiitKd IN* U) :?) I hoenU In* M) Hr.iit ?illoHhy * ASMI'g''o !#*) l.aOro-ne A M'l Itll . Mi iUi i <1. Mir. In* ltm 17 l>*m??cu*etael A I. Co BO Ult mnntrelKi In* 1(a) 12? N ?' K<e?'Moiiel,'u try 10 to Prevent t In*.. M U Mf., fire A Marine. KM llMi.ornncr Inn IIHI Warn. I seh Inn 10) JiO < > nsn I il Mln'gCo 10 .VI far A WbH Hit .. I If. St NichiWIia 35 IdOSouib H' Mlc KK. .. IUJ In 11img liHi.k U) { <mi Pt i, Frim if r? City A < imnty ? rcr r?nt Honda HI V, l*~ciill Mule u )n r (cm I" tin*. K'n'lr voiloii f ??, and HI! I' t 'jj iiipup bond* Nut h|Rl*rr<l? ID MONDAI" >?-b II R KJ'ar Aivtlon W(|IHi I H H lif *1.1 I.I ik)k every V'l.-l) I t hull fUl'KijHV, Or i vrr> ibj ?li. n reuvlred, ut W . ? clock, a'tba'tuck ?alea i < m. hi! *t ill am atrcet or ui ihi' Mercbanl*' Kx h trige i pre fer t ? it Flock) Hid i undv :.on^ht ami Mild at ii. i> - Jo aud a. tin. iirck<ia' lii>aid. Al.hhHT II NJCULAV, Ann. m i' anil St m k Broker, No \Vi liani HiTi-t, ih'.u -ValL C'TION NOTICE ?Ll'BRICATfNO OTIS, AC ? .. I U,y. nd j ? n m- I- rj * I.' -Ill ,\i UK II. .4 TJIOM :S at'ln-; ii' aioinliiii, >ii 1. o'clntt, by i.iUIoijub, In tlm Flare. 7J Ann ftreet, M?' 1mm Ik. k ? : < and iKud Ker .<me, l,?c i lur, Metallic undo li r l.u tirkaua / Olla, for br<?vy a a Hull' maculaei); tni.chlncry and faring Ur. aae, Beiulneand I urhli i' ax.c i-reeve, Ih'oaircla, ke^i and i><> ? OHv? u.L I'xtiait Myrtle, KbirtiaUol. l..ivnii r, ol. r..,:i*--1 AI?o, 3 bid- Kruno*, 2ft cum* Allen'* n? :r? ?ra;?e wine, together v itli i ai Si'-aMito, (iiia^InK RiiImi. t*uiup, ample an 1 nUow I n:t!c?, A<'. rtiih;a?mf the ri ilrt- b lanon of ? in<i;)ii:antarfir bihI d? uli r> ?iock Tlw ?ih> will be nun eiv-rf, ?od !? Uaurn^d ?ul'p?i>ll aori y the a'U-ollon .1 i! ,<? ci i;.<; d ivltli i-aiy or Iffht mo* hlii?*Ty, proprlaton of -'jh!" nil e(pra>m 1 an*, and ither*. May !?? rva'ii iicrt by catalogue per ? arii; !e or in bulk* piPvloox to L >tir ol' al<\ ACClIO? KOTH'8 -H. ln?i;<?lli'V. AVrrnaXKBH, will tall li la dav, l>i?inary 7, at li'1, o'cl?-k. at th' lr fMila?r> <i|o, fc.'? >ii*fao ilrw-l, tr ?? ? o ire at irk of lirntcax* li.'iin l.old I uitiM !?-, rar|?-'H. ell' lr*m ' pt-r aod in?nu>l llltTurt; farlor huitf, eovrn-d In dun i k brocatel and ha.r cln'h, vli . Trio a ti?ic?, Kofa" Arm and l'arlnr''h)ilta, llonk ratea, marl la top I i-ntr? Inblra ? ?>I >*ali tinqn, eitnmooa lilgliii Tihliv, l>rexH|D| Hur una, U'aab* an l?. Bed^tnada. Ila'.r Siattri ?-?"