Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1861 Page 3
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?AL?? or MAls FAKTA^,. ?fe jy, 5{&ir?svar? gW&gr A handsomk oottagk. ixs wkht rooKT-yTU ?^1. wl l? '?W"* * '"^l1 tor a House locatyTro(U ywealy Iblid U> thirtieth Stri/eia. The coUage la a defc,^ *'**ea<* for a mcolU lamlh; contains water and coTfna *??? L?< f 3$ feel deep, with (table In rear, and party ?, J A??iy at 3a7 W?n Fifteenth street, _ A BMA'^L TOUK SIORT ENGLISH BASEMENT BRICK JX Dw< -IUD4T fur sale, on ht Mark s place, for $S,UN; in 11 'nt . {?to v.d every modern lapruveateou Morwtuse $3,.*WL ?""? .ion May 1 Apply Wl.O.l OUNU, 47 TrCfty Build Nb ?>1 Broadway. 4 VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE? THE SUB J), scnber olTere for sale the unflnished House, ft) b? 100 ?fjt , it.r of Lot 260 feet front by J00 feet deep, iu the flour f ktmg village of Port Jervls, Orange county, N. V., 88 miles <reoi the c?ly of New York Description vlvea at the follow tag yiaoes:? Girard House, Fifth Avraue Hotel. U. L. Na? u, C?> utal Insurance Office. 18 Wall etreet roll parti. -u taee. prlee and map of property will be givin at 43 FUltoa street, H. 1., from 9 U> U A. M? or at the Fowler House. Port Jdrvts. H. KogTEH, Proprietor. ABM ALL HOUSE FOR BALK? VERY CHEAP, IN FOK tieth street, east of Third innr, three story and baee ?mrnt . price $5,UW: aU can remain on mortafe but I.7UU, ak<o a nice brown tone front House, east of l bird ivenue, in Thirty-third street, three story and basement: prlje $6.73(1, and will lake $1, (Ml Cash, balance In liuui:m> uu. Apply to JOnN yarfRafCH. 415 Third avruue. A THREE STORY HIGH BROWN HOUSE, ON A Thirty flret street, near Htath avenue, KKMxUh; pri.-e $8,1X10, rent $800, and warranted olieap Also, a loaf list of Aeap and low priced Reuses far eale, in various puis of the ?*J^ ^Kor particulars apply to C. O. PRATT, 10 Pise atreet, AT SOUTH BERGEN, N. J, OPPOSITE VUS W2 foi med Dutch church (Dr. Taylor's), a plt-aaaut and eon veeteut Ktudmoe, suitable for persons do ng buafneea ln*hli city. 1 he Huuse n three stories, *;lth wirg aliased, contain ing in all about fourteen rooms; waa bud about three years af-> id the moat eabetanits.1 manner. Attached la aboirt six ?eta of ground, well supplied with fruit, shribiery and a ?ood garden. The bora* rallroai cars pass the loor eve?y few mtauiesto and from Jersey CXty Itrmi ear'. In Vlre on the premlaea, jr of JAMES P. JONES, g Maldea lane. "DUO AD WAT, BROOKLYN, PROPERTT TO EXOHUIOK 1J fora*ood Far?. In Dutrheaa. Ortngn or Waitcheater "?otutlea baa flue House and Stane, ll -.nta, haadiomely <wnibellishe.i and ltalttly encumbered. DINOEK A UOL DkN, No. 8 Pine street And 1.8*4 P roadway fVJUNTKY SEAT FOR BALK OR KXOHAN'IK? WITH V> Macrea of excellent land, situated In Weatcheiter county. Mar the depot, ar.d * lUUa M tul tutea' rt leof Twonty-aeventfc ?treat, on tne Niw Bavea Railroad. The bulldingH are new and modern ; hot and cold water, bath room, Ac. ; ahodp aa<* fruit treen. WEI be sola low, or exchanged fer a olty houee ar eountry seat with Ibkh land. Iaqulro or OREOORY A CO., S? Bond slteet. New York. COUNTRY HEAT VERY CHEAP? LOCATION ONE of the best In the country. House finely furnlsK d; wuns orchard, gardesa under hi^h slate of cultlvalloa; apkndkl view of river. r. B. Kl/SS A CO., 9 Nassau dfreet. Dwelling house for bale-situated on Twrnty fourth ttrtet near Bishth avenue, having til the nmadem improvements; will he sold very ?benp and or easy terms. P. B. ROSS A CO., No. 9 Na?sau Mreet. DMT GOODS, GROCERIES, BOOTH, SHOES, Li quor*, Scours and Clothing wanted for cash or real es tate Parties having . ueh for sale nay apply to P. B. MOsB A CO., No. 9 Nassau street. Desirable residence at yonkers for sale or to exchange, situated near the depot ; he^ne and ^ru^Ddn In first rate order. Apply at No. 2 Naw street, New Farms for sale? convenient to the citt, near depot, schools and churches, of various id e?, <|uall Kea and pr.o-s, lo good order, building, fence and cultivation: aonie for exchange, three fine country seats; valuable mill property. HuL'TIl iVICK A WOOD, 8a Nasitu street. ?IR 8ALE? THE FOUR l#ORY BROWN STONE House No 116 West Tblrtyrfourth street; ooatalns all the Improvements; roaewooo doors, walnut stairs. Ac.. Ao. Hause 2b>6P i eel. lot 162 feet deep. For partlov'.ars inquire mt the owner en the premises. YTK)K SAT.E? THE ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN F ktone House and Liet, No. 134K Lexington avtmue; flmt alass neighborhood ; the house is built of the very beat &elact ad materials, finished in the latent style, and la replete with ?n the modern improvements; has hot and ookl water, sta tkmary wast tubs, Ac ; lt la the moat perfect house In all Its appointments In the city. Price $8. SOU ? $5,000 may retnaia an bond snd wioi igace. The ernlre Kurnlture, whlsh Is of the ?moat elegant and oontly character, made by 'the beat city makers to vr^er, will be sold low, with the house if desired; aotd only in ounsequeaco of the owner removiag to the coun try ; may be seen from 10 A. M. till 9 P. M. TjVJR SaLE? THE NEW BEOWN STONE FRONT I House on the Mtulh side of Fifteenth at., 140 < eet we> t of ?tath avenue; has all the conveniences for api-nteel family: wt?l be sold low and on eaay terms. Apply at the ofli'-e of Kaynor A BlavkweU, eoiner of Broadway aad Ihlrty-fourth R 8ALE-A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, AT YON. kers. In Broadway, within Ave minutes' walk of the de and stminboat landing. The bouse Is large, 41x40, with jr extension, built in the most elegant manner, with all the con veniences of a city home, lias, hot and ould water, baths, range, furnaces. Ac. ; Ice house, carriage house, with about thre** acres of land, with a line river view. For particulars apply to COE A WALLI*. fid John street, or to DAVID H. FoWLKK, .120 Weststi-eet, New York. 1jy>R SALE? A VALUABLE FARM. OF 170 ACRES, IN JT Waateoeiter county, thrae miles eaat of Gulden's Brtdffu atauen, on the Harlem Railroad This farm Is under goud ealUvailon, and produces as fine grass and gz-Un as any farm ta the county. It haaan abundance of valuable Umber, and to well w atered by never falling springs and streams; .1M1 palled apple trees, in full bearing; 100 cherries < seven kinds) ; aLaadanre of peaches, as flue as the marhet can produce ; paars, quinces, grapes, Ac. Good House, Barn, sheds, Gra mmrj, Ac For price and further particulars apply to AJLBX. Q?TR*NDEK, i?l Wall street, N.V7 *_ DOR KALE? OR BXOHANGB FOR REAL ESTATE OR A? merchandise, a benutlful Farm in Iowa, ton years under bprovemcnt, near* thriving town, containing thirty aorex, WMh a flue stream of water running through It. Address Cadmus, L3d Washington street, HobokeH. CR SALE? TWO NEW HOUSES, ONE BLOCK FRoM Dr. Tyng's chur-h ; they are Just (inWhaf , built In the manner, with modern Improvements; desirable rsaidence, I <a*wfaekluK the park ; Nos 186 and 187 East Fifteenth street. Agftj to 1. H. DOUGHTY, 1U Bowery, from 12 to 3. -EV)R SALE-TWO FIRST CLAB8 FOUR STORY ? brown stone front Housaa, with all I he modera Improve meats, Inlshnd In the best style, sltua'ed oe M urray Hill, between Park and Lexington avenues, Noa 4A and 47 Kast ?tb street. Inquire on the premises. FjiiU ^VVrfJMl0StTNTRT BESIDKNCE ? fnrch, If noiiilj PR SALE? NO, IS WEST THIRTY- FOURTH HTRKKT, Ike flnr Urge Houm, four stories, baseiMat and under ?Ar, with roach house Is the rear; stalls for four horses, laqulre on the premises. B SALE? ON SEVENTH AVENUE. BEAR POUR teenth rtroet, the three story sod attle high basement No Cl Merest* aveaua; terms easy. Inquire oa Ue c TCH?lt SALE -TWO OP THE HANDSOMBHT COUNTRY JP Heata in the State of New Jersey, within Jul hour and Meanly ilium** of New York city. For pa ilcuars In fairs at 116 t uiton street, thin', floor, of J. P. KLi.SK. fitOR HaI P ? HOUaE i.ND LOT 33 WEST THIRTY SIXTH JP street, I etween Plfth and Sixth avenues, It: .'WflH, lot 99, Philadelphia brisk I rout. English basement, with all the modern Improvements. $6,0)10 of the purebase can remain fee a n?iub?r of year*. ?or fut '.her particulars apply to tbe ?sraer, O. St r DOKFF, 10 College place. rR I'ALK? SEVENTH WARD PROPERTY; FIRST class llonse, with all the modern ImprovenMrJa. rfnd a ?eelrable Lease of Oround, situated In Monroe etree', will lie Mtakwr; la In eompVte order. Arply to J. U. DO l/OUt Y, MB Boweiv, N. Y., f nm U till 3. ")R RALE? A HUI>dON RIYBR BITE OP 14 LOTS OP grnand, with a handsome Hasse, Stable and Carriage Haase 1 an dwelling has every modern lmorovevact, fas, hoi and e<\Jd water, speaking