Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 15, 1861 Page 3
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IA1.M ? HJMli. mm-VArn. 4 nu oe iw AcniM, at liiwi** ?? ? ?2/?F A river crd mjwid. hltfiiy lu'tlviued, ***1 V?"" valui ng Will re ik j>> i- tui*. we half <?*" r two. B*AI>LfcY, HUn.UiNK & CO , *3 K?at fourt?el ^?rtiub el n#VD?OMK (Kffl lGE, *11 W*?7 nTP^TTv?," street, MbLtalliirtHta <? ? Hon?? loCH.WM oo ?ii j iMrd to Thirtieth ?Uffiit heco "ig? for ? iiutil MMl ?ah- iiittlM water and ? ? k'ntf ?tth itabie In rear, ?ntl ptrty waU. Nr.n I of'* feet d '!> ?"? sia Byply at V< <?rt Kin C*u-h ACOTTAOK. WITH gl'ABTSR Of IN AC KB ?)? taiul, At Youk'-rs, Cor sale or to let, pes-umily loatod, ?**JUi rtnc TW Of Ihn Hudanu and ?ill?gw. heahy ?Ad forrtew uofuivmisii-il AdrtiTHs or to O. C. llaNf? LOW, y. the iMnnslin How, Toukeia A EfRSTOLASrt HOl'hB F?>R PaLB? ONJKftdK' AVP. A. true. Jersey Cilsj a four story En;llah h,w?m?at ffoor?. w 1'S rellar whole ulre, and eontunlug all m>d. m lm ?ni?> uk ui* ? (UkH, bi'h, >t i r ciuae', stationary w* n til ha, Ac , oiiIt ten ralnn!e?* wslk i'm-o either ferry, Long Dock, Iwu foot ?f t tumhrra stret taller l.t ol M<y nexW, 'ir <e ?ev ( itv fiom 'o it of Cortland t ?treet. 1^1* In a r*r? elmn to pun'Wo a liamii-oiue home in A IU*t claaa looation and fcei*hborho.i'J a'. a low prloe and oo f a?y terms The rtn>|. *?w, wblch was ni * one year ago is ?leo fur ?.1? at a sacrt tm Address W 11 i) , to Wanvn sro-t, N>? Twit Apobtion of a pnorrTAHLE bukinhss to trade for Vtrpltiia lamos stt? -.ted ne ,ir PltUMirg or a K*rin to Jeiny. for particulars apuly 10 clerk a' last deik, Herald ?fllee, Mongnn or address J , b<x 1?& Noae bat owner* noei ?w>'y _____________ A1R*UE KtjR KKouK l,V N OB OITY l'ROt>E*TY - Karui iu vV?*tch?(Her, thirty acres *U,<OU; <m? O o In Albany, MO atr?? $4,(Wil, 111 N'W .lcr.,oy, thirty a< ivi?, it,'* I'; Urn** and 'wrlvc U>t* In M ml ^trnon, $3.0V; So iel In Morrwaum, (*); h<>uee #.?.?**< ; Iowa, 100 acre* iilT*; (1 KfT, Vo. ff fryonroir, room Ho. 9. COUNT*} fl^CH I OR HaLB arRVt,? WEIOi LOCA ???, />1 bin fi\? mliiii*t*' walk of tte The Hou<6 kai seven r><iiu; baa a sia de aad it mm an acre f grutnd; (trie* fcl.ifti. una ,-r tinted bv Mr tiluud.n|. Apply to 0. T Ci<iV*t.LU, >9 ?vtliiaiii S ivet rJUNTRV R"AT ?v>R HALS OK KXOflANOa? ^ITH It acri' i of OJ.ViU'nt Utid, aittiaied In Wiwtch'Htei n uncy, ?Mr the di'ik't, and ? Klitn 1> nunut -e rldoof Twenty b iveuih ?iroei, on tilt. New Huw-d Halh>nwl. 1 be buildings are new ?d modern; ho. and ould water, bah room, Ac , ahAde aad hrul' tr-m. U ill !> ? h Id l?w, < r eie!ian??d for a city ii'Miae or cooniry aeut with lew< laud. laqulro of ORBUOHY A Ol> , U Bond ?t?e.<n? New torfc ^-fOrTAUK FOB 8aLB ? CONTAINING BI3HT R.)0*fl, V ' al ina ted hi Wentehaaior coiuity, a ahort walk from Har Im BrW*o Hi-tot $y?. Cash required, *3U0, Apply to A. 4. DBl~Ai?. 367 Orai'd nmt. ?us CALK ? THE KOt'B ?TOR> BROWN flIt>NK 9 Bonae Mo lit West Thirty lourth alreot; oonulaa All the teat luiproveni' ut?: rmtewood doom, train. it atalra, Mr.. Aa. Kouro%x60 foet. lot l& fnetdet-.p. Vui portloulara tnqiuro ml tb? owner on t e pr-niWe*. BWBHALU ? OK > XCH AN^B> FOR KKAX RSTaTB OB r nerchsndUe, a o- .\utlftil Kami in Iowa, ten years under fcnrivi'uient, ncir A thriving towu, containing llilrty asroa, wiui a flue stream of wa<er runnlnit through it. Addrosa Cadmus 1.% Wash. nj( ton street, llobok^n. rR KAl.B ? fWO NEW HOCHBH, ONB BLODK KB >M Ur. Tvng's rhur-h ; they vre juat floi-hed, built In tho %o?t uionn' r, withm-ideic Improvements; dm iraMer-md^noe, W??-l'M.king ihejiai it; >o? lt?5 and lu7 K>at fifteenth street App'y to 1. H. I>OUuHlY, IAS bowery, from IS to 3. F OB BALE- KO. IS WEST THIRTY "OORTH RTRBET, the fine laite fjoe*.". four itorle*, hareraett and U0'!?r r, *'.th cacli h..u*.: In toe rear ; stalls for fourboraea utre on the promts** )R KaIE? Ht.UnE AND LOTJW WEST THIRTY SIXTH strr^t, between Klf th and htith aveuues, IS 3i68, !? t W, m1< Iphia bihk ron' KufHeh bafcemt-ni, with all tho r .-ii iniprovt ments of the pnrcbuve can remain f<o a buinber of yarn *or further i>articuLuN apply to the ??rn<",U. Ml)r I>i;KKK, 10 OoJleg" pla?'". rR t'ACE ? SEVENTH WARD BROPEBTY; FlBHT rla*? llouso, w i h all the niodt rn iuiprovenienls aid a ?6<hatilo Lenae of O round, situated tn M mnw struet, will lm ?Ml low; Is In oompletc uraer. Apply to J. U. DO UU11 ?Y, W Howeir. N V , from 1* till S. rR SALE? A DESIRABLE COPNTRT RESIDENCE iu tho vlliM4ie of tVValport, t'osneo'lcut. tiood Houae, ?ontalning Kn looms, barn, rnrrlag.* house and good stable; ?bout one und it ball acre of ground, bnair ituliy laid out as ? n with 1 rult and shad<- trees In abundance; all In g^id order. Kcr terms, Ac-, linjutre of JOHN 11. ANDlt&VVd, Bo. UJ \V ouster street. E.1QR RALE ? A POl'R STORY, BNOLIRH BAIBMENT r Hon e, brown atoue, on Weal 1 v> entymird street; will to sold very h. up AU> a Farm of 60 ac en, lit I'ectskill, to ?Bcfeatifa lore ?y property. ?I A ?i- S K fDWAROP, J77 West Twenty third at. VKili kALE? OisE TlIltEK STORY AND BASEMENT JP hifh m.'op D-'pl'Inj!, on Si*?.h avenue, neer Thirty-Ural atreet Apply to JuIIm Met :LAVE, 1.241 llroulwuy. F? R SaLB? ON REASON ABLE TERMS, A HKaCJII. ful Country seat, out; uluirgUl acres of good U'i<l, ?d'h abundai ee of joun.{ fruit trees. gra|>erlea. Ac , *ti mile* iruaMw Vik,?D tlio Central Rai'ruad, >ew Je.rsev Tne hou?e la t?-o story, nearly oe *, .*>t40 f.*t a'nndngou an ele ?aA*?n con- unit mug a niHgmti-ent vie* of the sunoti>>(llng oountry The house bars i.nd nattie yard la iiiuoiitxl trim Bit eater, ' h f> iugh le-dea plpna i'r im a ticveifalliai; tpriug. re at ?' ui-o tuiee 11 h p nd*. supplied Ir m th.t um< ?IN'ijk. duild'ugs hi* all Id i.otid oiii?r A. B.? ?or h.nltn ami urostrfx t it cannot be surprised. For particular* ic.iuire at V OIL* MX, (46 Broadway. EK'H *AT?? TWO THREE STORY AND BASK VENT J* new briok bouteg, tlttmed on Raymond timet, between Pull" ii and Lafayette avenuee. Inquire of T. PuRDT, id! Court street. riR HALE ? THE lfOCHE NO. 8 EAJT ELEVENTH street together with ibe unexpired term of loese of tb? A|>pl> to lilOe, MAOAKLAM, ldU leuth atreet, near Tktitl mr>?. rR SALE?FARM OK 27 ACRES, AT A BARGAIN; eirellent Harden, aotl highly cultivated, choice fruit, mx d Louse. barn,and tenant hou* ; pleasnutly loe&ted mileH south ot i'atrraoii, near etiuruh and xchoila. Frioe ??,WJU. ti. SEYMOL'R, Mo. 30 I'iue street. F)R HALR-8EVERAL handsome new brick iloii?ftt, two and three aloHea, situated on Seventy. ?? Ifiith street, wet of Third avenue; pleaaaut location, near .Central Park, at prlcoa from 44,000 to $5,000: a good oppor tunity for respceieMc fumtilea to procure a house ot tticlr own on atv-mmodatlngterma of payment Apply to JOHN Tn KM-. H. at the paint store, oorntrol Elghly sixth atreet and Thtrd ivenne ftOR SAT.E-A FARM OF 107 ACRES. OF THE BEST quuU'y of land (IS acres of wood land), well watered uated hnlf a mtle from FLahkfl) v!U*so, with large, line Ifcraae; also a aood farm house, two lartie barna. c<irriage liou-i', A s. ; all kiailaof fruit iroea Terms to anlt purohawrs if p?r- htu?"l tx-ior" May. Inquire of K L. A B. T. BURN HAM, Agetii, CU Hudxon atreet, New York. *jV)U SALE? FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE FRONT r Houacp, ?-onfjinln*all the modern Improve menu, ju?t flnlsbii c, and tmilt by day'a work. Apply to HUBERT H. OOhl'afi. on the premiaea. Forty a^venth a ic-t, aouth aide, atear fifth araauc, or at 80 We*t forty- an Ui utreet. jiX)R hale, or exchanoe for other fsopbr f ty? Hf-oeu hundred acres of Land in McKean r uniy. Pen' ffylTanla; It Is altnatrd on the Alleghany rirer. and ?bwusdaln I'iue, Oak. Healo% aad other timber. Surface Mlaatiooi or Fetrtilc^m ha?e reoen'iy been disoirerod. Par (NU-ticolara apply to JOSHUA S. JONEts, 306 Greenwich ' i Haw 1 ork. r>F HALH. OB EX< HANtlE FOB OOOD MER< HAN di-< ? th<> high pto<<p Owaliinc IIoug<*, 75 Budxoti atrwt, Jeiaey near Ike ferry, aud in * lew ot the bay, c juwiil eto for ? (,i'Dilftn?n dotnu huMueea In the city. Ini|tilre at 376 Wa><h'oi<t. n atn-et, New Tork. C?* SALE O* F.XCHAKOE? FOL'RTEEN TOUMO Ilornea, |uat from Canada Writ, from 14' to 15'j li?nd? , onJ 'rot 11 four to *<-. ?n vrsra -.Id; all sound and kind. Alau. one br< t-d ux Mare. c?n tr<'t in three minittua. Inquire In the blackumlih atop, 130 Norfolk atreet r?B KALE OR EXniANflE EOR PFfiDITCTIVB CITT property? T.ianrne'of mat c!a*t Uwd, with tha sto* ao.l fanmi't uv-n'lls; a mil' flea-.nte ground, ended level, from 4<J l*7tifee'. wide, straiihl "idea, pr >p-t turns a beautiful dtlv-i foe pleasure or eie.