Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1861 Page 3
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yri A* JMSABTLY FINISHED MOCSB roR J At? Bh> )U<t Nineteenth street U la nearly aid baa a. Price low and anni aonommod*uo? MruU "sari street, A B ABOAW? FOB *at.? A POCB BTOKY BuOWK Jx siene 'runt Moose, beaut if ulhr situated 011 ihe ????< ?ld? ft Ike alt*, and splendidly Buliwil with mar^(? hall. |??avy ttfcrkwafiiut mm.. Ac , will be sold f*r $7,7S<>, which la lea* KM U>eaeM?rtk? baUdloT Apflfto J<m* fbrrabr. h, <16 Third *"eot?e. _ B1U) tW8I HOVBSfOB HA LB OHB?j? ^ Bent* for $1,200; la five ?lorles; fall lot Also, thirty ttmmrn and Stoma on Seeond avenue, and vremy brown tmr? tot ataaa Hca* and Farma, oaar the city, iaquuv uf *?. PBYTBETOH, 144 B?tt Thirty aeeond a.raet A BE8IRABI.K OOrKTRT RBSIDENC3 FOR riaLg.? A A cow Hrick Dwelling, built in m id?ru style with 4en, ahrubberv and shade trees, p located la nL', N J., price $4 Qui), unci! the ?lhuf March MM. Applv to a! P. HOPE, 74 i.roadway, N. Y. 4 handsome COTTAGE ?)? SALE OR TO LBT No. 111% ^est Fourteenth stree', with stable lu tho mm; lot 2.'i#x"*6 feet, with party walls; also a pair of hand mwi kruwn iloiaoi, with long laili, very styiia.i lop Wa#i>n ?d bmt li?mw? and a trolling dorse, l.">% hand* hUu. 0 Crs old. 0*11 tr,it iu i M any day in the week. Addrem K. aaabove from iu a H. tu i p. M. t A MAROAIN?r'OUR GOOD HOL'-UlS. HITU ATED on f tubbing avenue, Nue 14 Jti, 17 and is, near Division A - ?? avecio, lermaeusy; will be Hold separnt y or together; prioe a(00 ?aeb, (1,490 aaah on each tiou^ tbu retmindsr on id aid mcr'K'ijie for five years. In i ilru of THUS. GiL HtfT, 171 and 172 Waal Waafcington market, or Ne. 30 Fluah fee ? (Due. AKt S?ONSIBLK MAN, WITH (500 IN CASH, CAN buy a m arly new three story, high bui :n>-m aod sub eelar HoawyymUlolng al m .drni imp-ovements, w? II located to tLo weutVth ward, not far from Broadway. Addreaa b. A. it, b<>x 5,029 I* OS I A SPLENDID FVRM?NINETY ACRE8, FRUlfb AND Building , twelve ml,en in New Jemey, $8,501), two buu ifcrd Acres, rrulte and Buikllnt?i, nar Sinn >-'??>?, $8,UK). FaruiH, ail localioua and prWa, for ?aie or eichana;^ for city frepmy W. H. MSLICK, 407 Broadway. A beautiful FARM, IN WK8TCHKHTKR COUNTY, for Mir. or cxcli^nso.?Contain# 127 Ae'ct, Urge Build fcgii. Fmtta jr., J8,()U0; 41 act** in KiM-.klind $2,000; 17 Acres, $1,800; botn have good bulldli ga, fruiia, Ac W. H. MlfulCK, 4117 ttroadwar. A NV PERSON IIAVINti A LOT, UJi-ROVKD OH UN A. improvt d, in tlila city, ean h?ar of a purchaarr by ?d ?.rearing K U , 26 Third avenue, staling location, prion and tarna A BEAT THREE BTORY AND BaREMENT HIOH stoop House for sale, ho. i/exingion aveuu?. hj.1 all the m' derti improvements, recently pul'sted and put in per feoi order. Apply to JOHN KULb^, 1Bruadway. #-H>PNTBY HEAT FOB HALF, OR EXCHANGE?WITH \J I#acres of eioelleni 'Mid, litwited In Wean hasler ooun (r, near the depot, and within 20 minute*' ride of Tweniy aeranih street, on the New Haven Ralh-oad. The buildings are new and modern; hot and cold water, bath room, Ac., ?bade snd fruit trees. Wi l be sold low or ezebanged for a OKy Hooae or Country Beat with leas land. Inquire of GRE GORY A CO., 25 Bond atrent, Mew York. /"1KANHEWRY CULTURE ?FOR A GOOD OPPORTUNE ty to engage in this buameM, either by purrhiao or leiiae ?f ground favorable for the purpose, near New York, apply to W. ? AiNNEY, 17 Naaiiau street Firm wan ted-in westchester or pctnab eountl.'.s. Address Km. W. Ak No. 8 Wall street rB FAI.E-THB elegant four story brown (tone House and Lot, No. 134% Lexington avenue; first 4as* neighborhood; the house Is built ol the very beat select ed matirtala. tiuiKhed in the latest style, and la replete with ?lH the modern Improvements, gas, hot and cold water, at* Mooary ws-htubs, Ae.; It is the mosfjwrfert house In all Its appointments in the oity Vrice |8,S0(> $5,01)0 may remiiin au bond and mortgage. The entire l-'urnituru, which is of the ?att e'legunt and costly character, made by the bmi city makers to order, will tec sold low with the h >use if d>>slred; mU on.y In ronsequanoo of the owner's removing to the coun try; may be seen any lime after ten o'clock, A M. ? baijb?A HO'JBE, T11KEE STftK.' basement and sub cellar, with high ntojp and all the modern 1m [?ments, No. 158 West Thirty seveuth street, he'wnen nih and Eighth avenues; $4,080o?sh wanted, tne balanoe easy terms. Desirable l oatlon. B BALE.?TWO TWO 8TORY FRAME COTTAGE U' usea, coota'ntng 7 roams each, with about eight lots of md utached, situated on Reigun 11 ill. one mile from ey City ferrv. For further particular* Inquire of W. H. jr? prtm* bOTPD F2 s ground t-ttached, situated on Reigeu liill, one mile from Jersey City ferrv. For further particulars inquire of V" EfcHR Jt CO,, 9o Wall street. Hp stairs. Hem $260 each rR sale?on favorable terms, the thrbe story brick Honae 21 Menry ftreet, Brooalyo, witn loa-e ?T lot lLqolie of C. BEDELL, 69 Cranberry street, Brook ly* CK SALE?THE rocb STORY ENGLISH BASK meni House and Lot, No. 163 Eaai Nineteen.h stro't, ie in good order, with all the modern improvements; will be sold low, and on ea>>y terms; now oooupiod by Ute 17H)R RALE?THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC J* House 70 Harrison street, Brooklyn; ei>ntaln& all the Modern improvements, and was fitted no by present o-vner for a permanent home. I'rioe, anlj $1,0U0 cash wan' Hi tor balanoe a mortgage will be taken. Address John fBs >o. 6 College place. New York. FOR kalf?PAY ABLE IN CASH, merchandise OR ' good notes, lu.OliO acres of Land, locat?d in thi state of Georgia. Inquire or J. t>TOC&llttIDGE, U Broadway. F)R BALE?OR WILL EXCBAMQE FOR REAL B8. tat" In country, or merchandise, a valu ible corner Lot ?? Broadway, Brooklyn. Apply to F. H. WILKINB, No. IU fine street. ra SALE.- MURRAY HILL PROPERTY FOR 9ALB. A strlctlv Aral clam. bro*n stone front House, Louis XV. Sty's of architecture, No i3 Eaat Thirty-eighth strwet, between fifth and Madi-on avenues, replete witn all the modern Un ?rwvrments, and built by day's work, f eraons wishing to ?archase would do well to eau and examine for themaalvea. Also the brown stone front Houses Nos 7k and 77 BaatThtrty faar.h street (100 foot street), and Noa 186 and 187 Lexington awenue?a'l built in the best workmanlike manner Terms te suit purcba- is. Prices low, to suit the times Aptly oo Ike premises from 7 A. M to 0 P. M , or to MATTHEW BYRNES. No 83 Eaat Thirty-second street. rB BALE?HOrsEH and LOTS, NO. 38 CHARLTON ?treet. No 6 Warren place (Charles sireeti, 171 West Eighteenth street, one m drove street, near Bleecker. one in A all land place (Perr> street; all Irst class; also several Tene ?ent Houaea; also several Varms In Orange ?>unty. Apply toK. ROE A 8. L> WILSON, 2(10 Vartck atrnet. Fob sale-the house and lease of lot no. 6?0 Eighth avenue, the lower part of which is occupied as a gale stable; a first rate buslneaa location. Apply on the preml aes, up stairs. ?JH)R SALE?24% ACRES OF THE FINEST LAND, IN P We*tchestr ? connty: it lies on the East river Sound, Pel &m Neck Ther* Is on il s house and birn and a gre*t num. ber of young fruit trees of the best quality; a flu? beach for bathing Tni vi and Us^atlon cannot be surpassed. Good fishing, ovate is and clams. N. H.?No exchange. Apply to PLThit B. KIF.-iaM, Union Bank. rR ?ALE?\ TWO AND A HALF BTORY HOUSE IN W iiliamibi re, convenient to all the ferries. House 20x M; lot 10x12b. I'riee $2,JIX), prr sent mortgage, $1,900 D. THOMSON, agent, M Pine street FU OR BALE?IVMBHIATBLV, TO TUB HIOHKHT BID dor, medium elxcd llnuaf No. ISA WfM Twenty aeeond atreet. three *'< ries high and baaemrnt, high atoop; bath and puL Worth ab lit $8,hO. F> KM FOR MALB tO*-?IN OOOD ORDER, FENCB, building and cultl?atlon; Dear depot, aohonla tiadcourohe*; gmd neighbor 11 ?d and excellent for all farming purpoaea, Md pleasant plac-'. 1 ermu very liberal . OCTHffl j WOOD, B Hman Hf?1. rp HA.UC IN BROOKLYN?AT A . SACRIFICE. Noa. 81 at>il H7 Rand* street, two four ?-ory hrown stone Honars 18 Iw 'J tnche? I BO .'eat, replete with all ihe modern tniprovenunt ; < nlv Win minute*' walk u> fulton ferry; lota 18 feet y Incliee I 111 feel; must he arid by Man-.u t. prloe ?&**>. >4,000 nmjr muainon mir'.gage. Apply to POflTKK ? LOPkR, No. 4 Hands atrrnt I'.mok yn. Er sale in brooklyn-two fibut class thrre story brick Hoitwn bmwn stone bammente, lust wd (in Sta"'e street, n.