Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1861 Page 5
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NIWS FROM THE STATI CAPITAL H*?*y D?r'l Work U Ike iu??Wjr-Tk? C*?r Tax Lnry-Tk* N?w York ??f CkarteiwTh* Crniral tcautcat Kt?a cdy Hefort Ibc ????* Committer? Mr. LtttlrJoUu mud tl?e Uv ?rpool Coainiatr, Ac., &?. ALBOir, March 15, 1961. A large amount of business ?raa tranaactea by the House to-day. 11m elan* in# and aetMi committees of that branch of the Legislature reported seventy odd bllli. 8i i or hth of tbcfw are cunpltw, and tba balance are now on tba genera) orders. Among the number wan the New York County Tax Very, which wu referred back to be reported complete. The Select Committee ?too reported the bill to regulate the freight on milk on tba Harlem Railroad. There U a bill now on the general order* in both bouse* on the autject. Senators Ketcham and Robertson are both puahiug it in the Senate, and a strong farce is urging it forward in the Assembly. Twen ly-four bUla were introduced In the Assembly. Among those relating to the city of New York la one, by Mr. Bhaw, to amend the charter of the city of New York so aa to give the appoiutmnut of the Street Commissioner to the Mayor and Comptroller, with out the confirmation of tbe Aldermen. Hie Central Pa> k bill ?aa ordered to a third reading to night. Hutching*' bill to incorporate the Loaners' Affe ctation was referred to tbe Filth Committee of the Whole. This la a Just and wise measure, anil should be passed at caoe. Tbe special committee of the Senate spent some three hours questioning Superintendent Kennedy in regard to tbe detention and dkcharpe of criminals by the police authorities. Tbe whole affair looks like a quvrwl be tween the Police JuMicex and the Commissioners, and aa apparent uonllict of authorities. It is h-rd to aee where tbe Superintendent or tt e Commissioners get their authority to discharge a per son under arrest by merely giving an order, when al'olioe Juftioe cannot dofltbe same. They are to have another examination on Thursday next. Oakey Hall appears as the counsel for Kennedy. The attorneys In the Gibbon's Investigating case closed their argument* before the committee this afternoon. The committee will report the Qr?t of next week. What wiH be the nature of their report has not transpired. LltUeJobn baa very serious doubts about accepting the consulship to Liverpool, lie considers that thore is to be ageaeral re-organisation or parties, and a bitter flrht in the republican ranks. Whilst Greeley is securing the ap pointmentof his friends to offices at borne, where they can take part In the oontest, Reward's friends are being Bent abroad, wbeio they cumol participate in the contro versy. He in baiting upon the point of duty under that Mate of affairs . Bis appointment was obtained by Sew ard, as a reward for bit h Landing by him in the exciting contest for Senator in 1866. Letter from Mr. H. H. Klllott. TO TUB KDITOR OF THE HKBAI.D. 31 Pdtk Stiucbt, March 14, 1861. I leave this afternoon for Albany, with the draft of a law prepared bjr T. J. Tllden, Esq. , the purposo of which Is to effect an amicable compromise between the Central Park Board and the owners of property in the proposed extension north or 104th street. I write this that you may be in possession of tbe facts connected with my pre &tnt visit to Albany, because on a recent visit there to consult with Mr. Green upon this subject, my object was stated by jour repoiter to be for the furtherance of a '?swindle,'' in connection, as he stated, with Haw ley D. CUpp, Kt-q , which was entirely untrue. I think 1 may claim the courtesy from a neighbor of either silence or forbearanoe from misrepresentation. I write in haste or vould'Call on you. Yours, respectfully, H. H. ELLIOTT. Koh- Arrival of Steamers* Randy Hook, March 15 ? IIP. M. There is nothing in sight from this station. A thick enow storm is prevailing, with a gale from the N. B. Portland, March 15?11 P. M. These are no signs of the bte&mshlp Palestine now due at this port. The Mew Hampshire Elec tion. Bokton, March 15, 1881. Returns from 192 towns In New Hampshire Toot up for Berry, 32o46; Stark, 28,280. The majority for Berry thus far 1* about 4,000. The Massachusetts Appointments. Bomos, March 15, 1861. Tbo members of the Massachusetts delegation la Oon Bnow here held an In? urinal meet! >g lit the Parker e this forenoon in reference to applications for office. But four members were present. Nothing dellnite was agreed upon. There appears to be no truth in the rumor that the Massachusetts delegation to Cong rees have the parcelling out of tbe federal oflioes in this State. The report that Hon. Wm. Appleton contemplated re signing hi seat in the next Congress is contradicted. The Storm at the South. Nokhji.k, March 15? Evening. There is a heavy snow storm here, and uu> h damage Is expected on the cothi The Bteainers Adelaide and iioa lwford . for Baltimore, aro detained here. It is thougnt the fruit and vegetables will be do^ti-oyed. The Methodist Pro text ant Convention. N * v a *k , Much 15, 1861. In the Methodist Protestant Conference to-day, Coester towu, M? , was selected ss .he next place for meeting. Jion. L. W. llates was reelected Prcsid ut. The reports nate that the mission was tlourUhtog. The Conference t> ijounud to Monday. Charter Election at Seranton, Pa. Smvnw, 1'a. , March 15, 1861. The republicans of Oari*>iidnie, P*. , have elected their candidal:- for Mayor by on overwhelming majority. Markets. raiI.ADKI.rni A STOCK BOARS. 1'hilaI'klphva, March 16, 1801. Ftick.- dull, rennn-lvant* State 6 s, 88X; Reading Ballroao 22; Morris Cuntl, 66; Long lei md Railroad, loi: ; Pennsylvania Railroad, 41. Sight exchange on New York at par a % per oent Ci.'oount. Nmv Oklkams, March It, 1861. Cotton?' ^iles today 6,5(0 bile*: middling uplands, Jl^c. * 12c. Sales of th" week , 46 ,000 bales. Receipt* of the week 21,000, nga'ost 69,500 bales during the same time last year. Export ? of iho week, 69,500 bales. Total exports tbis season, 1 !70,fi0O bates. Receipts at this port less than last year, 165,500 balcp. do at all Southern ports, eor 500 bal.?. .otal stock a' this pjrt, 311,750 lilies O'ffbe? Saie* of the week, 14500 bagc Rio is <|iioted at 10XC. a 13c. Stock In port, :t0 000 bags, against :t2,500 bag* at ?ame time 1 *st yuir. Freights ? Coitou to Liverpool, Wd.; to Havre, lo. M'liir.R, March 15,1861. Cottoc ? Sales to day 3,000 bitlos, mildliag uplands, 31 >?c. Hi e* of the week 20 000 bale*; receipts 6.500, against 9,000 samr ticn^ last year. Decreased receipts at thm port 231,600 baies Exports for the we.*, 0,800 bales. Stock in port, 79,400 biles. Freights? Ooiton to 14Terpool, "id.; to Havre, 'tc. Exchaagoon London 4 ? 5)4 par cent. IUlTimorb, March 16, 1881. Flour Cull: Howard street aoAObio, %b 1 2'-? ; ''It* Mills heid a' ?5 Wheat ste . iy red, |1 25 a II 27; whit", 91 40 all 66. Corn steed? mixed, 53c. b 60c. Provi sions dull and uncbnugi.'. Coffee firm at lS^c. a 13'4'c. Whiskey steady at lT)?'t. Prni (Dfiniu, March 15, 1861. Flonr quiet: snprrflee W a $6 25. Wb"?t active: red, $1 2ft a >1 28; white, $1 .%5 a $1 46. Corn Orm: sales 1,600 tHisbeifc i >*w >ellow at P'e. a 676. Ouffeo ? Klo, 12^c. a 14c W?--?keyatl8e a Ormuie Dwto.\wrR.\TioN* Ac mxkt Mnxioo. ? Mr. Max Vnreti' k railed yesterday for Mexico via Havana, with a portion <rbls Opera troupe, including Madame d'Aogrl, and Steffani, the tenor. At Havana Maretzek will take up the sisu-rs Natal i, and proceed to Vera Crux. The Mexi can sen* n is to continue three months. Police Intelligence. BTABmi; A. that ? Jcalocsy tus Cat' sr. ? At a late hour ?mThui.