Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 14, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 14, 1861 Page 2
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INTERESTING FROM MEXICO. Dm(Im *f LtN* <te Trjada (? (fee Prealdco* ty-Jruti'a La teal Cablaet Escape ?f IdruNi te Havana Departure ef (he IMuBkaedl Mpleuiata Plander ef the Churches?The Na tive Bkhepa ia Trouble, Ac., 4?, The Now President of Mexico. Senor Lerdo do Tejada, who ha* been elected President of Mexico, is a gentleman well l.-nown lu the city of New York. I!o is Uu' most distinguished *uu-emau of whom Mexico can N-aet, and the liberal ideas of government wtieh he contracted In this country may not bo unser viceable to him in his new station. During his resi dence here his chief den ire wan to bcoome lntiuatoly acquainted with our laws, institutions and language HU career ah Minitter of I'ubuc Wot Its and Secretary of the Treasury under thi> .luartz administration in Vera Ctue b?? stamped him as a man of morn than ordinary ability. His coiditl coiie has always been to reconcile llvxiooiut the United S'aics. and to dfvelopn thnao grand sources at wealth, prosperity and intelligence which,When proper ly under?t. od, can securely bind the two nations ta^o ther. It would seem that ui tto eiectiou of Twjaduihoro is stme hope for the (uture c f Mexico. That magnillcent country of the Monteeumaa?tho cradle of the ancleut glories of (at tllr?may now hope ccce moro to rise and stretch hor wings to eight* of noble purpoeo. With the. talent, energy and skill of her new governor, the etfete republic, which has so long lain' prostrate at tho feet of tyrants may cnce more aspire to the bl -swings of light and freedom, and may yel prove to the word tha' the people rf Mexico, however corrupt their UUrepuiable govtri mente, have always been virtuous an<t freo. Oar Vera Crux Correspondence. Vkka Cki z, Fob- I, 1381. AVui Cabinet?the Re-otiUim Not I'et VtnUhtd- 'Vrnsral ?Great Row at Vera Ciut?Jajiposal I-Ucape rf Miratno'?Arrival of Cro.r/iutr IYrlL ??Anxiety i.i the American Sjiuu'rvn?Ufioert Retiyning?Skipfiing, ifc. Although as an American ciliaen I have sc ucoly any stoma'h for politic*1 affairs in this country whiUl my own Is in such an unhappy condition, still I will endoavor to give you a few brief notes of curro^t cvenu. Notwithstanding the fact that the constitutional go vernment tuay be fui.l to have had a complete ;riumi>h over its enemies, and is regularly Installed and In work leg order at the capital, still tho country ia by no miuna pacified. The bandits M.uqucz, Mejia, Coboe & Co. yot carry on tho war in various proviucaa, whilst Zuloaga has proclaimed himself President somewhere in Ouxaca. Meanwhile cerUin acts of President Juarez gave rise to a Ministei ial crisis, and wo have had a new Cabinet, a9 follows. Foreign Affairs Zarco ^ ar ilez Oi taga _ (the vie Lot ions lieuoral). Justice v. llaoiircz. ' Public Works ,\?Zi Treasury 1'rio o. Government Ogazon. It is supposed this wUl bo a good woikiug Cabinet, ir not a very strong one. The elections Tor President and Deputies lo Con rre i have como off in several of tho States, but in others the confusion consequent upon tho protracted and parti-ily continued civil war ia so great that it has been impoi. i ble to havo a polling, although the law requires* tho general election to be held on th. same da* throughout the republic. It is generally conceded ibu -he eminent th.ry.? M?. wUi *?' elected i re i lent, ;tD I Uiat renor Mala, the* lato uCjoiuptipUM Minlnt^r at lVa?h iiigton, will bechoFou Governor of this Slate In losio ' ths servicee ol so irreproachable a aim aa tJov. /.tmora' cessor Bal l4tf 4Cll,,u 10 !e,>4 he will have such a aac' We had a beautiful little row at this plaoo o-i 9un<lav last, caused by the arrival of th- <li-mi *??<, SnmUh Guatemalan and Ecuadoran Mtalite-a, with U10 lai>ai Nuncio, the Archbishop or M?.\ic> aul a nU *'? ?ft..rtUo Utter, wit.i a pocket full of locks, before they coulad-Beetiil from their cita^hes, and iu the mtw? Ui it ensue 1. durii y wh ch t>r >ckbhts and pebble:* Hew about iu a ai.?t pro miscuous li.anner, the ap>?iolii; repriHunt.kttve got a blew en the side of tho head which s ugg 10 i his seven senses, snd no doubt ranted blin t > wi?ii n ui*olf one 1 more in thetH ven hille'lcity of h's pxn oiu master f'iui IX. There w as a general fcramble for -helter to th J lYeocli and Amerxau tom-uiat'.-s and various prlva e houses. One bishop took ic.lige under Ihehvrelicileti.s and stri|>es, wn re he remained l'i eecur.ty until nlght lall, when he weot inro private quart rs. The p or i'e! 'OW win lo in awtul fright, though jwfeotly safe, an ! deuied h b rank?a decided case of n-t. <p t-oopirl. Hi? diplomatic gentlemen havo embarked lor ii ivana, but the native church uignitarien are all in s?fo l'xlgiugi pj the rnstie of I laa. Were bishops ever before so pletely *'takon by the tail?" It ts reported tint the mighty Miramon himio'f, aft r belt-g c noealed some days at tiie Fr -uc!i O- s.iiaie ?Ui baik?<i in the of a French naval officer, w:t'n t^a S|?nt?h Ambasxaaor and h^s ?ail- d Tor fort parU t > enjoy his ill go'teu pluulor. t'crtiio it U inn Mv'uvv) Miramon was of the paity, an 1 it is rotsonable t-> conjee tuie th?t lion Mignclito wad net far o:r, ai It ui s.iia t'h it lonchits will not trim h r Mlgue!?o oiu of her sUh Governor Weller, of California, tho now Xiniiur Pleni potentiary to Mexico, has rcached that city, hivn.g 1 in I J at Acipuico. lie Is ucoompanud by his s.>!i tn,1 t? My r Arch.Da'd H Gillespie, as at'a< hu 01 the leg.i'i m t, ? are not advised of ?;ov. teller having pn-aeuted h's croi:? otitis Messrs. l.'lgee and 1!. iutrie, late th ?-harge d Atlklrs and special agent of the Cnite I will arrive at this place n a few daps, rn rou'e for th,-' I'oltec' States. Af you m iy conJ?-c?'ire, there is great anxle?y in the Amcnean rquaociii. if this p-ace. Mtaily all the South ern oiiuiih ham tendered tln-ir resigu'iuous l> it ri ?? Oflic?r |VnenK.ast (a Kentucklan) Ju in <i to ace pt any retogi ution or give leave of absence wailtt ou a f-irokn station Not even th<? fiercest secessionist cm h ny tho propriety of th s Ine Bablne and St. Loula have aatlol for l etipac< la, with instruct ions to procee t to Norfolk if they find t tflicu'ty at the f irmer p)a-e. Th-i remti .in t ships of the squadron, oot>?i.-ting m the fligship l ow ha'ao and the Cuiubfirland, will shortly r?u>t<-iv-oua at Havana. le?Mng on'y the little flearner l'o,,,hjntus on tin Mat ictt. newspaper accountS. jtrom tho i'iario do la Uariat, Uava^ii. feb it. I A little 1-1 tore sunset yesie, day evcnli g her Mv ty'J ?t' amer Valaeen, fn.m \"rr Cruz, entered our barb .r (Havana 1, having on boaid his luroeUenc^ |)ou J. ??n- 1 cu.,0 I'achi c 1. late Minister to M. xk ., ?ri h tUo of the Ration the Knncl > .rf his HoMoesf, M msignor Clementl, Aicnlu.-hop of liamaseua, (ieiiorm Muuel Mlra mciL and other p?r, 011* of distinct km. [Kroto the Idario, Keb A : On the lTth the governriient dire<jt?>tl tbo Cblafof P.i lice to M'tiiy the Auiibotup 01 Mcaicu 01 the 1 i-iler for exile, giving him thr o d?ys to prepare V .ta him re to leato tho Bi. hops of Ihiracgo, Mich .tCin, Ouadal-.Jara Potest, Linacs snd Penagra: and it was iiitnnatod to thoee p< raotisges that their Ue|*rt :re fioui tiio capital, wV r they had a#aem'.U-d to escape from th" dangers of the revolution, had better take place in the qiih-i hours of the night, to avoid a lumult. tin the '.'I t all the ab >ve m>a tloned p< :s..n;, .eft, excepting the Itiohop of D iraneo who w?s in In itioce *, and arrived at Vera Crux on -tun day, th' K/ih. al noon, ' ihe topulai^*, exclt>- l by tsro or thrie oreign. rs nnd a Mexican, ' H?yn a 1. lt"r whlcti a now l? I n- is, "Kceived I' 0 ill isirious ptrty with ?howi 1 ? 