Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1861 Page 3
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liLRK AT AIMTION. iRHKBT WUHTIMRm t.HJP?.N *0"> , AOdWM I ? KKRR. ? 3 MiMVtsy ? 'Vi"liawt'.<iiil>lvo1ri ri.'m UdMISf M ?I? P. h ITI K-S \T P: DUO \ I'flliM. Tbe proswrU of a **ntl man Usvi?m fur Kir>p? *rWw?l 1*, octa? r a wort ruuof >rt> ??!?? ro DnwM Room MK M ranting*. by enineet * Krmok plate pter IM BMnwl Slirror?, wm>m> aad Un rurtains Hmiz- ml ormolu Chaadattar*. *4*lli'?i > civet i'arut>a and ?.?.,!<? Hugs and Ur-sden ctlw rase*, |hMm VroaN*?ndmarble statuary ?oofcaases, OwW T>Mw, M Kx tension Doling Table kud Rafei, u> match, 4'aIdi I'luner iod Ten 8W, ViMintau anct crystal ,r<r?ved (ila*?a?am. , _ m>Iio Silver * are and *he:!ield Table Cutlery, 'MM Mid ormolu cio *? 4n< Candelabra* to match. RowWMid and iu?h'Ht?i'y Chamber Furniture, en nulla A. K K'IMKK OR . c FIN A C?>. auc ion-ere, hav> the MM* to announce to iber frit ad* and the public that thef rrtl ?dr, r at ouMlc an Hon. no this d?jr (Monday), at It)', ?>iHorfc all the fur^Kureand .Vorks of Artron Waed IB ii>? elegant rwHd<Hu? <* dura bam. H?|., 48 *e*t sixteenth street, '*itw??n rtftb and sixth a^eaaea, toe ?Iiilague comprising the largest and riehnat afsortmem of V sns ?hold c imlturv offered ?t auction 'hisseason: the bouar *M*'nrni*bed six months a*". and Ism perfocrorder; tne .'?reiture wan mad* u? order by Roadotn, leeb R Well, and h? the beet deecrip'M'n SB's peremptory Drawing aoom*? Elegant nrouie and ormolu Chandeliers, Candelabra* and Brack?La; auperb mautal Mirrors, pier do.; rvanwaid Draalngruom dull, carved In fruit and flower*, sovered in satin bronatel; K.trge.-ea, ?'ai't*rj marble top mtr rar doors and back; ueeretalre anc Bootcav. tin- d with ?a in a ?>d; centre Ta"l?, Cabin*la, velvet, medsllioo OtnwU I"*'. embroidered iao* ?'urtalns, CornVes and Shades; *r Raur B onzes, representing Chevalle de Mare, Night and M-trtung, crusader*. to ; Oil Painting* by tianaey, Ghap ai a Martin, VanderpiM and other eminent artista; Garden* af 'ersailas and L,uiem' ?rc, by Davids, Immaculate Oon Mptlon, bv Legraud. Klemlan intarior, Fruit and flower*, by lanny wlnwr Koene on tbe Danube; ormolu Clock, ruua mr ni nth: Kevree and Dreaden china ''rnamnnta. MAGNIFICENT 7 i lAAO'OdrS, r?ed lece and eaee. round eo-uera, flnUhed a'I round. Inlaid With Mtuiwood. a lid p-arl kevn, rianwond rttod, MuhIu 9?<ok?, embroidered Ololn Cjvei; Mimic Hack, H%t<tand, all ?-loth, Brunaeke alalr Carpeta. Re Chamb?ro?Klchly carved in-e?ood UddnlMd atria Unit XIVjil(un?ui and Oomin idea t?in-'trb; Wamribeaiureeelnaand Toilet lahlea; ^hartnjaud kstaiidii; Oouehee Arm 'Thai?, 'uruli h, Shailtta, Tor nl *, Uair Mattreaaea, I'alllaasMi, feubrr Beda, Bolatera, >'11 iowa, Bunketa, Hb?*in, QuQtn, oouatorpaoea, decorated aiiiua Toilet Beta, Oval Mirrora. DlMINti Rjf)?, ?oMd oak Buffet, ricklv earved; cak fcxtenaion Table, 1# foot draw, berta'patent; Armchtlra, Butler'a frav, Coucbea, 811 verware, cotree Urn, < >)?ter rumen. T*a lieu alx pi-'oea; ^4pkm King*. Egg Bland and Boiler, Cake Baskeia, Caatera, f'poona, Korka, lee ritchera, out. engraved China and ULaxa aare from the celebrated home Pee-nn R Co , farin, viz: De eau'ans H- hleta, Cbampasnew, Wlnea, OaratT*. FVult and Preaarvn Hianda Punch Bowl; Sheffield Table Cutlery, Table Linen, gold bai.d Dinner rtet-i, decorated Tea Seta; alao a large aaaortment of Baaement and Kitchen Karnlturo. A oom r 'est p-raon wiU bein attendance to paok, ahlp or remove th- g oda N B ?A. M. HKlPKlI* R CO. <?lll ^Irn thmr par Ueuiar attention to the ?ale of foranuru of fauuliea decUning W J ekeeping. t LBBKRT H. NIOOXiA?. AUCTIONEBR?WILL V eell thla day, ^Monday) Ma nib 4, at \2}4 o'clock, at Die ?k aa.esroom, Ao. tu William Htrect, regular aaie: ? ibK Mauuf. R Mer.Bk. 1U0 SO sha North ctiver Bk... 88 '.aat Htvrr Hank. Z"> *il Corn Kx -hange In*... SU ? Montauk ins 90 W Chlc-igo A S vV KK .. St) '">ew Ammrrdam Ins. 116 W Meroliania' Mar In*.. I()0 Ohew York R bi-ie KB. 101 2J Ruaolute In* iij 40 Jenev City In* M) 14 Hunterdon C. Co 60 26 heiief Inn 60 40 Houe In.i 60 40 U. B. B. S. Kof. Co.... 100 20 Br?vo-irt Ins. 81) 40 Vlerch. Mut. In* IU0 60 Am Kicuiioge Ins... 100 Vj ommerce lu* 1(1) 2} Btandard In*. 60 40?xrhan^e in* .10 R .uOl. l-ee county (Iowa) 8 per cent bonds. 2,000 C.oL Plqua and lud>ana K R. at mart bond*. 3.600 New York R Eri? K. K (aaaente,d) bonda of 1871. Next regular sain on THURSDAY, March 7 (tegular Auction aalea of Stocks and Honda every MONDaY and THITRhDAY, or every dny when required, at 12,?? o'clock, m ILa stock aalenro<>m, 62 William *tre? t, or at the Merihants' kxehange, 11? nrelerred. Sticks and Bonds bought and aold at fvtvate sale and At the Brokers' Board ALllr KT U KIOOLAT R CO , ?uctloneera and ntock Broker*. No 62 William street, near walL BClION NOT1CK. I $lz,m? " Orth of rich and ooslly Household Furniture, ?leguit rosewood Pianoforte, mn?nlflo>*nt Parlor nulla. Wer iiud Mantel Mirrors, English carpets, rich China, <si., OMnprlaing the entlr-. Parlor, Chamber, Dining ttoom and Ubrarv ffnrntture of Dwelling Hou^u mo 162 ''est Twenty first street, between Seventh and Mgh'h avenue*, faftng d?y (V ludayi. at 1114 o'clock l*y R' .s<hlL v 1 ks.k,'..iTI, Auetioneer. fhe hoti?e 1* repleu with every e egsnee, all of whlih was 1?> U> ord?r or imported for the pr- wsnio^ner Kndlain per condrion forming a most elegant collection of everytlilng ble 1 or amatjy and f ah.onahlv furnUhed residence, all 'hieh will be soil without reserve, to bo remove<l imme ?ily from the premises fsKLOM, CHAMBERS AVD D1NTNQ ROOM leear.t rosewood Pa?ior Suits, eomprimny two full suit*, ireri m itch brocade, made by Terfa** A 'aalz; Uw ami . 1 'urtau s. Mantel and Pier Mirrors, valuauln Paintings stir, rosewood Centre und rier 1'abl-*, 1 urktfh 'lr* and l ounges, in veKn ; orussrls and Velvet i'?rp*ts, jf'.c Cablne.tx. two roseunod ftteg ?re?, Mohaio marble I'e aeKtale, rich Chlca Vase 1.'' o n>-r M<'gr"es, I'reach Kngriv. Ing^. JKseriioire*, French "h de?, richly cai vod row-wood led st w f, 21 large hair Mattres-es, rosewood ? ri *<iug rilll? IH, ?a.-h- at d china follet eta, n-al Ml: ror*; rose* '>od 1 'oatn ?er "tirni iire en suite; lete ?.T?',e*. Bofaa. i<ounges, Bronae ?loeks, Kr'kers. fted* and Bedding, l' ar irolifs. Extension Oiiilug Table, ri.;h Hityerivare, ,sp<>ons. Forks, caster*. Coffeo Urns, >obemlan and Indian Cnlna. ru .y and eryital Cut 0'a"*, two Sofa Bedstead" o?k Arm Chairs, siip?rli oak De?k, Iron i?afe, ore of Colt's Ave barrelled Revolver*, with a Urge ranety of Kurnlture and aou*e Furnishing Articles aotbere mentioned. No po*ip<inemeat. Catalogues at tiie ken-e. ken will be in attendance to cart, pack or ship the goods for purchasers. * RJCTM aORDINART OPPORTUNifT to purchase SL. Aich and costly Household Kuruuure. Elegant rosewood Pianoforte. Rosev ood ?'a-lor Suit*, In brocalel Faiuable Paintings, Artwtie ?troui??, Marble Groups, Re. By j. W P'lltTKIt, Au". ioueui, Monday. " arch 4. at the elegant pr rat? rBsidenje, ?BWest Fouruienlh stre i, a few door* from Eighth avenufl. I'ommeneing at 11 o'clock precisely. Tbe aale comprises the entire content* of the home. The efcjgir.t Parlor t urnliure w*? made to order, and la in solid ?-??ewood ?rd satin brocatel. The whole ill be sold to fhe v hett i.idder o>-cash, ram or shine, ofliri g eitraordio.iry feuue^nit nts to purchasers, a? tbe ctire t urniture of tne Rouse is new. having all U?en rnado within four month", k rgaot rosewood 7octave Pianoforte, with aolld pearl key*; eost $H00 Muslo, Cabinet, -tool and embroidered oover. Three elegant full suits of rosewood rarlor Curnlture, In floh broeail- and velvet, rosewood Btegeres, splendid broni .-s, Paintlnits, rl' h Vaswa, mar'ile Pedeats-ls, t l.k and lane Cur ta:n>, Turkish Lounges, with Arm Chairs to mutch; eentr.!, ? fa and pier Tables; Florentine irsnlAt Rnd pi*r Mirrors; ?tmseao and lava Ornameota, rosewood Ru-eaus. SedstK.da, Cbninbcr ^ults, superb Mattresses, Beds and He.ddintc, Ixnnges bronte and aptrhle Clocks, rose?