Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1861 Page 7
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SIIIPPlKKi. T"2??mrtip?H 4J<I> I">HTn AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL <W cabin p^i M " ,*n u uvmtool rtbfti pafHagi. . . . . .7.7.7 . 7.7.7.*. . .'. . 1$ 10 t.,0 K. rood mMa r-M?t * Jo rt! &?! fram VoYk 'csli at Coji Harb-w. PBotf?1? ni 'M'"U oaU at built ax ' al Cork Harbor. iiVDiT 'Udkma. i'aN?I)A. ('?!*. i>*u? Capt j Stone AMKIHi'A, * ?rt H ""die TV, -'.. /11 " ItMl NIAGARA. <'at>t Anderson. AUriTHAl.ASlAN. I apt. E. hi HOP A, ''apt J. Lelleh. a SCOTIA, (now building.) AFUIcI, Cpl. Shannon \ near reiM'U cam * clear while light at muthfad, green on starboard fiow, red n port bow. ARaKI I, Stone, leave* N York, Wednesday. Feb. IS. CANADA, Ar.derton, '? Boston. Wedimstlav, Fob. 30. AFRICA, ahannoa, " N. York, WVdnHsitay, Feb. 27 AMKBICA, Little, " Bi*nn, W edne*iav, March & ACSTKaL Atil A.V Hockley, " N. Tork, Wednesday, March IS. MAOARA, Moodie, " Bo?t?n, Wednesday, March 20 Berths not s?-enred anlll paid for ' An eipejlenced surg. on on tv ard . 1 he o*u?i? of 'h. ms ?hl|ia ?in |>e accountable for s>dd .^vw bsU^Ha, specie, towelrr pr? - ? r .,>?tal*. on* smbllUo'lading ar< HlgncUth?? ?.,! , thereof thereto eifri-jiaod For rn i.-1- ,?.K ? ? , ' 's*i ' . - 'i?? -eeB. TEAM WEEKLY J ' itiZSt raaejt"'.,-?;; ? JITY Of BALTJBoMh . ... , Vo a KANGAROO .TT. . "Vchl ?DIMMJBO.. , ? . .^Ci Md tM| Saturday, at ^ KAim 111 , ? : A . rim mmb.. *?->. bl>. . ... no DO. to London HU | .? T.^udon ft vtooitQft BBtum tfnkfttn jnofl for stz numtfin ?o Paaesagers forwarded to Paris, Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, totUHun, Antwerp, A* at rcduiwt tlir *ugh <ar?a . "JdSf?! t? bring oat their f rle>ds can bti* tickets here at the fallowing nttae, <o New York :-Krora Liverpool * 0OBeT'_B'* m' JrstMbln, 975, $R"i and $1116 Steerage from Averpool $40 Fronr yu.-'-nxtuv n The? at#amar? have aup> riot a<x'onimo<Milona for p?mm tBr^1 eiwitlenced surgeons 1 hey are built la WiBtlfn aeoilons, tad hare patent Are annlhllatora on a',piT ln Ltrerpooj to W1 LLlaM M Wa:er street; In tilaagow, to W M IN ? aN, P.?;.... Booch square: lu Qiiennstown. In U M O SKT. JMWB * ?? ; ln la?od.,n, to KIVK8 A M At'BV, ?I King WIIUmb struct: ln Paris, to JL'LIS I>EC()CR, No t Hane MllMsurm: (a rbOadeipbla. to John U. Dale. 109 Walnat *tTMt{ or at the oompsny s oUkiea. JOHN 0. DALK. Agent, 16 Broadway, N T. IjtOR BOUTHAJHiTON AND UAV UK. P The North Atlantic St' aoiship Oompany will despatch their splendlJ steamship" ADtilArlC, Capt. J. J. Corns lack, aod BALTIC, Capt. A fj firay, OAKbVINU THfc UN1TKD 8TATKS MA 113. For the atote porta, as follow*:? ADRIATIC, on caturday, April6 BALTIC, oa Saturday. April 30. ADRIATIC, oa HaiurtLtr, May It BALTIC, oa naturdny, tune I. From the pier font of < '%nal street. Returning, leave Havre:? AD&IAT1C, on Tuesday, April 2<t BALTIC, no TtWHdav. M?y T. ADHIaTIC, ou iuesna/, Jtinei. BALiflC, on Tueada*. Jxofl 14 And Beuthampkoo on the day following. For freight or passage apply at the OlTloe of the Company. Room No t, 8-t WaU Rtmet ? I. P. 81'BI'HENtl, rteoretary. HV? SOUTHAMPTON AND HaVRH. J Oa SasoaHAT, March 2. the UnlU4 State* Mail Htaaaur fUlton, J. A. WOTTUN, Commander, mi Ml froas pier Na ST Norh river, foot of Beach street, Oa SATURDAY, March 2, at noon. This steamer, unsarpaased for safety and ontnfoit, has dauNa Mgtoas under deck, eaeknad by watertight eomotrt meita, which, beside* other re-ulta, tend. In the eveut of aol "" ' or stranding, t* k?ap the uumpa free to work, and sa ?ore the safety of vessel and passengers. Prtaa of passage la se -ouJ nanln, fTS and $00 Mr freight or passage apply to ?AMfl&L M. FOX. I .a^Ll, . OHO. HACKRNZn, { A*wlU' ' The Maassec UU.QO, will sail Maroh $0 gTHAH.?NHW YORK., SOUTHAMPTON AND HAYEK. The YanderMlt European line United States maU steam Alfe wfll Mil between New York, Houthampt-m and Havre. From Raw Vork for Returning from Southampton and Havre and South Havre. amp ton. Tarrr....Saturday, April 6 Wedn'day, April M ILT, Lafsrra, " May 4 " May IS IB-Tsnr. .. " May 18 " June ? fANDERBILT, Leferre, " June 16 " July I Ttioee strips bare watertight compartment*. CeHMeates of pssssje issued from Burope to i riots delivered in Condon or Paris. TORRANCE, Agent. No. 6 Bowling Green, Haw York. STBAMER OF APRIL 6, FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND Havre. United States mail steamship ILLINOIS, Bastahi P. H. Terry, will aaU from pier No. S North river, Hew Ysr*. at nooa, Baturday, April t, with mails, pa seen ?en and ayeeta f or England and Fraaee. M SSnUMROl. _ TP RATEB. First eabta $T? First cabla ?9S Thirdsabln 90 ThlrdMMn 36 i kw been supplied with powerful new holl ars, and has been redtted In the most thorough manner. fFreagto Iron bulkheads, absolutely water tight and lire proof, en (dnee bar anginas and boilers, and for safety, c >in fer* and speed, she ranks In the first class of oosan steamer*. Her test trip from New Vork will be on May 1& B. TOBHANCB, Agent, No. 6 Bowling Orson, New York. m?L NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP NEW A YORK- H. J. Yon Santan, commander, oarryiag the United State* mall, will aaU from pisr 90 North river, feet of Chambers street, aa Saturday, Tab. a, at U e'clock M , roa BREMEN, TLA SOUTHAMPTON, taklnc passengers to LONboN, Bay: _ _ LTRB, SOUTHAMPTON AND BBBHEN, At the following rmuM:? Ftoat cabin, $1110: second oahta, $d0, steerage, fSB For fielght ^^UUPt^S^KL'TQKN A RBICIIBLT, 81 Broadway, up stalra. TRAM TO HAMBURG, HAYRE. LONDON AND s O Southampton.?^The Hamburg American Packet Com piBj'i itfumnhtn SaXONIA, H Ehlers. commander, wfll leave on Friday, Ha>ch 1, at It o'clock H., for Hamburg, via Seuthampton, taking passenger* for Havre, London, Southampton and Hamburg First eabte SUI01 Secoadoabln....MO| Steerage >SS C. B. Bit,HARD A HI)AS, 161 Broadway. mAPSOOTT-fl LINE OF OF LIYEBPOOL AND LONDON 1 Packets. p from or to Liverpool or London can alwaya be engaged by this wail known Una, aalltng weekly, *tt the vsry lowest rates, and drafts issued M usual for any aaumat, payable on dem&ad in any part of Great Britain or Irelaad, eaa be obtained by applying to or srtdresslng Taps dU A Odm N South Btnti, N. Ys TTIOR LIVERPOOL?BAILS THIS DVT. SHIP NEW J; WORLD. Fare, second cabin and found, $16. Pasaen nn brought out from England or Ireland at low ratee. For igeT?c., apply to THOO. C. ROCHE, 83 south Mreet. TJIOB CALIFOBNIA?YIA PANAMA. I? a first elasa steaasar will laave New Tork oa the 1st, fith aadMstof sash month, sxoept whoa these dates fall oa Bandar, when the day of departure will be the Monday fol tewtaat For irslght a*passage apply at the only eflos, Re. 177 West rasr or Warren. D. 1. ALLEN, Agent JAMAICA AND NEW YORK feCREW STEAM PACKET Line, carrying the mall ?To sail for Kingston, Jamaica, oa the SOth of each month. The mall steamship Z u Lu, Capt. Edward Ooodwin, wtll sail for the above port oa Wadnaeday, March *>, from pMB7 North river. Passage?First cabin, Ml; second cabin, $3D: third clasa, $16. For freight or pas sage apply to WALLEN A BOOl H, agents, 67 Broad streeu TJIOB HAY AHA. JD Uaited States mall staaiashln quakeb cnr, B. W. SnOFBLDT, Dommaadw, wfll iMre for the above port on Monday, February 36, at II a'eloak, from pier 46 North rtvsr. For freight or passage apply la Hakuoub A CO., is South street. Bar aext trip win be Maroh IB DAVANA AND NEW ORLEANS. n xvaav TBN DATS. TO SAIL ON FRIDAY, MARCH I, AT It O'CLOCK. The Hieamshlp B1BNY1LLB, J. D. Bulloch, Commander, -t* now receiving freight, and will aatl as above from pier foot of Murray street. North river. Horses taken oa all the eteasaera LIVINUhTON, CROCHEkoN a CO., ?8 Murray street. The Steamahip CAIIaWIa sails IHh March. R HAVANA VIA NASSAU, N. P.?THE RRITISH art. North American ro^ral mail steamship KAKNAK, F? urter, will aaU for the above porta from the company's wharf, at Jersey City, on MHf. Harch 4. hatoiday March 30. batm or rAMAea. FOr freight or passage apply to E ClNA NARD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. , UTima AJTD TH? SOOTH. ? ? *?'