Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1861 Page 5
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HIGHLY UftjRttJiT F&OI ALB1SY. Am lafrrMl MncIMn- rom*a ? oln'a k?Hi ?i Clnciiu???*?*? ^ 5:toiS=M ?>? 5. --gnfea w? * Vr*'?*??? it out?The feelHaU oi? H > pocria) of ike IkpubliciM brluf D niu?>k<i<i> i)U|fitc?ial friHttd t?H> in tu? S???!??? Debate ?n the C'?? |>lial ?t RIII?m?w York Tux Project for opening a new Street ?t IJUtb Sued, &?,Ac,,&c Alius*, Feb. M, 1801. There in one imporunt fact o nuevlud with Mr. -coin's journey from hut W. stern home to tae uatioual capital that has Dot yet been mad" public. It appears thai a regular KjUcm of Custom House wxamlnatlou was piactoed on the special Ira n from the time that tha puity left Clncn nan until iheir arrival at Uarrisburg. Ever> person who camu up>n the wain was compelled to go through as rig.d an eitmuui.uo aa a petaon about to ?enter the dominions ot tie Russian Cw, the Austrian auuerat or the land or the theoretical Frenchman. A rr|?l-er of telegraph llnta who got on board of tie special train on the Central road, with his BatcLel of tools, wan compelled to submit to a thorough exaarination, bin satcucl turned Inside out, and questions Asked him that no doubt made blm wonder If be was really in America or Europe. Several other persons were Subjected to like examination. The excuse given for al| this wan that on leaving Cincinnati a mysterious box was ?found under Mr. Lincoln j seal In the car, which was found upon an examination U> be a chemical preparation so combined as to exoloCe at the proper time. It was further stated that the (use to this Infernal machine on a small scale was lighted, but being discovered before the lire had made any great headway the fiendish plot and the de etructioo of lite was nipped In the bud. Ttooee facts were stated to your cvrteejwudeut at the time that the Presidential party waa in Albany, but ooupled with the request that they should not be made public until the PrcS'ient elect arrlveo at Washington. Tbid6 facta I give as they were stated to mo, without making any asaeriion as to the truth of tho st itemeut, in legard 10 the Infernal machinc loand in tho cars. The exam nation of strangers on tho train was rigidly kept up, and tbe Infernal machine was always given as an ex cuse. but whether the machine was really found on the cars or manufactured for the occasion out of whole cloth I am unable to state from positive knowl ?odge At any rate tbe examining officer always stated the fact us justMc&tloa for his scrutiny of every parcel, package, carpet bag or satchel that was brought upon the iraut. Now that Mr. Lincoln is safely quartered in Washing ton, peibaps some of but body guard and travelling com panions will furnish the public with the facts tu tha <ca<e, and let 11s know if tlic triumph of the republican party has deetioyed the liberties of the people, and fotced us, even In the North, to the customs of a de spotic government. Your Washington correspondent, although giving tho ?ubetance of the way that the Baltimore plot was dis covered, has not given the details correctly. Tho fol lowing are the real facts In the case, aa I have obtained them from somces of undoubted authority. Between three and four weeks ago a Mr. Weed returned from Washington to New York city, and, to use the expression of his frlenca, "was in a state of great fright," and stated, in an Interview with several of tho police au thor!'ies, that ne belie vod that the city of Washington would be taken by the secessionists, and Lincoln's in iuauguuiUon pi evented, and proceeded to give his reason whv, prison ting really a lamentable picture or 0<ir national oJlaiiS. Those with whom he waa conversing, however, disagreed With him as to the intention ol the sec. ssdoniats. They stated to Weel tbat the taking of the capital would necessarily tAkn a laige oody iif moo and subject them to exposure, which would of Well oelrtut ? be project. They Inrtnor stated that there were fears tint Lincoln woold be assassinated txloie he airived at Wu*bugton, or lha train thrown oil' from tbe track, and thai in that direction, and not tho captuie ul Washington, need he have tears This state mem appeared puusible to Weed, and he immediately asked what ooulo be wone, ,T , . .' . , ?. ? Before Weed lift New York a plan was perfected, in which Weed, w, formerly ol the I'ot: and Moses U. had a purl, aa well an tho Police jCommission ers which was to t*nd a squad of detectives South, the expenses 10 be paid .nit of a private subscription. Theso tteuctive* w?r? ttaiieu on lull three If not four weeks hgo Tho eiact number sent T am unable to state, but enough to watch ut Baltimore and vicinity, all a.cnk the load to is .solution from ine above city, in tho city ol Washington and prominent no nts in the .state of Virginia, and nave sli ce that time fcejn on the <jui vine Tor staitiing facts On the 13tU Instant, when the e.ectoiul votes were counted, this squad cf dctectlvts weie all in Waalungton, and with picked tn< n enough to swell tbe number to Ave hundred, tbey took |?*st*Mon of lb> g?llenes, each one ul' the live bunded having a sbrotiig Iron in iheir pocket. Tho Cectoral vote bavtig bier counted, the detectives scat Vt< o to th- field of outy allotted to each in search for a plot of tUiHiDK proportions rhoso stationed at Haiti more wou got a smell of something mysterious; ihey discovered seveiai noted biractcrs ftom Now York, moving about in a mysterious manner in Baltimore, which led them to wa?cb thur move menu, together with Meir BaltiUioie associates On Wednesday last they discovered wb*t they believed to be a Qendlsh plot and lUimediateiy summoned Superintendent Kennedy, whole! in jKwt taste lor Baltimore on Thursday morn k f. The supposed plot was communicated to Senator Sewnru ai d central Scott, who despatched a messenger to meet the Pitsluent elect. On trlday morning Police Cbmniltsioner Acton waf summoned 10 Baltimore, arid one ot my Informants states he left New York In J he e'even A tt. t'uln ot that day. Th:s u? the source, therefore, that tho information cim' fi .'in that indm ol the President elect to don th" SooHh cup Mid cloak aud take a milnight flight to Washington. The rosl plot tha" waa d mover? d li?? not yet transpired at Albany, farther than it was confined to the pas age of Lincoln throogh ihe cit/ af Baltimore, and ma) , in fact, bare no exlai ence except to the Imagination of the detectives. It Is genei aio undsrato^Ki lb tt Kennedy ha- the faculty of seeing * gre*t m my things tbat no one else can discern, although looking direoll? at ths same object. It is duo to tho > oiice 1 (apartment m sUte that the detectives were i ot sent at the expense of their rund, but by a pri vate purse _ , _ Sune; intendenl Kennedy, or rolice Onmtnlsalon^r Ac 100, can no doubt furnish the public with all tbe neoes m'oimalion tn regaru to tms plot, so that tbi*y can judge wh<tuer -Old Ab*' was joMified In atuiuig to Wsshing en between twodsya. TU?" pointed ednorinl In the firming Journal of last evening known u> be from tbe pen of Thuriow