Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1861 Page 6
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jnrtuTion wtnafr-a* a wmrmrmre room ^?(Win IM Kouib i4 m. . 4 UDI DKMIJUU TH* UTDATNH OF lODtt A keep*; has had Ma yw' sipertence In I torpiwol ?kM, w? give the best ef nTinw. iMraa Mm Hwer, 5ararfe?oe 4 ?OOO OBBMAN ?IU. WIBHBH A ?OOD PLACE A ai ahMDbcrBtkl Md to 4o ~~*h- or to take oare of oMMraB Inquire 78 Court irt . Brooklyn, a the fuqi store. * SITUATION WANTBP-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AB A (*od cook and to aaaiat In the washing ud Ironing, or to aaok waab *nd iron, la a Mall private family. (Jood til; re fcrtaces. Call at lBtltth 1. between 1st and 2d avea . 4 OOMPBTKN1 NHRSB WANTS A 8ITC*TI0N.? '"AN il take entire rharg* of an infant from Ma birth; aatlsfa-v fin reference given , wuuta no to the eountry. Call on m ad dm* Kune, Mo. M Weat Uth at, drat Boor, between Mb and Mb ?vs 4 PROTESTAUT WIDOW WJHiH. 27 YEARS OF A ace, detires a situation aa aursr ud plain s-amstresa. ?? Uou to light ehamberwork If required, or to g> in Ihasoantry. Mar. site the very brat of city references, and ?r ?e?a to day at No. S Yaadswatcr ??., Oral floor, front A situation wanted-by a RESPECTABLE yoeng wooul, in a private family aa barmaid and fc> aai-Ml in tbe washing, or aa waltnw. No objection to the aeantry Haa over three yean' reference Call at 36 Went ISth it, between Mb and fiili ?vs , first floor. r CATION WANTBD-A8 COOK, IN A PRIVATE' finally, by a Hwiu girl, who underotands washing and irealng, and speaks kogluh. Inquire at Chaa. Oagneoin's, t? Nas^au^t. r FAMIIJES IN THE COUNTRY. ?A VOCNO LADY to drmrons of an ennrmnit In a family waere there *re eeusg ehlWIren, Intakeehareeof and taatrn*. in the usual F.ntj ahh branches and rudiments of Musla; would assist in light Beasehoid duties; no objection to the hou'h or travelling; test elaM rvferaneea given. Addreaa Eta, Herald oflioe, for ?as week. WAN1FD? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8I1CA .tien a* laundreae; one ? ho thoroughly understands her work ; also, a girl of 1ft y> arm, to assist In a nnrseiy or to do light chsmberwo'k. 1 he boat of city references can bo given. <&B for tw? days at SSft 9th av? , near 21 at at. ANTF?? ? A RESPEOTABLE WOMAN. AS NURSE; most understand her business, be a good newer and have references. Apply between 12 and 2 o'clock at No. 9 *t., Brooklyn. wl ?Mdref< ? HIT! AXIOM B WASTED-M.UiBB. k 8 WAITER.? A SITUATION WANTED, A8 WAITER A la a private family, by a respectable young Frenchman. MMglc man. Ia fully competent and bu the nest of city re tprestea t or sobriety, honesty Mid faithfulness No obj.m ?od U > ravel with a family to Europe. Call at ]C3 East l.'ttti ?1, between 3d and 4th av*. , for one week. Atoung man wibhhs a situation as book keeper In any bualness. can gi rt good reference, and wtn inaki' hlnaclf generally useful for a moderate aalary. Add re,** W. R , box 117 Herald otlloe. ABOT WISHED A SITUATION IN THE COUNTRY: understands the rare of horaea and rattle; oaa milk and work en a fzrai; wirhes a good hotne. can ooini well roe -m ?*eaded from In* last plao*. Can be seen for two day* at 211 Mb at., between 7th an<l sth ara. AS ?O0KBF.EPEK.-W ANTED, A SITUATION AS bookkeeper, aaaiatant bookkeeper, or aaleamao, by a yaiing man, in a <v mmi rcial houae In the city ; tbe beat of city Mferenoft given. Address W. II., box 134 herald ollice. AN EDUCATED AND EXPERIENCED ENGLISH farmer who thoroughly understands the management mt land and all kind* of atnuk for profit, and can commence with Wing "tit the ee'ate If required, desire* an engage Meal: no ot?)?ctton to go tomb or W est Reference* ex ribMiltd. Addr>we J. W., etatk n A, New V irk. Situation Wanted? for a lad is tears old, in an olloe or active business; kn writes a (to *1 hand ?Ml t* wiling to make tlmh-lf useful; (alary moderate. Addrths b x 424 Poftc "ce. ?fK) HOTEL KEEPERS AND OTHERS. J. Wanted, by a yo'ing_ mnn. either In the city or out of we, or Ilk., b? , a situation a* barkeeper, to take full charge of tbe l or as caahler; ha* bad good w experience in thia la a _ Ige of money, and can p?c good reference. Addreaa E., hoi 193 Herald ofllce. f|H) HOTEL PROPRIETORS.? THE ADVERTISER IS 1 deal n > u a of obtaining a altuation a* superintendent, Bookkeeper or stewurd, having had many year*' experience In betela Can refer to present employers Address D. L., Herald ofllce. <TN> DRUGGISTS. -WANTED, BY A COMPETENT 1 young man. a situation in a retail drug store. Address Itruggiat, Brooklyn Post oftice MERCHANTS, I. AW fERS AND OT ier^.? THE alvc, |l*r Is prepar. 1 to d?vote <f is evntng* to ki-ekmg mr writing up book* and accriints, co;<ylng. corresponding, or anything tliat will t>e moderately remunerative. Add re** Business, llerald oUiee. WANTED? A SITI ATION AS BARKEEPER. BT A steady man. undereL-ajda cxiuuter aud saloon builne-t Address M. K . 1< Ann at. City reference. Wanted? by a gekvan accustomed to the hare ware. JowMry an<: Y'ankc" No' ton trade a at ua Moa as salesman, collector, or In any other ? up* lty whore his expcrlcn -e ard bur ineaa tublts would Inaure btm u moil ^ wmtm corop? nsatl >n fo* services rend rril. Si'lx'antorv n 'e ?Ml? and aeourtty If required Addresa A. V. Herald ottioe RANTED ? BT A YOI NO MAN. WHO HAS BEEN . / nine tears in tbe dry good" and geuerxl commission V.?in< H? in thl* - lty, an MWf or an Interest ll MM kind of b?<in>'H?. He has a small air. inilt In cash, and can Influence ? llmio d amount of cr-dlt; i? well ac'iuaioteu with the Eng ?ah and <l?rman langi.ugc*: not afraid to work, and har ni abjection to travel. Beat of references giveu from tlrst cIsmu bouses In the elty. A Idn sa, with real name and full partkralars only, N D , box Ids Herald ofllce. HELP WAWTEft-MALKS. AGENTS WANTED? TO SELL ONE OF THE BBST patented in exiatence; capital required from $5 3b, to which can be made, and no risk run. from $3 to $16 r'rdav. For particulars call at Sweeney's Hotel from 10 to o'clock A HAD WOODWORTH, 3d Agents wanted-to sell an article of great value, and universally wanted In every family; and have the exclusive ronuol in every town and city in the Union. Apply at 114 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. N. T. AGENTS WANTED-TO BELL SHERMAN A CO.'S new Qirt Jewelry Envelope. Our new Envelopes just taracd contain a larger mtantity and a better quality of Hia M?-?iery than any here Wore offered, onslstlng of Paper Kn vekopea. Pens, Penholders, Pencil*. Ac ;alan, a gift of Jewelry Isi e?eh package, varvt ng in value up to $k Our ageuls are Biaking from $7 to >12 per day. It is untveraally acknow led|ed that In quantity, quality and real value of our good*. Utey have never been equalled. By sending us $A, von will reeeive by return expiess an assortment of our Gift Enve lopes that will net you about double tbe amount, and give yon a eliarce to Judge of their merits. Don't be deoelved, oat mines* ber that In price and quality we defy competition. For further particulars, eucioKc a stamp, and address riHKR JLaN A CO., Manufacturing .Iewellex>, SO Broadway. AflFNTS WANTED HVEKY WHERE? TO SELL THE "txoflxlor Staiionciy and Jewelry Package." Hothiaale and fesnale will find this a i>l>-a*ant and pi iliable employ nh'tit. Every article of the teit quality. We allow oar amenta a Urgev diaroun than aiiy houae iu the business, they are sua making from fci to $s per day. hen 1 iwnl get a circular, with fuB description. CONKLIN A PMTTINhR. 170 tlhat baa* street, room No. 1, second floor. A GENTS WANTED. J\ in sell RTCKARD'S new Ulft Jewelry Envelope* Our F.Dflonec with contents, exoel all "thers la the trade, as at tested by the Immense demsd'i for th<*ni. For ?inality and ?pu>ntlty of Rlatlonerv and reelierehe Jew elnr ?e Invite oom parta >D, and In Inducements torag- nls to inveat In giving us ? fair and impartial trial, deiy competition, tun Hi -ine a hai inc es-avl ?> rspldlv. and our sales he:mr Ixme. wcare content with small profits, and s-eordlngly deal wi.h agent* an a more liber..! Mj-le thsn ever heretofore ol)ia*d. For pn'iiiig up a superior "Envelope we cannot l? beat, as we | ? o toy (trf .ter faciilile* to put u->l> natidi article- than any ether firm adverttsirvK- Our Jewelry Olft* constat of Indie*' and gen'* Chains, Bracelet*, flna. IjOrJteie, Br^vh' s, A' , A< ?>ut agents are now making f mn to $10 per day. Give u* a trial. Send stamps for circular. H. C. Bt 'K A i:i?H A CO . 102 NaMau stteet. r<*>iii No. 3. N. Y. An AMERICAN HOT, POSITIVELY Mtlf OYER 17 years of *???, 1* wan'*d to ttavel w Ith a lad\ and g?n tlemaii vlaitlag Europe; the beat of references exis ted. Ad 4re*a. itttin^ when and w here au latei view cau h. had. Titut, He.a!d o'uee. ______ A^m MAN AMI WIFE WANTED- In TAKF. CAMS OF A Cnunii-y t;?s.dn e< u A paity loai 4 W ?n good scrnriiy can muke a i?rmaii^>c > ^MKiaiid board! Apply tu llowee A 0". , 42" Br?tl?a>, rVun n d-lOMVEEClAI. HOOKKFEPBR WANTED -ONE WHO \J nnrrraiands the buslne*-. thoroughly, a'ud I* iiaiek, c|.