-ood and coUago Chair*, two Sofa Bedsteads, Extension table. Silverware, ilch ct.lna Ivory and silver (Jutiery, Forks, Fp sins, with eio Eat ruby 1 lass of every desTlptl'r fortnlni;.? v iitiitble col ?tlon of Hour.'hold Furniture and uni<ju<> and rt-chercbe Vorks of Art. The psxls are now d:i exhibition by catalogue. Sale to commence in dining room, at 11 o'clock preetsely. He > men elll be at the sale to remove the goods for pur i.1 A \ JTION N'lTICF.?M. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, " -vlll ?ell cu Monday, March 4, at 10j, o'clock, ut aalea tlrn' a generHl assortment of Hnuaeliold Enrr lture. ?.nutating lu p?rtof eolid rosewood pallor Hulta, ?overall Id bro- atol, mahogany do. Id hair doth. Bni?vl?, U pe*tr} and Ingrain Car pets, library and ?ecrutatT Bookuaaea, narb'e top e-ntre Tables. eitenaion DlningTablea, Cuttlery, a>-<igat y marble top Dr**?dng,Bureao?. Waahstanda, Bed ?iead?. bair Ma'traaaea, Pailia**ea, Lounge*, together with a general aannrtment of oilloe Furniture, Dehki, Chain; ai?a, (h ee W lld-r'a patent Iron Kaf?*, Ac., Ac. The whole to be yairmpuirlly sold to the hlgheat bidder lor oaah. AUOTiON h ^TICB.?OROORBRY AND OLAHRWARB? Hy ,!. N. H. H A HTLKTT. Auctioneer. on Tueaday, darch A at 10 o'clo* k. at 2mI Pearl street, positive cash ule', in lota to- dealers <>t n't kinda White Granite. A UCTlON NOTICE ?K H. VAN ANTWERP, AUCJ &. tlor.eer. will sell at the More of W. 8. A R Matthew*, *< Pearl street, a large a^aortment of White Granite, Crys tal. (Tut and Itocklngbam Ware, on Tuesday, March 5, ai 10 o'clock. Drat firing *?le. UCTION *ALE Or CROCKERY A>'D ULAHB.?HBN .'A K> it EVa.NH will sell, In lota to i.ult the retail trade, ro rne?J?y. March ft, at Mo'clock at 85 Mul<l"n lane, ? gene ral assortment of Ulan*, China, White (Jranl'e and Cdhiinon Ware bale positive, and good* carnluilv mpacAed for whip AIXTION NOTICK.-MORTGAOE HALE.-THIS DAT, at U o'clock, at HEtLt IMIKaHaM'S aa'- mins. 2fi h? H"?ery. uil th> Pixtuna, Htock, Ac., of a Keataunnt and Dining haloon, Counter*. Keer rumps, Chairs, Table*; a *?', large barroom Mirror ('rookery, Ol ia?, Ac (in ?? ib , at II o clock, wi'i b- w.ld. at 175 East Forty. : !inh M in t, between First ar.d Second avenue*, the gt utocl I iirniiuiei'f a (!?%, ooinprlmtig the usual varieties. A I moll NOTICE.?BUR SHAM'S FURNITURE EX .*V [ir"'acting H>t*MI?hment, III .lid 11.1 Aoat El iv 'nth I awl, between Hfth ?nd .-nth avenue*. Household furnl I A re Doted and shipped to all parta or th* wo^ld L\-t* aovert-u ? *gona for lemovlng furniture of I'amlllaa. Furni ture at-red. ? .-"KiNtE't" KALE OF CALF AND ROLB LEATHER.? 1. A M ( KKs ! aL a It. auctioneer, will a< d on -^educ'day, en, .ary 6. at 10'j o clock, at 15 Jacob street, a let of < tak Mid t'ijolo<A Ltaibur Unshed Fr> neb and Ameriotn Oalf Hir l.ip and built leather, Ac.. A p. By o. d -r of H. EISNkK, Awrtgnee. ION KAI.K ov READY M\DK ."LonitNll.-A. 4. OKI I a I.Art, Auctioneer, will nell, thU lay. Ma en i. ?j!\ o*c ork, ai nowery, a large a<aor*.inont or aeaton UM'hlng?imta, rants and Venta. AUo a large lot of jta and ehoea. Dry (rf> Ac V JOHhPIJ HBOEMaN.?TUBdDAY, MAROH 5, AT ?? I o eioek P H. at ill Arteipbi atreot, near Myrtle ar 4c?hx<cutn'?' Kile if Uouaeli')td Kuriutitrn, ennprlaing . ureaud, lablea, Herla'eadf, line Feather hcd*. Ueddin^, A:. * XjNiTABLE'B SALE OF BOOTS AND HHOBl* -A. M. V 0H1HTALAR, auctioneer, wtl aell tbli day (Monday, f * wrh 4, at I0>? o'clock, a large aaaortment of l^adiea' a id lldr?n'? I'rnnel. Motorno ana Patent Outer*, nllpin-i*, Bn*. ^sn*. < ? iigre? Halier*, (iiford Tie*. Hy urd'->- of DANIEL A. MATHEWrt A OO . AUirrfONEKRS. t TilIH DAY, (MONDAI) AT lOij (PJLO.OC, lfi PROMT OF HAJkJCSKOOM. <M K1 ? \R HTRRRT, * irder of "in it. I.add, conatahie ? Irat MLurict 'Joitrt. ?e t.nxerj- W iigon and one top Butcher'a Wh* >n. T- ro atB. In ciirreet tn'-ney. fiJloH itl)l>hm "at AUdrioM pmCKH-u,(?? tlrA <J rlntli* JO eiich; l(l,l??i Tullr*i, I ?arh. NarPHwa and t f -II. 2e. ,?cb; Haminciilu*, in eaoh; io i?ilrop?, Ml < h; Ac , Ac Now la Ibe heat llm" of year 'o plant ow?r*. Artdree* P Murray, IW P' trl *'r?e* ? UI/OW. AUrriONKEK J, TOR*' HAWS OK IIoUeEHOLD rUBWITURB. , LO A' A CO . will k-11 at auctliA on Wi> lne?tiy, ?rth , at 11 o'eioek, a( rlo. 1U W?t Twentir ^econd i/? . I en Hair ham! i?lnto avennea. by oriler of the rie 'l ri f I'.uclt alley. dUtAaed, theentlr>" I* Ptn IAn d In t?'d hon?", e,.n*|<ilng III p*rt of nr?',oi(Hny rtofa* 'ia?lr?. marble too i'lerand ? 'entre rable*. Pier iflaaaet, Kt I4U.i i Tabl-, Alritlng lieak, u.uho;? oy rr iirh H-d*t?iina, |>re? in(t B"iear. Dr ?rJcg T?Mea. ceil and Keddltig. h nA and c.ian?"?r>- together with *n aaaoitment of Kl'Cien Fur P'tate, with which the *ale will c >m.nence Oatalogtwa at tl? auction'er'? ofllce. No. S Pine ?treet, ih,.K"K II- I ' OK, AU( l.tNKI ,-VVlLL Hluti \J thl- da? (Monday), Mareh 4, at lot,' o'ol >rk. at 37 l**t TwelOh *'reet, near hlrd aTenne, hand^ ime l?OU?"hOld lamitnn'; Mohcwoo.-.?Juit In plnub nolid bla<'k wa.m t tV*-d r -.,pl?te gla** front dre?a Hure.n, mirbie lop totnu'ch; hmck w*lnut ('heninler, rope?ood mtrblc Hii dre?*lrii< 'table* Lounire*, oval M rrora, Um? and hr v .?tel nr'a na, ( ornlo^s Tapeatry, velvet Hrum"l.< and wrpeia. Ollclotln, Knga. Mat> hlae< walnut ??*ten de, < iialr* to ni.iirh; ?hl<t' china dinner fset, eut allrer plated F .r?? and ."tn-Kina, Uei rlgeraVir, nr. l)f'D?t!*, Ac.. Ac (Ulaloguea at ^al~. rr our. /"I'UTfOVKER, NEW HOWE it V \ N11 Ml.I # ker *tr?rts, "U? Monday, a'. II Jo'cl"< k. (*-?unter^ J* >.vreen*, Oil 'ana, llwrr nnd Othere-M**; Pill ?? ?mgand'iher Mlote*, I icht W?? n llloeka lAin,-., t .? en i i ?*. J.I juoia, DemlJ'jhrt#, Di ug|lila' B >Ule< aud i'mi. in. AT AIHTIO*. Ilf '"Hf ',l' Al'?T10M t H -VotDtV MaHCH ' ' ""** ' ? " ? ?.i?. W *iil>4n> .traet c'.v '' ? *? ?? d\ ' pipe 'tin. 3 o+t ! ua Jt ' ' *"** mt" ! .. 41m. at tSft'olopk. A qumrttlv of tin and I ttwy i.tuxtm, rlkaw a, IJima and n* ? <.o a- -mi! "?? ..m i,- muu HK>{'ln -Mi , f",'Kl'?' Al :On"NKKK._ HMKt n / ?i i k ^ ? w1' '?'H*1 ?u-' "ii r>ift-<u? 'runi1! fc. at I? o eli-k, la tr, ?( ?f th, . m s? ash,u Vr-T a k ^ tXHZ 2* '*'*rv 0:4 h*nl> O'** *?'-"? fed a ?, >1 ,nd '"doulle or ?!?*? b.,n,.,. i,^ jIMt :wrg b-,niai|? ' he en n<rv ft^n wed t - hJL ? "hi t !'?: U i? ?- n.?< W <.,?'!!. aIwuhkiI >i *I- rtarneia fc... been u-ed about Ave month J*nHAKn, ?l'fllliNttK- ?;U sli^L THIS day, %l If ovlwt |t >73 OHi?lbam -q'i?re Fti-nit^re, or* and x-inud hand < tnu-ui. >< tunr i?rdii Oi<?kn, HI I iln'li g?, ? u?nd-oui*t KftN' f'T**.in Tie (4i ? i?id other Dry tl od? i-iva a. utlerv, uU'?<>r>>. Ac.. Ac MBOiiTOACK KAIJ. ? I HOI CVUtT KB ? errner o'B-oadway ?nd "a-k p'* e I ?1" chu?- U? bo eold ?l public anotl-iuoo pJu?r i..T, tl -- fth Uy of UatcM. at iro o'rluek A * ot ilia' da) at tie hoi?l r.>n-r o' P?/k place *nd Rroadwav, iheentire fu ni ore aim! ??li?nr?ia eon t.iffd in naid p'ecui?". cnim-i inguf 4- ta-1 HH't ni i'r u ?fl" at d Ingrain a [?ta, ?I tui?. Hnrc. ua, Ce hh Tabl. ?, ,-o'ai- ''ha|r-, W a?h<o>?l?d-<, ?>r /a-ir .*?><, lei?i'unr Heio, Bedsteads; 1 innn. iron ?? ?? ? *r ."1 K tenon "urulturv.* JAMB- M A-Rnli<lh!.. Atloro- y. Mull I uA'ih Ha Lr> ? I ? it I. '-V'.sb tf ?? K 1*U U> \t ao 'i, n on Turnd?y. the Mi. tn?t., ?t 0'4o'.'Wck fa*n tn>on, at the Art I nl 'ii < otKk-rt Roooia, 497 Hr ?>t ??y 'he Hape I'rope-tyaad l"i?tu~< eontm "il used, tn-r i r w'.ti 8<*i ery. t uriali>* ?ud ?th?-r KUtun-a ' rau-ixtr* o^'t?, Lntni?. (*1i?ndelleni. Tahl"?. ''liatrn. I <> k ng lituan, i oau Urn, heer f umpa, l<aa and oi ?? r r'.x'urra l*MK* M aHHINPR, Ki'.itrnef. SA J. HOUAKl, AUCIICNtBlH?>l?V>*r, ? Mur^b 4, at l<"? o'ch-'lt, *1 '>? r?iu<, >ii, 1 ^0'tu * IlliaiD Atrtrt?<'or* ttble-? aale.?I^ii nf : Vea tnfr*. ' a??imrrc?, >!i??ry. hiJk?"ch?<-r?, d<>x?n (loop Mri? su-r ? ?*!??: <*?<'biiiaa. ?'ancv tlooda, Ac. A l*o a lot of eboice < ? nan- BlnU. ?'aMEN 4UL1.IV4N O .n-'able. O A J. iK'Otkl, A! rrONfcKti .-rUKIUAT. O March 5, at II ' nek. at the sii-4t<>o ro in*. No. 1 Worth U hUum mreet?Mo'iiuuie ?.lr uf Houkvhultt **ur otMire, enn?i-tln* n# a p'nHr>il asuortniMil of lanor, b?dromn, and ootl<t?t? and kl'rhen fornitare. "tt.yea (t-fn*?ral.