Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1861 Page 3
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MAL MTATM. A PRODUCTIVE FaRM OK 100 ACRES FOR ??,(**> Ne?r Bouodbronk W. J.; SS mar*i vi?l, h*l*nce Im b ??, ??w two stuiy House. tieh Barn. Use Orciiaid, run ~?WJv*lf.r, *CJ location h"?lmy and teras e*?y. Apply t? A- BhJUihANT, 16 Wall elnwL ' A SPI UNDID COUNTRY RRHIDBNCE AT STAMFORD <A> rwn. for ulg or U> pichtoin ? Contain* four acre*, highly Improved; new dratelus two skery and attic House. all ?aaderu improvements, obae?-val?ry. Ac Ornamental, Mad* and Fruit Inwx, watered by *priug* and wells. near nuiresd and *tiaintx>at landing, full ,view of Long Inland ?xi?nd and the country. The above la a choice place. Fur fiili particular* apply to A. SERtlRANT, 15 Wall street. Any i'arty having the stock and fixtures ?f a jewelry afore t<> Bell In exohange for Western pro P?ly, near Chicago, will please addreaa J. B. B , tirooklyu oai iiHiie, for two weeks. A VKRY DR8IBABLB MODERN THREE STORY BRICK ^ Hons* for a-lr, on 1 hlrty-seeond street Oood leuation. ?ouMt ha* ti*s fixtures and modern improvements. Price *v'A*> 1 i rni? to Knit. Klfrsll IM KK, ,ii.l Fourth avenue. BR< OKLVN.?CLINTON AYENUR PROPERTY FOR sale Si* lot*, with flrt.t claaa Dwelling 11..use, ?iR>, with aorlaeesl pl?na, furiace, range, gas, huih and water cloeet, 4*dgewood vater. all In complete order; a good aUble ou pre mlurn In re?r fronting on vanderbllt avenue, with water. The garden has an abuudanoa of fruit, such a* pe?ches, cherries, faara. two kinds of grapes. all of which are not to be sur passed in sue and quality; ornamental tree# of nine yeara growth or every kind. A poly on: the premises. third houae southwest of Myrtleavenue, In Clinton avunue, or at 31 Upruoe atreet. New Yoi k 0 ROOKLY'N ?H?l)8E IN FORT ORF.KN PLACE FOR sale, No. 178, near Fulton avenue, finished in inodnin style wiih blaek walnut; bath mem, closet, haslua. Ac. Loca Run unsurpassed. Apply to BFFINOUAM H. NICHOU, 19 Naa>u u alivet, N. Y. CKHTNTRY HEAT FOR KfLLB OR EX'MI AN<JE-WITH / 16 u-re* o. excellent land, situated In Westchester county, ?ear the depot, and within Ik) minutes' ride of Twenty -seventh street, an the New Haven Railroad. The building* are or w and modern; hot and cold water, bath room, An.; shade and fruit trees. Will be sold low. *r exchanged for a city tloiue st OouiiLi y Seat. ? Ufa leas laud. Inquireo7 ORBGORT A CO., M Bona street, New York. f^FNTRY PLACE FOR HALE AT RYB- WELL LOOAT \J ed, wunin five minutes' walk e( the depot. The House kas seven rronts; has a stable and about an aire af ground; ?rlee $4,UUt; now oocuuied by Mr. Bkeldlng. Apply to C. T. CttoV Wh'LL. lfl William ?treat. Desirable residence at yonbbrh for hale or exchange, situated on Rlverdale and Highland aw aue*. ahout three quarters of a mile froin the depot, cun Bisnali.g a fine view of the lludaoii river and surrounding oonntry: got hie house and J}j acre* of gr uod, beautifully laid oui In a garden, I ruli and shade trees; fruit 'if all kindi in greit ahundano4; plenty of wa'er on the premise*; a good auiolt en the property. Apply at No. 2 .New street, basement (Me, N Y. T1ARM IN NEW JERSEY T< BXCHANOK.?135 ACKE8 r el' Hie Land, all in cultivation, with good Houae, Barn, Cottage House Ac. ; mortgage only $tiUU; will trade for a gro cery, Ilqutrtfc re, hotel, fancy atorr, or any hum ties* In this ?Uy. Apply in tne liquor store, U8 DlvUlod sireet, to FAY TfcN; he wilt leli you all. P.RM OF FORTY TWO ACRE*, NEAR ELIZABETH, N. J., for aide or exchange lor real estate. Lots In 1'lflUi in exchange for dwelling house. 1.136 acre* of Wis conaiu Scbooi Land* In exchange 'or staple gHids Also, uianv othi'i-Uestranle harms tor sale. Apply to S. BROM JtKRO, Nor. U and 16 Wall street. lilAKM fl)R SALE OR EXCHANOE.-A VERY DE r slrahle one of 70 acre*, with abundance of fruit and water, thirty miles trnm New York, on Long Island. In ^aire of Mrs. JAYNE, 97 Clinton street. New York. VBAME MANSION AND SIX FCLL LOTS NEAR X1 corner of hroa<lway and Fifty-fourth street, for sale or ?ieh.ii ge tor llrst class house on Fifth avenue. Also for aale, the large aou'ilc frame House anil six l ull LoUl north west corner of Third avenue and iseveuty fifth street. W. J. STEWaRt. 157 South street. WOK SALE?FOl * LOTS IN KIGHTH STRBET, RTTTf. J* ung tliroeg>i to Ninth atreet, fl. ty feet on etch street, wtth a three story building on the rear of the KUhih street hit, Shxfti. Inquire of ISAAC DINJEE, 381 Blghlh atreet, ?earave. O. VHJR RALE-TWO FIRST CLASH FOUR HTORY r brown sfor.e front Houses, with all the mo<lern Bents, Buirihvd in the nest styla, altua'ed on Murray llltl, tMtwenii I'ark and Lexiugton avenues, Nos. tft and 47 Bast Ph*-?>-set enth street. Isqulreoa the premised CR HALE?A SMALL FARM, nANDaOMELY LOCA wd no the Or'CDtu Neck, In the t?wo cf Mantaronnrk, ?hesu-.rc univ, iu view of the Kouud; l?li acres i*and, tiew 'tnuse, Hani and Outhouses, good Fruit; best of Hnd and lenrx). pm- Jii nOO. inquire of TIIOS. fORrtHAY, Jr., tn the viltace, or of H. SLKIOHT, 181 Sixth avenue. ajH)K SaLE?HOr#E NO. W HAMMOND STrtBEr, ^ JT *torv nrlck. w ith basement and sub cellar; lit KilU; house 1)0x3, I'ontaininc all m .dern Improvements For terms tnqaire of I HlikUS I'EELE, on the premises PK)K SALF^- A SNTO LITTLE PLa''E OF FO0RTBEN acre1-', on the New l'urk and New Haven R iilr-J^il, wi'hiu Bight of the depot at '>? lt>.-ehelle; hui:dln ,'s to g sid orjer, peetBi-tly heal'lit For further oarticulars inquire of t;. B J>L'T<'ffi K, Braver street, or of H. K. 1'elwn on the pre Wises. IiH>K NI.;K WELL. BUILT FKAMK HOC-IE, JP h'lrd in with brick Situation One, No. 4tj r.ast Tiurneiti Btreet, near Madison avenue. Lot 'ib!? t>v half oloek. lis* Wnter and e Ji Apply at 127 Howerj, in the drug store. f.X)R BALE?OR BMCHANUE FO* FURNITURE, MBR 1 chaiiiise or property in New York or vicinity, H,H?) sci?? ? f choice lieavyy I'ine Timber L<ind, situated on the Macon A Hi i.n*wlck Railroad, tieorgla; title oertec'.. apply U>Jt'l'N K. OAKLEY a CO., 1C Jourt sLroet, Krooklyn JR SALE?A NICK COUNTRY PLACE OF TEN _ acre. <>u the south side of Statsn Island; there li a fine Blew. Bea all, plenty fruit, miade trees good building*, exuei. lent fisl'l'ig in the bay; i?rm? easy. For particulars inquire of J. NlCHOi>S, plumber, William street, corner of Spruoe. JTK-'R HaLji?TWO FIRST CLASS Fiil/R HTORY F brown St/ e fnr.t Houses, Just finished complete, with all the tu ylern Imprwcetnenia. sfioaied lu Fourteenth street, 76 feet 'rom Mxond aveous, on the wesV^ly side of Four teenth sireet. Inquire at No. 1 OathaHne street, oorner uf IMvtalon. WM. HALLADaY. fu: f?OB 3aLE-A T11HKK STORY AND HIUH STOOP brick Houae, In Tlu--te?-nih *t.. b?t wot s|ith and Seventh (miiivii, with modern Improvement* and in good order. Twbm ??*v. To let, the voir de?lrable flr*t clui Houae Ho. 90 lrviDg place, ne*r Clft?*nih street, three and a hair atoiy, with all lo? modern lmproveineota and Id a ?elnct netgh*or h'?d >or further particular* appiy at UIO Weit Thirteenth atreeu T7H1R SALF?A FIRST RATE FARM, CORTAININ1 BOO f asr** In U>? Oene*e# Valley, Uvmgaton county, N. Y.. ? mllea aoath of Oeneaeo, and .1 mi" of Monnt Morris, and 1 Bill* from railroad drpot; will flrat quality, well wan-red with living aprtng*; good orchard, houae, barn and aheda. Price low ana term* eaay. Inquire of K. I'. FULLER, I'ost otlioe. Mourn Morrla, on the premise*, or of J. F. HILL, Mo. 4 Pine ?treeI . JjVIR SALE? SO. 1ft WEST THIRTY FOURTH STREET, P tlie line large ll.)U?e, four atorlea. baaement and under cellar, with houw In the rear, alalia tor four horao*. Inquire on the premjMa. ElOR SALR.-$4,fCn <HLL BUY THE THREE STORY F and basement Uriels llouae In Houih Third airent, .Vil lkiriHt ure. N". liS In K?od order. Tertna eaay. Apply to DYB A OURTISS, No. &W Sixth avenue. For sal*?on ktaten island, six minutes' walk t"i<x. ib* ferrv, a bandnorae brick House and large garden. SMli b? sold at a great nacrlllce. price K .1. PATT MOM, 111 Broadway. 1JWR SALE? nro HOUSES AN? liO**?LOT 25 HY 100 J7 feet?ailueted In Brooklyn. In Butler atreet. between Heyyt and Bo-id, one deor from Bond. Price fiJI. Term* aa*y Inquire t 6&t w star street, N Y. liHlR HALV -A FARM OF SIXTY-THREE At!RES F near Kr > !aad lak", rnrnrly all under cultivation; gu-j<l bonding-, fin- fruit,and a Imautlful location Will aell cunap Kul on liberal < rms KIOGS A ROSSF.TER, 73 Na<wan street. CH?R KALE?TWO 8TRHTTLY KlK*T CLASS BROWN f stone House* In 1'help * place (h??t Thirtieth aireet), built l?y the o% tier by day ? work. site of hou*e >lx.V2. A'*o two in Forty ninth etreet, tlrat class. The ah >ve will tv *old below '?