-*r beaded and svaiematlr. ean applt. ?lih Die b> *t city r*f* Mew, toll (I. R , box l.tlhi Poet oflice. k>T WANTFP? ABOl T It TEARS OF ACE. TO ? haaaint in wnitlng ruu ersnds Must be neat snd <*>nic well rti ? Wndcd Apt<lv to W. II Weller. eoq're tloner, "HIT Broadway, eorner < I Tw. nty-Olth ?f. Ii^MPI-OYMENT? ?4 TO ?_V? 1MB WF.KK t' AN HE 'J rvali/ed by tbr msnufoctre of art of hinirly r.m MMpUon In every Siste of the Union S?nd .(?>*? paMi a dlrr-ctail envelope, enolo?!u? i^stagr- atanio- ?u'".(t 2b to Vr Tlios Johnson, box fVi r"o<f o;l re, Brooklyn, N Y , and by return of post every In ntmiulen will '? forwarded, bv which ritkfr aex can earn b) '.rdlaary ndustry and a small ?utluy the above *cms. ROOM W A VTF D ?A tOUNG VA> WHO UNDER 1 stands i lie care and iranagr tio nt o' horses. ei*niaifr? nod har?e?s, It *an?rt in * pmati sia>?le Ad. w .?? rereren<?'?, box 271 |'ost oSks. ]? OCAL AND TRAt ELLINt; MlhNTH WaNTF" IN ? J every clly and town, to aeli ai > nttreiy i.ew urtt ir whleb 1*4 s Jl 0 l?cr cent. Th?o wlsh'ntl to make nvmrv will dn we|: lo'antxr. BEM1S A CO., 71 Nassau atrwt, room Vo. v F1KST CLANS DIREf'TOHY ? tN^AHHKR- WANT ed, to < mvaas foranewcliy Hiis."?< |M?, . ? with g<?^l reference* for integrltv H^dsOl"'. ? i r ?.. I aid Ad.ln ?s with references, A. B. twx i;*? lleraol ?mwie. B s ai.bbmen wanted- who can inflpeni f a casb 'Obblng trsde J P. A II L t R*Wrf)RD. I*> Murray vt eet. T> DkY fMXHtH CLERKS WANTED A COMPETRNT hand in the haberdasher leimmoent. Ahply In the m *rn 4n? U> .lone? A t o . t'.T Hlti ae XMJ ANTED? A TorrrH, FROM IB TO 18 TEARB Of v" a*e. to aanlst In a gr ?ery and Utinor more, tine who eprfck' o. 'man ; referred. M'l*t come well re auSeuded Appij at iO Greenwich at "flfANTKU? A TOlNG NAN AS SALESMAN; ONE '* qaalliM ?' to t?k?' c;,n rj? t iU-p..r meni In a W ?it. ewn city Apply bj note U> Wgatein. h<.k i.;o? Po-t ofW<e, acting ierm? and refeienc< < XAT AKT J I>- f?! X yvy FOR HTK VMRUS. FOUE MKV " fp*ltVr iu, *hrw pi?itf?r?,cWK lor ? -1 ippJn^ '''frw tor i '\ Hiictton ?w, in a drirfm. r*<i f<ir pi <w , rnu v riei4*. to *i\ Apfjy lit 7 ? nart. IV ' Ti 1 ? ? II ped'-neeil sait-nian also a ponei ar.oia.nted with ta> furniture btislaees. Apply a' 30 Catharine a ANTED "a- BtiOiK K IPLrT ''ALE * M an a n ii rnji ter, in a wholesale store aino. * cv.pviat. win, under ?tan? Hpeoish Apnly at the MerehAala' tt-raa' Bcgietrv ?flif 13 Wall ?tr<-et Si tuition* pris- ited No .*i.nnu?<lon madvancv F.*'?bli*hed I WW GEO RAWl.lWS, ynp i. ?n TO to PER DAT - -TOt'NG VIN ' AI FIND A ear ..-iir ik th nl- sua"' and pr 't ? -iit?, >?tx?,ntier .o aUr, gH idk full par' nr?.lar?, Ic fl. Kii m wAkwr -u??. A IX MMUM A3 TO ?OOP CAM EOT j EL iMht|MiaiMtawiiib??r AiUIm??ii< mm wtaNtktMMnuMuv.ln|f(m<f JUaa.g>od ?|? tfcu rwcuod fcelp No. C8 ll'.h *, aurmer of 6th ar, Opw JB||? ll> twnlm E>k Wasted? a respectable frotestavt woman, as rook ami * a?h?r auAJr ouar; one who ooder ? her business thoroughly, and oan bring food ehy refs rasoe aa to character, *? ijW" No 20 Abingdon place, between Hudson stiwt aad Eighth ?wcu* | (lOLORED COOK WANTED IMMEDIATELY? AT 178 J Ve? t 14th it- , one that *111 da the washing ud ironing; Wl|W $H per month. MILLINER -WANTED IMMEDIATELY, GOOD, Ex perienced milliners None need apply f leept such as have worked in Broad wav or ranal street. and can give satis factory reference. Intjiftre at 1SU Weal 26th su, between Hlb and 0tn am. CALEBWOMEN AND SALESMEN WANTED ? TOREK C5 fiiieawomea and two salesman want*', by an ext?n*iv? lanoy roods and millinerv bouse In New Haves. None b it < xpenenced hands need address, stating references and ?& lecta iona, Edward MaUey, New Haven, Conn. WANTBD? AS OOO* AND LACNDRF.SR, AT B&IDGE port, f'onn., a e-ilored woman n-jat, tidy and cum;* tent, with beat city re* ere noes; wage* $10 per month. Apply to P. T. Barnuro, Mm cum ' WAN I ED? A PROTESTANT GIBL, AS COOK, waaberen- lioooi. who understands making butter, to go a short distance fn the county; wattes. $8 per mon'h; go-iil reooiuaiendau ins rctjuli-ed. Call on Saturday or Mon day at 211 Went 12th st. TIT AWTED? A GOOD COOK AND A FIRST CLASS it washer and ironer; one ? ho will take the entire charge of the kitchen and la not ufi aid to work. Also a smart gin, about 14 or It years of age, to take care of children: <ienu?u or American preferred. Apply for two days at 100 West 27th st , from H to 2 o'clock WANTED- A SMART, TIDY GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework In a small private family : must briag good reference from her last place. Apply at Hi Amity st. WANTED? UNTIL TIIE 1ST Of MAY, AN INDUSTRl ouk girl, for general housework. Call for two days at 134 Went 2blh Ht. , between the hours of 10 and 12. \ v A N TF D^A W< )Tl an , WHIJ IB A FIRST HATE YT washer and ironer, snd can do plain cooking, She Bust come well recommended. Apply at 260 West 19th st. ANTED? A NEAT, TIDY (JIItL, ABblTT 18 VEA~Ril of see, to at'eml a ch'ld and do pluln sowing; wage* $5 p-r month; none nerd apply without the best of reference. Call at 29 Cottage pUee tor two days. WVNTED-^A PROTESTANT (URL. TO ASSIST IN taking rare of an infant and tojnaxe herself useful In a urn nil family; satisfactory city references required. Apply at 13a East lvtb st TIP ANTED ? A FIRST CLASS MTLLINER; ALSO A H trimmer to take charge of the trimming of a flr*t clan millinery establishment. None but tho?e accustomed to city business need apnlv ; Freti'-li l*<!v preferred. Address, with particulars, box 1,617 New York Foat otlice. A VTEr ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO DO TIIE bousewoikoi a ^mall family ; must bo a good couk and a first raw* washer and Ironer Apply, with city reference*, alter 12 o'clock, a' 222 Lexington av , basement door. "WTANTEE ? A FIRST RATE LA L'N DRUBS, WHO " thoroughly understands her duties; also a first cla?a waitress. None need applv wiiheut the best of reference*. ? 'all at 10 Hrevoort place,' 10th st , fourth house west of Broadway, between the hours of 10 and 1 o'clock. w THE TRADE)#, ARTIHT WANTED? TO COLOR AND RETOUCH PIIO tographa. tn go to Booth America. Apply, with speci mens, to E Anthony, 501 Broadway C1ARPENTER WANTED-ONR W1IO IS WILLING TO ) work al1 ne, a part of the seuton, a little way out of town. Call al the paint store, 116 Atlantic it , Brooklyn, day cr evening. /GARDENER. -A SINGLE MAN WANTS A SITUATION "T a* gardener; in thoroughly practical In all departtn >titie; best city reference. Addreaa Gardener, al J. M. Inorburn'a, l.i John ?t. WANTED? A GOOD STAIR BUILDER; ONE WELL TT acquainted w ith A* buolnraw Oall al the carpenter's ahop In 7ih av., betwoein 17th and 48th st?. WANTED? A FARMER AND VEGBTABLR O A KDEff er; one who ttvronghly understand* hi* business : none other need apply; a (Inrawn preferred. Apply at !M0 Green wich at., from rival re to throe o'clock. FKKNC II ADVERTINKMEKTS. OR DEMAVOE? UNE KEMME DE CHAMBRE, KRAN faiae ou Suiirne, qui salt bien court re. S'adressei- it nouf heuree du n latin au No. JO West 24th at. l'UH TUMr. STALMON.? KO*aL GEORGE, JR., OWN BROTHER to the oelebmteel Toroutn Thief, will stand this aeuue<>ti at fiiewati's Hotel, Cypresa Hills road, nt $00 for the scttaon. I lr?t rate accoinm-Ktauon for mares and loals. CHELDKAKE PARK COI'RgE-A HALF MILK RA"E )Ti track, at Mamar.'neek, X! hcivs. with two dwelling* and stable*, for aale or to let; patronlwd l>y New Hi<chellc t" ilka. Oo xl place fen- summer lward?r# or invea'.ment. Inquire of V. A.LAWfENOE, No. 1U flneelreet rE CELEBRATED TROTTING STALLION, GEO. M. PATCHEN, will stand for a llmi'ed number of man-., at the premises ? .f ihe suliM-rlher, known a* the Dvkemaai Farm, near Klhgsbrldge, In the pttv of New York. The sea ?on will comnence on the 7th of March instant. Per son" desirous ot having mares aerved will pleaiu mike early ap plication. as, w hen the limited number la complete, no f ti rther application* ran l?e received. Good stables on the uremia*!* ami acreao! pan n rage Term* for thn season $100, ami reasonable chare oa t or kei-plngthe marea WM. W ALT E KM I tt?,i Washington Dtotb Yard. N T. HORNKH. CARttlABKS, Atortion ok the private establi?ment or I. M. KIngor for sale: ten Horses and six Carriage*, all cImjh Carnage house 6S West Ninth street, near fifth avenue. A GOAT FOR SALE? TWO TEARS OLD; AFTER . kidding; first rate for milk. a'?o four King Charles Spaniels All >-old cheap, inquire al 1*6 Thirty fourth street, near Eaat river. Anew eull spring no top box wagon, splendid light road harnesa, and flag tall bay Morgan horse, 16V, hands high, eight year* old, win show 3.30. Also. firi? areond hand halt spring Duse.nbury wagon, at A3 Ea*t Thirty second street. (*AKRIAGB8 AND HORSES.? TOR SALE. 20) FAMILY J Carriages, Buggies, terootrs, Kl press and Hiwiif" Wagons, of all kinds; also second hand Wagon-i and M lloi.ea Fi lling oil cheap. Call and examine this stock. No. 10 Nevina street, Brooklj n. Bust horhbs, best stock in the countrt. I black Stallion half brother to Patchen; can n ot In 3:11 with no training 1 6 veai OLD COLT; wlU afcow half mile la 1:17. 