Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1861 Page 2
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financial and commercial: Tpwday, Feb. 26?6 P. M. The following ia a comparative statement of the export* (exclusive of specie) from New York to foreign porta for the week and since January 1:? I860 I860. 1881. ItoUU for the WMk $tf6s,#lT 1618,781 8,046,688 PWFWialy reported....6,4*1.484 HM?3,188 18,375.8?? Sinoe Jsa. 1 $7,461,401 11,641,987 21,421,63T Thus last week's export of produoe was nearly double that of the corresponding week last year, which was iteelf a very fair export. The principal Artioles of export were wheat, corn and flour, of Which about >670,000 went abroad last week. Of cotton we shipped $380,000 to Europe. Liverpool, aa usual, took nearly a million of the total export. Political disturbances have evidently not affected the export trade of New York, though they have ? diminished our importing business. The money market was pretty active to-day, in conscquenoe of the payments on account of the new loan. In paper there is no ohange, but six ; is about the minimum rate for oall loans. The loan is being paid in rapidly. Over two million* were paid to the Sub-Treasury yesterday; to-day the receipts were $1,770,800; the payments only | $46,126, and the balance this evening $7,509,147. Foreign exchaugo closcd rather heavier than yesterday. Most at the bankers continue to ask j 106, but we hear of transactions at 106%. Francs ranpe all the way from 5.30 to 5.37%* The stock market opened steady this morning, with a good demand for Illinois Central, Michigan Central, Erie bonds, Hudson River, and one or two other stocks. After the call, a rumor spread that the Peaoe Conference had adjourned without doing anything, and the market fell back a frac tion, the decline being equal to % on New York Central, % on guaranteed, j%onT<fledo, and about % on other Western shares. Between the boards the news arrived that the Conference had actually agreed upon a plan of adjustment, and the market instantly becumo buoyant again. In the afternoon Btocks were all considerably higher, and everybody wanted to buy. New York Central rose %. Illinois Central 1, and other stocks in pro portion. All State stocks were in good demand at an advance. The new loan was lower, a large number of the successful bidders having rushed in to realize. The impression continues general in the atreet that, whatever obstacles of detail may be encountered, the path is now clear for tho adjustment of the present political trouble, and speculators look to see stocks advance to the prlccs which ruled before the present panic began. At the close to-day the market was tirm, the follow ing being the quotations:?United States5'a (1871), 86% a- 88; Virginia 6's, 76% a %; Tcnnessoes, 74% a 75; Missouri 6's, 67 a %; Canton, 14% a 15; Cumberland Coal preferred, 6% a 7%; l'aciflc Mail, 85% a %; New York Central, 74% a %; Erie, 33% a %; Hudson ltiver, 40 a %; Harlem, 16% a %; do. preferred, 40% a 41; Reading, 47% a %; Michigan Central, 59% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 15% a %; do. guaranteed, 33% a %; Panama, 115 a 116; Illinois Central, 83% a %; Galena and Chicago, 73% a %; Clove laud aud Toledo, 35% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 60 a %; Chicago, llurlingtou and Quincy, 73 a %. The Congress at Montgomery has decided that its new tariff shall go into effect on March 1st. On and after that day alt goods shipped to Southern ports (except such (roods as may have been pur chased by Southern houses before that day) aro to pay duty to the Southern government?the of duty being mainly the same as those in forcc in the rest of the confederacy. This will lead, of course, to a further increase in the business of the railroads, and a further din inution of the business of the ports. Southern merchants will import their goods by rail to evade the payment of duty. We notice that the same causea are increasing the movement of cotton by rail. Nearly 700 bales ar rived here yesterday by the Eric Railroad. The interest due on the 2d and 3d mortgage bonds of the Erie, on lit March no*t. will hp duly paid on presentation of the coupons. Holders of the 2d mortgage bonds can now have them paid off, if they prefer the money to a new sheet of cou pons. Thus this great property is gradually work ing out of its difl>ultics. The exchanges at the Rank Clearing House this morning were $18,856,360 58, aud the balance $1,679,ViOC 61. The weekly statement of the Philadelphia bank-5, made up Monday afternoon, presents the following aggregates, as compared with those of the pre vious week:? Fth 18 25 Capital Stock $U sOS.725 11 808,8*6 Inc. #180 I,'*!)* 26 aw 076 26.140 KG I Dec.l!?7 212 Specie 4 831,424 4.901,704 lac. 70,278 l>ue Cm other bmiLs 2.0.6.-MS 1 "?02 474 IWc.213,M>4 Ihio to other bulb-.. 2bfr!,H74 2 873 9M Inc. W.122 Dcfxja't# 14 V04.7."3 14,#34,?08 I?0 281 977 Circulation 1,8CV,866 2 ".<> 113 IXo 14 752 The following is a compatative statement of the condition of the Canadian banks for the month of January, 1861, aud also for the same month in the three previous yt ars:? 1b58 .$#,860 673 1 *>? CS8 ."O.lCS.Sl.l ItUlO fc.::7f. :<H0 2 823,648 32 4U3.W 1H80 10,(*>'>.770 3.1344169 41,33*,011 1M1 12,87*067 4,348 688 46,017.334 The Maine State loan of $.15,000 has been taken at an average premium of 6 3-5 percent. $442,000 was offered, or almost fifteen times the amount needod. The earnings of the Illinois Central Railroad the third week of February were. TO ir<l *?*,1881 $79,052 SO 3bifd wock, ltOO 66,008 (#7 lucrOMe $<8,045 *3 Iaiki salty to the 10th $100,173 2i ticli rocxipt* in laud oilice to en to - 43,000 00 Tlio traffic on tlio road continues to show well. I By telegraph the company is advised of ouc thou sand bale# of cotton ami threo hundred hogsheads of eugar loading at Cairo thw day for Chicago. Mtork Ktrhangr. TcMDar, Fob. 20, 1861. 111000 Treon 12 pen 103 100 Mich Ow Rlt 58? dOCO Indiana 5'a... It 100 do 3000 Totitt 0 B 'X>.. 74 ^ 215 do M> U000 VirRioia 6 * 76^ 400 do blO 6#?< 16000 MlMKwn 6'a.. rtbjf '?*" do......WW 6i? \ IbOOi) do o?i\ 100 d<? w, 2000 Brooklyn Cw 1 ICO\ 6g ao BlO (>0', lucoSi teKK'.'ii)t>.-04 1C3 Ml do ?7 b?X lOOOtstekhSmh ?3 ttl 100 do ?10 691* 4<?0 Hud it KK 1 re 106^ 10 Now J?nmy KH.. 132 lOUi lUfUMi, S m b 01 \ 10 N J Out KK 115 3000 II ul- niRIUmb 70 l'i0 M d K N la Kit.. . 15 1<00 Mich So 1 ui b 82^ '200 do 15 v, 1000 N IKlt2<ii-mi?-b 66 f.0 M 8 A.N la g'd alk 3) 1C0V Chi kNW Ita :w do 33),' 1000 do 3V-H 100 do ?10 MS a.n mtJiiiih 40 fO d<> 33 H fWP aau n 200C a?r*Tol s f b 74 X 875 III 0*nt Rlt acrlp.T^ 10 tha MtokM a B* . l(?x fO do ?30 8JV 6 ltank Coatmercr. wo loo do a30 Klv SOo Harlan RRpd bit 40* 2i? do. hju <00 do 40S 100 do ....atirk 82 300 do. ....t-30 401, 60 do alO 82 eOl'iOJflcMSSGo.. 86 X 200 do 1)40 82 V W do 86* 100 VI ft Chi RR.blO 73 V 17',0 NY Cm RIl T?J? 60 do 731! 160 do.... b30 78* 160 do. 73V *00 do bit 78* kOO do WO 73 *5 <*? ??T 7** 360 do blO 78V 2M> do Jgv 10 do 7a> m 200 rf* ' ??CUTeinWM.aU 36* 126 Bttdaon R>m RM 46* 100 do 36 V SSw"ft^:.? 8$ 58 ? a ?? a*"4?-::::: 8* H ft"-*" " i?o ft'"."'? ?J* !80",,S*?'"'1 '* U ft:::::? 8? S^S?? f ?oww> rr so .u, "IKOND BOARD. ?6000 U f 6 * 1 <ac . H<i 100 i?ha Readtn? w? 1000 rr?M lipcootw 1<W 80 Mm b <>ntitii t!io il ' 10W7W.0-.-W 74 V 100 So 10 2* 0000 ^ma fl'n 78 V 100 do.'I.'.'.'.'.Mo * tJSSw *> ??????? t?* *? do.:: . 10000 O a. . 07 260 Mich So ft ft j Wr ?0$ do ?... blO 07 lOOMSoft.N | 15M Mono do mtv ioo <io 1 S??tL*7mRll"'n 101H 100 dMw IMO mTt^i ** 60 01 C,'nl KR 82 S ? JW VO ??o . ^ " Hfl do... 82 W too *k m 88 60 do 86 160 U <1 i Cu.c<*o RK 73* ?NVU'#l KK..? 7SV 350 do. 73* 100 do 7u3 M do b?0 73* 60 do 7UW 26 CtOT & ruled) KK 85X 480 d> 79k BOO d>. &bK 60 kVto KK 83 W 600 do 34>? 80 Hue. eon Hirer RK 46 10 ("bio k Kuck I Kit 6IJ 100 do if,% 60 do 100 Hvletu RR 16* 5**) do 6?* 179 Reading RR. 40 800 do.....?????? "J* 60 do .. 46% dt Ohio, Burl * Q RB <3 100 do.'. 4T CITY COJMMKHCIAL, UKlPOmV. IVlWKit, too. 2o?-O r? M. A.-iikb ?T1>0 mafkM *u qut?-t, with Boles of 20 a 30 bbUiULUJW?i*?HUt0 W2JJ' ?rii brands was moderate *'"1 chiefly for export. The marki.t closed with steadings lor most grades while the sules footed up about 12,000 bbla., ck*lng Wlthui the fol lowing ru?