Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1861 Page 7
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gHIPPTW. trg; .?LY BBrtTBKsl *BW TDU A1CB Q tuir-Mi4. UnibQj[ and erub?^ilu? pasMujsrs at Qanaaa y (IreUyU. The Liverpool, NewVort ?ui Philadelphia ?tau?htp (Vunpaay lu>*ad <W?u)hini UM4r fnB powtU Oly4e-buui I run nam ?hip? M fuiii?w?T? BJU.OABOO ...Saturday, MHank z::;::::::::::::jSSS3r. tj? ^ ""J Buuniay, at noun. fruui pierfcl MuirtL Bivor. ___ 1UTM or rasaaaa: M riral CMD.. S7& I Stexmca " D*. U :+mtm ...7mI uTttUwta. M Steerage Ntara U..xnt?, ?>od for six mouth. ...... ?9 r?Mjwger? toi w?rded toParto, H*rre, Hamburg. Bmm, BotterBam, Aniwai,. *c, at reduced throegh >u? Pmwi ? uliiTjg to bring out taeu- Meads ??? bur ticket* hare at the following ratal, to New lurk:? Prom Liverpool ar $MMO(i flrat cabin, 97*. m ?nd ateeraga tram Lirerpeoi, 94a Knte Quaea?to*n, 9? , These steamers have superior accommodations for panao m, aari carry esperieaaed aurgooni. They are built la ^boanf*1 lr0n MctiOU*> and h*Te l'?tcnt fflr? Anntlillators ?or furtbar Information apply In Liverpool to WILLI 4M IlUk Agent. 21 Watar street; in iHaaffiw tnW* IN MAN. A# St. Bnoeh square; In Queeiiai .wn 10 C If D. *BY Dl t OO.; In London to R1VBS A MACHf. S> Kin* " a treat; In Parti to JULR8 DKO-JOB. No 5 Pltee da ; In Fhlladelphia to .1 QNU DALE, 109 Walnut 'Ureet; or ai thn Company'a others. J OHM O DalA, i agent, IS Broadway, Mew Tork, TTtOB BOUTRaBHTON AM) lUVUB JJ bteamcro! Saturday, March?. The united States Mail steamship ADRIATIC) WtU leave from pier foot if r?u*l etreet. North rtrer, on Hatarda}, March 9. for the above porta, touching at gueena town, to faixl tiff ma'U. Tbe ndrlatlo ba? water tight compartments, and U uaex eiled for O'ln fort, nal'ety aixl r\*nX. ialnt of paaMiye, flabln 10 Havre 3110 A'eaof pan-a^wt, Cabin to !-.oulh:impton lOi) tieeood Cabin, to Southampton or tiarre 6U far freight or passage arply to HOWLaND 1 AaPINW ALL, agents, M and W South street IJHJB SOUTHAMPTON AND Ha KB. S OB hiiuKOAT, MkrcV- X the I nited States Bail Steamer FULTON, J A. WOTiON, 4'omm-vnder WW Mil from pier No :t7 North riv?r, f mt of Beach street, On 8ATURi>?>, Mamh t, at noon VMt llMnier, unsurpassed lor saf-tly and comfort, has Mh engines under deck. ?nc:lo?-<l liy ur*t>-rtlglu ooioaart taaMs, which, besides other results. u-ud, In ih- evout or sal Cslon or alrsndii e, to kvep the p.iuip* ' tu work, and se i n the M'ety of vtwurl ami paK4.Miy>ri 'rlc* of p> sag" in atcnud < ubin, $76 and (GO. or freight or |>i>saitge noply to SaMDEL M KOX. 1 .r,ntlL J Broadwar uaO Mackenzie. \ 7 Br0m*h Ihe steamer AkAUO wJI ull Msrch to. ? TBAM?NKW VOItK., bUoThAsPTON AND UaVBB. " i* Vardor-tlt Burop^an line ?t? ituiUipa will aalt between 1 Sorit. ? ut'iHmpto'i and tiavre, v CAKKV1NU TtiB tiNlrnD STATES MAILS. Kr m N<*w tork | itrturulu* i rim Qa for s.iuth?romon I vro and .souiiaiap and Ua>rn. I ton. /TjLINOII?, Terry Paturoay apriifl! Wedoosdv. *prtl it VANLikhtt'l l.lxifevre, " M?r 41 *? May a ILLINCIK. Terry. " May 181 " June 6 TaNDKRBIuT, Lefew, " Juno 151 " July S Three MBlps have w?t^rtigliico-[mrimHnts. Certlflcnt'-? of ps*sagi* ifnued fmia Europe to America. r-de delivered in Dal'iu or >'an?. TORRaNCE. ar at. No.# Hoivlmp Green, New Tork. hlght drafts on Loudon, i'arUand Frankfort. 3TBAMK& OF aI'KIL ttlXiH Foil BOUrilAJtPfON AND Ua v BE. CABKYING THE UNITED 8TATBB MAILS. THE STR1MSHIP ILLINOIS, OaPT P. R TBRBT, will sail fro n plor No. H North r?ver. New Vort, at n.ion, Saturday, Ak>rU 6, with malls, passougcrx and Hptv.le for &ng iand ana Kr?.nc !. Tu SOUTHAMPTON. TO H*.VRB. First cabin 975 First cabin 9^1 Third oa in 311 Third catim 36 This sicam. hip haf b'-en mippliHd with pto*e'ful n-w boil et*, ar.d b-M hwn tlUte't in ih* mjat l(niriu<h munurtr. Wrought lion bulk lemli ab<u>lo'j<ly water U^at and ll> < pro if, aacloae her pnglnus and bjilcr*, and f> r safetip, ooiu'ort ana peed she ranks In the first ii?-? of ooea i s>-.a.ii("s. Jier next trip from New York will be on May id D. TuBRaNOB, Agent, No. 5 Bowling Green. New York. Bight Dtim on Loitmm, Pasis awd FsAincroBT. JTBAM TO LONlK)NDEBRY, GLakGOW AND LIvBB. ) pool?Ihe Montrval Oo>-an Stoarush.p Oompany s flrat IT** full Dowered Jlyde bulit 'tciinn'r .NjTa 11 IN, Capt McMafet, la'rylng the OacuiilUtn ami United status maLa, W<11 all from I'ort'anu d?>i clittuidav, M*rch t Hates of aaseage mnn r*-iw Yorx, flrat cU-m. according to a-oora BMtdatior a, $6ti aed 9%'; ateeraee, found with cook d pr 'vi sion-, 9'W <;<;rtiflcat' a leaued tor brlng<ug out p.isH-:o{ura from all th? principal towns of *r*at HritAtn and i i ?lau.l at very law rates. For passage apply at 23 Broadway New tork. SaBEL 4 or ARl.E, General Aieata STBAM n> HAMBURG, HaVRB. LONDON AlfD Southampton.?TIM Hamburg AntencaD Paofcat Ojlu tjMr'l s-ean-ahli. o iOHi, H Ehler* oommudar, ?? leove on Friday Ma'oh 1, at 12 o'clock * , for Hamburg, rte ?outbau p'ou, taking paasenger* for Havre, L>od>u, Bouihampu.n and Hamburg First oatiiu $l?*)l Second cabin $A;| rtteemgo ... $.56 C. B. Hu.HaKH \ p, n< 1M ''.roadway. A* steamship ?aVaKiA trill suooeed the 8-?iouU Aoril I TAPMIUTTS USB or Ll/BRPOOL rAOisT*.? i'sok t lot March ?The well knowa packet ahip -V M lAP?OoC, Capt. Bell, ?alU sh above. For pu>fyn In cal'ln, seooiid Cjbio an<l a'Aoragw apply ox hoard pier tJi Kast rlvar, or ta 1A "bOOTT A 00 , So Souib .itreet. PAKHAOK Fli^M OB To LIVERPOOL, RT TUB Bark Ball line of fr.cketf.-TbP IftAtOWKBH a.illx l?t of Marrh, the MANH A t'l'AN on the 16th rnr Pa.Hn*go apply on Iwd. at pier 23 baal river, or to JACOB ?V1LsOa, 10s b<>utb air?t ROTAL MAIL HTRaM^HIP AFRirtA.?F <H LIVER pool ? I he aFRL'a iheodoro Oook. Commander will uail from tne Company'* dock, at .lrr*ey City, wuh thi mulls and pa?s*-ugcra f.,r Europe, on Wednesday, the 2/th inaiant. Passen/ei.. are requested to be on bo^rd by 9'^ o'clock, tL The Al/8TBAI>AblAN "lil <*ll on the i3tu March K CIT*AbD, No 4 Bowling flraen. PR CALIFOHNl*?VIA MANAMA A fl-?t claaa ateainer will leave New Tork on the lit, Utb Mid lint of cm h in nth, except when those dates 'all on Fkiuday, when the <la/of diparture wiU be tho Monday fol lowing ror f reignt or passage app'y at tfae only offlce, No. 177 >1 eat Mreet, corner ot 4'arren. i>? H aLLKN. Agent. A rjw? RMil* PIONBR* l1NI.-P04ITIVBuT FlilaT A al,lp to anil t-r Melbourne, and ?'yd iev, Cilppor ship Rob'Nho, will ">'1 fith M.n h, ami h.>a nn >ic?lled ncornn -d< llonh for flrn claia i>a?aengen? Cl'ppar ahlp ANNiL, -vl.vf BALL, l,>?JU tone, will aueo ed, a"d adl A'eli March, hmm eelleut ac<- niimodatlons fur Brat and ae">nd claaa ^awug rs, ?II on de^k. ror freight or nwa.age app'y oo board, i'ler 7 at itrer, or <e K W. CAM bKON, DO >e?ver sir.?t. a COlALl*.?BAJtOAKOO LINE rot MELBOURNE A Tb>' cllp.or ahlp lltJbbAtt, l.'JUOtorta, Capt Howland, will b?- tUe tir-t ship l<i tail Apu ) wor address MalLLIttt, \A>U1> A V bHfcati, li d WalI ?treat. JaMaICa tMl NBW VORK flCKBW 8TEAM C.tCuFT Line, oarrj 'r g t?e mtU ?To aatl lo Klugaton, .lam m me tihb o> ?acj month. The ou?.l iteamalilp Zulu, Capt. BdwarO <*oo<l**in, will sal! for liio above pojt od Wndneaikay, ?ar> h 'HI, from pier V North river. Pa*aaae?Plr*t cabin, MO, ae < D(i cable, $V) thl^d <Ja?a, fS3. for freight or paa ?age ?p I.' u \U1 ?.!? A KuUfll, agerta,67 Uroaid mwt. A*bA a.NLt W I. * OHL?a?8. KVBHr TKV PATS. tO 6AIL ON FKIDA' . MaHCII L, AT 12 O'CLOCK. The K oam?hip MKMVIL1JI, J. D. Bu|l'<cli, <'ominander, k bow receiving TrelghC am. will sail as abure from pier foot 0 Murray street. North r)>?r. Hor-m tnken on an >ne diraera. LlVlnO^'ioK, CKO?,H A 00 .64 Murray street. The w'?am<;.Jp > All Av 8a iaiU 11'.h Mitr.