Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1861 Page 2
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TWO I4TI UTEB mi WBU9L Airftif rf Ik Kiofim at TkJa hrt aarf tfer S#?a fetfiaa at PartJaad. Approaching Conference of Euro pean Powers on Syria. The Nkfe of GarU?Rumors of Nurrrndc>r. CHANGES IN THE AUSTRIAN MINISTRY. CARLItiT CONMPIRACIGS IH HPAM. STATE OF THE MARKETS, TKI IWWS BY THI KtNARUO Th<- KTfw steamship Kmjiwi, Ctopt Wr?h ?kM MiM from l.iverpool at tkre?- p. M. no Ik* Mk, m4 frsa QuesMtowa am the 7tk luiiaut, aiilvad here at aa eariy hour yeater'ia) morning The lioadoa PmHy A'mm rnuiti that the t?U at Ik* Prussian Cbainbar of Deputies in favor at titty la an rr?rt of great European Importance The Parte MtmUnur of the Sth tart, oaatalus twenty columns of ckviely prl?VM mati?r oa the mtiraal ooadltwn and foreign relations of Franiv The London Dafty Sfm thinks tt *4Tanta(Miw to the came of reform that the q<iaati<? la delivered from IM injurious control of part;, IM fatal support at m *1 fac tion* and the oppreaalve atmosphere of aa eaft uwtty bonne, and la left on?? more to popular sympathy aad aa f-ttemd public ope Ion Le Ktrd, of February I, aiya the rnnvired r--pule* of Americas: ambassador* at Japan ratatea moot probably to I/ird Elgin and Sir Hope Grant, who were kiawa t-> have gone there The Paris correspondent of th? l/indnn Pm' tel -graph* that the negotiations on the ltoin*b question ?re suspend ed at the present moment by delays which h ivr *?* aa alarming character The imprea*l<? In thlt mitir, as la that of Italy, becomes stronger and stronger In favor of a paotflo solution. Dr. Randinel, late of the Bodleian Library. to dead It to staled feat the Gath >lic party In the French tham bers will propose an amendment on the addrew remoa titrating, If not protesting, against the revolutionary policy of Fraace In Italy. No opposition it anttcip-tied to the propositi * of th<' Chancellor of the Exchequer, winch will at the Bank Court to day be recommended by the director* to the proprietors for acceptance. New Tork letters of the 26th state that the total amount Of gold received from Europe has reached ?2.106.000, leaving ?Dl& 000 yet to arrive. Of the amount received, however, about ?1,000,000 or ?1,300,000 had not yet passed into circulation, owing to delay at the M at It was expected each future iwrket to England would carry back Some parcels of sovereigns. The recent article in the London limn on Mr Cobden ia more circumstantially contradicted. Mr. Oob doc, bo far from being damaged by Investmcutf In the Illinois Railwsy, to receiving s handsome income from bis paid ap sharea. England was invited by France to stop the career of Garibaldi, but declined on the plea that the Neapolltaua ought to be the masters either to restot or receive mm. The Kiug of Pruaaia has conferred upon General La Mar mora the Order of the Red Eagle, tlrst class, set in diamonds. The iABdon Globe of the &th tnst. affirm* that the price of Kossuth notes in Hungary lias risen from 40 to 60 per C?nt, and it ta said that attsignats of the nominal value of 60,000,000 florins are BtiU concealed indifferent parts of Hungary. The traffic returns of the week of the Great Western Rail way show aa increaae of ?2,074. the Great Northwestern an taortaae of ?1',0M, and the London and Southwestern an increase of ?901. It to aaid that the increase of the London aad York Company will be ?1,600. Ihe Canadian arrived at Londonderry on the forenoon of the 6th inatant. Great Britain A destructive tire occurred on the 6th at Blenheim Pa lace, the Bfrit-udKl seat of the Marl boroughs The main building escaped comparatively unityired yet the damage laalitled at ?100,000 sterling Che fat?"<l Titian gallery, with its valuable painting*, destroyed. The toUowtug to from the l/?'ion A?mm ? Tne luca of these pic urea will be much regretted by all admirer a of this celebrated master. They were a pre Kent from Victor Amadeus, King of Sardinia, to John, Pake of Ma>lborough, and remained unhung and hidden from the public view till the visit of Sir Joshua Reynolds to ltleoiieim in 1788. h? was so forcibly struck with their tu-aaty and value that be recommended their being placed in the ra m they occupied. The following to a list of the pictures destroyed:?Mars and Venus. Cupid and llyche, Apollo and Daphoe, Pluto and Proserpine, Uercil-n and I lejiuir*, Vulcun and Ceres, Hscchus aid Ai tame, Jupiter. Juno and Io, Neptune and Ampbitrite, all painted on k-atber by Titian. The only other paiuiiag is ou<- by Peter Caul Rubena?the Rape of I'rostrpuie. eight feet eight inches in height, aud two feet one inch w ide, ana was considered one of Ku l?-us' master piece*. Th?- origin of the Are was not known, the only room* luvltig had flr"S in them were the offices aad it to supposed ttiat the flue of one of the chimneys must have communicated with the roof, as it to evident that the root wat> the flrxt (inrl that caught, rhe lire w.'is subdue! abo'it eight o'clock. Tbe wholu <>f the faini ly, with the exoeption <if the Duke, who bad gone to lx>n dun to attend Par!ltm>'nt, wer? resident ia tne li >uae. We were unable to learu if any portion of this valuable col lection waa insured. Lord John Kanrll on Ii?IIm Affaire. In the House of Uommou* ou the tih lust. l/>r<i Jim* BMUMU: e o a a o a I have already said we never pin forward the principle of the unity of Italy; but If unity m one constitutional t.ooarcby la the shape which the Italians think beat flttod to secure their Independence, we should be the last per nam to aay we would interfere tn order to prevent them accomplishing their wishes. (Hear, bear.) The right honorable gentleman says we are between two dangers, but be ta not now talking of the actual state of thing<; he la borrowing from bin imagination schemes and designs, which be thinks will bo earn <d into effect. I do not agree with htm I don't wish to provide against any outer danger bat that of a war breaking out in Kurop-v We may succeed in preventing It, and I hope we will, we may fall, ana if we do, 1 trust we will be treated by right houorable gentlemen opposite with the aame candor as we treated the* when they failed in 1B6U (Rear, hear ) Two alternative* have been mentioned. One ia tU at a confederation ahould be formed ta Italy, tha- the King of the Two 8?ctIlea ahould be restored, that the Pope (boaM bare all bis dormtntoas bank again except the Kom.icna, tad that aa Austriaa Archduke should reign in Midcrn and Tuscany. If there be auy truth in wbat we of Italian feeling, there la little likelihood that that could be doae, except by force of arms, and against doing >t by for?s of siu we, aa well as tbe Kmperor of tbo French, are pledged, and he renewed th?t pledge yesterday. (Hear, hear ) lie *ai>l f irth'-r. that by acting upon principle* of non Intervention Inconventenceo may arise, and It may appear tliat we authiwixed excess's wblch tboao who confined themselves to lo >king on may d-eplv disapprove, but notwithstanding those excesses and the responsibility thrown on other Powers. tie m?an* to keep steadfast to that policy, and on that poiut tireat Britain is perfectly agreed with the Kmperor of the French (Hear, hear ) I will say at once tn one w >r t that we are not now divided. There is no great ijne? tioa to divide us like tbe war of 17M, th s is a ipiostion of policy on which ws are mainly a*;re?d with the Kmperor of tbe Freuch (Hear, hear) We ?r? at td ? han.e time In close alliance an<t intimacy with tho otber pr.