Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1861 Page 2
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the sourflXBJi cohgkess rw?Mii;ru OAr. Moraooar, Ala , Feb. 20,1MI. j CMmot to-day at noon, aad prayer was offered by , tt( Kev Mr Mitchell. Minute* uf ) esterday read and affirmed Mr 8?n#, of Ala., presented a communication from i citizen of his State In reforwce to a ft?g. lite rominuui ' cation was accompanied with the design uf a llig. Re ferred. A gentleman pretexted two letters endoaiag Oe*lgna for hags Referred. Mr. Dili , of (la.?liurwg my absence from the Congrew a lady of great taste and genius, residing in u?e city of L* Grange, sent me a mode! for a flag for the new coa fedoracy. which I r.-quexl may bo referred to the Oom mrttoe oo Hags. I daeire to say % word or two In refe rence to this flag, because the tetter which accompanied it has been miscarried. 1 will simply remark that the flag combines three primary Ideas of what a Dag should be:?(First, its simplicity?u ta Tery ^y. second, its originality-tber? U no flag, I believu, of say nation even approaohtng it in likmiea; and third, its ox prwsivc nct-B?I win simply say that there is not a figure or des>gu of that Hag ibat does not in itself represent some fundamental idea in the hmtory, the characier. tad, I suppose, the des-ttny of this confederacy, and in its oomblned effect it represents the character aud destiny of the republic. I move, sir, that it be ief. rred to the Committee on tho Flan, and hope that the lato hour at which it is presented will uot prevent its receiving a re Bpectful consideration fiom that committee. The flag was referred. ? Mr. Nwpi.r, of (ia ?I hold in my hand, Mr. Prcei. dint, u memorial ft< in the Chamber of Commerce in the City of Macon, the place of my residence, which I beg leave to oiler to tho consideration of the Committee on Commerce. 1 desire, before presenting It, to makea few remarks as to its object. Ii is known to some of you that there was held dui uig the pa?t year a fair in the city >.f Macon, which was numerously uUcudsd. it was the cotton planters' Tair. Its object was to invite the co-ope ration of foreign Capitalists in the business of Inaugurat ing direct trade with the nations of Europe. It was only partiallj socceesiul, on account ot some disasters, against which the ci mmittee having the fair in charge ciuld not provide 1heBe memorialist?, in endeavoring to carry out the objects of the fpir, ?m|c tliut the cily ot Uvm b >ma-le n port of entry and delivery. There arc some al Vintages in making It such. Kor example, It occupies, geographically, the contre of the .state or Georgia, which cur tiater State* have been pleased to term "the Empire buic ot the ;*nith. ' it is neai the oorcior of the cotton f-iohi ng# < 8HKU 11 contains a popuittion or t . lhou.w!nS> among Miioiatheie ,iro men of en #^P alJ weiUh> at)d merchants dllgent and sue. .*s it^ "fV"1 llrr xo<-'tloD- addition to thta, It ts ccum-elud with the Seabiud bv the jrcut Central Kai road; it in at too bend of navigation on &e OcmuJgse nnd w ^^'""^"ration b> railroad with tnu No'th and Wist. Then is. howevi i, one sinxlo thought which mayewamend itteii to thcooDflderation or the Committee ^.^?f?erCe 11 18 kLt" " 10 411 "f 118 ,llat tlio ports on our Hoatt rncoc-si art subject t.i the acou-ge of yeilow lever and oih'r umumnai le.-tra an 1 epidemics, which have, in yoais p?nt, aifll'-ied the cities or Charlesnn Sa\snuab ano JSrw Orh.uis, and on th?\ uccouut havo prevented the accnmuiatnu in thrso cities or iuiiwrt i?g capital to the extent which we should otherwise hsve wiinof-ted From m-h levers and epiJemte ,ho Would 'S t^'f'!> eXe<nl,t F,,r "lis fe.uou it ^ouju iL\iro c/4|? Uii lot iiDporruiious to a much trroit-r CU\\ ^ ?? te ?? hfpest' 1. i f' .. ' ' fMr. i'restae'it, of the-o m n,n rialuitf. Uu,t it the Oongte'? tf iho Corifederate Stale* of America -houid e ol ?L tee citj or Con ^ a d A of ?*rZ ,n ueiivi i j , they wen t: thereby greatly inhar ce the r< \ t nue of ih?- c?iTed<racy tVith these remaik^ r kjs, the m,-,uortoi .J}' (-'lAVtPt"'i '/ C? ?1 will state, Mr. President that acliou bus bten ha by !. i b .\'jr (iui lua the absence n," my oolleague wt,, h will ,w,der it nectar S ?0,hUn to m?>t hw memorial t . .he -e i. ? t-y oiMUe r^Swrv Woilst we hire 10 ot'j:oik-mo ioii,ider that memorial in the oon.miuce, j (??. a r< gu a i"ii wh'eh hai< b?on pa- ed "? .. of pjrts of eutrT^ e livery in tnjio^i-r t f t' e -vctvia,; or tho lYei-iiirv 1 tha^cflir" 1 t"' ,Ut b? referred to Mr. Ni-vr-i.u i a, ent ji 5 gentkman to E4y tlmt IhtruZurTr CJU,,"'r' d ^ U P 'Wer "n lUe tWUry or Mr. Cuwfori?Y?* fir I * ,ll withdraw the memo rial and preeeni it to tu- proper du>,t taient Fj 01 AU ? niri,rmaI1 ot the Committee on rjg/obrmrnt#, mor ^ u* rnroi.c<| and readv i,>r i)?,. big nature of tie l're?lctu the all ttlon' ^'-Wythe eismpUon of certain o^d^'?hemu':n l' "-VCir4d' "nJto persons .I^ir (Vr'.K0- e?t*??U.hmrnt and organisation of a general TTI'y i" ,h,'? edeiate hlalm of Snien." Ad aci (o tu'boilze <ti? *??*? if?titry (if tl o iWinirvtn , ? 1 ?h ports ied place, of ei tn ?uTd7l?, . .? , appoint oilicers iherci or el''0 ?ud dedrery, and The rRK"i>,NT oatl.-d up th,. reguu*r business on the calendaj-, v-hch ^ .he bill in relation to pubhc Mr. T R H Cow., of i.? , moved two slight ainen,l ments to ine Mil, which the pay ol the public p. inter tmo wao in< r. aaing the pav r..r b.ndo.g. .Hitch ing.fcc .from (our to tix doliatfc'; th? other was to in cr. af? tbecon pe, ba-k,:, i(<r c. mpotition Irom ?l jo to tl .6 pw psg! Mr (?t,b said bo wao sali-.lied tUal tlio increase was not too much. tor WnuKii.s. , i c. Haul h' nv st ?,k the gentleman Z . ,'f^ ? ?"U u re<lt" lU" P 4i"' Pub ill pi inter *1i0ihi>r a itftolciiou l as uot D?en |>*s?-d glvig the printing ,i Cnr,gi?v> to the printer on tho sane terms is in. ?e at ?Li b he execuUd the \ ,[OT , ,'e ''/MBlatuie of Alabama r My icc'llcctioo ifl that bw U a hits been pssrisvl l m;.y ti( t t-e correct in ihis aupposli, ,,ut lf , for aiberit.g to h.> or*, ?| c i tract ' Mr. 1 it. it c .Mi!?lhit <s true. The n-solut o'i pi??ed did pr .\ me t at Hie public pi inter cf Co igrtuw should d > theprioimg on ih sime terms :,t which ho publlrh?d the laws andjounais for th.-.--a eof Alibatna buto*lotf ble4aLdr.hW'l ' W ?" * V *' lU>k ,s " " ',rat,< * Die, atd lb s bill, therefore, ua? been s. bmlt'ed nfter a wajiillaiioa with the p-iulcr. The l..w reirulatlog thf p jbltc pr.1ting m h<- ?ate of Alabama provl les for a ile I.,1 US number of c, ?r m. tas?e? and girn fc?> ni ell JMT P*ge As Civ.grei,. will tot pn baolv have u-'r VT? ,,,'jb'r '/. " u 'B'l Journsls published, It hepn. tug whl'h t?iyre ? r.N.,>re.. Jn ^ *"*? ?,?" 1 ?'? * '-llr !>'?|<U g for <'*jtigr< si. on a p. r Iran i t U.H-. lb print rs 'o ai.?i^nod w,th it aiid I th'nk it )>i ght to be aerpti-d ' ' Mr B, |,M ?- . ,|/ that C u rrrs. would bear him out in !. r ? r" s> fsr ne h'< inlbunoe went it has t.,-en ; ?ror.of; ,10, " but or a T%IC sad econo uilesl blmlnistratM.n ef the ft.nes or the eovernm. nt? whetx ver a. hnt e any 1 srs-?k Mr the fotuie, he ra d Tbr wc rate poftinus n-w I .|0 nrt know whether the terms f r wuk-h the prints ,?id tho work for the Alaba ma Ugislanre were fr,ch rj u, r.riui.erste him, or n In titer he received full comprmtaf,?? ft?r h.s ser ai eh* ?r B<iL_ c"n ' to understand such a question, bcca ise I am not a practl< al printer ??!* ?> i '" J* mucl' 110 au,1'rnsad, that the gentlo men whs Ure been en ployed by Congress to .|o th, pub lie prii iii g kt,"w UielrowD bwtne s. and would b. m i h ilie'w rii ht'h ^?*i *bU w'", * f'llr comD'-fc it ion for the work *hl. b they lure to oo t!i?n those who have un ?h!"tve" ?*7cr,,>f torms ?or them. I see no reaaoo Mr r fri/1 ^,ru" ,'"pArl rrOTn ,u or,llo?l contract de! i? ; (JWsrruptirg)?One word, Mr. Preel ?m . ,'"lk / ,! satisfy the gjuti.-maa. l.ns yicTdthef^'r" 1116 tta* South Ciro Mr Wrrm k* ?Otrtainiy, sir, tl ao t|1?.1 JV ,r,t "r~ h,:P,.ICM flx"d *T th>? bPI are lower ^,h- ^ "n"- *?? oppowl 10 It. It wouM l?p iier utrnv 10 the triiQiaiko i>t thix mmnwoi 1 VadetatnOri that the pru. ? ? fttabllfthH bj thl" b tl wore ?r?alor l)i?i, tho?" r lh- C* trm-t with tbe l/*glsla ?uro M Albania. Hut * l.i ibet this prices e*Mbli*taed by Hid mental <' Mrari be (ood or M, M tb? printers biTPth<- r mpews.t -n which wo agr e1 t ^ivi thorn, wbeflier it be kiovi- or bolow tbr prices in thl* bill. Mr. Oo??