Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1861 Page 5
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ordinm j nm of bfggara. So they may M well turn about and oooue home. If we are to bave uitil wur, and tt>e border Staten aecede, Washington will be cletr of these fellows ia double' quick time. Your office tteeker by pro fusion u the greatest ooward in the world. Thh Rewarpn of Skuthh mess.?The new 'tariff adds another to tbe many illustrations of ?iie efcorujinbie irie-n which marks selfish legis lation. ir i? o>.t merely protective, but, a-t re garde many ait>cleg. prohibitory, and this with the avowed object of asautiog and fostering tbe interests ot the Northern miaufacttirern. The results will prove directly adverse to the ? expectation* of iu framere; for tbe effect of these exoetmre duties will be to destroy the ^markets for Northern pro luctj. Another con sequence of relieving our manufacturers from ?competition wiil be that they will make inferior articles, for which th?y will find no sate at home. Thus the trade of the North will be rained without any one being benefitted by the ?change. IMPORTANT FROM WASHIN8T0N. tFh* Closing 8oene* of - the Thirty-sixth Congress. tfaseigt or the Corwta KmoMIm bj Both Hums* JfMthei of Messrs. Breckinridge, Ham Ira and Pennington. Attitude of Fngland and Praneeon the Sonthern Blofknde Question, Jtfe; to*, March 4, lrtll. Mr. Bucbannn wr.s at the Capitol this morning f ir tb res ?boors, and w?s detained till Ave minutes to noon attend log to public bu^icess. He signed every bill protected to him. None making public appropriation* wore ioet. The bill amendatory of the a it for the protection of discoveries of giumo deposits failed to become a law; that to correct verbal error* in the tariff act <vm passed. 1'revloafi to the adjournment of Congress the Speaker appointed Mr. Cox a member of tho Committee on Foreign Affiiirs in plaeo of Mr. Hill, of (Borgia resigned, and Mr bicktea member of tbe same committee, vioe Mr. Barks -dale, who wished to doc hoe the post and hare a successor before he left. Ihese a?-e understood to be complimentary to Messrs. Sickles and Cox. The former was a member of that committee In toe last Congress. Several dem> cratic members at the late Congress wore to-day engaged la drawing up a manifest to be presented to the leader* of all parties for signatures as a basis for a Union party organ iwdlon. Ex West Point Cadet Laos, son of ex Senator 1 ado, who resigned h*s position at W?s* Point some time a lace, has rvoorrsd a oumm'tslon In the Southern army, under i'rasi dant Jeflereou Davis He parsed through this city a day Or two since, en rotUs for the South Hbe Suptrmtf ide*t of l'ubltc Printing resigned to day. Tie was requested by ths Committee on Printing to per form Um dctite until a successor ia appointed. BLOCKADE OP THE SOUTHERN POBW. CMrORTAKT hOTIFtCATION Of THE RXULI.SU AVD FRENCH GOVERNMENTS. Wamhlngtos, March 4,1861. 1 learn that l-ord Lyons, the British Minister, has ottl riaily notified the American government that Great Ufitainwill not recoguso a blockade of tho Southern forts, uoiet-s it is thorough and off'C tual, and that the <nore announcement of a blockade, in acoordance with the Treaty of laris, wtl) not be recognized. In order to make the blcckade of the Southern poita thus complete, the American government must have vessels enough to blockade every port, otherwise the British government will feel themselves eompellod, in accordance with tboir engagements with other Powers, to disregard the restriction and carry on their commeres witto the Sonthern ports ss If no each blockade had been announced. It is understood that it is also tbe intention of M. Mer rier, the French Minister, to give the same notification to tbe governmeat in regard to prance, and that all the Ku mpean Powers, in consequence oi tbe peculiar relations Lbny bare with tbe commerce of the world, will likewise taLr advantage of tbe Treaty of Paris and act in accord ance wltb the policy adoptoU by the French and F. igli?h ijotecamenU. Till RTT-eiXTH CONORSW. PICONS BM8IQN. VOh'TQtVkTlftR OF SUNDAY NIORT'a P*00*1TOIV(J3. Wa?1I*?toj?, March 4,1801. Vtr. Ctm, (oj>p.) of OaL. m?4o a parson*! erplttU'iOtt "a rtgvd to the ortirland mail. Mr. WtarAii, (opp ) of Tei., Mid h<! thought tbxt thin vil positively the last time that ho thou Id apprvir on theee boards; but It m cbar|j*ible to the Hwittor from OhHV Do ww aetonixbed to bear that Senator charge th? demccratle puty with dlrinion, and bo quo!el frnM ? ap-crh imte by him In 1455, when ho Kitf Uni "there wm do ftaoeoni at tbn iMrtt lar the whiui or tho bUck maa Juo ho tUov-tit thi re wm mi Tii>oo, nnd he wm for no Union, or olao a VM<* tor feee owi. " Ho It k?H that tbe rionator from ?duo wMitx real anther of the Irrepressible onoflict. If <ui| data or peopio more than an * her were reaponaiblefwr the dasulnUou of the Union it wm tho prouased L'uion ntm. Br U*mi proofed to ar<ak at lenftb, and. re;or ring to the iaeUt to the ua*. said that It wad not the 111# of his rtx.ntry Mr DMurna. (rep.) of Wis., roe* to a point of order, and aaAe<1 if the senator from fexie really wm * to reigner? ahrtber be hud any right to rpeek m a Senator of Die totted ?*fer Mr. Wh.MU?If the Senat- wtU not call my name fr m the roll, and alii acknowledge the secession of my State, then 1 will etojv but m> Ion* m my name ta caiioj here I ahall continue. Mr Prvn, (<>pp ) of Ohio, aaVd he wanted a t?*?t v jt?, oiid therefme am'.od to lay the wli >ie tubje.-t on tbe table He wauWM to atop 4iar>M*p?. A roU wm tlx* takee on tbe a nendaeat, wbl & w*4 loot by je* 14. mus V>?Meesr* P gler. l*>agla?. CrlM^n <!rti, Jofeneen of Wmhmi. LMlui, Rkl *?rf Sebaniin voting with the repnbix?ns ag?tn?i it Mr ??w<.n?*. frtp ) of Mich . (hen ofie ?d an amend n? nt, which U itoc Clark anMU lmer.l the aaMndmrnt w*l loot by |ea? J \ n*y* 24? Antbony. ivl-t, ih*. a, l'*t?r, Haras at.J fin Kyek noting in the n< fat ire. Mr. (?aii>w>, (rep , of Iowa, otfcrrd M at a?i) n m nt <be eubetltnte offered by Mi Bewird !jo~1 by frv 14, ?tay> -ffi Merara Anthony, Raker, Purkee, frt-T, Tea f.)ck and Wade voting In tl)e n<-njTe. r Mr, JijMWoa. f m Ark , ottered at mi Amendm^l mic prepMltioti of the reie^ OofW^aee l/*i t>f 9, M/a Si. M< w?rm. I'oot, Nicboleon and f'ufk roted In ibe amrma tlve. TlieqaratkM wu th^n tikon vn the orU>bel rcMiuti-w ft* It rame from the Ho<tee following wi* the rote - V*m?Me??r?. An?hnny, B?ker. HlaU r, MrtK^i. ''rli'eaden, Witon, UoiieUe, K. ?Wi, Hal", Hunter, Jolinnnw of 1?'iin K?nne?ty, i<etbaoi. *?? ii,M?wr;i. NhH??4 ?<|||. Polk, Pnrb, MI.t, Sofca?Uui. Tee K?"i, Tbotnrw >n -34. Kr.w* flintftiam, rbeadier, ut?rt, Ihmliula. ttar Weo, Veet, k.'BK, Mumoer. Ti'iaaliull, W<?1< #i;ka?>?, WU' wm-li, lYewWrot Pm* was in th* tshair, and de^i?ted that It waaearrted, two tblnte k%vin( In the aArmafc r. MA. ? nr. tnrvaru appealed tram tbe .ter-.