* of prices.? Superttne State 30 a 5 36 Kit: a .itnto, good to choice 6 30 a 646 "? ? ? ? Hupet flue West* ra 620 a 626 Coir on n to cho'co Western extra 5 37>ga T 20 Mixed to atraight Southern 6 45 a 6 bO St-aight to g?od extra do 6 85 a 7 25 Choice extra family und bakers' brands.. 7 25 a 8 26 R\e Hour 8 30 a 4 40 On t' meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 3 00 a 3 40 ?Canadian flour was less buoyant, an t olos<-d ut ruthcr easier rates. The sales embracod about 300 bbL>. at $5 30 a $7 26, the latter figure for extra Southern Hour was without alteration of m>meut, while the sales em blaced about 1 000 bbls., closing within the above range of prices. Ryo Hour wis ln.ic.lvo at our figures. Corn meal whs dull and prices unchanged. Wheat was dull and heavy, with a fair de mand for export and for milling. The sales embraced about 63 000 bushels, at $1 40 u $1 45 for white Ohio and luc'.iuii'k. $1 24 for Canada club, and $1 2.1 a $1 24 for Milwaukee club in store, and fl 24all 28 cellverod; $1 33 a #1 ?6 for rod Postern, $1 87>? for rod l/Jng Inland, $1 20 for Western amber colored and $1 20 for Chicago t-pring. Corn was heavy and less aotlve, while the f ans i mbrncei about 36 000 bushels at fll a <l2a. for new mixed at the railroad dei/Ot, 61 %c. for oM mixed in store, 6Skc. a 6;>c. lor do delivered, 64c. a ?8c. for Southern yeliow, and 72o. a 74c. tor white southern. Barley was nominal at TOc. a 80c. I tar ley m.ilt was dull at 86c. a ! 0c Ryo was noir.ina' at 65c. a 68c. 0-its wore plasty nuti qu'et at 35c a 3<Jo. for Western and Canadian, and at 36c. a ;;7c. f"r ?tate. Cimx? he new ket was steady l?it qiiift. Sales of 200 bags of Rio were made at 12c a l:iV?c , anil 30 do. Ilurscaibo at 14c. The following statement of th 1 move mei t of stick in th.s maiket is from the crculir of &,ersis. Wm. Sett k yon:-8tcck of Rio cotloo February 10. 1401, C3 407 bag*; rcCelTOd silC<J U) date, pur P. C. Wui wick, 4.7iO bags?total, tw,l00 bags, Sulc-s fo' cm si niptiou estimated at 21,360 bags. Stock of Rio on February 24, 1 86 1, 43,760 bags; MaraOtibo. 2,612 do ; Java, too govi ri mcnt bags; Jamaica, 734 bm*?total, 4",4!'ti bsgs. Stock of Rio February 23?New or bans, 32.1X0 bag*; Bui'.mors, 17,000 do ; l'hllsdclphU, 2 000 do.; February 26, New York, 4S,7uO do.?total, P4.7I0 baj;8 Cono*?The market wm not very spirited, yet a fair d. maud i xisted, without change of moment In prices. The hales embraced ub nit 1.800 bales. 800 ol which were in tiiinsit, chit fly on the basis of 11 *{C a Il,'?c. liutji iiTM?Kalis were firm, whi e engagements wore moderate lb Liverpool, about 80,000 bushel* of wheat were engaged, in bulk and bags, at 12>?<l. in bulk, mad at 12*! d. a 134 In ships, bags;-100 bales of cotton at 5tn> bbls lli'Ur at 3s. 6J., w iih some reported at 3d. 7J?d. To l.riidOD, alxiL't 6,000 bbls. flout were engaged, at 3s. 9d a 4s.: 100 boxesbuoon at 40s.; 100 tens city pressed oil sake.at37s.0J. To Bremen, 800 hhds. sugar werd eigtg ( d .t 4'Js 6d.; 1,000bblsrofcin, at 4s Od , aud 2< 0 cases to baccii ?t: Oe ; a v< e.-ei was taken to load gralu at private t? rios. Kitvjkt. Storbi ?Sales of 600 bbl-?. spirits turpentine wi r-- made, itcluiili g -^mthorn in shlppii k order a'. 37o., and in New Yoik bb.s at 38c Crude was Arm at $2 75 a $2 87, iu yard, with a gool export demanl tor Knglidh lortt. Cturmoii resin was ll^mur, at.d was quoted at $1. 2r? from yard atid $1 ?0 dtllvercd. far was 11 rm at f'Z 26 for Nirth county, and at $2 62)j for Wilmlng on. 1'KOt iMOSit.?l'ork?The market was ui^eUkd at the close, while the Pales rmbraccd aliout 3f.O bbls.. at J i.7 26 for mits, while prime wis reported at $12 60. Beef war moteactive, with aales of 400a600bblk at$?80a $6 26 for country nuss, $8 76 a 7i :or repacked, aad ut $10 a $10 76 for extra, l'rimo mess wa* quk-t at $15 a $17. Btef hams were Urm, with saloj of 100 bbla Wes tern, reforted at $18 Cot nieais wore active and in g^ol request, with f-aJe* uf .'.'00 hhds. and tierces, at 0>ao. for slit i.ldeis an i 8^c. for bans. Uird was in fair demand, with sales of "*ji> )>bln. at f?c a 10c. l>ressed h'l^s were quiet at 6?,C a 7c. Butter and ch^epe were unchanged. Bjc ?.?.Nil. s ol 00 tierces were made at 3?4c. Bn< ks ?.vules of 300 bags pepper wore mado at 8s. a 8'^c. hi uaBK were llrm niid in pood demani, with paton of ab"ut 1 OCO hi ds Cuban a good part at 4J?e. a 5>{c., with S'mo lots common refining goods at 4c., aud 142 hhds. melado and ?00 boxes at p t Ifeesrs R U fc A .-tcait have establish) d today the followmg p'icoa for their relinoil goo ts:? Best quality loaf sugur, H'.,c.; be .t quality cri.i-hed sugar, 8l.,c.; Circle A?'"pMi ds'igii*, B',.'c.: granulated sugar, 8!Be.: ground s'l^ar, 7?ic.; white sugar (A),7 ',c.< yellow wo^ar (C),"';o. Iciui oi.?ihere is a fair demand for export, at m ide rutc prKce, but the home trade in quiet: sales of 6i> hhda. Virguiia,4>ic. a 7c ; lis do Kentucky, 6>jc a 8c . 54 baits Havana, i6c.; 100 do. Vara, p. t.; llGcuos eod leaf, 4c. a 7>?c. W11M.KT?The maiket was Urtn, with sales of 300 bbls at 18c. Sales of Real K*tate. Bv Adrian H. Mullcr. 2k>tsn.8 lCOtbst.,25011 w ^1 av.,25x100 11,each $500 4 s. s. 76th bt , .t2A ft .? .'Ill ?r , '>?xl02 2, each 1,190 I n. e. cor. 9th av. and 83d st , 25.8.vitboiit SO 1 MM) 1 s. o. cor. " " " 25 Mabout 60 1,0S0 1 adjoining ec 0th av., 25 Ovabout !i0 1,0>0 4 n e. ro 8th av und 1431 St., 26.\I00, each bfcO 4 s. s l.'ifith st., 236 ft. w. filh av. ,25x100, oa?h 440 1 s. s mih >t., HiO ft. e. 11th av., 25x100 11 700 1 adjoining, 86xlVO. 11 e>0 2 a<ljctiling. 25x100 11 each 075 2 n. s. 116lh Bt., 00 It. W. 4th av , 20x100, each 6!>5 2 n. a. 10?th st., 100 ft. w 21 av., 25x100.11, each.. 680 5 s. s. 121st st , 450 ft. e. fcih sv., 25x100 11, each.. 650 6 adjoining, 25x100.11, each 500 2 ?. s. 12'.M Ht., 100 it w. av. A, 25x100, ?ach 641 2 s s. 1221 st , 225 " " 14 " 62 ) 2 adjoining, In rear,?n n. s. 121st., 25x100 11, cach.. 625 SHIPPING NEWS. Ai-ajiuo ron inrw TOKn?rtut oat. ?m >UM 6 37 I noon Riu j eve 8 20 *tn? ?*tb 6 191 hjgii watm morn 10 it) Part of K?w Yurie, Kebi amy '40, 1HG1. CLEARED. Si &m:.liii> Africa (Brl, Cook, (jueenitown and l.tvci iv?l?? Co tiard. steam-hip Montieello, Qafcr. Savannah?11 B Cr.itawell A to. Kteetn?hlp Jvnf ln?n, Skinner, Norfolk, AO? Iridium A Hcincken. t-litv 11'met, Mitchell, IliUlol?Lawrence, <lll?s A Ck Bark J It.tla. Turner, Llverptiol?J C MnArthm. Bark<|M*en \ icton* (Nor;, Ntilaen, Cork Oi 1 jlui jutb? Fun. h A Mclnckc Ji?ik I tax* (l'ru?', MiriJe. Quceastown or Fulmou h?W Salem. huik Aou'ota (Br;. Babot, Jeraer?fJ Moke .? Co. l'aik Ai.dr*. Mernmaa, Havana?Delano A I apea l.aik II i-|alrting, Booker, cienfuegun -R w J'runil.v. i.hik ('nun, Gardner Tiimdntl?fl H Kte|inen?oii \ Co linrk Stella 'Brj, , M John", NK?R Dinwiddle A CO Murk Annrew Mandri.iOD, Thomson, New Orb .?ni-U'b eon A Ki?dlck. Bug K Palmer illr., flulmer, Bristol?./ Vt Klwntl A Co. Itrtu Mary C< bl>. ( ornwell, I larnnt -Trtijlllo A RutwlL 'frmpeet, MeCobb, >! lUtim-Walnh, (terror brl| Milwaukee, Drown, /.ar?? Vlller A lliugh'on. f'tbr Fellow ( raft (Hi \ l.?ne, M.l hnu?P I Netim A B'?n. K!.r.i Warien, l/uiier, Jai.?* nville? Van Hrunt A stag lit. tvN W smith, Im. Charle?ton?Met'ready, Molt A ^.'o. Wcbr J Kralih, Oh; tun, VVIImlugton?J .~nnth A Co. Hchr .1 Parker, , Norwteh_|l s RaukclU hteatuer Bon m. Citx.>k?"-, Ph'lade'pa*. ARRIVED. H'mmship Alannina. Sclienrk, Havunnah. with nil<ii and pa^-ngern. to Samuel L Vitchlll A Son me;intMiip M>>i)ti2 'in< nr. hrrrr. .->avannab. with mdae and p?> -ci'grra, to 11 B Cromwell A Co. Hieau?-hH> State ol t.r..riila. tf .iT^n. Savannah, with mdee and pnaeergeni toT lUrlnW'Inon A Co. steam.blp North Carolina, I'ov.eU, Wilmington, NC, with mdae i-nd iiuurnwrrn, to II H Cromwell A Co. Shin Kile >of Bath , Preble, Ardroxaan, Nov 1, via St Tbo nm* (? h. n* ?b? put In In dixtrew) Ktb 10, wltb Iron, to K P Buck A-c?. Itai k Cmi lin? (Hiel, Kanfntrorn, K''*??i|? and I'lrmo'ilh, 67 da) *, with nxtl. to 1 uncli A 1 < incke. Had heavy W Mimlit on thf p???jine; lo.t and t pll' ?*1U. had mitco topma?t carried a war, and nn ivrd c-ib'T danmge. Jtaik >oi weKia (Ni>r), Oun i.-i*oo, Alicante, 00 dajr?, In bal. act, to Kuncb A Vein' ke. Baik Hiinola (oi B<?too), Oray, Mlnatlt'an, Fab 1, with ma. hognrv to K Ali'iai die. Had noma heavy weather. Bark llemy Trowbrli1(*o (or New Haven). Frlsble, An'lgoa, l."