Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1861 Page 6
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41WM WA*TBD~rK?liLM18 M????TrABM! YOUNO WID^-V DKH'KE- * rftaatKW in ? *eap?"table family *a Ul?'? maid. mini ar W> take efcanc"?' children w.ula tr..ieii luem ihe r<Ml ou tf rocjulnxi, t? ? uovxl needle wo. nan uo injection to ?m?i or tom> out of towu Miuatiun. Apply lo Era. Thi-up BOB, 376 Kasi 1Kb at., first II tor Z L tUY IS DfcSlBOIW <>? ""INPINO A O K)D PLiA IB A. ,or * faithful, honest and trust worthy girl: she can'm (Vieoin uended ?s a Hue seamstress and l-idy's maid; would aol object to t ike care of a child Apply ai tua New York Hot' I, room 1*0. _____ Ankat, tidy oekman oirl, wr,-h be<t urrf iv.lerenoe, wants a p ac-> as -iiainberma'd and waiter in a w ail taimly; can do plain sewing and w >rk ><u Aboler Jt % ilaon a uiacbine v nil at 477 M av., asove .'rfili at AR COOK?A PTTCATl >N WANTKD, BY A PfRIT clan* prolewied cook, only in a first ciass p-lvate f.inily, ^>e understands her business iterfectly, and is a iearu d p*? In ?*>"k; bestofonv re'e'cuce. Can be seen for two dura at MM r. ani 'itd at , near tA av a SITUATION WANrBO?BY A YOUNO Wowan. to A. d<> general housework in a private I amilv; is a n > ?1 washer and ironer. Beat of reference. Call at No. 1 seam Ml aL ______ ABB8PKCTAI5LB PROTBSTANT WOM AN WHUHH A Ml nation aa cook, and understands It In all lis braujti.n. Call at 32} Full m street, Brooklyn it. the store. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESECTABLE joisng woman, aa nurse and chambermaid, or mirai and to sow; under-...mas all kinds of Preach nn'iroi^r*, and would bat willing to make her-elf g-?ne aily useful: g ""1 refe rence given. Call at So. 376 7tb ave , between itU and JttU ata a BESPS "^TABl.K GIRL WANTS A SITU ATI IN AS A chambermaid and seamstress, or nurse and seamstress. Oaa i>? fern for two < ay* at 301 Nth av. ABKSPBCTAM.K HM'Nl! (J1KL WISHES A HITUA tion In a amall private faintly; Is a first rate washsr and rawr and a good aook, oan glee the best of city ruinorncoa. Can h> aeen lor two Ua>a at lo'.i Weat 13th at., between Mth aad *lb ava. A M-HPKCTaBLK VtHIN? G1 tiLi iTANTS ApU'UA A Hun to do general us*'Work; haa go'xl oily referen vj, Call for two 'lay* ai 4H) 7tii avo , Brat iioor, front room: will ?g to go a abort di unoe id the c iuntry. ABIlSPKCTAHl E OiHL. WISIItH A HlTtTATlOM TO do ebamherwork and waiting, anil ia willing to as Itl ?nh the maahlug and lr>nlnt;. bas the best el'v r?,-ri-n-1 from ber luat place, t .ail at 77 Wen 27th at , rteiween litb and 7tn avea , ihhiiJ lloor, front room; ean he ?een for two days. ? hKSPTCTAHIif. YOU NO rtOHAN WltiHKSA SIT'TA ti> n aa c^t k. * uch- r and Irooer; good city rei ranto u. i.alialM ectieruieiboiual., coruerof Court, third lloor, at room. ABlTCATlON WANTKli? IN A PHlVATIi PAMiL>,AS lMundii sK, ha* no objection to g'i u short dlsUin.n; In the ?nomry. go-.d ci:y relert-ncn in u 107 iid at, beiweja 7th and nth avex. ABYSI'KOTaBLE Ul^L, AldWES A SITUATION aS chambermaid and keamatre^a, or nurse and amtiusiresa; *?n cut and lit lor children; unde.ratands dma-uiakmg liaa the N'*t of refert nee. t'an be .seen for two diy? st tile aouao r.f her < mptoyer, ?'J v\ eat zith at., where the baa lived for the ht-1 lour jeara. ABITDATION WANTKU-Bt A YOrrNQ WOMAN, A^ unri" and lo do plain ?e?rlng; cau do all k'nds oi <-m towtderiiiK. or lo uund a l>ahy and do l'glit. rn^mo t*??rk. Ottv rel> r> ncea given full at 2U7 M eat Mth at., top (lo ir, tok nn m. ASMHATION WAMED? BY a YOU NO OIBL, TO no general housework or chamberwork and araiat in wai-hii ts. lias gooo c'ty references. Inquire at liii uudaun at., bt-t ^t'f n i.Stn and Oiiosevurt at*. A V(ll Mi AMKHICaN tilKL "IsflEsi A SITUATION t.M.olirht ( hanibt ruoik, waiting, or to take care of ohi dron uooduity Mfwanoe. * all at I 'D Duaunst., near Bvdwa PItOTKHTAWT OIKL WISHES a HITO ATIoN as . cbauibt rmaui and t" do rewing, or will do walling Ap for two days ai 'M<!< 6'h av top fl >or. A AH HKaM-1 HLsih.?A iloKI'liTENr WOMAN WANTi a Mtu?iion in a private lamilv aa aeamstreas, or uurstt and at anistiv.aa; good cliv ielVrenee can he had. Can be ?een atUt JOth al , corner of & li av., aeoond U'tor, back room. A cook's si uan jn wantku?nv a protb> r a>t woman, la a Urat rale eo .k mid linker; also a Hr>.t rif waitn aa, both wish to co in one r?uiii.,; no objection ui go a short distanoe in the oniiutry . both have flood city reference. Apply at 76 We^t iilth at.. In he r?>?p AHITIJATtOS WANTED?BV A YOIJNO Of to, .(> u'J light chamberwork and watting, pUiri wwni< or to i^ke eureoi achild and assist in nou-eAom; ia willing to m ik- h?r toll get eralv useful. No objection to tn> couni'y alitor Mvodavaat sa tst?IHh St., retween 7thanu 8th gva , la the TWkJj firs! Hour. AhK^Pl:it; \Ul "iti Uilti. WISHES A Stti'UA tiou as chtiu t^rmaid aud waitress; la ?ll<ing to xai st au the fio-hiiw and ironing; or ?ouid do general ho'i>eworfc Ml a -uii%iI private lamnv M'Ht or city re:eteno.; from h r last employ* r Call fur mo d?y? at 14U hast ?t.. cjruer ?f 2ti av , ihird 11'sir. lront nmui YoUNO \v< Man aa^Ts a HITUaTiON Af COuK, or ? 'Uld take a Kitualion <o dog"neral housework Has >d city i> terencee ? all al 312 Atlantic at.,, in the hakery luriso mil Alt CIIaMHKKMaIU Alit WAITRESS.?WAN < *D A Kituation, by a rea)>eciable Protest mi. niri, *s cii*m e,. : maul and waitress, or aoulu d'y ebsm'ierwork and Hue waab- ! to* Has H"<>d cliy reference, t'aa be seen for tw ? days at fi7 Last . d a, Mi tli< uii k depot AKKSVEUfAB|<B Y oUNO WOMaN w.I s?it.s a SUU atioti as ehambennald and waitress, or ehatuiicrmtiil Mil lake eare ot children lias he beat of cliy r-feren'e. Can be a> en fi r t wo da>s at 1H7 YVesl 1.1th st , ii*t?v -en 9'.h ?ml IKh ava. AB WET NUKHfc.?WaNTKD, BV BMP EOT A HUE yoiibg niar'T d woman, a aitus'.lon as wet nurse; n > ?1 jeetlon to toe ouuulry. Can be aeen at iw East Uio >1, near <81 a* a BtfPhClABLB I'KOrK*! A NT WON AN Af A M f A A situatii n as ot?'k in a small privat* family; l? an esc I Mbt baker Would assist in the waClilng. If ret(Ulred Uood | Oiy r? i rerw*s ran lie given Call at 1*.'. Ulth st , beiweeu 6th j and ttb avs , Hist Uoor, back rooia. ) AFIR81 (LABS CvAlK W1>I|RS A Slit ATION IN A j I rivate tsmlly ni.der*Unda French, Kn^liah andiler- j ?nan eis.sing jirriocily. also gentlemen and> iiarty 4.n | aers. de^t of refen nee oaa be given. Call for two (lavs at , lo7 Last 12'li St., Iwtweeu 1st and Sid ars. j A "?ir.L WAN IK A SlTUATfOM. IN A RKSPEOTABLE ' A. lamiiy to cook, ?a?b and Iron; goadcitv retertnioe. Can heat* it lor two a?>s at 124 Ml av., between Uth and 15th s's., d floor, fr m room A COOK'S HUUATloN WANTtD?BY A K .S. B'TTa tic hiiiiiu wbu uu lived in the - ?< faral'h'.A; ihor.>u?h ly underataiiui- her buatueaa, and ban tho \?-ri ?l -ny refer. ?srr. < mii be tern for two da J * at 17(1 ?axl .io:h a' , one door tiMD 2d a*<B AH EMtKII.NOhi. N I'R-'B.?A i?fTCI*TIi?V <V \NT rd by a compcfnt patnon, a* Infant * qirae and -e.?m <. > - wi 1 b<> i on ud a mom i capon*! id- aud i wtw riuy ?urr; hk< excellent city reference. Apply fo twocaya at U?tf>b uv , bctweeu 2iin and 2oth ?ta , iu tLe shoe atore. AHHUaTION WaNIKU- KV A RErO'ErTAHLK joudc jnrl an Rood w*ahar and Ironer. ({.K>d r-i'e.-vnce #r>nt her Matt plac.