Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1861 Page 1
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/ r THE NEW YORK HERALD. t ( 'WHOLE NO. 8951. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1861. -TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS amppiffo. ^ MTTIIUI AND NORTH AMERICAN ROT Ah MAJLL STEAMSHIPS. room nw tosk to uvituroou no* nOHTOK TO Ll\ BIMUOl. $uo _ 00 from New York mII at t'crk Harbor. |l from Boston call al Halifax and Cork Harbor. Oapt. Judkkis. I AFRICA, Oapt. Shannon. 1 9. 8 lone, CANADA. Capt Lang i (i. Lotl, | AMKR1CA, Capt. Moodle. [AW, | MlilARA.iapt Anderson. Capt. B. M. Hocklry. BUBOPA, Oapt. J. Leitch. _ bOpTIA, (niw baUding). fill veessli parry a clear white light al masthead; green ataitoanl b' w; red on port bow. AHTBAU^IAIt, Hockley, leaves N. York, Wednesday, March 13 .Hoodie, Boiton, Wednesday, March JO I A, Atone, " N. York, Wednesday, March 27 ">A, Anderson, " Bonton. Wednesday. April 3 l?%?annon, N. York, Wee nesday, April 10 ,Cor>k, " Botton, Weaueartay, A|>ril 17 ? Jud&ias, ? K. York, Wedtesday, April Ui l not secured till paid for. " JtDoetl surgeon on board re of these ships will not be accountable for gold, " .specie, jewelry, precious stones or metak, un it of ape signed therefor and the value thereof weC For freight or liases ge. apply to K. CtJNAhD, NoT i Bawling Green. \ QTIil WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW TORK AND LI %J ret pool, landing and embarking paseeogers at Queens 14*1 (Ireland). The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia ~ htp Company Intend despatching their full-powered toftt Iron steamships as follows:? Of MANCHESTER, Saturday, March IS. ' .Saturday, March S3. BOW, Saturday, March 30. And every Saturday, al noon, from pier M North river. Batki or riiaiui. First cabin $76 | Steerage $30 14 t ? London 80 | " to London 33 Hjirnn return ticks ta, good for sis months ? 60 PMMafirs forwarded to Paris, Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Botterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at reduced through fares. Pnen wiaMcg to bring out their friends can buy tickets ? Ban at the following rates to New York:? From Liverpool Hi tlm? I I Sasl mliln ITU tnff l?1 fliW Steeragsfrom Xlfjnpesi, $?0; from Queenatown, $30. TBane steamers have superior sccommodatlons for passe n |m. iai carry eiperienoed surgeons. They are built In wa ter tight iron sections, and have patent fire annlhllators on ' further Information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM _ LB, ami, a Water street; in Glasgow, to WM. INN AN, . S St. Bnorh square: In Qneenstown, to O A W. D. SEY t A CO -.InLonion, to E IVES A MACEY, 61 King Wil jrset; to Faria, to jbLB8 DECOUE. No. ? Place de la s; in Philadelphia, to JOHN O. DALE, IK Walnut ?Ireal, eent lite company's offices. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, lfi Broadway, N. Y. DTE AM EH OF APRIL SIXTH FOB SOUTHAMPTON ?3 . and HAVRE. CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAILS. THE STEAMSHIP ILLINOIS, CAPT. P. E. TERRY, sSli sail from pier No. 3 North nver. New Yo(k, at noon, Sat nrda&AprU 8, with mails, passenger* and specie for England ^WpSScTHAMPTON. TO HAVE*. First cabin $71 First cabin $80 TUrd oaMn 30 Third cabin 35 This eleamslilp has bees supplied wtth powerful new boll ?rs, and hns been refitted in the moet thorough manner. TTrnaghl Iran bulkheads, absolutely watertight snd fireproof, aacioae her caglnee and boilers, and for safety, comfort and ansa* 4be ranks in the first class of ocean steamers. Her next crip from New Yortywlll^bo on Ma^lfl. No. 6 Bowling Green,' New T ork. drsfte on London, Paris and Frankfort. itfancE JN FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE, TOUCHING AT QUEENSTOWN. WEDNSBDA t, MABCH 13. Prom pier foot or Canal street, at 8 o'clock A. M. Owing to the non-arrival of the steamer Australasian, the -**?*;>?* nntfl Wt^u/uMrck ,, . Cabin la Bam 0F ASPIKWALL, Agents, M and 66 South atret t* """TSsSSssS * the united b*aarago. h T^? fVsami^P This rtaamsbip (unsurpassed for safety and U Oonhm Mines under deck. ?orW>se<l hy water t jamslk. wnKbs hnsirtrt other rtnults, tend, In ? IHMaer atraading. to keep the pumps free to TOSsSaasrsc^. .J? ? ,?P* GEO. MAOiCENKIE, Agents, No. 7 Broadway. I *ha at<anMr FULTON will sail April 27. >tUM rROU NEW YORK TO IRELAND, ENGLAND 2* mm BoKUod via Galwnv, for |30. The Atlanta Royal 11*11 Steam Navigation Company will ImmWi tilth fine atearoahip PBINCB ALBERT ?a ikm, touching at St. Johna, M. F., to land pasaenger* and On TUE8D AT, March 28. BATES OK FA88AUE. tt In tUrd caMa to Gal way Liverpool, Glasgow or any town Nom?~? hereon* wt*hin? to bring out tlietr friends from the oM i? otT) can obtain Return Tickets at VERY LOW PRICES. < Far fnrtfce? information m tu freight or o*.s**ge apply to HOWLAND A ASPINWALL, tj'iu, M and 66 South street. HAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LITER. ?*., ?II** Montreal Ooaan MmuUp Company'* first Nk fuil powered CI vde built ateamer NORTH BRITON, ? Ifc>r1an4, carrying the Canadian and United State* k?HU ?il Iran Portland aait Saturday. March IA Rate* ?an New York, tint claaa, according to aopnmmo T> and $W>; steerage, found with cookad provision*. loMi lamed for bringing out paaaeagarR from all at lowna of Great Britain and I reland at very low i*ppty at 23 Broadway, New York. MABEL A SEARLE, General Agent* TUAaGE FROM OR TO LI VBRPOOL? B Y THE OLD X~ Back Star Lln<>. Drat t* on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Sc flit- packet *hlp COMPROMISE nils March 19. For Ac., ^fly to WILLIAM8 A OUION, 40 Fulton at. DASttAOK TO AND FRO* LITERPOOL-BT THE P B|*ck Ball llae of packet*.? The ship MANHATTAN SlM?Sel*h0f March. forpaaaage apply onbrtart.ptoM ftrt rleav. foot a* laekman street, or to JAOOB WILSON, KB South ataaat. LINE OF LIVERPOOL P AC RETS. subvert bars contlnua to grant certificates of pa??ga Loi Urerpool, bT their favorite line of packets, c mi part the following *h .p* Psi ' 'IT. EMkRALDISLE. ALIHON kFaCOTT EMbKALD ISLE, ALBION, )KOtOlIT. MIDDLESEX YICTORT, ADAMS, CONSTELLATION, JOHN J. BOYD, Pul NT, SWITZERLAND, PHtFNIX, ? r.-^R\VRIT*E, SHAMROCK, CAMBRIA. fhfctoft iJgeibat with other*. a ahlp even Ore daw The ?ahnr'.be-i are atao agent* for the X Une of ijondon Packet*. Wr ell af ? Hn they grant certificate* on liberal term*. RE MITTANCES TO IRELAND. AC. T. A CO slao continue to tmue draft*, parable on demand tkiaagtwoi Rnglaad, Ireland. Sootiaad and Wale*, Hand or .?all far h circular. Circular*, with all particular*. may ha Bad aa aapltaa'lon; if by letter, eaoloee a poetage stamp TAI'SCOTT A CO , I. stracT, New fork. TAl'WCOtT, SMITH A CO.. Liverpool. "I/OI-- ? U.IKORNIA, VIA PANAMA. J* A Aret claaa steamer will leave New York on the l*t, 11th and Slat of each month, except when iheae date* fall on Mood* . V i*en the day of aepanure ? ! be the Monday fol lowing for '????gut or panes'' apply *t the only office No. 177 Wen (tmt.efiMrof W*nea. D. B. ALLEN, Agent -EIOII KINGSTON, .1 AM Alt' A J .l?at.iJ * and New \ crk Screw Steam Packet Line, o?r ryiag the mail. To (all I or Kingston, Jamaica, on the 30th >f aach month. The mall steamablp 7.