Weed, written,'bis friends any, on Sunday, whilst t;re#lsy was nodding in Cbapin b church, and Lincoln and Reward at tbe uxy dlvt/ie worship u Washington?nearly two col umns of the Jwmal?was devoid to tbe tribune, and tho style, tone and ail, indicate that Weed foete Inmseli sure In bis pualtion as the manager of Lincoln's ktuSn n.and being kately loi ated there be op- ns his battery of leu pounders upon Maasa Ore<-ley and bis associates in the Tnfonr, rharglog them all to bo go vern) d In thetr anion upon the national crisis With lust for office, and that tb? re are enough ofllse s?ck *r? connected w th the Inline office lo nil ono depart ment Ihe war be tween them has commenced; the guns ? hav? been unmasked, Biid benocforth they may be seen Douiina forth their hot shot and grape in all directions i he Tittt* and tbe W-tU have comea to the res cue of Weed and a>e lit log into the Tribwne barra.ks with a de cided' earnewtueee. and tho course of tho J',m s.nce William Cuilen Bryant b?d a thre aiiarters' of an hour prlvnto interview with ?, moln at tbe Astor House, has indicated that the tuns of that Tort aic being directed in the samei di rection. 1<-8S than ten days ?go the proprietors or tlmt DhiM'f were circulating petitions against c<mi oromlso and cnuclllation. now they aie ror the restoration oT the Mil ^ouii Compromise, and the ilrst to publish facts lu c>n jcctlon with Ureeley j efTorte to turn Reward oy. C. lue " '~'a not. and promises to be Cab'Del i?ie oa?n* " ?'".T* ' reveal to tao douU? int't.sting, ami will, m w- ? -->ublican j-nbuc th9 hypocrisy and seilishi^ss of the u, '*Awwt a month ago I stated In one of my letters that the opposition to Robiu aon's resoiutioea in tne Untslatuie aroso from Ihe fact that a large uumber or ?embers were looking for aa oflke unoei Uneoln, and were taking thvt course to obia'P it. believing tnat Lincoln w:m oi^iosod to all condom tors In pnwf or that .wertion, I hive since aaiettnioed that out of the entlro number or mem bers ol ibe Assembly who opi" sod conciliation, there are only five but what a'e applicants for olllce for them selvee or b relative under the Incoming adminis tration. Here then Ir a direct effort to saorllloe the country for personal snds for the purpose of receiving some imltry offiee. Where thsn is the tons ted principle of the pa'ty t As fb? flsht bt l n-iri Ihe tact ,"is, the iolU nnes< and the real moiirest l tbecij 'or the negro win be mads more ano Bi?>? ? a? parent He tote it is over one of the saddest prtures that tbe world bis e?er witnessed will be laid borore thrm, ?ren tbe slaegMer of tanocents during ibo down fal, of thr Roman em ,>lre, for the sake of olll )e, bears no cimparison. f>e this mat'er ?nds'bore will be one or the Mncksat rccords heaped up ngalnst the radical reptib ll -ans of tb.t was ever recorded agaloH mor titla. Now this fiKbt is l??lng oondunte i tfith great smi there ts some Ixtpn Tor tbe oountry; whilst the rogues aie tift'tieg each other it win give honest m n an oppor tuni') to take charge of tho nation The Senate last evening ndjourneil, after spending ton tiotus in a disgraceful proceeding which placed ihem below the level oT a ?choolb>y dehatinv olub. The Ser pen n' at \rms wss firstly sent after two Senalo s, la Strict vlo'stton of the rnl?s of the Sctiate. rhe Senators In quest!)0 were In their sea's a11 Ihe evening, and be coming disgusted at the proceeding??, left ror their hotels. the-^i*esnt at Arms was ami rorthim. Oaeonld not be found, and Ibe ether refused to jjo uolemi sent for In tccordance with the rules of the Senate. Th'a belt g r?port?d to the '-enn'e, Seoitor Ifam motid emmenced talk ? ?n the snbjecl, wondering where tbe .fii naior had roam, i to, from that bran-hing o? uti tho dtww on of wh' kers snd beard rennally, ?. d Iben on to ntllllary, spending about a half ?ur In llmt foollsh and rirt|, manner, during wh'eh tio ? , , i iri |,fvf, * * v^tx fif^r* lit'* it the time that lie ?aa at K?t ihleo sheet* In the wind. 'Itej ftno'lj. v*? 'k" i"Ot<oa of ILeamiond, orierod the fcrgtant at \-ms to bring the two ?<>n*tors brf>re tbe bar or 'fee Scnato at tea o'clock UMa moraine, ui then adjourned. Immediately upon the approval of the journal th? rovKg Senator, Hr Williams, called for th* reading the rule# by virtue of which abeont SeojtMi W?n* Ibr Senator Hammond interrupted kl? - know if the Ser?*ant-?* .rtllM ut>> S. nator W"" . . "T J ?ua to .^rt>g suteu 1 -tiende i to his duty n? oter to" 'or ihe at Ann* had " -y?.H5S? ^ 5 ~ tending of w ?' ho was in cotgemnt. Mnator jjamnik. n*U!'<Kl the Senator should be Wkon be lure ih? bflt J* ihe r7t<t>::'"nt pro teui. 'bat th? only thing in crdtr was ariaying tLu tfaamnfi Mu? f?r Muru the har of tlio Senate U10 Sergeant at Army laiPMdkltely bi ought op Senators Williams and Connolly. Senator WUIieuia being aaked for his excuse for being out o? his seat latt evening, said that he was In tho Senate Chamber and tcok part In tho proceedings of the Senate until the Senator fiom the Twenty seventh (Hammond, i e< mn.oi.K d ou a half hour aUaln at gassing. He found that there whs no hope of au> businca* being done uu.i he left for bis hotel. If the Senator from the Twenty seventh would couduct himaelf aa became a Senator and not Interrupt the proceed logs of the Senate by his gassing and non."erne be would always be louna at his post; but whenever any Senator coimneocotl such & DonicuHiOdl, gusey and lac tious opposition, for the special purpose of preventing the piogreta of business in the body, he felt himself i*>r fectly Justifiable in leaving his scat. That was the excuse which he had to ofler. Senator Hammond objected to tho excuse, stating that " WM a statemeut of facts in all respects and Senator Williams, In tempting him, said that ho would bo willing to yield oue point to the Senator from the Twenty seventh (Hammond) if that Senator knew or rerpeuted any of the rules or common oourtesy. The Senator was then excused by a vote of the Senate, when Senator Connolly was aaked to give his excuse. He stated that be was la his seat until a late hour last evening, and saw the disgraceful farce that was being enacltd there; his mind went baok to his childhood?to the Impression that he had then formed of the dignity and honor of the Senate of New York. His heart sank within him, and with feelings of disgust and sorrow at the spectacle exhibited thore, ho left for bis room. That was the only excuse that he had to offer. He was excused by a vote of the Senate, and the matter passed over. It Is to be hoped that this is the last scene of tho kind that will be enacted in tho Senate chamber this winter. That body has boen lowering itself In public estimation the entire has, howevor, got to a point where It cannot descend much lowor. Iho practice of making a motion and sending for a Senator without* call of the Senate, is str|f tly in violation of all parliamentary rutcs except thoso established by tho school boys In the Senate Chamber, who have a new edition on that subjoct. The balance of the morning session was spent in third reading cf bills? none, however, of