-tmi V theCkftlr,. a tbe gnrtiad that II reir,tr?>l two thtrde <* th i wlinie roHvar thwf^uU. The iootamn wm aeatalaed jcaa a, nay^ 1. __ *??* and Miw ?*>? ??l to take '?p the OrHtot "tub qurstion cm Mr CTartc'a ?ineaJm.^K, whMb ?* dlMUreed t?> by reee 1A. naye 2J Mr. OamnMivN thea m?vd to aulMHJtut.t vhareaolut looa . H ibe Peer.' Oonferene?. Motion lr*t b7 yeas 7, nava 2A. Tl.o q*uhtk>n w? th^n on the a.ioptino of the OHtm .'len rotnpromine reeolutlona. l/?l by th? folio win* vote-? Vr*?? Me?'r?. Barard, Blcler. Urtaht, Crt<t*tut>n. Ooofta*. (twin, Bonter, ,lobn??n of renn , K-en'dy, Uu. . l^>iN?m, Maeon. McbfJmm, I'olk, Fugb, Rioe, Nr>MM?ieii, fa .neon aud % Ifllfy*- 19 jM?a-Me#?ra. AntbTay, lltn(h?m, Chandler, Clark, DI?o:i, P. oliitle, Porkee. ?<???? ndon. "r te, f ????rr. ti ,r %n King, Morrill, ??mn?r. T?n hyok, Ttumbnll, W a-te, Wu*: . eon and It llpmi -*> Mr Ba?mrr moved an 1"*motive eowior I -m. At ntno A. M. the Soiuite took a r-o^?? HU t?n o'clock. WA,*nr*aT >w, Mar. li I, l#ul. The Senate reaW?mhled at ton ovlork The Ph*hii)?t calkxt the Senate ls\ order. A tv** numlx-r i>f enrolled btlla were nnnmineod aktnad. Tbe ioirt r eolotton to correct cerUia derlcAl error' to 41-e Tai (t Mil wm pnaaed, Sernal. mjvk U ware m?4e, urel Ui? bill to iOi*porat? tlx; Met top. tUu Gas tight ^KBpuy ww liken up and d? l<at?n Mi ItMHiHT, (?-po ) of Ind , ?pnoMog It* pitWige At ht.ii |?m Hrtm ? was rvMind from the I'" ?*, h<l, baring ttnlxhod ll> buaunnw, ll was re^ly to Hijmm Mr. Rhi?;ht pniodHtMl V' C'lAHK (n p ) of N. IL, said it (U * struggle of 10 CiV>rtfrowu lOUpali* U? WH.' bo ? po? erftll It ooilitgnt. I Tt>e -?i?ut? baa cooie nere to Ulk a bili down at tie cijt>? | Ol I l.O ?*-?*-!< Hi f?n>? o?lock arrived, and the Vic* Pm?ji.c*r rUleJ U e ??iiaie 10 oroer, an I said ?k*/i kk?In tali ion ttn?j leave of th*s poaiton, 1 ?h?tt \ M-k d ?c* mnuf?fr in which to?t?n?* to yoj ni, grate fill ?i ki?>?'le 'kmeo>? (or the res I'liMHi declaring vour appri vai nf ib- siiMtr u ? he*.h I have diacn*rK?d my du'e-f, aad to 'XprtwH my do?p atttote if Urn uui'urtn wl.cb, as the peoi-ui? offl.iee. I have j re-eivwi fn<n the tMoibtrt of th.s body. If I b?ve eom milled error* your fcnoroua forbear- , sc<e refut- d to tebuke the?n. aut rtaruu the ?!(*> pxhvi o my aery!1"* I have never app^ni-d hi vain to four Justice i?r cha'ltf. rtie memory of ibeae act* will over be -heilkhed a no ax the mwi grateful ro 00 liciw.iji ii* ai) tile, and for uf auoo?a?>r I o in express nolxiu r v?ta bail ? bat he may ?uJoy the relations of Mutual conOdenc? wb ch no happily turn mvfce i our (a teicourbr. Now, gentlemen of the senate aad oltlcers of thr c<u<at?,'rt-m wh'iai I have received ?> m*ny km) 1 flto-K, accept m> gratitude and cordial wuhett for your prosperity aud welfare Mr H?min tbeu stepped forward and Mid ? J*KAiTOR??'he uperienoe of several years In this body has taught me eomething of the duUet of the presiding officer, Hod with a stern, inflexible purpose to discharge these duties inithfuilj, rely log upon the courtesy aad c> operation cf senators, and invoking the aid of Ptvtos ProvJd' ooe, I am now rtady to take the oath required by the owtiviMlM, ahd tit rater upon the disch*rg* oi toe nfiir'pii 4xLms assigned me by the conodoace of a generous people. Ht Hiam Uwolfk'thf mA, ?Mowr> f, Harn h-I Hainlin,uo solemnly swear to. SuppaM the ooos<t?uif-i* ?r the United States Mf. IhtBcKi.RiWii saM:?Having now arrived at the Wrw mat ioe of this Congress, I now declare the tienate without day. Mr Rahii* toon the ehalr, and Mte prootamatlca for an extra session was read. flsaM of Kepreaentatlvefc Wamoxotox, March 4, 1861. The, House reassembled at ten o'clock No porsons whatever we'e In the galleries except the reporters, spectator* having oeen formally excluded by direction of the UwiicniU?e of Arrangements. Much mUeiutoeoua business of no particular Import ance was deposed of, with the usual noisy accompa auntfi'S. i he r* ports of the Committee on Conference were made atu acted upon the prtce^MDgs ?re>e occasionally Interrupted by the reception oi met!'a*hi from the Senate ana the anooauco meLt t>y the pi iviue becretary, Mr. Glosabrenuer, that the Pri?t eni rait signed ce taiu bills ihu tepoci ot tiie Comn-ltteu of C -nference on the bill amendatory ut the Patent laws was a dopted. A)m< st every i.ember h?d a projiomtion or bill paxsed. Tie ?t' oguie for toe floor w?s Intcusely exculng. Qui? ti' on ot orue' were uow an" then raised. Mr Hitcwns, (rep ) o? Ohio, raising tils voice above the dm, bhi ihu> 1 emg a ueiih'erative body, ttiey might kr.ow rnhxt ww K'oii# on. ? A Vac*?You miniake; this 13 not a deliberative body. Crlts ot < tioofl." A motion was mute to clear the galleries. (Lvighter.) A* heretotcie ttatod, the visiters' galleries were en tirely empty. At balf-pant < leven a motion to adjourn was negatived? yian 40, na>r 11? rome uuimporiant business was transacted, and various tr.flii g matters u-gon. Several voices, amid the confunlon, rrled '? Adjourn " Mr Aniikkwim, (opp ) of Ky , moved to take up the Old Soldiera' Pension biu. Fifty or more members here strove to gain a recogni tion from the .-speaker. Motions wore humorrmsly made to "cloar the gtile ries." Mr Phhuiji.v, (rep.) of Ohio, from the Solect Commit tee appointed to wait on the President, t?*id they had per formed that duty, auu that the President had Informed thtm he had bubmitK-d his last official commun^cafloa to the Houm. j A mouoc was here mnde to adjourn^ when the Spetker rree amm marked edetme and dsllverad the followtng ni drtss:? GcKTTjBMjDi or not Uulki or Bvitmrtrmj-We have now arrived at the clooo of tue thirty-sixth Congress. iHir'-pg U8 prcfce? gooDca of an extraordinary character have been witnessed. Several State* hareaeoooed, and ai. their members, with one excppMon, loft this ball. No lover of his country can witness such an exhibi tion without fee,tags of tbo deepest anxiety. At your pmid'ng officer. I hsve net folt It my doty to deviate frm the eetabllshed practlco by ottering into dlwusslon on the floor Indeed, lhe demands upon th<Tttme of the chair are sufficient In tin view without, and it ia wi*etoat tho Speaker ebould not be entangled In tho e>ufltciK of de baie You w?U permit me, thorufore, before part ing, to tuy publiuly what, la well known to m in p. II not all of you, that I hare erer boeo, and am now, and 1 trust ever shall remain, a deviled friend 01 tli- Uni*n of tho suiteo, und favorable to auy just and liberal compromise. Tbe report <x the 0?m ni.itee of thirty-three of this jlouse met my cordial ap prcval, and 1 have never hesitated to declare my belief that a Convention of all tho 8tatea to consider ac ttial or supposed grievance w?a the proper aod m ?