(TL>' Captain Edward Ooodwte, w<U will for the above port oo Wedneaday. March JO. from uter S7 North rivet. Paa*age-Tlr*t cabin, $6d. arcoad mMa, BtO, third claaa, B't5. For freight or pataacr mpptf tu WaU>F.N A BOOTH, Agent*. 57 Broad street n A VAN A AMD NEW ORLEANS? BYF.BT TEN DA YE.? XI. Taaatiea Ihuraday, March 21, at llo'ckek. The *team -vi? Dt, ty/)TO, J. Jonnatoo, rommand"r, I* now receiving frrMit *wd will sail a* above f rom pier foot of Murray *ireet, tiorthrt'OT Horse* taken oa aU the steamer* U* 1 NORTON, CROCHEBON A CO.. W Murray The ?e?n>ahlp BIENVILLE amU April I. F0* HACN?ED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP * Ql ARER CITT, B. W. SHI'KELDT, Commander, Willi** re fertile above port oo Friday. Mareh 16. *t 12 0*nterk , t can (ier 4."> North ri**r' For l,r4#kiorp*H**?eappli to nARGOUt, CQ No 33 Month atreat. ?KIOB RAYANNAH AND .-"'l J torn ?The Srat clta* neamship rUJElDA, Oapt laaaa Craw'U. will leave oo Saturdays March J?,et four P. IT. free* i*ee h* .? North river, through <????* .if for Uh! f *tl wtm ulafTW" ftfitr Orlwin?, 1^9 To, Ifobil?, ??. ?afaiila ift4; Chat'anooaa, T?; *aahrijla, |37 1*. 1 tJJJ fiua,tua #, kempbls *2W8; Anguat*,fl. 40; Macoo. ??. ?aaAMh. For freight or paaeage appty at No. U *Tha ALABAMA. CApt (1-0. R. Schehck, wttl titwead and |n?? oa *^7|aaatUv, March an, at 4 F, M. ?SAMITE L. MlTlflll.L A SON, New TBI*, ? >|rl. FOB N RWfl.DERA UALLlE, B*?annah, t ? ft (MTAKNAII ANIi THE SOUTH amaaahlpe of ih? A morg an Atlaatle Steamship ??- ? (U leave pier 13 North river on the following daya: t T'TIjER, Capt Cfcoker. Thnrsdav, March 1A *" m of thia Un<- are all new, and are not *ur la glMww. aimfort. *afe<y and *perd by any on the ocean. fleta'a to New Otlean*. f*> 7ft; Mobile. (V>; MootgonierT. mi. MMkhJII 76: Na-hvllle, $27 n, Ifnoivllle, 126 6ft, O?lt*oe? fl?; AlbaoTjtSK, Columbu*. $2|; Atlanta, $21 Maeon. ?17?; RavatiAi, tift AftrtV to H J. CR'?? Wr.LlAt o . Nl West Ireet, and Ml Broadway ?mrOWTN CAROLINA- WEFELT. N the new and flrsi claaa ateaauhlp PARKERSRITRO, raotala .i E. Staawood, wlH leav* hter l.\ North river for VEZLtrm. N. C ? on .^afrday, March 10, at IF. M.. eon 23L, Vtth Wllmti gton and Weldon ann Wilmington and MiimhrWT Sowlt North and Howthi OitrolitiA ... , . nis n?r foot *nd prop< lilonatc rate*. iMur ,1" ? la,1 dait tier o nt A*r<|idfi S ('BOMU'ru. * rn , Hi Wk| ?imi >' p<l Via Kroad-vay. f),.. * Itnl (' AFtU.TN A Will 'H'vV'i an I leavf on Halur. HBIFPIHO. Through frfight akra nop'meitt. for nor folk, Portsmouth, City Point and tHmnW, roaantiii with Norfolk ?ud Pel#:?burn and linlhUt Railroad, for Lynchburg, Bristol, M. niftila, au4 intermediate pi men. Freights received every day, an d Uuougk receipts fur niaheo, at pier 1.1 North river. Steamship JAMESTOWN, Captain Skinner, leaves every Tuesday, at 3 I*. M Steamship 1 0KKTOWN, Capiaiu farruh, every Saturday, at 3 P. M. Steamship ROANOKE, Captain Couch, leave* every Thuns elf ht to Norfolk, seven cents per foot; to City Point, l orntH. and Richmond, nine centi ds^, at S P. M. eight . Pwn|r to Norfolk, stateroom and meals Included, $8; to Petersburg or Hlchmoad, $10. ektidreu between the ageeef I and U, half fare. LUDLAM A HBINEKEN. No. 116 Broadway. gTEAM-NEW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. The Vanderbtlt European line steamships wH) sail between New fork, Southampton and Havre; carrying the united states mails Returning from Ha. vre and aouthamp ten Wednesday, April 2i May. J! | " June 6 from New York for Southampton and Havre ILLINOIS, Terrv Pattuday, April ? TanDMRBILT, Lefevre, ?' May 4 | ILLINOIS, Terry,... " Msylg. V AN DBRbILT, Lefevre, " .lun? 16 1 " July 3 Theae ahipa have watertight compartment* certificates or pnsaage issued frun burope to America. Specie delivered In London or Pari*. D. TORR ANCK, A|?ot, Mo. k Bowling Green, New York. Sight draft* on London, Pari* and Frankfort. The nrrth German lloyd*? steamship Bre men, H. Wesaels commander, carrying the Suited States mull, will sail from pier 30 North river, root of Cham ber* atreet, en Saturday, March 16, at 13 o'clock M., roa BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking pusseugeis to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, At th&foilowlng rates: First cabin, $100; For fieigbt or j>*Ma?< apply to second cabin, 900: steerage, $8-k X UELPCKE, KEli'UEN A BEICHELT, 82 Rroadway, up stair*. LINE OF LONDON PACKETS.? SAILS ON THURS day, March 14, the well known and fast sailing packet ship AM* RICAN EAGLE. Captain Moore For paaaage ap ply on board, pier 14 East river, foot of Wall atreet, or to TAPBCO'lT A CO., 8> South atreet. Australia pioneer link-carrying the United States Mall.? The mHgnlfleent A 1 extreme Clipper tihlp ANNA KIMBALL, .Marsh maater, la now rarid ly loading at pier No. 7, Bast river, and will positively anil latof April for Melbourne direct. She has unsurpassed ac?nuno dationi for first and aecond cablnpasseugers, all on deck. For freight or passage apply to R. W. CAMERON, 90 Beaver street. FOR CHARLESTON, S. C.. SAVANNAH, OA., AND the Soutl and Southwest? United States Mail Side Wheel Steamahlp line.? The kteamahlp COLUMBIA, Capt. M. Berry, will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Saturday, March 16, at 3 o'clock P M. Rates of paaaage, with through tickets. as fol lows:? To Savannah, Ga., 916; Charleston, 9j*: New Orleans, S'!9 75; Mobile, 9?L Montgomery, $2t\ Nashville. Tenn , 927 76; Memphis $11 75; Chattsnnoca, 926; Knoivtlie, 926 60; Augusts, 917 60; Atlanta, ?2l; Columbia, S. C., 917 60; Charlotte, N. C., ?1?. lor freight or passage apply to SPOFFORD, TILESION A CO , 29 Broadway. THE TURF. UNION COURSE, L I -FOR LIST OP STAKES AND purees offered to come off during the spring of 1*61, see Wilkes' bplrlt of the times. 8 HAW S WHITE. STALLION.? ROYAL QEOKQB. JR., OWN KROTHBR to the celebrated Toronto chief, will stand this season at Stewart's Hotel, Cyprexs Illlls rpadf, at $50 for the season. First rate accommodation for marts and foals. The celereated trotting stallion, geo. m. PATCHEN, will stand for a limited number of mares, at the premises of the subsosiber, known as the IKkemau Farm, near Klhgsbridge, In the cltv of New York. '1 be sea son will commence on the 7th of Mareh instant. Persons desirous of huving mares served will please make early ap plication, as, when the limited number is oomplete, no further applications can be reoelved. Good stables on the premises and 400 acres of pasturage. Terms for the season $100, and reasonable charges for keeping the mares. WM. WAL'fERM IRB.tWaahlngton Drove Yard. N. T. THE CELEBRATED TROTTING STA1LION NEW Jersey, by George M. l'atchen out of Patsey Anthony, by a Priam, will stand at Fordham, Westchester County, ten s trom Mew York, from the lMli of March to July 1, at$fl). CHAS. W. BATHGATE A CO. THE ARABIAN HOR8BS PRESENTED TO HON. WM. II. 8eward, will stand at Fordham, Westchester county, 10 miles from New York, from March 16, at $100. CHAS. W. BATHGATE A CO. F HORSES, ( ARRUOES. &O. A PAIR OF FINE DARK BAY DRAUGHT HORSES, well matched, suitable for a brewer or lumberman, for sale cheap for want of use Apply al 740 Third avenue, be tween Fiftieth and Fifty first ?