Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1861 Page 2
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NEWS. Fvrt mf Maw Ytrk, fikrurj MS, KM. clkarko. Fteainahtl) Quaker City. Shufeldt. Havana?Haagou* 4 Go. Hark Nerride (I'rua), rreymutti, Condon?A Wendt * t-O. Bark M Mlulaff iPrujj, fturuh, tfnseastuwu for orders? fundi A Meincke llaifc Ki*nukn, McKie, Btu Janeiro?O 8 Colt. Brig Ca?|.er Wild (>ur), Torjaaen, Cork or Falmouth for or derv-'Funcb A Mniucke. Brig A hi -ke (Br), Kennard, Queens town for order*?J 8 IFUtuev A Oj Bng flidslgo, Whittemore, Rem-dtos?Simpson A Mar hew. Brig * Ui o ibe Wisp (Hr>, Hunt, to Kitta?MoCail A Krith 6ohr Orris (Br/, Anderson, lit Thomas mad a uurkM-d k J XiMML 4 Co. bohr A iixker, Miller, Antigua?T B Ohaae A 0* Bchr A Cents. Mush, H.iv.iua?J A T A K *Teh?ter. Bebr KJiui>rUiA.lau?(Br), Anderson, tvmedtua?Jed Frro. Bchr Chariot, .sirout, Jacksonville?Brett, Son A Uu, Bohr Wide World, Haifurd, Charleston? J Smith A On. bchr Ami A riuaau, Pearson, Charleston?Oolluer, Potter A Co. ARRITKD Steamship Ariel, Wlisom, AaptnwalL Keb 16, with passengers aad treasure, to L) H a lieu. flteantauip Monticeilu racer, Savannah, frith mOse and passengers. to U b Cromwell A Co MeaiiiKtup Potomac, wmmkj, Kaitimore, with mdse and apasenger?. to H B Cromwell A Co. (ship i? Curling (Of I Uomssioit), Cllchnst, Callao, Xov2S, via Hampton Uoatls 2 days, with guano, to Barrill A Mutr; ?f^l to mazier. Jaa II, lac 29to H, ion ?07, was in ernpaoy with Br ship l.?dy Milton, from Callao for ' '.orIt IVih, lat 13 IS d. Ion ;??- signa.laed Dntch bark Ncderlander, bound S. The 8 0 luid l>ghi wind* most of the parage nark Cotherstoiie (Br, of Sunderland), Topllff, Muriel Ilea, .Kn 11, passed tilbrallar 20th. Madeira 2ftth, with mdae, to Brelth&upt A Wilson. anh inst, lat Jo 60, ion 7140, had a gale from sW, a heavy era struck ua. broke skylight and Sited the cabin; 2Ut, in a bard gale from X*. while hove to, a tea stove galley, boat, Ac; 24th, Nevimnk bearing NW Is miles, took pilot from boat Mary Taylor, Bo !> Bark Hcuduruk, Marshall, Belize, Hon, Feb 11, with maho gany Ac, to F Alexandre Had -Iront t*W winds the onltre passage I'tb last, iat 24, Ion 80 31, atgualixnd a three ma-ted fcchr snowing a * hite signal with t?u redbaiU; Isitti, off tiuu Hey, wax in conn ny with ahlp Kuooh Train, frr-ui New Or leans bark Trias, 1 rum do; and Br bark Pilde ot me Thames, all bound N. Bark George IjTtlie (of Rou'h Thoma.ton), Bnidbury, H? tanxak, 10 <la)i, with sugar Ac, UK# Truudy. 24tb nut, at night, during the heavy gai*-. .oat both anchorn off the ilook, anu rode out In i part of yule with tb* kedge an U?r uiid ?ur board chain iuo anchot attached), and during the time drag^t-d about 4 miW? off shore Bark feicr Drmlil, lioer, Savannah, 8 days, with cotton Ac, to DemHl A Co. Brig Nord t^ernan (Swe), Nasten, N< ?chsUc, 72 days, with coal, to I'.r ok yn tiiM Co- ven??l to C linch A Meincke 14th Inst, lat 33, Ion *i7. ipoka khlp WMtmoreland, of and for Uon don trom J atn&ica. Brig Joscphiiw-(Br, of galom'tr, Bog), Btabb, (Vpbal'inla, Mov 2K, (libra.till Jan 10, witU currantM, to f Ku . n A >.'o. vns Ml to Ceo K Bulley .lau 10, In the StrxiU, *|>oke brig Ad'jii ral Kankliaw. from Calermo tor New Vurk. B ig Martha 'Vaahitigton, Anderson, Kllzabutliport, with coal, tor Honton. hchr Mown U Branthall (S mams, of .1 erwy City), Duvey, MiuutitUn. ,l?n21,and the bar Fw I, with ?n.tbo^.tny, t > I' Vletor A Dnckwltx. nmU'd In company wiih bark? iame? An deraon, for Lionaon; Nazarcue, and Illinois, both lor New 1'ork. Hchr J B M > crs, Cobb, Matagorda Bay, via Key West 7 day?, Wltb cotton Ac. to Norcron- A fnnre. Hchr Ma?7 C Terbell, Thomas, New Orleans, 20 days, with BOgar Aft, to Crocker, wood A Co. Sciir Lianlt'l Townaeud, lownuend, Mobile, 12 dayi, with eotum Ac, to master. Hchr Itobt rt Pulmcr, Welton, Apalaehicola, 10 days, with OOtton Ac, toOuklcy A Keating Hchr L A EU varus, Lyno, Charleston, 4 days, with cotton Ac. t>< Merrill A Abiwtt Bcbr 11 W UiKi'rej. Weeks, Wilmington, NO, 7 days, with cotton Ac. to Ja* t ronkrigbt A ^'>n hchr P Hoi'0, Adams, Wilmington, NC, 6 days. gcbr Emma, Huilth, Newbern, 4 day-. fk-l.r Mary tt cud, t ary, h'denton, 4 days hchr E Cornelius, Simmons, Cape llalteras, 2 days. Bchr Sidney O Jones, Itedeli, Norfolk, 3 days Bchr Ceo M Lewi*, HaU, Tangier for >tiii,u>n. Hchr .lohn U li<<im>,<>. Decker, Virginia, 3 days. Hchr M A Ijnveli, Kimball, Elixabethport fur Norwich. Bchr Tcxjvs, Cbumpitn, Elitabethport for Norwich. Hchr .1 Woolley, KUnn, Ellzabethportt for Hranchport. Bchr Hprigbtllug Hea, Mynck, Kontou for Noiloik Bchr A Hammond, I nine, Boxton lor Norl'olk. Bchr Edwin Kited, Ooudspeed. B'wton lor I'lilladelplila. Bchr Elizabeth Ann, Mclnuu-h, i'rovinoetown, 3 days. Bchr Joseph Ke-d, ,stets.>n, Chatham. Bchr Ttllle E. Hmltb. Oight.?, 6 days Bchr A Field, Phillips, Dlgbton for Norfolk. Bchr C K Vlckrry, 'nbbitt. Taunton for Norfolk. Bchr B K Metcall, Burton, I'rovidenoe, 2days. Bchr T P Abel, Strong, New ilaven, 2 day.. Bohr Harab Jane, ton, New "aren, I days. Bchr ? HuckiiiKa, New Ilaven, 2 uuys. Bchr .lei'tiy Llnd, Karixir, Htonington, 2 days. Bchr D.i't, I on ii-ou. itamford, 2 days hchr i'bot, W Thome, l>uvi?, , i days. Bloop Hymn, Allen, Elizabt-thport for Nor walk. Woop T Car itlty, Kaurot, Ellzaoeihport for Cold .Spring. BtlAlW. Five brigs, unknown. SAILED. Reamshipa MisMH*l*<pi Kio Janeiro; Quaker City, Havana; ?hip New World, Liverpool. Wind at sunset HW. Miar^llonroui. RTVAM?mr Howe*, *blob sailt'd from Philadel phia al-i n *l lor Ituauiu, br ke bet crank p:u at i> I' M ?a,-ih day off t'raaa Leiige. where -be lay at aucbor till Friday AH, WUeu hbe ?m Uiwtxl back to I'. Hair I'iiTTKiuioR?Ha Um'irf, Feb SI?ship I'a'tersoa, Hilt' lienor for I Jverptail, roturued to port tin- I'M, havtug eprung aleak ? thy leilt-rn Kl.wood Walter, E?i, fcccrelary ut tun Board of U utiern riten.; bull- Hoiota. Miuoi, I mm New Orleans for Liverpool, wm ?poki u (by bmk J U Urookruan, at xjverp ml frutn nam ruoiei t'r i A. lal 01 N, loo 10 ?, with 1o*k ot all her Dp it vita Anotheratoouut iroin name ship ?ay.? aba b id lost m>m and mlzpb ma> r, having experienced nroni westerly gale* auil *<iuaila (Tbe Hr f-u.imah'p America. at Boston roport* tint the holt ta wan towed lot ? t^uecustowu lUUi lust, with main and mizeo mast. beads goue, Bark IIictok (of Boa'oe), a'. I'.lo Grande from Bordeaux, rati ashore on tht bar white going tu, Do dale Ac , but came off latdly dan.iRed. A survey ?? heid on her -rriral at Kto Orande, and '.na was m.i drmiml and mild, ('apt I1 in?r->ou arrived home a few day* muc-. The Hector wan Jt>7 ton*, built at W arren, lii. lu 1 *42, aud van torinerty a Waaler, bbe van owned by J. U. ? rtnoe A Co, of thla city Bakk I'm ut Hah?It wlU be remembered that sometime It^n it was telegraphed through <Ut the country tbo bark Uncle Mam, from ihl* p.irt for Ho de Ml ? w lost off Abaco, one of the Mabmn* l-land?. Tbe telegrapn even went so far, if we mlKtakn not, ait to aunounre ? ti ? rearue of * in- of the oflioerx and rrew r trance a- It nty appear, w - feel justified la annttnclog t~> oar readers the. the mcle .iam la a*fc, and arrlv-d at Bordeaux ou the 2tfth ult A letter I rom that port lo Mnkii MotWt, liucb't A t o, o. thla tslU, a bo shipped tir oarg S dan d Jan Sil, -aye- "Ihe b?rk tin ?- <? i?in, t. apt ole, la In tan river, coming up.'' the U>erj>o.l Uru"<, aowever, of lid ntai, announce* her airival at Wordeaux.?Charleston Courier. Unit, Ah.n Fuharktii, Seeley, from Demmram De<"2t in halla-l lor New 1 ol k, dm in? a gal- from Nff went a-hore Jan 1 On Swan ItUnd and became a total wreck; crew -aved. (Tbe A L waa built at Norfolk in WW, 2>> u>n?, la'.ed Ali, and owned by Metcall JL hiuucan, of thla city ) ItKin S U HAta. ??In hetuer, of and lor Baltimore, tailed frvn Nat a-M, lad-n with nuano, rebruai> 7, -nd o i lue ? ooad day ou: eiperiem-eti had weather, winoii rauwd her (> leak, and the pomp? hecomln* cbok-d all band- were eiu l^oyed tbiowiiiK ?fi rb a. u until -be waa fa.leu In wuh by nark hu>| hen. on tbe lutb, -to u Ilea >K by H front it Jarfo ?fa Cuba (which port the captain Wan mattiiK fori, and all hand* lal t n on boaid m.d -aiely landed at Havana Wit iaak. ho luauranre <>n vea*et Brita Kn.r? IIaker, (rom Wllmintfoo, NO, lor New York, ?i gi aabore Mlh tn-t on Cold tpriuK ?