Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1861 Page 2
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MOTIONAL FROM IUR0?L ISKIUL OF TBI HOftTH BKIMJPS MAILS. Mmce tf tke iaericai Crisis Um CMunrce if E?rop?? Tke Late Financial Explosion in Pari*, Hp ?by tke steamship NorthfBrltoa, from Lirer pasl sb the tlat, vis Londonderry on the ilA ult., which arrived si Portland oa Friday night, reached this city on Satudcy evening. Ike Pari* MtmUeur of the IBth uK oootaias a decree ordering that raw Usmet ef cotton destined to be printed ia France foe re-exportation will be temporarily admitted free of duty. The Paris correspondent of the Loadoo Timet s^rs:? An Kngtwh company ut at present negotiating with ML I wfito the land in K<ypt wttch belongs to the com Kj tor outttog the eanul to !?? It appears that this [ is ifeli suited to the cultivation of cotton. A person left ftrts on Monday, fbr Alexandria, to oommuaicate with K. Lssaeps as tho subject. ,'n. Ths Let* Flasaclal Riflsalea Am Paris Ane?t of St. Mtraa* [From the lonuon Post, Fwb. 21] lhe failure of the boue of M. Hires Si Co., anticipated m my letter of yesterday, was formally announced on tbe Bourse at an early hour this morning and crested considerable mccitemont. Count de Germ toy, Governor of the Bank or Kranje, has been named to liquidate the estate. Tbe house of Mires A Co Is one of those large bask.lag establishment? which have grown up suddonly In Paris and Income Id entitled with extensive railway contracts, foreign loans and domestic enterprises on a scale wh<ch Involves many ml lioni of francs. M. Mires A Co., it will be rememberod, lately contracted with tbe Turks a new loan, which, owing to the opposition of tbe French government and the House or Rothschild, was not successful In Paris. This blow appeals to have condemns* the house of tt. Mires to ruin. Beloro entering lnt"> an agreement to pay the Ottoman govern ment a large sum mmthly, M. Mires had heavy calls on his bank, originating in bis engagements with Spanish and Roman railways, piblic works at Marseilles, and ?ther smaller llabilUies. Under such a weight of liabili ties the house has broken up, and caosod much conster aatl<m to hundreds of sbareh .riders. It 1s whispered abovt that M Mires will make some remark tblo re vela tions ooooer ning the liouncial transactions of great por soaages. If bo, he will prove himself a Rood friend of ths Kmperor. I bear that not only has M. Mires been put under arrest, but three other gentlemen, whose namtfi I do not care to mention, are also under tke control of the authorities. The liabilities Of the bouse of Mires are estimated at from ?00 to 600 millions of francs; but ths fact is no one knows at the present moment tbe real condition of the estate. I give you tbe precise words of the notice which was stuck up at the Bourse touching the Mirrs failure:?"Par ordonnance de II le President du Tribunal de la Sc-ne, M. le Comte de Corruiny, Gouvornour de la Basque de France, est n<wim<- Adminlstrateur Provlsoiro delnCsirss CeoAralo de* Cbemins do Per, avec les pou vxitrs les puis etendus." Quoted wporty in our money market * its at Qrst much aflect'd by M. Mires' failure, but later in the day a rally took place, and tbe three Der cents closed with an improvement of 15c.?vn, at Mr. ttto. The paoilic character of tbu Kiu^ of Italy's spoecb bustaioed prices to day. The Paris or respondent ol the london lirrwt, writing on tbe 18?h nit , says:?M Mires was arretted at nine o'clock lastn pht, on vaiions charges Ue is i'l custojy at MazhS. It If rumor?d that n.'Vi-ral persons of standing are more or less implicated In the ntalr, and that dis closures, as well as serious consequences to Individuals, are likely to follow. It is the general topic of conversa tion sver> whei e The Paris correspondent of the London Xtws, writing on the 1Mb, *ate:?It is now do secret, but an undoubted ' fact m everybody's mouth, thut M Mires, tho great mil lionaire, the negotiator of the Turkish loan, the rnanaiiag dlreotor of the (?u<se Gonerale des Cbemins do Per, was arretted on Sunday evening, and is now In M.izis prtsan. Accordiigto report, the charges against him are of a very .serious cbiraiter. At the Bourse the Qkisee Generate, which on Saturnay was. quoted at 205f., opened at 166f., and fell Vo 140'.; but when, by order of ths Prelcct of Police, tbe despatch announcing the ap pointment or Cou at de (?erminy was placarded at tho Bourse, it rtoovercd to lti&f. Tbe Paris correspondent of the I<cndon Morning Herald says;? Tlie arrest of Mires has created a sensation in Paris only to be compared to tbal excited by the tiadlicr and Hob hoc fraud* iu Kngland. It seems that tho mdictment againai him contains three counts?breach of trust, swindling and forgery fauar en eerilure de commerce. Ru mor mentions several very distinguished names as mixed "P ^Ith M Mux*, uui it would be premature to disclose them at prtsent. Am.ok wi* maa> rf>>ris VUl I lUt uu I tb?- nub>ct of the arrest, It is said that before he was taken into cur-tod> , M. Mlr?-s was prevailed upon to give up sundry papers or a most compromising character for certain persons who have done bu*ine?H with M. Wire# "by stealth," and wbo would most assuredly "blush to find it fume." The clmractcr of the rallen speculator for shrewdness makes this report anything but Itkelv. In ract I have hoard that be gave up copies of his correspondence. but that the original documents are In safe custody in london. Pending the trial M. de Germmy, the Governor of the Bank of Prancn, has Ix-en appointed by Judicial authority to prnddo over theCaisse ilea (ftcmia* de Per Th< (tyivirme KatinuUe of the 18th ult. alludes to tho aflalr >n tbe following terms:?Bat little attention is paid to bueim-ss. everybody bring preoccupied with tbe pain fol matter to wblch we alluded yesterday. It Uanxiously a*ied what tbe -onsequencee are likely to be or tbe ser'otu embarrassments of one of our prtnoipal banking bosses. We thiak it rt^ht to warn all p-irtios interested not to give way to a (mu'c of which they would be the victims. The oare of tbeir internsu bas been condded to tipe.-Mved and honorable hands. The fnwtdent or the Triburai of tbe t*iue bas appolnU^l Count de Gorminy, Hovernor cf tbe Bank of France, Provtsimal Admini strator of tbe f^laie <ienerale dos Cbemins da For, with the moat absolute powers. ImUnrnrf of Iht Aiuwiron Crlale Vpon the Comwtirc of Kurope. COMMERCIAL TKKATY BETWEEN ENGLAND ANJ> PBANCB. [(?'rooi the London l'o*t. Fob. 21] Tbo Char;.b? r ot Commerce of A to ions ha* a-aln ad treewd ?b. Minister of Public Wort*, remonstrating again: t any abridgment of the ji-rvoJ for the execution ot tbetrtai) wuh Kngiand? The Ami*tu> Chamber of Oommeroo would full in Its duty If, tn present circumstance*, Iv did nut submit sum* new observations on the deity accorded for the exocution tlxfd .n the treaty ol commerce wuh Koglaad. Among tboToatKMif it alleged in It- letter ->i tha 2lst of December lasV?fbr the maintenance of the period the Chamber pointed to the commercial and financial crisis which prated upon the I'nlled Stated and forced the Kngiirh manufacturers to realise there at reduced prices the considerable quantity of produce exported to thut oonntry. Since then the state of thing* is still more difficult. 