Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1861 Page 5
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official communication on the subject of the appointment of Commissioners to t Peace Con ference. "Blood letting" is his only idea of set tling our national difficulties, and it is a theory Which appears to be shared by four out of five of his republican colleagues in Congress. To what a depth of degradation is the success of abolitionism reducing the country! NEWS FROM THE FEDERAL CAPITAL. CMdlUoB of AMmlrm In Ecuador?War lLke Preparation* In Peru Against Kcua tor?gaiprnaion of Diplomatic Relations Between tlie two Countries?THe Hloo Grant, Sic., &c. Wimwmit, March, 10,1M1. Official despatches have been received from Guayoqui' to the 13th February. The republic of Ecuador was prospering and tranquil, and gradually recovering from the effect* of the misrule of Franco and the occupation of Guayaquil by the Peruvian army under OastUla. Ihe Peruvian President, whose policy appear! to be to disturb the peace of his neighbors, was again making warlike preparations against fccuador, and in order to carry out his designs of cooquest, frustrated by the vic tory gained by General I'lores t-ver franco, be insists that the present government at yui.o shall recognise, without new credentials, Doctor Uirpancho whomCastllla had sent to Franco when in command at Guayaquil. This preten sion la regarded by the Kcuadorians as absurdjand inso lent, inasmuch as Franco waa a local and revolutionary leader, and Caatilia, in enteriug into an alliance with him, and accrediting a minister, committed a direct and of fensive attack against tne central government of the republic. Nevertheless, the present government of Ecuador, overlooking that injury, declared that it was wil ling to.recelve a diplomatic agent from Peru, provided he presented tettors of credence. But Costilla has refused to agree to this reasonable ofier. and his agent has left Guaya quil on board a Peruvian ear steamer, and the relations brtwets the two nations are suspended. The Ecuadorians declare that they do not dread war with Peru, trusting -that the military skill of General Florcs will vanquish the Peruvians, as it formerly did in the battle of Tarqul. President Haccla Moreno remained in Guayaquil making preparations for defence. Not the least singular feature in the policy of the Peru vian President (towards Ecuador is, that he insists in carrying into elitet a treaty made with Franco, a loc&i and revolutionary authority, in open contradiction to the principles he asserted in the quostion between the United States and Peru In relation to vossels seized at Punta de Lobos, In which he denied the right of their captains to load guano under permits gran tod by the local authorities at Iquique, because they were appointed by (he revolutionary government of Vlanco. T1IK 8LOO GRANT. On Friday BenJ. H. Cbeever and Jas. Wiley, assignees Of Albert G. Sloo, of Indiana, 111 d in the State Depart ment a paper settlDg forth thai under the Gadsden treaty the faith of the Hexicau g tvernmoat was pledged to pro tect with all Its power the prosecution, preservation and Becurlty of the carriage roid over the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the grant of privilege to construct which was given and conllrmed by that government. President Comonfort, it Is represented, ab rogates the grant, in violation of tlie rights and withont authority or warrant of law, to the ruin of Mr. 81oo. In the opinion of the memorialists they were worth ten mil lions of dollars. The memorialists having succeeded to gloo's right, aok that this subject be brought to the at tention of the Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs, to tho end that they receive the amount to which they are entitled. Sonor Mata, late Minister fiom Mexico to the United Etates, has been elected a member of the Mexican Con gress. Additional from California. Sah Kkani lhco, Fob. 23, 1881. California entirely repudiates ihe project of a Pacific republic aa visionary, mischievous and impracticable; that the true attitude or the people of California at this time of trouble is that of fraternal ktndncus towards the people of all the States, and her honor and interest alike demand of her to do all in her power to bring about har mony and reunion among the people of the whole coun try. It is generally conceded that this impromptu Colon demonstration was the largest mass meeting ever held in San Francisco, while the uuanimons and enthusiastic en dorsement of the resolutions surprise') their friends. James A. Mcltougal was nominated a candi date for United States Senator by a caucui composed of twenty-eight Douglas men, on the evening o Feb. SO This is one loss than a majority of the Douglas party In the Legislature. The remaining, or majority portion, of that ]>arty have coalesced with the Breckin ridge democrats, and tho prospect is favorable to tho nomination of General Denver. The republicans are ex pected to support McDougal, but it is hardly possible ho Can be elected by their united aid. l'ony express dates from the Atlantic States have ar rived to the Oth instant The news is considered favor able to an amicable settlement of the national troubles. The Legislature has adjourned from the 21st to the 26th. The SteamsMps Canadian and United States* 1'oRTj.APt*, March 9, 1861. The steamship Cana dian sailed at half past three o'clock this afternoon, for Liverpool The steamship Cnited States, from Glasgow on the 18th nit., arrived here at four o'clock this afternoon, and will load and tall again for Glasgow on Tuesday, the 19th Inst. Fire In Cincinnati. Gmcinnati, March 10,1861. T%e extensive lard, oil and candle works of Thus. Kmery lb Rons, corner of Vine and Water streets, were entirely destroyed by Ore this morning. l/ws $160,000. Insured for 9U2,fiOO. The Ore was tho work of an Incendiary. Dedication In Boston. Boftjs, March 10, 1861. The church of the Immaculate Conception, a massive and elegant structure, recently erected on Harrison avenue, in th* south pirt of the city, was dedicated to day, with the impot-ing ceremonies of the Catholic Church. The rtedtcaiion sermon w is pr?acbod by Bishop Fttrpatrick. assisted in singing the I'ontlllcal Mass In the evening Bishop MrClnskey, of Albany, prouchod at Vespers. An immense throng attended the services. Weather at Boaton. BOM, March 10,1861. A very heavy northeast gale and drenching rain pre vailed here yeatcruay from rour P. M. till midnight. The Mlnkoorl legislature. St. Louis, March 9, 1861. Tl>e Senate jassed resolutions yesterday that our Sen* tors is 'ongieaa be Instructed, and Representatives lie request- d to oppose the passage of all acts granting sup plies, men and money to coerce the seceding 8tates into Hvfesnir- i r or subjugation, and tha', should such acts be Bied tif r? ncre? our Senators be Instructed, and our rssriitatives be requested to retire from the halls or -Ctagree* market*. Skw March 8,1861. Onttoo?The market closed with an advanc ng tendency; sa:< a to da) 2i> 000 hairs, at ll1,''. fur middling, sales o! the we. k 87 000 total sale* 141 ?MI bales Stock in port. 30T> MM) lalea. Coll ??al'Sol the weok 8,760 t.aga, at 10>j ? 18- Import* :i ?oo b>ig? stock in port, 4* nro bags, apa-ost SO 6cO In the corresponding time last } tar. Irtlghu?Cuiten to Live'po<<l, ,??d, Naw Ostium, March 9, 1861. ODttoo?The stetmer'a news caused leas ilrmuess. Piles to-day 7><0 ba'es, middling at 11 if*. Sugar steady at 4 V a f>*tc for fal? to fully fair. Molasses. ?6c. a 27c. Hour ?6 60 lor auperiuje. Ft eights?Cotton to l.iTerp <>1, ?t? Momiis. March 9. 