Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1861 Page 3
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hoonr ou m? part t" aeesp*? fSnUy raise Ike queatias, neither *> ,jjeg?i ?u l ?ojU*i Wuacll (?.??,7,<. *mUU)& TJ**??J!3l?Z;oi tb. .,u?? u el Imai nu.ap-i sb >rt ?? "?J*V 7ml ,g/ti wubuui I bore from mi birth to tli? F _ ( u(1 lbv rtu'tni of it* rrmr hj?\ in* tutu ixiuif 'w '^ remaiue (or we, iutriguM, ralumnie* a^'alj????jjf u,,oSr Muj?~ in my Hir*, te i??te*t th? !*?*"'.1 ?^??tJJ5? ?j una ?all >" ?"l" letwof li.- tieaven rwent* for me, that ) natter wblehlM* t tilkt your Majesty will be eoooer or later. and w lotak# y>ur order* for the pieaaed U gram B? anaaMeneewBONAI'ABre. future no thins i?<t to terminate to order tUto Final** tSLkoas complex and impif mpote, that I ttrnt Prince Jerome left a ^ ??* '?}>**: will JJh inAkeb th* Prince N*i?o4eon, born of hi? ** Uto Uwf?: inheritor or all th" rights ^?eS??*byaw;osS1<m; he ???m? * *>??*-? Jl? the donation ma te at the time of the marriage contract of his daughter, the Princess Mithilde; and ??* , ,,,-., n wlai! that the obj.-ota ol thai douatiou sJ??uW inter into the rights of guccenuton; laatly, the will hfe annuity to the HvqnuH> UartoMni, who. said ^e, iu the b!Jom Of the church but in this a?t JIJu and testament there is not a ?^Xt*,*ror^n?Tf^ m\r his foisaer marriage, or of her with who contracted, or the issue resulting from it. issss svsssc ? - w:s?sk?.?-u--aw ssrss-'u?'2SuE??at'j?,sss ?s publicly oolobrated In accordance l f til0 ?*?& Churched of the renewal *>ri that the -consent of Mie mother, wutw ^ y", . , ron?i<)ere<i sufficient reason to nu^fy ith*Inot b given, the mother should, in order to have ithr nuHi tun Drououucod have goue before the Court wthm one IXfETK? whi her bob should have aiuinedt^ !????* ?? r ? t marriage by bim^r (Art l80, ? civ * But Madame Ixetitla reliee on a proteat wiiwa, mrt having follow^a30th We add that the two ^orrtm <of lhe ^ br^tr^I. acta which oogJH <g lw*???!*?*'JStrth. unle,. Irea to attempt to ._ n If that the ^#y J*? *u -17/. g?re ? J^l^r members of h to family.for a dcble eflect, and the Km lleror ha.1 no right aod no power to piMi on the validity and the nullity of a ' Btablwh hw iJi of hid brothers prevwtu to tho lotabiwu men^of the enipiro whf his o?co^^ r^e?ay.son<=:rt^oS^ sa^isa ^ ? A. ,n nf the fiuutly?the first as having emanated from a tribunal long since 'boilsbea aiid con^ i,arv to the rights of the t>encb puoplo; thv Focotid ttS Kgwid on the question of the MtualUsssui, been rendered out of tho presence of Madame l at sSSsssJtSfi aianfana Safes?? asrfi itoht which puU all contestation in the Bituatlon of the ahlld'of whom U?e birth is oonformed to the pw?e?l<>n !r the ^tatT lastly, they ask the application of the pro marriage declared null producea navertheiMsuio ?aiu oivil results, whether regarding t^e husband or ahildren If ne has oontraoted It In good raitn. In the'name of I'rlnce *??*?* the union of Jerome Bonaparte with Mi? I*tteW'?n has sever presented tho features of a legal marriage. that It to a clandestine union which has been formed by a young rtterrfnineteen years of age without the authority of his military superiors, without the ooossnt of ttoe head (.( !,!( family, who was aleo the chief of the HUte; wtS.ont th? approbation of bto mother, und wltboit !1---AJrZ. nubUcltT in his country; that the parties S'thTISSSif?BSrtw- had w well understood tho irregularity of the marriage that in the contract o. ma MiSmy they have provided for any caws in which it mi^tbe annuUed; Ibat as soon axil L>ec^?.o^n',!Jnr"1 Fruce it was followed by a protest from Madame Mere, ?H?two"ecreee deciding' ^radical nullity of the marriage contracted; that th?e? decrees ha\ g heen Issued by the Emperor in the Council of 8t*to, iand confoimaWy to the right of jurisdiction with which he temvesteo by the poUtical law in referenco to every Ulng c^cern'ing hto family ***,, *? ?*^?1 not be misunderstood; that in regard to the <faCHW? I'officiality, its effect has only boen to sever the religious bond as the civil bond has been severed, and that, reduced to those terms, Its value could not be contested, thkt in one view the new Bltua* tion In wtioii Vilss Patterson and her son have BA?ft nlaoeil by tho different acta which have been ai liutiut tM has been accepted by them, and followed by acts of htoh Importance; that also during the existence of ?* nirT yjv Patterson receivod from the kmneror tile sum of Sixty ttS frft??, which she could not ??;SSS--A S SKSr?i?SS.^ m?s iSLTS^torT d*U?.? ? ?sss2E.tlSSS' SsSaisS^srS&sw all ibo f lat which belongs to it. WHAT LOriB NAPOLKON THINKS OF THIS CAflE. (From tho Paris Moniteur, Jan. 19.1 tLpvpra.1 iournal? bave annotioced that tho Tribunal of 1 aterson *?^, f .h(,r Thnso journals have enlerwl into SnC^Ch^b^Tthe ??S? the l^lneh?Cin that' theunlon of'uMB was null ?tat ttwuld not, even under the circunwtiPeea of the ewe W^mmee i ^ bonoilt Of ATI*. 4*1 SHSSSfriSsaA'jnis wn"a?U>d >n g'Hitl faith. A memoir, bv " iSCoc^'of1Z'C SttKaii Krln" Napoleon ref?ed to de clWMhe r|^]ic^ro^appUcablVtoU?he imperial v^lng V&W ^ of t?" fp?Z it will be under 22rf that ft^eling of the most simple propriety com^ stood that a i*img and Impose* the necessity of K Which will comnlet itoli up the ,,ueftion, and the new decision of justice. The Smuggled Diamond* Again In Court. CMTED STATES DISTRICT COCBT. Before Hon. Judge Retts. Psb. 0.?Ike I'nilrd States tt. f)irU*a ? A few weokft ago a motion was made to carry out tbe decree of con demnation In Ibis case, which docroe Secretary Cob!> re fused to remit. It waa opposed on the ground that the Becretary bad consented t J a revgnment being held in tbe cane, which could not be carried out owing to change In tbe officer until the present time, when tbe present Secretary, Mr. Dix, had consented to hare the matter be fore him. Tbe motion waa then postponed until this Morning. Juoge Roosevelt pressed on the motion. Mr. McKeon was opposed to tbe motion, and produced the warrant of Secretary Pis, remitting the forfeiture, lie Stated that all the ooets bad been pud, and tho fund taken out of the truat fund and distributed to the owner; the duty of tbe Court had therefore ceased. Judge Roosevelt took the opposite opinion. Tbe war rant of remission by Secretary Put was, he held, invalid, aa H revoked the warrant of dismissal Issued by his predecessor, which he had no power to do. The coun eel submitted tbe question for consideration, the Judgn taking the papers, and holding tho matter under ad visement. Battle with the Indiana In New Mexico. [Correspondence of the St. Iouis Republican.! Nbw Mrx?<?, Jan. 13, 1861. 1 respectfully offer to you for publication an account of one of tbe most daring and succeasful Indian affairs which h?s recently occurred. Colonel >lttendeu is son of Sontfor Crittenden, and commands tbe regiment of mounted rifles at present. This operation of hia is regarded as one of the mn? re markable in Indian warfare, on aeeount of the complete and successful surprise which be effected.? Nrw Mm*), Jan. ?, 1.101. Colonel Crittenden, In command of efchtv-oight men and officers of the Mounted Rilles, marched from Fort Tnion on the STth ultimo, in pursuit of a large war party Of Qamanchee and K low as, who were reported to be de predating on the Clmraeroncita. After following tbelr trail rapidly, sometimes by night, he found and surprised them on the morning of the 2d instant, in ?aap near Cold Spring, and, after a severe fight, completely routed them, destroying their c?mp IM property, and capturing a great many horses. There were one hundred and seventy Ave lodges In the oarnp (one of them containing exclusively ammunition) all of which were destroyed. Ten warriors were left dead; number of wounded unknown. Corporal Bourke, ef tbn Rifles, and three privates were wounded, none ?K telly. Tbe officer* with Colonel Crittenden were Captain Mnd aay and Lieutenants McKa-, W H Jackson and Claflln. Mr M. Alexander and Mr. Kdward Shoemaker volun teered to accompany tho command, and are reported to fears been aa active and gallant as any who were iireeent. Tbe Indian force was probably several hundred. Only alxty RMea were actually engaged, and tbe whole affair is regarded ^here sa one of the moat daring, brilliant and nonessful attacks which has occurred In this Territory , for wi#? iimf. The nen were well mounted and were armed w'th tbe Harpw's Ferry rifle which the regiment has borne since ISM, and with Oou s revolvers. The attack occurred near where Sergeant MeCabe of the Rifles, dsfsated a large force of tbe same trlbss last w later. it Is believed that this Indian force was eol t oted with a view to commence active boa till ties uD?n tbe road from Independence to ftanta re. Legal Intelligence* ?rnuxx Onnrr or rns Cmm mans*, Fim. 7 ?No. Tl. fte Cleveland Insurance Ompaay, appellants, vs. Geo. Reedetal and tbe Milwaukee and Mississippi Ballroad Ompany. This canse was arsued by Mr. Doolluie for appellants, and by Mr. Lynde fer the appeOeea, Efecti of the Lute Cold Snap at A BK1TIBH VMSKL IN A O \l.K?MaV Ut'FJIBOAKI>? DEATHS FROM COLD and EJLPO#l/?K?'CJFTAIN* AND CBKW FR08T?SITTK.