-?t Inquire of \VM. FETI RET0I1, 156 East Thlrly aacond street fpOR HALK?BACON S OLD ESTABLISHED PHOTO ? graphic da lery, with Itacos'ly Furniture and every ap paratue -uliahl. lor the art. also his Branch tiallery at Sara toga >pr>nif?. both long lease* and very l>w reata If applied for within tve day* will bo Hold at a liargiln. the present pro pre I' r retiring I n m thn busihoaa. Inquire at 2Ud liownry, ?p|io*ite jOvington *tr?et. ?IjH)R SAL*?THE FINEST TROUT PoND ON LONiJ JT Inland, with ttf een am ? of Land, good Hnuaeand Kara; wmeaiil^le by rallrood. and within one mile of a large tillage Mid popular lunmer reaort. Bluui A RosskTER, 73 Naaaau ttreet. rR PALE?ON TUF. HTDHOU, A KA?KMENT, TWO etorw ;.nd attic llou?e, with *lx lom, on Hint etreet; g?< Mid waier throughout; good shade aud view of the river. Apnh to tv. |i ^lilLlMaK, Hroadaay, rornnr ot twenty clHhth ?treet. TilOR KALE-A SXALL COUNTRY RRRII)EN< E, WITH F ?t?nle, cjin i.ige hour*. Ac., and about one acre of land clioIre fruit, ornamental tree*, abruba. fine garden, Ac,, within tlttv mlnntea of the City Hall; will be to.d cheap and ?n ea*y term*, addreea .1. l? , Herald odloe. (jlt'R XALK-A rHRiJK STORY AND ATTIC HO*. HE, JP pleasantly aitnated. .HC faat Brondwav, fronting the eqnare b* liouoe la In excellent condition, and will be ao.d at a reaannaMe prto- tlirea i|uartera can remain on bond aud mofigKge to a rea peel able |*irty. Apply on tlie prembiea "LX>R SALE?ABOUT $7.**), OR EXCH \N<;K.-ri?I-?T r da?a thre?atory and oa^ment bnc* Dwelling, ilxt.V, MOWeat Tweti'v fourth a(r??^ ?-hel*ea range, in extra or der, cement cellar, Iron pip?a, iraproTcm*nt*. and ft-ne aid elear, a family bouae for c mfort. Addreaa box 1W Herald ?fllce, 1SK1R SaLE IN HOB>?kEN?TWO HAND'OME TIIRRK r alary and eeUar brink Mtv.aea; lot li*l feet deep; il iuae H feet, nearly uew; marble mantel*, g*a and wtier, price ^B>1 Inquire of KoB&RT PEBLK, U Seariew plaoe, F( R SALK OR F.XC.HANOK?AN RUTAMLfSHBD HUT ter. <'he??e and lard Buatneaa, With Horaea. Wa?nna, A*, and otlier aeremiary anpurtenancen, togetb ir with a three year* leaae Aptily at SA Uarrlaon Mreat, between 1 and 3 ?'dock. rJR SALE uR EXCIIANdR FOR MERCII \NDtSE? An rl?gan' Fifm avenue llouae and Furniture, Lot* n |ke<4tie*nf H- ailklyn Newark, Utiea,Ai . Farm* In lil'n i?, Mladirl and ? im. niln, on a lair c*?h baala Principal* on y raoni'/y1' to " "ldrnm *+ 8M'rf|. MO.W Piueaureei, IjvOR SALE ?'R BXCHANtiR?FOR 1'ITY nt lPKtTr. P KM-oiiah'* Wooa, iha .?onuiry place ?t Bedfurd, Weat cheater ruajnty, adjoining the .lay bomentead For a4tl?fnc torr protaM ty a dlOerMMe of <*? t,, a* i win be paid ll eaan. AppJ> to FiBLl) A MtLBAN, Auctioneer*, No. V I' tie Wtreet FOR SALE OR EXrilANOB?WITH CASH. VERY choice HaaUng* and V .nkera Uiu. wa'er fj&nt* mw wtUigreaU^-al demarid; will t*k? anlnrgroved, Improve or induortnenu, Addraaa r)H HALK OR RXOHANfIB fOH NE^T fOHK OR Hm?l J;n pmr^y-A %nn Lot hon* contain* tw*I?? room*, lof M?J ??lfe?t; good well ani ?!?. tern, plaee ?*rf woll ""I'Plled with fruit, pt?a*antly I.* *te,| on Broadway, having a fine view of the river and within five In eight mlmitaa' walk of thedepat. Apply to SlflTH A ood DaRD> SB Cedar *'r??L IVOR SAI.K, EXCilANl'B OR TO LEtIT"f1RB LA ROE ' Honae, eleven r 'oma and cellar; all nece**ary Improve mrnfa, *uch aa well, cli Um and a large garden, fnilt treoa, berrle* Inquire at 121 Hnlllrnn *tre?t or on (ho pr?ml<e?, Trenmnt, t entrnl Morr *?nlt, ModltoD gvfoiie, ' Trnth and E!ev?Dtb ttnet*. oir mmj^^wfrTA'rm. rR BALK OR BXCHANUB FOR CITY PROPERTY, a *rs: class onuniry flent, at Mamaroneck, three quarter* of a mile from depot, reptate with every modern cuuwnnience; furuece, range, bath rjom. Ac.: new buildings, flue stable, ??-, and nine acres ef ground laid out la Uwu *ma gravel walks For fonher particulars. principals only rn.iv apply to WALTER BAKKR A CO . 3Ut Fulton street, from ten to twelve M , or to STEPHEN ORIFFiN, Msmaroneck. If not Mid toon, wtli be sold x public auction?owner going to Europe I|M)R WALE OR TO LET?A. .BRICK HOUSE, CON taiolog tea room*, A stable and garden. Ac., r' '?y ?Ituned ?? ibe Tillage of Dobbs' Kerry: reut $.'160. Kor fur ther particular* Inumre of JOHN 8TORH, Dobbs'Fefry. or DWIuHt BIbHOP, 9M Hudson street New York. r?R saLB OR TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, (La1? W1L bamsbnrg), tea three stery new brick Houses, well Snlsh ed, and at very low prices, situated en Third aad Fourth streets, between North Eighth and North Ninth streets. Also, several Frame Dwelhng*on North Ninth street. 000 Lota for sale or lease; no money required whan inprovo ments are made Apply to 8. L bunt, 11* Fourth avenue, N Y , er C. FOWLife, ooruer of Third and North Ninth | streets, Williamsburg. Fob bale or to let-a. well built double frame House, containing 11 rooms, an acre of ground well laid out, beautifully situated, fruit trees and well of wa ter on the premises, near salt water, g ?>d bathing, at Bath, about SM miles from Urnenwood Cfme'.ery, stages running direct during the summer almost any hour dunug the day. Kor particulars inquire of J. J moore, opposite, or at IAS * eat street, N. \. For hale ob to let in Brooklyn?two three story, basement and sulxjellar brick cottages on Frank lin, near I)e Kaib avenue, wi<h all the modern improvements pta/in front and rear, vestibule door*, heater, hot and cold water; 20 minutes from Fulton ferry; 10 from P?ck sltp; title Kfeet; terms very aocomnaodatio| Apply on the preinUes. teesslbn by the SUUi of March Ir required. O K. BLEAKNEY. u^OR >ALE, TO LET OR EXCti ANC1K?A FURNISHED r Cottage, 30x36. with Hi acres located at Weat Morrisa nta, mi the banks of the Hu<!'ou; high ground, well shaded and periectly heanhy; within Ave mlnuteH' walk of the MoComb s Oum brtcge. and live mlnuteaof Melrose station; aecere to It by c*r- and boat any b.'ur of the day or night; plenty of fruit, sirav,berries. Ac.; new carriage nouse; ice house filled. Kor further particulars app'y at 116 Wall street. Rent #700. Price $?,(*?. tifOR HALB OR TO LEASE-WATER FRONT; THE " valuable Water Front on the Bast river, between Forty seventh and Forty eighth streets; favorably located for coal, ?tone or lumber yards, inquire of A. C. VOILLON, No. 6 Chambers street. HOUSE FOR KALE ?A FIRST CLASS FULL FRONT, brown stone high stoop modem built four story <!w ej lliig House. most deairablf located between Fil th and Kadi son avenues. 11 ??t>t Twenty-ninth street The house was built by eamuel Thompson, aad Is In all respects first cLa.SK Inquire on me premises. ONUSES FOB SALE. ?THE THREE STORY AND U basement brick House, 161 Monroe street, with gits fix tures complete, and lately painted throughout auo, a two aiorr and att.c brick House, in Madison street. Ruth are eligibly situated. Terms moderate. Apply to UEO. W. FAR LEY. 166t'h>rry street. aO'.'SE FOR SALE ON BEDFORD AVENUE, BROOK lyn, :?K) feet frvra M'rtle avenue ears; is well ptpered and in good order; contain* eleven rooms besides cellar; K.ts, water, bath and choice fir tpe vine. Price R3,S00; tents easy. Inquire on the premises, or T 8. ROBERTSON HOTEL OR LIVERY STABLE.?I WANT A SMALL Hotel or Livery Stable In exchange for a fine Farm In Near Jersey, and tour, five or eight Lots uptown; some mo ney. Apply to FAY TEN, 95 Division street TLLINOI8 LANDS ?ANT PERSON HAVING A NICE 1 slock of dry goods that they are willing to excisange for desirable, well located I llinois Lands will meet a customer by addressing J. M D, Manhattan HoteL Lots fob sale?on ninety-third and ninety fourth streets and Fourth avenue, between Fifth and Third a?enuea, known as Proooect Hill. Parties (Uep-wed to build sixty per cent cost of house and whole purchase money can remain on mortgage. Apply to J. T. FAklSd, 123 Front street. T7"ALIABLE HEAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN?Mo dern brown stone Dwelling M Weat Twenty eighth street, one block front Broadway, three story and high stoop base ment, 311 feet front by faet; lot 2(>il?) feet Two thirds of the purchase money can remain on mortgagn for Hve years. I am determined to sell it. It la as valuable aaacy city pro perty. and increasing in value. Apply to H. T. OKEEN wt 'OD, 78 William street XITrANTED?A FARM IN THE VICINITY OF THE ?V oHy. of :?i or 40 arret, gnol Hulldlngs, with soroi st-wk, farming utensils, Ac., ready for occupancy. State location, Mice, terms, Ac. Adilreea Oraydon, Herald oflice. TirANTED?A FARM FROM THIRTY TO SIXTV ACRES, f T convenient to thl- cltv Price not to exceed $5.iH*i. fir which will be given a stock of dry goods, with good will of buslaeaa. Apply to oyb A CL'R'nBrt, No. 80S siitli avenue, TI7ANTED TO PURCHASE?A HOUSE AND LOT, fv with all modern improvements (high stoop), well built and in good order, worth itidOil or 1>S,000, 111 a g^xid Iwn lion, between Fourth and Eighth avenues, and between Tenth and Ibirtv eighth streets. Add.