Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW.YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8930. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY '20, 1801. . PRICE TWO CENTS. TIE PRESIDENTIAL PROGRESS. The Ovations and Speeches En Route ^ from Albany to New York. /Specimens of Mr. Lincoln's, Humor and Statesmanship. Courtesies of the Convicts. Sing Sing. GENIUS OF iBERICA AT DOBB/S flRRY. Arrival of the President Elect in the Metropolis. fwiml flbMDbei of the Vresident an* Sis Suite. Tkc Procession from the Depot *o <3ie A stor House. MEAGRE DECORATIONS AND DISPLAY. SCENES IN AND AROUND THE HOTEL. Mr* Lincoln's Speeches from the Bal cony and in the Dining Room* The Dinner?Events of thtf Evening ? Incidents, Accidents, &c. THE PROGRAMME FOR TO-DAY, as*) as*) a#*) THE TRIP FROM iLBUVY TO NEW YORK. ? % THE DEPARTURE FROM ALBANY. Albany, tho city that values Its customs, like its boiif*?, because they are old and inconvenient; the city4 is which progress, liko locomotion. is up bill work; in which buBiin sB, like its intelligence, if) dull; the city where legislative debating meats oratory, and lobbying moan* buying on Assemblyman with u driuk; the city which bungs on to and is supported by the Capitol, like ??kite-rail by a kite; the city whose excitements are Bquabbles between Governors and s.ib officials: the city whose inhabitants twa so Duteb that four P. M. means bed-lime: the city where many railroads connect but none stop, booooftc no pa?aengers would ever consent to remain there, the city which Is turned intj an annual Venice by fretikute aud floods; the city whero newspaperi, state what tbey wish and not what they know to bo true; the oily whore secrct his tories abound and Thurlow Weed? reside, but never re main at home; in short, the c&plia. of the State of New Yoik?was deserted by the President elect and hta mite ystlerdry morning. Thev left with gi*la?ss und rejotcmgs. Haunted ivT mikr, b fore reaching the city by oovernT's aids de-squabbk and legislative com mitU'crr.rn. arriving in hubbub, ditorutr i?od coufusim; made to wait Icr tardy mllitlamm- uncertain Where they were to dice, or where to sleep; cruv?ii?d, Jostled and pushed, fatigood with long speech's meowing nith-'ng; fxpicting every moment to fee a pugilistic set to between Mnctcth Morgan mid Mi.od.iff I!crgen; pursued by apiaritions of mut'dy Creeiey* : ani paci lie Weeds ; aecorUd from u privato dinner party by a blatant (Mpof Kldiery; threatened with legisla tive snubs cr gubernatorial anger: leveed and reception Izodby romorselesc ladies and fentletacn; nafe in bed, at laut, too annoyed s-d angered to sio- ,j . uo wo odor that Mr. nad Mrs. LlncflLi left Albany with feelings of .{-rati tudo f.r their KaCt deliverance. and with reeotauons ?never to return thither a;ram. Tho hour of departcse was at enrly fiat U* possibility of dJctufbance waf avoided. VaMpi ed, unwell, til at *aee, Mr. .-I-incoLn waa eeoerted from the Dekvcc House to C ! depot, just arouctl Abo corner, by Albany'j.craek corpt?'J10 Burgesee??e<*d e.itered the special tula precisely at eight o'clock. kai ur Thatcher several *?', Irrrmn, all cauguslly oirly rw^rt , Accom panied the uoesrt, and about two luiudrcd no-agbt to do BitiMJus loaicrt mriind the depot and replied to tkc loco notlve'rf shrieks, of the train started, by a f?"eble .effort to cbfear. Hovtrai gunners nude fruUic attes^U to explode a second kind cannon by way of sainto. A 'ew turns or t^e driving wheels sn l these L\rt eui ?anees\?&:?he<], with Albany and It" rpobbery and dl? comtort. tju: THIP TO TROV. Pu- fin,? ul<rft at fall :p?t:d tho train soon reachcd 1 (ireen Island, where t" ito a crowd was rath 1 el, and then passed slowly UaoughCohoor, where the employes, Bale and female, of tbe extensive factorie... were drawn up L'i solid phalanxes upon each Ride of the t.*Ack. Mr. Uy^in * bowed himself to the picple. was gi with tremendous chcerr, aiid rrmainel njion the p!.?>rm to admire the magnificent CohocB Fa'.is, which, swollen by the recent floods, tumbled over the precipices in varying sheets of foam. At tho Watcrford .function, by s mie dextrous railway procecd,pr?, a spools! cir for the Troy delegation was placed into the train, and the party then proceeded to Waterford, where they were enth jsta.=tical ly received. At Troy the first ftoppoge woa node. Theim inen: e Cnion drpit was crowded ai d surrouuded with peo ple and tho chocrs were deafening. Prol>?bly eight thousand persons were prcrent; and aq quite half this rumber were Ladle?, the r?cenc wa.- as beautiful as it was Unposwg. Ilero the I'rerldential party rlmnp^d to the ej? ciul train (if tin. Iluii ju l.iver road, t leiiiner with the inscription larmx Ml) Hamm* ! f ^ Ho^Rsrr jiw F' >jk?it I J WMdlir*.v?-, and ffasr'.^ic; *iih lioarly iIkt*. A I m oar, rrvhdod and trimtnrl with flig', vm ten if (1 m as a platform, no'l stopping upon this Mr. Lincoln list;ne 1 with rv Idrnt to tlir conaldprate Mil A|irnpM nililrc.* of the young M.*j"or of Troy, wUj ?poke M follows ? Mr. 1 jtx< *?I havn| U p honor to w<i I< mi you ou l>o bali of ihr nr I Troy, nut oh i politician, pot u n partisan, hot us tho rb<*in Chief M.ijristraV of thirty mi.lions of peoplo, and t't tt'Syro you of our ro po? t for vou m ft cil*? ii and for tho bl?li vfHco ysu frill so goon hit. 1 know )?mi raimt bo ftftorUuf from lli^ fall*" o innr fiirnrj m<tl? ill if '. .!*.?? (?:'?. t ' ' t ? Ift Jat miulit dcUm yon t<- pt\ t?, hut * ?; agn't . 1 you a hearty welcome. Mr. >cilltrg and bowi'ig, tinned to t' Itn miTfHi r-owd of cltl/etn, tallica and ukierj the hll" making a ?iiluniid ili-play- -?uid aald \ <"y oiri :l!y a" I with much (fnjwwrm.a'.? Ma. Mator *?n Cirorvi o? Km -I thank yon very kindly for tkw *r .it reception. >in ? t let i my li ? no it ha* r.ot boon my fortune t? me?! in ? < rW'fo mawrQus aud truro orderly tLin Un ?. I ant ro gr?ti6?-<i at thl* nutr? <<f y?. .r r t vl aim ?? yo.i .i- - i"i o tt Is tendered, mi t" tl. iu?livid ml. txf In |b? bi#b Oftle yo:i Ji,v^ (filial it. t"? I'll f have neithi* atraogth nor tin. m-vk - snr < *tr>l"d romaika, and T r.iu only r i-i mv Mneen- i . ; for tho kind iwptlon y-: h i ttrV^Sit i I | ,r t;> I I to n.O. lte M*>?r jM otli r gcntlMn?u np ?*. the m t\>r ?hool hand-i with Ur. J.laceln. and tt ju.iy cnkr? : h ipao'al f?r, prffnjH by tho Ihoivn Hirer i-nlrrwid r m p*ny. anda^r^'lv ?'o?'nl">d ,o tiin n? i >-.n. I'j ??mwtorr Id 'O, jomsleil ?ith 'Iter >tar.-, hot g ? (Hi nfc ,,-m |r ?. flav*. protilotl *iUi i ir>ir,f'?? * >n ,h?a, Mm w t *u??r?< fla ar artaniy 1 ? kc.l I, aud *?? ,? M ul tho p'al#o la ;. t. d "(i i it i' p\rtjr Kir . . ,. tor mox<d%t on it h*?1 l)"o- jK'v. ?! fn iai?