Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 23, 1861, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 23, 1861 Page 8
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NEWS if ROM EUROPE. Intro! ?f the Suva Scotian'i Mails aod (he America at Halilai. TWO DATS LATER INTELLIGENCE. ARRIVAL OF $173,000 IN SPECIE. The Case of the Fugitive slave Anderson. PALMERSTON'S OPINION ON THE SUBJECT. ANNEXATION OF MONACO TO FRANCE. FQLICY OP FRI'SSIA TOWARDS ITALY. ?gtoblifhment of a Line of Steamers Be tween Belgium and the Southern States. CONDITION OF THE MARKETS, Ae., *c., *?? VIIK NOVA SCOTIAW'B MAILS. t mails of the Nova Scotian arrived In this city at mi r boar yesterday morning. AaFmyt of tbc 8 th inst. says ? We l?arn from Florence thut Baron Ifetttno Rkiasoli ra ti* private life. It was thought that the Marqule ? Alflori ile Lostegno would bp named Governor of ny, ana the choice was warmly approvod. ) Fronch papers announce the death of M. Koetoler, _ nor of painting at the Dusseldorf Academy and i of tbe artistic oelcbrities of (iermany. M. Kaeliler ?>? lifty years of age at the time of bis deccase. Charles Bcidel, Superintendent of. the Oockerill Dock Tad at Antwerp, and builder of tbe Prlnee Albert of ttafialway line, and a number of other Iron summers, feu recently received from the King of Belgium tbe tasar of knighthood In tbe Order of lieopold. She Due de Valmy has just published a pamphlet en tSM "Church and Slate in tbe Nineteenth Ocntury." Mm Fayt, of the 8th Inst., says:? tbe conclusion of this little work will strike every ^tad particularly interested In the Ronwa question. It k ae follows:?" That the Pope, the depository of tbe do aaln of St. 1'eter, ought to a*>emble a council and sub aM to its decision. Such would be the legal, friendly ?Ml accessary termination of the Roman question. Tbe WRMtl would have to reconcile tbe church with modern ^eSiaation, and put an end to tbe fatal nUsunderstanding " ? exists between tbe ministers of religion and tbe ns of the principles of 11H9." ay schools for the secular e .location or the Russian are being rapidly opened In all part* of tbe cm The first was opened on December 23. Among VMM wbo attended were persons iu middle life. She New Ccutttc of 1'ruisia Is very indignant at tbe fenarable treatment which General La Marmora received ?k tbe bands of King William. This Is the paper which d to call Victor >taanuel "the crowned brigand.'? Be s tbe General's departure for Turin the King dec-rated I with tbe Order of the Rod Faglo in diamonds. ..eatlou of a. H<r*maiilp LlM Between Be Islam and the Southern State*. Branalatvd lrom the lYecuneur, of Antwerp, of February 4. for the Nkw York Hi?aix>. | The establirhment of regular steamship linns between Malum and ccrtaln portions of tbe New World, has long keen a popular project. Many attempts to connect Ant mp wtth New York have taken place within tl?e past twenty years. They have not bwen euoc^wfu! for roae win which it Is needfem to mention. No cause, however, had haen given for discouragement, and the timo bad r une to ?Bake new cflOrts. Government and comtniirco see the wceaity of it, and it Is to be hoped that the establWb ?MBt of a regular line of steam, uij* betweun this port and Kew York is not far distant. But New York Is not the only point of the l'uit-1 St?t.-s with which it is desirable to maintain commercial reia ?tons. Tbe South, ;rn States aspire also to h ive their , Steamship lines, and to place them' elves in direct com ! ?aunication with this country. Negotiations, in wlnca the planters took tbe Initiative, have been on root for ?May years and have arrived at a successful terminatievn, ii'k, believed that a steamer will soon be ruuning be tween Antwerp and Savannah. A company lias boeo orgtui i/ed under tho name of the Brlgto-American Company lor the developement of direct ?oaunercc with the Southern States of the United States ?T America. . . .. , To aid this project tlie General Assembly of tlie State sf Georgia, at its sea*km or the I8ih offDeotiinber, parsed ? law, the provision? of which area" follows:? Tbe society, created for a termor twenty live years, ?hall enjoy domiciliary rights on tbe territory or tho State af Georgia, and of trading, jwrchaauig and selling nu r chax tise there. Tbey shall also enjoy all the commercial rfcthts and privileges of citizens of the State, und on equal terms with thetu, to build, poases-er, hold and fre ght sea going vessels profiled by wiad and steam, and, also, to possess and use such quays and lots of grand bordiUK on the river In the city or Savannah or in May ports of the State or Georgia thai may be doeirable, ?aeemary or suiUblo to the carry log en or their opera toons. They thall have the right ot alienating and dia metric of Riir.h property as we have Just mentioned. They ?ball Is- amenable to the courts of the country. They ?htll have a common seal and signature for all pa|>ers us id in Uk transportation of merchandise, products of every Mad and passengers between the port of Savannah or ather ports of Georgia and that of Antwerp or other i<orta hi Europe as tbey may deem proper. Tbe directors and managers of the comjony will pro aaad as soon as they deem It opportune to tbe under taking oT the enterprise, conformably to tho regulations and provisions of tho dee.roe of the King of Belgium of Jane 10, 1H?0 The company, when definitively organised, is em powered to issue stock shares lor the sum of two million* Sf Solfcra?each share at the rate of twenty dollars, though they shall be privileged to Issue them at one h'?n dred dollars or more. Tb^tso terms will be offered to tho flltlcens of the Southern States, on condition that each store of twenty dollars "ball represent one vote, and tbit to the election of directors and managers no shareholder bave more than a hundred votes, and that the C?visions of tlie statutes ot" tbe company which may be aeutltct with those preceding shall be harmon,yed with *em. Tbe shares tb'is issued, the State of Georgia ?wanteds tho Interest u|on them at tbe rate of five 1" r ?ant for five year". A'turn of $100,000 to thi. annu*; y Impropriated i,y tbc State, bpon tbe following c^n li hi tte first place seomnnssioner w.ll be appi jited l>y the government to eiarvue the responeib 1 iy, r?so :rce< ? orrmi/at >n of the ( xpany, its standing, aad ttia w'th which it f pr. pared to tarry on*, the intea n and provifiems of the eoutract. }te w ..l m jib a re Mrn of the num^r of v<>?eis a! tlie d -[?<*>. >f tk.- <x ?? p?iy as well as tV r ?tyl" of fc",:d an! rapar ty. If, after obta.nm/ this nformat n. !? is convin.e'i liiat .1 wauld be to tbe real intercut of Goorg a to crtabliab tb^ ?ao, cVjtb->d with m f?:: powers, the Govern r shall gmrant^e, through tho agency of the srrno eimmi. aMiier, the mymen*. ot ths o*terest abjv<* st.p at. 1. Tbe annual a at im.ns of the en?erpr*s? will be 4 *mu the sum of |loO 000, an i If the net g n? -h?i;.i rt ?aed that r un, sticb sarp'w to b i ?] lally d.v.o. 1 b (ween tho Stat ? of t .sirgia and the c nir- r,., a:.d ,t m ateiini'd '.ha' thii w i.ld ui..intain lh? Lac. ITi.r^? wou.d lw so arrang'' ??'tolnwea Rvsith'y arrival and depor ?are from havunnali it some other port w i. i tbo lira.ts af *.?<>r t Pncb are tbe prircimil intentions of the taw; too other" are but of sec?u!a y ir it-jituice. There i? a eertuinii of fav-'rablo cot it.'a*, at! wo htve ro dO'iM of i'i - ? e* ?" itf this ?nt? >. i ? , t; it m #iBducted Wit)' ml '.?!