Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1861 Page 2
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ARRIVAL 07 THE BEE BEN. FIVE UTS UTES FB01 EOBOPt ?0 TIMNQS Of THE AUJTIttUtlAII. Jadgnrat ii tk? Boaaparto-Ptttenoi One Agatut thf Americas Boupartei. THE CHEAT EASTERN GOING TO NORFOLK. Effect of the Amerioan Crisis Upon French Manufacturers. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE, ,1 lM*f iMs Tbe screw steamer Bremen, from Southampton on February ?0. with five days later news from Europe, ar rived here at 9 o'clock last evening. In the House of Commons, in reply to a question put by Mr. Horsfhll whether any steps had been taken with the -view of carrying on the recommendations of the Shipping Committee of last year on the subject of belligerent rights at sea, Lord J. Russell entered upon an explanation of -some ieagMt regarding the communications he had had with the government of ths United States upon the sub jeot, when he was Interrupted by Mr. Bright upon a point of order, and he contented himself with stying that It was a question affecting the whole maritime rights and Interests at this country. On the motion for the nomination of the Soleot Com mittee on the Red 8ea and India Telegraph bill, a discus sion arose upon the merits of the original contract, and as to whether the company had fulOlled their engage ments. The oommlttee was ultimately nominated, and the Bouse adjourned. The Army and tiavy Gat?Ue says:? It Is bettered that the camp at Alderahott will shortly be remodelled. The camp at Chalons will probably b? selected ss the type of the new camp, and tne troops will be put under canvass. The same Journal says ? It has been finally decided that the arammonia of ths Wasrtor and Black Prince shall conf-int of Armstrong guns?one h .mlred pouueters ou the nuin deck and seventy pounders on tne u|>,*t tiecit. The lxxidon I'mminrr Bays:? Enfiand hat* already sp< nt ?2,(100,000 In experimenting upon oce"n o cbltn, xnu wo au< decidedly of opinion that a North Atlantic oahif to bring ih? oh .mil NewWjrlis together by ti-?* routo of SeotUnil, 'hu Fa on lniau Is, Ice land CJreeniana ..i/d Labrador, ov-r soas oy ice berg* and along Icebound c ai-ts, is a h ipcj.-nj project tb a whi not bo. ana ought n-?t to be, uiUnvii d. The London uily A>uw koys. the Great Eastern is to leave England the fl-at week In Marob for Norfolk, Virginia, where the has b< en guaran tend a oa'gn, chiilly of cotton, for Ku^ltud, th i freight of wUkmi will *o.ount to $76 000. Mr. TTaio, of It is'on, had Sin uiWvk>w with i he lUght Hon. T Milner tiibson, on MosKtay, a* the office of tho Board of Trade, and submit ted a modal of A strict railway. Hie Armenia, the well known ultramonUuo "Journal of Turin, says:? In spite ef the protests and prayers of Catholics. law and Justice will not provail against force, an'l Kom<?, no seer or later, will share the fate of Gtets. The pro tection of France towards tne Holy Father will be re duced to the olluring him a steamer to carry him futo exile. The London Telstra)>h of the 19th says that an exten alve fraud has been discovered in the Commercial Uank of London. The amount Is stated at seventy th >usand pounds, and the delinquent a clerk In tho bank. The lxmdon Star of tho lltih has the following:? It w?s said t*at M'. Cob.len hvl proposod the ^wiss Coute<]?-rati< n im mediator in the A me 'lean coniltct. The following is the truth of the matterMr. '>.hd n, Mho Is merely a priviti gontletutn, has no nthority to pi? ? K*e a mediator. II* vug been fonsultr*! on tie su-Jeo' of the disruption of tne (Jnion by n.une of hi* numerous friends on the other side of tho Atlantic, he suggested that they should choose tho ^wIsh Ooafedera tuti as an arbitrator This fact wis c > nmiulc:Uid to It. Fom<od,a member ot the Federal Cuuno'l. Thiols what took place, but nothing more was nor could have 1hen done. If the Arabic in government should claim thetrn (liittK n ef Bwitasrlaad, the Coutederation would no doubt give the proposal the c<>n*i erstion it mertts, but it la not probable that auch will be o*s? %e London lfeu<t of tbe JOth ult says:? A copy of the following letter from her *faj<v4v's Con vul at Charleston, reporting the reopening >r theuiiin channel to the harbor of that port, w is received at Lloyd'sto day from the Admiralty:? British Cosstiatk, Charikhtom, F< b. 1, lKfll. Mr Iaju>?With reference to my letter of the ll'.h ult., 'n which I had the honor to acquaint y >ur 1 >rd*bip that tbe dt fart* authorities of the state of South Oaroliua had rloeed the various rh?nnt*l- leading into this htrbor with the exoeption of MaflltH Jhannol, 1 hive now the satis I act too to report that the main or ship channel is again cprn and available for voseels drawing sixteen fee*, of water. I regret to add that the lighthouse, ix-ai-ons. light ship and buojs, alln led to in ray letter of tho 3d ult., have not yet been relight id or replace 1. KttBT. BUNCH, Consul. Tbe Srcretary Jo the Admiralty. Lord Nai>ler, ex representative of England at the Court Of tbe Netherlands, arrived at P?rlin on the 14ih ull. with his family, from London, and wu in a few days to piocced to his now post At St. Petersburg. M. Mlrce, tho great capltaliit, has been arreete<l at Paris and placed In the Oooclergerle. It la not o'ear on wbat charge tbe arrest was made, though It Is supjtoied to be oorac-ed with tbe provocation aom? time since brought against him by II. de Pontalba, but whi. b was then compiomised. rhe news oau?eda groat sensation on tbe Bourse, and tbe socarities with wbicb M. Hires is concerted experienced a considerable dec hue. DoapUchaa have been sent to the commandant of Clvi tclla del Trooto and to tbe Oovernor of llraatna informing them of tbe cipitulation of GacLi, and demanding tho delivery of those places, la case of refusal the saige of Ike latter by sea and land will be immediacy com ?mil In Rome tho fall of Gnat* ban caused immense excite mrnt. Tlie people are greatly agltate<l, an 1 tbe national movement it.creaaea in strength. On Ttiiirsliy list a strong pipul*r demonstration took place tbe crowd aborted " Viotor Kmanuel and the unity of Italy for ever," and even some priests Joined In the cheering. The French general offered no opposition to these proceedings, but the crowd finally dispersed at tbe request of somo Crouch, petrols. It is thought the Papal government will be un able to rrftnt tho movement. The OiamaU <h Rum* de nies that tl?rr? hu beea any arrangement Itetreen the Holy r-ec sud 1'ic Intent. Tlie departure of Mgr. ftarronl, Pupal Nunc to to theC'onrt of the fmleruv. Is postponed. The |? ,ln>n of hiM lloltt?:<'* becomes daily more i!-.>lite I The I/if on papers of tbe l!?th state that tbe royal mtll steamer \Wtiah*iU| which sailed from Liverpool no the llth aP ? r Now York, tx?k lll,OOo la s,*rlo. TbejN, ;?r.iarrive i at Qo<-< 'own at f vo t. M on Sun day, Po' r> r> 17 and fit l.iv . p >ol on Vend ty Hie Ar.tge arrived at Cnwaa on Saturday Bight, Febn ary H>, and tho I. iu arrivod at Quoenniuwu on tha 1Mb nit. n?lllR<r?nt ItitfHta si Hia. Ta tbe Ih'iiee ol nan<1111 o the iTtti alt, Mr II >k?? yiU MHkixi tb*- Secretary hir Ftwstaa Aflatrs wnether anv ?tops h id b?-t a taken by lier Maj'i"y's gov.-mmei.t with the rww of carrj it g out tbo recommend >tiou? of tho Shipping Oommiuea of but year, on tbe subject of belli gem.t lights at sea Lard ,1 KrMon.i. said that no steps had been taken by her M^rsiy's k vt mm?ni in the matter. a> I for the?o reason. ?Whei, the ma'ter was under ttsowBion ??. the OwfereM'" "i l'?rte, L/ir I C'?ren.t>ii was favorable to tlis proposal tb?. pru ite pr. ru at sea should he rospe.