-ar rowers; bav all the modern tmpr <enarota: convenient to three oar rouM. Apply to J. W. SHANNON, on tbe premlera. r OB SALE, IN BROOKLYN?A THREE STORY AND F baremea' brick House. No. 3 Hanaon, with all the MaJarn nrpruvfineata Terms eaay. Apply to E. B. HOB BT, ?00 Grand street, N. Y. VOX BALE IN BROOKLYN?TWO FIRST CLAM r three *tory brick, with brown atone baaementa, Jawt completed on MMa street, rear Power*. liare all the ?aodeia in j.reremenia; terma easy. Apply on tbe premtaet. VOR SALE CHEAP- A FARM OF *>. 40 AND 77 ACRES, F 1 mllea east nf Flashing, >4 mllea from >ew fork, on the Berth Htirpe'.ad turnpike; good fenc*. wood. WHter. aod Ml; near tbe beach, good Bab in* fowling, A" : good view. R. BI.AKK, )? I'bambera atreet. CB BALE LOW-OB BABY TBRKS. SEVERAL FIRST claaa three story brown atona high coop Houses, on Fiftieth street Apply at? Wert MfUelb at met, ba MM Eighth aod Wlnth srenwa Fir ?alk Oil KXCRABHE?a country neat, in erery n ?p? rt d slrahle a? a geuee. re-udenec. on the anrthwes'erlr el'vaticn of K'aten laian't, one ralln up from FaetoryrtUe landing; three acre*. H. 0. NCHBNCK, SO Nassau atraet r?R SALE or BXCBANOB?TWO LOTS ON A COR. ner. One on th ? control I nlon and Hon.1 street; one In CMim> la street, near the ferries, for a sunnll house, j*rt sash, leading str*et preferred, with from $*,U0o to ? lUCtl Inquire at 4UB Weat street, New York. l?OR HALF. OR EXC1IANOE-A FTNE PIRST CLA"S V four story. high basement, brown atone Hon**, with Merv lmor?it ement L' eai'"n un? u'naa?d In the city. WIU take a small house or Iota. W 111 sell cbe.p. BliWIS k RO<*?-iTt.1, 73 N'a?.in street WOB SALE OK BX0BAN<1E-A BKAI Tl PC FL COON TUT V H?oe and l->rTn, containing 100 Mite, lying on each side ?fa branch ot the in-law are rrcr, tn Di'lairw* .vxintv, S Y. It has "n It a Inrge handsome mansion houae, with httn rr> ma ??id bot and cold ?aicr carried nvvr tbe hou'e ioir> anring waver1, and h imUlnaln I'mnt; also large new atableaml <Mr rlage house, lc.-hi.ii e, t nlhouae, Mlllanf bi.asc, fa m h >u-e, 4ttr i>ark. gnpen, oich<rda, Ac, Ac, local! .n p?rf -ctly beelihy, with fln^ rldea and monoUIn acenery; go-vl fl-ihlng and aht o lng. The lain la well it.lApted to the d .irv biwlin ?a or eat tie raising The house would answer lor a prtv u? gentle ?nan'? reshlenee ot- for n summer rea>rt. Auplr l.? AIJO. J. BBOWN, 74 William ? reel r ? <n II CH BAf.h OH BX< IIaNOB FOK A PWALL II ? 'SR nowti t<i? n, or In Hns klyn, a l*reo h-own ? "'.e fr lit >e, wi:|i m>.di rn lni|u-oT. meata aan In fool? li -n. na Baat Ihirtioth .trc^t i?oiie hut prlnrtnsla need anpir ('all m >r addresa L. L BoHhB, No. JKM hast Ti.lrit. tU 'r. et. FWB SALK_OR BXCfTANOK FOR VChK Ha.sDIMB-AN i ?T''n"*1 H?us? and Pnrr.lture, I, ts in Iho 2^ . T'ii!n^ WMk'} - Farms in Ill.noia, Blaaourl ai d Wl.coo^tn, ona falrcaeh b?.|. fdactpalaonly need anply t<} or adnresa C. L. HttirH, No 10 I'tne atr??t, roam 11. _____ KH>B f<Al* C|R LBT-'N LBXINOTON AV*.?(ITB, r nesr PIftr-? hirt .tl*et , i,tory ,nd ha.emeM Uou.e^ hruwn ?t.'ne frrnit, h ill' Uy day a wort *aa al> he m,Hlern ?mproremenia, ^lack wainut atAlra, and Ini -li-d iu the turner; ?IH trade the s.,me for le-sd >r bl.a s tin in i-itm Mil done or of THmS PHAIT, I # r.rst ?V 2S a fr nt and rear House on III No. 14] Reel; Ifiy qrsli atraet faraaie. b i ^ , >R LBt- THE OIL PaOiOBT 4111^0 r Inge snd narb'nery, wllh si* lota .?f gr.mnrt, .Ituated an th* eo nef ->f !ind?>n <n l H"s?e? streets, ler.ey <*ltw W- M'-.-'ts south of 'he 'erry Aptily vo A *tc 41: i.r.p ?I In ?<>n street, .ferae,* < 'ty, r to A A At?g Uod, B<itt >n A Co., W Broad ft'Ofl, N?w : o k. ?Aiae? wr mjlaim ?Tim Fob rale oh to let?ok the lower part to let, ood tain tag seven Rooms. In the three storv bnck hutue lu Kill* fourth mm t, between #'1!Uj *uil Sixth av> ?ues; bu double extension on ttret aud second, with the modern iMMMMi Apply lu 1). DKMsRKrif. oa the ! premise* r)K BALK OR TO 1ET?TRKMONT, UPPER M l ft ItM aaia, a first rate .inwiy dtore, oypoeite thedoput. i'uh kiaiiq 1st of April. Several Houses to let or for xa e. Ap ply in I K KKAWKtt, Tmoot, Wai.'uiugvon *vonu?, Dei wean FiUh and Mutt streets. FOR SALE CR TO LE A 8E? A DOUBLE CUPOLA House, filled in with brick, wiih eight lots, ten mlln from iheciiy by liarlem cant. Terms etuy. Auuly at No. 1 < ham bore ulrrrl Fob sale or to let-a brown stone promt House ou frurly llfttt hlivi-t, bet wee u I bird and t/ex lngton avenues, wlih all the imp*ovem.-nui; *1*> a Hour eon fiftieth street, between Second nod I bird avenue*. Inquire, oo the premioee, Forty 11'th street. Terms easy FtiU HALE OR TO LET-THREE NEAT TWO AND three story Uvutrl In Brooklyn, on Clermont and **-?h ington avenues. Apply to A. M. TdEDiVELL, 4i Pultun a'.ieet, N. V. LIOR SALE or TO LET?a rplendid OOI7BTRT rk r sldance. wlih or without 76 acres of go>xl land, U miles from Vuw York on the Unoof the New Jerwey ICailrotal. The bouse is ^enutlf ully situated ou the Ride of a hill, and presents a solenoid view of the adjoining country: contain* II pkiqi and a large kitenen, piaz/e.x runalug tb? whole leugth of the house, some 6U l'eet; a ao <1 well u( wa'or at the door, an abundance <f excellent fruit and <thadt trees; Is within IU0 ?ard? of a -tore and depo ; has good lar,-? outbuildings. Ac. lit re are two aeiect sellouts, two ohsirewx aud three xhires lu the village. The v'uage is handsomely locatod and vert l.falthy For further parti'mlars addiess Vunntnj freeman, 1)0 Hudson street, Jersey City, ur Wm. Campbell, No. '4 Lewis place, W llu*m?burg before Ktiday next. F'OR HAI.E OR 10 KENT?AT CHATHAM, KUKRIS county, N. J., a new nod deelrsblu two story frame Houre. ?lt"b J1, ncrrx of land, lire mliiite*' walk from deeot; more land ran be had 11 detiiod. Address A V Trod well, 4& Fulton street, N. V. LUVE THOUlA 1*0 DOLLARS WOKTII Or WKLL r is?0'ud Yankee Notion* (wholesale stocks to exchange for a good l a-m near this city, or ? House and Lot la Brook lyn. ACdr?*>" box 4,06* New York Post offlee. House in brooklvn ?or sale.?-the vukkk n'ory, mod" rn, l.igh Htoop frame House, Ailed in with brlek, corne' of Fourth avenue and l*a<iflc ntn-et: eara to >'ulIon, Wail and South femes near the door; has basement, auhceliar, gaa, ehundellera, bath room, hot and coll water, heater, ranve, Ac l*riee l iw and terms easy. Inquire at 41 Water street. [AND TO KXCIUNOE-ZOR UKoOEKIES UKOTHhR J property. Hotel on ^taten lalnnd, lion*- and Muou lu Po> t Kicbmond. all to be Hold on eaKV tfrrsa or traded. It la good property. Inquire at 173 liast Thlrty-?erond .troet, third floor, front, for one week. Several other* U/ trade. No agents answered. REALESTATE-TENKME.VT H0U8H8, WITH LIOUT ineumbranee. in New fork or Brooklyn, first oountry mortgageN, watted lu ext hange for selected aHaortmeut of French Ooods, Cloths. Readv >| ,de t'lolhlng. Principals call or addreas B. M. Fowler, 11 Broad street. TV) MERCHANTS?A MERCHANT PROM THE WBST, wishing to purchase a htock ot goods, will exchange * >me choice selected land for msrehandlw. Any partner having g'xxls or about re irlng can makr an sdV'iniago ius exehange. home money paid If required. Confidential. Address Mer chant, U 'raid ofiice TO REAL ESTATE OWNERS?THE 8U HSORIBKR having unuKual facilltieH fnr letting and oollecvlng rents from Itnernent Properly. Ie deslrjua of obtaining the Agmcy of a number of Ttnenw nt llouaes up town, or would take a leiineo them f< r a term of years at a reasonable rent. Un doubted seijnrity and reference given. Address or apply t j H. MURRAY, 173 oeventh avenue. TTALBARLB REAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN?MO V dern )>rown stone Dwelling M West Twenty-eighth street, one block from Broadway, three story and high htoon h*ae tnent, 20 feet fror t by 48 feet; lot 20il!WI feet. Two-thints of the j.urcha-e money can remain on mortgage for live years. I am determined to sell It. It U as valuable us any city proper ty, and Increasing in value. Apply to 11. T. ORE?N WOOD, 78 A iUiam street. WANTED?A par* OP ABOTTT 40 OB 50 ACHES, situated within a?hort distance of the rlty, with hou?e, barn and all appertaining in g od order wlto st.