Newspaper of The New York Herald, 7 Mart 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 7 Mart 1861 Page 2
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FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. WKDNK8Uat , litreh 6?6 P. M. It wu understood in certain circles to day in Wall street that the administration of Mr. Unooln bad determined upon a policy which would render a collision with the se cessionists absolutely impossible. Details are not known; but parties who ought to know have been heavy buyers of stocks far the past two or three days, and other circumstances corroborate the story. A despatch published in a New Or leans paper, and reproduced in our editorial column*, confirms it emphatically. We have rea son to know that that despatch was sent from Washington to New Orleans bj a leading mer chant of this city, who has a house at New Orleans; and that the statements there in made were baaed npon information obtained from Senators Reward and Crit tenden. The faTorite theory among the few who were to-day in possession of this intelli gence was that Mr. Lincoln will receive the Com missioners of the Southern confederacy as repre sentatives of the dissatisfied portion of the Ameri can people; that he will treat with them, and that in proposing something in the nature of a national convention he will agree that the forts si?Ml oease meanwhile to be a sonroe of irritation to the Southern people. As to the collection of the revenue, it is obvious, as stated in this morning's Hkbald, that in the present state of the law the thing is impracticable. If, therefore, the possi bility of a fight about the forts be removed either by their surrender to the Southern confede racy, or by their retention under charge of a ser geant and couple of men only?civil war would seem to be indefinitely postponed, and the pros pect of a recovery of business very cheering in deed. It was believed this afternoon, by persons not generally misinformed, that this solution of pending difficulties was actually settled. Stocks which fell heavily in the morning recover ed their tone in the afternoon, and though the pressure of all kinds of stocks for sale by the bears prevented any material advance in the market, prices were % to % per cent higher all round than they were at the first board. Business was quite active; some heavy orders were executed by commission brokers, apparently fer the clique which, as we stated above, has been buying largely all the week. At the close the market was steady, and the quotations as fol lows Tennessee*, 72 a %; Virginia 6's, 74 a 78; Missouri 6's, 64^ a %; Canton, 14 a 15; Cumberland Coal preferred, 6 a 8; Faciflc Mail, 83 a 84; New York Central, 76% a 77; Erie, 31% a 32; Hudson River, 44% a 45; Harlem, 15% * Vv do. preferred, 38% a39; Reading, 41% a %; Michigan Central, 55% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 15 a %; do. guaranteed, 34% a 35; Panama, 114% a 115; Illinois Central, 77% a 78; Galena and Chicago, 69% a 70; Clevelaad and Toledo, 33 a %; Chioago and Rock Island, 57 a %; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 70 a 74; United States 6's (1881), 90% a 91. The money market is active. Call loans go at 6 a 7; the beat commercial names at the some rates; names less popular at all kinds of rates, from 9 and 12 upwards. The Sub-Treasury is dis bursing money freely, and there is every prospect that the money lately taken from the banks will seou find its way back. The difficulty this sum mer for these institutions will be to employ their capital. The following was the business of the Sub Treasury to-day:? R??*pta 1338,094 ?4 ??Custom** wq 900 Pay menu 484,264 33 Balance 8,013,738 18 The exchanges at the Bauk Clearing House this morning were $18,211,798 04, and the balauces $923,708 92. The weekly statement of the Philadelphia banks, made up Monday afternoon, presents the follow ing aggregates as compared with those of the previous week:? fV>. 26. March 4. Oa|>ital stock . .$11,808,8?6 11 SON,885 _ J-oaus 25,146,864 26 086,314 Pec.. $61550 Hpecie 4,HOI ,7#4 6,006,588 Inc...105 2*4 Due tm oth biiks 1,(>02,474 1,927,040 Ins... LJ4 566 Due lo oth bnks 2.S73 996 2.8624:44 l?ec... 2l!572 1*|>0*IU 14 836 ,"06 14 *68 736 Inc... 232930 Circulation 2,796,113 2,911,491 lac... ie'3T8 The following table will show about the debts for internal improvements of tbe four leading bor der slave States, but the actual amount is above the figures given :? RaHKOA!) AM> LNTKKXA1. IMITUH FMEVT OlIUl, AT10.V1 Or TU Bokiher Slavs mtathw ?? ?North Uaroltua 6 800,000 I Teotieaaoe 16.000 000 | Virginia 2.0.000,000 ToUi ''RJ'TO m .View Yi*k. March 6,1860 Jfnro/16,1861 Dtcliw t>~r ct. Tennessee C's 89 711. i8v Missouri 6'a 80^ 04 16si North Carolina..... 9ft X 79 Virginia #3 741^ The Chicago Democrat of March 2 says: ? The Hltnois OntraJ line singly doiivere 1 nearly lea tnuliona of bushels of grain laet year In the two months of January and Kibriary it haa ?ent about thrpe milium* ?r buahola of grain to the Southern markol*. If Kngland 1* a purchaser through this season some better informed journalist titan the writor In the Loudou r.m&< tn*y dm cover Uiat the grain pro lured upon the line of th-> Illinois Uentral alone, and which ts aimott snlely due 13 the building of this road, ha* a mist important bearing upon the price of breulat'HU in Liverpool The quantity of grata U?u. road In able to throw into the market. 00m paratlvely small aa it may be coapared with tbe eultro bulk Imported Into Knxlaud, is, nevertheless, potent to keep prices down, ta years of scarcity, below the famine poiai. In Its reviling* of this great < nterp. iae let the Timm give it credit tor at least tats one servlse to the people of Ureal Britain. The New Orleans Picayune of Wednesday last thus notices the money and exchange market of iuat city:? The money market showed increasing signs of activity, and some round negotiation* of paper V*ere m vie at IJ pur cent, letting down occasionally to 10 a 11 on a very choice piece, ana going up to 16 for nigiialaroe ?-q .ally *4 good, but Icea gouoraily known. The otloritigt of really daatrable name.4 are quite small, an<l should ibe impros man ef an early sel'lement of political difference* boc >me general, there will be a groat sjarcity of the right km<l oi tarMtaii iiU in other worts, the surplus or unemployed mnnr Is far more than ample to take off all the goo 1 ?tu I that can be ha I. Onegra.uof couiiueace will bring out one hundred grains ot capital. Ihf stock tntrkot OOO tlnuea to be favorably allected by the return of a bolter fooling. Foreign oxcluuige wan a>am Armor, but the oflaringa beaig light transactions were limited. Staling wan doae at 104 a ltttK, au l draft*. with bill of lading, at 10* a 103X Franca, 5I.42H a 6f 40. and tho whom raage from M 40 a 6f 40. duty day bill* on the North are doll, but Uiere are eoarcoiy any prime names offering. ?Sight was In good request at 1 a % discount Hinker* checked freely at , aud the bank* ask X a at liie counter. The Chicago Tribune, under date of Saturday evening, remarks:? n?o money market is abundantly supplied?far beyond th? prCBent want* of legitimate business The prospect of aii early opening of navigalioa becun.