Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1861 Page 2
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Omr lartl Kjus, Pa., Ibrota 1,1861. Tbe Fnited States Mmbot Michigan, whloh baa baen j {tr Miffdn stationed upon the Iskea a* ? cruiser Along the Itas between our eouatry sad the British poem** tons Is North AverIcs, weal Into oooimWoo at this port to day. Har officer*, who hare Just reported for duty, are as fellows ? Oommsadrr?John C. Carter. Lieutenants?'Thomis BL Stevwus, l?ourd Paulding aad R. W. Henry. Paymas ter?J Ueo. Harris. Hurgeon?Wn?. 11. Wood. Chief Kn Cor?Theedoti Zellea. Axsistants Wm H Ruthor. i Henry C. Viator. 3. I- P. Ayres and James L Taa- 1 ?lain. l'symaster's <'ierk?J J (Mail. Captain's Clerk? % (Jeorge H. OdelL GirponW*?George W. Elliott. The Michigan bus juni undergone thorough repairs, and Is In all r(?t|N-< ts well appolaied fur orutaiug upou ih? lake*. She is tbe only re<ael of our navy in tu>? t inland ?eas, aad, as such, is <|uite a favorite with the commer cial public of the lake eitics. Captain Ijuimau, who h*a commanded her f?r the last three years, turned hnr oror to Captain Carter to day, the officers reported for duty, and a crew wai xhl^peJ; j aad as the harbor is clear of ice she will probably b? Kteuning over the lake again in a few days. Corsnrn' Inquests. Si inns of as Wosias ?Coroner Gamble waft notified to hold An loiucst yesterday At No. 17S West 1'ortj-third street, upon tho body of Pha-bo Anns Kirk- ( patrlck, a marrud woman. About thirty four yearn of age, who couimitUil soiei le by hanging herself. Krom Uie evidence oliclU.i1 before the Coroner It appeared that detested had Ik en Dlllioted Willi ills of insanity, and h i I recently Ueu an inmate of the Bloomlngdaia Asylum. On Sunday evening the retired as usunl with her hus band, Out in tbe uildole of the night shs arose, without rftttuibtng any oue, aud entering an adjoining room sus a^nued ben*nf to u cloihts peg. When her situation was ait-euvred the tollowlng morning, she was found to bo <l>ilt? cold, niul evidently iu&ulmiito for several hours. Tlic ? uiKsrid to be but Utile >loubt tliat the net c<Hi uiiU(U during a Bt of temporary insanity, aud the jur> rimioud a verdict accordingly. A fiurni ok Anmwei*.?Patrick Crinin, a native of Ireland, aged thirl)-li\e years, rctl - - itig at So. 142 Kast Twei.ty lirsi street, while driving his horse anil cart into the FtaMe, on Saturday evening, was thrown to the pvv< ru'vut w th great violcnoe, eud so ooverely injured thai l>e died ou tiie following d..y in consequence. Ra-ul) l>ean, nn eU'orly woman, real J lug at No. 73!' Broadway, died jcaletdsy from ihe effocla of injuries as i< ceivi-d by the upsotliug of a burning Haiti UTip upon her person. The secldi-nt occurred ou the 27th uil , sine* which tunc tlio .infer! mate woiuau han lingorcd in unst agony. As a boy about elevt n years old, nauied Kdward Ilrown, *as ll> lug his kite at the fool of Kbit T?<>fity sixth ntrest, ou Sunday, he accidentally fell through a hole in the pier and was drowned btvioie the ncoe-i-srt ai l could bn ren dercd lo ,<a\e h<m DM MM >1 NtfM with liis pirents at the corner ol 1 irst avenue ai d IVeoty sixth street. An Inquest saa held at the New Yoik Hospital by Gorceer, Bpta the bojy of Willi,uu Anderson, a Scotchman, af,'d 6:2 yt sih. who died from the effect* of injur i<s rcetivea by falling through a sky light in the new buDoing new m course of erection at the corner of Puone and ( bur h streets*. Ml'KICiL. AMAONIFlCfc.Nl SEVEN CK'TaVK ROSRWOOM PIANO, forte for Hale?Kiel lyeanred leg', and cu e. full Irou piste, round comer-, lnUid Willi latinwood, overfill ung ban*, InUid wilh|N-?il and |?eail k-jk, made lo order for ttin pi-caeul enni r, by city makers; fully giikraateed t? >i three yearn, been i'j U>1' but live inmitbx; rest $4tk, will bn cuid for $26U in 'j.udirK ??to I and ooser. Al? >, eligint l'r >?in^ ro-^m Bint, o>sl $.?*?? for $ir<u Inquiie at So. 70 Wotl iwealy uliiit slr?-ei, near sulh av-nue A UKEA'ILY IMPROVED PIANOFORIB. JL Litni 11: a? BK.tum ?y, Ktinuiactiirerv ol h n<'u M-ale of otn-s ruiix' l<aiis, patent In aulatid fnli lion frame, gi uij and ?<iuaie Piano, ort.-, U1 Bin. n.e ?!rif t i'laiin* 10 let. AUDI WHO IS AN KXPBRIENl'KD MPSIOIAX, and lis* sn eMieUent wipraiio voter. nn ?n?iui>. menl tn a murcli clinii . un?<e-pln>nalile t?Kilinc>iiiaU will be JiTen. Apply lo or addreta ileru. C!. Ilsnce, CnHjn A'(Ue uet Office. Attention, piANoronTK PURcnASKit8-bar pains lor cash, viz ;?$!&) lor a maiiinfiei nl rosewood ?u k it o<isie I'lani'lorti ; m?o one C}4 octave for $76. Hevera sevta octme limt el-iM- -|..h d d tn?iriiDiou!?, fur bolt ibsir ^a'ue, ta(tost ikeeataleof l'oo[>er k Athorton. by oider o? Leouard, t-upicnie Cocrt Ani l> at ;C>1 Bowery. JOHN MlOo.VKIX, lteoeiver. AMAONIUCKNT 7', Ut:rA\K KO'IR round COR , ners, e:ti > i d l'isr oforte, of Mi>K*r? I.lsht A iiradbuty'ii ln.ike c Kl |S<l, rccomm'nd"<l by M"?srs. 4 i*.?n, B-'?g man, /iilnu- NnpoVon. Wallenhanpt, VT^U*, urotloa and pasxil i, will h< >o il *t a ^reai rcdu nion for Apply a* M cht*. STEINWaV * Ki/.k S, S4 Walk'-r street, S. Y. A Handsome rouwouo ohtaqb piako for vain?4?*? otlsve*, tlne? atiiuged ?ud of full t mi pi ire $126 A|i;)'y, belwoco 1 ani b u rl'jck 1". M , at Nj. 'i W 1st twent) Wlhstreet. ? ^Jliil KhKiND A HON URAND BgUAKB AND UPRidHT PIANOS, 0P4 Broadway, Near Tnrk. MB*. llOOPiK, IRA'IIKK OK PIANO AMD HINtllNl). w ill attend pupIN a' ttieir re? ij n '^K, Wed a"* tar* and feMluniay* AUV.H.|> I pipili preleire.1 Pupil* ril' iily aU vancod at fan own residence, an I |iriv11 -j,n of j-ra Uoc, a u rm> t.i mlt ilie tim> - 14 1 old immbor 1,2:'it H, u.tjwiu, trlwwn I ?rii< tb atitl forty llr*. KtrviU. ?\IUP1C Ai\?A LADV WANTS A 1H MR IN A PRT JtI vale lainlly, wliere Indrti ti >n In ? nnliami the u?ail l*.tifcMsii brat-ehe* ?lti be con 'dirri a., aa tiulvtieu for toaid. Add:? i M. X. < , HmldsUoa *niAK08, HKUDDf.ONP. AM.XANDltR OB0ABS-.AT J t;,i-lowtat poaatbWi price*. rteond hand Piano* at great Mruati" , f rot" t'J6 to 9UdJ. t ire ac?t.u o i-tava, aeooad hand, Iron lound comma, fancy li*a, fretwork cie?k and over Fining, for f 17.Y hUk? and Mi>lode>na io r>-?t, and rout ? lowed if puri'bkifutfalf payment rocetvi-d fertile ?aim IiUuai K W aTK|1">. Ajfi ai, .f<3 Kruadway, X Y yimto, waww mai Rinnsmrbtt? __ e?l rotuwo<?l II >!>"* 7 ami 7', ?e',iv? t. Iron fn?tu?. over. fctrn% Ins*., Ai-,, for till ?l>, I'fJ, 4"j" an : #>41; mm nd Tim ."?* I I *.'* . *iiian< t v; OUI' n.a (.;ttiv fuuu for $3i>. B. UUMilA No. lUaww A, oim n>'r Toutli at J>ux p, *n( ?i?Ko>*?IBABsinMrnfi?fibct >'lars, {or u? I t oraold oo Inataunenu, 'n 'arortbla term*. Hbinionit?iin. one, tw, or three tkiuk* ol koya fmni ? ' :.ii. fi'ii t'-.t'a, i'lanf>? iu!> wurrantad, fi>? nctavi*. SUll; 7 octarc* $17610 * -Ul J M. k'fcUluN, Non Ml aud ?l?. |troadw,?j, lork ^?rpiM fTAR FFAM.MsU HANNRK?NRW KDITOS J i I ttile I.ktuoive ixii k, '?'? "<'1 >.?e tin- ICanki PlrinlT," Hi ip?i.irli " ' ti 'in I- ?i|. Ij* Mn-lc from th.- new opera, I'll la In 'ti Ma* In <a, >?? 0 and in tri.nuntal, publtalu d i?t L> .K Hii K S u.'i?i ?'.<re, ?.<?,, moai**y, near lnn.itj ?>> md atrwv. 1 A1.1 AAM' HK OM.AN M'.W OR UK li Aililiesa, sui nj: t"ruii>, b>l \1U It, 1 IaM'T'.MI-.S, 8' MI WITI. PRARl* KKV?, AXl / two Mi li ?J< "in * ? lei, al ft, i .V* 11, $.? M #1 ami %} ? lirf.nUs. II foe m> > t ... ii|' til Mi aoli Mb.- c 'mifcui ariU pUn^a nun <J, \>j a! J>u as^iV, JUU (.iraiid ?lieel. sz rai IKHTilt'C TlVfi AIM f ? Y Ol I *>i.i;Ai.KH^WIiKO/ UWAT, BOOTS ea~t eorner of I *i lilv U?m >ire?t.?I ne( 'ii't on xlreu In frir eli, I eiman, 'panl li. fta'lan, ?