- I hope, atter * eoort rxplaoiitmn that the CongnM will >'0 Mttotitd, aud ih? tuxmrabte m'inber h'ro, ttint it u Imp1 -etble to cany nut tbr original con? tcictta the pui'ting which CMfKM thai mw to be Theie.,r' tnmiy matter* which wo'ild b < li-(t tin srtUnl, anil ?bMi would b?f to l>c eottlod nt *otne tlm? Or < tltpi The pnnu>fP in ai'lrfled with tlM itnernl ?rope of tlilr bill, atxi altb' ugh the prices are lower for some p-irta of the wi?rk thin thoeo for which tlx') execute the Uwa and Journal* of AJatwrna, atlll it glvi* tiieai ample ct mpvnsation and Oxen that compenaaumi .d a ishi.uh' more eatinfaetory than that provn.od iu ihr law of Tbls It'll leaveo nothing nuaetUed It provul * fo'.iU the printing of the Bxrruttro d'pa'tttttits. in aidltloB to that of Oicf irM>. It U ver) impoitaot,.therefore, that the bill SfeotUd Ihr *o?<Ddni< nt* prop<??.d wore agreed to, and the hil! iA copy of the bill wm> published a few day* a/o ) tr Mlooai Ui. ii movi-d that Oorifres* go Into Merit ?rrvtoa. 1ln> feliowtrg at'to were pawe<) lo ferret roMioa, and lecreej remove ? Aft actio womrr t?f* WArtcMTTOtr f.Aww Af(tt to mrru au. i?t .< rtiMiftatino hutim off siur* on Try* * ?m* r of i b* {Jon * >\< iUU** do Xbtl <11 ?*? lorhi* ih? m*ut In ?he co-mHo* trad* of ?!PV*I ** ?*?">?? * and ? no *11 !iw* forV?<11|?? inifKMi%ii ?> of . ,d?, warm or m*r*fcAnd:A*. from Oiw? frurtuf iu?.? tm'?*l?r?*.t 11 unothrr port of tli# toiifrAtriM 8tM<? ir fro?Tt ?ny for^iiro fH?d '?r plk**, in A teiM-fji Wl<?np[li R ^hoUjr ur n |mrt t?i ? or ottix^ti of W fort lfn Mm4- 01 f?oi.^r b^^hv r^pJ-Aiw! 411 ,n,,> ^ Wl ?U'-'iminav.'n int* oo tbe ton nar^ ot ?h!r*or Bn, ? ,l?jr-t or rlij/o,) of amy for?%n MaW or poww, ..r up?r m.,r,.K?n <11>?Ibm> r<'4 lnan\ norh *bt?. r ??? .1 u. u.m. o* reo -alnd 1? M* is *H.*TU1* TO TMI IUVI ri *n|r Hb Til rilMIXII rn*-? ?** iimm mu m?ni ?MtlOBl lh?.? ooia<M>?i IV i i r n:-vientt* HUt-?of Am*. ftraHnWwii'i, Ibat a^ i?er? .n il'rertly o, Indlre ?1? tm COT bring In aiir n>ann.r HlintM^Ter Into toe Cortr<-4?iai.. aa or the !? rilnir'e. th^ri ? 1 fmm .n/ror. ?n:i k nu l. m iliiv or ooatitiy, (oib>rilifu L-H *vrh iMin* maifui u' the LnllMf nf Aim*rl ? O f fi m tM m *, i.rj nej'ro, mn ?Miii eoollK or p"mon of e 'lor with inler.t to hoio, fell or #M aoarof any ??'b nag/o mulatto, dolie m p.-r?oit of 'Yiloraa ? elate, or to bold to ? err1?< or l?b r, *.*? a??lenijth of tlin? ?rhat#v*r; and any ?ht|iL rt?e? or *aier -ra't emplojrei] ii, ray tn^ortaUoo a/oreaaid, ehatl be liable to eelture, ptoercu (km and fe.fetturc to ?J district la which M mjr to found? one bait keiwf. after i he payment of all espenaM, to the uaa cf (be l>Dl(Oft?U HIiI?i,?ii4 the other half to tto use of hia or (til m *ho shall prosecute the una to effect. tcc Z ho clnaen of the Confederate state*, or any other person or |? i*'ui< aha a, for biattelf or other penoo, eOher aa muster, tactor or ownor, build, ?t, equip, load or otherwlee urepate any ahip or vneel >n My port or rlaoe within the jmimUcJou o' ihe Confederate State*. oor eanae any such ?hiu or vessel to sail trom M? port or place whatsoever within the juitsolctioo of the mow for the mirpoee of pro curlua any negro, mulatto coolie or |>er*oo of outer, from anv fotrtyn kingdom, place or country (except M aforesaid), to M traoi-porteo 10 hit port or place wtotaoever. to be held, sold or otheiwire dluHwd of ti a s'ave or to be held to aernoaor labor; and If auy ship or vessel shall be so built, fitted o?t, equipped lsd-u or otherwise prepared for the punas* afere afcld. every mm b ahip or vessel, her tackle, apparel, f urn tin re eno isdirg shsll to iorfeitec ; one moiety, after the payment of ail expensss, to Hie uie of the Confederate HUt??. and the other to the use cf aucb person aa shall aue for said forfeit ure and rronecu'e the uur to effect In any court of the Con federate State* Uec. a any person violating tbe Brat Motion of thtaaet, or any provisions thereof, or aiding ? rtMUo|?(hWia the vio [ lauon thereof, or eonvS-tion thereof, shall bepuniated by Im prisenment in the penitentiary or common lail?If there to a ! penitert'aiy cf 'he Mat* where tto coevktlon may to had, i whereby the laws of the State such penitentiary Of Jail may ; bcu-ed for tliut purpose; and If not. Inaqnh Ottor placeaa in?y be provided by law. lor a term not lata than ten nor looter than twenty jeaie: ard (ball moreover to fined, at the discretion if tte Uou.-t, not lean thaa t.oa thousand nor more thar five thousand dollar*. And if any Gram within tbe Don't derate State* shall know ily ael, purchase, receive, conceal, remove or aid ard assist In concealing or removing any negro, mulatto, coolie or person of oolor *o illegally i*a tiorted, aa aforvsaid, auoh person ah ill be guilty of a high misdemeanor, and on conviction shall to punished by a 0n<- of not leu tun one thousand dollar*, and not exceeding five thousand dollars. For all offenoea under this act, <ai( negro, mulatto or person of color Illegally imported or sold, purchased. received, 'oncealed or removed aa knowingly ; alorcsaid, shall to told and cousiderr d a* a separate offence. ? ?<v 4 Every ahip, vessel, boat or other water craft on which auch negro, mulatto, coolie cr i-ernon of oolor shall huve been taken on board, received or transported a* afore said, her tsskle, &i p&r*l, furniture and lading shall to for J felted?one moiety to the Confederate State, and tbe other to | the Informer ? nd all negroes, muiattote, coolie* or person* of oolor so illegally Imported ai afoioeald shall be arrested 1 and held b\ the officer* of the Confederate State*, to be dis posed or a 8 herelnalter directed. Sec. 6 * very person violating the provisions, or any one of them, of the seoond section of this act shall to guilty of a high misdemeanor, and, on conviction, shall to imprlh' nmenl, a* befoie provided, not exceeding Ave year*, Ki d a fine not lets Ilian ons Ibouaand dollar*, nor more than ; tcu thousand dollars { bee 6 livery negroillegally Imported, a* aforesaid, Into the I Confederate states, shall be arrested by tto Marshal or hi* ' deputies, or any officer of the said States, charged la any 1 maoLerwuh the execution of UiUaet, and shall be safely kept, subject to the disp sltlon hereinafter provided. And i tl.e snid officer shall immediately notify the President of the ; Corfedei acy of such arrest and confinement The President | shall, as soon us possible, communicate with the Oovernor ?f the State whence the vessel In which suoh togroea were : tmpottrd cltared, if tbe name be one of the United States of Ametlua, anil shall oiler u. deliver such negroes to the said htnte on receiving a guaranty from such state that the said negtocs i-lmll enjoy the right." and privileges of freemen in such State, or in any other Stale of tbe United States, or that s.ild negrocH shall be transported to Africa, and there placed 1 at liberty, tree of t?|en e to lh? government, lr sncli pro |k>k1'. on be rejected, or if the contingencies ipecifled above , hball nil have oc'-umd, the i'rekldeit shall receive any pro potitioLs which ma> be made by any responsible person* or societv v bo will fumlsb satisfactory guaranty that such ne aroex wrl be tians-pi rt? d to Africa, and there n.aced at 11 nertv, free ol exvi n?e t'> tbis Kovtrmneiit And If no such proi>OMtl< n > hall be madt wlilona reasonable time, thel're sident sha I raucr tbe said uegr> t s to be (old at publie auc | Uon to ihi highest bidder in any one of the States where ' nub sale shall not be inconsistent with the laws thereof, ! tinder sueh regulat" ns as Le may prescribe, the proceeds or w hich sale, at ter pay'ng alt the expenses, incurred by the gov?rntu< nt in the capture, dc tension and xa> of sucli ne groes, and in the pioavcution of the o(Tenders and the for feiture of the property, shall be paid, one half to the infor mer tl/ he be l<n.<i suit suehi. ai d tbe other half.lnto the trea j sury of ? be Confederate Stales. Sec. 7. All pr. cc-dto?s under this act, and all offences against its provisions, shsll b>- held and f.roseeuted in the DU trict Court ot the Confederate States he,d in tbe State in ubkh. or in the wateis >.djscent to wbl .'h the same may oc cur, or In't w liPit port the vessel may be the carried; and the writs, pioefs** s and other mandates issued from such courts shall rnn sniJ he snfoiced in i?ny fctate of thU confede racy by tbe Marshal or Lis deputies or the district which such Stale shal c< n>poce, and in the execution ol tliisact, any mar sbal or deputy may bommc:. as his posie any citizen or citizen* cf tbe t onUder.te ' utes f-"?c. 8 Ail procteding* for offences comtnilled agtinstthe provisions ol tht.