Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1861 Page 2
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lfZWB FROM SOUTH AMERICA. Omr Kooarlo CorrMpomdeace. Ki*i*n>, Aigwilios Republic, Nor. '& M60. tUtmrxo? IU GrntnJt?Gaum?KaUrtad lo C wdova?India* Ittfrtdatumr? Chanuttr of lJu Nati/mal Army? Wool? Mart , or., Jc Till* city ha* been from 1862 the virtual seaport for the coefedetatlon. The confederation levied duties so aa to oppress Bufdob Ayrran commerce and to build up thia point. Here ship* can* direct fr?m Kurope and from the UBiud SUM*, and the market* of the thirteen prorlK M centred here. Tbe tow* rapidly sprang up from three or four thousand inhabitant# to about sixteen thousand; and the duties of the Custom Bona* were all that kept the whole government from beggary Two expensive wharves were built, a bank was Inaugurated, Importing houses were opened, Mi there ware prospect* of a place of Im portance. iHirii g tfce active state of war between the confedera tion and Burn** Ayres, this city, though never attacked, sufle>e<1 in all respects. The province was made a gene ral cxmptng ground or pasture field for It,000 horses, and industrial pursuits were greatly injured At prrseut all these promisee of greatness seem contra dieted. For imports foreign vessel* do ant think of oom log bore, aafl only for our exports of Mdes and bones, basaiM; can load easily aad safely. The streets are comparatively deserted. Business is at a stand still. The exoited state of things from 186? till 1869 was forced and unnatural Two young Americau*, who lately came tare wlih flour pork and beef, could hardly sail at all, anilalrame tx?iee which the) hi ought aloog, worth at h'-uir about $1 300 was so oostly a structure that It could hardly be bole at at aoy remunerative price There was lately initiated a project for a railroad from Rearto to Cordova, and the meet liberal ooooe* sions were made to the compta) , su h as free right of way, guarantee of mue per cent dividends, loans for buildings, 4c, but after all It was only got up to have a One contract for tale to some rich company. This is the manner in whi'jh the piibuo has been disappointed In the San Fernando Kailruao. near Buenos Ay res. A contract was obtained and Mm wold in Kngland, and ttiougb a groat deal of money h?i> t?oen expended it doe* not promise Boon to he in operation. In tlxaie outskirts of the republic we are ha-assed continually with hordes of In taus, who come in and drive oO thousands of horses and oaltle annu ally We have among us also soldier* wbo always kike a ruu after the Indians as soon as tney are fair ly started, but 1 have never beard of (heir overtaking tbrm The character o< the sol liery may b^ imigis-d when it is known thai It is a comrnou ibiag to seutence men for flagrant crini'-s to serve in itaearm). Ooly last week a man, sentenced lo death 'or murder, had bis Sou tenoe commuted t< ten years' s-rvice in the army. It can hardlt be expeced that an army so c imposed should be very valiant or lb?< men property, wives or legitimate child en shouM be very patriot!:. rhe otilceis are usually men of character; but, liKe the offlce-s of an engine company, they are oulv u*? ul at the hiad o( their ui'Mi, win .if ver way tne men may ruu. Upon the swearing of Buenos ivres into the cor fede ration, O ivernor Mitro tent a circ nar tetter to all tbe piovu cen giving lu'ormat on of the<a;t AlltheGov oriiois bavi replied, express-ng the moji Jubilant delight. The secret of it is tb'-y were all at p .verty's do >r, and the pro*(jpcl of <be inc-une of the Bu- n * Ay res Cur torn House o< fhg divided .tmoo* them, and belug used to piy off the national dent* *>-t tbeni almost uiul with J >y. The pros|>ecl ol tbe wool clip in this province IS good. ITie se*soD bet g so Hoe, tbe wool is uncommonly clean, and tbe same monev will buy a much be ter article tbau for years hi-firs. A superior quaJti, of w> ol will goto th" United -tales this >ear free of duty. haviug oe-n bought so low here. Hide* are coniiog down a little, but StSl ani loo high to allow a prodl to those who buy tu sell at present r?t?-s in tbe tinit-d Si*te-i We are l>? ginning to see the good results of a better breed o< horse* rattle anil sheep beinj introduced from Knglanii, Prance and -pun. A few such are found in this province aud they are highly prised. Oar Baesios Ayres Correspondence. Busso* Aybkh, rt. A., Nov 29. 1800. CKatujfi in rolitv*?Dilatory !s<ji liti nv?Gm ttitrr'i 1'irii?Nrv Quttitm?Krmlutum in Sin Juan?.Vaiy/anon -y tAe Hermrgv?Xete ami Oaly Uru guayan ,S rata*r?Marketi. Jx As our winds alternately hi >w from the tropics and the pole, so do we In all our affairs, id this variable pla'-e, en Joy a fever heat aud deathly cold. The rage of politics Is comparatively over. The question of national unity is happily solved, aod Buenos Avres, from aqua-i cncy, has subsided isto the poetti m of a province. And suddenly there occurs sucb an apathy that repeated pro olamation* fail to convene the legislature No *talemeot of the urgency ef the case move* them, though nearly all the memters reside in the city. Meantimo all eyes are turned towards the capital, with reference to tbe new organization of the national Cabinet. It is to be completely changed, but not revolutioniZ'Ml. Though some |K>poular favorites now retire, no fears are entertamea by any party aa to the result of the ch tnge General Mitro has Just returned from a visit to General Drquiia, wbo is Governor of Kntre Uios, and Dr. Herqui, the President He has stated that much good will ensne to ihe country as tbe result of the conferences. Though this is cail"<< a republic, the councils or thin kind are hi-ld as among the cownei b-'id- of Kuropo. In the lull-amendments mad* to the c -u?tituiioii it wis provided that lb'- membeia ol Omgri-Sx sh mid be natives of the proviuce lh-y repu-sei t, < r ?ise tnev shall bare reaided wdhui it two years previous lo elucn >n. There were several mi-mbeis holdi g ov??r wbnse c?<e* do, not niei l this provisi'iu, an i the 1'restdont iM?d a prftcla maiM>n iguorint ih<-rlsbis of such, anlorde-ed in sucb iww a new election ihe Province ' f C irrleutes was one afli-cted by this order, and tbo Governor repiielre fusing to order or to allow a new ele ction The domi nant party?thai is. the RueO'? mmd?holts that the coasMtution can be retroactive iu its provision-, and that the people can dispuss'-Ha tb -ir servants si any time they themselves ronter. It may result in dull 'ulty With that province. Kumotshave ri-ached us of a revolution iu the lurbti I'-nt r?ovince of San .itun, and there is credit gives to them liere, as far as to the vtolmt death oi the Goiernor. Vlvassro Valentin* AIsina who has t* ice heee Governor of this province, and both time* retimed wliei a besieguig army was in *ight has been oflk-ieil bis choice of the na tionj secretar>shii>s or m nis rt ?