1 WHITE HORSE; Van trot In J:M. 1 CHESTNUT " ' " 2:16. I BLACK TEAM; 2:19 The above Hordes have never been irainetl. Time will be shown to wagon, with 7 da; a' notice; i-"> <1 day and go d track. da* roN A JONES, Property Ei> hsjige, *l Nassau street. J*OR HALE? A SUPERB BLACK 11 IWK SADDLE Hone, flfteen and a half b-uidn ht-;h, seven y?ars ul<l, ani of unsurpassed gait; price fW>, warranted piu Teeny sound. Persona desirous of ?. ' Ing hitu will plea?e address Hlvck Hawk box :.,7S0 Post otlice. For pale? a handsome brown horse, .six teen hand* high, of superior a-tinn, thoroughly train. -d ro saddle and hnrt cac. with Tup Wagon, Htiveri k -"iniih makers: Harness, Manuel and Ker<(ey Blankets. Wood n ii Bon mak'r; Whip Hy Nets *c , Wardrobe, end all the ap poin'n.cnt* of a first i-lass turnout; been u?e<l two month*. Apph at Mr Ttirtl tire's u >t,ng Academr, c??; nerot' T* ent sixth street and Sixth avenac F*OI! HALE? A HAXDffMK GRAY MARK, GENTLI and* years old. Apr'yat McDonaM s ttabia. Twelfth ?tr*e1. between Ftlili a-. eno* and t'niverslty pUc. FtOR SALE?* LARGE M?T HOK^E, 1?' , HANDS 'ligh. sound and kind Will m kc a ftne c inwe har? Can he si-en :n the rear ot ;U Union aqoar*, between 7 M and 2 P M , for one ?c , FIDE 8ALE-H0BSE. CAhl AM? HARNESS, IN COV|. pleta order, and a gaod ataud for work. Thu Ua ;?> 1 cham e a m tn ? Uo wauia to aiitn otcnce cartitig. lu iUie of the tlannan. 112 Pearl street, ti( alrli-s. for thr> i dav. F*?'R SALE- V si I'ERIOR HOUSE, BIX rEARS ??LU glossy jet blark, o- cr stvteen hnuda high, warrmntea ikvand ant kind A ta-e opi<.t molly fot ? gwtl>nan weduug a It. uiil til c tope, hoi*>. Can i "'-en ?i. King s stable, b^ tw. i n Madison and Koirth aveuues. Forty -Mai atreet. F-MiP SALI - AT A BARGAIN, A BKAI rill 1. d A V Mnre, all years ohl g.'nt'.e, ?'.vllsh and vert last. Al o Tot- Wagon, Harney, Blanae is, Vl'a.p, A'-., nearly new. Sold f n!v t or w ant of un May be seen at 31 Third sirec' |.*i iR SAM? t IWo MORSBTHUCK, TEAM ANl? IIAR F ne-s; i ruck .? onlr I wu jcaia old, co<t $2T... wll' .a'ry r,.'e?i ? eight ; will tloAf Jl iKirn i< flom easy. The i 'a*on of ae Mnj; toe owner '? iti?ahiMl; nlll be aold aepa.sie ?ir ttfc j;t -hei InquliTof ce man. at Ho .% Hedlmd stiee-. New York, si remd ate ey. HORSFS, HORSE* ? TO Till PT BLIC ? WB, r ( un'icr,|(jie>d. tev? much pieaonre t(t t?e*:,i.g t?-ijm- r, Uitlit utility and great bene tt; o< i?i . crokKRH Aatrtoa-a Wa?h or rtirlni; > -a-rVe, salte*d aad fro?tco he'e-s, wit'; eound- >t an y di ^'iptiero, hating oaed the >.sine en ou ? he>r**a w iiii ?eMrh Is ?n or etas. We ?-t^inend to all pfr>"ua I whose h"t -< s are *1 ed?llh he gfcvv* or any other dlaaane, ' loeail at his rsa'.aeae", l>i C, hesat Thirty flrlb s ree<t, w'.et ? thev ean g? InnnMUr re-ltrt Nnmbar of hor?e? cure : luta? Hoilowat, Eialnv-e ? ihlli s ieet. un : liirse?, !t. A NnwMM, loi;t tevi nth gtreH. four hoi?se? ; Charla* A. h'i - l>ale, Aaior II ee, twelve b':rses Win ?! white, UreiY ata ble , l.SKt- Brtu.-lway, Shanes; ,1smrs tHllman, I ast Tnlrty Mtttn-l Wreet, sit horse* .1 >'in f/uinD, ?>' leemigton ??? one horat W n\ hakec ater.u*- A, one horsa Horse, ca rhi A<ir Iiarness and hobm ro? ? tie A on- soirel !??? ?e, ae en years old, I*, hands high, u nd >ad khld; alto d olile *e* . overeyl ciertegiv ham?- ?? . t? o robe* sod two blankeia, all oiwriynew, tor 9226, Co-- 1 6428. May l> se.-n a; N. Ditnoad s atat-ie, HI Nfw "treet,?ear Beaver PONIES, 1'0*IE?. PONIES? ONh HUNDRED SHRT J i .iv!. hc tch enet Wolah l*>MtM ha lust arrived <rom Earep? ol all > "erra, st, rs aad age*, t r tm *ight t > fotirte?-u hxti a high K"i s tie cheap in Pony ?e*? nd ?tre?*t, bftwwn Fifth Mid Slllh aveowM UR't T U \LL R ?()?[> W Vejovs -.RKFWHTER t CO., VI AND "Jt | SeoOMe str' ce, enen ir of Mott, are ]e ei.aied In riNS*ive oi ? tlei? lot eleir s v oi w ag ins. <1. hvaralH' at auv periol du ring the evtenuig a?. . I o *<MHion to other lmprure n-en. . w lilcli have git <? ?> then w ,rk th- hlgheet retmta'.lon for d iri lillltv and eieg.noe, lh?v would dlretoi sjieolal atten'lm to the.r Impr -vert cilde Mai , ii'ttderltig ibeir Hair Soring Wagors su^ecloi ?? all oikei t ia .um^in and eWlioily Althatigti making Road Wagntis a spe< al (eatuieof their business. Ibey wo'tlu alao Invite- ee'deta lor e> 'ty ?tjle of i'i*as<ira l anlagi for town and oonntry I )OA D HOI BE.? A CHEtTNI T HOUSR, 16 , HANDS JV high, ae^ea years old. imnci and kind; Iron in?l .<? o" three snitinjta, tvovib JtliW, fof aale at 6Jo '. i ' s;.)i I h . day, at Taylor's Stable*. Bi-anlway. corner ot forty third street. Tgr a"?TFI>? * WEU. BROKEN SADDLB HORSI OF " da 'k in e color and hsnf^me style. A-ldreew .statin/ lowest caab price. Hippos, Herald otboe. lir anted A PA1V OP wit'Mi I ARRIAGE HORSES, I "v with llarne*s apd Haroiiche *nr gentleman havings good establishment, nearlt a? gewid ss haw, and deslrtms ->f eelllna cheap for e-??h, will pl?aae addreas, with fall dceeji lp tint'. Itoi ikVIt New \ork ratoMcs WANTED- A I ion SECOND HAND LtGHf DOUBLH aet of harness : ilso r tight sar'ti P"le. Any peeaejn hav aet'ber oT the abn-r a tt, '. ? erltl fittd s ct?b mte6nM*r hf re^alng e'rsne, box I7(r Herald o<ne" a'aling full tiartlot iarsttxl l?we?t (rlie ?UM MV1HW. _ ??*?* ??? ?' *r* etew Parlor Oh aart er, Dtnla* Inoa MMt Library famttar*, Parlor Suit", And nr? Wort* of Art Thla <S Uurdayl tflrmtin, it t o'eiuek, by ROH^EtX W. WEttt'OTT. aueuoaf r. the enure hliypuit r. art wood Kn'ii - tin* wd House Purniabtnf O ?da of every description ?m tanie4 la the tve otory dwi itng hi iee ha. IM West r*eity flrvt ulreet. between Seventh tod Klghth avenu- o. The rntlre cunt, uu oi' the house to bo peremptorily told for ewh ? > ' he highest bldde*. An m'.raordinjwy opourtunity u> obtain ?u perb Furniture at a or: ion prices. The PAHLOKd, HHaMBEHH AM) DIKTNclROOM aontain einaaqt rosewood ao/eu oe'-ave I'tnti if-jr-tr, tf usln ( ablnet, ntool and tourer; Died but two umii^n and coet $t00| rosewood Parlor Mult*, oompH-iog two t\ngftnt ?olid rosewood sulta, covered la enmion bro^atcl, with ? tp covers. marble lop Centre and Pier Tablet, bronze Olt'k, ek-gaet t&peatry Carpets, roeewood Rtegeirs, m?-ble Ped-s tals, artmtte Aroucea; i urklah lit- airs ant Louok", I" velvet rardall.un rep* , Mantel and pier Mirrors, rich roiuul Vaies and Parlor uruameBia, Milk and L??e Curtain". reception Chair*, <on?er fcte*>, rmewood Cresting Bureau-;, 1-uye HalrldaUiesaee, rleh rosewood Bed*t"?ds, "aahV.mdv French landscape at d gold rihadea. French Ohilr*, T?t' it-T' teJ, 8o.aa.fxir* Hcds.eads, Pier TaMe'. Koeke**, Freieh Kng'**; lags, Urdu ai>d Bedding, Voltaire Cnalra, Work ribln<i, lulntd with satinwood; KucufUHi Table, marble t >p ?ak Buffet, oak Diking Chairs, rich French China, (ttlverwa-e, npoons, Korku, Casters, Urn*, rub.v and cryatal cut gU - Oobleta, Champagnes. Wines, Ac. , with a full variety of fur allure o? ev'-rj rtes-rlpuou; OiHotnx, Hal: Ht?ud, elegant Carpet", Ch?rufrliera, Ac. Hale rain or ahino, 6 ?c.inenc Jig at tw o precisely. Catalog <iea at houae. 1 B. GRIFFIN A CO., AUCTIONKERK. ^ ? Peremptory au! a'tractlve Auction sale of Oomly rosewood Houieholt Furniture, Rosewood Pianoforte, Rare Oil Paintings, .c , Ac., At ibe private leeidenee Mo 48 We*t Si?t?. nth street, niar Firth avenue, * T1IIH DAY IHATITRUAT). A> OMB 0'CI/)C< f. M. Ail the elegant r urniture wa# mad' to order onljutx mouth* rinw by Htiteblns, Haudoiae and other celebrated calling makers of ibis l ily, and . an be fully guaranteed n? reprscnUsl. Magniln. ut Urawitig Room Suit*. ri-.hly carved, Itoaewood Et gere*, Kacretoirc aid Booktiase, Medallion Velvet Carpet*, Pier and Mantel Mrrors, Real Artiitic liroozea, Lar?- and Hrocau*! ^Uf aiM, KoaewiKxl Chamber and oak Dining Kooua Hunltura. Pailorv? Vi lvet Caj-peta, taiga. <*iul?r udi-rwl Lae Oiirt?ln?, two roar wood Parlor nulls cov>'rtid with I ivu h bro^ itel, Centre Table and tteunres to inaU'b, H'orctm'i- and huok i'aw. Coi ner Stands, l.idy'n Work Talilx, elfgtnt tevea octave ro?ew?Ki Piacofnrte. ?tool and c >ver: Oil Pa'iitiii?J Krigiav. in|{>, Miouzi ?, Pier and Mantel Min ora, hoimtU Vuh *. arv, oruiolu Clock, Uataiaod, 'hairs, (jlMotli Malr < 'arpeU. bedroom*? Hoaewood and mahogany Wuicai.J, Hed-i?od<, WiiabK and*. Hair and Hprtug Mattreva <, i:arn>-tn, Wurt robe-i, bofaa, Koek<;r?, Ohairg, Towel Kicka. Dinlnt? Ro iu - Oak Buffet hiUnslon Table, Chain, China Wnner and Tea Heta. fOlid Bllvi-i ware, Table Cutlery, Kubf aodt;ry?talQlan.'i ware, Hllver plated Cactern, Pork* Bponu", Coffee urn, Hal vera, Liquor heta, Ac. A'ao largo aaaortnii'.ni of Baaemeut and Kitchen Furniture. N. B ?Hale pot-Hive tula day at one o'clock. An extraordinary opportunity to run chaw rich and eoaily Household Furniture, Elegant rowwood lla&oforte. Rosewood Parlor Suit*, id lirocat.'l, Valuable Paintings, Artistic Ur< an i, Marble liloupa, Ac. By J. W. POKTfc.R, Auctioneer, BntimViy, March W ut the elegant private re^denoe, 230 Writ Kourtet nth street, a fc ,v door* from r.iMith avenue, Commencing at 2 o'clock precisely The dale comprises the entire contents ol the louse. The el?nani 1'wlor Furniture was modato order, still rosewood ard satin lirocatel. The ? hols will Im .