Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1861 Page 7
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h K7t! 'vSW A.<)fct aLlU.l >, ? , "i0" NCT? *orb -o Mnwoou l-Uop.hic $.10 "Wl a'-'tu parage */.'. .. . ... .............. 76 l?. k. Jtkijm Bo-iioa to LivyitrooL. >f>ab<np-?a?g* $'?a a d ? 0 Ii puhfcj.f;e $j " *5'P"'rtmVe? York Iai <>rt' Hu N>r ?' "hip* :r(,m Boaton cau ?t UnM-ii and '"ork Harbor. JiIA,<art. . dk i>??. Ca^aDa, '"apt Lang IBJA, l ?pt. J g ,JLe. A MER'< ' a, Capt Moodie. A ( apt. K. U 1 <>tv V'aiHKA < Anders.>o. TOAi.-.->lA.s, Ck|)t. E. L K<>F\, ?'ftp*.. J. Leilok SCuTIA toow buJd'xg) tlCA, <"*pt. Shannon, ?ese a. ry a i?ar white light at masthead, grecu Urbc .ril ', i*.'(1 on tcrt bow. Sune, :e*vem S. York We?!nead*y, Feb. 13. 'ADA, Anderson, " Ho?tot , ^"eotiHgday, Feb. Si A, euani.oD " N. i. rfc, tv u<i--.!?>?, Feb. ;*7. I 'ICA, Lit . e " Boston, Wednesday, .U. ,:b tL AIaASaAN, HockVy " N. York, Wednesday, Mar?h Ii. SA, Voudie, " h y?t(;n, Wedceacay, aj. . a no' accuifa until paid : r | perlenoed surgeon on bo^-d. I | uw n?rb of theNc ships will not b? acoonntabV for gold I r,' b on. )?w?lry. pren ua aum-s . r ni'itaU, im en s of lading r..-e ? ign. d thtre'oi- and th- nuue there^ f ??*irtsstd. fur ! "eight or paapply to E. Cu ,vr. a t), No. 4 Bowling G teen. )>Air ^TFFKI.T EETWFKV NEW TOR* iSO UV. lerooo., luuduij; a d etnbaikipR paasei^p-is at guexnt jr. ?lr? l .id'. The Live-tx o!, New York and |i'nil&d>'.pbia Vi: 7j[ intend fVapa ck >ing th.-r full poaered lc u'm.i i u -.iiatuabii h, m io.Iowb: ? "'???? latmday, February 18. OP BALTIMORE ?? '? 21 'GAROO '? March i tvery Baturday, nl noon, from pier 44, Nortb river iun:a of ri ?<!*<;*.: abln $75 I St. eruge $"iO ?Va. '.n '() T..ii'.<:on HO I v"\#;ra|>e to Lomlon. .. SS r-Min ink' u.m x n'tonlm. tO cp'r.s l"nv,nd?"l to I'aris llarr<', Bambury BremoB, niam, Antwerp. Ai'., at r-'ducwd ihroucl, far- n. iriK'r,*'1 iB'.jnc .o bri .^foiit'h lr ri< nil# ran b ivtl-ket* at tb'- ioiloulofcruw-, to N-w York:- Livnip^ol i.^tiKow i?I'tist cabin, S?& $85 a id $ii?. Ste?r?j? Ljver; ool, $41); front Qu?enato vn, $.10. cn> vt. a.pi .-K have ?"?t^riora^oonntiuK! ulona for onaaro <nd arry ei.porieoevd turg'Hina lh'-y are built in water iron eeeUaop, ard have p,tont lire aj;n.b .alors jo r farther infonrattcn pi ply in Liverpool to WILLIAM 4N, A^ent, 22 W ater atiret; in tilings to WILLIaM Lno. h *nnaro; in Que'n tow D to H AW l>. MO' it a. CO.. II London t.. HU lis A -tAl KY, CI King lamsinet; in I'ar 4 to 11 1J-.S UKi'O K, I, I'l.i -e de la i>- in Pt:iU(lei(liia to JOHN ii. Da LK, 1U9 Walnut f t, tr at tb" company'* o'licos. IOHS (i.'llAIJ . ri', i:> BioaJ'iay, \ V. WiJTTIAMKH'N aND BaVHK. fb- Ko-'b Atlantic ,Q' ^ a. r p Coir pan* will de?f itch vpiendid H'eiinublua ADJalATIO, OnpC J. J. Coin-.Wo.fc, fcA Ijjiir1, vinpt. \. 6. linjr, OAKRT JN?? TilK (.SlVEn ?ATLH MAI LR. tbe AK.Ye pjrta ax l'ollowa:? APHTAttO on Sa-.rnav, April 6. JUlili^. on Katui 'lay, April J). aUHI Vl lt', on ?-'a >i. '!ay. V?.y Iti. B ALTIC, on a.ntdav, j iaef. n 'be p,r i ' dot of Oual st: i ct. tunJijg, le?ve Havre.? ADRIATIC, ou foobday, April 23. BALTIC, on Tue^dcj, >ti.y 7 AEHlATIc, on T'ie>.day, Jujt> 4. BAI.i 1C, in Tc?a<l iy. .Inne ii Ren'.hr.iiip:on the -iay folii vini; v'. or jas?age a poly at tlie ol the Company, Kcon So. 4, ?8 Wall Htreet. I. P. HT*;rUEV8, aecretaryj vamkr op ai'hil ?, roR s<n;TUAiiproN and ?!ted Mat?? mall ateainnnip ILLfNt>Is, ?ptain 1'. E. Terry, will nail from p?< r So ^Vortb river, ? <>rk, at noon, haturdr. v, April 6, with mail a, p:i?aen a> d ap?ecie for Lug&.nd and Knajie. to wmAxrtoK. to havkk. it cabm $76 Firat. cab'n $M1 rdeabm. ... 00 1 hinl <'*bm i5 ?1? steinab p haa be?-n anpplied with powerful new boil and bj' i?*i. ecii-.:ed in tb>* mo<t thorough manner, .'ifht liur> hiilkm'.idft, absolutely water tight aud tire if, tnc i *e her euginea and boilers, and for Hatety,conif'ort apeed, sue ranka in the drat ''.aan of ocean ateauiers. er next trip Irom .New York will be on May IS. TtikJiA.SCE, Agent, Na !t Bowling Green, New York, ?/?.V TO OLAPOOW, LIVRBPOOL. BELFAST. I-OV iunbi-rrv and Ouhlin. for $.KX Tbo A 1 powcri'itl Clyde t steamship UNITED KINtlDOM, Captain I'rals, will :? m piei-37 North river, loot of Hwn a'.reet, on fno* K?b-aary 19, at 12 noon. Thia ateainxbip ia fttt' d In * approveil atyle to ins ire the comfort and sat'e-y of ins ?erv. Rc'ea rif paasnge:?Cabin, $<0; intermediate, $15; rtge, $>0, ini lnding an at<umla?t anooly of '-ook> d provi a Apply to 1KANC1' MAI DONALD A CO., 87 Broad et. corj<-r ft Kontb William. je sue.wcdlug steamabip, JO'iN CELL, will sail Tuesday, March. \Y. NORTH GERMAN LLOfD'S STKaMHHIK NEW "Y0KK. H. .1 "or sart.en, 'ct.mmand.r. carrying the ??d Hluirn t?1I, a lii aa'l 1 n>o ?-er 10 Xortl> river f >ot of Albert atreet. on Bati.iday, Feb. 18, .-.t 12 o'clock M., foh BREMEN VIA WHTTllAMPTON, it p???ei)nera to DnDO.N, Havre, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, ?e following rate": ? lira:, cebin. $100; a^cont! cabin, $60; ateeiage, $?. >r freight or pwaage app;\ to GELFCKJ^, tCEllTGEN k REICH PUT, H2 Broadway. Idtal MAiL STEAMSHIP aRAKIA, FOR LIVEft onol ?The ?RaBIA, ftone. Commander, will aail froao ^cni|*ny_* Dock, at Jersey Chy, with the mu> and pa a jera for Europe, on Wedneaday, the l;HB instant I'as terv aie re<i<o''ted to be on board bv half past nla i o'clock I. Tie APKJt'A ai.l asll on the i7tu inatsnt. ^ E. CUNaBD, No 4 Boiling Green. <JR I-n EB!