-. act, or forfeiture* IccitrrPu by the same, shall be barred unless commenced within five years from the time the same wert committed or occurred, or !rom the time of tbe i l>rov> ry ? f the same. Bee. it No tiansieis of title U an Innocent, purchased with | or wiltiut uo ice, for or without value, shall Interfere with i such forieltuie, b :t the tame shall be declared at the in I stance of any Informer On such trials tbe informer or pro . secutor aball not be required to allege or prove the name of the vessel in which tbo Illegal importation was made, nor the name of the master, owner or consignee, nor tbe person in in whom the negro was purchased, but shall on y be required to satisfy tboi jury that such negro has been 1 legally imported: ?nd on all surh trials the person having such negio In possession shall be compelled to produce such negro In - pen court for the personal inspection of tbe jury, on failure to comply w itb tbe order of the Couit lor i-u b production, judgment of forfeiture ..hall ?o as ol c urfce. unless satisfactory excuse for such failure e offered to the Court. se iu Ail other laws on tte eame subject be and tbe same are hereby repealtd aw act to pehni ?io:ti ACcnuTM.VTiiE F.xiuirTtow or cer tain coon* r?o < iitmr. The (orgressof the t'ouitderu'.e atates of America do en act,'jhat tbe exemption i rom duties allowed by the "act to fiom duties certain commodities therein named and for other purpose ," ] ass'd on the 18th day of tebruarv, 1H>1, shall extsnd only to such goods bona tide purchased on o; be Hue the a?b day of February ins: , as shall have been actually luden on hoard of the exporting vessel or conveyance desimd tor any port in this tonicileracy on or before the l&ih duv of March in tbe present year. AN M'l TO At TliOHIKX Tilt SICHtTAIIV <>r TBt THE ltUKT Td ESTASMSH AHIllTtOBAt rOKTB ANP Pt.A< V^ or K.TTUT AKO DEUVKSV, AKI> Afromt OmrKHS THKBarOR. l-cctton 1 1 he t ongrt ss ot the t'oniederate Htate* of Ame rii ado enact, 'Ibat ho : ecretary of the Treasury be, and he Is bereoy, authorized *nd empowered to establish such port* of entry and deliver) of goods, wares and merchandise as, in his judgment, may he necessary fortce proper collection of the cus.i n,s and the enlo< cement of tbe revenue law s of the Con Hd'ialt i- taies; and thai lie have pow er to change, alter and abi I'sh such ports and places of entry and delivery at any Uno when h>- iiiblle interest may requ re it st? 2?i e it further enacted. I'hat the Secretary of the Treasuty be, and hr is herebv, authorized and empowered to app< int suitable |*>rsons as coilictor* i f the customs at such ports u:. j p'sces < f entry and delivery, under such regulations and wiib suoli salai ><*, "as lie may fn rn time to time proscribe ai d establish. AXAcrroh rut ??T4?i.r??WKfrr A*noiMU!fi?*Tiojf o? t ayf. uuituri iom tus iBir or thi. cwruuuTt ?rvrE.i or few.* Ion *1 Ibc Coo2ip^? "f the Confederate Stste* of Anirrin do enact, Ilia: Horn ar.d after the passage ot this act the Retinal i-iott . f tl>e arm/ of the roiiiederate states ?h-.ll eoiit.Ki of an Adjutant ami Inrpcct? r Ueneral ? Ilepart jnem, yi.ajt ? tuu-ier Mirial s Dt iwmtnl, hub?l?tence l>c p?r tu< ut ai d the laedlcsl Iievartment her. i Ke It further fnacted, That the Adjutant and In ?)*ctor General * Department shall ti.naist ol Ole adjutant ami lt>p?ct r gtneial with the rank of colonel, four asaint ait aojulan's g< neial wuh tlio tank o: major, ami four as sUmnt mi j utrtiilv general with the rank of captain. Mr :i tv- it iwther (Uacu-1, Hint the yiiartorir aster Gei i iaJ ? Lii |at tineni thai. consist of one quartermaster gen ? nil ?nli Ittraui'f colonel, .?lx quartermaster with the lat'k ' I eiajor, and a* mm.y a*M?taot qusrtei masters as may irum time to time be required by the service maybe detailed l?% tlie ???i 1> | arnuut iroin the subalterns of tbe line, wl.o, In aitdlii u t'> theli psy in the Une, shall receive tmtryd i?r* j? :? monib, wlilI- <nta?<d In tb.'it service 'lie qumteim.s i rs h? re n provided for shall al*f> dl*ch?rgs tberuti S' | avninrerv mder aucb ragniatlcM M may 5e I r> M*nb?il b> the be< iciarv ol V ar tec ? Pe it fu:tl?r enacted, 1 hat the Commissar? Gen er.l'? litiartmmt hi a Wooid?t of i n? conimhwary geceral wubthe 'arikot colonel four ci iiani ?iirle? with the rank ol captnin, at.a ts Mai y asaiatnnt commis-aries at may fnn time o t'me be required by the service may be de tail cO hytheVai l>M trunenl from the subaltern* of the line, who, In addition to their pa> la the line, shall receive twenty dollars per moa'h wMla engaged id lhat service The aM-U'dUt qtisti>.mutters aid as.-1 tar.t lonnnlasntie* ahall he subject in duties to '.K>tli departments at the same tune, b't si all U' ' retei re the additional compensation but in one dei artniMit fir f., He llfuMl errnarted. That the Me Ileal Department shall i" a>?t ? f one surgeon general with the rank of iuitit-1. Uur aulgrona with the tank of oiitjor, ai d iliai kMant su:*toi K with 'he ran? of captain, and nsmany am 1st ?nt stngt una a tU> set Vice may require may lie employed by t e liepitrtii ent 01 War. aud iecel*e tnu payor as?4?taut surgeo' *. ><c (I fie 1: fttHiw r enacted, Th*I tbe oleer* of the Adju Iniii <.?? netJ s Vuaneiint- erlii nera'.'sand t'omiiil.-arTlJen eral's I?f}i?.riO'<nt?, ihi ugh ell*Mi!e t > command, sccorrflng to the >ti k t ,e) bold In '.jearin.' 'if the fi-nfedetate states of .? tnr*r'e.. >bn 1 to; s'stune tow mand of trKpe unless put on Uit') t.nder i idi r? which spen'all* ao direct by authority of the J'm Un t lie oil:cer? if the Dejartment ahUl t.rt t lerctee trm?. nd except in 'he<r c m n depanment p. r 7 Iti it itirilermscted. lha'. tbe ftaff oOicera herein pru i'd r? r 'us 1 be at pointed v the (resident, by and with the ;id> l<e aro eons* ut of 'he Ccnsres- and shall rccelYe auch a lo?at red ts shall be hereaft- r estshllabed by law. 6< >U 11!EBIf C<IKFKDER ACV. TtlK UhMBKKH or THK NKW (. AUINKT. M?**r*HT (It ?r.?T? Hon Robert Tomb* ?aa born '.n W.lkes rouatv, Ga , July 2. l!HO tx inini li'Uik hU i oillate life at the I'ul vwsny t>i (.cvirg'a, h? stibw quently went Nortli, aud geaouati i: at t nW n <v?ii ge. gi'^Mctady, N. Y. In 1836 he set vc<i at a i aptalti of voluntt er? hi the Creek war. In uic n<xt year he war t ie. ted to the I^g'sUttuee, and ?an e that t.iue bur Im ol i i>m<i?ntJy is publlr life a* repre i 'LUtive and ivtiator. Id the l.ite movement of Georgia l.e tia> hren a< tire ahu potettm! lb the i nner of arveMioB He tins tx i b < ailwi to a p>**t of great importance?one wbi<l) wiliscM' todspui all h'fl m.?* !- a* a aUtiumm. I j' n the faga< ;t> t.f hi? <-ourj>el* .nd the iHiwer or hi* l? ii nrrh will <l-(i hi In reg.ird to the felattorutrp of the i'oniederate .vatin with tbe rest o! the world. eWKhTuNT or THK TttKaflt KT. IIod. C. G Meiumitnier?there aro few men In the "outh ?b?i are in< re eom|>ete:it, in point of ability and liusim '? i at?i itj . to aduilnmter the liepitrtraent of the Tr<u?ury, under ti.e KoverunieHt of the Conf'-dorate "?urn. th.ii Mr. Meraai'e^er. I'oeseaeed of a high order of u tellx t i atiiiient h ari.ed and full of rmoun ea an an a< i < mplished advocate, be u eminently a mat of facta aud o> laila wntirm r* w.?*. Fl'io Ijerov t'ope Walker Is a lawver of Huntarii;*, Alabsn a a a' ve of that conatf, Madison, icd about forty-five ?? ar? of age. Ht I* the eldeitt Bun of the 'ate Major Walker, and m of a tamtiy di-tingu.ihed for (aunt aj.d tnllm nee Two of liU bn ther? are Hon Hsfrj W.i ker, wtHi recenMy ;ep e?ent4d the Mobile dla trmt lb tViigM'se. and Hon Judge Klokud W Walker, of H-rem <? rnairuiiui (V the Al?li*m? Uelrgation In the pie.- ot f>ih ? derate iongres< Hon. I. P Walker st ?i? time practiced l?w in ^nutli Ai*btma, nnd waa forsererai i-ssioi* peikerofthe House of I'.xpreaecta live* of the .Mate He hue been a con iM?nt democrat of the bt?t? rights school Kor the last ten yaara he hu I i-eti locMed In Hiinti'i'Mle, nnd hi* the reputation of beii g the lending lawyer, an. next to Clay. the ieadlng (!? nxK 'st of North Altbsma Careful in the prnpnra tioti of bia catii" i, ami clear, concise, and elo qui tit In present.Dg them before court, he U ?aid to be an ??tiueotly mmafli prnciit'.i ner For the 'ut three year* he 1mm heen coio-piciwu* in hl? denunciation of tl>? fire? eoll be/eay ol squatter a ivereignty. In the Alnhnma HemocratlC Omrent'on which took ground ?gnin*t It, and aeoi a delegation to Chtrleston to ctrry out I'e Im<iui fed oppnftftmn, Uetieral w.tlker s inrt ienre waa marked and eflectlvn He w as one of th? delega tion seiit to Otmileaioo, and nterte I Inmpelf ably la re. s'slmgUM compromieea offi<n d. He has t?e.