-s belter every day, and tho large surplus of currency which thn banks have b?ou carrying so long will hnd active oinploy niont. Tlie ciuiai is to be opened os Monday, and heavy ro< eipts of eorn may bo expected from the Illinois river, end m three or four weeks Um spring buainees will be fairly commenced. Indeed should the south winds and the wiMther o<>ntinue another week or ten daya, we shall espect to heu- that the ritralta are open Kxcbange de clined to *ev?n per ceit to day and was dull at that. The banks pai.i customers ?S. but low were willing to pay oulaKixr* above 0 per cent, and & U was probably ail that could be obtained for rtnind lets The Ht. Louis Hepublioan of the 2d inst. say.i:? w" h4TP no ' hangs t? note in money movements, which are quiet, as usual. ANkaugh Kastarn exchange la re ported as siUl eight per cent premium la Chicago, the rate here has not advanced beyond 6 V;, at which/however, It isftrm. New Orleans solis at the saint rale. The trans - actions are in bankaols funds Currency at d.scount of 1M to two per oeat. At Cinrinuati, says the Qazett?:? There was s protty full demand 'sr money on laturdav but the supply wss equal tber-lo and the market non ttnued easy for first claas paper, while for namm that were not Up to No. 1 standaid it was riose as hereljfore We quoin 10 a IS per oent for prime p*per, and * a 10 for call loans. Tiere was a good nratsad for Kmists eb charge, but the receipts were fair, aud the market, with mo?t oi the houses. wss easy at quotations Mailing or?r 10 premium was paid for New York, while ooewnie~ rable wss purchsaed at 47K- Transaction* la New Or leans continue oo a limited scale at par bu ; tag and \ pre mi am selling There was a demand for Western un<ur retit money ui excess of the supply, and ihe market wa< better, el?*ing at an advance of 1 per oent for Illinois and If laceoa>j , which we now quote at T dMoeunt. The earnings of the Hudson River Railroad for February were:? | 1801 ?206,342 09 ' 1860 209,422 63 " 1 Decrease >4,079 94 One working day Ism this year than laat. Earnings in Febroary for the last four years:? 186 8 $108,887 27 186 9 190,688 94 180 0 109,422 03 180 1 206 842 09 The earnings of the Buffalo, New York and Erie Railroad tor February were:? 1*61 $39,249 03 I860 36,117 74 Increase $4,071 29 Of the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad:? February, 1801 $76,690 February, 1800 67,231 *8,469 Increase Of the Galena and Chicago Railroad:? February, 1801 $77,078 February, 1800 62,698 Increase $14,380 Of the Michigan Central Railroad:? 1801 $119,788 I860 197,748 Increase $12,006 Of the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad:? 1W1 $64,016 I860 66,610 Decrease $2,496 The Washington States of Saturday says:? Theie Is a meeting of railroad officers here to arrange a achei ule for carrying the Southwestern mall, so an u> avoid I'ussmg through the aeoedlng States. The route will piobably be via the Baltimore and Ohio road, Colum bus, Cincinnati, and across Kentucky direct to Memphis. $18000i;?6's,'81 coup. 91 * 60t0l S6's,'74reg. 84* 46000 UH5'b, 74 coup. 86 2000 Tre?J2 p c notes 108 2000 Ohio 6'S, '70 ... 102St liOOOtennO's, 90... 72* 1000 00 72* MOOO Virginia 6's.... 7o UOOO ao 74* 22000 do 74 2000 Missouri 6'n.... 63* fcooo do 63* 6000 do 64 9000 BrooklynClty WL 100* 4000 Hud KIv .'id ra be 86 16 shs l?'k of 4m'ca. 106 11 Hank of Com.... 00* 19 Shoe V I A?a B'k... 102 6 1 at i tic M S3 Co... 83* 0 do 83* 60 do bo0 83 60 do 85 82 280 do 82 1780 N Y Cen RR.... 70 150 d? 75* 200 do b30 76 100 do s5 76 100 do 810 76 200 Erie RR 30* Stock Biehasgt. Wkunsbdat, March 0,1801. 200 8ha Reading RR.. 304 da b30 300 Mich Central RR. 100 do bT 100 do 630 100 do 100 do slO 200 Chi,Burl At 1} RR. 60 Mich 8o & N 1 k a 60 do no 100 do 810 100 IU Cent RR s'p b7 360 200 10 200 366 60 .830 .830 do. do. do. do. do. do 810 50 Gal&CbicRR.. .b3 60 ao slO 260 do 260 do b30 100 do 42 do 200 deve&foiRR. *10 450 do. 100 Hud River RR... 150 do 300 Harlem RR pref. 800 Heading RR 30 43 43tf 38 40 100 100 60 1300 100 .*10 .bio .810 SECOND $6000 U8 6's 1881 cn. 91 10000 US 6's 1881 rg. 93 10000 do 93,1? 6000 N Carolina 6's. 79 lOOOTenn 6s'90... 72* 13000 Missouri 6'8.. . 64 60U0 do blO 04 7000 California 7's.. 88 3000 Chi AN W 1st m 30 9000 Clev&Tol sfb? 76 10 hhs Ra State N Y. 91 20 I'enn Coal Co.... 70 100 Krie RR 830 31* 200 N Y Central RR. 77 100 do 810 77 300 do ?30 76* 100 do ?20 77 100 ?1o 77* 100 do 830 77 100 do 77* 100 Hudson River RR 44* 60 do *30 44', 100 Harlem RR p.830 30 50 do 39 do. do. do. do do b60 200 Chic ftRklsldRR 100 do 250 do 160 do HOARD. 200 ths Reading RR.. 250 de 360 d> 400 do b30 10 Mich3&N In g stic 90 P??IS RR 166 Mich Central RR. 100 do 100 do b30 60 do blO 100 do 25 111 Cen RR scrip .. 200 do b30 250 do 100 do 50 (!?>.... b30 100 Gal K Chi RR..810 160 do 150 Clev & Tol RR.. . 200 do 100 do b3S 150 do 650 do 360 Chi & Kit la RR.. 39 39* 54 64* 64 64* 64'4 61'* 33 33 33* 76 70 76 76* 76 76* 70* 6tf 6H* #** 6' 69 60* 32 32* 33 33 33 33* 50 so * &tW 41 41 * 41* 41* 34 116 65* 65* 66* 6i* 66* 78 78 78* f$5 78* 70 79 3.1* 33* 34 83* 33 67 HEW YORK CATTLE MARK. 1ST. Wkdkwday, March 0,1801. The receipts for the week at Allerton's Washington yards, in Forty-fourth street, were a* follows:? litrm. Okai. Oaltw. Shetjut L. Sonne. This week.. .2.K60 16 350 730 ?<>24 last week...2.666 2? 327 282 4,710 At Browning's, in Sixth street:? Ibis week... 180 21 32 2,638 ? Last week... 68 8 13 2,270 ? At Cliamborlin's, In Robinson street ? This week... 23 27 10 1,48# ? Last week... 28 10 18 1,611 ? At Bergen Hill:? This week... 660 ? ? ? ? last wt-ek... 448 ? ? ? ? At O'Brien's, in Sixth street ? This week... 31 32 40 1.026 ? l4Lst week... 24 31 29 1,269 ? The sales of sheep and Limbs at O'Brien's were as fol lows:?42 sheep and lambs, per head, $4 26; 141 do.. $4 76; 108 do., $6 26, 10 do., $4 26; 38do., (6 60; 63 do., f4; 14 do., $9; 66 do.. $6; 200do.,$S: 60 do., $T; 101 do., *8; 70 do., 12*; 66 do., at 6\c. per lb., $6 44; 140 do. ,$6 26. Tbo current price* for the week at nil the markets are as follows:? incur rinu. OucMxHj. I*ric. QyuHitv. Prite. Extra, per cwt.fP 60 a 10 00 Common $7 00 it H M First V 00 a tt.'>0 Inferior 6 00 a 0 76 Ordinary 8 26 a 0 00 CX>WH MOtOALVlM. First,per 1*1..