-. ay night, John Horry, of 427 First avenue, caught a I i and of li s, named John Edwards, in company with b'a wife, tinder ctrcuP Ktanoes which pointed to tha tint Edwards was taking advantage of the hua liunrt s hb enoe to rum hi* ,??c and htpptne.hs Henry be came grea'ij enraged , and at ooce proceeded to eject the li triwt-r r rota tbe apeitirii-ut, wb' a th? latter turned opoa tiimao' Kt&bbed hiui > u \ knife. The injarnd man wae prtmptly convsgiei to Br 1 lev us Hospital, when, upon ex ?un'<nati( n, it %s4 found that he had be?n stabbed in a d?ng"ro i* manner in the ?ete and abdomen. Edwards Mibreqseotly arre too by one of ths Eighteenth pre r uct ls'i're nnd ou being br 'nght before Ald?rman Fresr. et JetTer?i a Markot Polie - Court, he was committed to n?alt th? itkult of the woanded man's Injuries. TBI: HEW YORK WEEKLY HERALD. ?light y Important Intelligence from "W skMiagton? The Withdrawal of the from Kurt Sumter Decided On The Progress of the Suathera Conreder acy? Preparations for War? Important Navai and Military Movements? The Missing Steamship Aastralaslan? The< *t Rewa-Tbe Marhets, Ac., <kc. The W'm?it IlKRain, for the present week, will be T ady ti < moniing at ten o clock. In Its columns, with t> '?ch otl ? r intereHtingmitter, will be found : ? Dm J a test Xhiapst' iLf f:on> Waihluifion City, giving an account of tl>e milfe iitons or the f'vblnot Council in rogard to the ^ithdr '- il <-t Major Andereoa and his Troops from Fort ?p mter, at I inuch otbgr inait.-r of Interest relative to the |> 'sect ( ondition of tlm f'ountry ; The latest Intelligence fr.jra th ceded and other Southern States; The Prepara tions in he Southern Corfedorany for W*?: A description O* the 1< ? miration* at I'ensoroU and Key West; Import ? 1 Movements In Now York Harh- r; Toe r>ec|. ? i.uof t e M?ireme ( ourt in the treat Uainos Suit; An ..i ri" tbe Mlmtag tte-!i?tsb|p A<i*frifa>.alan of the C -nid lies; ri el.tU'ot S'wr trom Koro|?t, Mexioo, Cubs, lltjtl. II dnras, VenexueU, tlm P.icnlo OxMt, 4ii: 1W till t .ews reeelved by >t*n or Tolegr mh; RdMavhis' o tti< milient Kv>m? of the lay; R..|k,-i? <4 the H..eej , 1 .. m'.iu and Cattle Markets, Marr igea a id Biwlto for tbewfok. and all tnte>-n?tui,r nen ? .r.nft,.r. of ill" preei iimg week Singio oopln, <? wrsr>|t< r<, c m |?r bid ?i the eoni>tor or Mm <Mlle?t dirtier I'lltoa nnd Nssfao streets. lYice six ecrta. Military UUIHy? ? rUSIKTiTION Op TK8TT MOW Ul TO OOLOm 00.1 OOUN AND TBI tlXTT-MOm BMUOMT. The Hlxty ninth nfiont tail Oolooei Oorcoraa ware last night the recipleata of thrae spieadid UatliiMlals, tendered them for the coarse they pursued in reference to the visit of the Prince of Wales to this city In October Uat. The testimonials constated of ? handsome a word and aland of ooton, presented by the citizens of New York, and a masaive gold medal pre sented by the citiians of San Kranciaoo. The award, which la of the regulation size, la beautifully chaaed and engTaved, and waa accompanied by two acabbarda, both handanmely ornamented with the national emblemaof America and Ireland. The parade scabbard la gold plated, and bears the inscription: ? tpuaurncb to roi. a. oowokak, is <x>iiiaoto?Arn>* Of \ thi: 11th or ornunan, 1M0. ^ The flag Is of beautiful green Bilk, with the sun barst In the centre surrounded by shamrocks.andthe words:? TO TH* SIXTY MWTII RJUilMKIT, IN COMMBMOaATKM OK, OCTOHBB 11, I860. The medal, which- Is of gold, ii three lnahea in diame ter, and about three-eighths of an Inch In thickness. On one side are the sunburst and the stars and stripes, sur rounded by a wreath of shamrocks In green enamel. On the other side Is a similar wTeath enclosing the words: ? T^Preaented^oThe^BlxTp^nlh^rflgimpiii, Mew York Btale * MUlila, by the Iriabmen of (tan e mnnaoo, California. In s approval of the manly course pursued by tttal regiment In ? raf ualns In take part In the demonstration In favor of the . ! Pi lnoe of Wales during his rlalt to New York. > 5 Sui Khanclm O, Cai , Jan 1. 1861. > The presentatien oeremoniea took place 1 tst evening at the City Assembly Rooms In the presence of an overflow ing throng of spoctatora. At u^ht o'cl -ck tiio only ninth regiment marched into the room an1 1 >ok up a position outbids the assemblage. The committee having the presentation In charge theu came upon the platform, which was occupied aim by Judge O'Conor, Messrs. James Lynch, J. W. Chanler, Alderman 1-urley, an<l nu merous other legal and military gentlemen, and on mo tion of ex -Alderman Bradley Mr. A. V. Stout waa called to preside. After some pertinent remarks the Chairman read a let tor from Col. Corcoran regretting that illness prevented him from being in a .tendance. do then introduced Mr. J. W. CiMMiint, who presented the swoni to Quar termaster Tully (the recipient on behalf of Oolonel Cor coran) In on appropriate address. Mr: Tvli.y on receiving It expressed, on behalf of his superior officer, his thanks for such a inunliicent gift. It was, ho said, the work of American art, and it would be the weapon of an American soldier. (Applause.) He was acquainted with the character of the gallant gen tie man for wbom It waa intended, and know Iti&t it would be the first drawn and the last sheathed in the cause of the American ropublic. (Applause.) Thomas Kkamw Hbaokjik, then presented the stand ot colors. He alludod to the duty which had beon entrusted to him In making the presentation, and in speaking of the cause which led to the presentation of the testimonials exhibited the Inconmstency of snch aa act as a parade <>f the Pixty ninth Regiment In honor of the representative of a power that had been the oppressor of Ireland. The attitude they aaHumed in volved no breach of discipline or of duty to the State. He presented the flag with pride, and did so with the consciousness that tho men into whose hands it passol would never sutrer its gold to be tarnished by au act of cowardice, nor let the land of their birth bo other thin green in their memory forover. Lieutenant Colonel Nruiarr received the flag, and on behalf of the regiment returned thanks. He was happy, he said, to wltnoss In Its presentation the approval of the people for the action of the regiment in October last, and that be assured them that the regiment would ever feel proud of the gift. The exercises closed with the formal presentation of the flag to the regiment, who received it with arms pre sehted and a roll of drums. Wallack'h Thiatkk.? Mrs. Hoey takes her benefit to night, playing Lftily (ley Spanker, In "lAQdon Amu ranee." The simple announcement of this fact will bring together a most brilliant audience. Nraifl's Harp in ? The first grand matinee by the Ron zani ballet troupe will be given this afternoon, on which occasion two favorite ballets will be performed. City IntelllgeBfift Tm IVtmriKTH Strkkt Firf. ? A constant reader, and friend of Hook and ladder Company No. 8, hiving read the reports which have been published concerning tne alleged lnoltlclency of tho above truck company at the late flre In Fortieth street , suggests that the Assistant Tigi neer, who bad charge of the Ore, should come out with a cur?l oxnncratitig No. 8 from ail blam<< in Uit> matter. He is well acquaint* (1 with the majority or tho members in this company, and does not believe that they were over inofflctcni at a lire. Naval Intelligence. The United Mates sloao-of war Portsmouth, Com. Cal houn, arrived at St. Helena January 28, .and remained there on the 6th ult. The t'nlted States steamer Pan Jacinto, C)m. Dornln, sailed fiom St. Helena January for the coast of Africa. The Drawlagi of the Hsuwi Coaaty and Consolidated Lottery of Delaware. R. FRANCE A CO.. ?ANAOKM. The legislature of the Btate of Delaware having given to R. Krance A Co a lottery oooiraot for twenty years, we, the undersigned, Commliodonera appMuted by the Governor of said hute to miperinlend the drawings of aaJd lottery, do hen bj certify that the following ye the numbers drawn this day:? flcssxx Coottt? Class 84. March 16, 1881. 