Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1861 Page 2
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THREE DATS LATEB FEOI EUROPE. Arrival of the Jura. Fulton and Saxonia at This Port. Queen Victoria's Speech at the Opening of Parliament. IMPORTANT SPgECH OF NAPOLEON. Rates of Insurance Raised on Cargoes from the Southern States* Will England Recognise a Blockade of the Southern Ports? TUG CiEKMAX-DAMSH IMBROGLIO. Cuba and the Secession Movement from a Spanish View. Runinrtd Iitxult to Mr. I lurris in JM pan. Death of Hire. dorr, tbe IkovelM, and 71ar?b:il VtMioct, fee., &C., 4kC> Tin BrU'ih fcrewst-ti.btp.tu-a. (aptain l.tttb whi- b Baile-d from Uveipool *t seiuu A. H ol the bth-nst , ar rWcl here yesterday morning The Hamburg steamship r'lxon'.s, Captain Khltrs, ar rived jesterday atteruou*i from llSaiburg and Southamp ton. SLe lelt the lane- port ?n tl:c Gtti inst at ouo o'clock m the aflcrnoen. -I a rived off Cur* Kace on th- 15th 10hi., at lour o'clock x :be tu.-rt.tat The American stcamsb.p Fultou, Captain vVott. n, from Ilivre and Southampton, al*o arrived } eflterday after noon. She left Southampton ox the 6ib mat., at seven o'clock I'. M., but did not -1 >p off Cup 1UkCe The L)wlou T,int>, in reviewing Napoleon's speech, fiudi nothing whatever is r?aKiurii'g It sai s: 1 be t>peef b give* no reu?on lor tin.- increaseof tho nrmy and navy, no account of ttic foreijii. ielati"ii-> o, tuo country, ana no assurance o hrr ^ood uudcrsUiiding with any othe-r country. We seek in vain lor the slight ? t h.nt of the policy which France i? al-out to pursue. S- . ch a spewih cannot, ought not. to reassure any one. 1 tie presence of a French squadron at tiaeta f-hows how light ly the policy of non-intervention car. be thrown at the lidding of mere sympathies and antipsthios: and as . jardi tbe future, who cat foci ivaesu.-cd by beicg told tl : : rates will act on the principles o? right and justice, n - ivoy and Nice had bem rghtly and justly unuoxed; in as ;( sny nation ever went to war proclaiming tbit it tlt-w the sword In a causi or wi Lg atd lrjuft'.ce. Tii ? case of Jerome Bonaparte I'utt? rton v Prince Nai rtcon came up for further argument :n Taris on the Is; instant, and public curiociiy *.aa even greater than on the first day. M. liorr\er replied ut .< ng'.h to the address ol M. Allon, counsel for Pnncc NapjSeon, 51. Alloc responde l. The Court then ai'jcamed tlLIFr.dny, the 8th, to hear the imperial advocate. It I? said the Powers a.e agr> ed on the prinripi'? of a Conference at l'uris for th- settlement of the Syrian ? question. Th?re was a gr.-at moTensc:it of t.oops throughout ftam s" in consequence of '.IT for", a'.lon of d"poisfor .the a:my of reserve Relator .meat- hul sa ed for Rome.. It is said that the Prussian General who went I? Paris to announce the death of the King of Prussia was so otl-nd d by some remark* of the Kraperor that he dt Cl.ned to go to the Com t hall. The Pat is Bourse on th? 4th wa? L:ayanda shtle lower. Rentes closed at 08. # In?rp<ti<Jcnc* Htipt says 111. t Mcuton and T'. > pie? brune bare been t edod to Fratce for four mill'on fraucs. Le Xaril stales that Garibaldi had not qc'.M'.d his home in Caprc-a Tl\c King of Napl- hta Issued ar. appeil to the Plcl luiaii, oflerleg to ro cetebllsb the'.--Sk ->au constitu tiouofisie, with resjxin- ble Sicilian mtL^ters. au en tirel) s paiate MBBiuistrattoa fnui the m- .nlaud, free dom of the pre*?, diminution of t?i'-s. the abolition of conscription, ano a Hieillauarmy au.l :.avy espondentB of French pajiers attlrm that a hope of the pacific settlement of the l>anj?h question presents it self. This hope 1* found- d on a statement tut Kcgland, Krsnce and Russia have urged the l?an -h government to offer frankly niiasures of concil'ation, and thus remove li-om tie (ieriuan IHel all pretext for military interven tion. It Is not yet known w hat the au.-v*er of the cabinet of Copenhagen will be. Tfce Minister in London of tbe republic of Nicaragua lia^ i-sued a notice Mating lh*t the l'residact of tho re public an i tbe Legislature wdi graat extraordinary pr.vl legea to cotton planters. Tlie l**ri? f?pers of February " published a despatch fromCoiisUiitinople, dated February 2, cnnounclng tiiat the Euro] ean Coson aslon at Ik-,' r ut had proposed to estab Mb In Syria <>ue sole government for th Cbrtf-tiau lnbablUnU, under the protection of the Rur ><>ean Powers. The To te bhd a'so proposed tho establishment of two (for. rnmenT*, w th t.enoral CoiujC:1.-i, c?u?po?ed ol Chris t aj aud il'ihaulman neabcis. Tl\e Paris curresp i.dent of the London 7im*t says:? The 1 rench government has detcrnn jed that the works for the ooMp .itlun ot the untlnisheii railwaj i ?ha!l t>-~ carried on with in?'ro*M.'l wcti\'it). It im ^a.-J that thoro Is a credit to i>? o|<w?d for the ft'tflorn K?tlway Com panv of 70.010,0001 1 lie'or ue ires that the ri?i'. wa> to Hri-ft nmy be oomploted a* quickly a lOle. _^fC^The London Morning /*o?f says:? *-"* tb" Cabinet of St Petersburg nn< tho advisers of Francis .'o?epa are concurting l ow to act t"g ther should nuj rtvolutiunar^ movrmeul break out in l'oinud. The underwriters of London an-t Liverpool have raised the .ate 1 per cent on cargoes from tbe Southern ports of tbe Veiled States to corer tbe \?iu and other risks. Tho London Vailj A?*? aa>?:? A bos of !*< cious stones, worth $11,600, which ou^h'. to have boon hrotigUl lo KngUnd Li-t w.-ea in ilio loyal mat: pa. ket Taino.n an, w.ui l<?-l at rtt. Th'.m^s. The murderer iH.nn in w>s taker on Saturday lift, and aw ails his trul at Mrkdale jail u -xt March A?4ises. rtThe Lagilsh l'arlianient was open<d acrordii g t" pro gramme ou the Oth in/t., the gu.-en dcl.vci .ng 1 or speech in person. Bhe alludes pointedly to the p>litk tl iroubi-i in tbe I'nllod fllatcs, expr.tPlug ber f -i vcut w bee tint there may be sn amlcub'o a 'jiistmeut of nil dllUcuHtes between the different aectlotis. On tbe evening of tbo 4tb in?t frrand i.tnqm 1? were given in I/We'on by l/irds Palm' ??'?on OrnnvIHe and )?%r by, and by Mr. Disraeli, respwtirel^ to t'i"ir p^si pJ supporters In both houses of Parliament It Is stated that Major Ccnorsl Sir Itieli^rd .1 ey w ill probaiily l>e appo.nnd oomuasnder of the fores* la Canada. lhe underwriters of Ixjndon and l.lvarpo >1 had ral? -1 the rate of Inuuranco one per on cargo ?, ,ru.n th': So itbern Stales of America, 0:. 'oun' >r tloiiiu r . tires ou cottou sbi|?s an I to c>?er war rMk- , Mrs Gore, the well known ii"vol writer, is en I. Th ? t bltuary n-jtices also li-elude tbo nn no ol Mr. Ilar. -i >, a |K<txilar artiKt, Metiregir l.-ilrd and Mtie!'>' '? '^pi "t A g?l.era! e->att of directors of the Mink of l.u.f nil was sun.monert f>?r the 7tl- lust. Itwiscoij -t ired lb .1 th.- govsrnmeul i-.-ditale 1 Some oM'Ot k'D '-t up >n tti3 priviiagas ot the tj?ol;. The l.ondon Tim -, I. tw :vr. tays -about two month* bi<*k a r"mor was currcm ttitt Mr. 4i<a<istnM bad propo?.-d to ? ? ! iiv ??>.0<K) 11: ? twminlHsl ai |Mid to t! ? f ? >.. do ting th- rovori ment bu*ioe?s, and ibal the dii ,.-:t.n i df -Un- 1 < ? ttO I) ?o It. tho toterenr-e t>m? >?, ? pii|t b;"n r> , octed to ra<M)lilcaii<ms ahi ij i, u ,,i i?ndi lectors to onsenl Ij ret imn. n l t . now summoned. The Amour* srrived it'} - *u> - ? t , , t ti three on ths aftern-Dnor ib^ l.h in > ,,i |, ,?r[1 . shortly afusi nwrn ou ihi 6lli. The Horf ?'? Hptnli at ?tu ot>. ni?.4 (>r the Hi It Nil Parliament. Mr !<o*wi ajto Os*i?.?r.i?It i--*IUi grsi' > ,n n that I tgaln meet you in Parllim-mt. and hsv? rrr ? t*r to your assiftance and ad\ice. Mj rels1 ons with fnr dnu I'owers continue to bo friendly and Ml . r>. .m l 1 trust that the moderation of th>; Powers ut 1.1."-p.* ill prfreut any intorr-iption of Hie gouoral p .ue. Kr>nU of groal Importsnce are p.? i.i lU'y. iMleriug Ibat the Italians ong it to bo left to wattle tb<Mr own affairs. I have not tli > i 'it It "'-lit to e\e*els?? sny Ia'*rf en"* li; Ihnil m .tiers. I'xpe'S W tilt ^ laid before you. I announced to yon at the close of the mobkw of Parliament, lhat the atrocities which had then recently been committed in Syria had induced mo to concur with the Kmperor of Austria, the Emperor of the French the Prince Regent of l'russia and the Kmpc lorot Russia, m enuring into au engagement with tho Pultun by which temporary assistance was to bo afforded to tLe Sultan ior the purpose of establishing peace iu tint psrt ol hid nonunion* That assistance has been afforded by u UiXly of French trooje, who liavo been sent to Syria us irpreaenttng the allied I'owcrs The Huiun has also pi... d a cor si or able military force in Syria, undor the unuiionoi an nolo oihcer, and 1 truat lhat tranquil lity will be re established in that province and that the object of tho convention wiU have been fuljv Hitniiiod. 