Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1861 Page 2
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NEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITAL. Omr Alba; &laajtv, M^Cfc 'i, IBM pU Mm* oj .Vitat*r &.iefini?Thr KifftU tn IM J'a>f Whs 'Kr bH f /orfilflr -/ lie Brottwa* itailro ui IflU -trr 7V ft:U< '? tifyr<ti IV ?Jri4?ron* JhWH fwiH 0u t>rmfri"-- /<y lufcs <" <V M U4I ? rro?>iertl o/ IheW ]>aumo /Vw^k >* (Ac lnyit?Tht te fer /Irani nt tA( Mnwiwav filU M Tut*&ay ffrtu? Mtik JViyfti ''r~ ?irMem invM-juion?itaaivieKii (? Jfcr JfruoUyn tlkartirr?>'<?? J'orlc /Vf Ata^olltwwnl, JM. ?Ibi recent mntreuieula of "VoMor Howard have oreated * greet deal of Burpme ia political Clrclre here, and ell bmmt of ri?MM m uttrtbutwl for but couree. toa OnrtjltxK, oue of Ui? Peace Comnneeioi'**, h?* re- | IiUIM.MA he MWrtl that rfeward for meat, ud ku \akea thli course to bring it about, ender i Ut UapnartoB that with the preeont we/fare la toe publican renke hi" hat got to pursuit that courea to ( prevent 111* party from turning In * h"1"1 b ?f?uns* him and thus defeat all of hie effort* He loom Upon |( u h artful uiore ?? draw P'H'tf ov,* to a cod mat ry policy- Oihere boll Uwirieward deeim a but doee m* want it done by hla vote- but etlll a lancer number Attribute it to lb? Cabinet vrarfare, and the determination ot the New York Senator lo ki- p I-inonbi in hoi wat^r. One thing w certain: the Ught t>etwe?* tb? rtt'tio*!.- and the whig portion >>f the party fe lUily inrrnamng, a?d wiJ lead M? a divided Cabi net ai><? a continued warfare greater than that of poor I jtfjrVR advisors Old Abe i< really to be pitied; but y hi' it vim be wig kiwp Ciuw out of the jibiurt, and HiVM the patronage of the aiate t?> the Greeley taction, through Howard, so that they will nee thai Seward bu been B?(iiasiBwiii u> diTKie with U?m,and #ill rttop their mouth*, but if tiaae goee iu ail th t tU 'T receive they will credit to l.luae, aud k?oi? up th<*ir flxht on Se<rar>L In tho lormer oaae th?y ?ill, from policy, be quiet, <jm1 mailer* will move al dg barroouk>ualy; but tn the latter chh there will oe no eu l to the party quarrei* in this Mate. The waole ligut is u battle lo- tbti huoiIh fiui notbing em, aud UuC Mi tthbuiil govoru Iiii tuition Mooruiagly. (Several of the nrmbem of th') U-gitlature looitug for ih? dri|)|>li>j!> frotu ' 11'meet a:>c'h" table, are uow in Waahiii^iiift tick UK Uioir i't>? i>* for eotiie of iLii oruinoa. General NyeatiiltUiup it m* tbeir w *y twre o*cb lultin? after the Surveyi?< eiiip <<f ibe 1'oit of New \orfc UMtaraj Kye, wheu bi left b re, i.e?:!areJ tb*t be would b??t Osmp or die in tba aUi mpt II w Haid, h-iwever, ibat be Chanel*! liu> uimd oil dirivui! in >uw Vorlt, utd con eluded not to go lo W.mbingum, out u? let tVnp aud General Welsh have ib ll^lii o> tbfr?<eivoH. Ihere ib coQSiderab'e Haltering In tbo loboy In regard to the Broadway RauroaJ bill lipociilly are ..hey aasioaa to know wbo th<- in orpoiatotd are. tor tlu into, matun of all I would b*> tbat tU-y havo not lu any way been conneUod with l.iw, or any of thvwc wuo hitve the oonirvl of the preemit rixvU, or Jiy of Umse ttiat foi med tbo Lt ginUitare laai wintet, w.tit one c*ooi*i?t?. Mewr*. imtiu tiilb rt an.I Hoary A. JHuilbuit are n-tlikd uierohanu the fonnar baviog Ik?? (or many yearn tui acuve p?rtuor in Uw firm of Stokee, Gilbert & Co., und retired w in no ample fortune, Mr. tlurlburt waa one of the partu><m of the firm ol Swift, UuiIbart At to., and retired, it it report >d jiiai ib time to eft'-ipe tb* clfecto of the panic. I see by the lhrootory tuat (Uuton Gilbert la a director or oibci-r in tho following utorpor aed institu tiona, uiunoly;?tbe Greouwu'b liaidc, lue t?roeo^ w'Ui Sav n?c? Biuik. tire itu-umnoe 0imp4uyi Utile) rUil'* l?i:e ln?ur?n"? Go'Ui?aay an'i tbe UuiteJ Statea 11 "Hi Compai y in it the llroadway bill puwet ue wi 1 ceriairly Uive bis htiarr oi ofiom* il ury 'iurlburl ih a dirccitx in the n f.rop'l"t in Lluit, H itn t Kite In buranc .' Gooii>?ny and tlie l^jii.t i >'e l iauraiico 0>m j*iy. Mr Van Muuok ia a ia* per by pr >M?i<ioa, aud the only wuof Mvn tert Van <-hai k", Uie aiillionaire, and a mri c'or of tne iliuihatiau Kire lus^ rnnroOenipMiy. It fe r-juflew Ui.ii a I >t o! Hi rle?-u d.i"onr? u.?? 'teen agreed upon, and that they are all r"oi?Tt? biid-ji^ iu Bru?dw?y Ah to ih?> truth or amity th.? rumor 1 Ia&vu to reliable <uiia in* jucuti t'ow. The introduction of thm tol l u*? wtirei up a br ?<?<? tn Albany en 1 unnnig tb? -a'T 'ul pj.U-1'iti in J iur city >toui thin time forward we s.i ui h-iv? w ir %a r unora o! war, with te w ai d thi n a volfla i o eruption of no uii ior niRgDitnili, one .ia> (Kiurii g i^rto it.? brimiione and iar? m one direction lu.d ih < uoxt day n auuthor quarter, c*iifi, g more Uiaju< uepertrnu t? ran for am iii?, ?uil uli> n IeH be abitt io have bu n un* boll g ?1 la ;md ii'ir h?nal eOt-cU from a umw-'eal deiugo ili^t will be poured foith tr ru hi Kil) trat*_ io tje Aibuiv I' li mid ?!?.- < of New Yir-k h'tr a try uMitanl ri. Ti >1 $t -o o ? ? e? I I ' ' a? a oiiwiuie .i ol lite .eiot 1 * w eii tii'* c? - >ji Now <(xk aou the '/>? ^""ur-.b jt ?i u ?ly trti r<? ? 11 m - J1 U?e t twabeng ? the tlurd 1 mi'-, *h> 'i n< new very .??.*?. isiy 0 viewed hImmiI ioa?u * a.ol Ui mil tQ < > * <H,U? UH) Uixl il'l-th "1 lu 'ie?0'0|m iwa'i urotlilhl (Mil hy Ihe {?:c-?ob.iioii ol lh- >V >? i?a? 0 ' IMt?eo., Ue lA"twm<N Mr. Hot?ini"? th? laormug,'-roctitigthe?V?m liiltnw ne 1 ttti nn i "" ni"-* ' * '?'l'"' 'h" 11 utKter-* I ion of u?- lioure the hix O IU in tftoir Uau t* tor luo re h j of irl of He* rt% ir w ? bt le o^>xl I'- I * it t. ibw re olu'i 4i wan wV.p'i d by a v w w 61 to IJ?''tuy leu sit^mlMtri* lo lit1 Ifttiud t * Biht tin 'fie rai'"*oa n As ao ?u y.m 4|,e vote wal umtitmOH*', Mr l^itnejohn morel a re OtiMMerMMiO aij't hUtlti t tbr ne -leaned te iJeb'it** II, hut vi ait ni?t wetl ni nigh t ?? .ay , ui'l is a itiitt r of courtesy to bim, ibe uKiit'Hi ui ut ;? ivler # v* la.i over until the Urn. oi o< tt w >? it II n to>ai that W' L i . 'hu ino-t I* t ? g'< iulo tn. i *nry Of tli" le|fi?. nio.i on ih?i ui tier Ian wiuter, aud follow up ntiaUr iVevin'a ji'ia of i iaiu?( i#'?v. M>>ryio litre hji-i a'l lie II an.J r y dt vel*>p.*m iiIh will be laid beloro luo p mil oi "i-s '? -.eut,-tod ail wa" are hi xK> i. to w itn<' *e a'*d exci.eiueat, witn ri*al -4iid not Don Quil'ttic a' veul'iruH let ill- in O'tUB lo Allitiy lorth with anil bniif aioi.g wtU Ui" u their Sauciio I'anzi a, lor ihe ba- tie m*? < tn tbe coaqueal or afewun known Iria. lis tluu ti wn. b' uei-ea- iTj lo olac * a Gover nor uprni. It will hardly be poeft'ble for tho fnen Vm of i ip ?,rld Iroa to pet a rectunut r ? h.hi of Uie laotiou. i'h ? v ine ot the itowtoUtittM bill* 0li;Ul coin* out o? th>. com mittee, ard I lnubt il unv poarer ca;i pre*.ml t i nr j>v, a\i:e in the liouw* li i,o* ItK.k* aa ill rigu all ot th > re poaL* will tivtp IU Ihe S' i*U", with Mil t?>c 'pti *n < I i Ninth aveuue, ih" uovern-'r aigaeu ll i? -ai-l lau J .aw weal oil th iut ,ta> '.i? tlie luo.ey th I h ? ,r no.^-l to the looby an i nibe* |iiii i'im, aud tlie/ arw b't'ied on revenue. Tbtfi, couided with the inilgnatlon (if U?0 Hecalota a' ?ioveriior Morgan for xtgauig tlieblU and tetomg tlie o'he*", prom*a?te to brt.irf kb >ui tbat reauM, n.1 U? Canoot Hop it by *#v n i ,iro mu^e, lor bia word if. i* i oooal l?f? by tba I <?t?v wot-to a linker'* .lame lew bo tile nee lie .Shy ??'! toe vp^eenaoa to u>e Iv ue i:n inn, *.i on tr. ?!.? a tnaig teun fbr the re;> u m ttie N .lb A..