Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Şubat 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Şubat 1861 Page 3
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mM-tum* 4Hr iu?al wrtf*. 4 DBfc'IBABLB COUNTRY BBHIDBNCB FOB SAUL? A A new Brief Dwelling, built in modern style, with s*r fm, strubtvrv aad ahade tr-?ea, p easantly located la (iotas* *Be, N. J , pries H ue, until the 4th of Marsh 1ML Apply *?A. D. HOPE, 74 Broadway, S. T. AT A BARGAIB-FOCB GOOD HOUBBB. BITCATBD vo Flushing aroaue, .Von 14. 18, 17 and Id, ???J Division iwim; Unas <*a*y; or 11 lb* Hold ?ep*nu?ly or tofulMP; prion IS MX) *^ch. SL4Ad Mab on ?*cb Uoute. tbe reonuadar on kood iod D( r m? f#r five ??*;?. Inquire ^ jf BBkt. 171 awflrJ West Washington market. or Me.? Flush leg SI fnue a al'ONE FRONT ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE AND A Furniture for sate, la bast Sixteenth street, opposite Dr. > Allot), very convenient, u? id.irn loipruvein.'oia, h it aud mid bath Ac.; io (vod ord -r, and will bo sold on mmmumai>Zteruui BRVDLKY. HUIVBIN.4 A CO , 42 Ea?t Fourteenth atrxet Union sqtt ire. A AM THIBD * VKN IE HOUSE POM HALS CHB4P ? Beats for $1,200; la tlv? atones, full lot Also, thirty hoaaes and -ttorea on Second avenue, and twenty brown stone drat class House* and r*rui* near lbs d'y. Inquire of IB FeTI KKT H, 153 4aat Thirty second street. A HANDSOME PLOT, OVERLOOKING THE HARLEM river, IDS Lo'.a. uear MeCotab's Darn at West Morrimv ta, $1,SU> IV acrra at Upper MorrUania, $15,01X1. A tine place for tnveatnx tit or re?i teuce. ?i. W. D TChtTT, No. STrynn row, room No 9 4 BAHRAIN KoBrtOaE ONE.?A TWO.STORY HOUsE and lour Lo's, with fruit, handsomely located on 138th (t o?ar lUrletn bridge; Prase $2,1U0 A'ao a House and half acre, Irui a, shrubbery. Ac., at Morrlsam.a O W. IM Ti HE IT, No. 6 Tryon row, room 9. AMkW AND ELEGANT THHB^ToKY HIGH STOOP biowo >MU Hwix) Jl 6 WVntTorty-rirtth stroll, be I* e* n r ighih ?ad Nloth avenuea will be told very low, at a pi tee to suit the (lutes. A^ply on the premises, or at 20S, urn door. A PRODUCTIVE KAKM OF 100 ACBES FOB $#,000, near Boundbrook. N. J.; 26 acres wood, balance im proved; flee oicbard, watered by a runulng atreun; new bona*-, lilted in witb brick, uew barn, Ac. Location nealthy and terma easy. Apply to A. SKRuEaNT, 16 Wall street. YOUNG MAN, WISHING TO ENTER SUS1NBSS, will purchase an established haaln-aa, worth $> UUO to $*.000 and. pay therefor a valuable plot of Land, &) arrea, vtib ItuililinKa, near a depot, in Weau;heater wuntv, 15 milea from Kew ^ ork Addreaa A. H. O , box 873 Port office ANtW TA'O BTOBY AND HAoEHENT HOUSE, WITH d??bte parlora, marUe mantela, fine eoHit yard, Aa, In a block owaeit by aenieel American famlliex Prloe 92,'HM Te>aia?ui a 4 family, ab<iut BMJM eaah; balanee aame aa real Ia<iiiirc of Mr. DAY, aaine blo-Jt, 76 ril teeutk rtraet, kaath Brooklyn KMGBN If BIG IIT8 BUILDING PL<?T8-<)F FOUB TO e^liUien city lota each, beautifully lo-iated at Bergen, 1^ ?uie (mot Jeraey city by korae railroad; near Dutch rteiorm ?4 and Pieahyteriau churcbea. Inquire at 41 Water atroei tH?l'MKV PLAOB rOK 8ALB-BBAUriPULL? Mlru / a ted aa?B| tke btlla,twenty miles from to?nby rail red; two mli.wtea walk from the depot uaud trom one to ?'term acres; choice fruit aad shrubbery; neat oot<*ge; oig| atOornt * aw; pure air and *ater, and One mountain a wnery apply to B MAMTInUaLB, 187 Broadway, third atory. /WNTBT iBaT FOR HaLB OB EXCHANGE? WITH V ki acre I. ef excellent land, situated in Westoheater euun aear the depot, and within 20 minute*' rtde oi fwuaiy Sineinb street, on ike New Haven Railroad. Tke building* ?ee aew aad modem; hot and cold water, bath room Ac . ekade aad fruit treea. Wi'l be aold low er exchanged for a CHi I lease ar Country s?at with leaa land. Inquire of GRB Mntv A I'll., tt Hood street. New York. C UNION AVKNl'E (BROOKLYN) PROPERTY FOR sale ?81* Lois of (round, with good Dwelling House. 40 f>at treat bv 18 feel aeep, with enclosed oUzza, turn tee. raafe, (w. bat., aad water clueet, all In complete order. A gaud a*able <>u lk" rear, with water, rbe garuen has an arandaa'e nt fruit, t|?:?peaches, cherries, pea^a. applra. asMt two kittda of grape*, alt of tbe best quality, with variuui It ss. akrahs. Ac Applv on the premises, third house south arast of Myrtle avenue. In Clinton avenue, or atairipruoe otret. Hew York Ij*ABM- ?0 At'R* H, IM WlSOt)N8IN, AT t5; 8H KBM'HO, 4 (?ii acres unimproved, at $2, wood, water, prairie, r grain, vln-a, st ck growing; near villages, selected in per aua; luaaermoata to aeol. ay. W w. WET MO RE. No. 8 Gold street. m balb?payable in cadi, merchandise or ' notes, acres of Lund, located In th* State of Inquire ef J rtTOCKBKIDOB, 14 Broadway. B B*>M H* F goad PiK NATJ1?HO0?K NO. ? WARREN PLACE (Chartea atrert). near Greenwich avenue, tnree story bnrk, 1u*4. teet, with extension, modern Impr ivemen s, well kullL Prf>e $Vl(i . will be put In complete older for $M00. Apply to H N. Klsher. fe Bast Tkirty-eight street EM>H MAiB. MUKKAY HILL PKOPBKTY FOB 4ALB. r A strictly Ural class brown stone front House, Louis XV. of architecture, Nn i2 Bast Thirty eighth street, betwmn Fifth ?nd Madl?on avenues, replete artih all the modern im provements. snd built by day's work I'ersons withing io ynr< ha?e would do w ell to call and examine for therna-Wes Alao lhe><mwn stone front HousesNos 74 and 77 Bast I'hirty taant atrert Mm loot atr-et), and Nos Wft and IS7 l<exlngt?n avenue a'l I'Ullt tn the beat workmanlike manner Terma t. ? uit purchaa* ra Prices low, to suit the tunes Apply on tke premises from 7 a M to ? P. M? or to MATTHEW KtWnBH. No Its Baat Thirty seoond street. 1>>M MALE?HOl'KEH AND LOTH, NO. 38 CHARLTON F street. No 8 Warren place (Charlea elreeti, 171 West Ktghtr-enth street, one in Gntre atrnet, near Bleecker. one in A an land place (PeiTy street); all I rat clasa; also several I'nne Bnit Honaee; also several Farms In Orange county. Apply teN. BOB A H 0 WILHON. 200 Varick street. For halb-thb hochb and lease of lot no. M ttghth avenue, the lower part of which Is occupied asa ?ak a table; a Brat rate bualneM to gallon. Apply on the premi se), up stairs. *fH)R HAIJt-A TWO AND A HALF BTORY HOUSE IN r Williamsburg, eonvenlent to all the ferries. House 20s M. lot 10x1 SB 1'rioa B2.IU0. present mortgage. Bl.auOi ' D. TTiOMSoN, Agent, 8^ Pine street liMlK HALB-THB FIVE TBARB' LEASE OF A FIRST r elass Hot* I, situated is tke most desirable part of tbe sHy on IIroadway, near Union square, now doing a good baaiio >s; has a good run of Boutbern customers; saibfaeuiry ?saaona given for selling. This Is a capital chance for any parson dealriot to go In the hotel business. Apply at 7t>7 Broadway, comer of Ninth street, room No. S, for three *aja. t>OK -Ai.F. THE IIOUHB AM) LOT IBS EAST THIR JT teenih street, nw Recnnd avenue (H-.use 29x84, Lot i?il(M), containing all His modern Improvement*, and In good ?rtlrr. Prise BU.tUI. Tu be seen any time s/ter 10 A. M. 1|?>M NALK?TWO FIBaT CLa>B FOUR STuBY F. .bl _ brown stone front Bouses, built {nftshiag. Apply ?a BOUT. H ?O^U* Forty seven in atreet, south side, Mar Fifth avenue. Weal Forty sixth etreet. a day '? work, lust , on the prornlsea, Fifth avsnue, or at (U F^m )B BALE-ON TUB FAHHAIO BIYE*, SOUTH OF tbe depot a Cottage Ilooss and acres of ground, srlth pleniy of fro It and ervameatal treea; 27 minutes' dla tanre by ears fromJersey City, and 7 minutes' walk rrom the Pasaalr bridge depot or I be New York sod Brie Railroad. Prloe fS,M>0 Apply to B. M. PTE, 3U7 aad Ml Fourth avenue. Mew iotl T7K)R FALB?$&>0?TUB THREE 4TOBT AND BAHB JP meat brick House No 102 East Forueth street, next Boor to Lexington s venue, with all tbe modern Improvements; a good home f?r little money. Apply to J. II DO0UH YT, 18S howery, corner of Broome street, from 12 to S. rtK HALE?THE TWO HTOHV, AftlC AND B\SK ment frame llonae and Lot 9V t*T<?peet npfrt, Hnnklrn; oootalna lju tbi-nuphmit wlthltKjif laen mlnulea' walk of Kill too o* < Hihnrmi- Inrrv ImulraXn Uk prrmuM PH >H WALK-to tub biohbkt BIDDER, WITaIN fourwn iU*a, a Urn elaas fonntry Hmi, replete with mr?rj modern Improvement. on Hnc of M??r linen Railroad, twenty two miles from New York Kor full particulars pcin only in..