*??" tier ct go (Oottou and naval -tor-ai n?been landed lii good condition. Ve-ael Ught, and w lU be got off Bchk Bklkiia, from N( r'eana for Mobile, aprung a leak dur ln? a he?vy gale on the Uib, and In trying to get into Uiloat, sunk In the raaa Toe cauutln ami crew were aavnd inn cargo id the Helena c niala'ed of HU baleao' h ty, XtOaaokaof corn, 2AU do oata and lSUbD.aof U iur, allot wltub l? aup poaed to be lout or damaged. The car/ ? waa Insured In Nor lcana The Teasel sunk lu shall jw water. Bcitft t*KN hwoi?frovlnc^Mown, KebM?rhe d-ck load of Kbr (ien H n?i wa> kl! laken out t-alerday I h- rw 1 ia+k? Nwiiy. ?upp. M-il tbrough tb>- garboard saaiua, but she baa not jet bilged- Wiudftrt, fie^h Hchh Hamlkt?The mateiials of sohr liamlct, lost at Abaco, have been -aved., Feb 2?The Ellubeth Hamllt >n, Harding, from liew Vork lor tbt-, port, ha- lost au alienor In Kluabinx itoad.% but baa rvplaced tt. Uvkitaasr, Keb 1?The Bo>.tonlaa, fr >m New fork fjr Loa don, which -unk on Uauoi- Konk on tbe 2<1 ult, na< broaeu up, and bar tent of Sour have been picked up all around the Island. OlamiOw, Feb 9? Bark Corra Una ba* arrived h-re, with her carito ail more or lewt daniajptd It Is benij lauded, and look- ?tf ? iarg? p .rtlon wouni have to .? auld w- itaiua/'t i Tbe Horneo ha- daiuagno wine Hour. some of net car^o wa? thrown met tv?r<i - tt>y letter to bliwood Walter, fc-n, riaura tary o( Uii omud oi I ndi i writer?. t OUSMOa. K-b7?Khe Tara, WlUott, fnra Mew Ori-a?, arrived hen Sd. broSv nnni her mtxiriUKi at tlroonn'iaw m a gale >e?ta rdtty, drifted to the N aide oi the river, and e?mn In oouiactwiih met >uipaeiton (a), wnloh su-tatnod tlam?gu to tbe extent ?t about jliuu. Livaarooi^ Ki b H?The Klower, for New Vork (coal*,, took tire in tue river. The hie wa< ettungumhed; It wa.t oon fined lo bet? ten de'-ka, b' lween ureaudmaia at flo.. r*u? waa altnoat g norauy -mplo>?i In carrying emigrants Im twe<? Liverpool ami the p ru uf rtorts Aioi-nca on this OOTAaton the net . lower wa? oSarverad u ca.1 y to New tog a cargo of t aunt-. t-Onl, aud -lie bad upw i d. ot' U t tou ? on I...aid At one Uiue tt ?a? <W'eJ to bi?vo bee'i the inieuilon to acuttUt <>r l>eac!i th- hun.iog hbtp, lor Wulob ,>u, p-i?- th'i aaobor waa being raided, but wi?tamw ?? <m o ii.nied Ir nn her Majesty 's -nip sut^amlc, uioured near taa rtea 11*-r, the ?WJtm-u on h am ot w iiicu were very pru upi in giving rauci valuable aaalstai.C' with Uio ship's engiue and bo^e. p.>urin< imnionae ifian Itles of -aler upon the ourntng ? up i u t arew were ai-o vary prompt In ren tnriug an tup ai<* tbe/ could, as aoon as tne l..teiitgenee i< aci- d tne shon-au-t:it tugs l'niver-e and nam un w. ?l to th i eea 11 <*er, aoj ur the united exertion* <>i all augac d tbe lira Waa got uatMT about 1) n'rionk in the loreDoon, hut not tluali) en uguifdied until thealterm?on. The damage to lae -tip U not yet aw'-rtaui ad. Ike oause of the lire m bslieved w be -poutaiinoua cum buslton hndcavora will be m?d* to grt ber into doak t? dm rbarge lb portion of her ooais not aainagud, aud to h t aur irtea for repami Tbe Amentatn ahlp Hlle'la, William*, from New Vork, at Liver^vol, leak/, waa lowwd round from Hind wall's Moada. Witxi'OM^ Keb <?Tne narab A oeli, tiotne (ol IV m mth, N.a), I rom Hoaton for lavcrpooi, waa ?,randed at ( a 4 jestarday at bannow Bay, A enord o?ast: crew Kaved; tne rargo (ingw aidt will probwbly be s?ri d; aJilp a wreck, l'a(>t lxaui- reports that on toe a6tb alt, batng aoout two tmrda of the paaawti-, the tarah a H-ll lost mixeumaat, having been In collision wuh the ameiloan salp Henry ? JtAj, ot Maw 1 or*. Laoarii ur an Ikon *TK?an*-At fbt aalalphla, iId ls?f| IrotII the yard ol Neatts A L?vy, a new aldewneet ateam-rwaa auattbed ta very handsome .tyle rihe u JJi feet long, li feat baam and U[?i deep In the hold: dlam- tarot Cruuder, M ?aebes and III teet atroke. toaa capacity Mb- waa oon tractedlor by l> L Vutee, of Onaaoola, Kla, wb? intanda her y. * aeathera tnmfed-rary rnutl aieamer, to rau hetwe-u jMltlasore aiad Hew Orleana, touoblng -t ail the intermediate porta 1* balrmra. Off and oa at Talta Jan u, ?u,p iM?4emona, 130 up. Kpokrn, 1, Ut^ M4l^n?*H* ^ Not M f9r 8mn 'rhnelsoo. .Tan Ship o'lat^e, Wood, from ?an Franclaeo Oct IR for Liver, pool, Jan 17, tat 13 3u M, loo :t* m. Tor "Tel^ forrlgn Parta. Almntap, ffab ??In port *bip< Prosldent Smldt, RaiWr r? Beaton rood; h Hulkli ) KOSa; *.llrab>ih llamnuui Hardily. haUoaal l,uanl, t.daa, lierlln. M?y, and Adni*, ' lauaa^n |? ?Vork aoaa, Lanblnv-x, t:oe, for wOrteaa., baraUtieboe nati taiiai. tiud-/, lor N > ork. do AanjvwaLx, >eb P?Arr h.r* Xantho, Cbapraan, NT ork (had ?ld LiMh on bar 'Murn ) .-id bth, brig raum,^ iterry <;iaw>tueg>.* IIth, ship Zena* t.ntbn, rvladell. Mood , art'r Jam* * n?ker, H ndarson, Baifmors vi* vir.<rtlla n. y; um krtas Adela. WhMe, King-toti Ja. Torrent, Haul, aiiiatt.iaii. jpMPWa fab ?? Moa, Chartas tJuoper, ebort, from Near At the PIU ftth. Welkin, Mlxnchard, for Havana Idg >?S?wkiuh<iw. I'eb ? -rtld Henrv, Wltsoa, Cuarle?ton, ?ahe la C Juoee Wood burn, Baltimore Boxuratl, Ken ft?lid tola Wylle. fatteraon, MOrleana. oa Avaka, L?*e ,t|?in ort, barks Volaat, Whiting, oeteai, arrMth, frlag. Kegatta, Cnoitsr, tnmtt *Tgrk, J tut arr, brig Calmuck. Johnaoa, Irora do, arr 22d aud oih r? tuibWoie. ,, Hon, Feb U?In port bark Haor-n. Jltbain, . " l-onuou Feb 23d, Id* Mid BttV*r L D Weutworth, it)der, * ( aixao. Jan 13?Air Ship Jmmw Brown, flrabtre?s < ,^lJohJ5 (and aid 2lat for Cork for orderm; Idth, ' > r - J?'Kv d, laud aid 22d for Cork for Mary 1 ? land aid 2Mb for Val-nela); l?tn, Wiufleld tOM. ."J" fand aid 26th for C-ork foro.dar.); 21M. ???*?? ^TnJl do ervon, do (for Cork lor order*); Ella ?* ??ffin- "Al Warr for do do: U II Merwlu. Mrrjlu. d ?> for *P *1?' 0 Brian, Vwper. t^dn.y, W8VF i? nd aid Wkfor UMMMW 8^w&vTKfci?iiKa?tSirSB Sff?*i '"A" SMS&'SSl fa SSE lUatng Bun, SkoMMd, Sdbooruo (and i^,/* i??(Md t!S ?Wir C^ft-or o d2n?? U?', 3uaau Howland.AdZSl<SlKohA? for namptoo Hoad. 4UI 12th, nbiii wkui swf Hand Tbayar, CniuchBa, lftUi, Pnrlolna, Baov, d^-P?k JmSXbESt* t?UpU do; *7lb .1 Bak-r, Allan, do in ?rt 5tt? ablp.K tirtely. gutter, (UikAargtM; Hmdr Gardner ] Jmebunv r, do; Oup'lH Mjl> Douglas, d?,, E Klmbail Sherman, do; Bunkor U 111, Lunt, getting ready for ae^huiu. lio? land, item*, dtaf: fridoot, Flaber. do. AtChimha Inland* Jan 27. abi^s Vorick, rtoule, for Cork for order*. at ?2: audubon, Phittney. do: Harry Hammond, McCiintock, do; Juventa, Voung. do; rtl Helena, bpringer do; Criterion, liardiug, do: Alice Counel, Blnger, do; Sam irtt ni, Hmall, do. Abuer ? tetaon. Hteumn, do. Dione, Pales, do; kali- Sweeiland Thayer, do; .1 Baker, *Uen. do; Joaepa Hale, Sun ens do; 0 W White, Pendleton, d_v. Mary P. Camp bell, Mow, do; mary O'Brien, Veaper, do; Rising Sua, Bko field, dn; It I Hollo Cr?r>, for HainpVin Itoada for ordert, aii.lf>. M on anon. Baker. d?; HlpjogriBe, Addy, do; Onnport. Merrill do; Elvira, Andrew*, do; nebiaiun CaMl, Watt* do. Neptune's Favorite, Kmioeeton do; MarvOgdeu, do! Fei Vlea, Suow, do; AUlnuta, Merrill, do; Jacob Badger. ^'awo^'as, Feb IS?A it brig Wabash. Baglev. *hrr White Be*, Ll'tlBlleld. do. eld l^b. i-rlga (.ovHiUl. Arthur, and barou do Caaliuo, bauBilera, Fortlaud; aobr M ituiuey, CiKMrvKGoa, Feb lr>?Hid brig A J Ko??, Small, Dkal, Kob Ir?Arr Uobiu Hood, Croweil, London C*od pro ceeded for Melbnnrun). . vv?Hr SldfcHi WaxL.nguiu, VS enko, and Helvetia, IltgjtuH, N\ork. Duiii-iN. Feb; -Arr Uiana, ilawitiuc. fjVork Falmocth. IV0 7?Arr Nuwn tt..y, Uoiiham. N\ork. . Oi.a-m.ov., F.'bC?An Uwmla, Mbbjob, N*?rk. w?.v.r Md f loin I hi- Clyn' tvh, aIiiii-ii-s liartlelt, Adda, Baiker. and Oueeo of the r'leet, Hlium, NVork tiio.. NOI ? Kob 8? Sid Ji bn Kylo, Luther. Martha * Vine yard, V i'hf, Jatie L>a?i' Lembort. aud (i uurkee, Durkoe, g"!, .1.1-12d?Arr OaUego, WaKhb-.irn, Bi-Una for Fal mouth or yuctusiown. , ? I r?o Auu r?c?i?A v 'b^el iu port K?b-1. Wind !?., Htnjng. ] Cham Tirni-, TI, Feb U?In port aokr Angar, PUilllps, con '''"'ii i.i'"l''b :>^-Arr Kawn, Mokoti. New Orion. n?; 11 la* at hi, Ifftli iitiii jiuuie liOilgman. liyI?T. Mobile; btu, KoauoLe, Luwi'U do ,liui< utlir;", fltmau, Klchmond. Khine, ritarkey, I h^dThr;fe^'Ri.e^Wup,. fit rhoows mid Ohariea ! Ion; 7th. Napolcou, Thompson, f(Orl?5AUh, Kui^rprU?, Mo I ^^id" 7*i h, charter Oak, Franklin, Mobile; Tumerlane, Holmes, j *" iHx. o: t. Feb ft-Arr 1m icUa C Jones, Woodourn, Brouw 1 C'ia'poft*li,h, Juliet Irundy, 8;.aiding, for England. 