Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1861 Page 6
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BrrrATiows wavtk??femai-ks 7 florrLB of vtitv ntob, tTdy, wbll emooH; A meud?d (tins, want atiuatioos; one ia a #ret ?1M? eoot ? ft* ether nurse and chainiicrmaid; *'*? Uir"? ?5"*r*1 *P * tZf IB their last pisi*a. Also UltJ oiu?r good fill" here VtBUuf iltuAlloui ?aji* t-'dtiwi W* s'b *v A 6ITCATIOM WANTED?K> DO OMItili HOUSE work, by a <;?nuan girl. Inquire for M>-? Bul.t, a '2 at. _____ A8 COOK AND CHAM SBRMAI I).?TWO|jWELL KK? OX ?tended girls desire situations. lu city or country, s. |>? ?ate ?together; oue as good cook and tlrst cUs* Laundress; ?teothrr aa ehamt>ennsl'<l and waitress. Wag<* very iuodc ?it?. Apply 378 6th av., ?P stair*. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE ar chambermaid. in a small private family; can do plain Wl lug call for t wo day* at M iVeat 38tb at. A LADY CF EDUCATION, A SUPERIOR lettkr writer who baa long bad charge of im|K>rtam oorres ?intr? of a confidential nature, oouttdent of givlnr sstis fotUoit reapectfull) solicit* engagement* u> attend to the cor wmmwm of person* averse to witting; would wait upon yawes preferring It. Address X y., boi .1.410 N. Y. Post odke A YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS OHAMBER maid and waltrea*, or to do waiting alone; good re ?wwce. Call at 190 East 12th ?t.. between 1st and 2dar?. COMPANION.?A WIDOW LADY 18 DESIROUS OP making arrangement with a genteel and agreeable yaung lady, of prepossessing appearance, >t over twenty mar* of age. aa companion, on beneficial terms. Addrcs'a Mr* Culver, atailon I). ARITUATH>N WANTED-BY A GERMAN AND 1118 wife, speaking good Engllah, to go a short distance lu he eountrv, a1- coachman or farmer; can giyc good reference. Apply to *!firK<' Waeli'er. JI Weal 13th at. A SITUATION WASTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED A rook ? would have no objection t<> aaabit tn the washing Ml Ironing; would do the hakim; of a amall private family; ?n* the best of city reference Can be aeen for two day a at 364 01b ave., corner of 22d at., over the grocery a lore. A SMART, TIDY YO,TNG GIRI-, WI81IB8 A sll'I'A A. tion as chatnliermald or children's nurse, and to do sewing and mak ? herself generally useful. Oan be aeen for one day at 02 Went .'With at., near 6th ave. AN AMERICAN LADY WISHES T'J MARK AN KN Mpj with a dressmaker; understunda cutting and ttttag. and la capable or taking the entire charge of a work Mem. Address |). E. M , Broadway Post oilice. A MIDDLE AGED PERSON <>F EXPERIENCE, wishes a situation as nurse; Is a first claas seamstress, ? of rolling and making all kinds of children's clothes; ala* willing to Instruct them if necessary. Call for three days at 391* 3d ave. A8 GENERAL HOC8E SERVANT?WANTED, BY A very tidy n spe table German Protestant yuuii> woman, a situation to ccok wash and iron ; understands her buaiueaa ??roughly and has good reference. Call at 406 Broome at., Arst floor, front room A?OOD GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A SMALL private lanil y to do general housework; has the beat re fere me call at t he corner of Smith and Bergen sta , over ilt. grocery, fur two day*. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A YOUNG WIDOW, AS housekeeper In a widower's or bachelor's family; has no injection to children. Call at 72 0th ave. A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion as chambermaid or waiter, or to do general house wark Call at 207 Nassau St., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do the gen- ral housework of a private family; Is a >ooa plain cook anfl an eieellent washer and Ironer. Beat m citv reference. Call at 197 9th it., between 2d and 3d avs., f?? twe dayft A SITUATION WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, as good pla'n cook, washeband ironer. Can be seen for twe 4ays at til Lelancey st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS good co*'k srd excellent washer and ironer. Good city reference from ber Usi place. Can be seen for two days at M Wrat 13?h st , first door, front room. A RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN WISHES TO !ak? ladies' and gentlemen's washing large and small ?-toes at five sbt'llng- per do^en, at W Mott st., Wurkingtucn i ?ome, third tloor, room 41. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SIIUA tion. In a small priv ite family, to do general housework; mo ebjei tirn to go a "Ittle way in the country. Good city re ference Call at 12> Eaat 35th st., between 2a and id avs., for twe days. A COOK WISHES A SITUATION; UNDKKSTANDS all kinds ol meat*, soups and g?aie. and as had long ei jertenee in American and English families; has g" 4 oil/ reference Can be ^e>n for two days at 49 West 11th at, the iear, between !>ih aud 6tU avenues. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE TO work out by the dav or week in families < an make tedtes and children s dresses, and will gi\e saiisfai t.oii. la American. Addreaa MR 6lh arenue. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT C.IRL WH1IES A situation, to do general housework In a prirule lamily. ?all at 38 E'liabch f... front room. A RES -fCTASLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS jBl. first cla?- cook in a private family or a p. ivale boarJing Nuf. Can be seen at 110 4th ave. itHTUAnON WANTED-AS COOK. BY AN AME rican wfimsB* uitoi i&di her bMMM In ra m ; no objection to a hotel or a boarding Inuse. g.rfid ?ty frfereuee. t'an be seen for two days at ih Kth av., ee ?oiil floor back room A YOUNG CBBL wishes a UTPVTION as ?l>aml i nnaid and waitress; tboroughlv understands her ktisktess. he?t of rity reference. Call at 34S 7th av., between Slst?Dd 32d ?ts. . A, STKONO. HEALTHY V<?CVG GIRL WANTS A situation a" cliumiiermald; wou'd help 10 ?asli and l?on. Anjr re*pectai>le fsu:l1y In want of such will please nail or ad gresi. In the gnxery ?t<,re, corner Ravmond and Hollvarsts., Br?|.klyn, for three days. (TOOK-sm ^TION WANTED, BY ONE FULLY > uiiders'andlng her husin-ss In all respects; i-aklng, pas try and all Its lir?ne(,es; would d > part of washing or th? en tire kitchen work of a small family; most excellent reference C!an be aeen f"r i*o day? a< 49 Allen at. (tOOD SKK\ \SIS AND PLENTY OF THEM. ?N< LCD T ing Fren> h and c.erman with go'al <\ty ref-r-nc.-, may ke 'ouod at No. 6 Clinton llall, placo, a fe? ds rs rf Broadway, formerly Bible Houee. French ,it>d t)i rm\n languages a|>okeD. I A< E, CRAI'F. AND I.'VEN OOODS ?A LADY, WHO Jhashadihe sn|ie'tentendenneof the manufacture of the above articles in one of our largeat eatablisbmenia. Is now frea to w aka an arrangement with any other lirst clasi house ?ttker In <his or any other city. Aa to her capability abe c*u f?fer to her late employer*. Addreaa t B., Post oflioe, sta Uob A, Spring street. A*! Wanted-bv a respectable womvn, a sitca tlon as first claas cook; can cook meats, soups and pas tries of all kinds is an excellent halter: no nlijectiou to go in the eountry. Best of reference can be given May be seen far two days at 18* Weat 14th at., i?rner of (KB ar UfANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT German girl, to cook, wash and iron. Apply at No. 191 Waoater st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIP.L, a situation to do general housework in a small private family. Can he seen lor two days a'427 0th av., corner of 30th at. Good < Ity reference* if reu'ilred. UfANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL, A Vf situation a? child s min?' and to do chamlierworc, or lanndress or waltre?s Oixsl citv reference. Call for two 4*ya at 317 Wett XUth at , cottage In the rear. WANTID?A SITUATION. BY A FIRST RATE COOK; ahe understands her biKtnesa; can make cake, bread. (?astT; will a<?lst tn the washing and Ironing, or will 4o the whole of the washing of a small family. Good city telerence. Call at 27*) 3d av , n<ar 22d at. TIT A NTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ?Y vourg girl, lat'ly lan Jed. n chambermaid and waitress. Maa the best city reference. Wage* not so much an object as a goad home. Call st 197 Third a> ? nue, thliddo >r Above 18th at., in the fancy store 1irANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL. A SITUATION AS Yf nnrse and senmstresH Can be seen at her present em fkiyer'a, 144 'oralmon at , Brmklyn ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, with afresh bre?st n' milk, a lia^y to wet nvirs* at her repldence. Das the i>est af city references. Inquire at ?H <th av., top floor, back room WANTED?BY A NEAT, TIDY GIRL. A SITUATION AS plain cook, wash'r and ironer, or to do general Ums. wark Apply at her present situation, 210 West 32d si , for two Aaya. UTAl'TBD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Yv American woman, to take charge of a tenant house, keep M In order, Ac , and live fh the saine The m<sit unex><eption. ?ble relerencea can he given as to bone?tj, propriety aud Ability. Mr*. Brown, 3t)9 ith st , corner of Greene st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a ritua'len to do general housework In it *rsipeetable private ratnllv. Ca I at 41 Rutgers st , in the rear WHHBT RLRSE-A R F M A K K A BI. Y IIKtl.THV I MiY having a physician's certificate, wl?lies ? sltuatioti Call far two days at Mr* Ruah *, 233 Kith it., between -th and 9th av* WANTED-A SITUATION. AH WET NURSE) WISHES t<? have the babv at her own house; has lost her own ??b7 ?. fwh bn?AAt of milk. citv r^fer?ncfi flren. Call at XV Mulberry ?f., to tlx* r?ar, tei-ond fltMir. W "|ir ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV yonng woman, to do hotiaework, or aslanndreaa; e>n w^odnee good citr reference Can lie seen for two davs at 41 Spring street, front building, room No fl, between Multier ry and Mott sta. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Mln die aged woman, aa cook or laundress; oan r me well feeemmended Apply to J. Smith, uudi rtaker, balween 27th ^<1 ?tli sts . 8th av ?fl'ANTFn. t SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS ?! ?hsmhermald and to asalat In the waahlng and Ironing. ?vu> tak* care of children and do plain sewing; Will he r? iTT.m'vfr. i /I"" h,r '?*' pl*o*. Can be aeen ror two da.v? At IWO Kaet 12th ?t W'liiyi.!'.'!' TIDY HIRL. WITH EXCEL i#i?t wt mtrcno#?. % a.. na>MA Vl* M nuriw And family iTThs of.% baby 'r voting children; I* iStXz,? Calf or ? WTANTED-A SITU ATI. IS. BY a R '.R^hTta kT* TV voung woman, 1o <k> geoerat btnisework, or im 1??,. ?rees; best ol rttv reference Klren. Call for two days aJ VU M av , third floor, back room. ? ?t3*' METANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRI,, A SITCA W? aa general housemaid for A small family, or as cham jyriald; good city reference. Call fur two days at 179 Wast FHKMII A DVKR T1H F. MR NTH. BONNE D KNFANT ?ON DEMANDE UNE B?^n"nE Evancatse, qui parte blen sa langue et un peu I'Anglals, f>?sir aoltpter un enfant de quatre an? Oft n/atre <ju ell. ' " de couturlere, ?t qu elle donne les meilieur* ren S adresaer au No 3 West 24tb *t. O^m* DRMA8 | satmm pei >aas jage a I DEMANDE?UNE BONNE CUISINIERE ER AN pmir una famine partMnlMr* On donaora de ~'adresaar s K it R , bo* 300 Herald ofllee. rim ERA NCAISE DEMIRE SE P'VACKB COM ME kMA? d anfaoM. ? Adreaaer au No, ( HM rue, eatrt r?? ??etltarenaea. RITt'ATIOW8 WASTED-* ?*M> DBY GOODSJOBBERS-"THE tDVK-W JER, 1 has sixteen ye*?1 <? > periem e >B the )ohbiag arrff^'*. 01 stuea-. the beat and heaviest bouses in alty a i- ban served In evary depuiociit i* ?*?????? *???> In no fniid to work or lo travel, and I* desir a situation in some good house in New lorkor Boa ton, at a fair salary for the tline*. Address ror one week, A. C A. Denims, Pout o?oe, X. Y. mo CLOTHIKKf, A?D BETAIL ? 1 Wanted, by a man of abUMy. * situation uwl^inui, storekeeisr or porter. Has a thorough knowledge of the trade and firm class re:erenee. Address 1 ers.fvorance, Herald office. ___________ WANTED?YANKEES KVERYVHERR TO INTRO duce a New Yankee InvenUM. Mean* required, little; profits great Sell* tsster than I can manufacture. Jus', the thing for the tliu'S. Town rights for Hale. Mend 'ii cruta lor sample. A partner wanted, Very little capital required. For particular*, address W. Preston, Yonkurs, N. Y UfANTED-BY a YOUNG MVS, A PATNrEB BY Tr trade, to Mrc out with a gentleman to do light w-rk; would ilo hi* [lalntlng If necessary; It d<*s not agree with him to work steady at ll; or would go as'tiarkeeper In a'inlet place, in town or country; la strictly upright In every res|i?c.t. ran be teen until engaged Address w. W, SJB I'aclfio at-., near Court st., Brooklyn. Yl^ ANTED?BY A YOUNG 1IAN, COLOBED, A KITUA ?T atlon as waiter: is willing and obliging Hun excellent city reference* f rom bis last place. Mam no objections to the country. Addreaa<Jcorge Gibson, Union square Foal oilice, for two days. WASTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT DBUG g'at from Phtlade'plila. Unexceptionable recommenda tion*. Salary no object. Address T. B. N., Herald office WANTED.?CLERKS, SALESMEN, BOOKKEFPHRS, portera, Ac , desiring engagements for th? spring tra<l'! should apply at the Merchants' Clerks' Registry Office, I'J Wall street. Established IWfi. Reference to drat class houses. GEO. RAWLINS, Superintendent. HELP WASTED?FEMALES. A GERMAN WOMAN WANTED?TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply at 154 Grand at. A LAUNDRESS WANTED?ONE OF CONSIDERABLE experience and fully competent to do the washing la a > mall private family. Apply, with city references, ai 3216th avenue. All families and good servants can rtND the largest and best olllce In th? city at the InstUu'o and Home, where the best servant* are always ready. Also good situations for good help. 138 llib at, coruer of Oth av. U|>en till 9 in the evening HOUSEKEEPF.B wanted.?a middle AflED widower, living in an adjoining town, wishea to arrange with some young lady of prepossessing appearance aud plea sant disposition as housekeeper. Address Jefferson, Ini IX) Herald office. HOU8EKEEPFR W \NTEI).?ANY YOUNG LADY HE tween twenty and thirty five years of age, with g 'od re ferenee, wishing the above situation may address H. (box 19t> Herald office. TO MILLINERS?MRU. LOVF.TT. 7M BROADWAY, 18 now ready to receive application from those accustomed to first class work. Preference will be ghento those who ctn Influence and bring a desiralil* class of dtv and nearby trade, wholesale and retail. Two apprentices wanted. WANTED?A GI?L TO DO THE GENERAL HOUSE work of a small family; she must have food recommen dations. Apply at 37 West 21st ?t. WANTEP-A PROTESTANT W'IMAN, AI COOK, washer and iroller, with city reference*, (.'all at 123 West 15th st WANTED-A COMPETENT NUBSB, TO TAKE CARE of a child one year old Good city reference required. Call for two days at 261 Wesi 2.'ld si , between7th and Xth ava T1''ANTED?THBEE LAUNDRESSES. CHAMBERMAID T? and laundress, two cooks, seamstress and nurse, four chambermaids and waiwrn, throe general servants; also Pro tectant cook and Protestant waitress for a small, nloe family In Peterson. Excellent situations. Apply at 2M 4th av. TI7ANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILV, A GIRL FOR TT general house work : one who ciu cook, wash and Irou may apply betw een the hours of 10 and 2 o'clock, at 1:16 South Mb St., ? Ullamsburg. WANTED?BY A GENTEEL FAMILY, A NURSE; ONE that understands plain Hewing and is willing to make herself generally useful, can find a good home at No. #3 Stale ?., Brookiyn. I TirANTED-BT A WIDOWER, A RESPECTABLE AME TT rtcan Girl, from 2U to 25 years of age, to as- 1st in general housework In a small fsmllj; one who wishea a good home and low wages. Inquire l or further Information at 83 Ful ton st, N. Y. Call for one meek. Mr. Dubois. WANTED?A OOMPKTRKT CHILD'S NURSE TO <K> with a family to Savannah on Vedefeday, tbo 13tb to stant. flood reference required. Apply between 10 and 11 o clock A. U. until Tuesday, tat 1U East 34th st. WANTED?A TOOK. WASHER AND IRONER, WITH rood oity reft rences. Apply at No. 103 Joralemon st., Brooklyn. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A HE ADDRESS MAKER. A first cluss one may Inquire at W. Openhyra A Go 's, 31 and ill. Division street. fir ANTED?AT CITY LAV N DBY, JM CANAL ST., TWO YY slilrt and four g'jod family ironers flood ?sg'.'S anil constant eniployiiient. Inquire at the laundry. TIT ANTED?A PROTESTANT NURSE AND SEAM Vv siress. capable, neat and rerpectftiL None others need apply at 38 West 24111 st. TJtTANTF.D?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS COOK, WIIO vt understands her business thoroughly and can bnn? I .est city reference. No others nted apply. Call at 2UU Mudi aon av." TV" VNTED?A HOTEL CIUMBKRMAID, WITH GOOD V* recommendations as to sobriety and eapwlty. Al?o a boy, about 16 vears. whocjtc write and read, to attend the dooi sod be generally useful. No others netd apply at 7tS7 Broadway. WANTED? \ tlOOD GERMAN ?