~i. te o I' Ur -??ate and a ?. inbiua.uei li u * ill lie a i.te.l i Hn iter ' bole ptaei-d lail wiel-r. The other* i?a? l?e g j' liirenJM the Senate, but Uiat ia not th* imiiug A that t?o-iy at U i |iri?eat t uric The ABi-mbiy (lO'amiilee on Rulroae* ?.ith< rtn- n? 11 Htate thai ibey a,ill hi*a a m elilg t.a , ie? lav .iu-'., ? bait, lit hear toe ur^uui' llUi in favor ll i 'ial -ti* llritadway Kaltrovl b.U, and w U m< t f.-otn U/ ?d<v until all partiaiari1 baard, ^no elate tlial ill'* ir? itl.'ttih that l?artiea lateieaied attall cm"''irwar I >l >m - kir l)'i>h.w |I I,e l .? 11 .rp r, k on the m ?{??.' m-t ui 4av. rue Mok ?<* gut n il n?a b. ?? In ia? u i at the oommitt.*! f.n > i ? u ?. ai i .< ? < 11 ' |l gM I r. port |Q lav i! an e I lu a >??? I * i ?J <i a bill to regulate tue "ft^nl.ei i * ot tn>i rovi,a. bad It referre.1 lo a Wan i. m a ll ? c 'ig t( the r-iemberM f<oin t ie ? ot Veaten ater, I' lurabia aud liuU^ieaa, all of <fi?om a'? iiiIwhu .a u. (taaeiage of the lull, alncli luaurer. a r o>>rt al e rhe iBMolvert I lent . * h'JI w*a lu day re. erred io t:t t&ird Oiminit <je ot th ? * U ee Tbf oonteeied elect n ..?*e of Keu^ev w.iu il > .jh i mad ? tha ap M*. al or ter ' r ri. t Vednenaiy. Tbe New Yore c anity tat ln?y aris reirvt. .1 h l!i ooma>uu<e ii? ? wi'm <. * - > toe iinev b.n ? lad ' It appn?|?rialea f *iti tVHI I i->lea.t til || .WIKW, a* a: ?!<? i I my lutter of yeater Uy ?> 'in tnin .u>Oi ln.WI for okd prtating eoeita.' a. ?7>o,? ?r in - 1 ?.Icr. in ?>. a|iprof)riaiiolM, aud i**i ' * in' itii ivy. flie r?i H'tpply bill for ourr- ul itxii ?.-a ia m?i t ire, only ?"0u $loe,00?. The item ni l .l<Wf?r k ?*(> ng the 1 v i ? oleot end lulte, twent* in a l ai in.< !?> ?-i r?r n *t. mck> oooaateraoii w the Ja^aoea** h em, n if .a thoagn ihe prufHiitfctra of Uiti Uoiei nal oeou l > ih tnmokltan Hotel, atd neo Ajnadli^l B ea. in r ? I t making out aonmieU eo^rt*inie< diathw i eueeti. Thw eic axU by a? >ul three Ouu red to 1 ii bill U the P?iuo- of "falee* par.y at (>>n?< .in There w- re th"ty-two m h a taarty, and the r tti t wa and tner remaine.1 at tiielf n ?uil loei<er IDan t'reai drat lane e? ?t lk>t ?r MraaaH tBtrndu^l h bill v? ?vk? n ? rawii >??(??r fn? Mif Wi ? <({?? u * .1 ? Mutl* ?:;???? v. p .'ii ? ???? by itapr?ft<ititn?.ii 4 ,,|j m k< linn mtron'ic.-o *o authort7 ,4. r * u* ut U< ? r* !r it I track ot*r lio rvu?o Bow r*n ovar by t i* uu ' ? i? i> > i*<m 7T?? Awmhn iivt \ ij ,urn d ut) i| iloiitii (>f?n r It* IHM i*< intMuMii | Vi dikiiUh r|j,t ? iu ftbln ?iia iitiou rntitM an * I ?? O* * l? 'V ?piMwni to *o *??"??<? 'iil> ? . .? im *?i i u >o ? >f 0? . r VumuiImiI bf thi< -i i.- i fully muiM U>? r?*r* mil m tautr. ?i fain to b* wwird Hm tli*f ,f N'.-m , ?Wwl Dutrtct A Ivor n f, m noi ?> u ?iu in i ib ???.? ?? Ot Mwara. ?hf?4xr, I, am* ?? 1 BawMlcl in o<n . OlOtkkaMU >*'ip oV-l "i?y o oirni *,.. 0 t MaplOiM Mtb?<B* >lvoH. ritUHr iMmta Itilt'.ir?.-ri ni ? <Vo not pl*o? Not ?m lo * vary '?? ?-??lo ? *i|t ??,, u Of Mr Wfe0?l?r in hm t u in > if titi , ?UI-1 to III! tfe?t th.?l'0 ? ?* tt f <1 .1 ?r 1 ?? (Wbei*r)et tfao ?ttorn^y'* offl m, rtoo- t-H i ? , ?h ? ii >11/ UMm la tbooaiv i>?rt? W ?U-n- H ut ? in?M Un b*na (????. t'tt i 0 >? aitlm* ku ?<wn u ?arwMl until w?in.? i?f Ml', *t n t i-j>vt a n ? n'ctoc H?a bw rofornW u ta ay <1. > b .< ?>ii< th? -urn- tur ?i<? 40t*oU'a 1 "1 *Aa Ml K'lpp o?n<?Ury <-> Um ant to oonMil. no tti* ? , * Of lltwdio M>1 UTillWrn^nrj *ai tho V>fi Iif < 1 via ?m ??" (nvwcm ut,' nrt?ia%ttf liual ic*1 m Uttlta tcprovldo tnt trio p?? Mat of * lo'trr ,< ,1 tfaa iw?m Tfaii fat ??l * aoeti nM "1 ?? M<f*l ft. bill, MM it la M ihU ??> ii< .fco ?i te, u J ? II b<* Uk? ta the U .0"* On* m <nt .# la IfIII ftefllty 0f Br?"Mra ta a?tborli*'1 an<l o>a ? i. torponM MM of oao4a. hViM latarrft at % n*f ntrf fir cdlrl ktl pp half yaarty, whlflfa ?ji d Ixx-.l ,,r bonds ah till he pa?ab:aln o'* I',* M"4" *?" aar tuu * Ii>-d <ftrr>y |jff y ears, for lh<* "Ho >j' 1M, or w inu' h h.rmi w hut t(J W "'V*il sums t iff idociiiifl bijrciuHl, or -o ra#'? itf ouf Ih pmed upwi i ? the Auditor of ttii' el*? Hro"klya. t*c. i j>u <u(i'nasws <>r r* aoiuu<mi ot t,.e Common Council Of lb. eit\ ol Brooklyn, baring for ??? objM the anpr .pria t>"o or pajnii ut o noaci fn.m the ir<a-iurTof *ald city, or for the creatm' of ?ny ' debt or obligation, ahall b?. oonm hinum upc t Haul el*y. unlaas the aaran hat Wo parsed by a in?j 'rttj of all Al.lerme alaotad Mi Maid <*oaam'n Council; and tha votes takan on the paw f 01 any suet. ordinance or resolution shall ta all oa?-<i he tak<n by ?y?" ?ud nor?, and an ?r<-tl on t he miauua 01' !? n I Mtamon rnnndi a?d n> d-?bi or <>hllRation of any i kit d h' ml b creitrd ?M inat aaid cltv ? leant by ordinance or I resolution of >aid ' .mmon ' ounctl, ap clfylng the ain mnt and object oi *uol> niitindltum. w.o. .1 if ant aldorman I if ihe cMv of Brooklyn shall rota for ih? in<" rrina ol' any tlnating dab; sgainst aold cli?, or for dealing any liability when tb tra ta no mouey la th>. treasury la n?y tli* s-me. tha oflUy* of auob aide man snail become un ci. <l ately >* ant up-hi hi* giving aueb v>te, and tbe vacancy thin. co-hU d ahall w> filled ill tne same man nor aa I* now pro vided h? law for the filling of vacancies that oocux In tha Common lour.rtl i-ec. 4. rh? Joint Beard of Mdermim and Supervisor* of tha rfty,,?f Httx hivn, at tli?-lr meetings, aa now provided by law, ?ball wimawi and lietennlna tha amount n oeasary to b?? raised tor rai-h pM-timilar purpose contemplated bv tliLiad. It t-hsl; uot be t wful for the Common Cnunell of aaid dtv, or for Ibe head of anv department 'tier,-of, to tranai er auy por tion oi me money so estimated and Aitermined to any other purpose, fuud or aocoust whatever, but thasurplns of any ?r prU'lon which inav not be required during any year for specific Purposes for atitrh sui-h sum waa raised ahall be credited to the ?amr account of the next succeeding rear. The proT'Mi na of tbia section aha 1 not apply to any moneys raised for tha expenses of the city or IiriKiklyti lor the fi^ul year lor which tna Uat appropriation mad** hy the Joint Board of Udarmen and tups'-vlsors wax ral>.*d. It sh-Ui not l? lawful hereafter to lay, construct or operate any railroad lit, upon or along anv or either pf tb>* a'r^-ta or a??nn?? of thu city of Brook yn, wh'revrr ?u< h railroad may commeane or end, unlaaa a ma jority of tfer. iiwnera of pmr?rtv upon tbe ativiata or avmvina in ?r hIoi g which Mi'*b 'ailroa>( Is to 'ie ennatruntad, ahu ! Irst petltli n the i onunon Council or said city therefor; nor unleaa ?aid t'omrana Oruncl! ahall authorlte the couatriustlon of mich railroad, arttl the?rn??t therefornhail!are b^an awarded and glvi-n 'O (hi1 person ?no will a^'na. with a u>qiiaie aecurliy, to carry pa <4enKein on Huch railroad at the lo ?oat iat'- <T 'art; hut no auob grant aha'l tie ao awarded until afu-r pu^'lit njttce inviting pmnoaala -.harefor, at a aii-cllied timi and mace, shall have bnnn pub llhl.eil i:n.)cr!he illrealon of ?.id Oommon ? Munoil dally foran we4-kM In lour of the pu''"o tie wpapera prntad and pub llabid lo the said city Ihii .n-otlon -hall not N"i d^-uixl to aff'C 'heotwiatlon of if apply to any railroad cinsirieiel and in oin-auon In said city on tbe 1st day of January. iSoI. The :'ills rt'i.aiug to ibB Vew York Fire Oepn'tuaout lisvi been to day gent to the Governor, and aro no* uwailiiiK his signature, wti i h will, no doubt, ho pUuvt.t ujot. ib(m at onoa. Chief (CiiKinoer H- ker tell to a*/.it for Now Voik under tbe imprestiioa 'ant t.h>i worlc h all 'tone. Qo taw met with good buooubb, to say the U^ubt. Brooklyn City Newb a ITbuo Omen i* -About the "wltct ii ^ houion Satard iy nigbt, ua one of tbo DlDoora of tbe IiiKiiector's Department wax pxestng through the City Hall i'trk, he saw an object smp'-ndnd from