?" of the American Atlantic HMBlklf r will lawre pier If Bortfc rtw am the foil owing daya, Win. 0. Berry, Monday. Feb. 18. Croak ar. Tbura<U/, Feb. 19. It, Oaet Lnyftelil Kiinrby. Feb. B of uii line are all new, and are not i/art, aafaty and ?>ill by any on Ui _. , $3B 7ki Mobile, jpft, Montgomery, ijlOB BATANNAH AND OTHBB FOTNTB, A1 BK i" low ?The flmt clae* ?teamahlp AUOC8TA, Captain M. H. Woodhull, will leare on r-aturday, Kebruary ?, at 3 1* M., from pier No S6 North rlrer. Through ticket* can be bad for the following place*:?New Orlanna, $30 7?, Mobile, lis, Moolmnery, ?4; Oolumbiia. $21; Albany, ?23- Atlanta. $11; Kill aula, 134: Chattanooga *i.V NaahriUe. ?*7 74, Cum Title, $1A nRTMwphla, $Ji 7ft Angtiatn. 17 3d; Manon. $*>: Harannah. |l& For fielght or pnaaage apply at No. li B?he FlioRIDA, Ofcptaln laa*o Orowell, will mooeed. I *aM I KL L. MITCHKL.L A BON.New Tork (JOHN R. WIL.UHK A nAJ.LIB, Barannah. NHOITH oabouwa-wbbklt. Tkt now and tret olat* ateantahlp MOUTH OA MOLIN A, Captain William Poamli. will leare pier IS North rlrer, for ITIVm N. O^oa flat onlay, Fobniar, M, at three F. M , toUMUM with WlliaiI'K-rm and Waldao and Wilmington mi MnnceeetAr railroad* . . Oonde forwarded to all part* of Berth and flouth Carolina free af oomaiealoa. FreMkt eight oeaU par foot and proportional* rataa. Inaarintr one half par eaut. Apply to n R. OROMWBLL A CO , M Want ?treel and 336 Broadway. The FARBBBBBUBO will auccood, and leare on Hat unity, February :?X ma ROUGH FRBIOHT ARBAI X fdk, PoRareonMi, Otty rolnt with Norfolk and Feterabnrg and ABBABtUMBirr.?FOB NOR olnt and Richmond. oonnectlng and Hontbalde Railroad, for i^Hkbnrg. Brtetol, Memphis and Intermediate place* Freight* reoeired erery day, and through reeaipta fumlihed, M pier li North river. RMamahln J aMBNTOWN, Captain Rklnner. learea erery Til i e^ I ?1 S f, ?, NMwaahlp TORBTOWN, Captain Parrlah, erery Saturday, HI* H Fritafct to Norfolk, 7 oente per foot; to Otty Point, 8 cent*, Mi PURPURA 9 nenta to Norfolk, ?tnt?w>*in and men)* Inntnitad. M; to "<??= shipping. LIMB FOB MKLBOtRBk m toca, captain BowtrnH, 'ksEAI; Wd tkM HOl'gKI, HOOMH. WAMTKD. BBl'G STORE WANTED IK BXCHANGB FOR TBXAH Land*.?One-third of a league of Laud (,1.476 tern), la Bexar county, 16 miles fmm San Antonio, It offered for ??If. Particular* male known on application at 1] I'uu street, up stairs. Fi bnihiibd boom waiitfd?with CLOSET at tarhed, fur a widow lady <u>d daughter, in a genteel losa- i Urn. Teim* not to exoeed $16 per month In advance ttrfs. 1 recoe given nod required. Address Permanent, Herald oliioe. i HOUbE WANTED ?WANTED, TO RENT, FROM THE I let of May next, for a tin all family of four, without I ellldnr.a House, with all the modern improvements, in a ra?i<ctable Location, between Third and Sixth avenues, and Twentieth and Forty-seoonl atreeta. Rent not to eioeed $800. .-ausfartury references given Address box i,SIi Post office for three days, stating particulars LANDLORDS. ATTENTION.?WANTED, A small modern House, fmm 1st of May, for a very email and careful lanuly, between Third and seventh aveuueo. beiaw Koitieth ?treet Rent from $*M to $fiJO quarterly In advance. If ?n oMect, a Lease desired. Address Desirable Tenant, 11 in aid oMce. Part ov a housb ? anted?by a small kami ly, ou the west side of the city, between Fonrth and Tweuty-fourth streets. Location must be very god. Reut not to exceed $400 per annum. Address box ISO Poet otlioe. PART OB A HOUSE WANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN ?nd his wife, second story preferred, In a good neigh borhood. between Second and Tenth streets and East oi' Broad way ; tent must be moderate. Address, with particulars, B. F R , 223 Lewlf Ht reet PART OK A FURNISHED OR unfurnished HOUSE wanted?By a small family, at a moderate rent. Pleaae state terms, Ac. Address Albert A., care B. Lock wood, Esq., 425^ Broadway. BtAL ESTATE OWNERS OF HOUSES AND LOTS wi'l meet a rosposlbie tenant, who will pity rent yeurly Jn advunce. Address D. S. M., box 177 Herald oflloe. Agents need not apply. tl/ ANTaD-THBBE or four furnished ROOMS v v It the lower part of a good house, well located, with kitchen, bath room and eveiytblng necessary for housekeep ing terms u.un be moderate. Address R. P. A., Uuioa square 1'oj ollice. WA.NTED?TO RENT, IN BROOKLYN, BY THB 1ST of May next, a small cottajre House, In aeod order aai neighborhood; rent sot to exoeed $300, and dot over Ian mia utea' walk Iron, Fulton ferry Address, with full particular^ D. O., b< x 164 Herald office. w AMID?A FURNISHED COTTAUB IN THE COITN try, Horn June 1 to December 1; It must be within an i'Our el tlila city, and in u perfectly healthy situation; one on the hound ] relet red, well shaded, Ac Address, with lull fferticutara, K. H. O., box 1,120 Fost office. t\'ANTED?FROM MAY I, THE UPPER OR LOWER Y? part of a House, with all the modern improvements. In a g< oa neighborhood, uot above Thirtieth street, by a gnutle m?u and wil e. Address F. B. Q., Herald office, stating loca tion and terms. \\TANTED?FROM THE FIRHT OF MAT, BY A GEN v? t'eman, tvl'e and ehild, with servant, tneaiulrn llane. men' and Parlor floors, wlihtwo Bedrooms, and privilege In C' liar anil Ratbroom, la a house in a good neighborhood, be i*e. n tit ,-eo.nd and Sixth avenues: no answers, n .t sta tluu situation aud terms, will be attended to. Address 0. 