>H 1111SH flIRI. TO vT do generallum??work in a pilvate iamil>. N'tne need np| iy unless they uuduieiaud then busine-s at 81 North Voore street. HELP WASTED-MALES. ? C.ENTH WAN1ED.?A $AMAI* FOBfSCENTH : OSCAL J\. price for xueli a map $.1 and $10. LLOYD'S UNITED STATES R. R. MAP Ik now n-S'ly for the people for 25 Ornta, colored In States. It 1* four feet miusre, printed on an enure hIi?pi of line white paper, an.1 can be milled ai.j wherw In mmn< wnppi rs for tine ????tit pottage. It show* e.-ery ntl! ro?d finished up 'o the flrnl <l?y of February, l.vil Every station is laid down; every river and every atronxh >ld In America S0,UflQ ton na, slail"tis and ellie? are marked down on Lloyd's map. Agents are selling firty copies a day, and cleat $? Hole right* In counties given. Apply for prirate rir?'i.'ar and *amp|e map Refer to all railroad companies North and South auto corre?tiie** of Lloyd * United Stat** Map .1 T. LLdVD, Agent, 164 Hivndvvay, New York. So sumps taken. AOENTS WANTED?IN EVEBV TOWN AND CITY IN tlie lTnloti. with from 91 i'O capital Our agent*, both male and leroaie, are maklntt from $.1 to (It) per day, by selling our new Olft Jewelry Envelopes. In our "price* ana the quality of our goods we del y competition. We aik Slit one trial ami we are aure of your future patronage. Applr to oraddre*a tine losing atauipa) Sherman A Co , 229 Bruad way, second Boor. A QKfTii WANTED-EVERYWIIKKK, TO SELL PHES COTT'S l'rl*e Packages. a new article; wanted bf tr*7 tody. Active men ran make R.1 per day Simple* ?ent bjr mall on receipt of W , or send a autmp for circular to PKE8 C'OTT k CO , <29 Hroaiway. PASTRY COOK AND BAKER WANTED?IN A SMALL first elan* hotel. Mux undeiman ! unking Krennli bread and roll'. Also all kinds of tine pastries anillanoj de sert*. Address Hotel, bin 1'Jil Herald Mice. \1" ANTED-EMPLOYMENT GIVEN TO ?) OR ItU ii men and boy*, of smtrt business c?padty, In a iitc'it, act Ire, out d'Kir business So cipense* required. Apply at Mr. Sjcncer'e, No. 2 Cortlandi si , In basement. WANTED?A ONI rERM \N . ONE W1IO TIIOROPOH 11 ly understand* i he city tea and coffee trade. Apply At *9 Veaey at ftTANTBD-AN OYRTEIIM AN, WHO t NDE11STANDS II bis bnttness; slso a waiter. Apply a'St Nicholas Res taurant, corner of Broadway and Spring at. WANTED?A < I.F.RK FOR N RAILROAD TICKF.T il olliee, a'lerlt for a shipping otllee, four girls to travel to < slifomla and Europe, two porters, one barkee|ier, two men to drive horaes and ''arts, one express driver, three boys to learn trades, one Ooacbman. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. "11 ""ANTED?A TO! NO MAN IN A NEAT INDOOR Be ff *tne-B. wages $A to $7 per w.^-k; one htving from $V? to $*? to loan hi* emp oyer can meet wi'h a good situation. Inquire after 12 o'clock tn do at I#-'1, Vanet *treet, near King. None need apply unless prepared to enter Immediately TIT ANTED?A BOY IN A BBAL KSTaTK OFFICE ii do?n Iowa; ni'i't lit a steady, oiiedlent t?oy, oi Ameri can paieuis, oi r? ?pe< tshle appearsno and address, and who Can wipe reasonably well. ft ?>;e- $1 per week. Steady em ploy If fatthml Address Clerk, bo? ISO Herald offloe. WANTRD-A !>AV HOTEL CLERK, ONE WHO CAN 1. an hi* employer SKO A fair salary will be psld. None without m"ne\ need apply I IB" who speaks (j*rTU*ii would t? pr? ferred. Apply to Smith, I7f> Broadway. Imse. ment oflloe Tl*ANTED?A SINGLE MAN IN A DINING SALOON, if One who he* been accustomed to work at a dummy preftned. Apply a' 30 I)ey *t., before ? o'clo k thl< m irnlng. THE TRADER. Good miners wanted-experienced in iron mining Several drtrts. from ItM u> MIU yarda In length, lo be let by oomract. None but eipertenoM and competent men nee<l *pi ly personally lo Wm. R. llvyi, near Fort Mont gomery, Orwnge ooun'v. New Torh. A. DAIH'ISI? A< ADEMIEK. DODWORTH S DANt'lNU ACADEMIES. No. WM Bmadway, New Torh. Na U7 Montague street, Brooklyn. i and H*turdsy*_ In New Torh. Mondays and Wedaeadai* and Saturdays in New Torh. M ndays ai Thursdaya. Tueedaya and Krldaya. In Brooklyn, t'lrcuWe i term*. Ac , may be bad at either Academy. A I.I. the NEW DANCES.-L. DF. ? BROOKES' ACADEMY. Ml BROtrMK STREET. A NEW CLASH fob tuesday. Ladies' primary elaasee Instructed by Mr* Brooke*. SnrrtsK W?wntsDAr Evaoteu. THE SCHOOL IH OPEN ALL THE VTBAR Madame shaffeiwias removed from seventh Street to m Second street, betwee* aienue 0and Union market, third floor She stlH onntlnuws to tell about lore, marrisKe, sii*eut friends, btislneaa and Journey a. Ladies 26 cents ueetiemen not admitted. The Rp.rwiwA walti, polka, frincb imperial nwSSEfllfc *nd other ilanees, are taught at MaDA *E * Dane Lg Academy, 7*1 Broadway. Lessons fr"m 1"? 6 ""d from 7 to Ml Monday, Wed needay and K riday evenings 9 fOPETH AVENrB.?MLI.K OQftLH'S DAHCINO Academy, ('rand soiree every ntght ,'essons every sf ternoon and evening All the faahi, da?ws tanght la 12 vm >^j- impi"i"?w fw<nlu' r, n'u m,K^r*t* A A1 DRV OflODB, AC. T KIN/.EY'S GREAT PANIC HALE, LARCH KAIL''RVS ??K IMPORTERS' AND JOBBERS' u.K?os at Firry cknts on the dollar. SALE COMMENCES MONDAY, AT 9 A M 92s.noi) worth i.a< km, emrhoid&ribs, ribbons, TRIMMING*, KI.OWERS, HOHIBKtf, GLOVKS, SKIMTn aND FANCY GOO0S. Fine worked Collar*. I2',c Children's Cotton Hose, le. Fine run thread l.are Ho. Children's Woollen Ho*, 3d. Fine worked Collar*, Una. U?uti' Hall' Hose, Si. Fine worked Seis, Ale. Infants' Wool Buota, 2c. Flue worked Sets, MIc Heavy-rlbVd Hoso, 9c. SH.K VELVET TRIMMINGS, lJWe. a I BILK DRltHS TRIMMINOS, IJ>.c a piece ASSORTED TRIMMINGS 121JA a pteco. SILK FRINGES. l?,c a pi,**. S1I.K watered TitiMMINUS, UV'c. a piece. FANCY SILK fRIMMlNQS, UUc. a piece. MUST BE SOLD. Best Pins, 3c a paper: beat Needles, .V. a paper; Spool Cotton, le. a rpt*>!; Spool Cotton. flo a dox.; Sewlu* silk, #<? a do/. ; Skl't Bislds, Jr. apiece; Serpentine Bellas, le ; Twilled Tape, lc. a roll; bejt Hooka and byes, lo a eard; Buttons. 4c a gross. Tooth Brushes, 4;. ? Round Comb*. 6c ; FlreFnglish Tooth and Nail Brushes, ljv,e.; Halr-pib*, ti a bundle. Laigc quantities of other Fancy Good# closing ?at. NOS. 221 AND 223 EIGHTH AVENUE. FTNE 7WIST NETS. *? and 12c. BU?LE AND CHENILLE, 18o. LINED BILK GLOVES, Itc. LIoLE OXCNTLETH, li.>,e. FBENCH FLOWERS, Sc. sjray. FRENCH FLOWERS, Se sprsy. FRENCH FL.OWERS, 3c. ?pr*y. FRENCH FLOWERS, 3c. spray. GREAT PANIC <?ALE. WIDE TABLETON8. CLEARING OCT, 10c. Illusion*. ('rare* and lace*, So., fir. and I'it.'c Lmcn Edgings, closing out, Itle., 12c and 13c a dozen. *?enti' bordered Handkerchiefs, B<; Fine bordered Handkerchiefs, Sc. and 4a. Lad es' linen Handkerchief*, fie mid &? Ladles' Onctawn Iftndkcrchlets, fie. and (Sc. SniBT BOfrOMK ciosfhg at 3c WIDE PLAIT WOSOW.-,. at Sc. PINE PLAIT BOSOMi 10c and li'^c. FINE PLAIT BO-OWS, Ifie and Mo. WOOLIJS (inOI)a LESS THAN COST. Lota ef Needlework and Lane Goods, la Baskets; cheap Rib bons, cloning oat rh?ip The entire stock contained In the two store* cloning cut, con sisting ef nearly everything ever kept in the Lice, Embroide ry ana Mllllnerv business. WM. KINZEY, 221 and 223 Eighth avenue, - between Twenty first and Twenty second streets. TO. J. CUSH MAN'S, 463 SIXTH AVENI'E, CORNER L of Tv*nty-eighth street, ladle* can purchase KID GLOVES the very !>e*t quality, in every size and color, f or the low price of 63 oenta a pair. t'NDER GARMENTS FOR LADIES, In every style, made In the very best manner, at low price*. PARIS FLO WEBS, Ruches, Ribbons, Lac-eft, Ac., In fine styles. SHIRTS?-GENT.'S FINE 8I1IRT8, our own make, ?1_2*_ CASH AND SHORT TIME BUYERS Will llnd at and under the lowest market price*, MERRIMAC, MPRAGI E8, COCHECu, HAMILTON And oilier Lomestic Print*. NEW YORK MILL, WAMSITTA. LONSDALE And other Shirtings Ctioa, Peppereil and Huguenot fcneeting*, Denims. Kentucky Jeans, Brown and bleached Drl'ls, Stri|>ed Shirt ings, Apron Checks Canton Flannel*, Blankets, Quills, Tick ing*, Ac., Ac., together WITH A LARGE ASSORTMENT of other Domestic Fabrics, purchased In the most depressed state of the market The clo.