60, 52, 6, 5, 67, 40, 63, 8, 55, 12. 68 . 49/ ConsouDATXD Lorrsav? Class 40, March 15, 188L 60, 5fi, 69, 41, 77. 11, 74, 24. 66. 48, 57. 30. W Uoesa our hands at Wilmington, DeL, this day (Friday), March U, 1881. JOHN DAt.R. ) JOHN W WALKER, J Commissioners. ALFRED R. WOOTrEN. ) Circulars sent free of charge by addreaung R. FRANCE A CO., Wilmington, Delawaia Drawings of the Delaware Stat* Let* teria-WOOR F.DDY A CO., Manager* of (he DktAWAHJt, BKSTUCBV ASP MISSOURI XT IT* LOTTO; SS. Dkijis arx ? Fitha Claim 177. Msrc,h IS. 1861 6i, 78, 16. 24 , 64, 21, 20, 75. 64, 27, 69, 60, 2, 26. Dxlawaxk? Class 178, March 10, 1861. 30. 45, 15, 49, 3, 54, 63, 7, 27. 9, 34, 35. Circulars containing schemes, with full particulars, ant free oi charge by adiliraxlim either to WOOD, EDDY A CO.. Wilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOD. EDDT A CO.. Ht. Louis, Missouri. LattsrlM. Mesrrs. WOOD. EDDT A CO. would moat respectfully In form the public that our several lottery Oranu do not expire until the to! lowing period*:- The Del. " Are H'ate lirantwIU riiutii ?!? to be drawn until the year 1862; the Kentucky Htale Orant will continue until Ahe year 1877. and the Mlaaoun (ltaie Giant until the year 1X74; ana the business will be ooudacted until the ? x j i 1 1. oi all IMeeOraata m>h ihe umn prompu tude that hue characterized It for the last f'irty years, under tas iraaOBCTieot OUT predcoeas< m. Mesara Yatos A Mela tyre, Hrejor> A Co.. J. w. Maury A Co., Oregory A Maury, ana the uuderatcncd. WOOD. EDDT A CO . Managers. . Kspenschtld, Hat MannCarturrr, of 118 Nassau strett, has now ready the spring style of Gentlemen's Hsta David's Rprlng Slyls of GeatlemeB'e IJ Ale* now read), at bis Balosroom, 299,', Broadway, near Duanc utiect Jait Rrrrlvrd and Now la Htore, roi-R hundred thocsawd silk worm out. lor aale by J. FRED MILWaRL, 88 and 80 Reade street. nrLaaghllt's Improved Spring Yoke Ph ru. reedy met <? or made to order. Htore corner of Oreeu wtch and Murmy atreete, N. T. Ilrrr Drlrsbach aad the Bear* at liar nun'1 Museum, with ell the ether wond?rt, will draw crowded houses to day. hee Muaewoi adrt i ujemenL Brooklyn Art- Fbotoftrapblr? ||. VV11 llaiiiAon s Imperial Oray Vignette, c.hlet of Photographic Orms? <Jaliery Kulton stmt, oppoaltc Clinton. Eataoliabed UN. Albania. Cards and Parlor Photographs, artistically taken? 34 I'lc'.urea for 91? by J. HOLM art, SK Broadway. White's Hprtng Mjrle of Dreae and Moft Bats aurpaas any In Ihe field. To be had at 21<i Broadway. Mrlaway 4c lea's Ovrrttrnng Uraad and square rianos are n< w eonaidered the beat manufa* tuird ; aie warranted fi4 Oreyoara Warcfuonts, 82 and 84 Wslktr street Wheeler A Wilson's Improved Sewing Machines at reducrd prior* Office, MJ6 Breed way. Tke Ladd A Webster Kewlag ffleohlne nuy nn? oe bail for Bfty 4 AIaik, at N" f*J? liiittdway. Itollre to ftrwlag Machine Opci atori.? I'nldlrg Qetdea, for raw ei|?* Mndlnf* of *11 kinds and ?tdlh?. and (oi srery deecriuiioo of aoik, manufactured to otdcr by IJOvMtAB A KIIKHWoOD, Patentee*, 51 and 68 W Mte Htreet Katrhelor'a Newly ? a vented Wife aad Toupees are most petf* rt Iml'.atloua of aature (tend for a me*>snrr card to 16 Bond a tree t. J?. Y. ItaiehrUr's Hair Dye? Hellable aad In stantaneous: black or brown, factory 81 Barrlay street. Hold aad ?p?.Hed at W. A. BATCHRJ<< MS, IS Hood areeC Hill's llalr Dye ? AO Cents, Black or hronn >o. I Barclay street and by all Druggirta. Infalla b>a t-ninunt. Molds* ta I ream Fortes the Nalr, Whl?> kers snd mustaches to c ow luxuriantly, rtol.l wkoLeeah and reivl by W. A HaTi HHtrXt. ttt Kont au*nt Crlilslsnra llali life, Migs and Toa* peea. The beat In the world, wt.olsaala retail snd the ays ,>rt stciy applied. No. b Ast<,r Moer*. f rassee.? Blarab At Co.'e Rs ilial Cat i Tjua <. No. S v?aey ftix t(Aa*oi llotnet, opim t te ?h? ehutt . I'tiisira, Klattlr Mt?HUInus, Shonlilir Br?e<a. t>uepenM<n Bsndsgea, Ae. It'" SUlfhR A I Ko. 4 An isn-^mmd" luincm sMu ' ii I *? IB Ami Pari luitrr.-Tlu I*ic?Mrat mat ihmuI tha iwimMm of Fort Salter. & < , but kHOX. wfcoaa Bumlor U Inaatfd oa tte eomr ?f *< uadway and Fultua atraet, will ?HH hold l?U fn amlaa ooe ? > ? HftUer above all rtvala, North or HouU Hli aeallp ? ? ?'? Spring Hat la, UU> the approaching mm, refreshing I' heboid, and for Until, beauty, aa l graceful set, the na , ? u? ultra of oorer* for ??the dome of thought, the palaoe of , ha aouL" financial and commercial. Fbidat, March 15?6 P. M. The money market is rather easier; the banks are competing actively with the discount brokers for mercantile paper, snd some very choice names parsed to-day at 6 per cent. On call the brokers borrow at 6, and with good collateral any amount can be obtained between 6 ?nrt 6. The foreign exchange market ia more active; the receipts of specie from Europe have improved the demand for bills, and bankers raised their rate to 106% for sterling and 6.30 for francs. At these priccs the demand fell off; but at yesterday's prices any amount might have been sold. The feature of the stock market is the steady appreciation of government securities. Tho de mand for Treasury notes and government stocks seems to increase daily; it is evident that large profits will be made by the speculators who bought these securities during the period of dis trust. To-day the fives advanced 1%, and the bIxcb % per cent; Treasury notes were % per cent better, and at the dose there was a fair de mand for them at the advance. State stooka were not so strong to-day; Mi-souris fell off % a %, and Tennessee* were offered at a decline from yester day's price. Choice railway bonds continue in request. An advance of 1 per cent took place this morning in Hudson River seconds, of \ in Michigan Southern seconds, and of % a % in vari ous Western railway bonds. Erie fourths were alao 1 per cent better. There was very little change in the general speculative list. Pacific Mail advanced %; Erie was at one time % better, but ufterward lost the advance; and the Western Bharea, in the morning, were generally a fraction higher than yester day. After the first board, however, su preme dulness fell upon the market, and though no stock was pressed for sale, it would have been necessary to meet the views of buyers to effect transactions. Operators generally seem to be watching for the next turn of the cards, and to be unwilling to move in the dark. The follow ing were tho last quotations of the day:? United States 6's 1874>, 88 a %; Tennessee 6's, 74% * Virginia 6's, 78 a 79; Missouri G's, 66 a }{; Can ton, 14 a 15; Cumberland Coal preferred, 6% a 8; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 89 a %; Pennsylva nia Coal, 78 a 79%; Pacific Mail, 86 a %; New York Central, 78% a %; Erio, 32% a %; Hudson River, 44% a 45; Harlem, 15% a %; do. prefer red, 38% a 39%; Reading, 43% a 41; Michigan Central, 67 % a 58; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 16% a %; do. guaranteed, 36% a 37; Panama, 116 a 116; Illinois Central, 80% a %; Galena and Chicago, 70% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 34% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 58 a %; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 