1 Uav>n? Feb 17 -Arr ateamablp Oe'? Mtraiuoii. Creigh'oB, ] NOrl'uut; brig* Hope, tilmpxon, do Toccoa, Mtuduarg, I ^ Lid tfitb, bark* Cornelia, Barton, KaUntaa and NVork; H Je\, Utible, halmoum. F?tnllader. -?iWeper. ,-iafc'iia aud .N kork , briaMwiKini, Mfkcin, 6j?icuh. . . t In alup .It'ho Kn u Noye*. Tor I alraout l 1"* fifta r ton; brlgaU W Hari.r, lor xrfua 10 lo id for Atork at $i". |? r hhd augar, Jacob, Thoiupaou, lor do to load ut *Vui.i?a b 14?Arr brlp Florida, We -k* Potic*, aclirloin bf.Ti-r*, luvl^in, NVork ('Id IMh, srhiv A W tie Ia 11*11 Kauikntr; Manuel , a:io Lilly ll.Ua, Coalttoet, New Voik lotb. T Wu^lt'V. MuOotiiiCii. UiiiUruom .. LivViiiooL, fi't) 7?Arr Kaie ? "nee, tWrrlsh: Martin Luthi-r, Mchola, and >|?rk the Ocaan. k.amo>j^'',,r"' ; IniiiH'itor, .M'>f:ir, do, ri K ' itlgi'' ?, l.urd.i-?-., Mobilw towed Iroio tioroiiHtown); lardln I'endleum, fiarannah, Mlnnotoia Fllnu. Cii.irie?lon. aoo'ii Laur.e, Morria, ?b>, I tllbralt vr Wbum, M on. ???-everal of ll"' "''"*n h'..('r''Hf' I Uij-iwl oih a 7th ; J liradtha v, uobinaou. Hi Jobu, fH.Stn, I Aautoeninon, llerjn, NiJr'.iauM, .1 ti Bru 4raau, n.ktli, 1 U?ltiiiniT>; Helen, t'ook, do; oile.'.ia, Willi ami-, fiVork mot P1fcld'7af,' Henry Harbeck. True, Calcutta: R'^'iar i Greeuounh, "an Krancuje"; Ellen Maria, tabby. Mo dV, Ih? Ouein HaLcr, ai.d anmiray, llaxti r. rtavaun .; Ac-nu i). lHiane, i nyal;Wb Foriu^-a Le varn, lvo?i >n, I riuc ? Hoyal, CniTv, NOrb anai OorlMhiaii, <*t?-r, do; Albert OaLatin Slorer, Mobile; Bridgi w*ler. Baratow. do. uu*?rd, Fmcku^ ; M HrliM,:,. Cotter, -md Cul.?ien,lUr>ey, havan nah; lnduatrie, Ullokcn, kalU'norn; Ltv.d Hoadley, Moik Lfverjiool Packet, <;-, Bo?u.n, ocoan Pt-arl, Cook, do , yth, Clara Morse, Merrill, Mobile A'gj, Ba la d, and llorteusia, Ataiua, bavannah; wm Cuiurnlnga, cojie, 1 lnJht*rtvf?r outward hound ?th, Ho^oaon, for NOrhaua; B fa Kimball, Hoamer. i??r ?u; W V M?^?s fOQe9, for do; Ocean >' ud, Ja-k, do :U v ??;o, for M ?pUo.^t lieii nn, i;oiu r, for Suvaiumb; Svatt -wo*-, 'ayiof, ror XjoriL. (?antaClaaa. 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Whitney, Lc-telai.d H..U n, aelira Home, Mrl^ila- BoBton; Angella Hard,, hB?d;; liuimeaa, Utaoer. >?* burygort L.uoy Chun b. W be den, M >rk. Ilanry >ln?h, ?/<r??y, W ?oik: W n> nemeot, Parker, Mo I; Hulae ?York; Israel H l?ay, Cbaae, frovldenre. He uiued ahlp PAtfraon niu, b.nci lor IJverpool, baving *|.rung a leak Old ahipa daoau Imv KoOaer., Live.poul; < <Hremi, "tch.>i->a04Uer, hiemotTibark Ht*n (Not*) Bru m. gueenatown; brig Cnlon Hlaie, Fbiwoll, -avannali. Hid a?lnr Oeorga V* Oric, liar "BtlLPAH^r'K*b LH? -iW arhra (??.rgia, Oilchriat, itarannab; Bt.i rWtwiiod. I'-ilt^rmin. Norfolk. Mai ftiL. Feb _V- Air t: rl W?t??l, Hallo-ik, N York fnr Pn.rldei"*. HU acbr II H Matcalf, Burtou, BaitUnoro; iSTh fiwTt-low, bar* lopekB. ('buicn, Havana i-rt AKLPrlTON l-eb *?- ne -cur waien arr ruoaday and n DOrted as ilie U C U?b-s ahoul.1 have b... ? ;he Cna. Sfelair^?s.-c U.II achr J Makbelit, Ma?. fctlrleBBa. , . . , ? I 'cb'" . V emytbe a e-teiLmd. Hmith; B h Hawklna. WyaH, B??d W? 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W.INTKD, 4 family of rutin mb?bkbb drubu to mas a?mall llo'is wt'H modern imvi-ni.-nov,; prufer it 10 eat. d l? iween ourl?wn>li inid Thlrtnth atreeta and Fourth and Mxth avt utM Addreaa ti. b . box 1,1*6 I'o.l oiUoe, tlal lug loenLity a. (1 mot ALADV OV TUB FIRST RBbPKCTABlLITT TI3HKS to obtain i H'.ium, parti illy furniahed or unfurnished. in an * 11 location In New Yoi k or Brooklyn, where toe par ties would bouid out a portion or the wunle ?>[ tbo rent. I'letuM' call or addrewi M. 1) W? 156 Handa atrial, Brooklyn. HOIIfcK WANTED.?fcllllklt A VERY L\KOK UttUHK or two amnll one*, for a hoarding achool, located from Twinty h rond to Twenty iMklb airivli, lieiwuon SU'.U kIf.'blli avunUM. addreka U6 nixtb avenue. HOliK ttitNTKIi?a TWO OR 1 >1 ftEK Sf.jRY H< u?e, In a good location, beiweon Tenth and Thirtieth M.oetaand iuiiditnd .> mm aienuot; muat have modern lin proremriiU aiid roMveafciiOee. \ddre?a fo' turoa d ./s 11. 1.. II., Herald otltce Ken; from ?WU to ttudi LAM>L??lvlit, ATTRM'lOtf ? WA.NTKU, A SMALL modern lloitee. fiom lat of May, tor a n>ry amali and < utfui laailly, betweon Tlilrd und oev?ath av.mana, below 1 fotiirlli atm.i; itm from &?:? 01? S> t>>, quarterly la advaa 'O; If an object. a Iwiso dutned. Address Odin able liua t, lieiald ..Mice i tioHNtltS OK TfcNbJIfcNl f'BOFF.Kr.,?#A?f*D, ? to b aac Home tent-mem j-roperiy, fur a term ot year*. Apply to >. l(Oii and S. 1> \\ U.SoN, 2U0 Variufc atrial. it *mti>-iii ih Daouaiitn, n< ruo Idl TT of Mf>) belt, a Mrutl) i.olta^^ tlonae, la good ordes auc o< gtuerl O.XI, rv:jt not >o miimi) una out orer 'ea into J lea aalfc trou. rnltoii terry Addreaa, wit* full paruawlara, D. 4., b?i iw Her?ld oilice. HJ AM kl>?PaMT OF A HOUSE. 8a* THREE BOOMS, by a jnuiiji married couple WlUmW ehtllfrett. Location ?? toi Jw* mlu ?y and net .iDove FunrteMUi atree; Meat not to eictfd $1 t?r montn. lie-it of mtrwiceaiitwwM rf*p?-ctaouity und cbarartrr. Addacaa Frank, box L '', t'oal Otli>?. ja ttV A c H V nil: IAN (F.-.LLUW OF Tlia Tf > \ ork AchJ my I Medi'.'lao a K. epilon tcoom. In at! r t,!'?h na-'-raent b'ju ?, lor an uUlc?\ aad -cav d oe'.^fcu ktuli I'C'.h ana'I btrly toi it'? Ktreet*, Finn ana Ui^hin kv. nii"?. Adar. K y,. !>., j. i two d iy?, UQFrABklltt alTMt, in ibe d .14' niufl, vtaUii,; Biraet and >0. \\J Alt l?.l??A KMAU, ?K.tij6E, hfTl AtF.D I"< A ft? IT ?p- table otlMtBi, Momawhrre Mvn'O ?aver|py alaoe and i'l. tt?-:u atrout; ref uot to exceed 9U>J. AdJreaa IS. O.. Il-:rild JII e ?* V>TKD? I!>t BHOOKLYN, BY A SIJilu.R ORttllM Tf niu'i, in UDforuinlH 1 ti<> nn, witboiu ti'.ard, nlthtn ten roi i.uia' ilk o. Ft n B.uird w. m.?*U in a oy? ill lauilly. Adorena T. 8. K., box l,nvt t'oat oiboe WAli kl>? IS A PHJ ' aiB IIOL'aK, WITHOUT Lioardeia, two I ornutaed, auttabiR for a m l> to do ber own hotm ke<>mg. Audrrt.4 m ,1 , box IK iiriald ?Un, aUiUiifj k'uua, aUv.i uiuai be moderate. \4'AMEL?IB BROOKLTM, A :"0 hTOHY aT?IO Tt and ?a^EtbCDl Uoum', or a uniiUl throe atory H .uae. in w.v uin r, luanxul ut'itfbburuoiMl, c>'Uteiuent to siutb or a aU ktri-et lurry , rent not to tm rd $ ion. ^ddruaa t>. H., MA t-ivtioh me. 1. \\'&I>l'kx.-A.S loon a8 FoHalULR. BY A UAOl IT wit nou> children. In Ne? Yoik or i>. ooklyn, a pteaaaal, fenteei ii^umi, lu a Kvoa klfa lou, partia.l.) I U.'^lcu u .uid rent taken in 1.oard Addr..** 1 ur tille* Java, alaiiUji ait par bculan^ air a a war da, box iuu Ueiaid ouica. ^a, ANT1 L?1 ttb tfl'flfc 04 !.?> 'kit I' Of A fl House, t 1 a gem eel family where mere will be oulj ivo fauiUKi tu tin- I'OU . 4 ?o| t nA' to per annum, itduitii- of ?| I?iy 10 J. U. Itlljii int.'FlfUi uveuuo, oafUcr i?eut> thud ?irvel. |a A.Nitl)?a b 4AL1# rAMlLT, A I'l KUxlIKO Vl floor or part oftt tuiHiaued llouM' wltnail u>.