Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1861 Page 2
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FINANCIAL ado commercial. WivNKDiT, Feb. 27?9 P. If. | TW tauney market U artirs, in consequence of tbe |?; mem* od a count of the new luu. The r? re pls to-day m he ?ab Treasury were $1,289,446. la taper * <ry ituiv is 4uimg; the nu of call loaus vm Mi jM-r??at. * ? .-mnn oaoaaaga stoned rather flat?rates l?-iag 1<> '? ? I0u for baakera', and 104% ? 106/4 ftir bhh aiitile bills, f rancs moved at 6.35 a TV <**< k market was irregular this morning, ^oair wfuriuri b. i ft higher, while other* were lo??r l'nl<*4 vUi<-' stocks of all kinds were I better Tl? new l<?sn aold at 103%, and twelve per eest Irea-ury koto- at premium Btate atocka 1 a ere a ?-*> b? tier. Nr* York Central waa steady; ' ? r r. li>?iroa. Harlem and ioledo were all */% a x/t 1 b- iter on lUe ather k-ti. Illinois Central Oil oft 'v trading 1, and the Weatcrn railroad ' share- ?? i < rally wrre rather lower than yester day Atirt tin- board the market was st firat dull, but sn< r?ar<U aiMh d< a up umJ-r the eUert of bet ter advice# from ?a hiagtM. In the afternoon a r* im rat ad ance t<>< k place, and stocks ' u?P?d up without aiy exertion. The | k,iMiir?- d i?* at the M coal board wa? quite large, j and ai tin* dorr the ai 11 t left off Arm. The f?l- ' l?a iug w?re the ia?t quotations of the day:? , I ruled htatas j's (1*74), b?>% a 87; Virginia State fc'a, 77 s 7t; Thmhn-**, 76 a S: Miasouri Htate C'a, ?>? a <i"; Canton, 14 n 16; Cumberland Coal I referral, 7; ffcette Mail htramship, 871^ a j New \ oth 4 cntrai, 7?% aT,; Kris, 347, a Xj; Hud son River, 4*>Vf a %; liaricm, ll/t s % do. pre t- m>i. 4 , ?12; Heading. 4'?, a %; Mnbigan Cen tral, 6S>1, a * 0; Mirhigaa Houthern and Northern Jadiaaa, IS a do. guaranteed, U'4a 33; Panama, lli; IJlini.i. t. r- trai, W a Catena ati<l Chicago, j 7 a a t It tclaiiil and Toledo, 3>>J4 a 37; < hna (o >.>'1 hw * lalaud, W>l,a*4; Chicago, Hurling, ton and tourney, 72% a 74. lhe lilM au> legislature adjourned without day on Kriday. ua the preceding eveuuig the com* ?autre of the (* ?s f who had beea directed to count the money in u?e treasury and aev if any of the fund* thereof hsd been improperly used re. j ported that U?ey had cimau-d the money and found H all right, and the conduct and ease ot tbe present treasurer (Mr. butler), Mi.ce he came into olb. e, in etery ?ay correct and |>roper. They, however, intimate the tiau? ??re improperly uaed by the preceding trea-urer, but have not inn - to go into full ittr lipauoa. ith rt gard to the amend ment to the baiikii g Isw paraad at the last tea- 1 ?loo, a lead.up t bird go banker write* us: - Tt.e pn\aiiii k tipiuMKi ui' ait oar '<?akera tu Chicago sou in. r? i* (u?i Ute i'?ai tlundariiU <4 Um n?t>g U* by out l?t|**?tttre ?i.i u>.i imk ? *|k*"Iv tuipioveoM ui ??f uur siate curreuc), or rr&uee VUe i?U> <-f ??*> liai.g' I B tho Viutt itn- set ix aupfnaied WMIMB k. m?- * b< leauUie iialraaita u|?>u bank < Uiai may b? beiialU-i a>utiiMli?l K U) tbere i-b" . J bo, while t?i lM a rea<n organ t-4 are in nu ?>jr reatrt In is the iuiu.uoiti<a b:Ui<rtu mjnyed. ><a tar m .til.<in<( tbia UtWs cu^?. Hie am* ml a law ia at |>|H?i.?i u> ar>xk upw Um< "n,,[ Ui,a call pi ?? ,|4?k? hu or miaS, as aiieir luiercat Ui?> It<<???<. I< ia ve j Uk ao two of oar l^gwumro waagnatiy MSaearxd by ib? in. tu>eat. It Um "arguun . lx, ' el lite 1'^ukoia?1 uieaui tbe <>artiei> o. our Mitt. sawraoSf ? ho are aut w sympa thy wiU. tbe I. gitiin.kie binker* i?t tue couatrf. The Stat - AuU'mr of lliinoia has been officially notified by tbe lisnk CoaMiiaaionef* that tka M lowing bank* have faded Is make good their mccu ritiea ubder the law cad, the lunt.ation of wh.' h ?Spired ou tht 2(Hh iaa-U, atiU ihcy Lavs axord* ingly Ifeen placed in liquidation ' Itnnk of t ai'vt". runhAurora, ??!<> itu.k, Amnrteaa fjitbaiiK1' baki Nju>h??i ttuik, < ta I'lcbiagw gaah, bulk Ol 111' I Mumoi KtiSiUi, .Ui'tu IU k 4 idiieiiH, at <ira>vule Bank ot 11 ?,l'.n.k l'i.*Omai) ?... k ur Vtntiee, tiraim I*'bii|' Haat, Mfliu r una ii. ?+ Uaidi, Haiitum, UentiaiiW a.. i I*, voia' lUuk.t'iluMu liank, Uuiyan Count; Uau k. Holder* of coupon.-id tftie .?n?l Milwau kee Railroad Company'* mort^a^e bonia will find no advertisement that will mta rcat them in an other column. ?took 1 jjaoo UPtra, *1 rr* m lOOOO (I M e, <56 sin," n.ito rtbu u t> >? i,.. iu-.v, 600Ut,lo# *, t>0.. 07 ?X)0 Ti*r ?'a, VO... 74V 1MNO 1!? 7?S ? MHi Vi'iitm* 6 .. . 70\ 1MA? Mth-?<uri 6 a.. . 07 :*OQ no ?T\ KM) N Y (?sl 1017 ( HH ?4 1(?U0 N Y (VutOOi. 70 I?l)i 1000 rto. im>'4 1COOO Krlr Kh3nib'ft3 VI i.'OOU Hud K KK 1 m. 1U.A; 6000 Hud Kiv 3 ii. b hj 1000 Harlem 1 u> b. 1/0 a**) M i;? p olmilru Ir.itf 6000 OO V??l4 looo rto loo 10(10 Mich So ? r b.. 74,'; 2000 III Otit RK bds 96'; ?J'KO Cm ft N \V 1 m 40 4010 II .. i.l i.i. Im. 41) AolO OlAilol hkif (U b 7b flt CO C,BAy K 8p-ct b ft3)f 10 Blu Klik A nu l I ? 104 6 Ml U?|?i|lUu link lOft 6 Cm imci i"l liaik HI 5 i'aik H'Hik 10* 2(i0 C'itiib ( '??! ptef.. 7 106 I'M M t* Ul Sfl 160 do. bCO 87 26 rto StiNrOnUK... 71", 100 7XS* 66o rto 7k'? 50 C( rM '<J 400 no tlo 79 16 do 7W 2b7 FUc I'H Si 6 do lU'i ?60 00 f.;o XI % 60 rto >.,0 .VIV 112 Ifud Knor KR . . 4fll, 60 rto bao 4?'i 200 do kiO 40 <4 MtCOND *1100 u 6 O n. '74, c. h7 ilOOO Indiana i'h.. ,. hit ilt.U0 ItMite. 'W .. 76 *W>e# Virginia <1 *.. . 77fi 1HH0 UltM in I n a 4. (.7 '? 4000 do 07 10000 do f>7 IO(jO On 67", iUOOO 111 : ' ? < l.K b iUAi *i lmafrli loo 200Q I' ft N ** tti at. lO1^ lOOUC K NWil b.. 77 i IjOu H k HK ;tt III b K7 1000 N J t I I.t lat nu Iu1*< f?ot \ N ? i b.. :r. sooo c.ufttjMtk |t <b ? s 40 >-Imi b'k (4 Cima.. fo 10 I'm ilic M B Co... s: IS co H7'4 10 rto Ki't TOO htu. N Y On UK. 79S irk* Bf*. VtmMur, K?4> JT, 1M1 I'lO -on tin K ?.;.?*? *n 460 ???< law kit 10 ?A JtK ptvl. 4i , U?l do 4t'. 1(? do (10 4i 100 rto. 41 iUO d* btt 41 >4 W?0 d ? kJt 40 4 "hJ !'.i>ti1in< RR 4? li4)4i aCa IM ... 100 rto blO !>J-. !.0 do. b *) M? ?, 160 Rich So \ S I r n SH Vu# d ? -uO do MO 3.", ft I'watu* KK 1W 1(M1 .llU i. UK M-p h.M? Kt 1W? do b.W W4 "50 c? $S\ 60 do..., ..*10 KJ-j J?60 ilo *4 do *.? S<<' do HO HJ 100 VrAltlWbgK't V lOOro.Ol&Un KK i?4 300 U*:>*:.I X I'bl i'.K 73 6? do bOO 7jV vjuOviuiWiKK :ui rto b:j# 3rt -?>10 b?? :-6\ ao<> .t? 7.'? do 36 V '.iio do li t :a\ S*x) do f.J? .<&* 100 da. ?..() .'14 100 do KIO 36 \ 100 rto 3a't ltd Chlk Kk lBI?ort I IK M , '0 do bU% 60 do (10 68 100 do *30 60 .''X'hi.UuiA ^/KJ.t>i>0 73 >4 f<0 fo 7U V Id) Mil h Mi? KK... VI 1A W.?