>ok or withoat. If U'ls should meet the eye o: * c?ntleman who may have a place t? dlHpoxe of, and woul&ilke a caxh customer, he ean addrexH O. B. 8., c:vre of K H. Carleton, 351 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Brokorx need not apply. WANTED TO PITRCHA^K?A HIGH STOOP H00S8. VY situated between Twentieth and Korty-thtrd streets ami Fourth and Eighth avenues. Price from $.H,UOO to $10UJU. Address K. 8., 20 Pine s reet, care of A. D fhompaon ri7 VERV DEflHaBI.E LOTS TO EXCHANGE V iR A t) 4 House In New York; the Lota are clenrcf eneumbninoo at d sllua e ou huh ground beyond H-d'ord, on the light of Ku'ti n avenue. Id Brooklyn A fair equitable trade will be made lor a llouxe for occupauy, by PILitCE A WADS ORTb. 10 Pine street. -|Clfk ACRES OF A FINK FAUM, 70 ACREi IN A 1 w" ' blgli siatc of cultWat loo, good h use. barn. Ac- tt is In Pike c unty, Hi noajlvania, three nllm fr"in rtus^klll Also, kbp tine Timber Land. 400 n rcs, I If, ais. W) mid lid ?cre?, flee from nil incumbrance. Kvery Tra ". or then, will be exchanged, ?lth tone m- ney for >Jroccrt-'S. uiquor Stores, Palo, ci, Horses, Merchandise, Brooklyn raiv Pro perty, steamboats or e loops It la Mly thM or (MvinM ride'distant. ) will bo out with an? oneaiid p?v toelrcxpeoia'a, to sec H, Apply to PAYTEN, 9."i Division street. <tjO?rA(\ ?Kill MALE, A FOUR STOl'.Y ASO HAisF, ?/ >RiU, inent high stoop House. flood location and Id good repair. Terms easy. Poaaeaaion Any 1. Aiidreua Malik, l ot IU' BmM Oilke. <fcOf> AAA ?90M SALE OR TO LET?THAT ELK "J^u v/wU. tut, modei :i bntit, five story, brown stone House, near Broadway, No. rt Last fwentv flrat street, ooa tlguoua to Madlum a<|Uiire, Fifth ATenue Hotel, Ac. Mil ajtA ?SPLKNinn krhidkn*: ?oh sale? <P I V'.VJUl", a largain: cot.venleiit to tb? city by fre quent trains; grounds beautifully arranged; all varieties of choicest i'rnlt and superior; moat pleasant plooe. KOLTUWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street FOR SALE. At a baroain-the whole or hal? interest In a Patent medicine Business, located la IIroadwa*; terms sasv; would exchange for other busineM or reel estate In Brooklyn. Address box 1X2 Herald ofllce. A PLEASANT AND VERT PROFITABLE BUSINESS XV for sale?In gf*d working operation, doing a g*>d busi ness and will bear the closest scrutiny. A more than ordl naiy good chance to get in a safe, monev making bnalniaa. SOUTHWICK A wool), ?2 Naaaau street. A PAWN TICKET FOB AN BLEGANf GOLD HUNT lng skeleton Lever Watch and two Diamond Rings for ?ale cheap, as the owner has to leave the ally and cannot re deem them 1 he articles coat the owner $250. Address u. L F., box 2H0IIt raid offioe An otbteb saloon and bar for salB, WITH Supper bourns; entrance from three streets: established tamty rear*; one of the beat s'andi in the Eighth ward For particulars inquire in the saloon, corner of Canal and Wstta streets >o agents need apply. BaKOE Fob SALK?THE BaBGU EXCHANGE, no# lying at ? ounbkeepsis; size about 130 feet In length br X! fret wide, with three decks. Inquire of O H TOMP KJNS, 1IM if est street, or at Rceekranx, Oajlord A Co., Ptughk, epale. CORNER OAOCBRT AND LHJUOB STORE FOB sale, with norse aod Wagon, on one of th? leading av? nnea. near a large factory. B. B.?All the HoueehoM Furni ture for sale. Apply at M. P. Campbel s recti flog distillery, S12 W est Meveoteenih streat, near Tenth avenue DBloniST.T.?FOR MALE AT LESS than COST, THE fittli c up of a small Drug "tore, nearly new; about ooe hundred drawera, t?o hundred bottlea, Ac, Ac. Apply at(36 VS est Fifteenth street. Eating hou? e ?"or rale at a baboain -one of the older t established eattug houses on the west aide of the city, opp-'lte a market, in complete order to do a largo buainees. and In one of th? very best locations; g <od laaa- at cliesp rent, App'y to Mr. SHEFMAN.Horenee Hotel, Walker and Broadway street, or ,1. Maxwell. Eastern Peart Street house, corner of learl and Ferry streets. IJLECANT DBl'O STORE IN BROOKLYN. BBAUTI i fullv airanged, fine location, and good stock of medl cicff. for sale at one-half its value. Apply to ALEXANDRE U - KRE'IT, agentANo. 4 Bowling Qreea, In the basement. C?OR PALE?A BUTCnBB'S SHBP, WITH A THBBB P years' lease from the 1st ef May next, situated on the we<t side of Blgbth avenue. In a good neighborhood for first el. sa trade The *bop Is fitted op with marble top oountera, Ac., in the beat manner. Reasons for selling out the owner haa a t*rtner*hlp business in California whlnh requires hie Sera-ma! attention. Inquire at 114 Greenwich avenue, near ack-or aqnare. P. MRKHRR, FOB HAXJt OK EXCBANOB?AN BSTABLISHBD Sof ter, Cheeee and Lard Huaioeaa, with Horses, Waccma, Aft., and other neeesaary tptoirtanatm, wigetber with a tan* year*' leaaa. Apply at M tlarrtsou street, between 1 aud S o'clock. PR BALE-THE BTOCK AND FIXTURES OT A fancy Thread, Needle and Variety Store, leeated in a 4a sirable nusi nnea pan of tne eitr of Brooklyn, and "subllahed by the ore<rnt troprietor In 'H*6 The -atldlng for ?ale or to Inquire of *. PITCHER, 10 Court street, Brooklyn. E?OR SALB?THAT WELL KNOWN PUBLIC HOUSE, A the Acorn, 211 Seventh avenue A good chance for any one wiahit g thai line of hualneaa. as it must be eold thia month f nil [ articular* on the premises. rR SALE?A NEAT, WRLL FITTKD V BARROOM, In a central locution In toe Twentieth ward. This la a rare chance for a man wltk a amall capital to m.ik* a fortune Pnee $:??. Apply to E. VaN> K, SIM Eighth aveoue, ooruar of Ihfrty-SrM iUooC F?R HALE?tub RTot'K, FIXTURE* AND FUBNI lure, wfth a five years' leeae of una of tlie host Puhllo H?n?ea in W eat s'rect For further particulars Inquire at lift W arren street, near West. FCH MALA?A DOWN TOWN LUNCH RvH)M, (OORNKR of f)edar and iiaamri ?treetM. now doing an exoelleBt bnafriess. a small amount of nu ney required. C10K NAL.K ?TtiB STOCK, FUHNlTUitB, FIXTURES JT and (.nod Will nf an old eaiablfahed Ercllan Hha iea, well located, near Broadway, a rue chance tor lovestinent, E LAWKBNCK A 00,, 82 Bast F'Uirtoenth street, (Jnlon sqnaro. For kale?a haroain? a first clasi photo gra| hiceela IMim"!!, ref>l"U< with every ootivi-nl-n ??, hav'iiKAii excellent iv nnee'lon and now dainga g hkI bust n-rs; m?y l-e conducted by a lady or Gentleman not ai present con' with It; p'en? nt' dwelling nmni for a family For further particulars, apply to t. UOHDON, 172 Oentre street. n'OP SALB?* (lOOfl fIROCF.Rt STORE, WELL ES P tabli?'.'ed, In a flrrt e.aan ?elthb'irbniid. on a mainess aVi'Mie on thoaehtilile of the town; an excellent chance for imy party having a fair amount of cipiuL Moderate r"et,aiid iatge Hioie and Kaaenicnt No agenta need apply. Fur further Information apply st N2 Weat Thirty-first atreec FIOB SALE?T"E STOCK AND PIX*UBK< Or A OBO cery HU re. together with a llorse and Wagon, at J&! Ma dl-on ftreet, corner o! Montgomery. POR SALE?A GROCERY AND LIQUOB STORK, <?N r one of the beat avenuee, with or without horse and wagon, reasons 'or selling out, the owner has bought a farm an.I la g log t<> live on It. Apply at the Marlon Honee, corner <<t Kast Broads ay and Wine street. For sale-a mcht dk?ira?lp, cniNHR?the entire airnngents of a lleaUuritntand Supper Saloon, 'om plelc ? nd w|'h ever* convenience to continue the bnatoesij has been I?IiikI n<'iir iffi en yesra; exoel'ert ettstorn an<l mimy a-'vamngea sM. it will be explained, *lih ail ilctai a: ieaai ihree ?ear? fn m at * uy next; ga?, wattr, rnngea and evcrythlr^ r?-.|tilr"l la fine order For any p'rson with nieana anil lm>4ni'>a e pa> itv this Is a chance oaldom mi t wi h. tBaiMre at it. ii A 'bgnham'i B Rooma, 26 New owery; or tJAd i'A*ToN 1 Division street. FOR RALE. FOt KaLB?A LARGE IRIS SAFE (IlKRKINti'S), and Part of office to nmt, at So. 9 balden l*>?e luiulre ?f JaMBS B. BfcHKri A HON. third, back oWo P)R HALE-THB BUSINESS. STOCK ANO rix'utu of a Tea ?nd ["amity Grocery -tore, well toasted vu'l rv ip rant; aaiiafitcUiry raaaous given lor selling. Apply at 373 Fir*'. avenue Agent* ue.-d not apply. Fob balk? fixtures, oocntsr. shelve- axn inttMHW Of a Ll.pi i- Store, all ne v and In tint rate order. Apply to JOHN gCHMlfe, 91 Delanoev street. FOB 8ALK?A MaNI'KaOTURINO rtTiil(Jr? wfll )?ay MO per eeut on the pdoa asked for It it Include* 6sa Worm fur lighting the oir.lding. ou? Patent. Htmi Hi intci and Patterns, and a I >w rent. Inquire ,u I/O Centra at. PR RAU??A COFFsE AND CAKK SAX. >ON, IN tlndir.g Oyster stand ?na lar, and dome a *>?i4 "twi nes*. Reason for ?e 1 ng, the owner's v?if? m verv sick Katif faction will be given. Apply at 30 Ohahain street In he basement. P)R Sale AT A BAROA'N?THE STOCK, FIXTURES and Business of an eatubllsbed Paint ?Uim with g'?