*, as they call tbi in here. Hut he is understood to ecline aM. There is a little st?amer prepiri ig lor tbe navigutiou of the Hermeg'i?a river rathor famous for ruining ill the vessels that ascend it. The building is super intended ny a mm who has escaped from several of that liver's wrecks Th* govercmeot of Uruguay (Montevideo' lately pre sumed upon its national importuce so much ?s to uador take lo builn in her owu waters a little steamer. Toe contractor, fearing he would lo*" his na>, look out a ln>n upon ber, ani tbe government, leu ing the s?m? thuig f?r miteriais furnlrbsil, old the smie, add bet we n It. two the it le steamer stuck in the mud for several months She is now all at. and represeuts Uruguay in the world of navies. Wool hu been actively bought for the la?t month, Chiefly by Americans at an iut twenty one cents per Cind I,umber is dear, having been sold to at per 1 000 feat Interesting from Vrnrinvl*. OUR CAHACA8 Cu K KK.? t'ON I>KS c' K ? C*R.*r**, Ian 20. 1W1 7Kf Rreall rf Omrral I'at'?An Partirt Cm r-rig on Him? Hil tTrxnet in thr Oniy Solvation?l^rritit Stiif nf S.fUt\?Sketch of Pa* Kotnb. <tr Rut lew of the di-no^uudieo m'n of the worl 1 bare enjoyed a irnimj.b equal to that which QoatraJ l'?e* ban Jiwt obtained ui 'tam nt* native country The victim of the Won***-' ujnttaty ?.<? of a dec ived people, he km i?t>aci**d la Nk, after harm* K?n Bu?y?cl*d to every spectra of Insult, outr.tfe uid cun turoHy?deprtvi-d of bis rank and honors by a puck'd Congress, b>- was hxted from hi* native I reti.leJ abroa'1 uutu ISA' In ibis je*r, it. the month of March, a succiwsful p -polar revolution, by mraw ot a funlon of post It*. overthrew ihe M iitinxl d* riant,- without bl'iod kix-d but tt wkb lh? ti?t yn? non of thin revolution pro potted and acc pted by all par. <*, that lieoeral Cant nhould be t*oluded from any participation lb it, f r tb. iMMf planets call give no liffbt under the shadow of Uii greater Nevertheless, tb? National Ooevputlon uUih wait the result of this revolution rriuvsiei hint with all ha fronors, Including that of "Illustrious ctiten, and called h.m uack to ina country, or. winch occasl.u he ?w received In triumph b> the wb >le community. for r<d|iim waa awed into r?*pe?-t, paslHoit hustled and polnotiain awak.-oed by the presence <A the hern ol the War of independence. And jet, but a few month* had elapsed after hi* rp turn, era ho bad to **Ue biiLxoil lo order to ee?' tpe from the per*. cutxi'in >( President Otetro, the elo t of the N*. o<.al Convention. ant lil* clique. for (lander tracked hi- pa'h. and ?nmethinK worn.- loan oslrari-iin Mebwed hi* Mlrl) Another revolution, in A'lfU/', 1W9, POt -IOWU the COD ptlt.iti.Mai preiuoenl Ca*tro, <nd am Sled blm With lb. "J "Viva U V'edafac on " ou one >'?y, *nd to bo?d htm a pri*- ut-r mu Ui reU, w|ih 'hit of iv i la UoMUU.cloa Ait this ia ;i i. n for a tn wl lotcrmliiu pollttanl question, which tnav one lay or ether adorn fbe ??4u?u? of iMi/ period ieal*, it m q,, .?%i j i>t t|j?. ohi^Pi of tktt Waver Prow th? d?rk month of Anguat, ut?, datcn tho pom ?>e?(wawot of th? m et 0?rc- and bl ody ?f <?,? revolution* of tbif mat rrvolut)o.,arj' und Tho b'^t Mno4 ot lk? ropuolic haa ?o.l i..n the e?tti inliltoon Imvo Imm 0*|??<tod and tnillmne an. o?in|l tt,..u hare portahe.l, ruin and dnraot ttiou *uik nra (UtniMOt tbroufh"'* the HUte, poverty ore% ?,u hat* and i? .oranca rule, and a ?p<rfiil f.,1.1^ tneoarwa, for "theeod m not yet''?it i?a.< far dis.mi a* It ww at the com n< oc?oi?et Am* tkm frV|htfni atate of alia,re extaU and ha? PilHed giaoe the drat oa) o' Auijuct l*i.r.V, eaoh porty the juAUceof Ita oouae?each emulat w Hi.- >tb<ir in itn rnwwi, and the ab~ nee of the Koferulbg priucipi- pro during "foul suhoruatioa '' I nder theoe eirriimataneee, then and n'.w at the el? ?esth Vvnr. the forernm'-nt ha* otlM ll (N?r?i I'a.'* hut thW haa not hoen their own free and voluntary a. . Jl I* tke rcauJt of D'eoeuro. an 1 h'>av> orenure, from outdoor* for 'he whoU n >tloo lh ? day? fe.l?rau?tN m wail M romtltatlon?ll?t*. of every ahade and color ? nayallrylf froclAini the ontr?cl?ed chief, the victim of bit country's pa -s *?, aa the who can now calm ihooe iooi aod proaoo? P?w?? Mid peace must be secured 1 nee W on "ny tbe peupie w>U destroy eac o ber like ao ^7 of prey, while thin rich a 'I eautlful ?*"*? ?? many million* of human b "#? ?I*J* JJ?S? homes, will become i deaer rtiiixed by tbe Jewyioj carcases of what >u once its popuUtwn. The whole country will now au ? deep aenae of necessity; end If 1: will only preserve bis life a few years longer, perhaps peace may be restored and odium shamed Into Cbristitn forbeLrairce But I cannot abstain from declaring that tbeTartTSu day dominant in Venezuela Is unlit to rule. T^, Lave hid ? fair and full trial, and have proved themselves wanting in energy, in ability and tact, while their political cr**d and educational bias are not those of America, for they are occlusives that would centralize neutrality. l'riuciptas which, however gratifying to certain classes In certain parts of the world, are not those which produced the in dependence of either North or South America. Considerable excitement prevails on tbe subject of Ge neral Pact's recall in order that he may nave his country. And yoo may believe me when I tell you that he alocc, and only he, oaa now save It. JeUousy and littleuets of mind have prevented bis being called la long ere this. And now that the bark is on a lee shore. with tearful breaker* ahead, the pilot must be Invested with unlmlted command, If It Is to be saved at all. Each man meets the other on the street, and with dis may on his countenance asks, "will be comer "If be don't, we are lost." But what must we think of a country whose salvation is to depend upon a single man? And yet this has always been tbe rule, that the government of these Spanish-American republics has always been the government of one man; and so will it continue to be to the end of time. The Spanish-Amerioan races "are not the stulfof which citizens are made. Nrw< from Hwytl. OCK FORT AU J'lUNCK COHUKHl'ONDKNCK. Port AC Pkjnck, Jan. 22, 1861. KarVu/unXt Alarm*?Rvmnr* Oonrerning Spanuh Claims? The New Steamer*?Improvements in the Capital?Uigk Half* <if Onffer, <fr. There Is a strange rumor in circulation, caufing a good deal of anxiety both to the government and the people. As I cannot trace its origin, It Is probably only a rumor, and is generally so regarded, although one that disturbs tbe public. Spain is said to have reasserted lier claim to St Domingo, and the latest adv cos rocelved stave that the Spanish flag wires over the city of St. Domingo, and that they have also taken possession