>(?lL-FlR?!T SHIP, BLACK B \LL I.1NK. 1 The IsPPTLM Hails to-morrow l ast aailing ship; vthr Dteadnought ten days; good a c; low ?a. KIDKLIA aalla Ktbruaiv lti. Apply on board, pier Wtriver, or to JACOB WfLSOK, IUM-iouth-treet. OR LTVKRPOOL?THE SUPERIOR CLIPPER SHIP ,CALUOi'N, f'apUiin Truenian, naila to monow; a few e aecoud and third cinaa pasai nger < can be aroommi dated I>ae?t ratea For paasage apply on board, or to li. COi> 1.S k CO., at the nitre in pier 6 North river. hi-T gjilPS v;>R LIVERPOOL AND U)NDON.-SHIP SIR ROBERT PF.tiL, f >r Livet?iool. aaila thia d?y; icd eat in fare and found, $16. Ship IjlVEliPOOL, lor don, i-aila 1 ebrcarv 1$ For paaaag" to or frotn tbe aitove ?a app'y to 1 Box O. ROCHh, M South air.vt URAOB FROM OR TO LIVERPOOL BY THE OLD B'aok Star Line,?Urafta on lite KoyaJ Bank of Ireland, Tbe a hip JOHN BRIGHT ainla l?th Pobruary. Fc uge aopiy on board, pier .7 East river, or to WILLI \M il)ION, 10Fulton atreet. CHTRAlnA -KANOARIM) LINE POR MELBOURNE, The cjipner ebip HUBBAR, 1,200 t. na, capuun It j \, fee the firat ahlp to aai'. Apply or addrcaa KAILLEK, LORD k yUEREAU, i<? Will A* CALirORNIA?VIA PANAMA. A firat rlaas ateamer will leave New York on the lat, L and 2lat ef eaeh mo' ih, enept when these date* fa'l on Say, wben tbe day of departure mil be tbe Monday fol lB?. or freight nr paaaage apply at the onlr off,re, No. 177 West let, corner of W arren. D. >i. ALLEN, Ag?nt. IVAICA AND NEW YORK BCRF.W STEAM PACKET Cine, carrying the mail. To sail for Kmga'on. Jamaica, Ae 20 h of ea-h mootb. Tbe mail steamship ZULU C.ipt. Hard Ooodwin, will aail for tbe above p^ rton <Yndnesday. J|) Passage?Firat cabin. $tV>; seoend cabin, $*i0 third ? - - * ? ? pMtsage apply to WALt>BN k atreet. w, $36. For freight or o'rH, Agente, 67 Broad a r JOHNS, NEW BRrNSWTCK?THE CNi>EK V.gned are prepared to give through bllla of lading for ?feva between St. Johna and New York, at lOeen'.a per Coot Iproportlnateratea. Oooda forwaHed with the rreateat bv a ci'n'ipuoua line of ateamera, via l ort.'and. Ej ' u. B. CROMWELL * GO.. M We?l street. 1VANA AND NEW ORLEANS, EVERY TEN DAYS. To ?a,ton Tb iraday, February 21, at 12 o'clock, the ateamahip DE SOTO, J. .'OHN8TON, t'omirander, 0w receiving fieigbt and will aail h? above from y er tof Murray street loix-a taken on all ateau era. LIVINOSTON. t'RttriIEKON k CO , 66 Murray afreet. ?jV ateamabip Bleiivllle call* lat Marcb. IflR HAVANA. United Htatea Mall Steamship QUAKER CITY, R. W Sbnfeldt, Commander. 11 lea* for tl>e above port on Mondav, Febrnary 2ft. at 12 loeh. rn ir. pier 4b North river. F<>.- freight or pa?aage llT io HaR(K?US k CO., 33 South atreet. {jpr neit trip will be Maroh 16. ________ ?OR HATANNaH AND THE SOUI H. Tbe af-amabtpa of tbe Am-nean Atlantic Steamship jpaan/ ?U1 leave pier 12 Nortb river on the follow ing daya, IO JNT VERNON. Capl. Layfle'd, Saturday, Peb $ IV'NTBVIIiLE, < apt. foat. Tueaday Keo l i (0 JTGQMERT, ( apt. B<rrv, Thur-day, Feb. 14. I R Cl^YLER, ?'apt. Ciwker saturd.v, Feb 111 Pbe ateamera of tbla Une ar? all new, aud are not aur)e?eed aSaanei, eomlort, aafety and sjM'ed ny any on tlteooe-ui. rirketa Ui New (trleatia, $39 7f>; Mobile, $*6, MontgwnerT, k Mrnphia $31 76, Xaahvill-, $'^7 76; Kn.nvttle, $A. fri, i'tunooga, $26; Albany. $2.?; CoTumbua, $21; Atlanta, $"!; eon $2?T Augnavt. $fi 80; Sa>anm>h $l.V Apply to H. CROMWELL k CO . 8b Weal ati'et and I'ai Broadway. fcvR SAVANNAH AND OriIRR rOINTB, AS BP.LOW. The Brat claaa ateamaklp FI.OKfDA, i ap'ain laaae KjwelL will leave on Wednesday, Pehiuary flat 3 P.M., ,m nter 36 North river. Through ticketa < an be liad for the lotting plaeea:?New Otleana, $39 75; Mobile, $36; Mont nery, |3; Eufala. Ala, $J4;, $1, A'bony, SttHN^R.'w 1LDER * GALL!E,_Savannab, SOR SANANNAH AVD TIIE sorTH I Tbe ate?m?blp? of tbe American Allan'le Sieamship fepaa^r will leave pier 12 North river on the t"llowl?g day*. "pnTSVILLB, rapi. Poat, Wadneiatev Feb U. ONT1CE1XO, Capt. Oacer, Friday, Feb 16 MONTGOMERY, Capt Berrv, Sal-inlay, fen l? 1 R. CUYLER, Cast, Crocker, Tuesd.i> . Fed. 19 The ateamera of tbla line are all near, and are no. airpaasrd elegance, comfoi-.. aafety and ?|?<ed by any on the oc<<an rk-heta to New Oi leans, $19 75. Mobile, afo; Mop4g.?n?i^. * ** - - a~ 1 ? A )) a ft. , V ..nhrfllln A1 i Pa? ? tlnVlf'lui m s rb Memphla $11 7 ?; NaaltvlUe. $27 76, Vtaaooga, $25; Albany. $2*1; C.Vmmi' us, mi*v'.lle, $25 50, f?'; Atlanta, $11; jkin. WO. Augiiata, $17 M\ Batiinu. h, $15. Apply lo H. rltoMWLIa. k CO., MO IVeat street and .136 Hif>a<1'vay TO*TH CaBOIINA-WKKKLY. M The new and Drat elasa ateam- blp PARKKRSBPIM*. oat. J E Btannard, will leave pier 13 No'lb river, for Wll iBgton, N. C.. on SaturtUy, Feb. 16. at 3 P. M., connecting Hh W tlmingtnn and Weldon and Wilmington and Manchea yjjj|j<f5irw*rded to all parla of North and Boitih Carolina ?ea ef eommisakin. Frrlaht S oentaper foot, and proportional* rate*. t__ ranee rne ba'f per cent. IW Apply io II. B. CROMWELL A CO., ? "*,1*' a'.reet anil Sfc. Brrvltrav. m( roRTH CAROLINA ?1U auesced, and ieiaveon Satnr t.Feb^V ^roH~rRiiGHT arrvn.4kmkst_for nor a fetk. Fortamnuth, < Itv Point and Ke-hinoiH), nonneeting ^h Norfa-k and Feter-hm* and Southalda fUllr.*,!, tor ahbtira BrfatoL Mempbla and Intermediate p'.aeea l.elght* reolved every da), aud liuouah recelpia furnlab iteanahip^ JAMEBI'OWN, CaplaiB Rltlnner, leave* every . .TIT- -fa p jj KS3ift ^OllkT0WI?,?:apUln Panl.k, every Saturday, I rvTl*bt te Norfolk, 7 eenta per foot; to City Point, 8 eeata, hfajSe'b^^^k' ^ ^Ateroom ami r.