-h. I pom Havana via nasmaO, n p.?Tub &* 1 ami hurt' *tu:- loan royal m?d a.eain.iUlp KaKSaC. Cap aln i?n>'<-?ur? >, ?lll sail Irr ilie above porta from the oomiN-ny's whar', at Jersey City, ou M< nday. Ma*cS t fiatuidij March 3u aatks ok rasaAca. FoNaMM M? To >vuia W For 'rvlgbt oi ?asage applv lo it CUNAlil>, So. 4 Bowling Green. u savannah and iie fo T3. Tie ??? ama-lpa of the Ameri-an Atlantic H aamaiilp ? iiany w 11 leave pier U North river on the ioLo**.i.g Oaya, it S r. U #uMlt:RLLO, Capt. Gager "aealay, Feb X 1 he a learners of thl? lire are all new, and ire not ?u passed to elegaoee, c mfoit, safety ind >pe?o by an* on the omao Tick' ta ti New .irlnaii ,?#.*. Mobile $?; Montgomrry, ???>? Merr.i bia, $.'<175 Naabvll'e. $11 75. ?o >1 "III- J ?, rhattanoota, $2o. albabv. ?'?< Col.nnbiia. |^l, At'anua. $il; ilac n $*>. Aagoats ?'? Wl; -Uvannili ? # Apply to U B. t ' iK^ clli A I O., H0 *eat nti??t and U6 "midway. C>uB 8AV AN> All aND O.HKR POINTS, AH BK T" low ? Tie flrot cla*h nteamahlo A La d AM A Captam oeorge R Srhenck, will l#ave >a Tnurwl^v. February at tP M. from plei No .fc? Nor'h rive-. Through'icke'a ran twh/.d' oi tue lollowlng plaoes ?Ne v Orleana. $ W 75, M.i bile Wnn'gomrry, $X%. Oc imt-t-, fit: Albany, lit; Ailanta, Kufauia. tH\ ? hMttsnn>*a, %0>: Na.hvilK ayT *nf?ville, m), MempM', s I AuR'ialt, fl7(V>; Macon, f?>. Navannah, SUk For ir? ig3t or (<aaa.?ge a^ply at No. 13 Bn-anwav. The MAK or TUB SOCTR, Captain .l?ai?s Ke*nif, will (TOCW^fl ? AAMl J L L. MlTChll.L k WOS, few Vork, ( . , JOHN B. WILuhik A OAi.UK, Sovapnak, S ' FH?H HAVANNaH AND oTIIKK P'XNTH, Art MR I lew -The frat rises etetmahln f .??K'lla, Oaptain laaao Crow ail. will leave on edneaday. *- rnary V, at S P M , 'rom pier I'o IbNorth river ihroiigp 'lekatac*. be ted for the folio*Ing p'acra.? Ne ? (Meana, $ tt T.%; l| ?bile, ?o?t?owieij, $?; Colniuboa, $21. a'twny, $W. Atlanta, $il; Kuiau'a, $24; Chottannog*, $^5. Na.bviii?t $17 74; anoi vil.e, $?!W; MemphU, $^l 75; AngtmU, $17 M>, Maroa, $.??: Bsvennab $U> For freight ?* pa? age apply M ft? 1.4 'The'YaBAMA, Captain Ueorge ft -v henek wiU aonreed. (.AMI RL I. MITCHhi.L A 8?JN, I^?w Vork. I JOHN K. WlLlItu A OaLI.IK, -tavannah, t *?Bn" fi"ThKrlM.^a^?.Mp N0RT11 CAROLtf?4 wiU tear# plw IS Ith rtver, on Wedonaday February Z7, at 3 P. M., for WU B'nr<-o N. 0 FreWut eight cents |?r foot and oo reapOBdmg rata*. (.ooom leatlni-d for onth < amllna will be forwarded by the u ilmlngt"B and Mane neuter Kaiirw?l with the greatest lisno'rh apply to IL B. CROM*RLL A OO , ^ Hi West street XIOMfM CAIMlLlNA?M KK?b' Rl ? be nrw ai<1 Or?.t eUsa steam ihip ."f>?KTII <1aR 'LISA, Captain "lMam Powell, will 1 av^ pier I) florkli river, for tnimlngioti, N. U.ton *Mn.? ?? K'ebni?)7 *',althree *.M., ootneetlng with wllmlngv* and Weldno and iffUBiagton and Bsr<hxter railroads. G ods for ? sided to all parte of North and Sooth Carolina free of romml?*lnn Freight gh' cents per foot and proportion*!* ratea Insurance one ba'f per eent Arp'y?on r 30.. . "? "eat >tri?i and Ua Broadway. Hie flRMWIilW wtl sueeend. and leave on naturiay, Ma ck J niMMlUOH ? kKldtl r ArtKANiiKMh NT ? Fl?R NO* I folk Ponamoiitk CIIt Poln and Kichmond, oooneotlog with Norfolk aw Ptterabnrg and ivmihetde Ka'lroad. for Lrnrbburc. Hrlatol. Memphis aed ln'erra?vliai- plane* Treigbu reoe'ved every day. and through reoelpts furnlah wl it u|f*r '<L Nort'1 r.w Ateem?hlpAMKH'i 1'H, Capialn Nklnner, leave* every 'urMlnV lit i I . M. t-teararhlp TOH.BTOWN, Captain Parrlsh, erary Haturday. 'might to Norfolk 7 rents per foot to City Point, ft oanta, a fjohrii' ticl. 9 P Bti to Norfolk, stateroom and meols loci tided $ft. to KSk^nT ?' |f#? Uft Iroidifif ?HIPPING. WOK hAVA*NAH AND TH.{ SOUTH. P t he steamships of the a Msriaaa Atlantis 8t-*nsablp i mpmujr will leave p er 13 North river on the f illowing daft, MONTGOMERY, Otpuio Berry, *hursd?y, Ftbruuy 18, or Moaer if full 1 he > teaman of this IIm are all new, and are n 4 ?urpasasd la elegance, e>.mfors safely mad speed by wit au the uveas. Ticket* to New Orleans, $3tt 7ft; MoblU, %M Montgomery, ?26, M?m;jhi?, fcil 75; AMhnl't, %'H 7i, fcn >*n'le, fti .VI; Chattau'Oga, $2ft; Aliany.ttS; Columbus, ttl; Atlanta, III; Macon, $A>; Augusta, 917 10: avaanah Sift. Apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO., M Weat (treat and 336 Broadway. FKKMOIIIAL. A B. C -AT LAM YOUK'B IS R?C RIVED?THAN US. 1 A. M?et us on Tuesday, at twelve o dock. I' the fatea prevent then on each luooetdlnf day at twelve o'o'ock our hearts vrr < ?rr with you. L. M. N. | CU.-6AMNU NOTTCBU OORRB&PONDBMOB OF ? various dstes algned M , la willing to ret pond If assured his huitt* are rightly directed. Uive an tnve.ops par post, via: New 1 ork my. CHl'RCH ON FIRE. HAVE NO NAMB. SAME LINK, at tht terry, at ft\ Monday or Tuesday TUlRTV-tHIBP BTuBBT. D?WHY DID TOD NOT REPLY TO MY aN.WEK, addressed to I>., January I Write or nmmnalcate through thU ram r where I can see you. There Is a letter for I>. at the tierald odtce. M J. 0. FA?OUS8Y Wants TOUR ADDRE33, DIRECT torn" through the central ''"stoUce INFORMATION WANTED OK THOMAS GARVY, A native of the parish of BaHtiderien, co'ioty dalway, Ire land, by his sisters i'r cget, Kata and Ellen uarvy. Ha cane out to t. !i) country In ,r years n-xt Mas'. Ajoy Information retarding hi* ? hereabouts wll be ihnikfully received by his Hater Kite, at 3A' 'aulic street, Kio kl u. Nashville il eunetioeo) papers pea-e copy. I~N*MH \1 a fli.N WAWTEU?Of 'OHS NEVIN, FOR mcrlv Jalway, who n. supposed 10 ha?e died la New York wnbin the last two year*. Apt ly to Archibald Baxter, 18 Beaver street. 1WUL MKbT?RW-YOU ON THURSDAY, AT THB same tune and plaoe. OUMDROPfl. M~~R. 0. H. wistt'KK LEFT HIS REM!DKNOP, l? Jk\ street, on Friday morning t'te i"d inatunt. and did not ri'tt rr tu information oonr-ruinu him will ba thauk lully ret:* ived by his frlc da. st U Jay simu F. M?WILL YOU PLEASE MEET MB NEXT lbt.r?dnt the2Htb iiixt, near W. B. w , In the street which 1 Raw you Inst, lis .'! o'clock 1*. M.T I have baas ill for the last twu weeks. 1 want to see you very much. N. J. H PHILIP LOJMJ will 11KAII KhoM Hl.f t "-KK-MaB ga^ec by tailing at 1P1 Chamber* atreet, up stairs. oeamen whcTwere in the ciuisAiiKK, ban ja 0 cint i, "ohiean, hawk, Constellation. Marion, Mystic end >' yi.ud't, * h- a slaver? were captured, call on fHoa. L. Bl'A\j> K.I-, 81 *?all utreet S GOULD fill* MKKI" TUB tm OF ARTHUR BRAD Llis, late of I'laycros*, Derbyshire, he l? eariie.stiv ro yuesteil wrilo houi? or to Busho>n\?. 1I? will also llod au uncle in tli* to^n of Pushford, fox -tver, Delhi, Wiscon sin Terr tor v, I nltod ?itatei rpllh ?h iJaTiuNW T)r J11 1', I'll II <-NRV CDKfKR, 1 lona.erlv o< Wick'uw, 'rcland ?uppu>ed to have left New York in or about the vsar 1831, wish to ob'a'n information ref |iecting him. Apply to McOonnln A Davidson, 127 Pearl stieet, N f WO?hORT HtTiTFfck * 1LL UIvk YOU THlRT* ? days tu surrender vour Utile hear ; If you don't I pbftil *e obliged to rail on our gallant Maj ir Aiidenon for ai si.stanf. Letter for you at station O. ftllMC WlaL A N KO U 8. AOFNT9 MAKK PWOI it Tu t*> UAIH SBLL(N? XI1EELLR S > ateut ? t3>hoie tiuard. to prevent ttu^vei aac burglars from opeuiog d ?