Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1861 Page 2
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nrrEiKrrrac mi iexico. Rectptioa mt tbe Haw United IUUi >11 *!???*? by Prald?t Jaucc-fcan of m Cl?rtc?l BcMttoa?Profraaae of tbe Hew Government?Presidential Elec tion, A?., die. OUR CITY OP MEXICO CORRBSrONDPNCE. Maxioo, Jan. 80, 1861. Beetptirn and Sperch (4 Urn. Mr ft'eUtr on Praen'img hat l\id*vtiaL? Kffiy ef J'raidenl Juarez?Thr New OiMM? Ffferts of the Seret$iim Movement in Mexico? Tke rre*ii!ential Election?StcUet Heard Prom?IV Church I'any SHU Kicking?Aiuamnatimt <tf ft reign en, etc., dc. To-day tbe Hon. John B. Waller presented to tbe go vernment hi* credentials as Minister Plenipotentiary and rnvoy Extraordinary of the United States near the govor&mcnt of Mexico. The reception given to Mr. Wei. tor was of the mott cordial oharacter, and after the con clusion of the usual formalities Mr. W oiler presented to President Juarez his credentials and delivered the folloir' log speech:? MR. WHISK'S STKJtCH. Mr. Pmenipetct?1 have the honor of prerenting to your Excellency a letter from the President of the tinted States ot Amentia, appointing rao FJivoy Rxtraordinary and Minister I'leni|Kiteutlary to represent that govern ment neat the republic of Mexico. In piosonling those r redout tab, your Excellency will permit me to observe that whilst it is my particular province to watch over the la tor est* of my ooui.trymea, and abstain from intermed dling with the local affilrs of the republic of Mexico, I will, ui v< i thelM*, take great pleasure in doing all in my power to secure the permanency of your constitutional government, as it now exist*. The efforts of your Exoal tency to preserve law and order, to protect persons and property, and to carry out those great principles of libetlf which censiitnte the foundation of every re publican government,. have given you an exalted position amongst the lovers of free institutions in every part of the civilised world. May I not also con gratulate your Kxcelienoy upon the termination of the war which has been waged ug iinst tho constitution and the bwg of the republic? Under the benign influences of peaoe I trust that the vast and inexhaustible resources of this great nation may bo fully develope'l. I fervently pray that tbe friendly relations now so happily subsist ing between our r< .-<|>ective governments may never be dislinhed, ana that all our future contests may be ae to "Which shall do the most to promote the happiness of the people and extend the blessings of republican institutions. TUK I HSSlM-lNTS tU'KKCH. "Mr MnnmcR?It is very pleasing to mo to receive from the hands of your Excellency the letter in which hia Supreme Exoellen y the President of tho United Stiles of Amorxa tii' reditu you us Envoy Extraordinary and Minister l'lentpoli iiliarj of that nation nour the govern ment of the republic "f Mexico. I see. also, with much tut is fact ion, that v our Excellency, as representative of a republic with which such iirm bonds of ftlTrtshlp unite my own country, is disposed to c<> operate towards tho fitrengihening tho cnstitutiomU regime, lately re Stored by the Mexican people at so much cost. This C" operation will gruatly assist my government in Its great desire to st:sttiu crdor, law and the duvelopu inent of tbe great principles of liberty belonging to our insti utii lis. I received with pleasure the congratu lations wlicb your Excellency has been pleased to ad - drew to mo upon the termination of the civil war: and peace once secured, my constant efforts will be directed towards maintaining the most cordial relations between Mexico ana the I nited plates, and from which will re Suit, not only the prosperity of our countries, but also it will cause the extension of liberty throughout the civil ized world Your Excellency will meet in my govern ment the beet disposition to maintain and strengtaeu tho rotations which ??? happily exist between Mexico ami tbe American l n<on; and 1 can assure his Excellency tbe President ot tbe United States that 1 will make the greatest efforts for the preservation of the peaoe and prosperity of tha? great people who, upon our continent, have marked out to humanity the path of true civilization. The crowd was quite great, and had moro notice been given the numbers of tboso desiring to be present on this occasion would have been much increased. Those pre sented by Mr. Weller wero Major Gillespie, Secretary of tho Legation; Mr. Elgoe, late United States Charge d'af faires, upon taking leave of the 1'resideat; Mr. John Black, United .--tatei Consul, and Master J. B. Weller, Jr. Here ended the formal speech making, after whish the President and Governor Weller had a hearty eh iking of hands, a few exchanges of compliment, and the reception ended. Governor Weller is to have an interview with the members of tbe Cabinet to-morrow. Upon leaving the 1 "alace Mr. Weller was saluted by a guard of honor, un l was distinguished by the marked attentions of the officers Of the government In my last by the English packet, via Havana, I in formed you of the ministerial crisis and the resignation of the old Cubinct, and the formation of a new one, with Senor Zarco at the head. The new <abit ot meets the views of the people at this moment Tbe m< robots who are here are at work on a political programme which, it is announced, is nearly ready for publication. Senor ogazon is Governor of Ja lisco, aiid is now in that State. Senor Ansa is acting Covet nor of Zac?teens, und also absent. Their posts aro now filled by Senors Zarco and Ramirez?the latter for Public Works and the former for the Interior. The diplomatic difficulties aro daily growing lees, and would be entirely dissipated by the influence of the Uni ted States. if it were not for the social broils that unfortu nately threaten us at home, on account of tho secession movements at the South. The manifest weakness of our govi rnment at home has given great strength to tho conservative or absolute party in Mexico, who, with reason. ai eue that if tbe United States, with all their million* ot intelligent people, cannot hold togetlior, how can it tie expected that Mexico, with Its scanty popula tion of Indians and mixed bloods, can ever establish a respectable fed oral government? The argument certainly is a crusher. Tbe evil eff. cts upon Mexico of tho example of South Carolina are already being felt. San Luis Potoai has been the scene of an open violation of the federal constitution. The Governor and legislative body of that State will not agree. The Assembly attempted to bully the Governor, who, getting in a rage, sent some of Its members to prt??. and sent others out of the State. In Michoacsn Gov. liuerta has broken through the constitution by ex ercising arbitiory powers. Yidaurri has boon accused criminally for ccng the same, and I dare say wo shall not long wait before oth"r cases will be reported. Tbe elections tor Presidential electors are going on. So far it is hard to say who stands tho best chance of tho three canddates in the field. So far as I can judge, the following is about tlie way the strtfe stands at present:? Eor Senor Iterdo?Vera Cruz, Tobatoo, Yucatan, Mexico and Tamaclipas. Eor Senor Juarez?Chiapas, Oajaca, Guerrero, Jalisco, Koero Ijpoo and Mtchoacan. For Sen* Ortega?/acalecas, San l.uis, Guanajuato, Queretaro and Agua-callentcs. Tho remaining Mates uncertain. VUe peculiar stale of the country requires an active man, and it u ill, I consider, be n great misfortune if ,'uarex be elected, lie has b< en a m<?t person for tue struggle just ended, tut he clearly is not the man to keep the country Irani subsiding into another war. Lerdo and Ortega, I' they oould only hitch together, would make a governmt nt for tlie time?. I hope and beliovo that one of these gentlemen will be the favorite of tbe nation, although it is hard to say, for there arn so many petty ambitions to gratify that it suits most of tho t^overaors of tbe States to liave a weak man at tho hoad of affairs. The old party aro again at work here with fye<U ac tivity, and if care be not taken we shall have trouble. Tlie clergy aro venomous against all (?erftoua connected or sympathliing with the literal party. fbere can he no question that they have armed assist I ils to go about at night to kill foreigners. One Euglistnan has bet n killed, and an American by the uamc of Eohse was struck at with a dagger tint cut bis shirt collar and furrowod op the skin tic his neck. Scarcely a night passes but some foreigner receive* the attentions of these ruffians. /ulixtgn, who now calls himself President of Mexico, is with Vksrio, < oboe und others at Iijuala, and lias, alto gether, near '."OO men about him. Mejta Is still in the Sierra lie lately murdered all the officers be made prisoner* at Rtuverde, Some 20 odd lu all. With respect to these two parties the government is not acting In tho moat enercetic manner. The Hpeiiish Ambassador, with