Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1861 Page 7
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bhiphiwck BRITISH AMD NORTH AMERICAN BOTAL KAIL rm* *** to** to LivrarooL. Ihtef c*blo p???" 10 UT"'OOL .?uo . Tf .SIM I cat/in [imjai l^r ?b'P* J"* Saw Y,"k c^?l dot*'Harbor. Tke ablt* from Boston o*li at Hallfai and Cork Harbor. tHl\BS M 1 AJtBS^oi,0^*. Moodf. KMnS.'tV ? 'HociVfT- I SCOTIA tnow DuUdlag). P HI ja, Capt. Shannon. I The* carry aalaar whita light at masthead, (ram ? Mat board bow, rod on port bow. _ EABIA, Bloo?, leavea N York, Wednesday, Feb. U. I AN A DA, Anderson, " Boston, Wednesday, Fob. JO. iFRIOA, Sbanui n ' N. 1 oTk, W?d?e?Uy, Feb 27. kMERIiu, Little, M Boaton, Wednesday, lUreh ft ^USIBALASIAN, ? . . _ . . ? Hoikley, " N York, Wednesday, March IX . TAOARA, Moodle, " Boaton, Wednesday, March M. Bortlia D.?l secured until paid for Aa aiperieuocd luijron on board. The owners of these ships will not b? accountable for gold, I ar, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or maials, |*^aa bill* of Wing are signed therefor and the valua thereof ' i aapi'eeaed. for frfcght or nassage apoly to B. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. JlBAM WBKhLY BBTWEBN Liverpool, landing and em bar all i (IreUudi The Llverpo >1, New NBW YORK AND iship Company in'end do* patching their full powered i built I ma ataamahlpa aa follow*:? 'NGAHOO Saturday. 2d Mareh >INB> It > Saturday, 9th " |LASLK?W Saturday, 16th '? And evety Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 North Elver, lata* or raaaaua: I cabin..,., $75 I Steerage .... .$30 Do. to ijoodon'. 80 | Do to Lordon. 33 lerage return tickets, <ood 'or all months 80 Paeeengnrs forwarded to Parla, Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, lotterdam, Antwerp, Ac , at reduced through fame. Persons wteblnir to bring out their friends nan buy tleketa I at the following rntea, to New York:?Prom Uvorpool or eoatoah, flrat cabin, $7.% $8S and $10&. bteara^e from jvorix ol, $10. Prom Qum uyiown, $.10 Theee fctemaer* have superior accommodation* for pawwn "j-*, and i Arrj erjx-rienoeil sorgroni. They are built la ^^rt^ht Iron sections, and hare Putent Fire AnnlhiUtor* Por further Information apply In Liverpool to WTLLf AM NMAN, Agent. 21 Water street; tn Gla??oWjfc WM l.S HAW o. 6 St. Enoch k mare; In Queenstown to <7Tk W. D. 5RY IOUR k '/'O.; iu I,nndon to K1VES k MAO BY, 81 Kln{ TU1 lam street; In Pari* to JULBS DBOOUB, No 5 Hace <1 j i Bourse; In Philadelphia lo JyHN G. DALJt. 109 Walndt ~et; or at the Comptny'a olUcea. JOHN G. DaLe, Ageat, 15 Broadway, Hew York, R BODTHAMPTON AND HAVHK. On Baiukdat, March 2, the United Btatea Mail Steamar PULTON, J. A. WOTTON, Commander, fill rail from pier No 37 North river foot of Beach atnet. On aATlj KDA.T, March 2, at uo >n. ?teamer, until ryoaand lor safety and comfort, ha* I engines under deck, enclosed by watertight oompart , which, besides other re-oilta, tend. In the event or ool ilon or strandlrs, to keep the pumps free to work, and sd bure the saf ety of vensel and paasengf rs 1'rioe ot nassa^i in second cabin, $75 and $601 Por freignt or passage anply ti SAMUEL M KOX. ? A?nt. T a GEO. MAOKK.NZifc. | Agents, 7 Broadway. The steamer ARAUO win si ll March 30. JR SOUTHAMPTON a>(> 1I4VRB. steam" r o Sutii'day, Marsh 9. The Unlteo 3tac>a Maid stoamnhip alKltllO Jefferson Maury, Commander, (jnil leave fram pier toot of Canal aireet, "irth river, on \_turrtaj, Man?h 4. for the abore porta, touching at Qucens own, to land her mails. p<e Adriatic baa water tight compartment*, and launez fttled for comfort, safety and speed. i of paasaga. Cabin to Havre $110 <8 of passage, Cabin to Southampton 100 jnd Cabin, to Southampton or Havre 00 For frtighl or paaaage apply to UOWLAND k ASPINWALL, Agenta, M and 56 South street. JTEAM?NEW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRB. The YanderMlt European line steamships will sail be1 ween iew York, Southampton and Havre, CARRYING THB UNll'KD STATES MAILS. Pr m New fork for Southampton and Havre. Returning fnm Ha vru and Southamp ton. Wednesday, April 21 May ?i " Juae 5 July 3 IPI.LINOIS, Terry Saturday April 0 IVANDKRB'LT, Lefevre, ? May 4 ?ILLINOIS, Terry, " May 18 IVANDKKHIijT,Lefevre, " Junul& These ship* have watertight oo-partmenta. Certlfleat"* of piissage laaued from Europe to America. Specie delivered In London or Paris. D. TOKKANt'E, Ageut, No. 6 Rowling Green, New York. Sight drafu on London, l'ariaand Frankfort. s TEAMKH OF APRIL SIXTH FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAvna CARRYING THK UNITED states KAILS. , THF HTTBAMRHTP ILLINOIS, CAPT P. P.. TERRY, I Will mil from pier No. 3 North river, New York, at noon, Ifiaturday, April o, with niaUs, passengers and specie for Eng land and France. To SOUTHAMPTON. TO HAVRE. First cabin .$?.* First cabin $80 Third ca^iu . .'W Third cabin ,lj This steamship has been supplied with powerful new boil en, and haa been refitted In the most thorough manner. Wrought Iron bulkhead*, Absolutely water tl<'jt and fireproof, enclose her engines and boilers and for safety, comfort and Cpeed she ranks in the Hint jlu? of ocean steamers. Her next trip from Ne-v Y< rk will he ou May IS. I). TORRANCE, Agent, No. 5 Bowling Green, New York. Sicnr Dnirra Oir LownON, Pari* aki> FitAKKroirr. STEAM TO HAMBURG, HtVRK. LONDON AND Southampton.?The Hamburg American Packet Com pany's steamship BaXONIA, H Ehiers commander, Mil leave on Friday, March I, at 11 o'clock M., for Hamburg, rla Houihampton, taking passengers for Havre, London, Southampton and Hamburg First cabin AIM | Second ?abln... .$60 | Steerage |SS 0. B. RlCliAItU A BOaS, 151 i!roadway. The steamship BAVARIA will succeed Uio Haionta Aprtl 1. TAPKOOTTS LINK OF LIVERPOOL PA.'tCRTS ? Packit 1st Ma ch ?Thj well known packet shlo (TV. TAP8COTT, < apt. Hell, Malls as above. For paasage In cabin, eecoiid nbin and sum rage, apply on board pier ???a East liter, or to TAl-BOOTT A OO , 86 Mouth street. PASSAGE FROM OR TO LIVERPOOL, BY THE B'ack Ball lino of Pack Is.?The ISAAC WEBB sails ?t of March, the MANHATTAN on the ltfth. For Passage ply on boa-d, at pier 23 Last river, or to JACOB WILSON, Ho South street. Royal mail steamship aprioa for liyer pooL?The AFRICA Theodore Took, Commander, will ,al from the t'oinpauj's doc I., at Jersey City, wuh the mails ' >4 passengers tor Europe, on Wednesday, the 27th instant. Lsseogera are requested to be on board by o'clock, A. M. ,e A ( ftl AN will sail on 'he Kith March. B CU*AHD, No. 4 Bowling Green. * 10R california?VIA PANAMA. - A first class steamer will leave New York on the 1st, t|tb and /1st of each month, except when these dates fall on tanday, when the dajr of departure will lie the Monday fol lowing For rrelght or passage app'y at the only office, Mo. 1/7 West street, cori ei of Warren. U B. ALLEN, Agent. a UHTRALIA PIONEER LIVE, CARRYING THE JV United Hiates Mails ? Positively first ship to sail for Melbourne land Sjdney, clipDer ship BORNEO, will salIA>th March, and hits unexcelled ac.