>r tablet*, Clialra. r.?n>e'?, Ac SB A J. BOG ART, ArCTIONRKK^, W i l?l> hRLL. <>M ? lufuday, March ft, al !(!)< oV-loek. on 1pivm<w so IA , K*?t T*-enirneT?-nth o'reei, n?-ar M*d ?on av-uun, ak-t ot . Manbloery, ooniiM'D< of ll?no*j?ihe<, slid" K' ? ??, I'nm *ut- I ting I Kib?, P anerx, ( oll?hinR Mach'iie, fib ipin* v. to.nli?? ??-er J Cuiliog Machine and Cu'tern, l?r llinit Xaebtne, s-nl? l^ttbn, ^ciea Latt e, t bucka sbaluua, >;o ipUng. I'lulev^and H.-lt trg;lotof loolaaii'l Cnatl- ** H nrhc- l'iatfo-<n > tilloe Leak, Hailing, t'hair*, <)iindat<>n?. A>l WILLLaM WmKM. AUtMlO.sKKK. WlLt. A&Ult M thU kfteruoon. at two oV.l ?-k hi lit ? nitl utrwt, a Parlor Suit, two Pier tJlaaaea, rwn M*nt> l do ; ^flindng-; Lace fcnd otb-?' <.'i rialua ' ?at e, Oftllng aud Tea Taiilea, ologant ?el?e', tapeatry, throe-plv %nd .<Ti r ? arnWt; nil ftloth*. niahogunv rrfmh and rotujft- ll?<1*i<'?d,; H.ilr Mattrawea; Feather Urdl; Held ut Or- nslng Huiswi^, Dianda; loilet t.'hioa; U'a??; ^a-m-oUw; liming Kooin atid Kitchen furniture: fovni -ofa?; (..uinanA; line Ai' , . '-Ihei with all the other furniture uaua'ly f jund m a well 1 umlahed hou?o KOH 8ALK. Am KAKH CdANCE ?FDK SaLK. THE .???)!> *1 U btock and KiJture* of an old eatahMabed i?ry u , wt< Htorr AIho a Fancy etor-. botn d >ing ag'MMl ?min-v< Situ fncW>rj for aeiong Addreao Kry iJ-ridA, Herald oflloe. AJEWELKV 8TOKH run nALB?a -iI aJOUOH one ot thr pniiclole th i-on(en'are? of ;lie c'ty; h.u? been ions eNtahhthed a-Hb a p od jobbing trade; Hie r a.soo 'or * ling, poor hc.ilth a vo S chant-* for * in >n ?1 h ng t > be gin bu 'n%A*. fat t urther purUrt,!ar?a<llr"Aii Jew-ller, Hroad way Po?t ofilce. Am RARE CHANCE -FOtt sai.f, thk <t<?ck, kjk nit'ire, ?fixture* an<< Oood Will, ~>f an 't'd '??tabM-h^d Xnglinh Shade*, In one <?! thn ;-m bnoin"-< l<K-*tiona In tue city. Applj to K La VRt S 'E A N-j 62 'aat Four, teentb street Am P1RTILT.EKV, COKOIAL *NX? SYKDP <?A\ITKAl. taty for m> or exchange, *-ltli mnhinerv, ?tilU an l ap purteuui pe? i ompi'te and lu good o'd r bin been doing i grt>d hu^lnef't 'or the la?t 'onnern year*. ?'-ld O'l aorooni of tfn dca'h o'ih" puiprie'or Apply to hi(Al>L.KY HuTt'H IN ft, 42 Kait rourij't'ta utreet, I'nioti t.(|u<ire BBtt-UAR^ maMK?V ON RHOlI)**? F R rt vuK ? The'indiTicf1 h .lf (nlrroit in a '>mt elana ? I'mn now doing a line run ot ruainraa Addinaa B H 3.. Herald oBl-?. BILUAflD HAL' >N, CONTAINING T*i. T*RfjKS, AT . C.mol f'M, with .. Le.ise of th- ?-hnlA bonan. Rea son for telling, ricitnean ol propJelur aud L>dy BBA'CVitY AND COMKEt TlttNTRY FO? 1\LS. WTTH good riven ard >>Ii the fHrilflles f<-r do'n ' a 1r<t ria?* trt'dc Apt ly lmn . dlately ou tn<> premnt a, eorn>-r of U^ood way anu ihtity flrat ?tr?c DININO HALOON F 'U 8ALK AT A B \ kij A IN. ?f* A ? prlnc'pal tborotn-' fai?; l?ietirnhUi leAse; handaomelT tlfed tiv: v??!i e?t ''U .hed, doing a first cUaa ru mey makjntf btii'ineaa. A rare char oe. HOC I'll WICK A WO<jI>, 83 >aa au atreet. DBrtlJ HTORK KilR SALE?I.N THE SF E.VTH f? *D, old and iell e?t?b!l?h<'d Ii a gooi lo-nt|m for bu-in-Ka, and aImi lor a i'bysic an to get Taoiice Will be a iM fbeap Inquire at \A HEKLKlv i UaKT'K, No ?0 Be^Wniin atraa'. Excellent chamce FtyR a m\n amth small r.teana ?A n?a'ly Ii'ed up billia d. wine and l*g->r buir Saloon; rriit < nb $4 per nioutli: the ren* it psid ap vt the'at ri Jlay. Mifat'lJ reat-on given foraeltlng. Apjly on the Mcnurea, 110 G.oc v. lch ?tr"Bt t'rice oa y $ so C ??H-.LFKH'U. Fl.K SALF-74 HRAJOI>iO MACHINES, <*ITH sHAFT lng, Bella n.ia Benr hra. tme 1 ouWlng and two *Iu!t ng Maehinea In'iuue of ?'H'trHTiAN si'HWaKT, Flrat ?re noe ard Eaat K".ft,-tliiid atreet Hteum I'owrran- Hooau to let fJlOK HALF?A BMaLT. FOUNT)HY, IN CO?T LETE r running order. Apply to F. H. HOLTON, 2)1 4road w?y, New \ork. IjIOK HALE?TBB N> WP I?";PtiT AN*> "BOAR 8TORE, I* together with lh? t^evae, Htoek, Fixtnrea and Goad If ill, now doing a thriving b"?ln?? ; Ik ? Id cheap for <?ah, aa the pr? .-tent proi ri"tr I- aNiut leavnj for the *'*1. Apply to JOl.'N tiA iii .' IL. 207 Mytie avenue, Hrook'yn For kale-hhelving, co'^thkh, h'm>w?:ahk<i, Li itka. Ar . m|i<tl>ie ior the lancy gooda buaMeaa. Apply ?t71 Wa-reti aireet, uumaii-H For kami-go baaiderm. fob oo?bfinu wiks. making curd and aerpentlne braid, all in running order. For flutter pa. Uculara adtreaa Edwin >Vld A Co., Provi dence. R. I. ? IpOR 8ALB?THK HTfM'IC AMI) F1XTUKKH OF A 1 l.u to Liquor More, on the eaat ald? of 'ne cl y. filled ru In ?Uoleaal? rtyle, auil long aataoliahcd. That ii la a deal rahle opportunity I or a buaineaa man will an^ftir on exami nation. Inoureof 1). el RKK, Auetlon-'er. lii Howery LM?K BALE?A LARGB AXDELK liNILV FlITBU UP " I'alnt Hbnp, If a tlrst claa* location, doln^ a pm .peroua buglneae Addrt aa Palmer, box No 170 ofll * rR RAI.E?TilE FCS.MrCRR OF L()?KR VAtlT OF house 119 t'haiiea ntf.>'t aid everything app-TiaialnK to bo?r,.keeflng, all cntireiv : ew irix mouths ago, a- a to* prtoe. Knd iriiaitment" io lot; every convenience. Apply betwor-n I and 6 P. M. an ab. ire. FH)R PALE?BI TTRR STAND; THK HE.VT OJCh AS TO location and buxmeM lu ibe market, will he aold for 91,000 raah. Addrivs box 2ia BrtKjklju rout ol ioe tor an in terview. Fun SALB?ONE HALF INTBBKBT, OR T IB WHOLE of a bnalrev* in ( ir mnati. <'I1I.1. on reaa .nahle terms; a good chAnce for inakii g moiit-v with a tiiMll n?iiltat;the bntiifti ai. j.ri 'Or ?: |,v a p'lt' til Ap;ly t-j MOKIUUi A H Ah h ELL, 37 Park Row. room So. ill. IjlOK HAI.F.?THK LEASE AND FIXTURES O* AN 1 Lar end Heading H >om. ApMy at Jio ijrand etreet N B. No agent apply. POU PA1.E?THE WELL KNOWN KIR-TCLAH* KES. iit11 ant, Har and Lnnob Room (jl **d gg rineatrret, whlrb I.mi hi>en very rue"e??.'ul for the '*<1 eleven ye?r?. Ha Uafaotor;- given for selling. *n' 'y on ifea preraleea PORHaLK? RENT LOW -aSNI ilLmU BUSINESS; a whole*?!'1 and retail lienor store, with liiuw, ?tork, fixture* and Rectifying Apnar*tua A man wttn a little iTudv inih cnii h??e a bargain. aa tfie preeant pr ipretor la otherirl e i uliy engaged aj ply to HhNKY UKKtN, Auc tioneer, KM William street. I TOR HA I F?THK LB ASK, STOCE AND FIXTURES OF ' en rxwilont g>ooerv .;nd ll-juor at.?r?, In the beat location ol 0>" Kit'eernh ward. doing gi>"d l>'iiue>?; rent low. Will be Mil cheap. Apply vu 1. OAFFNEY, Auctioneer, 429 Broadway. T7H)R SALF?A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STORK, r alti:*ted on a gr? d thoroughfare, dolw; a g *>d trmalent and family undo alanfcgoad whntaaeie tr?de, wl'h favorable 1 mJ- w(11 sell rbi-an on amount of leaving the bnauieaa Ap ply at 28a Hndenn alr?et. TiH)R SALE CHEAP ?COMPLETE AND DK-1ha81.K r Fixtures, Including ('ana, f-c.ilr-i llor?? and A ?gnn Ao , nearly n-'w, for a unit v"l??~ gr-cery, 'or a?le at a bargain, *t 45V M?rtle avetiue, Brooklyn, betwien I'lenn int and Vander l ilt, where the auielea may be eeeti. rOR SALE OR TRADE-THK FEED STOKE AND flee veani l?w, the otoefcin and Feed Wa^in, at 4PS Weet afreet, offering a gfrnc Mtpoiianlty fnr esabarklngio Mila or other mercantile mialneaa Inquire et ARCHER MARTINS. GROCEEY STORE FOR PALE ON EIOHTH AVENCE, In a good location, a rare ehanneM make money. In quire nf Mr A F. SMITH, agent M Klght nven'ie. HOSIERY, ?OKINRT.?1THE BTifCK ?ND FIXTURES of a noelery and Ot nta' furnlnhin* St?re, for sale; ant pertv taring will Und tbte a rareenanie for entering Into nuainrae. The stock t? n?w and v?ry daairaftle. For par tteuiar?, addreae Hoat<r>, 'i?r*ilrt otnre. TJOTEi FOR h A LR?11ANPKOM ELY FCRNrSHKD, Q a long ioe, at a low rent, doing * 1 irge an I profltanie buaine-*. of the b."l lora'iona In the city for both trancteut and permanent ruetom. hlo<l(? A rtuiSKTRR, 73 Naaaau atreet. Xronc?