*a,s Incioded, $St to -.Zy r Ricl.mobti, ?1" ? u7af F I^CLAM SHIPPING. t-xk tBampton and Havre i Ob Sati Wax. Ktrih the united states Mail Steamer PrLfON, J. A WOTToN, ruimuo'lrr, W.J i-a.) from pei Sa <7 N. r h river, foot of Bearh street, ??n Sa V RD*\, M?r:n 2, ai noon. This '"inner, unsttrpaeaalt 'or safety and romtort, his doaHle englnea uude'de Jt, enoh>?ed by w-ueru?hi omuo-.v Bi' u.s, w til' h, b? *ide? "th?r re-u'.ta, tend, is (M event Jc.?|. or ainuiduifli to keep the pumpe fret to work, auj ?e cu:- 'b>* a'etvn' vessel ami paas-ngerH " o' piuutaga iu aeoond a"<in, $75an.1 ISC. (?>.: !r-:gbiur,h-i-ag?araly'o QEo! MAChfc N/ak { A^nou, 7 Broadway The*t<ame- a.Ha<30, will sail Mi.r:h it) OTEAV ?MEW iOKK, POITHAMPTON AND IHV8E. Tlie \?i derbiltEuropean 'u.e ('rated states m*ll*teatiuhlpe Wtu Ml] between Mew Work. Southampton iu i' From V w V- rk or | 'i.'-Vt Sou'?ion ud U.i-vt ilavr. | ILI ISMS', Teirv Sat day, April 01 W< \ AM)) I.HIl,r, I.ei. vie ? Mr.v I 11.1.IX(lis, lirr\.... ?? May 181,Le-evre, " June 15 These thlp* have watei ;if>i t romrartri Certlf'. .ilcs ol' jai' mac- ? .'-'1 miii K j t-jrt'cie delivered lu Mindon oi itti-. 11 TORRANCE, Agent, ) r. Bowl rpAFisOOTrs trNE of I LIVERPOOL PAC The <>tib#erfb?e? continue (<> giant ? r 'torn Liverpool by their favorite lij i"g iu i>. i' the following Saips. vu: WW. i Ai'SOO!?. KML? ?? r> IS DREAINOCGHT, bl.NJ. A DAMN, I'U.V lr'1.1 V? Est POINT, StmSrtRI UNDERWB1XF.R, M AMItO., M king, tog' thei- with daytt si bt-< r Ix'.'H are iiisn agents f rH|J|nf London packet*, for ail ol' w h.cli th. v grant i^gHRa lll> ? ral l?iw. K.~ MITIaNCE ? BP JUy.-AN . *0. T. A Co. a ?o ?outiin.e to i-ttoWr-.n <, pay* .le on demand, throughout Etig anil, in Inn 1, Souland ajvl Valfls >'"n I .r ??all tor a ? i . cnl>-.r. Circulars, with all partleulara, nay bo had on apjr ifl >? : If by letter, encloso pustajf si inpt > TaI'S! Oi l A CO . Sfi S Mith Ii -c, ,V?',v n'ork IAPSCOTT, SMITH A CO , Uv rpool. C 'T.AM TO U?WBONBER*T, fif^SOOW AN'O Ih' O pi??l ?Tee Vlouiieal i >er in ^omsblp C. :nri i y'? iir.< '1-n*, lull poKtRd Clyte Unit .tpauier ANliLO \XdM, apt. Balai.Una, e-irrytci; tba '.'anadtan ^r?.| Uai'-d Sta'f* ?ai!a, will sail n m rorilaud n' ?t Saturvlay, P"S?ni try 14 SatM of pt4?un !rum '.'irk, Btsi ; m?, *<r.or>:m< *oa VraUDO^'jitii/D Sit> ami >?<(; et -nrug", 1'ouud art'b onoked or.i rta)otiB $ Cer'llluat. B i?sued:or brin^in^ lit r 'romaM th?- it'liK'ipai t->wu*ot UroMBtiwMi tad ImImmiA ?ery io-? rai-f. l'ui |aMM?4*><i]y itij ?:oa<i'.i'?y, V. w Vork. t .-KA ll.'B.ial >R?ni8 Tit AIKiif.ANT) a.?'? ,Jc/>-L.A.V'/ v.-^kiy, l,y ateamaiiip ; ftl.'S by Mil r.^ ??.u na, anil our.<< with pr'iTis.ens K.ilU pnn. toal.y per HK "i'm?nt Aprfy toi*. HkIjijMALO. ajre/ ?; tli?..oy n'leet, tivudoora 'nrn *Vest ^tj-eet. MISCELLANRmiH. A6BNCT.?tt.000 t<> t>.ON.?WANTED A GENrLK Bt*n hav^g tb? above amount In casb. 10 laVi ttv> a^cu?j of as '4d estab'l?b.*l oil m tU'ie iv. I! 'at s i morene-H given ?n.'l n- jnlred. Address Oil Meiohunt, Ifl) iitoadway, ? i.rnej' 'if Dey street. (101NS, MEDALS, OOINV ?' tTRTIS IS WOW u:i ;.is I off hfs eisttre stivk of valutble (lold. HUver ami ?"'ipper ? 'oln" and Wedale, at $i tmi ii, aa per circular, tf't Bi?? k'T ureet, New Yoik. DI.rCH HERRIVfl ?QENT;iNE NHW DfToa F'JI.I. ilerriiic r.ow iaudiDg' i-Oniro, for sale by li.'-; MARk'aS BROil.,61 Htwie it., N V. Keb. IS, 1861. REEN <"< 'KX, 7i HEMV)ETJCAT.IjT HBAI.ED AND KBE"W Hotmpecil'nl j m?i?i- the aU nti in or grown itud siiip ers to our stock uf I'r -aerved (;iven Corn, ?h' 'h :* pnmu IU ei! by t lic isatiilH ? !io l,m u?ed!itto be ?ti|io:'ior to an? tlia' has ev*r been iBtroduoel Ib'u market, it is aa t'mali rs wlrm taken frtm tke litbl, and ?rariaot*d to retain all Us original aweetnese anil flavor for years in any ulimatc. fin' above h r ?iele Is now clleiej to sli ope in und arooei i> at the loweit niar ket price, by THOM 1'SrtN A TOTTHN, IKS) Reade street. Kmun wood at ? obnts. when ten t>R more boxes are ordered, and SI cent* foe any le<* nnni ber; oak ainl pine, bv the load, at fill, wl ich, if denrixl, will be sawe4 at t-inall eost at yard loot East Twenty-third sin et. Addresa C. t'ollina. London aobncy.-the undersigned being the proprietor or centrally lecated ur"inUes. tnnl having an extensive and laAuentlal ooatieutlon imonst merchants and shipper* generally, is now orepared 'o tranci i'i busine s or any nature for parMe* rvniding abroad, panicalarly those in the ('sited States, s'ntiih or t>titial America and '.h?* Wost Indies, in all oi whi' li eonatrles lie is well known He is tis i open to negotiate >,ny I t anela' tranaai tions, ttm p i riiirinu of f nblie eompat ies, eotitraets Mitli or debts of foreign govcra menta, Ac The highest reference given. Ml eomtmini atinns t'. be meyald. .IOSHUA vIN V t', >f. >-ot rH A -.!> ntcAir < rmi'iNi, Cecil street, S'rsi'd, Lno'lot. c. New Vo. k refeifare We?srs. MoL-anA Llatt, 165 Maiden lane MA*RLE MANTELS?GREAT BaRUaI.Ns In man tels ? t lar?. ?trs'k on ' and, f rid a great ?i! lotion in fri es'\ r any kin'l ord' i' d tb's month. Cs.!| soon a' ?. Ma lifcB'S marble yard II I l as- lagn'eenth s.reet, W'.stO; Third avenue. Mantels pu: up in .riy pl.'oein tbe co intry. N'E^S icouni C>* A I.I. THE t'AHS m TBI ONITBD Sta'es " til, hv Deodtiiic ih'lr a'ldre-s mid twn stamps to E. lvins, fifth street and i/olmnbia aven'ie. Philadeirai. v, reeeive a 'ample oi an articlo ean be "so! I to every pas se, per, at a <''?ar pr<i6t of It*) per ceoc. VTOTI'""E -DON'T RCV THE fRvofES OH TOCR likenesses at the nhotographer's plai*, w hen you can get them'di en per at 'be manufactory, No. /. Greene sirem, eoriierol Canal, fortraits are fixed in the frame Teap. QMcnn and iiwaw. THE CUEAl'f ST STOItJS IN i|IB WORLD. 