-old to the highest bidder for cush, rain or ah nc, offering evji a irrilii 4<"y Inducement s to pnichuserj. an the entire *unwnrc oi tho houie in now, having all neon ina e u'ithln fctir mouths. Elegant roaew nod seven octavo laaoforte coat ?utl Muni", Cabinet, Btool mil embroidered 1 '?v?r. Three ele?int full nulls of roiewood Parlor flurniture, In rich In ocade ami velvet; rosewood Etcgercs, spl nitld Uronzaa, Painting*, rleh Vaaes, marble Pedei utl , hllk ?"l lac- Our tains, Turkish Iiouiigt-s, with Arm t.liairs to match: centre, sofa and pier Tabloe ; Florentine mantel anil plsr Mirror*; etrusenn and lav* Ornaments, ivmewooil Ho reals, Bedstead*, Chamber hulls, suptrb M it 1 1 resse <, Beds *ail Btsldlng, Lounges, bronz.- and marble Cloaks. rosewoot "nd oottapi 0 hairs, two soi'u Bedsteads, n- ion ruble, Silverware, Heli China, irory and silver Cu1 1 ery, Fork*. ?p>o|ih, with ele cant rub* tllasit of ?verv description. forming a valuable e >1 lection of household Furniture and unique utd recherche Wort a of Art The good* are now on exhibition r> catalogue Kale to commenoe iu dining t onm, at 11 o'ekx k p> mxcly, *te liable men will be at tne sale to r. move the funds for par chasers. A J. HLEP.CKER, AlTCTIONBBK. . VALI AHLK BOOSEVELT BT tt KBT PBCPH11TY. A. J. BLEBCEER, SON A Co. will sell at auction, on Saturday. Man h 14, at 12 o'clock, a. lUc Mcniiauta' Kx change, i he lait and Buildings No 4S Kovseve.t ntr> is, at til juucuon of Cn w Ho-very. occupied as stores un4 dwell. nga: lot toi I frant by lilt! feet 0 inches deep Map-, at No. 7 Pine street By order of Executors of the #i lfmt!**tate. . UCTION NOTICE.- A FAMILY DBCMNINH flor?SI5 *V ke*pli K ill tl 1 1* po V' , ii' pi i\ Lite x>ilc, o' all tbe.r parlor, chamber auu lining room furniture at a Kreat MOilies, Vta: ? carveil rosewood 7 octave Pianoforte, In excellent order, c >st for$2'0 Including ?to 4 and Cover; one ParMr Suit, solid carved rosewood frames. Co en d with sikkbrooaMl, cost $:?<!, to;H4U; cue do. >!.'*?, V . **res Centre Tablet, Huri'sus. Bedftti ads. WaaMlaods so'ld roaewuod, ooet i Ji i, to1 $101; Mattresses, Bidding, Ac 1 lie Kurniture <va- l . ut ' e to ordei for the present uwn.r, bai been In ute but 5 ai'iolL*, an: is In i^-rfe- l order, lnotilre at 70 Weat Twenty itxth street, near 8iath avenue. ?? : A t>BIUNEE'8 SALE OP BEA t)Y MAOB CLOT IU NO, A. I'inci! Hoods. Ac ? A. M. OHIhTALAR auction- 'r, 21 Bowery, will soil on Monday, l.-uh Inst., : larp- ?to k or Repdy Made t lotlilnti. compriftiog In all ab.?ut l^i tl (larin -nlii, consisting of flnc casalmern and c.loih Krook, Sack anil Uml neiu. ( oais . a large lot ol Mummer t'lu'lilujf s Ik, ur.d cuosimcre Veeta; doeskin, mi met and fancy awnim^re fanu. Also, al.out It*) pities C'a<wimereH. nloths. Doeskins, Velvet*, Haiinets, LinixiKS, Ac., togei her with Shirts 1'r.iwer*. Collars, Cravats and lies. Al>?., a lo*. of soft fet Hats and clo'Ji Caps, together k uh an asMirlmeiitof Tailors Tnmroiug"., Ac . Ac. By ordur of Asaignec. Also, two Sewiu-i M?. hln?n. Auction itotice. M p. EDEY, APCTIONBER. LldifT WACONH. TOT BtTOOIES, BOCEAWAYS, llAR.Vfc.flS, HOHUS, AC. i;/.ka LITDLOW, Jn., Will sell this da*, si 12 o'clock, it hi- sateveooMK, 4tC.viar strict (i.pp i?lte the Post oilce), a lar^e nitm'^r of city male light Ua^ons of the newest patterns, tup rtugaes 'R?>ilt? ways, Pha. tons, Ac. Also some sec nd bund Vehlclts; abto ilnile and double llai ness lUih.-s, Ac. AM. MERW1S, ACCTnK>;EB. . BY BaNOS, MEKATN A CO., In Ing Holdings, ?l and r#B Broadwav Monday Morning, makch u, atio^? c;ock Sberifl < sa>, of Hooks and Stap.c and fancy Stationary, Ac. Trims cash, iu bankable l'unds. At CTION? A L CTION- A I,- 1 'T I ON. BXTRAORU1NABY I^rg< Kile of nvt.r Jlti.ifO worth of lint > lass HOriBIIOU) KI KNtTCRB, On this day iSaturdn v>, atl(% o'clock At No. 61 Wrest >ixterntii ttieet, ueai KUth iv.-nue. Piano ion.', Parlor Suits. Carpets. Paintings, t'urtal??. uers/Bun u>, Hedxtrads, <V uli- andi. Sofas. Hooker*, f* hl? Hulfct, Extension Table, china, glas? and *lvcr Wstr, M : i Fntker Heds Blanket*. Also Basement snd K t. hen Purnlturv MENBT r.F.KO-. Aii.-tioue?r. Auction sale? m. pouohty, ArcnoNBEB, will scBthl< day, Saturday, at in , o'clock, atU<e*a'e3 risen Nassau stri et, c tnprt- ng Hour. Bold Fu.*nilur* ot u family dcclinlne hmi " keopliu; \i/: ro? *oo>l an t mahogaoy Parlor HitMa, eovervd la haircloth and brooalel, vi/ reV a leies. Sofas, I'arlor and Arm t'halr*, trllt frstn* Pier and Mantel Mtmrs, Hookca."*n, Brussels, Tape" try in.l Ingram Csi|*tr, Extension T.. .ies, t'nti. ry, sdvur ..luU'l Wsr^ UrsNhw Rtimuis, WaslirtaMB, Be>lanmd?, Walr M?t trestrf's. l'ailia^c^, Ifardrobes, I oun.'cs, Aj , tlis whole to l>e )#reu'Ptorl!v sold to 'h* hlfic-t bidder for c tsh. St 'anger* can have their g >?ls Kned sikI shlp^ied fr< m t'ic vr>? Browne a ni> iroi,?, Ai rrioNKEny.? tmis oat (BatunU^ . M.irr-h 1H, s' In , o dock, st our ??;.?sr > im?, tft N*.-snn strrei , larj. c sale Hoe eho'.d Furnanr" . cm wed for eoaventean *rie enmisung of e'i :?nt ?*k and black valnut IMm. g !lo m I irnltnre, so' Id B> ITct large 'tie. rtohly esrved, with wath.e slab, one do. ?m .lie- -ir.^, soli 1 ? *k Bktensftan limi .g table polislttsl top and leaves; tw> biMk wall"" do , oak .mil bht'4 walnut *"h.?i' v %nj side beards, . upcrb itts.-wo <1 I'arloi Hull, tn ggi.rcd brunaM, up hols'cted in *heii styli , on* Hilt tn jrr 11 plush id ims ?* red; one men p ru >uit. In haircloth ; stt)? r!< S^MI o"'av? rr.s. v o .<1 I'lat.oi .r'c, c.ty mate; -ilW rosewnad Aboii* a tilsie, lai!'. Fi. i< h plat< Fler Min.trs, tworic'i Mantel do , fcei-ri-farv K.*.krj<n :.nd Writing ruh! s. rtcUtjr ev*?d solta rosewood R.^lstesd, new style lau*.; ny do . B inaus an I Washataails to a>au h : tlalr Mattro w B.'.' , Be lding, ,t?.; list Bar ks Lounge .. Ilal! CHalrtt, Haft iterator* and Kltc'iea Furniture. Also Aa elegant Courier. Id rmeWOWl snd xtlnaood. ri lily earwd and llnlshed, suitable 'or ll^hi t ite \ i's>d?. ? ,!i?r?o> a hnr The above is one ni tae tta-m snici' s o: ihc kind ever made. BV DANIEL A. BATH KB'" A CO., ACCTfr-Nl'P: HS THIS Hal .>!ATI RDA\ . VI I" . t? Cf/tH'K. aT S M.KHIoOB <M 0F.I>AB sritKbT, OPFOSim Til 8 l't >nT OFnOK, ?OCiKHOLD FITBBITrRB, BOKKWOOl' PIANO, CAR I'l TS, HlKKOfvS, . v ./,? - 0n? roaVWood i'arlov knit, in sreen .,nl ? >ld hriei'sl ; one do , in grem plush ; one do., in fancy wtwateo, Pier Mir n>r, {date !W hy WU; roaewood sn.i mahiv- nv i entrs nn I Faney Tabh*, marble top fc>-irerc%, fjffnnges, <V reurv an-l Li r?ry Ho. kesses, a*. nut and . ik BulTets, rshogany Avfaa and < bain. In hairolotb lia?y i ialisand l.iekers, row r ?>d, o?k and raa.iora'iy Kxlcnsi.m TnHl-y Nsl! ht tads and Ch.ilra, rosesfc <A and tnahocany fli-cseing Old Hurea'is. Wash stands < om modes, rosewood an i mull <?any Ileds'^tul si rtnt snd Mali aalt-rssoa, Falltasses. Hr sae.s t'?'p..<?. Mantel t"Mks and Vr <-s, t hi and Ulassvar* . Parts Pronree, sBver Slated Caa'er .. Ac. i a'aloxu** el salesroom. N B s-pe- lal at'entl. r. given to ash. at private dwellings (10BI OBAtK?N I'lRB", Nl.l"^ aNI> RKU, KvTATK J to be tease at atl' -N. '.cr J? her?hy given that th ("on.| ir> 1 i will, on Monday, Ans) ift av II o rUx'k M, at the CBy Hall, le -e on hii> ?' pub i. auction ?er..ra! of til.) piers u ud I l. i.i; ug to the < *i ion, fur the Wim of Ave years. ri. ui tho t"-<fd?v of May, Isgl. Ai?o the 1 f ? ">? -r Krani i vd - rk t, pri?nii?e? N? til Km slree' anil Ihrw V.u?" iinl k?ts|t V* i?t. ? ?ir??t. Mrvklvn Catatogiiea ooataluiii.: th? ??? up t ?. |.. ttlon and t? ms Of ?a!e msy be had at th.s ..d'o.. H ? .i r T 1 1 a ,cs i'.i/i, .i oiler, cirr oe Mi wYohk. D e.i ?, .s o f" ? i >,('<1*1 m.. i . ? .. s Ion s, ?*>>ii t ) , i-?.?l. 1) I) BlIO STOBE.? HErxrVBK s VLK BVYIRI'CBOF the order af the (?ii.ireme romt i r lui;-p.<ee, ths Revlvr, TB/tllU!* HMlTHi*)ll ^ilix . a> nubile au.ll >n, at 1^7 Ninth avoue, at II A. M . tins day. a.1 tne and K.?'ur? s, eoioprislr, a ?? J * 4 i. n, ^toia, U'geilier w lt!i t).eLe*aelor ????<>. ar from Is- of i nevt. of t U u