--.tAd during war. but no iluai dectatoawts o >me ti, and an ufiiolal ommaf IsallW hwl bee* made fie American bt at tbe time w*het alt aegni tattoos to bo stMfMnded. !MtHlS tlir afterwar a Vr, daltas rei< to him (I?rd J RMwII) a teepatoh which wa* dire led to Mr. Mssofi, at Paris; an.) in that daepush it ?a< elated by the Amurtran aov.-rntii >it ttiV it would be impossible, aa thon pr.>p>a?i, Uut pnvite prop, ty vh mid be respected at sr* on b.iird th? ships of bel ligerent Powers, (renerul tVias. bo?afer, oonsldnred the right of blockade, as anthuriaed by the la* of na tl?>ne, wsa a very groal abu?e; that tb ? o?ly proper oc;i sloa f >r a bio? kado wax when a land arm* era* h.wiogug a fortified place on tho one aide, aod a ti?ot wa< br >ugh to bl? k .da It 00 tbo other, and that any attempt to In lormpt trade by blockade, or to bk* ktde pk^sob which were commarctal porn, was aa abase which o ight to be tratan end tn. Tbnt, of course, opened a still wide inesUnn. His (t/xti 3. Kussell's) answor to that de epat?* was slnpi; that, aa the war had 6*a?od, and the treaty rg Parla bad boen mads, It waa not dtSMrable to ?n?tiaa* the dt*cui?lan. With regard to tbe proposition ttaslf, H apt?ar<"1 to be one of ttie utmost m igaltude. and that In it rams to tb la, that when thora were two Poesrs, one of wu?.h bad a very strong army and a atrmig navy, and the othor Power ao army lafo-ior In onnthor*, mil a superior navy, the litter should forego ail its sd.ant4?e, ar.d the while ootitest ah wld ho dacida by t'.e arniiea. (Hear, V?r) u, (be nmt eoc It sis a mole iy which war would, In his oplilon prolonged far more than at preeont, b *iuae, one m iy' In which a great m irltime Power mifbt aoi was by clu pMaf the trade of its opponent, and tne ?-nator its po#?r ft #Plr<t so the greater its chance of bringing ths war to at jr? cat t?. But tho proportion in question wo ild, If ?aaetkd to flra up a great advantage poasewl by ireat Britain (Hmt, hear > hi the ae?t pi ^e he wat per aMdad thart wvuki ha diOcoltla* ta tha douu? which would be n#urm?ii>tsble. The mercb?n*'?avy of bsBT kct? t 'h wouki be freed from capture, but nobody ooum mv chi'ii t Dumber of nxruiunt ships came upo* ms exult ihot they ?ore not used tor purpoeee of*". .. Mr. b^Ji.yr rose teonier He wished to ask it wii* in order far lli? noble lord to go into ? bmg "f**" ni' ut on a difficult sobject in answer to % I""*''?*' o'bor members who n?i(ht hold different oplnwmi wiMM han do opportunity of answering him. . _ . The said that it m uW[.J> question, to eo'or Into arguments oa ttosnhJect. (wmr, bnr.) this question, however, wm a P*0*"** ?"*: Ihe noble lord ?ss ??pUiDin? not. aaIM til ikio matiner til whteQ ?M Baefla ST? ft?fkU)too??rH whether ho had anted or nrt (Hear beer.) Under these clroumstancos he Stoofllt ths nobl" lord wsa in order. (Hear, hear, f^r^J0|RmwB-LU aald that a select committee of the House had made certain reoom-nendatlona. Upon those i recommendations It mtfht have been hto duty to act, Ud be waa venturing to explain to the House why he did nrt consider It prudont to into any steps la the mat Ur Be did not wish to enter tart her Into the argu meut, oxespt U> ser that It was a question affecting the whole maritime powerfof this oountry?(hear, bear)?and be thought any minister of the Crown ought to be most cautious before he to*, any step of the kind suggested. (Hear, hear.) The BemanarU-PatUrfoa Cam. [From the Louden sua laid, Feb. 18. J JIJ DQMKNT. JA the atttlnc of the Tribunal or the First Instance on Friday, the President, IL Beuolt Clumpy, delivered the following Judgment:? The tribunal judging In the first resort. Considering the demand against H. I. H. Prince Tfspo leen by Madame K Patterson and J. Bonaparte, her son, lm for object the liquidation and distribution of the succession of H. I. H Prince Jorome, dooeased, June 24, 1860* Tb'at this demand Is founded upon the quality which the plaint iff"'claim of legitimate wife and son of Prince Je rome, wtih whom Madame K Patterson is allegod to have contracted marriage at Btltlmore on Deoombe' 24, 1803; Considering that among the grounds put forward as a defence to thin action, is one founds 1 upon the authority* of la chore jtum (a previous final decision), that accord ing to the defence this authority results ft* two dec*. loos of the family council prouounced on July 4,1858,and July 5,1860, which decisions admitted and proclaimed the nullity of the marriage of Dec. 24, and its non eifioa city even with regaid to civil effects; That it is proper, in the first place, to consider the merits of this ground of defence, beoause if It be well fot-nded it establishes s j>eremptory exoep'.ion to the nreseut demand, and relievos the triiunal from the necessity of examining the other questions raised in the ooursc of the argumout?whether the marriage was void an tainted with clandestinity, whether Madame Patterson* can claim the benefit of " good faith " In the legal accep tation of the term, and what authority Is due to the decrees of the 11th and JOth Ventose; . ... And finally, whether the ;*wc?vm il dot (ifcrur) claimed by M. Berryer'B clients does not meet with a manifest, energetic, and continuous contradiction ini ths single fact of the second marriage contracted in 1807 by bis Imperial Hlghmws l'rluco Jerome and the I rlacess Catherine of Wiirtemburg, on the faith of the legal non existence of the first union, and whether therefore the expressions importing relatloashlp uted ^^?Jsroms Patterson iu the correcpoudenoo do not find taelr natural explanation in the undoubtet ties of blood whiob existed, atd more .socially so, seeing that the recognition of this ,mmbmh d'rtnt would bave been, on tie part of the chil dren or the second marriage, the negation of their own Answer irg that by the terms or artlole 1,350 or the Code Napoleon, legal presumption to especially connected with the authorliy which the law attributes to the efnne by the terms or article 1 351 or the same co le, the authority or the cha* jugte prevails with regard to that which has been the subject or a Judgment, that the thing demanded must be the name, and the demand must be founded upon the same cm no, and ooutoste 1 botwoon the same parties appearing In the same character. Considering that In order tc determine whether the various conditions oT identity exist In tho present cause, it is neoewary to examite minutely the circumstances which gave ri"S to the discussion in the rainlly council, as well as tbe conclusions taken before it, and upon which tbe judgments of 4th July, 1858, and 6tli July,1 I860, were rendered. , _? Considering that tbe marriage of December 24, 1803, contracted at Baltimore between J. Bonaparte, brother of the First Consul, and F. Patterson, was, It U true, oel# bra ted according to the forms and with the publicity re quired by the looal statutes; but that it 18 Jerome (touaparte was then only nineteen, and tbat the clauses of the Code Napoleon relative to marslage had been t>romuWa<< d In tbe month of March nreceding. That ao'onllng to article 3 of the oode the Uifi oon oermiig the s>ate and capacity or Krenohmon govern Knnchmen abroad , end that, according to article 170, two conditions wore impo-ed to validate a marriage eon trscted by a Frenchman In a foreign country?the P'ibll cations prescilb'd by article C3, and the of tb<- paretits, in ccniorniity with artlc.o 148?neither or which conditions were co^p!i?d with In tho present esse-and co early as October, 1W3, the 1-rench Minister in the United SUtos notitie<l tliese legal dispMltion to Jerome B<inaparte, and also to Mr Patterson, the