$56 00 a 60 00 Common $30 00 CO Ordinary 40 00 a 60 00 Infe rior 26 00 a 30 OO mat uALvm. First, per lb.. .6><c. a7^,c. Oummim 4c. a 6c. Ordinary 6>,c. a 0c. Inferior 3>;c. a 4c. HHKKl* AMI) t.AJIflH. Extra, per hi.. $7 60 a 0 00 Common |4 25 a 6 00 Prime 6 00 a 7 64 Infurior 3 76 a 4 60 Ordinary 6 00 a 5 60 hwnnt Com fed,per lb..43^e. a 6c. (Mill fsd 5','e. a t\c. HKKK CATTLK. In view of the cooler weather now prevailing, com blned with the fact that the receipts during tbe week have been moderate, the market at the very comuiouco ment pres< nted1 a different aspect, there being a tolerably active inquiry for all kinds, under which holders were enabled to obtain somewhat of an Improvement in priced. Tbe average quality of the offering* was lull as good as last week, and there was n fair proportion of prime but locks at all the different yards. The num ->er of inferior cattle was very small, and we heard of no Kales at tbe extreme low rate* quoted last week, and only a few sales at unonr 6^C per pound. The general'seillng prices were from l\c. n 9c., and the greater proportion of the stock sola at about 8)<c. The purchases ?? Tuesday were not so numerous as usual, and a larger proportion of the supply was left for to day's sale. We do hot quote any very markod change in prices, but buyers generally are contlrmed In the opinlou that they diii not procure their supplies on such good terms as they did left week, in consequence of the greater discrepancy In the eetlmate* of weight There were a large iiumber of Brooklyn butchers in tbe yards to day, an<t almost the entire number In that city nrnr procure their supplies from the Washington drove yards. At Bergen HlU the market was buoyant nod the number sold there brought lull prices, and the entire number offered were sold. The market closed tlrm. MILCH COWM. Tbe market rtmains steady without noticeable change in prices. For prime blooded stock, the demand continues fair, and sales are elleeted at very full prices. The I<osg UUml milkmen are the largest purchasers, and have taken the bulk of the supplies at all the yards at our range of quotations above. It maybe woll to remark, however, that only a very small pioportion sold at tbe lower prices. VKAI. CALV*8. There has prevailed a tolerably active deman I for veal calves of good to prime quality, which have sold reailly at irotn 6c. a 7c. per pound, and a small proporti in of the very best sold at 7){c. Common quality have been In limited inquiry, and our quotations above are barely sustained. Inferior grades are dull, but _ ~ 'M?1*' week, and there were none left when our reporter left tha being in light supply, brought prices lull as high j week, i yards. RHKKP AND I.AMB0. Tbe buoyancy which pervaded the market for sheep and iambs Ust week was manifret to lay, and with a continued activity In the demand for good gradss holders were enabled to obtain satisfactorily remunerative prices. Tbe re are but few lambs arriving now a days, anl these are readily taken by hntchers for the hotels, which are about ths best customers to bn found. Extra fat sheep are also active, and tbe bulk of them were taken at from $6 a $0 60 per head, though there were occasional sales at more extreme rates. ?von. The demand for swine during the past week has been Irregular arid prices have fluctuated somewhat, closing steady, liewever, at our quotations above, which show a decline of >^0. per pound. ^ RECAP ITCH. ATIOK. Tbe total receipts of all stock at all tbe yarda far ths week and last wok we?sas follows;? ) orrfi. ten*. Onto*. (Wwi. Am <f L. Msa Alla rtj u s .. .8 MM) 71 R60 730 0,094 Browning* 1*9 21 32 2.0M ? Otsmberitn a 10 2t 10 1,480 ? ? 'Br ten's.... 31 02 40 1,000 ? Bergen 660 ? ? ? ? Total. ...4,663 |* 432 6,800 0,034 last week..St,238 M 6,406 4,710 _ ... "T *** tork ash mis sah road. *"? fbeep 1000 4?I Uon?s 60 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. WBMBir, March ft?0 P. M. Asm advanced to $6 26 for pots and pearls, with sales Of OObbto. BKrAiJtfrukv*. ?Flour *u la fair demand, bat the firmness of holders chocked transaction*, Bait* were made of 8,400 bbla (State and Western. 1,800 bbla. of Southern and 400 bbla. Canada, Including shippllng lota of extra State, at 96 30 a $6 26; extra Ohio, shipping Bee, $6 46 a $6 66. rflne Slate $6 06 I 6 12% Extra SUte, good to chotoe 6 16 a 6 40 Superfine Western 6 00 a 6 10 Common to choice Western extra 6 20 a 7 "li Mixed to straight Southern 6 26 a 6 M Straight to good extra do 6 66 a 7 26 Choice extra family and bakers' brands. 7 26 a 8 00 Bye flour 8 30 a 4 10 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandywlna 2 86 a 8 26 Wheat?Sales were fair in extent, reaching 72,600 bushels at steady prices: $1 46 a $1 60 for white Western and Canada, (1 36 for mixed Canada, 91 30 a 41 31 for red Wee torn, 91 22 a 91 23 for Milwaukee club, 91 20 for Northwestern club, 9l 16 a 9117 for Chicago spring and Canada club. Corn was aomewnat firmer, with Bale* of 80,000 bushels, nearly all mixed Western, at 00c. a 67>4c. for old and 67c. a 69c. for new. Rye?Small lots changed hands at 08c. a 70c. Barley??alos of 4,600 bushels of Canada West at 80c. Oats were quiet and tending downward: Western, 84c. a 84Xo.; State at 35c. Comae.?Tho market was quiet, but not lower. The large stock of Rio, resulting from the heavy arrivals of the past week. tended to lessen the disposition to purchase. Total sales to- day 626 bags at 14c a li%c. for|Maracaibo, : 2}*e. for Jamaica and 11V>- a 12Mc. for Kio per lb. Uunov was depressed, buyers having been reluctant ts purchase large lots. A fow light sales, under 1,000 bales In all, were effected at prices varying from 11 >?o. a 11J?<:- '(>r middling uplands per lb. Spinners bought inoHt of the amount above mentioned. Fish.?A very moderate business has been transacted >n dry cod, part at $3 76; and No. 1 mackerel at 914 76 a 916. Other kinds were quiet. Fmttt.?Buyers purchased raisins to a moderate ex tent at 92 10 a 92 16 for layer, and 91 66 a $1 (JO for bunch, per box. FMnutmi?Kates were firmer to-day, and shipments moderate. To Liverpool 8,000 bushels wheat, in bags, at 12)?d.; 600 bills. Hour, to tlH up, at 3s 4 .'id. a 4s.; 600 boxes baoon and 100 pkgs. lard at 40* , 10 tons cheese at 37s. 6d., 260 bales Sea Island cot ton at 400 bales cotton at 11 32d. a Jid.; and by steamer 400 tierces lard, 200 boxes hacoa and some taliow at 60s.; also 800 pkgs. butter at 06s. To Ixmdon 11,000 bushels wheat, In Dulk, at 13>?d., 600 boxes bacon and 100 pkgs. lard at 40s., and s itne oilcake at 37s. 6d., and tallow at 40s. fo Bristol 4,000 bbis. llour at 4s., and 46,000 a 60,000 bushels wheat, ui bogs, at 13d. To Glasgow 1,000 obis. flour at 