Tu.res and na.k I' kaoan at the IstMi-aiotY, I'.1* Nlu h avenue, lo this city. V, M, Mtuus, Uaieo Mi, IWI. A.i iie- r. ANir.L B. BL'BDrrT, A 0OriONIEB,? DltPa I to-k ? iBale ivotui'iai ? HURCKTT, JOlNMf A Co, [will sell this dar iKaturd^y), at 10 c. clock, it ::i "e-kawn s'.ect tby order of the n*s <nce), Ore j Ht >ck, th<- o intiunvl m i.j the ir.tite s'e?k of lini-K, < 'ir.e ,oale, Ae? In Uve above store, commencing at lot CB on the catairnue. nr.NRY B HI BTK..IR . Al ' TIONBER. WTL1.8RLL')N TtBnDAY. Ks-efc lit Al 11 o clo.-k. ut 11 1 Hioa Iwsj*. is r ? ptnry aaleuf cleg."?t Cabinet, pnrnttuns. b* lag the etitlm st'n k ot ihe CAHINET MAKKm- Al^oCIATIOH. Cnmprialn tn part ef r rwnl, mahc.viv and hVack wal noi far'or (lolts. iwml tn satin, t>M**iel. vetr.-l ritM| b.o.|'i' p |>s anO haircloth ro wmsl Blefi ies, eeulra, sldo and Cof;. I sblea, Tcte a 1 ei?st A J. >m.x?r ?unutire ol every 4. "crt(>tlon, Library KumUSre, rosewood, insh' ii n) , wsin'lt still osk MtCBMoti Dm III Isbles. Uttflets, side haerds, Tdnlng < hair*, ? ? e>i<-.. .?<? ,0 naUM'ilc.t It<y1 rootn Suits, n-sewiwv.1 and rrshotf.inv Wardrohas, Ainoir s, itat ?? uds. Olbc Pum.' ei i iir v. i ? ??? B'*r?', .MliroT*. Ac : also one large tii*. pr jot aafe To i?>alt)vel) soM wl'houteny renrt-ro in e.-tnaaatence of the dtr MOlllttan o' the ll? ,.nt r of I tV. tft'N T, > (r*s ??? the. g<*>dt fill baon vtc? snd raU'l.ittms r? on Monday, t*h inst , and partW-s tn wsnt will d > veil to at. p.mln<? the ?,!?*?.( , fvcry sirtlvl'' t>oltt? of Uw b --t a. umfu'". ire sad ^ snipival. BAlsBM AT AWIW. Kara* ii. ua?Mocrnma-RnRr h. uua A CO. will Mil m. taction, am Saturday. March M, at o'clock. M the salesroom, No. 23 liwi Eie<u - sal?? Household Puriuturs, China ami Glassware. Book*, solid Silverware, l*l;'? Gold Watch, Silver 4m., Gold Uuntiugda, Chairs, Ac . ward rot**. 8ed<te*.ts. Chain, Nap. kin*, Tablecloths, Bedding. Clock, Pitted War t, and .Uso ?tiier article*. ?lao, roeeaood and inaiiotfauy "AoiMr^ U, Counting House ami Office Desks, Hair juit'WMt, Pallinsaos, Olllce Coalra, Rockers, muhogany < btlra in haircloth, Ac. TTBNRYD MINER, AUCTIONEER-SALlJiROOM NO. J 1 37 Nasaau stieet, opposiix tb? Plat oilloe ? VJIRBR A TllORP * 111 Hell at auction, on Saturday. March III, at 10'. o .Jock, at their salesroom, :57 Nwua s rert. Jewelry, W?i< he*. Chain* Braoe'.*-ls, kt , consisting or ladle*' and gentlemen'* IX karat if 'd bunting case and op-<n faoe Watches, Guard, Tent and KobCbulns: ladles' sets of Hrooe.bes and karri ug*. ant in cajaro. Mo?slc nor.U lourquotse, ru'iy, Ac.; Vox ard Gla*? Pius, pbtln and suine Mt BpM| A: Alao, silver plated Oaks Baaketa, Casters. OoSleta, Urns, Tail's 1)?m< rtaud Tea Spoons; Kurks, &> , Ac. eENRV ORtEEN, Al'OTIONBER -TUTU DAT, AT o'clock, a1, the auc'ion *tore Pit William ?tr??t, Coffi.i, Tea, Hoap, RUuch, O'lves, Crackers, Herring, Olae i ftah. Brandy, Gin Hum, Whiakev, Port and Sherry Wines, Champagne, VW.OOO Se.'fvs, l.fiS pounds While Lead. Almost II o'clock. 21 Reality Midline*, I0'?lo< ka, 200 P<lr of Boots and Sho<M, a lot of Clot bine, fant?, Vests, Dry Goods, An. JOHN H. BURLEY, A''CTIO?fEKR? WILL SELL THIS Joy. at t vo o'clock, at 414 Canal Htroot, marble top and Ktegcres, 13 marble top and other Sur-ans, Sofas, Snf* Bed*. Loni ge*. Book'- t*e?. Wardrobes ma'iogany and other BM* tit. ads, Ki tension. Centre aid otber Tanios; curled rialr Mat tr??kes, Kealher Bed", lil'ow-. Holders, Comforters, Blink eis, white cjullt# Bron* I", > hreu I'lv, Ingrain and oth-r Car pets: Cooking Stov> ,a Malting, W?M>ihUiidn, two *eti Single liar-ess. oreratk oli?Hrandy, Oil -lo'h. mahogany and otber Chain, together with everything for Imu- ekeepmj; JOSEPH HBUEMAN, ADC TlONEEa.-- -MONDAY, Marrh 18, at 10 o dock A M , at 1U Lafayette avenue, m *r<>iford atrre\ I arge of furniture, In c >od ord'ir. Handsome wew. oil 7 octsvo Piano, nwswood an^l m:iliogany h?ia>, Chslra. Tables. 1 xtensi >u do. Bedsteads, rtureius, Kanhttiandf, Veaiher lleds, llnir Mailres?eN. enamelled < 'hum lier MiiU, Brimse'* Car[>etJi, Otlelotha, OlSHMW tre, ("rockerv. Ainu flnu Oil Paintiiig*, fctm heater, with Kitchen Furni ture. A e., Ac. C! A J. BOOART. Al'l'TIONEERS.? SATUItDAT, it, >farch l(i, at '.1 o'clock, at tbe auction rooms. No. 1 North W illUm siieet. Moncaga sale of Hou?eUold Kueulture, con^lkllng oi mahogany Fotit*, Pallor Chairs, Rockent, rose wood PoriorChuIr*, marhletop Rureii'.is, mahogany >Yerchand Cottage Sedsti ails, maboguiv Card Tables, Briisxol*, Tltree nlv and Injrriln Cgrnets, ullolwh, Hair and Hu?k kbttressei, Fiather Bed*, Bolsters and PHIowh, Quilts, Blanketa, lounges and Kitchen furniture Also. 1 Ha-a' e lie Table I Co inter*. Crockery and 'Hnsware, lxKjking classes. 2 oak Ofllee DeiiXs, 2 Sewing MacUne*. I Lettee free*. Wardrobes, Iron Bedstevdrt, Crib, <Jw* <;hjindeller. 't set* Single liars ess, Ac. ypBEKT KEKD, Ait'iruey for mortgag-e Sk J. BOOART, AUOTIONKKIM ? H VTI'HDAY, . Mareli 16, al Hi',' o'clock, at No. 1 North Williain street, Sl.erilt k sale? A large ajwiriment of Saw?, JaMEH C. WILLET, late Sheriff. ,t nvi B Bunhbl, late Deputy Kheriir. OOLOMOM DINOBE, aI CTIONEEB. O BY DINOKE A HOLDEN. OCiw * No. Pine strectand l.iM Broadway, Thiivortiy, Varch 'JH. At li o'clock, a', tho More aants' Exchange, A beautiful Country (Wi at Mamaroner.k. Westchester eounty, the residence of Waller Baker, Esq. ; a line gnthlc house, lu.s I'nnince .range, hot and o>?ld waP r, bath room, water closets, npi aklng tuben, dumb waiters, andall modern improvements: a M able, roach hour e andall necessary out building It is situs tea three quarters o' a mHe from tbe depot; ulncurreH of land hrautltully laid out in ga-den wilks; the larekt llowers; veget ?'ile ranlen and theohrliv-Hi *'rn!tn ? ale post Live and without reserve >\ir trape and further pop tlciilars apply at tbe office of the auctk.ueers. SHEUIl' F'K S tLK ? LIQCOIt STORE CHAMBERS A Ka IRCHIIiD, Auctioneers, i^ietrnm 113 Na^Ki'i street. Will nell. this day (Saturday), March IS, at lll'j o okcM. at So. 139 first avenue, the Btixk and Mxtnr^a of a I>iq > ir Store, t^gither with the unexpired bea?eof the prcuiaea. JOHNf KBUiv, Hliorilf. CALLS (.P ITRNlrtTRE. auctio The unde, -signed offer thrir ser^ce* fm JN SA^fcS .jK 1 1 RNirCRE DWEXJJNO HOITSES, or at t' rlr new *nd sp.n l ms r. otns In the ? IRVING Al'IiJilNtiK, NO. 30* and 606 BRTADWAT, Wbich ai-e n<"t e>iual'ed by auy In 'his city for the display and Mile of suih propoity. Their long ex srl**ce %ud ampin tac Utlcs nfferd a suUicient guaramw' that the full value of * hatev cr in ty l>e entrusted to tbeir care will be re.illzcd Ite turux ilways promptly made in cash BaNOS, MERLIN A OO. OALOON AND SHADES' Kl'RMTPRK o CHAMBERS A CAiasiIILD, Auctioneers, tiMHee No. 11! Naama street), Will sell on fraturday, Mnr<'!i IS, at lU)j o'clock, H 34 Daane stiert the Fixtures and Htocx or tbe ce ubratod HOMEK HHADEH, ('<n*istlng of marble lop Tables, metal frames; la r re Mirrors, Oan Hixturen, 1'alnting.s, l'raineii, lluaters, I'.ar < 'oun ter Rsinte'lc Talile. ?lth nj;irbli- ?lat', 12 feet loug; a S"0*.cli Figure, formerly be!ongu<g la Sandy Alien, of 1' niton street ; Armchairs, l'lated Warn, Beer Pumps, Regulator, Glassware, Ac. Among the stoci: will fx' f iitnd two n'lanc e&iikt if pure Brandy, Ales, Wines, Segar*. Ao. Hale positive, as tha properly la to be improved. Tll*r SECOND UALB OP FPRNITI' RE-GI R A RD Mi use Ph'.liid*'lpbla? will tike place on Tuesday inirn lni'. 19th Instant, at ten o'clock, ?nd <- >mp:l ? *oia? of the. ben I'ail jr abd t t umber Ftiruiture of the. establishment. M. THOMAS A SONS. Auctioneer*. n; M. WITTERS, A UCTIONKER? HARDWARE. MB V f clismcs'loois, A't. ? On Satu-day, at Ui'i t'dow, tbe cor.teiiUoi the store Nj. HO (Jree- wtch etivat, near Spring, roinpnfing a general assortment of Hardware, ' ools, Hanea. haws, Lock*. k?y<, Ac., Ac The whole positively wlth.iut any reserve. MEW PUBLICATIONS. A WORLD OK FASHION FOR ONLY PIVB CKN*S ? J3l Mme. DKMORKSI'R <iuart??rly Mlrrnr of Kashions, ? prlng uumlier; nearly Hill engnu lugsot the now and ivllabie Ihiri* sfrltig laxhi ui* for bonnets, cloaks, dreiaen, waists, riei vex, trimming', Ac., Miib full i-epirt lor milliners, dsns* makers, and Udts> generally. Sold ecervwimre at FIVE CENTS. LADIF8 WILL FIND ALL THEIR INQUIR1R8 IN KE irard to the (irev ?tUog Hprinjj Fashions ..n*nered In the spring nunilKir of Mme. DKMOKKST'S Onarterlv Mirror of Fa>-l.ionf, now reaoy. Dre-ismakc's. milliners and mothers cannot do without It. Fold e\ eryw here at only live eeuts. MIMICAL.. AMAGNiriCBNT bEVRN OOTAVB ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for salo? Richly enrted legs and cur. fnU Iron p'-a.e, round oorneis. Inlaid with anUnwood; overstrung bass, inlaid with r-arl and p<-arl keys; made to order for the present owner by city makers; fully guaranteed fo. three yea.