Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8956. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1861. NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. -t ? ? INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM TEXAS. Movement* of the United States Troops. The Question of Evacuating Fort Sumter. MV CAM ir BE ACCOMPLISHED ? The Perplexities of Mr* Lincoln and His Cabinet* 1 Secret Agfot to be Despatched to England and France. The Organization of the New Territories. ? THE CONFLICT FOB THE SPOILS, JWi| lM<) iMt IMPORTANT FROM TEXAS. W.MinifOTO.t, March 17, 1WL Lieutenant Putnam, of the army, arrived here last ?vaclng fiom Texas, with d< ratchea to the government from Colonel Waito. I.ieuteoant P. left lndianola on the 1th inat. Cokn.c-1 Waito had received Instructions to VithArcw the troops from Texas, and was arranging to eonceuraie them at lndianola, where they were to em Lurk on board vessels and prooeed to such destinations as the government might determine. Ail the property of the United States, including stores, ?applies and munitions of war, were in the hands of the Coir? if* toners appointed by the Texas Oonventlon to take charge of them. The Commissioners, however, had al. lowed the necessary supplies to send the troops out *f the country. Colonel Waite would remain until the entire force had left the State, when be Intended to return to Washington and report unless otherwise ordered. A gentleman concocted with a leading mercantile house la New York arrived bere to day dlreot from Bracost, having left there on the 7th Inst. I have obtained from him seme Important facts In regard to affk re on the Rio Grande. Be left New Orleans on board the Arizona, which piles between New Orleans and the Brazos San tiago, which vessel is owned by Commodore Morgan. The captain had sealed Instructions, which were not to be epeneu until at sea. These dtrocted him to wait at ln dianola until the General Rusk, with reven hundred Tex an Rangers under command of Gen. Nlcholds, from Galveston, should pus him, in order that the Rusk mtgh4. reach the Brazis ahevl of him, so that tbe latter should not take the news of their Intentions. He waited two days at In dlonola, ami raw nothing of the General Rusk, wh?>n the' captain, who was indignant at tbo detention, pro ceeded to Brazos. The Rusk arrived soon after an I pro ceeded at once to Braz>aIsUnd, on which there was a military post, "Hh ten or fifteen men and two gans, under command of Lieutenant Thompam. General Nicliolds demanded tho immodtate surrender of the post. Yhompson saw there was no other alternative but to yield, although his gallant little band were for tight. Be insisted, howevor, that the flig should be saluted which was done, and immediately tbe lone star (lag was nUsed amid cheers aid shouts. Lieutenant T. , in sur rendering. only obeyed tho orders of bis superiors. I will take tbem some two weekfi to get rrvdy for de pat to re. The Texas Rangors were stationed all al mg be tween Biazos and Brownsville, watching anxi ?u*ly the movement 4 of the United Stauw troops, and it was anti cipated they would a 'tempt to pre rent the United atates 1 1 nope rrom taking away their stores, mun'tions an) ar tillery. He further represents all'airs on the frontlor to l>e tn a wretched condition. The government bw been placed in possession of the a>>o ,-e facts, tbo Information being at least two weeks later than their last advicos. THE QUESTION OF EVACUATING FORT SUMTER. Wakhwotow, March 17, 1861. IV President and Cabinet are perplexed about issuing lb: order to Mrjor Andorson to ovacuato Fort Sumter. A dozen different plans for tho reinforcing of Fort Sum ter bane been submitted to tbe President, but none of t h.>m seem practicable, Inasmuch as neither mools tbe neoearltjr indicated by Major Anderson in his letter of the 3*th of February. He therein states that be bad only provisions enough at that time to last one month. That t ne wtft empire in ten days. None of the plans presented for reinforcement thorn that any practicable demonstration in that direction can to made within that space of time. Major Anderson states that K an attempt should bo mvio to reinforce the pkao* that the hooeeslonists would trsuntlj throw sach obstacles across the channels as will Vitally preclude the possibility of reaching Fort Humter with a a ngle vessel. The selsnre of a revance cutter by tbe Texas antbori tlea since Mr. l.incsln's ?<"? 'nlstration Is partially ths subject. of at tent lu by C. sldent aod (Jab met, and will be disposed of prompt!} . THE SOUTHERN COMMISSIONERS TO ENO* . LAND AND FRANCE. Waahw;t\?*, March 17, 1M1. Ths appointment by Pres dent Iiarii of three Commis Uorers to rtstt Rutland and Franco for the purpose of securing the recognition by those Powers of the inde pendent government of tho Confederate States has some what startled the I.ioooln administration. It is under ?toed they are aliout to despatch a secret agent to Europe, wfth Instructions to Inform those governments c* tbe policy to be pursued by tin new administration, Ai vl thoreby forestalling and defeating the object and pm V*?-*' the mission of the ftKtharn Commlst'oners. jT>0 , %nw "onr^e is to be pursued respecting other go Ytrnn. X'DU. I)espateht s will probably leave h^rs by special hearer to-morrow or next day for Mexico, for the p' /pws *f hooding off /eflTerson Davis In bis efforts to u.x'iro re c hy the Juares government. THE C< WJLECTlON OF THE REVENUE. Mr. Ctnae a W #ctloc 10 '-he r arenas question at tb? earliest p moment. Tbe exg*nclss of the Southern forts bLw? so far precluded Its full oonsidsraiion, hot as tncy ate nearly met It will come up with'n the m-xt few daj*. 'l wlil ta 11,4 moat delicate, com plicated and con*qu top'1 y?* ?Emitted to the de! liberati >ns of the tab A "?'?>< mlty of oplnton ex lsts, !t is true, among t Vssarmbers that tho duties ahoul I bn roller tr J of tho w* *?' * f'-ates; Out the srays and mean* cf oolkctlon arc e: y*VKi W P mrn lertws stum blu.g fctocka. Tho navnl fores at this timW command is knoivn to be iti ide jua'e to tbe levy & cictoms from <pi&r tor decks and at th-j mVti" ef ths guns ft Is also thought more than p.nA^ila, s like prooss would -esult, not only in iliOU?i^ *!th European powers, but also In civil war, by incK Mg revolution tsts to take the offunsive agMst tho /?i?ral gr.arn msnt AN EXTRA SESSION Of* CONORESfl. *Atmmnomf March 17, 1*61. Tbe cwnWy should not hs surprised ?t hir.- ng of s ra'i of *ti ?>xtra aewon of Congress within tbe next two I werks. Th.1 Pr*stdent an I h s Immediate advtsirs srs .isilj heeon A g mo*e Mikilli of (im al: b:t Imperative necessity of s ie.h a measure. ( Many fjrobh'an |ead?rs hire are wpresalig great ton a> ten v? at the dolay o? executive ?ctton w h reg.rl to Southern forts They *.