1B61. Cotton? Ni? a to day 3,COO bales, at Ho. for middling, market cl'sitg lirm I'mi Aosij uiA. March 9, 1861. Floor i'rr ping at fft a |6 I'Jfi Wheat nnclnn*?d. (inrn?More offering. >e low, 8le ,new, 66c toffee?Kio, Vi>,c. ? l?c Whiskey deoliuel !?C , at ld>*c. a 100 Haiti* 'RS. Mar h 9, 1861 Floor?fihto, I1* 12^. Wheat dull- red, fl 26a SI 29; white, f, 40 a $1 ?10 Vwn dull mne ',6-tr a 67c. ; yel low, Mr a M>c |'?orl*io's cull and utich?ngrd Ciltee Arm at 12','c. a 18c. WbWkey dull at 18c a #HC. n*ci!i*ATi, March 9. 1861. Flour Arm at *4 60 a ?4 60 Wtnskey, lie I'rovl w'ons q'llei. PIkM eichatiice on New York Ortn at K per cent prt tnlum. Mi-ir ttouiii if a Nirrw. Urmsr ? * correspos vleni oi the I'oriltn . Argus, writing Horn Wisconsin, at tse tesidci.e ? of ()< nr rai Jocea who acted as second in the CI I ey duel, sivs ?"larnton 1 was from Maine, the fioneral n udeo io th- afliwr, cxptonog admiration i ?r Mr Ciller, and de*p r- ?r<-t for the m,happy termination of the immio li mar not be generally known that the latter |ir lion of the life of Mr Urates was unhappy In the extreme tie <iieo the victim to regrets and the most horrib.eot Luirora Two year* h< lassed in sleepless nights, wit" roott* Itfhted nod with wiilching friends, whom h? was unwlHiiiit u> have for a mom int l>-ave his prea< nee He coi ?. m-<i the Hours oi night in waiking to and fro, In frightful stina, In mo?ns an-1 groins and teats, auo ill w>l<l exclamations at le.igih. worn out with wetilal at'K'iWi, ?r<ef onmilt^ai-ed, aid w.stiag waithruli > ?-<, the unhappy m?n . iptr. < Thus I had it f'otn th- 't|* "f a c mm, hi' ti< -ghn >r, and thts wa< avttigfd ine tesnee (?? M?, Iti'in'crel f i1>>f." FaW l??T i* M ?BMrm'SKfvs -II ? ! - fll.virv CJov. An drew, with the ml vice and ? o,, -nt Hie C-tdncll, ins avpoinled Thsts lay, April 4, ae a da> of la i ng. huiuili atlon au<! )<ra% >r NEWS FROM THE ST ATI (J^KTAL. The Broadway Railroad?The Wppov of i he Meaenre?The TWe Tan ,rd Agalast Them?The Poet OBrt Hean ?traaia Again? Utllevae Hospital?lie* Central Park?City Chamberlain? Si?? perlntenUent Kennedy In Search of a Plot?Petition* for Office?Bill for K me re taining the President Klcet, Ac., Ac. Aiha.vv , March 1S81. lhe Broadway Railroad? The Cab BiOt?New l'mrk i'aK OJ/ice?CVy LkanUcrlauifhip?increase in Ike Number of Judffts?Cmtral I'ark iiiU, ?fe. The Broadway Railroad bill ia beiug worked here moat adroitly by a Mr. Ward, the hod in law of Dr. Tyug, sf Bail, black U Co. memory. A number of the moet wealthy gontlomen of New York and Weatclieater are en listed in this project. A aon of Mr. Myndert Van Scliatck la among the number. The oppoaltlon la headed by Mr. Haight, owner ol the St. Nicholas, Mr. Brooks, of Brooks, Brotbora & Co., Hon. BenJ. Wood, Tilden. ex-President of the Pacific Bank, and ex-Senator Beekman, assisted by the atage intereata in general and ospec lally by the Coo aolidated Stage Companies of your metropolis. The pros pect of the success of the bill li Indicated by the vote of the special committee to which the subject was referred. The bill will pass; the lYibune supports it; and me ad Terse action of the (ioveruor ia considered doubtful. There are six cab bills before the legislature. One was in.nil1 up, It ia said, by Billy Miner, ttie Register, as a mere joke. He put in, 1 Iearu, all whom he knew to be opposed to the passage of such measures?principally the livery stable keepers who are opposed to It. They aie all being fought against with vehemence by Bollows of the Metropolitan stables and the As lor House pur veyor of horses and carriages. Want of grease lor the wheels, however, Is all that can prevent a final pouaige of some monopoly moasure on tnls subject. The bill in favor of retaining the Post Office In Its pre sent site will scarcely sucoeed. It is energetically op. posed by Cqzzena and by nearly all of the Metropolitan delegation. A Central Park bill, giving the appointment of oommie aionera to the Board of Supervisors, has Ilawley Clapp engineering it. He is enragod they say that hie pro perty was not taken by the present Commissioners at tho price he had named. All those who are in the samo category back him. Androw H. Greene la here opposing any action. He is aided br the old clique, who possess the general favor. Supervi sor Hriggs cannot aid the passage of the bill, I think, though he also is In the traces. It will be defeated, be yond a doubt. The Chamber lain whip controversy baa onterod into a new phase, within the last few days, through the presence of Don. Wood. The Devlin and Stout paities have both found In him an indefatigable adversary, at least so far as rendering it impossible for either to take any step in advance. Kach party has been aided by bim, at the mo ment that the other seemed a little ahead, and thus, by playing them off a little adroitly, ha baa held both in check. 1 Incline to think that neither the bill, nor the amendment will pass. The session will lfcst, It Is thought, one hundred and twenty dayB at least. Alraat, March 9, UN. Tho groat subject of controversy Just now i? the Bread way Railroad, and one that is attracting a great deal of attention. Kverybody expected a rich, racy and spicy time yesterday before the committee; but instead of that It was all one sided, like the liandle of a Jug. Instead of bavii g a formldablo array of men against It, only two persons mado any remarks against the bill, and the position that they took was exceedingly unfortunate for them, for their arguments gave to the friends of the bill an excellent opportunity to upset all that they said whilst, on tho other hand, the fricndB of the bill mot them at every point, and all present seamed to concur in tho opinion that unless tho opponents made a better show than that, the committee would be compelled to Ukc judgment by default. Messrs. Halght and Beeknun first planted themselves on the rights of the property holders on Broadway, and that they should control this matter; but when the other side asked the question whether tho property holders on Broadway, who had their own carriages, and never rodo in cars or omnibuses, had greater interests In this matter than the hundreds of thousands of people who could not aflbrd to keep a car riage, and, if no other mode was provided, would be com pelled to go on foot, It forced the opponents to take the position that it would drive the cartmon and draymen, who depended upon that buainosa for their food, from' the street, and in a moasuro injure their business; but when atked by Mr. Fullorton if a mechanic or a cartman had signed their remonstrance, he was informed In the ?ogative, and on this point Mr. Fullorton made a strong argument. During the debate Mr. Haight characterized the bill as one of the most infamous of any that had ever been bi ought before the Legislature, full of hypocrisy pretending on its face to do things which they nevor in tended to do, and proceeded to point out tho objections to the bill; but he, as well as Mr. Beckman, was evidently not prepared to talk upon the question, and did not really understand all Its features, and they were placed in aa ex ceedingly awkward position, and made themselves some what uncomfortable under the Ores of the other side. Mr Fullorton, taking tho position