Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1861 Page 7
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IHIPPIHO STB AM WKKKI.Y BETWEEN NEW YORK AND U '****? ?M?I and ambarlUeg punoini il ^>wm. Ireland. the Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia BteemiihiPioiapany intend despatching their full powered, aa followe:? ? . . BDINBORUH Saturday, March 9 OTTT ?F MANCHB8TBB'.Saturday. JUrch 16 mTHA. 8?turd*y, March 23 ???* "??rr Saturday at neoa/from Pier M. North river. ? _ . . LUU or PASSAQB Ftret Cabin $7sI steerage. 45 Do. 10 London. HO | Daw to London 39 ?f?"*6 Return Ticketa, good foe sii monlVi....... ... M Piwiiwi forwardad u Parte, Hamburg, Bremen, ?oMcrdam, Antwerp. An.. at raducad througM fares. Peraona wtaalng laMu auf their friends oaa bur ticketa hero at the fellewteg rtleoTa Maw Tork>?Prom Liverpool or Quae OA town, trat cable, $78, $66 and $t0& Steerage from Liver poet, fig; fram ynaaeatowm, $3(1 Thaaa Steamers tiara su, parlor oounamodatione far paasongers. and carry experienced mrpm Thay are built la watar tigkt Iron sections, and have patent ire aanlhllatara oa board, for further informa Un apply (a Liverpool to WILLIaM INM AN, agent, a Wa ter aueca; tn Glasgow, to WM. INMaM, N* 5 8l Bnoch aqaAra la QwMMtown, U KKYMOUB A OO.; In tfimtm. ^ BIVM A JMACBT, M King WUllam street; In Parte, to IVLI8 DECOULR, Ma 6 Plaeo de la Bourse; In rhiiaMpWa. to JOHN O. DA LB. 100 Walnut Ureal, or at theounapeay'aeffiaea. john O. DALE, Agent, 16 Broadway. Maw York. rK BOUT HAMPTON AND HAVRE. Steamer Saturday March 9, tie Pulled State* Mali ?"TTlVr AD HI ATI 0 _. Jefferson Mauray, Commander, W9U tears from uie r foot ofOaaal atreel North Elver, oa Saturday. Mann 9, for the above porta, tnuahlng at Qurena Uwd, |# uMkl her BttMM The Adriatic has water tight compartments and la unexoei Md far eoaKfort- safety and speed. gain of Peeesge?Cabin to Havre $110 Bates or Paesegc Cabin to Soutqampton 100 ??aad Cabin, to Southampton or Havre. 90 Wmtt*?-SSKkWlli0 ASPINWALL, Agenta, 64 And 65 Sooth streotg gnu *?MBWYOBK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAYKE. The Taaderbdt European Una ateamahlpe will aall between ' lark, Sonthampion and Harm, CARRYING THE ; UNITED STATES MAILS. Pvom New York Returning from Ha* for Southampton no ana Soulhnmp and Havre. ton. ILLINOIS, Tell J Rnturday, April 6 Wednesday, April 34 VAMDERBILT, Lefevre. " May 4 " May? (XLINOIS, Terry " May 18 " June 6 YANDERRILT, Lefevre, " June 16 M July S Tbeee ships have watertight oomjiattmenta. CarviUoaxrn of paaeage issued trom Europe to Amnrtaa. Specie delivered in London or Paria. D. TuRRaNCB, Agant, No 5 Bowling Green. Mew Tort Eight draft* en London, Pari* and Prank fart. STEAMKU OF APRIL SIXTH FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HaVBK. CABBTINO THE UNITED STATES MAILS. THE STEAMSHIP ILLINOIS, CAPT. P. E TBRRT, Will sail from pier No. 3 N jrth river, New Tork, at noon, Sa turday, April 6, with mails, passengers and specie for Bag tend and France. TO MOUHAMPTON. TO HAVRE. PI ret eabin $75 Plrat eabln $S0 Third oabin 90 Third ?*nin !t# Thl? ateamahip haa bean supplied with oewarfal new boil are, and haa bean refitted In tha mat thorough manaer. Wrought Iron bulkhead* absolutely watertight and ttreproor. molose her engines and boilers, and for safety, comfort and ^>eod aha ranks in the drat oLiaa of ooean steamer*. Her next trip from New York will be on May 13. IX TORRANCB, Agent, Mo 6 Bowling Orean Mew York. Sioirr Duns oi? Loitpom, Pahm a;n> PBAjHcroRr. STEAM TO LONDONDBRRT, OLA8OOW AND LITBB pooL?Tbe Montreal ?>c?an Steamship Company'a first oiana full powered Clyde built steamer CANADIAN, Capt. Graham, carrying the CaDadtao and United States malls, will oail from Portland neit Saturday. March 9 Batoa of passage from Mew lork, first class, according to accommodations, $66 and $80; steerage, found with cooked provisions, $V Carti fleates issued for bringing out oassengers from all the princi pal towns of (treat Britain and Ireland at very low rates. For oaesage apply at 23 Broadway, New York. KABBL a SBaRLB, General Agenta. Tee north sebman llotd'S steamship bbe MEN, H Weasels, eonjinander, oarrylng the Dnlted OtaUis mall, will aall from pier 30 North river, root of Cham bers atreet, oa Saturday, March 16, at 13 o'clock M., rou BREMEN YXA southampton, ??ESIKTCVSe, SOUTHAMPTON AMD BREMEN, the following rates:? First cabin, $liv . second cabin, $00; steerage, $30L *0rf,a4?ht?,S??SS?.mT,OBN A REICHELT, SI Broadway, up stairs. FOB southampton AND HAVBB. ON SATURDAY, MARCH !?L .THE VNITKD STaTES MaIL STEAMER ABAOO, D. lines, Commander, Will aall from Pier No. XI North river, foot of Beach street, ?o Saturday, March 30, at noon. This steamship (unsurpaaaed for safety and oomfert) haa doable englnea under deck, enclosed by water tight compart menta, which, baaidea other results, tend, la the avent or col lision or stranding, to keep the pumps free to work, and se en re the safety of vessel and paseengers. F* freight or pa^a "P^^^MUEL K OEO. MACKENZIE, Agents, No. 7 Broadway. The steamer FPLTOM will saU April 27. Notice.?tapscott'S line of liverpool pack ets ?sails this day, at In o'clock, the well known packet ahlp WILLIAM TaPSCOTT, Captain BeU. For passage ap ply to TAPBCOTT A CO., 86 South street. T7IOB MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA? KAMOABOO LIMB? P Packet for March 12 guaranteed the only vessel sailing in Barcta. carrying second eabln passesgera. The splendid cllp imt ship HUSSAR, I,*W tons, Howlasd, commander. Aocom uiodations all on deck. Karl> appllsaUon for first and seoond oabin pasaage must be made. Apply to or address Malller, Lord A Qneran, 106 Wall street. TOOK GAL1FOKH1A, VIA. PANAMA. JP ? first T1*** steamer will leave Hi* Tork oil til* lit, 11th and aim of ?tik maalh. eicept whan them dAlee fall on Sunday, whan ike day of departure will be the Monday loV ** Por^relght or paaaage apply at the on'/ oflloe, Ho. 177 West street, eorner of warren. P. ft. AlXKIC, Agent. Jamaica and new yobk sukew hteam pacicht Una, carrying the mail.?to sail for Kingston, Jamaica, an Ike 30tb or eaab month. The mail ateamshlp ZULU, Oaptaia Edward Goodwin, will mil for the above port oa Wadneedav, Marck 81, from pier 37 North river. Passage? First eabln, $<?U; aeooad eablo, ?50; third class, 930. >"or freight or paaaaga apply to WALDBN * BOOTH, Agenta, 67 Bread street B MATAXIAH TO SAIL OH FRIDAT, MARCH 8. At 2 o'clock P. M. The United State* mail steamship MATAKAS, Llesegang. eommander, la ready to reeeiva freight at pier SO hortk river, foot of Chamber* street fur freight or pssssge apply to MORA ft BOB., HA VARBO A CO., 64 Exchange plaoa ?all* oloee at the Peal office at 1 o'clock P. M. on the day ef ?ailing No earge received nor bill* of lading signed the day ef ?ailing EX)B HAVANA. Jtf UNITED ST\TEB M AVL STEAMSHIP 2IJAKEK CITY, UKEI-or, Coftimander, WOI leave for the above txirt on Friday, March IS, at 13 '?'cloak, from pier 46 North river. Far freight or pannage apply to _ k??? rr * HAROOPH A OO , No. 3J South atreat. H A VAN A AHD NRW ORLtl ANB. RVRRi TRN DAYR. TO SAIL ON MONDAY, MaR 'U U, at Ua'ciook. The steamahin OAHAWBA, J. W. Smith, commander, la wr reoelvlng freight, and will uU u above from pier foot of Murray street, north river. Horses taken on all the steamers LIVINUSTON, CBOOHBRON A OO., W Murray M. The Ktmniihlp DE SO'O ull* March 21. Oood* purchased previous to M.trch 1 and shipped per Ca tiawba, avoid the payment of dutlea at New Orleans. r?B flAVANNAB AHD OTTIBB POINT8 AS BE J la*:?The tret oiaee steamship STAR OP THE SOUTH, ''apt. J as. Kearney, wtU leave on 1 hnrsday, March 7, at 4 P. M. from pMr No M North river Through tickets can be had for 'he fallowing plaaes:?Haw Orleans ?.