*.n);il-h, Ulm jad bn?L I ,.|| r?'hotir-i Inm 9 A M toll* .M, Oeiulruieu from 4 to III P. M. leniiK I j el?**en $10 Per Avpljr to F. MARTINKI.l-I, Prliicii?l_ icAnmior ?exmanhhip axu hookkeki'i^i u\ ? */? Ht?'ftd?'ay. oou lnued hy \V C. H??OilL.VXl>, for n.aii) >ei ? m li tiilvei H uO'd-utHli No "lan?. tlmr ki^U |ir?i n4> Iniiruriloa, wUh earnai.'. c .ioT.1 aituutl>n. Own dayatid evening, lorira rooaeiato Al PAINK S VBhCAXttl.K rr.IAROEH, C IIO?KBT ana -M', I n 11Mi ?!re?t. Hmokljn, atu4ant? fmm ?lie ell/ am oixui 't melt* ?fcre? inatth* (78 laaaonai a? h In wrtiliig and at '1 inellc r leH.kt ? pill* li .-aooa, ui.liml'ert, for %|||, U 'i' i k i' ? 'fu i2u hMinaa). Aa a teaeli"r ol ?Tltiiiii ar.d iKN.kkiepin^ Col. faiiio a'.anda unriv.Ued ?Uwral'it; Jourra' ? L*l>r, itKAM/INU THE.iRKAT NKKU OF A VRO Jl.V pi riflicol tor ?li? Jtiiltolou* pnltura oi jo in* ml*m* iind' i twelve y ?r? of , la a'niut o^ooidh a Saj?lii?rjf lor ? a. lev t and Um'llid unn.l* r. whoae mm a!, u.< utal and rel'gv.un ?dwaUi-n will be us.ler her nnm>' llate aiitMTTlalun fhi'j w ill ii en haie itm ailvani?*a if lure at d p, -aianl ?n?un<H. Iiiir ?i i,i i>. Tartaty of freah fruit, A.: I aeuou or gnardlaua (li.'ri t, to |>la<? their clilldrwi a U-e. tUt t i au aeotirv auab ail I ?i t-v ?, tn?y ailit.iaa Mra Waltor, l.iuou aqitar* i'oai oil."e. New IM. Ait 4 lift Ol I'OUTIXITV H NOW OrFRRRO TO AUL I i v n? Ttaiuiitt Near Vo?k, !?? Prof"aa .r leiiil, who ?<P|l**i'? io t* aeh a va;> la-a<i'.iiul llan lwi i iu^ 111 twelve let' ?una. No rupjr booka ( all a 163 Hutli tvetiat lod b n viurod tbat bin i^ew a>m in of t-a"hui(( M iu<U wtMoul a ri rai. l?aw*k In Utmkkiiep nt;, i?raaiiiiar. (Joiupiiailloa. JdatU mulatto*. Ae GiiVKKNKH^ _A LaIm Kxl k.Klf.N hll |H TRACIl |||<[ innate and the uaJal Kii^'luh 'h a'.ilte*, winhei a nltna faun a* novanirae In a jirlvaia lankily, an ubjoctlon u* ih? PiUMry. Aderaaa b<?s I 6I? l'o t oilioo. CM/VKR-?h*S. V1H1T TO fall HOI'S, Ai -A l.\l?Y, BX I n r'il In ieacHilu4 l',n fen^luk braJK ii a, ma te. Ae, ?(-Kk 11^ Hie Krencb and ep?nl?n 1 .iiguajje. Ituira i;, dralre. |n form an anaugeru?nt ae govaruee* it oumpauion with a famil; about travelliuK la huiopo In the aptiug. Addi?<a hot I|SM T'oat odea INHRfCIIO.V ? I NliRR ThR-48 FRK.-KXT CIROCM ?ian< i ? ay niing K''nt eman of re?aee'at>lo family wi?hna tv tn e>i b?n;-e lor a Uoom and Hoard, Freooh, OariB*n, Itajan and l-ra mi tf l?aa<ilU In a priva'e fa-nil/ , irfamnr.-a ti .nKirt Adnreaa I1, da /. , Herald .llioa, atallu^ a bare an U.ienb v> ran U l, tfi \I<?fch I. I R i;R vNt' \ Al. H RNOf.IrIK AND FHBNCII .. lw"r''hl* " *?m-l. ?'l* ?lcal and iIummi n ial, H11J40 li'i^kin k J. Teiinafi*) pi>r itonuui r"B AMRRIOeX ART! <T, MH.M. Wfl.l.t \II^KIV nv ?trua 'o an. ounr? that alin U prepareit n, r?sc i?? ' irfl" acuta atil>'t Hnwilam. laiti... m,,, ? j,u JHSJ&. fhem^lvaajn an art bare a?w ? i?n op,. .",11"^ W-AirrBD--Af?0\Rf?1K .? IS \ FAMILY, TO (io A *? htori dlatanee In tie i.juutif (>?li ,t ;y! Mum* .1 lietweet! ,1 a All 60 cliiek P. m. "u "v WANTKO?BV A I.AD?, A HITI. aTiijN TO TliOH ? hi-p'aln kn?tlah lirar I.e. a ?. .. ly, In'lie eity nr WHintry, un?n . p I <n?b.e rn;rr^n?.a atrau Aodreaa Mia* R LiOiIdk, B-ooklyn Put ulllea. M'fclMBOM'H. KirRH OFRX ?MRROHARTH' MNK, FOR AIiUkfTT i fma ike fn. 4 ol lloblnaon aire"', tt.14 if ie*Ujri artar' ' ii'.on al nlk o'cl'irk. fara 7? eeota |>IVFR OFRM?FOR irOIisOM AND IRTBRMRDIATB 1 El l|jidln(ra.-.1be alianier NODTH AKKRIH will eom I 5er loiter re^iUi trl|n 1 .r the 1 -aatn on tt'^fneadar, M ink j I*', and ?Ui lra?< ih* f ?i Ua (ia .u "rw', Noiib rtrer. 6 r, tL < FOR BALB. _ | ARAMCHaNCB-FOKSaXK, THB HTOOK. PUB nitiua, Plxturea and Oood WU1, of an siabltshed r"-K kiaihn. lii inn nf the besl bulae < ?? "> lk? W?nU.iiC?cU *" U?WUhHiX * ??- N " i<-t r*<UN ABTEAH PACKING BOX BANCPAOT vi tQ BB ?old eb?tp. to close an esale. Inqul ? ol OH AX BMAl.Ii, 17V flrtl wwiitf. ALARGB LOT OP POPULAR PATBNf V uHlhhi. together with Bhuw Cim. W* Bot'toi, 'srAa, Ao.. for dale cheap. luqulie of 0. H. KING. Ui Put on street. A WILL ESTABLISHED SHADBS, OB al.H 4ND Chop House for sale. Location unsurpess ? 1 tor the liti slue**, wlUi favorable Itaae of whole houso. A p irt ler of thn light stamp would be taken with about A?U ai> .ly at i-H Broadway. room 12. 0. H. UOWJM 1 >Ki. BISINKBB ON BHOADWAY-AS RB4PBCTABLB AND rmpuuj>lbie aa an/ do the aUeet, chiefly done for cash; stock between $C.UU) and Bti.dl'O; about $!i IM) lu cash, or ro apofidble paper, will be required; the balance would ( i Uft to bo cold on couimlaaioa with respectable parties. Ur%i very low. application can l.e tu.ide at H7 Beaver ?treat. BILLIARD SALOON, CONTAINING TWO TABLBB, AT BM Canal street, with a Lea.? of the whole houaa. Baa w-a fot selling, siuknese of proprietor and lady. Drug srosg pob bale?lono establishrd, on a prominent corner of mte of the leading avenue*; busl nr?? very good; real low; leaae one ye?r From May ueil None bul(u cash customer need apply. Inquire of B. la B1L UN UK. atCbaa. W. Sandfordnu 3 Try on ro/r. DKT GOODS STORK, STOCK AND Fl\ rURBS, OB SHork seuarate, wlih goodwill of lease. ?toek I'ght, up town, t lith avenue; snre moat desirable, plate gUs. win down; reot low , Hxa'l n cliuico; bumnea i esiabl'-h-d, mu<t tv ?o.d immediate y anil Terr cheap Tni* la a oheac sel dom met v ofc. Itquirv at ill Hixth avenue. DININU SALOON FOR SALE?A OK*AT BARGAIN, <JU a principal tUor "ighfare; tsvorabl" liwae; nice y lined up. well es'abliaLed aad doing a tint class iou >y nw king bu.ioef 1. A rare . b men. BOUT 11 WICK Jt WOOD. (C Nass iu street. ?pXCRLl^KUT CHANCE.?FOR BALB, THB LBA9B i"< ard Furniture of aliist class hotel, with large tlir.ten. Btabbs, Ac , sltiia.ed at III-' principal ei.try to tlie Central l'ark, unit doing a good business. Must be seen to lie appre rta'i it Satisfactory reasons of sale given. Apply t > PKKD. KAPP, 12* Broadwuy FOR HALE?74 IfRAIDlKO MACU1MS8, WITH SHAFT liiu. Belts *nd Benrlii s; onn loiibllni and two Winding Marl ine^ Inquire of t/lll(IBTlAN rttHlWAKT, Klrst a.'a uue slid Bait fifty third ktrtsel Ble<un Power and to let. ?CK)R MA LB?A MM ALL poundby, IN COBfLKTB J riiniiing oidi-r. Apply to P. U. HOLTON, JUl Broad way, New Vork. FOR BALE?THE NbWd DEPOT ANDSBGAt STORE, U'geihi-r with tliii U u \ Stork, PlKtures and Uood Will, now do'tiK a thriving liusluesn; will b? s ild cbnap for rash, us liie prenonl yropiti l r ii s>niul leaving for the West. Apply to JOHN OA MfelK, -67 MjrUo a vol ue, Brooklyn TJIOB MA LB?GO ARA1DEKB, KOU COVKKIN'O ffBS, f iiiukiiig cord and ?orpentlne lintid, all in ruunlng order. Furfuither paiucular* alllress Edwin Field A Do., Provi d?'?ir?. R. L FOl! SALE?ONE HALF INTEREST, OU the WHOLE ot a business in I'lticn.inU, Ohio, on reas iuable terms; a k<*k1 ehanse toi Baking 111'n'y w lili a small cspltal; the bualnesHts pio ecteil by a pat nt Apply to UOltRILL A 11ASK fc I.L, 37 I'ark Row. room No. 10. lilOR -AT V?T1IK LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OP r n ki.ikI t;ioon:> and Liquor Slur- lu the Fourth ward, aud one in tlin levi nth ?nnl. Apply at ?1 Mouroesi/eet FOR SaLK- LADIES AND! IIIuDKBNS boot, SHOE and \ nrlety Store, neatly lit ed up; rent low. Apply a*. 1,1ft Broadway. FOR PA IK -A STAND FOB BALK AT WASIllNtlTON Msrki t, one of the besi p'aoesm the m.iiket lor au> k ud Of biihin'ss. Inquire at liv.) cef uwich strret, tint floor. I'OK SALE?THE GROCERY AND I.IITCOR HTORrf 8i MiiKh irv street; dwelling attached; Kt ^k ?i d Fltturoa, showinK H -tvle, business proved by the bxiks and ru> turn en.. 11,stud six -vcais Inquire of D. Btltali, Auo tiouecr, l.'tfl bowery. r)R SALE?THE OVSTKR AND DINING SALOON S*! Broailway nicely ft te.l up ami a good p a "e of business, *leknr?? Hie eaure of selling, ihereforit must Im sold iinut ou/'y $Ji\ inqulie of 1> BL' HKK, Auctioneer. l.'M Bowery. For sale-thk ?tock and fixtures of a Dining feeiocn IIudoon River ICailrosd d-p t, Thirty ilrm i-uwt vest of ienlh i.veiiue; will be sold cheap, as ihe owner is voing West. I.10K SALE?A KlliBT CLASS CORNER LfyU?