Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1861 Page 7
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SHIPPING. STEAM WRBKLY BKTVVKBN NEW TOBK 1KD UV ?rpooi, landing ?iid embarking i?*cj?Mtf*r? at Oi?eov ^to?0 (Ireland>. The Liverpoel, Now York and |Phila4elphle J<le*msnp Company Intend dspatohing then full powered CWde built Iron steamships, a? UiTlows: im-'or b itTriioKE ***?"' Keb?'7 & JL.VKt.AEOO " March! And every Bnturdsy, at ?8..n, from pier 44, North river. Pi?. "Tittor ruaiuE: ? ? V *75 Steerage ?? rinUttmbla to London 80 J Steerage to London.. 33 ?wej'.rage return tiek<-u, good tor six months flU raswngers forwarded to Part*. Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp. Ac., at reduced through fame. Pem-os wishing to bring^mt their friends can buy ticket* lore at the following rates. to New York:?From Liverpool W Queeustown?Klrat cabin, $76 $86 and $106. Steerage from Liverpool, $40; from yueenstown, $30. These steamers have auperior accommodation* far pas sen 8*rs, and carry eiperieiobd aurgeuus They are bu'U iu water fight Iron aectlom, and have patent tire annlhilhtor* ou board. For further Informal Ion apply In Liverpool to WILLI AW WMAN, Agent, S Water street; in Glasgow to WILLIAM INMAN, 5St. Enoch square; In QueenMown to C A W D BBTMOI'R A CO.; in London to KIVES A MAC8Y, 61 Kin* William street: in Parts to JULES DBCOUE, 5 Place de la Xourse; in Philadelphia to JOHN U. PALE, 10U Walnut ?treet, or at the company'* olfloee. JOHN O. DALE. Agent, 15 Broadway, N. T. will drtepa.'ch Comstock, ?0B SOUTBAMrToN AND HAYEB. The North Atlantic Steamship Company wil Iranlendld steamships A.DELAT10, Capt. J. J. ?ad BALTIC ( apt A. O Orsy, _ CARRYING TBB l/Nt+ED STATES MAILS, For the above porta as follows ADRIATIC, on Saturday, April & BALTI-T on Saturday/AprilS#. ADRIATIC, on Sntun/ay. May 14. M .. BALTIC, on Saturday, Juno I. **ro?? the pter foot or Canal street. ttot tinting, leave Havre:? ADRIATIC, on Tuesday, April 33. * BALTIC, on Taoaday. May 7. ADRIATIC, on Tuesday, June 4. BALTIC, on Tneaday, June 14. tnd Southampton the day following. For freight or poaaage apply at the office of the Company, Boom No. 1, 88 Wall street. _____ 1 p STEP HENS, Secretary. ^TUMER OF APRIL 6, FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND w Av r?. "Tnited states mail steamship ILLINOIS, ?Captain P. E. Terry, will sail from pier No. 3 North river, ew *ork, at noon, Saturday, April 6, with mailt, patt*?n , ere and s|>ecle for Englund and Franco. TO SOUTHAMPTON. TO H4VRF glrrt cabin $76 First cabin ..... . $?? T-jtrd cabin ?) 1 hird cabin *<5 This steamship has been supplied with powerful new boil ? "* and uas been relit led in the most thorough manner. Wrought iron bulkheads, absolutely water tight and tire woof, enc ose her enginos and boilers, and for safety, oomfort tnn H|Kied, she ranks In the first class of ocean steamers. Htr next trip from New York will he on May 18. D. TORRANCE, Agent, No. 5 Bowling Green, New York. J?OB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. w (On SatviUDAT, March 2. the United States Mail Steamer FULTON, J. A WALTON, Commands Will sail from Pier No 37 North Elver, footof Beach street, jn SATURDAY, March 2, at noon This steamer, unsurjiaasod for safety and comfort, bas don We engines under deck, enclosed by water tight compart ments, which, besides other results tend In the event of col (Mon or stranding to keep'be pumps free to work, and no Hire the safety or vessel and passengers Price of passage in Second Cabin $75 and $00. For Freight or Passage apply to BAM I EL M. FOX. > . ? . - GEO. MACKENZffe,J Agents, 7 Broadway. The steamer ARAGO will eall March 30 s TEAM.?NEW YOKE, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. Tlie Vanderbllt European Hue United States mail steamships Will sail between Now York, Southampton and Havre. Returning from IIjLvie and South ampton. \Ve<ln'd*y, April 3t " May 22 " J une 0 July 3 Kiom New York for Southampton and Havre. ILLINOIS. Terry.. .Saturday, April 6 YANDEItBILT, Lefevre, " May 4 IXLINOIH. Terry " May 18 VANDERBILT, Lefevro, " June 15 Theae ship* hare watertight compartments. Certificates of paaraue l-tsued from Europe to America. Apjole delivered la London or Paris. P. TORRANCE, Agent, tfa. 6 Bowling flreen, New York. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVERt pool.?The Monireal Ocean Steamship Company's (lrs olcss, full powered (Jlvde built steamer ANtil.O SAXON, Capt. Balantlne, oinyiug the Canadian and United Statea mails, will sail 'n rn Portland next Saturday, February 1$ Bates of pascal* from New York, Qtst class, arcordlng to ac oommodatlon $8i> and $H0: steerage, found with cooked pro visions, $W. Certificates issued lor bringing out passenger < from all the principal towns of Great Britain and Ireland at Tory low rates. For passage anplv at 23 Broadway, New York. SABEL A SEAKLiE, General Agents. The north german lloyd s steamship new ? YORK, H. J. Von Santen, fcoiumander, carrying the United States mail, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot of Chambers street, on Saturday, Feb. 16, at 13 o'clock M., roK BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking pas?enicers to LOS&ON, Havre, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, HI the following rates:? Klrst cabin. $100; second cabin, $00; s(eenag?, $35. For fnight or passage apply to gklpoke; keutoen a eeichelt, 82 Broadway. Royal mail steamship abaria, for liver -pool ?The ARABIA, Stone, t'ommander, will sail from the Com|?nv's iiock, at Jersey Cfiy, w ith the mails and pas aengers f..r Europe, on Wednesdsy, the l.'lth Instant. Pas ?enters are requested to be on board br halt pas' nine o'aojk A. M" The AFRICA will sail on tlie 87' h Instant. B. CUNADD, No 4 Bowling Green. mAPSCOTT'S LINE OF LIVERPOOL AND LONDON J. packets.?Passsge from or to Liverpool or Loudon can Always be engaged by this well known line, sailing weekly, at the very lowest rates, and drafts Issued a? usual forauy amount, payable on demand, In any part of Great Britain or Ireland, can tie obtained by applying to or addressing TAPS COTT k CO., 88 Sonth street. New York. Australia.?kangaroo line, for Melbourne, The clipper ship HUBSAR, 1.2U0 tons, captain HowUud, Will he tbe first ship U) sail. Apply or address MAILLErT LORD a QUEKEAU, ion W*U street KOR CALIFORNIA^VIA PANAMA. A tirst class steamer will leave New York on the 1st, h and 21st of each month, exrept when these dates fall on Punday, when the day of departure will be the Moudcy fol 'Vor^reight or passage apply at the only office, No. 177 West Street, comer of warren. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. TAMAICA AND NEW YORK SCREW STEAM PACKKT fj Line, carrying the mall. To sail for Kingston, Jamaica, on the 30ib of each month. The mail steamship ZULU Capt. Edward Goodwin, will sail for the aho\ e port on Wednesday. Feb. 30. Passage? First cabin, $60; second cabin, $V); third class, $35. For freight or paassge apply lo WALDEN A BOO 111, Agents, 47 Broad street.^ g"~~T. JOHNS, NBW BBUNSWICK.?THE UNDER sigiicd are prepared to gfvo through bills of lading for 4ghts between St. Johns and New York, at 10 oents per foot and proportlnate rates. Goods forwarded with the greatest dlsuatch by a or>ntlnuo?u line of steamers, via Portland. H. B. CROMWELL A CO.. M West street. H AVANA AND NEW ORLEANS. EVERY TEN DAYS To Sill on Monday, Feb. II, at 12 o'cloek. Ihe steamship CAHaWBA, J. W SMITH, COMMANDER. Is now receiving freight, and will sail as above from pter foot pf Murrav street, Morth river. UVlSc.hTON. CROCHBRON k CO., 08 Murray street. Steamship DE SOTO sails Feb. 21 FOR SAVANNAH AND THE SOUTH. Tbe steamships of tbe American Atlantic Steamship Company will leave pier 12 North river on the following days, *'mo(:NT 7BRNON, Capt. Larfleld, Saturday, Feb. 9. HUNTSVII,LB. Cap*. Post, Tuesday, Feb. 12. MONIOttMEKY, Cspt Berry, Thursday, Feb. 14. R. R CUTLER, Capt. < rocker, Saturday, Feb. 16. The steamers of this line are all new, and are not surpassed In clegsnee, eoml ori, safety snd speed by an* on the ocean. Tickets to New Orleana, M? 73: Mobile. $V>; Montgomery, $2ft; Memphis $11 7S; Nashville, $27 75; Knoxvllle, $25 :t)\ Chattanooga, $26; Albany, $Ct Columbus, t'.'l; Atlanta, $21; Macon. t'?