* 70; Mobila, B'U: f*i j-jpmnrj, SW; Columbus, $11; Albany, 933. Atlanta $14; Bosnia. 934; Chattanooga. $26 Nashville, $17 76. Knoi <n >? $26 50. Memphis, $zT76; Augusta, $17 60; Maroa, $BI; ?a Itnah, $16. for freight or paaaage apply at ho. LJ Broad W?V AUOUBTA, Capt. M. 8. Woodhull, will sueoeed and .eave aa Batnrday, Mareh $ BAMUEL L. M1TCMILL A ?OH, Hew \ork > ...... JOHH E. WILDER A OALLIE, Savannah, i ItOB BATAHHAH AND THR SOCTTL n* The steamahlpa of the American Atlantic Steamship Jompany will leave pier II N >rth river on the following days: MONTH# M KRY, <!a;)t Berry. Saturday. March 9. The steamer* of ital t line are all new, anil are n >t aurpaaend In elegance, comfort, safety and aped Ky any on the ocean. Tickets to New Orleans, $19 76 mobile, $16; Montgomery, K; Memphis tlialianooga, 1 lisnata. B17 SO; Ha , _ street, and W Broadway. K?R i'HARLRHTtiN, B C.. S*VaNNaH, OA. AND ihe Hotuh and Southwest? I'nlted Mate< Mall ?l le wh?el 936; Memphis. $tl If. Nashville, $27 7); Knoivllle, $>6 60; < tiattanooga, $26; Al*>any.$n; ColuabuA $M; Atlantis, 9-1; Macon. $io AiigmlA, $17 30; Savannnh, $16 Applv to H. B IMiOMWELL A Co , He Weat i T? ~ mmmd jn ?ami ship m>e The favorite steamship JAM F.S AOOBR, J. I). I'hi lips, oommsnder, will leave pier No. 4 North river, m Sn'ueiisy, Wsrch 9, st 3 o'clock P M. Rates of pnsaaire. with thmngh tleketa, as follows ?To New Orl' ans. $19 76; Mobile, $tft Montgomery. 926; Nashville, 927 76; Memphis, ?11 76: Chattanooga. 9^ '*>. Knoivllle, 926: Augusts, 917 Ml, Atlanta, $2"; t'olnmbia, $17 IK); Charlotte, $19. Havan nak, Os ,9'*; Charleston. 916. Kor freight or passage apply toSPOFroKI). TII.RSTON A CO., 29 Hroadway N.hhv>.? Hhlppers are hereby notified that In consequence of the addi tional ejpense* Incurred by the steamers, the rites of freight nvIII be sovanoed. KToki H CaROUHa? WRfcKbt. i' The new and flr?t class steamship HORTH CaROLIHA, Captain Wtlllsm Powell, will leave pier it. North river, for Wilmington, N C., oil Saturday, March 9. at three P. M., oon meeting with Wilmington and weldnn and Wilmington and Mansheetar kailroada Oood* forwarded to all parts of Honk and Bantk Carolina ?free o' otm ml anion fralghl eight cents per foot and proportionate rate*. Insurance one-half per cent. Apply to II. B. CROMWELL A CO., _ _. _ MS Wast street and ?? Broadway. Hawk K *111 auceeed. and leave on Sa?ar4ay, rEOWOM PRKTotrf AREAHOEMEHT? POB HOR "**t.r?npsslk, City Point and Klehmead. sonner*. Ug with Horfolk aad eetaraburg and Houthside 'tailrovi, far ^aohlmrg, Hrlatol. Memphis and Intermediate plaoea. t ptarli*HwrtJr river ^*'7 <UT'w,d raaalpU furnished, "u^Sy at^l Cantain Skinner, leaves every t '?7'lMh,,> Captain Parrteh. every Batnrday, ?da><>"nt^'i'lt'ptOAWOtg' Capt*'" t,oucl1' leaves every Thurs mJt foot: U Pasaage to Norfolk, atateneim and meals InclnA^. M- u> Petersburg or Rlohmond, 910; chlldrea between ^aT aiea of iMd 19. half prtca LI I OLA M A HBIHRKR***? "*? Reasdirsf. RmprArmAjrm. ?RERM TTTRTLE BO0P AHO BTBAK4? KRIXT serve up a splendid Oreea Turtle on Ihnradty. The fanciers of this ih*itcii?us dish will please call and trr for " 1 Hudson street MORRILL'S TARI F WILL WAVR ONE OOOH RF feet-It will make Ale s general drink, mnaequently ? I'BHCBR, of Ho 1 ('ortlandt atreet, comer of Rrtiadway WtB eao U>s baoaAt, aa ks wtU sUM aeU Ala at 1 oenta. FIIIAIOIAL. A DOUBT BHLMONT k CO., urfim M Wall street, New Tort, Iseue letters of credit to traveller*. available la W partsof Europe, through the Mew re Rothschild of Paris, Loadoa, Frankfort, Vienna, Naples add their correspondents. AMERICAN telegraph STOCK BOUGHT AMD BOLD by JOHN BILSBY. 3* Broadway. fcr AAA WANTED?OK BOND AND MOBTQAOK, ON vti.UUU property In Elm street, near Canal street Ap ply to DTK A 0PBTIS8,M6 HUth avenue. ' to $a.ooa-wanted to purchase, the tPOUU flmt aMpgg on real estate, In tea city or suberba, followfec inu . ? need apply. < ?treat, corner of Greene. from the followfa* amounts, or tke first mortage taken. No broker* need apply. Call la the liquor store, 8S Urand ft inn Ann TO LOAN on bond and mortgage JlUU.UUy far a termef yean, In suata to suit appli cants, on real estate in this city or Brooklyn; also UO.OUI1 to invest la purchasing uorttMes. Apply to A. SERGEANT, IS Wall street. " LOAM OFMCM. At 66 nassau STREET.?A. HONIOMAN, DIAMOND Broker, makes liberal advaaces on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, 4a, or buys them at full value, at his private olBse, No. 66 Nassau street, room No. 2, up stall*. Business con fidential AT 866 BROADWAY CORNER OP PRINCE BrREET, room 6, up stairs,?Money advanced, from f 1 to $50,1*10, oa Diamonds, Watches, Dry Goods, Hsnsra. and every de scription at MalwhaacUsa. All transactions ?tU be eonAdea ttai. MAPMaARTEN A OO. A T 11 CHAMBER8 street.?MONET TO LOAN TO A aay amount on Diamonds, W niches, Jewelry, Ac, by tke well known and old established ISAACS, broker and eota mission merchant, 11 Chambers street. M. B.?No business on /iaturday. I A DVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, A Jewalrv and Silverware, or bought for cash at the high I est prices. Old Uold and Silver bought. Apply at the old established offlees of L. JACOBS. 67 William street; bcaaoh <07 AT 68 CEDAR street.?HENRY HTMAN, DIAMOND broker. Cash advanced on Diamond*, set or nonet; Watches, Watch Movements, Silver Ware, Jewelry, Sagara, Ac., or bought for cash. Opposlu the Post oOioe, room No. 1, up stairs, 68 Cedar street nnn 10 ADVANCE, IN SUITABLE SUMS, ON personal property. Also, 6<J0 acres of valuable Western land, with partoasJL,toexohsnge4fora stock of goods furniture, liquors, segur*. Ac. WELLS A CO., 212 Broadway, room 20. HI8CBLLANEOV8. ACARD.-THE UNDERSIQNED, MANUFACTURER, for the last sixteen years, ?of the Justly celebrated j Legee Buttonhole Twist; and sinee the general Intro duction of the sewing machine, maker of the acknowledged superior article called the Legee IXL. Hewing Machine Twist, would most respeetfuHy announce that be has entered the market entirely on his own aeoount, and intends to keep eon etantly en band and for sale a full aad ooraolete assortment of unrivalled Buttonhole Twist and Machine Twist, to be kaewa by the name of Star Legee Twist. All orders thank fully received and promptly attended to, Prioe lists to he had en aaplicatfcai. by letter or otherwise, to yours, very ravectfuSy, JAMES LOVATT, 171 Bank street, Newark, Amalgam belli. At prices within the reach of every cVirch, school house, factory, cemetery or farm In the land Their use all over the United States for the past two years his proven them to com bine more valuable qualities than any other, amonu which tone, strength, durability, vibrations and sonorous qualities are uncqaslieo by any otner manufacturer,, SO to 5,001) lbs , costing less than half other metal, for 12^w cents per lb., at which prloe we warrant them twelvemonths. Send for circular for sizes, guarantees, Ac. M. C. CHAD WICK A CO., iyu William street. J^ WONDERFUL discovery 1 DR. ZELL'S POWDERS TO CD UK LOVE OF bTRONO DRINK are fulfilling their mission. They may he given (unknown to the drinker) In ooffee, tea or any othei drink. Price one dol lar. Kor sale at S3 Division street: at 214 Eighth avenue; at Mrs. Hayes', 176 Fulton street. Brooklyn; at Dr. Mercor's, 224 Broad street, Newark; and at C. V. Freeman's store, Mor ristown, N. J. F. C. WELLS A CO., Wholesale Agents, 116 Franklin street, to whom all orders from druggists should be Ml OSTON CRACKERS ?COMMISSION DRIVERS, ORO oers and restaurants supplied with ail kinds ot Crackers B at twenty per cent below the usual rates. Orders left at the depot or by mall promptly attended to. n. A. T. POST, No. 2 Astor placa. French porcelain 20 per cent cheaper. Great stuck In hand at WEIL BROTHERS, importers and manufacturers, 41 Centre street, rear building. French white zinc paint?dry and in oil, red and green Seal, at reduced prices for cash, for sale at the V lei lie Montague Company's depot, Na 42 Greeno street. Leaky roofs cured with ellery-s patennt Rubber Paint?One ornt a foot, and warranted. 