* addnaa L'. V , Moral.I odioa IiHlR SALE?HEVERAL NBW TWO AND THREE <TO. rv brick *ou*ea, well flnlabed, with paa, water, baths waabiiiba, hwttr, Ac., on eevmly eighth str?H>t, waat of Thtid avrnue, i?d nelghb#rho?id, near Central Park, a. prm? from 94,UO u> fSiu), and on accommodating i"rraa of paytni-nt Applv loJoltN TIKNKH el the paint at are, oor aerof Eight; Mtth afreet and Third avenue. IjHR PALE?ON WR8T TWKNTV.THIRD UTRKBT, A ' four story rro'vn stone English bunalent Ho<ise, It A br ?n feet, lot f ull. In mud ordar, and wail tenanted. Will b? ?old eerv low. ?IAMKH B. BOWARDfl, office 177 Tw?nty third itraet. TjV.K SALE -A FIRM CLA8R TWRBB KMRV BRICK r House and lot; tenma eaay Apply on the premise*, Nq M Elnii avenue |iH>R BALE-TWO F1BHT CLAPS FOUR HTORT BROWN r ntmo Iront Mono a, high stoop*, replete with t <e m idem tanpr v*?o>nta, situated at fine 102 and 14M Kant . hlrty f >urtb atre. t, Mar Islington av?nue Inqnlre of JAMKit OWKNa. botlder. No 102 Baat lhlrty four h street. yHtR 8 ALB IN BROOKLYN?TWO FIR4T OLA1H " ihree Ktory brick Houses. brown atona haaamenta lnai ?n?ebed. on ?Uie street, n??r Powers; have all the m kitu apr ?Triwtnta convenient to three oar rmi<a Applv ui J ?. SHANNON, on the pramlaee LMIK OALB LOW?THE COZY TWO HTORT AND Ht-R r sent H<maa To. 7* Weat Fort? aaranth ?tr*wt. In partem order with all modern Improvements and Id an ai wil-wt neighborhood. Price 9?V,M?. i erma v*ry liberal Apply to THOMAHJ. MILLbR. No. 74 Br???way j??OR HaLK t?R BXCHANUB?A OOONTRJ XBaT, IN JP every respect d-alrable a* a ?anieeu residence. on the jorthwesterly e4 - ration af States Island, ->na mile op fruai O'OR ~ np ? ?aatoryvilla Undue ; three aeree. 8. C. HCHKNCK. HO N BALE OB EXCHaNOB-TWO L<iTS ON A COH ? nor. tme am lb ? oornarof I nun and Bond atr.-et. ?? ? In Msmida airrat, near the farrina, for a *m?J) b xiae. (??ri aaan, laadini atri-et preferral, with from $*,U0t> to (tilUi 'nanire at Waal ataaat. Maw Vork. ,V)B HALE OB BtCHANOB ?A GOOD O^POBTITNITT (l1 will be offered (oany peraon who wlaie? lo pnro!?*ae or a?.hange eit? propartr for d- ?inbl?li??prov.<d ItaaiUfn fvm teat >?nd?; building- ail nawi terni? eaa;. for full parti.-ulara apo'y to i'HILIl K s> In I'm FViR 8AI.K OR EJCCH A NOB?'f VK THO(Ti4A^D aer a ot be?t nua'R> ??!<?(? ted Pine rim^r loiids Vi ?ai> d irj th<- 'ake eounllea af Nlrhlfan, vary low for ea*h; o will at hangr on tavoruM* teram and pay piri oaah ' r .iher go-id pioperty f MKVwMl rv, V i'ln?#in*^t I|IIIK fAlhtIK KX'-IUHOK rot A 1**U. u h F do?an town, or In MiwAljin, ? larue Inown a on* front :lo.ite, me-di-m Impeov ni'in'a and In gool e >udition, "n Baat I hir\l?'h treet None but prirrlnala o??d apply Call a? ?r addrrna L. L MORsB, No .'CW Pa?t riilrtl-th mr??t. V"H UK BXCHaNOK IfOK MUH 'HA.IDIBB?AN " ??egam .fifth avrnua H<aia<'and 'umlture, L>ta in the ?U<w Of HnKktvn, Newark, Ltlra, ki.; Parana in II' n > s ? ????tin and tvbMonaln, on a falreaah b?al? l'nnoii>a'?ouly 10 ** c- """H, *? '0 Vine gtrefli. 1, OR HAI R, UR BXnilANOB FOR ITNIN/'ROTKD ' new (our Hiorr hrown at me (nfi at'op Bo?**.' N* '111 Na<t>on aveaua. bataeen Thirtieth a*d Ihlr tyfiratat.reeir |n elecant neighborhood; will b* (oii at a Cl7rr^?r.'?treet*P "nmediaaely Ininlro at No. A MOB "" ^"''ANOB POAOITT I'BOPBRTT? ..n? mi ..ill-"'"Menee on 8t K<-n i<uc4, WltHn #?a mitiitlea walk of *#??? (jnarantin* landing- Urmr gmiden. ^rajiery, fiull, barn, outdoor .nlMlni. varJ ten I .(T Set V ailly aitd flrat tlMa bathing. The' ^n.-'^nU n, ?aghteen rooma. bealdea eJoa?-t?, cellar, ptattaa and nn nual wnref/lroe-a. II and the gr nmda are In (h? m ,?t n.-r^ nti-r. it rommaBda dellghtfal vlewa of the bay a id<*?iin?rT la wchln thirty to forty minutaa' of Wall Mreat ,0 u rn-a' ?llv A" gltabla r#?ld?'n''e and pruetlrally e^ua! to ,.? S bM wl-h rery light M.e. U.ld perf?, r?r , rirnafiit IQOQiy WDllki If n<*c? ??ury APVly Iv . ** JOHN LLOTD k SONS, No. 14 Maa.t.iu itrnat. ?*m py am. MTAm CR HALB LOW?ON KtSY 1EKM8. SBVER4L FIRST ??Has three ?w?ry brown itoue hUh stoop Houses, on , Fiftieth street. Apply at tt5 Weal Fiftieth street, be tween highlit utd Ninth avenue*. CK3R BALE OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR CTTT LOTS? r Two Bret claw brown stone llounen, on East Thirtieth street; houses new, having been built bv day's work lur the , owner Apply to P. G. VuUGti*, No 4 l'lue street. For h*< k or to lit?or hie lower part to let, ooruaaninf seven Rooms, tu the three story brick | bonne In PI I'll fourth street, betwesu Fifth end Sixth ava- | ?u?s; has double eiteiisisnon first and second floors, with the nsmiern Improvements. Apply to D., ou the premises. IrtOR SALE OR TO LET?A BROWN 8TONB FRONT House on Forty tlftu street, between Third and Lsx lajfton avenues, whb all the modern improvements; also A Uouxe on Fiftieth street, between Second and Third avcnuca. Inquire on Ike premises, Forty fit th street. Terms easy FOR SALE OR TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, (L1TB WILe llamslurg!, ten three story n*w brtck Honsss, well fiuish ed, and at itry low prices, situtM on Third and Fourth sireeli-, between North Bigbih and North Pinlh streets. Also, several Frame Dwelliagsjon North Ninth street, ooo l.oin for sole or lease ; no money required when improve menta are made Apply to H. I. HUNT, 113 Fourth avenue, ti V , or 0. FOWLfc.Il, corner of Third and North Ninth streets, wmi?abarg- ___ tiH>B HaLB OR TO LET?TUB LaRUK MaNSION, 1 northeast corner of Twenty third street and Ninth ave nue; has all the luiprovementa and In good eondltlon. Alao to let, the laige Store and OwelllngJBi2 ninth avenue: houw has un rooms. Apply to SAMUEL OOHEN, No. W HiOidway. House wartbd for cash.?must be first class In character nod location; high stoop preferred Any one hxvlng such, and willing to aetl very low, may hear of a purchaser, by addressing, with full particular*, box 3,ISO Post oil ce Important to owners of real estate dp tow n ?The apiiertlgned has opened an office at 777 Third avenue, near Fifty-first street, in connection with bis old es taMi?hcd ollice, 86? Seventh street, for th* selling and letting ?.f Real estate, where jiarties having such to di?pose of may find It to their advantage to call and register the same with him. JOSEPH McGUIRB. f OTS FOR SALE OR EXCHANOB?TWO LOT8 IN 1J part payment, one a corner, on the corner of Union and Bond streets, one on t olumbta street, South Brooklyn, near the feme*, for a small house, in a business street preferred. Inquire at 408 West street. T IQl'OK STORE WANTED?IN EXCHANGE FOR A L plot of Ground in Union fort, Wustchetter county, con talulngeight city Lots Apply all this week by note to Liquor Dealer, box 178 Herald ellioe, or Jersey titty Post office. PAPt R MILLS Ft)R SaLK?TWO PAPER MILLS, IB perfect order, witkin one hour's ride, by railroad, of the eity of New Votk. lerms moderate. A large |H>rtion at the purchase money can remain en mortgsjje Other pr?psrty will be taken in exchange. If not sold, will be let, together or separately. odresg Mills, Dox 117 herald oiUoe. POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY.?WILL BE SOLD, ON easy teruiR, a neat tbree story high sloop brick House, (laving t'urnaee gas fixtures, and la good order, on Fortv . l#hih street, near aixtu avenue. Apply to J. F. WILLIAMS, U2 fcighth avenue. Purchasers of up town lots are respect. fuily intormed that they inay find a very nandsome v? loty, at prices somewhat lower than they are paving for them at the auctiou sales, by applying to 0. 0. PRATT, 10 | t'ino street, room 12. TWO THREE STORf HOUSES?IN THE UPPER PART of the city, now well rented, will be exchanged for a Farm or Country Seat, near New York. DaVToN A JONBS, Property Exchange, St Nasaau street, N.?Y. Two Illinois farms for sale or exchange for improved real estate within oi; near the city of New York?Oi>* of these Farms contains 100acres, and the other '?*) acres. both are healthfully and eligibly located, and arc in'ted for s 'me of the deepest and richest soil In the Prai'ls Mute l bey adjoin the Bellevue Mound estate upon its southern border, and are situate between that beautiful ?pot and the town of < arlyie, Clinton county, Illinois, which is in i ull sight, und where there is a station of the Ohio and Mis sissippi Railroad irom Cincinnati to St Louis, only 46 miles 'listen' from the latter city, and about 14 miles from tho cross inn of the Illinois Centisl Railroad track from Dunkirk, or Its Munch from Chiesgo to Cairo 'l he respective sites selected for buildioz upon these two Farms have been facilitated by the ploughing and ourd ft ndng around euh of a plot o' four awes, and the retting < ut thereupon a quantity of shade and nut trees; an 1 the purchaser can find, among mechanics In tt e vicinitv, various competitors for the speedy construction of such building* an may seem -wit suited to his own particu lar views and -nears for affording himself a complete and comfortable place of residence For further pinlculan> In quire or.lollN K. HaCEETT, No. Ml Broadway. Twenty-one* ears' lease of property no. 64 White street, 100 f eet ?est of Broadway, with covenants of renewal. This va uable property being close to Broadway and Canal streets (noun to be the centre of business), offers to capital!