Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1861 Page 6
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A RESPECTABLE OIHL WaNTS a situation as Dum ui.d *eam*>reaa la a small private family. Bent ?|i j r< f- '(Tiff. Can be se?n tor two daya, If not engaged at ?J3t ssnrls rt., second door from Washington, Brooklyn B ayes >(i A SITUATION WASTED?AH OOOK, WASHER AND lroner in h reapectsbie family. Apply lor three days a: 144 last Slat at., loom i>. AS MRMi.?WANTED BY A RESPE<TTaBL.E PER 'on. a situation to take mrn of a baby or to do light rfcamberwork. !*?*'? of e ty reference. Can be ceen for two daya at 134 Eaal I>d at., top floor AhESPFCTARI.E OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN a small private family as a food cook and a very good washer and ironer; haa good city Veferenoe from her last place, ard is willing to make herself useful Call for two days at ))4 Hutler at, near Hoyt, front nxua, over the eery store, Brooklyn. AKKSPECTARLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BITUA lion as chambermaid; no obj< stion to do general house work. tall for two days at No. 91 11th at., between Island Sd avea. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A respectable young girl, as good plain cook, washer and lroner, or as laundries. Good cliy relerence Call at 17 a West 13th St., ftrat floor, front room, old number In the rear. PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA ? Hon as seamstress: la a good dressmaker and works on ? sewing maclilue. Call at 82 W'e*t ftl'h si A Ah laundress.?situation WANTED, BY A COM petent woman, In a gentleman's i amity; she is fully ca Siblee! her business and can be highly reoommended; does ntlnr and line muslins in the best manner. Call at or ad Breas -i-l'-j We?t 2Hh St., betweev 8th und 9th avs. ABEdPE TABLE YOUNO WIDOW DESIRES A situation In a respectable family ss lady's laald, nurse ?r to take charge of children; woafn teaeh them the rudi B1, nls If re<|Uired; U a good needlewoman; no objection to travel or 10 an o?i of ton n situation. Apjlv to Mrs. Tbotnn ?on, X76 East ?th St., first floor. AN INGUSH WOMAN, WHO SPEAK* FRENCH fluently, want* a situation at cook In a suiull Frcnch or Kngnsli 1 amlly. Call at 91 Jane at, for two days A situation wanted-by A respectable WO Jt\ m?n, as cook; is n good washer and Inner. Best city re Ye-ence, If reciulrtd. Can be seen for two days at 1M West A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU anon to do cooking and assist in'.he washing and iron ing 1'ect cliv reference from last place. Can be seen tor I wo daysai ti7$4i!i st? third floor, t rout room. Am bfbpectabi.e voung girl, ia ?ears op age. wsn.s ii situation to do llgut chumberwork ?nil waitiua Can be sc. n lor tiro days at 6i9 4th si, tHrd floor, front room.' A^m situation wanted-to cook, WASH and tron, Ir, s small private family; Is willing to mak<- her ?W' generally useful. Good reference Call for on-day at aoi haei llih st., between arsAnndB, second tiojr. iront mm I APT is DESIROUS OF FINDING A GOOD PL.V^E lor a fa'thrAl, honest and trust worth v glrl -ske oan be reconiiuerdt-d ms ? lire f-ani strew ana udy * mail; would jot' lijjct U> Ukc UU1Q o. mjuidd *^;y at ike SrW York uou i, room 1 A'MsHPKCTABLF. (1TIU. WfKHFS A SrTUlTION for ? gwiwyl h Mite work, llest of city re! vri u>*\ Aimlrat l.t" .d av., beliaeeu 10 h and 17th tl?., la the latecy store, for two our*. AH AGED AMKHTCaN T?IOOW WAISTS A si utiUia an h?naake*|ier', is a gopd nurse, would take ?nariir of an, invtltd and assist In the'y sewW; io?ld C'Nwtton to the country. Can ?e aeen ror two daya ai?H7 t h.-ever plnce, Biookl n J Abttuation wanted?as chambermaid and I waitress, ov waitress alrne; haa good city reference Can be sn n till ? ngaged ai42Westsinh ftt., between Broad, way a??i 6?n a v. A FfcSPE VIABLE PROTEST A NT OIBL WANTS A situation a? good plain cook, wa.-her and ironer Can rive ro-.rt reference. A pply at 9H ('ongress st., Brooklyn. ASiri'ATIOV WANTFD-AS laundress ')R I ham hi H %Vir? w ;s?fMth?.^? Bne w"hln8 <'*n bc tor two APITUAi rON warted-by a respectable wo ?ran, as nu'se and to do | lain sowing; understands how fo tskc rare of ar infant from Its birth, ibe beat of cltv re lertncc. Cah at87 W?st 24th St., at the store. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO J\ do gi-nerHi hensework In a small private fatnilv; Is a r. od conk, waaher anl Iron- r Has the beat of city reference R rr?,nued Ca'l at No 1?5 Weat Z7th at., between 8th and A S'.TI ATION wanted?by a respectable yonng Klrl, na chambermaid and fine washer. Has the n?it of ctiy r?Terence. Can be seen lor two days at 14.; Last y8tb #?t.. n om 18 A situation wanted?by a respectable young woman, as cook, washer and Ironer in a ini* 1 j*ml|y lias the ,x?st of city reference Can be teen for two <la.vs- < all at Ki West 19th st, between (ith and 7th are. A respectable YOUNG GIKL WISHES A HITCA tion to do bnnsework In a small family. Good city refe rwice ' "J1 fc,*??n for two days at 164 Johnson st., between Cmrtoll nd Prlooe. ATOUNJ english WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION ? < e <.kt wAKiirr And lron??r, or in do boiuework* **s bees ust d to all kinds of ?ork (!all for two days at I nion flare fr. nt b?s? tnent. South Brooklyn. ABPSPFI'TaBLR GERMAN OIRL WANTS A SITUA . 51 h iu*cn,,lk- it 293 Stanton st. for wiify hprirg ( i*finnv, T,nrN0 LADY, residing AT NO. 76 W.- 72d at., withes to get a slttatl .n u> t.kecareof for * I'd*'11 ?*? ?!'? ?k French, if required Call A competent YOUNO WOMAN WANTH A Mf"A vion as clnimhermald. and t<i do tha flne washing and ir ii nr an,-' geueral housework of a small private farnilr ?.?xlriiy jefeiruoe Apply at 244 (*h at., In the rear, be twrea 1Mb and ltiili sta. ' itww WAirmp?maw m.wt. T 0?RMAN GIRL WISHUH A SITUATION AS Nl'ftSB J\ and s>an>'>trKs? or iatly atn-tid; would prefer t>i goto kTurr'i* with a tatnily; can mve the beat of relerancet. A p. ?ikj at 4M Fourth at, room No 7. A* YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO ! g> anal housew.n. Haa good ctty referenda. Apply | for iwo daya ai JUI loth ?v., between &Kb and jl?l aU., tap : Boor I A8 NUHSB AND HBAMSTBKS8.?WANTED, A SITUA- ' ti n by a very eemiwlent person, who ean take charm ?f an Intant from its With; hsa had the care of children r<ir : nam ve?rs Seet eliv rwerenje. Apply to Dr. Dunn, Mo. ' ?K) Vrondssy, near I2tb St., Monday and Tuesday, between ?OA. M. and 4 P. M. j ASITI ATION WANTED?BY a RESPECTABLE ! young ffuiawi, to t?ke c*r? of a baby or one or two gnw tny childreo niiti do piftJQ eewuig. Omn give ihe beat ot oity , rrArrt m* tor b<??#wty ?uJ otber fr>od qiiAUU??. Call * 1I j?d ?t, thirti floor. i a ?KSPE'TAHLE YOUNQ WOMAN WISHES A SITU ^ atlou as csik, wa?her and Ironer iu a small fuml.y. Can | ?naie well reeommenaed from her last i>Iace. Can De seen for two days at 1M> orange si., oorner of (leery. A YOUNO GIRL WISHES A situation TO DO CHAM he >v ,rk und walling, or assist In housework; c*n give (pood rtiy r. trrence t all for two daya at 372 8lh at., between ?vs. I ?nd U A SITUATION WANTK1)?BY A FIRST CLASS COOK; *be undtrs'aoda all kinds of niaJ" dlihoa, sou pa, pastry and ^anie, mining and larding, jellies and ereains; also Eng. lirti anc French oo.ktng Most unexceptionable city ieft re nee. Ca'l lor one week at 127 Weal3Ub at, between 7th and s<h ava , top floor. A YOCNt} wom 4n WANTS A bttcitto* AH Nl'r9e aud *ran ?rm in r?paldcol uik ng chare- if ? nu-tery. iwt rvthiid' ih<? cutting iind fitting <1! ehlmrea'l c'othea. ?r d la <?in|*triit lo tpacli th? eoglhin (m.nch?a If routilidd Goad city mfkmma. t'an be ?o< n un'll auited m 24& Si ?r., umlmii A german oirl wantkahiti'ATION tw A hwiui J\ amrruan tamily. to do pedt*! li uaework. cllltluf w?