<r locks with tub* keys Ham pie and directions sent by mail for thirty centa. A(ldm? i#eo Whea<?r, BOS flroadway. N. t'. tjt'Ai WANTED?A hvIaUT, Si IKK^AIL BOAT, UN ^ tier :*j l'oet, ill gmd order; also a Hub'., strong, pulling Boat, 12 to 20 roet long; state iiarilcul?r-> and lowest cash jir ce. Addreaa J. h. M , bos :i,loa cost oflise. (10NHDM>^PI<IN AND ALL DISBAHErt OF THE iiONOB, ./ An., can only lie cured by preparations of the Meiioan An>eabuite Wood Advlne given and for sa e by Dr. 0. KM?f' A OO., ?r> Bleaekar ??-feet near Broadway. N. Y. h?INH? IUwKS.?? TA t E AND country RIOHTS T for Hartweil s , at"nt Veialdr Sash - onlv patent of tho kind in the world 1* portable, elegant rhe >p and duraH ? Can and i-ee model. Orders for greenhouse* received at 7" Nassan street, room No 9 BBMJH A JO. L^aiBKK bAKOr; Wan I r D.?ANY 0*E UAv'INJ A email one In g >od order for sal" cheap forca?h may ?' dre>. J. i. it. box 1,810 Poat oOloe, stating size, age, priss and where to ne seen. MaIU AI>D'8 CELESRA-'KD OHOCOLAlE. family CHti OLAlK, SJceits. CHOCOLATE DK RaNTE lERFfeCTIONB. CBIM OtATE A La VANlMiA Chocolate Double vanilla. CBOt?OLATE P? It EXCtLLti.NOB. CHOCOLA ? E UKEaM LROP8. CHOCOLATE CARAMaL^. All lh* above Chccolata are made from the best material and warrant) d pure For sale, wholesale and rvttll, by IIENHV M \ILLAR0, 621 Broadway, factory I x an I lot) Mercer atreet. MaHKLH MaN; BLk.?Uix&AT BAM1&IN4 IN MA(I tela.?A 1 ar?ie stock ? n hand, and a grea reduction in nrVes foi ?uy kin<l < rde oo tnla in ,n h full i?io ?t K. Kl.aHB'' 8 warble *arc), 11H Kant r.igbte?nth itreei, wmlof Third Rveane M>;nie.l? put up in any nlartn In ihe noun try PS. tirt'BSS' TOOLS AND FILKS.-DKN l'I3T A VD ? Kill"' files, Jewellers' Tools, Rolling Mills, turning Lathrs, .-lido h?t?, Wu.chrnakers' Tools, Ac., by WILLIAM H. * KAriBfc, fi6 Chatham street. SOAPS femms'i Russian Latindry Snap, for families, hot* Is, &?. 'or sale bj all grocers and druggists CIlAlUiM KAINr. A CO., Ag-nta, 2?.)ohn sine t,nin1 118 '>^rl street. OOAl'8. 0 eatt water leaps, manufactured by B Benson, to last In all climates i IIAK< ?k UHAlNfc A CO., Aran's, n John ?tro t, *nd '18 i earl mreet. 1hU f??tp la well known TEAK UK -CiRlhS AND PBOVHIORH. TUB CHBAPKBT bToRB IN THE *ORLD. Sfi I'KR CBNT 8AVK> The greatest bargains over offered $l()0,(W0 worth of Gro ceries 'A tues, Teas r lour and ''rnvlaions are now oelug sold ? t unction pr'.nea These are facta to wbi?h th msmds en testify. t.ivc mo a call, an" 'yu will also be s.ilt>.fled tuai Uila i? ibr place to buy tea*. Flour. $\ $? aud Oroeertns and r ro> inionn. OouaiUtyour own In winn, and buy your Kuods I'rom THoMaNrt. aiiNKw, /O) Greenwich itreet and 89 Murray street. New lo t rBriLDBBB?M.vRaiiB mantblb ?i havb four mai+le Mantel*, i% hlnh I will sell ou ancoiint of storage and advanorit mude ?.n tb*in, for h?Jf th-lr valu*. Inquire In tbe butcher's ah p, wt?r Leroy and Bedford ?ti*et?. |>BK N1 W VOKK DV1INO AND PBINTINJ Eril'AB 1 l.sLment. FOIKS Of HlATEN INLAND. No 9h Ltinne street (ata4S?ohn streft). Branch o.Heet, 720 broad way. ?nd 136 Ptenrpntt sweet, Brooklyn rjiilxi UKEAT BMIEDT. DR ZF.LT/S I'O* DERS, To Cure LOVE OF of Hv NO DRINK. Won.'er work ng In their effrc * Perfectly harmless. F<v n'f at 6.1 Division atr?. t and 214 l.igtnu avenue, X. T. Brooklyn, at Vrs hsyee', ITS Fulton stre?t. Nr 'irk. N. J , Ilr. xere-'s, 2J4 tiro id street. ?., atC. V. (.rceman s aw PRltT. $1 'tR HOX. THE ORE AT ENflLHH REMEDY FOR OOHT AND noeun,(iti?m ?Alt anflerera from tbe abov complaints. either nl r< "?-nt or Io.ik winding, are adrised to use Blair'a tinu' urd .>hr. n at'c ? Ilia fhey can be rel.ed ui?in is the nostwaf* and efleitiial rem-xiv ever offered the pub ic, and h i?e been univer-aliy used In l ur.'pe for ma-if ynam for the >ibov? c mplaints irtee :<5 and 7^e"nis p-r I) * I'repared bv "root a llart-ant, Lond<n Eugland and aold i>y their :ient. Milton Hnrsiiut. Flltt-thira ?i*?tanS fro?d*-ay and h) If. ? . Wells A Co., 116 Kfanklln aireet, N. V. HerMsjna tj 'e Ocnimi?aloi,er?b;i?e author / -d th> name and address of ' l lintnu* front 2.1) Mrand, Lonnon," to be lmiirias:J upon the govei naicnt stamps uflixed to each box of the genuine medicine. nedicHl. A D1 V IMPOHTAHT WDRK?A OITIHE FOR THE MAE rled. or thoae contemplaiing It ? Tfta afBU ted, debilils>o4 V,;".e.?e' should te ! marry, or arlopt .t?y treatment till tV? ha?e Informed tb- mselv. x of tbe truth only fo indto (r l~-.uM-.isrn Paris bordon and New tork Medical A I vleeraid i>arrla?? OuWe M?iled for $1 bv H O LaWT. ttJU'E, No I es-v stre-1, Astor House The doctor cures nil snch aff ctions, recent or long atand nc, expedltlouMy and privai . as for yoara put, at 647 Broadway, op stairs ? ?OKl> TO THE BUFFERING ?TRf I.R. WAHD, 4?1 B'oadway UU great remediea cure permanently wltn dft paie.h, , ?ONK LT DR. WARD. HRiiAHW*T.-TUB BARLT 1/ appUc-i lon to a oompctent physician save* moeh future m'-ery. t*ARt, 4K> BKOAUWA*. IN OMLV OONSITLTED annildentially with oomplete and gratifflng suoceea. At tends till 10 P M_ DR OORBfTT, MEMBER OF THE NKW VORK TTTTT \erslty (Medical Col!?g?), ha? removed fioio W Duane "treet to bis verj oun1 etii?.t suit of ofDoaa, at >i ? ^nt-estreot, hrowg ham* era and tteads streets, wfiere he m i be <-on sultad *? u?ual on eerta^n dlsense* ibirt/ 'ears in his pre vn ? pe< la'l'f efsbies him to make perm-tneni nurea N B ? e Dr v.. a diploma ta his otLoc phtu ta entraane at No 6 Ity liall piaee DK. HDNThK UA i FOR TH "<T1 TBAK1 OONF1NRD his att< utton to dissaaas J m . rt? ii cb?-s In which be ha* lir*te# u? less fifty th caae- VlllaMM la Ktamie o# imluie Hta irrest rrmari Dr. 'lunuir s H?1 Onip, cure, ivriaiii nlseeaea when regular lriaim?ii. and all other remedies iall; runs without dieting or restretlon In the ha l>ils ol tue oatleDt; cures without ttw iltsgunUngand tickenlng eifects of all other remedies; cures In new cases n les? than a|i hours. It runts out tbe poistMMtus taint the bWsvl is sure te nhe< rb nniaes this -emesy Is itsed It Is $1 a vial, and can rm he obtaiDed genuine anywheia bnt at tiw old ouloe, No. S Uivtsion street Book for nothing, that treats of the evil effects of earlv abuse. Dr *at*oii iNvirp.B thohb #h?i ark affliutbo wlih a reruJa form o'Slueaae W<oall al his resldenea, tat Broo?e atrert, seo.nd Monk weet of Bxiadway, where he guarautses a perfect enre without h-ndrance to nasinees or ctaniK- in sny revert. Dr. Malaon'e work, ' Tbe < :*nM? and Cnn on debility, dlseaaa, Aa, with nnmeroaa blgblv In tab ed plates, may be had of 1 B LBN I, 4M Broadway, prtoe |l 1 b? Kst work for the nan-ptMasaloaal reader.?Madtaal Review. D~K. lT A. BaRRtW. I>4 Bl.Mf'KKH kTHKBP, FOUR io>n from Msedongal. M t , author of ttiat papular mcflleal eo*. 'Human frailtymay beeonanited as usual, f?.m II'ill* ??<! fw"n ? W*11 wnndavstllll ?. i oiirfeft. u di'anh ^kVkt, mat be con luU'd on all dlsea?es of a eertaln oatnra Twenty el<ht years etetuslv'ly Arv-t'd to theee eomirfalnw, enable him to wsrrart a tntre ta all rases. The victims of misplaced c mfl dentin in medical pretenders aan aaU, With a oerialuty of be ln? radically cured or uo pay. DR. R1KR8 OFFI B, NO. 82 UTH ATRlfUR. NB? Vort ?Ladles' elaetro abtUTnloal Oorsots, Huppori era, An. Ac M RM-M UN NOB, Rt-nOTBIOlAN. RO C4RMINB street.-Osivanlsm applied dai y Hi 'ha treatment of functional diseases nf tife femala sexual system. Sours from H to 4 Upper llonr _________ f>ROKKN?