1 anueunctx to you also at the close of tho last scs.-uou of raiiiament, that the jmctlic over tur. b which my tuvoy iu (hlnh had mudo to mo Imperul govei nmoni at l'ekin having led to no aa tisfactury result, naval and mmuiry forces, aud IU> i yi! ?5W?l>eror ol the French, were to ad i. p. ^.ward,- tlie i%ph. rn provinces of Chuut for the purpose ol supporting the just demands ol tho allied 1 owers, and tbui tho Karl of JBgln had been sent to China as apociul ambustuoor to in at with the Chiueae goveri ment 1 aiu glad to inform you th?t the operations of the allied forces have been attend ee with complete success. After tho capture of tho torts at the mouth ot the I'eiho, uud several engagements with th>- Chines. army, the allied force* became masters ? the lupeiial city m Pekin, and the Karl of .:iginuud nari n tiros, the yiiuiiu sartor of the French, were enabled to obtain m hocuiaoic aud satisfactory settlement or all tin'timiiers iu uhpute. throughout the operations, and i. Ltgni.atioi.n which followed item, the commundcrH and anibaj-sanurr ol the allied Powers acted with the must iMen lly concert, Papers on this subject will bo laid hoioie yon. lie Mat. oi my Indian territoriM is progressively I Impri vmg, and i trust that their financial condi | tiofl win gradually paitako of the general amendment. | An ilMuru vii-ii id a portion of the natives of v'ew Zea land hm> tnu-i r opted ihe peace of u part of that colony ! but I h0|K) lhal the measures which lii>\obeep taken wili spi*uil> supp e** lb-po olsi ir'. aDees and enable my gor- | e i.meut to contci t such arrangements a-j ma" prevent their rccur reuc. . Serious a ll. n neon have an- eri among the States of the Noith Amciicuh Union, it is impossible for me to imiK without t;r<.it concern upon any event teat can aitrct lb' li i j - - and frcifire of a peoalo ncanv allien to mt subjects by descent and filoeely connected with theui bj tti. in -t intimate a'.d lrienaly relation*. 1!) htarttt * wr-b is that these ditthronj.'* may be sua ceptibk of satisfactory adjustment, ihe interest which 1 lake n the II berng ot ihe people of the L'niti d t>lu ib en' not In : be increased by th?- kind and cordial rei U giti-n b> them to tho ITince of Wales during litsricmt s.i ii'Wie c .itiuent of America 1 am glad to ihi.- opt iriuntty ei expressing my warm appre ciation ol tin- loyally and attachment to my person aud throne mauilif teii oy tuy CiuadUn and other N'orth Ame rican hubjiits on the occasion ot tho resnlonco of tne lnuceoi Wales among 1 have ciMidudeu wjth ihe Km|?-ror of the French con ventions Mippiememary to tin treaty of commerce of tne -? " ol .. y ism. ai d, in furtherance or the object of that tr.aij, | t.,-.e also concluded with Ihe King of Sar '# f'iivi nnon lor ihe ieciproi-al protection of c.ipy i .Piit 'i on veuiions wiii be UU before vou. 111 \?] i- -.1?>, . mi. || i : (ip i?I have di iecti-1 '<?? Lvuiii.nte lor (he otiB'iing year to bo laid beforo von iiimi in?y hi'i- been framed with a due regard t'liconoa., . o! -ew.aJ .>ranchva of the public service. ' vv Ml 'l' l'?Kfd h 'ore you for th-con. o;: 11 ' mP' r'!l!'t p-iris ot the ciiniitial law, for the uu jTo\ I'uient lilt .aw ,,i binkrttpujy and iuaolvoncy ?I M ill! . n.g nil ru e.i.-y the transler or land, for eatab Ji. t". I- ? .n.,iorm !?.'s;'"in id voting In Kugl.iud an! anu ,o" tin g nenl purpose of puollc luefulna I C"iii>.iei.tly commit tl:eg;ea' niteresis of my empire ? '""'Care, aud terventiy pray that the l,? i i Ti>.iy attend your c:>uncii8, a.M.i may g-i.(i, > >ur iii i1.H>rati..u3 to the attainment of tho object ot my coohtaut solicitude?the welfaie aud hun ]>iDt*fcS i?l my people. fepeechia in thr llonw or Vords on tin Aiuirlran Crisis. Hoiim of Lords on the fth in.-t Tjord Pkkhv fi!, H next directed to the paragraph in n'oa n '' "I'tiou of the AtnoncKri < r u' i ,4'c<?" " his Hoy al Highness the I'riuse ol tales met With in trial country I am quito sure 18 C"""tr> Would View Without oi*p int't at (1 ieg" t the disrupti'-n < I a coramunitv, unoir \ai i us diaiavaniagi-s, has tuocurod far it's jh pie ii pio:.p,rit> almost unparalleled, and a personal i.oertj um troedom only mien.*?for I think it ?-tn Irfok1^ ih ,h ?0>l;"'l1 U,Uf c"""lr> youcsnnct .nk ut t i ? ihroateui U atenii?ton w:tli-. .t uiuiiuuii; to a certain extunt upon iu ellocts upon tlr.s coan'.rv -A c|uarif between the North und South can only result in the ii?Hi inin c<ma?qijnce? toe m >."t lorairrti'it \ <* the .<outh; anil un turiun.iii^ ,i happoi^?j lrHt 1t w.u u a . b(j inff t:,lh0Ttl,"i w" l"V(> hc"n '"r ,0" v>upy >'''rs M?l of JS r ! u"t,k excluaivi ly t that country ... .i cotton 11,;, crib is, therefore, will not t>o v. itlioiit aavai.t ijj. t . i(;,s couutiy if It leaJS those u' o Hie I. f-t U(,.pl rV... rfM tiitnfrtlfa ?pieH.on in wtjicn ll.e g.iyt ruruent ought t iit?r">re?to |1 11:1 i ration ot ihi o. t moans tor pr^motim; '''11,1 ? supply .f cotton iromoih< r pl*c*j. ii.'...'' ' 'r inp'^sibie ind to feel all the more i.'J ,V ; , t[ u'iA 'u America wlun we rc-meiu ber, the kind ruipi < a uwaj ded to Ihe 1'riu e of Wales by a I .he. talis?(i h<'ers;?:is well a.: by ourfeliowsubnet* ' , ' 11 ttiFro "ue point which ol course it womd bt-^mpoh-i.i,. lor her ilajeuy to touch upon ia her n-.rk1 'r!ll '' ,'K'i.w' tl,(,ul'' c,,t onr without re mark. I rettr to the manner In which his Royal liurh f,?oV n,I?ri"' l!?0,10111,11 "< ca8i"!>s of great duli inlty, uud on tuespur of the moment?to Ihe self-pos MSoi.'ji, tact, perfect good breeding and courtosv he dis and h mi,' h^i".1 llU'-V tho dlKUlty ?f tho tlrowu aau n..i own high pobitiou. rt|ni ud(V,r (,r Kkrl Seft?n,i:arl Grasviiik l?iL7i^r iW r*fernid lo thu *i?'i or iho whu h hL i I ? ^morlc*' un'1 Mld the reception v hit h his Royal Highness mot with in Canada w is a satis ni u VPr??'. '"?> *'ty 01 ,,"t important colony With out wishing to w aken anything the noble earlial said as to the tomp!imei.topald to the Prince, he must ob !n.K<?.r".bo"U'?n "f w"al ('""en from the no ble eai I that it inuM oe silislacu>ry to this country to know that loyal a, the poopie of Gu,ad? ha.l shown them Mau?t7 f*w. "Ji1,e "".""''P.tUo c?re which hor Majesty .ail btstowed on the ?<ducation of her children hau even betoro thi y had arrived at manhood or o unun some'ib r?^t!ei'd, ';,1^ S 't !l ^?es.ful resulu ?T12l and tlw. r, !? 1 cr"'ul lr? C'hUi ction between o'ir colonies fon ii C0uflr> ' J 1,1 li! l>riuK more distinctly be t^L /u ? a kn,: vledge of the v'.itue; of tne sove oi t ? i i?ar' k ' f ^ 'Not "'"y 1,1 was a reception 5ni? itfif- characto- given to the Prince of Wales, go "t ,w ro-*111 cha.acter. with a Secretarc ol H!at<> and AlrbiLl'one|rh "f 'V,;lt0 ^'"PH'ylnR huu; but n South Alrics, on the mere casual visit of another son in his iiri Vale Cap city , a midshipman on bo .rd of oue of her M i li'in fn't'i' ,0*a">' of ,hat Colony was w fully , in lL' "l!"e way to the mother country as it ^whe?L?V1Ut ^ ' B"uln 1? aud Will li Itlof kJiln of lh?' Southern Ports be Ur'iiKulixl by Kiifclunri! [From the I/mdon Herald, 5] The Into severe wi-ather hax tn.iUe 11 plain I hut a short Interruption o( a few outdoor occupation* issuUiCient t) creatt as; amount o? <Wnm v. U?