72% a %; Millwaukee and Mississippi, 11 a %; La Crosse and Millwaukee land grant bonds, Lj a 15; Illinois Central bonds, 98% a 9if. Public indignation against the new tariff in creases as it becomes more widely understood. It seems incredible that, with their eyes open, and at such a crisis, men not suspected of lunacy bliouhl have enactcd so infamous, ridiculous and fatal a measure. The three Southern Commis sioners who, it is said, are about to be despatched to France and Kngland as representatives of the Southern confederacy, need no other weapon than this tariff to carry their points. For, notwith standing the hostility of the people of Europe to slavery, it cannot be expected that they will carry their antipathy bo far as to neglect commercial and material considerations altogether. And when they are forced to choose between a nation which shuts out their goods, and a nation which not only admits them at a nominal duty, but which enjoys a monopoly of the raw material on which foreign manufactures depend, it will need very heroic ad herence indeed to the anti-slavery principle to prevent both Prance and England at once taking the Southern side in our .dispute. What ever sympathy the North enjoyed in Europe at the commencement of the quarrel, tins tariff will probably destroy. Whatever dislike the secession ists had aroused in Europe l>y their pro-slavery sentiments, their sagacious and liberal commer cial policy will now efface. Tliis state of things is the fruit of the narrow, grasping, avaricious policy of Senators Cameron' and Simmons, and the ramp of the old protectionist party. The letter of Sena tor Cameron, in which be boasts that the last act of his Senatorial career was for taxing the people of the country at lurge, in order to build up fac tories in Pennsylvania, and the successful effort? of Senator Simmons to compel every con sumer of wood sere ws to purchase exi-luhtlj of the American Wood Screw Company of Providence, P. I., arc fair instances of the wisdom, statesman ship and patriotism which have now prostrated the North, at the very time above all otlicrs when most strength wan needed. The following waa the linataes* ?f the Sub-Trea snry to-day R? eelpta * $<10,. "J*) 30 ? For customs 77,000 00 Payment# 294, 0^2 so ltalimcr 6,711 ,!U6 70 By Adams & Co.'s express we have New Or lean* papers of the 11th in advance of the mall. The bunk statement for the week shows the follow ing changes as compared with the previous re turn: -- Vmreh 9. March 2. Diffnmrt. ttiert loans.... $14, 461 .322 14,6??,3i>4 Inc. .. .$115,032 Hprcte 17,696,164 17,58O.0O?> Inc.. 117, 68H Circulation .. . . 8,112,711 7,946,401 toe.... 167, 200 IiojKwtU 22.n91.021 22,668,676 Dec... 77,666 kacbange 10,000 006 10.601490 lor... 6g,.V>9 PiataDt bl'nc*. l,6S3,s-.J8 1 ,f>32,6M Inc.... 121. 414 Total loans ... 18,422,074 19.022,202 llec... 10H.278 The change* , ua will lie peroeivod, are q'i'te unim portant, and require no aporutl rotnnvot. The ratio of coin to every liability ta 67 o 1-100, agunat 67 43 100 laat week. The money market was rather quiet t<> day, trough wo notloM i rMUMlf ? WN hopeiul looting. Sen* vary Rood paper waa pa**ed at 12 per root, sad a lino or fliNt claaa city mortgnge went down at 10. Thee are but tew dealrablo uanic o (Tiring There m an In quiry for storks, hut operations aie chocked by the higher views of sellers. Somo very prolerroil secnrltieii arc held at 2>, por cent abc%o the U*t stlne. We not'eo a sale to-day of 100 t-harek I';wU r>f New Oleans at , and acme resjilea at il. Kichingo w.m in lair request to day. Iirst e.iss iteillrg hroL>J.t 106, and btt?iu? ? in done at n rarge ot 10-i a 106. Drafts wltli bill of lodlrg rule at 10o a 10->H VruiiTa are rather dull, and the beat names are not easy to sell at 5f. 42)?. Wc quoto tie run frcm 6f I2>a a 61. (.2*^; but some good hills are tillering at fit 4o iSixtj tiny billa on New York, prime, *? r<- sold at IX ? IX *n'' 2 discount, others go at 2^ a 2H A few leaning oniwets hold at 1 Sight waa firner U> day, nan sold freely at X >? M discount. Ilaakcia drew nt and the bank* checked at par. Stock K tifiooonss'i n,cou I COO do 93* 10000 i: M'sl881 reg 90 4000 V H 5's l*6e . 1* I ? , 10(00 IT 0 6'? 1874,0*1 Hrf 14/XiO iVea 12 pc n.>teH 107 ?<< f.'ftOO Ohio 8's 1800. . 97 :>ooo Mifsonri ???... 6<i 1000 do f-000 do fOO fill', inooo do ? 2200 Indians 6's . . $7U 6<*0 RroofclynOW n 101 >4 SOOO Hit} ?'? IS87. . . 101 1000 N V Osiifa! 6 s #6 IOCO NTftt HK 7's 101 Jf lOCOKrleRRJmb^x '64 100 10<0 KrieKR 4mbds. 87>? HOO lltid Ktv RR ?m 101 100.' Harlem lstmb. IOO 100<i llm >m 2 Im lis 96 ltPO* Mlr b Ro 2d m b 68 1? bono 111 i^nt RR bds 9h>4 8000 rhie kC via <o 1000 L BHeAW lmb. 70 1"00 do fll ft?0 do. ?? )0?)Chi,l<A(>l:HXt>cb M jo shs Amer Kx ilk . 93 Kattotml Bank. . . M> I'aciOc Mat IM Co s. >?; v;t7 >'" S6?< Ni do '.ro m 60 do ?i, w WSf C(* Bit 7Sv, rnaaf*. FureAT, March 10, 18*1. 200 aha N Y Can KR. . 78 X 4.W do 78 t 60 do 7M'4 400 do ado 7*'W 400 do. 7K'4 30 Hud Riv RR if. 200 Harlem Kit prar. 38 '? 7 If Hav k Hart I'.lt 140 ?SO Brie RR 33 42ft do *10 3.1 3M) do f30 32 V fiO do S3 S fiO do sl6 82', 60 do bid 3 J 100 R<*adin( RR >60 4-X 20 Mich On RR .... 58 ? do 67X 60 ML'hBA.'. lfi"* WO do I61, 460 do 1?H 00 HlckStK In J g s. 37 ' 1 2flO do .".7 60 do SCO do 30 86 w no do 86 V 60 III Ot Ri- Mitt . 81 600 do *0 ?; 1M do 80 ^ no do n o w \ 60 do ....tlfSO K1 ico d i * 0 no ' ' dal?a fc cai Kit. 70 v 16<J do 71 I60 Clove ,v to r.ii r.i^ ?'4i UlCou ? iUt 9( S1C0NV BOARD. $10600 PB 8*l,'81frpg V*\ 100 aha PM Mall S3 0* M 8000 d?. 66* 100 N Y On KR W* 6000 CB 8'a,'71.reg 88>; 160 Mlob Soft NURR 1?S MNOTMfS.'M... U\ 100MMNU|u*Mk 86% 81000 VtfWbiO'a. .. 66 900 111 Om RR acrip . n K 6000 KRR84 m b,'88 00 100 GalACtiic RRWJO T1 6000 III Cm RR bda. t?X 100 Co \ 1040 N Indiana 1st m 82 ?00 Clove k Toledo RR 3 * 4000 Hud RIt a f Ma 100 10 Chic. Bur & U RR "iu 4000 MlebHeeum bda i>H\ CITY COHMKRCUI, REPORT. V nut ax, March 16? ? P. U. BKuranrrs. ? There was a decidedly better feeling In the market for breacstufls to day. FVur <ra a In more de maad, partly for expo-t and on a peculation, al an advance of 6c. a 10c. per bbl ; the aalea reached 17.000 bbla. Mate and Weatern. 2,800 bbla. Southern, ana 800 bob) Ca nadian, cVoaing with cum Slate, shipping brands, at $6 15 a |6 20, and round hoop extra Ohio, do at $6 46 a $6 60. Bye Boor and cora meal were in moderate demand, and were steady We quote: ? Superftoe State $6 00 a > 10 Kxtra State, good to choice 6 It a 0 40 Buperltae Western 6 00 a 6 10 Odium* to choice Western extra 6 16 a 7 26 kixed t> atralgbt Southern 6 35 a 6 70 Straight to good extra do 6 76 a 7 26 Choice <xtra family and bakers' branda.. 7 26 a 8 00 Ryedoii' 3 SO a 4 10 Corn m?U, Jersey and Brandy wtno 2 80 a 8 J>0 ?Wheat? The Increased tirmneaa of holders tented to check ruslnoM; the demand was good, mostly for ex Brt. 1he aalea comprised 13,000 bushels at $1 42 a $1 63 r ordnary to very choice white Western; 91 30 for red do. :$l >7 for rod State $1 "1 a$l 28, mostly at >1 28, for Mlpaukee club; 81 19>i for Northwestern do.; $116Xii|l 17 X lor Chicago spring. Corn waa doiag better, ivtth sales' of 84,000 bushels at 60c a CO.^c. for tew, ;<id 06c. a 68c. for old Western miiol, 66c. for mixed Southern: 66<v for Western white; 66c. a 71 t>r Southern 00., and OS^c. for Western yellow. Rye w.ta down tl 63c. a 66c., with -tales or 4,100 buahela. Hurley and oat remained about the same CoTTci ? The market was not active, but priced wen Urm, efthe basis of 117?c a 12c., with liltlo to be ha I of new lines under the latter figure. The transactions embrsifd about 8C0 a 000 bales. ' The market was quiet and sales limited; about 160 mRa of Java were aold at 14)tc. a 14 Ho., and 3(0 bsfi< common St. Domingo at 11c a 11 %c.