rather and Ceneral f-mlth. a n ar relation of K. l'atti,rson, and that th- se notido*il"W did have tho eiriHJt or breaking oil the marriage In 1803. . Thai nevertheless 'he project o' marri,?g<? was mta denly revived and realised on December 24 oi the same * lhat It is even to be remarked that In th* cnntract a stipulatl n was inserted by which Jerome IVviapirUt un dert<Mik, in ras< any doubt should ever be raised as t<> th^ validity ot tbe marriage either in the statu oT Maryland I i r in France to do and complete all acts nfcessary to re movo d.lllculties, and to make the union a valid and p>r ect marrlige accordisg to the forms and laws botn or Mary land and France. Cocsldering that an authentic protest of Madame More against Uie aforesaid niaTruige, la ted 3 Ventas#) year XIII was followed by two decrees of the Empuror Napo ,e n i. dated 11 and SO Ventoso of ths same year: Ihe first prohibiting all officers sf ths ?Mf citiii from re on their registers tbe transcription of the sot or elebr"fionof the pretended marriage extracted by 1 rluoo er< me Bonaparte In a t<Hoign cjuntry. ITje Sici nd, declaring that the said marriage was null nd void, that It could never produce any c.vll ellectg, an 1 tha' the chl'dren born or to be born of the s?i 1 mar riage C'Uld cever claim uny right of relall'Jnship rounded ution tl?at union. Considering that two year* later, the marriage or bis Imperial Highness I'rluc. Jeroino B-*uapaite with tho ltls. ew C?th"rine <?( Vi i.rtemburg was celebntel lu France with all tbe rormalities priseribed by lav, and Uiat on January 3,181?, Madame K Patterson claimed ?sd obtained from the (.oner el Assembly-of Maryland an act annulling tl> marriKge which she hul contracted in 18t/8 with Jennie Hotiapartej That in th'S slate or thu gs th-dr Imperial Illghnnwos IT'nce Napoleon and Prinoss Mathtlde, his slater, children of th?> marri^go of Jerome an l the lVincM Oathortae of Wurtemburg, ha^lrg learned th it J. Patterson not only assumed the nam*' ol Bonaparte, but olaltnod V>bj a l**gi timate sun, by virtue oT the marriage or December 24, 1S08, brought an action tor the purpose or establishing ih?t J Patterson was not entitled to exercise any or tho rights appertaining to the legitimate issue of Prince Je rome, and that he and bis descendants uii^ht be prohi )it ed from using the name or Bonaparte, tho decree ot 11 Ven lose remaining In roll Torce. .. , ? . That tbe family council, Instituted by article 28 of the statute of June 21, IMS. by virtue o( the ?enatui Con sultum of November 7, 1H52. was the only Ulbunal eom peteot to take cognlzai:ce of this actiou, and that It had sovereign jurisdiction on lhe qU'Stk*. That Jeiome Patterson, as well In his own name as la that of his son, reoognixtng th" competsnoe of the family cttii.cll, maintained that the marriage of December 24 was valid that the certificate ot the miTlage and tlie paM ?Um 4'ttmt following it i-stalile-hed his bglilm icy la Wis most peremptory manner; that subsidiarily he demanded tbat In ciw the marriige should be decla'ed void. It might produce its civil ert.?ts in virtue or artleleg -J01 sod J02 or tbe Code Nap.ieor, as a c >nsequ?Bce of tns "g<s>d faith"?at least the presumptive good faith?x the ^li upon these conclusions thns taken and developed hv MM vlloo and Berryer, in the nuno of the r?sp.<ctlve fit^s, ihefcmdy council deci.le4 on July 4 18W_ that .libongh the d?f< udant m?tst be held entitled t<> bear the name of Bonaparte, by which he h%4 always been kn >wn, be liad no r^htto the beoeilt of artleles 201 and 201 of And this because It did not a;^yar from the faots and circumstances of the cause tbat the defendant ha-1 a rg it to avail himseir of th' .foresaid articles, and beca ise ths mi rrrirs ot IhOT hv' be? n made null and void bv the de , r-s s 04 11 and 30 Veutose, year XIII., even with regar 1 a h .'.dren born and t?> be bO'U Corsldrrtng thnt It l? 0.^11 fe^t tbat In refusing to give U, tl o niurr .xgS Of 1st 24 l^V the V;Uoe aud elloc' ? or a puUtivo Bltrl ae, t iy c ,oncP pw^.uil? an t a /orftort rec gulx. d a .d jnocliirord thi nullity of oat "cVjuTider ng t W true hit tl Is |ud?m< ot Is no| biallng vp<.n Mrs l'attersco, who ?as n) r B. hi* ?!'"?' a s.iond judgment sgainsi both her and her ion te'>me Patterfon, now authoric*! tob. ir th" name of ft >>aparu>, was pronounced jn Julv 6, ISflO: that an oppo-uti >tl t. the removal of tho seals aTier the r'ea'.a 'if ''rinc > b, rome luvmg been f< rmod by them M cla'mlng a rubt I id the succession, the f imilv eotin .1 was ln e.te iw,tb >osnirMice of this nsw dtfllciilty; thit the wtncl ions printed on behair oT Prince Vapo|<< n wore thit It mlgbt be declared by tbe council that the oppoiltlon was I ut'ouortrM | . j ? ,_ Cot'.deiiog tbat beft?re Uie family i "dncll M Berryer s client* tl?-..i!.<t ihat tbe council hat no jirtsdletloo to de cldr t'." qiiettlio?. fcnd as'.'Wl ' they mUbl be sent m l' Ja' de r> fiv tM-roro tbe I ren deot "f th-- Tribunal or ths f i'St liii?t,(nce ot IV Setn'V but Ui it tbe cO'incil. after hart' g rssoted ?Ms otij -c'ion tie ground that 'he r.ghtf claimed by Mi?iam<" l'attet on tt?d hsr aoa rais?> l a iu-siion tSfeolially per* 'ml, as to oh the (Wunc I alone v*ss a competent tribunal, I ik eed. I to pro nounce upon the merits, and declared th* cyyisltlon bad, upon tbe ground that It rested only upon theaU-ged cha rnctor of a lefltlmatejwirc and son. Tliat by the anterior ju Igment of July 4, liw?, It was declared that it did not result from the racts and clroum stances teat Jerome ft>iiepart? I'atterson had * right to avail himself oi the bsnellt of nrtlcles 201 and 20*1 of tbe Code Napoleon. and that the clroomst mces Invoked by Mailsme Patterson were the same, and did not give to that lady a right to take advantage of tho?e artiolss. Considering 'hat It results clearly rrom this Judgment thst the character of legitimate wHe of his Imperial Highness Prince Jerome?which rharactee is tb" solo roondatien mr the present demand?wss denied to Madame IStierson, as wss also the cW?eter of a b-glUmite son denied to Jerome Bonaparte I'atterson by tho first Judg is vainly objected that the second nnTw decided provlston illy and In Ha' d> n>/rrt, and that the only Judgment rendered on the merits was R"2iurs2, *n5 w ?? ?*; oiien-s nonclnded to be remitied nt r"<ti m ro these conclusions ooold Dot cb in re the a nruvlsW-onl jurisdiction merely for the Juris dictCn on the merits wlth wblch ths^wse Invert ed by ths none Wis tons potferward In t^ name of Prinos Nspobon that, on the other ?-d, ?Ji ^ tbe\uihoritv of fo rtm, whether a Jnd^nen^b* given by defcnlt or not, when the jndfn. rsguian, MMMted, and when UhaiMtPsM offt^i1* tt>* form*, within the time, and In lb* ohn wvrisM by law; that from thi utUen ?ko><> itiKl.ud Im ihr ooti( hialotifc Mibm)U??l to Hud discussed her*o it. emtly oiiUMtl which led to th? two Judnmenle of J" 4,1864, and July i, 1M0, and from the recitals aud cfc t? a ih m two Judgments, II reeulta that all the ?a i h ? oiuo.tioos required by a ttcle 1,341 of the Chide Va I* ob lo cooiMmte tbe authority of the eK"tr.v?ffm ex?et I? he cauee, trom whtoh it follows that a ">n <U new <<? o?r ab*4ue" (a conclusive prejud oi?l objection) ex wt: to the demand now before the tribunal I i these rruaona:? I cLares Madame Patterson flDliabeth) and Jerome Be nat rUs her son, not receivable in their demand, and df" leeee tt. ( dera that la the minis of the act or July 14,1444, <?