7he piiituvl criiit iHUch thrratm* A mrrven rith nirU tear ha* a'/m-V'-d the r./tumrrrial With proejimcU f> formtotxHe, th* bvyluh minuftdunrt no longer venture to ?xfort merchandue, which. jioui'l war break mJ, "vrnM rrmatm itmol'1, and would o-carim thmi enormous Inn The eomr-raeiifr u thai gonl? nu um'mr their tOVthotw.:, and it u tuy to tnr what the mass mil be if the, A m" t an ?mark*, KAira it the grraust mrtumer of their prcducts, , be bit* KnglUh indvttry Ttoe Kngi*h manufacturers compre hend the dinners of | this state c-1 th.tigs, and H'-ek to a\old,or at l<>ast to ditni niA them. A tium- reus meeting of the manufacturers and cotton spu iters of Itlarkburn and the neighboring <lm triet* tiaa b< en hold, and it wae remlved that a reduction of tire j>er cent should take place on the wSges of work men Other manufacturing <li*trieie will doubtless fol low the example. But it in particularly to Franee th it the Knfet.eli mana'ueturen turn their eyes. lhev h:>pe tint, a* tbe President of the Chamber of Commerce ol M*n Chester latrly expressed it. the treaty carried into effect before tke term Ii*e<i will furnish them wi?b tho means of svppi) lag Uie delicti in their c >mm?rce caused by the compi<c?ted altairs on the oiber fide of the Atlantic. lh?s fVeli<rat "n "f the Muncheswr Chamber of Com ?nerve has npoeen d to us very gimitlcunt. I? shows, we th rjk, that the rop'e.i4'ni*Uv<* of British interests con tinue la mai< the g'-eaten! e'lorts to obtain the abridge v*ni ef the period tixed lor the ?reaty ttk'ng efl.-ct, and It shows moreover, wliat a mass of merchandise the Fug li*b n ?*uf*cturcrs expert to pour on our home markets. LB >t ti-cfusury to X'U t out to von. M. (e Minu-tre, what pe^tu-baHoo such an iiiTiisioo of produce would I flMaalMlnoiir far-torn n ih - very mom' nt wlieo tlie> i tbe?M(lrM Icei to a e>"Um extent tho ell rtoftbeAin" ricac crwis, anrt the Kutlerings which have been the coo I nefureoe to Kngland.- What ruin and what misery will j toitmt There ?re neren monlhe only b? tween thi.x and the 1st Of OcUker. the U>rm llied tor the treaty i?s re?i>e. ts tbe wooden and cotton yart.B and tissues In the me-iutime the questions whaA agitate America may t>e p?. mcAlly reaelred, aud the Kngliah may recover in that country the ordinary outlet for their product*. On tke ether hand, our manufacturers, who now pro cure w .th much difliculty. in proportion to tbe multi p lclty or thi ir drmands, the maohinery they want, wiU have to eetnp.ete tholr plant, prepare their workmen, aad get rteM) for the struggle. Permit ua, ibeo, to demand most (*rn< stlj , M. le Miuis tr#, the Dru,nt< QHi>re of the term ending tho 1st of Octo ber Br Its dt-mg se tbo government would dissipate m irh hlarwi We are, with reKpeot, kr . TH! IUCMBHUOV mK CIIAMBKR 0?'OOMIIKKCC. To thj? leuor the MiiiMter has (riven the following ^7 ? ?*jn jnao?? Ymi revert, In yew letter of the 21st of Perensber, to the sub/ et ot the malntenan -e of Ibe term (Urd fbr it* evecutlo. stipuiatod in tho treaty of com merce wtih I'D*land. a?d yoa < vjm> e the deeeptioo of the man-i.HCi'.rr r* ol yesir district tn eiii^i?quen to of tbe silence ot the decree in the Mmiteur of the 1st, relative to the date of eneeatiog tbe tariIta. S ou per*tart la he. i llertng 'hat a pr-maiore npplication of the tariffs would l he InierVoua te tbe priKijMj factories ol your district which employ flai, hemp, w?oI, cottoo, *0. Vmi idMlm ihe reaimnn Ua favor of the mntnt ?wanes ' rf tlm detoy etipe laled ao^urn additional force Iron tbo : reduced UriCb grant?! to 1 >.gt*i>d, and from the financial ?a?4 O^moiereial cr!?is p-evalllog tn tbe t'nlted ulite? The marlMWK- fo? Say, are e?cumber?i<1 with Engtish fabrtea wtoieb are eold at a 1ms, and yet tbe litgliab manaCarturer* are forced to ex|?irt t<, ttmt rr?jt.iry t'ie nape^?*>ntK,aet pnvluce of their factories which thry ran net een<i eteewhere Ton infer from this situation of things the nrc-saily of t eepirg to U?e v>*. tn ? speeiiie-l for tbe eieeutl'di of the treaty. Otherwise. an<t If the French market be prema tvjrety opened to thn inaw of tnerchntd r, there wvuM jusasa ?^S5SU tb? ilnia ?le..?J r!^!jr2S''rl!S<i!;i"f* k' Smti????? ZVZ 'u^L ^~r?'3r??Etit iWHiIiin^0")'1'^ &tops short; buy en are timid ud con sequently sales are rare aud dUUciitt, eren with the temm aUot,, of exceptional low pric*. It to n7t eZghtcTX goods to a country in order to And a market it is necV bwj to And buyers, and the-e are not alwavs fortWm ft "**n mert-hand^to offered TWTno ^Z' Sutr^? MflSB SSffeSsfe W?3? JE "uu*ianc<*. iteooivw, gmiemon, th* aaauraan*, *&, Ministerof A^icuJtur^Oomm^oand pmSworta. TIIK XKW8 BY THE IIAOARA. _ , Haum, lbrch 0, 1861. The steamship Niagara, from I.iverpool Saturday Fob litfj. V,ta,QueeB8town sfternoon, 34th, arrived t U?i8port at a quarter past throe P. M. Unlay, and -wiled ?gain for Boa too at Ave o'clock. Her new* to not of a very important character. In the BritUh Parliament the government had denied the charge of invading the rights of the provincial goronancnt of Canada in regard to the ca? of the ra? ve slave Anderson; and it was stated that the Governor General or that province had boon Instructed to consult legal advisers before taking action on the writ or nabeati corpus. In the Italian Parliament a bill had been Introduced creating \ ictor Emanuel Kiug of Italy. The steamship (treat Britain is advertised to nail for New York In April. T ? COltMKKOHr,. I JVKKP(VM BRnnsrtnw Mariut ? Kiehaniw.n ?. if J??' *"*? * M. sinoe Tuesday; quoted, 28s. Od. a Mh 9 i I ii n ? with a dec lino on inferior qilalititti of 1 '*** contfU; fln* qualities unchanged- reo 11* ? | lis. 9d.; white 12f a 16k Corn quiet ? prices sBSC'SSi?"-M- * *? ? *>?i J^i^'SSSWiSPMj q otably lower, lork dull; new American. 80s. nt ret'iil R.con quiet at 60s. a 63s. lani ,l?U and decline 1* on " 57s. 6d. Tallow in fair de mand; North American, 48s. a 66*. Ltvntpooi. I'nonccF. Markst? (Brokers' circular I ^hes quiet: pots, Ms. yd. ? 'jfe.; pearls, 211s. l' a 4s%da il(*M i,and sliKhl|y declined: common I : to lino, 4s. ?d. a 8s. Hoirlta &,!2^ni na at 3,8 > but holders demand an aivance , Sugar heavy and declined 6d. Ooffeo quiet Rica Xh ? i Pf'cefl are easier, but quotations are unchanged (?aroiin?' EVX ld Sr?D i ^"-Baltimore toqu^ST^ ?*s. ou. a t>s. id. I ish quiet but gteady. Lin-eed oil 24s tered ujl ? " SuKHT I""1'*8 ?*'?, but mi,J. tered. Kice heavy. Tallow, 60s a 57s Tea ,i? iinn.i common congou, is. Id. Coffee ftrm. Spirits t^i^?? st'^X ft 8U-W. Oils generally uncb*.ge/l Bar silver. 5s Id.; dollars 4s lid a ii'^i ? nominal at 7es. 7,1. ' Ud* a iH- ll** i e?i?le? Sh* *?.?Baring and Bell & ft>. report a dull qu,,?atio^^d^^U'DJited SUl6e 5''' ^ l?lUer probsed. Th ro has been a decllue in ail quotation/ and SSbS- UaV? bC<?a UtimlK'rtanl is ami,?t Hav*k M?i:xjth for the week, Including Feb 20 Pot ton?