\,?. n ? ? l>f .J?o iti'O ur# ! t in t' a V J Iti'oo, mdan t> r tr# #'.lJ31'."'j ic..i. , v; U\. .4 - and acted *? prfct. Pissing groups of men ind women, all caeerlr^; tittle girM tn wi le awake cap* and cloaks? a private oration to (jarit, tho representative of the New ^ Vide Awakes; huge p.lea of ice trumblel la all Borts' if fttBtiutticaliap-'B. men solitarily tl.rng single guns 88 >f. for signals of distress, tho train pushed on slowly to Ttat Albany, where a crowd of about two hundred ' ifcrty-tooking men and women were drawn up; and then, Martuig on time, left East Albany at tea o'clock A. M. THK PARTY ON BOARD. The train constated of two passenger cars ana ono car ?or the baggage of the party, which was kisdly taken in charge by tho Mauhitiau Express Ooroixtr.y. In tho forward cor were the importers of the leafing journals, Aldermen Barry, Smith and Cornell, anil Councilmen Sto vetFon and Ilali.oi the New Yo'k Committee; E. Dela tleld Smith, O. W. Brennaa. John Kvser and Duniol Gono ver, Ftxire , of the New Yoik Republican Central Commit tee; a representative of the Young Men s Centra. Ocm siniilte, C J. Rodgers, of the Republican Union; O. E. Gavit, of the New York Wide Awakes; a m^na b*r of the German Republican Committee; Waj *prague. United States Army; Major I.imon. of Illinois (who was only eqneeted, not ruptured, in the crowd at Alb?y), and others of l'etser nolo. Via- President Vail aud Superintendent Sml'b, of tho Hudson River r<iad, were on board, and the train was in cbargo of tho Hon Samuel Sloan, President of tho company. Bob Lincoln, the "Prinze of Rails'' ax he is called with sarcastic rail lery?for Bob thinks of nothing just now but segars, and wouldn't bo a Prlnse on any terms?represented his father in the forward fer, and indulged in all sorts of u pre ar ions merriment, tho New Yorkers b"ing only too willing accessories, assistants and tjo often ringleaders. Fun, conversation and the new York papt 'S maio the time pass very pleasantly in this iat. In the special car were Mr. ani Mrs. Lincoln and ibeir suite, p?n?oual bketch<sof the members of whi.-b will be found ehewheie. Martin J. Tosrnaead, Ks<i , a f'hicugo dtltga e, and a great friend of rhurlow Weed, was also on board, but Mr. Lincoln was so unwell and fatigued that he seemed to take very little inte rest in political conversations. Mrs. Lincoln ''hit-chatted with her friends, and seemed all life and enjoymon'.. Major Hunter, with Lis olslocited arm, lo iUod yery pallid and fatigued, and slept heavily; most of the journey. It was plain to see that tho Llncolus a^e com mon Fense, home like lolks, unused to tho glitter and Mutter of society. Towering above all, with h>9 face aad forehead furrowed by a thousand wrinkle?, his hair iinkemp"., his new whiskers looking us If njt yet naturalized, his clothing illy arranged, Mr. Lincoln pat towards I he rear of the saloon car. Putting preju dices none side, no one can see Mr. Lincoln with oat re cognizing in h>in a man of immonsa power and force of character nnd natural talent, lie seems so glucens, so ccnscientlmis, fo earnest, s > simple h arted, thit ouo cannot Lelp liking him" and esteeming any diapar.ege ment of his abilities or desire to do right as a personal insult. What will he do? all are asking Mr. Lincoln says that be has not yet determined; he cannot ?'eleimitie until he sliail get all pnstslble light upon tho subject; but be is sure thit be will say nothing ' inc m I istent with ihe constitution' ?bis favorito ph-aei. Will lie favor Weed or Greeley? Either Weed or Greeley would give a Final! fortune lo know. Lincoln does not k i ow biinsi If as yet. He acts vtry cautiously and balanrrrrfavor with favor. If he la closetud with Greeley one hour, he gives, soon, an hour to Weed. If he takes (?reeley's arm, he walks up Ftairs by Weed's side. If ho i ues with Weed's Governor, be sleeps at Greeley's hotel. I low*can Lincoln know which to chose, when to know would be to decide upon bia policy, and that ho koeps un decided* With the rareaigumentative and logic*! pow us; with the great telf possession and self Con trol; with the intimate knowiodge of pili. (leg aiid politicians, onl with tbo un i.muion, hornet-pun comtaon tense which his friends ciuuu for him, Linooln seems a mau Id act and decide for himself, and Dot be entrapped by either of his denr '/? nj^lywho, like tho fabied iplder, would be gl*d to ealW 4his President!*! ?v. 1 fo seems tremendously rough, and tremendously honest and earnest. Lincoln links excellently and with ea*e upon any topic, and tells a Rtorj witn consummate tact. He seldom teli i stories In his pi.blic speeches, however. When tirst in Confess he adopted tho hifalutin style, but has sincc changed tins for lhat Sj??r??u simplicity of manner tnd dic tion which all great orators have preferred. Of Ute, Mho, he tebs fewer stories than usual ,n conversation. As a h| ecimeu of wh.kt his Riorie* are?and for thorn ho Las a great popular repuUtlon?he *itd, one day, "I onco knew H geo?l, sound chur<Jiman, whom we ll call Brown whe was on a committee to erect a bri eo over a very dangerous and rapid river. Architect after archi tect Hilled, and at lrwt Brown said bo had a friend named Jreics who had built several bridges ami con Id build tt)>s. Ut's have him in,' said tho commtUeo. In ama .lon.m. Tan you build tbis bridge, sir'" 'Yon,' replied; ?I could huiul a briuge to tfw infernal rog;on*, if flie so?<er committee were horrilied; hot when Jon?s re tired, Brown thought K tout lair to defend his friend. 'I know Jones so well,' said ho. 'and he is so honest a and s<? good a? archlMot th?t, If be sUtes soberly aad p-tsitiveiy that he <m build a bridga to limes?wfey, J believe It. But 1 liave my doubts about Ute Hbutm?iit on the Infernal .'?idc.'l ' * ou should sec Ltacom s faciatl cou*oriioa<s atthis f<>int. ?'So,'* f.incoln ad<W. "when politicians said they coul'! harnionlao the Ndrtkerti nu l ^uth'To wings of the Oeaocrwiy. why, 1 believed them. Put I ha I mv d lubts i.bout the abutaiLiit on tho f^?utheru side.'' lhe story whU-b I iacoln began ti tell in Inlinna, the o?ber day, bnt which w:i* tir'4ten ofT by tho do (Suture or the tram, is equally ?"There was a trv?n who was to be ti ^iiu..t?.| ac a political convention, ijnd hlied a liort of a livery kwjxr to ianrncy there. Ihe horsv was so conC uindodly *Ljw, howfvor '?[Here the tiiain moved od.sxnhi great lurbU r, but J.mcoin conc^AKed the story at the nctt sU.?ianl? that the man arrived too late, an I found bis oppo nent nominated and the tVjnveisuon adjournej. Wlu? jw wnrtd h??me ht r.aid to the i&, 4 Thin j I^ h Li\ ;^!iii:ja! of ) C'i'/fl?a fi/ji aniinaf.' *H?? >tii think fif' Jwt r.#?vcr hl?a toaa us'inrViker.' I I udrri ?:?;' v !?y liotV ff tb#9 h >r>;o wrore li!tn,c.! t i l' iivsr. r -urrc tK* Jay would 4Mmr Hc^oro j ?V rtiu iif i Ui? .' ?n?, r tm-'dtfd iUe }'r^si rmt, 'if my Jnm y goes ?n a', this nU-w rate it uji tc re* 'cctlon dtv luifore I rv-? li the C? - ..i h .. the hi irie'with w5 b I's toln deluii * ii^ir i w ? eu ? Hie mool.bat at Uto the mood eotjie, -'cltlom 4UIIK TIIH ROl'TE. IaMfico the litis k!i> riK along, (his white, by l!n? freseu ! scrr-x which woflM \ >o ture, ?"?1 Han.Mnj; up i the ice, warn b'ujlk'ir c! Ipfn is the free-lent rtmhet foj- .\t CostlotoD, HcIkkIimI., ?tii>vcaaz.t, OoxuoUt to,! Stockport, (rcwdr arc i.'W bM( r:.n?on? fired, flogs >ii.spi?j ?<! unit dntirhnrlif lim At cachM tlHSM pUroa tbe train M-.wcl, l?'it ' d r,ot stop, end Mr i kymn howt-d fr >m tl?