Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1861 Page 2
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raHBGff TRADE WITH THE SOUTH. iBMrtMl OWTMfratMN tUtWMB IM blntlMl Md Ue Forcl|B *?? form imnw waiw, ihuii < quok, in ooanuMa wint a assoujnotf or nn swm, na uauroman with knibui iuhmitb at wabhuio. tm B bbuako 10 vot wua Tin 11 in this ii? or ouium TUB, BOOTH CAJttUSA. 10 vol Bmaxb or ths Umtkd 8uw: In compliance with the resolut.oo of the Senate of tie 19 tb tnat, , requesting a copy of oorreapoad^a w be .#<mu the Dnwtawot of state and Minatera of fareigu rowers at ""'?if? ?a regard to (reign veaeeta in Coariattua, 1 truMN ? report 1 10m tbeSoentary or State, and the " ? r-r'T by wbiob U wu aooosspaaied. JAKtti BUCHANAN'. TTi? 1111 ? 1 T-r- ? r ?" 1M1 Dmrnm ok Statb, i Waaumutum, Jan 34. 1IWI1. f The Secretary of State, to whoa* waa referred the reao lutke of the Bnali of Ike 1Mb requeuing tfea PrcaMsat ot the United States, "if not taoom0atible with the public tutereat, to farntob the Senate a evr of ail re. cent correspondence between (be Department of State and any Mwu>tor of foreign 1'owere in Washington with retard to foreign vessels in Charleston," ba? the '?jao' lay before tbe Pi evident tb? papers mentioned in tbe ?o? joinedHht Respectfully submitted. ? Ttt PBKBU>IMT. ?? O- Bi'ACxw. MR. HCBIJOrtHHf TO MH. WLAOK. UarMKM Lbuatiox, [ TT iniTrrrrtrr. D. C.? ^ec? 1^0* ) an? By letter, dated the -'3.1 insfant, the Bremen Con aul at Gbarleatoo, R C. . r? porta to mo tbe arrival at that port of tbe Bremen bark Copernicus, lrom tbe Weser, oa tbe 20th uutaut, ami that (Hi ,h? following lay she was AduiitMi to entry nt tho Custom Homo UMfo. 1 lo &lso inform* hie, an<t calls my particular attention to the fact, ?..i irkea the consignee of an invoice of glawware, lm ported ia said vessel, tendered payment of the duty, tt waa reftase<i Xbiarr/neai oa the part of the CoUeotor, in conjunstion with oiber communications from tbe said consul, make | Ue tmpresiion upon me that the functiunarlea of tbe Costotn House at Charleston aro acting no ' longer for tbe United ttatcs. If this should prove to be the faot, oaptaina of Bremen vessels, and consignees of oargoM imported from Bremen, may, though acting 1a gooo raith, onwltlirgiy violate the ITniiod Bietex revenue laws, and place themselves in difficulty. Under these clroumM wipes. 1 deem it my duty to bring this subject to your notice, and to atk to bo informed whether the acti of tbe Coaiom House at (XiArlestcn are still recognised and wli| continue to be recognised by tbla government. An answer to tbia question is the more important as I bare just been ao vised of the arrival or another Bremen vessel, tbe bark RlrJurn Oobden , at the bar of Charleston, with a cargo from Cardiff. The recent events in the State of South Carolina make It highly desirable for me to be also informed on the fol lowing points: ? 1. How are Bremen captains, and connlgnecB of goods imported from Bieinen, or ui Urtmi-n Teasels, at any of the porta or that State, to not, In order to avoid all viola tions of I be revenue laws of the United States? 2. Does the govermwot or tbe United states hold itself responsible to the owners of goods now stored In, or which may hereafter be piue *1 into the L'tiited States boated warebra?ea at Charleston* 8. In case of the discontinuance of the United States Custom House at Charleston, will Bremen vessels be per mitted to prooeed thence on thoir voyage, without ntn deranoe en tbe part of the United Statosr I regret to be under the necessity to trouble you with this oemmumeatioa at ibis time. Ab, however, your houorabie colleague, the Secretary of the Treasury, with whom I had yisierday a conversation on ihe subject, re fecred me to you, and aa vised my addressing you iu writing, I considered it my duty to do bo. Wishing to Inform my government by the next mail <>r the Biepti 1 have taken in the premises, I hope it will be sgreeabie to you to acknowledge the rocelpt of this nolo, while wait u>g for your views ou the subject at your utrli ent convenience. I avail lays* If of th>e occasion fa renew to you tho as aursboes of my high coJTlneration K. KHLKIDKN. Boa. Jmkmuaii 8. Black . Secretary of Stato. *H. I.' X ft TO MR rM IITJUKKN. DwAKTarvr op Rr-iTK, ) WAsni.-mvtiK, Deo. 27, laflO. j Bn ? I have the honor to acknowledge t tie receipt of your note o< this c'aih ou the subject of the arrival, at the port of Cba'fastori, of the Bromen hart Cbpernlcus, and the refusal of the Collector there to receive payment of the dot?, tendered to hi in by ono of the consignees of said veaaei, on an invoice oi g: r< quorum: also to be informed upon certain poiate connected with ihe arri val and departure of Bremen vee-els at that port in fu ture, aou inclosing tlie suhs'snoe ot your instructions, of the 10U> Instant, u> the Consul of Bremen at Cliarloston. In reply. I have the honor to state that your communica tion aed i's accemp&uiment will at ooce be submitted to the IYe??d?-nl for his oonaideration, and the result be made known to you without oelay. 1 am. sir, with high consideration, t our obelient be; vont, j. S. BLACK. Ktrooiin ScuLnnaw, fiq. , tc. , he. , 4c. LOKIi LVM TO MR. BUCK. WAsamntox, Dec. 81, I860. Ss ? Bar Majesty's Consul at Charleston has sent to me a copy of an ordinance passed by a Convention sitting in that city, by which it ap peal* to be declared, in effect, that the custom houses of the United Mates In South Carolina are convertod into custom bonaea of that State; that the customs' oiUcors of the federal government are to become customs' otllcers of south Carolina. that the revenue and navigation laws of the Tin lied staU* are, with one or two specilled eacop tious, adopted as tbe liw of -iouth Carol ma, lastly, that all duties and moneys heretofore collected on account of the United States, are to be collected on account of doulh Carolina. I am, moreover, lnformod that the provisions of this ordinance have boon carried into actual cxocu ttau Such being the cue, her Majeaty's Consul has felt it to be bis duty to call mv attention to ccrtain practical difll cultiea connected with tae entry and clearance of British v*eseie, and to roqutiut me to send him iustruotions for his own guidaaoo and for that tf masters and consignees of cocn vej-mlrt. I lose no nine in submitting these dlincultles to yon, ben g ocofiaeul that the government of the United States will be as anxious as I am to pr< vent any ioe.s or injury, or even any inconvenience being sustained by foreign commerce, in consequence of ins anomalous state of things which spiders ioe\t. t in South tXroliua. Ber Majesty a Consul tlrst ni"iiti<iQj> the points involved in tho arrtvai of a Urltirh vessel, an event which may oc cur at aav moment Be observe**, lliat by the law of the I nlted Mates, jm/v-ed on the 3d Marcb, 1H17, it L; requlr ed "that- upon tbe arrival of a foreign vessel, the maatcrsboll {previous to his being permitted to enter at the custom bouse) proouce to the Collector withui f'-rty ngbt hours of bis arrival, a certiil sate from the coowaf "or vice colsui cf the nation to which the vessel beivqga. that he I as dt posited at tho Consulate tbe regis ter, clearance aud otner documents granted ut tl>e cus tom house at tbo port from whence ho last sailed. ' The penalty upon tbe masters for non compliance with this <?actoieut appears to be ^ilne of five hundred to two thousand del arc. W ith regard to the clearance of Krltish vessels, ber M?j< Mj 'h ? MNl points Nt that theiiw mmnaalea re quires that, "before a foreign as? 1 shall deliver to the mister or commander of a torotgu vessel the register or <>tber patH-rs deposited witb him, be i-haM require the pro duction of a clearance from tb? collector of the United Matea customs at the port of the vessel's entry." It seems that if a forewri consul violate this provision, he is liable to t* trwd by tho Supreme Court, aad, on con Motion, to be tlned from flvo hundred to lire thousand dollars. Ber Majesty's CVm.