- ino.tira inip'oteiii n " .iuu ri'iulieu.. u.a lui houaokecpuig. Adurt'ai A t, lie aiu oile. Ik ' AN 1 Jkl>?b\ A OKMLhX.ll Af.1) 111: WlfK (VO TT clilitlien^, im.u< iliciel.. tail of a House coti.iairg of f< in nwaa, au.uibie I r i.ou i?k.ihhfi, and 111 the 11 w?r f art ot tula uty ot iu jn^xiyn, nca. tu 1. . 1 tea, alui gai and wa ter. ctitxcepii uatiri reitukwi gitrea ...di nio.,t do mo Ui-iHte A i'iitua, nliuiiig tertua, a. a m?ui liai r, tt., bux 1 iap, I'-. 1 ohme, c \ i? a>tau u> uut-m iur. ,Miur>?>i-, of aj^il, thne or I oar aiomi is ? private boil e, lor a hnt.ill ia n.>* . i?nt not oret gIM per j ?r Addroae 4. li licralti Oli.n' ? I'aAikti CO lllrl*. in I'nt ti.i.r. fiTii AamU? a TT uoall, genie 1 daeUuin tioUae AdilriM a. a. a , Herald ollloe. Ur AftTKU 10 IiRA.iB-.ilMl'. latlEMKNl rgurggn for a tnrni 01 yraia by a reaponaio.e p?tty Apply to, or addreaa, a. u Mitoeberger, au illiniae atretA. VL' Al?'l h.l? lo lla.NT? A t ^KH (4 aOt tiK, WITH TT all ibe inndirn improvrineo.K eiij.nly Wiealed, In * good Oei;o.KOi no<d, not more tliaa Ma tMuUlea wait Ijooi Aat-.r plt.i*; tLe l??!-ee urea to beoime a |x 1 naneut iMa.iui, and Koibing to |?iy trom fwv ui ?r ^ Aooi, aa a rt. 18 to p? r loatltuie. HVfUA AL8lt?B lluTKL-Fai. Alt. FA'ILY IIvjTKL A?0 KoardliiK H.iuee - Fl-aaant and ..eil I uraiatied lUNima tn aulu or miokK *>?t >bf< for .uairi-rt or hihkI? j(i-nUam?a, uae of balUa, aa^, A. ; taifea and ears paaa Uw d x?r rnrm* moderate Uuuaoo avrert, tu rner 01 .^nariea 1, froprtMnt. 1Min\i.l-i.hh.f ~1>K|?K IHHblf Tu 1 lu naifll aonian MouMt, BitiaOw ay, n runr of U .ua'on atrnel; O01. durt>41 n Ibe K111 opoaii |.iao, p iat tare, g<ioi nam*, urompl atte'.danoe and moderate eharxnn, t.oonaiiU reuia, fon-uu ?'?l ?l p<- day Meala ae oideiea M 8 MKAU, CroprtetOT. \JL*"B>iT.-HK8IKK Bt?U?B ?BLF 'aBlI.T FUBNlh tBD TT itvouin, on the Ural ttoor, amiable for la.-ntinw at lae Wcattheeu-r llouae, corner o< Boavery a ni it- ? ere?t J. 11. auKttCnu k COb DIMal AH OB. AriKR umntitnl <>* r I.KMIU, Lti iLJoH aJO AmorVan Milliard fahlea, wtlb PilhUA.N'n il.aai ion J.inHit(Mm, new 00 hand, ano at pricea la aoit the 'line* FUk* u?u.M>iir.?,w, ?ud twtiroabyet., B 1 ?nraANTB rATUtrr onABri'in riluiard tarlrk TT the Rioeiaior Rprlng Cwi i? patented auioj" i? MM. Lirelr,? nitm and dinaM* beyond any arid at> othen mi In uM. 0?ee and ractery, 71 Uotd wm. Be# Terk. A FUASOAL. UOOKT BELMONT * CO.. B?a>KBBB, Wall mimi, New York,

tMU-n, artluble >?"1 liwue letters of credit to ti?v?U- re, avaluble la ?B parte mt Kuroee, through the Meters Itoihachild <t! Perm, Loadoa, JrankWt. Vienna, Naples, end 'heir o jrreepuodsnU FUK SALE ?92&.UU) hA CKU88K iMU MIL A Alt KKB l.?llroad third mortgage seven per cent Bunds, on (Wt em 1'iviBiou. Apply to aLB&MT H. NICOLaY 4 CO., 62 William fin el JBW IOBK. CKhTKtX KAiiiKOAtf OOHfANT, treasurer's office, Albany, I ebruarv 14. last Messrs. Dvmcam , wuiuuji * Co., Transfer Agents, New lork UkMTLSMBM?The following regulations la roterenee I* the treusfer of ritock and the l-isulug of Btoek Oertlttcatas lawthla Company, will tase effect uu tne reopening of the Iranafor Books, on r ride;, the Hi day ol February lorn. K1 rlrbt The full name end plane of residence of every person to whom ntwk Is transferred uiuat Lie etuted In the uistru meet of transfer, and In the 4fc?k lenidcate oorreapondlng therewith. In case of 'ran-1era to dtma the same of the tlnm and tbR place where Its business Is conducted must ?>? suited. second in ereiy appUaniou to transfer 4W*ok, by vlrtae of a power of attorney, the power must be tUlud up, dated and signed, no an to he a complete Instrument before a transfer la peru.Ued under It No traoater la lab* allowed under aa open or a defective power Third. If u certificate is presented In which there has been an alteration, interlineation or eta.ure, the application la transfer the Block reprreei.ied by suca certificate mu?i be da clliu'd and the applicant referred to this oillce. Kespentfully yours, OlliAKKT 1a i^ILKON, Treasurer. Nt.'jlCfc? AT a KKtsnKO or THB D1RKOTOB8 OF the -liver H 11 Mlubg 'Jmnusuy. held at their otlloe 'Jtls day, It was uuanlmoosly resolved to levv an **aeasmentor 30 ceiV" per ?l.m> un 'be oaptUl sUi k nf said xunpany, pay able in icstalmen s at follows, vn:?li cents on or Delore the Oth day of Mar ?>; 6 oenu on oi <efor? th" Mh day of A.|?ll; 6 cents on or tht 5th day <>l *ay, ind 6 cent* on or bt; fctre ih? r>th ? ay of July next, and that all shttres u|?on which th? ssfMsnnent shall not be ptlfl witLIn the time or tlsu^s d? alunhled fur the payment, snail be forfeited to the coiupaay. by order, SI 11 Mi * A .HMO Uti, Vice Praudoal. tin* Vobk, Feb. 20, iHOI. 4il 114 li | WANTED?FOB WHIOU A /'1R8T MOHT "v/vf g-ge on city property will be rlreu worm Are t ui-i- the amount, aud a bonus of $u0. Addres Mortgage, NUltK'U it. (SlQ^ lillH?*?> uN ???"? aN" *okt>aub JyiJ.UUu in turns o J.l.tHWand upwards. f r on-, three or live year*, ou productive real estate in this rlty or drnok lyn. Apply to Jt'HN K. OO.NttKV. In the oillce of the Peo ple * V'Ua Insurance Com|>any, No wi Wail Mr-el fttinii mill *? *-end on bono ash mohtoaob JI^UU UUu In suuii in ?u<t apj Itcauts, and l<> u >erm of yearn, at neves per cent interest, ou Improved real esute in <hi? city. Apply to 8. B. BituAD, No. 13 Wall street, second story. A1 LOAN offices. T 111 <SRAx<lD HTKrB1', I'.1KKU DOOH8 WEST OF Bioadway ?Money advanced on Watches, Dinui nils, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Ooods aiiii personal property of ev?ry description, or b< iiuht aud aold by JOSKPti A. JADKaON, aii"Uoneer and broker . l'W tfitUAOWAi, KJLmi.B of /jtIrtOfc rfwiBEt. ii rot'in No A, up St' lrH, money adv^noed from SI to #^',I*<| on I>iaUiOD f Watches, Ory tioods, ?egans and aver> ili-i-cription of Merchandise. All irini.touona will ije confitl' ntlal 0AllMOABi'BM A 00 AT?6x?asAaL MTKKfcT.?A. tlOS'lUMAN, OlABOND ttiol er, makes lilieial hiIviluc.-h ou Oatmnndt, Watohea, jewelry, Ac , or buys them at lull value, at his private oillce. No. U> Nassau street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business ooull deatlal , T 11 CHAKBF.U1- MTivE?tl ?MoNKI TO L(JAl TO ^1. anynm untou Olamondt, vVatciien, Jewelry, .to, by he wen knowu ai.d oid ? ?><><blmhed InAAOd. tinker trul corn mlMlou nieicliunt, II 0haiutx;r? stieet. N. a?No buan^at iraiii-aciKi Ob Saturday. , 1 tCCtJ^AIt sTftbK'.?Ht'hKli U -MaN, DIAMOND A broker. t:?^a advanced on lilamoncs, not or un^et, a alches. Watch MovemmUi, liver ware, Juaelry, lug*?, Ac . < r b itigbt fur cj-.1i tui|? the ''net ollloe, room No. I, tip stairs, W Oedar slreot . l)vA>t kb MaL??. tiN OIAHONOB, WATt-BKB, jewelry mo Mlvi r*-ure, or tniugut fur cash at the high 'tit pruiea tiif uold ai d Bilver bought. Apply at the ild <'j>taliiu.h<.'d oiiices of L. J ACui>d, 07 William street; branch ti>7 ar,ad . aj. CL.OTHING. - TTBSrioF ? lax. I tic. *?D uBNTLBMBN, if vol? A vrntit to get the full value for your catt off Clothing, vurpHnrt-, Carpet* and m. try. the beat you wo do to la xwiuii tlu K. lAhrtlS, loCi evenUi avenue there yen mm ? & nvinoed you ?lii ti- dealt wltb to your aatlsl aciloa. t'ur s'Jk nr. ears, tromi' to *.??; for ?wn from i3Uit>j f. r patne mho vos'i- from SI upuuii Fleam don't forget, IM> tw veuth avenue oeex Twanty-tlral street. Ladle* at >.ef>.ied bv Vre Harris . tiiii!* ciit.uioe nun kvBk.?i havb Jfum A seoelvid }6,iU) t> pur-has* cast off Clothing for Ohio*. CO. HI. Is.dies *an gentlemen tf you wish to get a fair prioe oryoar Olnthea, > mu?t>, furniture ana Jewelry and to *.v< (<! being hum'oggci by filse offerers, the beat you uan do is u. MM a note to H V on, JyMin avenuo. There yoe 11.nv be convtuc. <1 you ?<li iv dealt wilt to your Kttisracuaai. U?ne? punru al v . ended t<> bv Mrs Win 11 79<Mith ave nue, between Blaiith street and waverley place. ? tftlTJ h PKli'E PaID FoR aDliiH apTD GENT'S A '?:?