694 Grand street, !t7 Park row, IBS Bowery, 48 Eighth avenue, 62 East Fourteenth street, SON Sixth avenue and function Broad way and Forty sixth street. Rights and Paint for sale. Marble mantels.-oreat bargains in man tels, a large stock on hand, and a great reduction In Clues for any kind ordered this month Call soon at A. LABEK'N Marble Yard, 113 Bast Eighteenth street, west of Third avenne. Mantels put up In any place In thecouatry, Manufacturers op new and cheap inven tlons and Yankee Notions, who want an opportunity io have their articles introduced In Europe, may call or send samples to ADOLI'll 1SAAC8KN, 50 Fulton street. ROBBINS, walbridoe, ISAACS A CO., 26 and 30 VESB Y STREET, Have purchased the entire annual lot of DAMAGED INDIA RUBBKR COMBS, of the INDIA RUBBER COMB company, and offer thetn to the TRADE cheap [FOR CASH. THE NEW YORK DYEING AND PRINTING E8TAB 11?hl?L W0RK8 ON 8TATEN ISLAND. No. 5>6 Dnari* atreet date 45 John atroet). Branch offloea, 720 Broadway, nod 136 Plerrepont street, Brooklyn. TO I'APER MAKERS AND PAl'ER DEALER^.?WANT i-d, for n?t eatb, 1(M mm* white wove flat, alze 20 br weight Ifi to 21) 11m; must be well alzed and oalon<lered. Send wimples. with price*, to William Murphy, No. 438 Canal street, New York. AH HAH CAJfs 0F 'WMH TOMATOES, IN GALLON, UUiUVU half gallon and qu irt cans?every ono war w anted equal to the beat?for sale tn quantltl-i to milt pur chaser* Hotels and r>'Ktaurania supplied on the bent Win* atBBOADMKADoW Jt .IKKKMlAll 8, 91 Barclay street. RAILROADS. Hudson river railroad-for albany and Troy, ootiuectlag with train* North and WeaL?Train* leave:? ? Hon niAXiunm strkkt. rito* thirty rtRrr aTRvrr. Exoress, 7 and 11 A M , and 7;itt. IttaDA. *. aiid.I.#0,ft:J5 3:35 and 5 P. M. P.M. Troy and Albany (with sleep- 10:15 P. M. (Sunday* indu ing cars), 9:45 P. M. dud.) Poughkecprle train, 7:3" A. 8 A. M, 12:30and 4 U P. M. M , U M. and 4 P. M. Peek*IU train, 8:30 P. M. 5 :!W P. M. 8tng mih (run, 3:35and 4:39 4 and 4:45 P. M. p y Tarry town train, 8:40 P. M. 7.10 P M. A V. HM1TH. Superintendent. XTEW YORK, HARtEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD ? i.1 For Albany and Troy, connecting with the New York Central Kallroail for all pointa W ent, Northwest and South went; also with th-- North"m Railroad for Naratog*, Rutland, Burlington, Platuburg, Heuee s Point. Ogdensburgand Mon treal:? rKO? TTROR ROW, XKJtR CITT FROM TWK*TT-*IXTH STRMCT H ALL. STATION. Repress train, 7 A. M. and 7:20 A. Muid 4.45 P.M. and 4 30 P. M. IO:aoA M. B* press mall train, >0 A. M. For WMlama' Hrldg", Wlil'e Plains, Oroton Falls, and all l<ea.l trnina. see time tahie. 7 o'clock A. M. eipre** train KCHILL, AM. Snpt. leaves Albany every Hunday morning. JOHN Bbf A CLOTHIIIO. BETTER CHANCE ?HaN !?;VRR ?I BAYS JUST received $S,?U0 to parnhaa* ca*t off Clothing for Chic*. go, ni. Laaiea and gentleman. If 'on ?nh t*get a fair prtne far your Clothes, Carpet*, Furniture and Jewelry, and to aveld being humbugged by false offerer*, the beat yon can d* In to *ead a net* I* H MINT* 79 Mlxth avenue. Tli?te ?o* may be eenvlnoed yon will be dealt with te your sauiranuon. Ladle* nunctuallv attended to by Mr* Mint* 79 HlUfc ara una, between Kighth street and Waver ley plaea. A LL PBESONB FOLLOWING A GOOD ADVICE WILL A. never fall.?Ladlee and gentlemen, avoid tielng hum bugged, and eell at one* or addreas a note by poet to H. Harris. 368 Bowery, where yon may he sure to diapoee of ?onr oast off Clothing, Furniture, CariwM and Jewelry at a ralr pn<"e. and not be htimbnuged For HUk Oreeaes, from (7 to $30; for i <?U. from S3 to $12' for Pants, fretn $1 and 3ward*. Ladle" attended by Mr* Harrla, W Bowery, orpo e Fourth and Great Jon** (treat*. A RARE CHANCE-LADIES AND GENTLhMKV. I have just ree 'ived $.V*>0 to purchase cant #ff Clothing, Carpet* Furniture, fur the California market. I promise to ray the highest price for them, l>y r.illlng on er addresnlng M. Ellis, 'M seventh avenue, near Hevnat?Mth atn-et. Ladies attended by Mr*. EMI*. a BETTER PRICE PAID fOFULADIKd' AND GENTS' \ eaet off (lothing than eta*where, alse Oarpet*, Fur nlture. Jewelry, Ac I guarantee to pay the following pne**: fretn $7 l* $35 paid for 811k Itreaeee; from $2 to |l* for Coat*, and from fl 50 to M for Pan? a not* by P"*t mine tnally attended to by R , 134 Seventh avenue, between Nine teenth and Twentieth street*. Ladi's attended to by Mm. K. A OREAT DEMAND FOE CLOTHINU, LADIBS AND gentlemen. Wanted?A lot of mat off Clothing, Furni ture, Carpet* and Jewelry, t pay th" best prim In the eity, bv calling on or a^dreaetng M. ABRA HAM8, fcU Seventh ave nue, Itetween Tweniy-ttfth aad Twenty slxl* street*. Ladle* MmM to by Hr*. A a TTENTIO*.?LADIES AND GENTLRMEN IF TOO A. want to get th* fun value far your oaat off Clothing, Furniture, < *rp?-t? and Jawelrj, th* beat yon *an do I* U aend a note to F H AMBIS, 1M Berenth avenue. There rnn may l? ronvln<?d you will be dealt with to yeur *atl*f**t)?n For eillt dieeeee, from $Tt?9aO;for eoata, fnrmtStoilS; fer vast* and veate. from $1 spwarde. Piesae don't ferget, IM never th avnne near TwentyAret 'treeC I sdtss at las led by Mrs llama AORKAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING -LADIES AND gentlemen having any n**t *ff Clothing. Furniture, Car pel a and Jewelry, e III r.-oeiv? the highest prtoe by paling on or addreaelng A. Harrt*, 6H8 Third avenue. Ladle* at landed to bj Man. Harrl* BETTER CHaNCR STILL?LADIES AND GENTLE men. 1 have a greet ilemand for cast off Clo .hing, Fur nlture, t a'pete. Jewelry, Ar. fur the Wemern market I wll pay tin foUowIni prines ^ForHllk ureases, Irom to ??; tor Cnnu.lfr.ui) il to $l?; for Panta. from ??<" t? i'lease nail on or adnrea* J. Anhalt.153 rteventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty flist strr-t*. I'unctuaUy attended. La die* atu-nded to by Mm. Anhalt. Abetter chancb stili--i.adies and grn tlemen having any oast off t.lothlng. PurtilturA Carpets nod Jewelry can re?etve the highest price by railing or nd dreaalng * note m Michael Harrison, at 139 We*t Seventeenth ?treet, near seventh av?nue. __________ Aq AAA WflRTH OF GENTLEMEN S NEW AND ?