| say tbe North Is prepared for thi ansa Ion net?t of ?<M {femur, j ths . .ho earlier !twill be accomplish od the better for 1 be administration , m !ta only plaastble, | inexorable necea 1 y ( oad ly ooeea foroe b proerastina- | tion. They ajjirebend dl aatrooa results In the Impend- j ing State and mu ic pal e actions, in ooeeequenoe o t the demoralisation of the party produced by the exhibition of administration weakness. * THE BPOILS. WasBntoro*, March IT, 1861. Already the disappointed office seekers are raining a t furious howl at the manner In which the distribution of the patronage la made. Indiana ai d Illinois have thus far got all the fat offices. The President und four Secretaries from four adjoining States? I llnols, Ic iana, Ohio an -I Missouri ? the Secre tary of the Interior, the Commissioner of Patents, the Bureau of Agriculture, the Commit* toner of Indian Af fairs, the Superintendent of Public Printing and the whole retinue of clerk* are all from Indiana. These con stitute the prlnclpa. bureaus in the Interior Department. It should pioperly be called Depart mtnt of Indiana. The Secretary of the Interior has determined to make no more appointments of clerks in his department for the next thirty days. Be will eqnally ?pportion, la the iLeantlme, the six hundred posl'.ioas under his control among the several states. Owing to the pressure of the citl*?us ol tli* ne vly or ganixed territories who are anx ious to see the'r re.-p-c. tive governments in motion, it has been a (-feed that the nrst appointments to be piss<?d upon by the Castne' daring the present week will be the executive offlseis for Pacot&h and Col jr Ado. Much dissatisfaction Is ex pressed, by those Interested at the prospeot of having broken down Fosters politicians, who are entire stran gers to the inhabitants of those regions, snd want me effioea not so much for their honor or profit as with a view to beirg returned as I'nlted Stiles Seiator utter the formation of the State government, saddled upon >hose Territorhs in the capacity of governors The de sired ropublieanization of the Territories also seems to bo thought e < .re important than their real wants. Considers b!? diversity of opinion will be exhibited in the Cabinet upon this subject. Chase is known to be decidedly op. poeed to the policy of maklcg the Territories politic*) lioorbouscs, while other members are willing to let them suflfcr for the beneilt of neeiy fri nds. The e;r.imb'.e for the Vcw York offices continue as tierce as over. Yesterday Barney sunk for the C?!k) ;tor ship whs down; to day It is up ag ile. The Secretary of the Irciaury Is immovable in his determination to ap point llmney . Simc-on Draper's appearand here, without asking for anything blKsol', caused a'.l aortt of surmises to be mt le. Nye and Wukemsn and Stanton for the Surveyo-ship are still on the ooursc. Tme is called every morning, but at night it is difficult to tell whether the dog or the (ox is ahead. There is little daubt, however, that N'ye will turn ja:k and make h's gime out o* the SUrsha'ahip. Col. Lam on will be nominated for Marshal of this dis trict. The report that his appointment would bo distaste ful to the Judges of the S'jpreni'j Court Is not true, for i hey have assured the President thit thr-y wili heartily concur in any nomination that ho tu<iy mike. Mr. Siermm left here to day for Ohl >. Tlio ballot ing for United 3t*t?s Senator will bo renewed a*. CoIuirmh on Wednesday, when it is believed tha'. Mr. Shermin will be elected. The withdrawal of bis was a trick. Colonel No wall A. Th:mp?ia arrived here from B<? f* to day, stronfly fortilei! for the navy agency of tliat city. Filoita are making by tho Stats street interests to control the Post Office in Boston In 'ho selection of the new- postmaster. One ol? the candidates Inn secretly pledged the State s'.root authorities that he will move the offioe back to State ?'reet. This cannot bo done, Inasmuch as the govern iuent has leas-xl the new l'*t Oiilco in Summer street I'or hruo years. Thoae having auth >ri*y to examine the iwpers here do not ltd. cite their preferences for Mr ''alfrey. |mM( Andrew is far T. I'. Chandler. Tho 1 xttto for the 0(11 ;e is between Dr. Hhelps and dr l'atig Vira. I learn from the behest authority that Dr heljw has tiled the atroagect rocomtnindatious Wnllam A. Howard, Chairman of the Commissi >n to Kargas in 1836. Is to be rosmaeter of Detroit. It is said that Mr. Corw liybas one rliwled t) ?e*pt the ?lev nan mission. Mr. Fay will probably be continued as Minister to -^witzcitanl. Ho has forwarded his resignation to bo sed at the pleasure of the President. But as he is a >ep'iblican. an 1 very popular with the Se'.reiary of State, -'omttor ;<nd others it Is not llkoif that it will be accept id ?I s retention will provo espec'aily welcome to Mr ird, who will thereby escape tho recognition of tho i (alms of F. Hassaareclr. who tf mo?t vigorously pressed ?or tho same pohlt.on by Western Congressmen. It is estltnatvd that there are between five and ten housand applications already for appointments oonncUed ?villi the Poev Office Department. The number of letters daily received is unpreoedentedly large, sometimes mounting to six or seven hundred. Nineteen clorka are ? ngaged ii. attending to them. rhe s implications for emp oyment in the active depart ment of the public serviC" are as correspondingly nu j merous. The Senate has confirmed the sppolntment of Llsut. J Col. I. or en 7/1 Thomas, as AdJ tant General; Major Town I <er.d, as fen tor isxlstsnt, and W. A. Nichols, of tho Dis trict of Columbia: Ruel Iheodore Talbut, B. C. Drum, .las. B. Fry, as usistanU, with the rank of captain. (i. A. Ilall, of the District of Columbia, baa been ap Dolt ted special l'ost Office Agent for Maryland and Vir ginia. MTSCELLANE0U9 MATTERS. Wamcxoto*, March lT,lMt. It t? Mid on good authority that Ifeeara. Crawford and it- j tl>, tbe Oonimiaa'.onere from the S>iith?rn Oongreee, ntertain the strongest hope* of preaervliig the petooful r.iat kt%? 6??.?n the two government?. There Is no uobt but that their diplomacy is Jodloloua. rhe CreaM-nt aad tbe Secret-irlea of tbe War an<l S'a . ailment* wtro '.n^eaaloo at tfca White House this "orotsf. n>- rreetdeat and 6ea. Scott attended chunk la tbe orrnoon. at the cfeeroh of tbe Her. Mr. Hynes. A privet* letter received here from Gen. Oolton, who ? m paaarnger on board the steamer Cncle iam, dated \eapul?o. slates that ehe had broken a "haft ani would ?area ii ao l aa iooo i ll about the fourth o' March, ?w.g oblige.! to run wife one wheel. 8h* wti due at iiat port tb?> 2Ub of February, ai d this na*swH' re eve the apprenenalonH of those wh hai fr;end* < a >"*rd. t > tnm?! ire Oinn.nghina, of tbo Pac'.flc squadron, will -non t>erell\ed, pro j ably by Oapttln Gvdaer. lh< ?