\, BTC Although the lata storm of wlud, and tbe tswiWs frot that accompanied It, liav? not be-a as destructive m tfiosc of last year ssp?6telly at b a, limy kava no( bt?-u unattended by tb*<r share of peril and Jem in suffering on tho ocean What farther talcs of detth and ship wreck are yet to be disclosed cauuot Lo predicted. The follow log is among the first fruits of the dostruotive Agency wielded by the i torm king no the terrible night fcad morning of the itb and 6th instant? Tbe British brig Elliott, Captain Farhar, of Arbrath, Scotland, which lort tfcMfxnrl on Thursday Kerning for Bristol, has returned in -consequence of tbe death and disabling of several of her crew during the severe gale of that evening and the in tonne frost with wbioh It was ac companied. Tbe Story told by the captain a- brief Nut harrowing. Tbe HlwM lot't (Quarantine at tone'clock on tlie-aoriiing of Thursday, the weather being at the time propitious, with no indication*, of the strong ga.e which prevailed at a later hour of the day, and the Um| erature a6 genial as a day in eur'y May. At three o'clock, between whloh time and tbe hour of leaving there t?d been several changes of alternate ram .\nd sunshine, tfcs brig wan hove to on the bar, for the station boat, 't'y thin tune the gale bad commenced, and it was blowing a per fect hurricane. A similar chaoge had taken place In tho temperature. Tlie mercury in the UiermooMter had fal len about twenty degrees tu a couple of hours, and there was an intense from Ah ttere was every appearance of the ft ale continuing during tbe night, Captain Karhar put the vessel under double roeCed fore and malntopnailn. While In the performance of this dangerous but indis pensable duty, a seaman, samel Mvlzegh, a native 01 Holland, oitbcr through the ?uuibuocri or his tlognrs fi om the biting cold or the fury of the blast, lost his hold and foil ovcrboa<4> It was impossible to reoover him In the heavy sea that was running and the swift ness with whiuh the \ easel was driven by the force of the wind, and the unfortunate man was consequently j drowned, this was but the beginning of the Elliott's misfortunes. Mmm o'clock P. M., Bsbert Elliot. seaman, of N'ewbcryport, succumbed, and diod from cold and ex posure. All through that weary night, tho captain and crew wwo exposed to the full fury at the elements and the bitter cold, tin mercury of the thermometer indicating several degrees below zero during a cansidersbJe portion of the time. At tea o'clock on tbe following morning another seaman?an Englishman, name 1 James Heed?tell a victim to tho cold and exposure of that terrible night and morning. Tho bodies of the two men were committed to the deep. During the entire time of these misfortunes the High lands were in Bight. The loss of the three seamen, and the fact of the captain and the remainder of the crew being slightly froat bitten, rendered it necessary for the KMiott In return for a new crew, which she did, with the loss of the jib and the forotopsail. She is now anchored at Quarantine. Mr. A. 1'hillips, pilot of tbe boat James Avery, No. 0, was on board the whole time from the de parture of the brig from Quarantine till her return. A Novel Feature In Skat lag?Through Water. No man knoweth what a day nor on hour may bring forth, and this was particularly exemplified in the Oon tral I'ark, for a great change took place in the surface of the ice between Bunrise and sunset yesterday. In the morning the ice was good, the ball up, and "everything Jelly." At two o'clock P. M. the ball taken down, for the new Ice, formed after the flooding, begad to loosen and melt up, until the surface of the pond became like a mirror from the quantity of clear water upon it. A novel effect was produced by the reflection in this water of the skaters as they glided along, looking more like as if they were flying over a looUng glass instead of ice. lAdiCb' skirts suffered severely from saturation, and many A rospecubif perseu might have been denominated as ''draggle tall" wiil^ut dmrrifig the appellation. The ice being so bad, there were far more spectators than skaters The bridges, Drive, Circle, Ramble and bell tower all had parties of gaaers, while but twenty, five thousand persons ventured on the ice, The remain derofthe Urge number of vising roamed about the I'ark, watching the flight of the flocks of snow birds and others isej aiuusmg |{nemselves. Two of the l'hiltdel phia club?one of whom we heard was a Mr. Wheeler? brACtited some fancy skating on the main pond, no ice being reserved as it was .Sunday. In the afternoon the notices for evening skating'were removed, and at six o clock P. 11. the red flag was hoisted so m to clear the ice. The visiters, however, required very little persua sion to induce them to leave, and at half past sis no per son was present except the cleaners and olfloers. The official returns of the visiters were, pedestrians, 93,100; vehlc es 3,?30; equestrians, 09. One arrest was made for disorderly conduct on the ladies' pond, and the offender, Jamos Martin, locked up for the night. City Intelligence. Seniors Accident to a Female VuCAuar.?Quite a serious accident occurred last Friday night at the Gaieties Con cert Saloon, In Brr>adiray, by which Ui4S Sarah I^ewis, who assumes (he professional uune of Hatty James, came I near losing her 11'e. At about eleven o'clock on that night sho camo out in front of the stage, near the foot lights, to sing, approaching the footlights, which, by the way, were unprotected by the usual wire netting, her thin dress caught tire and in an instant she was wrapped in flames. ana before they piuid be extinguished she was severely burned on her neck, breasts, face an t arms. The best of medical attendance was immediately pro cured and no pains spared to alleviate the sufferings of the unfortunate girl. What makes the case still further to be regretted is, that she is the sole dependence for sup port for her mother an ) seven children We underxtand it is the det-iro of many of her professional friends to give her a complimentary beaelit. Tun Cask of Mn. EfoBte A. Kon ay.?'The circumstances connected with the case of Mr. Eugene Kor.lay, an em ployee of the Now York Customs, who was charge 1 with Issuing false permits, has undergone a rigid inquiry be fore JuBtico Welhb, resulting in the honorable discharge of Mr. Koilay. The statement tliat this gentleman was at one time in the employ of Mr. Belmont Is Inoorrert. Tt has also been shown that instead of there being only five clerks liaving access to the books of the office in which Mr. Kozlay is employed, there are more than fifty having full and free axess to thesn. A strong indication of the innocenoe of the accused is found in the fact that as all the permits issued from the office are returned and kept on file, and is the file is alwajs wit tun his reach, he could easily have de-troyed these false permits, had be known anything of their existence. But no attempt of this kind was shown. Prnonal latrlligrare. I>r H. Townsend, of Albany; G. H. Shaw, of Boston, H. Bwry, of Paris, and Miss ismglaft, of Brooklyn, are stopping at Ibe CUrendon Hotel. L>r. J. C. Ayer.of I/iwell, Mm: J. J Gregg, of South Carolina: C. B. Burrell, of Philadelphia; C. spxmor, of Bridgei?rt, and W. Cameron, of l'arkersburg, Va., are ?topping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Dr. J. B. Newton, of Boston, H. 0. Potrer and M. H. Stacy, of tbe (Jotted Platen Hevanno xervice; A. L. Bush, of Port Cheater, and G. A. Fairfield and Chirlea Jewett, of Farming ham, are stopping at the LaTarge House. Capt. Brown, of Fall River; C. U. Rowland, ofCincln nati; W. Hoogicy, of TMa*: H. Hasting*, T Weed, J. C. I>ev!ln and Mr. <*;rant, of Albany; W. (J. Fargo, of Buffalo, and O. Hillings, of Vermont, are (tapping at tbe Astor House. Colonel Samuel Colt and family, of Hvtford; 8. H. Hammond and wife, of Albany ; G M. Dexter and C. L. Holbrook, of Boston; J. H. Barrett aud 0. M. Craig, of Kentucky; A. F. Bevens. of