?ila)e. In baUuftt,to HTiowbrldi[? * bona, of New lltven. lttth ln*i, iat 34, Ion 71, "poke nblp W?*hn>i{t'>n, from Valpa rai?o fi r r.aliltnore; I'.nli, | aa?ed a ahlp'a Iow> rraa?t, and on the m<>rnin(ot atli iaw ,i MUuiitlty of broken i>j>ar?, au' h an tnrma'-ii. jxrd?, Ae ? aik Aloti ii l.liji'oln 'of llarptwelli. Bibber, Matamat, 11 d?y?, via Newport iwherealM put in ot> jAuut of btavr wnub' r) :< da>?. w Itli mol,n i ?, to Murter w^ Bark Alaaoiit i (.4 Rearapnti), Lanphw, Caraena*, 13 day*, with 'Ugar Ae, to n: titer. II? I be?*y wwUrty *e?ther. l<?rk Mearo (of t hntlealonl, I) < n^^ Si-Vi flrleana, 1)1 daya, witb moia-'e*, to Uk< A Bell 17th tnai, 25 mile* SK from ( arj^lort l.lfcbt, fa^ed felir Eleanor, of New V.rk, U-mnd N. BlUi Atalania uNm), Hod, LlTerp?x>l, M daye, with OmL to Ftify b A Meit.rke Had h>uv? weather. I ttg <)C Clary (of C*md>'n), I'btlbrook, Me??ina, Dee 2.\ wiib tiult Ac. to M naif A Dun< an Uta inai, Ut ii iH, In tfi'ifi. ?tv ke ?cbr Flivtly, for .Martli<|/mn. Hri? Myra W Holt <ai BhtekllB, Hodge, Safua, Feb 14 with Mtgar Ar, to CAK.I Petera. Hiulcd In oumpany with baik Llnaa Rt?* art, for Nt w Vork. Hrl^ 1 mplre Mlibr, Ualvmton, 20 tlitr*. with oot on, to Vak* mau, lllin n A Bo Had boavv wi nth' r, Bilg B P Broen, timtth, FerDandina, 12 day*, wllh cot'.on A< to manter Brig M iry Hamlltt n, I d(Wton, M"Wle, 18 day*, with cjtl"ti le, t" R r?UnMbiit A Co. i(*d heavy weather. B*br iinphtmla Bayk-e. I'ornv, TK, Keb ii, with hiibcj-Ae, U> H w Itcwi* A Co. Had hem y weather, hax ix en 10 day* II ut Haltef>?; 3>Hh Inat, l*t 37 >>, Ion 74 22, during a he*vy gain frc?i NW, canted ?way fori *Uy? rnd martingale gear, flth t??t, ln? Into Ponce ??.br Katy Allee, Wet?, henoe; lfith, Iat i'1 18. i'Hl 7l4^*poke Br ?hlp spartan, fmm ?at *n. nah lor London. IJth, Iat 36*), lou 73 J0, *pt>ke brig Win thror, henee for MoWle. Mhr Velma (<>f c*ml ild*e. Me), flufletl, Trinidad, 1< daya, with "ntJaeH. *, to ma.ier. ? P( ? r ' KelJy (Bri, lf> ntley, Bay de North, NP, 'JO daya, with jjr,s ?1a?,?r. Kt br Rc arft n (Rr<, UaiUgau, HaJlfai, 12 d ty?, with 11 ?b, to Ja? lluiitf r k Co. Mbr Paiinie tot i'blUdeipfcial, Vanee, Qalrefton, 14 daya, with ttHUn lo N "Vom A Prince. mr.r Kmeiim Mei^in (of Hoeklandi, Beaton, New Orleane, U tfc.T*. with 'usar Ae, to maatcr. .-?chr Hu*an A H*ry, MclnUre, Norfolk for Provideree. Fchr A btenart, De*lngt\ Vlraliila, bchr t; < Hadler, Slpple, Mllford, Del, 2 darn. >-?br M?nlo? e, French, Egg Haibcr, 4 daya. *?hr H M Bnmiilng, Frank*, Kgf Harbor, 2 daya. fSi1',8. ^ 1 *f'?r, 'one*, Horoboafer, 2 day*. ti" ? "lo"">o, >-hepherd, <lreen?lrli WlaabetbjiWt for Portta?<f. h?br M II Miiltin Rnek, V.hralxMhport for Provldefyv. alfclf liX.lfrr Sml,h- t-li'-aijethport for New I Amdon Kehr RiiiW^ ,<.loUt?*4er, S daya t*.hr E* U1? ? "I0'1 4 dayM '^'Wetowti, .1 ttofa. ??kr n H Boysttin, Uitodle, New Bcdloid (or Norfolk. M, U flmttb. Mlk. Now Him far yirgtni* Morwieb, S 4ayC ttuhr FkireiKa. Hall. Norwich, J days. nnMl., 8JoI?p OUveS^Ame" French, Wi*. JVSfiJ down uw Sound cnrried away watnbnw, wa? ?*" w l-u Kvpctf' It orn f PiorklMMi KMuir 1'rUcan. Baker, Providence, fiteamnr New London, binilh, How London. B1XO?r. One brif, unknown. BAILED. . Montleello, Savannah; Jftsuatown, No foil. *e Wind daring the toy 8W. light HlKtilUncon*. San FranoUoo shipping >dti?M to UUi Inut, by Pony El" prv?i, in genornl mh coJtitnna. TU? pursar of auamahip MtlniM, fewn Savannah, Ua? oar tbnnks f?r pnpors in advanoeof the malL We ain alio indebted to tbe polite porter of cte^mablp fcoutgomery. from Savannah, for almllnr attentions. 8hip Co<jviiibo. of Boston, wbtah P?t Into Kananwa, Ja_ pan, in distress, had sprung aleak at Ma Dec W. an I arrival was ill a finking condition. Bho would prab ibly be condemned. Bshk J 0 Miokbls?Bark Bomwt, from Liverpool, ?rri??x} at Charleston 26th Inst, reports that on lb* 16th "^?kn birk J C Nlckela^lckels, from Boston for Cuba-wboo 8 diy? ou experienced a hea* y gale and lost spar* and tall*, but d sir* 1 no assistance; all ?e!lon board.?(By telegraph to Kl *ood Walter, Esq, .Secretary of tbe Board of Underwriters) Bchr Ok* Kkox. before reported ashore t mile from R ioe Point, had discharged ab nt 60 torn atone on 23d, and and was dist'burKlDu 25th c bo shiftel some S0l> fe?t to the E rt m.lsy nictit, ami her bottom whs considerably chafed by oonUet with the atone thrown overboard, the ulla with water every tide. Bchr Iwdki'fnt'KNCK, of Dennis, from Saco for New Bed ford with a load of scrap iron, which sunk in Oct hut, ou a ledg?3 miles a of Ilyauuls, in IA feet water, has f?oenUj b?en lalsetlby Cspt Benl Baker, and was towed to Hew Haulord ? 3d the has a hole stove in her starboard bow, tmd her ra I iiud a portion of the plank on the larboard nidi are lone, but i.thurv lw she Is in pretty good c indttlon. The iron hid bwon got out by a company previous to Capt Baker purchasing tn'* t ersel. HaLirax, Feb2&?Schr Nar aguagns, Rinks, from 8t Pierre, Wl.|, for Hon ton, was totally wrecked at St Marys, ntar u ?Y* bcro, on the I3tb Inst Orew saved. Notice to Ma rimers. Cept Bettdixnn, of Danish ship Ben j Howard, at San Fran ciscoJan .10 from Manila, report*1 >ec 2& Ini 25 M N, Ion I.W 19 k at 1" PM, saw Hon dlco I*l*nd At 12 o'clock, saiie Island bt ro ESK, distant 6 miles; < bserved another Island In the N E. distant about a roller, which w*s not laid down upon any chart In the captain's possession Both the Islands are veiy low, and not advisable to b-.i run i'or on a dark night, hav ing a long low bcach extending a grwit way out. W lialcinea Arr at Callno Jan 2d, Trident, Fiaber, from a cruise, with rroia'ltli Janeiro Jan 1, bark Massachusetts, Gresn, N lledfold, for Paettc Ocean. Md from Honolulu l>ec 22 Braganza, To.wr, of > B, to ciuiae, 2-th, Arab, Uiinnell, of KU, to cruise t/ aud N. Kpokrn, Ale. I Paik J C Nickels, Nickels, from Bo .ton for Cuba Fib 6, no lat Ac?by a vest-el arr at Charleston foreign Porta. Antigua, Feb ID-Id port Brig Llztlo Oartlncr, for NTork. Uai.ifax, Keb81?Old sohra (Jwan, lublijover, AUunutfton, NO. Truro, Cettam, NYork. _ _ . Mumiia, Keb 2?\n port barks Haiuel. Hailett; 9tclllan, m?t. and Vernon, Blake, for Boston, Addison Ohi.d, for NYoik; Leoo, Larkin. supposed for do; brig isntlna, I eel, f. r do. Sid J an 26, bark Ernestine (llddlngs, Lelaiid, Balti ni.reiMbr Viols, Haskell, Nlfork; Feb I, bark bUtsllke, 1Ih.> ci Nuilrans; schr Amerlous, Waltar, faltlmore. tioNTsviuiO. Deo 31?In port ship Coronet, lUruden, for W li.dlex ldg horses, bark Arthur Pickering, Caultleld, Tor Sa Tal5SJo,*5Nt 27?In port birk Cambridge, Sparrow, for * Po'iIck.*!" Feb d?In port bark Bay SUite, Mayo, from Boa tou. for BiUtimoreHth. brigs Daniel.Trowbndge, NeaL from andftr NUaven 7th; R..bert Mowo,Ward, from and ford-, w tt cargo; ichrs Den Arniatrong, Scholfleld, from .aid for d(>, oonimi need Idn <lh; Mohawk, staples, for Kalutnora Oolntt in 0th, schr Mary Alice,, from H t-^rk. Koiikkdam. Feb 6?Id port Bhtps fedw HnTPtt, Qiinby, for Baltimore ldg; Black Sea, Klckroere; lOUamax jo. Tayl.?r and Juliet Trundy, bpalding, lor do; barkrflaab^ltaC J one*, Wood binn, fordo, B<aier<Br), Utlry for Boston; Harain??a, De Vr|e?; Oolnea, l>e.Hart, and Johanna Martha, Fenluga (all lhlT,o Ukaku? ?Deo 31?In port schr J Darling Percival, for NYork ldg. Going in 81st, sciii Superior, lravers, from Haiti n"-T Thov as, Feb 10?In port ship Isabella, OofTln, from Ma zallon for Kalmoiith, Eng, difg to repair, Brb.irk -. 53 dajK fri m l'ensaeola for Cork put in leaky; steim"r <len Florcs, lilby, iiom Nl'ork forOallao, put in with tier decks 1 Vaoi Ke't|l 14?io port barks Oeo Thomas, and Louisa, for NYork ft w days; Jas Ward, from do; Aim ra Ooombs, l)rluk wut< r fit'm t ardllf; F.xi ter (Mr), Mortlmur, for NVork lew'bil?s Executive, and Champion (Br), for do do; sohrs I.oiile. and Mayllower, iordo Jo. hid 14th, bark Linda Stow art,N^irk. American Portk ALEXANDRIA, Feb25? !d BrbrigPerthsliire, Armstrong, Ou, ci.nown for orders; Krbr Fairfax, Mott, NYork. 1Bug"OK FVb 26?Arr ba. K s A c* ?> (Port), 8ylielra. FMjral; Join Carver, Or'llln, Clou' ue?o?; brig Nantasket, Dunbar, do-ochrs A M Alor dtr, Bauuian, Bobilf; Potomac, Kay, Jactwtiville; Ifaniot l'.rewster, llawklu^. savanuah dark Justice si'IV, from Africa, wssnotbel)?this port on hunday, as n>ix>iti d Old tiarks llonrhendorflr (I ruH)<lubi st> >rB, i: oi I si ?? nllnople; Mngc.u, K.dley, Nun aos; brig* I Plilnney, Galveston; \r.?ta, Kullor, do; I1 ran cUro IIhU, sMaianzan; France* Sattarljr, Cooper, Sitv.innah sld winMW, ?