-li it; almost a danger. AH rue < c art* not so well id<>il for rainy day* v the engineers < r th* bullpen v\heu out oa sink', and with tin- multitude to lie out of work W to be out of bread. There i- uo help fur It, but to peradu the stieeu with a chalked shovel. s< eking a!tns. or to stand In tbe crowd in Arbor squere na'il Mr. 8"lt? is rc? ly to distribute a )>agtuU oi half crow ..8 and shillings. fen days wiihout tbe usual a?rival <r colliers In tin- Pool, or the usual arri vab una reperture-; in tbe l/.wlon and other nocks. an-l the eastern part* of thia great Betropous arc in tho couJltK'n of a bol''*Kuer'.d city, or Bull 'ring liko Ire laud wh'Hi the potatoo crop failed. flow d"?irab'.e that the omtniiiitcatton between loutm and tbe outj? tlB and forcgn countries should In 1 .1 ire be kept open. AR'iiiut evuro weather, feuch as tba*. experienced this winter, the care of l'rovideace In the only remedy; but there are contingencies. the sami' in kind for which we tntty otherw ise pit vide. How would oitr position be a(lV' led by a war In the Hall 1? between I'rti-sft ami Den mark nt the on tret, and it rn?y bo by other rowers In the end? Kr',in the llaitir we rereivo Hat, tlmtior. tallow, and various other cooimodit'ei, and speaking with hoibd Bril'-h hipt, would pra tically oease to b> available for tbe Itoitic trado, commodities woul-l become moie limited In supply thin they arc at present. Ihc ceu.-'quen e wmil i be that In proportion to the limi tation in tie1 ?'ipp y tbe use of all of them would be <11 mlui>-h"d, and more or lens privation snfforod by those c i peiKl'.nt upon llrlluih vhlpplt.g in.I tho?o occupations in whlcb raw material drawn Ifom tho north of Kurope Is worked up Into <1 iiTcut ruonuiitclure products. More then, i t something to be scan i >, which, in a modiileil form, n? doubt, threatens to leproduce in different par t.j oft her mid try that doatUutKn wnich has just bten so pratsewoftbl ly relieved If !uwt''? 1 of hcirr .nere spectators of en other war in K u pe, we dr?vr the -word and w re rp is -ed to a greit naval Power, the ?u'ferlng could scar so ly fall In being frighu'u;. and mors llr?n one of tho great in tional l|tcr- Us would perhaps be rit'ao I British ve<i ^ Is everywhere would ho driven from i i i e the cirrynig nervlce woild be pTform?d Without i i?.k of capture by neutral vessois. Is it, lbeu?poeni'>l? ; to cot ,kclur'' the c*| ,ml'y of socu s state uf l> itli i to Individ lair nud the nation And in th< pr nl threutenlng <tal- oi Kurojw who koow-i ihil we nuy n it I 'N.n have (o d- il with tiie situation, uoirrs the lesson of ; tb ti.' Ivment m son is improvei <uil tue tieulfui steps taken to avert the evil* Mi : Ibc I'-gsiey o( tb" Tret'jr of I'lir'sjto which wo Wi !? i rii" .old to ai: i tin' I'nited Matue hive long iiC.' lorn ,i y relu-i'd to <1. O'de. llunuK ihe Ki ? ucb W'U* I Wltl St:.. Mil o| i r iijwwiierii fullered severely, j h"l c'Iht i:'.. oi wro mn'.-t ? nly t > an < \tifit wlil'h ! tliey ooui't scarcely foel. Amerle?n rtku lt received aj muen of the India and China, and other long voyage Had) as they ? mid carry at a premium of CI ti^'i ton ou the rule ot freight paid to HritiaU vcnets, and th it iircmiuiu, with some i|uaii(l !itnin, may be sail to h?ve biH'D tbo extent of tho i harg? up m the cooanmlng rl issos of the I i>ited Kingdom. I *r dliferent the position of (he Hritiib shspovnor. A vessel car rying a thonsaiii! ton* of < arg > from Chin i at an ad vance of ?1 a ton would ?1 000 m re freignt than a viHsel wltliout premium, and at an ndvance or ii a t>n would clear ?2,000 mo:e than a v ssd wltbo it premium. 1 bis whs the measure of the dlMdvanta^n oi the Urttish sb jxovner in the Ch'nntrule, to br> ik out In the Itallic his |K>Sillou won'd relatively be muib the same It was even given in evidence, before the ?ja ? t < iT.mi'te.-i,f , ii,, ibut during tho Austrian war sotn" banking huises and buslnosa llrms se.'it out '''"nl to their in 1M nrel f'hina correspontlenls that lititifii sIiIjh stmold not b< employod at all. (Mill, by tho Ii aty o| Parts, our -hip , and not those of the I'nlt-jd t it'n were neutral and not lla'de to C4pture, whether cirry, g the produce of >'rn:iee ~ trrtlnla or Austria on tlio b . b fe;? . or carrying our own or the produce of any 11her country; n .i i.untrab. ud, ti either of the Powers tlnnutwar. r.tti, , wl( (),.? appieliension that this rnintry, notwitbit .: din* its di- Ured neutral.ty, would tike |?rt in the cot,t ?< t, and the same apprehension w,!I - L ? ?" " *?> *?" *? *?* ui k'.M lU'.vitb 1. W? i>4 t?r 4**, wte'Uor oogjfjJ Ui or no. 1/ lUs thUP?? tfa? '?Vet <* %&*?!&?.iW ve 110 fcnercantile marine, aud la r-??t v ?! Tl tl^ graveai (Uoferi to tho well being ot ao T1 ??nlV of the Mate. The tnited State*, to long a* they eoh-red, frit itrtmg enoujok tottand aloof fnm the public law of Europe. Out the tecettu^nmovemenI, betide* opening up a door for !iL I? f "F* ***** reoital' and'"*!*, u<ithout ? crptiop, the I of natunu, U lisely to raiso questions of international right, in which we shall have iho deepest interest. The Inlted States government was originally fonnded upon certain delegated powers by a community ofsovereign States, who bavo still exercised tie* inde pendent sovereignty, and it is held by tlie seceding ?ttttt'B thai the de|egate4 powers may now be withdrawn. If we assent to this right wo may cls'm admission to the Southern port9 to carry merchandise on the American principle of free ships making free goods, while, if we deny tho right, we fha 11, no doubt, exclude ourselves from tbe Southern t:a<J<\ Which corn tie tthalJ we tuko. aa<l will theoppor (unity be now embraced of averting those nnratinie rights which we, ns a maratlmo power, should, in the in terest of ihe trading classes of these kingdoms, and with the still higher object nf the security of tho nation, claim to hi Id r It we are possitsod of maratimo I'ower and Some other nations are not, it will be quite as prudent to Itause before we tie our bauds, as for France or any other continental Power to hesitate to reduce thoir armies to tbe lt\ el of the forces of a third or i'ourtti rato nation. Ss long i.H the chip owners were th' ouly sufferers tho Ul.iI settlemeit uf tho question could bo deferred, but tnipetdit g war in the United Slates, und threatened war in the ltaliic, demand an immediate _tt tkuieat in tho in terest of all classes. 1 nited State* acUptol Hue treaty nf Pari*, so far Uf th'U treaty hud rrferrm e to the luuv qf na'ion ?, the fourth arn. I, of the tteaty would roptirt that a Itockadr of the cot ti n juris by the i nited States shit* of Vkir would have to be iiiathtaintd by a tvj]ui<fU f.rxv. fhr Unite 1 Slates go vcrnment could not in that ease establish the blockade, nu ihe first article of tho treaty would bo it bur to tho employment of privateers. Tho supply of colt >ii wjuI.I (heicfore be uninlerru|>tod under tbe treaty or Paris by mi appeal to arms As tho < asc stands, hoivovor, it iri mpostible to say what expedients Mr. Lincoln's Catd net may resort to to destroy tho commerce of tho "uth. It u a recoyniicd principle fur the belligerent* 0 tieilareiihot u contraband uf tcar; an I beni lei Hit matcrul iMicA the Southern SUt'rs m~n/ si'ek to draw friro Eliiope, y hit it to pom! r.,//?,,) being subject to ,,?i'lure '*V thoid-i .??< '/ tva?U be fitted out? W hai, in fact, is to prevent the United dUtes ropudiatlng the neutral doctrine altogether. and taking their stand upon the broad old Fnglish principio of maritime right, and d< ctaring th it the reutral (lag does not cover South ern goous, unit ihat neutral goods under the Southern llug are habit to capture? 7o iec?,-ni,ie th' Treaty of Pa<i* | vvula tt 'W be to make the Northern. State* of th' im -rienn | t nurH jh/U'ii le>* on the ocean, and tlit: 11rii'j bu- Cumo when , we must consider whether adherent 'on >ui jurttothit treaty would not make u.h powerles. oa lie o an aJso. ? Frnnre. KAPOLIM'S 8PF.KCH. Mnmrwt i?Sw<aiki im, Mi-.-iwum i>n Dkitikj?The speech at the opeuing id' each so- ton iui -up in a few [ word- tbe past evonis ai,d tho pr-iecf' of the future. Up i to this day that communicalion, nstrieted in its nature, h; nol put my government In relation .utimate enough Willi the great bolie^ol tbe Slate, auil these b idles were thus deprived of ihe means of strengthening Ihe govern ineiit by their public adhesion or assist-ng it by thjir advice. 1 have decided that every year a g .