-ul states further, thnt It is necessary to consider tin- case of an American or oth 'r noti British vessel Ixaiing a recogriZ' d tla^, which may be desirous of *ailfig to a Uritieb port, having on board ntrgo tbe whole or (art of which is the property of a Brltlsb sub ject. Lastb', tlie Consul adverts to <he ((uestlon of the legal I ty of tbe payment of duties by s British ship to the <U tmctu ( Wlector of the stote of South Carolina, in the at>scnce of a collector or the l aited States, sad upon the rntpiirc' ment of sncb tit fatto Collector. I 4* Lot i h u k it necessary to mako any suggestions of my s?nu m to the mesaut** required witb regard to these several pouts. I tuke It for granted that the govern luens of lbs United States will never osnct penalties, nor aSew foreign vessels to be aunjected to detention or in conreslrnce m consequence of non-compliance with tor ma lilies or t >on- payment of dntten incases such us those asent loneA above , in whsh complianse or payment hu> become ImposMble 1 limit my self to earm-suy request ing tbe govin merit to give me, without delay, such In format a* rcs|MC'<i g IWWMWI aud MntMM as mnv ennih- im t?t gtve detluite ui?< ructions to her Ui\jestj't (loumi at Cba i> Hicn, aud to remove any- app'chetixion wbioa may exist that the abolition dt facto uftbe United States (Aistien llotis<* in South ( Carolina will t>e allowei to sehject Ilritish vessels or British coinmcrce to loss, in jury or tncxfeviefcirDcn. In the o?nOdet>os that you will do me th? honor to an swer t hw> now at your ea'lnst convenieiice, I r main, ?ith tha btgltaat cuiisidcrailoa, your mostobodi<'nt. bum ble servant, Llui& Bon. j kfjemias 4. Bi. *'?>; , Secret w of Mats, kc Jia. T^MItKA TO Hit. SLACK. Ul. Alt')S OfST-VlS AT Wa^IHIK Tim, ) Wssntsi-Toa, liec. 81, IWO. / Itie undan igbed . l.i vi y l'jurtiordinary and Minister PleeipoHwMary at her ( ?th?-lic Miyesiy, lias received fn*n ihe Oasul at Clisrustoa m^nmuoliations to the porpottn' which lie must call the attention of the hono rable Secretary of Ktatc. It apfxars, in efleet, lliat In consequence of events wfrlcb hare oomirred In 4outh Carolina, the fedarat oflkam have withdrawn from the Custom lions.- at Cbarkw'on. t-eing repaoed by others appointed by that Ktata. The Hpaaish Cbosul Las asked for instructions about the clearance of vssaeta at that port, and thoee which Lavs been given to him are, that la bis oertldcatea he should slate the act that, there not being at preeeot a Cusbm Boeae o( the I ntted itatea at that point, the documents sro iasiieo by ?mployes appointed by tbeHtate, w no ate wortny of craolt ut that sense la bringing this to the knowle ge of the honorable Secretary ot mate, that tti vie v thereof be may please to cemmubleate what he may judge proper, the undersigned meet at the sam? time call ins att?ntM? to measles for obviating tbe oifflculiice for which It may make room, whether as recaros tbe pat meat o? esUhllshed duties or tbe aheratton or abolition of such duties by South ( m^han, <* the dasoagm which tbe <tep?isHlog A merchaadtae la Uv- exists^ Custom Bousa may eviat or, ?a due, tas compulsory intractloa of the federal Uws , which the captains and consignees of Spanish vtsaels sws> ma lau.,upm thetr entry or do parturs fmoi tha port of Cnarlwrtou. ?* H?ate cannot mistake the reason IM th<s insinattsti which the freq?nac> of inter coarse fanMeea ithe nautbar a p.wtasnd tns Spanish poe sessions *-(?? fiulf makes mere ow^ary, .ad ?h ee aim la nejlhisr then to guard the UNemets of the sub jaem of ber-rtsthnfia Msjes.y la this eo?itry , avoiding ?t the ssmegMm, any apt which would um auco>d witb ths oblUKMis due ta iha govermnsoi of thr. United the unite rslsasd avails hi mas If of this frtah occesoa to otkr hi* respi cts Is the honorable Secn ivy J 4 ItU-s. UAHHW. vi iAIS vIlA Han J. B. Blacs, Secrntary of ma ta of tbs (.'sited I, ha. Loaa trosa to am. at ask. Wjnmyof'S, /an. T, 1MI -I hars noalrod official information from bar Ma jeety's Consul Iter Booth Carolina thai the te /In* ruiM of ibM But* hare extinguishes the HfhOew, burned or 04he?wtw touwK tee three Ha ssss, Un drawn the U^bubkp had removed the boo/s, whiehwred um guides to the entrance of the harbor sf (Aansstea. TlU' Ci>oeul observes that there Is, la oooseqaeaoe.erery probability thai British shits bound to that harbor, or passing U ou their roysge to other pis "?*> "*** hntioui trouble*. th*t mu ti ^ property Kisue. An regard* rec?>-ls desiring to tosre the . thi Consul ot>MKV?i that tho c?iMi w out little didbieut Pilots, he **y?, mueed be found to take such reseels out, butshoull any axideat li?pp*n, it thinks, to be apprehended that ttie in suranre roanaM would refuse conjugation , aud thus, he^vmfcw auwteri would feel juatUied In running "7 done* doubt that Information of thia state of things haa already reached the government of the Uoltod States, aid met such measures as etroHmstanoeu admit ef hare b*rn taken cither to casso the lights, bwnssas aad btmys u< l>e repJai wJ, er, at aU event*, te warn reaaeto ap preaching Oharieston of the# linger. My object ia ad dreseicg >ou is, la the tent place, to tree her Majesty's Cbceui for South Carolina aad aysslf from aU respoosi bully for any leas of Mft' and prspti ly which may un happily accrue; in the aeeond place, te obtain, oc the highest authority, aad aa nooa aa pwalhle, auch informa tion respecting the msneureo taken ia the matter aa may allay the anxiety of British subjects. 1 have the honor to he sir, with the highest considera tion, your moat obedient, humhU nerrant, LYONS. Ho*. Jmuiam a. Black, Secretary of State, 4c., he. MB. aUILaiDOt TO MR. BLACK. Bsmmmn Ljbutio*, V Wimlhww, D. C , Jan. S, 1MI. / 8m ? Hie Bremen Consul at Charleston. South Carolina, haa trnnsmittod to me a oommunioation directed to him on the 4th last. , by the so-called " executive depart meut" at that place, concerning the lights on the oo tat of the State and the buaya in its waters, of which 1 beg leave u> enclose a copy. I learn at the same time that the authorities de facte of the Htate of South Carolina have caused Uioee lights to be extinguished and the light vt sad and buoys removed. Notroiy tag on Uie " ability of the pilots" vaunted In the enclosed communication, nor being willing to iucur agree If any responsibility for the Uvea and property of my countrymen, who in consequence of the said regulations may bo exposed to serious damage, lloaoni time in bilnglig these facts to your notice, In case you should not yet have received other official Information thereof. I shall thank you for informing me what measures the United States govern m?*nt has taken, or intends to take, for the purpose of protecting, so far as possible, vessels which, during the present state of things, may attempt to eutor or leave the ports of South Carolina. lam, sir, with high consideration, your obedient servant, R. MCHlJaDKN. Hod. Jkbsmiaji 8. Bi.tcc, Secretary of State of the United States, Washington, D. C , K.XWXTirS DSMRfflKYr, > CHARLtarroM, Jan 4, 1881. J Sik ? I am directed by hia Excellency the Governor to Hay to you that it has beon nec>. ssary U> adopt certain regulation concerning the lights on the coast of this State aad the buoys in it* viators. In the short period during which these regulations will be nectosary, tlie activity of the pilots will prevent, it is hoped, any serious iujui y or inconvenience to commeroe from the adoption ot them. The Colloctor of the port, Mr Colcock, will give you exact information in relation to such of these matters as you muy desire to hare. Respectfully, your obedient* serrant, . A. G. MAG1UTH. MR. iU.ACK ID LOW I.TOJIH. I>k?- iktmkm ok Stats, ) Washington, .Ian. 10, 1861. ) Mr Lord ? 