tuber, dumb walief , Ac. ; !t is situated ?n 140th street, between h levenlb and fwaifth ?seniles, within live minutes' walk ef toe Hudson Kiver Rati maa depot. It will be cold low. CtL'. on or Mdresa M. C. ML, MS > ast tenth street. P?! E rR BaJ.E ? THE POHB STORY BROWN STONE House. located In Trrenty-seoond street, between Fifth aad Sixth arsniiex, with Modern im|.??Tements, marbln hall. Ac , Ac. Lot <6 leet by hal:' the Mac1!, lias Flxtuios and Mwnrs will he sold with die House. Apply to UBIMBERNAf M RBt'ORl aEA, 10 Broad vay :*H SALE-A NEW riOH STO0" BROWN STONE front Hoc*", having s'l the Imaro-ements App'7 or premises, lit tf est forty eighth etrea', near Hlitu iiwm rR SALE-A VERY CHOICE *A?B. ABOUT TO arres, high 17 cultivated. abundance *f fruit, well tlin bared and watted' good house and outbuU'ling?; conv<-nirUt to aburrh. schools, Poet odie?, AO ; oear ftep< t W. J. KK. ; tors* quartets of ma hour from city; plot -ant location nod AM>d neighborhood. H. HtV utMlit, *0 Tine street SALE -A TWO STORY AND BASE* ENT (NKARLP ifw) Houie, Ml aerfect ord? r, and luitdromely furnish ed ; h ' ? I'M and water, plessaM'y situated lc Yorkvtlle, be. tween beuond and U>hd avenue*; street tlagg'd add |isvc<L NUIUh A k? ins El Kit, 7.1 >a<wau slr<-et. {.VIRS/LE? A 7? ACRE FARM. NEAR PORKCHSS TER; flrit eluss House Aod outhiik'lngs, rxr/?llci't ne'ulibor I ?d, shu.daiire of fruit, line r>ew ot ise nouiul. cud ail un 4Ur rnltlva Ion ; Will be a. 1>1 very loT'. Hltju*> A ttiMShTCR 73 Nasfia: street. r)R HAIE-A DESIRABLE COUNTRY REHTOENi'E In the tillage of We?ty,;rt, t :out eotleut. Oogtf House, ?oat/iimnR ti'i1 rooms, barn, uairlsgc U-ium< ami gucC liable; eoont oue unit a lialt scire or ground, !>nau II ulty .ail* nit as agsrdrn. with trull and sluMfe trees In (htiinUiiw; ?lf It good ordci . For i?hm, Ac , inquire of JOHN R. AN URAL'S, ha. MA Woostsi street. ______________ rR CAIJf? THE TWO STORY FRAMB HOUSE AND HA*ai!e oi lotaVIU t u(hth avoiwe, the .vwer oart of wl*sh has been occupied or kesplog carrfac's; sou Id suit "Scitny huaine.?,1>ing - g*?d lo atlon. Apply on the ptemises. Is'O Sa.'.R-TW(.' HOUSE 4 AMO LOT, I/)T 25 BY I0> Jr feet? aousted tn Brooklyn, In Butler stree'., betw.en Hoy t snd hiad. one dieT from Bold. 1'rito g.s?J. Terms ?aey Inquirs at GM VAatcr street, N. *. 1jH>R SALJ8..TWO ETHIOTLT PIRsT CLASH HIMffN F **nne Iioir m ^ln l'hel|is place (E i-t Tlurtie'h slreey, hunt by ihc u? nor b) day s ?ork; alMi oi hotl*e 9'lM aUi l??'n > orty mini ?t.eei first cla^s Tbe above will be aold heloar ctist. Inquire of ? M. rMTTRETtiU, Ui bast Thlrty seiotsJ street lilOB *) P ikkrl, *"? * b,,h *"d aas.' .xj'y'U'.u n'un Ue Pre mlses wUl secure ? bargain. _J r besuilfltlHiiuse Mfiposltn Dr. Tyng'a eharob: wili be a^eom modaiing terms. Aptily to K. M. LUULOW IAL>- HOU?E NO. 19ft WEST TWENTY ttOOXD ? ?'t, iheee story and bail ment, Ajc'i a0."'p, 18* I2?l^; rtnrt llr, .15?' TO ij r-p . ? |(10* BALK Ori I rntTTZ" ? UJac/^olLoo." r\t X ' J' i'->. W KMA MTACT. rH'K KALE OB BXClIkJKlB-KOIt CITf UK BBOOC ?>) i) property or for a plane Mr the ctiy. with leaa land, t I'kiDi i kb u 50 acrea, In drat rate order, fifteen miisa frmi Sew yort, neardepat. Address Farmer, box Mo. Mi P)H faLK OR EXCHANGE? A SMALL ORNAMENTAL <V. .ge uid 8 v. 21 Lots of llrouid, at Hayoune Ber lin Point, one mite trom the L? Touietu; tioune, to sight of < lit* city, tar, Ac. Inquire ot E. J. Li-ISTE, 33 1'ine street, Ir mi to ? P. M. rH BALK, t'R EXCHANGE FOR OTHER PROPBR ty-Vlfteee hundred acres of Land Id HcKeau o uotjr. Pennsylvania,' it 1* situated oa I be 4ll*gti*uy river, aud Jxiones in ilue. Oak, Hemlock aad ..ther tlotMr. Surface JdicmUons sC Pen oleum have eoen'iy been discovered *y furticulf.r* apply to J OSL11 A b. JO.-4RH, 206 urwenwich **" ?ew 1 ork. jjlOB SLE OR EXCHANGE FOB PBO0UCTIYB CITt ? ?f?pr*)!? TSaorsa'of fli?t orn Land. with the ?U> ik and r^Pi . '? a*otl'' i>l???ure tfrouud. graded level from 40 to 7(J feet wUR^ sides, pp V*r turna, a beautiful drive LX)R BALB OR EV-HANGR PMR MERCHANDISE? {" An elemuK FlftA a?-,tn Hons* and Fuinuura, Lokj la (he cities ?> l^ooklyn. NeVrk, I ilea, Ac ; fcarmstn lltl'.oia, Iflseourl ?iil Wisconsin, ea \'urm*u baaia. Priaolpala only teed apply tawaddreaaC. L gjtifu, No. U Pme-xtr?e? room IX aiOB SA?-E OR BXOMANGB POK COY PmOHSRTY? " A rain of 20a< re> on Htataa .!*la*4. near and iapot, v?U plain euildb'Ks, fruk, water view, fe. H. BPDV A ?M . 61 Liberty streak | JfOB <ULB, OB EXCHANGE FOR GOOD MERCHAN- i v #!* ?? the high e<(K>p Dunlin* louae, lib rlt<l?on street, .!? raev Olty, near the ferry, ar.d lu view ot LhnLty, 0 mvenl ent fn - ?Ki>ntlemaa<doii>g foulness in the at}-. >fci iu?-? at :\K WaHUagtun street, New* ort. EH>R RALE OC TO LET-TII?-I TilfcKB *EW BROWN I' atone front Houses, n irth aide of MVi fourth ?tr?<a, twtrv. pen brmdwuy and SU.U avauuiv. liounelit^ W?a Thirty ?eeind ?ti*ct, tsrar Mdth avenui ; rtoum -jft West Thirty ?ii.h Ktreel; aU t. large Uwellinu lloatm, unr iheaat oorue - of l^eoty third sr.x*t and fl'nth avenue tti .ro and I)wf>lHr% -OB Mnth avetrtx-, m ar Twenty-lourtt atretn Kor pai tt'ulara ?;>!? betweer- W A X. a_id 12 4. te KaUVKL COHEN, tie VVoadway. GH>R SALE OB TO LET? A De.81RA.BLK BEHIOBnCV, I* one acnf of Qrotsnd. on Goldvr. HE'., Bridgeport, Coac.; 'oaallty the heat to bo found; haa *?*, ?*'?r, furnace, keuter; food vegetable garoer., iilenty if of au kmd?, karat iraperv, iah>r g aaa. with chclce?iv!tf??<ifi of fruit; bus >aO MJrriage hot no. Aw ly to ului. ERt&l.Elt, on the B>r?K!U>i;a, >r to II W PtsOK Kaq , UMi Pro:.; atreet, or fHE j A. tEELEK, msami ?tre? t. N. For hale or to let? i large hojsb andout haik'ttiga, on cjout.ft acrn? of A?md, with pl?n v l'rult, 1>4 mil.n trom for Ricmuond, Htctcj inland. Apiifc R. P. WELLS, Kir , T ort Rlchnrmd. For sale ob to lbt-on oilpobd pla^b por ty tilth ttntc, between Ih'r^ and l^ex'ngtac av-tauen, brown atona frot;t Houwi, witn alt the m?ii.rD'lnpni>? moruv al?o a hf> i?e on Kllti-.h nj.-o-v between ^oecnd and Third eve nues. Inquire on the uremia?*, Forty -CftU atreet. Termeaaay. J OB SALE OR TO LET--/. TWO HTORY BUILDInU, " with ateas iiower, engin'a and boiler. A>Ix>ft to let, on the neooari c.ory, 100x'.*2 feet Poeaeeaioa immediately. Applyto WM. >K, W tiant atreet. For sale or to &st-on the hodsom, a bateraert two itorv am-: attlo House, wi h large ga-d> rt, nat an~ uskr throughout, twenty minutes' ri&viroin i'hirty flr-it street. Apply to W. K. MLL1 HAN, Broadway, corner Twenty eighth street Fob sale, to let ob exchange-fob city pbcv perty or a good farm near this city, thr foe Hotel and 3ard?n. nearly an sere of. ground, at Near Rocbolle. adjoin ng the depot. Inquire cf f. A rOTTER, No 2 Hanover dreet, .1. P. DBCKER, IK> West Twenty-aerreath street, ?r f the owner, mi the prev.lMib (lOOD IMPROVED REAL E4T4TE IN NEW ToKK uR T Mrooklyn. lightly encumbert d taken la eichangiM'or 'iry Goods: Parm at Vcrktown, Weetcheetor county. In ex* -"hange for New York go A class property; French G-?ds for New York tenement prctierty B. M. FOWLER, II Broad street. Harlem lots for sale ? dehira hly loca ted, w 1th or without corner lot; wiilbe gold very low; little ca*h wanted If brtit on; nituateden First avenue, be tween lt2th and 113th street; $7l)U each. For partlnuUrs ap? ply to VAN WINKLE A Wf NaNH, No. 1 Plc.o Htrewt HOHBE FOR SALE- AT NO 129 EAST NINETEENTH street. It Is nearly new, with everv eaaveulence at.d elegantly finished. Price low and terais accommodating. Apply at >03 Pearl street, up stairs, froci 10 to S o'clock House for bale.-a neat thrbb htory B4Sf.. moot Honse, with ?u ?< Mar. (iu Hxtores, handsome rhandt'Uers. ki'-ehen rnnge and ail the modern improvement* for sitle; the lot is A' . 19 !?<M. roniaicmg an MWlW Rur.ien with a large number of rich grai* tine-.. Ayplv between the hoars of l'i and 2 P. M , at No. 17tf Au mm street, near Con cord street. Brooklyn. HOCSE IN BROOKLYN WANTBD ? IN EXCHANGE for a pitying Hotel at thereat and $2,000 in staple merchandise. DAYTON A -ONt K, Pro|?-rtv Exchange, No. 84 Nassau street. New fork. ANDBOME COUNTRY SEAT AT FLl'ilUNO FOR sale cheap. DaYTON A .loNEH, Property Btrhange, No. 84 Nassau atreet, New York. IMPROVED LAND IN TENNBhHEB? WITH RTOCIf, Furniture, Ac., to exthange for improved piwperty in New . Y ork, brooklvn, Jersey City, or Holuken; some oaah wanted. ' Address A. B. C., box 181 Herald oiUce. H Land to exchange? the wbkt.? to exchange for Improved property in New York or vicinity, several 'tracts of Western l.and, in good, well he i tied n?igh->orhoods, rear villages aad adjoining Improved farms. App y to J. C. CLEGG, El liberty street Lot for haI'E. ? one lot on the north' side of Hilt street between Plant and Second avenues, 226 feet from Second avenue, JMxlOU rest 10 laches., grade with the street ?nd well feno?