^sle? of the week, 2 600 ball s Orleans tres or , !!r?n"ir' J?Jf-d0 bM. m There has been a^line of ~ . Stock in port, 195 OCO baios. Mroadstufls firm Ashes du I and quotations are barely mZS cvZ SS- i L fitoodull and quotations nominal, (sugar ly npponSd11 WUalebone duiJ an<1 quotations hard TMK 1.ATKST BTTUKPHISCE Al.BKICT COTTON MAKKKT. Ijvkkim?ii , Keb. 20?Kvening. The U/tal sales of cotton to day reach 10,000 bales in eludlng 3,000 bales to speculators and exporters, 'tho market closing very Q/m. BKKADR TUFFS. Messrs. Richardson, fpenoe i Co. and .WakeOeli, Nash A: Co. report ?Hour dull and quotations nominal. Wheat quiet. Corn dull; mined .'itis. 9d. PKoviaioitH. Tlie pi ovisiou markot Is duil. LOMDojr vamkt m \bkKT. ,, lA.fTK)S, Keb. 26? i' U Ooaeols Closed at 91a 9I ^ (or mouey aadBl^a 01^ for account. ??*** lh. money market is generally unchanged. Iamoo.v, Keb. 28?Kvening. a ^fZlrgPrt0m0,0(M tUm ^rnoou ? 91 0 16 a !>I 11 ifl for money, and 9l}( . 9lJ{ for account. AJfXRICUjr STOCKS. ^n.e htost eoles of Xew York Central KaUroad were at ftK.NEKAL NKW??. llie Fmpcror of Austria hw SWJed the new, onstltutlon, tbe l!;^CKOlherlhto8S'^MUle^Ulive ta Prince Napoleon ?, journey to Italy has been deferred the fmporor having enjoined him to remain in Paris for 'he present, on the ground, as is alleged, that the aati SdvC? Vn ? 0t ltoe ,,rUiCe W0Uld ?,vp " '?P?lse in Italy to the question of the Pope's temporal sovereignty _ . R"*s, Feb. 24, 1801 The order of the day of funeral Guyon censures the reTT'i;? n,ad'> by th6 Nat,0,lAl Committee, and ifjocto the adilress of congratuUtion which the latter ex tended to the French, and aleo recommends the soldiers of his command to avoid, ia r^ure, all popular as wmblies. r ' Vapijh, Keb. 24 1HM. The suppression of th- convents h?s given rise to seve P?^lUlr J^turbances. The rioters attacked several oonvents, but were dispe rsed by the National Guard. Joinw, N. F., March 9,1861. Tbc steamship lvinre Albert will sail for Xew Vork to nv-rrow, where she will ne due on Wednesday night. Our Hnltnln (orrraponrii nrr. BtT?r4U), Feb 21, 1M1. The ftteam Btpawim y~rpfrimmU en the VniUoi Stale* Swnur Michigan?Important Rrmlit Interr ing to Engi ne -S?.1 IlH'er Gtxil than Anthrarite, ttt. The prolonged investigations of tiie Naval Board on the I nttrd Mates steamer Michigan were brought to a close on Monday lust, and the report forwarded t? Washington. Tho Beard was composed of Chief Engineers B. >' Uher wood, Theoaore Zcllor, Robert H. Ion# and Albaa C. Stimers. They met at Krie on the 10th of Kovembor last. and commenced their experiments on the 1st of De cember. The object of their investigations was to deter mine Uie practical value of the expansive principle in the steam engine. In their report the Board state thtt the experiments have been made under the moot favor able oondl'.ions, not only for obtaining exact comparative results, but for obtaining the mail mum for the largest measure* of expansion. TUo boiler pressure was sufficiently high; the back and frio tlon procures Uie minimum in proctioe: the organs of the I engine were we;l proportioned and functioned properly; the boiler* furnished easily an alnindaut supply of steam ?rid never gave the slighuvt evidenre of foaming. Kvery eircunst'u.te combined to render the remits even hyper* critically UMICIptionahle Yot in ali respects and un.Ier all poestble rhturee of rond'tiM. they are conclusive i ngmtiFt Um- popular belief in fnvc>r of high measure of expan*i?rti-lor rutting otf steam at 7-10 or tlie stroke Is s -airely rry<<gni?vdan v.nrklcf e .pausively. Eighteen cxpcrlmeMa, ixoupjing evmtytwo hours eiich, were n lutr. Bevel of tin t " :>m?i U? jbuw s for the imal (aienlatlone, and tn<> : lone enter Into the report. Ui thaee cxpartaatta the ("nations of the stroke wht ti the steam was cut off are as follow* ?11-11, 7-10, t 9, V. 10. 1 I. 1 fi ami 4 lf?. Out of ? Ue import mi dotor mutations re?chf0 .s Uie neeest-ity of ?<ittln>f off ?t 7 10 of I be stroke TV-.-e who Lave endues cutting off anr i where 4 V <>f the itroke would not do >ve-l to i <ako an> alteration n cor.soquonoe of tho results obtaine d by the I Hoard, aa that po<at of cutting oil has proved to be the most e?nomical wbra rorsidnrd with recurd t" fuel alone But th>*e aboe.t to bulk' engine* will do well to | make tin j r tlcu^atiotui for cutting off at 7 10 of tho Stroke, for the reasons that tlie cooir my a th? matter of fuel is within two per cvnt of tnat I when cutilap' off at 41?- -the .?avln? in the first cost of the rooatrurlion of an engine in I tea per cent, asd if it is to l>e uwd in a steamboat, or wherevor fi eight room is valuable, the saving in the weight to be carried and I he spare to he occupied will tH I in an equal ratio. In addition to these adrantafp *. there BMhe greater simplicity of the mechtaisra re<iairinc attention, due to the fact that there Is eo ladepeadeat cut off gear whatever, and all l<etag smail' r and more easily repaired when .feraogemenu occur. It is tupp<?ed by awst engineers that there Is a decided advacUfje in using aa adjjiu table cutoff for modif> !ng thepowrcf tho engine not to be obtained in the use o< the thr< tile taivo. The rroort of the Board shown conclusively th?t tli' re is no roac* tn point of economy between thr two cuetoort-. The Board also determined Incidentally the ^tiue tf tho hydro rarbon coa' farni-Ued tin m at l'/l?. When c ? pured wt*h anthracite, t&e urilrerxa* standard mncb to tlx tr snrprj* th?y founi tuat the c< o?i'.isptlf n cf me poena of it evaporated fifteea per < ?nt w>re water thac tlie mm qnaMity of anthraetle. la all the expert neit* h> ret #ore irle<!, so far publ'.nlty hv breo gtvi r. to tfertrt, I the anthracite nattrrvM superior to oftff variety or hj dto car ion roal, b?; It is evl iet\l rrom the^e eiperl I oi<lU? thut tbo c< <kl t ?*d on the steamer Michigan by the Naral hoard superior to anth Kite, aad lefioally the ( beet coa; kaowi tc Vhe wor d. City btalllfftBM. Kim 11 Vhw? Hnuan ?8hortiy before eiertw o'clock no baturday Bight ? Or* broke out to the willow intra lU litlUt store ol Craig A Urilum, m the bueowt of Nm. 77 tad 79 Vf?y street. When llrat discovered the ana ok a wasaten iiouing from the rear bMNMl window The alarm ml prunfitly given and the Bremen aooa at work. Tbry succeeded in extinguishing the Are before it got be yond the tint Hour. The damage done to the Block of M<?ara. Craig A Graham will amount to about $700 or t8U>. Insured for $2,000 In the Market Insurance Com pany. Tlie ilcr of No. 79, oa the corner of Greenwich strict, is occupied by J. C. Bishop aa a boot and shoe store. The stock U damaged probably to the extent of fftOO by lire and water. Insured for (1 ,M0 ut the HamU. too and $1 606 in the Exchange Insurance Company. The first floor of No. 77 Is oocupi?d, In part, by Leopold Yoet klr as a segar store. I/ws about 9M6. Insured for f !50 ia the Williamsburg City lamraaee Oimpany. Mr. Bills also occupies pert of the first floor sh aa exchange otttoe. Damage about $26. The second and third floors of Wo. T7 are occupied by J. P. ?auerweta ss a barber shop aad dwell tag. He hu sustained nome