-neral exposition of the situation of th? empire shall be placed before you, ami the inft-t important despatches of uiploinacy sit ill be laid on jour tables. > on will ni >boablo in n ail irons t" manliest your sentiments on the >":ict.5. which are being .'iceoinplishcd, no longer, as formally, by n simple para phrase of tlje speech from tbe throne, but by a irou and t iucero oxprrssion of your opinions. As regurda ihe exterior, 1 have endeavored to prove. I . ni) ret.itioi s with foreign Powers, that Krauco sm ccrely desire? peace, an J tL at, without renouncing a lo gitimate iiifiuenco, sho does not pretend to interfere in any place where her interests aro cot concerted; and, liflally, that, if she sjinpatiiizes Kith a l tint is great and noble, she dors uo', heslta e to condemn everything I !?!' v'o'?1", international ri^ht and iilsiico. Kvenu dinicult to bo foresee:; have couibinod in Italy to coiupli c.ate a stiite of things already embarrassed. My govern ment, agreeing with its ailits, hai consMore i that tho means oi obviating tbe greatest dangers was 10 have nsource to tae principle of non-intervention, which leaves each country master of its destiny, lociiiZ?s questions, and provents them from degenerating into huropeau conllicis. 1 certainly am not ignoraut that this system possesses tho Inconvenience'of npp^iring to au thorize many grievous excesses. Kxtreme views would prefer another course?some that Franco should partici pate in a nil make common cau?o in evi r v revolution others that Fiance should placo herself al iho heal or general 1 w ill not allow myself to be diverted from my path by th. se opposite inducements. It is sufllcient for the greatness of the country that its rights bo miintalned m the quaitcrg in which they arc incouteatible, to de fend its honor wh. rever it may boatticki 1, and toaObr I tier support where it Is suppltoatod by a iust cause. It is tij'ie th;?t we have iuHintunii'<j our rights in c tuning the ric< gintion of the cession of Savoy and N ico. I b.-se pro vinces are now irrevocably united to Fmhc?. It is thus -that to av? ftgi> our honor in tlje extreme livt, our Hag united with thai of Great liritatti, lloitH vktonomly ovor the walls of i ekiu, and that th- Cross, emblem of Chris tian civilization, again surmount- in the capital of Cain* the tempies of our religion, winch have been closetl for mere than a century/ It is thus that, in the name of humanity, ou/ troops bare gouo to Syria, in virtue of a Kuroiwan convention, in oider to prouctthe Chri?tiin against a blind fanaticiam. At Homo I have considere 1 it necessary to incrosse (he garrison when the security of the lb Iy father appeared to be threatened. I have seat my fleet to (Jueta at the moment whon it seemed that it n.ust be the last refuge of the Kin;- of Naples. After having allowed it to remain there four months I withdri w it. However worthy of sympithy nnght'bo a royal misfoitune si> nobly delen o.l, tho presence of our war vessels obi-ge l us part every day from the system of neutrality which I had proclaimed, and gave rise to erroneous interpretations; but you know that in policy one hardly believes in tho possibility of a pure <ii8iatore8ied fetep. Such la a rapi-i t of the g^no ral situation, litany aporehon-ion, therefore, bediss pit ed, and let confidence be re csiabli-hed. Why should not commercial and indiiMtrlal aOairs assuino a now developo m?nt f My Arm resolution is not to enter Into any con lllct in which the cause of France should not be based on right and justice. What, then, have wo to lear* Can a united and compact nation, numbering forty millions of souls, fear to be drawn Into struggles, (he aim of which she could not approve, or b? provoked by anv menace whatever? The liist virtue of n people Is to have confl ilence In l'rell, and net allow Itself to be disturbed by Imaginary alarms. U>t us, then, calmly reg?rd tho fu ture in ihe full consciousness of our strong!h as well as in our honorable intentions. I?t us engage, without-ex aggcratcd j>r. occupations, in t!ie di veiopemcnt of tho hands ?f Ul? rrosi'eri,y lhal Providence pUc>-s in our ? i?*iy Advices nrom daeta to the 2d, received via Tlome, say that tho siege continued without any met lent on either hide. Tlie pUice replied but moderately to the firo of the besiegers, whkh wns rather frequent on t?bo laud side, and was especially directed agam?t the city. I'riuce IVignan hid gone to Mela di Uaeta. The .i>iir ney ip said to l>c in connection with negotiations for tho sunruilci of Gaeta. H Ia atnted In Hio Abrnzzl the war has boon mos? snnguinar)?no quarter given or usked for. An olllcial leport by Gcimj uI lbtcca aofiourcen that confidence an I tranquillity were returning throughout the whole portion ol the M>ru?( * The Italian elections wore proving more and more fa vorable to the policy of Count favour. Count Drossier de St. Simon had presented tiie creden tials corllimlnf IiIh appointment as Ambassador of the King of lYiihHia&t furtn. >arduiia bad claim* d the re- ioratlon of ilia soldiers made prisoners by the Tapal Zouavos, anil hid arrested the Bishop ol .-'ablui as hostage. A despatch from Berlin nay* ? General de 1a Marmora his repeatedly declare! to tho I'rusMian Rovernnunt that Sardinia has n i intention of attacking Yonctla. Ho made no oth?r political de claration. The General la reported to hnvc been much (i iwatisGed wi'h hi* ree?| at the rrussiui Court A despatch date<l Home, January '2V, from headquar ters, flutes that PchUvone, one? of the chiefs of the reac tionary bands in the Abriu/i, has surrendered. Fighting c iit iim s to lake place, ai d a spirit of revenge is dis played on b"tli sld'-a ? ?u .iruiuary 31 Mmi'-i no' (Vesevolo, Superior of the Feminary, was mortally Wounded. Tli?? inre, of the i ? thedrsl, and one monk were also badly wounded. Hie Al< .m tar is ti> convent was nearly destroyed on the t Ight ?f the 3lst ult. The of Turin says Coast Brnsior de St. Ki le on wi I to-day (February present to bis Msjestv the credentials confirming hi* appotntmeut as Ambassador of the King of Prussia at furm. Ctneral Horra, in his report, snnouress that cinfldenee and trtnqui'lity are returning? Ummgliout the, whole fron tier of the Abtustl. fhe town of Sura toss present# 1 an addrcrs.toGenersl 'mnon;1., expr< <;ve of gratitude for hit exert k ns to n lore tranquillity. The pen* tuts com pel thi di m?iahzt.d reactionary baud to siirreuder4.o the Sardinians. Adi a '-s from Tut In of February n fiayr ?Tp to three e'e'o. k on S"?iday iiftrri eon the result of the Flections known Is forty-six members returned, of which number forty are ministerial. A d< Fpiiteh from Home, dated February 3, says ?Ac cording to advice* from Ga' tu of thoUd, Hie siege con tinues without any remarkab!o iut blent on either s'do. The place replies not moderately to tbo lire of th'j be sll gi IS. Hpnln. A Madrid Journal exproc.. ?-s tbo opinion thil If the separation of the .South in Stale1* of America Irotn ibo Northern shall be definitely aomnpl.sbrd, the Islcnd of Cuba will be mire nienaei.M than it ho* hitherto bo^n. A |Nipul?r disturhanoe bud takon place aI Madrid. The printing pre* of two nn alls! join nals wore broken up. A despatch icoin Madrid, dat <d .January 20, says thai a ]>o| uular disturbance ha.* t-iken place. Tho printing p . Hse* of the ItoyiliRt newspapers, t'l Ejuattre and I. Aurina. havo been broken. HMl?r.rrlanil, The Federal Council receive on February 1 semi offi cial Information from Turin, to tie nfleet that tho r irJi ti.ans expect to bo masters of Gaeta within eigh >l ys. Tho Fcteral Council has be. n ofileiaily Informed tb t lift Italian election*, even ,n the Two Sullies, have bi fa vorable to tho ministry. Dtamark, OomswAdrw, Feb 3, lirtl. Hie I'smsb I>iet has l>o?>n clo^cj, The Klnn, in reply to tho Piesldi nt's ppceeh, Haid _ Should an onem^ come near ii?, my people will defend themselves If I c?l upon ttic?n to d9 r j. 1h? *"mlflllclnl ii-rlinjulr Ti*b+uir remains:? Sh.' Herman troo;s enter ll'ditein, without being rnlled upon to do ro by oer soveri jrn. and oont'-ary tT his wtsh, a violates of territory would ih"n t ike placand the FedeiaJ I?tr t world, in ftct nve dee I are I w .r agalMt IVnri ark 'Var, a' tbe prr^ent moment, would be tnr on Tenlent for rtcrnuBT, and X flonee<tuenuy oouv meet for o-immtk. AeisieU |e.<w o <u>< si-'watuj g; a c^uaiiy, twl vi?;(i> p>>puuu cue is^s, v^wt which a small people cannot make war. By a blockade we can now damage the commerce of Germany, and ruia the Prusaian ports for a Ion# period. The dispute mast, therefore, now be settled either by war or by uegotia tion. The Danish I>let had been closed The King in his reply to the President's speech said:?Should they come near us, my people will defend themselves if I call up ju them to do so. The ?