-dslng hone-a situated In theto<rn of Wont pert, Fairfield aouuty, ? oanictlcut Apply, betwe*u .aid lo'rWk, at the. International llotcl, Broadway. H. WAKK ?AN. VluR 8 4I.E OR TO LET? THE FIRST CLA?W STONE J; fiort home, 01 Montngn" atreet. Brt. .Itlyn Hetgbu. to artkfr wlta the t^?n?)tl? g lot on Remeen street. The h'>a?T fc'/ti t?y w. feet and lefumtshed wi'h all the modern i mi 'rove metiia, eoniatnlrg ralrrora, gaa Uiturea, An The )oc4tlen it aMo*: 'he moot iii>traMe I i Brook yn The house wonld he ?old or let wltv one lot or belli The lot tipon Bemaan ?teeet would Ho sold by Itaolf If denirabie For further paiHeaUIni ?pl'ly to JtrliN B. KAROY, 68 South atreet, corner uf Wall utter t, Hew York. >B SALE OR TO LET-A DKHIRABLK RESIDENCE, _ one acr? of <li ttnd, on (iolden nill, Bridgeport, Conn. ; faeaMty tlie V?t to be found; haa torn, water, furnace, healer; mtmi wget ilde garden, niente of fruit of all kinds, large grapery, under g nil, wi'h eboleeit kinds of fntlt; b\rn and ewrtafo house. Apply to GEO KRKLF.R. on the premise*, qrta U w I'bClL Beq. , 190 Frvmt atreet, or THE ). A. UtKLFR, lit Naaaan street. N. T. F'S R SALE OB TO LET? A LABOE HOCflP AND OCT ?uiildlni*. ?n about 6 acres of Land, with plenty Fruit, ? IV catlra from ?'ort Richmond, Sutea island. Apply to M.' P * ElLS. Kir . Fort Richmond. Eh bale oe to let? on uilfobd place, for ty Ofth strtet, bct*r.i n Third and Letlngton avenues, ? atone front Houses, with all the modern Improve ?eso; alao a houar oo Ftftie fa ati.'et, betwe<<n ?ecotn and Vltlr<l avenuee. Inquire on the cremlaee, Forty fifth atreot. Tern1* easy. WOE SALE OR TO LET-A TWO STORY BCILDIMU, JP w Mk. steam |io?er, eaglue snd boiler. * ALSO, A Left to let, on tto second story. UXUtt feet Pmeeaidon Imuu dlaiey. Apply to WM. WtiWK. 44 East atreet. i?OR SALX: or TO LET-IMPROVED FAKIIS IN WI-4 rousin wood, v?ai?r, iMlKn tmltnprorcd, $?'; lor araln and ?u,.lo. near markei*; indugetneuts to a colony; vart cash. W. W. WRT.MOaE, No. 8 Ootd street. 1T01T8E P B SAT E-IW BROOK L^N, 6*V PAriHQ XI street; Ut 10 leet by Hip, house M by 40. two atorlun, high bs etneu' and under cilar; I'Mladelphla hnck (rout, brown stone trhmrlnya and iron railing", iv and s?< l Mure, Uoi iui'1 at. id wa'HV ''ath. range, h-a?e', sneaking tubr < and Stiu'iWy ttrb*. PTlee J4,(W). of Whi .il $i,Wi|< e?mon*age. HOrpfi AND nWFLLTNO HOl'SB FOR S4LE- TDK Hto<k, <~i\ii't?. and Munlture, with the Lease of f>r? ol ?ea, W> vitut nve von t! i i run, at u low n-nt : situated on a c ir jier In Fourth avenue, close hv the Hwrlem railroad d"pot; IU LealUi heoaU icaaoutoi selttng For parUculo-s apply to m. II. LI'tn, M F.-tnh awiur. KEAL i^fAITR TO F.XOH ANOB FOR OROOERIEtf OB l'im*ions ? Three valuable Bulldmg Lots, ioosfxi In (IreenMUn, L. I , on desirable avcrmee, snd improved, to et If'f' ? tee or pro<-uriona. They ? 111 to. plscid at ffsnUKr^T^v i9* , * (o^d opportunity. Inquire of Mt nOM A ? AW 7. a NUT. Uoauniwtlo? Mrrciauis. 3M M?~).l?^*/>n .'W, N. Y. Bye. -a i'iraVjTFI'l oot tntbt bbat, wtth aijoitt n a-rar of mad tad i.uw? fWtof water front, d'.na'Q on the't r*- rr, dlnanee from Rye depot one wad a ?il . s. and only ' ne tour from the rtlfc hT yark A?d Ne? llaven Railroad, nto h. jye |o m?Jt perfect order, ?)t #1 feel, t? f) and hnlf ?<*.. e?, ettfc ??toervatory and a good dry w >?r, Htehtoi waehli neo, i>akeh<rtin?, Ac , also, a I WO and a tair (iory Faiu. Htm e c nU inlndR rtunu?, 8 Bam ?, Cnrriaae Donee, I utrinii t Ho?i>e llsth ng (louae. Boat Mou>e Ac,,y< I nt'bv men ?l(. r, Irullti..*, lo full bearing, 00?|,tleV?f tteryvai Wj of sj 'ea toira, pearfcea, pitims and eherrios A et'c sefeicl 'e arm toantWnt gsnleu; Me, a greit ahtindao-i' o''alr*w?erri s.'raapin rrbts ?-<fr?nte. g'sterw-rrte^ iiiv.r*, Ac ; fit/in tt 'font t> \n i tou iui?e perpetual rani, > it.,.- view ?f ? i ^ at . sver i r m rt?i>de Folot IsiitMft , . '?fi n1 i IF- ti . ' It, li?at ng A<! Foi inleen vase ter. tit-yio' - v '! ? CO <?;' ? <*JI~ 4 'J S^td I way, trim U v M. to 4 f. A. MUDI OIP HKAI. 1LSTAT1B.. tTruuLOtmioTiin t ? kark on tarn rhorr. ? ' llnerec and M'dug*, with ? Urge front rn Mcntr'; un< > *mb lor jwd banting, Untitle Ac. .iti r the Wil?g? and Il. pot , fcaaltXy ?n<' pleaaiikt; (i'J niilri form Nnw York, hv tli? N?w Hi ei Railroad Apply to H. D. HMiril, mi ile pi-caila- a. JOUTICUI 81LLB TatAbLR aNI> Ol'RN *C O e>errt? ? A fear ih'Mi ^arvd mt*? of ?ery valuable Land Ja Hon U? - a low* art> offer--! or a?l?. In pa- iu-di 'or * hi h oe <ot k)4i> not > >Dd op-n aAxxn U o< infrtmi parti** 'n tlm will t* taien ? ppl- ia the ha**aiti, it A'tdl auoot CfLKMmD RKKllBfOK fOK HAl.b ? VB K>. CURAP. of *m>t accrt? to ifi? <rfty moat feu iti ul'y pit oo and arrarged. Hue coaimotiooa bnltdU ge, ?b mdAn'* of frulta, float**, thru a ai i<t trees a I Hi Ihe order. S<>i.TdWM!S A ViWu i8 Waaoan *tr*>R rWO VABM8 #tl* HA1P? fHK E8TATR OR jAfOB Uiul. drsetuMW , attnntion Rtigiish iieighborhO"<l, *>. J. Areas '.y X. K. "-a'lroad; to 'nlnutes' walk from depot. tbren mil' h t'p-ni Wchaakru ftm Inquire o' (' R'?KaLL, ICS ? a?' ilagton rn-#'. prof R. C DP* ?>d th? premises. ix* >x'!hanuk.? ? i! ?, advertiser dk-trrs to I exchange ? ileal r* In lot of it?al tiata'n, tnW'el la 'Wo ?^tale of low for a oi' liry Jxd* lo order lo eff. * .i ?rado woolrt not?bi-H't In parti the eicltan** 4 tair p ""por tion of money. *adir?R ft R 4., ||..ral<l oillra. /TU.KB N.T10B.-A bARJei CUnNCB t?)R P*KTIEH I wbo wisb U> exoh- ng~ Drr Hood*. Boo'? a i-l *hoe?, Fancy Uoocs, Jewelry. for . ash and ver> desirable *?t ?ru crojierty. Tfce ?a'iy offering to porch vie 1- now In the cry. au<1 m y be teen at tan odlcn of feckaam A Al on, &!6 Br ad ? ay. r> EVHAMJK FOR ri RNlTT'IlK -A FF W DE slr>?b n I* W, n?-4r th* aOt ?a er for "umiwir or ix-iTOanrnt ie>idnjo? ?; t 'ol i.aibu ?j, ti-UiuK, fo*Uny. buut fn*. *<? ; ????aniboa' and r?ilio<o OalTjr t'im >n? broaiting up ht u.-rkrepliig, or or* oi l' in 1 urnitur aud cai-pou chu apply to M. mJ ? X2i) font 11 mrei-t VAX' aBLB KKti. RHia.TR AT A 8<ROAlt.-Mi> itarn tamwB MX nwe'.hn* M Weal Twenty a'fhib *tro?t, re bi ok fn-io ?r??adw?t, ihr^e amry and b>uh ?io?i> hi,* u- nt, A i?-et 1 root by t# feet lot jOxlilO font Two tbirda of t? piin^iue ot"ary ri'imu on 10 ni|(n?t'o' flveye^rk I ?ai dxtermfnnl o anil it It i? aa valuanle aa an 9 al v an> P rty. and iii. r>'*alug In valu*. ApUlv to H (. Ur'EKN V?H>D. 78 ?llli*in >trMt. nr-B^T FonRTBF.wrn sturrt? *hb timt olarr "? four a'ory and hmli ba?mnnt llonm 2I? Wont Four to<*Ptb ?tr?"c( wtth all t lift miirte n tmt?rovrmwutn. nml In -piPinl d order, for aule, at a ?tvat bargain H<iU4? ?6r>.}; lot i xiuSfeet Ttnnaeaay. Apply to tEe owner, m '.he pr? aim. T|r AM'hD? 30 TO 100 ACRB8 WOOD LAM), iH THE " Hudson and not t'< i?wd two ai>d a ht??f m*le? from de)v t with good uouae and outbutldiua, to oxcnatige lor cilf proiie ty. Addreae for ten day*, ?. w., bi>* Now York ''ost lI/ANIKD? SRV?R?J, rOFSTRV SH *T? PORWIIH'II ** a fair prl< e will be p^id la caaii. Alto, three, lor wMuh fair rents will be paid. 1*. B. KOSS A OO.. No. 9 N I'ttn \\' A.NlhO- RKANDIBM AMI WIVED, II BO.^n, FOR ? ? a t rowii front llou?e, In an Atlantic nity, num. U'nli-n d; and other mi'i'< h.indl?e for valuulile propery In N>'a Vork, A bany a' d i>alttm"ri\ aud tw" tract! ui IUfaol^ Undx. Ad drean a. \V. F. Mereb jut*' tlotel WAN >FL>? OhOKljlA, W)tJT'J^RsTfc.KN t'lHOTNIA, or Vt i ?tero North < arollna Lands lu excaange lor Nev S ork 1 r '!r klyn oroperty. ta>|UlrtJOf (iiiv^Rit; R. KKA, So. 311 W UlUai atiert. lil HI ill LE*S Til A .l XT COST HIJ Mo.M'HS AUo T> 1 UUv W ill bo xolil, a hanks une new v'Uh llnui", ted on W&aMngtcn avet ihs, 2M i eel fmai the livrtle iv. uua "Mrs. i.< ' 37';- fft't fi-nn t, 1 <*) teflt d ptb ifnii?p smr, anfl ?iDtuilM 12 ro. ma, wltb oi dei n Improve mniu; seven large urnanental trets in frout of bsuK ; nelghimr' '*>d Ural cUuh: fnrsfWf. O. t- If fT II Jt CO., So. 40B ttruadway. to fWWl CASH.? FOR SALE, TH^ TflllEe STORY V <?!?*/" " " and basement Brick Homie and Lot, No. '4)J tveirb nlrfM. This la docidedlv a ch.-ap picte of pr iwr jy ; tli* balance, (l .vtl, on t>ond ..nd mortgage. Apply to 1. tl < DoUUliTY, l!>t Bowery, from 12 to 3. J>c /mil ?VERY CHE%P.? ONLY $l,*? CiSU UK I F" Uf, i,urr?*il for the genteel 'lire* '?tory, bl'fh haee men', House nm-tod in a handsome bl >ck. with ca? tlxi-ins. bmb, an , 1MI Fifty- third utree', n?ar Third avenue If n- l ?i 'd by a prtl 1, b ' lou-' d to a small family 'oi vafr i i*)i i and repair*. Inquire it ldti W.jat -treat Ar Win ?For KAI B--T1IE HOIJrtK aNI? LOT NO. <P?> iMIU. 1U2 E&et Fortieth --treef, three atory and tw?.<^ mei.t brick, wi b all ? rrodern Inwriivi nient , (vs 11 >t urea, Ac , a-v to Lexiagton twin terms m derate. Av ly 10 J H. UOljl.H I V, .83 Rowery, N V fir; ViOli ? VEUV ^HBAP.-OKLY I1 MOO cash re quired tor lb"1 ?"ite?J three c jry, high b?i< - merit II- u^e, si'iiHted In a baDar-omo ldoek, with ira-i Ilxturev, bob, it , I.I11 fifty thlra ative' ne?r 'Ibird avenue. If nut eoiu li? April 1, will be lemud t<> ? small f an ly fw . ?>, water rem and rvpul r?. Inquire at 186 Wml Kiev nth mr-nt. Jj.lll IUin WOR1II OP DRY GOOD* WASTED? FOR <P ?)"'?' *" " * which WcitiTi. la-id)i ami c -b wiJ) b ? pa il. artb-? l.a-iug such may caji on V. 6. ltOs>S A CO. Ji >. 