*' off Clothing tl ?n els.' <Rrrv, also Carpets, Fumi tun, J tw > Im, Ac. 1 gua. titee wo p.y the (allowing prices:? Vnm t" to f .Amid 'or ft k I'resgCfc.fmin Jit to $'.s fnriCoata, nil fr.ia$l fill t<> liar (MM A uoic -j post pun t.iUlv hi truest a 'o by F., 134 e.eveniu avenue. between Nineioenta nod jweniletb street* AUKI.AT DhMAN'li FMR CLOTHING.?LAD1BH AND genii, men having an; cant oil Clothing, Furniture, Car pets ai <1 Jfw.lry, will raeelve the hlghent price by calling on or adoreaaUtg A. huna.Utl Third avenue- Ladlea attended to by Mr*. Harris . GHhAl OKM.\M) FUK LOTMINO ?LADIB8 AMD a rcntU men.?Wanted a lot of east of Clothing, Furni ture C,.rp*ts st.d Jewelrv, 1 pay the best prtoe?for Milk Dren-e- <mm $1> to $26; ' <'?'? from $2 to $10: for I'an s from $1 upwsids. I'lesae . all on or address If AHBA.laMH. au Hvnnb avenue, between Twenty fifth and Twenty-sixth streets. Ladlea punctually attended to by Mra. Abranama. ? R?Rh, CiiANCfc.-LADitS AND OBNTLBMEN, I CX have received $8,?UU tj purchase cast off oihiog, Oar peta and Kur. time tor the c?Morula market I promise to pay the highest price 1 or 'hem, and not to be humbugged as t> do' e b> oth* r false offerers. all on or address \1. BUli, Vi revel th avenne, between .ievo .teenth aud Ki^ntc .ath hfte's. Ladies attended 1 y Mrv Kills. a LL rhp^? Fi'LLl'W IN ) a UUOU ADVXCB WILL A never tad.- Ladles ami gentlemen, avoid being hum bugged and riUI at nnue or address a not" by post to tl HAR Klft, tiow ery, tlic.e you may Im-sure to dispose of your cast i>U Cloih.Uf.. r'umlture, t'urjM-ts and Jewelry at a fair irU'?, ..Dd not be hi.mbugged for silk Dresses, 1 rom <7 to ) 1 ; for t'<?ta, frum SH to $1S; ftr rants, from $1 iiucf mp waids'1 s attended by Mil. Harris, U3 Bowery, oppo site Vnnrtfc snd (.real.I onus streets. a hhi rtK CIIIANCB 8TII L? lADIBS AND OSNTLB J\ n.en, 1 have a^rrat deman1' for eui oil Cloihuig, fur tilture, t arpe'a. Jewelry, Ac , for the Western mark.K. I will pa\ the loll'.winu I'l ioea:?>or silk Lires-es, I rum to $36; lor Owts. Ir'in $.1 to $ ri; lot I ant?, fr.m 10 96. flesaa cull on or address J. Anhalt, 1 ftii Sev.-ntb *veuun, between IweMieth and twenty t'.nt streets. 1'unoluaily attended. Ladles attend*d by Mrs. AUba t. Ol tVlAk JN^lpK.?WAMTkD, A LAKUB i.> 11' OF & stcwid hand Clothing tor the Australian market, for wi IchMie hi* ?? .aehpi.ewil be paid. A a >te will with prompt aaentlon Address Mr. tidgar, station B, Mighth avenue. Ju a ,1III WtlRTtl or NEW AND 1 BPT OFF CLOTH Ing waa'ed for Ihe Western market. The h.jjhc si < 1u.l1 priM ever paid ean be obtained In bankable money for iarge or small lota, by calling at the store or ad drcsaliig Wm. Walsh, 41 centre street THE LECTURE SKA SOW. INTROPICTOKY LECTLRB bEFORB 1UB iWr.LKlll KBUlMBnT, Hi I.IF.i I MilltiKi L 1 Ib'i.B Subject?Ihe Dulles of otlicert and Soldiers In A Oam DA'?.n ihe Theory of Kl?Id Kortllnauona Attack and De li I. e of r*erni?uent Works. The -lege of He >astapoL lllua tratious, with uiapa and diagram* of ihe CnsMa and Charlea ton hArl'ur. Irving flail, Irving plaoe and Fifteenth street ll tiHDAV liVliKlNO, Feb. J6, W61. Tickets GU rents, can be had at the usual place*. INHI1HARCE. SIXiikt.NTU ANNUAL Kbl'ORT or rut NBW \oRK LIFE INSLivANCK COMPAWT. Roe. 112 and 114 Broadway, New York. Amoanl of as?ets .lanuary I, 18#) 91,767,133 31 Aninutu of premiums, endowments nod pulky lees received during I.KjO $496,573 31 Amoiin1 recehid in trust for mlnv,r cbiidien 367 30 Amount of interest received and ac cru.d 104,106 33 Amount 01 rents received and accrued. 7,*08 CI MMW4S TotAl .93,376,973 ? DISBURHBRBNTS. Paid 'or los*e* b* d^ath $.1)4,007 69 Fald lor surrendered and cancelled pel ies 31,373 90 VukI or uw 7,6/1 69 I'skI or interest on dividends and an nul! 38,773 89 Paid for naltries and fees to physician* and lru?t"es 19,019 67 Fald .or piln'lng, stationery, adver tiai ?. p)?iage , oil toe e?peii?>'?, e* pre s c?rge?, A) 7,997 63 l'aid or (a.muileKl.<n?, tnedi< a; eiantl nat ii? ut agenoit*. poala?ie>s ox chatigna, Ao. ..... 68,116 39 Kedn ii' us In value of real est on, be^ lng In ilea of rent of o0ice*,lUanl u* Broadway 4.033 99 ? ? 871,116 19 Total $WW4,6M"M ah*btk Cash <n banks 931.809 06 luvMl- d 11 securities created ander the I .we OI the eta * 01 .Mew *ork and .f the Cnited rtales S0L09I 86 Real e U'e owned by the company . 134,449 9$ Bond 1. nd mortgag-s drawing 7 per cent inle.iewt Ub3,6? 39 l'reml in note* on Mining policies dr*w ng Interest 7S6,007 85 Oiiarter y and semi annual preml ums due suksc'iuent to January 1, INI 23,414 74 Interest accrued up to Jan. 1, UMI.. 3s,.(71 6j Kent 1 dow do. do . 1,111 36 Premiums on polldra In hauds of 33,9.^6 M 93.004,857 63 The Trustees bnve declared the usual scrip dividend of Thirty per oent on all po.lele? for the whole te- m of llle an* In ion'*, which v.ere liwu'd twelve inoutns prior to January I I8<il. They bsre als-i directed the redemption in oas*t of dividends declared in tli>. yuara iKld, IS47, lrt4d *.id l/Mlf. rtO Slid alter tbe III at Mmirny In ki those holding oeitUl estm U|>on preMentatlon at lue II .urn wflloe; and th'ta* having credit* will be .i;.?wh.i ihe same up-a thoir note* at settle niont o; n*il iiremlum. ' * TBU9rBK8 Morris Franklin, Join U Rogers Henry J Sr uiisn, Lnrln* Andiewa, Daniel ?. Miller, Wllnain Wsrton. Ueovge 1 <reer, F" y ?'r "uisn, win am I'atrirk, Jo H. onssijg, William H apple too, ImvuI i? .ws, John M Hum, W1.1 to..'Uoaeebury, Isaac C ftei.dall, .to "i .^-..ra, John B, Williams. B'issell Dart, r-oltln yi'KKis r'K \MRLIN, Present, ruirr Fn?a?A.<>, Actuary : _ ' lOuKNMLIVf K BUORBT.M.O. Medical lUam n-m. J friLEKH, M. D. 8AL? AT ABPiiUl, Albert Mo?iMEB,oairriN * co, auutionkeml Peremptory sale oi Uounkuld Furniture, Oil r MUitiukr, Statuary, volvet Med*Ulou Carp >ta. Bo*a*oud Pulor ??uta, t*Mr and Manvel Mirror*. EmWilcnd La<? Curtains, rosewood 7 ootava PianofMieu Solid Silverware, * r>*t*l and Kuby Olassware, Ohiaa hitmtx Set, *uoerb Brontes, Ormolu Cloak. OuTHlfl DAi (fUtisDAi), " at the private mMmh 611 Wast Sixteenth street, betweea Filth aud sixth a-enuea, sale commencing at 10^6 o'cljefc. Catalogues at the nousn. Parlor*?auparl ir valval Carpets, two magnlfloeut aolid rosewood Hutu, oovered In maroon, cimson aud gild satin, of (be moat expeusive description; Oothlo a ad Turkish Ka*y ( tain,, in nuxjuot and satib brocade; lidlm solid rosrwxid Beoeption and aim Chair*, eoraral In crlmsou aud maroon aatln, large expeusive rosewood .?rauirn Bookcase, Unad with allk and satin wood; t*o jild ruse*ood Centre isota*. rich statuary marble t ??; expensively carved rosewood Pier, Sofa and ?Mds Table*, wltn marble tops, eoeUy row-wood htegores with marble tops and plate g'vs doors; Indira' rosewood W rk tables, w-day bro >*? aud ortnilu Clock*. elegant China vases, w'th most chaste and expeaal'* landscapes, painted to order la Franoe; uiaanihcoat Preach plate Iter Glass. with rich and hnavy gold rame; Mattel V triors to ui?lcb, six feet *qa?N; heavy embroidered lace Window Curtains and Cornier*, large and extensive variety of OH Saluting*, by eminent artists, sucha*Land*:apei, Win ter Scenes, Aiarint- Views. Bcii|>ture Piece*; *uperior rrrnch Llthofrapbs, otiue Pieces, Ac, the whole lormlng a very pleasing collection kubhWoUl) SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, oily mitde, coi ved leg*, elegant caae, finished all round, In laid plate, richly aet with pearl, being ii valuable and costly instrument, worthy of Inspection; rosewood .ttoo., coen.-d In Mtln, with an elegant and costly e.jiijmidrr- d iwr. DioluK room?Klch velvet Carpi,t, *olld oak tfi'eusion lable, bullet, all polished lu the beat maiiier; m-trblo top fancy labia*, Mirrors, Sola Keda. ?'b*Jr., in hairjlolu. roae wood Suit*, in costly India aatln. together with all tbe crystal cut Glassware, *I nee, Chatcptgnu*, lumblnra, Giblm* aud l>(-<aiiten to match; rlcn china IVa and Olnuer fwa, couly Silverware, Tra and Dinner Servloe, --alvent, Cake . a^k-is. Casters, (off* e end 'lea I'm*, Spoons, Forks liquor suuds, superior Table t utfcry, Ac Chamber* and Nur*ery?Mostly i-oud ros?woi,d aid mahogany t>ed*te?