slight damage by water?Injured for $KO iu the North River Insurance Company. The build ings are owned bj the Crarey estate. They are damaged to the extent or $100, said to be insured. The parties occupying both the segar store aad willow ware store hau oal) been closed for the night a short time before the Are was discovered. The oause of the lire is un known at preeent, but it will bo investigated by the t ire Marshal. New Vokk l'MTAa-tTOBT Sohool or Mbdioixk ?A large number of persons specially Inter e? tod la the success of medical culture ia the city, were present at the com me oatmeal exercises of the above named institution on Sauirday evening last. I?r John Howe delivered the address to the graduating class, the members of which received the degree of'Batchelor or Medicine"?a titio nUoducsi on tha occasion lor the first time in America. Coroners' Inquests. Fatai Ca^ialtwm.?A.1 the steamboat Rescue was ap proaching pier No 5 Fast river, on Friday evening, an unknown man on the wharf was observed to fall over board. The captain of the tug made an effort to nave t..e drowning man with a boat book, but in being ?Irawnfrom the water the unkuown was crushed between the steam boat and the pier and fatally injured. Coroner Jackmau held an inquest upon the body yet.lerd.iy, when tho jury rendered a verdict iu accordance with the ab<>v<> lacts. Deceased was about thirty years of :ige, was of nieiliuiu height and hau sandy hair aad whisker*, lie w it attired in a black cloth coat, black pants, drab vest aud blue overalls Coroner .lackman also held an inquest ii|K>n lb'- !>ody of John Hurst, a carpenter who was accidentally killed by falling from a ladder at tho sectional do-k. *>t of Clinton street. Verdict, "Accideutrl death." lieceased was ilfty jeait> of age anil a uative of Mlis city. Fidward Kielly, a native of Ireland, aged thirty-nix years, died a( Rellevue Hospital on (Saturday, lrom tbi* eti'ects of injuries received by falling .from his curl while creeping ('lushing bridge, near Flushing, 1,. I., a lew days ago. An inquest way held upon the bod/ ycslerJuy by Coroner Jackman. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sithiht, March 10, 180*. liusiiie-4 is at last improving a little. 8ome of the jobbers are selling goods to the near by cities, and are preparing for a fair trade with tho West and the border States in April and May. Several importing houses report increased activi ty in merchandise. With the cotton States, of coarse, there is no business d"ii%( that is worth mentioning. The rush of the lust week in 1'chrua . ry has quite subsided, and it is evident that the new confederacy, il'it does not pay the debts it owes, will not increase them at present. Planting is proceeding with vigor in all the cotton States, and there is no prospect that the trouble in the South will diminish very materially next year's cotton supply. The imports at this port continue very light, as compared with last year, while tl>e export# of produco continue to exhibit a very re markable increa-e. Vie following are the com parative tables of the trade of the port for the week and since January I:? lueokta i I860. IHfiO 166V Pry good# ??,147 001 R4f>.1*63 1,110 0.4 (?et>eral merchandise. 2,167,Tod S.'JIS.IW l,4M,77l Totai ror the wick . 6,614,767 4.1.M,3&7 2.692 79K lTeviouiiy,. 37.878,268 42 072 MA ."4,42l,6Tj Mnce January 1.. .^4?,;W8j0.i? ,ioe,'114 37^14,472 ExlOtTOI tw'nKiril'CIl AMI MKR? IIA*I>lSB. 1S60. I 800 1HC1. Total for the week..... $1. l?*4,214 2 0H? ,372 2 in7 or?8 froviously ie,oitod... 7,46i,401 U,641,l>67 21,421,637 Birce January 1 ....$8,1.14,615 lS^US^lW 21,918,696 Exi-OhTS-OK Srf. lk. 1H.>9 ISfiO 1H61. For th'1 week $35s.8f>4 667.2*1 None. ITevtously reported... 4,37P,'J17 2,294 ?4? 1,174,806 blnoe Janutry 1 $4,732,271 2,962.130 1474,906 The banks will not probably show any increase of specie to morrow, as their last average? $34,t#u,407 was a deolining one. lint more gold is on the way from Kngland, and advice* have al ready been received at the bub-Treasury of drafts which wil' dejik te its vaults at a rapid rate. He fore the 1st of April all the gold drawn out of tho bank* will have fouud its way back again into their possession. l!y that time, also, we may ex pect to begin to receive gold from the interior in oxchange for goods; so that, for the present, the prospect of an unprecedented accumulation ?>f coin at this point continues very good. As was anticipated, the award of the recent loan enabled the banks to increase their loans, which were last Monday $12" ,89:?,9??3?an iacreasc over the pre vious statement, which w is $119,236,-W. We may witness a further increa-e to-morrow. Directly and indirectly the bai<ks hold a very large pro portion of the $8,000,000 of federal stock awarded last month, aud also a large proportion ot the new Treasury notes. These public loan* ha* e been a godsend to them. Hiul it not been for the government, the bank loan* would ha\c run down to lll/>,000,000 or thereabout*. Id c< nsetjutnee of the liquidation of buMuese. A fur ther loan will probably be a*-ked for by thegovcrn ment in the eour?e of sixty day*, and the intercut of the bank-, ns well an the spirit oi speculation excited by the protitx mude by the taker* of the last loan, will be lik?-ly to insure a very large number of bids. Nothing haw yet been heard here of the Southern loans. The ConftderaU" government is in the rnarkrt for $1,.VH>,000, and each of the State* fur smaller amount.": but no attempts have yet been made to place any of them on our market. In the opinion of our hading financier*, the doc trine of *ecession would operate fatally against any financial negotiation in this market by the new confederacy. The money market is scarcely as active a* it was a week ago, though rates remain the .<ume. First dasa name*, which are very sea-<e, go at f. a 7 per cent, and the brokers borrow o? call at the -a!'.e figures. Name* less popular, aau paper which in euspected of represents g claints in the Southern States, range from 12 upward, and a large number of names continue unsaleable. The prospect of the money market does not vary. Whjtever happens in'.he political world, we most have a plethora of money in New York. Whether we have pcace or war no means can be devised for the <niplojment of our immenao stock of money; forty millions of coin must, in all probabi lity, lie i lb-this dimmer n the banks, at a loss in imrest of o er t'J'10.000 a month. On the other hand, the prof-pet? of a (b ar motey market in Lon don ccntioues decided. At latest dates an ad ?ance in the bank rate to D a 10 was geaerally an ticipated: whether this is dene or not there is no pri -ent Lance of ony reduction. Foreign exchange clcn-od yesterday pretty steady for the Kdinburg. Hankers sold their sterBng bill-?? at lOu1^ a 10#, nnd francs at a .To. There iw a sewitjr of commercial bills ii maik<'t whi ,h, if the importers were able or needed tort mi? largely, would soon cause an od . ance in rates, itoit very few of the import ing hone* are flush, with the exception of some of tb? olde*t ard richext, and they have already remitted in full, hence the dulneaa of tlie market. At 1(V> for sterl ng bills, there is no profit on im portation* of god from knglanri, so long an the rate of interest there remainx at 8 per cent. After the !ap<" of U-n days or a fortnight, therefore, It will not be : afe to en pert a further flow of specie to th.s country unless either exchange should rise, or the bat k rate of interest fall. Th* Adri ftUc, on Wcdnf?d*7 next, will take out the mails intended to go by the Australasian. The agent ?f the Vuiiard Meam-rn is p<>r*oaded that the mining vem*! ^ deiayed by wme accident ti her ma ( buu-ry, and is proceeding under nail. The foMowing suowa the eourse of the stock market during the past week a<d month:-? ? 