|>n.U\ lU left off Clothing wanted for the Weal em mar ket The iilgheet cash price e?er paM can he ohtAlned In b*nk ?ble mon> y fnr Urge or small lot*, hy railing at the ttore, Of add reeling Wbl WsUk, il Ccntft atrtet. TUB TURK. The cblbbratbd trotting stallion, obo. m. PATOHBN, will aland for a limited number of muM at the premise* at I ha subscriber, known a* tlie Dykeman farm, uear Klagsbridge, la the city of New York. The sea eon will commaaoe on tka 7th of March instant. Person* cImItmui of hiring tnarea served will please make early ap plication, aa, whan the Halted uumber la complete, no further application* can be reoelvod. Good stable* on ttie premise* and 400 aorea of pasturage. Term* for the awamn J1UU, and reasonable charges for keeping the marea. WK. WALTER MIRB, Waahlagton Drove Yard, N. 7. A PORTION OF THE PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT of I. M. HInfer for atla. Tea Hones and six Carriage*, all first class. Carriage houae 10 Weat Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. An elegant park phaeton for bale-built by Albert, of London, In the moat thorough manner; eoat Bl.ltO; win be aold for leea than half, and ha* been used but three timea. Apply at Private Stable, AS Weat Eighteenth ?treat, near Sixth avenue. A FAMILY GOING TO EUROPE WIIH TO DI8POSB of their Horaaa, Carriage and Haimeas, together or aa paralaly The hartaa are Are and aU yearn old, a beautiful mahoaaay brown, with long taUa, lfls hand* high, kind, ??and and vet? stylish. The carriage 1* an opao ealeehe, by Brawatar, and used only ataea August. The harness used but a faw timea Inquire for Darta, at King'* ? table, Forty, flrw atreet, near Madison avenue, frem V o ctaak A. M. UU I P. M. A PAIR OK WHLL MATCHED BAY HORSES, IN line oondition, for aale cheap. Apply to Dr. J. LEATUB, Hit Grand atreet, N. Y. Any gentlbman having a strong, stylish Horse, above fifteen hand* high, sound und kind and go hla mile in leaa than 3% minute*, who would like to aell nlm for part caah and part carpet*, olloloth*, paper hanging*, Ac., may addrea* P. R. S., Herald oflloe. Brood mares?two or three well hkkd Marea, which have been good aleppera (undo three mlnutea), but now a Utile lame or sore, are wanted a brood marea; none with ringbone or apavin. Peraona having auch may find a purcbaaer, at (air prtcea, by addressing the under signed, naming price, Ac., Herald otllce. J. B. PILLOW. Bat horse, it hands, e years old, bound, kind and gentle. $'JUU, Canadian Pony, Wagon and Har ness, $1 So; four good work Horaea oheai>; a good Cart and Harneaa, $60; three good aeoond hand Wagons and Harneaa; aCcw, with Calfhy her; give* ltt quarts per day; prioe $00. Apply at Ti Cbarie* atreet. CARRIAGES FOR SALE ('HEAP.?TWO SECOND hand hockavvaya, one four seat and one six seat, very light built, only a few month* in nae by a private family; af aoaoiue new Boggy Wagon*, some with shitting top, aome uo top, aome second hand, nine wiih top and aome no top; new and aecond hand light Express or Grooer Wagons. M. CURLBY, 21 Eaat Twelfth atreet, N. Y. For sale?a thorough brbd plough boy kor rei Mare, five years old, 13\ hand* high, finely formed, long tall and maae, and warranted aound in every reaped; la a fast pacer; perf ectly gentle and trained to either single <>r double harneaa; could be rode or drivea by a lady; will be aold low. aa the owner ha* no further uae for her. Can be aeen at Dn C. PILGRIM'S stable, AS Livingston street, Brooklyn. T7?0? HALE?A BROWN HORSE, 0 YEARS OLD, IN r good condition, gentle In harneaa, Ac; also, a four wheeled Deetor'* Wagon, a cloee one horse Carriage, almoxt nsw, and one set of superior Harueas To be aeen at I*. Clary 'a atablea, 19 Baat Eighteenth street, any day from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. For sale?a matched pair or black horsbs, 16 hand* high, 6 years old. kind and aound. Also a pair of brown Horse*, Ifi hands hlgn, full mane* and tails, coming ti years old, sound and kind. To be aoen at ivlton's atablea, Twenty-act enth street and Broadway. Inquire of C. 11. POST. For sale?a paib or bat mares, about pip teen hands high, stylish, sound, kind and fast; alio a nw top Wag'in, light double unit single Harnea*, Blanket*, Ao. Apply at the last a able rear of No. 4 Great Jones street. IJlOR RALE?A PAIR OK ORAY CANADIAN HORSES, r 14 lianda high, 6 vears old this spring, one of which oan trot in three minutes and trot together in 3'a; perfectly sound and kind, ana juat from Canada. Apply at C30 Eighth ave nue. Aiao a roan Horse, 7 years old. Can trot In 1:15 with ea*?. For sale?a first rate family horse, ap ply to James, before 10 or after fi o'clock at id Lexington avenue, private stable. For sale?a chestnut sorkel mare, six years old. aound and kind in all rexpects; is a good traveller and also a good saddle mare; must be aold In a few days. Can be seen at the corner of Houston street and DeKalb ave nue, Brooklyn. For rale?kor less than half his value, a Vermont, black hawk Horse, eight years old, nanda higt; sound, kind and can trot a mile in two minutes and fifty eeconds; is al*o a superior saddle horse. Apply at 98 Bowery. IjlOK SAI.E-A REAUTIFUL KAY MARE, 14^ HANDS ' high, < lght ytara old, gentle to ride or drive, suitable for a doctor or lady's saddle horse; will stand without tying. A1 co, a light Top Wagon and single Harness, almost new. Will be aold together or aeparately. Inquire at Taylor'a ata blea, corner of Forty aecond street and Broadway. For bale?a bay hambletonian horse, six yearn old, 12?i hands; can trot In 2:40. a splendid saridle horse, ?ilh prunell top Wagon. Harness, Whip, Ac. Must be sold tor want of money. Apply at M East Thirty seeond iUeet. HORSES FOR RALB.?A BAT COLT, TOOK TEARS old, 15 hand* high, warranted Hound and gentle to ride or drive. Also a (Inn ?ray Man-, Are yeara old, hinds I high, perfectly sound and thoroughly trained to the saddle, likewise rery penile In barncaa, either single or double. VTtll be aold at a baixaiti, as the owner* ham nil further use for them. Can be ?*? at Meaani. TUR.Nl.KS stablox, 4JU Sixth avenue, oomer of Twenty sixth street. HORSES, CARRIAGES, GROCERS' and BUBINES* Wagons for sale?the largrst mock In the city, Alse, second hand Wagon* and Carriages of iill kinds and fifty Horsea selling off ("heap, at 184 Fulton avenue, and 10 Ncvtns street, Brooklyn. Road waoonb.?brewstkr a co., 37a and 574 Broome street, corner of Molt atreet, are prepared to re ceive orders for their Huperior Wag ins, deliverable at any period during the coming season. In addition t > o.her im* which have giveu their jvork the highest repulv wn for durability and elegance, they *oald direct special at tention to their '-Improved Side Bar," rendering their 'half spring" Wagons superior to all other* In strength and elas ticity. Although making road wagons a special feature of their business they would also Invite orders for every style of pleasure Carriage for town and country. Road wagons. W e have on h:?nd, and are prepared to receive orders for FIRST CLAIM BO AD WAGONS, of all weights, made under Mir supervision on the premises, and warrantnd to be equal to any other wagon made in this city We have also on band and making to older FIRST CLaHB CARRIAGES, suitable for park, citv or country, which wo will sell at low price*. MINER A 81 EVENS, 72, 74 and 7? Walker street. 