?, I'a !l?s-?. Loir K' a. Ac Ala i h |ii?ntlty '>f OlliOn Karnttnr*-, I'?-kin. lablrn. and ibn-e Wilder'* na nnt Ironl'afee; thv wholf 10 be peremptorily no d 'o ibe blgheft bidder. A A M MKKWIK, auctioneer A. My )IAN(ii?, MblUVl> It CO., Irving Building*, 69-1 aud fl#6 Bt?d'?ay. Friday err-nina, Feb. 8, at 7 o'clock. Book*. Photogpipiii, f nir'UI- f rRraTlBK*, jilaln and r ilnrtd, Fretich I IUiojrarb>, tr. ? many o: Iknn are richly fraoMd, ala<>. Cnr Nurwjtcopic Inatrumenta aod View*, and a le# Japanese Oooda, Ac. For partl'-Uara ac catai^uc. AU'THIB NOTICK.-MOBT *ACK SAL.E, THI8 OAT, at 11 o'clock, at HKLL A INi ltAHAM H ?al-artx)in?, X new Bow xty. Fui oltnre aud the .<UKk of a fancy dry K-vtda, tb'rvad, ncndlf and trimming ?tor<a; Lac?a, Ilotterr, Jewelry, Curfoaltlca, Ac. APHIGNFK'.I HALE.?J. MOIUAMTV. AI Jtfti >N R K R. will aril, at 417 TMrd a-on'i?, i n I r d?^"tb. a 10!, o clock, all tbe Ury and Fancy '<'iod? frmtaln- d ih-r. In Hy oider of tne aa^lgoi-e The gooda wil' be t'tld In lota tokult purcbaaera. BROWJUR A NirHOhH, AM^TIOKRIIRH.?THIS BAT ^hurfdaj ', Feb 7, a' on* o c!i:ck. In front 'if ailea rootn?, 36 XKi?mi atrct, a hay I lor a*, aubt y- .r? old, per !rr?ly M.und kti.daud gentle; atanda with uf tying, i.ood fan,lly atiimnl. Alto, a vaileiy of top ?nd not p Riw?. t*' abated and four a- Hted Hockaway", two On ml l ark Wag ma Alan, a numlx-i oi n ngle aud d ubl- ilarnea*, -<a.l Ue?, llnlter*, W h'p?. l-ap Rolwa, II1 i>e Hlaoki ip. A'*., Ac. BhoWNE A MCUOI/ft, AI CTBiS - hKS ?H aTURu VT, feb. V. at It'*, o'clKk at he ?al<anion, ?'? Raaaan atreet, a larg< aa'oi'ment or new aod necoarh ndlnii-a old Kumliurr, crneiB-ing of I'arlo , innliumo'ii and1 bamber huile, i nrpet< illrr>ra Crockery, r tannine, Mooki aaea, ItMHia, Hr<i?, h- ildlng, 4C., ?^UWAR1) BCflBNOK, Al't l lOMKKK t lUrTtAt'TlIX.N S ? LI?Of J'ARIS MADE Ft'KMTl Kb. By E. A F. II. flMHKM K ihl-< day, Kebniary 7, at II 0 r i.rk, a' tlielr aal ->i' oro. No Hi Hu.admny, tie abora rnperb Fuirlture, oonnui,ng of rosewood and biack *wid atnl n"1 Htrill, rovcr?d In ratin, relvm a id re|?; io?e*iK?d ami mahogany Anmlre a tl'.aea, l>uS< la, Ulmloiliequi-H Kn c igMeuir*. Knffet de v.tlon. lab.e a .leu, ?i 1? l<oul? * V.; C<i>m>I< ?. 1 abb-s >11' ic <lainbeea, and other at\l>-?, Huiiauaa Oaalerx Wurv.iU' IjouIh XV. ^ bm airi, Bu|f< t de le a M m ?