/? at id *e. nemy a- tb ! <*'.K OO ?arh it r-"tJ Its Operation' i.> *< II pre|?u 1, which is a vary essential point. |i Is ur>n><?- ? ...-y t" { ' 1 * ? will T?m)i fr m it. They < artiot bo ott. r tb.wi very con ?klerable to traile and commen ts. H??eealon from m KpanUh VirWi P><nr. the !*i lYutt Correspondence of 1 * Omutltul ounel, <11 Varto } I<Atmn>, Fub. 1, Ifcfll. Id our p?~?!itVc U r rcV ? they boc:n to b? tr *: h ? -cuped fM ibe Kr*?t which th" United -utea furnwih ua. Dm opinion 18 that '.w inwr es?Iji^.iod awl wr particularly in tare*t >5 ic th? r?v 'iti n in the r?d? ral republw Id a commercial poml of v>w, American ?ventpmill */n-ct hji#n*i) uiUjre.iw more Uian Uioee of ai y rther cntictry, inapolitia] point of view, Spa.a la the dipt uatKu that ahouli turn it* eytaa towar l? i ven* which might arne from a radical .Image in the eii*twM>? ?r<l polity J jukI nocial erudition of the Amnrn an pnoplf. That Hit reo ra< e, transported to ttao land which O.lumbu* <?*<?<! .wd wh oh the Spwiiardf conquered. tnerca*-* <? threatening pro;*>rtlone, and always to hold the ?word of Damocles eurpeuded, not only over the Autilloa, feat also <rvrr all the countrlea of America wtwre thi lan ga*ic of Cervantes to apoknn, the former glorioaa tri ?'?v h?: of the imghty -ipanmh monarchy. It la nneaaiaem then that the dlvl*ion* which be I* to bo Introduced among the North Americana aro re M*r<l<Kt. u a thought that It is Important to the terrlto *?L ul'ffr l]f ot to her political Interwt* and tteee uc her rioe anil religion, to arreat the progrnaa of einberant i^pulnti m; tbo<igh, wtre )t permitted to a^plc at th* affection* or other*, perhapa Spain might WMgratulate herneif on *hat * transpiring on the othop ?Me of the o?*an ^ IB the meantime, the j-nvernaioot projVS*.* to inr at teat**, IMee Vh? ever, to the -paa,h proviocm of America. not that they ale now eipeeed u, Ui<- nlightjwt 4aag?rbut be.eue.-n watchful government abonld al way* be ahead of event* even when they are vet in the WBb of a far dtotant futurity. The Opralag of Parlitiarat. Ike description of the opening of Parliament by Queen la li fiven la a moat graphic manner in the l/>adon We have room only for the following brief i are unkforma of all nolara- the familiar arariet 0t (be Mwu>vepiaa, the MfM Mya af Ut Vreeft, vli'-' dark bine of ib* Frwnoh, the dark gr<eo of the Austrian, tv piatn ami uni^-sumloi: hiac* of the Am?ri * ju. over lb. se th- re are red rlbb-m* u>d blue ribb-ji.-i, and amlwr ribbons, and there vu lUri, aud inwucH, uid m<xl?le an'l >li iii4i ner of ordecs ?'i?l deC'<rattou.<. ? ? a Th-re art 8 iniq ?ho have n<,ue o' tb?nj baubles Mr iMliutt, the Atni'nowi ilintswr; th'i Beeretary, Mr Dallas, Jr.. and the AneiaUuil -'ecre.ary, Mr Moras. Hit most picturesque iu the group is itie I'tnWy iwK i??? ;or?bin lilu ik fl')IDK bejird, hm tall hat and Eastern rubes nuiko hitn a prominept member of the c*ni inpivuu /ue * * * At last ereu the ( >m won* ai <' silenced, and the I-ord biucell>r baa alvaucod to the throne and, kneeling, bauds tbo speeci to the This her Wai?w'y, in a clear and distinct v >ic ; reads to the assembled lx>roe and Uxnmoos. The rnoit peril ct mUIiim prevails, tho foreign Minis .ers list, a anxiously for tbe passigaa that rcUU) to their profession, and Mr. Dallai and M<\ Moran sho-v iol-u?o interest in lb*- passages relauug W> Hie lbre.iu>ne.i disruption oi the I'Dion. <uid when b-ir Majesty exoi'essed "her heirtfeit ?i h th ii their differences m*y be a is?epMble of a sitle factory aulu&trneut,'' the venerable Minister of the roiled tales gave something like a "liiirleigh'* not," winch seemed U> say oo hoptxl a<> too, but evidently had tome misgiving* on the subject AN INCIDENT. Ah tbe Queen wan on Tuesday proceeding to open l*?r Ilament, and juat us the royaJ corlet/- r-ached Derby street, a person in Asiatic costume war seen t> break through the crowd and attempt to tbru-i a paper into tbo carriage in which her Majosty was scale I. (is was, however, immediately prevented?indeed the Prince Consort himself. apprehensive of some maniac violence, pushed back, the band of the Intruder. Tbo mm, baffled in his effort to force himself upon royalty, iinmoliateiy pulled out a clasp knife and drew it three times across bis throat. Arrested by the police, he was at one* eon veyed to King street police station, where he promptly received tbo necessary surgical attendance. The man's name in Mihome'. Alikhan, about 40 years of uge. a na tive of Calcutta. He is under the impression that he has suffered some wrongs from tbe hands of government, and statss that it was his intention to place a petition in refe rence to his case before the Queen, lie is evidently a lunatic. Tlie Urrinan-UanUh (Question. ((?torn the liundou Chrontole, Fob. 6 J TheSchloswig lloisteln question has now entered upon that critical stage In whicb a speedy decision for pea",e or war is unavoidable. The Kins or lienmark lew taken up, in his speech closing tbe Dirt, tbe gauntlet thrown down by William 1. in his address on the opening of the Prussian Landtag, and declares that "should an enemy come near us, my people will defend themselves, if I call upon thum to do so." Tbe semi official Herlingtke 'lidende comments upon this declaration in an article in which it asserts that "war would, at the present moment, be inconvenient to Germany, an J convenient for Denmark," and expresses the determined feeling of resistance which animates the nation. It is tm possible to dony that Denmark oauld say no less than thiiH unless prp|?ared at once to consent to all the refill sitions of the cernurn Confederation. Tbe reply Is, In deed, most moderate and temperate when contrasted with the terms of the challenge. The King of Prussia seized the flrst opportunity after his accession to the throne to announce bis determination to negotiate no longer, but to compel, by force of arms, a surrender at discretion; and the menaces of the (tarman press and Par liament might well have provoked the bitterest recrimi nation. Prussia's Italian Policy. Bkhlix, Feb. 0,1MI. In to-day's sitting *f the Chamber of Deputies the dis cussion of the address took place. The following amendment was proposed by M. von Vincke;?7 hat we do nnt consider it to be r icher in the in terat of Pruuia or in (Ac interest tf Germany to plaoe ob stacles in the way ol' the consolidation of the unity of Italy. After a discussion of six hours1 duration the amend ment was agreed to by 159 against 14? votes, notwithstanding the urgent request of Baron von Schleinitz that it shjuld be rejected by the Chamber. Baron von Kchlelnitz. in his speech against the amend mentor 11. von Vinrke, declared that the Prussian go vernment had not the least reason to be opposed to the developemcnt of Italy; but, without underrating the na tional idea of that movement, the government could not attribute to it such a high significance. Although the government did not always consider the principle of non-intervention as binding, It hod not actively inter fered in Italy, lie repudiated the reproach of yielding to influences In his policy, -nd said Vonetia was. militarily and strategically, too important for Austria, snd indirectly for Germany, to allow of its cession being advised by Prussia. Auttria anil Sar dinia would, hmofivr, rrmain on the def'tuit*, and through At influence of all the great Po<r.r? a cmvliet tnml/l at least be pattyoned, and perhaps mtirtiy ac-tritd. The Prussian