one of the trots which very mncii reee" -tome uufortunats gentleman who had "shuffled off this mortal coil" by tho aid of aiiUber sort of coil, namely, of hemp. On ap preaching lu'd imfortunato ,;entleaian. be nsm fouud to be an effigy, mate up of an old pair of blaok trowsers, rusty No*n frock coat, a battered til tok bat nod d<i.ipi dated pair of boots The h^ad was composed of a black iiiUii k- rcl'.i?f, W'tb pieces .1' paper sto.k on to do tlMv for eye?, uose and mouth, and tho #hole Guy like ufl'mr was stutluu wi.h Hruw. On the breaat was tho fol lowing puu-aru:? Theeiri^-y whtch waa very cl imstly got op, wij taken doanuml plit-o<i in tho Inspeotor'a < ill<;e. in tho base n>ent of tbe City Hull, wliere it was all day yester day an object of lutereet to the smt'l urt-hin<? who usually play around the vicinity. It would seem mat the pun ee who thus vie irtonftiy exajuted ihn 'iOqoxm ia A. II O. were soon aware that tbe p lice bad taken down the cQlfry, and that they forthwith prepared ano'her, ytincii they botig upnt tim corner of Mvrtlo avenue ai d Bridtre straet wlier-- it nil found yestonlsy mornuig, nnn renwi i d b/ t'i? itflcare of the Fourth pre cinct. It is generally un !erxt<Nid that the perso.i whom the efilgie- are tniru'h-d tti represent, Is il'iert H Oh born, c.ierk to tbe 1J. -ud of Sup of King^ county, lie ik < barg,'d will hivlrtr w r.tteii a lett?r lo ihe N <w uilnuis trriti <-aliiro;on the so ode . Htei s to invite the N?u'b?<D l?>rti?iK?of New V r)< au<i Vew lersoy to Keoede, ui I u tim >ttug h.i? Uteiieopto of tln' i iwotious would rMpmd. Mr. (>-b? fii, who u> a strong dewocal and a wami I ietil of the South, has it hi ?u.', fleoino bavtug v r it ten 8M? a latter, itnil treu el the matter as a joke. T1 er?* ?re pomms howei t -. wu i no not s ?? th>< j ?ke, and will mi to.'' pt the nlal. They, th rafore, co^-ngu him in etli. y to "tUe traitor's doom.'' Vho th? ara that liayetli s acted wmMW, Jury, jud^o and txecnti n or, i.av not yet he> n dito ivere.t. Rm.i kky oft SHtPif .viii*.?<>n Saturday night, the officers e. thsKoou.t prtcn.ct arruated Jobs Moua^han, Willia-n (traoley, .laiiii'H Harkina md .lobn Henry, for breaking i to the cnliin ot the brig lutinn Ab->ey H. Faano, iving at the l.mpire Iwok oi i a e-ilinu therati out a trunk, b king ing to t apiam Wi 'am Small, aad a pair of trowners. 11a. trui k wasraoovereu and the men locked up ttoraw Raiuwuh Acxidkut?On ^tturday afternoon, a boy Fnalerick Huff WUJ run over by a train of tare on toe Long I" and Railroad, at the c irncr of Atlantic ami (jr ind uv-uue*, by wtn h a leg and an arm 'v.v-< cruFbed and mangled In a pbock ng tnat-nor He v v < .tuoved hy oiticor Knn , of the Fourth pre.' uct, to li' t iK.eroc iii 11 an street w ar Uraad avca-ie, wuiro aur f icui a.-, us Mice wns obtained. Coroner's Inquest* Hcirn ? in a yrano* llorss ?About ten o'oliyck on atu - ay night Jnmt* Kee y, a native of Irelanl, 60 yi tra ot a?i . commlti*! nuicidn by banging himself in a cell c U>e Foiirti*ntii ward siition houie. An inijtMst was b' id on tbe ca.'" yeeterda/!>y Corr>ner Sch'.rmer, whea It ap)?nj ed -n evidt ni-o t'oat deceastal, wbo lived at No. lbO t?.*ter llrwt, wmi arrested about half past utu<) o'cea k on Satui j.iv eveuiug on a charge '.a o <atlug Uis w fa. lie was tafcan to the Fourteenth ward stition b'oisa an 1 pia?-<l la a c> 11. b?ing apparently lu a stat" of totosicatl it. \ -'..ut ten o'cl a-k Uie d iorman s aktS'itlon Was tailed lo <le. **aa.'d's cell by obs rvlng some water riintiln? trom bm.-aui tbu door, and on entering u? 'ouu t bira suspeudod by a woollen scart lo toe liars of ta t co l d >or. de was quite uoaO A verdict of suicide by hang ing was renue id by the jury. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sunday, March 1, lfitft. The foreign commerce of this port continue* to exhibit the name favorable f amrea that have marked it for the past three or four month*. The import* :\>r the week are nearly $2,t):X>,Q00 less than th<.M-firth :orre?poudm4 wi k last year, the fallai# offhciu;; conilntd entirely to dry gooJs, while Um import* of general merchantine even ffcow an inerease. The wet kly exports are twice df larj;e an those for the corresponding week last yt-ar, and more than three times greater Hiti those for the eame week in and the up -recite exporta since the l*t .lai' i'y, f<.r Um uiee years, bear about t ie >a;u - proportion to enoh other. The specie export of th<- week w in trifling, beiag principally to ilavanx H i' dry good j< .ibers have b*?n pretty act:vely eir> loyed dining tlie past week in supplying the Sou l.ern d> muud, merchant in Charleston, Ha vanitah, Mobile aud No * Orleans having HtaJj fltfiiuTt purchase* in order to avoid the duties imposed hy the new tariff of the Southern Cou feu rate htate* on goo<l. bought after the 1st Inst. The den.and from other BecttoM of the country eontiw t? moderate. The Custom ii ?use tables of the trade of the port for the pa3t week aud sin.e Jauuuiy 1 are as follow.-1:? 1*1' 'KT9. Fr thr 1KM), is*) lHdl nry r n.77?oi4 i ,$17-/03 (>?Mei?J r erciiMiJIse !iQ0>..1it4 l.SiOO'Ml il,411.811 Tit-sJ I ?r lb* ?"?* ti su.sOJ," 40 3,T.>J,Q*j PfvviMNty rcporM*.. '444.446 34,444,i 14 3i iift. . > Staot iM'iwy 1^M 42,073,Ml 34,M7,4'4V t xroMia it* PHoonn ask M otcntMasa. I4? ISO? l??H. rHlU fr.C ?h- wHt..,. IBM 4?l 7 -10<.S-VH IVlVWtuif npHtuli, ? 6.4IH,4S4 10,0.2.1 !S? Hue?J*ai?ryt... $7 461,401 ll.44l.JS7 21,441,437 F.ii' jtcTH or Sinn*. 14*4. 1W). 1IH f ir tb# wo*lc $.151 .1*4 HI 078 fWhwaly martoJ... 4 oi&.mm l,tt'7,<d4 tWt,7te r.n<-? Jsnusry 1.... 14 373,917 2,'AU ,14ft 1") Tbe negotiation of the $t.000,<MJ0 government loi.n will have a ?:> irk d effect on the b ink state ment to b ' pnhl -hud to-moirow afternoon. Last Howlty the bank* showed a sperie average of I Jh,004.228~an increa <o of I Hi,228 on the pre * iooh etiitement. ~inee then they have lost n arty six million* to the flub-Trea?tiry, and have receive 1 about $ I. 00.000 I rom Ca.ifornia. bo that to-mor tow'e average will not be much over $.< 1,500,000, a";?inst 12 08U.812 this time last year. Most of the mon y paid into the Hub- Pre:nnry on a count of 'he uew loan was borrowed from the banks, so that the column of loans and discount* will thow an increase near ly proportionate tottoe falling offin specie. Apart 1 fretn this unusual and only temporary disturbance to the money ui irket, tlio banks continue to ncco num'e specse, whde their line of discount* h I steadily ileottaing, owing to ^ae general stagnation ol trade. The advance of the .tank of Kngland'a rate of diftfoaat to ? per cent will cheik the ex I "rt of specie t< this con itry a result rather to b< unired than otherwise. We conid not employ the ?pfcie if we received it, while the effect of ito low in England might reaot severely upon ua. The demand for money has been quite active during the week, and the rates for call loans have ranged from 6 to 7 per cent, or about 1 per cont higher than those current at the close of the pre vious week. The tiupply, however, i? abundant, and borrowers fonnd no difficulty in obtaining all the money they wanted at the market rate. Aa the Bub-Treasury disburses?which it will do on a large scale during next week?the rates will fall again. Paper has undergone no material al teration. The note brokers report an activo in quiry for first class names, and what little is of fered goes readily at from 6% to 8 per cent. 1 tie transactions at the forme* rate are few, however, and only for the very best short acceptances. The European exchanges have been quiet and rather Irregular during the week, but had a ten dency to weakness at the close. The oloaing rates for the Fulton yesterday were 106% a 106% for sterling, and 6.40 a 6.37% for francB. The following table shows the course of the stock market during the past week and month:? **>. 