-r, lablca a Manger a ' oallaa, ?. Iinertd in? rabieaUU'rage, nlleilc* l> ii> Inl and I'"?0<la, A Idr-I'ocnc < ?dre et lioqp, t'oti moilca a t'ndre, bei'i-aua. A' The alioTe l? n?iw on rt bibitlon and will b? |-o*lUv?iy sold will out r??nrve to pay tbe char (tea. EH. LI'DtiO'*", APenOftEKR. ? ValuabU II >uae and l ot on t'orty-eUhlh anejt at All.-tl"B E. II. I.I W.ov A CO. will ?eii at anclon. on Tburaday, Fefcniary 14, at 12 o'eloc?, at tl>" Kcrrlwi ? KxcHaoya, tne valaablc tonr <i tv Km* n ?t' ne front itoua.< and l/->t, ?ontk ?ld> of Wi n Kortj elghUl *t**a-t tiA fee' weal v . it i avetme. 1 hi bo ae ik IV b> t<l :eet 10 inenca, in go- 'I o del-, ami o,u taln>-all tbe moil'ni 1m "orementi; l..i, lv>iH (Aet; alou l>lBay; t ma enay llapa. A' , at the aut tiunecr'a oiTl^c, So, 3 ("Ine atree'. near Broaow a y n EBHY H. l.r.r.VH, ACCTIONKER. EXTRAORf~lN ilKV BALE EIBHT t I.AMS ORIUIBAL I'loTURRR. _ k _ Bring the entire c it' i ili'n kno*n?a the "French and rie luteh F.ihrblUon" at Oouptl atJaJlary ... BENRY M A CO will ?e" bv auction on th? ?v< nm?. ?.f Bedn< ?'lay, *h, and TBttraaay, 7tb fet WBi 'l i oi lfCk?-ach er. niiy, at "Ooui H a Uallery. iTl Hr iadway. corner *1 Mil'I. ?(??!, Uai aiii^rb i^i?ti?n or iTctitraa kn"wn Re the French and Kl'rniah p*bft4Mon Tbe tliou-aeila al" bi.r* n?lt"?l 'biae?b'bltl<?n will oeed 00 fnrtber irtnli.der Th"-.i ah" h??e not had are ?d?i?> d that It contain* the la e? and l? at work* rMne. Muller, l.e> ?. Knau*. t embln"tuq*e?lnl J ;aaa^*t. Perjr rol Monhfur. Dun rvr, Mannaberg, Bdonard 'rM^atal* Krhle??ir,gtr. 1 layer, ' cri iej ubojat^. I erra??al. V.n aar.-k Auta*te Monbcur, Kd card liitbnff, Tliao'V're Frote Dau blani Breton, Ni Iran, Tmyon \ .n Schnnrtel, Rout ?i irlle Winter, i h ret. f.lem and i.lhera, tortnlngtbe moatiMKn(>l( t? eitwu' n ?'( tfie mod?rn Frv-i cb and r temlab a'bo^l of aA f,i'in .in Ihi*Country. The exhibition will r>- ncio o.?-n MWi the aale, a^ ur?al No ntAar pleiur a wl l h>i? lmitted. nnd <a'al *ti<-a *111 be ready In I fe?- dtva The ualhrv *i,l h> i.pen I?u Botllc exblbltloa two day* and awnings b <%r? thoa'e. Ailioi?alon fiee. MFMHYllRi r '* M" TIO^EEII -THM DAY, AT o'clock, at ibe auction it-r.-, I'.u wnum atraet, a large lot o I'ty aod I aney Uo<irt?, 'gra, I' aieri. <llo?e?L fleUinft, t all'tiaa, I'arainatloe', MhawN. I'l'i n|l>*i na, rrlmmln**. >ankee Motl na, lot of elrgaully drvard D"lk gold and ?Hrer WaU-bea and lewelry. Alao, lot '?f B nil, f*tioc*, Ualier*, Ooata, Pant*, \ eata, hack Tie*, Ac. MALKB a* AtOTIOI. Claw Hatrbeti, rfmUn.'Signaling ?u<i dMj; ?