public importance w ere read. The Ljng Island Railroad Cotnuany replied to the resolution of inquiry passed In the Senate some time tlnce, but did not give tho Information sought tor, but simply stated thit tho books of the company would bo ojien for an examination for thirty days previous to the election of directors. After a short exp'anation In regard to tho alfaiis of tho ompany by He tutor Maiiierre, and Senator Connolly reading a toiler from one of tho stick and bondholders, showing why he had ottered the resolution originally, the resolution was rescinded. It Is impossible, however, to come to any other conclusion than that tho rescinding of the resolu tion is an injustice to the stock holders of tho company, if the letter which was read by Senator Ctmnoily from one of the members, who is interested to tho extent of $H0,000, is correct in its statements. No company that conducts its alTtirs honestly will resort to that mode of treatment to their own bond and stockt oldcrs. Two of the passenger and baggage bills for New York city were icportod by the House committee last even ing?one from tho Juiiclary. and the other from tho Cities and Villages Committee. Another will bo re ported from tho lame uoinmittoo In a day or two, an<l there nre two or three more laying around tho Capitol which will be presented In a few days. This indicate* quite a rush for that job In your city. Ono of the bills icnt? mplates giving this privilege to a sifuad of rural gentlemen out of business, and anxious to squat down in New York. Tho best thing the l.?gl8lature ctn do In regard to this matter is to voct all of these special bills ot wn and pass a general law covering the whole subject, having it open to any responsible party and not create monopolies. The days for pat-sing laws to bring into ex istence monopolies have passed away. Ibe Capital I'unlsbment bill was under discussion in the House a*ain this morning. Mr. Kern an made a strong snot-ch agslnst it. and ono that evidently had som? oRvct upon the House. His remai ks were directed against the substitute of klr. Angel's to the bill reported by tho com mittee, which, in reality, is to encourage murdor. And his remarks wuie timely and to the point, arguing that the mlllenlum day liad not yet arrived, when men were not controlled by passu.n, and murderers honest mon, to be protected by the laws of the Stale in their nefarious -deeds. Mr. Angel read a speech in favor of his substitute but did not answer ono of the objeitions raised by Mr. Kor nan, but was in lavor of being lenient \\ itli the murderers. Tho arguments of those opposed to capital punlr-hnicnt has token a singular course. I am unable to comprchoud why the man who ravishes, robs and murders, sh >ul<l have thA sympathy of tho public, and his punishmeut niade us I 'ght as possible. No punishment Is too severe for him who murders a woman to cover up Lis fiendish act of gratifying his pass on, or shoots down tlie person wh< attempts to stop him whilst carrying from any dwel ling his booty. There need ho no othor fact in favor of the gallows than the enormous amoint of murder that has been committed since the lussago of the act o' last winter, and If this Lefr slaturo will not rep<>il tluit and r? store the law tint It rejiealed. It is to be hoped, for the sake of the protection oi the lives of a million of jico ple ou Manhattan Island, that they will repoal it as far as tne city and county of Now York is concern fx I, and give them ono arm of the law to bring thn numerous murder ers. who arc stalking forth In daylight and striking down their victim*, to a Just, wise and righteous punishment. Progress was reported ti|>on tho bill, mid it waj made tho special order for Wednesday evening. The balance of the morning >os8lou of tbe House was speDt In tho Committee of the Wbclo on local bills. The bill noticed by Mr. Hutching* in regard to the Con trsl I' irk is the ?%mo us the Senato bill presented by the Investigating Committee, with tho exception that it gives the tejection ol tho six Commissioners to the Board of Supervisors Instead of the Governor. There has been a meeting of several members of tho legal proirision In your city who have appointed a coin mitteo to dralt a memorial to tho legislature asking for the pissage of a hlU to increase tbe number of Judg'-s in the Marino, Supreme and Common l'lees CourU in tho City of New Yerk. Tlie memorial his made Its appear ance Figned by J. R. Whiting, Wm. M. Kvarts, Claudius L. Koiiell, K. I>eUfiold Smith and John Kltch. The New York Tax I^evy bills for county expenses made their appcarancn In the Home* this morning. Tbe lollowing are some of ihe items:? Advertising fC.OOO Construction of a county jail 20 000 Contingent les 20,000 New court bouse uO.OOO Deflciem lee In laxos ? {lf>,nt.O Klection expenses 60 000 Police Fund 800,000 l'ol'co contingent and law fund 11 H00 Salaries of the Kxecutlve Department 60 850 Salaries of the Judiciary ?21,370 House for the retention of Witnesses 6 267 Kncumbrancee In the harbor 7.M)0 Intern is on loans Oo.OOO Lighting and cleaning county oitlc s IN 000 Omceis' and wltne-w fees to 000 Printing sad blanks 10 WW Repairs, kr f? <M Supplies tor the polios 20 140 Support of iktaiued wUwssea .. 6,000 ToUl I Dedect estimated amount of county revenue $1,667,327 i 63 000 applicable to Uic above. T-cavo a balsnco of. VI ,001,327 There were two bllla presented, not In tbe usual way, but sent by the Comptroller or tho city of New York direct to the Assembly. < ?no of them authorizes the Board of Supervisor to borrow money In anticipation of the collection of tbe annual taxen, and to rogtilate the expenditure of moneys, and to provido for tho correction of orion<.Qti? assessments, Ac. Fenatcr Connolly proeent<d a petition and bill laat evening tc change the plan of tbe map of New t orlc city at 155th s'.rcet. Tho petltlou la stgned by Madame K. Hardey, at the head of the institution ?f the H.icred Heart, and ia m follows?that the land In the city of New Yoik telng between Ihe now Niutb avenue anil the valley wont of the present Ninth avenue and 127th, 121th and 129th streets, is very elevated, rochy find precipi tous, presenting Insuperable dlMicnltie- to the cutting tbrongh of the street* or svenne; tbit the cutting ibroueh of sue* ,Greets upon any practical grtde could "?IT "?e done at a very great expense to the city, ai d after being cut through Uic I'M* ftoBtillf on the ? ?me from tbo vwt amount of earth and rock nnm the lota, would be for the wont put valueless; that the lota, tf evur required for improv< meet, a* building l^ts, will be moat valuable at their present olcviui..2 ?"bout Ike cut tin* C* lh0*,> or Ike avenue, that tho land ben.