\ Augnau. $(. MJ; Sa\annsh, $10. Apply Ui H. B. CROMWELL A CO., 86 West stieot and 333 Broadway. XjK)R SAVANNAH AND OTHER POINTS, AS BELOW. JD The first elsss steamship FI.dRIDA, t aplaln Isaac ^rowell. will leave on Wednesday. February 13. at 3 P.M., from pier 36 North river, rhniugh tickets can be had for the following places:?New Orleaus, $ttt 75. Mobile, $13; Mont gomery, $25; Eutols. Ala, $24; Columbus, $21; Albany, MS; Atlanta, UI; $26. Nashville, $27 75; Kanx wllle. $25 SO; Mrmphls. $31 75; AugiuU, $17 "<0: Ma-on $20, Bavaanah, $16. For freight or passage apply at No. 13 Broad way. The steamer ALABAMA, C.iptain George B. Seheuck, Will succeed on Satnrday, February 1C, at 3 P. n. SI Ml KL L. Mirt'HlLL A SON, New Tork, t JOHN R. WIl.l'EH k C.ALLIE, Savaunah, > nu KORTH CABOMNA-WBEKLY. The new and first chuta steamship PAT?KBRSBURG, ?'spt J. E. Mtannard, will leave pier l.i North river, for Wil t.ilng'on. N. U.. on Saturday, Feb. 16, at 3 P. M., connecting With Wilmington and Wetdon and Wilmington and Manches ter m?lr"ade Go<sla lorwarded to all parts of Nor'.h and Sooth Carolina Tree of commission. Freight 8 cents per foot and proportionate rales. Intorsnee one fia'f percent. Apply to 11. R. CROMWELL k CO.. Weat street and 333 Broadway. The NORTH CAROLINA will succeed, and leave on Hatur ttAT. Feb Xi TnROl'GH FREIGHT ARRANGEMENT-FOR NOR fnlk Portsmouth, City Petnt snd Richmond, cenneotlng with Norfolk snd Petersburg and Southslde Railroad, for iiynrhbte-g, RrtMol, Memphis and intermediate places. Freights received every day and through receipt* furnish f- .si, at pier 13 North river. Steamship JAMMIOWN, Captain Skinner, leare* every ' 'tieoday, al 3 P M. Steamship TtlRKTOWN, Captain Parrfsh, ererr Saturday. 1st 3 P M Freight to Norfolk, 7 ecnt* per foot; to City Point, Scents, *n<l Kichmond, V cents Passsge to Norfolk, stateroom and tnenls Included, $8; to &? Mersbtng or Rh'bmend, $10: ehlldfs-n lietw i . n the ages uf and 12 hall (irioa. LL'DLAM A IIRINEKHN, No. 116 Broadway. TO ENGLAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, weekly, bv steamship ; $16 by salting ships, and vlth proi' ~ """ __ .j P. Mt Dt |, im West street. 1>30 *r . o .v?-?. .. *.- - ound wlTlT provfsW? " Sui ptTnctually per ?tgr^'n''"'. pplytoP. Mt-DONALD agent, 22 Albany street, two doors * LROAIi YOTKK*. VTATICK IS HEBF.stf OIVRV, THAT A WAR ,N rant. Issued tils dste on the appllcaMon of iRurr * Co, hr the Ho* .'oba R Brad.t one OWJeya of the ?>urt of Common Pies s. (tlreetnd W IW JMf Of. this tmMr, commanding him to at'it' h the new sea g>'tng steam .p Ttuilllo, of this port, nnd that all perwns who claim to have ani d' msnds agnlit>< the said vessel, ttnderthe provisli >ns jf title ctght, of chapter elgh', of psrt thtveof the Rerl-M ptatutes, are rcoutred to d?ll^ "r an acmtnt 'if their rpsi>ecxt\ ? claims to the said Judg", at the said court, within three months from the ur?t puhli'-atimi of this notice, or that their remedy against the sstd vt > el will be forfelt.wl; and 'Hat the Mid vessel will he sold for 'he payment of the claims against her, unless some person interested therein appear and <11* rhatge the ssld wartsn1, according to law, wilbtn the said three months. W. ,1 \Y, HASKRTT, Attorney, U Centre* treet Dated, Nkw Yohk, Feb. 7, IRHARn v \ i? nut tcco. "ITAVAN A SRGAIts ?I \y SELLING HAVANA StO\ftfl bv ihe list or I,WW at lov* as MMNU caa !?-! bough of any rr dealer in this el'y GE<> W. Nit noi#, Importer. 7$ Iilheriy street. fl';G VRS AT PANIC PRICES. I.n?i,in> 11 tVANA. JK> m<sl?'Slid Gel "??" :<,st?ra , ,ln ly,,^ j,,, fnvos'f! * 1 a perfect Rssuittn " asp,end I return by sy eulatoi* am not* oO'ering fftratet < iam -o", i? t'twi erer lo r??> V'J.L v I ?i*E' 1'T Sr'AlT.v? FOR RALE. AOKKAT t'H ANCB.?COUNTRY I HDRi'llBH. HCHftOL or Ltcture Rooms.?The whole Interior of I church, Pewe, Kr?t?. Ar . eaally removed, In line order, to be told fur uneiounb Uielr value Address box I,lit Poet office. -ElOR MALE?FOUR YB ARM' LKAHK OF CORNER U r quur $iore and Fixtures, one of lb* bant standi in t\e citj for a I (mi l grocery More. Possession about 1st Merck. Inquire at 167 B.eevkar at real, coruwr of Muilivaa. For bale?a fibmt class wholesale ant? re 1*11 eorner LlqeorStere; good auuid; cheap rant; uuai M ?old. Apply u> J. A. BUiGo, 73 Nmuu street For halr?a canal boat, schooner rkmied. lying in llotwkeu basin carrie* over 'AJU totia. to ibe tight aort of a man (he w?uld be a>>ld on accommodating t<*ruia For 1*1 ticuUra inquire o4' F. D. BAM KM, XI North "L^OB HALE?A GROCERY AND Llyl'OH STORE; AN r old estebluhed aland, with a lung lease luquire at ttM Hudson street, turner of Oansevoort, For sale-a first ci.asm English shades Ale House. Inquire at RS Spring atreet. For 8AT.E ( HEAP THE I.IyUOR STORE 87 NEW Canal street, corner of Eldrulge, locationJ"0<t For |>ar Oculars call on the premise* Also, a good flora*, Harueas and huiincti* Wagon. For ?ale very cheap. For sale?a hotel, with a restaurant at lacbed, iltuated In one of the greatcat thoroughfares tu the 011y, and p>?se*aiug advantage* which, to a ? enierpnaiug man, cannot be surpassed, with lease of seven years. Apply at 37 Cortiaudl atrMt. Fob salb cheap?a cokvbr ceoceby and li ?luor Store, on Weat Broadway. Inquire at F. BOUDE A CO. '8, 204 Fulton street, or at II. CLAUSEN'S, li*! But Forty-seventh street. rR SALE-A FLOUR AND FEED STORE, WTTH A Veue of all years from the Oral of May, 1*61; the locatiou bt good for any kind of business and rent low. luqulre at 'Mi and 363 Weat street, corner of Vestry Fob sale?one hundred running feet of ?.halving, together m 1th aeven emitter*. nearly new, tuft able for a dry good* atore. May be bouiht cheap by ad dressing M. A. S., box l.Mti Post Office. Fob sale?two stands in west Washington Market: loc ation central; will be sold very low l'ov caeh. Apply to J. E. M.U.N, 196 Merchant*' row, Weat Washington Market. Lumber tard for male.?thb stock. fix turea and goodwill of leaae of an old established lumber business. Inquire on the promise*, aJO Weal at reel, oorncr of Charlton atreet, N. Y. QTEAMEBS FOR SALE Fear aarew Steamer*. frons 3(0 to 9M toaa. Three sidawheel Steamboats. Three Fernr Koala. ?teaai Eagltis aud holler*, new and second hand, axiuaat ly for sei*. Apply to CHARLES W. COFRLAND, IXC Broadway New York. TO PRINTERS.?FOR SALE, A .'