( available remedy As a member of the Union, I declare my conviction tbat no tenable ground has been aatigned for a Absolution of the tiue which bind every Araerir-an citizen to hi* co?try, and impartial huilory will so de cide. My r >bQdeDoe in the Americ ui people la such that 1 Ueliove no just complaint c?n extot Uog without a redrets at tholr hinds. There >a always a remedy in the Union. With this view I still declare my willingness to Join in rawsarea of com pro noise. I would do so because of the ancient ties that have bound us u*etber under the ioaUtutloa? framed by our fathers. and under a Constitution signed by the Im mortal Wa*hmgu>n. t would do so. f^r tho natiUmi honor 1'o mmltted to tbe experiment of free inatitu tiocD. I do ?o for the love I bear tor my country Suen in all parts of our beloved land, and espsciiUy so for the suite of that noble band of patriot* in tbo border Southern Matt* who, agaiabt great opposi tion, have rtood firm line rocks l?i the oo? fpr <1*? jrwe sua perpetuity ?* tbe Union! Out, gentlemen, I may not farther dwell on tbi-se general subjects, for the diegharge of th? Otlties ot this -tattoo to which f wafcCiilett by vAar klndnisa, (cm only say it has been my purpose to do all in my power to proaote your r.omfort a* members, to derj impartially wttb all au l to advance the heat uiioreete of the country. Ho far as any sucr-i""? ha? attended administration In the cbtir, it la t > be ascribed very muct, to the Icindn' es and for b<'ar*i,ce of the members of the Ilow??-. 1 claim for my self only the irem o- good intention atti ?**??? purpiees. n>e resolution jou have l>eon pleased to a<io|>? I* truly gratify rag, and will be among a?y mnet ugreeaole t6C ?i lection* of this place. I thauk you, gentlemen, for this mark of your approbation. I cookl not fiui to remaik that thw rcaotnttfcn was presented by the ?M^t member of the Horn*, by whom I was aworn Into ! otrtce, and on? whea* elevated character la acknowledged by wall. 1 berteve no former Sfeafcer ?*w rejetvel mere kiatniw* tfce hands ot the House than ba fallen to my lot Amid all Ifcr coniiu ts of opinion on <iu"?ti<)u.< continually n'imtg. tou have never oiemdel a*>y devt a ion 1 have made. 1 no not infer from Ibis that I was always right; but f do infer that W wron?, the II am' beloved tt was through misapprehension and not by 'k-flign, and that it was your magnanimity which led you to sustain the Chair. You wilt per mit mo, I hope, to Kay here that I <un under great obligations to the officers of this House for their as Histauce and devotion to my comfort. I return them all aiy very warmest thatto. And n?w, gentlemen and fnerds, it only romaina Uiat 1 take my leave of yott. Tbo parting hour is an hornet hoar. When T trot came among you 1 declared myself a national man I *m so still, and trust I shall ever remain to. Often in my retired moment* | shall think of you and tiw a?"f Venea through which we have pafswvl. My prayer to neureo for you is you may have that ble*? tng whlcli eom< ttj from abovo, und tbat the Great Ruler ?f ivitkHK, in whore hands are the de?linle? of im all, miy rr?t"re jicaco to our country, bring ordor out of con fusion, and union to the ?^^?>nt dialvacte<l elomenta. Otctlww, I now bid yon ai.^^.'otlonate farewell. Mr Pencic^tob wu nrieotly applauded during the d?'ivery of tte addrtM, wbu h he oonriudad by announc ing the a louroment of tho Uouae Htu <IU. Murli good humor prcvaUed, the uaual fare walla war* ken, aad tbe monbera mparateiL lea-Arrlral of the Autralufta. fUntiT 1(<mk, March 4?Midnight. 1 her* ar? BO ?!???? iJy AMtralasion, now fully due. Wind W. H. W.; m "krate; w e*tl?*r clear. Paiden ef Vsndenmltb, the Forger. PutMoru'HM, March 4, IML J< Ige Voaderetnltli, of f^n anter, has Itoen pardoned by IY<*We?it Burbinan, and was liberated rrom the K**t ecn jiemit. ntiary tbi* DBorning. fle was Hi ntencid to t renty yeara' impr un?rae?t and U? pay a Una of twenty ihiutand (MlirH. lie bad servod scmo uluoteen nwntiis. TV mio la remitted by tbe pardon. Hlscrimo was forging apv>U-J " Wwpp aaa< Ma?ds? la Kcwarh. Nwwtax, Mareh ?, 1W1. Arm r?<rtum, Nvtog at V?. M Mnw*>* street, thirty-tiro yea** md, was *? dewd m fcedat mi#Ught with mark* nf mlemyt. 1 here waa a ruw last night in thn hou/e w!? ' >-he wn/.i'mn?l. I h?- pa' ues ana under arrest, and the t nr?*M* a Mnw.<t If pcqgfe?Hn* ?eatMni Orran Itramer Mnvrmmti. rn va' , March .1, IH61. The United (Watae mail stoamahlp Horidn arrived at T)ho> at three, and ai Uer wbarf at eleven o'clock I*. M. yeatcrday. ft.tvax.xAn, March 4, ISfll. The scri w ?tA.m hip Montgomery .arrived h?re at ronr o'clock P. M. yesterday. S*virvut. March 3, lmtt. The rnitfd Ptitea mill ?f*im?blp, Capt Horry, arrived here at eight o'rl ck SitunLay nigbt. MeaoMhio .tiflHa vdiior leCt her i at ten o'clock 9a'.ur d?u mornuig. Market*. Kkw Osut> v" Mar' b 4. Wtll. Cdton?to day 4 ."00 btl' ? it 10\J a 11 'a'O. for m I'lllBg P ?ar irm. st 4'^e aRt^c tor f.alr to fully fair. c , 8d-. a k?o kreig'.i <>a oouon to L?t* pom ;^d. r.Ai TiM >**, March 4, 1M1. Flow dull Ituward Hreet aod t?ho, %i\ 25, City Mills, *V Vheat a? I' a' * #1 dO. O.iru active' yel'ow f*". n ror l>t \ 'nit b'lt nm lvoige^, fli IB, ai U\J *viu?ao/ bjoya&k HEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITAL. AiBijrY, March I, ISOl. I Ihe inaugural addrcm to the all absorbing question to alfht, and is the universal subject of conversation. Wkii,g K all together, it to well received b> the uiodorato men of both pullet, and is espeotoUy well nxv, ved for Us open and frank oxprea* ionf tod 1U0 abvonoe of an at | tempt to conceal what he hut to ?ay by the arrangement of words. lite extreme or radios1 portion of the repuili- ; cane do not like the fugitive slave talk la it, and declare i that they will not support the "itslisnt in those views. 1 I Ibe mrrw cuMerrative delight m th apart, ana take It as an evidence that his administration will t>e a con | ?errattve one, whilst not a tem withhold any cx | preeskm upon the subject, liclicv^ng tha It wiU dept-ad up-?n the form;iM'Hi of the Cab net whether it wll' be ia? tr bi> received by the people, consul- ring that with h cabiuet a majority of wh ><n hold extreme view A like Cnwe, the luaugurai i? simply a dtclnration of war, but with u conservative cabinet g ? d mat come from it. They then fore wait In silence fur further developments. Mutt, of the democrat* now deenre that they are look Ir g tit wnr at Cearl>?u>r, >ortbwitli But little business w an done in Uio House to night. The inaugural wh* rend by the Clerk. SeveraJ bias wore re \*h t?d, and others rH-ired back to ite CommiUtxM wirfe power to report com pi* te. The bill to regulate the freight on ml k on the Erie and Harlem railroad*, wa? rep ftod advcrt?l) to by the Kail road Committee, and the rep >rt agreed to by tho House. rhe White fUtn* charter whs referred bark, with power to rrport complete* Hevora bilto of no pattictttar puolic importance wore Introduced, the Governor Bent In anoth'-r veto, but