1 hare bad the honor to recoire your lontfhip's two notis dated respectively tan 81st ul'imo and tho 7th instant. I hire laid tbcm before the President, w ho directs me to say ia re ply that he deeply regrets that any injury should happen to the commerce of foreign and friendly nations, aad especially that Vt itlf-h subjects who ore engaged iu law ' ful tiade at the port of Charleston, should sutfar in coa M?|t.enoe of the aiiomaious Htate of things which has existed there (or a short time piist. In >our lordship'! Orst note several ca.sos are put. and you rtqueat me to turnUih such information respiting them as as will euabie you lu give deduite instruction* to her Majesty's (olsuImIo at Charleston Tho poiuta thus rafsed be answiTiii as fully as, in tbe unturo of things, thug government can (peak of events which hire not yetoccuired. Tho jurisdiction of tbe federal government to regulate trade with foreign i-auonn aud to impose duties on <o >da In ported into the I nited States, is exclusive. Congress tin.-, a- >ou are ruUy aware. ex?rcise<l this power t>> patting laws which clearly deOue tbe outies, rights and liabilities U foreigners, as wcU us American cluzus en gaged Id that bu*intt* Tb>s government cannot ac knowledge any standard or legality, or any rule of con duct, other than thojo preacrio<-d in tiie statutes referred to. It ncccesarlly follows from thin that pay ment of duties to a person who is not Uio pro|x<r otiicer of the United States, an<l authorized by the laws of tho liuitod States to receive thim, will be a in inpayment Nor can a cieaiance whnb maybe obtained contrary to those lawn be regarded as valid by tbo teloral authorities. Whether the elate of things now existing at Charleston will or will not be regarded us a sufticleiit reason for not exacting tbo penalties which may be incurred by Brltwh subjects, is a question wbirb I am very suns you will wo tho necessity of re serving until it prarrcaliy arises. It seems to me tm poKsibio to deal with it In the abstract, or to lay do w a any general rule at this moment, which might not bo m if interpreted heituUtar. Kach case will, no noubl, have its own i*cuUaritirs. TUodigne of constraint under which the paity who violates the law may he compelled to act at tho lime, and wtmt amount of coercive power South Carolina w ill bring to bear upon the musters of versrts, or oou<><gnit8 or cargoes, aro facts which may have son i6 tntliieuoe, but cannot be ascertained now. I rogret tliat then consiueraUons compel mo to decline Slvlng any ; concerning Lbs Intention of the resident in regtrd to tbe supposed came you speak of. Your lordship's motive In making tbo Inquiry Is folly appi eciatcd. Any uncertainty on snob a subjfc'. is in iu~e!r an ovil which ought to bo removed if It could be. Hut the reliant e which your lordship cannot but I eel on the justice of tbis government will, no doubt, quiel all pj'rebi Wie n or ultimate wrong to British subjects, If tich wrong can possibly bo avoided. In reply 10 your lord-h p's second note, whl' b coo cm* tbe extlnjsuMimcnt Of the lights, tbe destruction of the beacon'-, the removal of the buoys, kc which serve an guide* to the entrance of I he harbor of Charisstos, 1 am unable to ;?ajr more at tbe present moment, th\a that Sitloe will l>? xi von by the tri usury liepartmcet of t? condition in wh;ch these acts of ?outh Carolina hav ? pat the coast. 1 avail myself of this opportunity to rent* to your lordship i be of rnj high considerate n. Low) 1-ifV, Jcc , \c. ,4x J. S. BLACK. UK. KL?< K 11) MR. XCHtXIKRX. IHumktmknt of f>t*r?, ? W unMinis. Jan. It, 1841. f Si* ? I have the bonor to acknowledge the reneipt of yonr note of tbe tub tnst , and in reply to It, as will us in farther respenae to your previous communication ot the 27th ult. . to transmit herewith the c >py of a note of yee terdav's date addressed to Lord Lyons. This note em bodies tbe views of the I*rcHidont upon certain question* submitted by tbe British Minuter, whieh are substan tially tbe sani>< is those contained in yourcommunicattoot ot the 27th nit and Uth inst. I avail myself or tbe oc ? non to offer to you renewed assurances of ray high con fiideratton. J. d Bi.aCK. Kluou-h & *t mm , KSq., Arc MR. BLACK TO .UK. TAARARA. lUU'AltTMIAT Of SMI, > W ?siumoto>, Jan. 14, 1MU. f Tbe undersigned, Secretary of Mate of tbe United States, has the hoDor to acknowledge tbe receipt of tbe note or Mr. rsN>ara. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of her Othoho Mruesty, of tbe Slst ult.. and in reply to transmit the copy ot a cumannicaiion of the lttth inst adunssed to l.ord Lyons This cemmuni oat loo embodies the views of the President upon certain questions submitted by the British Minister, and em braces information upon tbo points referred to in Mr. Tassara? n<4e of the 31st ult. Tbe nndorsigned avails himself of the occasion to oflfer to Mr. Tassaja renewed assurances of his high consleera tion. J. jj. BLACK, be&or Don Gumm Garoat T.uw.uu, tc. , 4c. , 4c. SI'. TAJSIAKA TO MK. SLACK. Ljeuatiok or Stam at ffwrnuw, 1 W*.snLV<^n?>. Jin. 19, 1961. f The ll*4l islo* 1, Envoy K\ inordinary and Minister E l :pot< nijirv Of her Orthotic Majesty, has had Ibe nor to receive t>i? communication of tbe honora&le Secretary of State of the 10th Inst , transmitting to hi.n, by wnj of reply to h s i.i to Of MM DmmIV MM up n i he except tonal rondition of tbe port of Charleston, South Carolina, that inven under date of 10th mat. to two other not<? fioui the Miglinh Minister. In appreciating at it* Just value the reserve of ths booorabls Secrstary of .State ri spec ting the clearing of V' satis nnd the pn; mint duties. the undersigned trusts that tl. i j-t-verntijoiit of the Cniud -Uutes would be able, U It sboMd butxne necessary, to modify principles -.a ac eorda- ee wttb oirsamgla&css. not doubt lug that the In tenets oT tbe Spanish subjects ocgaged in lawful com mtrce wi l rot u> security in tbe eventualities which mat bapj ' a. Ibe undsrs gned hAs also informed LI tup If that, through the l*p*r?moni ot *tate, due notice has been given < < the rem ivn.1 of the Nitron lights and buoys la tliat bay. It ? ill us ? have reached the knowledge o the govtrn.xrt t that aJ tbe channels through the bar, one ? jcepu? ? Mr. flit's channel, whose mouth only gives pas ssg< tovoovi* of ttfle< u feet draught ? have been on. structrd or made useleee Ibis measure will cause ij^Jur/ to s? n.i <b vinm Is 'S that curt at this time. Ttifi undersigned ini rovea this l>esh occasion to offer his resents to tbe honorable Hc-cretary of rtute UAUUIX G. T ASMARA. Bon. i. 8. Br. h*. Secretary of isUts of th? Uu.tcd Mate*. comWwue.Tr,,^, tle^d^aSr1* to U*-* *"?' HfLLlKkHir, A*. lIMDiHtH PICOT A ILUNWlK, g07?t?*0AU jn wa> ?A Isrfe asd lUegaot Msorunrat n< NpHag Pattern Monni fW tto Mmttirn w< *sst era whui?aaia trade; alas S large UM1SW Sf l h ISren i Hato of every deesrlptlom. KINK AHTN. AND riK^ COII J*A|MKW. ? POB MAI.R, ? * IV|P m>(t rraa?4 ? ?? , P%ln:lrv?, ? full ? I- - rwi f t ;?.**? w?un?u)? kpptr ? hhihi Gfckfcfc'n bucikjo aturw >N wIIUmb atrMt. *TU>AMB04T*. Misaj5K?sa ?<sft ? in InvtUf I -.H9J Mnriuno irtrnMl tfafly (Kfttardftfa at ?*?**) m?ii ot-xk r. M. Ir c.Min??otv-n wUh IH* He? tart UM>tr? J, W. BaJKHA. Agmi. vvr.^., COAL. (W)Al^Or ThK BKKT qUAIJTY, AIC1> AX OHOAI. At > ? lower Mrtna than frm ??? ?4kar Aiwlrr taUMflHfi *!**** <J?b?w*d from f ?it?, r m?r Kmc mo Oiwa i&mtSsa ,"4 PHKHOMAL. Am U? froi~dkuk/t~will to Ua adrantafe by calling oa JuaUh Meayenike, Mo XOol la^sptocA C.-UaVK 1IA1J MO TO *K.NO TO OAV IK t Jit can doti'j !*uer will seuii to mono* to liuuseUy pus*. _ A <?'. / 1 LOROF. O KINCU-1'LEJ.HIS I, At I d WA Al ter fcireet, w>-d?y. II rKTKK !>( KAMM). FORMaRLT ADUrtORBRK'M 1 <?!