>? best informed relativo to Southern movements oia'ly dMradIt tbe report that Kort Pl.-kens hne been tin k?>l, or that sj*b ac f ct w.ii be likely to oc:ur at ,<r? dent. Ujvernor Ronsat , one of the Confederate States Oon o'wlonere, telegraphs from Wilmington that be will be 11 Wai'b ng'.on to-aorrow, u:d that he waa delated by odtaposlltOB. Riovklya Cctjr Rewii Tint Wavhui.ty ? rhi sister city la In < om?'it'oa in enpec* to ber future Mtyor. Hie factious ara d'vuted. prefer this man, and some ahat; but abo la to be ihn fortunate .ndlvidual t<? alt Intiie ha.' oft ho oft ef naglatrato no one can tell. Severa. Are in tbe told; Cat l apoaars that nonora a.-e pretty wa.1 d.rided b*t*??i dr. Kal. f ? i*ch, tbe present, rreaMest of tbe Oirr. aev Ooutrtl, aad ?'r. John A. Dayton, a ruber Mid ng and '*l*atlre an snber 01 tbo IVMid. rfcitb men a'? i"m ra's uMt'ni n r in, but of diffurect stripea. \ ji 'e in< if ?nn I n: ii. >?ta was b< lil at M iuttfi? '?*ll <>u -ituroay eren'.nf , for tbe it ti nat'un if Uayor br the rmonmip. wb*in a tow '.>ik Applies u ai?ie to ine Cb?of of l'oll ie, dr. to ir , wi\ ? ee it. ore' a p im?, wb*i iird?r waa 'Ml ired, and ;i lede-n'o -d out John A. .lax ?a? nominate!, to > ig i ? h > ? ?? on tmverted,*nd *??? f?rroim ?iy thnt tti.-'wwa? uo n ?> nilt ?ll< ?> at a II. Anituet all Mri hnbhie h nr'n ?tif ir I M ??ll, tho proeect '.nci ajbeut, 1* eriiecwd b/ a party U> he re elected. Tna BawntLT^ P.*. worn iw\ ?We are g- it ?' '.he opport m ty to chron eie th< terml jatloa of a il *p :ta ablch, while it baa laO'nted mu jta u?jur? upin tbe p n lit, baa not beneStted the pan i.a 10 it By a aeiwe in ?unthe? oelumi 't w.ll be *?n that U>? ?J?r? r4 ?-i? ltri? biyn Central an<i J*ja.??ja Kaii-aatf <y<m?wm ff. imed the me of F urman afreet. wtxi'- n <1 'hat '.he aettlement will ne p- innwjt aad <fe?* n^ae Air ib baU : c mpanlw wl'l act la hirai my. Ai>a*mwin.'v~-K Dlr.kiaaon merobant, of .laXfamta, **? ?"eaMlnate.1 In J-ffereow i ttyf Uo , >m the Um iaat <1 WM In bin hytV?e, ?lih per*in? tu ?b? room, when h-< Kb jt ihrough tb>; window ^uapioiii tmnal iaiu .u??l-*!ti','mp"ufy"'r,i'2r * l,'? ??? Mr. i nek. "** ?aj dim >?Jt/ w'tlfc any on* THE TROUBLES OF THE NATION. Adjournment of the Congress of the Confederate StatM Until the Second Monday in May. THE SOUTHERN CONGRESS. THIIlTY-riR8T DAY. MONTOOlDtKT, Ala., March It, lSdl Oongr eos met iVayer was ottered by Hot. Bun Manley. The l>aiaiir>sNT laid before Oongraes the following com munication - bavavbaii, MaKh ?? inducted to lay be re the Provisional Coupees the eaoto ?> d ss.1 su w vri?Abw aT?*x,. Cokvk?:tion or Obobgia, j Rav?nn?u, Oa . March 8. trot- ' m* solved. That the people or Ueor#i*. in Oeo*euil.?u anein bled moat heurtlly approvs 'he election by the kongrjas *' vioiiinomi rv of the Hon Jefferson Davis to the 1 real-lsae/ ud SU lion. Alexarder H. Btephnn* to ,> movlMlor al Boverumeut nf ibe OouOde- ate Stat o "Hra SKkm Ho mlauKj. ^ LJiUAR s?MUJ. Mr. Weight, of (ia. , moved thai the coaimuk cat tin and resolution just read bo spread on tho mica tea of Cmgrefss Adopted. Mr. Weight, of Ga. , said that Mr. Henry S'.ebbs, ft citl con of (Savannah, Ga , la now present In this city w'.th nu invention of a breech loading cannou, which h?e received the favorable approbation of intelligent and military gentlemen. He asks to be permitted to plAce a model of hie cannon on tho gecrctary s desk t* morrow looming, lermbslon was granted. ' Mr. Kknxkf, 01 Li, Bat J? Mr. Prssident, I hire no r? solution to offer, but I desire t ? call the. attention of this CoMiese and of the wholo Southern confederacy to an mZanee passed by tkeOonventlon of mih rind which h.u? the delegates of that State with pleasure, bp tbey consider thin ordinance an evidence or the lovalty or that State to the confederacy and ct tus patrioti*ni of lta people, v Wc doe ire to call the attention ot the <Tougr?*B9 to It. believing thit this ordinance wi 1 be received wlih a* much gratideatlon by OmgreK* aa it naa been by the Immediate delegation of thit tito oa this floor. I now proceed to read the ordinanoo: ? AX OKMBABCB TO TBABSSB* CKaTAlS TOSIK TO TUB OOVE ,1V WKt or tub cONi i n ? vtk st?tkm or asbrica. (?eel Ion 1 It la hereby ordaaed, Thai the mini of hurflred and eiKhty nine thousand two kaodred and slltv wven dollars and forty t-l* oe.nta, now in the bands of A J. (iutrt, H .ate Depositary, and known as the Bullion Kund. he transferred to the government of the Confederate ht u'w o. America, and that -aid hta'e Depositary be and he Is hire >y authoi Ixed an<l In* irncled to pay -aul num . upon the order of the Heeretarv of the tlMMO of *ald < oule ler?te Nlatea. Bee. 2. It 1* further ordained. That the Bum of jdo hundred and forty -seven thousand live hundretl and niDCtoen dollars and sluviU cents, twlng th.- balaBe^woajvad ,ly ?**? beixwiury fron the Custom lIoo?e?ne< the Slat or J? unary last. b?- trans^erwi to **!.> <o\ ernment, end paid b? ** d Dt poslWy upon the order of said Hooivuiry. It will b? Men that the aggi ?fatoa?n>nnl tb'? t'ana furred IB $6^6.000, or th^icauuua In order t-> appreci ate Mr. President, fnllv the forco aid morlt of this ordl nuu< e, It is teocenaiy thst 1 RhouM cul! the atteotl? cf (ionereaa to the eoodlUon of our forta and other means o. d. f? nee, when the Stole of 1/>uH1 in i determined to -o ats imc her sovereignly, im-1 Beetle frost tho ftd<-va rnioo. On examination o' the f'irts anil armamen.1 which were d< signed to protect tho l otoraorco of Now Or leans, and the p-operty of the citl?on4 1 of the Stole of l/Hiialana Iroin lnvaaion. It ww found that thtwo fo ta wcie, I was on the point of rayinf, in a dil ipiditod C0.vli Hon TVrhip-". sir, thit sa ty bo .t'?? >lutoi/ irue. hut they had ctrtalnly been vu'y much m ,'ler,^.l by the fb dexul antboritiee In Waabiogton W hiie the for'8 wh'oa pr tected the commerce of N*w York and Boetoaasd other Not tbern marls were and a.e in proper conottK.rt for im me ' laie dtfenoe, ours had boon appi'ortly entirely for gotten by thi War Department at Washington. 1 w? in formed by <;.? Heanregard, at ho po??el through Mxit r ornery on bis way to Ch irlexton, that Woes u Lv-f9 a3 a men's aim were growing oa the pi-ape?: Irit ^ few or the cannon were in pla<v\ and that maoy <>t them hid nn.ther tbe currlagee tvr chjral-B no*eaary for tlielrlmmidlatc nae To place these forto in order required tho expendi ture or a large amo int of money, toutetuw d d n u hnj: tnte a moment as to tbo policy and proprljty of pUt-teg there forto in a slate of defence, " in pr.*' as of being done. Now , fir, 1 bold that thore w lot a tair or candM man who would hare fon id f ? sit wl>h our Stat" authorlt'oa. if they had applied a part * nMef the proceeds of c listen* reoeived at New Or.e ma tor tne defence of our city ; for 1 u?t*l not ijtorin y>u that, in defending New Orleans ami its eoainisi co. I/mlBkuna would hive pro'ec'.?