>bip (in'.ena, barks Abd si Kad'-r, Merrimw, B. ROU, A U Ktml.aU; b>Us Judge Hathaway VV'ngold. "6tli- Arr (by tel) steamers S It hoanldlng, Baltimore; Een sltigton. Philadelphia; hbip John Maadeville, l_alcutU; barks Oniumli. Smyrna; Laura Ku^a, NOrieans; brigs PAlaigt, llavaiia; l oi< -t City, Cardeuss; Ami r Union, i.alveston, J Mclntire, NOrleans. Below, <-hlp Clifton, from {(Orleans, l,aik Robeit Peuiiell, from CardeuM. ? _ , BACTIMOUK, Ke\. SS6? Arr Br brig Mary Mort?m,Rood, lnasua.Mhr Austin, Parsons, llymou'h, Mass. Cld Brem bark Anna, Vennecohi, Bremen; Br bila James, Williams, Lwdon <ard .id); srhrs F II Abb ott, Smith, and L Church, wtelden NYork. Sid ehlps Ernest no (Itrem), Hehl .sshuiy, , ?? John Tucker, Tat lor, Annapolis Ro?ds to finish big f,.r 11 veils ol. baiks i'.ien (Nor. Mruba, nstowo; sylph, M. WesT Boston; l.ilgs Zebolon (iiri, Otvidson, Windfes; Vni' n sute, Pox well, savannah. Went to sea 2Jd, orig Storm KBkISTOIs Feb J5?Old b lg "roton, Coggeshall, Havant. ftj/j ?-ohr kki.uo i* Haixurd, \\ f> Vurk. KHaNKIJN La, Feo2?Ar< tclirWilliam riidole, tournlor, ^FALL^IVBE, Feb 21?Arr echr Mai la Louuia, Cummings N<iA |k\ l STON.Feb" 12?Ait > hlp J \V Pannin, Tlrlgus, N^w ^ nrk r tb b'uones Teyan stir, Loud, Liverpool; 1 t>th, l<ticv, V-,h n Hucm sAyrea. Cid I2?li, lurks San lacin'o Kratus, I.ivei i > <1; i-el-.s Megnoin Bonum, Harding, V ranklin, Ija; l'oh, II .iriidsn, Bri(;hlman, Havana; Itftb, brig Ka'.ulidln, '^7n poitVfli*b\Vhipe W A Wha .ton, flmltb. for LUe.p.K,l;J \\ V'aVnin rtTiggs, for havre: barqU-'ST N\ House. Hearse, iird It nan's Bran*!.??or Livt'lsKjl: I-i>'el, Hqulre, and re*an Star, Loud, disg; schs Van ; for New Yoik ; Jaiy blandish, diHlOHI ?ND 1IOHT. FeV 2i, 8 AM ?1'a-elnft in, one ship, \vttht< ??of for* an : inlxen UpgaUmi m-\i?Va 2 i' M-l aw iui: in si'r 1 s \V H Baker, - r i.e?-s sni Prlxe Banner. 4 -Jb P M?Passing In, t' S revenue cutter Morris aud a ship tinkiii.un f 1' M? as'ligout ship (Jalei a, for Newlork. 6 V) I' M?1 a>?ing in, 'teamship S It spauldlng. Balunv>re ?orBoutin; baiks Imaum, fri'in Kuseat :or ^U. m; Itolert P?nui 1 Irom srdetss roiK. -,ion; bilgs l* A, Tiom l.a*una for do; Amiri'in Union, O ilve-ton f r do. sc*r? m-,v Kinte WclcuU. and -'tuati, *ork ford), H & IS Hti -.II, rfcgua lor do. tuniot-Wiud fte.b, aud '''hoI/IiKS- POI F.Feb 22. I M-Arr r<hf tVm S Bak-r. I'ier e, rxngi-r forltoston; 1 htllip Hr>d"-o, I.lndser, M "rk I r Mar I'!? M1; ? all a. I'a)- n, Norfolk for Kockp^rt Me. ??'d-Arr s?hr Sarah li Lewis. N*-?e?-in\ Rappahannock Blvrr ior Boston, ud bark Ltbti on; ichrs Joseph tish, ' Vuh*' Mr bnik Os!s. Byd-r. Pos'on 'or Phlltdolphia; schrs F ? Ha'eT, Haley, savannah f r Bon on; Mary A fbr p chlre Shrouahlre, Phil ?d. for do; Oils e Hayward f.a in d-r? Hsltlni' i" for Hath; C k', Harwood snd Joslah A"horn. Merrill >e*v tcdfoid foi *?rfc?iK ;ioot, HamiUon, and , Hi, ?>.'?, Love II. Boston M NYork; Fx pre**, Atkbis Pro vin. 'own Iordo; Phoenix Ilampden, Poriltnd for do; John Adams, lloich Hay State S,. r, slid Amanda. Kendall, ItcTkiaod lor do <ih b't. r losi nn sr. 1 or mornini of tbe 2Jd, .,n ( lisiban ; fljltif Arrow, Carver, vlnalhavu forNoriol*. sld brirj ?n\. iiein Cmon; scbis Prize Banner, Mora. W s Psker. atid Sriah K Lewis. _ , 'VU? Arr buss Kul-st ( 1-v, P. kin, t sruena* for Bo-ton; M 'I Llls?or>' tBr\ I.awrric*^ Matauias for d >; J Mc'n tlr? iiclrli c, NOileatH for do s. hr Augusta, Cole, NY rk for' Peit and. S'd sclira S V W s mmons, Express, Jane Ad?rr.s Ba? StMe f"pe<r>and Amnn'lt. 10 A M, ?lnd f? *. Ill i-ort, the n>? arrivals o' to day and ship Clifton. I stVs Robert i een^n, and Uak. bilg I tiebe A IwhiB Hay State (llslletti. Mainin t nion, S A B Mr all! V a?l u Sliarp, Ltiiy L Sharp, J B Auslin. C'ahsla, pt.iiip fio'geo, E M Haley. V a febr< psbire, OUve Ha> ward, I II, .tosiah AibofD, Cabot Pilu. e?i, Ph. nix. Hying Arrow, *CMOBll B?F?br2l?C14 Br ship Argo, Mitchell, New Orleans; schr Insonar. tiaWetion. ? . Tw KVS OULkANg, r'eb21?Atr ^ilrs Mary Hammond. Dy rr Athens, Shields; James N'esmlth Watts, and be *IU Clin ton Moi-ber, Livt rix ol live Yankee, Thonilike. Havana; Augustus, Bell, NYurk: Empire uueen (Br), Jolly, and D L Ch' ale, MeMsntis. M.>blle; barks Oa?U, Civeth, do. Argean. Cr. ?l v Philadelphia; brig- M A Stevens, Butler, and Allan A I h?lman. Ijim ent, Havsna; rrh'* Misr, tismni n Mstanras; Joi n Ollpln, tialv. t? n. Cid ships Oertrtnlo <Br\ Doane;?,an P<?we* (Br> Sin monn: Orne? rendl??l??n; Marllda (Br), Ptevens. n. Amerleana(Br>. Potts, an4Bawley? hlu.low i Bus), Llvcn?ool Allan, licagun, l)o?iton; Ur brig \ cnu*, Wr!tb?Arr* by tel) ihlp Ureal Utii&lu, IJverpool; b.Mk Wake ri*To?V?!*?o sea 1Mb, ships Ileau Monde, Kelvin. Marathon, C Word. Belle Wood. Kirks Arctic. Ilerwlf II Hazoltinc; Ibib, ?Mds Regulus, W Witherlee. and bark Hermitage. MtKl wl.K, l>b 2't?Arr steam-l.ipJS R Spauldlnf, IlaheH, Balltmote for Boston. CldschrNJ Knight, Ollkey, Barb* " (VFW BEPFOBD. Feb ?4?Arr aebr R Ralkes, llawes. Nor folk. Hid 2,'id, whrs C Ht John, Doyle, ElUabethport; 24tk, M P w pofo, Feb 24- Arr schrs Frederick Fngene Haws*. Rockland for h'ebmond; Bengal, Ulx, NYork for Rockland ( 'new1 LONDON, Feb Sft-Arr sleop* Harvest, Corwln; Khode I .land. RenUagton, and E Hprague.Olbbs, Providence, 'k'tV HAVEN. Feb 25?Arr brig Wared*!*, H hack for J, \Vnri to ioRil lor Foilo Rlc<) Achm Meretr. Mflrtm, Kllia t^lbp/rt; / Htration dtodman, Philadelphia, yary, <lUab?t^ port. Old si his Dilentasb, Elijah*tkport; John ft Ford, New ' p'ab" CAVALIiO, Feb-Arr off th, ??ar, ? Ihr och, An ' pEN sa^'OLA, IVeb 14?Old brlga C II Ft oat, Hopkins, llav?na;"l?(b, Borneo, Norton, Mobile. PHILADELPHIA, Keb 26?Arr steamer P Snrs^ua, Mat thews, B<>ston; barks Cadrandrla (Dutch , ()omk?ns, Rotter dam; Powhatan, ftlmmona, Paletmo; brig M Kendall Pad dock, do; ?chr? Edw Keed. <i.ssja,a>e.l; V lllage Queen, Haw kins, ind A Hammond, Pslne, Boston; ( has A Mu-taon, Rloh, Provireetown; M C Hopkin- DounheriT; It J Mercer, Robin s/.n- ROWhlltlon. Neal. Wm Hone, Hewitt; Hy, < h?esmsn; Bsnouet Newell,and W Wollaoo, Scull NYork Cld steamer Delaware Oannm. NYork; bark Joseph Mar field. Davia, 1* puayra b'tlgs Vlklngen for), Olsen, Coik; Ttios Walter, Ul "pbltTLAND. Feb 13-04 hrtg Ja?j? Croeby, V.-aiie. Car d?tiaa BM, w IMIHW, ship Bath lab Thayer. "si?cld llr at<-ami1 hip North American. AHon, Liverpool via Isindcnderm bark?.ld n. Foster. Kemedl. k, i.rtgs Hen Dun nlrg^llaven^ Havana; Xcnophon. Doak, Sngus: schr NauU '"Jitt -^refc-.7i Lt>4y Pritneea, Jonas, Bo.- on. Sid, wind W, 1 Br ?usmshlp North American PROVINCKTOWR, Feb J4?In port ochm llenry Hooien, tifin Fi iredtoa for Boatoti; Kmelins (? Hawyer, Dolibtn, Ibcksonvllle fordo; M Y Davis. Koblnson, Pavannah for do; B BoUnrt, Low^ MobUefordo, Canova, Fullerton, NTork fordo? OT^on from for Mid 24th, ?ir Chat ham, Smith, Pliiladolnhia (and rclutncd 26th, on account ?T dsrnsge to Uer ei ntr -lioarl). . _ ,. PBtiVlPRNCB, Feb 2(S? Art aohrs Sarah CuJlen, Onllen, Mobile; Ci tes, Meredith, Newcastle, Del, C H Wat on, Hal I lock N^oik. Sid sohra Maggie Bell, OtUay, Notlolk via i ' . t st r...Jk-m^r.A PaMiait llVnrlr N( wiort; J iloodspeed, Peirao. N>ork. Ill' HMONI). Feb*S?Arr bsr* Pettea. Bturgaa, Liverpool ?ehr Ilaxall, Winter*, NYork. Hid sohr Montroae, Bio Jo "'tA VANBAH. Feb *1?Arr steamships Monlgomsrv, Berry, NYorii fbomasHwann, Rsmaey, Bslilmore old sohrs Ann, CO*), NYork; Maine Ln?. Amsbury, Wilmington, NC; ?atilla, ""i'Sf at A^ scbr B T ('liaiire, ChsHre, l'hiladel m?s? ''w/lOD'B HOLI>.H?^>?f,^?t)lPM?Pasaa a<eatnshlp riiAXcuio August belmont a co . Batin, (0 Wall street. New Tortt, issue letter* of credit 10 travellers, available In an parte aS Europe, through the Messrs Rothschild of Paris, Cjudaii