>? eels. A PIKE YOUNG HORSE FOR SALE? SOUND, KIND and gentle; will stand without hitching: suitable for a doctor, grocer or express man. Inquire at 100 avenue D OR SALE? A PAIR OF ELEGANT DARK BROWN carriage Horses, 16>i hand* high, long tails, five and six rears old, rrry stylish ami warranti-d sound and kind, at King's stable, Forty Urat street snd Madison avenue. flOAOHMAN, HORSES, CARRIAGE? THE FIRST I ) good, the second talr, the third a curtain one. and pretty. Inquire at 111 Pearl street, 11 mover square. CARRIAGES FOR SALE -ONE LIGHT. CLOSE CAR rlHge, suitable for country use; made by John C. Parke': price $100, One light- cltv Carriage, patent axles, suitable for a hack ; made by Gould, of Albany ; nrlce $240. One B.-i roiiche, but little uaed, patent axles; made by Lanman; price $:tt0. Inquire at the private stables in Tenth street, rear of 787 Broadway, where they can be seen before 12 A. M. IrtOR SALE? A LARGE BAY HORSR, 16 y, HANDS high, sound and kind. Will make a fine oot.pee horse. Can be seen in the rear of 31 Union square, between 7 A. M. and 2 P. M., for one week For sale-a fine bay mare, u y* hands, sound and kind; ean trot in 2.30; six years old. Also a light shift ins top Wagon, made by Duaenoury k Van Duser, and set of Harness. May be ^een at private stable rear of south west corner of Thirteenth street and Firth avenue. For sale? a handsome young gray mare, bands high: <s a perfect saddle horse, suitable for a lady: warranted sound. Inquire at the machine shop, corner of Elizabeth snd Hester streets. FOP. SALE- TWO CANADIAN PONIBS YOUNG, SOUND and true In single or double harness, spirited but gentle; one is a pray mare, U hands high, I years old this spring, zultable tor a lady or boy to ride, or any light business; price $100; the other is a sorrel mare, 15 hands high, svou> built, 7 years old this spring, price $110. Can be seen until the 16th instant in the lumber yard, foot of Oold street, Brooklyn. XjViR KALE? A SOFREL MARE, SEVEN YBARS OLD, r long tail; can trot In 2. Ml; is very stylish Also Wagon and Harness. Can be seen al private stable, 317 Ninth street. rOR SAtF ? A WRY STYLISH FULL BLOODBD saddle Hone, th'rroughy trained, per Kuropesn school, a splendid leaper, am. an elegant horse for a military gentle man, will be sold ior $300 by a private gentleman aboni to de part from i he city, Ae horse Is full 16 hands high and 7 veerr old Address for one week box S,Xj7 N. Y. Post ofiee. For sale? a first class grocers wagon. with light top: Horse and Harms*: all in perfect order, a showy tram, and Tor sale low. Apply ut 117 Ninth avenue. For sale-a bay mare, i?? hands high, per fertly sound and Mbtle, well suited for a lady's saddle horse will be soM low Tar want of use. Apply to r. W LA SAB A SON, lit Broadway. For 8alb cheap-a aecond hand six seat Brett, lu perfect order. Inquire at No ISO Crosby street, of Frank Asber. For sale cheap. TWO PINE WORIING HORSES. Suitable Tor <artmen. Apply to G. H. OARDNEK. J72 East Eleventh street. *LE CHEAP-AS THE OWNER HAS NO rUR v three quarter seat half spring Trot uaed three times; cost SlHO?wtl: be th*! private siable 90 Ninth street. HnKSES. CARRIAGES, WAGONS, AND HARNESS I for sale ? M0 light Fsmllv Carriages, to Buggies. Oro I cer's and Business Wsgons, an i jii llorsns sultabe for busi ness or ismlly use; selling off cheap. No. 10 Nevius street, near Fi lton avenue, Brooklyn. PONTES, PONJES. PONIES -ONE HUNDRED SHKT ? land, Sootrlt snd Welsh Ponies have Just arrived from Europe, or all colore, sizes and ages from eight 1 1 fourteen hands high For sale cheap, in Forty second street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues OEO. T. BALL Road waooks.-brbwster a co.. stj and 174 Broome street, corner of Mott.are prepared to receive or I ders for their superior Wagons. deliverable at any period du ring the coming season. In addition to other unproretnsnta which hsve given their work the highest reputation for dura bility and elegance, thev would direct special attention to their Improved Hide Bar, rendering tbelr Half Soring Wagons superior to all others In strength snd elasticity. Although making Road Wagons s special feature of their business, they would also Invite erders for every style of Pleasure Carriage for town and country. "IVT ANTE D ? TW O OR THREE HORSES, AT LOW PRI TV 'ea; must be good lookers and goers snd true in bar ne??, as they are wanted I or the country. No objection If thev are a little sore and twelve tears old. Applv to the cartman at )#2 Greenwich street. WANTED? LOW FOR CASH, OR IN EXCHANGE TT for perfnmeiy, a Horse for the country : mar" preferred : mil ?t be sound end kind In harness. Address, wltn pattlgu lars. through ?e Post ofliee, Mark Anthony. THE I.K TI RE lEAIOII. 1 NTBRfc STING LECTURE ON THE POLAR SB*!? I . ? | ' s 1 1 SAMUEL WHITING, laie Commander of the United State* mail steamship. Marion, and an oiUeer I" the United States Arctic Ripedftien which is? mid Dr. Kane, will deliver his Interesting lecture <m that memorable cruise, Illustrated with toe taaps. models and Aretie curlnsltiM^al he eeven'h svenue M. h church (near Fourteenth street* <m "Ihursdav evening, March II. at 7'*P. M. Al the clnae ? the lecture proper Capt. Whltibg will deliver an original Temperance rlietn, wlilch, with the torture, have received the highest cowunenrts'len of the przss and public The en tire proceeds to be devoted to the benefit ot Mr. Otvllle Gard ner Tickets Weenie, to bo obtained at the dooi on the even in^nl 1 he lee;., re KM W PCBI.ICATIO$$. _ x - ' ? mil s'xv TARIFF KII.T, TO TAKB FrVF.trr 1 We punish t I day lh? authorize : edition o* the new Tsrifl Sill, t-e\i?d ami rijrzeeie d Neat psm p1 let foi IP price in cents 1 ot es'e at an periodical d ^'li Lid news *<a da ft- e dollars per hun trek. l?ea.CI* will e '-a- asiid .a easlt uid-; ts to t it \r.? ? t miles g en , I.-. N .. M CI, V Y nimirAL. AMAGMIflORMT BBVKIS OCTAVB tUMffUUD Pianoforte far aale? Richly 0*>vnt l^a tad case f. 11 iroa plate, round comers, lukUd wUa aauuwood oventtrung base, inlaid with peart and pearl keys ; mad* to order for H.e peasant uwner by oily makers; It'll} iwulnd for ihft* year* oeen In i urn but fl?-r months, cnst 9H?. will bea??M 'or fSW. insiudlag Stool and Cover Also, f nnaal Drawing room Kit, coat $3U); for $U0. Inquire al M iNat Twenty ?,nh atreoi, naar SUth avenue. 4 GREATLY IMPBOYED PIANOFORTE. . LIGHTS * (lAOBUIT, of aetanra af a aaw aeaie of nriaMfuttboa frnpre, nod Broom* iimt Plana to loi. A YOUNG LAST FROM KKW ENGLAND. WITH highest references, desire* an engagtmcut to slog arto, omt prominent cbarcli. In aoca?l>roed to the Kpisc .p*i, but ii not pert* ? la j what order. Address M 8. W., 68 weal Hth at ' A LABOR ASSORTMENT OK NEW AND 8F.OOND hand Plues to rent at low rata*; rent applied, If pur chased, or for bale on monthly payment i. S D. * 11. \\. Smith o Melodeoos of eve rj style, at bargains. A- M. KANeC8Er *36 BioaAwsy. 