Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 17, 1861 Page 3
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S5llr !?**? *oodbury Eliubethport for But Beaton. Wak'field, Saunders, Ellzabethport for Newport BWir UMttroi. I.udl&iii. Elizabeth port for New Haven. Nchr G D White, Winner, EluaU tlii>ort for Midtlletown Point. Bloop Byron, AUen, Elizabetbport for Port Morris. BKL0W. Bark Marengo iBr, of Searboro), Hart, from Lisbon, 64 fey*. 7th lust, tat 40. Iod <6, apoke ship Yorkshire.?By pilot boat Kettle, No JU. Brig Rainbow.?By pilot boat W H Abpin wall, No 21. itue bark and two Brigs, unknown. ?tnm Pleamahips Vigo (Br). Queenstown and Liverpool (at 12 I?; iuuilii, and Monticello, Savannah, Nashville, Charleston; Vorktowip, Norfolk. i>; Patapaoo, 1'ortland; Br brig Peerleaa, Bermuda. From i^uarantlne?Steamship Datuo Webster, Braioa, with Wind during the day ? to SSE. MlMCllMtOM. Snir David Bbown?We learn by telegraph via Oueenatown that the mate's boat of the ship David Brown, from San Pran. cfeco. with 16 of the crew and 3 passengers, was picked up at sea. and the paaaengera carried Into Liverpool Jan 31. It wll[ be remembered that the David Brown foundered at se* J an 6, Htd alljwho were on board took to the boats. One, under the command of the captain, had on board 26 persons. Including aotne ladles. That bost was picked up at sea and carried Into Havana. Subsequently, some of the passengers arrived At Mew Orleans and other* in this city. Bark Black Monstkr?A letter to EUwood Walter, Es<i, Secretary of the Board of Underwriters, dated Queenstown, Jan 31, ?ys that ship Sarah E Pettlgrew, from Mobile ror Liverpool, put into Q the day previous, having on board Cap Pike and crew of bark Black Monster, of and from Baltimore (Pec 30) for Rio Janeiro, which was abandoned in a linking condition Jan 1, to lat 31 30 N, Ion 72 30. The B M was built at Philadelphia in 1863,293 tons, rated A2, and owned by Pen" dergait Bros, of Baltimore. The steamship Vigo, Capt McGulgan, sailed at noon yester day for Queenstown and Liverpool. She took out 145 paesen gers. Baku Minnesota, Wayne at PUU^elphU from ro. had very heavy weather from Ion 19 to 9 S, Jan 3, tot IS ?, Ion 37 A), shipped a heavy sea over thebow which wrigd^gy from Chne foV Liverp<.ol,Jl'h Ic^s of mlten^.t and main * pall?, has sailed to day lor Savannah, after a Complete overhaul. , Bordeaux, Jan 2ft-The American ship I.lxxie Bogg* Dlaer. from New Orleans, arrived In the Olronde. had experienced bad weather, which carr.ed away part of ber masta. She was towed to Verdon by a steamer lrom aboutone nilleoff the Olronde. Liverpool, Jan 29-The Robert MilU. hence/or Galveston, which went on shore at Penrhyn, Feb 2b last, has put back here from Holyhead. London, Jan 28-lhe Louisa. Bowen from New York, had heavy gales on the passage, and shifted cargo. Wlirnln jon 26?The Am ship Brandywine, ashore at Carne, has gone to pieces. The greater part of the wreck will *iTtheease *f the wreck of the American ship Golden Sttr, from Mobile for Liverpool (cotton), the arbitrators have set tied the salvage to be paid ?1,236, including expenses. Watkrvohd Jan 27?The bark Tycoon, Lewey, of New fork from Galveston for Ltveiyool, which was at anchor In Tramore Bay, as before reported lost both anchors and ihalns there, and Is now lying at Checkpoint. The Bremen steamship New York, of the North Gorman Lloyds' steamship Co's line, haa been taken on the great Ba *Th?eU^ntoe small Balance dock for the pur pose of having ber oopper examined. laskcl, dfce. Bark Chevalier, Chandler, from Port and for BuenoeAyrea, Dec 26, on the Equator. fenln Port#. Alcoa Bat, DecSl-In port bark Crania, fihlverick, one; bri? Helen, Johnson, from Baltimore arr 29th. Bristoi. Jan 26?did Perl, Chureb, bt Michaels. Belfast, Jan 26?Sid Martha Whltmore, Colburn, Savan "brww, Jan 26?Arr Goethe, Muller, N York: Vesta, Steen graafe, and J H Adami, Bunge^do; Laura, Wilmsen, Bavan nab; Landwursten, banstedt, Galveston. .. v BROUWER8HAVKH, Jin Ajt Mystery, Mayo, and Black ^arwIona!' Jan?a?-Arr Diogenes, Julia, NOrleans; Slat, Espcranra, Pena, do; 22d, Adelaar, Potgewyd, do; Gebrodera, ^Barbados, Jan 20?Arr brigs Harriet Ilallock, King, N York' Black hwaa, Podger, Georgetown. SC: sshr Francis Hat< L Hutchinson, Norfolk; 2l?^i?hr Kale Walker,N York (and sl<l 22d for a market); 23d, brig Windward. Glnn, do ?nd sld for St Thomas); 24tb, barks Hyperion. Gibson, NYork, ra do; Henry Trowbridge. Friable, do; fcth, brig M Stevens, Eaton, St John, NB; sciirs Hajnh Maria, Coder hill, NYorV; Fair Wind. Bragg. Plymouth, NC land all re mained In port 26th), dlsg, except the Windward and Kate Wb?[ck River. Ja, Jan 26-In port schr W H Sargent, Sar ^lVmrMan Z^X"M?n'TlMic. Landerkin. Fleetwood. Cettk, Jan 24-Arr State of Maine, fates, Niork. Dindalk, Jan 27-Arr Hlonde, Allen, N\ork. Falmouth, Jan 26?Arr Ocean Breeze, Lolghton, Alcian dri^n?niNO .Ian 11?Arr Berlin, May, and J A We<tervelt, Anderson, York (and both ftmaiaed in the l.oada?th). Gla?uow, Jan 2tV-Arr C H Southird, Howe. NYork. Sld 26th. Queen of the Fleet, Hilton NYork; 1'rima D<?na,K',l ley, New Orleans, 20th, Trenton, W alker, and lorest Queeh, Cook (not Cro well) for Messina lirst fair wind; fchr Eleanor, lloamer, for CoMtantinlip^e ^?loading, having repd, would sail In 2 or 3 days. Sld iith, brig Ocean W ave, James, NYork. W md 25th "^!av*kk Jan ?4?Arr Tamerlane, Holmes, Charleston: 29th, Avenlr. Lanier, do; Chsrter Oak, Houdlette, Mobile; Nation al. Boyd, NOrleans. Borneo, Nlehols, Havana. i9ld itftih Arknright, Havls, NOrleans; 2<th, Mary, Bridge-"*, do; Admiral, Bllffens,'NYork. CM 25th, M Livingston, Samp *?h'ono Koko, Dec 13-Arr Tirrell, Morgan, Pelho Kanagaw\, Nov 29?Arr ship Co<i Jlmbo, Knipe, Hong Kong ,#Lf"^roX^W-Arr Tempest. Whitney, and Africa, Rrowu NOrleans; Red Guanll^t, Lucas, NV?<ik, 28th, B It Milnn Enstis. Galveston; India Mi l?r, Norfolk; Kobttush mni- Otis Mobile' Metropolis, F?i.ter. NOrleans; 2Jth, \.in Stlla, Potter d> ; S E Smith, t relghton, do, Eno-h Talbot, "o7p?"'Mth, Assyrian, Delano, from NOrleans; Eelftha V Md"^b? JffiSrSfth, NOrleans. Onward, Combs, Mobile- M Noltlebohm, Lunil', and Hal 'c, /-Pre,!a'?^?T!'I? Pntversa Dewar, Cardiff; 2?th, Lancaster, Decan, Ihlliuld phla Ida Lilly, Stearns, k'Orleans; Golden t'roas, Snell, do; "ft?Vl?.nr0WrW^Ua 29th. George Wash,nf.on, CuiDBDlncs, tor Mobile; Coronet, Boult, lor Savannah Cld Ktli. Moutebello, Henderson and <)cean Scud, Jack, New Orleans' J C Boynlon, Theobald, Savannah; Emerald, cSrt NeTTork. William, Berry. HaviC: Tboe B Bar tram,' Nlehols Mobile, Chicago, < base do; Cynoeure, Robln ^RntaToJ'idg 2?th Borne-., Reed f?[ Havana; L <^lmore, Chase Matanias; Clara Morse, M'TTltt and 1 11 liar ram, Nichols, Mobile; American "union, llubbard, ?^*n Vl.r^ ; rtimmerlee Hughes, New Orleans; LInwood. Penny. Rio Janeiro 2*ih. Western Empire, Boule, Brown, do: invincible, lieaburn, New \ork, J jhn I orter, F?lli>C?oNklJsna'26? Vrr Monsoon. Five. ChristUna, Monk, .ifi. nii? Hn*rn "?? Viirk. Neptune's H-ide, Gt'e-te, Wilmington N C. 