<. Inquire at REa A POLLOCK'B, 48 t'-ortlanat ?'reet, ooraer of Greenwich SAGNIFICENT BESIDENCB ON KTATEN ISLAND for sale ehenp. or win lie rented for the summer, with a stylish Horse aad Canlage included. DAYTON A JONES, Property Exchange, No. 84 Nastiaii atreet, New York. Notice to liquor dealers or landlords.? I want t?> buy, or lease ' or a terms of years, a ftr?t civs corner Liquor Store, without stoek, far which I will pay from }l,00nto$l,nx> oa or before May 1. Call on or address M. . Biggins, S9R Bnsdway. /?XBANOE AND NEW BBt'NSWIOK, N. J.? FOB BALE, *V' exchange or r?nt? taslect Farms, Country Heats, VUla Kites and Roside^eea, within a shorbt.istance of New York. Inquire of UAKDENBBBGH, OTId A CO . No. M WaU street. pAVFNSWOOU-FOR HALK OR TO LBf ?FIMT ?l\ nau raaJdecnn in Rateaawood, Mar Aator a, miaUl nlng tLodrin imjirovrtneita. Houae two ana a half atari ea and baieeineni. perpetual puorkale rlee [Mm mrnrr rom la hiuar, ? lil< tx ouUin* 72 r om?, and haih ro >m and 2S cloaeta, eicellant ?table uJ carriage houae. parnat Mar, eboMM>{ fruit and tlowera, Ml mta ml ground,- bet and oold water la trrrrj room. water -lo?eta, aalt water bata an 1 evary ton wnlence belong'ng to a gentleman a rariden?e; Una twenty Are minute*, />ddr*aa bos 125 Hevald oOioe. HEAL EN>ATB TO BXOH4NOB FOR ORcCBHiEM OR Proat?lona ?Three valuable Bulk! ng Lota, lona:nd In Oaeerpolnt, U I , on detlrabc avantiea. and Improved, t>?i change for gr"*?rtea or prorlalona. rU-? will tte plaxd at their caab valuation. Thl* la a food opovrtnnlty. Inquire of MChuI.H A VAN "WW, OommiKion Merchant, 334 Washington a'reet, k. T. T)YB.? A BEAUTIFUL OOONTRY 8BAT, WITH ABOUT JV eightrtn area a. ground and 1,000 >et of water front, autifti ? on tbe ha?t rl? r dlaiance from Rye depot one ?.nd a mliea,and only < ne tnur ir>>ni the cl?j , oy ?e? York and New Haven Railroad. The houae In our. perfect order, ??* 40 (?:, two and hall atprlea, with oba?-rraVjrv and a rood J y cellar, kitchen. waahhouae, bakebouae, Ac ; alao a two ar.d a balf at jry rami Houa?,ooBieiDlng 8 ro.?taa, 2 itarn?, Cart-age Houae, Kummer Houae liah'ng Houw, Kjat Houae Ac , 2 no of tbe moat choice fra't trera ia full bee-ing. <-oiM.tiar '>f erary rrarlet; of apnlea peara. peacbiM, pUima and chernra. A flDe<vr^rtable and haruilfnl flower gat.len; alao, a gout abundance of atrxw lerricr'raapb. rrtca. ? u-inlii, goani.rrt ?, grapea, A- ; from tie inart piai'.oyou hav? perpetual pa*' ramie fclew of tlie ha?. river lrm m?i4i Point to Wrten wicb Pnte-t. t iorxl Bahlrn ahootlng b"atr?f; Foraaleair caay teraai Apply to ?? K1I1TII A CO. , otUco No. tall Braac* - way, IIW 11 A. M . to 4 Y M. SOUTHERN HII.LM PaYABLB ANI> OPEN AO ? rounta ? A few thouaaar' aorea of rery valuable Land Ir Southern Icwa are offered l. r a?le, In pa< taaai* for which ne gotiahle and op< n nrarai ta of boIt.-o*. , ;>artl?a In tha Mouth wUIAa tauten. -i pply 4a tbe baaemeat, *t Wall atroec rO FAHMB Hm BALE -THE EHrtltt OF JaOOB hdaaai, t. -ceaerd . aituauMu' Kngllah aea#t?J. rhowl. ?> I Acreaahy N. R. Katlfiad; l<)als.ulea' walk frws depot three mllea from \fc>ba"ken ferny. InuUireot 0 EOHAlX. IW Aaablngtoa ai -eel, or of It. C tEY on the fp) FXCHAtf'OE.? rim An' EHTHKR OR. IRKH TO J e*<'har?r<- t <K?lr?n|e 1.4 rf ?. a Kata"-, I Kj. cd in 'h? la ate ol Iowa, tsr a "lock of Dry U'wida In ortfet to effect * >ridr wotUd ita: object to par li*U' e?chan?e a C?.r prop or U'.n of tnonei . J odrraa K. K a,r'l'er*..l olliaa. T.?KE N .Tl/M?.? A RARE till aNt.B f OK PaRI IRd ?l>o wtab to ?xchaiigo lirv tUoda HrH)<a ai>4 nhoea, I F?3Ty Oo'<<s, J? a?e'iy, Ac., f ,r .aahatnd van deairai-fci v?e?t. | WMtrt) TV .artv ofTarttiji ia pureb ?ae I ? nu> In tbe ctty, inH may l?? ce? 1 at the o&ue af r'eukaam A Ala n, Xii Rri a<? ay. 1 VAIm aHLI. nhau KM-aT* Al a HaKUAI >?.- MO tii-'H NOW ? ?!,< fHnllllHlH Went IT went? e^ftth artmet, of'e blsi k I n m erwai way, >h|ve eu"j and hign trnae a." n>. Si f etfrontt'; J iltC ' eet f* . t'h,rf a of U*> (riire^aee m imy w. '-"mala on Ki ir^ki'a for fire yew a / ?M (latunnined a-H I. It ia aa T.?iiuijt- aa an? n r 10 p-- IV. 4K.I lorrraaliic ia valiMI *?pty V> H. T. OilEhN WO? >D, MS W illlxm ate act. WKhT FOCRTEKNTV NTRRET ? <*ttB PlKlt CLtfl four ?,ury ard i.igi' ,'raafment H?uae 31a Waal feiar teit.ob atrta*. wltb all m nic n laaprbvin- nta, and la ap.i iy(.il r, for aale, *v- gr> a) liercaao h..u- ?/??*. ct 2i x ltd taat. rennaeaey. /pply tu ibn a?u?r, on tbe pre BtlMa. AN J tD- TWO OR THatfcB IIOR^P.rt, AT M>* PRI-I ca?; mnirtf.'e go >d 1 ntLnn and goera apd rrin- In liar neaa, aa ?$i"y ??? wanted f?r Fie country H? olijec ion If the* are a IHtlc aore and timVve ye ara old. J .pply to th<i ear man at KB Owrnwlch mreet. w ANTFO? 30 TO ll? AOREt) HOOD LAND, ').*( T?R Hilda- n ulMttnnniMlm arc! a Half ?K.-a fnirn w 4epot, with 'ioiia* ar>d ou h^.liiiuga. In etch*n*e lor MtF Brofi-rtr AiMreta fm ten dayt, W. Kr., Nix 2,243 New fork ??t uflif* WniWi LKFS THAN IT OCHT */X MONTKI AOO? II" 'U WUl be ao:d, a handaom* a?w Vila Hnnaa, altua tad n? Wnahlngton nveroe, I'.IO feet fm? the Xvrtle ?vei>na cam L"t Si1* feet front, W0 feet d'i<ai. llouae new and oooWiWm 13 room*, with modern Imprwonenta; aeyen lutfa oraacneaial tree a la frwot of ^nuae; iMigbiMrhooil flrat maaa; teiwacaay. U. SMITH A OO , Bu. 4110 Hroadway. J?9 finn CASH -FOR BA1.K, THR TRRER HTORT P*.l?UU and haaement Hrlck Bouae and i>ot. No. 2M Hi vr 11U1 atreet. Thla l? deeidedly a < heap pMl ie af pntpcrt*; the halacc<'. |2.M)0, on bond and aiortgage. Avply to t. H. WlCOHIY, lit Bowery, from 12 to 3. nnn oabh, ano ?,nfio aorrs of aklrct >r?).i'vo l?n<l In Iowa ara offered lor a atoek nf tli),0UU wurih of Blaple Mrri-handlta. OaiToN A .HlNRe, rr?p*tly Kifkatige, No. M "a?aau street. New t nrk. ? |W|f| ? VF.RY C'UBAP.-ONLT fl^llO I'A.iM RE tl UUU? . wired for the genteel ihree atory, Mgh haaa mcnt Houae aln aled In a hi.nd?"m>> bl irk, with gn% rtttur'-a, baih, ?c, IMItfl*-U,M atiwet. n?ar Third aT?uu<' If not ?old l.y april I, l' ? I?hxi1 i 1 a amall family 'or fAUU, ? at. r f'Di *bd irpalra. iP'jaJrs ?l llW Raat BJcV?bt|l atreet. NALJH1 OF REAL ESTATE. J II P-frO* BA1M? I HE bUUaE A?i> LOT NO. , JpD OVfU. 103 East Fartlrtb ureal, thro- atory and ba?a mem brxJt, wl' b all the a odern imi?ni?euietiti', gas ttiiur?a, < Me , neit U> Leilugtoo avenue inula m d-raie. Apply to 1 J H. IHiCOBI*. i*? Bowery, N * X i d>/? -nn WILX. PuitCHAsK IH v F TH ? H&NO. t ?PU.()vW MDut tbiee ??or* and b ? rut b ? a ato.ia Couki 111 thla ell' , OonlalO'Bg all UlC t . O' ruMIU I. J mil ( located; i ulv $1,4< u caab required A la JOd U Mo UUlllfc, 777 Ihl d avenue, urtM revenl reel. ill in ? ePI.ENOlD KKI fcNCK KOR%ALR. ^)(U.UUU, jrry ckcap mar e clly by i uu.Lt i aits. ground* beautifuBv urrancrd II ?nri.-t*>a rrui?, ' ? owt-ra. .hi ub* uid shade uus; pi ant location, ud ail In perl ect order. WOUTIIWTCK A WOOO, 83 Naaaau atreaC KOkt ?4LK. A 8W*RE OPKJk.UMIV.-AVUio F??K tub u. 5i?^S?2S? s n?SSSS 4 UhUB FIHE W -At*, WirB BCHOLAR'a a. M'e Inrldo, for sale Alao eweral DMkn. 'anting and atantttuu. I?j. 364 Canal ?eert, ooi?er of hlaaauael, ground floor. ADRINKIVU ANl) HILL AMD BaLOON FOR SALE? rilu.ted on ei>e?f tax brat Ourougalam lutbeclivuf ? roi.klvn, ano eMamiahra thirty yeare Ittctiacc 1? (Hud up la a coco ^ia->' man"**, ec\d now doing a gimd'k mhiiwi nana factory rranou< tor ei-fing nut. Tbr plus and will, tnjubrr *uh?Ore ja.rt Leaae, wttl b? aoid at a bar ?aln Apply to JOHN J # him, comer of iork street and lludstn ?ruu?, Kro-Alj n AFROPE*.U-K CUK MAl.h ? hHK l"* ABOUT 3U0 Durtheu a?<l > in lOtvplete urdwr l'ir set. Inquire *1' ?. Tu* Mo H I'lue airaat, 'a Ibe Uummeal AHIOHL* moriT*, KaS'IY minaobc BBSI ucsr for aal>\ li? an .<1 nirablr locally; a tint rale urpor tuntty tor a per*) with*. tn> -dentin o^ltaL For ! urWicr par tioulara appl> ?? Iti4 AUai.ti<' wwd Brooklyn. AKTfcA* 0<>N? tr TlONfK* MANUFAlTr< Rtttl Bft lablUhtnant forta'o *aitn\ j'rars e?tabltsheU, wnbv largr tiada ib th?i ol*> and ami ' h>- m vhla^i7?nd ina iiiiiactur.i.f w>nipl?tm the bu-iii' ?? ?r.av oo mx traded to VM>.<XK) p ?? annum *rply at 439 Hr?aift?KT, room U C B. UUViut? CO. BHEWfcRT iroH HA1.K? A OOM HI.KTB HSRW- < err.^j* n-ro?rl ruu of aUKam; the air can h? ao.d aa j run an inu<ln iore.u>n. i? ivhI H-.-?i?