--FOR salk, a must clash enolish ? I Ale and t h'<p *ltb valuable letiae; the r?nt o??r p<id I'v a)eep< ra. A(lr^tcla?e SkHU* Al'er, the only one In thl '? ty. "ni-ofthe l>.nt t.. rmoti n ni-etlog? twl< e a ?eek A 111 be eold at a reaa u-1>le prlne, aa tbe |i evnt proffiietor Is atmut r> in .iMgto th -ruuniry fur the IxMiellt 'if bla linal h. Kf.r >-ari < u .i . uiqn re for urn wr^k at I7? Slulrierr* at'xot. |)A KIM) Bf \ F^f rmtv Ff)R SALE-L<>OArlOff I d"?n te? u ? Ith r mall t ngtn?, (????, A<< cornulete; long eatahUabef nod making nion- v w II be ?ol.l ewn for naeli, a tci rue faekn g Hoi, Tlera'd ntiloe. ^ 1 EaMHOAT JOHN- HART, ALIAS ^CONFIDENCE, FdK SAl-fc. CIIKAP. Holllfltlf'etlong nfecthe?m f"t hold Engine M Inrli ( yllmler, 1 f ? i atroke; In g *id i ondltlun ar d n mm ning. Apply to CHAE w C i'KUMI, No 122 Broadway." New York, Cft t ?MRKP "OR SALE. O f nr arrew SteMnen. rrntn 900 to (00 Mm, Three *ide? beet et .imboa a Three >er v I oat* '... . . .. C .. * inem I- n^lni nnil Boll<-r?, new and aecond hand, constant ly-<>r*. - pply to CHARLIE W. OOFEIjANft 123 Broadway, New York. CJIXT -f AVEUrR - tim.~ SALE, THE STOCK a ID 7^ FH'urea of a F.?net lo n i ??-< Ho iery fniain ?? in th? '.at | art ft Mltth e?'*Mlahed r-rveti yar' I he premtae* i"fi?l?t of atg'i i .|i r ma a> 1 hit>e me it and ar* mited citrem"ly I " -ail? ai'tnry i??a.i..a *!? on for wiahlng u i. u. Apply at t>M filth avi uur, near thirty eighth atreek JALB8JW HEAL ESTATUS. ? ruiw row walk oa kkoha^ok?nu< Dfpor, , it-JooU and riinr ht ii; g-*d bidding ird leme; tuiler ?i. d ruitiiah ? ; i leaaaul neighborIkkm and cxoeUeu-. fa iu ii>r laud Trm)? nbeial 80rTil WICJK * WOOD, 81 Nassau at-wat AroKHtK BOOHB AND lA'T r<)rt HALK ? TUB Rouae ?nd Ut northwrei earner o' Bowary a d velt ?treet buo-'.nji #Vf "to> i>-?, ha* ex-e-j -tve v..u.t?; priae low ; tern-a f-.ity Tuqiilrn at No *M I eu-1 ain -l a hi rd ayfme roiwf fob -'aus cbfap.? f* Keaia for ?!.#*'; ia tm Mortes; full hit, AN-, thirty 1ci?? and ?tor?* on Sec-lid kt*i u< nnj twenty brown ? t iw fit?t Has* Ho-it-" at d "'a-ma. near th<> c'? quint of V a n r . hhTOli, 165 Kant i nlriy -econd atreet. - B< i ??? / nd lot i~ hat-ikm. bbtwbkn kucowd f\ id ThM aTMBU, It (# hJ'I ehrtp or B1.910: slim front t fir, by 80 feet deep two story. a'tic and brn-k hasement bqWfttf TQOMAS O'SL LL1VAN, ourner of Yeanr aud *r>i aOreta At a bahoain? foo* noon HOOTCH, Rin'ATftD id PiiiBt>iiw avenue, No*. 14, 16, 17 -nd I ><, near Division av nu?; terma N?f ? (II be lol^a-p,irately or loa the-; pi-loe $1,450 f*'h on ciu'b Huuw, the r- nialtider i?n b< nd and mi-rlpige ri r five years. Tn<|iilre of 1"iH. (ItL PFnT, 171 and 172 YVeat <Aaatuiifti n market, or 'A) Flushing intw A" ?'H ?NOE ?ONLY $\Ct?) WR A F\RM OF 90 ACRES, vith a ooe and a half alory bona*, barn, abed. orohard. f> d wod, abd ? at-red by a Stream, -itu.iU- four mil.-* from aieri-ou, N. J , a- d al miles roan this city. Teruueaay. AM'hr til A '?kRURANT, 15 ?all *-reet BR04.KLVN.-FOR S-U.E, THE HANltB->ME OOTTAOE No. VI Claimant avenue, Mwn u Vv rtle and Park "ve nue*; h?- caa flit .ret- w-.'?r, and everything in perfect order. Apply to H. E. W?- i.fcs, So. IS WLllam street, N. Y. BB<X)RLTN OOTTAOE8 FOB BALE, Y'l*:?TWO PTB8T nl?w, with tea rooms attarh?d; lo ation vary oonvement and |"'pi!l*r, on th? eaat ?Me of Ky fon atraet, f?w-i iorth o- Kult' i> a?< nue; L ta >?oh tHIU); klouara 23xtf; $1 7MI B'ft* r?-ria!n on hond and m<? 'aafn 'or four yara Apply to U K N Hi'L-i, ii> r *a?au *tiv?l Hew Vork COt'NTBV PLACE Ft'R H?BKATTIFULLV 8ITU a'?4 aimuiK the hllla, tw.-my milM? tn?u town by rail ro?d; iwo minut<d' walk from ih^di pot. I^nd from una to fl U- n acre?; rhoice frill! and ahruhh.1',; nfal '-otiagr, mag nill ? nt vi< ? : purr air and wa'tr. and One nionn'ain a?'nery. At p'y to E Ma KTIND Ul, 1(S7 Hnwd ? ay third itarr ((OHNTRY BKAT FOR HALF. OK KXIHVN'IB?WITH J 16 a-re* of exwllfn' land, ?itna'i>d in <v?>B'cheMti*roounty, B* hi LUo drpot, and wi' hlu tn uut^ti' ride of I wenty-aev?nih a ter rn the >c<v Haven Kullro?d. The buildings ar>k n*-w and miidern; bot and cold watxr. bath room, Ac ; Hhada and fruit trwa. Will be nold low or rxr.h*n?<>d for a city liouie or Ci..untry Seat with leaa iana Inquire or UitttOOBr ft CO., 16 H"Bd xtrwt, New York CEAf HcUKHS FOB 8AL.E?A rtl'I.KNDJD HOU8E on Porty-arroud atrei-i, full front,; a 22x6 Houae or Forty <t bird met, in fine ?rder, $Aia i, olbera at exceedingly low prlc?H. VaW WINK1.K A WINAN8, No. 1 Plneatreet. (1''FKUT FLacs.?WANTED TO BENT FOR ONE J or mnrn y?ar?, with privilege o' purchate, on eaxy It- oik, if >'ilLed, a com!or able <\n ntry Rwid -u -e, with from 10 to *' ?ci? of land, well fruited. *a'?r d Had ubtdnd, and wi bhi one tour of the cltT. Waafhi-atcr oo-iaty. >.n tlariem or v ew iiiT<n roads, preferred. Addrcac M? dicun, 36 John all fret. N. Y. tUKK W ANTED TO HIKE?"OR DAIRY *UBP08Ef?, r ?1 bin an houra'ride of the eity of Nr<w > ork. Rent not Wit % (0 I'emonM wishing their property taken go-Kl care > I ac improietL, ?tl And ibis an exoelli nt opp>rt'jnl'y Th? bent of reference given. Addreaa J. A. grown, box ltO lleri.l. office u.AKM iN I. UTEB <'OlJ*l . KOK HaL/K r >.i> ru'ora' Bale o' j.r,>porty at Murliiorough, ITli'or conaiy. New * ork.?1 re unn*<a'Cti"d executor of the last will nrd le?>?ment of ^arah I Hike, formerly of Marlborough, d? reMneil offers for pale nil that part of ihe Homeatiiiul Farm MtiiK ed iii 'be c,?ld town of Marlborough, wheii'on riamiinl D ak" now deceased, formerly rea d'd and which ia bounded a*follow*, vis : n< rtberiy >iy the Hlil t'roek west?rly ;md eoutiieriy by ooe Kt ku I !'lele* Mad, and easterly by tin* road leeding lom rewhurg to MllUa, e<ntali|tag about ten aero* o' land mi re or luw, ?iid beln? all the l?od? included In the *e d ><oniewt'?d a hicb ie wealer'y of tie aaid rond, together wltb tka I'onae. Main. i.|?ble * orn Crib and ull appurte i an ? Bard h> reciument Ibereunlo beloaguig #io better land f?i the rat* iib of lie- lea turn thl*. mr partleuTara addreaa tee underpinned, No. 264 Water ?treei, New York. AUtTh ? WKKKKP, FxecuUir of barah Ornke, deceased, hew Vork, Feb. 2?, 1R6I F^ARM FOR U K?HW MTL.F,-' FUti.M NEW YORK, Ap 1 mule r;and Vlllace, > ulllvan c< nnty, 29?aiirea; Rood plare 'rr >loio and nulla. t&SU) ' pi'ly at 0' Ku km alreel, /gi n'a need not apply 'I li ee amall Kaiui< ''heap. JjiOB Al.K- A ^PLhNDlD 8rMMRR BK-IDEN(7E. r two boura from New > ork by railroad, on iliti maretn of the tinaon river v itc. abont ihree aore* of land itlledwltb the < h loeit H' d? ?1 ftuil 'ma, | nice cottaee. go-id water Ac Tfce location la o? un?orjia*hed b?antv wid healthful i f --, trice $i.a0(i Terms ?a#y Addroa' box 4,au6 foat r.fliee. |i>uR SALE?THE KI.KGAWT FoCR 8TOBY BROWN P alone Hon-, ad lot, No H4H <4>xington avenue; flrai clfl^e n- ghl -irlii od; lh?? hoUre ia bull* o' the v.'rv l>eit aolect ed DiaterwiU. nrilihed in Ibt la teat *t? le, and ia rep etn with ail ihe modern ltn|uo*eui' nta. i-aa, hit ?nd cold water, afa tlonar- -a-Mubf. Ac ; l' Ih the mwl perfect hmne in all iu ijf.p'lnin.enu< la 'he ^uy. l-rir-e $k.ram 4Hi|i m^y remain on ol d and mortgage the emir- Fnridture, which la of the men eli Kant and i-oaily ei.ancuv. made by the beat city n-akera to or' er. wl'l t* ?old low with ibe hou?e If desired; ?old oirlvin con*eqi enceof the owner* removing to the coud try; may be Been r m 1(1 A. It. ti'l 0 P. M Fob sale?in yoRhvitXiE, a three ktoby and basement brick inuae, ? ze I7*40xli'(j feet, cilua'ed on aorth aide of Kichty-'hinl street, flr?t brick honae east of Third avenue: hat g?', bot. and rold throughout. Pike $5,0i Ml. liiqnlreon *he premiara, or of l(>-tM,l*K Ul-Nfc. nortbeaat corner of Bp ad*a; ai-l Tnlrtv aixth atreet. FjViH 3aLF?Ft** L"TH IN bli.IITII rtT IBF.T, HUN nine Iheoogb to N!ntli etreet. fl ty !?<?<?! on ea<:h *treet, wttl: a th ee atn-y build ng on the rear of the Ktghth at ren t U t, Vttxio Inquire of IhAAC DIN.I&E, 3^1 Llgbth aireot. Dear ave D nOR KALI ?A FARM OF ? ACRBK, NK.VB ROCK " land lake nearlv al! under cultiva'lon; gool btul lln;:*. fine fruit and a beatRirnl lona<ion. WI 1 *ellc!i?ap and on liberal term*. KluGS & KtiSShTKft, 7< Nasaau street. Ipou Til "EH HTOKY HIGH STOOP browi, atone House 1M West Forty-fourth utreet, b?. t?o n Hxtli arenue add Proadway, onriUlnins all the m stern Imrirovenietjta: aUolbe three atory nigbato- o onrk llonae Tl bv 42, lot corner Of H uverley pltce and West Tenth street, also a Lot 'n reer, nn Waverler li a*-c, with p?rty wsll T! hv 7a App'y at the o'liee of J. A W. DKNHa4, Corner of >.lgbh avf nue and sixteenth ctreet, from morning till 9 in the evening. hlOR SAl<B?AT LO?G BI?A*CH, A HOUSE, BARNS, Ac., with live or ten a-rna -if Unci all 1;i g<>od order; the land la very productive, and only a abort dlatanoe from rail road drpol and the nocan. hr.nntl communit-aUone daily to ?rd from Vgw York apply U> R. B. LEWIS, 73 Veeey street. >ew York CHiR SALE?T^o FIKST CLAMS POUR STORt V brown atone front II wei, w'th all the modern Improve menu, Onlahed In the hern my I--., ailua ed an Murray Hill, bftnn t ark Bad 1 ?xmgton ?ranuea, nm 4 ."