- r<6 I>utf?ris lo III' tinrr" f .rm, rf * \ril daugb !? r- m<?Brivct. it nriwo* Tli< ti':'n ' rr 1 foorlftn minutes, aad the r? r jiIHi llicre v .? f uptrb. TbooasMla at people frosr i.4 r.r ..Ml ilio track; bnairail of tonus <hrv .-'1 hp*- fnr the prnplf Ini) c ?ai? to the cew '.at, Iks U'lici cov.::,; tn# roofs of the depot and I!.o platform# <Tf 1 <1 with inu?? of iieiwlv. bin Bers waves ami i! :tl> n-d : ? icwa aided tt1" f?!.Vrs irt i ive Ion ! ? ok-t 1 w ' ?n:< , am' a baud of mas IJ ^tyetl tin iwtfcHinl air ,A* Mi. ! uf Ih apt>.>.?roI upm the roar planum f tko car I he rivet w?*<- toiithuakaPtl >. loan t??it u ki*jr dc:i; table, ttiK.rUing ? fin* ruwtrum, w,n p' i !? I r e bv iti" car anil Mt Lincoln wns tnviie-1 to i*>?ke i ;-"'cb. Rrgartfio; tho r*tomp-ire pUtfnrm fpljtsieally, hfwerpr. fee mtd ttwt ho ''priorrH to stick I j the tur, mid pronodtwl a; i?ollnws:? Ft "?* i n I r ih?' you have prI? ? a pia*. form, but 1 h?!l have to docltK ctuii'lmg "" It- ? ?'igb t?r sad applause ) TUc Suvorlntttidont U-lis m i lisvo not ttm.- <iiirin* our brtof lay hvre to lo ive the (rait. I liii4 to decliae mainline on peme very hMKbuw put t. Muo pt'Tuucdfor Bio ytatorday. Hj: I sajr vo you, at (- j.'t M tiiftn, yn matt not on this account #fasr ihe'-i -oo that I have any Intention t<> <to??rt .my put (< m I I 't'.c a l?; tilmatp ri,^t>t to rtud mi. I d'> n >t C<;if IX't ue yvi fof thep'lrpoiHt of ui.ik!0|; a i I cMi"> t ' ly tc .-r<-y?u mil toglrs yoi tfer opujrt iait> to '?o mo: ud4 J my to you, as fLave V fore ??aid t-? roo v>M wiioie i?H\*e nre "o naotiv tmniiwimr lnli??ai Uiere a-e It r?, ! l a?ed^< 'ludly tb" besltH the !> ugain. I liuvn ?Mi'*, ?limri'to, to th'nit win mofi curUuillv for IhH Itiod rw<; .it *i, ait'.l bid yo i atli fn<t ?til. Ow e in jre tbe t'win rolled op. and tlie 'jr. ii>w breaking ttir< upn the ckmn whi.-lt hvl nhMMred tiit- tiio jr.jrney '<eo*n?S more pie.mnt. At iHikfciU.'iormavt ;wn. Tt^oit ant Barr^own there t.oro :h> fkir.e crositlt the "am'-? >:ntc the sum uhe?r Itijt, hnt igr? nop- *. rn m ulf nr. ,1 RlitMbeok wan rem-lmd. ? or - rovidc, moti kiuic, n>iic ib'<. Tito sjil ite hero tviut ;i'fd by Imli a d> - n ft-l!'*-** in unlfr>ra, and tho uouiciittHb <>f tin J'Wly ? "a* ? 'j 'h' ouin-m ?viiii hte cltar. iWom: wpi tli?* r-ina-iii, an the 11aiu <.tttpi>td. "Ml crime V' Liiic In. Oimnera and rt ?l"ryain r'tnertxl Ife Ir cug nr??l r.,?'o f >r *c. I,m (? n. am 1 *ln"j! ft liiughter. la whlcn tha I'restdcat Ir I'tliy i ii.ei. A tMiiiont end iic UaJ ?a m 1 Ummlf i??n* i" ik .K tlienun n 't made n rnrhfor '.olr oan m.n ii>s ltc.iuwwat ;?iil'<1ni. h ? gar till fell f"ew.?? ? r?w ?? tine i". i Ms a ihmiI hwmif mm' n> oW R'in ? *<U? e < ' 11 MCnf th'.l t. lU, Ifeft t|b ,-| i"l lb' It' U' i i * I ails, uj t t^. ,-m) at fr?int:r.n?!*. *l-w tU ?iwit v.* t:*j h. it'. Uii'; -Msi k 9*!;t the track, the s' around in^ buddings, every foot of avail able space w?b? covered with people. It was the suujoct of general ri Aark that so many handsome ladies had not been ?eeu f/etore during the trip. As t he traio stopped Mrs. Lincoln wju presented with a beautiful baskot of liowert bv Mrs. T. F? t>avm, and bowed her acknowledgements from the cur wwi'ow Mr Lincoln w?s inform*! thit this nas tbe city which gave the rtr?t republican auyort ty from the seabnar I, aud was brtetiy welcomed bv the Major. Taking his place upou the pliiforro which hal been erected, and turning around several times to view the immense throng, Mr Lincoln dually ficed i tlmt part cf the throng over wnich the national (lag was displayed, and v#S&ro the ureatesi number of Iodic* wore gathered, an<l spoke as follows:? 8rim.ll Of MR 10001* AT IWM11MB8. T cannot expect to make my Belt' hoard by any con Siderable number of you, my friends, but 1 appoir here i rather for tbepurpoto of seeing you aud being seen 1 by you. (laughter.) I do not believe that you ex tend this welcome?one of the lineal I have ever re ceived?to the Individual man who now addressee you | but rather to the person who represents for the time : being tbe majesty of the constitution and the govern I incut. (fixers.) I suppose that hce, us evory whore, you meet me without distinction of party, but as tho pople. (Cries of "yes," "yes'.) It is with your aid, as the people, that I think wo shall bo able to preserve? not the country, for the country will preserve itself, (cheers'!, but tho institution* of the country?(great cheering); those in stitut ions which have made us free, It'telllgent and hap py?the moBt free, tbe most intelligent unit tho happiest people on the glebe. (Tremendous applause.) I see that some, at least, of yon are of thoee who belicvo that on election ben g decided against then is no reason why they should gink tho ship. ("Hurrah.") 1 belicvo with you, I believe in sticking to it, and carry ing it through; and, if dofonted at one elcvtion. I belle vo in taking the chances next lime. Mire it laughter and aiplanse.) I do not thii.k that they havo cnotentho best man to conduct our affairs, now?I am sure they did not?(here the speaker was interrupted bv noise and confu*icn in another part of tbe crowd)?but actiug honestly and sfnoercly, and with yoer aid, I think wo Bball be able to get through tho storm (Here Mr. Ploan caught hold of Mr Lincoln's arm an I pulled him around to see tho locomotives?the Cnion ?u t Constitution?which passed gaily dressed with fU. ?>. Turning hastily, Mr. Lincoln continued)?la audition > what 1 have said, 1 have only to bid you fare* I. (Chetrs and a salute, amid which tho train moved on FISHKILL, usually so quiet, was all alive with peoplo yest"-.' v Demonstrations never amount to muohiuFishk. ?i% tbe people managed to get out an old faded liag, ? to* blaze away with a cannon close beside the car. 1 ? a dies waved handkerchiefs, th? men cheered, th ? ' >v< pranced and reared, and altogether tho scene \> nt lively and inspiring. Mr. Lincoln showed him. ' , ho crowd and thanked them for the reception, but :i ntn only stopped tlireeminutes, his romaiks were m <? x tended nor important. At Newbury across " tfdr, the national ftog w?s displayed from Washing 'oa 1 quartris, and a salute of thirty-four gnu; droL Cold Spring was gav with flags, for even t itbiea managed to wave them: but West J'oint gav. i, by ling or cannon, Uia'. the progrcps of tho Pre i loot was known to thrni. AT FEKKSK1LL the roofs and wldnows of the houses wore ? ? ! with people. The crowl around the platform w ? >3t ill mannered and Ill-behaved, and the presi .;ius of the place was as long winded as tho crow . > ' ungra cious. Ho talked and talked. (Time's up ' fo be gan to dilute upon the I nlftn. ("Scat! Git ? i ) lie referred to Lincoln very handsomely. ("V- ant to hear Lincoln; we don't want you.") Ho cv. leil h-.-t armR orafoi icnlly. , ? Get down.") IIo W?.-liod 1 j stammered: tho crovrti hooted aud yelled. Atli*' M . i Lli ooln, who had been looking down upon the sr> - 1 and the crowd, had an opportunity to reply. He - 1 mr. tnfroi \'s seKwai .tr nakSKiu. 