01 none- and tho .t shocking mttfO*. ih? delegate om his Uoilnoeg had to lly to th-> French Cop Puliue t e lanng victimized by such birbsrtty and the auin una despatched a mussageto ihe capital 'that tho goveii -J., nt should accede to th.< 1- titiou ,t the Vo?a Crux an.ho itioc, ihat the Mexlc ui blsh.?|M should be triod. Th? ?inu s-.Uh r it lea in tor two the venerable prelates that they ' villi 1 nut embark, but should remainpruone.iuiitU new orders could be rrcjivid." Such u the reucm why tho slnnmor Vrlwco was pre ventisi from taking to this city the eight bUhops who had arrived at Vera Crnz, the only persons who c ime he ing her Majesty 's Ami assador, 0?ueral Miramon, the Count of Alcajai and ItouHiunor Cl. m. uti, the other blshoj*, we undeiauaa, being exp?-cte<l to come by our war 11 eanier. Isabel la Catdlcs, wbl h was at Haeriflcioe ? ?????? President .'uares htd chaog d hU Cabinet at Utwt 4at<?, the p>ople not b< log satisfied with tho moderation 01 the tOoivid .nM who held tho portfoiK? The Hoi'ttn d* A'utuia* brings a Hue additional and v?rjr slgnilicaiit 'acta, according to which many of the pnu e.tpal partirans of Juarez wore far fiotn agreeing with hUl of c nrtrrctlog ib? government. Amongst others the *tj| tutor of justice ha 1 reaigoed his post alleging, amotiK '-tber reasons, that the government should not fur nish its views to the action of the coui ts. Other tmpluyei. bad Id liko fanner re?>pned. and oi hers ware '.V -T'1 ** w^n *e"1 much diKsatisili-.l and thought tfietuing. ? tMinl t, r t,r>1" ,he United Sfatea In place of hart arrived at the cspltil. lent ufiir^on'trVi" tt"' r*l"1 ?l that Mr Payne had been TU '? !'.v Omgri w. as guil'y I tar was Mill In pr *n C <* '"??" ,;on letters friin 1 uebla re:,,v.. reigis there, and tlat i^tw." 11. ,? f n*lilt.,Ln soldier* tbcre w. ro lre.iuo<it ^ !'ud l ately 1 4 "frels, r-s.iuiog unfortu Ftnally , it is wild th it Metti, at u ? htvl .,f ? tK? . men, bed loiltrd at Kio V?rd-, K>' ivedo wi... ^ rec- hwfiiiffd and who w.t? nw-5 ? nr * in. r iui!^ ?(,a. y ebt hoars ihe gov. nunsut or th ? - is-o ?r ^ ad a nt 1 100 men ?g-.m,. m it,, ^ nt says that > M ario. /ulo?,.a .1, d l..ii,i? ,.1 isU at tlie lie?.j nf 1 .?j<j ] )il(, r.lV( rn n riq*i?a'e i t? taid a rttiil. i?n> fo're . .met V fnarto de la Marina, F.-b T I ffmtUv, "t(,e Ti'-vi-es adopt" 1 t>? t. mtoeer of ?hi? h wi.s to faiaify e<l a protOJ'id S".u?i.;..n on .ng ?, 111 re a .rm'>l*l at tie. e x e fifty to rixtf persons -tho, 'tamln z, agreoJ t*>' *p ess \ 'ion r-f Ms tours- is 'o n and the pohltihej *ed rt> not .; -1 tnet.Ul lk? has been re eetablUhcd, there are no extra ordinary faculties; an<l if the l'reKidtnt connifers him f*lf in ibe exercise ol such faculties, there in no cowstl tut in." Nur u> that the <>ulv mam "ealation of dlscon t?'Ut towards the g?v< rnment. Th? Kia/eUt, speaking of tho reprieve granted to Diax, says, "that favor is a biow to justice aud the good sense of (he country." "We hope," tuys the hulettti. "tliat the government will not ofler the spectacle of further impunity, tduce It did not fear to face public repi obation with the reprieve granted to one of those men." According to the same paper Berriozabal waa to be tried for the affair of Toluca. A lett r from GuadaA^ara f :< va several brigades had left in pursuit of the few forces who yet rtmoined to the fallen government. General L'raga remained there "u> perfect harmony with Gov ernor Ogaaon." Aatriste has been made Governor of Puebia, where Tr acorns oeininxnds the garrison. The fortress baa been surrendered to Colonel Qunacha. The fcrgiikh steamer Tevtot brings papers, Ac., from the capital to January t?, and Vera Cruz to the 1st ihfit. Ihe new Minister from the United States was to pretext hip crw*et>tiala on the 30Ui nit. lb? division destined for tho South had left Cuerna vara, and l)oblado waa continuing hia operations against A letter from the capital says Senor Osegura would re main in charge of the Mexican Legation at Pari* until proper regulations could be made to have the country worthily represented abroad. [From I .a I'rensa, of Havana, Feb. 7] Fnormoua quatiillioa of silver and valuable ornaments, gold, precious (tones and sacred vessels, have been taken fi om ite churches in the aopitaL From the Cathedral alone the quuntlty is estimated at more than a million of dt/Urs; tor from that beautiful temple six enormous wrgon loads of rich jewels and ornaments had been taken, wonders of art; while from the sanctuary of Guadalupe they bad taken eveti the gold frame ol tho picuiru of the Virgin and tho valuable balustrade of the chancel of the Cologlata, which was of folid silver. The intelligence of the capture of San Luis Potoei by Mejla baa wen oonflrmed, and, through a Southern source, we learn that the revolutionary leaders, Camano ant Montai o, with about a thousand men, had taken poa Bctslou of linear, in Matamorca. (oboe, frt m Costa Clnca, with a thousand men, had untcd with the forccs of Vicario, and the two leaders had together taken the town of Cueruavac*. A great miry families were about to leave the country. Great disorder roignrd in tho capital. Serious chargea have been made against General Santos Degoliado for llbeiating Dr. Barajas, Uu-hopof Guadalajara. THE LATE POUT OFFICE DEFALCATION. I'nltrd States Olitriet Court* THK JUDUlc's CHAKUK. 7ht I niUd State* n?. Gnrryt Law and Guntavui A. Ctmo ?w?The follow ng requosta to charge were made by the Listrkt Attorney:? 1. That ihe more fact of an omission to deposit weekly did nut constitute Mr. Fowler a defaulter. 2. Tfcut there is uotuing on the faco of the bond to show that it i? an incomplete bond. S 1 bat it requires a unanimous agi eoment of the Jury to answer each and every the Several issues. 4. 'Ihat il Fowler was a defaulter the ouly offleer of the government wb. se knowi* g?, if he had any, could cbaige the government would t.e the I'ostiaaator ^neral. 6. An apparent fcehoi ul author ity cannot be restricted as against an innocent party by any private understand nig between the principal and his agent. ti. Ihe only authorised poei.tmiou by Fowler of the bond ui q test ion, seemingly perfeUoo i-a face, aud Willi the full nt; tuber of sureties require 1 by tho instructions of the dejiai tnicLt, warian'ei the government iu aeccpt ltig it ah a duly executed instrument delivoiod by a duly authorized agent. 7. it lowkr violated the alleged private agiecment be twoea him ana hu, th' ir remedy is against him tor csmniree, and not innocent parties whom tliey huve enabled him to deceive. 8. I-i? and Conover :n u estopped by their own acts and omi.'KiorR and long acquiescence from contesting tho due execution ana deliveiy of the bond. Jud^e Belts in charging the jury, after some prulimi. tary rethinks, said that early in May last Ino Marsh Uof this district received a process from Washington requir ing tc teize the p-openy of two persona, the rom< p:atnanu tn the piesent suit, ItersiP. Law and P mover, lot the nam of $75 <j00. Ct ncuin Lt with the receptl >n of that warrant Mr. Fcwler, tho l*oetnuuter of this city, ab sconded, and it b. came notorious that ho was a defaulter to the government for a -ery coimiderablo hum or rr< x.ev kmouhtit g to femt- Juo.oto. It might appear to the jur ) hat It was a vt-rv unusual procoiure that any oirtyia this country Fhouli be ciotbe-i with thepo-vertj'sumina ril> sn/.o the property and effects of 11 debtor without any ailjmiita'.ion 01 the mutter in a court o'li.sti' e |lut tbi* rule ol law wac only in n .