-n a leader ii. ih* cause of the tfnutb, and deserve* a place In Me puMiie wmiTARt or Tint iM>r. Hon Jchn IVrkinn. .tr , waa born In I ottla'.ana Jtilr 1, U1M In 1H4<' he graduated at Vnle College, and aubee quetit'y at the l?w f-cbooi of Bnrvard College. He began 'he pr v lice <?f his pro'ee?ioo la Nfrw Orletna. In 1061 he w*? * hose, g .lodge of the Circuit Court of Ioulalana, whuh p> hi held until elected 10 Onngraaa in HW3, where be adrorsioo 'taw ngbia democratlr maagtfrea Knee h* hac de\oted him* If to planting in hlg native Mate. The post of Secretary of the Suvj to t'. ? Confederate Mateo u> a poet requiring prom itt energy *>ut sound practical jud*ix*nt. A navy la to be organic i and, aa we have recently had oecaaiou to suggest t1 length, the manner of that orgwiaatkm is of luting co > aequence. Upon the wiadon exercised In fitting it to th wants of the South, and thai aa early aa practicable, much property and many Urea, not to try the oonfe<le rate ofcaraoter before the world, any depend. Mr. Per klna bear* a high character. TBK CONFKI'KB ATKD STATES' POSTAI. STSTIM. Tho Postal Committee or the Confederated States Con gress intend, if poaaibla, to make their postal system, whin it shall hare been perfected, self sustaining. As cording to tho report of the Postmaster General the ex ceea of expenditures over receipts ia the six seceding Htatea represented In the Southern Congress, for the fiscal year ending June 30,1869, was $1,660,696 83. In order to mako the receipts and expenditures equal, it will be Creposed to discontinue the uaoleta contracts, chaugu the iris for the other contracts to "6<ar" bids, abolish post offices that are an expenae, raise letter postage to five cents, double the poattge on printed matter, and abolish the frunking privilege. CUAMIK OF TBI CONTROL t F TBI SOUTHERN FOBT8 AND AKSUSAIM. By a resolution recently ado/el by th* Southern Con federacy Congrets that body takea under its charge the questions and diflioultiea now exiting between the sove reign States or that Goafederacy and the government of the United States relating to the ocoapation of forts, ar senals nary yards and other pubiio establishments; aud that the President of this Conn rets be directed to com municate this resolution to the Governors of the States. mm?m???????? -i?? FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Saturday, March 2?G P. M. The money market is unaltered to-day. The demand for call loans continues active, but the supply remains abundant, at from 6 a 7 per cent. There is no change in paper. Treasury notes are more freely offered, and the rates are }{ a % per cent lower. The 12 per cents were sold to-day at 103%. The foreign exchange market closed dull. The Fulton and Saxonia took out $8,831 in specie on freight, while the Edinburg, which arrived last evening, brought ?43,430, or a little over 1200.000. The stock market was very active and ex cited to-day, and prices fluctuated largely, ac cording to the tone of the despatches received almost hourly from Washington aud the South. The movements of the different stocks were rather irregular, but the closing prices generally are lower than those of yesterday. As an instance of the unsettled state of the market, Illinois Central, which closed yesterday at 8% wub sold before the board this morning at 80. It opened at 81, rose to 82, fell back to 80% at tho second board, and was in demand after (he final adjournment at 81%. Michigan Southern guaran teed was an exception to the general movement. It opened at 34, rose to 35 at the first board, and to 35% in the afternoon, closing at the latter price bid, against 33% bid at the close yesterday. State stocks were eagerly pressed for Kale, and declined more than anything on the list. Missouri* fell at the first board to 65, a decline of 4Y* per cent, but rallied again to 66, closing at 65% bid; VirginiaB touched 76, butclosed at 77, and Tennes sees fill to 75, at which price they were .offered after the final adjournment without finding buyers. Federal stocks are from %r. a 1 per cent lower. The 5's of 1874, which sold yesterday at 88%, were offered to day at 87. The new G's of 1881 fell to 92% for the coupon bonds. Railroad bonds were comparatively steady. Illinois Central 7'a even advanced to 98. The market closed with more Bteadiness at about the following quotations:?United States 5's (1874), 86% a 87; Indiana 5'g, 82% a85; Virginia G's, 77 a 77%; Tennessee 6's, 74% a 75; Missouri G's, 65% a GG; Canton Company, 14% a 15%; Cumber land Coal preferred, 6% a 7; Pacific Mail Steam ship, 85% a 8'.%: New York Central, 78% a 78%; Erie, 32% a 32%; Hudson River, 45% a 45%; Har lem, 15% a 15%; do. preferred, 39% a 40; Read ing, 45% u 45%; Michigan Central, 58 a 58%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 14% a 14%; do. guaranteed, 35% a 3G; Panama, 115% a 116; Illinois Central, 81% a 81%; Galena and Chi cago, 72 a 72%: Cleveland and Toledo, 35% a 36; Chicago and Rock Island, 58 a 58%; Chicago, Bur lington and Quincy. 73% a 74; Illinois Central bonds (7's), 97 a 98. Vie following was the business of the day at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of the United States:? Receipts $407 499 9T ?For customs 61 000 00 Payments H'ltflM at Balance 0,100 0)0 27 The earnings of the Illinois Central for the fourth week of February, were:? Fourth w?k, 1881 80 Fourth week, 1S60 31,28160 Increase $11,366 30 Only four working days arc included in the fourth week. The Michigan Central road earned the third week in February? 1K61 #26,454 10 1H?0 33,643 82 Increaae $2,810 28 The Chicago and Rock Island road, in its third week, shows a decrease of #700. The business of the Sub Treasury to-day was as follows:? Reoelp's. $1,240 446 95 ?For customs 63 o?.o 00 Pavincuts 406,661 14 Balance $8,441 932 88 Annexed is the statement ot the New Orleans hanks for the week ending Feb. 16:? Loam. .n'jkcv. Ctrculatiim. Pepirtft. Cltl7fns' $2,706,136 3.514 898 t,681.460 4,840,227 Can. 1 9S6 008 1,638,320 741 746 1 090,7 62 l/)mnara 2 732 666 2 727.936 713 460 4 4lu,'.-11 Lout. State 3 272 066 3 885 886 1 669 620 6,819,479 Mech A. Tra. 940 244 1 127 066 279 980 1,118 046 New Orleans.. 1,036,866 1661,266 623,316 1.101 230 Southern 162 312 643.887 72,190 648.998 I'uieti 1 112,740 650 733 477,155 1 Of 3,054 Merchants'.... 493 St3 294.491 3,10,4:0 396.136 Crescent City.. 832 691 413 861 169 295 283 043 686.481 757 227 129 686 1,028 646 Total 914.162,121 17 VilO 659 7.628,141 22,709 666 The following table exhibits the respective amount* of exchange held by the various bank*, and also the sums due to distant bank*, the latter being comprised iu the table of deposits, as shown above:? Err hang*. Diif fhmkt C.tlxens' 12,102,6*7 36*,602 2,106,t"3 244.105 I ami islam 2,033 664 168 228 Ixtiwiana State 1,.^6,003 344.70S Mechanics" k Tra.:*ra' 23*.802 62* Bank of New Orleans ,ltf?,074 163 6)2 Southern e72,67t? ? t'nion 616 WH Os 561 Merchants'.; 26,073 6.j.067 OesoetttClty ? ls.wlo America 6.024 3,346 Total til),616,607 A<? compared with the statement of the previous week, the results are as follows:? Decrease In short loans $"214 **7 Increase tn specie 371,1*0 Increase m circulation 123,216 kMM in "<T 8MB 1 025,473 lacreaae In e xchange 7QQ.4AI larrease In diatant balances 40,* 14 I ucrease tn total loans w ?46 The Chicago Tribune of BatuHay uight say*:? Tbe week cloeea on a very exchange mnrket. The buying rate in the morning was 5',', but toward* the close the buying and selling rate approached very neirly to each othnr In some caaea the current bank selling rate, viz 6 per cent, was paid Host of tbe hanker* re fuse* to sell to outelacrs. and customers were aupplled a* sparingly as prwslble. there is Just now very llUle ex change making by legitimate cotnmerre. The opening of navigation will produce a very different state of aiUirs. As no more bills can b?