government would for the future also not actively inter fere with the Italian movement, so long as it remained a national movement, and did not acquire such an exten sion as might render any active interference necessary, by reason more especially of its reaching or ex|>raasly ehtimiui; any portsin of German federal territory. Syria. Paris, Feb. 8, IS?it. ran:' papers publish a telegraphic de*|<atch from Marsi-illes, announcing that letters had boen received from Bey rout suiting that the agitation was increasing. Twelve hundred I>ruses were assembled at Moktara, aad intended to prevent the elocution of thusa who had been condemned to death for taking part in the iuurt.ic.rus i Kua I 1'at.Ua h*d returned irom Moktara. Rome. Bkrnk, Feb. 6, lWil. "Hie federal council luis received ofliciat information from luimc to the ctl -ct that the Swiss trooi* have again 1 embaik<>d at CiviU Vcjchia for tlieir own country. TilK SKIVS BY TIIK AMERICA. Hautax, Feb. iM, 1M1. The steamship Am- rioa, from Ijverpool ten A. M. Bth Inst., via <vae< neiowa evening of th> 10th, arrived at this port at noon and sailed at three P. M. for Boston. The America has C34.666 in specie on freight. In Parliament lx>rd I'almerston stated that instructions had been sent to the Governor General of Cana-la not to give up Anderson without express orders from the impe rial government, and there was. therefore, no chance of his being surrendered without the point being fully dis cussed. lie could not say whether a habeas corpus writ would be obeyed in Canada, but it could not bo exe cuted Immediately, as the 8t. Lawrence rivor was blocked op with Ice, and It was Impossi ble to tako Anderson through American territory. He believed the case, according to the treaty was quite clear, and that the claim of the United States must be established by showing that Anderson was guilty of murder according to the Laws of KngUnd Mo Kugliah jury would convict Anderson of murder, and the claim was not likely to be substantiated. The new Indian loan of ?3 (WO 000 was all awarded at and above 1?9 >, per cent, whicb was the minimum fixed by the government. The total bids reached ?13,000 000. A prospectus ill issued of a Jamaica cotton growing eompai.y. The Bank of England had agreed to the government popositlon of reducing the allowance of the Bank for the nunagcmi lit of the national debt. The government p^ BK-nt is reduced bv ?60.000 per annum. The telegraph cable from Atrandt to Corfu has been saiely submerged. A portion of the Sardinian troops had arrived at Pe rugia. Disturbance* had taken place at Hula Aacoli and Avel line. Tbe 't"-i??hip \sla, from New York, arrived at yu?cnn Utwt on the 10th. The ?h p Sarah Hell, wrecked at Wexford, had been in oolli'i'm with the ship Henry Clay. FRANCE. ~U V:.i\n Mtmiicur anaounoea tbe annexation of Mo naco to ttance. 't i* reported the condition of the Hank of France con tmui <1 tU.-*dlly to Improve, aud a reduction In tbe rate of 4lscc id' ?h ebortly expected. The ivi Bowm on tbe Hth wu firm and higher. Rent**, 68f. 64c. cm Saturday evening, ?th iiwt., tt rl *ed fiat at CHt toe. for tbe rentes. PRUSSIA. 1a the Chamber of Deputies an amendment to the ad drew of the KIlk ww propoHHl, expreKx.n., the wleh that Previa might be placed at tbe head of the ?>?rmun Oon fndoruti >a. After deb.ite, in which the M in inter oppoeed the pi opoeitton, It wae rejected by a very large oia i iorlty. The Kln> Intonda to proceed to Konln^berg in Mny to be/rowoed. TURKEY. A late Oneiantinople deap^tch *ny* that the Porte oon t.nuee to refure to couaent W) the prolongation of French oeci.p.?i iuc of SyrU. DENMARK. The Danish JmtmIh oftk-'ally dec tare that the atAtemen that the Kuropnan Power* urged Denmark to make oon a an 1 would not reooeu *e a blockade by Denmark to be pure Invention. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, PBR AMR RICA. tivrnrooi cotton markrt. The aal?? to day (S?turJ<ty) wore 8,000 baiee, Including 1 900 bulee lo epWjnlaWm <r,.| exporters, the market riofttng with little inquiry, and quotation barely main Ulaed. ___ I.TVKRPOOI. BRKAnflTTPFfl MAKKRT*. The market for breaJatufle is generally quiet and atendy. Wakertcld, Naxh A Ob. report dour quiet; rrioe* are easier, but quotation* remain unohawced; qw>ted 2Sa. a 31a. 6J. Wheat atnady: red lis. a l.H , wttit* 12*. 6d a 14a. Corn quiet and a>?dy aland and yellow 37* fid. a 3*a., white 3?a. M. a :Mr. ?J. Rlohardaon, Speoce A Co. re port corn advanced Od. a la. MTKWPOOI, PROVTBIOV MARKKT. Tlie provhUon market l* gen welly ate<?d)\ Beef dull, bnt iner? In a good Inquiry for new. I'ork quiet; new American, TO*. Ba< cm<lol). lard dull wd aliiftjtly de clined nuo'e-l W?. i 6?*. ?d. Tallow duB, but North Amerk -an bae aitvaooe I la.; Bute her*' Aaeooatioo, Ma 6d a Me. ?d. Liverpool mnnrc* MAjurrr. | Tbe Bfofcen' circular reporla. labia q -<Ct, fota, 28* 9.1. a ? I* , pearls, 29b 3d. a 29s 6d. Rocln dull and -I'gbily declined; caimon, 4s ?J t. a 4* 7d , closing 4a. 7d. Spirits turpentine ttrm at 31s. Sugar steady. iVffee ('nil. Hkx dull; Carolina. '21b. a 'IM. Clovers.**!? 6tW a h6*. for new Amerie,ait. Uoiw>e<l slightly declined. l.tu?M ed nil taster. Kwh (ills general); unch >uged. Ame rica* sperm, ?100 4a ? ?100 ?.i. LONDON MARKETS. Wheat Urn? for American at full iut?.-; while, t*l*. a afls.; re<\ 6Mm a 62s. F.our 20s. a 33s. Iron (lull, rails, ?6 6s ; bars ?fi 10s. Sugar steady. Ti<a iiLChaoged. common Congou, la. Id. l.tllow active at 6?h , closing at iXH. liico quiet. Coffee firm. Linsecl cakes deulined 5< ; New York, ?11 16s a ?11 10?. Kwh oils uncliange.l. l.ins. ed lirm ut 28?. a 28u. 3d. SpinUi turpentine stoady at 31a. tfd. a 32a. TRADE AT MANCHESTER. Tho a<l vices lrow Manchester are unfavor tbi. there if but little inquiry and few transactions, and quotations arc barely maintained. HAVKR COTTON MAKKET. Sales of cotton for the w ek, fl 000 b;il"s Orleans tres ordinaire quoted 106f ; bus, 98f Tho market opened buoyant, but closed dull. The stock in port .uaounts to 165,000 baled. HAVRE MARKETS. Kreadfitnflh dull, With declining teudeocy. Ashes steady. Coffee firm. Whale oil si'gh'-ly declined. Kioe quiet. Sugar heavy. Lard Arm and quiet. LONDON MONEY MARKKT. Coneols for money 91 a 91%; for acoount, 92 'i a 921,' The bullion in the Hank of Kngland has increased ?216,000. The market is slightly more stringent and very active; no transactions in discounts below 7 per cent. A MICHIGAN SSCllklTlNH. Baring reports;?Market very dull, and aocuratc quo tations cannot be given. The latest sales were ? Illinois Central did. 29',?a 29 New York Central 72 a 74 Erie 28X* 29* The Ores* Wool Case. UNITED 8TATK8 CIRCUIT COURT. Before Hon. Judge Shlpman. Fkb. 22 ?In the calf ef the United St liti w. On# hundred and fifty bales qf unwashed wool.?District Attor My Roosevelt moved for a stay oi proceedings in this case (in which the claimants had obtained a verdict), as he oonsidered the question should have a judicial settle ment by the highest tribunal. Mr. Uirard, associated with Missrs. Craig and Brews ter, opposed the motion at considerable lougtb, as he thought tho case had been entirely settled by the verdict of the jury, and that no bill of exceptions could be al lowed, for none were taken, and no new trial could bo granted by this or any other tribunal, the decision in fa vor of the claimants on the question of facts being linaL Decision reserved. Obituary. Mrs. C-ATHTHrxK Haki-kk, relict ol'the tote Cenerul Uobert Ooot'loe Harper, of Baltimore, died on the night of the 12th of February. Mrs. Harper was the last surviving child of Charles CRrroll, of Oarrolltou, and bad reached the ripe old age of four score years. Died, at SI. Louis, on the 16th Inst., Col. J. B. Rratt, aged 71 years. He was in the hard fought battles of Fort Oeorge, Lundy's Ijtne and Fort Krie. Between 1816 and 1838 be passed through all the stages of military pro motion to lieutenant Colonel, and resigned In 1839 He was twice married?the tost time to Miss Sarah Benton, niece of Thos. M. Benton, the Senator from Missouri. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, Feb. 22 -<! P. M. No public loan ever created such excitement in V- "H street as tlie ane for which the bids were sent to Washington by this evening's mail. It m understood that the aggregate amount of bids sent from here will prove to be something in ex cess of ten millions of dollars; and it is understood that over half a million has been bid for from Boston. The bids here include one of 12,500,000 made up by the banks, and understood to be at 90; and another combination bid of $3,000,000, made | up by Ketchum, Howe &. Co., and supposed to be at 90% a 91%. It is hence inferred that the loan will go at about 91, though there bids as high as 93. The bids wUl be opened to-morrow, at noon. We believe that there were altogether some l.">0 bids from here. The money market presents no uew feature**. Some very choice names passed to-<lay at six per cent, but these are very scarce. On call Ave to six are the general rates, though outride bor rowers are paying seven. Foreign exchange was firm for to-morrow s steamer. Hankers got 106% for sterling in the morning, and in the afternoon most of them put up their rate-; and sold some bills at 105%. (lood mercantile bills go at 101 a 105. The stock market was stronger to-day, and higher prices ruled. Letters from Washington continue to assert that, however unpromising the prospect may look, sooner or later a compromise will be effected. Hcnee stocks rose % a % all round, the most active inquiry among the com mission houses being for Illinois Central and for Krie. New York Central was very scarce; the books opened to-day, and the stock rose % per cent. Federal stocks were higher; 98 was bid for the sixes of 1868, and 102*; for the 12 per cent Treasury notes. The fives of 1874 were offered at Si. State stocks were rather firmer. There was no second board to-day, in conse quence of the celebration of Washington's birth day. In the afternoon stocks were strong, the following being the quotations:?United.States 5's ("74), 84 a 85; Indiana 5'?, 87; Tenncs.-ec 6's, 71% a 72; \ irginiu 6's, 75% a 76; Missouri 6's, 05% a 66; Canton, 14 a 15; Cumberland Coal, 7 a 7%; Pacific Mail, h3% a 84; New York Central, 77% a 77%; Erie, 31% a 31%; Hudson River, 43% a 43%; Harlem, 15% a 15%; do. preferred, 38% a 38%; Heading, 42 a 42%; Michigan t'entral, 55% a 55%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 14 a 14%; do. guaranteed, 31% a 32; l'anuma. 113 a 114; Illinois Central, 78% a 79; Galena and Chica go, 71 % a 72; Cleveland and Toledo, 32% a 32%; Chicago and Hock Island, 5?% a 56%; Chicago, Hurlington and Quincy, 70% a 71%; Illinois Cen tral 7>. 95 a 96; Pelaware and Hudson Canal, 87 a 90: Pennsylvania Coal, 76 a 76%. The business of the Sub Treasury was as follows to-day:? Receipts tr.0,0,T0 oo ?For customs 60,000 00 raymcaia los.wa 67 3,316,642 70 The bill granting a new charter for the St. Lonis, Alton and Chicago Railroad pa?sed the Illinois Hou*e on Saturday morning last by fifty majority. Hy the provisions of the new charter the name of the road is changed to the Chicago, Alton and St. Louis Railroad. j The Silver Hill Mining Company has levied *n a?sc*Mment of thirty cent* per share, payable fif teen cents on the .>th of Mar-b, and five ccntd each ou the 5th of April, May and July. The Northwestern Insurance Company (ager.-y No. 2 Wall street) has declared a dividend of fivo percent, payable on demand; the Pittsburg and Hoston Mining Company, a dividend of *2 per share, payable on the 28th instant; the Oswego and Syracuhe Hailroad. a semi-annual dividend of three p? cent, payable on demand. Interest on First mortage bonds of the New York and Flushing Railroad Company, will be paid at Seventh Ward Hank, on and after lit March, 1M1, on presentation of the Coupons. Annexed ia a statement showing the condition of the Ohio lianks on the first Monday of the pres ent month:? _ Raotorcfi. Spe.-l.r fa 22VWO M natera depntts , w? .,|0 T| Note* of other tuifiks m qq l?o? lo other banks and bankers 1 so? o't* it Note* and bills dlsnounted jo S#7'.'lv!3 72 IVmds und stocks of Oht^ uiit other hi,ton.. I Iwl 365 |3 Nafety fund, on bonds ito l mortifu^eH....,.. 814.son ou KoaJ estate and pwrsMnl property IS Cheeks and other cash iu>mi . 100 jm7 *B Other resources. 73 Total resources |UO,7fti,64? 79 ? . LiohCMln. Hue to banks and bankers (07 471 17 Itte to individual depositors ... . 4 0'"l'<,u fit Dividends unpaid ' 3 oq Contingent funds and nnu.vided profits.... 410 fl/?i W7 I'iscouiits, interest, 4ce 051 077 17 Hills payable and time drafts 16 Ml .'O other liabilities.,., Hi.Hi 01 ToU) liabilities 92S,701,640 7? The leading items, contrasted with the Novem ber exhibit, compare as follows:? .Vor., moo. >w> , isei. 52? 'f* 2 Tnc ?2.TO,7SO K*i hangs 1 Ml.694 1,691 319 I>?.. 177 276 -? ? ? ? 506 10 >n33 124?,iH Circulation ... s.ftaa 6?i K 0S2 0S4 is* 171 iss Spi* ft.moas Imm m.tJmM Annexed is tb? statement of tlau Canadian bank* j acting under charter for the month ending Janua ry 31:? (Srcutmtiim. H.jmml*. ?? i/iUr't. HptrU. Mamaa*. Mor'raal $3,I07,m.4 1,814.281 l.UI.318 9,47%*M Vu. b?>e" ?n.t."U I pl f r< 1 909,673, tin merulal.. 2,147.879 1,28*.4W Oi'y, Montreal tiore T.I m Br N.Am?r:<w 1,246,161 Bq. da tnuple 245,143 Niu|mis Lint.. 201,C4i MoIk.ux S?VEHf> ToioMo 6^t,i 42 Ontario 173,180 K lowitHbipK. 1X1,221 Bruutford.... 11,708 B?je. Nationals 208,(128 W. (umula 10,1*0 *7,(11 2?f,?0 1,919, *i? 2,UVU 1,28.,4? 9.9,1 U 442,1 Id 4 P.3# I Ml ,254 HU.1V8 St4,I34 749.7 24 1,118, Ml 901*8 16V*) 6M80 *H ,907 l"l,6l 1 244,141 13,579 3,621 161,361 6,920 31,975 117,(120 3M.83# ?M >85 34^04 116,'JSl 1?I,4<M ( W6.HU8 471,1* MA),?21 MM. A8. 7.241 907 MM.II64 I.MU.f M 134.JI6 1.1W.2J7 673, OH) i 5 A9ST7 M9.2M 1,7 9lS38 27, W2 4<W,9I8 134,0.1 1,611,5+) 201,7 Si 1,4><U64 185 2U l,377.?tt 19 8tt 941,601 4,4*19 48,4*3 174,0*3 IM,1 5 4,6W 72,9iM The lUilroad Convention, which hao been in session for the l&st two days at the Bt. Nicholas Hotel, has adjourned. The New York rates re main as they were; bnt the Boston rates, which bave for some time pant been much lower than the rates from New York, have been raised to 10, 3, 6, 6 above New York rates. The deliveries of grain at Chicago are very light at present. Annexed is the report of the 20th instant:? FUntr, Wluat, Com, Uis ' ' Galena. 711 C. It R I 400 111. C ? C.,B &q 100 bu*K. 3.375 C k N. W 0., A. & St. L.. 919 3 365 Irtish 322 1 0M) 30O0 1,071 22 5,120 Ryt, War'*, bust. bath, biuit. 2,664 482 683 1,626 126 ? ? 110 282 ? 100 Tetal 2130 6.787 10 686 4 461 717 638 1)0.1860 1,327 12 213 17,187 580 188 2,267 The Chicago and Northwestern Railroad earned the second week of February:? Peoond week, 1861 911.6*8 Second week, 1860 7.880 Increase $3,678 The earnings of the Chicago, Burlington and Qaincy Railroad in the second week of February were:? I860. 