-d ; l?? rnrt, n^tod onanoa r for any^'-non fa.! It kiuhII no-am; v. Ill b*> mM i?;v. Sniiafao lory irmtxm? fritu by addrea*Lig Brewery, Herald olllce BOU.HHh nil 8A1.B-NEW AND UKrO'JD HANS Ktillrrs af all, i rom I w> th heme power , al' o>ni|.kte. ul.n a-vcral M?:ra I'uiu iaat aiu? I ? win be glue* lMiairj at the Bmuklyn btwuu Heitar * urlu, tCV aatic atr?-et W K. !? IaMEV *0o { 1HEMIMW A<D Al'ulhKv AiiiEN ? A L'tlUv* ?lOE!S, \J btrantlfnliv arniuged, with Qitun-a of tbr flno<t dn-ipf p tlon,- all- tuata w> oider. a?:.l ami ok of baal Unoieine-taid rbamlra!*, in offered for ?al? at a ?a-jrlfle> o' oue-nalf lia real raluc, io ?tttle up n bualnma. Th<; location and oaiyh iM^ia-owd It <y deBli-abli* <c? a )a>j[e und 'irnf<?(> e bualunaa baa bwn cnnducb-d lor tbai pa>t 111 u rn ywam ?u llm prevaea Apply to KLKlNH A i*,Nb.DlCr, Kattl bMiMi AgonU, Sa 1 Cauit htfott. Brooklyn. OHIjO HTORE ? IN 8KOOKL.YN, ?Ok RA1.? -7iOW k.orat?d on a i rtr clpal ?ir?-t Is< a good bininwl H?? Uu? run lor toria wa'rr aad root boar. Apply t W-l I* LI AM H. kINb*E\ , Wl Matd'a laar, op a>alra DIpINO hALOON ttlHSALt? OF TH* UAHO r*t Located 4:i tb? (fr??irHt hriincan thora-ighrare Oo\tsi town, v al'ia !.? I* a-t'. * lr?i elaau bunlneu aa l p'oGt ubf har ci'1 nri'ini. iUI ? 111 purchaof ?t <?& and 3itureai ayr'y at 429 limatiwiv. r i m 13 C B BUWasAOO. i DRPOOI.-T-- M UKaWhitrt, ABOUT a? I B >TrUSH, OIokj. t'*>e-. Hcaleir, W elRbt", Mortaro, \c..fc., t > bo aid.1 at about b.l' noat. Appl> at \S#</eat t Ifuea'.b street.^ b<!i?<-rn Kigbib ?aq Mntb av- iitiea. HALr. ? TIIK LKaKF, STOCK AMD PIXrURHB r of a Grocery and Liquor aim Apply at 10 Cher rj ?etreet For ha lh ? rb r *hll kn(i*? hakkoivm "st- r?s Arme," sltiiwed in Moth aventst bet*- mi rwi"tty ele Mb snd Twfniy niu?. atnete Mill nr m.tdchtap, if ?mmed1 u? i Jy applied for. A pr'y od the pr-mt?-;' L>??B h*Lk ? 'INK. OP HBKhlNO'rt LaKOB I luN! r Safes, and ?art ?' Oilice ti> re?: Inquire or' I \Ml> g 8. BEEith A > Oft, l?o B V allien laue,tturd a tor, tack oill- it ' FOh HALh? >b? WUKLI) SALOON, .117 UU MOn' str?et; ? Hta?:inaed In 1 KVti ; the hmne, ^litcmx an J<r?ntl will ol tLf ?ba?:' B?loon, iuc uillnj- i ihie? y?Mir>;' l* w?) mt tus l?t, Without re* t Inquire ot J'llIN W. TIIOMP"' JJf, hi tbe stove store, tin Hpritig ntreet, ?ear Hudxun Fotl balk? ?T A 6HK A r BaKUAIN. A ??UL ISAIjE si d tetiil I/qtior ?tore, sliaeted In HnjdKyn, ro ran o< Oiahsin itrw-W-txi Myrtle avenu*: one of to? bent 1 ooattnor tn l be country. Will be sold cheap Inquire at X O funl street, N. Y. LHI)< BALK? ONE OF TBE MOHT K.LI II BL K AND. P neatly flwed up drinking Kalecrtia. on onwjf the . beat sor ? ners In tbe city, one bloek from Broadway am' two fmcn tfcj font otllee , three yearn' lease, for sale only In CO- leeqnewcj of the ownep rning Homh Priee $1,000. 'Apply to L. G. KL1NCK 80 Ceoar street. For balk- t he btoor and futcrjjb of a IJoust usrw?ilug and t?t<T?e fc'?re. The Htore and Wwrl. atanp to let orteoe Apply at QBi Mxth avwue IjVjR KALE? TH?". LHAKB AND FIJCtl'RES ?F A r flrtt clave Xtriuor fetore. Apply on the> pre? laea, UHj cend avenue For kale ? <the lea-k (thkrb ybai m, o?>d Will and Pfeiture* o* the 'urge tlrst -l?m? KngUaJu / Ut House .No lo6 Spring street auw~iein( a g*id iu hooks. Sa it low. House la ?-rlect order. Heaaon for sellln, (, proprtauu' going into busmsss in the uuaatry. rlR MALE? A SIN* SHOW OOHMVEIL W'lTM ?AK ble k'p, lour ?.'bsnoallxrs (wh'.i pipes,, i.e ), aod sli fct .a dred empty boien. Antijeat Noj flfc) Bnarfway. Ij^ok rale? a corner -jliquor siokb, with r lavormble teese and. okeap' reut, dotar a good whslesrie and famUy trade. al* ? ta transient Stwmeaa. Will >e j"ld very cheap ua account of laatring the?jalna?a AMtr At 283 11 union strec. FOR PALE? AIR POMP, ebpboially akrajvobd for Ike art oi' oimp reMAne assail quae I ties of aaa. Rr ce $40. IJkewtae, Barium avaereryde, to p!*>luee hydrofen stv pe.roxyde, at $2 aa oanc v. lo^we of wtUIHNKB, Nc. 34 Bonston -treet For salb-a thk> ie ??rnLED .'{Nolibsi bser rump in good orde r; prte?R50 Mr*- y at 1186 Bower; For haib? thk r kokb.'.lfr rfnby abdrkw, now rui nlQf on II ie Ks4sta nrer to Albany, lfti-fcet loct, *Bfe?t heatp 9 feet b?*d, < ' Jgt>t daat ijbt and very .fast iko tewral HarfM. Ap ilituJtum. Sall'lALDAOO., lfrMiutb stree . .. . For bale ? the liq < or^.wd otnteb baloon, mb hecno arenur. netw MB iii.rty fa? t*a and Thlrty-df'Ji st re -tc f> r sale Tbe. .p. also < Um> -t^ieo. 1 3 let , reasoa for seUi.ig ruul. health of th< preeent , pee tor. for further particulars Inqt re at tte store ? ?. ? . ....Hi nHitn DmUO sfoir, low f r cash, or ^ 3 Nassau street. IMMt 8AIE? T"E STIM-K A WD FIXTt RES OF AN f)LT> r ?* iblifh^rt H"0 ?nd .Hhtie Imm of the greata*'. thoro; ..blur** In (be ny. ?n<l the ? hum and Store to let. Ic qulra?.l 192 Bowei y . IflO* 8 ALE- A OENTaI, M'PfNESS. PT'LL PRACTICE, Jr ft >d I ratten, or <? rlaaa patina * tor f<artlcuUr? apply laJOfiha, W HI 1 1. W. Co, aormer of |nw|??)r tod BJoc limt. CHJR SALE?' THE. 0OOO W IX AMD MJnTOM OP Alf r "id r Ht*h IV nt hop, n >? dfUa:; * good bualneaa l>e?tVc >? Ifi leaati t <it moderate. HI Wiih tnduone thw uroprtrlu- to ??>!. *Mna . r .ppi> 4a I F . ?t S N. UodM m palmate.-", roruerof \? ? :*? r mi eet aad JhaAUm aquaro. IjlCR HALE? 1 HE PjXTU HEH OP A RUTOHER't! *HuP.) 1 Mm a flrat inw.; MM only < ? MMBt of 111 henlib ut;tr a. ?rtnrr unden'.anriluc tb>> bu?in>?*' wnuld u?k. n (mm at Mo tU r.vaaao A. a man I wacti d to >i d. a* aiio?c IPOR HA'.E- PTfK K ,i IfD FIXTURES OF AJ ' and ??? li ciiU.hlta?M?! i'?? Ftitorr* ?j?d Ki> . ng mtabllaa Di#nt; 'm?(t thn b>*< ra*. I ? ai d< ia ike ?!?y; would ?ti ehiniifor^bumeMd lot. Add reaaj. a., ha: 130 HrrmJd oft eh 1.M.K H Ai,*-., at a HAK'iAlK? TWO HHUTrLE AN? r f n dnokle thr-ad r*wla* Machine* or will -a-shanfe for m?rrL?nd'~? ?ddrwa ? j liM'r, Hrrald 'iliaa u'< R fAL.h CHEAP? TliE LhAriB, nto.j*, I'iXTI'keh ~ a?d goad ? '11 of a gmwrv and liquor Au>nt, 4rmg a Ri??| itanlaea* I ?w I* a Hint rat': tpport nliy (or *!,;? oni- wi <h Jn? t? mak* lai -iry balfMlaaku-T r-a?"n? wiil be given (or .wiling out ? .pytng ?i Urn more, rtuh Mftaat, eoraer of IMtl iMMfe, ' iMaaiaharg. , Grocery ht< kk por uu.- the nwi and Kliliirm fit a rrtnU 'iroo? y Ht<ir? with a la?oraMf> lam and nn* of, '.lie heat looa-Jawi on the Sluh aMitae. in flate of A. K A OO , XW lir?r*nwl(!h itrvet. HOt 1* FOK MAL*?* .iltJ'/li.Y BTTPaTED POR Impir.i'PB wti 'u wo hl4?lui ?f the N?? To k m.<! Kite ?1j'1 1 m ? n M<v?t Kailr a* 4?p<,ta. on-nplwel? a Ml u-*rly ItigUMMd and -apt of "<>inio'U*n^ |i?) fu**:. w ll l>r ?Jnp4 *d of on Ok'4:abl<- lermn to Iba r?ht paatT, with a low *ai valuable ?? au-, a I poa?>"<?i<.n a ???..- M i h'' .*t.<if .-pili llwl ? ow dclnc k (awl tr.r,ji?nt a.d olt) biwtitO'M Iniiulr,- onlbe i rnrai-??, R<t W UrtH-o *'<*?? at nun*. roH dj i^_ ^??w flOMmcTED ah an ana . iia ?h?di *. Cia'niM 12 KiM.?o*tt>?l<iiia ?pantom tt*j ?> rt ? onota, 04. m''lj lo.-a' <1 ?u? for *a - at a fn v hnrKaia. LaWkKHi,.' A OO ,hl I'air, fovrwuih otm! KK*VM fV. < iIL RVK TK run SAlJC -IHlH tH Kb oifrftr ?nilij lor not oni' with ?<uim wilui u> maka a k< i>d K ? i u *ddie** 4. Ei toi litfl ' All' ofllii* IK AhK A?l? PrXrUHfM KOK TO I.Br.? j 1 hr Kt >?* iftanri 17 > trt'. ?tr* I, hiiht <-..^-?!*aly 'o- th* I ?<k on hu?u???, With fou' '?look'' b iv' M?t palen loe h kii?4.,-<i n<iuir? no ae t^viulies or of u A. tiUOO A W A < r-tlM AN Jgi or -noM.? tiik ?rocn, MJMU?k-< 4M> ma j i>mi of a Lh|u t ? on*, or Mnw* wurtou id ? ihirfciy populA ? d BnUdl'tnl* ?>4 Kuf ^*ru<!UUr 4ii pjttr on thr i*nn?* ? <*3 Niaui mi>?i | Vj'xKSIOKl. HiK HAI.|. -iHK 4a I. K. IMK OLD I rj tUmhlmh A tjqnor for. , IM Oherrr * rn?t. Ml "*t ^ -It PiUvnaiiil Ib'Mt )?.? !?? .?? frtiui iti? l't "f pili? fJ.HMi 1hii-U?T< oxnHtei'l ..puoritinilr for B bu?m?A?i 1 B. Ml Apply OB Ibr I 'rna, If*-* MAL'tUPB SHOP, hi,. r?9 CllgKaU ?T*BKT, C..K m<*.. And lit* promt1* to I^am. 7kl? liio 'liliuli n?n. d ??tJ cAlru??u^ for Lb* biiA.n?..?. %t.plyoB'*? pr- mi tea. U. VATKitVlAM. MiLUN&BV fHTABLioUMENT.-rOK MAL.R, TUB hi'- k, future* a nd ff-<4?l'lof a Itril 'Ml ?r??d ?ajt fcllUnrry I-.o'AMiihnu iii, ?Uii # *prndid run of euntom. Ap ply kt MM HrOAit* ?y I BJAHKFT FOR HALB-WfTH MEAT, OVRTBS, CLa? HI and ??f ia*U MUiidK. In h ho <? Nation, And bow doing a good bn In#**. A t <x I ?Un.| tur a nun wh > aud*r* ?nd* . tbo buBim Apply la tk? inArkat. AM Htidooa M'Mt, our- j f r ol Miiru D. Market *tawi? rn* ->wk-hik kink Doi'iir>s Kl*nd. Ul und 18 < Hark -t, aI pr. M>nt A BOHrf hiaari, l>ut ?mubl. for am bum ; ?ui fx. MiU |n?, Ayol; to A. Il kMll M? kOWMMMt Mi at a wo rfiKTim rcn <u dninp r> co. d bunin* m. ^all*fn/4or]r roAanim ?ir<sn (or frlltPg. Apply ?t the Kg?r *orr, ?2,' J Mrrwr inert POR RALE. /VIA E8T*BLIHHKD CLOTHING B /HIMBHH FOE | U ?k-tkl aabaartbar (forty wan la the buateeaa) la tarlj*** of *ai? aiag of kla eatabUahmeui. bring u*> far a4 iMMrtalkitfmU the Momry autervtvon; It It oaa of. I We beat atauto In Ike ciij. doing ? large cuh huaiueaa. ;