-* oeen in use but fl.e months : cost $600, will be sold i or 934V). Including Stool aud 0<>ver. Also, eiersn. Drawing n*>ra nun, coal ?MU, for $100. Inquire at V We> Twenty auth street, near Sixth avenua. A GREATLY IMt'R/)VRI? IMANOFtlRTE. Lit ? HTI! A BKADBl'RY, Marufactiireraof anew senile of overstrung lias*, paten*. Insii '?ted, ful' Iron frame, grand and square I'lancloi t?. No. 421 Broome street. PianiM to u t. Alio 1 T HI \ MONTHS AGO 1 PURCHASED A HPLRN did new style parlor 1 irand 1'iano, lie*-, nnker, at a cost of$ vilieA*h. "onuii'S change, and Hie present panic forces neUtseil my Piano. le-idy rnousv will buv it. I he gicueet bargain ever olepyl in New York. A cash C'is'onief will receive attention. Cat', at 68 Lexington avenue, corner of Twenty sixth street. A LADY FROM EUROPE. WHO STUDIED UNDBR tbe best masters theie.. wishes to attend at tbe residence of oue more finishing pupil on the pianoforte. The hlghe*' reterencs and le-t ruouials ran be given a- 1 1 liera'nUty and eompetencv in perteeiln^ them In that branch of :!ieir educa tion. T. rrn*, |L. is-r luon u. Ad.lif?s E. A ; Herald 0ilK? A GREAT BAKtiMN- ROSBWOOD OOTAVT. P1ANO forte. lu perfect ortlei, made H Mr ius k Hsrha, and of mort heanilful lone, for flW cash, if ptin-iiasMl within twa day-, at the finnltiire packing establishment 074 Sixth ave nue, near Fortieth street, day or evening A GREAT BARGAIN? ROSEWOOD (KrTAVB PIANO forte in nerfeet order, made bv Nunn' A FIh her, and <f mo*l beautiful lone, for tt? cash, if pnrcli*.sed within two dsys a* ihe furniture oacking estanlisninent. ?7tf Sixth ave nue, near Fori If h street, cay or evening. ^ 1H1CEER1MQ * SOS'H GRAND HQl'AJRR AND UPBIOHTP IAWOM, DM Broadway, Mew Tor*. FKKK ''LAPSE* FOR TUE vjoi.IM A WD KLDTB nnj T?<itr*d*v evening, at ft o'clock. tor genu, and on Saturday morning, at it o'elock for born, at 28H Bowery; also on Wednesday evening, rimr of rorty-fourtli Mrwt nod Eighth avenue, free lor all Pltmia Iwaom g i m at either place (or at the rcanlence of the pupil) on the l'iano. Violin, *r.. Haiioa foi M'e and to let, at $2 permortb. A good Tu nrr * anifd ft. H.-- May yti-'en I'aity at e?eh pl-toe every Bail imlay at 10 oY lock, free, to pi act k* for their grand Con cert. JU A. A (1 M. BRw.lAMtM. HORAOC WATERS' MI'HIC <T'tRR, 333 BRO ? OWAT, tu be loin down? iTorth atreet to be widened -In oon- e. qncnoe of whit h the *vteti?lve atock or Plat.oa, Melaleoaa. Aie\atnlre Organr, and all kind* of Mu?teit Hep. h uidVei w, 1 be mM at euretwlv to>v prlcva Kir o'tave m y n i banu liaiHie at $4(1; 6'. octave, $1UU, $\ ootave. $1J0; acrea oc tave, $.Ui WVM) oc tare been uae?l but a few month* $l?ft; terra octave UlWtt .RoUtn t'Uno, ?lo;;.-ii,tiy car-ed, price ?0 naw, w1!l be Mia 'or $.H8; acoonl tiand Melodeoaa, $11 $?? 1 wetity new mven oeiave rianoa md ten new Mi-lo deon* to rem. and rrnt allowed If trirrba?ed. Nor.ihly pa; HiWimliN for Piano* and MMnH -ft ir P17BU8HBD? T1 1 E "IRIHH BKIUADK <VOA!? ?J rale*, ul b a apiendlil IKhograolilc puirait of Major Reilly, Itip hero of p|ml> to and commander o! the Utah Jtrtwrie In Tiulir, arranged f or the pt?no bv T. O SSIllvan Prtei P? ei u> M l>*t.\ 'H Mu?le aioiw, lltOrand atrwet. MA.'OR ANDERSON AMD HIH WiKK. -"THR LABT farewell," a new lialiad, written by R. Bu-n?, coat poecdbyii. (V P. Nugeot - Tht? Kt m line the rare rec 'tn an tidmi >n of beautiful wonl? and an egquiatte rrvlmly com bun d. and mimt booome popular -Review. To be had of all ?)? nlc ?elleu Alao the ''touwnof l>a>" p^ika, Mazurka, ill .' ruled by i-rml-- Urn to L*dy faliacraton, nwy bo bail at D'lDAoRfli'a, Mo. ? A?t?r plaoe T>IANO?.? MXTV PIANO* -XIX Hi A.ND 7 OOTAV18 I foi $38. $*>. ??',$!*>, $U0, $U?. ???!, t:a, and one for wortb or In loU to cilt ilo- 1. ule, a* t icy must Ite dUpoaed of irr'oodm ;?ly. li.1 atcnu. A, comer of Tftilh mnet It <iO!i/.AtiR/>. TO riAMOPOBTB MAfO;FA?.'TrKKR8. AC. -A PI \NI*T, a good ini('ro?l?. r, Uf fifthly ar pi tlnU'd nltb lh? railotta of mnele. and a brlUiant perfoeiner, <l*?lr?>a to ghe a ??rle- ot verformv ee? to ahow olT the napnbllltlea of tlio Inatrnmenta: tennweratlon not K> inoch an obJ'<ot; beta al?. I mn>p>"etit to anangr mualc for an or Heat ra, and would 1 i?>e no objection to att ?? leader. Addrtaa, aiatlns 1 nil |>ar mpter, Herald otlu*. ??f* PIAXOFOPTEB, THKKE WITH PRARI. KEYS. Zt I an 'I I wo Melidi oaa, to let at $2, $2 AO, $ 1, $.1 Vt. $6 and $7 ?? r.iontU, or f?* aale at $31 $ti) i,h, $JO .mil ?V?i enclt; and mnaH: 'atight by I'ro^ DUMStJAY, 2}f) (Irani street. A. DAltCfWe 4CADKMI KM. JKjdWoRTH'H DAMOINO AflADEMIKH Mo Proailwxy, Hew York. Niv I.IT Moni.igiteaueet. Biooklyn. Wtilne-H ?ni< ?atindt\s In New York. Mondara nnd Tbur"dot?, rtica lnj' mid iVotaya In Brroklyn. Ctrwnlar- of t? rma. A' , lnay be l ad at >lther Academy HAN'O AND Hi. DANt INi:? TAI ?)MT MY 1. B'HIAM, 171 K Tve nh atrar* a' vie. p"r leaxon Itanjaec-in atari1 h "? band ai>d made to order. i'*ll and Judge of bla ablll'li ? Madame furvAiEitra da vn?m acadrmt, tjci Broadway. I* open for ctaaa?>?or M >"1ay, WiMimmi; am' l'rida? ? veologa, fr"m? till ill. AI?o. Ti">*V?j, Thnwi ' and Saturday aftcrrio. I ?, from ;i Mil H Fveni i n, for g.-neral praet're, m-m f ii> II o c ?t urano reunion lo-r.^hi. ?oauww a?p unkusci. A LABOR, HANDSOME ROOM, ON rqiRU FLOOR, to let, wttb Board. to cn'lem-n or a gentknnan and his wife; dinner tl to o'wcU.. h >uae h*? all the raudern impr >ve aieuta. References exchanged. Apply at 64 Heveutfc avenue, three door* fro in Fourteenth Mk A FEW BEAUTIFUL ROOMS, WITH FIRir I'LAJW Bew Kaclmad Bo*r<l, ml 6? * est Nineteenth street, eor u< r of Mil Ik avenue. A SMALL FAMILY, DBHIBOiJH OF BrtDCOINO Ex penses, will let to two Hlngi* gentle men two Parlors, hh petbly furnished, with smalt Room* ttitcM. with or with out foB or partial Roard. Will let the whol? to two friend*, or divide If required. i^scauou m view of Union square. Ad drees box 2,916 Post oflloe. TO ROOM Bef ere Due* exciiang e<L ?" of ir ^??y- It* Spn^ .t^e' wssfl^^jpneias- ? aS? A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A H tND aome front Room, on the second floor, to two gentlemen, with or without Board Inquire at 30 Weat Tenth atreet, be tween Waverley place and Oreenwleh avenue. aM^?aaa3usa?ss A PLEASANT SI? IT OF PARLORS AMD BBDROOMS will lie vacant early n?i t week. families wlshltg Boartl In a fli'st class house can < .11 at 83 East Twenty eighth street. Al.w a Ileum for a single WBttHMNi Dinner at 6 o'clock P. M. Krtcreiices exchanged. No moving in May. A FEW PURN1SHBD ROOMS TO LET? IN RP1TS OR singly, to gentlemen only, wlih breakfast If desired. in a flrat class house. Apply at 44 ninth atreet, near Fifth avenue. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING I'ERM A nently In an agrocalilo locality, will iM a pleasant, well furnished Room to a gentleman and wire or two gentlemen. Board If deaired. Oaa, batli, Ac. Mo. 66 East Twelfth street, nea Bnadway. A PRIVATE FAMILY WHO OWN A HOUSE WITH the modern improvement*. wlah to lei with Board, two small Rooms or two large handsomely furnished Rooms to gentlemen or gentlemen And tbelr wives, at 24 i Madison street, between aefferson and Clinton street*. A HANDSOME PARLOR ON FIRST FLOOR, TWO eonnesting front Rooms, and a larg Room, suitable for gentleman ana wile, to let, with Hoard, at No 21 cevonthave nue; house contains all Improvements and fe* boarders. No moving In Ma>. A YOUNG LADY, OF MITCH EXPERIENCE IN teaching, wishes to procure a position, "?here instrao tlon In Music and the hn^lisn branches would be equivalent for Uoaid. 1'i.cirt ptiouuble references. Addrevi A. R., llcruld olllce. A LADY, WITH UNEXCEPTIONABLE BK TERENCES as to housekeeping and respectability, who has bean accustomed to live in oroforUible style, wishes t) neg> late with a party of gentlemen or one or two rm&ll fa allies te rent a l ouse in a ceniral locution, unfurnished or partlaUy furnished, and take tae rent In hoard Apply to E. LAW EENt'E A (To , <1- East fourteenth street. In ion suture. BOARD ? A LADV WHOSE OCCUPATION" IS NURSING, v. ishes Board lor lier i .in, 13 year* old, and herself when not engaged out, in a respectable family Addicts W. H. Megron, >o. 2tt Broad street, N. V. BOAWD WANTED? FOR a GENTLEMAN AND LADY Board for the lady only ; a nicely I'urui.-ihiHj room, with Ike modern loiriwiMnti, In required. Address Spam, U r kill square Post olliee, nt?tirg particular*. BO A Hi* WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, BY A TOUNG gentleman, In a reipe stable privii e family, when he ran feel himself at home a Oa:ho!io finally preferred. Terms moderate, at d wl'.hln len nunutoi walk o:' lli ?; Athen ?sum. Address Jullen, Brooklyn host ollloe Board wanted.? wanted, by a young man, a f urniHh' a cr nufurnishe.d lloom, ou the second floor of a class Iioum'. Table to corn > pond References ex changed. Address A. Herald ofli' c Board wanted? in a private family <wkehs no tuber boarders arc taken), for a gentleman, wire, bal,.v aud nurse: a r"arlorand rtcdniom, neatly furnished, on iivund floor, front, o a Imhw <onUluinfc-ihe modern iioprore mem*. Location uetwecii Fourteenth and Thirty fifth xtre in and Second and .ilxih avenues. Address, staling tortus, A . D A. N.. box 144 Herald om<-e. Board wanted? in twenty-third street, be twecn fclghth a Mi Tenth aiont'ae, by a genUemui and wife. Address II. L. S , Broadway font ullice. Board wanted-in tbb lower part of the cltv, or iu Brooklyn, near the ferries. References ex changed. AddreM W box 192 Herald olfioe. A o^hfdRimm Dwit^ n;K man desirp . above fii Hiuj ,tr<s. t r i"*"1 for lh.