* h uii opportunity seldom met with. For terms, Ac, apply to A. M. t.SoN. 23 Wall Htreet. \/\AL. ABLE HzaL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN.?MO V deir brown stone Dwelling 64 West Twenty eighth street, on? blok from Broadway, tbree story and high stoop base ment, 2t> fe. t front by ?? feet; lot SOxltll) feet. Two thirds of the purchase monev can remain ou mortgage for five years. I am determine d to sell it. It Is as valuable as any city pro perty. an.1 increasing in value. Apply to H. T. GREEN WOOD, 78 William street. Wanted to ^urchahf?a high stoop houbb. situated >?*tv.-6en Twentieth and Forty-third street* and Fourth aitd highth avenues. frier from 9tt,U00 to &10.0JQ. Address H B., 20 Fine s'reet, oare of A. D. Thompson. 1Q1 ACRES I.ANO AT RING RING. ALSO HOUSE J Ot Ho. 67 Monroe street; ali-o Farm 3S>? acre*, a little above Hv<te Park. All will be aold cheap. Inquire or JOU!( K. RoBKKTS, 9GC Br?adw*y, or 111 Natwu street /W1A ?A FINE COLLECTION OF OIL PA1NT <lpO.U\)U. lngs to exchange for property in ihla city or vicinity, in ? good i ,cai 1>n. IRELAND A WEBB, 82 Cedar (treat. 4>Q Cl ?n ?FOR maLE. A FOUR STORY AND BASE ?J)O ill/", mruthlgh stoop House. Good location and in good repair. Terms easy. Possession may 1. Address Bask, I>oi 100 lierald oflloe. j>t)n nnn to $100,000 worth of builders' ipiU.v'Uli Hardware to exchange for goad Improved ctiy property or vacant lota, lightly mortgaged. Apply to IhELAND A WEBB. 82 t>dar sireet nnn ~A rittST CLASS 8UMMBR HOTEL V^O.UUvJ. within ten mlnutea' walk of the ooean. and lee* than twenty miles from New lork, uplendidlv furnished ?and tnud tip hot and cold water, ground* taatefally laid oat, barns, (table*, sheds. Ice house (filled). Ac. Everything ready for open'ng The property haa ooat nearly twioe the sum ai-kicl for it First das* city property would be tAken in Dart payment. K,,rparticulars apply to KRAN1LLIN BROTHERS, 60 Wail street. *70 <W1A ?SPLENDID RESIDENCE FOR SALE ?p I U.UUu. very rhtSap, near depot; convenient to the city by frequent trains, grounds beautifully arranged; moat pleasant location; abundanoe of fruit, shrub and shade trans, and In good order. SOUTH WICK * WOOD, 83 Nassau street FOR RALE. An OYSTER SALOON AND BAR FOR RALE, WITH Sapper hooms; entrance from throe street*: established twenty years; one o> the best ? Lands In the Eighth ward. For particulars Inquire in the saloon, corner of Canal and Watt* atreeu. No agent* need apply A RARE CHANCE.-FOR SALE. THE STOCK, FUR nlture, Fixture* and Good Will, of an old established Kng lish .-bade*, In one of the "est buslneaa locations in the city. Ap(ily to E. LAWRENCE a CO., No. 63 East Fourteenth A PLEASANT AND VERT PROFITABLE BUSINESS for sale, In good working order; doing a large paving business and will near the closest examination. A more than ordinary good chance, to get in a safe money making ludnesa. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, fit Nassau street. * FIRST CLaHS PHOTOORaPH GALLERY FOR sale?replete with everything necessary fordoing a Urge buflnesa. Inquire of H. KH.KisoN, API Broadway. DiKf KY AT A BARGAIN?FIXTURES, TOOLS aND II good will Horse. Harness mid Can, at Jl'Hoanh; store sitting room; bakehouse in basement; one large room and two b?<lrnon,s on s. oond floor Neighborhood and trade goad. Appiy W n?OWDSN A LATE, X.T6 Broadway, room 47. BAht.fc KuH SALh.?THE BaRGE EXCHANGE, N 1W lying at Ponghke, p?l?; nlt> about l.'VS feet In lenjrth by .Q feet wide, with three decita Inquire of O. H. I'uMr KlNr. I6.1 West siieet, or of Roaekraaz, Gaylord A Co., I'.nuhkeepele ViMKill'.MItl FOR SALE. AFPLT at 16 Hi'R V_> tia avenue, xrooklyn jM'lrn?rTOCK.AND FIXTURE*; SIOtfK VERY W'? ? !>?*? iMnilars ?ee -1A *?, 178 Broadway light stare mi?t d -alrabie, plate glasa window, up l?>i inb a?, bus, location choice rent iow. Most be sola I ji.e4ta ely Ills U a uhwuae seldom met with. For pir UK. ?* :>T< i..IS IN brooklyn. BBAUTI r, t mi i ? rai.g. o 'ii,. t -nation, and go id stunk of a??d? ein< s, (or a* ?'si ri Ii of iu rata*. Apply M ALOHA*OCR UssSil I, saeni,!No i MowUng Greeu, In the baseiaent. F NtlX "IA1.R A ? ?T UKSIRABLB CHANCE ?THE >r*m?is""I n * ??suirut and Sapper talaon. xvn Diet. ?od ?lth ? very euare netire to noallaue tne husin-w; has been est..nltahed near fir?? en years; evneilent custo n and Hiany a >aliiH^s whirh will be eipialtied, with all dat?i s: was. 'h??e learsfr m '?t Mat MM; (M, water, ranges and every hing i??iuind la line '>rd?r Kor sny person with lifsr slid toilrw napveity th s la a ehanoe seldom met Wpli O'l'ii ? al (I'll A I'litrahams S. Rooms. Mi New Ivwrt m 1J AS P PAYY"* I I It vision street. |Vt?iN ?ai ? A BAKU r?fA*C?? A WftOLBSALR r riu'.ctUMig ? (M.'-viH.n 'V >S'ab i?htn<,tit naw doing a large aa . pt'ifluW i'U" ..??*, w'll be s >14 at an *?tr-m-ly l .wprv-e ..r sash Tae wifec wms manufacture^ by this h ater u?>k the k ghe?t pieni ua al Uie fair of the American I MI II ute mm * lug the N't?t and beet quality mad- In tins IT" I tel. 1'imil- are *' |?-' eetn. and ail *ale? nv.d for ^a^h. I., hu-lite.. p.ii iv . ;'iKl'-i w any amount. I'resent pi>> p'M 'or r-Urt g e> le r< ? u lor sel'.'ng. Alto, a Retail ion ? ?en oart i iri.n Hi ?a<i?ai Price $4M| Apply to A. M. RV |'h i A t'O , a a V aad n Nassau Ktreei. ii A' I li< Ml hJNRH". STt" K A<I> PIXTIH/-^! P of i fl->i i lase snd ion.- e? ar)uhed "amlly 'Irocery, In nii'-mUites k'aUon. hi itoe > 'v; a rare chance for anv one d Irn.g to 'ins.' 'n 1'.. *>o*inmig. ?atl?taririy rea-.,n? given (TwaeitUM ut ApplytoJOHN HaIk tiM, W9 Fourth 1,'t'K ? hl.r t HKer I.AC. LIUUiiR NTOSK, IN A r *.<l a I ? . ?Mh agoo.| Si.iek. <nd le? ? a*, a lo? ei t H.- ?.an/< r? i?a? n for selling will beiiven t .r fu'thei pari, at apply to Y VIXrhNf, 17 Worth Wliliatn * reel. ag*-t <? m* il sp. ly. AU VM.<k AMI riPTIREt il' OLD ? e t.n i|-hed - at'ou-ry asd Fam-y i?Pir?. altu tU'd in the heat bu-i- a>p.rt? Br oktyli >'or far her partlctilars In qu re st .j|< ?n <r a tax. ilronfclyn. L'< K Al.V-A 1' ?*> r >wN LI NCH RtKIW (CORNER r o' ? 'e< a al d S <?aau ittrarts) n >w >talng an txoellent bustnees. a *a??li aaiount of stKiney required 1-1,h *AI. - 1'1 SfS'K, PIXTl'RRS AND Pt/RNI r me. ? ?iti ? are ysa't' 'eaae of -me of tke beat Pabi a >l ti e. in leat e'reet Cor frnOier particulars Inqnlre at lis a arrew str^t naar # art. roll SALE? * babo?iw? UK WILL RXCHANGR for . merrh in-IIS"' -r <0>I e.ute a fourteen horse engine, Kodeis, Slnwera, si d tan I'r^ntlfe A 1 'age'v Hills, with nelt Itik .and c< ari? . Iiiti' - A SO*--* I'BV, 73 Naa?aa street. . ii,H ,tAi>K Al ? lUKGtiN 'IIK SftK'K riXTURBS P and Btis uess cf an eatnhllahed I'alnt "Jtare, w ith good retail Im"*! . at V tikrnt, New tnrk Pnr trrnN' and partl.-,i lar* Hp/iv V> J A R. LAJtB, lAi kUcUuiqjal rtrwl, Now York rOE AALB. T7?OE SiLR OB EXOHA*GB-AN E8TAHLI8HED <t Jt f ter cheese ud Lard Business. with Horses. w*k .na, Ac .Mid other necens?ry anpurtananoes, togethir with a tlire jutra Icue. Apoly ?t 38 lUrruou UrMl, between I aud .1 o'clock. For sale at a sacbifiob-the lease, u n, furnaces and Allures of a first rate Bakery, Confe n ery and Ice Orealu Saloon, tu mi excellent lucation, w>-r-- a first iltu trade can be done. Address for four days J F., box 170 Herald odire. R bale OR TRADE?THE fkbd OTOiUS AND five years lease, the Mock In stor* nod Kurd ft ig >n. at 402 Vest street, offering it good opportunity for emba Ung In thin or other mercantile buainuaa. Inquire of ARCHER EAKTINE. r H OTEL FOR HALE.?A BAROaIN. HANDSOMELY and newly flt'->d up .mtl furnUhed. long and favorable lease; superior locaion; uouig a larne tir-t cl.m bu- Ine^s and offered at an object, having other engagements; terms liberal. Kil l IIVWCK A WOOD, Si Ma-tsau Hotel for sale?handsomely furnished; a long lea-e at low rent dolug ? large and profitable busi ness; one of the beit locations In the city for botli transient aud permanent custom. BUitiS A ROHSETRR. 7* <tw?n ?Teei. , OR STORK KOt SALE?TI1E OLD Etl'AB liaLed Uqucr store 134 Cherry street, neatly fitted up; now doiig a g**>d business. To a eaah customer satis! aclory reaaons given lor selling out Apply on the premises. Philadelphia house for hale?<>r will trade for a amall farm near the city. u the owner W In U1 health and must retire fr m buaineae; eoat $? (?>l; wUl aeli for leas ihan half. Apply ou the premises, US and 135 Fourth ?treet, Brooklyn. B. !?. / vi ariz bock hill and portion of patbut U for kale?-Admitted at the mines the very be-tt for rrduo lng roek and hard mbstanoe< to impalpable powder, with hardened shifting, grinding Mir face easily changed. SOUTH W10 K A WO <U, 82 Nassau street T lot t L list QTEAMERS for BALE. O F"ur serew Steamers, from .100 to 900 tone Three Hide'heel Meant boa s. thiee ferry Boats (Steam Engine and Boiler*, new and second hand, constant ly lor sale. Apply to * CHARLES W. copbland. 