^?R BRKTEuL, IKS OHAHBRKH RK f can be onnet.lted a usual, or by letter aMrenM to hot f SW New York Post office. StIRB CUBltH B1~DK WaRIi, 4*1 RRtlADWA*, OF stairs. His Pnfortnnate'a Prisad and other remedies are the nnfMhag rsUaaoe, HORSK8, OARBIAOBI, 4C, H CV)R SALE?A HANDSOME CHESTNUT If ARE, A BOOT r lMk baud* high, kind sad gsntle in harn-?? or tnder the saddle -pply 10J. ? WILLIAMS, 44ii Eighth avenue. rK HALE?A SOKRKL MAKE. 8KVEN YEARS OLO. tin trot a mile In three minutes, and U very ?tyiiah. Alao a loi Cart. made bv Wood Bros, very hatiilsoine. Haa barn uned but four limes; In perfect order. Fur aala cheap. Inqnlr at privat# stable, 317 Muth at reel. TjK)R SALE?A HANDSOME BOB TAILED BAT J1 Hnne, ovar '6 hand* high and all >oan old: also one of toe beat pony built Horses in the city, 16 bauds high, and weighs l,60Ulbe.; alao two good farm Horse*. nrtco $K6 each; all warranted In every respect To be aeen at *<o. $!){ Parry street Alao one aet light tlarneea, plated price $24. Fir HALE?A SECOND HaMO carriage, in good order, pair of Horses and Uaroaaa, to be told cht-ap. The) are Tory suitable (or baking. Can be seen at US Clin ton piaoe, Mtiretn Fifth and Sixth avenu**. T7K>R BALE?A CO 'PR HORnE, IS HANDS 3 INCHES r Ugh pony oullt aad eaay gatted; la perfectly Itind and a una and eliat year* old To be aeen at the atabla of A. Baitowh, 101 Grand atreet, onrner of Mercer. OltSKS, CARRIAGES OKOCERS' AND BTTSINK3S Wagon* ?for aala 200 Ui hi fainl'y ;arriag?? Koclut w aye, buggies and business ? agons. and aeoond hand Wa gons of all kinds; alao fifty Horaea, selling off cheap at 134 Fulton avenue, and lONerlna atreet, Brooklyn. HORSE* FOR SALE ?ONE HORBE THAT CAN TROT a mile In 1:30; one More.- auitable for A Ooupe or curt, and one suitable for a ltuly'a aaddle horse All of the above will be sold low for ca?h. or will be ex^heiujed for real eatate or other property. Addraaa boi 4S6 io*t o uoe. HOK>E, WAGON AND IIAKNKSa W AN l l.O?liN fi*. chiinge for cash. Iron pipe, piurabern' iron work, or Iron Must lie a aouud, kind librae sni'ahle lor heavy express business. Address lloraa and Wa^on, L'road way Post offije. IjuaD WAOOMB. EV We have on hand, and are prepared to receive orders for FIHfT CLAi S ROa1> WAGOhft, of All weights, mad: under our ?ui>ervlatmi on ihe premises, and warranted to be equal to any other wagon mvie in thia city. We have alao ou band and making to order flRUT CLASS CARRIAdKS, suitable for park. <-it? or ocuniry. which we will sell a' lo? prima, MINER * BTKVXNb, 71, 74 and 76 Walker street, Klrst door east of Brosc way. SIX HORSES FOR SALB?SUITABLE FOR AuL BUSI nea-es Vrlees from $40 to $100. Also, several ..ccond hand Light Wagons aad Harness; also, a good one horse Truck. Apply at 72 Charlee atreet. SM<L1> C HKAP OK E XOH ANGKU FOR MMAld.BR ) ones. live Morses from the country, sixteen hau ls high, < en years old. At for conl cart*, trucks, wagons, or any business; warranted sound and kind In all harness. Inquire at atlOrtnd street, N Y. TWO~WAUt)ftS, SUIraBLK FOK AW Y BUKiNBSd, warranted one year; must be sold immediately. t*ur chaw ra calling to day can tee them be'o-e piloted. JOiiS Mi I.LIN. wagon, 12J West Eighteenth atreet WANTED? HOKSfcS AND CAKKlAi.KS FOK A IdV f? ery stable, in exchange for good StookA. Address A. Y., box No. 144 Herald oflice. \v AN'l ED?A LIGHT KOCKAWAY WAGON, at S27 Bowery. MUSICAL. A GREATLY IMPROVED PI A NO FORTH. LIGHTS A BKaDBCKY, MHnafai'tnrers of a uew scale of o* ratruna basa, patent In vitiated full lruu frame, grand and square t ian<>lortu, No. 4il rirocirie street Planoa to rent ? GOOD CONTRALTO, WHO IS PEUKKCTLY WKLL A ao.|iiain'- d aitb church mu?i and a good reader, wlahus an e< ^K^ruient either in a Catholic or Protestant choir In quire at No ? W est 41>t st., near 6th eve AMAGN1F1CBNTSEVMN OCTANE ROSE 1 uOD t IANO forte l or sale?Richly at ved legs and case, round c .r Lerr, full iron plate, lulaiu with satin?ood, overstrung ha^s. Inlaid with pearl and pearl keys, msde to or?ii.r for the pre sent o?uer by city makers, fully Kf.'iruuteed for thr-e >ear?. b?rn in u?e out five months; cost $AIM, will he sol 1 for $2611, Including M-oola-d Corer. also,el gaut Drawing Suit, cost I ' 0, lor $150 Inquire at No 70 West fwenty-simh SUvei, n? ar nIi'Ii svenue. /WHICKERING A SON'S QKAND SQUARE AND 0FRIGHT PIANOS, 094 Broadway, New York. DBI'OT OF THE ALEXANDRE OEGA'L Kor Church, s, Chapels, schools and Drawing Room i, 303 Broad ?uy. BOLE MEDAL OF HgNOU at the Universal Exhlbliion of 116*. Th's magnificent lastrumm' (patented in the United Stales May J, Ihili,, ? bleb the brilliant perl ormanoe of 11I.^LllrlUi, YILaNOVa, M'.LK WECLI8, have reo<li-r?Ml as p pulsr in Am-Tlca as io Kumtw, has bnen adopted by the grcatost artiats and conposers of both Oonti U.!t"i;HCHALK, L1STZ, BOSINI, MEYKKHEBK, Ac., Ao Tbe ao-isndie < >ii{*u Is celebraled for the sjll.llty and pro clftl>.|i of its mechanism, as well as for the fuUneis and power of its tone ai d t ie remarkable quality of keeping puiTantly ui tune in all climates. ..tihe dep.t, $45, $S0, $i00. $160, $1A5, $?U, $'^0, $3011, $340, $4t0. A descriplne circular sent to any address en apnllcntion to BkH^AKD A KAliKAGL'fciTK.-, Jr.. UrifU.y, Importers of H usson Areotde.<ns, Violins, Violin Strings. Ac MUtlC-A La1?Y WELL BXPP.RiaNcaU T* TBicn ing the Pianoforte, u ho can produce tha highest les t monUlt, Is desirous of obtaining a few more piiniis to in suu thi heir rwltlcneea. Call at l&JjWesl Twentieth street, nnur Li^lith avenue. OBGAMoT.-CHAHLES WEL . FOR TliE LAST FIVE vest" organist t nd dm < lor <>r the music at Si Stephen s ehunn (nev. Dr Cuinmings'), T? entv-elghth street, oe^s leave to announce that be has resigned bis plat e from the Isl of Msy next, aj.d Is now open lor engfig menl in a slmlUr chvhc.ii\, either in a Catholic or '?'roto um church. Adiiess 76 West st st.; at horue irom 3 to ;> o'clock P. M. OROA.MSl.-AN ORGANIST, WHOSE ENGAGEMENT ex plies Mav ], is open for an offer; aal?ry no object where tbe use of ag<sidorgan canine had, Addruas Jdu^io, box 177 Herald oflice. llANOS, M.L'. HhoNH, AhtXANDKB ORGANS?AT the lowest p. sslhle prises Ke?*>nd hand Plan ? at irreat bargalus, fr< m o $1j0 Onosev.-u octave se.und baud, fioi.t round corners, !sncy leg<, fretwork desit and over strung, for $175. ' ianos ai d Melodeons to rent, and re j. al lowed If purchased Uonihly payments reo>lv?d lor tbe same Qolcat?E WArlv.ts, Agent, Broadway, N. V. PIaNOR.?A"?4(?l PEABTi KEYED PIANO FOK $12." ONE 7 ..ctave for 41;*); one for glut); one bs, oc'ave for$aT>; Thirty Are new Fiauoa from $i50to$4U0; |4J _?v ner o T< mh st*eet. P1 IjIAkOFOKi K*??a Bargain?PRICK $iso.?a Mag nilioent ri^?wo)d (t% octave Pianoforte; cost$'.iO Also M-iersl "even octave lanofories at half price to close the e? lute oI the Orm of (noper A Atherton. Hy oidei of Judge Lionarti, supremo Court At plv a> "M Bowery. .liilf.s McllONaLD, Ree.-lver. (i PIANOFORTES?aND MUSIC TAUGHT IN A FEW ?' lessons, on the Piano, Singing, Guitar, Accords.m snd Molin Nine rianos and two veiolcns to rent at $i, $2 SO. J. . $:t SO, &A nna $7 a month, or for sab- at $M $.??'. ?i".\ $ it>, ani. $kU, by M. D<;Msl AY, No. 400 Grand street IJVSTKLCTION. AT $1 60?WKITINiJ, ? LKh.?INH; BOOK KKK?1N0, (ID Iraaon* unlimited. Arithmetic and Writing, Jin ,.er quarlai, 78 |e?v.n? a* U tt-' N. V , and !HI Pulton atreet, Brooklyn. 'Vol I'A1>tie well kn>?u toaelw of wrl'int I tenia of the beat laatruciora In the Utata"?New p-m Mercury. AOADBM1 (IF rE>YANSIIIP AND BOOKKEEPING, ."W Bioaaw-y, continued br W. ItooO..ANL), for many ystra with Oliver d. Ooidamlth. No claaao* no rough practical Inm ruction, wltn xarui-at, careful attention. Op<nday and evening. terms rood?i*te C"U>NVk.RlATIUN PAP LORB.?, A t-'SCOND OOUIt-R OK J ConveraHtional L'-wina In French ?'