'jiiniata, Williamson, City Point, 2ljih, Mattapan, Watta. New York ; C ov "?rtoiL^mbtr do; Fer. gua, Hall, do; Emily Farnum, Blmes, Callao. Ilecto., Wila T'ld allh^','tctoria, Bruaen, I'harlMton; 28th, Fortunata M, Bartoilch, Newcastle and New York. n^_. ?. - Mar-.ku.les, .Ian 26?Cld Avancc, Condntp, Boaton, F * ?smVthniltanUc.,rDavldl?n. NOrlean.. , ? * D?c ??Arr Margaret A EUia, Jelleraon, Hong *Pi*uorTn Jan2S?Sld Goodspeed, Dunton. Sevannah ^PMNcmfjan 31-ln port bark William. Lor. , from NYoik arr2mh, for NOrleans, disg; brigs Flying F.agle, But STb ' w?tlr?witlh,from*wamlngum jfc 'Vo" .Tan 26-Arr Fanny Lincoln NYork, Zlgxag, Phiindeii-hift ilst Glasgow (s), NYork for Uvwpool. Tut ln27ih, (.'ouniesn of Seafield, Brown, from N\ork, With 'tankWhJk* 36?Sld Stadt, Frankfort.N Haven. HusnsKiAKD Inn 2S?Arr N>'storian, W?rtb, London. St'iitNAM Jan it?In port bngs v^ronatadt, Illigins, from Boston arr 10th; Northman, King, from do arr Ira; Trenton, ?V^o?fPa^.dX*-AIT Tycoon. I^w.y Oaives ton for Liverpool, having loet both anchors and chains in t*,h'' (The latest vta Queen .town) Arr from NVork, Java, aad Cremona, In the Clyde; Wm L * ArrTrom PWUddShW ? ampbell. at L.rerpool. Arr from Savsnnan, Jane, at Liverpool. Arr from Mobile Enoch Talbot, at Liverpool. Arr from NOrleans, J Flah, at Liverpool. Maarleaa Perta. niTiWrRIA Feb 14?Below, ship Jos Clark, and bark Liverpool; Colrmhla (Brem). Semcke, Baltimore, schr Ber Ti aMpYoN^KOA^5s, Feb 15-Arr .hip Princess Royal. Cal 'Vkw'oRIKANS Feb 2 Arr ?hipe Slroeeo Br), McCul loch, I.lverjKxii i a'rlo (Ana), Moo^Tim"* Newport, W. bark ( la S (An-), "'oja Rl" '?r"l.r"^rlP" " dire. Va'hews, Baltimore; Amertk* tWoe),_t roek^ St An drews; Hope, Simpson, Kings' .n, Ja; ?chr Ite.l Fo?, Hl.ks Tamplco. t'ld brigs Kate (Br) Kelly. Bellae. Hon, 4e<M Maria (Span), Lccertria, Hantander; achr Jaclnla (Hex), al vat, Tu.pan. 6th- J Magna. nar, ?Br). . Jsna^Benson*"NsITt'oiV.""ai^yle, Hlmr.?on, Liverpool; Van etaM tirney, London; Hamberg. Jllmer, Havre; ( c'ndlnV'^filompson^^s^'ni^T'hest^r, AtkIns,' PbI'ladeipliia; *n^.Ts.s iSnarr Vontanlilo, Havana , brig "llenilo (It ?1>, 5?s7^o. tlenoa. bid steamahlp Faahlon, Johnaon, Indlanola, ''MiT'^Tbv lei) ships Lorenro, and m Llverfs^C^le and Knflden-, from New ?ork; Mary. ^orih F arollnsf lirt, ship Toufon, li'rk M'one^h k, ship 3 hoi nTirpi ?1?K* *eb I l-7id acbr Moses Van Name, \ an Name, "n'kw HAVEN, Feb 16?Cld brig LAW Armstrong,Thomp ^VirTlANd'. Feb M-Arr briga Xenophon "2**?"2'as' via Newport; tlhsstelain, HanXy, do. cld ' ark Geo S H int, SC Teb 14?Old sehr John, ju*""nV<'T Tort. Went to S*? lith. wind SW sohr N W Smilh. Beyil, NYork; 18'h, wind ENE. bnga Unooln Webb, LI yd, and E 1 Kwett, Jewett, Boston. HOTRM. _ CITY HOTBL, NEWARK, TO LBf, FURNISHED, OR Fnrtiltnrr for >al?, a hirnln Houan (lr?t ila*a, el>**nt h MtnatMl, ocintalnlng about l?o rooma To a dealrablfl par tr h??tr* 'Uh m*an? (?.%?? to tA,nu>. Ihf h<-*t opportunity la offered Addreaa MMir*cor, V>* 1.149 Po?? offloe, or 9/ Pearl itiwt DARKK* WU?F. BOSTON-IKB ADDmON TO THIS wr H?l?l W?l rompl*t?4, with aupertor anrommodatl'na for and |Nll<nWi wl'l b? opened on Monday, Fabrud 3_ IX Tha hona* li cnmpl?t? In all It* anpointmAota. and It la ,< in'rnilon ?f the proprietor* to make It worthy th.> i air n a*c of lh? tr*T?lUng pub'te. II 1>. .-m?KBR. JOHN f. MILL*. WHTT\F.T HOHPR-NRW AND RLR<?ANT MARBLE biilWMn*. Bradway, ?*rn#r of T??lf h ?tre?t. Con ?ledo the Rnropean pUn N?w furniture throughout. ? ? ^tTJBSkn. tnmm BOAHPWO AMP liUPOIMQ. FEW GENTLEMEN CAN ?g wltfa good Board and pleasant Roo?^ ?'W? Waverley near ?Utb avenue. Planer at "* " dock. be foun$, by applying it ?6 Montague street, BrcoKi>n. few single Room* for gentlemen. A T 104 east TWENTY-FIRST street, ORAMBECT Park One large front Room, handsomely f urniahed, o second floor, to let, with Board. WELL furnished ROOM Ueman and wife or two single genttomen. Huaae u ta.DK aithe modern lmprovementa. Apply at Wft Maodougai itrteL AN ENGLISH lady WITHOOT FAMILY WOrLn^C A commodate four gentlemen oelywltk BreakMt, kwwssi^^s^^^"181 Eleventh gtreet. near Second avenue. A LADS WOULD like TO LET A HANDSOMELY furnished mil of Room* or separately, to a gentleman luiiv Hoard for the lady, in a small private family where theresje noTher b-'a^teS uken APPr, at t? Hast twenty eighth street, near Lexington avenue. a anriAKLE PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN THE A. vicinity of Madison square and fourth avenue, will.let ^ or two neatly furnished Rooms to sit^le gentlemen ^ ar the ?ecou<Tand tliird Uoora AP^y atn (Macdougal street), near Bleecker street, roeaessiou m d lately ? A My S f^U^m/^a,^^'.."^ XV a iiltely . uf ,. , , would let to a gentleman ana on,y O* ? U Thorn,- >n ?ueet, third floor, over ihe sU re, lor Mra. >\ mara . HANDSOMELY FURNIBHRD ROOM ON SECOND floor with ithls and grate, to let, to a single gentleman, wl.bout'B'.Ird.Ta? Twen{Uth ,tleel' between Broadway and Fourth avenue. SMALL FAMILY, WHO OWN A HOUSE WlTlt the modern improvements, wish to let two large hand somely furnished Room* and two smill Ri)?m?, witn H iart, to gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives, at 2U Madlsou street, between Jefferson and Clinton streeta. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE TWO VERY PLEASANT i,M rn. to diBiiose of With Board, to a small iaiuily fir one orRtwo7eml.^r.t? West Tw.nt^Ujlrdstr?t,between Fifth and Sixth avenues; references exchanged. a WKLL FURNISHED ROOM WANTED?FOR TWO Broadway; would also like the use ol a piano. Address Jack son, Herald efllce. BO ARD?AT 28 8TUYVEHANT STREET. CONTINUATION C, Y . A eenileman and his wife, or two sin SSSeS Second of the new Engltah basement houses east of Third avenue. Bl ft.i,n 4 private FAMILY, LIVING IN NINE ^??tlT^reet neTr Rlthth avemte, will let a Room, to a KSESSJE? .^ffie miefn^pweme^^ddreM M. L. C., Union square Post office. _ bo* 1,8*2 Poet office. _? Board wanteb?by a gentleman and wife. between Bleecker and Fourteenth street, near Broadway. Add^ss K H? raid oUlce. for four days, giving price and description of room. References exchanged. Bnawn WANTED-ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, IN A ? P.i.m iliSeinodern built house; the entire second sfflsffiSSE^w&sr-s Address box 1,616 New York 1 oet HARD WANTED?IN A private FAMILY, EITHER in this citv or Brooklyn, a genteel furnished Room, for iS?fe?rSS2SS office, until Friday. r>?nn WANTED?BY A gentleman AND WIFE, whwTustrucUon la *ocal mu*le and on the piano th use of instrument) would be tafc*?n in part ^fnexcepti>mable references given and required. Address Music, box 128 Herald office. T?OART) WANTED IN BUOOKLYN ? BY A YOUNG B gentleman, In a private[ family where there are no other jjoarqV-ra. Address box 141 Herald _____ Timlin IN BROOKLYN.?MARRIED and SINGLE gentlemen can be accommodated with Bjard and plea sant |wm? at 47 Concord street. nu a \NTLY FU rnianED SUITS and SINGLE ELta?, W let, containing IBro J' *i<h firwitht'Ut full or partial Hoard Apply at VHU Mro\u ?y ktweeiTTwenSW. and Twenty.first Streeta Terms moderate. Reference* exchanged. IiT FfiANT ROOMH. WITH BOARD FOR GENTLEMEN, l or .cnTlemen and their wives, in a first ela? private f? mily; haese modern; no moving in May; early dinner. 278 Kourth avenue. ES.'SSflSS'^ private tables or meals a la carte. T-*BFN(1I BOARD.?ONE OR TWO SINOLE GENTLE Second avenue. ?? FT????'ari^^ flwtfl'oojjlwa and University p's'e. .. 1.1CRMSHED ROOMS TO LET-ON REASONABLE F terms w I thout board, to RenUcmen only. Apply at 147 Ninth street, one door east of Broadway. ^o~20west ninth street,between fifthand English epoken. ? 7^X8 to LET-NEATLY furnished WITH OR K ^ut breakfast, at 57 East Eleventh streei. SSS5SS layette place. - _... p? vacant SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM* TO T wi, fn a at 10# Clinton street. Brooklyn. TO LET?A BOOM BEAUTIFULLY KUBNISHED, WITH Brink fast, to gentlemen only; terms modrrat<\ Apply at 89 East Thirteenth street. TO LET, WITH BOARD-BOOMS FOB FAMILIES OB slnple gen'leruen, it 20 West Twenty-ninth tween I .sdway and Fifth avenue. TO PENT?A I IBE 81 IT OF BOOMS, ON THE THIBD und fourth floors, at the Miidl* n Park House, No. 2 Went Twenty-fifth street, corner Broadway and opiKmlte Worth MoonMBi. private tables furnished If preferred; best of re ference required. WANTED-PFRMAVENT BOARD FOB THBEE; A ?T large Room and hail lied room MM Address, stating te ins. which moat be moderate, A. and I., Herald of fice. fir \NTED?BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AN U? v? furnished Boom, with Boaid for the lndv Address, stating location and terms, which must be moderate, Wilson, boi l(Jl Herald office. 1 7 TWELFTH BTREET, BETWHEN UNITEBHITT X I place and "fifth avenue. Board and furnished Booms ran beo talned suitable for gentlemen >>r a ?? * . and his wife; house contains modern Improvements. ? >/\ CLINTON PLAf'E, NEAB BBOADWAT.