(B |tR HI 'li N-w J if t,n/ KK iU rtoAnn. too 5U.-I N V C KK *10 79 H M IUS. S4?i Vfl do S4 6u H*r!?n RK |4U. 41 >, ?00 do 41 \ .'t.'iO fliidltOD K ill RK 500 lU'Ai rR Kit <di, 6(1 ?ticbie?tt (' KK.. 6V?4 85 Mtto&M I K a.. aa?4 "?<0 lUinotn CHKa... H.I V, 60 do u>. 100 do 1)30 M4 6-0 do S4 HO -10 ?<? *3!< 100 do t^) MI4 : r?(MdMA.O KK 71 (J ? to 73 . 1-..0OV**. Tot KK.. :?i, 4<?i m fh'io 100 t 'tik??o k It I KK iW'4 CfT? lURMKRl'Mi, HI POKT. WnM?Mr, F. ?? 27?# I'. M. Ahik Ti n n>A'k?t *?? uiii hun^i d and w?ro ligbl hi 6~,r ? 6' ,c ii?1 inur?The m irkct ?i* ?ilhn<it Mi'tu* tM, Mid f. ick ?ifr Iim btiii>aM, wliil* <)iiot?t|i?ia VAr>< Vlllii i.t l lnl?r Tl>" UalK'irlMU (ooti^l up nlin il ? liQO A V ((10 Do n., tk'*ilig wiJi.ri llie (oil. MUlf of pt IO< ??.? Kd|?-fL'rii ?'tito *4 tl| ? Fxiru SUM>. fciryt to rbtilr?> 6 30 a t *t Mijx 1 Inn * ? i?H'i n u .'i a 6 '2i Conioii n In rlmiee Wi>t? iii ?*Mr? 6 "7H? 7 .11 ? ixni t/i atra^lit 6 44 a 6 ?'# Hliainbl to Km*) otit 4 n.'i t 7 *44 ( In iei vAba 1 mini) ario o-k. rn bra^d*.. 7 ^ a ? 24 Rye flour 3 '?'*> a 4 40 Com a-t-ul, Je?w? nan iiraixl) a roe H 00 a S 4U ?Caiittrtuiii (lour waa dull, and iwh-a co? !?< .1tr<i>b.? , at >4 3# a $7 'Jit for ?-X'ra b ar.d*> .<4Nabrru J>rir #,.? |?l?Dt> ai.d H-aa buo>aui. n??? aaJea i<m!?rac?i1 abo it 1 ;0c bill* . ci' alt.# wiihiii 'hf ra< of (he afx??v rj?iou Mom. R*e (Imir w?a qnHK bin nl. mrty. Oira m^nl ?*? m active, witli rmall(aiH??4lin?aboriiquot<UH?a Wirat? lb?< Dim kit ?h* li?a?/, and <rl v* larorml |>nf< b Iha a?l>iH rmhivnl ?b "it J6CM) biialwla at f 1 il l?t j rlmic<> tki ada wtnta, tl M lor W.awn (a M), $1 32 a ti 33 lor rail .!? *?>, $1 v4 tor 4i.mul-.i. 1111 $1 W a (1 21 (ftporicd) lor (Jiitt?*o vpriu# Kfa waa ' quM. wuh a (liiall ? tie of 000 ini-ni'lw m II?v Cob Waa io Koort mipHj ami loarnr, ?nh ??!<?? of 44 01M nn-b la a* 0Oo. ft <80. for new w?nm m.aod, ia r?iir> a1 4opv. ftftd rtalivuftrt.flrtr- a 07c. for old do., id (tora dif a aii for do. dfllveriHi; M?' for n?-? nry iouthnrn, ami 74c for good whit* Hmnharn Ma> lo? waa la r?.r .1..10 ind wnli nali-a of ??00 buobi lH Laku lu ?tj-o, aort 7,600 bualMila Canaca at 74a S0r. Hi I. r re^n ! waa aUarty, wltb a*??a ol' 1.400 f> ich^K at ta. i ,?ft. ! I Hit wore Oral, With oaliw o^ *nan-ru aftd i>?ovlun ?( 34c. a 36's?.,ftBd 3* a?H? f<* Mat CumoL?iio markit waa <iuii>t nil ailna I imw, whila holder* wora 0/aa. Small lota of Hare alHi wal* aold at about 14c. (xrrron.?tbft narkot, owUm to adficat lr ? s' - ? 1 ?r 1' am giving aoooaot of aocaa almiiiuHou In r> <w|p>, waa flrtnrr iod mora octlro. Tlx> Mlna root*d >ip abaut 3.000 bo"?, Inrlading 1,200 balaa In WaiiaH I'ricua otoa.'d on tb? b?ain >f ll^n. I or mlddltn* uplaud* oft too wliarf ?ad at I Jr. for ?tora. Fwauinv ?To LlTarpooi 300 bbla. flour at 3*. M.. and about I ?00 babw o. oottoa, camlly at t^ l. for 10m |r?*Md, nftd li 3W for uonoiapria?ft<l, wh at warn IMHL ft IM. la Kik M4 kffa, Vt bvtaa Mcon ftt 0* To I Urndr n 2,000 bbis. oil cake at 45*., 10$ beef at 8s, 1 1<? box, a baooo at 4Su . and Ti> bblh aUfoS, ab i-lt ho sis* o tloui barrels, at 3s. a3t> 2d.; 1,200 bushan wtio?t u> ships' bags at 14d. | Ikcrr ?l?e market wu firmer, Mil the prmwp it hold- ( eraha-1 wtthdrawu suppu>? iroiu market. MTe quote M. I K.'*at$l?6a$170 ! Hiuis were steady, with nlN in lota for domestic use, < at Ma a 32c.; olu were quiet ?ud ucmioal. Hat wm steady, with sales for shipment At 00c.t and for city um< at Me. a$l Ixoa ?dootch pig was firmly held, with sales at $21 a m io, in Bwtiu. Molakmb) ?The sales embrace 30 bbis. New Orleans at 86c., and 160 hhu*. Uudenaa at lao Naval Mows*.?The m?rlt?i <v?s steady and the sales moderate: tales of bOO a VOu obit No. 2 eomtnou rosiu wi te made at 91 46- Spirits were quint at 87c a Sue. to khicpiox order and la New York barrels. C'rirto turpentine waa held with Armases, whllo sales wore | limited 1 Oil.*.?City linseed was firm at file, a 62c., wnile sales wire moderate. The fallowing statement rrom tUo t Shipping Lut given the movement* la the Now Bvatard market far the week ending the 25ih iust. The market for sperm has maul tested more aottvity since our last, tbe drmud being both for export atid bi'Uie use. The transections for the week Include sates or parcels amounting to 1,800 bbis. We quote 1 300 Dbla. for export and 600 do. to Uk? trade, all at $1 46 per g*l Imi, at wbwh price buyers are willing to operate, l'ne market clems with further inquiry, fbere is aoiuo ln quir> for whale: sales embraco 700 bbis. at 60c. per gal led, ana 600 do. at prices not tianspired. In barren aaiceof 400 bbis. South on private terms. Sales of wliali bonu for the week, 6,000 lbs. Uchotsk at 64c , and ?,(CO lb* Northwest ai 70c. I'iu>mmii>>s.?fork?Tbe market was without ohange of n' meat in prices, while the sales em braced about 1,4*00 bt><s at $17 26 tor mess, sol prime at $12 60 a $12 76. Beef was in fair dttnand, I Hiib t-ales of 6U> r,t>ls at $6 tO a $6 37tf lor country ?.i-fH, $n 76 a $0 76 lor repacked uirss, aud prime at flu a $11 1'riiun mini was quiet at $16 a $16. Oeef turns were tlrm at $14 a $1$. Bacon was dull, with small sales of long boneless city at 9Ko Lard was stetdy ai d .n lair rtquest. with boles of 400 bbis iuid iiorces at y l?c a 10\c. Cut meats we:e stoaiiv, wilh sales of 400 a AuO bb i at 6Hc a 6Jfc. for shoa>ders, and 8 >40. a M4c for hams. Butter was steady at 17c. a 18c. for fair to g(MMi quality, Cheese wis m moderate aemanl aid prtcts unchanged. Kit a wi s st> ad), with sales of 80 casks at 4o., and 300 do. at 3 ?c ?4*?c M'OAk. ?The market was tlrm, with a good demand, ano annul l,c pcrlb higher. Tiiu sales oaibnice.l about 1,000 hhiia., p-at at 6c. a &>4c ; 20 boxes at 6 S^c., and 212 Uji'b melado at p t W uo-kky ?bales of 800 bbis were made at 18c. |KW YOitK CATTLE MAHKBT. Wkwmssoa* , Fob. 27, 18B1. BKF.P CATTLE Th* r<c*lpts by nil the avenues during the weok paat tav? bwii k^bu-r "??? uaual, aud the number of cattle tslered for tale at tbe vaiibus yards wss accordingly ?mall while at Allortou's tbe lulling off was more appa rent, and exerted more influence ou the market than at any otbt r place, lbe brokers and drovers, therefore, had a ilvel> tune, and were enabled to dispose of their offerings freely, at satisfactorily remunerative prices, much to tke regret ol the second ax.d third rate butchers, who are always on tbe </ut itue lor cheap cattle, of wnich tbe) have had a good supply all through tbe winter months. lhe bulk of the offi ritgs in the yards to-day w,*e good to fair, with a sprinkling of extras aud fancy nattM*. all <H which were nadii> placed ut higu rates, (nji range exU'Ot.s 11 om t^c. to 9c. a y) jC. aud iOc., aud incluotw Hi kinos, irum interior distillery slock to prime cun led steers. A lot of "bobtails," wbicli were ollered mii," since, but were too poor to sed and wore laKcu In Umg tar fatting, were Drought built this week to ?