^ctto p iblic oi'licors' ana was rxercwed in the pputt of fi-cal. U was a cangetobri prerogative in iueif, aud in the opt mon 01 ibir. <"iirt bliouiii be e^'rened with great 1<^?s of justice and light which shou>d exi t bot*e!'u #cv<TLimlit itiiiivuiuii8, an between mm aol mui,. ite liilfei States Congress hid, Uo*??, - i,r,,. vid<d a realty in such re c-.*e, aud one wbii-h h id lU i ote.l in this ca.-e; it guvo to the party whftepros rtv hal I so levied upen tho privilege of having his rights ,.-1 1 Jested ami ijasa.d uj* n m a court of law. The fourth -cctl u of U10 act, under which thi> government w.n em powere>l to levy upon the property of the suretiea, KlVn them the pnvilege to I,ring the matter before the United . tati 3 I'ifliriet Court sittli g in ch.mcery, afid have a do cimcju upon the equity anu Jotneta of the demand Tms Cotil t oiitin,; iu tquity could j-rant an Injunction roslrain leg the Marahai from Seizing the pioperty of the par tie it t.pou ibeir giving suMinuut ball, aud that courso ''1 tljl." Ca"' nn l bail ?o the amount of fiOU too K'ven by tho cttnplaitiante that th^y would pay the gevtinmeLt all that it might recover in the event of an ooyvrMt decision against them. In the crse .1 >w be ? ore the Court Mt'.iprs. Law an 1 C.mover admitted tint bey bnu e-^neo the b ind, that th.; signatures atlixed to it wore tbeus but thoy 1 >0 claimed tl ut they had en te-rcd into an engagement w ith Mr. Fuwior that tho/ ? were 1.0I to b< corns iibi suretiea without the additional ngnturo of a third pi rtv, Mi Chariick, aud that Uiev [ Pig cod the b. nd with th;> nndernt.iudij.g that It sbottld not be deliverid to thy government uutli ?fr. Chirbuk had exeeulca u.0 iaatrumeot with th. m. fheymaher citeiin i.r. fuw!< r foi a ior?s *?nio prevmlou/* tt? th-3 ? xecutim of the bnl had been in arrear to the g ivern n.ent, and that the go,-eminent knew of it, aud that they w re not informed of that fact by the authorities at Vaph'tjgto . They also aile*ge that tho government, through ih?lr public < Hirers, bid been .lelinquent tliem E?dVe> in allowing these parties to their pn i die. t > be come a d< utid emb? 11. e ih ii tunos and thit tliey (-? Ir.pialnauu) no n< tice of tho fact, ..nd that there fore it was inepiiii'ble and lmpro|K)r to all..w to abow the government to enforce its demand again.-* them Ihat ?hh tho of Ufep pr? c vcling >u (bo OtiaUcury side of ibe Owirt, and upon tbtue ailog%iiors tU? Court granted an ii juicticu aguimt fuithe proceedings upon the |?rt of the government, pending the adluatm nt o the matter Ortain questions or issu.-a were ttieu framed and pro|?uhu? d to be uuhivortd by a iiirr and upon ,he rendition or the answers to them th! Court wou.d (five Its tlual decision. The Judge hore , !'rri1 CM" lu thl? Supreme Court c"l'Ulua vxtrntt.: from ? j i? Marshall rind T.uiey 's opmlous In ordor t > elucidate the Nt gorerniog the delivery of a deed or houd. Ihe Judge alao lucidly explained to the jury the meaning of a delivery or a deed or bond upon condition aid in escrow, aid observed that if it wai proved to the satisfaction of the jurv that the bond was exrcnte><l by tho comp'aiuaoti uiion the condition alleged, and that it wai deover d witnout the |<erlermai:ce 01 that condition, the parties sigr ing the bond were not bound to its fulfilment The queUion which c itne before them was w hether the bond in this caae bad be in delivered with the oudition named, and itwouli be lor the Jury to deride lliat question. After reviewing the testimony at great length, his Honor observed thit It wad the duty of the government to Inquire of tho signets to the bond whether they had attached any con ditiru to their ex- < uling the instrument Mr. l'ewler was a cotr.petent wltn-ss, and they could take hi-; deDo sHs?n Into e-ouakUratlou. fho Met of his being a do lauJter, aud havli g abaconded, should alio be Uaen tnto cotisideratwo ana the/ were to s*y what credit they wou. i aitai h to Ills evidence. M?s <rs. law aud Cm ?ver were ale i c<mpetett altm>sses) by a recent enact nent Jh it pai ties to a suit could give testimony. His Honor here read several decisions up. u the subject, anl re tarred to the tertimony 01 Mr. Law and Mr. Couover, who both stated that they had signed tho bond with the ut def landing that Mr. Chariick alao to become f 10 . the evidence of Julge Hilton, and ol served that it traa natural to assume that .Judge lli'ten, 0* he hid MHM on the Hand, did not charge ' with atiyihiiig about the private transactor* or I'Uderstsnding between Mr. Fowler aud Messrs. l.iw end O-nover. He had only fuldiiot the duty he waa i oIi!Jn?,Jp,'r,"rm'anJ hr haJ 'lono that dhigentlv Mr (^or,?'1h"7 ? e "2 n"1 therefore, IhiU t f.i ^ had n" Wen of a conversation he htd ha t k ^i*.ru M'-Chariick s rlgnii.g the bond when Judge Hilton waa prevent, and the Judge n-t to have corroborated him, for, as he (Judge Hetn) before observed, Judge Hilton only dosirod to tMi.'form what the law required of h;m. and did not attend or listen to the conveiMtIon between the parties. In his opinion ha did not *0 any e<}nfllet, ni had been urged upon the p.irt of the government, between the testimony given by Mesara. law and Tonover and that given by Judge Hilton. But of course, that was a matter for the jnrr to decide them' belves. H Has lot mceseary to have thii underUud Uig that Mr. Chariick should execute the bond con feeaed end dtscuased Pt the time Messrs Int and ( onover Signed, it wss sublet >nt if they nad had that understanding and exe'uf.ii t|10 bond upon that eon dition, and if so tbey C'?uld not be held reaponslble 71ie jury were not to throw out of view, in onsiderlna their verdict, the testimony which had been given wlto to this previous arrangement between the i*r ties, and they were to cot?ider whether the und?rsimd Ing, as alleged, was openly avowed at the tune the bond was executed What wss th -re, except the testimony of Mr. Fowler ard Ifesera. Law snd Cuaover, that that bond might have not been taken by Mr. Fowier an 1 aent to the ItatUBN Derailment at Waililnatoc with 4li- C <ao> x s signature aloner There wa< aothi.-.g on the face of the bono jeelf to show that there was imvo thaa one surety required The private lostructlil.n to F)? l?r, which Imd l>eeti Vhowed to the Court Una tnoralng. srsfi"! that he shoiild get leo suretiea, but there tvus nothug In the law or ae,t of C01 giess directing two or ten. although th" ahwed that there wet Mala for four. The jury woutd i'?* at nil the f?r:? in the caae.and ? 1 / ehat w ta Bieatit to ?euineby the |? rius when Jidg.i fli'f'?n their ilgna 1 Ut ? \\ 1 y lr., J, ,;i, (-rf)ni h"Uee to ll'M'rO) tin the cvthwg th.. heed w.ia executed, -end why waa ih- ar i TTi. ."V""' M ""led by Judge Hlltufl, tha' h i waa ? hr?'? '"otvlotf .lay I. Mr.thv tiei .in 1 CT hi: Pl tato-e Th") wottH tage I'lVi n hy *t rrppi'T,.,'!' 1 '''??* from the fcu'we, ..." ,? '?*.-?rfl:.w hVJ l-'t ? r'! ? 