-A HUIT OF OU Rooms, on second floor, to let, with Hoard, together or separately. Also one small Boom, on third Boor. ??7 FAST TWENTY SEVENTH HTBKF.T, BETWEEN O I Four h and Mmllson avenues.?Two Psrlon and Bed r urns adjoining, to let fnrnlabed, to gentlemen and th lr *lves or single gentlemen. Cooking privileges (las, Ao, In the rooms. I WEST FOUBTEENTH STREET?PaRLOB AND *)"T Bedroom and two Rooms for Mingle gentlemen, to let, desirably furnished, with Board, to acceptable parties, on lm in> diate application; dinner at six o clock. (11 CLINTON PLACE. NEAB FIFTH AVENl'E IINULB ? ' 1 gentleman, or gentlemen and their wives, can now oh tain fine Bo.?s en first, second and fourth floora, with good Boa'd Reference given and required. Q?J OREENE STREET, ABOVE SI'RINO.?ALSTON ?JO House Elegantly furnished suits of Rooms, Oas, Croton and cverv convenience for housekeeping economically. Particularly suitable for small respectable families or single (ent.eaten. Kent low to permnnent tenants HA BLKEt'KEB STREET, TWO BLO "KB WEST OF 11*1 Rrna In st?Permanent and transient Boarders ao ? mmodated Booms without Board from $1 M lo gS per week . w Ith Board, from $4 to $12 per week. 19 1 WAVBRLET PLACE. NEAR SIXTH AVENDE.? 1 4_i' I A large Mi very desirable Room, with pantries, A-"., on second B'-or, for a gentleman ami his wife or two single gentlemen. Also, ono sing e lleora. No moving in May. Cluner at six. TOO WEST TWELFTH STREET?TO LET, WfTH IO^ B-nrd, tw o large furnished Rooms, on the seoond floor also a tatge K ?im on the thlid floor, front, suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. 1 PR'*"? STREET?ST. HOUSE -ELB, !?"' santly lurtilshed Room a, wflh Badrooms attache*! with s'il the <*mvt nlenecs for housekeeping complete, Includ ing gas rind t'roton wattr, to let to respectable families or Sin gle g?, Uemen. M?7 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH ST1UCET?BOARDINO ? ) I A snlt of handsomely'urnlshed Rooms to let, with Board. Alao, two or three small Rooms, suitable for single gentlemen Hons# and neighborhood Brst class; famllv smnll Dinner at hIi. Call a* above. OAfi west twt.nty-thibd stbeet ?a suit of U* Fl) furtilshrd Rooms to let, with Board, lo a gentleman and family: dinner at (o'clock. Reference* unhanged. no HROA0WAT-FCBBISHED rooms to let O The heuse lias all modern Improvements, and the 1'nation, comer of Washington place and Broadway, Is nn surpe??rd In the city. All toe rooms have been newly fitted up and the rents low ereo to suit Hie times. HiX7 BROADWAY.-BCOMS IN S'TIT fob FAKI. I O I lie- and single Rooms for gentlemen, eUlter fsmfch ed or nnfuttilshed;Torstion eehlral for business, ooovanleat Rooms for di*tors and lawyer's office*. ?BOARS AMD TOBACCO. THE OBANCl.tTBD SMOKINO TOBACCO-FIBS nA vana -'essi?, Monaonrt A Co. a splendid Champagne Wine, For taft at IJP W?>er street. ' LIAN ALLEN. MLM Or EEAL KgTATK. I A WHOLE BLOCK?EIGHT I. T8, BETWEEN 116TH and 117th street*, on Ninth a vine, east ode, for sale cheap ?1mj two Ivts on Sixty six a h reel, near Ftflh avruue, would exchange a House and Lo in Yorkvllle for Brooklyn property. W. U. V > LICK, 407 Broadway. ANFAT THREE STORY AM) BASEMENT UIOH I stoop House for sale, at - Lexington avenue; ha* ail the mt dern improvements; r? ntly ixtiutrd and put In per fect order. Apply to JOHN M LET. 143 Broadway. Bank street -fob sale near fourth street, a desirable dwelling II. i se, 26 liy O and HO. two story, ai tic ami high basement, in r< rfect order; fur two thirds its value; would take a sma'l house farther up town, or a coun try seat in payment IMNWKE A HOLEN, No. 8 Piue street, and 1.2*4 Broadway. Fob 8alb?a first class four story mansion on Murray BUI. Filth avenue, la furnished with all the modern improvements and built in th^moat suh*tan'ial man Mr. The owner would negotiate for United Statue Treasury note* or stooka. Principal* only need apply, Addreea Owner, No 4 William street, N. Y. For salb?the three story and basement Houae No. 12 Leroy at reel. This Houae la In perfect or der, having Kan throughout, and will be anld on reasonable terms. A part can reniiln ou bond and mortgage. Inquire on the premise*. For rale?the house and lot 143 east forty fifth street, between Seoond and Third avenue*, north aide. Ilouae throe atory and basement, Philadelphia brick front, hliih atoop, gaa and tVoton Terms easy. Sold to cloae atroat. Apply to john H. POWER, 12# Fulton atreet. Filor SALE?A three STOllY AND BASEMENT 1 brown atone front House, low enough to suit any one, if applied for aoon, at Aft Forty eighth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue! fj'OR SALE?A three STORY BRICK DWELLING J1 House, in Twenty eighth htreet, near Madison avenue. Price $8,000. Apply lo john S. kklho, 62 William atreet. For sale?Forr years' lease and fixtures of a large corner Store; 11 ret rate stand for a family gro cery story, there being none in the neighborhood, surrounded by boar ting and niivute househ. Inquire at No. 167 Blocker atreet, corner Sullivan. IflOR SALE?AT A GREAT BARGAIN, ONE OR TWO 1 elegant ulfinished four story, high basement, sub cellar, brown stone front bouse*. 1 hey are beautifully situated on Muriay 11 111, within one hundred and fifty feet or Fifth ave nue. Price $14 ,UH>; only $600 required down. Inquire ,of JOHN ALLEN, No. 14 l'lnc atreei, in the basement F?OR SALE-HOUSES AND LOTS.?NO. 6 WARREN place, Charles street, No. 171 West Eighteenth street. No. :<* Charlton street; one m Urove street, near lllcecker. one In Ashlsnd plsce, 1'eriy street; all first class. Also, severul tenement Houses. Also, several Karma in Orango county. Apply to N. HOE and 8. D. WILSON, ottloe No. AW Varlck street For bale?on the iiudson, twenty minutes' ride froin Thirty-first atreet, a basement two atory andatllo House, large garden, gas and water throughout j also, a brown atone front House In Flftloth street, near Eighth ave nue. Apply to W. U. SILL1MAN, Broadway, oorner of Twenty eighth atreet. For salb^-in bro*klyn, the three story and basement high stoop modern frame Houae, filled la with brick; has anb cellar, marble mantels, gaa, water, bath, hester, range, Ac. Corner of Fourth avenue and Pacitlc street. Cars to Fulton, Wall and Routh ferries, near the bouse. Price low and ou easy tenni. Inquire at U Water at. For sale- a good paying leasehold proper ty in the feeventh ward; u brick Houae and Stable: price $6,000. O. U MORRIS, 70 Lalght atreet or 361 West. For bale?the first class four story bousb No .VS3 Fouith atreet, between Broadway and the Bow ery; built for the owner's use (within the last fonr years) in the moat substantial manner; replete with all the modern Improvements and In complete order; lot 36x1.12; a desirable chance for an Investment For further particulars apply to R. B. CUDUPP, lltf Nassau atreet For sale-house and lot no. 4.1 orchard street. House in good order and rents for $600 per annum Price $4,SCO; half cash. Also, two lota in Flrty aecond street, between Second and Third arenuea.2ftxlll0.6 feet, atreet sewered, paved with block pavement, Ac. In mire of M. 11. UNDER 11 ILL, No 00 Delancey str et, or at houae in Fifty secoud atreet, near Third avenue. FOR SALB?a FIRST CLiBS FREE STONE HOUSE, on Murray lllll, fronting on Madison avenue, five sto ries, 66 feet deep, full lot, finished In best style. Terms easy | and a bargain can be had. Address E. Linn, XI Liberty at. For sale-the new first class brown stone House No. 138 West Thirty ninth street; black walnut stairs, marble hall and all other modern Improvements. Price $10,600; $7,000 or $H.Ono csn remain on bond and mort gsffp. Appl) lo JAS. B. GLENTWOKTII, No. 7 Broad street Bvir palb-the large thrbe story house and basement 26 t'lke street corner of Henry, with the sta ble on Henry street. The hoese Is one of the best in the Sev enth ward, with all the modern Improvementa. Apply on the premises. J^OR SALE LOW?ON EASY TERMS, SEVERAL FIRST class three story hmwn atone high stoop Houses, on Wrst Fiftieth street Apply at 226 Weat Fiftieth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avenues. For sale or exchangb.