Frankfort, Vienna, Naples, and iheir o >rr<wpond*nls "M"BW FORK CENTRAL R.ULROAD COM P AMY. XI Treasurers office, Albany, February 14,lt*l. jDowca*, Sukumaji A Co., Transfer Ageota. Mew , OjuriuniM?1The following regulations la reference ti the trwafar 01 Stock and the iasuln* of Stock Oertifisates to this Company, whI take effect on thn reopening of tke Transfer B^ka. OO Prldsr, the 23d du of February lust . First The full name and place of residence of every perion to whom Stock U transferred must be elated In the ?f*?1 of trunnier, mid in the HI ck Certificate corresponding therewith In case of transfers to flrma. tke name oi the flrmand the place whore Us busine is is conducted muat l>e Second. In every application to transfer Htosk, by Time of a power of attorney, fh power muat be filled up, dated and signed, so aa to be a oompleta Instrument before a transfer la permitted under It. Ho transfer U to ne allowed under aa open or a defective power. Third. If a certificate U presented la which there has been aa alteration. Interlineation or araaure, the application to transfer the Stook represented by such certificate must be de clined and the applicant referred to thl< ottoe. Kespectf ullr yours, OUJBar U WU. vOM. Trees irerT 0MFF1CB Of THE MICHIGAN SOUTHERN AND NORTH ? ecu Indiana Railroad Company, 18 William street.? lisw lork, Feb. 11, 1861.?To the Bto>ud Mortgage BuadhoM ers. ? It is Important to the Interests of this Jmi of bondkoid ars that the eoupt us from their bonds for November, IBM. May and November, 18U), and Mar, 1801, bo presented aM funded before the uleau of tke fiscal year on the 41th Inst. HSMBY KJBBP, Treasurer. 4*1 Q nnn WANTED?ON BOND AND MOkTO.lOB JpXO.UUl/ for (1 v? years, at seven per cent interest, oa valuable building land on Stateu Island. Address box 1,037 i'ont office. <$4/1 fihh TO LOAN, ON BOND AND MOUTQ?lB, for a term of years, on improved real estate in this cii). Apply to A J. BLXBCKBR, SuN A CO., No. 7 Fine street. (JjQr AAA?TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAOE tpt7*J?UUU in hunik o $.1,01)0 and upwards, fur one, three or five y mm, on productive real estate in this city or 8rook l>n. Apply toJOUN P. CONREY. In the olliceof the Peo ple's. Kire Insurance ''ompany, No. 66 Wall street. (|?107 AAA 10 WAN ON f-ROPERTF IN NEW viul .UUu Vork and vicinl'y, in sums to suit appli cants. Parties desiring to obtain loans on any good secu rities, ean always lie promptly accommodated by applyiug to DAYloN A JuM.H, Inperty Exchange, St Nassau street, New York. Aonn nnn 70 LEND on bond and mortgage v A'vU In suti-s to suit applicants, and fot a torm Of years, at seven per cent interest, on improved real estate in this city. Apply to 8. 8. BUUAD, No. 13 wall street, seooad story. I^OABT OFFICES. AT 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OF Broadway?Money advanced oa Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Uoods and personal property of evory description, or bought and sold, by JOSEPH A. JAOKoOff, auctioneer and broker. AT 666 BROADWAY, CORNER OF PRINCE SIREBT, room No. 5, up st'.irs, money advanced from $1 to $?U,0UU on Dianion ??, Watrhea, Dry U>*>ds, r-'egura. and cveiy detuiullou of M<;ivUaniUae. All transactions will he confidential BAUMGAJtTBN A CO. i T 11 CHAMBEUt- flfRKST.?MONHY TO LOAN TO CL any amr.uat on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ao , by the well known and old established and coin mission merchant, 11 Chambers street. N. M.?No business transact'd on fcuturdav. 1 DVAM'18 Made ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, A Jew dry stid silverware, or bought for cash at the high est prices Uld Gold and Hllvrr bought. Apply at the old estsbllshsd olticesof L. JACOBS, 67 Wll'lam street; branch 40? Broadway. A DVANCES ON DIAMONDS. P1.\1E, WATCHRs, A JBWKL.K), PAINTINGS, PLANUS, DRY (iuuOS, Ad, Or wl>l buy the .saun> for cash at his private otiioe. O.Tio.e hoius fiom :? A. M. till 3 P. M. J. t. BARivlNtlhU, 170 Broadway, room 26, up stairs. AT 66 NABSaU street.?a. honioman, diamond Broker, makes llbeial advances on Diamonds, H'atciiea, Jewelry, Ac , or buys them at full value, at his private oltlce. No 06 Nassau street, room So. 2, up stairs. Business confi dential. SPKUAL 1VOTICKS. ?pVENTAL NOTICE.?A MEETING OF THE HOCIFTV /.'l?1 a"rK-?ni of the c'ty of Ne?- York will tin atJ^ ?'cloek- ? the roomj of diecuMion'bad fcn "tbob/st mcMH or'ni^e^Jngufo^tU1'* E. C Rr.sMMQBF, Secretary. *clLlltoy' P'eaident. TkTASONK; ?THE MKM1JER3 OF OUARTKB O u? sssst jt^sfsr asw sr?r b. .SmkktiSecretary. ' **? *? N?wIi'?.J0n,HHV rKHa TO OUA.RT.Ki*TON. " M f HP^ OfliC ftdVilfd that Jill poods Artirillir I tJ<>n Hill take plftfd at Pforencc'n fioipl iiu ur < Johk Sirom, Secretary ?UA>1 Wlllr,S' ^..ideni OFKCUi N(>TK;K.-THE MEHBER8 o7~THI( kTm Elgbih ni'f al lhe Cluh Hm",n ln the 27th Hut , at J o'clock"l* V Hy[?^*r^??*edn0*Uy, MORGAN L MOTT, President TH* ANNUAL JSLf.t TION OF DIRBCTORN OF TIM fl'llE MEMBERS AND EXMEMRER4 OK tiiw A ul?. ByoZ'W *"??***' ?INO Btkwart. Secretary. ?01>U, Captain. YY'ORTH LODOE NO. *10. K AMD A. M -THE MKW if ?e?l??hrif^ p^VZ" u?k bro?l;;rfw1u,Kai%or fraternity are re?ptctl uiJy invited tty .Jjer 0 a Jonx W. Timbok, Secretary.tilU*^ BANNAN, W. M. PKIlSOJfAL. ro c,,'t" TTAKRY LEE.?I AM 8ICK; COME AND SKK MR M1NN&OLA. I uV'j !iAI)V HkACK. FORMERLY AT TIf fi I Howard llouae, and on Ihui-aUay, ihe 21*1 mat ?i ! , sasp-v^y^u'-j^aSi land, by Ma (Uteri k.te and h Inn out to U i? cotiotry four yra-a n*? \li A?T'.,J,e me regal ding hi, Kb/reabouS wift Wth&r'ultejJSSEEtZli K>I'M" faclfte atre/4, BtSuya^ b' t,J *"??*" 'He tl euneaacej pup,? p'uaae copy. INiOKVAfiOK ^'ARII'iil-iOFFKEbKltlilK hiHV mv t tl # rli CV:tun tut ??b.?Ml?7c?r"Ju' he wuL^h' ?ddn >, ofa frh^d whom he baa Lot ?e."?nMV,3?i?, MV^.^ncfe ^'?Tf'N- W"*~DUNT YOU COMH TO S'^E^'t"1,? An'uncle In ttf'lo^nTh^h^rd" Fo^rer'o T'i' ^?J ?In Territory, I nlt< d Statea 'oinrer, Delhi, Wiacon. f?WST AMU KOCNn. ~ 1 k^ward.?on the i?rrr r.vnr * IL. apTon btek T1 ?ii a I i<>6Tu.A ^^ikmonnaik. was LOST IV THR cay, or th!rnAc" ^ ft? Qf? J'Ho Jl? riBr,l^frl0k ^ UmtoBfoW, M?0 iSStS'tS^fi firs' sv iswatfK**?''a^s band'omely rea-arded^ 0nll,? \V T WiZLaRD.^ L??IZ2? T"? *VBNI?0 OF FKRRCAKV IV HR ?d<1 Oih*?p puiK^m of no to anv rwrann ff* arwcfa-^?-''?ar/aaias T OUT?ON Tllt'RsDAY, FEBRUARY 21 at tu> tD lill"""7"n*t?fhoflnder ton^^?^rh^fpu/?'',*Tl0g H "" ?mC* ?f Mldd'? LOHT?ON HATURnAY RVEN1NO, RfTHBR IN rotlll teenth atiaei, n?wr the I'alann (iardoo or In Fifth ?r. nuo, aear Mn^nth aim-1, a lady, Dudi^Si I* rawai ded by lntvlng R at 1J5 ? Itib arenua." * llf BROOKLYN, A RARY'H IRDMERINO OiPl XJ 'r1tt>IHfd with whll^ pllllh, lost betWAcn I'lcrmnnnl a* A JMnaon atr??'A Any one having found it will r^Slvi Tkf 1 bank* of tlx owner by L aving It Si 12 TilUry'^t 6 * 2 Hu!i? wir "S 0N "OARD THR UNTTKD 9?" W^[<*V4a **'*' Trunk, b^'.ndf wltfc^'rSl, but not marked. A liberal reward will be paid for their re' !*??.t,m* th* Iww of my daughter, Mr?. Knot, aoutk r?l , ,?e' '''jj avenue and Ftfty-aecond Wreet. B Mor loc. late Bijt?? to the family of Co-.oinander Hlemmei, 01 fori rieken,. Thla loia baa left me dratitute. RK WARM. ~ ?,1/!li!LI>rl'?rrr.0? M(,Nr)AT eybncbo. from to ihr n. JI / ? .' )?* , r *nrt Un terrier; an,war? I. r^lni ?*.'r,,. * lla-l oa a red kathar rolUr Five dol dlvacT *" r,,"rn,n* h'? t" the above ad "" 'CrvDMininn prmrI BUltona and ?undr1ea, matki <1 J Ilalyuiple Any p?rv>n retnrn'ni ithuvc rcVarj. ' n U"e, wtu receive the RBWARD-LOHT ok NATT'RDAY rvbninq .?n'*'> *> |?reel containing pearl Btitlona at Atvritfa, tUL T. HUNUEBFORD, * OO , aTmtH iN'EBi . JO. ADMlMHTSAlOH'd AUCTION 8ALE. TUU? PAT (Wednesday), at k)>-t o'olook. At the private res>d"pee, U West Bizo-eatA street, between Filth wd Slith kfMue% BliQANT ROSEWOOD HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, OAK DlNINU BOOM AMD ROSEWOOD CHAMBER FUBNITUl E. ROSEWOOD PIsNOrOBTE, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Rich Broc*tt?i and Uee Curtains, Boot CMC. Medallion Velvet OuwU, AitUUc Bronze#, Parian Marble and Bisque Figure*, Rare Oil I'aintiuga, Uursea, Carnage, Family Barouche, valuable Library, Ac. Elegant Kuwwoml Marble Top Consoles. Rosewood Bacretoire, Rosewood Etegerea, Carved Drawing Room Sulia, llall Uat Htand, Solid silver Ware, Ao Our friends and others dashing unit class Ho.sehold Furni tuie should not fall to attend thin Important sue; all the Fur nl ure wan made to order by our principal cabinet makers, Rcui, Bedotn, 11 allot, and often of this city. Every article waa new seven montbii since, and con be relied on as repre sented The tale wlM be peremptory without regard to wna ther Drawing Booms-Elegant bronze and ormolu Obaud j Uers. Candebibi an and Bracket*, npert) Mantel Mirrors Pier do., rosewood dining room Suit, oarved Hi frutta and flower*, oovered in aatin brocatel; K Uteres, statuary m trble