>d retail tm?V, at \onkcrs, New York. tor iertn< and particu lars apply U> J. A K. La?H, liti Baodoucal aU'-iei, New York. POR *ALE ATA SACRIFICE?'fHE STtBJC \M> flX tures of a limine Furm-hlns Store Promt'keet h nation wad doing it good bu .ncs-t. ftattslaotory reason* given 1 or aeu Ing Art or a? B. H. U.. k>itn <o?t olio* tjH>R PALE CHEAP?a FIR-T OuV H BUTOIBRM 1 Stall In Jefferson mark-'l; everything la or.ter, s'td wUI be Mold a bargain, if applied fur so >n, by calling on IB. In iho market, before 12 o clock FOR BALK CHE*P?NEW YORK AN|> BROOKLYN Express Rome; a g ml cn-tno* fora m-tu that wanii logo in bnalnens aJw> on? It i'ae Reason given for se'ling In quire at 71 Fulton aveuue, Brooklyn, tx lwoeu two and fWe o'clock, this day. HOTEL FOR SALE, CHE AP?H AWESOMELY AID newly fitted up aud furulaned. doing a largo busluetw; long and 'avorahl" leas*; centrally located, and offered at a bargain, having other en gag ments A rare ch iure BOL'THwli!K A ?oo<>, S! Kaasaa street. Hotel and kk-taubant,67 00ttfLA*or st*kbt, for pule?A great indm.em.nt for any peraj.i *1 bing to engage In the buMneaa; locitlon unaurpiMaed, with valu ?l>bt leu<e. Apply to B E from 10 \ M to 3 P. M HOTIfL FOR 8K LB?AT BRBWiTBIU B?>ATIO?(, OJf the Harlem ifcllrimfl. 'ibe am*rlean flotel -.t Bri??t?r? la the beat <tand la Kaaiern Mew York Klfleen liuodred dollars a year can >e m?(l-i i>y a o >mp*ient man rlear K.>r partirulaia address ?. Nlohuia, ilruwnttrs, fuluan oouaty. Mew Vor*. LIQt'OR STORE FOR SALE ? FOK KALB, TKK OLD entabllaheil Liquor Kto e, M Cherry stn-et, nratly fitu d up now doing a good hustne<ui. ro a t'^uih ouHtomer raluti artory reasons given fur selling oat. Apply on ibe premises TEASE OP A LIQt'OR STORE FOR SALE ? THE LEASE J and fixtures <>? a flue, large turner More (or Kale; we'I fitted up; it splead'd stand or Ural clast family gr<H'?< lies, being stirrounded.oy lar ^ biardlng hooM*, whosupptv themselves In the nclghborhimd; all eath oiiKtomet-s. Any osm wishing ti enter Into tha above buslneas will And this an excellent inveatmert LMM four -ears, $?iw rent Will be ?old cheap, the propwtor K lug down town. Apply at 107 Bleecker street, corner ol' Sullivan. /"kllARTX ROCK MILT. AVD PORTlDV t)F PATENT W for sale?Conceded ?iy miners the very tw-st for redur n^ rtlfk ?nd other hard suIisUmmv-s perfect dust, nod having hardened shitting grinding stirfacen easily e.ttanged bunTHwlOK t W< (HDjfttHaiMO'i itrent Retail dbuo *btobb fob uu-uim m&i. listed, on ? prominent Corner of one of lUe leading nve nues; bucinesx very gixai; rent low; lea'* one year from Mav ne?t hone but a cash customer need apply. Inquire of B. la. BILL1MOE, atUhaa W Sanford's, No STry nnw. SECOND BAND 8*FK-> FOB 8AL?-?AT I. M BRAD street's Commcrelal Agency, over Broadway Btnk. One large folding door, o' Herring's mite, and nun medium ai*< of Stearns I Muwln'a Apply on tbe premises, 237 Hroad way. THE Old KSI ABLIMIKD ??' ABiKTV K'O^fc. A ILL dB sold at a great bargain. If sold within three days; If not the t-'tore will be to lei, and Fixtures to- salu Apply at iJT Bleecker str? et. tk/EhTCKErilEB Hot SE?tsnsruCRA.vr Kf?a maLE vv or Kent ? Sveniy five feet on Broome street by'me hundred feet deep, with Basement 'n'lrts. Inquire at tin. ofice of the M'esubcster Hoflae, corner of Uowerv and Rro?.me street. J. B HUKBUnOAC ? <J?1 C/| ? FOB KALE, FOR HaI.F ITS VAut/E, A ?JPX?JV'. Butcher bhuo and Wagon Monte, now doing a first rate business, iibont ten miles from the city. Inquire of T QAFFNJbV, 4'J9 Bmidwajr, rooms tfaud If. d[OCA *ILL BUT >*b.Vfc,Hi YKaKb !.*/>?*& OF iwo ipjJtJv" houses in the *<everiib ward, ,?o;ir..e utreet; they are lr, good order t ?<d paying a good proflable lent The ismw lravmg the city you wtil get a bargain. Apply to PAYi'&N, 95 1 Iviaion stteet WILL BUY THE LE?HB, sroia. AND fix ?*V/U turesof a wholesale and reltll i Iqu ir Store, in the Sixth ward Lease four yars to run; must be sold, as tbe owner bus got a governmeut appointment. Apply to PAY TEN, No. #6 Division atrefc t. BOAKUINU AND LUOUIIIU. ATBB1 KINK OPPORTWNirY FOR THOSB WHO arc In pursuit of plensum Room* and good Board. at 118 Rowed avenue The bouse la first slsss. with all tbe mwWn tmpiovementa A FAMILY RESIDING ON FIFTH AVE SI IB, NBau Dr. Spring's church, occupyloji an eleg.mlly fnrnt.-ihed house, would lei one Her to a gentleman iuiJ wi ?, witb vate taMe if preferred reference required. Address X Z., Madison square Pout otllce. ALMtOb FjiOM PAHLOa, Ul? ig 'OJiD PLjCK with oh or two bedroom* communicating to rani with "otnd. Also Room* for *<ngle geut<em?n The house It fl-?t class and the l'?atlon very desirable Apply at .16 W?at Twelfth street, car ruth avnooa. ? AT NO. 7 ORAMER1V PL A OR, IN TWENTIETH street, second door from Fourth avenue, to 'el to a single gentleman a furnished HIMngroom audiBedroomat. tacnrd; bonae fir*'. olaM Heforeneea exchanged A PRIVATE FaMILY BATS TWO FUHNI8UED Room* that would sccomm /data two single pentlemen, with breakfast or full Hoard: bonae tint clan*. dinner at nix Ref' renced exchanged Inquire at 120 W?st Tblity fourth ?tract, between Broadway and Seventh avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OB A COFFLE OF SIN gle ge nlemen willing to room together, can b? aooom modated with a handsome Kootn and first class Board; a4ao a pi Ingle Rorm for a genili man: dinner at six o'clock. Refe rences exchanged. Apply at 46 Bleeeker itreet A LARGE FUBNISHBD SPIT OF ROOM*, ON SECOND floor, to let, with Roar**, to a gentleman and wife or sin gle gentlemen. References exchanged. Apply at StS Fourth atreet, near Lafayette place. ARIOELT FL'RNIsHKD FRONT ROOM. WITH BHD room and pan trim attached, on second floor, to lnt, very cheap, at 45 Ble. cker atreet, eaat aide, and near Broad tray. In a private family. ^ _ ? ,, L . At-ENfL?.MAN AND HIS WIFE OB TWO BINGLE gentlemen can *e ?? o"mmodated with a ol-'iaani R-iom and p?>d Ho.ird In a sms.ll family House has all the modern lm|.ro"i met ts. Apply at t'9 Weat Twenty seventh street. AT KM BaHr TWR.NTV FIRST STRKKT, grambrcv I'ark?A larg* *Dd hmdnomaly furnUhed front Ho. ni on aeoonu floor to rent, with board. A 6MAI.L PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET SEVHRAL. teat und genteelly furnished Rooms, with board, (nit able f ;r gentl* men or gentlemen ar.d wivn. house has .ill the modern Improvements; convenient to oars and stagea. Call at 412 West Twenty tmrd street _____ A GENTLEMAN, 1118 WIFB AND OWB CHILD, aged throe yrara, dot res one or two unfurnished Rooms, with Board, In a private family only. Location within St teen minutes' walk of the Mercantile Library, htglith street, terms not u> ex two ft? per week. Ret erenoes exchanged Address box KM lleralo office. a T MO. M Ea8 I BROADWAY, A FEW SItlOLB GbN A. tlcmrn can be accommodated with good Board, on re* ?enable terms; fuiulalted with gas, (Ire kn A WIDOW LADY WlallBS To L?T A FiNB bCif OK Booms, on the first floor, 67 Bast Twenty seventh s'reet. Btird door from Trurth avenue, to a gentleman and wife or single ladles Terms moderate Call and see. At BO. 96 BART TWEN-. IETH STREET, & FEW DOORS from Hr>adway ?A gentleman and his wife, or two single gentlemen may obtain a front Room, with Board; .house Aral claes. Dinner at six o dock A SHIT OF ROOMS?11* FIRST fLA*? HOUSE. ON second story, or will be let senarate. in Lexington eve sue, a few floors fmm thirty totirtn street. Address Hoard, Madison square Post oik*, for two dara A GBNTLkMAN ADD WIFE OR TWO YOUNG GEN A. Ilemen may obtain a ple*>ant Room, with Board, In a private family, at HH Mandougal street. Terms reasonable. AFCRNIHIIBD HALL RRDROOM TO LET; AtiW AN aitic Soom, In a private bouse, at 48 Mulberry street, second dour below Grand. AGRRMaN FAMIL1, OF TUB HIGHEST RBSPBCTA blllty, would accommodate a few slngte gentismen or gentleman end wllewlh extellant board and elegantly fur nished App'.y at bo 20 West Ninth street, tietween Fifth and Aiith avenue a. References exchanged; French and English spoken. AKMALL FAMILY, HAVING MORB ROOM THAN ibey require, would aee mmodate two or three gentle men, with i>r without Board Location central and near hroadnay The house contains modern Improvements Terms moderate. No moving In May. Inquire at 164 Kim street, between Grand and Itinome. * BOARD.-TO liBT, WITH BOARD. AT NO IM SBOOND a*enue, b?tween Kmhn and Mmh snwets. one ni^-ely I i.rnUhed room, On second (Irv.r, stills hie f or a 7-n<l?nian ana bla wife or two <>ntlemen Helerenoea exi h?og-?d Board?a gentleman and hih wife or a bin gle gentleman em be ac>!omm>xlaied with Board In a nleaesnt and well lurnisiod house,WtlolQaMastreet, urimk Kn Heights; house modern, and throe minutes from button hrry. ulnaer at 6L . . ? ? DOARI'-A GENTLEMaN a.VD WIFE, OR TWO xJ single gentlemen, nan oh'aln a neatly Ko >m on the second Coo-, w Ith part'ul Hoard, at Ki AM Vi ashing ton piace. fourth door from Hi ith avenue. Board.?one < r two gentlembn and their wives, or three or four single per* >es < ,n liave B ard,