-a country seat with sixteen acres ?f land, in Westchester county, #111 be si.Id at a bargain or exchanged for a house and lot In this city, or a count-v ?eat In same county with lesi lani Tne buildings arc ne?? and modern; hot and cold water, bath ro..m, Ac.: shade and fruit trees bi abundance, situated on the New Haven Railroad, twenty minutes' ride from the de rot at Twenty seventh street. Inquire of GREGOltY A CO., 26 Bund street. fj^OR SALE OR exchange FOR MERCHANDISE?A ' J* two story and basement house, with half aere of land attachril. in one of the most lieauti'ul villages 111 WlsOOMta) on the Mississippi river. Also forty acres of excellent land adjoining the village plot with an excellent mill power It Is all located in one ot the finest wheat growing counties In the west. I bis it a very desirable pmpei ty. Title |>erf ect Also, a quantity of well selected farming lands In lows. Houae ho,d furniture taken In exchaiige for some portion. Titles pert ect. Lvjnla exactly as represented. Address D., Herald otllce. For pale or exchange for other property? The four story brick House No 101 Weal Forty third atreet. between Br adway and Sixth avenue. Inquire on the premise*. CH)R BALE OR TO LET?THE HOUSE AND LOT 172 P West Thirty seventh street, near Ughth avenue: English basement houae, Philadelphia brick tront, about 17x.")6 feet, four stories high, finished In the best n a oner, bi.ths, wash trays, speaking tul*a, l>ella. Ac., through ut; walls pained all through the houae, and in good order; will trade for build ing materials, such us brick, lumber, Ac. Apply to EDWARD D. JAMES, I0G Hroadway, between 12 and 1 P. M. For sale, to lease or to let-the three story dwelling situated on Castleton avenue, Rtaten Island, having a beautiful view, with stable, wagou house, Ac., with or without the privilege of nine acre* of land ad ]a cent. Apply to GEORGE JOHNSON, 44 Walker street, New York. Harlem lots for sale?every one a home ? A nnmbar of fine I<ota, well located, in Harlem, and ready for Immediate Improvement; will sell ou easy terms or would help any one to build. Call on or addr-ss A. WARNER PLaTT, No *1 Llberto street. HOBOKEN?SEVERAL FIRST CLAHS HOUSES FOR sale cheap; also, furnished Rooms for gentlemen, with or without Hoard. App'y to S. 8 PL! MMKK, #7 Washing ton street, Hol>oken. Real estate OR MERCHANDISE WANTED Kor which first cla?H shuttle sew trig machines will be given In Mchanfe, with full guarantee (Mm the principal offioe Id thin city. Address with particnlars Hewing Machine, boi 2,Ml Post office. SEVERAL DESIRABLE FIRST CLASS HOUSE, fashionably located on Murray Hill, will l>e exchanged for smaller houses ?i eligible building lots, on favorable terms, by Immediate application. D1NUEE A llOLDEN. No. 8 fine street, and 1,3M Broadway. Take notice?a rare chance for parties who wlith to exchange general merchandise for Western lands and some money. An out of town party will arrive In the city abont the 20tn Inxt to make auch exchanges; and parties, prln<ipals prefIM h..?inA<?>d? in dispose of thus, limy address Non resident, care Metropolitan Hotel, New York ctty The advertiser desires to purchase a re sldence in the country, of convenient access and within one hour of Chambers ? treat, prioe from $6,0W) Ui $12,011), and from two to ten acrea In site. Address, with full parti eular*, Moody, Herald office, for one week. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN ? Modern brown atone Dwelling M Wsst Twenty eighth street, one block from Broadway, three atory and high sloop basement; 10 feet front by 4H feel; lot X) by Mtt feet. Two thirds of the MM money can run on mertgage for five yraia I am dslrrmltwd to rsil It. It la aa valuable aa any city properly, and increasing tn value. Apply to H. T. UKE&NWOOD, 7H William atreet. TIT ANTED TO PURCHASE?A HOUSE IN BROOKLYN; TV price from $7,<*?> to $X,i**>, for which a ?mailer hotisn, n a very desirable part of theeltyand unencumbered, would be taken In part payment at a valuation. Address J. W., box 3,Zi3 Poat oflice EX7ESTCHIBTBR COUNTY?FARM FOR SALE OR ff cocbrmge twenty miles from New York, and one and a half miles i mm the Hudson, a splendid Matmon, targe Farm Ilfiii-p, five Cottages, ??ominodn u? outbuildings, ho' house, Srcen house flouring and sew Mills. DINOEE A HOLDEN. lo. 8 I'lne street, and 1,244 Broadway non ACHES MISSOURI LAND TO EXCHANGE FOR Meiclisndl**, >1 tiuat- d In Wayne county, on Blaek river, nine miles fiom county seat anil Iron Mountain Rail losd; tit e guaranteed. I'sU and see PLATi', bothford A CO.. W) White street. (Jil Clia FOR A NEAT TWO STORY AND KXTKN tj* I rl I" t slon House, 30x42, in Nostrand avenue, Brook Ijn. Oss end water In: marble mantels, sliding d'Nirs, cor nices and oentrs pieces In parlors $ I.WOcssh, balance mort gage. Apply to KCKLKR, 27 Fulton street, New York. <?>*? nnn -TOR sale, a first clash two htory $O.UUU. brick Mansion, 48 feet front, 40 feet deep; lolftOiIZO; a light, airv basement, cemented and floored; giw? and water; all In perfect order. Terms easy to suit nurcbas cr. Apply to ANSON PARSONS, 41 Warren street, Hudson, __ ? BPORTIiy. Arrived by thf. last steamkr a labor i/>r Of Canaries, eieellent songster*, at wholesale and retail, cheap. also Mocking Birds, all kinds nf Fancy Birds, Cages, Ac., for sale, at No. 78 Fulton street, corner of 0ol4 DAVID V ENTER. DKER-WABTBD TO purchase, A TAME MALE American Deer. Address, stating (agn and prion, box .1, 1'ost office, N. Y. Francis butlbb, no. speck slip, hah all to choice Breeds for sale and stock. Itutler'a Infallible Mange Cur* and Flea Exterminator, OOoenn per bottle. But ler's' Breeding. Training, Uncases, Ac., oi Dogs," $1. Dog* boarded, trained, As. Medicines for all diseases. For hale-a valuable setter doo, color orange and white; Is well broken, line style snd action, and only tour years old ihls spring, an exoellnnt mine dog. Cause nf selling, owner going to Europe. Price $00. Address W. H. Van uies..n, I stenmn, N. J CHLLINO 0FF-THE FINEST collection IN TUB k> world of Belgian and Singing Canaries suptylor Mochiqf Birds and fancy Pigeons, foreign anl domesifu H lifts of it kinds. W. F. M . SUi Bowery, opp site lileeckerstrset WABTEtt-A GOOD BLACK AND TAN TErlRIEA I?o?, well bred \Bd weighing about ?lx or seven i*mnds Address Spring, Madison ?n tare "net office, stating where the dog can he seen. f?R SALE. A LIQUOR STORE FOR BALE -DOING A GOOD W'.-U ness, In a go. d location. Satisfactory reasons :veu Apply lor I he next week lu K. S. PRICE, S3 Second av i.? A WELL EBTALI8HED, 8 A KK AND PRO FIT A LE rrs^Jf^WSi ?JL.u"n8 &"?t?es? for sale, p tying ? protit of fram $4,000 U> a year; a good fsrtn near the city wi be aken lu payment. I'rite $o,uu). Address Mercantile, Utm J itlice. AN OLD ESTABLISHED BKGAR STORE FOR SALE; 10 years standing; with a lease of three year* from ihe 1st of May Will sell part or .ill ike Stock on reasonable terms. Inquire at 101 Hlztli avenue. WILLIAM McDERMOTT. Baker* a?d confectionery for hale?in a "?t ?le wWton, and where a prufllable bus'iicea can be doue; good lease and low rent. Apply on the premise*, oor ner ol Broadway and 1 lilrty flrat street. DRUO STORK FOR SALE?SI,300.?AN EXCELLENT location tor business; store Ittely titted up In tlue style; will be sold very low. A good chance for a physician. Ad dress Dr. G M. Sternberg, *0 Water street, Kliiaheth city, N. J., or Kobt. u. C'reaiucr, 11 Gold street. Now York. F)R SALE?A SMALL LIQCOB STORE, STOCK, Fix tures and Furniture; four Rooms and Cellar. (10 per month iclieapi Apply at ?M avenue it, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. For sale?a first class wholesale and re tall I.lquor Business Including Stock, Fixtures, Ac.; one of the beat Hands on Broadway. The owuer liuvlng other business will make easy terms; price $7,500. Apply at No. 17 North William street, 1:1 th,store. For sale- a good business stand, corner Store, llouae uml Lot, Co. 43 (Irs ml, corner of Second street, Williamsburg. Inquire of EDWARD .G. TAVLOB, 26S Huilsou avenue, Biooklyu. For sale-one half interest in an elegant and popular Exhibition, requiring $1,1)00 cash, or will he exchanged In part Tor mil estate or good mortgage, or it will be rented Cor a specified time. Particulars of BRADLEY, Hl'TCBINB A i 'O., 42 East Fourteenth street. For sale?a rare chance for a yopng man with a until capital, the good will, stork and fixtures of