-esa o.,box 150 Herald oQice, giving full description; none but owners need addreaa. QTH AVENUE L<"?TS AT IIARI.UM FOR SALE?OR O exchange for improved city property, or will l>e sold at a very grc.t sHcriflce lor cash. Apply to JOUN M'OliAVK, 1,241 Broadway, near thirty first street. ONLY FOB A FARM OF 45 A(^E8; GOOD "T1?'vJ\7 buildings; Wrs.s easv Also, 80 acres dlttn, $1 600. Also 100 acres, $;,500. These are chances seldom off?red?must sell to raise money before 1st April, lnquu-e at room No. 61 Pm lflc Hotel, thin day. dt?') A/WUKOR A FARM OF90 ACRES, 21 MILES FROM ?OtUUU this city, and near Paterson Railroad depot, [ J?. J.; with house, barn, frului, wood, running water, Ac Ft* full particulars apply to| A. SElttiEA.NI, 16 Wall street. Teims eaty. foh sale, the hawo^ome three voi I ?J \ r. story brown stone basement House, 163 East Thirty-first street, flint house east r>f Second avenue. Con tains all the modern Improrement*. Onlv $I,7M) reqnlred; balan-e on mortgage.^app'v to R. LAWItKNt'E, 41 East Thirty-third street, tet^wi Madison and Fourth avenuea. nnn-a baboain-for ?ale or ex ?IVtvvYs change, for city property, a country resi den'-e, consisting of a modern hui:t jjotlnc house, stables, ioe and carriage bouse, all In the best or order; fruit and shade trees and ten acres of land, elegantly located on Mtaten Island. A' ply to S. R. JACOBS. No. 1 New street. <t7 n ndlll ?SPLENDID residence KOR SALE; ? I U.UvrU. a great t*?rgaln, convenient to the city by frequent trains; grounds beautifully arranged; most pleasant location: abundance of fmlt, shrubs, shade trees, and all in good order. southwick. A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. MILLIVBRT, ?kC. 4 FULL AND OHOICB ASSORTMENT OP SPRING rV Pattern Bonnet*. In every (hade aud oolor. now ready frrtbe wbolena.e trade, at the lowest owk priou, M Jfaa WM. SIMMONS,637 Broadway. Madame r. harrik a son, b~i broadwat, bbo to inform their friend* tnd customers tbat they will op*n on the 4th of March a Urge a*a?r'mcnt -o: Spring B o MM fbaute nouveauiet, Ju*t arrived from i'ans Dy the Iftat at?HDi(>r. A rich assortment of (?'lowers, Kucliea ana Frames. Advantageon* term* t? wholesale buyer* SPUING MILLINERY.-MRU. davidson, NO. 129 Bleecker ? reet, reetiectf ully tnfofln HoulUeru and Waev ern merchant* and mi'Uner* that she la now prepared to ex hibit the very latest atyles af Parta Hp ring and Summer Mil linery til I'attern Reooete, at wholesale, at 12b Bleooker street, we I'ftde Broadway. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. Ab my store is to be torn down on the ist of May, I offer my atock at greatly reduced prices for rjuh. Silver CyUnder Watohea $6 TO?Uaual price $10 " L^ver " ? 6tl " " 13 Uold Cylinder " MM " " 29 Lever " 21 UO ?' " 40 Silver Cylinders, li'int'g ?.???? 9 00 ** * 15 " L^vera, " " 12 80 " " 3U Gold Cylinders, " " 26 W) " " ?) " L-vct*. " " 33 00 " 14 M Fine Jewelry of all description*, at equally low prices. V. B We don't r'uaige for *bowlng gooda. J. H. CoHEN, SSI Broadway. AT C OHEN'S, Ml BROADWAY, A PEW LADIES' GOLD Hunting i'a?e Watehea for ?aie at $21, to pay advance*. Warranted n every i-spect. AT COHEN S, 331 BROADWAY, THE handsomest and largest snrortuent of California Diamond Jewel/7 aver offered for a.le. AT COHEN'S, ?1 broadway. YOU CAN'T BUT bra-* jewelry at $1 a handful, but you oan buy good Gold Jewelry at leas than manu lecturers' prion * LL THK WORLD. AND THE REST OF MANKIND, A are invited to OOHB M S, 341 Broadway, to examine hla ai'xk a mi see 1' anybody m this city can compete with him, la quality and price. tl RAND 1'Nll>\ RADGE OR BRKASTPIN?PRKSRNTBD r io and hlAly approved ef by the i'r>-*tdent elect, the Hon. Abraham Lincoln, mmiufe? tured by Aaron <!ox, manu facturing jew eiler, of Jer?ey <nty, of p'ire sold and ahsste de*i?n, mar l,e had at *111 rK'S tvat *torw, beneath the Mu aenm. See New Kerk Herald and Tribune, Feb. 27. GkBat bargains 1!? JEWRLRY. The (Tibacrtb r having been appointed agent by Are of the target tnannfastunng .lewelry f,*t*bli?hcrvnt* in this coun try, having Immense atock* on hand, which they are deter mined to redone at aoy aacrtlioe. he Is now aeliing their soUd I Wild and Oold I'lated Je ?elrj, for the next elxty daya, at aa tiiitiienae reduction The toi'mcrieer having been in the Jew elry niainaK* here for the paet twenty five year*, the pshHc can d> pend an every article being precisely a* represented la every re?r>ect The g.i"di are *11 well made, and will give so il'e ?atl*factlon 10 the purcH'aer. MoaaK Lava, ?'?oral, Ac., Barring* and Fin*. $5 a aet; asaal price $12. Jet, Oold ston". On met and Enamel Barrings and Pins, $4 a set; usual price flu. Tnrvioife, Carbuncle, Moaaic and Lara Earrings and Pin*, $.1 a ?et; usual ; rtr<' $* Mosaic, Lava. 1 ?rbun< le, Oarnet, Aa, Barring* and Pins, $2 a ?et; ti*ual price $d. Coral, I nameiled, 1 arbunrie. Lava, Ac , Earn ng* and Pins, $1 a t> t. iixnal nrioe $5 Oval Band ilrac'feta, ?a~h usual priee $B. Oval Baml Krar el<.t?. 11 ench 'imial (irleejl. Richly E ngraved and chawed Flat Uand llraoeleta, $2; natal prx-e (A Engrav") and Chased Flat Band BraceJsta, Bleach; asual price $4. Chain Bracelet*. $2 each; nanal price g\ Chain HraceU-t*. $1 e?oh , \i*ual prlne $4. Onyx Stud* and ulcere Itutton*. $1 a*et usual prlne $4. Carbuncles, Enamel aadCoraltUeeve Buuona, $1 a aet; unnal price $4 Ml**e*' Necklacee, feral, Ganiet. Ac., $1 each; tisnal prices Children's Coral Armleta, !W cents each; nnual price $1 Ml, Children'* ?' ral Ne lt^-wt, flfl ? cuta each; uaiial price $1 (Hi LadlctM haielaui- t lialtm and I'tna, g'2 "?ch; u*tiaJ prloe) Oertlemen'a Ve*t t bain*. $1 each: natial price g.v L.<kct* for Daguerniotyp<!? or Unlr $? ?acii; uaual priee $2. t*eni.iemen'? Heal Klnga, $2 each . naual pnee |r, l.adle* K'ng*, with Set* St each , uaual jirloe $A ).adlca' Karrlnga, $2 a pair; nraal price $?l ljidlea' Karrlnsa, $1 a pair; u-<ual t>rlce $?. Ladle* sleeve Bnttons, 00 cnts to $1 a aet; uftial price $1 SO to (1 ClcnM' mer * Sleeve Button*, 90 cents to $1 each; usaal price $1 SO to S3 Oent'emena' Studs, 2Ae. to $1 a aet; tiirnal price $1 to $\ Heal Jet Bracelet*, SI each ; uaual price $:4. Children*' Finger Klnga, 20 centa to $1 each; usual price $S to S3. Ocnti-men-* Scarf Pins, #0cents to $1 fiOeach; uanal price $2 " S4. I^adl"* real Jet Pina. $1 each; umial price S^. Ladica' real Jet, f I a pair; OSUal price $1. Ala" Oold Pen* and t'enrlls, roothpl' k*. Watah Key, Belt Bticklea. Chain Pin*. Cro**es. *teel Belt Claaps, Ac ?oed* *ent by mall or expreaa to all parta of the United Statee and Canada free ef cost. GEO ROE 0. ALLEN, A*eet for the Mannfac'urer?, and retail, 41f BrWld ?sy, one door belcw Uaaai atrcet. ? BOAEPWa A*D LOD?na. I A 8K1CILEMAN, WIFE OR TWO S1KQLB 0BNTLB a tnen out obtain elegantly furnished Bewns, w th Kurd, I tea umall family, whet* all the ootafsrls of home mar be ] hat. Nw children w uarow taken. Apply at S& Mouiaguo llum, ?nit)n. A GENTLEMAN AND Hid WIFE AMD TWO RINOUI genllecaaa mh have a abotoe of handsomely furaUMt Rooms. with pantries, Ac , attacked* In a prtv *i e faraCy, where put fow hoarder* are taken, at 111 Wavertey place, tMw tween Washington aaaare and Sixth avsnaa. Dinner at aU ?'dec*. No aMving fa May. AKKW YBRf HANDSOMELY FURNfHHBD booms ? near Union suware, family f.invate, with Brat claaa Board No moving. Adlrea J. B. h., hoi 1,214 New York Feat eflioe. j ATM EA9T TWENTIETH street, CORNER FOURTH A avenue. Bear Uramercy park?To let, a banJaome suit of Roams, with ur without fatUal Board, amiable for ?-nilo men desiring permanency. House aud lacauou llrnt class. A handsome Parlor AND BEDROOM COMMUNI caitug, an second tloer, to let, with Hoard, *o a genlleuan and wife, without children, or two gvntieraeu; aUo front Par lor and Kedreom on the l?t ot April. Huuse baa all n?d?rn t <.provemtrata. Family mtiall an<l >el<vi Dinner at 6 o'clock. Kelerenoeii required Apply at 1<B Leilngtoa avenue. Am bandsome PARLOR AND BEDBOOM AM) SIN gle Rooms for gentlemen. Looatlon No. 1 Weal Twenty ffourth street, oppoeikt Fifth Avenue Hotel. AIIaNDSOMF.LY furnished FRONT AND back Room, on seoeud floor, to let, to a single gsmlemaa, without board, at a moderate rate. No. Twentieth a tree I, between Broadway nnd Fourth avenue. AHANDSuMELY FURNInHFD PARLOR ON SECOND lloor. aiso oue or two Bedroom, will be rented to gen tlemen. without board The house 1< unusually nleasant and eccupleilby a small private fauitl* No. vi (Jnlveraity place, comer Wtat Eleventh street. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, ENGAGED IN BUSINESS, which afford* a aure but nnterale income, wniul llko to make the ac |ualulamv of a widow lady ? ho reside* in her <? u l.ouae, aud who would be willing to ucoep: hla services In Ri t compennatlou fur a hone. Address, in oontldeaoe, j. ?, Herald otlloe. Al'AhLOK AND BBDBO*)M, HANDSOMELY FUR. nii-hed also a single Ki?m, to in, to geiitletntn only, at 10U Went Twenty.aecond street AYOUNO LADY, WHO 18 AN EXPEIUKNCED teacher of the piano, wvuld like to obtain a h?