* now covert' h7 * flnr lfTO*'h of forest trees, htvlng walks tastelfulh laid oi.t about the same. pres ents a r?ry beauti ful appearance VoBr TCtiliVKCf l)c'!evoa it to be the wtnh of the citlrens Centrally ihit these grounda miy continue to bo kept its at present, since it ia proposed by the owners to cede to the city ?round suWU tent for a new ctreet or avenne as a substitute for the streets cloned. The bill introduced by Senator Connolly, with this petition, amends the net appotatlnr the eotumiaaion Inat winter, ?nd provides us foliow?;?The streets from and including Moth to and Including l.'itth street from the oi sterly side or Tenth avenue to the wosterly side of tbe new avenue hereinafter provided for, unit also so much of the Ninth avenue a? oxt'-nds from the westerly side of 12Vth street to tho southerly side of l.TGlli street, are hereby elived, and the saiil Commission shall Uy out a tew avenue of one hundred Cu t In width, to be rilled the new Ninth avenue, whl> h shall commence on Its westerly side at a point on the wMfterTy side of l&>tb striet ns ne?r to the nortbo.-vsti rly ctrner of tho pr-nent Ninth avenue and 136 h street n? to the said Oommi?*)oa f.h?!l be Oeem"d advisable, nnd shall run thence north ? sMetiy nutil the easterly side thereof f h.UI intersect the soutbitterly corner of i'JOtli street and the old Kisgl hridge road, and Ahull then follow as near as may be the course of rich Isst mentioned road as to torminate on tbe westerly sid.^ of such nor avenue ut the southeast cor ner of 'no vn th avenuu and 140th street, and the ea*t crly tide of sueh new aven<ie at the anutheasterly corner of tb? Ninth .\enue au I 141at street. It further p'ovldee that thr la'd for tLle road shall be donated by the pro jH-rty holders. Tlie House w is In ?es-don and considered several bills In Committee of the Whole. Thf Hpauldln* elalm for damages against the *tatc for withholding water at I/xk jiort?an old custom at the Cipltol?*a* killed. An investigating committee on Oiblions' en*e held a petslon thi4 ufte> noon ar.d eiannned tho District Attorney. No new fact." were ell. ted. The s> mp'thie^of l mbqrt serm to fco si Itlng In favor of Ollibous. It Is goner illy be lieved thai he was entrapped by the District Attorney and his aesisiant II has ntleetnnlly k'lled the bill. lb" eontest hi tb? Cit> Cfeambcrlaln is eating v irm 'as T! Tai 'or tp mi heml ej?ier, >>? ptni < . bad twoHetistoi* tr t"T fble t rening We are p i.miaed IMtmU'i tc..r.U toioi* U>? w.wc jit^s HEW TOP1^. LBPr" - ?WiAjr IUB? Aliuxt, Feb. 28,1M1. Mr. lluxrjti pre?ented a memorial of th_ Lou^ ls^nl Railroa puny, reprint 1145 that a compliance with the resolutions of the Senate requires uiarh U'KJr and rxpeose, and a*kiDg for suilloleut timo to prv>curo such I Information. Keftrrcd. Tbe following bill* were passed ? To amend the Revised statutes in respect to h'ghwayrf. To change the name of tho tow u 01 Union, in Monroe county, to the name of llaiului. To grant certain prlvi'eges to the P0UI1 Side Railroad Company. The resolution calling upon the Ixmg bland Railroad Com puny for certain information n'u, upun motion of Mr. lawKKMX, rescinded. A resolution to adjouri at a quarter bofors two and to held no further evenirg w?? n, whs adopted The repot t of the Commit lev on 1 ederai Ktlut.ona was taken up a* the special or.'er Mr. Culyim spoke at Home length, when the subject was postponed. Mr. Introduced a bill to provide ttiat uo person shall be removed from oltlco uuru,g the term lor which he is elected or appointed, unless for mareasJ-.Lce, and thi n only alter specific charges bare been made and heard before a Justice of tho Supremo Q>uil in (ho u* trict where the act of malfeasat c? ww committed. Mr. Si'L\oi.A introduced a bill to incorporate the Lni versity of Brooklyn. EVSKTNO SK9HTOK. The session was spent in the oontlderation of prlrat bills. The bill to pay the claims of the lessees of the surplus waters of tbe Erie Canal at l.uckport, lavolvltg somo (300,000 of direct, and opening the door lor a large badv of otber claimants, elicited a long debate, and the enact ing clause wa? strltken out No other business of Interest wa? traasaclodL Adjourned. Assembly. Ajhawv, Keb. M, 1M1. Tho Governor presented the memorial of the Legtaia ture of Kansas, setting forth the fact thut the poople havo suffered during tbe summer from one of the most severe droughts ever kcown in tho history of tho coun try; that not less than 30,000 people are dependent for subsistence on outside resources until next harvest, and that a large amount of seed wlieut, corn and pota toes will bo wanted for early planting, that the grei.t depth of snow covering the dry grass of me prairlos causes starvation amongst the cattle, aul tuat tUe cca dition of the people in the spring will b" helpless, with out a liberal and prompt response 10 this appeal. The Legislature solicits State aid from Bister States, and cx prttces its entire confidence that the Keller Committee of Atchison will faithfully and equitably distribute all con trlbntions received by them throughout the State. The memorial is signed by Jobu W. Scoit, S)?aker of the House of Representatives, W. W I'pJograil, President of the Council, and is accompanied by a letter of endorse ment from Governor Robinson. The New York tax levy, amounting to three inlllious and four thousand dollars, was sent in by Comptroller Haws. Hie remainder of the session was spent considering bills on the general order. Tho Capital Punishment bill had progress reported, and was made the special order for to-morrow evening. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. V ?*tu* Y'TrCJVure Bn ??"'? ft?r Kc?r ? ork, &c>, ?&c. _ Fort KKAiwr, Fob. 26, 1861. The California pony express pawed ben. at hair past five o clock this evening, with the folding summary of Bows for the Associated Press:? Sa.v Fiuhcbco, Feb. 13?3 40 P M Arrived 9lb, steamer St. Ix>uia, frem New York via \ alparaiso and 1-anama, bringing Ia.Iv Franklin u n tsnjmsnig.^ as St. sittyssswss ^ork, from Baltimore for Acapulco; Dec ie iititudr iu Kew York30'P from this port for Sailed 11th, steamer Golden Age for PanAm? ^>0.000 in tieasuru for New York, and $10,000 'f?r i;lJg* Principal part of the treasure is consigned to ? f t"*, 4 Co., $180,000; Mr. D?vida?n $16 iKM> Sather & (jiureh, $96,000; l?vl Strauss, $53 000 W r' aieman, $60,000; Parrott A MS frores' ? F. Haatings, iritz U Kalstun And j> n \iilJs i>sr>Ji' about $30,000. v. Alius, each nffwft. it <???&.? a'T,,X? jf&'T' vet)port, Mrs. Lander, Dr. Bcrroa. U S a'- 77,,^' r^l lies, Mr. trancn, Mr. Jucobton, E. Sohubart r? Uix?. baum, W H. Stem. 8. Coleman.'A. F^dcr, Julini (&" Constant Garmg and wife, F. 11. llublev I Conrui a, lion J. K. l/oIinW, l! lion', L^ cLo Kdwin May, J. hands and wife, G. Cornell, ,s. H. Cxr-d wo", H. Child, lllfh E. Woodey, Hcosy Slalliein and wife, John Book and famUy i. Bowman and fami He'ideU, J. Mathews, fon and wife, fc'lTSSrtft: G. Moody und wile, J. Richardson W'ildo. .(o|m Clark, wife and family, II. H. Fosaett,Bev Mr Patten K. C. ho rick, Charles Uu\nard, K. J.' V^Jewater and wife, J P. Grielyand wife, Mr. Umife. Mr* Smaller ?ndfamily .H. Thawpeon, Mawter Joseph Looraic, A. A n n" ' A' IIowe8> Madame Barbey, Patrick nym, U.nry MenE.r,G. W. Juslee. J. P. Wllwin B II rte|nhnW'ui hd ,'T"7'?? W- "?*???**, I). Johnson. J. John. Michael l>-on, Mrs. J. G. Bradford, B Mali a Ingersoll, J. C. Irwin, W, K. l owell ' ' wi?-t?.? ,Dart,.