1 tuna ami Ibnti i iks:?I have but a moment t" ? I i before yon to listen to and return y#ur kind geectu ( | thai k you fur litis reception aud for the pleasant to i in which it is tendered to me by our mutual frie> ' I trill say In i? tingle sentence. In regard to the dif'i ? ? 1 that lie before me ?nd our beloved country, thiit '? 1 ?? I only be as generously and unanimously sustained:! j demonstrations 1 have witnessed lndieUo I L'Ua!l f 1 shall not fail: but without your sustaining hands I I snre that nel'ber 1 uor any other man can hope t< mount those difficulties. I trutt that in the court ? shall pursue 1 shall be sustained, not otilv by the par that ciccted me, but by the patriotic people of tlio who ? count! y. * The whistle sounded, Mr Lincoln was hurried into lii car and the tram mc , edoil'. THE ENTRANCE INTO NEW TOKK. The iirisoners at ^ing Sing, in their striped uniform, saluted tho train as it passed. The propellers on the river screamed and whistled their congratulations. Th9 ladies at Tarrytown fluttered their handkerchief*. Groups of country people stared from country roads. At Dohbs Ferry a little girl was driased as tho Genius o America. At the Orphm Asylum the children were drawn up in fronlW the track, and though it was no named In the time table, Mr Lincoln, with ht.= customary kinoncss. had tbe train otupped a moment that the chil .drcn might pee bim. At all of these places flag3 waved ai d either cannon or guns were ilrcd. Private carriages were drawn up along our splendid suburban residences 1 he pa.-sengeis on tho special train packed their kmclt- I knixkerics togttber, ready for disembarkation. Mr. Lincoln allowed himself to bo brusheil. gave his hair an extra turn, arianged his whiskers, of be is unjustly proud, and tried to loel. his prettiest Tho New Yoik Committeo bustled about. Tlio people of Man hattanville and up town looked ut tbe tra.n aud kept silent, and at last, precisely in time?three I'. M.?tho train glfed into the new depot, and Mr. Liucoln was roady for his reception in the metropolis. THE PflfSIDENT ELECT IN NEW YORK. THE ARRIVAL. The anticipated arrival of tho Pre.-ldeiit elect iu the city of New York did not produce so much intcrc-t or excltctneut among our citizcna yesterday as ruck au ev fit would naturally bo suppotx d to crc&to. Outward kidlcatlons would iiardly have led a stranger to sqppoeo in the morning that anything unusual wut to happen, uitVeee a of flags floating from numerous public buildings mi,.;ht have suggested the Idea. Certainly,at aoan, one would not have imagined that in a few hours Um cbMea Chief Magistrate of the country was to arrto* In it? imperial metropolis; nnd yet everythiag was favorable for a mngni.lcent reception. Th ) day was exeeMlivriy im-fcinp, tho <*y was clear, the weather wu mild aad beautiful, nnd the atroels were ae clean as they usually .are Karly in too afternoon, however, the wot side of the city began to show signs of unwonted anima tion. especially the Ninth avenue between Twenty third and Thirtieth etroetc. It is seMot?i, very se'.d' in indeed, that the denlzenc of that locality aro afforded tho opportu nity of witnessing any public procession in their own immediate vicinity. It is seldom that they ore favored with c\en the presence of a target oomptuT- "ut no* the Piweldent elect was to arrive In their ver, " midst. It wm not wrpristng. therefore, that they should deem tho present occasion a godsend, aud that I hey shou.'*1 tl,rn out en mane to greet their future ruicr. This they did ' without distinction of parl.t "?the cCk tral point of attraction being the new depot of the Hud son I!l\ei Railroad Company la Thirtieth street, between the Ninth and Tenth avenue?, Ihe new baildirg ha# Just been erected, nnd will be I re ?d> for the (MWpimodaMpn of the public on the ar rival of the furniture. It Is built of brick, and is nulle a commodious structure, ovor two huudred feet in length and twenty five In width. It is not intended to super cede that at Chambers street, but It is de fined to accommodate th?so who tako tho cart at the up town station. It Is well provided with ev<-?y convenience calculated to promote the comfort of paiwnRprs Tim earn runupalocg the rear of the building, the roof of which projects so as to protect the pasfeagus in rainy weather. The sUrs and stripes floated from flagitafls rawed iu the centre and ut either end of the builditg To this point the Immediate Inhabitants of the neigh bor hood slowly wended their way?the foreign element being well represented. This crowd took up its position on the ? idewalk in front of the depot. A pile of lumber in a lot opi>esile affbrded accommodation for a Urge number ol people, many of whom were women. A long ft nee was likoifee thoroughly fringed with men and boys. All the windows anil rooffc of tho % Iclnlty were filled spectators, while tho striots wrro thronged with a motly cr<<wd. The nppearance of the police, an hour or more before tho ti: e for the arrival of the Incident, carped corn-lderahlc c nfnsion among the people. The r cn were running to get out of tho w.-y, the women to | revent the crnshing of them selves and the children. Fuperintendcnt Kennedy wai personally in attatidatice at the d> (> it. At half-pav. two the middle >f the street from tho Ninth t> the Tenth avenue was oleared, so that a great por tk? of the crowd that bad made the their render voub were compelled to go Into ether one of tho two ave nues. The majority of them (looked ti the Math, as tha< plaoe would aflord them a view of the President, while th-*e who assembled In tho Tenth would have to be coo tent with a iigbt at the railroad train. About thi* tlm Mr. K. Van Kanst arrived with thirty tnrriagrj, In which th" members of th? IVtsldoniial party were to be convoy ed to the As tor H?'ise. , At fly minutes m three the Qriny of distant gnus, the scream ol tbe whistle and the ringing of tho heil an D' ULC<?ii tbe approach of tbe cut train. lutaut'.v th> whole crowd (tut tyto a slate of excitement, and in i fe v minutes more the engiue was seen coming round tho curve into* tbo r? avenue. The engine wn?a newr ono, used on tbia ocia-ion for the flret time. It was beauti fully decorated with flags and streamers, one of the Uiuir bear inn tbe won "Constitution," which is tbo uiiuo of tbe ? ngtne Another new locomotive called the "Union," bad diawn tbe party from .Albany to Poughkoopete, froua wblcb place the "fuugtttution" brought thwn to Vew York Tbe train pu:-u-d up to the rear of 'be depot, on Thirtieth street, it was with difficulty that the pollco restrained the crowd from following and piling upm it. Tbe enthusiasm at this stage found v. nt in loud ch-vra. THE DISEMBARKATION. Ko time was lost in tho disembarkation. Tho g'l'-;ta who had been invited to places innde tbo bal'Un.: formed themselves into two Ines, between which the Pri -ideut and his suite would iiuss. Mrs Linco'u with her children drove down in a prixato carriage to tli*> <*stor House. The l'ro?ideut, esoon?-l by Tudg? I):. vi?, of Illinois, and Oblonol Humuer, walked through tie building out to Thirtieth street, w'wro tho car riiges were In waiting. His appearance h tbo signal for a loud burst of ctieerirg, accomoan'?d by vav lng of handkerchiefs by tbo women. The p*rty w-ro fol lowed by those who had been admltte I to the depot. Vtr. I.inceln Immediately entered tho be^itiful oj>eii b iroucbo which had been set apart for blm. It is tbe name which was used by the Prince of Wale- on the occasion of bis re ception In thiscity. and was yeBtordiy drawn by thewaruo six black horses that wero brought into r''ipiisltion at tho rojul visit. While tbe members of the pirty were en