-at Power* of Kun>po, and If there wa* jn? >|tMnliou oa which it appeared to us that France was in tb<' wr <ng, drafted with that spirit of encroachment which s>in? times animated great military natioiiS. we would eater Into aliiano* WiU> them to counteract those desires Mv belief is that the second slUsrnative moiitlonivl la not likely to come to pass, and if the Kmperor of the trench should express bis strong disapproval of auy attempt on tbe part of Sardinia to break tbe treaty of Zurich and atfcick Veuetia, 1 believe the people of Franc* will en ilrt-ly support him In that declaration. (Hear, bear ) I hellere be baa no Intention to march with an army into Italy to support tbe Italians tn making such an attack, tut It is im|>os*thle tossy, In case of war, as new event* arise, what part France may take When I wrote the despatch of the 31st or August last, to Which the right honorable gentleman (Mr. Disraeli), |>as referred, l wrote about the same tune a despatch to our minister at Vienna, to say ?* tlktmid tn Urrlf duapprm* of ay attack I,y Sarrhnta ?p-.n AtuLsia, in tAat wt tKimUl entirely <litnpjrmr* nf any aitl gi*m ty FYaner tn $%tch <m attatk, that we sho uld tike care to ?Mire our opinions known at Turin and at Paris that we Susted our Influence would have the effect desired com ned with other considerations that must be In the gnlods of the sovereigns of these countries but I added we can go no farther?It ia not our intention to take part In such a w? if It should arise (Hear h?ar.) The right honorable genffnraan has asked me what are our re (attoos with France. ?We wish, as tbe honorable gentle tuaa who seconded tbe address with so much g sd sense find practical sagacity said, that the commercial treaty aboold have this nfllKt ?That It should establish an alii MKie not oaly between the governmeota of France aad Ingiaad, b<it between the people of France gn<i iagtMad. (Hear, bear) That, I helievei will fee ?h? case, aad I rseder due hormgs to ru? kaaixa^'c fatend nat now la the House, Mr t>Vle?i ? i dmwj xL has devoted se mask Wmt sad lobar m>\ I mm wtrj Uhi m audi of Mi valuable health?(hear. ?? r?pli11 (hat wort, and wUMWi tboMwm mmrmt i iWI w which will fur Ux future, I trual, render enduring the sawtiag MM MMl alliance MvM the !'??'?? (Chasm) /stated IB thia House before thtl we on mot keep mmi aslvsa apart from other Powara, and that i. iaralioa I r>?iin(Wf ?ell waa received with (real faior i Hear, hear ) We bave acted upoo that decUra Immi If have bad communications with Auatrta, Ruasia md I'm?>B witn regard to any question that aroae, and lte| - r-Ti i it tli. lr opiui>oa to ua. im Home que* ttoua we were ,n entire accordance, on others we bad varx <% opuiaeis liot the i la nothing In our relations with any uf ttf?te 1-uwere thai ah'mid make any of them ?alarum any Iveliag of emrangemont, or any feeling of huatiMty to Britain. (Hear, bear.) I can only ea thw part of the a<il>.Mct further say, that 1 bay*, and a; belief la that, notwithstanding the dan (era which ? ??an ua?hot the asp rot of which wm much more dark anme lime ago?the peace at Europe may at thw liana h? prreerved. (Hear.) It may be that Auatrta wtll atttk- her affaire with Hungary, and U to for other Ft>were to aattla their own internal aflhlra. It will be for II uaaia and Kuaata to aetUe the difficult internal quae .?? thai avw cccopy their attention; but I trust that noar <4 the dangers that manaoe ua will have any actual fikMalta*. (Hear, hear.) Persona may be sanguine enough la think that there may ha a great war in Kurope in wffah wo eon Id Uka no part; my ouarioOon la that al tbo^fthat war might begin without ua, and although we might 4e. iara we had ne ooncorn la it, in the oourae ?if that war eveata might Uka pta.- which wdtld ao ae rii'uai) meaaee the iadepeademe uf rationa that wa should take a daap intereat in them, and could not hold sauwsl van free from the oowiplratkma to wtich they had givta r mm. (Hear, bear ) For tlua reaaon I moat ear MaMy tap* that peace may oonUnue. ymiii The Pwia aarraapondeat of the l/ocdoo Pmt says that alt the !>>ww( intoraeted, Turkey inolulod, are now ?gra>d an Um> principle of a conference for Syria. This 0 trier- ace wiU hold ita - .tit. al Paris, and will assem Mr forthwith. to the (err* t#f uialif, na the klh, Count Moray deli rered a aanoh which referred aololy lo the raforma in Umi mUrior TV l*aru Bsarea oa the Oth continued heavy, and rrntea furtiier declined, at 47 HA The Kmperor's ?!?? h ?'?erciaed aa adrerxe mfluen. a The |'aria ourreapoudcal of the Inadoa Kma says that the faltering wnroa in the F.mperor's speech regarding the King of \?(?'.? received more generous an I spools aeoau- wi4<*bm than any other part of the ipeecti, exeopt the refrrances to B"ti intervention and the milnteoance af peaaa fhealtoatoa la a compact nation of 40,000.000 l? meaat a* a hint to i'ruaaia Al Paris the apueh nf Lwd J It namII.onTaeaday night, waa imandated aa txlraeicly warlike. Paw*, reb. T, 1861. The thm*-twr says the inv.ty for the caeslaa of M >? tra aW IU?q *e >r<iar la Y iaao waa atgaed <m the Sd of February with the I'rioce at Monaco Italy. Tlie ialaat dtapaicbea I rum Naplrt teporl that the aiogo af Uagta c*?ta?Md, the lire being brisk on both aid a. A daatiaim of the tth aaya -|MI of lb" sarren i?r of Casta n?tiaoe u> b mrr-Dl I'ruioe Carrlgaan m alill at Mcia di l.aela. A roacil nary ooaaptracy haa been dia j aavmwd to Maalm. an i haa led to m^reral arraaia. Na plea la Iranqqfl Tlie remaiader i4 the gtrrw m at Napiea had left for Ui. .*nj|. b.v..i. t.? Hie city waa gua'ded by mill ' Ua Fraeh piwyn of foreign rolunteera were beiug or J-xlaed there Tti*re had numeroni arrecta to ^?Macria M Al uetwa Irtiere mate thai 1 00$ acaliag ladders hare I ii U' tin l i ?? 1. " la M l.tie the eirctioM were going on at a oommane in the , * ' . .< M> aim a lio ji ??? -u i.-1 ptrtmtaa forr?4 Uw ir way u,tn the hall wlu<re the votea ware belag read, and in n4d iil'?d buWbaiMl the I'realdeut of the : electoral on,lege and I la two nana. The Ammm of W lan atatea that the celebrated oanpiwer, Verdi, will he el-cw-d aa a lieputy for turln. 1 P gam Vt-rdi la well known in Iialy for U patriotic aen tuuenia Tt'aia, Feb 8?IV M I The flnng al (iaett m nxvlerala on both aldea The day I before yeaterday the Haidimaii batternw blew up two m tl.' ? ? n i- < ii and d-etro)'cl a |airtioa of thr c urte.o between Ibe citadel and the St Antonla 1 haatian. Attalrln. The official Wtimmr /riiunp couiaxia aa Imperial derme ?CI" int ii? Ar? htiuke Kauter Creaideat of the Miaiatry and (itunl Nadamly lYeaideut of Uie Uejncil of Ibe km pirr Count Re<b?erg reniaim Mmialer af the Imjienal Ilmiaehold and Mid later of foreign Affaire Von l.aater la a|ipointei> Chief <4 the INrfiti. aJ A immiatratiun, l*retobera tin. ,.i.i ?< ,li^uo?-, *i.d < ?oiOl W m kenbert; Mluuu*r of i < iner ? It the fun- (miok af the Mm later, Rama S hmerling are < nn<?nirate<i all affaire cwemin* Ibe oriramaation of tne empire and Uie nalioual polllkal ro|>re*antaiion, public wirahip and laatrucleai The aflatra U Hungaty are, howert-r, axce|>led Rpala. Ri |NMtn are ctirreal of aa active ranrpum y among the democrat* and the lau-tMane of ItaaJuan O-irormnant ? ae on lh? wal< h and prepared for atnergaactos. Market a. l.OMHlH MONKT aARKIIT. UiaiHMi, Keb ?, 1M1. Hie Kngllah funda <m the Mh were depreeaed by tha ? Fmveror MMat^i ajie?-rh, and conjoin cloaed Hal at a dicltne of t, a >, per cent. < m the ?ih?the day the Kangar<a> Ml ljvetpnol?the tunda were dull, and conaoia were quoted at noon at HI a \ fur money and ace mat The diacount market ahowM no change. The demand waa good at aboal the bank minimum, 7 par onot, with ? Kceptmnai tranaacUon* at OS There were no gold opt ralionaat the bank Tha country bank nf Meaara Irdyard A Jons at Poale had aUippml pay dm?1 IMMMl n A elated. anaiui a? ?at amai The Ixmdnn pepera of the tth give the following aa the 'Meet prlcee, the market during the day having under Kane a fall on the American advtcaa ?lUinoia Central hharea, 3HH * '/?