an old established Hook, Stationery and Fan< y Goals bust ness In a first rate business location, No. .'(02 Fulton street, Brooklyn. For salk-a photographic gallery, estab lished since 1865, containing a flue and large assortment of negatives of View s, celebrated kngravlngs, Ac , Ac. Will be sold cheap na the ewner Is about to leave the city Inquire at 413 Broadway, In the gallery. Fob sale-on broadw vy, near union square, a long lease of a first class Hotel, containing seventy ro< ma; rent low; a good chance for any one wishing to go in the business. Apply at 707 Broadway, room No. 2. FORBALEORTRADE-A COMPLETE LIQUOR Es tablishing', one of the best in New York, for a whole tale, retail and har business and nowdolng a good trade. Ap. ply to TAYLOR It 110 S., 212 Broidway. IJIOB SALE OR TO LET-THE BILLIARD SALOON, I* Odd Fellows' Hall, Hoboken, a bargain. Inquire In the saloon. GENTS' FURNISHING STORE FOR SALE?IN ONE of the finest locations In the city, doing a good business, and will be sold on easy terms. Address, Herald, lor three days. HOTEL FOR SALE ?IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE death of the late manager, the popular Westchester House, coiner of the Bowery and Broome street, tn this city. Is now offered for sale. It consists of an one i pi red Lease of ?even years from the first of May next, together *ltb tho Furniture of eighty rooms, and the st .ck of Liquors Seg?rs. Ac., Ac. Apply to D. B. TAYLOR, 1:10Nassau street. OIL BUSINEFB FOR SALE.-A HALF INTEREST IN A well es'ablished OH Business, which will piy $3,1**) profits per annum; done Tor cash. Also, a half interes1. lu one of the richest Gold Quarts Claims in California, which will pay $20,000 per annum profits. Address K. L , Herald office, for two days. Photographic GALLEBY FOB SALE?CHEAPEST in the city; line |l Nation, with extra facilities; large jsky light and rooms, and easy of access; furniture mostly new; instruments ieaerved if wished. Inquire at 675Broadway, up one flight of stalls. STEAMBOAT FOB SALE?1IM "FEET LONG, 26 FEET beam, 400 tons burthen, 41 Inch cylinder, and 10 feet stroke; draws about 4>? feet of water, coppered and copper fastened. She Is well fitted up with staterooms and bertha for a night boat; has large capacity for freight hiw passen gers; was built Tor Long island Sound. For information in quire at 106 Beekman street. STEAM ENGINE FOB BALK.?A NEW ENGINE, never been used, 40-Inch cylluder, tweive feet stroke, built by Cnnnlngham A Belknap, ol this city, for sale by P.D WARD MINTURN, 120 Water street. AlCn WILL FUECHABE STOCK AND fixtures of a newly iitted up Liquor Store, now i ling ri Sod business, at 06 Cranberry street, Brooklyn. Inquire fur ree days on the premises; reason lor scilU g, uaving another stoi e to attend to. PURSOITAL. Adoption.?any responsible person wishing to adopt a very fine, healthy and beautiful female baby, three nioatus old, of very respectable parents (father il -/i<ll, may call at or address 217 Bleeckar street, up stairs. Refe rence given and required A B?HAVE SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT TO . communicate. Will oall at your friend's place of Imsl less onlucsday next at 10 A. M., rain or shine and explain. THEOLOGY. Diana ii*s got her liitle ones, and wants you to take care of them and poor little 1)1 'k Do come home. NINNKK TANNERY. OTIS BROWN THKRK IS A LETTER FOR YOU IN !? the New York Ueneral Post oili v. T^DDY?THE CLOUDS HAVE DHAPPEARED, HQ i'j that the star osn shine brightly, will oomraence twin kltng at 7 o'clock. Dou't tail. ? ? " * drooped? - LONB STAB. IF THE TWO J.'8, OF brooklyn, WILL ADDRESS Wetmore, Broadway Post otllee. appointing an Interview, they will confer a favor on him and his I rieiei who were uu able to meet them In Bli ecker street after Alleys. Information WANTKD-OF GEORGE GRIMSHAW, machinist by tr..<l<\ grands >n of Mts. Dorothy Grltostiaw, of Soiford, I.n"ca*hlie, Eng.aml If h ? will write to his uo cle, James, *>4M 'lenth street, N. I,, he will hear of something to his ad* .mtage. Left her father s house, dec ?, tm-A young woman, Ifi years of age, auburn hair and black eyes; had on when she left a white stiaiv hat with hlue ribbon and a black and white plaid shawl. Any Information concerning her will be gladly received hy her psrents at 1.13 West fceren teenth street, or at No 5 West Fourteenth, N Y. SEAMEN W1IO were IN THE crusader WHEN she took the Kibby. can obtain the prize money by calling on TIIOS. L BRAYNAKD, 81 Wall street. TITILL A. A. HOPE PLEASE communicate WITH TT Alex. Buchanan through the same nation. CLOTHING. ABET1ER PRICE PAID FOR LADIES' AND GENTLE nien's c**t off Clothing thtn elsewhere; also Carp.-t*, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac. I guarantee to pay the following Bice*; from $7 to $36 paid tor atlk Dr??wi; from $2 to $lri r Coal* and fnra $1 60 to $? for Pant*. A no'e by poH punctually attended to by E., I.'M Seventh avenue, betv e<-n Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. Ladies attended to by Mrs. E. A LL PERSONS POLL'>WINO A GOOD ADVICE WILL /\ never tail ?I.adi-s imd gentlemen, avoid being hum bugged and call at once or address a DoU) by post to II. H AR RIS, 363 Howerv. there jon may I* aure to dlap pie of your caxtofr Clothing, Furniture Carpet* and Jewelry Ht a lair price, and not l>e humhHggrd. for allk l)re*scs, from (7 to ?AO; for Coata, fr?mtU> $12, for Pant*, from f I and up ward x. I adieu at'endi'd by Mr?. Hani*. 363 howcry, oppo site Fourth and Great Job. * snorts. Abetter chance than evbr.-i have jcm received $6,1*10 to purehaae ca?J oiT Clothing far China go, PI. Ladle* and gentlemen. If you wiah to gel a fair prioo "or your Clothe*, Carpet*, Furniture and Jewelry, and to avoid being humbugged by lalae offerer*, the beat you nan do la to send a note to B. Minis, 79 HUth avenue. There von may be convinced you will be dealt with to y. ur aatiafaction. Ladle* punctually a<tended to by Mr*. Mints. 79 Sixth av? nue, between Eighth street and waverley plaoe. AGRFAf DEMAND FOR CLOTHING, LADIES AND gentlemen ?Wanted, a lot of rail oil Clothing, Furnl turejfarwt* and Jewelry. I p?y the bust price?for fe ilk. Di-fs^es. from ?A to $25; ('oatft, f r? ?m $2 to $10; for Pants from $1 to $."> I'll ase call or address M. ABRAHAMS, :? 13 Seventh avenue, between Twenty fifth and Twenty tilth street*. Ladle* punctually atte nded to by Mr*. Abiaham*. ABETTIiR CHANCE STILL-LADIES AND GENTLE men, 1 have a gre*t den wind for c*?t off <jlothltii;, Fur nlture, Cnrrieta, Jewelry, Ac , for tho Western market I wdl m'be following prior* -For allk Drees a, from $M t . $26; oat*, from $3 to $18; for Pant*, from $2 to $6, Please call on or add rr a* J. Anliall, I62teeventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty hr*t aireeta. Punctually attended Ladle* attended by Mr*. Anlialt. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING?LADIES AND gentlemen having anv rial off Clo'hlng, Furnltnr.' or Carpet* will receive the highest price by addressing or calling on A. HAKKIH, MB Third avenue. Ladles attended to by Mr* Mania. AORF.AT WANT OF CAST OFF CLOTHING, FI RM lure Carpet* Jewelry, Ac , Ac to supply the Westers market _l p*y a* follow* ?From $10 to $36 for -v'k Dre*ao?j Pants, $.1 to $6; ton la frt m $fi to $'20. A Bote addressed to Daves, llfl Seventh svenne, will be punctually atlenued to. Ladie* attended by MraK _______________ rWANT TO BUY SECOND HAND CLOTHE* OF every description. Call at 278 Seventh avenue, between Twenty seventh and Twenty eighth aire t? Alio Furniture. MICH A l)L II AKIClSuN. &Q nnn WORTH OF new AND LEFT OFF t LOTH JPO.UU"" lng wanti'1 for Hie We *rn market. The highest c**h price ever dhm! c-tu be obtained in bankable money for large or small 'ot*, by calling at tbe *toveor ad dressing Wm. Walsh, 41 Centre street. BILI.IAKDH. Billiard tables for sale-w. j. sharp's Table-, with hi* newly Invented Cushion, patent-*! No vember 16, 1HM, w*ll known to be superior to any no ? In use Apply at the manufactory, 148 Fu(t >n street AI*o a few second hand TaMea King fin hall, no. ?m uroadwat, hkt^hei Bleeekrrmd Bond *1 reel* Rovnngsnd 'ullla'ds; four of the beet Tan Pin Alley* In the olty. OKly fifteen -vnU per game. PllELAN'H billiard TABLES AND COMBINATIOB Cushions.?New improvement*, patented September 2ft, 1800. Prices redii''.? d ten per <x til for caah. fhklan * ? 01,LENDER, (3 'o Ht Croeby street. WINKS AND LKIUOHS. Acard.-to bpsiness men.-the proprietob of a new established Brewery, Just finished In the In terlor of Mil* State, wlahea 'o make arrangetn nt* Willi * suitable parly for the entire sH|. of hi* ale a n**? braod -Hi the rMr of New V >rk and viclniiy Non* n"rd apply but per ?or* of respeetable *tandlng and of auflleienl means, ad dreae (jue*n Ale, Herald "tiW. ri\ BABRFLS OF I RIME Ol.D BOURBON Will* ?J\/ k- Tlst ranlc price*?$< and $l aflpcr tailon aacordlng to age, I Id Irtah *nl Scotch Whi*key. |fjnr gallon; sample B <ttle*. 