at !?o 41 Fast Sl? eenlh stre. t, next to Irving pi we fin! h"u?e is linely located, has gas, batlt, hot * nil odd wil*r, Ac Terms for two persons ilaeludlng fir" an<1 g?s>, $<? nnd 910 per week, according to rooms. Rererenoes ex thanked. BOARD? A fKONT S1T1ISG III.OB AND SK )BOOM ad lolnit g to let, with Hoard, In a private t atnlty, stilta ble for a ?er,tfen?aii and wife Apply at So. ITS W est Thirty sixth street, near Eighth avsnu*. Board warted-bi a rorita gentleman, in a private family below Fi urieen.u (treat Address, slat- , Ing terms. It* all' n of Room, Ae . V X , Herald ofllen Board-with a Large moon, in heoond htort, with psntry, hot and eold watet, and ba'liroom sttaened, I 'or s gentleirtn sml wlte, for #r * week; also a slnirlfl Ro nn, ( with iinntrv. for (4 a week, at Itiil hasi Thirty fifth slr.tet, near 1 hirrf avt t.ue. BOATll)-WANTED, IN a rUIYA'R FAMILY, A BICE, Comfortable, ftiriit?l"d Koom, tor a lady In <le l?.?t.* henlth, uatil t e 1st of May terms must be m derate. Ad dresa G M , slnii ,n D. BflAKD-A FiMItY, OR A GRNrLKMvN AV|? "ATIFF r?n ii t?'n oViintiot Itie uis, wltb fRH or iiv'.lnl R'afl a^d i n mnilrrat" terms, lit 42 oi< -. :;.t street, near Broad*ay. Keitri mes excli'.nged. No moving at May. BOARDING AMD LODOIMg ? rAlin? HOMR wa?TED, FN BROOKL?4 BIN gle gei.tlroian rt-Mrwi * pWaaatH f.irui.hed Room. * th fuU ?r p-.rtUl Hnaid. lu a prUau I\milv located In th~ vkaul ly Iif urn ?i'e wauB ur ).?uv. Kt-t of reference* (iT?o Addptu, wkh ptrtlcultni (Xiryiku, bai 1,667 How York Font oflke BOAKD WANTED-!^ a LAOY, IN TIIK 1MMBDIATB vicinity of Hunater .mil Spring st . ix .\ddr-aa, for ihrte data, ?iatinn term*, which must be moderate, a. S. ? Goodwin. 168 South street, up -,w.rn. Board wawteu-in buooklyn, or some for*T aew-selbte to New Voii, for % geuiitai young married woman and chlM, lour y. ?r? old. a oomfa^bl" toom, wnh lite end repaired, where kind treatment will l?? re ceived. Heiereucch j*iv-u aud re-|uirc.l. Add^eM, utatiag prion. with 'ull purtKiaUPi, F., box IS3 H?tiiid oitioe. Board wanteo?fob \ family, in aitooKL.YN. A private IMntly who .an n,iar*' >4 pl**a>&nt i'aiw, wllk t-v UedmMBa, fur a R?otlenwn, wife Miilihlld; a prlviui table would be preferred; ^riee must'>e to alerMa. ajjivm D. a. F., Brooklyn I'linl ui! re. Board WAVTKit-ijx a btii'-hi.i private f?mi lv, fur a i .enileman mil wife; the lady >? rattier an in *lUi M I' M ' >ngi?l?: locMlon octwe ?u eiith aud roue U avenue* nod ? wenty-tMrd and l''o>i?-fifth ?treeU. Ai.iea.l dreesed to N H., boi l.SH't Po?t uillc-fl will i>? attend'"! t > Board vvamku-is & privatk ?amu.y, for a c*uileiintn. wife aita two Wit re, ai>ove Fourteenth street and bi'twut u I bird a< I -oveulb tvuniMt. T?ruw tuua- bn moderate. tddres* .v. M , hox 2,:K Poetoffice Board W*N ?!?!?? n> a OhN? I .KL I'oUNQ lady in a Kinail ndvate i -milly ? h* m c<to t ee.i at home-tiid be kl owed the privilege or u- ns a *h" l. r * -Vll^ou e.viig Machine. t>ct***fu t ;*4iial aad Fourteenth s'rMti pi nferred. addreag for <ue w?-ck, J rt , siatUm L), fc.igluh aveauo BOabb wan'IFL-IN SOMK *1CH, QUIET UDCA uod, frr n flt>^l<- ip tn l? mna, on ttv- <u-1 Hldi> .if tb? town, ncur Fourth ?v> uue. i>ddrt>>( K. ?V , box N. V. i'ool oQiee. Board wanted-for a younu lady, in a i-ri ?av? f?nit!>, from t to tl.'i per month, in *draorte if Tc)|Ulred: Abov Fouilet-.ntb ulroet prefer red Addro<a John son. lleruld otliou Brooklyn?to f.KT with board, fi'Rnis.ikd rim uih, on m-cu'i and thud tloors lurilM Uiw Dmn. r at A. Wl'hln flv? mlnut ?'> oi Wall Htroet and rtouth fei lie* Apply at -<8 ^Utn ?'re. | Board in bhoordyn.?ruferior roohs and Hoard Oj.n b? obluin?<l in a priva e '*inl!y reniillnK in k flrrtcWa brown ?ton> bouw^, at V U Amity utroet. convoiUent to Miutb and t ull itrtet ferries Dinner at d o'clock Ret'e r nceh exebai f?d BO*hD IN BROOK1.VN ~A UKNl'LRMaN and HIS wif? can be p aioommodtu d Willi ? ?cc >nd ? oiy fiont Ri? m and iicJ mm m no, 5 l>ebnvoW4 nt'eet, thr> e doom fr m w.imufbby ?ue?t; v?ry oonvanioiit iilwtn Fititou Hud Myrt!? avenui >arn; live aiiuiiU a' walk from City llall. neieiencrat mcUaiiK<'d. Board in broo&lyn.-mariued and sin ilk Keutlemen can *>? toyjuiinO'lHed with Board and pUa ?an' i iKini* in a band'omo hrown Ht iue botwe, ?nd to * plua ?unt nelgiiborhiMid ? Pjilj at 47 Cononrd *.re. t BtlAUD IN HRo >K .YN.?l'LRAit?Nr 1L>0MS Ftlit A Ken'lemao and wife "r smule g?n lemen. In a boune well located, wltliin a few mlunleH' walk ol Noutli ferry. Oioner at n* Apply a 107 Amity it CHKAi* FUKNmHKD Ht>t)Mri tr riu, KKANrtruK.' Ilouae, corner of Kmikrort and W'UDiun street* (ood Anom* from $1 to $.1 (ier week. Lodglngx f mm '?* nnntx to .',7 oeDU per nigbt Op^ti all nlgbt oo.mi re?taurant %ttaoh?d. ELKOANTLY ritrviihbd ROOMS INTUft II tTEL M t.enualt, Kif'.b avrnne. Broadway ant Twenty tcrODd ?treet.? frow vacnnta oult of deligntfal tront Uoam-i, *utub efor a large family: alio Itoomi lor Hlngle gei.tleaieo; all w ib baih* ntiacbed. Board al uible d'hote, private 1*6104 or meal* a la carte. E-?R*NCa BOARD ?FRENCH LESSONS, no. 9SEA>tT 1 Twenty ??ootid Atrett, in a '"iriiilan family, where FriMich only ia hpokrii. A Urge room or n?di<>i tu CIREM.'H HOARD IN RRUOKLYN.?OBH OR TWO r Rentletn- n cuii obtMln sof d Boom* norf Hoard In a French family Apply at 198 LUnton *tr>vt, itrooktyu b.UKMSUED BOOMS.-TWO NIOK AIKY furnished Bedr?;nms to let, to single Kfl'itle oen; private family kefcrt'Bceg given and lequlred. 11} l^eroy streot, near Uud don street. I.IL'KMM1IK'> ROOMS TO LET?VERY MnUMJ r furnl*!??<! Ki oru?, with or without p.trtial Uo ?r<I, <um He obtMluee. by applying at 1-5 .Ninth stn-et, a few doori we n o( Hrnaoway. |>1U?N1.SIIBD KOOM.?A FRONT ROtIM, nbatl.Y ITU r nlnhed, lo let, without li.n.-d, to a gentleman. iu<|iiiro at ^7 ^ UM I u ell til Btreet. CtKNTl.fcMKN, OR A OENTLEMaN AND HIS WIFE X cuu br .'iocommodate.1 with ulc.ily 1' iirnixlieil Ki^ani, >? ith or without l?ard, In a private la.nily at 17 i w^lftli "tieet, i.e t*?eii Cniveimty pUcv and I'll lb avenue. Hon e. with all toe modem Improvemebti. JERSEY CITY.?A Fl'RNISlIED FRONT ROOM AND lledrooiu attached, on the Reeon.1 Hi/or, to let, together or M'paraie, wilb lio'ir i. p-uitr en aud bath auaoheil il,iu? with all the modern Improvement ; witbln livo minutes' walk of the Jerry. Apply at &* liraud ftreet. MA1BON MEU HLfcK?70 AND 73 WEST THIRTY ei?l "li street, .ei?een Kirtb ave*>u? and Wroadwar, to tot, ei'-^antly funimlied, Uoor* or saparnte rootiu, hotiaen new. flr*t elana. four a'ory, brown stone; mmiii..n pa lor; fceeiaorant below, rent aiontldy, In ad^anoe fiat '??jut HlWIIII nl. mutable ' >r a phTMH'l or oilier MM Madam szpaozek, ffi(-ow or dr. hzpaozek. withes to Hud a r??p* etable family, *hre she m.?.\t ob tain Puard in rvmut'e.ra1 ion lor leesoni on the piano nbc la an sen irpllebrd lady, poifect In mu>ie, and aleo la arforal lungi KKi s. Highest of iv ' eiictd given. Inquire jf JulUu Allen,130 Water street, N. Y. vjt-ely furnished reooicd fi,oor room, wrrn i a every aoc minodntion lor t vo gentlemen. Dinner at 6, Cmteei l-xftUon Mum wu'd. Dear c m nod stages frtco >w. Address or call en " B," <3 Keade street. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED?J M MEDIA TEL", 8V a genteel young married ladf In a small family; widow sdy preferred Henuvl scconMoodatlon* required Terms nasonable, payable aa drain J. Ad.lmin, giving fall par iculars, tor tw rtavn J k L,lMMVk PLEASaNT FCANIxIIED ROOMU TO LP.T. WITH Board. Apply at 22 ^averley place, corner of Greene ?treat. Room wanted ?a gentleman ukhikkh a-in ?tie room, with grate aud gn?, wlUi Hr??kfasi f.oeallon between Hleeckerxnd fourteenth streets, and not far rr?m MroadwAy A -mall sociable tamlly, living plainly. preferred Terms must he low and stated In" reply. AOdrena U. H. B, Beraid office. TWO VERY DEsIKaHUS KOL'Mii AKK VaUANT At 40 B<>nd street, with or witbont Hoard. TWO GENTLEMEN OR Ufi.NTLEMAN AND WIPE CAN have it large Koum, with Bedroom attached, having gaa, water and fire nlare, and fill! or partial Hoard. Otai. or at 6. 