122 Broadway. New York. rBF. BOLD?A FIRST CLASS TEA AND OOFFEB Mere, at a reasonable prion, tlit-d up In a bust noes style, In one of the beet thoroughfares la riroofclyn This Is a grnat chance for any one who understands the aualncss Atldrsas B., box 137 Herald office. TO PHYSICIANS AND DRUGGISTS.?fOR SALE, A Drug Store, with a three vears' leas*. In connection with agouduilice practice. Inquire lu Mr iloMy's liquor store, comer of Third avenue and Twenty eighth street. WESTCHESTER HOUSE RESTAURANT FOR CALK OR lease ?Seventy-five feet ou Hrooine street by 100 feet deep, with basement entire. Inquire at the oilloe of J. K. Surourg A Co. 4 ',/Wl WILL purchase A BUTTER, CHEESE, EGG ?P?)l7V and Lard stand. In one of the market! on the east side, doing a large trade. It is a double stand. App>y to I. uakk.u; i. Auctioneer, i'Si sro*dw*v. 4*1 fUkil?A WIIOLKnALB AND RETAIL. t-'TA <P 1 .OUl/, tionery aud fancy nuire, in one of the beat uio ro gl fares up town, v 111 be aofd low, for raih, 11' ap|)lied for Immediately. Addrtss fancy Oo< d?, Herald ollice. BOABDIHII AMP bODaHa. AT NO. 7 orambhitv cla?je, im TWENTIETH street, second door from Fourth avenue, to et to a single gentleman a furnished Stttingroorn aiMOUed room at tached ; house first class. References exchanged. a <1KRMAN KAMILV, OF THE HIllHE-T REwPKOTA 3. bility, would acconimodatc a few single gentlemen or gentleman and wife with exuailer t board and elegantly fur nlsaed rooms. Apply at >.o. 2U West Ninth sireet, between Fifth ana sixth avenuee. ttefr re noes exchanged; French and English spoken. A VERY handsome PARLOR, BEDROOM OOMMU mcsting, onset ?d Boor, now to let, and on 1st of April a trout Parlor >ind heuroom, Wlih Board in a aele,rt i iruily; hou"e has all the modern improvements Dinner at 6 P. M Reference required. Apply at i?i L?iiuton avenue. 1 FEWLAIUJE. BAIMOa ROOMS, ON THE SECOND a. and third tloors to let to gentlemen, or a mm and his wife, with or without Board, permanently; partially or fully f in ensiled iiou?e Brst cla*.t; ail the modrn ??onveuietioi's. Inqulie at ICS Lexington avenue, corner Thirty -first street No moving in May. A handsomely FCHNiSHED FR?-NT ROOM, WITH gas and gra e, to let togenllemeu, without board Apply in Ml Br<>ome street. Abu.i ofthheb furnished room" to let?in a private house, where there ;ire no boarder*. Ciin lie lad together or ?e|>a tte with or without ooarj. Apply at .its Broome street itaar Centre ?, GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE WOULD LIKh (1 Snail In a first elaas house: private family preferred: locatlou must : o<*n'ral and icrma moderate. Addreas 11., Station U, Bible House. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, AND SOME SMALLER Rooms, elegantly t urnlshed. to let l > a gentleman ami wife, or to single gentlemen, with or without Hoard; bouse first class; all modem Improvement*. Apply at 28 Ninth atreel, near Hfth avenue a small PRIVATE KAMIlY, HAVING TWO ROOMS A. to spare, would let them, handsomely furnished, with or without riuard, to gentlemi D aud their wlverf, single geu tlemen or reape ubl single ladiea. No other boardera In ihe house. Call at 1H& Laurens ?ti e- t. T 36 tAKl TWENTIETH STREET. A FEW DtMRS from Broadway a large furnlabod front Room tnay now be obtained br a gentleman and hi* wife or two single geutio mea, with Hoaid, house first class; dinner at 8 P. M. A A GENTLEMAN REQUIRING A HANO-toMELY fomUbed Hoom, Id a g*nt?el, central lojatlon of the city, witb all the comfort* of borne, can find each accommoda tion lor* fair remuneration by addresang Uoma, Colon HqUftie Post office, care of Godfrey, 811 Broadway. a GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WILL PAT $.'15 TO $40 A flL month lor Board In a plain private family, wham the comfoitaof a homo nan be enjoyed, inagrntecl neigboorbood not above Eighteenth street will require a neatly turuiahed Ro-ku, with lire and gaa, Addreea u R, box 130 Herald oflioe/ A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET, WTrH FULL OR {V partial Hoard, two or three p easant nomni fur nlabed w ith gaa aud bath itefeivuoo* exchaugad. Inquire at boat Fiiteenth street, near Third avenue. A LARGE FRONT PARLOR, ON SECOND FLOOR. c\ with one or two Bedroom*, oonimoulcatlng, to rent, wlu> Board Also, Room* for Dingle gentlemen. The boose is firm claa? and the location very desirable. Apply at No. 30 We?t Twelfth street. Dear Fifth avenue. A OOUNTRT BOARDTNQ HOUSE WANTED?NEAR or In the outskirts of Brooklyn, for a gentleman, hl? wMa?od infant child One Hoom, furnlshed or untur UleboA Addreaa, w ith terms, which must ho very reasona ble, IV H , box IS* Ilerald oilice. ? CARD.?A LADV, WITHOUT HMALL CHILDREN, o. having furniture, wishes to meet wita a gentleman own ing a modern house In hew V ork or Its vicinity, the root of wbl? h be will give tor his own ancunmodation* To a li se rai, flr-t ciaae |>artv, of undoubted respectability, every corn f rt will be guaranteed. 1 nexceptlonable reterenoe* given and required Address E. Lawrence A Co., 62 Kast 14th at. A WIDOW LADV, A SUPERIOR HOUSEKEEPER, who offer* linen <>ptlon*Hl? r?l er**nc -a, and rur furnlali a house lu the U?' style, wiibea to niaki: armngemen a with a party ot gentlemen, *ir one or two famiiea, who will hire a bouse >tnd take the mi lu board Apply to E. JLawreoee A Co., 62 East Fourteenth an ret. Union -quare. A PLAINLY ri RNIriHKD ROOM TO LET TO A GEN aud wile, with Hoard, at a low price, or to a single **ntt man with or without partial board. Inquire a: mi, 281 Henry ?iivet. 4 VOI NO WlDOW LADV. LIVING ALONE ON THE *\ ?>a-i -id* of thi oil., would Ilka let a furni*ln-d R-xim to an i idorlj nentu-ui-ii or genii* man and lady, with Board for the lady addrese Mrs <?. M U 8 , Herald BOARD?GENTLE KEN AND THEIR WIYKS AND A few single gntlejaen can be aocorarDodat'-d with plea rant t r<>nt K< oni* on the a-n nd and third floor*; alao one or twa young iadl*-*, by *ppl\ ing at 16 Kidge atrnet, near Grand Board-ro let. with or without board, a large Hoom, with irnnII Room attached, on third floor, a *o a iarg* fr ut, w|ih Bedroom attached, on thu an cosd Door. Apply at 48 Clinton plaoe, Blgblh atreet. Board?cltnton i-lape ?to let, with board, aliuntsbtd Parlor, wita Chamber connecting, on m rofd Boor. A Iso wr> Hoom* on third floor. Apply atfll CUo t n P HOT, two doors East of Fifth avenue. References re quired. j """ Board.?a wrpow ladv *i*hesto meet with a pleaaar t and agreeable yonng lady who wnild Join her In taking a Koom an?l -aard dc towr,, with a view to ?? n"R>y: saleswoman preferred Rafar>-urea excoanged. Ad draan Howe, h road was Poet nfltce, BtlAKIi.?* iRNTLRMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO ?ingle gent lasirt. can obtain a neatly fa ratal) *4 Room on tbe aeoond Moor, witb partial Hoard, at 46 West Washta# toa piMr, fnnrth door from aiitb ??aiin. B<?ARI> IS i'LINTOW PLACE.?A BUITOF MhiM.HiH the nd floor, for a g-ntlemati and hi* wifo or for alo gle grntlemen; kl o the Baa* met.'., tor an office, at 97 Clinton place Board in the hhtbntii ward?a fewoentlk men or gen l-nie:i and their wlvea, can fln<< good Board ai d ol?nxant riMim- at Ilf7 Henry atreet, near Pike, no rem*) val In M iy, lertna moderate Board may hh iiao fi r two hincle genvle m'n, or a i;'ntieman and wife, at 1H West Taraoty-se r*.nd ftreer. i rK'atiOf ?ery di ?i'able. Dlnaeratd Cat! the remainder of the week Board wanted?a gentleman and three daughters, a?"-d 9, 11 and 14 year*, wnoi perman iti Hiwid "i a nriVHte family, from Ut M*y next. Two unfur iilohed Kottms. * nl. gat, requlrid. Addreaa H. O. Baker, 1U2 ? el tie atreet, and state term* rvOAKD WANTED?FOR ONE OR TWO GB^PLBMBN, ?? In a social sin'aureen ile ramlly, west of Thlrd avenue Addr>*i*, stating te'tn* which rnua't be moderate, W. 0. 8., ( era Id odioe. BOARDIMi.?A TOUNO LADY W18HER ?i?AKI?, IN V plain iirfvate airilh, In ihe*.iat part of ttie city or In K**t hrnatlwav. l*rm*iuu*t he very m'ili'ret<v t neteeii I tonal n-.eren eiglten ami required Addrvus C. d , lluruid oil c*. Boarding ?i?4 MULEBRRT tTBBB'. neaBOHand ?e?e al y ung m.^n can i?> a* commodated mr ?.( o r ?e?k. two vo1 tig Indie- ai fit i tlao, nl u fr nt I'an or* on flr?i and aecond l.oo-a. M* n and their trues $*i u>it per week. Brooklyn ?two obntlemen cta.n be a*; 'ommo da ed w|tl' hand* mei/'urnished Room*, with p\r ?l B ?rd. In a private fami y, with lire and ga*. deairable l ira tion. Apij|v ?t .W Mil. p'ace near iVaaningto i pwrk or ai dree* W K i .. lfi,'i Row en , \ \ BKO* ELVN, ttfi SA^ * ?? '-STREET.- \ LA RGB Hi??>M, w lb gat and wartn-'d by ' eater*, nan be iilnain*"!, with