<tne iu a pleasant faintly, where Ine'rattlon in music will be given to tbreec or lour persons, aud tse of piano, ax corapooauon. for board. Will also introdaoo two other boarders Aidless 11184 Hotiblnson, Urrald oUkjo, for two days. PLEA BANT SUIT OF FURNISHED OR UNFUR /I o - h. .1 Rooms to let, Mil Board, on aecond Scvr, to a gouileioau aud wife or siugle gentlemen. Location unsur passed. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Call at 1u W eat Forty second street. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BB ACCOMMODATED i l with a pleusnnt Room In a genteel locality iu Brooklyn, conveniently distaitt fiou Fulum and Wall street ferries, tn the house of a strictly private family, who would furnish light, breakfast and tea for $? jier week, istyableir advance Relerenoi ? given and required. Address A. SC., box 167 Herald ollice. A OENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR ONB OR TWO SIN gle genUemen '-an lave permanent Hoard tr a private laviily alter May 1. House first clasa, location oea traL Persona of quiet and re lined habits, willlag to par libe rally, can have all the eimfoita and privilege* of a home. UoexcepUouNble refereiaeea will be given aud required. Ad dress H. G., box KM Pout otlice. Ai'rivate family BBKDDTtt in thirtv-fourth street, between LexingUm and Third aveci ?a, could accomniodaie a famllv with three pleasant ir>at Rooms. To desirable parties a plxnasnt home la otTered on remumahle terms, where there would be no other boarders. Reference required. Address for three daya K. O , Herald cITice. AT NO. 9fi E APT TWENTIETH f BMBT, A FEW DOORfl from ltroadwamr large furnished trout Rocu: may now be obtained by a gerilki':ian and wife, or two rlngle gentle men. with Boaid. lluu-.f lirstulaas, aud desirable aa a aprlng or summer residence A YOUNG ?lDOW LADY, LIVING ALONE, AND IIAV Ing a front* Kooui, Willi use of sitting roenr. attached, would IJ-t to a gentliTian and lady, with board for the lady only. Apply at litf Thompson street, third ilaor. near store. Mra WJLLARD. a LARGB ELEGANTLY furnished FRONT ROOM r\ for one or two eln|le gentlemen, without lUe.rd; also a single Room In a cltan private house, two mu utes' walk fn>m the CKy Hall. Inquiie at No. 6 Rose street tl rec doors from Franktort stree:. ? BOAHP? LARGE ROOMH, suitable FOR TWO PER sons, enn be had e". from $S to $".) |?er week, v itli fire and gas; location pleasant ml oonvenkut. Apply ct Gl lliidsou street, comer of Idorum. Board?a lady living alone, in the viciNfTY of Thirty-fourth street hud Levlngton av -nte, tn a well furnished house, wltl all the modem lmproveu'.euts, would l>oard a ladyand genl'enian (board for 'he lady only). No muvlng In May. Addr^xs A. B. ?., Herald ollice. Board ?a plxasant front sitting room and Bedroom attailH? to h-t, furnished or unfarriKhed, with Board, i" one or two psrsons. In a private AiutIckc family, at No. 179 Weal Thlrt)-*ixth streel, near Eighth aienue. BOARD?A LADY AND GENTLEMAN. OR 4 SMALL family of three tr four persons, can be aceonc m? ula'ed with Boaru, Furnlahed (MortalBnmn in a small fa intly, at DO Waverley place, near Broadway. Board wanted?ey a single gf.ntlkman, in Hobokcn or N' * York, In a private Atucricaa or Ger man family. Addrear WK., box S,tM7 Post oflke. Board wanted-pebmanently, by a ge^tlb man aud wife, a. a bioderate price, in a private family, local to a bond street. Fourth aid Fifth avenuea to Fifteenth atraet. Address, staUug particulars, h. A.. Herald oUlet. Board wanted?with two unfurnished front Rooms on second I'oor, tor a gentleman and wire. Lswa tlon Fourth and BlcLth avenues and ./elow Twenty-fourth stre-t. Terms $36 a iiouith. Address, with partloulara, box 171 Heralo oflloe. Boabding?a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen eas lie accommodated with Board In a private family. Apply at No 1 Pike street. Brooklyn.??ne large room and two hall Rooms, suitalde for * rifle gentlemen, may be had, with Board, *t,Kti Clinton street. Hlin?r at stx o'clock Board in Brooklyn.?plbasant rooms, fur nlabed or unfurnished, suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. Location pleaaant, Ave mlnutea' walk from ibe kwutb trrry. Dlnnar at alx. Apply at 107 Amity street, South Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn ?a few uenti^embn can be areommodate<l with go id Board %nl newly fumishe.1 Rooms at moderate terms, ur a house with all the m stern Improvement*. References required. Apply at Ml Clinton atrcet. Board in Brooklyn?five minutes' walk from Fulton or V all atr.-et f?rrle? ?A Koom to let. suitable for a fmb 11 j or two smgle tent men. Apply at 07 Henry street. Board in Brooklyn-to let, in a private house. Suits of Boom*, furnished or unfurnished, with full or partial Board. Also, stogie Koouis. Terms moderate. Apply at 210 Boory street, nur niate. Boarders wanted in Brooklyn.?four bin gle pwtitiemeu. two married eovple. or a family of tlx or right persona; single I'.o-ma, or the whole of Heoond Floor, f uriiixtiod. In the vicinity of Cllntoo avenne between 1 >? Kalb Mul Fuiton awnuw Term* low. K*<erence4. .Mr. Punning, 1IV "niton "treei, New \orfc. or Mr. Oorbiri, Nft 13 Ocid atreet. New York BROOKLYN nKIOHTS.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE or two or three gen'lemeti oan be acootnraoduted with Hoi m* and Board in a ?mail famlh, at27 I'opla- atreet: mod era improvement* In tlie house. Keferenrea exclisny iL Board in williaw-<bcro.-a oevtleman and hla wife or two or three single gentlemen nan oht iln f? d I!oa"dand pka*ant Ki>otu? at t?H south Eighth street, between Fourth and Fifth H'reets. Three minutee walk trrnn ferries. Hrterences exchanged Between fifth and sixth a*erue?.?a gf.n. tlemsn and his wl>e, without young children, may find deal-able room*, with fir?t class Hoard and sec unmodations, at ? moderate price by applying at the new brown stone front house 66 Went Thirt^ iwieoth atreet. CHEAP furnished ROOMS AT THE FRANKFORT Hotiae, corner of Frankfort and William stre?t*.?Oood Ho- ma from |1 to $1 per week. Ixulgings It cent* to 37 oenta per night open all night. t.ood rwataurant attached. 0OCNTRT BOARD WANTED?FROM FIBKT OF MAT. for* gentl.-man. wife and two children, ages t wo and all yean, within an hour of the city by steamer ar ratlroal Adaress, ntaung loeation, terms, As. B. J., box 446 New York I'oel office. COUNTRT BOABD WANTED?A FaMILT Of FOUR persons (no small thildreni desire U> obtain Board far the summer, within an hour of the dly. A healthy loetlitv, easy of aooeaa, g>iod plain living and reasonable charrea are the moat Important requisite*. Addraaa Irving, box S78 Faat office, Brooklyn, N. T. TOLROANTLT FTTRNHIJED BUIT OF BOOMS TO LET? J2J with goad Board, in the very desirable house 160 Went Eleventh atreet, near Hlrth avenue. Family private. Pos session taamedlately. References gives and required. PRENOH BOAR0 IN BROOiO.TR.-ONE OR TITO OBN tletnen ran ebtaln good Roars< aad Baanl la a Fraiiah family. Apply at 196 Clinton street, Brooklyn. French board and frbnoh lemons?to let. two Rooms In a Parisian faintly, vebere KreneU only Is spoken. No. 98 East Twenty see >nd atreet. r'RNlKHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT partial Board, at 61 Bleeoker street, a few doors from Broadway. Furnisher BOOMR-FINK, COMFt RTABLE FOR nlabed Rooms and Bedrooms, for small, nwi?*<?tabl" fa milies or single gentlemen, from (1 to $2 .Ml per week, Ht 1.16 Elizabeth street, near Broome. References required. Furnished rooms to let?with or without Hoard, at 2SH West Twenty-tblrl street, between tier I nth and l.lghih avenue*. Larob handsomr room^ o* second, thiro and fourth floors to let, with Board, to aingln gentle men, or gentlemen ann their wives, furnished or unfur nished. lias all the modern Improvements. Location un surpassed; no movit* in M ?v. t;?ll al M Seventh avenue, three doors from fourteenth street. ONE OR TWO plrasant ROOMS, WITH L?K(1K clot lies ri>oai and everv C'invn;.t?m'e to let, with Boar I, tu gentlemen, or a family, who desire a Urnt ol? < lion,?, In a rinail i amlly at a moderate prloe. Apply al 173 M>iodou;al street, near Eighth. ONE OR TWO LARUE HANDSOME ROflMS TO LRf-* to gentlemen They sr.< comfortably rurntsbod fire and gas. No. 96 I'rtnce street, a few doors weal of ltr>?ilway. ONE OR TWO GEWTLKMEN who WOULD room TO gether, ran be aroemmodafed with a very ple?<ant Boom and pirtial Board,|lri a "tnall private family j'reterences re'iulreil. inquire at No. 6 Barrow st PLEASANT BOOMS WITH BOARD?ON the 8KOOSD