2. JKb. 9. Mb. 18. ?? M*.X Missouri rs.... 4S* J*1* JJJW ? )I. Y. Central.. 77* 7# ex dlv. 77* 77* 78, lUadlng 42 *** ? b-i, 31U 82}i 83 31 82 ? Mich''Central. 61* 64* M* MX M Boa*jtunraDt'd 31 31 * 82 ?* 35* Bilbo* Central. 71 WW ?* 70 ?* Gal?aa 48* 8S* ? " 7J Rock Island.... 64* 66* "* " 72 Toledo 30 32 83* sax M Pinnni 112 112 113 113* 'j? Md eon River.. 42* 43 44* ?>? PkCiile Mai.... 81* 82 * 84 * 81 86* The week has been on active ooe on the Stock Exchange, and prices continued to move rapidly upward until Friday, when, owing to the desire to realize profits and to the lose favorable reports from Washington, the reaction set in, almost amounting to a panic, and in two days the greater part of the week's advance was lost. The new Tariff act, as published in the Herald a few days since, was signed by the President yes terday, and has, therefore, become a law. The last section of the new tariff provides that all goods, wares and merchandise actually on ship board and bound to the United States, within fif teen days after the passage of this act, and all goods, wares and merchandise in deposit in ware house or public store on the first day ot April, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, shall be subject to pay such duties as provided by law before and at the time of the passago of this act; and all goods in warehouse at the time this act takes effect, on which the duties are lessened by its pro visions, may be withdrawn on payment of the duties herein provided. An explanatory and revi sory act, correcting the errors of the Tariff act, Las also been passed. The following is a statement of tho earnings of the buffalo, New York and Erie Railroad for the month of February, 1861, compared with its earnings for the corresponding month of the pre vious year:? February, *????!? February, I860 38,177 $4,072 Tho following is a list of the Illinois banks placed in liquidation by the S'ate Auditor, with the amount and the value of their circulation on the 31st of January, as given in the report of the chairman of the Committee on Ranks and Corpora tions, made to the Illinois Legislature February rr/^nt Vain* Valtui of on Dnl Ranis. CirmWinn. Sbrk*. CtfiWA Halottftl $267 635 214 U* 83 Aun><a 27fl,906 223 6M 81 C.,1 .713 <03 875 80 Auiencan Exoliar gtf... 185 200 161,124 82 National *?.?? ?^.o40 * Com Exchange 270 567 2tSi60 ^ Couim<'OWi'Hlih Si 6S0 70 360 8' Houihorn, Ura> ?lUe.... 188,270 166,160 v<' ObMter.. ... Tr HI ,795 ? M 81 Ptke County 13o,37J 112 o*o 84 Qiiiucy 60.497 42,079 M (jriugd I'rwrl# 49 141 ?2 Hrirmrrs fra<:erB\. 106,TI8 88 OHO 83 Kuilroad 93 927 51 M rcbanls A Drovens'.. 65.486 44,ooo 70 6HJ1I 64,135 8t> Morgan County ?l .757 60,800 S The a^grepatc circulation of these banks is $2,726,796, while the entire value of tho uto.-ks, if they were sold at the price ruling January 31, wouidbe $2,314,318. Thia would show a loss of $412,447. The Kau Claire and the Arctic banks, of Wiscon sin, were thrown out yesterday. Their bills are bonght at 20 per cent diseount. Annexed is a statement of the buaines3 of the Augusta and Savannah Railroad for the year 1300. The earnings for '.be year were:? $fi-, 4?4 85 ?>,747 65 Mail ???? 0? Total earning $164,9iS 70 The expenses were? Transportation $24,112 42 Motive ponrr r 11,712 00 UaiiitiKuuiri! cars 4 O H) C2 Malntutubice way 26 ,*00 10 Total expenditures 73,375 74 *>t earni&gfl $ ?? ?li 94 Aud Interest received 2,084 04 Tntal not inoomA $?7,Si<9 00 Douuct mu rut ou bonds 15,270 25 Balance $82,319 75 Tho expenses were about forty-three per cent on the total receipts. The net reeeipta show a profit of thirteen per cent on the capital stock. The bonded debt on the 1st of January was $129, 600, being a reduction of $71,000 during the year. The company has no floating debt. CITY COMMERCIAL RUPOKTi Saturday, March 2?6 P M. A "ire*.?30 bbl*., at *-eadv pnoea. Fwuom m,?Moor Kill In miii.ue demtnd today, .161 pi ice* of deetfable Iocs wre lirm; anion i SO0 ObU. State and Western, |,20t? hbl* -Anthem an 1 325 bb!?. ( WjjuIixh. We quvlti an fol)ww? ? ItaporMM 'late fl6 10 i\ 5 20 Kltra 'Hate, good to choice o 26 ft 6 40 AfMlm ft 10 n h 20 Cntnmu tii rhmce Woatern extra 5 25 a 7 25 tfixed Utatraigbt xoithe~n & 80 a 5 M S?i?iKht to go*l extra do 0 16 a I io Cfcoiei extra (amity and tinkers" bran Is.. 7 !.'5 n 8 St Hye Hour IN a 4 10 Corn m*uJ, Jereey and Brand -wine 2 85 a IN ?Wheat wan hoary nml ? ah win oh oaper. * U.* 45 .r>00 huhtu-ln, at $1 40 a ft 42 'o<- white Weai- 'n; |1 80 a ?1 12 lor -i>?l rtofU'rn, |i 21 a SI 29 fo? Milwaukee olub; $1 19 R$1 If lor CilOHgn pprinit, an 1 $1 23 for <'tnuua olub <V?rn b i* b'lM in bettar do in id at lirmer prtc ?; i"?l ? 54 000 imabela, at 55c. a 60 for new rn'ted VVoat erti, ?J"'1,* a67?< v. clnein* at 66?<c a 07?<c for red mixed W.?twn, aud white sou .hern iio, at p. t. It;*?-talea of I '-00 'HinhaM. at 65c. ?? 70c. Hidey baa been la re q'liait at *t?ady prlcea Data?Light ??laa were made at lurmer rate* Ounn?rim principal aVea to .lay were 1,000 baps P.. >, at 13c a 13 ; J"0 big.* vtaracalbo, on p. t., and 60 ham .ton. in a ?l I2>?c per po<ind r.ntiN ? rbc demand ?u limited, md price* were nn ?ettled, Including mi Idling up'm i? at 11 a 11 \'c. per p mad. rbe reported Bales aru juntel to only 600 % 10O Mies. FKnoirr? ?The engagement* were limited to day. To I tTi<rpooi bv.sdiol* wb<-a? in hi^M (relet),at lfto.; 300 b"*"K baoon and 100 pw k?itr* In. i at 101. r<? I<on rti* 800 boxm Ixoon and 100 PMkagea In .1 at 40* To ()ia.V"v? 100 Uer cea Ia> d at 41'. t.i r?U?lw<y a bar It with 22 000 bughel* corn Rod wl?nt,ln ahlp'B bag*, at 14c. H?t.?'^lee 650 brJna at former pr'rre. Horn ?About 50 bales rhaiigiMi .i*nda at 20c. a 30c. per pound. IkoR.?-vmtcb pig wee la moderate reqneet at, aoeord lug to quality, $J0 50 a $22 50 per too. *>x mxntha. M itMteai.? rbe inquiry waa limited; prloea were sup ported. Nav*i ktohiw ?* fair dMBUl prevailed for common rotiio at $1 30 * $1 85 per 310 I be., <%ati npirita turpentine at :'6Hc- ? 350. per gallon; but older articlM were un Cliin?'<l. On? ? Phe demand waa m?inly for liiwoedat 64c a 56a. per gallon. Pfc<>vb<iitM?Pwk wm tiochxngi-d, .ViO bbl*. harlng beeo aolil at ?I7 25 for meet Aud $12 37H a $12 50 for prime, per bbl.; cut meaia were m inmlarata .iemm I *t HHc a Wc for ham*, and Bt^v a $fC9? for ahouMera, With Mice Of 1*0 packiirm it?f waa quiet, ODlf 150 bble hiring f.mad bin era at f.irtner quotatmna l*rd wan firm, .?n<l 400 bbla. and tierc e were *o<d at 0>jo. a 10^0 p?r lb. Nothing now in but U>r or cheeee. Pint.??Mice wore roporU-d of 300 tlercee, In lota, at $3 76 a $4 12X per 100 Iba. Sciiahs.?The mnrlret exhibited n? change The aatet amoo'iUvt *o TP4 hbda., chi< ll? 4)<c. a6<<c., ? ith 70 boxea llara in pa't at 5tio per lb. Whimxbt.?4M*i of 000 bbla. ham baoa aade at I$c. per getlaa. SHIPPING NEWS. HouiubU of Ocmb 8te?avn. rw>? ww. ^ JUllnMM U?wnooL fat Ml ??** ?"*i United Staee. Glasgow- Feb IS 'Stl?!* Glasgow tarerpwiL Feb ?'"2?" , JS Hnwiimi l|ii>utha;unltML IO..??f*OV Wl Nort* Brltoni'.*.*.?.. .UveryosC" ? jts Mi? !&?2fc Prince Albert. oalway Job M ????** K(m. Lirerprtoi Fea 17. .JLiFtirpoaw. ........ Feb 23...> Si 1:. SST.'..?_ HdruuU HoutkMBptuB. Mch L8....New fork bulled (Un**o-. BAM ?".?? "*?* Maw ?u*B. IIOBWawiAo*. Mek? .. *?? <** FiHoa guvtktavUh AprUS ? ? *"w Teeloula BobUu?ibp?o?u. .... Ajuili... Jf?w f?t run mon. abmm. Boston M i.?JA?fMl gSnwS?'.. .. Mew York Mob 9 linjpiJ Adrt?t? New Vol* Mch 9 rf.-?*3 0iSSui. fertlana Ben 9 Uverpool 5u??lasUn New loA OIM.W New York JJob 18 ""*?"