\c ft,ld noth,n? hM b"en done this week wotth reporting in imp<>rted m"rrhnndi<<e. The ma/ket fur wheat is active, and the sales extern-! vc at ih *r 1? 100|l>*. for ?*r*>rt. Some barley 13 selling for New \ ork at $1 10 a $1 15 for vory choice and'wfffS'mlK " CU-*r'tir0U 10r '^Uuia Wlth',tou' MSl|aAlt(Cf''mCU,a LaV? ,>(>Cn 18811011 agalnBt tlie pony express leaving St Jar nary 23 and wn/?L ,'i'g St" Lf"'8 imu*ry reached' San Iranclsco on the same day, tbo loth inat. Tbev arnvod at ra.son Valley within a few hours tf ewh cit or By the last express Fastarn de^patcli. g telegraphed to lort Kearny on tlielWih nit. were toleg.fcrb, d fro n (Lr p-n \a'le_v to San Francifco on tbo morning of the 9th inst., rrossicg the continent in ten uays. ,, lIl<; t'nion resolutions iu each branch of the Califortm Legislature aa.s continued, and the Assem bly baa Dnally passed resolution* endorsing the Critton rten compromire, and the views expressed by 11-ockin rldge and I>ou!(!rs in oppceiti^n U) the use of coercive measures. The democratic papers urge the Senate to concur in tbo resolution, which is regarded as aj> indicatioo that the DougUs and Breckinridge wingi o b" democratic party are to nntu- m one party, as it ax isted prior to Bucbaoan'a administration. Several more attempts have bwn made in tlto AsHembljr to concur in the J"**?ate s raeohitton fixing the ^Oth inst. for n joint convantloB t<> electa United States Senator, but oacU time Without sucri>?s The republicans av I Biei kinridao C0l>ttnne to act together in staving off in Non-Arrival of the (nnarflnn. Porti axp, Feb. 2?J? Midnlsbt Tliete are no ^?ns of tbe steamship Canadian, frdin Liverpool 14th. via T/indoudeuy 15th, UOw due at ih;s Wewa from Pike's Prak. U . Fort KntitTrr. Feb. 26,1MI. 1 Mr. *roat s inule train, consisting of live wagons irorn St. Joeepb for Pike s 1'nak, passed hi-re early tiju? m >rn ing being tbe first of the season The toims wS?e to good condition. Heather cli ar and warm. Tbe Central "rer'ayl and California and Pike s PeakExp^?S? passed here at eight A. M. with tbe following:? _ , , Itamnt, Feb 23, is?i TJ.e mining prospect* are dally improving, and marts miUs will soou be turning out considerable ROld IViyme diggings are new being worked aljng the Platte, a sLrt distance above this city. ' The Canadian Parliament. . .. . , Tsjkwto, Ftb. 20,1891. A proclamation b?s lM>en Usued convening Parliament -n the ICth of Maicb, for the dispatch of busmess The Pennsylvania Lrginlalnri'. AUOMR no, Feb. 26. 1861. Tbe Sunbury and Erie nnd tbo tonnage bills have both |m!r< d to a second reading by a working majority in the __>nale this afternoon. The Seuate is ougnged to li ght m a d Isow1,100 l'ie 'alter. Ulinoli Banks. Chk Feb. 20, lsiJi. Tbe Slate AndltAr ha# !>^n offlc'alfy lu.tlii ?<! by tbe Bank Commissioners that tbe ^'""WUig litnks have failed to irhke good their securities an**?' the Utu call, Mini h expired on the 20th. Tbe following, which include Ibo nine discredited banks, are put In llqullati,.'.'1 ? Bank ot Kuleigh, Bank of Aurora. Stale lUriK, Amei I can Kxcbangb Bank, National Bank, Corn Kxcbang? .'.' ink, Hank of Oommonwonlth, Southern Hank of lllmoi", at ? ?rayvllle; Bank of Chester, Hank of PIWi" f'ounty, Hank of tjuincy, (ir'tM Prairie Bank, Farmers' nnd Ir.idois' I'ank, Knilread Bank, Merchsnts' and Drovcrf' Dunk, Citizens' Bank, Morgan County lunk. Sonthrrn Urran SUamcr Uluvrminl*. _ CwaRijcfrus, Feb. 26, 1S61. The steanuhlp Jss. Adgnr.Copt. J. I). Phillips, from New ?oi\, arrived here at lialf |?fit enjht o'clock this (Tueeday) morning. _ _ . ?AVAT?.m, Feb, 2f>, ldfll. The screw steamship It. It, Cuvicr arrived at t 'vco o'cleck on tiunday morning. KpkeU. ? ? . . Nsw Osiksss, Feb. 20, H6I. Cotton?Sales today #,000 baioa. middling, lo^c. a ll^e.; sales cf the past three days, 30,000 bales; re ceipts of the ibrce dojs, 2S.OOO balw, a^atahtlin OOObalss san e tlm<' last year; receipts Itms tlian last year, W.tiOO bales, (lo. at all Soathern ports. SO 1,400 baler flogar Duoyant ft 4,,c. a fi^c. voIhmm's, Vt ';c n 27e Kv change on I on Jon. 3 \ a 4'( promium, on New Vork 1; to \ dlsoount. .... _ , . Mouna, Feb 26.1H6I r.Hton? 8ale? to day 1,?00 bale*., at 10?c a lie fw mWdllnf. ft?i's of tb? laft throe data ;>h 000 i>.d?? t ? r? i|,i? of the last three ilay? "00 bales. Ireichla and exrhnnge un? barged. ,, , ? Baitimoar, li b 26,1*61. Hour d ill ; rivo ?;.t ITowaril street $., r,H W heat a jeT.'iW, Wc. A ?*rov dull' b-;l ?mcuMj rd. C..C'.* t.01 atli^c. a lie. Vi n?ta.0/ bigt'.tf Meeting of the Republics* Central Csafc* palfi Clib. Hi# Repubbcan Central Ckmpaigu Club held a regular m?*tb?k *^^5 rooiM 1,0 Ow per Ins itute, at eight o'clock la*t evening, Th# ran iJ lhe niM't,0S heated by the desperate suggestion, "NOp?u?j?roiiiiao

witL Uaitora.'1 Atter tbe transaction of the usual regular business, Tie, In a brief speech, congratu lated the meeting on the success which had at teiXeJ their efforts, and on the fact that th"ir iTes ce?! and vice I'ro-.'.nnt were now la Washington lie tiuaUd that i~ty were thrro lb tuu hands ot frioula, and he cimpl OiOLtcd Che aociety on the bt of a foim of r? pubiic&n government which would lor the futute tend to >ietetlt the whole country. He thought th*t nobody would be deceived in the new aommistra tton, bcca ipe it would always ctaud up for popular rights. | (Grtal applause ) The Hon. II. J. R.umond was tTifo" Introduced to the auJIOi te, and wane a very lengthy address. He started by saying that he had come to the meeting not with the irtecCim of making an aadreas, but of congra tulating I he members cn the great victory walch bad bcei. ach.tveu and ou the prospect which is now unrolled before the republican people. No such great vic tory Lad ever been achieved sicce the begin nog of the political annals of the c?uirtry ana it was now the duty of the government to seo to tti tulthment of the high mtssiou placed tu their han4tt Here were now sis hostile .States agaltut the government eight dubi'mti and nineteen loyal ana L'nioo loving status (Applause ) Now, under tbese cireumutatic s. what was the duty o' tbe republican t?rty r iim way was to Ignore alt thi tieasoiiable occurrences tliat bavo ukon place op to the present time. It was not to be expected that the North could make any cotcef-siot e The men who have rebelled must be held to their allegiance to tbe constitution and to the laws. (Applause > 1 ike the physician who seeka to relieve a pat'ert. tbn government must find cut tbe discaie, and tresi tbe ca*e accordingly. Of course he did not speak of tbe seceding Mates. On their goods and property he did tot wif'b that hey ahould admtms er until it shall come to be a post mortem examination, or at least an administration of their effects. There had been a gang of conspirators for the last twenty years at work for tbe desirici.on of this Lnion, What t-bould be done with thefe n.enr (Crits of >* Hang them, Hang them.'') I h'pe lii'eed to see the leaders of this rebellion hung (cheers) as a waiting to all the rest. (tremendous cheers.) Put the only misfortune Is that we raciiot see when I tie hanging Is to commence. (Laugh