'J N j.f,n a u airi'iM. 3iOr%IWW|? * "RHT Ol *?? ftUMWBR HOT?rs 9ZtAi''ulf> wltliiu tec mluiiu-*' ?nlk of th?' oc ?n, ?!.<1 l?-?h ib?n twPB'T inlb'S from Jiew Vork; ?plRodidly 'ur nmht'd anJ fltind tip: hoi aid cold water; emjiiikI* t*?l - ully Uiaout; n&rna, salbl ??. Hindu, lea hou?e ailo<li, An. Krrry. O-ln* ri:?d for "prn;b?r. iLfi pr?ijH"riy c<j?t n -irlv ' wioe th< turn ;isk?d fo' It. First eln?? rlt.y pr>ij?>rty would lakfa in p*it pajtuiiit For pirtuuiar* apply' to FHA.SSX.Ifl UROl 1>Ki ?, SO Wa'.l itre?t. f OR ?AUK,. A RARE OPPOBTCMITY.?fMp FOR TUB Hi cbit fry, rltiwk. V.xtur^s Ac , of a well k iowo WTboliv ?alo fcieam ? .. ?>! ????I ' ..!??} , H-liiuh I'||?I tm Hold lj?l'orr- the I -it ofMty. Come and j l'oryounielf Apply at *W &<jvf,ni h aronue. ADklMlINU AVD BiLi,lABn SALOON FOR SALE? Mlu?icd on one of tbe beat tbarniiKtifnreH In the city of hrirfiklyn. unit M-lablUln d Uiirty 1 ho plao In litted up In a r. ciplc n uianner, and nu<v dollig a good Dimuem. Matin fnrtoiy r'MnotH sfren for a- l'm* out. tbe place and gxtd will, togatbi-r ?lth a Ave year*' I.e. mi, will be nold at a bar ?ln. Appfy to JOHN J. ifhlTli, conn at I ork street and nd.too avrntK', Krookly n. AfVUiVELLVH FOR HAI.R ? MIK IS ABOUT 3U0 TONS burthen and Is in ooimilotc order for ne?. Ir.aulre ?>! J. T. TOMNHBNO, No U I'lue atraet. In the baeenu-nt. A HAT BTORE POR WALK ? AN OLD ESTABLISHED Hat fore, Ao. aft) Grand direct. New (</>#, ki-pt lor many fMiiiiby E. B. Hobby; the U?t (Iffht ye*r? by the late Win B olUla, with letse of dw"Hlntf Al.o a brick ahop. Hui'ablc for making aoft hats or hat bonl#>a, tb?atock, fltimiw, UoIb. Ac., ready Tor Immtvliate u?i. Will be (xolil bu a Uu^aln. Inquire of t. B. HOBBY. .TOd Grand ?trfV > I...,. A DINING AMD BAR BOOM. IN A FIRST (XAHH aeiahbathood for btn-lne-ie, will be k. Id alai'imt Im lain. Mi:?t be sold lmme<liaiely, ?? ihc owner ha* >Ui>-r t>n rm*r< mi'uth. Call on BlOOfl k HOSaiTER, No 73 >'a?Mtu street. A LACE C' RTAIN BLEACHING KST VBLINH* l.NT, A In wuceesnful operation. *111 be sold o* rcJi?on.ibl tirmi. Tl'? trade will be learned t?> tbe pureli.'itur in a vary ahr>rt time '? hlf la an exicedlngly rare cbanoe for a tx-rton w i .hia^' loetixarelu Hiat uuatnaa*. Apply at A">7 Hlxtb avo/mo, near Iwen v eighth atrwt. A QOOD CHANCE. -FOR H-VLE, A PROFITABLE, A w ell known an<t e?UWi-hed br?it rlaaa f freter . ai ?>u ; thr aal'no la large, band?ou.ely furnlnlii d and loeu! u up fn.i) i-iw d In New York; bar oocnec imL Appiv a' <W rtroad way, mom IS. C. B/HOW KS A UO. A LAB OK HR8T CLASS DININO SALOON FOR Mile, locuted in th<< grraie?t tliorouglifare do *n town, t?? ;.r the ITcrald oil ce. favorable leaac and the aaloonfur tiiabrd complete in every department: will lie aolil en r<j\ aoMbio I' ! ujh. Ajply at itj Broadway, loom U. ( B. HOVtjfc H A ? C). A STAND FOR SALE. IN WKST WAKH1NOTON MAR ket, located on hm ?<u thebe^t avenues for anr kind nf tna'nee*. lnnilreof J.^T. WATSDR.n tod 73 ltn>aA.. ie t it*. C1UEMIHTS A^D APOTHiCABIEH.-* URDO MORE, J beautiTnliy airauxed, with fliluri a of l^.o !lni "t de- -rip Hon, all made to order, and a atoek of the best Mceic ue> ui l Ctemlcaia, U offered lor a.ile at a K^rrlfl^e nf one half lu ri^al vali.c, to *ettV> m? a bu?!nr?s. The locatloa a id if ?Igli bt rhood very Mrtba, as a laijj" and profl'ab e DiudneM li -i been eonduf'ted for tbe na-t flrti'en veer* oa the premises Apply t" ELKJNH A MLKEUH'I", Keai li<tatc AgnuW, Mo 1 I curt atrett, Brooklyn. Drco storr for SALE? with a lease fob lire* yean- ut very lo ? reui; 1? now pay Indwelt. Acanltal i hi nee for a yfin* doctor nv a Oerreir apoiheeery Iti'i iire at 1 ilcK 1>EI*D4M'K faa:y Mure, JiXi tourk avunwt . wiar the College nf Rur^i-oea. DINIKO saloon FOR SALE \ OEEAT BAR? AIN ? ON a Principal tbmngbiare, lavoml.le leuee, nloelv OtU*l op, well eetabll-hed and doing. i first rUaa money maklugbWi ne-s. An ri<?e llr? good ' barce WiUTHWK B * WOOD, ga Naaeau ttreel. FH)R XAl.f'i? TBE LEA -IK AND FIXTIRF.H OK AV Br-jl'sh !-h.idi>a, drlng a fine bualnrw ard In an e^ee!. lent lo. ailiy. The prMent proprietor only retime frim the ! tiMneaa on account of 111 health. Apply at MliUrand eirt ct, WtliLimatmrg, betwren? A. M and 1 I . If. I/IOR SALE- THE LAGBB BEBB AND BILLIARD r Sm ioodNo. 28Hlxihavenuv! Come and ?<>? for youraelf. rR SALE- THE PTOt'X AND EIXTUBES OP A Bfni '1 nrmahlng ?nd St rre Store. The Rtore and Werk abnv io let or lea?e Apply at .VU Sixth avenue. Cioh HaLK-THK IJtASB AND FIXTtTRRS OP A V tint cUu* Li'iuor More Apply on the premiers, S2J Ae Wllld avenue I OR FALE--THE LI. AnB rrnBF.B YBAR-41, OOOD WU1 ?iid Flituii1* of t*;e Urjr? urn rlas< Englisl Ale ?MMJM IdS Spnnij ?teret bow .K?Uig a g?wvl h iaineas. Rent lew. ifott*o in prrfei t order Keaaou foi, proprietor goleg Into boaiueaa la the con* try. IilOB SAIJt? A PINE SHOW COINTPR, WITH MAR 1 hv tup, f, -ir chafidctlcrx iwllh ripe*. Ac ), and i.ix hnn ?<i etrply S?gar hexea. A;<ply at No Broadway. Fob ?ai k-iiik heurt andk r?, row i nrnlnc en tte Hu l.'ou riser Uj Albany. ItUlct long, 28 feet laiim, tf feet hole, of light draught and very I ist. Alao n-wftl Sargua. App It to JOliN U. KixtlHBLD A (X 1 , lb -oulb atree , liViB HAJUff? A J'ENTAL Bl PINB8H. PI LL PRACTICE, r r'Kul l icailon. Brat clata patients t or particular* ap ' t u .f 1 1 .> tfi, WllllE A CO, onrnrrof Brotdway and ~ aireet tVl* SALE? ^TOf'B AND FIXTfBES OF AN OLD ? and wall ci.ililie.V d tiaa r ixMire and FltOng eaU'tlisli meet; one nf the beet r< tall a'and< in th" rltyt would et OhiiHi.e lnr a houae and ioL AddieaaJ, K.. box UO Herald o1'< e h^OL SALE -ONE Ot WftldtfT S SCMLLBAW*. TWO i*lhle? I ut i.e. ii n ?!*"? n.Ucr* wutiU.d. I'lqtiite'n the gUvtacntlei** ihop, . ?! WM{ Thirty .erenth aireet, !>o tween t'ghth and Nltuh avenuita. IOR HAI.B? TUB 1URNITI HE Op AN ELEOANTI.T ftirn abed blown ?b ne hmi*r, pn to onnt of ihe famll\ pivinf ill homekeer'B. th#' furniture aiad" ?o griler and \n) uear y rew, and wid be ? '<d rery re*' oneblevo a c.??h piti? 'i*?ar. 1 w l nil tx' I 'Vil?ra aiklrnai N. N., box 104 Htreld otlior. Fr?OB HAW A Jt/Ni I VCTVRlNo BI'MtVEM WllfM J irtlJ pay lt*fp?r wtt' er erf *1* qgMiths; II not aoll im nu llntelj. a parlu.-i Wll be Wk? i Iflr part Initials Inauire fita) hiWto .. .1 111 10 to I?, or 2 lo * O'el-x-k F^OB MALE-TUB Wd' K AXD PIXlCBRg Of tiTR n'd eetai iMtee ?r %? ry atora IM avaiMM D, amuir nf felRhlh stnet. i i' rm* ji "itilre <? the preml sss KV It " ?, !,?' AT A P t MV 1WO sn . TTLE AVO " iom i. th ' ad ?. .?* Ifaah(t,e? ~r mil rnliannt f irf Jiinch?ad ?' . Ad'iie , H alker. if .aid oJIca. KOH 8AUB. CV><? 8U K-.4 I MtVER LI Jl OB STOKE, WIT I four a*"* flt*..*l tip ?? ?vLolaaale atyl>?; InoaMM. Mmm and appaarmue* loi Inn: Irnu <'?un , ? inai'a?-t<>rj expl.u aiioo for ?> .Utig. Inquire of D. BCRKC. AucJoueer, 130 Bowery. LMIK IE- A V1NIKO AND OTti-HKR SALOON, IN ? K u;h ? !*' t, lie ir od<" of the tor, fer>le?, t.-udarnely llt'frt mi iUd J.-liura Urg* bu??w*m; fiue (oration; 4 Ml 4.1 -o xn bt<v|Ii in ir n ">iunaiy,lo Mni'i'i" -itreei, oli ? -.t nbUahed w lb Bum. lings, fJ,UOO. Apply for two day at U7 Dm mu irert. i o- m 1)1 ("1LA8B fc'UlTSRfl? A SUJK WITH ALL THE FIX T tufa >trr eu'iylaf on ?b" Plat Olas* Ovttin('. f->r i?l?. Apply at 'iM Wei* | biriy mv? u.h mrei, Oelwti'u Lighth aud Mit'n ?n-nue* (IROfFRT AND LIOI'OR STORF TOR S \ 1.8 ? LO J Mlfd in no* o* il>o hot lualneja avenm-v the b.aat, affxkand nitures w|l| be -<d<i tfcla day for $300; I' li irxll wit h dn.ble tke amoiiitf, b?>t It uiaat ho J nt ?t a MiT tler, * pp'y ; t 4.-J Br aadway, loom 12. C. B. UOWES k C& i ' kOCPRY FOR BAlF -TfiV, STO^K, nXNTRK*, AC. " of a ? ?ll nt.ckt'd tir*t ?l"n * h |||Nk and rei tl1 Oremf sltuati d (u a nlf>H'?iit nelg? bnrbood a?d in one of the beat tvmoiif?t'aie* iu (be city, commanding an ??iiell.-ut c*?!i '?roi|y trade ?>r a;*ni $M>.<w r>?r year Will ?>? iw>ld onres m.nuble t? n??. "atUfa-itory i?r?ronoe will bo fnin'ubed on application to A A s R ? KB1!, I?"d A'.uihtnglon direct. HOTEL ?FOB Sale TUB LEASE AN-1 furniture of n ?mull tlrtt nl;u>? Motel In oti<* of thr beai'l'xjatiana In hi* city . wlllboaolrt '-heap .ni.l oi. lib. /al WruK^art apontdlue party. luqulie at or addreae M. II., 15 Mad.s>n avenue. Hotel for rale-now conducted ah an eno llnh "hade*. fontalna IS horni* beeldes spaoloiiR Bar ai'd reading "ooina; la eligibly loca:< J and t or aol* at a go at bargain V.. L*WRKKi't 4 CO . VI l.??t F>*nrtee.i?th ?tre? LFAKK AND FfXPTTWES F'?R SALE OR TO LET? Tbr SU>ivh li and 17 Fln-t (trc^t, bulli e*prt>H?ly for the I'arkint; biia'tii-n*, with four ? tuoko huuM? and paleiu to* it-itiM1 ?itasb<-d In<|tdreou the tuvmittss, or of D. A. A UUU A * . A. CI ^IIHaN It aSP, STOCK AND FIXTCRKS OF A FIRST OLAS8 > ronfeettoMry and Bakiry, corner of Tblrt, ln< n'.roet mid Bro*dwa? , t..r?ale. frioe t*?". Apply to t. D. LAW KtN?'E, I .fil HriiUdn ay, between Tltlity iir?t and Thirty ?> txmo aue> la I EASE AND KI'RMTl'RB OF OOC8E Na M VUT J Ihlrtv flmt atrwt, newly tlttcd tip m n pnb'.lc titmae, for aale Arplv to CL D. LaWRUNCK. l/.