that there was great need for rcllof of Broadway In some form, argued tha', this bill would accomplish that by taking out tho omni bus and doing the business with a less number of vehi cles, which Mr Ward had shown to the committee would take up but a trilie more of superficial apace than the omnlbusee. As it is now, a lady cannot cross Broadwav without being placed under arrest and k?t ? Uv i .? roaches the other pavement, and she is then permitted to go bcr way until she wants to cross sgaln, an A then she must be arrested again Those opposing this bill, ho said, reminded him of the old political song? I am opposed to the bank?I hate Blddle They mako their regular visits to Kuropn, and come year ringing l'm# 10 0,)p08c * Bro?dw?J Railroad every 1 am opposed to a Broadway Railroad. Tho opponents of the bill made numerous assertions i.u'.L of lhe street and other matters connected with the workingi of the road, but, not having the data to back them, were completely driven from their position by racts and figures brought forward by the other side and unlesa they come better prepared next time they had belter remain at home; for there is oo den\ log the fact that many who were wavering before they beard the ar gument yesterday are now openly Tor the road. I hear it said on all sides by members today ihat If the oppo nents have no stronger argument than they used last nlaht they had belter give up the chase. Mv despatch of last nigh I stated that Mr. Wood argued in favor of tho bill: ft should have read Ward There seems to be somo une isiness in regard to tho re monstrance against the Post office bill. Mr. Cosans rose to a question of privilege this morning, and stated that it ww recorded on the journal us being presentei by the S|K>aker. As he had been charged with calling Tor its reading, when no such remonstrance had been roceived be would show those gentlemen, by tb? journal or the Hous.-, that it had been received and referred to a com mitted. He did not know whether it was of aoy impor tance or not. but he was told that it was, and it abouid be laid bcfoie the Uouft*. The Standing Committe of the House reported several bills this morning. Among ttiem was thu acf to inrorpo rate lhe Bellovue Hospital Medical College, which was or dered to a third reading. The Central Park bill, as It passed the Senate was also rc|>orted favorably by tho Committee of Cities and Vil lages, thus killing the Supervisor didge, which would have placed that public work, If adopted, in the hands of politician* ad<1 no principled ?prcuUt>r8, who hivo for a long lime, been gnashing their teeth because they were not p?imilted to plunder the public. The bill reported simply extends the term of office of tho present b mrd ami is the same that passed tbe Senate. The other bills reported were not of any general inte rest, and the balance of tne Douse session was taken up conali.'erlrg the Supply bill. ? Several Real bills wore parsed by the Senate to day, and an etlort was made to take the Chamlwrlain bili from the table. The motion was made by S?netor I iero, but opposed bySena'ors Spliola and Hammond, and after some sharp sbootfhg and bandying of words back and forth, tbe yeas and nays were called, and the motion was l"*t by a vulii of H yeas to IB nays; It thus goes over to ?mother week The jtout men vuteu against taking It up; also those who aro opposed to any leftslatlou The litter, holding the balance of power, will keep It back as long as post-1 Me, whilst I'. se< ma to be the Ir.te nfion of the friends of Stout also to keep it hack am long as possible, lo hopes that such pressure wfll be b'ought before Senators from the city of NewYoikasw'U causa sotnu of the Devlin men to change for Stoui. under tbe lies that in less they do that no legislate n will be had upon tbe *ub .ject. Ir fhat mode I* to be resorted to to force men to vote again,t their bruvst convictions, it is to be hoped that the Devlin niefi will hold out to lhe close of the sea sion, for If ."tout and his party urn going t> attempt to dictate lo the cily of New York thai we shall hive no permanent Chamberlain. Uiec. lot it bo so, tbit tbe pub lic may hereafter point to the same rer.poo?ibtllty for all l<?i*es ant trouble Tboro In Now York ocrii pying uti ft:dependent position and oue whi h enables them to Judge of the matter, stale unequivocally that prior to the appointment of -tioul ihere wa* no trouble w tl?th it i spartieent; but It has gune wrong ever since rroiu his appointment u>ai'iicn<cu the quarrel with the bal k* over lhe money, and it ha< be-n k- ked abut? at intervals ever since. It has. in fact, been ? political r flics e\ i r Mtice hp apptrli.tuieut, used iq u way to re ward party favorlter?one .'ay ap;>earing before the public ns a democrat, and tho next day ss a republican?shifting about like' a w?a'her cock on n country barn Will Mr. strut's i friends, .f tbeywl'li to dear thinnelves of ih < c'jvgo. I make a statement under oath tuw many times tho mnds i were tri si'erred from one bank to aaotber when he was I Cliam,? r am at the of he'rs at tne 1 san e time " ri?l?>ritiir 'he ei .y liable to a heavy IMS' A truthful 'ta.i mem Wl i throw some light upon tno inttler here, '! d ,-b"wl< w ir f'iwi the truth am Ion rrients that are lot b> r>g for him lhe lobby on boih rides i,'of tOgetli?r In ttic ol' , ro >i?, aflrr he Sfl nil refused to ?al<" u,: the lull, Out th y' fallen to get It fair I; Mtotetbem. "? ha t u al)ourn evi-, igiet .ng t ''.all 4 ? draw game | see ihal lu>ard Clark I' r'o*'. h- frten s here, h p<"allii|t f?r M >ui he loobf ba? been quite full lor the iitst dav oe two, b"l in lo- it ir>iwr t > ibe rash of l*?.t wir.t.?r lBf?-f, 1 It h? *e< o ??' li business for them hero tli's wltfHr. ' V oi) i-i . ).? ndnonr? he- had any big iuIh unt'l oi laU. lie i. .<? OP'co, CUm t !sla and. Uve i klU a however, are dm win* them around with a fair prosper of making up for tout time. buperiuVeud^, nwiWy La/i found Llx Wiy k.r;, " IIinppofe-vd (cr the purppd.i of answering Senate Uur phy's resolution; but who know* but that he has g?t on the scent of b< uie Bjouoirou* plot to blow up the iSiiniol and fmaeli thicg* feii-rlfly beef If th re is anything ol that kind, we beg Mr. Superintendent i ot to let it out, outlet the deed be done, and the people will lurgivo all h'H pact dee.48 and say that be wis right having Lutein take the midnight (light: but if he al ls* 8 fcig detective# to expoee it, the public?-especially 'man Brady, who declare* (anl be ought to know)? wiif fcv,''eTe 'hat the Lei-ialature to the moat corrupt set of sc<Na''d?"l>to 'bat ever met In auy legist >t>ve b >dy The petitions recommending the appoint meat "of this and' that jaan to an oflioe by I.incoln are still excee lingiy numerous, circulating anion u?t the members. I would ad viae some Mte rprlsing printer to strike oil a quantity of blanks and send h.