or tho Bay of Samu na, so long coveted by your country. The report goes on to say that the SpauUrds pretend to have a claim on the Ilaytlen, or eastern side of the Island. Although tbe report is not at aU likely to be true, It is, of course, one that gives mm h solicitude. If true, is it not tho duty of the United States to interiere and assert tbe Monr>* doctrine? Volcanic disturbance* have been noticed near (ioave, and a government engiueer has been ordered to ex amine and report upon extensive crevices that have open ed in the earth Those crevices have been observed throughout the district of Fowry, and in places the ground has opened or rather sunk lifteen feet iu depth, HO that the topsol snail trees upon the tepressod s?il are b**low thesurrouuuii.g country, l'he Inhabitants,suiipos n g the roc nt earthquakes were U? be re-enacted, lied from then houses ai d it was feared that the Digue rivor might be forced Irom its channel and lay waste the city bolow. Ol late we havs no further reports from the dis trict, and. therefore, suppose the disturbances of the surtaxes ot the oarth have ceased We are delighted with our little steam navy, and evory movemet t of tbeso two vessels, with the time tntde, is duly chronicled in ?ur weekly papers. A few more months and bad mauagemeut will burn their lioilors out and like our other Institutions, they will for' a lime be laid up in orutnarv. Stetm, however, is ?U the rage, and the government have issued propositions for tho formation of a company or connianies to run casting steamers both to the north and to tbe south from the capital; the sou the* line to connect with the Bu-opean m -nthlv steamers at Jacinel. The government will lurnlfh ? subsidy lor tou years but reoulre that the vess-Is sb ill be ownod solely by Hay tiens. We are surely a progressive peoplo, but our en terprise is ahead of our capittl. I have several times before I oticed the many improvements within rho olty limit*; another is now ad,cd,aod oi* that was much nw<.0,i_u l? the building of our tlrst wharf, with depth of water ?uftlct?nt to allow a vesso, of 200 tons to ills cba<ge h'-r cargo. Coffee still in demand at high rates: $132 a $11* (Haytien) per 100 lbs. Oar ItsvsBB Correspondence. Havana, Feb. 15, 1861. Omeral Miramon and Companion* in Havana?Affair* in thf Vnited State*?IU Slate Trade?Stranger* in Ha ?<ana. dc The distinguished gentlemen lately arrived from Mexico have been warmly welcomed here. They have been dined at the palace, f< astcd and frtrd In all our tlrst fa milies of Spanish stock. thus much aiding the metallic circulation we require; but the mass ot our Industry do not know that they are out of place. Not so ignorant, however, or doiDgs In the United States. The bnatmm ply Ing his oar to get you first on board of an American steamer, inquires wuh eagerness and anxiety for new*? is the country pacitled? Their dally bread lie* with the issue There Is no branch or our Industry not touched and withering under the political poison which tills every northern blast be frostwork Is upon our hearts, while the ources melt rrom our pockets. One slave cargo il 000 linded sluce my last. The 000 to cargo or the I iv. Yankee turns out 720 able bodied servauts. 1h? business of both classes rather dull?negroes and c wiles ?mini down in the market. Our city is full of strangers, and I ? brt t ve at the Hu'el Onbano, where tbe largest ciowfts are fouad of recent arrivals, seoeders fiotn Northern wea'her and political excitem?n s:?A. W. forties ond lady, Hon. Kdwm Burr, New Vork; Mr. and Mrs. N W Hicks, do.; Tll. stoo Mills, Mrs. Hunter, I .outran*. F. A.Oollins lady and daughter, Oalena, 111.; Mr I. N Randall and lady, Dubuque; jS*ra"; "'"K0' Henry N. I-axon Boston; Mr. and Mrs Wm Nye Davis. Ihfltou <;? <? Wilkes, of Some renown in ihe ring and Stirit of the Tunes; ltev. J. M. Worrall, Ky ; Wm A 'omui tg. o< NVw V. rk Mess-s. Blood, MerriU, I-eed, Weed. Ilasliim and Megsrie. with a hc<t of others numerous to mention, bjt of the glad to-get-away sort. Additional from Mexico. KAMKS OF THK KXILKH AKKIVKK AT NKW OH I.EASH? I'ltKSF.NTATION OF FOKKK1N MIStSTKlW? VK.-SSH.H-HF WAR AT HACRIFICJOS, KTC., KTC. (Kr< m the New Orleans I'tcavune, teb 12 ] The l in ed M?U-s mall steamship Tennessr*, f^ant. Forbes. air-\ed at this port at an earlv hour last even ing, havtiR crossed tbe b?r at six o'clock in the morning, the'brings the tod wing pHSfeniters ? Mr Ouerrier and wife; II R de la Reintree. latespeeia. Ment t niled tales l^??t "n In Mexico. ? harlea be Doux Kltee, late llnlUd States Charge d'Affuirs In Mexico; Kient . R< v I s/aro d-la iiar7.?, Arr)i?i?hop of Mexico, HliM Km. ! < i< on n de I Manguia, Hl-hop nt Michoacan; Right K* *. J F Madrid, H:?h?ip >>t Ten?gra; Klfrht Ker K de P.\?rea, Hirh p of M nierev; *rs. .1. M I'oroTUbio, J, t,edilio, M >lena M CkvUlcio, h ki'KPN, HtnufZ, <1. O00I11I6I, A. Nt'Rt. v. i Kis>lemiin, Mare Ron ss'ot, ^11 lams The TV-iibe^e- was detain*! twentv eight hours at Vert O'.z b> heavy oortiiers and only sanea on the H'h .-hi bring- < ne we k's .a'er news iban we received yoslerdtv m<-n>ing b> way of riavan* I lb'- 'nllowitig v*sn is of war were anchored at Sacrin rtfjs When the Vennessee left:?I uited states St am |'owht>*n l utteu S ates steamer I'ocahonta*. Uaite ?atis tfigaie tlumbe'land, H* itish steamer \alorous Biitishst anier tiladiator, French brig Olivia, Fren h steamer I/l-care, ar. i tho Span'sh steamer ls.?bel la ssbtne ?nd St Iiouis bid previously l?rt,as bercre stat'-d. Tor t'ensarola | By this ?niv ?l wi have ilates rrom the capital to the ' , lbh. new r? ited Mates Mm ster, . * Corernr.r Welle-, ? ?f Calttorma H-rlv d at Mexloo Via Aoapuloo aod * uer ? aia .nth. 2V< or January an I prew nied his letter > j^ete e i" ('resident Juare* on tbe :?)ih Toe pu iiio manner othus reoep luu stfongl) manife?ted the gout p.,. D? .ml loyal'y o< the r>vri,ment of I'residwtJ mrei toward tbe g v-tnib' i.t ot the ( nitsd St ites, and Mr W filer's a<iore-s. - D p eventing hji letter, manilesteil a ?ID the 1? ui't. Hsrou 1! de \V<unie?. Minister ReMdi nt 1 t russ i aiMi pr. s-'U'e' h'? letter or credence to th ? en,st tm KWal government. h .vtng sat'srsctorily i?rrai<e ihe prenm'Uiry i ego.n'Ions in regard to Priisilnt. ciam,". which *?? the princ pai onject o* his miss.on It w.,s e\|scte t and h ;>? d th?t Mr de ^aliifny tb VtlTilsier rout Kr?'? e would n v ?dopt a eour e simllir I , ihui of the Mm-'e "t the '.'mud Sia'e-> and i'ros?i t II r liriutnriic M jest.'s t^birge de .VITiires, Mr M ?? thew Ml I rem ins at lalapa. b'.t f om p-ifite and un tilr ai murcer we ar Informed 'ha' the interests of h.