Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1861 Page 5
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! MOVEMENTS OF MR. BUCHANAN. EX-PRESIDENT BUCHANAN IN BALTIMORE. tiALtiitoaa, M*rcb 0, IW1 Kx-IYdttal (Buchanan left bore Uu< morning f >* tiome, qbcj.'W by the Baltimore City ooiudb. Ibo turn out lit very Out). RECEPTION OF Si It. BUCHANAN AT LAN CASTER La*caswb, I*a. , March 6, 1361. I Mr. Buchanan vu received this afteruoou by a largo ooocour&e of people. Tbero wan a One display of military, Ud the civil mid military procassioa wun devorai uquareH ta length The arrival of the special train was greeted by a national dilute mill Uiu rtaking of bulin. Mr. Buchanan via. accompanied by Mir* lUirriet I-ano. Miss llouy Parker, the Major and City Councils, tho firemen, j I'eocibit* b&d Jackson Rilieti, and a large delegation from the country. Ou Uu< iroottwn reaching Ceuti j squire *o imiaeiifiO crowd was lound to bo col to cto<l. 1 Mr. I Yet ton then, on behalf of tuo Baltimore City Guards, tuuidod air. Bucoatan over tj Mayor Swilersoa, who welcomed him. Mr. Buciianaa responded substantially an follows:? Old Nsiuhhokh, FTukmjh and Kaixow Otub.v.v?I lav'5 not Ui^uugo to express the footings which awcli my hesjt on tliia oc< anion, but I do moat oordially (hank you for tliis beainnstrat ion of personal ki-'jiinewfi Ui aji ol. man wUi/ corned imi'k to you, two long, to lay hi- bones at red wita jour fathers. And hero lot me mi} , that having vutu-u annost every clime tiudor tho sun, mj beert has ever turtod to Lancaster aa thx spo1 where I would wish to live, to die, and U> bo buried. Wheny ct a>oung uian,in tar remote Kmsia, my heart was stul with your lathers, n> iru-ndt. and neighbors, in good out Laroster, unci although 1 liave always boen true I to you, I have not bt*n ho: do truo to you tu? you have to rae Your tamers took mo up when a young man, and loeteicc aad chtu i*>neU uu tnrougn mail; lung years. I All ttofce ha\c pu*t?<d awn*, and I etand bCoio you to day to a man living in the second generation. 1 foal, with a11 xuy boon, th ough u> tuo midst of posterity theso hods are maniteuim^ tne game kindness whwn their fathers would have done had th?y lived to thi3 clay. General iols of mortal men rao, Kink and are forgotten; but the kindness ol tli?> putt gonurilion to ta<', now so conspicuous In their B"i.s, can never bo forgotten. I oome borne to paa> tho r<m?iuior of my days among you as a good citizen, a faithiui friend aud adviser to thueo who neod advice, and a benofaotor to tin) widows and tli<> fatherless. (Loud applause.) Ail my political aspi rations have deputed, all 1 havu done daring a souicwUat ' protracted public lue has pasted into history. U 1 have done ought to utlcnd a tiiogio citizen 1 now B:n cerely u*k his pardon 1 close by relating a s<<ntiraunt dear to my ht*ai t:?Cod grant that the constitution and Union shall be perpotutl, and continuo a shield aud pro ' toction to oum-lveb and our children loruver. Mr. Buchanan retired amid onthumoatlc opp^usc. Ho ; then resumed his carriage, and was escorted to Wlieal tend. INTERtSTING FROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. WAHitiNuroif, March 6,1801. WO rn>tSC.8 OP TO* taVAAT. The Navy Dopartmunt this morning rocclvod dospatchus ' from Fla<; Officer Montgomery, dated i'anama, February 24. lie states that no Intelligence had been received from , the miaslng ship Levant since his last communication to ( <h? department. He had not heard from the Wyoming, eont lc scarch of tho aNsent vcsjx-1 He still cntortauu hopo of yet hearing from her. With the exception of lnfiuouzi, which has been vory prevalent during the U3t ten days, tho health of the >fficers and crew was good. Three ships of the English squadron?tho Rxchsutfl, 1 Termagant and Mutme, the former bearing tho flag of Rear Admiral Sir fbomas Maitland?are at I'anama. There was no political sews of importance. Allaire were quiet. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. AirlTH of tike Puny JCxprcM. ' Foot K&aainr, March 0,1861. The pony expnb.- paA-txi bere at throe o'olocs this moriiing. The lo lowmg aio tbo adrtcev: ? Kan Fraxcukx), Fob. 10?3 .40 P. M. Arrived 18tb, sblp ?'kyla/k, Now York. Spoken por i3k)lark, October 30, lat tuae 4 dog. nor-li, Ion, 28 deg WOj;t, the Gfcip .->yron, from Boston for H?u Francisco; ut I tbo same time she ha* another ship, supposed to be the Lockout, from New York for riau Irancu'oo. Sailed oa the 19ill, ship Moonlight, Ilong Kong, ulna $140,000 feet of lumber, 6,000 flunks quicksilver, and $157,000 in gold nod silver, aim 400 UixxiattMl (Jhiuumon's romaiits. I Tbo, abip uroia ou (until gfout ot tbo harb<>r, on the 16t0, drilled ou Hlorm m awl temuloed thore Bono bo .s. t?he utm mturnou lo it.e harbor, and proviug nji to be mmb oaiu'g>-<>, wiJi soon sa i for Kngi- od, with a cargu ot gra.n unuisturboa. ehe Lou a narrow earipu o bung a cocip oil- ,o.-?. ihere is u tuo< crate bi sin -ss doing by Jobbers this fhr. Vliii week tbo market is pt ra&ijrf uva active Uuui during tbo pMt week, and yrteeB u>o without change, except to demesne produce. ilieio have liwti baiea of oU^OO sacks ot wheat f< r '"Xpert ;it 11 90 a (i V6, with soibu mi higb ae $2 Muuej m buoyant to iiay at 1 a 1*$ per cent.. 1V>-t!ierr?w s truajure umpou'ul wui do light. [hiring the present #t?k Fori Point, at tbo ^uirtnce of tiau traiitisco hdiln.r, hae boen occupied tor tbo tlm iioic by L'nuM Mauw t. oops. The tfuprwtro Court, tn tbo cc?e of Fremont f Floreri, flaa oecwed that the hosier ot IJul.eU ->tites pal-ma and lands under tLe Udxican graut p0Mc.te06 all i'jo prmiooa metals contained 10 the iauur,. The Governor has sent i? IU0 I/egsiaturo tho number of tisecj-wa id poss-e-ion <1 tr > SUt??ot uig b twoon 4M) and U4> mafituis, shot gr.m an l ritlea, generally out of repaid From all parts of itxo ?t*to fbvcrab!o accourts nre re oetved if tbo planting operations tbisseasou, tbo breadth of land aowu in wiioui mu. a gio*tcr t.rna Uot yoa.-. The Legislature has done nothing important thn week or the s< >iatorul q?"t:? u Aa ul'tmco b?n boec lor mod btlween the Hn'Ckinrti ge and a |*Kt'oa tf tho iKiugiv Jt-I&ixrals. Filly avoot tbiiSo iuduiuuiu ui< t in cauoua tn Ntcrnaieoto la^t rhoj wcro tar<w l?'ne than a majority oi tbo h gi^Uturo, which b>a tu hotb boiiaeu 116 mjfnlitrii. lubiou movi men t u a tutor ut lx-u Tt-r. and hm friends expert a nu>t?nal incrca?<" to tni fua on di'inocraliu sU'-ugtb. It l? apparently aoont an even cbarce that i<o oleuiion can laku pweo talu sea oa, sr, alter nommuti/ g a Biotkiorl'ige houglaA candidate and an rppujU.on iDiigUe iopuoiti^iu candidate, tberc in dmigw cno coititior party w.b bine a major.ty of the Msrato and tb<- other a iliuj >rlty of .ho Assembly, so that bo joint convention can Ou called. The poc> eipnstt oaten received from tbo Atlactle, SUu?, via Fort Kearny, are to the 6th of February, with <icota/ lowb oc i Je t'mou quoction. AU cltesea ot people in san Franclsoo wl'.l jota in a Union eel"brat .ot on tho ?^<l. IIusuiOm will Do gcacr?lly Bum?cdf?t Tue sti'liner Panama, from the North, bring Victoria 4a-* to tbo Vtb of l>conutr> . &nd Ongoo the 14th. Tli? British uolocuti A?K^mh!y w,u? pr.irogned by th<> <.over#or on ib- 6tb < ( Febi miy. iho pi . -e of c own t.-unin w to bo reduced to four shll lincfi and two pence per m m. 