Philadelphia; H. Farnum, of Chicago, and J. H. Gardner and W I'. Chimt>erlain, of Virginia, are stopping at the XV Nicholas Hotel. Hon. O. B. Sinter, Mayor of Cleveland: Maior 3. A. Gilbert, of I'tica. I?r. G W Kiely aud wife, of Harris burg; T. O. Wood, of Albany, K. s. Willis, or Texas; J. A. JameKon, W. 1'. Freeman and Jessie HolUday, of Bt. 1-ouis; P. Banker, of Portland, and J rtpivy, of Memphis, are stopping at tne Metropolitan Hotel. Senators BeLjamin and Slid< II, from 1/mlniana, passed through I.ynchburg, Vs., on tti<; 4th Inst., en rout* for bone. 1 gg TBFi BAU SKA WOW. The obrman'ltsderkranb hociety will hold their annual fancy Dresa Hall at Ibe City Assembly Rooms, oa Monday, February II, to which the' invite their mrmhrit and frlenda 1 h* varl' iis wmmltw* In charge Of the arrangement will endeawi- to tunaln the high repula lion which the balls of this already enjoy. Ticket* at ?X, admitting one gentleman and laole* can be bad of mem ber! only, among *hora an the following gentlemenWm. Jelllngbaua, Cooper tnnilmte: fred. Kapp, 1SB Broadway, O. PackersdofT, 19 Seo nd avenoe: Ofeaa Btelrnray, ?4 Walker street. There will be no s*le of tickets at the door, and none will he received wfthont ?mention, which do not bear the name* of the gentleman Introduced and of tbe member Intro ducing These tluketa are not l -austeratle. k?ml?ri will please sail for theli tl kcts at f) ibagoraa llall, on Sunday, Tuesday and Thuraday evening*. kHNBT XTEIOER, Secretary. LOAN OFFICER. A DYABCEH MADE OS DIaMoNDH, WATCHBH, A. Jewelry and hllverware. or bought for eaah at the hlfthent prices. Old gold snd ?llver bought. Apply at the old established offices of L. JAOOMH, <7 Wuilam street, branch, t07 Bread way. AT *? BROADWAY, KOUTIlEASr CORNER OP H'L ton street?Money advtnoed tn any amount on Dia monds, Waichee, Jewelry, Ac , Ao. N. B.?Th. hlgheat price paid for Pawnbrokers'Ticket*. 11 jlgwTl", i*B Br adway, corner of Fqlton street, r- wm No 9. At w nahbau street?a. iion iom am, diamond broker, makes liberal advam-ee on Diamonds, Wa'chna, Jewell v, Ac., or buys tbem at full value, at hi* private office. No An Nassau street, room Bo. 2, up staira Business oinftoentiaL At m broadwat, corner or prince btrert, room No. ft, up atalm, money advance* from ?l to ,(**) on Diamoads, Watches, Drv 'i.iod*, Segara, and ever* deacripllon of Merehandlse. All tranaactlona will b* confidential. BAOMOAMTEN A OO. ATM CEDAR STREET-HENRY HI MAN, DIAMOND ft broker. Gash advanced on Dtatnon4?, set or itaeet : Watches, Walcii Movement#, Hllverware Jewelry, Hegar*, Ac., er bought for eaah. Opposite the Poet office, room iTo, I, up stairs, <8 cedar street ATM CHAMBERS STREET, MONEY TO LOAN TO J\ any amount on Diamond*, Watche*. Jewelry, Ae., by the well known and old eetsbliahed ISAACS, broker and som mission merchant, 11 Chambers street. N. B. ?No business transacted on Saturday. HIM -OF HEUL KHffATE. Aoottaob for bale <m ro 1 ?t?no. 21s west CourtMslk ?'.n"'! witli i'j 4>le in r *r; lot 159 feet de* o S, isfeel Iron;, with p?'"y w ail. Tue i bove will be ?"?" ?h&u<K?i for ;t g^al hou-.? iu a ?hk1 lu thiauily Urc-X.vii. A) pJ> on U>< (.-cui.a Aopram seat, nrrv acrisx. nem- boohs. a|>pi?- i refh, fruit, ?v?f ;a?\ cuit'iil, ne?r depot, ? tools. atorra. Ac. Trims m->y Inutil e of C. A Lli VKUIDiiE. fioui teu louur U ' lui, :o-da). alle Lll>erty klrvct, up klcii). aiui real of Iitm. wi'i k a' WmiUiU., N J., tweuty ?aiiea i ,<xi> hew York, <*: New Jersey ?Vuii 4 Railroad. A FARM WANTED?iS KWW JERSEY NEAR I>K pot, w*rih not ovw M.OUU, In fur good pro dative Brooklyn proper v. Addrcae, full paclioutara, M., hot 111 HeoUd ottloe. AW up towu LoU waukod in exchange far Arm t lass houaea. A FARM or 2*0 ACRK8. SKA It CANAWDAIUUA, and oiM-uf 260 arret, | eur Hmgliamtou. for vale or ex fhim for oil) property; lio.U excellent laM asu. cbeap. Ap ply at Mi Nassau street, ootaer of Ami. TOOK SALJS.-TH* THREE BTORT BRICK HOUSE, f Knit PmKc atrcat, Breakiyn: an to SoMth, Vail atreM Mi fatten ferriaa near tbe door. Has brows stone basement, aabaoilir, large yard, modern Improvements, ni. bath, range. Ac: will be acid for IMW is equal to a New York house at $L400 ranL la^uK at No- ? Water atre?, nOR BALE?ON lexington AVRNUE, CORNER OF F Tfcfrty Mtb street, two first <u?*.s four atonr atone fjont Boafeea, with all tbe modern Improvements. Inquire of D. H. KNjLPF, owner, IQi Allen street. R SALE?IN BROOKLYN', A NEAT COTTAGE Houae. No. X Uiaovtr place, ounusr of l.ivinmlon street, in with brick, having 10 r?mt, Ou* Chandeliers. marble mantels, grab*, inside blind*, sliding <lc?r?, beautifully pa pered walla, ptajLi* in foent and In perfeot repair. Apply at fit Wllloughby a treat. For bale-or would be exchanged for a good farm near New Vork, a valuable Hu?se In tbe aity ?f Brooklyn, with nil tbe modern Improvements. For particul ar* address box 132 Brooklyn l'o?t c m w. JJM)R BALE?TWO NEW FIRST CLASS FOPR STORY V brown atone front Llouaex, with all the modern Improve ments, flntabed In tbe beat htjle; altuaied on Murray Hill, between Fark and Lexitigtoa aveuuea, \oa. 4i and u Ea?t Tkirty aeveBth atiML Inquire ou tbe pr< miseM. rR RALE?several NEW TWO AND THREE HTO ry brick Uouaea, well Aniahed. ?Itli gaa, water, Uiba. waafc tuba, beater, Ac., on Seventy eighth atreet, weal of Tfclrd arenue; good neighborhood, near Centra! Park; at prtrea from $4,0lW to and on ac<'ommo<Uting terms of paymeot. Apply to JOHN TURNER, at tbe paint (toie, cor ner Eighty-alilh afreet and Third arenue. FOB BALE, CHEAP?TALC ABU? LEASEHOLD FRO perly, now occupied aaa hotel; la nearly fifty feet front, containing three atoriea and about lli ly rooma, aituaied on a corner, and la u first rate I oca'ion for any kind of hnxtneHM. Any perven lu want of such oroperty will find thia a bargain. No agents need apply. Only $3, (SOU wanted. Address 8. K. A., Herald ollUte. FOR SALE?a FIRST CLASS KOt'R STORY MANSION on Murray Hill. Fifth avenue; Is furnished with all the modern Improvements and built In the most Hubstan'lal mau ner. The owner would negotiate for I'niiod Stales Treanurv notes or stocks. Principal* only need apply. Address Owner. No ? William street, if. Y. 1 ' TjlOR SALE?A VERY HANDSOME, SMALL, BROWN X1 atone Houae on Lexington avenue; bent loeatlou on the avenue; House well built, admirably arranged, and in elegant order. Pilot $8,600. Ternm easy, bee it and you will pur chase. KIN 4H1MER k CO., 343 Fourth avenue. IiM>R 8AI.E?NINTH WARD-THE THREE STORY brick House and Iak So. lli Fourth street, between West Tenth ma Cbarles street*. Apply to W. FOST, St. Mailt ? Insurance Company, 67 Wall streei. For pale-the two new houses, brown stone front*i, nearly completed, with all the modern im provement*, and built in the Mat manner. Desirable loca tion overlooking the park, 1? and 107 Eaitt fifteenth street. Terms to buIL Apply to J. II. DO I7 OUT*. 163 Bowery, cor ner of Broome street, from 12 to S o'clock. FOR bale?AT ELIZABETH PORT, 300 lots, very eheav, situated within hair a mile of the dock, ?n smooth, high ground, Immediately on the railroad; very desirable for manufacturing or other improvements. Inquire of PIERCE A wadsw OuTU, 10 Pine street. FOR SALE-ON MURRAY HII.L, loo FEET EAST OF Lexington avenue. In Thirty eighth street, si* small first class brown stone Buildings, with all modern improvements. Terms easy. Inquire a? jpove, or at M Ea-it Thirty eighth sL FOR SALE AT A GREAT BARGAIN.?THE FIRST class four story aid basement House, containing all the modern improvements, ho. 218 West Fourteenth street, house 26?t(6, lo'. Vox 103; terms easy. Apply to the owner ou the premises. For rale low-on easy terms, several first class brown stone three story Houses on West Fiftieth street. Apply at 226 West Fiftieth street, between Eighth ani Ninth avenues. For sale or exchange.?a country beat. with sixteen acres of land, In Westchester county, will be told at a barga n or exchanged for a house and Wt In this city, or a country seat In same oeunty with last larnl Tne buildings are new and modem; hot and uold water, bath leom.Jc.: sbsdeand fruit trees in abundance; situated on the New Haves Railroad, twenty minutes' ride from the de pot. Inquire of UKEOORY A CO. 24 Bond street. R BALI OR TO LET?THE FIR8T FLOOR OF NO. 46 Leonard stieet, MM suitable for a store er maun faeturinK purpose Also for sale, the premise* iM l-'rankltn street; price ??,bu0. In<|iilre of TAYLOR A WKsiON, 127 Reade street. For sale or to rent?the three story Dwel'ing Houxe, No 66 East 1 hlrtieth stri-et; has base ment, sub cellar, bath room, water cloeet and is in tlrst rate order. -For particulars address J.Greenwood, box 890 Post offioe, New York. House.?wanted to purchase, for cash, an ftngllsh bsr?m?nt Housr, aituated above Madison M I 'lire and intrinsically worth f 12,000; or u> lease, either English basement or high stoop Houm). below Madison at a rent not exceeding gl,'?W. Address, stating eiact locality aud lowest terms, H.1-. a., Herald ollice. Harlem lots for sale-bvery one a home - A number of One Lots, well located. In llarlein, and ready for Immediate improvement; will sell on easy terms or would belu any one to b'ltld. call or address A WARNER PLAIT, No. 61 Llb-rty Street. Newark property for rent.?two large four story Buildings in Market street, 258, one hundred yards from the deixit of the New Jerse) Railroad, with Steam Power; suitable fft- any manufacturiui purpose. Apply on *\.e premises or by letter to JOHN O. DBNMaN. Real estate.