> lady onl?t, R eluding Ore and ?. '*> moderate J. i A l,"u tlJt a, stated Board wanted, on north side op ctaten Island. ? A gentleman wishes to Board wl'h a prlvatA fsmlly, within fifteen minute*' walk of one of tbe rerrbw, where lie can have the convenience of keeping a dog. Ad drew, ttaling tetnis, box tkki I'ost oUiee. Boarding? a pew respectable gentlemen and ladles c.>n be aonoiumodatcd with Board at XU Hud * m street ?'? V sriwi Boakd in Brooklyn. -a gentleman and wirg, or two single gentlemen, okii be accommodated wltii t vo large front Room* on the sacood floor, and Board in a prh ate family, at lt< Nassau street, Brooklyn. Board in brooiIlyn-in a pleasant, quirt '?11 llv, two NR handsome Parlors on second floor. In a first clasa bouse, with all the modern improvements heater, gai', and bath room attached. A 111 be let singly or in suits to ??*i?factor> parties. For particulars aadrans ?. H., Brooklyn Post uflicce. . Board in rrooklin.? pleasant booms. pur nt?li?d or tint utul-ibed, In a good 1'ictUon, Ave m notes walk f rom Sout j ferry ; dinner at six o'clock. Apply at W7 Amity street. Board in Brooklyn- within five MiNures walk of Wall street fcrrj . A gentleman and his wife can be aocouiBMxlated with a larie aaa p eisant 1 root Room on the *e> nd tb>or. niotly furnished. Also a hall Rooui, for a single gentleman. Apply at 130 Usury street, between i'lcrre p>nt and Clark nrwt Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and wife 01 mingle gentlemen can lind pn-aiani Room 4, with full ? r'.artlsl Itnnjd at 1S1 Pacific street, between ilinon and 1, .iry street. No children taken. Hot and cold ns^r in '.he rooms Near 8outh and Wall street ferries. Board wanted in Brooklyn? by a family requiring three rtioma, on or be. ore April 1. Address, giving location and other particular.!, W. D., box 177 Herald ofllce Brooklyn iibiobtb.? ? large room, suitable for gentle.mi n, to let with i loa. d , also, the Sen inil Floor; will be vacated the flrst of Apiil; ruferenoes oxobanged. Ap ply at 87 Henry street, Biooklyn. Brook lin ueiobte-a pltasant room, with |?rtial Board, ,or two gnatlemen (bo? S oaly loin I (uare? from the W all airoet feiry, ma.v l>e had. In a private famllr, by e*rly app tcatlon. 61 .loralenmn street, first house abo*e Hicks, A pleasant home guaranteed. Terms moderate. Brooklyn heio its -to let, with board, in a small fntully, the 8e< unci l'io?irs, together or w |iarate,y. Call at 27 Poplar xtreet. K<Hleru im.irovcment# lu the bouse. Reiervn?? exchanged. BO*J?HKRH AOOOMMODATBD-IN CITT OR CO UN tr?. \ddr< ?<< A. O. .lon??, 390 Buoadwav. Pnmlliei and hotels bavim.' vacancies should sen a partlct Jars. W nted im mediately, lour or tlve fnrnlnhod Rooms, b?'tw?en Thirtieth and Bleeeker ntroets. Erery one looking tor Board or Boat d ersean be suHrd. (^HEaP r URN IMBED ROOWH FOR fHNQLE GKNTI.B 1 men atTheC lub, 16 llmuton ?tre?t. four doer* from Broadway, east ild*. Tbrt** or four i:c?'.l?men who wish to be of one party * 11 find it to their'sp* to gtve tne a ?all. <?. R. BROWN, pripriator. C1BKAP FUKWItiHrD ROOMH AT THE FRANKFORT ) Utilise, e? ru?r o: trjukiurt and William streets ?Good R<? >m? from $1 to f t )*r v.eek f^o lglng* finm srata t.> 3J emita per algkt. tife-n all DiRbt Onod natMd >?t |MMM4 f OCNTRT BOARD- IN, xTHDCTION AND THE COM * forts of home for It 'le girl- rnt\ be obtained wttb a lady folding In a bealihy loeallTn, 27 miles from Ne ? York S? tlsfactory reference riven Aid' ess Instruetlon, Middle town Point, N. J. (lOUNTRTBOARD AT! \?VRK*r KVIJ,LE, AT \ F \ HM J hi 'use. jbout two miles irowi tlie Moariera mm bate the tins ol bor?e and carnage. Apply at 34 We* Ninth ?ireet. }PLBUANTLY K KNIRURD ROOMS IN BROADWAY Ij to Let, by lie v r, on Prut or third flooe; an eieel.ent O) portunlty fm ge. i,. 1 ieu dcwritig peiuinnetit and superior qnai-ter*, In the mo?' ntstfll loentton. No. OKI, abore Twelfth street, or will be let for biudnens purpoeca. ?f.^HPVCII BOARD- I ItENOIl I.ESSONR.? TO LET, TWO l1 Itmms in a Paitslan f.?mlly, where F retiCto only Is ?pakrn. Apply at M Ka-it Twentv second strei't. annutMNED ROOM WANTBD? BY A GENTLEMAN, Jr unmarried, in a *mali private tamlly, where t!i?re an no othf t boarders, for wbtcii a liberal price will be paid. Add.'eas 'Hlisnrer.'' Herald oil, re H- ANDROMELY F "RMM1IED ROOM.* AT 134 WAYRR >? 1 plate, suitable for g' utieuen and their wife* or Min gle gentlemen. Dluner at six o'el jck. Reloreunr- gl.en ami required. HOBoKBN.? OtR OR TWO OF NTLEMRN OA N HE aorotiiinudat?*l with Board In a Herman prlval' family, at No. 'j t liilord plan- Gaod refertft ss required HOBttEfN, TWli MINUTES' WALK FBOM THK FER ry.? Tolet. famished, srtthpanlal B.mrd, rery pieaeiat Apartm?nU, to one or two >dntle g mlemen. al irsrv nuide rsie rates Apply 10 R Belds-in, No. '.il Lllxinv ?t'e?et, N. Y , up stairs. Hotki. lodging* -clean \nd comfortable s Inqle and Double Kooms, fr ?n $1 to C1 IB a week, or twenty -lira eetit-i n nlih', at No. "'<> Prinee stren. < orner of ThomiiKon. Menlp stall hour* Strnngers and others will lind tnl* a ermvenl-nt ptai* to ?tii|i St. TN BROOKLYN? A PLEABANT, FUENIRHBD ROOM. I to a gentleman of respertxbllUy and retired liabltt, In a sj-tT?te family. Relerenon required Ia<iulrr at 77 Pui'on prenite. Near sixth avence -one f?R two obntlbmbn ea 11 (Will a Ki?>d i,ome si ft.' WM T re?iy eighth MrMl; modern improvements in the houae; the best of rafereiir>>? ; terms moderate. OINOLE OENTIiBMEN < AN HE mUITED WITH PLEA jj sarA Rooms, with breakfast and tea, In a private family re*i(*1i>g In a small first elsss housa, containing all th? modern imr-n reirents Beat of reference given and prqnire<l Au ply tt Jp Hajnmend street. ?MlliTO MP LODOIIO. TWO TOrNO OBB TUBMEN ABB Diuieevs OF OB tittlDi a nicety 'urntahed toons wit* II >nl m a irtVBU family. Location between Eighth and Twenty aftb street* West sld<* preferred T?rm* n H to e> ceed $10 uer weofc f jr txth. Address J B- B., box I.W2 Past ottk? rLKT-HANDKO.MBLY FURNISHED BO"BB IB A ? trli tty private family, with or without Hoard, tn do*r% ftmn Union square. AddressJ B 8., box 1.214t Postottce. <SO -ORKAT REDUCTION IB BOABD.-OOM V><2 OU. fortable Rooms, with good Board, 11 m to $3 a wtak and upwards. A nk* parlor with piano ami families suited 48 Llapeuard street, Mar Broadway Watchman all Light, mid lodging* for marriad sr single gen 8 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, TUREE DOORS FROM, Broadway ? Furnished Koums to let, with ar without partlad Board OOTII STREET, THREE BOORS FROM FIFTH AVE . i: uu* ? A lady. having u>k> o these houses 'ruin the lat or May wishes to negotllaui with p ix ie.- who desire Beard id a, flrst class location and house. Apoly at No. 34 West Ninth street. Also. some Apartment* in Ninth street to let, frou. now until Bay 1. ?7 WIST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN BROAD O l way and Fifth avenoe? Two or three aeleet famitte* and three or lour gentlemen can now be a wommodatad with wits of Room* on second and third tio?ro, la one 0f the moe*. delightful locations in the city. Table Aral class. Reference" exchanged. dfi WKFZ. ?IXTEBNTH BTBEBT, BETWEEN FIFTH TU and *ixtti avenues ? A ban- somely f urnlahed auit of Boom* on second floor to let, together or separate ; alao a sin gle Room, with or without board, in a Brat elaaa bourn, with a rrtnch family, refcrenoes ex* banged; no moving in M ?y. TUIRD AVENUE? BET WBBN TEfTH AND Kleventh hi recta, several lvrge and small ne?t>y for niaUed Room*,* lib or without Board Houae haa gas, bath, Ac On ST. CLEMENT'S PLACE. MACDOUQAL 8TBBBT - LI I Pleasant furnlahed Koom a to let, with partial Board, for single gentlemen or two together. 7Q EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY 4 V and Union square.? A spacious front Baaemeat, eon talning two large oloaeta, gsa, hot and cold water, Aa., W. let, either to a physician or dentiet as an office, or to a gentleman and wife; also two ranfoi table Rooms for single gentlemen ; dinner at 0% o'clock ; references exchanged. QQ GREENE BTEBET, ABOVE BFEINO? ALSTON t/O House. Elegantly furnished Holts of Racraa, gas, Croten, and every convenience for housekeeping eesnomi rally Particularly suitable for small, respectable families or single gentlemen. Rent low to permanent tenants. QQ HPBINd HTP.KBT, OPPOSITE ST. NICHOLAS t7?7 Hotel, ad joining the Prescott House.? Maadsome fur nishrd Booms to let. The house has all the modern improve ments. Ne moving on the 1st ef May. 1 AC W006THK HTRBET.