1861 Freight. $20 086 17 18*6 Pec.. $2.0X1 Passengers 6,760 7,020 lnc.. 269 Total 926,846 25,024 One. 1,821 The earnings ef the Cireat Western Railroad for the week ending February 15 were:? Passergers 912,614 Freight and live stock 27.326 Mails and sundries 1,287 Total $61,'?7 Corresponding week of last joar 32.087 Increase $a,139 Stock Biebaac*. Friday , Feb. 22,11 100 FhB Erie RR 60 do 10 Budsou Riv Itit.. 60 do b60 60 Michigan Otn Rf. 92000 V S S'R.'to 89 32000 U 8 6's, 7400UP 86 13600 Treas 12pc n'ts 102* 1000 Virginia 6's... 76 * 2000 do 76', 4000 N Carolina 6's. 78* 200 do s30 6000 Missouri ? s... 66V 160 do 3000 do ba? 66 260 Mich S&K lags 6000 Tenn 6's,?<>... 72 60 do b60 40C0 Brooklyn C wl 100* 160 111 On RR scrip.c 400 do slO 100 do bOO 100 do 100 do blO 206 da 46 Clev.OoKt Cin RR 200 (iiUena & Chi RR 60 do s4 160 do 60 do 812 do bOO 77* 600 . do b3 do c 771,' 10() CTeve A TorRR.s.10 do b30 77S 100 do SoO "" ~ 20 do 326 do c 7000 da 100 1000 NY&NHb7's 66 97 3000 MicCSpclmsfcb 99 2000 111 Cen RR bds. 96 1000 La CMC 1 g bds 18 1000 Chilt NW 2dm. 16 2000 Han&HJo RRbs 48 10 shs Bark NY.... 92 75 Paritic MSSCo. 83 lM)NYCenRR..K30 76>i 100 1460 800 200 430 400 100 10 do SlO 77 do c 77 do 77 V 160 Chi & Kk Id RR. .c do *30 76* 60 do. .MO do 77* 100 Chi,Bur&QRR.s30 100 Hie RR b3 82 31 * 31V 43* 43* 65* 65* 66* 31X 32 78 V 78 V 78* n% 79 79 94* 71.* 71* 71* 71,* 72 32* 32*' 82* 32* 67 67 70V THE DRY UOOD8 TRADE. The following is a comparative statement of the import of foreign dry goods at New York for the week and emeu January 1 :? /br tKe wttk. 1W9. 1?60 1W1. Entered at the port... $70\519 4 11A KVS 2.340 417 Thrown on market... 971,167 4,&J8,1S1 2,*57,758 Hiru-f January 1. Entered at the port... 18 466.349 21,872.191 16.402 .591 Thrown on market... 19,286,735 22,306 9l7 12,615,003 Hy the above table* it will be men that the goods en tered aiid thrown ui*>u the market at this port tho )>aet week did net much exceed oi e half tti06e for the same period liiut year, wl-ile they weie nearly double those for the same time in 1859. The aggregate tince the lit of January last showB a material falling off c niiiured with those (or the name time in the two previous years. Of tho goods entered for cousumg^ton, wooden fabrics amounted

to $619.49.1, cotton do. to $?19,012, Silk do to (060,690, H.ix tn $76 206, and mtocellaueous articles to $124,611? Total, $1,012,913. EnUrtd for Omtumptum. //</*. Yaiut. Wool? Woollens,. Carfxting... 114 Cloths 100 Worsteds... 146 Dei iin< s.... 66 C. iworvt,. 162 Shaw Is 66 ItraicHfc b.. 21 Blnnkets... 61 Hfwe 40 Workt. yarn 38 199 $167 209 24 83 403 4 11* 30 324 04 964 44 200 14,903 ft.U'J 14.278 20 848 Silk? Shawls 64 Cloves 1 I/tees 22 riyt. v<*uf. Velvets... S. k worst.. Braids k b. 8. k cotton. lUw $14 109 1,843 11,372 33,7*1 44 073 21.642 18 241 16.291 Total 971 $619,493 Cotton? Cottons .... 130 $42 966 Colore d .... 83 24 394 Kmb. mus,. 63 30 *34 Prints...... 12 3.879 lAces 27 12 3*5 Mdkfs 17 9 2t4 Spool 31 7 626 Hose 614 108 446 Total .... 976 $239 012 Pile? Silks 204 $221 800 Ribbons.... 241 219 0M Oavats.... 17 12 072 Flushes.... 9 6 694 Total.... 752 $660,6iH) Flax? Linens 308 $14 367 HdkfS 47 24,199 Thre*d 15 6 s ? I Jo. A: cotton 3 751 Total.... 373 $76,206 Miscellaneous? Straw goods 49 Millinery... 7 Fea. AUjw. __ Clothing.,.. 3 L?a gloves. 40 Kmbrold's.. 64 Cols, .cuflb. ,/fcc. 6 Suspenders. 7 Matting.... 934 $5,361 2 668 17,082 1,476 42,075 47 661 2 174 4 975 6.309 Wool Woollens... 141 Carpeting .. 102 Cloths 30 WomUHls... 230 Itolaines.... 67 C. k worst.. 130 iVUkdrawn frvm H'artMoute. 811k? Total....1,141 $128,611 Shuwls Cloves Braids A: b. Blankets.. Hose 46 16 $87,274 20,739 i3,196 6i,6-M 24.298 4J 739 26 830 6,793 1 867 360 6 620 Cloves 13 Total 766 $206,729 Cotton? Cotton* .... 631 $116,342 Colored 383 tab. ni'is.. 27 Prints 226 I*ee< 93 II ik'S 40 (>lov?s. .... 42 Spool 17 lloee 4.0 6i.92H 7,>66 Total 402 $160,209 Fit*? laix-ns 314 $71,038 1 H07 lldkis 4 2.136 Thread 24 6,041 Lia.&ooUoo 23 4,812 Total 366 $84,834 68,115 Miscellaneous? 24,736 20,964 18 312 1.T46 80 t)00 Total..,. 1,768 $406,678 Piik? SUks Kittens..., CravsU,,., Mi..* is...., Straw goods lea. * flow. Clothing.... !/??? gioves. Kmb< nid's.. Cui.ctitlS.tec. M.uiliiifts .. Hiisiwnneis. Matting ... 103 $120,464 136 119 094 4 1 0S1 9 f .149 L*t< mi far Wanfwutinij. bilk 80 16 7 2 29 1 1 3 162 $24,681 3 986 6 647 6 530 19 142 624 2 383 3 6A7 1 801 Tidal .... .100 $64,391 Wool? Wooll-ns... 76 $47,912 Caj Ik tings .60 11 466 Cloths 2 1 273 Worsteds... 117 47 741 Detain* s.... 4 1.8*7 C. k worst.. ISA 49,912 Shawls ... ?0 14'A4 Bra; 1> Alb. 8 I 635 Blankets... 37 4 619 Hofe 46 6.310 Total 6i-4 $186,1*9 Cotton Shawls 323 PDOffneS..,. 174 Ui'i'H Velvets .... 8. & worn.. Braids Ac b . S. k cotton Sewings.... haw $<1H 865 33 818 8 329 1 079 6 4 .43 7 374 O?0 2.902 2.877 Cottons .... Colored .... Kmb. mus.. Prints Velvets .... liosn 134 $33 679 338 7l 007 6 04 3 225 4 SflO 27 411 1.093 20,671 ToUl 689 $440,710 Flax? linens 307 $6t 488 Thrna-i 23 6,439 laa&eouon 10 1,612 Total .MO $69,439 Mlsce.laoeous? Straw gfoda 423 $36 <*24 Fea Aclliwrs 1 CI Khmg .. 3 |>-a gl?ves. 7 Kid floves . 3 Matting . . 6.600 Total 789 $170 121 Pllk? Silks 78 $46 209 Bitibons..., 65 61*94 Cravats..., 12 6 397 Ho?e 4 831 RsrtpltuU'itM. Filtered for consumption? Pl v?. Man n fac tar ok of wool 971 " cotton 076 " silk 762 " lax 873 Miscellaneous 1,141 Total 4 213 Withdrawn from warehouse? Manufactures of wool 766 " cotton ,,...,.1,768 " silk Ml " tin* 966 Miscellaneous 300 Toal 3,$01 Katere4 for warehousing? Mannt'cturrs of wool 601 " cotton 790 '? silk 610 ?! flax 340 Miscellaneous., 6,037 Total 8,469 The export trsd? the past week was l^bt. Total ?U3 $771,340 |519,4M # 660,600 76/406 128.611 $1,412,912 $1,224,841 $185,960 170 121 340,7.6 69 438 71 T40 t727,m There were n?' ?) ipments for China, fir *hlch tho eh>ef denial ttlsis. The last adviMi from tho pru ciyul ''timix- t?oru< p ov> lew eaoouragmg. mill i c juviderabie ci<-u>tod e\isis I' r 'hat ??onlrjr, and the ?r<l*rs inr h?avy brown shlrt < f>- mm! sheetings, a "?rCbi e drib's w- r ? i?>tne-vliat in ad?acoe of product. We annex Ibe following state men t of the exports frtiu> this city for the nnck ending to-day.? Maim. fait*. Br.riJ 140 $9,?4? Testiuelt 62 2 665 New Granada 42 2,604 Hay 11 1# 1,6W Dutch West Indies 3 l'.'l Danish Went Indies 34 1,700 Total 2M4 $18,6M Previously reported 10,683 Since January 1 10,077 The general tradu with jobbing houses Ibr uu t week has exhibited rather moie activity, but it is still m*turi ally under the mark compared with former periods at this seuson of the )ear. Tlie business doing soem* to bo more unequa ly distributed than usual, flic tariff bill, with all the ' tiukerirg ' of the ^>nate, h stlil c. nsidur ed to be estremoly objectionable. It id a bill which seems not lullytoineet the viowh of any leading inte rest, manufacturing or other wine, ouWi<lc of rentisylva nia. The woollen manufacturers * iy that they have not called for it, and wool growers, it is sail, have not de manded it, while cotton manufacturers Iu many cutis express dissatisfaction at the changes it proposes to introduce in place of the pre sent range of duties. It Is, of oourse, coudemued by the commercial and shipping interest, and the hope exists tIms it will not become a liw. In domestic cotton goods uurlag the pest week, we have but littl<- change to notice. In gone description* of woollen goods a better demand prevailed, ileavy cotton sheetings wore st?a ty at b\C. 