(U, auuuary marble top hu:?sus, washsuwds, ? oram d?s to matth: Hair M.n in ,hm, fi< in 4U to M pound*, made to order, and la excellent condition ; Counterpanes, Hedapread*. Ingram Carpet , Mir ror*. Clocks, Toilet vables aud S?,l*, Oih-.lolh, Malr Carpet* and hods, malmgany cushioned Cbalrx, l\n i-rs, eo'as. tat tl?n.< and Lulling lubl<i? ti>ge:'i< r with a large auadfdl rable > c .onioent ,,| llam-iuentau-J Kitchen uteu*il?.witli which the sale will commeaoe. 'ji.e s.ile of the abovn ?urnlture 1* i:nu*-ied alxa/ltiii-ly n"cett?ary, and will posi-ltely take piaro withoiu rt-gaid to weatht-r a r)?)><'u?tMe pem n wllloeln attenduuee to pack atid ship the artli-1"* Koing out ot me er.y, at a reasonable ih?n<rf. I),-posits nari.-;actory to the auc tioneer Ul bo requited from all purchast-rB. Auction notice?to houshicehpers, hotel kei p< i8 und the trade. An extraordinary opportunity to purchase hli^Rnt lirst rtsH. huuh, lioia Fu ulture, flare anu valuable A oi ks of Art, Magnificent rosewood 1'ianoforu-, Bplend-ld ruai-wood I urlor. ults, rich carpets. t.Urcr Ware, HoU' nilau China. Hrou/., *, Ac. Till.-, vT' ENliAYi ai ternoon, at z o'clock. At the ele?.uit j i-lvat? n suleno- iM ?> net ' >vH?ty ilrst *tre?t, bciwi en hcvonth and feigbUi av-uue*, cooipr.slug ihe entire content*, all Of which are )n ;>, rt'w t r er, having bonu ree-ntly made for tbe present u^ner, and will be positively soul to the highest b>dd?r for cash. A valuable opiu (Unity lor p-irtl'-s in wsiit of first ol\-4 fur? nlture rarlorr, lllning ho in, Library an< Chamber* ooLialn ODattn flocnt nitewi ou 7 octave I'lac-liHle, Mtisio Car bluet, hti ol aud tjo,or, tw beautl ul l ull suit* soild ro* wood i'arior Fu'iiitiire, itipliM-ej?, covered in nor>c. i ns-'O oul m>? roou bmcttte1, all made u> order two months ago; r?so*ood fctc^-ies, marbie top centre Sola aud pier Tables urbu b Louuges with Arm Chair* to matc\ In Rilk mOQuet. ele gant mantel and pier Mlrmr?,mom?:riiniri>le e ruoitnted in brunzeaod orn olu; rlca damaskCur'ains, gold Shailes, Anti que Lav a Vases, bobemiauand .-levres china mantel Vasesand OmameuU, velvet and uru-^ei* can> u, valub e Paintings, artistic bronxes, marble Oroup* and thguraa, r, sawood reo?p lion ? hairs, tscretolr, ela?am ro?e *ood -iiireau-t, HeditHada.>, lull Chumbv- .nit in ro*ewo.>d ann VelVi't, ova) l?(rrors, brt>nxe C o^k .superb hair Mattreshe*, Hods. ti ding, 1e e a cU-H, Sofas, Louog?? French aud Cottage Qhalrp, ^ard-"bee, French hnt!:a?lnga, Work ? able*, lnl Id wi'li httliiuood: l'.xttnsion 'Iu3ie, o k Dining Cuairs, rioh French aua India Ch( A Kuby and Crystal cut Olass, loa hets, .-ih'-r ware, epoous. ers, F .rkn. La ll-s. Salver^ Ac.. three e'sgam bronze Chandeliers and Ua* Fixtures, wl h * large quaruity of every de crtptiou Carlor, Chamber Oin lug Uooui and Library Vu'nlture n>>( here enumerated, all of wbirli will he sold without reserve, rkiu or shina. Catalogues at bou?e. A J. BLKECKLK. ADCT10M4ER. . EXKCCiOttd' .-, A I.e. OF SKVBNTr-ONE V A LP AKLE IOT8. HLLUNGIMO TO THE ESTATE OF D. FaMUHaW, L l.> EAhEO A J. HLfciii ? XfcK, H<iN A CO . will selL on Wednesday, February 27, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchant*' Exchange :? Uu Vd ave ?4 Lots ou the southeast oorner o* 80< b st On 8t>th ?t.?6 Lot* on south side, adjoining above fa rear On 6tb ave.?4 Lo'? on ?<utlieast corner of 9l*t street On Ulst st ?2 Lots, south Bide, bet. 4th and Madison ave*. On lUSth st ?31 Ixits, north side UU feet ea<t of 5th ave Ou lutith at.?(10011. wide)?23 Lots, south slda, mjO ft. sast 6th ave On KH'h *t?7 Lots, south side, bet. .'Id and 4th ares. 76 p?>r cent can r?maln for 6 or 7 yeira. 1 ot offered will be sold without reserve. SS? Ac., at No. 7 **u?e street, hy m*er of WILLIAM Fotv-tEriT and A L SHI I'M *N, Exeontors of entate of U Kanihaw, deoessed. A J. ELEECKEIL aU? TlOMhfcK. "THE ALBLUMa.RI?tt HOTEL" a. J. PLEEi KcK. b<<N A Co. will sell at auction on Thursday, February 28, at 11 o'clock, at the Merchant!' Ex change;? ? be rplerdid five story sad sttle white marble Btillding and i'lot situated on the nortuwest corner of Broadway and ' wen tj-iou'ih stiwi, opiooiie ihn Fifth /vvenue Hotel aud Madi son fntiai), and t nowu as the ' a beruiarl" dotal ' Sixe oi plo* li ;i leel i? Inolirs front on riro?dw?y, 117 feet 1( \ iinhes on 1 wentv-fourth i-treet, 81 feet 2 incliot on the west mle, and led 10}j inches oq Ue uorth aide, with 0 feet courtyard oa Twenty-tonrtn str-?t terms liberal. Tta survey--r * draw In* of the above pr* petty ran be seen at no. 7 Pine street, wh-re maps can be lutd. AM MEHW1N, ATJOTlCiNt KK. ? by HAMls, MKItvW* A CO, Irving*. ;.??? aim 6H0 rtioa-.way. Ti ksda> fcvKNtNG. > eb Ui,ry2(), at 7 o'clock, M\* BOOKS .iM> .-,r\iiO'<EKY, cotrpH?lnB a variety of line lib.ary e'ltlous of Standard Woiksaiid Ml*et-llaneon< Liter*'ure. mostly recent public-t tlou* Al?'nn tiMjr men' of staple lanoy tHlauonery, In eluding riling t aper*, Itnvelopea, KLanx Books, Portfo lit'S, Ae. AUCTION noilcb 0? WILLIAM TOPPING A CO. Large and attractivi mlo or bkabonablb CLOTHING GOODS, ON t es*ay next, .'ebruary >6 We will conclude in our sule of tu ?<lay Doit:? 40 ptiv ?a ;-4 tmsck crenoh iirt.p tl'hte. id) Pieces French unit i ngllsb Hummer is sal llfilf 100 pi' wa *estpii e Ltoeu 'oaiiokx. 100 1'tec-s b'gh coat Falter qulitiuga. 1(0 Pieces do. I ln?a 1 rt Is. loo pieaie di 8ucnm?r 'o?tlng*. 'Ji Pieces hlack sunimci Trie its. 90 Pieom bfil r rem u Fancy tiasimerea. 40 lleica "lack md loucid (1ft man Broadcloths. 40 1 let-r-x Black mnnu Detsklt a. 30 pie.*. German fancy casafniera* aim. Black e-l k iVarn v'a bnieicttes, Velvets, Cords and ottici goods 111 this line, all of high and Imported for tut ?met clan* ii' trade; cue tber with a >arge aaeor loi-ul of ->?ap t and fancy Dry h oda. to wi,,rb we iu?u.- th? h >*-a.ion of th? iradc The entire taue will be unuaually ac*aou?b e uid wad morh Catalogues and g axis read* early on the morning o' sale. william ti I'i'inu A 0 ? , Au?u m?ira. Won. y and 11 Park and no. 9 Murray street. Auction jalt ? m doughty, auctioneer, will sell this ?*?y, ru> muy *eb 26, an! vedm-.sday, Feb 27, coirm'- clng at ii o'clock each d ty, .it the salesroom, f*6 Nassau mr it run prlan g so'id rosewood and malognny atloi bultes, rovrrrcs tu hair oloth and .< col >rel brocatclie. vlr.: T?e-?-1 eta. tailor, Arm and fewtn f ('bail*; mar >le lop ??t>ir? isbi>-s, librniy and aecretaiy ''ookosse , two gill (nun French plate tiler ulaseeo, mantel do, extension .lining la blrs.Cutlery,oh Pal.iting*. mahogany and pluti srcsalag lu resn*, hr'ands, cvitum- and m*hog-uiy bedateads, hair Mattresses, Lounges. vs ardr-'b? a t,loo)?rila Oilcloth, upc.s try. BrusstUand irgrain < aipeu, Ac., ac. Auction notice ?a solid ro rwooo double Parlor Suit ? i' made to order for $.'160, will be hold for $?16 > nc single parlor suit. consisting onenola, tv Arm or* becrptl n and fuu' Medallion back i'bair*. oovered In frencb broeairl; will b^ aom for (111; oo? do ii.r . a l .t ol rom-wooil > Hrirr and Kedroom huimiure, t;?ru?rj?. Aft All of thin li'nrnlture w'll be mild at a great aacnllco for <vi-ih. Ap ply at 73 Sixth avenue, one door bauw Waver ley place. As ricllahdk, auctlonkkk-?0# tlasks boors, . Shoe* and mmgans at auction? By klollatlfma V\ ui1 inu? on t?>dn?-nd.iy Keb ft, at li i. O'clock, at alore 44 Cor'.landt atreet, e mprismir ?? large and t u<l ass^rim nt of spring go ids, an i wll ij smd in lota to Huit the city and coun try Ira (.'a. catalogues on mor mg o' sale A U ci ION noiu1p ?CROCKfclt*, GLass awu CHINA, it) J. m. II hantlk1t, auctioneer, Tuesday, Peb. 26, at ioo'i lock, at wi Pearl street, a large stock o' iwmaod aecouda, White kianiteand ranniou ware. in iota (or dealers, and most be sold for cash. Auction salk or crockery and olasii to the trad* ?hkn'hv u. iV'anh will sell, on Tuesday. ? i d 2ii, st id o'cli ck, at h6 Maio, n laoe, a full assortment or wbl e tiramle and ? on, loon w are, ulaaaware, ao., Ac. Good* carefully irpack?d l r chipping Awiunkkh halk.