75 I'lCK CENT S'At ED Tbe greatest bargains evi r offered, fit*1,(.OH wonb of Gro ceries, fl tB' S, Tecs, Flotiraud frovulons are now being no'd at auction pH^es. These ire far-ts to wbl'.b thou-anns .'.an testify, (iive me a -ail, and ytt also nill b" that thiR (s the plaoe Ui bny Teas. Vlotir, $b, >ri and (u M. iro. eerier ?t,il Pmii Won*. </onsuit yourinvn ini tre-'ts, and buy your g's-ds fi-om fHOMAI K AtlNKV, .tKi "r.. street ?n.1 89 Murray street, .New Vork. K'.tsls delivered fre" In the city. 'EST'6 HARNESS tlOMPOHTTION WM.L SOPTK*. pnsejve and (Tlve a brilliant i/l?'-k polish harness, w . earrlsge :ops, Ae , put up In .'s and 4s. boxes Mauufao^ timd i>y O. West A Co.. aad for sale by JOHN H. To* T A RON, Z? Heekman stieit. TVTAXTl'D-lN GOOD ORDER, A 8KCOND HAND vv HrxV'ers' Tobno'o Cutter; a!.", a Rodger's Tobaoeo Press Adilr-ss, wltb io\.est cash price, box t'uiladel phia Poat olllce. TVAXTBD?A BAR<5E 8UTARLB FOR r?E Vt)HTH ft river lamb'T'rad ?, in evrhamte for Weetem flttfpro Brty Applv at tb>t Itm.'w.'i-yaid, oomer oi I nst avetitie and ilrty-se. ond street. HKSTAt'KAXTS. '? A 8TOINDIM. REVELATIONS' ?KARKY OI TDONE. The melodliu* -trainH (Uncounted hy the eel hratcd ron<" rtinalai (HAll.Ki > ?t IREItAND'S nery Tumkjr and Friday night, tamea KLECHANTS, make* CASTI.KS i|imkn am) pl??M<n overflowing kou^M; fn lac eonnolaaenr* pro. noum e It aweater than lloNKV. Old War, LI*P"uard ?treet A NOTICE Tf? TifOSF IKCRKDULOl'8 PKRSONH nbu oanno- believe that gnnulnn Philadelphia Ale c*tn h<- ?t ld for tkr?e ?-nnta par glaae. Call on kPRSCKR, No. 1 1'01-tUuHt aue*t, coiner of Broadway, and ln :reduloui will no i be word no longer. TABLE D'HOTE?Ar SIX O'CLOCK. Bl'NDAYB AT fl?e. V yoa wl*h to get a good Dinner for 75 i'en:<, If. eluding a p'nl of darat, tail at 76t Broadway. Private par !ora for parlies. ASTROLOGY. A, BONA FTDE APTROLOOTHJL THAT ETEHT 0?R can d? pend on, u Vr.d-.m? '? !XnOh, wBo kiD* the o . J?Ct Of yo'ir ? Hi a? ?> '; < . .iu .if s? tb'tu Mr vTllavBla *Bn rr -Mot t..i.. >-i IU. r , Vi.nwn wjlllnvokr,:,. p, -lv, ?. % Ihe e?e.::a <if j..ur ?ln)i? r ? ? that ih >? aiifMN ?.*<?? t'ifc'. ? lU^yji H. 0' l.Tl'i in.. -.1 ... t'Cee at' hlr? Ml' afcKt ? -e- .... i r ? ... all afcoold lon.iult .<? ot?' ? ?? 1 . ? <-r ni!?l?* h* neve- ln? k ? dollar* ?<?* ..... , . ?c?eiic?.. Vndwi)" All 1 * r ?? e ryi. J magic charm- whic^ *r> ,< a . ruly may the be >ali?d a wonu? .''ilwi 'in. '.'J?? ?trwet, h? iweta klouaion and Hianion, >v? -? j Fee for iMliaa aid gentle nan, kOcealt. AftT?NIsniN'> ?MADAME MORROW, SEVgKTH <laugb"-r, horn w'.tb caul nnd mif i of for>"?ight, t?ll? bow ?tk.n and o ten you will many and many eren'e ewn your eery thought*. Fee 2ft centa. 184 Ludlow atreet, below I'.iua u>ii' U>ril> iuea not admitted MA.D*VK ail\F*RR HAH BEMoVRD FRO* MBYKNfti ?treet to >.1 Second atrrat, between k r i ? uud tluion U'.a.kei, 'bird floor fn> ?ti!l continue* ??? t#II i out love, marnar , abteut frtendc, bu?1nf ?a and j :i .;tdie< 26 cruta. oeatleaaen not admitted. Madame wb*y, w xrr.;?? ? near Tweniy !-e?enth alreei, ai n r *? i. !>er. fb? rK'k( tionbted and unlucky fUoul'' le I r r arc. Klie talla your \'*ry ^h.night*, Iv.cky nnmlieia, l.iue^ l.hJI.h, UAceala; genta, 6U cenln. XT B-^SBOHARNOT HEARD OF TnECEI.KRRA X\ ? teil Tme. PKKMhTER, who baa been connilu<d by ibouaandain 'bla ando'ber rltlea w lib entire aatlnfaction f Mhc feein roDflili ut abe haa no ^qual. tklla the name if rti t ire wife or b i?bau4l, and -.bat of her Tlailer. If yo\i wi-.h truth give ber a call, at 261 T bird areuue, abate Twenty Oral atree.i. Ladlea. M) oeate. gen'Viaen, $1. TPF. OREATBFT WONDER IN THE WORLD IS THI young and arenapltabed Madame BYRON, from Pa in, who can lie eunaulted with the atmete?.t oocfldenee on all af faire of life, embrtrtng lore, eonrtahlj.. mart laic, et'-kneea. lr temperance, ?i<ualion>, lawtulta, biialnea>, t ravelling, aliwnl friei.da, luet or rtolea vroperly, Ac. Hhe baa alao a *wfei la ?ak? von be otct by jfjiir heart a Ideal, and bring* ogethar tboaa iong ?epar?te?i Renldereo *1 Third avenue, Twenty letenih ?li?et, aarond Oocr, Ladiea, A cenle, geaUa mea M rraia. 4| ?) t'HRIhTOI'HER STREET.?MRS. H ROEDER IS ? tl the only liue Kpirllnaliai. ('Uirroyaot, AolrologiKl, Palmist and wtirld renowned Saevand gltted Udy lo liilaclty Revealer of all affair* through llle, paai. |.reaeni and future event*, glvee true andc >rre> i information on hetltk, waxlth, love affaire, jcuraey*, law aulta. difllcnlty in bualneax, nbwni frirnda. ak-kneax, Ae Thoutandi of vlaUrra can wltnea* the itiith ol ker correct levelat.ona during (he |?e?i aliteea )eara Remember fer i-eKid?-n':e, chria-oph>r tu-eel. 4*) fHRISTOPIfER tTREBT.?MR. X A. ROEDKR, | O the great prt phei ?nd b'aUrgmedium lo beal and cure utohnena, gfve? true and wooden ul .-eve'aUoa-i and ailvlra. m all aIIair* through life, on b-.^lneea -uckneaa, anient friend*, law aulte, jourr 'yn cniea and heal" all klnda of *lekn**? hy the divine power The ei.k p<k i advKed and h<-a>d grai a. Remember, ?3?'bilatoph?i *'re?t, i ??ar Pourin t'.iwl. A OH OJ?A?D PTREBT, THIRD ri/OOB -MADAM! Trif I WU><-ER,< lairvovart and (if'eu Bpaninb lady, un. vell'ihemv?lerie? of futni-tv. love, marriage, abaanl r?*nd? aickvaee. p eecnbea med oine fc all a.aeaie*, te la laekf nnmhera, prrperty leat or etolen. A*. onn rkward-^?r avt one who i.-an ' e?? l *ra. MBIilt, 'he we!) knn*o cele brai'd phieno .<111, aelrologlit an.1 m?di -al advi?ee, who ia a-'kanwledged f. be Ui? only lady in the world "bo iruihful^y It formation . * arnlng any "?ae of human llf<- Mr?. MERK, 44 Attornry ?ue?\ removed tu IW M'jBIM* ivreel, ii.-ar Moti'gan "r\ MATRIWmAL. Matrimomial.