-vest buyers are particularly invited to examine them. A. T. STEWART A CO. Doors wide open VERBIS DOORS CL08ED. The Peace Convention at Washington are conducting their Mooecdlngs with closed doors. R. H. MACY, 'AM and 206 Sixth avenue, will have his doors wide open Monday morning, Feb. II. at 9 A. M., exhibiting 1,000 dozen Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, $2 AO a dozen; full value $1 SO. 5,000 very cheap Embroidered Collars, from 1 shilling up. Fresh importations Black Thread Lares, Guipure Laces, Pointe Collars, Valen ciennes I.are*, Thread Veils, Ao. Ml) pieces DRAPER V MOLINH, CURTAIN LACES, LACE CURTAIN* AO Job Lots very much under prioe. New line Cambric Edglugs and lo se rtlnss. New T ne 4 4, 6.4, 8 4, 10 4, 12-4 White Illusion Laces. Job Lots Jaconet Muslins, Swiss and Book do., Tarletous; very much under price. One rase new style Headdresses, adapted to the season. New line Brilliants and Marseilles. Job Lot 1,000 dozen extra size all Linen Toivels, $3 a dozen, ver low. Full line Hosiery, Under Wear for ladies, gents and mlH*e*; ladles' made up Under Clothing every variety ; Corsets, Hklrta. Full siis-k Yankee Notions?Best. Pins,3cents; best Spool Cotton, 44 cents a dozen, Ao. Now opening, now Hlbbons, new Flowers, Ruches, Rend Ornaments. R. H. MACY, 2I>4 and 71*1 Sixth aveu le, corner of Fourteenth street. TRIMMINQ, /lead Dresses New fork ana vicinity?This wl(l be the last week but two for the closing out sain of the above stock, at the well known establishment of E UBLFBLDEB, :kil Canst strut, and every article will be sold regard!"** to coat It will be the interest of every ladv to m?ke some Investment, as by even purshaae 60 per cent will lie saved. Call and satisfy yourMlT. JpAMlLY DRESS GOODS. To tiiia /epartment of our business We call the iwrticuUr Attention of HOTEL ANDToCSEKEEPERS, A* our spring stock contains Every article necessary for HOTEL AND FAMILY USE, All of which we are Offering al tho LOWEST MARKET PRICES. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., Canal, corner of Mercer street J^OCRNTNG DRESS GOODS. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. Are now offering at retail New and choice styles of DRESS GOODS, SuiUblo for the prrsent aud Coming season. Canal street, eornrr of Mercer. U?MBROIDERIEB, THREADS, LACES, French Fancy floods. Hoslerr, Gloves, Head Ureases, Flowers, Ribbons, Ac., Ae.?To the ladies of P J>OPCLAR TRADE. F. DERBY A COMPANY, Importing Tailor*, B7 Walker stri"*', TO OTTK FI'LL EM PLOYMENT TO THAIR OI'EKA 1IVKH, A re willing to make up their ?u rk to m?mon' at a very gr^at reduction from their former prices, Viz: ?Coaui front $1*6 usual price $.U. Trm?*er*, $.s and $10, usual price $12. Walsto>als $<>, usual price $Hand $|tl. And other style* ?till lo?er In proportion. N B ?Our stock I* large and new in style. We (hall a* oMial pay first trade priced for the making, thereby ensuring to the public the l*at quality of workmanship, style and material at the lowjxi prices, 4WP on Km t'IPAi UmAliCnDIt Puion i'iui'man or tub un rim or t'awl A Obapuisn . Inventor and manufacturer of the Pattl. Mt. Vemot, and other *tylc* of Indies' I.lnen Collar* and He'd. 1* now located at HI Broadway, where he wll' eon tlnue the buslnes* a* heretofore, md <ber>' be happy to re celve hi* friend* and cnatonicrs. He In now prepare*! to take and till contract* for the Jobbing trapc. KkshI'art fl, 1*61. ubTektatk of MEt?SUS EDWARD LAMBERT A 00. Will offer on MONDAY, Feb 11, At No. 447 Broad tray, between Howard and Urand streets, l.V) French Cashmere Long Shaw la, at $17, regular nrioe $14 ISO do. do K do. :*>. |B0 do. do. 30, do. 45. (0 do. Square 30, do. OH. Alao, A very large lot, In cheaner good*, at a still greater reduction. Long and fmtarr Mhiiwl* . From 7Be. to tl WW I on* and Kunare Black Thibet Wisd From $'1 to $? Will be sold ai a tlls< ?unt of MI per (wttt from former Job bing prices. EDWARD LAMRRRF A CO., lu liquidation. WET PRINTS nr. LAIN'ES, MI'SLINS, LINES'^ *T Towel*. Table Cloths, Napkin*, Linen Sheeting, plaitl and plain .a-otiei Muslin*. black Silk, Ac., for sale by WM. MA rlifcWS, M Catharine street. ' MHWICAl.. A^m OREATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. LtMHTE A BRADBI'RY, Manufacturers of a new sc*l? af overstrung hasa, patent Inan la'ed I nil iron frante, grand and square llauo'ortc, No. 421 Broome stteet Pianos to tent. ABAROAIN?PRII R $180-MA<IN|F1CENT ROSE w?hI a#ven octave Pianoforte; original price, al*o several i oaewnod aeven octave Pianoforte* for half price, to clean the ? mate of the Brnt iff t'o per A Aiberton My order of J udg? Leonard, hnprene Com t JOHN MtDONALD, Receiver, .Y* Bowery. BAROAINS II* VIOLINS. VIOLINOBLLOB, BOWS, AO. Mr. A. Mirmont intend* leaving for Europe on the 1M* inatant. and takes tbls opportunity ft offer artlata and unt veur* his tine collection af musical lostrumenta at oonaMeeabt) reduced pltres, at 642 Bn*d?ay. ^JHK KEBIN0 A HON H 0RA.ND HyUARB AND CPBIOHT PIANOS. $$4 Broadway, New Tort. -piANOH, MEU)DE0NS, ALEXANDRE ORUANS?AT X the lowest twmtlble pries*. tecond hand Planoa at great bargain", front $26 to $1A0 One seven i*tave. second hand, front roand corner*, fancy leap, fretwork desk and over ?trung, for $175. I'lanoa and MMndcons to rent and rental lowea If purchased. Monthly payment* received fnr tbe MOBAd WATERS. Agent, 393 Broadway, N. T. PIANOS, MELODBONk, HARMONTrMB-FlMT OLAM. for sale, to 1st or sold on instalments on favorable terms l*iparter Harmoniums, one, two or tkne banks of keys, from f 17ft to $4011 Cottage Ptanos, fully warranted, tu oelavea. terrr"-*1? u>*a4a j> **- vft^TON. nam au P1ANOFOBTT., SIX OCTAVE, IIALI.RT A DAV?' make for?ale or to let InqtilraoT OBKENE A BA KBB, 177 Broadway, np *tairt. piABO*1)RTE-PRKB $17; ALflo SEVEN PIANO ? fortea and two Meiodeons for sale cbanp, or to let at $2 $2 00 and $A. and pearl keyed Pianos $7 a month, by V DI'MSDA r, ann Orand street, near Moo street. #1 RH PIANOFOBTBS buo S1i)o,-Bt u>e Introduction of machinery In the mann neturing of planofortea, we are now able to oBer to the pub lic a acres octave roaewood Piano, oontalnlng all the modern Imarovemenla, for $IM cash, of more perfert workmanship than baa usually been aoid for f.V0 or $400 by the old method of manufacturing. W? lavlte all dealera, teacher* of innate "ssgtiistitin'a^" 09+** 0?MlM? HniWIllUflWlHW BPKCIAL NOTICES. Ah EXCLAMATION. HiTti'i Omen,? OintrliTinu, !<o?.a, 1M0. J Wberea*. within the part few ?Mki there ha* bean aa an wonted Influx of sieers^e passenger* and laboring poor from the Northern port* Into our city. and the evil* re sulting from toll Importation are booomlng bo?h inanifcat and alarming and whereas, It I* neee*a?ry thai a check should be platad upon this luUux of laboring poor and pauper*, and ? berea* the City council at lla last meeting pawed an ordi nance entitled An Ordinance to Prevent the Influx or Paupur* isW tbe City of Havannah, in worda following, to wit:?

Beetlon i. Be It ordained by tbe Mayor and Aldermen of tb? ?itj of barannab and tbe hamlets ther??f, in council a*em bled, and It la hereoy oadained by authority of the same, that it ?ball not be lawful, hereafter for any master. oaptainorcom uauoer of any (learner or lalllng visssci arriving In tbe harbor sf savannah to land, or permit to be landed, any steerage pas senger or other person llfcaiy, aa a pauper to become a charge ?n aald city, without permission froin tbe Mayor or acting Ma< or o' said dty; sn< that foravioUuon of tbe foregoing proviaion ?uch master, captain tr oommander shall be liable, an conviction bef< ie the Police Oourt, to a fine of iweatyflva dollar* for eweij sueli steerage, or pauper i<ajnenger ao land ed, aa nforesa>a; hut inch fine may be remitted on aucb mas ter, captain or commander either carrying ?uch passeager or pauper back to the port whence he came, or entering Into Wbd, to be approved by the Mayor, lh?t such passenger or atber pauper shall not become a charge to or on (aid city far tbe apace of at least twelve month* t'nm such landing, and on ?uch master, captain or commander paying all ooala or prose eutlon and all expenses attending ibe enloi cement of the or der* of tbe Mayor in carrying out this ordinance in any given case. bee. 2. And be It further derlared by the aforesaid. Thai his hoi or tbe Mayor be, and he I* hereby Instructed to Issue Immediately bis proclamation, giving uot'oe to all persona concerned,of the tenor and requirements of this ordinance- and ef the determination of the oity authorities of Savannah to prevent the Influx ef paupers Into the city, and that such pro