-e lorod on ths maiket in the absence of hotter ?t?ck the most favoiaoie opportunity lor this wad em In at:t*l thia wc*k, 'or tbera has not been so ouo>artt a n.iiket tor a long time Il?e Ui .ltund was g?od all through tbe day, ana tbe offering? were nearly all <lu |.*td ul considerably l?efor? the usual hour of dotting. I hi total iiumber eflerwl at Aileron s was 2,866 head, and at all the yan'a. including Hergen Uill, ii;?Xi head, sguinat S.sli bind last week _ I if loiol n oeiptu at the various yards for the weok and last weok were as follows ? At htovm CTtBaa AXUnm'u u<u't- Oeilin'i. O'Brun'i Oergm. ThW.w?*k 2*4 M 3.?11 M 31 82 lh?t ui i out ptltx* for the w?ck at all the markets aio as Itttewi imcv I'ATTIJ! (Mtaiify lfv+. (jimlity. I*rice. i.i,i i?,r cw *9 60 a lb 00 Coutiu'u |7 00aHW " .VIM a W !*} Inters 0 a 0 W) I "t u mar b "ib a 4* WO IUWK AMI cuxm. Vl??t i?r b>l. 00 a bO 00 Common fTOOOaSSCO 1. j 4o UU a Ui oo lni.iior JtiOdaaOOO V v_ai. cat* Ka. f irH,?*? lb.. ?Sc ?7>,c. UiMWB 4o. 11 6c I uiiiuimi) b,V at?. lulelor 1 F.i,i:rr aj?i? i~ahi?i. I ?lr* i?r hi f7fO..WUli Itiuni'iti f 4 00 a 4 f>0 l*i 0U0a76M Inlet aw J iAl a t uO )? dinar) 4 oo a I> M) kwna Ucn fod ptrlb 5V?c. a ft ',o. ttill f??> *7?c. a 6?. S.IaU cxiwh. market Is wiUi a iigtit Jt-inand for all kinds at <>u? iju<4*1 <?a alfve CUokjc Olouue< tiows are w*ut?J mint lonmanu i nil iflew ft* r.<'. | t.< at US' various yards for the weo? and last w??fc ?r*as f-ll?ws ? . , AUt.wH a Mrouminy s.O"lit trn I lHUWeek W ? W ^ Laat wetk *3 s 48 ^ t'RAL rAI.VKH. V| ut nrnd' tale r.<c*i^ui an.i a Uir demaiul fur R >oJ to prill-.' oil) , 1,4,*. h<<.d.'ii, ue eu?:>.<-d t?> nalaiu lull prices kh ail knots IU> arrival o tUoi-e Vra.s, soCll +* cm utand'S^ l"* 'b., k?f* twtn very iitiut lor ? >ut?tim? '?hot '?ly a v?.ry lew r?-an/e ovtf 7c ??"n-'4uiue ?' vir urt?a 4U' UtM?'<s, hoa. ler, as are oix?l all III IW.IJMO ai tbo ?ari?us >4rd-i lor tbe acek an? >u?t wi? k arc ?n follows ? AUrfU'H a l>Tu?,wih# i ca?iwti?ni*'i. O'JJrien *? thiowek... *u: l* " ? tAiat Wiek .. ?7l? 1* 3,1 *J mnr sm? lams. fiC'iptS huve tnkii Vi) In Ji*flU*, ll'l wilb t f< |. isbl) Mtl\? 4rui .Oil J.r. ??> bhVeatlvauC'?1 ?? n> u liny OMtl" l'? r L ?il lh< ISi.,e m tumM thr ?.uw, Out a i?r* ?r ptot**tH.n S'l'l at > >.r rait* tb?u U-lw.-x, ?hih tfij >lo al Ib4 HJ-1.1' ptic? It Will oe se.u bt i?!hmk( to tM ra m >1 Uusilirills'*,Kl"?i lh?ttue t blire t?Be?li'*s b.twgU Veiy lu.l prica, vatymij Iroui W Ml a |V U>? ? A a , rT ,,ntd hi 7. K6. St'. 1.4... 7 V.. F cilti* H '?? u ii?; ?J i?* o mi btO oo o 1.0 4 to I/O ? IK 714 '4 4 Jk 6i7 Ott 4 ji :u:. 4 ?T ;^4 M ,1 .'Kit 7.1 l.y Ho? e c ut i"-i lb , ur .1 HI ni? WW : . '' 4 7i* oo M 750 to a ui Mis oo 17, it ".5 tx>> 74 i t"rtiei(its ut tb?- vsrwis >urd? for tue weok and last W?1 k ?< I ? u* ItliA WS ? Alh-t'Ht <???????iH(/s. Cfcia'f'liitl. 0 orw* I. 2.H71 1,?? lurtSi'll. oai a,dMt K,4^i VWIKI Mr in Bi"- ?*?ie "tippiy aa?l ? ?lt?'?a Urm"r, with salsa at ti'+c a #? , louud.u, ati km. a wtrmxiW*. , . tO^sl l t*< " ??* mit h yif'li k, oce Januaiy 1, tuiio t?ai year, ^ i?i| diTwi.s ?*.<?? ??.i ?.,l# l<'.?i !ta'? ???? lb labhl kh i.? ?* iKwl'li't ...??? ?4 l? !g' ? 44* fibtal 3*4 Ijal w?k 5? *11 *t l.'i lot l< b 14 HV Iflhi lor J?n . I* IMti.. 34*34 f>bt urn J, 1*><"? I* "4 J i|itia*y IMU.. Ik ''"S Toui aa 7*4 i ,??? Villi. 1,100 JO H,f, m ?? lislt* ?f llisl K?is??. !I? A f. rbOfk'f, A*??4>"-ta ?< I***< f 4> IMr4 \ +4 cm MMk ?? . t *ar Uk ?? , ?*??? W W?1H 11 fl '41 Mi aaji.ihu,, > 'J. 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Wind at autuet H ill i*colia>Q?)oa4t The departure of the nieamaiiip rt#*ont?, f!,ipt Ehlei*. for hoiiihunipioB and Hamburg haa beeu p*tpooed to Saturday, uarcnat. 12 M. the ateumabip Kangaroo, Capt MlerbouHe, sails on Satur day ue*i, at 12 M, fo (jueaiutowa and fciterpool. inn atcatiuhip luituu. Uapt Wotte,,. alao aall* on Saturday next tor 8outhaipptou and Havre. Tl>e Ounard ateanwhjp A i ilea, Capt Cook, milej yesterday for Uverpool via Queeumown wlih 34 paw.eug.T-i. leE^e dSZuS/EJd uT2fU,Vn?rP' M~ S"'P bu^itucn'??;^t'nl-,rn1^o;rt! "l Uer Uuci-lyllk!' *"nU? Nut 12 for Now York, Manea. bin ?, 00 4>e'' 4' 10 bav? Man .labors off off, ^UeaJd,14'""uhty hi UamP.?ot reported. pa^ea Aiijier Dec J, a* has been oefore thewTetkL^Hbf;,^1*!!;0!-0' ,h" ?-"?'? 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S,;Dk ^"-'r??" abandoned. *he Ua*"t I'K*i?h HuiHi u V: UT"'<Ut' at Baltimore from St.lohn., 2Wh and 2Ut,~andla." deck lt^P*ne"?0<1 Wy g',e< ou tho wm"m^i?.??KeWr!^?,S,^aCr',rom N'orrolk ">?? 'laltlmore. RanIbZluurk tV'.Y ,'" . lU" >;"1" "r 7lh ,n "? '"J th? .* t. ? ? ,i'4 crtnv are ail mu?. t*"?b.d. The carB , ua, luaurtd in h+lumore ociik J cans a Hanuii.l, WatU, at nnlUmorefrom AUaka pa?, carried away r-ol unilon! deck lond IV)Tn'."'n Vv1' I^V'',","111"' ,il'n ?'>re . of Wilmington, . ^ X"k ""?? wrlrid at tlil? port i.j>.V,? lug on tl.H ?ltft ult * i'C iinten d very hi-avy ^ule-. k tintr t'fM* ?e.eral .lavv dui u vl,?.b ^beahl/.p.., h a^v aei,.'.amailS li a.V'h'^'t1544 l'u,A ,.rkM H,i'1 in>u work, carried a *ltv M?r ti? ? *?*' r / tiuli and machinery are H<jp.) ?*etl to ^uninjured rf My loiter .o fc.ll wood Waiter. Eau 4ti(^ tar) of th-hoaidoi Ui>derwntera.) lit!11E*?ll?m,,rt'<l lh t !l,e Adriatic, of the Collina lln?*, lia? been huuj to the Uaiv\Hy line oo private tertn^. dlhk^:~nut.u0;:,m:'c 1,tt"b,en ukan un ih? ay^uuo "Ue Clipper hip Mirpnue, miO Ions, wan on Mundav taken aujupeJ'd kI" ^ stripped, recaulkeu and newly " now <m 'he U?t named d?ok for li e-te.n.b .Ht I.aacNewton, of the Albany line, waw vea eVauiiua'tkin'""?* lll<! ^r0*' K"Uuc" a to uodergo lb- hull, .pir?, .?, .cbor. halns, Ac, of achr D<ms IreUnd * ere Mud at auction m>t lur JJ, '."""L1"01' loi'H ri!il * AIV, bum at Urookharen In Laa bvt'n Mild tor $U\(AMK 8nir bl ilUNc; - :; re art qtme a large number of rpMeli J..H dm, Hi l>i?M.,|.e and vlcrdty. .M,?n, t E&% K^,l li?v. Ii. propi tv n eiukaol about 3AU lona ea ui, w mch will be laun, i . ., e summer. They are a,a.. mTki 2 pre Km'bri'LVi^v'u:' rr*\ l*'u ?'