.p?nti'i It !lmv, t err an an I Knullali will be formed ai the I'o ygl it Inailtita, h'l MM l'rr adwa<, m ar k rlon a<(U*r>'. a- ? on m h? i>polio* tl"?i? ?hali be kutticient, Private unmtDH In unmnwr iimjr be had of eacti lanicuaaie by native prol'ea*ora Thin i net! title ia patronized by tU? hlgfcext aociety ut Uti* > Ity. For i'CuUa and particular* apply at the Institute I r.uislaUona of every kind aUeudcd to. L. PaT.Ma 31 CK-lVi)L\. tfhfKCH A.NDGEhMAN uANUCA?iR< ?PKurK^HOft r E TM.l.P!Kt NutHl? Broadway, corner ol Twelfth-treet, (natab lilied lsf>2'. wlii rrc kfwu ttppiirail <na forprlvat, tn atnactlon and coiner?atl n In the at or *a.d and ulaaalcal lan guagea and make tran tlatlon* ol eorreapunaonce, Ac. OPaNInH KfbTRrtmOH? LAMM OH OR'ITLF.MBN 0 dn*lroua of qiwllf) lng.theiu< dlvea for a commercial and aocMl Intercourse w>'h fpamaiil* may ae|iiir>-it k<iowl>td?i at iliat laecuage ihroagh the undamguM, whoa? nlmple met! od ha* given i'' ne. al ?atlaf action, a* hit alternation* will ahow Addr< aa H H a, I.VI fo*t ottire. K11i.NO -I'KOr. LONG H NRW UtCTF.M OPTBAOH U K, without oopy bunk*. la oae of tbe great>-at noveltlea of U.e day. It a*U.nikbea every pupil to aee tb? !r own writing after IS leaaona Rookkxptng, ?albeaiatioa, Uraamar, Com. pi lUon. 943 Sixth aventM. WANTED?IN A LaDIKH' HfcMINAHY, TWO TBAI'H erv one for the hrgllah branches, and m-- for Moata. Alao, a middle ag*-d lady, to ac' aa matron Ad lre*< for tine week, II. Z. Z., Herald oilier N. B ? Kncluae two (tainpa aa he letter* have to be aent to a distance Tl'-ANTED?A FRENCH LADT, TO OIVB PRItT.v l"B ?v leaaona In converKatlon to twoj young ladlea; grsmmar not required. Apply at (W W eat Twenty Ui ih atroet, 1 mm 10 X M to 12 M. W A DAStlWO ACADKMIRH. SODWOkTH'B DANCINO ACADKMi&li. No. WW Broadway, Hew lark. No. LS7 Montague street, Brooklyn. Wedneadaya and r?aturdaya In New fark. Montava and rhnnutayM, I uevlaya and Friday* In Brmklyn. Clrenlaraof ?. M - Ao may be ban atel'ne^ Anade-ny ALL TUX PEW DAN?;K8 ?u or o. BRCXJCKS* ACaUKMV. 3*>1 KR(K?ME MTSKET. A WRW OLAHM Pwt Tl/BHDAY. La Ilea' primary olaaaea ia?trooted oy ?ra Hroukan. poiurm AtMMtu Evamirva THE ^CMQi-L In QUEN Abli Tw < TEA*. TVABrmO.-tEVJAJIIJI YATES UAVINO RE rlTRNED l/i rora hU South-rn tour, la now prepared U give Instruc tion In liaiwlng lerma, Ac. made known at hta raaldence IM Hm Kreet, batweeu Uie hourn of ? and 10 A. M. and 4 ai d 6 P._M. rOCMAK, RALLRT MASTER Of THE THEATRE* ? Koyal at B< rlln and Man war.?Panning Academy JUT Bowerv " l<e?aon> >1 par month, four evenlnga. and Tuea daya and f nd*> a, fJ 1 rtvat? laaaooa 40 oenta. Ladlea' af RKITAURAWT8. Bank baloon, no. 9 ba it ttou^'on btkut. TO Tlr TOWN BI'BINRHH MEN. BILL Of PAKE THIH DAT: Rna*t Beef and Vegetable* Ws. Hoaat Ijimb and Srgetablea IV Roaat Pork and vagetHhlea Iftc Rratnt turkey and .egetnblea /....JV Hoa?t Chkikrn and Vegelai<kea Be Corned Beef and vegrtablua IV Rolled Mutton and tNkper s?uoe IV Pork and Hean?, Moaton atyle 13c. Pnglleh Plum Pudding Home aude Mlree r-1? do Home made Apple Pie fc N. B ? nteaha, hopa. ('utleta. and Rarebiu, l? order, forterhonae nieak, with I'otatoea and Bngliah l'lcklaa.,..3Se. Ifce beat of Alee, Ave eenta per glaaa PHRlUDtUiu Al.R, I'llIt.AOPl.tMUA ALB - Oanuliw Philadelphia Ale, three centa per gLuia; a gUM of al# and Hand?Ich for all eanu, at hPriflcBR'S, fo. ? (Tortlandl atre?c eorner of Broad* ay Tort a ad Mum, Ojo t?n, oaM Ham, Ylaa, Plekled tonguea. AWHrnwrri. w wt tka ALLACK'8 THRATRB BOABB OP LA0UHTR1K Atn HKAKTt BOUNDS or ?MTHUBlAMTlU APPLAUSB Togetaet wlU the OPINIONS OK TUB PRHN8, Fully aiu?t tail THB *eiV COMIC Ok A MA tm >i?i?t *??u dm <tf vrMtmii ?r iks m?T gowfiSM To THIN THM1TKM WBSO ff hm> Lira ukb eioruBB *HB WUTIKO rono, THB HILL OP SVBRV NIOHT. FB08T OR TUAW. T M> MUMBROU8 KSOAPaDBR _ Alio NOYEL SITUATIONS I ?i? f**y, t<*?ih?r ?r(lh the *DM(S\hLir ACTING of the ArtfoM oooeerood im Mw repr?eotaUao Iuti rwml to the foot that JUL LBOTBB WALLACE'S new oeiao Muuk Of

OENTB VL ?ABS; ok, THB HOOBR Wl I H TWO BOOBS, OKHUIKK ANU UtMRNSB HIT. GBHATLY ACTED, UKKATLV PRODUCED AN* ?/v?? ORBAYLT gOCCEJBPTU LOVE ON TUB ICR, LOVE OK ".UK 10 U, liV MIT NIGHT, I'.VRR* irrrjHT, EvERY NIOHT, KViiltT KMht INTER OAKDBN. L<*eae aud Manager A. W. rfackmm SECOND NIGHT or MISS CUSHMAN In her great rote of N.VWOT HVKKM. The public are reapoetfuHy tntornwj that on THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING, FBB. 85, MISS CU-tliMAU will Appear for THE SECOND TIMK In her great role of NANCY 8YKKS, in Dlckeua' beautiful drama of OLIVEK TWIST. MR. J. W. WALL AO K, !R., In hii great character of FA UN, thn Jew. The other characters by Mi-iwrs. Htudeley, Later, Dwlilije, Johnson ihis aecoud appearand }, jtoJiWt, Mm Geo go ot.?4 dart, Ac THKaTKK KRANCAIS, HH5 BKOA.D W aY.?MARDC K Ktvrter, Mil.? LBS RMKANTH I Bttltl ULB\ d'ayr^a Gavarln. UaKI kAND tT BATON, vaudirilla da M W nero. 8OIJ8 CLEF, bluette en un aota. VTEW BOWVBY THEATRE. J.1 Sole Proprietors... Mo t.rn Q. L. Fo* and J. W. IJiujard TUESDAY. Keb fli, l.sol. Pint night of Mr John Hroii^hum a national ilrama of TUB BIKTHDk OF KBBBDOM, With Mr O O. Boniface Mr. Q I, Fox, Mrs W. Q. Jorxct, MUs A. Hathaway and all thnnompauy iu the c*.~u Positively the last week of Mr. G i* Fox's urand pantomime ?f HA&LEQfiN JACK, TiiE til ANT Kll.LRR, Which wtlJ be preaened every nizht tbl? weei, >md oa BATUBDaY AFTERNOON, The perforaaaces terminal itig with the petite drama of THE NoiiLJi (ioijUiK.i. w H OOLEY A CAMPBKLI/H MIVSIBEL8. ? NIUUEFM hALOON. MONDAY KVKNINU, Kcb 2S. and every evening, aorEat BILL K<?K iwis WERE ITAUaN AIR8 ?Y NATIV'K Ahrl >TH BOLD PKlVAThFK. OR DUTCH OKli AM llIRI^. B?N CtmON'R orl?laiil act, OLD ? MCI K SHuW. 1CENE8 AT ^HALt)^,S 8TUMF SPRROH JOHSNV tfOl'ND mOR BMOI.K New Bodch, Acta, Pianutlon Scenea. 4 i. ,%s. Doors open At G\\ to oommeoer. at 7%- t lokoiK 23 oenU. FKMNC1I TUEATUE, S63 buoadway, OiTOalTE MBLO'8. Wkdnkhdat KViciriNO, Feb. 37, Bt.Nt.Kll OF LARttY riliOHT. (Fonuerly Treaaurer of Buckley * Serenade!*^ And Oixntl Opootun by Frof. liEKAl.D O .Nt.lL, THK 1RIMII .MAO I CI AH, Of hU PTEAODACTYLARIA, FTEBODACTY LABIA, When be will perform < rue of bio lulmUabl/ incompitdiMud ble lea h ot LE<IhKDhMAIM. Adn i.-isl n, 25c I loon < pen at 7 o'cl >ck; to comineiioe at 71( o'clock. K FTURN OF PAOR'K "VENUS" AMERICAN AND Ft'KKMN OALLKItT OF PAINTIHOR, M8 Bb-OAUWaY. This picture haa beeu viattcd < y more Uian ao ooo f ? i pernors in New York alone. (il*" <!??? and evening A^mlnnlon *h nenta. PALACE ua mi- N MUSI J HALL bKAl'INU, - KaTINc, .(CaTIIO, TaUOHT IN -IX ON ?. The hall will oe open daily 'r >m iu A M. to 10 P. M. 'Sfon day mid KriridV evoo'naa rXBeptod.) tor 1 ij '-n and c 1 Idrei ei' lu ilvoly from 10 A. It. to 1 K M. M UUNT. I rof. X-^htv YOMKER 8TADTTHEATRR, S7 A RO VRftY.? i> Sccond night of Dlfc M AND! t'liS, tloinedy by K nlerlcU benedix. (?tolaheiin O. Hoym I Agnee Mra. Bteker-Oeabn Lll?e Mrs. StegUab | Sophie Mra Hojm RAILROADS. HUDSON RIVER KAlLUOAl?-FOR ALBaNY* AND Ttoy, connecting with train* North and Went 'rriun* leave:? FKO* CHMIIIKS WTBFFT r?l>* THJ ITT I'llfT *T*?gT. Exiiri'H?. 7 ar.d U A *., and 7 *1V i I -.w A. >i tod S:au, 6.JH 3:X>ard&P M 1 U. IT \ and Albany (W ith flrep- It 19 i*. H. (rtundaya Lnolo DS *r*), (.ttF. M. ded ) Pi.tigl.fci < nrir train, 7:30 A. 8 A. M? 12:30 aud 4:36 P. M. ?l , I'.' M. and 4 I' M P?. k?kiH train. 