- Call lor two daya at ?14 .olumdt at, South Hrnokl) u, back baaeraent. Avery tidy oerman oibl w*st.i a mt.'v tl'in. eoo<l oonk and laundreaa; good r*f?rati<va <l?i ?Uier ueinun, iriali t uui j, Sc >t< b and Awe fin glrla a?th *'>'?! refTcnres; *? .uiintn k.oa, niirxea, ehuilViiiMlilt, ? altera, cook*, Uuodren-er., geD-rai wirkora, 4" . *'ag?e re 4<erd W4 4iha a KESl'E i AHLE iii&L, wishes a NIT * I TD V do general ho.iac ork. Catl for two <Liy* a*. It* M'llt"" y t, rooo. No *, tront. AmrrAnoM wanteii-hy a w m> * \ ntirw I kino *r.d AIT-oil-mate with children; t'a ik. ?h?rg? 1r at* both, reference Horn!. r.?.tuUe", wtier hi.e bar loif'iur j?ir? Oall tor two i?) - at l< ? a<t 9th at , Hi ar "d a* AI>OK n *?KitlK . WilMtN WlillKj ' ? '?>!? emi.. yinent ai anaiuUr.-aa, &<:. by the d*y or i >. Iu import ble rt <??. l? wll'tr ( and able U> do ? . kJ"d " trwing in ihemait per.ect manu r loqiilm tor * no. Nurt'i KM lit- t, near let ht third tt >or, frot t mora < hiWI'B'BKT YOlNQ ?oman tfAMTH \ V tlou lad a maid f?r ci:o?rnl famll* >.*-rn-tre-^?; th > ruj1 i .leraiand* cinunu and titling ladlra au i ctx.11.. ?. -? dpe- ea; ? ? oljet loim to take luu K* '>1 a lull- u it; titty "?f mcr i n ic a en at 27V itiav, bet ?e?n 7th and ? tt ? ? AVtK\ HIIY KI'.ni*Bf"t Ant*E PRurK-il-a * |' !?? k ?n >v r-.n wla'ma a sfiaii'in to e?ok ?.u?h and iron, W4k>|(ei "ial h uaewolt; la ?illlo>< and >j-c Oi ii C (? ii> the ?ouniry UhhijohI rafereiici ! a -toi RruotO' treet, tl at liv> rr, I rout rooin AVITl , <>N WAMM??AH I'UAfN COOK * v<llB . Klia 'rtin^r. underaUrida the manacenioni >f * datrv; i< ly H>T1v>'d 'r 'ii Hi.- norih of Ireland: li > >?}??: lo>> t>i p. U' llf "-ounlry. I w tw aeen at lit NAVat 'ASth at., h^ti Jti. atid ?, ?v* ] aw ind U >or. i root room. a | HI ? . i i i AIM >w! HQ alM UU < . i < . ^V' "Kitlnr o' a prat etilld, wlabeo a pla ? ^dakr* -a No. H 4th at , gi-uut-d fl'iur, WUIiaui4ii i>'i| a M <i. -W VNTBr>, ItY A RKrt/KiM A'tl.e, 'll'tl., A a ?Hn?ti?n In a >>niad prtrat"' family. ?< unit r t-'i ti'i-'ti'**lr nil It* oramdMv. l?an-oiailaa'- '?* ?r ?'bi>" <i tii-'-ot'nod |>inai; nnmat* nil k ?a? d'**' " ail) * i t 'D the waahi- g nod ironltig, n ? objection t?i tt i 4 ?h<T dio imc hi ti e Nuntrf Cau i?- ?? eu lor uro day* at JU; Ihli aC. Corner ay. (J, ? ki.'I'l r?.-|> VI l ill UlKl. HI-HKm ? t 1 11011 i-rh iinb-ritiald and plain e?*am*lr??%*; haa no vt> MtKWi t a.- at til '<rn*hll)?r. Call at 114 Muf r ai, ae Hid jfKi n It r om. .HAT iWt at. Krooklyn, for l-ao.n.a A?. ? taki.e omi. wi.~..jEn a : 1' trio-. uo/' o.-ral hoiiafW'ok for a -mA1! fmui.t.' r tuam'v r ?. 'k .nd <a?lat id ?a?ilog knil Ir-uiiiK, an *t?? t ? ooat cjtv rr'? r m e fpim her Uat pl??-?. *b?-r> a'le ll"-d ? h?--o e ar- 1 an t?- aeek Tor two itaya at fca-t Ud at , ueor lift n at. ______________ a < . . tllhl, \A AKTr A Ml ? O'ATIOM IN a -A j.rn.i a :amllr Ui do K< nerai boiiaeworfc ur ill) jIi uoiwi a rk .11.1 take car* of eblldrtli Oall At Jt!l Domt'ima "t 'in ? tl? ".U'l aud -n.itli, l.?" pr ?ent eo idorer-. w iere ahe - ? * lit. i?i ti .m. la- 1 cily gi> ? 0 ? l?ai> til#AM'al A Hiri'AVf>> rt ib ? r . aid .id tm. *?.innj ir hooaew irA I11 a ?anall f 1 it y. ??. t?.e b-a- |ty referr .Re Apt ly at 11 <Ay?k>T tL. Break.)n. t.?rt?? day* Apt I'M"! A (IUh YO? Hv> 111 lib W -t EH A "ITlA ' 1 ' " *? *T'i b in t am t I. p'lr 1 a f tm iy * it ?> ji .kiti hiio ?(jr i i-.xi** *ttfidl ir.tiif r; i .%? I .1. .r \>II ? I.'erenre c.ail 'ort?. Uf ?t M ?tlMti<r rlw - t. h ltiook:?n A */?"'! *?i.r ?mm. tVia.jH't \ -Tri- A it<? ' ?i ? ntui ??* ti- fc ?}, mm* aidwi If -., tniloaV'ani > a?? n*%nd ?nt't-otd ?r ire b"-r of ? tv ????!?? Can te- ?- n ( ,r i? . i|ay. 4.. Weat ''Aii at . he' ? e*t> V.h kod I nh ae> ? \h Co. \*r to, a m re An >s ?tv \ >-.ntr eU>a 'K ho tborouxltlt and. r,:ttr.dt b 1 m ('< ?. all tt? l>r .r ft,# . H b'.ntne i.-d ? . md tun ? vent. J II' tt. 1 in ! lea. t> o'jeeil hi t> /o.ii* lam ? inn * |-e . ??- o c ty nc-a t ankit*<-.> i u ti. , 4a . a Hi " a 1 b ?t , or?r I at avr. \- kE > ! V* Ml WO 'II Kl# > \ ? \ -IT A , nil t. .Vk -h ?.l h Oaaw irk, or -a e >.n'> r* ?ll 1 d i?ji.t ? tli ii" ? i?bin* ?nd ironini ?!. 1 i??t ptaoe. ?/! Al'. I ?< , ? ?> Y'.ik; ' AO be ar -'I r ? n 1 ded A- KK-Pi r L'; lorw viMt < t .1 , -fitt. , ilo* iii | 1 aa ?H 1 n ?? 'ft .1 a'td ?",< rwa , ?* 'd %iwi rtd fln#* ?v-mh n ? ??< r? o ? ??? ?? until ? eti Aii tur t *u <!*?>? ?* I ti ,tu iu* WTPATIOW WASTMU-VliaAbKa. AQIML WAWT* A SITTTaTTT* cook, do WA*H l?I Hid I rod'UK or gen-ral Iiomspw >rt to a mull family; b>?i of ctty re'ereuoe Apply at 3J ftth *i. fl" v AYOPNQWi MAHWl-IIK* a SITUATION 4.c*O'IaM brrmaid and to a-slst In tb? washlhg and lr>uuig, not lonir in thU country, has lived mm Imud Iiviw at bar I*"*1 P 4 do objection to auy mutation. < ao do all ktiidtof ?mOri?l d*r>. 4'au mine well re?*?ii?iTi'*td?*d Call for two davs at Iim. Thompson'*, 21)1 *??*1 ad ?t. ________ ABKSPKOTABLF GI^L WIHH&* A *ITl UiO* AS pU.n cook, wtvhi r aud lruiJt,r, in * *iuall priva f* f *uu v; i bc??t of city f*ft"*?fic* from her >?-i .in ploy r. *h?r? she uan )iv#*d for um* biici five ) i an. <?.<n b*1 v'*cu f ?r two di i 4 11 | Jam** st, ao n-r Nn* M"?" d u"?ri , rout r A REfcFEt'TAHLE (ilKL Wi-lltta A SITUATION A* i child a niir??, with a lady ?ol?gt > K upland, who wou Id pay her patsa*- In compeiwaiton for servicm. Apply for one wrtk at 116 West iX:a >t, rrotn II Io2o'oiack. (lOOK -A SITUATION W%N?fcD, BY A KIKST CLASS J pn/tcvd dermau cook, only 11 a first ela-? private Iioiih- , the und*r*'aud? th.t'iusiucs* thoroughly, vn^rictwi, hngilsb and French cook ng, au>1 Is a learoHl p m vc.oik, Ik -i oi oliy leferunoes given. AdJresa M. M., box 105 Herald oll.ce. QITt'ATION WaNTKD?BJf A RE-IPEOTABLB YOITWO O g rl, at chambermaid and waitress; good city rnfervnc ran or wen lar two day* at 148 41at ?L, between 2d and 3d avi Sill ATIONS WA?ttD-?Y TWO TRUSTWORTHY n'rlc On* aa cook, wastier aud lron?<\ t?i?* other as chainIh i maid and waitress t an be s-*n tor in days at the btiUH- nl their pit-aunt employer yo ?*ih at orri'4iioM wan'Ru?uy an AMf)tuo4.M pkoti-.s 10 larit girl, a* nur-e and MMiuslie-H, or would assist with he chum'*rwork good references. Can be ?een lor three day a at 171 Went 3?tb st. S" 1TUATION WANTED?A- WRT M'KSti. RY A HK spc-lable woman; her baby AveIt months old; n> obJ.'O 1 lion to leave the city. Can be seen for two day* at 146 t.ast Broadway. , QirtATlON Wan KI>-HV a RESI'ECTaBLE OIRL, t O lo aochamberwork and waiting, g>jod reference I'r irn bur axt employer t an be a< cu lor two (lay* at 113 J??-.t ?!U at., ? Orat floor, i>a"k \ ^>"11 ArnN WANTEl*?BV A I'KOTEHTASr Ijlitu TO kj dooh?mi>erv*oik md aa<iKt In 'he waiMu/ m i Ironing, or would l?- wiling o do cei.eral hounHtrork in ? hnnill fami ly Cun b<* s?en'or t?o n*y? at 1? i iVarl st., ?i'-mltivn i ^ni ^rii'NB want&tt?Bt two KWpt'B?rAuii? ! O glrln ore la a good plan root, and food vra?tier and iioner. can m kc good bread and biscuit; the illirr m nbaui I cimaiil una waitrcM; is wlllliu and obliging Call a: 176 W e.