-ommod His lor first class passengers. Clipper ship ANNIR KIM LL, 1,89) t ins, will succeed, and sail 26th March; has excellent accommodations for first and second cbiss paw tigers, all on deck For f relgbt or passage apply on board, pier 7 East river, or to B. W. CA MLKON, W Beaver street. JAMAICA AND NEW YORK SCREW STEAM PACKET Line, carrying the mail ?To sail for Kin^s'-m, Jamaica, on the 2tKh of each month. The mall s-eamsblp ZITLI/, Capt. JMward Goodwin, will sail for tho above port on Wednesday, Mart h *>, from pier 37 North river. Paasage? First cabin, 800: second eablo, $50, th 1 d class, $36. For freight or pas tags apply to WALDBN A Hooril, agents, 07 Broad street. HAY ANA AND NEW ORLEANS. ? VMT TBN DAT*. TO BAIL ON FB1DA Y, MARCH 1, AT II O'CLOCK. The S eamsbip BIENVILLE, 3. D. Bulloch, I'ommander, I* now reodrlng freight, and will sail as above from pier foot Of Murray street, North river. Hor-ee taken on all the steamers. LIViNObToN. CROCHERON A CO.. 63 Murray street The steamship CAHAWBa sails lUh March. ?OR SAVANNAH AND OTHER POINTS, AS BE low The first clasa steamship ALABAMA, Captain >rge R. Hebe nek, will leave on Thursday. February W, at 3 P. M.. from pier No. 30 North river. Through tickets can be had fbr the following places ?New Orleans, $10 73, Mo bile 1SS, Montgomery, $25. Columbus, $11; Albany, $-fl; Atlanta, $21; Eufaula, $24; Ohattano<>?a, $26; Ns.hvUle, $27 7ft; Knoxvllle, $25 #?. Mrmphls, $21 76; Augusta, $17 SO; Mscon, $2(1 Savannah, $15. For freight or passage apply at No. 13 Broadway. Tb. hIAK OF THE BOUTH, Captain James koarnj, will MNMi SAMUEL L. MITCHILI. A SON, New York, ( JOIIM E. WILDER A.UALLIE, Savannah, ? F 'OR SAVANNAH AND OTHER POINTS, AS BE X' lo? :?The first class steimship FLORIDA, Captain Isaao Croaell will leave on Wednesday, Kc,niary 27, at 3 P.M., from pier No 3# North river. 1 hrough tickets oaa be had for the following places:?Ne v Orleans. $.10 76: Mobile, $tt Alontgnmery, $25; Columbus, $J|; Albany, $tt. Atlanta, $21; En'sula, $24; Chattanooos, #?. >ashvflle, $27 75; Knot Title, $25 50. Memphis, $2176; Augusta, $17 60; Macon, $20; lavsnnah, $U. ror freight or passage apply at So. 13 Br ad way The ALABAMA, Captain (leorga R Schenck will sueoeed. HAM I EL L Miri llKI.L A S->N. New York, ( JOUN B. WILDER A GALL1E, Savannah, i A*eul* ljlOR SAVAMNAH AND THE SOUTH. F The steam*hl|is of the American Atlantic Steamship Company will leaTe pier 12 North river on the following day*, n MONTO(7mERY,CaptiUn Berry, Thursday, February 28, or sooner If full. The steamers of this line are all new, and are not snrpasaed In elegance, comfort, safety and speed by any on tho ocean. Tickets to New OrWns, $t9 75; Mo ilie, $35; Montgomery, B2ft; Mm,.his, 1$1 75; Nashville, $27 7ft; Kneivllle, $25 50; Cbatta- iion, $]$; Albany, $21; Columbus, $21; Atlanta, $21; $??, Augusta, $)7 6o, l-avannah. 11A ApplT lo H. ? "?1"WS!.!. A I!,v M tVest street ana 330 Broadway. Maco- $20, Augusta, 911 o?N r?v?u..?u. B. CROMWELL A CO. 8$ West street an ? North carouna-wkikly. The Dew ant first class steamship NORTH CAROLINA, tain William Powell, will leave pier 13 North river, for nlngton, N. 0.. on Wednesday, February 2*, at three P.M., connecting ?Ith Wilmlngtua ana Weldon and Wilmington nd Mancheeter railroads. G s>ds forwsrded to aU parts of NortA and South Carolina free of oommistion Freight eight cent* per foot and proportionate rata*. Insurance oaa-half per oent Apply lo 11. B. cromwell A CO., 00 West street and IU Broadway. The parkersburg will snroaed. and leave on Saturday, Wareh 2. Through freight areangrment.-for nor folk Portsmouth. I Itr Pelni and Rlehmond. connecting with Norfolk and Patsraburg and Sonthslde Railroad, for Lynchburg, SrtstoJ, Memphis and Intermediate plaoea. Vn<Uhis reaelved every day, and through re eipts furaiah ?d at rler l.\ North rivar. Steamship JAMESTOWN, Captain Skinner, leaves every T'm^shlp TORETOWN. Captain Parrish, every Saturday. 'Vretf ht to Norfolk 7 oente per foot; to Clly Point, 0 eents, *"i(S^,?mtT<liorto"k stateroom and me%ls indadad, $0; to eeersbnrg or Blohmood, ?IO; ehUdrer l^tween the *?ee of sHimio. ? THAPSrOTTH LTKK OK LIVERPOOL PAOJcirft^H I l he subscribers continue to grant certlAoales of Pi to and from Liverpool, by their favorite Una -J. packets, ov prising In part the follouig shins, vis:? WM. Ta?*C<?TT. ?Mt/KA.U) I?LB, ALBION, DMADNOHaHT, *II>DLEH1X, TIOTOBV. BBKJ ADaMS, CON* TELLaTION, JOHN I. BOYD, J*K8T POINT. SWITZERLAND, FHOSNIX, UNDERWRITER, SHAMROCK, CAMBRIA. Making, together with other*, ? ship every tire days. T ?ubxeribeie are also agents for the X line or Londun_hft^? fur all of which th-y trraut oertiSiate* on liberal hich they grant oartiaiate* on liberal M REMITTANCES TO IRKLAXD, AO. T. k CO. aLtu continue to Issue draf u, payable on throughout Eng'and, Ireland. Scotland and Wale* Send or call for a circular. Circular!, with all particulars, may be had on application; If by letter, enclose a postage ?Uuip TAPSCOTT A CO., No. 86 Booth strewt. Now Tort TAPSCOTT, SMI111 A OO , Liverpool. W8CKLLAHEOVB. AN IMMENSE DISCOUNT. White French China TeaSet*, 44 1I1111 1) 71 White Flench China Dinner SeW, 149 pieces 13JM Gold band French China Tea 8eta, 44 piece* 5 80 Gold and colored French China Tea Sela, 44 pieces A 00 Gold baud i reach China Dinner Seta. 1?7 pieces 46 TS SEVENTY-FIVE Fancy French?China Dinner Seta, ranging In pries from $60 io $140*1 Cut glass Goblet?, the d^>sen .. 1 7J (A new lot and richly worth 93.) Cut glass Teeanters, the pair 3 00 Colored Bohemian glass Finger Howls, the dozen 1 AO Silver plated Table Forks, the dozen. 4 00 Silver plated Table Spoons, the dozen 4 no Silver pitted Ten Spoon*, the dozen 3 no Silver plated loe Pitcher*, each 7 00 Silver plated Canters, 6 cut bottles 4 25 Silver plated Tta Set*. 6 pieces 18 00 Ivory handle Dinner Km vet, the dozen 4 .10 Ivory handle l ea Stives, the dozen 4 00 Also a fresh arrival of Iron sioi.e China, from the oelebrated manufacturers, Messrs Ji hn Maddo*k A Son, Staffordshire, X ngland, will be offered during the present week at moat in viting price*. ON MONDAY, March 4, we will ezhlbit our new spring styles of OAS FIXTURES, embracing designs entirely novel and handsome. The?e good* have been produced?on account of ihe deranged stale (f affaus?at aatonal mg'y low prices. Wo Intend go SELL TUEM ACCORDINGLY. Everybody in want of CHA ND8LIEE8, BRACKETS, Ao , Aft, will favor their own Interests by examining the sbive. W. J. F. DVJLhY A CO., 6.U Broadway. 