the u?utl rules of the douce were suspended In thu, cum and the v ?to sus taliped. It to rumored to-night thM tho flght over tbe Cotleetor thip is New York If becoming i? nerve tli^l ati the appli cants from tbe city will be thrown over, and <">ue from the ftiter?r taken. In that case lieutenant Governor Campbell to supposed to be tho mux. IBW YORK LBQMU1TUK. Assembly^. Ai i.j vy, March 4,19CI. Tbe House met with a bare quorum present. The Ut v enior returned, wr.h ua veto, tho bill for the erection of a bridge over the Allegany river. Tho veto was sustained and tbe bill lost. On motion of Mr. BiNtnt the inaugural of Pre sident Lincoln was read by tlio clerk from the defrk, aud the reading was followed by applause from tho House and lobbies. Mr. Mi liKKJtoTr, by consont, introduced a bill to in i eorperntc the New York an i Hrooiclyn Association for ihe protection of strangers ant citl/.ont, muting the fourth or filth bill for a similar purpotc introduced turn tewriob _ 1 he bill to authorize the l/>n< Inland aod Brooklyn Rainono Compan> to use r.illa i'u t> pounds to the lineal yard was reported favorably. Mr. hay reported adversely on the bill to regulate the ! rate of m:lk freight en tbe llarlom and .Tew York and Krie Railroads, and tne report wis agreed to, and the bill tor tho same object Us before u sei ci committed, j <r Rardt Introduce' a bill placing tho Kree Acade j my of the city oi New \ork un>er a board of trwstoos. Mi Bifti nam re)*> ted favorably tho b(U to amend tho , New Yi rk lTnsafe Bt'lding set. Mr. Nkhhitt introaocc<i a bill to repeal tho act to wie en nod Improve Rushwlck nvenue, tfr'ioklyu, Mr. Fwn introduced a bid to provide for the payment of the interest on tnouey by tho Stats fur tho repair of tbscanato. Aukrh'ax Aboiitiosiism from lWiulltl. ByF.O. do r nti'no D. Appleton & Co., publishers.?Tlito is tho title of a laige pamphlet, the contents of which originally appeared in the New Yokk Hbmip, and at the solicitation of n largo number of persons have been reproduced by tbe author in their pretcnt form. Few persona have a ooToot idea or the great measures which have marked tbe rise and growth of abolltkmum, and there has nevor betn presented to the pubUo any htotory of the movo tot ni at once so ooaprebonstve iniUructivo and valuable, either to tbegcusnu reader or tbo riitiug politician, ok tho preeent publication. The work onbraces narratives of the "ftrulnnnce of 17*7," "Mtopoiirl OompromlP>," "Annexation of Texas," "Mexican War," li Wllmot Provi so," "(loinpromise of 1850,'' "Rep'^U of the Mi??onrl Compromise tod Kauww trtHtb'es of 1?54,'' "Antl 8'avery in tbe Churches,'' "The Negro InsuTOctloufl of 1M2, 18JJ2, 1*40," ?'Abolition Riots in New York of 1K>6," snd the "Harper'p Ferry Insurrection of 1969," toge hcr with a "History of tbe New Houthern Confedo mcy"?? list of events which, for general reforonco or private Information, to Indispensable to ovory^oue who desires a correct hlfitorleal knowleiign of the incident* which have marked tlio Utter y*a-s of our country's history. City Intelligence. Ajtothix N'ovkl WA? Ui?A novel l)?.t was mtde some time sitco !>"twe?>n ton gentlemen of this city, which wn as follows ?in the event of Mr. LmooLn'a lnaaguratlo bring consummated without hindrance or interference Momus. Martin, Mitrlnnus, Vanfrodeuburgh, Smiley and Trimble affree to perform tlie f"?U of walking to our St it Capttol, Albany, and calling upon our worthy Chief Magis trate, the Hon. K l?. Morgan; Mid in the event of h s in aujrura! Wins disturbed by the conflicting emotions of the present dlsturbtd stale of our national uilittrv, Messrs. IVuney, liilver, Hay, Moore and iwison agree to perform the o'mo ieut. The looser# lawudiiuj to fuiUU their obli. gati.rti will start from the earner of West and J?y stree ?, on Thursday morning the 7th mat , at seven o'clock. Eiwtjos at rji Opbx Exciuimoe.?The annual election pt lb? ttw-8 Fsebwge, whkh occurred yost^r-day, re. raited in the choice ofths following ticket?Fur Ira* tees, J. B. IlerrickjJ It. Nevlas S. L. Uios^d, E. 8. It.own, J Wilson, W. K 'omuCns, 0 Itowa, J. M. ruce, K. l)<t>ck<Q, L. lU)biUm, U'arien !Urr!>t. A. M. IToyt .aid l". g^arwooii r??f p.vtion K. Ik Uvermoro. . ,^??v ._w-, ?? ? I. M Hodman, Jr., fu<d X. H. * /r >ia*f!?Ojuai/PniiwT.?Between twolv<? And ino o'crock yesterday morning a lire broke rut in th* Itors K'o. .TM Grand street. The firemen anon extinguished the u'."" The a tore has recently been fitted up by P. C. Drown for a scgar store, but at the time of the lire the gfo ;k hsd tot b?n put inlo th> More. Tho Ore oxtoa ded through ?he ceiling Into Jarksoo's daguerreoti galierv on too sec<>ud fl( or, to wukh aome slight dm?g was done, nn1 aiso into the boot and shoe ?toro No. 304, occupi?i by Ixnila Karl, wnose nock I* damaged by titer to the os tein ot $60; insured for $1 000 in the IV.Uogmon* and |1,M>0 in the Meshstilcs' and rrt/iM' b?innre Otmpi tif. Hie building is owned by Mr. CrUBMroll, and U fully tfisutwci. The ca<n>e of tho tire it uukuow u at pivsoat. PnhmmI Intelligent. Jodf"* Allen, <* Worcester, Maw.; (t. S IYloe. of PlilU n 3 Schlcw.lnger, of Roalou, an I J VV. Gerry, of Baltimore, are stopping at the Bravoort llwn. R I! Onherwood and Tamil) , tf Waihington; Thorns* I Wtlbrny, of New Orleans; I'.tfa-l de Var int. of Puerto Principe; Manuel Cadioa, of Havana, aud U. C. Walker, of Ohio, hi' (.topping at tho Iitfarge IIoimo. Dr. H.tchccck. of California; F. K. Wo(>d.vaod, of Texas C. V rnndy, or Momphl- A. I. IJlett, of \ Irglnla; f>. H. Wright, of Georgia, and 15. >*. Crai* , of hi. 1/>l1?<, are Mopptrg at the Metropolian HrW l. f R Tu: I*. G. R Ranntd"ll and J W. Tarr, of Withdel Bnia, John kllgore and ft. M. rorwiue, of Cincinnati, p. . I/'ight and J. a. faiti r, of Lour-\ ul>- aro aioiii'.tu. .U the Fifth arenue Hotel. ITon. John II. Reynolils, J. W. Vocburg and n. A. Al len, of Albany; If. A. KeliOKK, of Inilaarlpbta; -<am Priebctt, of T>noe<wee; flam'i Uuwn?r. of lto<ton. A C. Meioron, of Mobile; ffa Kelly, of Rhinef>ork, aud If. I T-owUrlilge. or New Haven, are atonpm^ at the Bt. N:rhoiaa Hotel. G I'ralt, of ttoonectiont; A. I). Brown, of Vew Jersey; 3. W. Walcott.of Itofton; Wm I'en ?, of Dnver; k. A. llrlek and wife, Mr. Wetmore. Mm. J -wrom-e and Miss I Miller, ol New York, ar? ntopping at the Albemarle Hotel Judge Goorge W. Bopklns, formerly ra^bor of C-m grow from Virginia, U now lying at the point of doath :a Rlchniond, and nan not possibly survive. Hbltaary. Wnu*? O. RrrKiw v died on toe Hih ull. In the aevsaty llilid year ot hm a*,e. Mr. Rul^clj wax a native of M.try land, a ?oii of ilie late Judge Ut ury Ridgely, an 1 itrand Mm, an lita mother 's mde. of Samuel Than.*, Hlgner of the liectaration of Itidep. odence, an-1 au A.tsoclito Judge of tlie .srvprcme Court. His Ion,- ir.-'nmNncy, of nearly thirty e:gi,I years, through all mntatioM of partus, of the iri?