>? dla.. Krle, New York Central, 74 The dia< uaakm on foreign affaira in the OtmaMna lam evening raumil fund* lo o|wn tbia morn lag al a further decline of one-eighth, but owing to the receipt of or Iter accounta frum the Pari* IVmraa there waa a lead I naaa at the cloee la the dinmuat market there haa been an active demand al aeven per cant. There war* no tranaactlnna In gold at the bank to day. The bank acid to day ?.100 000 of ailvar, which It la preaumed will be sent to India by the neit (learner I>aww, Feb T?H. Conaoia have been ateady at 01 If n \ for money, and 03 1 16 a 3 16 for March account. Dealer* all baay with aettkmanl Sharea opened firm, with rather higher pricee upon traffic, but were not maintained Midlaala and I*>'<lK have decllneU (rom S>*ip ''ft. aadiKhera atx^it l4 Northaaatarn steady. Cknadaa without change. Panwi?Conaoia for money, 91 ^ a 'a; con sola for aocoant, 7th March, 021, ; ne# ihreea, ?1 a Ok* P. M ?Conaoia for monev, 01 \ a %; conaoia for acoount. 7th March,03*% a new Ihreea 01 \ a ,i Fitww MriiTW Paar Two P. M ?Conanie for money, 01%, c> naoia for account, 7th March, a )?. aaw threi*, 9154. Ct< mm. {"nnw ?Conaoia for money, 01 \ a 02, for ae oount, 02%, new threea, 91 \ a %. I.IVKKPOOL MAKKKTN. Ij\aanan , Feb d?P M CVrmm ?Meeer*. Jamea HewlU k Go. report that the market on Monday waa buoyant, and the demand good at an improri in nt of 1 1'". : a S,d per pound for the better quail ilea YeeU-rday, however, under the America'? ad vkiea, it Ix-came very flat, and prlaea were barely aup ported Hali a of the two day a, 16,000 balea, ioclo.lin? 4 000 for egport and apeculaiKw. To day (Wednaaday ) the market la dull and caater. Ha lea eatlmaled at 4.000 a 6,000 balra, including 1,000 on np*culata>a aad fur ex port. (jrannan , Feb. 7, 1441 Market rather firmer in tone. Salaa probably ah-xil I 000 balea or more. Importa, 1& M6, pravtoualy, M 603 tmooaii rkimkt Ijvaapmff., Feb T, 1041 Pa lea 7.000 balea, including 1 MM) on apeculatioa and for export. Market ateady, but aUli about )tfd below Fri day taat. | Tnaia M M iviiv:-o*h haa loat all the improved faeliag whi< h waa apparent al the clnae of iaat week, owing to uuaatiafactory li-ttera from India, and a dull and droop tug lone prevailed yeaterday, with a very limitj! 1 II iand Bnaa 1 wrm*.?Wake Bald, Naah k Co aad Rich vdnon, Spenci' k Co. report a belter feeling la the cam trade Hour In nther bi tter demand anil partially .id dearer F.xtra Htale, 20a 3.1. a 2?a 61 , Ofcie, 30?. a 3U 0.1 Wheal in irood requeel at full* prevHxia ralea, aad in ? ?me caaea Id advance Had. lis Od a 13a white. l>a a Ifta. per rental Corn 3d aOd. dearer, mixed. 37a Od a .Ida . yellow, 3Na a 8Nm Od while, 30a a JOB Od per quarter. PnovraioMi ?lleaf aegteclad aad eaaier Cork dull ami difticult to sell. Hacon alow, lard dull al Ma. a Ma 0d 1 allow flat Itulrliera \i?nciai 1.*1 Tri?Ir ,)fleri-l at IHoiiif*?Rrmn steady at 4a 74. a 4s M for sum moo <>pirlta turpeatine dull at 3d* 6d Jtugar* but ateady. ? Coffiv? inactive Rice exlr. inely dwll A?he* vary quiet. peta. 30a. a Ma 'id pearla 1+ 0d a 30* I jneeed oil, 2Va I .OH rxiN MARXBTV. H Unoa Fah. 1 ladl Hr.-e>'a'uff? A'm. and good qualiliea of aheetVoiy anp pnrtml. and in some caei-a foreign a shade Saarar M lerlor neglected Sugars uarhang*! Tea quiet hart i-tiwdy Klce in limital demand ai forme* rates IhAee unalU'tad. Tallow dull at b0*. 6.1 for Y C l*?Vita uf turpentine, Jin 6d for American Ijoeeed <hI, Ma. k 1 ondow raoiMri aaaanra H, reb T. mi frcit ?Tone of market quiet Corner ? "alee by auction have gaae at fall prices Ka?t lad in ardd al 6.1* a 90a., native Oevlna, 04a a 00a. Tka.?far no change in pncaw Kji*?ICO caaka Carolina, part new crop, taken la al 2Aa a 2A? ? HAItiKIMC quiet. Taiimw.?Market alemly, 1 M0 tone 4>?e at Ms aumnroua buy era. THR REWI BY THE ItUV* RCOTI A?. P roamim, Keh tl, INI The (knadlan arrow ateanwhip Nova Hrotian from Liverpool 71b, via l/oodooderry HI* laat , arrival at tbi* port at four o'clock tbla morning The following are the lataat advice* bj tbia arrival, m I,on<Jooderry:? I ' The Ijoorton Ttmm city article of the 'renin* of the 7 th novo ?The Impreveinent In tb? Parta Bonro* oaiael an I advance of one eighth la the FugIrnb fund#, which w? well maintained to the clone Tha dtacoanl market la ???in u tivp, with a good demand, and at the bank a I large bnaloeaa baa beeh doae There have been fto trana acHoo* ia g?M at the bank TV> r? I way market baa no larreaaed >Veprnaaiaii. It la atatad that the pmuw at UM- itaj* <rf rrm haa e?tlnu*d to ataadUf Bi^rowr, mi a, wane ,wlw n haa^ daalre haa dhwa# militated for a reduction of the sale of ?* rM*1' veto of Um Emperor of Russia, ?ki?o |W vested the arrangement for the Watauga of gold and ?"? ??r, to still attributed to political fltettugs. Yesterday the B .nk of England sold a further amount of silver of about ?40,000 for shipment to India. The sudden increase of specie remittance to that country 1' attributable entirely to large orders for the purchase of cotton The report of the select committee of shareliold era of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada recommends a petition to the Canadian Legislature for relief. It assigns a number of reasons why relief must be accorded, in the inter eat of the province as well as of the oompany. Lord Ranelagh Is arranging a (rand movement of tin volunteer forces for Raster Monday, to take plaoe near Brighton, with a view to ascertain In what numbers and time a body of volunteers oaa be concentrated at a givon point in the event of an emergency. Tie Chauoeilor of the Exobequer proposes that the go vernment dividends shall be paid whorever the Bank of England has branch establishments. It is expected tbat this wdl inorefe>e tt-e importance of the moau.r market at Liverpool, Manchester and several other places, and lead to an Increase of deposits in the country branches The marriage be'ween the King of Portugal and the Princess of Hohrnzoilern is expected to take plaoe in May. The London T\n,e* regards the vote of the Prussian Chambers In favor o< Italy as calculated to give a check to the warlike incUiatlona of the Courts of Germany, great and small. At Paris the speech of Lord John'Russell, onTsesday bight, was considered extremely warlike Pasts, Feb. 7?? P M. The Bourse has been very firm and animated. Rentes closed at 6Sf. 36c.?ten per cent higher than yesterday. Italy. Torav, Feb 7 1861. At Gaeta within the last thirtysix hours the besiegers have blown up three powder magazines and destroyed a side of sur'ain citadel. The garrison has asked an armistice of forty-eight hours to bury the dead. This has been granted by Gee Cialdinl, who has besides sent to the pltco necessaries for the wounded. Turkey. Hie Grand Vizier's report note reiterates the sent i meats of Rutsia. The Christians are oppressed, an I the Porte ooutinues toruluse its assent to a prolongation of the French ocsnpatiou of Syria. The lUusmn Ambassador has presents 1 the I'orte with a strong note in rep'y. Drafts aii'l treaties of commerce are aho it to be con eluded between England, Turkey and Francs, and havo been sent home for the approval of the and (tag list) governments. The commercial crisis continues in Galatz. Mostak, Feb. 4,1ML On the 24th of January ths Montenegrins, with a band of insurgents from the neighboring villages, which they had kept in a state of revolt, surprised soverai villages in the district of Nicisset, and behaved with the utmost cruelty and utrocity towards the peaceable Mussulman inhaVitants, killing altogether forty-one persous, of whom ten were children and three women. A second band at tacked the chief town of Oirtazatz, and assassinated sevo rsl people, burnod many houses, and acted with the greatest for*-city and cruelty toward the inhabitants. Commercial Intelligence. LONDON MONET MARKBT. lx>imot(, Feb. ft?Noon. CoomX* for money a 91'J. amour as stinics. Tlie laUvt sales were:? Illinois Oea./ai Railroad dia.JtSX a H-ie 2S\ a ? New Yifk Central 72 a 74 MVntrOOL COTTON M ARKKT. The -alee of cotton for tlv- week have been 40,000 bahn, Including 3,600 to speculator* and 11,009 to ex pott' rs. The market opened active, with a slight ad vance but American advices sad ths unfavorable ac counts from Mati> h<?ter had a depressing effect, and fair (|tialitiea declined one eighth of a penny; lower qualities were vory irregular, and offered at one-quarter of a penny decline. Tli-- sales.on Friday were 0,000 bale*, including 1,000 bales fa> speculators and exporter*?the market ? loaibg quiet at the following quotations;? Fin r MvldHng ortsana.. 