< aai i; Eut Thirty x vciitti atreet Icqulrr no tlio preuiaea. T.Kik fiAr.K?SS..VKV?THK THRAR STORY AND BASE r ment brick llimm No lu2 Knot Fortieth atreet, next door to Leiinuton ??- enue, with all th- modern Impr ircrnmu; k good home'or little mon?y. Apply to J. H DOUGHTY, lfi!< tto? rr). corner of Broome etreet, from 12 to 3. iitOR FaLE-T^o F1R?T CLASH FOURBTORY BROWN " fton- front Hnu-ea, high atoope, replete with the modern Improvement*, altnr.'ed at oa 1HJ and 116 EastTelrty fourth ?treet, near I<*xlt.fton nvtuoc Inquire of J AlMBS OWENS, buDder. ho 102 Ban i hlrty fourth nil' et. JjV,K SALE?A SMALL FARM, HANDSOMELY LOCA f t- d on the Oriecta Nwk, In tbe town of alamaroneok, Wro'cleater county. In view of the sound; ltt>i acre* mod, ne? Houae, Pant and t ii'hou?ei. good Fruit; beat of land and fenec, rnce $?,sr0. Inquire or THOS. POltdHAY, Jr., In tlie Tillage, or of H HLhlllHT IRl Sixth avenue. FfNIR S*LE.--M(*RR? Y niLL ??R?PBRTV FOB SALE. A atrlctly tirnt clam brown atone front llonm. Louti XV. a'yle of srch'lieHiii*. No. 12 *aat Thirty-eighth atreet, bo tw?en Fifth and Mndleon avenuca, replete with all the mo dern Improvement#, and built by day'a work I'eraon* wish to pur.haae would do ?cll torn, land examine fo- Ihem aeivea. Ale<>, the biDwn atone front llouaea 76 and 77 Kaat Thirty fourth atreet. (l(?i foot atreet), and '85 and 187 Lexlng ?oo avenue, all built In the beat workmanlike manner Term! to ?q>t purchaser* I'rioea low, to anlt the ttmca Apply on th.- premier, front 7 A. M. to 6 P. M.,orto MATTHEW BY Rk fcs, K1 Ea l Ihlrn -leoond etreet r;R RALE?TWO FIRST CLASS FOUIt "TORY B?*OWN atone front Ilonaea, built by day'a woik. luat ftniahlng Apply to KOBBRT II t'OBL'RS, on the premium, Kort v - acvi-nth atrer.t, rcuth ildo, near Fifth avenue, or at 80 Weet ? on alxtb >trr?t FO* fa lb-hocbb no m WEST twenty-second atreet. thr>e atory and baaemeot, utgh atoop. hot water andean. Apply on the i remlaea Immediately. The beat offer will he iciepiM without delay. F10R SALE TN BROOKLYN?TWO FIR^T CLAS* three atory brick llouae*, b-twn atone, haartn^nta, luat finished on state atreet, near l'ow?r?;hare all the rnoaern Improventen'a; oonven>ent to t'iree oar routea. Apply to J. W. SIIaSNo*. on the prentiaea. I|H)R SALE OHfAT?OR WEST TWENTY THIRD r atreet, a four atory brown atone fr 'Ot Fngltah baae.ment Honae, In good order; . I. gant location i rmi eaav. JAUf.r* K. F.liWAKliS, 277 Weat Twenty-third atraoC FOR SALE I? SOUTH BROOKLYN -ONE OR MORB new 6i*t rli?aa brown pu>ne Houaea, is b? *0 feat, lot 16 hv Kflfeet. oontalntng ten nootna, Kngllah haaement atyle, with iuh-oel'ar, high Ktoopa and vealihula doon, alao modern ?mprovemeiita. In Wyckoff atreet near t;ourt atreet In quire of t!??Nh LIN A HOKRiS, No 1M Atlantic atre?tor78 Hovt etreet, Bmoklyn. For sale or exchange fob city or brook lyn property, a boo.a*t?ad Farm, ll?) merrm, W wood, Ciod houae, barn, orchard und fonre, ; mile* by -<t?amboat,

i New tork State. Addr<-aa B. W., box U3 tiera.d oitloe. h-OK SALB OR EXCHANGE--A ?!?<<T CLASd TENE ment Houae. aulta of foor mutM, with Croton water iu each, well rented. <or Vw? or a houee with two or more lou, l ear one of the Brooklyn rallroaria. HlOttS A RO^SFTER, 71 Naaaau atreet. r)R SALE OR EXCHANGE?A GOOD OPPORTUNITY will be ofTered to any t-eraon who wiahe* u> purehaae or exchange property for dealnthle improved Weetern fanning I nda; buodn ga all new; t nn? ?imt For ftt'l purtiiiulara apply to CHiUI1 R. WIlKINk, >o It) Pin* atn**t. KOR SALE OR BXCHAKOE-FOR HORSED A*D wagoi.a, the three atory bri'A Houae a:xl i/>t no ?)9 Front atreet, BnKtllyn; prlee will p.iy 15 tier cent; only $7"<) raah reqolred. whioh will beexnhanr.d for h ira<-e or wagona.tultable for the country. Addivaa V. G. S., H raid oflica. J'??f SAl.E OK EXCHANGE FOR MEROH ?NI?ISE? ? An elegant Fifth avenue Iloun- and 1 iirnitore, Lota in the e|fli-? of H-ooklyn Newnrk, I'tlea.Ai i Farina in iiunota, Ni??outl and Wlaeonaln, on a lair ca?h Onala Fiineipaja on'y nert apply to or addreaa 0. L. SMITH, No. IU Pine atreet, mom 12 FOB rale OB EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY llghtl* encumbered, a beautiful country aaat, containing all the modern improvement.of marble in*ut?l<, gin, h t md eold water, hath n?oma. water cl.iaeia, Ae., withlnine or t?n acre* of hl,-hly Improved land and iplendld Dmentioaaa, oon lAlnlnga iliol.-e >e'-ctloa of the rareat fnilta and iV>wert. It la on the line of one of the prltclpal rallroada, Iu a flout tailing m in n far firing village. AI ?o, a Store now d >lng an excellent bualneaa with a rood ?li?-fc of aa?oried good?. Aldreaa F, Celaa, Herald olll<?, ?latlng when and where an Interview can be had. ffOK SALE < R ? XrilANOE? IN ir.1|i<N COD NTT, N. r .1 , a Faim of <>S acrea. In a hlgli aute of eultlvailoti; good I ntiae and ontl nlldlnga In th' rough rep.ilr alao 11 irw >t<nk ? It at ile and Farming Implement* ninv Jft mn?a ttout >? > orY and three fiom the depot. lor parti 'ilata Inquire at l?1 iiecrj strut. R uiiKi op imAii cmm ENjH H? I IS OK ? XCHAMt>B?A PLKNl>!D ? !KO? F I'roperty in the N:utb ward, Hreotlvn, ruoil'1,' 'r>iu Mn?tu>?tr??t,e>>'tlnlug about 4C lute Apply U> il tSNKV H. KOHaN K, W7 Hroaj?aj. ^'?OH bAL* OH TO LET-MO 45 LEONARD 8TRKBT, IN by * BWltoWe fo' a stnre or nuMiirfu'-' ory Also ? Pweflln* Houw. Ho 164 KraukJu. stieet. Irioe $>.aOU. Apply ?* Uf Rr.ade ?uvet AY'-'iKA WIUfON (jHlR KaLB OK TO J.*r_in ShOOKLY N, (L*T? WIU r Lkte?i.\iI*\ kii three ft r- ttmm brick iIrra>*?, well dutoh ?d, a?U at v?r> K?v prteea, sitiatecj ih. Third and Sourih ! Itrrtlb, betweea M>rtb Kitf?ih and North finite street* Ak*i- never*! fnnt H^ellim,-***!! North Nln'h street. A?> Io4e fur saJ I?r lease; on niun-i rcoulred * hou imprvve Biebtaarumade Applv U) 8. I Hl'NT, 111 ?ourtb uranw, ft V . or C. KwIJtl, curuer of Third and North Ninth street*, Williamsburg. . FHYBBALB, TO I Er ok EXCHANGE?A FXJRNISHBD House In Twenty-t^itrd street ea-t of Madison square. A bouse In exchange on or n??r (111! desired. Vlil I bo w 14 lew, or n nted for six m mth* or out yuar. V-*'N * INKLE *_W^iNANh, So. i Pine street 1 InOK RAl F OK LEASE.-FOR a TERM OF YBARrt, A ! tret cUaa houae, iltuated on Hueuna ridge, Harlem Htver Heights. Mutt Haven lie not; hat ill the latest improve ments, bet nod ?? Id water baths, Ac. -t four a tailed stable*, garden* r'a h. use Ac , all In very fl<.f*irde.r. choice fru't* or ' every aon, lliiely wooced and laid out with good U?t?: food I beatipp, bathing ai.d f ?htng * all did the Prince of Whiles ' a"tnirv this moat I eautit ul xnbnrbau Hoener>' In aalllng down ' from Hlph Bridge, In fact yerj f??- ol the mercantile nm- > a un ty know of Mieh a Uvalliy, and only 15 minute* fr..m the city by boat, steam earn, Third and Second avenue ral'. } or i .articular* apt ly to UEOROE RICHMOND, 687 Broad way. Fob balk, iet or i^base?ajr a tkrm of ye ire four lota of Ground, on the wrner of Twenty thirl ?'r> et and avenue A. Apply to JAMjId LYNCH, No. ? City 11 all place GOOD CT.AB8 TEnEMJ. XT WR' iPERTY, IN NKW YORK or Brooklyn, can be etching- d for Dry UooIr 1 ithing Heleet.'d ?tock of French ?iood?. . wn.'r* only will pleaaeONll or addnaa B. M. Koaler, II broad aireei HOt KB AMD IiOT Ft IB 8aLB CHBtf.?THB NBW three xtory and hameirern H .uae, No. 3M3 "iimheri?Bd aireet, betwetn Atlnntli and Fallen arenuea, Hrooklvn. price ft,MX', payable caafa J'XXi $:ui in six montba, the balance >u boud and mor'?raM luouire or CB*h. II I'AlJXi 1M Ful ton atreet. Bf" klT*i. HOUBK AND LOT F.IB 8aLK IN RTaMFOKD?IN Kouth atreet, few minute* wa'k fr?m d-pol; hnuae m ?ld orior VJ room*, kitchen. Ac ? t urnao- gaa, bath t.w.n, . lint about an acre, with la rue ba n. flne garden, all klnda ot fruit, lira pes, cbarrlen, apvlce, pear and shade trees In abundance Trice $8,250. I'art can remain on mortgage. Apply to J BOBINKO.N, 74 Reaveratreet. IOTfe FOB lULB?ON NINETY-THIRD AND NINBTT J fourth streets an^ Foarth avenue, between Kil'tb and Third avcuuee known as 1'r.m hh-1 11111 dlap-??d to build slity per cent cost of house and whole purchaae money ean remain OB mort^a^e. Apply UiJ T. FAK18H, 1U Kraot street N O MONET WANTED.