his troop of bishops, tho Arctb shup ol Mexko the rope's N'uticio, 4c., left hers ssveial da>s ago At l*tiebla they receivod no gr<?ta<gbsof respect, although that is one of the most priest ridden beh+ in all Mexico, and at Vera Cruz, where tbey arrived on the 27tb, they received stones in?tead of a hospitable reception Irom tl?B citizens. Uov. Zamora. urged on by public op nlon In Vera l.'ruz, addressed the general government, sug/esting that the Archbishop and bishops be tried nud punished according to the laws of the land for being the cause of so much mischief to the country. Tlie government replied that Its order of ex pulsion most l>e complied with The reasons for this de ciMoti are tnat the pn wnee of the bisho(ia in the country gives hope to their partiraus, who are working actively in nil parts nf the country, and their removal at once f n m the sooeor dist ord will relieve the itovernment from a grnat deal of anxi< ty. Weak >s w this reasoning, it is nevertheless good at this moment. Diaz is to he brought here for trial, and I consider the chunoes of his ulttmate punishment very fair. Ibe sales, or rather adjudications, of clergy property, under the law of c-?uOscatioo, are going on rapidly, ana cnMnte in the tit t-s of tbe government Is ln< reasiiiK it m Ui be I eared, however, that the government will he swindled out of h great portion of the wealth that lias He suddenly dropped into IU hands, through the trickery ? f the boat of knaves who now Infest the national 1 a lace. Tlie weather has been unusually oold for the past three a eofc* ?Kooi-'ihiut, quite unprecedented. Mmm, Feb. 6, 1M1. 7 hf Oot^mrtuvl rr, <r>wmn*? H'ffl Spain /briar* IKorf? Hart if a Mm- A\rlly of (A# Ckmreh Party-Mr? rHiet 4 Hqia at JKttwr*?ftMfea! ytrrenlx in (A# Ctapital?I'mvlnthal KUfiitm? Matit** far the Pi* mitral qf the fyaniih Minuter and Other IHfhrmaU? Beneral Vraga in the Capital?Chary* A^axntL F< rftfiirri?Indian War in Scntrra, <fc,, d-c. The norernmcnt at length hM come oat with it* pro. jrrimiu* to the nut 1011 It ii n long ud ibl? document, and clear'y rfrtowT the ?tate of farta and tho propneed inp*fiir<*of the government. "Oooatitutlon and reform," having boea the watchword and cry of the liberal party lo the tat* long aud aangulnary struggle, l* to be the B itto of the pnrcrnraent in lie future action, which ta to ho prompt and decided. The guarantor of ?!<<? (wnHitafcoii are to be secured to the Mexl rar p^jde, and *'1 the "reform decree*" glren at %< ra ( rut, whk 1 w? ? the natural fruits of that Magn<i V/.r .a, MeH Lv tulMted to tfce fullest cxt?U, Spent. log or theatate of Om foreign relateou of the country thc |*rognuame Bays ? The foreign affairs of the republic, ia preference to othera, wllluocupy the attention of the Cabinet. The to gltlmale (OfMtMal p whioh has not ceased to exist for a single day, whose le^tlinai y emanate* from the institu tions of the country and lbe will of the people, cannot recognise, as a goveromt ut, tbe faction of Ttcubaya, solely because aeveral of ibo foreign repreaentailvaa chose to treat with it as such. Tb>> government cannot I be responsible for tbia error of diplomacy, nor for the I connivance of foreign miniate? wiib that faction. Tbe goveti ment will exert ise its rights with moderation and dignity. It will provoke no conflict it proteata before the world ita sincere desire to keep on friendly relatione with all nations, and to fulfil all the international engage ments to which it is bound by treaties and by the law of , nations. It considers that the government of a few j fricudly nations bi?ve been badly informed of the sltua ti< n of Mexico. Worts on tbe part of the government 1 will be made to have tbe truth known; and, guided by a spirit of conciliation and justice, the government will en d. uvor to regulate, in a satisfactory manner, all pending questions by I he best possible means practised through out the civilised world, for maintaining harmony Mid ooncord amocgBt friendly nations. Ibe publication of this able document, which is from the pen of Senor Zarco, baa caused a gooa effect upon the forenpi repreaenUtivea. M. de SaJigny has already j called at the Mexican Foreign Oflice and made curiam propoaala to recognise, and the Prussian Minister, who really doea not amount uch. He rooognteed the bo vcrnment on Saturday i...... Mr. Mathuwt, woulJ roo >/;- I J"?? '* instructions and tbo particular state of hngllsh relations with Mexico did oof prevent Kn.nce and Kngla&d only remain to racogniao. ^Tbe I Spanjarda of course will not recognise aftar the treSPM mint their Ambassador bas received bore and at Vera I Cruz. Hero it la confidently expected that Spain will de- I ilare war in consequence ol those events?<>j?la! for | then ail tbe troubles of ibiH country could, ana doubt I less would, l>e epeecily terminated. A war with Hpain! I What v'siona rise up before the excited e>ea of the Ame- I rlcan filibuster and tbe squatter of the irontier. Tbe I beautiful it,and of Luzon, with her hundreds of I emerald isles, Cuba, kc. There is enough in I ? war with Spain to take away from the United I Mate* all her fighting element that is now corroding and I spontaneously exploding, to the great detrimont of tbe I ^>rtbern ColnppiiB The only present mufo'tune for both I ?rtico and the Inited State is tbe fear that Spiin may I down and swallow or take in gjod part the intorna- I tiouul it,suits heaped upon htr by Mexico. Thi3 1 loar I eh" may do I 'Ibe government, unfortunately, is not acting wl'.h the I necessary vigor iu its ellbrts 'to complete!? crush tbe I remnants ol the old cltrgy faition. Hopes aro enter I t.iired that from now and henceforward tucre wi'l boa I change for the better, but so far they certainly have been I very neglectful of their true interests. A oofreeisindeui writing lrem I'uebla under date of the 3lst ult says.? Our author!lies here do nut seem to comprehend that I tjw revolution is only smothered, not extinguished; for I tbetmbwa still exist aud very little would bl<iw thorn I iotoafiume If very energetic steps be not Uikou we fliall have a reaction apam before six months piss over, j jIjorlerpf hero have money, which they olfsr freely I to seduce the discontented to g ? utoj twoli tho ;aiika of I \ icario. H is even sa>d they have dies, and are coining I nionev oat of tbe church pia'e, whi h they took care to I mot eal when they sliouli have delivered it up The reactionist officers, dismiss'-d tlie service, bold I s ?r? t meetings iu tbe company of priest" and friars A proclamation, Mgn-d by Zuloaga, his hc-n posted I en the street corners, declaring ?ull and vo.d all the ,lre rorai ciecreea." I Men or sterling lil.erai pr ncipleg, who aapire only to ff? v'iH country Loppy and pronpvrous under cmstttu I tion.u government, rb w t. e situation with distrust an I I presage melancholy results from tbe apparent apathy and vacillation ottho government Similar complaints come from all quirters In the district of < utrnavaca where Zuloaga, t'obos and \ icario are operating, the forcat of tbe government have inade no headway whatever, and tb state of that s-ctiju ol country ts most deplomble. M'.ii.i MUI baa in- ov II way ill (he Sierra CJonla From a letter dated san Luis i'otusl, January 28, which 1 ha ve just received, I make tbo following extract: Me;ia lost ico men killed at Rioverda?amongst them I nineteen oflicers. This loss prevented him from marcn ing at the time upon San Luis He has since been mined by Marqurz, Carlos, Miramon, Chacon aud a I squad of clergy ofliceia from Mexico, and they are I again moving this way. if WP do not get help from some source very soon we saall certainly I bo invuded, and then we stall have a repetition of tbe I atrociti<? that were committed at Kioverde, viz:?the sacking of the shopb and private houses; tho violation of women, without respect to age or rank, and the mtirdering of all who do not sympathize with the clergy m tho'.r ml among mode of warfare. Here I we have a garrison of only five hundred men. who will I run on the llrst intimation o! the approach of tbe enemy What is the government doing with 26 0(0 men in M?xi coV Are they still drinking champagne, and neclestimr I the necessities of tbo countrvr iv, i^ey forg. t that San Luis I'oUsi still forms a part of tho republic? If Men* comes bore our foreigners will unquestionably nvot with I har?h tieatment 1V), th'?rclore, l pray y<si, urff the I government to act ut once, and to Butuc purpose lor our I protection. r . u. So far I hoar of no relief having gone to San Luis, but I suppose tbe government will scon be moved to action. I ^ esterouy a number of tx>rsons known to be at work Tor the enemy were put under arrest and walked off to prison. This step will doubth-ss check tho Impudent I muendr in which mauy pononahave I eeu at work to pro | duce a revolt In tbi.s city. Tbe clergy have made exten sive use of the viaticum to get np disturbances The night, at one of tho