^l Broadway, be tween Ibiily tirat and lhlrt\ aeeond ?troalM. IIQTTOR AND OEOCEBT STORES KOR SALE? ONE J lit sixteenth atiwf, inn in BaxUr stuwi, one In Third ?vi'uue, one U' Oliw Itrcot, one In Xulbeny atreet, one In Ninth alrvot, two In tUiathum aircot, tbre? good turner ttu>r<H .\p(ily to r*.TTH>, 96 Dtrlalon atreel l aarCBKTOBE FOR SALE -FOB "ALE, TnE OLD 1j e?tablt?hed Lienor 8t?re, i.sfl Cherry atmet, with Stock, (? iltuica i, lid three jeirt l/ate from tuu lat of Hay next; pilcc $!,s'v Thif la an exwlleiit opportunity for a bualneaa u an Apply < n Uw prawla? Mac u i Mi shop, so. m cherry street, roa nile, and iLc property to le?i*. This U an old e?ub dated place, well calculated for tlio biulnc-,*. Apply oa the pt miKfg. U WATERMAN. MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT.? For SALE, THE Storl, r ixlitres und gi nd v\ ITt of n Cum rtroad vay ?. iMii'ji Establishment, ivltli a apeuUid run of custom. Ap ply at f&j Broadway. *1 A r ;'T F'R 8ALE- WITH MEAT, OTSTER, CLAM J?l knU vegetable his u'Ih. in a no .a 1< cutiuti, and now doing good bu-lucea. A pood stand for a m\n wha undoratauji the batmen*. Apply in tbo market, 4. 4 lludaon street, our m r oi Mciica. MAHKET STAND FOR SALE ?THE FINE DOUBLE btaiid, 10 itid IS Cent-p Market, at present a butter -ikiiJ, tiut (suitable f?r auj business, will br sold low. Apply to a. Tt'BSfll LE, 35 Charit-a street. PORTABLE OAS WORKS FOR PALE-FOB LESS than liilf it* <i? id(4 to removal: it will be put lu i> rfec order ti (1 us.Tr.mted Inquire at Broadway, room No. A, from 10 to 12, or 2ki4o cluck fVUARIX ROt'B VlLi-S AND PORTION kjF patent V/ 1 >r sale, roneedod at the mines thi- very beet for re tide n* roik ? and iiher h?*d subi'ance^ to Impulse >le pow der, with bdrdcci'U shifting zrlu 1 ?g mirfaces ??a*'. l\ chin red l R'< ICR A WOOD, IB .NaaattU street. RAKE CHANi'E ?I Have cash and real estate, > Improved nud unlninio^er,, which 1 will aiehange f or nien-hamllM' to the amount of one to one bur-dred and Ilfly tV-uj-ji'a ?!. iiurB 't hose v. Whir g to alo?c bu i unas or make exchanges con address M A., bortfl Herald oniee. Z?T> AM F.NOINF.S FOR BALE? NEW AND BBOONT* ii hand, from two Is At "<eu borae power. eeaaietlag of hori n nUl, i | unlit and portable. Also . Mai bin" Shop and gud w 11 of business, now In enecorsfal ope a'ton, well allotted with tool* and i very thing i jnlred to conduct the buiuie s*. Inquire at i - uiaehlae shopatt Water si tuet, now * or*. CJTOCK " .M> FIXTl RI.S O* DREG HTOIIB ? ON THIS O corner of l!r?dw ? an ) Tbirn nee >nd street, for mla eheup. nee doing a good bnstneea. 1-si.i t .ctory re/tanna g.van ftr m ii'g oti'. Apply to U. LaWKKN< h, I 'ifll lUood war, be; .. pen > blrty Mr-t?nd Thirty *?*)nd atreeta. SUIOF FOR M,F,~ THE BLOOP WHIPFOOBWILii, _ i.boat I'dltiif b"irtlieo, bull: by M-e.-tm. 1< .ruor *ud PiwU (SBe'lpor*, ly nc lav vt: I* w< U furntshed threr j-iont and ready tor bti?ine;<? will be soM l?w to elow an eaiate. Aptily hi !!,? >'??? vt I'ITt W, tail , al Heliport, 1* L, or to WM. Kf VAN, 1'16 Wat*r?troet, >. w Tork. riM) BUTi 11KRB.? iOR HALE. A NEAT TWO 8TORY J fraaM lloun', with t-'b'.Uf liter Hoiiac and Htable atLb. h^d, all in tv 'ti'-eet onler: lot IOOxJ'i fan l>e Keen from U till 'i c'eloct a*. HSEa^t t'wfcuty-tlxth sti-eet. I or further p?nir-a liaiaspvly to M A I t'l.rY, 12 ^'.a hiu^ion mutket. ~A JEWELRY ABB FANCY 8Tf?HE, WtrH %)*)" IU? uwi lliiwt Uoniuh. m hl' li la woilb on ine . huudl-e biio ti?ttiri'?, Ih Tor mile at th? abotre |irte ? lor e?*h. LocalTon neeiieni a iur> |ii,i.,o ior ? waujitnitkar. ?I< i I reasoiianvsn for aeliiair. tnculieofD. L"TZ, No. 1JV Canal rtrnt, arur Bowery, N. V. OHO lilUBT MANUFACTI RINO BUKIN'ESS Cl.UUW, (or sals; done for o??b, geotccl and enslly learned, witb plenty uf orderaon hanl. The tni?t Katiafuc t.ny leaiwnji j;l?eu for ^eiiiug. Apply to JOSEPH/. VAN BM h E N 18 rt all dtMt,MMi LI dS-l nnn ?FOR BAU, Ovt OF THE BEST COR nor Ij^uor Btores In t'ue city, fitted up iu first c I..m nty'c, on a priueii'Al avenue; long lea?e, HfVudld bar anil lKrge room. Mum be atUil. Apply at <U0 Uuvit street, tip stairs. COPA HTKKHB1I1P NOTICE**. A PARTNER, WITH ABOCT tlllOO IN CASH. WANT ed !n n flr t ela w fatniir grieery ? In Brooklyn, now doing ii annl paying eaab In. slm-as; location Qrntiate; htook lipwaiil al! I'tirthMed for eash; to an honest Industrious party this is a rare chati'-u, ?tri> tlv tirst class icference giyim am! re nutrcd. Addrpsi with roaf name, appiilntlnf an Inler , lew, u. K. 1., Herald ottice. ABl KINE-^S MAN WANTBD? W1TU A BMAET. . capital; ?2'<l will purchase ot.f half lutoi e-=?. in nil M ib llebeil l,ii-iue?s tliat will p?y n ?ni-e aud remum iatit elnoni ip, and dona < n.irel.v lor uaab. ^j/ply at 42<i H. otilivar, room 1 'I C. B. HOWES A CO. /lOPAUr.NKltHHIP DISSOLUTION.?1 THE COFARTNEB * ' ship hi retof ore eiistlnc between r?avl< A .faMta, Utery Htable Ai eperf, ai Noe ft and M Ea*' Foortaaatli Htrett, Be.w York, has thla day been dlaadved l>v matnaJ e mwit. Tbo busiaea* herealier will lm cuntlnu- d by Jatue/i .lucks who al ne Ih atithoiUcd to. and will seUle the' lmainesH of the bue firin JaMKS K. DAt'IS, Nnr York, Mar h 12, IrflL JaUKS JACCS NOTK E.-T1IE PAKTNfcBHHIP HERETOFORE EX Uting tinder the firm mi run o| hobrrix/n, Beibert A Sbearman, In t'ue Lithographic business, at No. 93 F llton alieet, in the ct'y of New York, I* tills day dissolved by mu ln,tl oolkout. Henry f<i(bm? J? autlionnd in neule all the bu?liie? of ?aM tlrru. snd pavnc nt? are 10 be tnado to him on i> unit of the b<isPu'ft? of the lata firm New Voiih . Jlarcl; 1), U?l. ALEX. BonEP.THO.V, HENRY BKIBesr, JAB A SHEARMAN Tl>r biislm " of IJthegrapblns will be .-onllnued by ibe uu ier*lciii!d tt the ran.e puce, bo. 33 Fulton *ir**t. HENRY SKI BERT. PARTNER WANIEO-BfTTn fft.nw TN OIBII, IN A i.i?bly | roHtablo manufariuniiM bu- .i.i HS, w. U asta'' ii-'hrd aril rimUi>7 mo?P> ; or aecunty w? be glreii fortl - rooDHy. with a rcaMiaaUa *.?inry for tna lir?t >e?r. Apply to S. \V .*B , IW Bn adaay. up si.. Irs. PABTBEK WANTED? IV A WHOLESALE OROTRRY and i r.vMlwi BUm, W:(h a large .iade;an old eatabll- >i ii location, to?l?We of the citr. 1 he OWOT hai baea many *p'.rti lyi Mm- nvde, end ?-ani' a (ai'd pj tner, or will nell th> l.ui mm aad piem!-c? Addret", couli lcnilally, U- my. bo? 8.MP Prwt eiiipe. THE OOr*RTNRRBHTP HERETO FfiRE KXTOTIVi; bet* sas? the niiden 1 jned. ander Ike Am nam? of ^ arl now A Everaon, la U'ls ibij dU> ulred by mnt'ial e inn-nt I. C. V sunCM uiuni! U atilUerl/ed to sat tie tin af ilrs of ILc wJdflrm I R. VABNBML UEO. I I.vj.Rhom. Ni w Ymiti (MMtiy M, 14. TV' A>TEO? A PARTNER. WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, IT In it who tsalanea methi?l luiitaUon L! tu*" ba tlnsei, letiirnlii. $|i*P?to raal profit a year. Apcly to <L I- IE BOLD, 413 I'earl *Urei, up stairs li-rnn -WANTED, a man willuw to DEV(rTB ?T\ M "I. Ilia time for an t-one.i lltlng, a? patner In an old (stabllelie'l enah bui ursa. paving ?16 tier week at present at. dean be \eit tntwU tacreanad. *4ply In the I lore *9 Canal airewt, l.ear On-hard. Al A f)f% ?WANTED, A PARTNER. IN A WBMj ettabil.DM m't' tfai'turinr ("onf.? :aneit, iritl $l,4rttea?h. A po al ? bsi. e for a bo?lne#? mm. Appty at Bathun A t o. i> m Uwleaale fruit store, 27 .V:v? Il ,*rry, cr nei of Ms'dlaon sai .-t. a>t) /inn ca?h a*.d as active pakt**r w\st Jm.UUu ed. Id an rstablir l>ed iomaii? ion b i?nH>?? in tbtr ?>ty, now malt Ine luonet, mid ran bo largely Inereaaed will he* Ka.oetated vl?h an wrtiMtlMl and t?sptnu'b|i par ty. Aildn sa fine atreet, btni 101 Hi raid oBea. mwt ?ANY MAN WUUINO TO EN, v??''v"* KM' ?* partner In sn eyeeedlngly lucrative light snd pleasant etmb bastrs^s-a m^a- poly? under protee Hon of let e ? pxtent, from a loeh at lens* fMi.flto {wranntim eaabe t mIM. mn ? with an ete? I eat upportuoity by applying at Uti Br<uuway, roota No. A 1 1, <mi -ten PKntoN trrfii ?:,?? ro $.1'?*ti. 1-h, aan'ed, as par" er? Iri a Btuiiaeja, very rrspreiHlim. and win yl' ld an lueonic eaoal I > fr >m W? to ?NVaWianl?aU6 tick paMOfr Call ii* tw VMk etlP, R., Stiftt'umlic land sire. I, Hi oklyn. near Fu'tot av? jn? whin' tlx mo t ?atlfi)etor/ evldene-; of 1M fc.i! valua ? 111 b? <lTi n. . _? . .. . ? / inn ? A Fa KTNKB WANTED, IK A BAKE AND i l.'MHF. i oi.taMr ouklneas. na >? h ? i< ? Ive ,t -d expei leiKCd will timl this a mo t eligible than*' for making amtli P. B. BOBS A CO., No. ? Nst*n street. KPDRTIfO. (1ALOBIC TAt'HTK FOB SALE ? <>VR IDE WHEM, ' IMlttf 1(1 fe> tlet?th. also a lar-e Propeller I arbt, SO feat long, a roir sti 'ior eraft For p?rti-nfln? tpply at the , Bvlussaa OatoHb F?|dne Agency, idt Dual stmet, N. T. FBANCtS Bm.fR, No. g PEi'K SLIP, HAS ALL TUB 1 choka bi-ee-i* for Male and st"fk. Bui'er's Infal'liile , Mr.rrfe l tiff a'i'l i lee F.vtei minster, #rieent- per onUla. Bui leffS "Jiepdlftu, I'ralalag, lllstsi a. An., >f !>*?," #1. Digs bi rded, (r*tnMl. M"d|pltiae fur all diseases. : \t77 |7t itFUr.i pa VOB BALB^iiiTcAN ?? SEEN L at ilmipnlat. YaT UT KOWJIIU ToTl SALE -THE SELES DID aloof jaM t R' ? otia, ?< t.^tis bnrtlMii, now lying at Waap 1 port, t'oi .n , 'i r f. red for ?ale, togetln r ? Itb hnr 1 1 .kle, ap- '