1 Flirt door ea*> of Hr oadw.iy. SIX HORSES, FROM THRBR TO SEVEN TEAKS OLD. sis Boagle%two Roofcawaya, H rower's Wagon, half sptlng Cart, Plaiiorm spring r eed Wagon and a stone Truck. In quire at 44 Mott street. WANTED?A MARE, 16* II VNDS HIOH, THAT OAR trot In J 4fi on I he track with heavy wagon A good price will be paid for the same, but no fancy prfe Address, with price, Alexis, Herald otllce. Also, a Bruod Mare, 'if from six to >evsn year* old, but known)U? be very fast; US to 14 hands high. WANTED?A LIGHT, SECOND HAND COUPB ROCK a? ay, In good order. Address W. R., Herald office, Stat lag price arid where it can be seen. COP A RTITKEI HI P HOTHBI. PARTNER WANTED.?TUB ADVERTISER HAVING A Mai ss experience of many year*, and a very extensive acquaintance, desires a Partner with some capital to Join him in the coal business, already established; unquestionable refe. len"-; a icnts not noticed. Address for three daya, William, bolt 149 I lei ski utile*. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $.W> TO $S00, IN MANU factoring a su;i|e article, greatly in demand; orders on hand, partner folly seoured, profits over Hi per rent. Apniy to A. WILLIAMS, 17 West Houston street, from 9 until 6 o'clock PARTNER WANTED?WITH $J?i IN A NEW AND CSB X ful invention, wanted in every family No agents need apply. Apply to J. II. COLDWELL JA'l Greenwich street. PARTNER WARTBD?WITH $*.000, PATABLE IN in stalments, In a wall established newspaper. A civil eogfm?r preferred. Address J. C A M. H., flerald oillee. PARTNER IWANTED?WITH $i,nt)0 TO $10,0110. IN A well established businses now paying a large profit, aad with this addition of capiul san be made to pay $3?,(MI per annum, a voting person spesklng Spanish preferred. Ad dt- ss It. O. K , Herald oflloe. "PARTNER WANTED?IN AN OLD ESTABLISHRD J real estate ofllce or urn years' standing, to lake the pfaoe of a partner recently deceased. Capital merely nominal. An active man preferred. Address or call at Vt:t Fourth avenue Al .IT ?A SMART ACTIVE MAN, WITH THIH ?Ji I ??). amount. sanVd as psrtner to take charge of a wholesale and retail UquoMttore, Ibis day, or will sell, as be has other business to attend to. Apply to J. FLVNN, No. a$ 1 liomaM street, near Went Htomlwar. AC (It A W]I LL PC HI' HASE~HAL? INTEREST IN A aell established. gen'eel otllco business. to take lie | lace ol*a retiring partner, now doing a food business For fuilher particular*, apply to , V> ELLS A CO . SU Broadway, room JO. dbf'A/l ?GOOD OPPORTt'NITT FOR AN aCrFfjR 9Uvr\/. young man. as partnof In an old e<tabllshe<l grocery store, doing a good caaji buslneaa. A knowledge of the business not absolutely necessary as it can he eaaily learned. C B. HOWRS A bo., 410 Broadway, room 18. il /wilT?PAWTNEb" wanted in A-TuslRBig vlivu"' alrea^v e?lahll<hed; $?*> to $1 000 capital re quired. Business profitable and done for cash. Inquire of MtiHKIlL A HASKELL, 'XI Park row, room 10 AC (\AA TO $t0,?0a?PARTNER WANTED, IN A raah manufacturing ttuatness, whieh win pay I from $IS (?0 to fin.mi per snnnm. A man willing lo devote his energies to business will find this. upon Investigation, a chance seldom offered. Address Business, box 101 Herald ofllce. " _ 'paBTlBTMT. . Artificial bore filling fob i>?< atf.? teeth? ?'tit In whllo soft, without pres-ure or pala Anh Ing teeth or mere shells can be (Med With It ha the dlsooroMr. JaMEs PEARSON, M. D. Removed uiK.* Broadway, weal aMe. above Union sqnarw. ADtTLARIA PATENT BONE FILLINO?WARRANTED h? st for decayed lender teeth Ne pain, teeth saved, toothache prevented Besutifnl Teeth $5. $111, $10; seta gua ranteed. Five premiums awarded. Oraduated Irt40 Sixth avenue, corner Twenty aeooad street Dr. manpos. Dentlat ABEAl'TIFCL SRT of TRRTH, ON SILVER, FROM $.'i to $10, on gold, $l.~> to %tf> esrh Extracting, Clean Ing or Filling Teeth, V> to M cents, with skill and care, by H. TlUiBBIi Sen., dentist, at his residence, fiAK Bowery, north eaat corner of ?'anal street. A most WONDERFUL niWOTBRV -TBETH BX tract*d without pain ><j s new henur.ihlng sppllnall >n. beeollfnl teeth Inserted $1, with or without exlr,ietin| the root*. a sea on sllvc>, $^ wsrranted. J .lAt VII.LKHh, Mi Oraad street, near Elm, twe blocks east of Sroadway Lmbnoier, ORADTTATFn SITROEON DENTTHT, Ne M Wait Twenty ninth street. Between Broadway and mith iniM, ABfVgKHKirrS. XT1BUV8 OARDB.V IN JAMES M. MIXON LESSEE AND MANAOER. The ran liner luu ploasure In announcing that he lias sf feeted an engagement with ihat celebrated aud inimitable versatile oouuxllan, .. .w !OL F- *? CHANFRAU, who will hare the honor of appearing in Uia J uatly appreciated ctirioui H ute TOODLE8, which character he If acknowledged to be the only living re preeentative of. He will also ipve hla wonderful and lifelike T D ?? r?rr"*t' J- B- BooUl* B4rn#* WU" Re-engagement of the celebrated bartt.!ne of ^e^Englu2?>pe? Troupe. THUR8DAY BVBNIN<f! MAlfcH ?Sl, The performance will coram?no? with the petiteooinedy of the WIDOW'S VICTIM. JERRY CLIP..... . MR. F. 8. C H ANTRA V, . _ ... <w,t? ^ celebrated Imitations.) After which MR. AINKLEY COOKE Will line the popular song of Down Among the Dead Men."

Conclude* with the never to be forgotten TOODLEfl. TIMOTHY TOODLBS MR. P. 8. CHANFRAV. Twnoirow evening MR. EDWIN FORREST will appear a* JACK CADE, for lie last time. Saturday, aeoond night of MR. F. 8. CHANFRAU. The RONZANI BALLET TROUPE are engaged. ALLACE'S THEATRE. NOTICE. ^ . CHANGE or TIME. Doonova* at 8 ?'<*?*. ALSO FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, |LA8T THKBB N1011T8 FOR TUB PRESENT MR. LESTER* WALLACE'S COMIC DRAMA, IN FIVE ACTS, CALLED CENTRAL PARE; THE HOOSR WITk TWO DOORS. bRCURE YOUB HEATH. Doers open at T\: oomtnenoe at ? o'eloak ON MONDAY NEXT, MARCH II. BENEFIT OF Mr. THEODORE MOSS (Treasurer). A BOLD STROKE FOR A HUSBAND. WITH AN IMMENSE CAST. Gaieties concert room, eio broadwat. opkn evert night. OPEN EVERT NIOUT. OPEN EVERY NIGHT. It la well known that the Ualetiea haa the BEST LADT VOCALIST4, BEST LADT VOCALISTS, BEST LADT DANCERS, _ BEST LADT DANCERS. BERT COMIC SINGBRS, ' BEST COMIC hlMGERS, BEST NEORO DELINEATORS, ???? NEORO DELINEATORS, BEST ACROBATS, ' w BEST ACROBATS, BEST REFRESHMENTS, BEST REFRESHMENTS, BEST ORCHESTRA, Best orchestra, REST EVERTTHINtV BEST EVERYTHING. And decidedly the BEST CONDUCTED ROOM BEST CONDUCTED ROOM ill the city. Gentlemen will alio bear in mlml that one GREAT SpIcIALITT OF THE GAIETIES CONCERT ROOM 18 THAT THE i'RBTTIBST YOUNG LADT WAITSR8 1'RBTTlESr YOUNG LADY WalTERS PRETTIEST lOUNG LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LAD* WAITER* PRETTIEST YOUNG LaDY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WA1TER8 PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LADT WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITnRS PRETTIEST YOUNO LADY WAITB4S PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITERS prettiest young lady waiters PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG La1?Y WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LaDY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNO LaDY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LaDY WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LaDY WAITERS PBETTIEST YOUNG LADT WAITERS PRETTIEST YOUNG LADY WAITERS In the City are rugaged to dispense refreshment* te naitera. STRANGERS shou'd not neglect to call at the GAIETIES CONCERT ROOM before leaving the city, it being an indisputable fact that it la AN INSTITU1ION Which everybody must visit. NO ROYS ADMITTED. NO BOYS ADMITTED. NO BOYS ADMITTED. Open every evening ai 7 ; closes at 12 Remember, ene door from Laura Kecne s theatre Admission Is cent*. PALACE GARDEN MUSIC HALL. 8KATINO. SKATINU. SKATING, TAUGHT IN SIX LESSONS. The hall will be open dally from 10 A. M. to 10 1*. M. (Mon day and frlilay evening* excepted.) lhe upper saloon reserved exclusively for Udies. M. HUNT. Professor. (CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL. J 00.1 BROAD WAT. J. F. WAMBOLD, J. P. WAMBOLD, EVERY NIOHT. Dramatic instruction.