Ito id, In a prlt at .-family, by . wo nr three geut'em'n, or a grftli man and wile > i nly *s ahnve Board in brook .yn -PUAditirr booms poh a gentleman ami Wit- i r amgle gen lemen, In % hots* **11 loested. within a aw aMfinta* 'ail af Niata ferry, rit*i?ar at *?X App y a HIT t? ?t. BOA ? IN H'tO<>K LV N. ? Ki KIM 4 To l-RT, B ard tn ? -n/' g iti' nn n Apply al 19 Cote "Ttl Itrifl. Raf. Mnce iniulred. BOAMWitu Amv ijooeiifj BOARD IN BktRIKLYN-r^TToit fllflEK i-INOLE g.-uilenien >an be aii Kninioila'ed wl'b g>> <1 H?i??rd and pleasant ft?Bt K uun Impure ai Jul 11 fury *lie?i BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? a lifaNTLRHA* AMI) WlFg and two loiii'i S"n-ifn?"i ui i?' -.iwinin with largo K ??????, uautrt.?attached, t.y applying at M rilatr alreet; fite uji' ut?' walk fnn?K,ili?"- the M?t?tb Wall h iwi fcr i y. ihe house bu m "d, rn tin rovemeiita Dlrwr it rt',. BI1A*? IN BKOoKLVN ? A HlftT OK HLEUANTLY furatMied Roams oter'unklog the nav and fit* of New Vork, >n ? ftml eta** hou*.-, p|. a^nit >Uuiuii>u and seven iuioi'i'* w alk from the mjiiiu ie<ry tile, singly o>- tot:'th rr, with R' ?d <>urd, Id ft pnv d? t.imil>. on r?a?m*'>le terms, til I&4 Cmon street ?MtlenteB t i ? rred BOARD ON a HOOK. LI N lit li,Ill's. ? A. ill'?1 uK?lAfl aBU wlf e and two or three single gentiem-n mo b?* ac count dated with and pi, a.*sni furnished double or *ingle Rooms, ftt 18 VVIU..W at reel Kruok'yii Ueig'ltft, b? twe* n Fulton and Wall street fern ft BoaRD ON BROOKLYN I1BIUH rh-KOK ,JEN1LK men itt No. S4 ( rwnberrv fttre?t, corner of Willow; front entrance on rraol?rry; i h bluek ?roui Columbia; near Wall kDd Fulton terries, bath, gas, Ac, In the house; no May moving. C>HKaP KUHN1SHKU KOOMB AT I'Hfc FK^NEKORf j Mouse, corner of t rack t ort anoWiil.amft*?tiood Rooms from $' to $< per week L >dging? fr>>m V> ??eolft ? ij oen's per night <>i?ti all n'Kht I)n 4 i'Staur?ni aiuuhed EiJrOANTLY Ft RN1SMED Ml'11' OK HOOM * TO l^&T? wi b good Hoard, iu the very desirable house !<$.? We t Eleventh fttre- t, near Sixth avenue. Family private. Pos session immediately. Kef-r> nee* given anl required BLfcOANTLY PURMIkMED HOOM.< IN TUB HOTEL M >** rinan, Klfih svemi>', Broadway and t wenty se U..I d ?treet.?Now Tuoant u suit o> delightful mint Kionu suitable for a large tftiiilly ; also K Him* lor single gentlemen; at) w)tb b.'lh* Hitachi d B >ard at (able d'hote, private tables, oi meals a la carte FBI-Nt'H BOARD? FIlfcNl'H LRMHON8, MO 8N KA^T Twentv second street, In a Parisian f amily, where French only Is spoken. A large room or bndri?,m -rnJRNlKHBI) ROOMS.?A COUPLE OK PT.RA8ANP, " neatly turnlrhed Koonin, autt?h<e for ? g*ntlemni and wife, or a couple of gentlemen, to lai, without t> mrd, in a I nvu'e family, at No. S Fill street, near itrund. "Vertun mo il, ra?e GBNTLKMKN OR ORNrLRMBN aNO WIVKS OaN HK acca-mmodftted with good Board and plenum furnished Rooms at No 4 Ashland place, Ferry street tteferen hi ehanged Oinner at six. Handsome 400*? tu let?with ho a it u, tnltable for grntlemen or gentli'meii anil their wtvea Als?, a suit of Bourns, suitable tor a family Apply at 163 Fieecktr street. JBRmBY CITT?a hmam, family will let, to one or two Hlrgle gentlemen, a I nrnUhed Pari >r add ited mom ad joining, on the tli st tloor, u Itli (xir'.lal marl llotlne Brit rlaef, in one of the bent situations ill Jerney ("Ity and withiu ha'f an hour's distance ot v\?ll street AildretM.I. K., Herald M*H. K B. RMKU. ,?! Afc^T TMrhVTY-NlNTU street, ha? a Parlor on first tl.xir and two single ItootM to let, with Hoard Htyie of hou*e?erping unexneptionable MAtHON MRU BLEB?7b AM) ft WKrtT TUIRTY eigbth street, .letwnen Fifth avenue and Hmadwav, to let, elegantly furnished, floor* or ?eiiaral? rooum hieutes new, first elasa. four story, lirown stone; oommon parle,. Keetauraat below, rem In ad'iuioe Ktne fruut Hasement, suitable for a phvKictarvs or other '?nice. 1JR1VATK HOARDING ?? AO OK THKBB PLKAKANT front Rooms ran be had, with Hoard, on m.ideraU' term, at 48 Kist Smteenth afreet, next to Irving putoe 5 he tarn** i- finely located, has gas ba h, hoi and no,d water, Ac., Ac. Dinger at ti' j o'clock. Kefereu- es cxchauged. RO 'Mo ro KtNT, WITH H'lAKD?KURNISiifaO OR i uuiurnlsbed, In a p>ivate t>o,.se with all the improve ments. Inquire at 123 Wtst 1'weuiy second street. Uei'e renoe requited. ROOMF AND BOARD?TI1RKK LA ROE ROOMS ON second and tbtrd ft 'Orx. In ? first daiw t,o,i*?', and In a family of the firet reepectahlllty. L inner at alx - clo, k. Ad dr* ?>? tTJ Madison avenue. RtMPfeCTAHLE 8INOLK MEN KNOaOEU IN STOtiEi desirous of a happy and cmtoriabie houie. in an hug livh family, ran hare Board and Untieing at No. It Lalght ntreet, coiner of Ht. John's lane, t un' 1 i-uvei, at. $3 per we.-It. FWOOKNTLEMKN WIM11NO TO ROOM TOiiEl'HER will find a pleasant H0"m and g<u"l ,'toaid by app ying at SyWest I * i> i h street, betwe n Foiftti and B1 cocker ? tree la. / l?o a fm?ll Room for a tingle gen'.etn td TO LET-TWO KURNlrtHhU FRONT AND ON B SIN gle ho. m, on siiuie flo-ir to gentlemen only, with or without par.ial Hoard, in a xocial pr vate family, references excbiu g'd. Apply at 82 West i weuty.nintn street, one block r lom Hiotdusy. j^O LET?WITH BOARD, H AMD80MKLY PUKN1MHRD i eoinmuiitiMtlng Koontu on ttie see>nd floor, nnltitble for a family omlngln gentli ineu. alao n Itoom on third floor, at No. iti west iwemy ulntb xtreet, between fifth avenue and ItcMway. WANTFD? BV a YOUNO GENTLEMAN OK QIHBT and uoin< ntl" l.aMis, a middle Ml/ed Itoum, with ttourd. In ? iwp? slate private family: room inum liav ? g&* and ?wr; location between fcighlb and i weoty tlfth mr.ei* Add eis, sttMig term*, location. Ac., fulfil, boa 3,2U0 New York fost ollice. WAITED?BOARD, BY A >INOLB UF.NTLEM AN, IN a private lanilly; locatl n between Thirtieth and Kortv aecond btiveta, Klitb and Seveotn avenues. Addreaa tv. J. J., b<n 1(H) itra'd office, stating term* WANTED?IN A small, HIOIILV It Ksl'Et "TABLE private tarath. living letween fourth and Sixth avenue* and r'ourwentli and Thirty-sixth streets, lit ag'iod neighbor beast, on* or two fumli h> d or un: urnlshed rtooma, with full Hoard, Tor a young lady with unexceptionable reference. I'leaic address 11 V.. box ?NS M'w York IVstolllce WANTtD? BY TWO SINGLE UhnHAN GENTLEMEN, a bandaomely lurnished Koo* In a respectable hu?*e, with bieskfast. and dinner at six o clonk. Location near Broadway, not above tenth street rerms $7. Referenoea requited. Address B K , Heralo rifflce 2<;WMTlEMEN AND THMR WlVfct, CAN BR UEN teely s.'oorsmodsted with nandsotnely furnished Apart ments a' 1M w averley place, near Hlxih aveune. Alao one sn>|le gentleman, i lunar a> alx o'clock. References ex changed. 'ORfcA-T RKDUOTION IN BOARD ?OOM t;W. f enable Boom* with excellent Board, from f2M)tn$3 a week, the paper* and a warm parlor, with piano. Lad lea and families suited. Apply at 48 lsspa naru street, near Broadway. A watchman sill night, ud Lodging* 'or married and single persons cheap. 4111 avenub, near maolson square-very desirable K<<um*, with Hoard, are offered by a private family reaidlng(ln a modern. first class house, p'easantly and conveniently located. Apply at Mo. 417 Fourth avenue. 6 BOND 81 REkT. Kurnlshed Rooms to Let, to gentlemen, without board. 88 7 A EST TWiNTY-K'KTII 81 'RET. U<;KNKR OK Broadway?Kurnlsbed 1'arlor* and Mnmi and single Rooms 'or gentlemen to le', srtth or without meats. It BOND HThEET.-KINKLl FIJRNIBHBD ROOM*, I >J with or without Board, for families or single gentle ti.en; the wbole of the second floor may now be bad. All Im prj. em-Lta, good location, Ac. KEaCH STREET (ST JOHN'S PARK)?TO LET, with H.mrd, a large second story bank uom, han4 s'.nteiy furnlsbea, sill able for a family or two g-ntiem*n. 1 wo single Booms, with Ire and gas. House contains all the modern Improvements Terms moderate A A Finn STREET, BETWEEN THE BOWERY A?D TT Second avenue, near secord avenue.?Kurni*hed Rooms te let. with I till or partial iJoard Term* moderate to reapoct able parfbw The room* are very pleasant, with modern la> pro eineul* ? WEST WASHINGTON I'UCE - BOOMS TO LET, with Board ileetmblv located, In the vicinity of Wash ington square: nous'eouiains ull the nirfern Improvements, and but lew boarders arc taken Relereaoes exchanged. MWEST TWELFTH STREET?BOARD.? A VERY ) Intent Koom, on the parlor f1 or, u> let, with Board, at 44 Weat i w eifth atre? I, hetw e n Fit th and Sixth avenues. Alaoaball Room Cw WKHT TWELFTH bTRHET, BETWEEN FIFTH 4 rij and Sixth avenues,?A family without ctuldren have a In ge ro. m to let (with "till hoard , suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gentleman; ? inner at six; refereucee Iiqolntl Tl) TENTH HTRRET, ONf. DOOR EAST OF FIFTH averue,?Rmmn to let, with Board, t" respoctabie par tire litnner n< 6 o'dork 7(1 SPR1NO SI KEfcT, fHRKB It )URS f'ROH UROAD I ?7 way ?To lot, several ti*ndit<im?iy lurniahMt R>om?, to Klngli gentlemen. < he 1 ?atiou U near ail the Aral < lana hotels and places, of amusement Reading room free. Inquire of Anaon House 44 80 AMITE KTRBKT. ONE DOOR EAST OK BROAD way Rooms, with Board Reference required. ao ATREKT. A It'M E SI KINO.?A WTON O llonae. Rlegantlv turturht-d rulla Of Rooms. Has, <;ro1on and every euOVenlefH'e r-.r h u?ek.?plng -oon<?nV*liT ram. ttlarly suitable ror small i??pe tafuc i tnuliea or single g> ntlt-men. Kent low t<> permanent U nant*. (iO FEINCt STREET WE si OF BROADWAY.?RLE ?