4s. Hay?hales 700 bales at HOo. a 86c. Hon.?Sales 60 bales ut 24o. a 820. Ikon was steady, but inactive. Ijcah was dull, having been held abovo the viowa of buyers. Molanskm.?Sales 110 hhds. Porto Rico on p. t., and 220 hhda. Cuba muscovado also on p. t. Naval *roK*?.?sales of all doscrlptlons were light, but | rates were lirm. Oils.?Ihe demand was fair for whale, sperm and lin seed, which were sillily held, the latter at 60c. a 01c. per gallon, ?ud large lots even higher. Provmomb?l*oi k was lower, and 400 bbls. were sold at 917 12 a 917 26 for mess, and 912 60 a $12 76 for Glme. Beef wan steady, with Hales of 200 barrels. ,rd wkb heavy; 260 packages changed hands at 9f^c. a 10c. per lb. The sales of cut meats amounted to 200 packages at 8c. a 8%o. for haius, and 6>j0. a 0^0. for shoulders, per lb. A limited business was transacted in butter at 14c. a 18c. tor state, and 10c. a 16c. for Ohio; and in cheese at 8>?o. a 10>Jo per lb. Kuv?Saks were madt- of 200 casks at 3%o. a 4,^0. bt'UAKM were steady and refiners Awe buying pretty freely. Sales were made of 1,100 htids.Joi all kinds, cnitliy at 41?c. a 6c. for Cuba, and 3',c. a 3>,fc. for me lado; also 120 boxes Havana at t'',c a o>?c. per lb. Tallow Sales were mode oi 16,000 lbs. at 9)?c, a 9\c. per lb. f?STAL DIRECTORY^ Foreign and Domestic Malls. TIME OF CLOSING AT TUB NHW YORK OFFICII. The rust Office now clo?e? at half-past six o'clock 1*. 11., In stead of seven, an heretofore. Poaisnc.... North?Albany, Buffalo and Canada.. P. M. Norfli and Went way mail 6 A. M. W extern mall, via Erie Kit. .A A. M. and 3k 1*. M. gouthjand Bo. W. mail* OA. M. and4k 1*. M. Eastern mall, by railroad.. .5 A. M. and 2 1'. M. " " by railroad. extra mall.. .6% P. M. m ? |,y steamboat 3 If. M. Iondat Mails On Sunday all malls close at this office at lk I'. M. ?alitor*la..By steamship ??, on Mon day. March 11 10 AM. The Overland Mall for California leaves St. Louis eveiar Monday aad Thursday at 8 A. M. Letters designed for It should be marked "Over land, via St. Louis." 8.Lake City '1 l.e Overland Mall from Bt. Joseph (Mo.) to Halt Lake City, leaves UK. Joseph evei-y Moniay an<l Thurnlay, at .stA. M. Letters should be taarked "Overlaiiil. viirSl. Joseph." A*. Pacific..Hy steamship . on Mon day, March II 10 A M. Bahama Islands. .On the day al ter the arrival of each alter nate Cuuard placket at this port, bolng once a month, the steamer karnak wlU be despatched v. I'.h mails for tile Bahama Islands to be landad at Nassau, N. 1*. Kcuorz by steamshtu Adriatic, for Southamp ton and Havre, Saturday, Mar ah 9.... 10}? A. M. UAVARA 14V steamer Matanzaa, on Friday, March M. 1 P.M. TIME OK CLOSING AT THE LONDON OFFICII. Bombay The Overland Mail to Bombay closes in London smIoIIowh:?Via Marseilles on tho 3d and lrithef month. Via Southampton on the Uth sod K7th. Calcutta... .3d, llrth, l.sth, 26ih, via Marseilles. 4th, 13th, ?>th, 27tli, via Southampton. Cmixa, Me.. .Via Marseilles on the 10th and Mth. Via South ampton 4th and 20th. Aostralla..Via Marseilles and Suez on the 16th. Via South ampton and .suez, 12th. Macrttira. ..Via Aden on the 4th and 27th of the month. Brazii Via Southampton on the Vth of the month. SUr- The Maiseilles malls are den|?tohed on the eve of

above dates. Should any of these dates fall on Sunday, the siall 1.- despatched the following evening. The Southampton Malls are despatched on the morning of above dales. Should any of these dales fall on Sunday, the mail la despatched the morning previous. S h i ppmq n e UJUMO FOR MKW TORK?this DAT. Him SUM 6 20 I moon risks mora 4 14 *?* filers 6 art I iiiuH witrr eve 6 AO Port of Hew York, March 0, IMil, a?utj-a). Htnunklilp Rarnak (Br), Le Mcsau.ier, Nassau, NP, and Ila uu?K Cunard steamship Kmpire City, Brown, Indlanola?M O Roberta. Steamship Nashville, Murray, Charleston?spofford, I'llea (on A Co. Ship ?'m Tapsoott, Boll, Liverpool?Taparott A Ca Ship Albonl, Blanke, Bmil'H?Kuger Bros. Ship Filiate Bird, Johns, rhiladei^nla -J O Baker k Co. bblp K F \V llleta. Williams, Philadelphia?J C .lew.-it A Co. Bui x Nightingale, Ld wards, Ixindot ? Schmidt k Woodbury. Bark LauipiUhler, Thompson, Demarara?J M Smith A Co. Bark Cora, llalcb, fclizahethporl Brtg II Bate (Br), , Dublin?J MeArthur. Brig Wappou, Wilktnsoo, Matanzas?Walsh, Carver AChaaei Brig A Wat-son, \\ ?H i|l, N'euviLis-,1 Molina k Co. Brig Sarah Pl.igg, Allen. rrlnidad?Maslt-r Brig iirandee (Br), t'ovell, HI.lohn ?I* 1 Nevlua k Son. Brig I'rtDce of \\ ales tor), Lowerlaon, 8t John?A Bmlthera k Co. Brig Myrtle, Oodfrey, Matagorda? MeCready, Mott k Co. Bng K Remington, , St Marks?Broil te k Pat lea. Brig kmpire fBr), Ward, Philadelphia?.1 V t malaria k Co. Bchr Kstelle, Pundenxm, SI Thomas?T Oilmartln. Bchr Kupnemla, Bsyley, Ponce, PR?K W Lewi* k Co, Hchr M Plait, Baker M Croix?'T B Chase. Nohr J O'IMiwihoe, Coney, Hallfai?Brett, Hon k Co. Schr Arlington, seaman, Mobile?Mm????, Clcarman k Co. Hchr Fleciwing, Douglafs, (lloucestor?Master Srlir KUcn Louisa, Snow, Near Haven?Maslcr Hchr Bloanua, Douglass, New Ilaven?It S Karkett. Steamer Jersey Blue, chadaey, Bristol. ARK1VKD. Rteamshlp Hontloello. Oager. Sat-anriah, with mdao and paaaenger*. to H B Cromwell k Co. Haik Yenua, Atkinson, Oliraooa, Feb 22, wltb (dot aklna kc. to Joa Fouikea Hons. Bark Eliza Baraa (Br), Cooper. Bermuda, 19 day*. In bai laai, lo Tucker A Ltghthounic Had heavy S Vt and rlR gales the rutin* inuwaKc. was wuhln .'ill mile* of Bandy llmik 10 Oars ago, but was blown bark to wlihln ;*? miles of Bermuda. Brig sparkling Sea (ol Frankfort , Wlswall, Buenos Ayres, Dec 14, via St K.jiiihs Ob J1 with bides Ac, to lngalls k Car man. Dee 2R, lat 24 .'<) s. ion tl, experienced a heavy gale from BMi to NNK, wblch lasted It) days, wltb a tremenaoaa aea?loat Jib fore topmast NtaypaJl and main stayaall, and apllt the mail sail, foresail, and upper l< psall. and when It mode rated we were .'*?) miles to the auuthward; afterwards we bad constant head w Imla lor M daya, and wan obliged to put luio ht 1 homas u> procure salla and proviaiona?arrived tin-re Keb 14. and aalled agalo 21*1 Brig Isabel Brnrmann, Tamsa, Port an Prlnoe, reh 10, with CnlTee Ac, to Robert Murray, Jr. lias been 13 daya N of Cape Hatteraa. Bilg J Nlrkerann Cof Boa ton), F.rana, Cardenaa, Feb 2.1, with m laases Ac, to Smith, Jonea A Co. id inst, lat V bl, Ion 7S, Bs?l brig Linda, of S>? York, aii- nng S, 4th, ( hlotiiu-agiii >tug Nw, spuke hark Brothers, h?