churches, the viaticum startod followed by a lot of women, with boils in their bands. A largo crowd was at once raised and the police were I obliged to interfere and make several arrests I may I fay, by way of ?xplanation, that the stupid old ceremony of iM.r<*npanyuig the viaticum with a bell b ty has been I suppressed by the government, aud the clergy, therefore I got these old women to maie fools of themseivoa The election returns frem the States already received show a decided majority for Senor I,erdo over his two < onpetitorg. Juarez and Ortega and I believe it is pretty enerally conceded that tbe next constitutional residint of Mexico will bo lion Miguel Lerdo e lejada, tbe liret man who gave the first law that el the wholo clergy force In action against the liberal larty. The final and ofllcta! declaration of tbe choice of the nation will not be made know n until the third Sunday I of April next, whin the electoral congress is to meet in I this capital. ' There is no Important news from the interior of the re I public, where everything appears to be going on smooth iy under the constitutional organizations. ' Senor /an o, in a circular, under date of 25th ult , seta forth tho reasons of the government for erpWJuig the spa tish Ambassador, the Charge of Guatemala and Uie 1 'one's Nuucto. * Socor PachecJ came Into tbe pountrv by Vera Ouz at the time the constitutional governmrnt was established there, but ignored its existence and came on here where notwithstanding Miramon's defeat at Silao, be gave every nid to that chief, and in a great measure susta'ned bim in the brief career he afterwards bad It.wi.les the-e ot?jec tiona public opinion was eppo ed to aenor I*acheoo which the government bad to respect. senor Neri del Itarrio was a notorious jiartisan of the reaction, besides being subject to all the objections made against Senor I'acheco. Senor 1) Luis Clemetitl, Archbishop of Damascus, is de clared to have no diplomatic character, and cotMidcltur tb" b;*.i.lity of 'be clergy m the late struggle, it is th .^ht h iliixt hi* should d* p?a t the country. This act ia not intended a* an attack upon tbe church,as the fovermncnt r^vprct; the l>t>eity or ccn^cionce. Nothing is said in this circular about Honor Pvtor win lias doubtless received notice that his order of expulsion wa# given under a misapprehension of i.tcts By a decree of the President, civil law is to be Mtab ished throughout the country. We hope this may Ust Ion#?. J The President, under <"ate or the 25tli ult., gives notice to the persons uU-rest 1 in tbe conducU taken by Oen I tvolladont 1 a,/una se-a, in Sejitember U appoint : no agent with full i*>wcr? V. treat with the govern tont for tbe rer'tlatlon of the payment*. So far as foreigners are concerned, to whom nearly a<l the money belongs, we st-onal; suspect that the/ will be contented to ieav? their InUfests in the hands of their representa tives until they are properly arranged. Tbe Indians of Sonora, who have been in revolt for several months, during which time they have t?d many stroetiwe, have recently been defeated by the combined torces of Alamos and Fuerte, in simioa. Ceneial .1, N. Almonte. Mexican Minister at Paris, has not only been stripped of bis diploma'ic thaiacter, but l>as been decUred ss ex|>e||e.i trom fhe Mexican army by the decree of the 27th of lit comber last Henora t.omez, /araif /.a, Artambcrri, ftlanco and other* have asked that lien, Vnlau-ri be brought to trial for b.s \ iolation ?.r tbe ci nslltuficn and the laws in goueral. (?eneral Ix>|.ez 1 r.iga baa arrived in the city. There is ecme nrxlety tc. know in what capacity thi.i geoti'-man is to he i i"pioyed by the government. Obituary. MATH OF HON. COBNRLIVfl W. LA WRENCH. Hie Hon Corni-liujt W. 1 awrence died > ogtorday morn ing, at llayMdo, i lu lling, I. I., in the pevontieth year of Iiik age Hftw born nt I iushinr. February 'Jfl, 1T91. Ho #t>< nt hi# boyhood on his father'Ffarm. Mid at the are t f niRiilio'd be < jijo to New ^ ork, when he enured the auction bOUft of yhotwell. Hick# At Co. Afterward* he l>ecante partner in the l,otiM? of Hlck.<, lavrrence At Co., (nm which tie retir?-<l In 1 h;j2. Mr. lawrenoe ropre i nted New \ o-k InOipt.M Irom 1*3'2 to 1*14, an I iv Mayor of New York from 1M4 to iHlU.bein* tlie firnt Major elect'd fc? the people In lb0? be we* l'rr#ident of tic iterr.orra' ic Electoral ColV t! 1I? w i# Collector of New Volk und< r fre-iderit I'olk. For twenty yean, ho held the office of lYeei intof tbe Hank of tbe state of New V <?? k. Be wa# director of the Htanrh llank ot the I'Blttri State#, o the l!a: k of Amori< a, a truetee of the Now York 1 ite and Truot C)otti| w> , and a director In ra rl' ill Int-tiratiCe companies In IV56 lin retiri"! from active lif> to fpond the reet if In.- days on I lie pot where hi# aoccotors Ii?mI reeided over two hundred ynarn, Duriri' hie lone life in New York he ww asuccennful and hot.ot i d. me i of: ant. Mr? JAsr Qrurjf, .-in Friah woman, reported to he 103 year# of age, died in Ponton ?.n tbe 17th ln#t., Of old a?e Th. VM'Dia.'i had !>e< u bod-ridden for nome year*, and by the rrcetit coneiut report wm the oldest ptrnon In Hoeton There were three other port-on# bo#ido* her recorded a# over 100 your* of ago, all Iri b women A dcKjiatcb from Newburyport, M i## , Inform# u< of the death of Mavor DAVWrroirr, or that city, on the iHth irift ?t the age'of about flitjr five yoar#, after a #tckn?#ii of a few dav#' duration. Mr. Davenport wa? a prominent and #ucce##ful buelno#* man, of great intogrlty of dia meter He ha# repreeented Newburyport in the I^eglela ture and wa# at one time a candidate for I.leut. (Jovernor vpua tbe united democratic and ant I liquor law ticket. V'ATAt. ArrMR or Homia.?A duel wa# fought on tho I ne of (Morula nrd Florida, near Imncanville, on Itl day, tli<? nth , |> twain Mr. Kdwin Hart, editor of the InllaliHwe. Florid* Mmtinrt. and a gentleman by the name of Oik man, when both tartioe were killed. We have not leartied the detatti and know nothing certain of the origin of too affair t-lorli'a could III h fiord to looc her fighting Ben kt a period to eritloat in her hi#i?ry, ai d we rigret that thoae gentlemen did uot reierve their bravery tor tlie defence of the State, m?t?ad ol Uirowir^ away tut.: liv*y U. an ali*ir so trivial. Important Ktrrmae Caw-Tke Market V aim of Cape Town Wool. UN1TKD 8TATBH DIMTK10T COURT. licfore Boa. Judge Hhtpman F?t. 20 ?TV Untied Slain w. 160 Bales <tf Wuot. mark tdC. J. M. Sifkin d Itrmnda,daima-nU, at A-h-nU ot C J MaftU' l and i<Am, (tope Tncm?This cue hu beeu before the court for the past three days. The wool was imp >rt< J by the claimants from Cape Town, and entered at thin port under the act of 1867, by winch wool eating leas thou twenty iveuts a pound is paxed free of duty The I appraisers at tbe Ou?tom House appraise.1 the value of the wocl at more than twouty c<nts. and the Collector seized it, claiming that it hat been Invoiced at a low rate to evade the pi> ment of duty rbo wool is valued ? at ('.20,000. The claimant* cod ten Jed tbat the wool was invoiced at iU actual cost, which was its market value Mr. Gerkrd and Metsiv Webster attd Craig appeared for ! the oiatmants. Judge Rilproan, In etiarging the jury, said that the grounds of tie forfeiture were tbe alleged violation of the With action of tbe act of 17W and tbe 4th section of tbe act of 18U), relating to tbe duty on ImpertM Hce two acta would seem at (list glance to furnlsti two lifl'ereut and conflicting rules by which parties wore required to enter their gooas where there was a difference between Vcost" aud '-value," an under some circumstances. But both acts referring to the same subject matter and hav ing the same object in view, must have a reasonable coustiuciioii and one which would make them operate in barmrny. ,31)e first statute forfeited the ;joo<ls if they were entered below (heir actual cost at tho place of ex portatioii with int. nt to evade the duties, and the aoomd net forfeited them if they wore falsely invoiced at a lower rate than their value. If the consignor of this wool bad i not purchased it, but bad grown It on hi* own (arm, then the value at Cape Town woutd have been tho standard and teetjahicb tbe jury should apply to tlie entry; and if It had w en an article manufactured by hlin, the same test would also !