-t x;d It., b*t*ceu 7th aud Sib avs., aecond fl<?ir, fr>nt >oom OITI ATION WAN TEl>?A? NURSt. AND ShAHSi O by a r??pcctable gl'l one fully ?ompetcnt. i.oodrefe rei'Ce Call on or addruM V ih* liotv, 2'H tilvington ?t WANTED?A SITi ATIHN, B* A I'ROKE^KO WOMAN took who under: lands ull kind* of h'ruueh ?nd Kng llah (uppers and dionern got up In the n-'atest mm ner; is a lirxt clAsa h< ??ekeeper; no objection to no ?) anv uartoi t b< cunutiy none but Ural class families welapplv, lias bcrii a cusi mod to the same. I'lie bt-'U of city r?fe rence given Address N. O , Union square PoatolllOe. ITANTHl-HY A * "UNO WOMAN, A HlflTA'ION ** ?? waiter, chambermaid and aeamntre**; rafara to Iwr prwpent employer, I tl e..?st I2ih at, where she uao be seeu r um hi to&o'eioi k. i or t?o nays. ivh? AAM'bu, B* a ttESFECTABLE NEW fT ur iri d ?<>mau vho h*a lusi hir own child, a baoe to wet nurw at her own residence Apply for one week three do r? 1rom 46'h ?t., tn I Itb <v.. next d'mr to the barber's. VI ANTED- HV A 1-KlfKOTAHLB OOUORED OIHU, A Tl Kltnailon uk uurae and chambermaid. Ca>l at 7t> Madi sou a*., her preaeni p ace of etnplo\ rnent. WANTED?A SITUATION, B\ A TODNO WOMAN, as luuudress, chKmbermald and fine wa-iher and inner; ?iwk1 cm reieientsa. ? ail at Aifi tvriiut A, hall door In Utb at., heoiiid toav. fl/Ei NLK8K-A HtaLTUY, KBefEJTABLB ?aH Tv iI' d woiua" having lately lost her o ?n In'aiv. wlsbos a baby io wet uurne at tirr own residence. Inquire for Urn. IhMv, S8S av a, oi.. do r from Mith It., east aide X\r t* NUr.SE-a SI. I'aFIoN WANTED, BV A RK M ipectable and healthy young woman, as wet nurse Go d relenncea fun Ished. aer own ahiid, the Hint, is nix months old, and may be seen with the mother at 781 .'d avc., corner .'?2<1 at., rear building, third fioor. Call lor Mra. Keilly. Has a 1 nil and I ealiliy of milk, and it In perfect health hataatl. mihis 01 ? hasaman vfll MfUff. WAN KD?MV A V.uihO WOMtN, A SITUATION AS < i ok, a asher and iroi er; can give the bast of city ntn ren *e a? io capabilities, h or an intervleV call at or addrebt XIi6,'a loth lit. VirA.MKD?A BITt'ATION, BV A TOUNd WOMAN. AS ?T cbambeitn ?id ai d peauisire^a and aa4?t In taking care of chl dicn t.ood reference. Call at No. 4 Union square. Uf IMKIU A SIT I Allow, HV A YOUNG WUM A!X, IN the couniry, to cook, wash aud lr-in Uood reference. Call a' 'Mi Krout st , hnoklyn U ANTED?4 Mtl'ATloN AM TRaVKLiL>IN'0 MAID, tT by a lespee abl< Col Ted woman Apply at Ao. 1 king lit rat. i* ANT1 D- A bill aTION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. V? bj i na Who la a Mr<i washer and irouer an 1 >. ???ral l ousewiirker, l-efrrcnc-a given. Apply at 2U8 Myrtle tve., bio kl) i 11 4MIU- A Si'UAiION, BY A BbSr*E0 TABLE TT gnl; 1?'i giKMl plain cook all 1 exceUen. washer and miner, no ubj- tl n t' do general h u>e*orkin a small pri [ \au tauil.f. ^all at M Wet ^tth ft, between 6th aud 7th I,'1* j ka'AN t'ED?A o It A i IOn AS LADV'b MtlllOK TO ' TT lake, are ot up ehllilreu, by u Swiss girl: It a | } roietiui.t. has no d roc .mmeudatlona. Call at S3 West 13th , St., xtKiTu Alfa anu ath avs (l.'AN'lhD?A MTUaTIuN, BY A HEALTHY SOCNO TT woman, as net nurie Inquire at 140 Charles sL, corner of Was hint, t"n st 14 am Ft)-a hitl A i ION, hit A kf.SPF ctablk ?? young woman, lu d i gen. ru1 homework in a private la mil;; k a g od wai-her iiui tuner, no.*1 reference. Call ml 27 l.coneve l it., io|> Hour, iruni room u iv ktkA bltuatton. BY 4 RE?P8CTABLE v ? joiipe gtri to d rharoberwork and iak? care ot chU drrn ( all ai. 41 W?at ifiih at., between rfth and y.h area. draitkh-mtvatiolm, hv Two obmlav GIRLS, m tc jo general bou-ew rk in nmall btm'lle* . they npeak tl.e fri-ucb aud </c inau laiguagei. Call at t'Ji ?ul lath at, t<? i i. it, i... k loom ii'amki - A .Mil afhin, TO DO ubnekaL HOU8B ?l ?oik in-t i-ninll Oood cliy reference. Call at 2au loth at , beiween lat a*, aud at A al'am hu-A sITUaTIOH, BV A re.hPECTARljs " ((irl. t ? d<> bouacwork in a private family; taafood ? aah>'r and'i-oo< r i?ood city reference can oe given. Call at xx! ulberry at, accotid fiixir, front room. lt'am>t<-a mtitauod, BV A KB i'kcfahlr t1 voung rirl, in c-iok. ?uo and Iron in a reapectable fauilh t an ik* m?a t'ir two daft at 216 wlh at., be t?. i li tat av. ?uu at. A. \m- A ? It.i> A krhpetri ABLE yourq tfOMAN, A "? h.nvtiin an nurae and chambermaid, or to do plain at-v ti.ii, * it :? live year* and eigln mootlia' reference; no ob j.?? i, ii to the couuiry. ? ail at lis aut x&1 at., between lat uun Ai avn 14 .? L?-A 4uua1''on, BV AN EXPERIENCED ?* o iik. unditkuncu all kluda if *oup?, nicata and game; ul-ii i a ,t:d piutii> ?; would have no nbjec nm to a?l?t in ii,- ?.i itik. heat ! i.i> references (1vm. Can De aeen for !?? . um * at +* aest <!tn ?' i rfc.d?? ?irr ii .n as cuildb ni'iw* and ? V ta> ak*irt in upttalri u,.rk if Meeaaary Call at 47 1 lick.a kt., bnxikij't, between tbe Hour* of 10 aud A o'cuaik. vt .?> : tl) rti * ?'i >? i'k i'f > r YOI7NO wlim?>, A t? iu,.t|r??i aaenambermald'aad eeama'reaa: l< willing to m it. r yotin* iaiim i h? l>igbmt of tentitdoinau given i r nn th-1 .a- i i.ti'f, u 1,. re ahe bar lived for a giaal rntity yean. t all al V-> h . >t jqtb at. /tmli.? utmn, BV A RESPECTABLE KNti v t i li Ctrl, to c<iok, wa-di and iron, ?r to do geuer?l b .u?e aoik tfuod city rei trance given Apply at:?? nullivan at., tn lb-1> ?i? u.ftit ' ? t ? ,M a hill ATiO.s, BY A hiuulv kkufk>r it a ic >?> ji>g c'tl, to d > en vinlierwirk and * alttug or i ght li?ti?a? ?tui k r.fai i-ity iffi'trtiv^ I roui ut*r laat p,a^e. can de ?o n ?i t?o t'.a)a at M warnu at., hrai li Brooklyn. 11'axte1 < hti u,(I\ BV A resret^tatlb ' * >ft.u? e-oiaatt, a? launi" ?a In a prlvao- faml y, und<*r ?u. ,il ?)> ktinl* of hutiof aud 1? a very g *>d waah^r and ifomi m i ? ratan m ml tt m auaruc at, inwll/i. ik tmb A kiti'ATION, BV A rkapbo TABLE *v % out.if g it in a 'utall onrate family, a* rook, waaber ltt>u?i, i wlllitig t" make hertelr gemrally naeful ap 11\ l r two dav k at <isi u' av., corner l*tb it., top floor, Iront room w an'fcl > -rt A hkm'kc IAHLK tonro WOMAN. A t* xl nation to do cbamberwork and plain aea-lng, or aa inn?." and plain wwer, (m?n operate on Orover a Baker'a ma ?i ii, t '.xi reference from ner lant plac?. Call at xtl Court m., iir<*.k'yo u aj ii'-A .'lilatkin, BV A PR>)tb8rant > inr ? ' man lo d> cliaiulierwork and washing and '?nl:ii*. r waiting if r?'.ulred u?xl city reference. Call at r >u, brookly, In tb? mr, far >w wpi u' A ? , i.|l A - i ? 1 A i ION h? A vouro wovan. AS ?? ti ? iat<* ? -<ik. tti d-rautada j*lllea, annpa meata and ? no obji-utlou to 'he aaohtni an. ironing tiood city ? e ? retire * all'm two d*)a ?t l?> raat llth al. VV*A>- - ft- K sill' vl'ion, rtv A ?J OP COOK. WHO '' till'er>. ?udf Hits ti i?iiic?? 111 all Ha branches; uoder fwtxla ai1 klnda of to. a'- and >ttp>; in an experienced l>?k <r. t.?i r ?) refer?nc". .'all al i'5 tstb at., l?etwe?n (iit. and 7tb av- i" ilim r**hf, or two daya. ak an'l-ii? mv A Kfc>PECTARLE WOMAW, ladtrm' ?* uti t >' ii.l?'iii"n a waablitg an1 Ironing; can do up fine r|e? In ti c inrt'ifc r mi mmmbla Uvmi llood city re e mm i! ri'.uipd Call at ifil VVeat Uth at .between 7tli rd mli av*., tlrnt flo .r, over th > gna ery alore. va hv a respectable oiru A nt'ta *' ll'iti ? *peilenc'd t-thik; otnleratanda her buxlties* n nil i * heii |l (?vi*t ot City reference ai to en['to illy end e aracp'rcaub' gt?"n Call at oi addre* iuoweattttli m h met t-h > nd litb av? l\ A>th?