tops, mirror doom and backs; Secretaire and Bookcase, lined with satin wotd, Centre Tuolea, Cabinets, veWut medallion Car pete, Rug*, euibioidercd laoe Curtains, Cornice* and shades: Artistic Bronzes, representlugChevaller du Mauley, Night and Morning. Cnuwdere, Ae.; oil Palming* by Itanney, Chapman, Martin, Vauderpool aud othereminent artists; orui jlu Olook, runs one year; Sevres and Dresden china urnament* MAOKlPlCENr SEVEN OCTAVfc, FIAMoFORTB, carved leg? and case, rouud corners, flnlshtd all round, inlaid with satin wood and solid peari k?ys: rosewood Stoil, Music Books, embroidered cloth Cover, Music Hack, Hat nt&nd Oil cloth, Brussels Stair Carpets, Ao. Chamber'?K.cltly e?rve<l rosewood BeUsteacs, style Louis XIV.Bureaus, and Com modes t" match; Wardrobes. Dross'ng Toilet Tables, Sha ring and Pookstands, Couches, Arm Chairs, Curtains, Shades, Cornices, Hair Js-ttresbes, Palliasses, Feather Beds, Bolsters, l'lllowa Bhmke'a, Stcts, Quilts, Counterpanes, decorated China Toilet Set. oral Mirrors. D1NIMO BOOM Polid oak Buffet, iXDly carved; oak Ertension Table, IS feel draw, Hertz's j'uteu?; Arm Chairs, Butler's I ray, Dumb \t alter, Couches, sllv rwaro, Coffee Urn, Oyster Ture-n, Tea bet, six piece*; Napkin Rings, Egg Bland and Botler, Cake BatkeU. Caster*. spoons, Porta, Ice Pitchers, eut and en Rraved tlloaa, Cbitiaware, from the celebrated hou-.e t'eepin A < o.,P?fiH. vizDecanters, Oobleta, Champagnes, **"in?s, Carhfls. Fmit and Preserve Stands, Punch Bowl, Slnilieia Table l utltry, Table Liuen, gold band Diuner Set, decorated Tea feet. A J. BLEBCKBB. AUCTIONEER. . BxtocTORS' sax.k t)P 8Etrnrrr-(#MB valct AHI.K lOTW, JlfcLONlilMU TO THE BafATB OF D. FANHIlAW, l.l.i EASED A. J. ULUI'.CKfcit. SON A CO , will (wll, on Wednesday, February .'7, at 12 o'clock, at the Merocauts' Exchange :? Ou 2d ave ?t Lots on tlx* noutheast corner of (JUih at On both si It LoUon south side, adjolnlug ubovo la rear. On 6th ave.?4 Lots on southeast oorrier ot Vlst street On tilsl -t ?2 Lots, south side, bat 1th and Madison avos. On lUAtb at ?21) Lots, north side, 10U toet ea*t of Mi ave On 10Mb at?(UIO ft. wide;??S Lots, south side, 4UU ft. east Bth ave On lUMth at?7 Lots, south side, bet. .Id and 4th ave*. 70 per cent can remain for 5 t 7 years. 1 ot off toed will bt> sold without reserve. 6*r Ac , at No. 7 Fine street. By orx'tr of WILLIAM FORREST and A L. BUIPMaN, Executors of estate of D Faoshsw, d?oeased. A J. BLEECKKR, AUCTIONEER. "i HE ALUERMaBLB HOTEL." A. J. BLEECKc It. 6t.N A CO. will sell at auc'.ioa on Thursday, February 16, at LI o'clock, at the Merchant*' Ex ehange:? i be splendid Ave story ?nd attic white marble Building and I'lot situated on the nortkwes* corner of Broadway aud Twen ty-fouith street, oppose the Fifth Avenue Hotel aud Madi son S(|tiai?_, and known as the ' A'bermarle Hotel " Ki^e of plot 1' a feet finches from on Jroadway, 117 feet 10?4 inches on Twenty-fourth street, 81 feet 2 lnche i on the wed side, und 79 led li)>, inchts on the north sido, with 0 feet couriywd on Twenty-fourth stmt. Teims litM-ral Tie surveyor s drawing or the above pr-v pert) can be seen at No. 7 Piue street, wh re maps can ix- had. A AUCTION NOIICi.?HOMsE 8ALE OVBK v or ill of rich r >sew ood and mahoginy Household r'ur ni ure.?Ihe attention of boustkrepers is special!/ called to ibo largo sale to take pine this day (Wednesday), at 2'S Fourteenth street. b< t vten Eighth and Ninth avunoes, conmircltg at 10^ o'clock precisely, the eatlre elegint Furniture ?nd beautiful Works of Art, con'*lnwl |ln the above large dwelling, all of which will be sold without metre, and miut be removed immediately from th" oie mises, <-. i)i)nl?)Dg a very large a< il elegsn'. assortment of evciyhing essential to a fashlouatle and oostlv 1'urnlshed retideoo , tu rosewood, oak aud m&bogany. s*l-* ?ill coin mei ce in the dining room, with rich silverware0' Sogers Bro tl.ent nii.iiufBctim, Urns, Casters. Spoons, forks, C.ike ?*s kcts, g -ote, supei b r'rench 'ind BohemianOnlni erysial cut Ola?s, ruby engraved Olassware, Ivory and pearl Cutlery, 1-riDfh i orreiean cWatit c.itension Table, with oik liuiuig Bo tn Kurni'ure. Psilom?Two richly "arved ro*e>vno,l I'ur lor >? uits. eovere J in three colored brocade in perfect order; velvet a'd Wilt n Carpets. rOMHood marble top utegcres, rosewood Centre, Sofa and Pier rabies; two elegant /lr>r Oiiisses, witn bae-M. damask and rich ace i'uitains, French Shades, Tursian Clia'is. with Louuges to match; lidy's Sccre. isry, Ktception < lisirn In brocade, elegant rarved rosewood Pisnoftitte, >'usic Cabinet, i?ivana, msgntUc-ui Mantol Vases, Bronzes, marble groups of i'urlor i rrmmetts, with t number of choice and valuable Paintings, vclv, t and Wi ton Carpets, elegant thanleli-rs, As. Chambers?AU in rosewood siol nuiliogan) ; suterb -,e<:steads, large Hair Maltre.iscs, i.rMiln^ Buiestis, marine N> a hsiauds, iiomm- d-s, Mirrors, Frenen Toilet Bets, I till suit o^ Chamber Fnroltnre in velvet, c t age ard othei Chairs, Aim Chairs, S' fas, sola vds m jlio^ my Chairs, Clrcka, Mirror, mgralu Carpets, Ac., with a la ije quanti:y of good mahtgauy Furniture or every d--crptl?n; Ollcli tlie, btair Carpets and Bods, marble top Hall Stand. Ac , Ac. Auction notice. $<UXIU worth <j! elegant first cla?i llou-iehold furniture. Ran- auo valuable Woikj ol Art. Splendid rosewood Parlor f-tti'n, rich ('tryets, Silver Ware, Bill- mlan China. Bronzes, Ac Ibis d*y (\\ t-dnesJa v >, at 11 o'olock precisely, at the elrgnnt private residence Po 1&2 West Twenty first Flrwi, betwe< n f-eveiith ai d Eighth avocues. comprising the < ntlre -outents all of which is In porfect ortfer, having bona recently made for the present owner, and will bs positively fold to the lngb? si b/d'ler lor ta*h. A valuable >pp riunity for parties ia van1 of llrst c tvss furnliur? Parlor*, dtnl'ia in in, library and ohambsrs contain raigt iflc int rosewood (even octuve Pianoforte, Vutic Cabinet, Stool aua 0 iverj two beautiful full suits of solid rosewood Parlor Furni ture, Hlteen pleccs, covered In riah crimson and man* n bro<-atol, hU made to onler two nrmtli* ago ! RNcwood Etegnies, ? marble top Centre, Sola and PlerlabUu; Turkish I. unces, with Arm Chairs to match, in hil< moijuetj elegant Mantel and Pier Mirrors, Mosata 'nar h'e fedestala. mount. d in bronze and ormultt; rich dasui$k Cui lams. gold f-hades, autli|iin Cava\inrn, Bohemian aid Sevres China Mantel \ ases lU.d Ornaments; velvet an 1 Brus sels Carpets, valuable 1'alntlngs, artistic Bronzes, Marble Groups and Figures. rosewood Reception Chairs, E?oretoiro, elegant ro-ewood Hlittaut, Bedst' nds, Wssh-dands, full I'hiunbfrFuit in >os> wood and velvet, oval Mirrors Bronia Clock*, superh Hair Matliersea, Bi d.*, Bedding, Tete-a Tetea, Sofas, Lounges. French and Cottage Chair*, Wardrobe*, French Engraving*; Work Table*, lui aid wlfi saunwood: hi tennoo Table, oak Dining Chairs, rich French and Indii China, ruby and crystal cut (i!a-s, T?# Hot*, Silver Ware, Hpcons, Caeters, Forka. Ladles, Haivnrs, 4c.; throe elegau' bnnze Chandeliers and Gas Fixtu'es. wltli a large tjuanii y or every >les< rlptlon of l'arlor, Chamber, Dining Room and Llbrar\ I unilture, not here enumerated, all of ? bieli will bo gold without reserve, rain or sliine. Catalogues at bouse Auction sale?m. doughty, auctioneer, will sell this day, Wednesday, February 27, com mertinir at 10', o'clock each day, at the silt^room, l"A /v assail etr* ei < oupi 1-org solid row-wood ?n<l mahogany Pailo< .?Milt?*. covered in hairol >th an'I ^ colored brosatalla, viz. Tcte-a-'lute, Pailor, Arm and Suwln (JOh.iiiS; mar >lo top Centre Tables, library auil Secretary rtookc ?*<??, two gilt frame French plate pier Glasses, m.miei do, extension dining Ta blea, Cutlery, OH Paiotiiigs, mahogany and plain dressing An rean< W ssbnlands, a ttage and innhogviy Bedsteads, lialr AJattnssr*, Louugcs, Wardrobe*. 