>nc?'li>r >orfoiL Mrig lsi.i i (of Boston), Lancaster, I nrdenaa, 12 dkya, with m'laoo, to R P Buck A Co. nailed In company with n(ig Jas Davis, fur Portland Brig Sea Koam (of ltan*or\ Coomba, Clenfaegoa, Feb 17, with iuola>?es, to K P Buik A Co. Si'lir J W Coudoa, Williams S.m Juan, Nle. Feb 9, with hldea Ac, to C DuramL 11 .is had heavy weather, and loat fore (jn.IT Srbr t hara (of narrlngti.n),Grace, ClaafMM, Fob 17, with ninlaaeea, to Brett, Bon A t o. Sahr Magnet iBr), Day, Halifax, 12 daya, with Qah, to Jamea Hunter A t o Senr I) B Warner, C'arrow. Charleston, 4 daya, with cottoa ko, to Mr( 'readv, Mnft A Co Behr Alexander M. Mali, .lackaoBTllle, 10 daya. Mr sosan Moore, Stroul, Jai ktmn iiie, n daya. Bf'hr N Mhaler, IHrl klaiid Kllzaliethpi>rt for Kaat Haddanw Hchr Dladetn. Ludlam. hli/Hl eilnmrt for Prorldeane Sehr Protector, I iagl? r, UUMltMhiiort for 1'eekakUl. Sohr Ringgold, Mairlti, New Inlet, Li, from the wreck of tchr Touiig Sultan. sloop J L R Khar da, Bandera, Ellxabothport for Boulh Kor walk . Sloop B A Watkhia, Flnley, F.llxa)>eth|>ort for Far Rocka Steamer Bnatnn. Drnoker. Fhlladeioa^ Steamer PoUimska, N>e, New Bedfora. Steamer Wamsutia. Arey, New BedfawL ?tsamor Pollcan. Baker, Prmrldanoe HH/IW. Brig F.llta M Strong, from Havana Brig tjueen of the outh. ??hr Indian Queen (Br, S maul si, from Lisbon?All by pilot boat Wenrge Steora, No 8l ship Alriert Oallatin, Delano, from Llrernooi, Jan 17. Alao, one bark, unknown. HAIIJ3). Hloamehipa Karnak (Br). Nassau; Nashville, Charleeton; aliips t'nderwnter. UWT4I; Ocean Ste?d, Havre, Hum ('??kit, Hsmbnrc; narks r.mating Cloud, Liverpool, I'ralrle Bird, Watert ora. Wind at aunaot VTNW, blowing freah. niarellanrom. Braamnir Monrr Vsanoa?See news column* fnr ihe Utest Intelligence from steamship Mount Vernon, before reported aahorw at LttUe Rug Harbor. ?aa Fi aadH'i shipping adrloes to Fab It, par Poay Rtprem, to geoerml news eolnmna The stems hip Kdlnbur*. gapt Brooks, of Jna O Dale's Una salla on taturday next, at noon, for Vliteenstown and Liver p?i ro? MJTsaxsa?The steamship Matanvaa, Capt I.tese^ang, aalls to morrow (Bta) for Ma'anraa On th? renent arrival or the ahove ateamer from MaUnxas we unintentionally omitted to uiMition that we wnre under bm) obiigatwaa to the vary aiwh ?i?ii imiliiimlr purMr, J H lluerlaa, Eaq, for lm portentMid lutriafl luicliljcic?* apUt, Ac. ife had Juatarrivod, ui thafu U e* waa not known; but he waa lu aou?a of b?in* udproaaloo hli royageto Hu Ifranciaoo. (Ithaa been utalfHi the K would beoonaemnedL) HiMiuM Ship Okllkkt, before reported put ^ becktn dU treaa, la now on the great Balance dock for ^Mj|h WmutMiir Mamaouuhmto, of *** arrived at Han Frandaco NovS.1 bean eold to partiaa there for $?* the lumber bualneaaoa thecoma. ? 700 bbU oil wa? lold at 8 F at #0c per gallon. Boait Youwo Sultab?Capt Merritt, of wr"kJ.'J* 1?j' gold, report* that aohr Young Hultan, aahore at New Inlet, U, baa gone to pleoea. Sena Rough M B?adt?Cape Mar, March 5?Schr Rough 4 i, ltobblna, froin New tort with a general cargo bound ttSSSfiSEtXt* J? VrXZ'Xl ?=f*S iMSS?* * ?ot *^SSTuS^m& ^7" roEwV* propeUara. (The ifount Veinon, before reported.) v , The wreck aid material,, of achr Narraguagua, wrecked near Ouyaboro, Nri, have been sold. . . and 7 hour#?the ?horte*t on record. Hot tee to The following "notice" hua been received at thla oiUce from the Trinity Hotue, U>nd<m:- corporation that "?ot'?|f^ygJ??,thal tfca ?cho? wt!hln a S&aiS?5S wsas """"" ?y ur<l?r Of the ^^^'^jeNKINB, Secretary. Whalruien. I 7?St?SS?s? : gr^' WS^^cTdwo'rth. K1J, nobble At8t Feb 6, aohr Arizona, tfook, 1- ?*. bark Triton, Packard, of , NB, clean. Bpok??, Ae. ? vl Ship Ellen Hood, KU^Tfrom NOrlean. for Europe, Feb 25, ( lat 36 2tl, Ion 84 .>>. nalnted black, round Htern and wRh Feb 19, at noon, latlil 18, Ion W^k Elizabeth Leavitt, llallett, from Savannh for Bueno. (could not make out her private aignalj, waa aignauzwi r o? ., it) AM, lat 42 22, Ion 59 Mt. Foreign Porta* Cimo. JM131-8W ?Wp ?tu?u Uowtand, AdwM, H?nip nfafc v.tgxssns&^s^ for Cork for orders, - Hnrlnaer * Alice bounce. Sinaer; | O'Brieu, Ve?|?r; KlsingJ?J?i. ,;3Wt. Merrill; BebaatUn J^rt^pTiiaSt, Borland, and Car ^cTi-e^in port brig Benahaw, Pierce. for Clen "noiufkona, Dec 3l>?Sid .Wp Ueorge Lee, Baratow, Bang J ake.ko, Jan lfr?Arr brig P M Tinker, Carllale, Ban ^aJjcau, NIC, Feb^No Am l||0rt ^ Ht Thokas, Feb 21?In port bar* m a iruuv, ?wf'?rS!; D?i:U-Iuthp ship Burlington, Ilowe., unc; W/^rX^f?0A^c?e. in port. AHerlcan Perta. BOSTON, March B-Arrbrig Janet<"r^ coquimbo, Kowe ?>?orgetowfc Mj. srfiSte Davla. Johnaon, Charleeton; Ike MarreL ?to o, Olark. sa.BSS'SS (5KWi~-. Saundera, BalU roBIU8TOL, March 6-Arr achr Mall, Kelley, Prorldence for l> KALi!Plil\'EB Marth 4-Arr achr Thomaa W Thorne, M^uT(S ?. Pujol, fla^na; tmu Ivaluul (SB), ?hip <ien Miramon, Oaughliu, Havana, fWpa Mag" Merrill. Bo,ton; Far Wejt, l'iw, W*"rk. 11-5i"l? J ^V5&"^^ ^ Tow?lend, Phlladel ^iih'^XVobTr'AK^rham, Boaton; Rufu. (?^mK^hlffvrerfdaVlt^e, IJver,rl. barkaKanay irtb^aS^SS ?hltM ('aatar (Br), tiutbrie, Livnri>ool: Lucothea, t.lau HSfcr'"''4,-13 ''^^^?,'fagl'iSgi' IM. tana; 21^1, ahlpa Cu?a, Kougf and Matilda, 24th, ahlpa 81rocoo, ml la. Wm Hammond and Nljrtle. i^L-hum KEWFKRN, NO, March 27?Arr achr Catherine, Latcbum, NUki'Ol.K, March 2?Arr echr *' R Vlckery, Babbitt, Taun ton citl Nfhra Montroee. Unnckln. Rio Janeiro, Moae*\ an NwVne, Vun >ame, Charleston, B Fnce. Fernandez, Fall Kl*er, Albert Fit-Ida, Phlllipa, raunton. rooner vt w BEDFORD March 4?Arr whriThofflMr coowr, I'avlor Eliiabethport; JW McK.-e, MendalL Hippl.-an for NVork' lidiiict K Fuller. Yarmouth fordo; Fmm*Johiwoii, Ryder. doVor do; 5th, acir John Oompto^ BUiott, Philade, ^%Sf Rllzabeth Harwich A Stetw>n, Btrtaon, t hatham fjr do. h Smith.^ow^nnd Mary Kllzabeih,? haae, NBedford for do; M II Read, a -U y, Hrt f.?r Norfolk Ruth N Atwood, Kerop, Boitoa for TMfl?r. Heturned o\%;n* to beed wlnd,?chm Mary Anna, Jrou1 tuHilm tor \ViPminKton, Del; Orrt? Cowl, lnwa, Kmblem. Char lee. Charter i >JL HU1 achr* eesle, ' ?? iinjurd 1*' sear Mart Mt*r*bou, NVhistlei, fiea Witch. Mb?HlcJ thin aM', aohr* Hutli N Atwood, Jamw E Smith, Charter Oak. Marjr BHiabeth; Roa 1'ENSACOIaA, Feb ib?i Id ?chr ^ W Connor, Lrmnn, Boe l?|'0RTKtN'i)UMareh 4-Arr bark St ,la?o. Berry, Matanzaa, br'?? Miaan I fuiu-aii, Urlnkwat^. M.tanuu. via M?; JU de faatlne, Sa.indera, C?rd^-naa; Kch? /, Hnow Jonea, Fliiabcibport; O W Oliver, Thomaa, NYork, "teamer ra tapwo, VkiII, io. t'ld brig Sarah, ltoae, Matanzaa. Sid, wind March 3?Arr achr Montezuma, Bitch, "rROVIDKNCK. M*ch V-Arr nt?