clamation be published In the gazette* ol savannah anil In such ether paparsasin the judgment of th> Mayor way beproper. Now therefore I, Charles C. Jones, Jr , Mayor of the city ef Havannah and the hamlets thereof, la compliance with the Instructions in aald ordinance contain'd, and for the purpose ef giving more extended publicity to tbe ftnor and require ments thereof, do Issue tnis, my proclamation, hereby notify ing ail persons in auy manner concerned, of tbe tenor and re quirement* of this said ordinance, and more paj-Ucu'ary pr im hereby du and positive notice to tne captaiusof steam and sailing veu*ls plying between any Northern p irVtatd the port uf savannah, and tee agent* and consignees of said vessels, of the determination of the city authorities of n?vanaab strictly to enforce the condition* and Densities af said o dlnance in order effectually to pr?vant the Influx of pauperaioto this<-ity. Given an tier my band and the our leirute seal of the oily, attested by the Clerk of C'oumil on this tbe 22d day of No vemb.r, lfittl. CHARLES O. JO NBA, Jr., Mayor. lAuest.j Hicaaap W. Cora, clerk of < ounctl Notice to taxpayers ?office ok the oom mlssionersof Taxes and Asses-menta, Ifo. 32 Chambers street, New York, Jan. 1, 1H61.?Nolloe Is bereoy given that the Assessment Rolls of Real and Personal Estate of the city and county of New York, for the year 1861. will be opened on Monday, the Uth instant, for public Inspection, and will con tinue open until the 30th day of April next Inclusive All tax payers are earnestly requested to call and examine the same, In order that any errors In the assessments may be corrected. Also, all peiaons ?ntltled by lsw to reduction of their assess ments, by reason of being clergymen or for military service*, and also literary and charitable Institutions, by law exempt from taxation, are requested to make a^plicati in for *uc? re j ductlon or exemption previous to the closing of the rolls en 1 tbe 30tb day of April The following section of the act of April M, ItiM, in publish ed for the Information of taxpayers:? Section Hi. During the tune the bonksshail be open for pub lic Inspection, as heretofore provided, application may be made by any parson considering ht-nself aggieved by the assc?-sr d valuation of his real or peiso?al estate, to aave the same corrected if such application be made la relation to tbe assessed valuation of real estate, it must be made la writing, itaMng the grounds of tbjectioris thereto, and there apon tne commlrsloner* shall oiamine into the complaint, ar dlflntbeir Judgment the aisessment is erroneous, they ?hall eause the ** me to be corrected. If *uch application be made In relation to the a**e-^?d valua'lon of pernonal estate, the applicant shall be examined under oath by the said Com miss oner*, who iball be authorized to admiuli ter *uoh oath, ?r any ef them, and if la their Judgment the assessment la erroneous, tUev shall cause the same to be corrected, and flx the amount or such assessment as they may believe to be just, and declare 1 heir decision thereon within thirty day* after such sppllra'lon shall have been made to them. No reduction shall ba mad* by tha Hoard of Supervisors of any asseasmenu en real or personal estate Imposed under this act, antes* II sliail *p|iear, under aath or aUrmation, that the party aggrieved waa unable to attend wRhln the period pre scribed Tor the correction of taxes, by reason of siekaeaa or abaence from the city (Laws of l?ft9, chapter .W, section 9.) A J. WILLIAMSON, i Commlsaloneta J.W.ALLEN, J of Taxes and _ J W. BROWN, J Assessments. REMOVAL.-!! R. WORTHINGTON HAS REMOVES bis ofllce, for tbe sale of steam pumps, water meters, I Ac., from 28 Broadway, to <1 Beekman street, corner of Wold. His factor}, known as the Hydraulic Works, Is In Tan Brunt street, Brooklyn, near llamllton avenue ferry. HOUMKM, ROOMS, &C.,WASTED. Any person having a rolling pre?h to sell, j two steel rollers, crank, Ac.. may had apt irhaser at 123 Bowery, up stairs. Bb. dyer, real ehtatr AGENT, 1M0 broad ? way, requires Immediately sixteen drat class Houses, furnished and uniurnl bed; two large Buildings suitable for schools, and four Mores in vicinity of this otlice, for appli cants now on register G' AS MXTVRES W AN TED.?WaNTKDi, SECOND hand Gas Civ urea. Brackets and three of four light Chandeliers, Ac. Apply av ml Chambers at< eat /GROCERY OR LIQl'OR STORE WANTED?IN EX \JT change for a Farm 01 100 acr> s of line farm-ng land, iifteen or twenty acres In proved, with a house and barn ami plenty of 1 rult; warrantee deed and free from mortgage, in Monroe County. I'a.: among Improved farms. Apply at Vti:% ltudean. ? r 78 Division street TJLTANTED?TO IJ5ASE, Ft?R TWO OR THREE YEARS, 11 wllb privilege of buying In tlte meantime, a small farm of 10 to fiu acres of good i-and, In a be Uthy location, with good Buildings, within fifty ail es of New York, near some railroad station. New Jersey preferred Term* must lie modeiate. Address Fanner, pox 111 Herald oflloe, until the 16th Inst WANTED?A SMALL NEAILY PLRNIKHED HOI'SE, In a desirable loratlon. Caah will be paid for the fur nlture Any party having such a house and desiring tore i l>n<|tiish housekeep'ng, will And this a good opportunity. Ad | dress Importer, box .'1,1911 Post office. WANTED TO II1K?? A stAUiOOri'aOh IN oaoua lyn (Eastern iwrt), near cars running to Pulton ferry, rent not to excced (jno a year. The bouieuiust belngo->d order. References given. Address C. N., box ISM Herald efliie. ANTED? PARtToI' A IIOU?E. AFTER THE IhT OP Way or soon' r, bj a small I'.imlly, in a K'"olee! n dgb borhood, west of Hro idaav. between twelfth at d Twenty eighth streets Rent moderate Would prater ilviug with the owner. Address, with particulars location, Ac , J, C., Herald TT^ANTED? KURNIHHEDORI NKL'RNIsHEDH ?ITsES v? in a g od lo< itlon, by hrs' class paries now nailing ?t otii'olliee also it >t?aii Hut suit of dooms to let, furnished, near Broadway, in a private house. y. pi:kt ,t ro , * d iroadway. W??ANTED?POR A VERY GOOD TENANT, A StlaLL modern House, not above lorti' tb ilree'.; ptasession flr*t nf March; rent fft*1 to $700. Also wanted, lower part ol a house, $.01 Also fluy house* to ofler good tcnanta. Apply at :ua Vourth avetiue. A NTF D?- A M ODE KaTK HIZEli HOI'HK, WITH all the mooem improvement*, in perfect order, with funmce, *c., between Twelfth and Twenty Ol'ib *tre?l? and Lexington and f'lxth avenues; immediate possession deeired. Address, statlug term*, 1. N N., Herald olliee. PKKHONVL. Any person vyi?hinm t>, adopt a fink, health) female child Mi week* old, may bear of out- by addreaalngt'. M . atatiou B PoetoBlue. IK fAMES M< 01E, l.ATF. Of HOBOHEV WII.L IMME dlatcly rail on or ad Ircaa T RMly, corper of Twent* nlo'h atreet and Ninth avenue. he will hear of aometbing to b* ad vantage. IP THE MAN WIIO WAS ON THE CON DITTO RH I platform of one of the Eighth avenue can on I ?*t Satur day night, coming from the Park, who felt manly enough t-i kick a MMN man wltnout provocation, jnat an he w*a ceiling off at ihe cornei oflhlrty hfih atreel, and h??aotne little cm rage left to nee ?he aubacrlber, he will have (hat -wor d gr*i| flcatlon In a place where he will not b" shielded by ? crowd of people nor have a ear to atari him off beyond reach of hta .le aerta. lie need not fear of being kickrd back rowardly. Ad area*. with name and where to be (o'ind, C. V. A., be* 3,761 1'oei ntliee M. J. D D. ORAM EN WHO WERB OV nOARD THF. CRCSADER, O Mobaw k, Mohican, Kan Jacinto, Wyandot onatcllailon, Marlon and My*t|c ? hen -later* were Matured, pieaee call oa Tllos. L KRA\NAh|?, 81 Wall a real Tiik lady who called on m"d.?e. me ?tsll a few da} a elnee. In re' erence to adopting an Infant from Ita blnb will plea?* call immediately NKI>I( AL. D Dr hcnteb mas for rmitrv yp,*k-:i oniined hi* attention to diaea*e? of a certain elaaa, In which he he* treated n < le** lhab fitly thouaand a?ea without an In ?tance of failure. Ill* great remedy, Dr llituter'a Red Drop, cure* cartaia dl*e*ae* when regular treatment and all other rrmedlea fall: cute* vlhout dieting or icairctlon In the hahlt* of the patient cures ?Ithout the dl*gu*tlng and alck enlng effecta of all o'her ramedlet; i uiva in new ca-e* in le<? than all houra. It moia out the poiaonou* taint the blood I* an re to an-torb unle?