and third atnry, can be obtained at 36.1 Fourth avenue; the location Is conveniently amisted on a oar and ata?re route, gas and water in the hou*e. I'inner at 6. KE?FE? TaBLE BINOLR LADIES AND (?K*TLRMBW engaged In stores, e?u hnvn eoniiortable n>i?rd mi I I Mini, In an Kngli?h family, at hi II uatilii atn-et. corner of st. Joen * lane, t'anal attest. The men at ft.) and tbo wo men at $3 SO per week. 1JOOMS TO RENT, WITH BoARD-TN a RRITATE JV bouse, with al< the Improvemen i, fortil?he<l or nnfur ni"lied. ln<|n'm at 133 Beat Tv rntv tcuud street. Ke'e rencti nqulred. BOAKDIWU AWD liODAIKO. r'O TBEY LA'MB AND KINK PARLORS, WITH MtansiOB Room, on tko ilrst tloor, to let, to one or two geutlemrn, with Ureaktsst If reqwired; al?>, a Par.*r and Btolrouiu on aeeond floor, with buih, Ac. Apply at 37ft Foorvh ?tract, u*arLafayette plton TWO OR THREE NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO IcV?Uj single g? tttlemen, m a private family, house baa all the modern tmprovementa and t* ouveuieu. to the car* and atagea. I'Waae call at M King miMi. i*i*wii Yarkk aud Baodougal atreata. Reference given and required. r LET-TWO FllRNISHKD ROOMS ON THIRD Boor, with partial Hoard, at ho 8 Wait 11th ?L w r LET-WITHOUT BOARO, TO SINGLE GEVTLE men, or a gemlemai and wife, a handsomely lurutanud Room aud Bedroom, at JflO (ireerie street. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A SINGLE FUR nished Room, with gas and convenient t<> hath, with Breakfast; term* not ovw so j?*r week; location between Houston and M\W?nth atieeta. Address for two days H. 11. 0., UeraH ollice. ANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY (A TEACHER), IN A ?mall prlvnto family (widow lady's preferred'. a plea aaat, good sized Room, well enough t'urnUaed to r celve h?r , frieooaln; partial no ml, breakfast ana tea, or a late dinner, i it"|Aivd. Locality mint be very convenient to Mixth avenue cars, and terms not to exceed $|S per month, Are aud gas in cluded. Address 8. h L, llerald ollloe. C|rANTED~?Y MAY I, APARTMENTS SUITABLE ?T lor a physician and wife, with Hoard, between Four teenth and Thirtieth ntreetK, and near iiroadway preferred. Address M. D , Jersey City f oat ofloe. WANTED?BOARD, IN THE COUNTRY, IN A PRI vate family, by a respectable, <|uiet family, consisting of two gentlemen and their w>vns, a single H'-ulleuis'i and tw? children. l.ocatl <n either on Ktaten Island or UD the North river, near a ferry landing. Aiao, wanted to rent, a amall Cottage, lor nix months, from the lat of May. Address bi x 113 Herald ollice. WANTED?IN BROOELVN, MY A YOUNG MAN, A alngle I urnial.ed, Room, with gas and convenient u> bath, with hreakfaeL Terms not over $.! M per w~ek Prl vate family pretered 1 ocailou betweei City Hall and Ful ton ferry. Adilrrse for two daya H. A T , Herald office. WANTKH?HOARD AM> LODGING. IN A STRICTLY private family, by a respectable young man Beat of re'tNHN given. Terms nm io exceed $3 60 per w eek. Ad drew* C. 11 H , 3119 Ore?owieh Street. 7 WEST TWENTY.FIFTH STREET, CORNER (ir Broadway ?Parlor and Bedrooms to let. Aliio, alngle Rooms, w ith or without meals ' Oft WASHINGTON PLACE. BETWEEN BtOADWAV ?\t and the Park.?A handsomely furnished suit of Aptrt menta to let. with I till lie aid, silked for a large family or aingle gentlemen. Apply as above. {)/* WERT NINTH STREET?TO LET, WITH HOt.RO, ijf ) Hoonui Hiiitable tor gentlemen and their wives or aiiighe gentlemen. Dinner at ti. References cackauged. QQ GREENE STREET, ABOYE BPlliNG.?ALSTON i/O House Elegantlv furnished Suits of R<N>ina, van, Croton and every convenience for housekeeping economically. Particularly suitable lor amall, respectable ' ami he* or single gentlemen. Rent low to permanent tenants. 1 A C EIGHTH STRKET, H"A1) OF L VKAVK'l TB lTt) place, one of the moat fes'rakle locations In Ole1 dty?Kurniabed Parlors and Bedr.ioms, 'u ault or smgle, wtth or without board, to gentlemen only; rui'ereuoe required. 1 fkU BTREET.?ST. {J LAIR HOUSE. ?RLB J?)0 gantly furnished Rooma, with Bwdrooms attache,!, with all tie oonvenlenoes for honselteeplnc ceupiete, Inoit'.d Ing caa Mid Croton water, to let to respectable f amiliea or aim gle gtntlemen. inn BLEECKER STREET?A FEW SINGLE G*"K J Oil tinmen oa?; be accommodated pleasant I'.i oua and Hoard Family amall and quiet. U*oae Hiat claaa Terms aioderate niAKLH STREET, NEAK SPRING ?FURNISHKD ?l\f Apartments for Imm-dlate ooetpaeef. The lowest rents In tfce city, considering the convenlecoe far economica? bouseki>epln(j. Bast bedding and furnitur?, with range, cook ing uu-titlla and lines complete, gas aud Orokin. (i A Q BROADWAY (VLAKTBR8' HfiTBL )?ELEGANT. Dl O ly furnUfcad t'arlore anil Bcdrroma, for families or single gentlemen, with I till Hoard . house la first class, well furnished and a griod table, w (tli all the oot>r- uiences of aay hotel; lermi reasonaltle; transient board $1 Ml t?'r dj?y. MUSICAL. AORKaTLY IMPHOVKD PUNOrORTK. LIUllTE A HKaUHURY, Manufacturers of a w# scale of overstrnac Ua*s, patemt Id sulated full iron framr, grand aud aquaro PianotorU', kU Bioxnie street. Ptanoa to lft. ^JllICKiihlNtl A bON 8 GRAND 8QUARK AND UPRIOllTP IANOS, (504 Rroadaav, New York. C^REATLST BARGAINS BVBR OFFKRBD IN SEVEN 1 ociiwc roseu<*>d PlanoCortaa. prices 9I if A, Jl?'i and (i.r*i. Pianos u>let; rent applied If purchased. J. lift ITS, lat> oaib A ,la>ik?on, No 4 Leroy place, Kleerker alrMt. PlANOd, ?ELOLEONS, AJLKX ANDKK ORGANS? AT the lowest possible price*. Second hand Pianos at great bnrgalu*, tpom %'U u> (Ifti. One seven octave, second h?.id, front rout*! comer*, fancy 'eg*, iretwork drsk aud over strung, for $176 Pianos and tfrlorieona to rent, aud rant allowed If purchased. Monthly paynieuta rwnwl for Iks lame. HuBaCB WATliRS. Agent, Broadway, M. T. PIANOS. MRLODRONS, HARMONIUMS?Fl RUT CLASH, for aata, to let or sold ou iusWiaienis, '*> *avjr tbl* trmi hunerlor Harmonium*. one, two or throe bank* of keys rroas $I7&te$40U I oltage plants, fully warranted, *V, oc lavas, |l80;7ectav.w, ?176to?:MU J. M. FKLroN, Sua. Ml and MA Broadway Mew Yark. UPRIGHT COTTAOB PIANOS, PGR SM ALL ROOM* OB country bouses, at nyiderHt* pHo> ?. I'lanoa and Me.lo deon* a' *?l. f63, $??. flm. $126, $l6ti $irs,da, by T. U. OHAM M-.HS in the Bible Uonne, Ligbtn street, corner af fourth avenue. TVr ANTED?TWO HINUER8, BASS AND TBNOR, FOB vf a Catholic church Call for twj days at John Mar* den's, 22 I aiharltie at., frou It to t o'clock. tfjl rrpr -RARE chance to buy a seven octave qpJl 4 ro^wumt, Iron I ran*, overstrung Piano for $ 174; used only three ntoutlis; worth $.'KI0. Guaranteed by t. U. CHAMBERS. tn the Bibla Hoik, Eighth street, corner of Fourth at roue. IBHTRDCTlOli. A CAEKMY or LANOUaGES,?U BROADWAY, HOUTB ea*t corner of Twenty flrst street.?Instruction given In French, tierman, HpaoLh, Italian, ln.gil*h, l.atin and urni. Ladles' hour* from 9 A M. to 4 P. M, Oeiillecnsn frem 4 to 10 P. M. Terma In classm BIO pxr quartos Ai'plj M F. MAKTINBLLl, Principal. AT PAINE'B ?BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP, Arithmetic. Ac., wlthou' whlci yeung men a t> feMMt potent to enter Into business for themselves or other*?ace taught at hours suiting, day or evening. Ladle* *rl'.lng I .canons. $3 for twentv le?sooa, at Palue'* Mercantile Cob W*e, W.jv.wery and Wl Kulton *treet, brooklyn. ACAIiEMY OF PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKBEPINO, Mil Broadway, continued by W. C. IIODilLAND. for many yeara with Oliver B. (joldamlth. Noela*aea Thorough piacuoal InntrncUon, with ??an>e?t carat ul attention. Open day aa>l evening. Term* moderute. LK8K)Nfl AT REDL'OED RATER-FOR A linORT tinv, at Ma lame SAl) VaORau'H lianetng Academy, 70 Broadway. I/eaaon* every afternoon, from 3 to ft o'clock, and on Monday, V ednenlay and Friday evening*, from S to 10. Grand *olree lr).nlghv. nTANTED? BY A I,AI>Y, A SITl'ATION TO TEACH YY the plain Engllali branches to a icnool or private fatnl ly. In the city or country; unexceptionable refareneoa given. Aadreaa Mlaa K. Lorlng, Brooklyn Pout olhoe WrANTED?HY A LADY, A HITUATION TO TEACH ibe plain Eiigllhh lirancliea In a school or priviite fami ly in the city or country i nex epilonable reference* given. Ad'lrtwa Mia* E. Loving, Brooklyn Poat otlice. A. DAM IX' At A1IEMIE8. DODWORTH'S DA.M.INtl ACADEMISM. Fa ?? Broadway, New Y?V* Bo. 117 MonUgue atreet, Brooklyn. Wedeeaday* and Raturdaya In New York. MoniUyi and Tkuradaya, Tuesday* and Friday* in Hrooklyn. Circulars of tarma, tin., may be had at either Academy. WKW PI III.I( ATIIINI. IADIES WILL FIND ALL THKIR I?g(rIR(KS IN J regard to the nret ailing Spring Cushion* answered In the spring numb?r of Mine. DKMORhST'S Onarterl) Mirror of Fasiiione, now ready. Ilr nernaker*. milliners and m itbers cannot do without it. Sold everywhere