<? slning a declaration of acceptance under bonedt or Inv ntory by Jerome Bonaparte of the succession of hia In erial Highness Prinoe Jerome, mention shall be mad* al he present judgment. tealMMS tbe pUioUff Id pay the oosts. Tike BMtbeai. JTrom the Leadsa Star, Feb 20 ] Now that King Krvueli and his famu/ hare quitted Naples tbere are ia exile not fever than flfty-flve mem bers of the Bourbon family oat of the seventy four who are the direct or collateral descendants of l/>ats XIV. The ftfty-flv* are thee*:?The Bourbons of N'-iot s, oooaUting oT King Francis Bro brother* and foar aisters; his Ma jesty 's uncles?Prlec* do Capua and two children, Count d'Aquila and two cbildite, Count deT-apaui and tire; his M^jeirty'a aunts?Queen Marie Amelie, widowuf tin ft Unite Philippe; the Doc bees de Berry, th? Duchess de Salerno: aad lastly,?cousin german, the Duchess d'autnale?total, 3d The Bowbons of tyala?tbe lafante Don lu?u aad two ? bNdrea?total, throe. 11m Bourbon* of Franoe?Ctouat de niambord, the Duohsei de Parma and four children? total, six. The Orleans branch or the French IHurboos? the Count de Parle, the Duke de Chartr?s, 'he Duke de Nemoura and four children, the Prln e de foinvdle and two, the Dolce d'Aumale and two, the Duke de Mootpen pier un i six?total, twenty. Nineteen B lurhon* are now in exile, namely, the royal family ?f tloain, sixteen in number; the ICmprees of Hrasil (?e- lYtneess of Vapl-s); the Ducbees auguetus of Saxe floburrfioiha {mr? Prinotss <1'Orleans) (too tbe Duke Charles III of Parma, (niante of Spain, wbo abdicated. # Mr. Cebd?a and the Glasgow Testimonial Fund. [Frcm the Iondon Telegrnph, Feb. 20 1 AuiiaM, Feb. 18,1841. Mr. Cbbden presents his cnmpllmeut* to the edit >r of the Daily T'lqjrttph, nod will feel oblgeu by the publica tion of the enclosed letter:? AHilKKS, Knb. 14,1841. R. G?Dn to Roiimit Dtoumt ? Mr Deoa !-m?t'lie newspapers which bare Just reached me contain a circular issued by a committee in Glasgow, bearing your signature in convener, Inviting subscriptions to a testimonial fund lu acknowledgment of my "recent eminent service* " Whilst I appreciate moat oordi-ii'y the friendly mo Ivee which muot bave prompted t .e geutiemen whosn names appear on the committee u> take this step without my consent or Knowledge, 1 muat be^ th*m to allow m* very respectfully to decline their proffered kiudnest 1 drew on the g"vernment for my expenses during the time I was in IVI*, ant have therefore incurred no pv ctmlary raoriflce for which I am enticed to reimburse merit. An fur the tervtca which I rendered in conn?o ti?n with the treaty, they were a labor of love, f ?r which it would be pamrul to me to accept compensation in aay form or from any quarter. Reiterating my thanks for your kind Intentions, believe me, youts, very truly, R. COBDEW. Rohirt Dalgbh, Esq , M. P. France. The Journal, of Monaco, of the lOtb ears:? On the 2d of February a tretty wan M^oed at Paris by which tbe Prince of Moohco cedee .he c>aimun?i of Mentone and Roq iebruie to thi F.iuperor of the French. The ex< hinge of raiidoatlous will take place within ten cays his c?tH'on is nuwle by the Prinoo for an Indemnity cf ?160 004, an uUo the restitution o' the pr>vate properties bolongtog to hie Hlgtux-w In th? communes of vfontone nnd K^que brune, and of which the Priuo* waa despoiled in 184S The treaty stipulates the > s'abllsbmxnt of a customs union between Kran<'<e and ih ' Priin-ipo ry an t the ea gaKement, on the partot the Imperial xorernment, to coohtruct a carriage road between Nice aud Monaco, fol lowing the sea shore ae ala? to eularge aud improve the road from Monaco to Men tone Ai counts from the French maourarturing distri cts state thut the pilncipal house* are oaflnlmr ih ir operations ti the execution or ortien for tnimeiiiat? delivery. Tney will not engige in any speculation for two rea<* >os?Srst, betAure tbeie is an absolute want of confidence; and, secondly,^y will not extend taelr r.rodit No great Improvement Is expected unl -ss sonio amica ble arrangement ba? been arrived at la tne United states. Ibe rise In the price of wheat aad flour mtde further prepress i if the l?rlf tnatket last wt-ek The i'lcrease his b<>en at leu*' < n< fi..i,c the s ckof 157 kiIou on bakers' flour within the last eig t days A similar ino.omenl liae declarso nitelt' with rc? *ct to flour or the four marks. lhe Paris lUi-n-Xfur pu^lishee the following-?The King and Queen of Naples arrived at Rome on the ltth. Their Mkjestiea alighted at the Qulrtnal, wh?M his Highness Pi^ie PMB D phid ihem a visit oa tbe 16th It aopeirs thut tbe bombardment of the 11th and ?2th was of ex treme violen. e, rendering the rifl -d caauon useleas From tbe dnmand to nu< reuner to the mitneat the capltuNilon was b gne.i the l'ledm -ntese threw arty thou-and shells Into the lO' trewi. The Knf passu 1 the Netpolifan troo|? in roview before leaving, who wept on presenting anna to him. An immense erowd wai aa setnbleo, auo the population eb,il tears. Koyal honors weto paid to Francis II us he embarked. Asj.h? vmael left h iw'ute ot twenone gous was tired aud tbe flags were lowered while lha gar, tu n snootel " l/ing live tbe King," though in presence of the l'tedmonteee, already In i?efieaslun. Half. The Ojdnionf say*:?King Victor Emanuel had rocolvod, at Mllaii, t.rneral Itouiu, ttie Kuvoy Kxtraordlnary from the Kmc i f Piutu>lv Tb* (>th ial Ohtriie publishes * rtoor.f order I a; tk< oee Mtloti of th>- aomiutHtrnlive Rolf govcrnmeut of f iscior. King V Ictor nnd MMfHNllt Curio no Kabrtiary 18. The A'(Ut< fi<?? of Naplsa announce* tue discovery or a conepirao in favor of I'rluce Murai, and btntoa ttut the trial had Commenced. Advlceb irom Perugia of the 16th announce* that the Papal 'Anuavca bad invaded -lardiina" territory, hnt that they had been repulsed by voluut^erg the Pontlti eal *o Idler* had fortified iheinHolve* at Nunzano The t'e-of Milan, ntatea that the surrender of tiai tn bad given rite to great ?(?joining >u Koine. A dispatch annonncue thil typhus lever la ragtag la Ami* Tn?> (iumaU di Roma denlee the rumor of an arrange Bent between the Holy see and Piedluout Fnmcis II and ou> ^mn will leave Kane In a few day* for Havana. General Ctalilinl In to be made Duke of Gaeta. An alta> k was m tde on the palace of the \rchbiahop at Kaplo* during the frtn on tb? oocasl >n of the fall of Uaeta. the wiudwws of the Spanish Coneui'a ronldenc were smashed. Th? ItalhQ Parliament was opened on Monday, Febru ary 1H, b) the King Id poraon. Mia vtaj.sty and:? Italy, almiwi entirely free and united, confide* tn yoar wisdom, and It ia oo >011 devolve* the Uak or her orga ntsalton. Yon will establish the greatest administrative liberty, taking care, at the tiiue, that her unity be protected. Public opinion Is favorable tj oar n*tto??l tendencies 1 be Kui|>eror of tli* French although aaeur ing to ua the benefit of non ii.lerventio*, baa deemed it Suing to recall hi* Knvoy. Tbia act baa excited our deep regret, without, however, air-cili.g oar grati tude. At Magenta and Solierlno France and Italy have riveted ties of unity which wltl be la lis soluble. Kngland, tho ancient h'?me of lib*rt., haa reoognixod our right t> dispose of ourselves We ahail pn *< r ve an Imperishable r?me nhrauoe of the support which h?-r good ofllc s have afforded us Anil luatriou* Prince bavitig ascended the tfcrone of Prussia, I *en<l my Amt>a*p idor In order to teatlfy to him our sj mpatby for hia person and for the wan tattoo Ton will assist my k'o\cinmi nt ;n I (XnploUag 1 lie armam<>oU In the corscioiisnce* of it* strrtigth tbo kingdom 01 Italy will be iibl?' to follow the coonaeM of prudence My vo<c? wa* once rn.s- d with boldn>*a, Vit it is a* wise to Walt at the- right tim<. a* It ia to dare at the right tnn?. i*e voted t<> ivtly, 1 have risked my crown for her s*ke, but no one has the right to risk the exlHteor^ and the de*t|. nte* of a nation. The taking ot a formula^!