^e. It is great trouble to write all th >je reinoiistruaeep, and, tosuvetbe m<-ntherf a preai deal of anno} ai>"e, I would suggest, whilst thoy ore about it, th?t tbey priat the repurliean mt-rMv-rn Mimes to th*' peti tions. Kvea a mature a few democratir names would be all the same, ft Is a great deal ct trout*-, and besides that It enda^erS a person ioottlrig k'n olBce by waitiiff here until th? psgfes can carry the petitions around aad get the signatures ?f the members. Whil # the appfr cwl is waiting for this some one else ir.ny reach Washing tea and apply fir the same position, and be appointed at odc?. With the ttlank petition* and nams attoihed. all he has got to do is to pay his sixpence, nil up the Mank, put It into his pocket and start for Washington, rhe members sign all that come around, and 1 will guarantee that the printed petitions and signatures will be just as good as any other. Who will engage In the spscoUttocf The bill of the Pelaran House for ontertalnlag the Pres ident had quite an airing la the -Afssmbly aad was slightly cal down. The following is a copy of the bill:? I>ki>va.i Murine, Ai.hamt, Feb. t&, 1881. The Stale of New York, To T. Koeesle ft Son, l>r. [To guest* birring no baggage bills will be presented dally.] For one day'?hoard, Ron. A. Lincoln and suite, including parlors, rooms, dinner and breakfast In parlor $676 60 Wines and llqosra 357 00 Sepsrs IS 00 Telegraph 1 13 Congress water... 2 60 Bagguge 4 tfl Carriages 12 00 Sundry broken ar tie lee, stoves, cUatrs, Ac 1J0 00 Total 91,120 00 That may be sailed some bill, anc so doubt is estimate! from the Japanese arrangement in New York. Several of the republican members did not '.Ike the idea of pay ing for liquors. Being-adTScatea of ismperance, It some what wont against their consciences to vote for over threo hundred dollars worth of wlnee and liquors. It s?em<i the party got high, and went in and tore things, smashing up stores, chairs, and suadry other articles, which the bill does not mention, but places under the head of ftc. It appears that the effect of the liquor was bad, for Congress water had to be called Into use to clear their hea"8 before starting next morning. The legislature would not allow this monster to bo endorsed, but cut it dowa to live hundred dollars, or less than one-half, and then adopted it. NEW YORK Lfi?I8LATl HE. AiwmUf. EVKNINO 8BBSI0N. Aijiaky, March 10,1M1. The Assembly met on Saturday evening and hold a late seseion. Mr. Wa(p?, from the Select Committee, reported amendments to the constitution, to prohibit the sale of Intoxicating drinks as a beverage. On motion of Mr. Bickhks, privileges on the floor were extended to Captain Samuel Whiting, of the Arctic, the relief ship to Kane's expedition, and late captain of tho steamship Marion, who docllned, in the harbor of Charles ton, to substitute the Palmetto flag for the Stars and Stripes. The bill to amend the New York Unsafe Building act was ordered to a third reading. Mr. Callahan Introduced a bill to amend the laws rota ting to taxes and assessments in New York, and the col lection of water rates in arrears In the said city. Mr. Nkshitt introduced a bill authorizing tho construc tion of a railroad in I)e Kalb avenuj and othor avenues In Brooklyn. On motion of Mr. Pibrik, a committee of five was raised to devise-means to 'acilitute the business of the House. Mr. Wiakd called up the resolution limiting debate to ton minutes, without the oonsent of the Bouse, aad it wsrt adopted. Mr. Rjc-uakjihos introduced a concurrent resolution to adjourn tine die April 10, at nine o'clock A. M. Laid over. Mr. Cozaxn moved to recommit the bill to oonflrm tho purchase by the I'nlted States of tli ; prc-ont font oflico site In New York city to the J udiciary Committee. Bcforo putting the question, the Speaker, Lrrrixjoim, caused to be read to tho House a communication from the Corn Exchange, in favor of the present site, but Mr. Coian's motion was adopted. The Judiciary Committee Is understood to bo opi>o?ed to the bill withont material amendments, which arooppusod by \h(n*o who are interested in getting the bill passed. A motion to hold sessions every ovoning, except Satur day, was introduced by Mr. Kavro and laid over. "hie Annual Supply bill was then taken up and consider ed till a late hour in Committee of the Whole. Progress was reported. Adjourned till Monday. Political Intelligence. Thk Nkw Hamitwirk Eijdctioh.?The Republican SUto Committee of New Hampshire havo made their usua canvass of the State, aad the following Is the rtwult of their labors, compared with the vote cast for President In November last:? 1861. 1??0. Republican Camus.L Prttidrntial ElertiwH Republican 8S.474 87,61? Opposition 3a,440 28,410 Republican majority. 5,026 0,10? In addition to the above the Committee put down 1,302 as doubtful, making an aggregate vote to be cast at the coming election of 73,226, against 66,026, which was the whole number of votes given in November last. The election will take placo to morrow, and the following arc the candidates to be voted for ? Ref.utAiran. Oppotition. Coventor Nathaniel S. Berry. George Stark. R. R. Commlsti'r J. T. P. Hunt. Frederick Yoee orwiiRisn. Kirst district.... Oilman Manton. Daniel Marcy. Second district.. Edward H. Rollins. Samuel I). Boll. Third district... Thomas M. Edwards. William liuras. Under the secret workings of certain black republicans to keep up the divisions In the opposition ranks, in order to make their plurality moro sure, there will no doubt bo a number of votes cast, or, in other words, thrown away, upon levl Bartlett, who was nominated for Governor by the In ion party, and Benning W. Jennoss, who was biought out by the Breckinridge wing of the democracy. As hxTRA Summon ok thk Uricaoo Convkxtios.?It is pro pesed that instead of an extra sesi-lon or Congress. Hon eat Old Abo should immediately call together the membeis of the Chicago Convention to consult upon the aflkirs of the country. As the new President has announced that tho Chicago platform is now tho law of the land, ho should acknowledge the body that framed it tho lawmaking powrr. Tki.viiik Aiwati?It Is anticipated that consider ible trouble will grow out of the attempt in Ohio to till the seat in the United States Senate made vacant by the re signal ion of Salmon P. Chase. The following named aspi rants are now pressing their claims:?John Sherman, V. B. n?rton, B. Stanton, Thomas Ewlng, Gov. Dennison, R. C. Schenck, John A. Gurley, Thomas Cor win. The demo crats are expecting to witness a pretty large family quar rel over thme numerous applicants, and will stand ready to catch the bone if It should drop. I*r mi IV>iu>n Stats PoirrinASS I.oox Oct.?By arti cle seiond, section one, No. 8, of the constitution of the Cntrederste States, it Is provided that ? No |ierson except a natural born citlien. or a titl/on of one of l ho htateH of this confederacy at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President, kc. This means that to be eligible to tho Prealdency a per SOT must hive been a citizen of one of the Confide rate States at the time of the adoption of the constitu tion, or must have been born in one or those States. A Virginian, or a Kentuckian, or a Tennnsseean by birth would be shut out. Wawtk TiiK Puuncuss Sett Away.?The Chicsgo Demo crat, (republican,) In referring to the appointment of <?ld Abe's law partner a' Minister to Berlin, (ays :? Wr wiah that Mr l.tncoln csuld flod it consistent with hi. views of propriety to give a great many nthors of our Until is republicans situations outside of the Mate. Our battles in lavor of llbeit; and economy cno be much more easily (ought If the mefltjera of our own parly who oppose tm could only be Hent abroad. VuTtso roR Casmhato wis AermKTiisvr.?Ihe rcpubli cacsof Rabnay, N. J., held an election for Pos>tnw?w?r un I Custom House officer on Wednesday. Two buutirod anl ninety fite votes were csst. Mr. C. C. H 'ir wai chosen for Poatrsastor, and Mr T. J. l^e for the Custom Bouse i?wt in New \ork, now occupied by J. Mb urn. Ttik lH/tonr Iji-rnnt i>r Hrxator Cham nuts -The follow ing is ?h<- letter which United States Sen itor 'AichaMab Chandler, of Michigan, neat to the Governor of that Slate. ii'c|ii<-t.n<; that commissioners might be senl to thp pesos Conference at. Washington, in oriler that the black rt publican party might be saved from rupture.? Washington 11,1*81. Mv 1>tar Gov? ?"tor?Governor Birghnm and myself tr cgiapbeit }ou on -attir>i.