>em. otliciul /IrrUtifltH ftc/etulr, iu publishing Ins s|>eech, makes the following remark* ?"Should German trcops enter Holstein without being called opon to do -o by our sovereign, and contrary to hi.-. wish, a violation of territory would then take place, and the federal Dirt would, in fact, have to declare war against Denmark. War at the present moment would be inconvenient f>r (iermuny, and Is consequently convenient for Ik-urn irk. A stat* of armed pence exliausts the streoxth of a coun try and weakens popular euthuxiasm, uvtlioul which ? tmall people cannot make war. By a blockade we cm now (lanugo the commerce of Germany, and rir.u the Prussian ports for a loug period. The couflict must, therefore, uow terminate either by war or by negotia tion." Aualrla. The law regelating the reruns afljirs of the Poles tanU in the German and SclaTOtilan provinces had been at'opted by the Council of Minifcteis. and will be pub lished thor'ily alter it has ucelred the imperial sanction. It grant* complete autonomy to the Protestant church. As regards marriages b 'tween Cathoiir and Prote-tanw, the existing regulations lor the present are to rcjiaic in force. The Ihiiiaii ytuunri givef a denial to thenowa published by some Gfruian paper*, tbat a treaty relating to the Danubiuu' Principalities Lad been concluded between Russia nod Austria. Numbers of the Uungarian soldiers ou furlough, who hud been oidercd to return, have already arrived. The law regulating the religlousalTalrs with ProUi-tants in the German and Slavonic provinces has been adopted by the Council of Mink-tern, and will be published shortly after it has rcceivcd the imperial sanction. It grants complete telf government to the Protestant church. As regards manage. between Protestants and Catholics, the existing rrg.ji.itions lire for the present to remain in force. A despatch from Pest li, dieted Peb. 4, says:?The

Index Curiae has exhorted the municipalities to await the result of the Judicial Conference, which is to meet thortly, before commencing the exercise of judicial func tions. Russia. Advices from Kiatkhta, in the St. Petersburg journals, announce tuat the Russian merchants are taking all the necessary steps for turning to account the recent treaty witt China. General Ignatlolf, who left Pekln November 10, arrived at Kiatkhta in Ufteen days, tho shortest time hitherto taken. On his arrival the church bells, and a Te Dtum w as ce'.ebiuted iu the principal church. Prnskia, A despatch dated Berlin, February . gays thai General Delia Marmora has repeatedly dei lared that Sardinia ha* no intenti. n of attacking Venetia. Ha ha? male uo other political dcclaratlous. India and Japan. The Bombay mad of January 12 had reached lin: l?> 1 A Calcutta despatch of the 11th January say news had been received there that the landing ul tlie American Amhas-ador )i ul been rep i.sed it Japan. The news from India is unimportant. A panic pro vailed in tie Northwest provinces. At Bombay, business both in imports aud expar'.s was active. Cotton was advancing. Freights had slightly improved. Kxchange. 2s. l'4d. A despatch dated Calcutta, January 11, Bays: The Viceroy refuses to commit ulcate to the Indian Council the papers cocceiuii.g the Mysore grant. Now? has been rcceivcd hero that the landing of the Amerlcau Ambassador had been repulsed at Japan. India is quiet, but indiscretion is showu by the income tax oflicials. Brazil. The mails from the Brazils reached Lisbon on tho 1st. Rio dates axe to January 10. O'lTee was quoted at 5,500 a r.,000 for good firsts. Exports since last mail, 304,000 bags. Slock. U0,000 ba^s. bieiliuj exchange, iti . Politics iHiimportant. THE hATKST NEWS. Tukim, Feb. f. 1881. Ruggleru Settimo h!>s been appointed President of tha Senate. Ihe remaining elections have everywhere taken place peacefully. BrofTero and Crtspi ha7c been el cted mem be:s of Put liarucnt. Nafub, Feb 4,1861. The fl'C of the bepiegM at C.acta is very brisk, and is replied to by the Sardinians. A vessel left Gaeta last night, eluliag the vigilance of the Sardinian squaUron. Bimk. Feb. 2, 1861. The Pope^iaa ordered his soldiers to return to Borne, nntwitii8Uii.Ung the orders of M. De Merode to the con trary. I- ifu ru thousand Sardinian soldiers have passod through Umbria "n the way to tho kingdom of Naples. The reai tionary movement in the Abruzzi was orgai ized by Count Trepani and M. De Merole. Tlie Sardinians hnve evacuated tbo Papal territory, in compliance with orders trom the Kmpcror Napoleon. The Spanish ve.-sels which were despatched to Gaota have been repulsed by A^jpiral Porsaao. Francis II. has issuod an appeal to tho Sicilians, offer ing them the constitution of 1912, a Sicilian army and navy and an entirely separate administration. He aalcs of them to give an asylum to a royal family, abandoned but brave, and too well instructed by misfortune. Financial and Commercial. LONDON MONET MARKET. Til! English funds on tho 4th showed a temporary im provement, but it was not maintained, and c<>nsolscloeed at Saturday's prices, on the 5th consols opened lower, the Kmperor Napoleou's speech being unfavorably con strued. Consols were quoted at noon on the 5th at 91X a for money, and 91 '? for account. 1 ho demand for money in the discount market and at the Back of Kngland was heavy at unchanged rates. In the Stock Exchange thorl loans were freoly olfored at 6 a 6perccnt. The monthly pay incuts on tho 4th were not without apparent difficulty. Several additional failures hid occurred among the Greek houses in I on.Ion. Ihu siispen-uoua iacludo Bello Brother*, Kdward Yi talis, Schillzzl .V Vuroe, and J. I'aa cal. Tho assets in all c as.-a are said to bo favorable. FkuritaRv 4?P. M. C?a*oli closed at 91a 91. for money, and 91 J, for account. Honey mai iet active at previous rates. Illinois Central Railroad is quoted ai 27 V,' a 20>? dis count, Eric do., 31>4'; New York Central, 88. AMioura.x wa Rrrnes. The sales on the 4th were:? Erie shares 32'4' a ,11 New York Ceotral 6S ? a 86 Illinois Cent ral shares dis 26', a *6X On the 5tb, at noon, Illino? Central were quoted at 27}i dis Messrs. JAMts nKwirr a co.'s ciRcri.Au. Ijvwum.ii., F?l> 5?I'. U. Cotton?The market yesterday (Monday; was Arm and active,.and prices of better qualities were I 1(J1. a VI. over Kmlay's quotations. Today, howior, under the telegraphic udvlccs |ier America, the demand is quite limited, :ind the abovo advance Is scarcely supported The market closes flat. Hales Monday 12,000 bales, 3,000 bales on speculation and for export. To-day s hinonntu only 3,000 b iles, l ,000 boles on -peculation and for export. HHF*iK*ir!Ts?Messrs. Richardson, Spence k (to., and Wckefkld, Nash \ Co , 'eport a generally improved tone | in tbe maikct to day. Wheat iu good request at fully previous prices, anil In scmo cases id. per cental dearer, flour quiet and generally unchanged. (Wakefield, Nash At Co. say 3<l. dearer ) Corn in moderato request, and ? 'I . Cd. deaio'-. I'Rovisni.NS. ?Beef and corn continued dull at previous prices. Bacon qufct. lard quiet: A7s. refused for good American leflniog. Tallow flat. 1'Ri'i.i (v. ?Ashes quiet at 19s. a 20s 61, for pots, and COs. 61. a 30*. for pearls. Sugars quiet but steady. CofU-s unchanged. Rice quiel some Carolina at .mcjian realised 24s. ilosln steady common 4s. 7d. a 4s. 81. Spirits of Turpentine 30s 6.1. Tlir I.nteat ?m.hei*. i.tvKiyoof. coTroN mah?kt. Ij krco.u , Feb. S, 1861 >Iossrp. Ilenltt It 0o. re)>ort:?The sales of cotton to day arc 3 000 bsles The advi. ea from the I'nlted States per America have had the < (feet to limit the demand, and the advance of yesterday is barely supported LIVERPOOL BUEAP3TtTKK8 M*RKFT. Ij\RKrooi.. Peb. 6,1861. Richard-on, Sjwcce Jb Co. rejiort an Improved tone. Wheat meets good Inquiry at fully previous rat.--. Flour slow and unchanged, o'rn in moderate request and 31, a fid. dearer since Friday. Wakefield, \a-h \ Co. report n healthy consumptive demand for wheat and flour, at an ad vane * n Friday of Id. on the former, and 3d. per bid. on tU ? latter. Corn Is more active at the advance: mixed, 37s. Vd. Til \ tlE ItKPORT. At Manchester the unfu\orabln news fram Bombayand C?lrutt.a has cheeked tliOjitniirovem-nt which was visible on t'rlday, and the manfet Is inactive an I depretscl. The Liverpool cottou market on thr 6th was steady and quiet, with sale? of 6,COO bales. The I/>ndon corn market on the 6th was firm on full rales. Sugar firm refined higher. Cdlee very llrnn. Tea quiet at full rates. Lovnox, Feb 6,1861 Consols closed for money at 9P{ a 91'*, and for ac count at 92 a V3f(. Ataxic ah FKcritims. Tlie htest sales were:?Illinois Central, C!