'I nr-io had been sect mn troubl s at the Itock Croe'< rnitief, about the collect ton of dutlea. At liie riirni kanu>vn mined provisions wiJTO scarocond the Wcatbel very coid. The oews from t??ei;oo la of very little importacoe. t;old li'ui been oi*c >vere(f in the -tpolm ixiuntry. The tsr.Mii dinturb.inces previnirjy rfiwred to proves jo be more tnau ? It* pxtty tbetts. i?r tUo 18th, the balk Oomct arrive t frot'i the Sandxich I;i...ud?; Imr a>iviceu are to tbe 4th iu&tant, ouly four days la tor than prevKiuhlv adv.he>? Tbe I??! aay* that tb" r-' ir rron y: t ' . in Oing u-tsome In irom Hawaii audiCawil It noticed ail-1? jf Ift 000 pa* kjges b? 8t quality tor uhlunuttt at 0 *0 Molai cea is betjiriOing u> come tu In groat quaut-ty ?'aios of *m*U lotr, at 'Ate a Itta. The fensnsof IHcy) nb.n i a .t'Treurxof the citlvc JKipu latH'B, na e lcr>3, ot 3,9116, and an inc.<-aho of foreign population of t ,Ws, Tbr Blew Nttfrin Mall. IsiuwKXi'Kvi-K, March 5, 1801. Vue ??v.nui F? mail, w.lh aalcs to tho 18ti> ult., itrriVJd to di.y ?m time. CVionel ilall an'! Mr. Plow art, r< nlr.-?ton? on tbe route, oaine lc with it. Tbe7 report t.nrmcsw in N 'w Mexico aa '.wlrrmeit dull lb?> nay tbit her- alior tlie rug liar tnps of this mill will be ma.V, ;ia tno dangern from tu 0:nr.s are not now apprebi'iid*d rbey lejort ..\tr< meiy c< id weather in r?nia ^?, ;uid tbat mora ua w f ad 'atK ri 4b?n was ever known b"fo e. Large number* ot Iniivufl wore wr, at Fort Vr is but Were lOlifoiy Iricn if ibUrnel i/mtig, of tbe fntte.1 atater Arr~y, who li tn take c crin on ??< tli C> i--?.tin ? t <rf >..w .Vniy, and ^avxl M. Wnltlrg, I'irMn iM f <?f r>n?ita K.J, nre mi* ut ?, an 1 will li?\e l> uex l-niir < rntl. Mjere la no olhor nuwn of .ut- lest. Mew Jersey Lraliiatarc. 'i'k.mmn. Mare.b 9, lw'91. Join! nii ' tlng of tbe . I'l- .n 'O t .1.' |tf ?? t > rn ir row The M'l.dioser, and 1,'nloo "u> Iroel bill passe tbe Ho is t* tfar by a vote of ;<# to 1? it ?.,?<* adv ?caN-t hy tho Cairt-en un'i Aoib y itaiiroHil Corn >atiy, for tbo r"'-.'>~ hat it would e>t' ml thoir rim.j fro.o ?Mmb ^mb iy to lue ? 'misoti ilvcr. it was oppoiHii by the Now Jersey llail- j ui Compiuiy. e Pru wton and MJitUwo Rn'troitd blU how aU> ? the House Kir*, tn Ihwtgn, (Mwkmi, March 9, 1161. ikr" O'Jt Id I on nc iloek tb<s morrurv. hot wua i*tied. Bar ohm i) Jk I'bililpH hav and fur tug?d IWJO ??r <100 in*nre<t tn tbi. a>mmo' ilfea' hnokr t.ira Suttrfrd to the amount (I in the American I t lisng^ lifflco, New ?' t?n?*> aid toy atO'S w:t* ium ig.Hi ahi'nt the i.ii k 1 ill Ice, tbe losa on khu b'llniing ?*t llerlln, W I*. Mii.w^i'km, Mart hfl, 1W1. H''i'ln, 4Tui., this rnorriMiir, i 1 iThars \ Ad rows, Kmiz 'h i. ? nf Mr Koj. fB" l< -- is Mil,000 the lusuraecM octi;; HEWS FR01 TDK 8T1TK CAPITAL. The City Chamber!*!* to Have Another Mtaklxg I'p? Both Htdu Claim to Hwl<i the Hiakliif Cw-da?'The New fork Pwt OJttce si?t?Who Han Out the Ku u?jr Tliat Ha* lie? n NabKrlbed Vbe %ew I'liant- of the Fight Against the (VnUaJ Park?ilB)ttbrr Big Mrtieme on Foot-Non*halale Italiroiul ? Pawnbro. kiri?Hlaai7 and Hupp'* Contested tan . Ac., Ac,, >U. AutairY, March 6,1861. Tho putties crgaged la the City C ui>berla:n coutro vers; arc ft gain n &ktag their appearance, roady for an other ho? to in tho Senate on that bill. This Is one of tho '-big things" of the im'Mioo, and those politicians ?ho we t?c.\tou* for an accommodation at the Shoe and Ticatbor JUuik. tuo aU Itktug side* for Stout. Thi only *ri;'itrif nt that car possibly bo usod on that Bide is a Hoiflah one. Tbey huvo no regard whatever for the truf Uitereeta of the city. Ii is somen hat umutiag to hoar tho arguments that are umxI ou both sicca in favor of Stout. Tho republican politic.toi working for Stout asaert, when tulktng with republican -<jtator?, that he U a staunch republican, and It is therefore tho policy of the party to go for bfefc, The democrats in his favor assert that ho Is a Grm and un flinching democrat, and it is tho polic> of tho democratic Senators to go for htm. Stout must be one of those persons that is everything to everybody, and have somewhat of an elastic conscience to on&ble so many views to be formed of his politics, especially by those who elaiw ?o be intimate with him. I understand that it ib the ifitobtion to give the matter another shaking up in tho Senate to morrow. Both Bides aro confident of win ning this time, bat 1 am of tho opinion that they stand Just where they did at the last poll at the question?that is, provided the Senators are oil present. A Urge num ber of fonators aro in Washington looking after fat oflices, and they may not be back in time to participate in tho conugt. There is no mistaking tho fact that a mujortly of tho Senators are oppose 1 to turn ing out Devlin, against whom there lias not been the first mora raised as to his quaJlucation for the ofllco or in tegrity; but owing to some mysterious negotiations with person-i now inter*stod tn favor of Stout, some of the Senator? dare not speak their ami minds, but are held in tho grasp of tbeso lobby men by thrusts of exposure, thus effectually having a warranteo deed of the Senators, which tbey trans'or juat itn their interest may be, and, unuor the threat, make the Senators toe the mark. This in a lamentable fact, but nevertheless true as tho Gospel. It does not extend to but few members of that body, but enough to control matters when tho vote is close. There may yt be some rich dcrclopemeuts in this matter. Tne political 8p<-cii,ators ami the old stagers in tho third bouse are working liko beavers for Stout. Let us see whether the UiterenU of Now York city or this board of operator? will sucueed llio bill to owrrtlrm tho sale of tho Now York I'ost Of fice ww moved ahead leu-t evening. The lobby have, taeroloro. apparently got matters tholr own way on this job, which is oppouoj by a majority of the citizens of Now York, and has been remonstrated against by the Comtcoii council There is one of the bi?gcet jobs in thin matter of any bill before the Legislature. The African lies in the arrangem >nts made, immediately after the pufisage of this bill, to force upon the government a por tion of the r?ar buildings at an exorbitant price. If the government take tne Dutch church there is not a man who known anything about the position but will admit that it is not large enough for tho wants of tho city, and that additional room must be purchased. Let this act bo conl'rmed, and the members voting for it will dad in icfao than two years that there will bo a bill again.-1 tho government Tor from two to three hundrod thousand dollars. Facts have oomc to my Icnowiledso that fuCf iT.iPUia ftlft In m&kihg this assertion. There have beer Eomo very angular movements aoout the lobby, and a tew secret arn;ag> meni8, whon made public, as tlioy surely will be, w ill not leave eomo persons pretend ing to be bonent in a vorv favcrablo light. ) notice that a certain class of mombois who last winter arrayed themselves against tho interests of the city of New York ou the West Washington Market bill and tho city raihouds, and were to be found voting precisely as the lobby desired them to, from tho fli-st to the last, aro now leading olf in favor of this bill. This, with other cir cumstances. clearly point.! to the fact that if this bill Is piiPB'-d, wben the l/'gibldure has adjourned and the mem bets naih their homes, they will <lnd that their acts will he criuclKeu and this bill pluced in tho Hut of cor rupt meusure* of the session preclsoly tho same as tho Wi*t Washington Market and the Gndirou of last winter weie. Your correspondent has tn his pofworslon a letter from a geithman of high ctandlug in New York, eta.tug that a friend callcd upon ban to subscribe to carry the bill through tho legislature, statiug at the same timo that the pro perty ho.tie.