-a first clash house, pricb not to exceed ?l.\000, wanted, for which will b? given a tine Country Seat within ten miles of the city, the balance to be adjusted by mortgage. Address W. W? box 148 Herald TTALUABLB REAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN.? V Modern brown stone Dwelling, M West Twenty elghth street, one block from Hroailway, three story and high stoop basement: SO reet front by 48 feet; lot 2u by 100 feet. Two thirds ef the purchase money can run on mortgage for five years. I am oete mined to sell it It is as valuable as anv aty properly, and Increasing In value. Apply to H. T. GREEN*OOD, 7g William street. WANTED-A residence.?HOUSE .AND LOT, IN Brooklyn, Jersey City, or Btmokea, In exchange for good nnlnumoered property, in a flourishing Western city, on tbe Mississippi. Address, with particulars, A L. King, box 3,362 Post ofllce. WANTED?TO EXCHANGE VALUABLE CITY LOTS for first (lui household Furaituie. A'ldreat Exchange, Herald oflice. inn ACRES OF FARMING LAN?, Wfl II FIFTEEN OR A\J\J twenty acres ImurlJved, with house, sml barn and fruit. Title perfect aud rree from mortgage. To eichanfc for property In the vlolnlty of Hf? York or Brooklyn, or a respectable business. Apply at 482}* Hudson street, or 76 Division street HOKREN, GARK1AUE9, AC. a EOBTION OF THE PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT ^ oT I M Ringer for sale. Ten Horn?* and nil Carnages, all first claaa. Carnage House ?b Weat Ninth street, near Fifth avrnne IpOE RALE?A YOUNG TROTTING STALLION. BY 1 the celebrated hone Koyal George. h* is Id hands and 1 Inch high, he la five yean old, and ran trot very rant. For parUculars, maulre of Headdlna and Armstrong, corner of li(?th street ana Third avenue, Harlem, or of George Roach, Hamilton, Canada West, where he ean b? seen. FOE RALE CHEAP.?HORSE. TOP WAGON AND HAR neaa, complete, t or sale very cheap. Apply at XI* Wash ington stre? t, N Y. SLEIGH WANTED-A GOOD SECOND HAND TWO hone Sleigh, with three seat*. Address, with descrip tion and prloe, boi S3. Rye, Westchester county, N. T. OKXTIKTHV. A? RTIFICIAL TEETH.-ONLY BA FOR BEAt TIFL'L and substantial Seta on pure silver, on One gold and platlna, tib, Single Tevlh, tV Teeth All>m1 and directed without toe leaat pain. Artlfl'-lal Bone Killing, SU cent* At) work wamnted. Office 1.4 Hlith avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. DR LCTIIER, Dentlat. IlL^RlFFTNJkBROTHBRR INSERT TEETH, WITH or without eitractlng the roota; on sliver or rubber, $?; N I ? gold, fJO; platlna, $26; partial seta on gold, 12 per tooth, all ver, $1. Tee-h filled, gold, 60 wnts to el; bone, oement and allver, SO oenta. Eitrading, 26 oenla. J76 Grand street. New York, and 367 Fulton street, Brooklyn. ? HKHTAIHASTW. Again we live jubt arrived, at the elk phant and Castle, 10| Spring street, 'near Broadway!, from Low on, a professional Freuen cook, who has hsd eighty years' eiperlence In the kitchen. Therefore gentlemen din ing or supping Inside tbe I'asile may be sure to gat what they call for In the Old Country slyle BENJAMIN HONEY, Ba< k?*per. We live. W*. T Biiri rv, t'ushenere, >i. M ? the two Joes and a host of singers will be on bund on Tuesday evening. No connection with ihe blower down to* n. Table d-hote?Af mi ocloce. bindatr at five. If you wish to get a good Dinner for 78 ceats. In cluding a pint of claret, call a? 76* Broadway. Private par lor* for parties. B1LL1ARDH. EflBLAN R BILLIARD TABLED AND COMBINATION Cushions -New Improvement*, patented Hep tern her 2B, I Prices reduced tea per oetutor cash. PHKLEN A COLLENDER, BB to W Croaby street JELLING RECORD HAND BILL1AED TABLBB, TO sleee a enncern, at quarter llrat ooet. Public rooms, fo s draw-tag custom. r^slre teeosea These are equal to any for true playing and sterolse privately Apply te A. BAR* FORD, 14* Fulton street and No 8 Aon Street. INANTE PATENT CHaMPION BirLlARD TABLE The Eicelslor Spring C <hlon, patented August 10. 1HS8. WINANTH PATENT CHaMPION BiTlIAHD Ta'bLER. The Eicelslor Spring C <hlon, patented August 10. 1HM. Lively coireM and durable beyond aay and all otben now In oae. Ofllee and factory, 71 Gold street, I*. T. MATRIMONIAL.. Mm iatrimonial eegirtee now open -ladikr and gentlemen are sollelted to call and register their naaiea. Ladlee, Monday*. Wednesdays aad Fridays, tenia, Theedays, Thursdays and Beturdaya All oorreepondenee strteUy confidential and conducSed on a strtmly virtuous and honorable plan No person need apply unleaa with honorable latenMoaa Northwest ooroev of Forty second street aad Ninth avenue; entrance Forty second street. MADAME SEAMAN. Vf ATRIMONIAL ?A TOl'NO MAR, HAVING Jt?T RE Wl turned from the Wast, and having no lady acquaintances la (lie elty, dealrae to form the acquaintance of a young lady with tbe view to matrimony flfoaey no object A a drees George Ce*ea, Brooflya r?t aOfa. HOI'SKS, ROOM*. AC-, TO LBT. ArlNIi HTOU, H'lTa 11? ?l SK, CO l,&l. !'?>?*BS sion 10 suit. Ix*.al'<iu n>>i surptaaed. Trade from all uoista Or leas?, at r u'? for vale, u b?i|imn. Upon tw four or fl\?j 4ij? Andres* Free rrado ana no fat or, Uorald alike. ASKtoNI) KlAMli;, fOSnlRI ISO ?>F TWO l.AUOK Hooma, one ttaive, pantries au<l bath to Irt. will. Hoard, IikiUf iauuly ut a french teacher. Apply at No. 1 bust Tairty third atreet. A SMALL Ilorsf HRN1SIIEI?, rONVEMK.M' I.u cation, rent low The owner will board nut rent of f'ur n'Uire: English KeDtW-Jpeoplc without children preferred. Al??a tliree story, high -<t<M>|i i ligaut uiaualnu in At iuf'1'ii hi| \tMte rent nominal till May I A mil) ' bet we. u I and 5 P. M., ioUENKY WIUNFIELO, 80 Natalia ItrMt. BH<UJ)WAT I'HOPEHTT to LRT.-TO RK.VT, HOrSK Wo. h.18 Broadway; Jrt feet from bjr .'io feet d?ep with dicing rvoui eiu-nalon of feet: ha* an entran t tj the yard on riiiruwDih Mreet Apply to E II. LUDLOW 1 OO Nu. SflM atnet; or UOMEK MORU.tN, Nu. 3 Metropolitan M*iuk Building. FB URK1.-U1 I D IIOI'SES.?TO let, two VEW OK.SIR V l>le turoiihed Houaea, well Incited. to a antaiI private familr only Also the large new hoiia>> on Hroadway, oppo site IM entrance to Central I'ark; built for a hotel. Apply to W. II. Ll'fUI, i'J2 Fourth avenue. Hotel to let.-tur not he known as the Wall Ilouie, situated In tbc Eastern district of Brodtlyn, will be ranted low to a g>od tenant Tbc houf In pleasantly aituated, ?ltiiua three minutes' walk of aeveral fen-lea to the upper and tin- lower part oi New Tort, and Is a very healthy altuatlon The house Is furnished with Hed?u'ad?, Mat treasea, Bureau*, ttufas Carpets, Otlclotha, ?c The Nassau water Is lnii'odur<4 in the houie ami oonncaed with sewer. Apply at R0 Ki <>nt at reel, New York, between l;taud;! o'clock. I'osaeesion van b> gi?cu limm dlately. Hotel to lease. The UndeivUff House (oew\ on Harlem river, at High Bridge, three milesabovc the Central Park. over the Eighth U/rvmr end K rev Bridge, at McCoinb * Dam, principal Bar leu ricer steamboat lauding, ami oil" of the most accessible and | feasant drive* out ut tU city. Apply tu A. H. LOWEKV. 77 Nassau street. ' House amd one ache of land, worth |a,t*w for IjJ,WW. only a small amount of money wanted; ds lightfuiiy located, opposite New London Connecticut, on tip bank oi tl>e river, iliree story modern built houae. Apply at 429 Broadway room 12. (1. b. HOWES k DO. HOUSES, STORES, BASEMENTSAND APARTMENTS? To let, on the block at new lour story hoijm1*, on West