paial and nirnltar" She irm pnT In first rate o.-der bv ber liiii oh n> r, *! It, Vt|o?l ??, Eaq , during the i*M *a?on; is I f? pletely mi eleiraaily furalaitd In enwy respart aad w|;| j be sold I'.eap Km taTTM ffply 'o C?1?J I. MA rRER, waatpat i, Com. , or to H. A, EVlLi'lFS, M b. ?d ? ?) , N. Y I HOTIM, HOQMg, *C., TO LOT. * BOl HE TO LET ? t IX TEBN HujHi*. BK>'T 9*?, Ji 12 <t atta ?tr?<?t, iuar Varlek : '"imrteen room* w*U>>ir i i ,t rJ, U?" fundi! re for *?)i kl $? Ol f'o?tn-ooo givi u ib? lir -l of April or bclore 1 he boiirdere wonU reaaalu. A gixti location Am OWNEB, (<n I'PyiNO A LARUE HOOUB, WITH , all the moi ?in iiiipnven i'tit*. would like In let the M tire Ki fflinl, liu j of the Third, aaa oae Ko<> a on the toiirih floer Bent ?".<? Apgly from 10 A. M till 2 P. U , at V Laniartmu place, Twmty niuili dUvet, betwtx Q Eighth and Moth avcnne*. ALAK.E FOl R STORY HOUSE TO liEARE ? FOR thr?e o? !)*??* years, on W*>? T*reiitl?ili atieet, ??p|>id ? H. I Her n ctui:<Ji a lint u-in'tilxiruotd. llouae will lie put In good oril?r and la*, dint (,'ond tenant a' WO. J aMEK ll. Eim aKUS, 277 Wwt Twmty ihlrd street A St 1TE OF M.V ROOMS TO LET, OS THE SAME floor ll ?>* 1* new, lieth And water nlmwt connecting, with the luipioTfimfnU; I flue a oo uer It *1* *? an entire front Apv-ly at th" ?nuthwe*t r rn < of Thirtieth ?tpeet and f mirth ?venue, I'eferrui'ea r*ehan d. Hour* It) till 3 P. M. A THBFK lll<;H RT io " HOUSE TO LBT ? .ti2 AjkMwItniarJiil ween I weot and Twenty fln>t?ir?ri?. II nae 1 an heen recently put In tf'int order, has all im pri vnmul* . >?< tI?giiro?, Ac. R tr If**). J. a. BILf;, 1S5 Fifth av/nue, corn - f fwenty -third street. Aiundsovb three stoi.y iuoh rtoop non*n to let, in T'?en v-tMril ali-ee . between Eighih and Ninth avt nuea: lm i> full lite; bou-* ban all m'idim tmprore mtuta, and U In food order. K 'nt $l,OOtL J II BILL. iwfl Kit ib avenue, co ???? r of Tscnty-thlrd street. A three story man stoop hocseto let? in Twentyfcnnh street, between glttli aid I'evenlh ave r.i ?w. Hou?e baa all modern Improvement.*, gtt* Aiturea, file yard, and la In Bret i ate otder TVni $fr2\. J. MOWlANJi ril IX, US Fifth avenue, eoruer of Twenty-third street. AlOHO HRr*PLTK,;ED BOARniVO HOr-tETOERT and tbi Furniture f ir aale clie it> lorca*li Immediate poMluion g ven. Api 1> at 151 Franklin street. AHaM SUMK FOrHHTOllV UOUhF ON SIXTEENTH street to lot? $1 'iM; a thrft* ?tor> on Hevmteentb, B7M); a f >ttr uivrs ??u Tenih, ?%<): four on 1?> la^on n . t-u ie, #701) to aevofnl furnn-acd, f ,'Jtm E. H. KlN'HIHMER, :u:s Fourth avenue. A Til WE HTOr.Y I1IUH STOOi' HOUSE TO KENT - On t"iMT?fn!! atrei-t, and the Fnniltnre for awlo? tin: ?iir>le i r a inn o> tbeaaae. The houae la in flnu nr'ler, hivv Int handamnely fnew -<>4 )>ar''ir? and h ill, A". , Ac. ; ? ould r? ut, f' i ni-bo?l, to' ft #ood tenant, for 91 fin) p?:r ye^r. The houhe, frmlturo, l inntjon, all ar?? vei v dt?-i"av>le. JAMES K. lOWAil|)H,2T7 W rut l'weuty hirdstreeL BA8KMENT TO LF T? AT 417 BIIoaOWAY, HVITA EKN (? in ud and Broome atrvetn; good tulraiv e and llg'n; alio S^xOi1 feet. SBOOK1.YN I1KIOHTS -TO I.ET, A THREB STORY liiiiU hioop Hmtie, <4 CultualiU atrttt, nlilKay beltrtvn frniee, and overloi kinc theharb >r; will be put in?o>>d uder, with all imi rovetnunla. Rent A?iU J. HH 1,, KlUh ?VHM, e rneriSd ?t. BLOOMKIEI.D, N. .1? TO LET, lit SIDES 'E Of MRS. Heone. yppo^lt?> the common*; eleven ro ??. ? attJc, parilv Out-hed, tfts h u*e, beru and three to five aero ; Ave mioutev from depot. Rent 9400. Apply on vremlaea. (^OI'NTBT iroCRE TO I ET - A TWO STORY UOI HLE .1 Uoose, n itli a eai den plot 'T on > an e. Hottae ine.-od order, ;i pleasant place; four mlten front "A lUlAtnstmrg ferrtes. l.'enf $'iM* peraunuia. For fur.h"r paetH-ulam to W. K. fel-Ol FW, at W'bi. Wall'^ Pun's ropewalk, Hu^hwlrk -ne nue and Man-i ull street, Wllltainxbiirc, or ai Stewart ? Hotel, on Cypres 1'li uidca-lttiu'ztd road. f 10UNTKY KEHID1.SCR TO LET OR LEA8F.--AT \J Mariner's Ifarbor. Ntaten Island; 10 aOroa of good lllln L,lr land. a bouse containing seveu room*, base nn-nl a ud cel lar, fronting th<! wa'er- also ft hou-wi containing four rooms, bsrn, rurrUfso fcousa uuJ outbul'diogi on th-: p cmix*; will be l<-t together or MipKiate. The Eiltabethpori ferry bo.ita (rNtpltr N? 'Jl^orth river luod nlthu live minute* wnlk of the i-eidence. For further parilcrlor* apply at tbe f*i ru ot O D. I'OeT & OO., or oyster barge 17, foot or Sjn ing ?trert, S Y. EIINFLT FURNISHED FOPB 8TORT BROWN BTOVB r House. IM Fast It Irty fourth atreet, wtth all tho m i dent improvement*; v? )v< ' Ptrpc 1*, Piano Ud bro*tcla?<l row-wood furniture, Uei,t $7,'i p?r month, in iidv inoo. I .cle ? rtjoi c rei|Ulre<t Wui >>i l? lot for a boambug bous , FMF1T KflUJT CLA8B HOUSE! 10 LET -FHRNISUKD and unfurnished, well iltualed, up town, fr.vri $. >1 to $V"'. Utlforsa'e: nl?o IfU Store* Lofts and u bole Build leg#, between Wall and Fourteenth rtreeta: inttiv of th-m tu Breadway. N. iJ liisttol', 1+4 ilroail>v?y, itorefloir FL'iSNIH(,RD HOl'bE? WASHINGTON AVKNfiE.-TO Jet or for ftale; l* ft douhto nou*.', wiih eight lot* of ground; fnraltmo ot fie most ? )ei:a. t dnaerlptiOD, g-trden a ui out and piai ted In the tlnest tr.i nnor: lo-'atl' 10 oax' side of Washington avenue, first bouse north "f I e h-.lbu*< nil.'. For card* o' adiaiMiaB apply 10 O. H. I.NOER80LL, No. 343 Rou b street. Fvnvifiir.n house to ift-* completely furnished Il.,uw, 1?T vruiv third itre -t, ( mtaluUig I'ar lor*. <l!i tnc roi m, ma <even sleeping r inri?; rent $1 ,*??; or would excRun*e forah.nioeon Murray Hill or noar mm oily. Id.-- i s?loii ltnnfM diati ly. VAN WINKLE A WINtNS, No 1 Fine ?trevt. LURsmnni house to lft, i.i moutiI uttonK g lyn.? A gentleman *ndwife linvinc * handsome tbr. ? s'ory Hiiimp, rlijaui'lr I 'in l?hed. would let t^e -am ?? sunt r. Hpoos bW pa ty ? itliout children, kuc" t><?an) v* ill. ihe lam' ly. Addrwa bo* 2.H90 New >nrk I" ?t odko HOVSI TO T.BT-AT RKROBN POINT W. J . COM plet? ly furuUUfd, wilb i{.inl"uund ?IkIiI. u; conveni at to tho *te*nibo*t 'nrrtln ' Will tm 1m on re\?.nitilo i?nm fit in liist of M?y (or earlier If deiired) uu'il < r.tola-i ir No vember. Inquire at No 77 Cedar street, thirl floor iviru lii. eOfSE TO I.KP AVD FORNflrri'E FOR H.M K Threeitory, Ii1k!> stoop. r?V(#iillo Wall Mrtntul fjuth I hi leu, and one of the tiufgt lo"a'i inn In Br oklyn Rent tak< u In board If rcqolrcd. Addresi A , hot AMI 1'oet olive. MAJKON MSCBLHK, 70 AND 7S WR8T THIRTT elghth Itn-et, between Fifth arenneand Broadway.-- Tn let, a fine front Ron- nent aa phywiiJan'it otfl<* ; aiao, elngoiiily fti'nisbed, whole Floor* oe aeparute Room*; houxes now, flrtt claw, tour atory, high atoop, b-own atont ; ooiumua parlor; i"*taurmnt below. Pent jiold mintbly. OFFI'-F.S TO I.KT, IN THK BVTr.DINO NO 7 NBW mreet, foor dixir* from Wall, ln^aire of 11. Ll\ IMi ST<i> A t'O , on the prvi nines. PART OF A HOOhE TO L^T -SECOND RTORV (three targe rooma), fr?nt ba?? ment, aid M?rvant'H room lionat' I tut ail 'lopiiiveinentH, and In one ol ihe best loealion? U low Twi ntleth sueot. Rent $100. Addresa B , box 4,U51 Ton on < Rf>OVH to I.BT.? TIIF. I Pl'KR PART OF UOlftE NO. 28 Bond i-'reet will !?? let, In \rfiol" ne par" ? an e\e- Il?nt location for a lotrtliant tailor, milUucry buaiBea*, Ac. In v,?lre on the ptciulsca. ROOVS TO LET? WITH STEAM POWER, AT NOR. 21 i< Tut it 1 rnnklort stre< i. Api ly on the preinisoe, or to 11. Lf-Fl Eli j S. No. t>2 B'ekma i s iuct. up slu rs. Stores and 10m, with hteam howkr, to ij?.r, li tlx new building* eon ?r of Won himI Hostor streH.-, at low ratea, to wuit the ttmej. Apply U) T. BtSNliTr, c ir ner of Elm and Franklin street*. STF, roWER TO lbare? in the NEW FIVB -aory brick Hiflldiuv Nna. 4i, 4A M, and r<(l Ore? a? sire- > The i>eft ltghuaand mo?t imperior kkbim Id this rity. U<- .ili.n iiiok' o>ntral, one block from Oanal Mreet ami Ftuadttay. B'lIU'ngs are hea'rd by at?a?a; atfaa hotot ao4 ecery o'toto'iiodatlon Insuiance Is one per e*nt. Heat low. A; plj Imiaedl 1. 1> toll. J. HOWARD, on the preoaiies PITWENTT FOI'BTII f<TltEE,r, NEAR BI<;HTH AFENrB. 