>B STORIl ' >lltiaU.d oimi good thoroughfaro, dotnga g'>id tranal ml and family trade, also a good wholi-aale traile, a illi la'tirsble W-aac; v. ill sell cheap on aocouut ol' leaving the bujdnest. A[> ply ?t 2K1 Hudson st -cs i. B'nU BALE- AS OYSTER AND BOWLING SALOON, doing a >.or*l l.iulnosa at li Itoweiy. Osli After 10 o ol iak, in lite liaseinent. FOR SALE?A LaKOH, ESrAbLtStlBD LAGER BBKK Billiard Saloon. alli'U Hudtos utreet, by JaO^B 0. IIOl'I'M ANN. I/itR BALB?AN OLD ESTABLISHED PAINT HBO BR, III a good li<*tion up town: will lie *.ld cheap. Ad du* - Tanner, bo* UAl llerBldollix fOB PALli?ONE OF TilK OLllL-T COFKKK, CAKB r and tHster M'1 loons lu the Bowery, unw dotug u go id alliist -d la one of tie best bloekadtrecUjrnpjiotite li e rtieaira For psrtli ulais inquire lu li.e Hogsr itore, N?. at Worn fUUL WITH PBIVILBOB W LE ?SK-A Pl^B " Groeerr Establishment, XCl Bleecknr si reel, corner of Veatleula; promlui'Miy situated, ne.u- iiiglnh ive iu' on ti e Kriiekeib.-cker < lan bus i .uti< wilh a good rua of r*>ti i.i?t? mera A go d r<t"> k. and wMl as?ort'd, wttl lie rl mm .nt low (o a go?>d i iii: y Bes on- i or the sale oipUi.ind sa tfrfseiorlly. Inqulie on the ri. a.iees LHUi sai.K IN POCTW BROOKLYN.?ONE OK M)BR I now lit* Mum iHim n utotie Hoiiaot, 1. Iiy lr? f?r!, I,.t 15 t" 1( U feel; coatalliltig ton Kooiut, hualixh htaoinnl Mlyla>. Wi 11t ?ub-r< I'sr, high ?t"Opa and vo?tlbitTe doot*, ul* ? modern lir.|?rov*nwti: in Wycknll atn ft imt I'our! *tre>-l. In ?iittie n't I'Nhl IN A M (Kit i M, No. I'JA Ail mtlc at root or 7<J llojt *tm t, HrvvAly u, JjlOR HAl t OR KXUHANOE?A (lOOl* Om.Hh'NITI J? will b? oirered to i?iitr per?<>n who wlahea to pun h ine or eirbaiiko p. open* for tfriirnlilo improved Wi-torn terming land*; T'li d i g? nil mw; I not e.iey. Ko> full paitioulara ?M'lj ^ I'lllLir R. WIliKINH, No lit I'lti* ?lrt?<l noil SAI.I'. OR KXCflANQR?IN union oorirrr. N. v J., * I1 Ann of K a-ret, lo n high dale of cultivation; iri'id hon.*o and outliulldimr* in ih .rough repair; al?o ,i lirfot'ojk ol tattVand Parnitttfr Implement*; only?.) oiliCklio'n New Ti rk ami thrte ftoui Ine d-put. For partku -i* Impil e .it \M Is tn > ntnet HOSIERY, HOilBBT.?THR STO( K AND HITCMI of a HuiuirT Bud Genu' 1-urnlaliltig Sti fnr*Ve, any rait* l aving fl.'jul, will llntl tl t* a rare chan o for uuwi:ig IntoliUaliiea*. 1 be ?U>ck I* uew and voiy d; a raMa. for par Ucuiar*, addrce* II ??l*.ry, llei^ld oHloa. 1J<1EL FOR RAI.K-VKUY CflRAP. I* \N t?H<iMKl.Y It and nee lv fitted np and fnrntahoit; li?nf i 'id favorable . lo *f; ?tiper1~r I-atIon; <*ol g a l?r^? Art ele?* bua.ncea; i.tloiod low on c?-\ tenti", h*v n g otln r ? .omenta. HUlTIIWlOK A Ou D, 31 Nn-*.ui atioet ntlTI L A N D REST A VII ANT?-WITH V.N ? IKt1& In one < t!ie ?-tr l*?t loo* !? >i,a to the city. To any p- r i n w * to engag" In tho biir'iie?< thia I? a ? It in a ?.f dr.m uHi J id, *U hi ? > ?! "til h'U-Kblli, on ged t rin*. Apply tol". ft. Jt'hNbuN, No. 57 (,'ortlandt afroet, irtmi 10 a. M. to i P. M. HOC'I* HKIRT KAl T(?i:v K<?R BALK?WITH KVKRT < i vri, omo lor nianulariurlnic alat, a twenty tvro H:.tittle In rotntilela ont>'i, for the ?oaring of utx-a. A; i>ly lo.l llt|M>AKl> A Cll., .110 iv-lauory ?ti"Ot. LIVI (.R STlHil K'f SALK. TilK WHOM. VtLF AND iTtn.l nnti la'UI-itK! HUloi u:1i ?|r?J? t, Apply fu? thn-e < ? In Iho ?K>ie. NINK IfOONO HARD hai-Kh rOIUU OHli', ui lli< f ;l"*:t.? nianufacttuvia: throe LtUk' a, four <ia) U.r - at.d iko llerrlng e, at Uu Ma d n lane. 1)Tf0TrHiRil'Hir OAI.I.ERT, 4T7 RIIOADWAT, fOR ?a s ? I he i;?l e?T l? I ?! 4 oit?hli*h'd, orrupyln;; tw<? i t clt Ito i'i'4>ia. fitli d and fmnlehod o'lnp.ote lor a .oiocnatt uJ hrvi claa* lititlnw ( Leap rent aud a favorable loaea. QrART/ ROCK MILTj AND I'ORTMN Of P\TR^f fin f '|o ? nandeil at th^ tmnoa Hie >er? h; <t i,? Pn>. ? un r<* k eud i ?her haiil >ub>tturi-e t? p rfpi-t di< .t, with htiCi'U'tl nhiltiri^ ,.i indlug attrfacea i... <il* i.-pia.-.-d ROl'TH WICK A WOOD tl Nawau utreeA. RBhTAORANT AND SALOON FOR 3AL.K.-V FIRST elf ?* tcep?Tt*hle e?tal>llitliiBotit, (ioln( a H?vd bu?tnr<a, lualUritlCK "? Uhnothood, will t>e diapuaed of rea^oiuhly to acuih Apply ai No. I Vtaoy ? tree v. TO T1RMVITHH -FOR HAI.E, 1HR HTt?CIf AMI) FIT lurte "I a Move and Tin Ware Vannta' tory, bow d.ilug a gnoo l>u?l io?e. Apply Id l:eThird areuue, bet ?e?u K.?hi/ Krmaiid hlghtj-neoood Mnew. It.rkvlll* TH1IE LEAHK ANII rt'RNITITRI OF A FINE HCIIL'K t an Ho < 1. * hi*.ii c mm<nd? a large 'raite, wtr lie kuI I, r * I piled lot ? thin a lew da*a, at a r> m imb.i'pr.c<v I'ai v ti alto wUh Ui purrlrtee ?I.I ph-aar addle*) A A . Hera d office. It v?U In imtnrdiaMIt attended to. MII.I.MKHV, JR). " _ ~~ MHHMK HEMtiREtrH t,Rt?U INAI'OCRATION AND (Ipenlticof I'al'ertu ol the Hnrliw F<ahmn?, way Itrtliii'Toe, ISO t'asal afreet, iXl I Terrepont atroat, Hm k lyn. l.tttv Cm atout atieet, PtilludolphU, and In nil the pti iel Bil oIUok ol the t'olon and ( anada Hpting noinher of 'lie Irtnrof Kaahtom now reotly Mmo. Dein inv.t woui i ro ?j#(tfttll; e?uU a. the Indie* njt to he de-Mvrd by t>eraoti ? la Caufti -If et, who ai umng a 'al?e and lli'tltioui nam ai>ei|i<d and >oundlng rory much like our own, calculated to tuUi ad the ptiblle MMADAME R HAREIK A RON, B7I EROADWAT, BKO to Inform their frlonda and euatomeri th?t they will open en the 4th of Mareh a large aaoortuieiu of hprU{ Moo nota iliaute tionrtwute), juat arrived fiom Pnrta n* tne aat Moaner. A ri'-h naeoitment of flower*. Rnrhee aad Vranwio. Ad\ aotageiMiH t< rm* to wholeatUe buyer* *f 11 : i - Kltv, SM CANAL MTRRBT ?HADAMfe EaL I Iri LINtfft t?g? to call the attention ol Houtiiorn and Roetirn moichaiit* to her ai'ge ?tock of eprlng poi*?rn Ron neta for tho wh?lr*?le trade Madame liaH'ng* feol* con IIdent that eho ran oiler the largeat and bent aeloMed awnrt Bent of Kienth Millinery Id tne rlty, a* well a< ?un-? trerr el?#ar.t Honnt'ta ol lier own tnannfarture, Mer-liante tend ing In tlx Ir n'doie by pn*t trill ha e then* attended lo nr* I I oily and at the lowea: Uado prioo. Paris fasiiion*.-pa Ria fashion* foe hwi - Madame Dt MORIHH UOODAU. haa received her MftMl Importation of Frwi Paver Pattern* per eteamer Fultoa. Phe haa alo rranlvoi OTrtiOealee that aba * tho oolr ooe who Oarveiiy Unpori* Mr pMiorn* from ?h? moot dl*tla|ul*h?4 BO) latea a hl< h i-he will bo happy to oihlMt. Her Inaugtiri* tl>?i of I'Httot t.a for the preMsnl eea?>a will he larger aad n Off wIh-i than nttiai Xbe Invlloa tho lti?poet oa of her rrnula' aali-< rib< i * and the pnbtia. Ready oa Moo4?y at XM t Knal vtreet, ofrpoetto (I'oone DAN(:lH(l MMIKMIKM. lKiDWOUril'E DANITNO AOADRMIRR. N? *6 Er *daay. Now York Eo. 1:17 Moat tone (Mr.-at, Hrookiyn w-dr,e.u., ft, , r4?7*T? Hew lort Meaday* al Tii . I'l. 4?jt I, frt lay. to Erookly*. Utrco am WlfttH if , H) tv had mi ?tith?r A y. RAI'LKTMAI.TKR of the THEATRBh . Itoja. al fierltn and .lanovev -Danelrg Aeademy Ml Bowi ry. l.oaa r- |l i? in .i Hi, four owning, tod /??*? n'lii'iiiiiii '1 rrtT*^ u""00'' *? *r OOODH. 4M7. amou>- uonbtablb 4 OO WILL EXHIBIT OH HOniAT, AT BBTAII^ THB1E Mm WRiiia importation or rBBHCH, OUR HAH AHO BBITIBB DtT OOOML tui HLKK, BARBOBR, OHUAHPt?, JAOONHW, BHILLHNT8, C'tXi.OQRH, Jo.. 40. ^ G<X^ ??