-iy, at the r?|?iMt of Miw i h'isi tlx and Ne? York, to prnd tit legator-, hi the Peace or i i inp-omlse Congress. 5 boy admit thatwe are right, ami tin" wrong; that n^ t> publican - tate should have nent t'i legate*-. but ibsy are liorci, slid can't get away Oh'o, Jnoiana ami l'.l.ole li-land are taviig in. and there is dnngc of Illinois and now taoy big us, for Qod's sake, Utrotneto tbflr rescue and save the republican putty fi< iu , uptare 1 hepe.. ettV HI s*rd ?IKf WJcedjavee or nno?. The win if thing war got! t> uti walnut tny .1 idnment and ml vten. and wi? end n thick as .?ke Hatll, I hops, as a waiter of courtesy to ?o?te of i^ir xrrlnv brethren, that jou wtll Send the del'-gttofl. Truly, your frloort, 7. CfliNHl.KR.

Til: I xcsli nov At sns Bt.un P H?H n.e of the rtinjiu'aclurtll ( States think that a Ikht wmilii be awiul Wtifanit a Mil* ib't |Ai? 1'nion >'1V ? of, in ??v #i!?ria<v ^1, (? w?tl* a Operatic iiui) Dramatic Walter*. The Unit Opera seatton under the control of the Associ atfd ItfliM) Artist# closed go Saturday, and the cumpany left tor Ivvtoii U** cvmlng. The campaign in the Pari Uncity mul he oomwtLdM thu evening, and duiahed ou Gtod Friday. During laeter we\k the artlsta will sing here, tn rw't to Ph:l?delplua. The season just concluded baa bean r?r;' sucje'sful in every way It is the first ins'tunce on record In thi? country where a combination of operatic art.-its have been able to sustiin themselve* with out bickering. The fclrougtst 41 ArttatB' I tiiou" ever formed here?lloeio, Jsalvl k Co.?wis dissolve* in * week, and others hive had a still briefer exlstetve The present union lias rxlited about si* months aad ?ril| probably law! some time loug-r. After a auccessful pro. Vtocial tour, the metropolians seuson was commenced on the ilst of January with "U Oiuratm-nto,'' which Uos<>n. Bi paoll ao4 Ferri made a urea*, artistic surr<ee The opera was not generally liked, however, and was sjon wlthdr.vwn. The nest event wai< tlie opening of the Brockly?<,pera Houso, with "II Ouiromento," a?d then came the debut of Mi*> Isabella Hlaklev, who, beiug yourg, pretty, and gifted with a sweet, frelh and agreeable void, madequite a aeLBatiou. Miss IllnkJey chowe l.ucta for her (trtmt, and ha* since sung Leonora in the "Trovatore." H^im in the "Barber," 7.erllna (DonGlovanal,) Ad*l<um in "Norma," ar.# the P<*re (her belt r?U) in Hl'n Hallo in SRwchera." Plgnorina Itk'iia, a prima donwi in the Grtai style, made 1 er debut (.lac SI) m Lueresta Borgia and haa alucetung IV>una Kirira m "DoaGiovanal," the latter a very good performance of a very unpopa'.ar role. Pendiagthe production of the new opert, ?' Martha,' "Ernani' and the' Sicilian Vespers ' wore g.ven (the-Vea pers at Brooklyn only.) Tlie prrlwtnauc* of -'Martha' by Colson, Phillips, Brigaoll and "Mini, ww o?pec:&2y excellent <>l'n Ballo in Mascliera" was brought out at the New Yoik Aoadenty ou the lltiJt>f Febr'.mry, and tea had a greater buccmi than any opera since the "Trcvatore." The score ha* something for aH tast<?. One teaateur would declare for the Page's pretty air in the flJst act; others were entranced with tlie line duet so admirably sung by Golsoa and Biignoii, and the itagbing chorus, another party claimed Kerri'e romance In the last act as the gem of the opera, while not a t'ow young men and maidens found their grati fiction lu getting into a hideous mack and a calico domino to promenade tn the ball scene. The opera was very oarcfully done under the (superintendence of Mnzio, who has greatly dltflliigulshed himself by his clever and gentlemanly administration. WhHe tn the height of its popularity the "Bhllo" was taken off in order to permit Miss Kellogg to make her debut in "Rlgolette," which was give-ion Wednesday, 27th, Stigelli making his rmtr<t in the tenor part. Misi Kellogg's Glida was only a moderate success, but Hhe re peated It on the next Saturday and showed marked im provement. On last Saturday she sung l.inda, and took another step forward, displaying much wore dramatic power and artistic enthusiasm than before. After the Kellogg excitement wo hml a mediocre performance of "Bon Giovanni," and the Brook lyn habitats were regaled with the "Puritan!." The "Polluto" was announced here, but not given, soveral of the artiste being 111. "Norma'' was given for the last night at Brooklyn, Madame Anna Biahop replacing Madamo Colson, who was IU. At tfec Matinee Madame D'Ormy replaced Miss Phil lips, who was on the sick list. Those were the only changes during the season, which Is remarkable when we consider that the artists did double tho usual amount of work. The artiste owe their proliU to Brooklyn, whore sixteen performances have been given to seven teen and two matinees hore. The Opora bolnganow sensation for our friends across the water, and their local pride being aroused, they tilled the theatre nearly every nlglit. Whether this en thusiasm will ever be rekindled will be a question of great importance to future managers. Elsewhere, the <>i>erft seemB to llourlsh well. We he* from New Orleans that Adelina Patli haa sung Valentine (' Huguenots") In French, drew a crowded house, and made so groat a success that the role of Binorah ("I* Pardon de Ploermel") has been allotted to her. From Havana we learn that Frezxollni has so fascinated tho Cubans lu I.ucia that she has been re-engaged. At the German Stadt theatre last week they brought out Offenbach's burleeqnoopera "Orphous," with Madamo Meuubert, Jlllo. Scheller, Meters. Mcaubert, Knorr, Klein and Krilllng, in the principal rolrt. The prim* Jonne arc highly praised by competent Judge*. "Orplicua" made a lilt, and is to be represented on turn evening. The Knglish opera scauon at Niblo's cloeed last week It was not successful. The tncotree havo been quite dull latterly, and tho public are wailing for a new sensation. During tho week M!? OuaJmiaa played Meg Morrllles, Nancy Sykcs, I*dy Teazle and Katharine ("Taming or the Shrew"), and finished her engagement at the W inter Garden on Satur day. She Is to be succeeded by Miss Jane Coombs, who makes her rttitm- to night In Margaret Klmore ("I/)ve s Sacrifice"), Mr. J. W. Wallack, Jr., as Mathew Klmore. At Wallack's theatre the benefits arc on. Mr. Moss, the worthy treasurer, apyala to his friends this evening Mrs. Cowley's capital comody, "A Bold Stroke for a Hus band." is the piece. Mrs. Iloey, Mr. Blake and Mr. Wal cot will reappear after conget of several weeks. The cast Ineludes also the names of Mr. I?ster Wallack, Misses Gannon and Morant. Mr. Blake's benortt takes place on Wednxday, when "fhe Road to Ruin" will be acted. At Niblo's Garden Mr. Forreat will play Richelieu to night. To marrow the lionzani Hallet Troupe and Mr. F S Cbanfraii wUl aprear. "I-a Bayadere" Is in rehearsal. At l*ura Scene's theatre "The Seven Sisters ' stil holds undisputed sway. The play has reached ita one hundri d and ;r nth night. At the New Bowery theatre a new local drama, by Mr. G. H. Andrews, called "TheCo>'kof the Walk," will be