6 JO P. M K:M P M. jdk :ug train, 3:36 ai\d 1:90 4 and 4:15 I'. K. H M Thrrytown train, f:40 P. M. 7:10 P. M. 4. F SM Tlf, Superintenuent. fcTBW TURK, BAKI.KM aNO aLIVHV itULROAD? l> lor Albany and ?roy, conneting ? i.h tne no ? Tork Central 1-ailroad fur all notnt* 'oat, RorthtMMt auct 8 ?u h ? f?t; 't11 with till' Nort'.cru Railroad for Hurat -tullatiil, Nttri i,?ton, Plattoburg Rouac'a Point, Ocd-nsb lrg -ad Montreal:? rHOM TkT05 *OW, tth.AH CITY j[TROT T '.TT MIT I ITUIf llALI.. r'TATlOS Binrrn* fain, 1 A. M and I 7.2 . M ?14. ?i P. If. ard 4 .?ii P. M I ;0: J4 / t xp ca moil train 10 A. " I ??or Milium*' Mrldge, Th't- "lAin-. Cro . -i F*'l*. and a 1 i>i i' ii i iuii i?>. 'H' . '? v in ' I v,v 1 ? ? "*? ?*???? n * 11train*, ?ii' Umr iub'A 7 'rl -ok A M expre** train " * morning. OI1N K BCmUAlt Rnpt leave* Albany every hundtv morning j ~ Kt K IV 11*1 It K. . FlDRf>OM HI If OK ENAMELLED !<T I.N'TTtTRE A for $t?, in al' w-l- ri of *a ta- (intinfMUm. a'?o b. lid rhi" tnnt Chamber mi'i , plain nd wuh uental, at li. P, rA^KiMiTOh^Mrtuliirt t. oppoih?#<nitci E* -ablii-bed In IH4? APART"* HAVIMJ sdMb GOOD ii?> SIH'JLO FlJtt tutti'C and a pearl keyed itaao will rent it'?^ ru nix.n?ltiie party ar plv .ta bo.mtnn hou*a on reasuaa^ i term* Aenrvft* Furniture, Herald i.Moe Fukmti; ?p ? a i.aDV, having a q'ai*ti;y of hou eho'd furniture, Including * naewoo.1 parlor an!'; alaor eewood piano, nw like to obtain Board or thi u* of them . i ilrate faintly preferred Best ? ' inference* given ard ie<iuire?. Addreaa J. ntewart, Ma.Wiu .h^ua.u 1'oat office. JlUtMITHR WANTED JTII IUNCWVII WliHU ' to purchaae from $"10 to T>rtli of nn*illiim oi l** r nrniture. Carp*t?, Ac Kartf- naT'nij any to d''. in of at moderate price cat. Qndat^a'ti buyer Hy .ml; j?.iug Plunk' tl, Ill-mid olfoe, ?t*tlnp where It can he u-?n 1MPOKTAN ?" ?Hol'st K Rf f^.Rs B".E\KING OP C%* ?et the vnlne In e??h for their f ou?rhold fnrnt'nrw. A ? , frutn C *KN"1''UY 2W Bowe'y. N. 3 ?A food prtco paid (or B<? kf, EngraTlnga, Ac HATHirillMAi. ATOUKOLADV^ nESIRKB 1t> OPbN A ^OURF.-t pondenre wtth a (i-iitU-mun nlth a view to matrimony. Addr*'"* Lucy Temp e, f-o?| oT.oe. N. V AYoDRO ?"?n tw-kntt Kimir vkakb ?? a ik, la de?lrona of forming the arqiialntince of anrae ynang tyty with a view to mat'linony; ?be an?t not h.- o*e? twen ty ?<ni-, and of prepow?aalng appearance; all <*>mmnn c.'iona cor fldet tial I'leaM addreait lAnxleru, dtaitoa t, t prtnic aticet Poat i. dice, A8TROMHJ t. ARORA FIDE 18TROLOOIHT, THAT EVERT OSK can depend on, la ?ail-ima WtU ?1*. wbn tel'a the nbj?rt of yo?ir vtel'm? "icm aa you entar ler room Medama W hfiio i' th?- grrateai aatroloidat tuat evi'r waa kn iwn Hbn will Invke the i* were i f hi>r wonlarful ?c one- and t<-'l all the event* of tnnr wh' V life lie'predlnilona an-?o tru? that 'hey en -prfi-e every one that ronaulW her. wniui ladle* may get a Utile timid, though theyn?ed not le*r, for ?h.' pr.o tlcea nothing but ?bat la re*?o"able to phl'o-o hera AH ahould ronHiilt 'bla nroat wonderful and mje rrtouit ufly. Her advipi- bav nevpr been known to fall, and twevy thoti'inil dol'ar* reward to any one who can equal her In the arlrrwe. Madxnte Wilaon U In |m?v?l in of the i^lebrafd n apli-rhanri-, ?liloh are ever Ofrtaln In the'r ctfect. itruly ins T l> bec?lte?l a wondarful woman IrW ?ll?t> aire-1, h? tvicen I1' ust' ti sr.d Stanton, over the bakery. Fee for ladlri and gcntlenien AAoMIM. ' ?**' . 8Tdl?lf>niSO-?IADAllR MOR'tl*, HKV&Hrq 1 dnug tei. horn with a canl andgi'tof foresight, t'111 how aoon and often you will marry, a-d many -venta, even Simr very tb ughta Fee Z'> r?ut?. 184 Ladiow utreet, below loumon. (.er, ill men not admitted E" aikVoYaIM'EMKK. HRTKOtiE'4 RRllfOAi Clairvoyant roowta, 110H Eaat T wentlatk Kraut, bww-%. and "? cond avanu>a The moat nrltloal, madinal and tmalnean eoratiltallona day and evening, and oer'em wiMa" Mon cuaranteeii * I way pot ao pay MaAaMR hhakFRR Hah hkmov> D FROM dKVRia'ri atr?< t to 2HI Meond atreet, hetaeen avenue 'I and nine -na k' t. third floor ^ha adll oontinuea to tail about lova marriage, ahwnt friend*, hualnnaa and journaya L*diaa tl or la oeetkemen not admitted. Madame e*t, m b?vpvth atrrYr, rbai Twi nty aeventh iitreat, mirprlima all who vlait bar. Tb* ?wk. troubl' d and untaeky ahnuld ta?t her power* dka telli your very thnughta. luekv lamhwra. loaaea. Ladlea, IB aenia genta AOnentA Madame bhrt uah to imform t,ir ladisi that ?ke haa removed to IN Htanton Mreet. all d'xir* from E**et, ?h> rn aba *tiilnontlnn' a. (<*d>*? Hi c nta. iten ttemcn not adm't ed Ofllw aoor* I'rom J ?. *. t?9 - M WHO WOULD MOT QO WllgltR FOttTUNE Itt-UO ye. aee Mlae WELUJNOTt >A. the mwat bagllah oro plteteaa the t?M of ail, and cannot be eicMind Man be ? m mlti d perwit ally or by 1 Iter, on all affair* >f lifa.coneernlng law *iitia, Ji.urni ya, aba'nt I rend i, love, oouruhlp, mariiago, health, weai'h, and who will reriMlm dratk' a anil ?nf*t*hrul hnabauila Mtea W. la tha only |iera?n In tnl* city wha n?a 'be gecnlM Roman aad Arabian tall**-an* for tore, good Kick ana all Imalnaaa affair*, and arv< guarantee* fo? li e Delay not to conen t tUI* n ttural y gifted and oeautifnl youag lady I aeky numhera given highly renrvrtab!" Hty r*f? n noe* can be ?ee? a* bar reaidenoa, 101 MUtb avaaue, opp<> idte Klghth atraeL *Q7 guard RTRRRT, THIRt FMHJR ?MADAME Till ?IIK1RR elalrvnyant and gifted Hpanlab l*ay. un veil* tha mypteriaa of futnrl'y, MAriiage, ah<ent fi lead*, riekn- aa, pveacrlhea medlrlnea for Ml dl?IMII, tell* incky aum^ra, proynriy loat or gtoton, A? &9rrMur>*Nwi NIRLO'S (lAFDfcl*. J vim* U. M??n Lrisae ud Ktwar, Continue H i nu of th? KN iUSII OPERA. FTRMT NKilir OF BONNAMB7LA. Uuvditl) u, unrauui of UME AN?\ dHHOP. Tanadar t-vrouir, February 26, will ba nr, juutoti ike opart ?t THK oUMN l.Mtic L -1 Amir* >nna 'It* nop Blriuo Brook lun" Bowl* r. Rutk>l|>lw Aynkley 'look. Liu Mix ?nu Kemp. Temut buu 'I. Payne Willi nil liio urtglual taiuur, Song*, Pli.n im?*, oouary, 4c., r? froduusd lu admirable *lylu. Ob WEDNESDAY kovsnlng, "vbruaryST, lilt KDWIN POKlthST AH JAOK OauK. Di-mw Clrcl# Mid rarqei't, 80 unit* Orclimlra i-hitim secured it $1 I'Mch Doum open at j. Curtain rim* at 7>i. f AURA KkBNB'H TBIUTHK. " JLaAUKA KSBNBA VHBaI'RK. UU..A k KENh'H 'I H h i I LK. LAURA KhfcKK'll TIIRaTRR. LAURA iUShNhrt THRaTkK. MNHTY NI.\r>l HlUHT NINETY-NINTH NIUHT NlNBTf-NlK rit NIiHir. NlNBTY M KTI1 KiUH<". NfKRTY-MNTH MKiHT, ONE HUNDRED AND K<mr+-TW? ONK 1111 NDKKD AND Hilir? rWO UN K HUNDRED AM) FOuFY-TW* THOUt-AftD "gOPUl Ha V R tUlrtw thousand people iiavr ;,kkn THOUSAND PEOuLE HAVB SEEM THB BBVRN SlSTERlt TO-KIOUT AND EVERY NIUMT TI1IM ?TEBZ Win k* Btvaoaled Ike aumwtf ul InrlfltMaf ike tiKVKN SISTERS, REV EN HDUKK*, BEVBN blfrrtiKi, tiKVKN BlnTEKN, HEVEN 81STKUH, BEVBN Br.STBllH, KKVhN SISTERS, PEVnN SlHTt.UH, HKVEN B1STKKH, hi.. K f SIciTKKB Including all ttoo BEAUTIFUL UNION Pl<mTBW BEAUTIFUL UNION CUT0KB# BKAUTIPUL UNION PICTURES BUuTiraii ONION P10TUHBB bkauti 1'iifi (TNioK PioruiUM BKalll 1 "i'lj UNION PiOTl HHrt FKAUTlKl/l. UNION PI0IUKR8 liKAUTltUli UNION PIjrUUK# BEAUTIFUL t'NlON PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PlCrxUMK An exhibited hi UNCUS KAM'H MAO iU LANTKRlt UMCuK HAMS MaOIC l,A.