Kiuiilrm ? To Liverpool 6,000 bushels wheat were en gug<d at 18d., In ships' bass; 1,000 bbla llour at 3s. 6.1.; 600 botes bacon at p. t. To Ix>ndon 3,000 boxes cheese were engaged at 4t?. a 47s. 6d. ; 1 000 bbla. dour at 4a. 1 wo vessels were taken up for Cuba at $6 60 for To Antwerp 200 balea of cotton were taken atl'.o. ; 160 boxed sugar at 60s. ; 200 twees lard at ?3; :t00 Obis, rosin at 4s. 6d. ; to lih'la. tobacco at 40s. . 150 tierces honoy at 6c. , and 100 bbls. ashes at 45h. A baric wss taken up for Gloucester to load with 28,000 bushels wheal, in ships' hugs, at 12d. A brig was MM up to load with wheat for Ooik and a market at 16d. Ilium? Tluron|hout the week a moderate activity hia existed, and salos to a fair extent have been consum mated ai about Ust week's prices. At this seaaou of the year ths market is usually very animated, the trade being in the habit of stocking the tanneries for the sum mer, bu; the unsatisfactory tdate of the leather marl et baa canted them to exercise extreme caution in pur chaiing. We cannot look for a very active demand till the ruling prices for the raw material and in umfiio lured article are relatively altered. The principal sties of this wtck are 7.200 dry Uuonos Ayrej at 21 He. a 22c., 6 month?: 3.' MX) do ltioCrandoat 20c. ,6 months; 10 000 do. Orinoco it l?c., 6 months. 2,000 do. Sau Juan at lHo , 0 months; 2.000 do. Savuiiila, 1,000 do. l'orlo Cabolio una 6 000 Butchers' Association on p. t. Uiinn. ? A moderate business is being done in hem lock sole at lute rales. The Southern trade, which for a week or two waa quite active, has entirely ceased, owing to tfco operation of the new tariff in the Southern nont'e deracy. Oak sole la rather mnroactlve. and prices Armor than for hemlock. Momxos. ? The market waa Inactive- sales of SO bbla. New Orleans were made on p. t. , and 30 hlida. Porto Rico at 38c. a 39c. Fnoviaum. ? Sales of pork were conflaed to 200 bids, at $16 76 a $17 for mens, and $12 50 a $12 76 for prime, per barrel, the market closing heavily. IVcf was stei dy,and M0 bbls. changed bands at yesterday's prices. The sale* or lard reached 3 SO packaged at D'jc. a 10 ',c. ; and of cat meats, 160 packitgc* at 6 'tc. a 6 '4c. for ahoul den* snd He. a 8 ',,'c. for hams. The transact tins in ba con, butter and cheese were light; prices were i .ialtered. HnuM w> re attadv and in tair demand, will; sales of 1 638 lihd.->., part Cuba refining goods, at 3c a 6 l?c. , and 03 boxes brown Havana at 6.'.lo. Toimto continues iu lair demand. The sales embraced 216 bales Havana at 3Pc. a 5 So , 2H0 bales Vara at p. t. and 372 <? wes seed leaf at 4c. a 10c. Wool. ? The market this week looks a trifle bettor More inquiry, but not much uone in tho aggregate. A brisk business could be done if holders would meet the views *f buyers a little more* but the stock in first bands being light of the bull kinds or wool, they are uot disposed to give way, and purchasers must la the end accede v) the terms oflorel. FVeee wool liaanotboeu repot ted as sold. Pulled has been liken iu sm".ll quan tltlea al "2c a 37c. for super and ext'a. Very little done lnCald'ornia. No aalea of foreigu to ro|?ort. M?rv 1* <1. A toot nose ? Hai.i In thit- ei-y , on Thursday, May 10, 1*60, at tbfl residence of and t>y the Rev. Or. McCartee, K. H. ARUKiT^'Vi to M kin i. K, elQoht daughter of .lopojih liall, all of 1 loliokcn. FiJUR>ia?-Ajii<iii ? In Brooklyn, on rhuraday, March 14, by tbcKev. Henry Blanc hard, of thoChtireb of tho Restoration. B. Knww Fi-anhuui to Maky K. , youngosi, daughter of Wm. , Ks;i Di i*wn !-- Hi-wm..? On 7hurnrtay , March II, by tho Rev. M. DC. Crawford, Oraaui S. IIi i iiiox, of I'hla.ii-1 phi*, to Mtb. I'iu.m m K. Hrman.1., daughter ot Samuel Wlxon. ttq , of this city. PSMO* ? llin*K ?On Tuesday, March 12, at tho rod deuce of the bride's father, by tho Rev Dr. .\. D. filHette, H' *u kk C. Pniwc.N to Mary Ku/a, daughter of Oa*|Kj> Kilter, ."?q, , all of thia city. Died. Asr>?i?yi?. ? At Ravenswood, I,. L on Friday morning, Match 16, Eiiwako Wiiijam, hod of Kdward and Anna M. Andurtese, aged a yeain aud 4 mouths. Cassita'. ? On Thursday, of old age, Mrt. Camt>y, aged TV years. Theluneral will take ptnee from the residence of ber *on m law, Francis rvans. No. 64 Marlon street, this (Sat urday mornisg, at ten o'clock CoAMirv.? tin Fiiday, March It, Ei.ijcn Maria Coakijcv, daughter of Thomas and Mary CoakJey, aged 10 years and 7 dayii. ?? *' ~ the friend* of tho family are renpoctfully Invited to at tend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from Die rr sioonco of her (tarentg, on Tblrd avenue, be twren lllty nitth and Sixtieth streets (V>i i in ? Thursday, March 14, Jonv CV>LLum, of con siinipt cn. afnr a long and pain'ul illness, which helirre with h'?i\ i uly patience, In the 421 yoar of bt* age, a na tlvo of i tic perish of Cbr?o, county Cork, Ireland Toe !rl' nrtn and acTi?lr.ta/ic(*s. also the members of Lancers, Sixty-ninth regiment, are respectfully invited to aa> <il lh" funeral, from hie late rweidcnce, No. 73 Hamilton ftreet, Brooklyn, on Sunday afternoon, at two 0 clock precisely . County tori; papers pleise copy. P.iii v ? In H ofikiyn, of consumption on Friday, March If., Makt Ann, the beloved wife of Michuol Uaily , aged U J cam The friends and aoiuaintarc s of the family aro re spfcctfuily invited to at:end the funeral, front the leel doncecf ber jiarents, Michael and Mary iHifly, So. 144 State trset, Brooklyn, on Sunday af'terooou, at half i ast two o'rk* k . Foist . ? 'm Friday, Man h 16, Aunt Four, the beloved wile (f Michael Foley, aged i:7 years. Her friends and Bcijnain'.anceB, end those of h?r brothers. Martin, John mid Terocco Met Jo wan are re sportfully Invited to attend the I uneral, on Sunday ufti r noon, at two o'clock, from her late refdacace, No. 49 Mott street. F"iin ? On Thurs.lsy, March 14, o' diphtheria,, the or'y and dearly Ic ved daughter of 1 red Tick Henry and KUza Ford, a^ed 2 years, 6 months and 3 days Bar rcmair.s will be taken to the F.pi^ >opal church, Tbirt) -seventh street and Broadway, this (Saturday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the ran Hence of her parents, No. 68 K>st Forty third ntreet, for funeral bet vie- #, an l from thence to (iroer. wood tor luicim, at. Fh* m ? I o Brooklyn, on Thursday, March 14 Cilarlmi 1 Birrs, in the M'b j < ar of his age I he fr.i riCs of tho family are respoctfnlly Invited to attend the funeral, ftum the Methodist Kpiac.