? Bremen *"? *'"* Jf0? f? Vj?^^ North Briton Fnrtlew Mob W J?2S2 SET ::;:SSS**:::::::::: ::4??53 Bobsmlan >'or,1?wii ?C h 5" ~^lU*5Sw run oai.i?o*nia. Northern Light New York Msh U... ? North 8tar New York Mob ll....Asptnwab Artel New York April l....A?pinw?l KINGSTON, JA., BATANa, MATaNZAB, NKW OR' *AN8. ZC1.0?From New York for Kingston, Ja, ou the ?U> day of *^h.i,vuAB-?W?lB Nov York Isl uffltuili Havana ?tk and New Or'M>? 9th. From New Ortetas 14th, llavaua lAth, fcr Vtlrt?' nun New York tin, arriving a Havana Uth. From New Orleans 23d, Hmiiu ?kh, arriving et New *Cijuwra?rrom New York l!thernv.n|at Havana istb Ud New (trle?us 19th. From New Orlonasttlh, HavanaSJlh, arriing at New York S<L ^ ^ . mAmi; ri>R KKW IOKI-THI1 OAT. SUB BUBS 6 I *"'J" BUMS mo? J 9* urn smi 6M| w?tk* eve i 45 Port of New fork, jHtarcli 3, 1W0L, AT IV'!J? Buamihlp Star of theRouu*. Kaarnoy, Savannaa, wlth md## and ua&aatitfCfH. to Saui^el h UchUl /t J[i AM, 25 ualea L of Cap** Lo'?*? h4.? . *?? ?**d steamship Florida, 1'fboe for riavannah, U':40 ikA, vtean?.?ttip Key from l'blUd*iphia for <;o, ':?/ ^ of &****' Bieamfdup Columbia, hen^ 1 / <. ii?rlir?ioa, -.d, O.aU i M, off Atbecuui, i?aa^d baik L bioal*?, b./vind fi Hie?LEiihulp JamoHtown, 3kinner, tciCiimond, Ac, wltn tAdne ? nd tiBmiwiiiwriL to LlliUlilS & IleilliiliUli sh?J Victory, Ainaworiii, Liverpool, Ja" 14, wtth taaoiia and 207 pnnw-ngi-rii, to D Ogdon. All WfII; one btrtu. he > 117,, off Georgea hboal, wiw a iart(0 i-liip ?rub uour>le topnatlya^-da and r,Minted port*, Htcenng K, -Oih, lat il Ul, lua W ?, ww #htp F'yiug, bence for -<aa t'ranciaoo; 27th, off Nantuckot b^^p'OiUona,hLcavtu,aik?ton, 5 days, In ballast, to VT Neluon * Bark Old Hickory, , -nlalda, Jan \and the Dowua 6tb, with mdse, to 11 ft V W Meyer. Mad^e^mithernpaj um.rt .. Tl(i ret*It*d U?psitil8 but twioo. Fob 23, Lit 27? *on 66 W, WW to! aSb^ " Alport; 2Stb, latS4 46, Jon 73 34, Kaclflr.iienoe for New <irle?n?; 2d Irat, ISO miles .?i '<>m handy II?ok. Bignallieu brig John lewetL hence for lurk Wlilte sea (of bojton),, ulaiigoi*, Dec -J, and OreeiiockJun 1, panned Tory Island ?tb. with mdie. t<? iia {^ * Dlmon. Feb 1?, lat ?S ?>, Ion 67 30, aignailzed a th^? masted ?cbr showing Ouubam A I)im >n ? wgnaL Toe W S had nothlnit but W wlnda and h.^vy gale*. Bark lilaagow tltali. IUp, 1'ale ma, si day?, and 40 fron Gibraltar, with fruit, to Lawrence, (liles * Oo. Bark Feuelon (of BoHton). Holkitid, Leghorn, Nor 111. and Gibraltar Jan 11, wltb ragn Ac, to master. Feu 16, K Gondar ?.on, oi Norway, fenn>?n, fell trom the fore topsallyard ovor rarlT^fiuntuIn'*!unle, Yatt *, Bnpnn Ayrea, N?t 90, with

bidca.'o Yates* PorterteW F^b 19, lat 24 10. Ion 6410, apoke ?h;111 tig b hr Kmerald, of K.ui batren, with 40 ap on Utln*V lat 37, l?u 74 30, pa^aed a vuasol a bowapilt, painted ^iarlT'v'li^ma & t'stelllna, Wilklns, Rlo Janelro. Jar 10, with coffie t/i n,aMt?r Ha<l some 'xeak-y gal"? ^ lo 34 No da'A, li?t 29, Ion 64 10, epoke a achr of and from Ell ^ Bark aS'^.I VoTtt^mond, Va), MoFariand. Bio Janolro, J*Biuk iaathofohapnian, Aaplnwall, Feb IS, with, to J 1 Gen Green, Atwell, Cardenas, 9 days, with augar Ac, t?Baik>Brother?, Mariner, Clenfuegos, I'eb 17, wl.h sugar 4c, t?Barkt(,.eoilMlb?>in?% Lewis, Maq ta, 11 dajrs, with angar A<\ to Benuer i lVake hVb 23, lat *V M, 1 ?n 17, wa. in com panv with Hr ship Euiine (of Glasgow), W?t?on, from Ne# * "lturK"* K?G W uVxlge1" (of Hl u hlU), Jama, Trmidad, Feb 15, 'Bri'S^me^^ett, Santo,, 62 da,^ with cof 'eBrtR Addy Swift, Arerv, Mararaib"), Feb 12, with mine, to MauUit.d. Phelp" 4 t'"> l?t-> ia?i. In Cr.Htkel Ulan Bajsage, spoket'Chrs Susan Hall, trom luagua tor Boston, and Ae..i, from Fortune Island tor do . . I bnu Crawiord (o' Maolilan), Pm?ll, 8t Lucia, . eb 10, with I coppei ore. to K Talbut. U ?* experienced heavy weather, ' ''liria^EtwoUof tlarpawell), Kennett, Mataniaa, Feb 19, with md>e, t<> \Val?b, Carvar A'"ha*e. Feb 2a, lat 31 40, Ion avoke brig t**an Wave, from Malanza* tor Bo<U>n, wine dav scl.r <ifu llersev, from Matanz.w tor Frank oru Brig Gen Marshall (of It(ltust), Seg^r, Cardenas, 19 days, with sujiHr, to Walsh, Carver A. Chane ? . Bi1" it t Knliiht l it S?arsport), 1 ark. C?rd?na?, Feb with mgar. to Walsh, Carver A Chaw, sailed in ?^?m,.any wPbb' i^ Lmoolu, or li<#aion. In rftraita of Florida pd^od l>iii k Ki'iiira, b mod H. _ Brln i ban a (Br, of Ht Andrews, NB), Sullivan, Clenfuegoe, SOd.iVH, villi sujear, to master. . ... Bi l'gJ 1* KIiloott(of Hu'-kstioiit, Wilson,Olenfuegoa. 18days, with n'gar. to II P Brookuian Bri# i Belie (>f Bsltiui re), Ronson, Cumberland 1 or, i ei> 14. with mgar Ac, to master ? Nchl Samuel (of Baltimore), Jones, Pantos, Dec 27, with . offee, to t<rlnn<H, Mlnturn A Co. The eariy part of the p?? : aye nnd very heavy g ilea, ?all? and sprung a M'?a. Has teen 7 da\* nortli of llatt-ras with light, haflltiig winds. Scbr.i. 'd.tte (of Calais), Heed, l'orto ?:abeU > "eb 14, with I ide clle<, As, to .lea h'rye Feb 20, lat 20. Ion tki, spoka clir i e i graph, from l'orto Kleo f. r plea London Sehr Laura Manas in (of Nantucket), Htyden, ouraooa, lo da>a, ?uh a*lt, t* Uoval A Co. Bcbrf) hnttanz/i (of l-a?tport), v<>o*trr, Arroyi, l it, reb 14, with sugar, lo J V onalafta Feb M, lat 18 U, loo 67 10, rpoke pebr Martha Nichols, I rom .lai'k^oovUle for < n?>ol. ,rhr fc De Itart, Lowe. Gonalvcs, 'J days, with log<o>d, to Lelaheld ai.d Allsou. 8cbr Wells (of Greenport), Weds, Jacmel, Feb 11, with log* vtood, to Brett, Son tl'o i-cbr II L Tay (of Philadelphia), Shepherd, Cardenas, 10 davs w'/h sogsr, Ac, to J M (yoballos. tv'br L>'ttie 'of eoetor), Ham-no. d, Hamia, 10 days, with scsar. A*', to mast r. Has l)?en 4 <la\s north of Hat er?a 8 lir Ai/ti%(i?n1ner (of nurry), Jai vl*, St Jago, reb 11, with sonar, to Maxwell Alio. e< br' Uftou, Beuman, New Orleans, 14 days, with augtr, ^ hehr'jw? 'ins (of Eaatport), Pearson, PranUin, 20 days, with sugar si d tnolwuiea, to C B Leverlcti wclir Haasptoo, KJdens, I'ensaeol*. 14 "lays. S( hr Liura i.ertrude, <"*uii4>eil. Kern indlna, 9 day*. Hohr Ann, Cole, Savannah, 8 days, rflih cotton, to Duooara * sehr?L 8 Davla Ald*n, "avaonab, 7 days, with cotton, Ac, to McCwa^y. Moit A Co , _ , ftchr Pltndome, Brown. Savsrnsa, 7 days. Bohr r axon, I'Uiehford. VMlmir*t..u, NO. 7 davs. hchr L 1" mlth, Hllimau ^ lim.ngt n, f t), 6 dav^ Scbr .'i hn Ki r-yth, Appl 'get, * tUuington, NO, 7 daya. he ir Bui, III kin.ui * ilintnaton, i,i3,7 days fictir llerndnn < la-kell w h1 H.- gton, NO, 2 days. Sclir Howaid, Howar't, Newuero, 3 days. 8< hr Gal.ego, Smith, KlMiraond, 2 days Behr llai.ili. Winters, ttlelimond, days. hrbr MailetU. Gray Norfolk, 2 days. B. hr K A Mil Of, I leg <s)t, Norfnlt Sebr A UorMio. C??usiln, Virginia, 2 days. Schr M A ?i rgnn Bed?41, Vlrglnt*. 2 days. Blo< p Nsgtiatiick, Pen a:-, V Irginla, 2 daya. Bohr Kdwm Post, Pet It, . Irrinla. 2 days. Pchr Sophr^nl*. V an Name, ViiflnU Hchr Golden Kag'e. ^m1th, Virginia Scbr M Baker i rswley, V 1-ginli 'or V ati 'avw. Schr F H At>b 'ti. Smith, llaltimore, 3 days. s?hr John Compton, Kdt >t?, PhlladelphlB. S?hr Aler , Clmmo'on. fhilatl*l|>liU. Behr hhod> ila Blew, peiers PhiladelnMa. Sehr ("hail-s Mn>r?-, lngallson, Pkllad-IpBlB Scnr vophla uodfr-y, tossell, ?u- na %'lsla, 1 dsys. Pchr Joseph Holmes, Holmes, Bl'iabetbpntl for Chanse 'Sehr Justice, Lrng, PUzabethpo. for Narragansett Pier, hchr Gravkonnd. l< o, Provlneetown. 