< rk. will <*!? or Bead where he can basaea to J 6 t J. Mn i Chatham street, he may bear of aometiuu^ to til- K'VWUP" IN*ORMATION W A > TED ? OF VIC HAUL RA1NKV of Bar awe, county Wlaklow, Ire la ad. Wkaa last be*r<J troni be lived in Washington county, OhMt ija wiu bo tbaotfuily received by hi brafe**, FMR? lUro.v ill BuUivan street, New I urk. ?Waskiagtos maty, Ohi>. I aper? please copy. information wan rm>? of johm ajtb oborqh 1 Munro, who antred in Raw Tork ta MM, and altrr? |- - v>ent to Buffalo When last board of thai www ta M. I?i:? Aii) information of tbe<u will be thankfully radofcsedby u?mr brother, * in Muur< . Alevenib avenue, beiwaM TMlty *? '? and Thirty seventh atresia, New Tork. BuffabaMRt Louis papers please copy. M. J. D. w ILL MBS. J. LONG, WHO LATBX.Y BBBIDED At aL6 Franklin atr?et, aand her addraaa ta It. D, bci 1U7 Herald officer WILL W. B GORBUTT BBMD HIS ADD RE HA DI rected to a K . Hetald odleel By aa dotag be will oon fer a favor, and not Injure hliaaslf. WILL THE QENTLEMAM WHO WAB IN THE omnibus with two ladles and a little bar oa lbbrtdty, that attended the Muaeum, pleaae aend hla adarau to J. T. H., hroaowsy Foat office. OA?) -COMB TO Ml OFFICE TO DAT, AT TBIBK L*\) o'clock. It will be all right. UL THE LEOTPBB IBAMW, CA6TLB8 AMD MOB ARTE BUM OF IRELAND IB FHB Middle M?e.? A Lecture oa tfela subject will be delivered t>> tb?. Kev t*. 0. Oubbina, Vicar of Hallingarry, Ireland, at i be Historical Hoclety'arooma, Second avenue and Eleventh street, on Hatuiday evening, March 16, at 8 o'clock. Tfekets 24 cents; ta ba had At the booKatoros and at the door. BILMARBg. A FINE ABbORI MENT OF FRENCH, ENGLISH AMD American billard Tables, with FHKLAN H COMBINATIVE CUSHIONS, now cu band, and at prices to sqit the times. PHBliAM A OOLLEKDKR. 6S. 66, 87 and N Crosby street, II. T. BILLIAhDB ? FOR HALB. A 8PLBM DID bTOOK OF new and secoi d band Table*. okctp lor cash. Call and examine, or Mnd your orders by mail. bagatelle Table* for ?ale. W. H. OKI F KITH. 143 Fulton street Billiards.? thk half interest or tub me tropoll>an Saloon, 626 Broadway, next door lo Laura iMin'a theatre. for sale, detaining seven new marble bed tables, now oo>ng a splendid business batufanury rea son given for selling Inquire at the naloon /10MB AND SEE MB. ' CHEAP AMUSEMKNT; 0*LT TEN OBhTB A OAMB ros BILL l A KM AT TUB WEST 0 RMbTHB BILLIARD MuOtf lfit 181 BO WEST, ?ear Broom: el reel, ru all full sized Marble Bed Tables. Fif teen Ball I'ool only six cents for each one playing, lucludiag refreshments. H. W HMlTti, Proprietor, U)8T AMD yOPWP. LOST-OB tbi bkoaj aftebhuonT "march M, IB Broadway, going from blea&er street to #averley E lace, a Roll of Bllis, containing $*) In one and two doJ'ar 111- on the W I llamaburg City Bank. A liberal reward will be paid for ila return. Inquire of Win. B. Corwln A Co., 639 Broadway. LOW? AT THE OENTBE MARKET GUARD BALL, AT tie A polio, on A'edaesday evening. March 1.1, 1881, a lady's cjuw pearl Brooch 1 he finder will be libra1)? rewarded by returning the same to JoAn M. Motiowaa 807 Broadway Iost-bank book no. io, m of ad am lamb and J wife Ann. in the fcn Igrant Industrial Marines Bank. The finder will please leave the sahib at the Bank, No. 61 Chambers street. LOST ? A STIIT* (OPAL). SET IN BLUB ENAMEL The finder will bo suitably rewarded by leaving the btune at 286 1'earl street. LOST? ON TBVBtiDAV, IN SEVENTH AVbMUE OS Fifty fourth street, a pair or Oold SptvHao'ee. a suit able reward will be given on their return to 83 (Test Forty h'lh street or 24 West Hfty fourth street. Lost ? on Friday morning, a bio rlaok new foundland Dog, answers to the name of Carlo, marked with white on the face, breast, all ol the left fore leg and end of the tall; a pitce bit rut of the tongue, leather collar, brass plate with ")-iouerty 1 1 Fanny" on A liberal reward will be Put to any one bringing him to JIM him stieet. Inquire for * Ba- nam. S1KAVKD-KKOM 152 l.EXlNOTON AVENUE, N T. t.n Katuiday, M.tirti V, IH6I. a Mask Skye Terrier. Any our re timing the tame wll! tie amply i ??warded. (STOLEN J ROM lifi NABSaU mTKBET, A LOT OF k5 Plaird t ups and npoona, for which a liberal reward will be paid A. H. A U. ROUBRH. REWARD*. 4> 1 A KBWARD - LOST ON THE FnB RTBB NTH INST., J*1U a gold Hatch and Chain. Parties who may hare found the same, will receive the above reward by leavir g it at IH6 npring street. 4>in kEViaRD? T!IK GENTLEMAN WHO TOOK fiv tne ripei.1t Ute counter in Hie ovster aaloon near Twenty fourth niiwt. to Lexington avenue, will please re turn the same, and will get the above reward and mi ques tion - uoked 4 REWARD W I UL BE PaID FOB THE REOO ' very of a mild opsn fare patent lever Watch, made by J Momm, i.( Ljverpool, cold dial No. II) W3; ?l?i, a heavy t e .?i.a Chain. with an eagle bead. The nbove was loet it ? ?-in.. our*. on Thursday evening, 14th Inai The ato've reward ? ill be paid at *9 Veaey street, and no question* RkWAhU? ALBERT A JOHNSON LEFT HIS H me Marco t, 1*1 ; itged 17 years; md oa when 10 le.ia t?Miw ti coat, brow u cm ckireJ pants, with patches on tan knt-n; grayctp, ?lili blatkaioib ttni? around thn bottom <il tit raj- and straight trort; thick grain leather boots; front tipptr loath out; ?tr. oth faee, light brown hair, light blue Iir ad nbouiui r* htighl live f?et Mi Inches Any I T son irturrdug Um will recoive the above reward, from hia fa ther. OOWNKLllIS JuHaHON, Bentley, Htaten Inland, N. T. WATCHKh AS D J K WK LB Y. GM1UAM1C BaK(. AlN.S IN JEW KLfcY. lllbttK HAth COMB TO A CRISIS. ruRl eU Ml Ku >LitaKNuhl(l'i>. PotwithsUnding the extraorainary success of the original maaiuacttuer'a ?ale ol >'lN8 GOLD ,'BWEIJIT, At 66$ IIWULiWAI, (Sign ol the Lady in the W Indow) t!.e mhrageroeoi ,akt> pleasure In nnnounclng that etUl great er lie- gains are now ofierrd to the public aud that they no* ?ITer u> give p'irrhaiera thi lr cbotco f 10m the Immense stock of A2M .Mil worth of ?elr;y li r ,'ti cents and $1. 1 hi* msgnillcenv stock, tomprtsing the largest and moet ei temdve COtMCtUM of Corals, t'hmeoi Mt?aica, .let*, Kubles, Mrllianu. Lavaa.'lurqu< lae, Oarnets, Inutauon ut aibuncles, Am< tr.ykU, f?arl\ rmeralds, t>apphlren. Hraeeieta, C halns, Uingi-. i encilr. lhimblea, Armieta, Ac., ever o (Terra la Ida metropolis. Ti-gelher ? lth an rt d>as aamortment of l'ina. Pens, Watoh Key* Lcket , Caalna, .?t .d? eleeve Bnltona, Oharma, Arm let? l-.mbl' n.- i re.. <- I lr Kit ;:>? Helt ell e?, hibbon nlldr?. lo. tb|.irks, ? ? nhol..i r?, I y ?. glu>-e<, r.c^meded rronaea. aud a thotisanr elhi-r ui-.tclea, t ? ni'.memus to mention, such as ate u uaUy kept in h:st o aiai jewelty ewtebilabmenta, aay article of which you can have yemr caotce o t lor Woenia and tl. * e 'nv'.te l.idiet and the nubile generally l<< call and et un-ine our ? pleudli! ?tock as wa nit a?surr them such bar ga.D? will N- ofT^red bo' f.>r a lltnlteu period. Oidt-ra from the trade thr ughoui the country Most re si < ctf ully eoltriteil t.m' 1Kb O.VB DCIiI.A R KSTAHLI8HMR.N'r At) of th>- abevi articles will be sent by mail on receipt i ?1 and U centa .or ;>o?lage Address (j #. Illl. I. Manuiarltirlng Agent, No Mr ada av, new York. Ot AKK WaKKaNTED HOUD l.OI.D AND OO O ral, tl riM, or five f? i-neda! at'euvlnti given to re pai-iog One Watches. Krenca and r.ngli'h Clock i. Musical r Men, Aceor deon->. Ac . Ac. rent tor, teualreo and delivered Ui an; |mrtof theelty bv ? x per 1? need workmen. Hatisfactl' U wairantec at this i ?iabl:?limn,t W 11. JhOitKlsuN. Watciim sker, 305 Hudson street. MOTKM. AhmebicaN hotel, JeRhBY ciTT -Two luirs ov ki>ms, si.iiahle lor families to let, with Board, fo the ht-Mbi, ; also, a law a ngle & oma for gentleue n only Terma ?urn %b io #7 jier week, klngle Hwim, with Board. Tho ABerK-an U seven mtautea only from t ortlandt street. I Ml'BBIaL HOTEL. COBB. lRBLaND ? THIN LONU 1 estabii>h?d and well known llot?l la oondueted oa tae moat ar>i roved 'y?"m. a large and elegant t offee luxtsi i< R?" apart for the u?. of fa&l loa who preier I vlng a la Kraa cabe A Isble d lloie every da< at hal' past all .TVloek. The im|? ? mnii'io a? alia th? arrival anu d< partureol eaoa tiain Hut told and ahower baths alway < ready Night pur ut in aumdauie A COllON A Son, Proprietors. L?"S3S? r* '""" """** ~~ labia a bo*. ** ?d4 0011 * 1 *iJ AM ,'UBT, rrofrtMor. SI.OHl* IIOTKU NO > WasHIMUTON PLACB, N?