>i that wuloh, if not the very life b'ood or our sysve-n. la c?rU nly o-.e of the great elements or our prosperity. ?t>!t Bach wis the nice sense of honor of tho luiaiedtote roprwen tatlTSS of the people assannMed In oar Stite OmteaVoa at.d til our State Ugtslatuie, that uJl Ui" f inds n? v ?'y lor the sruitug and equlpptag ot our p -ople and the i<r.inir jug of our forts have been supplied nroin ?ur Staw re s .iirnes? (600 000 hsvlDg be?n voted for the formal , ana * thto *Z Sb wwt for .no latter HaV s'r, It Is not sltegsthor for tne purpose of Uu ling the ojHWie of l/uisiana on this suhtoct thai 1 cul jtxir aMMttes t > her or .lnanoe. I beg, hiwever, here to s'ate that ha.- ex simple is worthy of miui-.t 'i, an i 1 1 rwna'lc that as yet ?ho m tb? only SiaUs ihit b ilwufbl |ir.?p?r to place tho I funds accruing from customs, bet*?>n the time OT sac s sion and the f.wmitlon of a new cenfe era ;y, t>> the ere dlt or the confederacy. But, s,r, my princtpU object in caVtoc jour attention the ordinau./B. is to express the hope that this Btarlt of loyally and re;ard or the interert of the whole will bo met by a corresponding spirit of rognrd for our iu tet est atd Us dofwee In case that war or any attempt to change our commerce ahoold bo at Sec., de l by the lately formed Cabinet at Washing u>n. "r.lrott dent I am free to confess that I am one of thoso who t,ld not believe that the new administration moert war and coercion until I resd the iaauguralof Mr. LlnoO:U ; ; and I, si' if he has thefnerve to carry out th? manifesto or tho 4th of March , It can but lesd to a oolllsion between the penp.e of the North and (tooth. 8*, we w!U ncverailow-he troops of sny government but our own to hold, pisse^s snd occupy ' our forts, or the Ileets of any Power to blockade our harbors without reporting to every means known to civil ;xed warfare for their protection It la in vlew'jf this condition of thing* and tbe importance of the port of New Orleans to the commerce of the ^h >'e con federscy that I particularly elslm to call the attention of the ITeiideot to tbe neoesslty of adopting such measures of dsfence as will Insure the desired pn tection ; and this, sir, Is what I mesa when I say that I hope therplrlt of liWallty which h*? marked tho policy of Louisiana lu the oi dinance I bare just rea l may be met by a corres ponding desire to protect us an yo>?r part Mr. Presldeot, Ido not wish to he understood as expressing any mUgtv_ Ids as to the policy or say mistrust cf the lnt at one of Pi esident I 1st is as to tbe def eaoes at the moutu of the Mississippi rlvsr. I sppreclate to.i highly his se?eeof the neceslty of these defeaees, knowing as he dres their rresx Unportanoe. We feel that our Interests are safe in b^s bsacs, for we record htm as n f?oaal Louis ian. an; be does not live In our Stoto, It le Uuo, but be lives la sight of If and, from his long and Intimate Intercourse with onr people, koowt their wants aa fully aaany ctlwm ot l/oniniaao. I make no motion, sir, with regard to th') or dinance 1 hove read, but only dentred to call the attention of Congress to tbe fact of its passage. MrTwrnaatfi of 8. 0., otfcred the following rcsola tk* ? ?m>lv?d That Ooogrws scoepts, with a high sen?* or tne ?SKlfl ?\ienSty*Uw KUt r >i tonlslana, the fun Is so 1^ tendered to the ireeaury of the t otifeders'e KCg^MgdlStoa " 111 l.^f her Conation. Mr Wrnisne said, I am deeply penetrated by tho llbe nflty whtcb bas characterized the State of Uiusitna, hot it ta noihtag more than what tn'ght haro been ex nerted fpsn the spirit snd character at her p?opie. I do sire to say one word in this connection In respect to my own Stole. Her commerce la not lar<e, it is true; thesum ST moSey oollected at b?r port, Chiil-Hon Is nit much, and I believe Is nearl, all ?!*">' In keeoisg up tbe buoya, lighthouses, and other tb Lgs indisnensoble to an nssy snd sale navigation of h.-r wat<rs I sm very suie South Oarolins wo-i. not baveappropruudtoberse: the revenues from enr >ms If she had 'Csc pied the same sf.uati >n as other >viies It law. II known that the condltou of atfatrs In South fato'ins. alter the time of he' secession on tbe Alth of recember, 1H60, was such a? to render it > a fir b- r to sppiy all her fun is to the defence of ber ^ ? nte. Latue eipenditutea were also ne v?ssary 'n ri e ..nence of the oocupation by the federal troops of 1- ^/t Hun'ter. Bo fir ?a the Sub rreaury was cooosrned, there was not in it m ire thai forty thoc*M?<> I d to the 3 1st of December Urge 4 raits had been drawn on tbe Sub-Treasury, and the Oxivoeli?u of aojth Carolina thought It was doe to tie rights of lnoiftdcaia to releesse all clam tt thit money, our neew.tles have been great, our pwipis have been heavdy taxed, am tbe Omveu-.ion determlaed to use our revenues tor the s -.ptiort and defence ? I tbe Mr KaiNfJt sad he hoped aothtng h" h.d ss 1 would hs n gartwd as reflecting on any sister -tote. He d.d not ?j ' Mr V'rmaa*-! did not si regard the Uitgesgc of the gentienian. Ihe resolution was then adopted. . . Mr Ha.'bim<i'>, of Misa., pr-oented a rimcun vtilon, wbh h was not read. On motion it was referred .? toe V '.nsiiee Oooimittee. Mr onii.TKicB, of Texas, ofllerisd the fohowicg. ? h f solved. Thai the ''nmmlttee on Jlnanosbe Instroo'M to M amine i?io the exp?dl*nev of StojpUng 'f?* ? * rsili ? so oara, te, d?r?, Irm, rhalrt, apikna. and. R^nerallj , a la# ?ilu-e. i.eoesaary t.. the but! ling jnt - tll reads. *hteh asrr u<ireha>ed fur the benefli. ?/ a . rials in U ? < .mfederati Utatea prior to ths JMib day ?. Tebruary, U. lasl. The raaelution was adopted, Mr. OcMRTsaa, of fene, said that oni of b.s olletg the lion John Hemphill, waa prsaont, a&l he deatrod to enrol h'B t.anie ,, I'pon invitotHin of tbe Presided, nr. K?mj:h_l went forward aod jesinered bis naroe O.ngiese th iu west Into s<-cr? t less! ia. MmmxmmT, Ala , lUrcb 11, 1)01. O0'l"?at tin". ! 00 !d b* ? i oMmm, ? *j!ioi>?.i o tiM tr.i.tary b:U| frfetob ob Mo'teji MinfHK <* tw* wnrr??r wk ?? art fur tho <w?abl'.?taao',rt ai'l ifco array of tho SU*?i, fb iitauoff of tKi vartru ?? o Hot to a* foiiiwt:? a*o. 1. rt acta that f ?nm aviator tlo p laaas* o* M?? ICi (ft* UAvr oN|Wl?ft?#ai of UM shall be oo?i>oaod o' eae ? *l*i of eof iMore, o?? co-jb of arill>? ry , Hi* regtmebla of Infantry, one reglmtinv r cavalr ? , and of lie *tuft department already ealabliehsd *'g|* ihe aorp* of engineers shall consist of otw col<mel, four major* . five cat talis, one oompauy of Sbpp>rs, miner t- and painee- ? c insisting of Us sergoan*.* or m nwj workmen, leu o.>ii*:?W or overseers, two musicians aad thbty nino |?ln(N of th'< first o'aas or arll"?