10 Laaantne place, near Elguth avenue Three or pour rooms wanted?with board, in the vicinity of Wall Street ferry, Brooklyn. Addn hs, stating location, H. I. 8., box 173 Herald otlloe TO LET?WITH BOARD, ONE LARCE FRONT ROOM, or a single Room, at SO West Twenty ninth Streot, '0 tween Broadway and Sixth avenue Term* avxlcrae r LET-AT l.Kl VAHK K RUST, ONE NICE ROOM, furnished, at $1 per week. TO LET?ROOMfl. KBATLY FURNIHIKD, IN A PR1 vate family, suitable for single gentlemen, Hre.kfast and Tea if required; house with gas, Jrotoa water, bath, Ac. Apply at 2s V. wt Houston street 'HO LET?AN ELEGANTLY FuRNTrtHEO FRONT I Room on recond floor, with fu'l or partial Board It de aired; also, a small Bedroom -uitable for a single gentleman, at the private liouae 42 Croacy street, two doors from Brawn. ar anted?board for A gentleman and lady. TV iu a private family; losation between Fourth and Eighteenth street; board for Ihe bidy only. Address II. R. B., nta'Ion a l'ost oBoe, spring street. tWTAN1 ED?BT A RINOLE GENTLEMAN, IE A STRICT M ly private family, a buidtone f irntaned Room with partial Hoard, location near Fourth avenue, Wwsun rwea netb and Twenty eighth *tre< ts Adcreaa, stating location, terms. Ac., B. O WT, tlerald ofllee. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF QUIET and domestic habile, a middle slxed Room with iVstrd, In a reapeelable private family; Room mos' bare flr?, gaa sad water; l-vatl -a between Pooiteenui and Fortieth streets. Addresr, stating terms, looatioa, Ac., Home, box US Herald office. WANTED?BY A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, A H \ND somen fortilehed MlM with Hoard, for th? U<1 only. In a house with modern lmpiovi.ronnis, location betnr?n Fifteenth had Twenty tht.d streets, aod Fourth and 4|xtli avecuei, ard where no other boarders are taken. Address stating terms, Mra. A. H. Llrlng t?n, Broadway Post bitten, for one week trrANTED? FOB A OINTIJSMAN, WIFE, AND CIIILD TV iage<l 7% fttus), one large or large a ?d, wall tarnished, with t o^rd, elthe York tneanUaean a"d goo* taole lndlsp?asah mun be moderate Address < omfort, Herald otll<T WAFTED?BOARD ?'1 WO PKOFKMIONaL LADIEH are deelruna of ob^lnlng Board In a private family. Befereneee exchanged. Addtees Martin *<*><!. Herald oillca. ,'AHIKP- Mt>*KO, B? A v-oi'Nrl LaL*Y. WITil A r-sp?ctatile 'amity, a widow's preferred, brt?e?a w , Twenlv fliih and Thirty rlgbth slivele; room to be neatly furnished, gaa ind fire; not to exoeed tt 60 per week, pavab.e In adTsree .to boarding h.iuse keeper neod answer. Ad'lre-s M. C., Herald olUca. WAMKU?Bi?AJ>D Ft K A UTILE giri.TWO YF.AR4 ? ?Id, wbe?e Iherw la no mots than one child and where It roulo be treated kindly ae th< lr own English or Arit'-rfcan prefeired Coiuiienaatlon f6 per month Addrvsa .lohas- rv Herald ofllce <1 ORBT. hWfcN AVD TI1HH wiVKrl, CA11 BE MRU Li tealy accoramrdated with jands'melv fnrnl?,ie.| apar . tn< nu a. 124 W averley pla ?, near -<lt>b avenue. Also i?ue sirgk geaileman. a Inner at six o'clock. References ex changed. d>0 C|| -OBRAT RFDITOTION IN BOARH -OOM fortnble hooms wi'h excellent Hoard, frnm $2Mtto|'la ??ek. The rally papers ai d a warm parlor, with piano. Ijwllee and families aiilied. Apply at IS I, ?.e? nam Jtraet, nmr KrondWH). a ?al< hmati all night, and Lodtftrg" 'or married snd single persons c rap A?? .HOARD AT NO .HI WEST H00HTON HTKERT ?P?). oae bl ek from H road way.?a grntl* tnnn and hi* wife er three or four toting in?-n can liaTe n^iaitl for $.t per week each 1 he bi>u?e bae all the modem Improvements 9Til hlREET, BETWKP1 FITll ANl> WXTH AVE niee ? Ger.tleUirn wishing (list e!>-s Mo ir.l oan b<> an nttitti' dated wltli Hooms furni-hed or uni urnlshed. apply at ho l.n. References eiNiatiiirrl. UWOOHIER KTR? ET, NEAR CANAL AND BROaD way.?A ileelv fafvehed front <r ?ark I'arioron flru floor, and other comfortable Mcsitna, with gas hath, piano, to let, with or without BoarJ. a Leo meali *ent to vbe n><m*. Terms moderate. "1?? 1IAMMOWD RTRRET. NEAR ?F,MOeiALCHUKC*I. 1"' A nilt of tirft'ri.lshed RHM may lie had Ml moderate terms, with ft"e?d. In a small fwspeo able lamily; efrff m"d*rn imni'venn nt. HefereBwaeichanged ijtmier served It 1 a'clupk. >>r private table If nesiie.i 1(1 WfB AVENUE.?A HMtl.L iuumK A*D RPO J ? / H* m on f.rst (li?ir, suitable fnr a ban'i lo'. or hrnakfaat seivrdb d sired Also, tb)ee neat I v fttrnt'lted MndM fonahit. A A Flrf" hTKkF.T, RF.rWRR.N THE BUWHEY ?KI) m X Reread ?WMlne, Bear *ieroi deveonr> F't .|?h< I Room a to |el ?ith lull or oarllal rtoard Iron m slcrate Ul nepe< t ablepartlra, lb? ivkds are very ;> ev . > lh injUern Im pro i meals. BOAMniNO ANI) UHKHVa. Oft WEST .NJSTH KTUKKT.-TO LET, WlTIl BOAltfi -jt) Kuonia "uiuble lor aiugle grnilem Dinner at <i MfoaMMrietiAugwI. ?"?oer M "? JPOO. f.<r board, fuel *rd waahUu, ?lth or 14 ??>???. Uriel bul'dinga, tbe i?n<eat, beat irn,it Hoarding *?uiliiary m tun muU , ? JJ2u?Ui_ o^lI'd "1 y?ulF T? 'or bui1n. ? or 2?m*m' M ^r'A?,*3i ter.'wl1 *1"1 ;fnn? U-riu <x*T J.??i k i u. ";r '*reuUr* or for rouuia adilr^ja ?"'?* * Kl"K. fort fct.urd MtttnU, Vh . ' 4(i ?TJ?? N1" lUKK I-. .JKT #KE.V K.'HTH Ko,,n>, *V,\?Tn'"' T x tarrlnhwd -'.jJt ?r in * II *1 rlui h<m ?llh"ul ?''Oak att to ij-iiiIkui u in!?, un?urpaa?*d ?>'If ? ? wueta faniUy. UKjatio'u t o moving In May t**?<>uahla. Refers tuca eicuaiued. 51 BgTW??n nri M hixtii ?"n ?raouiuv iUtra Anh Ho.u5 J,d y,,,L 1*lH ? " <??? 'ho ircud t)o r s-iui au. . i y. 'l' *">??< Ulstied dinner at (i o'c-lxtk. '?tli?p; iiAtidnom.Jy fur 55 &**** "F TWBHTT. faml'lt n ano ,|n*|?. genii, mei, ,,n ri??i hi *".''' "'Vini' fc>r xteilt Board. r? 81 .V) p. r day ro?"nilhl? ???"?? Trm ^Ttl *U*Hi>iUiiTHF.Er VUKKi i UOM I ^ wny-To Kivwi,| turnip lUn.. alin;i? gentlemen the location la ne..r all tlie lirituhi., k 2i,VJS*HOl r'^nL QQ OKRKNK KTTtFBT, ABOV? ?PRINO-AI?fm VO IIcure Fleg%ntly nirm?h, J aim, ?r iu??u, J* ?*?7 .. aveulence Tor iiouarkteplug noaj^iuic.ur?' i.ioli n, n ' f',r*om" waf>aet.ihi? f?juili.-? grjiilt mm. hcut low to iwuiuiu tit teaanta wOti8TEli F.TREET-A KKW SiNUt.E U8VTLE J"'" ""'I ?'?mlruiru ind their v. vc? ohu b? mwotnrno 4*<td with go.,d liouid nod pluttaaut Koouu. Tenure 13ft HT,'PET. THKKK /;ia>ckm .n5s77?p ii n V? w' t *-v' ,l, ;" UM( "*>??<. wttli h-utrd rr.mi t'i to Jin^, ? .i nkl?y uriiUhed parlors to l> t., to fmnlllm ?nd tt *"",t!, n"n- 1]l,'44k t*1 I"r> m6>fc to.1; dinunerat U mn MAD'SO.V K. ?A <;K.VrL??M4V AVfl nir?i?h ^1'*"c*n !ln<1 at tiirird:?p<'?!il t milt uf liai lHaiai'ly hou^Ke^"'r^iuh "d Bu,1' d' Ut a hm ^ l!-5V u"tS.r TWKI.n-ll ???riiKKT 'V, I,FT WITH '?o fun>?bc4 Bo<*tw/on hfirttnd Hihu' h%lhimr KmUx a?0r'' a"'1 cu,! fronl *'*>'? "?> tlilnl tlo-irl 14f) VLSfES X'l'KI'KT, HKtill OKI* VVKNIIK.? '"'HW g^mlfm-o rr % dmulmuan rn ! ^b^ri at ??. ? witn "li':dle ori" ??omonmt ittiiR '.inl IUI1 Boaid. fti $lo P?r weak t,>r uvo. i'nvato lainilv tutH. naee? eicbapg*<i. Pinner at ?U *muy* **** ) r^\ ^Rr?i< J5 HTIlRKT?ifl', UJUa I iv f'OuHk a<; jj? iiih ?!! fur?U?li??d Rcxmi.% with ftttaulMML lib all tn?' conveuu'n^oM foi* hmweki-^p'iiff conol^t * *nclu?h Kl.'C^t'"n,rrtOD "4lto*- tot to faiiuli * watn 2|i| *f; * 'T?K*T, iVEAlt fll'UIMJ.-FlfKNIHiaiB ?Tiii? i. , '"""'J'ale oncuvaiioT. rhalomal li..u?-L^MYn? nmt rrt.ri' tbe wnvanl-'ilcwlfor reonniolcaJ " B?*tt hjh] f Qrnitui** Tith - - ??! I1? tod {1ne? rompK?t^: v%* vnd Cmton. 7H"-t ^V, ?i rvw:i..N u till H ^ 5r5 s i -v r.i ,o, m'?n :twt?-A,r"'u l^m <m ^n,i ao^r' rev m on 8Hnie flooi) to l? t to a t urni hod u - m uly furuiabrd ^nd U%s all mSWi ^ HWpSBti, Mt^ , TO~LIBtT^"" A I'ARTMKNTfi, TOUETHb R 111^^ A^r^K^7iH s feu 4?2^pr-?ia?? A thrkk Rrony bakkhvnt rfaeaa?? A flill.MSHtf) K lie) .NT KOmM nvrt k77,W C0""1 UJ .irid Mh ? l "f ,r hn,. ,. l-iinoi .traet, a few doora wea, i.f iiwm^r J1li -*1 fr??m ,i? to ti o'clock A M ^ 01 ?* tll< "u pfcnu*feH, / tOVNTKY H008C tO LBT ?A TW() HiORV ruirnrT' oxl. r :ri;.iTal'ta n"d"V,ll"t ^ 0? ^Slf!^,?Vn S^S ri, [i fTi.! i aifti L f"ui m,le" ',"rn ?VUlHLTiiHl>t?a re ? V." R. Kl'Orl M ?tU>H % .riVr^Ur,,W ?" to ?Teane and Ma ' al ttreet "..' '''' '" ^ m,"'-'" "'KMSllfcll AM) i-'.y.VM^Tn purvculan a;ply to uiCK a PITi *,'? ^ Kon'mrei^V.'vJ Four hvall roomh to r-HSNt ? awn up? mouth, a>wi tnoiarR" Klo..n wpii it -1., |L Apply OU tin: pranJa^a, No. l?a KuU -u sueei, Chway. A KREEMAN. <!?? Mort^Y^uTw^;^ SSJSte. L'UKMMHEI> HoL'hE TO i,ET FOH OVf "vpTp fnjTrW tf' -ESSS-ks or at room Ko. t Trinity Uulldlrig. ?11" M l??e houae, TO Zet-o.\ RKOOirr vm L 1#?$&ES. t%xK?lZ,& *rt"vnrkr 'h:0"g,1UU' "?'"