0., A) West street. TtTAMED?BY A SMALL fcVAMILY, WITHOUT OHIL V T dren, a small three story high basement House, in a nice n>'lgboorhood, between Twelfth and Fortieth streeu, and Fifth and Seventh avenues, for thiee or five y -am. Bent not to exceed $t00. Address L., box 1,S01 Posl office, for ihree days \\[ANTED?BY A FAMILT OF FIVE PERSONS, IN A TV ici-pectsble locality, between Canal and Kourieeuth streets (west side), a first or second f loor, with gas aud walcb Address, stating particular*, J A. C., Herald office. WANThD-BY A GENTLEMAN AND III* WIFE. suliabie Apartments for housekeeping, consisting or 1'arlT, two Bedrooms and Kitchen, with gas, Oroton water, Ac ; must be wtthln a short distance of the Fifth Aveuue Hotel, Kent not to exoeed $201) a year Permanent arrange ments can be made if suited. References exchanged. Ad dress O. P. S., box 42? Fifth Avenue Hotel. WANTED?A SMALL SIZED AND NEATLY Kl'R nlshrd House, In a genteel neighborhood, by a small family of three pereona, and responsible. Address 0. H , Herald office. WANTED?A FURNI8HED PARLOR AND BEDROOM, a reasonable rent, for a single gentleman, In the vicinity of Fifth avenue and Bixteentn street. Add re is A H. J , Jr.. Beiald office. WANTEb?A LARGE furnished HOUSE. SUITA ble for a first class boarding house, to aooommodate thirty to forty persona, by a responsible party. Apply this day at 820 Broadway. : WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN (A PHYSICIAN) AND his son, part of a House, English basement preferred, situated between Eighth and Twentyseoond streets, Broad way and Fifth avenue, to consist of two Rooms, unfurnished, on the first lloor, and a small Bedroom up stairs; Breakfast with the family. An arrangement could also be made with a lady and gentleman for an unfurnished Bedroom, on the aeoend floor, with Board. Address, stating size of house and terms, which must be moderate, H. R.M., box J,970 Post oflloe. TV"ANTED?A FOUR STORY (HIGH STOOl' PREFER TV red) House, at about f1,000 rent, with all modern im provements, between Fourth and Seventh avenues and Four teenth and'thirty-fourth streets. Immediate possession re quired Addreea or apply to JAMBS R. EDWARDS, *77 West Twenty-third St. WANTED TO HIRE IN THB ELEVENTH WARD?A small, genteel dwelling House. Addreea A. A. A., Herald oflloe. WANTED TO LEASE?SOMB FIRST CLASS TENB ment Houses for rsapeetable fami Uee, for which a fair rent and the beet alty referenoe will he given. Apply to or addreas Miofaael BuAe, 1*1 BUsabeth street. WANTED TO RENT-FROM 1ST OF MAT, BY A SMALL famllv, a House, with live or stx chambers ano moaern Improvements. In a clean and genteel neighborhood, at $400 to $au0 rent. Address immediately H. A.T., Ifrrald ogloe. WANTBD TO RENT?FROM 1ST OF MAT, IN A GEN teel neighborhood, by two small famtli's, a first class House, arranged to aooommodate them, at a rent not exeeed lug $1,000. They would prove acceptable tenants. Address Madl<oo square, Herald office, without delay. TH? BALL BBSABOW. WASHINGTON'S BIBTHDAT BALL Ninth Annual Ball of the Young Men'sFemocratlo Union Club, IrvlngHall. This Friday, February B, 1981. Tickets, two dollars. MATRIMONIAL.. A MIDDLE AGED GENTLEMAN OF RESPECTABILT tv. with a moderate Income, who Is about establishing fclmaelr in b lalness in this city, wishes to form tho acquaint ance of some young lady or young widow, with a view to mat rimony. He wishes her to be prepossessing In appearanee, gentle and pleasant In manners And of a kind aao willing aispo> itlon. Please address Walton, box 13S Herald office, and all communications shall be oonaidered honorably oonfl dentlai. An educated OBNTLBMAN, LATELT FROM EU ope, and a stranger In New York, desires to beeome arnuatnted with a pleasant, agreeable and intelligent young lady. Any young lady (matrimonially Inclined) who answers the above description, replying to this advertisement, may depend upon her common cation being held as honorably oon fidenti 1. Answers will be returned If requested Address (appointing an Interview, If possible) St. Clair, box 138 Herald office. A lady correspondent is desired by a young rain, with an ultimate view to matrimony, if agreeable to both parties. Inviolable confidence will he ob serve* tf desired. Address L V. H , box 1,084 N. Y. Poet office. A YOUNG MAN, OF PLEASING ADDRESS AND IB good cireumstsnces, 24 years of age, would like to oorre sp' nd, w Ith a view to matrimony, with a young lady not older than the advertiser. *he must be refined and well educated. Money no object. Addreea L. N., box 3,978 New York Poet office. NEDH'AL. AMMWi RESTORED! lONORANCB BXPOBEIK ? fallaclea unma*ked!-l>r. LA RMOHT'8 Part*. London and New York Medical Advlaerand Marriage Guide, Inform* the debilitated And dl*ea*?d?Incledlng thoeenfco areIgnorant of th? cause of their Ul health and who hare keen disappoint ed In th< Ir pbyalelan?of the moat certain and convenient mode of mi re Mailed free for fl br LAWRRNCB, Na 1 Veaey atreet, or the authw, No. iff Broadway, up ?talra. Ileum for treatment, 9 A. M. to fl P. M., and 7 u> 0 Thurad*/ evening*. AWOBD TO TnB SPFFEBINO.-TBT DR. WARD, tffl Broadway. HU greet remediescure permanently with denpatcb. CORA A. SEAMAN, INDIAN DOCTBB88 AND INDB pendent buelnee* clairvoyant, baa removed from 101 Goerck to 239 Dlvlalon afreet, where afee oan be consulted upon all nublectn aa uauaL N. B.?My Indian Vegetable Hair Rcatorer *ofd ben. . (lONSCLT DR. WARD, 4K1 BROADWAY.?TUB EARLY J application to a competent physician aave* much future misery DR. WARD, Vtt BROADWAY, IB DAILY CNNBttLTBD confidentially with oompiete and gratifying lucceaa. At tend* till 10 P. K nR RALPH'S OFFICRH, l? CROSBY RTREET, COR ner of Houaton ? Hour* from 10,'* till. 1 o'clock, and from 6 till 9. Rubday* excepted. DR. HUNTER IIA8 FOR THIRTY YEAR* CONFINED bU attent'on to dlneaee* of a certain el***. In which he he* trea'ed no leea than fifty tbouaand caae* without an In ?tance of failure Bl* great remedy, Dr. Hunter * Bed Drop, cure* ceitaln dl*ea*ea when regular treatment and all other remedies fall; cure* without dieting or raatrfction In the ha bit* at the patient. cure* without (he dlaguetlBf and (tokening effect* cf all other remtdiea; cure* In new aaaee In lea* than *lx hour* It roc<* out the poieonoue lata* ?e blood la *ure to abeotb unl> ne thl* remedy I* used It ISM a rial, and oan not be obtained get ulnr anywhere but at tne old ofline. No. S Dlvlalon *lr?et Rook for notfdng, that treat* of the evil effect* of early abuae. DB WATSON MAY RB CONSULTED, A8 HBBBTO fore, on a certain rlaaa of dlaeaaae. at IN Broome ? treat, eerord bl<-ck weel of Hr*d?*y . nR. COBHETT, MEMBER OF TUB NEW YORK UNI venrtty (Medical College), ha* removed from 19 Duane street to hla very convenient matt of oflloea, at SO Centre atreet, between Chamber* and Reade atreet?, where he nan lie con atil'ed a* mual on certain dleeenea. Thirty years In hi* ore sent ecialiv enable* him to make permanent curea. N. ft ? Hec Dr. C.'s diploma In hla offloe. Private entrance at No. 4 City Hall place. DR. COOPER, 14 Dl'ANB BTRBET, MAY BE OON *ulted on all dlaeaaea of a certain nature. Twenty eight year* exelLslvely devoted to these complaint*, enable htm to warrant a cure in *11 ceaee. The victim* of aU an laced oonfi dence In medical pretender* can call, with a certainty Of be ing radically cured or ne pay. 1MPOETANT TO FKMALES?DR. WARDS ORRAT Benefactor or Monthly Pllla, aafe and unfaillag. $| per boi OlCee 4fBt Broadway EROFRSROR RRHTR L.L, 1M CHAMBRRH HTREKT, can be oosaviled a* unual, or by lettw adAreeeed to boi I..1W He* York Poat ollloe. SURF CURPh BY DR. WAR?>. ?U BROADWAY. DP Wv* eLanie' ?*y1 wmiM HOMWI, CAJHIIAUM, AC. __ T>ugoy WAGON fOB ?AL*.