- a ?i:vil?man, a'i.kd a ybarm, g^od tanking, deelree to mwAa tb<- a. nuaiiiUn'* of a lady ?ii er a yearaol a#e, of aUadirg in eoelety, w<th a view ?amatrlmonv AiM'^ee. *<at'ng wh? ? an liivt^w (U tl i?b?a w#?i "t , bo? l* l>eTii?< oitien. The -alei Udum-nU will f^?"n TU?C Tilt! CAPTAIN Or iHb " , ViscoaptM. Ujr.y Mr Lester W i ?** Bar- ii Vanderpotier *r ? <* Ad.>lfib <i.-1 ?*?' .? ?>'' Ofia-e.r of the Aatch %'r- ' * '** K a'ryn* Mlw Mrf/tian i >n ! o oou .lu.l - with f hem's jdmtrable -o ae;ly ,rf IIIK ??OjbbJii.iv > DaOaHIER. : ? .. uaah u Mr. Bl'ike j i? v^rn'T . .... ??? ?? ? ? . i ft'^lrr111... ?? V: -v".i .!.?-? ' r'mxuhjf yuwiit rijy" 1 ?r*M 1 vvidowtWy... ?'J"? Mn. XI n if oil ? *r?. Sliin I..I , Ml"* >l8^V?W ^i'n MUs Tree TO M<?HiOW Nliil'T T.? MOH'i )W Mi.UT ?J I! I. ;).VY. ? !|1*R?DaV. iill'KSDAV. wm t>? i lod'Aoed A NEW COMIC IJRAMa, IN FIVE ACTS, M riucn expr.sslv f > ? i? the ,i.e, replete with ?m.?v J I. K? ; * . I -', KTARfUN-; ? >ti an >*#, AMI Sl'lKNDlD Nl ? bOENSRY, To be entitled . CENTRAL PARK; THK HOV'fvK W*l IH T? ) OOORS. Tbe,-a-th ? ben distributed aa loUown? j, k Mr.W^wS H?r,V i ".i-AVril :.". Mr. Reyr??ldn Ve \Ivil e Mr- N?ru>n K^. rVrui.-h. :: Tn.m K. glmd> Mr Young Mr. Pa-sloe G.;t^Kowd> ? ?? _^r'o?v" ? Mr 'look? Mrs. Keir I'iamber'T.. . Mlsa Mary Uannon VI. ? L Myrtle * Var ' MtaalleorWuee "? ,l ?"J*1" I Uw ? irM> s:n ??sful debut . t MH'-ti* *?? Bwve? Brtdget T'ioil^n ... Tree lie i ? .>t>eti ?i 7; .>Mi;tn'OCP at ha I |iast 7. HOltHfeltt. CAHBIAOB1, <fcC? t HANDSOME C11E8TNUT MARK FOB SALE?EX . \ . client nnvell".,' ither ii< ?ui?> or double haroesaor un il. r the taad.e, :s uU'iit l.'i1. I 'HKh. ,1 v .v : i,UAMv, 412 Eighth avenue. A compi ! rr, ti'rs oi:t vor sale.?a pair of .1 If, , l.v ;?.tnds hi,nil, < ;.h* and Mill.' yarn nil, ?u iud, fcliul aud geutlc. *an trnt a inlli i i ab?.ut thiw intnilU'*; to ,-?'iUi r v lib a Duhi-udui v k '? uri l)u<*r \vag'>n, n.-'irly n w, Hi d a di ?ibl? HH < r uani-iw, by *?ur?m^mi*i Al*. a I?(.? il.iii.l " . iuli, Pi.loand shafts, H'knk>-*?. Koben, A*-. I o<e AitdreM twirlin box 1,'^ >7 'oat olUe*. i iaRKUOB f .it iLS OH! IP?A PHIVaTB OOAOft f i ?ory ? j.l>t '.n"t, ,?ii\ < n? niooih tn us" by v pr'vatfl 'a r.Pv fb. ' ?t'< r i? l HU'I o Kurope. To be ?ol<i'or wuat ? v r! ?U1 IPfuh Apply at )*rr.Jl. y s u'.ible, t.1 W??t Six tc?nth itmil. / lAV llAHKR VOR SALE-AN ASS0RTM?NT OP 1^ Huh and Express W imnn*, '-veil got up and or u Dim. ill. ii' ,'VCI ?1 -r -d haiul top a?o do top Vok ii.s, K.r ?aln -b. -p. Apply ?t ?M ?M K giUS-A '?!!- ' X OIJUMI r lion-. H, !?f'. .lands hiph, Mood bay?. loui; ua?, S yiiam old "onnd .ml klriii. Will hf sold low. ^pply io SI. S. LD W AKI>h, IJbf?riy rtr^. yriollyi. *,,a 111 % , i: m, hotriNO 8rai..Ai? w, hr r ih? -vlrho?P?? lioyal Gvtrgn. in 16 h>>n?i# and I Inch r iuf?, he in ttv#? y?*ar? old, and caa tr t vt;ry * >*1 For psrUci?l?v?, it'.inir.' ol MeiiddinR and Artua'roii*, wrjM of ri*>th f'irofr-l ar>d : hud *11mU*ui. or ?>t **ei>rge itoAili, llHII lltcil, ? DiU PHt, ? U#Tft b* CMU bo teti. T-Ort 8AI.F- ?T PAXI.J PRIOSS, OI*B NEW HALF r mii' u "i1 B ?O'K0n, T.-ry chfiap. Apply a- -'t> andl-iJrt W. si IVPBty Rt'-eoth ctre^t, in iJ>e livery aiat es i<i the p'O F>OR I-Al :' A VALUABLE FAMILY HOKSE. ABOtJT Hi hi.ii.Is 1 'Ph. oo'or, between 7 ??dK y,^-t oid.niiiid and kind. Apply a' 1 >0 Wes Koui'teenth ntntei, before ii M. 0l ult?r5 1*. if. tKon HAIJ -A HAY HORSE. I'-1., HAN'DS llliMI, r fov.-i! v?4>s old. Mill. 'I and kind in all harness: is a.s<> a .JoMl^ddli hor r He ?H1 be w-i eheap, as the owucr has Ii,, use 'nr him. Can be *?? n until aold at O orge Miirr.iy s 1.1 al le?, 8C I'-ust Thi] '.rcuib atrw-l. n'ANT?I)-A LH.MT sEOON'D II vNlt ONK IIORSK V\ JlrarM' Applv immediately t" K U K K M/II AM, >5 '? nJ,":.^,VoU.."a': box HOTELS. WMil-NX* HOI"bK *NU ELKCiANT MAittSLF. l.uiirtinit. <;r a-l'N .y. 'Oilier "f T' elf b '?i'*1 diict-d<ii im- Eniopea.i plan New furniture ihroufho .l. Sx.lUi.Md -inple booms at Pmprletm-. IIj 1 ,BD l'^ FABLlWAJiD X aLLOH?bMTAHUHH ii,i i,i i., and p.'-uilK s to i?'t on ,-.isv i'"""'. tu? ? b> H?. A "Ply at W7 Broadway, tte.rf M'??*er ?el, up stau a 1LL1 aW1M,? TOR a hPLK.Nl.ID sr,'<-K Oi'* ?/ 1,,-v. ill,I wild l,M,d 'all.MS i hiap I or omli rallies t? ,;.t. O d. . ? by mail ?i\B"'1, ?f,V;,KKlTH. 114 Fulton aire ?t. B riH? B'r? B >\ ? i ?i>t) 1'aKI i'*S FOR 1 ^liE ?W. J> tiM \ KP S H JabUw. witk nouly iuv nt?d Condon, Mo v nibei !??. 1W1, known t?? !>?* < 'potior * - ?*?'y nuf hi una A]?ply at th?* ioanufactory, lla Kulvn ttio?a. a,? ) a few ?*?on<t ban?l IiWh *' ho rn h v ? ? , ?? ' 1 ikoao 1 . ? 1 hleeek- r and '<<ind sir.i*t?. Elv.^k o: the best. lei. I'm Alleya in the city. Only Oft-en e?nt? per game. ?.. D1IVLAN S BILLIARD TABI.* S ANI> OOV.IIINATION 1 Cushl. na--New .mpi.'Vem n's, pa'edited -.p ember A I860. Prices reduced te? N?"H-IN,?T:R. li> t.1 ???.? i'ni?liy street. OKLL1NO Pt.X)ND HAND 8ILL1aKI? TABIJ4?. TO S rl ie a eon .11., nt .piarter lirst c-si. Public rooroa, f. r d. a*.'ng < us~m, n-q.dri ue - on- a. Th, ~ are equal to an, lor true plavinc and exerclae nrlvatelf. Awpty t? a. B AF FORD, UU Tultiin i-tro t au?' r.o H Aim airw-t. -nruiAirrs patent ch *mpiom nuaad rwy s W Ibe Lxreuior ?-ph?|t fuabioo, p*b-?ied \'.*u-t in. IMW. ,lv .* ly. .-ii'1'el ?i d iltirahle l?^>-nd and all others now iu re. Ofln-'e aad lactotT, 71 Uoid street, S. * ? L uae RAl L.ROA DM. T"1 rDNO*' R1TEB RA!l.*r.AD-rO> aLBAAi* *NI' H ttIj. ooni.eeilDg w U? t,.la^ Nor.h >.n<' Tralae Txpiesi., 7 -it,' II A. W . and . '} ?? *' rA^n^llCry^h aleep. l'jjoPV (Pundays in "? M , ? ? ar0 4 f V. Peckhklll trviu, ft :?l P. V 6(Wi P.V ting r)'ng train, 3: 4 and 4:^4 I*. M Ta""'.wBiral..?