9. M 10. ttb. ja, 3/fh. i M k. <? Missouri fl s.... 65trti ^ ?ft g* , i N. V. Central.. 76 ?i dir. 77^ TTtr thv th ? 48 * 42 ui Ilv u"' M 32t* 31 lu at* Mich Central.. 64'? 66^ 66' as &6*; Houib guaiant'd 311* 32 .11 k aA"-,' Mlinos Central, 7678t? 79 HI ? 79 "??tPf , ??? ??? ?*'* Ti Ts T2 70V Ro<-k Inland.... 65* 57<f 6T ? 57^ Toledo Si 33 * ti V M 34 Hsasma.. 113 US US* lie lu* Hiinoa River.. 43 44* 43H. 46>r *4^ Pacific Ma J.... 82 K M* 88 86^ S<' It will thus be noticed that the prices which were current yesterday do not vary materially from those which ruled on Saturday, 2d. On Mon day and Tuesday the market guve way, and u sharp decline took place, based upon the belief that the policy of Mr. Lincoln would be warlike. Within the past day or two an impression has pre vailed that this interpretation of the Inaugural was incorrect, and that no collision is likely to take t&ice. Thl.-i belief has had a beneficial effect upon stock*, and lias brought in a good many out side buyers. The beys have beeu bitterly dis appointed at the non-arrival t?f Krie and other

American stocks from Kngland for sale. It was confidently expected that when exchange fell below the specie importing point Krie would come over for sale in large amounts, bo far as we cau learn, the very reverse has happened, and the English interest in that property has been in creased since the commencement of the troubles. The same remark will apply to New "iork Central. Foreigners seem satisfied that even war at the South will not mili tate against the business or the profits of great trunk railroads leading between this city and the West. The general business of tho Northern rail roads continues good, though it is of course less than it would have been had no trouble occurred in the political world. We are led to Infer that the pending embarrassment in business will delay the re-umption of dividends by some properties which would otherwise have resumed their place on the ditidc-ud paying list this summer. The recent action of the border slave State^ has exercised a favorable influence on the stocks of those States in our market. Since the rejection of a convention by the people of North Caroliua, the sixes of that State have been sold at 79?4 per cent higher than Virginias, 6x/% per cent higher than Tennessees, and 14 per cent higher than Missouri*. The two last mentioned elates of stock are just n^w depressed below th.?ir proper talno by a free supply of bonds from the States. Tennessee is issuing bonds pretty liberally to rail way contractors, and Missouris are furnished-in excess of the wants of the market?by We item bank auditors. CITY COHNKKCUL RKPORT. Saturday, Ma-ct? 9?6 P. M. \-!n-:n?.Sa.ea C6 bbls. at $5 26 a $6 SI1* for potg und peiiris. 1 itf.AO#frci>n ?Flour was 5c lower and inactive, ow*ng partljrto the ra n storm and parti r to the firmueod iu freights. Sa'tM 6,0e0 bbls. Slate and Wet-tern, 1,900 bbls. Southern, iinu MMb. Canada, dMlM with extra Statu shift): ng hranc's at $5 16 a 26, itod do. do. extra Ohio ?at :?< 4b a ?6 66. Rye tlcur and corn meal we;e dull and h<avy. We quote:? Superfine State j5 00 a 6 10 Kxtrn State, pood to choice 5 16 a 6 35 Superfine Western 6 00 a 5 to C< mmon t;> choice W^tera extra 6 16 a 7 26 Mixed to straight Southern 5 ;\o 5 jo straight to good extra do 0 65 a - ?5 Choice extra family aau bidtcrs' bcamts . 7 25 a 8 00 Hyeflour ... 3:'4 a 4 10 torn m< a<, Jersey and Itrnndywine 2 86 a 3 26 ?Wheat?flie iei>denoy of the market was a down ward. ac;l sales were made of 82,000 bushels, at $1 ST h fl 58 for white, and f 1 2<< a *1 31 f,?r red Western, tl 22 tor Canada clutt and f 1 ?3 a fl 60 for white (' taaJa, fl 21 a fl 23 * fir Milwaukee club and itnber Wisconsin, $1 16 a #1 18 1 >r Chicago bprirg, and >1 27 for red stale. Cora was quiet, beltg ii*M al>?ve the views or moot buyers .11 W, r;?m,,de 3-'t<w b'JshelR,Chiefly Western mixed at cV<; a tOc. lor new, and b?c. a 67c. for old. live was inactive, at t!8c. a 70c. liariey ?,w steadv, but tu limited requ? c?. Sul.-s ; ,WX) bushels, at 78c a 80c Oats were a lr4oil"n Mate34c. ao*'?c . Caiada and Western it oix a u4c, (bnitK ? with th<- exception of s.UeH of 3,700 hags Rio tfWrfpinS'Ut ll 4C * > uo Impottaat transactioa-! Ucrrois.?-Tho ?tonnr weather prevented an active basinese. The lYiniv Albert's newt, w?s cocmii.'ered quite uic.siragicg. The an e* to day comprise,! | 000 bales, on a bju-iii of ll,Vc. a 11 *c for m*|rling uplands. rloaoHTS.?A very I10 Ited business was transacted to t'av, owing to rhe severe rain stonn Ko>m was scarce Vry h'*U- To tJverpool there were shipped 500 bows b?con and 100 bbls. lard, at 40s To 1 *?doti, 100 boxes bacon, at 40s To Glasgow, no engage ments worth n.eut.oniDg To Havre, 50 000 bu?heis ? *!'// r,'r>"r',"d having been taken, in shipper's bags, at 2lc. a 29c per bushel, Hai ?.sales 01 iOO bales were mido at 80c. a 86c market cosieg Urmiy, with l> Sh ort.-ring Hors were qui. I, at 24c a 30c Tor l^st year's crop. Hrow?The receipts aurtug the wo?>k were 42,300, and ??]> ,31 000< leaving ? stock In Urst h?uds ?f ^0 610 /xfcnd cow, wnh 426 bass Calcutta cow and buffalo, o,tOO Mat India cow and buflTtH, and 4,.V00 horse tl?e mii^tt c<*tor heavily, though uot quotable lower. Lua-mKK RecefptN and nales of suie were moderate, af un.hargel ;aus About 7,000 slios, of rather poof qiu..i y, mere di. p< tw-d (4 at auction at loir figures. Moi.a.hsm< Sales wire tight, and prices somewhat no mirai. Nav 11, Sk rkh. AH kinds were iaactive at former rates. -Ocly a few small lots or pork were dis rj1;, U.0/ *t>1' CC'a a $1T 12 for mess, and fl2 60 a ?l^ ,?> for pr-me, p, r bbl. Tb* beef market was ulso dull with sUis of only 76 bols. at ?>? evi mih prl"!eg. 450 tierce* '*rd <*a: g. u hanfs at P^'c. a lOs'c Out meats, Stiiidy cb,>rte wer? m limited request, but were Rn*. was firm but quiet at 3>fc. s 4i4c. sH1PPING NEws? NoTMnmU of Ocean Steamer*. rmnm mora. Jfamm Ltnrm. Dml*. Mr Aaatnilaaiaa Uverpooi. Feb 16....New Tort United Htatea. ?b IS New Tort Olangow Llverpo<<i. Feb M New Tor* RiMiri UrgrpooL Feb B Bovtoa Jonn B<B UUaffow Feb A New Tort Prince Albert. (Mwty Feb 24... .New Tor* EUw L<t<tp<<oI Feb 37....New V<rk Bohemian Uverpooc Fob 28 Portland Ar?blm Liverpool Vota 3 New Ter* 8?iuU. Houtbamptoo. Mob 4....New Tor* Anuro Southampton. Mnb 4 ...Newark Bom-.'