1 fpper pert of a four otory House to let. comprising et-ven hocuis. w ith use ol bnih KMjm and wssh tubs, g^a tlx ? lures, *e. Applv a< TH West Nineteenth stn et rll.fci AND Ft RNTHRE KOR8ALR?A FIRftTTLAM Houw, in tbe best location in Hob Arn; |>oiM?ssion ou 1st of Mxy. Iriqnne at K Maiden lane, tip stulrs. rpo LET, MITII POWER ? CORNER (7ENTRE AND J Dti: r:e streets. Rooms on the seoond and fuurtb 'lo >rs, and a larji I'n*-. mrnt, all we'.l 1'ghted. Apply to JAB. CON NPB .? h< N H, corner Roode and Oem re streets. TO IF.T IN BROADWAT-THE FIRST FEOOR BUfT ah e for Inn itui.i e oil i s. milliners, tali r*, Ac. Also o*her ofl.t < p. nn thir I t<>ior. or ^ ill be lei as Furnlslied Kooin*. hy the year, to gioiieinen. No. Bro.idwty, between T we'fth anil Thlrtt-cnth streets. TO LET? TWO DPI'KR ROOBF, WITH AMPLE Power, well wsimed and Mghied, ImaUon yery de*l ratle. Appiy to JO Ei'H NAHoN A OO , 61 &? ekman street. TO LET? A FARM OF ABOCT .10 AORV.S OF OO0D land, ?Rh a large hoiiaa and oatbtilMi'ig* theroon ai.d good rnut our mHe from Port Rirl mond, Utateu lalacd. Ap ply to R P. WEIXH, ag) nt. Fort Richmond rpo IJIT-A I . A RO 12 DOHHLE BOl'SB, FUBWIHM.KD, X ?nd pleasan'iy si ion ted in Kmnklin ureel, In the vin iiie of A lia. liioiiliT.d K. MILLS. Astoria, or W. VAN I'K Tk.M liB, Hi i qiton nrvet, New Vork. flV) I.KT? I M WABHINOTON PLACE, BQCT4 SI X'TH I *i rrr t. M llllamsbnrg. t<ro nf tbo?e desirable th ' ee story and hl^h bafement Houses, in complete order; w^ter, gaa, rhundelh r*. rangi ?>, boaotlfnl courtrorda adi >r* ic For par ti> ulsja liiniilreof tl c ownor, at lit Waahlngtua plane between Fourth ana Fifth street*. rro LET A '1 HKRE RTOBV HOPSK, CONTAtNINO 13 1 room*, en Hcycnt/ flrat *lreot. >i?tween Third and Fourth ?venue v 111 i.e leaded Tor the term of throe oi llreye.irs. Applv at LfOTLB'F, g.V> .'anal ret. T) I.ET, at TRFMOXT, oppkr- MORRIHANIA-A Bm rate tiii.cery f tan I, ' t'iewl e thi d*po' rusis Iidoii flr?t of S,-rll Applj Ui .lOllN R FRA^fcR, Wa- hlngton ai i nui , fretr.rnu fTK) LET? A TMREB STORT, HIOH HTOfir, BRAWN L stone front nouse, moM'ntng .ill ihc mod?:-n Improve mrnla, lojte ther with the gna flttu< na, pi?r gl.ii?e,, and win tlim ?b 'd?a Ooo<l wcunty rtqulretL Apply at 74 We?t Fotit id uh street. TO LET-BY rn* FIRST OF WAV, TO A RM\LL rmptctable lam ly, a llo.isc. with all th. mod. i u Impriva. rnents, ? l"(*n<W n*i'nl*he?l. Bent motleinte. Fee further {articular* inquire of i>i LIltHTIIILl, M Kt Karks)H*oc rpo I ?> T ? A DOCBI.R THREE fTORT BRTOV ItOORK A a'. Tairf loan, three ipi -iters of ?3 ..ere of |*nd, with fnilt flte nilniitc*' from d"|iot; In g?>??-l order inquire on the prrtni-eo. of JAMES MOOKB, or at MO West Twenty third street. r?r<rstlon cf April. r) I.CTV PART OF A HOPS*. CONRtTTWO OF ? ro us and ri -nt basement, with ail m'Mbrn iaoro e mens, to a >niall ti ?prr table fiurtly, Ot No. (M Oioenwlak avtrne. Kent, nM) I.ET? -THE I'l PER PART OF THE HOI'sB KO. AM 1 Ilroadwny, twr <io.i. ?, aboTe I'ttl' n r'lnare A li st nto loriti.on for n uiav '>ont talloi . or a milllaer or any other light bi.slne**. Apply in tbr st, rc, W Rr.?.itT,iy rpo I.RT-THE THREE PTORT AND BABIMCNT HJiJIT J rtoop H? use No SM BHdgO WlMRt, Urooklyn. Oa a fl>. | ture* tbr. ujhotit tlie bonne. Kids wo id w s l??r, .% r Can De I *e,nfmm II M. to I F. M. For Hirucular* a; pto ;<j tJIIUirt I T I A N (i. OL NTHJR, 40 Msiilen lotto. I r) LBT? REOOND FLOOR OF HOCilR NO. d.' R|). | "r *wo P*' ^rs, n Ith I nl<t,n|t doors; penirlj*'.* W r cn, bedrooi and attci a Inq iiro on tii" pi.-nnna r lRT-ONF, OF THE BOW OF TRRRK RTOBV homes with yotaado* in flout, on tb' n >rth , d-- > I Ight' dith Mreet, lit) ?- v ,,|c i?tsivn 1' irth and Firth ?rottm*. Ker,t S'su. ||rtf ti I pri ||m on Hip ni qiitoon. 1 or of B. L. Bu\ DAM, No. IflR Warerley idaee, ne* Hltth ?y< nue. rro LET- THE LA H IE TliRBE HTORV BA^KMCVT I ainl u'tlc noiue (MnoyorWiy pi oe, H *r Mslh* nine; w .11 hi- put In llioroitgh ii i ilr to .i?.?si IrMal; UHlUI Apply lo L. MfTnAIr .Ir , 1w W^retl. T pla-.\ TO LET T1IE Fill - T FLOOR t SO NA?RMENT OF the four it. ty ! i e N>> 71 Maid* n ls>.? n r " i > nio *tn Fiwhc akin !.n?i.< dlai. I .i atred la it '?? R. L , Hl'YOAM, No l?9M^vrrlO| pie- e, ,o ar s .i!h ??*. liiiCHKS, Houn*, ?v., rt? i,ki, j LET- in* H-lNI?SOMV ni ??/ , V{ ... , ,p l i*iw beta* tvmplete*. la V W?th avian.- n. nr l. (V noii iratk?t. a!m>. Ihe mil. d, ' Mid and fourth sV rte? ?i 0 , ttsiul !>9 Also, the ae ond und third 1U>. re or *j! a,,fl ??. fcluh avenue Apply loll L 8UVDAM, l&r Wave iy pl?c> LET? WR TUKf'E tTOHY H IC< IHHJM No. |l I eight st*eei, Uireet'7 froDttmfCanal etreet, euluUe f r ivillMnerj or other light bui- ii"*? (?iicikm. s; rew flff&t) A ply to It. L" HI YDAM, >o 16S Wav<r ey pie *. n-?r "ixth .n ? ; rpo I.rT? TI1K FOLLOWING DK8I*AULE HOUriE*:- ; I 192 Tenth street, flit 4m? 147 Ii??l Kl'toenih s'reet, Mtr mayn?Mt Minim. t,:ui 0* Catharine stitei, smtaiilo for P' u iBrm. purptees I . nm 161 East Knurlee- lh atr? et, 4 s?ory, brown ut iti." I, MM Apply to DAMKL U. M VcF.llUtAN, IdO Tenth street, near Ihl <1 ?VCBUt> TO LET? TH BFOLLOttlNG DRSImaBLI. HOCSEH:? 141, '4dsni1 m Fust 13th at , 4 aio-y, bro?n stmr, e fl.lM at Kiuyvnant etreet 1.WK1 82 Rai.t l.'i'li et., fmir story, English bnvmrnl 1,M(1 137 East '(Mh at., three ?t< ry, li!gli stoop, good location l*iM USE Iftlh St., 8 fctor> high stoop iwUlbs put In rood order) 7*1 **, "Jill ink ?t , br. wn st"Ue. Enc'lsli baae't. 0*1 J8U s'nl *i& Si < "n aveuue (Mb four story MO Apply to TtIO . MAl KAhl.tN, 130 Tenth street, uear TO LET? rum 1ST OF MAT, THE FIRST CLAM furnished House Mj Fast Twi-lfth street ne-*r Bixmuiaav. Apply to IMOGH A CO , SO Wall sire t. TO LET? IT NO. 41 KEOOND AVENtTB, TTIE CPPE*. pan of tlii Hhum* No 4.1 8ee00d ??eniii, coasletlllf of en Ki.'ius, with gad und bath. Would be let toguther ur erarate. rno LET? *0. M HELKHAN 8TRKBr-ST<'KE, HAKK X ment, under eellsrimd tilth floor: also the sixth tloiir of ho. VI, anu fourth aiitl sixth II' ora of No Xi. The tith floors cf 19, 81 mid 4 connect with ??eh otkrr. A p >' y to .1 AH. CONNBK A HONS, eortier of lt><a<le and Oeutre Htreeta TO LKT? THE HTORF. NO. 168 W LI.IAM HTKERT. witli aioi.ui on sentiiid Uooi', rvnt $>**?; a I to, the tirm tl(K>r oi ho Hi lterkman nti?et. rfn? $4tO, *lth ot'ier ofUoee In thr Paine InuliUi.g. also a HOnvumeut bullish h*ii,ai<>nt House iuTneiitv tblrf street, near Pt-o, nd i.rouni , reat $dU0. Ap ply to A. LlVlM.h'ION, No. 19 Brtdimantt e?it. TO LET- T11E FOLLOYT1NO HOC8E8 ALL IN FINE oumtition and modcra conveniences .151 West 15th ft., Mw?et 8th and 1'th uvs , rent $7.1 1 144 Wc>-1 l.'Hl st, In :? urn 6lh nnd 7th a?n , rent 7 .VI il Warren pl?cn(i harl.-s strr ot). real H7.1 23 We?t 47>h -t . near Mli five rent Apiily to J HA '1 11 KW80N. <St7 iludnon xtivut. Before ? A. M., or after 6 F. m. T) Ll'-T?Ht.N'T ?-.V) PEIT ANNUM, HOLVE NO. il Lond n t4>ii'aro ; v\c t l'wi at> -third street). Can be socn between 12 ana 4 o'clock, i tiEORCB COOOILL 7H Broad itrwt. rpo LET? THE HEf'OAD FLOOR OF A IIOOSE IN 104 J. Eiu>l Hftv-thinl str< (?', between second nnd Thud avc iiurs, couisinluK Uni t: rot'ias nicely f u rulxbi'il, bus, liath. hot and rnlri watfr. Apply to K. h. SFAKK^, lit Chamber street, or on tie prt mi TO LET? HOOfS 1|5 WEST HOISTOV STREET, OP- J pt slte Cott?ge ^laoe. two norlub, attW' ami b>ksetn>'ut, i witli all the modern lmpi<ivi"rmie, iu flue order: hUo other Hoohtt' in btiirr purU ot :hc e ly. P B HOP? A CO., No fl Nwsau Strfet. rO l.ET-AT SI7 ANI? ?10 BBOAOtfAT, FRONT AND , eorner Room?; also ibr tt?*eraent ot 8l7;sniall H'otm and thi seeond Ho. rg of Ml noil &l hu t Twelfth street, M I feu \MStof Hiondwuy: rent frou |150 to $SOOl Apply to | J Dl IN N. KELSO, 62 WlllUon street rLFT-TO APMaII. A^FFICAN FAMILV, TUB flrst Floer over fancy store X15 Eighth avenue, eon?ts log of three rooms, With basement and two ruoiuM In uttln: I?rt wUl be tekeu out io bimrd Relerenoi' titven and n .|Uired Would UIvm to sell ? 'io "iirlor Furutturo at it BUmln. alt In good order Can be scon every day a.' ter 10 o'clock. In quire in ihr-s! .re. LET? TUB DOUULR ^Tt?RE 15 NtUlTll WILLIAM J iiren, 150 feel through ti Chatham street. al>o the front fitore, IV < h ?:lism. 40 t?cl deep, with nlate ironU In <iu (re on tin premises. St' uni fower if required rpo LRT ? DWF.LI.lNtl Hdl'HKl N'>H 12U AhD 121 I Charlton it reel, in go. d order, with gas and water fl\ tores throughout, a' very mmhrate ??cnta. *pply to M Attt'IS WaI b kH, i?2 t liarltou stri et, between Uroeuwich und Wash 'nrtoi. streets 1M) LET ? Ft' R " IBn ED <?< DNFrRNIKTED, OR Kt'R ritiiniforMilo; ?ouil like to n-ula t?o rvunt. ap plj u! 12 West Ihlrfy-flfUi sticet, from 11 to 1 o'clock. 1m nu d.ste possession 1VI I.J- T? TO M I CHAS'l'S OR M4VCFACT0RBH, for imp< ot euieut, a two Htoty House and t<ot, ft2 tlreeoo street * apiUl lo-atioo. advantage of ste?rnpover; l-a-o severely eari, < hei|i ooly Int^n ?? on what the lot c .at and tails. Apply ai 47 Uouverueur stieet, from ti to 8 P. M. fPO LET?THE liOVSB NO. "US FOURTH AVENPE, L n*'iir T ? 1 1. 1 y flftli street . on the aecind floornre t*<> par lor* unci t * <> bed'-.oni . on (lie third, I room* and two burl iu luo; :,a-. bub, tier kit- hen end fiont hue- merit , r nt v B KiNsMiMKK, 848 S I'litii a <nue TO l.r.T-A TWO ?r()KV HOlME ABOUT three nt I ;md, <>nehnl: mil* oust of NWIiaui* btldgu, lluilcm i-ailri/Ad. m'luUe at Itfund I* Chamber* Mrret. TO LET -THE IUNPMiM" THREE RTORV HOUSE, ?iL'.'s fourth tt.eot, (A I I iti placn. *lib every modern 1m 1 rovruieui ; g;m el.m.d'lUr* j-> <? i'U th>< bonw. Kent mode rate. J II. illl.L, IKS Flflh ;iv. nue, corner 1 w > nt\ -third nt. TO 11T-TBK T?lirtl> Fi-OOR t<F A FIRST CLAkB llou-e In I an *1 hlrty fo irth aire**', In a gupd neighbor hood: b;i? nil tbe mode; ? Improri tnen'i; hot u0 c i'd water, iNtth anfl Rton room (aid will niai'ted for a IinaU fatully. Addre** t>ox J ?9.i l'*nt ollice. T> LET? IN ROHr.iW, WE??TCH KB fHR COI NTT, A H<.u?