4 days. Rehr Tbomaa Borden. Hyder, Kali Kiverfor Phll?deiplUB. htesirier lielaware, I'annon, r'hiladelnhl*. Steamer Penguin, Williams, Providence. Ship Keven ie. arrived iast night from Liverpool, report* fin ad.lilicni:?Ian 17, lat 46 It, Ion J? 4S, apoke ship '? KlleB lioyd," bound K; Feb 4, lat ft OS, Ion 17. spoke ship City of Ki. rdy. from ttoaniBibo for Liverpool; 9th, lat M *1, Inn St, ? hips Monte igle, iroui Bomb iy lor l>?nil >n; < baa Wa?ton,for Norway, Electric, from Baiavla for Uambarg. BKLGW. Bark Kgle (We), from Measina. Also, one brig, unkuowo. tAlUSI. Steamships Vela SCO (Rp war), Havana; R R Cuyler. Savan nah Pros barks Kusn, aud /utretdouLerdt, (^ ieenatown~ It tad during the day SW. ton H larrllMtow. Tuner R C llano*, Jr. of *t*amahlo Hltr of the South, from Savannah, baa oar thank* for fartira Hhki irttA. * hloh h .<< been undergoing repair* on the wa?a of H Hpujaniln a> Kan' Marion I.I, for ?wt< p*?t, was la?wh~1 on Tuesday la*' tier bottom ha< lw?n ahnaih*4 with *inc, and -!>?? h.? been iiu it rood order throughout. Mho would go to Urevnport flm fair wind. Bum Aa<nt>onKU? *ark Bay Htal*. May?. at Baltlmirw, report*:?Feb XI, lat H III. Ion 72 MX spok* ship Indiana, of New York, which had tak*n a cr?w off a brig on th* iist; ? anted to know If we Oould taka them, but we li-ing ?n,>rt or wa'nr and the wind blowing beary at th* time, the ahlp kept on. ftp could not ascertain any particulars. (V'li* R R FsSRVt*. before reported sunk In vineyard Found, Ilea In II fathom* water. Uapt Tow*r and a direr n td been at aork uj* n her, out liwl not found any of tbo Bodleaof her ciew, though the direr ? a* down thrr? times The *chr 1? m> badly broken up aa not to b? d-emed of nuOotMt raJuti to raise Brim Dnnrak Tufiawp from MoMla for Prond?i.oe before r poi '?d a?bore on No Man's Un l, will oe a total I Ma, b Ing *in')*il<l*' In the day a'> .ut I feet below low water niva. t ap' M B Tower of Hn?u>n. with his direr*. Ae, retched the .aland i n Thusday morning, and would oom-nenre getting cit the cotton remaining on boar J the reaael a* aoon as the wan thei moderated. Nona, <ira?es of and from Wlseasset for New Tork with lumber, lo*t about ?Si ) pair* heading off iterk la a gale m theOfct, and put lout l'roTin *town 3Jd. Notts Ashors?('apt I'onley, of schr J t> Darling, at Prorl d*nre from Norfolk, re-mrt* seeing a schr aiboro near dlock Inland Lightbouae on the lat Inat. ntkawi.r K I> Fouo, Olhb*. at Prorldenoo from Newport, report* baring ?een a fore and aft srhrgolig mt i Mount llooe Bay with lo*? of mainmii-i; and sio >p Mount Hope, Irita New Tork for Taunton. The steamship Marlon, for Charleston, will not sail until Wednesday. Ath ln?t. Hchr.l R Mltfh*ll, Mirr'a, arrlred at Newport ?Mh n't Irnm Point Judith, barlnc t.Mn'c* notion t?n.iu had been sa<ed fiom the wreeked tchr North -Hate. Nchr Baltimore Belle para, rigglnr and taekla was sold a1 Baltimore Jk'ii ult, tor|hiu Hhaisfltf ton* register. Wissm'i Ts'iint.?Th? ship Mtwuimi of Newbury fort, which sailed I r>>m New York for Loudon 2*tk of ,No trSiMr, ht* not ?lnee |y*o hoard from A? a sarere ?>'* mg-'i some iwo week* after h. r aaJllnjr. In whics mt >y ?lnu* sailing a the saiu < tlmn ?lih her sutlered *er?rely, the wo *t fear* are entertained The 4a?e <nnino * a* dd ton*, bunt on th* ?*nlmHC by r<leuh*?i ln>anati, In M?t rthe had be.-a put In the beet repair bef ire *?ldng. aad ?att*o>4 s a ie* seL nh? va* nwred'ir Meis-s-iiuiner, HwHtev, 0 Jurr1*r, John 1 I'age, Hicha d I'lum-r, and a H flu nn*r of Hew <>r |e*na Tli- Ship -rid Irvtght w?re fully ln*ur*d, tJ.imi In th < Merc hant*'Mutual of Ne*? iryport, aod the r*maiud*r la Hoalon, New ? ork and Uthdoa t h* persons on board he lODftag to Newbur/poct, were the CaptaAa, Ooo U Bw?m/ ard ??1fe, tlto pv*, Mr I'oery Hir%jey, ae>v>ud oE*\ Bad Ooff licU ntoi, ra' tifiirruiLniKU AT liis.%HKh<rrivpOi?T -Tol W'a 6 T>iuiafi*Ki ??<1 <"-K|i i b?> I h impa 10 arr r lllug up a Mii'p uf IU00 uiiis I .> ?*aida > aid, M U M i ord mill I no h in ai><?ot ihir . week . Mtlno whip of at* ut, UMjioii", U> be J <:?* J?l II F Maaotj- 1l.-H.ra A r rd ar- about r**il/ to r?[<? the (tkuio of a ' hsiaaod t,f ?hn for t ws ? ?n> t) ir l A Oo, of M<att.<n. t N L Tti'(Utw in will i>u<:d iu >hn >utiu-yard k *kl|< o' about JO*) UM>?. tth' fru.u ? o! whloli i* nif -t-rj fro.ji Vlrg.f.ia. Mm i itooub k . ..rtina ht?t- at tlw.r vaid ?i iu? "LaiMlh.g," nearly ready to talse, urn fran.j* t>l i ?o aa'pt, uf 100 i?u <"Ack Lauh iiku??t Keuueimnkpori, Kcli 26, by Vra.ri. I? A \ t'laik, ? line aC"ir "I ?'! I1M\ n uii'd * ?i smalO'f, >1I h uaas liwn ? ul Ui a Urm la (il uoiaier; al?> b? the tame. a fow dayi slue. , k nuwrti-r ??hr of 121 ma. n t aal ilajor .xii ir:?<>&, y, hlcii ha* been ?oui to go to Bid . i onl The f'lllu ?lu* utbka *>???? a .ucw) H tae rwrntl ? ta tin barbu.> of New (fork, iki.t-so, ' lalti>a<>ra, vV Umtnr.tou. ?fC Chariaxtnu a ran Dal'. MobtUv Now >nnaa,4 and GaJ*caVn?-,Bt la teat aoooooW from nack of those an . o** fiteouuabtpa Hi brifi , Hi Bhipn 82 eh.amerv lii Bart. W ? Tot?i.... 3* IWIIi. Steamship* ., A trig*. 21 Sfclaa IU riohooaart. M Bart*. M Total 141 ?union. Btoainohtpa S Hn?a. in Shi pa 18 (taboonerm. *i Barta. 11 Total ? 7J wiuuiiuToa, a. o. Hteamaiupe 1 hrlp. i 8bl|>-> ? rtofcotmer*. 18 Barta 2 ? Total U OUILMIMI. Steamships 6 Hnga. 6 Ship* U x-kooaer*. J Bart. 7 ? Total 86 ?AtAjrvAu Steamship* % Jnae*? ? Ship# 21 ? -choonert. 23 Bartn IS Total 71 louu. Rtaamaaipa Hrtga. 3 Ships 2? ri.uonnra. It Bute. 6 Total 41 KB* ORA-RaW*. Rtaamialilpa K Hno< "11 Hblpa M ol?o??nara. 98 Barta 21 Total Ut OA 1.1 ? JTO*. Rtvamxhlpii I Brig*. S shliH. 2 "iebnooera. 6 Bart. 4 Total 15 Whalriui n. bee port arriralfi above At Ht tl?- ana >an 1*, Odd Fnllo*, Koto, of .Sat;Harbor, fr^m Coxsiof Alma jiuttarr. SU .l.inK hciiu, Uuwland, Nit, to CI-Ulf?. Off do Pec 28 lysonldn*. NB sbip Kp<*<l*oU wan lust in Cameron Bay, no date (by Pouy Expiru). j% le'wr from Tapt Smith, of s'np Mm?rva -^myth. NH, re port* her ou itiKleruiue tiround >o? 1. with .ISO np .md wa, all told. A luter fr im f!apt of h?rK Doiuiagi, MB, report- her at' I'aia.laii '.7, having ?Ui"ped Sills -p l>y the Oourur. Hoi. ud to 'f m!** to r?!criiit. A letter from the Urstotlicerof bark Clara Bell, Kl*het% of Matt, .f)o to her .t Hex Ian 15, no lnt, Ac, having taken 2 to wha thai mad> <>U bblH S'li^e louvine I'ulia A lottrr from t:?pt Bi*tle, of ahip Sarah, Matt, reoorta her at sea Ii.-c 1, with jrir ap. Spokrn?Li c 13. lat 11 N, Ion 30 W, btrk Anacoada, faun, of and from ?B for Paciae. (tpokoa, 4hc Rhlp Indiana, Hoboon, hence for NOrleana, Reb 21, lat 'M 10.1' h 72 40 Hiuk l/oui.ia Eaton, from Galwi*ton for H^vre, Feb 17, oCC Sar.d K< y iS?!ir .-ea Gull, Howland, from t'rovidenc? for Baltlmuie, Feb 2il, 10 liitlcfc N of Smith a I aland. Koreljtu Porta. Amot, Dec 14?In port cbips.-aow - |U ill. Lloyd, for NTitk: Kate lio. pv>r, tolioaon, for ilotig Koug; uurk Oarrie Le.auil, Huiitb, titic. aikimo, Feb 14?In port b*rk EOhup-hlll, Carle, for S'/ork mday?: ngt. IJ llall'ick. Kins, for 1o IU. Euma, :'ars ms, for N Haven 10 ^hin Ruby, I racy, for NYora 12, Tele^rtpu, Rovfra, for >orWiCh 2. t aki'vms, Feb 17?bid achr K L Tay (not bark H S Fay). Hhepbeid, N York. CuMBlLKLadi' Hahboh, Feb It?In port bark F C Alexander, Merrtman, 'or I'biladp pbia <( <lay?. Foochow, Dtctl?In port abipa Florence, Wadsworth, tor NY< tk; fanch.i I'anza, llale, tor do. ll >rttio, f.ilm- for Bhanghue liofto Kofis, Deo 31?In p<irt ohln* Flvimj So id, Hardin;, and SamtiW Kjsjm-11, Wlnche 1, for yVork; Mugtiaher. i)>ian nian; Mary Wbitj.dg^, Crewiy, K?pl>< (Onn . H?lio.". ail rent, <;o\?