>e proper. His Honor at great length > ommcnud on the construction to be put on the two acts, and Instructed the jury that if tbe wool was puichased bj# Mr. Manuel, art w.u alleged by the claim ints, in g'>od faith, then they were to inquire?First, if the wool had been iuvoiced and entered below what It actually cost him at Cape Towu; and, secondly, if this was done with & dioign to < vade tbo duties thereoh. If they were not, then tbe claimant* would be entitled to a verdict dis charging tbe geods The act and intent should both he found in oi der to forfeit the pro|ierty, aud the question of Intent wus one which tbe jury should pass upon. If they bud ;in> dUllculty in tinning that the wool bail been purchased by Mr. Manuel, then they should inquire what wai its true value at iho place of exportation, and whether it had been falsely valued in the invoice at a j.i ire below its value at the place of expoi ta'.iou, and also v>bether this wus done with intent to evade or defraud tlie revenue If the jury fouod that It was so fa.Wely vfdued iu the invoice, with tho intent to deliaud the revenue, they were then to find for the govern in i nt. Ili-t 1 loner coi eluded by reviewing tho t<<sl:mony in the Cise at great length The jury then retired,and a'tor minutes deliberation returned a verdict for the complainants. City Intelligence. FtltK IN PARK l'LACB?LOSS ABOIT $><0,000. Shortl> aftor seven o'clock yesterday morning afire was di.-covi-icd on tbe second tioorof the buildings Nos 'Hi aud 31 I'ark place, in tho premises occupied by Chapman Lyon & Noyes, iini>orters and dealers in fancy good:.. Hi' fiatucii extended around the second floor, doing a great dial of damage before the fire was extinguished. The goods on th ? third fl.wr are also considerably damaged by f-tnoke. From appearances the lire originated in the of fice, directly over the steam pipe*, but whether caused by tbo steam pipes, or from something oa the flooring, is unknown at present Tho damage to the stork of Chapman, I yon ti Noyes will amount to about $00,000; insured for $l7 >,0o0 in the following insurance compauics?$6,000 in each ? Klrelueu's Fund. Ilowar I. Astor. Clinton. Franklin,c.l Philadelphia. Home. Merchant*'. Niagara. People's. rheuiK. hagie. New York Fire it Marine, standard I Ji mar City. Irving. indemnity. ({oodhue. Ins. Co of Pf. America. American 1'benix o( Hai tlord /Ktaa, of New Tork. National. New York Equitable. Citiwn's. Home. Washington. Pacific. City of Ilartford. Firemen's. I'nited states. llumholt. Commonwealth. Hartford. Connecticut. The first lloor and basement are occupied by Wm. Wat son & Co.. importers of lincu goods. Their stock Is dam aged by water probably to tho extent ot $10,000 or S.r. OOO Tbe usofularss o' tbe insurant e patrol watch in covering up tbe goods was never more apparent. Their Libers, in all probability, have saved the tin let-writers at least *?0,0<.0. rhesUckla insured tor $3dO.OOO, as fol lows:? I iveijiool & London.ffiO 000 Royal $'2 > 000 Poweiy 10,LOO F?ist Klvor l'),000 Northern, of London 10 000 (Security 14,000 M echini iCf'Mi inlers' 10 000 Itroadway 6,000 Frauklln, of I'hlla.. lo 000 Boylston, of Boston. 10,000 I nity 10 000 Manufacturers', 41 10.000 t'ommonw'lh, of 1'a. 6 000 Merchants', " 10,000 (?rwnwich 0,000 Washington, of Pro American, of Lot* ton 10 000 vldince 10,000 Kk elsior 10,000 Columlna 10 000 Knickerbocker 10,000 Corn Kxchange 6,000 I'aik 6 000 Charter Oak, of Hart Atlantic,offlr<i?klyn 6 000 ford.... 6.000 Adriatic 6,000 Lorillard 10,000 Jem rsou 10.000 Mercantile 10,000 National 6,000 Urocera' 6,000 Manhattan 10.000 A:tna Insurance Oom 1ns Co?TN. America 10 000 pany, of Hartford. 10,000 Gallatin 6 000 Delaware Mutual, of Indemnity 6 000 Pennsylvania 10,000 State of Peiu^yl'nia 10,000 | Total ?.'t80.000 The buildings are owned by William Watson. They aie damaged to tho extent of about $3,000, and are in Hired us fallows:? No. Vfl for $'i0,000, a? follows .Una, ol Hurtfoid $.*>,000 I.nrerpool aud l/ondon 10,000 Unity 6,000 Total $20,000 No. 31 for $18,000, as follows ? ) Kelief #$.'i,000 Noitbera. of London 13,000 I Toul Il?^00> 1 Copprr Coin and Busln?-aa Cards. TO TDK m>lT(>R OP TflK IIKRAI.D. I enrloae you a specimen of the coin for the Usue of which Mr. Saniael W. Black, of No. 112 F.lm street, is un der the arrest of which he complain* in your columns You can Judge for yourself whether they arr not calcu lated to pa?*, a* tbey do, for the federal coin. The foreign tekens Of which be speaks are at bast composed of cop per, and of some Intrinsic value, while these appear to lie of Inn, slightly wushed with copper. They are Itrgely in circulation. A VlCntl. O** or Otn Aim's Jokri.?Honest Old Abe is An olJ Joker; and it is said that be cannot help It. On his late trip to Columbus, ohto, be is reported as having related tbe following to his fellow pMseigur* In tho oars:? Speaking of the demands of the South upon the North, and the feelli g of tbe Utter in retard to the matter, be sat'l it reminded him of a dispute that once occurred bo twe en bis two joungcr bo;,?, Tom and Bill, a p?lr of mis chievous reguts of tight auu ten years. One of them bad a uy that the oth"r wanted and demandod In terms em I batlc and boisterous. At length be was told to let bis brother have it In order tc quiet blm. " No, sir." was Ibe sturd) response, " I must havo It to quiet myself." An lvala and Otpartarti< nKPARTURM. l.iTrsror 1 --ff'psmshlr Anglo Saxon, from Port kind?Mr Mrkav, Isav i>ni! Vl?* Mcli a?, Otuwa; .fames Parker, Henry Wild, A t.srdinrr, P.llzahrtb l.ane and Panral McLean, Mon trial; < h*r ? N Ijine and wife, Ottawa; Mr* Lyons and ehl'd, Toronto; rbarica K Bay, Churles Klrkpatrick, H A Ao.tin, J O Whitley, A Kearney, WlllUm Mciilfnche* and P t pton. Hi .)< hn. NB. J?n.r? Forsyth, Ft Johns Rfver; Mr 1 1 Port*MOtlth; .lohn Plfca. Halaai; t'bsrUs llosrard, rsllferrla- MrNrla?n and lady, Westfleld; Joseph Jackaon. Mr I'.ill sad child, James MrKej, Oeorse Real and Miss II Welsh, Hew Yarfc: Jafil Karseiver, Mr ward, wife and fonr 1 lilldrrn, and Mary Cannon. Boston: John Bond, Chicago. ARRIVALS. NEW PUBLICATIONS. A^m WORM) O' FASHION FOR ONI.T R CHNTfl ?MMR HF.MORfHT-H yiAKIKRLY MIRROR OF FASH lttNH. f|'i1oK mmber ready .Mareh 4 mil contain nearly III) e> *ia?ln|ra of new and elegant aprlng dealgna for bonneU, <1 e?ae?, trimming*. e oak*. *le???a, Ae., wltl full iwpcrta of th# I'arl* ta?bt?na fur mllllnrra, rire*amakera and ladiea g* rurally. Only 5 cent* Sold everywhere. HIO THE I-K'iAI. PROFESSION. 1 In an adv?ne*d atage of preparation and will apMdlly be publiabrd, ' WlilTTAKFR'H NRW YORK TRACTICB. Third idtunn. ('otnpleta. 4yjtiuwwni-A BLlE BOOE or am. nni VOUtUUviU'/U. otboen of the I nlted h la tan govern mi nt, with tor aa arlra Attached. 37 wnta Any kind of K>>vfiiimpnt liwiki supplied. Catalogue furnished. Editor* pwbliah'ng tht* will ree? Ire a copy of the Mine H><>k. Add ret* Alfred Hunter, Bookneller, WaablnRt<n, I). (.!. HAILRilADK. HUDW/N RIVER RAILROAD?FOB AT.RANT AND Troy, eonoecung with train* North aud Weal?Tniina leave:? ?ro* r?An*?*i rr**rr. n?n? Twiarr nurirraarr. Ripmw. 7 anil II A. M., and 7:2A, 11 :SU A. M. and 8M, ? W S M and 6 F. M. I* M Tm\ and Albany (with al*?p- 1016 P. M. (Hunday* Inoht 1r>V e?r?i, 9:46 P. M ded.) F''.iinhkr?,p?i>- trKin, 7:JO A.M., 8 A. M , 13 30 and 4;* P. M. \l M. and 4 ?'. M. Ferkaklll trnla, &:*l P. M. i ll P. M Sine Sing train ;t .14 and 4 SO 4 ao<J 4 06 I\IL V. M. Tairytuwn trnla, 6 40 P. M. 7:10 P.M. ? A. F HMfTH RnperlntendenA. XTEW A ORK, HAF I.I'M AND ALBANV RAILROAD? i> for Albany and Tn.y, ennneetlng with the New Vork Central Kailrr <d l< r all points. Weat. N' rthwoat and Mouth weat, alao with the Non hern Kallroed InrHiniioga, Holland. Hnrllngton, I'lattebi.rt, Rouae'a I'olr.t, Ogdenahurg and Montrea ? rt:o?t ravoK now, man cirr ?ALL I'ipre?* train, 7 A. M , nnd 4?F M, Kii'twa." mall tn>in, 10 A M ( Pot William* FrlrtK" Whlta Plain*. OrotM Fall*, and nil )<ia< lri?.n?. t-ee lint'- tabli 7 ' ' l? k A M train leave* A'bani rvwy Suuda? tnortu ^ ' JOUK B IRC U ILL, A art. Bupt, ?no* iwfim smrrt mm ? STATION. 7JIA ? and 4 15 P M. and 10 A A M APLOBfTABLB MANUFACTURING BUMNBHS KOB ??I#, estab'letmd seven years, and pay lag a profit at from $4,0U> to $b,UIXI. Very little capital rvquirad tu c?rry It oo. I'll' e ur ? good laiiu will be taken 10 t ucui^t. Address Meicantlle Heraldotliea. AWHLL KHTAHLIM'ED, SAFK AND PROFITABLE Ixisiuuas for kale. Id suocrssful wpnratinn, aud will bear the closest frcrutiny. ab exceedingly good chance to get in a money making concern Soul HWlCKjk WOOD, 82 Naaaau street. AF1BST CLAS.S DURHAM COW FOR SALS.?frew iuw, wananiei to give M quirts of inllk p?r (lay and make - lbs. oi butter per week. apply at l?M> Kuat Twenty 111 tu nil ret. A HAH AND KRXTaUHANT M)R HAL.B?IN A OOOD lt< allf'ti; will be aiild cheap nreirb?n>;t*<l Oftll on IaAAC A. Blulil', 73 Naa??u atiect Bl'T /llKK K HI AND, WBLL LOOATBD AND IIAND somely tilled up, lor tale, doing over per week, on ft principal avenue; borae and cart una everything c >niplote ISAaC A BIGGS, 75 Naaaau street UTCHFK SHW. WITH LEASE AND FIXTUBBS, forfait call at SM Eighth avenue (MJRNKK OflOCBBY AND LIQHOB HTOKB FOR J vale, with Horse and Wagon, on one of the leading are iiui a, neai a )arg<-taotory N. B?All the Household rural lure for halt- Apply at M Y Campbel a re< llflug distillery, 312 West seventeenth street, near Tenth ftveuue. B DRUG STOBE FOR HALE. IN BROOKLVN?AN ELB l.:h:it iintl ittiu fully HiteJ up store, with stock, tiitun-s, Ac., lor sale at half tt? value. Apply to ALLV OAKKBTT, Ati nt, Ko 4 Howling Green, in basement. |j>OK SALE?A DBIG SIOliE, IN OMR Of THK BEST I1 locations ill the city. The reasons ior selling will be sat isfactorily explained to the applicant. I'or further particu