*r*> thirty nine private of second cUea or laborer* ? making in all i>li? bundled. , 8 Said c jmpuiy shall be offljered by one explain ana bx many lieutenant* , t&kea irom tbo line of the army , an i bo President may deem ueoessiry. 4. lHitiea of ifcc oolont'. of the cuginear corpfl pre ec* lbcd. 6. The artillery ?x,rpe shall conii. t of olo oolouel, one lieutenant colonel ten majors, a'.d forty oruptLiM or urtl'lerisib and tatiftcert; and each eo.tipisy soil! o 'twiEt of ope oaptaltt, t? o flrf t liouteaants, oo'i tacond I. u tenants, four serge ia;*, foar coraoraia, twj mosliluui and seventy private; alsj one adjutant, to be seliC-ad by the col-mel f r >w the fir t lieut 'oants, and ouo Ber noulli major, > bef.locted from enlisted meno' the e irpa. 6 liich reglnuUi; of luTartry ah.!'. crosia or on* onlootjl, me iWiiunuit ootnitel, om maj.<r and teu com panito. l'acb o u,Mi?y shall ooisiat of on * captain , oaa first lt-u'enan", tw i soc-id ItentenwU, f>ur eerg?xats, four c. ruoroU, two uuMiolans an l ninety privates; una to each repim nt there bhall be one adjutant and one aorfftfut mnjor

7. Tbo cavalry r^gicnoct FhHll coofi!pt of ooe ooloaal, o?o lleutetrttit colon I, one mtvjor ard t:n compan**. ew.h of which cha.l coosiPt of one captam, on-) first lioiitenuit, t*-o se.-ord lieutenant, four bo'goanw, ro'tr corporals, oi:e 'arricr, one blacksmith, two m jklai and sixty, also of one adjutant and one sorg-saui. ?"b. There shall be four brigadier g>ne -ale, entitled to one aid-do camp eveh . . .. ... 0. All oiUoci % if the army shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advl<w and consent of the Congress, and the rack anJ tile shall bo cnlUtcd 'or not less tban'ttorce nor wore Hum Ivo yiars. 10. All oftloar< are req ilrei to Htand a crcdltablJ mili tary examination. 11 and 12. Promotions In the armjrahiU bo made ac coriilni; to ewil'Tlty and Vsitity. la. riio pay of the briRt-tkr genera' 1^ $3,01- p>r year, end bin aid do-can tp (bi a 1 lltio-i to hie pay as lieutenant) th<' sum of $fl& |?r montb. 14 Moi.thiy p-iy of the officers of tbo oorp^ or en ?tneors:? Colajol, $'ilO; ma'orH, tl#2 capUlns, $140, nontenant* sorvuig vs itb sap] *? and miners will receive the pay of cavnlry efficerff of Uie _ 16. The monthly puy of the ooh.nel of the a tlil.ry corps 1b $210; limitesart cokiuel, fl86; majors, $liO, a'jd ?ben serving *n orlnar.^o '.ity , fltii; c*V?tains, $130; I llontonaite, fW/ semr.l llr-;iU-nants, $^0. Tli ? adjiuaat, In addition to hi? pay a* lienkMumt, tbo mmo, $10 per month. Oil leers serv'n? ia U?o light artillery, orpor forming ordnaoco dqty, eh "1 roc?lve tho aamo p*j a* ott'ecrh of oav.ilrv In the same gr*le. 10 The in ?ctblv pav of ottlrors In the Infantry reg. 'Vlonola $1W liouVnant eolonels, $170; m?lora, IlfO -ontalBF ,S1?0: flrfat lle?tonM.t*,$?0; ajoond * teuton attp, $80; and tl.e aJi 'Uait, la addition to bla pay as llou tpiiant. $10 per moutb. . , _ . 17 The monthly pay of o(U.i?rs of civnl'j:- Colonel, $210; lloutoruct rol-nol, $185; mijor. fl6.: '" lP'i'"* ?wn Ural lteuton-tnts, $100 soconi lleuMiaants, W>?, aad the adjutant $10 per month lu addition to hi* pay a* ??? pay o' oIKoem of the genr-ral sU(f (e*ie|?t tb'?e ot the mcdlcal dep^ntnent), wlllbo the a?me ai otltrerti or cavalry of the Rime grede. po annual nry of the soracon peroral la $3,000, with fuel and 1 fters; month h rt y ef surgeocs of nn years Bra <?> f ."VO- a f'irzeon ot lea* tia.e aervice, f lo_; ar t surgeon or t u yearn ?<rv1oe, $1M; iw=?i?tant surgeon of fUo jOArt-' tervlce, $1 i, a?d Tor assistant of lees than five yfara' fe', $110. 11* Tb- ro bhall be allowed, lu a I tlon t<? the par beroln before prcvldiJ, to every ooo.mi"?*iouiwl oflVer, except il?o au-g-on general, fO |>?*r for eveiy tive team' servlcea, anl to the ofli'eisof ti e aimy of tholnitcd otatoi who h*vereaikned,orm.iy resign, to bo raoolaei Into U.e device of the Cafe'demte* SUtes, thl* aldiuonal pay i-ball be allowed from tlif date of th<:lr entrance ntj the former aarv ice. Iliei o k- Jili al?o bo an additional mouthy 1? allowance to e\o?y gew.ia. oflloer In cnlif a pepuiau- army actuily In tbo Cold, tU t .m of one SU The pay nfor, aa.d fliall be la full of all aliowtacai, except lor>?e, fuel ..uaitera ai.d travellio* oip.BM, I wklle travelin g under ordeia, &o. , &o. i 21. All?>wa<ora?<' to otilcow, &c. M'ir.iUly pa* of enlisted a?e,i ? S<?rgsanA or miater i voikmenof?*Klneer a,*i?,$34; oorpjnii or oror*e'.r?. ?>20 private? of first class or urtiilcrs, $17; pnva'^?: or Kie'ditl clura, or lalK?cs mv*icuu*, #11; maid ft cavalry, $S1, firs' si rgwuits, $-A>;F-e?eanta, $17; eoru>is'ula, faniera aud buck^uilvbs, $13, aoajclina, $U, ?lS?tf>; ttrat tergoan^, $20: ralaand aitiOoora, $13. mnai.ians, $18, aB.0 p itateH, $11. N' D eomnua i >ue<i oflnn'ts, wrc, m iei<:i"'H and pri v^U h aerv tr.g in ligb' oultorios blul: rttcivo 1 10 i?T.o pay " Jr,1 Iho Pien'mit ia \utherlafd_ to <rilis* all misler workn>en noccfiwy to lii^oidnaQco bwrvico, a*?t px.j?'?>-1 l,y ,,ne huodrodaaen, and at ailarnw rangl ig futu ?t 1 4 i > 4 l>er m i<?h . V4. I ?cb 1 man bli*i' roo- .ve one ratios pc.- day ai-d cbHiiitlK ifi. J U lers t i ei wi'nuhitien of rations. *6. 1 h? N-or*"Ui?' y uf War in dir?ct^d lo pT^fCrtb) iutps of every d paitraent of Hervlo ?. . . . ? 17. II- ') ,? <|-uirVerma?*.ora aid commisnxn-'S f>give i rehbit* wny ?Mcer fro.n b lug i wrMtol lu p ir ch&f (K us<1^ f?r tb^ PTbTl?. t ?jo l be I'M" s i irtt* of war of tli* Unttca iit 49, vt i<ii slight exce|-ti ?c.i.a lopuxl by UieOHigrwaof thot'-n lVxlerate States. ;i0 Ihe I'rtwideDi i3dir"ct?*l t" ca 1 Into s-^rv iee only 60 mntiy of Uio trooi* herein provido-l for as honny de-'tn ?MMMi<y. 31 Kouoa's all ' (.nfllclioK lasrs. Ihe Irw i* quite low , and bonce the raaaou of th* analyflfl, wbl. h will do<ibile?a be mora aatlafactory to rcs'irn^ gen rally tlian tlio perusal of tli entire law. Bolow is a tabular ?u:< tn nt of the number and grade of offl.em and wen:? Jg/w rivter Artil Infant ( Or 7b Kaik. con *? >*9- ry- ^y- m 1 * 2 * nontenant OoloneH.. 1 ? i oV VI lioTfi 4 10 ?? * Number of OmpM Wa. . 40. oo 10 110 Cantata* ?? 40 ?? 10 "J Fir t Meuten.nU - ^ ^ F?cf>nd Lieutenants ? <0 1<W 20 ISO 10 1A0 240 40 48# fvino a" 10 100 wo 40 *M 7,1 2,800 $,400 000 H.H74 ? "" J , Btackunltlis ? ? "" ? Mimucu. 2 M 2*) ?0 3i2 Adjutants ? J ? j Sergeant JU\jora ? * ? 1 ______ Total M'7?I Add Brigadier ' Aida to Brigadier ? TBimTT-MCOND DAT. Mctmoiguy, Ala., March 12 1 641 . Congreae met today at ten A. II. V ay or wa? oflered by Iter. Ilocker Oobbs. The J>uma e of yesterday *ve rcml and eonflrme<?. The Pr<*W?*t withdrew from the chair 'or ?''