-, for urn Franc.soo Wiz ird, Wo ^otrte, or Manil;t; Aleiuiider, i-uxler i .iti.artne, Hivter; V'oitnu\, : Mt-mnoii, liKiKsn minw M>niinna ISrtii ?, w-r. m?n. Sultan, brii). an. Vlcymou b eave>, uin; n-ti \m burroiva, tiud Aibri'.i, oregoiy, uuc; andotiiri-a aa IrtTfoie ,1ai mf.i, Feb 11?In pi-^t ?rhr Tlann&h from NY'ork d ag ViraO, Dec31?In portahipa K ize, II. lmea, for New Vork.. Fruncia f i-ji'-iaoll, !? r tl:i? ina May tjuern, Jordaa. for do. W.IRAC.AH10, K'b 12?In |i it achr -ea Foam, Bun; .am, from Ctirai tjt arr 10th,?to torn1 tor N> ork. I'ok'o i ai'H.i.o, Feb IR?Ir port "fLizzie Husaoll, Todd, frotn I aitim m. for 1 "r2day* 1'O.NCK, FeS h In p..'i brig iloberl ?t '?e ^ard,'or V Vork ISth; i"cui Mohuwit, r'tapl'-a, tor lialtim Toahout 1 iili PO' T *r 1'kifck. Feo 11?In port brij ilonticllo. tioreun, for St Mar*- to 1< ad for Hoaion Kto 'akki o 'an l:t- Arr .'rem ship Meta, 'lartina ., S?a Fraticleco for l.lven? ol. put In for rrpur* >M ytti, ti.trk l'tr Rtnl.. A Ectelltua Wi'kiea, NYork: ' 'iuan brig tlond ir. K?i ni.'is do Itltb, barks liambiii Ki-ari, it Itunore '.terra \e ?ai.a, lo?'er, Faimouth; travel er (Hr\ If <ud l. Mobile fUAKtiliAK. Pec ?t? lu |Hjri atnii* ^)K>rtaOMn, Thum >a in, f T flYort early; hald F.agle, Nichols l.nb.n.uti, il.'.miU n, .in ward, J?*iikins bpirldon,rdan A'eatern Contlneut, C tUa can, and White falcon, D'i m mind, una; barks -it .r King, Smith, tor ft York; Kate Haatiug*, Fruiter, Sion ?; Monekn Md'aaiin, and ill'ai, .ouse, uuc; brig I.!* U K ^ot, M ifhi-u.-.e for ftagaanki immedi..iely; aad others aa be ore ieport?'Al. Sa5to'., Pec 27?In port bart I' II II.Azelt.De. Coomba, for NYo'k ,.?r days. Ht Lucia, Feb 10?So Am vessel tn port. Ham? > Feb la?in port Dng Kxecutire, for Philadelphia about itith. WHAorOA, IVc'l?In p> rt ahirs Conaet, T?ld. for MVorfc also reta.rfd at Ma. 101, Allot) lh rnd.k ?, T.i radi* ??, for 11% <ana: f^omd.1% Wood, for ><a'i I rancl c ? aJIii a, Williams, Quet n of ilie F.a-t. llealoy, and ttev-re, Ki???.'), line; c'ba lenge, icflt'.tng; brig ttellta, ftralton, uuc imttitM **?na. ATTAKAPA8, Feb 8?Air achr* Wen St. mg Smith. InUi rolo <ard ?ld fir Baltimore'; Horace ~la|>leit. Uiboa, ?o >1 Hd 6th. Mchrs laaataa, lltliuck, Biiituilore; !)lh, M S toott. Lord, NNork BOSTON, Muirl>2, AM?Telegraphed, ha-k Neapolitan, from Hewtnia Old ?t.'nnier k et>-.nrftoo, 1 'nrker, 'htlidelpo* ?hlp I'lty of rtoeton, Seurn, Liverpool; bait* ioorf llop-. 'lor don, Port Ellziljpth, Cull. All<e Carlton, Itowe, Otyonne; K F I'tinff, t'llaej, and tohri Orltlln. I'*rk, M .va i**?; Cephw starretl, <lregor\, fi'/Tlenim: br'g Kilaba Doane, leiring, rt it timore. who .>cten<-e Brn <*n wenrgoi.. wn, ?> ' Cerlio Or" woll, I'll) Polat and Klchm nd; K II lloniloy, Mck?r<on, Mortol*.; Kmtna O Ourtia, l*unall tangier; \ rinvll >1 <?r Cnn. Haltin.oie Lady HutTo k. Hak- ?, Hu.Udolphl i: Howard, ..ker, Nnv York. ?.d, Artud dA', liaiki 6'ipbLt, aid L Hun*, lrom below. BAl.TIM'>RK, March I? \rrst?\m?hlpk Bulil n re, i 'e.Sert. Havana B.ti DtKihu, H ?llett. tvuMn vt i > irl >ik; khlp Mf Xootb, Pcwud, Talc-tbuni; bark Hay -<t*:e, Mira, t*oMS; bug Moonlight, .tuial!, raletmo; wu a Alica, Uaf1?; .? Ho.if, 8f>. ask* ami ?' A fnx.k, Everimaffi, N' Yora. rid Mhlp* Tucker, 'aylor and Hui -fna. M,-St 'k-r, Liverpool; a-hri V Hccu nt, l'ark"r. Mliven; Vunkee lk?."dl? Van >'l?r M'Ork: K L> McCl'nfchan, Martin, Chart en.on Aid *bip Mac.i'i ay, Rogere, ljivt-i*|Kv>l; acnrtt .utireo, I'ln-r, Kalminith. J?, tiMrn er, i'hi nt *, Mien ford rtbLK.\^r, Kcb ? ? Arr brig Ch.?rl'H Kdward. hut", 0*r dmi, f.'il, nohr ft Clifford. -Tinte, BYork tid iStu. brg* J HI Mali b io< Catharine 'iciielk, Hatch tfrora ' r.iakfoir, Savannah <haiw.Iv TON" Feb 77?Kvr steamship -on h Car din*. Haxi'V, Ho i'0, ehlp *tn V Jwnt. Wileoi Uverpo.l. ''rig J K llboadrx, llal'i noi-r ('Id chip ?\cba<iip% '"i in-y. Llveipo"1. btrk ClarcBoo(Br, Ami?trong, do; wur D K '?r ntr .arrow, NVoik. Mir* ,;ldiJ e.?t, . rrlll, Uv.'rpoo : Amelia MrKi^cb', do. I'nitna A^rv, ifavr*, Otdi-ii ourk Kunny Kin-hnai, Latigr. Hr?n??n; bnj, Mbi-rt Adaiim, ? "o-i Mo*, Hoot u; I'bo Mar/ llale), H ilry, nad (.harlot 6 .thaw, Hba'v, ? 't'OTgntcrn, So. llAMrioN KOATii', Maivh 3- -Arr (by tol) alilp Klmtric Spaik, Bakpr'? M?nl rr> t.iJer1. HiiLiH-.S* II Lr., Frb V, t M?At wh'-T B Hodj ian, Prtnrr. tianidr'i for Ncrloik Id -chin r ylng Arr i>v, r il Shannon, Knuir^ V?cnib K h ll'ggin'. hmm ? !l!r sin% Marrngo, ilrar r, i?i.iiol*a, Ci-U H-inido i, lj/zt? V l>jer, ( t'tiii uowl. O Air Hock, it Miller, K <i Alltard and Kojlaoxl. S'ith? .rr frhr* fMl\t>r M FHilt, C'ark, ll wton for Card.' nan, K<?1 ian *! Prtrv. h.* Icy, and Wh!t? squall , do 'or Wllmlngtou I>ci; ACorilery tVi?, d" lor Wilmington 1 0; Mar?ba i?#?, Clark In for Pbllade 'hi*: rnamoii, (ailh men tod tnnUdtl I'oraavlni Ihcc.trgto nfllir Oor.'ta Irclaod;: cllve ill ncl-. Knadrlck, liai ? i h .?? rhii idn pbia. Arctic I'mkinn >iwhuryr'ort lor .ieiTgetown, DC, Mali, d'< for Philadelphia. , !/?!, d ? for Vp# Vork. Oeor.r Walter ita?i", and lieane, Rich, 'm\l ic-n?n f ? New York fid *br? I' ??, ,io?'%h Aehorn ? H >io l< n ?n Ollvrr M ?Vl? l, tiHli ian M I'nca. WIum Miiiall, A C >r4e.rj, Maril.a ,1-mt, Ulire i-*n I.. Ue.irse Wall?r, :?nd iietn M.i rh 1- Armrh'i. bmtlt. Ntek. raon, W l>mn#t n NO for Bo?ton; h Snow, f j|riib?ih|>ort fur I'.irtUnd; Foroat <)?k Uanl.'U, W l.lle.'t for Tani; cr, t %; Minna Hnvd, Hfb. "an, Cuitl", iind IMi.neer l)anl In do tor N vork; I,ogn ? M inu-rp , t, Me, f rdo 1-irii'iein iir>ven, Wl>.ra?<0* for d'?, Oregt n, nr.ivr?, H ?-kn<nd l >rdo; .'li illnui, -m th, .?'roviace town fi r fl imoelpbi:. Ill A v, w,nd ?in port, tl'e ahove arrlvtja of to da and Hchru Aerttc, Dale and Konoutli. I fb i~-Art hi1|j? W A ?w>ar. R.e'.t, hi! i:m pi re, BMUM New \ rk r - r. rU* thug Sea, Mvrv'k, A'aif hum I Id brtg tnlr..c?>, labbnt, OUaduDUiv- hark '.'ei"?. 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Hoaton lor haltim re Innac Kicli, t m* II do f >r Philadelphia; I.ltl.e * eiyer, Meuuilm Portland for do; Fleetwood, I'atterion, Helta-t for Nor oifc. I A ?* i na?e, i? k?r, l>ennle for do; Otter K .ok, T..n* anBen f irctotJ vv liodgw. Fr.ocii, and < harle* ih'ina? tljm uth I r folk'. Ilelen Mar, Wiekcraoti, it.a on to' H .Hon . e: * K ar litle, Hlder. Mobile lor I'rnvnlenoe ?" M?tid bark Tot^k- brig Crotnn; and nvirly all others getting uud-T weigh b> go out I'KNn ACtlL. A, feb 11?.\rr *cbr l? rt M'"r?hon. Allen, Phila delphia, 2M berk Hanne, har-iena, Itlo Janeiro; ?-'?rC * Co*1 nor, I rann, ll tnoo I'HU.AOM.PltlA Mareh 2aS?Arr *hlp Wyo'olng. B'ir ton I.lvwptiol; l.?rk? t'arlu.e, Paek ird,'>aa <*. Imper?rt?r, Huhbard NYi.rk; b'lg? Hamming Itlrd. .'iittk, Mrmlua. 'tor Hull, Arthur. Oat^ienai; k ich ''omm-ven, Barn?ii, Kavti tel; ethr Kieebnor, R1 *v N York, Kt^amer 4o-c-n, 'rotter do Cld ahtp Snianak How aod, l.lvernool; brig fiy ng K*<.?, Lord. Cardena*: ?chre f. 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(ro"m .-o 61. *1 bo chok 1' ? , ou Tutt-d&T, M?rca 5 ?c at ibe W?Bteb> au>r l<ouaa, 0 to or of Ur>?vnn ureal and Mm bow ? ty, al 7 o'-dn-k of that day, to raorlT? reompta ef 'a ma VJKW Yl.K l!ITY A*U OOl'WV LKJI OR OkAUfRS I* fwlw We ' on-'i*.?Tb? moothlv mooting of taa ab*<-? hi cl- ty uii ic belli al the .'r nonao, o.rn> r of KlvmwK?i n.i 1 i.n ? rr nli>-e<?, 1-0 MomUv Much 4, at 8 o'clock t M by order of WALTtfK ROUUK, fiwUNt, VvTTk '* Qcadf, Ret). Hern-tar? X O C'.KHC'i N -lUE MLMtoitft OF TUB rtT\T?. h l|ci-tn AxMK-ia'loo are rvqirt-#lrd t'i meet at ih^4r liifk h -adiju 11 tf-i, on Monday nou ng, March 4, at H o'clo- k. J M Lib NjilH, I're-Jdout Pio len. ' a McKi.waw, Secretary !*rotam VJK^Tt r dl> WA> BO.?Al-L f vMILIitS WHO AKlift i ' li' ir to orotv rty lo for?l|u i-oantrlea are u*r?l>y ontllMid h thai tli-r* la .? iu uiii or prnp^-tjr 1 vying lu bar t> r irwaurj, England, .'1 .d In th? intnd-t of ?iUintuiUrMar* tirti/untii# 10 t? raioia >n the L ultrd itatc* anu t:n^llsti -uae ult a, o ^ hiol) their 1 mniadlata attention '? koMcit-ul?an .oak le- bow > Id tl- claim, a fun rtoord of all the ri?rn?^ tMdt p- ?(??'