> a 23 dis co ml; New Yorg Central, 72 a 74: Erie, 29 a 29 ?. thk LtCCTtllH MR A RON. RhTcoRA li. V. HATCH WILL i'kT'Tthf: aT rilnUm MnlJL AMor filMW, on wednrwtay, ihr 2mh innrnnt, ?i 7'. !'. x. a ?ti?tlngui?bed member *f the bar irtll ?* pit *?nt I* propound Md <i"lm'p * umpiMI n, Admit* hIoii IBwij * The women or the American revolution - Per I'r ARMfTAucWtll Irr'nrpmi thf ah .re itibjefl ?I thi- i'r. .per InmltiiK', nn lrtd?y pvcnlrif nrjt (M m 7>. Clock ftrket* JR rrnU, ttiff I* hft't Rt T. .1 <!roirpn ?. fit# Bro*d?rw; firth, i" 'id A i n , M7 ?ro.idwRy; Win lull A >011, MS Jtro?d* it; ll'irn-p ff nite it<na<l??T: vf. b Mi nr.ft ?>? ?-d "'VI n- n<W' ? ?b? t mi*nf M?'of Z? ru'Vn Market, ?i U? AwtN '.?? ?**?'?? Of mnmmv*. IALH AT AfOTlUa, AW PORTBK A CO. AUCTIONE8P.S.?HOUsE ? n VI.!' MAGNIFICENT HOUtiP.iIOLl) PCBNITPBZ AT PUBLIC APC ION. At the elegant residence 218 West Fourteenth stieel, near Eighth avenue, on WEDNESDAY, FEB *1, At 11 O'CLOCK, The caial*s<ue comprising (bp Lsrgest and richest assortment of Household t urniturc Mid Work* of Art Offered at auction this Ktion. fcuperb seven net are Pianoforte Eiegaui l r??lii| llooiii fulls. Artistic Bronzes. Statuary, Oil Pautiiigs b> eminent (trt.?ts, Bronze ;? r>d Ormolu Chandeliers fill- and Mantel Mirror*, Brocade and Laoe Curtains, Ac , Commencing at 11 o'clock precisely?the entire elegant Fur nit'ire and beautiful Work* of Art contained In til* ab ire large dwelliug, u'.l ot which will he so.d without reserve, and must be removed immediately, c oi everything to bo found in a Unit class residruce?l'arlor, Library, inula* Kooui and Chamber Furniture. i 'ataloRuei ready by 8 o'clock this morning, when tbe whole can fx* examined. Parlors c >ntain superior velv.-t Ca pets, throe magnificent solid rosewood Hull*, covered m maroon, blue ana g dd, and crimson and gild satin of the moil exp-nsv, desciiptioa; Ootbicand Turkish Basy t haira. In mouuet and satin bro cade; ladies solid rosewood Hecep.ion and Arm Chain, oover ed in gold, blue, enmsou and inarouii satin; three solid rose wood Centre Tables, wilb rich statuary raurbb tope: exnen lively carved tosewod pier, so. a ui.i si-'.e Tallied, vtlib nib ble tops; three cosjy rosewood Etegeres, ? it'., maible t .ps, plate glass door. Ac , imi orted expi jjslv for the owner; la dles' rosewi* d Work lab If a, bronze ami ormolu Clicks e)r> gsnt (liiua Vaaes with the most chaste and expensive land scapes painted to order tn Prance, magniBeent P'*neh plate Pier Glass, with rich and heavy gold frame. Mantel Mirror to malcli, of tlx feet square; heavy embroidered I.oe Window Curtaiu-and Cornices, lirge ?n-l e. tensive varieiy of oil Paintiugs by native nr ists, such as Landscapes, Winter Scenes, Marine Views, .scriptural Pieces, Ac., the wh'/ieform ;nc a very pleasing collection, supenoi rosewood Pianoforte, i uT' seven octave, elegant case, finished nil round inlaid plate and richly aet w'th pearl, cost (obO bi ing a valuable Instru uk nt; rosewood Plauo Stool, covered in satin, with an elegant and i oatly embroidered cover Lining Koom?Klcli velvet tapestry Carpet, in go>d order; solid oak Extension Table, all polished in tli? b?st manner; nimble top Fancy Tables, Mirrors, i-ofa B"d0 ' ira'n. In hair i loth, together with all the ruby and jrysUlcut Ginassrae, Wines, clump gnes. Tumblers, Goulets und Pecan ers ti match flricli ciuna Tea and Dinner tuts, co.stiy .-.Uvtr Ware. Tea and Linnet Service, ZK iuth Salvers, t ake Baskets, Can tcrs, Coffee und lea Vrus, .s^oona, Forks, Liquor bland, su perior Table Cutlery. Ae. Chamber*?Costly aoiid rosewood an 1 mahogany lledsteads, statuary marble top Bureaus, Washstands and < ommodes tt match; over twenty pure hair Ma tr> - to, from 40 to 60 Ib?., made to order aud in eiaallen' ro. 'iitlcn; ingrulu Carpets, bedroom Mirrors Clocks, Toilet Tallies. 'iowel Kicks, Toilet Betsot Cloths, Mair Carpets and Rods uiab gany rusliloo d ( hairs, h<?kers, Sofas, Lounge* Couch Beds iinil itauds, lea and Dining Tables, together with a large- and desirable asv rtment oi iiastment Utensils, Ac., w.'.h which the s.i!e w 11! ct mmetiCe. ABTItrS H. CHAPMAN A CO ACCTIONEERS. PhhKM r'iOKi AND A1TKAC1IVE AUCHyji SALE, 1'hia day i Wednesday). &- 10-., o'clock. Of costly r ji-v oi Household Furniture, Modern roAe^ood Pianoforte, c Oil I'aintlng- Ac , At the brown st"U? re^ileocc of the lit. Corning Hoffman, Enq , No. M Wefct fixtieLth street, Filth a venue. Al.-o the v*hole of the valuable Library, Horse*, Carriages, Barouches. A , Tlii.-> d.iy Orc.lne; Ikyv at 10'. o'c! k Cita'.ogiics, now retolv. ean be Iiad at the hiuse or cllic., i.^AWINU liOOM KtKNITI KL Consiatliig i : i irvi d rosewoud Ut-gere^, marble top F-ench piste door, and back ; Work Table, inla-d with mother oi'pe ,rl, l-osew od Centre Tables, v latum1. ;na>b!e top; two full suits I)ra?lug Koom Furniture, elegant letea-iete Solas, twj > rni Htceptlon sud oval batk Ciuurs ci.rved rosewiod Frames, covered in three colored si\>m be c ideof most exne\ sit e description; Console Table , inluid w ith tortoise shell, bro* ade imd la *e Curtain.- six l.^i.t ormolu end bron/e Chua de!brs; t'audelabras, Bruekets -rencli pint?, Pier ami Msntel Mln rs rich gilt frames super1-sevr<M I'resjenchina Va-os, richly decora ed; ; aria" marble Statuettes, ar.istl' Bronze<. r<pre<icDting Sight and Morning, rainMot!, i'andora. Poetry. Music, Crui-nd"!s, Ac ; anti iue ava ^ases ir<in Pe-np-i at llerculsneuoi, ebony Card Tables, velvet I arpets atd Kut--. Turki h i":t>y chairs, bronre flock. Oil I'alni.Lgs, by HOU.S..I1, Innian, llunilngtou, L( graad. C lie. and "th r eminent artists, ncnth Inle Engravings, Assiimptloa Virg'n Mary. MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE PIANO PORTE, carved lei;s sud case, round coiners, finished all round, iniaid with aud s' lid pearl keys; rose .vood Stool, Musie Boe-ks, em broldered cloth Cover, Music llvk, Iia'stan i, oilcloth, Brus sels S atr Car jets, Ac. I hambers -B'chly carved roveWOod Bedsteads, bi>1*i Louis XIV.; uureaus and Commodes to match, Wardrobes, l>ressing and Toilet Ttbles, Shaving and Book Stand-, Couches, Annchalrs, Curtains, Shades, ( or niees, hair Mattres-i s. FallUses, f"atj?r H> ds, Bolsteis PU. lows. Blankets. Sheets, yuilts. ('nunttrpanes, decorated chin* Toilet Sets, oval Mirrots. Dining DOO'n Furnitu^ol every kind; solid caeved oak Buffet, statuary marble tip; patent dining Table Couches, Arrnt hairs, olegant sets crystal and ruby (ilassvare. Decanters UbblifU, Cbamjiajnes. Winns, Lemonades, Tumblers, irult, ccl.'rv snd presei-re PUmd*. linger Howls, ruby and Parian marble punch Bowls, ruby and gold Liquor sets, gold i>snd eliina Dinner Set richly decora ted Tea set 44pieces; solid allver DtnHr and l?.aiets All the china and gins- ware trom tlie celebrated bouse ot Peepiti A Co , Paris, silvtrwart, c,,jrte 1'iti Casters, O.^e n tsk' ts. Also, Kitchen, t'ten?ils, Ac. C. ?h .l?poi ts t equlred of all purchasers. Sale peremptory, without regitrd to weather. A J. BLEECKER, AI TIONEER. ? l.rg-saieoi FIRST CLASS OHitlsNAIj >lTi RAtXTTKOS. By order ot the proprietor of th? "CkAVOIt \Rf GAL LEKV," in consenoence of his leaving for Europ< A. J BLEEl hilt. Bt'N A C > , Will sell : t auction on FRIDAY and .-Art.RD\\, February 22 a: i Z-'r, ?' 7 o'clock each i vrnlng, in the gallery over GOuPIL'S, 77-ilroad way. corner Mnth street. Choice specimens from t'ne easels of VAN BBKST, 1NCLUDINO M.VKT OK niS MAS1ER P1BCE8. Casiltar, Tail, Delassard, Doughty, Gay. Thom, KENShtT, UEO. INNtSfc, EASTMAN, 7.. a. MAY Bondcl, I.?ne, Hart and other uatlve ai'ist-. *L^O. ORIHINALS BY Lanfsnt de Metz, An.istasi, Bestuei, ilourges, (tsrand. Aa'.i^na, Joli< kind, Ijtuibinet Mioas. Noel. Aadrteu. J'atmis, I'ecrus, A, .'oannes aud Ijtsalle, laie belonsiiig to the WELL KNOWN KKEN-II Kit llllh'r ION". VBRBOECKllOVKN, Akkcr-dyk, Damschreuder, Braeckclnar, Ac , Ac. Tbe Paintings will be in exhibition at the Oailnry dai'.y, fmni 81, A. M. till 10 P. M. Catalogu- s'it the Gallery, aad at No l'ine street. AM. MERWTN, AfCTIONEEB. BY BAKUS, MEKWiN A CO, Irving Buildings, !V94 ind 596 Bro:idw.iv. WEDNFbDAY EVENING, FEB VK AT 7 O'CLOCK. BOOKS, ENGRAMN1B, AMBRtiTTPES, PHt?rO GKAPliS, Ac. A fine collection l'or paitic;lar< see c-ita logue, to be had at the salesroom. S. RICH ARI>S, AUCTIONEER.