0HICKBRINO * SON'S GRAND SQUARE AND UPEIGHTP IAN OS, a 994 Broadway. Haw Tor*. HORACE WATHR8* Ml'SIC WORB, S3S BROADWAY, to be torn down ? Worth street to be wideued? tu eeoMt Xuenoe of which the eitenslve atocfc of Planoa, Mel'Sk-on*. leaandre Organs, and all kinds of Musical Merchandise will be Mid at eitremely low prices. sn ootave secondhand Planoa at $tO 6l, octav e. $10l>; 6Vootave, $iao, seven oc tave, $14S; seven octave, hern used but a few months. BITS, seven octare tsllbett vKollan Piano, elegantly carved, price $0tOneir will be sold tor 9tt6; seoond band Mclodeons. $Jt to (W Twenty new seven octave Planoa and tan new Mclo deona to rent, and rent allowed If piu chased: Monthly pay meets received for Planoa and Meiodtoos. JUST PUBLISHED ? THE "IRISH BRIOADK QUAD rilles," with a apleudid lithographic jwrtralt of Ktw O 'Red I v, the hero of Spoleto. ana commander of the Irish Brigade In Italy; arranged for the piano by T. D. Sullivan. Price 00 reuta At DALY 'h Music Store, 419 Grand atreet Major anderson and his wife.-"the last Farewell," a new ballad, written by It Burnt, com posed by O. W. P. Nugent ? ' This gem has the rare reconi mendatlon of beautiful word.* and an exquisite melody com bined, and must become popular? Review. To be had of aU musk- Kellers. Alao the *' Dawn of Da> " polka, Mazurka, dedicated bv permission to Lady Palmerston, may be had at DODWORTH'S. No. 8 Astor place. PIANOFORTES TO BE DISPOSED OF THIS WEEK ? Elegant raaewood Pianos. 7 octare, Iron frame, over atning bass, for $120, |l?i. $170j $210 and $JhO. worth from 992b to $4f0 Double Orand Ptanoe for Ml). $70, $60 $36, and one l or $S0. 143 avenue A, corny Tenth atreet. R. GONZALEZ. PIANOS, MELODEON8, WATCH E8, DIAMONDS. Jewelry, negtra, Hewing Machines, Furniture. Paiatinga, Ac., Ac., fo? rale cheap, eaah advances on Planoa, Melodeon*. Wutohc-1, DUmonda. Dry Good<, Ac.. Ac. J. F. JONES, K Add atreet, aeeond floor. SINGING? SUPERIOR TUITION.? PROFESSOR R. E. GKANDIE, of the oonaervatorlea of mnatc, London and Paria, reoeivca puplla. A thoroughly refined' and finished style Imparted Gema from the operatic airs, with English or Italian worda. Music transposod to auit voice 1? neretaa ry. lllgbeat referoncea. Information, Ac , from Mr. Coucn hoven. music store 966 Broadway, or address Professor O., box 2,374 i'oat oilicn. N. B.? Brooklyn Mondays and Tburs daya. IT I'RKlHT COTTAGE PIANOS, FOR HMALL RUOMn OR 1 country houaes, at moderate prioe*. I'ituoa and Meh> deoni at S4U, 966, SdO. $100. $li?, $1?). 9176. Ac, by T H ell AMBERS, at the Bible llouae, Eighth street, corner of l'otulh avenue. WANTBD ? BY AN AMERICAN LADY, A SITUATION ?k a piano tea< her In a private family; will teach one or inoi e pupt k aa a compensation for a home. For reference appl;. at No 1C East Twenty-seventh atreet, N. Y. A IN9TKVITION. LADIES' WRITING CLASS DAILY, AT 11 O'CLOCK A M. Separate parlor* faff private inatrtwtion. fientle nen taught Double Entry ? Bookkeeping, Meroantile 1'euman abip and Aritbmettc day aud evening. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. 983 Broadway. Elocution and dramatic instruction -j. b. BH'OWN will receive a few puplla, on immediate appll cation at hi* room*, 18 Clinton Hall, Aator place. Public or private parties May engage Mr. B.'s serviore In his popular Heading Bntertalnmenta. Address as above. CIOVFRNESS. -WANTED, A YOUNG LADY, COMPE I tent to take charge of the primacy education of a family of young children, all under ten yealV Must teach wzal ana piano music. Ixtcaiion, a Western village. Salary $190 per annum. Situation permanent Address, giving particular*, nine and reference, Education, Herald ofiioe. ITALIAN LANGUAGE ? A PRACTICAL, SHORT AND easy method, only adapted for those desirous of singing [Italian opera*, with a pare accent; French, Spanlah and its lian lesson ? of Grammar, and a auperior course of their Ut?. rature. may be had at the Polyglot t Institute, 8M Broadway. Call there between 11 and 3P.M. or at No. > Washington place, between ? and 7 P M. L. PALMA DI CESNOLa S FAMISH AMD FRENCH LANGUAGES TAUGHT IN Brooklyn.? Private lessons and classes by two native teachers, professors at the beat spools of the city. Boarding for two gentlemen, with facilities to practice, at the teachers' residence. 7# Fulton avenue, two blocks from tke City Hall, Bnoklyn. tfjl A MONTH.? FRENI'H LESSONS GIVEN BY A PA ijlj rislan lady. I'laase" formed on the 14th of March ; two 1> aaons a week will|be given, vli:? Mondays and Thursdays, commencing at half-past 7 In the evening. For address appi v at *? Broadway. DANCING ACADEMIES. A. IIODWOKTH'8 dancixo ACADEMIES No. RP6 Broattwsy. New York. No 137 Monuigue street. Brooklyn. W< ilnn-da mi ami Haturdaya la New York. Monday* tad Thursday Tueeday* and Frldayi la Brooklyn Ctrcularsof tens*, Ac , may be had at cither Academy HPMRTIWGt | a MOCKINGBIRD FOR 8 ALE- A VI EST CLASS NO. A 1 mocker and whistler. ptlce (including a vevy large and One cagei $40 He U a strong, lusty fallow, and singa in^Ut a* *<?11 at day; moat admirably calculated for a saloon or public place. Can be seen at 100 Di\ talon atrret, N. V. J7IRANCIB BITLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP, HAS ALL TIIE I1 i bol<e brer 1 1* for ?ale and mock. Butler' a Intalllble Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, SOoenta per bottle. But ler's "Breeding, Training, I ? sea" An . of Dog*,' $1. 1) < lioardrd, trained. Ac. Mc'llclnej for all disease*. ITALIAN QRETHOUNDS.? THRRB VOL' NO ITALIAN 1 Oieyhotinda for aale. It er a*e tin- smallest and hand acmest Oreyhounds In the United States. for particular* addreaa Italian, Herald nflica. Yacht rebecca ro? bale -bus van be been at Green point. MEDICAL. Afflicted restored-ionoranci expoikd Fallacies unmasked? Dr. LARMONT'S Parta, London aad New "i ork Medical Adviser and Marriage Guide, Infonna the deMlitated and diseased. including those who are Igno rant of tbe oauae of tboir ill bealUi and who hare been die appointed in tbelr phjaician, of tbe moat certain and con venient mode of cure. Mailed free for $t by LAWRKNCK, No. 1 Veaey street, or the author. #47 Broadway, up MR Houra for treatment 9 A M. to ? I". M. daily, and 7 to v Thurs day eveolrga. AWOBD TO THE SUF1ERINO ? TRT DR WARD. 4*1 Broadway. Hia great remedies rare permanently ? Mb despatch. f lONSULT DR WARD. 4*? BROADWAT.? THE EARLY I application to a competent physician fares much fiiture misery. (lOHA A. SEA MAR, INDIAN DOCTRESS AND INDE pendent bualneas Clairvoyant, has removed I rum MI [Ooerrk street to TY> Division street, where ahe can tie en suit. e<l upon all subjects aa usual N. B ?My Indian Vegetable Hair Bestorer sold bare. UR. WARD, 483 RROADWAT, IS UH APPROACHED nmouc physicians in curing certain dlscaaes. Try hi* great retnsClis and wad hla pracTtosI traatlae DR. COBBRTT, MEMBER