-s in tbo vicinity wore subscribing freely, and that ho bimseil bat subscribed tive hundred dollars for that purpose. The writer of tho letter referred to is a per' ou well known by reputation, at least, throughout the t-'tate, and is not thy of attention. Now, then, we afk. when-lias thut money gone? Somebody must have seen ii. A peihi.u ni<iy not always bejustlilnd instating his suspicions or all tb? tacts !n his knowledge u|?on such mat trs: but no pereon could have watched the movements of certain (urtles here without being ablo to guess at some things lX'V< topemootf in regard to jobs relative to New York c '> mstuirs aro biooming (pilto numerous. One of tho hist of 'Lew baa come out through the appearance of H. 1). Ci*pp. one of the commiitsfonerafto appraiso and esti mate tbo \ aluation of tho property known us the north era exto sion of the Centra* i'aik?me of tho boldest pluixletu'g scheMOK that lias o.\hlbttod iu' hydra h- ad tn the city of New York oute! It or tho Common Goudc 1 As a *i>ecimen of the mode of their asserting tfce vilue of tha' 'and, one gentleman who owned a lot tha' he hw' previously paid mo hundred and twonty Sve doiiars for, found, by looking at tho valuation, that they ba' placed it in tho l*t at one thousand two huodiod and fif ty dol.ars. So confident was he that they hud mad - a midiako. that he ai-ked if the one before the two h-iB .r<*d aad ilfty wns not a clerical error; he was clearly of tlio opinion that two hundred and ftrty was all that they intended to allow him The whole job wat of that nature, so much fo that universal denunciation was expt esr?d in all diroitions. Clupp is t/Ow here, with an assistant by fhenanr of Ei|i?t, to work through a bill te glvo tbo Board cf Su f*rv?? b thu power to appo nt oommirsioocre for the Central Park, and U. reduce the number to six. He hopes, u he gets that tt roi gb, to secure the appoint ment of Kuch a commiaHion as will Insure the acceptance of bis northern estens<on job, which has been rejected by the preaoot Board, and also hrougbt by th.-m in the< ?urt?. To carry out ih? plan, the nf irtr i,d Clapp has nude sundry promisee to pt-a .'ua here tbait the v st?Ul be api>oint?*i (Jomnitsr.ion en;, and also tickUd t'ae fancy of ceruin memoirs with the idea of a large amount of patronage when the present ?.ffl'"iai?aro sent off. More lb tu on? menibor of tl'o loboy tiuM been toaon to bciieve that thcro are nice pickings in that arra!ig>-tn< r.t. Inst w inter tb re were all Warner cf charges of cor niptx'D ma>in ugainrt tuo Central i*ark Cot.-iiniMloRers. Tho Senate appointed an it<vo?tiratuig committoe, who spent weeks o\%niii.irg wilueses, aad found thai the luoet cf the matter cumo from men who liad been Htt -mp'. ng u plunder the public, and liad bo-c difiuharged by tho GxnmtMto&am, and that Ihc whole ery aroaefrom disr^poir ted and d;-aite.t/d pirti s Th. light on the O-ttral 1'tjk here thje w ater is irotn precisely the f*nio cau^io. The only diifiroaie Is Its appear ance in a difTori-ct nuartcr aud anether eet of men, but wveral of the eld heads a'o in tho back groutd i rg'Ujt trcm oo Thu bill to authorize the supervisors to appoint rhr Ciimmisrkin rs meann tho Central l*arfc extension, an l a ' wli*i voto for Hint bill will be looked ufw by h-p ?lf- -n N?w York .?s attempting to force that tit farsons scheme npon thorn. The subjoct Is to be broog'it up bofitr<< the (Jocimitteo on Utties and YiUogoa this rnoon. AiiOtticr bill lo lnoorprrate a bagrve Si-*eri*t!on o< Niw Voft und Mrooklyn hss tnwle its ap|? iranc-?, ar. I K.ntiies f\ bOK-itilul CiituhimUittk oi ram on ludeel?? cti t ? of tuou who, it u Mid, .-ire r^p,?iins ail bills? hut new cone to ink > r.e for tb>'ro.v'frc?. Tlio names ar j ,m fell* w? ? JMJb I - Docge, Ooorgo W. Norrts, John J. 1're liey, Chrinan iAmb, ?i<x>rgo Clemens, Nicholas l imctid^ Hubert M.'.ckey, Wili.aai V Brown, Ibirwie Joni?, .trim N K<yn>l<1s, tel. flarer, H. *! ? ill iitory stable men?ot least, so unletstood here. W?i liavo now about l.J bills of tbi." nf4ure In Albany. Ibo vo gr ot certain privileges to the vjutb Side K... ? Ml pii.?. d tne llou?o thir'n. iriung. and w.ll soon be ? en', to fbe liovcrjx r. Aithia ii B rf ??n'? bill we wonder if tho Governor will pit tne foot upon it to retaliate ivvn It- r,r-'a for t>tt f'^rht ujiod hlr. i ire.iencv in tlie br'clt f se over 1 iocoIh Who .now* but Uiu we ?b*l! havo ..nother 'rrepre ?.bio convict, and havo tho ejntlemu: ? Ik lav-rlbg ? with .wotb-'r euterwm.n,- speevh 00 tho brick bou ???, or ih<? man w bote name 1*? uai es not Tv-nf ca under tlio rule?. '.he hill reg . si.tig th i bus jicsa of ptvwnbrokmg in this .'tile, wb/.l' has It ite fiutd/os great-r pr itertim t<> tne p?^r fwfie, and providing that the pawnbroker shs'J not" directly or (uuiroctly charge over twelve per cj nt itc |>"r ar>n im, is being p'i?h>>d forward by a stroug e <n>t)kCiitiOti iu the IIouhi', mi it Is be hoped, for tne 1 o.itt i f t ^at (/.i*B of p op.e who are o>itnpoiiod by cir ? '0 toTK' . to niorl ttiert for OIIPIStH loe, tU4t no cilor jt if Hie lt bhy will prevent US iwtennge. in tbc Uu ?<?) and P piwi eorU-sU'd ease for the fVjurtli tnibly district of tie city of Now York, Misan. f inch aid Ctrbsali '.n;i'>d >a fst r of (lop.rn, and 1;. j-ih he.-"%n sud I''" ? ir favor of k nuey, the sitt : < Member, but hef ire tn> nc'i n wrut,Wki-n upoo the sul>* jecI the lliMihe t K'k urmt'i iinti' uv< niig. tit t,rotifer it new hero, and in ivmpultaticu with ?:< ISIIIS'"oruing. t l? ? Ilder 'ti**.'th it tbiiy are prrpi' n, a ""J1 rt ib rrf^r-uc.' to tlio Peace C.ii\ecttoti, wntofi ! iu,' wil" publish. It vt*pl?-. Dudley Kieldiaooej 1 ruble 11 jht, ?n i nbow I 1 real poeltliMi ef ttnf p Dtic man tj) reprceentattre'it New Yoik otty la the Ounvtn tlO'l. It hot leaked out that W*<d .- rem'.iwtng in Washing t< ? to urge -?*,ard to *ttlidrrvw from the Cabinet ?Htaf poition of the reortblieaii pirt" cm f 'er that l ineoln luu" placed him i" the han-'s of the r?dl wis, and wt/b to tbrrw the respoti.tibilily all upon th?m. A strei-g eflort is being made ipitotlj W htvu Mr. reward vnth driiw, but it is tented by Ue-m that h s love for tillloe will h'e U*> ?tfcn< for tbeir -ipp"- .Is h' re IB It n'ee little row brewing. It is said that Weed portw' with l.inooln itro tinns, determined B< t to mo httn egaiB, p?flted hi" truek c:tch timo, am* w*s fibmit to Btft t for liom', when a miwnger c true from J .if e In M.-kiii.' ?o see him. T)ie ItadroiMl C>mmrttoe hold another mreting this ar teroi^n, aiitt bub .tin c?l ihenti>< Ivoi. u> t aei e ^s to b -r cov ir/ceMuns tn r Hard to tlio m vtsur- "lie frirad ot th'.< mil were prrretd. but no one Kpp'-ar'iur to argue ugainot it, the subject was p fltpor.od nr.Ml tomoi 'o* , ?ir '. thr r rr.antu<. Uh* tip the I'turd Avenue and Korn i.aAi a.bood bill, whu b is so a r.