<>8 PRINTING OFFICE, comdaling of Meant Engine, Boiler. Cylluder and lland Pleases, .steam Inkers, Tyjw, 4c Can be seen on the pre tuites, 7'J Maiden lane, New York. Inn n km m re. carwi, ac , or tiro room lor sale, just an n is; ail ready lor use; ? rare chance for a l aity tocommence Uiwiei ping Apply at 1U8 Essex nlrtul, on Mouday, Feb 11, between anil 12 o clock WORCESTER. ? OP.VnTKKllaillP \OTI( ES. Aoentlrxan tboroi oblt acquairtrp with :he hotel l>u~uiesi, w Hit ca-li, ? i^hcs a situation h> clerk with a view to becoming u. partner. Address ,1 John Hon, box l.M Herald, where fin interview may be hail. DISSOLUTION.?THE COPARTNERSHIP HKRETO fore exiatlng under the lirm of Hchaiick A Downing ia thU day dlaaolred by tho retiring of Auguitua C. Diiwning, taking effect lroni the 1st Inat. The bualneaa ol' the late llrm ?ill be continued by D. S. Mchanek. DANIEL S. 8CHANCK. AUtJUsrUS C. DOWNING. Nf.w Tom, Feb 6, WW, , DISSOLI'TION of PARTNERSHIP ?CAWL A CHAP MAN have thin day, b? mutual eonamit, dtaaolveil the parluemlilp hervlolore exuting Imtween them. The ImaiiiMH ol thc linn will be settled up bv llngh Cawl. at 867 Caual sliact, to uhorn all ?uUtaudingdebtx must be iialii. HUOH CAWL, Nkw York, Feb. 8,1861. PENROSE CHAPMAN. PARTNER WANTED WITH 91 OKI ( ASH-THE AD vertlocr having a nice store In a central location in Broadway, wlshea to associate hlmaeli in some lucrative lm slne-w* uitb a man having the ulxive amount of capital. Ap ply at store, I7t> Broiulvtay, l>etween tiruud and Mroome sts. PARTNER WANTED?WITH FROM ?l,000 TO ?1,.100 in cash in the hold Imaines.s; one ?ltli the above amount will lind this a good Investment. Apply to Hotel, f>7 Cort laudt street. -PARTNER WANTED, WITH THIS AMOI NT, fn a lit-lit. ge/iie.-l and p">d pavii.g cas.i busiunns. paylns from to a year, with very little exponse. lB'lulreol DAVIS A CO., 73 Nassau .street. i>onn to r>o a partner wanted, in \n e\ iT?dUi/ elualvely cash biulnM*. ilt year* eataldlabed; the patly coming In run clear about J2.'i a week, aK w ill l>e shown. Apply.i" I" <1 \l I M V l?i Hro.nlway. ro in #. 1 (1(1 TO faon.-A PARTNER WASTED, VS HON e?t, active, buslnes* man with the above anvmnt lo take ibc sole i b?in>- of store here when I am absent selling goods. Can be made to pay from ?>>,<?? I lo $H,U?) ycarlv ruyK. wholesale and retail, one hundred jkt ennt 'Estab lished three rears. Store at present one of the he^t sit nations In the United Mlatex. Sules all ia-h Can have one hundred first rale references if required. Addro--? K. L., Herald office, l'or three day. ?PARTNER WANTED, IN A CAHll MANU JpTtAMF, facturing biisineHS, eiuinecntd with wholesale dry goods houses: w 111 clear Ba) lo $Z'> |K?r day at lowest esti mate; extension unlimited, the c?piul lo purchase maehinea " to U. T. TOMI'KINH, No. 6 New Bowery, corner of street. & -A(l CASH AND ACTIVE PARTNER WANTED?IN " an established Commission Htislrieiss, In this city, now making money, and can be largely Increased. Will be associated with an unexceptional jiartr. A'ldiess Pine *lroet. Herald office. -wanted, a partner, to oo to phila . (lelphLa, to stten l to a Urauch of a buslneai which $200. Apply t Oliver > S600 I* paying over ft.CU) per month In this city, and without com petition Apply at 5?! an>l #03 Broadway, ns?m No. 6. liOHT AM? F(HSil). D0<i IjOST ?$6 REWARD-A BLACK NEW FOUND land Pup, two month* old. Men 1 to XI Flf ih avenue and reeelre the reward TOPT.-ON 8ATI RDAV EVEN 1RQ THSffH INST., AT J the Academy of Music, Brooklyn, or between there and the Olobe lldel, a small roll o Rank Bill*. The finder will be well rewarded by leaving Informal!>n of them, or even tho amount therein, at the F.agle o:hc?. LOJT.-ON THE NIGHT OF JANUARY .10, IN GO lug from Broadway, through Twenty uinlh street down Fifth avenue to Ea?t 'sixleeuih atreet. a black Jet linked BraoeleL The finder will I* auiiably reu anlod, by leaving it at 41 East Sixteenth atreet. Lost-a SMALL GOLD watch, marked e. c. Belcher on the lo'ids, on Central park p nid, or oil the way lo Twentv fourth street and Sixth avenue A aulltble reward will be paid If relumed to *0 West Twenty fourth ?treat. HF.WAH1)*. diQ REWARD.?A LARGE WHITE Bl.'LL DOG, EARS !pO ami tail ctopped and a brlndle *pot over hi* eye; the Under will please leave Mm at Hermann Wolf?, corner of Chiyatie and Delancey sireets. REWARD-LOST, IN OOIM; FROM NO. ?7 PIKE J'ty etreet to Canal street, aud to Eighth avenue car* to Eighteenth streat, a gold Pin, Chain and laa-ket, <untuning the likeness of n de ea ed brother. The tinder ?U1 NOdn the ttlsjye rcw ard and the thanks of a devoted sister by leav ing them at R7 Pike Mieet or a' :>?? Cauel ?treet. REWARD ?liOBT, ON tuesday EVENING LA-JT ?fit) on the corner of ThlrtT-?e?onil -'reet and Sixth eve nu#, a black Newf. D >g, with white on his breast and tip of his nos? and tail, l'leas.- return him to 63 West Thlrtj ?? irt .i ?? r?r?. d.r/\ HF.W tRD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY NIOHT, FEB marv V, betweent anal and Fottith s re?i*, in Brool way, thne hundred and twenty lire dollara, in city Rank nee* ThralKne reward will be given lo the finder, on re tmalng the sune to L. M- Donough, 1'H Broadway. ^1(1(1 REWARD WILL BE OIVF.N FOR EV IDENCE f I" "t I tba' will lead lo the c nvleilon of the |<erson or prison* who mallrtouslv n*t tire to our atone dressing eat ib h liment on Twenty eighth street, mar Fourth area tie, on the nlglitoi th* "ih inat WhSTEltV RLT A CAMP, Tweet; seventh atis-et, near Eleventh av<-nue AITBOIiOOY. A?ona FIDE ASTROrxiorsT, THAT EVERY ONE can depend on, I* Msdame WILSON, who tell* the ob tr) I of your visit as soon as you enter ber room. Madame Wilson ia the greatest astrologiat that ever was kuown. She wtlllavoke the power* of her wonderful aclenne, and tell all the even' * of your whole life. Her prediction* are so tni? that ibey aiirru l*? every one that consults h r. Some ladlea may gn a little timid, though they need not fear, for she prac ilces nothing but what 1* reasonable to phlloaophers. All should consult this most wonderful and mrstetfeu* lady. Her advice has never been known to fall, and wenty thousand dollar* rew ard to any one who can equal hor In the above ?rlenee. Madame Wllaoa I* lo p?*ee*?lnn of the celebrated ma^ic ohaini", which are *ver certain In their effect. Truly may she be called a wonderful w oman. 18V Alien street, be tween Hon-ton and Stanton, over the bakery. Fee for ladiei and gentlemen, fit)cent*. A BTONISHING ?MADAME MORROW. SEVENTH A daughter, hem with caul and gift of fore-lght, tell* how ??in aud ol ten you will mart v. and many events, even vonr veij thouglite. Ve?- 'iw reals. IM4 LutBow slreei, below Hou* Um. Gentlemeu not admitted. Madame ray. mn setenth atenur, near Twri, ? seventh *tr*et, surat l*ea *11 who vialt her The *i< k, tmuiU'sd end nnluckv ihonld test hsr piurer*. She tell* y ?r very '.bought*, lueky numbers, I'M***. Ladle*, MoeuU: grot*, BU ceiila. Madame rurt iiai to inform the ladies that she has removed lo IJV Stanton street, all d'*ir* fietn Esset, where ah* still continue*. Ladi'-a tVecnta LaMli men not admHtc<L < ?tHre hour* f mm DA. M. to V I*. M. TITO WOl LD NOT flO WHFRR FOBTVNR IiT-GO TV ye, awe Mi** WRl.l.lNOTON. the great KngMah pro p!iate?s, the !<**? of all, anil cannot he eic?!ie<| Can he eon ?uited, personally or hf letter, on all affair* *4 llf", ivmeorntnf law sutta. Journeys, absent friends, love, court*hip.marriage, heal.h wta'lli, and ? ho will reclaim dmnken and unfalthrnl husband* Blsa W is the unly person In tbl* city wki Ims the genuine Roman and Arabian talismans fur love, ? ?"1 luck, and all buirfnc** affat-s, and era guarantee* for life. Delay not to e .nsuli tlila nstiiially glf'etTand beauUful young lady' L'leky ni rabers gl-en. Highly re^pe* lablo oily cafe re nor a ran tie see n at Bi raaklence, 101 fittli avenue, oppo site Biglitb street. JQ t nniSTOPHER STREET-MR. .1 A RoRDER, 'I O ibe g>e pr> ;>lie aud healing meitI im to heal an<l cure aicine??, -i>e* iu *nd wonaerfnl revelation* andadvleeon all affair* thi' tigh t fe. i?n btislneos, ale*nr.? nliaent l fiends, law sulls, J. urite>s, re. gVtn and p >1111 and eurea ttod heal* nil kinds "I Sick es* bv tbc dlrlue p..w?r Fees, for sltker i*d ? * or ?f ii'lemee, 26 cents. 