-for sale, thr stock of fsncj hosiery. ac., in the stores 2<tf sixth are nu>. New t ork, ai d No 4 ne-? ark avenue, j?r.-i'y City, fill be w>id oliesp ior cash if applied lor soon. Inquire at 41 Murray ftivet, n. If. Auction noucb.?fukntiurb, ao? tiii.4 day, at *1 o clock At ,?kli. A inukaHAVI> salnarooms 26 New itowery, a laige lot of new and secondhand fnrul ore, barroom anil bote) do.. Counters. kb. w caatv, Dry liooda, < lotMng, 10u pairs hborn, Gaiters, Jmvelry, ao. Auction noticb.-bitrnham'b fuk<it trr ex pre<s and | sckiiisestahi|abment,lll and 113 wi>st klerenih unreel, between klitn and nlilb avenues H mwhold Furni ture boied and shipped to all parts of the worlil la ge covi rtxl a sgons for lamovlng i uinltuia of fainlllea. Furni ture stored. HROWNB a NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS -WBDNER day, Feb. 27, at one o'clock. in front of salesrooms .14 Nassau stnvt a fine, styllsk bay lloraa, 7 years old, iftt^ hands blgh, souiid, kind, and a fast trotter; also, ore light one scat road wagou, built to order, and Harness, but HUie used. Also, A variety of top and no top Bugglea, Rooks ways, as., new and mvnna hand; double and stugle bar nasa, Rones, Bias Kcts, 11 alters, w hipa, Ac. ? t>Y DANL. A. maTUKWH A CO., auctioneers. Jj ihls DAV ituksda^ ). AT 10u O'CLOCK, IN FRONT Of halrhroom. 64 <1?Dak stukrt, By order wm W. LAUD, Constable Flrat District Court, I gray llorae, 1 aet of Harness, Also 1 top and i no top Buggy, in perfect order. BDWA.RD bci1rnck, AUCTIONEER, Peremptory sale of RLROANT, FIR8T t LAHH hoijibholD rurntture. By E. A F. H bcurnck, this day, 26th last. at 11 o'eli?k, at their aalearoom, 141 Broadway?1 he above el- gant first class Household Furniture, eonslsting in part of elegant rosewood i arlor hulls, covered in sailn damask, brooatel and Cuah; superb black wood snd gilt oantoeuf-wlth fables and teg?r?s; f tagauuly earvpd roeewood Btegeres, of new and elegant designs; ,-v?ret*ry and Library ttooknises, oarved roaoaisid arm oak Buffet*, lined oak Dining ?na?bb Chairs la rvj? end leather; c*rv>-d t use wood bedsteads marble top 00 reaus, tvaniis ands and ( ommodas, rose^ro al and mahogany A iui<j4r a otsoe, elegant bron/.i and marble Mantel Sets, iaa hogauy Parlor, cbauitmr and iilnlng Room kuraitara nSNRR d MINER, auotionebr.?wikkr A THORF will Sell at auction, on rfeoneaea/. rebmary il, UN, at ii o'clock In front of saieans.m, <7 nas-au street, ? pair ol dark bay Morgan ??re?, ift1^ hands high. ? and 1 years ol*, wrlimammml bwu sisters, stj'lsh snd fi,invars in single or double harass; can tnt togetnrr in ab .tit t minut.w; ani ikrth excellent sad'tle maraa a.d warranted sound and kin J; aiao ii a open Tett, ntsatly lis*, lis< been u?i?il out .< m 'nths, was btillt to order h? one of owmmt cl;y mantiracturrtrs; also, a set of dobwa silver p ated tlsnuss, in good order, my nuulv also, a Hay >l?r*n, 16 hands high, dyuars old, sound and hind la all aaroeaa. ?AJL?m AfP AWtlOI. i i w. ItoBOliXSEljLr^DOTloSKKB^I^JaiYiTj" 1J . I nreaerved sale of MAGNIFICFNT HOUnEHoEI) KUKHITITSB. AT PUBLIC AUCTION, At the ?1yr' residence Nu AO Wr?i Fourteenth all ^ Eighth avenue, OK 1CBSOA*, Feb. M. The o* aiogue oom prist ng the Eargeai end richer assortment of Bouiieboid furniture and Work* ef An offered m auction thia mmm, Superb seven octave Blan.rforte, hiesaiH Drawing itooui Snu?, Artistic Bronzes statuary. Oil Patatings, by eminent arttatL BronM end Ormolu Chandelier*, Pier and Mantel Mirror*, _ nrt>cedo an i Lace Ourtaina, A? Connie net ng at low o'clock precisely?the entire ?lef*M fw. tUL.i t> ard beautUul Woiks of Ail contained In the ahewe large d?el)lu4L ?u of which will bp aolo without reserve. ait must be remu^ii immediately, consisting ot everything to " tuuud In a Hist data riwidaoou; Parlor, iJbrar}, Dining and * hamber furniture ... . , Oata>oguee ready by 8 o'clock thia moraliL when the whole can be examined. Bailors conUm superior velvet Carpeta, three masnlBoeat ?olid riMrwood hull*, ooverod in maroon, blue mid gall ail ' of.lh? expensive deocrtpuoai Gothic end lurkUh *?ay Chairs^ In aaomet and satin bre cade ladies' solid rosewood Reception and Aim Chair* covered In go.d, blue, crimson and nmroou satin- three ?-dil p^eewood Centre rabies, with rich statuary warble tonst expensive!) carved rwnxiil Her. hoia and {tide lab** with nimble tups; three ooatly rosewOMl Ku-gerva. with maibe top-, plate glass door, Ac., imported expressly ior the owner; ladies' rosewood Work tablea, twenty tine day b enze and ormolu Clock k, elegant ohina v aaea. with the most , base aad expensives landscapes, t UaT ed to order in Fiance ; magnificent French plate Pier GUss, wi'b rich and heavy gold frame; Mantel Mirror t* match, ol mx net Kjtiaro. heavy emrroldc<>d :are Vindow Curtains anJ C< rniues, large and eiunsire variety ol OC fainting, ry nttire artist* such as l.audtcipes, Wioltr bceues. M iiine Vie"*, rcriptoral rte t?, Ac.; the whole (ur? ng a veij p"a*iny collection It' HKWui,!/ '?EVEN OCTAVE PTANOH)RTR the moat elegant instrument ever offer"* at public ?uc;ionz rich scollop b"ttom, aplendid carved leg?, over truag ba.M, wliha.i the lai< at inip'oiements, finished bar ., round cor neis, linnets,aid richly inUid with pearl and solid p-iart k?ys; a perfect gem, anu la really one M the most beautlfot inalruuienia to be found ; rosewood i'utno 8toot la crimes* ba in rieh ( DjIioh-rd t i*no Cover. lilntric ho. m?Kich velvet Carpet, In good ord^r; solid oA Extenti'u l.ihle, all polished in ihobn t inunncr; marbw top table-, Vi'jrors, Boft Beds, tUialrs In haircloth, t' Keihei with a/1 tlie Uuby atdv-'iyKtalcnt iJlium vtare wia>^ C'b.inp-niueii, ' umblern, tJolileta and l>ecanterx to matoht rti-h ihlti* Ten and Lir ner rtets, costly Hiver Ware, T?a aua Dinner service twenty-1 our inch halvern, Cake Ba*kH\ Caeie'v, Ci flee ami iea l.'rns, HpoofiM, n'lu, Cuquor otaa^ fcui?ii? r Table Cutltij, marble t iteUcr.-. / ^ t baniiiern- Mostly solid ros-woid and mAhogan" rpd steae. kiatuary niarblo <op bureaus, Wasbb.ands and Oi? morcb iomatch, ove- twentv pure hair MatirevstN,/r >m fotf to aixiv pouidn, mode to order una iu exe-Uout o ndl inn In grain ' ajpeis, iHidrrH/in Wimirn, OlockH, toilet Tables '''?>?*# w ks, liaiet ?ets oi Cloths, t tatr < uip?l? and Hods, iiahoga ny ? u^Moned t'bai'S, uockeis, pofaa, i^ounKtw, ou;h il'da, liallftMide, lea and Dining Tablrs, togelbor with * large ar d d?nrahle a>?<irlm'ui of Hasnnent I'len tils, Ao, 4c-., vi'h which the sale will commence. 1 be sale of tha above Kumltuie ?* 1>1 po>'tlveiy lake plact with 'Ut t<t;aid <? v-eatlier A r xponkible |e-rsoii will be in attendance U) p ok and ship artlch s ?u>hk out of the cit<, at a rensonable ciart^ i epot-ita aa< 1-1 ct' 'ry to the aucUoDocr w Ui bo rcwitilnsd l'roai uli purcha-i r? terirsCaah. Hh>K t> MlMvR, A'!CTl'>Nd!iK.-i*!ln KK A T&ORF will sell, at i.n.-tlon, on Wednesday, Feb. "H, at lOWJ o clock kt their balearourn, 37 Naaaati street .opposite tM Post olfiee, a geueral taui t neut of llonseliold Furniture, r?. in- v?d for coovenn neti of sale, consisting of lhr?y n.ih uin id rowiaood l'ar'or nuiu, do bla^-k wa nut Uuriry and Dining Hi cm do., carvel rose*oo?l e'eg-trea, statuary marble top l'ut natf. ,i -liHt-mn and ( untre i'ablea, rowioM Iia> hack, bin k v. ilnut Uall Htand and Chatra, maHooaajr Viudroiies, Booke ia-s, Hofa^ ?nd ObtUa, pain'id C ntngr. Bult, rosewood and uial. isai y rted-loadr, h*ir M*ttr?sae? Aft; Velvet, HtU'isels and literaln Carpeia &c ; also, about IN paiiHof tine pointed, gill and plain <Vinilow hhules, being ba anoe of a uianulai Hirer's nook; alao. a larg' and well ?