-*i 44th at., wcond floor. A nif AT, TIDT GERMAN CTRL, wi fll hem CITT /i ?i? < wmu h pla<- ? a* ? lamlh-rmald and waiter in a m?a'l family . ran do pla'n wain* and work en V\ bnelcr A \* a uia. li : nr. call at 477 id av., abov - wih at. A SITUATION wantep-hv A yocjfq WOM vn. AS ?ramativ?? andrratand" rutting and at'lng Indira and ?lil dwi'ifcmn nod all kiudaof lanuli iim, tvaiof city rr'i-rriioi ; no < birrilona to travailing in .ulr> for th? w<~k at 127 wiwt -j7lh ?l, fr"in 9am u< 5 P. M. A young uim. wihhem a situation to a^sikt in < hainhrr vnrk ur.d t?kr nrr of rhlldrrn; goodrlty trfo rrmr (tit rn. > -in iw >r. n for two at l!A Kaal jlat at. brtw < <-d lat ajtd 2u ava. * olirvan YOUNG WOMAN wants A SITUATION xi to iio g'-nrral ho' -rum k; in an rmiieot co >k, waaher * imacr. Alan, four ?.lhi r orin&n glrla **u' pla?<'?, <- *r* modrratr. to ' r ?rru v the T.irge inititutr an i ??*?e " ? wrtt of 6,11 ?*? win gj iu c.ty or m?m-. 13a . mm? 'rl vinrki A situation a1 a ktubtitintf >- ww?*; or uachlld'aaura* and a rk?hr < tattleta. to liaya at iu0 wru sm at , ja tbamlx iir?id and t > ? u> do am? 11'w i an ar?n fnr?. Brot Boor, liopt heua* 'tiation AS .?mam WANT* A "'n? to tnak" A* * h >"?? ? x'-r'.l' >'? ; aaametreaa, wti.. 'rjr. i'all A m il*- ???" fvj?? nnoblrr.uonv.lh" c >**'? lom- f ?o?r?ujl'*\ a-, ?i,?, ,.?> ><? ti-' -i , nomcaem*, :? a hittaiiun wa"teo-.t j?;?,^ndA*L* A y' mm rtrl. nol ao ?n otolnpl * or fro* lloytai. k..uth br'<'kly? "a mtcation *anw.d-?t a 1hu1 ii - i' >.<t r.ty rrler. un-i t ?? ** mw.fvi 1 ?t n:* klimmmti ?t, n< *r houau n ?? a flr?t rate >rd?rro<>? aht"at1mn wa?tel?? BY A respectable olbl n? < n?m?< nna\d or imttdrcaa, or rrvk, in a ?'aitil prt ??tc family: tba b?<o' <itj rvfrirnar ilhru ftnoi h?r la*t ?la f t'a'i at *?> ?:? 7tb ht.,between 3wu And S7th ?!?.. Oral <?r, l?a*k or two day*. a yti! n(1 PBOTEMTANT op.RMAN OIRIj VTANTH A J%. ?ltuation to do gemrai houa.wor*. fall at its w>al i7'h?? alt COOE?a SITUATION WANTP.d, rv a ktn^t J\ ria** |.nil<-mril rook, only In a timt ci*? pi-lvata f itnllv abr ui ilrrr'anda hrr buakiaaa p?rli>rtiy, and la a l>-arn?d naa try rij" k , br>t of city rrtnrnor, canbraorn for two d;i*? at III i*ar- t.'d ?< , fxr m a*. Akeppeotahi.k MARRIED WOMAN wmhet* A anii.ill'in a? wn 0110"-, having loat hrr own i*hy, tlira* werka old. la vlluni v tnak* hrraolf iwrftil dan br aren at |?i' h4 Kmc at , Bra', ttoo., back room, till rnfafrd 4 mttt ^tjon WANTEH !iy A to?'R(l (ur^ am J\ cli nl>riinaid or ?nltreaa; the brat of city rrfi rrnr-" mum < ?n !>? u rn for two day* at So. 83 weat nhh at, in (ar front t>m>rri< nt a okrman OtRIi WANTH A (unrati?n IN A ??tall fbatr family. ui do i??nrral h-nitwwork; la a food cfwid irouer; ha* gocl rrfrrrnor. Call at 27s iv ??itn. " "wihhp.8 A siri'atii.* if A i'ri ah? r and Iron* r Can arra for j\ n mill an i if j i ?u, ^<.k *? ATVUH a Al w'l'nowLADY. A RI'PKRIOk IIOU8* KEEI'gCwlIO offer* un'ieepi lettable references, ami ?b" r" "J * b< use iu the bnt style. wishes to m ik" *rru''lf,"; ? (I1 I,? * party of gentlemeu, or or two f.uiU>ei<. woo wlu hire a Luir simI take the rent ID board Aip'.v to E. l-a >reuco J? Co., |U fca?t Fourteenth Mreet, UPlon ?!""*? __ A^m SITUATION WANTED?BY A REHPfcOTABLH young woman, to do general housework In a private family; Is a gt*>d cook and llrsl rat* wa-iber and Iron ?r; has the boat city nfrrmMi Call fo*1 two day* at luS avenue A, betwt cl lllh and Uith sis., sc-? ml Boor. Irou roun. A^m SITUATION WANTED?BY A. KBSPBCTAWLB young w email, as a good plain oook and aQist caaa laun drew the M'at city reference* can be given. inquire at XK) Kant 8th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISH*# A SIT u?li, n umi*?niheruaaid or wai?er. No objection to the country. 'Alt at 193 W eat 20th ft. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Wp.MAN WISdKH A Situ ation as nuras and seamsttvaa. Kent of city reference from ber last plaoe Apply for two days at 40 West 13(h at., between 8th and 0th ays. . A SITUATION wanted?by A YOUNG won aw, to do geeeral housework In a private family; is a gi?>d wusher and lroner. Beat of referenoe. Call at No. I rtoita me 1 at. A PROTESTANT GIRI. WANT-t A MT0ATTO1* TO DO general housework; can cook. wasa and ir>?n. U<?od city reference. Cail at 118 Weal 27tU at., th.rd llu^r, back room. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL WISHES A SIrUATTON A. t? do light charaberwork, waiting or taie care of chil dren. (joou elty reference. Call al 16'J buanesL, near Hudson A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTEc TANT GERMAN young woman, wishes a situation to oook waah and Iron, or to uo g neral housework; la wihlng an<t obliging, and no objection to the country. Call at 405 Broome at.. Aral floor, I runt room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A KE8PEOTABLB young woman, as eook. waaher und lroner; beat of city reference. Can be aecn lor two daja al % West 3l>lh St., at he milk depot. A MIDDLE ACED WIDOW OP RESPECTABILITY wi-hesH situation as houseke';>er, or lo any caparity where the dutiea are llglit, and Uo do sewing, for a oom'ort aWf home, with a amall additional oompeui*ll'>n; aatlnfno tary reference given. Aiidreaa Mrs. It, box 191 tlerald o Roe, or can be seen at Madison House, corner of MaOtaon and Oa tbarlne sta. Inquire for Mr*. Bank*. AYOtfNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO general housework in a amall private farot v; heat of city reference. an be seen for two days at Uti Madiaon at, In the rear. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WIMIES TO EN gage with a family aa seamstress; understands dress making, cutting and fitting for children; alao tine sewing; bat city reference Can be ??n for two days at her present em ployer's, 28 Hammond at , between 4th at and Waverley pluc<\ A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE joung girl, aa gooa plain cook and an exe 'Pent washer and iiliner, or would d<> general hooMWork In a small family Is either city or country; the bent of city reference gi?ei if required ('an be aeen tor two daya at 59 bayttrd at , aecond Boor front room, lu the rear. A YOUNO CIRL WHO HAS NEVER LIVED OUT wishes a situation an nurse and chambermaid; nnder atnnda ctnt-roiilery ;Ih willing to do thing that may be renuired of her, and u Uh'en a Rood home mure than wage*. Call for two daya at 130 Dullieid at., Brooklyn, near Myrtle av. A GOOD COOK, AND BAKER C,F PASTRY IN ALL. ITS branches, dealrea to obtain a altuation.? Would do part of the washing. Hub the he?tof referanie. Would go to the couutry. Can be aecn for two daya at 49 Alien ?i. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ENGLISH WOMAN wanta a Mtuatlr n, aa cook, washer and lroner, In a im*U family; no objection to go a Khort dlatancc In the country Call for two da\ a at Mulberry at , In the re\r AKITI ATION WASTED?BY A RE8PKCTABLK GIRL; Is a e O'l plain eonk and an execller t arasherand lroner; no otijeetlon lo do housework in h small family Ooon elty references. Car at fit) West Washington place, In the rear. (lOOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE J laml!y; la a good plain cook, and a good washer and lroner; good city reference from her la?t p ace. Can be seen for two daya at 144 East 2l*t at., aecond floor, front iMom. FTRSP CLASS LAl'NDRESS?SITCATION WANTED, bV a wl<?ow woman; would a<aist In hamb?rwork If re quired; noi bjee'ion lo a private boa'ding liottae. Best of r> ferenew. Call for two daya at i2 Horatio at. VrpR.sK AND REAM-tTRESH ? A YOUNO WOMAN w 'aliea to engage with a re?