* mo ment*, and hia place was Bnppllod by Mr. CV?jit of 8. C. Mr. Wkx.i.t, of fla. , said be held In hla baad a mum \ meat Ion from a gentleman In Washington oi'y, wht is a member of an Incorporated company known or rtiat a gushed by the name of the New Mexico Rai 'av .lorn pany. The ]<oftalaiuro of New Mexico in WOO no-iTv rated a company by that name for the purpuaf of oto a true ling a railroad aero* the entire coautry to the WMt err -.trerolty of Cr liforiiia. Th* goetlerum hM forward ed ? mo the obartor of tha' eompviy, tog vJior witfi a rough draugt t anil plot of a donatioa of tan 1 fur thv. purp?e, and request* me to lay then beforo this 0>a gna* In fomc way, for th? porpore of prom. 'tag th?c>m pany which be represents. ( conceive It to bo my duty, aa well a* a eonrteay to the gentian 13 , with whom I irn acquainted, to luy the communication before Uoogr?*i, and *?k Ita roferenco ?o the Gm?n?itteo oa territories But, air, that 1 m%y not be m.aundoratood , 1 deaire t ) rri'ik" one or two remark* before 1 tako iat ? *t. v.'non I n*-l the honor o< being a n.rnbcr of ib'lnitel Sutaftttxi g" f, 1 uxk orxaat'Hi to expria* my ai. i,ip'ol>?iioa of grant* of land to railroad *n<i oihur < ompum-*. M;-opt.i ion tbon ???*, ano It now, that tho beat p e* ola ihikw! tiou that ran lie made o' it'icli land* In then- gra tuUo-iH d?tnb':t' n ami ng aitua' s-*itIori? T 10 mil r il \\>n!ihcra em.jtry and lt? Rnrm ttu? iicroaaed. One word more aa to toe right jf tht-> Oongreti to Icgia late upou this subject The application <? ttm i-omiuoy to OjLgraaH bring* up tho que?t.;on of our ri.'it tJ lef'? Ute with re'ersLce to th<> umcs ia No* *1 \\y ). ui I ? ^o the qr"*t',on aa to our rl^ht lu th i toiTit>rioa jf too l?'o L'uito. taiea. If th < t i-?ry >f a?v.o*?t>>u b? true, ip>Q whiUi *0 ba\ 0 acted and put this gur-irmooitt to motion, ? 0 h?<-e rot lout our right* in the public I in Id t n the Cnlted tt*l?? And, sir, nevor, w,h ny concot, wh'ie 'ha conli di'fn y baa an arm to lofeii l ita rig'it*, alHl' ?bo ctmhe raio give up thc:r lnt>).?'tt in t'vj ?public tine 1 in. No tor, sir, and ra^ro ?*>?ea"y aa a 8o>. u?rn mm, will I C"u*nit to rsJiui, ?t*u ihoa- right*. Riey morn emphatically th? purcha^i ?if Southern troaiiaro ?? d Southern bkn-d It li trua, rlr, that the of t^io M-\cin war were txwno out of the national tro.i*u-yj bat, 1' ?-e a-e o rsct Hi ? 1 ropinton, the greatest an oti.-i 0' rerminor w' .-o'i by ?hat goremroont la directly and ndir-et'/ rontriQutad ny the South Cirt the oth^r *..-?*,? thix-e em bo no ooubt; to Tar aa the ?acrlfi'.-? of h lifr? l? lynMrud the largeat purtion of those lmd* heioo* to U*. It w*a ^mtnein bioi-l an 1 r?l r rba *00 thit t ?rr. >ry. an I wm th* principal laiir^la to the t'"\!jan *r*r. Vjr, mr, ? ie* It ooni|KH'. with oi aim a of j ^!.i:i?, n r if ?n ? ight* *n i brn r of tha Ooni a!a to r'ituq'il?'? ?ur clvma o that territory, ami at t: .? r ?<?> tli.w ?n*a ?b' m*n ?*h . turn*! the tldoof h?'.tle an" hop ) nf *uc e?* waa n 4??y gone 1* nowav 'he b-lir ?/ our rational r*if*. Rlr, It waa the M:*HlM;ppl rogln- it, la- hy I* gatlant >'<imn>and?r at Bu-na V ?t , t*J >t arn.g ?i.'tiiry fmm the rarr grtsp of di-'oit 1 iriko ? ?)??** oh?r, t,?, *tf. tha'. ' m?y aot b?> in.*'i*daratoi>d It mar not ba wtae and prudent e in to V)-ic 1 ? u 'n uaa Hon until ?tl mean* have bi?ao *lh . J<Vid b? n*< >twu o to ?etila all () i.wtWMi* rolitire ? k>- rig va n 'he T^rri tvi !??? w . tharafera. t ? mp'7 *ak ??" refer of thi crmmtn'oi '<n to the OxnwIUee on Terrlt?rie?, and "-hey cat. take foch action ae they deem nfceeeiry. Mr. WmiiM, of 8. C (when the Stale of ''oath fl?i>>lui? was called lot reeolutlonB, Dl'li, m?B>>rlale, tc ), rail:? Mr President, the only th'ag I have l*?ec able 10 produce out if my bralne, In bokah of my Slate, U" the following resolution:? Heeolved, Tha< when the printer* to Ooegre* ?bUl h?ve prepared an edition of th; ;a?s and resolution.. dlreoiel to Ik; published, the oeeicU rj of Con?i?ii.' d > tranimlt one oouy of Ihe lame u> each member of this body. By thia moat.*, eald Mr. Wminin, I will be able to%oow what I have be ?? d^lng simv- [ have been horo, for t o*n not recollect it wltbo--t such vaUunco. I eh ill aieo have an opportunity to rtpjnt of my tsln* and Iniquities if 1 have committed Miy. CVingrtM then wont Into e?cr. t sefulnn W. H. Wbltfieid J. T. Woodward and Tboa. H. Wa>*er, of Vew York, wtr<< tmong the arrival! u the Rxchange Hotel to-day. f.'ojti New Yck. PREVENT ESTIMATED POPULATION OP fllK COHPE DFHATE STATUS. IkbUt Showing I'rofwd di*ii f*<T Bmrctfii/itiaik. Haft 127 4(32. Slain f- v Slat*. Tx J. South Carolina 30X1-0 407 ISA 716 ;ni Georgia 616 316 ?? <<rtl 1,088,797 Florida m 8*5 ?1. 809 14.' flu Alabama 414 4?i.,r;i 9 J17 Muwiseippi 37H.ISH 4(?? '.>17 H. 116 Louisiana 364 246 31M?6 6?k?4tl Texas 416,000 H4 958 600,056 Total 2,674,283 2,32 ), 2*7 6,003,610 ? te : : ? j I f * Sont Carolina. 662 407 4 42 040 4 2 ? 6 Ceoi lu 896 81 i 7 3,578 7 1 ?8 Hon la 120 ,171 1 ? 1 ? ? 1 Alubuma 781 7 <6 fl lfl.9f4 6 1 ? .7 Mississippi .... 66:1 123 6 16,813 6 ? ? 6 Louisiana . 4 31 708 4 ? ? 4 Teiaa 626 972 4 17 124 4 ? 22 Total .4,071,867 81 ? 31 4 2 83 liatioon fatal Po^ul Uion OonfedrrMi States. fc S St at at. ^ Pouih <v.u-ollna. 14 Georgia 21 1'lorida 2 Mah.ima 1? Mississippi .... 16 Inu'sUiua 13 Texas 12 Total 87 I'atio on tiilrol Po/iulatio t tf Vonfni* rati SttUi. b S Sta><r . P r'outh Carol tea. 11 Georgia 17 Floriuu 2 Alabama 15 M'lmwppl .... 13 Ioutelana 10 Tcxaa 10 Total 78 TUB KKW NOVKKNMKNT LOAN. Tho Montgomery Attwrtinr, of the 7th, Bays: ? It Is with much pWsuro and satisfaction that we In form our raadtni (hat we havo Intelligence from a reiiu Me source, that a Igpga portion of tho new I0.10 ott'orod bv the government of the Confedei Rte Stat-* will be liken I y the citizens of Now Orleans at par. This couuleuco ti >nr j>ei>pln in the becuriti. s of this givcument con tT?Fl? quite favorably with that of the frafmir.tiry parts of the late United States in the loan* recently authorize 1 bv the Cung-csa at Wat lit 11 a loo. Tho prompt disposition of col iUlctoe thus evlnce-i by our poople. ia, hoarcrer, cot turprltlng, v.ben we consider the character of tho Inve*t ii. t ill and Mw ample m' provilod for sec ring tho I'uytccot of the pi inci|ial and interest. TillllTY- SIXTH DAT. Motmi >xxky, March 14. 1841. r otigross iiM confirmed the nomination* for the Dis trict Judges, as follows: ? A. (J Magrath, South Carolina; II R. Jackhon, Georgia; W. I jin'er Harris, Misnis-lpai; Tin mas J. Semmea, Ixiuisiaua; John UomphiU, Texas; Jesse J. Flaky , Flo. Ida. Mrctra. llc<{u< en ar,d Mcln'och have been ouiirraei Judg<sof tho Admiralty Ponrt at Koy Wost. Hi; id liubbi'/d, of .tiabam.i, Commissioner of Lidian Aflulrs. jMfxw.dcrll. Withenll, of ADbumi, Register of the Treasury. itolleny Rul-er, of G*<?ri?l?, Auditor of the Vra S'iry. Ce e grcs? meats ngain to night. f'ongri *s adjojrned to flight, to meotuga'n on tbo se c r.>l Mon la* m M ?y. AFFAIRS IN CHARLESTON. ClURLtWTON, Mini 17. 