-BV A krhpectabi.k YOCKtJ W"MAN, A t? s'tua'l'-n; la a rood t la i< naik aiulailratrat-wi an 1 .ri u?r, ..rider<t.?n< a bnkir>?; or u? do tlie liovaew irk 'i a -m ill; lta? th ? b. to' ei?v ive.vti from bar Uat |.m? ' t.ll'al iw.j fca?t l llti *t., batwi-en l*t and id av? SI C4TIO.N, ?Y A l'ROlE?ta.?r OIRL an cliamoernta d and to aa*i?t with tlie w??iiiog ind tig ' .?eal city r"t eretire Can lie a< eri for three d ive, tr tn ii) 4 o'ciock, al 313 West 17th it., ft rat tlm, front room. _ w ' stkl) ? 811VA i ion a RRSPE TaBLc. , i.iik woman, aa loimbermaiil and to aatiai In tae hitig end iroali'k or to do plain aewmg llaathe Iwat of r, . i if- i an (at ?> en for two dtya at 7? weat lt?th al l\ amfii A NIT!'atlon. BY A kehl'el' r 4 aj>e iiirl, * an ? i k h anber and it oner, in a r< spe?t*me fainllv ,'d* ..t |i i, . at, brookljn, for two d*ya Can |t-e ? ? -.i of . tt? rrfereitca. V v ? i li \ v tl ATIO*? AH oha?ber?4tr) OR s ?' ', it. a ? i - j ? t .me vonnff we' who Can be wall " in in p) i an '>e w-en until engaged at . ii ilui k'i i n , rear. >n ? V1' ' > ' < if-lh hootom ofru A mtu*ti<iti a mi oh *tnb r:ri?ml: no to c ? v \Z !! .' u' n l"'! k kki rtt? gr?v#n. ?t'n ^?'w > or* *** *' ^ lklu8 "l ? Vurtck an<l litid ?rrVATIOItR W*f*TKD?rKMAT,KH. WANTH)?a HITUaTIOI* AH HKAtfHTBKtB, BT A TO?Dg 10 work by the day or wek. Mod re'e reree kI??u If required. fall u or addreaa Jane rim ill. XU Wwt Wtti at WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RBBPEC1'ABLE Kin, '?eook <t ash ind Irou, or wou'd do general hiuae work in a ?m.i 11 onvale ainliy. Good oil/ refi-rtuo. fall for twi dajaai aw ?- nt-t tint Ml AM EL'?A blTI'ATIOM AS NURSE AND SEaM ?' atrewi or to do e'am*>er?rofk and waiting no objection to the country. Hi?t cliy rcfureuoa Call aI 106 Greenwich ?l., MCODd I Ik r WAt> rKI??A SITI ATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A* ? hamN-rriiaid And *al er; Is wl ling to aaaisi in ibu w? blng ami li-oi'luR 01 to do general housework in a s nail (aim v (ifod rlt> re'rreno. Call At 122 fact tic at., ttroik yu. Tl[ aMF.D?A SITUATION AH sEAMSTKESS, OR TO Y* wall on a young lady and aew, by an American ?lduw 'adv. Call at. or ?' dr>ta Mra * crka, tU baai Warren ?t., Br<> kl> D, for three day a . WAJiT*D-A SITUATION, BY A PROTECTANT GER man girl, i? a good rook, waaUer and kroner. Call at 49 Allen at, in I he imlk store. WANT hi ?A SITUATION, nV A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do rhamberw..rk mid saaHt in the waatilng and ironing. Call at +<>-' .Atlantic ? t.. Cruoki> ?? WANTl H?A slTt ATION, HY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do cbamberivork and walling or cl.amli.-rwoi k *u 1 to a-i-i-1 in the washing; g' od cuy reference. Call at <?1 V\ i-.-t 10. bat. WAMHi-llV A Kb ? I'M,'f A OLE, YOUNO GlltU A aitualun o clo gfii-rul huu.-ew >rk tor a am til f unlly, or aa cba"ib?'i maid go'd city re'e.enoeg. Apply for two daya at 179 W eat * tn at. nrA?1Kn-?? a hESPe. -TaBliK PKOfRSTA^r WO VV man, a nil unit >n -? child's uurw and aeamatreas; run give beat of reference*. t o he wcd at ber nreaeni place Ironi '(I t" 12 o rim k, 7iM Broadway. Wl A(i1fcf??MY A KFSPECIAHLK YOUNO WOMAN, A ?t "t'UA'lou a>rhamn. rinud and waltren*. ?r?? eli%ii??>e' maid and to to tine waalnug and irimug; no objection to trait I. iPf > at 06 ?? eal t7tfl ?t , oe?r tilh ave *rrANTM>?A ttlTI AVIOIV K A YOU Hii WO MA H, TO ?? do gem la boufK-MOrk; ia a g ?>d washer fcight year*' City reference. Call at 1^2 liauaon ai. S HitOOlv. WA>TKD-HY aA KAI'hMlbNt EI? WOMaV, A SI titatioa aa c 'ok ; ?b? mtftmuy und<rrsi,ii..m rnaai*, aoup- uud d> -Si iIh. la ?n Hxi >ll?ot baker; h?a tbx Iwt o cliy rtferei i* Call at 07 W?ai !7th *t. WAM'KD?A KirUAlION, HY A RKSPBCTa 0I,B wiiinan, a- WHt n trne, to take the child to her 3<vn hou?e l-.illat I.K) We t 'Allll at., thi d lloor. WANThl*?>IT( aTH.n-I B7 TWO RESPhitJTAllbK gtiU oi <? at> cook and lHiiudr?<H, the other to do lignt cKanii" roork and wamrg in a wl private Intniit. <'an iw ri-uii or two . aya at tbelr laat place, K4 Joraiemon atrect, Brooklyn * tV-A*IE<-HI A BEf?l ECTaHLK WIDOW, <*ITH A ** fre-h bn'a?t ?! rrllk, aHltnail in as wnt nurae In a pri vate family. > all at (17 Ih< av , third diwr, front room WaM Eli?BY a Hr SHiOTABLK YOUNG WOMAN. A aiuia'lon as a ?ood Ari,Mh-r 5 uul Ironer; boat eli v n-fer enre given I um her laat plarw Can be *tn lor two dava at I'l comt i' Conr? and v\ itaolf ata.. Kr. oklvn. WaNTEU?B< A BBrtl* CTABIiE YflUNtJ WOMAN, A rltuatioti aa aeumatreas and ''hamherm ml: can make lad'ea' and . Inldivu'a dr-aaea. Call for two dayi at her p'? aent employ, r'a, 'W.'i Mb aT. 41' AM El)? KY a HhSHhCTAHLB OIRIj. A HITUA ?* tion aa CH.k ia willing to asiiai In Washing; has g >"d ctiy re en i <v; no ohj?rtlofl g > a ahort dia'ance in the w>un trv Call *t '/74 Weat?V?n at. \kl AMI- it? BY A YO NO WOMAN, A (ilTUAflON TO " do general b<>ii?ewor k in a -mall familv; good city refe rence given Apply at 5S !? rankfort at., N Y. til TH AT IONS WAKTKU-HALUs. ACOACIIM.aN W\NTS A 8ITITATIOV-A 8IN0LE man, ?ho ili? roughly understand* hi- bnslneaa, and Iwh got the best i f city refen nci-s. Can be seen for two <1 iys ul Itoorge Vurr) s livery stahies. .Tt Kant l.'ith it , or address a noi? 10 I' A , coachman s?me place. w IT!1 41 ION WUITI?>i? OOAQ8IU1I, EITHER IN O city or country. Please call at 672 Greenwich hL TO LAWYEK8?'WANTED, BY A Y >UNrt MAN, KM plotnieul a* cleik Id h law oillce; unlw a g- "'<1 han't has a good ? ilucutn n; h is h ot a me experience, Is willing l" ? ork. Hett ol reference Ad Iress Lawyer, box 109 iLirald otllce. UTANTMl-llt A KtSHPKtT A HLE MAN, A BITCA ?y 'I 'D aa porter tn a ttore; ia well acquaint'd with |?ck ln<r and ma'k'ng; B" d reference given Address J. U, 41) Madiaon ?l nrAWp-A irnTATlOlt, B1 AN KSi;|,I<IIMaN; IH ?v a good d sughtFtnan and ??egrnve'-; in aoy capacity, in ?nv ot Uie Mates; low siilary; Brat e aaa references Addreaa K A , pas IW Herald kBh, U'AM'h I>-A 81 VUATIi N a8 KAKMKR BY A MAI v* rl d man having no family la hones', ?b!e and *il Ing to wo k gi? (I reference given i'all at or addreag J. Smyth, 212 ?eil ?t, for 'ftrec days. 'all AMFD-t 81 UaTION, BY A CJEKMaN, 32 YliAtS " o'" ?ge, aa cteik. bookkeeper or collector Beat il iwn mwn sfermces t-nlarv expected to suit the times. Pleaso addros W. R W., Herald otllce. xttavftd? BY A Mil NCI MAN, A l-ITUATTON TN A vv wine an J Iiqoor h"iise for lb* purpose o learning the busWss; hai the Test of city reference. Addrt-sa J. J B., S7n .11 av In the atom ?, AN lED??OE A VEiY GOOD ROY, A SITUATION M masbirc haa rerved two years iu tlie drug business. Apply craddreat 1HS "A cm J()th at, for one week. Ar.n ?A YOUMU MAN, TWANTVTWO YEARS ?P ?? Mr. age, with nn-iceptlonable references, would give tlilt amount P anyji" r*uu who will influence for him a oer? msnetit situation; has bad eight years' experience, is not at raid of wok, and ran do anything that Is honest. Address H., box 119 Herald olllo*., HEL,f W AfTSD-VAIiHS. A GENTS WANTED?IN EVEltV TOWN AND CITT IN a the Colon, >o aell aherman A Co.'s new Gift Jewelry En velepea, with ftorn $1 to $11) capital Our agent* are making $3 to tit) per <?*y tjur new style of envelope* are ?-ow reacj. wktch. In numner of art Idea and real Intrinsic value, surpass anything uf the kind ever before offered, nemeinber in price and quality we dely competition t'all on oraddreia, enclosing >tamp for circular, bbermau A <!?., 239 Broudway, ?tootia Ik or Aorntk wanted?to hell rickardh- trize lewelry Envelopes. containing more articles than any other envelope advertised. Agent* are now making %i per day. bind stamp for circular. 