1 nil"* f re the jury, and thoy were bound to respond to them, 1 ut the Court would frankly statu to them thai he (the Jurge) was not convinced In hia mind thnt it would avail the complainant* anything tf that fact watt ultimately established; It wm not dear to him that equity would ailbrd them any relief on that footing, especially as they had not proved that there was any fraud or ooocealment on the part of the govern ment. 11 it was so it was the duty of Cie complainants to have proved it, and having omitted to put the que* tion to ltr. fowler whether he was a defaulter at iho time, the Jury were bound by law to assume that they could not prove it. After some general instructions frcm the Judge, the issues and the papers in thu ciuae were handed to the jury, Willi Instructions to bring in a sealed verdict In the morning. Judge Betts occupied nearly two hours in his charge to the Jury. Additional bjr the California Pony Ex press. Fort Kxahkev, Feb. 12, 1S61. The following is additional news by the pony express, which arrived here at half-put six o'clock this evening ? Sam Fxakcwoo, Jan. 26, lSfll. Tho firm of Messrs. Abernothey, Clark k Co., extensivo lumber dealers, of this city, have failed for a large amount. They have been engaged for many years in the business, and received their supplies principally from Oregon. ** Some four or Ave sets of Union reaoluti ins have beso Introduced Into the Legislature, and made the special order la the Senate for Thursday next. None of the r?eo lulions offered thus far either excuse or express sympa thy for the Heceeatcuiate, although tbsy nearly all urge compromif e on the part of the Noi thorn states. both branches of the Legislature hive passed an act trans'erring $160,000 from the swamp laud fund to the general fund, So us to place the fund iu a condition to pay salaries and other legislative expeusos. The act provides lor returning the money on the 34 ot November next. An exalting oobato has taken place in the Assembly over the resolutions to expunge from tho legislative re cord the vote against tho late rienivtpr Hrodeciok for op posing the ouR-iSAion of Kansas under tho l*c?mpton coi st ut lion. Tho resolutions passed that body by 41 to 32 All the candidates for United s Peuator are invited to acdiess a mectu g of the Legislature and the public at San am< nto th<s evening on the suto of the Union It Is believed that none of thom will rosjioad to the invita tion. An ctTort is making among the Douglas matchers of the Legislature to hold a caucus on Tuesday or Thursday of next week to nominate a Senatorial cuudidito. An inret diary Hie occurred at Sacramento on the 24th, distroying a arjie boarding house kuown as the "I'alace." The inmates baiely escaped with their livej. loss about $1 to ,000 Two tons of average copper ore from Calaveras county have been assayed in this oity, proving to contain gold, ?ilver and copper at $111! per ton?the proportion ot gold and silver bring about $11 to the ton. The general tore of trade is that of quietness In regard to most expoi ted arliclos, with a nrettv active export demand for the I'. adisg WlicfrS of domoslic protufte. SU1.JS of !!<]? ii'iu.tiut- candles at 20c. a21c. per lb. Sugar?Sales of 1,OCO sacks China, No 1, in good order, at $S 27% a t* i<> V heat, delivered alongside of ship, $1 70 a $l T6 jm r 1C0 ibi ; nitUws pay a slight advance upon these prices. Police Intelligence* ATIK>H*TED MUKI'KK ANI? 8CT<!flM?. Hugh Ward,a coal dealer, living at No. 617 fcarl >treet, had a difllci'.Uy with his wife some years ago, which re sulted in a sepaiutiou and Mrs. Word's going to live with her brother in law, 1'uter Howky, at No. 203 aveuuo A. Yettciday Wa/d repaired to the residence of his wife and demanded of her the sum of f 160, which she had drawn from the savings bank the day previously. Mrs. Ward refused to accede to tbo request, on the ground that she had a family to support, and told her hiuband to go about hi* business. Ward then begged for half of the amount, but his wife was inexorable, and refuse 1 to give bitn a dollar. Finding that he could not accomplish his purposu by fair means, ho resolved upon using force, and, drawing a revolver, threatened to shoot his wife if fhe did not comply with his demand. N 'tiling daunted at the threat, however, Mrs. Ward still ad hered to her resolution, when h?r husband became enraged fend discnarged the pistol at her twi c Fortunately tbo bails wont wide oi the mark and lodged ha.mic86i) in the wall. The tiring attracted tho atten tion of some of tho inmates, who promptly interforod, and succeeded, by worts of good advice, in allaying the madman's anger. Ward tb< n pretended to be deeply liemii'iu for tin* attack upon bis wile, and intimated tha'. be wished to s:o her aioion for a few moments provious to purtlcg w 1th her fi rover. Not suspecting that mis chief w.'s intemied Mis. Ward retired with hor hujhand to tho piivucy otthe hallway. In a few sec> afterwards loud (-creami. were heard issuing from the hall, and upon I'uinuMtiMin it wak loutitl ui?t ill,- iTouau w is stlbbod tn no les i thanthri o plac? s ab >ut ttit- body. Ward was soon running ?t< wo the sums. and as s'x>n u< lv> reached the txtloni of thu flight ho drew a pistil and shot himself in tho region of the stomach Ily this tin.e polici man Sandtord, of tho KighteenCi ward, am\ cd at tbo scene of the disturbance, and Ward was convejed to llellevuo Hospital for medical trcatmont. Cpon examuj*tl< u It w.t tound that tho liall hid pierced the abdomen, indicting s severe If not fatal wound. Mrs. Ward wu so weak from the loss of blood that I', was deemed inadvisable to removo her from hor rasidence. f h?- K ali s that It was while her hitst-ond was it: the act of klecing her thit he buried tho (teel in horsi'o, and tl.?t two oil. r claim wet - indicted before the assailant s wa* satisiUd Iho condition ot the Injured lb represented to be very critical, tho pbyitcian.' in attendance ha\ ii.g but siigiit Lois* of her recovery. (BUCK I V r.WMt Pritvww?$30 000 Isvolvko?Siiies Poik, a lawyer, was takeu into custody by Sergeant Cropsey, of tbe Ixiwer Police Court, jesterd?y, on a charge of fa'se pretences preferred against li :n by Mr. Josiah Marr, of 1'atteraoa, N. J. Tho complainant, in hti aQidavit, allege* that nb mt a year ago he had ore isl n to raise the sum of $7,600 on bond and mortgage, acd was referred to tho di frndant as a lit pemon to transact bust rest with. Stair Sa<s he was po^8l,SHod of a tatm of 42) acres, t?.g< thei with'other real and pers >n*l properly, valued In ail at $.'0,14)0, and up n this estate he proponed to get a loan of $7 .MM) as already suted. fhe defendant, be- fa>s, fepri sent?si that it would be an easy matter to n.uke the lau-e, and requested complainant to sign hi-, same to whut purported to beamuriga;:o. Mr. -UrrMsned hi< u?mo lis !?? was mstruct>y|, and having succeeded m h'S n .-ilcn >tirted for home without thinking any tbiag tutliei ol the m ilter. In tho month of August list, how ever, he toys hr >veted that the jiaper tie sigwJ was a power ot alt'.iney, aulhorizirg 1'eck to dlsp.ite of his mure property. I pen Inquiry he ascert*:ocd that $10 (A)0 wrrth of the property bad b en actually sold, aud that there was a mortgage on the remainder of ihe tand tor over $10,000. He claims to have been in red lo tbe atuount of $.?<i.000, and p>a.vs tiiut I'tck may lie dealt with aeeording to law. I hi-accused w.ia brought before Juai'ce Welsh und committed for examination. P(>ck del led the charge proferrod against btm.nnJ ?ay<? he fceis .entidmt ol aopnttal when the matter conici to oe fiilly investigated. AtiJUii n I'i-uj<i>?rY o? a Cijcrk.?Rlward Smith, a fast young man In the employment of Me?sr*. Hall & Wheol er, No. 2 MaiiLcn lane, was taken into custody yesterday by detective I>i:scnberry on chaigeof stealing olc'itcca gold watches, twehe k?>M rings and a I t of other jewel ry, valued in all at $1 000, the property of his employers 1 ho greater portion of the stoleu troO'ts was recovered by tbe otl.eer r<nd restored to it leiiitimat" owuera. \ oung tfrnlih had a penehant for fast womeu and fast horse* and lived In line st; le while the money lasted. Ou btdng brought l>eloro Justice Kedly, the prisoner confessed bis jullt and intimated a desire to m.ike all tbe repar .'on lu his power. The magistrate locksd him up tor exami nation. Stnte* CommU?lonfi'? < oar*. Before Commissioner Ckrroll. Km 12 ?7he FmM $t<Ur> rt. Samitel jBltMfc.?The do findaiit In tills case, as already rrport?l in tbe 11khau>, w:in cb.rged with Irsu'Dg metal business card* in itulta tivn of tin- I'Dllwl hutes cent coin. lie ( un.niii aioiicr him Tor trial. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Wkdnkhday, Feb. 1 J?6 I*. M. The foreign exthange market closed with ra'her more firmness this morning; the low rates at tracted btiyera; every one who could scrape mo ney enough together mado baste to remit. The steamer took out $1,455 in specie. There in no change to note in the money market. There bt plenty of imney seeking employment on call at .5 a ?i per cent, and a lively inquiry for fa vorite names at the discount houses; but second class papor passes great difficulty, and at high rates. The stock market this morning was irregular at the openlag, but the tendency of the speculative stoc*swa-i downward, especially after the first board. New York Central declined 1 per cent, Toledo, yt; Heading, Illinois Central. 1%; Krle, I; (ialena, 1. Hudson Itiver, on the strength of the freshet, fell off IJ4 per cent. Ht*te stock*, on the < oulnry, were generally better at the first board, and steady aft'-rward. The decline to-day -ef m? to be regarded as a natural reaction after the advance of the past two days. If political difflcnlties are settled, it is tuken for granted Hat stocks will rise rapidly, under the com bined effects of ease ia money and the goneial intrca 0 of railway truftie. At the second board to o y the uarkit wa-t rather better, and most dc-cilpUons w<rc a fraction higher than in the morning. 'I he mark't closed quiet. Ibe foil' w it g were the last authorized quotations, l,vt ir? tli1 -'f' t stocks were it fraction hipher [ten an". I ',it' I -^t <!e-(1874),87% Virginia j> 1 ? f, rr- . ??, Missouri 1 t.. .it'i't- .*?-?. * 11. y. 1 HtWMONl ' ?? V? N* ? Vork < antral, 77% a %; Erie, 32 a %; Hudson River, 4S a %; Harkm, 1C a %; do. preferred, 40% a %; Reading, 42% a 43; Micliigaa Central, 66% a 5G%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 14% a 15; do. guaranteed, 32% a 33; Panama, 113% a 115; IiiinoiB Central, 77% a %; Galena and Chi cago, 72 a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 33% a %; Chicago and Rock Ialand, 57% a %; Chicago, Bur liagton and Quinoy, 71% a %. The following waa the business of the Sub-Trea sury to-day:? RewtlpUi $76/206 73 ?For duaUMBl 61,000 00 l*?ymente 61 italiuco ,.3,366,060 31 The communication from the Secretary of the Treasury to Mr. Sherman, to which reference waa made in thin morning's debate in Congress, reveal* a btate of things scarcely leu disgraceful thai the peculations of the ex-Secretary of War. When Mr. Dix took the office of Secretary of the Treas ury, he had reason to believe that the $10,000,000 obtained by the sale of Treasury notes would defray all the expenses of government up to March 4. On further investigations, however, it came to light that creditors of the government claiming be tween eight and aine millions of dollars were unpaid For some time previous, it seemed to have been the policy of the government to pay nobody, and to leave its creditors to starve. Soldiers, Bailors, em ployes in every department of the government, had been coolly informed by Mr. Dix's predeces sors that there was no money for them, and uo i emedy. Nor was this concealed from Mr. Dix when he first took office, and the books and accounts of the Treasury Department were in such conta gion that it was impossible to discover the true state of affairs without much labor. Messrs. Cobb and Thomas, like Mr. Floyd, had evidently no love for light. At length, on Monday last, Mr. Dix ascertained the exact amount of overdue claim* against the government, and iustantly applied to Mr. Sherman for leave to borrow $8,000,000 before the 4th of Murch, in order that Mr. Bu chaban's administration should go out of office owing no money which had been fairly earned. Ah it was feared that a government loan would not pell above 85 at the present time, an informal un derstanding was had with the Legislatures of the four leading Northern States that New York should endorse $3,000,000, Ohio and Pennsylvania $2,000, 000 each, and Massachusetts $1,000,000, of new fe deral bonds?the endoroation being granted on the basis of the federal loan of 1836 to the State*. With these endorsations it was supposed that the new bonds (sixes) would have sold ftt par, and Mr. Buchanan's administration Would thus have been efcabled to pay every dollar it owes before the 4th of March. This scheme was defeated by the objections of Mr. (iarnctt, of Virginia. To-<lay wc notice that Mr. bherman has altered his plan, and proposes to uoe part of the $25,000,000 already granted, to be raised by the issue of ooupon bands not exceeding $50 in amount. The object of this is, of conrse, to elicit bid* from the masse?, ac cording to the inethod so successfully practised by Napoleon during the Crimean war. lhe earnings of the trie Railroad for the month of Jifcimry, lMt, were $407 41 EatiiUigs January, 1800 336,3y0 80 Incrtasc $71,553 61 The annual report of the Illinois Central itail road Company is known to be in type, and to have been sent to England; but the directors have not yet vouchsafed to ghe a copy to any one here. We understand, however, that it exhibits a state of things unparalleled in the history of railroads in this country. The debtor side of the accouut is Huid to .-(ami somewhat as follows:? Dr. Capital stock, 80 (.00. hairs, lull j>ai I $8,000 000 " 00,WiU filialis, sop*r con; paid.. 7.'-On coo Hoods of '75 15,247 500 iV)u<ig of 'As Uoods of '7s 30.000 ToUl $30,707,500 Cr. By laud notes in bird $13,000,000 Value of 1.333 000 uci06, at pro u-Lt seiliuy price. $15 ;ier aero.. 20 02V000 33,025,000 Clear proUt $2,227,500 This is exclusive of the railroad?the longest in the United States, and one which last month earned $320,024 from traffic, and which paid toward the interest ftind lant year about $'.100,000. The total interest on the bonded debt is $1,050,000. The January statement shows $41,500 of bonds cancel led, and $31,000 collected for the interest fund. Annexed is the January statement of the Illinoii Central Bftilroad Company: ? Land Acret Valw CeD?trucli?n lands 8,Wo $127,105 Intei'-bt I mil lauds.,., 359 0,037 Free !anc? told 3,379 48,4WJ Total during the motth J2,-s3 $181,03} to wli ch aou town lot Bale* ,"OJ i*old previously (lo? t-alrn 1,260,273 19,117>8.1 Total 1,27^.(357 $16,3C0,522 C< tihtci- tui. b' tn'.fetantclicd Janu ary. l??l $41.'.00 Courui.ction bow'a cancelled pre v loual) 1,746,503 $1,771,600 Total ?iith rtceipts in Jan , 1MI1 72,$?3 Total c.i?b au?< I'Ouit received to 4M II lsOi 4.567.671 Cash rt'C< tpt; 'n January, appluapie It cancellation or c-tr miction bocda, $U,in!3 W>, u pllcab.e to free land f'toe $3 650 70, applii-?lii(- to itilorcat fun I. $23,3X5 78. Mifcceilantius ace uuts, $?.,094 10. Total, $22,273 54. lroj/w U(p<x;tmm'.. l'o> -? D??" 3 $00,760 freight. 2?6,o?2 Valr 6.358 K. tit oi rood 6,63o fiber ao<.tc(s 2,167 To'ai receipt* In January, 1861 $.''.20.021 Total rtctipu* u January, lH6o 185,267 The exchanges at the Hank Clearing House this mcrnir.g were $i7,561f4M) 47, and the balances $K 0,<i?e its. 'ihe ( hicago Pre** of Monday say*:? TiiO cow* fri m -prmgtield ts rontiicttng. Some profeM to li?ve i t -|?iclieM gtaiug thit a comproinlkO win t>? re potted on Monday, a ad put tbruugh und< r a BUhpenBlon oi the rule*. other* report tout .--on.itor llaca'a bill will t>o adopted, while iiuuiy begin to fear that the legisla ture will i;u nothing Wi' cannot believe that tbo latter ' pitjii n la tor.