1lw *ick tioor xdvlsed and henb d ?r*t'*. R> member. ?;t chrisl"(.hei nrect. near Fourth sin i t N B P< i-on-attended to ai theli own lions*'*, and letters per i?jst aliended lo al*o. nnn ff.wvrd-for any one who tan tPiO.UUU e? -e! Mrs. MERK, lh> well knowr, ?eie I ru'ed tdirr no''J'*'. S*tn'l'>g1st and m?dte*l advise^ who Is _ackt>nwledg> d ' 1Ibe only lady In the world who I ntthfiil'; Vi!n? <eml->g ant "ase of h .-nao tile. Mr* M ',.1 IW Rr.ntvsi a'rt" C> NIBLO't OARDfcN. JamaaKlxna ,?a TWHNTY MOOKD VrBBiT^ Mana#W. And ?(il? fourth aight V MB. , BDWlN FORKBST reprwetsttoe thla a. mn^ of U>? popular tragedy of With Mt tad gorgeous >c?uerr, Full okorua, ' N?w ONlwi, new nipo^ntBM-nuT'ic^^a'** * MBtoWlN K?>R<CHBT UT HIS U*IAT kUU Of h - rolla. Win "hUlh. o*?*. or kouebM| bj AuuS^ TH8 DEATHK'oF BOT.T.a Ato^4 (m perurt*" edwin forbbw. iu?>hiid of aw>muco^;::::::: ;:;;;;;;.muTx^bi6^ Pirarro, the Spanish IrtJ-r Kr <<wn- ?uhar dSX"r on,1,uo<l<'' <*???nl.ih Army.:.,j?. &fo < p,l*rTO'a :::::::::::::::-.MrM5ind^ iifviSuV "p*?l,,h ***?*^*>'::::::::::v.v. ?????%*?? ^dter ? AFULL CHOB'dl' "*? K-a Uottw,V b*on engaged1 to glye fuH effect to the Tlec*. PIZABRO'8 TENT AND ENCAMPMENT. tUKI"a"oN?r THK 8U*'?"^^n^rE' D >"| ? open at Curtal* riaci ? ?' Ufc On Tuesday evenirv KNtiLIdH OPKRAT TCfl BLO H tiAKOBN. '? " L~?* ?-<??? _ riLE'."n%'^K0?AS;',;s-1! ?iss.*5Kraji,5?i"- '? *??" ~? Bins Annie Ki-inp, Madame Caraduri, Mr. Brookhouse Bowler, Madame Johanna l i.-lwr, Mr. Aynaley Cook, Mr. Weiiilich, | Mr. Martii* CARL AN8C1I17TZ tt . . . Ad?taatea SO oeiiia." "c r I Regular Opera ni?hl?? TUESDAY, TUUR8DAY ;uvd SATURDAY. WINTER HARDEN. i" " 1 easee and Manager A vr laeckaon i ne WH^irat^ ?"'"'icing Out on Mr. EDwIn BOOTH ' "*' J "? will ap|M-ar for In the character of the Ami time r?Q. ?. , , SHYLOCK, Jn filiakfpore s nla> of TIIE MERCHANT OV VENICE r1.1"" I'"bllf ?r? rei?j>erifnll|r Inform' I that I r aeat la the last week ''t Mr. iiacth'H <'11^ ejeiiien I. ACADEMY or MURK', new YORK " MATiNEE. SATURDAY, Feb 10. T. OR AMD OALA MATINEE Tne only grand gala matinee which poasibly can be Oil* sedHon will ta'< plaee on next -aim-day on an extruonll nary ttcnle. See lu tureailvertiw-ntom?. Ij^NOlJHIIMBN ?Ot'K F.Nci.lsli hKhIDBN 1"S ALONE J wou'd lill the t,o.ipi r lu?lntu<- thiH n.cuini! were tin-* aw Hre of the sl<-u*wit thlnga to b<i miU.I by Jir. Mli_UUKN aliout England und the EnglUh chartctw. "" German voi.kk' qardkn I'ALACE 4 HAU, kowkry iiai"i" howJ'**' The cheapest "" 0,<, TS~trp Heat oaixlujted ,v, . , . Public nliu'o Of amuHement in the eii'?. OI'EN EVERY NIOHi' For the moat wle< t entertaiivmenl la tliecltv bu.1 flfHt ra'e mlf-nt ennged ' A?L. uI L' INSTRCMKNTAL rosVKUT. A BOBATir I'EKt'OltMANl'EH KTHIOHAN HO.MdM aND lMIIOES ORAND HALU'.T, B.1 RLE SO I E AND I'VNTDMIMR. OI.AND TlUlir ROI'R ASCENSION THE VOEKS' CAKDEN Is the great rendezvoua of iUI nations. liumenae kuwm. f ?ry ulglit to "no the ATTBAClION. NEW attr ti'Tmw The only place in United Sialea where the European style is imitated. 17r?lSiv WAITER OIRIi? rosrriiB ,N LA*CY C .? , I'OSTUME. Admission, 6 cent* mi!y; r'vierr?d s^ajM fj cents Jtvfj W <'dne?dav nitfht, > VN''V DltESH I? Al l. Tirk. ts AM8BICAN CONCERT Tt A1,T. ~ 444 BROADWAY. til 444 *? 4*4 444 444 ? 4H The *reate?t entertainment In the world The lireatent entertainment in the world. NOVELTY AND ORldtN AMTY. >9yKLTT AND OKltilNALITY. IMMENSE SI ('( E8S. IMnhNKK HUC<'EHH IMMENSE 81'CrESH JMMEN.SE 800. ESft CKOWDFD HOUSES. t'RtlW DED HOUSES. Firi.1 week of the favorite Cornelian. BILLY ONP.IL. BILLY O'NEiL, BIIXY O NE'}' BII LY ? Nh'U BILLY O'NEIL, SIH"! BILLY O'NEIL, BILLY O NEIL, jm^y O'NEIL ? "*** BII.LY O'NEIL, - , O NEIL, The only orl*lual Iriah t ume iiaii In Aaae'ieA, who will ap pear iu a variety of Songs, nriHin/il.I okas, 4o. Irish Scbooluasier and I'mMy's Wedding. Irish Scliochnasler and I'addy's Wi ddliia. EVERY NIOHf. ^ Flint wet'k of the celebrated Panittua* and Acirena SALLIE J. BlnHO", SALIiIB J. BISHOP. SALLIE .1. BISHOP, SALLIE J. BISHOP, SALLIE J. BDHIOP, SALLIE J. BIsIIOF, From the PMIa4<'lphia and Soul he: n theatres. CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WUIlE. CHARLEY WHITE! CHARLEY WHITE. . CHARLEY Will IB, CIIaKLEY WHITE, The only true R.-preacniatue of the Barkey Raee, aivtni!) L. SIMMONS, L. Sl-MMONS, L SIMMONS. In his greut and uncoualled Ban |o Solo*, wl'h VORTY OTHER PBRFORMBRH, K< ?kTY OTHER I'ERI'OKMKRS, FORTY ((TIII'.R PERFORMERS, fotmlnu a combination of ui<m tlial cannot be equalled In the wot Id, In a variety of BALLET, PANTOMIME, OPERA, interxper*d with Negit? Eitravagau/aK ll.*l?lo>. i> t * v.i.un vinivi'lji*. I ALACK 45 P4I HALL BOWERY, PALAf-E M Parquet aio-uis j tialierr 10 cents btats iu private boxes Mleonta BoKEKT W BUTLER, Proprietor MONs LA THORNF., Sta,w Msnaiier, I". VAN W.KElt, Mumoal Dlr?ctor. elodbon' n.v.1 broadwat. third week or THE new ADMINIRTRATTON. The great eftoits sun-eaafiilly made by (he new proprle<or to restore the an 'ienl preatige of thin oeWnrated TEMPLE OF AMUSEMENT. and bring It so ntpidly into general I avor, h iving been aatls factorll* and genennisly met l.y the nubile, and promptly re sp. tilled to and nollce<l by the priv-aof Iheclty or New York, hat enabled liim to make Hitch additions to Ms p. polar com pany aa will make this week a inark< d one In the hiaioir of AMCSEMRNTS. 7n eonse/('ience of the great favor with which ihe under ilgncd hava been IW'lveil ev?ry night by CROWDED HOUSES. CROW lip.D HOUSES, CROWDED HOUSES, they will appeal this w?-k in BAI.I.ET. PARI K PANTOMIME, SONO, DVNCE. Ac.. BALLET, FARCE, PANTOMIME, SONO, D \ ICE. *<? , BALLET, FAB< E, PANTOMIME. SONtl, OaNi'K. Ae., ballet, i arcr. pantomime, mind, da.mcb. *?.. EHNI'.h'l I NE UE PAIHEI:, ERNESTINE DE I' AI ItE It, ERNESTINE 1?E KVIHER, ERNESTINE DE FA1BER. KATE PENN'MKK. MINNIE DE FtfBER. KATE PtNNOVKR, MINNIK DB K.VIRKR, kate fBnnover, minnik i?e faiber, KATK PEN NOV K R, MINNIK LE FAIBBR,* KATB PEN NOV fc It, MINNIE I.E FAIRER. AHELE CALL A, A DELE CALL A, A OF. LB CALLA. A DELE CALLA, V DELE CALLA, ADELK ( ALL A. AUOt'BTA WALBY. AUOUBTA WALBY. AIM ST A WVLBY, AI'OUSTA WAL8 Y, AU?il"STA WALHY. AI'OUSTA WALBY. LAURA ELDERTON, LAURA elderfon, LAC HA ELDERTON. Together with thirty other |>erfiirJWR Hr-t niiint of a beautiful NEW MtLLKT, H1TITI.KII, LEs ALMRBH. Air ing'd t .ypressly for the Melmienn. JAS. S. WIBIRT, Proprietor. C. MILLAN, Stace Manager; A. ?TR A IB, Leader otOi*; M??N8. houXARY, Ballet Manter. A BLIND MAN -ONE OF THE MOST DBLIOHTFUL A. entertatnne nt? can be enjoyed at Mr. MILUI'RN'S Leeture, this Monday) evening, at the Cooper Institute. Ticketm M cell's. Hudpon river railboad-fob alrany and Troy, connecting with trains North and West. Trains lems rno* rrMwsms sth rr. mo* thuitt rf?n F*presa, 7 and II A. M , and 7 ?, 11 JO A M. and 3 ?, ?:? and a P. M. 6 25 P. M. Troy and Albany'With sleep- 10:1ft P. M. (Sundays la ing earsi, 9:4A P. M eluded.) Penghkrenate train. 7 .*) A. ? A. M., l2..Wan.l4 2J P. M. M , 12 M and 4 P M. Peek-kill train, &:.? P. M. ft M P. M 8lng Ring train, 3.36 and 1.30 4 and 4 W P. M. Tariytown train, 1.40 P. M. 7:10 P M. A F. SMITH, flnpertntendent. EW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany and Troy, oonni etlug with the New York Central Railroad for all p ilnia West, Norili?ost and Ruiitb west; alao with ihe Northein ltnilroa<l,forllaratn^a, Rutland, Burllniti n, Plaliiburg. Rouse's Point, Ogiteiiabiirgand Mon treal. Wtoler arrangement, eommeneing Hmdsy.DKOBbsr 24, ISBt?Tralna v? III Tear e New York as followsFor Albany 7 A. M and I:*) P. M., ejpress train from Trron i iw, near City Hall. For Albany, T JO A. M and t .tft P. M . da Jtith ?t. depot. Do., 10 A M , express mall train, fm?a Tryon mw Do., flt:3ftA M , do. do.. 2#ilt St. depot, Crot in Pa'ls, IP. M ., stopping at all si ai ions V itrkTille, Aii'n ?l, depot Whit? Plains. S;l:. A. M , 1.30 and ft P. M , stouiliu at all sla Hons, from 2Wh si. di i?i?. While Plains, rt 10 V m!. stoj .'ing al all stations, fnun White street depit, Willtauftxhrldg", 11 A. M. and H.