--400 C VSE* BOOT _ ^Sboes und Brogsns at auction, bv RI'MIARDS A ? lllTINtJ, en Wednesday, Februury in, at 1(?! , o clock, at 'tore 44 Corilundt strret; being the usual v rietv ot' d"slrabl? go"ds direct iiorn Uic maiiu/aeturers. Cat.ttoguea on the morning of sale. A I CTJON NOTlt'B. ELEGANT NEW Ft ?5???? ?1LE ?F FOR ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCeTi"0^^' Tilts DAY (WEDNESDAY), *' At two o'clock precisely, At the storage warehouse, Bos. Ill aril H3 Weil Eleventh street, near Kluh sreriii?, ConaUting in part of Ons rotewoo<l Suite, covi red with velvet ms'iuel ? f>P, Pu|i? ings, liyeminent .mUts; Lounfes, Ittegeres, B oku,. 'pin Rsnt rosewood Armolrde Gl.?ee, real Brontes, Parian Figures rosewood Bedsteads, Spring rui.l M.,lr Mattresieg, Bureaus W ashstands. Commodes, Centre I'aMe, oue Chlua Ie? let o?k Buffet, oak Dining Table, Ac., Ac B. B. -All the a!ove arileles are new and In splendM ord -r and will bo sold without any reserve-^hau-rer, oy order ..f ' Z. D. HCDSON, Attorney. AUCTION SALS?M. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, will sell this day (Tuesday,) February IP, and to morrow (Wednesday) February JO, M 10H o'clock; each d*y at salai room, M Nassau street. An entire Mock of Household Fur tiMUre, Carpets, rosewood and mahogany 1'irlor sitils, c--v ered in brocatel. plush ami balr rloth, vln?Tru-a-tHes, Bofa* Parlor ai.d Ann Chans, m.irblctoii t'uiito Tabli *, gKt frsme Mirrors, Secretary and Iibrin, Bookcaees, gi* Cnau dollera, extension llininkTablea, Cutlery, Tea Sets. dressing Hur> aw-, Washa'and", lb (WteaK hair M itressea. l.'Unx"*. W aitlroU-a, Ac.: the whole l-elng the furniture of a family declining housekeeping The ? bole to be peremptorily mid to the highest bidder Auction halk.-m. douohtt, auctiobbbb, will ?eU thWdsy (Wednesday i, Feb. 2d, at Id1, ucl >ck, at selesim m H6 Nassan atreet, an enlir* stock nf Household rur niton-, C?r|iel*, rosewood and uiahogiiny Pnrior suit*, co vi'rcd in brocaiel, plueli and bair cloth, viz: ?Tete-.i tetea. Sofas, Parlor and Arm Chatra, marble lop Centre Tables, gill frame Mirrors, Secretary and Llbtar) Bookcases, gas C&tn dclicrs extension l.ii nig fables Cutlery, l ea delft, dreading lluieaus Wasbsiauds, Hi dsteads, hair Mattresses, l#oun<es \* ardrolies, Ac.; tlewiole lielng the furniture .. a family declining housekeeping. The whole to be poremploilly a dd to the highest bidder. Auction notice?soo mjto rum fano* goods, Vankee Noil ii.?, Hook*, Paintings, tinr tin" and mcu'i t mt Kngia\.ngs, (cm s, Hru?-hee, Corn in mini' a, man's and boya' Itats, Caps, Buon; also an Invoice of ( hlna, Was* a id ( ris-kerv Ware; also four bags Fea'hers. three quarter plpet Cognac ltramly, ten barrels dried Applea, In Una order for croccra rales or baker* tt*e; also Dry nnd Kancv do-sis, Ac, Ac. Mv HUMHhKT A IliOMAK, this m ntlng, at , e'clock, In the store >9 Ann atreet. sale | ereinptory, and In 1 >? to auit buvera. sal en rooms (>i Nassau Street, opposite the Post office, a large (i .-ortment of Rockawnys, Phaeton I, Top Buggies, Rovd W . jr-ns, .'.ig> t and l)< p< ! Wagcns, Ac., all of superior make ami finish; ii*Ko HirnMi, Robea, A" Am VClloV NOTICE Till-! DAY, II O'CLOCK, AT KKLL A IN(;RAIIAM> saleroom*. SI New Rower,-, will be gold the balance of the Hoarding House Furniture, Res Unlaw and Arrangement*; Pawnbrokers Hoods at 12 o'clock, One Watches .lewelry, J) Revolver Pistol?, Ac. h ale free. Auction notice.?BURshams furniture f.x piesi a-id Parking Kat ibliihment, III and 11,1 West Eleventh Street, between Huh sue Hlxtlt avenues. Mouse, huld furniture boxed an l slilpp-.l I > all parts of the world I.atgc covrred w tg ini for removing furniture and famil i ?. furniture stored. nROWNE A NICHOLS, AUCTIONFEIHI?WILL SKLL, thi- day (W?dnrs.lay), Feb 2t'. at I o'rlotk. In front of office No. ts S'nisau street, a hsndsome pair or arean colored Horses, 8 years old, wananted sound and kind; IS'? band* high. 1 he owner I* Fouih, and order* them sold. They are a flnji-ratc |?lr of family horses ALSO, A beautiful long tall white Horse, IBM h inds high, 9 yrim < Id; a line saddle borsi . naa been used as such by a lady, lio is a supetlor hatnea- horae; sold only for want tf use. ALSO, A lurfe vailety of top, ro top and Park Wagons, Rockaway*, double and-'mile llarmsi, IllankeU, llaltr-s, Whips, Skin and HufTalo Rcbes. We have orders to ael! without reserve." FRENCH, FLEMSn AND AMERICAN OALLERT OF rAINTINUfl. By E. A F. n NCHRNCK. this (Wednesday) evening, Feb, 20, at 7'j o'olock, at the (taller?, 7#7 Broadway, sontn west corner or Ninth street, the above beautiful collect Ion. among wbleh will be found O. Iielebvre'a large pleiure of IjA Labourage Whenals, after Rosa Honheur (now In Hie Luiemlio'irgi, lie \ oyage a Cythere, by A. Arnold, after tli* celebrated picture (now In Ihe Iionvrei bv Walteau. A'sn, line originals, specimens of Th. Freie, A Van l?e?st, l)rl * aard, Mansonl, lltil Selgnae. A Vcron, liemmon*, IHn*. flif ford. Rondel, Ac To be poeuively s-ild at sucuon by order of the artists. The aluive ire raw on free liblMUnn day ?nd evening, from 10 A. M nnt'l 5 P. M., and 7 P. M. till 111 V M /"* EORf'E no* lliK-nK, ArcTir.VVEP, Vji.i, > f.i.t, It this day nt Idi. oclock, at ^<1 (Ire ne sheet, near T' -ee se .-nrile's suit "f <?*lee ^ I" .f !-i- n' -Sere-tv lifii n ^imi ^ .*ii., *0"uw*iewienti ^iii|i!elet a?d b-it vttf L. c !??{?< WifllflM JDWARD HCIIEN'CK, AUCTIONEBR. THIRD ANNUAL HALE or vh? ^ _ <A? M A?CTWm. Edward hchkwok, % ? pkkkmpiuri HOeot eleftui tir*t .?** Ht.u^UoU Kiwium bwlBA > U. Hi/HKNCK, oo Utir?d*., ium , it li u <4ocL ai their M esroom, No. 1 ? 1 r ad way t e llbi? ?rS data Uouaefcutd Kurnlt ire, i?nsi-ili,.' n |>%rt of wisjd parlor nulls, covered in wliu ilauiskk, brocaial and Mb; eiegautly carved r.?te <o..d KUgere. | n,.w>Qj ? ^ aite deigns; HrCretary aod library H-ok.mearv.T^UL wood and oak Buffet*, ? len-i n Tjiiiaa, dli lng room Chain ?ml f4.-mi.ll> i*rv.*d rose*,. .. T. da, ?5a n^ ble >'urea us, Wa.(.stands and ? iiiumo e-.; d >. of black ?alna t finished in oil; roiewood and nub gat. Amon? a >u<je pi.* FuraHuii''*l'ntm'lb' ly nlt"r' ,vir r *uJ dining room L' 'COLTON, Al't'Ti 'hili ?? ? MTi EL BOVIB> V ' bold Furniture Ketch piaie Mirrora, La<-?.curtaina, marble top centre, card and oile r I'. Ira. Ac., Ac I hi* da (W rdneMlay i, Feb uary 2U, at UK, o'clock, ai No. 47 Ft teeinh streei. between Ktgtith and .Mutii aveuu-a, th-i enure genie-I h urniturt-( f the Douse H wilt ? rubra ?- intb-^aa; aud loaewood t'arlur autt*, lu lcli bru ul and hal> dn Wardrobe*. ? ranch plait Mirr-ra, .jp? Curtaiis, Kreucb otbrr nedsiead -, extension Uimng 'I aides. retvet, iaf??> and In train <, ??kloil.-, llaii Mtitrck?e?, silver | HO Waie, French ' 1*1. a Wnif, .tedruMiu and hitch -i. Km .* Ac., Ac. Cata.ogue* >-a> I) m the morning. > B. -Hoi let; possesion Imuiedia e.y G1 EORGfa BOIBBOOK. AUCTIONEER WILL I this day, at W1, o'clock, at AM> wiwiu sweet, Blrecker, the contents ol the mVee ?u>ry bonan, compr Brussels and thr?e ply I'ariwta, mahogany 'l ei. a-i * hair* and hcck< la ma -ogany Bureaus. m.L>>gany Fr. Bcdaleaiik, hair ai.j H-aw Mamea-cr, 'rather U. da, Hoist, axio l'lllowt., Bankets, tpreads. I-h -elk und 1*1.low faa-a WashsUnda awl v rockcrx ui .nogany niarbu-u.|i uemr and ItblM, ujokloi Ulaafri, rkliu B'a-s snd silver plated Ware; rlt-pam Cutt .pe M.ii, n.a.Me lop, aud kiluu^a Uiea kilk, witl. w b.cb tlie kale ni l commence. H^HVNhV II. uihus A' 'HUM Hi-HfcMI/ H 1/kbliHt CO will aell at auction on Wndt.eHday, feh 3) Ht ltl'j o'ciock, at the salesroom ho Naa-an stct Al slgrt fc'? sale, by i r 'er?The alock of a brat claw uianufao tuivr equal In ek-gonce of doalRi. and Bno>l. Utanything tnadi in/hi?countrv will be ^oid wit.'n-ut re-ft-re; Hupurh wentr* laldta, inlaid wnb various kinds of woo<jh, r. presKut' tljj'ir< x, Ac , being richl) carved; oak Table ao> l-ruvet-, 10 I eel, richly ca-veti ouk luiu ei, A'Ub R^ure^ an< tiowcra; oek Bookcase lo n.ateb, dining room -Jl.aira, do. an perl1 carv?d rofcewo> d 1 tc?!ei , do Bureaus, m&rb'e top aa. filafcs WaUistands In r"sewo.?l and rnahog.uiy, Krench walnu So. Kodkleuda, i al.inels, inluld W ork raoles, H,.is de .to* Ac , oval 'labl'H, ? eiure Tublei-, Kecep,!,)., tcwlm 1 aides, Ac , with >lher articloa, all of tbn most elegMit detcrtf ticm hnd ?otkaianai>lp Henry ii lekd*. /Coviionkkk ? hbnri h LEtLl'H A C(? will s.