?i?fc<.rth .? S o, WHO a|,o l?t,,qd in a ii < I lie construction of a hark. ?:h?rieK iV. . ; hi' tonuneiHe the b illdlug ,.l a of IM i, la'tucht u nen ai.nimer Ai Oenny^v'lle tw? aaara aieut. the nt"? kn ??f ih??p Ik u-m^ built bf D K iio bnrt X t o, and the other by Theodoie Lincoln A l)o. ^oth'f to iflariiivrs .hi 'Ti ?'"b lS-lnformiitii.n una been received ai Nin'i..' reakluu adrlit ol the Ouicr bu.iy nirat cia?t ftuwlMioy. pa nir.i i,Uck , at ('?>?, a fouin., .W'b?..y"i the i'aaa a I'Uutre Mght being T, i !' Interval bei-,?,., lBJ u l" ,ll! " atmaifced. the l.i^ht vvtil temporarily ima died line, ?L< y\iiig I>t:?uhy loth, enafaard. ? i>'r,!<ir>ci' " ' tlonary wbeu in effect the change will lillii a tli'i'* 1 ' ;? "liu""'n,1"r"f*w??d>-d Ibai the .lOSEI H FKY, lnapeutorof Light*. u;Vl".Vk ?f ?,fil ' "J11" ln lh' c?n?r?. bai beon found by fant JlHl ???u"t57)T .b ,?- & ' ^ 1"eloIL T' W hatemrn "T?*ie.'n!d"J 4lh I briver, rftnall, from u wballng f.r ? 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A M il. r II, m ? |,1 I , leg*, of ahlp Sophia Thornton NH re taken a aiV.' v' \ V- r b !'k n"?*"1' Vrf- ??M"rc? her *?. Vhii": V: I \?:V^ :bl\"' '"? B,L ??d i , . ' ' " n..,nb?, ai.d Ux k IZibhlt b. in h Ati, ie m May.aadh. m. emtl W* ai *i] tJ'i? ?'11'. i".V"' lT'k Sti ""l"'** ??" ... Ohj. * bfp; rr vt:-,:;. irr^'iu^rrM,ciw- Dr?,fi i-'?.?,'/i!'i' *,t ,u (>ct |j f?r ?"?<'">. No* I ?i " ' ' n eh Irmni, Bow, Irotn New Or I ? i ' fa i , of/ i.i.ii j\>'jr I N" liivavvartihifl,tn? t-'Xh f,"m Baltimore for Acapuloi, ^ fr"m rte ma for tlenoa, Feb IK, ?""tfr,"? *" >ioa for AOrlaaM, Jan31, lat r.*!!' fr"ni Xti, t till j in a.' h. tJI I . ?n'h' *'.*S ruaa* aot*ni.iij u,i? *?d m?ln k? laoia . i ' '* '??!" ??, ?on .1 ?/. r \ > V . , I * f>|a?rt lor Itarieii. li.i, l eh ? m* ?>?by pteam.u* ihonuw , ? ?fw? ?*? f'Mta. laM.'rMi -t-Art (u p ? ..uJenOeeve, MoLcUao, KH Q'>.>. -i,wn ' " A*' "rtWrn, Montevideo rta *' " '* '<>rl L* " '"*? 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Uiu .ua, fYankl ort, Virouii, Naplnx, and 'hrlr c irrrapcMiilruia F jtOH HAl.h.?$"2.'i,l)iil I.A C'ROHi-K AMD MIUWaI'KKB KkUiobd, i <1 MdCUi 1 |?- r ceni Honda, oil Kaairrh dl . -|iKl. ? - - - - vision. Apply to aLBcKi tl. M n...i A MO. CU William atrnrl. /"IAS LIGHT SrtX'KR. " T Half a tnilllou dollari of aionk In varloua city if i' lU'ht rompaulea for lU'MUMM, paylui! '?n to twelve pnr '*?ot dlvi dcuON '1 hm U tbti only iwcui'I v rxriupt rotu tbc l>U<l*noM ot political diaiu b dc-i, Kornolo by JOHN .1 MOKKaY. room ol llio American Hun LA^lit Journal, No Zil Ouuui alnet, near Kn,a<tvmy. NEW kOKK CKN'l'lUli UaILK.iaU UOMI'amT. TrwiauriT'aolllcf, olbauy, February 14, H6I. Mwmu*. lluiiiN, Kiu um.i.n ot <X)., t'rauiler Agrnt*. New vork: ? Oentlk.meic? The fntlowlng rrKulalions In rt"fi'n no? t >4he traoslVr.? Huck and 'be lamutnii ui It ck t)?rtlttaal?a la tbia Oompany, ulll late rfieri on in.- r?o|)nniii;: of tbn Traoafwr Bonkf, ou Krnl-y, the >&l <1 vy of Ft'bruaiy iu?l. First 1 bis t'nll name aii'l place of ro .iiir.uci- of evrry )<er?on to whom Stock nli iimUjir il muxt Ixi nii'l In lue luatru in>nli>l tranaler, anJ in tn? St rk t:rrtifl r^io cjrriwp >n<llntf thnrrwl h. In <?so of tmnnfom to llrmi. the na:ue ol tlia firm and the place where iu buaine w u coaducU-d mini be ?taled snoot d. In every application to trunafor sio;k by virtue of a pflwir of attorney, ill-- |?mer tnu^i l)K III ed up, lUu-d And nignrd, h? lo lie a complete InmnMnent before t transfer n permit ed nmler it. A? ir <uaf er l< w m allowed under an open or a defective power Ihi'd If aoertlttc*te U prenented In which Ibere hai bi-e.n an alteration. Interlineation or eia<-un*. ihi applicatlou to tran?iertb" Stock reptesenu'd ><y suoh <-oi-tl9cate niant be d?> cllurd and the upplHiant reier.ed U> thi< olUiw. ttiipmll'nlly youra, UlLIIKKl L WfL <UN. I'r-a . irer. Notice to tub huld&b-i oc i>i:r;toiT and mil uaukee Italic af lir-'. and nei'oau moit^aste li mm - Hodera o' the flrnl ?iorif|a(;e ^7 pur en > and Mcond mort Aaxe ili |.crc9ut> bondx of ill Uctroli anil Hilwuuk. e lwa> lomi any, art! hvreny itotiiieil ihat ? m rlsitgo baa b^tn e*e anted by Hie I7er.1t and Milwaukee ltailioad <'omp*nr 10 AleninUi r lluniUton fiib.ey chari .h juh:? nr_Mi?; < an l Ktoh> ord Irvin, 1niste*?, glHir; ad'lillonU m. ut'lty (or the p iy mrr.iot li??covponii, dm May Uand November 15, IHIVI, 1 ly l'miiu November IS, I.Stil, iiiid M i> 15, Mttf. II ilder.-t <1 M nil comonh can avail ili. uiM-lvi-b of the privilege o: ia m<irif|A|te and r>orive bond* iu exchange there 1 or, by pre- it log tbem at the oilier of the uudrrilgtied >0 ii 'I"" ?' 't. Nt w ) 01 k, at itie oUlua of the Detioit ud Milwaukee Rai nd t ompf ny, in lleln lt, or a. the offierfbf the Ureal VVfW m Railway i oinjiany In Lonoon, Kt g aud Printed copica of the mnitgago will be lutnlaiied to any bondhold th at either of the (iiuuea above mentioned, or on application ?a no. 22 Mno street. A. H. rilblii.V, Managing I'ruatee. Nkw Vouk, F?7 27, 1X61. TO BXt'll Aittk?MR A WHl.l. hHUUHBD KIK*r OB ->eOitid Vi rtgage <or about ?J,7iH, a neat two atory, cor nt*r brick llouw. well rented. $l,UWie.ut '? a il> be pud ii the exchange, it necuaaary. Addr.-.n b>x I.UM JK. Y I'oat otBce. $|<| linn lO LOaN, ON BONO ANO .MORTiIAUB, 'i If.UUU for a term of yu*ii, <>u improved raale*:;tttt in tbi* till). Apply to a. J. BLAbOKbR, rlO* A DO , No. 7 flat- eirettt. ilflfl R|1A*0M>AJI on H"XU ANII Ml KTIIAJB, M ontorniotii aum?, cm mifiroved real <???? tun luthmfit*. /?pi l> 10 I'il-.Lu A Mci^b an, auot.uneer*. No V 1'iue hW et J;]IK ntll|-T0LUA> ON "ONDANOMOBTQAOB ?XOc/.U"v/ in mm? ? 1 *t,t?W alio upward , for oue, thin <>r ttv. J'iiik, on pr .dur h* it<tI eatat? in lb,* city .* Brooklyn. Appiy to Jtili.s *. co.MtKY, in the oihce of ibo People'* Fire ? lu-uranre Company, M Wall atieet. <??! ??3'7 AfWV?TO LOAN ON BOHO AND MOBT JDlOJ.UUU giige BATl'ON A JOXBK, l'rop. ity Exchange, H4 Na?*au etroet, N. T. AOAit IkHlk ro L-ENO OA UOCtD ANO MOafti^uK "UU In miuia to suit Applicant!*, and fo, n I'riB r year-, at ieveo i>er eeut Intereat, on Unproved real nawat.- a thi? city Apply to 8. 8. XittuAU, No. Li Wall atreet, icoou 1 ?tory LUHT AM) KOlltHU. BRACELET LOHT ?LOhT, ON "UK i?l!t INSTANT, between Eighteenth atreet and <4adm>n afenue, * nracelet to in<d of link' <H c >r. 1, with flower* and o-a.-eH >u u p 'I In* party paw-d up Kotlith avenue to iiuitieth -iwl through to M?dj-i n ?v>mil- M rt.i J rk? tludo: wi/i oa genenuely rewaldeil by relnrnlnfl tin* above to -ii Mudlaon ?vttiue, <>r to A. t* tbnUN V t'aia pla< e. |i'Ot"NI??IN OOtt UToBE, A SKt OK HRaL CHARMS, " which the owner may have by proving pioprrty an< l aying lOf till* ndvertim uieut. hOMAKO imMRBRT A CO. 447 Broadway. LObT?A fOKlANONN aIB. ;?an Loot IN II IK nl){bt train <>(' Jl'.ti iiiHt., fr itn Now Hrubftwlok to J*r?