7T^d. 7 6 10d. Mot'ile 7*.d 7 ';d. 1 plands 7l,d. 7d. Hie total Stock in port is estimated at 910,600 bales, of which 647 000 are American. James Hewitt It Co. say Riid'tllng qualities havo declined 1 1M.; oommon, *<d. on the week, while fair qualities are unchanged, the market ckwing very dull. Breadstaflk opened quiet and steady Com Arm. Pro visions steady. [Ths newspaper bsg of the press was forwarded by the lower route ) eeterday morning, and will be due here this morning at daylight.] FINANCIAL' AND COMMERCIAL. Tuitiuoat, Feb. 11?6 P. If. Thw ia nothing new in the money market Money abound* on call nt & a 6 per cent, nnd the right nort of paper goes readily enough at seven. Second claM name* are no easier to pass than they ware. Foreign exchange wan rather firm to-day. Rank er* are getting 105% for their aterling bills, and 5.40 for franc*. Good mercantile bills go at 101 a V One or two leadiug. house* ask 197% for their sight exchange on I*oadon. The stock market was doll to-day, and as a rule prices were lower. Harlen preferred fell off one per cent, Central Hndsen V and the Western sharea V4 a all round. Erie fell off %. We hesr that, contrary t? tka expectation of many brokers, no stork has lataly come from F.ngland. The completion of the l.oog Pock is likely to increase rather than diaainish the Kngliah interest ia Krie. United States stock of 'lit advanced 1 per cent, and the stock of '66 1% per oent. Treasary notes roae %. In the afternoon prices were again a fraction lower, the closing quota tions being as followa.?Virginia 6's, 75 a ^ Mis ?Kwrtn's, Ua^; Canton Company, 14 a 16; Pa ri* Mail. a %; Mew York Central, 77 a 77; Erie. 10?4 a II Hadsoa River, 43^ a %; Her lem, 16% a * a; do. preferred, a M; Reading, 4? a V Mi htgsn Central, &.'?*? a 6Michigan Reuthern and Northern Indiana. 14 a ^ do guaranteed, II a SI ; Panama, 113 a 1141 Illinois Ceatral. 7Ma %; tie leaa and Chicago, 71% a Cleveland and To ledo, n% a %: Chicago and Roek Island, 56*? a 57: Chicago, Burlington and Oamcy, 71 a %, I1U aoi* Central T'a, M a 97. The public loaa ta be awarded on ftatnrdey is tkr Mibjeet of general rosam-at in the street. AU bida from Krw \ utk n?4 be made to morrow, and the deposit el ane per rent lodged with the Itab Treasurer beCeee fear P. M. The following ia the otrial notice from the department: - omrisu - ra*?meauo ron a uu? ? bkihi Wt .m st D??af* -tmnh t>?|iwm. r?ir?rv IX ?rata ? n b- r?.????*! ?? ikt* I?'imlimi _ , s "4 fclW'Hi, lb* US lay {4 Nkrwr; i?, f<<* h|M BIHmo* ?f TiaMses mt im Mai af <?.* ISSI ??i?4 iff* rati) It "'rtmm sera nt 1<?<?*?* ta a*isswsi??a* it* Mat <<?Mi?r um *S t?III ' SMlb ftSOS S to** St VblSk 1MB* UM BeSMSSlS ? U b? t? ? *4 a* ? a MSaS. TV ?.si ?id >* mit>a?s?sn is t??t *jr fr-r? rvrai im SeM *? Jmtmrr mm mft *?l baa* '"""s si Si art r?M um MfsM* mm saaasnj sa (Wliti U)i ?r Im nut m4 i ?lf ?f ? wt t ftaa "Sr. .*? >? awrii 4 far H| frasiis ?l mm mat -aaa4 4<?lsf* w ? ..-irM , "<iiK?i?rNi luM <S <k. >? ?? itsm4 M !K? r?>?sa * mm I u? Tissisry Tie mw?si njr ? m t [?r- (? TV* Oar. >' e..? ?m i ?a*b b<a*4**4 4.-?.*?"? <S rarfc SMrS ?ib? MgsIS '? plana I ? lba,#-tlaie* sal* f'?a IsHMsf 1*1," a<?.l ta ?4<n .1?t -as (W xHStr M lb* ? S. rmart ,4 lb* TfaSMSff WsSMa|'?^ t? C* TV bMM*re i.Mor II. f >**.?? ?Um'r\J u.f'.i m?4 by mmM aa* tka if aa-rwetrs ii>.. ?,m* t^sn Aa ?spaa* a i?, i?m Tr*aa>ar*f M ihs I MtrS Walss, vNfc Iks Aaaar'asi T ?a?u?-# at tiaka, Va? Tarft w as or ke<aw? llM |M est si n*?i ?I?M I t I irn I K? i*?. S?aara In 4rfasM a* 'SI r aal?is. a? aaMMBMlmnat isa SM la tats IsfMSMil, II va Iw a> h1Sm?4 CrriMsalas *1 InaSW ? <a WIS V uw*e Is tka ??a i ta I kisdsn sr i? -if ?M%m is mams ai mm iksamad, f ?? im asstS a?4 lea Ifcsuaso* <M*ra M lit* ?i?m la m%fk has Iiiay ba raa|>ais?tal| *?-li *<tei|> a. Ifcatf V|aa'a as a ssssai4L <%II Iff* fr"S) lbs nils sr sora SrsnSI. atlbarsla f SI |<ar MSI Iia twl Skarft a Ml ? usiisTntaSI' ra tb* I -.Hoi <ba Tr-a*vij aarssaMf Mia- irouuau s lha ttsasrawat. M.I -I i| fcf.y f i>.r aam?!.ifal liai ra iraraMS*nia?IM S> assrk. ?Sh *??>!? s* *a?nl a*.r aal !??? aasi SWSII I ps* aU* l a-an !>.* I?a i J ,f n*t? awk ravuSaasaa a ill b- Sm<m4 m wisas of . ?? l? rS,.?I S - a. k aid a??rk ^raa>SM s* la^l'S ?b*r- t. Hi'1 irnm atari ia>iaa4 ar mSi tfanafrrral la a ? lb* u.*? i|. Trr r? . . ' - T-tf-i-H HbS <rasa'*rrf4 Vt A* 4*' *..ff <f aarb iwiWraiaa Ib* la ISIM OS ikla ?. tWr It ?, s* Sa* af Uk> 4*f*l ud|I lb* I at Say '/ vil' ba mM < a <*??? 4a? ?? >*>a ?* ? rtaglral bM 'as ar bta sliaat.. r If ms <ar* - \rrila au . a a* 4a l?S '4 Ta* prrJaiiMaSS lafaast ?4 ai fSSi. ?h mtsaas oD?i?ir lUaaotiw ?m i- i? tt- ami Oa p. aM of |^Mt| ?l I j Wi i?jATtililn. . M MM r. be kutuA'd) nwJlMM.M >.l k:4^rfl - JdHM A. mf Uw tl I?i|. It is not known tlifttft id; Mi ?fl roflM from Mow England, bgl it seem* to be aoppoaai that the people of that section, wliow ingenuity in disturbing the government cannot be qa^tioaed, will wi-h to be counted out when it hnc?aM ??? ceseary to lend money to su?taiu it. Fi <tu pre sent appearances it seem* likely that two i ombi nation bids may be Meat from here -one at about 91, for perhaps half the whola ain -un< to be awarded; the other at 90, or there abouts, also for a large sum. It is supported, however, that no bid at 90 will he sus cessftil, as there will be a very large number of bidt> from private individuals ranging from <?1 to 93 and 96. Some leading bankers will meet to morrow lor the purpose of oonsultiug in regard to the matter; it ia supposed that thsy will m ke a combination bid so aa to insure the taking of the whole loan, but at such a prioe aa will enable tl* public to bid over them and atill obtain a cheap bond. This morning 98 was bid for the sixes of 1868, which, having only seven years to run, are less desirable as an investment than the uew bonds. The following was the busmen* of the Bub Treasury today:? Receipts $*4,156 9ft ?Fur custom* 79.000 00 laments 61,638 69 Balance 3,376,346 IT The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $21,561,702 54, and the balances ?1,380,194 09. The I jken.s Valley Railroad and Coal Company has declared a dividend of six per cent, payable on the 4th of March, at the offico of the company, No. 13 William street; the Planters' Bank of Tennessee, a semi-annual dividend of four per cent, payable March 1. The New Orleans Picayune thns notices the ex change market, under date of the evening of the 14th instant:? Foreign exchange tends downward, and lower rates were accepted to-day Highest figures for A1 sterling were 1027-i a 103; hut these are exceptions, and hardly anything can bo sold over lOi Good clear bills cube boutht at 100, and we bea/ of some bill of Idling drafts, veil secured at that, which were iwroiI at 97 !??. This t-hows the wiiW net-* of the range Francs are also lower. a hale of 20C.GOO A! was marie at 5f.67>?, Trilling gums can he had a? 5f 56, and the run is now from 6f.70 a 6' 67)f. Sales of sixty day bills ou New York were made ?? 2% a 1\ discount on first cits? paper, which Is not so good as yesterday. Sight ruled at a X a % discount. Honkers Crew ut >, a 0-10, and the banks check at a >i discount. The New Orleans Bulletin of the 15th says:? Business of every kind has been exceedingly unsettled to uay, and the market has worn throughout an ususu