-ll at auction on lhu-.sdiy, Feb 2> atlloclnk. in lhe.g?!leiy ol our st<>rr, No it hai?. atrcet. \a!uat>ie Oil Pairtlrgs?A large salt: o'' viliabl I'aln'itiga oi1gu>at O'l .^kete.Les Ii-. the in<>xt p'o>ntin>n artisU a. Italy. I tie akelclies and paii tliiKH have beeu cot lecied by uu Anu' ant-l, resident, tirieeu years <n itsty fr.'Bi the studio-, of tbe ' est ai lists .c Koine, Klorc.ce an other Italian cities. It it iho largest collec'.l >u of orlj^oa ?kc'cf e* ejportd Tfom Italy and wore it no* I or therein troubtoh In that t-ouulry, li la not pr able that tlicy wnut ever huve reached Ulia CMinirv. Tn ? sale wt .l ^It'ord ?n o;; portuuit} to oonnoiks-uii. and aitiMteors ol ar- to nwatn som very reie skef-bfH by the beai modern ar ists u. Italy. N other plciU'en will be admitted, aud the sale will be wlth-.u r ?ervc ill.- above coilw-tlon will o. on exhibition three litf be; ore the sale HK.SK\ UKKKN Al MtfO.NEER ?Firill. Mi.0KK.R3l Ac ?" hi-day at ii>-? o ct ick, st the auc'too aloe IB VilliaDi sued, W barnl und nati barrels No. I aud No yackere! Also 40 i-acks l.lveipo I --alt. Hfc.Mil (IM'.t.N. AUtUONtKH -UAUOBRII' Hiatidy und other l iquors, >egar-s, Ac -Tills day i li o'c ock, ki Hie ;i?ct on hiop-. '.H it t'l mi tr. ct, Uro.ene. :tij boxer Hini>y >oap, U I arret* < urrauta. rrtines, l-'lgs. Te? t'co, .sp'ces Kish. Ilrsnny Oiu, hl?k?y anil Kuoi, I cas':?, dt-uiljcbnn and c.m k: ' -egars Ac. Al.SO, A I U O'l lj' (K, Iny and Fancy Cooes, Itlbbjus t reso Hoods, Clolhiw Ho?ici#, Jewelrj, Ac. ON VlllIKSn A V, K Y 21, 4t I01. o'clock, ut the s ore, Hpeciai ?ale of * large lot o and Kancy Ooods Kia.ts ~'h< ea, CI <4i!UK "4o ' * T KWlLLlAM.-l.Al IHNktS, el . Will ipll on Wednesday \ it. at 10t; o'clock, the bala 01 slo.k ol y.Ulliiery. a.iaw Hi..Ids, Straw aud ila 11..U. AN" I IlouHchold Kurnitnre. con-i-r>a of several haudsml Wurdrobeh Syias, v'li? r-, l.o 'krig, Ac . Ao., I At 414 Fourth avenue, near 1'hlrttelli street. J\ UN MuOHE, Al' II-.'t-KfcK Jt I W BO WEB v / Oliver street, milt t'lis day at ir>4 o'- 'ock, by virtue an cxccuttou IVt'i'oes, iurni|ia, Soaiv Liquors Kegs, v/. 5"'.i ) and T. i Ca s I'aiU romps <*? niters, lHas? ?':isi Stieur Mill, Hcale*, l)rng Bottles and Fixture', Light W:i2 Ac. JjllN AiAHON V, CougUb' KT. HAZ"1.L AUCTION EER. ' , 1'eiemtt iy siCe <-t Hardware, Cutler*, Ac. iVVlTMORE A MAXELL I Will sell, at auction, this dav, Feb 20. and follo^'ng days ol sold?.-ale tu tumtooruc at W o'clock c.ic.i day, I Al No ST Warren street, By order of K UK lioti:t>, A-.-i&aec. ROM! RT T McvAY ^ I Fntire st'ok of lUrdware, c. inprNtn^ a complete nis-irtnnJ Of heavy end t-u. l Roods, cut.ery, A I Ternn ? jsh. CataiORje can be had hi S7 Warren^irfet, i at the olboe of the atu-tioneera l.V Mr ad way % r> A BOtixKl. A rn.NBMt8.>-TUI80AV, at 11 I o'clr ck. at the au' Hon *r- ntns No 1 ftortli Willi J klit-ct, Iloutct-oid Furniuin-, niahogany So a rosewood I'T ! r (hairs I nun if*. ItnrcHiia, W s-tist-iods, R-ekers, < | petr, Ol clo'br, bwliORany 1 rench Hedst.-ada, lluir M ilin also one mnhripany < Mllce l>esk, oak Fx tension IflniogTa IHn lng Room Chsirs, Ki'.cheii K "rnituic. aud also on a Bhj liorac about 15',. hand* high, three lets Single 1 nei., Ac i, OHfcRIFK .s SALE ? (IhOCt KIKS C CliAMBI I'.S A FaIRCHILD, ACCrlONEERi, Sslesroom 118 Nassau street, Will?-11 this day, at 11 o'clock, al their K tiesroom, for iM connlof fujmi parchMtr, Butter, Wtiisii.-\ loba-iu, Buna klaokqtiantUy Ol sa?u Kolleva aim Afch Itirtsri f J OI1ER1FF S SALJa ? STEKE08COI*fcH. AC O CHAMBERS A VaIK-'IIILO. A- I I H I.NKKK4, ? Salearootn lla ktn ct. Will sell, this day, Feb 20, at II o'clock, at their aaiesnvi el. gant .->tere<ikc-pes, with views, opera (.lasses, .-,i?-ctacl Fye (Jlapses. Sptilt I^vrls, one lSaiomcwr, la i Shi C?.e, Ac., Ac A hie, for account of former puroaaaer, n qnantltr of f Pavani Scgars, Vcerschaetn l'ip<-s anil s gar Holders; t Counb-rs, i op- i ici a, Ac JOHN txt-:LL>, HkMTtfl TTELVET TaFF.STRV CAKI'ETS, SEWIN'O MACHIB T Ac.?Aucti/ n tomorrow (Thursday), at W o'cLick, at ( orlnidt etreet, far nccount of whom It msv concern, p ?y storage. 341 yar^s \ eivet I a peat rv (' .rpet, two <esl H Y ittresse-, I hlua, bia.-k walnut < rio and Hair Hatlre al?o one t* heeler A Wilson's bewing Machine; also { quarttr ctaks Branny. WELLINGTON CARTER, Auet.?neer( WILLIAM WIT1BR*. At'TTIONEER, WILL SHI this day a; 2 o'cl< ck, at 4W Canal street oola*, So Bclstesde, Kocalng, Fasy and oiher Chairs. Oentre, l>lnl anu 1-? .ablea l'.csewotMl fkrior Hull in haircloth. l*ierai M.,nte) Mirr r?. I.?rc and IHma-k Curia ns, rich vefve., thr ply and other Carpets, Hall ('I! clot lis, Ilat Rack, it urKo< carveo inaho(.'nt.y and other Bcd~trnds, llair Maf reues, tar liathrr Bfds. shcta. B'.ankeu. hpie.-ids, marble tip dre??|i Bureaus. Wash Ma^ds. toilet, China, i.iasa, Silvei and oik ? in ?; btovc!, Ljt? bslon aniLothtr Tab ea Wardsjlxs, Ui r>?, Ac , the whole romp: 's ug ? tine assofttBtni. A''CTIO*KPit, WILL SRL i,i < ,ii, v ! . ' " ( *' 4M ' ?t?-ei A>? gnee'a sa 2L?,';r- ' V f r, Llisika. etor? Klxturis, lairpet L k ^,r'.'J, hMr" ""I -d'-lters, Mirror*, 4c., togetU WHk tU Oihtf III -(? : H C\ II T'l AM ABBOTT, AC0T!? >NEEF, OFFf^E KO ? ^ / ft Hr hcIw ay. w f 11 hpn iljjs dny <? *'< rl* fk stuies of i v., No i Uurens street, c .rnar of, const.ting ?f Beddtr Bedsii'ttda. ashsiands. Oa? Futures. Iloe Coiinttr sud o In b. r-i"-.? irr.iugeti. dUe otV Mm h ori ' r ck'n- A " to a' i U^purt haacn. Wlth 'W? -VP4rV 01 ?0,< ^ OKNT1SHO . 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I'urtial reta on gold from $'i each t'>oth. or on ? vcr tinm $1. Mo charge for extracting or temporary Ml when permanent sou ore ordered. A8THOI.OOT. AH BONA FIDi: AflTTtOLOCHHT. HUP EXERT OR can <l> pend on. In Madai-.i" WILSON, who tell* lh" o Jtx-t of yowr villi aa anon a* you enter her room. Hwlii Wilson In the urontest aatrologlat lh?t ever was known. 81 will invoke ibe powers of her wonderful ?clenoe, mid tell I the event* of ) our whole life. H r predio:looa are so tn tbat they .?.uniilce ev. it one that c nuilia hor. H'.ine ladl maj IT' * Utile timid, though they nr< d not f?*r, fo-aheprs 'Jce% "Othin* but what la n n?oii-vble to philosopher*. / ahoukl enii"" tA)* m'H woni'erfnl and myatarious lvty. U xlvk* baa uover b.'^!> known lo fail, and twenty thoiiaai dollar* rew?rd to any MCFko t an #iu?. her In toe abc mience. Madame Yi ,le> n Is In jk aaeaaton of <""leb-at magL^harana, vhieh arn ever c?i min In their effect. rrn inai^^Wlio called a wonderful woman. lr*V Allen street, b t*-*n H i nit ton and Stanton, cv?r the bakery. Ke? for ladl ai:d gentlemen, U) teoto. AMBTOKlRntHO-MADAMR MORRO^, RRVRNT danrhter. bom with a i?ul and gift nf foredgM, t< 1 bowr noon and often y u w 111 ma. y, and many avemji, fi yyui *ery tlionght.-. J'oe IS cent a, I4? Ludlow atrwet, b?5( (louaton. Oentlet inn not admit ted. f1I.ATRVOTAIKE.-MRP. SKVMOCRS MF. DMA \J Clai voyant rooma, ilO1 . Ko-t l a"ntleih street, Ixiiwn F i it an.l Pfeond aTenuea Tli? m<a?t eiilleal, medical ai bn Inean n>>uaiitt itlon* day and evening, aud ??rl?cl aaUaf? lion gnnran teed alw .iya or n< ? pay. MAPAME HAT, 20?? SKVENTtl AVENUE, NR A Tr ? nly ? entli utrei t, mrj<ri??? nl who riait her. jr? ?lek, tiouble I 'ind iinlin-Ky an.itild te?t kei jiow-r ? .she i#l your v? ry th .nghta, lucky nttlnlw-m, ioa^-a. l.adlea, 3.">eooti genta. 60 eenta. 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V<)' n n-TPRE fatf, nr.triNT, or fortune I It-, the wonderfnl af |?ii( r-of i drolngyor irt of i'IvIii I ' ll atl forthcoming event* ^nd fttttin pfiwptcla relati.e t jonr fir "r your I rtenda, toj^ethei with every other naefi iMoniiHiii.n n a* le eli ?rlj Ton told . r revealed by conanl' itif the i '?rologiat end diviner, 4.1 t'hrtntopher atrcct, eith" per otifillj or by letter nj.? m fiirnlxhing y>?ur cxncldaMo birth. Term* $1. 4?>7 (i*AND PTWF.FT TTHttn FLOOR-WA^A*I ? ? I WIOOKIl, i la,rv?nt and g'fted Span I ah lanr, "? - fli- the n;'* ' 'Of t* oetlv, lirive^ ?m? retire ?n-ei ril?nd?, ai kneaa. (ir* Mrtlm* M"dK'uea lor all 'li*??vea, ? lucky |?ep?rt| io>t u Aw,