-y tlty.or thence to tin- tilraid Howl, t'haniboi* Mr> t, coti tainlnj: gold, noiu? bank biua awl ut.ier oritur of tit.In value but to the owner. Any person Un ting i bo ?am*- and leaving It at the s.uire of J t.< ^b U. Orvta, 3U Broadway, Mill handsomely I**arUod. W. T. tVi LLVKL). ON 1HK KVENTNO OK ffEKKIJAKT i\ KB twees the aerchauta' UoteL Oort ai.dt atrwt, ana filth Avenue Ito'el, h bundle of papvra i-ontaiLtnK afln'ral <lr 1a, xmi oilirr p*|?:r* ol no vaoi? to any p- rnon ^the o.vir", foi ilie* rrlu n ol whicb, to u>e Mercliaina' Hoi<-t, a hrxirai re ?ard will lie paid Joan J KI.a^iiMN. Lot?ON TLKU>AY, KKItlliJAItT 20. %T TUB nrw?pip?T n inilnw ot tlm 1' Mt oWre, In Nanaan Ktre--t, a ioi kettKM'k containing t wo doluir* and two renin, b<- 0?>kHIK to ? p< o-- p-1 ut The finder will please return tb? ^b->v? M the store of AUnllce A Un., .'5 NaMnan ntn^t , LCb*?ON bATtBDAt LANT, VKbBUABY S\, AV :i!>i ut B P. M., lu g um from tludlOD Mrtvl through Bor uiu, and Bhweker to *?Juu?a ? tre?t, a Stone Marten MulT. i be hnder will be hullahly rewarded by leaving ike Mute at No. 'Jfs .lone* sire, t Iom? a hank ?o'?k. on thb okkbnai :h ha J v1ii?h Bai k The tinrier will be kuI nhiy rewarded by j< *? ibK it at No tvli rt k hmgtoii ?t*eei, for .Sarah MeD-'i'mow. I OKl?ifi CVMISO K*oM .IKK.sKV t'irr TO TUB li upi?i pint i. New\.nk ?Ii>, a l.u.d Locket, containing l if j.*' ui + of a deveaaed huobaiiii and dangti'er W bo'Vor ?UI I til. U tb( KHDie t* No. VJ N?ent irnji street will receive tin tlianaaof the owD?r and anuitaiiie inviaid. IOM?ON VfcJiNktiOAV, 1KB. Zl, 1861, CEKlAlW HA J pern uud Lett> r?, ol no value except to the owner, ibn Under tvlll be Mtitainy rewaruiu by i??ving tbeuiatoo lid Chviubera atnet, un atalfa Ubu. ituolNriuN. LOhl <?N WEDNESDAY, KEB 27, A NOFB D*AWN by Jlr A V MrliW, IV., dated feb 14. at oil.' month, In lavor t J 'tiooa t ei liai o foi l 47, and puyabv ut thn BiiU'a it ,ut II nk. All .x-r-iinn are tor >id negotiating the aarae aa |wynieat ha* l eeu atoppi d. SI!" HKWARD.1. REWARD?LOST, ON TllUKSKAT AKfRllNOON, ket kMutta Key M lie, with >nn owner h nam. e<(^aveJ tlttrfob, o n altiluK th-- pn tures Of a bidy and Urn tlUCer ml ncelve lli> abo. e re?. id and tne u.ank* .<f tti no t>i r by returning it B it HndfleMt, 17/ av?eaeU, cot tier ol Bievboth atrt 11, in tbe drug more. X?r, HhVkVRD - M?HT ON TUB RvBKINO O* TUB4 J)?J d:iy, tl e H6th, in Ae.i llil ty-ll rut at reel, .Suth aveune, a mink Kur ? ihe ?? der win r-Owtve ttu? abue inaaid byliavin^ tbe (amc at lie West Tluriy Urat ?lr.?L " ___________ ____________ ?>,? HI vSakii.?l-ti 'i UN TIJK rffll lAlrt.lf, tN f?)t) ItMiiau nr. ylei'ind, bin oolored, wlt't a aunll whlto a. 11 n I f,h i a-l >h ninivc rn-vaid will b-i paid for bin re turn i?M t<nat Joi.ea aunet ___ S>K BBHABD.?LOHT, A HI.At;K aNI) TAN Trill 5s#) rier iiog, ruiber largo me; an^Wera t i lha iiaiiio of ln>k tnyvM Sim to No. |jt? ^ater Kifoi, or to u ?" Smith No Wa> iM .adai.y, arid reieive tun M?ve re ?aid, and no nueetiono a?knd. BRWaRD.?LOST, A L.VRtiR Kb* 'K NKW ?n?\) iiiuiidiiunl Uog, while between hi* 'ore l<-g< and thn tipa td hie tore, ine nUiVe rewanl win |?ald by re ttraiug 11,111 to U b. fliaoO, li aoitth lentil Hire.'t, tVlllaniKburg. & /? IKK ARD,-r.oHr, OS WI'ONKIOAY Hod* IJI^U Ding, the 27<b iom., auppmi'd in Koitrtii avenitn, be tweva I weiity -Urat alio lueuytlfih atree!', a lady ? ?m?ll blor ??aitieln-d hunting earn'?> a'i b, with abort r ita-l eoaln aia? li< I Ihe ilnderwt.l I).- n-waidKlaa above by retarMda I ho MDK lo It I' hoik A Co., 'At.aiuMi etreot, or at No. at Ka^t ' weny flr^t airwet tMltn BRWaBD?RuHOLART tlOMMI iTKn tin TUB JplU*' I iMfdeee, i4 I Miih avenue, owaed #/ ll H. Kit/. gn.Udaxadr) ip-iHta at- re Aeoeaa waa obtained by the fronl iraiij.a and d.or lo tlie baaunnnt, 'wmnl liy I'ark A liifnid a- a wli e ai.d tlfjtt'.r -tor"; th y ?h> n ml n a de m ma i eiltnu ia )!? 'nough I or a un. o gel up luto the atoia: ttiey roWied lao atoiwuf Ilk? iala, Mauiluaa. bid llovnA leila. l.ii eOo da, rtlik Itand. Ulela, A? , to Ihe am runt of a^.tmi i herr-by iireraiewai #U1U ti.r the < uriiutoo of i lie iiaftlra v. ho f?itnmltled tbe '? lary, or lor the rnoovery oi ia l pr <|i? rt| . y appll. tllou i ^ a |lnuMLU|Vi ?AL? AT AfCTIW. ALEXANDER r. HTO&K8FORD * CO., ABCTION ears. administrator'* a union sale. Tbla day (TUlIhHUAYj, at 11% o'clock, At the private residence 4* * ?l sixteenth street, between irif th and Sixth avenue*. it Row wood Household Furniture, Oak Dining Room and Rosewood Chamber Furniture, RosKWOoO PlANO'ORiE, Pier and Mantel Minora, Rich Brocatel and Laos Curtain*. Him If nan. Medtllioo Velvet Cirp^u. Artistic Bronze*, Parian, Marblo and BU*jue Figure*, Bare OU Fainting*, Hones, Carriage*, Family Barouche, valuable Library, Ac. Elegant roaewood marble top Consolea, BOMwaod Eacretoire, rosewood Etegere*, carved I'rawing room Buits, Hal stand, solid ttllver Ware, 4c. Our friend* and other* desiring tint clan* Household Furni ture i bould not fail to attend this lm nriant sale. All the fur uiture was made to order by our principal cabinet makers, Roux, Badoin. Haliet and other* of this city, kverj article was new seven months since, and can be relied on a* represented. The sale peremptory, without regard to weather Lira-lug rooms?Elegant bronze and ormolu Chandelier*, Candela bra*. Bracket*; superb Manbl Minors, Pier do, rosewood ! Drawing room bulls, carved In fruit and flower*, covered la i salln bruoalei; Etegerea, statuary marble tops, mirror door* I and back; feecretarv and Bookcase, lined with satlnwond; Centre Tables, Cabinata, velvet medallion Carpet*, hugs, ; embroidered Laoe Curtain*, Cornice* and Shade* artistio I lironie*, representing ('bovalle de Marie, fjtfht and Horning, ! Crusaders, sc.; Oil Paintings, by Kanney, Chapman, Martin, Vauderpool ana other eminent *r*i?is; ormolu Clock, run* one yea'; Heviw* and Dresden chiu.t Ornament*. MAUMF1CEA1 7 OCTAVE PiAflOFORTE, Carved legs and case, round corners, finished all round, in stil with s.nln wood, solid pearl key* roaewo?.4 Stool, Music Book*, embroidered Cloth Cover, Musle Hack; Hatstand, oil cloth. Bri^mla Stair Carpets, Ac. Chamber*?Richly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style t<ouis XIV. : Bureaus,Comra des to match; Wsnlrobe*, Di easing iollet Tables, Shiving