at only ft cents TO THE LEOAL FBOFB.SMO.V. ' In an advanced stage <f preparatim, and will speedily be published, fViliTTAKER'fl NEW YORK PRACTICB. Third edition. Complete COAL.. | KHD AND WHITE AMI COjU* HROaD MOUNTAIN, Peach Orchard and Lehigh, of the first qualities, proper ly *ereeo>d. Also, Llverjiool urrel an 1 English bouse Can nel, all at lowest market prices IIENk\ kP.KVE. Corner of Canal and t entre and corner of Jan* and Weal sta HOVIM, KOOMfl, A< TO I.KT. AOOITNTRY HOTEL TO LET?rCBNHHBD thrrmgliout, and well located; within l-t* hour s ride from the ciK by railroad. For particular* address K. P., Ueraid offlas. New York . A THREE STORY niOH BASEMENT HOUR* TO let. containing IS Room*, wt'h all the modern improve inenta, li. a good uelghhorbo-xl, at>ove Twenty third ?treet, waat side. Gas txtures MMPHl; ragl, |llN To \ go<*1 prompt paying tenant no question* will be asked. Addrcta Frank, Station E., Eighth avenue. A THREE HTORY HOl'?E TO LET?AND P.ENT taken In hoard. The HotMe lias Crot?n and ga< flxtur -s comslcte. situs ted In Twentieth ?trecl, near Second avenue. Aiidre** nox 2,f4M> Post ollloe A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH ONE OR TWO BHD room* attached, suitable for housekeeping, to let to * small family, at g:t and Ml per we?s Alw>, a stngle Room at $i 26 lnqtiliy at No. 6 Miw *trevt, Dear Fovrth nWM A HANDSOME SCIT (IF I- \ i ? I' .'V UiKK,,;-r floor, aul'ahla lor a email fsmilv for hnusekeep ng, with ba<h attai'hed. Also, single H-rui la a private house with all th' modem Improvemenm. In |iilre at No. MPrlnoe street, a few doors west of Broadway. A THREE HTORY AND BASE WENT HRICK HOl'flE, eontalnlug fonrteen room*, to let?From the lit of M*y; rent Uken in board. Appiy on ilie prsuil-,c? slier So'clo k, HO State itreet, Brooklyn. AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATE.V ISLAND.?TO RENT, nne large Mansion, I ornlahed: al*o one smaller House, with modern improvementa, gas, baihrooais; stablce, fruit una kit" ben gardens, with several acre-" gmun I to esch. Slni.ition uMurTwsaeil: Ave minutes' waljc ol the ferry. HRAIH'I?Y, Hl.Tt'HINS A Co , 4t Egst Fotirteontk atrest, Cnlcn square, or CHAS. K. HAMILTON, No. 0 Hanover atreet A THREE STORY FI'RNfHED llotNH TO IHT? West side of llmadway, in the neigh ?rho?lof Nleeeker street; modoen improvemenMi rent $7s |ier month to a small fsml.y i'oeeesslon given Irnniedis'.-iy, F >r psttlculnra ap ply at 79 William street, oirner of Libeity AHANtmOMEI.Y FHRNDIHRD Ho -K, NO ?ll TRvrri street, near Second svenue, JTV hv AO, to be let to a prl vate family only; all modern lmi>r"-em. it. tpplv to .?. II. DILL. 1 rfO Fifth avenue, corncr of l'aen'y-tlilrd street. HOUSES, ROOMS. TO LKT. A BOOSE TO KBciT IN HKOuKlkH- W . ni ,;s[ ture, In whole or oort for sale or *<nt?*n ???, if .n*. Su. STetnpklbs plmee, drat class, lo'Ul in i-sl. han every n?i venlc-iiee; near ear*, or ten to fifteen tniauie* walk uf threo fer-lea Can b-> wen any time ond p.trtnu'ars glveu ?t So y Astor Ioum- or Ml Dnwdwir Brooklyn HEItlHrM.?TO LKT, A HANUSOMB three story House, mid?ay belwe, 11 lb- terrtes, over looking the hay: will be put lu oni-r witn all in 'ilern nn prevements Apply to J. II. BILL, lK'i Kiillt avenue, corner of Tw enty -third MIMt. _____ Bl'HINKHK ROOMS TO LET? At tk> Kulton s'reet, enrnarof Ryder's al'?y. First class building and -ioolloul Cheap rent t" rnsoonslble tenants. /lOI'N t RV HOLME TO LKT - A TWO STORY DOUBLE V/ House, w 1th it Harden plot of one acre Ho'iiM in good order, a pleasant place; four mil'** from Williamsburg 'rr ries. Rent (iXW Mr aunuin For further |.artl< .iiai'sai?ply to W R HLOf'UM, at Win A'.ill * Son's ro|?ewaIk, liinh vick ?venue and Marshall sirtei, WlllUms oirg. CIHESTNUT GROVK BOARDINU lloUSE, NEAR VAN / derbllt landing, Staten Inland ?To I t, with unuvluto Eiasesmou I be house contains cat, will ao omuiodtUt It*) i irders, and a* to Convenient ? and beauty uf location eauuot be surp.?s?ed. Termt reasonable to a responsible pnrsou. Apply at 339 Kaokett stioet, hrx'klyn. (MIEAP KENTS ? VALUABLE LOT DN BROADWAY, ) junction of Fitly ninth street, to let for a term of ye ir*. rent Alao two Koisl two story, atU: and (>a einetit Houses, oil Fifth avenue, at Yorkville, oorner Seven y smh strei I, l or $?!.'.euch. Apply at47 Uouverneur street. Irojn ti tn S " M. CUIEAP RENT.-STEAM POWER.?TUB TWO MT!)BY ) 11 "use and l ot K! lireene sireet, uear Hi ?Hime, now tire engine liouhe, is til let for a term of years, for only the interest paid or the lot ami taxes; some IiniiMwiu nn will oe made to suit tenant. Apply at 47 Gouverneur street, from o to FURNISHED flOl'SK, IN NINTH STREK T, NBAlt Ptl til avenue, to rent for twelve months to ;i private t ?? rally The hove la In complete o-d-r, well furnished, and to a desirable tenant will be ranted fur $1 ."UNI Possession pveu immediately, or upon May 1 Addre?s ho* 1HI17 l*iwt o(U?e. HOltKB TO LET?THE HANDSOUK THRBK STORY brown "tone Ilouae, rent, $5.V0 per year, Ml l'a?itio street, adjacent to earn and ferries; alao, the three atory and basement Crick House, rent Ji-VJ, 87 1'owera street, ltr.Miklyn. Apply to.) RICHARDSON, MS Allan do street, Brooklyn, or to E. Al'BRBAOH, 7 Uold atreel up stalm. TTOl'dEH TO RENT.?V K1RST t'LA^-l Kt'RNIKHED il House In Kouiteenth atreet, n< ar I'nbiti a iaari : one la Twenty first, uenr Fifth avenue; in Twenty-seventh street, near Madison square. Also, a number of unfurnished House* tn desirable locations. Apply to K LAWKKNlIKt On., No. ?O'i East Fourteenth street, Vninn sq.n.i. Hotel tk urr.?tub tikut olahs norEL no. 21 to 'fl Broadway, oorner of Morrts stre-t, kn?yn aa the Btevens llouMt fossesslon 1st of May next. Kor further particular* apply to HEWLETT & TOUKANCE, No. 6 Bow llln- UIMk. HOI SE TO LET?AND I'AKT <>k ALL IBI Kl'RNI lure lor aiile. fli? house la now fud of g>>od paving boarders and In one of the. b. st Us-atioiia in ihe rilv; 'retii low. To lie seen lr<?i 10 to U and froin - to o'< lin k. In i|Ulre lit 1H4 Bowery, r>. > Hotel to let, or lease kor salb?ok an eij tiibllshed House, on west side of Ul I cltf. witli Kui ni ture. Billiard Tables, Ac. I>?r parti,%dnrs npply-?i the ,ulioe ol the Brewery, conwr n> w Bowery and lame* s real IOFTS TO LET?IN THE COMMODIOUS STORE, NO. i 2iU Washington al-met, near .'buui'iert. An Oilioe c.iufd be had if neoesaary. A|ii>ly on the premises MAIHIiN MEUBLfcE, 70 AND 72 WEST THIRTY eighth street, between Klfth avenue and Ur sidw*y.?To let, a fine front BaS'inriit as physician . o'lioe; also, cli tiantly furuished, whole Kkwra or separate lt*toins; houses new. ilrst class, four story, hlrb susip, b'own st me; c iinmou parlor; restauiant below, bent |*to mnntbly. \f ILL1NBRY bTORK IN DIVIHKIN BTRBEPTO LEASE ItI fi r live years 8tock ar.d Wn..r"B (? r -.ale. The te st and oldest nil Hn-ry store lu IMtisi ? sueet. Apply to 1'aY TEN, Division suv?t. rRIVATE stabile ?A SUPERIOR PRIVaTP. BTABLB, supplied with i;f? and '"reton w*t?i , In Thlriy eighth street, one door Iroia Fifth avenue. I'oHsessian May I. Ap ply on the premises. Rooms to lut.?thb upper kart ok house no. 2A Hond street will he let, hi w bole oi isirt ; aa exuel'ent Us'ution lor a rner kavnt tailor, millinery 'iiisineMa, Aa In. quire on tbe premises. Rt omr WITH STEAM POWER T.) lT??OYER THE railrusd Irelght.l< pot on *'hiteand Prsnklln str?-<!ts,one bliK'k fr< in Hr< ?dwev, at low rswn to suit tho duies. Apply to'r. BENNK-TT,crrnerof rim and Franklin sinew. OTKAM POWER TO LEANS.?TIJK XKrttSl) h Uxiti, l ' flOxW): also tbe store, 'U>ib>. first loor, In th? new ilva story huildlug, No?. 4 ?,44, 4ti, 4"t aud id lireene street, one block from t'unal str??t .irid rtroadwar, 1 ruion i most en tral 'the buildings are lighted on all sid's, heausl by slnitiu, sti am linlst and ev*-ry iscismiinodatlan. Insurane. Is'one per oen'. 1'ar ies wantii>c suiieiior ri?ui>i. In a Ilrst <-Uf.n ftinid Ing and central loratls'i, should apply immediately to H. J. tltiWAUli, on the premises. STttKEs AND APARTMENTS TO LET?ON THE Meek of new buildings west side<il N'nth aTeuue, fn in forly-se ond to Koriy-thfiiT s'r>-i t?; rents miwieraie. App y on the premises or at iso 7 Uold etr-et, tip stairs, from 1 to 4 I'. M 1M) Lltl?IN J>OMI'.R?, ^1 t.