|iecl ible family In the above capacity; |< eapa! le of taking care of an Infant a month old; would be ?1 ling to wait on an Invalid lady, or be other vise useful in a family. Best of reference t'all at, or a'ldi-'-aa R D., 2iJ Ptilton av., Brooklyn, over th? baker}-, for thw week. CITUATIQN WANTED-BY A YOCNO fHKL, AS HE VM O A'r^'-a; one who can cut an^ lit ladi**' aid eh'ltt -cii'a dreFsea, atid do a* klnda of family sewing; would have no ob Jectloi a to do ilgbt cbamb'-rwotk or take care tir chlldnm; good city ref?T*"ne.'. Call for two days at U4 Hat naou at., South Brooklyn. SITI'ATION W.\NTFn-BY A RESPECTABLE YQUN1 woTuan, as flra? rale cook, waaher and ironor; thoroughly uuderstanda her b ain'-sa. Beat of city reference Apply for two days a'. i3 Weet I9'.h at., botwc>d' 6th and 7ih avs. SITUATION WANTED?BY A ttKMI'EC CABLE GIRL, aa rook or laundresa lu a gentleman's family, wonld have no objection to go a short distance In the country. Iheb-st of city li ferer. e Call fur two days al 179 7th ay., tliree doors' from the corner of 22d st. SITUATION WANTED?A8 ciiamrermiid or nursemaid, *>y a young girl. She can be seen at and re eommcndt d from her present situation, 1JU Wavtrley place* cituatiok WANTED? br A respectable yortlfo ? I man, aslltbtmhu ai'd waltrea* In a private fam lly; would uot object lo * private hoarding h'aae; beat of cay reference from her latt place. Call at \<Jj uh at, (op Hour, front r.-otn, for two daya SITUATION WANTED? BY A? NEAT, TIDY OIRL, AB cbaml* maul and waiter, or to lace earn of oliildren; haa n' i>d city reference. Apply for two days at 216 W<j*t 361b ?t, tnlrd Boor, back room. qmtcation WANrED-BT A HIGHLY RESPECT k? able joung woman, aa general hnuae aervant. w a ge >d plain omik ana an eirvllerit waaherand Ironee ho objection to t>r<?khn. \erv brat city retereu e?. tin be aoen for two day* at 604 2d ar,, between 31kt and 33d ata., top Ilo'tr, back r"om. Situations WANTED-BY TWO OIRLS, ONE AS norae and rharabermtid, and the other a* chaaberm ild and aeamatrera; beat e?ty references Apply for two day* at 2a* Went 17th ?t. TWO respectable protectant OIRt.s wish aituttlon"; cw m chambermild and wammm| the other to do gej.era; honacw.irk or to take i ?r? nr "hihlran N'>oh action ui go in j.o country. ke'ercnoe fiom their u?t place all at 60 wr*t Washington place tvrANTED?a SITUATION AB COOK, WASHER AND ff Ironer, or to du general bouaework by a reapwtable Scot' h Pr teataut wumau Call at 55 croaby at , la the rear, room No. 3. XJLT ANTS d?as flumhervan and waitress, A ff con |rien? girl. Apply, with city rel'erenoe, after 9 A. m., at w Mb are. Wanted?* situation, by a professed woman rook, who underatandi all klnd? of French and kng llhh cooking. aupper" and dinner* got up In the neatest man ner; la a tlrat clans hou ckecper; uo objection to go u> any rarl cn the country: none but ftrvt elaan iamille* need apply; an b< ?n arcuaumed to the name. The brat of city refe rence givi n. Addrraa N. O , Union aquare Poet ohiee. yxtantsc?by TWO competent, TIDY GIRLS, f f wltb eicellent cPy reference, m'uailomi In the rltv or country, one a? waiter and chambermaid, or n atter and take charge of the allver and dining room; wagea $7 The other aa children'* nnrae or lake charge r.f a lady and child; lewa neatly; nagea fo. Call at 216 Ea?t 23d at , for two day* WANTED?bt A rbhpecta1le TOCNO OIRL, A altuntoii oa chambermaid and wa'treaa; rood city refc re ore (.'all at 131 weat tint at. between (hb and 9th ava. WANTED?by A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A kitca tlon aa cook, ? i-aher and Irouer, or to do the general hoi:>ew<Nk of aero.11 family; beat city reference t all for two daya at 'job 26th at. tl'ANTED?a SITUATION ah ch AMHERM AID AND ff waiter by a reapectatile ronng girt. ha? n > objection to aaalat in aewtng Call at her Lai i place for two daya, 102 l'a clfie at . Brooklyn "11' A NT ed?a SITUATION BY A TOUNO OIRL, AB f f cook or laundrraa in a private family. Uood city refe rence. i'ali at 79 w , ?t 21 xt at. tiranted?a situation, BY A YOVNO OIRL, TO f? do co> king and aaalet with the waahlng B ?t ret'er rncea would prefer the country. Call at No. 3 i'alon c iurt, South Brooklyn tlrANTEI?_A situation AS CHAMBER <1 AID, OR ii to do fenernl ho*seworli. B?!4t city re "erencc Call a A3 King at. ^ ut ANTED? A slfcation, bv A yol'no WO HAN' ii aa flr?t elaaa ? ook , und raunda he? b?afr??< |n a'l Ita branrl'.ea, a i ohiestlun to a private boarding hb'tta, would aa?iat In waahing and Ironing, fcfeienoe if re'iulre^. call at 139 ltitii at. a'citid llo>r. JJLTANTED?a SI ri'ATION AR fikmt^ LA''j?- ' f? ilr??? wild d. cham'ieraotk and fin- waablotf ?j ?t*]'" ?l;' willing brat oily reference call for iwj t at 16? xeatam'h at , aec nd floor, Iront nv.ia. j -rin17 n_,y A resectable younm OIRL. A W 'nn wa?her and lr ner Can give i/,'( ?| rity reference ' "" ^ ' nnd ml ava -fir ANTED?by BY A NICK, rkcpbctablk TODNO Y\ w man. a actuation in a nnall family, i-o do tht eotlug woik; i" ?hl' <o ('??<*, waal>, Iron and d i general b"hjmwoa>? Appir :v' Atlantic it , corner OotutnM*, ufjyltt?e titan^h.' A mfl'atloff, b" ?? ff ;otlt.( ?otm?, *' ?;tb . A respectablr do gr nerat houaewntk In ' uook. waaher auu ii oner, or to cltv leierriif ii??e ni?ll private faintly; ttin bert of y ?w . < ail at 175 eih a. e "ixtanted-a sitcation in a private family * ? hy a reapectable jr nng girl, aa eo ik. i? a llrat rate wnalu r and troner. Can ?>e aeen for two daya, If n<t au ted ?t 173 Eaat <2d at , aecond Hour, frout nirnn WANTED?by A REHPBOTABLR OIRL A SHI'A tlon aa ehambennhld arid aeainatreaa; hn? a giaid know ledge of cnttliig and lining Call at h< r preaent emp'oy. r ?, sm 6tb ave. T*fANTEI>?bt A YOCNO WOMAN, A Slfl OtON ah ff waller, chambermaid ?nd aeamatrea*; ref. ra to her preaent employer, 133 Eaat 12ih at, where ih? oao t>e a? n from 10 to 8 o'clock, for two daya. wanted- nr a respectable protest ant oirl ff a altoatlon aaook, waaher and iron-r. Oool refa reeee e?n be given. Apply kt 125 Oreenwlch ar., iecotid floor, front moom. xvanteil-ry A llfcALTHIf toupo WOMAN, A si ff tuatlon aa wet nnrae. Apply nt hi k*>t 18th at, room 12 Beat of dly r? ferenofc ystantfd?a blfcaloe, BY A YOI no wf?M\n, AS f? el amb^rmald and to do fine waahing and Imnlng The beatofrl'v refe'enee Apply at dry go<Kla atore, 361 2d ??.. between lid and z^i ata , for two (fay*. tttanted-A SITI'ATION, by a respectable ff young t'irl; would a?alat In the honaework of a prl vale family or laa no oh ieetlon n tend geo < Ing op ehtldeen ?nd do light chnmberw rk; <a wi|ln_gaid obliging, and baa | >od city referenc e Apply at 127 hlvington ?l., between ess' * mid ??'*/?, n,nt >9, 7, fof \ie d1;*. nrrtyiTicms w*mo->bih!.?<? irrTT NU'^BE ?WaNTKP, by A rfspkctahlk wbw <1 lutrri/il (i'Mii ?fco Mi lost h?r own ?hiM a b*i??* to Mlgan WB r< ?ddeuoe Ap-?'v f?? WWEWW doi.w from 4Mb at., 10 Uth *?., aext d<?>r to ttvi "?rbfr'i TIT ANTH?A BITUaTIOM. by an enolhh GIKL, VV to do ehstnberwork and jI.Iu mwitij, orfaneml hone work hi a -inall <umt'T; good city reitreaoe. Can b a.-tsa for t? o day a at l-u. IV Leroy it , between iiteeukcr aad ford sW. T\'AJ^TPD?BT A HESPECTiBlE GIRL, A SITU A V' I). ,, a? p'ain cook, washer and ironei, CAD gl?e urol clu.