OF THE REW TORE COT ve rally (Madtaal College), haa reniuved from 19 Duane st feet t > bis eery convenient suit of offices, el 30 Centre street, between Chain bars snd Reade, where he cap be enasfllted with the most honorable confidence on certain Diseases, thirty years in hla present speciality enables htm to make speedy and permanent cure*. R. B. ? Bee Dr I!, 'a diploma In bta office. Private en' rinse Ho. < City Hall plaaa. Chargea moderate. nB. WATSON TREATS WITH OONMPLETE BUCCEBB. and without restraint of diet or eierclse, all dlseaa. a of a private nature, at 4K? Bro .nie street, second block west of Broadway, from H A. M. to 9 P. M. Reoeo' cases cured In a lew daya 2a. HUNTER HAB FOB THIETT TEARB OORFIRED hla attention to iMseaaoa of a certain olaaa In wklab he treated no leas than flfty thousand sasea without an In stance of failure. HI* great remedy. Dr. Renter s Red Drop, ?urea eerlaln dtasasee when regular treatment aaifcall ether remedies fall: en res without dtsKtag or raatftotioa la the ha bits of the patlent;curaa without the disgusting and sickening effects of all other remadiea, cures la new oases in leaa than Mx houra It roots out the poisonous taint the blood la sure to absorb unless the remedy la used. It la |1 a rial, aad can not be obtained genuine arywhere than at the old oflice. No, 9 Division street Book for nothing, that treats of the evil effects of early ^uea. DR. OOOPBR. NO. It DUARR BTRBET, MAT BE OQM evKed oa ail dtaaaeeo of a certain naiuia. Tweatr eight years eiciaslvalg devoted to theee complaints, enable alas te warrant a our* in all esses. The vtstims of tttsjmaad M?fl denee In medteal ptetcamraean eall, with a certainty at ba Ing radieally onr%4 or no pay. DR. WABD, 4*1 BROADWAT, M DAILT CONSULTED conMentiaity with coaiplat* and gratifying suceega. Ak leada till 10 P. M. _ MRS. MI1NROE, ELECTRICIAN, NO. CARMINE street ? Galvanism applied daily In the treatasent of fnnctlonal disease* of tbe female system. Hours from 10 tot. Upper floor . * BARDIC AI. CARD- REMOVAL DR. THIERS- OFFICE Ivl l< removed "> Ho K Slvth ??n? Ladle* eiectnvaB dentinal wneats, belts, ardlee and snpporter* Treitneen regular and scientific pKi.VI-W.R UK 1 " T.I , I A tt It P It I ? ' IH-I-T I . 'm "i aa uMial. or ty letters add re?se.i t ? * . Vnrk Poet office SMKICE C< *RB NT DR WAKO. t?* BMUlU tT UP ? at* r* IMs Vntnnanate's Neei ast >to^ r^-.u . - ? "J rtilnrye. A Ml' MKMK AiTH. i| ' ALLaI K. It TURAThK

W ?8 BLAKE 8 TO-NIOHi, WKDNF3DAY. Sl'U.NDlO OLD COMEDf Ho c? ?fr* 8ae oiil ' omndy i to lira acta), ctM the RuaD lu Re* IN. Barry t>? v C? Mr. Laater WaUacfc Ok) borni ?? Mr ~ UOilltlUCa . Mlky Aulli; ..... Wlbord ... Iiirntj ... iiuhmt. ... Mr South Marker..., I'oaUlltoo. . W iduar . . taphia Joimy . . ... > X ? Mr Walctlt Mr Bloau Mr. Nertoa Mr. Flov? Mr. Young Mr. Mooro Mr. Bernard Mr. C. I'aralo# Mr. Park* ? ? Mr*. Vernon ...... .... Miaa Mar? Ohm 1 Vd-amvtMow.' i u cbsday, Wm **"* (Thud uate , will terprawBtrd Mra C*>wley'a apleoAul old Cuuk djr (lu tiv. uctti. wpiffd oa ita lirat an! aecoad crpr?. muOoo *Ui> Itr.meHao npulauM, emitted A HOA.1* STROKE FOB A HCetftA.NO. FnroAt, , A KAVSR1TE COMEDY. SATURDAY, BTNEFIVOF miu?. hoey Ft vat time at Ihia theutrirtti three ?nn, the favorite Com* "ly 0l LONDON ASSUBAWCB. Box book aow oih'u. Doors opou at 7 V to romctanoe at 8 o'clock. ?AUBA KEENE'S THEATRE. i LA OKA KKKNB'R THEATRE. LAUKa keens h theatre. L.Vl'HA h RENE'S TIIBaTRB. LAIKa KEENE'S THEATRE. TUB BMINBNTLT SUCCEHaFUL BURLBTTA EMlN&hTLY NOCOBhSFUL B U BLKTTA EMINEN1LY SUCCESSFUL BITBLBTTA Haa raathed it* ONE HUNDRED AND TWELFTH NiaHT. ONE HUNDRED AND TWBLfTH NIGHT. ONE HUNDRED AND TWELFTH NIGHT. ONE HUNDRED ABD TWBLKTH NtUUT. OS A HUNDRED AND TWELFTH MIGHT. QTKtt ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY OXB HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE HONORED AND SEVENTY ONE HUNDRED AMD BKVBNTY TIIOOsAND PEOPLE HAVE SEEN IT. THOOSAND PEOPLE HAVE BEEN IT. THOUSAND PEOPLE 1IAYE 8RBN IT. 1H0USAND PEOPLE HAVE SBEN IT. THOUSAND PEOPLE HAVE SEEN IT. TO-NIGHT AND EVERY NIUHT, ta 5135 8SBS: SBVEN H1HMMM SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN tUsTRRB. sr\ EN .SISTERS. SEVEN .SISTERS, SEVEB BIBTBBB. SEVEN HIHTERH. BEAUTIFUL HEAUTUUX ubautuuC ?Mnm iu tu uwtom ONION UNION SEVEN SLATE BA, SEVEN SISTERR, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN BISTERS, SKVBN SISTBRS, (iBVBN SISTERS, bkVBM SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTERS, | SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN BISTERS, m'o* am NWTITLy EN00B8D RIGHTLY ENCORED MIOHTLY ENCORED TABLEAUX, TABLEAJIC. TABLEAUX. IM I UNCLE I'KTLE SAM'S HAM'S HAM 8 UNCLE SAM'S UNCL8 SAB'S UNCLE SAM'S UNCLE HAM'S UNCL4 SAM'S CNCL3 BAMS UNCLE SAMS MA0IC LANTERN. MAOIO LaNTBBM. MaUIC lantern. maoic lanteen. MAOIO LANTERN. MAGIC LANTERN. MAGIC LANTKRN. MAUIC LANTERN. maoic lantern. MAUIC LANTERN. COLUMBIA AT WASHINGTON'S TBMB, THE THIRTY-FOUR STATES, THE EBONY WEDGE, nruuTnra nja OOOD OLD WHIP CONSTITUTION DK1T110YCD IT TttK EMANCIPATORS AND FIRE EATERS, THE STOMP OF THE LIBERTY TREE, THE SLAVE SCENE, THE HAPPY PLANTATION ROMS. CALHOUN 'S DREAM, WASHINGTON'S AMRY ?AT VALLET FORGE, LIBERTY AND DHW1RNES. APoT/lEOSIa WASHING! ONAND UNION, THE ZOUAV E DP ILL, BORLESyt'E DANCE, THE LAST GREAT SCENE, tH* BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY IN IHK BOWER OK FERNS. Seats may be secured one week In adrano* without extra charge. Doora open at aaren o'clock Commence at a roar ter before eight o'clock Performaaoe terminates at 10 mm nte? pa-l 10 o'clock. WAJ.LAOKS THEATRE. V? MRS. HOE V Begs to snnouncc HER BENEKIT Ii fin d for baturdny tie it. March Id, On which occasion (first time at thm theatre In three years; (be admired o.mrdv of U>NDON ASSURANCE, With tbe unequalled caat peculiar to tin* theatre. Box book now open. CANTERBURY M0HTO HALL, 06: 1 Broadway. BAM CO WELL, 8AM COWELL, aa Billy Barlow every night WANTED? ABTIST8 OK ACKNOWLEDGED TALENT, a ng? -s, dancer* and N egro performer-i. in * concert hall on Brosdwsy. None but first data need app'y at ?y)0 Mroadwav, of the Proprietor. Also, wanted twenty imart waiting girla. STEAMBOATS. MERCHANTS' LINE FOR ALBANY. -*K A ItE 75 centi-.? The steamers NORTH AMERICA and HERO will leave the foot of Robinson street daily iSaturdaya ac cept ed> at 6 o'clock P. M., in oonnectlon with the New Tork Central Railroad. J. W. HANCOX. Agent. |C LrOTIII I* CiJ AMnKNTION.-LADIRM AND QENTLEMKN, IK YOl' uatit to get the full valne for your cast off ( loth lug. I iu-nltuic. Carpets and Jewelry, tbe heat you can do la to f. nd a note to K 1IARK18, LM Seventh avenae. There yon tn?y be convinced you will be dealt with t? your aattafacl ion tor hl'W lircssra, from $7 to $10; for Coata, from g:t to $1.*, for I'ants and Vests, from SI upwards. I'leaae don't forget. 