-A Tnr RAXBMU 13 and nearly new, city made, do lop road W*a?o wrtaha 2M pounds, first iuallty and finish, win be sold ? ? bargtfa, tbe ow ncr basing ao use (or it. Aiao, m elegant HgU Port land Sleigh and Bells. Aipljr at Skeret'x ?tables, Nu. M Wmt Thirteenth acre*. CBOWNED wttji BUCCBSB. i THOBLBVB FOOD FOR HOB t-BS AMD CATTLE. Trial r ises, eoutalning 113 ftxtda, $4. Depot SI Broadway, New York. FUK 8ale-A BEAUTIFUL BLACK BASIi.VW BTAL lion, 16 hands high; resembles hia sire aa marls >? any other horve In the Stale. He U six year* old, perfectly euunsL high spirited. y?t kind In harnesa or under the . "?'.e lie uiav be wen at tbo residence of tbe sub^'lber, al Smith's Island. near Trenton, or at Charles Few's LaJ avblu: uoiei, Trenton, N. J WM. *OOTT. FOB 8ALB.?A BACK OOACH IN GOOD UUDBR, prion $yt>. also a hack Harness $15, and a buggy Wajbo, prior $6(1 Inquire at 114 Clinton plane, Eighth street. FOB SALE?A STOCK OK UORSBH, PLATrORM Spring Truck* MM Spring Cars, together ?ra |iirmi?. also Machines lor sawing and splitting wood by steam; all iu perfect order and condition. Tfc* y ird to rent Apply at the corner of Fourteenth street and Te'n h avenue FOB SAIE-A BAY HOR8B, 16t4 HANDS, 7 YRAR8 old, warranted: aiao a Rockawar and Harness uaed but five m<nths; will tm sold ohaap Can be aeon at Steveua A Mead's, No 56 We*t Twenty nlnta atreet. New Tort For sale very cheap?two no top waoons una Top Wagon, nereral aemtnd hand-Coaehes ana one do. Byi.uchf Would eachange for a Aod horaa. Aiao, wanted to bur, for cash, about 6,1*0 feet of host Jersey hickory. A poly at the carriage manufactory, 37 Wooater at. H0R8BB, CARRIAGES. OROCBB8' ANO BUSINBM Wagons, and aacond hand Wagon* of all kinds.? Sell ing off tbe a took of the Klnga County (Jan-tags Factory and Stablea 1M Fulton avenue ana 10 Nevlns atreet Over $30 OW worth of Horeea and Carrtagea. TIORSBB, *0? A TBAB OF BOAD HOR8BS WANTBD JrJ for caah, about 1ft hands, kinal, aound, young and trot Is about SS minutes: wonld aiao purchase an entire catabllsh mcnt, Carriages, Harness, Ac. Addrcaa U., boi 1S8 Herald ofl'ce. SUPERIOR VERMONT TBOTTTNG HOR8R, BRIGHT chestnut. pony built, 16 Vj banda, (lag tall, all yeara old, can trot either in harnesa or saddle In J SI, warranted sound every why and ao gentle that a child can drive him,for aale. Price $400. May be seen at 23 Weat Tbirteonth streut. TO EXCHANGE FOR A HORSB AND WAOON, OB A Wagon only, or other aaleable gooda, also. Addrese box ItC, Hera d ollice. WANTED.?AN 1 PERSON HAVING A GOOD SECOND band Ulg, without top, for atlc, may find a purchaser 1 y addreaalng box A(70 New York Poat ollice, giving deacrip lion and price and elating wlifre It may be seen. MyS'CAL. A GREATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. J\ LIGHTS A BRADBUBY, Manufacturer* of a new scale of urerstrunr baas, patent In fulated full iron frame, grand and square Pianoforte, No. 121 Broome street Piano* to rent. Am superb seven octave bobbwood fiabo forte for aale?ltichly carved legs and caae. rouad oar lien, full iron plate Inlaid with satin wood, urerstrung baas, Inlaid with pearl and pearl keys made to order for ihe present owner by city makers fully guaranteed for three rear* been in use but five months; coat $600, will be sold far $260, Including Hto<l and Cover. Aiao, elegant Dintng Boons Su>t, coat fiv (i, for $15U Inquire at No. 7U Weat Tweatj-alxtk at rest, near Blxth avenue. QHICBKIUNG A SON'S GRAND SQUARE AND UPBIGHT PIANOS, 094 Broadway, New York. MB. NUGENT, PB0FB880U OF THE PIANOFORTE, harmony and cc->m|*Mlti' n. having recently arrived from Loadon, beg* to announce that he lntenda to reeume his pro fessional engagementa, and ma v be applied to at his rcai deuce, 21 Second avenue, whore he will be at home on Tues days and Krldava, from 10 till 12 and from 2 till 4. ByfUSIC ?A LADY, HAVING SOME BXPBRIENCB IN JVi String Leaaona on tbe l'iano, bega to announce that she Intends to reauire her Mualoal Engagements, and may be applied to at her residence, or addreasl). A II ,92 Rynrsoa atreet. near theoornerof My lie avenue, Brooklyn. Terms, $12 per quarter. PIANOFOBTES- BARGAIN?PRICE $711-A MAORIEI cent rosewood Pianoforte, original cost $900; also aereral aeren octave Pianoforte* at hair price, to close the estate of Cooper A Avberton, By order of .ludge Leonard, Hilyeme Court. Apply at 328 Bowery. JOHN MCDONALD, Receiver <Jtl pih PIANOFORTES. $160 <TluU.-By the Introduction of machinery In th* manu facturing of pianoforte*, we are now able to offor to the pub lic a seren octave rosewood Piano, containing all tbe modern Improvement*, for $160 caah, of more perfect workmanship than haa usually been sold for $3(10 or $400 by the old method of manufacturing. We invite all dealer*, teacher* of music and the public to call and examine theve new inatrunarnta, at OROVENBTEIN A HALE'S. Corner of Canal and Hudson atreeta, New York. IWSTRUCTlOBr. A TEACHER WHO HAS HAD MITCH BXPBRIENCB, and who Is a graduate of a Northern 1'ulveraltT, d? aires to make a new engagement as teacher of Kncliah or eiaaatca. A situation In this city preferred. Addreas Geo. N. Martin, 1,248 Broadway. N. Y. AN ITALIAN LADY WI8HBS TO OIVE ITALIAN AND Drawing Lessons on reav nable terms. Address Mr Jandolfo, Poet ollice, Hoboken, N. J. A LADY OF THE HIGHEST respectability I E aires to form engagements with one or two families a* visiting governess to children under 14 years of age. She la fully cmpetent to Impart a thorough English educa Ion, and can offer unexeep'.ionable references. Addreas M R. J., He raid ofllce A LADY OF BESPECTABILITY AND POSITION, baring, from reverse* of fortune, been tlntjwn upon her own resources, offers her services as visit lug governess to la dles whose earlr adranUges for education hare bean negloct ed. h be Is fully canwMe of Imparting a thorough English education, and can offer unexceptionable references. Appli oatiobs considered confidential If desired. AdJress M. R. J., Herald ofllce Academy of penmanbhipabd rookrebping, .?n Broadway, continued by W. C. HOOGLAND, for many year* with Olirer B. Geldamith. Applications received this day and erenlng, at the reduced terms ol $3 for the course Conversation aarlork.?a bbcobd coubsb of Conreraatlonal Leaaona In Frrack, Spanish, Ttallaa Oertnan and Engllah will be formed at the Polyglot InatMntA Be. 8$4 Broadway, near Union aquare, aa aoon aa Iks apptkm t|on* will be aufltoent. Pslrate Iseaauna In firamaaar may be had of aaeb language by ratlre prnfeeson. This iaatitule la patronUed by tae highest aoeiaty of thia dtf. For circulars and particulars apply at the Institute. TranaUtiona of every klndattended to L PAL MA PI CBBNOLA F BENCH AND GERMAN LANOUAOEB-PBOF B. TELLBB1NG, 819 Broadway, corner of Twelfth atreet (Mtabliabed lK02),wiu recelre lie* application* for prl>at? lu at ruction and conversation In the aforaaaid and t'laaaicaJ Lau go ages and make Translations of Correspondence, Ac. VISITING GOVERNESS.?A LADY, A COMPETENT and experienced teacher, haa a few hours In the mowning dlaengaged, which she would like to devote to Instructing pa plls st their own re?ld*noes. In the Engliali branches. Music and French. Tbe moat unexceptionable references aa to abi lity. Addreaa Governeaa, Union square Post office. WRITING -PROF. LONG'S NEW SYSTEM OF TBACH ing, without eopr books, Is one of the greateat noreltiea of tfce day. It astonishes erery pupil to see their own writing after 13 leaaona Bookkeeping, Mathematics, Grammar, Com. po lUon 34S Sixth arenas. DAMCIWO ACADBHlis! "~j A, DODWOBTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES. %e. 806 Broadway, New Tork. No. 137 Montague atreet, Brooklyn. Wedneedara "and Saturdays in New Tork. Mondara and Tharsdaya, 1 ueadaya and Friday* In Brooklyn. Circular* of terms, Ac., may be had at either Academy. COAL.. Liverpool coal, afloat.