4 CARD.?THE UNDERSIONED, MAM'FACTltRER, H lor the last sixteen years, of the juOy celebrated IXL legee Buttonhole Twist: and alcoe the general intro duction of the seeing machine, maker of the acknowledged superl ,r article called the Legee IXL rewing Machine Twiat, ?ouldmoat respectfully anaounne that he has enteredthe market entirely on his own account, and (ntends to keep con ?tun'ly on baud and for sale a full aid complete assortment of unrivalled Buttonhole Twin and Machine Twist, to be known by the name of Star Legee Twist. All orders think fuMy received and promptly attended to. Prico llata to be bad on application, by letter or otherwise, to yourt, very rrtpectfully, JAMES LOVATT, 179 Bank a tree t, Newark, N. J. AGENTS MAKE FROM $5 TO $30 DAILY SELLING II KKLBR'H Patent Keyhole Guard, to prevent thieve* and burglars from opening door looks with false keys Sam ple and directions sent by mail for thirty cents. Addres* ueo. Wheeler, 908 Broadway, N. Y. Boston crackers ?commission drivers, oro cers and restaurants supplied with all kinds of Crackers at twenty per c?nt below the u?ual rates. Orders left at the depot or by mall promptlv attended to. H. A. V. POST, No. 2 Afltor place. (CLAIMS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS ON ANY OF THH J Fidcral Departments, before Congress or the Court of Claims, or against any foreign government; and debts, lega cies. Inheritances, Ac., In the United States, as well as foreign countries, efficiently prosecuted and recovered, by the under signed, counsellor nf (ho Supreme Court of the U tilled States, and Consul General of Ecuador. AARON H. FALMJML WasuiwuTOM, Feb. IS, 1861, CONSUMPTION AND ALL DISEASES OF THE LUNGS, Ac., can only be cured by pre|*rallons of the Mexloan Anatiabultc Wood Advice given and for aa'e by Dr. O. KROG A CO., 64 Bleecker street, near Broadway, N. Y. Green houses.?to capitalists.?rights for llartwell'a Portable Metallic Sash?only patent of the kind in the world?elegant, cheap and durable. Orders frr gn en houses received. Reference given. Call and see model, a*71 NitsFau street, room No. 9. BBMIS A C0. TOE! ICE! ICE!?THE ROCKLAND LAKE ICE COM L pany having pr-cured their supply of toe, are now pre pared to furnish the trade for the coming year with ice of a ?upeilor quality, at the lowest market price. Delivered at their depots, foot of Bsrrow street. North river, and foot of lelamey street, East river, an 1 foot of Fulton street, Brook lyn. ClLce 46 Jay str el, near Went, New York. Lumber baroe wanted.?any one having a small one In good order for sale cheap for cash may address J. J. B. box 1,810 Post offloe, stating size, age, prise and where to be Been. Marble mantels.-great bargains in man telx; a large stock on hand, and a great reduction In crlc'.'s f-.r m y kind ordered this month. Call sottn at A. KLABExS Marble 'Sard, lit Eaa'. Eighteenth street, we-it of Iblid avenue. Mantels put ud in any pi tee in tho country. SOAPB Benson'* Russian Lanndry Reap, for families. hotels. Ac. For sale by all grocers and druggist* CHARLril LRAINK A CO., Agents, 31 John *tre..t,and 138 Pearl street. SOAPB. salt water Foarw, manufactured by E. Benson, to last In all climates CHARLES BRAINS A CO., Agents, 34 John htre?t. and 138 Pearl sireet. this Soap Is wellknowa. Teas, groceries and proyisionr THE CHEAPEST STORE IN THE WORLD. 36 PER CENT SAVED. The greatest bargains ever offered $100,000 worth of Oe*v oeries. Wines, Teas, Flonr and Provisions are now being nold at auction pricea. Theae are facu to whlih thousands can testify. Give me a call, and'you will altto be satisfied thst this it the place to buy teas. Flour, $6, $4 and $6 60. Groi.erie* and I'rovlslona Consult your own Interest*, and buy your goods from THOMAS It. AONKW, i'00 Greenwich street and 89 Murray street, New loik. TTTANTED?TO PURCHASE for CASH, TWO OR Vv threeportiM*SMH>Engines, of about eieht or ten horse power, second baud. Apply for two days at No. 4 Astor place RAILROADS. Hudson river railroad?ros alb ant and Troy, connecting with tralu* North aud Weat Train* leave:? mo* rHAmivr.s *thfet. mo* thiktt riR?T street. Eipreaa, 7 Ai d 11 A. A , and 7:25. 11 30 A. M. and 3:40, 3ti5 '!:25acd5PM. P*. Trey and Albany fw Hh ileep- 1C 16 P. M. (Sunday* inolu ing : ara\ y 46 P. M. ded ) Pmig! kif oslf train, 7:30 A. 8 A. K, 12:30 and 4:25 P. M. M., 12 M. and 4 I' M. Perkakill train, 6:^0 P. M. 6 65 P. M. citog ding train, 3:35 and 4:30 4 and 115 P. M. Tarry town train, 6 40 P. II. 7:10 P. M. A. F. 8MITII, Superintendent. KTEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD? 1.? For Albany and Troy, connecting with the Ne t York Central Railroad fumll nolnta Went, and Somh weat; also with the Northern Railroad for Saratoga, Rutland, Burlington, Plaiubuig, Kotiae'a l'oint, Ogd'uaburg land Montreal:? MOM ThYON ROW, NBAS CITY THOU TWKNTV SIXTH run HALL. STATIO*. hxprea* train, 7 A. H and 7 20 A. M and 4:40 r. X. and 4:91 P.M. 10.25 A.M. Bxpreti mall train 10 A. If For William*' Bridge, White Plain*. Oroton Fall*, and all local traln?, nee time tible. 7 o'rl ick A. M. uipreri tram Luavee Albany every Hunday morning. JOHN BURCniLL, A**t. RnpC S~ TATEN ISLAND RAILROAD.?ON AND AFTER Marali 1, 1MI, tralna will leave Yanderoilt Landing on tba arrival of the 7 and 0AM and 3 and 3 P M boat* from New York, lemming at 7:10 and V A. M. and 2:30 and 1 90 F. M. Thla la the oioat d reot and aipertitiou* route to tba wealarn part of the laland and Arnboy, N. J. MKDICA1*. D A WORD TO TUB SUFFERING?TRT DR. WAtD, 483 Broadway. UU great n mediea cure perminently with dea|atrb. AN IMPORTANT WORK-A OIJIDK FOR THE MAR. riod, or thoac- contemplating It?The aflHclcd, debilitated or diaaared should not marry, or adopt any treatment, till they have Informed th'tnaelvea of the truth only fo ind In Dr. LARMoNT'S Pari*. London and Few York Medical Ad viner arid Marriage Guide. Mailed for 91 by II. O. LAW RENCE, No 1 Veaeyatra?t, A?tor Honea, The d'vtor cure* all rich affrctlona, reoent or I ng a', expedltioualy and privau !y, aa for year* paat, ?IM7 Broadway, up aUira. CIONBI'LTDR. WARD, 483 BROADWAY.?TUB BARLT / applirai Ion to a aompvtent physician aavea much future mli cry R. CORBBTT, MEMBER OF TUB NBW YORK UNI veralty (Medical College), hai removed from 19 Dtiane ?treat to hi? very oonveniert ault of oll'cea. at 20 Centre street be w een Chamber* and Kaade atreeta, where he can be con ?nltad a* iixiial <>n certain diaaaaea thirty year* In hia pre *en''peclailty enabi' a him to m .ke Dermanentcuroa. N B~ f-ee Dr. C.'a diploma In hie ottice. Private entranoe at No 0 City Hall plifa. hR. II. A. BARROW, KH BLEBCKRR STREET, FOUR cl?or* Irom Maed?uaal street, N Y., author of that popu lar medical woik 'iluman Frailty,1' may bn consulted aa uaual from II till 2 and from 4 to 6. Sunday* till 2. hK WARD, 483 BROADWAT, ? DAILY OONHDLTKD