>??? WltB ?T^> aarc f, th. Wnde, Mi, fur noreitj tad .ileal, T1 u CAHAL STTUKKT, CORN KB OF MSKUIl ^ B?OLD. TONHTABLeT^XX ^ Will offar On Hoodaf, At Retail, m Immttue atook ot Hprlng Hoeiery, rlr ;? urn*. (*??,??,?? ?nJJi^.WU and uUwhad Cot Iadtaa*, Oentlenieu'a and HIkmn* white Idale Thread Hum. LWUee ' nudHI???.' wliito Balbrt^.n Ootloa Atoo, a fine aaaortmeot uf -u turner Under Gtnuml* Canal, corner of Mcroar. AT? ?WRHRTS AND RKIItTM aT A ro.?."oM??^S!rt!? i Sr d*T* on,7.'n "nl. rtu make uuuta lowda/Kl-* fr?nofi Oomil*. Ooraeta UlM IDIIM J 1,1 t>r mvn " *"U| *<J &, ,w lb'"1 " ~rj alrctiL u aireet, yjs aixlh arouuu, uoar i^u.e-uiti WOKI> TO HUKKIOIBKT. Udie. wtatin,? u,? SjSSlS^^i^ 4 'Wn . __ #ir,r "o <t """ ** ^rciklust < at 'ah cnem* .1 7/w? pUlnAIofi,i,fcfc,l?,;r?d llD*" K"*wl/ re.lnaad. ANUiLKb Upl til*' t irii>,K HpoltiCottoc'l?'1^ JW" K?l-oVr.S.Mo .worthfl 11. !, ..?!'? ? I? ; "'>'?! Cotton, * 1 zssrjr ,r"d',a ^AilWQj A MHAKBri, 77'J Iir?;i4? J^AKKt.E KOBKH. I'iVK AMJ HEVRN FLOTTNCE3, AND DOlJBIJi JUPK. ARNOLD, CONHTABLB A CO. Will offer at S * tail, on Monday, th.-lr enlira .lock of Bare?e Robes, at the foil jwlng low priMii Barega liobea at $?: former |irlca, 94 SO 14 M *? ?, *' " ?* T 0? *' " " ? 00 to $10 00 6? " " JO 00 te 12 00 ?i " " IS 00 to 16 00 *'? " 16 00 U IT 00 8< " " 16 00 M 20 W0 The abore dvd?o<io? I* p,?IOrfc Oatial atreet, eoraor of Mnr*?r. ClAKJ'liYINt.N, Kl.OOtt OlI^miM / HAniNoNl.Kl'UofrH. KCOH Ac , at rrductil |irU'>*a. ' " Far sale wholesale uud reuil by A. JOURKKAV. Jr. ? W (NMny. QUKAT HVDOVTUm AT ... LORD A TAif.OR,8, HOH. 461 TO H?T BKOADVtAT, *'oiner of Orarnl ktreot. In order to cl?w our prraent I.AIU.L AND i'KSifl VIILli S.OOK, wa HAVB RRDUCKD OITR PRICKS FROM II TO 25 I'EH OKN't. AND ARK NOW OWERINO <1REaT BAIUAINA IN FARUIONAHi.K DBT I'iKIDti | OF BVERY DKSORimoH. Particular amotion la lu>|ted to our aloA at DUXhm goods, DHKMS SHilC.H, LAOK^ KMBROIDKKIK* ASU nOVSR FlfkNTSHINO OOOO^ And purthaHcr. may relj ur^K?ttln? D??lrabl. Good, at I.OWKR THAN KVKR Ili.KOhK OKKKRKD. AlJJO, AT HTORKd N.m XWto 211 OR \ HI) STKKHT *">*? *' ?""! OA rll AKlNK nr'. /JIJEAT CLOHINO HA1.E OP CORNETS, EDWARD l.AMHKHT A CO."?^*4' lu HqnldiUon n-pJr^^ r*,r ENa,T^' M,"'K OORHETR. $1 50, I?%OBD, 87>,?.; Mh(EN. 'l ttKtAKFAST JACKKTR. I.VCB IN FRONT, WAIhTR, HOOK FRONT, I.AOl'D- 70cent*. < n'"i!e do'lar "K" SHAWUSatMa A line H<M.>tim<-nt of lAKlHMODi: MANTILLA* Very low. />khaT REOVCTtoN. Ur jAith* imt'. a co., fej HEADWAY. ? OiiKKB t?r" WAVfRLEf P1*ACB, AkK ?KLL1N(. UlT Hll-.llt KNTIRK 8TOOE OK PRKM (HHJDS, l.Athii ANI) BURROU'IBIER, M>K OaKII, At a reduction of from 41 to St per ont. J (t. A Co. mi.) o.??i, ihi* ni i.nltv 6,(UJ VaKI)> FItEM'll I'BMi CLoMI* Itednced f'om O r. to ,'5?. BEST (VH A 1.11 V ALL WuOL DE LAIM1, .Mm trig a.) lea, Wt. BKA I. LA?'lft, wi ?t ?l\!e?, vrrv rhrk|< BLACK AM' ( <il."KKU SIJ.KS, All rrduffd. BILK BOBRR. $lfti PORMKR PRICE 9S.Y iJ9 llioo \? ty, iuraer of (tfar<-rler place INJUNCTION Dl?hOI,VRD IN BE 11LN KV hi iHISfW'R a>*0 ABOTMBB AUAIS-T OEO. BULP15 AND OTIIER& BANK 111 f'TC'T OK BPI Pl>. OKhOHON A hl.MOTT. ? ri <i 361 Itrundoay, Xi < York The Injunction In the a??o*e oa?e hating been <1Uv>lr??1 thin dav 1>t In* Hon r Judge Leonard, (.Tide Sot* etna Court iU eaid, febm*' y 13, 1S611, TUB RRSIDI'B of U.e >-ffVcta of the above bankrupt* ?1?1 be uorallled far aalo to I be public, AT ORB HALf TDK ( OUT OF IMPORTATION and M \NI KA TURB, T?? CLOSX THK ItrUIK. Fl'BH * I Li. UK H< "J. J VERY CHEAP. ?'I Ml'are' auJ Children'* Cloaka at 6.'t, ct nta $1, $3 and 9'1 - utaiii north three time* th>- au'omu Mil i adlea' M, nug au<l Kuaarr CWLa ?t 9X 9-\ $4?wortt lltofl*. Kit) i.?d?e* Arab Clraka, 9.'> *n.| 9A-worth lit Ui 9%) VAi Ladle*' Trarebiia hulls complete, kobnapd (Hook 93 SO, f I 40 ai.d 9-'> IWi- wtirll $lu to |!0 7 TO' jarrt? Material* for Nulla ram 9 oetiia ta M oerta par jard all at on* baif tl-a '<i?t of I n?i tati"n l?N Ijroua V ?1 vet Cloak* at >14 HI, $ju, IK ?H>-?ortfc from 9.4 t? 9*1 h?i winter Ci"?k* la RUrfc Rearer and other Ctntaa M pike* rmng'ng f mni 94 to |%) - all radura d ?M, fill! Freix li La* e Vanillic* ax 1 I'otnta, *f fa*Moaab.4 *ti*pe and de*tin>, at prtoaa a htob will well repay aa tavnM meiit at U I* earl) w?m A aileaelUiK-vna ?>llertl'<a, Innludinx odd (^oaka, mnaaata Cloth and Velrel, 1rtmu<lngr, Piluge* *ad lj?e<-?, wottoy the aneniloa of Kt?r>J[*?)'ei* mid MauiUla Maiiufaniiuera, will be ilaaed out at any taorUioa. THE STORE TO LET AND FIXTVRBB FOB MAXJL THE BANKRUPT SALE or BVLffll, GRROrMlN A BbMOTV, At IAI Rroadway. IMPORTANT NOTICE. SI-BCIaL HALB OF KRAMONARIJI DRT OOODB AT HX AND IHlnlXri! A\ RNliK, AT PRICBrt URMiW TUB t!0?T ut Plt((DUCriOR. DRKTINU <M>MI>n,r!TI(>N NEW RPRINO AND H MURK DhKMM OOODR, <' boli K 'AlthlCrt IN LINKN iHitlui. ALL TUP. YARIOI H hO( KKKErlNO ARTICLES. RRW sTTI.Bt ??F STttA# RONNhfk CI.OAKH, MaNTLKH A>D KIlAf LM. At gTratly reduced prti-e*, In order bi rent i.O" half the pe* mleea. 1 ltd alore. Mo. Utl, to in t. An earlr ?pplk:?Uiii la dtairabla. CHAmLkh o llo i?, KM and 110 Mlxth a rente. IMPORTANT NOTIOB -BROD1R WILL OPBM OM WediM-Mtar, Mh ln*t . a r.irieiy of early hprlDtf (Ormrata. la cloth. rel< -t *r>4 ?llk, at hl? auiree. ?>-u?r <11 Kll'lfe arm k* tod twenty third Mraxt, and :??) Caoal ?tn<t. J^ACI ABO MUSLIN CURTAINS. ARNOLD. CONSTABLE k 0* Are now offering to wt,ule?*le aad ritall pnrehawn A LARUE AMD WPLL ASNOBTID BTOOK LAOS, ML'RLIN AMD NOniNuHAM niTRTAIRR, DBAPKBT MI/HI IS AND TBSTIBUUI LAOBB AH ti wUct fiey will <1l*noM ?* at teryI^w PBK'KE GA>ALI M DKT UOOM, *d. oubmiko uooi>a JUST BBOAITBD 0B0ABDIE8. rUMTBD JAOONM1H, BABBUBB, QBBMAJUNB*. r HI NTH, ~ GIKOH AMI, A A ?,>bi|t tttck of Ootid*ralUkU for 8TBBBT AMD TBaTKLLING DB&WEL AMMOLD, OONBTABLB A 00. 0ANAG 8TRHKT. aaraar af Man?c. Km Mao*, . MX f H AtKNUB, OOBNBB FOUltTHBNrU 8TKHKT. MOW Ol'KMSU? P.W? DOZ8N. IIIt) AFKINvi IMPORTATION, LA 1)1 KM PBENUII Kill OU>tfKB, oeuti * pair. Warranted aa good u any Eld Qlwe Imported SOLOMON A HAHT. am B AO AD WAT, a . a ao?r uteriuM a'. U 1a M aiul V CBNT8 PER BO, thru flue Mtln 1'ap.r Uangtnga, ault? 4e for parlora, dlotaj o?n?. chamber*, hall*. 40 I'aruea dcnirlnf woakiueu can be aupplled wlih the Nat at MM rural*, chamber*, hall*. Ac lemrla low | rto?*. %% AT< IIKM AID JKW V V lOJhClbM'h ct'WAKHH (IK CB ILL." TU?*<?;? BAVtf COMB TO a. ( KillA "TO MB OB NOl TO MB," TP ?T'S THK QUESTION. The leading mttui aetnrorHoi jrwalry in the oUy, In trm ?r,nun?*- of tliu pn^Maurr of the Urnea Mure il'?ruiln?J thai tt Ik wwwr in Mil tneir ijimda at priors thai imiat Oomnutnd tM oaali. rR*nlle?!i <jt thi. < o*', than mi hold Uiiva at tlinaai (' would W<> "Kuiiticratlvn Tliey would therefore oali I' Uon ol the uulilio to i heir lmiurna" atock of F1NB O LHANU PLATED JK WKIitf AT 55V Hti(?.\I>WAT, Ol'liuHU! Bond Nirwet, HUM OP TliK Ul,\ IN THK WIIfDOW. tOl'B OliOl4E~n)K 0?B HwLi<AR Thl* m??mH1''ci.t Hln.'t, oomjiru>lQf| the Urirt-at and moat ?a 'erieivr >vliictlo?i of Coral a. Cam <m, fo-mloa, Jeu, itubtea, Brillwi.ia, Lava*, Tuniuola, (term i., luilt<tlou of Oarbunotaa, Aii < iliyHt*. tvaria, iMueialda, bu|puii-ei, An.: Braoeiat*, C'heiui, Mug*. 'rucra, Tliiiu' lea. hhhIhh, Ao , Ac. Oi naiNliiitf iu part of Uie tolio < lux ?rti<.'.na:? Coral aeta ht-ut 1 priuca, $Vt to $35 only ft Ruby " ? " " ? ?* *0 ,T I 1-avJ " " 44 T 44 15 44 1 Jw Mowlr art* 44 " I" 11 " 1 (joldwnw Mt>uie '* " 544 1J 44 1 Oartifl acta " ltl44 t4 " 1