-a reli rente APiiy At 131 huat ;Uth ?!. TI7 ANTED?A SITUATION AS wet NUHSK, BY A TT i ii< .1 r PiotrttMk woman, m ho h?s ju t lost her own tint basy, Atc moiitha out. In mire for two ilaya *t UO l t .liton pi if, tub St., rear Louse, mou, 21. Good itftwim If requited. TITANtED- BI A K ESI'EOT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT altuBtion as first clam o>iok; perfectly und'Tatanda French hi d Kngll-h cooking in All its branches, soups, oaairy Aid jel.ii" ; l>e?i of te'erence iaii he given, uoobjictlouw go to the country. OuU *t 20 Eaut IVla ut. n'ANlM>-\ SIr? ATION TO TARE PAKE OK A BABY TT *uil dii litfbt work. CAil At 420 Went 2.i%i It. Y17 ANTED?"Y AN EXPERIENCED GERMAN NURBB, T? ? situation; would 'Ake ehurfi* ut (wo or three ehtldren; In w'llnig to te .i h them the German language and do plain sew'rg, in m respectable private family h?a ? est if e.tjr rt fe rente f ah be ?een for two cay At 13 Union c iurt, University p ace, between 111h and 12tb nt* , ro ira No. 4. TIT-ANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED RESPECTABLE T? young white woman, a stinatioii aa stewardtas; no o1). ieeMcn to go to Any quarter of tte globe Apply for three 1a; ? at 185 Cherry st. TT/ANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE TT American girl, to do eb>tmber*ork and take cAre of children ; ran b? wi II recommended from her las' pi ice. Call foi two da> a at the corner ot Park av. and Oxford a' , Brook lyn, over the butcher store. TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG PROTEITaNT Tf gir), to d.i chamberwork or waiting Good city refe rence. Apply ut lid Weft 26th at, first Boor, b.xok room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid amd to aa-dat In the washing aud Ironing, or to do plain wwlng Has the beat of leierences Can l>e teen for two days at 79 Weal 1?< ti at. YX7AN7ED?BY A LADY RECENTLY ARBITER FROM tv Paris. a aituaUon aa forewoman In a f.rn.'smaking and mtllln ry establishment: ate la acquainted with a!i the latent faahions. Apply ut f*ll Broadway, for three d ija. WANTED-HY A GERMAN GIRL, A SITUATION TO do general house* ork In a aniall family Inquire at tbe drug store ol ladman k Co., bd av , between Blat and 82d ?treat*. WANTEO-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, as rook, washer and Ironer, o to do g^wn-Al housework In u amall tamlly: best cltv reference Cau be given from thorn wfih whi m sin- has lived seven ymk Call at 75 Ea>t -#th st, for two days. WA>TED?BY A RESPECTABI.K GIRL, A 8ITUA tii n 11 tAke eare oi a child And new. Cull at her pieseul employer s, 03 Amity st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO cock, waah and iron, la a good baker. Call at 17a East ..Hi at., t.aaeuient VI^ANTID?A SITUATION A3 COOK, BV ONE WUO TT thori ugbly ntiderstaiida her bualn'a* in all Its hianciiea, Siii-h a? inea.a, hdupt und gravlea. ooning aud laidinu, and anything required In a private family i'au come well re commi nded from be laat emilloj era. Call for two day*, 11' not t ugagt d, ut .'J l'.'th at. UrAMED?I1Y A BESI'ECT^BLE WOVIaN, A 81 fUA lion tui cook and to a'alat tn tb? washing. Bent city re frien e. Call ut or addreaa tM Weal ltnh at, between 6th and III uvh , lor two dnjm II' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOV.VU OIRL, IN A T I amall family, to do ge< eral houaework or ciiamberwork. Best relertnce. fail at MU Columbia st , Brooklyn. W/ANffED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM AN A TT aittiitlnn tn a amall nrlvate family, to do general hnuae worki Ima no objecu .n tO|tilicitdMSOtta the e mutry Beat referenrea. Apply at 061 Gretnwicb at., corner of Charlton. *17 AN 'ED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION TT a* rhamta rmald and waiter, or w uId take charge of children In a im ill t'Amlly. Best city rt'ferenre Irom her laat pl- ci- fall ut 4^ Oth av , between iti.h and J^th sta , In the milk atoie, for '.wo ("ava. TtTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS TT fhem'ii i man (?id to Aaslit In the waahiug and iirnln^, or as ehambemuld and to help take care ol chi dren brat reler< pee Irnm her last plac?, where ?h<> l'ved five yeara CiUi ut y~i \\ est Ju Ji it, UiLween Mb and 9th ava. WANIKD^BS a RaKPE^TaRLE fRtiTE^TANr (URT*, a situation ah plain cook, "usher and Iroo^r. Can be mill tor Vv> o daya at 11V Vest Hiti ft, between 6iU and 7tli a vs. "WAITED-BY> BESPECTABIjB COLORED GIRL, A IT ett lAtiou an nutae aud cfcAmbcrmAld. Cailat76Maili son av., hi r pre* nt p.ueo of employment. 117ANTEO?A SITI^IDN RS A MESPEUTaHLE WD TT man, as nurne; euu take eha#?e of ? batty immlis bltih; ui dciataiida lauilly ?e.?lnu, city refermoe; call for tw u daya at lirt Uh r.v , corner of 27th st, seeoud be 1. \V'AN lF.D ?BV A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, A SIT0A TT tlon In a private family It tak-- oure of cllldr naud few. ( all in wa.llso!! av , tri m 10 A M till S P. H YirAMED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPEi^TA tLE TT Riil, to do the getieial bounework of a hoiaII lamliv; ta a good waahtrand in ner, has the beat city rel'erenoe. Call at J.'I 4th at , netr 6th av. llfANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPE'TABLE Tv yrvnt woman, a* mint* and *eam*tre*i In a prlvtle family; good city reiercnoe. Catl at Jtt Prince at., Brmtlyn, TirANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tf young woman, aa ntirne and ?eamatri-g, no objection totrav.l ?jali at oraddrtea 111 WeallMh it, between 6ui ,IU ar*. TtTANTED-A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT OIKL. TT to cook, wash and Iron In a *mall private family. Call at 10 Fleet M , Bn < klyn, for two day*. "WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN, A II situation aa cidld ? nnnw or to attend on an Invalid; h.'? f "d 1'itj refeieiwe. Call at 101 Drlancey at., Aral Uoor, back room. T|rANTFD? A SITUATION AS nODREKhKP*R EoR A T? kotelor nilier Inatliullou, by a lady of much experience In a firkt cla*.* bold In Hum city, uuex-eptlonahle retereimw Civeu. Addreea Housekeeper, box 1M Herald odlca, or nation i. Aitor place. WANTED-A HITl AnoN AS COOK, BV A KESPE <? table woman, in a private family i? willing lo m-ii in the washing ml Ironing, or to do the waahlng of a amatl fu ndi* . beat of city reference given. Can be aeeu for two daya at Wtt W??i 37tb at, near Ktb av TV'AHTF.D-BY A M06T COMPETENT YOlTNtl (iIRL, TT a pituttioD to do the houaewrk of a ?*mal family; la a good plain conk, wa*lier and Imtier; hat the beat of cl'y refe rence I mm ber laat place, where at>e can beaeen for two daya. t all at or addri m 2<4 ytb *l, near av A l*.'ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITCA-. TT lion aa cook, waaber and Imner, with ?ood reference*. Call ai 24.1 .Mulberry at., In the rear, io>m No. 5.. WAN i ED?BIT A RE SI IS (TABLE l*ER?ON, A RITPA Hon lo docbam'erwork and valtlng. Ia wllilnctoaa #l?t with the wa'hlng and Ironing If iT'i'ilrert, imdnwibn be-t of cliy referend a aa to fcoteaty ana capacliy. Can be a.en for two day* at tbe corner of Iflcka aitd Congreaaat., Broukiyti, first Boor, lront roi m. WAjiTRD--A SITUATION HY A RERPRcfABLE TT yxurg girl, M chait.l'ern?id and plain newer, or n'ir?? and p ain mm, C?u operate on Urovcr A Baker* m* Mne. I cltv reference friju h?r laat place, t all at Kol ,o?rt at., Brooklyn. W'ANTF.D?BY A WELSH OIRL, A RITtUTTON A8 TT aeaniBirt-i*. la aernmp >!ied In ail kla4lof need.e woik periaimug to a faintly, and would wake heraelf .ither wlpe naeful CtutracUr unexceptionable. Addreaa A. R., Herald oil ee. TVANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TT yi nng w< man, lo cook, wa?ta and Iron, ir to do house, wotk. t.ood city reference, fall at 111 28th Hi, between 2d and "d iv*. WAN1ED-BY A RESPECTABLE (1IRL, A SIPt'A Tv tit n aa cook, wa?h"r and imner In a ?ma 1 pflvate fv m"y. the boat of refercncc given fiom her laat empoyer. (.'all a* IS I ht?l 12th WANTED? BY A KK-"PECTARX E TOINO WoMAN, A TT aituation in eo- k, ? a h and iron or to do general liouv. work ; baa g >; d c tf referente. Call for two daya at 11 UiT ln/!ton al , In tbe rear CIr AMED?A SITUATION. BY A KFRPECTAHLB MID TT dlecg d aomin, aa c Mik, waalii'rand Inner in a pri vate family enn give gn-.d :ity rt Call at 270 2K'b ?t, top fl^ir WAN'iED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOINO WoMVV A T* aHualton a* ehaoiherniMd or waiter ia agoodplan a?wcr; ei n give th'* he? r-i<\ referenee; no objection to go to th> r untry Apply at 2 V ElUab',ib it TVANIMi-BY A COM PETf N r YOl'N J WOMkV, A tv ?1 nation in fam'v a > mi-t ?n; would take eb*->;e of a rr.iwn ?JjiM < r wait on a lady: heat of city reference froia list enii'loyer. Addrtra t B , 410 <ib ar , top flxjr, froti ? m. ITvMTr ? fri^ATTnv wT x TArjft? I a ,uirur< ? ?