tering the carriages, a number of curious individual crowded into tbo Presidential c u. an 1 guv 5 It a very minute inspection. Snino want ed to know which chair or s.'tt-'0 Mr. Uncoln had sat upon. In order that tbev ai-to might sit upon it. I'nablo to procure that information, tlioy de liberately proceeded to carry out tbo intention of fitting upon all of thein, so that thuB they mliht comfort them selves with tbe assurance that they had cerUmly sat upon the right one. THE ORDER OP PROrr?S?lOM Tbe scene was very animated all tho while that tbe party were entering tbe carriages. Cheering and waving of bats and handkerchiefs were kopt up without inter ruption. The preparations being completed fo? the departure, an immense outburst of cheering and in creased eonfushn among the crowd announced the start of tbo prowssion. I'irst came a squad of mounted po lice, followed by a platoon on foot, extending tho whole w ldtb of the street from curb to curb. In a c iri lago fol lowed Superintendent Kennedy aud Captains Leonard una Dtlks, of tho I'olico Department. Nest tbo Common Council Committee, which had proceeded to Albany to tender tbe bropltalitleB of tho city to the President elect. Tliefe were followod by tlio Presidential carriage, in which sat Mr. Lincoln, Judge David Davis, of Illinois; Colonel E. V. Sumner, of tho Un ted States army, and Alderman Cornell, Chairman of tbo Common Council Re ception Committee of New Vork. This was surrounded by a cordon of policemen. The carriages whi -h followed contaii.od tbo members of Mr. Lincoln's sulto and tbo guest? who bad been Invited to join in tbo procession. Those carriages kept close to tho eurb stouc on either side of the street ull along tho routo. A large -.vagou of Wescott, Dodge k Op."s Express, containing tho baKgxge, mid drawn by six bay horses dccoratcd with plume?, brought up the rear of tho procession. There was no military escort, no baud of music, nothing to enliv m tho occasion, except tlic cheers of the spectators, which, how ever, though continuous, wore not exceedingly enthu siastic. !n addition to the President's family,the following per -<<ns constitute his suite :?Lock wood Told, Dr. V?\ 3. Wallace, John U. Nienlay, Private Heemtary: John U. B?y, ?c istnnt Pecret iiry. Ffon. !f. B. Judd and Hon. David ? > via, of Illinois: Col. K. V. Sumner, Maj. D. Hunter,Cipt. ?. riiO W. Baacard,Gapt. Jidin l'epe, UnitedStates Army; 1. F. E. Ellsworth, of New Vork; Ool Ward II. I/unon, Illinois; J. M. Burgess, of Wisconsin; Goo. C. I/it ham; u Wood, General superintendent, H. Forbes, Assistant. 11 uSONAL PKETCIIK8 OP THE MEMBERS OF 'J I IK SUITE OP THE PRESIDENT ELECT? W If AT THEY ARE, AND WHAT THEY ARE l.iKELY TO BE. 'it.,- military poition of the cortpro conriEte, tlrr.t, of COLONEL F. V. St'MNEIt, l\ fl. A. Control Sumner lias served In the army oyer forty years. having imtcrcd the Scoond Infantry In WW. At the formation of the First dragoon he was transferred to that regiment. Mont of li.s life lias been spent In the raddle wcet of the Mirsiwippi riycr. ITo participated in the whole of tlto Mcxicin war. At the battlo of Cheru fm. ro General Scott paid biin thr high compliment of aligning him to the command of another regiment?tho mounted r lties?although a field ofticer of t bat regiment wus then on duty with It. After iho war Ooloncl Sum ner was placed in command of tho IVpnrtmont of New Ikxice, and at tho formatiou of the four new rc( imentr, authorized by Congress In 1V>">, ho wa. appointed colonel of the First catalry. tho position which he now holds. Some rivalry aroso between this regiment and the Second drngooff, of which Ken. Harney was then coloncl. Ilarney tried to injnro tho ropnuu. u of Col. 8umncr Tor cuurnge, but was forcod by him to seek shelter undor the protecting wing of ex Secretary Floyd. The humane ferykes rendered by Col. Sumner during the Kansas troubles arc well remembered. It's figure is as erect as ?yer, and his fn< ulttes, physical and mental, aro totally unimpaired?tho result of an active, temperate llfo. He Is one of the moet "fllciont otllcers of the arn.y and one of it? brightest ornaments. MAJOR I). HUNTER, C. 8. A. Mai. P. Hunter graduate d at West mint In 1822, and was attached to the Fifth infantry, tt*-? commanded by a most de.jpotic colonel, deceased Klncc. Tho Oolonel oou at tempted to tyrannise T>utenant Hunter, for which ho wa promptly challenged by him. Tht; display of uervo secured Lieutenant Hunter from further annoyance. At Uie formation of tlio First drsgoone I.ieutcmut Hunter was appointed to neapUUacy. Ue Kerved with distinction : in that regiment until transferred to the Pay Depart ment, whero he now belongs. He entered the Mexican war uadrr Oneral Wc^ol, but wa? transferred to the com mand of General Taylor, aii/1 after tfte hattlo of Bit en a Vi la returned with "Old >!?ch" to tho Pnitod States. Mrs. Hunter Is u native of Illinois. The family in woalthy, and ? dely oeloiwaU'd for their hospitality and cultivated u.f> . The accent with which Major Hunter met at Ouf fale w.** source if unh eral regrot and sympathy among nU other ?*nembers of the Presidential n?fty. CAPT. GEO. W. HAZARD, Of the Foui wll'leiy, graJuated with dlitiu tiotf West I'oint in U4*' immediately jo'ned <;on. feytor'a army in Mexico. At ,b* c!osc of ,ho war h? remained two years on the ltio (lri> engaged in almost contiiiuil ghouls and skirmishes with '"dims. He was after wards transferred to Florida, a/d remained thero until ibe clrsc of the Florida war. KrpJ"* 1 loridn hi w< nt to Kansas and served in ls67 and 1S6Sat I/iwrcpop. J 9tveu worth an ) KicUpoo. Cupt. Baeard's oomj*i?* is no* in rtah Territory. Cnj t. Uaurd fc <4 excelled ofticer and a highly cultiyate! genti.