* c-.uf.'rv men imperatively demand hip presents in tbe c >ptt*l (?1 ih? war in the lnt-"lor we leirn that Oen \i-ar|' tbe net,none ai dn <?' the reactionary party, insist* t-\ i,en '/.ii?? ava tmi the notor-o is t,<g irde, lat- t'Mi. f . p-lice il the ?tun* Mexi :o. up to the lal' nt acOOUi' stdl he 11 Igua'n -iiid a small diMrict surrounding It, wi' m wo to three boie-uil ije'n, hut Ave tho i?an ?? ial troop* he't sirer. iV been sent against him, and in loetiKittfit "t his sub|"*ti<w? >v is osdv antioipit- d ?toieral Mepa, wrh scattcrc fragment* of his t'oon ms ntoui-sn in. fllcient giie-r?|a w i' in the Sierra Madri Itie rest et ihe c 'U 'trv l? quiet, with the exr*-ptiou of fi?w urga. Ise* b indi'tl iu the v iciul'y of TeplO. N???l Inliillgmt*. Ill* niram ftifiw Nt%c*r* arrlrml at Adon '<ti ihf I4ih nit Wilttam I> v>?, a trwntn, of Bruuk I.d.N Y., wa? alti.osl ii?s?auI? killed Urn nunc fH> bj th?- fali<i>r "ftm hi* hm'l of ( ip of th? ship's bio.-ks Hia rrwlu <?*r* int?;-#<t "0 the following <J?y in the ftif'feh burial uro. nd at -teawor I'otat Mr Ward, Catted Mhim Minister; I.ieut Onl RlfMay. I niwvl stairs Ai my, ai?t l?r Wootfwrth, tba snrg.rtu of ?hn Niagara, vi||<' re'iirns home ??Terl*ii'1 IUT?llde?i,?-tnb irked on bo*r<t O..-Orteot?i im f t*i?filnsiilar sti-am pnckot tirtasa on the 1Mb of Jaliuarv, and tbo S' >n?r* nall?d Immediately a.trrw^'d* hotneireril "?0'ini1 br the Capp of 9ood Hope Thi ' nited Mates s'eanur Mohican. OMMadtr 8. W. (in-:<>!?, w at -1 IlrliDI 00 ltd 1st ult. lie cuurt wlilch mi- organised at Washington on tb# *tb tust to Itivt<*( teste into tt?e chargta prffnfWl hy tii? Navy I ? | artm>-i? a*nlnst tbe Commandant of tho Vary Var<1 M WairtlaitWM, , for ali> (red ootnpll' lt/ In dO ll*?rtfi([ up said |iU< ?< to lb" >? ipuUra there, a tjouruod in tb? lft'h ti.n Tii,. iii'-^tigotioa proves iioUhuk dlwtly .mp'iic iinr *n* of lb<> ?>(llr*.? conafleted with the Nary Yard, Mid, ?itho'i|rh ns not yst ma<l<% public, our rsportor is mfortuM b\ aa fly?.r mnriTteii with tho lovrstina ti a, that the insult will amount to nothing moro than a relit i tnii' 'i ^ i upt Ji?li> Wfltnon, of ttiel'nlu*! Mate* Maria*Obrpa, ?? row lr New York, ha having U? a witness, anil the oflicer wh > ootiitnaflilM I ha Marine ilarraiki at Iturtaf ton St the tt?0 of ita surrender. wameg Hewi flrwa Arizona and Honor*. OD? TUCSON OOHKK8PONDKNCK. Tuohmi, Arizona Territory, Feb 2, 1M1. Manifesto a! the Mm Governor of Sonara?Hesn'm tf the LegitUdure?Tke Qua mat and Kl Pato Uailroai?tu Hackert and Sufpoted CM, <?c.?Promoted Purchase of Sonera and ChiMuakua by the United State* and the Pro bable Good Effect*?The Apache*, <tc. Herewith I forward you a -'manifesto," recently issued from the press and addressed to the people of Honors, Mexico, by Don Remigio RJvera, the Provisional Governor of that State, according to the "Pkn of San Magdalen* " It la a well written product km, and recounts, In a fair and truthful manner, the cause* of difference between the two parties of Honora? the Gauda r iotas and Pesqullaa?os. Sentr Kivera Is a very gentlemanly man, and has been sojourning In this place for some weeks past Be la eminently conserva tive in his character, and has the interests of bis uatire State very much at heart. He la a half-brother to Seuor Diouisio Gonzaiee, the wealthiest merchant of Herraosil lo. In addition to the views set forth in this "manifes to," he proposes the appointment of a 8tate Consultative Committee, to be composed of three eminent and discreet portions?Don Jesus Qutjada, of Urea; Marian* dalazar, of Guajmas, and Jose Maria Almada, of Alamos?to act as guardians of the State, until the people can decide by a fair and Impartial election at the ballot box who shall be the legal and lawful Governor of Sonora. It is thought thut Governor l'eequie'a will re tire to private life at his beautiful ranrho of "las Deil cias," near Vaoamlchl, at the close of his constitutional term, on tho 16th of next September. Affairs in Sonora are quiet at the present time. The Legislature of the State is in session at Ures, deliberating upon matters of grave importance General D >n Angel Trias' railroad project to unite El l*aso with G laymas is the principal metsure to be discussed and acted upon by that body. It has already re ceivod the legislative sanction of the State of Chihuahua, and it is now generally believed thai U will rejsivs the cordial support of Bonora a* soon ax It is understood that Governor l it-q ilera favor* the adoption of the scheme It is Haul that two of the wealth) and enterprising ritiZ'<n? of tlie Kastorn si#t*s, George law and Col Samuel Oolt, besides m*ny others, are concerned In the enterprise. The route of the railway Is forao COO or "oo miles in lei.gib through a generally level Country, full or mine ral wealth, and abounding in tine agricultural and grazing lands. The route is entirely prac ticable, are It is believed $20,000,000 Is amply S'lMcient to construct the road It Iq also thought that the Legislature of Sonora will take decisive action in approviiig the stanl assumod by Governor I'efquiera in expellinf the agents of the Jocker, Torre & Co laud grant trom the 11 nits of the Common wealth. Ottier questions of a local character will engage the att< ntiou oi the assembled wisdom of the State. It it- general!t beleved that Mr. Wellnr, our Minister, has full authority from the government at Washington for tbe puichase of -onora and Chihuahua, with the con sent aud approbation of France and Kngian i for a mom y consideration ecticcated at $10,000 000 and that the treaty will be unanimously ratitie'i by the American senate. It may form one of the principal intlarK of compromise aud adjustment of the "vexed qm>t>?n" now puzzling tbe wise leudg at th > capital ot the Ameri an natioa In thv view l hope t|ie purchase, ii accomplished, will be r-girded as an "olive b'sn< h" held out to both partiis ay admiitmg bom states Into iho Union at ouce. with the "peculiar tnstltu tiou" anuexed. hat <uiop.ed, it mtv save the Union and be the mesas oi regenerating down trodden Mexico. Tbe Apache in lians continue to commit th-lr deore la ti<ms as usual in this Territory. They lately "cleaned out' a'l the stock, cattie aiid mules belonging to iho Santa Rita Mining Company. They are very troubleso no. Ibey laugh at the I'nitvd Sta'.ea troops stationed at K >ru Breckinridge and Buohauan, and regard them with per fect ii diflerence FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. 8atukday, Feb. 23?6 P. M. Tlie bids for the $8,000,000 government loan were opened to-day at Washington. The aggre gate amoant of the bids was $14,355,000. They were as follows:? hulaert Amount. KittteiJa \ lHUJiCh, New York.... $26 000 Chant* r Dix, uo 20 000 L'nduibill 6l Haven, do & 000 Do. do 6100 1)0. no 6,000 1)0. do 6 000 Do. do 6.000 Do. do 6,000 Do. do 6 IM) Do. do b ooo Do. do 6,000 Do. do 6,000 Ketchum,I<ow fcCo., New York..2,814 000 Do , lor olh?rn 60.000 llowtanj&Ai-pinwalt.Ne* York. 160,000 Kictivrd Bent, 01 rrtmeaaiou'a hank, New York 26,000 New York Manners' tvivingB In gututxui 40,000 Do 10.000 C. W. t'hn|<iD. Springlleld. Uuu.. lot 000 Thompeou Biof . Ne# York & 000 Da do 10.000 Do do 10,000 J. lAidlow Dumobt, New York... 20.000 Do. do 20 000 1*0. do . 