-?iP J, , ||||||,M ?! I VEWTORK, r A It AND ALBANY^rWlOAO.? [\ Vi?r a bai v nod Trof, with Nph "ora ? ertrij Ka11 r<*'l i'>r ?iI point, ^-at, Northtse,- and h^ti w? if a so wiih the Northern Ha-lmad, F.rHnia,"!:*. !t'.tl*nd. HtiniQi t<<n, V'Iatt?o\iig. Hona#* a Point. <>n?V*nnvmr? a?n rli'? trrul Wwtfr anatig"tn?'ut, c?>tntn??nc1ng Monday. Ue^tin A?r nTinJw U>afe v(,rk aafoU >wa:-For Albany. ?1 M ^nd 4 ? P * " ipresa 'ruin froml rron ro? . near l i,:. IIail Kor Albany, T*> ^ * "nd i^f - * r .? '(<1 tK,: o , in A M , exprese mail train, iroin ff7}'0 ^ ., t( dn. do., Jfr.B St. depot llrot >0 Kalla, 4 P. ? at all eta'Ions a?>e*B YOrkrille, Keith at deV' t. !? 15 A M , U:HJ aad A P. A . stiipptua at all sta .t sTdep.*. White Pialna.ti.lK V iTatop'. u# ? ?ni wblVs air*ei depot Wii .lamstarta7w. ' , M . ati'vpin* at ail atal'ona, ire? >?? ? bridge II.4# P M (Wedneaday and S? -aldaj ;? tessTJaf1te'jr&i. stoi'i'ina at all atailona wnb of fis mnnt. Whiie I J>jn*, i lA and 10 A. M and 4 40 P. M., a tupping at a'l atationa Willl*m?briiU!(. 6 *1 A. M. and 1 P. M,, stepping at aP sia . . wil .n ?bridri' 10 P H. (Wednesday and .-afrday ImHrl atoi 1 M at aU atatiora. H kef. -old and bsggoi. ehefkrd for s>ny sia-lena a?*.th atreet Station only. che<Aea icr BjjgcH,LL. Aa^tant^uperin rndenU 1 jgDICAL. A WORD TO 1 HE iOKPERINO -TRY DR. VTaR0,4M Jt\ Pr,.rd?ay Ilia great retne<lie? cure peitnanently wHb deapat b. ? ,,,,?? t KFOIAN INDIAN DOOTHEPH AND IND8 ( pendent Bnatneaj'Clairvoyant, haa remov.-d Ir-'ni U? 0',e"k Street to W IMt1-".b, *bera she ran be consulted upon aD aubjeeia aa uaual. Tsuv^l I r III! ? ARD. 4H BK.IU.WAY ? THE EAR 0 1) application to a eiitnpeloot phyalciaa aat.a mucn future misery. - WaEP m PKOAKWAY. DAILY ( ONBULTED D eonlldentuily a lti. corn,'lele and grain aucc-as. Open till 10 P M ? ? nH Ml NTF.E HAC FOR THIRTY YEARH CONFINED bis attention Ui diaeae.-s ol a certain eUsa, in wUkb he ire? . il ii'' less ih n 01 tv thousand ? ??es with "it an in .Vt,?u e lils gn at remedy. Dr Hunter s Red Orop curea.-ertsin diseases when regular treafroem ami all other i**nirftt#? fall rnrea wltbowt dtatinc or foairteU^n k^hiu of th** p%ti?-nt. cu?#m wltbont th* du^natlng and ijr^ i- of allotbor rrm^iet, cun-a In ihitn *ii houm It roota out the potponoua Mint lb* bipodJj ?Ui - to at>?oi b unb'sa thla r. medy I. used M la tla ean?ot ^ nhtainrd genuine anywhere but at the "1'1 ?'"r- ? v,7 n Dtv'ilea atreet Book for nothing, that treats of the evil alien ol early abuse. -g-vW RALPHS OFFICE*, 119 CROSBY HTREET.? D H-u'ra l"? iUj/tiil 2, ?nd from ? till 9. Sunday. ri'-epted. n cOBtETriTTlAH BEHOVED FROM ? DUAN* ?trrei t/i hia pre?ent very convenient aultof >,^r..r.e., t,ear . hamvVrs, where he eat. be nona ilted with the w".t honorable conflden. e an eerlain di-enses; thirty Tri? in nne specialty embles him to make permsJV-nt eMr^ i j, pi (' Is a member of the New Yoik 1 nlvet*lty Madl ;.l C.Ti'ge See hi. diploma m his olilee Private entranoe, J(o. t Cdy Hall pla^e Dh fiOOPBE. U DUARE BTREBT, WAT BE CON ?nltcd ea all diseaiwa of a certain nature. Twantv elgbt ra saalnatvely devota.i to theeti complamia, enable blna to wTire't a!?rs in all <WX The victim, of misplaced <*>"? ?,are in medical pretenders saa call, with a carta!sty or ba lag radlaally eared or no f%f. Protean HOSPITAL PRACTICE Bf Ij LARMOl^ Hi nkivHirian aurtioa. mi'hor, 4c.i at #47 Broadway, tp t A. * - al%? 7 to ? Tbnraday awning. * ui>ollTaNT TO FRMALR.S.- REMOVAIa?DH. THIRW rKs ^?d" llo, ? Sixth avanue, ^1 Woo* wbeve Pourth street, New Tort. _ carminh Mrs iwnboe, electeiciak, ho. mk ?-??-z street. Oatvanlsm applied daily In tha rnacthmsl .'Iseaaaa af lhe7sraaia saiual syslam Hour, from IQta 4. BOPRgSOR EERTELL, 1? . CHAMBERS caa ha eaaanlud aa uanal, or by letter addressed ta boi ] in Bew Tart Poet efflee. orBB crRRS BY DE. WARD. 4RS BB0ADWAT. {$ u> t-n;oriu??ta'? Prtwd, ?L IM ^BfU'ing nlwE AStiBxnm. N?szitfK& I Second repr?wei :?;inn of HOLLA. By Mr. EIjWi.n KORRDST, j ic, , iktt ;.st four % <jtia. 16 WV,l>VE* JAV EVENING, Pel. \\ The admirable True' 4j <*f? vRRf) Ob, Tiii l)i \tii o? Horn. llavinit recelvi-d .he most inijualitied and uiiAUliBJUi *P nUuae will b? rt tii ated oil Vlnuw, ?n ? AY and MHOW EvenblKi. ? _ r lu Mr. EmVIN KORREST ...Mia-. Allien ? WilVa Mr?. 'TO."T?y f law'.'. . .* Mr. C. x^Hlier On TBt'llfcDAY Evenii |: ' KN<)L1n>I OPERA, By the most Urillian galai) 01 t Ml aura ever c i)gr?g*ted

in tbl* eity. I BOWERY TWUIMt?KIIWT DaY PKUKOBMAMC8. j Thin day, WEDNESDAY, ?t aali' pait two. | IVKN1N0, at lull' ? .i ' ?vp :. ;m a'ii.l. j PKANS?,fc.M'AN? S|' -.1S. eaOWDKI>, JAMMED, o.f RflOWIMI HOt "lE* ' ??-/-!?j:ir ?<i> Evi kv l.VKMNU, I'KO ErfKOIt ASDERMjtf, On>< r or tmk nohvu, Ii, hid enua-T'llu 'rily eueceimul r.d ? rt'll >nt enfei-Ulunwnt, xi niatx a M.jilr IN WONDER ".JULD; on, T1IREB FOrR8 ok ENi'iU TMI'nT. Tbi> ri of th" euruuu, 0'Hct);Rlnc lb": rt >/./. ? i, y.l?tidiir of tbo PSYClli 1MA.VTKI' M, E'Wii??d on *?aturaay evening a poit'?st \V II t HJ.Wl N l? OK APl'l. V - K, WhUe the marvclloua.hara'Uer oT ibe entortJi'. omenta until a CCRORE 'IF -JOSTATIO DBLIOUT Never before to cuthua.aa ieillv exprei?.id with u the vans or "Old l)rur>." Ant> liixHto; aei^ailon cicalo'i by Ml-.S ?SllHKiON, 1?, radiating the 8e.*>nd"li5bted syMl of Delphi THE WHOI.3 OK TUB ORKAT P^OUR MME fO MM -ST. lie ?vt tb? door* c vr!y, aa t ??' nrowu k* M' a C,*ntlom?n bi1n;;iDR Indian wtfti th.-m ^' ?* fort, the rB-np*?t iuo curtain, m outer tUat?U? ?