confldentla'ly with complete aad gratifying (UOMML At tend* till 10 P. IC ' Dr. huntbb hah for thibtt yrar? oonfimed hi* attention to dia*a?a* of a oertaln clasa, la which ha baa treated no laaa than fifty ihouaand eaae* without an In aianoe of failure. Ui? great remedy Dr. Hnnter * Red Drop, euraacortain dl*eaa?'a when regular treatmeut and all other rem edict tail; cure* without dieting or reitrietlon In the ba blta of the patient; earaa without the dlaguatlngand alckentng eflWta of all other remedlea; rurea In new caaea In laaa than eli hour*. It mot* out the poleonon* taint the blood I* aura to abeorb tmleaa this remedy la need. It I* $1 a vial, and can rib' be ribtained genuine anywhere bnt at the old office. No. 3 Dlvtalon timet. Bonk for nothing, that treat* of tha ? vll Ateta of early abuae. TtR. 1I1IERB' OFFICB, NO. 62 SIXTH AVENUE, NBW J t York. ?Ladlee' electro-abdominal Coraet*, Support er*, Ac . Ac. DR. WATRON INTITB8 THOSB WHO ARB afflicted with a certain form of diacaaa to eall at bl* renldenea, 4T4 Rroome Mr est, eenond block we*t of Broadway, where ba guarantiee a perfect cure wltkout hindrance toniulnea* or change In any reaper* Dr. Wataon-* work, "Tha Canaea and Cure, "on debility, di*aa*e. A* , with nnmaron* highly 6ntah adpjatea, mny he had of H R LENT, 43# Broadway; prloe ? 1. The beat work for tha non profeaaional reader ?Medloai Rerlaw. DB. COOPER, 14 DUANB ITREBT. MAT BB HON inllad on all diaeaM* of a certain nature. Twenlv aigbt year* *xrl\.*lv*ly devoted to theae eomplainU, enable nlm to wairant a cttre In all caaea. The vie.Lima of miaplared eonfl. denae in medical pretender* can *e!l, with a certainty of ha Ing radically cured or no pay. RS MUNROE, BLBCTRICIAN. NO SS* carmine ait eat.?(lalvaiuam arplled daily In the treatment of funoOonC dlaotfaea of tha female *eitial *yatem. Hour* fnim 10 to 4. Upper pROFBRiioii MPTBLL, m I ran be eonaviited a uaual, or by letter aaareieea to bo* 2,300 Hew Tork Poet onice. Si rug CURM BT DB. WARD, 4? BROADWAY, UP atalra Hie Unfortunate'* Frlead and other remedlee am tha nnfalling rellaace. maj RROADWAY.-PBOFBBBOR RI1T1T OF PABf. 704" oaa he enn*tilied ou InflrmlWe* m4 OW'.Ml Mmbma liMih ?mil f* Aifvniaim. ^ AULACI'8 THE ATKB. ROARS or LAUGHTER AMD HBABTT HOUND* or ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE. Together wtth Uio OPINIONS OP TUB PRBSS, Pullj at uni t that THE MEW COMIC OSAMA U without doubt one of the grnaieat of the MAJIT BUOGAaSliH PECULIAR TO THIS THEATRE. Rw one should see the LIFE UKE P10TUBB ow TUB SKATING POND. TUB BALL UP BVBRY MIQUT. FROST OR THAW. run MUMBRBOUn ESCAPADES ANS BOVEL SITUATIONS 01 um personages in the play together with the ? t ADMIRABLh ACTING of the ArUeta ooooerood In the repreeeutatioo h?re re??(M4 U the feci that MR. LKtfTER WALLACE'S NEW COMIC DBAMA CENTRAL PARK) OH, THE HOUSE WITH TWO doors. OB*CINE AND *MMBNSB UIT, OBEATLY ACTED, GREATLY PRODUCED AMD GRBATLT SUCCESSFUL*. LOVE ON THE ICR, LOtE ON THE ICB, EYEBY NIGHT, every NIQHT every NIGHT, EVERY NiUUT HOW8BS, CABRIAUB8, AC. A PORTION OP THE PRIYATB establishment of L M. Singer for sa'e. Ten Horse* and six Carriages, ell first das*. Carnage house 63 Weal Nluth street, uear fifth avenue. FOR 8ALB?A BORKEL MARK, seven YEARS OLD. Coil trot a mile Iu three minutes, and is very stylish Also a Uo{ Cart made by Wood Bros., very handsome. Ila li^en used but four limes; In perfect order. For sa.e cheap. Inquire at private stable, a>7 Nlntli street. ?IOR HALE?A SECOND HAND CARRIAGE, IN OOOD order, pair of Horses aad Hatnaaa, to be sod cheap ey are very suitable for harking. < 111 be seeu at tig CUa ton place, oetwot u Fifth and Slith avenu**. TJIOR SALE?A CO TK HOR.'E, 16 UANDtf 3 INCURS A1 high, pony built and eta; gail' d, is pvr^Bly kind and s una and eig'it years old to be seen atB??t?blo of A. Barrows, 101 Grand street, corner of Mercer. FOR SALE?A COMPLETE TURNOUT. SUITABLE for the mad, consisting of da k b>. y Horse, 14 hands high, very stylish, and warranted sound and kind. light Wn^.ii, full dpi tag nearly new, made by one of the boat city makers, together wi'h Harness, Robe anil W hip Wlli be sola ? .geltier or separately, this la a chance seldom found to get a r? a ly good team for a low price. Apply at No, 24 >Vcai Thirteenth btreet, near Fifth avenue. FOR 8ALR?A HANDSOME km saddle HORSE, kind and gentle. Ma; be seen at the stable No 97 Tent i street. For particulars Inquire at HG Tenth street. FOR SALE CHEAP?THREE ROAD WAOONS, ALL IN good order, price front J.ij to $M: one Express Wag >u, $50; bay Horse, $60. Apply at 162 Varick street. HOBBBB, CARRIAGES GROCERS' and businkvs Wagons?For sale 200 lliht family Carriages. Roeka ways, Buggies and boalnei>s W agon*. and second hand Wa gons of all kinds; also fifty Horsea, filing off cheap U lot I'ultou avenue, and 10 Kevin* street, Brooklyn. Horse, waoon and harness wantkd-in ex fihonge for cash, Iron pipe, plumbers' iron work, or Iron castings Must be a sound. Wind horse, suitable for heavy express business. Addresa Horse aud wagon, Broad way Post office. SIX HORSES FOR HALE -SUITABLE FOR ALL BUSI neaws. Prices from $40 to $130 Also, several second hand Light Wagons and Harness; also, a good one horae Truck. Apply at 72 Charles s reet. mwo WAGONS, SUITABLE FOR ANY BUSINESS, X warranted one year; must l>e sold Immediately. Pur chuu rs calling to day can nee tiiem before painted. JOHN Mi l.LIN, wagon maker, UU West Eighteenth street. WANTED?A PAIR OK YOUNO AND GOOD MARES, very tall, and not to be black or sorrel oolor. Please apply at 121 East Thirteenth street. MUSICAL. A DODWORTH'8 DANCING ACADEMIES. No. 8P> Broadway, New York No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. WednesHys and Saturdays In New Ycrk. Monday!) and Thursday*, Tuesdays aud Fridays in Brooklyn. Circulars of terms, Ac , may be had at either Academy. A greatly IHFROVBD PI A NO FORTH. LIGHTS A BRADBURY, Manufacturers of a new scale of overstrung base, patent in tulated full Iron frame, grand and square Pianoforte, No. 421 Broome street. Pianos to rent. AriRST CLAeS organist AND BA?8 WILL BR open for an engagement after thn 1st of May next, In anychuicb, either in M'w York or Br<Miklyn. Undoubted references given. A ldres?, stating location and price, for one weok, G. W. M , organist. Herald otllce. A SUPERB SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte for sale?-Richly carvod leg* snd case, round cor nels, full Lirou pla e, inlaid with satin Aood, overstrtinii bats, inlaid with pearl and p?