< ti'luoi.t tc Ui? > st [ t'urnM bill l*st winter. It provi',* fbrlayte< a trwv over tae New Harlem BHdgs at the Mm oai ot 10 ? *l?.rd Avccue Ilailroad. Messrs. ttoliomuu ?ud ttatbgato ?I'^ued fcsaluht tb? bill They we-s not opposed to Build 'W a ruwl il Uiti Mrt of WeUcbeiWr county, but u> the uiouc of doing it, uud u^auisi cruising ttia briig . Mcftifffl. Rogers, Blrd?aH ami (.'Limbers argted In favor ?l the bin at tuuch Ict'gtu. It wai postjuood unlit next work, on Tuesday. Mesfr? <:iapp and Elliot wore before the Cities and Vil lage,! Coc mittce on tbe Central Park bill, but bad other per mobs to advocate their whom 9. Hlioi one of those who purcbAMvi a iargo amount of real eaute woeo the an tt<*K.rH were piacitig a valuation on U?<< prapertr, for tUo purpose of mai.u>K a big tiling out of it racy claim to n'ght four 01 tho committee in favor of their toagni Cfvpt swindle. Ihe \ out v. is taken tiilp evening on the Hoppa and Kiiney contested ca?ti. Mr Kinney *a* declared entitled to bis HMt by a veto of HO to 6. The arcularios and uouu-ted cawe was then token up, and, alter a sho.t djacwbion tmther consideration was passioned until neat week?Friday oveotug. SKW YORK LKtiULAjrvUK. AiMaibly. Aluutt, March 6, 1M1. Tbe bill to amend the act authorizing the formation of a corporation for manufacturing, mining onu moch&uical purposes was passed. The bill to protect the Croten Aqueduct from injury daring the progress of the work required for ltd com pletkm came up for the third reading. Mr. IUrd\ moved to recommit the bill, to retain it* gaoo among third reading billa when again reported. Tbe bill to authorise the collection of agricultural ate tistics watt laid on tbe table The bill to provide for reports from supervisors of towns was patfaoc. Tbe oontested seat case of Hopps agtlnst Kennedy was taken up as the special order. Mr. Finch argued in support of the minority report, la favor of Hoppe. Mr. Kbrsa.n arguod in support or the majority report, and the resolution that Wm. J. C. Kennedy m entitled to his seat. RVKKTVO 8KS8JON. The contested seat cawj of Hoppa against Klnnoy, un finished at the adjournment, was resumed, and aftor a debate the resolution of the majority confirming tV'm. J. 0. Kinney, the sitting member, in his seat, was adopted by a vote of 81 to 6. The cas? of McCabe against Areularius was then tjcen up. The report of the committee, with one exception is In favor of the right of Mr. Arouiarius, tbe sitting mein ber, to his s>cat. After a debate tho subject w.w; post poned till Friday evening of next week. 11 r. WoooRcrrr introduced bills to confirm certain pro ceodirgsof tho Now York Hoard of Healm, iind to pro hibit bank officers trom protesting mercantile paper. Mr. Waimi introduced a bill relative to the l ira Mar shal in New York. Mr. Coibiws movod that tbebiU incorporating the New York Eclectic Society be reported complete. Agreed to. Tho vote by which tho bill granting ccrtaln privileges to the South Side Railroad, Long Island, wnspaRrOd, was reconsidered, and, on motion of Mr. Bkcokk, tiio bill was Una on the table. Adjourned. THE EXPECTED EUROPEAN STEAMERS. S^xor IIook, March ??Midnight. There arc no signs of any of tho steamers as yet off thin point. Wind, a galo from the northwest, with saow squalls. Non-Arrival of the North Briton. PoRTLiro, March 6?11 P. M. No signs of tho North Briton, now duo with European intelligence to February 22. The Kauai Sufferer*. iammm, .March 6,1861. A mooting of the oommittoo of men and others from the country, numbering about two hundred and tlfty, and rcprt?entiD3 twenty-four counties, wus hold bero las night, and a aeries of resolutions were adopted expr?ss in?r tbe utmost conlldenco in iMKl I'omoroy and th otter members or tho general committee, fully endorsin the sjstem of distributlor adopted by thetn, and recom menoing all monyos and supplios for tho relief of Kansas to be sent to them. Thoy regret that cotiillcting mat<v ments have been sent from Leavenwortj, as they consider that it may have a tendency to stop tbe supplies which are yet po urgently needed, and cloeod with tho following resolution ? Kesoivud, That it is tho sense of thw meeting that in stead of gross exaggerations being made to Messrs. Hyatt uid I'omtroy, the mlsrepr(ventiUiua?i are justly attri butable to tho authors of tho recent dcti>atcb>?8 seat ftotr flilt Wc bavo also tho proceedings of n maea meeting of Jeflurron county, also endorsing Oen. l'omeroy and tho committee, und denouncing the action ol Homo of tho ciiizena of Leavenworth, who have endeavored to stop tho sbpplles, us thoy BUtc, by misrepresentations of a grots character. Forty-two tons of provisions wera shipped on Saturday for W> andot and Topeka, at both of which places full sup plies will hereafter bo kept, and thirty tons more were seni M et* rday and to-day to Uw aum - points. The e? tablinbtncot of tbewe depots will bo a groat convenience to tbe settlers in Ibe mrikwa and western parts of Kan sag. One hundred and ninety-Urn orders tvere received >enterduv and until nine o'clock this morning, drawn by difli rent local committees on tho (ienor J Committee. Tho rush lor a tow days has bocn tremendous, as the set tlors wisti to get their crop- In, and must have supplies and seed in order to do f*\ Hut little need wlioat, com pared to tho wants of the country, tias so far been re ceived, and it baj to bo diatributi-d in very small quan tities. Ithode Iitl*ml Politic*. Piutviuroics, March 6, 1661. Tbe Constitutional I'nlon and Democratic Convention* have nominated WliiUiin Spraguo for Governor, Jamusi C, Arnold tor lieutenant Governor, and tbo rest of the present State officers. Th?? arm cat* have nominated George H. Rrowo<) for Ooiigri aa irom the Western distr ct. No other OoogreMwaal coroiiiatkmp am yet aprnod on. The Conventions adjourned to the 13th. Ihe Republican Convention moots to-morrow Tbe Brie Railroad. Ki-miiu, March 0, 1^61 Tbe rivers and stream* alon* the fcrie Rsilroud have not bevn unusually high. No tiamage of any kind ha* iieen Hu*taib<-d, and triuns to all point* run regularly aai without obstruction. nomination for Coasreiim Hartvobo, March 6.1961. Tfc>> Democratic Ctonvontirn for tbo First Coii/re^nona. district mot today. A full attendance (113 delegatea) was present, the ilrgt informal ballot resulted:-. A P Hyde, of rollaoo, ?. Henry C. Iteming, Hartford, AO Tbo t-ceond ballot readied ? Hyde, 79. PemiDR, 82. Mr Iteming'* name wu tie n withdrawn, and Hon. Alvin P Hyde renominated. Ho was b-au-n by cmiy t!6 vote? at the last election. Charter Kleettons. Arwrav, K. y., March 6,1881. The charter cinotlon In this ci|f ytetordny r*u'to<l In ti.e tuccoss of tile oi tiro republican city ticket. George Buniphros, republican (And Mate for Mayor tianant Jortty of 608. flu la the largest republican minority over given in Auburn. Hakiitov, N. Y., March 6, 1861. The towns of Hamilton, Ma 'i in, K<u?n flsOfgewiwi and Brookitehl, in Madison county, oach elect republican supervisors. Ox#w*o, V. Y,, March fl, 1*61. At the charter election to-day Hon. B?rry ritshuffe, republican, waa elected Mayor by 3A1 m-Oority. All tho republican eity and ward on;.ere woro elected, except the Ovoreeer for the I'uor. The majorities show a r ?jjuOIiomi gain muico la?t fall. Lr*-KiT,i?r, K. Y.. Ma-ch 1. The charter election, which took place in thLJ vill igc yesterday, resulted in the < lection ->f tbe entire republi can ticket republican IratM wrc elected by average majorities of 120. l>. >. K. Y., March 6, 1M1. Tn this eounty?OneHi?thirteen democratic uil th.rt"?o ispublijac supervisors are eloctei. Nuawiui, N. Y., March 6, 1H61 IB Chentrgo oriunty tb? towm <? Norwich, IV Oono'jgh and Mnitliviilo sleet the democrat ? ticket, ani Ov towns of 0*rord, l'retiton, Guilford and Sbotbume e.isct tlu> re publican ticket. Oin wo, March 4,1861. Return* from ten towns .wd wr'.a in i?iw ?"