\f York -Tha proprietor of thla alegant and faahtonaMe Hotrl Uln great |4*a?r* to tarttr fanillira to visit hia i^hui mrntu, ?bk-n barn baao mewij r?palat*il and rvfurniahrd U ? m. at luiurtoo* atjla Tke l*M? ta ?r> on tkn Pnrlaiaa plM, ?n<l ih*k*trMn lafcondiuiisd br?ii| ?-rt*no?d ?I'mbrm of lb* twM mun ta raria. aNTMUNT ntVuHC, Proprietor. 1>A O BEOAJ> WA V? rLAHTlJ Rrt" ROTKU? BUIOANT Oil O it furnl?hi*d Kouma for fainlllna or alaglo gnllcivn. ? Iih lull Hoard, at r-a?onab>? prt<- n . h?uw am rlaaa, 1 00a lion tiiuxirpanafd. Tranalrmt boararra aocmuiMMUlrd at f I 00 r*r day. "?imPHAIITB. Fkrnch and ambbioajt bbhtakr art, ta rvLToif MrMC kaaMMMU? BBNMtT MCUA1U.IL tka ao? pmprv^or, bega to anaoanox UM b# aorr?? Mrwakfaata at 1)1 owl*. and Duaan, froM If to T o'aluck. WBoaaK, ? dlakaa. Prtvata iManorm, Llnwn ? la Carta, UtiUlaa fraaeaiaa. i|T It RCT GBMRBAU.T MO?J, NCVBRTHSI.BHS km fact, tkat a Bawl of flak or Clam OkowAar caa ba ? id a< ti>? 0<.?MMOl*>KM'M? Mo 7 *?? atiwi, a ftw Atara froaa Ball, aa sand aa tkat at art* bj tka Pllarlm Patkaia af Htm Kngiaiid. Prm lanebaa far raaaanraala furniakad aa tha mo-t .raaorakl* tarma. OOBS VULKN BOT BBURvB TBATOOOD AI.R O <*? baanid fnrlbraa tVotapar fllaaa. It la a fat, nrwr

Udfaaa; 4 glaaa?a ?aka on* ?uarl, 4 qvarta maka oo* (alios, ?> aad?a aiaka oaw bogakaad, trklek mat* ?l?. aoarealnalato for>o?rat4f. Ha tCortlM4tatrMt,?n?rof Arnadw**. ? hi-km-rr HOUWS, ROOM. SfC., TO LIT. I l.\GB ioil R STOBY HOUHK TO LB 4MB? FOB \ il ?e or five yearn, am Weat Twentieth street, opp ostie ? t 1 ? r'schursh: a lae uHghborhosd. Hinue wiU be put U good Order and leased to a good Ittul at #??. JaMBA It- BDWakDB, xrt W-t Twenty third true t. AT 7 a BROADWAY. ? TO LBT OB LB ABB, FOB BU8I mm purposes, the upper put, mmUiIbi of eight room* end eiwnsJos, nultabie for a tint clua dumerrean saloon, *c. 1-artioulan of BRADUBY, HUTCU1BB f <JO., 41 Bast Foot. teeoth street. A FINK MODERN BBOWV STONB HOUSK TO LBT? Immediately ; rent $300, furniture for sale on eu; term*, rew feet tail. Must be bought, or would let It fur nished lo a aloe party; a iplNdlaluctllon. Apply at No. 5 tit. Timothy place, Fifty iwntd Meet, near Eighth wreaue. A "LOSC. BflrABLISBBD BOA BD I MO HOUSK TO LBT and the Furniture for Ml* eheap for cash. Immediate PmimMob given- Apply at tUn treet. B BO AD WAY HTOBB TO LBT? BO. ISA-TUB HMaLL Store opposite the City Hall, between Murray and *far ten streets; one of the beet locations oa Broad way. Apply at the eton, from 10 to 3 o'clock. ?ASBMBNT TO LBT? AT 417 BROADWAY, BWTWBBV ^tiraod and Broome streets; good entrance and Ught ; sUs BLOOMFIELD, M J ?TO LBT, BB81DBM0B OF MBB. Boh, opposite tbe commons; eleven mu,, attic, parti* fluLhcd, sue house, barn and three w Are acre*; five minutes' from depot. Bent $400. Apply on premise*. Boarding iiouseh ob bmall hotel tolbt ? Two Ml (ton Houses. 23 and 3 $ Fourteenth street, ad joining, 7ft feet tront, between Fifth avenue and Union souara, containing W rooms, with all modern improvement*, tole,t together or separate Apply* tot! PALMER, on the premlsM; or at 31 Pine street, room No. K. COUNTRY RBflDBNCB TO LET OR LBA8B? AT Banner's Harbor, Ktaten Island; 10 aci-Mof good tilla ble land, a bouse containing seven rooms, bassmont and cel lar, fronting the water: also a hou?<i containing four rooms, barn, oarrlsge house and other outbul'dinas on the premises; will be let together or separate The ElUabethport ferry bouts from liter Nn ) North river land within five minutes walk of the residence. Bur f urther partlovlarn apply at the ferry or of O. D. i'ObT Jt OO., oyster barge 17, foot or Hprltuc street, N. Y. Eighth avbnub stoke? leas^ fob balb, on the west side; good location. Address W. B , 4 MS Utid ou street, in the store. FINBLY FUBMBHED FOUR BTORY BROWN HTOXrt Bouse, 154 East 'it irty fourth street, with all the mo dern Improvements; velvet Carpets, i'lano and bro'-a.el aud rosewood furniture. Rent 973 per month, in advance. Refe ret>ce required. Vi 11 not l*> let for a boarding house. L'UBNIHBBD HOUSE TO LET? 4 COMPLETELY V furnished House, in Twenty- third street, containing Par lor*. dining room, and seven sleeolng ruiims; rent ti.wKl; or wo<ild exchange lor a house on Murray Kill or near the city. Possession Immediately. VAN WtoKLB A WIN4N8, No I Pine street. BHIKMXBBD HOUHE TO LEI - FOB THE HBAStl*. With -.table accommodations; suitable for a gentleman's residence, xltuated on high ground at Spuyien Luyill, x?. Y., commanding h.i extensive View ol the Hudson rlvar and sur rounding country. Address U. W. Van Dorea, Huuytcn Luyvll, V Y. FURNISHED BOOM TO LET? IN A NICK HOUSE, having all the modern improvements, and ojcttpied by u private French family ; tbe room la on the second tfuor and ci 'ii tains gas. hot and cold water. For further jiurti ;ii:arj In quire at eft Weat Twenty-fifth street. HOUsR to lbt-at b SHU an point. V. J., COM pletely furnished. with garden and stablca; convenient I- ihe stcaintx-al landing will be let on reasonable terras from fix *t of May (or earlier If desired) until October or No vember. inquire at ho. 77 Cedar street. thirl floor room 16. Hotel to let? the fir*t class ho?el no. 21 to 17 Broadway, corner of Morris street, known as the Steven* House. possesion lat ol Mat next. For t imber par ticular* apply to HEWLETT A ToRRANOE, No 6 Howling green. New boa km. so house, ok forty-six rooms, to let, at Amityvllle, L. I., in full Tie w of tbe ore 4n Good bay fUbingand fowling A man acquainted with the business preftired. neference required. B. HEIDMOBE. OFFICES TO LET, IN TUB BUILDING NO. 7 NBW atreet, four doors from Wall Jnqulro 0/ H. Li VI No hi ON A CO., on tbe premises. OFFICES AND ROOMS FOR LIGIIT MANUFACTO riea. to l?t, at (H and 6A Cortlandt, ooruer of Washington street Knits to suit the times Inquire of li jUaKOL.i Jk BROWN, 196 broad way. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY; haa all the modern Improvement!; rent uiixicmtf ; u" >d neighborhood, Belgian pavement. Appl.. at LA* Weat j 'ori y thiia atreet Rooms to let? with htbam power, at nos. 21 and -A Frankfort street. Apply on the premises, or to M. LEFKEB1S, No. 172 Ueekmao street, up stairs. Rooms to lmt.-the upper part of house no 26 Bond atreet will be let, In ? hols or part ; an exrvliont ligation for a men t aut ta.ior, millinery business, Ac. la quire on the prumiaee. (JTORF. TO LET? 66.-: BROADWAY, OPPOS'TH *OND O street, 51 feet deep, with 20 feet frontage, well lighted m the tear. May be rented with basement and second floor, for terms, Ac . apply to JOHN SNaRE, agent, 630 Bromlwsy. ?'TEAM POWER TO LB ABE ? IN THE NEW FIYE > atoiT brick Kuildinjr No*. 63. 44 AT., ah and Ml Greene atreet The beat lighted and moat superior rooms in this city, location moat otnlrnl, one block from Canal atreet and Broadway. Building* are heated by steam; MM h nst and every accommodation Insurance la one per cent Bent low. Apply ImmedUtely to H. J. HOWABD, on the prenalsea. ST AM FORD. ?RENT $SU) ? A SMALL, NEAT HOUSE, Wlta K' Od gardeu, pleasantly located io toe village, nlinut three 'luaiters ot a mile from the depoC Apply to J 6 *11 HI LODOE, 10 Eaat Seventeenth atreet. fTH> LET-IN BAST NEW TORE, PART OF A LARUE X House, with ground attached, pleasantly ai uated near the tannlnu* of the Broadway, Fu.ton and MUntio car roatea. Apply to JOBN RICHABDrfON, ^Atlantic atreet, Brooklyn TO LIT? IB BROOKLYN, NEAR THE FOLTON AND Atlantic car rou lee, a One brown stone front three atory t ouae, with all lmprovem. nta. Apply to J. BIO 11 ARDaON, 52S Atlantic street, Brooklj n. TO LET? iN BROADWAk? THE FIRST FLOOB BUTT, ab e for insurance ofllcea milliners, tatl'-rs, Ac. Also other 06MM, on third floor, or will be let as Furnlktiod Rooms by the year, to geutlemen no. SSi Broadway, btjlweea Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. 