*mer fjjrrf, York . achr faille Smith, \\ orden. do Sid achr. Mall, KeUey, l'hl)a<lelphw via Brlatol; Drane, Itlih, PlorlL_ KI?:I1MoND. March 4-Arr au-amahlp \orktown, Parrlah, NYork. LOST AMD VOUJTD. DOO LOHT-JB WIR, A YOUNO ITALIAN ORBYHOURD Blich, utrayed frura No. 43 Weal rhlny wmnd street, on c nniLaj evening, March 3. Mho la of a ditrk tan oolor, with a little white oit the breaat. Bo dlber niarka, if any, are remem bered. INi-ax. bring her ba< k ?j teceive a liberal reward. DOO HTOJJSN?A LARUE BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND; ?niwwi U) the name of "Immo;" baa tumi1 whltn on hla breaat ami |>?w?, anil long curved tail; Information In re gard to him will lie rewarded by implying to or addrwudng M aahington Heights Drug t?tor<*. New York. LXUND-A SMALL BUM OF MONET IN THB THIRD F week of last Decemhcr. The owner ran hear of the a* me by addreaalng K. T. ?., box 0H1 I'oat e?io. liMMND-IN THE FIFTH AVENUE, A Pl'RHB, CON r talning a email amount of iin ney. The owner ean ohtala the Name by cmIIiiik at 7si Heaver a tree t, proving property and paying for advertisement. JOBT-A LARtiK WHITE POO, HALF NEWFOUND J land and uiaatiff; anawer* to the name of Knver. Any i ne returning him Ui 1M and 161 t'roaby atioet will lie suita bly rewarded LOtiT-ON TUESDAY RVRNIMO, EITHER IN THE ?-liureh of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, ?r going from there to the N<* ar York aide of Kulton I erry, a i ameo Bracelet, (tkree he.idai, the Bndrr will be suitably rewarded by tearing It at Na. W West Tenth >tn*t, New Yoik Lout-on kkbruaky v, a note drawn bt wil Ham Pradl), of Waahlneton, D. In favor of Catherine Uort, Mated Not. IV, 186U, al all months, for $3X1 % All per wtna are cautioned not to negotiate the Mine, peymest having been atopped. RKVVAH|M j>?j RKWAKI).-LOBT, A LIVER mottled 8RTTBE Hint, giving milk; had on a ohaln rollar, with name on It Tlie above reward will be paid by leaving" tier at Oooper'a aiablea, 103 t hai lea atreet <???) REWARD.?-LOST, ON THR NIOHT OF THB 4TH, if i) a gi.ld Bracelet, with .1. H. engraved on It. The finder wtU pleaae leave the name with D. W. Brttton, 106 Bouth at. ??! REWARD -Lf)BT, ON THE fiTII OF MARCH, A ? ? eigne! King, by F Rogera, containing a daguerreotype interna*; atippoaed to have been loat In a Well air*et ferry atage "? he above reward will be paid on leaving the aald ring with C. Colrheeter, Planter a hotel, Broadway, New York. <t>& REWARD-LOMT. ON BUN OAT MORNIMO ?fli) but, a middle aired stout l>la<* Dog, white breaat, fan* white reel, and wbtu spot on the nark, anawera te the name of Hertor. The above reward will be paid by returning hiaa to 71 ? Third avantio, f?. w fork. ?ri\ REWARD.?LOBT, ON T1IB atTH FBRRV OU ary, a -mall Poeketboek. containing about $M atid a few M? monindnma, with tlie advertlaar'i Card The finder will receive the al>ov* it ward by returning It to W. H. Holt, at the otline of Dykera, Alalyne A Oo , OB Wall Itrfrt Z . / \ KB WARD ?LOirT\~OB TUBBDA t A FTRRNOON, Ip|W the Mh in?t. la going from In Ion eq'iare. through I nlveralty pUre to Washlngtoe a<|tiaie, Mil aujppoawd to M loat In Washington equare, a lull aet of Upper Teeth, which are at no uae to any one hot the nwner. Any one whe will return the aame lo tdu Washington market, will teeelva the a*>ve re?aid and t*? than** M tin- owner _^ A1A aKJ'-HTOLhN.FROM *HR URRMIHRiTiF IrlU tie aabeanber, en Monday night, March S, ilemt, weeke old, of a cutneee aheen. Tlie ahnve reward will be iiatd to any peraon who will give information that will lead W the oouvletieji of the thief WILLIaM REDMOND. Konth OrMife, R J. AC A RlWARD -^I.OHT, f>* hiindav NTOHT, MAIM'II &?)U S. a Oold llantlng I'ateoi Lever Watch and Chain. I The nadec wUJ recene the abeve reward and ihethMkeof I tkc owner by leaving It at Ike atore, l?? ru.ton Mreet. IAL1I AT AWOTIOH. Avotiom notice. OTKR tIZ.ODO WORTH Or FIRST CLASS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AT rUBLI3 AUCTION. The largest and richest aasor-ment of Household Furniture and Work* of Art off?re<l at auction this nguoo MORTIMKR ORIKKIN A CO., AUCTIONEERS, will sell at auction this day (Thursday >, March 7. ail the Fur ulture, Ac., contained In the elegant private residence, u We,t Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth aveuuos. bale commencing at Ii)>? o'clock. Superb seven eetave Pianoforte, Brutue and Ormolu Chandeliers, Velvet Carpnts, Lace Curtains, OH faint! uga, Marble Statuary, Artistic Hrouzes. China, Olaas and Silver Ware, Rosewood Chamber Furniture, Oak Dining Room Furniture. Drawing Boom Furnitair consists of carved roeewood Kte prri. marble tops, French plate doors and back; Wort Table, Inlaid with mother of pearl; roeewood Centre fablea, ata tuary marble top; two full Hulta Drawing Koom Furniture, elegant Tete-a-tete, Sofas, two Arm, Reception, and eight Oval Back Chair* carved roaewood frames, oovered In three colored satin brocade of the most expensive description; Con sole Tables, Inlaid with tortoise shell; Brocade ana Lace Cur tains, six light Ormolu and Bronze Chandeliers, Imported from Paris; Candrlabraa, Brackets, French plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, with ricA gilt frames; saperb Sevres aad Dresden China vases. MAONIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIA.NOFOBTH. Carved legs and case, round oorners, finished all round, in laid, and with solid pearl keys; rosewood Moot, Music Rack, embroidered olothCover,sheet and book Music; Oilcloth, Hat stand, Brussels Stair Carpets. Chambers?Richly carved roeewood Bedsteads, style Louis XIV.; Bureau* and Com modes to match, wardrobes. Dressing and Toilet Tables, Shaving and Bookstand*. Couches, Arm Chairs, Curt ulna. Shades, Cornices, Hair Mattresses, Paillasses, Feather Bed'*, Bolsters, Pillows, Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, Oounterpaues, Decorated China Toilet sets, oval Mirrors, oak Buffet, Biten sion Table, China, Glass, rillver Ware, Table Cutlery, Ac Also Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Sale peremptory, without regard 10 weather. AMUCTION NOTICE?HOUSE SALE OF OVEB *15,030 worth of rich roaewood and mahogany Household Furni ure.?The attention of housekeepers is called to the larvn sale to take place on this day (Thursday), March 7. at 2Li Fourteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, commencing at )l)fj o'clock preeUely, the entire elegant Furniture and' beautiful Works of Art, contained In the nbova large dwelling, all of whieh will be sold without re serve, and must be removed Immediately from the premises, comprising a very large and elegant assortment of every thing essential to a fashionable and costly furnished resi dence, in roeewood, oak and mahogany. Sale will com mence In tha dining room, with rich Silverware of Rogers Bro thers' manufactare, Urns. CastersJSjpoons, Forks, Cake Baa Bets, Dining Bets, superb French and Bohemian China, crystal out Glass, ruby engraved Glassware, Ivory and pearl Cutlery, French Porcelain, elegant Extension Table, with oak Dining Room Furniture. Parlors?Two richly carved rosewood Par lor Suits, covered In three colored brooadn la perfect order; Velvet and Wilton Carpets, rosewood marble lop Utegeres, rosewood Centre, Sofa and Pier Tables; two elegsut Pier Glasses, with bases: damask and rich Lace Curt tins, French Shades, Turkish Chairs, with Lounges to match;lady's Secre tary, Reception Chairs In brocade. MAOMFICKNT 8BVBN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Carved leg* and case, round corners, finished all round, Inlaid with satiuwood, solid pearl keys, rosewood Stool, Muslo Books, embroidered Cloth Cover, Music Rack, Hatstand, Oil cloth, Brussels Stair Carpet, Ac. Chambers?Richly carved rosewood Btdsteads, style Louis XIV.; Bureaus, Commodes toiuatcb; Wardrobes, Dressing Toilet Tables, Shaving and Bookstands. Couches, Arm Chairs, Curtains, shade*. Corni ces. Hair Mattresses, Paillasses, Feather Beds, Bolsters, I'll lowa, Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, Counterpanes, Decorated China. Toilet Sets, Oval Mirrors, Kitchenware, Ac. Auction notice -to housekeeper*. Hot^l Kw|ht* and furniture Dealers. *"cUou ?