20 000 A. Jerkies New York to OoO Ctfpt-Lier & Vermuyea, do 26 OoO W ,1. Immoil, New York 1OO0O Do. dj 10 000 Do. do 10 000 Do. do It .000 l*> do 10,000 Allen M. ivillo, New Vork 60 000 tie!J ti McLean, New York 26 UtO Do. do 2-ojOuu BenJ. him, New York 3 000 Chaa. H. Kuaeell, qo 100 OlO Do do 10o,000 Heory K. Vail, do 60 000 ol Commerce, do 2,600 000 Kobei t L. Ki-nueu\, do 60 oOO lm do 60 000 John A. Meveua, do 6O.i?o0 Do. do. 60 OoO Joseph suopwiij, ao 60 MO Do a? to 000 Wm. McHride New Vork 2",i'00 Do do Do do Do do Do do I >0 do l?o do l*o do Sherman k Rom?nr>,N. Y Jolm r. kiwi), Waterbory, lk> do Do do Do do Do do 110 do City Ktre Incnrkncf Ce. , lV*Uw.. U. A Burbaik, DufUe, VI is, wo lu 00O 10 ouo 6 I 'OO 6.000 to OUO iO.oOO 60 0(10 10,000 60 OUO 10 OOO 60 OUO 6,OoO 6 000 12 000 3,?00 IWik ?l l.aieiriftburg iO Otxl Juiiun Y. iKfWey, Vt 1K> Ho Do Do do do do do 1 000 I M 1 000 1 000 1 (100 t 000 II OUO 10 000 10 000 BrewnUr, t>wctt U Co., Boi-ivn.. Do do. do l*o. oo do Do d<>. do..... K R. Kairr hild, New York 30 <Kx) V k J. V Uiipm * Co , I him.... B uoo Hewlett At Tor rei e?, New York.. 26 000 Matt*rti? A Oo.. New Yo> k ir>6 000 In. do. da 26 000 Do. do. 00 4.. 000 Ik) d<>. do 3# 100 ? Kin Sorer***, Ho*?<>n 10 000 RW Howee,New York 100.000 Do lw. Do. Do. Do. I)o. no.. ,'u 0)0 do 60.000 00 60,000 do 60 < 00 do lr>o 000 00. 100,1100 10 OUO m?pl.r>n(> Fotlerell, Hnl.uiotpbla Wullm.i rilden.N'w V^rk 10 ?>00 Do do r, OoO Do. o? ........ 6,?op flewtett sctidder, do a ot<0 l"o. do 3,000 Otlben Oakley. New York 3imo I)o. do 2.roo Ilu'us n Albany 20..too 11*. <10 30 wo Do. do. 20 000 K. 0. Hamilton, New Vork lo 000 Do do 10 ouo DO. (to 10,000 I >0. do 10 000 Id dr? mono Darker Owen. Philadelphia 6 000 MelfO li Urfer.ltaf, New \ork.. 86,000 Do. do 28 nno l*o. do. 28,000 Do. do. .. 26 000 l>o. do. 4 MOO Chne. *. Ci'mmin^K, Vew Vork.. 40 000 Ji4ui II Hudd, I'DlUdelphla lo 000 Do. do. 10.000 Do. do 10.000 McKino 4 Co., Baltimore 20 OoO I?o. l>o. l>o. Do. I)o. do do. do. do. do. 20 000 3o 000 W.000 40 000 lo 000 W. I? Neweberry, Chicago 40 1 0() RooreTelt h S?n. New York T?o00 J H Th*y?r, tuwt n K?,<.O0 fhmoet Ro' ke, New Yr k 4 000 U-win McCr>nor, New York..., 2o,oo0 Chaa II l?lavhD. N?w York.... 40.000 Uiv D. l*el?Tfcn, New \ n.k.... in 000 Jarob fit I/wky. New York.,., 6,000 John Heott floyd, New York.... f.,000 0?. do 6 '*10 Do. do (.,o00 Do. do 6 uno Do. do 6.000 Wander Child*, New York 2 000 Edgar H Tweedy, New York.... 6 000 8 A Holb'O"*, Maine 6.000 r. w. stelokle, Now York ?,09Q ?2* 92 00* 00 30-100 88 80 00 80* 80 84 00* 00 86 84 83 82 80 00* 87* 90^ 94 00* 01 00* 00 90* 01 00* 01 90* 91 86* 88* ^7 1 16 88 1-10 80 81 85 89 90 2fi 100 8H 3-1O0 89 CI .V100 89 (i-HO 00 <7-100 HI 3.1-100 90 80 wsi 90 V, 90 3%-lOfl 90 4. . 100 '.?0 66-100 90 8.1 loO 91 BJ 8T 86 00 i-? 92* 9U 00 IP 100 90 66-100 A |O0 88 tt-100 90 00 89 88 87 HO 85 81 VI 00 16'fO K7 64-100 H6 88 90 8T 86 HT 65 100 00 6-100 87 *?1 . H* !?i 02* 88* 00 90* 91 02 04 00 140 93 91 90 K6 87 88 00 90* 90* 90 90* 90 88 91 88 00 Ofl 91 92 91* 93 93* 90 90 (0 *>X Bidden Amount. V. Y. Hoom Insurance Co 10,00* Da do 10 000 Do. do 20 000 Do. do 10.0M J. T. k J. O. Frost & Oo. ,N. York 6,000 Bntialo Savings Bank 30 0"0 Do. do. Do. do Do. do Wm. J. Scbenck, New York.... Clark, Dorgeft Co., Now York.. Do. Do. Do. Do. do. do. do do. 120 000 30 000 aoou* ioogo ?,009 ??N 50.000 80,000 bojooo 80 000 10 000 10,009 1 000 1,000 6 000 0000 2.000 aooo 10,000 20.000 Clark, Dodge k Co., Now York.. Do. do. .. Do. do. J. H. Thayer, Boston Do. do P. B Kearney, trustee, New York Thos. H Dudley, Camden. N. J.. Jon. W. Boiestiner, New York... Wm. K. MerreU, Now York W.J. Illtner, attorney Fhllad'a. Tbos F. Andrews, Washington.. Abr?h*m T. I/me, Boston...... 10 000 Otis Daniel, Boston 10,000 Do. do 20 000 Do. do 60.000 Lewis McGregor, New York .... 2 000 Trevor k Colgate, New York.... 126,000 Do. dl 26 000 Jacob St. Losky, New York 0 000 K. 8. Monroe, New York 60,000 Do. do 00.000 Do. , do 60 000 Do. do 10.000 Rweeaey, Bittonhouse, Kant k Co., Washington 10,000 Wm. Barton k don, New York... 60.000 Do. do. ... 60 000 Robert M Streveigh, New York. 10 000 F. T. Walker k Bro., New York. 6 000 Do. oo. 6,000 Do. do. 6 000 T. T. Walker k Bros , New York 6 000 Do. do 6.000 Do. do 10 000 Do. do 6 000 Edward J. King, New York.... 26 000 Do. <lo .... 10 000 A. V. Stout, New York 26 000 Do. do 26 000 Do. do 26,000 Do. do 2* 000 B K Graves k Co., New York. 16,010 J 0. Wni-ney. Boston 10 000 Wo. H Slocum, New York 2,000 Francis !>? land, New York 30.000 (ieo W Cuylor, I'ainiyrH, N. Y.. 10 000 Do. do 1*000 Do. do 10.000 John Hooper k Oo., New York.. 7,000 Ward k Co., lor others 10 000 Do. do 20,000 Do. do 6,000 Do. do 6 000 J. P. Van Vleick, New York.... 1,000 Do. do 6 000 Do. do 0.000 Do. do 6.000 Geo. Field, Cashier, New York.. 10 000 Do. do 10,000 George Field, Cashier, N. York. 10 000 I)o. do 20,000 Do. do 6 000 F. W. Dunham, New York 26.000 Do. Do. Do. I>o. Do. do.

do. do. do. do. 15,000 16,000 15.000 16 000 16 000 10 000 20 000 10 000 10o0 Merritt, Strang k Co., New York Do. do... lift. do... G. C. Suihr, Now York Head Drex'l ft Co, for othors NY 146 000 A.. J. Glotwbrenner, Washington. 4.000 Do. do. 7,000 Do. do. 8,000 Do. do. 6 000 J. Benkendorfl', New York 10,000 Do. do 10 000 J. G. Walmongh, Jr., PhUa 26,000 Do. do 26 000 Do. do 25 000 Do. do 26 000 Wm. k Jno. O'Brien, New York 6.000 Do. do. 26 000 Do. do. 6 000 Do. do. 31,000 Bead, Drexel A; Co., New York. .1,200 000 Geo. A. Stone, Troy. N. Y 2,000 Do. do 2 000 Do. do 2 000 Do. do 2,000 George A Stone, Troy, N. Y 2,<00 Do do 2 000 Samuel Sinclair, New York 10 000 Ciarksou Brothers, New York... 15.000 Do. do. ... 6 000 1)0. do. ... 6 000 Do. do. 20 000 Do. do. ... 6,000 Thomas Philters, New York.... 1000 A. F. Scriver, Washington 25 000 Do. do 26.000 Do. do 6 000 Do. do 6 000 C. R Uobert, New York 10 000 Do. IK). Do. Do. 1*0. do. do. do. do. do. Eugene Thompson, New York.. Do. do Heed k I-athrop, New York Wkitehowe, Son A; Morrison,N. Y 10 000 10 000 10 000 10 000 10,000 20*0 3 000 60 000 2 000 170 000 20 000 Do. do. Do. do Do. do 15,000 Do. do 100 000 Do. do 100,000 Do. do 20,000 Do. do 10.000 Do. do 10 000 Do. do 16 000 WhiU'house.Son k Mor'eon, N. Y. $18 000 Geo. N. Far well, New Ha'shlrn.. 6,000 Kpenoer K. Gieeno, New York.. 10 000 White bouse. Son k Mor'son, N.Y. 60 000 Timothy C. I/eeds, do. 20 000 Do. do. 20,000 Wm. Grtswold, do. 4 000 CUremoot Bank, N. II 10,000 G. W. Tew, Silver Creek, N. Y.. 5 000 Do do ... 