>, i htmlMTino d md flue **^her and ir nier; *??01 '?y r. < irn?. Call at >*av?uuc A, hall d ?r la 14th ??., f?Hoi.d t!?>r. V\ a'- apmile Torso WOMAV A SITU ?>"???? o (I.. chanib'T ' rk .md ?alting, c.r general boiiae ,11 a mall private f.rnliy Ha? good city eertre#"" fiom bei la.t 1 lace Call at V4 Weal 2Kb It., top floor. ?>?<* room. nj aNTI I ?UT A CAPAh'.r TOl Ml '"OMAN. A llTCT TT ath 11 aa rliainl^ rwali, t\ke c?re of ehlidren, and 49 otdintty dewii'g, or cliamla^-w. tk and tine waatilng. Heal of r"t> rofcrenee given. I an be aeen until 'ngagal at 76 Weat ITfti at.

\CAMHi-A PIT! ATION, BV A '.'il N'* LADT, AR TT companion, aale?laey or none No objection to Ibe cinntrj Apply at or adil'e>a 16 ith el., N Y, WANTJD-BY A OOMPRTESr PERSON, A SITUA TV 1 i n :>a prnfe??>d no k. tin ler>taii'l< her biinln?M In all Itabrancbee Heat of e'ty reference fmm herlaalci Can t>e recn at her own realdence ?inttl atiiied. Addrea-i a note, or apply at 410 6th av., top floor, fe?nt roooL ?llTA!,Tf:n-A MWATION Al WET NURRE, BT A TT reaj^rtable married woman; loat her b.iby, two we?ka old. Call at All Kooatvelt ?t, for two daya. I\ IT M'RSE?A HEALTHY. REJPB"TABLB UAH TT il.d woman, having lately |<?t h?ti)?n Infan', wlahea a l>aby Ui ?et ?ur?e at b?r nwn a In iuln? for *r?. l;al>, V3 at. A. one doot from 19th *1, eaat IM*. WTANTLD-llY A RESPFd TAIILE VO 'NO fllRL, A Mtnatlon aa ilrewmaker, e?n em and 111 ehlldren'a dre era, or wonld I ke Vi go ..ut by the day, week or inoulh (,'all at 490 6th av , room ho 6. F!?K.\< II ADVKHTmKMKSfTS. OR DBHANDB?I'NR BONK I ? ;: \ ? a ? < r -, pitir in iidre aoln dea enfant* d one famllle Am'rloalne. S"adre?*er km Went 2)*l *t., entrr lei 9 beurca et mid I. (?NE P( NNE <'UIRINIERE ERANf'A?uK DESIRE -E J | Ue?r che* i*e? r-wa >nnea r eapo^ta'de. Rile p>*n< do-inT Iti n.cUl*.unri.u.?:4uui?.t'.. e-#. A<t?c.<vnk fITrATIOlII WAlVTKD?MAJL.H8. T""flERMA* MAN WANTS A SITUATION AH OtfXTT* J\ man; good n?fer*uoe from hid last employer, uod r at*u4a the cireo' hnriw-*; would take aksr of a garden a I irai<? n*m?etf generally useful, Addreas Co&cumtiu. boa 1 '4 ttertald otice. A COACHMAN'S CITATION WANTED?BY AN ENS lULman; oue who run come well rvomiiuiDded. AC drcra a. H , box 172 Herald oflice. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED M \Jt WISHES A situation with a farmer; understands farming; baa a wife ami cue elitld. ('all at J6H Writ 2Htb at, between Oth and 10th ava., fourth floor, front room, from IS to 7 P U A SITUATION WANTEU-RY A YOUNG MAN, 22 year? of age: la quick, Intelligent a good penman and willing to work Re*t down town referenie. Wages mode rut.' Address O. G I.., llcrald oMiee. A YOUNG MAN, HAVING HOME KNOWLEDGE OP the >lruc business, wishes to obtain a silua'i n u< drug r.l? rk, or clerk In auv respectaMe employment. Apply at 130 Court ft , between Pacific and Amity iU , Brooklyn. A MAN AND TUB WirE, FROM ENGLAND, WANT fcltuatl. on, i.lie man to take care of a farm; bat bud ?* perltnoe on first class graxing, duliy and atoek farm*. Any one wanting such a mtn can find him by addressing J. P., 1-oat oil ce, t ild Bridge, Middlesex county, New Jersey. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOt'NG MAN, AS porter in a store; would make himself useful; under stands the earn of hop-ex and driving iheiii, and undo-atanda farming in ull Its branches. Good reference. Address D. C-, box 162 Herald ntlice. VfOBODY BURT?AN EXPERIENCED HOOK KEEPER, JLl wit h first class references, wishes to procure a sitnatioD as bookkeeper, c.el> ctor or In snj uapa- lty In which be could make a living, any salary will be accepted. Address Ortsis, Herald ofllce. SITUATION WANTED BY A DRCO CLERK -A YOUNG O man, who has several years experience and good refer cnrcs, wishes to uet a situation as ele>k In a drugstoie. Ad drees M. King, Herald ofllce. TO CHEMISTS AND DRUMISTS -WANTED, BY A young in in, a situation; understands the retail and prw s<rt| tion i.usinc s t lie roughly. Kour y? irs' unexceptionable reftreuce given. Address J, E. J., H. raid oflloe. WANTED?RY A RESPECTABLE MAN, A SITUATION as bartender; would be witling to drive horses; In eity or country Good reference given. Address i'atL Mttnnlon, Jcri-ey t'ity Zinc Works. fir ANTED?A SITUATION A3 BOOKKEEPER, B T A ?T competent and responsible party, at a mod -rate salary. Undoubted references. Ad iicaa C. P. N., Herald olilee. TITANTED?BY AN ACTISE MaN, A SITUATION AS TT s&lesmar In a boot and anoe house. Beat references. Address E S , Herald ofliee. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, A SITUA llon as porter In a store; la well acquainted with pack ing and marking; good reference given. Address J. 0., 40 Madison it TIT ANTED?BY A SOBER, STEADY, INDUBTRIOVS TT married man, a situation ai coachman. plain ga.-dener or 'o do general work on a farm; no objection to country or city, b< st refen nee from hie last place, where he ha* lived two years. Call at or address No 29 Munroe st. A LL FAMItreg AND OOOD SERVANTS CAN riign good altuatloLg l or r>od hrlp. U8 11 Lb gt., corner ai 1 I'APY WHO WRITE8 A GOOD BIJRIVRSS Hivn &?X?tA?UU j?b 07 00"b"' ^.4d'rJ^I DXS A PRESS CAP AND HEADDRESS HAND A FIRST cla?a boiinet trimmer and a -mart ulaiwumln ?i? ?7?T In BrooklJ^ N^bM tho^ w rf.-ctiy romp^tent need Kpply Addrega for one w?k Brooklyn, box 3,<t? New York Pmt office ne wee* (1J.OOD HERTANTB AND PLENTY OK TIIEM INCLIin a.^asisna ???. rSS s&rt&gs&ssz.'?*-"* OOC8EKEF.PKR WANTED-A YOCNO OENTLFMA* manner* Addrea* for one week (>?ory> S. 3.. otnoe OALESWOMAN WANTED?IN A LADIES "h^Tf K, *. 'rt'h buainesa and have a ?now Irdge of birdlnp Beat city reference* at the store, 881 Broadway. erencea resulted. Apply W^,?<5r^iSW^^.?^T?B',t'W> oha* children prtfnjjvl Ai,pl*ai3-4 iKi on# fo"d and Nerlri, hrS.k]y? 1 Aclflc ,l-? ^?*een Bond isiipft WAHTED-A PLAIN COOK. WIIO IS A FIRwr pat* washer and iron*r, honent in^nZ 5 RATE forenoon, a, 51 Columbia .t? B^k?,"4r ^Wry*" :lli#jgpss5i VVA.^^L^f0?y^ hZ^"\ENOLj1Hn ?* and In.ner, and one ancuHloiiuS J? ^KnT ' * wa*her A pply ?U89 H?d^?:f, * chUdmi- ""*?* *7 per ttDCM- A1'ply^ ^ V\ ANTED?A (URL TO COOK AND DO Tfl* neve " r?l housework of a rmall farr.i ?? >5 OENE wa?her and Ironer. Apply at 40 Weat 2?i^?' ?> i. f"od b?twernl2?nd4o elock. ? "*?? D8ar 601 ??-, Wanted in williajisburo-in a VmaTiV^ SK.M ;,'?y >?? gsszt&gs ,VVAJ??ri?J5S iXCTa ?>??. j? >? wAr?TSi^.r2,T^ ?land* b? r >.u?1ne?a and can hnn* thTrPn?!'rtl'jr.,,l)'t"r ?<w> ?PPiy at 270 ith rt., fr0!ll y tol2o*el?S. y I*rere?<* W"A^;^-hAo^Tr B?ed apply that are not aecuatoined T"*k Ni?n? w'wtz'jsazjzgn jnoop ^^sr?KUWKr-4"?tra&Sia rh Id and tew waipa 14 AdT^TV. n ' **** ?r * ^>?*k. at the baaemenldoor Ury gt' ?fMlr 11 VV A2S M?hf ne.?t?B W?? CA* BRI?Q iWtiX0 Urtk"'b> 'ppJj1^ SV?M W A??!fc^"?Z0??LT^V*7 ? TAKma Ply ?t.^Mt 21 .t at. "between if and WA.0^*'^ A"" P^^tb. Apply >, 12, Wen^that?^,^^^ W rnAROB or TWO 1 ' D 10 ?nd 12 O'eliick. "**"inreM- ApplgrMJTJ ro on ??aid and IHkuuMl. only tho^ w|,h n . , n ,". 7.1;. J! Pu,!r M,'," mel" dWr' ftfU,r , r,ferent"^ at., umr Jd a?. 0[ 1IS E(at 1Jlh tttantrd? aci.kan ? ff and "h?m?