*.t ,uvl'rib, V JJu" *"J ,kek>W ?nd fiouareNVck Bolt.. 1 ry ?"?; f**"... MUb^. Tower dozen f gg Xjuiit-rnn, p<fl|.u><>d fr^l *? ? "o 130 portelttin Knohn, liu.k s-awa A. l"."i do.; arrwo1. ?upeilor Tubla ?Uilery bKJST"dS*"* * Hhn Knivea, Ac Aim,,, without ?nr l?.w,tr' J,""'"- '' <*?t i lnch T?P?r KiU-?, ?uuii.,-d^ * '?"*?" 3JK, flc? order, Ug.ihrr with Mock iio.d? f??m ?u" r?> *" ln whole to ke sold for cuh in curreut ftuidi * J0"tl*r- 1 *>? J?^J5;TAViCT^%8.a Md to t,? w,d wlihoutTVrv. for c ah, jn ^k" M('?TiV^Ai'K -1' H *rRI'BV, AI'-'i'Mvi-pa A* I mill **U ilii^ <jay 2 o'cl/ifk M( *44 1 '^Krtl, rvd ?&? >*??> ktu, hht?i^omforrJr?T'!: ,,,ile!oth?. ?r- ?'h-r Bade, JiAW^NPRiiKrii krrrr > vkbr, ? ?nd *wm i Clothing, uUllt? .,un?*ri'>i?. 1 ?i,luok' "'"n ? T. * W'MielM ,Bd ,7?w4ry ^nd ???,?K ^tdone tw ?"**' ?<?SWrSTwuia: S. iVo ?T'ft h? conKiitinii ?i* L l W'lllam u?r Vlrrr. bojm, lurmni mt*i% iLff^ *?**? S'Tft1!!'8 fiALE ?"ADDLjfcS, II aRN'E.HH, trunks, CIIAMttVRH * PAJBCHCLD. auctioneers mw,,! o ru!'t J!'SS% wi:1 "!,,l "n Mda ^rut n sr. hi;,hfl 'nt!r" s,?* ?"? ? ariciVU: JVi*! I I ' ? Complete 1', id 1J,SL i'S u,/ r Hame* tefill*? *>??.,k? \7i ? V2cM. a?"2l Itood*. Mm; a. blank,.,5 every variety ?c . l"?*,,k*r,wHh ?mat! article In mMMblp; a full JjjU'?)' ''"'fj tv?n materia, an 1 work Clot), and other MaiC *3 ^e^SEi,*-**'. JOUR KBLXV, Sheriff. 0B18TA 7, at 10s iW??L^7 !>????, HoopBkUtt, Button Trtlml^^l,^^ J OH A iELLV.ol.ertff, $>n7u!TJ'J'JtJ?iDr nops. ~ ' ?1 hfrM,r,n *"1 ,on li'i.n, lutii J nri^ im r Il l 16?, n 1,Z 66 b<ll,* 11rlaw,' rr?"'""n'y il'.'P- aim <? JOHa kLLLV, rihi'rtff. CHERIFF'S SLR? MTI.UNKRY 113 Va van "tr".?)JtufAJ.{l<,t,hUdaVaUl>,0n<,*|,*7('*'"nrr,nn' : ! ? . KkLLY, ^ hnrtir. hell on rn. A\r nor7kv wiLr'mu- t??b cia^Sra^^iSSr81 ?*'?? "uu"???oia?, Murorx, ( arpt'U, China, (ilum Ac Mstmwsm UA>fHtL FRBEL, Oou*lable. MVIICAL, 1 a GREATLY IBPROVED m?OK?RTB, " f1- XJUHTK Jk ItHAlJlU Icy MfRffr ?r* "nw "M'e ??w*lrtn.? ham p^?t ln A NI^VfcTrM^It^ r^ret^",1^0 l'A?D 01 c? crj Mj le, at low. ?l lar?, y r*<^ W' Smi,U ' "e'od.ona ^ ^ ?*N(i('?K, 4.'lfi Broailwiy. A ^d^An^xeTll it .?|X,,KMOSIOIAH fcriM,ki>n H y Patb. na, IM Adaun Mreet, iM:vvTn.ft^to,^itt^fS-RSrstrssf Sii'wr&rrS it! l eild rovi r" Alwi' ? U^ant dr" T ?"'???-?2^no'u^ avetmt?" B7 !i' i'l ""' l?k"? ll,l? "I P"'rttinity " ?(f/r an'T^ni" '''h r?du^^Vri*.!' aiWi'V^dwi^'""l '"" n" *lc*^?der*Wf < ?.. m : s! ^rt^rsete ?y "p> ?"