|*.rt*nt poet of chl*f clerk of iho 8>?ird of Navy CfMtimlsskmers, a?d siib?<?|t?enlly ?f ooo of tho buroaus oi'tLe Navy iKpsrtnient, Is a ntmniC'Wit tribut?? to bis Udeilty as a public uflWr, and the lugh spprirlitjon of hlf servior -. The warmth of his fri'-aisliJ^, his g'-nlti dtHpofiUao and larjt't hoarte-t gen?* ?-lty. exited aad re tob?<d the aUe< hsm' ?T hut p< raunal frtenda, wlulo his InJb mible inu^ritj , his etnet ?>nac of J ; nice aud his pos-fect r*msts?e?cy sa a <1?ri- tl ?d won th ? r'?paet < 'f iJl Who kBew h?m, and rave htm an omimd pomtM aad In ttww* 1m the oomiiimut^ wUorn U > Uro-k A r/>l"jre"l woman, nnmod I'olk, dlel it>. JamiIsvM! ? this w??4., a?ed M7 years, .she forta-rty belonged W th* TbtiMon Ourily, la l-Ved. rick oounty, Virginia. A ?'r*TOK'' l'saAniKK w !/>? t-iixA.?Tho New Drleana Pv a'june pays thai, on Sunday the loth inU , Rev. H >nry W. Hilltard. of Alabama, f?rmee|y a muhcr of Uuogress, preacliM at the Methodist i '4)l?-'"ral chui-h in W ? diing u>n, fx)Ulsl!ina, from Uomaos v., 15 and 10, expressing an arrlent desire that our uatiouul government may soon b<> n*?natr?ict?d. Arrivals tarn! B> psrtarrs. akbivai.-'. W? w A?n II ^ -htenmehlp Cahawha?Mrs J K Wa't and child, Mrs J Kelly and . hild, Mr* A Udniore aod iMid, Vn nr dl'-r and ehlln, sis R Rfi*ton, ^lad?me I Iiii|?joh, XMur* M A Volan, J fn?'S, A Kainhsrt. T K I'Mi'Tly, F Oa/reave, W Hchrvh" J II Col>n, C n>i'li rs, W lellown nnd serssni,'? D 1'iiderhill, A Hnn?er%?Hler, 'ssa Ms?* R Mourcr", \ lK"-i??nisn. U A PoKer.'jcrif, J llerri-riv L nmseraode J A OMUdnrk. 1 H Verons e Rulri", li r Adn?? >n1 la'ly, fe'l Hurr, W Hn/S'ultv ^ id Udy. I? H rohb, l! ?ITI*, A IVsle, J Mai dou lid. It H la\rrene? and three wuis, ? Hmiili, J l. Wblpvlo, J liable, J Caatann, Mrs J Weat and rhlld, V Arox *n?l two ?erv ;l? giTAi?4B?Hteamahlp Kuntnllie Wm Pavls, O W Oarla, Tl<> ? nyer, t are Vwrr, snd 75 In the I'r rr I Ti ?> r prtg HaMte.r*?f Of fMt M # i AAMfU "?wi from RaTtaa, AKltlVal OP TUB lAHa*BA. Tb* steamship Cahawba. J. W Smith, commander, frrm New Orieaiut 244U ult., arrived M Havana on the night of the 26ib. Leaving that port At live o'clock 1*. U. ou (he STth, she rctM here at an early boar yester day morning. There is nothing of intereat to report Atom (Tirana. Generally speaking business *eaiuins in about the name dull eUU< as has been reported tor several w?ota j>Ai>t. The money muket conttuuep very strlogont Btiik only d.;-0"'ii'tH goo?i Hhori piper, luring two to three months to run, at siven per cvnt. lu the street eight to twelve |vr cent Mj^ur?.S'o. 12, 0>; a 0 \ reala per arobo; In moderate dmiui.d. Mi'U.; MB dull at 2\ rr.ila for clayed, and C\ for niufl oovadot 8. Fieigbt*?A eoutinued scare,ty of vessels has ad Tnwed rates day by day. Fxrliangc on leodou, 00 <ih;n, 10 a 10>? premium; on New Vi rk. CO ita\s, ixir :i 2' premium;on N"ew Orleans, 30 to00 <??)?, IS pri niium. The l n**J Mitio m?il *t<'tm-<hip De 8oto, Captain .U.l>iiM>D, fio? New York 2l*t ult for Vew Orleium, ar rivW at Havana cn the morning or the 27th, and would lcavo tor her du iioatlon iho tutmo evening. N'kw Ouuuam Smmns will notice that the Oahawba, railing next Mouitay, carrieo goods free of duty which have been (Hircliaeed prevmoa to March 1. Comrt falrndar.Thla Day. tiriuw Cui'i:r? CiKi.-ijrT ? Part 1 Son. 309, .116. 317, 891, 328, S88, 333, 3.16, 337. 339, 345. 3*7, 363, 36r?, S60, *06. 3TI 373, 377,380, 390. H*rt 2?No*. 2iM>;, 86K, 92. 2 80, H6, 144. 140. 174, 138, 25S, 272, 302, 304, UN. 304 370, 372, 308>i, 370. Cocri 00 <J\rJi us Tnuuaut Adjournod to Thurs day. MTM31I C?>trt?Sinrui. Tumi ?Noe. 20, 38, 30, 40, 42, 20, 118, 107, 170, lb?, 101, 1W to 100, 102. ltfJ, 107 to 901. Con me. Ili-W.? Psrt 1?See. 222, IM 328, 404, 322, 4M?, 491, 492, 494, 4?6, 4Wi, 407, 408. 1156, 205. l'art

2?Vw?. 226. 317, C??0, 474 , 47", 477, 479, 480, 481. 482, 483, 484, 486, 4-0, 427. si KftinK Coi kt.?l'art 1?Noe. 1361, 1S56, 1367, 1.159, 1361, 1306, 13?>7, 1309, 1371, 1373. 1376, 1377, 1379, 1381, 1383. Part 2-Nob. 2G8, 910 . 942, 602, '>44, 802, 142, 028 , 794, 064 , 960, 068, :>60, 002, 900. Drawing* of K. France & Co.'a Dela ware Lot terpen : ? Ik max Popntv~Ci.a*s w, March 4,lgfl. 4. 73, 42, M, ji, 00, 41, 44, B7, 7, 5, 39. t3oi>r!iouiuTi.i> I onv ky-i'liw .11, March ?. 1881. 27, 63. 68, 34, 3<i, 44, 11, 64, 69, 21, 49, 61. Circulars sent frw of churxe by addressing B. I'll a NCR A CO , Wilmington, Delaware. Dimwlnf? ot the Delaware State Lot (ertiii?WWII), Eblit A CO, Managers of the KkXAWAR}', iteirrccKv akp Missouri math umtiurs. Dh.awiri ?li*Tn? Cum 167, March I INfil. 16, 64, 2. ti. 60, 48, 70, 19, hi, :!!>, 17, 45, 18. Dm ?AWAM?('liA,sH 15-S, March 4, 1.H51, 19. 2. 13, 38, 69, 75, 71, 73, 65, 28, 58, 12, 32, C9. Circulars containing aclmmen, wiUi full particulars, acut free of charge b* acdrn* irnj cither u> a OOD, RDDV A CO., Wilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOD, KD1)\ A Co., Hl Luuin, XUsouri. Royal Havana liOttery.?The following numb*-,* diew ihc principal prl/ea? n the drawing of Kebriia rj? 1^51:? >un3bera. I'riies I Number* Pri/ca. I Vumbers. I'rito. 86,168 MffMUO 1M34 ?:*),? 0 f >6,631 . fl'VWO flttgHU 2.IU2... A'.OOi) I Suoil). r* CV, sitt, 741. ^Wl. 5394, JG*?, 422!>, 47l?. fllCh r.{r?t. MIJ, &.W., 711.1. VH78, f?l43,WI, l(*n.'7, 10)70, K77* uoi'tf. n.n)-, mn!>. i?aa tarn i6.v?n. i^sao, larxt, ikh*s M79, 2H74, SI368, 21881, 21721), 210M. 2 U7.r>. 2361H. 2.WJ0, aesa, 27ias?, 27ft;i, 2Sii7, 28664. skim, -"joi;t, js?882 9J0,a0eaeb. Korelmular?aatotli?> ?l>ove drawinif* ad'lre*4 Don Boilrt g\n /., cat e of city ixihi, Charleston, SouUt Carolina. Koyal Havana Lottery.?8<e OMelal DnwincH in another column For particulars addrex* Chatc A Co , a WUilam street. New York. Gentlemen's flat*. Hl'RINO KAMIIOK8 FOR Will. N. BfPKN'HCHEID haM just iaaiK^l the ?jpHo?' Htyt? for Ml. [)?. aolkiita a eil.ical <'\ainineti?t) oi its ai-ni^n, d?n|ie, n,alert'I and workroaoahlp. The improvements in th<- art of halting developed and appli'd in tliia npirudld fabrii would JiifM.lty the ui^nnrtoiun r In placinc a pr!ee u)>.)n it a? tar alxne llie onltnarj raf * aa it la superior to ordinary hata. Instead of flulng mj, !??> >tiill adherea to hi* long i"ti*ullMhK4 prlrea. 0*eUn?>'D dealri?m a ftn<- and elegant hat would do well to call aud judge of Iho advuntac.*- olfi-ied l?> ihiae.v taliUi<bio(.nL N ? E.l'^i'ilKIl*. No.. 1IH Ma?i<au ntreet. 1H61. Ocaln. 1881, Cran.i oiteaiaf of aprln.: <ny! v, Th?r<diyr, Wa'-rli 7, for genu liata, boy's anil guln LI am undCaps. 513 Broadway. The Prenldent'i Hat ?The Hat which the eelebraled manu aelnror, tCN' C4, pir^nted to Pr?atdi-nt L.ln>?ln a-asa Hpe< Inu n of Uia nev. xprlng ^lyle, and wan unh eivally adtnirort Ho inticii did itiioDroro 111- 1.1U' >Ui'a looka. thai he wop* tl w hem-.ur lie went on :vrriv liu; in W??h ln?t?