-i 1'HltN, UNCLE NAM H MnOtC La*TKSiC UftOLB HaM'H MAi-UJ LANiKltrf, UNCLE HAM'S MnUI'J LAN F8KN. UNCLE RAM'S MAUlO LANlEMJt CNCl.B hiM'H MaU.O LaNT?RN( UKOLH HAM'S M AOIO LaNTERN. CNOLB HaM'? M *010 L/iNrti'N, L'NUI.H HaM S MAOIU LANTbiUT COHPHIHCU COLUMBIA AT WARHINOMMP.H roiHH, TttB TUIRf* tOUR j-iTaTRS, i dtt *xa?s, KH-KFSIKTIKO TI1K good oui sail- lXt^^^^ruloN DKHTHuTMO Br THK BMAKCIPaIOHo AND IfltkU, BaTRBR TUB fltUSSP jK TUlv UOcSilY TiiEfl, THE Si-AVt THE HAi'PV I'liANTMl >N SOMB, OALUOUN'ri DREAM AKO WASHINGTON b ArfMV AT VALLBY FOBQC. LUldlU-V ANl> UKMitiNuS. apoi JhaAi WASTIKOTon" AND ? r^OH. TKK ZOUaVK DI'IlJj. BLRLKhi^JK DA>>/tt J. Mi) TnB LAST OUEAT 6CKNK BIRTH OF TUB BUlTfiKFLY IN THK BOWER OK PBRNA Thix lilsUlr A'Ktwabful .urlnita WILL UK TUitU aV r?il* mOHT. WILL BK I'IjA V BD KViiaV Nl.ldV, WIIJL BR PLAYBU EVbllY NIOllT. f71J<I> HR PJ,A?BU KvKk. MOHT. WILL BB FLA KO KVRti-T Nl iUT, NOI'IOR. ON WKDNii.-bA>, KKB. 27. IdGl, HKII i; HIK ONE HUnDllBDrU NIOUT ?'hK HUKMKEDTH NI'JUT ONR HlyWKUi, IH'II NIOIIT ONK HCMDaKDiH MO IT ONB UtM'i.i.Orii Mulil or i ii k EE V'BN R1STBRH, Tkore will b* ctvon fruin tin. fioni ol ilri Iheatrn A OKaND DIiPLaY OF FIuRffORKA, A UBAND 1" IS I'll A Y UP h iKWi(iiKl), A OKAND DISPDaY OF F'ltl. ?()HK.S, A tillANU DloI'LAY Of KiUK?VOllKS, A OKaND DlkPl. \ ?' OK i'iil?.W01t?U'., CUh ifTINC. Of TKK OODDK ?> Of DiniiliTT, OODDHsS OP IjlttBltrY, UODDK^H OJ-' l.i 1KB FY, BATTEHIK-, lO-.NOOLA UUllfS, ROiJKBTB, 40., Uodur the dli?* lionlS 1 KliWHH. J O k L EDGE, OF JBKH8Y riri Beat*may be wt ur?J oti.' ?iek In A<l>au<?- without extra chnivr I ?oorH oppti at fcalf rnti an j to ?>tn nenm al half past n-v?o tanniuaie i ki uio o olimk. BRTaNTH MINsTK KLW Mechanic 'a HJill, 47V Hroad way, above Urand street, kind' *, Ke.irun/r 28, and evirj i.lg':t during the went C&OWI>KI> llOUblia. IMMhN .(i BCiJOhaSK or *ACK CADE. Jv-k fade, a 1* Forrest. Dan Brj-ant Lord Hay ..............Jerry IflUL PKRCLV, KOWLRR, OOULD nnd HILTn*. Uid Yoaal Ousrietie. In 11, a Son*/-, Chorus;)#, Ac. PBKLaod NOKVUJf, Ir t!i; If cas moloo double utiir?i Orspevlne fwiai fas da Lit hi slump flpe-oh Concluding >w1 lb Dun Emmet'.'g urinal Piaa'a >00 (star. WXIr.H LAND UlXibS L?.VD. Door*'op<.n at 6\. C urtstn rises it 7J?. Tick us ill cents TIIK OIlliAT CANtfckll KV ('A* ERBUKT MCrilO nALL. OA; ?.rti?\l?WVT. The Canterbury 1? an Institution around wblch all popuiar favorrlln ? 1 In' t arieibury U constantly sugroeuting the numbur of lte attractions 1 ha canx-rbury In the number of lis artists outntripa all oompt-thorn. The names nwnpo Ing iho Canterbury Company are lie Nmi known in 'lit* miMloal ^ -rl?l. The great C'oauc slog'T or the nge, Jnii. .AM t;? "*'RTX, Mil. KaM COWfcLL, K.t. BAM Co WELL, PAK COWRLL. HA* ro^RCU HAM COW*LL, Hill CuWlLU HAM CO* ILL, HtM (J01KLL. Sa* CO* ELI* HaH COWKi.L, S-aM CIlVVBLL KAM GoWbLL, Sam OtiWBl.L, KAM OOWJiLL, mmnniM hn third ergr .-emeu! I.AnT Nil. IT, NI1HT, LAST NR1IJT, LaKT NIOUr, NIGHT, LA|( MUlIt, ou which oc ^i*>on nirwBRRrw Hi .DKSUH HTJSI "<kl)S Wr^OHlsD 1 H WHHK ?-! MUNOKKIH HJNuR* M j.i jj< LHii?tt ili'X'uRKDil HUDRKDtf I ' l/RKD* *7Mt? 'VKKR . fTABLB ;0 GAIN Ai> : -aiOJ" A BLR T<> O* S AU> r- IuN. whiiAai TO U/klS 4DMle WKaBU To <! i N .a::.jiZu.s. ;. b. ogdbn, . . OVDdN. jr. }>. oop v, ? J. 11. OliDLN, 3, ft. OC.D1)*, J. H QODBN, .. a. c\ji>k.u .r. h. ouokj*. 1IIB IRISH AMIAfMADOR, rilK litltwl AMHaMADOR, in another spbem of nouitcalUf, H b'*you 1 ib? r?*ch of all ri?al >, and will < r*r r-m tfu 'he pecroi all I Hi 11 COMIC lilHU MIA V. MAK1KT.A, MI.CR. M\R'KTTA, M l.l.ji. MAKlhTfA. M ImL E MAKIKIIA. lau; lending Daaaetiw of-the RaTela, in nomooi the moal dUUniiit spuolah i unc ?,a* unal MLOa.. ?; a ' 11 a RI n i., Ml.I.ft OATII Ah I Nit, M LI.K CaTH aUI <f !i, tlir orii br*'<s ~ "ilirt. i*tn of Ouvtul ih?ri!*n theatre, I<on d"n, will ma"f 8r?t a|>| c irani ?? * inlay i-lgbl Altrr ? nnifioratlnr the ?b *? wi*!l known nnrn?* now ?t ta<-Nrd to Uir t *me<ouij, tt wlU only bf necwanary to add tkii Attraction Iwra na|Mtk koMa It?away, Ah will a'lc-d the buinl't?u? tu ned "way. 'Mkl nil the mortnn (hit In th? <l?t* olond t?ilii pie?*uiT melt r* t? thei'anurbury ( rowd Th?r?? I* a courm whi'-li< 4round the plage, W bleb nothing r . -v>-r will ??lla<-e P.ii-nt to the woi . od i>iai? d aloud Mgr all, ]? tb>' "least i f r n ' at lb* i'inu rbury HalL 1 UK MaM utRHKnT beg to m nounoe thai kr"M ni veltieii are In preparation, and will shortly Iw produced. FOX k CURRAN, Proprtctora. Genu Nor*i*. Trea?nn-r In uiinwfr to Buwrooa inqiilrlee It ojey be wrll It unte that the iIkih.- In hi are at Hir I.end ol t)i<< ciit?-rpri<e In which Aii.n? liiotidln'a name appears In Hosion, Mam. PAI.alR OaRDftN MiTHH) HALI,-OH/ND C4RNI val Orand t.amlval, Monday e??Kiaa. Mn fit, IH?t. R. Wtillsm*. t'HatiUMr, 44M or'*ne ?treet Suhsrrlhcm ran oMaia uckeu by spp!)ing at the oBoe fn.m ?UA M. u? l? r M. li'LOCl ni.N aI?B IiH?K\ 1 I ImnTkUOi His ? I H. BbdW* will riwl?r a y >Ueonimin?a lIon at his moms, IM riinum Hud, AKtor u a? private Mrttaa nut? engaga Mr Bivei'mmMli hj? p... ? ar ???di M BlioW* will n-o*l??' a ir j?h >Ua on imin"dlat* apoll^t "Is rooms, I It < I'litin artle? nia? i-ngage M eg Kotrr>lnni> i b tt. wililAHU N M LtT" W i.L ii'l'RAR AT J RILLIaKO'H HKNSFIT. RIBLO'M HaU'uN, TO MUTT. A RARR CI<A^^K FOR A TODNO IiAOT TO MtAKB l\ her debut at <>ik i f our ltr??d<v*Y theatrea. Add'-as Innuedlat'-iy C. F. aud Q It., Herald oflloe The second pbrfc^mancb of bristows ora torto "PIIAHB TO OOP," Will take place on Tburwisy, Fabmuy 3H, at IKV Nil 11 A l<ti, Inrlng plate and FittaenthstreeC The aoto parte ?? til '* sustained by Mlaa MAKlA BRAIMhKD, Mm JAM7RBON, Mr. O. W. UAKBLWCOD, Mr .r R TUOMAH Grand chorus of (to hundred voicea of the New Tork Itsnrontc Society nnd FCL1< OR ItEMTKA. The Oratorio wm be produci-d und< tbe dlrtcUott Of Mr. GEtiKlla F HMnTOo. Tickets "m cent" All ticket* anld prerlniis u> the night nf perfcrmanoa, en tlile tbe porobaeer to a r*nerved seat. ft R e AI h AT Til rv TObTiOVni PLACES, Hall A Kon'a Mu?le store No. ^tS Hn?a<iw?y. Hrth A INitid'e Mnalc Mtore, No M7 BroetJwAy. Hmislng's Mu?le Mare. do. 7*?l Hroa iwtr t-char. ea -<erg & Lela ?u?lr Store, wo. 'ifcl ltro?4W>^ C< u-iibouan s Muale 8tnre,|Mo W Hroadw^. Waters' Mustr Htore, no 3SS^wsy lxitkwont) s ook eti-r". No. ill Mro?d?af. J. a. H Ha' bruurk A Co., Atatl .n?rs, Ho, l? nroadway. A'thnr A< a 1 ata-lorery, eo-nerof Na**u and Ubarty streets ?nd MiMI's WationAry, No U 'Vail etraot. M ABO* ARI> THOMAS' FOTKTH rtOIKRB, will be ?!??? ?t Oodworth's Hall, Abruary ? A Trio la <1 minor, by MMM a Vlolrmorlln goUl, a Tl?noforie Nolo a guartel In F major, by ?' M.h.rren, will bai ptrfbnMd. *. Ounoaft w oommaaoa at 8 o oMk AnvitMiorra. ACADBMV OF JfUKlC, NPW YOKK._*T(W UUNi IIJTfl WKfcK of 111K *L: MUXiO h:t? tkn to vimuw th?t CLABA tUVUK K t. LLOUQ *tt) ner l)?"a TO MORROW (.VSu>rt..-l?*T> JsyBNIHQ K?*. ff On wha-t ooamtam will Verdi ? turnout Mm miLLO'.Q-...., U\m Kuf LaII>B PHILLIPS. .na n^ra hllUi-.f.L (Ilia flrat apvearan"*: aa.......... Due a/ Haania PKRfcl m hi* woriJ renewed ehamo?ar of Klgoiette OOLKTTI ..Hparaf ?*? Direclot and Conductor. ?''W- MUMO ACArruv or * 'sio. mew yobk.?matinbm.?t?* unpriced- uied awx*#?a wh oh h*a attended the laat Ma tinee ha-, turiuc-d th? management to gire another aMM* tlvelj IL?> laM of tho-? J*Ia Hiitlneee on next riotuM J. Mn'oh 2. wwii aa extraordinary porfonnanee, ne?er awrpia ed iH-.lorp wi! i b< given, ta whuh ikt entire powerful nompa njr will appear. _ P' KLTB A< ADBMV or MUMIC?OPBBA. [HUM, frtrui I PITKITaNI. ..o? ABEARANCE OK UU. STI<J8LLI. tlBdT At'PEABANCt. OK Hlrt KTTOBB Bi Mlstt ISAJMILLa Ill.NK.LKY, la a Dew role .aa 8TIOELI.1 ax Artur. BAKIU aa... M,|H ?aeee*ea.e Twkttt offii-e.'sib.'li'*, Wall etreai L*jv week ol thli aeaeoa. THIS, Peferuary at, IBM. B OWKUY THEATRE. Tu Uiylit (TU' sdayi, reb M, And iollowing evenluga To-night, Th > Kir*t Comiwnr of the RKVBNTV NINTH BEOlJlENT, (HIOIILaNU GO. Will attend In coatumn MAU platileil and plumed in their lartan aria/.