-ta Southampton. Moh 13... .New Terk i/'i.iUmI KJturdom titaatrow Mcb IS. ,.fi?w Tors Sen Ton. IwftlHw. Mrh JO ...New Tore Fulton *??r*? AprU3 ...New Tort Tcut.ol* Southern ptuc April 4....New Tort FOB BCBOPft. Ad'UtJe. NewTork Mch II ...Havre Q)a?|p.w New York Mrb II Llrer;wwH Br< men NewTork Mch 16 Bremen North Briton i'ortland Mrb 14 Liverpool Ma<{%ra K<wton ...... Mcb N Ureryool htne New York Mcb XI . ?Jvert><>ol ?Jobrmlan Portland Mcb 2.1 Liverpool John Bell New Tor* Mch 34 <?lax??w Arabia NewTork Meh V IdverponJ Ariuro New Tork. Mcb 30 Havre FOB OALIPOBNIA. Northern Light NewTork Mcb 11.... A?p4nwail Norlb htar New York Mcb 31.... Aitpinwall Ariel New Tort April 1 Aepiawnil EINHRTON, it.., BATANA, MATANXAS, NKW OKLBANB. 7 <!? i-fna New Tort for Klngaton, J a. on the *Kh day of ea?>< month. Kiair- lijji?Frnea New Tort let, arrtTiag at Havana 4th and New Oileane Mb. rroaa New or lean* 1Mb, Havana 1Mb, ar riving at New York 3M. Htj< or tai ?mt-Prom New Tork Mb, arriving at Havana 1Mb. From New Orlenae Od, Havana 14th, arriving at New TorkMXh. Cix?we*~Pr?ae New Tor* 11th, arriving at Ha-aaa 1Mb ?ad New Orleann 19ti. From New Orleana 1Mb, lUvanaMtb. at New Tort 3d. Pwi^M.jmu?From New Trrk 1Mb, arriving at Havana Oth From New Orieanj Sd, Havana 4tb, MTtvlatg at New York :2th P1K0-0?From New Tert 51M, arriving at Havana JSth and New Orlenae 1Mb. From New Or Lena a Mb, Havana HU, ar .Ivln* at New Tort 1Mb. KariKZ Orrr? From New Tort 1Mb, arriving at Havana M. From New Orieaaa 1MB, Havana 1Mb, arriving at New Tort tin Crrr?Prom New Tort and Havana every twenty '*? tr4 ?vaj ? From New Tort for Hataneaa -a the Mb of each ??nth. at 1 P It From New Terkfov Havana Va Navaan, N P, on the arrivai of every alternate Curiam etenmer at New Tor*. h B?When the. abwe datee fall on Hr.nday the tfanei will ealt en Mon day, eieett from New Orieaaa When the date* fall on Monday, the nwairi wiil ml* from New Jt eana en the laj ptwvtona ?PBCIAX. ttortan. vir<W foUtm Nre Tn*i Hid'j KkmIH e?W uailio roe new roax?rate bat IW BUM 4 l#j nor* eve ?0a (eve .... t?| ?iUB vim ?vr. M 21 Port of INv?v York, Marrli III, ARKIVK.D. fHearnahtn erne ?tow a, hkinner. Rlchm'in ' A<l, With m<l<* and pemenuer*, to l.udl.m k llnlneken 1. < ft- rfclk Wth at |u, ai<d aochf>rfi1 in ''amntrn Ko?<1? t ;> P?( ,a?-f|iip ll imiiae. I if ho?t?f), and bar* Hei r1eti%, ^ettlnf nr<|-*r ? r<?h for era, the etnd l<*vl?g uhl'ted 10 NW. imb ln<l. * 4 #, olf F<iml-o uiaixl. pawM atranmbip Vtrkteen, livnre f :r ('? r r '1?*rk TilanJa (Nori. O'*u?eo, Bareeillfi, 70day*, wltii ui?e to Punch A Melucke Bu tiiwrtenced rin severe wealfcw broke m'zentiuuM and boom H.? Miaslojarv IMMmI allh m<t*e, U J C ?cArtbur Feb I, lai ?3*.loa 40 lit, Jame. Lewis. a native of Byth", Ko?, .eSMan, ?u lost overo?*r<t. Brig HairletHaUock, King. *jroyo, 14 with ,unr Ac, to BurUnt m Kvntlt Brig A?hby (Br. of St John. NB>, Wright, Havana. IS dan. with sugar, to P I Ncnm A boo. Had beaiy weathar ai'ui wslls, A? . Brie MauranlUa (of HarpswoHV Bartlrtt, Cardenta, 16 dart with *ugnr Ac, to atasler. 3d tn?t, lat in M loa Tk 10, noae ship Liberty, from Mew (Mean* for Harn-; 5th, lat MM. lua 78 S3, spoke brig Kllen Maria, from Cardrcas lur ttoatoa Bnx saginaw, McBenn. ManaaUlla. Keb Mi. with >urar *?, to J Bmc 2d inst, lat :s7 4#, Inn 77. apoks brig W tfpurk, 8 day* from Canl. niw for Boston. Bng Anlu Owen, Rar. Neuvlta-, March 1, with sugar Ac, to Th a i?w*n A Son Sailed In company with bark Ibia, of IK luartaootta, for Cork and a marker. 3d lust, lat Jt, Jon 79 ao, spoke bark Linda, from Cletrf uegoa for London Brig Andrew Peter* (of Eilawt rth). McParland. Neuvlias, 12 days, with augar Ac, to 0 A E J Cetera f'rlg (<ea Bailer. Noyes, St Mark*, 12 dayi, with cotton Ac, to nJMlwift Karl* A Co Had haawf wenUter of Hatfiraa. ?eb*,lal 2110. Ion 8128. ?puk? Urtm bark Edward, from Mew Orleans for Fun pe; lot lnat, lat 3* U ion 81 15, spok* brig MantanUUk, Of Barn*welt, inn Mataasai. for Mew \ork; 3d. lat 30 JO ton 78 46, *p<?ke brig a T Want, of Myatic Klver. from Mobile )ur Hamburg; 5th, III 'SI 10, Ion 7? JO, ap >k? sohr Damon, of Waldoboro, from Cardenas for PorUaa4; same date, alinattsed Br l.rig ftomor, vtrering N K Brig Blvkfish, KalrcbUa, Charleston, < d?ya, with otton Ac, to DCMnrray. Haa experienced aome heavy weather; split haIIn, 4e. HArOaruHlof Katun, NJV Thimphu, Tnntli, Mecioo, 25 Jay* k1a Key Weal t day*, with mahogany Ac, to Van Brunt A ^lagbt. Sohr Mary Greenish (of Boaton), Greenish, Jarmrl. Keb 34, with coffee Ac, to R Thackery. Fe'i 2*. Caatle Ulai.d bearing N 5 m'lea, ap -ke *chr War Eagle. 16 daya from Kingston. Ja, for New Vork; 2d tnst, lat 26,Ion 7ft, spoke bark PC AJotan der, hence ro? Philadelphia. Schr fitefhrn Taber. Cook, Cardenas, March 2. with augar, to master 3d inat, no iat. Ac. *pnke ship Ocean Ranger. from Bristol, Kng for Cardenas; mU. off nape Henry, apike brig Mai./an'.11a fn m Cardenas lor New Vork. Scbr Sarah .Varia (of Coid Springi, Underbill, Baracot, 10 da\ h, wltb lruli. to T Gllmar In. Scbr Advance (Br), Currv, Corn wall la. N8,J2l day*, with po tatoea. to Hyde A Dturyce Schr FnchantrcK*. Lynch, Savannah. S day* with cotton, ta Met ready, M- tt A Co. 8th inat. Cape Henry W by N 2) mile*, hp ke bark J M lin/tud, 32 days from Rio Janeiro, bound in to the ( ape. SchrC hariet Dennl*, Tucker, Charletloa, 4 daya, with oot ton Ac, to .lon:ta Srolth A Co. Scbr 8 b Strong, Mart.n, Wilmington, NO, 7 (lay*. Hchr J Pnunbea, Barrett, Newbern, 7 day*. Sclir IW Hughes, I>avi? ?w'>ern. It day* schr Orepin. Kaause, Wutihington, MC, 't day*, with cotton Ac to K M Blackwel'. Schr C K Ttckery, Babbitt, Norfolk, 2 day*. Schr J Birdtal! lleadley, Vlrgluia, 3 day*. Scar A, Vose, Virginia. 3 days. Schr U W Hoyt, Cranmer, Virginia, 3 day*. Schr iMbel, Taylor, Delaware t'lty for Newport. Schr Ccmpromlae. Maugum, Odeasa, Pel, 2 days. Schr Georgia, Monin. Smyrna, Del, 2 days. Schr U W llietlM. Pi,r>oua, Phi adelphla, i day*. Schr H B Ra*rom, Tonly. Philadelphia. 2 day*. Schr H W? rwlok, Shropshire, Phila<l lphU, 2 days, Sohr W P Cox, Horton. Dorchester, N ?, 2 days. Schr I N Kunlon, Mathers, Ellzabethport for SaraatiaA. Schr Katok Vurbtish. Verirlll. Hockluud, 7 days. Schr I. Dyer, .lameaon, Rockland. 7 days. Schr Mary hlizabeth, , Harwich 8 days tchr l? W Baldwin, Crowell, Uloncerter. 3 days, chr Ringgold, Crowell, Provlncctown, 3 days. Scbr Bion, Hod man, Proylncetown. 6 (lays. Scbr Winged Racer. Ooanc. WeUII?et for Newark. Scbr Howard. Baker. Boston, 3 d tys. Schr S M Sherman, Steiman, Boston. 3 days. Schr Marshal Perrin, Olbba, Boston, 4 diya. S<'hr R N At wood, Kemp, Boston for Tangier. Scbr Mary Anna. Olbbs. Boaum for WllmTngton, DeL Schr M H Read Kelly, New Bedford for Not folk. Schr feres. Meredith, Providence for *cwc? Me. DaL Scbr Wonder,, Mystic for Philadelphia. Schr White Rock, Hall, Bo'ithpol for Albiny. Schr K J Kay nor. Smith, Odd Spring, 2 days Schr flyaway, Davi*, Hag H?rbo>-fo' PhiladelpbiA 8chr Thomas Porter, Sin il, Grecnport for Philadelphia. Sclir Mary Klleu, Chaw, Grteapnrt for Philadelphia. Scbr Wai- Steed, Smith, Port Jefferson, I oay. Steamer Boston, Ciocker, Philadelphia. s.