60 cent*; ^ am pie Hot'les of H mr'ion ?leen'*. all and eiamine. PRTFK M tJCAOB, It Ann *trwt, near Broadway, or 37 ne<v Canal?treel, corn?r of Ludlow. BOVSSS, ROOMS, AC^ TO LBT. A mm FACTORY OK PRINTING AND BOOKBINDING establishment to let.? A large far tory, also a store and . i 4w? lllngs, and other buildings; th? \ air situated m New ' ? rsev, "A) mlli a fr 111 this city, the railroad There Is a t st rate water power. at prewnt ll la xcuiaed as aii exien r lookbuub ry aud printing establishment, with machinery i r making glared paper, Ac. The premm, type, toiil?, ?' ?? , ?ill all be lca*ed to retponajble partie* at very moderate ent, and offers gr? at inducements. Inquire of A. S. FoS i LK, curnur uf f ultun and IVarl street. A SUPERIOR LOWER PART OK A FIRST CHHS House will I c vacant on the lat of May. Two large Par lor*, with extension; handsome Chandeliers; Cloeeta, Dining Koom n basement. with tine Kltchrn, baring all improve imuta; Cellar, Nard mid servant's Room; family only tour in number; u? children; hot, cold aud shower baths; ear* and stages to several parta of the city Apply, from 12 t) 3 o'clock, ut '?5 Tenth street, near Second avenue. Rent $YAJ I er year, monthly. ASMAIX, HANDSOMELY furnished HOUSE TO let?To a private faml'y > nly; it in situated in a good lo cality, near llroudw .y evervthing requisite for houaekeen Ing; If agreeable, the rent oi' the Furniture will betaken In boatd. Address M Davis, Madison square Peat otllce A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? WITHOUT Board, to a gentleman. Rent (6 per month. Apply at 1?3 Prince street. A LONG LEAP* OF TWO HOUSES AND LOTS O* A corner, one hundred feet from Hiosdwav (H1te Mxl(VV) may be had by applying to LOCK A HITTMAn) Law OalleO tlon and Real Estate, No 23 Bond atreet. A COMFORTABLY FIRN1811ED PARLOR. DINING Horn and second story, containing three iie'ir>oms and bath room; also Room for domestic, with the .inure w ol a kitchen, to a private family, in a well located house, between Fourth and Lexingtou avenues. Rent $60 a mouth, paid in i. dvance Apply at 6V l ast Twenty seventh atreet. A HANDSOMELY F1RNI8HED THREE 8 TORY House to reut for two months to a responsible private family; excellent Piano left and every requisite for lious? keeping. Location near Madison avenue Rent $90 a month. Apply at 330 Pourth avenue. Boarding houses or small hotel to let.? Two si* story Houses. 22 and 26 Fourteenth street, be tween t if th avenue and I'uioti square, containing 92 rooms, with all modern Improvements; to let together or sepirate. Apply. to C. PaI.MEII, on the premisca, or at 31 Pine street, room No. & Broadway leases -several corner and in side Lots, I runt age of 20 to 76 feet, and depth of lor) to 240 feet, located between llroomo aud Fourteenth streets, are offered on long leases, ?ith an<l without building loans DINGEE A llOLDEN, No. 8 Pine street and 1,244 U roadway. Brooklyn?to let, second floor, three Rooms, with gas, water, Ac., lu a genteel bouse; neigh borhiH d unexceptionable; one family lu the hotiae; reut (10 per month; possesion Immediately. Apply at 06 lioytstreet, near lean. Ten minutes' walk from the ferries. Farm to let on shares-a farm ok m acres, situated on the south side of Staten Island(Pnuoe's Ray), next to the farm of the late .las. H. Segume. To a com petent aud resposible person the terms will he liberal. For particulars apply to UDOLPHO WOLFE, 22 Beaver street, up stairs. Furnished house, in hobokfn, to let?one minute's walk from the ferry; has all the modern im provements and In replete with every convenience; is three stories and basement, twenty five feet front; rent $900; pos session immediate. Apply at 91 Liberty street, New York, up stairs. Furnished houses in thirty-second and Thirty third streets and Brooklyn; unfurnished in Fortletlv, Thirty fifth, Twenty-sixth and Eighteenth streets and other parts of the eitv, Brooklyn and Rloomingdale. Apply to LOCK A P1TTMAN, Law, Collection and Heal Ettale otlice, 25 25 Bond street. Houseb to lit?furnished and unfurnished. UNFURNISHED. 48th street, between 8th and 9th avenues $660 42d street, between 8th and 9th avenues 701) :?th street, between 6th aud tith avenues 1,600 39th street, between 7th and Hth avenues. 700 37th street, between 7th and nth avenues 750 31st street, between 8th and 9th avenues 880 29th street, between 6th and 7th avenues 85$ 20th street, between lat and 2d avenues 600 20th street, between 8th and 9th avenues 700 10 h street, between 8th and 9th avenues 780 Waverley place, near 10th street 760 Henry street, between Jefferson arid Clinton 850 Lexington avenue (100), between 30th and 31st streets. 86) West 16th street (218), near 7th avenue 1.00J FURNISHED. 2?d street, between 8th and 9th avenues 1,800 Grove street, near Illeecker. 1,500 Lexington avenue, between 28th and 29th streets 1,800 28th street, between Broadway and 4th avenue 1,81X1 J3u street, between 6th and 7th avenues 2.4IO 10th stmt, bet o?n5th and 6th avenues 2,400 And others in central locations at moderate rates DINGER A 1IOLDEN, No. 8 Pine street aud 1,244 Broadway. HOWE TO LET?IN lispenard street, a kew il.virsfmm Broadway; h?? all modern Improvement, and is \ery desirable for llowei or Oilier light manufacturing busi nesf; also very suitable for a family residence. Inquire of E. U111.) ELDER, 301 I anal street, three doors west of Broadway. Houses to let or lease, low, to good tenants.?Several first class and very desirable Houses, rents from $.VO to $1,500 pe1" annum, from Twelfth street to Forty-seventh ?trcct, and he'ween ljeiingL< n and Eighth avenues. Apply to JOHN McCLAVE, 1,2(1 Broadway. Hotel to let?tiik first class hotel no. 21 to 27 Hroadwuy, corner of Morris street, known as the Stevens House. Possession 1st of May next. For further iiartleulara apply to HEWLETT A TOKHaNCE. No. 6 Howl ing Green. Hotel to lease or for sale. The house knowuasthe DeVVolf House, In Bristol. R. I. It is a large, handsome, commodious house; will accom modate one hundred boarders; Is in the centre of the town, and Is surrounded by nearjv three acres of land, enclosing a faidi n and a tine lawn, affording an excellent play ground ?rehildren. Good stablu g attached to the ho ise The town of Bilstol is be-iutlfully nutated on Narragarisett Itly, near Newport and Providence, tnd easily reached from New York and ItoMtob In a. few hours by rail or steam'ioat. As a healthy and pleasant summer resort for families and children it has few equals. Mount Hope, King Phillip's place, U in the Im m< dlate vlelnlty. and the bay n(lords e'.ery faci'itv forooat ir>g, yaehtlsg, fishing and gunning This house offers pe culiar attractions to city hotel keepers desiring a >ummer hotel for their patrons, \pplv to lion. W. II. s. BaYLE?, publisher of the Bristol I'henlx, Bristol, R.I, ortoJOHS HOPPER, 11U Broadway, N. Y. Landlords, if you want to lease your tenement property apply to Jt) .N WALdH, 276 >1 >t? street. Real ns'ate security given. PART OF A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE FRONT House, No. 316 Lexington avenue to let, or the woole would be let and the rent tsken In l>o.tril. Possession imme diately. Apply at the above number. (JTORE TO LET AND FIXTI'RES FOR SALE, IN O Cooper Institute buiMing. elegantly fifed up and front Ing on two streets. Third ami Fourth avenues Possession can be had immediately If required. Inquire on the pre mises. CTFAM POWER?TO LEASE. SUPERIOR RO ?MS, O wtth steady power, In the new five rtory buildings, 42, 44, f i, 48 and 50 Greene street, with extensive tire pr sir vaults. The buildings are lighted on all sides; heated by steam, with eve y accomodation; loeattoa is the most e?itral?one bb<k from Canal street and Broadway, insurance one per cent. Parties In w ant of suwrlor acoomrnodatlons at a low rent are invited to call and look at the rooms, engine, Ac. Apply to 11. J. HOWABD, on the prenusfa. To let?two srrrs of offices, no. ?7 wall strret, one In basement, now occupied by Williamsburg Insurance Company: the other on second it'>ry, nccipled by Carrol Livingston. Inquire at the otbees, or at Na 77 Cedar street, at 2 P. .M., of R. J. DILLON. TO LET.?THE STORES AND DWELLINGS N'?s 2l2 snd 2t4 Third avenue, between Twenty first and Twenty second streets Rent, each, $600 per year. Aonly-it .'4 l^sst Twentieth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. TU o LET-TO A IMAIil. PAMILY, WITHOUT CHIL | dren, the second story and front basement of House 177 Went Twenty fourth street. To he seen from 10 A. X. to 4 P. M, Possession by tut of April, oranonw If dc*lred. TO LET?THE BPACTOI'B STORK, NO. 49 BROADWAY, running through to Trinity I lace, 2?