*eci. "heiuombei* would not dare to cotno h"trn to tiielr constituent* with* ut ptNUng pojie Itw to protect them iroui the indeCnUc multiplication of wild rata. At It'Mt li t them coiict that to more nhill bo i Mtabli?bcd ai.d that now in operation aball not ib ? Iki r (in iMloa. An<! in addit iou to ihia, I'M'i .-onate para ihe Auditor's bill, already through the Hvuae, for bald ing li junction* from commiwuncn, and rt aMiLR the Auditor U> wind U|I the bauka that do not teejamd by the redemption of thair Botas. Theee mea surw would utloid t*>th relivf auo protection. We tr ial, however, that tbo Leg'Mat ire tlnd t'.me to comt'lne all that la Valuable tn ail tbo billa that *ro before them, and |?tl 11 1lto a law at oncn. 11.e Na>hville thinner of the 8th Inst, says: ? Tl-.n amount nf dour, corn and bacon which liia paaaod and la paraing through tint city ,?? mi/,v tor th" rapublioa of tieorula, AUbnma, Mlasiaalppi and Houth Carolina, la unpie?-? ^ iitfo. rerc?ion m? ma to baro abaipi-nail tUoir uppt'lltis amazingly, and thr} grasp at the prorendi'f of the bUelt rejaib. < ?na with a voracity absolutely alarm li g. I .vet a Bhl|>a,oDt ot bacoti to hogahiiula, from 8|?'i glield, ill., tbo b"Di" of ihe rail Kpliticr, which eania up thr other day on the iltllmao, dostloed for Georgia, n ;>a ririivid pliaiura. Cnf-rtuunte'r lor the r<> atoriaa'd, the Wiaierc and Atlanta road in t^or Kia 1 *a b?? o lor come time out of order, and their inp - aio Dot fvin( lorward promptly, rhi- roceipta by railiond ai.d tieamhoni have accumu jue?t hero to Buoli an client anradv, that It would ted the full capacity of thu Nashville and Cbatlanuraa lUilroad for thirty days, we ar? told, locarrj th< m off without anotMr pound aiided. Our warobot.M B are flillog up, and boata not being willing to pa, ctii)*g'<and dl< tagi , on account of the maoility of the road to nveiv? fnm Ihn wharf, hive laid up to wa't a clearing out, or aro receiving no more ratlrca<l ]r(>'ufa|(. The receipts of the Toledo Rod Wabash Railroad for the lir?t week In February were: 1850 19t>l. TafFcngora $.'i f>?2 75 3,441 16 freight 6.K60 30 tf>30 24 Total $9,534 06 13.3*2 39 Ine. e&se .8,8iO 24 Stock K fVOTO TVeaaur7*12pcn 101 \ ??ti0 d ) i')',pin 100 do 11f?n 100 H .'HKI0 N V 6 B 1808 .. 103 * KtCON V f'.tM* . ioo 4< 00 Teen 6'h I""... 7i>< l<ito mrnv'irl ?'?.. 67 ff(fl ?'o ... .<10 U*0 no 66 V, I ifitt n-'1 | r?"i m M irhaaf*, Wm>h?o*v. Fob 1.",, 1861 50 Bhs Harlea IIR . 41 S, 2UX) do 41 1(M) do bl& 41 200 do ... . ultf 40H 160 do Wrt 40 JOO do '.0\ 510 Mich U r.tral KK. 19% 60 de 56'i 1M do... *'0 f 6 ?-( ill! Jo. .. ,?3P r>6 , f^) it).,. , ftl 1000 do 66S 200 UcadiGK RR 4i* 101.0 K.RR8mb,1883 Mi loo do 43 W 4000 Erie RR 4 ui b. 81* 250 d? 43u 2000 do 81^ 100 do -<J0 43 2000 Hud Riv a f b.. 08* 670 Jo 43 1000 Mich H 1st m b 81 * loo do blO 4i* 600 111 Cent RR b.. WJ 100 do mo 42* lOOOLaCkM Igb... 17* 160 Mich So h V I UK 16 2000 Col k NW 2d tu XT 4fO Mich BotNlii 31 6000 Hatl fcSt los ItK 6S 100 do blO 31 6000 LskaEAW 2m b 8? 2M Id Ceu IUI scrip. 78* aooocH&QKUgpcb 03 ?; 60 do. .. .. 7.1? 10 Hlw IJel 4 HCaOo 80 200 do nU> IS 60 Pacific Mail 83 Co 84* 260 do 78 CO do 84* 100 do bl6 T8 60 NYor k Cen UUslO 77 60 do bid 78 410 do p&c 77)5 260 Gal & Cbj nil.... 72 260 do pArc 77*i 6 do Tl* ICO do WJO 77* 100 do a30 71% 126 do t-30 77>i 25Clov k Tol UK... 33* 110 do opg 77* 100 do BlO 33* 160 do opg 77* 1200 do s30 33* 70 Brie RU 33 1360 do 83 V 200 do 32* iOO Chi * Rk I RR..." 67* 60 do 32* 260 do 67* 100 do 32 H HO do 67* 200 do s30 SIX 60 do 816 67* 160 Hud River BR... 44 100 do 630 67* 10 do 44* M Chi, Bur it Q RR. T1V 176 do 43* If* do 71* 320 Harlem RR 16 * 60 do 71* 100 Har P.R pref. b30 41* v HECOKD BOARD. $27UCO Trs'ry lOpcnts. 100 60 ehs Erie RR 32* SOGOTrs'y 12pcnU. 101* 860 Harlem RR pref. 40* 6000 Tenn 6'h, '00.. 72* 60 do..... 830 4l> 4000 Virginia 6'b. .. 78* 200 do 40* 6000 MisMrarWs. MO 06* 100 Mich Central RR. 66* 10001', LfcWRRlung 0T ?00 Ul Cent RR scrip. 77 100 8ha ChfcRIRR.slJO 67 * 60 Clove h Pitta RR. 0* 100 do 67* 100 Ual&Chic RR..810 71* 100 Canton Co 14* 60 do s30 71* 60 Paeiflo It 8 S Co.. 84 20 do 71* 100 N Y Cent RR . opg 77* 160 do 72 150 do pAc 77 * 200 do slO 72 160 do p&c 77* 260 do slO 71* 300 do b60 77* 126 Cleve & Tol RR.. 33 MEW YORK CATTLE MARKET. WkdmcjOat, Feb. 13, 1861. BEEF CATTLE. Of all things which the butcher* and cattle drovers and brokers dread, as exercising the most deleterious cffect upon their particular branch of trade, quad rageaima is the most dreaded. Accordingly, we wore not surprised at finding a dull markot at Bull's Head, though the rooeipts were not ovor and above heavy, and the average quality full as g-;od as usual. For the medium and lower grades the domand was much lighter than usual, In consequence of the Tauten season, and even the first class butchers manifested considerable tar dint 6a in their selections. Choice exlra steers were in email supply, and the few that wore on salo brought high pi iccs, ranging from 9*c. a 10*c. a 11c. First class cattle c anno l be quoted at over 9*c., howover, and a large proportion of good Western droves weie ho d at about 8c. per pound. Butchers genoraliy puichased as ligliily as posmbie, anticipating a greatly diminished consumption during the observacce of Lont. It was thought that quite a number would bo leftover unsold, but drovers put prices down vory low, in order to insure gales, ano it is probable a lar<?,i number weie uul lDg i"10 tUTn * fiuurs of tho day at our inbide quotations. The market was vory irrcgiiut? and prices merely nominal, as in scarcely any two yarda were they tbo bamo, and the viows oi in? brokers as to Ihe current quotations varied materially, ijauy oi the cflcrings were opposed to tbo seveie v. eatlior during tho woek,und were looking badly < aoufjh In consequoiico. The total number on Sale at Ailerton's was 3,073 hoad, acd at all tho yards 3.6C5 head, against 4,091 hoad last week. Tho receipts a*, tho vaiious yards were as foU lows:? Aller- Brown- Cham Ber Om'I. iny't. berhn's. O'Brien's. aen. This week 3.073 77 28 24 463 last week.... 8,801 69 41 21 463 moss (umr Quality Price. Quality. Price. Fxira, pr ct flO 00 a 11 00 Common $7 00 a 8 00 ?"if*1 0 OC a t? to Inferior 6 60 a 0 60 Ordinary ... 8 26 a 8 76 COW.- 4KB CALVTB. First, per hd.f .'5 00 a 00 00 Common.,... $30 00 a 36 00 Ordinary.... 40 00 u 50 00 Inforior 25 00 a 30 00 Vlitl GtOhM. First, per lb.. 6*c. a 7*c. Common .... 4c. a 6a. Ordinary 6*c a 6c. Inforior 3*c. a 4c. Minor im Lama. Primp, per hd $5 60 a 7 00 Common $3 00 a 8 75 Ordinary 4 CO a 6 00 Inferior 2 75 a 8 00 aw ma. First quality..6*e. a 5*c. Other quaU ,.8*c. a 6*c. MILCU COWS. The mui let for miU b cows remains quiet, and prices are without noticeable vaiiutlcn Kor the choice blood ed cow? tho inquirv contt'.uea fair, an<l h ddors are en abled to obtain r>munerative pr.ces; but for othor kinds the deaasnd is mi derate, and our quotations are barolv supported. Infer lor grodi s are dull and drooping. Tbe receipts at the various yards were aa follows ? AWrUm't. B~oufting'i. Chamberii/t'i. O'Brien's. This week.. 22 11 21 50 last week.. 23 29 SI 2Jt VEAL CALVES. The demand continues moderate for all kinds, and not withsiaodlig the supply was light, our outaido prices are D*ir( ly i-u*tatn< d. Tho bulk of iho oftVi ings wore placed at 6\c. a 8*c.a 7c., and only a few of the choicest brought ? KC't while on]y tbo inferior and common grades wore placed at our ,'owor range, or from 3 Sc. to 6c Those which sell at the inside rato arc miserable scallawigs, tot Ot for market. The market was a(Tect?d very little by the Leoh-o season. Tho receipts at tho various yards wore as follows Allrrton'i. Brmtming't. Chamfxrlin't. O'Brien'?. this week...270 21 ? 