6 000 Clark, Dodgt-t 4Co., do. ... 6,000 J. Y. I helps, do. ... 6,000 Do. do. ... 20 000 Do. do. ... 20 000 M. Turka, New York 0 000 Dn. do 3 (00 Do. do. 3 000 Geo. W JTattereon, Jr., N. York.. 1,000 Do. do. .. 1 000 Do do. 2 000 Do. do. .. S 000 Do. do. 3 000 Do. do. .. 2 000 Do. do. 1,000 Do. do. .. 1,000 Do do. .. 1 000 Tuollor k Sutterly, Philadelphia H 000 BetjaminC White, Boetot 7 000 JHM EggtnU?, Now York 2.000 J. 8. k W. Brown, New York.... 6 ooo Do. do 6 0O0 William Tillen, New York 6,000 Philadelphia Const'n Khip In. Co. 40 (jO0 Hud Ave. rfav. Bank, New York C5 0"X1 Do. no 25 000 Do. do 26 000 Do. do 25 0U0 J%mo? Tiiltle Bo?4on 90 000 James 1! Allen, New York 60 000 Do do 60 000 A Hamilton, Brooklyn 2 000 Charier Aug Davis, N-w York.. 300 000 T:ijlor Brothers, New York ... 10 000 ' Do. do 10.000 Do. do 10 000 IVi. do 10.000 Towns* n?t k Oo , Boston 30 000 Bark Republic, New Yoik 90,000 1)0. do 30,000 Do. do 20 000 Do. do 16,000 Do. do 10.0O0 IN... do 10 000 Do do 10 000 President AJbany Exch Bn nk ... 00 000 Do do. do 90.000 Dn. do. do 30 000 J.Vi '"humplln.Vibhe'tii'll' V Y 1 ooo Do. do do. 1. 00 J' hn r Ji hnson, Ne? York ... loo (<0i? K I. Dnwtss, do .... 9 000 ,let>kin* Van -H-hsick. New Yt.rk. 30 ooo B R. OWN A l>.. N?w York.. 10 (.00 Wa?hina*on Mills, New York.... '.0 On) Do do 10 000 Do. do 10.000 IV) do 10 000 ?<nrette A Whitney, RotOon 10 ooo A tuns I* Taylor, Boston 6 ooo Juai*Clem>! !? IjwCasiw.N York. 10.'/<>0 iv,. do. . I! ,000 Do. do. . 2 000 C F. Knowlton, New York 60 ooo Do do 16 ooo Pi. do 16 000 Wart, Campbell ACo.,New York. 200.000 Ui. do ... 1901>00 Do. do.... loOOO Wm. Ori*Wold New York.... 6 000 Joa. Woodhrtdge, Brooklyn.... 1 260 CLarlce K. Brewer. N. York.... 30 000 Do. do 40 000 Do. do 40 000 DO... do ... 40.000 M. N. **ow'iall, New York,... 100 000 T. P Jamen k Oo N York ... 10 000 A D. Williams, New Yoik ... 6 000 Mark A. Nlohols, Wxkport,N.Y. 10 000 I<o. do 10 000 Do. do 6,000 Rett. 90 01 ?1* 90 76 80 88 II 90 86* ?x 80* 80* 09 90* WW 81* 91 02 91 80* 90 00 1-10 89 80* 87 69-100 86 87 (9-100 99 3 100 91 90 19-100 90 90 90* 91 ?1* 92 90 16-100 86 99 90* 86 80 87 88 89 90 90 *-100 90 86 86* 80 1-29 87* 88 1-20 90 90 88 90 90 89 88 90 88 89 91 92 91 90 88 92 80* 88 4 90* 86 80 90 5)0 13-100 90 67-100 90 3-100 90 83-'00 90 2-1U0 91 92 93 96 90 16-100 85 70-100 88 89 87 90 4-100 91 60-100 82 83 84 86 90 90 20-100 91 92 20-100 90 15-100 82* 86 87* 89 90 91 90* 90 90* 90* 91* 90* 90 80 86 90 96 90 40-100 90 60-100 90 60-100 90 76-100 90 90-100 99 2-100 90 87* P0 1-10 90 91 90 80-100 90 60-100 90* 90* 90 1-100 89 2-100 88 1-100 88 87 90* 90 17-100 90 0-100 88 6-100 88 90* 80 ?6 90* 90 1-100 88 80 H6 87* 88 80 60 -100 87 65 100 88 6>-100 89 56-100 00 65-100 91 65-100 92 66-100 93 66-100 94 66-109 91 90 90* 80 86 90 ",0-100 93 60 -100 86 87 60-100 90 91 91 26-100 89 H9 60-100 90 87 60-100 85 80 87 88 78 91 01 1-10 i 92 1-10 91 1-10 94 1-10 96 1-10 96 1-10 90 3-1U0 88 87 90* 88 90 68-100 90 41-100 VI 1-20 91 80 1 -100 81 I ti<0 82 1-100 R6 I 100 90 I 10 H7* 86 88 90 90 1-10 90 8-Id 90 1 *0 90 St-100 90 6 >-100 "0 60-100 90* 80 90 11-100 90 21 100 90 81- 00 90 30-100 90 27-190 90 17-100 90 1-10 90 18-100 90 90* Total 914.366 000 Four million Ave hundred and nineteen timtmnd rtoiiar* of tli?? ciglit million loan will be awarded to the following parties:?At 90 1S-100, Memra. Kitrbur.i, Hon A Co., 12,814,000; Ratterlee A Co., #145,000; Trevor A Colgate, 1135,000; Reid, DrexclACo., $1,346,000: Hweeney, Kittnnhouse, Kant A Co., til?' remainder. The loan* will be awarded at rates ranging from 90% to 9*. No bid bolow 90 16 100 will bo accepted. $14,366,000 are bid for. There la no change in the money market. The ?wards of the loan will create an active market next week. Foreign exchange closed firm at yes. terday's advance. Dnlness continues to be the leading feature of the stock market. At the morning board the amount of business done was quite small, and prices were, on the average, about % lower than yesterday. But there was no stock pressing for sale; the attitude both of operators and of the public ia one of expectation. Everybody is looking to the Peace Conference at Wash ington; whichever way that body completes its work, it will impart life to the stock market.. Treasury notes advanced Y% this morning, and there were buyers of the 6's of 1874 at 85. They were held at 86 at the close. This afternoan the market was better, though dull, and stocks closed steady, the following being the quotations:? United States 5*s, 1874, 85 a 86; Virginia 6's, 75 a 76; Tennessees, 72% a 73; Missouri 6's, 64% a 65; Canton, 14 a 15; Pacific Mail, 83 a New York Central, 77% a */t\ Erie, 31 a %; Hudson River, 43% a Harlem, 15% a %; do. preferred, 38% a V*\ Reading, 42 a %; Michigan Central, 56% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indi ana, 14% a %; do., guaranteed, 31% a 32; Pana ma, 113 a 114; Illinois Central, 78% a 79; Galena and Chicago, 71% a 72; Cleveland and Toledo, 32% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 57 a %; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 70% a 71. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? $*2 OS ?For customs 62 0 >0 00 Payments 61,# II 60 Balanoe S.S^.T iO 22 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $19,116,04 8 20, and the balanoes $1,018,126 47. We learn that the holders of the overdue second mortgage bonds of the Erie Railroad Company are rapidly exchanging them for new bonds to run twenty years. The amount exchanged now reaches $1,000,000. It is evident that this property will soon stand as high in public estimation as it ever did. The following table will comnare the exports of the seven principal staple articles for the week:? 1800 , , 1861. > Wni: md'n fVfe 21. Amount Valii'. Amount Valw. Cotton, bales 2,414 $148,003 9 174 $517,516 Flour bbjg 9 *02 50 500 39 4U 22 > 941 Corn Meal 1 0'4 4 121 816 4 129 Wheat, bush 11,666 14,606 258 922 337,72* Corn 6>9 703 125,630 90 329 Beef, bbls and tea 1465 3ft 607 611 9 7*4 rork. 2 333 39 771 1,117 21,718 Tot*! _ $293,211 ? $1,207,128 Inc. of the week as compared wi h that of 1860 913.916 The following is a comparative statement of tlrn value of exports from the commencement of the year to February 21:? I860. 1861. InrrtiM. Dtarrw. Cotton $2,274,616 8,482.5*6 1.207.960 _ Hour 603,686 1,927 922 1,324 237 ? Cote 37,292 27 672 ? 0.622 Wheat 181,312 2 147 400 1.916 088 ? Corn 14 006 801 346 776,740 ? Beef 493 399 224,669 ? 268,840 Pork 261.960 176,391 ? 85,569 Total $8,876 860 8 7*7,866 6,276.025 364 019 Increase as compared with 1860 $4,911,006 The movement of the banks in the four princi pal cities of the Union in which weekly reports are made, as shown by their last statement*, is as follows:? Loan*. Drnrmit*. Sitrrie CirruVn V. Yark, Feb 16.