* ?crten Bto-'k of WIver I'lnled tvare,al 1 of tho latent deatna and best quality plate, embriwlnj?, ten <->eu, rna, ice Kltch era c*ke t-aakets, Hutter Oailera. Hobletg, Hpooat, Fork*, Kiilvea, Ac. of all sixes, from the stock of a Maiden lana manufacturer; also, Office Furniture. Henry okeen, aCciionekr ?wedke^d/it, fe*. 27, at lliji o'clock, at the aucIon store No. iyi\VIUl.n? street, a Isjro lot of (>roceries VVInea, l.lquors aud debars, alfo, a lot of Dry and Fancv (Joodi, t.'lo tunc, Ao A EM), n.T 12 O'CLOCK, One brown Forse, sound and kind; alao, business covered Wagoi. and Haiwm. IMMEM8B HaJ.K OF CHINA. OL*SS, EARTH mi ware, Ac , at t hfna Hall, fitit Broadwa?, next to B?.tL Black A to. I ?hale Continued Tuesdays and Kridays untl stock la disposed of O. C. ill, Aurlt. jieer. Joap> LBV I SON, AllCTlONBER, tV [EE 8MEL A choice ?nd valued o illeotion of modern Oil Pbinttngn, ku i?n ui the amencan f rt Gallery, embracing L>u".d?.a>oej, Marine Views, riguiesand r ruit f'lecea by gmal artlsui hx grea' ilnani'itii di proasion compels the owner to offer t ils eoi Icoiion <a ! ttt'l on on Monday aii'l Tucaday, Febrna y 35 aad Vio, at looms Vjy ttn adwi.y, aeooud floor, commencing at o'oloi k eacu t venin.T. "WOE'lUAUE 8aEK.~JOUN H. BURLET aPO IVi tloneer, will a- II this day, at 2 o'clock, at 441 Canal hieet, main fcitny in-irlue top and other bureaus, Sofaa, dofa Bcdi ttinOMim, centre and other Tables. rcr.->wiod an I m? bogauy ltook' ..sen, A?rdrobo<-. Looking til w??n; hair *ad otlTer Mattresaes: ru%hogany and oiher Bedsteads, Chairs; bruaee'i, thieerh ai d other t ai jiets; lu^role iop and other Vt a>t?uuids; Cooki. r. K'ovcs, >ewiuit Mat bines K &th?r Meda, eOan ci Suite, le'tirtinp, U)*i ther with everything 4or hoiiM Keeping, By order of J A ?11ft t- OVfc8, Attorney. RT. PAZltL APCTiONKER. . WHllTtMOKK A Ha'/iKLL will s?iH at auc 'ion. Ibis day (? u-'a>luy). At Bit.: o cScck, at salesroom 1&8 Broadway, HAKDWaEE, CCTLERT, DRV GOODS, 40. One rni.e English double Guns, 600 pair >kate', 00 H'Mtm Serew lirivern, cards o1 I'la-kit Knivea, 1 able and . eacwtcqfr lery, Carveru, Ac , pocket Ku.ves, Bowie E.ul\es, amu, Ao? Ac. Alao, For account of whom It rnav concern, under Warden's !n? s]iectlon, two c -.kks Coll ? ham a, slightly damaged on the ve)> age. Also, Invoices Dry Goods, Perfumery Ac., Ae SA J BOOaBT, A'lCtlUNESRit ?VB <D*T, rBR, . 1*0, at 11 o?luck, *' tb? auction roima Km 1 Morih ?ticet, corner of Frankfort?MiertflT* unle ?Large lot ?f KHfki-t Vi ilk>w?, l*ix>-? Claret, Wine, Liquor*. I'M o?lt ?!Ki4t Ha lea, Oll.oe Furniture. A<: JO lift Knl.ul, MhartiT U. Okombie, Deputy .sheriff. SA I MMjrAoT, ALOTIoMKbBa.?tHl Dxf. A I' 11 o clock at thfi auction roo?, No, 1 North W'ih;tm 1 d? Dlt-uih) nui>p, Market * agon and H* n < , uidle, Ail Ai o, 'o p*\ advance#, aionig*- Hud expend i k o.i?i ki- gp, I liand I'leae, KrtLCh tila'O *irror, J l.atheH, i jrix b.indel'ar, f k <lde a t-?fe,. 3 large txteaslon Lining lablfw, oooklnn *tuvn, store H?turfH, Ac. CllERlVF'P SAI B-LR' . O CHaMKMISi A F ( dlLI4, Auctioneer*, t klnrubiu I l.i misfmi ? -pet Will *:?, on nrjmy, "?b ' , at ICK ?!?**, at 377 Orend ftn-et. ibe entire at<?k ol -eiail dw?< c,rfo;irt?liig a luM MUitnwilt "I M*|>lr ard faocv Dry i.oods, lu d%?ir Mfl at\It? vi,(J qualitlne JOHN Kh t.L.V, Mifrff J> A. ????!.? h<l. AIV i I.JMKfcK, BroUE S2 0\<KT. ** ? a>diatr*et, naa* <ir*ei virh?jbuday. at 'So'riaali^ tie iMlrr Ft.r' Kure c. nts'md In the an ooa No I Ur"M. ? ti b ?t'?et, ConiDi?lug Table*, i hatrs, oar <kMint)>r, stove, crockery i k ttm, J'l: t< >>?? A<i. l/r r> >M(t* rwqulrwl IL. .aN. AftOTI, ALt'TlON EKR, ? NKLiL hi* tiny, at lO'-t, o'clock, the Hou'ob old furnJuirt of a fatally irnt>i>g the city, at Mo 194 lt? t.t<'viatl- *ire<K, i.. ?r ?*'t sr h, SpdB e.iila, Bedding, Caip.'U, OI1*oUl? Lounge#, t'ri rk? ry Jte it v wiiTiFB, AOmMiiR. riuu brll n ? * ? riai, In - nat ' pw V > rk at t! o'clock, at Wis r?<k.' tvoo a? Dr nip-ii-n-cbt, in Vei moot .ivtnue, near Btuadway, l-otito buld t'liim uu', &r , for ra>h. v\ rrift POP.tTICAlK Til K/KD, M< Zat<r 1'alIj-aT A MKT.T1WJ hi IJB ?? by ottfrr 11 t>i< tiwiiiijti 'iiialttef, the foilotiug yoll> mm ?? < ip ? Ifi'Ud i II <s;!h in thp lAard' ommltu-o l-t llwi ta; jpjii :? l? .?i Hu?'k, t'hi.iimnn JauioaJ. lu-ltly, .xjcra ai> , M. Mudtgan, Iramurcr. 'i l>tFFlB, Chairman i>ro ten. J. J. Rkudt, <M?rft?i7 ?Kt<*H> unrn tobacco. KA1T ?(?? fct ?NU aV*>uK, BBftVBEN TtTHW ly-tit ib mm I" Bi ty-ntith itic-tu, In now offeflBf at ? holPKali- at.d re'atl hl? Urge nock of <1oin*?tic and imtwrtad t*i?. MiuO, t ?ud Snuikmg lob <x-" ? jikdic pnuaa. Alio all kind* of ~i*d and llavatir i.u! 1 ola^ru COPAHTNER8?lIP NOT1CB9. AN AtTIVR BL8I.NIs.H>'mAN. HAVIHO (2U0 CASH Ck. wanted. In a bu?lin *.-? fix y. ar< i-*iabltahe<), h? Carter. }|p r*B r> < from 920 to X.KI a freek. City rpf tppckkIvm. Call a 4W Bi< aanay. room 9. T. Oa'FMit. PAR'INKR AANTKD?? rtfl $201, I If TftK P'tOOOCB and HuIter boalaeak Thiala w?U *orthy tkn aileSMoa ot any |?t?- n of i-mall moan*. It l? a aub-iuttuUl |>ayia( bu?luVi.a, all done lor ra?li. Foi |Mnlcuiara apply t it,. I? III lU I A Ct , Kroailway, r?"m 12. PAhtfhK WaRTKD?AN AWB AND KM'f.R pr(?li.(t man tmpihatitp rprprr??(). with a am all capl tut, to take i bai?,e of, and an lat< -eat la. a piofl aolp mann ao turluf buainrai, w< Up*u iMei; duo y aecurpd. Addreaa L. k , box 186 Mprald ??" p> Flt?l?fc*<?il'.-a t kit v If nf F'tTKfc* THA bu^uipaa expprlrnc' In nn. .ty, an<1 !?'??? a.' tuam ii'O?' wUhca t-. uiranga with ona nnv <Mga i?d or wiuin? to juta hill, Ik th'' Loal Kuatncaa, and wil *ur ? * suod tradn <x' iiia n<'i nmtced. Addrpaa for Uirea ua. ? If a iam, .ox lt9 tla rald oflli p. rO 0?'l>NIRY Ml R.,H *N( s ?fi.h A . i, -ti r.A w old in?rat an pqtial amount with a partv harm? a ti.i? rb^fh kaooladffp ot 'tie IraiHf* apitpruinlnj to a ? oii.i'ry fcunp lie miiat kPnw tif m iVatr*b|p upporimi ty to p?taOliaA onp, and bia qimllllcationa a id tuipyrtty mux boar iha oi arm lny ? tbpra n? d apply, and prtnr.lpaia only fvaind with. Addrraator tbraeda>a vouutry mu re, box I7tl da *-4 Mk 14/ A*TBI>? A PARlUkH, WirH ^.1100, TO POT IN TUB TT unawry Bualupaa. agaliiat a knowlpdga of the hi: -imna A c>od trail*, In a good lueauoa Addreaa *, M nlctli ar WANTED?A I'ARTNEh, WITH A CASH CaI'ITaL OP &MS todi'iray theaxja-ni-a of Uunoln/ a ne* and Im proved rpvoivm^ Urp'arro Ailoj i'M bo* IHJ llPiald i<(4oa. Ot lllll -IAKIMK ?A?Tn>, TO EX Ir.SU A I \.?R manulacturtng boatneaa; the wora auppiind by Qrat t'laaa )? l>bpi? atd ,lo. u houaaa. now paying at the ram of g? ?U 'ihp abo?p ckjitui wul double the nu?taaan without rlak. Appiy to O. T ToMrKLftA, Mo. ? New Bowery, uorum of Oliver etrepl Benit - 1'amm.h ? a*i *1,, in iuk oonph. TuTii 5pO\/V? ery and pna'ry bualnpai; the location la onMr l-aaani; the oonoern ia now doing a good l,u>tn?aa Fan dk lect ot the adverUaar ia to incnaw the buMneaa. Ad Urea* O r., Berald ottirw. ?i) Ann CAHH WD A' , 1VR I-.VkINKK ?? vN RO. M.l/UU t? J"ln th advpriinpr, with a Ukn atn 'uni, la a ample manufxttiirtng biMineaa fuil? eaCililiched and paytag laigily bualneaa and aaw?AUoa firm d?*a. Addreaa .roit. tieiald i-Ujpp <?&?% l?llll~To MTBmO On* of TUB (U*tf JT A?t? ijiil.UUO uwwit lucrative buainpaa In the wkilM c-ajntry. I doalre a par unr wl'h toe above num. Two pal' tlea, who are willing m bud ?pU togother and faithful In ??* nmer are aure to auoceed Moue but lO'iae of undmt <tod !?" "2ce' mii' Money, bot iVt iia?*? 4nnnni?n-??('.?fl-?-ARrNBrt waittsd * <Tlv.U''Uu pmnlnal buataeaa man, wltn !*? aMj mii.ouih ui join t>?? aclT?rilB?r, having iqiil ??01* ? ?nd rm ithI. in tb** r?^l?fjr nu *n4 Uqu. r r*4\ W* w?u enta'iUf?b d, and d ?'ng ? tr^ r?f ib?- proflu wbirb are lort? p**r <?nt ^oa^ need mni? wftb^ut th#* ahovt mmount. iiefcrpne?? eioMlffd. Ailfl(Mi Ikik Ui foti oUice, herfoik, V*