-arl keys made to order for tne pro lent o?mr oy city makers; fully guarauteed for three years; been In use but five months cost $.VJ0;?111 be sold lor $iJ?, In ciudirg st> ol and cover Also elegant Dining Room Sum cost $300, for $1M1, In quire ut No. 70 Weat Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. /WHICKERING A BON'S GRAND SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIANOS, (KM Broadway, New York. MOtilC ?A LADY WELL EXPERIENCED IN TEACH iiiff the Pianoforte, who cm produce the highest testi monials, is doairous of obtaining a few morn pupils to in sliutst 'heir residences. Call at Ui3|We*t Twentieth street, near Liglitb avenue. Madame guilmette informs her pupils and others desiring her s.-rvic-s aa teacher of the piano or French language that the has removed from 73 Fourth ave nue i.. 60.1 Mith avenue, bctwecu Thirty eighth and TUlrty ninth streets. MUHIO?INSTRUCTION ON TUB IPIANO AT $3 PER m1 nth, with pivilegeof practice In a plea?in< and tho rough method. Pupils attend, d at their residences, SID to $12 per quaitw. Apply at *17 Seventeenth street, near Ninth avenue. ORGANIST ?AN organist, WHOSE ENGAGEMENT expires Mav 1, Ih op-n for an offer, salary no object where the use of a good organ can be had. Adireas Muilc, bo* 177 Herald PIANOS, MELODE/NS, ALEXANDRE ORGANS?AT the lowest po*>tble pilocn. ?? r. nd band Plant* at groat bargains. from ?-> to $1W One seveu octavo, sotoml hau l, front round coixers, fancy legs, fretwork desk and over strung, for $176. ? l*no* and Melod.-ous to rent, an i lent al lowed If port baaed Monthly payments received for the same. n<iIu."E WATERS, Ageul, iU Broadway, N. ?. PIANOFORTES?A BaROAIN-PRICK $150-A MAO nlScent rose w old 6'i octavo Pianoforte; cost t'V.'O Also" feveral S'-ven octave Pianoforte < at half price, to eloac the es tate of the Arm of Coup r A Atherton. Hy order of Jud^n Leonard, Supreme Court Apply at >6* Bower*. JOIl.M McDoNALD, Receiver. flANOS, MELODEOKH, HARMONIUMS? FIRST CLASH, for Hale, t<> let or sold ou instalments, on favorable Superior Harmoniums, one, two or thre?- banks of ke?s. ft as ? lit to $*U) College Ptanea. fully wanantel, nk ootavea il?>. 7 or'avee, $174 to $MU J. M FBLTON, Noa. Ml and 643 H roadway. N T. IMMHICTIOW. ~~ At $2 no??writinoTjo^bssons; bookkeeping, $lo, lesions unlimited. Arithmetic and Writing, $10 |>er quarter, 7H lessons en h td Bow-rv, K. V , and ill Kulurn street, Hrooklyn. "Col. PAI^fc, the well known teacher of writing, is one of the beat instructors in the Stat*"?Now port Maicury. Academy of penmanship and bookkebfing, ?HI Broadway, continued by W. C. HOOGLAND, for many yenrs with Oliver B. OMdamUh. No elasaes Tho rougp j ractl. *1 instruction, with earnest, careful attention. Open day and evening. Derm*, moderate ACADEMIES OF I'RHMANSIIIP AND BOOKKEBPJJfO, Broadway, New York, and IS Court street, Hreokiyn. The subscriber will receive new pupils day and evening Co class or private Ins.ruction Call for circulars. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. "A few hints from a perfect maatcr |a< e often of more ser. vice in developing the capacities of a pupil than the most pro tracted lessons or ao Inferior ' WILLIAM 0. BRTANT A a 'ady HeraCl N AMERICAN. WIBHING TO PB RFECT HIMSELF _ in French conversation, would like private leseona troiu ><iy two or three evenings In the week Address C, L, 1 ofliee. C10NVERSA1 ION PAHLORS.? V SECOND COURSE OF ) Convi rsational l,e?sous in French, Spanish. Iia'lan, German and English will be formed at the Polyglot Institute, Sf4 Hrpadvay, near Union square as ?oon as ibe sppl'ratlons ah all re lufllclent. Private Lessons In Grammar may be had of each language by native peofeaeor*. This institute 1* patronized by the high"t soeietv rf this city For circulars and paitle ilaro apply at tho institute T'an .latlons of every kind attended to. L. PALMA DI I ESNuLA. CIBANH CAN LRAKN TO RRAD, WRITE AND SLeak English in tha?Uortest possible ilmc at the llemiw stead Institute, located in the healthy und pleasant vlhaao of Hempstead, twrnty miles east of Btvokl)n, L 1. B. UIND8, A. M , I'rlBtttpal. rr?OR EUROPE.-AN EXPERIENCED TUTOR IN r tends starting oa his ninth tour (with a limited numbor), about the 4th of May. The ground to be travelled Includes Great Britain and Ireland. Holland, Belgium, tiermany, Prussia. Austria Italy and Franca. The total eipenae will not eieeed $9W each, wflch may bsfeken in circular uotes, payable on the return of tha party, llefereooa will be given to those who accompanied the advertiser last summer, lor other particulars addtesa Sigma, Box ISO Herald ofllce DAIVCIIVO ACADEMIES. DANCINO.-BENJAMIN TATER HAVING RETURNBD f rom his Southern tour, Is now prepared la give Instruc tion in Dancing Terms, *c. maJe known at his residence. 160 Elm street, between the hours ol V and 10 A. K. and 4 and 6 P. M. Madame hautageau b dancing academy, do llrosdway, la open for lesaons nvenr afternoon from t to ft, atd f rom 8 to 10 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday even mg'. Wenersl mactlee on Tuesday, Thuraday ?nd Saturday evenings, 8 tUI 11 o'doek. HOTELS. PARKER HOUSE, BOSTON ^IRB ADDITION TO THIS Hotel being complete-* wjlh .uoertor aeeomm'idailont lor ladl^and gentleme- ^ on Monday, Febnia rv 18. The house.Is oomplete In all Its appointments, and It Is txr irnrvhTvBKiR,ron ^.veumg PUDll<- roHW rMIL& *^*.AYELLBRN.?DRHTB DIRBCT TO /"? "f'IJJ a aonlan House, Broadway, oorner of ll^on ducted on ihf) Rurop^^n pUn, g wxl f^od WWJjf mtH* ftiMiomi and ch?nr*. Ho-mi* 50 owu, and $1 pee da, Meaiaa. ordered g HB1D pwf1*Wi N1 AMVVBHIUI'D. BLC'S GARDEN. James M. Nljon. .. Le*ae? mi J U*at|>r. LAhT NIOB1 BUT ONB Of Judfe Conrad's oeleinrted Tiu?lf of JACK CADE. MB. EDWIN FulutLsru TIHT NIGHT. Wxdnesdar evening Feb. IT, J^TO&Dr^T lUa8 bUl JO# JAJK CADB, Ok tujc ituMUMAM or Kekt. XukOUe Br. BDWIN FORREST. MifkiiM.. Mrs. F. B. Conway. W?l Worthy Mr a Plaher. Mii? bray Mr O. Uarklaa. OUffard Mr. F. B. Con war. Lot4 Say Br. A. W. Peaa*

To-morrow ulght (Thursday). If MB. ABBA BISHUP'8 PiG'tJLAB ENGLISH OPEBA TROUPB IN SONNAMBULA. On Saturday, FRA D1AVOLO. w INTBR OARDEN *? IRD NIGHT or Mliwj CUSHMAN LemmHMi M?n*?'r. A W. J&akaML B NANCY S Y KK8. the puWtc fcre informed that u. ^S'HUB ?iU^apjf ?r^tUU (Wednesday) evening, Fohroary 17, In tfct " ^ " NANCT SYKBH, 'he greatest personation ?! ibc gicateat MWM on Ue attft In McAen* UauUful drain* of OLIVE* TWIST. J. W. WALLACE, J*, , ? * FAOIN, TUB JEW. Tbe other character* by M*urs. Htudley, Johnson, (ttod J?rt, Cavldgc, Lalor, ^rm Q. stoddajt. Ac. OWBBY T11BATRB. TUB I AST DAT PERFORMANCE. TUB LAal DAY PERFORMANCE or rROLESSOR AfPERSON THIS DAT, AT HALF PAST TWO, TUB GREAT \V1/ vRD'd GRAND APREH MIDI, TERMINAL Af.D V LTivA repetitive, AMD TTTIH EVE NINO. AT HALF-P19V 9RVKN. lUId EVENING, AT liALfr-PAST SEVEN, ANOniBR ORANll MILITARY NKJTTT. another URANl) MILITARY NIGHT. ANOTIUB URAND Mi HI a RT NIGHT. GREAT SCOTTIi H festival. GREAT BCuDIsII FESTIVAL, GREAT SCOnisH festival. COMPANY C. 70TH RKOIMKNT. COMPANY C. 7y 1H regiment. COMl'AM C, 7t?IH REGIMENT, captain" H~VRCLAT will honor the performance u> rogiit The First Company of the name reK'mt nt (Captain Mannoni attended but night THE HOI *h WaS TREMENDOUS. The beart of Sootlanrt ten ed wl'h eielte-nent at tho thnlllnjr notes ot the pipes, and at tin- sight of the waring piuuioa Mid tlowlug Uutaua. So it will be to nlgbt. PROFESSOR ANUbRSON PBOPESSOE ANPKRSON PPOFESSiR ANDERSON PROFESSOR ANDERSON PROFESSOR ANUBBsON PROFEShOR ANDERSON will appear lu the magnificent bMtuh drcas prc?eote4 te him by PRINCB ALBERT, and perform bi < thaumaturgic exploit* M mit'll vtl. t?i;orr did in the oldeu tunc. ALL NBW ~WONDP.R3. ALL N EW W.lNliKriS. ALL NhW WONDBRS. LAST NIOHT BUT two. LAST NltiliT MI'T tW??. LAST MQHT HIT TWO. Be ul the doors by half pant ?l* .. Piofesiior anderson'S BENT FIT and last night of all on Frldaj n?