-dischabging from ahlp Caravan, a superior article Imported for family u?e, and win be aold at a reduced price If taken direct fmn the *htp. Aiao for sale, English Cannel, Pearh Orchard and Lehigh Coala, at Inweat current rates HBNBY reeve, Corner Canal and Centre and corm* Jane and Weal atreeta ASTROLOGY. A bora rn>B aatbolooist. that evert on oan depend on, la MxImm WILSON, who Ml* the ob ?nt of roar vlalt w *oon u too enter her room. Madamt ? llaoa la the greatest aetrologlat that ever waa known. Bk? win Invoke the power* of her wonderful aatonae, and lei all the evenla of your whole life. Her prediction* are; <1 true that they nurnrlM every one that eooauNa her. Rome ladles may get a little timid, tnoagh they need id fear, for aha pra? tloee nothing but what la raaaoaabla to phJlneephera. All should ennnuit tbla moat wonderful and mvaterlous lady. Ret adrlee haa never hern known to fail, ami twesty thousand dollar* reward to any one who ean equal bar In the ahovg science. Madame Wllm la In poaeeaalon of the celebrated ?ugtc^barma, whlok are aver eaitaln la their effaol Traly mar ttn be called a wonder! ul woman. L8B gll*n street, be tweea I!(ronton and Stanton, over the bakery. Pea for laiHia and gentlrmen. an eenta. AiTojuflnma? madams morrow, seventh daughter, b<im with a caul and girt of foreafght, telli how anon and often yon will marry, and many evenla, evea your very thought*. Fee 26 cent*. IM Ludlow street, below Houston Gentlemen not admitted. Madame bat, mo (ibvbnth avenue, near Twenty seventh street, surprise* all who vlall her. The ?irk, troubled and unlucky should tost her powers. Rhe tellt your very thoughts, lucky number*, loaaea. Ladle*, 24 ecnta ginla, HO tenia. NB?WHO HAM BOT HBARD OF THB CBLE biated Mme. I'REWHTERt who has been consulted by thousands in (hi* find other rliliM with entire Satisfaction. She feels confident she haa no equal Tell* th" name of future wile or husband, and that of her tlatter. If you wiah truth give her a call, at 261 Third avenue, above Tweuty flrat ? treet. Indies, fit) cents; gentlemen, $1. T~hf. <ikbateht~womdbb inTue world ir tiib young and accomplished Madame BYRON, from Parte, who can lie consulted with the strictest confidence on all af fairs of life, embracing love, courtship, marriage, slckneaa. Intcmp* ranee, situations, lawsuits, bueineea, travelling, ab sent frlenda lost nr stolen property, An Rhe haa also a wen" to make yon beloved by your heart* Ideal, and brings to getlier thoae Wing separated Residence Ml Third avenue, above rwentT seventh street, second floor. Isullea, 28 cent*; gentleman, flOoenta. Wmm ho woi ld not oo wTi r kr Vorti ne ir ?-<x) ye. see Mlsa WE I,LI NOTOJf, the great English pro plieteaa. the best of all, and cannot be eirvjled fan be on salted, personally or by letter, on all affairs of life, concerning law sulfa. Journeys, absent friends, love, onurtshlp, marriage, health, wealth, and who will reclaim drunken an<l unfaithful liushntida Mlsa W. la the only person In tblaeltv who haa the genuine Roman and Arabian talismans for love, (food luok and all business sffalra, and are guarantee* for life. Delay not to MMM thl* naturally gifted and bnautlfnl young lady Lucky number* given. Hlgnly respectable |dttr refe rence* ran be seen at her realdcnee, 101 Rlith avenue, oppo alte Eighth afreet. A ?? ( MRIRTfirnFR RTHKPT -MRU II KOKDKRIH I i) (he only true Rplritnallet, Clairvoyant, Astroloaist, Palmist a ad world renowned Seer and gifted lady In tbla alty. Retealer of all affairs through life, paat. preaem and future eventa. *ves true and correct Information on health, wealth, love affair*. Journeys, law an It a, diffletiftr In hiialness, absent friend*, steiness, Ac Thousands of vlsfter* ean wit nee* the truth or her correct revelation* during the past sliteen years. Remember her residence, 43 t'hrlstopher street. A 07 ORAND HTBEET, TniRO FLOOR.-MADAME I WIDflRR, '1atr"v**ni and atfted flpaalah, nn **?* the myafc-rfaa ef ri?inrt#y, lave, marriage, ab?eid trfeada, sMaaaa prewirfkes ni~Wetoe* far ad dwass Mle le^T lONk lest or s*a*na. A*. a Ki'MKjHKnrrs. WASHINGTON'S KIKIHDAf. BIOHfT tTTB ?KIOM. Tae |IH( ABNieu tragedian. Mr. BDWlNFOBBMV, mm me** bu appearance IUimmbU tk? I nullah tiUloncHl and patriade tragedy of JACK CADE. __ ___ Written for Mr. Forrest by tke Into JudB* Conrad. 0t PfcR mleipbta. IUnatratlcg, In a ?nocB?Ion H tkrUllng eoenea, lb,FIB?T BBVOLT Or TUB ANGLO SAXON baom lt>R FREEDOM TO THE BOND. The aentime ala of this play throughout u* eminently ksdiIaU) fi? tie oclebratlon of '.he day of ** * T11E PA1HER Of HIS country. On Pi May Evening, fob S), will be represented Jnd#r Cuorad'-" Rue tragedy of JACK oadb: Or, the Bondman of Kant _ .laikCade Mr. EDWIK FOJRRBST M?rUrrme_ **V^in2J Wat Worthy ^ ?Em!! Mowbray Hr. H?ruoi CUffoeH Mr. C an way Urn aalurday even In*, the charming opera of THEBollRMlAN UlVL, _ By Madam* ANNA BlfcHOP S BegliahOpera Troup*. INTER GARDEN , I.easee and Manager A. W. Jackson last NIOHT BUT ONE AND FAREWELL BBHWCT or

MR. EDWIN booth, wbowUl appear^ ^ IB TBAOEDT and OOMBDT. To tender tbla cloaing wefk la every way worthy of the drew tnUreal tbla great artlat haa inspired, the eminent triTiiflin ^ MR. J. W. WALLACE, JR., who haa been eipreaaly engaged with thu object, appear* M con function with Mr Hootn every night. This evening (Friday), Od. these two great artlsU will ap pear U^etherlnhhake-^^layof Mr. J. W. WALLACE, Jr.. appearing a* *Dd Mr. EDWIN BOOTH w OTBEOUO. After which will be performed Sbafceepere'a eoi * {CATHERINE and petruchio. Mr. BOOTH IAOO. 