><* ** 0BMnaUM A hun s Oil a NO htiUARB AND IJPRItiHT PUNOS. ? 691 rtroa.lway, Stw Tork. (m 'zn?za:"w?0 %?? nkw Iam v Ph.Vk.. ... . 1 " ra- " Ue"?). N.? 4 TUTM''.-* LADf i.s ,,;'Elt-K . inn iiv, . Vl ?i'J 'u, v <oiupeteatl? t?? . ae d,< mi ? I"'|l'? t. ,iu*. taelre dn^.,, ? m,a' ..r !rVn.?- , ' "" ?n or Addm* Bote M VTt .' *" 3 atri j-- ? w?t?k JKt Orgapint, IJeraiU Oij;oe. ^ lul u0? f M,?k*.>r>*0ZS' ?AB*OWIUli??riBOTOLaSS PIASOH, MELODBORH, ALEXANDRE ORGAN*?AT MM lowt >t JMMl |>i o-M recond hand Pian a .it gn-?t barga u--, from %H> U? $HW On# aeveu ? eUve, aaooad baud, t root round comer*, I aney Iren, fretwork <te?k and orer airui.g, l?r $176. Piano* and k>e!o4ion? t rent uil mm tl lowed If pun hi.?rd Monthly payment* rceeiv?d for th>' ?a3ie. ?HH1A<K. Mai t.kf, Agent, ;?) KtMdnf, N. V. PIAKOH?flEVEK OCTAVE ROfcEWOOD, ROUND corn .-re, iron frUM, overstrung ha?, -..rvwl lega, Ac with three years' lUtmMM. for $180 and ?*?. On? ??wo.'i<l Uand tor$l*i, aud om for $n6. one oc'?tb for $M>. 1*3 ?venue A. er>rn?r of Tenth atnet K t?ONZAl>RK. <M cn P1AROPOBTB*. $180. JrJ D"?Br the Id trod (K Uoa of machinery In the mantx factorinc o pianofortes, we are now able to afl?r to the pub lic a arvi n octave roaewcod Plauo, onntaiulag all the modern Improvement* ior fltt) oa k, of nt'.re perfect eortm nahip than bar usually been sold lor $3W ?r $40n by the okl ineibod of mai.ufa< unrig Wetnrlteail dealers, teaenere of mnalc and ike public to Mil ant examine tbaae new Untrumcala, at (iBOVEBTBlN A HAlJt 8. corner of Cnnnl and lluda-m alreeta. New York. IXHTRllTTOa. AT BRYANT, HTRAT10W A CAClAKDh MEBCAJf Hie r<i|i. Noa Id and 19 ? '?oapqr luotliu'a, a thor "gb ktioa-l-df of roinmeri-ial arl'-uce can be <? blamed, incl ining l<" kk?? | lop, p? nn a i-hip, commercial law, arti&ni-tic. Ao. Open (lay and aiming H. 8. PACKARD, ReaUleut Principal. AT ?7 80?WRTT1RO. M LErtrtOMi; ROOKKKEt'JN'l $10; (lessons unlimited*, A mi metic and Wrlilnc, $lu i er quarter, 7H 1<?? n? each, at 63 br er ry aiwl ?H? Palion ?l.' ??, Bu- k yn "I'oL Paine ti.e well auo?u u- vcber "f writing, l? one of the beat Inatrnctnr*In tha.-iUie."?Me* ixirt Mar -ury. AYOCNO OERTI.F.MaR, T*ERT. TWO YEAR* up aga. d> aires to learn ihe Prenh .<ngi. ?ge. at hn "id 1 deuce, fr?