11O LET? LOWER PART OF HOUbE 110 PORSYTH street, to a small famtly, Consisting pf front and back I'arlors, hack Basement and three rooms bn third floor, rent $274. Good locution. I B'tulre en the premiaea rfO LET? THE UPPER PART OKA HOUSE, CoNSISf A ing of flve rooms and pantrirs, to a small tam lj ; only one ether family In the house Apply on the preml ?a rlfty fourth street, fifth house w? at of oitih art nue, south aide. rLET. ?THE UPPER PART OF BROWN STONS House in Forty-ninth street, lietwecn Seswnd and third avtnuea consisting o. si-eond floor wail large loom <>n Hie third do r; has all tbe modem Improvements, rent $2AO. Apply to J 11 life * tTT, ;?*> Madison mm t near Mom*onu>ry mm. TO IJtT. -THE THREE hToRY A?I> HASKHKNI House No. lifi Mcu^ugal street, bet ?een nteecker ami Amity s. tet; has the modern Imp orem-'nts and a large tarrt . rent $?>60 per annum Apfiy 1 He MBBfVMgtffMl LET? ON bECOMD PLaCE, BtiOJELYN, A NEAT 1 threes ory fnun st'^oe Hoii-e, in perfect order, iteut $fiCU Apply to W. fr.OWAp.Od, W v*ali atreet. PUT- THF 8T(SRR AND FIXTt'BES 246 URAND atrrev form^n^ o>i upled by u VS. ? lark as a hat store, luquueof W. h. MtAfi, uevt di.or. TO LET-PART OF A THREE SIOBY B(tOW\ FR(jNT bouae in Eaat Forty-ninth street Inquire at 17U Kaat turt) tun, h str<-ei. Or at M Old ailp, of I If) 1?l !tvV(M)U. 1*0 I ET? *-Kt OND FLWK AND PART OK THIRD IF ri uulred to a small family that do nut uep a servant kW. flotisr oetilalu- moaern lni| rovcments Apply to 1L L. 1 ? Fulton Street, oral u? \iieu MM) MMMVM^gi fO LET? Fl'EN IS II ED OR U.N Ft:RMS ??, THE A three atory nrown stone House fill Weat Forty fifth street, between I1 if th and Suth a\enuea ihe furntiure Is good and c< mi It-te. Appij to K L1V IMielON, ? Soutu ? illiaui street. Tt LhT-NO. 1ST EAST TWEttTt-FI ^ STHBhT, Dear teeond aveoue, the two atvry and b-sement br*-k 1 otts^e, wtth brw yard In front, good ueLar, gas, bath, raiiac, wash tiaya. Ac. ; rent only *4M> ?> a r noire tenant. ?'o? SI si'u on lat o< May. Appiy to Mrs. tiAlnS. 61 fourth ave one, or to E. H. BkuWN, III nasanu atreet, from 1 toll P. M. rj LET? THE TUBER bTORY AND BabEmENT LwelUtg no. 126 We?t Tweni) sevemh sfreet; ^as, bttu, Ac;, rent $obO Also Mo i.Vf Klvngtou Hrect, real $4M>. Apply to C. C. I'JNl Iv.MSl , It Wail sircet. TO LRT? HOTEL ^0. M DEY STRItT. Al<>u 8T0HE >7 W aaMnglon, corner of Chambers stn >-t. Apply to it. ,-i Ut Jk l?r.s t, No 6 tfeekman street, rt om -v TO LET? A THREE BTORY HOU4B IN TWENTY secondat eet, near Loving 00 avenue in a !amil> with oui small rhtldt-n, the rent would neatly sh be t.iken in r*'*!d Apply at lui Bower/, near Broome street, tuiru story, fr 111 II to t o'clock. TO LRT? Till COMMODIOUS KO( S STORY BROWN att>ne Deelling no. It West l-.ighleentU street, bet.?t>n I ifth aud oitlh k\enua<; has all uu mudrrn linpruvemt nts. and 1a In |>M-ltct order in<iuire en he pr? mlaea. TO LET- CIIKAP AMD WELL LUJUIKD LuFTS, IN ? ear building IB, W liilaui street, alth strain A. UAl'i DK. el Joan street. f|X' 1. hi ? THh 'THt.kE HiUHV K BU1LMN i, S3 1 ? est 1 bluet nth atreet, occupied as a prlvaf .-.table. Tor walrh or manulaoiuring lurteaea it >a ?eb suitea: have a eltar spate of five teat in the rear. D. tdOMrON, 61 Pine atreet. TO LET? FkOM THE HT OK MAY, THE UPPER part of the fluuse 1*5 East Broadway, containing eight K < as and basruient, with Mathnvm aud Kitchen t wage Be it wlii be painted for a gu?>d iHaat, fIH? LET? ON EEAPuNABLK TERMS, TO A GOOD A b nant, toe large marble BulMIng H,4 Broadway, 110 1 eet uy 2 1> feet 1 Inco froat and tear, or iwh lloor let sepa rately; 1 he two upper flours are arranged for lodges or mill tar) meetings; tbe upper one Is w?*n> the .-ions ot Malta hare nw t for the last fo?r yeara. For particulars Intiulre of at,,. J AMtN UalHRai It. , 127 Fulton sinr t, ilcr>dd Build Ing. < r of aLkXaNLiF.K EAULKMiN, }.1S SiiMdJtuy. TO LET? HOUBE NO. M BLBBCKhR STRKilT, 27XM, four storba. large parlnra, suitable for <hiw ro<>ia' would be altered II If?iuired; la reey room} and .. 1 adapted for a boarding howae or bnsinesa pur ses M. B. KlNSMlBEit, t(3 Fourth irttim. TO LET? A SMALL OENfBBL HOUSE, ON fWBNTf eigath atreet. Between Letlagion aud Third avenues, suitable foe feur or five pertowa Beat. $.?& also a asu I House <? second arenue. with sverything complete tteai. ?471 AM] 1 to J. M. Mil. L m /irtb avenue/ comer of lweety thud street. rLRT-HOCSR AND ST ORB Na ?? BLBECKRU atreet, lOfethc-- or separate Also, First Flo >r, Mo j;t huth av,*nuSL Keni low. Apply at No. 21V Mleaoker strecs. rLET? iBYEBAL FlB ST CLASS BRO*M STONR front wad bvtcfc dwelling Hoasea ani a few <>?? tag's, rert t n>? $Mi teBI.MlO a year Upper parts ot Hen ses la eiith a venae well Mlafted fat rwnttng eat In farnishM moras A few Moras suitable for hardware, dry govts of any other buslhsaa Alan, fi??i of all rent fr >ra flu tAlMamonth Ft* sale, a number of P'lvate tteeldanraa, fan HMt?|BlMII1k OAee hours fram i-srly dawn to lata at nigM. IwHit Hsvanmh, Borthwt CMM6T of I Mrty tfvh streeA and Siuk sveuue. H008B8, ROOMS, 4fcC? TO LIT. rlJST, WITH POWBR? CilKNBR UBNTRB AJfO Duo* atreeta, Booraa <n the areood and foorth flow*, and a large Baaement, all well lighted. Apply to J AH. CON NS* k IK. MS, oorner Reade ? d Centre au tmta. TO LBT-A FARM OF ABOUT 30 ACRES OF GOOD land, with a largo houae aod outbuildings thereon, and good fruit, oh Mile from Part Richmond, t taten laland. Ap pi/ to RTF. WBLLH. **ral, Port Richmond. rLET-A LA RGB DOUBLE POUNR. FURNISHED, and pieaaan'ty altuated In Franklin ?uuet, in the TilUita at Aataria. Inquire of R tlU8, tutmla, or W. TAN DB VBNTKR, m/nUon atreet, NewTork. mO LBT-IN WASHINGTON PLAOB, SOUTH SIXTH 1 a'reet, Williamsburg, tw? of tho*e dealrabla Ihrt-e atory and hick biaamant Houaea. In eotnplete order. wamr, gas, chandeliers. ranges. bsautlf ul courtyards arbors fa Kor par ticulars Inquire of the earner, at 13 Washington pUce between Fourth sad Fifth street*. rUR-A THREE 8TOBT HOUSE, OONTAINING IS rooms, on fcieventy tlrst atreet between Third and fourth avenues; will be loaaed for the term of three or Are years. Apply nt DOYLK'H, Kit Canal atreet. mo LET AT TREMONT, UPPER MORRIS ANIA? A 1 Bret rata Grocery Stand, - puoaite the depot Possasstoa tret at April Apply to JOHN R. PBArfRR, Washington avenue, Tremont r LET? NO. M It KERN AN STREET? STORE, BASE ment, under eeUiraaddith floor; alto the sixth floor o t No. 31, and fourth and aixth Baora of No. XL The Oth floor* of 311, 31 and 53 conaeot wi'h each other. Aptly to J AS. CONNER A SONS, corner of Keade and Centre Mtreela TO LEI' ? TUB STORE NO. 148 WILLIAM STREET, with n room on aeoond floor, rent $800; alio, the flret floor ol No 19 Betk&an atreet, tent (IU0, with other ofllcoa In the name building; alao a convenient English haaomeat Uooae In Twenty thlm atreet. near s?<* nd avenue, rent SMB. Ap ply to A. LIVINGSTON, No. It Mnekinan atreet iTK> LET? THE FOLLOWING HOUSES ALL IN FINE A condition and modern con venlnouea :? :'51 Went l&tli kt, between #th and VtU at*., rent $760 144 Weat Ifith et , bol ween Oth and <th art , rent 780 U Warren place (thurlea atreet), rent 875 22 Weat 47tC at , near ftth ave rent 1,090 Apply to J. MATHKWHON, 647 Hudson atiwt, Before t a. M., or after 6 P. M. r LET? AT 817 AND 819 BROAD WAT, FRONT AND corner Room*; alao the Rasnnsat of 817; umall Stores and the aeoond t- loora of M) and hi fca?t Twelfth atreet, SO feet weat of Broadway; rent from |lfiO to $3UU, Apply to JOHN 8. KM M>, fi William atreet. ffio LKT-1N BOMBER, WBbTCIIhH "KK COUNTT, A * J. House, Stsfcle and about four *ere* of groaad, the re aidenoe of the late K. J, Coflliu It in near the Harlem it all - road, IH nitlee from l*urdy'a Ntation or Croton Fall*. Apply G. G. Codln, New York roet oliioe. r LET -THE LOWER PART OP A THREE SHORT l>riok honae. pleasantly totaled near Union *<|U? e, will be let to a aniall fatally ol adul-i ; tho house baa ail the mo dern improveinenta Inquire at 16 t>*?t Eighteenth atreet, between Fourth avenue and Broad ?ay. TO LKT? TOASMaLL FAMILf OP ADULTS, A WELL f uri/lahttl ai.d handsomely located Houae, bat ing all the m"dern improvements, in couth Hrooklm, convenient to cara unit !