<???. *pUy?jf&,Si3 ta'ta^iSsiS^aw"" ^ ?S"'n.Mu^TenU*mod''r,a'- *7V Hodee to let for $m? a hmall two rtort brick House, with basement, auder u?ll*r and iutl?, containing nine room, with km, garden In front, 177 <'liaron utieet. cm ar Urand. To be **n from 11 '111 i, by appiylag at 17# Clinton atreei. HOPPER TO LKT-TI1B THREE btuKV AN1) FAS8 ir.'Dtbr 'wn -tone llou?e. hot a:id rold water, ami gi*; rrnt $^.'<1, lai 1(1'Rirpi-t Also, tint three kL-.'y a'Hl nietit brick Uooae, i-ent $."11, K7 Puwi-m aii-iv t, Brooklyn. a ) juei-nt to cara and fen lea. Apply to J ;-.u'H\U|im>n, 'I2H Atlantic Mitel, Brooklyn, or to E. AUERHACH, No. TOuld street, up ataira, M. Y. Hotel to let?1the fibat class hotel no. 21 to 27 Broadway, corner of Morrir utri-et,, known ua !hc Stevet * ttotttw I'oowjii Inn 1?t of Mav next. Kor further Ertlculara apply to liltW UblT A TUUUAjiUE, No 6 llowl ft tirwn HOU?ETO LEI-NO IK> KAhT THIRTIKfH STRIJRT, between Ker/>Bd an<l rhlri *?emie?. three ?tory mid bbeenient liou?e, replete with ev**rv oonvoilemf vrt.u.11 lllteti let o( May. -npbly at lha eicliange oiilee, 176 Broiw'way |lliiw?nl H.itel.) nOirL r.fcrtTAPRANT.?TO LEA HE FOR A TERM OF yeara, one uf the lit eat and uvr?t prom Mag Location* In the'ry, now r**<iy tor occnpain-y and buauieaa. Apply lnibiedlaieiy to aLEX. UjiHah.1T. agent. No 4 Bowling Ur? ? n, In the baaemenL IN CARMANHV1I.UI.-TO LET, A TWO "TOBY AMD biiNi'ment OittA^e, with liable: plenty of ehrunbery and shade tr? n *o . live minute*' v ?lk from the Hu.Lwn fllrnr Kulli. H(1 (l?|."t , t-i a ?> tiu-( I f*i.,tly only; rent UOU. Apply to JOHN 1>. CUKVaLiKK, iM iteMlttaj . MOFFAT MlUllHLM BROADWAT ?TO LET; FROM Ut of Vav kin, Kocms IVo- 1, t ?ncl l In ttm M ilTat Itutld'ng corner of hr ad" ay and A i rih hireet. t heae ao* uiona an. I elegant r*-t?a are Jo feet on Uroadwuy, by npwarda of Htt te<-t oi< Worth ?ir> e'. Tin y form a aolendld *nlt, and areartmiratly adapted tot I ti aural).:- or b?aklii? purpose*, or li i an> light nen-ntitllc buiiueaa to which aJBn<la..nna allow too* rndgnod light la an oi'jeeL Apply to WT B. MOFFAT, on ' he premises, room Me Ik NO. <18 BR'MOWAY.?TO LET. A WHOLE FLOOR through, Ave i < Kiin* and yard, together or ?e pa rate, for dwnlUug or oUjce <: eeut MUl a year, or maa, lu pr" portion to number Inquire oi a. Earl, bird floor. ROOMS T?> LET.?THE UPPER FART OF lIOtTHB MO. i 13 Moi d atie-1 will lie let, In whole or part; an eioellent Im atlon ior a uierehant tailor, millinery ou.-dnaee, As. In <|Uire oo tlie pre j:l?.*e. OTEAM HOWKJa-TO LEASE superiors LOFTS, ty iflll, and Koran* In the raw lire at ry ilulldlng Voe. 48, *4. <4 ?* and MiOreene ?treit r.neblock tr,m Caual eireS aim rt'uadway, l< oat Ion the meat, boildloga are tghled on all aldea, h>?ted hy, ateata holat; ala< eslMt altre li.-e (iroof Vault*; InHuraru-n la 1 par e> nt. ParMea la wan' of kupethir arci mm <1aU in* at a low rent abould call e*MT and make their eeleetlea. Apply to H i. howard en the premie** I ? VRMPB?TO OHOVEHh.?Nt>. ?, TO LEABE, t. ii 1< t g imd well eiUihlithed <}i-oe,iry *toreof lllgg'n-t A I o.. al-uut tell ?iai?, II'tares fall, Ac., to larrt oo a U/gn bn?li.e>* foe aule App.* ui Mr. FELL, No. t Warhicgton plaee, flui V to tl o e'uek A. VI. C <>KK Tit LBT.?A HPLhMLID rottNER STORE OM ^ Klfth areatw. In th<> Immediate vlelnin 01 four hot.'la. l.r lauleii ar* apply al the Motel m Omtnaln, ciroer of Fifth ?renin mid .-we>i y *e<nnd *treet. Uh'-r roovh to i.ft-with sikam imiwrr, at 1. K4, m ai " Ho .luneitr. t. bt .wei'B Oreenwleh and Aa?h Ingion At<(.ly to tha i nglnecr. To LEI'? M liStSHEI) OR UNFI'RM HED. house Nn '1 Waalnrgt n plare four ?iorW high, .nttablrt for pnvaw 'amily, tomdlnf* botiae or "Jub hoiiaa. . *eeaehm any time. Iihiui ennthe | mln i? ?pO LET?A TWO HTolif itR't K OAELLINH IIOir'?B, I N.I 2.? Venwlik Mreet, rear Canal. Iivtu ie uf K. A. Htl'AIMil K. Mi hlvlnglnti atreet TO EEl.-A *uRKxi|??p WMLL LTT, Altl? ?WITARLR 'or any mann'ai turlng btmln- ?*, j*> *er may he had if dealn a. Inquire on the prfemi**?. 6n Weat > [i.rt.-n'h atreet. r) E>.r?rtTORK MO. 145 MalOiiN LAMB?FOt?R- ; ?I'll I at of Ma* Aptily to IV K K RaHN'ii, Inu'wa ; No "2 Wall Birerl, or to F MA^HA, Ntx 27D Union atr.-wt- ' Mr. ak'yn _______ 'I'O t.Kl?Willi ?T*aM~FOWEH, I.AHtlh a .NO e* A LL 1 Itcom*. 8 and U Fianklort etreet. Inquire of W. POVNT >k.T In the building. To Lvti-a La roe rt>n?T *'?om, with oah, tw a ?mall Kre? ? h r?mtl?. b*rd<.m#l? furel-h d or nnfur Btahed; r?rt'li"ap Apt ly at 4t?7 Hr< ame airrat. TO 1 KT-A ItlHKK fTt'RV Hlufl nA"FMRWT I'nire, i- titalnltig 11 te?n roo'ne, with *1'. the . inrt 'tn lmpro??men' ?, in a tooi tie'ghH'irtti ..if; ga? nititee^ 'itougb etit, rntimi la^nTa at Ut Ba?t Tniru third atreot Ti l kt?a m w iwo torv uripk norrsE, with all lie m dern Imv leetrn'pl ; anltable for a (MltrM ffemdy le.julre "n th? pr. mUi'i, tirnt h"in > i*e<t of Third avi?: ii' 'ii ivi ty iljiMh Ktiw ; met, #.'V1; poiifnion given in n ? iiateiy. Jfurr.iure Iwi n e II det ted. HOISBI. ROOKS, M? to uvr. TO LET?TWO FOUR STORY HODIEM IB 11IT Thirty third iHwi, b?t??fn I^ilngUia and Third tl? nuoi; bath, range, e>o?et, ??b bum, *uh iu <?. dumb wal'er; I tu-un in good eider, 16 rooms Rent $7311 each. Al?o two and Ibreo nlory, 0 rooms. AIM) Apply u f. L LOMl, 21 atreal, ur It 106 Knit thirty third alruat. TO l.hl-A HltOWN STuNB HOlJeB IN rUlKTIBTH sir ei, near >? itUi avenue: will be mil 1? food oruer. Al?> the upper part or house No. ."?*? W?l Twelfth street; hot u4 <*mo waitr throughout. rem 1^1. Afplj tu N. ibOfc* A i4, li, WILMlKStuC artel al??n rrojar?uih vk*y dbkiraBib. first clam I II<hi ea p>? h. 20 and 13 Irving place netr Fifteenth frwt, Ibif? And one half soirlea, wliii all lb" modern tinrr'Ots, it d in i m ir?t i.MfttilxuhiMML For further p?rueulAra Apply st liv W? ki Tb rti b Mr"#'. 1MI l_t?'l ? r?> Ah MALI. It Kh^Ki 'Ta HLK FAMILY, TWB ii|.| rr pan r House SttM st Nineteenth ?tre?t. between Eighth ana Ninth avenue* r?n ? n fmm 1 to4 o'clock. TO IE' ON IIU'l MM l.r, itr.MVKKN T'lIRD AN? V..I rih ?Teo i?? i ear Central I'* k w > well IIniched ( ot'si e Huu-es, rlglil nvun h si d flux v.?nl > nch FaclllUt'* ri d u?r jteiting iio*n town Kept $ An) * ?> tar. Inquire At Ittt I rail at>cet, <>r on the prrimses TO I.P1-AT IS VaN[iRW\TKK STREET, A LARGE itwn ><n tbe 0r?t lloor, wltk high celilng and any a mount of steady ???am |*?fr; suitable tor i cylinder pw r.a ni. machine sbop, or any lii'..vy inaijulactitrug. 0 A. aLTORJD. n'i> -in homkm, wuroHsirrsa oocnrrr,a 1 House. Stable amJ about four ac'ca of (/round, the ro ? tier. ?? i f the late F J. t 'otliu It ia near the Harlem IUII r?md l v. miles from Punlj's Hint ion, or i:rotou Falls. Apply ('<>FFll?, Vosl otfloe, Nr? ? ork city rr<> STORK 12ft MKKCKK oTKKKT; BI'tTA J We for a Saloon, liiotery, Ac.; will be ievwjd I"r Iw > year* at a moderate rent. Apply at M Oortlandt utreet, ? ? StAlrm TO tJT-FTRNISHKD, T11K UKC1 STORY 11 nine >o. 1 *7 tilphtti vtn-i't, fnnr H - t of Hro?*d ?uy; In K(??t TBLulr nui-blo for a fir?toU Inn*. !! ? b ju^c. llie Umtly willV,! r<1 in ll>? ,f dc-l'iibl . mo lkt-ihr nwF.Li.iNd iAKt ok houhk m 1 l<ieenwlrhinireet, above Murray, oernplnd ton year* BMt an u ' o?'ilui|! hotiso r?nt low to a tcnanV A only oolv atJUl'v 1 ,\ 1M''N H, 19i) Wanhmgton street, near Knlton. 103* nted: ? .'n.lon. T< 1.1.1 ?K' KSIHHBD, TIIK IKH tJE NO. IM VTKHT ?eut> wr,,ud atroet. ??lon may b? iiAd March 1, a?? tl'fc !'!'? mitea m ?y *>o w?i>n during the day. For t?rm* In <|Utre i.f .H?||N L KKNNIN A > <1,'niriiAinbenialreet TO LK1?A NEaTTVso hTiiIU aNU aTI'IO UOUHB, with moderi. Improvnment; rebl J'^SO. ApuiT on th? preiti^'fi, 1Kb Weet Eleventh str?*^t f|K> LI 1?TIIK MRtiWN hT<>?K bNOLi- ll HASKMRNT J Iloilne. No. 7 Livingston plai^i, >-aj.I But'- of '"Ouyvr tai*t tMiuaro t:ari?'t?. Ac , for aaU toqniieoii he uremlnee rpo IMI?ON BIluUKLYN llh-ltlilTH, Mlt>V*V MR. J twt i iitlin ferrloa tbe dwrllliiH IIoumi No. M < olumliuk strrei; ?III lie put to Ibip'Ogh r-palr, Ac Al?o to let, the t oiucft adjoining, lu Ai>arinn'iiU J I1UWLAM) RTLL, 1?5 Fifth avenue. TO LI T?A SMAlL (Ifc^tel L HOLHE, NO l(U KAHT T?rMy.?lgh'h A'leet, a'fftt3 /bio a rma l Mouse, No. M Fhri i wentv ll'tb (ireet, ii? ar 1^-xliigtwr avenu-. $676. To bfl ?een by card only Apply to J li. HILi, lai tlfth avo ' ? tythlr' * * nuo, comer ol Twenty thlnl utrcct TB o I.KT- KROM MaKCH 1, KI CUANTHECOND ?'LOOK, live hooni> and attic hooin. In buuse No 21 tfnrt Thlr. trentb Mreet. <'n t a wattrAnd hIi,li. abunduuix of urswera, cl' tc * iird ?anln'be?; m'pirate and water closet. ?1V a month Apply on the premieee Tt) LET?A Til Kf B xrORV HKIOK HOn<? IN BANK K'.rret, b. IWfi II Fourth Itnpl? o4 W:ivcrley pla^, non talning all ilic mo'e. n imp ov. men * Two rooun roeerved lor two vourg bidies who will boarl with tbe family. Ap ply to W. II. H.. HMiril, 366 WaiibingVuii Market, nuur Weat ntri et TO l.KT?LOWER PART OF HOITuE ltd BAST FORTT fifth aireet ba?ciiient and parlor lloor, AI no, ?