aide of Ninth avenue, between Forty second and Forty-third street* The stores and basement* are large and well located, t>uitable for any kind of ol' bu*ine**. The apartment ?ou tfit of bis room? on each floor, with rah, water ami closet#; all ip complete order, with Immediate pouetHion Apply to E. AUERBACH, lufewei street, and at nT 7 u?"d street, from one to four I*. M. STEAM POWER.-TO LEASE, SUPERIOR ROOMS, with steady power, in the new live ntory buililtngM, 42, 44 Oreenc street, with euensive lire proof vault? The building* are lighted on till aide*, heated by steam with every accommodation; lis-ation la the most central?oue'block frum Canal street and liroadway; ln*ur*noe one percent Parties In want o: superior accommodations at a low rent are invited to call and look at the rooms, euglne, Ac. Aoolv lo H. J. HOWARD, on tiie premises. ' pp y w STEAM POWER TO LET-THE WHOLE OR PART OP a new lour story and basement Building, slr.e 44*N> i.-eL on Twenty-seveuth street, between Sisth and Seventh ave nue*. Facilities lor manufacturers unsurpassed. Inquire ou the premises, lid West Twenty seventh street. STORE TO LET?250 CANAL STREET, NEAR BROAD way, running through to Walker street; the entire build lng or separate floor*; *tean power, If desire.!, from adjoin ing. Apply to JOHN UANDU, Engineer's odioc, 1Q2 Walker street. Stores and offices to let? bankino and Law Offices in 67 and ft) William street. Store No. 7H Maiden lane Lofta ill) and IB John street, corner of Gold street. Apply to S. B. SCHIEFFEL1N, 170 William street. TO LET?THE COTTAGE HOUSES. NOS. IS AND 24 Seventh avenue; contain all the modern Improvements, and very handsomely located. Apply at the office, No. :in> Greenwich street. TO LBT?THE HOUSE AND STORE 15 THIRD AVE nue, opposite Cooper Institute. Apply to J. DODGE, 10 Warren street, up si air*. The entire third floor of a small first class house will be rented, either furnished or unfurnish ed, to a party of two or three persons desiring aRcommod* tlvof for Heat qf reference required. Addi ea* C. E. Mm., box 1.U8S Post olllce. TO LET-AN ELEGANT BUIT OF PURN1SUED FRONT If oi i m* on second floor, together or separate, with full or partial Board If desired; also, a furnished I rout Parlor, with Bedroom attached, at 13 Crosby ?.n-?-t, two doors from Broome. TO LET.?SMALL STORES AND ROOMS, AT THE southwest rorner of Broadway and Twelfth street. Also the upper part aud basement of No 48 East Twelfth street, *?ai Broadway. JOHN S. KELSO, 82 William street. TO LET?DWELLING PART OF HOUSE 273 GREEN wieh street, three doors above Murray street (lissl loei tlon lor boarding bouse; occupied for ine satne ten years paat. Rent moderate to a good tenant Apply only at JOHN LADEN'S, 190 Washington street, near Fulton. Immediate possession given. r LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THE NEW tlve stary Building No. 36 Park street, near Duaue and Centre streets. It Is well calculated for mechanical or manu facturing purpose*. WM if. SCOFIELD, 99 William street, rear ollioe, first floor. TO LET IN BROOKLYN?PACIFIC STREET, NO. 274, near Court, in a private family, a very hsndt' rie- part or a house, iornlsh' d or unfurnished, with or wlhout Board; gas, water, Ac. Room* can fx- divided il required. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF 24 ANN STREET. The premises art- desirable, and may be leased from the present tune till May, l*<tt. Inquire in the ollioe oi El Notlcl oso, V4 Ann street TO LET?POSSESSION IMMK DIATFLY, HOCSE 145 West Twenty tirst street, between Seventh and EUdith avenues, three stories, modern improvements; rent ftillO Apply to MOO KB, 144 West Twenty-liiet street. TO LET?OFFICES A? PREMISES IN NOS. 5 and 7 New street and 74 Broadway, suitable for law, brokers' officM or insurance companies Apply to L. K CIIaSE, No A New street, between U and 2 l'.M., and of JAMES CRL'IKSHANK, 66 Broa?lway. TO LET, FROM 1ST OF MAT?THE FIRST CLASS FUR nlslied House No. 36 East Twelfth street, near Broadway. Apply to R1GGS A CO , K Wall street. TO LET OR LKASE-PART OR THE WHOLE OF second story ot the new building. VC\ Broadway, corner of Twenty lirst street, admirably adapted to a first ilasa tailor ing or millinery establishment. Inquire on the premises. r) LET?THE STORK 12ft MFRCER MTKKKT, 81'ItA ble for a grocery or saloon , rent low; possession Imme diately. Apply at M Cortlandi street, up stairs. rlBT?("TORES NOS. 8 AND 6 BROAD STREET. Ollicesou second and third floors of No 3 Broad street: also Offices on third floor of No. 6 Broad street. Will be let low. Apply to A. J. DELATOU&, 26)? Wall (treet, near Broad. . TO let-ONE LAROE. handsomp. FRONT ROOM, suitable for an otlioe or other purposes. Inquire at ttlX Bowery, In thettore. r LET?HOUSE 48 BOND STREET, WITH OR WITH ont the Stable In th^rear; it I* In first rate order, and will be let on reasonable term* to a tenant who will take proper rare of it Apply to J. H. HAZARD, 121 Maiden lane. mo LET.?THE STOW? AND ENTIRE LOFTS OF 1 building No. S3 Maiden lano; also the entire loft* of build ing V Mslden lane; the utore and basement of No. S3 would be rented separate. Inquire of FETEE HI'BRAY, No. M Maiden lane. TO I .EASE?TWO STOKES AND DWELLINGS. 14ft and 160 Court street, between Warren and W?*t Baltic streets, Brooklyn. one oorupied aa a hardware and stove More, the other for dry goods. Inuulre of W*. W. BTE PBKNSON, 140 Broadway, New York. TO LEASE-FOR FIVE OR TEN YEARS, THE HOB Manually liullt building, on the northwest corner of Broadwty ana Whit* street, ?l7,e of bulidln?2<i hy *u feet; strong, with good vault* tinder thn street. For term* Apply o E H. LUDLOW. A CO., Ho. 3 Fine street. A/lit -FOR HALE OR TO LET, THAT ELE VaUiUUUi (ant modern built brown n'one House, near Broadway, No. 32 Ea*t TwenMr-flrat street, contiguous to Madison square, Fifth Avenue Hotel, Ac. Apply on the premises. Fl'RNITL'KK. ABB BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED F0RSITURF. FOR $Jf>, In all colors, of warranted manufacture. Alio solid chestnut Chamber Salts, plain and ornamental, at H. E FARHINOION'E, 3(8 Canal street, opposite Wouster. K.iab llshed In IMS. LL RINDS OK FURNITl RK, MATTRKSSHS AND bedding, wholessle snd retail, below ptuilr prices, at <1. SNEDF.N'S, J6.1 Bowery, between Stanton and Houston streets. Furniture made and repalrej. Good* warranted and delivered free. Note the nunM "I?XPRESS -BURNII AM H FURNITURE EXPRESS AND f j Furniture Packing R*tsbli*bment, No*. Ill and 113 West Eleventh street, between Filth snd *lnh svenue*. House hold Furniture of evenr descrtptl m boied and ihtpped to all parti of the world: Pianofortes, Painting*. Statuary, Ac., par ked and moved. Furniture of fsinllie* m?v*<l, Storage for V'mrnlture. FURNITURE ROl'OHT FOR READY MONET?A FAIR value given In ready money for Furniture, Carpets, Book*, Ac., at US Suth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth street#. HPORTIMO. Arrived bt the last steamer, a large lot of Canaries, excellent songster*, at wholesale and retail, cheap. also Mor king Birds, all kinds of Fancy Birds, Cages, Ac., lor sale, at No. 71 Fulton street, oorner (fold DAVID TENTBN. FB OCR NEWFOUNDLAND AND ST. BERNARD DOO S for MUe; prion if te Ml These mwimM breed* in this city, for appearance snd nine; also a *pl-ndltt set or United State* eents, from IJJKt to IH67, excepting ITWsnd 1*19, which are wanting. CAULDWELL. basement, 114 Fulton street. GB rbat ioo bat match.?hark v .tenninos has matched* dog to kill 111) rata, tooomeofog Mondaf evening. February II, at 22 While ?treel. Ther? will also be a great Dandles)* Rat Match, open to d'?* of all limed* not ex ceeding Mlbn weight. Doors open at 7v rat killing to com mence at fL Tickets Xoeots. FRIZE SHOOTING.?WILL BE SHOT FOR, A LARUE Hog, of about 410 pounds, on Tuesday, Feb 12, at Var ten A B rode a, Lohman s Hotel, East Now YortL To omn mence at 9 o'clock A. M. Tickets N cents; good for two ?hols THIC I.F.( TI'RR RRAWIff. _ VfERCANTILR LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. JM . , . JOHN B. OOUUH will deliver his new and brilliant Lecture on the AtOOOFRR inXt&F^V r r id'a'M? v ksifo , Feb. 14, . At 8 o'clock. Tlehets <8 eents. For sale at the Library or at the door. TEE LAST LECTURE OF DR. DOLOUR'S COVESR '"On Europe'' this (Monday) at S o clock P. M., at the hall of the Historical Society Subject?"Present Agpocta. ' Ad mltaAna 8A oentA. TTF TOWN LECTURES.