>m an afrrrjibb- youn? ur middle ayd lady, rrenah ady preferred. AiMraae. alalia* terma, ??? h nmai ri? ?unable, J. H. P., box 1 y.M l"?t uiuce, >ew . ..rlt A CADI MY OP PENMANSHIP AND BOr??h.RK>>tRO, V5J Br ad way, continued by W. C. lux uuAMV f'.'aiany S-ars with ( Mirer K (i Ulaintth Api>l cad (i? received ttilA in ami evei trg at the rei'ac d tern'? ? $ i?rtb? "eir1" (10fVfcRI?ATH?K PARLORM.?A ?tWO''0 ?'OUH*K OP J t'or*er??tloiial I^wmnin Prencb, a. Itajtaa, (*er I n an *nd K UK I tab wltl be formed at ibe P*lygM UMMHtkNca , M* Broadway, urar l n|. o imuare. i*a 4*r. ?* (be appuchUoo* ! will t?i>un.r ont. Prlvaie leeanMl* (irai?M?*i ^ of ea h language by u*U?e proieeeo'-e ' ? Wa.!?>< ? | pa in nu. d ) i;?Algf>?i aoeMr "f 'lila tUf * >"' ireiilaraand I pa tlcula..-ppl? Mtkel.,?it?.e ^A ? CW<OU| KDITATIt'fiU-fW '""l' WANrEDi H?K "Oli legea ,-en.l'.ari.?, Srli.ola andI faint m, and MM -a tu nal. rr*?oooder?i s tt'n"'ij?i til ail a?*M >iu? of ib? l nl> u, 5?^,m1mkwTr??ttt7tlt. ibe >.(.??,a f achen'^ lube ? " ?ad*ay. *. V. Heud farelrc-.l^ j, will. ?.?rr p. lute, ?.'*> M^,fc i AMIJR>.?/i> FIRRNt'B UANiil'AUB? PK???'ERM>H I? bAUROtX, 111 klnt" ktreei, nve d or* eaat of Ur mwii. aoaunxea In rer<'t*< |<U| t a lor thorough piactleal Inntruo l hi In ibe 1 r? ii< h i?bijiu>fc' - Ike blghei-l lefeteMea and teatlmnaial# ttflnni. ai | .) fmm Pto )0o'el??fe A. M., or from w 9 a . i ck P. M. LEBM'.NB BKl'll \ROBD ?A PBBRUH ORNTI^MAH, well i)Uiilifiad 1<j i??ck Keench and Rngiikb. wt?b> a .? gl*e tnatruetlnn to etlkt r langnaii" t" a ladr r ? ??ttle-neu In exchange for lOaaona In RpanUa or .Ukllan Aodraaa box w t nlou ^'iuar* Poel offltw ______ PRIVATE OOVBRNKMR-A LAD* PPLI.T roMPR lent offer* ber aer- w ea aa i>rlT it.' ronfltlmilial go*' rncaa to ladltw w hues ethiva'too ?aa lx?en negl ot-d lll?lie? i?atl mi ntala M to poattlun ai d ab l!ty Addreaa L. P., box 1OT llernld oltice. fYH* KPANIPH LAMIt'AUK IH TAPOHT, K$ HKRB i ;wne. br Oil RiaNO uohHlN. at t Iicw . Hall *???? t?ri. Tr(m Ml 7, * hne appiMHIt> gN eatedlocall fr?m I i:'i !<? )*?.. o clotk 1'. M. I \lrA>TPD--RV A YOlTTO IMOY, A <UT'rATT'"? ff goi erneitai baa had rxperleeee In leaching. A Mn'" M It lleradoww. . p.i 'MN-i ?ffM lOOBOHT.-r* PATB forh.?rd, '>*?!.( I v?aablng, with " i'f'>" w?o?'ke* lor II aeeka. hilrl ImM nga, <ha mrgeat, arr?.ig> il ???? l>e?t "ui-ialnr 't Hoarding ??ni iiar? in tlM K ate. ? rrtit'i ?w * count- for tadtea. young men p?ei>ar?d for bu^ineaa or for college a defanment fer I d ? an I mi-aea Coring l^m oon meiirea Hartb 2A, "or rlr?alo" <* for roomsad.UWaa ??*. joaeph B. King, Port Edward ineiltula, Rew York.

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