** I'NaLTKUaRi.Y 1IIK LABT NIUHT Bl'T I'll ('.KB _ or TH* Pu?rUlnp, 'itrc ;ni(. tii?flabt? and IndeacribahlS MAI.,1 a. l UKN'iHBMA And tranactiniliiiallv ln>* >ntir>>i.-mtiltle wonilera?f l'HOKi-.r,.-.(,n ANDBJUiON, __ ????* ENTIRELY Nhw TIUUMA8COPB8 Will v.Vxr To the rl>>w of |h" entranced ?peita?nr :i >*w IderlngM of i-ii. iwi.itln? wmm, rumlerlDg me util bower* awn wit ahinti U an TUB UAKOENU Or iHMiUA, AMrt r?n.ll*.riB the MAOIl! Hil.Lt or K ALld. Swoinl nil,lit uf lb" New Triok. A BONNKf I'll d rtlKCLOIlOfl. f->t*,u i > uf the i*ew Trick IhB I'll ; six UIiAI'EaJ ?Ho-ond nlxhi oi' tUfl Hew fnca. CUALIt IHIV <jK iSHK-i a ?l? ntfOUL i--i ooad night?' the M?w Trlnk, A'1 IiK.-juuH \nd Al' r?l>SIJ\. O.'CANLi KiU'^AKY (J V ATI ON. 1 he l?Mt J/kv IVrfnrtneTtoe TO MoiatOvV, tt"i DM. DAY, AT J*4. To nlghl and every oveii'n'; si halt imihi 7 B Al!.S i,M'S ' AihhU'Ar* Ml'hELM UJ?PBr.(5i5"?RNino am;?v'tioks. 1 b<' bill liint iticeua* oX tut* nrcK inUucea Uie I to offer tfc?< follown c M LI.M i n ABR-T uf A1TRAIT10NR ft.T tlie pri'w Dl. ?lilrh li will beeoo?x<d> d l? v.iih HAM TIMi lilt I'lill K Or ADVI'lllOS to the entire llum um In* grt-ui mora, (iroma, TIIK Woman iN Will- K, l"n>ni Ibe gr- M --lory of lb t namo by Wtlkle Colllna, wRtl ptrfotiwd t vfry afternoon nail evoiilnf. lite f'lllowii'S Uvuik vnudMr-i "r ? to l>o ^p -n al all hoanu? OCi> AlUtt*.' Ca'.IKiiHNIA nK.NAIibttlB OK AMtitlCAN Hi;a. S, (iltl//L\ l)h*lt>, Aa lllR I.IIKAT M AWMoTII h?,?k All l)f>, Vi ?luh. * n-#i 1 no Hi.'. All etUlbl i d and prrroriii>4 k* HBKR DKlbSIUCIJ. TT1I. KfMi*'Nftll t..O,N I aMBL Tilt, OKPaT < I VINO IM.iCK Ml. A L 0\ t'ld ttcu'.'i ." " na ub 'if tho Oneia. The t?ollvli'E liitd en, tiring Albino PamHy, ftWB MtmM'mr livr R Wkal U Ul (in U Manr or Miaiki*?f or tM>lbY> Ihlrtv Uvmg Muiwtnr -iirk ?, llu- ll?m* "ppnr miiy, tho HvitiH }a articj fe*i, |t10 -!???? klul hiimk ixmt, 'Jrund AquaH't, Whx Kimirpx Mid nrara ml lino ou>Kwltlea NuiwlthK uaaiiifr th's linmi>'ia? horn, of Httr.iotloim the prtaa in only if' emu . Ohlulrrii mid r i<n, IS tt>nlA IVqwi^ B orntd exua oblidrcu uihIt 10, ten oonta extra. American conceut daj^ 444 411 444 BROADWAT. 444 411 414 BH".I!)WAT. 444 4>l 444 HKOAUWaT, The gnoteat MltMrtatnmoiit In th* w ilU It/ltTi' AHT1.-VI.S t '? >!! I'Y AKTIdTfi. No .vcornl or third ha'nl i frr.ntnrra, K1 I l'.Y AKl'lll A STAB. No atv.ond or third 'i nd p?r' nmn>rs i. VEBY A UTl? 1' A STAR. I NEW st> Kg. NBW fcMMSb NBW S 'ARK. Klrat wmw. >f thelnwui'il Kanioiat and KtklepeaaOna Jiau J. II HUDWtlUiH 3 II. BUPWOltTH. .1 11. li. i) A'oI'.Tll. .1 II UUbWOKTt,. Fin.i ?0: l of the fa-.orlto Ir ah C* inediaa I ILIA u'.NKlL. J.lI.I V O'Vfclu 1 I ii.i v,. BI1XY O Ki IU J ILLY O'N'BIL. I It.l.T O'NFIL. PILL- ll'NHU B11 i.Y I > N ' 1 L. will at>p?*r ?*verr nfcht in a y of T"i?h 'RcoentrleltiM, Ihlisll U?)OLUA?Tig.B AND I ADl V M ?C.l?lli?a il'.ioa bUlitXILMAHTB aMI> PaDI>y'8 HiuMM heoui.d wi <-k <,f tho ("ceh'-nt-il Vomllat < L?Ha hakki.Ni> 0>, <'1 A A HABKINoTON, CLARA HAI KiNIJT'lN. OLA A ll^..rt. N.II'IN, , I 'I.A 1 A II A Kit I TUP. grBEN" OK SuNO, IIIK OP SOpfc thu crciiie'.t favorln that lir.n -ver uppoared In New Icrk ' cm Ai'l.Ki >a IHrt , ? OHAJii>K.Y WHITE. i CllARi.KV tvuriK. tli? reaowne<l ' > i n"ior and im bjij'a farartta. ? ? C-t At l.KY w III i K, t ARJ.Er triurh, ' 'r CIIaKI.KY WmiTK / In hit budget ol Oomi a lt.f" ? hi' a defy nnmnnUlfr Bli.r.v Q'MVN, *'? B1LLV OI'iNH, BlLUf QiriN In his (. iku ?1 "?mm,, SpocclL ' L. dlMMO.N-4, 1, AIM* ONH, * L. HI v M* In hU grf.e'. a .i.1 uin-',"ail.:d Ban J.) Bolafc . R II a K l', * R 11 A KT, , ?, It. HaBi, ^ Tic eclebraif .i 1 thio. inn DrlincatOT. The g"'at . BaLI.V i I.C./C'-R, BAI, -I T TK il'PK, -?* BALI.fcT rhOi.PB. J <JT;t'icut f loeptlon ihp !ara. In the iMiiolrj. A'f rzuftaaiori: ? ? ? Parquet, 3Doenta; 'JiUI'-ry )0i?t>u. , beata in ' ilrai"* Bo*e?, SO o*ota. Hin-H' ? BUTl.KK I'roprteKB ? M' r a. Li rI; . AUK, Ita ;a llaaana, F VA? AI.KKil. Mi'a'iai DhfCtafT' A MELG?EON, ,LJ y fi < ifiiON, 1 MKIiOUEON, HI ?# r,,j BUOADWAT, {? lu FIOHl rR COHCrKt HAM. I* AHEKICi. ? ???At Ol'I.N EvKl > N1 -UT , TBI mix va-r ? ?? n hr - h.m. any i> tuk WOKL0. * CbCAlJKD HuuhKd E-.nnY Mam everv Hfl ttm. ttik > 1A LI* JOT WJ1TTRF.Y, JOT rfiTNKT, JOT WHTfiftrtt LBaPI ?(1 ? 1 V EhT, & 1 v.}:r, < TiHM iliniO MM K'-.'I TATIOM TO Til TtTLS Of < L ROVMB STAT* I'KVNOVF R, A nr.. 1; <*IXA, KLAT8 Ph^ ' OVhK, A UK r. JUl.\, KaIK PKSrtOYBH, All .K<\LLA, SAM IK MAS'i*. 8.YLUK M\H4(N, kaixii: va (is JOWFTIIXK A" i? NKLL.1I DRAT, r I. OA' K l.l Kh Kl-. h-H, DICK. WAS ^ I I.A ?C, HARRY I'l-.E!., f K<> WARD' llhc N11 *T, M\M Til '.HI- ON, A<\. A IK J-AflOlllilK, PaRCE, HAI.LST, COMIC KOfltJH, DANi:?iS, *(!., FROM 7< 11 I.I, 12 O'l'LiKJK. ,??_jl ADMISSION, Uc. OK'III iTHA ?It* ClfAnULJK IA *. WIBIttT, I'UOPMRTOR. ^ toM C Mi-Mll'un MaK? *?na?er I rofeaa >r A. ^rtob, laB Of OrdjfO'rs, Ac. Vorn II Potixary Ballet Maater. " 4 C^BKMAJf tOLKB O Al.DE* . r aid *' ?* TA.LAI h COBt eat If ALL, " 1 . AS Bf^fRt. > rt ?<f f pfxnlte the (I'd Dm try 'heatre ? _i ? 'Hil Tuc Feb t.i con''nlgMt or lh? nev i-antntniafi .... 'Iif. OF .111 w Ilr Af Received on it* fir t r.-pn *< nUtinn !??? nlfiht with. ? 'tJ-.KM. :? I???r : aI'I'La' ->K fill l? 11 r,?K.M>(i el A'lUCHK , ?(i Kit OH A pvr'n" CftjwiF.r? iiolpr. T: I "^'HV CD >*D!!D notlR*. '** Tblw ruler ri">toDilmn I* re,uot<? with *+" M'i Scl .!??? H?, f NAG.0 FKATR ?? HWAI TlfUL TABJJLMK Ard r?l? *v da la the moat fk*tlr?t't>s dan \? , '!)? 1 **rft n? ttti-t-a A' ihu Iioptlixr ,'!?>? )f UIMK|P eompriM 0?ertur?? Ijt th? !?'? i'i 'ilin.nt (#ROH v. " '"?rl m4*r the dirrrllT of ike lrfcr?tr'i leader And 1 l'?OfmM)|( VTUbf, rnnii)H?ipg ?ele?ilo?? from the m< ?i >,.ipnl?r eperM mIl4m0 hlc.l aeirm, . B^leU, Karren, Cemlc ArU, fcfro Rr* ?ntrirl?l?, ftorlSBMt, Kitn^ve, *r ?y the heet pMfariM ? i? fie rltf, ' 1 .^ 1 Olllllllll with t?e new pani tsiniv, arra?i*e>l tbk place, en^tleo . t "t'f IMl FAfflTOr TDB THBAtBHBAr Qne^n "f the Wheat H^eaf i.*"** * r.l''nor ?forward* lOlumhinf Hi? 1 tatuMB |*<"lao'*t af'er^*- rdn Uarte^r1*? OOSOlftkM?, Mr* Muhfce, mn-her of after 1 '** ward* cluwn * i "* AHKiaoii Hit I. m< Ourpn ?> Mallet Tlatgera, Vlllim, At, by 0?? ? T ITTVRATCflK COTBMFOBAIWK EH FHAf-f.-iJ I I e/rle de?!\ licluree ?er* d'.nn/e ?adi4l Prrdi a?">'a' pfweeera' d" lanjne Kmn '?i? ef If* tn e fc'i oo? r InMltnte. ?i<ll? .'t, lea Matcred|J7 9< e? ? 'm. d 2 M >1 el le* Mer. -? lu It *m"*la ? ulr >Ml l.oirM ei .I'fiil" d? l'afri!?>ni..i BUIeU ihe* M. L" 76.". B <u?dway. L~"Al'RA KKRNH H HRATRE.?W aTBB, VMH ladtre fur ibe Cam de Ballet. Applr to SalK tuff d<? r Oinahy etreei, betwon ton and twofce O^4oe4(, U'i< n<' mit t XTIH OKCKKLBH'H ACTUMATON Mi'SlOt ? w>rd.-tl .1' pie<^i i>f HHMln n exhib'Uo' eremrr, Iw a ?bort time ..nit, at 710 Rr<>?d*ajr,| *>el?w Sew Vork Hntel Admix or 2ft cm**. (>lTt A ?KM'Lt HIM 'MM. 44?l H?i>aDWA,T, J f r Ra|i*, 'oni^rta. Public Kxhlbltmna 1 ' 1l e? mono- will neat tOWl pe? pb- aud arr ui lor *anre vemllaUoo aod acouatlo quUiUao. per'ntnidant at the offtcei A MATf.T R PRA*A -A HI Wil ?\ MHMMi "rgarlted prlraie ? rl-if wi?*l?fc~ f? w more membora, ladiei and |??lleoea Admm Mm * I H erald "II The 'wo jqfc* amp a hort or ni ereulng at 1ha RIJiflUNT A*D PAl W> tteet. wf.i, two door* from the Pr*r Meroer AH I hprlo* etreeta. W M. X. prtotori BEHJ. H0K?t, "#!??