-pbivatb pupils rb celvi d by a Unit cla?x aclor and rendered competeet to Ml the iilgbnet roles oi> ihtt atage. Addroaa Artiste, Madiaoa aquare Poet oflicn, N. V. ARCH NTRBBT THEATRE -SBALBD PROPOSAM will be rwflivud up to the 2d diiy o' April next fee leas trig tlie a i'*i Street Theatre for one year from the 1st of 8ep tegnhcr raat. All proposals or ontumitniralione M In it drifted ia B. H. Pltler Hnur<t?ry of U?e Board af Agextta, box ) .hfift PMladalj.lila Peat uinee. / 1ANTKKBIRY MUSIC HALL, ly ccs broahway. VI,LK. MARIETTA, MLLE. MARIETTA, EVERY NIGHT. TCNOLIdH TENOR.?MR. OBOBUE CROZ1BB IS OPEN JTv in engagements for ooncertH or oratorios. Papila re nrlved fram HI to 12 daily. Kor term*. Ac., apply at 62 Went Twenty eighth atrert, near Sixth avenue. HPORTMO. ~~ A ROW BOAT Wanted?ABLE to carry com funalily front aix to eltfht person*, mu?t be perfectly sound and In goo? order. Kcr nurnliaMr aodrnaa W. 8., box 'J^Ub Poet oHi.o, tlaunn price lad win-re to M xe?n. THE (1REAT INTERNATIONAL BCULLINO RACK POR the t'lianuplonahlp of th? World ?The firxt dejxxit ol $l,2fiO will be mvlc Ihla evening at Ihr Karriah Houae, 66 llilid avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth atreet*. at H o'clock, for the great xculllng ran- Iwlwwn JOHhua Ward, of Newburg, I'tilled Statea, and Koiwrt ( ham tiers, of Newcas tle on Tyna, England The Committee on KcoepUon are re spectfully Invited to be pmaent. Yacht rebeoca por kale -hue can be heen at Gm npolnt. B1LUARDB. A LA NOR AND NPUiNDID SPOO* OP BILLIARD Tables, with MB \ari"ty of fancy wood. with l?-oker'a patent Improved luabtona, at prleca to aalt the Uikm. AUa rimming* of trwr dwrliillvii. U. DECKER. 911 Anaatrot. Akin* assortme-t op prbnoh, English and Billiard TaMea. with PHBlAN'M COMBINATION CrSHIONH, now on hand, ana at prloea to cult the time* PltrLAN A COLLBNDRR, 6S, 65, t>7 and Otf I roaby ntrret, N. T. BILLIARDS.??OR HALE. MI) NEW AND SECOND band Tabica cheap; Tabi-* to let and Bagatelle Tablea for aale. Orders by mall at tended to WM H. ORIPPITH, 146 Pulton atreet. / 10MB AND HPE ME?BILLIARDS ONLY 10 CENTS A V Kami-, on alx full Mixed marble and xiate bed Table*, at the *e?tcneeter Billiard Bonn, 161 Bowery, ne%r Broome llxeel Kilteen Ball and Pin Pool, only thi???cents for each one playing. Beat of alee, win '*, liquor*. ?"?gan, Ac. II W. rtMITaV Proprietor. ~~ ABTHIH-llOf. A Bona pide antroloout, that bvbky one ? an flcpend on, ta Madame WILSON, who tall* the object of your vlMt ae n?n as von enter her room. Madame WiUen I* the iiri-atem aatrologiat that wax ever knawn. Hh? will In vokathe paw eraof her wonderful xclenoe, and tell all the ew-ntxnt vour whole Ilia. Il<*r i>redlctlona ?ro no true that they anrprlae every one that oonnulw her Home ladlea may get a little timid, though they n"ed no fear, foraheprac Uoea nothing but what Hi reawneMe to phlloatiplinra All xho'.ld r 'lauli thia rnoal wonderful and ravxierfoua lady Her xdviee I never been known to fall, and twenty thousand dollars reward to anv one who can Mliil h?r in the aliove a^. eniw Medame U n i? In poaoemion of the celebrated ma. A ohariox, which are ever certain In their effect. Truly mar ahe be ca'led a woniterful woman IW Allen atreet. between HtdN aad KlaiiMi, ?nr U>? bakery. Pes tor India* and gentlemen !*) eenta. Astonish ino.?maoamb morrow, hbventii daughtar, born with a caul and gift of fnrea.giit, telia b< w xoon and oft- n yon will marry, ana many events, e?e? Cuir rrrf tkougbta. PaeUoeaU. IfU Ludlow xtreei, beluw oMud. (iOR* A. SEAMAN. INDIAN DOCTKBM AND INI?K J i?ndent Bualneas Clairvoyant, haa rsmoved from 101 i*?'M xtreet to XW Dlvldon atreet, where xhe can be non si.ited nponaJI aiibjaetaas uauai. N. B ?My Indian Vsg<'ta ble Hair Restorer sold berth SIIAIKVOYANCB.?MBS NBYMOUR* MRDIOAL ) <;ialrvi yant ku?ima, ItOKBaat Twentieth atraet, betwMB rat and Meaood avenuaa. The most srltlnai, medical and buatneea c/inaultatlona day and eveiiiog. and perfant aaUafao Unn guaranteed alwaya, or no pay. Madame ray, mm sbpbnth avrncr, near 1 weirty aevrnth afaet, aunrtaea all win vldt her The alok troobWd and unlucky ahould teat her powers, nhe tellx verv thoughta, lucky numbara, loseea. Uuttm, V> nanM; it n<e, Mcenta. B.?WHO HAB NOT HBARD OP TBB CKLB _ . bra ted Km PRBWfeTBR, who has bean oooaulied by tboaaandx In thia and other nit lea wtth entire aatlxfaoUoaf She feel* onnBdenl xhe baa no equal She tells Uhe Mrnx of future wife ov vixhand, and thai of bar vtalter. If yes wtab truth give her a call, at 261 Third avenne, above Twenty Orat atreet Ladlea, M) eenta; gentlemen, SI N. rHK ORE VTRHT WONDRR IB TIIR WORLD IB TB* ^?yonngand an<omp]lahad Ma.lama NYRoN, from Parla. who ?an be one suited with the strictest ennfldenee on love, eoartsblp. marriage, etnkneea. Intemperance, situations law sails, business, travelling, absent frtenda. lost or stole* pre B^Hv, *a She haa alao a aaeset to make ymi betuved by your ^?1'a Ideal and bring* together thoee long aeparaied teal denna 361 Third avenne, shore Twenty sevenU atreat. gaooad floor Led tee, 2& nenU; gentlemen, M nenU UTBO WOULD NOT OO WHERE PWRTUNB flT-OO, I!. Ml** WBtUNOTON, the great Bngllak tW pbeteex. iba beet of all. and eaaaot be excelled. Can be eon aulled personally or by letter, on all affalra af Ufa. wen ralai law mlfa. journeys ahaem frtenda, lorn, eonrteblp. marrlaae, health, *NM. and wBo will rec*alm drunken and snfalthVI husbands, Mlas W. la the only imrson In thia dtr wha baa thegenuine Roman and AraWn telle mane for fare, good look and all tma naea affairs and are gnaranteae for In Delay not lp oonault this naturally gifted aa4beautiful yooag lady. Lucky numbers given High]* iccuactahla etty re'a #11# W|i*i Kitiv w AMVSHBITM. NTBR GARDEN. ^I4LN-moi The Maaaaemeut be* ui aauuuoou that tUu eveaiajc (Thura day. mmzbl) will be TOE LAST NIUHT MT TW? or the preaent eaiafement of MlSS CVSHMAN, who wfll appear la TWO NANCY SYKES, '* OLtTHR TWIST, AND KATHBRINB, KATHERINH AND PETRUCHl?. Thiaeveaing (ThurwUf March 7) will he presented OUYEB TWIST, With MISS CUSHMAN mm If AN OF STKES, Aad Mr. J. W. WALLACE _ FAOIN, THE JEW; with Ita powerful and unequalled cast After which, Bhakjwere'a delifhtful ooraedr of KATHBRINB AND PBTRUCHlO. MISS CU8HMAN aa KATHBRINB, MB. J. W. WALLACE aa PETRUCHIO. Friday, BWBFIT OF MISS CU8HMAK, When will ha prea?tad Sheridan * comedy of THE SCHOOL rOB SCANDAL MISS CUBHMAN aa LADT TEAZLE, MR. BANOER (wha haa kindly volunteered! aa SIR PETEE TEAZLE, MB. J. W. WALLACE aa CHARLES HVRFACB. Mwdif, MISS CUSHMAN'8 LAST NIQHT. Laura keenbs theatre. AURA KEENE'S THEATRE. LAURA KhENB'B THBaTRE. LAURA KEENE'S THEATKE. LAURA KEENK'S THEATKE ONE HUNDRED AN? SEYEB NIGHTS. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN NIGHTS. ONE IIUNURED AND 8EVBN NIGHTS. ONB HUNDhBD AND 8RVBN NluHTSL ONE HUNDRED AND HE?BN NIGHTS. ONB HUNDRBD AND FIFTV-BIX ONB HUNDRED AND FIFTT-BiX Wat HUNDRED AND FIKTT SIX THOU8AND FE9FLB HATB SBBN THOUSAND PEOPLE HAVB HBHM THOUSAND PBOPLB HATB SEEN TUB BBVRN SISTERS. TO-N1UHT Ann ETEBT NIOHT THIS WEBB WBI be nreaented the aitcceasful Buri?