$U9.KS0.371 91,<47.188 37.fl9.0ri0 8,2*3,840 Hon ton, Keb. 18.. 63,1IH,632 17 795 444 4,6M,*M 6,V!li>.2W Fbila.. Feb 18. .. 26 :<44 076 14.904,7*3 4,831,426 2,S09,?65 V. Oileans, Keb.16 l4-9t.2,12l 22,7ns,666 17 2i0 6W 7,528 141 Total $223,?yv,iu0 146.956 940 63,812,7*8 24.828 14* I*?t week 224,429,621 U3,79t>,?49 60,815,814 34 979,7*6 JUmt >ear 234,886,2ti0 132,012,340 42,761,432 29,890,924 The first mortgage bondholders in the Terre Haute, Alton and St. Louis Railroad are requested to meet at the office of John S. Richardson, No. 66 Beaver Htreet, on Friday next, at one P. M. The Bank Comptroller of Wisconsin makes the following statement for the half year ending Janu ary 31:? Whola number of hanks in operation 110 Witha circulation of $1,495,783 SEI'lT)*b MY Kentucky 6's.... $32,000 Ciliiornia 7'a.... $466 000 l/>uiatana 6'a 10 000 tte >r*ia 6'a 44 000 Is'Diaiann 6'a 165 500 (>e irgia 7'a 2<),00.l Missouri 6'a 1 393.000 Illinois 6's 604,180 Micbiga<6a 206 500 Iowa 7'a. 18.000 Indiana 2 V; s 8 000 Wiscmstn 6'a.... 100,000 Indiana 6a 82 700 Miniiem>'? 73,000 N. Carolina 6'a... 70."> 500 I'uitml 6'a. 1 000 Ohio 6'a 173 000 Rar.&Misa.RR.8'a 17 000 Teonewee 6 a.... 856 000 Mil .AiWal.RR.8'8. 60,000 Virginia 6'a 9 600 Virginias a 176 000 Total bon'ia....$5 125 9^0 New York 7'a.... 6,000 Specie 64.661 New York 6'a.... 8,000 Total $5,184,631 There are twenty three banks winding up, with an aggregate outstanding circulation of $27,858, for the redemption of which the State holds $27,861 in specie. The Comptroller has reduced the Mis souri bonds from $2,049,000 in January, 1860, to $1,393,000 at the present time, or a reduction of over half a million dollars. The movements of the banks in the four princi pal cities of the Union, in which weekly reports are made, as shown by their last statements, are as follows:? Loan*. Ptpnmih. 8t>*rtr. fVrrvCa'a. N. York, Feb 9 .$<20, V8 (W? SH,9"H,6<I .14.6*1,615 8,*'..V6 Rohiod. Kfb 11... 6.1,434, 32 IS 074 KM 4.678 614 1W.6VI I'hlladpl'a, Keb. II 2,\ 450,231 16,iM9.4.*4 4.747.IH6 1,H25,9U h Orieana, Keb. 9 16,177,06 2l,6KV,iK2 16,8:19.170 7,401.926 Total *2^4,429,021 I43,TM,0?9 60,816,814 24,97#.7 ? Ijuii ?(?k 226.H7it.779 141,964,811 24.4-fi.267 Lant year 233 9K6.lift 130.181,086 41,673 497 30,617,018 Prom ? statement of the Chftirmftn of the TUino:a House Hank Committee we take the following CtnuuKnr a*t> ^rrarriKH, Janiakv 31, 1861. Prtwcl value of a to- ka id Amiitor a poenuaaioft u ecourity for circulation or llunola hauler ? tiUxJct Uelow far. Htnrks I'nr falU'. WiMouri a n |8 036 000 at 87 Tat>i rfwnc fl'g 3 .til .000 at 72 ^ Virginia 6 a 1.2*4 WiO at t? l/>uw4aBH 6 h 607.500 76 North Ca-olini 6 s 8-8,000 at 82 Sou to Carolina 6'? 10 000 it 20 (Morula 6'n 336 000 U ho Kenuick y 6 b 6M .600 at 92 X Total |9 r>2T,600 6,843,MO Par foick Ohto fl'a UMIH Iowa 6'a 91 ?hio Mli h g<ui 6'*. 442 009 Michigan Ta M> oeo tiltHM-vHa 8'a 1*0 000 New York 0 * 2<2 <?00 United -Hat. h b a IK WO UiiiU.i ^Ulf> ??* 827 000 Minoia and Michigan Canal 681 6>t lliin >t? Mew lni>?rnal Imp: ov Bt<*lt :i-j3 338 lUinom O'a 1 4 s 0"0 Specie 4 J *01 4 465 473 Total Ill 386 4'!3 TIn? above, to aeenre * circulation of $12.3JO,B9? ah< wiip a neflflt of fP84,3Tl, or n^a 1y nine iw c-ut r?v)iilr> d on the wholn iltpoau I > mtk? M>c?rUieti i<q lal lo Ct'Culation, or romicluf 'hi- crc ila?> >n ao far a* the pa no- k will clo ao. leaving 97x68 221 ??< .ureil bv hi ?ka below par amountibg at par to f) 27 .V>0 but *? >rlb a rrwrkM price*. before atatwi, 9" 8*8 946 a d 'flrit ?t the whole amount i>efnre atate oi about <2% per c^-nt -i cept that h* In the aggregate, rtn* ah ?o Utile ia pro parert from th? A'liluor'a booka H ap??4r* ihit *? f.27 f>W of p*r value of atirh pecurltie* ir.- uow worth >45,88.". WOO?a deficiency of value of 92 833 660 Annexed to ft comparative statement of the earning* of tbe Little Minmi and Columbia ftnd Xenix. Railroad for 1859 and 1800:? 18A9 1*60 1'aeHoi ger oarnlrga 95"4.375 6.13,3T9 Fright 64.1072 673 448 Mail and < zpreaa 68 706 63 &22 Total earnings 91,276,764 1,289 344 flMMM Repairs ?f paaaenger car* 92"-' ??0 2? 411 " rrelgti((an 61 147 4Mtin " locomotlvea 64 M)7 61,778 " michlnery 3,778 2,771 " road 1 14 > '51 " bridge fi.^JO 2122 " water 8'i5 VO. " depot* 18 241 8 716 Paaeergerc, freight and geaarat ex 263,7H6 262 16 Fuel 76-101 79 i? Oil, tal.ow and 14 0<9 16 48 llo->ka printing and a'atlonery..... 6 k h 8 .17 ? !>??, (inmage and gratuMlea 10 '18 11 ti2 Rent 2- 4 4 <8 Total expeneee 9662.894 666,813 The following ia ft roiti|?rfttlTe stfttement of the cftrninga ftnd expen?e? of the Little Miami ftnd C9 lumbuft and Xinia years: ? Cron Kuningt. 1KM $1,249 636 18/7 1,163,162 185 8 I.IOO 185 9 1.216 754 UM I'OHM* Railroad for the past lira Krpmtf I. A43.0M 446,641 679 235 ?4$ 894 666 313 Net Earning$ 446.403 MS Ml 021 264 613,840 624,081 Per Cnd. 44 26 104 64 50 100 40 26 '44 61 92 t ? H 60- A I ?? > *? I } ird I I ?.?? ' Total. $4,139,396 3,177,086 3,021,364 The Mew Orleaus Picayune of Mouday evenii February 11, says:? The market opens this week with a readier dispoglti to do business, and the transactions in oottoa were oa mom *itended scale Outside of this movement there not much doing, and a feeli. g of hesitation to engtft* new operations is the pi availing feature With regtrd mrney matter* this appears to be the general feeling,a capitalist* seem determined to accumulate their mesa, wlibout reference to profitable employment. A few nboiv names are sought after at 12 a 16 per cent, but Unit 1 ' these is so greatly circumscribed that the task *? reporting th<> few easual transactions that trae plied is almoat a sinecure. Bignatures of sr omiary grade aie nest to unsaleable. No sales importance ' have transpired. The foreign eschar market was in noma re-p-clH a abade firmer, but we i. unable to report any imptovement in rates. Horns bi> Di et" was done in sterliog at a wide range, say from 10 a 10SX, and even a fraction above for clear Hills. 5 leard of good I/mdon credits sold down to the las. fgure. whilst one or two favorite names were takaa . r ireet remittance at 103 V a 104 Rat if fairly put u? ? he market they would not command these figures. * act U>e ratea are verv irregular. Nothing of oonsequeM* wsa done in bill of lading drafts. We notiead some in quiry for franca, and a sale of 100 000 A1 hankers wsa made at 6 4G ?? But this is no criterion of the market, and good names could not be passed much better thaa Cf.66 We quote from 6f.60 a 5f 60 The weekly statement of the Philadelphia banks* made tip Monday afternoon, preaenta the follow* tag aggregated as compared with those of the pre* vioua week:? f>b li. Capital stock $11,807 815 lxians 25 460 231 Spe?ie 4 747 186 Due fm other oanka. 1.902 328 Due to other banks.. 