lars address U. F. W., box If6 iieiaid oflloe FOR Hal,E-THE AOORN, THAT WELL KNOWN POR tor House, No. nil ti'veuth avfiuuei been established kit yejwu. a g.iod family trade to it. For further particulars in quire In perbon as above, and tot through agents. FOR'sALE-IN CONSEQUENCE OF FOBECLOS0BE, the wall known Ueeitlylng Establishment, tw' j Market street, Newark. N. J. Everything In complete order and doing ft good business. Apply to f. CUFF, :H)C Eighth av. IjV)R HALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A fancy, Needle nnd Vaiiety Store, located In a de sirable business pari of tne city of Brooklyn, and established by the pre*i nt j loprietor In 1846 The building for ?ale or to lease. Inju re of E. PITCHER, 1W Court street, Brooklyn. For hale?a book, stationery and fanct Oo< ds business, lor thirteen yean tn (he same store. A rart chance for ft young man with a small capital In a Arm rate business. Location 3U2 Fulton street, Brooklyn. I NOB SALE?A COFFEE AND CAKB SALOON, IN eluding Oyster Hand and Bar, and doliif a good business; reason for soliiug, tbe owner's wife ts very sick. Satisl'ac tlon will be given A{ply at 60 Chatham street, in the base DMSt. flOB HALE?A NEW SET OF ENGLISH ALE PUMPS, 1 very cheap. Apply at The Camp, 28 St M.uks place fJlOB HALF?THE STOCK, F>'BNIT( HE, fixtures, t lease anil good will of an olil established English Ale Douse. This U a r.iro chuuce foi'ftn investment. B I.aWRcNCB A CO.. 62 Eftht Fourteenth I tree l, Union square. I NOB s \ LB?811 RaG VTELLK T YHLE8 5 everything complete. Four Billiard Talnos si>le?h?ap, or to l<u. WM H. GR'i'FITII, 140 r'ullrn street. BlOB SALE?THE OLDB8T ESTABLISHED COFFEE, Cake and oyster Saloon lu the Bowu-y (directly opposite the Theatre), now doing a good tnislu'-ss For particular*, In quire at Si Bowery, lu the segar store. IH)R SALE?A CBOWN WHEEL HORSE POWBB. Also Crown Wheel dog s power or small pony's A double Meat Cutting Machine, eight knives; a tweutv inch Bun Stone Mill, large steel Coffee Mills. Apply at 312 West Six teenth atrert. Foe salb? furniturb and baogaoe express. now doing a g'utd business. To an energotlc, sober auu attentive mau this Indeed U a fav.ti^ble 0|iportunHy. For pirticularh apply at 3a Wlilow street, Brooklyn, near Fulton lerry. F^OR SALE?HOTEL AND RKSTAtlRANT, WITH VA luahle lease, in one of the best locations in the cilv. In quin1 of E. E. .IOHNSON, No 67 Cortlandt street. This ls one or the best chances offered to a person wishing to engage in this kind of business. IjlOR SALE AT A SACRICE?A FRENCH AND OBR jP man Hotel doing a go xl business; a billiard table and saloon attached. The proprietor intends leaving the country', and will sell low to a cash buyer. Apply at 125 Mercer street. POR SALE CHEAP-A LIQUOR BTORE AND FIX turea Apply on the premises, 16 New Bowery, corner of Chambers street. Fob salb or exchangb-an established but. tor, Cheese and I^ard Business, with Horses, Wagons, Ac., nnd other necessary appurtenances, together with a three years' lease. Apply at 36 Harrinou street, between 1 and 3 o'clo< k. Hotel for sale- h vndbomely fitted up and ful'y furnished, doing a large paying business, centrally located, long lease at low rent; offered very low, the owner havlug other eug?g"iner.t>.. A rare chance HOI) Til WICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. OTEL FOB SALE.?THE WELL KNOWN AND H Ll popular St. Mark's I'lace Hotel, situated at the corner of 'I t.ird MM and Eighth atpvt, op|?ir.lte Ciwiper Institnte. It Cannot ha surpassed lu location or adaptloility by any similar establishment In the city. For full particulars apply on the premises. OVSTKK AND DINING SALOON. WITH LBA8B FOB Bale, situated near one of the principal ferries and mar ket. now doing a good business, fcr sale cheap for cash; satis factory reasons for selling Apply on the premises, 436 Bast Houston sire-(. Q for sale?Conceded the very best for reducing hard sub stance* lo Impalpable powder, with hardened shilling, griud ing surf acts easily i banged HOfTllWlCK A WOOD, 88 Nasaftu street. OTKAM ENGINES FOB SALB.?horizontal, UP O right and portable Engines, new ftnd secood hand, from three to twenty horse power. Inquire at 643 Water street, N. V., second floor. Steamers fob salb. Four seyvw Steamers, from 300 to MO ton*, Three sldewheel Steamboats. Three Ferry Boats. Steam Engine and boilers, new and second hand, constant ly for Mi* Apply to CHABLBA W. COPBLAND, 122 Broadway, New York. STATIONERY STORE FOB SALB.?F(IB SALE. A down town Stationery, well and carefully selected stock, iiss a good run of business, established In IS4rt. will be sold low for cash, or exchanged for Brooklyn property. Satis Isctory reasons given for selling Address Stallone.-, box 161 Herald office. TO BUILDBBS?MABBLB MANTELS.-I IIAVB FOUB marble Mantels, w hich I wul sell on account or storage and advances made on them, for half their value. Inquire Tn the butcher's shop, corner laToy ftnd Bedford streets. rrwo htkam horizontal bnoinbs for sale 1 One ten horse power and one six do., Jn good order. Also one pair Circular haws and Rollers, Kni two small Lathes. For sale cheap. Inquire at 17V Elm street. In the basement. mo BAKRRB?THE OWNER OF ONB OF THB OLDEST I and successful bakeries tn this city, about removing to I lie country, desires to dispose of the skma, consisting of Store and Dwelling, bakehouse tn rear building. Horses, Wagons, Ac To a suitable party with capital a favorable or rangement will lie made Apply to H. PLaTT, 406 Hudson si TO PRINTERS.-FOR SALB, A JOB PRINTING OFPTCB, consisting of Steam Engine, Boiler, Cylinder and Hand I'retsos. Steam Inkers, Type, Aa (Jaa be seen on tbe pr? miaes, 72 Maiden lane, New York d>o enn ?for sale, a well established Vtt.O""', wholesale rash Business, new Inactive and suecesaful operation. Address, with full name, T. C., Herald office. nUUHfMAIh A WIDOW LADY, RHINO WITHOUT THE MKANH OF mi|)| ortlrc hemeir and an interesting little K'rl, one year old. would like to meet with ? rnaponalhle party to adopt her aa tbetr own. Addreaa Mr*. Gardner, Union aquare foot Ij^OR ADOPTION?A MALX CHILD. FOUR MONTHS I1 old, In excellent health Inquire of Mrs. Carroll, 1ST Watar ?treet, near Bridge, Brooklyn. IF T1IE LADY WHO MKT A FRIEND IN CATHAKINB 1 atieet about five weeks ago, and promln-d u> meet him the following Friday at South ferry, will addreaa O. V. W., Broadway Foat otln*, abe will bear aomcthLnii to ber ad van tag*. IF ANDSR8 FBOKRRHN, HON OF PEOER MADRON, 1 of Mnnklebo Ma. ? Denmark, la all**, he nan receive Im portant Imforroatf. n I y calling on the Conaulate Ooneral of Denmark, 181 front atrect. f F A. n.. OR ANY 0TI1ER M \N, HAH A SEVENTH 1 regiment uniform to dlcpoae of be can apply to P. D. BRAIbTKD, Fourth avenue, oppoatte the armory. INFORMATION WANTED-OF LEONARD PEARrE, I formerly rlerk to the Butler at Port Davta, *?iaa. Wa* laat awn proceeding with on carta to Mnwmi V alley N M . fn m wbieh plnee it U aii|i|v>?o<1 lie returned to New \ ork by the overland route. Any per-on knowing of bla whereabouU pleaxe addreea C. F. B., Herald ollice T NFOKM ATION WANTED-OF JOHN NEYIN. FOR J merly of Oalway, and who la guppoaed to have died In New ^ ork within tho laat two rear*. Apply to Archibald Bailor 28 Beaver atreot INTORMATION WANTED-OF W PULS, A NATIVE OF Hy railing at 108 Oreene atreet he will hear aome Ibltf o hla advantage. INFORMATION WANTKD OP MR. BERTRAM I M1TFORD, a native of England; anpp??ed to have died either In New York or Brooklyn. Jn'orantlon oom n?naatcd on appllcatli n to T. W. Wooda, 28V Pulton atreet, Brooklyn. INFORMATION WANTED-OF WINEFORT NICHOLAS, 1 a native of Ireland, county Oalway. When lam awn ?he waa In the Caatle Warden, about three month* ago. Any In rorniatlon regarding her will be thankfully received by her aiMtr, Marr Ntohoiaa. by directing a letter to New Dorp I'oet office, In rmrr of Mr. Bomm?r,, taten laland I AMES-INCLINATION, NOT WANT OF OPPORTU ?J nlty, prevent# me writing to you. Why aboul I your birthday iotereet ANNTE. I EON C D.