8. 0. hit K&itt;S A CO., 1(18 Nassau at, room 3. ACIENT8 WANTED?MALE OR rEMALE TO SELL AN article of ureal utility; business light and very pruflta b e i-end for ctnular, aend for circular Address or call upen Waters A Van Anden, 139 William si., N. Y. A UENTfl WANTED EVERY WHERE?TO SELL AN A entirely new article nf Yankee Invention, Indispensable In every tainily. Ag nta ctin make fr <m two to live do lara per day. oeneral Agents, Bemis A Co., No. 71 Nassau street, room 9. AOEftTS MtaMED?'TO Sr.i.L I'KISXlTH PRIZE envelopes ami i'sc'.ages, also, hteacott'a Bljoti I'auk u ,r for'lie Udy s wo>k able Alt ? ur agent* are mikiug Bone), and others <un do likewise. Apply to KRk.Sl'orT A DO , *tj Hroadway ? MAN T(? TaEE CHAROE OK A rLol'K AND HPT a >er store, aa the proprietor cannot atir-nd to it; moat h ive f It41 as -eeurlty. Apply at the at re, 21. bast UiU at., before in or aft?r 1 o clock ^ ' BtiV AAMED? A i hs H * t'TABk. E ANl? WKLL E0U <ated y> ung ad. of the age of thirteen to sixteen ream, la wi,ni d o learn and assist In the tnnalc liiis ne^. one pre le<Ted who underatanda t.n rman and murlc, and ruHides nc?r ? he ? lore fuppi at t?r?-saler's inualc sUne ;>?!l Hroadway ? fOR .ith IiKKk K ?>P AN tMi'OitT lt>u and jobtung h u>n down inwn An active. lnt"lli gent Isil <ho writes* giaal b.ijd and re idea with hia pa ret Is, ?iil lie well treated .ml Inv-an opp uluaity to Uuvru. Ado leva a. K E . box l&U Herald ofllce ri a ?j erk Wanted, call at iso allen sr., or 17 sv D I lliWI, MIX vt.s iin-HV A MANt'KAOTlTRINCl PER I lum?r, to obtain order? In th - city and country Apply from it t ? 4, at t -ftt> Bioatiway, b.vseinent story, betireen .hat slid Srt ats. B D 1A aN ? El*?1'> UO 'O ILUNOI8, T*tl BXFERIENOED *? and Iiti-bii'if di-y goods salesmen ( imw.h or Irish prtv lerredi AiidrtteaDol l,.vlj Post o.lice. .New >ork. U aMHD?A- A II' NfcRAL I'LEltR. A tOUNO MAN, M a out ? tght< ?n fun s of age, wrll aciusinud with bual rea?, mu?l lisve tl<* l*al of city reference from la-t employ - era Apply, a.ter an o'clock In the evening, at 717 Broadway, iu i lie * ioi? \A-aMhD?AN A" Tl K, INTELIJU8WT YOUHO MAN vv desli, s employ'nent, is a good penman snd account tnL and alec ami wliln.g to noik . four y> ar..' relereooe from last employ ir. Address J. T , Herald ot'l'v |A ANTED?B. A\'>l N.i MANOK41X > EAR8* E.VB yy rl- nee as a< esu an In the har-'war" bu-lness, aai'uatloa In any capacity In ih i'or any irttier ciialn-sa "oraienaatlon smn'1," no afraid ta w> rk Kefirs to laat employer. Ad dii ss J t'. t?, liol 3.70I oat olliee t\ AN I K11, WANTKD, WaN.EI?-1(?H AOENTS and nine t'r-'m "t to SO ve?r?, male or ' > male tn a new and laying business, wiWI aeapttalof I'rom $1 in $A: have mode juii en make from J't 'n 5,? pur day selling Narilet'.'a xrigioal drv .n Envel. ii,, containing rai?-r Kuv- lip. s anil a gift of TT ?eii v all wi-hlng employment eall sisin at 'AH Hruadway, eorner o< "niton at-eet up atalrs, room 2", E L. HART LETT. ** aNtKi>.?'?OOKKRUPEE"t, BALkMME.I, OLRaEA, potter*, barkeepers A1' about 1 apply at the Mer.-h.ntA' Clerk* Registryofl'ce 1.1 Will a net ->ltua tona pm-ured. Nocommia ion ir advan?#. e^ffp^ii-a tnttrst <-;*** h m-na Appllcau'a by mall abould eiie.l ?e two -iamp< EataO'lshod lai^i lli Ka* LIN? ->unerliii?iidenl v U ANtAO rot'A GOOD ACTIVE XAt.EHMtN, AT M he New N nrk Mounting ?tt -re, 477 Br >ad ?ay ,'AMKIi ' I.ERK FOR A 81111' INi 1 ttPMt'K. ? LERK f a mad 11 ? shop, rlei-s f r a tl.-kci olllc. til eo portent, thn-e boys tor tradea. three |>ort- ra, one tarkeep-r, lout men tor ateitim ra, four chambermaids. Apply at st. 7 Chatham square xjff ANTED?TWENTT-PIVE A'TIVK AND ENTERPEI8 ft nig meii, aa a^ nts, ivth Tom one tn live d n, lo sell hi article In great ileinand Apply at fr.l M ni n lana, from III to 6 o clock. W, TAHi/irt 11 ANTED?KEY ERA l? KIKST 0I.A8N RETAIL DAf ?* g-"da sabwnen, thoroughly eneapeP B' In ve -y re-peel srd n>'<'iistmned to 8. mdway trade N >ne >ther? Da *d ?pply between * and 9 \ M A. i jtiKA iRf A C<?. AN i KIt?A N1MHFR OC ACTIVE, IN'rHLUOENT iash lioys, for i ur retail. Apply b> tsr an H and < \ M. Ats nt * %K r a :< ?. v\ vi w pi iki.p annaa. OTT'A REl'OKI ()?' A MBKICA.i rA-'lluNH CiR ? pring and Hummer Just mi ilisln-ii i rice a v ?r I c tiding the ? n-neli Ka#Mons in 'he original and In An^ll -fi ?lao tie 1 titter's ?til*l-, In two v iHRli11, oiLaiul n< nv-- a ' tintr d dlaxmms and Aeslyn? ( ,r di-aiigntiiig ,11 xio.i oi . armeets, ?Mti ^et# (it s>*i ea stitl 1 nil die en frr f.fV rrilA l. El ML EhOH'i eluM In in sdv?tH?d ?! i*e o' prepMAU iM and will spc 'lily l.c published t\ II1TTAKPM r? aEW ?<>RK >'RACI1CA. Third edition. Complete MLF WAl?TKP^MiMM.?W.

A HOURS* EE PER WANTED? run A KiR^T CD\?t| bold Alsoahoad ir.inur, to ta a charge of a lauodry. Murriean prefc-red Appl> at 127 ) amber r ftt. Bonnet trimmer ?wanted, a first class bonnet trimmer imwodlaiely Apply ?t 2M Broadway, up mair". Cvkii want?d-*antbd, -a I'toTEfTAT omi. ) mm r/>' k; one who understand i bur bualn <?a and lit willing to'gi Into it e country dur n< the ?iiuim-r and can MM Ml rccoit in> tided, none other* n*d apply; wage* $S to $9 Apply at 46H Writ Ktd ?' (TOOK W ANTED.?a kTEaDV, A'TTIVB PERSO*, I who can bring ?o ?1 reference from bur list place, Ap ply at i6 We?t t d St , after 10 A M. Mntilda iiavds wanted.?wanted, a num ?r of ti >t cluax mantilla hands Call, betweeu 8 an o'clock, a (ieoige Hrodies, 3fl0 C~nal strict VtlLLlNEhH WANTED?TO OO SOUTH AND East. JVI " un* brtt tho-e competent need apply. Call at .TO Hnad ?iay on f'r dav March I, between HAM. and 12 rf. XI URSE W aNIEk?To BttlNO UP A 8AdV BV UaND. XM *i fij ai No. H East 99th ?t., from 10 to I o'clock. rjEAM^TKKSK a'.D CHAMBERMAID WaSSKD-INA unaii famllr; one who can bring ;jood city refer-ticea 'rorn lam pla ?? Apply, betwem the houra of 10 and 12, at 2U .id av , corner I Hi h hi TWO SMART and T1DV UIKi^S WANTED ?ONE AS nureeand chambermaid: the other to out anl m.iko cbildien's clothes. Apply at 115 W'arren at, Jersey >? py. WANTED-A GIRL, FROM TEN To FOURTEEN years of uge. to do lignt work and Attend a small boy. Inquire for one day at 126 Monroe ft. WANTED?TWO RESPECTABLE COLORED GIRDS; rue a? cook, washer and >r tier; the '.tber an chamber maid In a .-mull family; tbev muxt bit neat in Hn ir habit* and ui p< aratioe, and must bring undoubted re erenoes. Apply at ,o Atnltv between 10 and 12 o'clock 1ft/ANTED?A SM ?RT, 11DY OIKL, POUKTEEN YEARS f ? . Id oi tberi?i.out?, t/i take care of two young children; n.ui-t be * ell recommended, and u Catholic; an orphan pre .errd aiiply to Mrs. True, loi onion *t., Brooklyn, between 2 und 2 n eleet WAM ED?A WDM AM TO COOK a.N^? IN general homework In a smalt family of Tour persons; must tie capable and neat ReierenueH required Apply at l-t> Lean nl, between Hond and Ucyt, riro .klyn. WAN ED? A COLORED WOMAN, AH COi?K, WASH er and lrouer, at liiidgeport. Conn. Bent of city refe reiice required Wages $10. Apply to P. T. Barnuui, Ameri can Museum 11/ANTbl)-A GHOD COOK, WASHER aMI) IRONER, for a small family. Apply at 10 Kaal 24th st., between the boure of li and 12 o clock. M Ift/ANTKD-A OOOD Ml DINNER, TO OO wOEJTH. V* Appiv at bbumway'i, 287 Broadway, between 10 and 11 o'cl'i k to-day. Tl'ANTED?A PROTEHTANf C.IKL, tO TaKK CaEB T? ifkehlMtive years oid most be a g iod seantKtreas and be willing to a<wli>t in light chamberworll Apply be tween 'J and 12 at 1M .e ast :?7th m.. CX/aNI>D?A KEaPEC Table UIRL, OERVANf, "* j-cotch or Eogllsh On? wbo ran iron, w:i?h and do gereral bi'UHework lb a small 'amily. K?ferences roqt.i ed. all at tib Uumberland st, bet/.ten Myrtle aud l'ark ava,, I rooklyn. tft. AN 1 ED?A VOtJNU LADY TO ATTEND A SALOON, *? at wo. 27 *eH Broadway. Ikf AN I tD?BY A FAMILY OK TWO PKRHON8, A "? i>ermnn girl wbo understands good plain cooking and w ashing and lro> Ing Call at 13 Kwr errace. H >boken "W! ANTED?A YOONtl, TIDY, PROTESTANT OtRU, TO TV takucareof a baby and se v; oue tbat can embroider preferred call at 16 *e*t UOth St., between 11 and 2 o'clock. 