TvutHilwidU. " " 514 16 44 I ifcaaiinril'ii brilliant *<-ta.... " 44 614 lit M 1 Itn of Oaibunxla " " 44 1H" SO 14 1 tin of PinoiaM " " " M)14 S# " 1 Ml one (Hiy* 44 mm 614 lfi 44 1 llu. f.tnifcc*n 44 44 ?14 1H 44 ? Ka.e (i???l llaud Braeeiut.... 44 W 15 44 1 Klini'l Hli'. 41 " 44 10 44 X) 44 I I1 iiie I'-ann 44 . J" " *14 .8 44 1 K ne M-wte 44 44 ** 5 44 la 44 1 Kh? Coral 44 14 14 T 41 15 44 1 flM Onrnet 14 44 44 7 " U " J Floi- < ?nr* Ktuili ?>?! Button* 41 44 * 44 5 44 1 tWiamiTi'il 44 " " fU t II I Iiu. (VI>uo'l(4 " ft 5 6 1 Kii'e fcerl Cluliw with Oartxa and Curat 3 44 8 44 1 Pine I-udlc*' t?rraii Clialna.. 44 44 3 w 7 ** 1 fine liilii*' CurbCbaiiu.H 41 44 10 44 11 M 1 Qiaiia' Kobt'ha'ii* 41 44 514 8 44 ) Lot kaia of ov- ry aim 44 44 344 1* 41 1 Tocetli. r vt r.h in ? lullnM iwwtnrtment of Pin i Ring*. Pea c<la, Pi ll* V|i?iblM. W? i-li Key?, .xielrni*, Chalua Studi, Hli rn ItuttoiiK, (. lienna, Anuli ?, inMnnia, Oroaa. a, Kai k, B. !i Sl>d"e, I'Iih ii l ine, Klblioi Hllili-a, tooltiplrf rill*!-, Bi ll Sl.d'H, Cham l'llia, Rllibfn Hllili-a, tootliplcka, r*?? UoTdr.i*. Pvt. lilaaai'is bnauielled en *?ea, aliJ a timaotiid other ArtU'lar too nutneriMia to mentl'iti, ?uoh are usually ktp' tti (1?m riant jewrli't r?tul>li"lini?'ita, any article a< wlilcb yon ran havr youi i-uolcr of tor $1. We Invito liidi.a. and tho public Kuar^ally, to nail and ex amine Mir anln.dlil ?!ork, a* we cau aainrr them ?tteh bar aaluawiU l>r ollr nl hut (or ? Quilted period onlurt froa Uic traile tbronahout tliecnutiirj mom renpantfully aoUolted Klll'ikf ONB IK)Llt& KhTABLIiHHM &NT. Any of tbr aliovw artl6k ? will ' o ?? at bj mtil on r nolpi o! f i atnl 1/ iru'i for poHi?KA. Ad'i'W< O. W. HUi, nurni t??-iurli fi"' Broadway. M?w York. I l\Hi 11AM K. * BIUTIhll?:oMMiiKCiAt t4PA1MBDB5JICBOOM/Ae ii) ill I. tidi ii ai d Ameilna ?fc atabllfihrd In I i2l. n 'ihin *ini|? y la *ell ki'owu iu ImiiIi hcmlupboroa, ann >t< iti blll y ia um'oiibuil Mi< x tin cl ar.-e for emralng the Atlantic-.. R. 1.ii?i < uiaiiU il ou piilirle* " 11mi ? i ii - prti.iiun. njat remain on loan. ? 7; Potlnea a~ collateral seourtly f! * Laut bunua wan ll.lrl> tl?o oent. o 3 (iiioivi.ii M. KM-.virT 8 a Manager, 3 p til Wall atreet. P 1IV18RH, IUMIM9, WAlTKD. AlioDKKAtB h /.Y.O H'J'>M, WJ-'.i.t. LaOCATID tie.mi ru L* kiuiilor ai il fir?rn haT?nura, brlow riilrtle'n Ktiri t ni $71 a' to $ 1 ,iVjo. also, aniall Kami, alout tbtrtf ??? " oottidPirai to rKilioad Ln K * PITTMAN, 25 Bond atree*. F'AKM V VNTF l?.?TUB AI?VRH*IHHK W ANTS A. lartn o lml> or llfly aen-a .>n a leaae. low lent and roiiituitubln hour: mar tlin dtv; or a pf ifltalr? bus'm-Ha will l>r giteti In (MrbfinK" a<1 irena Meic* life, H-raltl ollicj. ijiitixi wanted to himk?jok i>aiki riKi'tism. F wlihui an hotira' r.di- of thaoityof New turk. Rent not o?- r jml Poranaa winning their property taken go xl oaia ot an.t Iim|.ioimI, wUI Hi il llii* an eiotdlrni opp irinury Ilia Iwvi of n Irreton givon. Aildivaa J. A. brown boi ldt Herald ofllor. "ZahM~rTi? iiou.iK Wan r?ir^A rcu.1 kiTk P uli I I'd 1?W "lltni; ?anted, In Jitr?ry t'liy Mint have nil 'h<> int-Vm liM| n>VMn "i(? a id b?ni a good Inoatlon. Poa leaalin v bj l?l oi Aprl* A.iilivaa ?iou. drown, M aud :* l'aik pmoB, cu iimmi. i? iTuTmk vr^Nrer*?ooMfAisiNu tTik r modern in rnviMen'a, by a atnall faml'y with no chil dren, w hn would i <ik.- the mine can- of fumltnin. An., a* If I wire heir nan; it mu?t b? comfortably f nrnlahivl, mid rent no* l'r MMtW (I '.i?i per year. l"Cauon altoie t uirt'i atreet ami lich.w eoriy wnrud. > MX ? pltouabia roferotca given. Adilr** . Q. It , (taraid otllre HOC* I WANTKII-A TWO OR TABU BTOBT I lunar, with mxlern In profamenla. In a g .od I ration, below 1 Iitrl1"tli airr?t. rentfiOM ?1 D l> >'?i U'md rwfo n tic ? klvi n AddiTaa I'n. itiriHi ilija, alatiug full pmtlcu laM Oi.dTiuanl, llrr?ld oflir?. Striiio waNTKI??b* an AKTihT (Pori-ratt and landerape n?i|H?r); mot lo l> ? paid In |*iatluga. AdJttiu A. U. M , In ri.Id nllnO tiiih rri-KK t*AbT it/ a hoi'hk wanted, in a I private laii.lly, with Ul ohlldren pro; rrre.l. fur ? ? inlly of tin er grown | r*ioa; lonatl ill bonne* f.mrt.- ?ntl? hii I Pit tin li aiiet. Addieta Aitiui ItrtanJ oiiHv, a'.atlng loruu ui .1 ? cam n XkJ AM i 1??HI A i IK NT I.K *? A N AND Ills WIPB,, TIIU "? nil lluor or tibial, ei tlowac. AiUreaa T. U. M.,tiJ 0?'i1 CkJ AMI It? t<i 111 \F? Kf A Kiv.sroSrtlill.P. A^D IT in ?t rimm u mm, a II. tMlii tlin oMUUIjr, wtkbiu a c in vcnlrt.i ill-uti.* >>i Nu? t ik cllj and of r?*/ a < rnni Dot III i\t?iu J'HI. Adilrrwi, gliltig full d.;?crtliti<A and 'mmi ul irk. W, 1. K, Hpi alii ut oa. ?I'ANTl l>-TO BK*T IN BKOOKMN, A KHALL IT Mliio ll'itM, iK-ar Cnl on o rrj, or uot far from oar? ri.mili ? to iI? ferry, mu?l !*> in a reapMt?M? ael^hH>rM id; rant n't ?n ncml J.'.ill. /iM-.aa, Kiting full partimlara ? In, ImiiMi la ? Uuli d, & ? ,i.O, V'> IM llnralil oRtcat IV'ANTKD?HV TtlK KlKt-T <?K MAT, IJf NEW TOBI ?T or Hiu kijn liy a ji?n l> n nn an ! wlf.\ with no ohll .Inn, ii.i i oi ?li iii. wi'li all conteii > .? im ior houi* kKpin^. UiraUuu nil. - tMM td. Konl n il lo ?no?"<'i1 f : >l IrMtMi i sciian4Ml Addri'** I*. II. it'., bit ,\IV1 I'uil Wt AN lKl? -AST r < MM.V iTAVINU A HOl Mlf TiT|7rT and w l liivg to Ho<rd ill. rant o?t or la p?rt p:i> iu nt, ? ill C en* jpnljr *? 21<| fclnbtu a\noiia,ar<conil MOOT. Q|7A>1KU-Bt IHL 1HI OK APRIL, OK MA f, WITH "T a ?mall pi ?ata u-olly, the acvond n<k>r, wi ll ronta nl"e?r' for ImttalrffMl; rr.|iib? ai\ rnoti.a, lnrludin? k.:i hen a 111 *"r\.im at .uin, for a t.un'lr'iian, wif? and ijbihl; ; rmtioo la tw. en 1*enlj veiul tu I P -i f urrrailt utrevta a.>tl Pli'tli and bl/litb aim i??: r^iemnoKi ex'iiaugril Ad (iiu'i Iur thri .i da)*, Htaiiti^ leimu au.l looatioii. P P. 'J., Aiadlui n n.|iiaiu l o t nlluv \JLTAXTED~-A uol sb, MTWIE.H Ri niril and ?t T?eni) ihlrtl?lrte a I rtlitli and HiguUi trrnwi; mi.?t lie In fciuid ? iii/r or houaa prolorrad. Addivaa II. J. M , Pout nil ee UTiiSTKD?fKoM M IT I, A MOHBKB BUILT IWKU ; n?, m a p eaatiii n?*i|(hl.orb'?Hi, ao'itt of 1 iflrtln h alnwt, n ?r Br ri?i/ or Mrooud aTrnn*; tutil not ItMMtd (i?i; ui tb* Invir part ol a aoiue, anitan:* for a l amli; oi I. i.uduita. Addr?.'>aJ, V. I'rapi a^ca, and 4iAI Brmuiiray. IITAITICD-bt A FMALL OBWTKBL FVMlLT, TWO " i.i three Ko- ina |iartly furnlaliod, luatlun brtanna Sprllg and f ulloa air. wiwt hhIq. \<sdre?a for MM irml J. W, 2? Uau HireeC Tei emeal ho i?e keop. r? ii'-nd Bat ?pp:>. Hi leioinw r?,i<iri d. VV ABlkU-PAMTflP A li >UHK, IN A KBSPBrrAHI.M TT E?4lib rh.MMi, c..n'? i i i* tiv.j or an H'tomi, ?!>.*<? bl. '?krr mr?*ti rant a ??* t Addm.* J. P. It., b i IW l|. nud otltcn. ll'AMhl A SMALL Pt HNlhklKn > OTTAdB, I'l.BA ? T nai.Hf iocaU'd, ?likiii bail mi luai'a > il? of ?. * tork AdJrena, r.?ilu? icim*. ? U,W,:. l :j Kvw \ork l*oM ?I ll.aa. U' ABTKD-r ABTOP A iiouhb, UlfTL'RNIHIIBD. PROM May I, i f a gi'S'laoima and wife, knalln baiiamin Iblrt) allih aad Porif eUihtli ati-?la, Madl- in and Kih'lub a*ei.uea A note, anting rvut and otli .r parUOiilara, wdilr<-iu.<d C. U, and lull at tbadiug nlore, 717 nliili avenue, ?u. rec lira ationiHin. Tl r A NT K D?TO BIBB. ON MAT I. bt A OBNTLRM AN Tf uc lila wlfn, wttk mo ahUdrvn, a pan of a llouun, at>.i1nM oi rnriar <w ttr?l Hour, one Mawtm-ut and iwa Had t'Mimt te?ntion Mnr iiurd i??nu.. batwoaa IwntMi >m i I tiinleth kite, la Hoat of reiHrpiu rt given. A Id.i-aa A. o. rl., lleiald ? iflt'e, aUtlng lern.a. WANTgll?A AM ALL II017HB. WITI1 ALL TBB MO. dern imptovainnnta, about lira or leu mlonum' witlk fr<ia Hrtadnif. and not aboea I walfth atrnat. AddtaM, ?taiiug lha ittni and all the parliunlara, J. J, or mown/ i'oat ottloa. Wam1bd-A MODBHN HOUHK (Pl'BNISUBD OB uot), bj a lady, who would like iha rant taken In Board, K Ith the nrlt lleiv* of taking a law Brat claim board 'ra Unet o rrl. reni"* re<|iilre4 and gtviwi Adiiraaa, lor threAdnya, l?