<\ Stable ai d a$ mt four wren of ground, thn ro KlderKi ol the bile K J. ( ?lliu. ill* near the ll.tile in tali i oud, l j luiir* troui lurdy 'a ."t*lion or Crotoii Full*. Apply U. O. Oolm,, New York rent ofliee r TO LET -CHEAP. THE IOCS FTORV BROWN NTONB Louro No. MV We?i Forty -aei^nd atrnetj rent $W0. No. 1 !? y> eat Forty ?.eood ctrw I , rent #1.^<U No IriJ We*t forty eeoi.d street; rvnt JllijO. No. 17.t Went Fortieth aireet; it nt $? Ui No 114 W*ai Thlr'y idn'b ?inet; rent $700. Apply to J. VAN WAi.iNEIt, ilouae Agenl, No, 1W We?t Foriy irnond atreet. fro LET? TO A HMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, Til 3 JL Fliat H' or over faney ?tore, .1H6 I Urhth avenue, e.rn*Wt inir of thrve 1'ootnf, wltb Ba; 'incut, and two IU>om<> In utiin. Pent 8.K*),*illt be taken "tit ;n boar** Referenc* jlven and required. Would like to ivll Hi* Par .or Furniture aa It atan<'.a, all in irood order, fan be actu eTorv day alUr 10 o'al'jofc. lr.'itilre In the atotr. TOO-Er-TO A FMAIiT. FAMIT.T WirHOCTCBIEDRBX, ? Tne Third Flo rol h#use 1?& ha*' Tweniislb etrcei, oo? ??1x1:0c 01 three roomaand two bedroom* wltb bn.b, lautdif und fan bew-en from II A. M. tod P. M. Kent $IHli. f|-?0 T.ET-TrTE LOWER TART OF A Tfl REE STORT 1 brick boaxe p!eai>anll.v loi?t< d near I'nion annate, ? ill be let to a tuial! family ot adul'i ; the house baa nil the iw? d< >n Improvement* lu?i?tre ei 46 Faat ElghMentb atreot, b twaan Fo.irth avenun and h.xiad ".ay. rro LET? IN A DESIRABLE DOATION, PART OF A 1 tr deru built I l?h alooj tlo.iM, i nnsUt.nK of ate .ad floor. In ut I skfmeiit, two toorrit on fourth door, with can, heat, ana tiH. of b?ib Included 8i<0. iu^ulre of the owner 00 tbe prem'?< *, Nr . IT fc**>r,d urenue Hour* frum 1 to 4. T> I.fcT-OM 111TII BTREKT, RETWIEN THIRD AND Four. b avenue*, hev Ocn'ial Pntk.twa well nnla'ied i;oi t.\?:i: II cute*, iifht r'-otni and liu ? vurd each. >'a<'llit'.ae 1 <4 for <r- 'Dcb rtown town. Rent ti>m a ; ?jli utqulra at 263 r??rl strtxi, or on tbi-. pretnUi i. TO LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF UOCRR NO. It l^eroy Ji.npe, ltl< eeker ulrect, only ene bloek wnat of Hrojidwu'y. The lower j>art bat tveii neeiiplfHl hy a dentlit for kim > e .'? a leaae tan be L?J for a alori if doi'ed rpo LET? TO A SMALL FAMILT OK AOI LTH, A WFIO, J furii'^lied and bandtotori. loeuUtd l> 1 u#e, having all 'be n? del n 'improvement*. In .-oulh Rroofelvn, c^nret lent to enm unci 1? irlen; rent $W0; or ihe or>.t part will b>! let lor $AJU, jn.kf ??!. n April I If ue*lred. AdoreM T L. K., F? ?tofll(?'. THO LET-THREE COITAlill, ON EKiUTT-RIxnT fin el, If tw eon Ihird and Fourlb a.enuea, cunt ilmnx eljrht roon m, with wat< r and ; In go 01 iter; al?o a Llverv Starle en Rioadit'Hjr Apply to K ti. II 1 hi,. No. Mitli avenue. riH) LET IN BROOKLYN- PART OF A GENTEEL I Mouse, ei. nutating of fplir or {ire allonted tn Kent areiiie one d< < 1 north of Myrtle. Apply on the premise*, or to a. W li LET * -i'O If uri wetl, N \ fl'O LET AT FTAMFORr-ONE HOCR FROM TWENTY I Msterab mro> t? a t?i< < Lweeiug and Barn, wuh fruit and iha'!e trie*, Krepe v Inea In al"trd.tnne; g*a and *-ater in t*ie I < u*?: five mlnu'ia" walk fr'm tho depot A| pl.v to B. I. P1'.>T/, IM Bowery, or Vu A. i'llELl'd. ::t 1'lne a?. e<-t, or at fruiinford. :r~" "K w ' T) l.?T OR pr,R <t\LE-TI?E TWO 8 TORT AND aide bi.ek duelling Houae and l<*t So Henry atruet lla* CrotoD >? tei, baUi rooao, gi.s k: d rau?e; win e*i .-:ient or der. Would l>e rented Ut a rmitll t^iully on re?*<mable term*. apt'ly?n 1 he preioi*e*, or at No. i Keiry alraot, cornai of 0< fd > treet. TO Lr.r OR FOR SALE-WI ACRES OK LAND, WITH and Out lluildiciia. at North Kngleivood, on the lit* Of Ibe Neitbein liallnad. New .teraey, lire minute* walk fr mi the ii# po4. Alao a Plot of ten aeres luqu're of Henrv OE HAI.fcMT, 40 ?.-at Ttirty third atreid, crof THOMaS H. II KM Kb, l'rendcot J^rtfHrn iliill' rro LET OR FOR BALE? TM IIOHOKF.V, TWO HAXD 1 ome tbrte atcuy and cellar Brl;k Houses lot 1KI fee? reep, hi ir*e HO feet, r.ea'l v new . na* and water pit^e ?al.HW. )ni|Uite 01 ItOBl'. t'ELLE, L>Bcat.?w piac;. ilob>ken. rt LEASE 08 FOR MALI? THE TQRH STORT AMD I'tneiml br'ek Rtilldinp, N(? 20 and 71 C mim'-rc* atreai, mutable tor a work?iiop, bervrtofore nned aa a re Irlgi.ntor mnnufartrry A acid opportunity for the inlro d.ietkn of naebltrry. havta>. a htzli rhlmney attan bad f >r aieiiml. tier, k '? Apply ui J V KTnt WiiOlf , 647 Hudaon street, b.for? ? A M. and aft* 4 P. M. T? LET OR I.F ARB? SEVERAL WELL LIGHTED Ofljeea lu, urd the Paatm':ot (10H feet deepl of, the new five ?inry hen?e No. Wl Naaaan ulrret wm* *tv. betweea Ful ton ami Jobn Mreata, tklt at y. Apply to FEAMOIfl BTKNft, lHlR??ean ?tr< et. ^ TO LEt OR LKAHR-TfTE TWO 8TO*T AMD ATTIO bile* Hotij.' 8U VN atn atraet, t J a deairabie tenant; It wlU be. lea e l on favorahle term* Apply at VT Water atmat Tfl IET OR I.EA8K? A T.AR0T, 8TORE AND WORE- ' *hap one U?t. IheaiotK of Ktor<? and Houac Far til>loii3 (i'i od> for aaie. Applj at ^S1 Pixlh aveme. ' TO LiT OB LEA^E-FBOM THE l*r OF MAT, THE ' rlehly fi'rtM-hed thiee ?t?rT and Iwx jpeut IIoiimc^iI I Saatieatbit Mtinul IkflOO t'> a reaiwrtbh tenam ; would o>i i' ( mO'tr -het) >howtion Widne'day* and Saturday*. , It. W. l'Ll' MM, Llam^nd Bioker *12 iroad^vay. 1 qiO LET OB LEV8E-TKK HA?BMR!CT ROOM, M8 | 1 Xroadwar. auMkbfi for* fl:-*t eiaa* ro?tan?ant. In-pUre of J. CaM' r -1 U Jr, Facl 8c Back. TO LI' TO* I PASP.--THK LA ROB FOl R BTORT I Rilckllot'*e < n the MttlbweM pom. r of Hndaoii md tntfaMtfrv an^ kind of bti>dnew. bk It la In flrf* ttae'd. r. ' F?r rarUiiiiii iT?yMre it TBI LOB *s?rn Yf r K, H lli'd n fVOJJOt CR I4J iy? THE THREE fTt)RT AID ATTIC i iinn>a IK. Mr.lberry *tr-?t, near Rrootae: ba* n hMrwaqt and light. dr] nndir c.Iht, gaa thiougi.mtt. ''an Be i?t.i het*?en lai. I P. P M. Apply < a tbe yramlxna rro LF 4*E f?R LET-OM PWEfFORT* NE(?K. UJ J ? 1 uim >oik, tiiie otfia from \?w H..eb?ile <*e rol, on ihe 8.'ti? d. a ?t: tie H'.nae, with all the nio^e^n <m provt tr.*u'?: III. r i ll!*, klVfihvu. laut d ry a 11 MB aubb' and n aeh lion r. \? ll!i t r?a 1 f nte.-i" -o re* of fied liri r.n ed. |0. ?ntr* e; lj. M LAVHKI OH i. oH tbe pu orwt OBhuB I \WT' *, 154 ??*.^i Mi ret, few Voik rfK? ifmt> * he hon 1 ? h of A I.* As* ri\t I '*<r? llonve ''t n. net i.- e Beiaila*" t ent I'.w. AMfleWM '?[, IMiSK on tb> p ,,r n T KOB AH J. mil LKR, 71 Broad a a) . T iltll ?K<>, .V .. I?# tMT. <t H f NT ? A r TTA? 1 ?? i l*M.n St NT ll- n. I !? M ll" d >' v,? r '.?* f"JU *.he ? lly, fiirt i>!ii g l?n r on. i, Mr m ? II >u t-it* n I iiuw !?<? ''ii-l' <n?, ? > 1 ?>' "t :-.i it ah a"rr, b'aall'ul *a ?' n rn" * ?*"' iImi tlnuopi roii'.uialtg hir < ' n r "mi r rr< ?*, mi > .niUas *\t nr , aan.p iirliin, Mtfoi 1 1 -v hi Illo1-. L tidM NikSli, 81 *' aUatin-i, ?w ? M>'4I- Pi rnount 'I > i >? t..- 1 ? a ' .? i.." t>iru tmoioiNff i irnutd 'ii.l * i .1 ?<??!?( ro,.,;; ht< |<i, ? loti.x \>*t r, A tn? . d >?! !.?*?. <?lli mtr-", b wooo Hi. ,i ?x.i.iih T > ' BNRV II. UiJiUH 4 iUli! SUV. n<) I T N- <.H ?fit . * '.Rkl'TOWV, nw ' ?> 'J, at 4 I" ? rtnt, an ?U Si ' . ' " r,1"' 11 aii';.--h i:?. i ? i,j.d? and o'ltljijl'dioaa. 7 i<) m? li\IR> _T? If'Hi.iM lb* >? irst So 41 Hll lcrilr.fl ; ' - !? I,?? TO WOD ?nl of mw Mora tojosj i it famV'" rL: ...? -App'r IV Alfc* FH' l?T?- ' !.?? , Wl M| a HIM KllrAD, to lector ???>? - r ttntWd ftn i o' M TvMty rllhliiltTtl. U'l'i-M* i.r ImnUir <-...u or otfcpr I uf'nrc. Inquir* p? 'Hp rn nliv (n luf KwtTitiiil slrtb s'.iel, t>l 1' Hetlklit *11.1.1 km li a * OIAKLM HrRl KT M-. * W ?tPKIV?._r RStH'IKO <_ 1 " ' At?ii'me> t? ' r iimin'?1 rip <? I"h.. r? nl" '0 lb*1 rlly, ii>i.?ld?"-ii.u U ? pjnyfrnpiiop lor u(>u> ?*! ho?ir.?-k"? p rig ImmuIIi g ?pi ? ??nit' lire, wiih r^ti^;? * Ihr u tukilssnil n (vtrf ?u : p?? ?? d rot n c ?!'!? ? I A I %t?TM K?. 0I^KOK*0?"PB?8?ll?M< ?Vu HUHIBOrt*. UKOIOaL UKJA?rMhiST I>r OuLUMdfA COU 1 F ' IM. Th? (lrtr four'h tnMial "'.rum 'n<vm d? ?f thi* !n?tl!u?loti wl'l b? lifld mi I hurmlHjr ??p li U. at 7'i P 4 , ?: lrvtni( Hall, rornt r of Irvinw pi <<v ?nil -"ifu^o'b *lre?l Oliaryo 'A tt?> ^rmluutix y hilua.d UeUtt In tt l>.. tn-niiU nt of the t'ollri!^. Vulrfletory urtilr* ? y "??? ? M i-yuinn M D., memWrdf ll?> k'h. u?Uii? o <i-? ^rldn'mt It lh? Aliiinl of tl ?? >'all< lie by li umot \\ 'i ..rl, H D 4liimail?of ]fci7. 'I In- pr. i.'-ii >r and llip |mMir are invited t > ?tiooil. JOHN t . UAi<r?