11'ANTtD?A WET NUBKE. APPLY AT 75 FIRST f ? place, Brooklyn Wanted?a oekman or scotch uird, to do general housework . one who understands c oking, baking *u<I wasbing, und can give good reference. Apply at No. 'Ml I umberland St., orooltlyn, between Vulton and At antic avs 11/ANTED?TWO GIRDAS WAITRESSES; MU8T ?? be re<dy Ui go to w irk this morLlng. Appty at the Col lins ilouie, Sl'J U u J eon st. W AM ED?A GOOD 01)0K. WASHER AND IRONER. AIko aeftambenuatd Mtist bring good recommeuda tions Apply at IS Tompkms pliee, Brooklyn. W ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A PROTESTANT OUAM t eriiuiid and Waitress, to no to New llaveu, Cons., for a family f two persona, three in nelp; wages City reie i eure required Call at 28 lib av. TITAN TED?A CUAMBKH* AID AND WAI r^R^S, WITH ft city reference Apoiy aftei 9 A. M , at 00 5th av. 11/ ANTED?A (H UM AN Ok PROTESTANT GIRD. TO ?? do the general nuu cworkof a small I amity. Apply at bl6 (Irbiid st T1TANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, TaMI AND IRON. ?? une who nnd her busineaa and can bring the bc>t of references may a >{ily, for twodays, at III IIl< k-i it., Biock It n 117ANTED?IN BROOKLYN, IN A SMALL PRIVATE ? l'i.mily, a girl to d? g-urrai aousework. one from 16 to 2ll years otil preleir- d Mipttiea g aid washer and irouer. M sg's moderate. Apply at US e a*t Aarr-u at., Brooklyn. XXJ ANTED?A 11I?Y <i!RL, TO Do PLAIN COOKING, VT washing and ironing Inquire at No. 20 Went S7th at. Aft,'AM ED?A WET NI Rs E, AT 208 EAST 10TII 8f., 11 for a new born child. WANTED?A Nl'ttSE. KKAMST.^E?8, CHAWBBR maid. waiter giri, nook and a laundress; to all of wbutn the highxr't wages will tm paid Appiy at Ito. 7 11th St., be tween Kr<adway and Unli"<*n>lt' plate n/AN rro?A OIRL TO Dt? UP STAIRS WORK AND f f attend an aged lady Apply, with good city reference, from 9 o'cliwk A. M to 2 P. M , u 74 West 40th st. 11/ANTED?a WETN'tRSE; A PROTK-trANT 1-RB 11 ferred. Apply before 12 o'clock M. at 13 East 15th st. THK TRAD KB. AVOl'NO MAN, A GOOD OLEKK, H HH88 TO LBABM thi-an-cery trade ?Vnuld give hi* aerrloea to mme ro. at*r'abb- p*ny for a very imoll oompeoaatiou. Adruta U. A , l? i 14111* raid o?ce. A8 FARMER OK OARufcNBB.?A YOtfNO MAN (MAB rt-d., wbo in a good farmer and pUIn gardener, wife lo attend tu the dairy, A.. He.-t of rsfereauea given. Addruta O. B , l.erald ollico, oral J M. Thorburu'a need store. No. 15 John Hi liAAKMEK WANTED-A Man WHO UNDgRriTANDB v farming and gardenlug and know* how to lake core of b'raea Apilvior- t'ablll, 627 FAkMKIl WaXIED ? A flWUH MAN. OR WITH -WIFE only; one who .as a thorougu acieuliDc t-xperten.-* In grain, fiOt and Kr?pe culture; an -m ri'ui, <om;vtent to take t-ktirge of a farm of luoacrea, 3b miles from (Lie city. Addrcia M. W bo* <79 I'oit uilire LJVIllhK AND FiNDIlTirf ?WANTED A M kN WHO ban a perfect kiiowl--dge of the above nualaona, both buy ing and helling. Addre n box 3,473 i'o* t oifloe. TO MTHOURAPHIO TRANsFKR I'RINTRRS.?WA VT ?d. a giHWl and <-ti'.i>ly workman. u> so U> ('hii-ago; w age* $14 to ilH I? r wetk. Apply immediately to Robt Mayer A Co., H' William et WANU.D? BY A PKA< I1HAL * >i NU !rAKL'K.NSK, A aituatlon 11 ml -ratand* thor oghlv the m Plagium nl of grwnhouae and atoye plants, grapory and f irulng iiooae, ?nd can adapt himself 10 labor in any way ooi.n--.-n-d with the garden or gr?.nbousa Refer- ut John wllaon >f the .ih% ?it Niuaery, Albany, h Y., lo whine uara aildre sJ. Klanua ry, Alhan\, N. Y. ?TANTED?A elNiJDh Mia, * llw H *il.M)I)0\B ?Y den' r asd iin<l- nn*iul? to* rare of hTa?a and mwi. Ai | If, witb rrleivnoea, at Lulled Maine t'ommiaaiooura at , t V* all ai. v agea 41Jo a aai aud found W AM ED.?A (UHi'hMEU-, W'lO ARE '-HKD top.oewoik r in find good employment by calling on the foiem ,n, Dnvid K* i tiedy, a. th? bruwa <t n i buildings auuth ride o' 4*0 ?t , net?)-?u l-.,h and llth ava, N. Y. ANThD- ? MIDAllt'h \ < <Altl?KNKH. BY A ymUig marrie. man who thoroughly "nd -istands hie w huainea* in ryery depar'tne-1. a o, in a ud c i biii.ui; tb ln-at of rel ereti'e 11 '?> h ? la< jilaoe. Call, oruddosator two diiv*, IA Jnhli atteet, toed sum \I ANTP II?A IT! AT1'?* si ?? \Kut- N BK, hY A l'Ki> ? l? utant yi nap mar. understands the ruMtig >f ail kind* cf reg t*bl*a. tl ???>?, mowing a*, *, grafting onmrii, .jt the-an ol li 'Maorvilieli e..wa; ean glv#lh? the -eat nr re fr i ne<-rs Ui ter > all oraddte-a I U., IS Morrta ?., \1,' ANTED? ^ T' l-.VKM AN!' HL.?!<> ? AM. WHO Vt ro-rmanda ihe liti-uiesii walla .Nona othei i??ed apply at Liberty at., Krook'yn ll'ANU II-* . KlUV I. f-UK- ICM. and VKOUAlll* " ea, d utlat rncc in :- *ent to takfl^barite-i'a budaeaa. other- tin d app V The b-' t r- ' erent*" lor ability ail?l rh .rsit"! reipnti d i'a!. atKAl W aoiliutlon st, .leraey Oity, on l)r. A. van l>???iii"r UENTAIRAIiTU. Aoain wi; uvr. tViMfc. and M.K nil. I l,P.rH*NT, till SI'Kl ??? i !. BT Thin anlnis1 ta to be ?n n be'*--en ti r hours o S t M. I" If I' W lie ran lea one oi ih Ow l olagant ctatlaaare* iw?no 1 Thepropi'1-t i?ien! the vW ois n good ns?s> bacf and -nut ton, all- otherdiatwia Vs? .mn. rous t > menlHin win. ho tineat ?li??-?, fpinU, a e ,.nd - . gaiB. HINHi "iiSEY. Man i)it liANK V AL'Hi.N, -? IK* HTHK Jj jii i i f(H s n s.Mr.'., HltU. ? ?'' 'tl I HI - I'A) Ro*?t h.-ef and Vag-tahlaa . IJWv K- asi lanih and \ ? u'-ish i a Ifie. ll- list I oik ?i d ?eg- . .I5n II- a-t li.rkev and M ? Mad . Boa I < btnkMl and Vi re a:.l. -i ilm. ( o lied lb el .nn eat ub!*-. o^J. lioib-d button and < a. . r sa i? .. IS? rnrk and M? aits. Rwton aty!> ....13 J.ngi??h Plum I'tidditiK .. ^ l-ome nn e VI re ? ?e . lie.. II. tne made ,pp|e I' r- he. h. " -steaks, h* ; ti'le; . and #Ki*-b"- o ordei Vor'er hoin?- oal., w ih . -?s ard an 1'. iklea .. (br beat of AMa, flu ? n |iergU<a ANOTtCR?iMlWK . Oi.k's WtbL Nil" BT I<1KV B rMAr good Ale r?r, be tohl for tnrw rit- p-rglaaa, tl is a fa<' i evertl-e-e-e. tnBfflaaaea mike -n-quart. 1 r i<iarta one gnllnu: alxty tlir- ?? plluM on-* -io.; he,d lift. .- -ta $ia Now caicalai* Idf youisnlX. No Ji rt indi Mi-net . ro. i of Broadway. *<l'Ks ? R, lioRTHI*. F1DR BAt P-T'V.1 SCl.HNrim KB vf*f>OXm>^NTV I log., eroesed wl n Hi l-'naiil for anp- mrmic. ? ?! t.e and viaii-bfi.lnesa ?' ere ?n? . ery .-w nl thalf d iaaJ Ais . two Pupa f -aaii- hr w!. flv.> ?? < k< ' ye v p m dog having no cnnvenleiic P 'In i" ,l '^o^oidata arin .1 -H - 4i>KKK, < I ' i o?n nfM, l/OH ?I.K II'" IK M M I, I,*"* It'll r e, h .nd-oTii ti 'l W*1 hi - d ? -- breed - "fll ' s *1 1 bird arenoa, **iwe-n .