'Hie stock of drills was light, and orders lor China were less pressing. Wo have no cliaugc to notice in quotations. KUeoslis and cambrics were in steady de mand. Printing cloth? were Blow of sale, and MiM were quoted at 4\e. Fancy cassimores, including tine goods and silk mixtures, were in better demand and sales fair. Satinets were quiet and sales difficult to make, ex cept at Homo concession on former prioes. Doeskins were dull. Thtro was some moro movement in foreign goods, buyers fearing that if ihe Tariff bill passed some kinds would be held at higher prices. There fair business doin^r in black silks and In tine ai lit Ger man clot lis, including black and colored, with uue cu. maris. Importations of ribbons and some other kinds of French fancy goods were falling oil', and in case trade revives increased dearness is anticipated. The clothing bouses wore doing a comparatively light trade. The auction sale" the past week were on a moderate scale. Those of chiof attraction wero one of hats and another of hosiery. The catalogue of the latter was large and drew a good company. CITY COflOlBRl'IAL UK PORT. Fkimy, Fob. 22?6 P. M. Ahiiks?Very light sales were made to day, including pots at $b 06 >H. and pearls at $5 26 per 100 lbs. BKKAittnvnK?The Corn Kxchango was closed to-day. and only a limited business was transacted at unchanged prices for the principal articles. W? quote four thus.? Superfine State $6 20 a 6 26 Kxtru State, good to choice 6 St a 6 60 Superfine Western 6 20 a 6 26 Common to choice Western extra 6 40 a 7 26 Mixed to straight Southern 6 46 a 5 H5 Straight to good extra do 6 90 a 7 26 Choicc extra family and bakers' brands.. 7 25 a 8 00 Rye flour 3 N a 4 10 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 3 00 a 3 40 ?Wheat was inactive, sales having been conlined to a few lots, including white Western at $1 46, red do. at $1 36, Milwaukee club at fl 26, and Chicago spring at $1 21 per bushel. The sales of corn, rye, barley and oats wero un important. Cotton.?The market was Arm and again active, while the sales embraced about 4,000 bales, 2,000 of which were sold In transit. The market closed on the basis of 11>jC. a 12c. for middling uplands. Cokkkk Hales to-day 600 mats Java, 170 bags Jamaica and 4,700 bugs Rio on p. t., and 3.000 bugs llio at auction at lljtfc. a 14c., averaging 12 9-16c., and indicating an Im provement of %e. a \c. per lb. FHXMiNTO were quiet. To Liverpool :t00 boxos bacon at 40s., 600 at 37s. 0d., and some flour at 3s. #d. For Havre 100 bales cotton at lc. For Rotterdam, 100 bbls. ashes and 100 eases tobacco at 40s., and 200 bales cotton at lc. Hay.?Sales of 400 bales at 90c. a 96c. per 100 lbs. How.?Small lots of new brought 22c. a 30c. per lb. IIidkh,?The Inquiry continues very moderate and prices on most kinds are lower and unsettled. Tho trade manifest no desire to purchase in advance of their wants, but rather to curtail their tanning operations. Sales for the week are 2,000 dry Orinoco at 20c., 1,200 do. Mara caibo at 18>,c., 1,200 do. Central American at 18)?c. a 16c., 2,000 city slaughters at 6c. a 6 ^c.; 1,000 dry Buenos Ay res. 2 ."?0o do. Texas, 600 do. Port au Platte and 1,000 wet salted New Orleans kips on private terms. box was in limited demand, and was unchanged in price. Ijuthkr.?-Rather more demand prevails for hemlock sole, but prices are low and unsettled. The trade as well as buyers manifest but little confidence In the articlu. Lkad was dull anil nominal. Moi-asbri.?Sales were confined to 60 bbls. New Or leans at 33c. a 36c. per gallon. Naval Storks.?Tho transactions wero unimportant at former prices. Provwiohs.?Tlie Bales of all articles were quite limit ed ami at previous rates, including mess pork at $17 25, and prime partly at $13 per bbl.; repacked moss beef at $8 26 a $9 76. and lai d at 9c. a 10c. per lb. Rick.?Salt y were made of 250 tierces at $o 62 a $4 25 per luO lbs. 8?? \ns were in pretty fair demand, and sales wore made ol SCO hhds., chiefly Cuba, at 4l*c. a 6c., with Now Orleans at 4'Jc., and 105 hhds. melulo at 2??c. P'r lb, Tallow.?Hales 10,000 lbs., on p. t. Wiuskxy.?Sides 600 bbls., at 17Vc- a 18e., chiefly at 17>4'C. per gallon. Wool ?f or the last four days there has been moro doing in woofs, and some largo parcels have changed hands. They have been taken by mtnufacturers for low goods chiefly, and consist of 100 000 lbs. Daoskoi, at about 18c.; 4fl baler-' washed Smyrna, to tbo Havnviile Company, at 23c.: 66 bales California, owne I in Boston, stored here, and about 6 600 lbs. (Vdifornia, from tho trtde, on private terms. Pullod and fleece continue dull, and we hear of nothing doing. Sales of Real Kstate. By James M Miller. 1 lot on 8th avenue, near 52dstreet, 22x80 .. $436 s H 1 PP'NQ NE W S. Movement* of Otran Htruin* rt. from msora. J??n?s. Lrave*. Alia. ftr Kaagaroo Liverpool Feb 6....New York NoitHoiuul Liverpool Fob 7 Portland America. Liverpool. Feb ? Boeton Canadian Liverpool. Feb M Portland Awtraiuku Liverpool. Feb 16... .Mew Tork Bremen Southampton. Feb 3) ...Hew Tork Ihegars Liverpool. Feb Xi Beaton .lokB BeD Glasgow Feb 21....Hew York Norte Brllon Liverpool Feb 24 Portland Bavaria. Southampton Mch 4....New Tork Ango Southampton. Meh 6....New Tork FOB KUROPB. Canada Boston Feb XI Liverpool New lark New York Feb 23 Bremen CUj of Baltimore. New Tork Feb 21 ....Liverpool North American Portland Feb 23 Liverpool Afria* New Tork Feb 27 Liverpool Jnra New Tork ...Fob 28 Liverpool Kaionla. New York. Moh 1 ... Hamburg Kangarop New Tork Meh 2 Llverp>>ol Korafknlai Portland Meh 2 Liverpool Kniton New Tork Meh 2....?. .Havre ft?rlw Boatoa leh 6 Liverpool FOB CALIFORNIA. Ariel New York M^b 1....Aapirival, Northern Light New York Mch 11 ? Asplnwaij BPKC1AL WOTIOl. Ar farkngn nn.l UUtrt i.4rtuU,i /or iht Sim YORK II ? HA LB aiUW Itr rmlfl. ALWAWAC FOB WWW TOlUt?TW11 WAT. mm aisrr I til woow am. morn n .V* mm SWTS \. 8 46 | n;oa watts mom fe 5b Port of Kiw York, February "Ail, 1*411, CLEARED. Steamship City of Baltimore (Br), Petri*. Quaenatown and Liverpool?John <1 Dale. Steamship New York (Rrrwil, Yon Sunten, Southampton an<l Bremen?(lelirke, hoot^n A I'e.chrlt, Sbamship Mississippi, Ilumiun Rio Janeiro?O Barony A Co. Ship Flying Mist, Porter, 8an Fr*ncIeoo?Wm T Coleman A Co Ship New World, Knight, Liverpool?C Grinned. ?<hip Lury Thompson. Crocker, Liverpool?K Tkcntpoon's Nephews. Ship Levant (Fr\ , Liverpool?W T Front, Ship Flora (Br), Savage, Cork -Kdnvaton Bros. "hip Horn Southard, Southard, Ulaagcrw?J W K'w il A Co. Ship I'aillie. Hull Nrw Orleans?W Nolson A Hon. B irk Therese iBrem , Ilohorst, Bremen?H Koop. Batk (is/elle, Rhodes, liai hudoe- II Trowbridge % Pons Bark N W Midge, Lung, Havana- Msgulre A Armstivtu!. H<1g W A ilrovtn, Hammond, Watrrford?H U A < o. Brig Mary Co'jb, Cromwell, Havana?TrnjiUo A Rtisanll. Prig Sultan. Sutton, ? llnilugion, NO?C B lubl.le A Co. Hug ( i Hillings, Cort, Nortolk- T II tandfotd Srhr.l H Maltland. 1^-emsn, Ht I'larre?BretL Son A Co. Sihr D N Hielmrds, loj. New "mans?C A r, J Pe er*. Sebr Whirlwind, Matey, Samnn?J O Brook way. Ser r Isle of Pine*, French, Kew Smyrna, Kia -Van Brent A slsgfit Sehr Water Witch, Hull, BaltlroOfW? L Kenny. Sehr Knight, ting*', l'hilad< Han i f;rhr Augusta, < o.e, Portland?Tbompeoa t Hunter. Schi f C Lyman, htanuard, New ft.