* fortre** ba* wor'luly crowned the exploit* of tite army an n?vy Both the army and voluntee * have acquired a nn >wa which glvrx u* contiden'o in ?ure>lves, and it 1* with pleasure that I express to thla Pailiament the Joy wh cu I tool um tha account. Denmark Tl)' Iirra*(flk*. litleml' declare* that n* difference of cptnl ? on qin -i ions of prim Iple hui exist* 1 between Ui(i )Uulater?, tiud that complete unanimity n >w pre va '* between th<m. Ihe sts'eiiK-at of the Flynrprtt re*p< atlng the IntMi tlwri of the Kllic to grsut a ccxi-titutMiii to the wh ?!? of Ho kingdom, and to institute two Chambers, ia with >ut louiiitatiu*. The KaUiteaof Holf-teln will b? short); oonvokrd. A altting of the Privy Ctmncil will take plai-eoa Tbstiiy, Fnhruary 1(?, in whirn the ministerial proj.-< ?.* will be *tibn)iticd to tho King's sanction. Ilnn^strjr. The Toiirt rhane*l|or, in liii? r. ply to the < >i>*rge*pan* mid?Ihe dlpl< ma of Ort' ha* created m?tuai obii gUWna. The King 1 a* faiihiuli> redoemrd bia pled**, and the ountry m-<y n w also fulill it* ??ngagrnn- nia by supporting the tunctionari<a of the gov.r. iu.< l 'h' Pi in<* piimaU-h'ia acc epted fron tb? nisr^ianf ihr mi**mn of lay ing before the K?ii>?ror p Im * f?r the re establishment of tho law* of >818 and ! ' oonruon too of the Plot *1 Pe*ih. The general congn nation of Agram baa Mm* a e?puta tkm to the lian re<|u??tlnK htm to rata* the atate of atege at Hume. M. Aaboth, Geearal of the Honved regimen* of 1MB, ha* been arr?*ted at I.ugo* and road'irie<l to remesvar. A lettor from Turin, In the Paris Vtarle, says ?<<en-<rnl Klnpka is *'IM here, and, notwithstanxtng the prudnnt sllenr" he malotatne, even with hla friends, It Is known that, though atrloux diflirnltles t-xlat, b* ha* a Arm bop* In hi* eauer, and I h>'?r that what at preeeot oica-ema moat anxiety to the llniigarlan leader* ia to ftiKl tha mean* of d<dayln? for the proper Mm* tho outbreak of the revolutlriti which ha* been *o long menacing. Aa to Garibaldi, be will intervene wh*n the opportune moment shall have arrived, la Poland al-o aoont to make a movrmentfor obtaining emaaol-jation and uoltyf Oa tIAqoo?t?oti the following letter, wrliten by Garibaldi, and wlilcb haa beeu communicated to me, may throw ?otne light ? C?ntan*, Dec. 30, 1880. My rotlrement to thla place I* not an ab*ndonm?at af Mw raua* of the p> poiutoaa to wbicb I have devoted all my llfo. Havinp the fnlle*t rotUldeaee in Gan?ral dt?o lawski. I will ome to aa understanding witb bin a* roaarda all that ooncera* our brava Pnlo* O. G* 1TB4L01. Hungary and Poland are nnw place < tn exceptional eondlttnaa. pe hup* n?%er before had they*0 favorabla aa opportunity for achieving ladepouOeore Wtll they knew now to ink* advantage of the r tuationf Aj r* gard* Hnsala, on* thing must be particularly remained, that atac* UM ah* haa not reoruiud a alngla man for (ha army. In Russia, at proeent, ? ler? for the army is oon wdi?f?ii inipow-loie, mi U would be likely to otwe a geno ral iiaoir-e ik? of tlie pwimpit The thre* Kusaian coij* a'umter which, as usual In C ltioai timm, now oo cu|>y Poland, tors scarcely an ?AoUrt of 6$,09$ men, UxaiKh laformer days they exceeded 100,000. Hungary, the. efore, can be alm?t certain that Kuaaim could Mt iuu* v>ue, la any revoiuUue she might make. 8pala> Nothing positive la knowa reepeetlag the rwini miatsterlsi crisif. Hm> punish Minister la Mexico baa received hla paaa p>*i? fum (he mew government, and la about te proooed to H?vai>a. 11m- spiuiiah squadron ofl Havana baa beea ordered to ?all to Vera Oru? Tbe Vanish Journals assert that dissension was about to break out among the constitutional part/ la Mexico. Tlii' Madrid Journals of the 14th bave arrived. la the Cm g-es* <>d tbe preceding day tl. Oalzada asked the gov erami ?t If It were true (DM the Spanish Ambassador la Mnttoa bad rsciUsd M passportt; and if ?o, what It lo Mried doing* The Mttwter of Foreign Affair* answered that do official intelligence to that effect hadtrrivod. M. Ofoziga naked for papers on tbe Mexican question, and tbe Minister promised to produce some. The former the* renommanded the government, In dealing with Mexico, aot m confound tbe private interests of certain Span tar is wi'b tboae of the country. The Moderado Journals ex K? sorrow and surpriseat tbe news of tbe surrender at u. Ifjirtai A direct transaction has been arranged between tbe Imp* rial Bank of St. Petersburg and tbe Bank of France, tor tbe exchange of 30,000,000 fram* in goll for the tame amount in silver. A letter from St Petersburg says:? The moment is clone at band when the emancipation of the sorts will be an accomplished fact. Ibe proclamation will h>> issued on March S, next. Thus more than SO 000 000 souls will at one and the same boor have ceased 'O be a property. China. A despatch from Bombay, dated January 27, say* that famiue In tbe Northwest provinces is very severe. tbe Paris J*atrie says that fresh peisocutions had been tbe Christiana in Cuebin China. Markets. I/wdom Moirxv Makkct, Tvkwiuv Kvnyt, Fsn. 19.? Tbe quoiation of gold at Paris is a*>out 2% per mi lie i>re mium, and tbe ?nort exchange on London Is 25 '-W^ per ?1 bteriing. Oo comparing these rates with the Kngltsh mint price of ?8 17s. IOX'1- per ounce for standard gold, it appears that gold is raiber more than 3-10ths pur cent dt aier In l/>udon than In I'urls By ad?lcne from Hamburg the price of gold is 4 ->4 per mark, and the short exchange on Ijomlou Is 13 6 per ?1 sterling. Standard gold at the English mint prloe is tbernti re about 6-lOths per cent dearer in London than In Hamburg.

The course of exchange at New York on Ixindon for hi I* at sixty days' sight is 106X a 107 per oent, which, when compared witti the mint pur between tbe two countries shows that the exchange is against Kugland. But at the present rate there is no profit on the trans mission < t gold to the Untied States. The Knglish ruin's opened this morning at an Improve ment of Hi) eighth, alio again recovered after a short re turn o< dullness, ihe first quotation of consols for money wnsfl?* a %. A temporary pressure for loans tliea cause" a fall to 91, but a recovtry took place on the receipt of steady prices from Paris, an'l the tlaal wgain* were ut 91 \ a n/t for money, and 92 a >, for the 7ih of March (ail) in tbe day the rato for loins waj 8 p^r cent, but a< a later boar there was a sudden demand, and 8 percent was paid, some amount being obtained from the imuk At tbe close 0 a 7 per cent was t^ie general chaige. Bank sto k was lower, tbe last price being 237a 239; n dnc?d and new Three per Gents, 9tJH; Iudla stock, 221 a 223; India Kive per Cents, 100 a India New loun, HO1, a ;1j; Kupee piper. 95 a 101; India bonds, 23s a 16- disj oin t; und Exchequer billi 9s. a4s. discount. lbe demand for disc Hint at the bank to-day was iimii'd, bonne* being readily trcnsacted In tho open market at lower terms Toe la?t price from I'aris this evening was 68f. 25c., i-bowii t an advance of more than an eighth. In the fort ign < xchang- s this afternoon tho rates were ?bout tbe same as list jmst. No <old wus bought by the btnk to day. Money ren<aii<s very aoun tant In Parts, the rate in the open market 4^ pe< cent. LiVkKPoot OnTi?