> county phow a republican gain of (bur Supervisor* alnce laM year. Pori-H^KTH-Hia, March 0. lf.1l. Imtel#ns county elects thirteen republican and ten dem ocratic Supervisors. Home as last j oar. markets. TOTIiAbRLi'H> A STOCK BOAItn. IWuiiiMW i, March 6, 1M1. Steoks heavy Pennsylvania ! taio 6 *, 8?K; ??ading Railnad, Iftjf - Morrtstanai, M, !/*?* letand Kailroad. |o, I'enrsyivania K?.Uoad, 39\. t ight evchangaoti New Vork at par. Nsw 0* *<**,< h 6,18*1 Cotton steniy: *ej-n to day lu.000 ??leB at lie. a 11<? n>r middling, Mgar tteady at 4\0. a t%0. for tair ?o fullj fair. W'.in. cca. 2f* a 'JHr K'eight on cot ton lo Liverpool, ,d. l.ichaoge on J ordon, 4 a 6 pre mium tight do. on New York, \ dirooant to ptr. Mosnc March ft, 18H. Cotton?Bal'? U> day 1,000 baler. at IO^p. a l?Xc. for nil ldhaff. Iho ?aioti o the liuit lareo days foot up .'j^OO Dales, and tho reoeipts ft,000 baioe. n?'nwo*E. Marcl. ?!, 1161 flonr dull; Uowar<' street and Ohio at $*> :i.'?; City Kilir.ffi t:0 ealw. Whoat lirtn , rod, %i 25 a $1 30; white, $1 tO a $1 60 Oort atea>ly; nii?.?d, &&?. a 5Tc ; vol lew, ?'9e a 6le Provia^onH Nteo<ly-; me* ptrk, ftlT; Urd, V\c., cr Crm at l'2^c. a lte,| wbiilcey llrm at JOo. fmumumi, Mar' h C, 1W1. On'i',15. Wheat lerlinod 4\ a6c. .",0(K> h'Mit. red. ?1 SAa SI M wh'ta $1 :i6 a fl 45 Oofi dill. Coffee, U >40. a 13c Whi*k*j firm at lt*c. a li>^. CnrenmATt, March 6,1RCI flour vnry d-ill an i prlwp Irregular nm offered at |4 40. Wlnikey dee.iinirif. rales s: I4e. Mee< por in nicerato deni.MDd^it $17 H 117 3ft. lliiil(1in"itM active at asi^c. Baerm steady, lard dull and ttac^aagfC l^ight eschanRe on New \ orl-. ?'tea?!y at % premium. f/*st Saturday Or v. I etcli'T an l Mayor Mayo of R'i h mnnd. t"r"tber with seioral Members of ibe Virt'.nia ptaio l<egi-liitur? and Obnwntlon, paid a v'.*it fa I'ortroa< Mooxoe. Kvgrj o-n# puwei otl pieawiaUjr. THC WRECK OF THE MOUNT VERNON. Statements hf tbcCaptak u4 8hrr4 Hate What tk PRMi^ri Say -The PoiitSRa ami CMdHtoa or the Ship Chaaccs of CMttof Her Off Raugh Weather, **?, U, I loll Tma river at elgLt o'clock in tho uta^c for Tuck erton on Tuesday morning After at drive or the moil mouotonou - and weary dettcripi.on the Biago arrived a! Tuekerton about half.pant three P: M. Tho wreck lion

six mtlee Irom this village, out in the flea, at a pi ice called Old Inlet, In little Kgg Llarbor. Without halting 1 took a boat, and ran over to her in lo6a than two houre, before a whistling northwester, whiuh sent tho spray over the boat and tta crew in showera. The was run ning ao high that it wsa only with groat difficulty and eome danger that the boat ns mide fast alongside the steamer. The wrecking schooner John G. Roach was anchored parallel to tho unfortunate vessel, at a distance from her of about thirty yards, undone of tho steamers boats was busily engaged re ceiving the steamer's cargo and transferring it to tho wrecker. After informing thoso on board that tho re porter of the Nkw York Ukralu desired to roou board, explain Lay Held, of the stcamor, immediately had hiu ladder lowered over tho gangway, and 1 stopped froiu the dock of my 11 Voly littlo craft to tho moro steady oao of tho holpleaa steamship Mount Vornon. My first In qulry was If any ono had been lost, as I hoard on tho way that some aoven or eight lives were lost, and that the steamer waa going to piocas. It was gratifying to bo Informed, however, that this rumor waa totally ground lei*. Tho captain, without hesitation, gave mo the fol lowing accou nt of tho accident to his steamer and tho trip from New York:? Wo left our pier about half-past throe la the afternoon, on Saturday. Tho woather wus clear but smoky, and the wind southwest. At a quarter to twelve o'clock the same night, when tho thip wai going between ten and elevoa knots an hour, ahe struck. It was my watch at thotimo, and the socoud mato took my place. About half an hour boforo aho struck 1 wan on dock, and before going bolow, told him to keep hor a respoct&ble distanco from the lacul. 1 also asked him If the lead waa on deck, which wus an intimation that I deiired him to sound tho depth of tho water occasionally. When ?hestruck, tho socond mato ordered tho wheel starboard, ac1 stopped the engine before I could got to the wheelheuse. This had the effect of sticking her on tho bank, which sho migbt otherwleo have clearod. 1 then Ktartod her again, but she was stuck fast. We then put tho topsail on hor ana put her helm sport, tho wind boiag from tho southward; this had the effect of mereiy cauuiDg tho ship to wear u, cd and head north northeast, when she stopped again Thi<a ah" lay till the next day. In the moantime a ttg cf distress was hoiatod. Tho following day (Sunday), at ono o'clock P. M, tho wrecking schooner Ruth llaaloy came to our assistance, and helped us to run tho anchor off, but wo hovo It home, the anchorage being quicksand On Monday, with tho assistance of tho wracker, we oga-c Love our anchor, and, by helping with tho staam, wo succeeded In hofrllng tho steamer In twice the length of herself about Iwo o'clock Monday after noon. On Monday night ws again hovo tho anchor out, and again succeeded in hca\ lng tho ship in twice tho length of home If, and comparatively out of danger, for sho was now in smooth water, and more Into tho inlet. We would have brought her Into tho barber If the anchor would have held Its grip, but It would pot. On Tuesday morning, about ten o'clock, wo got assistance from tho John O. Roach, another wrecking schooner. She B" itod hor anchor near us and hjvo it taut. Aj? tho wind boon towards the northwest wo have not r.tarteJ hor to-oay. The weather lias boon so rough sinco wo ran ashore that we could not bring a lighter along sido. Wo however got her cargo out of the alter hatch and put it on deck lorwarj}, and at three o'clock thi* (Iden tity) afternoon w<> commenced transferring it to the wrecking schooner. It is an assorted cargo of shout ono hundred ions. The Mount Vernon is a ocrawswamer of eight hundred tons burthen, and piles oetween New York and Washington. I expoct to get her off and proceed on my voyap.o as soon as the cargo is taken out of her and tho wind change* ftom the westward. At present she doe? not leak any and in perfectly safe. TDK MATK'S STATEMENT. Mr. Webstar, the second mate, who wm on deck when the accident took place, gave the following statement:? 1 took tho deck at eight o clock, going the course of south sou' west steered that ootime until about nine o'clock, when toe steward cinrn on deck to the pilot house and gave me the oaurae of koutnwest by soutu by .he captain's orders. I steered that ecur.-w till half-past 11 I*. M., Jwhen the captain told mo |U> keep her off southwest by south. <>c this courso sho struck at a quarter before t wdiu o'clock 1'. M. Tho woathor was not foggy but ut&oky. tho captain was on dtck he asked mo If I had the lea l on deck? 1 told him 1 had, but I did not heavo it. He told tan la keep her a rospoctablo distance off tho ahoro. The Mount Vernon had only three past-ongers?all gen tlemen. They had nothing to add to tho niaiemonts a! ready made, but they fully oorrobcratod thuao of the captain ami the mat?