-.iO P. >1 , stopping al hll nutuJin, from W.h st. det-ot. William-bridge, il 4ft P M. <Weilnts<lay md Sal'irOty onlyi, slopping at ail i-tatlon<. iMm 2<ith a( dap. *. Re- irm^g, will leare Albany. 7 A. M. and 1:10 I' M ; East Albany, ? R A M and 4 :l# P. M , eynn-as'traln; Albany, 10:44 A M it.isl Albicny. 11 A. M . express mall train. Crot on Calls, 7 A. M., aionplng at all stations nortU of Tr?m> nt. Whbe PUInn, ft to, 7 iJ and It) A. M and I 40 p M stepping at all station WlliMmthrldg*, .'lili A. M and 1 P. M., stopping at :Ui i..? tl >ns Wlitlatn-bi idge, >0 P. M. (Wednesday awl Satunlay onlyi, ShOp|*ilig M nil stations. Tickets solil auil bagftag febexkej for w*y at -.'I? >na st *?ih ilree' staHoi. only ?fsrit?t?, 4, - tr n ? AMrgKMKNTft. 1iriLUCI'9 THEATRE Yf OLD COMEDY REVIVAL MR WAt. LACK, In accordance with the eiprvsaed wishes of vavi numbers af kit patrons to pmaeut occasionally acme of the great ul favorite OLD COM EMM, ao celebrated la thla tlcaue, la-fore us FINAL CLOHB, hu arranged that TO-NlunT the eaten elements win cmiueacii with lb? billllaot Coined/, In five acts, culled WILD OATS. Sir George Thunder Mr. Blake Rover Mi. Lester Weltack Harry Thunder Mr. Kloyd Epbraim smooth Mr Yoeng John Derv Mr. Morton turn *'? Hlu*e farmer Gauunnu Mr. Moor* Bark* Mr Bernard Lamp Mr. Parsloe Trap Mr. Parkee Johns, m ... .. Mr. Oliver Twitch Mr. Oobura I ad7 Amaranth . .. Mrs. Itoey Jeuny Oamnmii Miss Mary Oaaaoa Aiucfla .... Mra. Wataot On Tuesday, 8*1 OND TIME THIS S^tSON In eotuie<}iienoe of the iplendid rrceptim on lis fir*I repre aentation. The brilliant Comedy In five arte of TOWN AND COUNTRY. Wednesday HIE CAPTAIN OF THE WAT'H To conclude with the t umedy of the SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER. NOTICE? In preparation, and will be produced ae?'"llly, A NEW COMIC DRaM \. IN FIVE ACTS, Written e*prc?aly thla theatre, replete with NOVEL EFFECTS, STARTLING SITUATIONS SPLENDID NEW SCENERY, Til ?? Kf.TlT1.Kl> CENTRAL PARK; OK. THE HOUSE WITH TWO DOORS. Dour* open at 7; cotniacnoe at 7.'j. NEW BOWERY THEATRE. hole proprietor. Me*?r*. O U Fn A J. W. I.latfard Monday. I cb II. u' it itui1ii(; the week, Mr. O. L. I'ox'a Giand ''<mnr I'mtotulme IIARLEQl'IN JACK, THK GIANT KILLER. Kot scenic display. leautlfn. ni* "hunk ?>. $? r^'-ou* dreasea and brilliant upitfiiniDiei.t*, THIS GK\M> PRODUCTION HAS NEV KK BKEN tiUl VM I D. The laat scene rrpirii-i in* the ltirili .if tho Peacock in tka Hotter of </o??n Ken NIGHTLY EL1CI - KN I'll I'SI AsTIC CHEEKS. Tlie-oliartiOlciN ale ii J l>v Ihe G I, Ft iX ll'il I'K OK'P V.VT0MIMI8TS, {1 e only company lit the Cnlted Stat'^, and I UII7 e j jal 10 the celebrated RAVEL FAMILY. PnvltHM to t'.e pair ?ti '11 e thih fir- comedy of TltYlNll lA UN. Mr. 0. C. Boniface a* Walafn^ham Petls t'i n. ludln : with Cie Ke iltlsc drama of WALLACE, 1111. lIEko UK SCOTLAND. Bowery tiieai m TltA.V-tV.NPAN r SUCCESS To Aliiin (Mosn.iv), I k 11. II, Second appear ." ?i tin- tliectre ,.1 PRO I KrtbOR ANDERSON, Kgur tliz?K(i 01 Tin North, In blaeitiaoril.nnnlv snee.-i.tul and Inlliian' enter tiahaTS'nt, A NIGHT I.N WONDER WORLD', OH, T11RRE HOVU8 o" E NCI IANTMRNT Thla entertainment I* on 11 rcale of i r. iter 1,modem than when produced at ilie Winter ilm-den, bi*t year. I he rise of 1 ho cui lain, Uldcl" iug the iIu/.xUdi: -plendorof l'ie r>M iiomantki v, Produced on Saiuriln evening a perfect t\ II1 i:I.W IM) III' VITI.AI >E, While the warvellon-chma "?r of the enUirtaintpenn riiol't 1 r n a FURORE OF Kf-I VTIC DKLIOUT Never befole w cutliuebie ieally expitw*ed nllhlti the. w?lV? of an leally cxpraaeed wl "Old I.Miry." AftonNhli K s. iiHatlon prod ieed by MIsri ANDERSON, I'erM.natlng the aecoud'lighted Sybil of Delphi THE WHOLE OK THE GREAT PROGRAMME TOJIti.UT. Beat the doora early, hh the crowd In groat, fimitlemeu tniogliu la<liea "with tb.-in will pieai... nt'erid be fore 1 lie rixUK if the eut lain, 111 older thaitbu ladl'Vl iuay hat 0 the full idvantnge of the luimeii*e HIPPO PHDAL1KOKM BALCONY Bracted entirrly around mid in front of tin iMEM BOXES. D'">r? <1 i?'ii A' half pa?t il o'doak Coniniencn at naif i"i v. 7. Day perfornianiv ?i half punt 2 o'clock, NEXT WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS, Met lianlos' Hall 47i Broadway, aliove Grand ?l?ee*. Mori Liy, Eibrtuwy 11 and every niuht duru-.s the waek. JERKY AND OA.V BRYANT, T1m? favorite enmadlnna In tliclr liingliable WKNK8 AT PUALON H tNI> OH aI.I.ENOE DANC3. WAMHtiLD PERCBY, IIOULD ANll llll.ToN' Th.- )h pulai vocal qnartei, in new s mga, Cliorawm, fu I'KKT. AND MfcHliiW IU llii'ii* in 1 ? 11 iMb^': IHMl'k' lla. liooie open ut (1 .. Curtain riaea ai 1% o'olak. Tltketa iti oent*. HOOI-KY .1 CAMPBELLS MINSTREH?NIBLO'I Saloon.? Monday ovenlnu, l* h. 11, and i ti vj tveuui^. ANoTflEft tilil VT I'ROliR t.MME IMMENSE StCi EfrH OK NEW STARS. Duley, llo? art! ?ji< cion lea. Flrat week 01 tho "Deutmcba Strntihx-n MuakunU'ii.1 Hen i , 1 n - original and nnap plxw habli plantation meno, "Old ? urle Snow " received niehtly wnh dearcaing onuorea. "Tho tuarj TravcUara," b) Dull a ft Gnflln HEN COTIUN s ORIGIN M. HTI MP SPEECH. GR1I1INS 1'AVORITE I'LANTATION WALK AIloUND. JOHNNY KOI ND vol It BUGLE. With nt? Nm?, Ae: Ituiie>..,iic*, Ar. I).H>rs op?in at6'? a'cl'.ik; tocciumcnceat 7*t'. Tll*i-inZtoenta ? Theatre franc a is, m RROADvfAY.?m ardi Giaa, 12 Vt rrifr, Js6J - D"rnlen Renrlanaiiufou. I.K8 i lNOTlKlis 111 I.A HEINi:. nieee , ou?t, iiie .? <. lud npee tacle, iiu lt e do t'hunts et de Oauae. de MM. TLivvi et Du paaty. French theaike MR .UMES SIMMONDS Ha* ren'i d the a ore el> waul ihca4i? f- r one fiit}U onlt, MONDAY, FBKRL' ARY II, that tlic public aiay ha>e another opporn ulty tlila ac.iaoa of irUim^u MR CHARLES DILLON'H won leifal Itcpi'r uiut.oaof LELTHEGOR, Aeklionladled by Ihe Londoa and Few York pr'?? to be one of the itn .il. nl drairiutie trlumpha ot the me. lie will be support, d by inetrupolitan .trt? ta, andavi ry ? are leh'.ow.d. 11 it? prtduotloM. 1'Hirt a ?Drese. licle m.d par'i'i. t, SO i nula ehalraln lioiea, SI eaih; pilvate l.oiua, $& seatu secur.-d without antra chaine. Engusii opera. NIHTjO'S OAKDF.V.?Havtng DkMrral from rec?nt dc munatrHiloni In hi* audience * ranewnd ini>-r e*t In ihoae time honored tuiiiya, Iwllada, and irnlodlea Incidental toEagllali niiKlcc.1 ptcoea of the olden tlOM), aa well u an 11 ? reaslna ta>ta for llioac ol a mora rc-aut lau-, the mana-eir of Nibio'a (iarilen baa made ananKement'i to brinjr forward .1 ?ucce<i lion of Ettfrtlsh Oparaa?both old and aaw?In a style of ei" jranc" nnd wfili an array of talent aueb u ? have not b?eu wit neas.-d '11 tliiacHr 101 many yean Toi ffrct thl? object, engagement* have >>een made with ?one of 'lie leading Engllio vocr ilata now m thla country, ar "Ul* whom ate Mudame Anna l.iabcp, Miaa Annla Kemp, Mii e t aradiiit, Mme. JiiIhuiiu flditr, M? ?ar*. Br<v>lth >uaa, Bowler, Aytialy Cook, Wainllch, Mar' 11. flnawlna eondneied hy Mr ?'ari Anaeh i|*, on<! of the moat aCTompllah'd leadera In the r.iuntry. The tn.iipe .n-e t.. appear 011 Tuc ? lay evening, Feb 12, la tht favorite En?ll-h opem if LlN !> v OK U11AMOUMI. The Of era nh liU nr> ru." la?-, Tburtday ant Sail rdav It la the man "ivr'a ltitenlionto bring out a fr.-sn op-ra averyweek, and to eoaatantly atmngthen hla mttaksal e.irj)' with aneh attiartiona aa may pie-eut them^clvea during the aranon. 'I lie |.ri<? of adniMlmi M ll.e Pren Hijrle an I Piir<| 1 la Wi.