/?/ gantly 'umUhedJfarlnrs and single Kooma to let in RcBtlemcn, with all the conveniences. Meal-, if dealrod. IOC WOOfTER HTRBE1 -A FBW SINGLE GENTLE J.VM m-n ?nd gentlemen and their w.tea cm b? aeoomrmv dated with good BAard and peuaaant ttnoma. Terms mode rate 111, H1VETKER STREET, T'VO IILOOXS WRKT OF J.A"" Broad**> ? koom?, with Board, from $4 to 9U per week withi u' Board, from fl M< to $s per week. Permanent and transient l>oarriers aerominoda>ad. IIO I'LIMOU I'LAtJE, hli?H ril HTKEET.?ROOHH 1 I ft lor Hingle gei.tlumea, to let, with fail or partial Hoarc; vhn button l? un*n p..?*?>d md easy of aocess by both carx and sugea. Tei ma m'Xle' *>?>. ]?J41 WEST TWELFTH STREET-TO-LET, WITH O I- wird, two well furnished Heoms on seo<in4 floor, with die, gaa. Ac Ala>. one large fr .nt Moom on thbd (1 aw, ?iln Bidro-'m attached if desired. Dinner al six. Terms itiix'erate 1?J7 M.NTII isTRKET, FOURTH DOOR WEST OF I * I I Bruudua*.? To let, without Itoaid, a aeoon I flo >r, elegantly furnlebed, ?nltable for a tren leman and wife or si.>K>e gent < m> n wishing to ro. i-i together Also. ? large fiont Boom. um. sutable lor one or two gentlemen I C A WAVEELRT FLAOE ? ROOMS NEATLY FUR Jt/'l niBl.ed, w i'h full or partial BoaH; house has every convenience Apply w ith refeien. m. 1(U{ PKl.s. E M KEET.?HT CLAIR HOCSB -ELB IUU eani!y furnl'hed Room*, ?1 h Hedroo-na ati?ch"d, * ill' all tne eonvi u|ea?ea for h (timekeeping .ximpiete, Includ Irg ta* and <!rt>ion water, to let to respectable lamlllee or sin g'e g. ntlemen. OAl ""BET FOURTEENTH STRBBT.?TO LET, WITH A' ' 1 Board, a very targe, p'. asan' Koom and B<-droom .n the -TOBd flo?>r, alao a large Roem and rt?droom on the third ((?or. Breaklsst at 7; dl tier at *'? o'clock. Relerencne ex cheuged. Vlll kl'H "T?BBT, NK.R SHRINO ?FURNIHHBD a. 1'/ ApMln en'e for MmedtaM occupincj. The lowest p nia In Ihe city, ??o-ir' r ng the eonvenlenoe for ee iaomleal hooieke-ping H. at lie<!dTni( and furnl ure with range, ?>? king utensils and linen comnlete; (as and rrcton C ANI> (M7 BRO*nWAT-?'T.lNTt>N HOUSE?A ' ' I 'J few ? leg antly'urij|<bed Kiiotna, for gent.etu> u, can now be fBgag*d oy apoUcatlou lo the above house, BOlltOIAO AND LtMX.tYti. HROAl>*AV, HKI VBfcN ElU . 1 asMi MMTU i DO kinKD?A UiiC 'runt boom ?n >^o?i il (Oath l oom <tu mm-- iI'hjti lu l*'i i? ? gcuilrin.u turU'M<? j II >imu newlv furMalied *">1 baa *11 n llPl'i'iWMUftu r*i> 7 BM'AOWaY.?r<> LM r. FINE ROOMS, Is lUi lor fumiliea. Alan auigle, ?r f-'Uilemn, elt) ft I urnislied >r u?i urnUred L'.ea.m.i c-utril ?indrrate lor p muuifDl t|UK?U. A till.' icnUumnt ttui'tied to tWs a. u??. IIIH rKh, AtMI.'lS, 4K ? ''?? ?'? A factory to i.ikt ?ith - ri. v ro"*.k-run (list and iliird 'ioora In ? lire pr<aii building in Kluali inir. fliualt d oil ti e wnat f; 6oMttltSilti*tio:> wttb wue city by luilro '<1 mu>: HiAin.tiMt hlDvit hourly Addre*-* I K?n, box l*!< I erm.< oHir* At St.* BKlulHoN, ->rAi l!N IHUAHO ?in KENT or lease, oue u? n- \UnMoii, f nrui- bod; aim i ?<> 11 -ohms*, with all im^ni winreimMtit, m b?th momi Ac roach h iiwk. fruit, ttower and Inf(i?'n cardnua, with h?raral ac-ea of ground to ..Hi h -Hu.t'.ion un<m p???e?. within rtvo Minute*' walkot Umif'ry nKAKLEV HU IVUINt A OO., 42 k??! >ourt?f otli atlwet, I'ulon iitusre A FINE COUNTRY KlvilliKNCE ?'?> LKT, TO I,Ba*R rr for mile, ri mpn-m* a vrry c mfortuM" brick hinim-, with ill*, lul' *a? '"'N tastefully ui,l out ii U 4itu.autl ta * most exoelleut neighborhood, < n th. ...i n. r of VUU plan' and i.fcigc ftrvl in hltuna, t .v nstup ot Morriaania; very easy oi ?*'?esa. fall im or mtilrcnn "Uillp r.ruM <7 We*t I wi iity slitb atreet New Vork city AH KMHHUj COTt AtiK At tOMCKUM TO LET, row Way I; twelve K> oins. throughout Bud e??ry MkurniD'NilcMii,' r>e?r depot and boata ;t ren>e i to a small and suitable ftmiiy ti e rentoouhl be utkon In v> urd Addmas 0. F. y.. Herald oUlee a HOU8ETORENT, AND FJRNITt'Rf. F(IK MALE, AT A 97 t?at l ? el th atre>-i I'oaai aaion immediately Every. ililti ; locninmenee housekeeping; been bui little used tieut $i^n Inquire on tltn preuilaea, #7 b utt i welitti ?tieet, tx twrt n i0 aud 4 o'cKm k AYBK) LAKUfe HOI i^E IN NINTH HIKBKT, A fKff door* from triiadway. fur IwiIwh txtrp >?<*. t > let; *? y< ml ctbfrN In bexl lo. atlon* lu tlm i ity, furnUbud .nil uu fui utsbi'd; renu <rom SKKi to OU) !? I K a r'HTMAN, 2ft bead atreot. Broadway.?to lkt, i,\kue rooms, on kiust 111 n r, with entrance mpa'ate i run ttOUM), mil table f n ? in ?nranM ollioee, millinery, tailor atme. An Al*-, other O iioee and boom*, ai (tC Broadway, between Twelfth and I blr teenth utrtflt. . BEATTIKl L Ul IT OP BOO*4 TO LRT-oSt THB f\ ?eo<<nd llnor of a Hitl elimn hnua*. ne*r Kn>udw ty, par tially furolxlird, with fwt, l>?th. Ore, ?<? Alio an Oilio-i filled up for u phyakiun, with Cloket, Booloate, Ao a pply at \JU Broadway K. I'Ebt'AOO. Bll.1.1 Ahl' HALiOON, WITH FIVE HUrUUOB M tr.KLB bed to lei. I lim MltM Ii the i?..-e eligibly ?1 tuated nu the hn?>ty. Iih a|ir><>lnttiieiilii aie a'l r inplnlr and 01 the very brat e am. aud km <-untoinerii uuninrouD and K> nterl To the right. |ier?on the rent per we- k or pe month will Ix- mad* reasonable aud amny. Apply at American Hoiel, 15 Kowery ruUT-A Ttll.iIOKV DoCBLB J hoQ?e, wnh a garden plot of one acn- 11 u?- In go >d order, a plea-H'jl p aco; four milea irom Wllliaui?burg te riee. Bent *2.')ll p?*r anniicn ror I uriber iiarlirnlai-H apply to W R. BLOIm M, at Wm A all'a Hon * ropewalk. Uua inick avenue and Marsball atreet, W illiiitnabiirg C1HEKINUT GHoVh HOAKMNo HO' Hi'.. NEAR V\,V. J dei bill limiting Btaun laland ?'lo let. wlt'i non e itaio puaHeijien '1 he house nmialua gaa: will aocommiHlat" IK) b aiders, and an looonreuienee nml beauty of loiatioi) i: in not lie aurptmatd. lerma leaaonabl. to a reaponaible peraou. Apply at ,i.;y nacketl a reel, Brooklyn yUKNlBHKIi H'H'MK TO RENT-LOCATED IN AN e>callent neighborhood, twenty street between Sevenih and r.igiitli avenuea 1 h?- houae la Uandiotnely fur iiisbfd with all tlie in"d"rn Impnnemnnta, ard In drat rate orotr Apply on ti>e premium I m Weat Twenty H-tb utri-et. dj'DRNlHliEIl HOUhfc tBRttWN K'ONK) To LET?\ND " lamliy of owner will board with tenant; situated jelow ' wi my aeventb atiee aud ni a r uth avenue. Addreaa > rancla, Herald ollice. FtUBNISllED HOUnE TO LET?KOR ONE VKaR tr< m May I, the three atory atoue front liouaa, til Wert Korty tlfth ?tr? et, between Ki tU and sixth avenues, handsomely and thoroughly furnUbed. Apply to HlliUr h. v I l/K isa, in Une street. 1^UBNIBHE1> HOl'aE.?THE LAROE, HANDMOMELT r lumtahed ?louse jil bast Tenth aireet, u' *rHecon 1 ava nue; I prlva e family only, also a auiall ilonae, spit t oid y ' umlalir# Kor |>ennlu> apply to ,1. U. MII<L>, llio I- it th avenue, corner of T? enly -third atreet. HOD BE TO LET FOR $401)1?A BMALl*, TWO STORY brlek Hoare, with baaement. und>"-cellar and attla rontaluliiK oil e roottp, with gaa, garden in trout, 177 Olinton street tiearOruna to >e seen 'rmn II Ull 4, by apulviug at 116 ? llnlon streat H0t>B TO r,ET-A TIIRRE STt RY HRICK HoUHE, ull tbe walla painted, extra garden lot, on -Sevciit enth auci t next to the Viftli Avenue K^, Brooklyn, tuirtv, live minutes from Wall streei; la well suited to a family need fresh ?ir and exercise; rent ftnu, wltbpu* flxturea and water Apply to OEOROb HfHoKY, No Aii William alteei. basemeut. HOIJWE TO RENT, AND H ItNIillHE KilR S -vLE ? A pleasant and ronventnnt ('otbign lii uae, In a quiet and g> ntec! neighiairhtiOd, in Jersey Cliy. For furtherpuitlcul.irs, addrtsa R. O.. Herald ollioe; Kent I >w HPTEt. TO LET?THE FIRST CLASS HOTEL 21 To 27 Broadway, eornor of Morris street, known aa tbij Ste vens House. I'liaiession 1st of Hay next For further p*r i UcuUrs apply to HEWLETT A TO&UaNCE, No. ti Bowling | Ur?