-THE FOL'RTH LRCTURK OF KJ this course will be delivered Mondav evening, Fehnmry 11, at 8 o'clock, at the Broadway Tabomacle, eornor of Stun avenue and Thirty fourth street, by Rev Theodore L. Pnyler. Bubjoet?"The Orator of Nature. ' To he ftdlowed by Dr J, 9 Holland ("Tteothy Tlteotnb") Febniary 1A. Aitmisstoo NALKH AT AI'lTIOR. A LliERT MORI IMER GKIFFIN A CO., AUCTIONEERS. J%. A rare obauee to obtain (trtt cJa*a nOrKEHOM) FURMTl KE AT PUBLIC AUCTION Magnltlccut 7>4 octave rosewood llanoforte, Superb Draw tug Boom Bulla. Oil Palming*, by eminent artists, ^ Frruch plate pier and mantel Mirrors. Brocade and I ace Curtains, Bronx* and Ormolu Chandeliers Mcdalllcn Velvet Carpeu and Mosaic Rug*. Serresand Dresden China Vases, Art 1st l? Bronzes and Marble statuary, _ . ? K'egcrce, tiuoki-aae*, Centre TabWa, Oak Eiluulon Dining TaJlo and Buffet, |o match, ? , . China Olituer and Tea Beta, Bohemian and Crystal Kn;tra?cd Ulassware, .. solid Stiver Ware aud Nlmllield Table Cutlery, Bronze and Ormolu Chick* an 1 Candelabra*, to match, . "t*e??.d and Vahogatit Clumber Kuruitum, ??n unite ?ortimcr tJiiiin a Co., auctioneers. ham Urn honor to if!!!!!!!"0''thelf frnnda ?n(i (he public that they will offer at fi ii^. if?' iU,u ili! llf> Mondavi1 Feb. II, at 10'., o'clock, ?Jl the Household TuruRure and works of Art cou tamed lu 01 M!*"'* ?? Chapman. B*|., ? West Sixteenth street, bel?een Klfth and Sixth aveuue*, the cata U>?ue eiiuiIiruing the largest and richest assort went of riou-i* 7 i u i . offered at audi.,it thli season, tbo bouse ww I urnlshed six mouth* ago aud la lu perfect order; the Furni ture wm made toorderbv Boudoiti, Mcakt A Well Mid in of the best Uensiiptiuo. peivinptorv ' I DHaWINi, B(;omh, MAGNIFICENT HEVE.N tKIT A f E PIANOFORTE, Solid carved rosewood esse and legs, Inlaid with uiottiror KM, overstrung bass, full Irou plate, with aU the modern rovements, I ully guaranteed, made to order hy a Broad way maker, audfuUy tested by cum|ietent judges and pro nounced a superior Instrument. Oant<'rbury Piano Stool coveted lu Brocade, embroidered cloth cover; Musle Books. rosewood Secretaire Bookcase, plate glasa doors, lined wl.h tul.pwood; Enoolgnures, Maruiielorie, Bois de it.we Cabinet-; Lady's Work i able and Writing Desk, Inlaid with Ijearl, c?m In Pail*."?) francs; three six light Ormolu and Irotue Chandeliers, tiuported from Paris byMaroott, Taiilere 4 i 'O. ; Candelabra*, Brackets, Medallion Velvet Carpets, Mo saic Rugs, French pier Minora, two extra large miutel Mir rors, with rlchlv carved frames; uuibroldcrod Lace Curtains (lilt Cormcea, French Shades and ilxturra; splendidau t? rose wood Drawing Rt oui Furniture, oivare t in colored aatin bro cade, of the moat expeMlve description, carved In fruit and flower# ?Consisting of Tet.- a tele Boras, two arm reoentlo and eight oval back t'halra; ronewood Ceutre Tablea, ntatiW ary marble topi to mutch the sulta; KUgeres, marble top* plate glasa doors and hacks, lined with Mitluwood; King* intent Cbalra, Card and guartett? Tablea. Anil ma Gothic r* ceptlon Chairs, covered In hrocatel; Arttotlc Rronzea repye ?ent'ng Musle, Poetry Painting. Morning, Night, Neapolitan Water Carriers, Cupid, Diana, Franklin, Rubens, Crusadats, Madonna. SeA-ona, Enuerclda, India, Persia, aud Arabia.; anperh Oil Paintings l>y eminent artists, rtz: Legrand, Hunt tr, Kiiaaeli, Cole, Rsuny, Inman, Hellerej, Eglau, Wett, aud otber eminent ArtM's; Assitmptlon of Vlrglu Mary, copy from the <elvbrated Painting In Louvre, Paris; Sl?;nn at Sea, r^lna), by Klugernagle; two iu|iei'b match Painting*. English interiors, ny Cole; Tanner's Creek, j Catsktll MoutiTalns, hy Eglau, (lame and Fruit, by Ruasell, | Market winter Scene* oil the Danube, by Inmnn: Mead or I Christ, In rich Florentine lratne, by Ituaaell; Fitmlly Group, I Madoi na, from Raphaels clehrai ed pointing, original, by i legrand; Iseenes on the French CoAtt, Smugglers; two match ! Paintings. Rent Day aud Village Politicians, by Norllicot; Reading the Scriptures, landing of Pilgrim*, West Point, by Tlunter; number ot line Cabinet Pictures, Antique Lara Vases from Pompeii and llerculatdum, Eipiestrian Group, <]ritsaders Parian (froup, Paul ant Virginia; two elegant VHues, real Sevres china imported for the present owner, coat SlIMl; Parian Marble < irnami iits, Accordeon, MuaTcal Hoi, eight different tunes: Ormolu I'hsrk, rutvi one month. Imported lor the present tm uer; pearl inlaid Swnoac ipe, with numberless suix rb View a; Pnof tsngmvingH, oak tlat stan<l. Chairs to mai*'h; Oilcloth, Velvet and Blair Carpets, Silver Roils, Ac. Chambers?Two rweuood marble top Lieaaing Bureaiut,French Mirrors, rosewood Bedaiead*,richly carved, style Loma XIV.; Commodes, Table do Nulf, Couches, Rocker?, Arm chairs, oval back Chairs, covered In ny aud black walnut Utweaua, Uedaleads, Sot as. Wash atanda, Rocker*, Bookcaae, Oornar Stand*, Betiding, Ac. Dining Ris m?Hold carved oak Buffet, ataUiai y marble top liertz (latent Dining Tuble, Rlxteeu foot draw ; f'ouches, Arm Chiiii a; elegant set* of crystal and ruby Glassware, china Dinner and lea Beta. AW. PORTER A 00., AUCTIONEERS.?POSITIVE AND ? unreserved sale af MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FCRNITl'RB, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, At the elegant residence No. no West Fourtceutb street, near Eighth avenue, ON MONDAY, February 11. The lAUlegnr comprising tb? largest and richest assortment of Household Furultun' and Works of Art tillered at auction this season, fiupcrb aeven octavo Pianoforte, Elegant drawing room Suits, Artistic Bronzes, Statuary, Oil Paintings, by eminent artists. Bronze and Ormolu Chandeliers, Pier and Mantel Mirrors. Hrucade and Lane Curtains, Ac. Comment ing at 10'i o'clock precisely?the entire elegant Fur niture and beautiful Works of Art contained In tlie a Vive large dw elling, all of which w ill be sold without reserve, aud must be removed Immediately, consisting of everything to be found iu a first class residence; Parlor, Library, Dining room and ( hamlier Furniture. Catalogues r?ady by Ho clock this morning, when the whole ran tat examined Paiiora contain superior velvet car|iets, three magnltloent so'Id rosewood suits, covered tn maroon, blue and gold, and ciimron and goldtatin. of the most expensive description; liotblc and Turktob easy thair-, lu mouuot and satin bro cade, ladles' solid rosewood reception ana arm chairs, cover ed In gold, blue, crimson and mai'tain satin; thn'e solid rose., wi od centre tables, with rlih statuary marble tops; expen sively carved rosewood pier, sofa and aide tables, with marble tops; three eoitly rosewood etegeres, with marble tops; plate glass door, A' ., Imported expressly for the owner; ladles' rosewood work tab i f, 21 day bronze and ormolu clocks, ele gant cliina vases, with the moat chaste and expensive land soapea, painted to order In Fr?n"e; magnificent French plate pier glass, with rich and heavy gold fi-atnu; mautel mirror to match, of six leet st|tmre; heavy embroidered l?ce window curtains and rornles*, large and extensive variety of oil paint ings, hy native artist*, such as landscapes, winter seen"*, mv rlrte views, scriptural piece*, Ac.; the whole forming a very pleasing collection, su|>crlor rosewood pianoforte full aeven octaves, elegant raise, finished all round. Inlaid |Aate, and richly set with pearl, coat (ioott, being a valuable instrument, rosewotsl piano Stisil, oovcrtd ,iuis?tln, w ith au elegant and cosily embroidered cover. Dining itoom? Rich velvet tapestry carpet, in good order; ? olid una extension table, all polished In the be-t mainer; maible top tai.ey tables, mirrors, sola beds, chalra in hair cloth, together Willi all the ruby aud crystal cut gtAss ware, wine*, champagne*, tumblers, gobleta and dooanters to match, rli li cnlna tea and dinner sets, oo?tly sliver ware, t> \ ami dinner servile, twenty four Inch salvers, iAke basket#, casters, coffee and tea urns, apt sins, lurks, liquor stand, superior table cutlery, inhtble pitcher*, tf . Chamber*?Costly aolid rosewood and mahogany bed st'-ada. statuary marble lop bureaus waahstands and com mode* to match; over twenty pure hali mattresses from forty to sixty pounds, made to order and in excellent condition; in grain carpets, bedroom mirrors, clocks, toilet table*, towel racks, toilet set* of cloths, stalt > arpel* aud nsla, mahogany cushioned chairs, rockers, sofa*, loungo*. couch lieds, hail stands, lea and dining tal>le?, together with a large ami de sirable assortment or basement uteri*lis, &r., Ac , with which the sale will commence 'the sale of the above furniture Is rendered absolutely Deis'saary, and will noaltlvely take nlaco without regard to wea'her. A r'sjxnisible fiersoii will tie iu attemliuio' to pack ami ahln the artlclea going out of the city at a reasonable charge Dc|a*ot- satlsTactoiy to the auc tioneer w ill be required from all purt liaaers. 