>?rtri' . ? T'D^ ''KKMANoIRIj, AH NtTRHK rarer: . In i|,.M. b' "'? *h" 71""' "nder^'and rmriortly tbx ui tbe "h"fn?. and willini f> L<Ht . jik r;!x:rr*rrim *??>?>?' ^aTAUTED?A f H AMRERM AID, SCRRI, NEAWRTRKSM , . r? k **lter, and a (fir! fifteen i VitrMI .! a I ft ?hnm goo,I w.r? will he paid. A,,p|y ,t No V'/TJ? aeveral doora w..t of Brt*dw?y. J y J ' ,un TI* ANTED?A WET RURAE TO TAKE A R \ RY AT (w? day*' ?Wn "*"? Cail at 61 Adi^S.B^,k"yn, f? TlrA*TEP?A UdVAK W||() m ^ (lOOtt ffAtllffR *> and in ner, and ran do pUtn e ^kln> On? who U wl 1U 'n* ??d obllxloR may apply atMll Weat l5th ,t "" WAHJ"Zlw'K? w*8IIER AND IRONF.R; MITKT be a (fr> d haker and a aoperler latindmaa. and hire city rKf^mncm; a Protf ?(n*it pr#?f??rrr<l Art>Jy t)?'twwn Lk. houra of 12 and ? P. M at ft7 wVai ?,h rt. '???'???? lb? BILLiARD*. A'isw:r.iiaEK:,:r,f"r"' ""<???? PIIKI'A N N COMBINATION rt'ltRIONR K^.1" ?I ' Prt,w" 1/1 out thfl time*. I HfcLAN A tOLI.RNDCR, SI, M, 67 and M Pmby m., N. ? T) II.L I AND TARLRH WANTBP.?TWO TARI Its n7n J? . W? y handi, wanted. In M?hl?e ,*r p "~r' tvatK.;|?.rtorpartr?.h ApplT to (IfAH. WHITLOOK Pb MMnlnn ?treet, between 8 anil II A *. Ju"' FV)R SAI.E-MI HPIiENDID NEW AND KKOONn IIAMn Milliard Tabl-a. f. r $00, ?l?) and Ijlil EverJih7n c< mplet?. CaU ande??mlne. * Everyming WW. U. OKinim, 14? Pulton atreet. WINAHrj* PATENT CHAMPION III? LIARO TARI.BN, Jho f.nelalxr ^prln? ? u?? n (,,!?, v.I At,K,i.t |0 "?'?? I.?*ely, f'.rr.-et and durable, he,-, r.d -riy,.m| , . ,,th.'r? aevi iA WM. CWv? ??U XiK.orj Vtv?! *t<? Yyj|, BKLP WKTBB-MtLES. A CENTS WANTED?I* EVi-KY TO?* AND CIT1 Ike I'nion. to Mil Sheriuin A Co.>a mw Gift Jewelry En velopes, with from $1 to {10 capital Our agents are miking from $3 to $1<I per day. our n<*w -yle of envelope* are ? o* rudy, ? hlrh. In Dum'M-r of ar"'oJ" aud real Intrinsic va>ue, sorpat* anjtbti k of the kt.d ever t ef ore offered. Keuvmber In price and quality we de'y coral) tltlon ' all on or addre-**, enclosing stamp for circular, h b man A 6o, ZUi Hnudway, ?Moon Hi or ASKNTH WANTED EVERYWUBKE?TO BELL A!f entirely new aitl :le of Yankee Inventloo, ln<ii?pen??Me In every family Agents can make from two to Ave dollars per day General Ageuts, M? mis A Co., 71 Nassau street, loom 9. AGFNTS WANTED?TO IiRIX HIOKaHDS' PBJZB Jewelry Env<lopea, containing more article > than any other envelope advertised. Agnusre now making $5 per dujr. Hend slump for circular. M. C KICK All Dh A CO., Ha Kasrau at., room No. 3. A GOOD BOY WANTED?IN AN OFFICE A PRO tenant, with good reference from laal place for honeaty, Ac Must be nea*, find must write ? plain go id hind; out about 14 or IS years of ago. inquire at the Institute, i4o lltb at, corner o; Cib av. DRtfO CLERK WANTED?a YO'JNO M4W HAVING bad two or three years' eijicrience. Apply at loO New ark av , Jereey City. Drug clerk wanted?one who ''Kdehstands the retail and prescription business, aud can furul-h first class reference aa to honesty, sobriety, Ac. ' Apply at 43 Greenwich St. Farmer \*anted.-a man who understands farming and gardening, and knowa how to tak.< cate of torses Apply between 3 vd 1 o'clock tu Tnomaa Leary, 78 Booth Ft. Important to business men ?waited, a few business men, pedlers, Ac., with some capital, to travel or locate ui.d tell a very useful article in every store or family, at iarge profits, and no humbug. Apply at 429 Broadway, roi in No. 41, from 1 to 4 o'clock f. M. SU ALESMAN WANTED?IN A JEWELRY STORE. ONB no can give good reference ?? to honosy aud capueity may apply at 416 Broadway WAATED?A GOOD WAITER, IN A LARGE FAWTLY. Good city reference required. Apply at No. 1 Washing ton square. WANTED?A COIiORED MAN, TO GO A SHORT Dis tance In the country: ni'ist undentand the cire of hones and gardening aud make hltnse 1' generally useful, and e> Uie for low wages. Apply after 10 o'cloek at No. 9 Morton st. WANTED?AN A88T6TANT BOOKKEEPER AND OO* ie*|>ondlng clerk, a dry goods salesman, a barkeeper and a collector Apply at the Merchants' Clerks' Registry Office, l.'l WaU street. Situations procured. No commission In advance. Itefercuce to first clase house*, Establ shed 18S& G. RAWLINS, Superintendent. WANTED?A CLERK, ONE WITH FROM TWO TO five hundred dollars, a good salary will be given; veney not so much an object as a go>>d. sieady man. None without money need apply to Smith, 175 Broadway. WANTED-A TIME KEEPER FOR A SILVER MINE In Virginia, three boys for trades, a clerk for a ship ping office, clerk for a hotel, three portO's, one barke?p*r, clerk for a wine vault, four men for an up town distillery, girls to travel, four chambermaids. Apply at No. 7 Chatham Square. "firANTED, WANTED, WANTED?1,000 AGENTS AND TT more, from 10 to 80 years, male or female. In a new and paying business, with a capital of fiom $1 to $5; have made ani) can make from $3 to $-"> per d.y selling Bartlett's wrlgtnal Jewelry Envelope, containing Pa|?er Envelopes and a Rift of Jewelry. All wishing employment call Roon at 208Broadway, corner of Fulton Btieet, up stairs, room 2>j. E. L. BARTLETT. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, AS WAITER IN A BA loon, and do crranda. Call at 861 Broadway. THE TRADES. A A CARPENTER WAHTB EMPLOYMENT; 13 NOT afraid to work; do oh jetton to the country; wages moderate. Address tieorge, box I0U Herald otlioe. A WATCHMAKER OF EXPERIENCE, Wno IS ALSO a good .nlesman. wishes a situation where he can act In cither capacity; has a complete art of tools; no objection to goto the country; satlmactory references given. Address W. 8., box 191 Betuld office. YOUNG MAN, A GOOD CLEBK, WI3HK8 TO LEARN the gr ?eery trade Would give hla services to some re. rotable party for a Terr imaU compensation. Adr<?s? H. bni 141 Herald office. AS FARMER OR QARDKNER.?A YOUNG MAN (MAR ried,1, who la a good farmer und plain gardener; wife to attend to the dairy, A a. Be-t of referencoe given. Address' G. B , Herald office, er at J.M. Tliorburn's seed store, No. IS Jobn st. rWlO M AtfRRB AND HAIR DRESSERS ?AN BXPE riet-ced hud In this line want* a situation. Add re is W. M , Herald otUoe. Wanted?by a practical Youpo garde nek, a situation. Tnd ? rstan.l - thoroughly the management of greenhouse and store plants, itrapen-y and forcing house, and can adapt h'maelf to labi r in any way connected <rtth tfco garden, or gre? nhousa. Refers to John v ilaon of the Alba ny Nursery, Albany, N. Y., to whose cam address J. Klannu ry, Albany, N. Y. WANTED-A CABINETMAKER AND UPHOLsTEAER: to one who can do general Jobbing Id both branches of the business a permanent aituatlvn will be given. None but a steady man need apply to A. W. Barnes, 1+1 Chatham st, up k talis, between the hours < f 10 and U o'clock this day. TVTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED MAN, A TT si' uatim as gardener; has the best of references; a ad bis wife aa oook, waiber and lroner. Inquire at lUi Mott at , In the grocery store. KOIKE8, ROOMS, AC., WANTED. A LADY OF THE FIRST RESPECTABILITY WISHES to obtain a House, partially furnished or unfurnished, in an eligible location In New York or Brooklyn, wliere the par ties would hoatd oni a portion or the whole ef the rent. Please call or address 6. B. W., 86 Bands street, Brooklyn. A FIRST CLASS HOUSE WANTED-WHBRE TUB psrtlea will exchange rent in b ard, with privilege of a few first class boarders; the highest testimonials can be given. Address Honse, Madison square Poet office, between Fourth and Sixth avenues. Tenth to Thirty fourth streets. FUBNISHED HOUSE WANTED?A POUR 8TORT House'high stoop preferred) wanted, by a responsible party of adults. In a central, pleasant location. As possession s wanted at otce, present occupants, if without children, could remain nnttl 1st of May. Rent not to exceed 11.800. Address C E. A , Hera'd office, slating location and site of house. None other noticed FURKI8HLD ROOMS WANTED UP TOWN, WITHOUT board, suitable for a lady wishing to do ber own house keeping, In a respectable private botnse. terms must be moderate. Addreaa M. k., box 127 Herald office. S OUSE WANTED.?EITHER A YERY LARGE HOUSE . or two small ones, for a b warding school, located from ph ty -second to Twenty-eighth streets, between Sixth and Eighth avenues. Addreaa 37s blxih avenue. HOU!