# eonil lloor 3M Lowntni; n-ar Hedtord mreet, J.1*1, Aleo oUiera* J. U. BILL, l?6 Fir lb avenue, corner twenty third atreeU TO LET?THE SMALL HOCfrE 99 EAST twelfth itieet between 1 bird >tnd Fou'th avenue*: will be put Id Are outer. Aim), a annul gente? I llonne 8! I SeO"nd avenue, (marblei at $600, In splendid order, one door 'ibo.-e . hlrty aevi-u b street. J. II. HUjL, ISA Fifth Avenuo, <* rner Twenty third str?et TO LET?A VERY HANPSOME THl.EE S^irv noOSB on Lexington avenue. Dear Twenty fit th street, wLb bay windows, verandahs, ?hm ihtures, and In splendid order; huituble only for a small family, ('an be seen from 2 to 4. J. ii lULli. H-6 * ilth avenue, corner Twenty tblid street. I'O LET?SECOND FUIOR, TWO ROOMS ON THIRD floor ?lt!i priviledi'" in laundry and b*tb num. of A boose In Wairen place, I'harles rn.n et. In line order Family mux! lie small and no children Kent %ML Apply o N, lti'E A K. U. A lUSON, 210 Varxk street. TO 1F.T?THE UPPER PART OF THE THRKB HTORT brlct Iioumv with all the modi rn Imp ovemen s, ?Itmti No 1H6 Ea?t Flfti'entn street. Ta b? sc n trom 2 to 9 o'> lM-k " M. Inquire on tbu premised, or at Hi MAirea street, up stairs. TO LET-T1IB TWO FOUR HTORY STORES, T29 Vem 1 street, and No. 1 I'latt street, forming a> L.; will bo let t "gi'iher, hh they now are, or separalety, to suit appll ? unis, anil at low rents Apply to OKU RUE BkUCB, 13 Obambers itnel TO LET?THE FOURTH AND FIFTH dTORIBS, U ChAinliei'M htreet. sul able ror dagucrreotyotst or any business rtqulrlug an exi^ll) nt light. I oasejwlon given lm<'!y a I o some oiliee* in ailiiic iit buildings. Apply in tb? olline of the t; p- foundry on timt Utair T L*,T-TIIK POUH HTORY HRIOK HOUSE, 216 West Twenty-second street, between Klgbtl' <tnd Ninth at en una. Ilka an extension nfmi 18by251eet Laundry, two bathr omr, f'roton water, ventilators ami km in every ro> m Harlors, third ro< m arid calling* frescoed ' hrougboul. In complete nrdo*. It'tit Including mantel Had pier |Ur?i, chandeliers, As. Can be win from 10 to 6 o'clock. rLRT-1 TIIREK HTORY BRICK HOUSE IN BANK strict, beiwrcn Waverley pl.iee and fourth mr?K, con taining ull the modern Improvements; two ICums to be re served lor the uwner, whn will hoard with the family. Ap ply to U. 11. K HM1TH, 335 Wanhlngtoa market, ne*r West street. TO LKT?WITH IMMMIUTK 1'OSSEHHION, THB PAR lor* ?D'I Basements. with or without Hoonu on the up twr floor, nt house 08 Ht. Murk * place. Also, two or Hires Furnisln d Knout* for |> ntlemen inqnlrn on th.> premises. TO LET-A MOI-EHN BI ILT, iHitEE rtTtIKY HRIOIC House <wlih In;media1 a poasesabm). at 179 Waverley place, with or wlthont iiubw. Also. the double Uoum, for matted, at 46 Orove street. Apply to E. BLoOMBR, No. 30 l'lnc street room No 4 TO LET?A LA ROE POUR hT.ORY STONE HOUSE. ronialr.lOK iwnilt four rooms and every modern Improve ment, near M.oli.on square, on (be avenue, l'oeiesilon lit of March. Inquire of K. U KINHflI HER, W3 Fourth aveuutt. Rrn< 10 per c nt leva than formerly. TO LET?THE FIRST CLASH FOC'ft HHIRT BA"B niriit Houses, Nun. .HI and jM West Thlrty-dfth (treat, replete - ith all the modem UMrcVMtonta, brown atone front to MCond floor, law bav window, statuary, Halian and bon marble ui-ntela, vesilbul* marble, wa ls hung with gold and pearl p*|er. halls with Mia-k marble, handsome gaa flx tures snd chandeileis, an-atlng tti'es, Ac., all In go >1 order; rent$7w?. Inquire of HVaHKH, S.17 West Thirty fifth street. I'm LET-FOB MILLINERY, THE USE OP PtTBNISH. ed Parlors In he house srlth a first elaas dressmaker: other Krotns ti desired. Por particulars apply at OLUOIUR* fancy ? ore. S.'l5 Broadway. TO LET?THE LOWER PART OP THE MODERN Dwelling House 124 First avrnue, near Ht. Mark's dace, consisting cf a kuIi ol parlots, ?xu-n?lon and large dining n?m, bath, bedroom, Ac.: front basement and kitchen, Ac. Apply to It. O'COKOk, 41 Went Seventeenth street rLET?POHHEHHION IMMEDIATELY, HO USB 141 Weat twenty first (treat. b< tween seventh and klfkth svenuts; three stories, modi rn Improvements, An. Rent 9<<0t. Inquire of HAttUEL MOOHe, 144 Wast Twenty-Ant si rn t or l."4 Broad (treat. TO LET?THE RLBOANT AND OOMMODIODR MA*. ?I. n, together wl'Ii a large pint of Uround, situated on reventy aluh street and hlevenUi avenue, nommaudtng a fine view of the Hudson. 1'oa eulr.n immediately Appiy to N CANM A HKOT HEK, 9H Bwwery. ri ll I.KI-TMB fHR>E Mtoitv BRICK HOCHE NO. SS i Vt cvt 1 hirtet nth strrat. Thrr atory brick Hn lrtlog In U>? i< .1. at |.r<-Mnl oorujii?d aa a a.ah'e. rIET-THE 1>PEK P\KT UP THE HOUSE NO. 36 Henry s*reet, to a small family Apply on the ] THl LEf-A THREE HTORY BROWN HTONB HOUSE IN I ll.trtt-tourth atn-et, rem t7l?l; and ? tl<r?e story ' st?ne II. u e, cl<gaotly furnlalvd. In Forty serenui Appiy at .18 Le? a(r??l n>o wfii Broadway?lar<>r paklokh on pibb* I Boor, with ?nt'snce separate tram house, suitable for It ruranceOllicea, mlllliiery liuainvsa. Ac ,?lao, other <? (fines ai d l.noms to let Apply at 833 Broadway, abova Twslflit street. r^m I.Ee rm\n FlKS' uf MAY- THE PlKefT CLaMB l?rntiM bnuta No. M B>st 'welfth street, m wv Apply to BKW- k 0?X, NO M Wail street rUi oH Lfc/t?k?a VERY DEnlK mLK iHttEB ? (b ry dwelUag Hons*, No. *2 Weat Twai'th "treet, bo te rcn Hith and Miih aerauea. Apply to VKADY A Hf'HOCLB No. 217 Pulton street. Can be se?a fiv*i 1 to I o'clock P. M T) LKI Olt KOK IN lZ't? srtkftKT, dAKL?1M. iMlfaet mu>t, Pblrd avenue and between two'Itr rail roads, and nenr s'rambnat, ana I two story attic and Uaae n?ent<otiag> Houne with gaa, t'r.ton water, fine yard, Ao, In ag>od f Iglilx rho <1. Kent low, and p<Meca<k>n unass fllal'iT. At fly ou the oremiaea. flMJ l.K*a? ?A P1KMT OLAHH UIUH HTi OK. POUB ' ati r? brown ati ne front house, on the waat ?lde of Loa. Ington avi niie. between Iweaty eighth and e?eiitf nlntn slieeis, * llli all eoiiTet.knees, baa latelj been p tin ted *ndpa pt retl thrnngboni. V rtnl^ea *?.d lixiatki-n Terr d- alrabla. Fur ultuu , Ac or'ale low, If desired An eieeflant oinatrtanlw for a ottii i) ah ut to ??ominci.i e housaka-I'lng rot.<caalon any time fr? rn la' of April to IK of "ay tit nt, flJttL Ait ot in, I I* st ofcee, or apply st .14 Broadway Tor par mis.-ion to ee ike prrmlsra sod (or furtbi-r oartieulara. rl l.RAHB roRNBROF IIIIHi V PlR<tT MTREBT AND hr- udeay, a large plot of Or itnd, atillahle for a first ?ISM lie'I uliihh'. or w nidl?a?e for mann'setu-lng purpoaa* to a wo- d t? nqulre of l" * LaNflTON, H lAfest n?lr ty flr?t "tree!, Cial ofltKc No ^irt t* need a| ply ri nlik'.-A LaKUE Htcj-B, WITH t#U aOHB Ot , r a: ud. aial+'a. out bousea, A.r ; tbe house ta very roxmy, ba> ft* < aater. Ac. anil la ailna'ed on Eighty altih ?tfret, la t?e? -i Fl st and "toond t?>nu?a Apply to IflUtltT H. l.l.hl'H A ' I)., No. *t ?? *?k.iu atraet mo f lli N MAY I?THE PI Rn r PIX>OR OYER 1 the null'- Hand 'tank corner thlr-i amnue and rwanty flfth 'iiett loiietaUng o I a 1-r, uitung Kornn. Kltcaen, Hrdnv rr,a H?ih.<? n>a, t-.inirles. Ac ; gas - nroiigiiout, anil all tl.e a.< drm Mn|>r vetoceu; U In g< od order, a d wall ea cu lati d fi r a ?mall geuta> 11 aoilly; rant 94)0 In iulra la tVt back rRFNT OH PtiR HaL>?A t'OTrA??E ?Ni? TWO L?'la on Sh<rtv third atieet, between Hroadway anl *enih iirmn ; r> at t'Zflil p.-r anaum The rurnlture will ba sold ai a low valoailoti inqnliw < n iha premtaea, or of J. W. A C O ">l ft It I Li , 75 Nnaaau street TO "i >1 IK l.EA.if~.>P.AR Mi i it HIST' ? ?? M, NEW J' r*ei, f unnah?d er unrurnishad. at a law rsnt, an ala nd. Sril a:r? ly I rst cUaa House, Dmund-i and Ou bulidlngg. 1b< ate is elevated, ? st* r pure and convenle't; -eener\ rnoat t<su?i ul For oartieulara appl* to PUtUCB A WaDH Rf-Kril, 1!* 1'inc stiaet. Ti MArHTNl?TH AND 01 HERB ?TO T,BT, A WOP oier f ') feet sqnare on the No tb river, near Heach Creet, a lib ar w ithotit oa er. Will lea n for a torin o'years, J A B. R- liRH At', wi II atroet. rrv*f I'ANT II* THP HOf RE t? LMO?1T ?tT*RBT to let Ihiee '? !o r? it--n roonisi, wllh >as tnil ivater; r*ry deat'ab'C, and will be lat, heap t i \gvd ien?nt J. 110*'LaND mi-?-. 1(0 Filth avenue,