-nt". \ Uiulted njggliai of <li?lie-ira chaiiH may be ??? curad at )1 ca? h jame? m. niton, Lo aec ami Manager. Fj^LOOB SKATING, -l\Tll AYRNUE ANI> FORTY ' fourth a?reef, mm ?h? 1 depot 'n cently occupied aa if. M. rk'a Miaalon ehaptl .?The aucneaa at-ending th? opening ?.f AiideiMin llal) (ivhlah will V-e ".'titinued imdir 1U prraeot efficient aii) fitim i.denoe, at 1^."> Slilh av? uae, c e-ner of Thlrteeni h at reel , liaa lid 10 arrangement* ror he .ibova III. nllone.1 ai?nloi,a hall, belna near the I'ark and In an un eioei4lonalile locality, piiaaeaelng more area thaa aay othei eaiabliahn.enf of the kind lt> 'he 1 !lf. Thr. puhlle at< as? ired Unit no a'tentlon nr ability w?*>>a v to the j*rfeet aequire mi nt of thK eh ,-ant and fie.t.'thlul .nooinpll.bment aha": be wantini;. Tlie rniet ahlel. a-e prwv.^l ao eSeaeioua In ealabllehing the 1. -1 ?-i?liility and ?ela' t character or Ander arjn llall will be atretly obaert ? d, It iming the ileal re of the proprietor to aeoue the conrt'len.* of all who may reaort ta th? !?? ralahliahmrnl 1 I.'arel ul and <?I.nipeiont Veache,? will lie In attendani'e. \vh . w 111 i" ? aaionally ae omiauy tlo ir puptla t/> the 1 entral Park Skailut: Pend The alxi ? Mall will M ODened on Tueailav MOTiiig, Feb, li lliwi ? 1 mm # \. M. ? iM 111 P. M K. A. WEAVER. Of Anderaon Hall, Superint end int. Return ok PAGE'S "VENUS." AMERRUAN AND roRRIGN G A I.I.ERY or PAINTINOR ."VMI BROADWAY. Thla picture haa been t lalfed hr moretha ? aa,dwi 11 Peraona In New York alone Open day and evening. Admlaaton 53 ewata The 1 ikst qRAND i-eruoem \nck ??f GI.ORI.E K. HniSToW S ORATORIO, PRAISE TO (.OR Will t??e place on Tue?lay evening 1'eb. IV. Al IRVING 11 ALL. Ticket-.? cenia. Can !?? had ?t the n*oal plaeea. JlOABs OP iJtUOrnER At Ihe re/jue?t of msoy the Ri-r. WM H. MILBURN h ccin-en'r.l lo repeat once more hla Inimitable Icetiitv on "WHAT A BLIND MAN SAW IN ENGLAND," wllh ad ita amnalng, thrtllins, . |o<|.ient and patbeile 1 ?**?>>*? at d anecdotee?Ita laughabla imltatlona of the Stamp Oi% BROTHER JONATHAN, ?rd Parllantrntary de'taien of JOHN BULL. ? th bis fine delineation of the ENGLISH GENTLEMAN, Ae , ftc . at <he COOPER INSTITUTE, MONDAY EVE NIB? Fe*. 11th. tickets -6 eanta. lo commence at H o'clia k I1L MALHtBUR, ORIENTAL MAtiVIAN, Will, OPEN i a' rowrth street, fi.ruierh Eaatache.'a thtafra, <m Frl dav, Fehraary Ik Prof. El Malh^har wfil nvake no ua of al ow hil'.H ten feet hl?h, liCcaaae %e ia ewMrol of auoc** w IthMt them Progiamme ta f Atm a advertisement NOYICB-TBB I * i ns OF HARMONY SHOULD ccne to the Star of ihe Weat.W Eldin'ae ativa-i, ting il.aira ahrve i.iand. ? hair taken hy O. Ktenham, ut eight hi l; . k, cu Saturday anil M Auilay evening", fa.'.-d by imh nad eltalen:. TB/)U as II VKIH.E^ P?|>rktar. OROPEHSOU .WO 'tf s HOWS' l.tST READING, ON I, nt Clinton llall, ''.>mmetiring at eighi o'elcck pi i/fe' lv. jidtalMlon BO 'enla. Selootlona from ?Othellck" "Henry jv (FalatafT's feats at GadahlBji "Ham let," Dh' "Cf iniro, and the Ballad of Sir John Frank ALTO SINGER, TO TRAVEL WITH \ vv cUa? inlnatral trmtp" one who thoroughly under ?Uail?gr,d eaa 1 ad mnalc at "ig'it, aartliy ilbetal Aitdreaa ?1 two ia j a M M., Fit th A Poi.d a umakc store, M7 Broad V EW YORKER STADT THEATRE, .17 AND * BOW X 4 ery. ? Maria Uluatt. Trsiswly by Fr. Hehlll?r. Elis*. neth, Mr? lint i; Vara, Mi?. Bauer Oia'in Mjtl'.:ir,0. Awreetmeirni, LAURA EKKNFS THBATRH ' ?? AURA UKNh'l THEATRE BIOHTY SECOND KIUIIT IWiTt SECONH NIdllT 0n# Huadr7?^W,lirif TtiTai GREAT LOCAL THU'.lj All bhui.kt r 1 THM SEVEN HltTRU. SEVEN sISTKKS MIF8 KEENE liea tlM pleasure to announce that with the view of rendering tbie aaiuaingeiunvafcaiua mare i'-oeotab e to ber i-atronn, she w ill |ire*ent it on Alw.Sf AV BVEN1N0, FEB. 11, imp EVERT MMHT DUKINU THE WEEK, Combined wnh au entirely Original Sketch, by Unu. U., fcs'i-. of Mary land. Author of FORREST'S I'KI/E DRAMA, MOHAMMED. MARY'S BIRTHDAY, _ Ac , Ao., Embodying and exhibiting, In IINOLB SAM H MAUIO LANTERN, UNCLB ,s.\MS Ma?IO LAMTERN, J-N<'LK BAM'8 MaUIC LANTERN, UNCLE SAM 8 MAUIC LANTERN, E^i'S >s mauic laisthkn. UNCLE SAM'S MAUIC LANTRUN! 1 NCLE SAM'S MAtlU' l.ANrKUN UNCLE HA M S ,M AUIO LANTERN* A ' SERIES OK UNION PICTURES, Kntirtdlui BOTH SIDES Or TNh IMPORTANT t/DRSTlON NOW BEFORE THE PEOPLE. The h mew Tableaui Will be presented with rvuriaie NATIONAL MUhlC, t omprtiirvg ?H the KIUHI.V roci Mil airs af Ult r*n*t.-v, arranged nupriiaaly for the aceaaiea W MR. TI1IIM.4H RAKER. THE SEVEN SISTERS SKSKN SI-TRRS SEVEN HinriiKH. SEVEN SIHTEHfl. SEVEN SISTERS. SEVEN HIsrEKS. SliVEN hl.-feKS. SEVRN E1HTFRS. SEVEN SHTKKR SKVEN SISTKKS SEVEN SleTEKH. SKVEN M.V1EKS. HbVEN SIhTGRH. SEVEN HIS i ERS. 9" VE\ hi jTERS, SEVEN SISTKKS. SEVEN SISTERS. itEV K\ SlsTERH. MMT4U. NTr!rni>* * Ptainalt* Mr. IT. F. D*l.r h'a friend Mr, T. B. Jonrnw mtOKTtlK. ruio, Kinir of Hades, the Elyaiau Flelde, Mid all lovr countries generally, h monarch by no mean* no black aH In i? painted, though proba bly nut near ao good t*? be will apjiear r>y the reprcaentaiion of Mr. Lkk*-vt DfmiM#, mi old friend with ? new tare iwiil * striking likeness?hopb'g to Impresa the unit. lie favorably Mr. Lkvick Cuf? kk, oik-of the oriental "able biotbera, nn in mitigated Kulsanoe,laeiwMyi wa>, usd nerer atonmpHshlnganvtHnggood?In fact, mi very buJ linn hisbhu k f*tber, i'luto, won't have htm in Hade lit any .wire Mr. Bt'RSKrr Cokm m (it? Ki in viv?not bail spirits, by ai y UII HIIH. lint ? liM, * bile on e.trlii, managed ef fectually io misrepresent thefr constituent* In tbe corporation councils, Sir UKO.W.W kkn, vr.iJooPKK'il Piavomm', Ural ot tbe Seven Sl. 'ern. ralHlng u re volt in lladeaand abiee/e on earth, NllerwHrdfl the Angel , afteiwarda tlis Mnrderona .Mother, afterward-* flora, Ooddeaaof Flowers, nl'terwuidn t'aptaln lllgliboy, of the Keinlulne Xouavea, whlen diagiilsfis-bia a - lime* In tn? vain endeavor to miHb'ud Arthur Vlixa I.? i u Ki ink Furrai.i.A, the aecond ?l?ter. a chip of tbe old bUiek, out for a holiday, aiterwani-i the Angel , afterward* I'fivche, aftet warda l.b ut lltghbnv, uf tbe Kemininn/.ounvea, afterwarda a llootbWk, alwuyn aa.ilstlng her winter, and o<*-af louaily upt'C ilatlai; a little on her own ae conni Mlax 1'oi.t.v Mmmull Tart?iiikk. the third Muter, and th>''.itfonin vit?> chip, alao cut lor a holiday, afterward tbe Augel , alterwaida .Iciunhn Highboy, al terwarda IJeut Highboy, of the Feminine Zonavea, attenvarda a hot corn girl, loliowing in the loolalximol her illusirtotm pr^deeeM?irH In all (Mrticutim Mra. Ltmv Houun Sv i.i iH kirk. . | Tfca reniaining four of the i Mi t IJ. Vimku. ] 8k\ k? nanus I'iR< ink! I. vj.. | who in themoatable mav I Mlaa t'ovLPOCR. >ner aaj<lf>t tbe diablerieM^ SATAM LI.A.... 1 of their nistero. ars-iming I Mlai MKLVitt, | a variety of chaiactera for I C vstafii.u. ... I that purpose. i MI**WiLU>VGHer Mi v Pi t to, formeilv Ciilb d Pro<iperlne, tho one laiv daughter or t'eiea, ortginally 1 orne to her by Jnjiher, and auliHen'tcntly borne from b<T bv Pluto, whifb fact nuitti lenity.i^uouioa for her appeariOM In Uiia ounoection Mr. Fl.TKU Cimi, au eatini.'ible lady, ? on*ldetably yo?ui<er tliau her daiii(bier above a.Iuded to. .Ml** K? khktt PrtiiiT o> Ahtiii ii' ? Sutkii Ml** F*AMO?.i Curln, a well known spirit, afterward* Young Sain ... M t?v Jask Bci.lock Pitt.Mil ri Da*sh 'k. withapand Pa* .Mr* (l, F. Bmuwhc. riuu Mimt* t? nn ti.i.rnoar. I'm'iji S ?m, v'I'Ii Ihe v toot i an Eagle under hi* ami Mr. 15. Q. RoasnA Coiimhia, ?? interesting female who inu*t 1? seen ui iw properly appreciated .Mr*. J. 11 Aunt EXTRA* TH KltOM 1 NCI,P. SAM'S MAOIC LANTERN. TABLEAU, COI.l'MRIA AT WASIIINOTOK'B