-FOB 8ALE OB EXCHANGE _ for improred New York, lersey oity. or Brooklyn pr? rrtv, a desirable Farm, two miles trom ttahwsy d. pot One ur'a lime from OortUndt street, In a remarkably healthy and pleasant uelghlKw hood. N. C. BISHOP, 144 Broadway, store floor. POBBEFBION IMMEDIATELY?WILL BR BOLD. ON easy terma. a neat three story high stiop brick House, having furnace, gas flitures, and In good orde<-, on forty eighth atreet, near Sixth avenue Apply to J. V. WILL1AMH, 143 Eighth avenue. BAL ESTATE AND CASH.?nNINCPMBERFO CHI __ oago property and cash In exchange for g jod Merchan dise. Diiy goods preferred Address box 2,2<? Post odloe, or call on JBROLIM AN A BOYD, 83 Cedar street r EXCHANGE?'TOWN PROPERTY WOR'H $6,?no, In Ilbnots, on Mls?ls iloni river, or a place In the coun try. firm 16 to 41 acres, which tnunt not exneed gM,UliU, as the dlfferei oe will be paid In rash: or would exehiuge for cliy property In Brooklyn or .ier?e? City. Address 1), station A. XTALI'aBLE BBaL estate at a BaROaIN ?MO V dern brown atone Dwelling M West Twenty eighth street, one block from Broadway, thtee Ktor and high stoop ba<e Sent, ?*> feet froDt by 48 feet; lot *)xll1M feet Twf> third* of e purchase money ear remain on mortgige for Ave years. 1 am determinX) to sell it. It Is as *a*uable as an? aity pro rtv. and increasing In value. Apply to H. T. URKEN OOD, 78 William street WANTED TO PPRCHaBE?IN BROOKLYN, FOR oatih a I?wtUlng House, with mo.leni improvement, and In good repair; hnu?e to be sltua'ed on or near the llelghu), In a genteel Bil?bb. rbo.d. I'noe irom $.VlH10to *?,(<<? Address, with full partlunlars, D. M. L, Brooklyn Post o&lce. WANTED TO PURCHAtR, BETWEEN BROADWAY and Church street, a roll lot or two adjoining. Apply to FIELD A MCLEAN, Auctioneers, No. 9 I'lne street. YOBKVILLB.?FOR BALE, A TWO -^TOHY ATT 10 AND basement double Frame House, with a'l tb'1 modern Itn Bi venienta and two full Ma in a g >od lor a ton frlre .IH*. Tertrs easy. Applv to A. THOMHON, corner of t hird atentie and Kighty-third ?tp,< t. YOKKVILLE.?FOR .SALE, ATWONTOBY ATTIO AND basement Krani" Ilousi. with a I the uiod^ru imurovw ment?, wl>h two lull lots, in a good loeatt.m; atreet graded tml regt.latrd. price i."-,t)i*i hasy term* Apply to 8. IHoMooN, Corner of avenue and Eighty 'Inril street. SO QflA WILL Bi:y THK TWOBT.jBY A"D BASF OiOvU menl brick House, ho UO East KCty-tirst ?tn-et. near Fourth avenue; contains L'a* and croton water: street paved with Belgian pavement Inquire of JOHN WKBUER, No. 87 Wall street. Aot nnn -A HBST CLASS BUMMER HOTBU within ten minutes' walk of the one in, anf" lees than twenty miles from New York, splendidly fur nished snd fitted np; hot and old water- grounds lastet'tilly ial<! out; barns, stables, abedx, ton bouse (01 ed). Ac Kvery thiiig reedy for opening. 1 h? prooerty ha* eoat nearly twice the sum asked for it Ftr?tclaaaetty property would be taken in pert p?\ment For particulate apply to FRANKLIN BkOTHElih, 60 Wall street 0 w runnltg to the ferry; tnnet be In a reapacUble n?Ubl>.irl rent nut to excced S'.VK). Ariinns, giving roll paiti' when- houae to ? tuated, Ac , 11. C , box lfltf Herald ofllru HOISKS, loom, iW ? H A\TKD. ? HOUSE WANThD FOR A 0< OD TtSNA ST-PRI. Tt \uU> rent9700' Untied b?t*e*n Twelfth and Iwen'y fourth atreet*. Alaoptrt of a Kurnlabed Hotuc; rent about $4mi Alan *hree or four K- otna for a family. Apply it .MS > ourth av.nue, in nftca. ; Broadway storf wanied?a good store ok Hnadwav. between RIeecker and ''anal *treeu, or two lot" near Proailwuy ?uli*M<- 'or Immediate Imtirovem.'ut A ra*h i-nrchaeer ran be obtained by applying to VAN WINKLE A Wih AN^, No. 1 Pine ?m?t. FVRM8HKD IUKKR WANTED FOR O.VR y-*r?4 handsomely fumtatied house la wanted by an rnino ptlonable iei a.n no children, live In family. U> otli-n Tw?ltth and i hlrty fourth utroeu and K?*irth and Klitb avenue*: rent not, to execed 91,MJO. Apply to THori. J. kt II.I.J It, 74 Hrimdnav F^IYE ROOM8, IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, WANTED? Sulutble f.?r housekeeping; locution muxt be wit hin one mile of tn"Wi Emporium, 4i7 Broadway, where purtlm will pleaaecall thin day. NE#UNDRKD HOUSES WANTED IN TFTR U 'PER _ put of the r|ty, to meet the large demand we are uow having from partlea who desire to pmehaae. UaITOiN A JUNE.s, Property Exchange, 84 Naaaati atreet, New York. p,\\t OF A norSF, UNFTRNTRIIED. wanted by I a * 'nail. unlet family: must, be in an unobjectionable lo cality, in ove ?ourt*?nth ?treet. Addreaa, stating rent and other particular*, M. M. 8 , t>ox 2 2M 1'nai otfoe ANTED?TO BENT IN BROOKLYN, A SMALL ? ottife Houae, near Ful on ferry, or not far from earn irbood; ulara oloc WANTED, IN BROOKLYN, WITH MODERN IM provim'Tit*. a fiirninned houae; rent to be paid ior pert) In board; convenient to South or Wall *treet ferry*. Addreaa for one week ??.?. VM9 New York i*o*t <>n<v. or anted? by a family of fouradui^th, a par ty lor, kitchen or "ne or two bed'ooma In a reepectable neighborhood, between Fifth and Twenty-third atreel*. Kent not to exceed $<0 a month. Itefrrenoea given and required. Inquire at IU1 Orchard atrect. WANTED?TO HIRE, BY A RKSPONBIBI.E AND flrat i-Uaa tenant, a limiae In the r. un'ry within a eon ?enlent dlitunce of New York city and of easy aw*** rent not to emed **!). Addreaa, gfvlbg full doacrlDtloo and particular*. W. L. L, Herald nflloe WANTED-A SMALL COTTaOE (FUP.NItHED PRE ferred), about twenty or twenty fire mllea from New York, either on the New Ha' en or Buoaon River route. Rent 92UI U>$3A0. Addreaa U box MS Jeraey i lly Poat olflen WAMEDTU HIRE?HOUSE, BaKN. AO., WITH PR veral nere* of laud, attltable for a rallkman. Rent not over t^Ml, and within an h >tira' drive of the city of Now 1 ork. Addreaa U Smith, box lf<U Herald office ANTED?TO Rh.Nl, AFUkNIBHED HOi'flB IN A good neighborhood, l' 'low Madlaon ?qu*re, by a lady who would be willing to board the n??er lor the rent, witn the privilege of taking a few flint alaaa bo?rd?ra. Addreaa A. T? no Broadway. WIWKH A*I> lilHUOKH. L" BIQH'R PURE LONDON OI*. LEKJH'H FUR P. LONDON BTTTNM. LBIUH ? tt^PKN OIN-IPR BRANDT. LklOH'H PRPPBRMINT OORDIaL, AO., AO. Tk? above artlalea will be found *u per lor to anythtag of the kind In the markat. For oale In raaea or in bnlk fto the trada eel?) by LKUJH A BAlLLrE^mile agenta^ ^ DRNT1HTKY. B. J C. KENNEDY HAS REMOVED TO IM BOWER?, tedoo'a below Hprltg atreet, where be eontlnuee to 2 three doci below Bpritg atreet, irt hia he. utlfal life like leeth. at uauauaUy low prtoea Whole upper or under aeta on gold 'rora $K, ornn al'ret from t& Partial aeta on gold 'mm 99 each tooth, or on ellver from 91 No charge for extraetlog or temporary aeu when permanent aeta ai* ordered MUNaTKR, ^ . GRADUATED BURG BON DENTIST, No. 10 Weat Twenty ninth atreet, Between Broa? way and Sixth avenne. PANIC rRIOEB ?SILVER SETm OP THf TH, ??NL* ??; Robbe?, 9"; Amber, 9">: Vulcanite, 9k); Gold. alngle Teeih, 91. Work gnaranteed. Five premium' award ed. "National Dental Gallery," ^lith avenue, oorner of Twenty second atraet. Eatabiiahed 1-m) Dtt M ANSON, Dent let. A l\K^V I'l ICLIt ATIONB. NEW H1NOING ROOK Ft>H DAY tOllOOL-" WIM. be laened al?'tit the l?tot April, miledthe l?aY SCHOOL Br LI., containing nbmit *<i page* of chol ie a-mga ao'oa. du etta, trloa. qnartettea and ehoiuatea, manv of tneak written expreaely for thl* work, be?tde? aome *1 p^gen of the element* of mUHtr rhlr Will N> th" beat bo ,k ev?r taeoed for <temlna rlea, a'-Bd> m|e? and nnhlle arhoola It la eompiled by Honuie Wa era. author of ''.-altb th f-rhool ttelia, ? Noa 1 and 2, whtrh Have bad the enonnmie aal- of 4.'