Via ateck lawtll aeieetod (mblf nade u4 U |iwl '?te; ! Ik* GVUim dnfcrtmeul U veil nuicfccd and Uaa au eloeileut ? M t? ottwMi run of mule.- Or a young man energetic ana ea*rip-iaing with mm oaab rapital would be taken aa partner. Afplj to J AS. U UfcKktH, No ao Fourth avenue. PBOTOOEAPH UALLERT FIB BklJt-I8 WELL furaiahei tr- inau-umctrta, excellent aky light, aadarn/y eonTtra'enor; DB?ly 1 xate> la ?tooklun; will be aolt at a fair value. ParAannr langln Ike an, if required. Inquire at U?? gallery. W headway. rkUART? *0<'K xnxs AND portion ok pa \J. teat tea aale o owod by miners to be tbe ?ery beet for it 11 ui ti g tocW aud uibrr tiaid autmtamea to perfect dust, with 1 ardeaHl Aiftlng gnutiiiK turfaor* wiitlly changed. hoUrtlWICK A WOOD, t? Raaaaustreet. Ra RE C BANCS ? 1 HAVRCAHll AND REAL KhTATB. VnrpmwJ an# nnlmpru'ed, which I will etchanue 'or mertftiaadlap lo Ibr amount of one to one hundred aud tlfty th.iiM.nd d?ilare Those wishlrg tn cKhw buaineua or make excbtugea qui aMrru M A., box 134 Herald office. Retail bu<:nksh por sale? established for t?m years, in a bra. rule locaiiou. Htoch aid llxturea amount to ?tx?ai $3,(1110 : half .'*ih rei|iilr?d, the balance good paper. Adtreaahc tail, box 177 tleraia oilicn. STKANKWB PUR SaI.I r i ur w nr w 'if ami m, ftom 30U to 930 tona. Thrt e aMttwh*'! Moawboata. Three Hrry Biat* s tram fcagluc aud Bcilera new aadafcond hand, oonataclly for aale. Apply to CisAKLKt- W. COPKLAND, 122 R roadway, New York. , QTFaM ENGINES FOR HAL.E-NBW AND SECOND O brad, fmmtwabn ((wn hor*) imwfr. o<>a?i?llnfc of hari rontM upright t?4 pcrtakl?-. AK? a Machine 8 bop Mid g<n4 w II t,( bunlnmo, ?ow ra Huccc-fiil opwatlon, wrtl MMtnt with iooiB aud ???*% th'iif. rruutrod to conduct ttoe buwluran. (?ifbire at the mactniinr nop ft* * Witter (trant. ??? York. OCAiOP TOR SALE,? THE BLOOP WHIPPOORWIU.. O kbouUiU und< bifrtuen, nul.i by M-AHr*. lUgmtr ui<l I'mta #*. Botlpon, 1-rfiR litfoiid; l*w?ll furiii?h^d itrnuguot*. and r- *<1v for}aatae*i;'*lli be to d lo* t<> clone an aetata. Apply toHVNRl W TfTI'S, Heliport, L. I., or to WM. 1KVAW, y W?Wr street, New York. Store iwturbs -twb entire pimiires in the ?tore <#wed)'forner ol West Pourtmrtfe utrceivnd Sixth ?t< nu<*. aahihlc -for atnoct any buMnnm, ulmoAtfeew, for fal>* 'or lorn Uata hall ih<- ??t, If ImmufliOL. Icn;Ure at the fruit alaatf. TO BPTOHER8.- VOR SALE, A N*AT TV O STORY f raw 114* ?>?, with ^Uughier iiovarr.odRtaMu attached, ?ll In perfect rrdf r; lot- VX)i/6 ''uubt Rem frrm U till i '< lockai U5 '-.a?t Tw?biv nlith tnr further parUcu lar? afpl? loH. A. FOfJEY, 12 Washington maffcet. TO DBKTIHTH.-rOR BALE, 4 SECOND HAND Denial Chair, slide by Jonec -A White. Apply al 41 Ureal J?o?: atieet. U?:ON OVHTEK SALOON POR S *LB? LOCATION 50t rioelled to New Nork. dtrcnUv ad ..lulu* Oatharwm ktiwiftrrv. Th? * non In 'arge, ihamlnotnit ly f urulaherl ?md cowpt4e in evety- lepartnieut. for particulars Inquire on the ii'tmjfi MAnA'NK SALB, OHB OF THE BEST CO?. ? nr Lijunr wtorr*:' In the ?ty, fitted up m flrtt ?rtu ?t style, mi ai f.nicipnl avreir ; lon^ ?>?*!, Hplea*'d bar ?rlM;e room. Must be sold, apply-ct KM Ouaueatreet, ?p MCra. -tlOUBlfitS KUUN?, M<;., TO liter. |A BBCOM***LOOR THROUGH ^ LET? IN A 'BK Jl apretahW! ?fatally, to grBl-*mrii, ?* .th or wttbmit KWil. at M Jac.3 ? tree t, iuk feigbttr ar enue. Ret'ereuOuu*;! tiMuged. _ ?_ m LADY, HYING AU?NE. WANTS A NICE HOI'SE, A l.ctw*ec Kourth and "Ijrih awiuia, not below Twelfth "Wnli?< t fctfcrt* Thirtieth ratal uot to ??cawl W>l or ? trKperyefcr to !?? Paid Ha*r"1re.l. Addrea* S. T., at.itanO, rrr>?r of **? J and Fourth ?reet?. AI/iNO .ESTABLISHED BOABDINfl HOUSE TO LET and-lVi Furniture for *al?' c for caih. te*uedlate ??o*ie?hk>? r ven. Apply at 131 PR.nklln alrent. An officii to let? i>bsir*ri,k location ?ok a tit vf.. tan or dentiai \ sp otoui front rtaaemoat, con lalilng live ibrgi" rloM-la. hot Mk mid water, ga?, the. (aiitxi Ob.uiBotfVy appljli gat 79 K Fourteenth aireet. AKUW1R OF FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED M< m i In lenth. TweniV-flth, Tven'vtitrc Twemv fourth, Ibirty-arnniU, Fortieth, Fi rty foci-lb ud Fuitj ae? jili ?treeia,?rd Iws largp Honaea is l??>n? ?tre?*. UXh it fit TMAN, Hoe-t alnwl. A UN* 1 HKKB STOAT MODERN HOUdB TO LBf? few '*h?d, lmm> *teial7, at a cheap rta'.oi woul" anil lb.- Furp: nr? OBver^?a?| U-m?; all new and tn oloe order; bcauMn) v 1( r*ifd Apply t' No. 5 bl Tlmotfr/'piMO, Flftj aecvnrfa: ee', near B<?l>lt?a?TJu<!. AFURNIhWED HOUSE to LET? 1? TEWTH STREET. So"." i'en Second ond Yh.rd av?nue*. t<> be rented fpuci the fat of April neat for seiien month*, or am arrnugrmen;. m?r be made to n r.t It) f?r thirteen m'oUa. For aevoi; n>. ntha 'be rent will 9e Bl'fO. Apply to i>. T. MAOFAK LAN, 41'j Tenth street, neai Third avenue. a T 7*.'. BROA0W A Y.-~TU LET OR UEaME, "?'OR BUHI A or. a purpoaee. tne upr- r part, conal?tl?i? ci eight rooinu and*-** :ial. n, anltaMr for :.flrat claaa domnrfoan na'.oon.Ac. faitHu >ra of 15KAIJJ?i> Y , KUTCU1N8 ? OU.fti Kaat h'aur treoth-i-ireet. A ">* CANT HERMItAfc2, OF THRKB OR BIX BAOE .M imf>, baleonJee nmC Improvement*, No 463 Hudaao atmnlt : l?o, half of Aral clan* House, No 8 Tenia atreet, bo t?<w?>'h Ifth and Hlxtk av.-n a*'* Bloom kield, n. j ?to let, residence op mrb. Midi, oppoalto the ommoni; el^Tnn rcmn. oelar, aiU^tparilv flniabed, oai bouae, barn aod Ifcree to five aeffia, five atk atra' from d<*|?oi. Bent $4ili. Applf or. pranlafa. BU?:NEH8 KOOM8 To LET? At 66 Fulton Mnt:, eorner of Ryder>o a brj. f irat claaa bnUd ng and exo^llent Chair rest to ratpoMlklo tenant*. (lOl'WtBV HOl'SE ?0 LET? A TWO 8TQK.V DOUBT K J H< iir, ? ilh a (BMlflft - lot of one acre. Louan In f^atc' ? diT. ? plraaant plane; for. mi'rafroni <* lllUrrrtburg fprrMf. rmt$ViU per annum Fur further part Ha It i apply to W. I. SLat> "lljl, at Wm. W?U' Hon * ropewalh, Bi-wh?ick a?o iii ? and Marshall aireet, W1 llamaburg, or al Btewart'a UoIqL ? i Orm ??? Illl macadaaota* 3 road. COCVTRT HEAT TO LET OR FOR RU.E-IN EAST Chr trr, V. * . oni* m.> from Mount Vernon depot, oa the Ne*7 haven Rallroal Fl>uaantly alluMod lloiiae, two ?tory on l aitle, well abaded, .'ran and urnamwlf I tree*, three acre* nd and, good garden, Liable "-arrlag* houae, aod a Lao ?alt wotsr bathing on th>t prrmi? a. Will be^r.t partly fur nlah?4 1' daalred, at very Jo / rent, ora..|d oo accommodating term*. For further portle ilara loqulr? of Me ukohuK oot li). Mount Vernon Hotel, or to U. LaVa'JRBi'R, 36S Broadway. CI1ESTNI T OKOVE BOABDINO HOl'SE, MEAB VAN d<?t'lt landing HUt?r. Ialatid ? To let, wtet Immodlate poaaeaaki i. Tho bouao ow.jln* gaa; will arcamm kIhik 'iju L arder*, aad aa to eonv>*lenre and lieauty of tco.ilon cannot be auipncaen. Teima raaat liable to a reapoaaihle perton. Apply at Sackeli atreet Hr.ioklyn (MTt DRELLINU1 TO LET. F' RNISHED. t Eaaa lAt b at , four atorv, hngll?h baaemeat |1.*>Q Writ lath lit , fouratory hign.itoop, naar bib av I ,'JII Eaat 2M *>. , three and naH atrrlra. near 4tb av l.AOU ? eat 2iii|| <it , three aiory hngi'ih baaenicnt ... !,(*?) Leiingtointr , three atory hlf1' naa'tneat .... I.WH W Ml tixh^i. three ati ry hy.a baat-munt. 1.3U) BHAU1.BY, HliTl'HIm*/ CO., 42 aaat Fouai. vsnlh at. BLEOANTI.Y Fl hNIWHRO ROOMS IN BROADWAY in Let?hy the year, oo h. it or third door; <u rioellent 0|p0rlULl?> for gentlemen doairlng permanent aai auperlnr quaitera, hi*! ^e moat central Ic ration. No. tJ2, ahuac Twelfth aireei, or w Jl be lei lor bualaea-; purpoa>ja. wood l urn I tore hent a-7? _ ' ??*"? and -?iri . " reoe. reqoiS* <76 ** ?.th, ln ad^^^ , I HMi>ll?D IH>n?K TO JLBI ? MOUt OBrt.lhAHLT ?P looted In rhlrty fnortb x'.rt-et, nnir Klflb nnuij W. u'rt be let ?'> MBMtn family "it chlM ?n bu-. woul'l not b? le? for x. I lardlna bonw: til modern ooa*Hnk><w*. Apply before 4-f. M to 3. MRiXJb Mann, 11 Ham atreeu L^RMXHED UOUB8 TO KK?T. LOCATED ON r Twrtity if;ln treat, b?.w*n Iwwtl and !.i|(kjh tre nnea; tv biHMO la |a apii-ndld nadtr bandaimrly liwulsSod . and bn? all iht ta xx m lmprovi-raw? ' Partim wlablrjtiK for a boai ding boaar ueel not apply J. B. HAJtlllUTrJh. JTeatTwniy BftiwaKreet. lj'LbNIS-RD RO"BE ? WaHHIHP TON AVUVUE.?TO r Irt or lor ?aJe; i? a double L*r>v, with night latAi ' l>i:nud. furuitoe* ?T the moat ?Uar 1 1 diarrtpiiOD, trjndcn ??d <>"t ana niai ted*o the flnnpt ntana?r; location a*?t kAj ?rfv'A'aehinft<>n ?f'Dur, flrat hoiiM awl., or It K?lb a??iuif. Fe- carda of adaiaalaM ; pply lo '). K. IKUKKSOLL, No. MB i tau'k atreft. IgtbUNIfBED lloin; TO I^ET ? * TURKU srOKV MlOH I I* uoop brown et'ioe 'lonan In Kocv.ecvnnth atri-et, ale *at?M/ and completely l irni'bi'il, wl3 M lot low to a food M iu?i Apply at 30 Juey tret ? vtnuikHiD rum'.R ntor? nor?r. i^rooms, ik r akcemtal po-lltou, baiween r\>?rth nc/' t<n?lngt.n are nn??t [.? a oh* family ?'