-l it i'OUSTI, A House. Stable an I alsiut lour ;u r"i of 'Iniund, the ro sidrnoe of the late F' J. UoUln It Is aear the Harlem lt?ll roail, 1}? mile* from I'urdy'a stall'n or Urotou KaUa. Address O. O. CoUin, ftaw ^ork Tost otlkoe. TO LET?1HE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT br.ek Housf, 4'.il lluds"ii s;r>? t, pmi a'mug all modvrn Improvements; has b?en newly painted r. at to a good, pr<?npt tenant #ri*l per ai.uum l'iw?? Ion tan t^e had Im mediately. Apply to oSTHFIM BKi>? A i ? )., <V Montti WU liam street, or Mrs. OSTULlM, 112 Woit Thirty fourth street. TU O LET?THE LOWBK PART OP THE HOUKE MO. MO Broome si met, nsar v^rlek : Irtint -mrl bask Rooms, kitchen and dloliix roem. hot and old ate., gas, Ac May lie *'en from till 12 A M., and rroin 2 till .1 P. M. Suitable for a gentleman and wife only. Jtent$?V\ TO IET?A HTORE AND LOKT* AT KM WALKER Km l * ith or without steam i'i*pr. Apply at KKAll 4 NOKOaN'b, 161 Centre (treeL Apdte** * .!.Wj<>?t*(tR?. r LET?AT TKEMOHT, UPFhR MORRIRANIA, AN old ?wt*b!l?he<l drocery Store, opposite the daool. Po* aaaalon tl?? ft rut of April AIM wvernl oth-r House* to let or for wile Apply to J. R. KKA8II1'. l r-mout. TO LET-A BROWN 8TONB HOU8B, IN THIRTIETH atreet, tf?r the Fifth avenus, with all the *>odera im provement*, aj.d will be put In jtooc wiler; hIdo, other hetiaea and <11 houses. Apply to N. BOL and ri. D. WILMOR, No. 2U0 Varlck street. r LET?THE DWELLING, HTOBK AND ItAHEMRNT, Ni. 12ft Manser atreet, nultak.e for a Hotel, Otfh Hwim, Alehouae, Nal<i00, Ac ; Che whole building will he let low to a good tWIII Apply at No. 16 Curtlaadl sweet, up stairs r LET-A PA BT OF THE DWELLING HOtJHE. 136 street, corner of ijhrratle, eonsisUng i?r the whale tirat ami third atone*, back Wenieut and under cellar, all id gocd order, with ga?. wni $.1111. rLET?2R6 HKNRY STREET, IX)WEE PART OF, constating of 'root and Iwl bamnMtit, do. Par lors and two Hoc ma In attic, h.iH extension an*! oellar, water and gas; rent $S6U. Inquire >f .IaMKS D. CUNNINGHAM, Wi Henry atreet. In the OMTnent r LET?THE UPl'KR KAKT Of THB HOU8B, 140 Went Thirty aevanth atreet, with ?:uwin-rit, containing all the modern Improvement*. Can be aeon lietweeo lite hour* of II a V and 4 1'. M TO LET?THE TWO PTOKT ATTT" ASn hAHRMKNT IfWM, with extension The House eonta'aa Hittesn rooms, nas, hath, range. atatlonary wash tuna Ac ; the II'.use la In ilr?i rate order ana well nulled lor on" large or ton -mull famllira: neighborhood flrat rlaaa. In mire on the premises, m Henry at-aet, N. >. T) LET?A THRKE HToRT HIOII BASEMENT HOL'HB, KV Weat fwenty-fira' street, Iq p-rfadt o-der; mirror* and chandelier belong to the houac To lie aee 1. 1 rom 12 10 3 ot-Ux'k. For further particular* itiuu re 01 V rt. ULl'lBK H Is, Ml) Kroadway TO LET?A 8TOR", WITH DWKULING KOOMH, IN the Mlssl.,n limlding. Ibird at- i.ii". near Thirty finn ?treet; a good burtaaaa loe.i'.lon. rent $4a>; 1 tenant oorojs? tent t>> act a* iani or to the building praferwtf. AildreaaJ. W.. box 2,fM Post rtfliof. TO I.ET-AT CLIFHN, UTATEN HUAVD, A I'O'JKR fully furnl?he<1 atshle ami nine lo** of ground; fivi minima from \ atnerh it (>?t Big; f urn aoe, k-na and w*wr in the house. Possession immediately. Apply at 07 M?r cllanta' Exchange. I rLKT?A Ci, IT-OB. AND EIGHT LOTH of Orntmd at Kavenawcorl Long ml .',<1, .cm f.^et fr>m the b<at landing Imiuire of Mr. Van ai'Lh', ?irorwry, kHTena?i?Hl, or to Mra. MAILLIB, 4Jh Ea?t Houaton ?tr*et, nie?r arenue D.t N. If. rpo LBT?A FtTRNlfHBD HOD8R. SITUATED OR THB I North 8l<ore road, near FnclaryvIUe binding; the Home la large und airy, pleasantly loeausd. and a 111 ha rented for the aeaeon or ye?r. r'or part leu lam upply to Mra. MINOTT, on the preHilaea fpo LET-FOB A RKHTaIJKANT, Ar , THE RARBMENT J an the aoathweat. orncrof UrtM<lway sn<l Tv?e,!fth atreet. Alao, ?mall 8torea and Koouia, on Twelith a treat Alaa, the four itory Uouae, 48 Twelfth street. 111) 1 net weat of Broad. waj. JOHN 8 KHlj?<>. K2 streat. TO LBT?THE FOUR 8TOKT AND HaM.MENT BROWN >t?>fie front lloiue So 310 Bast Tenth atreet, opposite Tompklna aqaare; modern Improvement*, and c .nrenfent by ei*c< 10 all parta of the city teut M>i Apply to A. Mo DO NALD, No MEast Thlrti flrsl airee4. r) LET?THE FOLLOW ISO DEHIRABLE HOOSKH ? Me" I'M! and 2S9 Hemad areane. eae.h |WH Roe. *?!,. 2l?i, and 21(1 P.aat Twentieth street itt] No* lMand \vl na?t Fifteenth atrwt 71*1 Xo 1.1" East Nineteenth atreet .. <0*1 No. fcj Raat Klfte-ntli atreet LOU) N<|*. 144. 146and 162 Kaat Thirteenth ureet , I.IUI N". 31 Hioyreaant atreet I <m Apply to THI^MAa MaCFaBLAN, Na l.W Tenth atraat, tear Third avenue. r) LET-A FURNISHED HOU8E, NO. *6 REOOND place, between OUntnn and Cottrt; ha* all the modern liripnirement*, ar*1 will be rented on favorable terms to a minll and resnecuhla family; poaaesaton aoon Apply toll llONDLOW, Montafua atreet, near (Jourt, Brooklyn. TO LKT-HaLF OF A KM ALL THREE rtTORT IIRICK llonae. to a ?mall family only. Rent $'J>> Apply at No 'JO V* ?-*( Fifty fourth atreet, or at 19ft A nat itr. et. TO LET?IN WILLIAMSRUBG, A TWO STOBT AND b?*ement Cottage, with large garil-u nt*. h?d, oornalu lr.;- a variety of fruit treaa, grape vino, A<!.:thre- o?ntrtr* ??' -? 'he door. l'o>?.n*a|oti ain !>a had April I In ,u4rn at 41*t irnnd atreet, Willl?in*btirg. fpo i.f.T? A irpREB, LAROB FOCR 8Totr RTOlfB 1 high a' s?)i House, with a forty feet ailenal -n eon alnlng 'in rtNitns and everv improveraent, n*ar Maillsoa a lua e, i.n the avenue Ken' 30 p-roent le*<!Ban ant? nh-r *"uae nf |t> class anfl lo<\itlon Inrjall* of B. U KINeUl MKB, 348 Fourth avenue. TO LET-ON THE FIHST FLOOR. A HI IT OF THREE front R.iOm" separately or t-.geth.T tu Hi- e|. gaol build Ini: 92S Hroadway, oortier oirTwenty (Irst st eei, ftlrnMhat or unfurnlahed, aulUble for a first . la*< mlllln?ry buaineoa or oil oe* or clubrooina. Inqnlreon the ptemlaer. TO LET?A RRMK IPIIOIM, FOITE HTORT, y,\71\ reel, on the corner "f Twenty eighth street and Klrrt ???. nu* annabla for nny manufacturing tiualness. ljeing well l!ghlei! (Ill Hire- aid s; t>> be leased low fi r a term of vnaia Alao Iheteo story an 1 attic hou?e 3P5 Waahinfton atreet! Apply to I'hl AH LI NCH, 41 Veaev atreat. TO LET? Tilf fXlCN'RT heat OF TH? LlTI O Matiran, .Itnsie.lnn Caatleton Heights. Ktaten Ivan t ?nmttrMng over thirty .err* of lano; the houae la M feat autiaie. With a wing 4M31H them ia al*.< rt attble and garden' L**. *.*** ?? u nam passed p,,|y to I. A W.DE.DUaM, Ltghtb avenue, eorrn r of Hlxtoemh street. flOr'ftKS. K(K?>1S. Ate., TO L.KT. TO fcrT? HUI'pE and liKOUMH NO. ? SOOT 11 Nmill *trHM, Will'ainsbiirg Desirable ?Cition; best urnt, ?ll midrrn Improvements; n?.,r the ieme*. Alao, thrre stor. House 2a iinui" street. Inquire of JOHN H. VtHMl 2t>4 hwlllrwi, New ?rrk T) LET?FROM MAY I, TO A HMALL RESPECTABLE Uuuly the i pper r"art of the ' rick Cotwge 186 Bast Twetit\ ninth ?ire't, between First and necoud avenue*, two floors, ?i* rooms with water. a nice garden, with grapevines, Ac K?iit only $I?i per year. A ftunIIy of three adult* in lower part. ai p'j ua the premises, from U) to 1 o clock only. TO LET? I'tlK. THRBE STORY AND BASEMENT high ?t. op House Nil :t48 Bridge street, Brooklyn, oon violently kliuaKxl. bet ween Fulton avenue and Willoughby strict <ii>a tin,ires throughout ihe house, Rldgewood water, Ac. Pent $.vo Can h* ?.,n from 12 M to S P M. For further particular* apply toOUnlSTlAN G. UCNTUEB, 40 lane. New York TO LET?TO A HMALL FAMILY, THE LOWER PART ill the larye two ?u ry Itouse No. IVS I'rlnoe Hrret, near MacnnugHl, cou>i*ting of front basement, small kitchen and psntry attached; tront and back parlors, fo'ding doers, cloiets between; lar?e airy haiU. also one large and two ruiHll bedroom* lu the attic. U%I anil water throughout^ within three minute*'walk of the stage* and can, and In * very genteel neighborhood. Family to remain (our grown peraoti*. loleseen from 11 w 4 o'cloc k Reference* ex changed TO I.ET?STORE 39:1 HUDSON STREET INQUIRE Of JtiMN CKKIuHlON, :i3JSpring street, corntr of Waah ington street. TO LET-TO A FAMILY OF GSOWN PERRONS, THE5 up|?r part and back basment orwke three storv boon l.'H Eighth street, near Broadway. Can be aeen from 1 Ui t o'clock. Apply to H. CHIRM1Y, at the house. TO LET?A PART OF THE DWELLING HOUSE, 2G Manti n street, corner of Chry*tie, consisting of the whole first and third itorlec, hark basement and under celW, all lu good order, with gaa Heal ?130. TO LET?PART OK HOUSE N? W BARF BROAD ? way Inquire, at theotliceif .+:tna Iron Works, No. 98 Cloerck street LET?THE LOWER PART OK 119 CHARLES street, two iloora from Hudson gKnrnlture far aale at low price*, Parlies wishing to housekeeping will do well to apply between 11 A. M and 6 P. M , a* above. TO LET-THE UPPER PART CONSISTING OT Feet rid floor, nun Room on third tloor. and back baaetnent of house No. 23 Third Mlreet, can be Been from U o'clock to *. Rent $376. TO LFV?NEAR CENTRAL PARE AND THIRD AVE ? nun depot, a three itorjr brirk iiouae, on Sixty niutx H'reft, b?twren Vourth and Fifth av>nnea, with ?tabling If | required. Kent moderate. Inquire on the |>remtae?. TO LET?A HTORB AND DWELLING, AT KINGS bridge, opposite the Kingvbrldge Hot. 1. suitable for a | grocery or feed bualoeaii. Apply to ?. M. VALKNTIME, 166 Front htreet. IIO LET-A BASEMENT STORE. SUITABLE Kf)B A p:n< titter itnd plumber, bootwak-'r, tailor, or etchaugo olilee alaoan Ollire, with a line xhowcave, In aecoad itory. No. 4Hrooine ftreel, a few doors i rum Hroudway. TO I.KT?THE UKPER PART OF A GENTEEL HOUSE, with all the modern improvement*, furnished or unfur lilfheil, to a umall family; po?ne.s?ion imtn. dlni'-ly or on the lot of May Inquire at 142 Weat 1 hir'y-'eventh atreot. rro LET?TUB SKCOND KLOOR OF HOUSE Ml I (Jreeuwlch utie^t. c>n*latlng of front and b*ck mom and hall Wdrooi", with p/ti:trlea, r.low w, gaa and Crolon water, t< geiher wiih ?ne attic room and privllegu lu cellar. Can bo h m from li to 4 heni |M riio LET-THE TWO r'OUR STORY DWELLING 1 Him*, a, having nil the modern Improvementa, situated ><-n 2i?