ter.) The slave po ver had now bt en ful>\ overthrown, and in th.3 was all the trouble Thia result bao be? n ac complished, an? It only rightly used the 'allou power could Liver again return to their l<*t (tuition (Ap plAtite ) The struggle wa? a g' eat one. but it is worth whatever it tu cost, and whatever it oitgbt cost (Ap plause.) Abrntiam L.ncolu was uow in the capita', und in bis hands the lssuos may sately teat. Mr. !U> coone coot tuert eloquent!? and at gieat 'engtb toabow that with the advent ot tbe repobiYao party the reign of truth, pui Ity and conMstencj in politic* would tieg n. unn he thought that the I'niou cornd and would yet be maintained. Ho was louuly cheered on retiring. Hates of Canal Toll for I?01. [Fmm the aibany Journal, Feb. 26 ] At tbe meeting of the Canal Board this morning the follt wit g rt?oIuti"n was paused ? Ris< lved, Tout the rates < f toll on the articles of pro perty folio* lag ?hall be raised, tlxed ami adjusted as slatoti below the aume being on l,000 p>urds a mile, and the Auditor is uuiberuced to arrange and publish the toll sheet for lHtil, it conformity to the changes now made, with the pre existing rates on other articles of pu pert) ? Ch inyet. i?from?> r? To C. *1. /. C. VI. f. Articles cot enumerated ? 2 ? ? 3 ? Agricultural products ot I nited Stalls not pailicuiarly specified ? 2 ? ? 3 ? Apices 2 ? Corn anu corn meal ? 2 ? ? 3 ? Flax seed ? 2 3 ? Kionr ? 2 ? ? 3 ? (j'yp.iuni, the production of this State. ? 2 C ? Hay and straw, pressec 1 ? nops a ? Lumber No. 1, whito pine, Ac., in cluding cherry ? 1 8 ? 2 ? Oak. hickory , beach, sycamote, black walnut, bulternJt ar.U sprnce ? 13? 16 Maple, tu-h, elm, Qr, Tamarack and Yew..... - 16-15 Hemlock 5 8 Lumber No. 2, per 1,000 feet per foot tO'le, to be raised to correspond with tbe came aitides whin pay it ,3 to'l oy weight Lumber No. ^..traui-ROrted In rails, - per 1,606 feet per mile 2 5 ? manutactu cd in this State ? 1 ? ? 1 6 'limber in rarts, iier 100 cubic teet jmr nale, to be (haigcd the dume tale tho whole season 1 ? ? 1 Squared aLd round, If carried tn boats ? 0 IU a'g, not *r\r( eding 'our, in tow 1 f a fctoxmboM having preference of tl ? locks 4 ? ? ? All louts pa. \uf four cents a mile, if t ot so p opolled by steam or in tows, shill have the sam" prefe rence as if propelled by steuin or in tow of a ptenn.bont Coal, hltumlums 6 5 Wheat ? 2 3 ? Court Cnle-ndur?T)iU Day. StTRE** CotRT?CUKTIT.-Port I?X"8 8ir, 355,R61, f03. 8fl8. K?7. K69, 871, 873, 875, 877, 879, 8sl, 880. 885, 887, 8h9, 891, 8W . M*7. l">rrr.i> mwikh Iurtrkt CIoT'RT?Vot#? of Utnue for the MuicU tcim mu6t be tiled on or before Kridav, in order tliat tliey make take ttiolr i-la^e on the calendar. Pi i-kkmi: O'titT?tihMTiii. Tfrm.?63 motions: 17 pre ferred. Knumeratod calendar?Nob. tX 56, fi to 71,15 to 19.17,11,61, 2. Arrival* and Departure*. AHRIVAI.S. 8 it Steamship Montgomery?J Caldwell, J R"*en bant, .1 Uriel tier, 1* Connolly, H << Pari*, P. Ham* E lirown lady ami three children; t' Dcmutli, (1 (aoulii, A B< nl nro, .1 P Mortln, NHOi odmin?and 4 >n the Ravaiv?h?Sti amship Alahaaik-C D Unburn n, vfr W Lin eo'n, MraO W Hinckley, Mr* K Douglaft, J U HutUnd, Jf Foget, U A Dodge, W D <' Hogg*. 15 I'aiknurat, .1 .1 Wright for, I .1 McNeill, .1 H Burn*, .1 Coloord, t;ol 11 T Tltut, \V If llleg, ? hoth?ehUd, A ppsteln, J h Ward, .1 Meinh?l n?r, A Wicker, N (.reeB, ,F A Morrtnon, W 11 Aloott, TMTuji.ri, Mr* M llewitt?Hint l:< in the ateenige, I?NP A RTirRKS. NoKtotK, Ac?Kt'-anihblp Jamestown?Mrs Fltiaiiamon* andihild, All** Howler. Ml** Maria Wood Ml** tinni,, it'aa Harriott It Vain, M Kama, Ueo Felt, 11 L Pelou/e, W II Jouea, W in t; 1'aKKatt and lady, J K iui.svU, C Mmonauu, Wm Mill*? and2 in the a'ei rage. 1M11. flprlat Mtylei. 1HHI. U-utf I Co.'* fiiwwm-Hl'HT ? Ot'ffSNWi-'BT, ? No*. 3, 4, and ? Aator Uou*e, Will li lrodore on eoturday, the 2d day of Mareh ftn ad dition to their standard flat), a new quality of Pine Milk Hal, PKIOB $3 71 Brooklyn Art-Pnotographlr?Chaa. II. WILLIAJibON, eatobllalied 1861. 1 ulloo aireet, opposite Cilftum. Twrnty-fonr < ard Photographs, taken In ?f* poaltian*. and flr*t atyle of art; Parlor Picture*, very line, $1, by IIhLMLS, MM Hrewtway. Dr. J. Bovco Dodt' IMI'EKIAL WINE BITTER8 frhould he uaril hy every remain nnd kept In everv family, til A itLKS W1DIHF1KI.D A OO . Proprietor*, 78 William atreet, New kork. Hotiu, Hyatt <fc Co.. So* 12 and II COLLEGE PLACE. Just received, over 5,I"C0 caw* BOO*8 A?n 8IIOE8, Kre-h from tlie manufacturer*, new *tyle<i, at reduced price* In order to *'?l*te Houtbern rnerohau!a that de*lru lo make their |iurrha*?* before i*t Mtirelt, wr will keep oar Mere open until 12 o'cloe k at night on the 27th and 23Lh Ktbrnary MOWBh iivatt a <?(?., 12 and U C-Veg* ploee, corner of Murray *treet. C Rlelnway Ron's (h'erilrnng Grand nnd ?viarc Pianua ar>' now eon^lderrd 'h? b<*?t tured; af wairanled f ji fln: ytor*. Wareroooif, M and ^4 Walker- street. Wheeler ?t Wlinoii'H Improved dewing Macblne* at reduced pr!cea. Oflioo wifl Broadway. Batehrlor'* llalr l)jr-Kelluhle, Harm* lc** and Innt mtaneoua? plac< or brown Kaetory .11 M r day BUcel. /told and ai rllcd Bt BATCllEi.VU's Wig Pao !r4. It I'Taet. Jfnvly Iiitcuted Win* and Tonpwn?Al *o, Mole aTla t'n am. for nre*cr* ng nnd heaullfi ing the hair, inaiiuiaciutcd hj W. A BATCllKLUU. IC Bond strc t. TrtiMe*.?Marah ^ cn.'i IliflicAl Chic Tiuta?>o. 2 Vcmy *ti e?t (A?tor Uoiiie), npiMmllo lL< eniiitli. Crlatadoro'a Hair Dy?, Wlgi and Toa pee*. the hot in the world, wh ile*"!* a id pitall, i.xl the I)j e prlvale'y applied, at No.4 A*tor Ilnii*e. For Dyopcpala, Liver Complaint, Ila h'tual t'on*tli>alioti ai.d a'l ViseoriU dcriii^'ni^ui* lltu I ? > WAV H Vepjetable Tonle l'lil?an-a ?afe, r-liaM1 n'el p>?ltl?? cure. Thej eperale wlihont irmatliA, ana leave the txiwei. In u healthy and natural eondit.oiu Barry'* Trlrapheretu la the neat and eh>?|W4t artlelo for drr**lng, beauUfyinr. cur ing, elcandiiti, preaervlrg and roatortng the hair. Ladlea, try it. Hold by all druggtcto. Ultra Hair Dye, HO Centa. Rla< k or Brown. Depot, No. 1 Itarelay ilrert, and Bold hy all dri'g ptit*. The Indian Herh I)r , K. Taiaiilety, 1*1. II , !ioni CMia<la, will dawutbe di>*a?e anil tell hi* iiaileni<tlin imlure of tlieii e.^iuplaJuia or fllnaaa. without rec-trlii*; auv luloi mail on from iheai. Nnoliar^elur e?m*u. union tn ad vice (Mhc-- No. IfSt hr iad,va\, wilbli a haif a ni. iut*'* walk of the Fifth Avenue Il< tel. OKB IfOTTO We n?e *weh l!*1mi ?? b.ive no nt'tfa With Bamreorthr 1-mw* of 14''' With Monet our hai.d* we ne?pr *tair, Nor l'oiaou im n to ex*? their I'aln. Our Vatbri? wl.em all gfM>dne?? fill*, Pr?vtd<'* the rniao* to cure all ilia; 1 he wimple llrrb*, be tie-nth our fee', Well uae t. relieve t ur )>*?>>>?. e >n>plet* * ?i|r.ple Hi rh a *ln-nle T1"wtr, tlill rt from the d?<** t ?? . ..^I..^?K ?' ?? C< ehowre and health t'- thee. I' TlJItLtTI, M. It. tat mitt The Movtmtati ot th? Pmidtat k.. "rt~ HI* Muddin Departure from Harrlf bar|>Tb? Plot Ayalait His Mr*?Tbe U???tlok of the Dsy?Uoiufii la laa* |itw~l?l?rc'tlag from Japan aad Ckiaa-Th# Wrn??LocKl Mai* Irra?Marketa, Af. Tht- Kamiit Hbluj>, for the priweot we.