>pul ch irch, Emfhwick. Cross Kouds, this (Saturday) ?f trraoon , a; t/ro o'oiook. Tmrtttnrw ? fn Melrose, Ws#tcbeeter coontv. New York, Kkm? i n k, only son of Frederick and Sutuw Fits p.iti iik, nge.l 6 months and 21 iya. Ilie ft iend? and relatives, and members of Washington Chapter Ko. Si, O. ('. A., are invited to attend the funeral, ft en i his late resid -nee, this (Saturday) morning, at teu O'clock. ? On Friday, March 16, M'uvFtTxv.rpliHof tho Late Michael llynn, natives of ib? pariah of BallyJameH dull, couiity Cavaa, in latd. Hie friends and relatives of the family are most re spectfully Invited to attend the luneral, on Sunday after noon, at eno o'cl ck. from her iate r*stdonce, No. 170 Fast Iwinty Mcooa street, between First aal Bo. rod avecmi. Oiert ?Ob FrWsy, March 16, of ha?ty c ?tunmption, in the 22-' year of her sge, Knt J., wife of John W. Mibbs, and yi u.gtst daughter ot tho late Alfred aud Jeuuet El Bi'r.doff, of this city. The relatives and friends of both families are respect fully Invited to tho funeral, from No. 1ST Grand street, on WB4s> atteMHK.n, at hail |Mst one o'clock Ooot-iocw.? Ol Friday m?tbUg, March 16, Ubmaiu> Qof't.m W, eged fO ycirs. The flic us and relatives of tho family, an. I likewise the m< t?b< ;S of Uashiimi. n I/i\ uiiou No 4 S. of T., a]?i tl.e w.'ti i men of the Itrnokiyn Navy Yard, are rsspect folly Invit' J to attend the funeral, from his late ri*i netu e , 20S I'rosi ect street , on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. Mawiw ? f)n Thursiiaf , >larch 14, la llrooklyn, lMt? Ta II. In the 10th year of her age. I<rr friends and tb"*e of the fam'ly aro respectfully invited to attebd her funeral, im Sunday afternoon, at th"BOVlrck, iMIIhl Mitriicsof he brfth-r in 'aw, C baric* Turin r, No. 1? Fourth )itace, Brooklyn. Be* ton papera p'^ase copy. Bi ijwtt.? thurfday, March 14, Cuiuh Hkxuv, child of WUUUB and Nancy iluggitl, aged 10 ninoth* and 7 days. The friends or the family sre respeetfUDv Invited to at tecd the fcteral, this (l'etar<!ay) aflernoon, at one o'cleck, from their ro-iidcnce, No. 119 bat l1)!-ty flf.h itreoi. New londoo v?pofS p ease copy. Isw? ? i)o Friday, Mnrcb 16, C*mons*, wlft> of Wil liam H Irw in, sgod 20 years, H mouths and ? wyu. l"ho relatives and fti< no*, and tho m^Vrs of Tn rnrsnce 1-nlrol No. 2, are refpectruilv Invited to atteod the funrrml, from thoIVdfi rd street Metbodiai church, on fuaany af terse on, at 1 o'clock. ' ? <* I riday morning, M.irch 16, Rm wt lj(r"?Asii, "?'f 1 etotilt t an. i Jane K. Li>wta, aaed 1 ytar, 8 moaths snd m ' a|S. ' Ihcr-iatires and f'lends of tho fstally are reapcct fn'ly invtixl to attend the fiinrrai,on Sund'-y aft"riieon, at <>ee o'? i"?k, from the reoideoec of bis parents, No iTO Cra, d stroel. Lm?< -nw ? In this cKy, on Batar lay, March #, of Mn?jtbn, CtUMix* R, yoongeat daughter of Haary ud Raflkaei A. Livingston. formerly ol OUnriak, Oo hlBbtt^ I?w, 4 OMNIUM MdZSdft)*. bod called Um babe, I kaow mm why; I thouabt mj brain was growing wild, la BMfN they wmI ? star, thought i, And the/ ui -at have my darting child. Uiiira ? At half past seven o'clock on Thursday evetlng , March 14 alter a long and levere itinera, Mao DAUUU Juohuns, widow of the late Joseph Lthanoke, la the 40th year of her age. The friends of the family, and also the members of Will Lam Tt41 Lodge No 34T, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 32 Grand street, Wi'llamabarg. Mathbwh ?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, March 14, Djtanm MiTHiiwa, aged 80 years. The funeral will take plfoethis (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the State street Congregational church. Bis friends are reepectiuliy invited to attend. Mauvtitit ? On Friday morning, March If, Mr*. Elou hkth Mauuikk, a native of Lurganban, County Fermanagh, Ireland, aged 60 years. Notice of the time of the funeral, from her lata real daroe in Fait Kew Voik, will be given in to-morrow's Bnuu. MiCoRjnr* ?At the residence or his parents, J. W. lt(CoiuiM'K,ageu I year and 7 months. The frtenda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, at twelve o'clock, noon, from the residence of his parents, No. 134 Houston street. Ik* too paper* please copy. Mki Yiijjc ? <>n Wednesday morning, March 14, Jobs Mri vim, in the 38th year of hie age The frioncs and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (.4aiur<lay ) afternoou, at two o clock, from his late residence, 1UI West Nine teenth street. His remains will betaken to Greenwood Cemotery tor Interment. Glasgow papers please copy. Poht j? In Han Krancis?o, Oal.. fl mwit B. Posr, former 1} cfBnaaex county, N. J., aged 40 years. Mr. l'ost wsa one of tbe earliest American residents at Ban Franclfcco, a member of the Arm of 8. H. Williams fc Co. , and sobst tj ucntly of G. B. l'ost A Co. lie wsa highly esteemed by all who knew him. Brans.? On Thursday , March 14, Saxcki. K. Sriaata, In the 37th year of his ;>ge. The relatives and friends of the family are reapeetfully Invited to attend tho funeral, from his late residence, Rrhrs&lenburg, N. J., thla (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Tjirr>*t.? On Thursday, March 14, Kll? KntnotDT, wife of Cornelius Tarrant, In tbe 20th year of her age. The frlacda and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the resl dtneo of her ftuhtr, No. 69 Eaat Forty second atreet, this (rutuiday) alter Liocn, at one o'clock, without further not tee. Ward. ? It. San Franc If oo, Cal , on Tuesday, February 12, Gsofcua li. Waro, ;iged 43 yews, eldeat sju of George A. Ward, of New B'ighton, Staten Island. W.irmoi ?On Krtd?y, Mur:h 15, Jivhy, only son of the late James M. Warner. Tito remains will be tikes to roughkeepeie for Inter ment. Wsmsx? In Brooklyn, on Thursday, Mirch 14, at tho rt'sitlcnco of his son in law, George H Welles, No. 30 Fourth place, Rev. Eu Wiikkijoc, in Ihe 72d year of hia age. The remains will be taken to Shrewsbury, N. J., for in terment. Yoiso.? Tn Brooklyn, on Thursday, March 14, Kuans Abokksom Yorso, in the 47th ) oar of bis age. Tbe relatives and ft lends of the family are reapeetfolly Invited to attend the luteral, from the Summer field M. E. church, corner of Washington and Greeuo avenues, Brooklyn, thla (Saturday) afternoon, at three o'clock, witLout further invitaticn. MIHCELLANEOUN. An important dibcoybry'.ii run Tint CVKK or COBBUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, COUQH3 AND CO I. UB. tax MAKORA ARARICA, PIMI'OV KKKD RV 4 M hHION AKY WHILE TKaVELLINU IN ARABIA. All who am suffering from consumption should use tlx Maki rn Asblcii, discovered by a missionary In Arabia. All who are threatened with consumption sliould use tfcf UalOM Arablca. discovered bv a missionary la Arabia. Ail who are suffering from bronchitis should uae the Ma Uora Arabics, dlsoiovered by a mtaalonary lu Arabia. All who an* suO'erlng from wore throat, cough* and colds, f hou o use the Makora Arabloa, discovered by a missionary In Arabia. All who are Flittering from asthma, scrofula tnd loiparttiae of the blood, should use the Makora Arabloa, discovered by ? misaiorary in Arabia. It cuiea consumption. It cureM bronohnts It cores sow throat coughs and eolrt i It cure* asthma, scrol u a, and impurities of the blood. This ur e<| uallcd remedy Is now for the flrst time introduced to the public It v-aa providentially discovered by a missionary white travelling In ArabiA. be was cured if consumption by its use after bin cane was pronounced hopeless by learned pliy strisos In Kurope. Me lias forwarded 1 1 us In writing ? full account of his own eitiaord'nan cure, and a number of other cures which have come uudrr his own observation, and also a lull account of the medlcimv At Ids request, and Impelled by a desire to extend a know ledge of thia temedy to the public, we have bad his comma mcaiiou printed in rami hlet lorm for free distribution Itt Interest Is enhanced by au account whl"h he gives of s.ime vt the scenes of the hyrian massacres, which he obtaiied from those who were sune'ers in that awful tragedy. Ihispampbltlmay be obtained at our oliice, or It will be sent free by mMl to all who apply for it Me import the Makora Aranioa direct from Smyrna, 'hri?i li lie hou e of Cleon A Oylltijius, and we nave always on band a lull aupply, put up In I Kittles ready for uae, with full dirtcti' n~ I'rloe $1 |.er bottle. Sent by mail, on receipt of price and 24 cents for l'W>? For sals wholesiale and retail by LEEDS OILMOKF A CO., ImiHirter or Drugs snd Me Hemes, 61 Ijbertv street, N. T, H- iween Broadway and Nassau street. Bold