-en. "porKL REST AURA N't?TO LEAH e. FOR A TERM OF JJl jmii, one of U>? Brest tad moat promising Locations to the coumrj, now rMdr for occupancy and bitaineaa. Apply Immediately to ALEX. UABUTT Htent, No 4 Howling Green, In the beat men I. \i OFF AT BUlLDlR?,3? BROAD WAT.?TO LET, FROM JVJ 1st of May Kent, Boom* Ha. 1, 2 and 3 In the Moffat Building. onrBer of Bmadway and Worth atreet These an* ahms im elamrit r?nmi ace 26 feet on Broadway, by npwarda of 80 tMt on worth atreet. They form a antendld mil, and are adalfaMy anapu-d tor InsnrMoe or basking purposes, or for any light merramlle bualnees to which a handsome show room and good light la an obleOL Apply to W. B. MOFFAT, ?n (he premises, room N- a VTEW BOARDIMi HOU8K OF FORTY HIX ROOMS. TO AT let, at Ami yvllle, L. I., in full view of the <xv?n Hood bay fluhlnji and fowling a mu acquainted with the b ixtonea prtferred. Reference required. K. HKlDMOKE. KTO. (18 BROADWAY.?-TO LIT, A WHOLE FLOOR throufh, Are room* and yard, together or aeparate, tor dwelling or oftloea; reot a y?ar. or leas. In proportion to number, Inquire of O. Earl, third floor. /\FFXOE8 TO LET IN TRYON ROW BCILDINOS. BB \J tween Chatham and Centre streets. Inquire of THOMAS BENNETT, corner of Elm ana Franklin atraeta. T>OOM8 WITH 8TEAM POWER TO LET?IN THE J V New Y?rfc and Harlem Railroad <!ompnny'a depot on Franklin nnd White street*, one block from Hroulwav, be tween Centre and Klin straet*; rent low Inquire of TriOri. HENNETi, corner of Elm and Franklin streets. RWOMH TO UT ?THE UPPER PART OF HO0SE NO. 25 Bond *tre> t will be let, In whole or part; an ezoellent location .or ? merchant lAtlor, millinery rniilnnas. Ac In quire on the pre mines. Rooms with steam i-owfe to let?larue and amall Inquire In building, 22 and 24 /rankfort street. Of WM. POUNTMtY. SIXTH AVENUE?TOOitOOBRS.?NO. M, TO LEASE, the long and well established Urooery Htorrtof Ifiggtn* A Co.. about ten years; fixture*, fall, As., to earn on a Urge bualneaa. for aale. Apply to Mr. FELL, No. 1 Washington place, from 9 to ll o'sW-k A. M. SHOP ROOMS *0 LET?WITH STEAM POWER, AT 84, 86 and 8M Jans atrn. t, between Greenwich and * aeh Ington. Aoply to the engineer. J" TO RE 8 AND BAKERY ?TO LET, FROM MARCH I, J the large Store and tWck ho^ms No 2* Elliabcth atreet, nearCsnal. ba* been a grocery for eight yeara past: rent ?<00 Alao. More end back Kooma No. 270 Mecini atreet, be tween avemiee O and ??; rent t'JM. The large Hakerv, Store and (>>lar. No 5 f'entre Market place, opponite Centre Mar ket; rent only $240. Apply to TH08 Fa.iMNU, Jr., No. luO Bowery. ^TEAM FO WE It?TO 1/EAME, oUrKKIORH LiOFThL O ftflifln, and Rooma in the new Ore story Building .to* ?, 44, 46, 4H and Ml Oraeue ?treet one block t nxn < 'anal mreet and Broadway, location the meet oanlrtl, bulWltog* are lighted on all sides, heated hy atoani, a team hoist; also "?teo slve hre-pnarf vauiia; Inaurano la 1 par ecnt. I'ariieain want of aupei-ior aeeomm'xUtVwaat a low rent aho-ild call sastj and make thrtr aeleMlan Apoly to B J HOWARD, on U>s premises rpo LET.?A WORKSHOP. W*LL UT, AND SUITABLE J 'or aoy mann'aoturing onalnees; power nay he had if deal red Inquire on the premise*. 6b West Thirteenth atreei. rno let ?STORE NO lift MAIDEN LANK-rOteiR* 1 aion lat of May. Apply to P R KKaKNEY. Trintees No M Wall street or to F MaRSa., Ma *70 nion ?>r?et Vmokiyn mo LET?IN 50MERH, WESTCHEMTER OOIIMTY, A 1 Fiona*. Stable and about four aeree or itreend, ?wi ra sldenos \d the lat* F J. Coflo It Is osar the H%rliN& Rail road. Ik miles from Purdjr'a Station, or Cmton Falia Apply to O. 6 COFFIN, I'eet o4e?. New *ork stty TO let?A NEaTTWO HTiiEY AND ATTIC flOCSN. with moderu Improvement; rent |H0. App y en the premlaea, Isa Wcat f lerenth atreet r) I.ET?PART OF A FINE THREE HTORY HKOWN atone front llo.iae, with aU the moderf linpro?em.<nis No 2lSWr*t Fiftieth itrret, to a *inall faml y with >ut Chi. dren Only two peraona oooupy tbla houae at Lrnaanl Refty retire required. rpo let-a three wtory hioh baskmbwt A Houae, Mntalnlng fifteen room*, with aT. the modo^ Improvement!, Id a good rielKhlKirho<><f; ga* fliottea through out. rent tail I. Inquire at 1?2 Hast Thlrtj third vreot rpo LEV?A HKOWN STONE HOUhE IN THISriKrH 1 street, near hitth avenue: will be nut In good order. Alao the upper part of house No. SM West Twelfth ainwi; ho-. a?4 solo ns'er throughout rent 9384. Apply to N ROE A t D WlLeolt, M vsrtek street " rPO I.KT?THE VKuT DKMIR4B1 E. rtEMT CLA^E I Heutse N"S. 10 and 22 Irving iilane. near ri/teenth atr?<t three and ons hair su.rtes, with all the mod rn lm;ir i??m-nts, and In a iciest n*lghb'>/'l>ood. For further oartlcnlar^ auojy at It? West Thlru*-mh street. rl LET?AT ift VANDEWATHK HTRKET, a I.aHOE Boom on th? llrst floor, with high oeillpg arid *<iy amount of ateady a cam power; suitable tor ? cyl nderpmaa room, machine ahop, or any heavy manilfarltiring. <! A. ALVORO fTO I.ET-SECOND FI/mR, TWO ROOMH ON THiRD I floor^wlth prlTtledge lit laundry and bath ro^im, of a hoti*e In Warren plate, t harlea street, in tine order FanUljr muat be amall and no children Kent $'1A0 Ajply on. R<)E AN. II WILSON, m Yarlck a-reet. TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. St We*t Thirteenth atrest. Three ?tory hrlok Building In the rear, at pr?-a< nt 'icrupied aa a stable. r) LET?HOI HE. STORE AND REAR Bl'lLOINH, NO. g00 Herenth srenue, apMl )cation for a Imkery or any bnalnea* requiring a work aliop, haa been u?ed aa a manu f*cturj *nd e h' leaa'e confectionery for the last seven years inquire of 0. II MAMMEN, at MM Seventh arenue, eorocr of F rty Aral street. mo LFT-A COUNTRY BESII BUCK. VERY PLEA. J aantly situated on the north ahoro of Hta'en Island with ah in? two acre* of land Attached, with c irrlage hou*e, stable, Ac ; we 1 chaded with oni.tmi :>tal snd fruit trees, and <'mw p>.nvenlent to the itt-nmhoat landing The houae ia of m xicrn ?t>le ami ounta na hot sir furn.v, ta*. Ac., and will be let Iuruiihed. Apply W M. J , Kb West Twenty **>a4 orcel. m???ni*. ? .m. it) lit. rro let?tub i i'H.h i-akt of a modern bl'ilt J hi?eeiory kou ?-,'*> -no -l >?t, oo'iaiiting of two I tali ? and 1??? Hi ili o. ui? <n aax.nd limr and one itooni and Hiflnitiiii itii U lid !iik r; rvui yv mutitb .\uplf Vii k and 4 y. v. vu the (ir Nim rno Li;.?till' tiirkr nnm bki k norst no. 33 J n , ?( Thirteenth *ire?". I ft?* vi.ry br w k ilulldtng in the iw, ui prcki'ut <x>'u)u> Itok ?l?ble ?j. Tilt DIM ii*, mf ii'.tl 1*1 u? atreet. rpu LJ-.T? I "l LuWhH '?K' "I ? F >t*R HTilRY I brown atouu lloti?e in Waverl y plate, n-?r W a, hum ton ."arade ? wound, ciiHlcfliig nf 'iirnlsi>"d will all tlw i Iivri. fi"-. m inr hi>Mh"K ?Ping ?i,iMl|^f)vir. Apply In Pi j | A- OB MHM>k| I H- A M ItNl.-IIM- ? iirr.iiK L.AKUE OAR I Ofli, ii in< r? mi. I 11'-.111:1> nl'ua'rd ttiWH mlnutea' walk in.n. iti I li. itl'i"(? <^e?> ey, thsVftqnart'M ef #ii li< in fiom ? 11>*? v i i y * er? l.ealthy, ixieMNt nr'ghbor hood. 'Iialiinh urly. inoulr k'.^o Mereb Exuiiaugn. TO I> 1 TH? \ ..liFrtN KI"R (.TORY "OU8B. WITH Kt xt-lr- r?. ii r,.Prv -t eet; alao double hoii%i Mo iftl. rore an-1, m, uhlc r. r Scliml, Hotel ni rioa-ding houae si>d ihe ht? re reri pi .,f (;-irii |,;h avenue nod ferry str? A|iply ut ho ill I'll e ?treel, Ko'.in 4, riM) Lir-THK URt-T ri AKS four htoki and I b^emen' llnu-e 341 and :it;t * eat ? birtv-Vth s'reet, I, pi fin wi b ."II 'he Hi"m in impri.v. in?nt* aid In g-> *1 trdwr: r?nt $TOO. InqU re of 8. ht akK*, X\1 *?u Thirty ttfth IX) I.ET?a ClhUT CI A S 11(11 SK, CWNTAININU ti t. the modern Improvements, together "lib the tlaa Fix ture*, U r Olaaaes aid Winnow .snade-t. riwvi m-curltt will be required Apply on the preuiura, 74 Vurty sixth Itncl ' TO 1 KT? Til K LaMIE F I KST < I.AHS IIIaHK RTORY and attic brick II u ? No. 77 Chnatopber atreet, near Fourth, containing ga?, iva>er, l<ath, *?: Apply to HhO. J. ( ?>( K, Hi (ulli-gi' pluo ?, nr 92 Wwl '? ?*i.tb *lr?iut ri () I.lfcT?THh IIImKK MTOKV HI(IH NTOOP HOIIHB J No 23 Warren ptaee (Churlf ? ? rwt). N. Y (!?? fixtures. 1"atari umpii> rioM i in. in. all mrxlrrn lniproveni' iiL^ aod la bin ord>T fuMH nmon will be Kivt n April 1 IT deelred. Caa b. fc?*n I rom 1 In i> and 7 tn ? I' vl ?r?> LBT?FOR CL<>10tS<i. T* (LORfff 1 t anil Rrn'li'iiirn'i ' uruloh ni; warel oiikc, ib? cb'Kaut and Mimr'nim i i-iubmhtii'm ill 'hi- liullding Ii78 Hr'i*d?*uy, opp<> 'be 1j?i?I)!?- lli lfl, built. f?pr?'ii?ly for the bimlneaH. Ap ply on Ihi- pr. miwH TOI.BT?A1 OilKTON, XTaTKN I8Ta.NO, A D VKIM ing liiuise, luily tun lfhfd ? ab r ;iid ?ighi lots of icrmind. huiinee cai anil watPr In tbv hnime; live mlnuten* wa'k Iriim ib>- laniMuc. IWi!ai>1ud JuiiwUlntcly, Apply at 67 MerchaiiU' fevchange. TO LBT--TO A OK.VTP Efi KaMII.v, AOOnNTRT R* Hblence. A boiirti* laii(i' ?n I cxiumodiouii, togvther wlib alv ui iwo a<'i*? ol ^ardi-n find frnii i .-ea, altuated at New Xo< hella, W r?iclii'?t?r mum'*. Apply to J. I' KOKKKT SI - N, Main Htrtet, New Hoi'liflle vlibiue. TO I.KT?A COTTAOB In !