-It, will bo It) sued this morning. In ill columns will ftu fotod ?A verj interesting account of the Progress ot the President Elect toward tlie Federal Capita.!, HiV sn<iii"? Ilr?ap' pesranco from llurrUburg and I'nfipoctod Arrival m Wufchugton Oity, the 1'iot Against flu Life, ao<l Move Bit n'a B'lco His Arrival in Washington, Report of the Proceedings of Ooagreaa, The Latest Intelligence from tho 8f uth. A valsable artttle on the Future Growth and Sup ply vf Cotton, ."bowing that the United States ixweeaa I ho only reliable Cotton growing R.ykm in the World: Inte resting Letters from Japan, giving a reliable aocoun*. of the existing Trouble between the French, Kugliah, Prua ?Ian and American Residents and the Japanese, letter from our Correspondent at llong Kong, China; the Latest News from Europe, Ueslro, South America, Caliiorua, Arizona, Ac.; All the Local Mews or New York ta.d Vicini ty of Importance, Reports of the Cattle, Provision and Money Maikets, and all iniereatlng news matter-: of uie preceding week. Tmuis.?93 a year; femr ceuta a single copy. Subscrip tions received at tho c?oe, northweet corner of Forton and Nassau streets, New York. Single copies for sale at the counter and by all news agents. Advertisements In serted at the us sal IIkbald rates. Rrawlap of R. Praace 4c Co .'a Dsla* ware Loueiitw:? 8 umii Covim?Class <1, Feb. K, 1861. 37, S3, 18, 3, 6, 62, 49, 7, 62, 61, 76. 44, 42. Cossoupatkd Lwmii?Cu:'? V, Feb id, Ml 17, 11, 25, 36. 3b, 40, 54, 13, 5, 34, 39, 77, 75, 3, 12. Circulars sent free of charge by addrraaln^^ ^ ^ Wilmington, Lclavvaro. Orawlaaa of ?I?e Belaware State Lot* terlts ? WOOD, BDDY * CO, Manager* of the bKLAWAUS, aHNTUCKT 1.1D MIH30DSI STATU LOTTXniSS. DKLAWAHK?fcXTKA Class 147, Feb 21), 1861. 44, 24, 71. 28, 67, 46, I. 6, b8, 4S?, 111, 47. Dklawaks?Class 11K, Kb 'Jfs 1861. 2. 12. 63, 4, 6, 42, 35, 1, 14, 20. 15, 58, 63, 37. Circulars containing ocbemea, with full particulars, sent fret of chariiH ??} addressing fliber to fwtoii i.UUV i Co.. Wilmington, claw are. Or to WOOD, EPDY X CO., Bt. coins, aissoun. Harried. Cruris?I.swis.?In this city, or Monday, February 25, at the \Vtishli<gton equate Methodist Episcopal church, by the Riv rhounis vtaciurian, B. Kka.'k i;ikti? to Hjiik I kwiH, third daughter of JosephC and Eupht'inia Lewis, all o this city. L?Kt'K?,t?Pit1*.?In this city, on Tue.-iday, February 16 by thr Rev. Joul (1. IdiiBley, L). !>., Mr. Borst S La tt m;K, ot this city, to Mis. msa.m raca, of Greenwich, C< nn , daughter ol the lato Nsthi.n Peck. liiotiMt? Bknsoji.?In this city, on Saturday, February ?1, by the Rev Robe t G. Dickson, Otiuiw 11. Hen .Mi to haiLi M. button , both of Brookl) n. Died. imjTAWi.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday, February 24 of lnttMniuation of the lungs, Wtixun An-av^^ageJ 40 h4.!f!..r^iat^t(,^I1'lfricIldl,0fthera?1|y? ?"so the mom " *"e Iitpwimnit ol the Western district and members ol luiton l**ige I. O. of O. F., aro leaiiect'iullv im lt<-a to attend the funeral, this (Wednt?day) alteruisin rinl^h #JSM t? 8,1008 8trcet Methodist fifciscopai cijurtli, Hllibout further tiolic) B.*n i.kk,?In Brooklyn, on Monday, February 25, Cius { l)801, ', aC '3 WIJ *"r<UJCla Barker, aged a years 1 mouth and 0 days. ^ '?'i Ihe relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully ^i l^rh*Vei|l.,bU,Uver*l'rr0? lhe ruB"'o"^ of hw lather, Charles Barker, No. 22 Lun place, without further tnvitatioo. this (Wednwday) ?fteraST'Jec?k Biook'yn.uu Monday, hebruarj 20, MIaiiy l ll ^th"'a?W 01 ,hU ^ ^ ""J10. ??*??? W the relatives and friends or the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Wodneaday) alien Street ? C ' fr0Ui ^Cr latc residence, 200 Na.-sau Htsuoe ? At Granville, Washington county, New York, ou *unday', t ebruary 24, ol eongeution of the bruin, Uon' ifcAsi W. limnor, iLgtxi f?7 }eiiis. ? lli.iTre.?lrti Tuesday morn Id j: Februnry 26 Mah-< uTmnuthsJo^llu,a ^arg.iret Urltts, aged 3 yours and Ihe it tends and relatives of the family are respectfully ' ,1,n,ral? *his (Wednesday) afier toen.ut hall past one o ciock, I rom the residence ol her <*cond street, between third and C'AMkv ?Ou Tuesday, February 86, Euj? Casky, a na ajst^vl. o/ier^e. CO"l",' r,|'|Mlr'' Ireland, in tho ?.'^0. '???stives and friends are respectfully in v. tod to attend the funeral, from her late lestuenco. 41 M.-idison sueet, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock wuh out luither notice. The remains will be takeu to l&lvarv Cem? tery lor interment r Ckahi -Ou Sunday aitemoon, February,24, nmniw R wilo ol James J. Oraig. ? 1 The relativia and irienrtsof the, and tlioeo ol Tit. rt tn mu ^ , K M trt:I1' l,r" ' OHiKCtlUlly tn Ti. k ! funeral this (Wednesday) afternoon. a ' 0 clock, 1mm hjr Jaie residence, No. 120 West Twenty third street. ' ^ i'HmitATK.?(m Monday, Februvy 26, Gc*Tjtvrs I>ieit luiK lormerly of St. Uomn.go, and for many years a resi dent ot Una city, aged e0 years. His friend;' and Uiote ol Hue. Chegnray, his sister aro invitedI to altt nd tho funerrn aervl e, at the Church o'f st t tin ent oe I'aul, liveiity Uiird street, this i Wedne dayj alternoon, at tbice o'clock precisely. " IHw.-At his residence, in this city, on Mondar ! e^'U/1^ 26' 1u ,x lateol t>raaaru, county Lone lord, IrHfttu, aged 66 yeara. Bui friends an,i ol his lamlly, and of his brothers the Ki v 1 dwaid Dully and thu i.ev. John Innly, are re fiSH tnili) invited, without further notice, to attend his luneial from his laie reaiuente. No. 192 last Nineteenth stre t, thia (Heeinesdny, morninK, at bad" past ten o ti?ck to ihe Oiuich ol the Nativity, second avenue where a solemn High Mass of luquiem will be celebrated for tho 01 his soul, liis remains will bo uitenod in Cal t n > f tmctery. I> tigloid ai d Cavan pap. r3 pioaae copy. f h> M il ?|?partid this ine, Mond ?y 1 ebruary 25 :< rtor a s-h. rt ill.eas, Maacv, beioved wile of thas. a. French, id li'C 41th year ut her ago. Ibe ; uneral will take placo this (Wednesday) after fii"u Ut ^ ? C'"ck ' fruwberiau, riVlence, , , ts-stet stieet The Iriends and acquaiutaue<*i ol Uie Uindy are tekpictfiill^ re<j'iested to attend without tuithtr netke. Calnoibis jiapers ploate copy. la.t/.kN. ?(in luetday, February 26, Mah* A."nr, wife or Jnliiix Irawr, atj?d i9 years, 11 months and 11, days ?t? ^"i ,v! ?0X lhc ,'uni"' Krc ""spectlully invited to attitid the lunerai, from her Wtc resiuenoe, 66i Urand st'eet, on ihuis'iay aJ lornoun, aktuo o'tuoci. GKur?i.?In I truck i) n (E l> ), on Tuesday, February 26 Warn* S. Hguo ol years. Ihe fil- nas ot the lamny are revpeotfully Invited to attend ll.c luneia: serticts, un Tliuisday afternoon at two o ciwk. from the eurner o?South second and Ninth stu? is, without Iurther-invitation Omswuin ?tin luehday, f< binary 26, of disease of the htart, ,*tn t-nev only ten of l r. Stephen and Come.ia K Gri wold, in the 4th year ut his ago. The relatives und tnends of il?t> tainily are respoc fully iiiv.ted to aitebo tlie lumral s<-rylct*, at No. 6S1 llnV.