<M, Jr , ?. u , rtau y or faculty. OT. PATRICK"^ D?M ? nF.LF'fTnoNR Tl> TH'" O vi'iiUub oi Irl?h t-oc'etlm h p to mi'''l at I Itlx*r nl?n UaJI. 42 Prii)r?' *t' p. t, tliin i Kmlm > pvpo m, >17 relodi, for tlie iiurpoHC of muki'g u ran^-iu"i?u for ihf wl. tiratlon of ihe ci'mmg ai, r ivers*, j of it. Im< d ? Patron a nt IAMKS sAHl KU/tU, PruHldenl. John Ki shv, Rrcpptarv THE I'hJbNDLV >>s ii * . r P*:hi :? *iU. crlr brain tb>-ir 77th am ivi-H-try d nwr at tlio AhI'T Houie. on Moudnt evi nln?, IHtli inat , n l> o'o ck. Tlie 'ollowln* namrd ^i-ntl. dicd dhvp b. en duly plec'cd a* oUi-.<ira for th? obaiiluK y ar CMARLErt P Oai.v, f-p?ld.nt. Wm. Watia n. 1st Vlre-f reiiH Kl hatd noil, 2d VIcp Prt'? t. Jl. L lli'en.' " bMl"l Ui vltii, I h " t'har.paH. Bliti?'y.'?r''?.f'iir?r ? li. mud Ka-bonr. --nr 'a-y, 0 BarV.'y ?'r>?p '. Thr foil, wing mpm' or?, ? pik t mm I'd to act ?i upwa d?, and Imm wbotn UokpiH in?y !p obt .in. d. K'l'd, Ki. ?>Ki K i'h?lrm?n. Xaiilol PctIId, ? rn-r Rroad H. u. Iwi'v, 2d nar< laj at. way und Waireu ?irmit. '* FonHy. ^ I'luotirreV. Wal it ?laj{'P, rail! pikoo, IItii ?id -'ml h .'!6H Uroil ?ay. JiUtii ( Stuart, 33 >a*?ini ?t. Join . floylp, rt5 Wa'l utr.Pt. B (j't'onn. r. 41 Ai n ?t.pct ? ?? r ?>o- lit2 Wa'f r Alfred hoe, S8 * ail itn-pi. v in *?Ui.i, Park placp. THoMaH rfA-uutrs:, 8ner4Ury. ?o ? 'tarU.n atrprt TlIK DIRT ANI> A?ir f'AhTV. KM tiPTHK FKSPIM;TITK v arils a?o rrquppti'd t-. apnd .. m |p??tinn n' on" or inor? of thi lr Riimb.-r to a uh'WIi r to ' ?> h Id at '|1 H^nrw ?ir. flt thl? day (Kr<?l?\ > ?f i Iptpd o oloi'k, ?? m- k? nrppurationa fer tborfcifoi a public wppiing "f 1 ip ? n kltiKUiPiiof tlmol'ylo drnrurcp tin' u fatrv u? pwlndlt cilb'd th? ''itr?o? PootraeL" and to Mdopt p(l rilT. n oa nr. t> liy ?blcb our tigh:-. may oo protpi 'pd undir It- ..prrvtu n B MIST AMI fOritfD. AMI BOOK LO?T_Mj. BOWBRY StVCNM Bunk lhe Under w U ulrae him it at ttic Uank. TOBr? A tjolD CHAIN AND L CKBT, ON WI50NBR J dav night, hoi ween I hlriv Igh'h street and fiwlwitk alreet, in Broadway, or nx'b sv nue Oie Under v tU be III), i?lly jewurdi il Apply tn lli? Wuf tl olllie, Park row. 10 ST? OR LEV) IN A PKI\ ?rK Box A* THE OER J man Ihealre, Power*, on * .mil.iv evening, March li\ i ?*Me Mi 11 ft". The tinder ? ill be lib rally rewtmled on return ll X It to ?it Fa?t 1 Mrteonth street IOHT? DIAMOND PIN? Lo?T IN Bl.OADWAY. El J tber between fltl And the M. SI h l.s I o'el. 'n Canwl street mi Bi. n.lo ay. IM- ?, a <tntiib ffiftf Oninlbu*, a Hue lllairiond Cluster Pin, c 'ntatnlwg ah nt Sfl ?<it !n black tnaiiH-l. If thla pin la rt iiiri e<l to the nil ire of th* Howard lo'el a?v?ar.| ? il' b- nwid hat ? l ! I amply remunerate the liinlf r, and n? <|ii? stlons ? rl be aaked IOST? OS TTEBDAY, M.\R<H 12, A RED RILE J 1 urre, Containing a ? mt fwtn ?lt\ bills >.nd about $d In Change, snppcxu d to hav- ben dropped t? a Third avenue car I lir finder will olea*" l?'??e it ?t toe oiliw of ti. R. Bebb, 11.6 Pearl street, and mnw a a|l*faot*>ry reward. r OKI? ON WBDNB8D4T, M i RO H 1\ aT I I VR Y * , J near lOt'lb str> et, 1 1 >otii'.i *da|,? mat, a liln'k and tan Trrrlfr Dog. hsavllv built, ?wr? covped, ?hito ?pot on hi* bieatt Answers to the ? am ? o' P< iky * liber.. I reward wilt lie paid ny leaving It pt 88 Kk?t I Jjp ty eighth rtwet, I09T? ON THE 13TH lRf T., A PAIR OK OOTJ> SPEC J tarli>? with single fram", wl'hnnt <??e, suspect to be Ya tw?cn 01 Wk\ a'ree' up flUlllam anrt Musaait *ieeet? to Broad vay And 'band street, tU'tull vulue w 111 be OOld to the 6it<ler by leaving th?m at l\ C. twevea', 138 Kuiton alree , lip iitalig. IOHT ?ANY PERSON n.iniNU A LADY'S CAVBO J Hreaiipln, with a likeneis nf Koiia' trie in iiri" ^'de an 1 lli n Kranklln on thn "iher, wl'l rt"*i.e h auitobic ri*4X>lby leaving it at 34 Ami Twrr.ty foneth *tr*wt. LOBT-LHFT IN A CAR OK I WE HUDSON HTBBIT and I Iphth avenue ftimp ny, nn leavturf In IIuiIkh aueef, two i.einmo Booka. oiarkr<l 't;lru<ilatlng Liln.iry of W estermann." The tinder will pleaae addrem O. Oito, boi lft? Herald ofllce. ' I OHT? ON THT PKDAt A FTK KNOON, MARCH M, IN J Broadway, cu<Bg 'mm Ml*e ker atieet to VTavcrley timv, a Koll of RIli*. enutairlag tw In one and two dollar HIh on tbe Wl'liamaburg I'll* Bank. A liberal reward will be paid for ita return at'iulre of Am. 3. Corw In t Co., (3D Brmdvay. . rkwTruh. A BRWARD OK rih~Tt DOLLARS WILL ?K PAID for the reeovflrr of a Oold Wateih, atolen a?jnv <lai-? ilnoe. Ibemaki-r's name la engrav>'d on the wrka, ".loeep'h John ?>n, ?S< hurch atreet, LlfeiWfll;" a o, th? niimbor, ? i^, 1.1-j, ? Any eonimunlratWin relative s i be above m*y b<; a ldre?ted tu Ikjx .1,015 Puat ofllce. A LIBERAL REWARD WIL.L BE PAID FOR A PET1 Uon, and two letter* for fa* H Tucker ? M M With avenue. Loot In Broa4?ray. V?*cy atre.-t, or BliiA aremie ears. Ag REWARD.-LOST lN_rri.TON OR N ASSAD _ street*, Thursday, a ?m*ll P.? ke'book. ermtalnlng a Mt tie nioney, and | ?per? <.f value ?klv t > the n Ivinu^r T,i? above reward w>l! > e | a d f .r In n?o?erj II. D CRANE, 1W West 1h! tletb ?tr? reward- ai.hkrt a. johnron urr dir ?&<?' ' b itui' Mareb 9, i*>i ; n?e.d 17 >eara; ha<l oil when bp lelta b'own enat, brown cheek* rod imma, with pat- hea on the kneea; gray '?p, with bl?<k eimh r-rtoo around the b?tt>rm of the cap ana atralglit front; thick gr?lu leather bonta: from tipi?? r tooth cut . mTtli fwe, Hnht brow* hakr, H^nt blnn e\ea, brt ml shoulder* bright five fsetalx inches A ny j>er fon returrilug lnm will rocelve he nimr reward, fr-im htn fa tlier. OOHN?L.lL'!? JOIINrtON. Bentley, Maten Island. S. Y. A it HKWAED? LOMT ON WEU.VKSOAY OK LA.iT week fr'ipposed In Broadwa*) f'?l In Bank antes, e?n?l?Ung of nine X'a .n iho National Bank of Albany and a |.V) bill on tbe bank of the Ht-.t? i f New Tort The ahovn rev aid \\ 1 1 )>e paid for the return of the inoticy to 0. I>ltiO<lb>, No CHI Briadway 4?c/\ reward ?lout, a oold pocket curo ?Ttil/ nometer Wateh, made by Brillrn?nti. ty nd<iii. No. h'i 1 he party having It wil pleas" being It to Bib William atieet. Pawnbroker* will take nn: lee PIKNITIRM. ABtriRoo* pcrr op knam^llkd pcenitiirb for $2i. In a'.l eolo-a. of warranted m >nufertor>'. Al*t> aoliil i ben'.niit t 'bamber Holts p.alrr aid ?> narnentU, at H. M KAKlllMt.rOS'B, JuB^'AOal atreet. i pi?>alte o?"'er. fc?. tal/llahed In W. F'NaMELLKL) t-flAMUXK hCITil OK FCRNIICBE, IN J all eolora and n ylea, at wbo'aeal- and retail, At $3& and upwards alao Knurs* ton ?n't fallia-w WARREN WARD rrOnMlPlreM, Kourdo-.raeaatof Bro,?l<v*y. First f^vmellpd ^?rnitcr",, dec-rated and grained solid tvalnotund "ivk aeia; Mai treeae.s, Hj rlng ?eda, Mr I, W PI irtgR M t'O., m^nnfuh uirora, M? Bmadway, between Bl" eker ud Bond Street*. rpo bk "old niR\v-\ mm so nb hi iTor rose " A wood and latin dutnaak lii?nlturr. '-onalatlpg of two Hofaa, *lx t'hslrs, and lar?e Kasy Chair; al*-? a *e< mhI hf n a?i tiare I'lanol orte, fit. o> ia<e In g sM ooodilloo, by tbe oele brati d maker* I tcdart A I'unh m In iulre for three days ai 11 Wan t ley plaee, near Broadway \ ''yiiinii~\nD ??M?coaui. ~ EAfcT INDIA TALE ALE- LABT V EAK S HTO< K, TWO hnndred hogshead* for sale at a reiti'-tlon, In en use o ue no of remr val fiooi \aulta No 2 New strati on Ui of May. Apply u> IIKNV" ti roHfl*, w.le **"'< f*T E'?d man's rhilad' phla Ale, 74 Cedar giwt ________ Fire. kike, fihe-tmk v*vnn*t<tNm ttntm to Inform hla fHond* and the rmbll' getwrallv ih^t he has several thousand gal on? i< lh'' finest unallty I. >n ton f^irdt il <lln and oteerebsike M?|Uor?. thai <ve?e not non*ueMd Hf hi? late mu fortune, a?.a m*t?U pi> iar?d torisiut-jbe fator of all orders , ^ w* REED. London < Ynllal <>hi IN?'JU< llfl East Tu einy ninth ttraet. New V?k Ol.P * HF AND MIX C.BINRT A HE AT A LO?^ | how to propitiate the Houtb. Bl'RNCRK, tbe greev rTni<nl?', demon*! rate* the m>a*urea ?very day, from the furl rbat Nnftb. teutb, Kaet and West nish in friendly eon r lnve lo pledge Urn I'nloo la a gla"* of genuine Pliiladetohui Ale. al tbr. e ceuU per gtaaa. atlVo. I Cortfaadt *ti.>ei, ?ntei of Broadway. HPENCER. leg a mmrin, ~ CI I'RfBB COI BT, I "INTVOP NBW YORK MA t ' tildu Hn ye agetnat Henry Hat* Hmtn n* fer relief com not *en-ed ? lo the above named defend mt ? Vot are beiel y mimmoned and re.m red t > une eer the <umi4aln In tW* w> lion, wkiib will be llled la the nuke of the "lerk of tbe < unty of Ne? York, at the City ImIL la the ell* of New Aork andto *erveAei*y of your answer to tbe aakl e?m plaint oa theeuneji ' bi? cfl,ee No T? Naa*eu rreet. Id the r)ty of fse York within wenty >lays after tbe service o( thia Mitrnioiia on you, exclusive of the day of ?i,.:h ?ervle?: an I if you fall to answer the **id cmnlalnt within the nm>* SfOfMBld. the Pialntllf In tbl* nation will apply w the ooart fur tbe rallef demanded lu the eomplalit Dated lltb Kebniury, Wlf.l BAM I BL OWEN, I'lalntlff'a Attorney, So. 74 V*??iii gtrtet. The oilglii*! omnplai'it la this ac lon was filol on '.n> i.' i day of February, 1MI. In Ihe olTer ibefbrkof theCo-n. y vf New Yerk. NAMl'nLOWh.v, Plalotid ? At erney ~ ?ATMMoi?U. . ABOVNILEWtN, VIED .T?. 'M ' ? R? 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