< rrlt ?; rent JWo; or the bent part will be let for $M); poaa<'?klon April t if tie: Ired. Address t. L S., l'e?t oilier. rLET ? 'iHX&K COTTAGES, ON EIGHTT-8IXTH alreet, between Third itnd Fourth avenuet, containing eight roouiB, with water and gaa. In go ul order: also a Idv- ry htable en Ktoadw ay Afply to it U HiNL, No. Ml Suth avenue. TIO LET? KIGHtH AND FOURTH AVENUE 8TOBHR at.d otiier (ltvellmgs, alxo Shop Itoom In Thirty aixth atreet, near Biehtn avenue; nl*o Houa? No H Moorman plaoe. Apply at no 443 ?<r SOS fclnhih avemte. TO LET? A TWO 8TO&T AND BA8EWBNT PRAVE hoM<e. cont?inin|T eight ro in - with watei. giaand ta h lorm. and nil inod' Mi imororemenis K'iit Appi/ at Ne. North hecond oir> i t, A l.Uanisbti g. TO l?ET ? AN OFFICE, WO?r OOHUI'IED BY THEtlRR u aula Insurant*- t.i.inpany. No ( street ; woll iw apt?d tor ?u iTiettniurr company or broker's ollice. Apply ?( tno I ark Bunk, No. :s Beekman sUvf:t. T) LET? 1H E ELEGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE OF E a .Irhnt-on. E?q.. at J slip, L. I., phuutljr aituati'd, mar the gieat t>outh h** and o< van (the family being a>*eni ahtvsd ,!ir :uu?f Is handaomel j > uri.i.-;icd; g >. <1 aiaoien aid tcch<>ii>'> filled. Vegetables will be i itrnUUi-d to (ho !e**e?. Apply to RUHAKD H Alt IbHOttNti. U6 Front street. *. or to aMub K. KTBLlJUlWlX, laltp Hold, ? hi. will lb' w the pr?mU<3 TIO 1.ET-A OOIINTRT hBAT, AT AxTORIA, CONTAIN log eleven moon; bag range and turnaee. Thegtouud [fronts lUO let", on the Last river by nearly 4t)U feet deep, la well Ktncl ed with pear trees, and gta|>cvmes In full bearing Apply to H. W1I1TTEMORE, Ant inu, or SM Liberty stree., New jork. _ rLET- BTOKES aND OFFICBB IS BKOAD rtfBEKr. near Wait ? Slutti Do. 1 broad at > ret; t tttires un iwund Mid third floor* of f?o 3 Broad street, also. ? > dices on third fine r of No. 6 Broad i<tr<?< ; will tie let low. Apply to A. J. DELATOl'K, 2fll? Wall street TO LET? A LABOB HOUSE IN (IUaBERCY PARK, furnished oi unfurnished, wlilrh could be very profit ably rented in suits. 1i> a responsible party a lense woit-d l>e given at a low price. Addreaa K. T. h., boi HI 1 Post mice. rUT-A LAR'VK THREB 8TOKY BRICK HOUSE, :<0 41 freer atreet ; lot 21 by 101) feet. A first rata localise for bullae**. Inquire at 37 Mercer Un ci. rLET? KENT $8.*) I'LR ANNUM, HOUSE NO. 41 Lond n terrace ( * est Twenty -third street). Can be seen between 12 and 4 o'clock. OBOROB COG Q ILL 78 Broad atreet. r LEV? THE SECOND rLOCR OK A HOUSB IN m East fifty-third street, between Second and Third ave nuea, containing three ruomi nicely furutabed, gas, bath, hot and oold water Apply to K. U. bPAHKK, 111 Chamber street, or on ue promt *ea rL?1 ? D WBLL1NO HOl'8K4 NOB. 1W AID 121 Charlton street, in good order, with gaa and water Hi. turea throughout, at very moderate ren.a. apply toM AHt IN w aIEaS, IX) Charlton street, between Greeuwlcnaad Wash tngton streets. rLET? A TWO SfOUT HOUnB AND ABOUT three arre* of l.and, one half mile east of William* b ridge, Harlem Hatlroad. Inquire at 16 and 13 Chambers atreet rLBT? CHEAP, THE FOi:R NTOBT BROWN 8TONB house No. 149 Went Forty second atreet; rent IStJU No I bi West rorty second street: rent fl.410. No 1?3 West Forty tec ud stro t . rent $4D. No. 173 West Fortieth s'reet; rent $AU. No 144 Weat Thlr y ninth street; rent $711). Applv to J. Van WaQNKR, U >u*? agent, No. 1G0 West Forty treond atreet. r> LE I - I life WHOLB OR I'AKT nf UO?SE N" 1< I#eroy p. ace, Bleaker atreet, onl> one Mock west o t n. roadway, The lower pari has tirea i?itt?:ed by a dentist for all years A lease ran be had for a store If desired 1X1 LEI? TWO I'PPEK KOOMr, WITH AMPLB Power, well warmed .md iigtated location very dc?l table. Apply to JOSEPH NAaO.N A Co , hi dcekmsn *ir<?t TO Lhi? IDE 1HBEB ^Tt?RV ANDBA8KMBNT IIIU4I atoop B<?u?e No .'AS Bridge atreet, BmotUyn. (ius Lis puie* tbn.tigbotit the iiotL>< , ;.idg< ? o <1 ?? ate, , Ar. Can be aeeti irotti I L W. to2 P. M. For partictiUn apply to CHRIS TIAN li OUM lit R. 4t> Matalen lu.a r> LtT? bECOND ri.O<<R OF HOL>E NO. It IIKH te/?tre?-t, tw<> p?rl"m, with folding floors; panirle< be twoen, b-uiwim ami t > io n Iti-p.trt- ot. t! pi to.. ?. rpo LET? FIHhT fTuRTl AND BAMEMENf, WITH OAS JL and Croton, ,-j i Madison atreet. ct>ulainiug tv.-.j rooms I'O LEI- NO 13 CKOhBT aTRBET, NEAK OK A SO X ibice n. rj an ) bas-iut nt liouso with gaa chandvliurs, Iwth ? ?D(;e, hot aod eoid water to seoi>nd good yard, Ae. Apiay un the 4 tvntt.ea, X\o i.Kl? FlnNt^HKD COTIAOB, WITH ABOUT three . itiarttrs of an si re, >.ttO i^-r year; and furnished Manet' n wnb *b. ut lour mo.. .t, |? r uuhin m 1 ? he winner, at t'liathtiin N J., si hinafew minute* walk of the uepot <1 the Motrts and Lseet iUilruid. Apply t.? FiELD A McLEaN, auctioneer*, No 0 I'lue atieet. THj I, IT, APaBTMENTB. ? FIVB Kt>OM8, AT 14U A East *ortytir.h street, at tit t<uWer pan of Cottage rjl iastTwrtiit riBloh street, at $!'> three Kooms at Itll Iwellh atrei t at fit). Tnree ttoouu at ;ir> Dosutng ?tre t, at and .1 H. HtLU HS 1 1 ft h avenne, itonter ol Twenty-Third street. r) Lht Ft KMMI E?> ? 1 WO BP.s tTlPULIil hll 'ATBD stone ^'Ulas, nltu a sgni&cent Utan of sr. eral aerea, n etttdli.g garden, fr'Jt, 'or?et nod sbndi' tre- ?; stable to ea> li bouse; aituaud at EUI ttville. r.o tl ahore, Slaten island; p tftctl) iokitby Uel'ghil ul n< IgaboihtHMl , half an hour from I e city . ret.t $t.;< and *K<i Alio to rent, a t.esiuKul g ithlc stone i ullage; it' noma, t.eai 'he *hor? tn iilllottville, unfur nished, If 10 f4A<l. Iiiiiinre at Dr r.l.LlOIT'o olUce, I naior place, E'gtth stnet or to BAi;ttETi, oHlNt .VhDr, A BaB KEIT. 14 Wall s'reet. rLE'i ON BHHIKI.\N HF.UiHTH, OR rOR MALE I n vety es*y terms? 1 he flrsl class fouratory high stoop I|o(m\ No. '.t n ti cks *tre?t, ol Mtaie street, near tne t- nth teriy . r. mains hot a. d ?.ld water, and pas through out, and I* in peueet oider. lv a desirable teuaut, rent fMiX Inquire at Nil '?(??* I.u.- t. New lorL fo LET AT I'lAMFoBl ? ONB BOC1 FR<??I TWB.NTY street-* nice uiselilag and Bafti with fruit ..nd shade trt-ff ?r*i? v otsm sbnrd.n.ce. fa? and water ta tne hoti*', Uve um.uiea walk .r<>m the d. pot Apply to M 1. TENTS, l.'.l Bowery, or to A. i'UELl'a.54 Pine atrert, oral Bkimlotd riMj i.Ft Or ft7s v?i,?_rHe 1t?t< eT(?KV AND 1 brtek dweilinn hotiae ai d l<*t ? Henry strew (las t'rotor. WKter bath roosi. g.>i and; lain extslient or der. Woold he r> nt< d t. a aroail > aiul!? t>t. n a*otusble terms, apply on the premise* or at No I kefry aunt, soner of Oi>id street. To eei <?b ?oi> ?-acb? * acrkh ??r land, wrrn Hi use and tint Buildings, at >ortr. bnilew ?d on the line fol the N.ttthem ohtlioad, r>ew Je tm y.frt* mluuuw walk frm the otp*A. aIso a Plot f ten acres inquire of Henry un VIAhEHl, 40 ???'. Milt) thtru street, orof TUOMaM U. lll?.^l^U, President V?fUieni naiivi>*d. IIO LET ?.? FKK HALE-IN IImHOKEB, TWO HAND ? sviiie tiirr* story and ?? lar r.rl k Itinises, lot ItU feet ?|?