and Uo"k ktancs, Couches, Armchairs, curtains, ohades, Cornice*, lluir j Mattresses, I'allaws, Feather aedn, Bolsters, fUiows, Blank ets, sheets, Vullia, Counterpane*, decorated china Toilet beta, Oval Mirrors. DINING ROOM. Solid oak Buffet, richly carvel; oak Extension Table, 16 eet: Chairs, lions' patent Armchairs, BuUer's Tray, Couches. Silverware, Coffee l.'rn, Oyster lureen. IVa deli, v pieea*; Napkin hinge, fcgg stand iti.a toiler. Cake Basket*. Casters, Spmiun. Korku, Ice Pitchers, cut and engraved 'Jlas* ?ixl i lilna Ware, from tb:i celebrated h use or Puepulbd, ' Part*, vi?.: Decanters, Uobiets, Champagnes, Wines, CaralTs, Fruit*, preserve btamls, Punch bo a I ; ohcilleld 1'abie CuU I lery, linen, itold baud Dinner Bet*, Decorated Tea Set*, Ac. W POKTEE A CO , AUCTION KERB. AHrtIONhfc'8 SALE Of elegant and uostly Houn hold furniture. Made to order, and new on the 1st day of May last. I will sell, without reserve, at auction, on lbursiity, Feb. V, at il o'clock, all thu elegant. fashionable rosewood r urni tuie coir.iin'U in ti e private retiidence '.'Id ?Ve?t Fourteenth ?tree', between highta and Ninth avenues, in'.ills city the tale will be positive and pen-rnptoey, without regard to wea ther. < ataii t;uea are now roadj, and can bo had at our oilioe or the house. i Magnificent Rosewood Pianoforte, Royal Velvet Carpets, B< Hie wood Suit* of Drawing stootn Furniture, Pier and Mantel Mirrors. CHOICE ulL PAINTINOS, AC.. AC. Commencing m the dining room?uak hxtinMon Dining Ta bid. ? ak Bullet, with platu giass doors and bock, solid silver and fliver i laied Ware, Castt-rs. Liquor Stands, silver Water t i'iuier?, solid It ory balanced bandied Kniwa and Forks, sil- I ver I able and I e* epoons. siivnr Cakn aud Fruit Baskets, sil- i ver Sspxiu hings I1 rench china go<d baud Dinner set ot Lul . piece*, <tecorati-rt china lea ? et, Kngll.h cut Ul*s* Ware, engraved, china Crockery, liining rtoom?3ronzs Clock. ' M-i of Trsy*. liecatiU-i>, 1'umbiers, Uobleta, Chautpagnas, ^berrle? Baby Ware, n the Drawing rou o?Plauoforte, Miiul rnsewooa 1 rume, round corners, cA ved legs, inlaid with rotlier of p' *rl tablet, ivort keys, full iron iranie, modern I Improvements, overstrung bars; rosewood Music Canterbury, NiHttiind i^oih Cover, high back roaawuod muni; tbiee suits lVrio! t umiture, all covertd in satin ma-oon, green, blue and g..Id; Her Mirrors, Oil Paintings, hngiavings. Ax minster t arpet. Mosaic Hugs, rosewood htegeren, ISscret Urm, Willi easy x-ouugea and Chiurs, i .van. Convert tlon Chairs, Mantel tolrrorv, real brouze, Parian a d blsc|Ue Ftgun's; Ko uian V ar. *, Laee and ltr.H;aiel e'uria.ns Uoid Bands, I'asiels, f'oiner Whatnots, Louis .XIV siyli.' heavily c-trve 1 Bedsteads, msrbie top dressing Bureaus, \S asbstau is. Commode, table* tie > ult, a molt* de Ulace, Law1 Ciii'Uins. Lounge* and ?>asy t lialrn; ubambtr suit 01 Furul'ure, six pleoea: sola, arm a> d i< ur oval back Chairs; hr^sels Carpet, Hair Matt cstes, npiing bed, Blankets, Quilts, sheet* l'iilows, Beiisureads, Bsr. toilet. eta, (nl l'aiuuogs, French ..otmuo'loa, anu in the third and fourth Hories, walmt and mah ?auy U?tst.-ads, buri aus, bediling. Carpeting in every room, Mirror*. Clocks, ( hiir*, llockeis, solas, stair Csrpet, Dilclota, hods, hall Hat siauu, Ac. Also all the Basement Furniture, Aitchon L'ten stL, Ac. Bale commences at 11 o'clock. A. Albert ?. nicola.*, auction ebb, wilt s. II this day, Feb. 2s, at 12)4 o'clock, at the stock saieeioom, No. 5- Willi <m street ? HbHliL.AH 8 ALE. 30 kI>s Park Bank $100 25 fca-t ltiv?r Bank. $15 <0 Citizens' hank 2i Z> Maul. 4 nt-r until n>J 2b 'Iratlcatnt D ? Hank. 40 110 M trket Uiiuk tiki Will. Nicholas Bank loo iS) W liliamsburgb ultjr Ins. M xt> htandaid in* ro 40 N. Y. Conaoiida-euatga. J.:, liO Loilllurd Inn !j 60 Hope lne. 60 .10 Neptune M.-tr. Iiih 1UU UO N. 3. lirt. A Trans. Co. M SO r.qultabio lus iS 111 Security lint Ml 3li i atnar Int... 100 fill U. f?. nugar ti-ig. Co... 100 2ti Washington Ins liw to iteliel' lus 60 16.Merchants 'n? SO M userintnJus l;<> fio t-aratoga and Whit. hll. So ij Hanovoi' ins fo ?10 Jersey t. ity Ilk jo 40 Kxeuaiige ins MO 10 ?. ( mtlierce III 4 100 40 ftUfTrSaJlt tOI 23 40 N. V. Con Militated Htge. iS SO I'h -cutx ins 60 20 A)?r. inn 40 $3,1**1 N. Y. 4 irle bit. Assented Bonds of 1371. itl-o Broklyn City 6 p. c. v*ati r i, >an Bond*. 1,100 .Miaeoiiri t tate b n e. Honds IV,wo >-aridu? ky, M tnsfleld A Nee ark Rit. 1st Mortg. Bonis. 2S,nd l*at'rosse A Milwaukee W ko.rig. 7 !> c. Bonos Next regular sal<- oti Monday, Much 4. Regular auction nates of Hii ok? and l.onds veiy Monday and ihur?dity, or every day, when roqutrtd, at MM o'elosk, at the stork itles n? ni, No. SU W liJluai street, or at the vercnitits' feiXihange If 1 nelerrt d. !- uit-k s an t Bonds bought and sold at private aalo and at tbe Brokers' !'?< ard AxJsEKl 11. KlOOl.AY A CO., Auctioneers and .stork Brokers. Mo. Hi V> I ham street, near VV;ilL A J. BEKKCKKK, Af'< TIONEfcR. "Tilt. Al.HKUM.vltl.a HOTEL" a. .1. BLKKi Kale, ht.N Jt CO -till sell at aacMia o? Thursday, tobruary 28, at U o'clock, at the Umcaaats' Ki ?hMaa:? : ho spli-mlld live gtory and attic white marble ?iulldlng and Plot sttua'i'd on tbe northwest corner <>f uroauwity anil ' wi.o t> lourth niieet, opi oaitt (he fil th Avenue lioiei and Sltull win s<|iisrt, ana known as tho'-Aibernntrlt) Houil " Klzo ol plt^ 113leet ^Inches front on >ro*dw iy 117 fi?t 10J* inches on iwentj-foarth street, 81 feet 2 lut-he* on the vest ude, and 79 tr> t lin, tnohrs on Ue north si4e, with 5 feet corn ard on fwenty-lourto str>t t. iiimH lihei ?1. Ibe iiuiveyT s dravvlnK of the above pro perty cau be seen at Ha, 7 Fine street, wh re mapscan tx- had. ACClltJIH .NtlTlCB. t Irh hi d costly Household Furniture. lil fant K??v.uia1 fian.iione, nuiti.ttii?-t.t i'a lor ."suits, i'ti rand Vanti-l HiiTOrs. KcRhrli Caipei*, itk'ti Ohiua An., dm rlsli.j; i be enilie i'nrlic, < uarnber iilniug ivoiii.iiki L.i bra: y lumliureof dwelling bouse >o. 162 * est Twuiy flrst sir?-ft, lieiweett ^^vepih and h i;;hth aveaaas, this (Ihursday ? afuituon, at 2 o'clock, .l'.y nt'o.-hl.L. W. WESrCOTT, Auctioneer Tbe ti< 'iise is replete with every elegawe, alio' vrhleh was made to onli*r or lmjiorted lor the pie??. t owner, tu4 u 'n pei/e< t l oi.dltn n, li i-uiing a most elcuunt cotl?-i' oi oveij thttig ?ult.>l'le tef ? oosily ?nit la>bi Mii?hly lurnisniil rasl iJ-nr all ol wbirh will oe ii'l v,itiiuut reserve, to he re moved unnimiateiy I rum the. premises Parlors, Cbsmts r* and Ulning Room. Kl'ptnt ?om>?i od r.'ulor Miiia. roinpiUuig two full Holts, cevereu in rich brocade, made by lalata A .saail; L? e .,nd ilk Curtains. Mantel and 1'ier Mirrors, v.