>>-? ?- ion at ik*. HI ?nr, iTnen tod piano la.l I(.-Iit $?(?<. I Apply a' ItM U'lliiKtnn ar HO? HI M TO LBT ? Tn? If ANUN'iHR thrkk ntort kdi attwip hmwo it nun bonee wl<b ? rtitum* and ? an. nt lotara Aoil ferrte^ -ent $iU) Ka ;WU P?rifl> ?Ur?i Bu.aitn. Alao, ili? 'iw Mory ami bumfni bnea Hoiip>, ??' ftwi Mo. m Koaee ? alr?-ot, HronjUvn A poly U1 I. Bit IIAi'JtNtiM, N > W Atkntlcalreet, Brooklya, or No 7 Gold ??*? km tort, ?paUi!/i. HI I'^BH T(? VKT-HO. 41 KI!*0 *rnKKT. RBW f $om; M Vail^L Mr #t, %*?? 142-f aiiklln -trot, Hear him?-. 'il* Mrc me ?tr?et, B.NJJ AIho* li<>bnk - o, (Ltuao No ? int. rrt |.|a-*, $??. 177 WnAblnittoti -tive'. $,\mi a|?o, ? I ar'tiH nta In, all i aria "f Ibe lit' l or iiarn< mara apply to J( I IKN ?'?><V|fcK, Ki L>uan* n't er rn?"Of HriM'.yay. HOIfU AT IIMIImRIDOE. Tf> t,RT._TIIB "I WOKR run iiowv, aa liar ro ntmr, tbree mi lea akfi ?< en i. at I'arfc, <???* BiRbth ??? nai .ail 1 n?w ?'??> i v. ,'l r Hi die apply M? A H. UiWbHI, II Aa aau atreet. BA IULINERT TO LET -A LaBT, OOVUt'OTfUa A JEr| flrat rla-a 4i?i? makiriu and roiJinery e?t?bll hst> nl, I at li'p Mora thaa abecan attend t". deairva In Irt to ? rMtpto al' le part) tlx' una of furmahcd <r nr< for r? Hineir, will it 4MD !??? ron>td? table una n?a>, for wbfc>b no < -ddemttou i? a?k'.< ; thl? la an eic lU>?i opp"rtumty. Kur pa u araajipl/ at Ctudlua' fanny akora, t/lt K road way. N ?* KflAKIiOO lltUTHR. ok FORT* "tX R K>MH, TO J U*. at ,< niliyrillv, t, I , Id lull vlow of t*e iiw .n. (lood I ayfl?Kti?>nd lowlltig A AO<|tialat?d with h" bualn'-44 ireltrrad. helerenci r?'|tiired. it ^KluVw i tFKIt'M* TO LRT? IN HAKHI.K BITILOINO NO. 21 I ) I Ib.sfiy atfvet, bear mi Ham Alao Ha-aoient, mil adapted tar lb" rr?uuraal or other l'?ht bn?iua*a. Kent low In cei liable Unanta. a pply aa abiT" rAKT or A HOUSE TO UKf-lN AN BXI KLI-ENT n*i?Mwr4aod, (a th? i*?vwae?tiih wx.rd Th? ap-trt n ? nt? <-ou?l? rf a back bMcmmi, with hoi an i ooU water ? ndpaa. fioat iutd ba*k p?rloi?, on flrnt floo , thr- ?? r tomi oo tnlid fl<? r l*i? j urn ail(i prlvlk?a In Ikatb rc? m Apply m th* turd war* *vara, MS Bowrry, a aar ntanton iirwt. pAirpr a aooa to lbt-on thi iust ri?? X ?t tfea town, a Parlor, *<* m on aaennrt ft.ior and tbma K' oa?? md Unrd floor. kuuv grnt*rl, ruxi?rn baliL hot aad aold *rter, |m flunrm, hath, ?awr p|?.*ia, Ma. Kent J too. AddirM k. ? , Harald ofltaa KOOMK n> I.KT.- THE Ht'PRR PART Of IIOU8II MO ' H 'i?t Hr**t will bo l#t. In ? hoi -or part; ui tteellaal ballon for a iw rrhant tailor, ailllmory I'lwlnaaa, Ar. In quire on Mm prrmfer*. DOOM* tn ? KT-WITH RTF AM AT *0% 31 JV and 24 Kiai kfi.rt ?trr?t A i?j ly ?-u i<rnm ?#?, or w? It l.-t.J'J'fchis, >( wu-eimiaQ ?irn:t, putair* HOPiW, EOOM, ^ TO tCT. OTOBBON BkOADWAV, OMK IX W) a, NottrU OF FOR p street. I ?eluding CalUr, w lei rr leaae for a term or y?ar?; dlmuuiviu. 22 feet In width b* about wi reet !? OpUW 1MW of WllXlAM LALOR. Ill K?fT.\rm-u STORES AND J Ora, WITH STEAM "UWH, TO LRT tu the new butldlnga torttr of Mo ( and 1 1 enter street*' at low r?te?, to suit the ilnw. Apply lot. UEaNErr, oor uer of Elm and Kraiiklln streets. STEAM POWER TO LEASE? IN THE NEW KlVg kio rv brkk Building Noa. 42, 44. 46, 4M and 40 Ur?'ne rtreet The U:?t lighted and moat superior room* In this city. Locution moei otnlral, one block from ('anal aireet and Broadway. Bulldlnga are heated b v ate am, ate*ui hoist and every accommodation Innurance In one per cent Kent low. Apply tmniedl ilely to H. J. HUrt'ARU, ou tho promisee. OIEAM POWER, WITH WBLL UtWtU ROOMS, O large aud i mall, well adapted lor mechanical purpo?w. rower Brat rate, rent* low, poaaeaslon Immediately. Apply J- & u, u walker, ini oniro iintt. TO LET? THE CP1ER PAKT Of HOC*B 10 BANK street, to a amall family mode, n Improvements, Can be ?eey after 2 P. II Kent $275. rro LET-IN BROADWA?? THE FIRST FLOOR 8DIT 1 abe lor inauiaueo otlioea mlUuiere, tall' r?, Ae. Alio other h. on third lloor, or will be let an Kuru lahed Rooms, by Ibe year, t?. gentlemen. M. BSi Broadway, between Twelltb altd Thirteenth mreeln. r LET? THE HOl'HEH NOR IS AN D 30 SEVENTH avenue, ?r?t aide, between Twelfth ana Tulrtnenth 1h-?e premise* are very deatrably located, fitted with aft modern lmprovemeata. and will be put In thorough order fcr good tenant*. Apply at the oJIce 210 Green a ich street. TO LET-THE STORE 83 BARCLAY STKERT, NEAR Washington; an excellent location for business. The wbole premlaea will b? put In thorough repair for a good te nant. Apply at the ollice 246 < ,i ecu wlrh street. TO LET ? TWO UPPER ROOMS, WITH AMPLE Power, wefl warmet and lighted: location ?ery deal rable Apply to JObEl'tl NAHON A CO-, 61 Bcekman street. TO LET? ROOMS, ?f HI 30, WITH STEaM POWER well lighted and (ratable l or any business. lu^ulre ou the pretntwi, 101, 403 ind 4.16 Cherry atrect. r LET-IN ANN STREET, NEAR NASSAU. LIOUT aed ?pllnlblo Heama, with ateam power, suitable for prtatera arid mane'aeturtng purposes, at reasonable rents. Appty ait ?l Ann Unit, rLRT? TnE VERY DESIRABLE RERIDBNt E COR ner of Galea and Bedford avenues, Brooklyn Tlve bempe Is In fine t rder and contains all ik" modern iinprorn foente. The grounds are handeamaty laid out, and well ? tockprt with cbiice fruit trees, ahruSoeiy, Ac Is au exoel lent Imatlon f r*?- a physician. Hail, In '.hiding Barn, $(60. tor particulars Inquire on the prnati?ea or of B. R. MuIL VA1KE, Half of the Retublte, New Yvirk. rUBT 4 story and basement House, No. 5 Woo?l?r "J"**} 4 " ? 21 Wooater street. Hmmf and Rtore, 367 Canal utreet. Stem and upper floors, *J24 Broadway. 3 sto: v and basement House, JOtt felm street. '? sior.'v. basement aw# attic Mouse, ?>#> Broome street. 3 .. Broome sir?ot. *M)2 PMnee street, near Broadwty, will be ?1 ered If required. Apply to W. SCOTT JAUVI8, til Canal street. TO LST? ON frr*TBI? INLAND, *N ELBOaKT COON: Wv Feat, with Vn aores of ground, barn, i sUble, mrrlatfe houie, Ac., tlfteen minutes' walk from the factory vllje and tin? bealthy loo*tl<?n, on high ground Forparteulsr* app\fjjJ08K*A?ZA?SD0, U ojuth William stret mO LET? AT 0LIF10K, BTATBN I8L.VND, A HOCDK 1 fully f urn W ?d, Mulf io and 9 lots of ground, well shaded ; thra* alnuios' walk from the landing Furnace, gas and water in tiie house. t'oseeualon Immediately. Apply ?t 67 Her ebsr .i's fcxehaafe. TO LET? A FARM OF ABOUT 30 ACRES OF GOOD lnnrt, wit* a larre house and outbuildings Chflroon and so. d (nit, om mile fr?tn 1'ort Richmond, ?'taten Island. Ap Jo to R. P A fcLl>B, agent, Port Redmond. r#?0 LKT-IN SWEHH, WEhTCII fcH'KR CoUNTT, A * 1I..UW, Ht?blf?-nd ttbiutfosr %oresof ground the re - T.ilewv-ol ifc- IM F. J. OuBin. It hi near the Ilarlem Hall * )ud, 1'4 m>l?s 'rm. 1' urdy s station or Crowa Kails. Address ?\i O. t'oflis. New fork rostoiile? TO LJTT- K LARGE DOUK.E FODPK, F0RWI8HRD, and y Situated In PrtnMIn street, in the villara o' Antoria of K. *IULH, asvrto, or W. TAN OH VKNTKA, 1?D FO ton Btrcet Vuw York. TO LET ? A CHOICE RESIDENCE ON BEROEN llrvcshlH, He nlh Bergen, terraced ground* and garneu? -it* 1. Stable ? ltd' iHtfrtfcgo il?um; wltb full view uf Marrows, Hto.teu Ulaml, NawYork, Bro?k>yu, An llurw earn froti Jiwj t?iiy fnrry every 15 nD-nutea. Apply to A. IitkKIK, till Irand atreet, Jersey City, or to UEORUE C. i tie premise:-. OX) LET- IN VA?HIN?TON PLACE- SOUTH SIXTH I ??eeei, W Jll'uniiburg. fro of tho?u desirable three atory ? nd ht^li ?br. -ei aent Kcmr-it. In wrar^i* nrd> r; water, gaa, chandeiiera. :-*hc?-h. beaot'.Iul coutvranln arbor* Ac Porpar tx uUr* mni .re ?>f t|ie nwtor, at 13 Waahlugtun place between fourth an'j filth raieete. __ Ti LET- AT fM MTTHPORT, CONN., DISTANCE A BO IT bu mil- a f ron i tr la <*?. / by N~w York and New lla'-oa hal'ioad, a very ie?tn)bl ? Minimer IVsldeuoe. with twoaeria of lat d, ari nupi iie<l -*>ltri fruit troea or alufwt every variety, a large ??.?! eioel lent nnfi'iin and eever tailing well; woa b?u??, t*rn, 4r. , on tlii! pn-tnlne.i. The bouse ka pletaaetty located, b it a le * mtiiu'O' w ilk the tiound, atid etnut right mm ilea' v ;alk i ror. the ratiraal mat Ion several trains pa?it datt,' each irwv Ram. wilt -be mod* rate Inr pcttra lain apol 1 to PI 1A&C1B BUOKLE Y at the depot, or to U. P. l)AVlri, (?cuiii ,y Insurance Donyt; f, 31 Fine street. rLKT ? OK PICRS IN NO.JK BROADWAY AND NO. S New atreet . A#iply U UXWCHU IKHHaNK, Aft Broad way. TO LET-A L.AR4E THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, ?M.?.eroer Mimet) lotJ* bylOiteM. A drat rate locatiou I or tiual i' i--. liMfutreatrr Merorra n-et. TO LET ? H JRMSIIED, PIRS* CLASS BROWN STONE House, m> iinui ali?,< nd new ? <-cupled by (he owner, toealedln Co r ty-eaeo<id street near Broadway, to a private famllv; rert mar. Applp.1 1 l&J Breed way, up stairs, In the paint!