*nd '-20 tiiveuo ctre?t, tieteeen Amlt? and Kourttt atre'- c, tlila city; rem Jsno l or further particular* apply at No. it Weat Thi'rt> -aeventb itre. t. niO LT.T?A TWO STORY KRAMB HOUSE, WITH ATTIO, 1 l?aemt:iii imd titi<l?r cellar, altuated on I lf<th street, be tween Seconi! and Third hvithik, fitted up with all modern notivealenoMs; hot and eo|il water, gas, fte , rasy of ai ceaa U> the rlty by two railroad* and by steamboat Rfnt $Mk). I'n exeepiionablo reference* required. Inquire at tbe odtce of the Natlonul Police Commieaioner, No S I rywn row, or neit di.or to the premise*. rpo LET-ON \1ITH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND J I'ourih aventie*, (Jentral Park, two well tlnlabeil Oot Ujjii HoutM eight roouia and line tard each, i'acili'iev good for getting down town Kent i3i0 a year. Inquire at 2tW IVar! Htreet, or on the premtaea. TU O LET?THE NEAT TWO STOltY HRH'E HOUSE. IN cmplete ordi r, No 71 Second street, with bnaement, mibct I lur, ?nd other convenlenc-a Apply to HART, 4It atieet, between H and ltl A. V and 3 amid P. M. RIO l.i T-TBS BOUaB W SBOOVB HTKBBT, WM11 I of BioedA ay, all the mod>-rti unprovcuii nta. Inquire ni IK and 20 ( Union market, l>eiore I o'clock H'ti LET?THE SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT BASE J mcnt ol the tliren alory bncW lion"", yl Varick Htreet. A. fami'y nf four will la-cupy the i^at of the building Toade Kimble lennni the rent will be nude satisfactory. Oaa, batliK, Ac. fTo LET??85 BROOME STREET, OSE BLOCK KRfl* J htoad?a>?a front Ollloe, forty feet de.-p, and rear V orkahop, Bliy teet by twenty four, auitable for a pianoforte waierooui Apply to llliX & tistBjiN, Sft John s're-t. TO LET-THE F1ME ENciLISH H4HEMEKT HOUSE 01 East Sinteenlh slreot, a few doors from stuvvenant a(|iiaie. For tenoa inquire on the premise*, between 11 A. M. and S 1*. ?1 TO LET?TBE THIRD FLOOR UK THE BROWN STONE bulld ng, No. H09 I!r"a1w?y, between hleventh and twelfth ?tn*ts, ion?t?tlng of two Kooitis, suitable for clubs, Ac.: will be let together or separate. Apply in the drug store, ? n >he j remlnes. T| HO LET?A THREE STORY BASEMENT HOUSE, NO* 23t> East Broadway; It has a sub cellar and all the mo dern Improvement*. Apply to Mr*. N. J. KI'RLONd, No. 2'J | Clinton place. Eighth aireet, or J. KBNNEDk' FURLONU, No. 7 Beekman atreet. TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, PART OKA MOUSE THREE mlDntes from the Cby Hal), rent t2AO. A family with out small children preferred. Address M.EM , Brooklyn Post oflioe. rPO LET-THE LOWER PART OK HOUBB NO. ?6 1 Twfiitj ninth atreet, near Lexington avenue. I'oaeeaalon lm of May. Alao 'he third Kloor, eeven n>om*. I'oaaeaaloa luin.fdlHtHly Kor partlculiira apply on tbe pr*roiaea. TO LET?UPPER Hart tip IIOCRE NO. Ifift EL dridg* atreet, gas and water on the premlaea; poeaeaaioo laMWNjr. rLBT TO PHOTOORAl'HEBS ?AN EXCELLENT atand on Mew (haml?-r* atreet, facing Chatham atreet; the building r nearly completed and will he altm-d to anit a good u-.iaui iD'inlie ut a. POILLON, No 6 Cluunbera atrret. TO LET, WITH STEAM POWER?ROOM* ON THH aecond and fourth floora, on the earner ef Centre ud Duane atreeta. Alao a large Baaeanent and Vault, NHk well lighted, anitablef or printing preaeua or any bnalncaa requiring ?inch light. Ala" to let, the ?u>re and baaement o# M. the fourth > 1"ir of 33, and the alitb Kloor of 211, 31 and 33 Beek rimi vtriet. The moma on th? at nth floor eummunloate with each other. Apply to J Ad. CONNER 4 0ONN, ?raw of Centre and Reare atreeta. rLKT OR POR HALE?A COUNTRY COTTAQB, OON txjrlrg fmiryfn rnomv, with coach bouae. excellent gar den, A< . >n all about fl?? acrea. Tie houae Va aurroanded with the hf?t of fruit; location one ef the heMthioat In the town <if w iwichener; more ground can be bad If rmalre<l Inquire of .U MJlH CON NRK A SON*, corner of Heaile and Centre .treeta, or *f JOHN morrison, W illlaaiaOrldge depot. TO LET OR POR PALC-tT II\RTIN(lt?, 20 MILES from New York, on the fjnd?>a. a large maaaion Houae, la compute ord> r, a api?nrild alte for a 11 rat ciaaa boarding houae, ci.mrlct- ly furi.l>he , furniture lor ?ai". Por par ticulars rail at T J. CHOWKS'H /took*tire. CVJ Broadway. TO LET OR POR BALE?NO. .1# WBi?T PORTV SIXTH atreet, near Fifth avenue, a law aud complete four atory brown at ue llouaa, la perfect order. and with immediate pweanlon. A P. M ANN, No. 04 Wail atreet. P> LET OR POR NALE?THE OCEANIC HOHHE, with about twn acrea of land, on Coney laUniL ln<|U,re of D C. WIN^LOW. No. IICuori aireet, Urooklyu. Tao LET. OH P?)R MALE?TIIK THREE MTORT HRICK 'fouae and Lot, No. 71 Eaai 1' ft rat air.-at. ala* the two atorv Cottage Nm 74 fcaat Kortv flrat atreet. between Pnurtli and Lexington nvenuea Aiao. for aala, the t?.> atory br<? ?lon?eand Lot, 179 f'aat I wenty aerenih atreol. In quire ?if JOHN CASK, 17V Kaat T?euiy aev?ntb aireet. flMi LET OR LBABB ? THE THREE MTORY AND 1 attic Houae, lifl Mulberiy atreet, near Broom*. 26)45 feet; liti* high baM'inent and light. dry under cellar gaa throughout can be aeefc >?.wecn 2 aud 6 P. Si., apply on the iT?ml?ea. mo LET OR LBaHB?THK RAsEMRNT ROOM. IMS JL Proadwav, auilahle for a flrat riaaa reauiurant. I nature of .r. t AMI-RfcLL, Jr , Paclfle Hank. mo lpt or leahe-a small, mat two htort 1 atllc and baaement brick dwelling Honae, In Commerce atreet, near Hudson. tiWaaniitly situated and mltable for a email 'aniily .krrnt $.'i7J,'p<m?e?alon In mediately, and oliclntb nnd < arpeta <nrw laat May; for aaie If deaired Addivaa A B Z , Herald office r) LET OR LEASE?THE two 8T<>ry a.VI? ATTIO brlrg llouae Ml Watta atreet. to a deairahle teuani; It wlil be lea>r<l on faroralile t? nua. Apply at V7 Water ilmi r LEASE?THE FRONT an1> REAR H'M'HR. NO 110 Elizabeth I'r-ft, wall calculated for a aaloon aad beard ing houae or for a atom Apply to UAO. 1>BAN, MA Bowery. Kant $7M) rLBANE?TlfP, EX1RWS1TR MAN 17 PACT* A/NO l'remlae? 2? and M Wooa'.er atreet, wel: Hghtcd, aad oom I prltea alionl 2A,W*> a<iuare feet of fluonng ArP'T ?" Major I THoMPHON.r Wooeier atreet. npo LEAPS?CORNER OP THIRTY PI RUTSTRBET AND J hrim<**av. a '.Mriff plot of Orousd, for m nr*t ciaaa Uvery at'ible, or wnuld Iraae for *"iur},nif",.rt??**" lo a good tenant. Inquire of P. M. LANtJT'>R. SO Weat PUir ty flrat ?tr-rt. coal office. No agent* n?ed apply. riMi i.tAsT-rmT three sTt.Rv Hooml three 1 rrxmia deei?, >a lit Meat Twelftn i'iwI, auh or with out Mantel and i'lcr iliaaa- a, uaVIng gaa cnand- licra and fti Itirea Oaly pfirate famlllee need aptily. The h'^tiat. will b? painted. Inquire at 71 Weat Thlrtaenth atreet, near Ruth avenue. riiir~LE.\?i: POR A term op TEARS?the iippbb Hlori' a nf the bnlldlng No 8KJ Broadway, opnnalte the Metrn|a I an Hotel, now oia upled by C. I> Fn ?IrtrUa daguer I roan noma; alw a flnc ha-ement tn rent In the aarn* build lug. Apply to J H. I'AKMELKlt. V? Kniadwa*. or BRAD LEV. Hi.TCH1N8 A Co., 42 K>iat Kuurteenth atreet, I'nlon a.)uare. THHO RENT-IN IKMPT C1TT. \ THREE *TOBT AND baeement brick Hmr with hal'i, gnu, hot and c.,H ealer, c rncr of Harrow and Brgh. ?tre- U; rent. 412a. Alao, In Ornnd ?tr?et, near Karn w, two two aioty and baaemeot brick II. <.a?a, with gaa and watar d tiie haaeutent, rant, %.'!> "arn. THO RENT-A BROWN ITONE FRONT HOl'NB, flRBB ?toi lea, baaement and aub^ cellar, gaa and water. No. .'Wi lienry >tre<t, near laagraw, Mrooltijn. Apfly ft ?>' 'HN JACKfON, aiore lpj Pnl on at real. nTt , or ffKNBr WHIN PIBLO, -ai Nitaaau atieet. N V. THirhNrTr^B TEaRf LEA1E. ^ITM CO KNANTB I m will ho ffiTfri of whlliiiriti, TM? r*hinh?^ pr-?p#rty. nf BiWiyty. t<> foon t? o> rj'iw ??/ Ni*tnr?), off*rn % rurtof^onitfittf in capita tint* ami tmsld'T# Miwm of lAantnfK f?n<l iTi:pp??T|pg ihf bfRt location til tla vicinity, ror Wiiiih apply to A. JH. LYo>, ? Wall itrrf^t, rpWRNTY fOt'BTH sTRtfT, NEVR EltlHTH AVE 1 nne -l i nrr iwrt cf a four atnrr. high baa-mcnt llouae, to let. wtb uaTof raaflit'irea, bath room and wa-htnM; at* n < ma, beaid<-a front haacment; goo.1 Tnrd and neightK-rhood. Apply) lvtaecr I and & at/Mi ? eat Nlnetacntb atreet Befa reucea eschaaLgrd.