> lasued toy our banks unless th*j are bMAd on lllinot* State stocks, should bu*lue*s open brl?k, as it is likely to do, the problem will be how tn get currency to move the Immense amount of puMl'ice stlil In the country. The rates of if change arestlll enor mous, but unless the p 'lltleal affairs of the country In volve us in get eral ruin, exchange must come down to living rau ? within a few weeks The Galena and Chicago Railroad earned the third week of February: ? Third we. k, 1?M)1 flS.lM Third week, I960 14.4W Increase $3,721 The New Orleans Picayimr of Thursday even ing *ay*:? Since our last weekly nummary ths money market bv ahown further symptouia of Improvement, and n g.? t atkwii of Urtctly A1 paper are mads wi'h greater U elittf than before. The ranyn of *uch eecurltles, as al ready remarked, <? very narrow Rtiaineaa "pes'") briskly this morning, and th* transactions In enMon prr tnlsed to attain s large amounl. This tendency wa* sub Wfumlly checked by tbe receipt of k?w advice* from fcurope, reporting a declining market la Liverpool. After 1" uews became known operation - *em arretted rVreim eirhar jre bag taken a decniml start this week, and the rate* generally are 1* a I % per cent timber Ctemr sterling ha* been dealt in freely a' 103 a 104, ck* "? tO-^BV wllb a fair iKMluetd at then- rate*. A Trac tion more baa been paid in one or two imtaaotp, but rely for specific remittance Draft*, with bill of ?*<' og, have been telling all the way from 1M a 10? V In ranca tbe transactions have been Urge at 6f 61K a 6 N?, and 61.47 % for fry primp name*. The whole run may be quoted from 6166% a 6f47%- Sixty dtvsoa New York bat teen dull and slow of sale at 2% a 3 di? o. uut. Sight close* tirm at ^ a an.i \ discount. Backers draw at K a V. and tbe b*uk* at ? a %'. Oa* aiid tbreo day* sight sold at \ dteooiuit. The Chicago frw of Wedaeaday says:? The Illinois Central Railroad hat been doing an exten sive grain shipping busiueas during the past month Its management report* having movou to Cairo since the 1st instant over 500,000 bushel*, and from Januaiv to tbe last of February it Is expected the aliipmeuU will foot up 2,600,000 bethel*. The greater part of this ta corn bought from seventy five to eighty miles sjuthof the city, at from 18 to 22 cents per bushel With reference to the decline of Hannibal and St. Joseph bonds in this market, the Uojton J'oat says, probably authoritatively:? The decline in Hannibal and St. Joseph bonds ia owing to the fear of the nan payment of tbe April Interest. The business of the road last year did not show the increase expected, on account of the drought In good years there is little doubt of ita capacity to earn the whole interest. Uut in view ol a floating debt of $300 000, and the unset tled prospects of busices*, It is probable that some plan will be adopted, by funding some of the coupons, to per manently relieve the concern, without recourse to further borrowing, or to the issue of bums at ruinous prices. With a couple of coupon^ funded and the carporaiion out of debt, the bond* are leally more valuable than if boi stered up by the pay ments of interest based on Iouuh ut high rates, or by the sales o< bonds at 40 to 50 cents on a dollar. Stock Bitltangt. f-'ATVRDAT, March 2, 1861. $500 Trea 12 p c n.. K>:;% lOOOOTreaBVpcn.. 100 5000 Ohio 6's, 1865 .. 00 260C0 Tenn 6's '00.... 75 2000 Virglniu 6 s. .. 77 2COO do 76 V 3010 do. 78% 120C0 do 76 0000 N Carolina 6's. 82 36000 Missouri 6's... 65 HOC? do 65% 17(100 do 65% 15000 do...'.. b30 66 50C0 do 1.30 65% 11000 Hud RiRRUtm 100% COCO Hud Ri KK 21 in 101 aOoOHudR KK 3 i m 8T 3000 Harlem let m h 5000 III Cent JiK lids. lnOO Chi A N W 1 m 0000 Ck'v A T0l s f b 2000 do 2000 Del, L A W 2 m 3100 C.BAQ KK 8pcb 9 hbs Bk of Cum'ce 10 Continental llunk 5 Del A Ilud Ciu al. 300 Pacitic Mail SS (Vj 100 do s?0 20 Penn Coal Co 325 NY ant RR.... 1000 shs Read RR. 100 Mich Con RK.... 100 do slO 50 do 350 do bi'O 60 do b30 250 do 100 Chi A Rk Is RR.. 450 100 460 200 50 100 99% 68 S9% 75 75% 92 04 91 81 00 85 84 V 77 77% 77 V 77% 77 7? 777, 78 7S'i 78 % 78 78 78 do do (10 do sio do slO do MiO oT5 Mich b A. N I RK. 20 do 50 Mirh 8 A N I g s. 50 do 200 do 200 do 100 do sl5 100 Illinois Cen KK ?c 300 do sl5 400 do 700 do 100 do ?15 1025 do 500 do b30 50 do blO 100 do bo 100 do *10 200 do blO 50 Erie RK 32% 26 do slO 32 620 *lo 200 do blO

50() Hudeon River RR. ICO do slO 100 do siO 6<0 do ?30 350 Harlem RR 15V fO llarltm RR pref. 40 1C0 Reading RR 44V 50 do " 10.'i0 do 100 do. f-io 100 400 100 100 100 500 100 2sa 100 50 do . do . do. do. d>. do. do do. do do. .t-30 .slO .(15 .blO ...blO 25Cleve,Col ACin RR 45 571 j 67% 58 58 54% 67% 59% 59 68% 3*V 58V 58% 69 14'* 14i,' 34 34 v w,' 35 31V 81 81V 81V 81% 81 V 81% 81V 82 81V 81V 81% 94 32 V 32% 45 45 44V 46 45 45% 45 % 600 Gal A Chicago KK 72 V 400 do 1>30 12% 160 do M0 72% 100 do blO 72% 300 ' do 72 V 100 do el5 72% COO do 630 72 200 do sCO 72% 20 do 72% lOOCIcro A Tol RK.. 35V 50 :oo 300 200 8C0 1800 200 100 do.. io. rfo , do . do . do. do. bSO . sl6 . b30 .blO do s30 $14000 t'?6'a,'81, rlst 10000 U5 6'i,'81,c'pn fOOO do KKK)0 do 1000 Tenn 6'b, 90 .. 6WK? Virginia 6's... 10000 do b5 6000 do 10000 Missouri 6's... 3000 do 4000 N Carolina QV. /SECOND UOAHK. 10 ChijIiur'nxQ'vRK 74 73.%' 74 12 45? 65 do.. 60 I >00 60 Mil A Miaa KR... 94% 100 sli. IT Itiv RR 91% H00 flurlem RR 16% 92% 100 do blO 15% Iho Harleui KR pref . 75% 200 Readii j RR 76 600 Co b30 76% *00 Cleve A Tol Rlt.. 77 60 66% 82 2000 Brooklyn c w 1 100% 1000 Gal A Chi 2mb 96 10(00 H ASt.loeRRb 48 100 fhs Merchants Ilk 97% 14 Bk of Commerce. 90% 50 Pacitic MailS-SCo 86 60 do b30 86% 60 do 85;; ICO N Y Otn KR.. b.TO 78 % 200 do b30 78 2fO do 77% 4r>0 do 78 200 do b30 78% ;$0 Krie RR 32% 150 do 82 80 do 32% 200 Hudsyo River RR 45% 40 45% 46% 35 V 36%' 67 V 68 67 % 14% 11V 35 35% 35% 35% 1( 0 i\ - btfO f.O Mich On RK.... 100 do b60 350 do 50 Mich h A N la KK 100 ds 200 MichS ANIags. 100 do b30 600 di 50 do 6 Panama RR 110 50 do 115% 300 HI C'ec RR scrip. 81 200 do bOO 300 d 3 b60 150 do 100 do bOO 200 do slO 48 (Hev, C * Cm KK 150 0*1 AChiP.R.... 350 Chi A Rk I RR.. . 81 81,% 80",' 81 % 80 V 94 72 68 V CIT* COMMEKCIAL. REPORT. Satubh.iv, Mvch 2?2 P. M. A?nf ?Sales 30 bbls. at steady prices. BhkawruiKN?Flour was In mnierato drmiad t3 day, ?nd prices of drr':ab!e lots were firm salef- P,S00 bbl?. State and Westctn, 1,2C0 bbls. Southern una S25 bbl3. Canadian. Whkai wbs heavy and a s-bade chenp<!r; sales 4fi,600 bushels, at $1 40 for white Western, In part; $1 30 a $1.12 for red Western, $1 22 a |1 23 for Milwaukee club, and fl 17 for Chicago spring. Cor* hits Veen in better deni uod, at firmer prices fales 38,000 bushels at 58c a 60c. fot new mixed West ern, and 65 %c a 67%c, cl sinjf at <W %c. a 67 %c. for red mix'd Western, and white Southern do. at p. t. Rm( ?salos of 1,600 bushels, at 68c a 70c. lbmixr has beeo In requeM at steady pric^ Oats.?light sales wore made at former rates. I*iu>vdjo?-< and Oitmn were inactive. WmsKf.v ? Sales of 670 bbb., at 18c per gallon. S H I PPING NE W S . Hovi mtnU of Ocean Steamer*. from aurora. Wmm. Limpm. Air*. twr Anntmi??uai UvemooL Feb 16 ...New >ot% United <JlaHguw Feb 16 ...New York (>la?K*w H?arpo<>l. Prb fork Ilrraina . Southampton F< b tt ...Hum roik North Brttna Liverpool.. Feb 21 Portland Niagara UrwryooL Feb Ti Ho*ton J an Ml . Utaagow Fob Zi. ...NewYark Prince Albert Oalway Feb 26 New York Ravarta. Southampton. M.h ?... ft* York Are#* Southampton. Mch 6 ...Nt rYork for aurora. America. Boaum Mch ?... Urerptol Adriatic New York Mch 9 Ha> r? Canadian Portland Mrh 9 Liverpool An-tntlultn New York 13 L>v?rp<*?l North Hntan Partland Mrh 16 Liverpool Rtt-mon. New York Mch 16 Breme* TOR CAUFORNIA Northern Light ....New York Mch 11 .. Aaplnwa'l North Star New York Mch 21 .. Asplnwall Artel New Yark. April l..,..\apinwali K NOSTON, JA., HAVANA, M AT AN? !, TfBTW ORI.RANfl Zcir? From New York far Kingxtoa, la on the *>tn d*y af each month. Bivilli?From New York lat, arming a: Havana 6ih an1 New Drlaaua 9th From New Orlcana LMo, Havana Idtli, ar riving at Ne* York 22d Star ot rn* Wejt?From New York 9lh,arriving*! Harana )4th. From New Orleaaa Atd, Havana -bth, arriving at Naw York 30th. C ah* w a*--From N?w York 11th, arrinp* ?t J'avaaa I.Vh ami New Orleana 19th From New Ortaana iWU. llavaiuk'Jttl, arriving al New York 3<1 Philapklfhia? From New Tork 19th. arriving *t H'tv ina 2f.*h Fn,m New Orleana VI. Hav.ina CUi arriving at New Vark 12th Ui Soto?Fron. New York Slat, arrtrlng at Havana 24th and 'Tew Orlcana KHh From he* Orieab* aUi, Havaua Wh, ar riving at New York Uth. Kwriaa City?From Mew Torkffl'h. arriving at Havana'id. Front New Orleana 13lh, Havana L6th. arriving at New York tlat. gtriKaa Crrr?From New York an J Ilavana every twenty i^rjmua? From Naw Tork for Mataoaaaan the 8th af each month. at 2 P M. Kakmak?Ff m Ne* York for Harana via *a??ati, NP. m the arrival of every alternaw < unar.l ateamer at New Yora. N H tli* ab<iv? daf-a '?! in R inilny 'n<" m- am"r* will ?af on Monday, ?