produced this evening, with a new Fngllsh play, "Simon Jennings'' and "The lottery Ticket At the I'nlon (late National) theatre a temperance drama, "Ten Nights in a Barroom," will be produced, with two other pieces. At Barnum's Museum a new drama, "Oltanclli, or tho Children of the Zlncall," will be produced to day, with new scenery, appointments, fcc., kc. Tlie Hekl of African opera Is now occupied exclusively by the Bryant Minstrels. As usual they oiler a cap,ta programme, winding up with the immortal "Ulxie." Irvinu ILaix.?A concert for tho benefit of Mr Fre deric Widdows will be given here on Tuesday. Mr. Wld dows is a well kno irn teacher and composer, and a num ber of the best resident artists will a?sist in the oonc-rl, the programme of which la excellent. AmwTN' MoTfMWTH ?The New Orlotns paper* state that the "Varieties Volunteers,'' a military corps com posed of actor* engaged in Mr. Owen's company, hare not yet paraded, and that they never seriously intended to do so. Miss Halcman has appeared at the Rich mood (Va.) theatre, In her mother's play, "Ueraliiue." The DitjHUch speaks In very complimentary tormtt of tho youthful t. agrdunme. A new drama, "Varri.iges are not msde in Heaven," written by Mr. Charles (J. Bosenberg, of this city, luis been successfully performed at the Wal nut street theatre, Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence are at Boston. At the Krcucb tha-Ure, In this city, last week, M. Colson, the husband of the cele brated prima donnn, made his first app>araoc?, as Plantemse, In ?'J,eB l'anvres de Paris." It was a capital performance. The Contineatal theatre, Philadelphia, rpentj on Monday last. Mr. Henry W,l lard having leased this estab'lsbmet.t, lias thoroughly renovatid It. It hns been painted. papered and reglldi'd. The ring has been boarded over, the sbtfte brought out in the shape of a crescent, and a new orchestra and orcb<stra stalls bailt. Among the company are tb<> fol lowing:?(.Tiarles H. Tliom, acting inanau?r J. f?. Han ley, stuge manager; John Donnelly, business manager; Harry Chapman and wife, Mu. Charles R. thorn, Mrs. Llngard, Harry Ijingdon, I homas Ihorn. i?m?? Pll?rriin, (I. B. (ollibs, (ierald Fitzgerald, Kmily Meatayer, Miss 0. Cbapin an abd Miss Annie levering The Oil Kxrltrmrat In Virginia?Lett In* Of Claim*. [From tlie Wheeling Intelligencer, Ma?rb S ) Mr A. I'olloi k bas just returned fioin ?!><? Kanawh.% oil n y ions, and has kindly furnished ua a few it-in- , whlcli we know will be as Interesting as an thing else in tin se oily times. There is a huge uiUux o; strangers a: Psrkeraburg from all parts ot the country. Tbe 11 syars about the pltce nlgl.t snd day, do little'else than niabo out leases. 1'iorintnjr and bar (warn houses feel litUc or note of the pres< tit j>anlc. Thssteamboats aid 'he rail roads are harlbg Lt-av> r<ceipu> lixoi the oil inier^ *. Karswha rlTer Is lile>ally CO ered with 1! ?t bonts ?nd the boatmen are nosr oo a at'lk*. Thej atk two dollars a bane* lor taking tlio gr< nse to FarfcvnArarg fbe producers are only wiling to give s dollar and fifty cent*. Ijin's nre leased on both ?W??? of the KumwIu at ?norbtous rates, lbs les^s extending from fnarMOrs miles >uiu tiie Interior. 11k numb i ciigag i iu the i>, in duction of oil (rcxa I'arkeryb'irg to Unit,: g ?ip'-iinji I'm i* tot less than 1.900 The til Is found nt fr?fn 1'2S to 22k fo< t, lot whi'.h distance the rust of boring la about f J tier toot. I irge supplies of bartfl' are fece.rel from l'? lira jre. the i-tar* lor are shipped froth tlie eouuHf wh?rt the bairels are now h< in/ fillet aith >h ? "g?ta>y.' Sub leases eatnot be hall In the vicmltr of the Itugc i.roducltig stM'h al ltu ih.m frt one tu turee thou ?and i ollitrs an ne.te. The .isily (Bcreaslnr furor Is vet In Us tafanoy, rnd 'ho o|m ning of i w h prodiu tlve well afttrila additK??! s' in I lug Ui the ab <ad/ u|!t(\ie<l and f?y?rlth ?dv?uturc'? Arrival* unit I>?p.i rtnres. AKK1VA1.S. I>ivj HI OKI. AMD lA'MbOUt . mi - J'^kmohi; North Iritoo, at f ort auo -ti O FtnlMB Jaim K*y .Inlln llms, |v.r,?|rt iiran<. John itobeiuoD, Air Ht??l si>a !*dy. 1'batu* BiMuin, J Hodnci J * i .imtitoii G'M<ii( K.iy, .??-1 I. L tiger, W m I honut*, ?' MoClu&y. >. iljbeuu. I 111! bi...u T Ka t b- no, iie-jir-' HUtns. U?kio?, ,im <ser. ttor ns liol^rlwD, Lonsdslc, I'nyf*'./, Winks, U.A..vr, aud ,'i in tbe stsetage. Kit iisoni , *c?Btesmship Jamento ?1i?.1 K Mo>*rU, A Kay tru, ; r, Geo I'ruet, JuUu Lockhart, lady sud daughter, u?J 15 in (lie steei agt. ( i-url Cklrndnr-Ttll) I>?y. Persia: ituKi? BCi'ir?I'urt 1.?No*. fll'8, 639,307, Sou M6, i.->l , f bl, 6o.< &W3, 601, 607, 813. 0H5, T.M2, 1925, 4o;,617, 62., 0J7, 631, o78 300. T6 164. 474, 47?, 4#4, 4fcfi 490, 494. 488. 601, 604 , 614. 610, 61H, 620, b*i, 621, 6liK PrVKKSh (> i in?Sn.i ai Tkkm ?Noa. 184, 2, 127, 1ST, 164 173.144,18ii. 180. 194, W>, i!03, 204, 2V6, iMfltf, 1C7, 200 Common Puum?I'art 1.?Noa. 212,304 , 61, 640, 209, aMt 619, t)W4, ei'S. ?;??, ew. 7ue to 712 Part 2 ? Nos. 604, t0.i. 63S lo 636, 644. 646, 1 140,317,404,007,619, 31*00. I'mtk: Statbm Du>tw(tCoi *t ?Nub. 4 to 13. 8i i-kkiok flora*? Part t Kcs 8;,9, l?S6 1103, 1477, 1477. 1479, 1481, 14S8, Ut>6, 14S7, 1489, 141*1, 14*5, 1405, 1499, 1501 Part 3? Nos. 8M 1?7'J. 080, Ml. 986, lb, 988. 992. 994, t96, 740, 792.148, P62. 794 Drawlagi of the Drlaw.ire State Lot teries? WOO?. EDDY k CO., Managera of the PKlitfAKK, kKKTtll'K V A*l> MllMOl'SI SJATV IMtKKIU. Dklawakk?t?Tii\Ci.a>s 167, March 9, ltst>l 1, 16. 48, 10, 39, 70, 4, (it, 76, 48. 14. 61, 15, 45. DaLAWAtis?CiAC' 168 Mareby, 1861. 34, 46, 26, 66, 64, 16. 16, 62, 62, 36, 67, 48, 60. Circulars coutmrlng nchem?*. with lull i<artlculam, aeul free ot chare.. ?v adfepslng e'.t&<-r to WOOD, KuDV k CO., W ilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOD, EDDY k CO., 8t. Louis, Missouri Drawings of H. Vranre 4i t'o.'a l>e la ware Lotteries ? ^ObHFi Cooirrr?Ci.ass 69, March 9,1481. 41, 60, 6, 69, 63, 9, 23, 8, 14, 41. 18, 40. Oram a Cowsoukatko Lottksy?Class 11, March 9, 1H8I. 40, 07, 28. 10, 60, 64, 29, 53, 11, i>, 31, 74. Circular! aent frte of charge by k. raasce a co., Wilmington, Delaware. Lorrri of Patltloa, 0*11 on WHITE, the I Hi tor. lor your Spring Style of Droa9 and Soft Han. at 216 Broadway. opponne ?? i*aul?3huruU. Brooklyn Art-Photographic?Imperial Gray Vignette, lie chief uf photi>ariiphTc sortralts, CHAh. II. WII.L1AMSON, Fulton St., upt>oalte CUnton. Wh??lrr WIlmaN liuprared Sewing t MachiMa at redui rd priwu. Office, 506 Braadaray. Jut KceelTrd and Now la More, i POL !t HGNDRED THOUSAND blLK WORM Ql*T. For aalb by i. FRED Mil.WARD, 6d and 96 Rcade alreet. Einphrr Sewing MA^hlnm?Tkr Cheap en, becauaa the beat in- market. Ofllco 3.15 Broad Way. The I.add Si Webster Sewing Dlarhlne may now oe had for 3fty dollar#, at No. 500 Broadway. 