1W Seventh avenue, near Twenty-STat street. Ladietaitf nd td to by Mra. Harrla. HAKE CHANCE.? LAD! RB AND GENTLEMEN, 1 I hav? jnat leeeived 9&.1MI to purchase < ast off clothing I Carpets, Kurniture, for the California tnarkei. I promlae to pay tbe highest price for them, oy calling 011 or addressing M. r Ilia, '.i? heventh avenue, near Seventeenth aire.' Ladies attended by Mrs Ell la a KBTTER CHANCE THAN K\ KH -I HA rE J CUT fV received KS,i??) tu purchase caat -off Clothing fort 'blcaco, 111. Ladl<*a and gentlemen, if you wish to set a fair pnee for your CloOiea, Carpets, Kurniture and Jewelry, and to ? void being humbugged byprloe offerer*, the best you can do is >0 send a note to B. MINT'/, 7" Hlifh avenue. There you may be convinced von will be dealt with to your sstlafse lion, l adlea punctually attended to bv Mra Mint*, 79 ftlith a venue, between Cigbth street and Wavhrlev plane. a LI TkR?ON" FOLLOWING A GOOD ADMl R WILL n never fall. - Lxdlea and gentlemen, avoid being hum bugged, and call at anee or sddr>-a? ? noie by post to if liar its, Huwerv, where jou may be sure to dispose of your off clothing. Kurniture, Carpets.an4 Jewelry, at a feir price, atiti uoi be. humbugged Kor .silk Dresses, from $7 to !M0; lor Coata, from ST to til; for I'anta, from $1 and up rard I allies attrnde.1 bv Mia Harris. .151 B'>?ery, opposite | Fourth and Great .lonea streets. GREAT DEMaNI t? KOR CLOTH I NO~ -1> A f)l Ks AN ) gentlemen, wnnlA a lot of caat off Clothing, Kurniture, ' artists and Jewelry, r will pay the bast pr*e In the city, by railing on or sddresalng M Abrahams, 213 Seventh avenue, tetwien Twenty 111 th and Twenty slith streets Lu<llea at tend' >1 t" 1 v Mra. A. AM WH AT DEMAND IOR I, A OIKS' AND OKNTI.t men s cast off clotlilug. for which I will pay more than I usual, on account of the tianlc. I guarantee to pay the follow - ing prices ?From $? to fUMor 811k Brasses : from St to S'18 fori a'- from $1 Ml to $6 for I'aata. also, the blgheai price p?W fts 'nrnllure, Carpet a, Jewelry, Ac A note by post punctual!* attended to bv E. , 134 Seven '.h avenue between ., met ??nth and Twentieth streets. Ladies attended U> by Mrs B. a bfri KB CHANCE STILL. ? LADI KH AND OENTLR zY. men. I have a great demand for cast off Clothing, l-"ur nitiire, 1 arpeta, Jewelry, Ac., for the Western market. I will pay ll.e icnlowlng prices ? For 811k Dresses, from to SV> , for Coals, from |8 to $U; for Pants, from ft to 94. I'leaae call ?>n or addreaa .1. Anhalt. I tt Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty first streeia. Punctually attended Ladb a a' tended to by Mra. Anhalt. AQ HA/V WOETH~OV '0F.*TT<EM^N t N>;W AND 1>U. vW left off Clothing wanted for the Western mar bet The highest aaahprleaevar psddsaa be ohUUMd In bank able money .for large or small iota, by ealUng at tSe store, or siMreaMng W* Wfiah, 41 Centre street jMrrKgriT I MI BBIAL HOTEL. CORK, IRELAND -^TMIS LONG 1 MtabUahod and wall known Hotel IS cnndiieMt on the iiMttMlwsMliyalMft. A itcge ?u4 etegsat OoCwMM U act s part for the one of famillea who prefer living a la Kran ealse A Table d'Hoto every day at half past ali oVlock The ImperKI Omnlhns awaits th? arrival and departure of aach trifa. - Hot cold and shower baths always ready. Night por tcr tn attendance. A. COTTON A BON, Proprietors. ? Tl'ET'N HOTEI<, COLLEOB OBEEN, DCBUN.-THIS ? I Hotel ia very central, rtean and oommodloua Every at Itenttoa j*ld to the comfort of gnrsis Private sitting rooms. table d'hote, hot sad cold batl^As. AM JT-fT, rmprletor. DARKER HODS*. BOSTON - Til* ADDITinN TO 1 THU X ll 'tel belli ? completed, with superior aeeommo4atia ta fi r 'sdlea and gentlemen, will he o|>ened on Monday. Keb. !?? Th" hotgw is^iete In all Ita appolntmenta, and ft l? the 'n ten' .on of tlw prot net us to <n?M it worthy the patronsae ?i ...tiavstUn,^ foSfTWk, AMUSKBIKlfan. Jk'IBLO* OaUDKN J AM KS ? M\ON .. _ 1HE SEVENTY SK\ ENT1I NIGHT, GREATEST D K AMA1 1< J ' VlK U M V H ON REOOW fcLWiN* KORttbiiT roa imrriATioAUj* TEH LAST NIUHT TMi LAST K1UH1 THE LAST NIGHT ID HI* ( maiitkiipikiie, MABTKRPIgca, mastIbpibcb. CARDINAL RI< IIELIRU, llefeired on Mond ay night by a full and laahionaMe audieoee wlA tlx- mi?i enU>u?ia?Uc applaiiae Every lover of food acting should whnea* this inimitable i?rt' or mance of tat frrtH Tragedian of the age BBMEM^K, On THIS (WEDNESDAY) NlflHT, MARCH IS. I8SI, Uulwer'a celebrated Play (f<? the last Um?< R1CHKMBL'; OR. THE CONSPIRACY. Cardinal Rirheileu Mr EDWIN FORREST Sustained by a cast of character.* ol UNEOl ALLED TALENT. scenery, costumes and Appointment*, In a rtjle superior to any previous representation ut tnU fa voriie Play. TO MORROW NIGHT (1 11 U HUD AY). MR. CHANFRaC And Bonzanl'N troupe of henuu'iil 1 REM H ANE ITALIAN DANCBR3 NBW AND BK I I.LI ANT ENTE KTA1 NM KNT, On Krlday. ELWIN FOl'.RKST will perform, by recast (thl* night only), DAMON 4ND PtTUIAR fl' INTER GARDEN. f T Lessee and Manager .A. W. Jackson THIRD NIGHT Of the engagement of the Talented and beautif ul MI8S JANE COOMRSt On thta even'ng will be |>reseut*4, lor the flrat^tirae at thia theatre, Buiwer's play of TH B LADY OF LYONS, In which Miaa Coombs will sutfain the character of ml'LlNB. MR. J. W. WALLACE, Jr., AS CLAUDE MELNOTTE. With a cast comprising Mra. DuiUeld, Menara. Oavldfle, Htod dart, Lalor, Ac. ; to bt followed by a favorite farce. VJ^EW BOWERY THEATRE. Sole Prcurieiots. . . .Measra G L. Fox A J. W. Llng&rd. W'? nead iy, March l.'l, IH61, Ihe grard Historical Lrama ol' Rt'BIN HOOD, THE BOLD Ol'TLAW; Tlie Petite Comedy of AO COOL AS A CUCUMBER. And the i oaring Comic Karre of YOUNG AMERICA. BARNTM'S AMEBIC AN MU8BUM 18 OVERFLOWING with novelties and curiosities of the rarest aad. moat ei traordinary kind, aclected to gratify, instruct and ple?ae eveiy taste sud capacity. Here the student of natural Uta toi y flutis specimens v. hith can nowhere else be found on ex hibition on the laoe of the globe. I.ook at thia simple list: ? THE SWISS BEARDED LADY; A genteel lufly , with heavy beaid and whlakera. MISS ht EI), THE LILLIPUTIAN QUEBN; 25 v ear* old, Xi inches h'gh, and weighs only ;sl pwuida. L?\ 1M1 HLaRS, DANCING BKAl'.K, SINGING KEaRX, WALKING BEARS, the GREAT MAMMOTH BEAK HaM SON.IUMBLiNG BEARS, all performed aud exhibited by the renowoed 11 ERR DRIF.SBA.'U. 1 HE (.ItEA r LIVING BLACK BE A LION, THE CURIOUS AND AMUSING WHAT IS IT! He is neither man nor monkey. What is he BEN OF LIVING MONSTER BNaKBS. constantly sum unded by curious ami interested visiters. WONDERFCL LIVING HAPPY FAMILY of Monkeys, Logs, Cats, Rata, Ac., Ac, living together in peace. AQUARIAL GARDEN, containing living fish. An. Ll\ ING SEAL, WAX t IGl RES. and MO.OOU curioaltlcs, from cve.y part of the world, aud Every Af TERNOON and EVDNINO. at 3 and 7 ? o'clqdu THE NEW AND SPLENDID Sl'ECTACI LAR UBAHA. OITaNELLI, THE CHILDREN OF THE ZINCALI. la performed with new ?eeuerr, apDOintinents, Ac., making the ku>rum tin. cheapest and bent place ot amusement in tliewort'' worth T&X T1ME8 THE PRICE OF ADMISSION, more than can be fOUDd at any FIVE E8TA 1LI8HMENT8 in New T'?k, eren where the price of admission la double, and sometimes quadruple that ol tb<> Muaenm. Eren the drama alone would co?t doub'.e at any other estalilisbment, to s?y nothing o' the other wood era Bemetuber, to all this admis sion Is only 20 cents. Children under ten years, IS ccnta. B EYANT8' MINSTRELS, MerhaskW Hall, CI Broad war, above Grand street. Monday. March II, and erer , nignl during the week, CROWDED HOUSES, NEW FEATURES. Flrat apf?e l.auoe o.' tbe tenor, JOHN W. ADAMS. O. 8 fOWLER, GEO CONNKRS, Violtnce.l i and \ oca'ist rtcll.i and Alt. Hont .1 A4fANI-.SE TOMMY; OR, WUAT Im IT. Only !W inoitea lilgh, the greatest curtoaltr iirtng. l'eel. Norton. Adai.ia, Jerry .Neil and Dan In new acta. Three lluntera, Grape Vine Twist, Rare high. Dixie's Lsbd. * Doors o[i-u at !??, ; curtain rises at 71? TVkets -S cents. Anew lecture. JOHN B GOUGH win unvmi FOR THE WOMEN'S 1KBKARY ASSOCIATION, At Dr. Clicver'acliurrh, I'mon iquare, On WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH IS. On "Woni?n's Ii.fl<ienoe for OtxAl and Fr1l la reh-tlon U Tetnjx anre ?? 