>n, ;ind bn? atnee ?rnt on unorder for six or the aauie kind, l'li nty more at 212 Bn.ilway, corner of Fultou Mieet, Storm Introduce* Spring fltylea or Grti Oenii ira Dresa Bill at f.i 60, aurp/uMing any ou llrvadwa; at 94. Kio. 178 Broailwaj. Brooklyn Art-Pho?ogmphlr.-William SOK'H Imperial Oray VI*r"tW>, ehirC of filiotogmphlc b ?u 11 i t, J'ulton aUTH't, opi>?nlt? Clinton. The t'nlon 1*1 n (Pare Oolil) may l?e had M wniTE'a Hat Store, under the Munjutn. Abraham I.lmoln and the People'* Pho (otjTMihH. <M (netor*sI?k u for $1. Ln'on fonnerttUOUiBI' Oaliery, 396 aroadway. Ju*t Rr<?lvtit and Sow In s'tore, FOCU HUBDRED TUOC8AKO bILK WORM QV1 Kor ?*1?* by J. FREI) MILWAR1), SS ?nd W Rr*io ?tjo> ?. Smith A Brother, Rrrweri of XXX Pal* Ate KiS and IfiQWoi KiRUoenth *uoet, >ctvret:?j Heveu'JH bik) m,;hlh AvenUM. Wheeler & v.u?o*'i Improve ?" *a<hlnfaatrr^,l9M-prlee^ Lireryba*y ahonld Read It. tbn nnoyHR A Baker h. M. 00. bara publNhod for fraluitoua didrlbu'iou. til n< Bt pamph'ct form, "tVn kinu I Farrwell Addr ?*," wliith can bo ka<t tt tuclr More t o ?n*4^ii?ewV?* u* ?,,v ? The I .add <i> Wtbttrr Srwlng Machine m iy now bo hail for fifty doll UK, at So. sou Broadway. ft Bakfr'n I'rlrbratnl Family aail Ma.",u',0,urin* H, wtn'< Machine*, iOi Broadway. New York. Batrhflar: Wewly Invented Wlgi and Toiipote are mo*t Imitation* of Datura feud lor a Bvaaure card u> It Bono street, W. T. Itatrhelor'a Hair i>^e? Unliable And In KADifioi-ong; HiuA or brown FAtv'fT 81 Rar0t)j It) oat Bold and Ri4>lted at W. A. KaTCIIRI/ >K J Id Bond atrrcC Noldarla t'renm Korrr* the Hair, WhU k<v*aad Mnwu hM tn no* luxuriantly Sold wb-ibmala ud tetall by W. A. BATtiilftLOR, U ltomd arm*. Barry'* Trlrophnon* te the Beat nnd cl rap*article for draaAng, beautifying, cnrMnc, claanMOf, i?e*ervlofand reaterliur tb* hair. I amrt, try it. Hold by all UrucKlata _ _ Crtatadoro'* Hair Dye, Wlfiand Ton ne on.?* hi U'?t In the w< rid; who]. ?ale and retail, ai d tho d}? privately applied, a - Mo 6 Aator lioiue. Wheeler d> Wllnen'i Improved Sewing Machine* at i*duood prior*. Offic* StKi Broadway. Trn*?ea-Slnri)h ?v Co.'* Hadleal Cnre Trj>*. K) 2 \ (?y ?tr rt (Anlor Uo?*e\ opposite th<! climch. The Indian Herb l)r , W. Tmaablety. IV. O., from Canada, will (tanrrlhe dlwnim and leU hla pa.'xnUib* Iikiura of their om. plain la or Hlnnw ultbout rroeiviu# any iiirocmatkm from them. No eiiargn for cormu'taUon or ad tWo OCue Ho V3S Broadway, w I tain a half a minute'* walk We qm ?urb Halini a* harm no ntrtf* With Nature or the Laws of Utr; With blood our hand* we never ?i*ia, Mor Fctaoa men to oaaa thotr PuJn. Our Father?whom all Roodneaa fllla, Provide* the mf-m? U> eur? all Ul*; Tlie (lnipie HArba, Ix-.ieath our tee'. Well <i*ed, relieve our pain* nompleta A ?lmnle Bern, * ?Impla Flower, Gull'u from the dewy l<r?? fheae. tb'ae ahail *p?ik with tonchlni pow?* Of eaanfe and hmlth to then. V. TUMBI.r.TT, x. a Married. Bvoce?Bm ?i ?^>0 Monday. llAr' b ?, by the TU>v Jobn 1*0leal, Mr. J. rbury.a to Mr*. fJiii.i Hiu eg, aii of thtr' city. fvyiiim*? Hat.? On Monday, Marrh 4, by Uio TW. Mr F*wyer, Anna^n- Do<?iirtij' Jr., to Mw raxmti Da*, dnnjthtor of tbo lato fir ,io? ph lh?y, .ill of thm city. Mi'"*w? Noimiir.?.On Friday, Fobruanr 'ti, by tho Rev lr?h it Meward, at Uie rwiaenoe of the hrMi'i pv rentp, Captain ?iiOP:irv ftbmam u Wiai H., ?oou?ul tau?ktw of C H NortU ,p. Yw\ , al) of tba oltr M< Kr*\?M?0 .-km.?In thlp <'Ky, on Tnan1 lav tven tnj,Fe%mary SI, l?y the Hrr. .imee* al tno r"el dmee of the orioeV payola, Mr. Uamo M> ft*** to Mta? Mj?r* Brto* UiM<-lty. BmjH?Ijiwr nfi" ?tr. UtarHr, on Pumtay Marrh #, by U?e Rev Ira *r*rt, Mr. Hm?h M. *riua, of Now York, t?/ MM I>-haw?* R Uwr, y^mrmt d :'in'it. r of Fiioeh I ewyenco , of WmiamMinrg,l? L Mirth. I.akxp.?In tliia city, i? Monday, March 4, tho wtfn of J. K. I jiiikk, of n daimlit?r. t'orada !,!<??'??? oupy. Roiana?la Pr ?i>n, Taenlny. Oernmbor II, atono o'ekv!. F i. , On. i.u.k, ? .Io of Willtan 11. Rngert of at n,fl am A lft d Died. Airrtwr ?Obfnada. Mvr"i n, T. Awkaiw, tho ebl.ft aon of WiHuun >u I ItiIdgrt Abotrn, *kimI '11 y>arn, 8 rooutba olid S <!.y ?. A u?tlTc of vho rlty of Now Fork. Th.> ft-irnrf* of if n fomlly, nleo thoeo of hi* nnr.iee, j Jam?? and ItouiW Ah^tn.aro n-pectfiiUy l?vtK>d to at I tood the it tifral hl? father * rcnldeaeo, Ko UB arc ^ nuo I>, thl? (Tv.PB'Iny) afternooo, at two o'clork. Hi- ro ! m.ilnx will bo WrrtOu In Ca.varj <J*inptery. AorerA.?On Nnurday, March 2, Jem* Atxm*. afnd 64 years Tno hrltnil o' tho fam'lr. am' of t>In v>i l?i law, .Tame* | Varnum Orithatn, ate InvtW to a?t?r I the fune-J tl>?* (T^ieaiinv i a'tonwiM, M two o ctoi *, "io? UA latw tea' i iooco, Ho. m> C..?iv?4.. J??t, Mr ^ rafn. ' Amain.?On Monday mtnlrj.ihfthf ^f.iwt fw? I o'clock, of dropey on the heart, Krm Simua, w*fe of l'eu-r AmteUu, la the 4?th jw of dor *ge. The frn uOa and apiualatauws are riwpe -tfuiry Invite I to attend I be funeral. from her late reeideuor, No. ui fcjf* street. this (Tuesday) morning, at t??n o'clo-it IUicn?In Havana. Cuba, on Tuesday, Kebr-uary 10, Joiut K. Baoox, a^ed 42 yeais and 4 moutliH. The friends and aoriuaintoi.oos of the family are r?epect fully Invited to attend toe funeral, from hi? late rest detoe. No. 141 Kant Thirty-iith street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Bovi Suddenly, ot Monday, March 4, Maby Fxisa retu, child of John aud Mary B. Hoy ce, aged 1 year and H months TUo relative* and friends of the family arc respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday, front the retldetoe of her parents, No. fl)' Jersey avenue, Jersey City. Btrsr.?On Sunday, March 8, 8mm Citwiww*, only child of Margaret and Dcnma Byrne, aged 0 months and 8 days. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend tho funrral, fr >m the bouse of Cur hie Walton, 39 Java street,Crcenpolnt, L. I., this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Bitucr?On Monday, March 4, of consumption, Ed warp J. BtmxK, aged 2f> > ear*. The friends of the family are resiiectfully requested to atteid thnfunoral, without furtfcvi noilco,on Wednesday afternoon, at one o'clock, from bis lat<> residence, No. 6d Hwth avenue. The remains will bo taken U> Greenwood for interment. Ci ***.?On Sunday, Marcb .1, Fi U ir*rn, wlfa of Henry Clark, a native of Kngland, aged 04 years, o months and 22 days. The funeral will take place from 240 East Thirteenth street, on thU (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'cloet. Her remains will 1m taken to Cj press Hill Oeim-tery for inter ment. OoiiooKAN ?At hla residence, 70 Chvltou street, on Monday, March 4, Patrick Cowwun, aged 5b years. The triendci of the deceased are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will leave the above address on Wednesday afternoon, at oce o'clock. Chios* an ?On Hunday, March S, after a short but pain ful illness, which he bore with Christian fortltadeand pious realisation, I'atrrk Chkxna*, in tho UZUi year of his age. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 142 >laal Twenty first street, thin (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. His remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for interment. Coi .-iwkij. ?On Monday evening, March 4, Mrs. bow CotewKU., of this city, aged 83 yeare. The relatives nnd frleuds are respeetfaHf Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No 33 Kast Ihirticth strict, on Wotuicftday aftornooa, at three o'clock. Davis.?On Monday, March 4, Jo?w R. Davw, aged 38 >iwh, t; rci nths auu lt> .lajs. lhe relatives and friends of the family, also the mam bers oi 1-Agle logins Company 18, and tbe I jcempt Firo men's Association, aro respce'f'tlly invited to attend the funeral, from his late resldenco, CO Catharine street, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock. I>mj?h? <>n Sunday, Match 3, of consumption, Axiom, Wife of Joseph C. IHlks, and daughter of Benry Moliomild, In the 30th year of her The friend* of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend her fuuerul, from the residence of her father, Henry MoTVmald, Clinton avenue, fourth bouse north of Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, tills (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Fo*.?On sixth day. third mouth, at West 1- irms, Wit Liam W. Fox, In the Ttitn year of his ago The relatives and friends ot the lamlly are invited to attend tho funeral, without further uotice, from his late residence, on third day aftetnoou, at one o'clock. Car rtnges will be in waiting at tho terminus of the Third Avenue li&ilroad, Harlem bridge, until half past twelve o'clock. Kakiubi.?On .Sunday evouiiifc, March 3, Maky I'.uuiwx, a,e.l ye*!'*. T1m< friends and relatives ar? resjit'CtfuUy Invited to attend tho funeral, this (Tue-day) afternoon, at half past two o'cloek, tiom uer late riMidenco, corner of tichermer horn and Bond streets, Brooklyn. Fahon.?on Jfrmdnv morning, March 4, CArn*RiYB Arm.viko.vq Vahon, widow of the late John Karon, dr., ?ifed 03 yeai J. Tht> relatives and friends of the ftuntly are respectfully Invited lo attend tho funeral, from her late residence, No. 48 Adslphi street, Brooklyn, ou Wodm^Jay after - noon, nt ltulf pnst two o'clock, witltout further invitation. South t'tuoiina p?iicr!' please copy. Vlasugan.?On Mmday, March 4, Johx Flkxm.ix, :iged 19yearn. The friends sad rolatlvea are reat?eclfully Invited to attend tbe funoral, this (1 u<-?Uy> aftetaoon, at two o'cloek, from his late residence, N'u S2 Jacknon street. The remains *U1 be taken to Calvary Cemetery for lutuament. Vobtaimi??'inHaturdny wring, March 2, aftor a short (llneo? joirs >Vwr*i5t, need years. HI: friond - and ACi|iialutMirc<; are rtsi^ctfnlly Invited to nXtond the funeral, from 1V1 tJm skront, this (YuoeJay) morning, at ten o'clock. I'hilaiJolpha papers please cury. Oji:um>.?In Brooklyn, on rf'-dneoday, February 2T, I.ioutciiia&t Hi'Ohox M., I.iiIuhi Htalea navy, son of Brevet Brigadier Go&cral John Garland, United States army. tix.?At tho resid<noe of his brother in law, Ar chibald Watt, Ksq., lLirlom, ou t-'uuduy evening, March 3, J( -mh Cootiwi*,age?l IS vears, 1 month and 10 'lays. The relatives and friends of the Iwiatly are respt*tfully invited to attend the funeral, from No 7 In Ion street? Hudson, on Wednesday rooming,M > it>en o'clotk. Hudson papers pieaso copy. ?()n Monday, March 4, Twjxah Brnx?to, son of Fr?nclx nud Maria Corny, agod 1 year and 16 days. The relative? and friends of tho f-miiiy are re?|>octfurty ln\ ited to attend the mneral, this (f^ewlay) ;ifterti(>oo, at ono o'clock, fioui tIk? rrsl ienoo Of his pi. ents, No. 204 West Twenty eighth street, !i?tw.wa Ninth und Tenth avenues. GuwtK.?On Moaday, Maro'.i 4,nfU?r r< lingering illn.-sa, Cn jh? A.,eldest *t- uf Vtandall 11. Groeue, in the 40th year of nis age. The relatives i\*l fr'.eods, also th<#y of his father an I br *h?rs, are invited to atU-i.d tho funt t U, from U'.h late residence, No. ijj Vout Ktove&tb street, on Wodnesday afternoon, at o^e o'cloc k, without further notice. liKHkkiH?'lHl Monday, Marrh 4, Aiiukd Cakiikii, youngest ron nf ViUiam and the late Julia A. Ilesketb, 12 'years and I month. 'Dif reiativ> s and 11 leu Is i-f tho futuily are r* "ifiUd to attend the funert.l, on W' .,,?nn?l'r ?V three o'clock, from No. J"* " -<ueeilay ulU-ruwa, JJ <uxo ?*)n Sunday, / i'*"0*' street. Stm*' * ' X< Abri* ttuuro^aged 34 .. ?. The relatives and frletxU of the lami>y, the mom bers of M"trof>c4it&n lodge N\>. 273 K. and A. *., are re B)i??rtliiUy invited to attend the funeral, from l.lg kite re sidence, No. J30 West Twenty -venth strcot, tbU (rues day) afterncon, at one o'clock, wtboiit further invitation, UIh remains will bo taken to Greenwood for Interment. Hoijux.?Oa Sunday rr> ntng, March .T, Mary Ax* tloijiAX, wife of Thomas Halman, in the list year of hor ago. The relatives and friends of tho family art> rNi|>ectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at one o'clock, from her lato rssMsaos, No. HI Wost Vorty-Ofth street, without further Invitation. Immkd.?In Brooklyn,on Hundiy, Mnrrh 3, Miss Ma*. mi lun^.m, daughter of Ha vena I/eland, in UiO 'JOUt yoar of her ago. Ihe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Milled loaMondUtefunersI, from the Baptist church, comer of Washington and Uates avenues, this (Tuesday; afternoon, at hall past two o'clock. Kicttv, of coni: motion, a native of I Brooklyn, agod 33 j?*m The relatives and friends of the fhimly nr<j (anted to attend the funeral, cm Wsdneeilay aft'*? i?v*?. at half pant two o'clock, from No. 1M Navy stroot, IWooKiyn. Ikwm.?'ra Nno<lay, Martm P., Wuu* .V., eMent boo of '?'sorgo and Mtza C. Lewis, agi-d 6 years, 4 month i and 2 days. The relative* and friend* of the family nre r."*pertfally Invited to nttend th" fnnersl, this (fUosday) nftenww, at two o'clock, fr< m the reside u. o of hi<< paronw, No. . 7^7 I Uihtb avfjine. IuRKav.?On Sunday, March 3, Jviia, widow of I llufih Isikoy,aged 6i ysai-. i Th? relatives and frietnU of tho family are requested to attend the funeral, (ta/a the r ctdsu"? of Ui r ?>q, 1 i>*} M<>ti street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Maiviuo.1?<m Monday morning, March 4, Roituri M.<" kkii, In the .1-ith year of hb age. The friends and relation* <>f the family are respectfully Invited to attend the fnrcral, from his iato residence. Ms. S1H Wster street, on Wodnetviay afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. M< I"au/* ?On Monday aft? moos, March 4, Kuwaso E. M< fallOW, son of Patrick aril Hircurrt McK.iJlon, agod 4 years. Tho relatives and friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, tins (riie*<Uv) aft. r noon, at two o'clock, from the resident ?? of his p rents, liiO Oreomrleh street. Mi ijmak ? In Brooklyn, aft'r a lingering illnc*, Joi") Mi ujctN.a n.itl\?> of ? lonbrou?