> Makkkt, Feb. 16?We have had a quiet ma ket to eiiy. but steady at yesterday's prices. Ihe satts ine 6,000 bales, of which 1,400 are for export and tpeci laiion Fir 18 ?We have no change to report In our market to day. The ?a>es are 6 000 bales, of which 600 are for ex ort an?t sp> culaiien. Fan 19 ? l>e cotton market continues exceedingly de ease.i end th s dais's business does not ex>'?ed 3,000 bales?600 oe speculation and for export. Prices are fully };d. per lb. lower than last Friday's quotations Jj\ tni-ooL O rn Makkct, Feb 19.?The trade has been very qutet of )<ite, owing to the upward tendency of the mi ney ma ket, which, unless of temporary dura tiou, tor nebulous a bad trade throughout the oountry, an ' oonnquently, sooner or later, a diminished con snmptl n. O-oinaro mns el' wheat have declined 2d. to 3 |>r 100 lbs ; flour 61. to Is. per barrel and sack, and Indian corn 61. to 91. per quarter. In othor articles tbere has, how?ver, Ih?d no material alteration. The weather has been seasonable and open. At this day's market there was a fair attendance of tho town aud country trai.f, and or buje<s from tbe Interior. Wheit, however, was in only moderate request, at Friday 'a prices, or 2d. to 3d. pm 100 lbs declino on tbe week for (*dina<y runs of Ann-rtc.tin; tbe finest descriptions, how ? ver, fully maintained their value Flour was very dif ficult to move, alih >ugh offered at 0d. to Is. |<er barrel and sack let-s money tiian en Tuesday last. Ind an corn was freely ofieren at S7s t?er quarter for mixed, and :f8s. 9o. whs taken for a C'liinide'-able paroel ex quay, being Is. per quarter lower than on thm day week. Sales white coin were reported'at from 38s. 61. to 393. 3d. por 480 THE LATEST ZfBWS. Tunis, Feb. 30,1861. Tbe Dumber of troop* mode prisoners at Qaeta was ll.MSO 7be Sardinian# found between 700 and 800 can non and 90,000 musket*. Three Generals accompanied Francis IL to Homo. Twetitj -Ore are prisoners. tiworal Cbiabrera has been ordered to summon the oommander of the Otreu# of Messina to surrender. Pkktii, Feb. 20, 1S61. Tbe municipality lias demanded tbe dismissal of the Ran of Croat a and the appointment of a Hungarian in his pUcc. CoKSTTANTTSopm, Feb. 30,1961. At a meeting of the Husoe Tavfll holders it was re solved to piou-ei tb rough the embassies against the re moval of ttuM oonds. frrattrnot. Feb. 30,1S61. Tb < steonuiblp Etna, from New York, has just arrived at this port. THK I.ATK8T MARKETS. U? mumoi., Feb. 30, 186t. The Liverpool cotton market .>|h<os to day witu rather muri dotng. Malre about 6,000 bait s. I>iniwmv, Feb. 30, 1861. *igar Is dull at former prices. is want9d aal brills very fnli prices. Tea?rho demand is very lirn M*d, but quniaimiin are untltered. Kico is rather (beeper, wtili Km re-1 y atiy traaaactlona. Saltpetre vory inactive: prx vs wo hiuiged. Tailjar ? Demaud Steady at former rat.* v.-?n* Giles, Sn? k Rsrtccr report a farther oonstdera alile airival of Arae.ictn and Rlack 3ea wheat and Ameri can Hour; other wine fr?*h Hupplleaare moderate. There is llttb business doing, wad prices of all tullolas are a* on Monday. London, Feb. 20,1861. (V??>ls are weaker on truer lean advices. American stocks are also weaker on ailvtcos from the t'ntua >ui<?. <hs Is far money *1l, a01^, an 1 for the aOoount 01 % *9L ? Naval laUlllgenre. 14eut. C H. Cusum<ui, who was dismissed from the Umt.-d -tiles iter viae iu July last for contemptuous treat ment >.f ha superior officer, has had the sprites* c.)m muted to mu-pfiiBion for one year, an I has since been ro toured to duty. He is ordered to the Water Witch at 1'blli. elpfaia ih?- r witch has been ordered to be ready for sea <n atMx.t thrif weeks. Two of her officers only, how <n* have yet been directed to take Uielr places in her, and her cew is not all shipped. The I'mt'-d States flag chip Donatella Hon, Flag Oilioer fi mnii, remained at 8t. Helena January 19. Tlie t'nited -*u?. * st. amor San Jacinto, Captain Rornln, arrived at St. li'ieoa January 16, from tbe oast of Afjicji, an i sailed again on her return to the coast lbs nevt day. Financial and commercial. TnnwnAT, March 7?d P. M. Tlie Cmti m Howe tables of the trade of the port f jr the month of February were completed to-day, and we present our usual comparative statement*:? #??<(? FH> I860 FH> 1HA0 m 1*61 Rbt'ii tor 0>'nsi>mp'n. .$16,261 446 14,467.040 7,001,3M IjMei e lor w bouse.. 1.3*1 602 1 626 772 3,761,678 Rin g <Kis 2,-60 231 S,173,MS 3.812 568 03 300 1 WO,176 3,374,067 Total iniports $18,348,370 1*,.366.3M 16 341,007 Wntid'nfroni w'bonss f3.167.0M 2 334,640 1.781,728 (Wh duttea 8,;t*8,6?6 8,878,043 2,638,786 lao/elic produce. .. |3,383.ftOf *600,837 M,336.330 M ?ei?l do table 868 331 <131.4*0 430,637 Kifeun free 1M,XI* :s44 iwt 137,060 rptoi. 3,371,427 077,000 1,103,026 Tutal exports 16,107 06* 7,063,870 11,00V,33* TM*l,iBrl<?tve apseta 8,736.033 6,676,370 10 804,307 Tbe crisis tells Its tale in the above statement of diminished imports. Tho withdrawal* from ware* house are, however, considerably heavier thaa thej were last month, indicating rather increased activity in the tr*de with the interior. The specie imports are not over one-third those of January, and a million of gold went ont, besides, to the West indies. At the present rate of exchange there Is no profit on importation* of gold from England. The rat* of interest ia London being R per o?-nt, the lo?*e of interest daring the transmission of the coin and its manipulation at the Miat at Philadel phia eats up all the profit which would otherwia* he afforded by the difference of exchange. The export of produce in February iu doable that of February, 18(0, and treble that of February, 1869. Nor is there any sign of a falling off in this branch of our trade. Europe must have our ctaplea, whether our consumption of foreign good* declinea or not. AX this tine last last year the banka held over $23,000,000 of apeoie, and their loans averaged $126,000,00#. Money waa worth, on call, 6% to 6 per cent; the beet ahort paper was current at about aix. Foreign exohange waa dull, at rates which left no profit on exporta of coin; leading bankers aaked 108% to 10$ for sterling, and 6.16 a 16% for francs. Railway stocks were generally much lower than they are. New York Central waa worth 71, Illinois Central 5?, Miohi gan Central 88. Bit State and federal securities were all m?nh higher. Federal 6'b of 18T4 com manded 101, Vsnnnessees 8$, and Mlasouris%81. The prospects of bostaeas were good, though the approach of the Presidential contest waa already operating against extensive commercial enter prises. We subjoin oar usual comparative tables of the commercial movement of the fiscal year 1860-1:? lurosm 1868-0. 18*0-00. 1800-1* July $18 506,747 37 284 12# 24 881,*t# August 10 024,170 B4 #40,691 26,033.854 fepvember 16,473 206 18 643,686 16,260,460 (X;tolier 13 642,034 13,617,046 16,781,212 November 10 604 600 14 806,002 16.421,166 December 12 844 096 18 008 806 21 261,011 January 10.447 003 21 766 678 16 827.411 February 18,848,37* 10,860,880 16,311,007 Total $128,381,730 167,118,704 163,606,402 ? .a. . Oaki Dvtus July $3 887,366 4 861,240 August 3,646 118 4 248,010 Beptember 2 672 036 2 008 600 October 2 064 834 2,318,760 November 1,706,62* 2.167,164 Dwmber 2 020,806 2,843,388 January 8,478,471 8.800,166 Febraary 3 328.688 3.378,048 Total $22,194,776 20.609,261 Exioirn* or Pomsnu l>aonccaL July $4 771,062 Augtiet 4,660,272 t*pumber 3 621 902 October 6 233 804 November 3 481,054 I)e< ember 8 700 008 Januui y 3 762.182 February 3,2*3,602 4 038 666 5,150,716 4 S40.612 4,762,770 6,328 611 6 382,172 6,208,142 6,6'9,387 Total.. ..$32 416,060 42,491,478. Kxrnara <* Shwib. July $2 801,480 10,051,016 Ai'giibt 2 201.W.2 8.400.783 Septunber 8 230 H1 8 681 Oct"?>or 3,0'iK 405 6.344 150 November 471.W70 4.3Ni,l<23 1,898 208 . 2.0MJ 129 January 2,*05,688 8r:i,r02 February 2,311,427 07/,0?? 