*?t. HOOLEY k CAMPBELL'S MINST1USLM. ? MOLJ'H 8AW)ON. MONDAT EVENING, Feb ?A and erery sveninf. A GREAT BILL FOR 1 HIS WKBK ITALIAN AIRS BY native ARTISTS BOLD privateer, OR DUTCH ORUAN tHRL. BEN COnON'8 orlgUial act. OLD UNOLB SNOW. SCENES AT PIIaL<? S STUMP SPEBOH. JOHNNY SOUND YOUR BCOLB New Si tig", Acts, Plantation Scenes. Ao.. An Dorrs i't>eri at ti\; to comnieiioe at Ti'i Tlntets It oonU. A M ERIC AN COMCERT iui.i^ 4"iT 4,1 }** BROADWAY. HI *}* ?W broadway. The grcte* entertainment in the woruf" K>Kiy ARTl.nrH, ? , FOKTY ART1KTA, >0 second or tlitm l.a:id peMormi m. V ? BVKKY AKH.V1 A STAR. ^0 hoc md or third haml |*erfoi mem c , . EVERY AHTIsT a htar. dlta * renowned Buujoist aud Ethiopian C'oma J. H. BUDWORTfT. J. H. BUDWORrit. n?. l. e.uJ; M' BIDWOKTH. ilist week of the favorite ln*ii Comedian HILLY O'MIL BILLY ONhIL, BILLY O'NEIL, BIU*T 01,B1L? ?Ir LT 0.-R? BILLY OM-.1L, BILLY OMRI^ BlLLY U'r?ElL^ arlTi u-SJSi r" BILLY O'NEIL. O KEIL, BILLY ONhIL, BILLY O'KRIU In a variety of oiiuinal jokes, Ac. J1!"!! ^?"ima-Uraod PaiMy'n Wedding p.,,. ? r " I4"'1 idyWedding. K'li.t *"<vlf of il?p e?Icl>rate'l VfK-Hlf jt CLARA HARRINGTON. CLARA IIARKIMJTON, the Queen of ,on/'LAKA ?^*?n>X, "TL^r" 0ri'e thM hM Wr appeared in .New Yoti BALLET TROUPE, wiil.out <roeptlon Hi* u'k.Ii l.f'ihi' glrinffunon ?X?utrwUboul llieIW ta; P , ADMISSION: artl tkatal^nrirate ??, 10 ??? -on. La Tboktb, BL'IUia' T"o?torio0>D 1,EHr0R,tAN'CE ?F BRlSTOW'g .... ,.v , "PRAISE TO OOD,'? WUI take plaoe on Thursday, Itbruaiv ii. T , irviv.j ham;, Irrlng pUtf mi l Ki'Ui ulli ulieet. The aolo parts w in be unstained li/ Miaa MAhIA HKaI.N I.KD, Mr. o. W. HAHELWOOD, Mr*' JA*IBdr)-v. Grand chonia of two bundled "rul^a TU'->M?a of the ^ew Yotk Ilarriioui" Society aud r?-/w. , ...FLrIX orchestra. Tut Oratoilowill he produced under ibn direction <V Mr. U EH RUE V BRISTOW. ...... , ,, Tlcken 60 cents 01 pe,forra"?fl ?? Flitu A lotid s Mimic More. I*o 647 Broadway Brrumg ? Music Store, No. 701 Bro.dw,?vr. Schiirfeobet^ A Luta Music Store, No. ;,;y Broad *ar C<.ui'til.oven ? Music Store, No hS6 Br >iidway Mater* Music store, No. SB Broadway. Lockw.iod ? B.ok stor*', 411 Broadway ArfJif?? * to ? No. I HO Br Jidway." &u*VwlZZj,'3!?a w.^"^utaDj Uburt' The OF TflEFRBM. ,t|' ??.w* work- pronouncd Mr. BrUtow'a finest br te"dT"heNlUi'tewfc'1"*1 w uf lhe ?w#t IUU*1S Tlie Atl?a aay?:? Thp pri diictwin waa an rnthaia^tlr- triumph, maurlnir tlm ^mpoaer a pmiucU.,n a high p^oe in tbe realm of muai jll The Sunday Courier nay*:? J}*' performance wa< a decided ?uery*c We ronalder it to l*'jr or^eonMruction, and n >mi <>f Itx m^lodlea gollJ**! Mo?I*rU"n4 W'lU 'bB r<JUip ,*lUons of Haydn, i'ar Ihc lihpalch .aye? 4r? f*'r'chor,il?4 ma<ri,lflcent and the dueta A,Tng lh" ?""? ar" *'praiio ?olo, W h?-n I hoit Toiikcxt I pon l h?e. a duel, 'U?y by bay We Maxnifv Thee the irlo r?o (itv? Kcoaledfa," and thu rS!' ? Ul1* i$ Miibilsn, "Gloria i'atrlA. " I be DaiJjr Tioqpn nuyn ? The Wot k la cbaracu-rlzrd by much ?l?or of thouiilit. mm. "tn:5l *"d boi" 1""d >w?nful corahiniU .o j of f . T? "^;,n 'J1?*' 'be melodic form I, wm* t mea a little ?tretehed and overwi lUght, but wh.'re tliia hup J1 . i"xeeiition There air numb?ra iu th<> work 10 ""e<4iul to the beat mamp m of llandcl, e?pc<l#li. Aiuotig ihe ohorua-ja. The itoloa are nernlly of a ?e/y retlceot eharatter, and h?arln? two or three ^ h," m*nr |oT, I7 phraa.?, with which they are fl'lfd, bteoMle fully rerealril. mra The Krt mriR l'o?? ??y>:_ The oratorio oTcDa with an on-heitral Introdocll .n intended to'lluMra.e Ihff gatherlDK topeth'T of tho n?Uon? to unite la un< grand i! rrlption of pialf" to (led In the middle of thl< ? ov. iiien ocntra a minor airaln, tnteodmi to portray the atato of mln< of tho*e who here nerer awn th? light o' a re *paii d t?l glon. The word" of the oratorio are tak -n from the Lltiir** of the Kngllah t.huroh km found In tae Knglmh pti jer I 'icka, the te Oeum" lielng largely drjwn up in Th * opening ehi.rur, "We Pral.e Thee, o o?d;T' another ehortic Ihe lloly f liiireh " and baaa aolo, "ihou Art the King." a aoprano solo, "#hen Thou Tookeat I.'pou thwa duet, "Day by Lay, ' and a fuitte ehorua, "Vouchaa'e, o Loid." are among the nio?! nitii al'U featntea of the p?rt of the Oratorio. Ihe necoml part coiiUiua an opening ehonu }?b" ~i? "O1". "As Ho ->p?ke aquarftte, "lhat We Heirg lellvered," and a concluding choral ingii.-, ?bi wing great rara In contrapuntal writing. "VrAN OEt'KKLEN S AUTOMATON MUSICIAN ?^TflH ? wonderful pt"~e of Meehanlum on eihibttion, -lay and erfnlng. r?r a .hoit time only, at HO Broadway, flrat block belnw N?'W York Hoifl. Admi^iton 'A cent*. COBTINENrALTBEATRK LATE NATIONAL). IMIILA delphia?ihe ladiea and gentlemen engiup'd for the ? mlng ?eaaon are requested to meet In the gre..Q room of tha ab.;re Mtahll?hment on Hatorday March a, 1*61, at U o'clock, ptepatatory to the opaateg, Monday, Man h A J. U. HANLKV, Mtage Manager. WIIIEI ABlb LI(|I'OH8. LeiuH'h p'rrk'london oin fURK LONDON BITTKRH. H!8H ! SiSBt oihobr bkandt. LRKail R PEPPERMINT cordial, Ac., 40. The ..bora artklea will he found ?uperl<>r to <nj thing of tha 1 kliul In tha inarkaU For aale in caaea or In bulk fto the tra l? I only; by LRIOH A BAILIIK. aole agenia, 4S iboal street, N. Y. Kl UMT1 l(K. I A^LL KINDfl OP FURNITURE, MATTREiHBU AND nodding, wholesaad oh??p??r th%n any other atore, at <>. VV. HNEDKN'8, No K1 Bowery, betwwn Maa ton and Honatnn atrr-et* Please call and ?ou will aare money. ' 'x?da watiantid, anil ilellrered fr^ n with the nmnher. A bedroom SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNrrURB for ??.*>. In all e-.|.>ra, of warranted manufacture. AJaa ?'lld ehextnut. Chamber Bulta, plain and ornamental, at U. ag 'B' ( anal auaet, oppoalie Wo<?ur Ea rARTIEH BREAKINO UP IIOrAEKRIPINO, AND I * '*hIng to dlapoaa of their Furniture for Board, can he aecnnirnodVad m the riiiotty ol Br>adwar and Vlrccfcct *rte?, by u, Y,, Herald odev. Laura ibene'S thba-be. AUBA KFEVB'H TUEATRR. LAURA KEBNB'H THEATRE. LaLRA kEBNE'S THEATRE. 