* thla remedy In naed it la (I a vial, and cannot he obtained genuine anywhere but at the old o Hoe, No. ' Dlvleion at reel Book for nothing, that treata of the evil effect ol early abu?e. R WATSON INVITE* THOSE WHO ARB AFFLICT __ ed with a rerlaln form of dl*ea*e to rail at hta residence, 4W Hrix'mi" street, aecond block weat of Broadway, wheye he I guar*nicea a perfect cure without hindrance to t<u?ln aa or i bange in ant re*|>eet l>r Watson's work, 'The Can-** and | Cure," on debility, dueuae. Ac . with numerous highly (iniah t ad platea, mav be had of S. K. LENT, 4.16 Broadway: prioa i tl. The beat work for tha non profeaaluaal reader ?Medical . Review [ DR. COOPER, 14 DC'ANK hTRBBT, WAV BR v;oH lulled on all dlxeaaea of a certain aamre Twenty eight year* eiclnelvely devoted to these complaints, enable nln to warraat a eure In all eaaaa Die vlctlme o' inlaotacml eonfl d*nc? in medleal pretender* oan (all, with a oarialnly of ha Ing radically eared or no p?y. | R. H. A. BARROW, l?4 BLKX'KER STREBT POCB 1 doors from Mscdougal street, Vew York, renders an~dl ca) aid, aa usual, to both aeiea. confidentially and with Um ntmoat delicacy. Houra from 11 till i, and from 4 to a Hun daya till S. ________ tvr RALrn s opptcEs, is# OMNI rtrkft - X) Houia from 10li till 2, and fr >m 6 till9, Sunday* ?i ocptrd. ' Consult dr ward, m broaxiwat?the eab- I ly application to a competent phyablan ?a?ea much fatara auawy ___________ Dr. ward, an old and rkuabi.e rnvficiAN. consulted dally oa certain dlaeaee* Offlia IKI Broad way Open till 10 r. M. E0BOP^AI* boiipital PR AO MIR BV M LaMMOIVT, phyaleiaa. anrgerm, author, Ac , at 647 Broadway, tip 1 ataira, from V A. M to 6 P. M , alao 1 to y Thuraday eeaainga | D g BEATEST CURBS BT DR WARD, ?? BROADWAY.? iTta L'nfottunate ? Friend, |l, the unfailing rellanoa, i>li gratia. ________ IBPflRTANT TOPEM A T> P. S*- RE M <1V A L ? DBTTH IBM * o?ce la remntad to Bo 03 Sitth avenue, aeeond block a bore Ponrth atreet, (few fork. ?WRB^MCWROE, ELEtrrRICIAV. NO 3RU CARMINE iYl atraet.?Oalraniam applied dally in Ihe iraaunent of Functional dlaeaaaa of the female actual ayntmn. Hour* t rem 10 M 4. NIP EVIL IN BUD, BV UONHULTINO DR WAED, 483 Broadway Hta ante re medic* perform the greaV-et eurea knowa CRIIFKBMOR RUTELL, 1163 ~CHA?BBRn tTBBRT, een be eo*att>te4 a* aeual, or hy letter addreaaed Le bog tmw Y?rt Pwt MNa. BOARDING A WD LODOIVO. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE Can riND ELBGANTLT f urnnbed Haoma, Willi Board, in A a mall private family where all tb<> eomt'arte of a borne can be found, by applying at M Montague ?tract. Brooklyn. AgLANDBOMELY Fl'RSJSHED SECOND 8TORT Room to lat, with board, a aingle gentleaan, at 22 West Twenty alnth at.; alio two >ingle room*. Style or housekeep ing aoo table unexceptionable. Aim, is tec days, tbe recep tion and other roouu, *uitable for % family, will be vacated by paitiee going to housekeeping. A HANDSOME I'ABLOK AND BEDROOM OOMMUNI rating, on tbe second floor, neatly furnished, to let. with Board, to a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen; hot and cold water, gas, heater and b*th, on the aauie ftoor. Kami ly ?mail and Helen. Winner at ?it o'clock. Reference rtnuired. Apply at 123 Lexington avenue. Avery fine second story front room, and two Room* on the fourth floor, to let, with Board, at 118 Second avenue, between Seventh aud Eighth alrueta, within three miautes' walk of Broadway. ? A SUIT OF WELL FURNISHED APARTMENTS-ALSO a large Bedroom, with tlfe and ga?, to rent to gentlemen, by a private family, who ocoupy a large, pleasant house, U university place, on Fil th avenue stage route. AH GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR A FEW RINOLK 0BN tlemen can be accommodated with Board at 144 Went Tweuty fourtb street. between Seventh and Eighth avanues. References given ana required. A HANDSOME FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK Parlor and two Bedrooma to let, in a ft rat class house, occupied by a private family, will be let to a small family or single gentlemen. Referenda exchanged. Apply at 160 Wa verley place, near Sixth avenue. ABIHTOFTHREB FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, ISA private house, where thore are no boarders: can be had to gether or separate, with partial Board ll desirea. Apply a. 39H Broome street, near Centre. A GENTLEMAN and t.AI)Y OR A FEW SINGLE gentlemen can be nicely accommodated with go?<l Buard and home comfort* at ttH West Twenty eighth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avenues Near oars and stages. A HANDSOMELY PUNISHED PARLOR AND BED room, on tbe first floor; also a neatly furnished front Room w the third Hoar; suitable for gentlemen and their wlvee vr single gentlemen, to be let with or without Board, la a small private family, 185 Laurens street A SMALL, PRIVATE FAMILY, IN BROOKLYN, WILL let a Room and Bedroom adjoining, furnished, on second floor, to two gentlemen, with partial Hoard; modern style house Elliott place near Washington park. Address W. B. L., box 191 Herald office. A handsome furnished PAltLOR, WITH ^R without bedroom attached, to let to u gentlemen only, in a private French family. Partial meals given If rMuired. Apply at 234 Fourth street, Washington square. A ???Zlf;y.ay and wife mat be accommo l\. dated with a large and pleasantly furnished Room, in a house convenient to ears and stage*. and having modern im provements. Also a Rooin suitable for ? single gentleman Mr"1"7 #m*U' lnnn,', at 4 API''y *' Ifi# West Thirty-seventh Board.?a few pleasant and nicely fur DiNhed Rooms, with good Board, can be had at H12 Fourth street, second block west of Broadway. References ex changed. Dinner at six o'clock. Board?a nice large back parlor, well furnished, to let with Board; also room for two or three single gentlemen, at the 'arge basement house, :iH3 Brooma street, between Centre street and Bowery. Religious persons preferred. Board?5i crosby street, between broome and spring. ? Single gentlemen will And excellent acoom modatioua; a neat room, with fireplace, for a gentleman and wife, price$7; bath, Ac.; a good substantial table; family f Dgltah. * Board?a suit of rooms to let, withbosrd (separate ar together), with gas, hot and cold water, bath, large pantries, Ac., in a small family, where there are few boarders. Inquire at No. 9 Bank street. Stages pass within on* bloek ol the bouse. Refereroes exchanged. Board.?an eligible apartment in a very small unobtrusive family to let with Baard to an inva lid, or a lady expecting to require medical oare kiaduegs and home attention. For location, terms, Ac., apply u>. or address Dr. Thiers, No <2 Sixth avenue, fftw York. Board.?a gentleman and wife, or simile gentlemen, desiring Board, can be comfortably ac:orn modated; a good table, desirable location, accessible bv cars and st ges. Apply atl72 West Twenty first street Board-two or three small front rooms can be had, w 1th Board, at 4# East SIxteenTh stree, nixl I . U,V lwo persons. Including tire and gas, f 10 and til per week, according to rooms. Dlnuer at | 6 o clock. Kererenees exchanges! ?DOAItD.-A LADY AND 0ENTLEM4N. OR A FAMILY J-9 of three or four p*r*6tt* can brt awmmodated in good ityle, with Board and furniaAed Room* A #01*11 family 30 Waver ley plsoe; no other boarders taken. T) OAK DING?144 MULBERRY STREET, NEAR GRAND. ?' ""vjral young usen ean be accommodated at$.l par wwk; gjT ? '?J?'*" ** *> nice front rooms for gea Ueman and wife. Terms moderate. "DOARDING.?A SUIT OK UANDSOMELV FURNISHED AJ Rooms to let, with Board; also tbiee small Rooms, su't able for single gem lrmen. The bouse ha* all the mOuSt-ti lni proNernent'i. Dinner at six. Family small Call at l?7 West Twenty-fifth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. BOARD WANTED-ABOUT THE first of may next, by a gentleman and wife. In a private wnere no other fcwardrrs arc taken Location hat<v<*>n tleth asd Thin, eighth streets, Thlnl ^MadSnT?ws Address, w?th fuli ?Address, with terms, Montgomery, Ucrald piiice BOARD WaNTBD, Eli HER IN THIS CITT OR IV Brooklyn?A gentleman and w.i'e desire a neatly fur (Va lfh k"' T Board, In a faintly where there ur- but M A He?!do^. and location, " Board wanted in new York-in a small i-ui 'Ate family, where tl . v lia> e i?, b..aiders, Usui i ic Ni ? ? i .May, bv a g. ntlemaii, -vf:? and child; will furnish their imce"*""*' * *,U *** VM*t Address \V. u , Herald | J? WANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, NUR^E i ti i clM< ho""' and good location; m ist ! ??ve two good sited with private Parlor and Utile Terms moderate. Address t-ox 3,<44 New York Post office. ' j R(< LIN.r>N flace -17pleasant ?rir ?"