'a ootnedjr of appearing aa PBTRUOBIO. Monday, ftUan. OLIVER TWIST. Ml.Sri CUSHMAN. In prefiaration, w ALLACK'S THEATRE. KOAHS OF LAL'UHTBK Ann HEARTY ROUNDS or ENTHUSIASTIC APPLA08B Together with the OPINIONS OF THB PRBSS Fully attest that the TUB NEW COMIC DRAMA, M without doubt one of the greatest ?f the MANY SUCCESSES PECULIAR TO THIS THEATRE. Every one Hhould see the LIlc LIKE pjctukb ow THE SKATING POND, TUB. BALL UP EYBRY NIGHT, FROST l)R THAW. THB NUMEROUS ESCAPADES AM) NOVEL SITUATIONS of the tte of Ihe artiste concerned In the repreoentation hare reenlted la - TA? V, co?c 0??.A Of CENTRAL PARK; OH. THB HOUSE WITH 1WO DOORS. GENUINE AND IMMBSNE HIT. QREATLY ACJ?JHi a*t> OPEA^ T SUCCESSFUL. LOVE ON THE ICB, LOVE ON THE lOW. ?r._, EVBBT EIGHT, BVBBT NIO*J EVERY NIGHT, fat am ivlOMK Bowery theatre. THIS EVENING. FEB. 2J, WASH I NO TON'S BIRTHDAY. EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTIONS. WONDROUS INCOMI' KEIIENSIRLR ADDITIONS WONDROUS INCOMPREHENSIBLE ADDITIONS TO PROFESSOR ANDERSON'S PROFESSOR Ah DRRSON'S PROFESSOR ANDERSON'S NIOHT IN WONDER WORLD. NIOHT IN WONDER WORLD. NIOHT IN WLNDER WORLD THE NEW TRICK THE NEW TRICK THE NEW TRICK or THK or THB MONET WHICH " NOBODY OAN COUNT MONEY WHICH NOBODY CAN COUNT MONEY WHICH NOBODY CAN COUNT Received with acreama and abouta of delight. Received with acreiima and ahouU of delight. Received with acreutna and shouts of delight, the like of which have never before been beard within the ALL THE^Ro'wERY NOW GOES TO OLD DRURT. AIX BROADWAY Now GOES TO THB OLD BOWEBT. ALL FIFTH AVENUE NOW OOESTOTUE OLD BOWERY ALL BROOKLYN NOW GOES TO THE OLD ROWERY ALL JERSEY CITY NOW OOB8 TO THE OLD BOWERY. ALL NEW YOBK NOW OOBS TO THB OLD BOWERY. The novel Ilea are attractive beyond measure. The new Trikci are he Wizard's best. Every evening at half paat aeven. Day Performance to-morrow (Saturday) at half paat two. OOLBY * CAMPBELL'S MINSTRELS.?NIBLO'S SALOON. ANOTHER OREAT BILL. MONDAT EVENING, Feb. M, w>d everj' OLD UNCLE SNOW^ OLD u'nCLB ?froW THE MUMMERS, THE MUMMBBS. THB MUMMERS, PAT RIOT IO TB'IO, " ? in PAT RIOT 19 TRIO. PAT-RIOT-IC TBIO. LATHER VS. POLITICS. LATHBR Jl'JR5H108' STUMP SPEECH. STUMP SPEBC.H. NIGOBR IN THE TENT. NIGGER IN THB TBNT. New Ponge, Ada, Dances, Plantation Pomes, Ao., Ac. Door* open a< 63^; to commence at Tfj. TlckeU at cant*. H have not Palace gardmh ml en; ilali. ORAND CARNIVAL, GRAND OABNTYAL. Monday evening, March *. 1861. Subaerlben. wko h?vo aw received their tickets can obtain tbetn by applytac at the of goa, from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. ~~ WATCI' ^ \D JEWELRY. A PAWN TICK OR A VALUABLE SINGLE alone Dlamonu I In, pa*ned for?l5, originally oosl ?90; will aell the ticket for $16. Addieaa J. A, buz 123 Herald office. "/-10WBCIB1ICB MAKB8 COWARDS OF US ALL." Kj THINGS HAVB COMB TO A CBIUO. "TO BB OB HOT TO ML" THAT'S THB UUE8TIOH. The leading manufaoturera of Jewelry la' the elty. In nan sequence of the preseure of the timet, bare determined that It U wiser to Mil tcelr good* at price* that muat pommaad Ue caah, ingardleaa of the coat, than to hold them at those that would be remunerative. They would therefore oaU the atten tion Of the public to their Immense Mock of FINB GOLD AMD JULATBD .TBWKLRT7 AT 6W BBOAD#AT, Opposite Bond street, biom or thb lady in thb window. YOUB CHOICE FOB ONB DOLLAR. , Thl? magnificent etock, comprising the largeet and moat at tenslve nilwunn of i 'iriiii CamHM, Moealca, Jets, Babies, Brilliants, Larai, Turuuols, QarucU, Imitation of Cairbanclaa, Amethysts, Pearls, Emeralds, Sapphires, A*.: Bra?J?ta, Chains, Kings, Pencils, Thimbles, Armleta, Ac., Aa. Consisting in part of the foil owing articles.? Coralaete RetatTprioea, flOtofMortvft Baby ?' ? ? U "To ^ 1 Lara " " " 7" U " I Jet Mosaic sett ?' " 8" 11 " 1 Gold Stone Moeale " " 8 '? U " I Garnet eeU " " 10" ? " I Tornuolae net* " " #" 15 " 1 Enamelled brilliant sets .. " ** 9" U ? } Im. of Carbnnc.1* ?? " " 10" SO " 1 Im. of Emerald " " " 10" 90 " 1 Stene Oayx 0" U " 1 Im. Etnucaa " " 0" 18 " 1 Fine Oral Band Bracelet... " " 10" It " I Fine Chain " .. ? 10" 10 " 1 Fine Band " .... ?" 8 " 1 Fine Moeale " ?' 0" U ?? 1 Fine Coral " M - f" 10 ?' 1 Fine Garnet " ?? 7" U ?' I Fine Onjri Stoda and Buttons " " s" s " 1 Bnaroafled " .1" f '* 1 Im. Carbunsled " " " i" 0 " 1 Fine Neek ohMna with Garnet and Coral S " 8 " 1 Fine Ladles' Drees Chains " " S" 7 " 1 Fine tadlea' Curb Chains . " " 10" If " 1 Genu' Fob Chains .... 0" 8 44 1 LocAste of erery aiae " " 1" 10 " 1 Together with tn endlese aeeortment of Pine, Blags, Pea ella. Pens, Thimbles, Watch Key*, Loeketa, Chalet, Kiud', " Tela. Itleore Buttons, Charma. Armlets, Emblems, Crnesea, Bar rings, Belt Slide*. Chain Ptaa, Ribbon glMee, TooUpl<*s, Pea Holders. Ere (ilaasee, Enamelled Croeeea, and a thouaaad other Articles too numerous to mention, euoh aa are usually kept In (list riast jewelry eoUbllshmenta, any artlde of wlilnh fnu can hare your choice of fee |1. W? invite ladlea, and the public generally, to eall and et amloe nir aplendld ateek, aa we nan assure thetn such bar gains will be ogared bat fur s limited period Order* from the trade throughout the eountry most respectfully sollotted. BMI'tRE ONB DO LI. A It BS TA H I.1HMM KNT Any of the above artMee will be sent by mall on recalpt of ?1, and 12 reuta for postage. Address G. W. Hill, maau factoring egret, HO Broadway, Mew York. DisTHTHv] A^BTIFICIAL TKBTB.-ttMLY OH FOB BBACIfTOL | and suneiaatuu sou oa pure sllreraon floe gold sad p latin*. $30- single teeth, $1, teeth filled and oitra- ted with- | puauiua, MUNI, fl, RNHD illlWl >nq I'lllW Viii out the Icaetpaln. Artificial bone tilling M)renin. All upera tlnne warranted. OfDee LS8 With avenue, between Teadh aad Eleventh street* DR LCTHBB, DeaMst. AWWIFIf IAL BOMB FILLIVO FOB DBCAYED TBETBL ? put In while aoft, without preeeure or pain. Aching teeth or mere shell* can be Jlled with It, by the dismvna|M JAMBSPBABBON M l> above Union square. I Broadway, north dlt, 6B. jr. 0. KBMMBDT HAS BBMOTBD TO im iowmi. three doora below Spring street, where he oontinaaa II ft his beautiful life-like Teeth, at anaaually low prteaa ale upper <w under aete on gold from BM. or on tftaa from OR. Partial seta on gold from M aaah tooth, or oa a ver from P. Mo charge for ettraaMag or temporary sets, when permanent aata are ordered. MtmClPAL AFFAIRS. pOBPOBATIOE WOTICB.-THB COMMITTEE OM BAIL V J roads of the Board of Aldermen wlU meet In room Me. I City Hall, on Krldav, 13d Inst, at t o'clock M. Parties Interested la bnslneaa referred to the oem rait tea will Mare m opportunity of preeentlng their views. F. I. A. BUOLB, CH AH O. CoEVai jyffS ? T 0 NUM. <*?* OersmlUee Awwtrwrii. WALLACE'S tiiratkk " ' BOARS OF LAUGHTER HIARTY HOVN Db ENTHUSIASTIC APPlaUBK Together with ihe OPINIONS Of TUB 1'HgM Fully aiK?i feat THB NEW COMIC DBAMA I? without doubt one of greater or ike MANY SUCC'ESbEs PECULIAR TO THIS THEATBB. Krrrr one should ?e the LIFE LIKE PICTURE OH THE SKATING POND, THB BALL UP BTEBT NIGBT, FROST OR THAW. THK NUMEROUS ESCAPADES AMD NOVEL SITUATIONS if th? ptrmi|H in the play. together wilb the ADMIRABLE ACTING of the Artists (cmeenud in the n iinwnUUoihtfC the fact that MR. LBtiTBK WALLACE H NBW COMIC DRAMA Ot CENTBAL PARK; OK, THB HOUSE WITH TWO DOORS, OBNUINB AND IMMENHB HIT. OBEATLT ACTED, 4BEATLT PBODUCBD Aire GREATLY SUCCESSFUL. LOVB Otf THB ICE, LOVJE ON 1HB ICE. BTBBT NIGHT, ^TBRT NliTIT. BVBBY NIGHT, BTBRT NIGHT. Laura kkenes theatre. AURA KEENE'S 111KATKK. LAURA KEENE'S THEATRE. LAI'RA KRENE'S THEATRE. LAURA KEENE'S THEATRE. TO-NIOMT. WASHINGTON'S BIRTODAT. WASHINGTON'S B1 Kill DAT. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. WASHINGTON'S Bin! HDAT. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. WASHINGTON'S BIKTHDaY. WIU. nit I'tUCHKKTKI) ALL THK BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES HKAtTIFl'L UNION PICTUBES BEAUTIFUL UNION 1'IOTURBS BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURE# BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES AH KXIimiTH) III UNCLE SAM'S MAGIC LANTERN, UNCLE SAM'S MAOtO LANTERN, UNCLE tAM'H MAGIC I.A NTKRN, UNCLE SAM'S MAGIC LANTERN, UNCLE SAM'S MAGIC LANTERN. UNCLE SAM'S MAGIC LAN I BRIT UNCLE HAM'S MAGIC LANTERN, UNCLE SAM'S MAGIC LANTERN, UNCLE SAM'S MAGIC LANTERN, UNCLE SAM'S MAGIC LANTERN. eomiiNKi) with tiih SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SIHTKRS, SEVEN SINTERS, SEVEN SiSTKKh, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN BISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTER*, COW-KISIMO OOLUMBIA AT WASHINGTON'S TOMB, THE THIRTY FOUR STATES, THB EBONY WEDGE, IIKPRKSKHTINd TH* GOOD OLD SHIP CONSTITUTION IlKHTKOTKll BV THK EMANCIPATORS AND KIRK EATERS. THE STUMP OF THE LIBERTY TREB, THE SLAVE SCENE, THB HAPPY PLANTATION llOMB. CALHOUN'S DREAM, AMD WASHINGTON'S ARMV AT VALLBT FOBQE. LIBERTY AND DIOGENBS. APOTHEOSIS or WASHINGTON AND UNION. THB ZOUAVB DRILL. BURLESQUE DANCE, AMD THE LAST GREAT SCENE, THK BIBTH OF THB BUTTBBFLV IM THK BOWER OF FBBNS. Thin highly suocessful Burletta WILL BE PLAYED EVERY NIOHT. WILL BE PLAYED EVEBY NIGHT. WILL BE PLAYED EVERY NIGHT. WILL BE PLAYED EVERY NIGHT. WILL BE PLAYED EVERY NIGHT. Heats nuiy be accural one week In sdvanee without eitra charge. Doors open at half p?>t alt; to commence at half peel seven. Performance terminate* at ten o'clock. TO THB FBIENDS OF SABBATH SCHOOLS.?THB Forty-fllfh Annlveraary Concert of the old Duane street Mttbcdlst Episcopal Sunday School will be held at the church, between Hudson and Greenwich streets, on Friday evening, February 22. Eiereises to commence at 7:SU precisely. Tickets of admisaluo 26c., children Uo. Proceeds lor the benefit of the ichool. TTITCHCOCK'S NATIONAL HITCHCOCK'S NATIONAL HITCHCOCK'S NATIONAL HITCHCOCK'S NATIONAL QQNCERT HALL, CONCERT HALL, 173 New Canal IT! New Canal. 172 New Canal. 172 New Canal. THB BEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CITY. THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED IN THE CITT. Continued and unparalleled success of the Burlesque Tragedy of BOMBASTBS FURIOSO. SINGING and DANCING. NEGRO MIN8TBELST. BURLESQUE TRAGEDT. Admirslon 10 oenU. Theatrb francais, iku broadway.?samedi 23 Ftrrler, 1H61.?LBS ENFANTS TERRIBLES, d'aprAs Gavarta. BERTRAND ET BATON, vaudeville da M. Bar Hire. SOUS CLEF, bluetta en un acta. German voles gabdbn. PALACE HALL CONCEBT SALOON. 4&. 40, 46 BOWBRY 40, 45, 4& Opposite the old Bowery theatre. TO-NIGHT, TO NIGHT, GRAND GALA NIGHT, In honor of the Birthday of our ? IMMORTAL WAlHINOTON. The grand national hymn, THB STAR-SPANGLED BANNER, will be sung by the <iueen of songsters. MISS ELLA WOOD. MISS ELLA WOOD. , Closing with an ALLEGORIC TABLEAUX, representing the emblems of all States, Surrounding Washington, And Union forever. The performance commences this evening with BONGS, BALLET, ACBOBATIC EXERCISE, NEGRO MINSTREL SONGS, DANCES, ORAND TIGHT BOPE ASCENSION, BLONDIN ptvai BLONDIN BLONDIN BI> AL BLONDIN In Miniature. BUBLBSQUE PANTOMIME. The neatest attractions are the WAITEB OIRLS, WAITER GTBLS, In fancy In fanoy Costume Costume. Admission 6c Reserved seats, lie. (lONCRRT Or NATIONAL HONOR AMD ANTHEMS Of y ALL NAUONH. IRVING BALL, RATUKDAV EYENINO, FEB. n. MR. MILLARD Beg* leere to announce that the following artleta will ipmtr oaThe orcaaton of I be a bom Concert. In a programme bril liant with the Hmp and Anthema of all Nationa ? Mil* Montmorency. Soprano Mr. George Hlmpaon Ttnor Mr. Centemerl Baritone Mr. Mllla Planlat Mr. Aptommaa B Mr. 8. C. Maaaett Blocutlonlat inn MR. MILLARD. MESSRS. bristow AND DODWOBTH Conductor*. MESSRS MARDRR AND McKORKELL AorompanUU A CHORUS or FIJTY MRK'S voices. Dodworth'a Military and Comet Ru4a and FULL OKCHERTRA. Ticketa, S%?Reeerred NeaU Mo. extra, Can be had at the mualc atorea. Daora open at 7, commencing at 8 o'clock. T BR ORBAT canterbl'RT MUSIC BALL, lANTERBI RY MUHIC canterbury MUSIC HALL, cantrbbdrt MUSIC HALL, OaNTEBBUBT MUHIC HALL. ??B CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, BROADWAY. FRESH EXCITEMENT. FBBSH bxcitkmbmt. RE engagement RB RNGAOBMBNT RE BNOAGBMRNT RB ENGAGEMENT RE ENGAGEMENT RB engagement or MR. SAM COW ELL, MB. RAM COWBLL, MR. SAM CHWBLL, MR. BAM COWBLL, MR RAM COWELU MR. RAM COWELL, MR. RAM COWRLL, WHO WI1.I. ArrKAK KBIT monday NIOHT, MONDAY NinH-K monday NIOHT, WITH NEW RONds and HIR NRW VBRRfON and hir nkw ybrsiom or or BILLY barlow. BILLY BARLO*. BILLY BARI.OW. BILLY BARLOW. J. B. OODBN. 4. H OODBN, AS USUAL, EVERY RIQHT ? EVERY NIOHT in hir famous and original HONGS and RE UTATIONfl RONOfl AND recitations. MR W. N. SMITH. MR W. N. RMITm. the BRHT bonb player IN THE WORLD, WILL APPEAR RVBKY NIGHT. ___ T bee* artteU, combine*! with the mnul company, roMtatfng of fort* other performer*, will add freah Uurela to the roptita tlon of the CANTERBURY HALL, which la already eatab Hubert na the beat place of nmuaeroent In the l.nltod Hiatee. Mile. catherine, late of Corent Garrten thentrs, Lon don. will make her flrat ap^ay CHRIS NORRIH, Tr-aaoror. American dramatic institute and ornbral Theatrical, and RquejtrWn Agenn 4M Broad way.?Pltuborg will open for tka aprln| and mi mm or other flr^alaa^MiMja^ki eafij a?e*?atM, ** 4th, to be a?*?, AWtHKWIim. Academy of mc??ic, NBwlfORsT"' FRIDAY, February 28, (i U A N D OA LA NI (JUT Te commemorate the Birt?i lay of ington. wash )flhe Prince of Wain' 11m Aeulmi tin* evenlM will be IIAVMHL mi uii thi- Or iud Gala Night or On thl? o<<a#toti THE OK EAT amfricak national *im, THE nl'AK SPANGLED BANNER. Wltlbe SONG BY THE ENTIRE i.'OMPANY. And previOu* tu the overture of the Ojien the Urud Na Anthem, _ IIAll. COLUMBIA. ?'U be performed by the llrand Orcbcali*. TRIUMPHANT success Of Yerdl'e la-.t an<t moot oelebratnd work, UN HALLO IN M ASCII ERA WI...U ... . (The Maaquerade Ball. > " hlch W1U be nreaeotrd fur the seventh time OB T"IS. FRIDAY EVENING. Feb M. with Mm, Cola,in, Mimh H Ink ley, Mim Phillip*. "^fTT. ? , Fi-rrl, Colettl, Dcubreul. PignerMuilo will Introduce a Crand tialop, compoaed m EmJ. o?*"^ which will be dau'x d by the oorpe "? W! amal?raand thoae patron* of the opera who aaaf wgh.f0.'g.,lPo* the ?t*?e during the Ma?.|uerad? Ball. i*T:>'nder tie direction of dig. "? Pinw?r id(J tondnctor,, ML'fclQ Correct Opera Book., at Hlbeli'a, 12 Watt'ntreel. Brooklyn acadbmy or music. TO-MORROW SATURDAY evening, February 3BL GRAND GALA MK1UY "Dn,mr? BENEFIT OF Hid BKIONOLI. Triumphant ancoeea mid laat night ef VenU't latest ant aM celebrated work. . TIN BALLO IN MABCBERA, which will be presented with the aame brilliance and anlea dor, without i urtailweut or abridgement, aa at the New York Academy of Vutic, with Madame Oolaon, Mian lllnkley MW Director and Conductor. Hi*. MOM Seatu ran also be aerured at Slbell'a, No. 12 Wall atreel. N EW BOWERY THEATRE. Hole Proprietors ... Meaara O. L. Foi A J. W. I in earl FRIDAY, FEB 22. 1861, WASHINGTON'S PIRTHDAT. Mr. <1 L. Fox'a Grind t omlo Pantomime 01 HARLEQUIN JACK, THE GIANT KILLKK. The National Drama of HORHK HHOB ROBINSON. The Pantomime rreeeded bv the Petite Comedy of RAISING THE WIND. B ARNI M H AMERICAN MUSEUM. FBI DAY, FEB. 22, 1861. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY ORAM) NATIONAL JUBILEE. OEORGE WASHINGTON, "ihe F.ither of hla Country," WM DEVOTED TO THE PEOPLE'S GOOO. and has left recorded, both In hlatory nnd the bearta of Aa people of hi* country, A VaUIER'H COUNSELS, A PATRIOT'S WARNING*, and an honeat PreMricnt'a examplea; and it la eminent!# At that we fhould thla day CELEBRATE 1I1E BIRTH OF TniS GREAT AND O' ol> MAN; not alone wilh the roar ol cannon and the marching of W rniee, but with other demonatrationa of joy, with MUMC. BANNERS AND AMUSEMENTS. BARNUM'B MUSEUM wtll be gayly decorated, tlageiriB be flying, muric playing, and TWO HI'LI-NDID PERFORMANCES of a national and patriotic aplrit will lie given, in the After noon at 3 o'clock, and Evening at 7>? o'clock, at oach of whloh the HISTORICAI. AMERICAN DRAMA. IIOHHK NHOK ROBINSON; HORHK SHOE ROBINSON; HORbE-HHOB ROBINSON; HORSESHOE ROBINSON; HORSE SIIOB ROBINSON; HORSE SH OB RoBIN SON; OR. TilK fiTBCOOLES OF '78. STRUO<JLES OF 7A STRDOOLES OK 7?. BTRUUOLES OF '71 Dluatrating the trlala. atrugglea and perlla of THE WAR 8K INDEPENDENCE, the time that triml men'a houIh, and reaulted In the downMI of tyraunj and the FREEDOM OF AMERIOA'B BON8, will be gWeu. 'Ihe following living wonder* and cuHMMlM are all to be w en at all hours, without extra charge;? THE GREAT LINCOLN TURKEY. Weighing Forty Pouxna, rabed and fattened by R. H ivary, F?j , of Wampavllle, Madlaou county, N. Y., to be preaealM ? AFRAHAM LINCOLN. PRE8IDENT U. 8.. for hla dinner on the day of hla Inauguration. OLD ADAMS' CALIFORNIA MGNAGERIE OF AMERICAN BEARS, '1RIZZLY DEARS, ta THE ORtAT MAMMOTH REAR, 8AM8ON, Weighing near 2,(*? ponnda AH eihlbitedand performed ky HbRK DRIBSBAOH. the renowned Lion Tamer. THE GREAT LIVING BLACK 8EA LION. OLD NEPTUNE, Monarch of the Oceeo. THE TWO LIVING AZTEC CHILDREN, LIVIKO AL BINO FAMILY, from MadagHHcar. LIVING WHAT 18 ITt or MAN MONKEY. THIRTY LI VINO MONt-TER 8NAKB8, THE LINING HAPPY FAMILY. THE LIVING LEARKBD PEAL, IBO DOLLAR RrErKLED BROOK TROITT. OKANl> AQUARIA, WAX FIQl UE8, and near n million CurtaMM? from all parta of the world. Notwithstanding all theae attractlona, the price of ideate aion reinalna at only 26 centa. Children under ten, 16 eeataL Parquet, 16 centa eitra, children under ten, 10 centa extra. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS, Mechanlca' llall. 472 Broadway, abore Grand atreek Monday, Feb. IK and every night during the week, JERBY AND DAN BRYANT, the popular comedlana, in their laughable burleeque of JACK CALE. PEEL AND NORTON IN THEIR DOT BLF. RHUFPUL WAMBOLD, PERCET, GOULD AND HILTON, the pleaaing vocal quartette. In new aonga, choruaea, Ac. ORAPE VTNB TWIHT; CRI'ELTY TO JOHNNY; BA>? HIGH. Doora open at t\; curtain rlaea at TM. Ticket* 21 oeate. American concert hall. 444 444 BROADWAY. 448 444 444 BROADWAY. 444 444 444 BROADWAY. 4M GRAND GALA NIGHT. 22D FEBBUARY. 22D FKBRUAKT In onmmemoratlon of the Birth Day of THE IMMORTAL WASHINGTON, THE IMMORTAL WASHINGTON, for which the management have made atrenuoua effort* II produce up entertainment for Ibe oocaalon. SCENES FBOM THE LIFE OF WASHINGTON kCENBB FROM THE LIFE OF WASHINGTON, . In a aeriea of eeven Tableaux. Tableau 1?Columbia at the Foot of Waahingtoo. Tableau 8?'The Capture of Major Andin. Tableau .V-Wa*klngton and Army. Valley Forge. Tableau 4?Mart n entertaining the Brltlah OflLoflO to Mm with him. Tableau 6?Waahington Croea'ng the Delaware. Tableau 6?The Beeeaelonlat Dream Tableau 7?Apotheoala of Waahington. Intervperaed with the National Aire of America, for the occaaion. CHARLEY WHITE'S original Extrauagan7aa of the MAOIC PENNY MAOIO PENNY MAOIC PENNY MAGIC MAGIC I'fcNNY MAOIO MAGIC PANNY MAGIC PENNT having made a great hit, will be repeated every evening aatfl further notice Firat week of the Celebrated Vocal let CLARA HARRINGTON, CLARA HARRINGTON. CLARA HARRINGTON, CLARA HARRINGTON, CLARA HARBINGTON, The Queen of Bong. The Q?WM Of tmg, L. SIMMONS L. BIMMON8 L. SIMMONS In hla unMjualled Banjo Holoa. JENNY BNGBL, JENNY ENOMs JENNY BNGBL, The aococnpliahcd Vocallat. 11. tTART, R. hart, R. HART, The eelebrated Negro Delineator. And the GREAT BALLET TROUPB, GREAT BALLET TROUPB, Without exception the large at In the eeufcy. ADviaeioif. Parquet 80oenta | (lallerf MOOOML BeataIn Private B<ixea BOoenla. ROBERT W. BUTLER, Proprietor. MON8 LA THQRB?7BUge Ma?0K. PALACE OARDEN MUSIC HALL. BKATINO, SKATING, SKATING, TAUGHT IN BIX LB88ON8. The hail will be open daily from 10 A M. to 10 P. K. f"fr~ day and Friday ereoinga eieepted.) For ladiee and chMreM exeluaively from 10aTm. to 1 P. M. M. HUNT, IVeC. MELODEON, m BROADWAY JOB. WHITNEY, In hla DHt Aerial Leap of OTtr 50 FEET, from the Fifing Rings? thp greatest feat ever perfume*. Pint week of the !augli?bU- hanlomtmeof THE JOLLY MIIiLBlM, tnt rodurtng ? series of blunder* of the moM comic chMuter. BcAmd week of the beautiful new ballet, LBH ALMEEtt. Bongs, dances, farces, comic seta, Ac , from 7W till U o'rfoek. AdtniMlon, IS oenta: orchestra chairs, IB cenU. * jam km *. wibirt, Proneler. C. M'Mlllan, Wage Manager; Pro*. A. ritraab, Leader ebeetoa; Hone. Rouiur, Ballet Master. N. B.?BILLY O'NhlL, the renowned Iriehoomadla BTI.LY QUINN, the eel. hrated rrprcaectatlre of the _ Cn character, are engaged and will appear on Hatnrrtay e t.Peb. tt, on which occasion THK ORKaTRHT BILL 1HR PPAHON will be preeenled to the public. Retubm or rAO?'? "TENDS." AMERICAN AMD POKEIOM OALLBBT or Mfl BROADWAY. Ttie picture baa been visited by more than !?,0U01 I I Persona In Hew York alone, Open day and evening. Admiaeton VAN OKCKELEN'S AUTOMATON MUSICIAN wonderfalAce of meclianlftm on eihlblunn, dar cTenlng, al 710 BnVadway, flrat block hclow Wew York Hi VTTLBIrfVB GARDEN -BRILMANT BrOCBBB or J 1\ celebrated tenor Nr. H MIRANDA, in hlaorlf^ meter of Thaddeua (Bohemian Girl), will eppenr Thursday an<l Hstorday. _________ Floor skating?at andebhon halivi*? bixth srenne, between Twel'.h snd Thl.tew.h *fd ad flilth Amine Depot Hail, entrance from Forty-fourth ikveL from# A M. Ull W V. M. Circulars, with full partiMlMa, at either hall. atra KFKNB'B TffEATBB.- WANTED, TOITNG LA dlea for enrpa de ballet. Anply to Mr. Baker, 'tajfe door, Cm*by street, between 10 and IS. irgWoRTH * minstrel*. I.'neworth, Eugene A D?nnlker PreptMewL Thla newly orsanued and ?u par bit appointed nompaay. Mm prominent member* of which hare for a long tine been oea reesedly the reigning etar* of mlnatreiay m New York will e?> pear In all the principal cltlae and towna of the United State* and Caoadaa during (be eneuinf season, Introdnc aj a matefc leea (ongraae of art lata and a brilliant mslauM t* noreiile* entirely original with this organization. VTBW YORKER BTADT THEATRE, 17* BOWHRT. j-N DIB YUNOFRAU VON ORLB'NB Tragndrtbv Pr. Schiller. Johanna, Mr*. B??*sr-i)r?hn; Hon*. Mlaa ScnelW; Dunnls, Mr. Knorr. MR. D. MIBANDA, TENOR, dKHPECTFULLT IK forms the public that hla annulment ?' Nlblo ? Oerwm aapires on Saturday evening neit TO MINBTRELS.?WANTED. A GOOD player. None hnt a remwleperforoer need apply. dreaa A. B. 0., bo* led Herald office. This might we i-sve THE TWO MlHICAI- JOEB A., * hoet Bra