1 irkets U and M) rend, Tboae buyioe two of the Ufty cent tVAen will reneire a card entitling ii 1'tdy to a si< month* ' subsc rlpiion to tbe W omen h Libraty. Tickets to N' had at ("rowan's Im> ikstore, corner, of Fourth street and Brtao*ay. at Appleton'K, 443 Broadnay, at the Wosii-u's Li brary. NT w Yoik Unlrersity. opp >alte nashingtim Parade Uiound, aad at the door ?n the evening of the lecture Doors oyen a' 6! , o'clock. Lectin e to begin at H. ? UNION CONCERT HALL, 406 between ;^th and :il*l atrneta. M avenue, ?<t between .'Mth a id Slat Mreeia. lid avenue, 4Ut> betwe-n 30th and ."Uat itr< eta. :<d avenue, Great auoceaaol the I'nlou Concert Hail. Crowded boiiae, number* < ould not gain admittance. The only amumment np town. An inHtliution for the working man Viral daaa laleni engaged. Open every night at go dock amumhmi 111 ccnta, returnable In refreabmeata. JAMES LEIFLS, Proprietor. W H. BUKN8, Stage Manager GERMAN VOl.K'8 HARDEN, 46 flOWRRV, PALACE CONCERT HAUL, Ol'EN K.N ER V Nlflir, FOE THE BEST HELE01BD AND CHEAPEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CITY ADMISSION # CENTS ADMISSION 6 CENTS. RESERVED SEATS U CEkTN. Thin evanln;;, Tbe firat aupearunce of MISS AUOUbTA WaLBY. Repetition of tba new Pantomime rntltlid THE IRON MASK 1 be greateat attraction In the city are the WAITER Olhl-S, WAITEBQIBLB, IN PA Net COSTUME. IN FANCY COrtTUMK. rANTERBl RT MUSIC HALL, 863 Broadway, the moat wonderful entnrtalament in tbe world ?eery night. VEW YOr.KER 8TADT THEATRE, S7-J? BOWBR* IN BENEFIT OK MR. A. STOftCEL I .rand M-rnlnl, mimical, dnimatlr Pell m< ll Scene ? from Oifiienn Vlaiifli von Merlin. II ti land LKiibar, wlttiaocneile*. by Mr Stoeckl. CANTKRBCRY MP8IC II ALU 16! Broadway. THE HIGHEST ORDER OF TALENT EMKY NIGHT. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF NEW TORE. NINETEENTH SEASON, 1M0 1*JL FOURTH CONCERT AT THE ACADEMY ?V MCHIC, SATURDAY EVENING, March 10, IA61. Orcheatral Piecea, Hvmphony So 7, by Beethoven; Overture*, "Oei.wreiit,'' by hclumanu, and "Lea Franca uvea," by Berlioz. Solo Pertormeta, . Metaia. EH HARD HOFFMAN. I'Uia, and B. MOLLBN HaUkE, Violin conductor Mr CARL BBROMANN. lickeUli.r aalit at the timal p'aeea. Poor* open a' 7 ; to commence at 8 o'clock F. M. By order. L. 8P1KK, Sea y. /CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, |y IM3 Broadway The great CABLO FAMILY commence their eagAgcm?nt at thJ? Iiihim Monday, l^tn ln>i RBTL ItNED - PAOE'S "TENDS Thin great Ptet ure la attracting lms>*n ?a attention, and haa been ?een b* up* aula of FORTY THOUSAND Pcr??n* In N''? York alone. A VERH'AN ANDf ORFKJI GALLKltY OK P AlNTINOH, No ftW Broadway. Ojv n day ami eveum* Admieion Jficnu PALACE GARDEN Ml'SIC MALL. UHAND CARNIVAL GRAND CARNIVAL MONDAY B\ ENINO, March IS. IStl Sub?<wlb*r? ran procure t ckria by ,-ippIylng it tbe ofliee. Dail *0 let 'or Bain, Katra, Ac ft ANIERBl'RT Ml 'SIC BALL MR Broadway. K1R8T CIASS ARTIsTH OK EVEBT DENOMINATION. FIRST CLASS ARTISTS OF EVERT DENOMINATION. T\ODWOBTH'S ROOMS.? VAN OE< HELEN'S SOIREE JL/ Muwcale, Tucntay, March IE en which on-aakm hia celebraud Automaton Mo-lcian will perform aoverai ?oioe of favorite eo?pnaer?. The following eminent artlata have kindly volunteered their aerrteea ? Sr. Ouetaa Hatter, piano. Mr. A pry. Tlolln , Mr. Sebaattany, guitar. The ClarterOVw, Night Melodeon and Clavier, contra baaae lnventlnna by Mr. V an Oeckc.en, will alio be Introduce d on that evening. The programme and further fwttcnUura will be duly announced in pni|>er ae-iaon. THEATEB FBANCA1S. DM BROADWAY. ? .IBI'DI M Mara, Ml ? Abonaement It entries de favetu ma /<rai? k grand orrheatrp. Till i la r mfaialallie da Robert, fhail artieette com?,ne. ONB AI.LCMBTTE (BNTBB DBl'X FEViX, MadrvUia en us arte. MISS BMILT LEMAtRE, DANHBCSE, IS OPEN FOB aa aagMetaent altar tba MjUuit- Manager* i o ni gotiaiirNdrMa T. Tonnker wTWltfiB alraet. BroftklyK. CANTEERITET MUSIC BALL, Kt Broadway The great CARLO FAMILY eammenee tkab ? thia honae Monday, IMth laat FA LACK GARDEN MPS 10 IUU* ? SEATING' HEATIM1 BEATINGt HALL OPBN FROM I# A. M TO M) P. M.. (Mnn lay and Friday eveainga excepted). Upper aatoon re ?enrcd en tulvel; for tadtea VRBNOH THBATEE TO LET FOR fIVB NIOHTB? J The company appearing *t the Walnut Street Th?Mre, rhtla''e1phia on Eneada , MtA laM , termiaatln* Ztd Inet. Apply to E BKhTKAND, \\rANTEI>-A NOITNti OENTLEM AM DM1RES TO 11 pit*- ure tin' aerri?e* ol a 8r<i < laaa Actor, with a view |o ptei irm* h'm foi the ?*ag? Aildrean, iftviue name anil wh?lt a? tUfivnw ^ H. K H ro*4?m^ j AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE NIAGARA'S MAILS. Clearances ?f Brill* Ve**ta Hi ft* Port of ChartftUa. THE FINANCIAL PINK IN PASite A MONETARY CRISIS IMMINENT. IL Mires' lubUittN Mb?M at ?iao,ooo,ooo. Our l^ondon, Paris and lltirHi Correspondence, a?., a?., m< The tnaiis by the steamship Niagara, from Liverpoai ? the 23d via Queeustowu on tile 24th uh., whtcb-arrtra* at Boctou on Monday evening, reached this city ywlactf^ morning. A full synopsis or it* newa by this ?l?li< was recei\ort by telegraph from Halifax. The data? an not important. The ljuudou limn of the 22d ult. discuses Am Win? nil airs at Fome length, and pays: ? We do nut know that we can satisf y the public bettar with respect to tho American question tiian by Rlvtag !'rom t tin to time a summary or events, with the rip Into? which art* passe 1 upon them by the Americana tbeaa boivee. The whole ia necessarily confused and contracts tory. To fa; what is the condition of the t'nion at any given time is like attempting tj photograph an wiMi qiinke. Throughout all these thirty-three Htatea woete4jr L? shaken, ami the movements are so irregular and ta such different directions that the outline presented la al ways blurre<l Mid obweure. The opinions of mm with equal opportunities of knowledge differ widely, aad tba name men retract to day tho opinions tbey held y? - teniay. A ut>| atch from Copeuhagen, dated February Fays: ? H is now foi mally announced that the Ministry have derided on ;ulo iUn? the Certnan view of tho ttchleawtg floistrln question. Mod Itlcttions are to be Introdueefl into the constitution in u (iermau sense. Croat eicrta meut prevails amongst the Danish population, at wImS (hey consider an invasion of th?ir rights. The Count de Germ iny , President of the Hank of Fraaoe, into whose hands the management of M. Mires' affnb* were placed by order of the authorities, lias issued tba following notice. ? 