*>?' of elegant Parlor, Chamber. Dining Room and Library Furniture. d. Magnificent rosewood l?laDoforte, cost &U0' Rosewood Parlor rtuiu, Ac., this (Thursday) afternoon at 2 o'clock precisely, by R. W. fo^BTOOl XAucUoiSSr^t til hiT*' N"' Twenty flrat street, between heventh if^J?th ?VPIM?M The entire furniture in the house li nl? neTr' havingbeen made lend than three months *" {*?/old to the"hl?he*t bidder for cash, offering ei Inducements to purchase? to obtain eiegantfur Si ?u5 ,Ti0lSl'?S- Conl'-;? or the house conaUts, ? el(8*nt rosewood seven octave Piano forte, HtO)l and Cover, Music Cabinet, superb solid roaewo<>d Parlor 8uit, upholstered in shell work H?,uredl.?'n1, 8reen and gold brocat"; one full o^tiiese slots a^Ti ' ??Tere<1 lD crimson brocatel; both .!? lro T''T elegant; rosewood K tew res. carve. I f ow*!i !"iuk ?nd '-ace Ourtalua, Gold and VawT^nd Sap"' ,Bro"ze t;lock*> Sevrea and Dresden China JfJ ?"dnch 1 ?i lor Ornaments In lavaand Parian bronzes gSgag'feai srgue ?B ffK2?/&xixtrixr m~ 25 Manulac'r A Mer B'k. WO 40 North River'Bank'S Si:ery?^^k 1(St Xf?wwS?""?? M) Moi.iauk Insurance.'.!! 60 10 N. T. Eire ? Mar. Yaa '. lut) in < vSSif i *In*"'' 140 30 Hrerort Insurauoe " lii 10( ommerce Insurance.. 100 ft) Chic & N W ER ?> ?0 Exchange Insurance.. :? 10 Ool. Mar. Insurance' lot 41) Hope In*uranee 60 100 N Y A Rri? i* u !!I! I ai Am" Ins.... fO 10 Great West'n Mar In" lift) * s.?nV ??X?.hmnf*|M 1W 20 'tes ilute Insurance ' l w ?2^i5.t^l?lMUJM'ce - 90 4,1 Mer Mutual Ins loo ?Kraa;sKa"'* a ay n1J,'"^montJ' city and County t> per cent bands. Nest regular rale on MONDAY, March U Regular Ane DAV*^T??e?t^f Boo<U7,*nr MONDAY ami TlUJttrt i/AY, or every day when required, at 1211 o'clock, at tw rhMoITi^I!TO?5'iJjWulli"?ll,trrt0K0r,t lh* Merchant's Ex i 5rr< u and Ronds bought and sold at private sale and at tho Brokers' Board. ALBERT n. NICOLAT A CO. AucUoneers and Hlock Broker*. No. bi William street, near tt'ali sa^teijv&wsrs &?sS?$ ??? Pine street, fjj order of Executors 1 A ACTION NOTICE ?HOUHEHOLD rURNITI7RF~ By Hri'^RT AtTm')MAKUriMhOU'W "i?"' ?l Thlrd ?TP?'oe. Bs^ln<r Sli f!" Jj'rnltnre, enamelled do." imii doRdJ China, (ilass and I'lated Ware Table Crtlm VwliM*~D'a< top, rain or Mine, and without riierve HUapereinp SsaTnisa arma?5!ar&????: a^ttsS'.ss&jKiiSS^v?? ss^sassfeffif C*n h*T'' ,,KMl* bOI',<l and Hl,1l>pe<l 'from tfce A IHrriOW NOTICE. ? WILU A?ro!>lMYNO^?nBT 2!LDKR nr AHHIONEEa. fi*Sx l{*?lmAdaS^th ,tr' *tU*li,n^?"n r'riday,*\l^roh ?-s A UCT!ON NOTIC^.-rT RK^TRg RALE T? iui ?.?l th?^.?. Ti ~B,BLL * INORAHAM auottoaeera! wiu sell the g>-nteel Kurn lure of a fainIIt ratw??n; ,\ri upper part o7 toe house No 175 Kast K.-rtV S??th JrCTJLi ^ ,n/! R*eo"d avenue* ? ompristng tbe usual varletv in good order, Carpeu beds. Ile<lsu-a!u *?ijini e # ? J' T^lea.sp^n,ltd M,m?, t,>l^t.^,n*t|1^\^; a jSaaSa W h?ps, Ac ^2r, and ""*le ,Urne^. BUnketa. Robes, I r\AM AOSD <11 NH.?,1NO E. VAN ANTWERP'?~?nv nih* currrn?jMney *rn*un' ?< *? uaderwrl^T^S KD,J^J'.lUil'KN<yti, AUCTIONEER Ai,HU>NM H KritNiTiiilt1'8'18 HolT?"noU> Lvi'rf fuT." ,KC,,K,I'?'* ?riday. 8th lnstaat at 11 the fliv w" rOOTT' L41 "f'adwsv, the Stoek of'< ,J i. i i <*h,D't niskers of this city, consisting iB uart of 2i. "1 '"V4 *nd P'?'n rooewootl butts. IS sHuSanA illT < alel, ?up?Tb ros^wttod Amour a-Olare. mairnllioont rfM^?^La riTrJ^?Bd Kur*"??; do. In bla< k walnut! ?amiabed and In oil; hiark r?i| atit (Vhinma. n f ??*????, elegant nsiew.nd Elegeree; carvi-,1 walnut ^ i '""'OR room Chairs el gantly imrv^l oak dining room Hofas; oU and walnoi iHi.^ * T'JLl ?*k w,d Stands and Chair* aim a large ass- rtment of elegant mahoganr I'arloi i hlmL ^ of th.- very beat manufacture, and will b?!E,Jn by order (A the assignee It will be en e,h^,m ^ ni 'i salt sroum on Thursday The particular ? J ?. *1.'r ? ant of elegant furniture *? " "j* ?'iHio?bumiy the tosrslr'a Tiyyi*?_*** ture thai haa taken place In thle city "rst eiaaa Kurni Alio" rR8EMAfi' A small uoaitttty of second hand first class Pamlinrw r?. rt. ?'otii'Mili'nf* of naif* rotiNlntlnf of an Honnt ' r?ZSjE2Kn?. ?SKLrSS r Bookcases, Centre Tables, Aa ? maible Un> H.ireaus, ?'-omm.elea.oi^rs' Otaiwane ic^k? "? chUul Dinner Het, elegant IIAsM7w?5...^u,l;TIO,, "otiob.?.ifum a tan Mmr*h Auctloneer^riii s<-U, oaTharwrfay ' *i th" Morm< 73 WllMam street, Ml lofi MMtiMt MM ware, embracing caat steal hhlngtlog and (.'law Ilatchela, |land1ed Aim. flae Hntssora aad Hhears, Try H<juarea, Ch lael HaadleeVMlneral Karnw, flat Nose Plret? hhoe llammera, Ncrew 1 urns Mill Haw PHes. Hpadea. Klane 'ro* f^*?k^J^utlerv, oil carAs and In <!ot?na. Table Oitldry a" u" "n?ks and MlniM, M down Cow Tlea!^6 dnven Hand and I'anH Ha?i: ais>? cases (mi) doubia barrel UiiBS, si tghllj dsmaged on tae vnvag* of impor'atlon; also ?W ( roes Cut and Ml Hawa, HheOield make, Ac, Terms ? <*irrent money H ENRT D. MINER, AOt TfONEJIK ?MlNEE ATHOEP Ji a will s**ll al suction, on CrVlat Msrch l at '?? o'monk, at .b?dr salesroom ? Na?an strr^t, the P^t oOle., an et'Mllt aaaurtmrat of H< osehol4 furniture, consisting In nartaa foilowa, ?t??Carved rosewood and Mark wai ?ut Parlor and Library Hnlta, roaewood Hedsteada, Hureauf. Ileetre and Hide lables, hlack walnut and roaewood Mai H'anils and Hall Chairs, fs-icy Hide and Card Tables, Brussels (IsrpeU aad (HlokKha. mahogaajr Hotaa.Divans, Chalra, ?Rtv BaM. Ac . An. Ilalr Matir-^se?, mah'?any Hooknaae, Ao., k* Aito, M invoice of fine quality BUW PlftMd War* AUCTiog. AWCTTIONKEK. " j ^ 1 LKKDH ? 0<?. will iiji - ? day. March H, at 11 .'dock, in uUjuwT oV.r tT'0^ * No ? Kuuu street, eiegaot UU I'alntlZialmi wwfMmi Jk"^ r?,,n? "?? *"rrani?d rf,nur^!n,u*hlak *? Charity, original. by Loreo*. dftJ^i :~ Oneo(thethle?ea, CwIoiflSt 011*10*1, by y?it.r .J**T 'ajnlly. orupnal, by (Jlaqmnto Uorrwto LIZL,-. ?? I*r <x-rUficau-. attached under aealtf ^wJ5!!!? Waf the AUi^u^ Gallery Al*o, la exq!