-tveo?Idaatcr. ARRIVED. Steamship Rienvll.e, Ruljoel), few Organs, Feb 15, via Ha vana ISO), with nulse anil 1 assetiKers, to Livingston, Crooh^ ron A Co. ttieamvhip Keystone KUte, Maeaira*n. Savannah, with Bidse and iMsxet.gnrs, to Thoa Rielin rl: on A Ci. HH*i Inst, at 6 ,10 PM, ]'?s?ed suamship Alabama, henoo for Savannah; 21m, off Cnincoteague, steamsblp hlfci ol tlie South, hence for havntinnh. Hteanishlp Hnntwvllls. post. Karanah, with mdae and paa arngers, lo II B Cr mi well A < o. Stesmshln Patapsoo. Vrvll, Portland, w.'th mdae and paaaen gers, lo II H Cromwell * Co. Ship John .) B^iyil, Th-tnjis, Liverpool, Jan 12 with mdae and ;?i |>assenger<, to Wm Tynn. Jan 27, i tl *.'l 24, Ion 40 10, had a very hi avy gain from S\V ?o N W, with hea?y cro?s sea: Mii|.ped a sea that liii f.ireeAsCe and b-ia*. on the forward house, earrted away Milelhead and did other damage, and dla ablert II of thetrvW: 2Mb. Anionl t Juror, PnrttigWMe seaman, died of Inflaminalinn of brain, 28th, Fredk HUdm, of Philadel phia, seaman, full from main t"peallyard overb-iard and waa lest: had v>rv heavy W gales during the passage 4th Inet, lat 41 to Ion 49 M. ?t?4ie brig Wm M Hloe.21 days from Wilming ton. V(' for Liverpool. Ship Southampton, Austin, Liverpool, 4f) day a, with mdae. (o Stinw A I'ti.-gesa. Had henvy weather; was 17 day* W of Ion 60, betwi en lat 40 and 42, with verr heavy SW and W'4W fales; 7th and Rth Inst, W of Hable Island, bad a violent Kale rom W N W, and had head atartcd by a sea .lan 19, lat 40, km ,1\ slgnaliied a lunch galoot honnd W, showing a signal with while gmtino, green edge, letter B and 217 In It. Ship American Ragle, Moore, I^tndon ann PortMBoutli, Jan t. with mdae and 21 passenger*, io K F. Morgan Had heavy W galea moat of the passage. ftth met, off Kaoie Island, had a very beuvy gale from NW with intenan oold- ths ship loed up for 24 boor?, and several of the orew fruatbllten. Brig Daniel Boone (of Stockton), Cmaena, Cardenaa, 9days, with sugar Ae, to master Brig Naiad. HK-hardaon, Cienf negoa, M days, with augar Ae, tnluekerA Llghtboura 12th inst. off Sombrero Keys, apote brig Aanle Laurie from Jamaica for N?w Tork, the N taw ? day? N of Uattaraa. f-ehr Blonde! tof Pr>ivlrieeto??n). Paine, Klu^lou, Ja, . SI, ?ltb eutJe? Ac. to A H Holoinon. Hcbr J U tollyer (of Po'tUad, On, Crane. C.irdena? 7 <1. with augur Ac. uiKT Hmub Ua<t **?>?> heavy mr ?ili'?r I IML oB Uuu Key, (poke aebr Pilot h B id* of City 111*, fi? m IliikuW Gibraltar, all well. Scbr Lotiw, Clark, rruikllu, La, )| day*, wilb augar A. C P L*?i-r?ch A Go. nbr add D, GUina|Ne, Charleston, i day*, an Lb co:ton U) Mutt Bfdi ll, _ Hebr II 0 Mnatun, L?u, W Umlngioa, MC, 4 days " >H? ? ton Ac, to B a loss m A kob. Schr E 0 Johinon. U?kwood, Newbern, J day*, with ?" Ac, to C B Dibble A Co fichr E Kbeddon, While, Newborn, 3 day*. I Bcbr A M Kd?arda, Edward*, Ne? hern, 4 day*. . Scbr Emma. Smith, Ne?beru, 6day? , Hchr famurl K .lau, Godfrey, Washington. NC, 3 nay*, ? ?OttOD Ac, to TTI Hchr John I' lJnviiall, Tultup, Waahinjrton WC, 3 d-y*. hcbr Pocomoke. Ilarrla, Wa-hlngton. RC. #da?? feebr D C illggin*, Long?lWashington, M, J day*. frcbr J II Il.iyu ll'ivt, \ irginla, 3 day*. Hchr B K Reeve*. Carman Baltimore, 3 day*. Scbr F Hcllner, Gaudy, PfclladelyK*, 3 day* Sellr J W Woo)mod, liari 'fou. I'biladflpbla, 3 dava, Scbr Chrysolite, smith, Philadelphia t day* Schr Bllua Wright, seaman, Elijabethporl for Boau>u. Pchr Kim City, Michael*, Kllubt'ibfort for Newbu.-*. Scbr John Lovett, Logan, Klliabetli |wrt far faaaak. Hchr i' Knight, Otouce*ler. Hchr K Merwln. llillTsew Havt-n a summer Delaware. Can nan. Philadelphia. steamer Penguin, WUllama. Pro* denoa. sailed Bark* N H Otalon, Barbados; Normnbega, (lalvmion; Sultan, Wilmington, NC. Wtad during lb* day W. Herald Marin*- Correipondcnee. GRKENPOKf, LI, Feb 20? Scbr Moonlight, Tuihill, fl Boston for Sarannah (wltb Ma In i he bold tnd aaaort.-d a between deckai. which Bailed from thla port on Saturday turned on Monday, having when off Klre lalan 1 apning a in ber upperworka and mada ao much water that the cap thought it prudent to return Shu haw discharged part of between deck* cargo and will ttm rvptiring t > mon' Damage to cargo not known, but ihv ,,tn to be txin-tider* lee uninjured. Scbr Maria Mortot d lost on Santa Rosa Island, built at this port m by Mrl Hand, 121 tons rated and owned bv Ira B 1 thill of i><a Suffolk, Mesas VanB, k Hlaght of New York, un>! a pari* at the South. Letter* received here yesterday' from Hchr Well*, Well J acme I J an 31, state that flbe made the passage onl in 13 a and that since her arrival they havo had nothing but? wind* and earthquake*?business being thrown into lonfn In conaequence. I Miscellaneous. The fine steamship City of Baltimore, Capt Petri., wil to day at 12 o'clock for (Jueenstown and Liver po<r, ta' the United States malls. The steamship New Tork, Capt Von Banten, also Nat noon to day for Southampton and Bremen. Shu* Uallkuo, at New Orleans from Rio Janeiro, rienced during the tint rlcbt days heavy gales fiom E split sail* and sustained other damage. Hhif Orion, Libbey. from Liveniool, be'ore iv ashore in the river Hoogley, hue been got off by itrvi overboard 2M1 tons of her cargo of salt, and was at ('ale Jan 3, with no damage except to ber copper, tier mm w:n I airly tested, having laid aground through iwentv ti with a ht-avy rargo on board, and leaked an inch m .-4 he She wUl be discharged and then takeu into dock. Biur ButaiNmiAV, Elliott, at Boston from Liverpool, <_ 19th tilt carried away the uutln lopgaUanimast. and on the had lib split; Mih Inst, experienced a severe w gab- in w the lower topsail* were blown ;tway, 9th, wax cov.'ral ice and several of the crew were frostbitten; Kn.h, lat 46 ? 58, saw large fields of loe. Ship Lhahklla?8t Thomas, Feb f?Phlp Isabella (befar ported1, from Mazatlan for Falmouth, Eng. for outers rived here yesterday, leaking badly ?By letter to KUv Walter, E?n, Secretary of the Board of Underwriters.) Br u; Boston, O'Brien, at Halifax 10th Inst, from Hot experience 1 a severe gale Thursday night, 7th, In wiiieb lost after rail, bulwarks. Ac. A teaman named Hurfc Malnadieu, OB, was washed overboard and drowne<L Sean Cms T Stuokc., Llscum, from Baltimore for ] Tork, with a cargo ef coal, on Monday at 3 A M., al four mile* below tho Rappahannock light boat, was into by schr RCA Ward, from New Tork for Indian Or Va .and sunk immediately. Crew all saved and got am h the R C A W, which received bU' slight damage. Bristol Pill, Feb 6?The S B Johnson, from N?*w T has pa?sed to Bristol with damage as before report. J. Borofaux. Feb 6?Capt Ha'l, of the Amerieaa hark Ji Pi Us, tromClv.v Point, va, reports having. In lat 3M 37, V>41, experienced very heavy weather; and on Doc 26 tain vessel was struck by a heavy sea, which washed overt the chief mate (Mr bpear), and in consequence of the It art on he could not be recovered. CARmrr, Feb (?The Vlndolana, barque, of Huiulerl from New Yoik tor Gloucester, (grain), is on shore at Br sea; crew saved. Honolcld. Dec 14?The damage to ship Rtam (previous^ portedj has been partially repaired?enough so to enaMt to perform uer voyage homewards. The repairs to liark j have been completed at an expense of about $27U0> Martport, Feb 4?Three boxes of American cured ha mar ted "No 60, long middles, 115 lbs, cared by Winane A day also two parcels of baoon, marked "nfi god baoem lbe, Thomas Nash, packer, Chicago, Illinois, VNt Oo, N and 17;" also six pieces of loose bacon, hare been pick? I at sea and on the Deat h In this neighborhood. WwmHAVKN, Feb 4?Thirty cum and ooe bale of ba marked "Thoe Nash t Oo, IlfinoU, W N k Co;" alao M ) sides of bacon, l.'l bladders, and lour kegs of lard. tho li marked "Barvroft;" two liieboais, ooe marked "tmi K*.??? uie," .aid one "Rose, Liven-ool;'' one medk:iue el with "Empress Eugenie 'on a bras.