* ?"d tUoee to #hom Let ion ihauld o- ai ditv<H d in ir-i irl : 1 Will h* eai poet fre -, on rmvnpi of tnlrty wiiKor ? nl'rd lai a poi.tajjr ntaanpa. by return mail. Of '-i n ' < S OU v >i? \ lO., ?ol<- i>r<>pn.ilura far C'aii. d 8t"twi1 Ha? M l, Ma*. VTOTIOB It> " -vleAYBAd ?iirKVCW ?r THH <*1*. IN uusM MKT? of Taji-ja and Aaxna^mnn'a. Mo. .11 l.'haubwi aireet, We?- Vvrk, i*n I. l-^ll nat'iM la h veby ip*aa Uio aaaeaaui-ut KaiU ol h nl vud ? r>?<m?l .at>iei>f thnntg an-l ouniy of >i:W Yurk, for th? year Utfll. 4-111 bn ooec^d -j? ItiMida), tbe ItUi liw.ani, for public luepK<;llnu, and wUi etar t)Boeo|?'U until the Hah day of *prii nen li.oiitn:/? >kll pa) em arc ?nu atly req iaatad to call and i-i,?mirvn tbn n ca lb 01 drr th >t an> ai 1 ?? n 1: e 1- a^ni- tiia may Dt; oTrnewad. Alf<>, all peraon* -n*.l> d by la# to rciln-tlou of t)i?4r B? <a, br w"i ? 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Board ol t!ur?- -r'aorr uf n".\ &,< -.<>? m?Dl mrrrl or )?-r vmal -*tatr im)x>MOit i?iih.m thlaa ,jjc*mi 1. kI all ?i;i"*.-, under oa'h or atttrumil ni tbr.l tb < v <.<?:.,t< grlavi d mr? ma . to attend witblb ?h.j period preacrifc- ? it tli<- ravracMon t?x?.', b\ r>*i 0 >f .u-k/i"i* er < ??* firi.n> thu wt>, (lA?? of inf.W, ehuj.ter U. -mwj.i <o 9i> A. I. WlA.l .(*a?S, 1 iVamj <wf J ?W. A LLiif V or (alW! .i 1. *i ? BUOWV, ) t nitawinitiii?i T'.MM.iNY HOC7F.TT OH COtiTTMBTAN OPO'?*? tri th-r?a nw la' rnee'ln* o. thui loail'tlUoc il be V'Wd In I ? Conn -tl ? t. in>ber of tv> n-"?t Wi, ? ?m, m ? a. day rvrn.ut, ihe ab Miirch. at b?n *n boai . 'ter .t," t!n? r; tu- -er. Oar.oral <nd pun ittetidanoe .? iv quraird > or.ln f \ 1*1 K - M-l-.. iir? id t-.juia. ? ;a rr.n f1 'iriLna, B-*r?-tar "aua ittnii. rr.. hi of 3u"*i?. 'I li rd K on, 'ear of rirrrry !VJL r<' Fnd'ix-ndencc (V>th, and of the Inslltiuioa th? rrirw awnttai, >.; m- r/o* o- dir".' ?rs or rpv I nr* Vo>k ino vir^niu-irtamah p omntny *111 b.- b?-.d ? r Tix-r-a-, M.?.rcli I sal, betwern 11 noiii?? of 1. at'd 1 F v., at dtr odioe 4( th agnnlaof .hi ??ul< an). No lia I*<?'?* Way. Hi*l ??drvft.N, rteorrrji y. TOIE CORVtTTHK ON -.hWl??ii OP IBB BOARD a? 1 Aldermen win no?t e*?r- ?t. dnuxiav, at 2 o'okaMt P. -4 . in mom No tt'Mtr Hall. I'uriir^ |n err-trd lu a"^ maii-y" btlora th'iC >11' u.tiee Will b ? ?uop|i ?rliinKy o* Im-o < ,v, rd. HiCllAi. ? H ->HK?, 1 Corun uw K I A lUxiui' 1 on T X'.y> ?nr-k. ,IQ>'N II liKAOt, ) Beirrra TTNITtKHITV UC NEW ?t)HK MBUIOaL 1)KP*RT J n.rut a<-onnual eoaonw nerra.-nt of iiio Mrdn%u l>* tiartir.i nt ot the liurr -?liy ail! b<- hrld on M md-iy rr-n'm Var-'h 4, at V1. 0 clock. In tb" rh<t>ei of ihe I ntriMit, v- a*hlnrtr>n ? oar- Ihe aildt? a 10 thegradn tea will '-e ? r ?l by Hi '. root. 'Ibe protrmion and ptib'lw are rw liet'ifuUy invited > 1 attr.d PKK80KAL. Al/.tJ.Pl *ILI. HNO V. T ho 6N Vt e*t HoumIod at reel, by ?.1ib* at No. 1 - Ktcatr trwit Si" Mh<hRK O. Vi hKITT ft PRfcOKDA ARtS ?? ? in*- .J m rail on ?? wri'.aioth" iuti?rfl<cni for a lefc t ..., fMifartk?B Aity mms k" .?'m the ad tii.wi. t..n u.mi ??j i-nt unnl 1*1 tin* would obllgo iijmib*. luun.oatltig Uu s. ru>* to A V M A H St CO., 34 and 35 couth street, If. T. K W M.->~'illKK? 18 A LETTER TO* TOW AT the grliciikJ l ost ollloe, addrraj??d "Mr W. Willlama." LIZZIE. M PA It 11? IOC WERE UO'W.l TO Tim 1HJI ?atre, I presume. Can you not write me a Ilae lhaa morning?not a ri t?a ? ne-and 111 lorgivayou; thattalf 1 wl 1 etperl it IS. XIIKOEN' \.? MAN '"Ki ?1I>KH-.KDTH8 A :i!1ui !#r 1 to th? child, by belna rnn .>r*r by on* of tb* Vlnth ?rv M.e i-?r? on vVa-hlaglon *uwai. noaf Tn-y, on natiiedar U<V, tli 3rt Inatnnt. wtll. nfar a farar bf sending hi* addriva * Mr. ? has Mc'Jartj, >'t? 771 Washington street LUMT A\I> KOt MO. 7 OHT I.*r?ER P tlT ? F Ni l* I M Hi. i, 184U. \ S, ?? 1 j p.iic ii-e ' ,1.x ? mWo'i la -if no me t ? an on* bu> m, tmner The dnd-r wlU h ault&'.rir r ?'a.'-n br li to the ?V.rr of ibe owwii, W kVa *r utr-ei ' ?w for* oWfii , UN* L(#<-T- A. *lf ''i.UAiiUim luua, ?>.. l'tlr* 7ih I t fc* niary, In which ?? ? a iitta ?'<urd by L. |4 v a. k ? >x< an* i>tgn.'?i ? ' <). ijiiHitm. h> ? d * h number n' r^*n, wl:l'h in-of no v*tuf ? >i^n. to th* owner, X W. f' #?, envlug the same ?; 'leaiule , C)o h-ng "?annfar nnv; Oara' pan> a, u-2 IlKViiwa;, th* flu dec will ae w*u rewali >u. I- OflT?eie"** ' K AMD BWRUUT ij [<Os;*: "vr ra tn thr name > I ?C4 carsfr-.|' "? i -<en oi. tiir n?ht nd<> nn<! <me on'blp. Te? doll. l^ri at No 9 n?id?y or 1.1 Lit iiikkI' i. ?? b nvTeMtit ?<|'"ire IllfiToK "IIII, N?A VI'iMif ?M)0, M \|)?, rir -~i. i r Coleman and endo b H*oriic Cnleinan d?i>'4v nfc. I? l.-^l payable In twel?e m"bth> at tl.e .V'.irke i'nik. "*?? pu die are cunlloiii-fl a^a'nat uef ot.<-tjng .hi? aaitx., tu ptyt.vaa ?a ?t.j|?ped. i OTRJHEI; V'tH'-r. IftTu lABbK /I# (Ta. O H e-1, Tro. klyn. thU d*?, a bar ile.n? ?lib bi^-a I -?r Th- -" rat ^%rp h'm i<y pav?i\K f r thla ln?erti >n ??T: " fik^ling OWKP d\K*?, Ifo k*t?. ?treet. ??? ?? V wicwA ?p?. |?t) RRWARr .-'TP. A? K I> AMAV ON Ititt Ti;r;.V ? I' <5 , a rro" n hl??-k at -1 he v^ore i-"w.v-d wt-1 W paid hy reuirninf It to Kln?. TTf> Hrtvmie ?' f?> PEV AKD ? ',0?r, ?l 'ThKltAr, A ?< MAtA PLATS -? and tan terrl'r ' ?i: ?nfcn to the of !U?? b<v?er will retu'n b?r tc ?6 twenty amh ?tr-*. wiM :-w?l*e the ski r??* reward BRWaRD? 1,' ST. "? r<1 'jAV NQRM1U IN it ? I*'I Ins from ?*!#?? i aiin'ti* and T "*i?n(y *'ith -tf^i w? Mlith an uue to Ti D'T-' ti t1! *tw?,cBe f.- * u w )U I4lw?. wtib * me ? itale and lT?h 'ulj, M'K, 1 ln?l i* T.;? ?ibni* re*' ant wl1 U paid by lr?r.n?{ lb* i ngat 1M *e?? i?jo.? elxtb utraet. Jb C HP'* ART) ?I/OHT, A BLACK AND Tt^ IKWt tT" mu In la/t Mr; kaa* Jaak. Return io Sft W-?i iji?w toa Mia t (Jiin HIWaRT).?lout, an Ri?Ari?; \rf? I * " t*n Vrrter ?'th n r?-d ai'd ?hit'i nnr i n >, , annwc-ra to tb? nam* ot Trip *i*\ a ?'???> c d >r?.J r**'. rl> rj iirawi r?'o ttie naf e nf ATa'.r* "ire d'?'lar< ea>:li ?n l>e ii Jj for their ti um t ) .u?> A ?i Kou-teeoih atreal or b irhaagc piaivi ? ?;n R^M aRP-T-KK < Plf Vf Trrs orrioif" JM; Ijeyion A WTalnwria'-.t, I" WHli?m j'.re?t, i.n ij?k ' * ir.rn?ara * Wrv?*er wUl rrutuU w1U r ?* '? 110 rewaid, and no <4ur?tlon* a^)le4. HVUr-'TOii-K-A I'AI IT HKtiWM Ml'. V I " (aa H irn , flf ' eo hand* I ah, -filh a wh' ? -c . a h'^fri?bi?d, ?V'ut -a jr-?r? oil, Itlfr. wr.fM P?a * tia?rir>(k*?>ii. I'lalBtteld, .?ureii< coun jr l^ing lala>ul ?ak?n on taa nl#nt o/ Urnii 1.1*1. #*? will be ti d Dr IM >? urn of fa h?r<a and %l., lur the arraat of tke tblaf AHKA-'.AM KRM-IEM 4?1 r;/\ reward wi; I. KH PAW A/fT prbhvm ?6' I 0r n r In'1 rtnal!' n o' Atnm t"e*n. "ho wan at on fa n "Ml" i i net from *?<> *1 'an-a n.reet. the atvw am?a at will be pan! and l ognnilni a-ked; n^e. two rear* M10H a Kb (l RR8M. m>fi i ?* \ HiiTPLOR I.'RITI ph, 2rX>D B^tArt^^TOM ptnK oonnf of ' . nr i , th r fawiiliea elm-le (rentli'mea. w -h or ailnout lloa-d at la I* d hoti at alt nd^t .1>aiil?h, (Jerman an< fre??? | atf'fceii ? miMRI^ RranMH. ^ ^ SKWNPAI'KRS^ _ Mme dp.mokk rd ynar khl^ mirror _<>r Pi?hlna?,i*nd'naururaloai of a Bring Hp* im aler impmT,. nen a and ??tr?nrdlnai-y au?v?a. Oar aim 1* ni'W a rlrcti. ivinti oi 111,I>11 aud paet aueoeaa Jit.a llliia iM* e?l?-e?atl('n ?. p-oa]yaa eai h number laaiied l? aatna^l. ?ii ia1 to 1i? wotIh ilo' tne firmer on*. frantNn I: No I - engrarlng*. eolii ft i*?l K*ct f"0 1' No 3?*? e"*rarioa^ ".ill) Part No. .1 Wo i? n'Mtrtj IO' engrarlBga. Bra- edlM IM?0 .luat rMji'tntii-r. laulea. neadj 10" eogrartnga ?a tai|.rd In Uie *p Ini. Iinml i r now re ,dy. o?iy fire '^K^awM in' n* refill %tid ifMfth.n m to tli^ 1^*4 I %dv fa?!ilon-. than all th< other tarlnon m??**'n?a pill togothM. tie til poet paid on the receipt a o Mat*, TMriy. U oaala.