44 Up t wet If.. .276 26 83 87 PIJKKP AND LAMM. The market was (il-ntitully supplied this week,and the demxnd bem? light, sal< s dropped considerably, while holders were obliged to grant a concession from previous rates, amounting ,o 25c a SOc. i>er head, on an average, though the ran^e Is full as wide as last week, owing to the tact that a few exti as brought as high as $fi 60 a 17 |<er bead. G<od sbeep were sold as low as $4 50 which readily brought $5 last week, and a large number were placed at our |.,wer quotations The receipts at the dilleroot yards for the week and last week were as fol io ws> Allrr'. n'e. Brmimingi. Oiamlfvlin't. O'Brien's. This week..J,370 6 C01 2,613 610 Uht week.. ;k!9 4 244 2,350 462 8WINK. Ti e rec-' pts during the week were modorato, but tbo demand has btcu l.gUt, and prices have declined to 6\c. a 6'Jc. fx-r in for corn fod, and 5*' a 5*o. for still fed. BKt'S PITt'I. ATION. Tho total rereiptsof allBi.?;k?t all the va.da for tho W"?fc and Ust week wore as follows:? , ? , Beertt. CVi'rn. Cut'"* She*)** fa. St/in* Allertons 3,073 2 i 270 1 370 6 302 Browning's 77 11 21 6 001 ? Cii.UiLerlin's.... Ti 21 16 2 613 ? O'Hrien's 24 TO 44 510 _ Bergoti 4(13 ? ? __ __ total f S4 361 0,494 Tlflij Last w*ek 4 091 112 370 7,425 8,872 Rr.CKtlTS nv NEW TOUK ANI> KKMS KAIIBOAU. 1 0^> Shoi'p 3,59.'! Hogs 2,183 Horses 20 till COS2NEBC1AL REPORT. Wbi.nMUT, Keb. 13?6 P. U. Aflin?The KiStket *u steady, with r ilea <?f 20 a 30 bl'l? . including p' tK at 6 1 1(1and pcnrls at 6^c. Btumirrtni.?l'i< ur?I lie market for shipping and rapertlue Wdtm tlnte brands wm easier, but with more dcit.p at the NlfMloe, and cblofly for ox port. The traoe>Ct! u crobincid ab> ut la,000 bblg , closing within the follow :i,g tongo oi jirici o ? tjaawflae 9tate $'>00 a 5 10 i xtra stat>\ g< o?i to chotco ft 10 o 6 3ft 0aperfine Wntmi ft oo a ft lo Conifon to rbotcii Wt stern extra ft 10 a 7 10 Mixed lo stra'pht .Scuth'm ft :t0 a 5 70 Slight tn g<K'd extra do li ho i 7 2ft Choice rxtru tamliy and bokcts' brand*.. 7 SO a 8 00 Rye flour 8 30 a 4 10 Corn meal, Jeisey and Rrandywine 3 00 a .1 60 ?C?ii..<Hnr Hour win oaater and more active at tho con cession the wil< s i mbnued S00 a COO bbls. at $6 I2>i a |7 2'?I lie latt?r figure, lor only small low oi family ex trn. fr'outberr Hour whs without change of moment In pi ic* r: the Kales embraced about 1,300 bbls., cloaing within tbe range of the above quotations Ky>> Hour w.m steady at our quotations, with sales of sbout 175 bbl* fort n.eal wao i|ulet at the above figure*. Wheat was heavy sii-1 rather lower, while there was a better drirar.d f w < xport. rhe transactions ombraajd about 40,(0C bushels, rolling ?h follows.?$l 40 a $1 45 for Ohio and Michigan wblto, (1 87 for red Weetnrn at the rail road derot, 91 33 tor prime l/>ng bland red, $1 ao a $1 21 t* r Cana l* club, (1 31 for good Mtlwaukev club, and $1 17 for g'*>d Cbtrntio oprtng. Itarley waa firm, with saleK re porud of 16 000 bushe,s fair State at 71c. Barley mak *as flrn., with (alee of 1,910 bushels at Ms. .on time. Rje wn? quirt at 66c. Corn waa more active, with a ?light conctetlon in prices the saJes, Includlrg parcels for export, embraced about "0.C00 bushels at 61c a ajc. for new yellow Jersey; Mr. a 63c. for now mixed Wea (era at tho railroad depot: 64c. a 6ftc. lor old Woelorn mixed, In st<.re, 6flt. lor ao delivered, 73c. a 74c. for good new Cou their white, and 68c. for old Southern yel low. Oats were firm and in good demand, with sales of Western and Canadian at 36 wc. a 86'j.c., and of Slate at r6>?e a 37 .V OtTt* ?ihe market continued without animation and prices were unchanged. The sties footed about 2,600 Sales closing a. about 11 Sc. per lb. for middling uplands. Ihr followmjr Is a statement of the mor?ment in ootton slice the let .vt pUiiber last as compared with the pre v'.oiii tbri e yrarts ? 1?01 I860. 1?60. 1 Hit. K.c'd at pert?. .. 2.1H3.000 3,131,000 2,027,000 1,607.000 Exported toO. Bn l .ltu 000 1 307 000 806 ooo ft to 000 IH). to Krance 82" 000 .tOU.dOO 810.000 1 Ml ,000 IV. U> other rnps. 183,COO 202,000 234 000 132 000 Ti Ul exports 1,6117,000 1.8T8 00? 1 360 000 8HO.OOO Ptork oahonu.... 6M,oto t 0?0,W)0 V70 goo 6?2,ooo l?t which during the i*u>t week. viicltided in ?heal>ove: ? lier'd nt ports.... u: <**> i&:.wo l&e ooo 124.000 Kxpotted k>G. Ba. so,000 44.000 ?,000 iw. lafretci .... wVoo tttoo 7000 l>n t/>other flips. 11 O00 22 <00 18 000 0 000 floral istbits l? 130 two 00,000 40,000 Tt-e dn in receipts at t?ie ports c >mpxr?>.t wi'h last yoar, wrt# 638 'WO bales. The oec.reMo in exporter to firm Btltain wa* 113 WO balus; deare ..?e to Krmoco, 41-tK* de?iv?ee toolbar foreign |>oria, W,0"0 r>iuu de ?teas* >u sx|> irte, Jh 1.0*0 bahi.?. Cottaa?tlie market was rhnrige of tsom^at, while llio voiles trt.braced nboot l.Otomatsof .l?rn?i lfc a l6??c , i?d ::00 bug* Rio at 11 n ;. ?, ti<n. hi ?'firm to 1 retpiol, ehl'? .' . met't. ,wi, lijjht lh# ?" jfSf me t< i,?ii ??! ? >? 1 4,fc0^b' ? .'i , 6<l, 7?3j,1 , > '>y *r ?r; for wheat, 1'. VI. in buik and ISd In ship's bags k?i ai-ted. aua 6,000 ou?h? is wrere <*u><*Ked in the furtino a 12(1., '"'Ik 'lo Lendoa 1,000 bbls. llour wo:e> tuig..god bt 4* l>?d a 4? *X'1 ; 2W) boxes '<aoou at453.; cLi** ' was nouiuuu ut 60b Hates loOi ?%>'W weio (toady a> lint liai g<*l. To havr.i C"ti"n was <t la |* r p^und, 8,000 bushels wheat were taken yesterday afternoon 1 VSc per bushel. t wi IbeDruueMt lu the m*rket previously notic baa continued airce, dry cud and uiaikerel ware bit in better demand Purine tho present week Biles of a# <l<ili talf Rat k c <1 liavw beer ma'< ut p. t , and also ? cat go George's at p. t., and sales of N'u. 1 mackerel weed mule at $14 75. Her rug was steady. Kltirr?The market waa quiet ai.d sales limited. VU? sales mui' g the week cmbiacel about 2,000 boxeo, iu cludltg layers at $2 20 a $2 "26, on 1 bill' boxts at $1 0">. wiUi M. K '? ut $1 ?6 and half boxes at #2S'c , with other bales of both kinds on pi ivate terms. Gi'nny IUum wero Jrtn, with sales of HU0 bales heavy in Boston at 13c , short time ami interest GU5NY Cuih?Ihe market was fiiD,ulliU4ol f0# baits have be?. mado this.week at 10a cisb, and "H* do. in Bi+tm at p t. Ham-.?Sales of 1,000 biles Maui la were uiade at lloa ton to arrive, at f ?o., six months. Hay ?Tho market was nte*oy, with sil.-s of about 1.0C0 bales at b0o. Fcr cltv tue it was selling at i>??. all. Horn ?The demand continues good for oouumpUoa, and all grades are in better demand. The sales withia two or thieo days ha\o oiubracu '200 Dales at 26c. a 32c. Iron.?Ibo market ior Scotcfc pic waa less buoyant: sales of Glengwuoei have been triaue, from vosset, at $21, lis months; Mexican No 1 was $22; No. 2, at $20 a $21. nix TIM nil s. Morjkams ?Sukw of (7 bids. of Cuba muscovado were mad* at S2e , and 03 do. do. at p. t. N^valStorw wete quiet and prices unchanged. Olis?Linked was Bt?a^y,with sales makiug at 51?. cash for American, In ca<k. A eale of 200,C00 lbs. pain oil was reported, supposed to lave bi>en' at 8c , stK months. Doxee olive oil, in qnurtfi, wore setting in ioU at$S. The irtfviroetiU at New Bedford for the week ending the 11th, liave been noticed as follows:?Sperm? No transactions In sp?rm, which retnains iu ab"Ul th? tame state us quoted in our lost. Wliale very quiet; sale? of t?p parcels nniountU'g to 200 bbla at prloes uot transpired. Wlialebono?-ales 1,000 Iba Arctic at T8c. Pkovimoxb.?I'ork?Tne trial ket wiw henvy and duU, while th? sales wore confined to 120 bbls., including me a at $17 25 and prime at $L&. Beef was steady, with limited sales, at $8 76 a $U 75 lor repacked mess and $10 a $10 76 for extra. Beef hams were steady, with sales of 100 bbls. Western at $15. Bacon was dull aud heavy at SJfc a JO'jc. Lard was quiet and heavy, with sales of 160 bbls. at 9'-,e. a 10c. Dtossud hogs worn duU, at $6 76 a $6 67per 100 lbs. Butter and cheoso were un changed. Rica was quiet at $%<?? u ly,c. Scoaks?Tbo ta'.