* plate; two tins nn "K F.," and seven baskets marked "M U," in blue paint, 1 been picked up in this neighborhood and brought here. The ship E F Wlilets has been taken on the large Seeti dock, where she will be strippod, recaulked and newly pered. The Uambiirg ship Sir Isaa - Newton Is on the groat Hal dock 1 or the same purpose. The bark recently launched at Newburyport by Mr WU Currier, is named the Pea Bride. Notice to Mariner*. RALT1C: GILI Or fI.NLA.NI>?NEW Hh.ACO.NS |H THI. lltjt ' RIGA. lirnaouaAPuic Omca, AnniRn.Tr, 1.0ND0W, Jan 17. 1S3I. . The Imperial Ministry of Marino in Russia has gitin in that the following Beacons have been erected in tho wu Riga:? 1 wo new Mast Beacons have lieen placed to show the d tion ol the channel into Klga. These Wtcms are sumou by a triangle with the apex upwards ami a small bairel pi tori ion tally above They stand icspectiveiv 86 and 37 high slid 47- yardi aoart. in a diro'tion NW by W' W. NW higher, and its base is larger than that of the Si! boa They can be seen fn>ni a distance of lit miles. Also, tha< the Lower Light atKigahas boon tin ned X W, so as to be seen f rom N}, W to N w ^ v. And that the following Beacons win be placed prior to opening of navigation In IXtil On the 8 side of the Banks ot Kuno RW'4'S fli,' mllei of cbuirh of St Nicholas, a -ted riroom turnod downward* At 3l, miles S of I he extremity of t tie Horkholm Rei I, 4 Broom turned downwards. On the Coast of Livonia on a 9 feet Shoal, which lies SV W 2 miles in advance of the Cape Taker ort, a Black Br turned dowuwards. On a 11 feet Khivtl W by N'jN 4 miles of the village of 1 ltikuia, a Double Broom Red .ibove imd White lu i. 00 a 17 feel Bank which ilea NW by N miles of the f of Ainensch, a White Broom placed upright. On the extremity of the heel which ex ends off the entr of the River Alt rails, about C'^mll-s from the b. aeh, depth of 2# fee', a Double Hroom White above an l ll?d be The bearings a-? magnetic Variatian at Riga 8 IS W in 1 By command of their Lordships JOHN WASHINGTON, Ilydrographt BALTIC UUir or riKLAKD? Al.TFRATtOR Of LIGHTS AT Ot STAIlT. IlvnROiiRAPHic Omen, London, Jan 11. IMtHL The Imperial Ministry of Marine in Huasla has given n< that the following alterations will be made In the Light Cronstadt prior to the oienlng ol the navigation in the ?p of 1M1 ? The three Fixed Lights in the centre of the Fort of Kmp Paul I, or Rirliank Kort, will be discontinued. The Eastern Light on Nicholas Mattery at Cronslot, whW now 46 feet above the mean level ot the sea, will be r.dse feet above tUte same level, anl should oe vi?lt>ie from tUi of a ship in clear weather at a dtstailoo of 12 miles The W estern Light, which is now 21 feet above the ? level of the sea. will he ra'i ed 23 t eel. This Increase of hs will make nn alteration In the hoi lxontal arc through w the light will be visible Weiko Ma la la Beacon, off Blorko?Also, thst a Red Bel has been plac ed on the sK side of the Wtrko MataU or 1 near the entnno or Blorko v'ound. with the tower on Ft neml or point Ws\\ ,'pi, and the northeast point of Bh NW northerly. 1 he White Beacon on the eastern part of the Bank wi removed. The bour n,-" are magnetic. Variation at Bk>rko629 W in! By command nf Blelr Lordships. JOHN WASHINGTON, Hydrofrafat iFPimiAHi*: n.xrn i.icht on rtti rroAoin ROCI ?aisntst. Hyiirourahic limit, Losi>on. Jan IK, IfMI. ? The Depsrlruent of Public Wi?ks at Naples baa given ? I j that < u ..nd after the Plst dav nf January, IMI. a Light I [ be exhlb 'e,| frr.m a Lighthouse erected on the tx rih*?.| ! of tin Pi oii^i Hocks at :h? entrance of Brtndisl harbor. ] Ihi liKht is a l ixed White Light, varied by a Flash ?? I ry i mlnu'j J The flash is preoeded and followed by as I ?ct<p ? The el-ration of the livht Is 72 feat above the ? level of th? m s. and it nhoulil be reen In clear weather I J the deck of - *bip st a dl-tnnee of 1:1 miles The 1.1 iminatlng at ; aratus Is dioptric, or by lenses of fifth order The f.o* r i r. eoliimn rising from a small circular bnll'L red white. 1 ts position is given as !?? ? N, i i or 3 miles W ol the longitude in th" tnlraltv Charts. I I ,'gh' -i Point Torre ill Per n??Also, that all ? >11 be i o >: oin a Misbll ? 'se erected on Point Torul peniie, Brin'1' I, on the sK Coast of Italy I Tho lipM i. Itevolrit'g White Light attaining Itsqrffll hrlillamye hilt o nute; the elevation of the light l?l I n ean level of the sea, and should be ssefl f I the deck of a *hlo in clear weather at a distance of SO mils f Iho |i , n.ij',aiinu apparatus is dioptric, or by lenses of I third order l b.'tower Is 'lec'ilnr, ?2 feet high, and colored white; 1 at ibe fon' ef it Is a rrrtniigtuarbuilding. lis posri. n Is r I m lai f U ?*> N, 1 n !7 M IH h of Greenwich, or 3 ?!?'<** I longitude In tbi Admirslty Clians By oonnnand of th?lr Lordships JOflN WASHlN(.TON, HvdrutaaolM I Hpokrn, Ae, Plilp Pelhi, Tlnward, In td Liverpool Aug 13 for SIn .-ai Nov ?, lat H:!? H. Ion 30 42 E, bbip Admiral, Uliffens, from Havre for NTork. Feb 1 61, Ion 11. A large ship, showing a red signal with a bine ermrw. s< ing N, was seen no date, lat 32, l: n 70. Bs'k White He a, Rvans. from tlreenock for NVork, Jai lat 4?, Ion 91. igj Foreign Porta. Asrwrnr, Feb 9?Arr A B Thompson, fmall, Callao; B . toga v?'l, as. Work Hid 6th, Baltic limnberg, N\ ork I Bristol ? Pill), Fs> 5--Arr Augusta, WrWkL HTtrl f ir I I tol 'and proceeded); flth, BB.I ihns n. McKennon, Wr.iI (and proceeded). Off (Wi, Charles Cooper, Hhort, 'or Orleans Knt out fitb, Welkin. Blanchaid, for Havana BKi.rssT Louun, Feb4?sld Martha Wn tm. re, Crribdl,, Feb a?Arr Oanss, Welting, CharleotaB; I Athena, and Jeverland, do. 4th. Jonannes, Von Trltten, B more; ottllle. Dannemsnn. NOrleans. BoRliicAt'X, Feb ,V-AlT.ienny IMtls, Hall, Clt? PoiB'. Bt rnos AYR* . Dee 2H In port ship Pr.-.kllne, I mp, f NTork BIT 13th, dlsg: barks Pyrmont, Oliver. Rebc- a, Mi ner, and Iloebuck, Chase, for NTork ldg; tit Marys, Jpa and Harvest Mom, Berry, for Boston ifn; Dnblin, F'un* fordo; Halnets, Freeman, Imh Huston srr 20th, for do:i l*m?n, Baldwin, for Rio Janeiro; Fannin Hamilton, W from NYork arr 24th dlsg, clam 0 Bell Bhackelfortl, f Boston sit 14th, do. Lucy, Lincoln, from do arr JOth, do; Pirter, Adsms, frr.m Oloueester arr 21st. do: Harvest Om> V. heeler>Si-d for Hostoti). ell; Hsrnh Hheaf, Chase, ?' B Johnsiiti, lliaks, unc; brigs Jtnna Wellington, Jack., ror NYork ld?, (|e?rgia,, and Betsey Ames, Bart' ["JL?4*1 "n.',0; ^ ^ Ilowland, Hon land, for Rio Janeiro; hoesee, ' Nohmans," from Darien, t)a, arr 15th, dis?; ] muck, Johnvm, from NTork arr 22d, do; Handy King, nro) l'n'ir'*)' ?rr 27th; Catharine Johnson, tfarstalrs. un( Pld l.lth, haiks p I'endlcton, Htlmpeon, for a foreign pi Winham, Wedge, Hampton Roads, lath, Mary K D-.nwo Bakes # fnr?lgn port; fed, Moantaln Ragle, fates. NT. I?1g Walt bam. ( lark, Boston. < ?Rmrr, Feb 4?Arr I F chapman. Chapman, Mid f] verse, Dewar. Liverp ool; Oea Berry, ('leaves, Cork 3th, q Hpragne, Pike do n Coss, Feb 4?Arr Nieollna, Palenrleh, NTort C*m?, Jan 21V?Hd William A Ann, Orterstom, Nrm? Col W I oaglns, Coggina, NVork. _ _ Cams VsatiM Isi.asps, Dee 3I>?Bid Fire Bart (si, Jofcr tfrom NToiki, Hong Kong, Jan 1, CoHna, Coultivaa, 0a1