TOMB. T fi < l a* if the Sniut of Disunion Wire a mere \ ulutr gltoat. all mist and nxs/ushine? A coward phantom, wh we brief reign i?o'or. THE SI'lltIT OF DISUNION. Di ii'Niiiw Mr. O, F BiUmwk You tremble now ? I do And earth's last liopt- ia trcrubl'ng, toe. TABLEAU, THE THIRTY-FOUR STATES. MAssACBti-rrr- Mr*. F. nooiui Maimk Mrs. H. F. tMiM ftoi in CahoM.ia ... Mits I'oi t v Marmiaii. Kutnicu,,,. . . . II. Ekclk Ohio Mb** Wit tououar Tan*i-?o,.... Mk> C. K'-.t South ('arollnn alwny* wa* Colnnibla'a pnt! Yea, an<l 1 see \ ou use our I'oet atamiw yet. W 4 ? ? e Beware* when children are at war. The mother'* brtaat t-eouiv?? tbe desdly ?o*r. INCANTATION. Thou, for wlinse impel ial sake IIoihI* of twin born brother* break. Km whom weehtvrrFreedom'*ahr'-ne, And furgi- our chain* lu looking thine, T>> puicnaae whose --mriii< Ip^tlon We aign our own eltermlnaiion? Tlo u, whose ran-I m mat* ao leai 1 Mirmnon thee?appear' appear! TABLEAU. THK EBONY WEIKIK. Tb- good o.d -hip Constitution la danger of In iih; dot roved bv Fire eaieraand Em ?nri|?ai? r?? H b< n pliota prove falar?when the good ahlp la sinking, "I i - buh time for the people to do tbeirown thinking, Awl instea l of lielng |ieaeeruHy b-d by the noae Vi b< lever the trade \tlu<l |H>liueal ljto??, L' ' them aiart from their slumber* iumI make the -ihip feel T oat the hand ol the mistei s ot oe more a', the wh<* I? Htandnik on i torn ike ahoala. with trti-<i, true haute to man iM-r, 'N'-atli tliellghtthat ?'fll bnrnalnourBtar Spangled Banner. IJiCANTaXION. F liter In mj magic glaa* 1'nitisans *li'-u*v>' -uoi i-eded, Siale-ii en v.linn aoreat n*- dud, 1 HekMer<, playing part --i>aniel W lien I r< i dotii ivsks a senutnl Danu-L Prialo! ini.s?iind le< uaaee Tb.- lb Ml* ibal our Liberty Tree. Tableau. STUMP OF TIIE LIBSRrT TR%E le (be ia-i Sueh la the faie the', ever awaiiu, ? ben The |iHiti*aii -t-iiid* tn the -ho ? ui the stateiman. Lot i.lherty look lohcr laat trembling is-nnate, W l eu the stomp i* hoi altar laelead or iUe Senate. ?Ti- Vlryln a tint bring* ti* the olive of love, And locurt t be each h' art ibr.t l< c1??im?1 to the dove. INi'AN iation. I nlet In my magic. gltA- * li- iuoii, n mi l whoee altar* tiae I'mveiscf | .irted famllb *, M-eher'a groan* ard gaugnter*a -dgl.e: 1 aoinuinn Ibiv?Arise?Artae. Moka h, and tlr ? u;nlk< TABLEAU tKI SI. WE Al'CTION. Trutt Sill ? Mlaa Eun r* Mn.Mi'i Wna*?.. Ml?* Li/hik Mvariir Ai'ctiom f r Mr. Ok knu The -tglit 'vxs n<". g'??i For the l ever ilia: ? but niug in I'ui <ian blood. ? a ? ? < ? * * Olve them time to eome tight, be> the balUH bo? inuri?r That New England - alf.idy r> de. ming h?r hlundar Hon t b- *oaie.l b) our vote?U t it art a-, a uervatha T in ui- fourth* of the ?li< 1? of tti? North aie conaerea ire. Tableaux CALHOUN S DKKAM Dej-art . i on i Mine?thnt Hie iletli m.?j lam* yon well, ' tat vond farea U oi'yourvwn Cnele Sainuai V?l> WA?HJN<JTON'B -VI?M* AT VAltMtT V">R.'/>H >4util i hat l>? for*. .Mn ? Kin* 0?orit? fall' <1 . n?*k? ??? and aball Kla<?; ,,tf 0n. BftttfJ" l*M J?yi wrotai ilian eiactlngljr trw.-.i On (he banner oc?< i'L * hi. h ?oi.r nhri i. 'i $4, ? ? < ...? ? AjiiI ih?> ?,r??m of !!.* faiWsl ^boli'l.ini-t M'l, Iu ulinura Tin lli* 1'a. .1 an.t old Hunker IIC. TAH1.KAI . LIIIRRT\ AND DIOOKR*^ 1,1 HI c-TT .. .y r?. Tnivi, OiiMKKasty Cyar Mr. A. b. Jwmmu* I'm looking tor a man lu ? >t>- 'hi- woua*'. A mmn A uiau. Am-rioa tin a ?*u ? ? I ? ? ? * ... . I think Wa'T? o*r frlniU l'*ft 'o !*?< m *.? Mink And thai fiicod It 'b* I'mri.*.: U' ti,,m ila*. And aire a ><? d l thai sh-ill ? ? av* |'M ?k|.?a. Br?"iiV ihe bond- of 'Im t'nton? you nk.?)n in liuui from *r?l to a fourth?n ?l .i Moot J r*t? powai. An I Intli-ad of diTltlnij Willi Alhbin tV main Vim'll ju*? rauk above II llaod u*i. rmlr |m>)ow .Spain ? ? * * * '? a ? And wbtn tlrspotaTiianir Malk >aw ,| aild defiant Hb.ill two in,mm i. |.L.. r ,,y \y , ? A> uu>tT INUAKTA7 fox Eii'<-r <u my ? iMh >ta? p<?Ma ?a?iaaf Uy jJutliw, . ? >v.' I ... -ha.Vwi*! Kvrutu^on. For fnkm. t hrar with cliMg a* blhl^,,, bl?ti4lju. .V.*,,";1*1" m ? '.vt ULV' w ?"'?'IK, ?Tin thg cl?d vmi?^ tkal iuy,, ,h? lnll{hly dMMl ?? fccko tlM crj lor Miteli JUT '.,?u?p, blad. A i?opl' P'oodlv bent ww,?,n, A ilrntljr Ife'indwir ^ ll0 ?oco Kina Hif;old ?nib'ro ixMtlra t??t, Our i'Mtlr laid thf> Il.>n #l tr'i Hniif all Wbo cap. ?lo' , nT ,.>r * o> b >m, **UNU)M AND LHJ %Kxv rOKKvKII MOHK ' fABLlAU Ttl> ?roTHKOMia WAmmaror. tlM Till tJNIOH. 1 he !?!*?<*? *1" (BWMf wilb the ORkAf WKKE. IllKTIf Or nVr< HUTTKRKLT I* |HI ROW FIR ' if KKRNK. F<*l? may bw'd on?> f m k in ndramo wltbrnil M'ra Pbirw* rv'wT? > I hall paat all? lo r..mti,?-nro at baif< pa<! KT(B Yt >l?" -nor lrn?i t?l'?n O'c'.ixr^t. AMrSBME.Vr*. ACA1fflSJ *JL*U?0. NEW TOIl-TBII K ? KN^.,, HONDAT 1KH. II, First Sight In Amirirt, IN BALLO IN MASflllBRA. ?The **l<> of MMI for the ti,,( night?f H ALLO IX MAS OIIERa comm UMO this morning at# o'clock The Academy Ibis evening wfil 1* Illuminated <* thm occasion of the Prince of Male* Hull Hlgnor ML'XIO haathe honor to ti| mlm preparations having l>een completed, VERl)!'* LAT K8T WOK* IN BALLO IN M\H< HKRA itlie Ma*iueiail? ball!, wll! be presented for 'he FIBST 11MB IN AMERICA. TliU omilng, MON DAY, KtB. II, at rt pr<- ><?lr. with the following distribution ? Madame PAI'LISE COL&ON .as * ,... AMRLU Mimi ISAIII' i.l.A III.VKLEY . au .. v.'"?kB, tho Pm Mlu AliKLAlDE PHILLIPS u . I'LRU'A.Tto Astn.leZ RR Hi NOLI as Itlaarda Jf,R "' u ?m?rti Dl'KRgrfl, ( M Th? tonsplraMM Director anil Conductor HI*. MUZIQ During the Uric ait there win be an lutertnln?lon of lira minute* tor n necessary change of scenery The publio ar>. respectfully solicited not to leave tliclr -eat* hlunor Mu/io destrn to direct the attention of the po% 11c to the fact that this, the latest, ami II la believed the Vat or the w-orks of the Brat enm|M>a-r of the day. U placed befnra ?li American audience at the earliest possible moment, ita performance in New York tielng .interior to Ita prodticlioa In London Even effort haa Ix-en made bv the management to plnce thU wort properly before the public The artlatio re hearsals bare been I r?<iuent and thorough The most eota petent art Ma have been employed In the detriment* of acenery and costumes, for the dlapluy of which the Open affords ibe tineat opportunities L'N HALLO IN MAfiCRERA. nnllke most of Verdi's works, haa had a grand success froaa the lime ol its liraMx-rl ormanee In K>>n>', IW, up to tke pre set 1 I nioment. In the llolv Oily it saved the manager fnsa ruin; and at Florence. Lisbon, and laatly, Pans, where It was brought out laat mouth, it has been received In the most en thusiastic nuinuer. The plot of UN BALLO IN MASCIIERA Is I dramatic. and its catastrophe is not unlike that In the of "tJiiNtartia." In the ball scene the stage will be thrown open to its furthest extent, and tilled with enaraoters la ill costumes ol the period, itbe eml of the seventeenth renuwyj and, aa ia the cu*tom la Europe, many of the habitues of tao opera will appear en ilomluo in the brilliant set of (JuadrlUaa Va/uikh-, sc. with which the scene o|>ena. To give foil ef fect to the |H-rforinance of the ttpera, the orchestral trroa has been considerably augmented To give proper effect ia tbi* opera, not only the eiua orchestral rime is required, bug an enlarged chorus, and two band*, which perferm beaial the scenes In the third net A ORAM) RAI.LET IHVRUTISEMENT, under the dirixtiou of Signor Rt>N7. \NI PROGRAMME. Dance and Gallop executed by the r irr.a de nallet (irsnd KUuratlve Otiadrille by the t*ort>s da Balal Msfonrka^. bv Kignorn I,. ELENA and Sign r TtiPHOff# Notwithstanding the i{reat extra ei]>ense attendant unoa tk| pioduition of I N IIAI.I.Ii IS MaSCIIKKA, the prlAes fll ?ulinlN.