also by drug/ genera. iy. A CARD. A. The Indian Herb Doctor, F. TCJlfBLBTY, M. D., f rum Canada, will describe disease and tell his pallenta tki nature of their oomplainta or Illness, without reviving an Information from them. No oi.arge for cmaultatton or M rice Office No. S.H H roadway, within half a minute'* wall of Ue Fifth Avenue Hotel. OUR MOTTO. We use such Balms aa have no atrifa With Nature or the Laws of Life: With blood our hands we never staio. Nor Poison men to eaae their Pain. Our Father, whom all goodness ails. Provides the means t o cure all Ilia; T5ie simrle Herbs, beneath our feet. Well used, relieve our pains complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Culled from the dewy liea ? Theae, the*e shall speak with touching power Of oliaage and health to thee F. TUMBLBTT, M. a AhTONlNHlNti PRICE* Foil CHINA, OLAW8. AC., KOK CASH. We hava Just received large quantities of China, Olass wsro snd otner ginsls, per ships Admiral and Ucrmanta, ?hi< h bad lieeri ordered ptevious to the panic, and which we sre desirous to sell FOR CARH. I.ook at ? he following bona (Ide list of prlc?s, and compare th<m with any bills ever purchased ? hmnp-cs of the gnOds on eiliibitlon in our windows. French China Ciiilr.g l'lates. of good quality, lor $1 per doyen never b< fore '.ifiued for !? ;.s than SI A*. Ircncii China Prrakfaet Platen lor H6 oants, aud Tea Pla'es 75 cents per dozen. Fri neb China 1. Icing Services, ilecoe, frrfzi Frtnch Chit a Tea Pen ices, 44 pieces, I or $.'t. eirnch decorattd lea Servioes, 44 plecoa, for $6 23, and up wards. tnd other Clilna goods In proportion. fcilier plated Tea u, 4 picnea, for $16 UO ?' Caste*?, 6 bottles, cut glass 4 SO " Cake liaekei* 4 It) " TnMe Port?, per do/- n " Pc?.*rt Forks, " S tJO " Table Spooris, " ,1 SO " Tea Spoons, '? 1 74 A great vatlcty or o'ber goods, sin h ss tins Fixture*, Cut lery Ac si equally low prices. 1 he goods are now offered and nsdv tor sale All lots over $A delivered free of charge In hew lurk. Brooklyn and Jersey fliy. E. V. IIAJOII WOI'T A CO , 4M8, 490 and 492 Broadway, coiner of Rioon ostrvet, N. T. A T W*. EVEEDELLB SON* WEDDINO PARI)* AN /V Fnveiopes of the latest sty lea 104 Kulwin street, N. I Kstalnlsfcad IMS. 1 UTMBRBDK'H, (Wfi BROAHWAT, aRTIRTI ) KOK grams baaiitif ully cut and atamped in note pspnr At rwrdeix'S old icork. *>j bi?oadwat Wedding Curds, those celebrated engraved Cards, sole only at thia atora. A ROMAN) K or FANH fO??ABI.R LIF'F. '1 be tbree iirst cliap'ers of a new rouiannc will be given In to morrow s issue ?x tre NEW YORK COURIKR, Ballt led ETHEL A 1 1 1 EB1 ON ; FOR better' '"Vnii WORSE. Re. d i*. The Courier can i-e purchased of any of the news igintc. OFFKT* KFKKRR1 e il find a list of the expectants of oOice, their chances, and w at they sre after, In New ? ork snd Hio kiyn. i.ead ike Courier I' Is sold every where LOVEM OF THE M*ltVELLf>(7B. i -fad the truth! ul sketch entitled A tJHOHT IN NEW VORK. Hevoliing reality of eity life. A suicide, an Inomdlary, an aliened mnrderer and a gnoet under one roof ?(acts stranger than Action. FREE MASONS, read the skrlch of Neptune Ixslgr and other matters Interest. mg to the Order. ARNOLD'S MHION, a powerful Revoluti ?nai f|ske?ch, bv .'olio Cooper Vail must ati'Sd reari'-r*. Ai d s ma s . ,1 choieie sketches. aneodnt?s, U.etry, Ac , together aith the latest telegranhie news from ssliiDgtob and Albany, will give inrr>-?seri brilliancy to the columns of the sparkling Courier JAM. L SSIITTf A CO , 16 Mprure street. ABSOLCTE AND EFFICACIOUS CCKKH or CORNS and hnolnns. wltlmvt Imrn-diate or subsequent liu-on venlrnee Meaers .> t'Al.I., ,*W Hrtsme si reet, will l(.??e in ? ie* day a lor M'trtreal. Ikomaatl of the nuat s-.tisra< lory testimonials can be seen at the nflice A II. KIMf OF Rt'AlMi M 1 1 ' 1 1! N I N KF DLKH I'llU JBi sale St reduced prices W hulesale and n-tall by BA1IT LKn A CO., 4*1 llrnadway, corner of Canal street A LACE .IO* WHERE ARK TOU UOINO r#e loae mysel' ? big long time. Why, ,'oe, can yon be lost in old Manhstlan' T"n wa ben fiera. Oh, yes. masse, I>e itiosi ?tp?rlentated in ililv IliUS loara, but now I .e. lost try n to find somstiiia'. Why, .loe, what Is It yo" wsr I? *l>-eee sent ike to some halsla' Powder made t?r Ross AnoM-ws aon It's no us*-- lots ??( oilier fciuds: can't Arid It. what! Yon waat "AMlltFWd hM'KlillOK \ F. ^ST To** DER" for is'ir tn4nm' Yes. Msssa. rtat's it. 11m n von w ill Bud It In 'nat nu? looking tiruer s'.ore, where ihe. k*en g >>d lbln?% X iw li abiigaud tk you csed, Tna?^ 1I0USKKEEVXBI>' AtThN7???m IVe PX? KL^IOK %F l'OWDER, maau 'acta red by Ti,iiMAC ANi<hliW--< A I II. , >)"W fork, la the lineat .tad tic M te'lat.le article foe r.. sing Hresd lea Micitli, Pan i ekes, In Hi l Hogs. Ac Tlii- 1 xi-et 'Is t ea-*t Powder hni ho?ti befine 'he puhnc over te otve %ears and la the mest health Inland valut.bie p cr*r-??.i< o Itt ex'si. nee. Ladies ouo- ?rv. l- g our JMeel*)or * es?i Fe"*'?ef will tarsr us>- any nliiwr iuqtilr* lev II at all toe lest tamiy gtocsre- lor Aiidrcwa' Y sat*. Powder, s ortio>-'eri wUIg ittlor you. ^ _ waciLuncovs. AmtRicur asoutiomum kbom hut to imc LEGISLATION IK COMORBM, AND aGITAWJW OUT Originally publi-bed In the HareU. AX INVARIABLE COLLECTION or FACT*. D. APPl ETON A CO. PKICK U CKNTB A special NOTICB. In ooosequeaoe of the stagnation of busies-, ^vl J. MAOINN, a UK? IN * OO. Will Mil for cash, it wat at im porta ttoa, their m>< Ire nluM? CLOCKS, BKOMZBK AND FANCY GOODS No. S MiMn Im CORNS, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILS, ENLAJUMB Joints, aid All Diseases of the Feet curod, with out mAi or iDooLveutonce to the patient, by Dr. ZAOHARIB, HorgaM Chiropodist, 760 Broadway. Kaf en to phy>lni>?? ??< ? geons of tfcla city. T08*1"? COLODIUM, T\ EN SLOW '8 HAIR TONIC, rtNELY~FBRKUME& ELEGANTLY PUT UP. UNEQUALLED FOB CHBAFNHM, . 60,(XX)|DOZBN SOLD ALRBADT. ONE THOUSAND DRUGGISTS KEEP IT. IN NEW YOBK AND BROOKLYN. IT 18 THB GREAT POPULAR ABTICLB. RAPIDLY DISPLACING ALL OTHBBS. PUT UP INToUB BIZBS. TIIB SHILLING HAIR TONIC. The bottles hold aa much aa any of the oU fl ?nt kinds. THE TWENTY FIVE CBNT SIZE. Am elegant Hint glaaf toilet bottle, holding half ? perfect wonder of cheapness. PINT BOTTLKH AT FIFTY CENTS, QUART ROTTLBH AT ONE UOM..VK Especially adapted for famillea. Blieclal retail depot at AUG. llRENTANO'J News rtmn, 1130 Broadway, New York. WHOLEBALK ONLY AT 168 BROADWAT. "TV* VOV WANT WHIHKBR8?" ? OF COTRSB TOW 1J do. All raeu want tbem: but without oai guent you csnnnt hare tbem If thov will not grot for U la tlie uulv thing In existence that will oeap taoh- or whiskers to grow on the perfectly ruauuta wltbln *lx weeks alter first using it Remember It baa WBW been be lore ihn public for nine years, and has never filM. It is sold by dealers generally, or I send to any tddraa kg mall. Priae >1. It. G. GRAHAM, IU? Nassau at., N. T. JJKAKNR88, SIGHT, NOISE IK THE HEAD AMD SORE THROAT, AT ONCE CI RED BT DR. VON MOSCHZIS WITH HIS /ETHEREAL EAR INIIALATOB AND FAMOUS LaRY NGOSOOPB. AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN. NEW TE^SlMONT. NEW TEsTTMONT. Nkw Toiik, March 14 llftl? Thi* i* to certify that I" beeu attended by *everal doctor* for DEAFNESS, who t to afford me any relict, until I vent under thn t rent mint of Dr. Moechzlsker, who relieved m* Inn'anlaueoualy ami ?tal lied the buzzing notae in mv bead from which I anff-ired. TliOMAB H. OOPELAND, Beift of Polio*. Hundrcda Mtmilar to the above can he ?ecn at DR. VtlN MkS^H/.ISKbRS' Omce, 107 Clinton place, between Flfih and Hlith arcana* FORBES' MANUAL ? COR THE PATRIOTIC TOLITB teer