>u? of Uie BEVEN BISTRRM. SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISl EMS, HKVKN S1STHRK, SEVKN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SINTERS, BEVEN SISTERS, BEVEN SISTERS, Including all the BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PIOTUHKS BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTllllRB BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTHRBS BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES BEAUTIFUL UNION PICTURES Aa exhibited in UNCLE SAM'S MaGlC LANTERN, UNCLE BaM'S MAGIC LANTBmN. UNCLE SAMS M Atiip LANTERN, UNCLE SAM'S MAGIC LANTRBN, UN ('LB SAM'S MAOIO LAN IEBN, UNCLE SaM'H MAOIO LaNTRRN, unclb sam's magic lantern, , UNCLE BAMS MAUJC LANTERN, UNCLE BAM'S MAGIC LANTERN. UNCLE BAMS MAOIO LANTERN, COLUMBIA AT WASHINGTON'S TOMB * THE THIBTT-FOUB STATES, THE BBttNT WE BOB, REMtKXIIttTINa TH* GOOD OLB SHIP CONSTITUTION ?K.?ritorici> ar tiik EMANCIPATORS AND FIRE EATERS, THE STUMP OF THE LIBERTY TRBB, THE SLAVE 8CENJ, THE HAPPT PLANTATION HOME, CALHOUN'S DREAM and WASHINGTON'S ARMY AT TALLBT FORGE, LIBERTY AND DIOGBNBS, APOTHEOSIS or WASHINGTON AND UNION, THE ZOUAVE DRILL, BURLB8QUB DANCE, AND THE LA8T GREAT BCBBE, thk BIBTH OF THE BUTTEBFLT IN THK BOWEB OF FBRNB Seatamajr be Recured one week in adraaaa wltheut extra ihanpv Doom op?a at h?lf p**t si*; la aaMBMM at half I aat aeren. Perfermanee terminates at tea e'oleak. BOOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. IMMENSELY FASHIONABLE HOUSE. IMMENSELY FASHIONABLE HOUSE. IMMENSELY FASHIONABLE HOUSE. ULTRA USUAL SUCCESS. ULTRA UBUAL SUCCESS. PROFESSOR ANDERSON PROFESSOR ANDERSON PROFESSOR ANDERSON PROFESSOR ANDERSON PROFESSOR ANDERSON in ills PSYCHOM ANTRUM. PSTCHOM ANTEUM, P8*CHOMANTRUM, TO NIOHT (THURSDAY), MARCH 7. TO-NIGHT (THURSDAY). MARCH 7, With the great entertainment, A NIOHT IN WONDER WOkLB, A NIOHT IN WONDER WORLD, A NIOHT IN WONDER WORLD, reoelvcd last night with TUMULTUOUS PLAUDITS TUMULTUOUS PLAUDITS By the Moat superb assemblage Of the citizens of Brooklya. B Profeaaor ANDERHO"* return* thanki for the great pa tr >nag" received la*t evening, and renpeclfully intimate* taut he perforata TWO NIGHTS MORK ONLT TO NIGHT AMi TO MORROW MIGHT. Kom* nhould be aecured very early In the day If front place* am wfohed. Doom open nt 7: omrarneit at 8. Admlwlon SMonta. Reaerved wata 25 cnnta extra. Anr ph 11 heat re 'J/> oenta. CANTERBURY MCHIC BALL. MB BROADWAY ALWAYS FIRMT CLAM TALK NT. ALWAYS K1H8T CLAH8 AUDIRNCRB. No pretenaiitn to clicapnean: the quality aad number of artlalx ? ngnK?l making it tmpoaaible. 8AMC0WRLL, HAM COWELL, EVERT KIOI1T. La*t nit nights of the great OODRN, Last all nlzhta of the great OODRN, Aa he positively finga In Philadelphia, Monday, Uth Inat. FOX a C U it KAN, Proprietor*. CnRia. Norm*, Treasurer TIIRATEB FBANCAIB, M BROADWAY.?JBUBI, 7 Man, 1HCI Knnruaentatlon extraordinaire an benefice d'une famille IncenaWe Mr Colaon a bl?n rouln pr#ter aoa (NMHIMtf cette mprtaentatlen aculemeat. LBS PAD VRE8 DR PARIH, 'Irani* en aept acte*. German volkh oardrn. palace 46 PALATE CONCERT bowrrt. conobrt 11 ALU 46 ? BALL. Oppoaite the Bowery Theatre. Open every night FCRTHE BEMT AND CHEAPEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CITT. Admission 6 centa only. Admission. 8 witi oaly. Admiseslon, <5 centa; reserved *eata, IIcenta. TREMENOOUH APPLAUSE NIOHT aFTFR NIOHT, FROM DRNnELY CROWDED HOUSES, Who witnessed the representation of the hpeetaoulary panu mime entitled THE PA1RY Or TilK WIlkAT HHRAP. THE FA IKY OP THE WHKAT HKRAP. GRAND ASCKNKIuN ON THR IIOUT ROI'E, BT BLONDI*. BLONDIIf. BITAL BLONDIN. BLONBIN. The greatest attraction In the ntr am TUB WAITER OIKLH IN PaNCT COSTUME. II. StX>TT A CO. C1ANTF.RHI.RY MURK' HALL, ) 6*1 BROADWAY. J. II. OGDEN, J. a. OGDEN, EVERT NIOHT. JALLACK S Til EAT ILK BENEFIT Mr MOM, Treasurer, MONDAY, MARCH 1L EVER! ARTINT Connected with thla iln*tre will ?pi>ear In the BFLENDID pi? f. act COMRDY, BOLD HTBOKE FOR A HUSBAND. Box booh now opeo. 0 N THIS (THURSDAY) EVRNINO, MARCH 7, 1*1. HOPB <11A PEL, Broadway, <>nnoalte the New York Hotel. RI>vtoMt IMI.LRT Will recite from HHAK8PKRK AND URTDRN, A'.elnted by MR J ARK I> s. BABCOCK, Who, having kladly volunteered, will read a aeleetlon from THR PORTKt Or MACAl'LAT The ReeHatlon will lomnasnos at 8 o'clock P. M. Ticket* 26 rent* 1JETIRNRD. MX PAOB'B "VENUS." Thl* great Flctam I* attracting immense attention, aad haa beea acen by upward* of FORTY THOUSAND perann* In New York alone AMERICAN aND FOREIGN O VLLBRY OP PAINTINGS, No Mrt Broadway Opea day aad evening Admission IB wiia flAKTRRBURY Ml'SIO HALL. V MS BROAD WAT. , , BAM OOWKLL, BAM COWELL, ***** RTnnT (1LINTO* BALL, AHTOB I'LAOIJ. ) THIS RVRNINO AT RIOHT. MR flf I'l)^ Oa "Btehard Rrlnaley Hhertdan, hi* Life. Drama* and Or* ticma " Admission tickets. 2ft (or $1 for the aertee), may be had at the Meroantlle Library. NBW TORRRR BTADT THRATRR, YT T? BOWERY. Oeiman Opera. Heeoad night of ORf'HBU* IN DRIt I/'NTbIIWKLT. Hurle?j'ie opera, by Cretaieai and OffenhMh. KXHfBmW FOR MALR THR CAMBRA ?BWCTRA, onrn-r of Fifty ninth a'reet and Br?*4w *?, near the en banceof Crntral 'ark I* eaally enndue ed byoaa perann, and from Bft to $.1) per day nuu?* A caeh niatoiaer eaa bur U chce^. the owner nartag other b^ialneaa to attend to, fur fnrtlwMpartleulara eaU oa or addraea WEBHTgR, 1? BU AKvnnm. Academy ok music, new york. NOTICE.?The oprrm cluwa here on faturda* grand Th? oimp?n? open id Itoaum on HmJlLm TO MOIlBOW. FRIDAY. MARCH ?, KAKKWKIX MIGHT OK THE OPERA. The Academy ol Mualc 011 UlLa occanim will be lllua ua tbe grand gala night of the I'rlnoe of Wales ML HVGENERAL DEMAND Yerdr* celebrated and Lateai work, _ un hallo in maschbra, uhe Mtaquerada Bail,) which wai received daring ten representations with ab*i enthuaiaau, will be produced fur the la*t time TO morrow, KRIDAY EVENING, MARCH % with OOL8OV. HINKLBY-PHILIPPB, BRIONOLLKERRI. COLETTL DUBBBUL. BALLET IIIVRKTLSKMENT, MUSICS OALOP. Director and conductor. Big, M SATURDAY. CLONE OK THE SEASON, GRAND UALA MATINEE. Mitt HBI.LOG LINDA DI CHAMO1 A<UBKMVOrMCnp, MEW YORK.-MATINS*. ^^mPdX' #1>T OSK GRAND GALA MATINEE. GLOME OP THE HEAMON. MISS CLARA LOUISA KBLLOOG will appeeu- In a new character Douizettl'i charming opera. LINDA DI CHAMOUklx! MINK KBLLOOG aa MISS PHILIPPB aa r BRIOMOLI aa Carlo, Oonto 41 KERRI BUBINI aa Prafatto DI'HREI'L. aa .Marcheee ill Birr* Itckcu are lor Hale to-day at All the office*. Academy or music?new tore All bills dae by the present management ot the ? Association must ba presented for payment on Saturday, the auoipany leavee for Boston Academy or music- new tore and bbooi To uuirmw farewell night In Maw York. UN BALLO IN MABCHBBA. Saturday, at one. eli m of the season In New Tecfc, URAND OA La matinee.?kellooo. Saturday evening. In Brooklyn, BENEFIT OK MISS IllNKLET. NORMA AND RIOOLETTCl. Academy ob music-new tork andbrob To-morro^Yarewell uight In New Tork, for toe (JN BALLO In'maSCHEBA. Saturday, at one. clone of the reason. MATIN BK. MISS KELLOGG IN A NEW ROLE: LINDA DI CliAMOUNIX. Same evet Ir g In Hrooklyn, gala and farewell night. BKNRKIT OK M1HS lllNKLET. NORMA AND RIOOLETTO. See advert I ????>, B ROOK LIN ACADEMY OF MUSIC.?OPERA. Noni a?The teasoa claaea positively on Saturday OTVte im. The company open* Monday in Boaton. BATUBfcAY, MARCH ?, GRAND gala and poai lively laat night of the <>pera season In Hroottn. BENEFIT OK MISS lBABBLLA lllNKLBY. eztraordimart perkormancb?kobb nnu TONNE. COL80N, BINKLEY, KELLOGG AND PniLUXU NORMA AND RIOOLETTO. The performances will rooaUt of the entire Opera of NORMA. Bellini's chef d'a-uvro. MABAMB COLHON aa Noma. MISS IllNKLEY aa Adslglsa BIG. STIOELLL aa PoM? HIG. SUS1NI M OravMv Director and Conductor SIG. M UMB Tbe performance will conclude with the oalobratod laat aal *' RIOOLETTO. MISS KBLLOG aa MISS PHILLIPS aa Mi STIOELLL. .Duke of Mantua KERRl Director aad Conductor New bowert theatre. Bole Proprietor!