1^-iUUt^TBBAT.B TONIGHT. TONIOBT, TO NIOHlJ tO-iKMIC TO NIGHT, TO-NIGHT, TONIGHT, TO-NiaUT, TO NIOHli WOElOHg TO-NIGHT. WEDNESDAY1, WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY, wednesday; ?wkunkhj>at. w kdnesday, WEDNESDAY* WEDNESDAY. WRONBSDAY, WRDNRkDAY, WF.DNRHDaY. Wednesday! PEBRUAKV 17, Itgl, BKINO TIIK OWE HUNDREDTH NIUHT ONE HUNDREDTH NlUUT ONE HUNDREDTH MIGHT ONK HUNDREDTH N1 1HT ONE HUNDREDTH MIGHT ONE HUNDREDTH NIGHT ?ONB HUNDREDTH NIGHT ONB HUNDREDTH NIUHT ONB HUNDREDTH NIUHT ONB HUNDREDTH NIGHT ONE HUNDREDTH NIGHT ONE HUNDREDTH NIQ1IT ONE HUNDREDTH NIGHr ONB HUNDREDTH NIGHT ONE HUNDltEDTJ NIGHT ONB HUNDhEDTH NIGHT ONE HUNDREDTH NIUHT ONE HUMiltEDril NIGHT ONK HUNDRED!* NIUIIT ?ONE HUNDHEDlH NIGHT ONB HUNDREDTH NIGIIT ONB HI'MjIIi-UIII MOM.' ONB HUNDREDTH NKillT ONE HCNDRBDTH MC1HT ONB HUNDREDTH NIGHT ONK HUNDREDTH NIGHT ONB HUNDREDTH NIGBT ONE HUNDREDTH NIGHT OKI! HUNDREDTH BIGHT ONE HUNDREDTH NIUUT or tiis ORBAT THREE ACT BUR LETT A, GREAT THREE AOT TUiKEEITA, GREAT Tit KEE ACT BLRLETTA. UKEAT T11KLK ACT BURLE'ITa, UKhAf THREB ACT BURLETTA, OREAT THREE AC4 BURLE TA. GRFaT TBREB AOT BURLETTA, OREAT THERE ACT BLRLHTTA, OREAT TilREE AOT BURUSTTA, OREAT THREE AJT BO KLKI'l A, OHEaT THREE AOT BUBLBTT A. U It EAT THREE ACT BUrtLliTfA, THE SEVEN SIHTRBS. SEVEN BlnTEltS. HE YEN HihlEttS. SEVEN HlsTEtiS. SEVEN SlSTERgi. HEYEN SISTERS. SEVEN SIS I EH*. HE YEN SI iTERS. SEVEN SISTERS. SEVEN SlsT'EKi. SEVEN SISTERS. HEVEN SISTER*. SEVEN HISTEKH. SEVEN SISTERS. BE YEN SISTERS. SEVEN SIST&RS, SEVEN SISTERS. SEVEN SISTERS. SEVEN SISTERS. 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HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL EM'K A V AG ANZ?, HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL EXTRAVAGANZA, HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL EX TRaV AGAN/.A. HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL EXTRAVAGANZA. THE 8E\ EN SISTERS, SEVEN SlStEBS, BI'.VFR SISTERS, SEVEN SISfEKi, SE'EN SI Tr K-l, Inr udii * fill ihc HEAUTIKI L UNION PICTURE*, BEAUTIFUL UNION PiCTUKBH, BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTUSBl, BEAUTIFUL UNION PICH RKS, BEAU TIH L IN ION I'd IIIKKH, BEAUTlF L UNION PICTURES, Beautiful union piotukkS, 3BAUTIFI L UNION PI? 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LABTERN; UNCLE SAMS MAGIC LANIEKN; UNCI K PAM H MAGIC LAN1KKN, UNl LE SAM S MAGIC LANTERN; UNCLE SAMS SIaGIC LANTERN; UNCLE SAM'S MAGIC LANTKItN; UNCLE RAM M MAGIC LANTERN; vn< le nam s Magic Lantern; U'N< LK SAM S MAGIC LANTERN( IN< LE sm ft Lantern; UNCLE SAM H MAGIC LA.MERN; UNCLE SaM S MAGIC LtNTBRNt UNCLE SAM '?< MAGIC LANTERN: UNI I.E HAM'S MAGI : LANIEKN; UNC LK HAM S MAGIC LANTERN 1 uNi le SAMn Magic LanTERN; UNCLE Bam s >l kmc LANTERN; UNI LK SAM S EAGIC LANTERNt UNl'LE HAMS MAGIC LANThfcN j UNI LE SAM'S MAGIC LANTERN! UNCLE SAM* MAGIC LANTERN} UNCLR SAMS MAGIC LAN TKRN; CNl LE SAM * MAGIC LANTERN) UNCLE SAM'S MAOIC LANTP.RS; UNCLE SAM'S KAOIO LANTEIIN; MMtlN UOLCXBIA AT WASHINGTON S TOMB. THE THIRTY FOUR STATES, TUB EBONY WBOOI. REraeulkTIM TMK OOOO OLD SHIP CONS1TTUTIOII MMm BF TICK RMAlHni'ATORH AND KIkE P.aTBR*. THE BTUEP OP THE LIBERTY TBBE. THE BT.AVB Si'RNB. THE HAI'PV PLANTATION HOME, CALHOUN'S DREAM WABIiOWTON'B A KMVaT TALLET FORGE. UBIETY AND DIOGENEM. APOTHEOSIS wa^iinoton'and UNION. THE XOUAVB DRILL BUELBSQUB DANCE AND TUB LAST OREAT SCENE, tm BIRTH Or THE BrlTBRFLY IN TWIC BOWER OK FERNS. Thm hlahlT *H<T#!k>fol Hurt#u? WlIJi BE PLATED BVBBY NIGHT WILL BB PLAVEI) ENEBY NIGHT WILL BE PLAYED KVP.BT NIGIIT WILL RE PLAYED EVF.RT Stoflf WILL BR PLAYED EVERT NIGHT TILL FURTHEH NOTICE. TILL FURTHER ROTIoK TILL FURTHER NOTIl R. IMlMll?<?np* mi? w??k In *dT?nr?> without uln fhArg* Doom opf>B M bklf p*? (il; tr> mmnwrnn* ftt h*lf pssw, reffwm?u? Wiu?ia?H??t Kttodvck. AMCIHHKR'IB. ACADEMY or MUHIO. NK# YUH.K -MHS H'-'-ffl MIX VH WERl! ur THK SEASO*. Mg. MUZIO hM the bourn to annonnc- tiat MlaS CLARA UIITI8K KKLLOGO Will make her u>-l>ui THIS (WWDNEMDAY) K'RNINO, Feb. ST. On vbloa oocMlna wU 1 i^ ffijgrV<f 0*-r^ SS HtlUlOXI kht* Hi ?t appear?D?>i a* .....Due of lUaUM FBKKI to lua world renowed ohnracter of ..lUgoleil# CoLRTTl W. Hpar?fu-i? Director and Conductor S1<- MuAU ACADEMY OF MUSIC, NEW YORK?MATINHE. A HATl'KOAV. Mlkcil a, AT Off O'CLOCK, (iKAND GALA MATINEE, oo a mud mli<, and eitraordlnary t>>m')lnation The <m Lrut*l< tiled aucotm which attended the laat Matinee fcM Iiiu .ubu tie management to announce another and pontilreiy the laat (lata Matinee, on next Saturday, Mai eh 3, when MB Mtranralnary performtaee, nwr aorpaaeed Worn, will M Riven. In wluuii tlie entire powerl ol oompaay will appear. ROOKI'Yhi ACADEMY OK MUSIC.-DON JUAW. SATl'BDAV, MARCB 2 GRAND OALA NIOET& B Ob which iKX-anli D will h? i>r*aented JtOCAltT'H IMMORTAL MASTER WORK AMD THE GKEAVEmT OF ALL OPKBA& IL DON OIoVANNI, (Don J uan). With the following powerful ana unprecedented eeet: Donna Anna Madame :'olaoa Z*' toa mM U inkle* Donna Elvira MUe Kleoft DociOUvio Big tirtguoM Don (?i..vacn. Sig Pent I.cjxirello Hlg. Hualni Maaartlo HI* Oletlf CamanJat'N-e Sig Deubrout Director and Conductor Kig MuM* ticket uffloe mi correct Opera Book* at Slbell'a U MT?B ? atrvet, New York. NEW BOWERY THEATRE. Sole 1'roprl 'torn lleaara. O. L. Fox A J. W. Llnguf WEsnwit, Fm. U, tool. ? The petite coined \ of ? ? , A DAY AFTER THE wedding. .. ... i1 M l'<nnle pantomime of ... . a i A tU'VV,N ?'ArK> llui OIANT KILLBR, and the national draroa of MlOK or TUB WOO DR. .? .n. AkTKHNOOK. ? .< K? *>'B GIaNT killbb. ior (be aocoiiuitodatlun of famlllea. JJARNVM'S american Mt'f El'M. Wednesday, 7.?h. rr iaai (Hi AND KAM11.Y 1H),.|I>aY. TWO Ri'l-KNDID DBaMaTIO i-j' RMANOESL AFTKRNOOK and EVENING, at 3and "5o'oSookL At eadh ol * hi. b that SplMKlid l). mwilc Drama, rus woman in white, WOMAN IN WtllTE, " \ IN WHITE, . ->v ' From Ae ffrewt ?lory of that wunen by Wllkle Ooillnaf wSM produced In the motit attractl?o *t> |e, una tue (o<lo>vlng living woi.Hi-r? aivi cuiioal Ich uie all to Ho wen *t ill h ura without extra charge; aud eveiy candid mind will ?dmlt iti.t 'hey orm etltute the gi i atoNt attract.on ever ctTer>"l hi my olugUi oMato* Ualuiunt at any price, and tb.i>. tliev nrq wonli ?en times the price ok mhv- to the Muhcuu witli all Ita wondi'i.. aud tLU rtjiii ni iiw. . old ADAMS* t'ALIKOKNIA MBNAOEulE ' of Arnci ?in ltearti, Orixzly Hears, Ac. 1HK (IKKAT MAMMOTH BPAR SaMHON. weiring near 7 000 potinda. AII exhibited and |>erformod b* Uor DiicnbtRh. the renowned lion uuuer llib allBAT MVINU BLACK SEA LION, t?. II frKPTUNE. MONARCH OF the O'-EAir. Tba two living \7. IEC (^HILLRKN, living ALII NO Ka MILY, fn<in A.iuJaj-'B '??ar; living WHAT JS lTr IS IT MANY th IT MONKf lir OK IS IT UOlII? thirty living monhtrk