\n>:i). Steamships Augusta, 8a\annah mot 9th); Chesapeake, Bal timore. Froui Qiiarantlne?Pteftmshlp Kmp're City, Texas. Wind at sutuido SW; at nmmet NW, light. Mikirlla tieou4? fin .in-nip Mount Vkrkon?Capt Skinner. of the steamship Jamestown, nrnvad last evening from Norfolk, report* that J 10 o'clock yeaienlay morning he saw the ?te*tn?hlp Mount Vernon, ahtore at Old Inlet, KJ. and ut that time the aca waa breaking badly oyer her. Snip Victory?Norfolk, March 9-The ahlp Victory, Curl ton, V2 days from Callao, went ashore on Friday thirty Are miles south of Cap* Uenry. In consequence of the heavy gale from the eastward to day tho vessel and cargo air proba bly a total Lots. Assistance has been mut ner from thla port.: Bauk Mkmikui-b Bird?Capt Delee, tre<iuently reported ns hating run away ftum Klo Janeiro with a careo of coBec, and havtns touched at Valparaiso, Tahiti, New Holland and va rious other ports, has at last turned up (so supposed) under a new name in an old river, Capt Miile^t, of btrk Storm King, which recently nnivea at 6?lwn. reports that he arrived at Bassora, on the Euphrates river, on the 26th of August, lHfiO, and found lying there an American bark railed the "Mscgaret ,'ane ' and hailing from Bristol, MI The captain had dls po.-f i of hlH cnrgo of coffee. and was about to se 11 the vessel. Since leaving have iieard 1 rom the present captain, J W Rua aell, of Salem, who Uas v.ritt-n to his friends that the rctsei h?. s been sold, and Is now under the Turkish coloi^ From information that I have heard since arrival, I nuapect that the above is the long lost Messenger Bird. Bark OfORiir (of Boston- from New York for Antwerp, waa seen Feb IA In lat 42. Ion 12. with t ore and main topmasW gone, and ini/aon topmast rigged for a jury main topmast. Brig Maev D (Jariivf.r, hence lor Charleston, was the ves" eel whose crew were taken off by snip Indiana, hence for New Orleans (.bit/ore reponed), at which port the I arrived 9th last. The M P O sprung aleak In a heavy gale and wat abandoned. No further particulars. Bciin BurssiKO. from Richmond for Boston, waa at Pro \lncttown Sth lust with bcth mast* sprang, waiting order*. bwjwsju, Feb 19?An \jrerican snip in ballast Is at anchor (even uilles off I'orthcawl. with mizzer mast and malntopmsal cut away lias her ensign In the t orn rigging. A steamer hat Sone to uer aid. (Supposed 'he D -te "all, from Bristol for urinain which is reported by telegraph to have put baoK Mtb. iliimastedj. The Mobile Advertiaer of the 2d Inst says ?The ship Oily of Mobile wss the first that arrived In our bav after the aeces slon ol the Mate, and she was Immediately cleared for Liver pool according U> the fashion of those days. One by one tne other vessels rlenrod at that time have dej arted, and the noble r.amesakffcof our city now- remains, the last vessel ua cleared or to br cleared under I'nit'd states authority 1 rom this port. M.e Is r.ow tilled up and ready for sea, her cargo the largest ami most valuable of toe season, amounting to 6,467 bales, weighing 2,7HG,mH pounds, and valued at 9x9,791 The following table gives * aumnutry of tne vessels in tli? harbors of New York, Boston, Baltimore, Wilmington. NO Charleston, 'savannah. Mobile, N'cw Or loans and tialTealon,at latest aooounla from each ol those porta.? jikw roaa ? Hteam.hips 24 Btlg* 91 Ships 75 Bduwnera. 141 Barks. 96 ? Total *s8 ?OSTO.f. Steamships 4 Brig* 17 Ships 27 befcooners. 48 Barta. 20 ? Total ? U.T1>0*> S teams hips .1 Brigs 14 Ships 16 Schooners. 41 Harts 7 ? Total 81 WlLKlStTON, IT. a Steamship* I Brigs 5 Ships ? Bohooaera. lo BMW. 2 -ri Total * cmomii. Steamship* 6 Brigs. ? Ships 10 Bohouoers. 24 Barta. 9 ?? Total ?avah?ak. ? Steamships S Bngs 9 Ship*. - 22 Behounonk SI Barka. If ? Total ? ???'?.?. Steamsjipa ? ? Ships.7TT. It Schooners. 4 Barks 2 ?~ Total 3? Kkw oai-'Atra. Steamships 2 Brigs 11 ships HO Schooners. 18 Barta... *6 ? ? Total. ??,???? .,,, tiiitnov. Steamship* 2 Brigs f ? 2 Sob i 0 _ 4 ? Total " Whalsmea. Spoken?Dec 2. lat 33 57 S len :?( 4" W, ship Ade.lne fllbbs Wlthmgton, of tor Falrbaven, nothing sine# 'saving Sand wlch lr lands. Npolarn, iM. Ship M 'ai. Kustls, 'rom Liverpool for NOrleans, Feb 17, running into anmsrn Bay. shif Tin mlon, Collins, from Liverpool for NYork, I'eb 17, eff the Hke riea. Bark, of Portland, from Cardiff for Havana, Feb X lat 47, Ion 24. Foreign Porta* Ajmvvnr. Feb 19? Arr <JU> of Hsth. t arney, NOrleans. Anaovo, Keb *t?In port s< Ura O-v Krown, AJIce Mow-e, and A f. Willard; ai d r.thrra before reported. Bi nooh ?. Africa, .'an 6?Ir port bark llarsrd, Rlg#?. un?. Baracoa, Feb 27? In port achrs Broth?rs. Nirkerson; Hy ing Dragon, 'a*lor. and Klpple, enow, lor NTortldg. t:oaa Feb !*? In p rt eoiot<>. Mlnol. from New Orleans for Liverpool. In dock to be repaired: Wnrrr ey, smalt, to dlsg und repair: Kannle Lincoln, I'ars^t.a ret>g .... , (Ttipur, Feb 14? arr <?ravllle. Crocki-tt, Bristol; 15th, Jen nie W 1'aine, < oliurn. Breo en. l iitmvtj, Fefc IK?Arr Tf utonla (si,, KVork ('ARRiasi. Hajo, Chile, .an 26- In port ship simoon. Smith, for Baltimore same day _ ? . C.arpmkas, Feb 37-Arr bark Saiony, Bonn", < anlIff; achra <l?H? A Tlti|?s Adams, Baltimore; V A Bandet, Alch'?rn, Sa vannah: tarch 1st, brigs Kentucky, farver. N \ ork; 2d, De marara. CunnlaAatn, do; Parifn. starrett, PortUnd: aew Starlight. VorkTno; 3d bartl O It Hamilton, ffcase, Havana; bngt M ? Pierce, Smith. A?en-a Morena; I^ango, Kvans. Redwood, Melville, and Nebraska. lUompaon. Havana; Jo seph > ark. Park. NYork < H Kennedy, Wlnalow, Portland; ktrnr RfnuKic. Ham, NVorli . Sid ?es Wth. bnr l'srag< n. Hatch Itilladelphla; arhr Har riet I<*tst Williams, Bo?un; 27th, bark Rilen Maria, Mprrta. do: l-rifi New Wold, Hanna, do; Walia-h, Bigley. Phlladel ohia Aladdin Sbortwell. NVort. March 1st bark lanale. Herrlck. Cork; schr Albert Treat. Bowdotn, N Vork. 2d. brigs pveilne, Foa'er. and lanme, Lawrence, do; Chartea, Means. Philadelphia; srhr H Taylor, Cork. NToii: ;td, brigs Oea Bryd, Oflpatnck, Betrn; leviathan, PhUMdpkla; acnr B B Borden, (iaraner. Boston. Ctmmwios, Feb *? Arr brtea William k Ma-if. Norton, . 'isih ba>k J C Nickels, Nickels, Boston; achrs V Haley, Haley, Philadelphia; March lat, R W Dillon, Masta, d?. fd, brigs Meteor, rarmsn, NVoek: Rancher^ Pierce, Ouraeoa. SldWlh. briga ocean "pray, tHubha, SVork, March lat, Fran con ia, Wal'ace, d?: Jd. barka A A Dvebert, Hewttt, do; Sea lag1*. Henry, Philadelphia: brig Tiberias, do; schr B M H( u?t->n, Boston Dul reh IB?Are Mm rod, Baylor, London for Mobile Caad a!4 17th) _ (Ii.aih.ow, Teh ia -ArT F'lra Toting Dnrtee, KTork. <>snoai. l>ec IS?Sid ? F Shaw, ('aaa, (inam. Hum, Feb M~Arr ,t I. Diia?"ck. Skolheld, Mobile. t:lo I*n, ttldne, starkey. Advance Child aid Annie Hodg man, Hy er, NOrleaas 11 ai,vort, Fell II?Sid F.dw Hvereti, Onnby, NVork Havana, Per 27-Arr fcirka Pdmund DsrlgJU. Slcksrson, Bristol) (Irspeshot, Watson. Palilnaorr; acbr Kvellne. Tork, Pbllsdelphla 2mh, bark Kate Lincoln. HufWa, N irfolk; brtg Tfiomaa 0< n ->f, ^oek, pneUaod: sebrs W m Aletander, fuck er, a d (leu .Msnghsm, Seudder, h\ork; Keueimctoa, ijhite. a>'ksniriilr, Ifarch 1, lar?a W A Platrnlut. B-naett, M?t?a r as Toting amerl a CoiHns Bl.rk iirlgs Cr.?us, OrawelL do, ft-rrlet. T.tcomb, Pirtl*nd; < B Allen Ray, Mach^a; H Balcb, Huise. savtnnar. Mar; (nr?. M'orh< ii"% raasac Ha; schm t>bssT smi'b Wffterland, Charleston: 2 U h*rk?Josle Nfholsa, Ntcholi s, Pensacola .lit lames Cook, \rejr l*York; Martha Ann Cbs?e Martel (atio eld MA for Po* Ian* '; aehr Fannie ?e?ibn^ k. i??r> ut, Portland, uh, shlp...