=E WANTED.?A TWO OR THREE STORY House, with modern Improvements, between Third and Eighth nvenues. below Kortietn street; rent from Ufio to %&*)? Address Q. F. F., la Blee-ker street. Landlords, attention:-wanted, a small modern House from 1st of May, for a small family, be tween Third M Seventh a/enues, l>elow Fortieth street; rent from $900 to J4f0; quarterly In advance If an object a lease desired Address 1?< sirable Tenant, Herald otllee. ? T>ART OF A HOUBE WANTED?BY A FAMILY OP JL three adults-rent not to exceed 912 per month. Tube within ai minutes' waik of the ll'bl < House, Eighth street. Address T. C. W., station D Post offioe. OH) LANDLORDS.?A SMALL HOUSE It WANTED IN A this city, or near the ferries In Broaklrn, with abeut ten rooms . ana m* and water, at % rest ?f $}7ft to $W. Tks house must have a slilgh. basement and be In a respectable reighboihood. Parties wishing a tenant desirable In all re seeets, will please addrest Caea, Herald effiee. WANTED?TO RUT. HI SBOOKLVM, BY THB 1*T at Kay next, a small sottagn House, In good order and Whorbood; rent not to exeeed MOO, and not over ten mtn walk frosn Pulton ferry AlUrssa, with full aartimlara, P. G., box 164 Herald ofltee. WANTED-BY A PHYSICIAN (FELLOW OF THB New Y ork Acad-my of Medlrlne) a Reception Room, In an English baaement house, for au offioe. and located between Eighteenth and Thirty fourth streets, Fifth and Eighth ave nues. Address K. M. D., for two days, L3U Franklin street, In the drug store, stating street and No WANTED?IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, WITHOUT boarders, two furnished Rooms, suitable for a lady to do her own hous-keeuing. Addreas M. J . box 127 tieiald OILee, stating terms, w hich must be moderate TJirANTED?IN BROOELYN, A TWO 8TORY ATtIO TT and basement House, or a small three story House, In a order. In a good neighborhood, convenient to H<uth or street ferry; rent not to exoced $4<JU. Addreaa B. ? , MB Seventh street "fl/"ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND Bll WIFE (MO VY children), lmnrtfli^tely. part"' a House consisting of four rooms, suiiabls for Low^keeylne, and J" lk^wer part of this city or In Brooklyn, uea. ferries, with gas and wa ter UB?xce^Uon*W?r? ^r- nws g!rfji ?rD, * - law p?? .VY. l*mu' kud 00 wh?l ??'. WANTED-A SMALL THREE STORY BRI'K HOUSE, gaa and water, with ?md yard. In a fair location, with in twenty fltfc ?"",\)t*al walk ol the llrooklvn ferries, , r two or three years at a low rent.wlt. ape ol purchasing, 1'usee ask*, If fgasl '1?. AprU iI2 dress, with lull particulars. JU'l"'?*1 .e, box lft Herald oCise. WANTRD-BT A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, THE second floor of a geod house In the middle of upper part Of the city; It mui-t be In a good nelghb >rhood, aid at a mode rate rent Would not object to the llrst U'Kir If the rent la not too high. Address W 11. II , station A Post office TANTED?TO RENT, A SMALL HOUBE, WITH w mortem Improvements, high stoop, In the nelglil>or hood of Eleventh and Twenty huh streets and Thlid and Sixth avenues > ildre. a, with price and particulars, W. S. F , Herald office. w WANTBD-POR A SMALL FAMILY' OF ADULTS, A neat, g?tite#l llouae. with the in< dern Improvement., rent not to exceed or a three ?t >ry >r thi ee s'orv ami atllc house; rent not to ex>e?d $7W or tXK); location betveen Twentieth srd Twenty-eigiiib streen, srd Milngu n and teveritk a?et,u?a Address E. Lrnard, Union square Post Otlice, tor two days. TITAN TED?PART OF A HOUSE IN A RESPECTABLE vf neighboth.-od. lor our adults, consisting of pari r, kitchen and three bedroima, within ten mltinlne walk or Madison square; west preferred Rent must be low. Ad dreas, stating terms, Ac., for two days, G. W. W., Herald oftee. /ANTED? FROM 1ST MAY, UNFCRNI1HED BOOMS, wl'h board for a gentleman and wife. Infant and ser vant, in a private lamlly, with privilege of laundry, bath and gas, and mealsln th< Ir o?t room; terms not to exceed $lt per we?k; lo:ulon between 9d and 7th a?a, ltih and 43d sta. Address K, box xV\ Post office. W??ANTED IN BROOELTN-A COTTAOK HOUSE CON lalnlng eight or nine rooma, with extension preferred; gas and water desired. In a good neighborhood, dl-<tanio from one of the ferries not to l>e over three miles, and r?nt between ?*?) and Addreas L U , box No. 1 Herald office. XVABTP.D TO HIRE IN THE ELEVENTH WARD?A fV sma'l, genteel Dwelling House. Address A. A A Herald office. WJ ANTED TO RfcNT?A COMMODIOUS HOURS, WITH TT all the nv d? rn improvements, eligibly located, In a good neighborly d, not more than ten minutes walk from Aat ir place; ll.c lcs.-ee der ires lo become a permanent tenant, ?nd is wllong lo piyfnm |M to #sf?) Ac.drcss s S. P.,is Vo F.I Xulliuve, DRV GOODS, AC. T) RILLIANTS. WEDNESDAY MORNTN<V JPBIlLIANTM, WEDNESDAY MORNING. BftlLLiAKTS. WfcDhtrtrtAY MORNUML AX NINE CEm AT ONLY NINB CENTS, AT NICE CENTS, AT ONLY NINE CENI'M, At JUNK CENTS.AT ONLT NINE CENTS, A yakd! A YaRD. I (ball Mil 1,900 plMM Of French and SnglMh BnllUBM Dm quality, on ^ WEDNESDAY. AT NINE OENTd RBMEMFPR BKiiLlANTS, ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, AT NINE CENTH A YARD. (Other* Mil the ume at 10c. a U'v3) 1 shall will at uiM ?acta a yard. l,uuu aoxsn all linen uauknu. |l per dsieu (one dollar a daaam.) (Others sell them at 9129 per dozen.) I shall aeil ibem V 91 P?r dozen. R. H. MAnr, Blith avenue, ourner Fourteenth street. T7MBBOIDBBIAS AND LACES ~ AU Keduc-1 From 10 to SO per oent below oobt ok impoktatiTn JAMES GBAT A OO. Invtus .p^cial attention to their ma*, nlflceat assortment of the above goods, wourtiUil the lauI7 Parts styles, to which are added many aoveluea of that* OWBT ?AMlaMw*. All of which will be sJid at * YERY LOW 1*RICES. y TJS) Broadway, coram- Waveriey G HEAT SEDUCTION AT LORD A TATLOB'8, NOfl. Ml TO 467 BROADWAY, Owner of Grand street. I? order to close oar present LARGE AMD DESIRABLE STOCK HATE REDUCED OCR PRICES FROM H TO 26 PER CENT, aND ARE HOW OFFBBUW* great bargains IN FASHIONABLE DRT GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Particular attention U Invited to oar Stoek of ?V| 1 DRESS GOODSJ DRESS SILKS, LACKS, EMBEOIDKBIM^ AMD TiaVTM FURNISHING GOODS, Ami pnrehasera may rely upon getting Desirable Goods at PRICE8 LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE OFFERED. AUK), AT STORES Nos. iftft to 281 GRAND STHKHT, Nob. 47 and 49 CATHARINE ST. rCASH AND SHORT TIME HDYERS. A. T. STEWART A CO. offer 150 case.i fun Madder Prints, line quality; only 6\e. net. Also a large assortment of Tarony, fcprague's, DonneU'a,] Pacific's, Ac., at equally lew prices. TO MEET THE GREAT DEMAND TOR CHEAP GOODS AT PANIC PRICES JAMBS GRAT A OO. bare made a still further REDUCTION IN PRICE On the following got ds:? DRESS SILKS, PLAIN AND FANCY; MOURNING GOODS, POULT DE CHKVEJj^ In great variety and suited for ttoe present season. AIL WOOL MOUHEL1NE DE LALNBS i Beat quality imported, RbDL'CED FROM 78c. TO 40o. J. G. A **a invite xpecial attrr.tlor to their entfro STOCK OK PARIS DKKSSS GOODS, All of which is offered at the very lowest CASH PRICES. 