*<-ept fr 'nt New Orleans When the date* fall on Monday, the aieanuna ?U1 aali irom Naw Or ]<?*???? ?r the day prevtou* RFKOI 4 I. MOTICa. A n *mrkni?i <u\>i 1t*rr% <n'r*d+n /* 'h* N*w Toe* Hire A LB itumlil'? urnlrH ALMAJVAC FOB **W TOR*?THIS PAT DTK aiaJU # 32 | *non w.<fc* morn 1 K> ?l'K *k.Ts 5 531 hium watki ... eve 1 37 Port of New York, March '1, 1N01. OMCARKIX Bteamahlp Alabama Bchenak, Kavaaath?laml L, STtohW k don. H'eam?hlp B R Cuylfr, Crocker, Mavanuah?H B Prom<veil A do htearaahip Marlon, A4klna Obarleaton -SpolTord, Tllea* >n k *o Bleamahlp Farkerabtirg, Htannard, Wilmington, NO?B B Oromwall A Co. Htaamah.p York town, Parrlah, Norfalk, kr?Lndlam k Het MM. Hteamxhlp Mount Vemou, LayfleUl, Aleiandrla, kr?H B Cromwell A i'o. si< amtlilp hatapscn. Vail, Portland- 'I B Orrmwell k Co Hhlp Mameiuk*. Porter, Uterpool ?J W F.hv?ll k * 0. Ship J R Kerler. (>< lano. I<ondon?R K Morgan k tAUey. Ship Champion, Rlabee, (yondon?A <Vcn<lt I Co Ship Ahnn, 'iravea, Huei o? Ayrea-M I? Carllale k Kon. Hark (I Rianebard (Hri, l.iflard, Liverpool?1? Moke ft C*. Ha; k 1 ralrle Hi d, Wiley, Waterford?Brett, Hon ft Co. i?rk Fla?h. Wllaon, Vera t rtm?llargon* ft Co. Baik Rreniide, Partridge, cienfo-goa?ll I) Hro<>km*n ft fa hark Morning n?r, Nterllng, HI ,lago?Waydell ft do. Nark l> O Wllaon. I'eacoek, New Orleana Kobaon A Foa dldk, Bark nrppei rftw), Omfaard, 8araonak-F'inc'a k Met act*. B?lg / Ooddra.Br>, Davis, H'X-J B WkUnn ? Oo Brig t aroline, Nortel, Neuv.taa - Simpsot. i Htjrbtff. Brig E Watts. Bryant. Philadelphia- SiiUr f-ohi Ntbvt. Elliott. May agues- K Talbot A Co K hr W (.kroner Bow man, Matanzaa?baker A DaytOO. netu Presto, Ui ??. Kseaoimh?D C Murray Scl?r J A P Bu?aell, Mankle, Ckaeieator. -6 0 Murray. f*hr Aid, Gooding. Charleston?? n Hngham. bctar Only Daughter, . WttnaingWu, NO?Van Brunt A Kla*ih(. s<4>i Isabel Alberto, Tucker. Wilmington, NC?McCresdy, M 41 A Co *ciir .I'-ku, Mrtsou, H IIalMioo. KC?H K Powell. hclir Ml.t, DU< ?w?y oorTolk-Siurges, Cleariutn A Co. b'chr II Martin. Blagnt, Balt:rron?? Her 111 A Abbott. Pcfcr Surah I., rn^niiD. Baltimore?J W Hcter. Schr 1'auUne. Brow u. FhtladelpUla?J W HchrT W Thorns, Davis, Fall River? Master. Mir J M Warren, Chapman. New Haven?H S Backeit. Hlmmf Button. Cnmter, PhUadefpom. AKRITKb. Hbiu Revenue. OtIt well, Uver|>aol, Jan IS, with mdse, to Ho#land A Froth ingbam. Fiu r.enced a hurricane in lai *9 47, Ion V> l*>. Feb 12, lat 30, lou 42 30, spoke brig Mout rose, trfin lisltlnuie, bound S, 27:1), lat Si, lou 73'JU/brl* Lotus, from Wilmington for Marseilles; same day, brig B A DeHart, from K? Domingo tor New York. Ship benjamin A damn, Chase, Liverpool, Jaa 13. will nUlae and :vt pasaon^re to Tans-rot t A Co. From Feb 1 to Stttb bad ati< ng >\ ga.e;;. fi b 26, lat ail.v4.HmW 90, signalized a bark hound E, stowing a blue aignxl with a white square. Ship Herald, Cro* ell, Palermo, Nov 27, passed Gibraltar Jan II, with fruit, lo .lame* Hublnson Had W galea the en tire passage Hark Kigle, Baker, Curaooa, Feb 9, with salt Ac, to Joseph Fotilkes' Suns vetael to muter Hi Ig Amy Warwick (of Richmond), Brown, Bio Janeiro, Jaa 16, wit b coOee, to master. hailed in company with brig Breeze, Outerbtidge, for Galveston. Bark Sophia, Jones, sailed a few days previously for Baltimore. Jan 28, lat IV IS S. Ion M 'Ji. haw a bark showing Kirkland A Chine's (Baltimore) sig nal, steering MW: .Khb, lat IS 10S, Inn 35 06. spoke bark Ma rlii, of Boston, fn in Baltimore fur River Plato; Feb 24, lat 32 -6. Um 69 44, spoke scbr .-amaeI, of Baltimore, 50 days from Santos for New Vork. Brig T B Wsttscu (of Philadelphia), Munday. Porto Oabello, 18 days. will' hides Ac, to Dallett A Bliss. Had light N and N W w Inda a-ring the passage, ana has been 6 daya N of Gap* Hatioras ling Wd vrilnon. Van Name, Cludad Bolivar, Feb V\ with hides Al'. U. flui beck A Co. Passed in the River, bound up, brig (itiayauj, of and from Bremen. Feb 28, lat 37 10, lou 72, nix ke m In Western titwr, hence, bound K. flehr Astoria ('.(' Hancock), CV ggics, Cardenas, Feb 19, with unlades, to C A E J Peters. H<hr Ijtdy Y.u gnve (Vn, Orant, Ifalluz, 18 dayi, with dab, to master Sclir J O Ba^ouok, Habc .ck, Wilmington, NC, 4 day?, Scbr C Koz. W ard, Vir?iul?, 3 days. i-i hr E P t-lni] fob, Ellis, Vlrttlnla. 3 daya. Bchr Ezpttaa Lav-aon, Vlrgtn a, 3 daya SnirS Pearsall. I'ciraall, \ Irglnl.i for l'ouj .'?chr Cornelius Noyes, Vt Miniutton, DC. 4 i I'oughkeepgle . , _ '.4days. I hchr Suriih Eluabtth, Armstrong, Elicabet bport for Pem broke. t^cbr Albatross Biillis, Elizabebport foi Taunton. Scbr New D. light, Hcuvllle. EMzabetbport for AJiyn s Point. fichr Sfnator, t arinter. Eliza bet liport for fort Morris. S<hr Uoldeti r ag!". Flowers, Belfast, i day*. Scbr Bav State. Spear, Roc^iund, 7 day*. Kehr S E PaikiT. V'ttzRernld, Kockl mii, 8 day?. Bchr Isabella, Kaulklln, Boi-ton, 3 dajs. Scbr Cabot, Uamliton, K stou, 3 days Scbr I'rincrsa l.oveil. Honor), .3 daya Scbr (ieo W W bisiler. Frifble. New liaven, 2 days. Schr P Ilnfght Bee be Orient 'or Philadeit<hta. K'lir Evergreen, Potter. Orient for I'hllad^pbLi. Sel.r Pipeiilte, Bvobe, Sag llurbor. Sloop Reliance, Irwin. Elizabethport for Red Bank. Sltxjp Excel, Se?f,el.l Mizabethport fo i ertb Am boy. Sloop l?old l eaf, .'alien, Elizabeihport foj Ne?|>ort ^l0op C I'eck, I'eek, K!l7ubelhport for Norwalk. Sloop Jnlm Jay, Wood Kllzabethportfor Ncwburg KIoop Freilerle Itrow n, Ciirr, Warren, 2 day: Sloop E sprag'ie Gibbi, Providence, 2 days. Sloop Active, Smith, Sua llariior sloop Dtlight, Brown, Blverhead Steamer Oaorav. Kenny. Provtdeuce Steamer Pelican. Baker. Providence. Suanier Valley City. Chapman, New llaven. BEI/>W. Brig L T Knicbl, Irom c.'irdena*.--B' pilot ;>i>at Geo Srorn, No 6. One ship and one bark, unknoivn. BAlLKC hips K inffaroO (Br), EBerucol (j. tiic Batter}- at 12:3i); Fulton, voutbaaipton and Havre (at 12:30); Saxonia (Ilam1. Pduthampton and Hamburg (at 12 40) Alabama, und B it Cayler, Bevaji?eki Marion, Ooarieetoe: Paiktnl org, WilminRun, N(', "iorktowu, Norfolk, Ac; Mount Vernon, Washitigt-n, DC. Tatapsco, Poitlaud sIx;o?> Keyaaid, L'.ll don; Mandarin, Shanghao. V lnd at (unset bE, very light. HUfellanNivi. Tiie steamship Kangaroo, Capt Mlerhouse, s . le 1 at noon yesterday for Queenbtown and l.ivcri ool with 1ZS pasa-'oge s. The Meamship Fulton, Capt Wotton, for f;>uthafnpt"n and Havre, sailed yesterday. She took out 6i paasengers. The steamship Kaxonla. ('apt Ehlers. sailed yesterdriy f ,r Southampti n ULd Hamburg with 127 passengers Port Bakk Titles Amiuos. from Ea^t Harbor, TI, vV.en g<t log up Boston harbor 1st inat, groin.ded oti Goveruor'a Island Point, ar.d remained at last accounts. Bkk.* (of New Vork), Huff, from Cardiff for sa gua, with vail read Iron, put Ibtn Guadalouj o Jnn 27 In distress, having lost toreinastbiid topmast, bad main rail broken and felanchjeons stove. Would eepair and )>rocctxl I- cb 20. St'iiu W?:st Wisn, Burnett, henee at Char'eston, lost boat and stove part of bulwarks. Brim Marv, hence for Virginia, while going down the bay yesterday morning went asnoro on the w ent rfenk, but was hauled off without damage by steaming Portland Boston, March}?Ship Kutn?ofr, from New Vork for ^an Francisco, put into Klo Janeiro Jan 12 in distress. Hug Tren ton, t unnliighsm, from Berblce for Boston put into "'eiiiar.i ra Feb 7, dismasted.?(By telegraph to Ell woo J iVolter, Esj, Decretaly of tho Board oi Underwriters.) The bark Mauiy, tvhi. h was a?hore at New Iu!et on her in v ard passage, v as yesterday afterno n taken on the large betln tial dock for examination fipoken, dir. Sb*p Irene (Prt, C9d&ys from IJ erpo il for Savannah, Feb 2, lat8H6B, Ion 2836? hud lost part of sails In heavy gup. t off tbe W esiern Islands. Bark J t: Nickels, 8 days from Boston for Cuba, Feb 16, lat 30, Ion 7116? hud lost Jtbboom, fore and main topmast s toi gallanla ast. yaids and sails, but waut<d no ' <-ista. ee Bchr VS Wllai n, of Plymouth, froiu Norfolk for Boston, Feb "I8, Cape May W .'tii miles?by pilot boat (ieo Steers, No 6. Schr Julia Ann, steering s, was seen Feb 17. off fr.pc Hat teias. For?l|n Porta. Bali.veoTTON, Feb lu?Off, shin Clara Wheeler, Mer.i'.l, from Ltven ool for NOrleau-.. CntnAn Hoi.ivar, Feb It)?No Am vessel in port. CtiRA?'OA. Feb 9? In port bark Venus. Atkinson, from New Yoik arr7th, fordo about >ith brig- Kensbase, Pierce, from do arr titli, fir Clenfuegos 12 <! ny; f avortta, P Inee, unc;sehr Ijiura H MiitKiim, for S i or'; tew days Sid 7th, brig Sea Koain, Borehum, Maracaibo to load for N Vork t'Ar* Havtikn, Feb U?In pert ichr Searsvll>, Keliey, f .r Boston 2 days CAHiimas, FebSO?Sid brig W H Park, Adam- Boston Cikngi'Kuos, Feb 16?Arr ingEinily Ktsher, stiplei-. NVork. Sid 16tb. barks Florence, Smith, So<ton; Brothers, Mariner, NVork; bCgs 11 Means. Treworgv, do; Orozlmuo, Kosebrook, Pbilarlelpbla; lytb. bark Jas Smith, do. (ii'AiMLot'i-K, Feb 2?In port bui; Lagrange, Hull, of New 1 crk, lor lei'ward m)oii, repg (see Mfreeli. Iloso Koku. I'ec 1>? Arr sb^s Catharine, Foater, C*ri#fl"; r.d. Prender, McOtlvery, Chcfoo; 24th, Pioneer, Ment"omeryt Pefho. Sid 27th, ships Uucen of tbe Hast, Ueal?v, Whampoa 29ib. Commodore, l'ott, Bangkok, taken up ut per iiionth for 4 m. ??. Havika, Feb 22?