'fci in-> oath. AHUCTION NOTICE ?HOUSE SALE OF ELEGANT Household Furniture, rich Carpels, French Mantel and Pier Mirror*. magnlBcent Pianoforte, Parlor Bulla. Brouzca, Bev res Vasts. Marble Busts, Ac. This day tMonday*, at 1<H, o'clock precisely, At tbc elegant residence W>2 Twenty Hilt street, near Eighth avenue. RUSSELL W. WF.RTCOTT, auctioneer, will sell as above the enMre elegant tirsl ciasa Furniture of the bouse, all of which Is new, having been recently made for the preaeut owner The whole will be peremptorily aold, affording an ex traordinary chance for housekeepers and the trade. Consist Ing of magnificent Pianoforte, cost $400, mn*ic cabinet, *tool and cover, Tnrkiab Lounges, with Voltaire Ofcair* to match, coveri^d In bouquet velvel; tapestry and ri[Uk!n Carpets; four elegant Mantel and Pier Mlimss; silk and 0 Curtains; rose wood Cf ntre. Sofa aud 1'ier Table*; two rosewood Etegerea. with plate door*. French Escritoire; mosaic marble Pcdeatale, mounted in bronreaDd ormolu; brotixe ('locks, risewood Re cepilon Chair*, velvet Ottoman*, rich Mantel V a*c?, lava and Etruscan Matvu-l Ornaments, velvet Rug*, *uperb laridscape and historical Paintings; tw o magnlflcent Parlor Suits, solid rosewood, covered In nth brooatel and velvet, tta*enty one piece*; artistic Bronrc* rich Chandelier*. ro?ewood Bed st< ada, Dressl/tg Bureaus, marble WashslaDil*. French Toilet Sets, Lounges. Tete a-Tetes, Rocker*. In hair cloth and velvet; twenty *n|?>rlor hair Matin-see*. Beds and Bedding, French Chalra. uuartetle Tables, Carpets, oval Mirrors, Mofaa and Sofa Beas'citds, rosewood snd mahogany Chairs, French Shades, extension Dining Table, rich French ChluA, Sliver Ware, Sptsms, Foiks, Casters, Urns, rrystal Cut Glass of every description. Ivory Cutlerv, with a complete assortment 01 handsome Chamber and Dining Room Furniture, ir??n Haf", one Colt's Revolver, Oilcloth*, Ac. Bo jsislpouemeiit. Catalogues at bouae. ALHKKT 11. NICOLA Y, AC< TH t.M.KR?Wl I.I. HKLL thi? day tMondavi February II, at II,1, o'clock, al tbe ati>ck aalearoom, No f>2 Wllbun rtiwt, regolar sale:? *lahs Bank of Republic $l<? 'J I ah* I'arkBtnk fl'?l 41 lUnovn Klink Ill) 4<> But. A Drov. Hank .. X 100 f iUzena' Bank 8ft at Eaat River Bank .... V> ,'W Lamar Inatirain* 1(11 31 Uaahlriuon In* ..... Ml l(|i People's Insurance. . :<# .Killer A N.Y.R.Nav. Co. Ill Ml Phenlx Insurance ... Ml Ml Orcat Weat Mar. (lit I'M !M> Am Coal Co I Ml US Y. Fll* A Mer. Ins. HI) flACol. Mar Insurance |?l MM'. H H S Kef g Co.. 100 2D Howard Inaurauic... ftd 1.1 U. H Inn 'Jft 2I?> La Croe?e A Mill KM 111) ?. N. W. Mar in* .. Mi 10 Commeioe In* 1113 16" H. I'mfr' RR .... .. 100 M'MwIi *A Trad'ra lea 3ft ."*1 Broklyn Cent Rlt M? ?? ll?i*,ln* Ml J> Niiib a. KR ... Ml M Sar A Wblt. RR Ml 2ft standard In-. Ml $.'(,<*11 La < ro**a A Mill. RR. Land (Irani bouda | 4,1 "00 Virginia Btate ? per Cent bonda. 3,000 San Franclaco cltv and Co. A per cent i>on"la. *."00 I'. H flper oent stock of MB. a,mil V. H. 12 per cent TiT*?a<iry notes. I.<??' Atlantic In- scripof 1HHI. Nell regular aale oft Til t KSOA V. Fell. 14. Rei<nlar Auction aalca of Hock* and ?ond*e?cry MONt AV ant fill KSIMV, or every day ? hen required, at IJ',nclmik, at tbeatock aal.-a room, 42 W illiam atreet, or at the Merchunta Richange If preferred. Stocks and Honda bought and sold at private sile and al tbe Broker*' Board. ALBERT II NIcouAY, H Auctioneer h nd Stock Broker, No. ft2 William afreet, near Wall. Auction notice Wli.I.I AM TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers, Stores, N<??. Band II Park place *n?l No ft Murray afreet, New York, will sell on TVEHDAV, I KHRl AB1 IS, AT 10 O'CLOCK, M?l CAHKH BOOTS AND HIIOEH, Conflating In ran of 100 cases men a, boy a a?<l youth*' Call', Buff and .Split Cm grcaa and Wellington Boots KM cases men ? ana boy*' Heaty. Thick, Wai and Kip Bro ?una. low caaes men's and boye1 Calf, drain and Patent Leather Mprlog style Hoota. t sees woman ? aed mlaeee' Wralo and Calf Boot*. Cases women's, ml-aes'and children * Morocco, Kid, (Via grea* and Lace Boot*, Hhoe* and Kllppera. Including new apeng alylea. I 'aaea men'a and boya' Oxford Tlaa. Mnotch Buita. Ac, < aiwa women'* and tnlajv a line tailing and Kid Boota, elty and Lynn work. Tbe whole cmnprlaiog a rery dealralde aa. aortoient, all Ireah ftaala, received direct from the Baatem manufacturera, and worthy the attcnU- n ? f dly and Oouatry merchants. Ah j. blkecebr, AccrtHWBB _ Kiec.tora HUe of ValuaBia fioparty on Wart Broad TOiriU ?IBwm^ mi ti Wmiii rtopunj Feb. It, at l> o aloak. at tba WlTIIolr rOBTHBB UMtTli Oa Weal Broadway?B. w. aor. FraaktBi at the hixiaa known as "The Fifth Ward Mnaanm Hotal and lot ? On w*at Braadway?B. w. oar. Beach al, tbe four atory id CI brtck building and L... (>? Variefc Htreet-R I. ?w. BaMk ai, the three itory brtck bouse and lot, with stable. Maya, tertna, At . at Bo. 7 fkll ?li eat. Also- no ? hares Ce|4ua BtaekColumbia Flra Insurance Ca By order of f. B. TILLOtT, BKNJ. O BBlStH. Kieeutora of Relate of T. Riley, < A^rCTlOJI RALB OF CROCRKRY AND OLASSWABK from the shelve*, la lota to salt city and country trade. S HENRY O. BY ARB, Oft Tueedav. Fen It, at 10 o'elock, at Maiden lane. Tbe atock comprise* a general assortment worthy th.- attention of dealers. Sale pu*ltl?e and |oo<u Mrefully packed for ' at AUtnow. A3. BLEEf'KBR AUCTIONEER ' W . Household f rourty au Mod ?UiKl:ker, m>Ra<>o will ? ?. ?. ? . ? .?! ?? .j vii MonrM itfMt A- 3.BLRECKER, soVa flit, will wll on HoUn ft| "if' U o clock, at the Moniteau' Gtihiuo- mm9> "fc Tr?JJou** *""* ^ 71 Monroe sirwt, between Market and i Ike ai recta, near Bulger's square; bouse contains ? **ur. Ac.; In good order, and ran la readily far MHl Lot ? ti?w?l? UUd renl ? l*' annum, with the aauai ra ? HALE POSITIVE. Kapa, Ac., at Mo. 7 Hum ?treat. A SHlUNRE'g BALE Of STOCK AND FIXTURES Of^a ? m ii *T tt,orB' Monday, Februaiy U, at IcU e'oiock JL. ?ll* J"*1"1?*. < John street, by order of L tewlae, aa? in . i k P ?* Havana Segara, Smoking and Chew ot aad X?h Stay Ac lirtl rt*r' auJ "ther Fancy Pipes, HtanM, Kv'i hIVk ' Counters, Shelving, Ac. ME? ORfcEB, auctioneer, store 194 Wiuleui street. AUi Tips NOTItlK?IIRV W1I r ii a uwa WORTH wUl Mil Tu. sdi, . .rutna at ln /JK". I bell auction room., 15 Murray ?ir4, a ?n?aJ .SJESLif ?aU UadeT*'"' ' to IOt" aJ*,'U'1 U' ib* ^ ??* JSESy# A' IVTION NOTICE.?CROCKERY AND OUH?WiRI bv J. p. H. ?aETLETT. auctioneer, an tS23L? ?? 12. at 10 o'clock, al 281 Pearl atrect, 800 loU all kinds ?4Vi*?.to Ooods, oonalgned, to be said without reserve for caah LnkoU tor dealers. Oall and get bargain*. /;beat MOBTOAOE baus-of the laoer bieb v* and Concert Saloon at AW Broadway, on tonday reb 11, at 11% o'clock A. M , consisting of Chkln, Table*, defas I rockery and Ulaas Ware, and all the Allures eon netted th.rewlih- WM. HEpfat'KN, Attorney ^ertr^S, GO. HORTON, AUCTIONEER?A ALEa ROOM 880 . ll iuaon street, will wll, thla day, Monday, at UHtf ?J.r^ iiiV^1'1 .f ud*?" Hie atook of a fancy good* ?ton-, Klbbon^JJuaiery, OWvcs, Bralda, Worsteds, Aa HEN BY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER PBRY H Ijfkft 2AVE ?r ?IN* . " A CO. will aell it Miction. M Thml <,Y *edo??day, 13th, at 11 a'aleek each day hr order of the assignee. the enure stork of rura. 4- sxorasIJ ly for Eruadwur retail trade, all or the beat j|aw^on322S Laulea andt htldreti'a M u I) m, t'u^a. Cuffa Ac Siberian S<iulf*el, Kietirli 8?bl?, Ac Alao Kur'Jw^ ottlree! t ollara, Oi'iitMKD'n k and Childre&'a Haul aad Cai>a tosathar with a line ai^ortineat of Hltigh Hobea, of Tarlooe deacrtv tlooa, without reaerva. r 1 he atore to let. Inquire of I be aarlloneer*. HENKY (iHI'.KN. AIM-TIONKER?MONDaY. I'KHKL' aiy11, at 1(1,1, o'clock, al the auction More MM WtlUaaa atraet, a large lot or tlroo rtee, Tea, Coffee, Neap, Ourranta, Tobacco, Biw-ult, Hunar, Brandy, u\n, Rom atdWhiakayla caaka and demijohn*; ntl,(U) lionwwtlo and Herman riegara. Al*?? at 12 ocbjriL a Urge lot of Dry and Kanoy Oooda, UvuU, fehoes, ( oata, I antH, \ ekta, Ac. JMORIARTY. AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL THIS ? day, at his ntore, 173 Chat nam a<tuare. at K)V, o'olnek, >urnlture from mantifactiirerf and othar>. removed for win vt-nletu-eof a.ile; alio. Carjietx, Feather Bada, Oil 1'alnUuga, (ilaaaw.ue, t locks, Mlriorn, l)i y and Kancy Uoada, Ac. MOOUUIITY, AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL THiH DAT ? t Holiday) Feb 11, at lO.Si o'clock, at aalearoom, S6 >imuii atreet, near Pulton street, at iarg? aaaortmeni of naw and second hand roatewood and mahogany Parlor, Chamber and Itiitlug MM>m Furniture, via.:?a it as, Tete-a Tetea, par lor, arm and wiving Chairs, marble top Centre Tabiea, ma hogany card do., extension dining do., Carpet*, Mirrors, Dreraing Bureaus, Waahatanda, Bedatanda, Hair Ma<lraasss, L<'iuigee, Wardrobe*, Ac., tba whole to be peremptorily sold. MORTOAGE KALE -DRUOfl, MBOICINEH. BOTTLEH, Hbelve*, Countera, Kcalea, glaaa Caan, now BotUee. counter Jars, hair Bruahea, Combe, Ac. The autira auMEor a very nsat store I w ill expose for sale on Tneaday, f?k. 1% 11 o'doca A. M , at ItHA Miaeckar atrf*t, betwaeu tlrove and Barrow. AHKAM MOSKH, Constab|4; acdomoo B. Noble, attoruey for plaintiff. ' . MOBTCAUE HALE-OEOROE HOLBBjIOE, AU*. tioneer, olliee 2:U Hle.