<y, county Longford, Ire land, age.1 41 year* HM fronds and ft latlvee are Invited to attend the fuoe ral. also the members of the A.O. of tJ.U 'i-nl iiH, on Wednesday afternoon, at tw > o'clock, from his Lite rest dorr*, No. 188 Navy street, Brooklyn. Mi'tav ?On Bukay morning, M.vh Caihbki\r Mi !k . , < nly daughter of .ianu.4 and 1 Jlr% Mulry, agod S years, 'J. weeks and days. Tie relative* and frictnlf< of the family sr?- re?i?ctfiilly Invited to attend the funeral, this (TueKday) afi'Tno-m, at two o'cieek, from the resideoro of her pari nts, No. 14 K?ffX street. Nvi.icrr ? Monday, March 4, Masi.asht An, the b?s loved daughter of .lolm ami t'atherLns Nugen ., aged 1 year, It month* and 2ft dnys. The rrlxtuts and sciiMintauces of the family are mo^t rcfjwH tf?lly invited to attend the funeral, this (Tn<?day) aft??rr>ooii, at two o'ckick. from the rcsldeoco or lur parents, r'lmtlteast corner of NtnUrnvsaamana i i>rty tli.ri Street. O Mm* ?On Monday morning. Mnroh4. JammO Rkjmt. tin; trirnos ef Hie family are riwettfuny invited to at tend the fnneval, this (t(Ms<<ay) ahen>"< n. at hair paet twoo'stoek, from bteiate residence. Mrwr M U?k*aa-t ftoit streets, Urcokiyn. OTumesrv ?Th Brook!jn, on Monday, March 4, of iu flanmiatitui of tlte tseth, Jamm Hkm<\ , the y'inge?l ?on rf .Inmesand Kilen OK tali .ty, age<l d mos(!i.t an 1 21 days. 1hi> friends nnd acquaintances of the family are re fpefltfnlly Invited to attend th? fuiiera.', fti'tn t'"' dene<> of his parents, 43S Columbia air-i t, h^nto firook hn, tills 11'nr 'flay) afternoon, at two o'clock. Hts re mnlfs will be taken to Fiattcish (Jemetevy for interment. Ko ww ?On Hun lay night, March after a short ill ?c*h, Maht ( ft- imiNf, wiro of John L'. Kohbios, in tho CPth year of her age. Ihe relatives and Mcadf ?f ?he family ar-? requested to att?nd the fun< r?l. <? W. 'modsy aftirMSB at ono o'eka k. from tbercetdonre of h?r fatoer, William Brown |i>g '^4t vi r?t Iblity ft?u'ta street, near Ninth avpnuo, Wltaont further no.ica. Iliix tr. ??>n Hunday, March n. K.UjI, darglitnr of Wll In m an1 Kate I Rahn:d, age<l 4 >ears, 7 m<>ntha and 90 dais. T?e relatives and friends of the fatally iro reepeetfally lli?!te?l to aiU'cd the fnner-tl, < n Wednesday afternoon, at one o'clock, fitm the Imuse of her |i?rents, KifUi rtrtet. R. ,ve? ?le Brook'vn, en Monday a'U-noon, f^hmary I*, at fo.? o'c?o?k,of mi> 'it swhi t,slier tUhjf * apwJ 2T years ? month* and 4 Jay?, '.JAvtag * H<Y?n *nd four children t? nwrt her (<?? hmtnuM v i? were interred In Greenwood Cemetery ?k Hit ;>ok ^"ocn, February SI VHikm*; ?#Vv ?*iyn, on Uatu-day, Marui S, Fun Km mm ?la Hrv vsnce. Tmiu* of ?. "Hy ??* reapactful!y inv'-od ?? The friends of the f?^ "l! tak- place this fTaaadaf ,b attend the fuwrkl, wblcff . afternoon, from ttr ral Ms'ch 6, at me o'clock In tX 8?uth Brooklyn. Uence of her son, No. 70 fourth . church, <s.iney plane Service at two o'r ock *X I?r. Pise ? . * Kfid only mm R-j? ?On >mnday. M??rh 8, Tn?Mi> " moctln an1 28 cC (ivorgf uad Ar.Lti Held, aged 6 yeaw, e d*js. tactfully Tfcc rnwid-? and relatives rf the family at#*+> -oo? lcvitivi to M end the fuueril this t Tupatmi) W at < te o'clock, from the rtMilran of his parents', '*b ?* West Forty flrst street, heteeen 8e7e:iVh and IW, without further invitation. Ka&tm?At Havana, ou 8u utav, February 24, of onn grstkto of the b.-sln, 1Uil?jl> tUsm, of the firm of Stonda, Nathans & Co. Due notice will be give# of th? t'me of the funeral. S?rru ?On Huncay, Match S, \wmn\tt' H Pwitii, naly Child of Walter and Kltrebeth Smith, aged 1 y-ar and I days. BrfiOTBorr?In Brooklyn, on Monday, Mar?h ?. Ktnu IxiniM , daughter of P. W. and Emel.ue stootw,*, axed 8 and 5 nioatha. Tie friends of the family are respectfully favlted to at tenl the funeral, from No. ISS Sm!th street, tfrocMyu, on Tuesday aiternoon, at tiro o'clock. Tt-CKKB ?At bis residence, la i'lalnusld, N" J.,om H? day mo'tnn^, March 4, Captain Josw Trcnm, ?uro*e?% of Brooklyn, N". V. Members of the Marine Society, shipmasters and frinofc generally are invited to attend the funeral, from bl? Mr residence, on WcdueBday afternoon, at two o'clock. WiujfAirru ? On Monday, March 4, Puila*i>br C. Waa m turn, in the 86th year of hla age. 11m rotatiws and friends of the family are reepaeM^pr tnv lted to attend the funeral, oo WedneedAy afteroooti, aa two o'clrck, from the resii'ence"Of his boo in-law, fUwtm A. Brooks, 440 West Tvtalj third street, without farmer notice. , 'VtiMoT ?On Sunday night, March fS, JomxWiLmr, m veteran of |(<M, in the 81st year of bis age. Tho relative* and friends of the famtlv are invited Mr attend the luneral, this (Tuemlay) afternoon, at ti? o'clock, from the residence of h<s son-in-law, ? bedferts, 41 Commerce street. KI8CCUiAHCOVR. A NtJMRdK OF shookn hand ir'aub ?? JWwa tn part pay far HOWR'H It it,L HttiUHS Anumbkk ok 88COKD HAND HAFR8 Taken In pan pat for lilULUI'b CHItLRD IRON BJJfBB. 1 ~ t RANK E. IIOWF, am Hr.iadway, V. f At wm. e\bkdelXi's sonh?wrddixo o and Eiirclopea of Iht- IaU?U aiylta llH Kiuton New Tf.rk. Rataolialied l-tlfl AT BVERDELL. 8 OLD STORE, S02 BR 'ADWAT. Weeding Tarda. Ibeae celebrated ecgraved Cards aaid only at tbia s ore. AT OlMBRFDE'S, MS BKCAOvTAV AUTISTIC U04I9 gn\m? )>cajtirul]y cut and atamped on note pap< r ABBASbiNaTION OF LINCOLN Waft aTTSMP-MN). but a I who um Dr. TOftiAS' Vcoet ao Uaimani and lnatant redd fr- tu pain, t'ertaiu cure tor Chr >d c ifceamv tlsrn, Miiff Necks Cramp, Sprains, Ac 35 aod OOoeaU t*Id b> all drugRiata. Ofllce No. M Cortlandi ??reet. a T FOL'HTAIN'S INDIA 8T<?Rf? ?K( VROaD?TAT. rV Pine appl* Dreatra and Hiimnwr Aatb .illkm drainuK t? (irmiure OOP of the tisn<iHomp4t aod moat t mi n.mmt-r Iim?? in use. ran t ava a rh>.l<H> raitfty t*. from, provided iber call aooa at tht< above ot-i'e N. H.- ( om>t<inUy on hand many yearceand doslrahte ciea from China an4 Japan ?"U A RTIFTCIAL LIMBH ? A A. MARK*. 3u7 BRoaAWAI, A New i ork e'tv, tuakoa the beat tn tba world, iiMmsi prices and w ith adaitlnuai UaproveiueuK. jDAIXOC'8 FFFFFFFFFFFVV YVTT JVTT 8fW8M rm-FFlrri KFFP IWI TVVt 8?H H8R rr tt vr hmm am rv ry rr vy hm It YT \ f KKKF TTY sflfi rrrr rr hoa rr vr rr vv rr TV &mi rrrrr tyvytt sm wm FKfKV yyvytv Hf-toum BAUaOC'N 1'ATKNrSD IVrKlffb HUSKOH Vt.K* rtflTBTB, Patented Noratutx r L law. A NEW STYUI OP HHIP.T. ?AtUtA.'iTBD TO ITT, made to meiuiure, at R16, aUt ami MA, *c , At, pi ?> t^aun. Mfr. oi'ler made for iena tnan half a Axw sUU ?>. Whoieaale trade scpplted an tea usual ?enos. RaLliOl' 0KOTHEIS& , Nc Hraad^ap. Nsw ftfc BAHTLKTT SEWThO VAOniKB .VND H21I>UB Ott* pany I urniah Hewing MncMaea f<>* tt> $?i Uk< BR Hewfag S1*ot. I to* N?.-d>a, A'/) r> ?*r l.'Wt; Hanfiv ht'Ml eyed l?ee41ea, $1 to ti per J.WJU l'lfty per o?i^ te agents, ealesn on 421 Rrvaawaj, oorwar of Canal atraaA New York. BBACTIFrii ?ETS ART1*ICIAX. TKBTH, $10 TO M wsrrauted, in ?very re?p?et. DR. 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