2 654 700 Deposits 16,040 438 Circulation 2.826.962 The Michigan Central Railroad earned the se cond week of February:? Seoond week, 1861 $29 36S T1 Second week, 1860 25,293 99 Increase $4,069 T$ The earnings of the Galena and Chicago roat for the second week of February were:? 1861 $19,324 I860 16,79$ Increase $3,63$ The Cleveland and Toledo Railroad earned the second week of February: ? Seoond week W1 $17,7? Seoond week. 1860 16,90$ Increase $t $3' The overland mail brings information that the steamer now on its way from San Franoisco has $1,066,000 in specie on board. J*f>. 18. 11 808,726 25 344 076 4,831.426 2 016 438 2 864 874 14 904 783 2,809,866 Inc. $91$ Dec 106.16$ Inc. 84 241 Ine 24 It# Inc 210 11* Dec 144 (MB Inc. 16,an Stork Btchangr. HvnraotT, Feb $3,1861. $20WX) ITS 5's, '74. co ?5 26 shs Hud RIt RR. 4? V 4000 Trea 12 pc notes 102 V 150 Harlem RR 16W 1000> 6V, '90 C 72 200 'lev & 'Vil RR *30 32 V 1C00 MIsm uri 6 s... 6f>K 100 do b30 32?? 1000 N Carol na 6 s. 79 2010 nwlchnXW I, 1<? V 2000 NV k NfWl's 2000 NYfcNH b 7s'06 1P00 Mien So 1 'ten bs lOOOMI' hS?2dm Ni 3000 h&NW2 m'gs $ hlic Renk N York 10 Bai>k of R public 110 1* do 109 90 97 82 64 16 92 1100 do 350 Mi;hOn RR.... 150 do f10 150 do t-5 100 do b30 126 do 250 111 Cen RR 44 ?'enn foal Co.... 75 Pacific H ro.. 26 do M6 150 do *70 N Y Central RT' c 50 650 ico 600 200 100 slO b60 7?V **V 83 77V 77 V 77?. 71% "V 77 77 V 650 100 100 100 10 200 .b10 ?b30 do. do. do. do. do do 8d 400 Oal & Chic RR... 60 do b7 1P0 do b?0 160 do c 100 do *6 50rfoic&RIRR.b30 d" do do do, do... . f30 77 lfO do. do s6 77V 200 do. 1-60 Erie RR 3'V 100 do. 25 do .. pIO S1V 100 do.. 200 Hudson Riv RR 4*V 100 do. 200 do siO 48V RKOOND BOARD fffO r'y 12 pe notes 102% 10 shs I'ac Mall ?HT0 2M 0 Missouri 6's... 66V 6C(0 do P6 lffON York 6's. '72 106V Id 0 KrteRldmb. 64 101 \ 40*0 Micb So 1 in b. 82 1000 Clev & T .1 8 f . 74 V 81 shs Pac Mail SSOo 83V 8SK 3*V 50 Harlem RR pref. 150 Mich Central RR. 60 do 100 do 66V 60 IllCentRRsp .blO 78 V 50 do slO 78 V 200 Clev k Tol RRI>30 32 V CITY CODIDIERCIAL REPORT. SATTHnAT, Feb. 23?2 P. If. Fvot's?Tbe sales embraced 900 bbls. of 9tate sad Western brands, 1,000 Southern and 400 Canadian 11m market was rather less buoyant and active. Extra flute sold at $6 36 a $6 fO, chw fly at $6 36, and Ohio round hoop at $6 66 a $6 66. Wheat was dull and drooping, with sales of 44,64$ bnsbeU, included In which were white Western at $1 4$ a $1 67, red Western at $1 33 a $1 36 MHwaukee rlub, part at $1 24 a $1 25, and Chicago spring at $1 24, d*> llvered. Cons.?^ales of 38 000 bushels were made at $8o. ? 69Vc. for new mixed Western, and 74o. for white Southern Wer-hif ?Sales of 200 bbls at 1'Vc SHIPPING NEWS. Movement* of Ocean Hteamers. JTwiku. Lm* ??. /Ma, HBMtak Umwponl Feb t. " Canadian Ll?wi?wl Mi 14 P?rtl??< AKintlwiu Uwmwl W? 'I *?? ""t Hnmn. Rotitn?nijp?n? ..Frb *1 . B?w Numn Uv?n<?il Kfb B .. . .Into **?n .... t?la??"w Frh 21 ..l?ow *??* Norte Br<tnw IJ??rpoot.. F?b 24 .... Partlaa* Prince Albert Oalwaf.. F??- 26 ,.Newte?* Htnrta BtKiUiitmpMt. Mrh 4 ..NewYo* An|D (V>Hth*mpt<n. Mrh * Hew Ynrit /oh <tT*li'? aFHh New York F?h T7 Linn**! jtin w#w w-"-k r?K * ... t.i^w i*m Saionla. New York Mrh I.... llaiabugg KM4UL New ''irk M>'h 2 t.1v?ri?W Nora IkHlaa Portland Mrh 2 ..Urerpn* P<llt/?n Ne? V .rk ... Mob 2.... I???re Wrji >? Mrh * . Oi ?pnr| Canadian. "'irtiaml Men 9 ,.T.I**rpo4 ln>tml?ii|an v#w - ,?rkT W ((i?nw4 North Hrtton P-.r?lani1 Mrh 16 . ...Umrpoa .New ork .. Mch 16 Be FOB UAI^FORNIa Artel ^ New York Mrh 1.... Anpinwall Northern Ught ... New ork .. . Mc?> 11 ... A? >ln<*?a North rtiar New York Mch 21. ...A?lQ*al Itrwitl fiOTicm A* nyckmrrt <tn// l/ilft i-fnvM fv thr N|* fou IllliJ Anula V tralfd aluakav roa new ru*g?rata eat. 6 41 i ?mw hi ik* f 46' h?p >?r> .... Port of clkuiku "uamnhip awginita. ^nadbiiU, 4a* an a*h?iemi (? MltrhN ft :ton 'tramahlp HunUrrlUe Vry\. H??a'iua? ?H A Oromirdl ft Oo. stranship ift? Ailgnr, I'hllllpf, Charlaaion ? Bpofford, Pllaa tnn ft ? '?? rttramrhtp Vurfctown. ParrtHB. Norfolk, An? l^idlam ft 144 uoki-B iicaoirhtp Mount >en? l*vftn,|, Ha'tlmon?H a flna*. wHi ft <>? Ktcamahlp Peupsr ... "alt. P.irtUorl -II K i:iMniwell ft <"/*. M.ip >?.<ntivgi? i?nkln?. wr bonne -1ah?-. K r*id A t>>. Shlv Mai."tii'?ter. pr??k l*">il>n ? Tia*k ft Ilm r Ttra. HMr II llimiivv C I^n* n? ? r undi Bhln t'* rrnann (Rikoii. K'.him m, R>-inrn - O ilin*. Hai* Hamhlrr. PacV*r<? At iinwa'l Mneaif ft O'mrnn. Bark M J CoMurt, Oolcora. Ctid?n*a? >4alah, Carrer ft Chaae Hark Harrirl A StephrMoo, Pi?*t, New Orleans?I ft N Pm4th ft Co Paik Hrolb***, Adami. Nor'' Ik?'liawtt, H .con ft Co ling Adrlplil .lol.naton -t Pierre viart?J Hi?aot> A Ce. Brig Matirrio (Han -n*r !nr?.4i* -Dovajr ft Co. Brig I* J Nr*'ne, illr N'r<tt|ta??Mr* t i.m ft i'o Brig ?lma (Bri, I'llf..* -l> h )?<>Mrnl( PM* Northern Light vUr>. K*d?io, Hallfat?R .1 a C A Do wolf. Btl* IJnd*. R?rhen. Bin m md - ?rhl?.in*rr A Andr?Hen. Brig aaoti Clara. KUJngwo?d. Nor oik llr.-it, -Inn ft C*. Brig ea P. im. 'inga-. Ne'?' h?1* r1 ?I K it iw Itrtg Warednle, Sliarkrord Nr? ll.v-n?K A B-?ll Hcitr Weaterri hlar, Crowell *p.larhi ..ta-i'>?k>f A K>*4 '"!Ur hr A K Olover, RnMnnor, Fannn.h?allace, ^Lr, ? j*4 ft ' O. J Aiim-rk. leree. I'harlr<ton?1 H l'|?-?"n ft Co Hchr A ' peRowfll, imlih, Wllming'on, NO?l <nu th AO*. Hear.' M Taylor, Rti? .e'?oer?i -J M H'arkwr I A ?!<> holir Monler"n>a Penof. Noffott? itu-gra. Cli-arman ft Ca Se?-r J P K?nd"lph. Mil e*. (}?..rgr? ? - n -M r ".anyuu ft C? Holir K s|?de -<?rle?. Halilinore VV MrKre Behr A'lre (>a*1a, H*ltlmore Mrrr.ll A Mihott Behr H (i Wlie d>"i, Nr?l, rhlliutelptiia?.J Hand hrhr B.l Mrrrer R> bin-">n, I'hliadr p I Hand. Hchr Wnlrott, f'aikrr, K"?mn ?: l>*ttna ft C* Hrhr M Waring, \a?h, noeton??* 4 Hr..?o ft Co. Hchr A Ihnigian* Mmnd.m Krtitol - L K-nny Hehr Adriatic. l!owu(\ Nr? l^ndon?P .1 ? amt-b.Sl. aRKIVHi Hpanlah war ?'e*n?hlp v*la-<o, Crtninander C%m?u?B, Ha rana, feb 1? 11m riprrK no <1 a.r.nig vy g.lea during the en tire pa^aage. Hieamenlp Kr.r tak (Bri. I?Meieart?r. Harana. Pe? It, N*eeau. Ml', iMh, with iniae anil paxarngrra, u> K Cnnaed. 22d I Bet. K AM, lat .T7 1ft, Ion 74 .10, t>'Uui"d atearaahlp D#4?K benre tot llan.i.h and N? a Orieana. Htaamahip Klorda. ?'mwau 4araanah, with miae *a4 ?enger-. to 4ainoel I. Mitrhlll ft "on wd Imt, I AM o* <'y* Itaiterar, | a>a^l ateainiihlp starm the muui, heooe for ??? Tannah. Hhip (lermanU. Townnend, Ilaree, Jan 17, with mdoi *a4 1J7 pa^enger*. to Vtm WhJUock Jr . _ Hhip Isigan, Varali, lla?re lan IB, with md*e and 7SjP*f* ?engrn, to Wm ?hltl.*k. .Ir .Ian 24, la' 40 ffl, ,on ppt ie^hlp tteiorj, Ain?wo'th, from L.lverpo.-<i fqf New Tor*. Bark Inrflaa guren (of Bathi, Oilea, Marin, II dajrf wtt? cotton Ac, to Hmalloond, Ra le ft Co; reaeet to 0 C OMCW ft Co. Bohr J T Cake, Bndloott, Vlrftala. 14