-THKRE Is A LETTER IN THE OBNE J ral l'oat office for you from Annie I'rlee. SEAM FN WHO WP.RK <>N BOARD THE CRlfHADER when the Klbbv wna raptured can obtain prfie. money by Calling on TIION D. HKAYNaRH 8 8. VAN BOMKKRCK, IF LTVINt) (OR TP DECEASED ? bla heir*), will Qnd It advuniaireoua to eall or leave word w here to be lound, Immediately, at IHJU Broadway, New York. R. PUNT. (2BAMBN WHO WERE IN THE CMURADF.B WITSN O ahe took the K Ihln. can obtain the prlr.e money by calling on TltOS. L.BRAYNARD, Ml Wall atreet. COAL. ? BED AND WHITE AKII COALS, PURE KKD ASH i (Pcai h Or* haid , genuine I,<hlph and Broad Mountain, pro- crly aciWfted; Kng'lah houae Cannel and Liverpool Orriel, of t lie flr?t quaLtlea, all a' lowent markei pMr?a IIERBT REEVE, Corucr CmwI auj Ceutro Ma oomcr J?oe Mid Weet atrveU 8&LB8 AT ACCTIO#. i three colored nai >11 Dior ado or most expensive at-senpnon, irved In fruit and How?m consisting of Tetfra-t*, Sofas, vo arm, reception and oval back Chairs^rQsewod wntre ables, Statuary maJVfe Hop to malcfi Ihi sufla; Kteg-reH, A LBERT MOBTIMEB GRIFFIN * CO., AVCTIONKBB8. J\. A rare chauoo lu obtain Oral claa* OK THIS DAt .THURSDAY. HOUSEHOLD FlRMTlKK tT FUBLIO AUCTION, Ttie property of a gentleman leaving far Europe. Magnificent 7>. octave raaewood Pianoforte, Superb Drawing Boon Bulla, Oil Pointings, by eminent artist* French plate pier and mantel Mirror?, Brocade and taee Curtains, Branze and ormolu Chaadelie -a. Medallion relret Carpet* and nuaic aiun, Sevres and Dreadaa china Vases, Artistic Bronte* and marble Statuary, E lege res, Bookcases, ('outre Tablea, Oak extension Dining Table and Buffet, to match, China Dinner and Tea Seta, Bohemian and crystal engraved Glassware. bond stiver Ware and tih?flie1<l Table Cutlery, Bronte and ormolu Clocks and Candelabra*, to match, Roeewood and mahogany Chamber Furniture, en *ulU. A MOBT1NKK GRIFFIN A CO., aucUoaeera, haro the honor to announce to their friend* and the public that they will offer at |>ablk! auction till* day. ^Thursday). at 10)J o'clock, a'l the nouaehold Furniture and Work* or Art con tsleed in the elegsnt residence of M<>tr*B. Cbapmaa, Esq., 4tl Wtrt Sixteenth ?treet, betweeu Fifth and Sixth avenue*, the catalogue comprising the largest and richest assortment of llouaehoid Furniture offered at auction this season; the l.ou*e wa* furnished all month* ago, and I* In pert act order; the furniture wa* made to orderly Boudoln, Mocks A Wall, and U of the beat description. Hale peremptory. n> twik-n Doiuiu MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE PIaNOFOBTB richly carved ea.-e, overstrung baa*, lined with latinwood, fully guaranteed, made by Broadway makers, and the beat instrument offered at auction this season; rosewood Canterbury, do. Stool cohered in brocade, embroidered oloth Cover, Musio Books, rosewood Secretaire and Bookcvie. plate glassdoors, lined with tulip*ood, tnoolgnttres, Marqoetere, bote da rose Cablaets, ludv's Work Table and Wriiiag Desk, inlaid with pearl, tost in Paris 100 franc* 3 light ormolu andbronzey*han<f?ller?. Im ported truth Paris by Maroott A Go.; Candelabra*, Bmek-ta, medallion velvet Carpets, M'stale Rugs, Franch pier Mirrors, 2 extra large mantel Mirrors riehly carved frame*; embroi dered Curtains, gilt Cornices, French chad as and fcfci res: splend'd suits of rosewood drawiDgroonj FurLliure, covered In three colored satin brocade of mo*t expensive description, carved I twe Tables, -j - .marble top, plate glass doors, and baric lined with satin wood; King'* intent Rockets, Card and Quartette Tables, autiqua and gotliie reception Choir*, covered iu brocade, artistic Bn.uzea, representing music, poetry, painting, morning and night, Italian Water' urrlers, Franklin, Rubens. Cnpld, Diana, Crusaders, Madonna. He*sous. Arabia. India: superb Oil l'aiiitiugs by eminent artists, viz:?l/egrand. Hunter, Cole, Bunnell, Ranny, Ionian, Sellerea, Eglaw and otlity- eminent artists; Assumption Virgin Man', copy trout celebrated Paint ing in Lom re. Paris; stoitu at wa, original by Flnger n.adge, two superb match Paintings, French Interiors, by Cole*; Tanner's Creek Oatskill Mountain*. by Eglaw; Gatne and Fruit, by Russell; Marketaud Winter He nes on the Danube, by Ionian; FamilyGroup, Madmna, from Baphael;oeiebrated SHinting, original, by Legrand .Scene* on the French Coast; muggier*, two match paintings, by *orthcott: Reading tho Scriptures, Landing of the Pilgrims, Wnat Point, by llunter; a nun.her of line Cabinet Pic'ure*, antique Lava Vaaea, from l'otn|>eii and Herculanetim; Kqueairlan Group, Crusaders: Parlon Group. Paul and Virginia; two elegant Vases real *e\r?? China, Imported for trie present owner; t'arian Mar bis i irnameuta, Accordeon, Musual Box, Ortnort Clock, run* six months, imported expressly for present owner, peai I in laid hierenaoopo, with number of supeib views; Proof En gravings, llathUiml, ihalrs to match. Oilcloth, velvet stair Csrpete, silver Rods, Ac Chamber*?Two rosewood nmrble Imp Dressing Bureaus, French Mirror*, rosewood Bedstead*, richly carved style Louis XIV. Commodes, Table de Nuit, Couches, Rockers, Armchairs, oval back Cnairs. c ivered In mi(tii?t. Tapestry and Brussels Carpets, lace and brocade Bedspr< a*1*, hair and sprlpg Mattresses, feather Med', Blank ets, Counterjianes, Kolst r . 1'illowi. oval Mirrors, pastel I'uliilingH, decorated China Toilet , brocatel Curtain*. Upp?r clismbera? Mahogany ami bis k walnut Bureaus. Bedsteads, Washstandf. Sofas, Bockei-s, Bookraeks,corner Sands Bed dim , Ac Diniag room - Hoiid carved oak Bulfet. Statuary marble top; De< idt s pat?nt Dining Table. Con'tbes, Arm cbairs, ei*(:aut arts crystal and ruby Glassware, viz.? Iiecanter*, two dozen Goblet*, do. Champagnes, Wines, Lemonades, Tumblers, fruit, cellery and preserve Stands; sets Finger Bowls, rub* an<l Parian maride Pouch Bowls, rul>> and gold l/fiiuor Bets, gold bound china Dinner Sets, MO piece*; richly decorated Tea Sets, 44 pieces; solid silver Dirtier at <1 Tea fcets, (silverware. Coffee Urn. Casters, t 'aUo Baskets, Napki* Rings, Spoons, Forks, ivory baudio Table Cutlery, Ac. AOCIIOH NOTICE?POSITIVE AND UNRESKRVED tale of MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FlJRNITl'RE, AT PI BUG AUCTION, At the elegant residence, West Fourteenth street, near F ighth avenue. On this day (TdUBBDAY), at 10>2 A. M. The catalogue comprising the Largest and richest assortment of Household Furniture and Works of Art Offered at auction this season. 8uperb seven octave Pianoforte, Elegant Drawing Room Suits, Artistic Bronze*, Statuary, Oil Paintings, by eminent artists. Bronze and Ormolu Chandeliers, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Brocade and Lace Ourtains, Ac.; Commencing at 10l? o'clock precisely?the entire elegant Furniture at d beautiful Works of Art contained in the above large dwelling all of which will be sold without re serve. and must be rrmo* *d immediately from the premises, comprising s t ery large and elegant assortment of evt rytniug essential U tgrrilonabie snd costly furnished residence, in rosewood, oak sod mahogany. Kale will commence in the dining ror m with rt~h Silver Ware, of Rogers Brothers' ma nu acture?Urns, Casters, snoons. Forks, Cake Baskets, Lining Sets; superb French and Bohemian China, crystal cut Glass, ruby engraved Glassware, ivory and pearl Cutlery, French Pr.rccUin, elegant extension Tablo, with oak Dining Room Furniture Parlors?. wo lichly carved ro .ew sal Par lor Suits, covered ia three colored brocade. In perfect order; velvet and Wilton Carpets, rosewood marble top Btegeres: rosewood Centre, Sofa and Pier Tables; two elegant Pier Glasses, with bases damask and rich lace Curtains. French Shades, Turkish Chairs, with Lounge# to match, R<<cepuon Chairs, in brocade; elegant carved rosewood PKnoforte with solid p. Mil keys; Music Cabinet, Divans, inagniilcent Mantel Vases, bronzes. Marble Groups of Parlor Ornaments, with a number oi choice and valuable Paintings; velvet and Wilton Carpets, elegant Chamber Furniture, in rosewood and maho gany ; Bi ds and Bedding, Kitchen Ware, Ac. Albert h. nicolat, auctiokber, will bell this day (Thursday. February Jl, at Vi\ o'clock, al the tock salesroom, No. fit V\ iillam street. REGULAR SAIjK. 4(1 sb* Chatham Rank... $25 4tisbs Rut A Drnvs Bnk $35 71* F:ast River Hank SS 2t) Park Bank in) 44) Citizens' Bank 25 10 Metropolitan Ins 100 lot Mad, Ind A Peru RR. 100 40 Astor Insurance .'to 601 itlzens' Ga>light Co. 29 Ifl Washington ins Ml 49 Firemen's Insu'ance. 17 ?) Kings County Ins .. 30 40 W'mslmrg Gaslight Co SO SO Ijiioar Insurance ... liX) 20 Jersey City Insurance S6 20 U S S 8 Refining Co 40 Exchange Insurance.. ;i0 44 Cbioago A N W RR... 50 20 Corr.meit'iftl In* 50 21) Washington Ins 60 20 Met 'h'ts' Mutual Ins. 100 40 Rleh'd Co Giwdi^ht Co Si) CO American El Ins 100 200 American Guano Co.. 100 50 People's Icurance. 50 $2,0u) \ trgin'i H per oent bonds. 4,uo Helots * Hocking Valley RR 1st mortgage bonds. 2,i*ll Mis.'ouri 6 per Cf-nt bonds. 1,'DO Keokuk city i Iowa) 8 per cent bonds. 5,tM0 Vew Vork and Erie RR assented bonds of 1871. ftJUX) San Fraac'sco city and county 6 per cent bonds. Next regular sale on Monday, February 25. Regular auction sale* of Stocks and Bonds every Monday and Thursday, or every day when required, al 12^ o'clock, at the stock sales room, No. 52 WUllain street, or at the Merchants' Exchange if preferred. Su cks and Bonds bought and sold at private sale and at the brokers' board. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, Auctioneer and stock broker, 52 William street, near Wall. Auction notice. PEREMPTORY AUCTION sale OP ELEGANT NEW FURNITURE, TO PAY STORAGE, FOR ACCOUET OP WHOM IT MAY CONCBRN, THIS DAY (W JKDNKSDAY), At two o'clock precisely, At the storage warehouse, Nok 111 and 113 West Eleventh atieet, near Slith avenue, ( cnsUting In pun of One rosewood Suit, eo\ered with voir-t mo<|uel; Oil Paint ing*. by eminent artmt*; Lounge ?, Etegere*, Bookcase, el? gnnt rosewood Amoir de Glace, real Bronze#, Parian Figure*, rosewood Bednir.ids, Spring nnd Hair Matlresaea, Bureaus, \V. shftanda, Commode*, Centre Table, one China Tea bet, oak Buffet, oak Dining .able, Ac., A< N. H ?All the ?bovt- article* ire new and in splendid order, and will be aold without any reaenre whatever. By order ot Z. D. HUDSON, Attorney The above sale U postponed on account of the Inclemency of the weather, until to morrow, Fndny, the 23d, at 2 o'clock. Sale then positive. Auction bale?m doughty,auctioneer.will wll this d?y (Thursday), February 21, at III1., o'clock, at salesroom 8i Ka???u street, * trw door* from Fulton street. Household Furniture, cotiiprialng atid mahogany Parlor Bulla. rl7. lete atete*. Soras, Parlor and Arm Chalra, Bni?scls, tapc-trr Stair and Parlor Carpeta, Irgratndo ..gilt frame Pier and Mantel Mirrors, marble top Centre Tattle*, B< okeasea. extension Dining Table*, dirking Bureau*, Vt ash Hands, Bedi leads, hair Mattr ?e a, I'aillaaae*. feather Bed*. Lounge*, Wardrobes, Ac.; the whole to be peremptorily sold. Auction notice?boots and shoes?by hum. BI'.RT A THOMAS?This morning, at lilt* o'clo<i, by catalogue, the entire stock contained In the store S51 Second avenue, near 1 wrntytecond *ireet, embracing men'*, wo men'* and chlldrrn'a Boot*, Shoes, Brogana, Slippers, cleth, aatln and pninella Oalter*, Congress boots Buskins, Oxford Ties, Ac., to which Ike attention ot thr trade t* invited. Alto Wagon and Ilarneaa, Store Fixture*. including Drawer*, Shelving, Slide*, Boies, Ga* Fixtures, Cariietlng, rlijns. Awn ing and Awning Frame. Catalogue* mav be had of the Auc tioneers, 39 Ann street, or at the place of aale. Sale peremp tory Browne a nicholh, auctioneers?Friday, fe bruary Zi, In.I, at 1 o'clock, at our aalearoom, 35 Kasaau *treet, a variety of top and no top Buggies, Kookaway*. road Wa*tin?. 4c. -. also double and tingle harm;**, R"?e*, Blan ket*. ilalu r*. Biding Whip*. Ac Brandy, carprtk, mackerel-auction.?this day, at 12 o'elnak, at f<2 Centre atraet. tor account of whom n may concern, to p?y advance*. Ac., Ml vard? velvet tape?try Carpet, three barrels Swedish Mackerel (warranted), Ave quarter caak* Itrandy. W KiaJNflTOM A CARTER, Auctioneer. "I? DWARD BCHRMCK, AUCTIONEER.?PEREMPTORY JjJ ? *!<? of elegant first class Household Furnttu -e, by E A F. II. SCIIFNCk, on ihl* day, 21 at Inat, at II o'elis k, at thrlr salesroom 141 Browrtwav, the above elegant IIrat claa* HcuaehMd Furniture, consisting inita^tof elegant rosewood Farlor Siuta, covered In aatln oanuiak, hroeatel and rep*, ele p.'tnily iaivc.1 rnscwi*..) Kb i <t <s. of new and exquisite dm situs; Secretary and llbrar* HookcssM*, oarved rosewood and oeV Buffet*, extension Tabu a, Dining Hoom Chairs and So fss, elegantly carved rns?w?.d Bedstead*, marble top tin. reaus, Waahrtands and Commode*; do. of black walnut, tlnlshed In all; ro*eWis>d and mahogany Amour a OUce. Pier Qlaaees elegant mahogany ( hsutber, Farlor and Dining Room Furniture. Al.-o, at 12 o'clock, two *uperb Moquet Car pet*. Fourth spring thade sale ? hardware auction notice .lOIIN E VAN ANTWERP'S SON, Auctioneer, will sell on Thursday, February 21, at 10 o'clock, at No 7S W illiam *trrci, .KW lots assorts! English, Herman and American goods, embracing In part east ate* I shingling and t law Hatchet*, handled Axe*, Porcelain Knoba, I'la ted Mountings, Sanderson's and Wm .lackson* Table and Pocket Ctiti* ry, rhnvela and Spades, file and chls**I Handle*, eaat It" I vllr* assorted, Lock*, Nlj pie Wr nehe*. Clothe* I'lna, MaJletf., Ice I'lck*, Ac. Also ^/iilba. English Caat steel, lor tap* r file*: alao ltd doren .lack* t Lamp*; also n large Invoice ol Tray* and Walter*, desirable patterns and assorted ?i?c*, It*' do/en *a*ting Spoon* Fle*l rorka, Skimmer*. La dles, Ac; also ent) doten ?'John Ru-eell'*" well known Taper Itie*, as*ort?d sizea, from the Oroton Pile work*; also 120 do/en "Ibboteon* A Bro'* " hand and panel caat steel Saw*, Ac., Ac. Term* ca*h. Bankable funda. ("1 O. nORTON. AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM ."MO T. Hudaon street?will aell, thl* day, at hla sale*rnam. at II o'clock. Furniture, Segar*, two baaknW Wlaa, one good Sewing Machine, Saihc*, Stove and Pl|>e, Hoop Skirt*, Fancy tl<H>d*, Ac . Ae. Henry ureen, auctioneer.?special sale op Dry anil F*n*y Ooods, Boot*, Shoe*. An ?Tills d?y, at l(.o'clock, at the aui'tlen *tore l(M Willlan street, a large lot of Dry and Fam f Hood*. Dre?* Piece*, Ribbon*, ready rnailn Clothing, U*I l airs Roots and Shoe*. An IF. WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER, . Will aell, at 414 Fourth avenue, this (TViradiy) morn Irg Feb 21, at IOU o'elisk, the balanee Of *to'k of Mlilmery <?<?sis straw Braid*, Silk and Straw Ilata; alao Oounlert, (ila?* Caaes and Store Fliturr* ALAO, Household Furniture, a haudaome Wardrobe, Chair*, Table*, Bureau*. Ac., Ac. No pottponement on account of we?Ui?t HAL.KN AT AUCTIOH. H KNRT H. I.RKDB, AU < TIONEBS ?U BHBY ?. LB RIM A CO. will a?U at auction aa Thursday. Pah. 2?, at II o'clock. tn the gallery of our store, Mo. 23 Nassaa street Valuable Oil Paiollaga? A Urge aala of va.uaMa Paai'tugs ami original oU okoioaaa by Dm moat pruiatDHi artist* ir Italy. "foe sketches and paintiiigs Lave boua ss4 IMmI by aa American art la, r> -Idem fifteen years ta lute, from the studios of Die heat artisU is Rome, Floreous ana other Italian ciUea It U the largest coil notion of origins* exported from Italy, and wera it not for the nrriaj troulioa |o that country, it U Dot urotiable that they *nH ever La re mmd this oouotry. The sale will afford aa op portunity to oonuolaaeurs and amateurs of art to obtain sooa very rare sketches by the best modern artiata of Italy. Km other pictures will be admitted, itud the sale will t>e without t?aei ve 1 be above oollentlou will be on exhibition three days before the sale. JMORIARTV, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS DAT. . al 10 o'clock, at 173 Cbsllitm square, Furniture, now and second baud Feather B. da, Clocks. Mirrors, lOOOU IVtut ii'HN Window Shades, Dry ai d Fanty Goods, Glaaaware, Uat lery; a lot of Jewelry, Hegars, Ac. M^HORTGAGRB't- BaLROF HOUrfRIIOLD F0RN1TUUL JOHN R. VAN AhTWKlil' H frON, Auctioneer, >R aell on Saturday, February 23, at balf.past 10o'clck,at Ha. 73 William atreet (removed for oonvenlcnoc of aalel/a laras assort uient of parlor, din lag and liedronm furniture. cm/iprC ing In part mahogar y Hofaa and Chairs. ditto Table* Buratas, Bookrack, cane a. at Chairs, inanogauy and black walaut Hat steads, mab *any Rockers, Brussels and ingrain i'arants kitchen Fun. ft ure, uttnsils, Ac , Ac Terms cask. Cuiredt funds. Hy order o' ukO. O. RARTi.RTT, At tome r fm Mortgagee, IB Wall street. Mortgage half ? lAMea polhrm"s auotkmu I cer, will sell this day, al 12 o'clock M., at ?46 Bowery, the Mar, Oyster Bar. Crockery Ware,\;.ioking Utensil*, labla% Chairs, Ac., of the Oyatcr Saloon und Kesiauraut. JollN WhllrtfcR, Murtimng Mortgage salb-john n., abo tionrer, will sell, this day, at 2 o'clock, at 444 Cani strict, near \ atlck, marble Wp and other Bureau*. Waah statKlx, Solas, Sofa Red* ox tensioo, centre and olhorTatrie* Looking Classes. hair and other Msttieises, Keather Ued^ Bookcases, Wardrobee, Brussels, three ply and other t'-arpeia. Oilcloth, Sewing Machines, mahogany and other Cbair^ Tete a T(dM, jiiieeta blanktii#, Spcflads, together with every thing for noiuielCetpOlg By order w Ji MRS MRRW>.THL, Alton ey. M' OKTQAt.fif fTAIK fTF FTNR nOFSEflOT.B ^l.'R!?. lure, French lilatr Mirrors, Ac.? A M. CKISTALaR, Auctioneer, will sell od Friday, 22d Inst., at sslesrooms 2B Itoaery, at in*, o'clock, a large aaaortment of Household Furniture, consisting of mahogany and rosewood Parlor Kuits, In brocaitl and haircloib. oi) do. hofa?, Tetc a Tetea, bureaus, UedeioadM, marble t ip i>n'.re lablea, W^abaiuuda, muliOKany and roaew< od heerelarv, Hookcase.s, a large lot ?r tnaliocaBy and roaewood I'arlor Cbaim. catte a< at und woo? ami Barroom rii rii-a. Frenoh ulat Pari or and B*4 rix ni Mu rors, FngravniCH line Oil raintiiiKK, sketches, Ao.j alto <;as I handellura and Brackets, Sliver Plated Ware, Mair and Straw Mattrrsi<e?, tJarpetlng, .ind various other articles too numerous to mcutlou. Hy ordor of Attorney for uiort gayee. PMAWNBKOKEK'S t>?lB -B LbVY, Al tITIONRRR, t2 Catharine street. w<II aell, thin day. at It o'clock,'?Ilk. Delaine and Pall Drek.nee Baaijuea, hkiria, hbawl.. Shirty Shoea, Oloven, guilts Under Garment'). CoaU, Pauls, Jewtt ry, Ac. By order of HEN R > Ha lib TT RT. HAZRLL, AfCTIONEBR. PRltEMPIOKV S?EK t>F HARDWARE. wihitemoke a ii a/km. Will aell, this <*a.v <' liiiraday), al 10 ociiek, at ST Watnt Htrect, balance of the stock ol' Robert T. .Met ay. by order ?f K1K BOYCE, A.