> /he secon.l floor; also a single Room, CUntonpW ' 0n" 0I" lW0 ""?lr genthmeu, at #7 B?R^mIIInB!lh?0^V!? 7HA^D8?MBLY FURNISHED B itiI .i! iS. **e??d 1??r< if \ modern house, with re l . bT '"J*11 Pnrmt* f4m"r Terms m>de rap k aft fences required. Apply at 201 ?iinum street Board in brooklvn ?two large rooms, nrrrii K:J^;,r0!?tWO or ,f0Jir fn'^men. In a private family; and balh. dliiner at 6o rTock Terms m..derate Three w.5i . .m, h",lth/"Ty .and within live minutes'walk o# Wall street ferry Apply at 37 RWte street. Board in brooklyn.-furni?hed rooms on second and third stnrtes to let, with Hoard, seven minutes' street. Referetws exchange?'** """ Board in rrooklyn -married and si.vglf gentlemci, ran l>e acrommodHte<l with Inxirj ??j pieassnt fw itw at Concord street. Neighborboad pleasant and convenient lo tbe ferrlea. I",? ? sbmhi (^nBA? F0RN1SHED ROOMS AT~TIIE f RAM*FORT Rooms frem^?nkiort and Wl.llam streets.-o.aM ?su?, Lodging* from 23 cents to (7 Wi*< ptr night, Op?*?i ail miihT Oood rent mrant atUciied. TERSE* CITY BOARD?FRONT ROOMS TO LET To VL'K gentlemen, or gentlemsn and wife, t. rma mode rate three minute s walk from the ferry. Applv at 67 Mor ?? I tree. Havings <ank " H??irr"roR OR oentlkmen. may be ,L.. e,hyrt?,' ,ln* ?' w East fourteenth desired ?'|Uare; bouse first class. Private table If CECOND srtiRv FRONT room ami hmi hfo ,nlir?*h'irh^ ;? ?3 Fourth street, near UfayetVe plT" to let, with Board, to a grnllcmaii and his wife or two slmrte gents legation fillet snd . entral. Re er. n> e? exchange.! T? R , r' JVir'k "0ApO--f?E L%RGK ROOM AND Jl H'C.roo?ion tie ?eoond floor: alun, on* <m?!l Room et.nuif.lng gas grate, Ac , at No. 2 W** twenty ninth street' between Broadway and Fifth avnne ' TO LET-W1TH BOARD. IN FIFTH AVENUE IN TUB errh' vl "! lHb ? '?"? tw., ,u si Rooms initv ?"J Spanish spoken. Addre-s B.. Her.ild TO LET?IN WILLI AMSBt'Ro, WITH BOARD A pleasant second story Room, H a single gen l?man, over ooklng the fountain corner of Bedford avenue, No 2 Third street; five minutes walk I rem South Seventh street lerry Term* mo4#*ra???. ??***, rLET?A FURNIKHED R'M.M AND REDROOM FOR ? ill * **,nll"?''n? *1" "r without board. Apply at Vest Twenty-fourth street. 1 y 3 "tyANTEn?IN NEW ^iiHK BOARD FOR A GRNTLS '! ,?fn' '?'J' *n<1 child a nice, clean large enom. with hot Sol 5*1 h ]*,w ? r^1m ??lv th.we who set a clean table and nitn.l th'lr own business need answer Address 0. W lie ? MM ' 4? avenur. near Madison nvcark-very de T slrable Rooms, with Board, are offered by a private (ami I ly. residing In a modern first class hotise, pliU 4n<1 ?? ! veaientlyTo ated Apply at 417 Fourth a,.mfe ' 00 | UK WOOHTKR S1REKT, NRaR CANAL STRBET AND iji""FornfihM R<K?m*, with flra'en or ntov<*? one altl-' Room, with gas, piano and Board, to let ? single or married gentlemen. Also, meals sent to the rooms. 0< rviTERHlTY PLACE, CORNER OF Vtvrif ? streeC?To let, a handsemely furnished Hedrrwim nn Die first (leer, with full Board Also a single eeptionable references required. D'.nnerat ? o oloc?' ORBRBB STRRKT?furnished RooMh TO ZO let U. gentlemen only Rooms at f I 7? to $3 per week Booss has gas and t reton water, Ac., and H very .julet. 44 rooms 7IL 10 Bedroom* on the flr?t loor and on* required with luU or partial Boajd Rcietweg ft*) S* N*RK B PLACE.?PLEASANT apartments. ' ^ ?2[ substantial Board, for a gentleman and hla wife ?r smgle gentlemen; house first class; locality genteel; early fTf*r>n*w??changed. ' v 7Q mAfT,^?.r*TB8*T* ?*RW1 ITBAB ?ROADWAY *s ty asedsesie. lu/ereaoas exrhaage>r Anaerat ? e eieek 7Q SPRING STREET. TTIRRR DOORS PROM BROAD J . To let, several handanmely famished Rmm to Magle gentlemen The looaUbn W near all the Sest class hotels - (l'J ORRRNB STREET, ABOVE SPRING -ALHTON t/O Nosm Blewantly fnnlShed smMs o Rooms; gas, t,'r?v ton and erery eoaventenee fov bo?isekeeping enoaanikwlir particularly satiable for small respemable fsmlMre or idniue ' gentlemen Bent low to permanent Wtnanla. ()Q PRINCE STREBT. NBA R BROADWAT.-BLE ' yp gantiy fnralshed Parlors and single Rooms for gen tlemen, everything neat and clean; all the modern Improve meats, terms low Apply as above. U9 SPRING STREET, adjoining TIIR PRBSCOTT House am opposite the fit. NlcholAA Hotel, furnished BOARDING AND LOPOHO, 1QQ \vestT:LE^TP N TII 8IRKKT.-A URNTLRMA.V liiO and wife can obtain a I'urlor, newly <-*r|>eied ucf furnished; one single Room. t'ou tains hut u?d cold water. Urate healed by furnace. Dinner at six. Eefereoum rt quired. 1 Kft PRINCE btreet?HT. CLAIR HOVSB.-BLK liJU gantly furnished Booms, with Bedrooms attached,* with all the convenience# lor houaekeeplac ?ompl>?, In eluding gas and CroUm water, to let to reepuetable families** ?r single gentlemen. OA1 ?BfT FOURTEENTH street?TWO LARGS &VJJL well furnished trout llooms, suitable for gentlemen and their wlvea or single gentlemen The house has all tha modern improvements. hreakiaat at 7>? o'clock; dinner at ? o'clock. Kef' reu< ? x exchange 1. QT n ELM STREET, near SPRING-MARION HOUBK. ul'l Moely furnished Apartments. arranged for aeouami cal housekeeping, with all the coovet lencea, including eeok ng utensils, be?t bedding, gaa, water, Ac. Rente low te ro? pectaMe tenaota. >7GO BROADWAY, BETWEEN BlUHTH AND NINTU i UO streeta. Irurnuhed Booms to let to gentlemen, m pleasant front Boom and aide Boom, on aeoond Boer, te let, separate or together. Bath room on name floor, liouae hu > all modem Improvement*. Term* moderate. 7A7 BROADWAY.?ROOMS IV S TIT FOR FAMI * 4 U I Ilea,and single Rooma for gentlemen, either farnlab ed or unfurnished; location central for business; ooavenieas' Rooma for doctor* and lawyer's oflloea. MlgCELLAWgOl'H. , Any person having a btbam moisting bn glne, upright Boiler attaehed, eyliuder, with Aram audi gearing complete, of from 4 te 6 borae power, can bear ef a purchaser by addressing, with price, George K. SUiTeaaen, 104 Ninth street. , Agents are actually making from $6 to tat 1 a day bT selling Wheeler * patent Keyhole Guard, tQ> prevent burglars from opening floor loeka with falae key*. Particulars tent on receipt of sump, address Uea Wbsaftifr' ?OS Broadway, N. Y , room No. #. - King pin hall, no. ?m *roadway, bbtwbe* Bieecker and Bond streeia. Bo viing and UIBlaiAa; four ? or the best Ten Pin Alleya in the city. Only fifteen osnta per game. Marblb mantels-great bargains in man tela?A large stock on hand, and a great r*<?M>ii ha prices for any kind ordered thla month. Call aooo at A. BLA BEB'ti marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth atreet, weat of Thinf avenue. Mantels put up in any place In tha oouatry. *> Teas, groceries and provisions. THE CHEAPEST ntokb IN THE WORLD. 25 PER CENT SAVED The greatest bargains ever offered. $1110,COO worth of flro cerles. Wines, Teaa, Hour and ProvMons a>-e now betas aokl at auction prices, these are facts to whlih th"U.sands can testify. (live me a call, and you also will be satisfied that) this is the place to huy Teas. Flour, $5, #6 and $6 50. ?irtv> cerles ami Provisions. Consult your own Interests, and Iroy your goods from THOMah K. aUNBW, ViU lireenwich street and 89 Murray street. New York. Goods delivered free In the city. TT'EBT'S HARNESS composition WILL SOPTEN. TV presetve and give a brilliant black polish to barneas. carriage tops, Ac., put up In 2s. and 4h. boxes. Manufiuv> lured by (i West A <Jo , and for sale by JOHN H. TOWT 4* bon, 50 Beekman stie-t. (tj"l fW\ per MONTH MADE Bt our AGRNIW SUP iPiUW plying tbe unexampled demand for "Lookup's Grand Revelation of 1'nlversal Properly Ked*oiptioB, where by $400 average real estate yearly U secured all people.M WMU ? each book a sit t. Circulars free. KENNEDY, 483 Broadway.. CLOTHING. Attention.?ladies and gentlemen, if you want t<> get the full value for your east off Clothing, Furniture, Carrots and Jewelry, the iiest you can do ti u? aeod a note to F. HAitBIS, 169 Seventh avenue. There yot? may be convinced you will be dealt with to your satisfaction. For silk, dresses, from 97 to $30; for ooats, from 93 to for pants and vests, from 91 upwards. Please don't forfei, 1M Seventh avenue, Mar Twentylirst street Utiei M tended by Mi*. Harris. M Abetter chance than ever.?i have jbht received $e,0U) to pure ham- east off clothing for Chlmt go, 111. Ladles and gentlemen. if you wish to gel a fair priott for your Clothe*, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, and to avoid being humbugged by talae offerers, the best you can do la to send a note to B Mints, 79 sixth avenue. There you may be convinced you will be dealt with to y-^ur satisfaction. Ladles punctually attended to by Mr?. Mlritz. 