*. They mont.onod, however, tn*t there was neither panic nor excitement whon tho ship ttrm k, and that good ardor has prevailed iovcr since. No'withstanding the statement of tho cap'-aln. tho etiamor doos lie in a \ ory dangerous position, and to me It would foem In. possible for her to get offuulins thoro Rhould occur a calm, and with It a high tide. If tho w ind I: lows from the wu>t it Is oil shore and the tide will not rise high enough to float her. If It blows from the north it will produce a heavy sea sgalnrft her Bids, which will i-hako her much ono shift her position a littlo ; if from the south ihe result will be similar, and if from the oast the sea will bo in all prcbabiLty w benvy that eho w.ll hoot, break up and go to plena;. Though site l-i grounded on a saxdbanV, It is so hard that with a heavy sea it would be little leua merciful to a ship a?hore on It than a rock would, and sha is so entangled in the bank that I can rcarcely mi any room for heping that she will evor leave it It is tho universal opinion atuooj; tho boatmon, wrecicro, ai. i otbor nautical men with whom I Lavs oou versed, that the ship will be a total loss. Lima fcoa It*.riior, March 6,1861. After leaving the Mosr.t Yeinon liv.t evening cur littlo boa', huuorwj 'or the village. A galo came on, however, which was alead wains i ue, and after beating about till mar midnight, drenched with Iro*en spray, wo wero oom;?U"d U> mal e for an .stand about three miles from when the unfortunate eteum>tr was lying. Hero we wer?- fortunate enough to find a homo and procure ro ftt*-l?BMvnU; and a rooir^t" sleep In. Meanwhile, the gale blew furiously from ttic northwost ail through tho night, and ool; nl/u-kod ur ulxv.t daylight. U also ?lufte<l iha l?siti<MiPt the WTM-king ncluv,nT alongside the steamer, ior sLo drifted w tern ef tho dli^llod vcsnel, and of course could bo of no use to her. The steamer remained, howi ,;>r, io much therams way at dayi'aht ac sho was in when I left heron Tuesoay morning, the wind wes still blowing stilly at live o'clock A. II., sa l as it wa.i ah al there was ooosidernolo doubt wlK'tlur our t>?t con Id rcach the vt'.lago. Fortu lately for us, howover. the breeze changed more to tho west, and we were "caol xl to m.J.o tho :l*?re and for ward this despatch. fhla d?y the wind norma to be in cretelnr again, and w matters are now tt-re la no lmme oiste pfai;i*e.l Uiat the steamer can got off the shoal, v<-hero slv> may, perluH>s, settle down m the Kacd. Tho object of fh^> c.i(*ain is to ^ct hor Into the harbor over ih" bar If possible, but th.a is only possible tn tho Bin?;lo ca*e tliat I bofore mentioned. kNo t.:gboat'isa yet cotne to anift the Mocrt Vemen, i>ne of her ownors, h^rrever, rcnched her at alx o'clock litis ( H< lay ) evening, it is a uUigular ctrcumstaiioe that the steam-r la arhora w.thin iftoen miles of ouo Ughthe j?? and six of aixMher, shd .o full sight of both. Toe M.-iiat \ jrnon waa Inn'trod for aln; it f.10 iQt) or S40.000, It is riald, and sh^ was worth ahoot i-'he W oa? year ol4, aad la built of wood. K? tofcotl reached the wreck sinco the accident occurred, nor any other aaftnabce tliua thitt ot tUa lirhters. h has l^een rug/rsted that if ho?piliea<in bail boon sent down to tho icHD*' sho might, with tho aid of tcr sUam l.ava bw>n floated ofl without dnlculty. Army latelllgenrr TVH :sKfl!OKATION OF 1.1 JILT. COl.. L,\T. Tb? d?lic?oy udMBMof propriety of thlidttUagu imtlomu, for **bo Hid? n a?nl?ir <<( tho tni!:t*rv faml fy of ton. ftoott, hare le?l hita to tender hi* roslgnatloo, (a avoidance of a di-Tercct dilomnia. Co'. La/ was aid to Gfa. Wm. O. B-itler, ind ?m by bia Bid > ?>"?? woutMMd in tho strootn of Monterey, lie joJirrt tho a-my of Seott nnd fl'Jod tho position of military aocrotary, vlmdilod to tLi grado o?" Mvr of cara'ry, ani waa prrsmt In tbo Ciiga.icm nU from Vot* Crux to th? capital. Tbe f?ar> oxpreaard of a Twfinj al of profit .on*! cosfidonoe, oa 111 part of Col. lay, are Ml'-and abmird (W. I Ay Is 011 a abort via.t to tbe city, and. wo urn!, rUnnd, U "topp'.r,; at UM m HUry ipimrtor t of?:??. fieott. BoomI, Boo- BrnM .urn um e ra - La ce< wquonso of the proeont flrtel*, tho *took of flio <'d Arm of D?rl>y .V Jackior., of Frond way, har, to l>o fold out at n moot ruinous KAc-lfteo. Tli* t* uot the ' nly ' -wo thnt w:M resiiit from tho dlaa?troua polz-y if Uio pr->mnt *<l ?rnJatrat-ca, nnfcmaom* radioil duagc bo > ')j;-t??:. nail? from til*- Afrit nn N'inadrnii. 8a<i UiiKw, 1.. I . M troti 0.1MU Tho whftllr.|t ?>?*& Odd Fallow hr* nrmort at th'B i*<rt brings rnaf! hipn from tb? Afrioiui oquarfrcn. "hoy *-ro wni to U< m Yiric thu> m<mli .?#. The Amrrlca Outwnnt llonail. TV?iTf-*, Varch H. 1*61. H" ftWnvhip Amerkn *i'! <l at tun* o'clock thto morao with flft^-u pouwugotn f"r Halifax u-d u ao ?? a for l4T<*rpooi H)>o t?ik<? <>at w>*|?>clo. Rcnlrmt of IHalli ( ommntotl. TR>o.Ti>f'. March e, 1*81. Ho Cbtrt today board tlio a, otlcnii <i of J:iwtm U. Po^toI, C. talk acd T. Runyoo, rO".'?H for U*l* dmbOTirPT iWOlOBOO ?ail IOXJBllted '? t?pr<JWU?0Ct (or ua. Political iBlA'Wfi'we. " Tii* tnuirui Kamvsm "- - V **? P*r?tfTM>h published in tha flrxAu> mi too 8th tt)t.,?* ,>,<vl '--"m ono of the hAsto>a journa..', staling thai Mr. ftmaaoa L?. Avery, tariaorly a repr<><t?titativa ia tho Couk octicut <*,;i.,.ature troia the town of Uroton, win in the 8?ct" 'K,n >?r?y to Penaaroia, wo arc Informed in inoorr#><fc "r Avery U noi now ncr never a a.: ia the ueconHion a ?' **?aKV C' laor any oih.>r piaco; us.llicr wuJ l?? a ,a rt>'' rw illative n toe Gouuecticut lipgialature. >V'ien ho r'preaentod tho i??m of <>r?Um ho wa-i bent-d>7 htooou 4tilUU:L> a.! au old lillu will#. Fwtarii Tiian t*.?A special purformaacj will lx? given hero to tight for a charitable object. "I/a 1'aurreB do Parta," a very ofTuctivO' drama up<-n which Mcwra Rot* cicault, K-ynmur, Goodrich and Wardeo foundod 'The I'our 01 Now Vo<k," will be given for the Ural tunc liore. Court Calrndar-Thii |)ay. fimi"K CfiDBT?I'art 1 ?Nob 1415 1417, 141?, 142? 14''6, 1127, 1429. 1431, 1433, 1436, 1437, 14:!?, 1441. 1446. 1447 Part II.?Nua. 802, 7W, 064, *?, M, 068 J72. flHO, US4, iWd Common Puss?Part I.? 1155 , 206 , 212, M4, 61, NW 03?, 640 to 646. 210, 4D7 1'iui U.?Nua. 610, SO, 1774, ?24, 627, 628, 528, fSO. &!1, .'.32, 883 to 537 strmau Ooikt?SneaaL ^kkm?Nob. Ib4, 2.127,168>{, 160, 163, 164, 172, 173, 186. 144, 182, 104, 'Jta to iOO*. ' lurn.?i'art I? Now. 347 635 633, 530, 3H6, 307,3677, 309. 648, 646,661, WV 671, 6M1, 613, 5M, 001, 607, ?>13. 1 art II?N'om 350, i'72,378, 420, 424, 430, 401', 431,430, 438, 412, 444, 440, 450, 452, 466, 458, M0, 166, 47#. Drawing* of H. Franco & Co.'a l>eLa ware Lottniw:? Boa. xi Ooostt?Cijju 66, Mart h 6,1861. 40, 76, 4, 23 , 78, 46, 16, 16 , 47. 32, 6. 29. CowtoUDATKb Lorruar?Vusj 33, March ft, 1361. 37, 74, II, 71. 29, 58, 10, 61, 45, 70, 61, 23, U. Circular* sent free of eharge b^ad^l^?fln^ ^ ^ Wilmington, IXiaware. Drawing! of the Delawart Stato l?t terlea.?WOOD, KDDT A CO., Maaagrra of the caLawins, kkmtuokt ikd aixoooai HT*ns lotto aia* DaLawaaa?t xTUA OLaaa 161, March b, ldBl 7, 6, 18, 60, 10, 36, 31, 38, 11. 2'i, 13, 4. OvuviKF?Ci.aM 161, March ft, 1961. 22, 67, 60, 3, 66, 61, 32, 47, 12, 10, 38, 61, 33, 68. Circulars containing acbunt*, with full particular*, aeat free of charge by addreadng either to WOOD, KDD1 A OO., Wilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOD, BDDT i CO., Hi. Louia, Miasourt Kapenacheld'a Nprlag Style of Gentle men'* Hata are now ready for inspection and sale at No. 118 ftaaaau street, 1861. Genln. 