1,<U) yards Oildjlli, tape* try, and Irgrain Carpet*, Ac., Ac. Assignee*! pair ok dry good.", millinery* Irimmt'Kt, Hlobons, Ac?A. M. CRIST.vl.AR, Auc" tloneer. villi seil at llie saiaaroom. No. 23 Bowery, on Thurs day, I'cbruary 2* at IOU o'clock, a large aseortment of Eng ii-h, trench and Ain-ncan Ucla.ues, Merln ea Caliiois, Alpackx, I'aramattss, Uebag's. Poll de Chevre, Lawn Ro!m>s, l-lni iis. Muslins, shawls, Woollen Goods, i'opl ns, llotKls, Hofe and blockings, Gloves, Dre^s Trmmln^s, herk Ties, Handkerchiefs, t rnvat*; t large lot of Velvet, Silk hiid Fan:y Ulbbotui; al?o, an ibt olec of Jew dry, cotislstlr.g of liruochea, Earrings, Kings, Pinc.l i asca, Buttons, and a variety of fancy goods. Auction nouce.?labor salk of fanjt (ioodr, Yanki* Notions, Dress Trimmings .lewelry, llix ks, Eligravinffs and (jiuuoi, Men, W<imen and Youths Boots ?nd . hoe> ^at-., Caps, Satin Hto<ks, Cloths and Ca**1 meres, by III MBKIt 1' A IHtiMAH, ihis morning, at ll)^ o'clock at 3!) Ann street In lots to snit bnvers The attention of dealers snd others is Invited Also, at 12 o'clock precisely for acr mri of whom It in- y cmccrn, I Cojp^rDetached Lover Wateb, sliver hunting c.. i"s. 1J holes j?weried; I RIPe, 2 !>hls Bourbon ind Scotch V J ki y a f|iiantity of Jewelry, S c,.ns Mlllclleur fcrsentul Oil, i ase Llnea H|iOol Thread, I case I'm.: J'ortem .ntiiiles, L.dies' >' ney Bags, Ac., Ac. Salt porempto.-v, and * it bout userve Auction notice?thos. m conwauohton, auc' tionfer, will sell, 11:1* da?, at 2 o'clock, at 14ft Sprinir ?MilMpMMRBcBlof Household Furniture, rctaiveu torconv< nl< nee of sale, consis ing of one rosewo-<d Plant forte, bv ( bickering, round comers; Brussels au l vriv. t Carp?'ts, l eather Be?is, B< Istor-s Pillows, Bli.ikets, roeewooil and msbof' ny Brdstesda do lltirean*. M'Mslistand*, mahogi ny and blvk walnut B<vk<'&sra, Wardrobes, oak snd bUn-k walnut Extension TaMc.i, Sofas, ( hairs. Chandeliers, (Jxi Flklures, Painting* and hn^avln?*, flocks, Va?e* and tlluss wate. Also, a Isrge lot of hair Mattresses, one pier Glass, parlor and l ooking Stoves Dep sits re<julred from aU pur chasers. Large sale Of Rockawajs, light Wag< ds, Top Buggi's, Pbsetotis, Ilernees, Boi<es, AO, EZRA Lt Dl OtV, Jr , Will k#1I this day, at 12 o'clock, at salesrooms 08 Cedar street, opposite the Post ofllce, a rery large variety of Kockawavs, light Wagons, two seated wagons, wl.h or without iop<; Phaetons, slide rcat top Bungles for two or four pcrx.ii*, depot or jagger V, scons, Ac ; all of superior make tr.d Onlsh. also two secondhand doctor's I'llvions Also lllty soti single acd double Harntvs Robes, Ac. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF Ol'TTA PF.RCHA GOODS.? A M CKISTaLAR. Auctioneer, will sell on Thurwlty, F?'hriiary at l(it< o'clock, at the aa'croom, No. 25 Bowery, SOU d sen (lutia I'c-rrha fancy and plain Dressing Combs, lul do. Bt tind do.; 2tK)groas do. ilalr Pins; all the above are flru qnaliiy goods. Buyers are ie*pettfully Invited. By order of Hie Assignee AS RICHARDS, AUCTIONEKR?<W0 CASKS BOOT*. ? Shoes and hrogans at auction?By RICHARDS A WHITING?on Wednesday, Keb 37, at US o'clock, at (tore 44 CorUsndt street, p. mprlstnga targe and full as<crtment of spring goods, and will be sold in lots to suit the city and coun try trana. Catalogues on mornlog of sale Assignee s sale.-for salr, the stock of Fancy Goods, Hosierv, Ac , In the stores MB Slith ave au?, New York, std No 4 Newark avenue, Jersey City. Will be sold cheap for cash If applied for suun. Inquire at 41 Murray street, N. T, Browne a nichols, auctionrhrs-this dat Wednosday, February 27, at one o'clock, in front o. sa'csf* in. No IMS Nassau street, a|flne atyUsh Bay Horae sev-t en year* o d, 1M. bands high, warranted sound, kind, and a fast trotter. Also, one dght one seat Road Wagon, built to or der, and Harness, bat Utile used. ALSO, A variety of Top and No Top Buggies, Ror*wayn, A<* ; new and inoend hsnd Rouble and single Harncis Bobes, Blankets, Haltera, Whips, Ac. Damaged gcnb?iohn b. van antwbrp'? son. AUvUvpeer, will -Ml. on Thursday, 2Hth February, at III o'cli-a. aiTo 'S^lUiun street, seventeen case*, emoraclng upwards of seven hundred single and double ba-rel Guns, damaged on the voyage of Importation from Antwerp on boaid the *cb< oner Coast Hlot, sold f* aooount of the under writer#. Terms cash, cuTent funds. Damaged frp.nch tinnsd ware ?john b. van aNTWEKC* HON, Auctioneer?Will sell on Thure dsv 2tlh February at lO o'< Unk, at No 73 William street, sevi n cases French Tinned Ware, comprising a large and va rl.-d assortment, being slight!r damage! on the voyage of lm fintatien fn,m Antwerp on board the schooner coast Pilot, snd sold I ft aworii of wh m 11 m.ty concern T?rm? cash, biakable moeey, Magnificent roso>wo *l PUuolorte, M C KDRY, Auctioneer. ? AltKS A* AUCTIOI. BDWABD SOBSNCK, AlrOTlOWKKR, fMMlllOIT ult at RLKOANT, FIRST OLABB HOUaBHOLD rURNTTU* By B. A F. B oCURBCK. 011 Thtu*4ay. S8tk Inst, ti l O'clock, el their Mkirum, 141 Broadway?1 bo above flot*at first nln? II jUretuUl Furniture, consisting 1b pert of rUjMiil rosewood Parlor riults. oovered la satin 4*muk brooat?l a*l nJ.i.h superb black ?uod and gUt OmbtaeU, wttk Tablaa and fctegrres; degantlT oarvod rose wsod Eu>|er?., a( Mv >U elegant designs; Atrcr-twy and LJbrwr Boofccases oai'fud rosewood an<5 oak ifliffeta, served oak Dining Hoom Chain I* reus Slid Leather; carved rosewood Bedsteads, marble tap bat. ranus Wash* ands sod Oomtnodea. rosewood and mahogaay Armotr a UUoe, elegant bronie and marble Men tal Sols, ma hogany Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture. TTBXBT H. LEEDS, AUOTIONBRB.?HBNRT H. XI LRBDB A CO. will cell at surtion on Thursday, Februa ry ?, at lCHi o'clock, at the residence No. 31M Mulb rry straat, Wwley place, near Ktaeoker street. Genteel Household F*r nlure. consisting of Brussels an<l Ingrain Carpets, ros?weo4 Parlor Furniture, covered with brocatel; .'ler Minora, Centre and Hide 1e'4es; rosewo d flano, 6*i octave, mude to ^rd.-r; Qiit Comioes, Lace H Indow Curtains. mahogany hairoUMk Botkera, Chairs, mahogany Car l la -lea, mahoguiy Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wastelands. Hair Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. HBNRT H. LLBDB, AUOTIOKBBR HBNRT H. LKBOB A CO. will sell at auction, on Thursday, Feb ruary 28, Immediately alter the aale of furniture, the llouae and Lot No. 304 Mulberry street, Wesley pltce, near Hlsecker street. Thr fioniaiM icet 3 inches front by Mi feet dee,<; Lot at feet'deep; lleuae substantially built, three stor w aitfo, base ment and sub cellar, with gas. Croton water, baths, sewer. Ac. $7,Out) or ft'i.OuOosn raiua'n on bond and mortgage -rente now for $1,000. i'ertua?10 for cent on day of sale, ba UM on delivery of deed. HENRI D HISBR, AUCTIONEER.?MIKRR k THORP will sell, at auction, on_ Wednesday, Feb. 27, at MM H o'clock, at their salesroom, 37 Nassau street, opposite tfi Post otto-, a general awortment of Household Furniture, rw movtd for couveewnf-e of aale tvnalsilog of three rlih carved rosewood l'ar'or 8ml*, two do black wa'nut Uorarj and Dining H< om da, caned roaew>od Btegeres, statuary marble top Bureaus, Waebstands and Ceulre lab'es, rofowoed Bat Rack, blatk walnut Hall Bland aud Chair*, mahocaay Wardrobes, Bookcases, Sofas and C hail a, palmed Oottagi Bull, rosewood and mahogai y Bedsteads, hair Mattresses Aai Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. Ac.; also, about !4> pairs of fine painted, gilt and pla<n Window Hbades, being balance if a manu'acturm'a a took; also. a larg) and woil as sorted sic k of Oliver 1'uiied Ware, all of tbe latest diwlcna and best quality plate, embracing, Tea Seta, Oraa, loe Pilch era, (Jake BaakeU, Batter Coolers, Oobleva, Spoons, Forks, Knives, Ae .of a'l aizea, from Ihe stock of a Maiden Una manufacturer; also, Office Furniture BN'BR D. MINER, AUCTIONBBB.?MINER A THORP will sell at auotlon, on Wednesday, February 27, 1861, at II o'clock. In front of salesroom, 37 Nassau street, t pair of daik bay Morgan Mares, 1&K hands high, 6 and 7 years ol<*\ well matcl.ed, lurif nUters, atyliah and free drivers In slagta or double liarnese; cku trot together in abuut 4 miuuUe:ar? bt>th t iivlU nt HSd lle mares and wan-anted sound *nd klal( also tin open brelt, nearly new, ha* been usod but 3 m inths, v,hh built to order by one of our beat oily mmufaoturerat also a set of double Mlver plated Hornes/i, in g /oJ order, Jlty made; aleo, a Bay Horse, 16 hards higb, 8 yoars old, bound and ktud in all nart.eas. HENRT ORF.EN, Al'CriONBBK ?FISH AO?THIS day, st 10H o'clock, at the auction store lit I William street, by order of the Assignees, 2 half tierce* Oreg >n dal. nor, 10 bbla. Mackerel 20bbls. Cisco M*5, Vf l>bl*. Herrings 101 kegs Dutch 1'erring. K. fKUIJJAU, A>? gnos. HBNRT GREEN, AUCTIONEER. ?GRO^ 8RIBIL Iiiquora, KeKaiT, Ac.?Tbis day, at 10M odook, at the auction ttore 194 Willlim street, a lot of firooerles, Htaro^ Soap, Tea, Coffee, Bpice*, Brandy and other Llquora, 7\UU0 Scgars, Ac. A 1st, at 12 o'clock, A useful brown Horse. 