^ty h. h . .-i I -r,, m in the store 1rArf>.i wan iKD--'mi* VAi nr kroM it) P>? > tons - rile- avlng Ihe d^ov.. u> '(1. ??'??/ |o-e find a piitol'seer by i'di-aa pg YtCt/ir, bO? 'I .?'r?|u o'Uv. ?Ut'Og fUil (NWtlCU'Srs. Bovan, rooms, ?cM waitbd. A FAMILY ok THKkK KFBHONS UESIttK AT %. ?T J\ mmu (lour or #ve r>om*i east of Fuchth avenue, where ti y ran rem ilu longer than iiur. Address O. W. U. lui .* mh avenue, ?tatliut p*i i tculara. IjTflt.MBHED ROOMS WA.NTfc.UOI* TOWN, WITHjUT P board, suitable fur ? lad? tfimnog to do her own home keeping. in a rospeo'uble private bonis* Terms must im nil derate AdUreiui M ?., l>ox 127 herald oltloe LTUKMfcHED ROOM W4<ri!D.-A YOU NO UAD V r wishes a lunil-liod Huom. without Board, ill a tuiat Id catu n, near Hxthnveuu* aud Waverley place. Ald'e.-M So cialist, Ue s'd oHwi UU K WANTED.?A TWO ?>K TURKK STi.'V I Hoi'?e, with modern improvements, between Third .nd ! piuhth avenue* below rorlirtu atjy.i: reul fr m AtfO $uCii- A ddiess ?J f'. K , 1J B1(m 'k'-r str?~t HOl'SK WANTED?IV HKullhLVN, BV A KAMIL.V of Msven, only child over twelve fesrs of am; mu-t be u<'i th i'f btale H:rc>*t. No objection to the avenue*. ? u r n ?:ll?b ba>* went preferred, or "Oe with (Using room on pari r loor. hen' wit <0exc?**a Address, with full pwrticu uih, O I). T., bo? SUI pi #i o'lio*, N Y r|X> LANDLORD*.-A SMaU, HoUrifc, 14 WAN i hit IN J. this city, or the ferrlea tn Br teklvti, with about mo rooms and ifaa and water, at a rent"! SJ70 lu SXij. 1 ho kuuit nun nave a high tiavin?nt au<i r>- iu a reap.-c'asle nelghoorliood. Parties wishing a tenant IwaJraule lu ail ro tweu, will please addroa< 0??a. Herald ?>:li<t?> TO OWNKIO Ofc TfcNl MEAT PROPERTY.?WANTED, to lean- some tenement prope ty, for a term ??' years. Apply to N HnK and n. 1>. Wiijina, in v arlck atreet. TWO rtTKMfcHU, KOO*? wanted?SUITABLE KOH boil*ekt emng. Addrees K. tter ? d .thee WANT Kiv?A hliALi. TtlrtEh >T'i?y HKi-K HOU.sB, gas ai d water, wltb g<?>d .ard. lu a lair locvioa. with la twenty Ave minute*' salt ol the Br oklyn lurries Will lease lor two or three yi-a-a at a low reut, wit i a probability of puii-bating Fosa-aM u. li po-aii le, uii id ? of Apr.l Ad dieeh. ?lib TiiH particuam, Rerpon-ible, box UU lerald 001 BP. Wanted?fob a h?aLL kamii y ok voulu, a neat, genteel House, with ' he mode'ii imDrnvein-uUi, rent n< t to n?>d A&0U;oi ?? ihr> e -t t y r th ?e * orv anu attio bouw; rent not to eiecrd $7(ju <r 8HUU; Iooh'I ?? between Twentieth 11 d I weatT-elgmn miwu, und ^exlurft n tnd i e^ei tb a' euu-n Adlren- E. btsna d, Uul>n m[U< c i'oat eUice, or two i*ayH fXTANTED-FOR HUMMEM MONTHS, a iKAuL W iluUKe, I urnixhed or paitwlly ?>. within an h >ur's ride <>r nail ot f?- w Vork; on tui llu.bon preferred. AddrudH, atatlugteruiti, 4c., J. P., box 1,:VW Poet oluoe WANTED?IN HHOOKLYN, FKOM MAY 1. A "nRBE ?tory (liigh hioop) il .ug". wi'n vater nnd ?<?<, in an un exoeptlouanle i.el^hti.irbooil, within 2U mlnut'w' w Ik of Kill ton ferry; rent to $H?>. Addr>'iw tiill?-i lleanld o.hcft. WANTED lO AIRE TN TUB ELEVENTH WAUD - A Ntnali, genttiel Dweldng llouae. Addres* a. a A., Herald oQice. Wanted to kk.nt??kvekal hoosem for ?hwt clfliK tenanta Al?> a four or m - atory, fuil width Bouie, between Twen'.v-thlrd and ihirtleth stroc's and Broadway an?. '? igbtn avenue Appl: to f. ii. VcDU-iT, >o. 4 I'itiei Ktreet WANTiL- A I IIKhr. 81t'BY HiUH 8TOOP HOIISR, wl b modem impr veinent*, below i hirtiotli utnv-t, Inagooo I cation, from *>&?> to 3U>m <ir Ue Lei?>ir I'art o' a H use, with about four Nleeping R(>o:n? rent ?b 'lit (Ui. Referenoe given. AddiMia J. 11. D , CtU? ol Koweu, iiul<nes A Co., Xrtl Brokd?ay. WANTED-A 6TaHLE, TO AC1 OMMODAia T 1BEB or I'o 'r horse*, say rroir. Ap.ll to Noveuihnt, between Twenty eighth and Ihlrty-eix h Htraetx and Fourth and nlitb avenue* Adareaa any uoinmunicjiU >u to box l,o& N. V. i Post uttice WANTED IN iiMOoKLVN A COTTAOE HOCSKCon taining eight or nln? rooms, with ext?iisl.ju preferred; fas and water desired; in a good ii> lglib >rbo.Ki. ill-tancn mm one <>i the errlea not 10 be over three im es, and r-nt between ?310 and $BU. Adilrejw L. B., box No I Herald olUce. WABlBD mBBDlATBLT-A FffHNldHBD H'?nsB, between pourth and I aenll?th streets, west of Hroail way; r? nt not to eiceeu one ihousand dollars Ac drivs J. II, J., Herald oltice, for three days WANTED TO VCJH''HAsb ?A HMaLL. TjY, WlUliOvr ware uno fancy goode Justness, with apartm< tits a' tached, or wou d blie a-mall houte with Stort-, suilablH lor the hame Address, with full particulars in respect to r> nt, price and other l.eniH, a. V. H., Herald otllce, for tiirra day-. 1|/ANTED lO RENT IN BROOKLYN? HMAhL HOUSE vf or Cottage, wuhin ten minutea' vtk of Kuifm ferry. Benl not to exceed $240. Addres- fur two days IV. 0., box 4,727 N. Y. fostotbee. COPAKTNKKSulI' IVOTIC ICS MEDT A*. PARTNEt WASTED IMMEi. IATRLY, to join a first Plans h.xialaUst in tat* oily; m'ist tie a gen A r._ tlimuti iu every ?ens? of H.e word. understand we,.I minor mrgrry and I'ornel. aAihology parilcniarlv uterine unno tlous Address, givintf rial luoe, referenoea au.l |?!?u iiary rcspousl.Unlet., Ac , Ur Eclectic, earn ot liegeman A ' lo., under the Kt Nlciio's* I loin A PARTNER W*J l'Kl>? WITH FIVE THOUSAND .A dollars. In a well established ??-rcanllle business, with in unexcepliona 1> pariner in ihe lover part of me city; will be an excellent ehanoe for u uuaine*. nun BlUOH A ill/Rfrft.Tfejf, 7J NlMa'l * NY PTEaDY, INDU8TK10U& MAM, HaVINi) $t,i??l J\ coali. '?n haiehal' iiitoeest in a very productive milk and fruit Farm, well and coin, lete.y stocked near tueottv. t'/.i'M) yearly pioflt gnaianu-ed Applv at the ottoe of cue Ulrard house, CMunbera street, or MOm 147 ENTHiHV ?A DENTIST, UK HEVKKaL YEARS practice, tvlslie* to hlraseii In d"iitl?try with a dentist well tctablished in the city ?f Ni-? \ oik r'ur pnr tlculara Inquire at JON* K A Willi E ?, 6fir> Broad vav, N (, EXTBaoHDINAKY CUaNCE.-A OEN i'LEMAN kVJIo ? an command 0-'''ki> ''an *ecur* ao Interest In an entar prlae eonn< cted with the grain trude of New > rk cllv, which will pay a pmnt of fbtiadnv and without ri-k I'hi* may ?eem extravagant but ihe thing U not an experiment. u m demonstrated. (.all and examine at liA'f'N A JwNES' Plooeity i-.xchange. r*t ? asaan street, New \ ork. D PAKTNLH *ANTrlJ.-A ShAHT MAN, W TH TWO OK three hurn'r. d dollars to Join the advertiser n the Meat, oyater, Klsh and Butler bu.?ine?a, all combined. In ' all opera tion, with a ins d clam of custom Further particular* on ap plication at the Ocean House, 7? HoMnson atreet THE COPARfNVBSHIP OP AL?oP A 00.. VAL?A raiao, Lima and San Kranclaro, expired on the lit Jan uary, lftbi. AUiO ' A OO A new cmarner-hip, fu' the term of fire years from the lat of January. 1HG1 h*a been "onwvi. under 'he rt in f Ala> n A To , and ihe Ixuinnsa will |mi (Mndiiot</l st VaWstralao I (Ohlfe), by (Jeorice J roeier and . I. te?art I nek* mi ..uaa t S'eru), by J M-nh llotwon and *t ,-ew fork >> Ocorga ?; obaon, all acting partners. Ueorgn O ll.-hson at .Mew i York, will uae lua n-rn name In ail tranaandooa o' Al.iop A > Co, who are respouaiive tor the wmf, and > homi* hi <..