<. ustile l'aiiilalng?, artlitic nronzec, io?e?ood c.rntm and i'ier lauJes, lurkisii Cbalis and i^iung's In veit*t, Itrusa- N ami velvet i;ar,wu, Miuuj t alurds. two ri.-ewisid Kitg).r>s Moaiii>: mar >le l?? estali-, ilcb ehtna '?use*, corner e tegercs Kii-in n ?? ngrav i< gs bs.ietnlrea trench Miade* rtcli carved ii>s-we.d lied so aiV, tWHiity otMt large Hair Mattrexeea, r nowoml d esong /iun ae.s. w.islot .niif, tbina lodet Seia, i >?l Mirror*. Krnev wo. d < naiihrr rumilure en suite, li te a Teles, eof v?. In01'o? l>rotj/e ( lock*, i.ockeis, Beds anil -tr^ng, *aru ro?i ? fc:.teti?l n liii.iug table, uch r ? ^ r pi Kins to rts, Cas e-a, t'ollre t'rns, Boherni in and I'lilia Ohtra rubv aiid eryntal cu? Ulims, tw.i S4<4a Me?l* oak Arm I nails, *U|, ib oak Desk., elegant i on i i'e, one ol I <ut ? llvo 1*1 re I Kev (livers, W?th a taiM nusi y Oi rurniiure ami h use fun.lsli ng nrtic i-s nut ni i* mentie'inl No pusip le nient. Cati louues at hou>e. Men Mill be in attendance ti cart, psck or snip the gi*id> for ponliu'. rs, AUCTI ft KAU OF ltOC*Kni>Ll> H R>1 Tl'IIH?M. lHit <ill'l > , auctioneer, will sell this day (i hiii-seay . tetitu.iry ii, commencing ut lo't o'ekicM, at tai?T? m no S6 Nassau suet, conn rising >ol d rurfw sal am mah>>i,ajiy rai lor Mtlta, covert d In bnuatel do, In bail cloth, \.i let..* *1 .'tea, l'arlor and Arm Chairs, m?i'ilntop . i ntre latilas. Book Cs??? gas cbsmli-ltera. ?i i i aint ng?. t .tra-.tu'i Uni I rig rablea, ln.tiets, Miiliig i lisirs, liraaltis Huriaua, >Va?. st.mds Bedsi.-aiks lisir Martresvrs, 1, on<es; also, ?bout Iiai0\ards0t Tapestry, hiu-'M-is and iog'ain Ckj,?-h auo tulelotbs;, a ijnantl'y of UfTiee Fu.iilruie t? ? l>? as, ( hairs, Ac.; also, two e ilder ? {Mtrnt Iron rta'ea, Ar A'i m M. MEKWIN, Al'ClIONk Hit. As BY BANIi.r * 1. It A l(i .? CO. Irv.nrr I4elldin?r, U4 ai.J Br '?4wiy. KUIDAY EVKMiSo, v.. (t,.|l I. A. 7 i#?'t.fCU AM1,UH;aN A>l/ M iimi- A eloee i-olla ? tb.n, In v?rieos d -partmeiits of llisnuitv, new l> th > M e< loons, and .early a I rieh'y ?rw? eni-en .ir.-)y bona taeal', hall c.ilf anrl aoroteft, ar<t io. Inillitg luaiiy llMMtraunt Ac. tralaioguea arc now leailj. Aie?l(lNKEH ?AtK Of UKY ?itJt'H . MII.I.INKRT 'Inmm ngs, kibboQS. Ac?A. M. Calil ti.AH, An"" tn ueer, will sell at the salesroom No. at h ..verv, day, j-ebnisry at 10l. ocli*k, a Urge a HiSiUNKK'* MA Li". OF II HA PhKCliA tUsllli. tv A M I hlsisi.Alt, AiM'iliMieer, sili awil i a d?V. bebriiM y M, nt It1, o ciiKik at the aae ru io, no :li.m?y, 340 d ten tiut.a I'ercha laney ami plain ? ?' aing t Mils, km 00. I?> t:nd do ; 30Hgnaw It". Flair i Ins: ail Ike . sive air 8r*? onal' ) giicits. Buy, are re-i i <H| u .> n. i. 4. Sj orii'i uf I lie Asalynte. ALI iltiN NUTICli?Bl hAllAMV4 ft< *l Ir.k >t piers and I' .? k.iiK fc :*bil?hi ?uU, No ? III an I 111 >? est K avi iiih klicct, beiwi- n I1 il ib and . 1m . a? kt<> ti bold lurnlture iK'led and sh;p|" il la so parta l tl. mih-m, la'pe e,iver?d wagons lor r? ni ivlng fu nitm. wf la?n.lies furniture ?toraa. A WllWlK'8 SaLB Of CliUT8l.?U H Ut i, Al t A. tb Deer, S3 Callieltnn StiWSt, will 'ell, 11,i, (Third,. henruaiy 'JS, l"<il, at lun'olork. at so , tvigb i in. stock ul ready tna>la ctotliing j .u- e ?. Is, .?>, .m.r, pf L Kl 'iM i A?"!??? Br joskpu iikc.kman, ai:oti??>kf.k r ii?a*. Mareb|l. itt lllo t'lis k A H.,MIIw<MIiIIhI' <re HI". ? .r Bir W llloHghby and I eail stio-is Hivaiki>n 1,1-411 ?r , . kly snle o| WH-htid Furntiuie, two man tuny 1 laiiMs o . j;sny ivifas, i?la lltdKiada. marble lus waaastaad rciis, eeiisteads, Anttri sea, t Ac. *!??>, Mao sm ? <i.t. .e dialer, urumly <<ln, Hum, i?me?, I unti.n, ,1m, it14s.11.--s * agon, aorrel Horse, aoutid anil kind. il.,ioe.a, A "I\trcil IU.LIU4 AT AtC'lON Pttlcm -A.MH IIT I. If elm ha, .V each; fln,oi?i Tulips, |t... ???"*, Narots "t, .1 .iiii|tiiis, Anemottts, ltanum.ui<is, uiadbdus, le e*e:i, t/Put us, jDc. per loo. The ris.r? ?re ail pi ??* as I nott ?. i pi,.jor seaann tti plant. Addr*tas F. slurry, in# I'esrl atr. i t DAMAUKD (iUNH? lOHM R. *AN ANTWmrs a ll Atii-u. neer, will still, on lbur-ilay, xstlt re irusrv, at 111 0 c.t.i k, at No T.i tt lll'aoi s re. t, aevenieen otet, eatitra. 1U4 44s slnalA itnd donbb- barrel t.urw, damag -d . n trt? t J't* ti iri.iHiriatloit irom Antaerp on board trio s ; t.t. n-r t '.??ai 10 1, sold lor acentint of tbe tutderwrttara. lt-rmt .atau, ettrreal ftkds L' II. I.UDl-OA, auotiowbhk 1 J. BAhtlUI'OH'rt ssl.K tIF HUUHRIIOED FUHMTUKR R. II. IiODUlW A 00. will s.-lt at auction, on We.laea day, March It, IMHl, at llnclock, at 1M W?i. 1 tv?nty ? nnd Street, between eighth and Ninth avenuaa. by ttrtler of tk? exeeolnrs m rttn-h r,liey, dtsvut^eil, Ute entln- pmwils c m Islrwd In s.tid i.ouae, ivirislating in p?rt III mamtgariy -t |?<. t hairs, marliln U1II 'ler ami Centra I ahl's, flu - nt, i.t tension Tatue, Wrl'ing Itesk, mahogany Freneit M-d ie,da, Ureaalag Hurt-ait, I'resiling rallies, B> il ar il Me'i|iai(, < hla* and U assware, t g.-thtT with aa nasortm 11" of miAaen F r nlmre, with which the sale will i-mnra aca. catato(q< - at the auctioneer's oiUct>, No. 3 l'lsts stfaet AT ftOCTlUS, EDWABD fcOHBN K, Uni?NtKK Pere?npior? ?aln 0f fcLBUINT FIR <T UullilhHt)LD FUR VTTUBX. by K A F H SOBBMCK, thisday. ^ llTSS ?' ?nr salesroom, U1 Broadway tbe above eiJ-mi flrst olaai Bouseho d furniture, consisting In par at el. umat MMaiai Earlor Mult*, ooiared in satin dsiuu*k brocZud and ulu.b; superb black wiasi at d gilt i abmets, Tables and hteiieraa- I elegantly carved rutewond Ktegorvs, o no* aad eiecant <1? signs; Morrur; aud Library Bookcases, carvad rosewood aad oak buffets. carved otk iribing rfoom Chairs la raps ?n4 leather, Carved rose w sod Bedsteads, mar <!? top riuieaw Wa?hstaura and Commude*, rosewood and mahtfany \rmatr ? lilacs, elegant bronze and marine Mantel Seta, mahocaay rarior. 0 hair, bar and fining ->o to Furni'urn. Fifth hkbinu trade sale ?iiakdwabb aoo Uon notice.?JOH A K VaN AM WKKI' S Sun, awo. tloarer, will seU, on Thursday, Febi uarjr U\. at 10 o'clock, at no. 73 W Uliam street, a?J li>u as* tied Hantaan, embraclag cast storl shingling and claw hstciveta ha> dl-4 Ata^Tfl Lock*, Buck Sawn Saiderson ? A Wm Jacknou'* Table Oat ?fTt Ware, shovels and rtpadea. Axe and 1'lck Handiaa, American cast tfhears, Ac ,:?!??. nod* i Isckat Lamps: aim lWdotlbbottr* A Br... a cat ?ux I Hand and Panel Raws; a an, J,700 lbs. Fugltsh Cw Si?el for tap"' Flies. alaa, for account of the underwriters, 17 ca-ee, comprising 4tn nibgla and double twist ai d Imitation t?Ui, and damaaous barr-i Gum, damaged en iba ??wa,;eor Importation from Autwara, on board the schooner Coast l'Uot. lei uis ?