^ eomMCeetum^b, Fellerire, al?o. about J# very ItolfuSZf tanrttHfr lariohly 0erred andgilt Florentineframe* -T** mo?en> for original? of Kaffaelle, Titian, HaitmST P^bT??idij.JuK ">06lT?d '">? the ?nlat^ ?IU a nwl?2 by 1| DuL?^?.? l,TOt0* o* ''"Mk ficture&^aS OulUiminei ^':bJl"-o. Malbranch. Van HchfliiT ancient and nuX ' **"?oin, ?"?< an lar?ioa3 redhibition DAY, AT Ukg ^.t^3Wdo,^T5^^r?l^5L?t,No 7S Wt ?Bj?ltah Cast ?U<u?era^T'e^i^jM^ L. :?? March 8, at 11 o'lock to P?1M^if,*^U ?? Fell Bats (flrs . quality); 1,00 ft. **?ty 0M#* Freccrrea, la lot. 10 suit purcha-rs^It.!^ 55i currani *a*m, nearly aew. CaUl&u?^^ J ?<W turn and fixtures contained la *a]rt^r^.?i entire Fnnrt MaUreag***, Heather Heda. Bed ? i?' *fhitindi, Hair JA>fEfl MABBIHEB. Attorns. S. Vcl5A,0^tRT/,eA^I0WEBRH -TUrhDAT. ATli itreat "**?' No. 1 North' WlUlaS JAMfc.8 HULUVaN, Attorney for Mort?a?<* 1 ?*' Outter, AfTva Claret; a^^tTOl^di^?^h H/rUp' B'01^ _AUo, on account of fonne^u^^^^ wTa^ Ilea ten. Cook Motm, OoLbinatlon rials, Iron Sale, Office Furniture Ac At oUler mM*" JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. spjbclax notichs. A Ti^i?,''?7INU THE OLEKKS' AnT^Tioonirrw lnatructire lecture on "Money " It oUnSSn H?n^S2T *2? ??6l. fortte aW of the rSin? cie.^outof'emnlTm7^ L!X^ Thann^5rH <**I>"<Hattf)ni above Biimtrf oocaHon, we do but eip?? the f^!il? of Srii Mwe and rew"7 ,0Ung men " ho have thereby f ound ?Rf*rilI<^L7h*t tcopy theae reaolutlona be forwarded la ^e NewV^k'Tft M4 ? ftjDi tllkt kke be alsopublUhed in the New Tork Herald and Times. I1KNKY KAT8EB. I'? Lkwis Lbvisom, hecretair. ivaioon, frea. A Mm' HOP, DODWOBTH'S, THUBSDaT EVENING, MA BOH T ? . Jlt KLlVKffril MKA80N * J>DrgSE^d^' StSssaS^r?': -5SRWSM ?* Ma7* Wwl. It will acoommodato 100 tn l/wi /* pUcatTons may be forwarded Mrhulilst2ame?TarSik ^ dreiMwl to tbo c 'ommliiioB^ii orihe HoUil. Nannnu New ?f main! *I'd hDi lar"?-u?n ^1"'^ will b^rwtam NAS?An, Feb 16. 1861. N?ZU? **jcpatkbb_omoi or thb oom. ailwdoyr. of Tases and Asaesaments, Ho. 52 Chamtma yraet. Hew Tark, Jan. l, 1861.?NoUoe I. hereby glran that Beal and Personal Kiuu- of the <Mw and eoant^ of Maw Tork, for the vear 1861. wOl be opened on 2bmI2* 2^?^?h wKS/or Eub'lc tnsp?8tloa, and wtt ouo iMurara^? 21.i .AprV. n*xt llclAO taa laVdAMhZn^,r lX^1 tooaU and ex?uulne theaao^ "r,*1? mil* atij mnam In the MMMmeou mav b? <v?nMtlr *L Uw 10 rMliclion ol tlieir ?? by reason of bdeu; clergymen or for military rrrrinr^ Sl.*Sl 'IIT"7 aBd ch""?b" hi.tltntlon. !!y l7w"^SS from taxation, are reqaasted to make application for atuthn! wStStdl^?^? pr,TlOU* ??**??**?? of the roils ?i ?. aa.waa. s.tir.s.K s-Sit'^sSSv^S ?jss?^^SAH>cSS ?wle^llt.'^^^^^^o.Uon'n'i11 aP?-Uoa?ion Z mk^TP'^'aat .hall be eiaralaed nnderoath by^^he"ald*^^^^n, tmniwa ???l^t-."- """ J"??"'?Pt the aue?ament is Uan ah^l be made by Ur Board or Huperrliion,^/ an? i^^^"isrsrt'*.sssfr!s!li?,'ss?r p^sr:r^T,a sn: -? sssiTS ram Ue ally, (Laws iw lm?, chapter 301, saotlon 9.) i: w: BBOWlf. J^rases-U fflHE BOTTLERH' PROTECTIVE association?will X hold their iveular monthly meeting thin (Thuradaf) overling, at 8 o'clock, at No Mi and llaat Ooiutim atreet. PKKMONAIi. Adoption.?a rbsphctablk widow LADf wlahee her child adopted by Home respectable person; a mate child. 9 month* old. Apply at No. 2 Clarkaon atrcet, oor nar Varick, from ll?til 4 o'clock ALUKRT WILL P1ND K DODOR, FORKERLT OT No. SB Weat Uonaton atreet, by calling at N*. lilt BUMh atreet. E. D. AM1NA-THB RKAHON DRaF BWRKKH DECLARA tlon of Independence waxn't aent, la that the addraaa ta mlelaid Htmnge you <1o not write. Axe you sincere with me I It aeema jou weald keep me peeted If you cared elOK. KR WONDRR, LaTE OK NASSAU NT KB NT. . will pleaae call at room No. 0, &8 William atreut, ana hear of mmmthlBg to hi* advantage. INFORMATION WANTBD-OP JBRBMIAH, KLISA and Ann Hmollea, from Barney (laahll, King* county, Irelaad, by their brother Patrick and mother Bridget, I rata name plane, and who are now atopping at Tom Keete'a, Mow 4 Greenwich street, N t. I" nkormatiwn wanted?or miboabbt duo an, who left GharllfllL, county Cork, about 10 yeara ago. Aay Information reepecting her will be thankfully received by her brother*, John IMigan or Daniel Diigan, who arrived here Ida month* ago, with uielr mother who Urea at CorneUu* M*ha aej a, No. ft Mulberry atreet, N T. INFORMATION W ANTF.D?OF BMILT FKA NCR? Punk, auppneed to be residing la the city of New Vork w vicinity Any IntorwiaUm, respecting her will he gratefully reoalrtd br h?r brother, .larnea R. Punk, on board Unite# State* nwHing NBIp North Carolina MORR1H CROMKI.IKN Will. HKAR HOMBTHINO greatly to hla adT? smith, Wnxtfleld, Mm. ' to hie advantage by acdraaalng a letter to J. I, WILL MI** LOi IBB WOOD, WHO A YEAR AGO lent Lieoember, wan llrlng In Oroabf atreet write to an old frWtnd Inf <*~ming blm where ?be may he found. Addreae Charle* Duhoia. General Poet oOloe, New Vork. ni HO IM MlNNIK. that LEFT A Nl?TK AT NB. 8S, ff directed te U. M .1?a, No MB, aame place (L UHY UUUBl, ?V?'. BABGAINH, BARGAINS, HARiiAINM. $111,11111 worth of Good* from auction. Ladle* wishing to get bargaina will do well to call early. 1,000 donen flne II nek Towel* at 10a. do*en, worth 6,iW) doren xupeibne Linen Napkina at Ac., fa. and 1U* , great 1,0m doaea Liam hemmed Handkerchief*, lftfc, worth 2a. H) doten blark Kn neb Hat Crown*, Ilk:., worth ta. B.tUO doren Male Thread oaanUet Ulorea, 10c., lite and 38c., worth double. . ? 900 doten beat Rubber Round Comb*, 6c., regular prloe la. HixjoI ?V>ttOfi, Ic ; good Crotchet Cotton, SO. Ilrmmlrg'a Needle., .V, Mwr; Serpentine Braid, lc. ANOTHER LOT OP THUMB tbrt PINK LADIBM' FRENCH KID QLOTBS, 66*., worth f 1. . ? 700 doten fancy 811k Ttea, 1* fid , worth Hte. All the width* Of Kuffllng* atJ?w pricea. One eipre** wagon load of Kngllah llna (paper* allghUr da maged) will be "Old at Or, l??idle. 1,000 >ar^i Brown Linen *t la ?a. yard, worth la. BONALDHON A MRARKH, 779 Braadw^. ?UaT reduction. JAMB* OBAT * OO . ? bboaowat.QORnbb OP wav'bruit plao?. abb hblling orp til RIB BNTIBB 8TOOK BP DBJMM OOODH, LACKS AND BMRBOIDBBIH, POB OASH, AA ft reduction of from Ml to Mi per oenL J. O. k Ca. will oiier. thla morning UH TARDH PKKNCll PRNB CLOTCO^ Kedooed from Cfn. to Me. BENT QUALITY ALL WOOL DB III ? Xing atylea, 40r , Neweet rtyle*, rerr chana BLACK ANlfcoLoKBB HILKB, _ All reduced. MLB BORRH, |lft: PORMBB PBtOl ... 7W BriiMway, earner at faienf l**k p ?. mact, _ ____ XV. IIIXTH AT KNUR, COBNEB POBRTBBNTB flTBHMfc NOW BPBNlMt? 1,000 DOf.BN, MIR NTBINO IM^ETATIBN, LADffW PBBNCB IU OLOTBM, ff tntt l> WMwMMiooiMMrUdahinbwMM. 9 i