4.504,066 i 4,446,213 3,038.803 2 632,078 1 >04.748 1,171,802 2.060,202 2,626,736 22,326,738 7,515,713 8,012.814 0,232.981 10,607 386 11,202.701 10,010.946 16,277 026 10,236,82* 77,227,170 0,548,985 7 4*4 Hl3 3 768 7'4 2.IO0 30*? 6i'i O il 2"2.40l 6H.?94 1,102 926 Total *1H SIS W 38,308,405 21 778 '259 Money is very abundant. On c&H lenders are getting 6 and 7, and the few names thai are readily sold go at about the same figures. Some bankers ar?- unwilling to lend on the security of the stosks of the border slave State* until th<* secession ques tion be settled. There is a better feeling, how ever, in money cirdes to-day, baaed on the general impression that the prospect of civil war is indefi nitely deferred. Foreign exchange is inactive; bankers are got ting 106% a 10C, and merchants are selling their bills at 106 a %. To-morrow the market will pro bably be more active. ' There was a better feeling in the stock market to-day in consequence of the general impression that Mr. Lincoln's policy would be one of peace. Several leading operators received advices from Washington confirming the theory published in the money article of this morning's Herald; and the correspondents of Southern houses also received assurances that President Davis would mako every effort to avoid a collision. Nothing seems to be known with regard to the precise way in which hostilities will' be averted, ar what will be done with the forts; but all well informed perions seem to agree that some plan will be pursued which will at all event* secure to the country a breathing time of several months. The short interest, which is very large, struggles vigorously against an im provement in the market: each advance of % per cent is fiercely resisted; but still the tendency seems upward. This morning Pacific Mail rose 2 per cent; Misoouris, 1; Heading, 1; guaranteed, 1%; Illinois Central, 1; Rock Island, 1; Michigan Central, 1; Galena, %; Toledo, %; Burlington, 1 yt; Harlem, x/%; Hudson, %; New York Central, %; Erie, %. Virginia sixe3 ad vanced y%, but T<>iinessees declined about as much. After the board the market wan dull and a shade lower at first. Before tho ?ocond board met, prices recovered a fraction, and at tho second board everything was higher again. At the close, tho market was firm, the following being the quotations:?United States 6'a, 1881, 93% a %; Virginia 6's, 74 a 75; Tennessees, 12*%; Missouri fi's, 66 a %; Canton, li a 15; Cumberland Coal preferred, 6 a 8; Pacific Mail 83% a 84; New York Central, 77% a %; Erie, 32 a %; Hudson River, 4.1 a %; Harlem, 15% a %; do. preferred, 38% a %; Reading, 42% a 43; Michigan Central, 57 a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 15^ a %; do. guaranteed, 3.1 % a 36; Panama, 114 a 115; Illinois Central, 79% it %; Galena and Chioago, 70% a 71; Cleveland and Toledo, 34 a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 67% a 58; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 71 a 7.1. I he business of the Snb-Trearary was as follow to-day? IteretpU $110,&60 00 ?K<w customs 72,00# 00 raymrnta 1ST.170 SI Balance 7,067,117 00 The exchanges at the Hank Clearing House this morning were 922,225,400 21, and the balanoes $1,238,832 86. The statement of traffic over the Pittsburg, Port Wayne and Chicago Railroad during the past two years shows the follow ug results* t. minpt F.rjmtei. 1800 ?J ..(??? 68 1,017.037 01 1(X? 1 **.037 80 1W1.3M 0< Increase 7* 328.294 07 iVo of I'ammjert. Dtmn-ia*. 1M0 4Srt.7f2 I860 413 317 802 000 Increase '43 400 1.98 The arrivals of specie nt New Orleans Tor the we? k ending Friday evening last were 9*03,613, of whbh 1050,000 were from New York. The I'ica yune of Saturday remark*:? The money market during th? ovl wvk hw shown further ?\tnpt>m* of nltxnimi, ?? rath.r the in >v. hi ni baa Mxtlcaud a readier to ojwm. for um r?t)l of liitereet have as )M ucxtargonn i o cli >tig?. The transactions, however.. nitirac' a ?"m-wliat ?r> lur r.tnga of aigDattiree, are to th * ext. nt the api<earanc? la m >r? favorable. I%e ?'-net any ?ec?l?e<l rat* fbr good paper la II pi r Orat far round amount*. an<1 16 a 18 for araail pletee, at which flgurea the demand is tfoo i Mu tel paror la are behl at 10 a 11, hut hualo w In th'SO if. ulea is quite limited, aiiu buyers ate very capricious a n?r tarn class of preferred nanu-s are mleren aptr|i.gly After the ctoaa of our L.?t weekly minimi* foreign i<scb%oge tmprtiv?d, atid at?n? time rul<v) ir?>ni to 1 i*t c?nt above thi< quotation# of I'mlay. Ntitlila th-' Ust tear da)a tble advance has been entirely k*t, no ! ?re c OS" at Dutch Ike bam* Ogurae which ruled a ? ??ek *gl> SukIh.k, vi bkh aold up to 104X arfOft it do a dill *1 a raugu <?' Iffi^t 1041a i aiid the latter fl^nre la obt itnerl with itffl inil> tor th* very beat Iirsi'a wl'h hlita of lu'ing rile at 10V a lot I be market for francs waa very heavy tins n ornotf at a <1? c ine of 1 per cea'. f?otn the ht?t>r?<t po nt Ui the early part of the *?k, are quota the run f'noi 6'.f0 a Of 40 ?ery prims slity daj hills on Mew York lave been wwubt lor a* 2 per cent discount, and olh?r food ntatea aU^a!^ umi whol? rnige going from 2 a 8. M?hi busben n fair r. quist at H a dlacouat. the batik* ebetk at S a S? and the baakirs at % a S The Cincinnati Oaxfttr of Tacaday nays:? Th. re waa a waaderabla locrnaae Id the demand for mon.'y yaaierday, and with a fMbng off in the supply of enrrerey, ibo m?>ket summed a more stringent tone fW good p-per Ibna we have had orcaakm to report for twa or three *? k? puet Rate* of intsreat havo not wxlar f nr any <h?nr< bnt In proportion aa the offSrtngs ef S'H rLiss |Mi|>er gala upoa the available meaas of haakars, it bwtairti diort' mcult to aetioiitta lower giadaa of aa curiu*? The ?r*r< ity of curreu iy weaWensJ the tone at the market for FOOOera axrhang^, but thwe were aa otber ciuire* to op ra?e In th* OlraaMon, the supply not bating ga ned n>aiorial1y upon 'ha <'?u)and, aad rates were m*it>tau ad. *? quote Mew Tork at 87U a 40 pre nihmi but Ing, ard H premlnm soiling. rhllaiMphU I umHim l??> Ir.g ami % premltim selling Daltlmore la h< iter, New Vo k ?'ght havtaf? dec?aer1 m that markel, and ?a n?? quote it H ewen mi ? pa buying and s, pre minni Mdi leg <???" Is to I la e>' r ? lusat. The Chicago TrSbvne, trader date of Monday evening, tlu* notices the money aud exo, market:? * I The nominal prtre of exchange Tor the day m ?*? pit niiuni. the demand ?m light, bowe*?, purrbaae't> Fo?-o.*d dlepoeed, If possible, to wait1 decilec\ Ihtt aiika paid curtomers OH, but rouai* would not bring above I % a 0. The hanks saef posed to ke?p only enough to supply the cm* n'ttnde at their nnalnmerg. Gold having nominal if OX. selling T p?r cent; little wanted. The general moaor market of the cKy to largely pi ted. The barks have an abaadanoe of caudal u count all tba legitimate business paper that offers. , payable tn New Tork would be spaolally acoeptabie. there la Uttla or aaae offering. Tba bank rate e?