-cker street, wilt sell, O Maaday, February II, at 1U', o'clock, al 178 avenue B, uear Rietraath atreet, the content* of a Marble Manufactory Marble biaba. Tomb Btonex, and everything appertalamg to a marble yard manufactory. My order of H. M. OAVlrt, A Harney. PAWNBROKER'S HALE?T1I1H DAY, AT 10^ O'CLOCK, at BELL A INURaUaM'H auction rooms, *1 Naw Bowery, MJ0 lot* valuable Pledged Oooda, comprising drat data men'a and women's Wearing apitarel of all deaeripUoaa, remaant* Piece Cooda, OullU, Bedding, Tools, Ouos, a Ana lot of Watches and Jewelry, Ac. By order of STaNTON A CO., HS New Bowery. PAWNBROKEH 8 HaLE -W. C. IIIOOANH WIIX SELL on Tuesday, February 12. at 'JA7 Weet Thirty fifth street, a large lot of ruredenmed Pledges, suitable for the comiag season. By order of HENRY O^ARKELL. OllKRirrH BALE.-HADDLRB, UARNE88, TRURKS, s ar a,. M il AMBBRH A PAIRCHILD, anetloaeara, ealeareem lit Naaaati street, will this day, Monday, Pet). II. at It o'elock. at 864 Broadway, continue the sale of the enure Mtook of a first class saddle, harness and trunk manufacturer, comprising a oxmpleW aasortment of double and singiaaela of Harness, Mad. dlea. Bridles, Linea, Collars; Traces. Bands, Straps, Blaaksta, trunks. Valises, Halchels, Ac., lofether with small artlela. la every variety, and of the beat quality In material and work manship: also a full stuck af Handler's Hardware, Leather, Cloth aad other Findings, aad all the stare Ktituiea. JOHN KBLLV, Hhaatff. The sale of the above stock Will be continued at tba saasa place on Monday, Keb. 11. JOHN KELLY, flbertff. SIIERIKK'8 SALE.?8EWINO MACHINE# AMD HEWINO MACHINE MAKUPACTORY. CHAMBERS A FAIRCII1LD, auctioneera. salesroom 1U Nasaau street, will aell on Wedreaday, Peontary 13, at 14 o'clock, al No. ,\t Uold atteet, the couteala af the Barthelf Aewing Machine Mantiranurlng Comiiany, consisting of Strain Engine. Lathes, Machinery, a large number ef flaiaked and untlnUhcd Sewing Machines and at the atore of said com pany, eomer of Broadway and Howard atreet, a large number ol tfrwing Ma< bines, an iron Bafe, nnioe Furniture, Aa., Ac. JOHN KhLLY, Klien*. SHERIFF S HALE OF l?RY OOoOB.-A. M. CEI8TA LaK, Auctioneer, will aell, thla day. Keb. 11, at 10 o'clock, at **i Third avenue, the entire Sleek contained Id aald store?' onsislliig of t'assimerns, Cloths, l>elaiuaa, Al l aca?. Bareges, M' tlno, dresa U<mk)s. broche and w<fc?llen Miawm, Blanket*. Urideisblrls and Drawers, Randerchlefa, I'.niloiM 1 rlmmings, woollen Oooda, aiere Futures, Ac. By order of JuIlN KBLLY, Sheriff. QUEB1FPH SALE-Cl/OIIIINO. O CHAMBERS A F a I ht'iil 1.1), auctioneers, salesroom 113 Nuseati street, will sell on Monday Feb II, at II o'clock, at 56 Chatham street, the entire suatk af a retail Clothinr, consisting of an aeaortmrnt of seas nable Iteady made Clolli ing, Cents Furnishing t?>ssls and Tailors' Trimmings; also the Store Furniture and KUtUfts JOHN KEIXT. Sheriff QI1ERIHP S SAIJi?BREWBRY, AC. O CI1AMBF.KN a FAlKCIIII.I) aucttoneere, salearoAtn ll.t Nassau street, will -ell, on I ueaday, reb 12, al 11 o'clock, at the brewery, 6b Park street, all the material, manufactured atis k and furniture therein contained, e*>nslaitng if aboui 2U0 bill* and hhda. Ale, Htl empty Barrels, bales Hops, libla. Byrtip, Ac., Ac.; also 3 Horse*, | Wagon* and HarBesa, Iron Sales, oitli e Furnilurt', Ac., Ac, .fOHN KELLY. 8M?Hff. t A J. B(HIART, Al t"TIiINKERS?TUESDAY, PRBBtt V ary 12, at IU}a o'cbaik, al tlie auetlon roonui No. I North William street, mortgage sale of ll?tuntold Furniture, ma hogany Sol aa, uarlile top Centre Tables, maleokny Ohakrs, Rockers, Lsjklng ui?*sea, Carpeta, mahogany Tvruch Bad steads, pur>- hair Mattroases splendid Feather Beils ^.olLs, Lounges, Uaa Chandeliers, lUauiclled Ware, Ulewea, Bureaus, Eltclien Furniture, Ac. SHIERIFP'8 HALE OP BOOTS AND RHOE8 -A- M. t RIkTALAR, Auctioneer, wtil sell oa Tuesday, Kith Inst., at 11 o clock, at 462 Third avenue, the stock or the above Stole, consistIrg of call sewed and pegged Roots, Congreaa tiaiters and t)nor?l Ilea, ladle*' prunella UaiieM, Sliupera, Brogans, Ac. By order o? JO I lit KELLY, Sheriff TM. H. FRANKLIN, AI'tTION^ER?SALE Off YALUA i ble Real Estate situated in Hooaeveit street runnfng through to ChamlM-rs stieet; also on the eimei.of RooeavelT and (Ttambers streeta, and corner of Roosevelt and Bsiavta streets ?W M 11. FRANKLIN will sell al apcUonon Tues day, February 12. at 12 o'clock, al the Merchants'Exchange, the following heal Estata, formei ly belonging to Wni J. Pur man, deceased.?7U Risjaevrit street, Corner of Roi-sevsltaod ( hamb>'rs streets; 7t Ransevelt street, eorw-r ef Heaaeveit and Halo via streeuij 76 it<>osevrit street, next t->tbr s<irner tit Batavia street. Terms liberal. Maps at .*6. & Broad Street WM II.LIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WfIX 8RI.L this day, at 2 o'clock, at 464 Canal street, Boraa. rock ing and other Chairs, eentre, dining and lea Tabiea, Mirrera, Curtains, rosewood Piano, Biukcaae, rich medallion tapeatiy, three ply ?nd other ('arxs'ts, Oiielotbs, malogaay, Peso*B and eoitm$* Bedsteads, hair and oilier Mattresses, Paatber Bads, Shs*ts, Spreads, Blankets, table Linen. dreaalBg Is reau?, Wwshetanda, Toilet China, tilass, Wardrobes | Wakag r<?? in and Kitchen suit, suilablo for families and etbera. Sale positive. w W' 1 I.LI AM WITTBRR, AlTTToNEER, WILL SKLL f T ihl? day. at 'J o'clock, at 4M t at .at atrect, I'orter Houae Fit In fit, ( ountrr*. Ann Chair*. Tablea, Oouah, Mirror*, I'm lure*, Fixture*, ftcreea*. Dumjnbna, Uutiora, Angara, tibia* Warn, Oilcloth, out-door )<aut(>. Halt, l uamiw^iir, At. IWWTRUCTtOlf. AHAdltlKlCKST WEN OOTtTB rArNOFORT* for "ale, richly earved roeewe.>d lege sad -M, rennd corner* full Iron plate, Inlaid with aaUnwnod, Ii'ruriin ban*, Inlaid with and pearl k*>?, tnad>- to order for the pra ???iil o*nrr hy city makcra, fully guaranteed for three yam, been In liar bnt IIti> mouth., coal (Am, will he Mid far 1*1), Inducing .tool and cover; alaa elegant Drawing room Mult, coat for tIM). lo't'iUti at 70 Weet Twenty allik atrMt, near Hlxth avenue. A^HCADRMY OF PENMANSHIP AND BOOK RBKPIIW, :m Broadway, continued by W. C. H<>0??LaNII, for many year* with Oliver B <ioM*mltb No rU*ae*?ihemugn practical In lruoion.wlihoafn. ft, oarcful atieotloo. day and evening. Terma reduced. _________ Ah more rapid and elsoa.vt caii be acquired at OOLl>* MITH 'K roonta. ?3 Broadway, and No. 16 Conn atreet Brooklyn, Ik ka J*"**"* each, than l? initially ofctalnc'l at ('thee eatabllahroenta In aa utany month*. Circular. r?ady. A T D'if.RKAR'fl AW'f^i #9 BROADWAY. BOTH Ad^lrne jr.rbu.ioi-. nan take private lewtooe In boat. n<** Writing. Boo**"P,n* *n<1 ArllhroeUe, and learn awn ? one moSfj. <*?> |? ??' ?**?*, ?**?>* ?ed?e?l Cnna?each branch |i Two d*.k. vacant. \ tTBOCOH R#OKKBRPINO, PBNMANAItir AND A AritMnetk are the ptiuclpal branchea taught at PAJMB'ft Mercantile l ollege, ftl Bowery, and M< Falvon Mreet, Brook Do, yet atat'ie jirovtelooa are autda fur tba liMtroo ton of foreigner* In ipelllnit, reading and other Kngliah branch*., each ntudent receiving atrtcUy lndtetdMal iaatroeUoo. Ladkee writing leaaoni >3. / kinverhation parlorr-a nooxD ooukbm or I ' Conversational Leaaona In French, ftpanl.h, Italian, Oerman and angllah will be formed at the Polyglot MHaM, No M4 Broadway near L'nion enonm, aa aoaa a* the aifrilWa tlona will be auBelent. Pitvata Uvana tn (grammar may be bad of each language by nntlv profeaoora Tkla inetltute la patrot Ired by the hl(beet eodety of thle elty. for atreulua BtxlpartleuJer* apply al the liMlltate TranalaUana tf W> kind attended toT L. P ALMA DI CBHWOLA. SU PANIRH ?A HIGHLY COMPETENT rteneed teacher. fr?m Madrid, thorm^hlr < A# HR*R rR SPANIMI LANOrAOR I" JACOI^, A . . /.fore, hy ClI'KIANO noRRIN. at t Unto* HaU, ^War . nom No. 7, whete appllcanta are requnated t? eall fro? 11', to IS e'lloofc P M ________________ Tl^ANTED? RT A TOPHI LADT, A WiTf ATTON Al Vl Jorem..., ha. had eiperteaoe In Maebln?. Addreaa M. B., Herald ofltee. VAL**T1!?KI|. ITALENTlJIKf, TALRNTINRd. V hi'lrndih abbortmbnt, At RTRONQ'tr H KAMIAC KTUtr