739 Broadway, corner Waverley place. COPARTNERSHIP MOTICgg. ACAPITALI8T IN THE MANUFACTURE OF DRUG gists goods wand d, with $>U.KO. Bunlutss established1 throughout the country. 'I he tight kind of ? man will be liberally dealt with Address i'barma, box 131 Herald uillce. Agt nts uee<l uol apply. MEDICAL PARTNER WAITED IMMEEIATELY, to join a first claws sp<ttia>st In tills city; mast be a gen. a jrpv tlemm in every senee ol the word, understand well minor ?urfltry and Porneio Mi'h ilo*y, purtleularlv uterine a lec tion* AtMress, glvingrval nune, references and pecuniary rrtponstbiliiies, Ao, Dr toleclw, care of Hegeuuo A Oo.? under the St Nicholas Hotel. , A RARE CHANCE.-HOTEL KEEPERS OR C^PITAIs. lata.?WKtiieo, a party with $VOO to $ioW ? cash or furniture, to join the subscriber with an equal amount, in a first class privae t-oardltnH>ous*, in a most commanding and fa-blonahle location, established fnr five years, and now occo pled with flrtt class bonders. Address 1* 8., Herald offioe. A PARTNER WANTED, SILENT OB ACTIVE, WITH A capful of $501', to prosecute a business already estab lished. An Income ot $36 per week guararteed to an active man. Address 11. H., box lfi$ Herald oOlce. *o agents need apply. OAPITAL.?WANTED, A THOROUGH BUHIHBSS man, with a small eapltal, to Join the advertiser in the manufacture and Kale ef ttoirest'e Hani vare In every day family use, the patents for which have been secured. Ait dress L H. box 4 1190 New Verk Post oOice. I WANT A PARTNER WITH GOOD REFERENCE AND $3,000 te $4,0(0 eapit'l. to a?s1st la extending my business, already thor oughly eetab lahed among retailers in Phlladel. phis, Brooklyn, New York and viilnltv. I new wish te ten to the wholesale trade, from whem I have the beat sssnr anees. The article is a staple, | pays handsomely, and can be extended without limit. Sells en'y for hash. Undoubted rlty %-eference $given. Apply to LBADBBATBR, 197 Fml iou at. PARTNER WANTED?IE AN OLD ESTABLISHED abd o^oltable buslteas, with a capital of from $.1,000 to $6,0(0. The beet of rererenees sa to integrity, Ac, given and required. Address C B K , Ilrrsld odke. >' PARTNER WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN OF MOCK experience in the auction and c-imm'sslon bueineee; de aires to m et with a party having from $3,000 to $*,000i The funds to be used In advancing on goods eonslgned. Address Randolph, Tie raid olilce, sta'ing where an Interview caa ls? bad, wheu full particulars will be given. '-i | 1 ? | .? ?' ? | PARTNER WANTED.?A 8CART MAN, WiTH TWO C** three hundred doll.irs to join the advertiser in the Mea Ovater, Kish and Hutter budnesa, all combined. In full oper""1 tlou, with a good elaas ;>f custom. Further particulars on a^ plication at tne Ocean House, 79 Robinson street. THE COPARTNFRRHIP OF ALHOP A CO., VALPA' raUo, Lima and Han Francisco, expired on the 1st Jan uary, 1861. ALHOP A CO. A new copartnership, fo? the term of five years from tbf 1st of January. 1M61. has been formed, under the dan o( Als'p A Co , and the business will be c inducted at Valparaiso (Chile), by George J. Koeterand J. Kte?art .laek<.<n . at LMB (I'erui, by J seph Hobeon. and at New York by GeorgiKJ. Hobson, all acting partners. George (>. Hobson, at New York, will use his own nsme In all transae lone of AI sop A Co., who are responsible for the s?m>>. and rhomseb Neale will he authorize a to act under i>ower of attorney from him. The silent partners to the ?ooartnarship are, Joseph W, Alsop, Hi nry Chauncey and Ihe >d'.re vv. Kiley, of New York, aac Edwsrd McCall and H'anhope Prevost, of Lima, who are not responsible hey? nd the amount of eapltal respectively oon contribated. The capital of the houses at Valpnrnleo and Lima is six hundnd thousand dollars. The braneh at Pan rranciseo Is pros'ided with an ample eapltal, and Is oontinued under the Sim of Alsop A Oo,, and directed by Charles B. P dhemus and Robert Burnett, acting partners in the same. No part of I he eapltal of ths houses, or profits thereon, ean be withdra* n during the teen ot partnership, nor nntli all Lbe claims are settled. ALSOP A OO. George 0. Hobson. of the firm of Alsop A Co., Valparaiso, Lima and Han Fnncijoo, will advance on ronsigniwnta to said firm. GfcOKUE Q HOBBON, New York, Feb. 21, 1M1. 43 South street. TO DREJSMAKBR1.?AN ESTABLISHKD MILLINER, In one of the best looatlons oa Broadway, would either go In partnership with a dot class drresmaker or would lei sufficient ioom to carry on the business A person of gootf address and experience preferred. Call at or adureea Ne. MS Broadway, In the millinery. WANTED-A PARTNER, WITH A CARH CAPITAL OF* from 9<,niO to $2,010, in an old established business, now doing s cash trade of over $20,000 a year. The store W> capacious, well fitted up, and located In one of the best busi ness av nues In the city. This Is a rare chanee for an eetlve business man; none other need apply. For partioulars apply to EDWARD BROWNE, No 9Chambers street, third floor,. for two daja TITA^NTF.D?A PARTNER IN THE GENERAL PRODUCE YY commission hiulness; to one that has got a small amount of capital and oould Infiueoon some trade this 1s an excellent opportunity; best or reference given and required^ Address for three day s C M. F, Herald otlice. <e>Orm ?A PARTNER-WaNTED^TV A CASH BP". ? . MM, nva. - "Tf hours daily at'enUcn. e?* ~~T| J?*" ."L which ca? k* . Booul#l6 a to each liar- .? wm A yonng man preltrred. Apply to T. " . rNKY, 429 Broadway, r om No i. <U77uTr~i>Autn'kr wan ed, to hxrp.^n a cash iflv". mauulacturlng business; work supplied by Job bers and lln-n houses, paying $i,.V1l per annum; the capital will double the bu-lnesa wiilvout r|?k. Apply to O. T. ToMP* It INS, No. ft New Bowery, comer of O'lver sireet ?o 11| i| k -WaBTKD, A PAR'1 NBR, IN AN KV'i ;be" lyrewand exceeding y lucratlvs lignt and pleasant manufacturing oish paying hiialncsa. a monopoly, from w hich st least $4. (OO p? r annum can b* realited. Ap t VI in ? y>!i itroiidwsy. t h 11 ? * lloor, nom li. ??7(WWl TO $A,(OS ToTnTbsV wi1 iT SOME (H)OD O-vUH wholesale fonlgn Fruii House, e<tanllsb?d, or wonld Invest the same in the lro > Manufacturing business, oranyessh bu?lness and with #?d res|>onsisle parlies Nc scents need apply Address, wilb name and place of business, Htislnese, box 147 Bersld o ?') (Kin -AN opPORTPNIT^SELIX>MTrj WITH. OiUoIF, A partner la wannd, to purchnse , ne half Inten st In a d- slranle manufacturing business, which la esta blished In this country, nnd h.rge'v p.Ur>nixo1 In England snd I'rsnce A piaetfeal b'tokkeepei prefi l ihe utent ff the business Is such that tlie present ,iroprlet >r can?<it manage It alone. Address, with real name, box 4,819 New York Tost oillee. ilO I WW u\-?|o,oro?r artn bk wanted" "a ?pitf prs< ileal business man. with the abem amounl, to Join the advertiser, having an e<in?l amount .n stock snd capital, In the rectify mg wine and Honor >rade. al ready well establishes!, and do-ng a trade of $7ft,00 a year the profiu of which are lortv per cent Nona need rsply without the aliove amount. Keleiwn<es exchanged. Adt&esv box 2611'oat oilice, Norfolk, Va. SPORTIHO. DOfW FOR pale-a great raorifice, to ant gentlemen Two Newfoundland and Mount st Bernard poga two pups, three months old, w rth $.m, will be sold for *13. Apply at W Court street, Brooklyn. For sale-two splendid NBWForvdi.asr> Dogs, crossed wl n St Hernard For appeewiee. sue ?nd wiitchfulnciifi. th^rp ar#? v#?ry f#w of their ?|Sit. Ai0% two Pups of same l>recd, five weeks' old, very pr.mlslng" having no ronvcnlenoe to keep them, *111 be -old at a l>ar ? ?IAS. WALKER. 114 Kulton sti, KB?ARI A !Vt> TOB A ( CO. 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