*1 will beauthorlx-d 10 ac> und r |iower of tUnnw} rnnn huu. The silent paitnera to the o 'Dartnership ate, Justiph . A *op, Henry Chauncey and "be-d re A' Kiley, ur Vew V..,k. n?d Edwsrd Met Jail ?d 1 H'atihopw I're-oet of Lima, wh > arv ><4 reaponslhie beyond ib? am <unt of e.iplUI reapec.tlvelv onii eontrtbulrd The capital of h>* hou>e s at. V?i .a'aiso and Lima la six hundred thou* md d dlara The bnuca >t - an Prarclaro la provided wltli all ample c >pital. aod Is eoQlinu d under the firm of Alsop A t o , *ad direeted bv t^haiies -t. I Pt'lh>mua and Itohert Bui nett, smug isirtii?rs In Ike aame. No pari of the cap ia' i th Iioiis<*?, r profit*'h< reon, e to n i withdrawn during the term or pannersLlp, u untl. all the claim*areaettied ALSUC A | (leorge O. IIobson, o* the tlnn o Al 'opA >. ptraiaa ! Llnm and San Pranoiroo, will anv?nce on eons'eanKiota W ?aid firm na'jn IK li ilOi'-"> IN N*w York, feb. 2 , IHfil. 42 .-'on h ?trM>t. Imt ADVERTl^Cii, NOT MAYTTTU : M.IA r?!K me.ns t> Banui'rMl-ea Life i-rescrving Mic'ilne, lor watering p a es. wotiiu i..k- a purt-er with a atnall c . 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A positive saving ok rim p a oajTr NOW ||> TIIK llUb TO *OON MiaB. $;;U,UC0 wi rtb of k<**Is m?rk<?1 down. AD f 'be foil iw'iijj pnoaa Wuet ju-tWy tbe lUiMt inceduloua:? 4M dozen all llimn Towala ti loe. per do/.tii; ?wi lo*. &ui<i?i> nuperboe l b* 11 Nap* on, 6c., ws *ad lux; groal bargain*. I?l do*eu linen Ii? tntu d llandk^rehiel*, ISo.. cheap at ^ l,uo)iud>t btni<'d okirti. s ?t i? ; *oub ;m. 8li0 jmils I ntiev Lace, "i >? id'', U6> : wo MJHyarun M<-ek! n > rimming i-we, i*. cheap at 4a. U>dn/.ch biHC* Kn-wli tat P-auee, l<*> . worth 5ie. l.tMiyaii. kfcAl VaL>feN( ENN SL (V ,? b-apat 2a. U?iUoi h.?' ruhbe> ound < otub?. So ; regtrai prloe, 4a <? p- Hi Cotton. |u (j.?.(! i :r ? hnl i .oil, W. ? maalug'a Needle*, .'?c | er p !*r. r,*ntiae Braid, le. 7U ?t? xeii'au> \ ?iu e? 1? td ; norib ftutv. iUnUiur lui o: ILum ic i Que LALlfc> hiiKMai klU liivOVKH, .'4c.; worth ?L tl>K?Ll>')W A ME .kKc, 7iV l< roadway. 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I s.?41'LhNOlO FiT / ting mr>m for $i, mt Mrs Kg>""* a!v> watch 'prlui; sklrU, ber own make, for $1 'orwts and akirt* mawi to order N. B ? r h'ld)?? ? cune'i and nklrie -irtj tiru^dway. near Vln*te?ntb "treoi. i**?i hIip At UllKMmO 0<<nii-' New Hpring 'Jo dn rocelved by every aleainer, ?t HYER>8 Vrw York Mourning Store, 477 "midway. NOTH'K to ihk PI blxc. in kddlUon i..? tbe lnducenvoU *e a e nuw offering to the ladled, we Miat.1 nu MONDAY, Mi Ak Trani>t< r from our ? tin male to tbe KKl'AiL IjKr'AKl MaNi', $.'1Ii,0(> i wnrth ot OHOIUE sPHI.Mi STDK.-, Manafartu-i d-xc u-Hciy i ..r iur bouae, <nd intended es> preea y far city trade, a- a di-iount of Vi per >mal E liAMBKKr A i!w , (In li<iiudatuio, 411 Itr iadway, Bt'iwt'^n llo?ard -wild Oraa4 ?tn?ta. t.AOE C'Ki.?lN.S J69. FKuM AUCTION AT 60 I'EK 'ENT l.w.^8 THAN OOBT OK I M i'< ?R T vTION. AT KEMY'H, BHUADWaV 3I?. 3o9. ?JC (i 0H.aPERIE.-i 388. Ot)-'. LAlf.H'UiQUlMs, YavEncES, or bATlN VV. L\I>E^, Pl~AlN alid KROOIIB Cf'TEUNEn ard HKmATBLS, Mad" to ordf r *>y tiie be>i upholaP*i era. WiMiii* BllAOES. m GOLD B?n if NEW nlVLh.t. HL'Ki AN1 WUHb IIilLLvN'D, Ac., AND m a i VI.i, I if KIXrt KbS 359. V'i BRvkUI'KLU a.NU 1> MA K"> ?a I'i> or. LAInEe, Aa MILLIM<:itl, <MC. M'aU.<1U iSaA!?, JM "lKIER AMI HANUKaOiURER of tba lateai <uil ui ??! fa-u;niia le aiylea oi Pan nan Mi lim ry, aatx^u.oi^i htiiu oddlMou to the ab >ve she ha* m?dt- Mourning Mlllimiry a ? Mpeca U- " loci y and oountiy buyt-raof pattern Hoiintiagr at iiiduceiueni wnl lie olfeiea, aim !"])? cird ally uiviP'k ai luHpeviion ? ber aUick ?forc pin-bvmii ??! ? win'.? c n.idei t ihm iu r>-?peci to style, prloe and anlilou, b?-r ti: tah'i?li ii. ul wnl ? found unrivaiied Bioadaay between 8tn >og n l rtu. e atr>-eU, In etoee prox tnoit to the prlnclna! boteia ?ladam KsaaCS, 639 Broadway WATIHKt* AMI# Jh.WKL.RV. A 8 MY sriiKK Irt TO MB luKN Oo.VN OK TIIB 1ST J\ of Mty, I viler my snjci at greatly reduoed prloes for < a-h Bilvrr Cylinder Watch h $C. 41?tVml pr "? $10 " Lever " . . )< 60 " " 13 Quid Cylinder " I.'- 10 " " 2J Lever " 21 0U ?? ?? 40 Silver Cylinder*, hunt g <???-+* H UO " " IS " ? '? u jo " '? n Gold Cylludrrts " " 2j CO " " 10 " JLevera, " " 33 On " " SO Viae Jewel 17 #f all de?r: iptiour, at equally low prloM. It. H?We don't ? litrue loi >h"?ln< go 'da J R. iKIHKN, M Broadway. i T COHKK'8, 3T1 BI'.OaDWAV, v KIcW ladib*' OOLD Sk Buntlni! a-t- W?i?bc< for Male at $21, to ^ay advance*. It arrnn.i U .u every pup-c. A r l OHBJC.H, HI i<R?MD?AY. THE HANDSOMEST J\ and nrge-t an/'iirmi ui of California Diamond Jewelry ever 1 fiend 01 ?-l< ATfOUKN s HKUA1< VA\. YoC CANT BUT tir-i-n jin.Mry ?t $1 a baud Iui, but you e*o bay good ImM Jnwelry 1.1 e?3 than nwnu autumn* prima k LL THE world. and thk kbit or mankind, ?rmm U d to OHfcH It, Ml Broadway, oex*inin- bla (tirk an ' if huj body lu 'hl? city can corn pete with blm, la quall'y und 1 rte# ??1 ?uK-CTFUCf. JUKI'S COWARDS OF I S ALL."* V " HiMt. ?.A"K UOMa TO A Ohlaii. "TO M-: Oh NO r?l BK," THAT THB UIJRSTIOl* V. ?% tt innf ictiin!. ? 01 Jewelry In the city. In wa nt i tb? ptevtureol the Uaai,l>aw dnwilnd that k ? . u eir gmtd. at prktw thai nnwt mmmaai tbe ajh, ?f4,.ill.v or lb' COH , thau to bold Ibttiu al tboee thai vi.aliti' " ivc T?i?v would Li.n/e'ore call Uiaattaa> It a oi tli hi. lli Ui tin-It tniiin n*? iti ck of PjM' o l.'? ANO PLATP.D ? fcW *.l.KV ATft'H ULUAPWAV, Opt* iw- Bond mr.-ui, sir ?I <>p Tli L UAji>? l? 1MB >vindow . in CMirCRrOK U*'li JiiLMH. Thin r wf nihcet.t ?tix k L-otnprt <ln(( tin' larjreal and tnoat ei ?? .. .|,c'l"B of ti'am"o?, Monal.* J eta, Knhlaa, .Ul.tiLavae, Turt|ui>i?. t.arnetr. I mil tl n nt i^irhanclea. >1 ut ihyma. < earla. nuii-rali'*, ^iipnlrt*, Ac.; **?ir~*~1T. t . Ik). 1 :nf^a PaacUa, I lilitiblea. Altnlna, A<\, Ac. ' "t,?*. ' ok >n ttRri of the Tod owliu artk*to?:? Of 1 *eU HetaJprltie# f 1C to IJD nntr tt B? v ?' '? U ? IK^I " " " 7" k? " 1 .(?* 1 "?ir . " " ft" (t ? 1 ?irV * lie M<??le ' " 6" u ?? 1 ?!-. ot fta ... " " 10" 34 " I 1 Tot u".**- -ete 41 *? 6" 15 M I i'tw" ? ? i] hr Mlant ?.<? ... " " 6" IS ?* 1 I *i,. f iaihiuitje ?? ?? in" jo " 1 ? fit Bi f.tUo ? " M?" Si " 1 !lt ? Mny* " " '? ft" |ft ? 1 lu> I t,''tlM-#P * " '? ?" UJ ?? 1 . i-ard nrae^let.,.. ?' " Ml" IS * 1 ?I11. ?.H? " * " 10" ? " 1 .. . .. 4" A ? I ; KU.r> Mimat* ?' ... ft" II " 1 , flu. Itnii " ? " 7" W ?? 1 Pine ?? .... 7U " 1 I -i ? tin Hnd* ann Button* " " A" ? 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AMORTMfcNT OP CRK^Ctt, EV0U8H A*D Anirrlran milm rtTeMee. with ' I'll*' L\N n '' 'MKIS'A 1 ION ''f'SHHINS no? i n hi.nrt, and at pHrt ? to mil th tlme i Pill I AN A 'OKI KSDKK, 6i. to, fi7 and u? t ronby it., If. T BILUAKp TAB..KB WAN t'KI>.?TWO rAIIMSN, MAR b'e t. d c??oTid hand). ?? mted, In pithanip for proper tt at K-7P n or peri eat.ll. Apply to iIHaSl WlllTLOOK. Ml i larit ii I'n.'i, bet.we?n ? anil II A. M. B 11.11 a. II*-MILLIARD TaMI.Bk rt.K "VLB OH TO let. lit . I ? '? e- niM l.'o Ix-tJ., ? nh or without a larf* lSr,*nj'iL ' r ",l" Al P'* *' 'he Metropolitan Aoadeaiy, Klend Vft .-nth m.'inte hn IAKIw-FiiR -ULI . A H"LK." (.'Ill -TOOK OF IK w and M-rtin I bnri.l labl.-e, f?i ?7\ (Mini, t?>0 and $*M, ev '.vtliltiH I'oinpi. t.., t ?]| attl| ,.,,uume. or wntl your onUlf by n.a'l Tablet) to in 'Ml 1,1.M II ORfFKirn, l?e Piilmn L A LI t 11 ..A l?. TI' itMH RANI, ONB ItOBBWOOD X1 *laUr btd Hllj'ard Tab;?. Apply al 266 bo#vry.