1*41. N"o movement has yet been mule, bit a change is hourly cjpected Kvery thing is go ng on well The coesii*ot!on snl Turill' bill of the Oonfe orate States if not considered unsitisfactory. Tli appointn cut ef Ju 'go Mngrsth if District fu-ig ? for routb I'sjolln.i gives universal satisfaction. 1 ilouting battery will bo removed from its m>or tngn m morrow, but with no intention of att-vk log Kurt Sumter. THE LOUISIANA STATE CONVENTION. N'sw Orleans, March 15,1441 The Plate Convention la awaiting the re:eptlon of an cflflclal copy of the constitution of the Confederate States. The M01 gomery delegates are daily etp-.ted. ALABAMA STATE CONVENTION. Montiomerv, March 14, 1S4L The Rtate Convention ' as liffM a resolution to adjo irn on Wednorday next. The ovulntnco has heeo passed altar ing the Kreo Hanking act, which snbst. tutus the sto k-f of the Confederate states for those of the United Statos, and allows the lssuo of two for one. Foreign citizens nor or poratiocs are ailowe<I to hold the stocks. Two members of Congress have boon chosen to supply vacancies, and II. C. Jones, of Laucrdalc, nnd Nick Davis, of Madison, elected. *TIIE VIRGINIA STATE CONVENES I'.ii na ivn, Va., Mv? Di ??<5L Tho Virginia State Convention reassembled to da> . Union resolutions, wrappel in the A oniric in tla^, from the people of Norfolk county, were presented .aid ttb'*l Anti secession resolutions were aiso 0 (Tired >'ad Ublol. Mr. Goggina' proposal am^odmi-n'. to the repo-t of ua C<>n mKtee 00 Federal H- Uti provltei fir lb< withdrawal of tho Pta'o from the Uni?n. atd, without determining her future assicitlw, recommends a conf*re*i e of the border *>tato* a' I?xlngU>a, Kentucky, In May uoat, to projnse a oUn ft?r (-obstructing a government, U> be forinod by stld -ta'es and the Confederate States of America, but ahicb is nit to be binding till ratified by the Convention, wh'clt la to adjourn over to await tho result. It dSoUres Ui*t tin Union can only be r< store! by an am?ndin<'nt of tho oon ititntion emanating from the Ma-stavctaidivg -ttatoa for the security of i^outhein rigUti.ou I mrgrts a pa .iiio pil.oy throughout. The amendment was ordered to be printed. Mr RAsrioum . of Richmond, mv!? a sp<>e;b ogiinat tha propositions of the l'eace Convention and faviriog sece sxn Without taking any dc9nlte action tho Ciavention ad journcd. THE SECESSION QUESTION IN VIRGINIA. I'anmsnrno, llarch li, 1841. The polls ' losed at sunset, with the following result: ? Whole number of votes, 1,441. for aaoeai'on, 870; agtinst, 7?2. The Union voui in Fabruary was 1 ,0:1?, against 427. There was an immeuse proiwsvion after the closing of the po'.ls, headed by a band of muaic and a it. men flag, which es< ortad Mr. l*rror to the depot, lie spesks at Richmond to night. SOUTHERN RIGHTS MEETING AT LOUIS VILLE. I/HMVTU.f, March 14. 1841. A larga Southern rights sMellsg was held at the Court Dense last night, sad at tend ?d with considerable oiafu Hon, and finally broke up In a row. MOVEMENT) OF DR PULTSTOJI. Vnr russmw, Pa , March 14, 1841. Dr. J. II. Pullston, the Ute Secretary of the Pa toe Cm grrsa passed through here to day on hla way t j Wash ing 'ngtoi. On has b?en eioaated with leading po'atla'aaa. rts result of his mission or r I'sonsylvania baa not yet transpired. THE SOUTHERN RIC.IfTS MEETrNO. I/>cisTat?, March 17, 1841. The adjourned Po.itbern Righta Meeting yeat>r lay after noon paaaed umuHfwialy tho reaol itloo preaanted on Frl da; sight, fo? the appointment of delegates to the Mm Conrvuiioa to meet at Frankfort, on the 20th. Hr. Sen Dal 1 made an eloquent speech, during whiak per foot order prevailed In the evening Mr. Junes Onthrie a<:J)?'?Rfd an Vniou meeting, counselling moderation, say ing that Preekleut I lnooln was honest sod that the North wouki ultimately accord the just demands of Mm South. TIIE LABT OP THE BODTHERN CADETS. Cbdela Moreno and 8emm<M, the former from Florida and the lat'er from Alabama, h ive both resigned their ?ppn.utments ua<] will leave West Point Immediately) for Montgomery. The latter young gent I" man Is k son of C'on.r. acder Raphael Semiwi, w'en ree'gned from th? Navy about about s nniith ago. There are low no ca dels at Wet 1 1'olnt from the seceded State*. RESIGNATION OF COLONEL LAY. [Kroui thi Rtchm>od Dispatch, M uch 13 J We have before mi Mi<nied the resignation of this ac e-'.n.i lushed officer, who has no long beeo an aid of Gene ral hxiU aid has served with great distinction in the wnr with Mexteo. Ool nel 'ay is a native of Vl'gini*? of Cheat erfl?14t we tiiiuk? and a brother of the Missiona ry bishop lay, of Arkansas. lie Ih known In the Anerl rsu service, not oulv as one of Its brightest military or m.m> nts, but as a moe' high toned gentleman, loyal and chiv.ilrj in an eminen' degree and commanding the re* p. ct aie esteem of all with wb m he conm In eoatact. He ba* be. a desei veol v a favorite aid of tien flcott, an J it 'h euly sit ? ? the Inauguration of Mr Lincoln that he has resigned bii> commotion , and In resigning It baa ta^Mfiod b'S all We have no means of knowing the reasons which have led to this remarkable resignation, having to persona) scqualn-anoe with Oil Iav, bat it strikes us an the m"8t Higuiflc ait a<'t of th? kln-1 which baa occurred during the present tionbles. Why baa Out. lay, a gentleman of sound judgment and moderation, re i.nqulrhed bis brilliant prosp cte in the army and sacrl tlced bis only means of sup mrt, at this parioulir june tutuV We feel convinced it tnuhl be on aoount of some Infernal pian meditate ) ag ^nst Virginia which his ctsbo to his ko' wleege as the military aid of <len Pott. It is scarcely rec< wary i > say th-t wo bavo not beard one word frnm Mm on tb'.1 1 i^jeot, and ?? e do not even know b*m by tight; but such a mm would scarcely r*i)gn at Both a tine but for reasons of the most pressing and in> perative character. BUB1NEHS. ETC., AT CHALE8TON. [From the Charleston Meroury , M uch IS ] Tho previous reports IV'm Washington as to the pro bable evacuation of F?rt Sumter an ' the departure of Auderaou an I his men having been confirmed to day, by a private despatch received by one of oi.r litisens, caused quite a ca<m in our political horism, undtbemo?t Incredulous lmvo not a word to say. Our military. who lu ve been lull of fight, are now con siderably calmed flown and ali h*ve come to the on el'it ion that General -c>tt, Ilk'- Jnques In the old play, knowing be wonld b-1 kicked, ha? conc'udod very quietly to waik out. and, al'.h nigh there is not a word Mid on the Bubje t, you see it plainly expressed on every man's fin*. The pol*tical news and the European news hwe caused our rotten lealws to ook * little more closely into tho cotton, and they find the receipts are falling <,ff very rapidly, arid that