^aignee. l'at*loguen can be bad at the ofllce of the a intlooeers, US Bi.k.dway, or at the store, IS7 Warren street. Q A I. BOtiART, AUO riUNBERd.?TlUb DAY, AT It . o clock, at No. '.<9 Dreene atn-et, mortifage ?nlo of H Joae holrt Furnlinre, mahogany Solan, do Chain, lio-tterj, i'ab.ea, l?okiog Uiaariex, t ai'i* t<s oilcloths. Bed-toad-> and tfeddia^ iiuitaua, Crockery, Kl'chcn Furniture, Ac A. B. FOUNTAIN, Attorney for M -rtgagee QHXUm SAI E OF UlIjIiIARD TABLFOS AND Fl'R O uiture.? On Wednesday, at II o'clock, at the corner tt Court and Hempen street*, liroolilvii, 12 slate bod Blllltrd ta. bli K and Fixtures, 1 totewood .seven >>cta.e I'lano. 12 ''h-sa Tables ar.d Men, 'i larpe l>ier tilaHHes, 1 Iron Safe t dozen .im Cbairx and Cutdiiotts, I uircular Counter, bar f lxlurea, Gaa Otmndcliers, Bell Annunciator, Ac -ale positive. J. HIOGtNh, l> -puty WlierUT. SHERIFF'S SAI.R.?OFFICE FUKNITURU, AO. CHAMBERS A .'AlHCIilLD, Auotloneun, Salei room 113 NaMtau street. Will sell, this day (Thur).t!ay), F?*> 21, at ll o'nlock. at No. !B Hioad street, Desks, Chairs, platform ami bulaocn Scales, Weighta and 1'artlUons. Also, tti" rlgwl, tlt'e ami interest eC Joseph L Brewaur In and to lft tusks l>'ied Beef and other 1'rovuiona. JOHN feKLLx, bbenll. SHERIFF'S SALK ?TRAVS CQAMBERH A FaIRCIMLD, A'ictiODtera, Salesroom 113 Na .ss'i street. Will aell, on Friday, Frb ?1, at 10 o'clock, at their salesroom, a quantity ol Teatravs, aaaoried sizes. JOHN KBLLT, Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE? LUMBER, MACHTNBRV, AO. CHAMBERS A FAlRCllli.D, Auciloueers, Satearoom 111 Nassau street. Will sell, this day, Feb. 21, at 1U o'clock, at No. 85 Weat Thirty Drat street, a quantity of Lumber Machinery, ooa Horse, Harness, Ac. JOHN KKLLY, Sheriff. WX. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL OB Fridav, > eb. 22, at 2 o'clock, at 464 Canal street, three tine rosewood Pisnoe, one made bv Gilbert, ot Boston, two others by other makers, together with ('overa. Stools, Ac. Ths above are to be sold to settle a claim, without reserve. Tl/M. WITTERS, ACOTIONEF.R. WILL SELL ON TO W day, at lt>j o'clock, at the dwelling house 1...1 Bleeokur street, ail the ceil tee I Furniture, Ac., in tlie above house, one Purler ^ui'. In velvri plwh; Cari>eta, Bedt, Redfling, Dining Rim m and Kitchen K urnlture, one roaewood Plans, round corners, and cost $-160. SPKC1A1* HUTICKS. GRANB MILITARY DISPLAY.?PERSONS DESIROUS of witnessing the Military Display on the 22d ran hare a splendid view by engaging Seats In rooms sepa: ute or other wise, nt very low prices, In the building 429 Broadway. Ap ply in room No H. Masonic.?the members of rmpipk chaptvb No. 170, of K. A. Masons, are hereby notltied to atteed m sieclal communication to lie held on Thttradty ovenlug, Feb. 21, at o'clock, at Odd Fellow's Hall, In conjunction Wltb ?Uhm t 'hapter No Ml for " ork Punctual altenJanoe Is particularly requested. By order of EDMUND B HATS, H. P. Notice is hereby given that payment or a Check, No. three thousand and forty-one (3,041), far eight hundred and twenty eight dollars and one cent iftWOl), drawn by F. F. Brown, rasliler of the State Bank, Provi dence, R. I, on the Park Bank. New York, psvsbln February 2S, has been stopped, and the public are hereby warnes against negotiating the same. Fr.nauaKT 19. 1*61. Notice to taxpayers -officb of thb com mlaslonersof Taxes and Assessments, No 32 Chamber* street, New York, Jan I.IMII?Notion Is hereby given thaft the Aseeaatnent Rolls of Real and Personal Estate of tlis <** and county of New York, for the year IHril. will be opened osi Monday, the Uth Instant, for public mspe -lion, and will osa tinueo|<en until the :*sb dav of April next Ir cluaive. All taa uayera are earnestly reqaea'ted to call and examine tbe sana^ in order that any erravs In the a?s<wsmenta may be corrected. Also, all persona en*led l>y law to re.luctlon of their assess mi ts, by reason of bdnc clergymen or for military aervioeL and siao literary and charitable institutions, by law exempt from taxation, are reque*l<-d to make application for such re duction or exemption prevloua to the cioalng of tbe roils aa the 3fth dsy ot April The follow ing section of the act of April 14, ISM. la publish ed for the information of taxpayers:? Sent inn K. During tbe time tbe books shall he open for pub lic inspection, aa heretofore provided, application may ba made by any person considering himself aggrieved hy the assessed valuation of his real or personal esu?" 11 have Uis same corrected. If men application be made In lelation l? the asa>ssed valnation 01 r?-a' eatato It muat be mails la writing, stating the grounds ot objssiloas thereto, and therw upon the Commissioners shall 'limine Into tbe complain^ and If In their judgment the iva,oasini nt is erroneous, they shsM cause the same to be corrected. If such application bw made In relation t? the a<aesse<i vaiua'lon ol personal estate^ tbe applicant shall be examtaed underoath by the said Com missioners, who shall be authorized to administer suoh oath, or any of them, and if ta th< ir judgment the aa>essineat Is erroneous, tiny shall cause the same to be corrected, und fix tbe amount ot such asse anient as tber ma-' believe to ba just, and declare their dsc aion thereon w i ? niti thirty dajs after such applicatum shall hare been made to them. No redac tion aiiall be msde by the Board ot Supwv'aor* of any asset me d t? oil real or personal eaute Imposed under this act,unlan It aimi u| pear, unit'I oaib or all rmati n, that tbe party ag grieved ?ss unable to attend wllhln the period prescrlbsd for tbe correction of taxes, by ress?n of slcknesa or abaenso fnm the city, (Laws of 1NW, chspter 3tt2, sect! in 9.) A.J. Wt LIjIaAMiM, i t'omm:sslonsra J W. ALLFN. ' or raxes aiMI J. W. BROWN, 1 Asacasmrnta. OH U A.?CKLBB RATION OF WABHIBOTOB'B . Birthday ? Tli? Oidsr of I'nt'ed Americans mil cets brate, In aceoidanee with their iitnsl custom, the Analver ss?) of Waahla^oD'a Plrlhi'By, on Friday, 2td Inst, at Nth. lo's Harden, where an orsllon will be delivered by Hsa. Horace Muynard. M 0.,'fiom rennetsee, with other nprroprl . ste exen'lses Tickets of adniisslon may be procured of Chsa. R. ?ildarslesve, 2V William street. W. W. osborn. 9 Cbasa liers atre< t; H. S Ilancker L'?>7 Bowery: W K Blakener U Sixth avenue. IHxirs will open at half past t welt o s'elosk. and the exorcises commence at halt |mst one o'clovk.?Chsa. K. Gllderslssvs. W B Moiintfonl. Joan l.loyd, B K Hsa cock'. 0 Schoonmaker Wm. E Ulakeney, Jas. H. he sit. PROPOSALS FOR FIJkNS, SPECIFICATIONS, are re<|iiested for the ronstnictlon of s Are proof Coalf Hi use. to be erected at Newbern. N C., to oost not exi-oedl^ twenty thousand dollars. A premium of one hundred dollars w III be psid for th>- plsn aeieeted, and the committer n serra the rlgbtfof rejecting any nr all plans tliat may be submitted. All proposals must be ready for Inspection by Friday, lha nth of March next. B. R. STANLEY and others. Commutes. Newbern, N C , Feb. 12, 1S61. Refer to DRNNIB, PEkKINu A CO., 18 Broad street. New Ystk. The annual election f>F dirbctorm of thk New York and \ irg ti.a Meamship Companv will be held on Tuesday, Mareh R, IMbl Iw-twien the hours or 12 and 2 r. M , at the oflice of thr agents of thr company, No. lift Broad way. G. HKINKKRN, Secretary. DKHTUTUV. Artificial tsbtii.-#ni.y $8 fob nium-irui. ?n<1 nub- tanUm ml* on pnra ??IK er^bn (In* g >1,1 ?n4 pUtln*. $&iiydngle u-*ih, $1. teeth filled mid extracted wkk out'iuirpiilB. Artificial bone Ollinn .UloeiiU. All nintnt Lion* w*rriigted. OUice UM-Hlmth (nventnv between Toath and Blovemh miwU OH. IitfTflBK, I>eni4< * RnfiriAL bon* HLUKO JOB DBRATRD trktk, /\ pn> In while Mtri, without priwiire or i>aln Arbhn teeth or mere ?hell? rm be fill, d with It, bjr the diaenr rer. 4 tMRh I'K&khon, M 1? KiK?in?86? Broadway, north *l4a! above Union ?|tiarn. DR. 1. C. KBNNBDT n A? RRM #TRD TO 1M BOVTIMML three doora Mow 8prtn> atrent.. where be rnnuniow M tn#ert hl? beautiful life !lk* Teeth, *' nnu?n?!ljr low prlw*. Whole npper or under Mete on r id from $i\ or on rftfW from $fc Partial ?U on cold frnro ft , *rh tootk, or on ? rer from $1. No nhnrnr for extracting or temporary wkwo prnnuiMit ?tiu? ordered. " NDNKII'AL AKKAIK*. CORPOBATION KOTtCR ?THBOOMMITTBiON Kill, road* of till- Hoard of Aldermen will meet In room Mo. I City BUI, on Kridar, 22d in?t., at a o'dookTTl! rartlea lnt?ra?ted In bMtfteta referred to the comtMUM will have an opportunity of printing their view* Com ml Una _ JHk - Railroada. r I A. Hi m >ijR t'llAH W t'OKNRUj, john RURHhLL, TRRKNCB PAPIJJT, * d w ? "KNR* DM itu. T. B Nitw, Clerk / U>RrfmApoPf NOTTCR -TTIB COMMIT* ft? 0? \< 27S?1*....1?* S?*rH Ald^rm** will fta ro?? on Thiir*<Uv, the '<!l*t mat., at 2 I" M. Inrtloa Inlrrrsli'd In *n? matter lmidniK before the0?ft> tnlltee are roqurated to be t.reaent > i A BOOM. iC-miibiIM*! .")HN BChSRU S on _ _ _ ? ^ 4 Jim U BBjJDT,) BUtnta. T. a. Nibs, <;i?rk.