1 he Provisional Administrator of the Caisae Generate des Chemius do Fer has the honor to inform the public that, at> n conservative memure, payments are deferre# during the tiroo necessary tor completing tho invealaaf Unit will be procei-ded to without any delay. Some idea may be formed of the effect likely to be produced in Constantinople when the news of Miras* arrest comes to be known there, froui the following extract of |t letter, dutod February IB, received by tfca mail just arrived : ? The news lhai the Hunk of France lias refused to dis count Constantinople drafts on the house of Mires, has produced u tremendous senwition. These drafts, mind, are inadr payable to the order Of the Mini, ter of the In terior, aud are endorsed by huu. As soon as this reeotn luiKinol I he bank was known st (iulata, several leading bankers went to Alt Pacha to entreat him to find soaM means to mitigate the existing embarrassment. AM Pacha re nl led that be was aware of what had passed aA Paris? that lie wculd t'-l< graph to the Ambas-ador tbara to do w bat he oonkl to remove the difficulty. At tba tame time All Paohit solicited the favorable intervention ot M. de la Vallette, the French Ambassador. '"What can we do}' said All Pacha, in dismissing Uie bankear "Wo will give you our blood, if you wish it; but as to in 'any we have none." The high Catholic organ of Turin, the Armoni*, saf* bat in spite of the Catholic world, which It dec larea in uanimoiisly in favor of the Pope, Koine will follaw tiaeta. force will overpower reason, and the protection af France will soon ho reduocd to the oiler of a steamer la " srry Plus IX. into exile. It clone* Its remtrlts w4tb a sLarp thrust:? "Rut the steamer which Uaa served tba King of Naples, and which will serve the I'ope. will do tba iimn for others at a later period, ljet us not Interfar* with l rovidcnce, but reserve oyr .judgment till tba laal day." Ihe following is an extract from a V.enni latter la tba Cologne Gantte ? The government long since made preparations for de claring the state ot siege in Ministry. On the issue af the re-cript ol the 16th .latnmry there were HO ,000 mm ?n the other side ol the liCitha. and kuic- then 4, MS have been poeted along the froutier of Moravia and ria By the recall lately made of the soldiers oa fur kiugh. the regbnents have been completed, aud very shortly Ihe coutiugent of tlio year is to be raised. Ne vertheless the government still hesitates to declare tba state of siege. Rut, on the other hand . it apiwura almost .mpo -ible that the Hungiirian^questien can be pacifically solved The Magyars repudiate Haron de Vay aud Count de f-ze< .-en they already insult tho chief- of the advanc ed party IVak and Kotvo-i, and call the in Auatriuw; tbev aoruse llw l*rimat<' and the judex curia of c snrnM t uiv; illegalities. Thu ihe storm is appr<ia< lung. It al ready becomes doubtful that the election* for the Diet csn be proceeded to, and that tliat tiosj rail Meet ia April. U?r London Corrctpondmi r. I<oimo?, feb 2.1, lflst. 7 hi failure of M Itim ? ffU I.ialnliU'S ErtiWd q| 9120.000 000 ? t'ffo t Upon the fAtrvl-m torch/my ? ?JW I'anic in Farit ? A Monetary Panic PrfHctM ? a n>M% Omrming Afairt in America ? Th' War Xptrit im Funpr ? A I-air Knt/fith Calint* Minuter C'taryti uA Coi rup'im in Offlrr, <#?>. , tfr. 1'snle mongers Have enough to feed upon bow, to iMt a month, let time* go never so smooth The d*b M ?erved up as a ragout, with sauce jivpianle. The oi? fr cation, which In described aa tremendous la Paris, liuw tendrd to London, an 1 many here are prodfttltu; ? ihm tary crisis, If one or two more at raws are piled upos tb* camel* bac k. The rail of n?or Mirea ia a fearful craafc. The amount of the failure n currently state! at OOft?Mt 000 francs, or (110 000.000 Think of that, you balllg* rente who ore goicg to war on thj subject of oat ? ten and woolly heads The I'arta Banking Hojm, Kar ens rd A Co. and Ernest Andre have avHpende'i? and (%? | OedU Itobtlier'aiid Terriere, the (treat politk^aaaod ne gotiator, are Mid to be oa the brlnlc ef laaoivaacy . Tba entire capital of the Credit Mobllier la sai4 to be awal lowed "p, and the directors are to be prosact-lrd. Kumar says three Miuixteti are comproaslaed most aeri>uaty? Moray, Rotther and Maftne. Geo. Henry, to*, M iwaag the delinquents. The Princes* Demldofr- MatiHe, the alster of the Emperor? ia in tbe vortex, a check a( 100 ?ukl . I aving been given to her Rriben "aave be?n scattered right and left by the reckless Hrhrvw hanker, in the vala hope sf floating tVi Turkish toe n. Secreey. government preaanre, gaggiBg the prsaa s jg.i the oaaat imperial machinery were all tnaufflc lent too pan tbepuras al rings of the paopia who wonted to oaaka lorsataMoU. It H fouad that sovereign- . 'uluaa, k m ga and ea?M rera can go ah?ad too fast, sad ft* 4 t Aaaiaelret arm trad inv: as wall aa pr.vale perms. Then whea Ike ' crash cono tt rarriea all down Itfm. Fraacla O. I was cm of thraa reck Sees speculator*. , He overtraded ha. the matter of repatatJa*. He ftrok* lata promiaaa, fatal j Acd ail hla accooBla sad plowed tlia Jeremy iMddler a? ?xtenswe'y that ha waa oNtgr X, flnrt, to mortgaga his crown, then altow bm effect* to h*- aeiaed, ud hie entlra estate sold t* satisfy hla art , d iters- fHc <* court* went into Uk? gaaatl* end g?t exiled aod ot4kawed. ~Lh* poor riultan, AM* Me<i iid, hss beenovertsarftog, hfca a taos* extra vagna . family, and very dtnh?*aat aerr4n*ta, and hta credit ha* , aew bacoSM atoad. vftai few o?j boo* wil' trust htm, aasi I aa he llvralar beyoad hia mama, la ft IghtfuUy la de* and creditor* clamor ou a, It la ?Rpectsd that the ataertft" must ~oen Map in wul selre the srbol* The next qoaa ilea is th*. choice of admiakMrators The estate wjtt prv h?Uy c>l ap badly, am * good away ereditora are ha t thla oef.htry , M I* evpected that W. .ma ??*? Mlnlator wlVi have a hand la the adalatote*lian. or b?? Ion* of the saecutor*. Without being impcrtintatly Taailliar wMltkinghr aa* imperisJ affklrs, the late ssisirctswmeat ia ParUiwiU pro~ ' baaty |? far towards upsetting tbe dynasty ot th? Booa \*rtre. I Aiuis Napoleon saay r*tgn aU hU days, hot Na poleoalaaB baa received a sbnek freia which M oaa not recover for years. Thar- la no royal road lot HohTncy, if men? b" thev kings, emperors, or pr-rat* peraons ? will oonsuoitly live beyond their incosaea Tha reign of Ixniis Napoleon has l>o?a an extra ragi>nt no*. Tlie head of the State hss neither hitshtuMted h* r'Mwil* tion nor hla inenns He has practised o* t\n> ore<?<itity at his people, spent money not hi* own, emhorked to \u Ito* tic wars. hikI trifd to make a iMl jirnni out > if a *>w'n ear, lift lt^ Ott'k| \Wi ?rlfvtt?l putvtMl b?'