* Messrs. G. L. Ko* and J. W. Lh THURSDAY, MARCH 7, UV DKMAMl), HARLEQUIN JACK, TUB GIANT KILLBK. WHO SPEAKS KIRSTT MINKRaLI. ? A GRAND PERFORMANCE ON BATURDAT AKTERBOOH Kor School" and Kamlllea. BARNUM'B AMERICAN MUSEUM. .lobn Greenwood, Jr. Superintended 1* T. Barnum Mansgsrt Last day but two of that GREAT DRAMA, THE WOMAN IN WHim. It will be performed at 3 and 73, thli P. M. Last day but two of THE TWO LIVING AZTEO CHILDREN, The moat wonderful curiosities In the world. Laat day but two a!no Of those extraordinary and Ningular noveltlei, IM LIVING ALBINO PAMILT, Wbo, though born of black parents, am White aa anow, have purs white hair, And pink eyea. making Ihem object* of great interest to baMl the rurlou* and *clenuflc. Both tbeae wonder* clone their a*fc bibltion at the Miiaaura on Saturday neit, aa thoy go to PhB?> dtli'biaon Monday^thn 11th. Who will fall in nee theae three noreltiea, thla week, for As la*t time)' when either one of them alone in worth the piioa a? adniiiutlon Ui all; and ?hen. In addition, are to be aeea thoa* wonderiul Wild AnlmaU, the PEHFOKMLNG HEARS, GRIZZLY HEARS, THE ORB AT MAMMOTH BEAR, SAMSON; THE GREAT L1VIN4 BLACK SEA LION, WHAT IS IT? THE BIG SNAKBB. GRAND AQUARIA, HAPPY KAMILY. and tha wbata hoat of other Wonders and Curtoaltle*. whloh are nowhere to lie found but at BARNUM'd MUSEUM. And yet tha prioa of AdmUslon la only 25 oents Children under ten, IS cento l'ai iturtte, IS cent* extra. ChlldMB under ten, lOcentaaaU^ BRYANT'S minbtrbls. Mechanic*' Hall, 472 Broadway, above Grand street. Klflh year of thi* excellent troupe. MONDAY. March 4, and every night during the weak, JERRY, NEIL and DAN BRYANT, llie popular Comedians, in their Uiitfh.ible acl*. Klrat appearance of the Afriain wonder, JAPANESE TOMMY; OR, WHAT IB ITT Rate high, Llxie, Ml** laslppi Kling, Jack l ada Jack Cade Dan Dryant | Lord Say Jerry Bryant Door* opea at 6\ o'clock; Curtain rises at T\. Tistato H O'nls. xcmC KOBB. MELODBON, melodeon, melodbon, MELODEON, (30 MitLODfiOar. BROAD WAT. The nlonoer Concert Hall In the United States. JAMES H. W1BIRT, PROPIETOH. NOKS. BOUXARY, HaLLET MASTER. Temple of Conaecrated Enjoyment, and CUBAFB8T CHEAPEST PLACE OK AMUSKMENT IN THE WORUft. * verytbmg that l? New and la Valuable, all that la LA I < IIIA 111.K IN FARCB, AMUSING IN COMEDY. ENCHANTING IN HALLET, INSPIRING IN HUH re, la extracted by experienced mwiaienieol, _ prcaentedto th? CROWDED HOUSE*, CROWDED HOUSES, AT CROWDED HOUSES, CROWDED HOUHES, AT TMM MELODEON. MELODkON. All Artietx in tbe country of real merit, In every MaedC buaineaa, without limit oi price, are engaged at the MKI.ODKON MELODEON. Enabling the thousand* of rlaltera to enjoy, In a atvlenaC eic? lkd by our Unit riax< of Metropolitan Theatre*, unequalled HA I.LET, FARCB, PANTOMIME, SONOH, DANC1 HALLKT, MKl'E, PANTOMIME, BONGS, DANC" BALLET, FARCE, PANTOMIME, SON OH, DANC. NEliRO COMIC ACTS?Anomallatioal Burleaqum, and every other apeclee of entertainment ?nre to meet 9 the approval of dtacrtmlnating and critical audieneea. Every artlat announced la really coined and will tpf ^ and every act or pieee advertised will aurely he preeenlaM; and the proprietor dealree It to be atrietly understood that hat d<?? not lnU i?4 to exaggerate In aovertlalag, aad be truata him patrons wall know they ran rely upon him when he notloea a oasaraae, alnger or actreea aa accomplished or bnauttfML He doea not ilum it neoeaeary to exhaust the Bngliah gua?e for .idjectlves and draw largely upon tha French tm prove tbat they are dlvlnf, enchanting, he. Ho, when ha ad. rertlses the NEW BALLET, arranged exfreealy for tae Melodoon, by Moaa. Bouxary, ??? titled LA MA.J A DE SEVILLE, LA Ma.IA DE SEVILLE, aa beautiful, be la aura that he ha* a proper eonoeptlon nt fe* word, that he la willing to leave the aubject lohla ? nilnlieea. who, upon each reprcaentatlon, Insist that nothing Ilka tt?? approaching ?> nenr the beautiful?bad two put upon amf atage alncr the days of tbe glory of the Old NatVuiai. During Ita representation a GRAND PAS DE DIX, IN WHICH Kate Pennoyer, Adele Calla, Augusta Vak|, Kate Pennoyer, Adele Calla, Augusta Walbg^ Kate Pennover, A dele Calla, Aiiguata Walfef^ hate Pennoyer, Adelo < alia, Augusta Walby. aao a full Pullet troupe of beautiful Daaaeuaea will be latna> duoed, with other uew and attractive Daiwsi*. One of the ip-riOeal feature In tha programme this wadkc li the FEARFUL. AHTONI1BING, AMA/.INO FKAhFUL, ASTONISHING, AMA/.INO LUr LEaP In tbe air, from Flying Rlng?, of over Ml FEET, tm FEET, by the youthful aertel champloua, SHAPIEB AND WHI'NRT. HHAPPBf and WHiTNK Y. Thla great leap, on and over a borlxonta) bar, la eefri** ful, ao aat< nialmig, that the apoil bound audicnoe have no time to con'< mi'lHte the reaiilt of the allghteet error oa tfea part of the lntrc| I.I yoaag artula, or even to ooniprwhead Mm magnitude ot * hat appeara nuch a reckless undertaking, ba Iore the leap i* m.irt?, and the audience gradually r< from tbe ape,I which held them In admiring wonder, brated gttuastlc aeronauts, even the ten"Wu?d IIANI/?N BROTHERS ara entirely Wllaaed in ' Kaehalle peiileux,"nranv great feaH In mid air, bv Shappi ?? and Whitney, In their flying King P*? U Rome with ?urprlxlng ehangea ftther Nwuunil Balletot Songa, Danoea, A:, tnteraperac the per: "tiu mcca re(<rBaaa4a4 by eucli aruaw aa 1IAHKV rtlL Negro Comedian HI? parformaaear ar? truly gr?a', and Harry Pell la rapidly and worthily rlatog M bia piofeaaion DICK WaTKINH, one of the m?t reraatHe yoang ntea !? hia line, which I- C?lenalve, O'ln rehending a faiilirul rep? aentailmi of a Negro, trl?h, Dutch, or "any other man, ' fr any eoun'ry on the globe. DOBWON, the oelebrated Banjolat. . . . PaI L CANR, French Zouave, the expert Pan^owlmlM. OEO WaRKBN, In hia Hanj.i Holo, with thirty other M entad perliirmera each evening The PfoWtowr takea pleaaur.' In calling attention to the ' MALLKT TRoLPR. under tbe direction or Moua Bouxary, who Introduaaa iMk eveoirig aome of the moat * BKAUTIFTTL DANCBR ever aeen, eieeuted in an artiaiic manner by a troupe af twkntv fivb ?ounu Ladies j Alan, to the lieat Ori hcatra In tbe elty. under the Iraderah^ *t Pirifeeenr A. rtraub, long known aa tha head of the auaM department nf thla Hall Admieaioii, n i*nt? Open at 7, commence at 8o>imk. CARD ?The queen of aong, FAN NT FOHRRST, ii engaged and wlU abortlv appear, due notlae will be gliea. ItALLdT OIRLS WANTED?Apply between il anCL. TBS MM LBCTUBE BEFORE THE TWBLFTV Beclment will he dellvwed on THTRMOaT, march t. At Irving Hall (Irving place and Fifteenth au-aaU, OBNBBAL CTi7rI.ES TATKS. (Qommaader Second Brigade N. Y. 8. IL) _ KubJaM: ? Tub loiamia or Aaaa aa Conkkctiid wm fmoamm AM CmaufiMi blngte tlcketa M) nenta T1nke*e_ admltung geaUenaan aad lady, 7laaat^ On be oh?alaad at . Had * Hoaa miMte atora, M Breadway, aad at tha dew ?? Un AVMliBf Of Um \ecium . . . . ? Dnor* op^a hi 7. UKur? rmniiiwHm M Ho Mb. charlbs r matown will (Bt thb vm veraal renueat of a crowded hoaae> repeal hia a<iWM>| entertainment (with a varied J" i|aaa?l, niiay>t|gg V re^. tatiena from Bbakapere and the PnataenUraly fma yqi on Friday. Ma rob H, ISM. at CUntotl~^aB. lWl( M Wft H nttrlfilirw"' la oowhm* M 8u otwfc.