>hn ?? Harris, Mack, Liverpool hr'gs WC t lark Dsgireu. Wli^sjet; Trln ?elic Kaler, PurtlaM arhr flytag scud, tar ml as. NYork. Ships.. Barta.. BUS Vrt> tf. ba-ka tf kwvuUo, Miller. Huiu And WTorfc a ss35ar%?is {svTss Wet*. Megtli Kalouou'b, brwJ ^dUk^i mood, AOnf TajPlor. Taelejr, hierr* 3 J ??* ha:k?K*f4M. r?U??o? P''rU^''L DcJv^ feJr.'.tS' denaa; 8 ? AUec, P?I1?l, do una NVork brig* TueSS.' lull" Cid March t *hip Loch I.nnar, Lnntig Loadon briniw Barter, Bell. Nport:, ?th. ?blp iuMuth Ooodiag,'Neu nLZ trig U balth, N(ir!eno? ,u*? Jif*?l. tchii In|pun acbrs Ha&nak, CbM II Conk ?roctea. all tor N Yuik *" Afrit*, Dec J??Arr bark Tidal War a, ^?i?er?x>l, Feb ll??Arr Allan a Dale, Vtiughaa; John ? cSJ?l. *J2 ?'ILUUido: ,:urry- Nurteana; Edw 0 PMm vu^Ti. SSf' Zule??. "lover, ?nd Monterey, Korto^ai 2?aizi ?^T .lluthe?- N>ork- 'MU' Kl" (?'. KmuUo AiT?i*rSSffkk, Blake, do WUlL.ilJii I"4"0*-,*??<?. NOrleana: 1Mb. Prince ArtW cuT^fi^kjlJSJK^fc , oU'y K-*y *?<? Hturj ?uck. (Mta. CUtSSSl rT.clnc*nn*"". NVAmww NYortc. ??K-S,*.SilJ?yK5U-. ?-???.<? Maraa*^, FebS4? b?27fciVjfT' Hallie Jackaon. Homer flavaoSah ^fh^SB' NT?*t Ctarleaton; March lat. brt"g*SVf.hI. H,*yr. 81(1 21th, bark w A i'UU*nloi. R*n n*#t **_ , -??- Brown. Holme.' Hole; Marcktd k^'wmi t?rl? F-? t.a. and NYork, bnn J retta. t/'anlena* and NYork bnn *??!?? **Sk '?erA gurr-NnoWN Feb !*-*.? r Aullocb. S?lveHer k.m. ... or am, Feb 8? Arr achr* r?lJ iiV!i r. N'Meaaa. (?lidaid uth for Waahlngton WO)? Oth fviii.?*'. ;iffiw *^ ?LSX?Su?' ???&? refill ' Lr0Ck" (from **?*>, UmpaJftA *Kok? rT f!& ?<!)* ^Tsth^^b^ !?5f far. Fodger. f roST rSUK J?JJl VS"* ????! BUofc Uranada, Mchrs Daniel WtiUama. B?rtl?L fmn^uVSf1" * 7tb, taking ooal to L*?<iarr? K t 8i Kuu *rr MKdESflfflSSSS.4 ctm company; Virginia Prir* Bldridir# S&sfe???J5S& ^"SWr. -s WKs.'jas; NT^"^d/rt',l_In P0" Khr Valley, BwnII. f? Tonaiu, heb It?No Am regie! In uort. ten A"ta? WHiTKH*?kN, Jtb la hid Swkii.r? ?Vir W*tkkWShi> Feb lrtTrr .1W' ?rf?T, Oalvftslon. Llverpoul ' Anadne, Beuuett, Uaivei>tun fer U'tB Hoi.MRir Primob Auwkt, at St John*. NF-Tk*. at Bremen; l aniia, al oibraltar U>et<l>de, TuUko, spaSsSftte Cambria, at Queen.toa n. r"no*' ?' ^irerpoolj American Porta '^tm^srswais-" su"""? ??"??? Baxter (?h.r^olfiSl nAM7,'Arr "'c?'ti?Hpi South OaroHaa. ^S5H? iasij-iisB'SsS ?n?i i ,rr ? NY?vk < Id fiteami-hlp .I scnh Whitnw i! Baltimore: f>hiD<K!roniwnii Mon.n.n., u^?... wf* I Hur< l^orelaad. irncll ^ *"*. ?;??. l'<>nklln. am J H Alien,* VYort SSuV* olS'i ^?e"n' fr?? r-'10 J*n?lni 014 ?hin CaalM*! Bt^ITorn, Rotterdam: bark Atna/on kirwan d<a > ?*? SSSet?.?RA'bJSS Kij'sEsS' Rn?.rt? kS' ?Mip" Thom?u' Perllnn end M*oa5ar^?& Jame* ro<? Av**!* ChM*a0<**< *?? -".p Wm P PM^l^Ii M&reh S~HU Whr MU1' K'"r(f">? Provident. ElHi^ETOWy, March 6?Arr gchr Jamep Kn^Kah vi^a* KStgW-^-" jJttEL.WSS"?"' M*reh 8"9!d Ann Elizabeth. ssa 'Swrr M?Jt A Wood, Baker. PhU^elphta^ "'t*>n' Harre; ^ nnrnjuwia v\ebb, Hull. UvcrtMxW ??? A? l/rC.?a'Nr'i WbXr K?y??>n'J. H.TiaT' A?t Courier of New \)rleia^I^?Col<l^^j<1,^n,,t; T*01?,'??4 ^WtaLHu!^; aS?nRB25? wtt2? a!? Wb?Arr (br (el) uhlpn Rila, Valencia. Mamuel n mZTiSsUTST *h*r> Mo^ *ASZ andWO^Td Wen^d Jr'B' Sd &S*ship-N?",on kUTb^T'w 'JF"*1 l'7k"' NVork; J W I'odd,'Braat! C B ' r"v,rt?n<*': otter Rock, Kookiandi C *radfn- 01d ^ AWIhomp^l! hfProflAOOlA.V, K.neb 1-Cld brig Alptne, KUlman. Bar Hflrllnlr't^?.'. M"n>|> s^Arr atoamahlp North Brltoo (Brk. |?asp&^ft3 NvJrt read, ' 1-In ,K)rt bri? ^mwn, LeerhotT, for LOAN OCFICM. ADVAN0K8 MADE ON DIAMOND*, WATOHWV Jewelry said Sllrenrin, or bought for <"*?k at the high eat pricea old Gold and Mirer bought Apply at the old eetabllahrd offlc?a of L. JACOBS, #7 A'tUiam rrtfl; bcaocB 407 Bioadwa/. """ 1 1 ????l""l HH'IH'i Hi T SM BROADWAY, UORNRR OF PRINCR BfRRm. l room" " * * - C lam' aorlpUoa< T SM BROAOVAT. CORNER OP PRINCR BTRRK l room 6. up alaira,?Money adr?nced, from tl to f?l,<Ml t tamoniU, Watohea, Dry Oooda, Mean, and errry 4a Iptton of Mbrchaudlaa. Ail transaction* m 111 b? nooidoB. B itTMOARTRN A CO. At m nabbac strkkt ? a. honioman, diamond broker, m?kN liberal advances on Diamonds, Jeweur. Ac , or buy* than at full value, at hi* private o(B No. 66 Naaaan (treat, room No 2, op ?Uira. Busim-as im ?daatlai A DVANCER ON DIAMONDS, PLATE, WaTTHEI, JEWELRY. PAINTINUB, PIANOS. DRY llOODB, , Or ?lil buy the ram* for caah at hl? private oflioe. Thn highest prices paid tor Diamonds, loose or act J. H. BARKINoEK, 170 Rnmdoa;, room tt, up atalra AH T >41 OR AND STREET, TURKS DOORS WRiT OT Broadway?Money advanced n w itehev Diamonds, Jewelry, fata. Dry tiooda and personal property of evsry dnnorlDtiotL. or housht sad eold, by JOdtsPU A. JAOCdOlC At ? cedar strrst -hrnrt HTMAN, DIAMOND broker Caah advanced on Diamonds, set or uasstt J a lobar. Watch ?o?nm<ota, .silver War?, Jewelry. Hamra, a., or hoeirhi for caah Opposite the Post ofUoe, room Na. I, up stairs. 68 Odar street AR. THOMPSON k Ott ADYANCEB OW . W itohc. Olamoncia Tewelry. and all klnda nf property or bnyi for caah. AMDS H THOMPSON, auctioneer, lot Mia-au ?tri el, room No. 2. aecond Ucor. .Vuodon atlaa at tended to la this city aad Brooklyn. A T II OHAMBERB STREET -MONET TO LOAM TO 7V any amount on Diamond*. Watches, Jewelry, An,, by the well known and <4<* eatah.Uhcd WaaiIH, bc>krr and coaunlaelno merchant 1) f kamtwra street N. B?No tart ness uanaacied on Sa'urday HOMTICAIa. UTH WAhD TaMMaNT HALL WARD COMMITTR* will meet at I bion Mail, coiner tU fourth at eel avenue t, on Tue?day craning, the 12< luet , ai "*> o'oiasA. for the transaction ntaurh business aa may ram a -egularly before them, fly order of THOXAM ABBOTT, Chairman. Coward B. Po?. * cretar/. 0*l*? I?O ACAMMtti ^ DODWORTH'B DAROMO AOAi>RMUMk " l?o n Bmadway, New Tork Rok VB B-statue atreet, Braotlyi. Wadaiadara aai Saturday* la New tort. Mniw ^ tkunSfTtuaadan and KHdaya In Brooklyn --7in7 termrSc , may heW at ail hw Academy MtTRlMi) 1IAU A TOI'NO QEBTI.RMaN WlHHBH TO OOR1 RKPOa? OL with ?Jf?M lady nttb a Ttew to marriage. He* particu lars la the Brpt an*?er to ^onrapondenla In yeaterday'a ma day Tlmea, and adrtre?a Raaalan, aia Ion D Poa* ofllM. ?i\ pert op mortaLinr, 25 YSaRR OLD (A tols rable apecimrn of hnmanlty*, want* to marry a wlftk lii(t eofnpa atlrrly a atianger in thia city the adrartfaar la antmue *o fnrm an acquaintance with an educated, irapeea able lady. In whnae propria peraoaa la to be found a fair ahareof lb- eicellr nriea of woaaa. Addreaa Home Maaoa Ua, Poet office, Hrroklyn, N Y. ?' 7 1 ii" nuYwrirw i? zn ymrB or iMn li cLea blah, aod generally c- naldered to ha?? a good iBapi*. tlan, goon b?Mt?, 4c Ilia inooiae b?lng amaJI. partlaa a*? awerlng thla mual govern thi maeWea aoeordtrgly Addraaa a. 3 aonr bo* t,m pom >noe.