- *?. MniM qmO Wanted?past or a uochb. oonhistino or Qvaorkli t ?iMe, unf'iml-lied, In a r*?p.*tAb'a neigb toAooi, alHi*? HleecAar eiraat; tba upper portion of u.a building and a loeatlon on the weut aide ot tna rity praferred A'tdn aa, utat "g lerma, whieb lu n-t he model a ?, and giving full rmrt'riiKra aa to looalton and amveaion 'M, Ke^maii, loi |7A ? .m" olB?" WANiBD TO IIIIIR- A SMALL ROtTBB A!*D U)T IN Ihr countrji *>or Hi mllaa from Maw fork, wmld Ilka U buy nirh In witun plara ?h?ro tlinr.i la p'anty if farming ? ork to do f or n farm, r'a in m. aay pnnn nnving atf-a ? rlaen rao enll on nr addri'aa, lor th. i? day^ John '-a?ey, >il Kaat llnrty loortb aitwt. _ AF TBI> TO RP.vr IN ,',RW TORK OB RR/XiKLTN. hy th?i|lr?t of Mny rwil. I'rrUir ulu.ig n?f?, K t?Aea and R<-li'aan, on l>e lliat or awMId n * t, ? it a g. ? and lit- a a. i?ll <|nlai ? amii f. In a g ote< I kaaMi imlMlan o-ed $t 'i a moatb. Adir^oa, w ith utl par aj e, P H. Irl Vi cat laear r auvwi. MALM AT AVtTlUH. ALBBRT MCiBTIMBK ORIPKIN A CO . AUiJ riONK6Hi*. Oil ihl? 4?T luiMliV, a rare ik.mca to obuiu Ur?l cI?m Ol'M&UoLiJ Kl'UMTl'KK, AT t?t H-LIC aUtmoil. Ihe |m?ri( af a geutlMiiau Icaviua for Europe. HiMlftntl 7H ootave roaewood l'laaotorta, Superb Drawing Btnui Buiu, I 11 filntfip, by eminent artlai*. French plate Pier uad Mantel Mirror*, 1 . acaule and Lace Curtalua, ? ? Hrunie aad ormolu Onandaijtrs Mcdaflloo vw?rt Carpal* and Moots koga, Miim aud ilrcadeu chin* TmM, ArtUUc Bronze* and marble Hututry, l.tegere*. Itookoaaea, t enti a TaMe*. Oak BxUsualou Dials* Table and Buffet. to uutoli, Oblua IMuner aud Tee BkU, titmlin and crf*tal ??m*e4 OltM?ue, Hoi Id dlU?r W.ue and riheiu*ld Table Cutlery, Biuexe aad Oruiolu t'looka aud Caudelabiat to latu-h, homwood aad mahogany Ohambar Korultui-e, ea autre ? MOKT1MKH OUIKMS A CO . aurtloi.erie, >he 1 to announce to tbeir friend* and the pulilio thai thny will offer at public auction, un tlu* dt) (Tiu-raat). it I 10S o'clock, all the Household Furniture aud w.irkaof Art eon tatned la tbe el<*?ut reviilonoo of Z?-u-> ilurnh*m, K* i , M Weal .--Ixieeuih atreot. belweeu Klfth and Hl\tk nveaiiei.. tbe catalogue romprtalng ihe lanr-at and rlolieat aatortmnut of Household i urmture ollertd ut auoti ?u thlt *ea*"U, the hooa* *m Tin tilnltMl six luonlo* ago, and U In peifect order cue furniture waa made to order of llouJ-da, Mack* A Wall, aad la of the brat description bale peremptory. DBa W1NO ROOMH- Klegant Bronze and Ormo <i Chande Hera, l andalabraa aad Bracket*; *U|mrj Mantel Mlm>ra; l'ier do.; r.Mewoid Drawing Knatu Hull*, curvad m fruit aud llowera. ouvercd In eatiu brocalel: Ru-gerea, autttary, intrbia top, mirror dixTii and back; KeertHary and tfoukoata, lined altn saUuwood, Centra Table*, t'a'>luet?, Velvet Medallion Carpet*, Rug*. eml>rohlervd Laoe Curtate*, CurntaHa and Hhadea, artUtln Uronze*, rapteaoallM Cbnval'a de Mar a, Might and Morning, Oru*kd?i *, Ao ; Oil fainting*. hy Kant hi ), Meat, HrlukeulioB and other nulneui arliata; Harden* of Ynaallui* aud l.uxeniN rg, bjr Oaf Ida: Immaculate Concep tl.'D, by L< Krand; Flemish interior, rnilt and flower*, b? Kanoeyi \\ Inter Si i'ui- on tbe Oanube; Ormolu Olaok, ruaa or.o m.4i'b; Searea and I)ri?ileu t'tilna orimiuruln. MAliNUtjffcNT eKVc-.N OCi'aVK flANOKOKTB Cai Ted U'fh and ia?e, round i.'orarra tiniaurd all nwnd, la aid wlih uiiina ood, solid nrarl ten, r< ne?riiod IMaoi, Mit?to a ink*, tinbtoldtred (Ho<h Oovar, Mtud? hark. Hatataad, tl >tb. Itru.-evla etair t'arpeu, iiUaiuonr*?richly oarved riwrwiNMl it<dit.'hil?, ?tvu Ixnilii XIV ; iturcatix, C jmnioaa* to mali h. Y> ?? d.oh*UmhI<| 'lol.rt Tabl<<*, hbavit i aud Bookktauda, Coocbua, Arm t'liairi>, ilurulat, Mtiailc*,Cor ni'ivt, hair MaltreaMXi Palliu*?(*, Kia'lier lied*, Ho'hUmh, I'lllo**, HImi k. t*. nhw-t". yuut? t:ouuMt(>auea, Decorated Calua, Toilet Beta, Oval Mlrroia DINlNi; ROOM. ? Polld oak Buffet, richly eatv d; oak Kxlenakin Tabl ?, Her /. I'aui.t; Ann t.'l.nlra, Buuer'a tray. Couchea, Silverware, ':of fee Lrn, oyater Tnreen 'ie* HK, b pli'eea; iunn*. kiw Maud ai.d Holler, Cake HnakeU, Caaiera, BiMnn*, For**, ire l*tic..?i*, cut and <'iijjravcd t hiu? aud ili***?rar<* Ir.un oi le?rated bou?o it feepln t <io. Pari* vl/.Deaaalara, o<<bii'ia. t'litimpagi'i'* \i im'*, l urxH'*, r-'Ut and Pnaerre htand*, I'uurn lui>?'l, dhelllcld Ta'il-< ? iillciy and IJnen, (j'dd bard i'lntier Met iWvorali d Tea fla?a; a1m> a la. K" a-i.M>rtiuent ol ItMM-wrni and ki'Cliea Kuriilturo. a c iuiiMHent pmaou will I* lu aiuiidmiiv t?. iwk, -litp or it move me (jcoji. W. B ?a. M. (iitiifliN A ct>., au>rtunaem, tvlii giro tnalr par tleolar intent on to tbe Haiti of turn iturc of t*<iiii|i boo>*'kct ping ? n ExiiiAOBiJiNAnvtji-i'OBTuNrrvTii FVMMUM ,flL bleb *nd costly lloiMeliidd Kui' ilture. Kb gant roeewooO i iaao'oiiA Bi re* ood I'a |nr Multt, lu bronalel Taluable l'ulintiv?, Artiaiio mdiun. Marble Uro'ip*, .to. t?y ,i W 1'<?BTKR, Auvlooaor, Tu?>day. i.arch at tbe ?hvant private re*ldeace. I1H Wt?t tourteemh fctri' t, a li-w do >r? from l.'Uhih avoiiun. t'oijiuicuciuM a! II o'clock .'ceoini'U. The nale coin|'M. i ? tbe cntlrfi o iutcuts of tlm boii*a. The tlegant I'anor *nrnlituo waaaMde to<.rdcr, and l* In *olld w^. ao d and k?Hn 'oo-a cl 11m wbolr ?ill be ?dd t > lh? biKbest Mddci 10' oath, rats or elilna, ulTuri g oviraurd.uary luauci u cuts to pui?M"*r*, a* tin er tit* fnruitureef tu? houM-. I* new, bavins all hem nuwle ?itbiu Imir innuth* CluKuut roacwood 7>*octave I'lani lorU', wltb iwlld puarl key*; conI %eu> Mimic, Cabinet. Stool and embroidered coj er. fliree eh ?utit full hiiiU of ronewond rarlor 1 nrnltare, la rich buM-udi and v. lvet, n>se\v<n?d I ti'n. ir*, aplenilld Htou/ch, PalutliiKii. ' icb Vavca, martile 'vdeMal*, -Ik mid la?r? ur ta n*, Turkinb l.< ut.K> *, wl'b \im t'htn* toiuau li , oemre. ? iaand pier 1'abii*; Klon ntlue B Mitel and pl ir Mlrrw*; .tniHcan and lava <'rnamvt'ti., rurcuriMtl Buretu*. Brdilaada, ybainber Snl(?, kuimtd Mattrvaoe*, lied* and Beddlnt I* uiiK' ?? bronze and inailile t'lo- k*, tiMewi*>d .i n| cotiaRe 'bait*, two Bofr. Be?i*ieada, Bxlemdou TbIiIc, Hllver\>aie, rtdi coin* Ivory au<t wlver Cutlery, fork*, Kp hiu*, wnb ele lanl ruby tlla.^* of every lieacrtptl in. fnriuiux it r iiuub'e ooi UHtlno of Untiai'Uoid Furnitiiie viid unit|iio and reolierah* * oik* ot Art. The ipxul* Hie now on exhibition by oniido^ne Calf to oiminirnce In illi-'nu room, in II o'olook prroisely Ka liable men 4111 bo at tbe aula to remove the tjmd* for pur (baner*. k DtnlOK Nl'TICR. A ?!>,(?<* worth ot rt ih and noatly Household Fnrnlturw, EVkiiih nihi'iviaiil I'll, unfurl a. mamllloeut I'a.lor Miita. nwnnil Maalol Minora, I u^llah "'aiiH'ta, rich < liiuii Ac, Comprising the antlrc 1'arlnr, < 'buiuber, Dlulog Kootn ?nd Ubnrr Furniture of Dwelling 9wm Mi IM*mt Twenty Aral atroet, beteeep Si veoth und Klghih aveaoea, 'J i r iTat nJay)?I UTiiooil. at '? o'clock. By Rl'Hni L ?. ?iSTthff*, Au lloneor. Thebotifi:I*r?-,'lrf with every H'njinnr all of whlnh wa? mrdeti o:dfr oi Imported for lite J|| ? >cnt 9?Mr audi* in I*?r feel cor<lliio?i foi nj.n,' a mo t elegant collection of everything ?ait..ble lor a eoatly nun f-.