their correspondents in the interior are saying that very little more is to come, and jvhen we make up our September statement we will t-how a crop of 4.000 ,000 be'ee will not be reasbed. and tbat co'tnn will yet be king. The demand both yesterday and Monday was very pHn> and all the oRering stock b*s been taken off tho market <i? an rd^tnee of 1 V> 1 X ont per lb. Slnco last -Satur day the r< ceipts at this p irt are very I'm 'let,. Mid tlio stocks aro ually reduct'ur. A ship, arrived yesterday, was taken rip lor Havre &t 1 Vic. per In fo- uplands, and 9c. for .Jea M indr. Freights to Uverpool are dull at S'd. , and lower rates would have to be submitted to for any quantity. The Boston steamer Is engaged full or an Kast - ? rr maru'actoiy. at \'c. for square c 'tton Freights to New York, both Dv steam ano fil ing vessels, are very dol!. There have bean heavy arrlvui during th? week of all kinds of Northern goo-ta, purchased be'ore the 24th ult., to save duty, and our >>bb< rs are now well suppllel; and were thoy not so f?s*i iloux abo it credit, woi4!d bo doing a very heavy business. As tt Is, tbey are selling goods In large quantities Our rice market is active, and price* aie very tltm. Corn Ih not as totiye, and reeelp'-i for a few days past have b ;en heavy. A cirso of West Tndla molass'i, vis New York, h vs been mieuysdJ from the wh-rf. Checks or* New York selling at our batiks to day at per ccnt premium. Sterling exchange it/7. RECEPTION OF PRESIDENT DAVIS' WIFE IN MONTGOMERY. large numbers of the cl? liens of Montgomery. Alaba ma, assembled at the Kx< hange tn th?t city on Mareh 0 to pay their rerpecs to the acoompltsbe I wife of Presi dent Davis. The Montgomery Adiyttivr says she e*hi bits, to a rem stable oegree, tbat blan Iness of manner wbieh forms the chief corner stone <H th i social fabric, and bss won the a flections of all who diu Ibemne'ree tfce pleasure of jiaylxg her a visit. TBE FLAG fltTfSFAOTORY. TIk Augunta <??.) M >-? **??<? ro^rdfiji it<n itself tli<vt in i J >p' "<1 for t he Kouthrn c mfWleraay ''ithal biea f-pirnl tbe (matters >le uingoiitof lo>kin^ opoa eoaJkcs, palm ;tt' "1 and pellCSbri ' ll?slan?tlon? from the I'nltedSUtn Vrmy I Vnvy Kr|i ?ru d Since March N. AKUT. Ciptiin A'fred Cummins of 'JeorgU, T.-otJi it'an'ry. K ilt l.loot*B*at Walier II. St^cena of Ne-r York,?''>rpe of Bogttwra. Kim; I.t?uten>nt CMl-b Mipe, Ftnt fVllnrr. frond ),i?iiti-nant Fi?d?rtck L., of Norh C*ro Una. Firm artillery. srconi Lieutenant Joseph Wheeler, Jr., of tJeorgl*, Tooth .nJaxiry. NAVY. Pawed Asststsnt "*ur|?"on \V. I". Carring'/>n, of Virgin!*. I le'.tcDant Maurice Rmons, of South Carol'.!**. Midshipman W. H. Ma I of tioorgl*. Midshipman Barron Carter, 'if Geog.a. BKVKNl"B 8KKVICE. CapUlo Rogers, of the cotter Dodge. I.ieutenant Itoche, of the cotVer I)o1ge. The War Department has a numerous lis*' "f rwtsaa Uodr sent In recently, but whUh 'hjy revdutely decline making public, fearing to ?how the "ouotry the utterly denxnal'/ivl state of tne army Righ*. engineers have rec^tiud Irom the navy wlthic ore woek. Supreme Court? Chamber*. Before Hon Judge Allen. M>*' ii 14 ? Maria K. Waring u. R*m M. UsrAi Md cite 1? J udgmsn.for defendant*, dl?mlssing the oiss plaint, with <-o#t? to in ant defendants, without ooets to the other dc'scdant. W'tl/n- ft hoards n Jim- thy (lough am! nthert ? Motion to >1 tent's complaint dent*"i and oau*e referred t ? vCaah iug ton Murray to he*- ant d* ermine. Before Hon. Judge HutherUcI. A'r 'hum Ackermn tt. John H. A J trim- 1 ?Motion graii'ed with $7 c*t. h% 'It' Hatter of th* Arp 1* a'ism of Sophia Utah Qmtral Gnarduin dfc ? iho bonds in thts case are approved and 01 icift m at t d. Ilat 1 H J. fW ii Aaron D. Fhmer and Mkert.? Re port . on firmed ana o dor g anted trail- tt C\ %uptttt. T Viimi U. A routed ? Motion for bt dfc:-d. Before Ion Judge I>?onard. AS OFFICIAL AN!) POLITIC All ASSAULT ANP BATTERY. St-jKn P. DilUi, n Mmaamd B. Ilart. ? Tins s?JI was commenced on the 4th iv-cember, ISM, for ?lamag'* for an alleged araiult and btitery oosDmitted on ih p aintW for publishing a g'ue* lib*l oa the defend ant, . haigmg him In printed letters to the Hoa. Howell Cobb with having got Diilaye dtrm ssed from his altos ? tion as Oners! Appraiser in the Custom House. No de nial ww made of the assault, nevertheless the pWta'lfT lias not *lBce then sm-hso-i hi* dam asm, and for Ihia >ielay the def. noeut t i l an oroet jlsinuMlDg the 00m piali.t on the ft?h of I'ehruar- las'. i"h- plaiattff now tnori h to 0|ien th 1 default ' he ??nfenoaat ?M Willing .0 bavit Uie doi?ult op Tied, pmvi leu the pialatln wuuld i-aiiao no further osUy la bringing 'be rn?" >n or hsTtug the latnagee assessed. After mffin ismaiks 'mm Jamas T. Bradf and Hen* | itn;n U-ihiaHb on th" part of ine d?fen<Uat, an I irom tic plnntifl in pnistn as h s own <w nnei, lbs COnrt op?*wi the detanlt on c bdition that tne pialntUf would norm dlately proceed to try ths cass before Judge Clerk*, at ths pi si. out circuit of the supreme Oourt. Court of Common Plea*> ACTI-'N iOtlMT THE C1TT. ILtsir 13 -cath-<ri?e H <s*ouls r? 1h? Jfaysr, ?Ocnmm ?l f. j' , t\r of .Vffw l ark ? TbU was a suit for dimsge*, laid at 9?00, sof talsed by plaiattff tkreogh the ati?g*d iigiifci oe of tbo def^n taste, in k septa* open, r .ntra'j KUhe rh?rter and th- snliuaa*** of tfceOMBnon (?? i" ii, * riHbhO'* o ??ntraiioe 10 'b? sew*r 1* fifteenth utreet, bei'vien Foor'.h ind lo-x'ngtoo areuoa* It ap->ear?'' that tbe plauniil ?m tricing in a wagon ? ith her b?i tlier in law, upim app oaobmg the oorner of K:f|e?ii'b rt'eet, <be huree *h?'U w ?|i ited, suldeslj r? II, tbro^li g botb I'UiuUil' and her b*>ther in It* front ? be wicm. The h itte wa* extrienUMl from tbe hois with som? MhnKy. the p'motliT ?<> !Djnre<l sertously. Judge IMy charged tbe jury ih <t If. tnrough th* Mgll *' b"e of tbe city otltciai* , the m-mbolo was left la aneh a c 'Udltii n tbst sn arcl>'<'bt should <ocar, the Mtaiatt ?vere liable. It, upon the ether hand, they should lad that the iDjurt' s suRtalni d by the la'y were attributable to the C arMeasnee* sr her islatlre, who was driTisg, they ?tboulil tlt,d for tbe te? en ants. Mr. RoTSer?lt, 'ouneel fw plUntllf, Isqnlred of the ''our t If the stenographer ;llr. Osry) should not Ue th* t/Mtlni v y trasaoribed Dndge Daly satfl, the Court, sir. nr ters a stsnofwphie r?por' , 1 cccirilifs to the 'H?de. Tne 0>de aotbertis* |M per dirro, %& to be paid b? each si le. B it then a re* ? n?"i e compensation M allowed s 'ten igrapber far tran* n tin tig I ts not..*, I be J 1 j rstnrnel a rerili :t of $71. Sanrrme td*rt-t'lrc?U? Bef >re H jo. Jm'ge Clerte. TH? LIABILITY OF IHIfOWNntS. M*a. h 14 ?In LA* <n*t ?/ ^uriu n CMy jtuiUtan ? "b* Jury tender"! s sealei rsrdlct for plant;* m !!.?*? If ard an a!?o*an?e of fl?e per cent