-m ?U. CAPTAIN JOHN TOPK, Of the Topographical Kn fitters, is a s<>n of^e pop*1, of the I nited States filnlrlct Court of Illinois. Cip'ulu Pope prariuntod at Weft Point In -12, snd wai attached to the Ft glneer corps. Ha served under Oener*' Ttylor dining the whole Mexiavn wnr, und his "In*-' bocn etn ploj ed for icveral years searching for water in tie' ' IJnno I j-taenrto" or Staked Plains, on th" line of tho Pacific Ralliond survey. Mis researches demonstrated tho lirporslhlilty of supplylrg that region with urate i from the artenian wells. Captain Pope is a Kontleiniu of profound scientific attainments Tho abota mentioned four officers are detailed by the Wnr 1'epsitment to etcort the President elect t ' the fede ral capital They have endeared themselves to both him and the tcmainder of the Preslrti n'l.?i t?rty by their s-trorgly expressed devoti ti to the Union and the fine toi ialqualillra displayed on Ibcjouruey. COL. WARD mu. LAMON AOOtmpanled the party in the cap icily of both a per sonal friend to Mr. Lincoln and the aide do camp of (Joy ernor Cot-s, of Illinoia. Colonel l.imon is one of the most lalen ed snd prominent members of the rep iblictn psity of the prairie State Ills influence among the lowg republicans is ?sp^cially great. He l? a lawyer of lilnh standing. He formerly a nw partner of the I'r.sloetit i le< t, who will doubtless Assign his fri nd a 'itninguished |K?itlon under the repubiioau admlnlitra ton. COI.. E. E. ELLCWORTH, iif I nited States '//mavo Cadets fame, Is so well and fa ornhiy snown ii> this city tbatadetalled p>Ts<<atl notie>' would lie ru|ierfu')iiS. Ills many New York friend" will doubtlessly w i leumo bim back with pleasure fh" 0 'l inei X'-ited gt neral admirttion on the w*y hltner bv toe gret' ? kill wwh which ho mitns<>d to pioteet th? President , i((t from the importunities of curious crowds. It may he .?ausi 'ered certain that bo wll occupy a hub P" '1 "" in II e War IK'puiiut'nl, f ?r winch tho fi urofllc?' -* "I -lie regular army attached to the suite prou junto f tin etui tieutlv qua'itled. or the civilians of thop%rtv mention should be rjyul > f.r.'t ol Mr. W s Wood ofSpringtlld. wh > hud tu.i g 'U rai ?<'? jx'i li tendence i t matters and things P evwiw to and >? if ing the Presidential jouriiev Had :t nut Moon fo birit\:*> ritnce, i'D<rgy tli ainess aiei tnole^u sm ? h?? tr 1|? would have proved a h 'urce ot inul r iblu muovm :o t > the l'reti dential putty,owing lothei-'uptH' 1 a .d joa.">; <v of tbo meaibotBui th? io< ai r. futnUtues lu the diller nt btoppiLg plae?H Mr W km has b ???n >i ily assKUnl riy V! . Hum*it Korbes,ol*o of tyring Hold, v?Ji-???? p lite don.o.mor aro over readiness to wrvo .md ubl'ij j i.i ackl..*W..''.Hi by all the participant* in thejouruey Hon. N. R. Judd, o Chicago, P* v tho t?.ist kno.wi civilian among >bu cmo llo .1 iu old and tried friend of tbo President elect, an n tn-ui of great weight in bis |uiriy tie coutr.r*- to.i m ire than any mber blnus politician lo ta ? c uv;? h of iir. Lincoln at tbo Chicago (' invention, and la I p i my ot i'bannun of tho Repe.bliean St*to C, .) ,\i,? mitt, o contributed much tu ih sje.:< a oi(ti ui Illinois sbnuld Mr. not go tiro t'?>? Cabinet, be will, beyond ail doubt, bo ass .'tied t.i Hi' b?'a<i of a tlrst cUm loreigu n?i flon. Mr. Jndd in a l?w yor of great ability and a mi<t agre- able tr..?'ell;ng companion He ia or tnld'lo siz?, rather h'tvy hm, with timid < and llowlug ijny hair and beard He m enail) re< ojrnia* J by an unllifbtod sugar which all but constantly protrudes frou hi* hps. Judge liuvil 1 lav if, of Bio otniugtoa, M . W'!l probably At'inct more attention than auj tber me.m bor of tho suiie, by viriuo of his ro iud (Xiiporation, tbo iuexpref^lblo buiuor of his hr.n.l, go<?.i natuieo com tenanco and llio roar like iangh ter In whicb bo all but eoimtantly Indi.lgen Without iho mil tlit'ulnefs of tbo Judg>-. tbo trip w >tild ha\ o bvu hko a tx Uv %v ill,out a ? ml. rhe Jui'ge la lib<0 a dlBtiliR I'Baerl republican leader of his ^tatn.aud a ni'irltIntimate friend and former putneref tbo Hreallent elect ho pl*:o9 great contldcnce iu U s jn gnient and dibcr t'.ou. Ho i.s a man if great talont, p'U'tiatn g iiilrid, and Urftt cla s legal anl other acqulr< tnenm. John U<oigo Nicoiuy, K">(., (ho private secretary of tlie ITeeiJi nt elect, is a >oung gcnMcmtn of tiormau bi>th,b"i American education Ho i* of middle height, raib' rslim Ogure, ard pale, but rather htndsotno and pleai-iint featuiew, li oking dod" tb woifo lo, a mu-i tn be and goate<'. U ? %v,ih lortn -rly connrot^l with tlio olllce of the Srcretaiy ol ^tat' oi IJ'.iuoiM, nrid rend'' ed InniFelf invaluable to Vlr. I.incclti last fall, by h,i; Intel ligrnce, iodoKfy ami dircreti >n. John M. Hay Kfq , tho a^Bifitant sGTOtiry of the President elei t, is a graduate of Rr>.vn College, a*jo a yo'i'R m< n>b< r of the Illinois bar. Mibiiu^h but llt.t.lo ov< r twentj , he h?s alrsa lv made bim ell widely kno vu through bik i nntribntioti< t" the leading estei.i pa; as a man o? reinatk ;ldot-ilett f?nu floorulturo. Ilia unusual)} h-.mlM me pret>< nee b is eatmo I m inv I tloLR ajuouK the bclloe of-prlugilcld, which vlll douli' li 88 be re un cted hiuong those ol Wafb ngtou. It would not 8urp> ii-e thi ne tlui know ibo high esteem in which Mr Hay is held by the President eioct to see b:m appointed Keen laiy t" a tor. ign ml-3ion. l)r. W S. Walm is a broiber in law of Mr 1 inc <ln, and occenipanies him ;is bis phjitciin. ,ho Doctor ;?a native ol l ennsy Ivun,a but a residrnt for twenty 'iro yearn i.f ^pnugtleld His *?ji? .ire very quiet ind una1; sumipa but bis even temper 'ind goo,I humor moko hini a very pleafan con, pan Ion Lorkwond M Todd is a cousin of Mrf. I.ineoln, who cimo all the way fiom California to ee tho Pii , idtntial fnmih safely mi to Wasbingion, Ho hxs all tho energy and liveliness that characterises tbo citizens of Hi" Cold, n State. J M Hu'geps is a woll known ami patr'ollc cltiz?n of Jimsville, Wis He came in ?pr|egtield to volunteer bis frei vices on the trip to Washington, and wa ;;! :.!ly invited by the I'tesident elect to join hi?? suite <ioii C. I.uthim is a college eh im of 'Hoii,'' and ha" all the guv easy n}| o~ the "PflHtcf hib ' / Wiilinin, a likoly mulat'o, although not e\i.itly (he m st prominent, Is yt t a very useful member of tho patty. The untiring vigilince with which he took cnr' of the Presidential parly is entitled to high crodit. > THE PROCESSUS. IN NET YORK. There are somo portions of the town wont, of Broad way, notwithstanding their historic frenhnor ?, whi< h arc not particularly remarkable for their beauty, eWani'C or odor, and when tho cortego emerged from Tl.ix t ? Ui Btroet Into Ninth avenue, In tho order above i^uiwd, it was ..nly to en'onutcr the outpourings of tho purlieu* <<i tha*. section?an o'l/i jvd'iila of that humanity- -"ijood, bad and Indifferent," which '.3 uauuily to be ft-uu.. >u what Mrs. Partington denominate* the "outaqulrts" of a rlty. Id tho inception of bis journey thruugli th> in? tropolis, therefore, the President elect, instxd of . ii ?; regaled with the view of a New York m iltltu !e,r:. i;a'it in its "good slothes,-' looked upon a picturo in which all stages of dirtiness npon all conditions of pur- 1- cr.iore 1 largely as the component features. The outside labol of an individual, howc?-i r. hi v ry little to do with his interior composition, and it houi-1 not be understood that the denizens of Ninth avenu ? rd locality were not jiiat an enth iei istic as those of ihc luoro aristocratic quorlier prenouiened I'lfth. On the coi i\i, v, no sooner did tho procession turn the corner of Thi.