*hioi<a'<iy furni?bml rcahleni*', all af wlilrh win lie a?li ? HLont rcie rve, to ba removed tmuiu Aiat"ly from ibe prcml>ea VaKLOHH. CHaMRKRD AND DIW1NO R'lO* Rlegant macwi.od 1'arinr Sulta, iMimprlMng two full tulta. ?overeil In ncli brocade, irxdi' by Tailawi A piuiz, L ien and f-tlx I urtaiua, t*unt*l itinl t ier Mlir in valuable l'aliill.igt, artlatir Bronze*, m a?o<d Centre Hitd I lrr Tabl *, Tuikl'.li rbatr- ard l oniigea, in telrtf; Rruaaela and Valval Oarpata, Murlc Cabttiet". tno rosewood Bi g*re*, *o?i\io piarbla l*e ta*tal*. rich t;blna Vate*. C >raer l i"getv?, Fraadk Kiutr n liig1.. fc.creloll?a, Kimh h Hhade* rlihly curved ni?ewooil Bed ?U a>*a, 21 l?r(i> h*lr Mattreaeea, io?ewood I re *iti,( ltu>-??u*, Waahi'andit china ollrt Vela, ijval Mirrors; i^iaavvood t.'bam ber Vurnitnre ?u nulla: Tele ? "tie*. Koiae, i*>tiUKea, Hronxe ClorkH, ItockPia, HciU and ll 'd'liiig. Wari.oIxih, KxtenKiou Dining inhle. ru b Mlverw ar-', Knoona, Forka, CaMara. Colin* Dili*. Hoheiiiian and Indian Ohlna ru iy aud crv*lal Cut f?laaa, two Hoi a Btd*iead*. oak \rm t.halra, ?ui? 11. oak l>e> 1>. ?legant lion bafe, line of I olt'n fl\e liaivalbd iievolvera with a Urge quantity ol Fin i.l'ure und House KuruUh'.ag Artloina no*, heie tneiilloi.ed ho p<* pouemrat Cataloguaa ai t m houi-e b 11. will !?? la atieiidaio.e to oart, pack ui ablp tb* i>y *J* for purchaser*. 4 V. MFRWIN. ATrrioNHKR J\ . Jly HAHQft, HuliWIN H O, Irrtn,j luildlnga, .W ?d WHi Hrnadway WFONEKDAT I \>;n'Nt?. *>?n-h fi, at 7 o'elork, KTANDAKI' and \lln'l;l.l.APif" llJ < RotiKR?Ooini?ilnlnx a %iulr ; <n li'?ru.r>"-oi i"? 01 SiaLd* <1 Woika In rarlnua Un guat'a, h'til po|iuUr I'uli lu iiloua, A For |>i*rll.ulai ? MUl I'ljlK. Ah hirit ahdb, Arc oaheh b?k?t-?, . Sine-. ai.'t tioL'ana at auction.?ft* I * 11' I ( V it I? . A R IIITlMi, ??i Rrdtr-dajr, liari b A, ?4 lu1, ndm-h, at elore 14 < ?i tlnnil. atfart, o im i ,mi,g n lull a> h rlmant Of Hpring l>(i4a, (tinft 11uir. tli* maaufncturrra. an I wl I baauld u loin m > ult t:llj and luuutrjr dalora t'aialngura on tuoralag of aala. A I TION MHI.lK -i.lltNA, (II.AS.I AND QCKKN'S Vtair?i ii Widnaar'av, tin. t,ih laainnt, ?t atom iiA 1 liirl afciiiir. h Imgi and rilfi atTf Ilom at III* almr** go da, enl table lor liotrlft, aow? kmp-m and nihrra. >*?la |N}itui[i !?">, to i'lo~' il.i (liii^.t'inri nl All giK?l? ao!4 will liml? livofcil lro? of ci.argij. ha!? In < nmutr not at IU o < In-k A M. JaUKH I ill l,K, Auotloaenr. Auction rotihe-fi rmtukk mai.r, Thursday, i.y Mi l.I. A IN'iKaIIaM, at 175 ha i forty-math ain ft, Ih-i*?? ii I lr?t and .*-? i and an-nuea, she gonlnid Kurui lure of a family, itiniprliinl Itr u u*l *ark<tyof *?r Hunt linn *|.i ? | n t! A i.'l - Far. kn'ara In lima. :awirbinknr a inli- on >1 Iidat, llll. In*t , at Bo I <t Ingni'.am s salivi'm.ii M ld.nrj!, iljordii of Maul m A >u, iJJ no* Uaual itrfrl. Al I'Tltl* NoTICB.-ORO K E II If A* 1IT. AHMR'kRK B*J. 8. I'. Ntk fl.FTT Aunlonmr. o.i Tin ?!?;, alar, Ii I. al l'i i r-'iKk, at ';- l l'i 11 auaat. |i militro ai%*k aalo, la lola tur deal tii 1 >! a l kind* Willi* (i'Hiiiln. i IHIOI .li/Tli f-P. H. VAM ANVWHK". AIM! V H III i-r, a iM aril *1 lha ('lit* ol W ,S. A It M tulrnwa, 77> Faail aiiri l, a la ?r a. anr'wuu if valuta Urauli.i, Orya 1*1, < ut mid ll.irki(ii;li?iu V\aiu, on Tuinday, Ma. i.j o, at 10 o tbck, lu?(. -i.rii * i-ale. AlC'JOK MiriCR -'JllltMUM H KUKNiTlJRK K\ | n ? | ark n ; r tah'ialiu ?i I, It and 11.1 Wi n f.l?rrnih litwl, Idtcta I Ink an<l Milk avnouna ll ii* k(iiil loinl. tUii'loa <1 and nli'.( u <'to all |>*rt* o. inn wo. 14 I in, <<o ran* wn(i>t.afoi i*iuiTibKfuin urc of lauiillaa. K iriU .iu HMli . ttrtion kai.R o? c*t?CRr:HT ami iHjASm.-iirm. t\. Hn II KVa.SH will w>il ia lot* In ? uil tli? rruil tradt, on Innrdav. Manti [?, at tVo'?li?k. a' *C> H ililm lana, a nana ral a-.i- rWHtatof UI?H?, Cblua. Wb'ia ir>.ni'v and I'ammoa Waia. H?ia iHiaillTO, iuia ?-?itl, carr. ulljr i .-|>aukrd fur ablp. P>?'K A I CTIONKJ-K* (AH RKM- A FIXR IIOt/HK, IN A i^khI liT.tilon, hj <ha dar ? a*--k nail] thr tlrai ..f tfirl t>.? a| fiiytoK H li) Tenth i >??(, i vrnar of Third arroua AHPIiiNEIf R KALE OK rALPAHDNiiLR LRATFIKR.? A .4 C'Rlm aI.aII, a i'ili ?Mr, Will a-'i: on vf. d iimiay. Knit uary l'i, ai Ut . u ulm k, al 16 Jacob atrMt, a kH of tMi ain! lli niloi k l>aihpr i.m lint yrcuub and Amnrio?n Calf ?ktu, hip and bpUt Lealbar, Ac., A* llv n di-r uf U. I.IiNKr, AfigUi:*. T>R(?1tNK A Nli 'llill.H, AtCTIHXRRR4 ?THH OAT I) (lur day), Matek A, at I irlmk in fmutiaf nrlranxiin*, 36 Hf?.ai aunt, carniati'a I na*. i ray and IUnira?, a ??ry i rn- dray lloiamM ai.d kir.d and oan draw tvr.i tnna, to it ?i b liial kfe'i ll'ioni-, ii am. i irdnr AIh.i, ona two ?r. ?aawi, bull, bj woixl HriM , in^i m l niOau", Iiii'iw I'onr >rd \Aa|fi.r?, Ian and unltf Hn?ali<?, .ux aaxaya, l>< ttwm., A.' Al-', I onlli* and ?.r ;i* Ii*ji..> . ingirai i *nrt> llaTmrs VSIill a BUlikrta, Hfcbra, Ae. 1 kANI- A. MATI1EWR, ACi TIO.nEBR ? DANIKI, A. 1' M.vTIi fctt k A wul aril al a inton, lo mormw, (WtitMa ay,) at IMH a'nlnrk, at llmir aaliaw mm .\n. <>t OadAT ainri, a *? in ral aaauunn Dl ol n? ? awl ??? nnd Ii.lI Fuint tnrr, mnalailim! in | art uf warwnod ptrlrr Nulla, r<ir<ri<4 la tTi'-aifl itnd pluar 1 Ineewood hit n ?, t.'nnir- and llllllTallin, Mlfilt tu lj flr? louary a>.d l.lii'ar* H mlir.iww, Kaay l^hatra, n.anwixxl Itmary Aoangna, plala gl tu Mnmra, u abof iriy na and < r ?lr^ m h?ir .'.loth, blank wiilnut and oak Bull.' I, h\t*lwt? n l'ul |*H?ri a- wo M ami malio?a:.y dr. ai Ing Ituiimi, Vta*li?iaii'la, ( MwM^ TiIM OioiiXirf, lo.? * ? d ami nmiii'i' ?'>) Krrurli anil n Imr Uidstaail,, i I air Mat tram-fa, ?| rum t< da, Riiiiaclt nnd InfaJn ( urp i>, i;hln ? and t.laaawar*, nwhriaan* imioa U*ak^, A'. Aian^ >>ua niaawxjod I'taauforte in g<y fl order. Dctril bt'l.HH AT Al't TION FBICRU -lu.ww IITA clntlia. Sc.: MtUI) Tullpa, l\f., NaitU aua, J utqu'.la, ADrnmni-a, (.lodlolra ard Iria, te., I Uln a, la thl< la tbn pmiaT waana lor planting. Addri' a I'. Muiray, i-j IVan Hrret. Ijl II. LtOLO'A*. AICTI(?>KH !i. > N hf I I ?1IV-1 H A l*R 11 f llulMKIIOUO ft RRITURR h. II. LI OlitiW i 1)11. wt'l aril at anni'io oa W*?lnat<Ur, Mairh D, IHiil, at li n own It. at No. i' ? Arat T wnuly a>?and alr**'^ tx ia^rn I l|,lr t anil Moth iri-iim a, by ordar of tba atioiiti.ra ?f lllll l Allay ? aaa. d. Ilia rinlMi rurnil.ira con laTi*4 in aaid bonaa. ?.n-U<irig in |.<u of m%tiogitar Hofaa, t'halu, inaiblatnp (Mar and ?>ntra fablaa, HlW Illta 'a. Ml annl m lablr, ArUlng ?? ak, 'riMhufany Fribcti u?<tot*ar?, Orraalng ituirau, ilrraalrMi laau a, <i??l and hadilliit:, ai 4 t? aaa?ar* tagatfear %iih an a?' nrtmaat ??! Klionrn Fur aituir, with a kirk ih? iwlo alii c- mni' iioa. Ciaiaiotfuaa at tbo auntlnorri a nfln ?>, Mo. 3 1'iun itra*t. nRRRT H. iJ>.KliH, AUtM IONRRR ? II?.NRT M. LfcRD* A (!'?., will a*ll al anoitoa, 'in Tuoadk|r, March at II o Cl? k. Ill of III* lAnrw No 21 Maaaiu n.l?:l a l>at Uoi-a, 1% ><*ra old. U hauda bl?h. *.inan'?l a ai d and kind In dm,ii,i or aiugia harnaaa. na Juat l?**n bro ught In flWu ill Mil ntry iaa ar*n na*d an a ?a<ldla I'HTMt. A ?hrl Ing U'li Hnain>ai Vta?on. aiauaaatcrf aingla Br.raoaa, baa Wn nai.d aii-iai ln? tin.nth" Benrt <,mr?n, ai'i^tiok kf.h.?r eunrsiiat, Ma' -+I A al IH't o'rtni k, at tha aunllnn (l ira, Wll llain airx-t, a laig? bit "f tinwiina, tAlura lj.,.n>r*, RbtUI |>aad I barnuagTia ami r?w*r>. a,.n, a; llo'rlnok, lot af Ury at.d raM III* da, Hon a, rlfa-a, t Intnlag, He IOHN il Hi ltl.F.r. A U<TIOHERR?R ILL HKIX THM ?| day, ai t" ' I" k. at ??? < anal atr< *t. n?ar Vuiaft, mar hi* toll a<id '.th*r Hti'raaa. F lu naton, ? ? ntr" and nlhar Tib a .a i *"?" d ami main g ny i.i?ikaaaa\ Wanlmtx-a, itnfa\ m a l'"a, raxlxiaaar,rarrad tndo'uar Hadaiaada, Ftar I ?l, loth? glaa*. a. Ilrnaa*.a, Uwan-flf anil othar i *, |?< i, R?.i^ ?'<id hoTta In brncaMi hair aid it her *iat tfaaara I'eadter lula, in !> ???; rn.l et%ar I bai'a, Ttpaatry, i?>ki ig ? i .'.mi Kiachao Am\ Ao. A g-iod t .aao t >r Iwimtal l/?MlMRHi 8\Lr? AT AVOTIOH. HACK ? M. UOlfuHTY. AUoYiom *IU aell oa ?. durrfay. JIM* ?, at 10\ U'duck ll n?m K? Nimu (IrwU by virtu# tultru llouaehoni furniture, t'ai ? 