> hy 2Ui feet, ih? l>a*e ment having an cntn'ice level with Trinity tla?'?, with a flnn dry counter cellar; te let I rotn 1st of ^Uy nni. Apply to A. LmiWJSTON, 19 Betkman street. TO LF.T?PART or STORK, SO A ASTOR HOUSE. A go..d chance for a tailor The other n?rt for a g< ntle. man's furnishing store. Inquire of B. B. MKKKILL, No. 2 Maiden lane. PoeaMslon Itnm'dla'ely. TO LET?THE HOUSES NO*. 12, Ifl AND 24 SEVENTH avenue, between Twelfth and Tliiteenth streets; hand somely located end Utt#d with every conrrnlen e. Apulyat the, No 244J (Jreenwlcli street. TO LET?THE STOKES NOB. 79 AND H.1 BARCLAY iLreet. near Washington. In a g-od business location; will flFBbt In w mplcte rep:?lr l< r good teuania. Apply at the office, 246 OreenwMh street.. TO LET-THK HOUSE NO. 61 Wfc^T TWENTIETH street, between Fifth and Sls'h avenue*, opposite the church, thia Iioum la handsomely located and will be put In thor< ugh order for a good tenant. Apply at the olllce, 244 Greenwich street. TO LET?THE intOWN STONE ENOLHII BASEMENT Hon**, No. 7 Llvlrgslon place, e?*t Hid'! of Stuyveaaul square. Carpets, Ac , for sal)!. Inquire on the premise* TO LET?THE STORE ON THE NORTHEASTERLY corner of Greenwich and Muriay streets. Also flr> Floor over store, cocuolcd for five years |iaat f"r gentlemMn? furnishing go-id*. For terms spply on y at JOHN LADhjil', U(l Washington street, near Fulton. TO LET-A AI HI KBaN RESIDENCE, COMBINING mdciuntry; a frame dwelling House, 11 r om*.best of water, one acre of ground In gatden, lawns and walks; supplied w ith frill's, shade*, grapes, current*, Ac , Ac.; ao d s . lo *nil I m in the city llsll; one hour by railroad, steam boats end stngi s; church, schools, store* and tnarkrta con venient. hltiia'ion for health unsurpaMed. Apply for full particular* at HI Warren street. TO LET?A BROW* STONE HOUSE IN THIRTIETH street, near Fifth avenue; also No. 12 Warren piace, t hsrles ?tr< et. Apply to N. ROE A 8. I>. WILSON. M Varlck street. TO 1ET?STOBBtfl NOB. S AND ? BROAD STREET. <'Hires on aRond and third floors of No. S Unowl street; also Oglce* on third floor of No 6 Broad street. Will he let low Apply to A. J. DELATOl'R, J6>, Wall street, near Broad. TO LET?THE EOUBE NO. 349 EAST HOUSTON street. street, near" street. Apply to TIIOH MACFAKLAN, No. 109 Tenth ar third s IO LET-AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND. A DWELL House, blind. Furnace. mediately Five chania' hvihang'. Ing House, fully funilshed; stable and eight lota of ground. Furnace, gas and water In the house. Po*aea*l6n Immediately Five rooms on first floor. Apply at #7 Mer TO LIT?ELIGIBLE ROOMS, SMALL STORES AND ? rner I'aaement, at the southwest corner of Broadway and 1 w eli tb street; eleo, the ipper floors and Basement of 4S Twellth street, uear Broadway. JOHN H. KELSO, >2 WlUlam street. TO I.ET-A HAIR DRRSSINO AND RATHINO SALOON fitted un with hot snd cold water, with Immediate Doeeee' afcm Apply at 4.H1 Broome street. T?, h*l-nK0*? ?L<H,R OF m BROADWAY, 4S A '?;*?'*fi "*h* 'ntranoe the boet on tbe stree'; sp endid location lor a first elasa merchant tailor To a rwlia. ?ogt;,'TnMr.;T;uM ? *T*n Ap"" ?* sea T? JdPTrir* three STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE MO laclflc street, Brooklyn; bath, water and gas lis Y7?iiSfl^UI1l.V>far" *n(1 f-rr1'"; rent $M). Apply to E Al EHBACH, No. 7 Oold strict, !^*v York, up itara HOC8KS, ROOMS, AC., ^ 1JMP. ^ r) I.Kf-i HE TIIKKK STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, corner o( Hank and Hleecker streets, modern laniirrnre nients Ml $*?l Also two story and atilc ilouM, No ltl lieuwlck street modern Improvements: rent $<S6I1. Also the two stoivsud utile brick Burse. No 160 Wast Seventeenth street (nowyacant1, water gaa aid (fixtures; rant $;?7S Also No. 210 Wmt Nineteenth street. three story, modern impraM ments; rent $!<??' * I to three story house, Wesl Thirty drat street, modem lmpiovements; rem ?7U0 Ala<> No H Ktu Twenty suih street, brown atone House modern Improve ments; rent $1 uai. A'ho Nn 6* East Iwcnlvslilft street, brown alone House, modern Improvements; rent $SU1 Also No. 1.17 Meat Twenty a> Ol d atrtei, four atory brown ston<3 House, rent $726. Also No. II* West Forty Ictirth atreet, three story brown smue House; relit $1,(10(1. Also 174 West Twmty flr?t street, three storv large House, modern Improve menu; rem $f*?l. Also No. 346 West Thirty first atreet, four story Htune. mnlern Improvements; reni $700 Alao the three Ktorv brtrk house inew) t ow vacant on Fortieth atreet, near Ninth avenue, ?uh nioilerti Improvements; rent $60l>. AUo Ihe ilure story House, No 226 West 1 blrty-flrsl street, modeln Improvements, rem $6011. Also 173 Weft Thirty seventh street, three atory and attic House, modern improve ments; reut $uai. \lf? the three klory House, No. 364 Wost Fifteenth street, modern unpr vetnenta. 10 fset front; rent ?Till Alao No. 2tB WestSixteenth street two story and sttkj House, das and gold water bath; rent iVai Apply at the of fce of J A W. UENII.VM, cornerof Kluhth avenue anil Mil* leenth street, from morning to y in the evening TO LET?$6?0-HOU8E NO 79 WEST TWENTY NlfTfl street, three stories, gas and.wa'er thruugbou' t'?n be seen from 13 till 2 o'clock. M/.e about 19>^x34. Apply at 1.0 Front street, up sial s, or at the Pearl, corner of Sixth ?ven >ta and Twenty ninth street TO LET?THE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE HOUSES:? >o 261 We*t I'wMity third st, live sloiles. Kent $I,#U, No. 227 Went Twenty tnlrd st., live stories Hani $1,100. No 1W W'nt Tw< nty lorath st , five stortor. Kent IMUl No. Itb West Twenty fomth st, five stories. Bent $HOO. Apply u. 1*. HAhMOHY'H NEPHEWS A OO.. HI Ore 'nwtch street. TO IET-8ECOND FLOOR OF" NO. 807 EAST Til IRT Y fourth street; ?l? rt>oms, water ano pantries, to a gen teel tenant , rent ?I3 prr month. Alio, the Front Part of flrst floor; rent $6 50. Also, ihe Front iTirt, third floor, of _L * rftlt ***" Apply at ?K Spring street T?, L'KT U* CL,t,TON RTKEET?1THE STORE AND lofts in No rOfi will be, rented, iu>p?triit?*lv or toMthffl Apply to A. 11. Ul% EKY, 77 Nassau street. TO LET OR FOR HALE?A COUNTRY C<?TTAHB. CON talnlng fourteen rooms, with ooaeh house, e?c< lient gar din, Ai'., in all about five acres. The house Is surrounded with tlie best of frnlt; location one of the healthiest in the town of Westchester: more ground Ran be bad If minimi. Inquire of JAMBS t (INNER A SONS, corner of Krade and Centre street, or of JOHN MORRISON,>i idge depot. TO LET OR LEASE?THE LAROB AND DKHIRARLR tour atory House No 1117 Waverley place, nearly oppo site Washington square, house 26 feet tront bv 1(16 indspth; lot 1JS feet deep. Kent (2.111*1 per annum. Apply to Ol/BT. A. BACCHI, 4ft William atreet TO LET OR LEANB-THE BASEMENT (WH FBBT deep) of, and several line Ofliccg In, the new building 83 Nassau street, between Fulton and John streets, this city. Apply to FRANCIS BYBNE, 13* Naaaau street. TO LET CR LEASE-NO. 41 WHITE STREET; SUITA Mc for anv business, dwelling or olli-es. The basement can be easily altered lor a store. Apply to F. DEHll Y A CO., 67 Walker street. fTO LET OR LEASE?THE TWO NEW MODEL ENO ? llsli husement Houses Nos. 2*.)I', and 3US West Nineteenth street, between Ninth aril Tenth avenues, with all modern lmpmvenienta, hot and oold water to fourth storiea, bathing rooms, water closets, i root and rear vaults, front and rear atalrvv.iys, nnrrora, la., will be rented ?oo<t tenants at moderate prices. Apply for further particulars to Messrs. KOOME A WEI LH, 1<7 Ninth avenue. rpo LET OR LEASE?TIIB LAROB AND DEHIKARLR Xtt TO I.F.T OR ILFAKE, IN BROOKLYN?ITO'.'SB AND Factory, H4 Nassau street. Aneice.Uent chance for a party wiahltig their residence and bustneaa together. Teruia reason able, apply at 11)2 Nassau street. New York, io the segar store. TO LET OR LEASE LOW TO OOOD TENANTS-TWO new four story high basement, twenty feel brown stone Houses, each one door from Broadway, Noa. 110 West Forty fifth street, and 140 West Forty-sixth street: possesion Im mediately. They are both first class, with all modern im Sfivemenls Apply to Mr TAYLOR, No. 1,275 Broadway, or r. PHILLIPS, Broadway, drat door above Forty fifth street. TO RENT-STATEN ISLAND?ONE FURNISHED large Mansion and two unt'umlahed Houses at New Brlglitoa, containing gna, hath rooms, water works speaking ttMS sad all modern conveniences; also, stables, eoaeh bMM, Am wood Unds and lawns; f. uit, flower and klteheo ) slMiii Situation unsurpassed, on Ho- Heigbta, and within five mtetites ol the ferry. For further particulars apply to OlIAH. K. HAMILTON, No 6 Hanover street. Poet's Build ings 111A ELM STREET, NEAR SPRINU.