on active aervice to regular and Irregular war; betas the art and wlenoe of obtalnl >g and malnialolnn liberty a mm independence. Two volume*: price $X Kor aale by ML POOL AD Y, 49 Walter atreet. N. I. FOWLE'S PILE AND HITIfOR CUKE. A *u re cure for Bleeding, Blind and Itching Pttoa, >?? fula. Salt It licum and 1>Ihc*so of the Skin. On* bottle war ranted to cure In all eaaea; if not, dealer* are pal Hull re<|ue?ted to refund the money. Only Ave bottle* In a Ihoa eaud returned, aad these were eonllrmed flatnla HondrwA* of letter* aad certificate* are now In the proprietor'* poaaaaa. ?Ion, which ran be seen upon application. Mend for ctrc*l*>. Prepaied by HENRV D. FOWLE, chemist, 71 Prince *tr**C Bostcu. Hold bvIIEOEMAN A CO., Broadway, and alt drag ging. Certificate* with each bottle. Price 91 per bottle. Great bargains in boots and shoes.? cahill A WOOD will aell until April 11, their whale stock *T good* at lea* than ever before offered to the public. It oaai p rises Boot*, Shoe*, (latter*, Tie*, Buskin* and Slipa of *H cercripllous, for ladle*, gentlemen, mlaaee. boy* aad dill, du n. 627 Broadway, between Houston and Bleeeker i H tatt-s life balsam. KHitTMATiia im it* host rAivrri roam; aim, *om* rn.A, kkysinla*, * wtkiiklm, rtnri.K*, suvtcmk*. old u leers, fever tore*, the worst casoa of dlaeaae* of the bl*od_ mercurial complaint*, debility, liver and kidney*, ladpleta* eonsti niptloii, Ac., are moat certainly cured by thl* poat purifier. li Y ATI'S LIFE BALSAM ha* cured thousand* of ca**a af tbe*e and tilmllar diseases, and it wtll moot certainly cure a case w hieli rsn be reached by medicine, If taken In i with the cln-etlnna. HY'aTT'B LIKE BALSAM cured Mr B. Rloe, No. ? Green street, *nd No. 21 Clinton Market, ol iDllaaimalory rheuaaa tlhni and gout, after he bad been crippled for years. HYATT'S U "K RALBaM cured Mr. E. B. Holly, dock master, No. 171 Madison street, of a terrific uloer, after ha hud been In the Broadway Hospital all month*, and Utaa thought to be incurable HTaTT H II he BALTAM cured Mr*. C. Gore, avrnueand Fifty- first street, of acrofula or king'* evil ulcer* h*d destroyed th? flesh from the ueck until the t pipe wa* eipoaed. It cured Mr* Gore also of dyspepata HYATT'S LI FK BALSAM cured Ei Alderman /. KeU<qr, Thirteenth ward, fc astern District, Brooklyn, lof i lniiin*H*?. after he had been under medical treatment in vain, aad Stip pled for month*. PniM'irAi. Di ror, No. Mt 0?j3tD stkiet. 7ft t'Kirin rica sotti ?.. J Rf BINE AIT, M D ? (PHYSICIAN). CONSULTIM? . rooms No. Ml Math avenue, near Twenty ilrat street. J^ONG ISLAND COLLEGE HOSPITAL, BBOOKLYN, N. T. BOARD OF REGENTS. Hon. Samuel Sloan, President Thoi. H. Rodman, K?<i , Secretary. COUNCIL. T. L Maaon. M. D. C. L Mitchell, M. D. Wm If. Dudley, M. D. .T. H Henry, M. D. PROFESSORS Austin Flint, M. D. (New Orleans School of Med ). Profaa eor of Practical Med. and Pathology. Frank H. Hamilton, M D., (Intveralty of Buffalo), Profesaor of Snrgerv. Janae D. Irask, M. D., Prolca?or of obstetrica and disease* of we men and children. R. Ogden Doremus, M. D., (N. T. Medical College), Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology. Joseph O. Hutchison, M. D., Professor of Operative Surgery and Harg^ cnl Anatomy, .inline Dal Von. Jr., M. d., (Con. of I'hraleiaaa aid Surgeon*, N Y.). Profesaor of Physiology and Micro*** pic Anatomy. Dewitt C. Enoa, M. D., PTofe**or of General and Descriptive Anatomy Edwin N. Chapman, M. D-, Pro fessor of 1 herapeutlca and Materia Medtaa. The regular course of leeturea will ooinmenee on Monday. March 18. at 11 A M , at which hour Proreaaor Hamilton wH give a lecture introductory to the courae on Surgery. 1 he Introductory lectu'e to the eotime on Chemistry win ha delivered by Profeaaor Doremu* on Tuesday eveuing. Mank 19, at 7t, o'clock. to which the medical prufeamon aad the public are Invited. Bkooklvn, March IS, 1M1. LB BON TON.? THE BEST LA DIBS' FASHION ROOK In the world. Specimen copies, with two valaabla pat terns, ponied for 13 cent* S. T. TAT LOB A SOW, i<rj Broadway, N. %. ORDNANCE AND GPNNERT. A course of Instruction in Ordnance and Gunnery, com posed end compiled for the use of the Cadet* of the United Slate* Military Academy. By Captain J. G. Bk.tton, lift nance Ire | art men' and m-'nictor of Ordnance ari l ad -neaaT nunnery st the Military A> adt mv, West Point. Tills Da* PUBLISHED. One vol. octavo, fully Illustrated, half moroeeo, .ft- . D VAN NOSTKAND, Publisher, 1V2 Broadway. STODABT FIANOR GRAND, S?CARS AND FIOCOLO. The beat mauiifactured. Wareroom*. Sf* Broadway rpHB SEMI WEEKLY TRIBUNE The New Toik SEMI WKEKLT TRIBUNE U puMlaha* tvery TV E AD AY and KKIDaT. Content* of No. 1.M9 (March 1ft): 1? Leading Article*: Virginia a* a Mediator, C. M. Clay < Thomas Corwln; ~ ?*"" " X*rveis of I Hemmed: . carles. Heutimenta! statcnaanahip; Dooglas, The Bnirla*! ing Pecksniff; Yankee Notions In John Bull * Country, Jokm C- hrsne in Virginia : Unwise Virginia and the Vlrglaln B l?e: The isriff of |w ; K<<ltonal I'aragrapha. 2 ? The Silver Cord ; t"y Shirley Brooks. .1 ? Concerning Jtioali P. Benjamin, i'orre?pondence of Ma New Y oik Tribune 4? Albany; A weed Triumph Correspondence of the New York Tribune f> ? 1 be Evaluation or Fort Rtim'er: A Qoeatlon of fHarra~ tion or Bloodshed . A Military Declalon; tVhat the BnpaMI cat.* Ihlnk of It: Protracted Cabinet Session; A Dtffer**oeef Opinion: An Earnest IPacusstoi; the Stern Neceaalty Aa knowledged; A National Humiliatioa; The Legacy left hy Buchanan. ??The Pro-Slavery Rebellion; Summary of the LoM Hews. 7? latest New* Reealved by Telegraph Frcot Walking ton ? Special L?*t<atche* to the New Vorfc frtbune; Kle?-Uoa oi the lion David Wllinot: The Csnal Board; Mhode lolnad Politic*. More Relief Needtd In Kansas. K? Extra Ses*l in of the Cnlted state* Senates ??New York Legtalature Proceeding* In the Senate aad A**embly. Ill? Army and Navy Intelligence. 11? Slaver* Taken: Corre?potidence of the N. T. Tribtiaa ?!"? an? '??*: ? irgiuia a* a steoiawir, \j. ?. uiay ?aa Corwln: ibe Reason Why; Floyd* Special Plea; of the Wb'at Punt; Not an Emnlre State; The Mask I; Selecil-.n of Pontmeeter*; Two Connecticut Sec* a 11? Scex U of nen. Rl?ey. 13- The t) - - i Great ''kea< tloi> " Result of the Town Meetlag* la 111* Hate ol New York. |A? The lamiuela Eanaw. IjV? J*pan: Th* City of t eolo Correapondene* of the N T. 1 *lt-?'oetry ; "Behind th* Mask." 17? Night Note*. |A- lleslth ai d Disease. lf>- - The Crnpa. 30? Are liotbeds Pro6'ablef 21? Kuleo for Plan ling. U? American Institute Faiuier*' Clnh, 23? Agrtcullttial lt?'m? 24- au BrplanaUon M anted. Correapoadenoe of the R. T. TrPxine 2f<- Or nsus Tteies. *? From Eutopc. jt-l'oUllcal. TH Peraonni. 2f..<*he Trl'UBe A lms ear for 061. NV-The Tri'J'.ue for U41. 31? Vlwv llsa-otis ."??Marriage* and I/e?th* :tW- We<'kl> Review of the New York Dry Good* Market. W- t'o?i mor tal Matt> r?: Knll report* of the Start. M-ww, < ottoa, titatn. and * at tie Markets, epruUlly reported lar taw s. Y . i rfhnaa. Tan**? ' me eopy for otic ycoir, $>; two ciples, oa* vaar.lK Ave cv^rlra one yeae f 11 *5"; ten win, w oue sddce-a, a"" For a elubof twet W, we send an e?tra C'Wy F?e a rlttb of for'j. "ve *rp?i <.b ?? Oslly Ptlbuac gratia The N > . Laily T rl'mne, ft) par annum. Hie N. T ?eekly I rtbtuxv W p, rsanum Ft rcluh term* the ItlMtH *"I % . Arit-ess, T>lls rslWNF, WtwTirt. ? \ . i i i.AlhS -1 M'lLL SRLL HPBIJO . ^ ark * wort h ?lll.f ??; ?, ape Cioak . fromM to Mil Baal'-' ? Wtitttr i ?" ?'*? I " ? I *? ?la<e to orAer a very fine 1 11* k lor A I 10 ?'>*?? " '"w F"** **" 08 latnwwif. { uAiilE, ia wvt*m MM* \