* fall< ry. , LKT?l ? HOI HE mi WASH: NtJTO.V STREET, BK _ twe nCt artesoal Pec v atreeu., 'he entire ttec-jitd Htory, with t? J Krc at R?eras In <lhe third a tory, and half of the Kront Ol ar, water Lath* wtue. Af ply u> R. 8. OreeawKb at rent. T. ri? LE7- mfc UPPER PART OP T HE HOUSE M X Heiry 'Breet, eootisUng of Urn Root oa and two Bed ro<aM>oa the eeosftA flour, r/iih the fun t Ba tement; hasaub cel few ?ter and |ii?. Rent 1240. TO *?ST? THE HOUSE *8 BAST TWE1 JTH STREET, M? feet wm of HroaAway ; am 11 Stc rea on fwelflh ati ae<C root room -on Broadway, a Lao the B aaement of 817 ?t HWlv-ay, with KMchen ao I Entrance on T? elfth atrent. JOHN B. kKLSO.M V ?lUUm atreeC TO JiET-IHE ELEQANT COUNTRY R1 iSIDKNCE OP Jobn??. fcw|..atitlly, h. L, plea* antly aR?a??iL n?? n th- gieat South B?r an' ocean (the fatnl ly beln* ainact abr and). lbehounela haoA-omelv lux itched ; good riablea aid **t 'iu?e fllled. Vegel?l lm will .fc,i fur alxbnd to the lea* W Apply to RICHAKO HaKIR lORN IR, 1?4 l>rcat ktr? ft, W. or to aHub R. STRIJLEm W 1 1 , uhp HcHl, bo wit abow the prnmlM a. TO urr-iw BROOKLYN, IN A PRIVA rE PAR (LY, t wa ileaaant Rooma, with or wltha u But xd, to Mzfle gent .???? n or ajnatl'nnat and wife; no at'o>r b<> ardera ialkeo. Aden MM A. II. R., Brooklyn rest oliioe, te- two i (m? TO LAST -IN EASY NEW YORK, PART Ol f A LA ROB H <*><*? , with gnwed attacte: ptnantnA ? k1-.hi ted m? r 'hn >.rmi f the Brualway, fatlon aud m.' untie car Milea. Apply- -*d JHN RICUaRUoOK, taa atlauii . <itrue t, Hrowt'yn. ir?x t.*r-IN BROOKLYN, NEAR T?T. PUL TOR AND Ai Rah ' car routea, a Ana bra .vn itoarr," rout t brer alory unuae,, ?k4 *11 lmprovrnunta. Apply toi. RICH AROWJN, apx AilaMic street, Bt<wkl>n. T) LET-* Kl'KNISHf n OR CJIFI'R.VUK (ED, OErV.R lUtorr I ir Mlf : wwlil like to. -fUtin t?ar 100m. i Ap It tCYl We?t S Irtjr Ink ?: reel, lim i II to l?>Uock. Immml! w. %ioannamki i. T?? LET-A COI NTBr SEAT. ATASTOfc'A, OOl .1?|| r.leir?'. room; h? i rftugr .? id fu< ?*>.*- Tbn (mui! ( r<w 1U) lent i>o thn Ku rlTfr try mwriy m: fuel di ??ll ?!. el i>d *'.th p?*r trwr a, and ? i^vimh * lull m ?cuy Am ei. to II. WHIlTEMoaE, or IHilbortr, V?-W jork. F) U-.T-A VERY HAROSOMR i'lWtT Ki MJR. I Wll alttiiii of ? luraa i'arUif UlniM fcuom, taw i*'K? V>d rirmr Klicben, with i*ng*. '1M 01 bat' i ; k |*ou ' r?,\ *** NJII||M. 1 leaarit Dc i lon lo b* ?tkD from U to U mi ? ?> U| I. Aaply to H'lB&itT HOil>, l&H Mruulnrai corner W Thirty. Bib ?trt*t % TW> LBC? IPFER PART or II Of HE WfctT TIIIR- ? I tj lamb Mnwt. to ft naaU fftimly wt hout nfcUa?o. All* I modem UtxiovemeiMA inquire ih? pa mi*p?. ) TO LPT--0WEL LTBO HOUSBfl Not. IK) AN/) 124 Ckarltuu Mrert, It good order. with *od w*?or fli tun* thrcxiftlii-it, mi vei% mndnrau rent* Aoply to la ah riff W*'lh*H, la CLariion ttrret, bet ??eii drew arick and Waah Incton unfit TO JLBT-IM RNIAIIRD. roR THK nJSAMON. OR would a<-Jl,?n 'UlrD mend. a ?. w brick (%tU*ge e n tainlt k ?II ike n>od*ni v mmta K,n ? ri ,-m of tbe liar. /?.ikhi ulnutra f nun the flrat landing.. A ldruva IV. A. C b ?? ro? Ji? LKT-HOUhB BO. U9 TBNPH *TBBBr, NBA* 1 Kourib arrniw. A eery . ntral an4 d.*iraU<: location tor a phy?l<tap, apply it i\> Warren *tr'-a\ THi I.KI-1IIK 1HHKK eTOK* ANI) IUKKMRN" HIGH ^latoop Fouaa No vts Hrl l^e ?lte<-t, liaafl* tut<M throughout the Ikium-, nldg<-wo d ? *1- , \<s. Oaabu ?mi ;r<m ii M. to] P. *. Kor paitleular* appiy to CUIUS JIaN U uCM ?i> K, 4b Maidru tan-i f|M> Lt f-?FC(iND FLOOR OK HOC4B NO. 62 IIE-i 1 Wirttreet. Urn pari T?, with I old' tig loom; pantrlea be- I b> a room ana tuieh>u. Impure on I hi- prrmnxa qnj lit I LA HOB UoUHB IB i)Ra?BRCV Park. I ftiruiehiri or am urnteti<-ri, which could be ver) pmlit ? 0i> rented m Mftlta. In | i ? apon?ihl<- party a leaae wouid be Adircaa I I >,'?.? <1 1 foat lUioa. i n LAY- a BR u?N - r. ,.s B l! > rtH IN rinKTIIiTn l 1 ?' rwH, ji?ar Fiflh avenue will be pat In good order. . Apply to * hi>K A 0. D W lt,Su.N, a?) v arick ?tr?ek I I) LB1 1 1 1 K l PI BE ''art OP HOlKB NO 47 VAN- ' I dmii atre? t, Mmlaliilng eh v?n ro no-, with all the mod-irn nij.rn?i mmU. a. k other parta of houaaa. Apply to N. Ki |R A e U. Wli.m?N, .NO Pm Varli k atreat. 'ft, Lit? 1MB FOUR HTORY BNOI.HH HASRMENT I *? a-t thirty third atre-*., n<-ar Ninth are tui 1 he Kourtm mh at>*et utagra pa' ? Hi.- door, .ind other lln-ai.t ?ih( a and cart paaa the oorurr It nonulnn all tbe pi Ittl mpruvcnanta na*. a aler an 1 flimrea It will be ? ui la M'i laet repair Kt-tit )4Z."> par an nun loi|ulra oo the pi ? in in rBHJ I.BT-A NKW TMRtlK llrORT BKOWN HTONB j H' niw with a I lha luipto?-m-nta, fnml?h?Hj, f'irt 1,0(10, or uuf in nt?h"l, ai $?7!? the lir?t y ar, and ?i i<-r Dial $7w), on a l?a?? . ia m perlaet ortlar. Call at 7# #aat Korty aliui ?irt-vL I nM LBT-niB roLLOWINO ffRHT CLAWS THRBB 1 ator* and atue hlan ainop brtrk dweUIn* HooNt, looat?d , In tk? TlrjaJly of 1 hWaaa ??n?r?:? No- i.4 waat I waoiy trat Araat, No tt>* Waat TwantlrU (treat, N*. 273 Waat NlMU*iiib atreet. All of the alxn. ara r-pl^t* wltk ?*?rj o?n?a?lanoe tkM tan im AMlrwI. aI>o aararal vary d'ilrabla Ftonra, aontaloka( litre and ril wot, a.arh, foramall and fani??l fitmiUaa. replat.. with ero ton and ?"? flltniaa. awl aanarale aietaie for aank floor. Ap aHylolJ. A (IbfOIB \M IW Hliith art noa. between Twea Itath and Twenty Ore* lueeu TO t/F-T- BTOKBH AND OPP1CBB IN BBOAD HTRBBT, nrar Wall.? 8t< r? No 1 Broad atreet, Oflicea on aeouml and third ttonra of No 3 Uroad atreet . alao. oSeea on tklrd ? i? r of N,>. a Hroad .trrei ; ?iU t>f K't low. Apply 10 A. J. i'KLArolK, J6?, W?U ilW HWDIBi, BOOMS, TP Ulf . rro LET? 1ST WB8T POBTa N'NTH HTKBBT. WK9 J Hah baacmenl Uouae, fuur tunn kiid about Oft? a fatl wide; altuAied cIom to Broadway, to eiee Lieut order, and <6 airable Id all respecta. Bent $660 per aunuiu. Apply to J. M. DATIEtf, 66 Wall alrtrt. rro LET? PRIVATE 8TaBLE IN TIIIKTV K1QBTH 1 at re?t, one door from Fifth am-ou* Apply on the pr? diiwh or at >o. 3S0 Broadway, up alalra. no lbt-hocs? ??ftiSt"- ff?Iwfcd; l 'e. l??tol Bro*d??T- lb? ?=a^ro*?> $&00. T> LFT? A DOUHl.fc THREE STUB* BfclH* HOOHK at Tarrvtown, wlih tbree-quartora of aa a?r? 01 land, with fruit, fire lamu'tb' fium depot; m good OlMar M&14W. Inquire on the prtiafcee, o' IAB KS MOORE, or At 666 Weal Twenty third atretl. Puaaeaalan lat of April. r LET? LOU BE PaRT OK HOUHB 110 POBHYTIf street, to a i-inull family eonklatluit of I'OUl and bark Parlor, be k Ha*-m?m and three kooma uu third floor, rani $276. Can be ae?D from lu lo 6. rLFT? F i: RNIBBBD, UR WITH a PKIVIlBOB OF* purebamiK. a part or all of the Kurnltare of ttteaevad floor oC houre 8K St Mark a p ,i.t ; iodIuhh fl?e moiua; water, gat and i>aih on tho floor, Inquire oa the premima. TO LET? THE DESIRABLE HOUSE 100 AMITY street Rent $600. Furniture for mle lbi|uin> ou Iho pienuat-a. Ibe nei?lti>orbr.oil la (jond, and the houaa la ne.a and well calculated fjr a ainall fanul. TO LET- BY THE FIKaT OF MAY, it) A HMaLL. reipecUbl* family, a uouae wlih al ihe modern improve I *enta, elegantly turoiahed. Hen I mxtoraie. For furtier l artlculara Inquire of Or LIOHTHli-i., 34 SI 6?rl a pla<*v TO LET? UOlbE 13>E AST THIRTY HKCOND :TTRBET; all uiodern linpro* etnenU; rent $6SU alao t lral Floor of house 77- Sixth avenue; aevtn mom*; runt low. Apply at 21V Hleteker Hirer t TO LET-TO A S-M ALL AMERICAN FAMILY, TIH5 KliBt Floor over fancy store, W hlxbtb avruiio, oonslit ii K of three Room*, with Bukeiuent, anu i?o Hooma lo attir. hant $;?0. will be taken i ut In hoard (riven and rt-quiied Wou'd like to rell the Par or Fnroito e ax It aland*, a I In good '-rder. t un bt aeou ever* day after 10 o'cloek. Irquire lu the ktorn. TO LET-A SMALL I) WE I. Lift G 1I017HB AND 0AB dt-n la the hi u thy and pleasant v ill >ku of SpotaaMO*, N. .1 I'o'seatilnij g't't'i, Aprt) 1. Kent JUKI. Apply lo W. O. SNoWUlLL, ui Front atreet, or JOHN APPLEBY, BpoW l wood. N. J. TO LET? THE FIRST, HE "ON O A*D FAR* OF ? liirtn Floor, with Kitchen and Ccllir, of bumi'nt boure 33 Herry street. A kui.iII private family oun have tin prenrees at a reasonable rent, and arrangements can tm made for a porl Ion of the 'urultue al ?adv in the house. The bouie ha* an the modern Improvements. Apply on tho pieiiiin .i frtm to 4 o rlock TO LET- SUITABLE FO 1 A PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE, A front krce Ucn noom In a firxt claas houte; also a Bed room and break fa* I and tea It desired; references exchanged. Call at SO * rat Fort; lirnt street. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY W I THOIITORILDRBN, the Tblrd Ho r of houas ISa Kan'. Twentieth street, eon alstlnii of three rooms and two bedroom*, with buth, lane dry and k??- < an be s?eo irom 11 A. M. to 4 P. M. Kent 4 IH>). HTK) I-ET-A SMALL HOUSE IN Till KTY SIXTH 1 street, between Broadway and t Utb avenue, id feet by 2ft, no yard; nix roona and hath r>> m, with all in? m -tiers lm| rovementa Applv in architect a office, I.MS Broadway, from 12 lo 2 o'ol< ek on Krl ay TO LET? THE TUHEE STOHY BRO<VN H ONK HlttH Htoop Hoiim! No 1.16 East Thirty fourth streelji will toot' let loar to a good ttnant Apply at 18 Dey street. TO LET -THE LOWM PART OKA TH ?EV BTO?* hrlck house pleasantly located near Ua'/on suuae, <*11 be let (? a amall family ol adtll'i t the house has all the mo dem improvements inquire at W Bast Eighteenth street, between Fouith avenue at d Broad * ay. TO LE A UANDbOME FOUR groRV IBOWN gtono Man at >op Hon*-, situated I1* a very desirable loca tion, No. lf>8 West Fortv thhxl atr.-et, between Broadway and KiRlItb aftrire; re.nt t ttfl, pis Uirurts iu J tried A sua Iwo ator> ?wd basement tloltage. House, with all the modern lin pn.v ments. No 170 W-o-.', Portj tblrd street, rent #W0 Alio a three story high at op House with all tho modern Impove nien'? situated on We ?*, forty- fifth si reel, between Ninth and Tenth avenues; rent fMii. apply to JOoEPll BUTTER, >o If 8 West F?rty?tfcir<i utreet TO LET-THE SLOWER PART OF THH Fln-HT OLA?? brick ll.m?e, vj West Kortj ,<<urth street, near the ~lith rvenue, oonrt*ttng of baeiuont, lo ?er pa' lorn, and chamoer *a tbe fourth sttry : haa ail the m idem improvements. Apply ?jn the premies Kent $3(11. rLET A?I> Fl'BN 'TCIRE FOR KALK? A FIRST OLAUH House, ,n tbe best location In Hoboken; posaeSKlou oa 1st of May Inquire at 67 .Maiden lane, up stairs. MPO LET? IN A jlesikable l nation, part or A. 1 modern built t igb mU?v hovsi, coh*W?ubk ?<" floor, frtiiit bt^nieDt, iwo nx iiic * n fourth floor, witb g*i?, l?it ind Me of br.t k Included nent tftfiO. Inquire of tbe owner oa the premise*, Nt. 97 Secoud avenue. Hours from 2 to 4. fTH) LET? PAKT OF A aOl'BF, OON?I8TWG ?f B 1 ro'ius and front baseu ?nt, with all roed. rn Improvn nieita, lo a amall reapectable family, at ho. 84 Oreeawtca avi nee. Kent, IStb. TO LET? THE UPl'lSR PART OK TUB UOt'HB NO. 86 6 Rnmdway. twr doom above Union square A Unit r?te loot .ion for a mercl.Mil tailor, or a milliner oru; other light buAnms. Apply In the store, B>* Broadway TO LET-ON U1TH 8THEET, BMTWMEN THIRD AND Fourth avenues, near Central Hark, two well finished ?.'m tage Housea. eight rooms and Bne yard eaeh. Facilities good for getting down loan. Kent $'JUU a j-ju. inquire si AW< . Pearl street, or oa the premises. rpo LET? THE WHOLE OR PAKT OF HOI'HE WO. 14 1 Li Leroy piace, Bteeofcer street, only one blotk west of ' " Broadway. The tower part ba? been occupied by a denUat . ? for six years. A ieaae can be bad for a store If desired rLBT? THE LARGE HOL'rtK 1M WEST- rOI'R teenth street; rent $1,100; also corner if Aleecker and ? Pank stwts, a large House, Prat (HOO; also several other - Houses, for tm and up waids. Odtea hours from 8 A. M. to> 9 P.M. JOS. W DEN HAM, Eighth s venue aad fMiteenth street. rLi T? BOPSE J*U 175 WEST HOUSTON STREET, opposite <'otla<e piaon, two stories, attio aad haaesnsnS, with all the modern laprovemeota, in Ana order. P. B. ROB* tOO , Na ? Naseao street. rLET? ?A STONE COTTAGE. GARDEN. OARRIAOT j and oth'r outhouses, with three acres of Lead, feaf .. quartets of a -mile f rtrra i be depot at New ltoeheile; rent U possession Immediately. Inquire of Dr. kELD, USA ft lrJ avenue, corner ol Eighteenth street. TO ' LET? TO A BM ALL FAMILY OF ADl'LTH, AVI Lf, furntahrd and handsomely located House, ha v lug all t|M modern lmpvavemeata. ta noath Brooklyn, aonv>?aimt to- ln and terries; isnt 9fM>; or the twst part will b*? let far f m. possession April 1 If deslre.l. Ad.lresn T. L H., Peataflto s fpO LET? A FURNISH f"D PARLOR, TO A GBNTLBI (in 1 oraKe^lrmaiiaod wlie, wtth cunvalenee far tmt ttnir Inquire at <M7 Kuth avenue, near rhlrty sevnulh street. traSt Willi, first Asjr ^ , '??4 TO LET? THREE COTTAGES, ON BIOHTT ? lirrH _ street, between Third and Fourth araaaev, aaal "-iar '?""'I """ S"*> >? 8VW wwr, wws LtlTvrV Htable on Ktwilwav. Apply to U H. HlMR, Mo, &? ( Hlitk avenue r. LET OR FO* HtLB-THB TWO STOU AND attic brlek- dwelling Vouae ai d LetM Henry sires i ||M Croton water, bathroom, gaannd range; lain ?Hd leal or der. Woold be rented tu a small tamiiy on reaaoaabti ppjy on Un premises, or at to 1 Ferry street, ? mar of i lam. TO LBT OR FOR RALE? 28 ACHES OF LAND. WfTlI House aa ! Out Hulldlngs. at North is ogle wood. oa IheUaa or the Nottbaiei hailroad, ftew Jetwy, In mlnutaa wr uk from the d?(Hit. Also a Plot of ten aerea mantra of H? nrv iir XIAKhST, *0 * est Thirty ihiril street, or of TilU g/u ii llbWINU, President Northern Railroad. TO LET OR LBA8B? SEVERAL WELL 1 1 fGHTKn Ofli-eatc, and the fiaaemeat (W8 feet deep) H ? h. a nt live siory house No. H Nassau street, west si i?. bet* mi rnu ton sod John ? tree la, Lhia city. Apply lu FRANCitf flTRNK 113 Nassau street. ^ T Of LBT OR LEAHE-THE BROADWjtV 8P OHE VO )tM, wlt.'i bsaetneot and ?ub-eellar, stie'&xltf iftnt ul quli a on the premises or of the owner, D. P. MA JON ftlnj Mil*. N. i. ? " TC LET OR LEASE? THE TWO KTORT I ND ATTTO i .rte* II wise 80 WkIis street, to * desirable to? iaat It -IS bo 4sa*?d on farocobla terms. Apply at V7 Water rpo LET OR LKAhB-A LARGE HTORB i Jf|> WORK J ihop >n one !leor, The stock of Htovea aa< Houn Far ulahisg Goods for sale. Apply at ?S1 Buih arm IS O LKT 0* LEJSB-FROM TUB 1H? Ol ? MAT, THB rjcMy furnlakaU thi*? atory aod bwM v >nt HoumJU i\ut 1 nail. ? tract. rant ft I, MM to a raapooatMt t?n .nt; wouM k.' M uafk'iilt'iM. *hown on w ?"dn?>?lay? 1 id <iuuraaj* B W. I?IA M d, Ulanuad biokrr. V 1 roadway. TO HUNT--' TO A ?MALL FAMILY, Til* UPPBB "ART of ibn Bngllabt atiwaMni lloowt <M frVat Thirty fifth . 'mt \ ronnUv'u* >f von<1 Kkx r. lira iaornn wit ta cloaatn; ?.>artaf Vfclrd VRmt. two n?m?, with tela room watnr .1. <aa . .'?aa i;m ?Uo ->a.l*r aua uuutry; rant * .VJ. Beat of ca rt'iulrad. *??.">? ao?n from H W< t 'cloc*. T~ 7, lt.:>T A LA K <?*?'. IIOL'K*, WITH TYfO AC^EU Off n.itul -ual (<??, f.\ la rary roaniy; ha* ??*, ( ?, Ar ; 00 M#hty -,l?t(i alrrtrt, batwnati ri<?< * * " viuaa Appy tj libNuf lj. Jk CO Ss tk-'UMnu nk wl Skat ?'?a) TO Rl |T oR roR *ALR? * liinil TTO >r BROW* ?toiMi *<uua?.-, lirrai m.mj- han n*tm.tly Hi?nI ap ?nh mi c ??n ? '???>??: ?n'-lleut a*fh?eri.ood: Hi turM mail W floor la h*lj . "Hv.r'1 la ta<- MoK' at th? jwkj. m not Hi'a ?"H> "a* avanaa Apply la A. Moutf, Mo. 4 Mil lai * *tr~at. TO BEN I IfcAKA fh tR MOKKMTOWN ?kw ??'?? y. fo S, at a Urn rmLanalZ gnnt aril nr -II ' >*t rlaaa botjae, *round? *1,4 o?lljnu<l,na 1 h? Mt? t* *u-*? ^ Hn V r'?n,r,> *??> ? *??? ni(wt Ik* J ill uL 44 f 9 ^ (4>Jfe A A , m h ^ Jhtia > 1 1 r rt. " rro jbwwxkb \^Hi>FS, !)>-&* a*o "mhVlh 1 for ante. Apply ^ u EVl, m i'ortai dt ?t. qiniui *WB *? w*ab RP.?r r >._r. rnihiJ^ Apartment* r. *lmmiili?ia tie apaarty The i0?^,? r< Dl? n tfc-- cMy, eon(<4 *' "? ^ c.inrii?i,.n0K ror *' bou*'k>rp'nit H??t Nwi *'?? ?nd ? umlliira, wni), r " ?* Ing MMMUa and ila. o eoi **h au4 i.tom?. *K>" * /?1Q BROAD WAT -TO LET. TBt AROORD rr nn* t) I O 18 fajt b, ... , or th? la.- thnr- ,r? f??0*' piiniloari hriidonarirn lav. <7 rt?atrabl? f-raor pubH.. DfHM. irn nod t.roton on Mm? 'floor Arplr 10 J bUrJE*' ^ WlJiIBB *j*P KAfcT IM)IA pale A LR? L A SI'^YBjTr^ s I OOlT^ltia hmn?rd hntahyrf. fw at a , quract of rum val from Tauita *,i. 'i Naw mrm-t ?n ut nr 22-. ?Vsre": ?tk.tSUifS'Ru? man ? FbilMHpliU &]*, 74 C?d*r strict Fw*, "B*. riBB -TBR U.vnRBffijrFD BEOR TO Ini -*id bla rrlmda and th<? public grwmUf that ha han thow.and Kal<?a< of tb? Mna?l iiiallty I. on Ion Contial t.ln Aid oilier ebolca IJiitiura, that w<ra M oanasrnad b* bla la'. ml?forfuBa, gad ? (ttll prrpar^d 'ft culn ia? favor of all order*. *? Hi- Rf London Cordial <>ln lili lltarr, 1M Eaat Twaatj ninth MMfl, ??? York. WK UAH RAMP TOIUCCO HAVaRA hRO%RB-l A* 8ELURU HA'ARA R? gar* h* Ik'- II?| or I.IAI aa low aa Hi.mi tail h<i bought of aa Y oihrr 'Iralr n Ihla riiy. w*l>. W. MCUOLR, Importar, 71 likwtj l" *