-li :U street, preceded by its advance guard of stately M':tr?' polltans, armed capa pir, than rammenced that l<u,: re sonant wave of welcome applause, whl:h contlli 0 1 with out coaaing until its obje:t waa en*x>nced within th - warts of the "Aitor." It cannot be Raid, however, that the demonstration w.n of th w BrobdignapLan proport.ns to which our eitlaon? have been accustomed during the post year. Tho crowd appeared to be of that peculiar extorr.porane.uis charae. ter which is daily brought together though on a smaller scale, by the constantly recurring events of city lire? pound out. 11s it wirt, from a thousand plac-k of UN patlr.n 00 tn? spur of tho moment, and than disperse 1 with aa littlo ceremony on the termination <<f tho cxclteinent. It was not a gathering in which, il; < n somo other occasions, tho ma#s of tha people s.icrifir<*l time and comfort to the gratiiication of their cariosity. Instead of waiting for hours, as they have dono before to watch a passing pageant, they f1?*cVr.i leisurely to tho cot overcrowded curbstones, doofsups aud wi'idov. aired their handkerchiefs In the breen, exercis-.1 ?' r pulmonary organs in a few cheers, paused perhu|>- V> moralise over the passing event, and th-n departed to rxrunu' the tasks they hid forth* noneo abwdone 1. Somotblrg of tho motley and miaoellaoeous character of such a miss may therefore be Imagined. Ho*?ls 'in kempt, faces uncleau, bare arms frenh from the w.tsh tub, men without coats, wtwien without bonnei", s nail bftjs with tattered Integuments, babies lu th ? Ar t ttage of Infant eloqoone*, very muri) like the up phiUKw-toad and prolongd. All thtse entered into Hie ? oviposit ion of thescenc, and if they did not add. cer tainly did not detraot from the racy and piottfr "making up ' of the t *1 mt-vtU' Turning intoTwonty-third Rtrret the spectacle a more obwful aspect, and though tho cr-urj -)n3^0,' ' . dense as to require any espcciaUv """P"'uii jjai, 1 > by the Metropolitans, it cerUlnly eml?", ?crtl nr j greater rennen ent. Nurpes and < hildren 'eho.)l mls'A-s Aji,i ,tlut1,nrX, young ladles in s tadpole sta?e,??, extst?*no\ ^ ii?t old I * dies and g??otletreo and coMvxiKquldnuocs generally fi.uud rrsthiR plu^iAs m U>e spa< ions doorway* and huh '?tnie *lcpt< that wore not ho < <?rtfor table elMwberc, th-win < ?lows WW w<<l Hllcd?id t crowded?wi h the' r sidf-nt ? of the kmc tlrieof elegant houses, a few balcwni?s held a I ihcht fr^ht of prew> forms and l'? .*, in 1 th - stro." fwierally waa ocoujrted with whst an Englishman would ejJl 'a real, T r?*?'po'4able cnmpiay ?f ladfg and title m'n" Tin demonstrr. 'ippl.nwi, imperially by ilic Caircr |>ortioii of creation** *eri' u" * h'UBan li'c >rt < Id wish, t'nder some c-'cnrT"<l">''* the appeirancn of "white can,brie" is a-s "r ******. hjt < a tin pre sent <cca-iou, "cotiolleM " <iM' 1, uw,# ?r tl? lorest, ' lh. j . -r,. ? yed a dolfcaie fl?, ? on- >, v r. belter ?(.preeiation than the , "*'J ,L 1 iionr. To all ihif-ihe waving, f hats and ho | <?( the men and th- shout ,f thP ?... ' ^ d ? ? t n puMi^nr-Mr. Line, (^..^.nd d ,.i ,rr"" ,,c to side, tecasionally risiiiR to bis feet' "urtn* m ?t nf tbe roule however, i.e nxh 1 <?h the rorner of Kii/hth ? <>-Chird sine, four Wide Awakes in *he"r unXim nor ' ^ rounded by a m,wd 01 ,ei runt girl., M^orXion ^ 2^ ':f cf'?' ' *t?ed mitcVilSJ 1. - I'TfUiit nt the oommitUH* (?# v< i ? , r\ ?? Council and Ihe invlteu guc?. wM I a? a specimen ?f republlcau tnthnskwin on n mrV Je d WW ** startling as it was rldictlo'ia ? tVif??!ons along the rout- were of the at tn'dgie <l.-?crlnti' fl. Thev were in fact, ralher ti e dis |?iny of iridivtduiil tiiiifi Atid Krallm^nti tLan Xht rc ?Ur. of any combined tflT.rt U> mark th. inthw.iy of th now if*!* Of t wi'h thr-re usuul triluileg oi rr^pe** On the eOiii'-T of Ninth areune and Tliirty . r*t r'.i. . t, ou a is 1 vtil* home, ?h ? Iarg- -trhi ij[ in", itn vonlni't! ing itie w.rds? Am f" "'wnaivF.' "" ' ? > Mi?y <io?l prr<-or*e the t nk n. an.) rIvc Abrjtiam j ; IJnoblu wtudom nu?l ttrcrirth to role oror it 1 'ssssssss/?; Aii Atn<Mtc,in Itng flltn wovol from lt<? corn".' of Tw? nty iiinlh. 1 ? ? n?> fiifl (itin H.v. rnUi ntr.- !< At ili?* corner <?f K'yhtli annuo im>4 T\\ -rlr-tli 1 rt VM ihf ftW lr?nnmr?t rx of IJ?r> K V rrl l> f ' Iiini AMOtwtMi \ti'h th< foil .?!!%' I'T^i r'.|?ti- i - ' H'H r?wii'**T, J A KR All AM liNU'LV. ? j r^R vmtc ; ? HAYNWAl tMtH.K. ; It li wiitton In thn himk of i'mUu** l!W. 4hiuUi<(&t il.lnooln M t<> bo ttt?' nr\t l*refH?ni tho In.Id* ^fuinw. I \ -//////////AT//W//WW/#// ?/ A IH'Jo further oaft^a" n bauncr PlfettliOfl ucfim ? w?t.ty third stroot, with the folio* thg ? $ Fe*r not, Abr*'i?tn. 1 ?>n Uiy U1 Mt<i th;' ox * $ err ding pnt reward.?1% I. " j Mill fur bcr along w.u- a itamwr lufterlbed:? AB1UHAM 1 INmi,*, <?r th* lNir?i>-+r\TWi. } u Anl another inscribed:? $ W kUOOMK, LINCOLN. 1 '*? y/// ^ +' // / < ^// /^///^// \*nh ih.- exception of the New York Hotel, all the prin cipal lixtuls m Hi midway, an l some of the large store? aim d .plajed the American Ha*. These inay be enumo raiud ait follow* Fit lli Amue Hotel. ? Ml. tier mam Ilottd (?ibs^n's, <:? riiOi of ThlVtecnth street uxl Broadway. St l>eoia Hotel. lafargo llouwo. Iroiitli.ioiji.ktl tluuie, l;il:i>otto Hall. _ Hull & Black's. Metropolitan Hotol. Prescott Doatc. St NiCt.oia-. TlUituy's. Huughwaught'S. m He liuard Armory, n>:ar oomcr of Broome. City Assembly H00*11.4. Api'll > Rooms. Ioluionioo's. Ci'y llail. Powers' Hot. !. As'or House. ilaruum s Museum. Ihou' uuuibcr of flags thta csposed would not ai ded thiriy. At the Republican Headquartdrs, 618 Broadway, the (It Ovrai ions we>v) more elaborate th*n at any other po at. Hmy consisted ot too tlag of tin) cliv fastened against the sldo of tho building with the motto:? v*/ A ?? i ] VlUMh' I IV 10 1 UK ADM1MK1K \TOOM AMD ??UR OM"*. <?> // ////// / w///////////# y ltclow this was .in oil ptinting, intended to represent th?- I'residont elect, in 311 oval ;-iit frimo, encircled with u 'bin iid '1 j' :!>?':>' 1' looking wreath of .irtuleial llowors. At N'o. at I Broadway was tho ?uggostive inscription? i[ WKIftlMft AllHitll\M IJVtJLK?wi; Ilia; roH OKMVHOUIHM ^ <J> " " +?*+** AW//#/ //// ///^///////#///^//#// Quito a number of hoya and girls scattered along tho route aril a few UJ.t t 00 -asionaby wavi d diminutive ll::s(9, but, beyond lliis and the display m< utiound abovo th. exhibition waa same indeed. At the junction of Twenty third street and Fifth ave nue the crowd was very gicat, but through tho F<ftl? avenue and the upper part of Broadway theoord iu of pollct ncn, who were- sotttcrod at ihe distance of about twi tity feet apart, liad little or nothing to <lo ln-yond watchU g .the progress of tho procession. As the latter neared Houston sleet, howevt r, tho throng Increased in numbers, and frotn this point to tijo Astor House the sl>'o walks wero title.1 with peri tors, though not to an ? xt*'nt, except at two or tlirco pointr, sufficient to impede locomotion. Ocoa-iooaDy some largo show win Of would contain* d07i ri or twenty In i< h gathred in "a bright aur ira,'' nud lair faces w ilrt peep com for 111 by out of tho second story windows: but thero wiw nothing In tho cro wd to compnro with the almost imponct-*ne chmajtx d* fritn 01 humanity that lined iooim, walks, windows, ledges, awnu>;\>, lmnp poi>tH nnn every o'her tenable 8|R>t, ou tho orilval <.