ally Irregular and disturbed appearance. In the morning there was a good demand for foreign exchange, and sev eral round amounts woro taken at very firm prices, but subsequently the Inquiry abated and holders found It alncbt impossible to ?ifcct heavy operations on any letnis whatever. Gear sterling bills were sold us high as 103, and even a fraction over for favorite signatures, while all ether g< od bills ruled at 102 and 101, and as low ax I00>%. Rills with shipping document* attached ranged from 100 a 98 and 97 >?, a>id francs from 6 50 a 5.60 and 5.66 per dollar. Time bills on the North were weaker, and some small amounts changed hands at 2'^ a and 3 per cett discount for sixty day bills on New York, fee., and sight was in more limited request at X a ?. d If court at bank, and ^ a K and \ discount out of doors The money market showed no symptoms what ever of returning activity, and the movement w?s, if any thing, still further restricted In all classes of securities. There w <s somo Inquiry for a few favorite signatures, which were, as usual, in limited supply, but the general run of names wore wholly neglected, and transactions all round were but little better than nominal. Tberc was nothing done In either stocks or bonds, and not even an offer made for any description, so far as wo have been advtecd. By the arrival of the Bremen at New Yorlt two days later advices from Kurope were received about noon by telegraph, which bring our transatlantic dates down to the 29th ult. The news however, was of a rather de pressing etaracter, and hud an unfavorable eflect on both commercial and financial interests. The Philadelphia Bulletin of Wednesday after noon says:? The money market is abundantly supplied with capital, but the frequency of failures and the distrust which ex ists in mercantile circles have about brought the discount business to a close. First class paper, and promissory obligations accompanied with satisfactory stack or other collaterals, may be quoted at I to 10 per cent, but renew ed 4>aper and second class evidences of indebtedness are generally retected The banks are doing vory little, ex cept in the way of renewals We are informed that one or two suits have been commenced against the banks that have recently been paying out uncurrent funds, contrary to the act of the legislature. Trade continues vory stag nant iu most departments There has been, within a day or two, more demand for breadstullk and tor Hour. In wheat and corn there is more firmness In prices, but cot ton, coal, iron, naval stores, provisions and wool are ex ceesively dull. In freigbti there la very little doing, in eitber foreign or ooastwise. Kxchangea are very quiet. In the Illinois Legislature a bil was introduced, read three times and passed by a unanimous vote, to provide for the issue of $33.5,592 in bonds, paya ble in 1879, the committee to which it was referred having thought it better to issue the bonds at once, and, when called npon by the United States, to pay the money rather than to make the guaranty. A comparison of the footings of the weekly statement of the Boston banks with those of last week exhibits a decrease of $315,800 in the items of loans and discounts, $279,454 in deposits, $171, 253 in circulation, and an increase of $78,189 in specie. We annex the principal footings for the past two weeks, with the corresponding week last year:? 1*1* Istmntddit. J/vris. DrpotU*. Citeula'n. Feb. 11 $63 434 332 4.573,614 18.074 898 6,887,662 ?>*?- !? 6i,lift,632 4,661,808 17,796,444 6,216,299 Same time last year:? Feb. 90 $60,113,838 4,677 834 17,697,881 6,306,637 The following table will show the number of pas sengers and tons of freight carried over the Rock Island bridge for the time specified:? By this table It wtll be teen that the road hM carried 192 666 passengers, wbtota, at the low rate of ten cents each, would amount to $19.255 50; 284,833tons -f freight, which, at the v?-ry loweet price for ferriage and handling would ooat $1 per too. making $384.83$, or a grand total on freight and jiaesengers of $304,068 56, which has been saved in actual cub to the public by the construction of the bridge. The statement shows the number of p*sn,?n gers, loaded freight cars and pounds of freight passing over, and b ate and rafts passing through the draw of the railroad bridge, to June 30,1860 ? ? /'asMwprrt. Ecut. H?rf. 7Vrfa/. Heft. 1, lft68, to Jane 30. 1867 . 30 S86 38,268 88,881 June 3S. 1*67 to.June Ml. 186ft . .16.024 31 413 68 438 June ao, 1868, to June 30,18S9.. 20,048 18 806 38 864 Jane 30, 1869, tofJune 30, 1860.. 14,383 14,642 28^406 102,616 192.666 l*Kniel cart. Hept I, 1868, toVune 30. 1867.. 3,74? 8,706 10.485 JaneJTlO, 1867. to June 80. Ift6ft.. 8,238 6.341 10,17# June 30. 1*68, to June 80. 1*50 2 608 6,178 7,874 June 30, i860, to June 30, 1880 . 6,860 6.227 11,027 **?1 18 333 24.102 40,436 Itmsnf AVnflk/ Katt. Wmt. Intal June 80. 1868, to June 80, IMS 33 620,448 72,734,296 1 06,364.743 Juse 80. I860, to June $?. I**?- 110.440,197 88,029,487 178,478 684 141.089,846 140,763,762 Ronts fba/j Rift* nmd haflt Pnuimg rami ng 1' irin? /?aMtaf tku Drw SotUA. South. Jetal. *Tt 1, 1?S8, to July 80, 1867 820 Ns reo. 618 Jwe 88, 1867, to June 30, 1*68 A61 66? Ns roc. 1,118 Juse 3ft, 1868, to June 30, 801 606 476 1,682 Jwe 88. I860, to June 80. 180? 431 430 4T8 1,348 tots' 1,089 1,018 963 4^766 Mack IOirh?H|?. rHUKrtOAf, Fob. 31,lMl. V SUIT. *?,'?& 80 .10 nhs Krle HR.. b30 31W l?<?l tw W?i lUritm KK pra(. U IWirr??U|ii n? 103V ?? do I>a0 38 lYaa* 10 p C a.. 100 V 300 do 37 V <<?n llti I Kit 14 m b xd 60 do b16 37 V M) III Ora KK bd? ?7 300 do s30 37 V 1000 lot'ft Mil l?h V0? Reading RR 43<? ?<) <%* * NW 1 m 3# m Chi h Rock la KR 67 V jo.hal* M Ml Oo MS 100 do *30 A7 M do 10 *4 330 Mich Oaotral RR. 66% ? d? 84 SO do *10 MP; H0 Had Hit RR a30 41V 80 do a30 MU *? do 44 60 d>j.... b.TO 66>, ?? do 4.1^ 36 Mich Si A N I ( i 31 >? 'M do 43 *, 100 do 81% MOHosloan UR...b30 1*S ? I'Uiuno RR 116 1? do 1?V 160 III On RR prof . 79 400 MVot* On KR 77 H <i? ''<*> T# ?? do. 77>, 100 do nM 78% 1M do .. b80 77 ^ 60 dft. 78V ?? do .. b? 77', 60 do 78% IM0 *k ?:? 77 300 do *30 78)4 !??' d?? blO 77 S 300 do,... bJO 79 ?? do 77*4 M> do 79 M do lawk 77?, 1?) <la alO 78 \ l<? do ... blO Vt Um <?*1A Ohl. ?o RR. 71V 30 do .. . 77 :wo Clara h Toi RR.. 33% ?M do 77s "* do.... bao 31% m <i. aia as ??* *n av W? Rria IX *J k M f*a*. l'<U?i?A? HK 110 m no, m4 fitaw V ? "H raai ? aA? H-id K UR ? lM?Tr.a. I??* ?"* 1?*\ ?? do ...^ 43 jw? W'kr-MaaCa- *8% WUf'tuKK...^.. liH ???n> ?"?'???? *H| '?????? RR ?* MS*) Mi ->?>' ?!-?% 1'-" laa-li g KR ... 41% li?aO T?? a 8"S 'V*< 7'i Ul lili t 111! KB .. 71S \S5jTTwib. MIK V* '?? ?? Jl ????.? m J'**1. !! w m* da 11V Ml4< < h ?4 NHJJm 18 W*> llevfc lot KKuM 83 MNNlr^IM^. Ki *0 do b30 tt>. M ?'? Ca- iftr M.*4KV> J00 do. S?l4 IT N r 0? KK 77 i? Chic A Kk U RK. 67 ui d? 7aV 360 do 78* M> do s38 68* 7?H CtT\ ( OMMBCIAL MKPURT. TmiMiT, Koto. Jl-4 P. It ??'*ba at.ket *u steady . with aut?* of 20 or 30 fcbla at $ft 1? ?or |->U and at %i H '>?? poarla. Baatiani m ?KHair?The maj kM was ttrm and more ?, (|vr ?i h ? r""1 *?'' e*P?rt demand The Uas?acth*s atnbra M about 13,000 a 14,000 bbU. .closing I witlto the following quotatits ? *ui?*fiue KXraSUi* good toc?KH?e 6 36 a 5 f* ; Supei fine *.?tern J ' G innw a to choice WesUrn extra J 40 a 7 26 Mixed toatraigbt S?witb?rn 6 6* a 0 8? Hualghl togo.?i ?*?*? <4o.? J "? a i <a < l??n?- riUi lauidy unJ b?kfrt brauda.. 7-8 a 8 n> Rye J ! ,, ?torn BMMti, Jersey and Braadywtna 3 00 a 0 ?? . rtour m ?l?-adv and is fair demand, wtin Mir* of :vs? bbia at 96 40 a $7 26 Southern flour iu firmer ard to row* bailor demand, including purehasea for expert to tbo "eat Indies The transaction em braced about 1 300 bb% , cloaing within the range it tha above qu<Wtloiw. Rye flour wa? a toady at oar llgurea, whi'e Kile* were limited. 0>rn m?ul was heavy and price unchanged. Wheat was firmer and more active, with sales of ab->ut 55 #00 bualiela at $ip0 for red state tl 33 a $1 36 for red Western?the Utter figure for ctioke to rtore tl 40 all 60for white Ohio and Michi a?r inatnre; ?1 26 for Canada club, $1 23 a $1 26 for Milwaukee cl"l>, |1 20 a tl 21* for ChicaK? sprtog?the Utter figure lor N<? 1. 0*n was firmer and to good ?