.0.imh> mote* In M month* The nrlre of thlabook will b?> 20 eenta by tne 100, In paper covera .*) renta bonnd liberal etarount to the trade. SCOTTB REPORT OF AMERICAN FaBBIONB FOB "pring and Hummer. Jnat pubUehed Prlee 9.1 a rear ?hiding the French Fafhiona In the original and til Rncllah. Aleo, tte Cutter a \iaide, In two volume*, Mntainlnt over a hundred dlagrama and dealgna for drang itlng ?l! kinds el garment*, with aeu of autiee and ftiU dlrMkti^nn 1'noe 9& K K STAflt AJfTS. Have you DiNRii??ifnotmtf.i' rwto thk bane Saloon, 9 Eaat Ifouaton itreet an>l ?i.l?r from the fol lowing Hill of F?re ?Hoa?t Turkey , XV\; Komi CMrken' 211c. Ho-a'Reef. I&c.; F o*at Laatt, I fx: : Roeat Port, IM; fort.! d Keef. Idr ; Moiled w.itUm ?.'??; Pork *it<1 He*n*, hnaum etyle. I9r.: I-turltah Plum I'udllne fin.; H>'toe M?|e Ph-.'dn ; Apo'e p|e, ?o Ht-ak >'hon?. lU:-obtU t > order. I, B. He beat of Ale* S acute pi r giaaa. DH V (jMHIOn, ,y( , At nipt* * - t.atAf I^CKj r? UOlllKr l A ?| EMBROIDRRIK* L.CES V/Vo/; NEW, >um*h> FA NOV iiXyliA. " Fine Set., ;t7? w<r. if.,. ,h . Hue t5S - "f1 :.'?'????- ?>. HiB bait, $1. fl a try.' l,fiu ieo*. Divwa Trioimiiiv . i t ' " r"'' "c* 1 t"> t'levr* fiik Velwu, l-'1 w? W J - , AA) Wo"*. Silk rrutm \ U".<; Worlrrf Mcu'Ch ga, Uc . i.S.-, K ,,t | ,0 j t * Worked Kjnuarinp. Mb , Ms tif,i | ,.. ? rk?d (olUra, 2U., -7c 'I'?iU<>. Ti.i., - u lim , rtlir 8ALK *W> Sh oto Oolo* II ?JM| '? ml Cfcud'a uom ?v"' ?T? *?""* r:u???-?i <i. i0, hom. mv Ho .tfl-wVoim Uo?M,ehMn Fine <;iov. ? (i.; QOOI>K ""VV, k ? ? Fine Uannllela, |?i ,. u^ , " ? ? cuoiiig Kid HANKKENCIIIK KS GREAT H'Atl..Al .Ntt. P?51U,.ILU" tc. H"!. F "*n''ken-blef*, fic (ic L*d1"' Uem?tltch and Neii.?'?ork, lHn_ 2Vv 2,600 ..*?** VhiUi, ()(? f f?|ft 1hJJ|U?c Vrt.u' ivl, t/o. 2,QpO t bwnllle and hn.le Netn J2o VJ*' ? 7"? >M)UO Yard* Hi nnct KTboon. 'n8?' ^ ? Mo UUOUS AT WHOLESALE, CHE At* . Not Sil and 223 Uuiklh^nii. between Twrn?,41r.t.?d TwPuty >???,* ;"^,c j^KNOLD, CONBTaJSLE * CO. WILL EXIllBIl ON MONDAY, AT RETAIL. TllBIR ENTIRE SPRINU IMPORTATIONS or FRENCH, GERMAN ANlT~BRITISH DRY GOOIM. Vir:? SILKS, RARBQES. ORGANDIES, JAOONBm, RHILLIANT8, CaLIOGES. 40, AC. Tta' Go<,<>" have ?elated with great Mre for Umi city U?de. and, fur novelty and uteut, cannot be 8uq>a#se.l ? CANAL HTBaKT, CORNER Or MBR.-KR. ^ RNOUJ, CON8XARJLE A ?<). Will offer On Monday, At Retail, an iiumcnse atock of Spring lloelery, viz:? LadlM', Oendemen'i and Miaaea' white and unbl.^hed Oot ton Iio0e. Ladle.', Oenilemen-a and MW,' whit# Lisle Thread flow. Ladle.', Gentlemen'. ?nd^MlMen' white Balbriggau CoMon A1*?, ? fine M?ortmeot of aummor Under Oar menu. . Canal, corner of M-rccr. p?AKBGE ROBES. ~ ~ HVE AND HKVEN FXODNCE8, AND DOUBLE JUrR. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE k CO. will offer at Retail, on Hon.ln. thrlr entire itock of Barege Robe*, at the following low priwa:? ?crege Robe, at $3: former price, (I bo 3; *' " 7 UO 4; " " 9 00 to $10 W fl; " " 10 00 to 12 00 ?' " ** 13 00 to 15 oo 7s " Itf 00 to 17 00 8; " " is oo to au ou The above deduction in poKliiva. ran*) street, corner of Mentor. rjAal'K7IN?i8 Kl,ooitt)|b, L<lilts, ~ ~ VJ MATTlNbh. 1/Kl'OGErs, ItOG.-i Jkc at Mvhjrtd price*. * ' ' For Rale wnolr?ale nod retnll by A. JOUHNliAV, Jr f G TO! H roadway. KEAT REDUCTION AT LORD A TAYLOR'S, N08. Ml TO 407 BROADWAY, Corner of Grand ntroct. In order to eloMe our prpfwnt LARtiE ASD DES1RAJILE STOCK, mt 1IAVE REDUCED OUR PRICES FBOM IB TO 25 FEB CENT, AND ARE NOW OFKEBDfO OREAT BAROAINS IN FASHIONABLE DRY 0<W?fl OF EVERY DESCRimON. Fartiealar attention U Invited to our .took of DRESS 6OOD8, dkesh silks, laces, bmbboidbribb AMD house furnishino goods. And pnrchawn may rely ^TgetUng De*?blo Oood. at LOWEB THAN EVER HfcFORE OFFBRED. ALSO, AT STORES No. 2M to an GRAND STREBT No?. 47 and 4i) OAI'IIARINK Kf. INJUNCTION DIKSOLiVED. IN RE HENKY ROHINSON AND ANOTHEB AUIMI OBO. BUIPIM A.>D OTHERS. BANKRUPTCY of BOLHTN, '.KKOSON A KfJJOTT, 3C1 Broiidway, Mr* lork. The Injunction la the above caae baring hre., dlsaolved thta dny b> bin Iiob'T .Indue Leonard, tupr-rue t/vurt Ke eerd, Vcbruaij 13, 1H61), THE BESfDHE of the effectaof the above bankrupta win be aubmltted far aale to the public, AT ONE HALF TUB COST OF IMPORTATION AND MANUFACTURE, Ttj OLOrfJi TUB E-TaiE. FURS WILL BE HOLD VEKY CHEAP. 600 Ml<*ea' arH Children 1 Cloak* at #2'f ecnta, $1, $3 and $.1- man; worth three Ubm lh- amount Mi' 1 aJlea Hilling and Hummer (;lunki at $3, $3, $4?worth $8 to SIX Ml Ladlee' Arab CV<aka, $.1 aod $A?? orth $11 to $XL !Wi 1 adlea' Traveling HulU complete, vobeaud Cloak. 93 SB, $4 W and U (X>- v.rtl ?1H to $|A 7 lit) yard* Mau-ml* for Htilta, from 9 m?nta to 36 rente per yard- ail at onehait the met of Inn ortatlon Itn) LfoM Velvet Clak* al $l? Ml. ?A>, ?2t, $3tV-worth from $:*> to ??>. uai winter Cloak* In Rlick Reamr and other Clotba at pi lce?, 1 atiglng f n 'in $0 to t'A 1 all re.I u< ed. 46o fine Krench La?e M.inilli>.-> and rntnla, nf faahlonab'a ?Viape and dealgn, at piiira* which will well ropaj an tnveet n.eot at thU early eeaMm A mleceltaneona collection. Including odd Cloak*, remnant a Cloth and Velte', 1 rimming*. frl^Mand I mi, w orthy the attention of Ston koepera and ManUUa Manufacturer*, will be uuaod out al aoT aaerlfio TUB STORE TO LET AND~FIXTURES FOR HAUL THE BANKRUPT SALE or BULFIN, OREGrtON A ELLIOTT, A l Ml Broadway. T ACB ABO MUSLIN CUKTaINH. ARNOLD, CONMTARLE A CO. Are now offering to wholeaale and retail pnrehaaan A LABOB AMD WELl. ASSORTED STOCK LACB, MUPLIN AND NOTTINGHAM CURTAINS, DRAPERY Hl'RU* AND TBSTIBCLE LAC1W. All Of which they will dUpoee ef AT VERY IiOW FRICBS. CANAL ETREBT, o^rwer Mere*?. KII. MAOV, . MM SIXTH AVF.NCB, MO IH TIIK %Wt'BSl> ANOY. BROADWAY KNOCKED, WE SHALL HAVK TWO INAUOUBATIONS MONKAY At Waahtngton?"The long and theahort of the Presidency." At MAC1 K? 1 lie . ommr nceaeent in,d the continuation of the CHhAK HOMBRY TMADB For the CO M I Ml SAAnON. We 'hall op?n on X11NKAV. 1,000 diaen LADiBb' COTTON HOHE, for S?. a dm?m, (C. at to Import, ft B) 1,000 doren LADIES' CO!TON HOKK. for Ha a dozen, (?:<>*t to Imp 11. $1 SO.) 1,000 doaen LADIES' COTTON HOSE, for I'M. a d*r.en, (v;ohi to import, f 1 71) aOdoien INDIES' COTTON HOSE, f .r 13* a .l^.-n, (Co*t to Import, Si 00.) 700 dozen LAI/IBS' COTTON HOHE, for f?1arl >?e \, (?'0?t to Import, $J 30.) ?00 riot' n LADIES' COTTON I1O0E, for 03 AUadoten, (Colt to import, $1 00.) fi(0 dozen LADIEK' COTTON HOHE, for $1 to a doaen, (Cn*t to Impori. f I 33.) BOOdoien LADIES' C?>TTON HOHF. for J.I ?t a d..r,?n, (t'oet to Imtmrt, S4 V ) The ab< rv lot* were all purrhawl at the late graat liodery Sal'', far below the w?t of ituportatlon. Now opening Fnl' lire LADH-3' AND Mtn'JBH' E5.JLIPH HOSIERY. MFRTNO VEHTS, kc R. H. MACT, Sixth avenue, corner Fourteenth atroet. R. M MXTH'avRMVB, OOR.i'ER FOt'BTEENTH 8T. BOW OI'SNII"*? i.iki ti'i/r v, BlK -PR'NG fWORTATTf'If, I,A til I S Ft<KN II KlUOM>TBS m cn>* n ?)<Ur, WARRANTED a* UOODaaaar lid Olote IHI'uRTRD. <>HY AO. 1 ?_ <JV*.?<?."?? OiOAWT JUtn ' ^rvru full* TY.D JA< OUfcC, ?AR?<iKH, (ULK.t 4 DIN r.H. PRISTS, QINGHA* Ji ?, ft buf?(k?k of Or*: nniUbJ. iw HTRKFT AM) TStAT U.!S<? tRT'.^BS. ahn'.i.o, coN'TirM A CO. <'? " * 8TRKB1 earner nf '.. run t .*V 1- K1 .t EH A * ?' in i, -8 HX) .VI. A v 1 I i'!'.( Si'ifT ' ' l' IIMT, ' M ?ll<> ?|?B I MJaiM; y. <? * a!>,dt\ia\< L1 ?*!, irt.,OD?{ oOdSPirH, * tr ?i ay?- ih?^ i.ATr;: r riHi-iA i htyt.fv No hUvH'Irer J I -i.\ I >1 AVf !' < (J M R I'OirKTKBXTll sr. >OV. l,OfU p* tin? IA.CQ&ET ('.VMKH.t ,o?r. a^arl, l,UX'p<- t?n< - JaCOHET C VMUtUC, Uayani, V til* Ik (at IKI^I ft. ? BKILLUXiS, 9c a t-uJ Value a. WOdm LiKb N NAPKIUS, upoiatid d*mitik,$l a down, ViUtvt Cte. f<4l d??. 11 mj-.N DOTUIiH, apot nud damtuJc, 4* o :i ?u, V lu? I oodor 1 U'ltH' Ltafsrimbn.' IUVDKERCHIF.Kc, k Valn.i H ?d. Be*,' inn*in itti l n V. *MKOT A. N ??. W TO ft K ?tmiA ljwjoirr, 4a. A* low t.M my In o?e In th<' rl'r. R? n HAf*r, VtH HI.! ?*> ?uili avni .e, tv rniv four'r?n'..t "tr^et. COUiHwN A LaKT, k? ilii) BHOAlf-V A*, aro now at lft. I H VO A*I} V <'KNTH pi H Rf>t f, (hi h- fim- mi n I aner luni;inip< Miiiablr. <or parlor*, U oiM( r?