*P, in use Ni feet, n?arty new; gas and water; pile* $2, Ml. Inquire oi BOB l. FECLE, Uoesview place, Hohjkao. rLRAKR O* FOE HAl.B-THR TTIB.IE IW)ET AND baaemi nt hnck itulld ntj, No* 'Ji? and it C mrne ee atrre-, suitable for a wurftahofk heretofore used aa a re frigerator luanufaett ry A g>4 op|H?tunlty tor the Intra dnctl n ol ntaehhery, listing a hi?e chimney attached for steam b Iter, A* Apply tn j MAlMEWnOA. Mj Hndaon street, bel or? V A. M aid altar* I*. M rl-M'i us LEaitrv? *<RV EKaL WKLI. LIOHfBD OBicee tn, ard the aaement (IU? te-t deep) of, th?Mw Bee story No M Naaaaa street west slle, between ml too a ad John atreeta this ally Apply tn FRANC U BTBMB, IN Naasau atreet. ffio Lei on UnLiw-fHR two ?toh? aid attio 1 brtca Honae m Watt* street, t-> a deatraMe tenant; K wife ha leased mi famea^e terra* apply *t fT Water alreeA T? Lkr Oh LEAVE? 1 HI LaBOB FOCB NTOBT Brick House on the soutsweet corn?f of llndsun and Frsnhl a nr. et* anitaMe for ?cy kind of bnslneea. as It Is in first la etirdrr. F.r particulars toqitlre of Ta ? MIA A aTB VANH, *1 II '?d' on ttmi r> IJ?T trR I.RaHH-FOI'B BTt^RT IIoFm~aND h*orn No M7 .nth avenue, at Broadway I n terse itlon. 1 he store It to rewH dee,i, with handsome plate gla* windows; a v.-ty con'pi tn.rta buslneita I -nat'cit limulre as per Mil oa I "I T> l-Ejl OR UKA<?B? THB HMaI.I. 1W?# MTOBT I n{ House, with gas and ' 'rmon waw r tntnidiic -4, i anntj striet for (Articular* apply to J it iHmLaND, V> h|| atred, LEI O* LBA?P Nit A Hi?ThL OR Bt?ABDtN(l h .'i?A the *1* *W*y r.ullding mi the corae'- of F urteenth ?tr**t and FtrnrMi avenue, opeoMte I'kioo a^inare; very de wah e loe*U.?. ltou?e adj .. nine, on r jnrteenth slree . to rt with it tf deairtdL Apply to J. COUDlNt.TON, U Wall tl, Hovnu, ufi ru LKT Oi LBAfB? THB bBALL TWO MTorVdITVL |H IBM Bmw, (gas vU Oroto* tailed u<*0 T5p. tf Miu MitM, (ureor or Lmthi. ply to J. B. lufc LAN D. M Wall inn PnrueulMi a? * ?, U Bast Fourteenth street, BnUnj. OB T.KIBBt-nA FlBaT CLAriS THRBB WTOBT brMk Homo <m Bt Uike'a plaoe, nrar Hodasa Mn4{ rent fl.OOt. Also first class orown (tone (root Hoaee. far nisbed. on Forty seoond stree J, near Broadway: rent $!,** Also a Basement, Mo 3*1 SUth avenue. suitable for buaaaaaj rent >1M> Apply to A 8BBOEABT, U WaU ? treat. rLEi&B-fOK FIVE TBAB8. 8BPABATBLT OK together, five Lots on Attorney ud Ridge street* be tween Broome and Delaant-v atr?eu (i>ow occupied ai aairea foundry by J it fntti, to be vacant on Lat Bay tut. iiak toO g FINCKNBT,7?W?M street. ^ TO BBNT-A LA HUE HOUHK, WITH TWO AOBBI OP ? ground s?ablcs. outhouses Ac.: U very roomy; baa w? Oroton watnr, Ac. ; situa'ed on Kigbty-Ntxtli street, botwea* Pint and Second avenues. Apply la UBNRY H. LSBM 4k CO.. 23 Nassau street Kent >d00. rrtwBNT i ? foubi a hi rkb* near viuhth avrnob. X Upper par: of a four stor* House to let, rompntlni seven booms, with lute of bath room and wash tut*, gsa fia turea, Ao Apply at 236 W est Nineteenth street TO Oiu.OBMS ? TO LiT, THB KIR TOLA88 AND OUB estsblishrd Family ( Irorery !-tore .*>? Fourth street, osr ncrof G?"D9 cUck and fixtures for kale if rei|uireX A rare chance to those who understand ihi? business, baring a ill st (Use and remunerative tr <de fxn.tbllKhed thereto. Aoulr to B. A A. WaYTK, market adjoining the store. OA WASH! 'GION PLaOE? A I.aKGK I'aRLOK (Ml Zd\ t second story, front, with panir? snd closet U> ached, and bedroom on the third Door, suited for a large fsmty or single geti'li'ioi-a House first class, and looatlon unsar passed. App y aa above ELM HTRfi BT, NEAR SPRINa-FiiBNfSWB? Apartments for immediate occupancy. Tha lowt* rents in the city, considering tbe oonverileu'* for economics housek-eptng Hest bedding and turntiure, with range, onk lug u.enriU and linen complete; gas and i rot on 210' i PIHNITIR*. A BEDROOM 8UIT tif Kl? AMeLLKD FUi-NiTBBW for $26, in all colo -a, of warranted mmutactuiv. auw solid chestnut Chamber Salts pi in and ornamental, at H M FA AKIN I .TON *8, 368 Canal street, opposite Wonswr. Es tablished lu UMR EK/iMKl LKt> CHAMBBta UUlT.t OF ft/ ttNITURB, W all eolors and s ylcs, at wboiesalo and retail. At s? and upwards Also Mattress an I Pslltasane. w aRRaN W \Ru 117 Oanal street, doors east of tiruiiiway. FIRST CIA?8 RNAMELI.KD Pt'RMTURR, PLAJM, decorated ami gramad, solid nulnut and ouk uU; Mi ? tresse*, Spring feds, Ac W F1 k <1 K K a CO., mnanfaa. turorn, 660 Broadway between Bleecker nd Bond street*. - JpOR fcALB ? I'HF FURNITURE OF AN ELBOaNTLT ?? furn sbf I brown stone house, on account of the ti?n> giving up bon ^keeping, the furoltum made to ord?r aad very n*arly new, snd wil be sold very rea-ionable to a cash purchaser. K?r full particular* address N. N., box 100 Herald oil toe. rHOUBtK Kurt BH ? roil SALS CHEAP, THK FUR nlture a: d po?sessioa of S suit of Kooixu ; rent $11 : lea*, tlon splendid Address t , station E. tUTiUMilnUL. ABETIRlNO, aMIa'LR aM> F\Sl!DIOUB YOUN4 Miaao' nlnoteeu ?ith a limited acquaintance u>4 &-<anal aljon. t? in nerd of a Hewer ball, who ni'.st be a gsntlrniaa at sppredat'on, go- d mi rain and good looks, ai y sulk ittag a (orreepondenc** i?)* H mule Winchester, box ?!% Tvet oltioe, New > ork An GBMEKitaN, aOKO 30, OP UsDOUBTRD OK. speclaMlity, won lit marry No interview d -aired rnttl c rrenpi nflnie ba* pi . no mutual sincorit} and ? liyloillty. Addreas for one ?e?k, M S S., bo* 135 HerUd office. Rdu cacon, intelligence, amiability anu wealth are esaeaUaui sa the laoy's pari AYOrSO MAN Or MBaN* WANTS A WTFB. SHE rou#t be of good dt po?u l, ji-uur. handsome unl a*, ccmflisked. Addrts* 11 rnifctoT, nrnoklyu, N. Y. MATRIMONIAL ? A YuUNO AMERICA* PaKMRE, one of Hi- b? t In tbe Suite, ilf-lrt a a young amsnnaa vll'r, ?>rth tm Ibnusat d dollar* ca?h. Go<*l r?*e encea ?ven and ie<iutre<l as to character Address iseurel Blake, i-w York, Immediately Matbikomai. ?a u>c?o ma.n from thb oousr try, ?itb ample means, about to n>ak? Brooklyn bin home. wishes to for n tbe acquaintance of a y>ung lady with a Tiew to n.atilmooy. a ddiess. in biu.-erity, Heury, Braok iyn I'oat dHice. L. OKNT1STHV . MUNRTfc K, GRADUATED BUBOEON OP.NTUV Ho. SO W ittwuty nil th street, Between Broadway Mid Sixth anaai riuiE largest and cheapks r dental ei 1 tsbUahment in tbe United States N. H. UfUFPlN A BROti , ST6 t.rsnd street, Miw York, and 1ST Culioa Mnet, Brooklyn, are Inserting full or partial sets of teeth on tkeir Improved atmospheric plates, with ar without eilractitigibe r ota tm platma, $.??. gold, ftU) alirer or rubber, ^10; partial a-la or teeth on go d. |1 aer tooth, ollver, (1 ; ii eth nhed wiih g )|<i, (I . with allf^r, '1" bone or cement . SO cent* ; extrac'log, 25centa. ^ZIZ MEDIC A L. ~~~ ~ ArrEAU BKISO MA OB TU U iT t KOM^AEL y'k^H of the ountineut, ao repeatedly, by the unf.irtnaue flo tlma of mdl?o>eti >0, abuae and die^aae, imploring us to make know a to every community our sueietsful treatment o thrvg, and reams a- man. as possible frntn thoir tulwlea eatiNed by the d 1 tease and ut>soojeaaful treatment of otter physkians, me ln'om th m we are aoaeding t tbeir e Isliet h advertls Ing our 'arts, London a ' d ??? I ork Mediml Adviser aad Manlage Utiiee (MM pagea, llX) ll'ustra'ions' as widely as poa slb'e as It is aa unt ailing guide to heal 11 ana happiness both old and young should read it tin mneipt of $1 by H. O. UaWhBACE, PO 1 Vesey stru t, Astor nous*, or tbe author. M. LlIVOfiT. physician a> d nurg- on . Ml Broadway, ap stairs. New York, a copy will be*ent closely sealed a W< tl> TO TUB SUKKKtiI?U ? ' TnY OS WaRD, /A 4ft:; t, roadway. Bis great remedies cure permueafcy with despatch ANORlOlNALWt/RK f<N MRR^'OHS HBRIUTY AID other affer'lnna jf 'mporiance lo the sexen By O 9. HAfMtiM1, M D.fonneiiv l'ro'e?. >r of Anatomy, Ao , la ihe Syracuse Mediral t olege, Ne? tork "Dr. Hamtnoad'a book is worth ev*?y i ne's o?n>ng from the Ne? iork H0010 .loiirn>) The trratm>'nt laid d-m n In lb s bwk is ne entirely 1 rlglnai ^nd |?rlictiy reliable in competent handa. fnce f I GOOK khV Bookot-l.i r, Kli Broadway. Author's adilreee, tM Broadnay, o,r Bend street, up atau? 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