*?ii ? jaa.v ! have the full udvuutiUt'* of the iirnuui^o b*'etn UIPP" I'KDAUlO U IULOOVY Brcctftd tifcllrt'ly .?round nd in iron*-?>i the IJitfc H<) X h?S. I 0*?or- open at foal' \ <\?t 0 oVl ck. Couinteottt hai prtHi. 7. l>?y pftrfonnancQ at ha.f-u*?t2 o*olodi U> *^y BRY\NT ^ MSWWTBBI^, v . Me b:iiii "HlU 47* Rr ?d-<-?y. ?bo?r ?lr?o> < re?t Monday, K?l?ru?.-y i?, and ? *"7 r"?b.1 veL'k* .fKVRK ANI? WAM Hlfr ?N f. .N<HTno'-maIxKNOr: DANCE. \V S MH'"Li> PhH.lKV, (JtU LD A N i* WIL.MN, Th^'r-a;.-^ !)^?ov n At 6J,; curtto r,s?H at 7>( oVLek T?*et. 26 crntn. ri UE Ot C^KTFRBi'RV Mi SIC HaI.L. X CAN -KKIU.K* -11 -sic ll*!^., I C-NThRBfRY MIIHIO IIALL, ft, C,\ N P* IIHI'RV Mi ni'! )IaiA S (.^NI'EPBUHY MII'M ? tl*LL, OANTEKBURV UDKIO IIxldt, | KUEhU^EX. lTEMENT F'<ESH EXiMTEMBS* I Kiihhii h*i?M,"mwpr.D it >u*<i:-. cii'twitk.0 iinivi s. t:i;.)Wl>. t) Mot'*12$. j. ii. iMtUEN, j, H. <? j:ikN, J. II OOlM'.ii, J. 11 ?XiL?i;N, _ will giro 111* ?rc?l oouiic r?dU:. o on the tlin??, nnd *iii? u * , t-ui .u. KC Nt ruB H)KT, I'aRDY <:*!tRY. Mil. a *<N t'Tl'E KdMlit, Ml * A'.NI. I '? !?:, Ml-'.s ANNf.ri'K h'Xil'.ll, I Miss ANHhTTE itoHbR, 11)0 (jllMl of S>.UK, Will irp,'"r ' liia evening i T? ..... .I. itfAot the inlure >f given ai CA.nVliRhnRY H M-L, LIUMII I,ni:'nient.-Ui nllts ill" li"lo? | Irg it' tun lor perusal:? ^ I OaNT> HHl'RV IhiUo n.iwt Mt"iim?e p'.af* of the k>no !n | VSi'SblKV . ih? ro "t in Ha'l !n theojiin ' r\N rv'ltrtUKV till > r. ? ? ' (he lieh' aleot In t?* country, i <:ANTKk"i;kV -'. Uru-"! aiiy o ace ol | the kind iu the wo' io. OaNI-EKMI RV-v -:i-?'i :< U nn|.i.-e.lei.i.'? j fA.MTKKiliKV I nnv.erHi.lly ?pokeii oT aa the >wt en.ei ,ao25&HlltfM:with it* eth.r .,u?Utlr..tU*,? iha I 0t>t: ANT Kit b" R>' trr:rCda?'orV- a mint,, but for J *** aVWRIII'RY will continue 1" 'he >ibh tm k as her* ' r'i.NTI RBL'RV, III [ht |"*t twen.y.i 'ur n ,.;U i u .* ha'J I ill. ntliH eH'Steiii.*. unl .. ^ ("an I*Kh!ritJK , loutinu'tii; In lit pr<wntrourne, in ist In ' 'T'i?'\l"A( mI'k* fi< a'ready 'Ne winder if S-w fork c tNTERBI K*' Ii* ? detail ?d the lar>so?l theitref tn th '"rA'vl'MtBI'KV U < rii ? ??!?'? '"nit, wbi-'h U wan', of ro iin. t' \NTFI(BI bolHH t?n thouita'.a |e CAf'll'l HUH .. whii n In to be nwiiRU'ttwi ? ay 1, *'? llr<>adwiiv will ItoVl Uu' " thoiiMind jcTi-onf, lt??r?by d log riav watli' ^onv. nl. .???? ev, .i^' d n me ure.enieata ' ' A ~? lV K hI R> 'l* ix*r 'orlrji>nee ?n"V>* a!oDg .a if by maule. niwtiVH a .trmiftbKtK the uoiu?tim??u . o\n lV >?VH ? eontlrii" . eui*riauiro"ni, without the lea>t Intel ml'-<" :"ur? a-.d n hall h"ur? kv I ? ? V I I'KHl'U\ I* nil Iii-tltultou 1'int 'V'lilil I. ie k W pur ?ritliiR U> d' I. lite Wien H ??iM be time t? eommanee * V*N : VRRUtt* w 11 .dv rt'alw: .horilv CaNTKUBDHY l? tin*l>I"' aolia leineveiy pu .'ilia . aVTI- I ? K * I" lint, o'dy a ??? ? " na. >e but In fact. >'n fpW-ndor and ei miort i- Ihe K.-ne,al th' me ?( onverta J^NTERBUHY ?,u. t I..?.. I" lie "W?<VV^ -1!1' ?<s?k a- i'ltillute Itmay bi ?? well to rn.d mliat ihi. .,?.w Vji? C,'-wr.'?NrVX,'kVmVSI.;HaLL propn-top, .ni mak In.a torwe fnrliVlie la; "lly Hundred* a e tinned away I ? 'k*I? t'v rum H i inability i.i.i iim^rioda'.'' tbem in th h 'Uw i t'lfiii i'*v. I I II Oe>l"i. tn- M'ACiist Br-tlieiHrnd the very UI Hi d e m-*??-" t here 't ? tUe hu-in-sn; lheyd?w I thlciowd* ttey'nll Hi- i"'.fe, and th-y Hinnse tbepe .,ile j oo.mdw.e tberii; bat if you .uget u"ar-uou'(h u> b j? ! 0r,'^ f l ?AifnV I.?r e.1 With the loreKOleR In -very ptrvleu ' Ur ???. eilli i' a.< Ii uuilla I lie fort one The nam n? eoinpany 1 li%r:Un, ? i.TtU. n-' ip-aio ?i.?b an exteul ^ u prelude {h,p,-lbtl.,yof.n; COWBtu> In e note rddi-wd ?? 'he CA.V thIIUVU ? ?? 'bmjm J~t, .U not tl Ink It p '-lblo lor any inn-..e hall U? i?y lb(' A^l^i'lHiiK^Tv., ??'?."? HO,'"T the loan ol Mr 1 H. t'Uderi. fo, na. ..i^h, on hundred and luotiiTHv< ilo I. f wiili a'l illier e*peu?e? paid iMViKHMI KV Bf.? ^aid Mr. Kniu OOWeJ hit imm-nM **,'"a^>;tK*B1'RV will p?i be aii'e to ?pa.-e Mr. J U. oiden a'.Ti.KM I'V alihoiijlh h'?l'.* ?nen an '.rtaf of h ?t? ?ale k)1 i>er?ou? ? ncaseit i? Mill op n'o wake ?rra?foB?oo ^('ANl'l 'iBt^tV l* acknowledged by be prme lobe ihe m? ?i*ai *hu.r It PP'ti ?ae? lo he . nA>THJtB< R^ mj?Et qie>te in-m eiery newnpaper o the L'n'.on. JAM.IT TKOI PP. BALLET rROUi'B. and mr ?*>t OHCIVKHTRA IK TMB PITY, TM THE CITY, tMHri TH* LF.%?I K'Mir MB n.I'jn Dii.tiAU *fil. DAVIT) BRAHAM. MR I>aVIDP'a . ,.flX 4 CL'R'tAN, Proprietor*. C?m? Kr ui>, TreaatiiT. ,r, , ?. ORANO PERFORMANCE OF BHHTWS T"l>? '/ new oratorio. ' . . ? ? PkaIsE *11. , , , , ? ru ; > ??;ak.V??Tr?V R^NIKO, Feb If, Ticket! au --nW, ran be nhtalned it th- prinelral inu?le ?U>r"* The O, at. no wlllb. ^ a?d ?b. P..t- .U-u,n. d^K O..r,^^ti.r'.en I VftT O&H&TRA. OK ATI RO, ! U, BBATIMO.?PALACR OkRDKti , k1 Mn?k Uall <>v n e^ry d??. from HI \ M to lit I'. M , i Mmday ur.'l Fliday t*cninyt etcepied. Bkallug taujht t?? 1 Pi of. IWt Kftfbn or j , rAUE K "VENM ' AMEB1CAB AM) fnHKlON OAUJinVOr PAWTtJtUS, /W*>* A* Tbla plaltiie h?? tH*i?n i \v n. >m than raijjuOt! I fmtM In >*W fork n'.one open day aud crenlnK Admtuton JJ ri>?w . q'HKAfRB *KAM \U8, fir*.'" BROAIJtfAV.? JMJDI. 14 J Krimr, INI. pmitlvriMnt ikmltre r*vtri>DUI1 11 an ( OUNII-.K l)h LfuN, Or L'aTTAQUB OK LA MAL.LE post?:, PI. re h grand epertacle, en all ar ea. I'UhWORTM'H mi.nstiielk -cn <worrii, huoknk J k Dinnlk>r, Proprletora?Wasted, ta tr*r-l, a eornai ) ptuyrr und violin. fUlai. Appijr a> JUS Elm at POLYPHONIC ASSOCIATION, BROOKLYN, WILL Hive thi ir 8mt i?iblir caoivrt at (he AtbeuMum oa Ttiuin dav rvmni. ???!