* poit demand, and from the . omeatic trade The t?08"? tiona fboted up about 6?,0?<# buehela at "4%c^a 86c. for iww mixed at the railroad dep t, 88c a 6?c for old W.atern tnixe.1 in rtore, and 89%c for do., delivered, and 72L.c. a 77c ft?r white Southern. Itye wa? steady, with tales of ? 000 huahels SUtn at 74e., and 2^00 do. at p. t. Bailey and barley malt wore qliiet and pric-* un changed (lati were heavy and Hales moderate M 36 ,c. a 38L'c for W'osiern, and Canadian at 37c a 37'tc ___ Owncv.?Ilie m.rket was steaily, with sales of S00 bags Rio at lie. a 12c. , t Comm.?Owing to accounts of dectltung of receipts at Southern jxHts, and esperhl y i* New ')rleii?s, with an advanctug u-ndenry to prires. ths m trkel, wiib regard to Ltverpool, was lirnier and active. fHxooera^tere'1 the market freely . Ike rales f>ot?l up about 4,000 a 4,jO0 bales to lots oiling on the baste of UVi a ll*c <** middling nptends. and at lie. fur htrlrt middling do. Ihe btock here c<mtu.uen liirlit. and Inland tranjiix^UUtjn ha. not thus far tended to angment It. FKKWiins ? Kai.s for gr i n were firm, wl'h light en g,peine,.ts TO I jverpool- #00 bueheh wheat ware rated in bulk at 12d , and 9.0>j0 nu>re UWen to bulk at I'iWd Tl)*' rate* varied from DM'1 134i sskod >n i-lii|>'# b?ga 1.'**) bbU. "'>ur were tok' ii. part to till up ?t ?s 81 (00 batan f. lfid a ? d ?the latter llgure for iitj omi"?M0d| anJ ??? "one tallow at 37s fid T" l/wdon 1,000 bbls. flour were engaged at 4p. , and 200 boxes barou at 40s T<> 126 libit* Urd ware Uk?-n at 4 Js 01. to Uretnen 200 bales of cotton w< re engaged at lc per pound K was engaged for (ialway and aootbar for a direct port in Ireland to load with about 16 000 bushels of wheat eaoh, in bulk and ship's tags, at 13%d. .on,. Hay was steady , with sales of about 800 bales at 90c a P5c. for shipping, and at $1 for city use. * Moiawoch.?The sales t'xoted up about 300blil*. How Orleaus at 3.V.. a 34c a 36c Nanai HTOKJt8.-?The ?ales embraceil 200 bids, spirits turpentine at p. t.. and 100 do., Southern slilpptog^ order, at Sb%c ; 1,0(0 bbto. common rosin at $1 25 per J10 K)B. delivered, lBd 360 do. No 2 at $1 80. 1'kovuuonh ? l'ork was quiet and steady. Ino sales footed up about 300 bbls a'. $17 12a $17 35 for and at ?13 for prime. Reef was quiet at $8 76 t?75 for repacke. mesa, at,d at |10 a $10 75 for extra. Bee htmfl and prime mosa were quiet, and prlcca nominal. Cut meata were quiet, and prices unchanged. Urd was firm, with sak s of 600 tierces and bbl?. at 8,?<c. a 10>i?: Hress ed hogs wore selling at 0\c. a 7c. (the latter flguro for beat quality Western) iWc. a 7?c. for city. Butter and ebeeae wert unchanged. Rut was quiet at 3X<*,. n , ? , ,. StMiAiw?'Tbe market was steady, eepecially for the better qualitiei. The sales embraced about 600 hhds Cuba, part common refining goodw at 4>?c., and fair to good at 4J<c. a6,tic. ;460 boxea Havana and 160 hhda. mt lado at p. t. ... . Wbckky waa tolerably active, with saloe reported of 700 bbls. at 17Xc^ galea of Real Katate. By Adrian n. Muller. 2 lota n a. 112th at. 270 feet w. of 31 avc., each V> br 100 11 ?*$? 1 lot adjoining 26 by 100 11 2 lots do. each 26 by 100 11, each ???*""' fr? 6 lets do. In rear, on 113th St., each 26 by 100.11 5j5 SHIPPING MEWS^ almanac roa mrw vo*k?THIS Dir. 6 44 I moo* aura morn 4 fie 6 431 hioh watkk mom 6 02 Port of Maw York, Febroary HI, 1861. CI .FARED. RteamabiD North Star. Jones. Aaptnwall-I) B/llem. Hteamahlp DeSoto, Jobnaton, Havana and New Orleana? Livingaton, t'rocheron A Co. _ _ ? Hteamatup R K Cuyler, Crocker, Savannah?B B Cromwell > O* Ship North American. Luce, narre?Bovd k Hlncken. Kblp Oeorgea, Slater, Havre?Itoyd k. Hlncken Bark Architect. Putnam, Dublin?J 8 Wh tney k 0?. Bark Hradore (Br), I'arke. Belfaat-(l V Bulley. Bark N H Oaaton, Parmelee, Barbadiwi-Blahup k Bro. Bark Norma be ga. Haling, OaWeatoo-J II Brower k Co. Brig Urania (Br). Wayoolt. Bristol (second clearance)?Jed r'dchr Flying Scud, Carmine, H*van*? Maguire k Arm s!-kr Norman, ColUns. Jaokaonvtlle-T H Sandford. Hchr Marine, McKee, WllmlrvgtOO-Kfl Howell Sehr l'roweaa. Jackaway, Phlladelpbia?I Hand. Rchr Locust, wyne, Plymouth?T G Benton A Sofia. Schr C 0 Smith, Morae, Ulouceater? A Howe*. Sehr P B rid sea, Lindaay, Marblehead?Maater. Bohr M Washington, Anderson, Elisabeth portThompson k Hunter. Steamer lootom. Crookar, PhOadatoaia. ARRIVED. Steamship Kangaroo (Br). Mierhouae. Liverpool, Feb 8, 8 PM, via Oue^nntuwn rith, 2 AM, with mdae aiiil tmaaengnra^ to iehn O Dale Arrived off the Battery at 7:15 AM_ Feb 7, 40 miles 8W of Holyhead, paased ateamahlp bdtoburg. ^StMitaktp Torktown, Farrish, Norfolk, *e, with mdse and paaaengcra. to l.udlam k llelneken. Bark Houtherner. Campbell, KHtabethport for narana Brig Blltabeth Watts (of Camden. NJ), Bryant, Cienfuegoa. 17 daya. wtth sugar 4c, to H Moulton Sailed in coraf^ny with bark L D Carver, for Boaton, and brig Naiad, or New Vork. ?th Inst, off Vortogas, apoke ship DeWitt t Union, bound 8; 10th, to the Htralta of Florida, was In company wtth brig Indna, bound N, and schr J W Ana in, from l .len fuegos for Philadelphia. Brig tarah l'etera (of EHaworth), Hlggina, Xlbaia, 14 days, with >ngar It, to C k R J Peters. Schr Maria-lane 8, with logwood m r, .J rnrrn. _ _ , (of East port), Croaby. Klngrtoa, Ja, Feb _ _ Ac, to maater 17th init, ofif Hatteras, piaaaed aehr Seaman, bound 8. Schr F A lleaik (of Ialeboro*. WlUlams, Hagna. 9 daya, with molasaea, to Walah, t'arvar A Chaae. Sailed In company wtth brig Albatroaa. for N York. Experienced heavy westerly galea off Hatteraa, cplit aaila, atove bulwarka, Ac Schr James Satterthwalte, Maloy, Charleston, 3 days, with ??Sehr J?MlTaylor! 'kite, Newbern, NO, 3 daya, with ootton Ac, to R M Blaekwell k Oo Schr Gertrude llorton, Pendleton, Mahon a Ditch, Del, 2 d*Schr Julia Baker, Baker, Blltabeth^rt for Boston , Schr Enterprlxe, Beekman, Ell*al?ethport for lied Bank. Steamer Albatroaa. J onea. Provldenee. The brig Balear. which arrived night of 30th Inst, left Tain plco Fab 8, not Jaa 26, as reported. BEI/)W. Ship John J Boyd, Thomaa, from Liverpool Jaa 11, to W Ship Southampton, Austin, from Liverpool Jan 3, to Snow A Surges*. SAILED. Steamships North Star, Aaplnwall; De Soto, Havana and NewOrieana; R R Cuyler, Savannah; ahlp Revely, London; bark Pallaa, Bsllre, Hon; brig A P L i Br), Gibraltar. Wind at sunset WNW, blowing freah. Hrralrt N>rla? Cormf?i<f w. KEY WB8T, Feb 11?The ?hlp Clifton U loaded ami nearly ready for mm. .The ahlp* Mediator, ud Abhy RIanWiard, with the cargo of *hlp Oman HUr, will be nearly ready to tail for tht* week. Tho bark Indian Oueen aalled thla morning for New Ye*. Her expentea ware $I2?7. The three masted ?chr Maria Pike I* discharging Salvage, decreed thin morning, $X!m Thin ve?*et got tab>n- In the af. ternoon, on Worth Key HboaU, Tortugaa, and after xtavlng deck load waa got off by wreccera Dllwrllanroni. Ran Frandaoo shipping advice* to Feb 6, per Pony Bxpreti, Id general newt column* St*a?*b (Ivw Fi.ork*?The propeller *een going Into Ht Thomaa 9th ln*t dlaabled (reported by hark Reindeer, which arrived at thla port H)th \ waa probably the ateamer Den Floree, Tllby, which aalled hence .fan 17 for Callao. Kmr IalRKMjt, Conin, from Altau t<fr Pal month, waa at St Thomaa Hlh mat In dlatreaa. No particular* Bat* Htorm Kmc, Mllletl, fmm Motambiqne for Halem, x lit) a full cargo of date*. Ivory. Ac, put Into Ht Helena Dec 27 In diatreea leaking badly, with wood end* atarted, rudder damaged and othrrwUe disabled, having experienced very ae Vf-re "cather off Cape of <Jo.