14 hands high, armnd and kind; ataa buslncas covered Wagon and Harness; also S.UIO lbs. pure Wblte Lead, 1 bbl. Axle Urease, 1 b >L Metallic OIL ENR\ GRBEN, AUCTIONEER ?DRT AND FaNOT floods, Ac.?Tbis day, at 12 o'clock, at the auction ..tore 1D4 William street, a qusntl y of I>ry and Kane/ Goods, fchawls, Ribbons. Clothing HooIk, Khoes, Ac. Also, on Thursday, Feb. 28, At Mj; o'clock, nI th- auction store l'Jl William street, special Mile of Dry and Fancy Goods, Clothing, Jewelry, go'.d aud sB ver Watches, Ac. 1> AWN BROKER'S SALE,?B LEVY. AUCTIONEER. St X Catherine stroet, will sell this day at 11 o'clock, 911 k? ltelaiue, a d otber Dresses; Baaques, hhawl.r, .Sheet', ..nirtt, t loftkp, Hoots, Shot's, Ore-rooata, Frook coats, Panta, QnltsL Watrhea, Jewelry, Ao. By order of L PAK4BK, 27 Norin Willism street. H OA.! BOO ART. AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL THIB C?? ??y (Wednesday), February 27, at in o'clock, at No &2S lludton street, morlxsj-e sale, one Horn* and Carpenter1* Lumber Wagon, wi if Single Hurnm, L)e?k with drawers. Ihie? Butchers' Stills and hatU, one Ice Box, lot of Lumbnr^ three Work Benches, one St-am Boiler, Mortising Ma hlao. Chetlof lo<>U snd Caipeut* rs' Material. Term* cash ijvtoda mii'l be removed immediately the sale. t[ 1J. BO(JARr, AUCIIONHBRtt.?THIS DAY, AT It O. o'clock, at the auction ro in?. No 1 North William street Constable's aalo of U p.eoes Paiamatia. WILLIAM B. JONEB, Constable. SA J. BOOART, AUCTION J8RR3.?THl'RSDAT, FEB. . 28, at 10k o'clock, at the auction rooms Household Fur i.lture, c ,ii? etlr b of raah' pany Sofa*, fcusy Chairs, Teto-a TcUs, marlletop Centre Tabhs, >1 Irrors. mudogsny liureaua. Wa-b.<t?rdH, . haiis, mahogany lictLleaae. Feather It ml a. Hair MattieSMS, Crnckeiy and O'asswsrv, Kiiohen Firnl ? ure; nli>o, one gray trolling Horse, lirucer* Top A'agon and Burnet a. Si J. BOOART. AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL, Off . Friday, Msrch 1, at Iiu^ o'clock, on the promt ea in Baal Twenty sev-nth street, rear Mtuilaon Avenue, a lot of Ma chinery, consisting of l'ahd I at) e, Slide Rests. Cim Cutung Lathe rl?n< rs, I'o'Mnng Machine, shaping Ma Una, <J?ec Cutting Machine and Cutter*, Drilling Ma-ihlne, Slide iatbi\ ficir* Lathe, Chucks, r hatting Coupling, l'ull"ys and B ut Ing; lot of Tools and C?atingn, Bom he?, Platform Scale, OlUoe Desk, Ratlins, Chairs, Grindstone. Ac. SHERIFF'S SALE-STOVES. CUAMBKK8A FAIRCHILD, Auctioneer*, Sal sr.) ni 113 Nassau street. Will Mil, on Friday, Ma'Ch 1, at 11 o'clock, at No 333 Water street, the ?t'xk of a wholesale >t. re dealer, consls'Jng of Pan l?r and Cook Htovea, Hesters. Summer Hanges of ass rted ? lt< ? and approved and popular styl h; htov ? Furnit ;re la nery Tarielv; llollow Ware, iiussta and English sheet Iron, Tin and otherMateriala, Ac, Ao. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE OF FURNITURE, MILLIARD CUBA, Falls, Ac.?This day, at 1?S o'llwk, at 3?t Fulton itreel, Bnx kljn, Mahogany Mil's, Sola heilst.'ad, 1'abies, Chaim, ftgart ?*e, It*) Billiard l ues. 1 Set 16 BtUl Pool, Crockery, lie, llcdstead enamelled Chsmb.-r Suit, tovc, Sideboard, Lounges. Show Late, 3 Sewing .Machines, Ac. . J. HIiiiilNS, D. puty Sheriff. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL HLLL THI8 ? day, at 2 o ch ck, at 4M Ca al street, H large and valu able aiMitlniint of botsa. Chairs, centre, dining uud u<a Tables; French plate Mirrors, I! >okci* ?, Bonuiut, A'ash stands. Toilet, i tuna, tilass. Silver and ether Wares; elegant ? ap>*tiy, three ply and other Ca?prts; Oile'oths, mali>-4*ny FrrBch and cotitge Bedsteads; hair anil other Ma tri?at\ Fea'.htr Beds, Bedding, Sheets, llUnk?t?. table Linen, Stoves Ac. 1 he whole comprising a flat and choice selection tor lamillet and others. CLOtHINO. rillH. ? LAUIKN AMI UCHTiillEH, IF ?UU i to get the full value for your cast off Clothing, .Carpets and JowWry, the best you can do la IS e to ?'. UaHKIS, lM Hevenlh avonue Tb ?reyst A TTENTTOW.?LADIWB AMD QMTTUIUai. IT TOO A want t Furniture, ( send a note to V. HARRIS, jia> he c nvttioi d you wlli be de.,lt with U> yo'ir sati>f? t(on. r'or silk ilr*sf?a, t'r.'in $' to $110; for ?<ate, fr>m (. vo$l|; frr pants and vests, fmui $1 upwards Pl<><i?e don't forge^ IW Seventh avenue new Twenty On*, street ladkis at Vndcd by Mrs. Harris AM BETTER CHaNCB THAN RVHR.?1 HATE Jt st received |U,iW? to purchase cant off Clothing for Chle*. *o. 111. Indies and g^iitlemem. If you wish to gfct ? fair prion for year Clothes, cartels. Furniture and Jewelry, and M iv Id tHlDff hum i.gge.i by f ulse oflenTs, the best you ana <*? is to sei d a note to B. Minlz. 7* l?tb avenue. There von tbay be oonvltnvrt yon wtU be dealt with to your aatlxaetloa. IjA-nes punctually attended to by Mrs Minis. 7# Sixth one, between Eighth street and Waverley r pis on. ABF.TTFR PRICE PAID FOR UADIR8' AND OB1CPS cast off CI thii R than else-'here, al-o Carious. Kurul. ture, .It welry. Ae. 1 guai'.ntee to p y the followinu prions:? Fit ni $7 to,iald for Silk Dresses; from to fid fortOoat^ and fr m $1 ftn to $6 for 1'anls A note by post nunetuall/ atlrii(\fd to by E., 134 Seventh avenue, bsiween Nlnetenotlh and 1 wentleth stmeta Ladles atltudftd to by Mrs. R. Am cheat DEMAND FOR CLOTHINO.?ladibs AMD gentli inen having anv cast >>ft Clothing, Furniture, Car peU aLil jewi liy. will rcc<'ive the highest price by calling on or ado reusing A. Harris, 666 Third avraun. Ladles attended toby Mrs. Harris. AM OUF.AT DEMAND FOR V LOTHINO.-LADIKH AMD Kentb men.?Wanted, a lot of east of Clothing, Furni ture, Carpet* und Jewelry, I jmy the beat price?for Milk *" """ " for s fo t "its from' $3 to >10 her,-nth sveti,,,.'Tw^l'v m"th A P"noiually .TSdii'Z% Sbt 1^?" ooA'APTic^j *' on(',' ?r a<w ?o / "ri."7- ,h"rB y??? fJJL '1l0lb,"*i Furnliure, U1 'r &DOi I fsVjI?r ^ from $.'1 to $|] J. attended hv f ' ottrth and Oreat Jones i A RARR CHANCE?LADjE' Abf.tter chance fti? l -lahik? and orntl* men, I have a giea' demand for east otr Chithlng. For ullure, t ai|s>ts, Jewelry, Ae , for the Western in irk.-t 1 wi* Rj tne ftllowlng prices;?Fit silk Dresses, fmra to |U; r fonts, from ?.i to $lf; (or Pan's, fmio$itotd. Platan call on or address J. Auhalt, ift'i teventh avenue, between Twentitth and Tweiitr first sire,-it. I'uartually attended, ladies sttendM to by Mrs. Achalt. AQ iiAA WORTn OF NEW AND 1BFT OFF CIXJTH Ing wanted for the Wes'ern market. The h v'hest rash price ever paid can he obtained In bankabU money for la'-ge or small lots, by calling at tho tune or ad drf wing Wm Walsh, tl Centr#street. MATRmONIAL, A YOUNO MAN DE8IREH TO OPEN A WNCERR 00*' A re-pondenre with a young lady of about M yesrs of Ma with a view to man lag*. Address Mauve, New York Pfii AOBNTLEMAN. TOUNO, TALL AND OOMBLT. possi salng a competenc, desires to eorresfmnd with some young l?dy of s?'tise, with a new to ma Hmony. ^uch a one, endowed with a good In telle M and a dlapoKltlon to h?A at life malnlv upon the sunny side, can a Idrese ulihciaA 'lence, Leanarr, Broadway l'ostoflie<i. New Tort YOU!l!! mandehireh toopbna sincere pom H i ofli'W A ORNTLRMAN WISHES TO FORM THB AOQ0AIW A tan * of a young lady of from l? to 1'. yea s of age, wttfc a view to matrimony. Address Henry Tcrnon, ,New Tort Post office. AMOBNTLKMAM OF IRRKI'ROACHABLB CHARAOTBB and position, desires tho acquaintance of a lady, pre paratory to marr'sge Ills p.eferable that the party few ins be joung, accomplished and of ?ery genteel appearand* Address .luirs b?i 110 llersld office Bi ATniM^MAL ?IF AN ENOLIBH OB AB AMBRtOAV lfl Pn.testant lady, respeotaMy connected, abjutSiF**" ol age, being a widow without children, or one never iasiii?< Is destmii* to beeom* the wife of a gentleman of an age ??UJ able to her own, may be happy and comfortable In that pw turn 1 he writer la very respectable; not rich, not poor: i? In his own fumishi d h"U?e; rensons for advertising. position thai many like himself bare but a llmlt??l aoqualn* snee, and lhal a gio<l and virtuons woman may be thus o? tained, a small Inc >tne not undesirable All comm u ni oat ton? ?u Ictly eonlldeutM. Address for two dap* X, bos UT Hera* ofijce.