> 21. TV'keteiBceota, loratle *1 tbo prin cipal muklr and book au?re* and at the door. WANTED-TW* I.VB YOUNU l.ADIKM POR THK Bullet Apply at Ui<- Amerk an Con? ert Hall, 411 Iti oait way. between the houra of U and I o'clock. Moo*. La Tb'.t ne, n?*e manarr MUNICIPAL AKKAIRH. <10RI"0RATl0N NOTICB.-A PRTTTIOR HAH IIRftlf iJ preoented ?o the Hoard of A]derm<-n to pave Pour b ? Ireei, h"ww n Bank and Hammond atreeta, with t-a?> blook lavement, the owwri of property to pa/ one half of Um el ram*, and thorrmainlmi half to bwpa .fhy Ue city. I'artloe sbj4#tln? U) the earn* are rrnneated ro irnd their obJiMUona, directed to the Chairman of (he Committee on Street", Hoard tf Aldermen, Ha I City Hall. mn~rm P. I, A. BOOLR, > Committee ?jok* bCmkuL J on T. B. Rim. Olwk. JOHN H. BRADY,? atreeta. rn bpobation noticb.-a BEsowmnN has bkrn \t t re?*nted to the Board of Aldermen feraeewer, with the Yeteeavry receiving bmlne and culvert*, to be hiult in tenth avenoe, from Forty aeventh to Forty ninth ntreet; ?l?> for a aewrr, with the neceaaary receiving haalna and eulrerl*, la i< rlf ninth atreei, mmmeneing 4on feet w-at of Tenth awm a, to ootinaet with the aewar at BUtTenth ay?nun. Par lea Interna ted la tho above, and bavin* ibiectlona In the a> ire, are rwinealed u> aend their obieeUona, dire-te.t to ibe i b?lraan ofthe Committee on Hawari, Board of Aldar ?? i, Bat S CHy Ball. MrHARD BARBT,) Commute* f. L A. BOO LB. J an *. B. Bim, Clark. JOHN H. BRADY. ) Hewero. t| HB OOMBtTTEE OB RBWRRR OK THB BOARD OP 1 4 Mermen will aoeet in room No. ft, <'Ky Mall, on Thurn day, H e lath lnat.. at two o'nloak P. M. Part tee tnteraated In any n attera before tbe Committee will bare an opportunity of leli g beard. RICHARD BARRY, . OoufUM T. R. N<?a. C)?%. JOBJ* H, PRAV%, I *?*% iMrrffrwtfTO. _ -, BE'^K ? . AVRA WZKSr. t- rUKvTIl^ feU.tffY KE<'OM0 N'OVT. KIOIH?-?ii>'.?ND N.i'lT. One r*n?'.re.l *utl i.ub'?ei? i'o i ?. nil :'C3(>.? HaVE "I- KH t UK cheat uku ii uk ?? r b.-h-ltta, III' K?t>EM KHTEK sEVh* ii-.ri-.KH. M>* vrrw: hHM ,1" I e-a* \re t - .i.i.ot,: that, tte view 01'rendrr oi; ib a <nu?m ?.i? -...i'zmi.'i ? *-?aiit*!i.a t? ber j*tr us., -he wi.l i revmt!- on Tilth B TNUd j FATRY M'lHT IiVr'NG V .T>* ""KKK, Combined with m? en; v? !> 'JriKUii. *keYu, by UfcO. H. M'li-, tn.i ,f >'U]Ulhl, Author FORKVST fl PRt'/.L Wii.VA, V !AMMBD, Emb .dy.nK ? d?*h hitmir in CM'L?. sams m.ujii; lavterh. I N 'I.K V w : vt via : l. w-rKRN. * '.? ??. ^aw r.s 11: ? .??(. a ..i' i ? 11 , n FN' 1 i. MA'S Md.' I. \ N I'EKNl! I-M'U4 :?>*? ? MAUif) I. \ N I'li i S. t'N' I C V i V! A l.VS'Il.KV, I'N'.'l-K HAM'S I.AVl'1,1 V rv'I K HAV ?' M\i/.i l.A" I'K.iM, N. IK HA* H M KUfJ l.'.M'.UN, i Ni u ka*i ?-v-iit: i.\nr- \s, ?-.>? I.rl hAM MAilM I.iM.RN, FVI.E PAV * A! AUl !?? KM, V v 1.1 i.A k. ?: MAUU ? * VI ..''.N, I'MLI. SAM1 Mc.i.10 l.vNTKKN', mn'CLK w i viai.Ii; l.ivrmtN, I'N LE " vM ?? MA!: *' I \N >*KRN, ummjs bA-j'-a l*a n r?-.HN, A hEliirH OK -'X UN P OTUKKS, >. ni r?-*irp r->. >> -n Ls or ti.b important v t*nON VDV. k;,;.'mI. Pfa.n n:. .???J-E. m??fc ue >v Tableau! '?* 1.1 be pi-eae vU w :h arpr. i rla:n N .fl'VA i. V l>V , < ioni ?.! ii.K ttii lha mom ? I'"" ' *<? iki oi tbe rovnti-j, a1 t >pr ? - iv !Up ccaiilon by ?K Tit V'.X PAKI'H. i:i. py.w \ r.-ryn*>. VI s KT- I! i?N. Sr' :? ?- r t-i'.KN i-KR^' u ks. ?KV? ? ?( i_: SI , s ? >s' si ^ II ?' r. ? I I v --l-l ? ??I'M : K.'.s. nj.\ !..> st-11 ?c KK' F1 -1 f 'iS. f ? . -'A' 11 V M - Sis i KK . "'?> KN *?? Tl.i v. M-'.' i n ,sf i:i{s. h- EM siiNj Cl\>. u r hi ^ 11. :liu?ton DlJivollne . M1h? [ *ur-? Ki<ene 1 htali --Sly MrntUjl T^riarloe . Mr* 'otiii* ll.iu/h Hiit|Hi?irine .Mr*. II. Vi.iIds Kac ioella .. . Ml?a ConM^k saliiiel!a Ml?i M>"vtn <.'an'abll?* . . .SIim WIll'iURhby (Vina Mit* Kvureit Kpirl; lit Ankut a f'iat-r "... 'lit* Kruurna ? iifiid . M trjrJune Bullock I'rt'iolfmDaiiM!u>? .... ..Mr*. O. K. lirowno Pluto ... Mr. r.'-?son Ptmon ? Mr. L-^ick ?? ill'. a. Mr. Hmi ott I'orneilxt Mr. ilf i. Wr?u If. Uevi- Mr. UixxSrie'1 The R. nu rwl^ HTyiaul Mr. (J. F. Browne CIliKil'II IIH IN TU>: .1! '../.l.OKV. fnlumMa. Mr*. J. If Allen Cnole sain ...Mr. B. Hogera ?X'MiAO'i? I'llOM UNC1.E 8\MS MAOIO LAN f KKN. TAliUi.U., <X)IA MPIA AT WA-iHIMHHiK'9 TOMB. Mill A A,\ \V XSUlNUi'ON'S TOM H. <u|.i VIB1A AT IVAX.iflVlirO.V'S TO Mb. 1 fe.'l a.'i < thoBplrltof Ilhunl'iu v.. re ? in rf vulg:ir cliot.', .ill inlet ;n!i monnaliino? A i o*iLr.' iihaiitom. wliiw. lulci' r lj;n I* u ?r. i ll I Sl'lr 11 OK UlStfJlON. DiaCMOM Mr. O. K. Mkow.nk V-.u ir< inblc i lo ? Ami partb'a la -t h?ipe t* trembling, too. TAIIl/KAlj, TtIK rillKrv Kill ft HTAI'EH. Tl K II 1 K*V FOt II KTaI '-:s. Tilt. -FOJ It M'.tTKS. M?.?*ACi t-vrr* . Atr*. Iottik Hoontt U i|\|. Ml*, fi K. Kiiownk Sin iii riKiiii.Vi . . Mm* I'OI.LV Makhh?li. K?'Htfrar Ml.* li. OHIO Ml** WlM.OIlOHBT Vikm.*i? Mint C. li: i;L? I ontb < nrnltiin *!v.,.jn n. ? t'<'mnbla'a pell \?*. and 1 M" you line our l'otl *iamp* j.,t. ? ? * * * ,Hc?<re' wh^n eh \dr>". *??? ai ar, 7 be mother's Iji H*1 in . 1* ??* ilir lic .dlj srar. ImaNTaHuN. Tbou, for wh.-pe un -i x >ka liorulM hi i?in Ih in britlicn nrenk. .?or wbom ve -li'ver Sr-' d.-m'* shriris, And In |(e our l.ulii* I ) l"0-itig thine; To p'li' i'HA t wt.oie ?in. ii.[iin We aifin nuv ?. .. enensiiunlinn? Tb.m, ?h?iw ran' fout? a ? ? 1 m.r.' o. o ifc? ? j, p- hi ' i.| pe.u-i 1a! i1 A KB' V *KI) IK. Vi'ti'' \\ MK(K, Y WfctiWF, "aeniinj; ii.? oi.n vii oi Nsrnptiom i.iKiii oi.i) (?ns+riTuno* I i -Oil ill. II Mil I* I '?NMIlCriOX :i.v "j ?d b? the I vi<r IMT'ik.s .. .?? "IRK-EtTBas. .rMi.Nri.'Aii'ltx AND hKl: FATKKn. KMaM il ll iK> *V|I FI ii: liAI'tNs. 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