-A MAN AND HIS WIFE lvu and a few gentlemen can be accommodated with good Board and pleasant Rooms, hath and gas. Tenia mo derate. llfVBLBBCEBB STREET, TWO BLOC BE WBBV 0* i-LU Broadway ?Rooms, with Board, from $4 W> $M per weak ; wlthont Board, f romfcl no to $8 pw tmi r si mas lit and transient boardera saasirsodatad 1 ce PRINCE BTREET? BT. CLAIR HOUSE. ? BLE" 1UU gantly furnished Rooms, with Badrooms attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, includ - ing gaa and Oroton water, to let to rcsp? tablh families or sin gle gentlemen. 1Q9 BLBECKBR STREET, NEAR MACDOUQAL. IV Ci Handsomely furnished Rooms to lot, with Board, suitable for families and single gentlemen All the eon vemences of a hotel, with the comforts of a home. Table well supplied. Dinner at six. No moving In May. QOl BROADWAY -A WELL FURNISHED FRONT O^i L Parlor and adjoining Bedroom tn lot, to single gen tlemeu only. Apply at 49) . East Twelfth street, northwest corner of Broadway. HObSKH, KOOJM9, Alt;., WAIVTBD. A HOUSE WANTED? FOB A HKIJ4CT FRENCH Seminary; parties haviDg daughters for the aohosl pre ferred; this U a good opportunttv, aa the suhoot Is fully ea lalilishrd ; good reference will be given. LOUDON A CO., 170 Fourth avenne. A FURNISHED ROOM. WITH FIRE AND OA 4, WANT ? ed? For a lady without board; Brootlyu preferred. Address Morton, Brooklyn Poat otllce. A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE WANT TO HIRE 'A half a House, and with those like themselvos, where there will he nu other par. lea in the house Arc willing to pay trom $3.rit> to $..r>0 runt, and want a good I oration, Ac., or would be willing to Join a party and hire a house to di vide It. Address, with referents, 4c., A. B. C., care of 8. II. Grant, Librarian, Mercantile Library. /COUNTRY RESIDENCE WASTED? BY A FIRST \J class party of two person*. A small bouse. pleasantlr located on or near the water preferred, wi h a garden,, fruit, Ac. Rect about $130 per tinnum. Immediate MM ?ion wanted. Apply to F I EET A flO , S'JO Broadway. IfNOINE AND BOILER? WANTED, A GOOD PECOWD 'j hand Fn^ine and Boiler of about ten borie i> ?wer; loco motive boiler preferred. Call or addrexs, with full partic ular* and lowost cash price, Peter Dttryce A Co., 315 tiresn - street, N. ?. HOrt E WANTED.? ANY PEReON HAVING A HOUSE, tu a dcelrablo neighborhood, worth from $12,000 to $16, COO, and willing to exchange for a stoek ot good Jewelry, may adcre*g A. U., box 1,770 Post oQloe. HOUSE WANTED-A THREE OR FOUR 8 TORT House, with all the modern Improvements, Vet ween Sixth and Twentieth street i and Fourth and Fifth avenoea. A lease for three or four years required. Address C. D., Leader ollice, 113 Nassau street. ^ I OFT WANTED? SUITABLE FOR A PUBLICATION J oflioe, between Chamber* and Broome and between . Church and Elm *t reels. Must )>e a first loft, well lighted, and with privilege of acce?? to a vault to place the office nooks In at night. Apply to LEONARD, SCOTT A CO., M Golc street. PART OK DOUSE WANTED? FOR HOUSEKEEPING purposes, by a famllv of three; say the Second Floor of a sfnteel house, pleasantly located, above Fourteenth street. Address, stating terms, J. C. Williams, box >,709 N. T. Pos. office. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED ? IN THE UPPER PART of the city, with all the m >dern conveniences, by a fa mily of four grown persons and one child, a boy lu years aid. Satisfactory references given and required. Address M. B. I>., box 1,343 l'ost oliice. ' TtrANTOD-IN THE UPPER PART OF THE ?ITT M (west slde>, Apartments, with modern conveniences, tr a bouse with but one other family, by a gentleman, wife, child and servant. House must be in good order and re spertable neighborhood. Possession required by April 7. Rent not to ejceed $180. Address, stating parUculaia, Delta, station A, Spring street tag the convenience* of a gentleman's residence. Address, i stating terms, locality, advantages, Ac., A. B. B., box 7M Past stlss, New Tork. TV ANTED? A SEAT, COMPACT ANB WELL FUR ?T nlshed House wanted, from the $rat of May, for one Sear, by a small careful family (no children), on Hroeklyr [eights, or not further south (than Conrress stnwt. Ren f torn $700 to $9L0. Address J. C . box J.81S Post otlice, New fork < WANmD-FROM THREE TO FOUR YEARS, A House suitable for a flint class boarding bouse, betweer Fourth and Sixth avenue* and Ninth and Thirtieth streets No answer unlet-* premises are In good order and rea pec table neighborhood. Kespondcnt* will please enclose permit. Ad dress U. T , box l,Sal Post Rent not to exceed $1,000. Wanted by a physician, <a fellow of the New Y..rk Artdnnv of M?diclnei, a Reception Room it an Enclleh basement hntua, for an office, with gas, hot and cold water, and warmed with hot air. Location between Tut tu. ill and Tlurlr lourth KTeets, and Fifth and Seventh avenues. Address K. M. D., 130 Franklin *rset, In the dru? store, WANTED-PART OF A llOUftK. BY THE FIRST OP M*v comprising ihree or l our rooms, for two persona. Leiufttun to be east of fourth avauas, near Twentieth street Addres* bex *08 fost ojtt. \17-AMBD-ACOTTAr.R HOUSE IN WILLI AMSBURO. tt with xarden. not orer fifteen minutes' wa?k from the ferries and near the t ar*. 'I arms not to exceed 1160 to $100 per arnum. Address, fur three days, Preston, hoi 113 He 111 U1 OH ~ WANTED TO RENT? IS BROOKLYN, NOT FAB from f'nlion fmy. h? the 1st of Mav, a small Cottage t Hou?e. In ffo?d order and In s good asifhborhood. Rent must not exceed $iWP a year. Address B. C., box Id Herald office, giving i uil particular* and where house Is altnated. XT ANTED TO RENT ? PART OF A FIRST CLASS ft House. In theupperpait or the dty. by a small family of three amiiis; rent must lie moderate. Address D , bos ITT. Herald oillre. I vSTHlUTIO!f jTcaDI ^IEH of l'ENM w i^rewdv* wssasi . * ? tion givan. Hall fw C4r,"UllU*" OLIVER B GOLDSMITH IT $2 B0- WRITING, ? LRBSONS: BOOKKEEPING f\ $10, lesson* unlimited; Writing and ArlthmMa, $10 |>er 7n lessons, each ; ? Bowery. New York, and ?t3 Fultoa street, Brooklyn. Krcm ei-Oov. S. W. King ?"My sons and daugh ters a'tend'.l Col. Paine * Academv to my entlr* satis "aotlou. ills plan of Instruction I* systematic and expeditious." UIOR EUROPE.? AS EXPERIENCED TUTOR W L P start (D. Yj la Nay with a limited number for a through tlreat Britain and Ii eland. Holland, Belgium, ' tns ij. Prussia, Anstria, Italy and Franoa; be is faa^liar ? all tne objects of In ?re?i, and able to act as ck-erone, yale pla?c, and Instruetor The e?peu?e will not exce ed $b ? which may 1* taken In cin-ular notas payable on the returr of the peiiy. R?'f>'iente wl!' be gi\ -n to the g?ntl?inen r " ?cc.<;ut>amcil the adiertlser last .ummer Address Sigma, I 1*? H'-val'l oilloe ' 7 T * f .! AN LA NO U AO K ? A PRACTICAL, SHORT ASP JL rssv method, only adapted fer those desirous of slag' Italian operas with a pure scr-ent French, Spanish and lian lessons of Oramioar. an 1 s superior oourae of thstr I ml ire, mav be had at the Polyglott Institute, SU Broad* t 'all tb< re' V.etween II end 5 P. M , or at Sn^3 Wnshlai place, bctaees A and 7 P M. L. P ALMA DI CESNOL I AOII I' AND OENTIjPMKN? THE BROOKLYN i J ing ^ch<K.l opens on Monday, March |H. First daau s r;tup< men ?. m rhamefo- tear lilng children ; largest hall h the eity Improved Skstes for sale. Oornor ol Court aa' B< msrn strreia -M ? 11 ' .i.ii me i in . , SPANISH AND FRENCH LANOUAORB T4UGHT I* O Brooklyn -Pr(?ate lessons and eissees hy Iwn native ?eacbers, prntessors at the best schools of tbe eltv. Boardin* for two gentlemen, with labilities lo practice, at the teachers' residence, 76 Kultoa avenue, two block* t n>m the City Hall. Brooklyn. SPANISH TEACHER? WAJTTBD, BY A YOUNG MAN, a Ijedy Tea. her. None need spply hut those w ho oar > give lessen* In til" eren in* Addreai, stating terms, ? D. Cro?>k*' Hotel, AO Chatham iirsat. THE SPANISH LANGUAGR IS TAUGHT, A 4 HBRR lofore. by CIPRIANI) GOKMN, at Clinton Hall, Aatoi ' place, library floor, room No. 7, where applicants are request ed toenll ft >m 1 U. I*? o dock, or to ? o clack, P. M. ?cnn ??inn W> -SCHOOL OFFICERS, TEACHERS and others ?A lest her, whose reputatloa placet him In lb e Imnt rank* of hla pr/ssstoa. will pay the above sum* to any one to htm the prtnclpalabwof a tmbltc acho.1 In this e(ty or rldnlty. HsiarT $l,aiff>. $!.?? or $1,000 Address I'nmipal, care t?x 3fts Brooklyn Foist ofltoe. WIKK* AlfD LIHUOBI. i EA$T INDIA PALE ALB-LAST TEAR S STOCK, TWO ' hundred hog?hea<ls for sale at a radnetlon. In aoasr ' nuenee 4 removal from vaults So. 2 Sew street <>? 1st of Hay AptSy to MF.NRT C. CoMfKB. *ol? Sgenl far Bad ?MB* rbJtodelpUt Ale. 7? Cedar stmt,