-?? K-^a.iX. money. HENBT H. LkBDfi, AUC'lONBBR RK.SKT B. LKEDb A CO. witl Mil at auctk.n" Tburada, Fat mar* 2H, imiredlately alter the sale o< Kuruitor* the ilonaa and 1x4 No. SIM vuib rry street, We?ley pUcv, o*%r nlaeoka* ?tieel. Ib? nouw.Hi toat X Inr.hx* front b*ati 'eatdasp- uuiMt feetfdeep; House substantially built, three atort. artlc ?? meut aud aub cellar, with gas, t ro' .n water, baths, *e*. r Ac. $7,urn or i8,UU0eaa retua'D on bond and mortgage now loi $1,(HH> rernia?10 percent on day ol -? ou rellvrry of deed. HEMBV U. LBEl'B, AUOTIONbBH.?UBNBV B. LEKOh k CO. will -ell at au .<tma oa Thuradar Kekrma rv '? at U'JL o'clock, nt the reaidenue No. SJt Mulb rrv auaaC Wf>ley place. Bear ^Ueckei atreet Oenteel li?uaebold ni u re, eon aiming of Brn-aela and initrun Carpeui. n?a-w mi Parlor Furniture, coveted with brocaul; lar Minora. Oeutiw and hide lablee; rcaewo d i'lauo, 6% oouva, made to or4an Ollt t ornlcea. Lace Window t'uriauia, mabouaat hairmmli kockera, ubalra, m%l?og*i>? t;arj a lea, mahogany lu aaatm Buieaun, beoaieadt, waahatnuda Uair Mattraaaea llidelaia andPUlowa, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. HENRV H LEKDH AIMirioVKBK -HBNKT H. l.KfcDN A <X>. will aell at auntiou un Kridav March 1. a* 11 o'clock, in their itallcrlca, f?o j:t -asa^n atnet.line original water color Drawings aud Sketches, by ce ebrated from the collection of th? late *. H arii, of Ibe Hanue. ooaa pilsing many line work* by Krnnck, HuU-uburg. m< holei, Har Dler, verhyilcn. Van Urieat. Verbocckhoveu, K.> all, .-vhmidt, W>ck, \eiidenberg, v?'roneRe H*'hvnna, lirooterclt. itixw boom, Kergboui, Mlo?'mai't, Moxche'ou. and tn my otlien >4 8real Celebrity. Also the balaura of the keti ne* lei t Irtxa ??? laat 8.1 le lielon|{ing to the collection of Mr Frrimtn, tbal were rcci l?el fr^m ivw. a iso about Ot ancient and modern Oil I'aintingf, sold tocoae invoices They urn now <>n ?*at bit Ion, w ith catalogue* HEMIY <>., AlTCTlli.Nfc.bK?MFktMAL MALI OF Dry and Fancy O'mkIi Root*. ? bocs. Ac -I'bNdtf at U'f, O'clock, at the and Ion at' ir^. I'Jl H Lilian street, a a-(i lot of 'ity and Fancy <)oods, Clotb'ng, i f,hs a?4 flece *>" T\ lloairry, SOU palm Roots rnd rih<?s, ?. rwlui: Michiuoa, An. HENBY B. HKHTH. .IK. AlcrlO.NKKc. Will sell on FHIOaY, March 1, At 11 o'clock ?? ibe >?lesrootri>. N i 'Tne steaet. S). ciul 1'crtinpiory sale of al rw st icko' choice tlrra^rloa, Wloes. bCKara, .-ewmg Macbinea K.iiic,v Good-, Ao., A* ay order q' -vnilgnee. ?? >mpn?ing tircen a"d ula-k !'e*s tVf?*v B;|'a u, 8plce<, I ickles, sauc- h, tin'- old A lua* l.lquora. Ha vana Ivgirti. Dutch Herrings, Prunes, Linn-is,, 4 sndlcs, Soaps, Hoda, haleraliis, indigo, Utaroh, t^rcaa Tar tar. Ac., Ac AImi. one Herring's Paf?, warranted. a1.-o, a lot hewing Machines. Also, a lot Fiab'd ware. Also, a -lll'srd lable. APi, Platform S< alo?, Ac., Ac. Mortgagb sai.e ?joh? h. burly, apctionbbb, will m-U. tbli day, at I wo o'clock, at 44-t Canal atre?t, ro*'wood and mahogany Bookcases, marh?? bip and oiber Bureaus, hot as, 8<d a dt.d*. Extension, t>ntre and othe Ca bles: Looking (-laKHes, lialr and " ber M.iurenrusaala. tbrce-piy ami othe Carpets, mahoganv, b ack walnut and otbir b'dsuads; feather l<eds, vtaidiubea. hiejjere.-, ate a 1* tes, etmtnel ed Suits, one g>H; Mais , lA>a bands high, kind In all bsru> hs, Wst:nn and Harness mab ganv KockT >it aod other I. hairs, t.'ockmg rttoves, Bedding, Oilcloths, aJtchea fcurnilurc, Ac. By order of FRANKLIN BROWN, Attor?y. SA J. BOOART, ACCTIONRKBS?THIH DaT. A* . Itli, o'cli ck. at the auction room, So 1 North "illlam' street. Household Furniture, mah g .ny Sofas, >al-s. Tallies, Carpels, Oilcloth, Cottage bull, Mattresses, mahogany It*d Btiad, Kitchen Knrniture, Ac. alsoH outchor otalls ? aro?ia Ut's Cbrst, loe Mi/X, fctoveg. Also I gray borit. cover d Boat t.esa Wugon nnd Harness, 2 s?ts of new Harness. Ac Alan Constable's sale of fin* Boots and ualtcra. 4 pair ualf sttia B< oir, 4 pair of patent leather Roots, 8 pair of ladies' Oatlera? 6 pair of gcnla on iters. Lei', t her, Ac JOHN K. FAlUtlNliroW, UteConiltabl*_ SHERIFF'A KALE?LEAl'HKR ANL? FlNUlNtH CllAMBhKN A FAIR., AlJ 'TlOMbBR-4, Salesp* m 113 ^a^sa^l street. Will *clloa Friday. March I, at ten o clo k, at store No. 99 tiold street, the enMie stock coniaki'd the/eln, consisting of !? rencli and * merit-n Calf r-klus of a'-ortsnl grades, < lak and Hemlock oole Leather,'I i, ttinuing. ?ebbing, nam'now. >s Is. Rasps, Ergs, A< ,4c, togothc w itn he Flimr-? ???? Furnliuro >f the nam. JOHN KttLLV, Sheriff. E1.VBT CARl'ETfJ, H,vlR MAI IHKB8BH, RKaNDT. Ac , HI auction ? T? m.inow fFi IJayi, at 12 o'clock at IB Cor'lscdi street, lor account o ?h' in l' may cotcertt, to i?y advances; Crib ^nd llnir Matiresse.*, I ? o ai lo be?t llatr l?attieei-ea. Feather t lllo*s, China .-c's, 24! yards of tfeivel Tnpestiy orjet three quaitcr casks Brandy, two barmla Mackerel ba'e positive. rttLLloOTON A CABTKR, Auctioneer. W II 1.1AM AliBOTT, AUCTION 8KB.?MOUTOAOB sale on this day (Thursdays 2.ith lust, at 10*-$ o'ol ?k. the Stock and Fixtux s o< a "ililnery establishment, at JIM Canal street Also t arpeis. Furniture, Ac FHKKCHADVERflSEMESTS. _ UNE PBRSONKB B1EN ELEVRE. PAKLANT F.tAB f is, Alieniand et anglais, cber b- utie place a Na* \ ork , .ii sill' ur.i pour in tiulrn d>' Jr'ine-< en! ants 011 is ur vnvag?r K.llo |*<nt donn*T lie I) ns renseigBeioent-., ri a dieaser au No. b ManstluU pal e, Jisi it., prus de la t*ttui av. V ? _ CLOTinitr*. Attention.?Laa-ibi? uisiwLRMiifc, :i> ?>? ? not 10 *ci tb* full v?lua ? or your an. t >tf Clothing, f'urntitm, CwicU Mid ,??>%? !r?. lb<- he*' you d i> u <fnd u Dole to K. ,?ahK1S, "i<i i-?cijIi, .v.u-ir h<'f< >w may 1*0 nvinot-d yon ?ill b.- d?wll ui your aaUhla -(u*l K?.r it'lk ar-Hon, Uj for onaia, fr m $ i>. 9'2 ("T pains ittid caat-a, from $1 upwunl* <?' *?*> dno ? fnrv c 160 nvventb avrouc no*' fmou ilnu ?towt . ?; 'oufod by Mrs. Hurrla ABhTIl-.J CXaMO* riiAP B/fcft..?x hA > ? *,.Ht rewlviu lo,,**1 to pvitbu' tin u!l ,'UAhli.g for Cbtna <0,111. Laidt?'? ?no g? ntmmai it yon w?h w> g-i a ;air p -??? or your ? Mht-a, ,ar|?ia, rurtiuurr m.c lawair ami tr *T<>fd Im Iiir biior'aggp'* by f ?l*i? n?, th>* b.*t tot,,-i,. Jc t-. 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