1891 Oram) op< genu' Uata, Grand opening of spring styles, Tliun*iay, March 7, for ita, boy'a and girlaT Uau and Caps. 613 Broadway. INrtl. White, tho Hatter. 1801. Omnd opening of apHug ttjlpa, Tharnday, March 7, for gent'* Mate, boyt' and glrli' Data and capi, -16 Baoadway. LadlM' imported Boot??Made by Kat? and other makers, at 91 60 and $1' it potr M. L HILL, 671 Broadway. llarnnm'a Advertlaenn nt aeta fOtth iuch a lint and variety of attraotiona that thousands ?nv drawn ihllhtr daily. Brooklyn Art-PhotographlC'-WlHlaiB' riON'B Imperial Gray Vignette, chief of pboiogaaphlo beau Uea. Fallon lUwt, opposite OUnton. Just Rerrlvrd and flow In Htore. VOUB UUMDBKD THOUSAND U1UK WORM OUT. for sale by i. FBBD MlliWAliD, 8BandW Beado streel For tho Went, THB BliHT TTOKflE POWER A^n POUTABIJ5 liURB 8TONK MILL. BENNETT BBOTMEBS, i6 Oold street, N. Y. Wheeler tV Wllana'a Improved Sowing Msrhtaea at rcduood prices. Ofltoe 606 Broadway. Grovtr A Baker's Celebrated Family sad Maaofacturiag Hewing Maohlnea, 41M Broadway, New York. New Arrangement.?On and After Thnra day, Marcb 7, you will And at BKoWN'ti, 13 Broad ntrwit, niar Wall (daily, from 10 A. M. until 6 1* M., Hundayx ex <vpted), a bowl of the very beat soup that can be mule, with the * try beat brandy, or any other beveiag? ?uu obooiw to lukis for U cents, at 13 broad alroet, Browns new k'reneh resiauranL Crlntadoro'a Hair Dye, Wis* and Ton pres.?The boat in the world* wholesale and retail, and the dye privately appUod, a. No. 6 Aator House. Batcbelor'a Newly Invented Wigs and Toupees arc iuot.t perfect Imitations of nature, bend . or a mcafcUiD card to la Bond street. N. *. Batehelor'a Hair Dye?Iteltablo and In st*l.Lsjieou?; black or bruwn, faei. r1- .'<1 Harolay slr>et. bold uo l appUod at W. A. BaTCIIKLOR'M, 16 bond street. Hlll'a Hair Dyt-JO Ctnta? Black or Brown. Drool No 1 Barclay straet, and aoid b? all Drug gl"td. Moldavia Cream Foroea the Hair, Whla kcrx asd Mvriacboa to g*ow iuxunanUy. Mold wholesale and retail by W. A. BA It'll BLOB, 10 Bond ain* U Barry's Trtcopheroaa la tho Beat and cbeaprxt art.slti lor dressing, baautlfj'lsg, curllne, aloui^ing, rre*ar*iiig aud restorlna the hair, bsdies, try Ik Bald by a i druggiata Trnaeea.?Marah <*i? Co.'a iladlcal Cure T. usa. No. 2 < osey mi. net (Aator llouse), opposite the church. Trnaaea, Klaatlc Htoeklnga, Mhonldcr Braot?, Abdominal nupporteni, He. l/n?. ULO\h,it A lllOKNE, No. 4 Ann areet, Voder ) tarn am * Muwum. Harried. Staistos?tnoicw>N.?At Jcrnoy City, on yurd.y, February 'M, by Uk? Rev. Hun tea Larew, paator or the HeO'lm* Method ml Kptw?pai ''.tmc fi Joiur B. rfrwn, of Hui. <on City, to (U&au, n&ughtcr of Archibald Thomp son, FJfcq , ol the former place.*?Tiiohm.??ra Monday, March 4, at the Church ot the Mutator, Lexington :iveniie, by the Rev. .lam<? ft Horrick, Gbok^k a. Wfuomo.v to Atutoi R., daughter of the Into l ever R. Klft'uun, !?!q.. and wutow of tbo u.U' John E. Thornc, lisq , all ot thur. city. Died. Jtx <OW>.?On Wednesday morning. Starch 8, at two o'cl tit, Watkr M*rnnoN, aon ot J. W. and M. Axford, ageti S' montbu aud 13 oa>*. II,e frionda of th< family are rcnpactfuUy Invited to attend the funeral Uiia (Thursday) uftoraooa, aibalf-paat one o'clock, lrtu tbo i taidcaoe ui his graii-ilatber, 1W Bowery. Cani'MCX?On Tn> ?day evening, March 5, Kai'-ah A'I.n CaaraaiL, eluaat tM%ht?( of Puaoaa P. Campbell. Tbo teleuvon ana frunan of the fatally are Invited to attend her funeral, ut Trinity Ch-irch, >>u > r 1 - da* ir, iming. at ton o'clock, witturit turtliur invitatiou. {?t?iy*u.?On Wednocday, March <J, Tn ham Ci ihi.v., In 11' ?) TTUl )?lt of htr Age. Tbo r oltttlves and frtenoa of tho family aT" respectfully invitod to attend the tumoral, on i'r.dity aftaraooo, at too o'clock, frotn the Kim Ru>rn.<d Proeby W-riau church, twelfth ntrt*t, batwetu .Sixth anafcjoveuiha.enuce, with out further in\ nation. DoasiaxT.?On Wednesday morning, Marab 8, of con ?ihu| tion, Jon* I>>m?wj.y, a nutlva-.r tlua city, aged JO year a,! tnoutha und -0 'ia>a, only *oa of tho ale Bor bard I ormelly. Ilia funeral will take place from tbareeidenoe Of bin ?other, 220 West Tweaty-ttxtb atr t, on Fn day morning, at nine o'clock, to St. \ lueant uo Paul's Church, ah- re a grand higb i' aaa ol requitaa will b ? oe* labnued, and from thouce toCulvary Cen' a ry for In ter a>eat. Fahkmai.?On Wedneaday.March 6, at twelve o'clMk II. ai *>r a king and severe l'Jnr i, Out - j Li>ur Vaaaii OOIX. a nut:vo of Jiaaover, aged 4tf year*-., I luo'itii and 11 days. lb>? relative* and frienda of the family are rr*i>nctfa.!y luvitea to a'tenu the funeral, thin (Ihur>dny) Afternoon at two o'clock, from bin late naMMM 160 Heater utreet. corner of >Jisabeth, witbcit further mviui.uu. Hm ro mauui will bo taken to Or* nwood Comi-.u ry for inter m'nt. dnina-.??ti Wednwlay, March 0, Mr. Jauih (,n>r>w, a 2-1 jonrn Kun ?;?! U?i? (Thursday) afternoon, atfraa o'clock, from imta liaat, t,otw<icn flrataMthKondnre nuea. li-.-vt ?it hla reeldarr.?, in \fcrtcheator, on Monday, March 4, Urn Kcnt, ia tho TM year oi hw *<r?. Ilia frtenda and acquaiiitanna are rorjvcUkil.y Invited to attend 'he ftiMRU, tnia (I'ti'Uh'tay) ait'Tnoon, at two o'clock, at h.a Uto realdoooo without fi-rthor inettat.on. Hr> ^urn-A ?On Tuaad^y, March 6, Jonx HaitiflU, rrmi 'J> y<v.rp. Tka ri *t:T'* a^id friendi of tho family ira rnrrwl Mly UTM?d to att< n ' the lunerttl, thli (rhoradny) ni er noo' half paatonno'cldk. from hu into re>idonco, 9b I?w i alroet. I i*w a.*.- <m Saturday, March 2, Jotm J. liny am, of Dulilx, i>gwi 29 >aara. lit" rt nia'it* were mterml In C.riy.-nwo'vl Cam*tary <n WodMaaoy, March 6. alter aarvtaaa by tl. > ?mr. Mr. Montgonio./, at the CNWrah of faeamatKin. l<Akxrk.?!\i"Hday or! r.'og, March ft, Cathiocxh L<h rm. a tu.tiva cf Ikilim, county !< Ik nnj, Ire m<t. 7f." frie < ol Uk family are ruaptclftiily tnviusi to at tci d the funeral, from hor 'ate r-d '*nco. No. H4 Henry Kr?t, th?" (1 huradu)alternaen,at ha>< r??t oVewk. t.r?CH.? afumng, '<lttrch &, auddcriy, Mr* tUauAkMr Uvu, the W?v>?4 w:fa o? I'airii * l^wii and 'au.-'Utot of tbe l.ito l'air:ck l>.ich, n tho 04.a y?u of hor n.". The "olr.' ri* an ! (MttK1* of ta? faintly, aad t:.oH<i of he brother?. M ehualand Mat.o w Iauco,and brihem, kdwarc, Hotum aad Joba ll4>na, nr? r>eiyact fi ly ifiviv d to nttem bar fcrwral, f-o<n hjr lato rest ?.no* OS Marion aUeet, on Frtvay afteraaaa, at half pihl on? o 'c.o k I.\wn?<* -Or Wddaaadaf, Mar hd, of e^oi mption, li'eitt A LAW?aK>, aged .l*J yea re .in ittm-ntJi.' Hm r-'.en ;=? am' t?e mettbera of Ibal-tmrJiptecinct pat leu, ton'tiur with ihe cepart? it la t rnerai, uro in vited to t.'.t i.d hm fuaaral, frctn liia fc?te ro?ldcnr,a, ?o?ner ef Jttaut and Utmtlmm i.trcf-ti, on Krkl.ij, at n?un. M< Cast ? f>n We<;n??dixy. Mt.rth 8, .Johk r a?V)? M ??' A.N, ap.d 1 year, 'J modttia ana r< cayr1 lb<^ lolat raa and Ir enn^ at r?*ti>? ir>illy lav.ted tn attend the r-jnoral, fri m Ike rim .ene^> i.,;t p^cnta, TS Vi fit fMaty-lnwil iitr?nt, thid (Thura>lav) at tor n>* a, at one 'i cHck. I n, v _#t N<"*arV, V. J.,?m f oaday, Marcn 3, Mr* Aoaaalnuui*. aid. w ol tba la "John l*di t, ot a Sroti?nd. in ti.tb y?.ir <?f h< r ?ge. tb 'rt iativcaaaa irteada of the rami y ara Invited to atund tie t* i ? rni,from h<r lai.? r<?td'm?f ,:?(n >to? ati<w t.N wa(k,tl> (rhuraraji i afurnwe uttwoo cvrk Pi;Wa."i ?