01 ? cAiUtM (Ami ^CDCta, W^?*W)4 ?" dlQUMk d; Parlor. Chamber and btntaf kooio furniture ?? ?~ UlntUiB Wftrerooin 8A Naa*au *tr?e( a r*? door* ttum too. 1 be atari eouaisia ib nan of aolid nutwood io4 ?l faay Parlar Huu*, covered in bruoatrl aud hairdo tk, T urf ? ton. 1 be nex t oousiiU tb i ptec**. Tlx:?Tele a Tt-u-a, rtrior, Arm and Sow Of r-w.1? ?mw?7 and Library Bovkcaaea. uai W u>p Uwm T?Uk ?nakoftanjr Catd do.. brundi Tapealry Canwta, OtloUt?* kilenaiou Ltulua Tablaa, Buffet*. blulnf tikalra, UtmiIu Bureaus, Waahaiaada. fee intend*, llair Matin****, B*. te) ai?? a quaalily of Fwntlum, Dea*a, Btoola, UWa*v lrvu Wn, Couulwa. <ila>* Hbow I >*?*, Ac UuuMkMMi and dealer* will fin J the aborr "ale worthy of ullliffm Btraurr* oaa bare thuir good* boifd and ahlapad t'r**a m tbe preuitara \f OBTJAUB E4.LB -I WILL CACHB TO BB HOLD AW Jfi aaciton. oa roeaday. tba Mb mat., at lOV'uWefc r??. uooa, at the Art I'ulon 1'onoert Booiua, 497 Brjalway. tk* Htajp> Properly aa4 Future* *aa>moaly ummI, together with ^?n*ry, Lartatna aud oibar Plilurea 1 ran*par.<n<)t*% L.ntpa, t baadnilara, 1 ablaa, Chair*. Looktof til*uu, 0m? tera, Bear Pumpa, Uu and otSer Klitura*. J AM KB M ABBIWKR. Allan**, Mobtoaok balb op nouHBHou> piiKNrrrBB? ooroor of Broadway and Park aiaoa 1 wilt mim M b* lM V?o<lon o? Wednwday, the fttk day of Man*, aft >u o clock A M. of that <?, at tna total coraar nf PmB laca aud Broadway, the rnitre furniture and future* **? rla Ui kxb M ?*> T one or * tUftfc im* M lea ulao uini'd In iiaid adway, the entire furniture and Ktxtarra praatiae*, oounliuuxof Bad* and Reddlac, 1 aria ami Ingrain Carp#la. Mirror*. Barnaua, Oai in> ~Takfc% chains Waakalaiid*, Hair Wat lrta*M, Kraitiar M( Bufaa, i'nph*^ " ?????? psiiruan, rraiuor ov Bedataada, linen, I run riarea, Bar and Kitchen Purnttunt J AM KM MARMNBR. Attontc* OBTGAOB SALK OK l.itillT WAUoN*. W1I* ba aula ul publir auc lnu, by virtue of a ch?U?ii m'lrifaffe <*> ^?'dn>>Miay, Maruli 6, 1MI, at 1*1 A M , at 117 OraadiaKSC our cimr from Hiitialwair, a quaulIU <>f < -tjclat W^uut, ?M or wltkou. ti ps uianiil ACiurod In tkia city by a <"Mebi inaVt*r. Tarma caak. Hf order of tlia attoraey for ?a?c*f>. [oltTOAtiG HAI.E ? I WILL HBBK TO HB BOLD j a<ie<i<>ti, thia ilay, at 10'4 u'oinek lo onuea, at Ike . ? 1 " M?r n?MBB JORfGAUK BALK OK KUBNITI'KB?HY PBBD * COLK, oh WiHlncadnv, ut 10'o'olo, k. at .141 ,'ultoa einvt, Rrtxiklyn, o iinprhiiig black, walnut Ward'Mbe, Bn r<an?, Wanha'snda, ItmiaipulH, hteitere, inahcvanjr BofaaaB (.'liana, I'arpi is, Bxtmxiim Table, ciiauixlled Kurnltura, tmm P1)UIPU>|| lledtlnad. Hewing .Machine, Kitchen h'lirnlluia, 4% J. HUIitLUH, Aliitrnav ]>.W M'KuKKU'H BAI.K.'?W N. LKWIB WILL HBLL In ui mm i Wcdne duy), at .116 Bnwery, up aulra, aa a*M>i Inn ni of un'rde.cnu d I'lc* (tc< imMtlnij in Woman'* Wt .iriuji Apiaiel, Ac. '!<> c uiiucnce at Ji% A. M. By t of rt. A K. H^npaou. P(W Milton AKH1 HA LB IOMN MOKTIMRR WILL ftll, tbia day, at 16 haul Uroadway, corner of t^aOufiaa aiirrt, a laige aaeortmeut of men'a aud n'limeu'a Wflartux i*l'| ari I, Vootv, Bboca, Ac., t>y order of A UODDMAN, SI Centre alreai. SI J. BOOART, . Al'imONSf RI4.?WKDNBUDAIa ? Mitich li, at 10'.. lAjUrk, at the ancilon room* Mo. ( NotU. n uliaio 'U?' . |? r1;agn aale o' llonaebold f'urnltura; im.b. yany 8ofa* lii.i-. /xleanion dtuluR Tablea, Brn i?id* hI'd iltne plv C.irpca Ollnlulb, mahou'iny and bla.ik walnal Hi iU ciuIh, W aeb .iMuda Matlreeaec, kitchca furniture; aia% 4'.'p<W roila Wu'l 1'njxir. A? OHKRUK B BALB -PKIN1INU OITIOK ?('IIAMBBM O A VAIltt IIILI', Miotlon*crn, 11.1 Nat *u utreet, will **D Ihtn i ay, Mairli ft, at 11 o'Hix'k. ul UK) Wuiker afreet, fourth atory, flic ccnUuu of a Joi blrit Prlntlnii v iliee, noniiatlagaf T>pe of all kii.da, Cnm-a M-iuiL", PioaxcH luaiolng . loiv*^ tdlirc Ftirnttnir, Paper, .te. JOHN KKLLT, nberMf. OHJKIl'K'S HAI.K ? 11 NI))NtlK ?111!.(MHP.KH A PAI|fc. P I'll I LP, Auctioneer*, will mmI thia day, Marnb&,alH o il' <k. at tlieii lalexioinn 11.1 Naatau atr-M't, lor aoutual m lot met tiuicl altera, acver-l Iota of aboctnuker>' Klndlnga. JOHN KKLLT, SberlC. XX/ 1M IAM"ABBOTT. AUCTIONKKM, WiLI."HRLL, Olf TT 111 If dav, at ltlk o'clock, the contenia ul tbn f?y?t<:r and l>rloklH!{ Hal ou, vltt t'entie uliwt. Hue llimaler. Oyator Haa l>ouiijnbiia of l.i<iu r, (>ai flxliirea. Table*, iinr', and ? otbri llxtiirea. w * 1ILIAM KISROTT. AVUTIONKRR, HliLI H ON day, at l'? o'cloi k, the "lock and Pliturea of tbn si anil lli|U>r >.lore, :'I0 I in en* uh hi -ct, Kcmn Keel Puiapa two ( i ucicia, Hcalca, and all other Hxturen, alao tb* Uooa Will, Ac. Ml'KtlAL NIITUKS. 1RBKBW04 l< CHMBfRBr.- A Mftr.rlNtl l?K IRI Lot Ouncr* of tbU liiatitutlun will l>e held, lu pur 0? the prnvlalima of iIm . barter, on 'Vcdueaiay. tha IS-% la nf March Inet., at! o el.^k P. M., at <ai olfloc o. th? Otuiw ry, No M |!nmdw.iy, to rec lie from Ibe Tru-teea tlm u>uB amiiuil HlatcmriiiN of aroounla. J. A I'KKKY, H-croUry !? i onnar* ran obtain at tbr olUce a printed report of (ha rvcmlpla ai.d e*i eiulitu;*** of tb* tVmetery froul the o*? tsi ncciiirat of ite operation* In W# to December.W, IMA L1^ l'OK LKaLKKB MKKTINU- V KKOl LAIl MONT* mtelln|i nf the Now York Lii|iiin* Lealera H <-lelf wlB he In Id lit the Metiopolllan Ro-nii, l(iu 11 ? amr afreet, on Taa* da> erenin*, March \ IBOI, at 7>, ii'clock Punctual a an<* is re'iui fiod Hr oril?r. P. W BMO I, Pnudd A M. Mattiikiv*, \1<v Pre*Idcnt. John Riiokiu. Kecordmn f wreiary. MAHONIC?TUB MKMI1EK8 OP MKTROPOU'AB l.od^e No. 27*. P at.d a. M. nre heiehy notllleii to m**t ?t their mom*, lornerot Orapd aud ('en tic aireett, lb I? day din-Ml*j >, at 11 A, M . to attend the (uueral of oar lata Ifiotbei Abiani lla-in* J'HIN HllhVlbLK, M. V I.W TOIL lUICI 1 IHt.-OI HKfclMl A I H4L 1\ li iiRe In Saturday * Herald of the M luat , 'To liar** Hlioera,' a. io w h i uniilil tnake tne moat llo,-an h lim? lu a ar tain tune, the uudcmiuDt'd went lo ilia i.lawi m'tnttoned, and could not find Mr o'Ktiea. No>?, If Mr O'Hrlen wlabea la O'Ukr n mail h be una be acconuuoilatod l>y railing at 47 Wat Ibirtnb atiect. M1UIIAKL actJARK. CI'M'IAL NOTIOB ?NATIOHAI. OITARD I'NIPOBM 1^7 for vale, In K' ltd o tier, with intra Diet* Coat, Ao. Apilif to A ?'KIHr aI.a R, '.':i l.owrry. Till; I'OMMITTKR ON KftWKRH OK TUR BOARD OT Aldi nuou alil tuaat ovary Wtxlanaday, at I o'nhwik P. M In ixx m No MKv Hall. I'artlM Intam?ln4 In any mal44n Uaiom the uuuiwitlac w'Jl h? niipoitanltt of bi lug hoatB. RICH A Ku HaIHV, j Oouunlltaa y i a hoi (Lit. ; M T I*. Niv* (Imk. JOHN H. BRAJOT, ) Rairnra. PKRBOff Al*. A J,111 Kl Will. KIND K IJOIX.R, POKMRKLT Of No. M VS *>.l llounlou airml, by ca'liug at No. 143 KuhAh tlntl B. Be ANY l.l|iv KXI'Kt TINU TO BBOoKE \ MoTIIBB al out the 111 ilillo of ll.r prrwnl month. a il il??lni?if la lit*. I ? r ihlld adopt-d.i an loarnof aa i *rolli nt uppurtu illy bj i'l i>ij i.k at No. li On * no am at r.lNMI- 1 HAW TOO lOO I ATK TO tU'RAft. BBNB 1 Irlti r lo Mi In midway I'oat ollim ir I AI T I.IIWARII MOO IN* IS IN T1IK OITTJIIR IB I n <,111. t d to e. luiiuiuiialn with bla nil so, 0. U.. jZi AtuA TumIj ?wi i.d itr?ct INI'ORMATION M antrd?OK MR. .1 AM KH WHET I I.nll a ?1 ip ?MHfiit- r, i al Ivn i f t li.- Irln ol Wight, Huf land; Id at licuid irw.i * a* Hi (,'akuiia, India, in I AW. AH) nil'/ inatloti niimrnliii litm will ha ilianklit y r'Ti?l''?4 I7 all 1. i<p, Mittlit h H Mybali. Addin** Mr. .1. ^prmgiHt, l&t Rati I l> vi i.ih iitriel, Nnur loik oily. Amu ilea. KoglMB I pa|*f | .iaar copy. M.rri <? A OEKTIAMAl*, APPARRNTI.T PARTIAL ty it.aal f, In k? lo !?? nlnu' V y-ar? old, atomi 5 f<w4 t . ? ? i >ab. 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