( ihe Prince of Wales Throughout the journey wo venture to say th it not one unkind word fell on ino ear of the President elect, iho c.'owd p"io him the respactful homage duo to ono in li i'-' elevated nation. Si me of thcie who followed did not fare so well?eipe cially a number of tho '-invlti d guests," whose fa'-.* uro familiar to tho Now York crowd. One of tho Jap mom* Aldermen, for ii.s'at'-e, was occasionally saluted with the old < r>?' Hullo, TommyI'o another individual, who wo'o a .shiM'kbg bad "tile" it wis suggested that he had '-bott.r ?top and buy a now hkt" To n thud, M>mo ono?a political enemy doubt let -remarked Miat bo "was p'ttting ou air* wiih o?be< people's money.-' rb>?e sallies, how Nnrr. r.niy rved lo trep tho crowd in goon humor, aw) no harm ti 'irg intended, they wero pas--U by .m "trlilea li;<bt :i" a;r. On n?.iru ;; ho A: fur I{01 *, th- excellent arrange mrnts of th-' twliee wero evident at a glance The whole frcr t wa.i cleared from curb to ourb, and tho earrUgns^ arrived :i! tie t< pa and tho paasonqcra cuterod tho hotel w itiiont un 01 sti urtion. Hi* 'Tpw-t did not fare as well. Men and women, at'd children were imiiciaoti'sd In a . lam from which ogre s wu absolutely Impossible. Ino two lat Ur cHi"H!?lly nil. rcil in con.1 fqueoco, and a number of femam 7no?>ne<l tinker tlw previnre of the swaving vi h 1 moniet t .y < 'io looks out Tor hi<n belf. urn) the teiTlbk; pralllou ut wbii.h Umy wore placed rctoained umiotieed c.ntll tliey tnlrly 'ink from Sight, ?h?n they wei o by ^nerpetic p(R,ita rescued' from death auil t.ikon into Ibo street. , . hi tlii?* iine tM-currcd an .luitance either of -hock log brutality or Hieer carele.^m^Re, such as we have often before recorded in connection with the Mctmtioiltan po lice, uuo which, 'f late, on the occasion of sreat turnouts of the p? op|. . li.i- ? e oine t'i> frwiuotit toescapo notiee. Oni oC llr ofliccrs, 111 swinging his cl'ib around and fKintoa'ly i-tiout.i'K lotliocrowd t>"k?ep back, koep buck ?? I'eat utterly impossible?struck a small lad who Has: Umdlng r n Iho tkirtsof tlo throng and even then crying with tear, and knocked him insensible. Ho fell ,nV' r (1 for lb-- i-'irri.ives and in tin instant would have bei'ii r .11 over but for a ooupln of young men, who pick' il Mtn lift and bore him Into tho mKMlo of thnatreft, where ripparently dead, until a passage waa made rh'ouvli th' living wall, and tbey were let out. Dut; to one's sup<'rior is pro|i?r under ordleary clr 1 vnifliii i' i*, but in an emergorc.y like that to which we f.tivc reft rred, no one but a brute would attempt to obey riTtiers when he has (o do so by tho exerciae of aa unnfertrarj force in the face of an lmp-esibillty. StfcHts AT THE ACTOR HOUSE. I>rcring ttie interval beoween four o'clock and the arri val of the I'resident, the police had the greateat difficulty in rratranirg the crowd which pressed on all sidce. The build lrgn c< nilguons to the I "ark, the leaden trees and the lamppoeta wore all thronged with people. Beyond tho Hwaying and surging of the crowd and these con Mant rdortf of the police, the turnout order prevailed. The petaj'udeH of a couple of blank rioga who got confined in the hollow aquare formed by tho coir pact mum of people, create 1 couaiderable ?' ?"j nent. One of tbe^c unfortunate canir jsgfr rup'-di ;ul t uibly excited, daehiug u|> and .? 'jrmd r .y .n lb" iitiaof t fright, occa"f>nod v . down Broad hbou' cf tlie iv>< pie and tho I'rar' ->y the ocrsaaionaJ j-o.Ai-ui.u l i itup and culch hlr" .10 of noveraJ cmau M oved mrv;ct? -? Hvery dash of a atout roar oflaughter from' -?ful, nnd wu greeted with \hxt ao* till more -no c rowd, which madden*! the Iwwiuir fright - ca-wing him to increaae hie (peed, tbla chntic -?"y- Several took advantage of tlons. * *"P across and get into good poei mop <*"? <,r ,wo very weary looking old gentio ? ooiieavorcd to crr.nlato this example, and were aerobe, whoa the polico cut them : boit and ih.'LjI them back Into tho crowd. A number ef ther. ludicrous uccurrcnxa, incidental to tho gathering 'f larte rrrwdp, took place, varying the monotony of tho oeca. i> n. Buiu iin's Museum wiw, an ie uoaal on public 0*. ?! iti, * u <jl> dreaaod with flnga, banners ant devices ef every V;ud, the wonderful sea home, tho popular ? :.n inoui.- j furl the celebrated ,V:'.ec children, Qguring I>f fl ., on Ibo I!roadway [r ut. Tli 'o were a largo nu!' b r oi !>?'( jilo at lb ? v ltdov. ? and on tlnotup of the Muaium, w! '.i- the b ?n! rutt!>.?l avs../ its gonorous muaio the whole time. ARKfTAf. OF THE PRr.'IHENT. At hilt pn * fou,* o'clock the recowod (urging and n> :r muring uf tho crowd g*vo notice that the Presides, t ..! ?>. to.;.' ?ia- approach ng. and not bog after the *odj f i.tOuii'yd |hj)! w ???(; $i (.u oi|\aocing down Broadway, tho Prcntfcnt ele t Btmj.iing er.vt nod bow nig corditllv to r* I'-o.<yh >rr' ofrMl him with < xiKideraM.-.-oilvuit-uim, Ibo UuuriKtilng of luite aod pther demunairationa ofsp ', iT' ',f 1 ,nroln 'PI***'I worn and pule and on wan immediately . r\oyedloto tho interior of tUO Hotel. Ulli Vr.vriRVLK AND f'KiMMflOR OF TITB ATOR HOb'SU. \.i ho entr rr,i !ho crowd mamablod along the rorrWor ? if tho I?i..hI i.; flie talrn ay *neib' -1 pnthuxuMtlc raah to b^ain a vb u of him. Ch.ors wero or night out of the i. ? e stiu a ij, ? v. rt -iii' 'or Ui<?o iu the roar to elevato '%un?h?n abi' , 0 Uioao in .ruit, many of whom bod' 1. iJ t, bill uilhoot avail, to hr-cik the llao j." ( '<5?! ??tati'iii .1 ibore to koop tho w(y i.iear for tho UVr Mai'oln i mrhed tho bead of ibo Hlaira a i! '-- wa- *'A 4 *" 'plf tlirr0 M"*na,)1"d, and '.. 'IseJ io the nhout. The unfortunatfl th" rc"rf J Uio rear who ?ere not raiee<! 'flit lL'.r A; *"2 "",ro ^ Mkint ,bor* il.j f ail ?u) you w>o hlmf" "What ia be (jui.siiow, t -II is "X *w iwitty bad pqmm4 to their *' k' > W'"V- ,r??'ic inquiry of "DM T0,( , t i, one |? r?!on toihoeu ? No, but l mw ht? hat ?' ? the rail HplltteiV1 cuiflwonxi, much ae be h?.i n lm!ucU |<?rfrctiv rau?u?.' , mat - ,?,? is.,.,, . nicthtus iKbugtng tt bdn ACte. anm idetofol inttv Laii p.u i d ulong a'gnuid ruah" * -ot)- f(_? ow tli? in t?> tho reception room, bnt a at. pr.Iiie Mhcolod ar.?und aud gtMrdod tho way,. * lie li jilh .ixt< had tick ll?ey could not |>k , iKtild .t. Itowov r, happen Ih .t eoaie one per?>u eh i *ip# tl ie t :.;'.ianc?? of thooe?the outer guard? etorc they wiv;uieod manv poe.ea tliey found .?glaee o,r,-lu.t rViB'^y nud g'M/uo?l by about a d?wm moro M P.'". Tt.e t|c\i>t pri ducotl, and the apptioaot for ad mWienhiid th> door "penod and wan allowed t? go up .-lairc.l Uk ht-ad of which ,voro more police, and hav n?r m the g ?u?tl'-t of tbowe and arrived at room 41, ? tuer trrmlrtj ii of tfce "blue fraternity'' again ohn' '? i Hn'. Tb< ?<? li?i in: b>'rn natiaJed, the ticket holder i? tiiinveil ia tho irrepttin iiarbr, but the non-ticket hr'idcr hv' been left far relnnd. rrtc rbi Krno* r*ki.or. :h s porV ic tlttetl up with grent teete?el? i ,nl but net mint/- eomfort being teore dktl ITu't. efll-cf. Tbo furniture la of a nrv u <vivt F-t * ]e, f.nd ia made of black fib it \f \ ma?*l' e a?-ii conr?*aor ?ofaa, chaira of all U^;U.mat^>-.',. ;V-, *"* Md iCVNnSCi <?> ? l-l'H '? PAUt]