1,000 Taken Dally of Stranf^rra an* Citizen*; 24 inimitable Card l'hntograplia lor Si; Ambro typea, 4c., at UOUMES', :W5 Broadway. (tentlrmrn Seeking Camltlnatlona of economy, Nuueriei uualltv and elet^iwe in a dresa Hat fur the spring ui lsfll. are Invited to rail. EHPEN8C11EID, ManufactnTT of Hunts' Ilala, No. 118 Naxaai atreet. Bttehelorl Newly Invested Wigs and Toupee* are moat perfect imitations of suture. Send for a measure card to 18 Bond street, N. Y. BatchelorV Hair Dye?tit-liable and In stantaneous: blaoleor brown. PaciorySL Harclay Htreot. Sold and applied at W. A. HATCHELOR'8,18 Bond street. Moldavia Cream Fort es tbe Ilalr, Whis kers snd mustache* to row luxuriantly. Hold M'tiokisale and retail by W. A. BATC11ELOK, 16 Bond street. Trasses, Klastlr Stockings, Shoulder Braces, Ruspensorj itnndsges, Ao. IJrs. OLOVUll A TliORNE, No. 4 Ana street, under Hamuli's Museum. Trusses.?Marsh &, Co.'s Hadlrsl Cure Truss. No. 2 Vetey ? ?beet (Astor Uoutoj, opposite the churoh. Barry's Trlropheroua la the Best and cheaprkt article for dre?Hiug, beautlfylaK, curling, cI'Mii.ung, preserving and restorinir the hair. Ladles, try it. Hold by all druggists Crlatndoro'x Hair Dye, Wigs and Ton pees. The best In the world; wholesale and retail and tbe dye privately applied. No. 6 Asu.r House. Married. Am'Rkkos?NKwmji?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday evening, March 5. at the Churoh of the Duly Trinity, by the Rev. I>r. Llltlejohn, Ciiakijc* W. Ani>kkw?m, to Harhuryk &rr bon, elduat (laughter of Thomas Newell, , all of that city. ?Cnomrc.?On Thursday evening, March 7, ut the houteof th< bride's father, and by the sane, Mr Comtvijt'H A Kvmfox, of New York, to Mi**) am t, d Brook ly n. Died. Btksk?In Brooklyn, od Saturday. J'arch 0, Awr. M. Btkjif, In the 20th year of her age, a iutlve of CuiMcgar den, county Kilkenny, Ireland. The friends of tbf family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 4 I-ifay ette Rtroet,thlg (Monday) afternoon, at huif-past two o'clock. Bftowmm;.?On Sunday morning, March 1(, of inflam mation ol the bruin, Mru. Maria BaowNiNU, daughter o James ('lurk. The relative* and friends of the family, alio the mem hers of the John I). Wlllard I>>dgo,K. anil A. M. 260, are re speetfully invited toatteiul the funeral, from the reni deuce of her father, 02 Bedford street, on Tuesday after noon, at two o'clock. Cot irrwrr.?On Sunday evening, March 10, Patrick Covrtmt, after a very short Illness. His frlenoe and rtlatives are reupectfaHy Invited to attend the funeral, on Tusadav afternoon, at two o'clock, from hi late resldenoe, No 2ft Monroe street. Dim.?On Saturday, March 9, Mrs. IIakkjwt Davit, widow of the late Capt. Thoa. L. IHnvey, and daughter or the late Michael Fuliam. Her relatives end friends and those of her sister, Mrs. Caroline Matilda I'ringle, are Invited to attend the funo ral this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from the realdence of her Mater, lu# I'rospeet street .Brooklyn. J|l>* \ kk ?On Sunday, March 10, Ciiakuch Thomas Iiwyik, son of Mr. Edtnond Owyer, a god 2 years, 4 mouth* and 6 days The ftmtral will take place this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from 210 Elizabeth street. Dkank ?Suddenly, in Brooklyn, on Saturday, March 9, Captain Davii> Dbamk, m the .Vub year of his age. The relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) morning, at eleven o'clock, from his late residence, No. 209 Navy street, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyu. Dovijl?At Stuten Islui.d, on Sunday, Mai h 10, Jamm Pov i.e. The funeral will take pl?c> from tlie residence of his cousin, .lames Bownejr, 177 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyu, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock. Kakik?On Sunday, March 10, Roaurr, only son of Stephen K. and Kmma Karlo, aged 10 months tlie friend-of the family, and members of Puhlun Chapter No. 8, O. C. A., ere invited to attend tb<? funeral, on Tuesday morning, at halr past ten oV'ock, from his late -esidense, No. 177 Kldri-ige streat, near St in ton Qbjht ?On Saturday , March 9, the beloved daughter of William and IranoeH (ieist, aged 2 years, ft months ae.l 27 days. The relatives and friends o' the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the r?*idene? of her (?arentfl, No 6 Cartnii u t-irc?t, this (Monday) .afternoon, at one o'clock. (looonruinr ?In Brooklyn on Saturday morning, March l? of consumption. Dora wife of John A. Goodfel low, aged 18 years and ft months The friends and acquaint.met s of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) after noon, at two o'clock, fioru .No. 1 Stanton street, Brooklyn. Iter remain* will hi' takes to Ureunwood for interment. Hh oi.v* ?On Saturday, March 9, Max* Tkkwa Hiimsin*. eldest daugbier of John I.'leg ins, late tailed States Consul at Cork and Belfast, tre'end, in the 18th year of her a^e. Her funeral will lake place from the residence ot her father, No. I'll Kast lurtteth street, this (Monday) after noon, at two o'clock Utos ?On Sunday, March 18, W. Latino Hi' kx, agod 9montIn, youngest sop of lkn). W. and Mary E. Hicks. The friends and relative* of the lamily are renpectfuUy inviteo to attend the f ineral. on Tuesday afternoon, at half past three o'clock, from 97 Forsyth street, without further notice. Hi iist ?Suddenly, on Saturday, March II, Joiis Hht, ape it AO \*ars. ? months and 8 dais. The relative* and friends of the lamily, also the mem bet* of friendship llose Company N i. 8, are r<'Sp> ctfullv invited to attend lis funeral, from his late residence, 75 North First street. Williamsburg, tin* (Monday) after noen, at two o'clock. Jakms?On Sunday. March 10 CnA*inj Kkisky Jim, aged 7 years son of Walter R and Amanda Jane* The relatives and friend* of the family aro invited to atHnd the fu> e?al, from hi* iate residence, Sa 90 Vari :k s'.reet.on Teescay morning at half past nti# o'clock. Kvj> ? On Saturday, March l>, Or?u> IIjui* Kris, ag ?d 8 yoa ? si d 4 months, youngest son of Alexauder immI Justine Kyle. Ilia relative* and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tliefuneial, on T'i' *y atternc^n, at rne o'clock, from the residence of hlB parent!, JfO. 17 West tfctrt; Int street On rtntnrday, March?, of fearlet feror, CtJk nHM-s W., sonar Htchnrd A and May E I/Oinee, a?ed 1 J< \r and 0 ttioatli ?h< relative* and frlnndv. o' the funlly a?* nwpeetfoU" iriv it. ? to alu-ed U.? lUi.eaal, this ^Vtoie ay) aftermon, at twr o'<Krk, from the rrstdixc ef h * pr>r, nte, Na 107 liirloir *t?eet without f?rthe? ii^eltat!'* I amtimv ?On ^sturday Mere't ?, after i fliort Itlacsf, I'ja.mi O. ! Ma* v,<">ly dnuglier o'F.z ? O. and Persac I la langdon, aged S \ e^'f. He frWtd? Of the family i,-s refp ctf'.i 1* 1>' lt?d to at terd tin fin oral, tt,is (M' tn'av) n'ternot'i, at hair p^*t two o'chck, lr< ia th< reeklanoe o' b*r parerta, No. litl Wii'l taiuf . eve- t'i stieit w|t.'n>:t ! "h'r In v.tat on Mmi>t?* ?on Saturday, Man h 9, Jomji Hriux, aged ?I Mat*. Tbe funrrsl nl'l takeplte* '* .w- hi* late rsr-Menpe, 744 Wasbtes ton str^t t l Vs (Monduy ) inini"g,at t"ti o'clock. T# tM'in i aed relht've- lire ; .Tt/'illj 'nvltsd to at tip't tSMiferi i* 1 sf is p'?ns* cop) Nwnntt.?If ^r<" kl>6, e? ^?turd^y wenln^ March 9, I "n'm 'i'let fi ver. Kmiisih Wiii.iam. y "ttgeat son of Heiry F. nnd Harsh H N"sniHh, agei at hi' nth* and 9 d?.ys I Ibe re'stlve* acil frH ttde of tht fkmUy tie teiipe, Invited to attend Ifh- 'ur.f?.!, tUJ? (M< DtT) aftefw*e it two o'clork, from the re?idenre of bi? fUhtf, No. 86 Itcmbeu atreet, Brooklyn Owksh ?On Sunday, M:irrtlO, Ei'*?i:nOrV+, * n* 71* ol county Meuagli Ireliol, ajted 64 )ur> The relatives u4 (rlenda of the family, ant th* mea? bers of the Hibernian I'nlvrrsal Beo<-v'l ?nt Poclet,, ar? re.-poe'fully ill v it id to atlwid lilt- l'iii?ral,ou Tuutdiy uft. ri?i on, at one o'clock, frotii hi* late refcidonoe, No 53 She r iff t < reet. Fowmu'.?hi Brooklyn, T,. J., <m -Wurd.iy, Msrth9, AT? num. only child of Albert B. and VlrytataS Powers, a^'td 4 jears, 4 luoutlm and lit days. lhc k1.anew una frl< ods are nrpeotfuBy luvit^ to at fi^nd the funeral, this (Monday) after in'on. j?t two o'< leek, from iho riM l/uw of ner pwt-nte, No. WV kllrotl f'.re , late fl tmpdi-D iUret t, ItrrokKn. Saturday, March 9, Mari* itiMAM, daughter of Thoit'M an., Mary ^pMlmaC, agfid 1- Jtrtfa, 3 iiiot.'