>d Mope, during which waa bonrded over thf atern by a heavy *ea, waahing away the binnacle. Ailing the cabin with water, and canning the veaael to leak to au<'h an extent that It waa with dlllleiflty ahe waa kept free by the n*c of her pump* Hbe remained In p-irt Jan I at which time a aurvey had ordered the reaael to be partly discharged for examination; after which another nur vey would be l ad to naccrtaln the extent of damage and to e** what repair* would b<> necea*aiy to enable the veaai-l to rrattain her voyage Tier rudder would have to be taken oat. *e. Baio Vruxtran*. before reported aabore on weat end of Nantucket, ba* gone t<> pleoea Part of her cargo lit* been aaved. Hen* Dour a* InvtAin)?John Holmea, agent for Knder writer*, retnined from the Don-a* Ireland morning of l#ih, andrep-rtx that 126 bale* of cotton ha? been <aved. It ha* been no rough for the laat week that the men could not wofk, and the wreak ha* been aottling gradually In the clay, to that her weather rail now only remain* tit of water. Rrn> Cha* T St*o*o?BalUwiora Feb Jl?The ?chr Ohaa T Htron?r. with a cargo of coal, hence for New York, was *unk by colli*lon near Wolf Trap* ? Illy telegraph to Kllwood Walter, E*q, Secretary Board of Underwriter.) The (!Tg waa built at Patrhoaun In 1SA2. 24H ton*, rated \l%, and awtied by M<-**r? Midller, Lord A Quereau. HAi.rtwoHK, Feb *>?Cap! Htorey report* having foond the leak In (hip Napier It 1* la the garboard *tre*k. and It feet In length: the oakum l? all out and the copper broken ?(By letter to Kllwood Walter, B*q, Secretary of the Board of ITa derwritK*.) Waac*-A lot of knee*, dunnage and deck plank, a beam with tour bum lmhingaon It (two of whloh had been gut by an a?e), alt of h ird nre*d not much aoaked ami part of th? top of a niedirlne cfcent with the word ' Huadteea ' ti^rk?d on It, togetli. r with sundry *hlp'? a^iclne, apparently liel'inglng to. Teasel of about ton* Crime aihoreon W end or few alt's Inland. <<a*ao Ailttg of 12Mt (net A large quaa fify of dr "t Ht' If waa no a*bon> on l.tttle OfWea Inland, and larg? titiuMM s^m glwiHtig near Mnppcweii to have eoniQ frsin sooie vwd lu?t otl IM?a Itwcfc. rarfof a aMh* we* found om which tu Mnl ? gtunt from the Straits ? Gibraltar. WkkCK?A part of I be qaarter An*V with for* boom u4 f.ieMUl attached, drifted by Unlaw' Bute to ibf t?4*W< 1Mb. The foresail at d boom wars picked us neit morula, rear the Cro*? Hip, by Mshr Mary Oreeowood. The loresa' U reeled, ano is supposed to hawe belonged to the aebi mid tM yuick's Hot*. A aUcm at a yawl Dtck'd up oa thr mti ?ide of the V iaef ard has been Identified iu belonging to th i-chr i! K Freeman, by a brother of the captain. Ibe Hamburg aUfimahlp Saiunia haa beeu Uk"n on the great Btltmi' duok tor tkt purpose of having bar hull a?w?pe< and newly painted. The i-hip John Cottle, 1HU0 ton*, uaa beieu taken oa the larn Sectional dock. She will D? atrlppej, inoaulked and uowiy coppered. Litkhi-ooi, Keb 5-The Rutland, Fueter, from New Or lean's hiu> arrived here, with loss of ligureoead aad cutwater started, having experienced tremendoas weather aariag the The New England, arrived here from Savaaaah, enoAaa tered a hurricane from the NW on the 17th Jaa, la let 44 g. Ion ;16 W, during which she loat furetopruaat. rnlien lopgaT lan'maat, lore yard, bowsprit, bulwarks, Ac, aad sprung sth?'The ablp Baa Flower. lying In the Mersey, for New York, took lira thla morning, but It waa soon eitinguisbed. The ,sarah A Bell, from Boston, la ashore Bear We if era. No particular! received. Whaievea. Arr at Mauritius DAH, t%rab, Iiutlar, Matlapoisett, put la for refretbateuia?(was reported Dec 2, lat 16 J7 S ion M H ?, with 000 sp>. ^ At do Jan ft, hark MUwood, Orunlnger, MB, rape. A letter fioin Capt rtmltb of ablp Newark, MB, reporta Mr Not 16, cmolng the Baada Sea. with 4MI bbls ap?all wetL A letter from Capt Fleher, of bark Orrav TafL dated at aaa Dec 30, no lal Ac, atataa having taken 08 bbUsp oUoa Oar roll Ground this season. Spoken?Dec 2, lat 18 2T 8, loo at fit B, Zephyr, Taytsr, N B, 460 ap. ?|Mkea, &?. Bark David Nickels, from Cardehae for Boetoa. Feb IE. Cane Hatierae NVV IV milea diatant. Hark Agnes LytUe, front Singapore for New York. Jaa UL lat 16 H, ion J4K. Brig Martha Kendall, I'addook, from Palermo for Philkdel tihia, Jau 20, lat 32, Ion 1A. Brig Virginia, Kamsay, from City Point for Bio Janeiro, Jan 23, 10 mllea 8 of Peruambuoo. Foreign Porta. Arbovo, Feb ft? In port bark G Bratnard, Oarl, for KTat 1ft days; brigs Eurus, Varaona, for Nliaven 1ft (lays; H Hal lock. King, for NYork lft day*; achre Fanlaus, Woo*ter, far do 6 daya, Telegraph, Rogers, for Norwich 8 daya Oai ruTTA, .laa II?In port abtp Jabez Snow, Snow, char tered for London at ?3 12a 6d. Sid from Saugor Dec 23. ahipa Daniel 8harp, Oushing, Beak bay; 24th, Llzxle Oakford, Eld ridge, Philadelphia; Portland. Lcav-ilt, London; 29th, Dragoon, Upton, N Orleans; 30th, Ro bert Harding, Ingraliam, do; Hlndoatan, Tiobetta, Boetoa < Jan 4, Beverly, Chase, Melbourne. Halikax, Keb 12?Arr brigs Livingston. Roche, NYork for 8t Johns, NF (crew badly frozen;; 14tb, Franklin, Ubta bolm, do. Kurkachek, Jan I?Sid Jane D Cooper, Howard, Calcutta. Kingston, J a, Keb 6?In port bark Aarou I Harvey. Miller, fiotu Phllacelphla dlsg; schrs War Eagle, Hodgdon, /or New York, Jonn Gilpin, Deasey, for New Orleans; Break O'Day, lj*ne, do do. Sid 5th, brig Mary Lowell, Johnson, NYork. Ln kki ooi. Feb 4?Arr Robert, Carter, NOrlrans (not New Yorki; ftth, Enoch Train, Burwell, Boston (not St John, NBJ; J A K Young, Scott, do; Amoilci (.8), McCuulay. do; nan tee, 1'arker, NVork; Rutland, Foeter; J Morton, Ollley; J H Jar via, Kich, and Argonaut, White, NOrleans; Alan Kerr, W o ter. t-avannah. hid 4th, 'I icoaderoga, Cottrelt, Calcutta) Palmetto, Uray, Buenoe Ayres. Mai kitius, Dec 1ft?Arr Constanco, Jarris, St Johns, KF (and aid Jhii 2 for llbitlmore). in I'Ott Jan ft, hhipa Samuel U Glover, KHlum from C. Ino. MemphU. Connor, fr m London; Oscar, Crosby, rn * Callao; John Haven, Strong (late SUu?r), for NYork; Wabaa, 11 ii r i ridge, une barks Waverley, Thompson, from Boston; A 1 ann ul, Andeison, unc. 1'osi.n Keb 6? In port baik Hay suite, Crowell, for 1U1K more next day, brig kobt Mow?, Ward, wtg; acttrs Oen Arm strong. Kelcer, for it daya; Mohawk, Staples, d?. Sid Cib, scbi Eupnemla, Bailey, . yinNsrowK, Feb2?Sid Jubllaym (Brem), Klrama, Loa doa: :M, Bamonclta (l'rusi, Hajfer, Stock .on; Br aciira 2H# UrooklngK, Plymouth; 6th. Edward Vlttery, Hall, Liver pool Kio Jakkiko, Jan ft?In port barks Gambia, Kean. for Bal timore next aay; Virginia A Kstelllna. Wilklns, for New Yerk do; Abigail, McKarland. fur New York- Lapwing. Kelly, aad Cbaae, BalBe, from and for HaltUuore; Union, Heard, tor a Northern port; Empress Theresa, Walter, from Baltimore, ?rr 4th, dl?g . arm others. Oolng in 8th, ship A M Lawreuee, Hoiiner, from Shields; bark Union, Dat-i% from Boston. Sid Uec27, bark Sarah A Nichols, Nichols, Nurleans, 2Mb. ship Knle Hunter, Uealey, do; brig Themis, do; 31st, ship ? W Farley. Nichols, do; barks Ivanbee, Emmons, do; Jan<, Isabel (Br), Ilewten, NYork. SruDwril, Keb 4?Arr Silesia, Williams, NYork. St Thomas, Feb H?In port ships Mary Kuasell, Croaker, from NVork for Liverpool, ready for sea; Erie, Preble, from Aidrosaan for NVork. do; Leila, Allen, lrom Rotterdam for, condemned and sold; U A Suunler, 1 la,den, frtxa I egliorn for NYork, In distress, discharging, Isa elia, CoAa, lrom Altsjii for Kalm^uth, do do; bark Peutuiket, from N \ oik for London, do reloading; brigs Joelab J ex, Munson from Barbadoee, unc. for charter, Elisabeth. Thorndike, lrom Grenada, do Ao. J E Arev, Ryder, freak Trinidad, do do; Tornado, Tlbbetts, from NYork for NOr lcana, repair log; nhr a Mo texuna, Groaa, lrom Antigua, ua certalu, for charter, i-hanoas, York, from fet Kilts, do dej Segnine, Elliott, from Trinidad, dodo; John thaw, Wallaoe, from Tobagn, d" do. I) Wililamn, Hopkins, dodo; Gov Bur ton. Winsmore, from rhlladelpfita. dodo; steamer Prlmeiaa, Thompson, fn m NYork for bio Janeiro, repaired and end ing also baik Kambler. McKenxle, from Ploto'i, uncertain. 