79 Sixth ave nue, between Eighth street and Waverley place. Abetter chance still.?ladiei- and sentle men, I have a great demand for cast off Clothing, Fur niture, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac., for the ?astern market. I will pay the following prices:?For Silk Dressoe, from 98 Ui 936; for Coats, from $3 to 918; for Pants, from $> toM, Please call at or address J. Anbolt, 162 Seventh avenue, be tween Twentieth and Twenty first street* Punctually at* iend> d Ladles attended by Mrs AnholL Abetter fbice paid for ladies' and gents* cast off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. From 97 to $36 paid for silk dresses, from 9* to $18 for coata, and 1 turn 91 60 to for pants. A note by post punctually attended to bf E., i:M Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. La<Ueaattended to by Mrs. K. RARE CHANCE-LAJJIF8 AND Ofi 1 LEV EN, t hare Just received iS.nflfl lo pitrchw east eff Clothing. >6tf, ? "ys.iUre, tor the California market I promise Ci Cfcrpet? _ pay the blgbrst price lor th"in, by calling on or addreaslug M. bills, 99 Seventh avenue, near beventventh street. Ladle* utti nded by Mrs. bills. A HIGHER PRICE WILL BE PAID THAN IT ANT ?ther dealer for out off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets, Ac., as I have Urge orders to fill. CaB on or address Dncaa, SIN Seventh avenue, between Twenty-fourth and Tweniv-ftf tfe treats Ladle sattended to by Mrs D Avoid beino iiumrcgokd-ladies and oen tlemen, snd rail a' onoe, or eddrcse a nous by peat to U. llanls, 363 Bowery There you m?v be aura to dispose of ?onr cast off Clo'lilng. Furniture Carpet* and Jewelry at t\ air price, and not lie l.umhufueU. Kor silk tyreaeex, from 97 to 9.%; for Coat*. from f t to %\2 for I'ants. from 91 and up wards. Ladies punctually attended to by Mrs. Harris, 803 Bowery, opiwslte Fourth and Great Jones streets CAKD-OfcMl.EMhN BaVINU aN?~QC aNTITY DP nsw and left off Clothing to dispose of ?ill meet with a sash purchaser by calling at the stors or addressing Thos D. Oorrey, 44 Centre street N. B ? Merchant tailors havlot; any on band will pi use address as abova ? AOBF.AT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING -LADIES AN1> gentlemen having any cast off Clothing, furniture or Carpets wlU receive the highest price by addressing <>r calling on A. HA Bit is. 688 Third avenue. Ladles attended to by Mr*. Harr??. A 'oreat demand, ladies and oentlembn.? Wanted, a lot of cast off CI..thine, Furniture. Carpets and Jewelry I pay the best price in tb? city by calling on '>r sidressing Mr. Abrahams. 233 7th are., between 26th and Wtlx sta. Ladles attended by Mrs. A. Ml H1C1PAL AFF AIRg. /corporation notice ?A resolution HaS beeh " presented to the Board of Aldermen to h*ve the side walks in Thirty-fourth street, between sixth and Seventh are nois, flagged. Also for a crosswalk from the southeast corner of Eas Broadway and Pike street Also to flag in Iwcnty-elghih street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Also to rave Houverneur street, from Division to Water street, with Belgian or trap block pavement. Also to pave Thirty-ninth street, between Seventh and Eighth svenues. with He'gian or trap block pavement. Also for paving Thirty ninth street, between Fifth and Kiltb avenues, with Belgian or trap block ravement A'ao a resolution to lay a crosswalk at the intersection of Broadway itnd Sixth avenue, from Thirty second to Thirty third streets. Also to pave Twenty third street, from Rlxih avenue to East river, with B"lglau or trap block pavement. Also, to pave Korty-tjpond street, fr>m Rlghth avenue to Hudson Klver, with block or Belgian pavement. Al'o, to nave Catharlnt street, from Bowery te South atee? t, with Belgian or trap block pavement Also, te pave I'earl street, from ''haihtm street to Broad - way, with Belgiau or Iran bleok pavemeit. Also, to pave Avsnue A. inmi Houston to Sixteenth street, with Belgian ortrap b|o?h pavement Also, to pave Third avenue, from the south side of Fifty sixth street to the no'th side of Mighty sixth street, with. Belgian or itap block pavement. Also, to pave Houston street, from Avenue D to Bowery, with Belgian or trap block pav >nsent. Also, that the sidewalks In front of Noa. 16, 17, 19 and 21. Seventh street be flagged Also, that 'Tosswalisbn laid at the inierseetlon or Scani tn*l aim Cherry streets, two in Scammel steeet and two In Cherry street A'so. to flag side walks and set curb and gu'ter stones In Fortieth street between Ninth snd Tenth avenue*. Also, to flsg sidewalks and set curb and gutter stones In Ninth avenue, between Fifty third snd 'Ifty fourth streets. Also, to r? lay crosswalks corner of . ourt 'and street. Also, to flag north side of Thirty second's!-eel, hat ween Ninth and Tenth avenues Also to relay crosswalk* corner of Vesey and Washington streets. Also to reflag Astor place between Fourth avenue an'l Laf ayette place AI?o, to flag sidewalks around Ablrfdon sotiar*. Also, that the southern and westerly sidewalks of Madison square be paved In conformity with the other two sides. Also, that s enisswalk be laid from the east aide of Jackson street to the ferry at the foot of said street Also, that a crosswalk be laid from ihe west side of Jackson street to the ferry at the foot of said st'eet. Also, to pave Forty ninth street, from Rlghth avenue to Broadway, with Belgian or trap bbek pavement, the property owners to Day one third and the city the remaining two third* thereof. Also to pave Thirty flint street from Sixth avenue to nuA son River Railroad dc|>ot with Belgian or trap block pav*. merit Also to reset curb an.'gutter anl flag In Eleventh avenuo, from Forty second to Fiftieth streets. Also to (tag sidewalks in Thirty fourth street, between First and se?-ord arenncs. Al?o to pave Cliff street, from John to Fulton streets, with Belgian or trap block pavement. Also to lay crosswalks from Hunter's Point ?o the south - west comer of First avenue and Thirty-fourth street Partlea having objections to the above will send their ohjec Hons, olrer,. d t i alderman F I. A. Boo a. Chairman of the Committee on Streets. No, 8 city Hall. F l A BOOLE, i Committee JOHN RITnsELL, S on JOUN II BKADT,) Streets. T. R. Nims, Clerk _____ flORFORATlON NOTICE.?A PETITION HAH BKKN presented to the ?oard of Alderme* to p*?e Fourth street, between Bank and Hammond -treeta, wHk trap block pavement the owners of property to pay one half of the ex pence, ana the remaining hair to he pa'if by the etty Parties Objecting to the same are requested en aeod tb?*e objections, directed to the Chairman of the Commit)** am Btreeta, Board Aldermen. No. 8 Olty Hall ^ joi/n rPsselL T. *. Ntm, Clert- JOHN U BRaDT, \ Street*. CIORPOWATTON NOTICE -A RESOLUTION HAS BERN J presented to the Board of Aldermen for a sewer, with the ueeeseery receiving basins snd culverts, to be built In Teath avenue, from Forty seventh to Forty ninth street; alao for a sewer, with the necessary receiving ?aslna and sulvarts. In Forty ninth street, twanmeneing tixi feat went of Tentli aveaoe. toeonneet with the sawer at Eleventh avenue Parties Interested I* the above, and having objections to the same, are requested to send their objections, directed to the Chatraajn or the Committee on Hewers, Board of Alder Wo. I Uli| Hill RICHARD BARRY, 1 Committee . o - ^ ^ F, 1. A. BOOLE. J on T. 8. NllW, a?Ht. JOHN n. BRADT. ) Sewer*. SKW PI BLK'ATIOlf?. TO TAILORS AND CLOTHIBRA.-PCBUBHEP AND tBPHHSb th,> "P11"* "H* "'"onier RepM of Fashion* ior 1891, by WM (ibucross 2U Brtsidway, publisher of the Journal Des Tallletirs (Rnglish edltlo?), Also publishes! and for sale a guide to Dractical rutting* every style of farment to measure bv ietnal measurement combined with proportion* Apply to WM it roadway, New Tork. TTAND1EE REVIEWED.-Till RRV J. R DO AN*? r Sermon In review of Sermon of H. J. Taadyke, D D , reduced to 9* per hundred, 6c Mngte. For sal* by WM. SR\ IN0, N?. 9 lsekmaa ?tr*?t, room 14.