<*? March 0. ai < r a ?lwrt tiionaa, .1cm* I hha.>, g antra*a( K'.k/>agKtn,count) w Kllkewtr Ira'.nr', ? :? d M y-ara Tha '* ?u.? atast ^a of tba 'ami j %ra ra sp^etfuUr lavttod to attend the runorti from h* tale r?. etoeooe, M Cherry street, this (TbunwUf) afleraeoa M twv o'oiak. Bis rtotlu will be taken vo UMvary Qa?. tery for interment. ku*i..?On loefcday, March &, Dkloi 1 Rmo.oCKM um, county liuier ck., Ixelanu, a+cd u yeaj it. "ihi- irl'Bua ana relatives iuh particularly req'iwrted t? ?ttt-Ai. bor (uuxr&i, .urn bor uue .jtoid.uco.ilj fi*u J? street, thiR (Hju'M'ay) afternoon, a? wo o'clock. County l.iinonck papers please copy. Rt vn: ?In UrP0k.:>u, on Tuoeriay, &Ur<?h 6, of acarlck fever, Loruu, Uin beloved daughter of Mmin C. tok llory A. Uu-wll, aged h y.ars, 7 months rind 'J4 oaya. Tun frun 1 in of #10 family are invited tc attend the fto neral, this (ThunuHv) afternoon at two o'clock, froan the rct iik'i.ce 01 ber parent* No. 3S3 i ', at.'iet Kcudout f.a4U'fK pl(4UHt COp). t-MAU ?On Monday, March 4, Fj>wari? J. Hmmx, ooua soliorat law, eldest sou of - ???...1 &} year* ano 8 mnuthH. Ihe friends of the family are invited to attend Uto funeral tl)t? (Tbnraday) afternoon ^ two o'clock, from hk Ute resident*, Ruabwlck avenue, near 1,00k street. Hrooklyn, E. 1). Friend* will croon -Jouth Ueveutfi slrwat ferry, and take Pant N'e? York carl to Oook ? roet. Sctm.v.?<m Wednesday, March 0, Joua, boa or Edward and Jane Scully , agou 0 yetc/a. The relative* and friends of the farally are rtup Invited to aitoua the Iunerni, tbu? (Thursday) Kleraaea, at two o'clock, from tho residence of hi* poionte, Mo. MS hieventh avenue, corner of Forty-fifth street. Sii(cu pa|>eru please copy. PiikkiuiKn.?On Wednmday evening, Mareh 0, Ftoa ? rii Haoouuan, widow of tho Late Will lam Hhorrart, of (uaunij tun, aged .13 years, 1} months and 1 day. Thorcl&nvee and friend* or the family are roapectftiBy Invited to attend the funeral, 00 Friday afternoon, ak one o'clock, from her late residence, 337 Madtoon street, without further invitation. Hjit-kam*.?<>n Wednesday, March 6, Wnj.UM Hhiosuk Rhkvii>?n, the only sou of Put nek and I<ouL?a Hherloaa. The tr tends and relatives of the family are respoctftd^ Invited to utend the funeral, from the residence of hit parents, No. 47 Goerok streot, this (Thursday) nflrrnif. at two o'clock. ?On Tuoeilay, March 5, nctstt Sormsi, aged 0? years. Tho relatives and friends of the family are respectAiBr Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence. Sir Monroe streot, this (Thursday) attornoon, nt half paatmm o'clock. ScjiwicrrMAN ?On Wednesday, March 3, after ? abart but severe sickness, Join* G. Kctiwkrtvjln. Tho relative* and friends of the family ore resptotAd^f Invited to attend the funeral, th's (Thursday) aftantw. at one o'cleck, from his late residenco, No 901 I'm street, corner of t*oaU? First street, WilliamRburg. Tackkky.?On Wednoeday, March 0, after a short M Dcte, Ohiknkk TACV.Mr, In tho 46'h year of his a^e. The frleodfl of tho family are r.-^uetUd to attend Kit funeral, from hii late resiJonce, No 'J44 W??t HitteeaA street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, on Friday afteruoon, at two o'olcck. Vh;n?h.?On Tuesday. MVch 6, Cathahikb, widow of Mk late Antoin Vtgnes, In the 30tb year of her age. The Jnenfls of the family are respectfully invited to at* tend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at half-past two o'clock, from her late rcsldcnco, No. 218 SevnmM avenue. Wood ?On Tuesday, March fi, Mart, widow of Thorns Wood, in the 70th ycAr of her a o. Qer friends and tho friends of her sona, Aaroa I., Daniel M. and W illiam H. Wood, aro invitwl to attend MM funeral, from tho residence of tho latter, No. 270 Uraad street, this (Thursday) morning, at toe o'clock, wltboOk farther nutice Wnrrv ? <ta Wedneeday. March 0, Mary Ann, rUngM^ of Jamev W. White, Juwtlce of tho Superior Coart, tmd Hb' oa 1. White, In tho lihh year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are ronpcctfulp Invited to aitend tho luneral, from tho rrsldence of her parents, 6?' East Thirty loui th sl eet, ou Frl.iay a? Ing, at half pent ten o'clock, without further not lev. W?AfiT.??'n Monday, March 4, Edward K., aged ft years and tt months; and on Wclnesday, March 0, On? cat, sgod 1 j oar and G moutks, only children of Chaadlar L. 1. and Kmlly C. Winant. Hie friends of the family are invited to attead tka funeial, without further invitation, thla (rUurtlafk afu-rcoon, at two o'c.ock, from No. 6 Graham street* Brooklyn. Wn/oir.?On Tuesday, March 5, of conaumptioa, Pmm WxUKtj ngi*l 01 years. The friends und relatives of the family, and also tka friends of his son, Jacob Witoey, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from nia Uto residence, 244 Fif teenth street, this (Thursday) altornooD, at one o'clock. York ?t)n R.iurd&y, January 'M, In Sucramento ooua ty, California, Mrs. 1-jui.y C., wife of John P. York, aad daughter of the Uto I<ol.crt M. Peacock, of Stataa Island. NlllKUiAIIEOl'B. A number of HECOND HAND SA"E!l Taken la part pay for lillit'S CB IJ.iED IR<l> HAH-.h. A NUMBER OF HECOMJ II AND Hi'ALBS Taken In imrt par fuc HOWE'S ball BKaIUN HCAI.KH FRANK F. HOWE, 203 Broadway, M. ?. At evfrdells old store, aua broadwail Wedding Carda, Theae celebrated engraved Caida imM only at tbla atore. 1 OIMBREDE'B tad BROADWAY ARTIHTIO MOHO grania boautil uL'y cut and atasped on note baper. A IT WM BVEilDRLL'B HONH, WEDDING CARDS AMI J\ Envelopes of the latent etylea. 104 t niton atreet, N. ? , EfcUibllabtd IMA. B eht GOLD FENS AMD CASKS--PENH KEPAIBBI for 30 i?nta. Seal by mall. U. K. 114 -VKKS, bt Naaaau atraet (1UAL AND KOB>N GAM WoKh*. ) For public and prtvaie bu.ldinua, er*nte4 by GEO II. K1TCHKH, Ml itroadway. If. T. CCr.NS. M'NJONS, diverted nul??, BNLAJiaa* .luotf, and all Diteaaea of the Feat ? u>e4, wtthmit pate or ii?ouvtMr:H? to the pailent. bv Dr /.A<'HAHlh, Surgnaa Chlropodlm, 760 Headway. iMcra to phyMuiana and ear beouaol ibis city. '?I\0 U>U WANT WI1MKERH" JLF If yo'i do, miifrilur tbat for night y*ar? my Magical Cnvui nt haa -Ittllra lu * klngw induce to compel " atilHkciH IT wumachea to gro* luxuriantly within ai? w fr>'iu ifcr tirni appln?ll"ii U never -ulna >r luiuie* the Kit, for it an* only on tlio roota of the b?*;<l. aIb.mi all drag Kl- ? *e? p It, or 1 ?< ud It to any pint of ihe country. fw? $1, freeo! carriage. R. G GKAIIaM, 1110 No-iaau at, N. T. DR. LUlIIER M AN/KrtTlfJSflC INHALERS* gem-raliy iiflm U'J by enum nt m -dlcal urn m n atos tug cbiorifuini or ether free I rum Oan^r, are auppUed Mr 11 <# LI Til EH, 42 Great Jatii?? HTML J'rlce, tlirer piatn? $3 60. Dluatrauid circulars luruUbad /JBEA* SACRIFICE OF BOO KM. CLOSINOUJT HALE or DERBY A .lACKHON'H PUBLICATIONS Tbe undesigned bur'>ig ptirehaaed the entire flock In tltfa of the laietlrniol Dei by A iar? ?on. offer for raab only tbeM tnilrc remain tcr, oompriMiig mire than bO.UU) VOLbMLK, of rare and valuable edition* of the atandard Briiieb, Firod^. and \mrn'An au'.Oura, tn Hue btadiu^. Ibla oiler rro?la? oia-n for THIRTY DATS ONLY. Ac th<w booka will not b<- rv|> imej by m?. thoae wlaMas aupptler t'<*r Ui if iibrmbHf at tbu eitiaoidlnary duo>iM& given iIm'I flf y per '-ent. I m than the regular retail [>no4t are lr?l'ed to avail tbemai-lvea of Uin prtiaeal opvomuMtaW. HTailable oniy until April t to procure Ixioka at Li->n MIAN liALr i'RICK. 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