* count to aa usual, 10 per cent. Vary abort Eastern, would be take* at a considerable oonoession frem U gular rata. The Milwaukee Sentinel thus notices the mi| far th? last week.? The past wwk baa been one of great stringency t "-*"?11- maiket, the high ratea at Chicago drawta' considerable of our supply. The bank rata baa reau nominally at ? per cant premium, but tba banks had lttUe to spare, and those wbo were under tba neat of baying generally had to pay ?){ a 7 par eeta.1 wards tbs ckae there are some Indications of aa s* op, owing, doobtlses, to the upward teodoocy In 4 and correapoodlng appreciation of Wisconsin and Of The St. Louis Democrat thus notices the m ment there dating the sum week: We have to note another week of the usual Inaste and languor in money olovementa. The opening af gat km baa given a little spur to tba river buainsas Its effects are not shown In any Improved business s backs and moneyed Institutions The offerings, there' < ontinue to be very moderate; the discounts oaa l (cale, and 000toed, to a considerable extent, to p*p? (uirlng renewal. Tba ratea outatde have not varied tba high standard of tba last three months?It bMng ult to negotiate any paper under 1% per cent a mi' while the transactions are very few. Rx haage coo if > to be sold throughout the week at 6X premium on the Fast and South, but was firmer to war da the clp? these ratea. Currency until the last or the week malned at par with bankable funds, but to-day andl let day stood at 1 to IK dlaoount. The value of imports and exports of go wares and merchandise entered at Boston du the month of February, 1861, was as follows Imports. Dutiable, entered for consumption ..$l,4ir 1)0. warehoused 1 ,Mt* "Free, (exclusive of specie and bullion) 07' Specie and bullion. 401 Total Imports $4,33* Krporti. Pomeetie merchandise $1,1 U Foreign merchandise, dutiable 211. Foreign merchandise, ftee 28 Specie and bullion 14 Total exports $1 r + Merchandise withdrawn from warehouse for consumption. The Chicago and Northwestern Railroa.*.. 1 a very favorable return for the fourth ? February:? 'j*** Fourth week, 1861 $t5,!,r; Fourth weak, I860 #,4K Increase $6 20 Tlie wh?1e month foots up as follows:? F'hruarv 1801 $47.74^ February, lbdO 32,174 Increase $15,86." The Toledo and Wabash Railroad earned February 1800. 1801 PasseBgers *11,877 58 It,Ml Freight 2018&K& Sl,?8i Total $4-2,003 58 40,841 Increase ?,"? $10060 0S 6'i, '81,r'g 16(00 do 6000 Co MO 16000 US6'a,'81 oou 8000 do 6(00 Indiana 6's. .4 6C00 Tenn 6's, "m. 17U00 do 6(00 Virginia 6'k. . 5000 N Carol na 6'8 60(0 Mirrouil . 31000 do 1400 N Y 6'8, 1874. C000 N T ?>M 6 s. lOCO Hu?lRlv3inhs. 10< 0 (larlrm Imh#. 10(0 llich Si) s f llB ::ooo ill r?nt RR > b 4000 L?Cr&Uil 1 gba 1000 do 100<>I>ke KA Wlmo 10001 " I I<acAtW 2ni. 4000 Clev & rol sfb. 60 Kha Morch'ta' Bk. 6 Metropolitan I!k. SO lie AHudCanalCo. I'ac Mails SCO... WNYO't HR ?took Eiehaa|?. TnumsAT. March T, Uf ?3* 950slia Read:ng Kit.. 4 08 66 do h 10 02* 160 do bflO 01 60 Del, I, & WmIRR. 91* 425 Mich ^ofcNIRR. 84 200 do Itx aw Mich So AN I gs 72 60 do blO 11 26 Mich Central RR 70* 1<? do a60 64* J 60 do 830 65 250 do 9f* 100 do bit 96* 206 do 86 400 111 Central RR it 90 * 460 do 830 71 7T 300 do blO 7! do b30 tl 08 16* 16 68 92 76 97 104 * 90 84 200 100 60 100 2f0 100 1(0 aoo 100 100 mo 400 100 100 60 do. do. do. do. do. do. do, do. do. .bSO .810 b!6 .810 MO afO fl 6 bl? 60 Erie RR (00 do.... 60 do.... 6 Hud Riv RR 100 tUr RR pr?f.bl6 f?0 do bl5 71 do blO 71 do 71 do ft do bOO 7V 106 Gal & Chi RR.... V 60 do Tl 60 do BlO Tt 100 do 830 71 77 X 1M> do 71 77 Si 100 do b60 71 200 do bl6 Tl lWCIer hi rol RR... 81 do. b15 84 d* 830 84 do b66 34 do l>36 3? do s30 33 d> 8J ? do *10 8:1 2( 0 Chi & Rk U RR.. 67 do 67 do BlO 67 100 do a 6T 77* 77* 77 X 100 77* 100 77* 400 77* ICO 77 20-1 77* 1100 32 200 32 31* 100 46 100 3D SECOND fl.'OCO U9 8'?,'81,cou 91 6O00 co 91* 8060 U?6's.'81, rrg 9"* 1000 do I-'!* 6000 Trea* 12 p c nti 1C3 1000 Tenn 6'?, '90. 72 18000 Missouri fl'a.. 66 20(0 l.Kfcfflint) (18 2000 C<? 4 rol r f b 75 6( 00 N Jer On 1 m 104 10 hba PeiMludCaCo 90 40 I'aa Mall 8 S Co.. 84 85 do 81* 260 NY On RR 77 V tO do 77* ?0 do b60 77* BOARD. 126 she Erie RR 10 do 100 do blO 26 Mwm k Wm KR 200 Harlem RR pref. 60 do 106 Heading RR .... 200 do 60 Mich Con RR slO ICO M^o&VU |t>k 8*0 60 do blO 460 III C?n RK mrlp. 400 Cl? Al rol RR 630 2'0 do 400 do h60 100 do alO ? '1' 6 t ' X r* ? 8 0 % Hal CITY CUMMEHOIAL IIKHURT, c THrnnKAT, Mirch 7?6 P V* have been made of 40 bbla. at fi 26 fe pots and poena. Bhk?i?tiifw ?Flour was held with more firmness, am ?htppers could not buy suitable loia at 1MB than 6c. ad van* on yeeterday'a prlrc*. Tho actual sales, howevor, war light, IdcIiioIop 11 OGO this. State and Western, 1,300 bMa Hoi.lbern and 800 bbla CaiunU. closing with extra -Hat at f6 26 a 16 30. and extra Ohio shipping brands at $6 4 a $6 60 Rje flour aoi corn meal were sparingly pf rhesed by the local jobbers. We now quote:? * superlioe Stai 10 a Rxti* State, g'?d to cbol ie 6 20 ? Superfine Western 6 06 ? common to choice West?m extra 6 26 i Mixed to straight Southern 6 30 i Straight to go id extra do 6 66 i Choice extra family and bakers' brands.. 7 26 ? Rye flour 3 30 ? Com meal, Jortw y and Pr nd, wine S 86 I ?Wheat was quoted aleii ij, but was n it active. were rr nd> (if 42 000 linshela at $1 38 a tl 66 for white, and $1 2** a 91 32 for red and Western, f 1 22 for til' wankre clntvj] 19* (or Northwestern club; 81 S8 l-'i rad State fl 16 a 91 17.1.; dor Chicago spring. Cora W' a sbiu'e dearer, with sulrs of 73 fi00 busliela at fiTc. a ' for new and 66c a67Wr. to- < Id Western ml*ed; 60?> 66c (or j eiiovr niid 67r 77c for a bite and Souths*. Rye w*a sell b? n l?t? s' C'Vj a 70c. lla'lej vaa qn*"" (lata wi re heHvy . tti pr| c'O'U sa'isi wer?- of St<te xt 8( V 0(i0 ''i.rhi la barley mail a -te duipoacxtof at 90: ? bufhel Ct.fFvs ?ua <r l ave Verii 8'<nirwhat heavier, r -nipr' lug 1 100 lai s !*l at lljtc ?l:iHo..2IO W milini ]4< a 14*c , ana *00 bags Jamaica, at 12*0., th< hr eai-li, pi<r lb Ci/rn^?Hie detnnnd fit ro splnnera w*a altUso active; but ?*ie Individual pnteitaMN were llabt an. tbn agK'eg'ite, not over 1 200 balis, cliattn^ at II* n??c itm mMo'iog uphtui, pw ponniL Eihdokts ?ln?- nun>berof deelrrfltin vessels in port rawi, i?nd t-h'tt o?-n?-ra were cl*im4ng a farther tanco. whi- b i m.'imatat O' bad thn efl> <;iof llmi'. ng eii|tag< Vigi ls to o?y, Tbe nbs. o| Ister news E?iroi?-, which was a?*i^<i= i> for.knt for, alao ten in ?iu^-k busii e?.s To l.iveri. H.i tliere aere t iken 16,600 btioben ro<n. In l>ags nt 1 ' ; 1.0(0 1<b ? Hour at 3s dd j 4(0 tioxra b.ioon an . 100 pn< .^g. ? Ur ?. 40i ; ,'iOO b^laa will-* at Jji.; 260 bbu r ?iu a' 3?. 61., *ixl 6,400 1,0X0" ??! <i?e xt J is To I. no. n there ware ergayed 1 WO Mil- flour >*?. a#. ? ^ h 10^ ; Nl b-'itea birori and 106 pa?Arj(is I"d t To Uiaet'iw 10,000 In slu-l* wheat In i>a^i> ?? U 2 l? 0 o (lour ihi |i t, oJ 10<) t>"x?B baoon at 42n. d I. <i>e ctmrteia hi luds? h bark, for oorn ia bulk, lor Co?U stm ? on>km, at 4*d . m fhip to Fligo, ?ith !'mt ?t 4? , ai d >;ram m Mi 's begs, at 161., and a v<?aui to Waterford, with sam n bill*, nt 18*d per bushel. Hat?Tbete aeie 000 tiilea bought for sbipmael dl ? 0c bMc. were lees active 40 b iles last year's crop nhaagatf b?rd> at 16c. a Kir Iron ?~?nall salea were tnide at unchaaged prioea, tk* market bating t?e?n dull. 1 .ka|' waa in Mirlt d reqmst, and prices *i*f unsettlaA. Mouiems ?Tbe rrgii'a' a?les ware llgiit. Including New, Oateans (7? bbls.) at 33*0. a 34c., Mi'' Portn Rico (St bli4a ) at Me a *3c hut, l>r aocttoo, 1,494 bbto. Nef Or Irene were ?alo al 28c. a 84c. per gallon. Naval *!<**? ?The d< nmnd wae mainly for meMM grades of reati, sad for sptrlla turpentlae at un iliaagaO (Mi* ?With the exceiHioo of linaeed, which waa i i silBy taken at 60c a Cla. per gall p., all deeorlptlooa were l?B^ tlTB. Pam-MoNa ?Thoogh buyers had any existing advaa* age In tbiellrn today tbey purchased very ligbtlr, o'u?lin? 166 bbla pmk at $17 12* fbr aes, and 912 V* ' 919 76for prime: VIM) bbls b?ef at former raise, 170 |? A lard at 9i|C alfc , aid 100pkRBC"t """ate at 8* ? *c. for hams and 6*c. a 6\a for ahouldera tni pert ant ohargie occurred n bacon, beef bams, b> J~ orrhnso. . Hi" ?There were oely 160 Ueroee dlapoaed of at ? a 94 12*. Hru?> -ntpiMn bought 800 hop cOifOr at TK