>*? ANtiK'rKNt8(IBO OK im' uml?hi n, cb-ae to l.lnweilft fark, *lth park right, and within view of Rac e Ruck; plpnt ol ?b?d'< and fruit; one arre ol ground, wlih wanhh u*?, barn ?nd mable, l?atlon uiiHuri d for health and l?-.mty tMivu Mi-a. KUb. 47 Hoi d ??Ire^t. Tl L,rr? POftKBBsION at ONCR-THB 8IORK AND Fa-en ent N-> 71 Mal-vn lane, now b ? m; 'iverhauled, re paint* d and put In nmirlete "fd? r. A| ply on thd preininca, or 10 L> si I HAW, l/i8 Waver lav place. To iet?rny hack part op thk hb jo.vd floor of ? 7 fcaatThlrt> -fourth atreet; three Koouie, lane Fan try water and wardrobe; to a itente-1 tenant, rent $6od; alao Ihe fr< nt |?rt of the Oral tiuor, rent $6 60. Apply at Na. 338 ? l rlpR Mree*. rro I.I'.I_Ki K A Tf.KM OK VkAln. THK UNITED 1 ^tate* Hotel, in ItnOalo, on the 'lerr iee, containing 100 r oiDa, and tbiTOtigbly repaired, palmed and re papered thmi KMxit ai d ani plii'd with xater, gaa and all aremvary conveiileneei of a Or?tclana hotel Apply to WM W. MAUN, 210 Main turret. Uutt'uln. or to MANN ,t RODMAN, 3J Walt atreet, New York. TO LKT-fBK HANHHOMB HIKHK HTOKT BROWN av ne Unlive, wltb modern Iraprovementa. IMj Raat Thir ly''burth-inet. h wire a leet and good location, ltent $700. Apply ?? 8* I'ey itm t TO Lh.T?l*ARP OK A NI'iE PRIVATE UOO? IN Tenth atreet, near lompklna p?rk, coiiaiailnit of farter story buek B-utement and lb?* wloln of th> tbim atory, If 6*. awed Hut i tie other rnial' family In the hou>e. hunt $300, monthly In advance. ln<pi*re at 141 avenue A. TO LET?THK 8TOHK NO ZU HLKEPKER STREET, i aniline The I K'atliMi ia uiiMir|ia-?ed forany re tall himltie f wunld wke a ?"Od aiictli.11 or fiiml> ure atore. W III l e let lor mie innnti. or mure. Apply to llhtlttOB iloL FPOoK, <>n the pr. ouaea fro 1.E1-A TIIKFE rTOR- ANO Iik;II 8TOOP MRIOK I houw on Thirteen h Bt'-e?it. b tween hlith and Heventh avenuet-. biautl'ul lin'Mii'11, ail modern liunrnvementa, and b"iine in eiei llei.t rordltUm an lie obta'ned on or bi'Torn the 1 Kt of Way Kent im.ilerat- to a careful fauillr. Apply 10 J. Pfcl It IE, 44 lark place. TO l.ET?A jnjPKRB I.AKOfe. t OU R BTOHT BTOIR llruee, with entenalon, conlali I' k rootni and every ni< dern impruvemrni, on M*<IIh n avenue, tbe park; leitiilipe r. 111 lem tbau i thei p' operty o us eluaa. Inquire lit KInMIIIMER t CO . :tc; Knuiili a? *nue fl^O LET?A HAPiOHOvtK TilKBB NTOiT LROWN 1 stoi.e Iluufe 111 Korty t venib utrei.-t, will be lot elegantly (urtUI.ed, or the ln>u?e will b? no il; a ?mall payment only requited down Appl- at 118 Hey atreet. TO LET?BotlBE hO 298 #EhT TWENTY 8BCOND atreet: high atnop with t'ruton and ?a* flilurea Alao, ! Vi n e and Hiiicbfr -linp, Nil 217 Firm avenue ii nna mode rate. Apply to H. B TIIRhBU, No. 6 ?all atreeL TO LET?a PMALI> HOI ?K ON TWELFTH STREET; alio one on 1 wenty-Uftb atreet; one nnournerof l.ei lDgt' n avenue andTwemy fifth atreet, one on rwent; eighth ?1., f ill, one on .-erond avenue, upper part of bouse on tout lb avenue, $A^I. K1N8II I M r.It A CO., .14.1 Fourth avenue. fpO LET-ON NINETEEN'W ?TKKEI, A VBItT DB 1 Mr able modern throe atory blgh aloob Houaa, In flne order, (lood location Hoiiko 22 by it feeL Rent $500. Alao a number of llouaen, $aun to $900 klNMHtMhR A CO., 342 Fourth avenue. rPO LBT?TUB FJhSTCLAS8 THREE STORY BROWN 1 alone lluunij, upper aide r Ightcnth atreet, one door east of Pioadway. lias all the uodern convenleneoa, good yard, Ac and lu good order. Apply w> W. J. DEMORBMT, <73 Hro 4way. TO LET?Til B TWO NEW FOUR 8TOBY STORES, W unit W Hlxth avenn *. np^oalte Eighth atraaV, oompteM with al the mo.tern Impr'ivementa. Mich celling*, lane | pint, glass wlnd'iwa ?? mllit'ora, Ae. Ae. \ being on* or the best aiauda In Ua city lor large retail trad- l'oaaaaainn at (tnae. Apply to L 8UYI?A*. -88 *averley plare TO LET?ON hTATKN ISLAND, AN KLROANT .TOHN - frv nest, with ?bout 1(? acre* of ground, barn. ?table, ear rlage hoiiae, Ac. | 10 minutea' walk 'Mm faru.rv'Ule furry. A flne, hearhy 1<* atlon nn high ground For particular* ad ply 10 Jore Huustdo, l:i South utr*??t rpo LET?I HE TBRBB xTORV R .OH B * ST. MB NT X lloue?, 348 West Thirty filth at-eet. bci??'n KUbth ud Ninth avmuea. wi'h ?U the m< dern improvementa, good neighborhood, cm tilumi throughout, One yard. vino*, At. bent $8110 Inquire at 142 East ' h:rty third fctreet mo LET?ON SIXTH AvHdt'K, NRaK T'MHTIETrf X eUett, tbr at?'? Lu No .V*J. suit iblo for any gsabMl b'ul n?M; ?Imi, the fotirtn ?uirv In sawm) building, ?Iui water an1 ?as, for ? tmiuH reepecuble family app y U> JOttlAll, 57 ?>?? Twenty-sexentb afrlet fno LET-A COUNTRY *E*IL>Kj?OR, ON FORDHaM JL IIBight*, comprising thirty acre. or land and a nmaui dlous Cottage, with cmventent out bui'ding* *bl* property ban a frontage of 700 fft on Me H *>l<in river and oom manoia #ne view of he IJuson aud falubtdoti "or l oll pur u uIath inquire of Mr H ("RLI?Y ? lck-t Agent, Furriham sta tic HArirm Railroad. rat)1 Mor?m a?r~et. n v mo let?WITH IMMMilATK PO-MKMUON, THB PAR J lore and Hitertnenl*. wtta ur without Kooais on the up per floor, of bouse Wt ft. *?rk s place Also, Iwo or thrM r urniahed Rooms for gentlemen Inquire on the premise*, TO LET?ON IIITH NIKMr, BKfWBeN T'lfRO and Fourth avenoea, tear ?'eiitial I'a k. <v<> well finished Cottage liou"i*, elgm looms ard flne yard each. Facilities go. d Mir fitting down tow n Hen (Jiai a year Inquire at ill I'earl sti ret, or on the premises. mo let?the ppper *abt of the hodre m 1 Len.y strict, nn mi-ting of two ro m? and three bedrooms; gns and Crotnn: lint two poraona will om-npy the other part. ln<iulr< of A UKtFr Ei-, 16 Leroy atreet, or UO Broad atreet, of * ate.r TO l.fcl -A RAbfc Ijl'l tihUT - ,TT roR A rtrvslCIAX or tr*. clae? den 1st?The Keo-iid ?? to*r ?f a hou*o erfgl bly locates on'be npp, r ?iil' of I" urte"htb atreet, net ween Rr?ed? ay and Ftl Ih am line. Aililre '? ,T ii . box 170 Tribune ollf* TO I.ISi?II'K FOLLOW If, ?< OKI <kTkLH IIOltSKH ? Koa 144 I4|| m.d i62 Ka?t KHb at, hrown ?to e, rent each, ??.??? >o? Ik/~ urul I't! Ka^t lAtb H , ill at<Kip?$71*1 Nr\ It1 Knet If'b ft. iMmeeiiU ( > '\ls?$1,000. No. 137 r aai Itnh at , fine loeaoou- ^ noii , ?*> mrf 2io run jmh -^vi. No It KtnyTp<Hi,t airt-et? No. 14 I t*fi k?iom nlat*-, Sto\ vi-eaat tl OflO Apftfto ll')M MAI.'KAkL\N No I mi ,'i?nib atreet, MAT Thiril ?< nne TO in ? 1MB POUR HfOhl and HaNEWBNT ar? ?t. ?Vnf ront llonur No. :i!0 Kant I rnth *tp>ei oppo site :ompkl?* aquare: m> d.-rn imumn me n. and oonre nb nl by cl?gee t'i all parM of the t-ty Ai'iilv lo a. StvtHJ NA1T), IW Ka?t I hirlr flrvi <?!???? t Kent (MR T? LP.t u)?-m a oood TNKANr, or roB aale on eae? term*, that Ant elm* four >i >rj high hue merit ho(w v?4 "1 ka iitreei, corner rttam, between >&JI and ,vonth ferrlaa; l? l? ne?l? ra n'"<l, and 'ti i??r e.-t ?>rder; c?n tain* hot and cold water, gn-i, A>- at 21 Atlantic atreet, or ?f O. E. [MIUiVLAHH, 14.-4 aveime *, New *orh. Hen I (M0 TO l.HT, I.KvSK OH MiK MI.K FATOBAHLV -HOO<l and two Lou In I icl"jr?i'ih atreet; Harm .?WUreen Wleh atr?ei, Itr.u.e and Uu No. 7 I'antra M?rk t pUoe: Hon eon Ki oklyn Heigliu tP oliin ' a * rent; lloun* l.j iiobn?wttwet, wifmf f art iw'j at naaifwl SniI, 3QF WiilliAm atreet, n om I, up auira. Toi^r?A II AN n to BE niKFE sTi.KV HOUMR IB Bnat Twenty ?erenth att?et; one hi wenty-flrat *ire?w ! nenr l?th av< mi<- $*0; two near ?ievrnUi a?Aon-', $?10> nnd $7?ri: brown atone H?WW Rl Thirty fourth ?t'eet, neAr Thlni afeau>. |"Ul J H. HILL i > f i t ?> avenue TO LET?ON MBCONV avbnue. HKTMfKBN THIB lernth a> d ?'onrteentb ?tie?iia, tne br- wn >'oBe our atorv and' *?? meiit In ow Su ft l, with all thu modern im pwwentente, can he aatn fnm It A H to.1l' M <i?Hv mo I KT.-A.x AMKKIOAM I.aOV OTTfHtBN TO LBT A i furrla^-d roni it ?>tii and inm, to a ^i*ntlemii ? -md hla Wtfw. with eofiver.lenee for ronltlug, at 264 VVe?t ? wen y. ninth Hree n>ar Mi th avei tie T? UT-rWU NEW TIIKf-E HTORV HKI0?> HoORBB, wl'-hall t e n.odem Imnrovenienta. Im-nedlaUl p-w-a alon or#,n the let of May. Rent $60 Apply at the >?<*) of Fftneh'* Hotel. TO LET AND ft KNII IKE FOK 8 A LB?A NEW TITO "Wry bnck ll?u>o in e enly'Ighth atreet, flrat bonae ?eat of TUrd avtnne, rear Central Part, having *11 tbo modern lmprov< menO, .nil aol'ahle for a .mall genteel family. Rent BUM) I'omntM iMnlWMMlly. The oo rupaiita, g ing to Call'iunla, will dupoaeof an above Apply fn the fireml?ea. TO I Et OR LEAKS, IN FMJSHINO, L f ?A FIRNT cliim three at' r\ bfek I o*?e lately intmlnl anbaa *?<; coach boaike and atahle attnet gd; plena inly located At'he eorrer of (-an f. rd ?r d .Ian nica avemiea and wlihln two mln tite?' *alk O' the lailrond dipit fl'Uil B Oil! ?N, Na 2<if?ai>aauiiireet,nrto.ltmKPti Bet 11 IRE. No. Nf aaventh atreet, or on the pren>l?ea. TO LRABB?FOK FITE VP ARB, TUB PREWI?E<t US K liabeih atreet near tirand A good tucatlen for ? plAce of buainea*. Apply at ttowary.