>n sueet ibis (Weoneaday) evening, at hall post seven o cl(M,-k, withont further tnvitati< a. (>1'm>k?ma.v?On ru'iiiay tnomiug, February 26, Mrs Caiimkisa Gt .\okkman, B native ot Germany, naed 72 ) eais 5 months and (i nays. lhe tteiativcs and li tends ol the family are respect fully invited u. atlenu the lun.?ral, from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Bawer, No. 220 Hudson street, this (Wconesdsy) nlteruor n at one o clock. Tho remains will hi' interred in Lutheran Ctuietcry, p^lpy*B"*^,, tluu)MUn atJ Wilmington paprra please li mvn.-t in Monday evening February 25, of in flam I tu ition ot the Itinj-S, UKtlxiirr ILvkvkv, aa,tKl 76 years I ? . i'J,rleil",i tt|" tlj08" of the family are reapeetrujjy in viti d to attend tho funeral, from ber late rcsiueucc' 221 USLVaS' i "f the family, also the members of Worth ItnffrMh.i? ?! :?*? A' f 'B,ro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, No. 214 Ihv ck ','1'* ) ?vftcrnoon, at haif j?ut one lUnsiw* ? In Brooklyn, on Monday, February 26 "'TIii'aK. , daugbtor of Joiin F. and Otroime iiaietincck agio 2 jCfc* and 8 months. ' Ike Natives and frluus of the family aro rwpectful ly inv iteu to attend the funeial, from the Co. ner of \t ijtiv ana smith^stree ts, this (Wednesday) afternoon,'at two b clock, r'thont lui thti invitation. ll>i:tti> >-In it!# city, on Momiay, February 2f. Oiptain .loxian J a number of st AmirewJ liOdge, F. ami a M., of liallfaX, N. h. The Itmetsl will take plac- ibis (Wtdncsday) afler noeti, at three o'dotk. Ilaiilax papeis please copy, .Uwisv ?tm M> uday, bnary 28, Mast O'Wun t, wife I oi ( H'iiiu u. Jail ray, of thtb ciljr, fu the yoar of her age. | .Ii>ki\h.~In this city, or Tuesday tnt.rninjt, Ft bruary JO, jti tu 1 .I?\ki>n, in the ;jd >>?r ol Ins a^e. ^ Ills futiora: will take plsre at 1 r init> rbureh, on Tbunt 1 nsy morning at eieyi n o'oiock, i?b>Ti his friends are in v.l" d lo attend ? luriia r i.? ii Mt^rv ?en Saturday evening, February 2-T, after a iliort m, Nrseinv linnxr, only son of TbMinwi and Mureniet Miaiy i.gnd 6 tnontl -i se t 14 d:iys. Moi.isk? <U tindsim Cttf, New ,lorney, on Mor<lar l obruar) !li, Camim. |?ui|isl daiixktor vT ikrrnan w! i nt.d Kl 7a Mo|h r, agcu <1 mon ju> and 11 days. Iho relative* atoi irienos of th? family are rritH?tfiii|* ?bvt'ed lo a; tend the funeral, this (Wednesday) uf U r nc n. at be'f-ps?t tb s?' o'clock,IVom the reanicnoe of bor parenta, K.l-Mde avenue, near NewarK avonue Hnd?,n el?j , >i w .lerwy. M.Win-On luoaday morning February 26. after a i L' ?"*?*?*. * hai.i Bvsm, only aon of Abraham sud Mst* My ere, i.^eo ft jeais, 4 lie nt'is and 24 davs ? \hni; V1*'?? "V ,b<- f??r>ily, and also the ,n N" -?'3, F u,d A M are it>pe< tiui.y ii*i ej in attend his |uner il,thla day, i Wei|. I < iIs c Ive o i ( W,11 .im No. I'J] llaiuin i d stie?-l. u.fT.i?t.' ''' Umu 0*k L 11 to. m hitiui t.?.~l';, J't^vstii ^?'.Grct(ti,k t'MiU' W Uj w-i. Tb? friend* of tte family, Md hla sots in -tow, Jamee McCuaker, -mill, M '^*V"'''"f? 0 Noll. Kingston, ore lespectruhy inv;UKj to'u^liu2 .><?-*, 0^urrt>, ,it?rLoon, a oue u cj^TrJSi ^ rtfldrtiM, S.1 'H West rtrwt, K ., * ok ?On Tuesday February 36, at hia rnai.lanco u , a'flui ' ?af' wtfOdr "I U*<u?s, Joh.i VI. Ijai ^ New York voh. ',teerof be *"i ?'im Serge'an* of conpany K of n??*" MfUAOBi of New Ywk Vulun. tetrs. aged 87 yoors. Notioe oi ilio funttrai will be s?lv?ti tomorrow. M< Co>*kv ?On Moncuy, February 36, Kuzibshi M(Co.\kky, widow of tfco laid Thomas McConJtey aged 03 ycai a. I b friends and rdlativcs >*>f (be family are respectfully invtud to attend tbi) funeral, from ber Laic resldeono, N?. 34dTi.ntli avenue, tbw (WudModayJ afternoon, at oas o'clock, without further invita ion. Moi'hK ?On Sunday ovming, Fobrasry 34, Mr. Joan Mooiie, ujfid 54 jam, 2 mouth* *nd 10 days. The r> fativw an<l friends <V the family, alao the num bers of < barter "ak l.odge No. 34V, K. and A. H , are ro F.vctfully invitotf to attend the ftme<-al, from his late resi dence, No 34 Barrofr stroet, this (Wednesday) sftoraoaa, at on a o clock a t. .^it ? M^Kt.iRCT McEucot, la the 88th year of bar age, a navtto of tbe push of bromnrs, county Tyruao, Irrl&ML Her and thoae of ~xrr brother. Felix McHrojr, and of b*r slater, Sarah McKaroy, and of her cousin, Pa trick ItcNulty, are respectfully Invited to attend the fu neral, tbls | Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, fraaa 193 Warron street, Jersey City, to Calvary Comotery. Moy she rest In pcace. Amen. IMjttxrkk fcj thJaoity.on Mond&y, February 33, ttr. IVi-nt a Prttk.-vf, U> his 83d year. A native of Franco, and for tho last th.ri'v three years a resident of tfctt Clt?. Tbt 'ub~t*1 terv'?e w'l) be held at tbe residence at Us son, P. A. Preterre, 516 '"earl atreet, thl? (Wednesday) mori ina, at ten o'cUn.*. All bis friends, and those ol hi* fa mily , ?re ??pectfully tavlUNl to attend, without fur tho* Invitation. Sn'.vaiiKJ ?m ?On Monday, February 33, Wnxu* Stomukiih.h, a native of Siiglantl, aged 78 yrtrjuul St days. The friends are Invited to attend the funeralj from hi* inte reeidrnce, No. 8t3 Sprit, j street, on Thuritliiy aftar dotti, at one o'clock, without rurthor notice. Paaw.?At S?aracn'a ReUeat, !Sta*en lalund, on Frtdair* February 23, of diptherla, .laairs tfcuwr, aged 38 years. Boston and liOWull papers pletae oopy. Btookkt ?On Tue.'iday morui.ig, FtHMruary 26, after ar lingt ruin lUncim, Mana-tHAT*, wlfo of Aam Stookey, aged "3 j enrt . I go, my luisbaud doar. To meet our angel toy. Do beckona tin to romo To realms rA undle-w jot, Where wc wl3 wait for thee, Beyond the starry rkies. Farewell?He 6id* me come. I'pwa'd my sp.'rit IliceT Tbo friends and relativee of the family are inrltod to attend the funeral, from N<?. 289 WtuhingtCQ al'reet, UiM (W ( oik sUay) aftersoon, at three o'clock. ?(inTuraday mornln), MnMfH at half paat fonr o'clock, L iumk 1>. Wu.i.ta*, sou of I'aniolanit Harriet F Williams, axed 3 yoars nad 4 months. Ibc relatives and friends of tho f^nily are respectfully Invited to attend the run oral, this (Wednesday) morning, at elevi n o'clock, fronr the reaidewe of hn pareoto. No. 141'Court street, corner of Wair.!S, Brooklyn, with out further notice. Wahdi-iw.?Ou Tuesday. February 2<3|at a quarter pist ten A. M , ut No. 87 I'rcsiaont Mtreft, llrooklyn, Waitmi. the dearly belovod son of Jaraei: ;md Anne Ward law, aged o years and 4 nion'hs. fho funeral will ]>rececd thLv (Wivlne^lay) afteruoon, at two o'cliH'k, to Greenwood. Tito frlcnt. I ol the family aro reepectiully requested to attend. Www.?on Tuesday, February 26, Maf.h^rkt Warn, aged 84 years. tho telatlves and friends of th" fatally are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the Dsdlcs' Union Aid Institution, in West Forty-si-cond street, nc?r Ki^hdt avenue, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Tho remain* will be interred in Greenwood. JII8CELLAHEUVII. Adams ejprehh company Forward to NEW ORLEANS Id four day*, all ml!. Other eltle* Mouth aie reached with <";nal (peed, contracts lor time, prtne, Insurance, Ao.,rm be made ov af plication to John Hoot, at our oil.ce, M Broadway. 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