-FI'KMmHED I" Aiiartments for Imr^i illale ne: upancy. rive lowest rents In the city, considering ,e conveniences for eennom^al house keeping. Peat bedding and furuiture, with range, cooking ulitcslia and liaesi complete: gas and Croton. <OPAIllWEKalllP Ml I'll (CM. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY WISHES TO Join some res|H>usibl* widow with a small capiuil iu a cash business thai <an be d ine at home, ;o ritk r" jlUres two tn attend to it. A ddr? as for three days L V , L'n>on -<iuare Post oaice, staling where an Interview can be had and the busineas explained. ATHORiiL'tiH BUSINESS MAN, AS PARTNER, wanted, wltli a capital of from $l,imi to tl,6>*l. $2>K(<0 can easily be made In a short time Certticaiea will be show it from parties who have tried it and pronounce it ihe l>.?l and most lndis| ennable article \et Invented Eveiy bouse will and must baye it. Address Fortune, Herald office, fir three dsy^ PARTNER WANTED-A GOOD BUNINErt ' MAN, IIAV Ing In cash $\twi, will be taken in as eipial p.viner by an siK 'lon ind eouimlasi.>n bouse of long standing l?s .iied mi a thrly ing c n in the West. Addrers box J,>00 Post tillce, for Hirti er particulars. The subscriber wants a partner?with from $.HA) to $1,11*1 ready cash. The business is sti letly essb, and I- ps>ing now $l.'nand upwards a we*k A ?? i e m tiusi n* ss man is wanted more than a large amount of money. The amount Invest" d and more would be under bis control. For an interview please add.eas tor three days II (!., box I2J Herald oflloe \\* ANTED?A P ARTNER, V. TTII $2 WlO. IN A M A N IT factory o< Wfn ir'icle?; the Inveement c*n b? doubled wi'.bin a year. Call at or add'esa 6C Carroll strett, Brooklyn. (fefWWk ?PARTNER WANTBD, IN A WELL ESTAB ?p?)U'". ||?hed and p-ofi<able office hualness, to lake th.i jilace of one rrtiring. I'art cash and th" re?t in valiutble w ? stern land paid for good per-onal property WELLS ? CO., 113 Broadway. A>{) hftf) TO $?,?*) - WANTED, AN INTEREST IN A well established wloleaale or minufactoring business, by a married man 16 years of age, will ng to devote alieiMlon, energy and !*>>? >r If mcesaary, together with a little money; wou'd pis fer an active or outdoor business. Natisfae'ory references will be given and required No agents or psrties not willing to treat honorably need apply Adiirosa, slating nams, plane and klcd ot business, U. II., box Ml Herald odice AO /ii uV TO ?PARTNER WANTED, 7n~~A ipO.wl'U msniitscturlrg business of Cordials, Plllere and Fatw y Liquors, already established An active, energell? man ? ill find this a chsuce to m?ke a fortine To the right f riy this is a rare opportunity. For particulars address J. K , box UI2 Herald office. ANTHOLOGY. AP 'K A FIDE AlHROLOOIW. iHaT EVRRT ONE tan <!? petid on, Is Mxliiii' tfll.M'i.N, *bo ?IIa the 00 ject of yonr visit as ?< nn a? yon enter her room. Madame W IIsod Ik thr great e-t astrologlst that ever km known Hbe will Invoke Ikn power* of her wonderf ul science, and .ell *11 the even s of your ?bole life. Her predictions ar* ?u IriM that lt"*y surprise every i m that consult* b-r. Home ladles m?y gi 1 a llule timid, though they need not fear, fo-s?iepr?T tloea nothing but what is reasonable to t lillwophera. All should (-' limit 1 his most wonderful and rays erlmts hidy. Her odrlor ha* m ver been known to fail, and iwenty thousand dollars reward to any one who run equal her In the above science. Madame Wilson l? In 110s session of the celebrated di^ii' charms, wlileh are aver >*? tain In their effect Truly nmv >le be ca led a wonderful woman 1KJ Allen street, be tv.een Hnaston and Stanton, over the bakery. Fee for ladka and geui>men, 6U o nta, AHT<'M*HUK?-MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH dam ht'T, born with a caul and gift of foresight, telle h w ? 0-1 and often yon'*111 marry, And luaar events, even v .ur t-r> thought". Fe? 26 c< nts. 1H4 Ludlow street, below Houston. UenUrmen not admitted (?* LA IRVOY AWE.?MRS SEYMOUR'S MEDICAL ,/ Clairvoyant rooms, 110,l, Kast Teontietti street, between Fir*t and Sscond avenue*. ihe ?n>*t critical. median! and lu?lne** c instillations day and evening, and perfect satisfac tion giiai an teed always or no pay. MAIM MB HI RT HA* TO WORM THE LlXHXS that she has lemoved to IS? Stanton atreet, ?l* door* from ? we?, where she still continues. l.sdiee lit ?eo!? Uentlemen n t admitted. Odlre hours from 9 A. M. to 9 P M MaDaUK HHAFFKR Ha* REMO\ ED YROM *KVR!#TH street to 2HI Second atreet, between aven>i? Caad I n.' n mark't. third fliKir she silll continue* to tell about love, mariiage, absent friend-, business and jouroeya Ladies 26 cents. Ueatlemen not admitted. Madame hartey still cojrni?rR? to tell op the events of life, at "ill Woet TI1I1 ty seeoad ?t. e<*?, ne twee 11 .Ninth and renin s Ten net. Ladles, 2a cent*, gentle men not admitted. Nr ?WHO HAH !?OT HEARD OF THR CELERRAT. ? ed Mme I'ltKH HIKK, whobaa tx en consulted by hou sanda In tbu anfl oth< r Cities with entire sstlsfsctlonf Hbo feels confident she haanormial. Telia the name of future wife or hiaband, and that or her vlatter. If you wl?h truth give her a rail, htl&l Thlrd avenue, above Twenty Ural street. Ladies, OOcenta: gentlemen, $1 THE <? RE A TEST W11NDRR IB THR WORLD 18 THR vo'tng Mid sc in (dished Madame BYRON, from Parte, who can be cone tilted wltli 'hf strictest wnfldence un all af li thf ?t faira of life, emhnu Irnj l iWKourtahlp, msrnaffe, stoknesa, intem|ierani!e. sltuiitUins, flH^stilu. business travelling, ab sent friend", lost > r stolen property, Ac rihe has alao aeerret to make y,.u t.elovetl by your heart's Ideal .and lirlnjp u?u? ther those loni neparated. K. sMence. 361 Third avenue, above Twenty?MveBto street, second Buor. Ladiee, 26 oeats, gen tlerm n, Sl> cenu. 4?J rilRlBTOPHER TREET.-MR* H ROEDER IS ? > the only true Clairvoyant. A?im>'>k -t, rs nuft and world renowned Seer and gifted laly In this city. Rerraler of *11 affairs through life, past, i reeent and future events slves true and Ourm-i InfomiMlou oa health, waaitti, sBs'is, Journeys, law suits, dlffleulto In business, absent frtends, sickncss, Ac. Thousands of v Iritera can witness vha tiuth of ?er correct revelations during the past diieen year*. Remember her residence, 43 Christopher street. 4t')? nnn MWARD?FOR AMY OKR WHO CAM esoel Mra. MRKK, the well known "fie brand phrenologist, aatmloglst and medicnl adviser, who is acknowledged to tie the wnly lady in the world who truthfully gives Information concerning any case of human life, lift MKRK, 44 Attoruey street, removed to 19U Monroe street, ?ear Montgomery N LEOAL NOTICES. _. OTIC?* IS HEREBY OIVR.V, TH AT T1T/RRa??T, issued this date, on the spjill at Ion of Burr bl the Bon. Itihn R. Brady, one nf the Judges of the < otirt Of Cnaimnn Pleas, dlreetrd to the >%erlF or Ibis jounty, com mstidlnK him to at tacit the new sea going steamship rnMlllo, Of this port, and that all persons who claim to have any de mentia against the si, Id veaatii, under the provUlooa tT tlO? eight, o chatiter eight, of pari threeof the Rerleed "'I**"' "? are wmlred to deliver an aci-uint of their reape-tlve c aime to the said Judge, at th i said court, wtthin three noniM from the flrst publlvaUon of thla notieo. or thet thflr reme d7 against the saltl reasel will he forfeited, snd that ??? ?a d < essrl will be sold for the payment Of the clairna k**1"" her, i nless *-me peraon Interested ihereta Mjpsr audJie charge -he said warrant, aoror.lln,< to law, within ?e sa.n ^hree months. JAT HAfKRTT. Aitorney, II Ceotie strwt. Dated, Raw Yon?, Feb. 7, 1M1.