|on w 111 remain the same To avoid ektortlon and l? |>o?iiion, feats should he secured at the ref(uiar authorised ticket otTces only Early ap|.||ej*iion Is aifvlsrd. The free ill (with the eieeption of the preai) on the n Iff haa when I S BA1.LO IN MAst'llERA I-. pre?ented, will baSM ,rnded altogether. No |>eraon wl 1 be admitted without ? The ir anagement offer the new Opera to the public wl?B Ifcd ntm<>Nl oonlldence tn the SCI uracy of (* judgment, and ( artlxts v? ill d > their Im-si to merit a favorable verdict. Tkv re convinced that the work needs only to be heard to baSr thorougblj appreciated and entirely hu.ceseful here as where. t'orrect O^cra tlook- al Siljel's, Wall stn-e;. Brooklyn acadkmt or mi'sic ?ovrra. new SEASON OK 81X Nit.Hfd. The new neaeon will e'lmmenoeon Tl'ESDAV, KKHUrARY It!. Willi the dei>tit of 'he neiv prima d <nna MUNliltlNA KLENA. LlCRK/,1 A RollillA Hi^norliM Hl.KN \ In the celebrated role of Ltnrexla Rorda Miss I'llli.JKKH an Mtsffeo Oim3 ftrt FKaNI as Oenuar* hl'SINI. as Ihil Alfona* I>itector and Conduct r Fignor MlfBIO The arrangement will be of the most complete ileecrlptloa. Luring the new Kessroi of six nights -Ix gr?hd opera* wiM lie produced, aad with the exception of IL TK.W ATORK, Which wl I l>e given at the general demand, no opera of Ite Ini I* u on will be rrseated! T'ie price of adtntssion w 111 remain unchanged. Ibe Kale of tlcketM will commence to-day at the Amdemy af Music acil Sibel' ? Wail street. Ai-ai>emt ok SIUHIO, NEW YOKK?card. I N HA1.I.O IN MAHt'llERA. The mnnagemenl of the opera weuld ret|uest such of ita patro t? as may wii-h tn be upon the stage during the seen* of thu .Mas<|ueraifc, tu tuake application I or r.urd* of admlsstoa. These will be supplied without any additional charge, aod MUST B?. IJMITKD IN M VHI.K. B ARM M S AMERICAN MI SEUM. OI.D AI) V.MS CALIFORNIA MENAilERIB OF UKIZZLY BEARS AND OTHER WILD ANIMAL^ From CaJllornia, l!t?h and the Hoeky Mountains, inoludi^ THE OKEAT MAMMOTH HEAR, SAMSON, The largest ever seen, weighing near 'J,0W pounda. Bears w ill bo exhibited and perloniied by ItEKR l>i:ll>BACfI, The renownitd Lion Tamer, Uls llrst appearance In the OREAT living black SEA LION, The only autmal ol the kind ever s?*en alive In New Yortt, tkfl FABULOUS Nfct-TI NE, *1N<I OF THE OI^BAM. Til It TWO LIVlNti A'/.TEC I IIIMilUvN. AMIINo FAMII.V, FROM M AO AO AriCAB.' I* II' OR. MAR MONKEY. TIIIR'PY LIVINO MONSTER SNAKES. 111B LlVIfO HAPPY FAMILY. TIIK LIVlNti LEARNED HEAL 1A0 Oti'.LA R Hl'IOCKLED ISKOOK TROUT. tiltAND AyUAItlA, WAX FIUl RES. And nenra tullllon curiosities from all parts or the world. TUB DRAM A, LADY OK sT TROI'B/-, Has lieen recaivi d with such marked favor that it will beaM tluued every Al U-ruoon and Bvening thin week. M las D< lit A OA w k< iN, the Vocalist, will sing 'The Flag Of Out l.'nion," at each performance. Admission, 26 i.'etitH. Children under ten, 15 cent*. Pari|Uel, liioeui* extra. chHtlren under ten, lUceuta. GEOKtiE VANDENUOFF, ESQ , ST TH K BROOKLVN ATHBNEi;*. MONDAY EVENINO, FEB. 11. Will read '.Je trial sccne from the MERCHANT OK VENICE, RARDBLL VS PICKWICK, with his Impersonallona of J'idge. jury, oonnsel aad wH aosoes. Tivkets 26 centa To be had at the door. her large bills. Tin; o u a at CANTEHBI'HY MUBIC HALL. canierbuby music iiall, CANTERBURY Ml NIC IIALL, ?? CANTERBCBY Ml'MO HAUL, WW CANTERBURY MCHIO 11 ALL, 0?l CANTERBURY MUSIC iiall. BROADWAY. PREMl EXCITEMENT. FRESH BXCITRMBWfc FREHIl RXTOTEMENT. KREnII ESCITEMRMT. FBEMll EXCITE M KNT. FRESH K XCUEMEMY. Kill.ML EXCITEMENT. KIIKSII EXCTTEMJINtl MISS MaOlHE WAYLANII, MISS MA??.IK WAV I.AMI. TIIK L'lLBBRArEII VOOALOT, TUB CELEBR ATEIl VfMAlJBr, COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL, COMIC ANII bENTIMRNTAl* ha* i<v?q roKi>|(r<l ami will nptM-Hron Monday night. J. 11. OUUBN, J H. OllDEN. J. II. OOHEN. J. II. nun ks. ?I. II. <M;I>I<:n, J 11. OGI*8N, ?I. II. OOUE1*. J. II. OODEN, J. H. CH.DKN, J. H, OUDEN, ?I. II. OOHEN. .1. II OOHEN, J. II. Oil MR. .1. II. (XIDP.N, J. II. OUUEN, J. 11 <h;1ibn, wlllgle lil? ureal romlc recitation <>n the time*. and alng Ma fn.m>u* -?m(i?, Mi?-h >i> BILLY NUTB, THE POET. PADDY CARRY. T? ?n ?n Mmi ol tb*- naton* ol tin- entertainment firm at CAN1 Kit HI) KY II ALL. the management anbnalta the follow >l>g >U ina I ur |x riinifcl THE CAN'Tl RBIBT l? the ir.** eitaii'lre plaue ol the luad la lkrev>i*lo CANTERBURY I* the wwl iiiagnllloent Il ill in tbecoua In. CANTERBURY abaoilaall the ?ieat falant In ibe eonatrjL CAM'I.HHl kY iuvi the hUlifii Salartoa of any plaee at III* kind m the v.or'd. CANTKRBI RY S mi vv.n I* nii|n .-oe<l?ated. CANTKRBI RYU n .ii>< r?.il!y i|>"krr. ?a ibe l>e*i enter tainm<m In I Im i lly. * AN I KKUl'Ht coiabiiiiHi with It* <> lwtr 'inauiioatiooa ifca on<- * re,, i>o?liive i eatPcutbUMy. t'ANTEIlBl'Bk Uuut for a dajr * a mouth, but fat jrfiir c VNTERBI'RY >1)1 cou'lnne in h? -aiue track a* here tofore i asii-'UHI RY d the ???? v -aty-lour nigh*.* haa ha4 K' it> 1'iKlii thmi >ul CANTF.r.Bl KY Uiu> liaat .uly .it uioutha And is known all M'?t kyt ? "|M CANTERBURY, continuing . > tl? prea-jtit com ??<, muat In crease In impntskrity. CANTKRBI RY '* ill ?'""!* - ie tr nder f>( Ne-? York t ANTERBUBY lit* 'UatA-iuad lhe ..irgei.L theatre* la U? l>ri>du> il >u ol novelty. CANTERBURY ha* but cne faul', whii h ta want of roo?. t'ANTEHBL'KV hol'N two tbonsaud pirsoma. CA.NTritBl'Bt. whl -h i? to be inaoKiiratMl May 1. at M# Br*?l*nT, otll bold threo tli iuiund prr'HMi*. thereby dotag a*?y aliVtho fnoofiteai*?oe e\i.vrletiv<;i la the i'n-?e?t e?U WtMIUMI. CANTEWBrKT'l* perfi>rm?m'? m'ret a'unit a* If by aia^A, iilx iy* j<ionWliing th* ?nlniu?'~1. t'ANTERtlL'RY glvn a 'on'ln ?d enlTtainm. n!. wllhoat the lean. Intoi in."?fnu, for l >nr and a half houra. CANTEHBURY W ao ln?tliutlon Huit w nld tak* a wart'a written U> dcaurlbv, wteu It would be lliue to wmmtow IgliB, CAMERBt'RY a 111 cooiitn n. e fc.lrcrtUIri* ahortly. CANTERBCRY !? unapproarhabl* In erery partlrolar CAM'KRISC'!! V I* nut onl> a |*I? rln naini- but la f?el. It* >.plcu<loi' and ':?)iulort ta the jeimral ih.'tue if <.-onrerm lim . . CANTERBURY' inu?t l>e .?? en to be ai prei-lai-1, altho'i^h ag a nih-tUnie it may be aa w?U to read what the Ne? '<** C?mrt?T think.- a .om it:? HIE CANTERBURY Ml HIC HAIO. propHeter* are lln< rrawda, tlley'Bll *0*- b< uar. and ih^r |be P*?l*^ Un and *ee Uu.ui, bunf )? u want to#"' ?* *r cuou*h lo IV 0r<-AlifJ RHCRY ->*rr. a WKb <*" foT'^olna in rnry part lea la, >SlM'<??r '?"? '"I"'""*1 paV,iWiin/lnthe7.<?lp'-io nvh an eueul m to preclude Ibe i>"?ll>llity or "^%h{n4 roWELf, il, a note addreaeed to the CANTKRBI KY rtn th(a anhjett, m?.m ? Id" not think It poaelhla for any miisl<: hall to pay It: n'lia T' " I'f I""* I'a't d Ni r, 10. CANTERBt'BV ?'?a offered, a few daya ago. ror tba loaa ?' Mr. J II "K'len, for one n'aht only, on? hundred and t?enl? (!??? .lollare, with ail ith?r eijwn?ea tmld. CAMEBBM'.Y ha* paid Mr. Ham Cowell hi* Immenaa " i"\^>TKRBl'RY will not lie able to ?pare Mr. 3. It. Ofilea fur ?onn' nine to rotne. CANTKRBI RY although liwln* aifh an nrray of htrt ealenod i?t?" nil e<icaffe<), u atfll op-n lo make at raa#em?aU e Itli an . artieta ol UnH rlaea rttnitaUon. CAMP.BBrfRY la aeknow^dijed by tha pn'? nt' the (MM *!? ai Uuii? li pr> fua?ca to be CkRTtHBCRY ml?bt <ttiote frotn evory n??'?iiaper la Iha t nion BALI.ET troupe. TH* it tI.LRT TROCP* 4^i? Ti?^ "? ** ORrilKSTKA ,M? IN THE CITY, T,,K ' ,rr I'xnrR hi ui"k??"" MR. DAVID BRAH NM ^ n.^' Pal^5ndac?2mv/iv. ^ano? Drtv^ Miiija,^ ?? 3f J0?f i

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