\rr srhr II Oardner, Brigbtman, calves tin. Slil 21st, bark Pathfinder, Sleeper, Hagua and NVork! brig Belle Barnard Co< mbs, NVork; sehr Belief, Webb, Nor folk. 22d, brig .I w Sawyer, Leightcn Cardenas I.ivt srooi., Feb 12?Arr Advance, 1 tick Noreana Sid loth, Msmarsna: k. Cashing; I id' <*%, Ba: low, and We t. crn Kmi lie, Soiile, NOrleans I2;b, Milan, Kustis. do; 13th, Olenn. Boult (or On. d .. Splerdirt Titmble, Cr&rleiton; (Veen l-p'ay, Doyle, Bisillmore; Belle V iriaa, IIarr:J, (>ai Francisco. In the river rnttw ard bonnd 13tb Aus'ralMii n is), TTo-kiey, for NVtrk: Orotfznbo, Townsend. for New Orleans Call)0)>e, Uoi.dnlo, for Savannah (ciil 12thj, L /,, llodgea, (orNVo.k (c!d Utl ); Jos lab'ee, Ifonnnr, for ''alentti Mami.a, I'ee22?In port slilps Troi 1c, Snu h, fo Svdney, NSW. Kevere, Bi<"ko, for Boston; Horizon, Keed, and Wiz ard, Wood (Me, for NVork. Sid Hth, bark Alters, Gregory, tloug Kong M.wvt.t ?*, Feb li? In pott brig Neuvlta* Nelson, f >r Ponce 12th ti limd tor Nllavi n; schr Miranda, Wai:1 (at C. baroho). foe Nllavin Idg, and otl ers as before. MA.NisAK'Lt a, Keb 12?Arr sehr Ceorglsna, Wa cott, NVork. Sid I3ib, brig Baltic, Hooper, Haire. Pokto tinnui, leb 1?- In port liark Thos IKlleti Dill, for Philiidelphia ab ut 8 days; stnr Jeddle, Reed, for NVo/k 2 days. Hto JAjiKtao, .lan 8?Arr sb'p A M Eaw-enee, Clafpole, shields; bark* I'ni. n, Davis, B imii, Uth, E Plutibus Unutn, Wallace, ( ?nliff. 12tb, ship Kutusotl, Stall, NYor' for San Francisoo, bark Sen. c.i, Femhagen, Montevideo. Cld 12th, bark Sophls, Jonei, llai'.lmore (aud ild previous to lfith). bid Itiib, brin Breeze, Otlterbrldte, Galveston or M > bllr. In port 18tb, batk Washington, White, from Baltimore arr Uth; and others. SiMcaPork, 3an ?In port ships Fran\ Flint, Robinson, for Akvab to load for the ('tilled &;ugd m at ?1 10 isrr ton; R B Fo-bes. Ballard for B 'Ston Idg; .Mary (lood?l., McUtlve.-y for tor NVork do: and others. St Thomas. Feb lV-jn |irrt brig \nfelope, tiac; sear Sarah M New hall, do. and others. St Jaco Keb 14?Arr schr Ripley, Snow, NTrrk. Tostiov .'an 1?In port bark Hugh UirckheaJ Uenn^tt for Baltimore Idg. Vr.HA Cuez, Feb 21?In port bark Aeme, Campbell, from and Tor NVork, id.ij brig BcnJ Delano, from Pensacols, disj | aehr Moore, from ao, do. A?ifrir?n Port*. HOsTfiK, March 1?Arr lir bark Mary Hiker Perry, New port Knp: b'lp- Arabel (Br>. Newcotnb, Onadaloap* an-1 An jruilla i In St Tlidtnh . Sumu> Duncan l'rlnkwavr. Wa atirnn rl 1* ^mltb .??mftb, ijulvcvton; arbr* .1 Nlcker?on, Baker, Cape i'ayuen. C it Kogor*. Lai Kiev, Oal eston. II A I'. At wood, Atwood, and I II llorton. hTownun, Tangier r a ^?in<?cr?. S< nnT?, PMl <* ,'niin Baker, Hater, Elliabeihport. K Oilman, Burge-a, and M Waring, N^h, NVoik Rrin?. Pi ft huikTrr* Amlgi (torn ICa-d Harbor, a?h .re "n Oovernor'a I Maud. fid ahip st Paul (new. of lloron. 1061 ton*), Rurk -it, Ife* OrltMi^ b?rk Cuatemlk Moraat i1:.nltia; lirlg* s imera Canlfleld. Monti) via Waller lluwc?, fierce, Havana Loeti Lomond, Black. Ca.-denl* schra .)<>;,!! H *, llninr.H'w!. W II nilngion. NC; V h"l.Tli, Iliiiey. A'naNdrla, Florida, KeUof, NYork. Mil, wind WeW to NK b,rk ?<ol liedyard, and from below, bark John Wlnthron Ibirka Laura R?:? and Sophia itnrtrd, a'd anrli >ied In tue Head*. i HAKI.iSlOiY Feb jflt_Arr ? earn UlpJa* \>l?;er Phillip*. Now York; cchrii'.led Jacket, I'ayaon Kockport. Wo t Wind, llortictt, and ,1 A Sl.ic'.njr, ,'aik.?on. sv. ra. I Id brig Abort AiUtD", fou*ltm. Ho?trm. Uan wkr ('rokM, Til'illnf, rlmi burg, Don HU1 .sp i-l.lp Pine I'ltia, Barcelona KALI. RIVKR, Ffb J* - Sid icor i Borden. Wrtghtington, FblMmhl*. NKW OKI,10A.VS, Fob 24?Arr atean.?hip Tonnokaee Vera Cni*; HralilpArgo, Mitchell, Mobil*; liark . Marou, w||?on, and rCllnton. Biigdon Hinun, t'lo rokoe, Mughea, < h?rl?? ton. achr.i A laylur, l^mbard, Ruatan 26tb? Arr Meamahlp Gen Mlr-mnn, Cauphlln. Havana. ?hlp J Wakefield, Yours, do; aehr Virginia Autnlnette, Hbtaa. do Old ahlpa Henry (Br), Davta; Memo isagUiid (Br>, Kcl Potomar, Keod; Pocahontas. Delano, Mar-.uette, Wa'.ta a>d Mountaineer, Wllaon, Liverpool; K-nut Monti Arndt (Rremi. I<?t'*ionp. Bremen; IIram bark Porrtlr (Jnrtavnt do; ?ohr? Margaret Ami. Walker, KlngMon, .<a; K K Prlndall, Alba, KuMMk March 2?Art fbT teP ?hlpa .lotuinnUhurg, R??a*r, and B Webb, Liverpool; fol Adam*. Havre; O Moaea, Naples. (fat* Hunter. Rio Janeiro. .John Bunjan. and B Aymar. Mobile, liark* Wm Henry, llarbaioa, Fred Iannis, B' lti n: Allw Tainter, Vew York Alci Mrfeill, f'biladelph.'a, Knte Booth, Apalachleola. Towed to *ea Mat, ?blp? ElUn Hend, shftmroek, bar* H?w ard, brigf W f reevy and W Mas'ti. NORFOLK, Feb27?Air aohr a field, Phillip*, Ts .num. Sldachr Marietta. Gray, Jttork. NEWPORT. Feb 2>v?Arr ochr R K Warren, Warren, Baltl more f< r Providence NKW HAVTiN, Kr?rrh 1?Arr LHg (leorge, Whitney, May * ipiet PR. PHILAnEIiPIlIA, March 1?Arr Mourner Delaware, Can non, NVork bark lonw, llutch'.iisor, Mrwki: Hcbr Maggie Van Duaen, In land, Pixtland. Old bark Aluah Ne?lr.?, Til nldad; brig Klla I'.-ed, l?avlf, Havana; m hr* Lamat Duooni. Ilerrtng, Maianran Klla. Packard, Remnotoa; L Mulfor l, Doyle, HaftUft; Vlllag, (Jn^n, Hawktna, Portland; arah, ,'amee. Haiem. RICHMOND, Feb 2A?Arr ?'e- nmhlp .tameptown. Skinner, NYork. Hid acbia LjAaII, Wlutora, ai.d OaJlego, Smith, Nrw York. SAVANNAH, RebM-Arr at?am?hlpa AURitaU, Woodhull, at>d lltin avlllo. |'o?t, Ntork. *bln? SaodmkJ, tlrmy, lilver pool Jndah Touro, llan^ewm. I orutnouO t.ark Adam l^>d^e, Thorburn. Carthagwia ; h i* Ru?h, MMa<ir?? for ordnra; tcbraOtn Darby. Roger* Helen*. I?er ick. n N?rfolk Pack et, Itedell: lied J:?gle nit,?n, 'nl'a Ko*. Iniunlng and DA Berry, Voortila, NYork Bel <?, brig AdelUe, from Boston; 1 ?hlf.Jliarta, Ibr1g.?wl?ra. wIlMINUTOH, NC. i abt7?Arr br# R ler*n, CrowfU, NYork, acfcr Marine. McKae, do PERBONAL. ALBtbT will FIND B EOOGK, KOKMkKl.Y MP. No M W?at IloUkton atreet, by calling at No. liS EMMk 'Wei flT IHILD jIiiUN - OI. TUUH?U1 MuRNING, ABOUT r II o'rl ck, a r?lr haM UlUe girt, aboui 111 blue eya, dark lilac dreaa and plaid cain. punt* and ick Mic tMUkrn by a drank no wonaan, about Iwtttr two year* < f age and fair hatred $160 reward will ba paid for any information ihnt will lead to her recore rv br Mr altlii tec part n'a. HICHA1L GKKBN, II Juki itmi EDWARD ? NOTHING ?<>W RRM AIN* TO COMPLBVB my hipplsru but a uackage of Waiting card*, bHaUlrfb written by Harry Power*, hi. NichUaa Hotel Fend to aaZ addrexi OARRla w " r)B ADOPTION?& HEALTHY FEMALE CHIUL four we> k? old ll? parent* are Americana, a?d wiafclft find aoote respectable person to adopt It. Inquire at MiMF Wooater street. G BAND BALL <>P TUB PETERSON Q0ABD -APOLLO JtUocpa. March 11. MM. , PTHB LAST. PROM HARLBM, who bohobt AT ? George C. Allen's Jewelry store, on the 27th ult., wfll send a note to W. R. Bator Union aquarePeet ..die?, ah* wM recover the parcel the dropped anon after leaving there. P CAPT EDWARD HTOOINS 18 IN THE CITY, HI IB requested to consuateate with bia niece, 0. H., SH Weat Twenty aerond (Met. 1 M wantpd?of Louts dubobd, or *5??**k % !*?? i?at heard of la *?>?^?E?^,oriiuwh**UK??uwiu?k '^Uow'yMt addraaaiog 0. Oarnier. 14and 1* Jaoefc MR. RO"8?I WILL CALL AT TOUR PRIRND'8. OW Tuetc'ay next, at half DMt tan a. M. I am vary amlou> to hear bow that poor Utile child UI left In your tare ROB ROT. Y DEAREST WIPE?DO NOT DESERT ME THOB. _ Qod only knowa what K will end in Be merciful. Writ* where I can are you. I tvl 1 do everything to makeyoa happy. I hare always fondly loved you. Do not leave yoar pofer nusband. ["iHKINO?A GENTLEMAN. APPARENTLY PARTIAL 1 ly Insane, looks to be aliont 87 - - . - li cbea high, aiout built, ' " " whiakera and musisrhe ? _ cloth* and new bat, with inulitu ".I. D. A." maide. A lib reward i the I PAULINE.?CALL O" MONDAT, THE 4TH INST., A* t o'clock By ho doing you will oblige M. D. Tub okni lem aIi who witnessed the accident to the child, by being run over by one of the Ninth ave nue car*, on Washington ateeat. uea Troy, on Saturday last, the 2d Instant, will c. nfer a favor by aendtng hla addrcaa (a Mr. Ohas. MeOarty, No. 777 Washington street M iuT aAn? &> ? Aaofllul 1TA1I< 1 /UU to be about 37 years old, abdut 6 feet ? ?III, full, florid face, dark eyes, hair, .