1*1 g. brigs Antelope, from Barbadoea, do for charter; I M Newail. Ellis, from Ueiuarara. do lorcbarter; sohr sa ver, Cavenaug*!, from Barbados, do do Saova, Feb 11?la port bark Linda Stewart, Davie, far > York 3 daya; and others. St John, Nil, Keb 12? Arr schr Enterprise, Gould, KYorkf 14th, brig l.lzr.le Bliss, Pearson, Matanxas; lftth, ship Joaepb i'eabody, Wbitnev, Penarth Itoatla. Xiraka, Keb 6?No Am vessel tn port. IP*r SrKAMsiur Nova PoartAHD?TaLaORApaio.! Arr from NY oik. K SchulU, Wresley Castle. Oueonthe, aad Atlantic, at Deal. S B Johnson, at Bristol; Mauritius, at Queenstown; Rilesla and Gibraltar, at Liverpool Arr from Boston, Crusoe, at Falmouth; M T Bards, at Deal; JAR Young, and W Lord, Jr. at Liverpool. Arr from Savannah, Sardinia, at Liver pool. Arr from Charleston, Gauas, at Bremen; Annie Laurie^ Minnesota and Iceland, Ht Liverpool. Arr lrom Mobile, Cumberland and 8 C Pettigrew, at Liver pool. Arr from Apalaobioola, Portland, at Liverpool Arr from New Orleans, Lamorlciere, Fleetwood, Athaaa and Atllla, at Bremen; R D Shepherd and W F Schmidt, at Havre. Cresoent City, Kate Prinoe, Persia, Spark the Oaeaa ud Agamemnon, at Liverpool. Amerlcaa Porta. BOSTON, Feb 30?Ait bark* Sjofna (Swe), Bergh, London; M M Stetson, Lawson, Palermo; Susan Clark, Carter, Oaivee lon; A H KlmbalL. Packard, and Cephas Starred, Oregary, KOrIrani, Arethuaa, Hooper, Apalachk-ola; (lidding Star (new of Boaton), Kyder, Newburyport; brig* Aurate, Daria, and Vesta, Fuller. ualveeton, Looh Lomond, Black, NOrleaoi, 0e mera, Caulfleld, N York via Holmes' Hole: aohrs Fred Warren, Coombs, Darlen, (la: A Tlrrell, Hlgglns, Savannah, J no Rose, Hammond, Wilmington, NO: S M Sherman, Sherman, Nor folk; Vineyard, ntubba, Tangier; R H Shannon, Marts; while h'|uall, Sharp. L Maul, Haley, R 8 Miller, Clifford, and Ohna Loeeer, Lao*. Philadelphia; Iowa, Woodbury, Kllxabethport. Signal for a bark and tiro brig*. Old ships Hydra, Bro?a Mauritius; Cairngorm (Br), Gibbon*, 8t John, NH: bark 8 1 Hale, Crowther, Portland to load for Cuba; brig* Brill (Brt, Crowell. Rotterdam; Cyclone, MoCarty, Fort Spain; Webster Kelley, Heagan, Cardenaa, R W Packer, SiUtlley, Cap* May tleo, achn 1> A Bayles, Jayne, Mobile: Paugiaaett, WapKw, Philadelphia, Prtncaas, Loveil. and Telegraph, Nlckeraoa. h York. Sid. wind SB, sw and W, steamship Canada at (a AM, from below); brig Seotlend. 2l*t- Ait (by lei) ship Birmingham, Liverpool; bark David Nickels. Cardenaa; brig Umpire, do; (teamer Ben DeFord, Baltimore. ? BALTIMORE, Feb 20?Arr steamships Potomac, Wataon. Savannah; H K Spauldtng, Howes, Boaton, Ac; aohra Bslnia, Conley, St Thorn**. Charmer, Cheney, Avea Ialaul; Youag America, 1'earl Newburyport; Iris, Cook, F H Abbot, Smith; Huena Vlata,; Wm Allen. Cranmer; R A Wood, Crnn mar; Charter oak. Butler, and Valeria. Wlllae, NYork Be low, balk Henrietta. *rown, from Rio Janeiro. Old bark Blla Virginia. Fecke, Hueno* Ayrea; Br brig Chesapeake, Uwroo. Di uiaiara, ecbra Someraet. Stirling, Providence; Cxar, Ham mond. savanoah. Sid ahlp Hercules, Jack, Uueenatown ar Falmouth. brig J R ktioad*. Bennett, Charleston. Want to sea I3tb. aljlp t hainn, brig Magna Chart*, 18th, ahlpa Peer lie**, Manlitia, S L Kelly, Banah.e, Asinsu, bark* Anna, Cor delia ; 19th, brig Lucy Darling?all bene CITY POISt, Feb ltf- Below, ahlp l etrea, Rturgaa, frem Liverpool Bid 1Mb, achr Bergen. Cole, NYork. FRANKLIN, La, Feb 4?Arr schr Frank Herbert, White. Boston. FALL RIVER, Feb It?Arr schr Lucy B Waring, Khlveral. Peter* burg. UALVEaTON, Feb 4?Arr achr May, Smith, NTerk; 7th, ?blp W H Wharton, Smith. Liverpool; bark Iaabel, Squire, Cardiff: brig J P Hooper, MoCluskey, Peoaaoola; aohr Mary Stat.dl-b, Atword, Koaton In |>ort 0th, ahlp W II Wharton, Smith dl*?, bark* Ban Ja cinto, Kraltia, for Liverpool; T W House. Bearae, and laabeL Smilre, dlsg; brig* KaUhdln, Ameebury. for Liverpool J T Hooper. MrClbakey, diag; schr* Daniel Holmes, for NTock; Shark, Patterson, feir NOrleana; Mary Standi*b, At wood, aid May. Smith, diag. GEORGETOWN. SC. Feb II?Arr schr Priadfla. Crowther, Balilrmre. Cld ?lh, srhr 8 Brueo, Dougta*. NYork. GLOUCE8TMB, Feb 17-Arr brig Bonaparte, Young, Boa*en for Savannah; achr Electric Flash. Gove, NYork. HOLM Kb' HoLB. Feb 1?, Mm?Arr aahis WUltam ? Audeoreld, Mulfnrd, Mobile for Boeton; C F Packard, Yonma. Wilmington. Del, for do; H F Holllday, Sianan. KhUadstpS for do; Baltimore, Mayo, NYork tor do, t^mkah, lloii*, Jacksonville lor Neaboryport, Village gu>-en, Hatvklna, ItoKton for Philadelphia; Joseph (lueet, Keoear. do tm NVork; Triumph, Hurling; Raular, Luf kia. and Flying Fish, Lo?. (llooceatrr for do; liar* Oraenwood, Hk-kman, Porta mouth for do; ,loaet>h Fish, Ktcfemoie, 8t Oenrge for Norfolk. Sid btign t'midio, Alanon NoweU; aohra Joseph Long, Hilsa l>eih Ann. Clio, revenue cutter Mortia. Osauna. Frederick Reed. Rphraim M Anna. Surprise, Mtzaheib Do Hart. Fiada rick Warren. Margaret Y Davis. A M Aldrtdge, Iowa, WlUUm O Andenrelo, Village Queen and Triumph. ?Hb -Arr bark Robt rt I'.-nneit, Morn hew, Oardapaa far Boston; M-hra bnow Flake, iiickarson. I'lilladalphla for Baa ton , W ll ow, Parker, Lubee far Ntorm ? AM-Wind SSK, with aeow?ia port the above arrivals of to c'ay, ana -cbrs Potomac, Italilmore, Larukah. C f Touag, H F t-ollldav, Joseph (iunot, Mary Mreeawaed, Flying Fiah. Rfttll^r ado Jixifuli Kiih KKV WBST, Fr-b? -Arr brig Alatee Brigham. fortugae (and aid 8th for Fort Jeffervon); 8th. haik Jae* MerrtlL Yom. NYork (and aid Dth for St Marks); 10th, ?ehr Julius Weh^ Kldrldge, NOrleans for NYork, with bias ai rudder head. MM Mth, schr Ingnmar, I'ensaoola, 11th. bark Indian (Jueee (fresn Oalveaton), Boeton In port 12th, ahlp Clifton, for Boston mm* day (i $I2.Uii>); and others. NRWORLBAMtl, Feb BV Arr (by tel) shlpe s -nth . Martha, DeWltl Cllntun, and Mary llamn ml Uterp^d, An gustua, NYork; D LChoate, MoMle NFW BEDFORD, Feb I*-Ait schr C Bt John. Daft* BM zaliethnnrt (no* aa belnre). NF.WBttRYPORT, Feb 19-8ld achr Tanuuxraat. Davta, Darlen NFW PORT, Feb BV-Arr this AM, schre Bd Reed. Hon* speed,and A llammond, Paine, B wton fur Philadelphia; 8?r ?rife, Mullen, 11 an vers for Norfolk. Sprightling itea. Mjiteh, Wareham for do; H 8 Bc.ynton, ilrtadle, New M~lf ird for de; Ella, Packard, do for Philadelphia; Wanderer, Bearsa, (Men ceetsr for NYork; M Know, ('.<bh, Boaion lor Tangter. Bra, Mayo, do for NYork, Rlliabeth Ann, Metnlneh, rrmln wae* for do: 8 P. Parker, Flt??rald, Koakport for *?; M Fillesae^ Cliaae. Boston for do. O W Raw ley. Raw ley, Vtrama for Ksn nebtink; Tlllle R, Smith. I)l*hton, for NYork. Mary fraaeea, Ualloek. Kali River (or do. NKW HAVKN. Feb B>- Ait b*1g I>anl?l Tr ?wkrldg* Neal, Piinre; ?rhr S 1'0<>dwln, Hobble, NYork Below. ?Imp** rah Alice, Haven*, Norwleb for Ntork. I'IIU4A DELPHI A, Feb 21 Arr ? t.amers Delawtre Can non, NYork; Kensington Baker, B?t?n. i. hr J H Wala wrlglit, Corson, NYork. fid steamers 1 ambrVUe. Il<>wa* Boeion; Delaware, t'annon, New York; bark waaklngte* Butcher. Collins, Havana, sehr Annie Magee, D-'ighiy, 8?gwa. PORTLAND, Feb 1??Arr llr brig Ad* PurVla. Anderae* Havana Cld brig J D Lincoln, Webber, Havana, srhr* Ar cade Smith, and ford alia Newklrk, II?Imv, do. t> M reWM, Clark, t'ardenaa. PBOVIDKNCB, Feb art?Art bark Warren Rallett llin M. Museat via Zaniihar : *chr I Ooolspeed, IVreau. New Vert aloop Victory. Oladdlng. Klltsl>eOk|*>rt. steamer I'engala. William*. NYork 8ld achr Thos P (Viewer, Taylor, Kl'tanetb port. Went lo *ea lVth, srhr- White F ?ni. and Lwhad RfK'K LAND, Feb 1*?Arr *<<hr? Olivia, Fry Norfolk ink 0 Coal, Smith, . Sid llth, trig Fredk K igene liewaa. Rlcl ? nond; erhrn Ba; Sule, 8near, New York Mary U.01*. Smith Savannah Tfch Hardscrabble Packard, Caaahas; 18th, Amanda, Kendall, NYojk. V v A,M? n ' vfb ',7TArT *t**n"blc Fl-adda, OwraB, New X? . S _Tr iR *""? Livet i>?4; Br hark l? trlnslr, Worden, ftwlwood; brig Wn Klboj karatow. New OrlTJ?.' ,*?hr V lv*rnr|t. Ilobart, NY<>vk ? J-rJ - Tii R. P* |,>h l4-|n |*Tt btlgi Bleak Maw*, and Thns rileston, both for Mataataalda. Y^ILMINWTON.'nc, 1^'%. Thomp-W, New 1 " Feb 11-HM sehn Bipreaa Ixtgwe. NYorirt I8lhH*ch.T, Havener Cardenaa TiwJ li?Arr McFaddew, to Y ** h#ic km r ruMt I mmv ML in. tWrX m*