.hs aud ? day*. n>? relative* and fr*nds of M ? f:iu*th' ?r? reapo'tf'rtJy Invited to utter,?i the iwcal. tUi? (Motiiay) afternoou, at hit if pa.n two o'ehx-k, frtm 68 lV.t*naon sU?"< 8taoH<i ?On Scnday n.'minif, u?*ch i? wish Rlrarv.t. W. Hrvorrr,, daughter of Mrs I'Jl nheth Jftronf, an*? grant'('.Blister of **e law . Wph Ptaraou, agcrt 25 years The relative* and friends <f the iit-?w ?ri- nvitod ?? ?jtteud the I'dneral.i a>Tuesda7 nx.ruinK atidevero'cloek, from the residence oi Wm II TThlttak-ir, No lf> i.vnar t.tie place, West TwonYy ninth jtreot. {?ruiJiJ*.?OS Sunday, Maic;i W; Minuter. fcuojn, ugeC 46 years, a naive of county Derry, Ireland Ifla friends h*ld thu numbers (X St. Maiy'i Guild are Invited to attecrt tho funeral, Irow his late ie-.idouce, corner of Columbia and I*n?hty streets, lire jkijn, thtar (Mou(Jjy) afternoon, at ti*re o'clock, wilho.* further invitation. StiM MiT ?On Sr4i:rdu>r afternoon, >&rch 9, Vx. Sncw akt, in ?tie o8th ye* of hi* atffe The fritnds of the family aud the men'bora of Zern6b? bel Ixtdge, No. 32t?, 'J. and A. fti'., are respectfully repeat ? oil to atteitd the funertl, till* (J.>mday) ?f:wnnm, at one o'clock,from hlH late'ievidence, !.??. 431 K'^th avenue. Yorkahlr<? i F^flanO papers jilcwe cwpy. btutKiiY.?'.>n Sui'day d'/eniDK, M.\roh 10, Hit bClorFi gon Of Patrirtl and .lulh.r Hheehy, of parish KHIJow, COU ? y Cork, aired- 6 montfcTttnd ID days. TMtk-iuuds of the taciity am r<*|io3tfully invited t?? at tend the funeral, thin (M'wtay) after^non, at tw*?o'clo?*, from the rcsid.>vt8 of thr parentn, No. > Jay Btruet, with out further not lee. Shmtakk.?Iifltrooklye, on Krlday t renlntr, March 8, Wil l lam V. SinuTAau, in ti? 'i%i year of hia age. The relatives wrd friends of tbs family are reapectfaBy in*.ted to attend :>ie funeral, th*" CMonda;-') a'ternoon, a two o'clock, from l?i8 resli??JW, No. 171 Amity struct Sotith Brooklyn. \\ iiamin.?On Safnrday, liar-h J, Ukmry VTlrwo.t, I-feq. In the &4th year of his age. The relatives and !Y?ndc of tfce family are reftpectfnlty Invited to attend the funeral, from his la'.-? residence No. 172 West stroct, 1Mb (Mondayv afternuoe at one o'clock. Newark aud Philadelphia papers please copy. Wwrnc.?At the ref dc^K* of his fitter in law, Col. W. M. I'ejtou, on Ka*it rlvor, aliw-M'ti H. Wmitk, Kjhj. His friends are req'iTesosd to atfsad the fuueral, from the Church of the Incarnutlon, UKfUC of Madisoa avtmue and Tventy-eiglith street, this (Monday) uftornoon, at a quarter past three o'atoct. Wumvwi?(in Sunday afternoon, Mfcrsb 10, at twenty ni inn tee r?et five o'cloo!*-, son of tho late F. C Wemyss, in t^? "Sth ypar of bin age. HI* friends and those of t>s family, are respectlnU# Invited to attend the funora!, from the .-etldenco of hie brother, No. ICS Kast N.aoUwuth stroet' on WednswU# morning, at half past ten o-clock. I'hiladelphia papers pleoee copy. MI HrWM.A'SEOl'H. ~4^BOVn^JTE' ANI) IKITAKTAIIOW A I'linu arid Bunion*, wt bbut'oiUIng, |?a.n ?r w.'hkth KENDALL i!06 Brof^^treet itef#if?rU> KUwarti M. ? r?i w mtly, HI I ??on aqntue; Lieut. John J. Almy H. HN^, <??* ? , Wheeler, Fun., llanrroft Hou*w. <1 8 Hih?-rmer jorn, K?a , Writ Twenty aluth *treet. Oldie WW* from B ?j4?na#** to 7 evening*. TtWM. EYERDELL'B SO!J?, WBDDINQ CATO8 AN? A En?fl'i>" *f the latext hly'.m. JW Fultoo jfcrwBt, M. 1. K*Ubll*tfH 1816. . A rS?'K3? Will Bell for eaib, at oo.t of ? CLONES. BRONZES ATll) * T OIMBBBDK'R. NW BROADWAY, ART18TI3 MOS? A inaw beautifully cut and *tacif>ed oa- mato papf? TJABS FORD'S BILLIARD TABI^3.7M?fE ? i'?'* and correct than any, or t .Ui.* fortt'totl, aJJewed purehaaar*; no drummer* eroplojM-4, M|>llo?dl<*" ?? ???:***<> dull hard faced. n.itent cushion# uatly fe<*%*e?. Paying HPd'ilfiroom* *** Vatop tad No. 3 Aba ?!??*?? TJBKT OOLD PKN8 ANI) CAHEH.?FENS REPAIRED U for 3* oenia. Bent ?%'??% AWK,8. g? w?? / 10NCENTRATE1) LEAVEN. It I* truly witonlnhlng whit delightful ?"rt *$htTh* oSt ton. We learn that ton* of thin arltc.e are wJi Bruua ~ l8?-?e?rt ? treat, New Yotm. S^OAL AND ROBIN OA* VF',I*S*> , ,w w. t> For public and private but ^ M v OKO. It KIT0HBN.5W Bwariway, N. T. /"loLODH'M ?Ol'ICK WORKING OGLOJMm, FOR (; pnaltive *nd native picture#, caa io any quaBU ty at the pbotograpnlc nailery, tffri E road way. ? TV> YOU WANT HIIISREBS--A MAN WM'llOlfT SSsfrjrraas^aaarc F1RF FIRE -THE undersigned BEOS TO F Inform hli friend* and the pnWIc ae.eral thousand gallons oi ihe tfnwK quality London Oordlai OtaMd"Sr "hSoa Liquor*, that were not Ute misfortune, and i* *Uil prepare* to "^'^ro ?11 order*. Londor Cardial Ota Dl.tlllwy. 118 Ea*t Twenty-aiiitlr Meet, New > ock TTTATT s LIFE BALSAM. Rheumatl.m In lta mort p.lnfriJorm.; aJao,? mnelM ?*lt rheum, pimple*, blotch**, old 'are?', lli^ worst rase* of dl?ea?e? of tho Wood, mercurial coo 3laln?k debility, liver and kidney*. Incipient iX)n*umplion, moat rertalnW cured by thl* great jwrUI?r _ . |kaaa IIVBtC* Life Balaam ha* cured tbouMiaa* of aaaea ?r irnmm and aimllar <'l?e??e?, and It will mort c*rta)nly eur* w?y which ran be reached by medljtne if taken in a*xnin*M cnr^d MML Third ar?au. -J destroyed thTfli.h'flSS th? ?j*h until theVtBdpIp* waa m i>on?*d Ii outad Mrs. Oortal#o ol dyifpito. iw 11 watt's Life HalMam < ure<t oi-Aliierm?tt J. Ka*y. u-riuh wnrd E D . Brooklfii, oi rheumatiBin, afwfc" bad been under treatment lu ?ain, and cr^pta* f~ ' m I'lluclpal depot, 246 Orand ? treat. 76 eenla per boto^ ThVmT* NT TO^L^YJfR THE OFFICIAL AFI'LKTON'S official^h.lvotrated *ailwat ro-rr?ii"t __ 1?Nearly one hundred Railway Map*, rer-- '"lltin*** * Hi in' ii al Hallway* "f the l'nll?d Klatea ami l*?e< anadaa. inWid tiie> rnwr-. mat#1* and the ('a.?i#iaa ?ilaat?d upon &Awaya. S i^tBitad Slate* Tltae Indicator. lllu*traU.*?/ twenty-*^ P^! How to *ee Wa?!.in?ion, with llluatrat.o??-the CaptUI. the I'reiJdeiit'n'Hou4e, At'- ,, . . * 7 _ A OaMitteer of 'lie t'nlted fitatea, 4c. 8!-Ballw*v Time Taiiie? ta. iate m**TR i.ui( v (ijlY TV* hNTY-rlt r, ,..r^ in. For .ale upon aU ?i^SSST" U.\ ul Mi Hroa 'waf. f j^nu a bottle. s?ld by a., ir^i.ta. OSce N* . 86 Corl land! ?>reet, ? rplIK INDIAN HBR? DOCTOR, f. Si. XturT^f' .Tr'l'n*; ol ihe Filth Atenae Uarte^ Mf>rw VI* ?-*e ouch Balm* a* br> 't* ?? ?lrlfe With Nature or the l.*w* of Llf"! Wltllbl" o4a?r UamU w?u*?wr atali... Nor t'olaoa men t<> eaae I'atla I aln. Our Fa'her, whom *11 i jo*?<<aa 6IU. I'rovl'le* Ihe mi an* to < iM? *11II'*;, T?is.*lme?e Herb*, benaaliio'ir fer -0 Wi 11 u*?4. relle?e our j??i* omnp^is. ' A *lt?l'V Harh, a aim. lo Flower, fulled from the dewy 1. ** Th"jse, these ?hall with toi ail (Bg po Ot rhanga *nd beafi r>thre i,KTV, *.? 50.000 DOZKH?Tr * *1"0'P TlltB IJIMENflEI ' POI*l L-JM ARTI3l<B TUE SH1LLSIIU IIAIF-JOKIC FOLLOWS ^?"?%v.w,.vro*u:' r ? ?w.s^r*?rr8g 'Ll '/.hi. any ">?er *?lr pr. | a?atlon la tiM The ajtlnta l^^ln ?-tCa: .Kl aqu^r **U peK-m-l ?"th the ehtlllng Hair Tenle. Al^O TINT ?OTTLBR AT FIMm 'i?NTB, ar<* Qt ABT P.JTTLKH. t.T ONr. ?OVJhVR For faml!l"? thw? l*r*ai a*e? w'#l b* fannd much JOr? .rf> .nlace the arable I* ol tm at d< Mrabl . uua Ml*- the prlre rti?vr.Uty <ao?Her.* la v*ry m<*? If, than haanmially bcea olMugad *MprapulBltMain imuiy i wpeca* Inle'lcr. 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