<ni>, chut. tier , hkiitt. Ac F'h IIkh dewribg wmltmen nan be ?nnplted wUb toe lKi>t it h>w rrlc? L.A(}h' C itiAlNrt -gtt. rtkOM aIJCmo* AT N) ?'!??, I . . I, H tban OiiSrr ok im ?.t'c.i w. 369. Kt- i V> HntMl VI 359. r>iiA?*KKU? 3tti, UA*i4fc(il'i>'. VAi.K"'CL?, t>ATm DK LA1NK8, PL/?IW *1111 HRO.niK <>?'l Kl.t"f..- h. <1 M??> .o ui'icr ? an b?<( ?>phiiiiil<<im 359. WlnliO* nLI a ills. Nh'* Mf * LI . HOLD BA?'p, KUKI- Afl*> wui'f. flOI-L VMO, ?e., ANl) NK< -fVf.l <|K f|\ri'Kt-' I. 3o9. BKOi;*Tt-f> aKO DaMA-iK* HAT1N Or I. A I - Aa /WW) Wu.vTH OE NTAflJJ aMI? OKY JDOU.UWU <;<xi(li4 o< Jo Imr'n ?!?? > lu -?i',li*ri/(r? for unod hmd mid i? rti'ji?li; Duu>* hut principal* Hard toply Ad'trfRH I I* , rm>m l N ouolaa liotrL All Ci u'luuiileui iibk ?irktly oonUdt-mlHl. miM.iMcti \ M \/TME. I)KM's .i?. NO h?i itfKArTON AND ^>1 o cn ?i'; to day, "f patttrt.H of tin Turin "n-nf 'anh Uin?, 4V3 Hr<ihd<??y t run lit* : I5?'* V.\tal ilrfw', t *t wr"?* Miiitftct Braciklyu i? hratniti nrrri PhlUkMyhtoj ?ml nil tin- principal eltt' H ? t Vln I'ni.m ami M'^ng riimhiT of" tlir Mfrror of Fii*h1o' H i * mity Mmi-. I>h MtinK^T *? Hid (nllt cailtu-ii th?- li?dl"? not to >xi d? ?rlvrd by pvmon* on ? >1 Mr"'t ? t o ar* ukIdk ii ' ilm-nnrt flflliiou* rihn.i* Iiiiiim b?t ? inllnr tn cir own, ?n?' ? Inmiited th?ptibhe. Mom IiKU ? s MhbnmM Cunnl utrift ior pnttcrn* U S"f, nwnrlv opiwtHiti" Mrrwr un*et. PAV ln r >8niO??K - PA I 1 KAS ll<? >? |.OI{ IM6I ? lnnrtiirap I MO KISS ' .!)<>!> 41 1.1) -H riwr; |i d bi-r u 'UM lirpr>rt?it"u of'^ro?<*b 1 ? n*- f ;'T?tU"iif ?r 'Ithhit 'niton. H'ir bun a!-io ritw>lrnd ? orllftMt*" t-?t *tv Ik t.'ic <miv ?jn? vkIki i uy impor ? lie. ? from tN mo - dmtiDirut.flH'd nr or latin, uhli'h ?h? will li* hkppv miithP Hi in i|un ll<nof l'ati*ru? lor t>?: pri'^fiit nfwn will S? l?-rK?ir and miin si ta i tl 'it ii ukI .>b' Itu'ifH 'b" Import .m ?f brr npilir NbMnhun uid Ik* m>bbi Ki??<i!ror /? i d y at X'ft t.anal |itn'*l, o; jioaiti .IrrfM". Ml I< A I.. A UkBaTLY IMPKu\KD 1'Iami <> t E. A. LIUHTK A ?''KtUHOKf Vnnnfarturr.r* ol ? n?w m<?of o?nr?'mnK baoii, potent In Muuti'd full iron fri.tni*, r'*nH uud *'iiiun- PUinoioiic, <21 Hiii' me ?in ot I'mmm'* lolet APF.AUUXUL t'AKVKD TiWtV* HOCKWOOO Pianoforfi- at thi gr?..t bantu in of ^IMicn.h; r?*t ??); bv stodart; rtrh ?wri't tone: lain perfvet ?.rde* ?n<l Inlly wurran'eu < an bn . ^en Tor two day* al the fnrnltur* I'ai'kluK eatal.lnhmcnt, o7o hlitb avenue, ne>r Fvriietb ?t, after 7 A. II. ALAOV Wilt) If AN EXPKKltM'F.O MUSliriAN, and baa an excellent voire, wuhn an r'uiatfc mrnt Iti a rburcb thotr: unexo> ptl.mabl.- t^nti.rion'ai* will M Itiven Apply to tit addri:?s fc?vu. C. llaoou, wruton A fuc duct OiToe. AVTENTTOW, PfAKO?Or<TR FUKP1IAHFKS.?B.VR ff.-ilnaforcaab. viz Si.'m Tor* ma?n<ll>'i'nt MM**1 aoven octave J'lain lot U.; alnoone<l'j octi.v for $74 Hovi-ia fevrn ortuve flrnt claka rpio.idlil Inntnimi-iit-, for h jf tbnlr ra'ue, to clone the n -j?t? of OooporA Atb'rton, by order of Jndgo L?.inard, h'unreme Corn ai ho- ry. JOHN McIM.fC.LU It^udi AHArtHirirKNT HKVEN tHTTAnS KOjtfcA'l^,D .jIaNO forii forealc?Kkl lyoar?rd Ir^ aDdra-e full ir>n ptou;, round eorsera. Inlaid wlu MtUi.aood ov.-iati jug |m% mm J ?llb prarl and fi-arl keya macr to Old?r for tin. prnwut owtn-r, by ritv inakiTK; folly giiHranii^d for Ibrne y^ara, boea in n*e but thrir montha; con'i'J>* will bo wild for ('Jw, in elnd'nif ?toul and oovr.r Alao, e.W'gant Drawing root* *inl, coat $70li. for (ISO. Inqnlro at hu. 70 A'eat Iwnnty ?uUt atr< et, near Hlxth avenue ^jlllCKEHINO ft BON'fc GRAND BQDARB AM'~CPR10HT tlANO^ (KM flrnadwaj, h?w Tort. OT!(i MCLLER, TEaOUER OK TDK PiaN'OMIRTK ar.d alnglnc, 9-TJ Broadway, oorner of Twenty drd ?tro> t, second floor iartlmlar attention <1ti t> u> Iieidniuira T?rmu luobriaUs. Please oall In the foraiioon P PHIANOH, MBLODBON8, Ai.KXA.NDRB OSOaPB?aT the lowed possible pnreK. rteonnd hand l'laur>< al great barKaliis, from f2."> to $ffl<>. Ore se?eu oetare, vmnl oand, front round corners, taiicy !eir?, fr?t*uit uesk ^;id ov?r ? trur.?, fur $174. Mmi<* and Velod<viu? to r"-.t, and will allowed if purchased Monthly payment* rmatsed f-jribe aamr HoitAt'E WATKKK. agent, i'U Hnaulway, N. ? llAKOb, i'LANOg, "IANU8 -MAtiNIFICEN TLV OaliV _ ?d rwwond l'l?r>os. 7 and 7W or'uvea, Iron frame, over Mrnns ba?a, Ac., f<>r $Ipi, Sli'i), j'JU, $J&tl au VMM; sennad land rUno.t Iit $S*, $75 and tl'1; one mahogany Piano for $:?>. B.K. Mi>/. ALK/., No 1*3 avion" A, corner Truth at (JIOTH.I OI'IUR. A0A1EMV or LANUUaUK-sHW) aKOaUWAY, himI MKt rorner of 'I went; flrvt dreet.?liidrii'tioii Kiv?n la Frtncli, t.einiu-i, Hptnlab. Italian, t-ng'lxh, i.itn und ureek. Ludti a'hoar* from 9 A * tulr. * Meuth ni* 11 from 4 to HI!' M I ern % In riwii $10 |?r quirur A->ply tor. MAKTINELU, Principal. AJ*ADY. PEA.LI/.1NO THKOMRAT NBED ??# A PBO vr ?rh"Ol for the Judi"i.iu:i cult')** or yourn tnlesaa under tw< lv? yeara of a*", Is at*>ui op?nlo* a 'temn.vry f* a arlntand Umlud numb -t-, ahicv moral, tuenial and edii. Htt.iif will !? nnjer her lrim?vilat? auprvm .u ilt-y w 11 it ho have the ad /uiuueof I >1 ,;e and plea, am ictoiihI*, (h r #.ceorry, variety of tr<ah frvlt *<? d'Vrii it to place their children whrretbry oan euc'trr ?u :h ad ?a'Ufe?, may aiMreaa Mil Walter, ? ulou sq'jarr Port oil.1 e, .New ^ork. A^HT Va1*F. * B EMU *111.7. OOIjLROFH. V. BO ^r.R rn.l ?l Folton dreet, Hr.^klTn, student* frnastbs ? or eom.try receive three mouths (78 le*son<i coz-h m ?rft and aritlni-tin or bookkeeper lansons, 1. nil ml ted, for IKL^ dlea writing leasone, ij? le-?i.u-> Aa a te.i twr of ?MH ar.d bookkr?pliig CoL Paloe aunds unrlral.wi ? Hera Jottniai. AN AMERICAN LAOY. WPI.l, BOUCaIKO, OOA dlacipilnartan. eiperieured, Indiutrlona a d rne'itetlo, wtahe* io rent a lionae In Uroklrn. for '?duettInn*I par K>? J'artiea bavinK youths of either ae? to eduuat#, ?iU ihla a fooi opportunity. AdJ-eaa T..M1 orun(e atreat, Biooklyo. BOCiKKKP.!'1.V<; WKITiKO, AKirHVK tic.?Mr. IXII.BF.AK. 0119 H nod way, keep* the lAJ>?at commercial loMltnte In New \ ork. <lentiem" j or hor-. rail hare private laaanaa for $1^ aud be prepared pracliaUly lor knriuraa In oue month. T vo d?rka *a<?Dt OP Inter QPAMHH LAI?OCAOE ? PEhSONb UB-ila<?n? Cr MiielltTlnn tbetnaelrea for a enmmert'hU and roelal aourae with .'fiar. anla.mav aciuna a ot Ilia la^ma* aoitit'o* knowlail^eol' that Ian by the on year* 1'I'-aye addreaa U. I: , boi ;i, 16.' Poat nO aa. ?nace In a ahort time by the at ?tem of oral tuition aunoeM. fully practiced bv the onder?i|rne4 for the Uat twenty-Bra TITABTRD?NY A rRBNOII LADY, TO B?n||AI?<IB f* with a lady Ic.aoraof i(r?mm?r or ennv- rvittoaa In Frmch, a?ralnat mnvar atlnna In tlerman or tmcllah. Ad dreaa K. h , lit raid offl>?). A. nincvta uaukimir*. oouwoktB'S Dancing aoaucjubii. No K1! Kr'adway, ?aw York Bo. 117 Motita?ue atraet. Brooklyn. Wedreadara and Baturdaya In New 'or*. Moidaya aa4 Thursday*, 1 u??tay? aad Fnday> In Hrnnkij*. Cxrrularaaf lerrri-, Ac , may be had at glthar Antdetny. Tl?l NAB, BAH.ET MA.-TRR or T>l? TUB % TRBB . Poyal ?'"<rlln and lUnovrr.? I?anrl g Academy, -n*7 Bowery. Lraaoar $1 pur month, four eTenlu?a; and ntaa datx and Frlilay*, $2. Prlrata >1 aaula I.aiUaa' ft. inwn claiwe?. UII.LIVUD$. AFINB AMH1BTMR.M OF FkRKCU, RNtlUrtH ABB Ametiean HlOla"! Twhlea, with PHfcI.AN M t vrlONOimniONH, ?ow on band, and at prtaea to an It th- tlmea PIIK LAN A ?,0U.BBDBB. r?. M, ?T aa ' ?p Croaby at., N, * BILLlARDF -roR RALE, A FltF ^OBTBRfT OV Am. nnan and French tablea of llffereo'. al*ea ?ultabta for prlva'e or pnhlut use, with anentlr* new style of snah lonn, patented jinvenVr 15, 1?09. which ha< pr>?ren to drs better HatUtactlon than ary now in M*e; alao a law aef^.twl hand table*, of d ffrrant alrea, ?old at a barn i n on iv noomi of the ume? Apply at th.- manutar nrr, lirt Kititoa ??rsat. i.'in <\,1 '? I V R RprON i> "hX-u-* * r b I -K JP Rllllard 1 ahl-a, one nr v ai d ono Pari r 1 a'*i ?uBa for a amall room a new a:M?i, sold to dlsoontlna* fca-ma a Inquire at AM Hroad ?ay TIIF. ?"IIFAPK-r AMI! n>?T i'o?r.>lllJi?M Mfc lUrd fcoorn lii Ihi* l? tl>* t*xt door to V4Him Kmih* ?? ?t 7<>nU per uma. pla a?d Ml ba.l pool Olra ?-?? ^ ^