SNAKES, the living llAl'I'Y KAMlLY, tho Jiving learned SEAL, IflO dollar M'hl'KLRD BROOK TROUT, UKANB AtjUAi'lA V aX KIOtRES. and near a million Curiosities fr?n all ptit u of the worta. Miau DAW hon. tho d iuhl? voletd vor*Uht, will appear at each performnnce In k popular duct, ainginu in a deep and powerl ul tenor and de'lnute irelde; tir. nnod ono liall aa ? mc.n, the other hall as a lad/, aha wUI alao mi g the prp-jlai noog, "The Kla? of cur Union." NotwithnUnditig nil th> hc a'traciloua the price of ^tdmii^loa rcmalnn at only 25 eenls. ( bll ir. 11 under 'en, '8 c -nu. l'ar <(uet, 15 cents extra; i-hllilren nuder ten, 10 cent extra. RYANTS minstrels. Mechanic'* Iiall, 473 Broadway, above Orand atrcM. ' Mowlav. Fehnuuv t\ and every nlrl.t during the week. crowded tlOUHKH. lMMRNUK BUCOUliR or i 1 JACK CADB. Jaok Cade, a 1a Forrest Dan Bryant. Lord Say '*ri;y 'I yanL l'EPCEV, KOV7LRR, GOULD and HILTON, Ike Vocal yutrtette, (n new Seng*, Choruaee, A<3. HEI-iL and NORTON, In tholr ehantolen den hie dance*. Giw.pevlDe Twwt. Paa de Dtable. Stump Hpe^Olr. Oonciudinu fwith Dun Enimett'* original i'.nnta.lon Hon& 1)1 XI EH LAND DIXIES LAND. Doora'oiwn at 6\. Curtain rlaea at 73?. Ticket < 2) centa BENCH TliEATltE?069 BROADWaK, OtlOMTB _ biblOH. TO-NIUllT, Fobruary 27. TO-MOHT, rO-NiOUT, B F T?lVir OERAt/D O'NP.IL, PltoK. OKItAJjD O'NEIL, PItOi'. VtiliAMI 0 L, OUAND OT>RNINa GRAND Cl'EN'IKlU OUA.ND Oi'hMNtJ TIIR IRISH MAGICIA* THE 1K1HJJ MaGICIAM TUE IHlhli MACMUIAM or tiii; PTEEODACTYL A !U A, 11'fiuODACTYIARIA, PTERODACTYL ABU. AND BENEFIT Of LARRY SUoRT, LARRY BSOBT. ID A CRT.AT uvr or INCOMl'BfcUhNhlBlLITIES. GO R*.ri/Y. GO EARLY. GO EARLY GO KAKL.Y, l'arfurananoca coiuiti mkm; at T*i o'clock. TickeU lb oeuU. Tue q&kat cantkhbiky. CAM. EllBlTBT iiu.iia HALL, (kit BKi UlUTAT. The <'4iniop*>ur7 la an Inatliutien around which all popular favor i l?n, H. 1 In' < i.nteibury It ooatuutly augmenting ike number oC ;u attraction*. Tliet luiu rbury la tba number of iu artleta outetrlpa afl eouipeti'or*. lb* nadir* roaipohliiK the <'?uterbury Oompauy wo tba t"*l known In tlx- mu<ir*l wold. The urojit Coojic hih-t of the ua. V.K. HAM Gil WELL, MK. HAM OOWELL, kill. BAM COYVKLL, bam ooirriJi, ram noiriu, HAM COWELL, HAM COWKI.L, HAM (X)WKl.'i, HaM COVfcLl^ t)AM COWK.M, HAM OcWKU* HAM OOWKLL, KaM l!u#tl.L HAM OOWEt.I.. 4AM VOWhLL. 1'UWD'tF.nM in'NORl.ll.t MI NOUf 1>H HUNl'RKIM P?<AiMJS CO 6A IN AUM^aiUH. J. M OIJIIhN, J. II. OUDKN, J. H. (MIIIKV, J. II. OuUKN, J. II. OOUF.V, J. H. OODEJL j. u. uuvt.H j. h. oodhe, '1KB IFUHFI A M B AWH ATH/K, Till. IKIHlt A M IIa>H -ilx Ik, In aajil^r H?iher? of omicsiity, u beyond ih.' re?eh of aE rlvaiiy, Mid w 111 ever ivcutlo the |> ei of ail IKI. li COMIC SlAWKKif MIAE MARIETTA, MI.I.H, M AII' KTT4_ MI.LK. MARIETTA, M /.LI-. M \ HI I. ff A, lat<: W;jU:?g Itanaeuse of the lie vela In mmie ul the w >*t diibo'ilt -tpuiiiafc I iiw-, aa uaual. ELLA. CATHAfUNE. Ui?oet<4>r?t4>d dtiiNUN, late of CoftM i.irden theatre, Un dim, win make her Sol ?nf>?*r*o<-e Monday Bight. Aimr tm:?rriar?llng the above well known titam idw at? le>bnd to the Canurrbutjr, It wlQ only b? n-.xtMUj to KB that? AUra^il m here magnetic hold* III away, Ah wfll atloat the bundreda t'irn"daway. 'Mil all ? ntorm* that lu the vlxia cloud Mill /ooai-ure aeekera to thet'anterbury mni Tber? iM a <-h?rui which h*ng<< aro iml tb? plaoe, Wblch Dotbuig - an or ever will eiraoe Pa mm to ih" world, and pralard aloud by *'\ l.i Uu) "lean', of Mann 1 at tot t Vmorbury UalL lllh MANAuEMKMT to ULi?o>i'ica thai iP'-at uoreitica are lu prejiaratioo, ao4 wiii utortly be produced. FOX 4 CUBE AN. Proprietor. Rhid Nokhis, Traamirer. In aiurwar to numerom laqulrlna It may ho well t > at* la Ural Uu abovi flroi arc at the lipad of the enter, rla* In whlcB MeOa. UloMliu'a name appear* In Boaion, Maaa. hJLocrnoN AMP niiAMAUC UMtMNJHM J B. U UK) >WN will r'tMrn a lew pupUa on imaa>'<liale applioa tton at 111* roooi*, 18 CIlotoQ Half, Aator pia>-e Public ite private iparttoa may ?-1.?a?4; i Mr. Brown'* aervlcca In tua popib lar U*jaai>iR KuUTUlmni ala. TilKATKK FRABv'Alfl, IV5 BKOADWAT ?.ISI'DI M K'irrler, lMfcl._Hf pr#*' ntailon fitraor Unalre au b.'ii6 floe-dt-Mr. B?-rtianl. Ab'<nn?niMtit "t >'ii!r. ?*a d' I areur aua neud i. I,K IbnTAMfcNT UK ?.K-iAiv UIHOUOT. I.A COKDB KEH8IBI.B NhW HTAI/T THBaTRB. :t7-? BOWERY.? BeneOt of Wllbelm Kanel First night of I'KHRIt l)K!? OCEAN. Drama by E. 'Irunj. Oamora, Mr*. U ijm, diden. O. Hoy. Arch htrebt tiikatrk ?heai.ei> PROPOnALfl will be received up to the 3d d*> or April nest for isaa InK the Aroh Slrvt Theatre for i ne year from the lat of Hep tember n< it. All propooal* ?r cnma:iinicailoti* lo be a<l dieaeol le E. II Killer, Heoretary of the Board of AfenM, box 1.H65 Pblla>lrlplila Piait eiltoe. WMKATLY A CLARKE'S ARCH STEEET THEATRE; I'MVa l- Ipltla.- The 'iad<'i*l|;n?d beln? .ilmut to wlth diaw froei tlila eatablieluuent, b-'reby offer for aitla a lanpt pianuty of ryw H^oenr, 'xiaidallna of Flat*. Wiaa*. Uropa awl KiirOTa; all M M p ? ? a. ul ttr. rin*. awp? U.ider*. . a autral ?t?ir num. Urgft a nip, patvoram.1, ataie cliandnilcra and "thcr appointment*; tl>e cfu and act drop enrtaln*; all IJiM pro|a-ilie* the meal '??ni)leU', the accumulation m 1 h-bt yeara, inaiMni-ry, ae*-en ctupleie *e'? of ?'*?" !"f". 'Jire. a j vaii? i auperlor drawlna roooa ear|iet?; green balsar aen i_W?ln and oliror i.'*ae 'joverKiKi; ihr moat i*mipl>He iheat rtral war-irobe in tho jjsitnd Statee; mlatellaneom furnuuxa, Mirrora, t look a, Hi?v.-a, C-aka. Hur?"?ua, ?ia? fliturea, Mat 'itig, Ac., two Iron Hniea, Cb ind< li> i"*, pnralehoi < urtaiM and Furniture ?kll bill frame*, and ?>ipen*ire wood mila. A oiarvtit'io Ttie.itrlenl Library, oonatatlnf of r?r?}T *r bte piovpt hoeaaaud raanuarrlpf*. Rm',!,,(.lIh5 j?*W m*ag wit? *bl<4i the aoke rt?ht le perform ia PBUadelnki* frill M ocm-'-yed. aucb a* Playing wlta Fire, Ao. W. WH^EATLJ, J1BTCRNBD. pA<.Fi.H ..VEN"H " TM* sreei rtclare ie attracting Immenae attention and baa fceec, ? ? by opaarda ef^ TnoD?AND A^V"AN*AND^CKTiaN OA1LEEY OF PAIWTIKOH. NO. f?W Broadway Open day and ereolug. Admltiaace ? eanta. /GERMAN VOUCH OA EDEN, fjT PALACE CONC ERT SALOON. U iS ? BOWERY U 44 9 Open every night FOR THE BBHT ENTERTAINMENT IN THE OltT. U? l-lii?xi of tbe new Pantomlma TUB FAIRY OF THF. WHEAT SHRAF. THE FAIRY OF THE WHEAT HUEAf. Tbe graa'eat aMractton In Ike city ara the WAITKR ulRLH WAITER ?IIEL? IB FANCY IE FANCY OOBTUEE. COBTUEE. Mb. aeo meh. oko. vandknhoff, EBOOKLYE ATIIEN.KJE. FRIUAT. Marrh 1, In RtcriELIRt'. Alao. ME. BCMBI.R'N i-OPETIIIir. TVcketn at ivnta I'oora open at 7; to eommanre at a ? floefc. NHVTK'SM THEATRE TIIK f.AO'WWANr>o*prTi^w. | men etiua<r?1 for tb- aprlng?*X~5i55S! 9 WtU iwmWe In the (l een Room on J^uridW meraWS *A U o'cW, prrparaioty ? ^turdy^E^V