-a wero fair, though prices war# some easier. The sal.-a emhracol about 040 hhda. Cuba, at 4%c. a 6c., and 298 b?xea at 7c. a 8c Sune?Clover waa In fair demand, with ealoa of 70i hngb this week at 7c. a 73%o cash. Lins< cd was in gno4 request, ?"d pales of ?Bv*rnl oargoee of Calcutta h*va been made iP Boston ut f I 65. Tf^? Blacks w6r? tn good demand an t dull. Only one cargo of new green has arrivr<'. Low g^adet wore so iree and firmly held. A sale hns been made thii week of 1,000 half cheaia of Oolong at a reduction of 2c per lb. Wiiiskky.?Sales were heavy at the close and loftert Bales of 350 bbls. wero made at 17 *?c. PKHHONAL. Deak 11.?if tou could but KNOW HOW I II KTh tried to comn.tinirKt? with you, ?nrely you would elthor write or rtturn. Do come, or lot one of un aieM you wiao. where; but to cine back would be belter, no matt-r m \vh it houfi \l ? ? # ? Eighteenth, at tii*; corner. HALf past ninc t*. U. D. jpRANK.?ALL RIGHT. OOOOtf BOLD. INFORMATION wanted?OF JOHN WM. AOAM4, 1 who came u1 thli coiiDtry in the |>aoket ahlp unelda, from Liverpool, iu thtf year 1S44 Address Joha Kurr, Klushiag, Long Ifland. I WILL MEET YOU WHKRR WE PURCHASED THE gaiters, July 4, on Friday 2 P M., 011 tbU day Thurs day, until 8 o'olock P. M. at the usual place. K. H UN j HE steamboat. s WEET 6MILER-WHERE ARE YOl ! WRI CK MR. BREAKPAST BELL. L.OST AMI) FOUND. FOIjND-A LALY-S POR'l EttOKNAlB, CONTAIN1NO a small sum of money, in Fifth aver.ue, near 1 h*rty fourth street. Tbe owner ran hare it by calling at 40 * eat Thirty-fourth street, between 2 aud 3 P. M. Lost?on Saturday aftkrnoo*. feb. o. m twten Thirteenth and Twenty-thtrd street*, a plain gofc Bracelet. The finder Mill l? Hoi'alily rewarded by b armg tb same at C3 Fifth avenue, corner of Thirteenth street. Lost?on mondav evening lagt. a oolojoin' Braceli-t A III eial re ivaid will be paid 011 its return I 1'eckbam, Merrill, Fitch A Co., 17 John airert. J LOST?ON THE 13TH INkT, in a twp.nt* third street or hi' ad .v ay hta((e. a sma I red leather Hm oun talnlng twelve dollarh In ihri ?? d >>lar bills and a aliopplnit h?<. The finder will nave the luuduess to leave it ?lta Mr. sLatlyn. 76 Murray htrret. LOfiT?AT THE FRENl II THEATRE ON 8ATITKDA ) evening, 9lli Inst, n ?>mall opma Glas<i, li tvinf owner's muue In I nil on gla<* and case I he finder will &ir fer a favor by leaving it at 83 ilea, er street, wht-rj he wlU bu hiutiibl> rewarded. STRAYED OR HTt?LEN?A HLAUK AND TaN Tb? rler; be answer?-d to the name of frince. Any pcrs<* finding such a dog will tie atutab.y rov/ardid by bringing bias o I'J Last Fourteenth street STOPPED?MTPOSKD TO HE SIOLRN, AN OVKJt eoa?, wblcb tbo owner can havo by proving prjp*r'y aal paying ex|iemcs. Apply at Levy's Loan oilier, I>1 jjr^aina trect. RKWARD8. d?c REWARD.?LO*r, A OOl.n LEPIH WATCH, Mi iju 17,304, between plcra 27 and ?i South strcoi. The aW reward will be j>aid by lea v lug It at 1M South *trec., wl!" Jacob Ilucker. REWARD?LOST ON THR 12th INST. FROM 1 W rat Forty-?lxth alree', a small black and V fclut The tinder wlfl rewlv c thj ubuve reward by leaving I. at 13 Marlon tlieet, New York. $20 $500 BR WARD WILL KB PAID TO ANY PERftOW who mny give an -h Information w will leail to tha detection and conr ction of the jmitlea who obtained two can s of Mllui?one 1 ruin r.onil*d v\ areh ii?', No. 71 Uroeo mlch atrret, and tho other from No 41 Waahinston atrett -ua the 27th ol December last, up m forged pei luitx, pursuit ig to have bm: taauej from the t u.lum M m*--. Kl UbNK A. kOZLaY, Attorney and Counsellor TUB LECTUBK gEVgQIf, *| BKCANTILR LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. JW JOHN R. (UHiOII R 111 deliver hia new aim brilliant Lecture on tlia 81 FRETS OK LOM?)N. At COOPER INSTITUTE, FRtUAY KVEMNO. Fob. 1\ At 8 o'clock. Tlcktla ? cent*. For Nile at the Library or *t the door. POUTICA L. OATH WARD.?MoZART HALL WARD C')M*IITTHR LdU will bold a regular meatlng on i buradaf, th.? lKh of Fi Imiary, at 7,1, F. M., at Hlelly'a, 887 Ninth a\ onne M?m bera are requested U> attend, aa busiue-a of imp n lanoe wijl be brought betoie the committee. RKRNAHD RWEEtfliY, Preald"0t Jamks E.mwiiu, Secretary FIIB ARTS. EM1RAVED PORTRA1TH OF dit*riNOOI.->ltBD AD thora, poet*, Plate-n.en. phlloaophera, physii I .na, .? ne ral?, Ac., ol every age and nution ? \ large and 1 irleil amort mem, from lOcvutx t? W. with ?(\UUU volume* of rare u? >ka in till depaftmenia of ltteiatnrn 1 or a.le by J. W. lluLTOM A JO., importer*, 87 Waiker street, .V? lurk. WATCHK8 AND JRWELRvi Diamonds, diamonds, watcher, w.itouhm.? Dianu nd etuater kmI atng> atone King* and I'ina, from ?.2ft to $lt<> Hold ??atchoa watrariltU, nw|ll to $ila. Hold at half thair coat to pay udvnncea. Adv ane< ion utchc*, Liamocd*, Aa. J II. BaPIMMOHR, 17? Broadway, room 2.">, up aialra. gCABF PIBB?WABa ANTFD MOL.TD (IOLD ABO coral, $1 each, or ftv* far H *tM?tai attention glvea ta pairing line Watehea, Preach and Bngltah, Clock*. Muatoal Boiea and A"eordeona, Ae., A<?. Sent lor, repaired and da 11 vend to any part of the etty by experienced work Ilea. ?latlafaiUnn warranted ai tfcta eatahll-hmcnt. W H. MORBDW' N Watrhmnkar IJud#on *>raa(. VALKATIN K$. VALENTIN BR, Val.KNTlNKS. N1, ?Al.BSriBhfl DAT. l'P.URIJARY M. Call en BTBOaO la-day and get your \Menim-a. W Nataau street. STALER TINE WANTED.?A Yd NO M\N, WIIORH ? baahfuln.*? l? *'nh aa to Intertore with wronniaa maay lady aojuaintanc ta, hopt a that aome of the l dr aaa will take nlty nu hia foilorn state and ki nd lilm a valenuaa. Fraat'ia Mciten, Marlhornogh, Mana FIKJUTIIRH. a BED) OOM HUIT OF BMAmBLLED FUKNIT"AR FOR XV $2.% In all color*, a! war-anted iaa<inractare; oil t ekeatnut t hamher Ke.lla, plain and ornam- ntal. at IL F. FaRRIMOToN'B, IW8 Caaal atraet, opi-ialte Mounter. Batab liahed In IMA Vl'BBlTtTBB, AC.-A UhNTLBMAN, OOINO TO BO r rope, wMbe* ta Mil out. A *aaa aad wife, dr*lroaa af eoai mei ring houaekt vplug, ran have poc-eaar n of t'.-r.v. nient lti i ma, and everyibln* aocea a it (jlnln, hut g"<;<, l/avlng ^??^?n mail'- to order), vary uheap loi > ,i-h. Thla la no bum b>i?, tut nn nppatiunity ?eldom met wlih Addreaa Ruropn, bo* J.M8 Poal oiDee Dealer* n"ed not apply FOB HALE ? Ft'BBIT!JBF., BY A PABTY DKi'LIMNO honaelteepltig. A wyliiia *at f i'arior, H< Uroom and Kllcbtm Ftirtiture. a bargain io ih.jac eumietnylatiaa ln?*lug Dcaleta ntrd not apply AUiln-t < II K , hoi LUl New VorL I'oat i.dice. F(?B SAI.K CHXAP--OFFICB KU'tSriVRB. NF.ABLt new, eona'atlnc ol .louM ? .-ir^ ainjle Jeaka (-if log and 'audina;, ? haira, MaiUn-4, i:.fer.i,.- labia, Ac. lor part tea ar* ai:dte*a B. B. B., 1 >.??, .17 Her* d HPORTimO. A BfclVF.D BY THR I.Aflr ATRaMKR, A LABOR LOT A, of Cararlea, en ell. nt a uiuatera, at e hol?*ale and retail, rheaa; alao MookingBIrd., all kind* of Fancy Hlrda, ? agea. A*., for aale, at No. /S I ulton atreet, oi'mer rhi 1 li hi, DAVID VkKTBB. XpRABCIB BI TLP.R, NO. 3 PEPK SUP. IIAK ALti TH* A tMri Breed* lor aale aad at?Kk. Butler'* InCallibta Mang. ( Uio at.d Flea I'lteiminator, ?l (*01* i er bottle. But 1ST *"ridding, Trattiltiff, /|r , of $1. I>o<p botrdwl, twind, A I. Medicine* for all dlneaaea. F'OR NAI.E-A HMAl li RL&CK ANP TAN DOU; ASM, a Di g iitid Mtit Pup fl? ? w-i?ka old. arnin'ed IMtra. Aj ply *t (,,() Third MHw, Mwt a I' -ny ft. Ih and Fortf aii:h atieeta, in iha *tora, KLLINO 0?F-TfIB riNFi.f C"f r *'lt>N IK TUB 1 of Halglan and Wi .r ' ' , aun*! or MncIgM \\ t#ltM"> *A,r.f * flt-tfS 01 r. ? ft hi v?r J4 a\?S SKv':e

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