-he and Slightly bald dreaaed in dam ha and new hat, w Ith Initial* ",l, u. A." Inaide. A liberal ard will be paid If he la found and taken to the oflioe m Superintendent of Poller, In Broome street. LOST AND HllUD. (HOUND?ON r?<E8uAY MtlHI, A OOAV, CALB C white aud half black, and the left ear hall* off The ow:,er can have her by paying expended to John 1'etera, flflf nintu street and S?-v?n'u avenue PODND-A POCREI' BOOK, Ct<N f AlNINO A SUM OP money, on tlio 27th ult, In a Broadway and Ninth art nue stage." l he o? i er can have It by applying at No. XI, oer tier of New Bowery and .lamoa street, by paying for thla a? vertUcmi'Ut. H. LI A OK AC. Lost?a memorandum book, on the 27 ra fbb ruary. In which waa a note signed by L. E Walker and one Higned V C. Haulaton, bealdea a number of Mpera, ? which aro of no value ? xcept to the owner, J. W. FarlUL Bf leaving tbe s.ima at beamlena Cloihing Manufacturing Com p iny'n, J11' Broadway; the finder will be well rewardnd. LOfT? pbom the corner of forty first ft; M anid Kmadway to th? corner oi fortieth stree and iititli avenue, a black .-tella shawl, with deenbroche border The finder will tie suitably rpwardod by leaving It at 81 Watt Twenty eigh'h street, in the grocery store. LOBT?BANK BOCK, NO. 52 8MJ OREPNWTCH 91T. lugs Bank. 1 be finilci' will please leave It at the bank. LOST-ON WE0NF.?DAY, t'EB 4', IN?ARRtNOR Wlnton utree a, Brooklyn a gildCba'elalne, with looket, Ley a and engiaved seal attached lbe finder will be rewarded by leaving it at i)S V arren sireet. Brcokly n. I' 08T-0N FRIDAY MoRNINO, MARCH 1, IN CROBB J ing v? all atrcet ferry, a Stockholder'! Admlaalou ticket to the Brooklyn Are"emy of Music. So ((uastiona will be btked, and the linoer alia 1 )>e suitably rt-warded bv leaving It !>t N?. 7 ? onroe (l?ce Br.i. klyn. thla tickrt la ol no beueftt to any but the owner, a> the uae of It baa been atopped LOf-T?$10 REWARH?A "LACK AND TAN TRRBIRR Do?: niiswera to the name <>f .Tack ears cropped; a acar on the right side nnd one on rfght hip. Ten dollars reward. If Ifft ?t No. 'J Barclay street, or no. 13 Llvlngaton place, on Muy vesant square. ? Ool ?<?N THE t IRfrT INST , A VERY SMALL AtiD I veiy b:.?'lc ahaggy I og. Any person leaving him at 46 bauds atrce', Brook yn. wtu be suitably rewarded. L(.)ST-IN PINE STREET. A CHEflC ON THH flT. / toliolis Ha'ik.^ Y., for $.Vi 22, drawn t>y Ilanford A Iirownmg in favor of and cnd< ra. d by S Auo:ant, bearing dme Mnrch 1. IHA1. 1 he nubile are cautioned agalnal nego tiallt'K tor the same, p?ymvot thoreof having been atopped LORT-IN BKIjO?>L*N, FKWRUARY 28. A LVBV'B gold hreaatpin The finder will be liberally rewarded by having it at the - egar sfre corner tiranguaud tullon otraalfi, Bro'-ktyn, or 28?) Hn ad way New York. LOST?ON SATURDAY Mt>R<lNO, MARCH 2 IB Twenty-third street, near Eighth avenue, or In a Broad way and Twenty-'hlrd street atage, between sixtB and Eighty aveoue*. a I'ortemonnale. with a chain handle, containing $M in t>ank bil.s. a small key tied with a white ribbon, a card of addn t-s and a few papers of needles Whoever returns the same will receivr the ttianka of I he o<m?r and a reward ?C ten dvlla.-a. MchESSOfi A UUBBINS. No. ill Fu>ton street. REWARDS. <2>o bb*ard?qn Pttu>aT etesisa, in oor*?i ?PO from the Opera Houm to SI I Fourth street. a black Opera OUhr. In a ca'e, waa left la the c*rH**e. If the owner olkihe <Kri)B?" wllj return It to 3l4 Fourth street be will ?B telve the a*'Ove r- ward $e REWARD?LOST, FKBKHaRY 27, A flATOSBL, f) confining papers of no <?lue to anv one except the wner $S for returning to the owner, or to 727 Eighth are. df?C r.EWARI) -stolen ON the 98TH OF EEMO i]p?) nrv ult., froi? n raft at the foot of We?t Forlv fifth treet, a hkiff. paint*d light red outside ard white letdde; ha* wok ft* for two pair* of oar* which ear* were tn the akllT f ive dollar* will oe t aid for It* return or for la ormation that will Itad to its r-covcy. Mi *Z KW, VlhLE A MaTHKR, foot of *e?t Forty fourth street. l?l/\ E>WARD ?TAEE1 1R0V TUB OFFICE n? T> J u l.cjton A WalnwHgbt, 17 William atren, an Oxford Mixture ivcrne>-a Cape \Vno.<v?r will return it will rroeivw $1(1 reward, at^l no question* naked. A. DANCING A 4 \DK.MIKS. DODWOETH'B DiHOMO aCai,LMIBS. No 8"'6 Broadwav, New Vork No. l:<7 Montague *treet, Brooklyn Wednesday# and ^attiruay* In New fork. Moiday* and Thur?d*y*. 1u-?d?yii and Friday* In Brooklyn. CireuIan of u mi*, Ac , may be had at either academy. ?MX LI.8SONS AT RBl>tTOI?D RATRH WILL BR OIVBN iJ for a abort 'inn- at Madame Sauvag an'* dancing Aca (?emy, rRmaJway I.e**on* cve<-v afp rnoon ifotn 1 tu6. ar.d on Monday, W edaeidty and i rlda evening* from 8 Ull 10. ffl DUMAR, BALLET MA TOR OF TUB THE ATflBB 1. Ko\*l at verlln mid llaaorrr ? bannirg Aoa<iemy, 2OT T'rtvrry. Lea*r-n $1 per tnoitli, four evening*; and Tue*. day* >nd Kiidayx, fZ. Ti?kto Le*n n* 60 cents. LadlMf ittiotxnrlUMJi. HOTEL i b L'k"* ph, 21 and ka?t nwrjsTor atreet. corner of ?'r"*by.? ?parmeni* 'or 'atDii'ea ana *!pgle genlli men, wob or without Hoard at moderate prtoee. Tf'e d'bot* at an oYlock Np*nl >b, German and French ..poken ?. Bl'NKi-s Proirtetor. pARKf.H HO *0 TON.?THE aT DITiON TO TBI I Hotel being completed, with aupetior accommodatloni for ladle* and get tietn- n. will bi opened on Monday, I'es lg 1 lie house I* <-ompl te in all t!* appointment* and Hi* the la ten I lot. of the proprietor* to m> ke It wort ay the patronage 04 the travelling public. il 1?. PaKVBk, JOHN F MtLLM. THaV LLEKU?D?IVE UlhtO* IO THE 8M1VB ?'inlan 1 loose h|nnd ab\ , eorner of Houston street; ON dueled on tb? Kii'fi* n pan. food fain, goor. ro <ma. prompt allendir.c^ find mo,lei^'e charge* oO ceau, 71 ceots u? 91 per day *e%)< *a ordered. 1. ? NBaD, Pronrietor. IIIKLI4 I( IIS, ~~ i fin?. a?B4>?i Mr.*r >"? "MS"cu, esqiasu abb A AmeHran sllltard TaWCa, ? llh I'Uj&LaN m iK'WHIma1 ION i-DHBIONS, now on han l, and at puce* to ?ult th time* 1MIELAN A uObLLNI'BR, V\. <\\ 67 and 09 CrtnArf >t T BILLIARliP ?F''R hAljfc, A KIN? *(?.SORl MEhT J)f Am'ncarr?nd Fmnrh lablen of 'Ifle?*en' ?l< Millahle for p Ivan or tiu ilc u*e. e |ih ST. entire new atyle or/u*h ion?, p?tentc/l November 14 l".'*. which ba? pnnren lipjfirt bet'rr-lUnTnttlon than >it>y now In u?e; al?o a few afrcond bund tnbleM, of rtilfetent atzee,-old ni a btrg iln on arwuat of the tline? Apply at tin manufactory, liH Fulton street. lj*.f)K flALfr ? F(VK n *n?I.U NT?? ABO HEOT)!^ r band antra, .for $7C f lut) aud SUM Call and oxamlM cr *end > our order* by mall. *?. " ORIPF'Tfl NO 1(6 Pulton I The cntAPr.sT ani? *??si comfoktarlb btl Hard room In the city |? tb? Metrop 4lUn tOfi Mroadwaf, 1 next door to '.aura Keene * theatre Ke?en table* at HoeMi prr game pin and l.'i ball pool Olve u* ? call KKR.NTZ A RUMNB. RAILROAD!. HVVOX hlYEK HA U.totAt>-roR ALBANY am* tYoy, rourccUng with vtalan 1-rth and Meet?Tralk. lee*e ? mo? cti*MiieH? r*o? THmrr-riarr nmn. ? T *pri'|i*, 7 ? l.d II A. M , and I ??. II A. M. and ^ W. BBC * 3.;i6 "tid ft f. M. I' ? Troy and Albany iwith *ie*p U):15 T. M. (Kundar* ind ll.g cari-l. !' ?o (' M. dedl , P0>:ghkc<:?|. train, 7 SO A. It 4, 1J:J0 and |?r 1 * U , 12 M ?D" 4 r M. _ Prekoklll train, ft ntiP M l:UP M * Hin? elng tra'A, t 16 and 4.10 4 and 4 14 P. M ' r. M. Tarrytowi train ? 40 P. M 7 10 t. K. A W ^MITIT, gnpwlni 'dent XfKW VOKh. HamLBM aSo Al.Kamr RAILilOA il For Albanv and Troy, c o.necllng Mtb lie New tor. rcntral Rallnnaa tot all point* Northwest and Noaii we*t al-4i with 'he Nmthe n Ka..r>ad for .-ara<oga, KutlanC nut logton. P'.atuburg, i'ouw * I'oiat, < igdnm-b'irg and Mar treal ? ritoa ttrox now, it> *b citt rKnii twrwrr *itth irrim ? It'll" HTATIOW. Expraaa tr.on, 7 a M ai d 7 .20 A. M end 4 44 P. M. *?? 4 tt M 10:6 A It ? E*prr?iniatl train, 10 A M ror W|iIm?d?' "rdg *hie 'lain*, Crolon Fall* aad *B l.^wl tram-, aee i|r> e 'abl. 7 ovi.?k v M. eaM??? trBhi haw Alt any erery "uailat m rnii.u ^ I'.H HnitrHILL,AMI ftupl BKUAHB AND tobacco* LH)E f ?L? A 8*1 \ I, 1,0. OF llAVaNl HRiiAKN, " J"*l " <*e|v d. rti^lKII A 1 * B 20 Kvebangttplai-e. | kNE MILLION 'Ei?AHH AT COf T ?RRITTAMOAS Bit \r p r 'b ??*t,d, f *b,niwi t'? P r thouaaad All Mhto fki.tor brtnds at equally low price*. .IOHN PRhNTIilg, ' egar *l?re, ft? BroBdvay.