Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1861 Page 2
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INTERESTINfl FROM EUROPE. 1 ADDITION A L BY THE ARABIA. OUR PARIS AND BERLIN CORRESPONDENCE. Oar IVititail TrwubUs li England aid France* effect of the ne yv tariff, a#?f Mn lit U?r Full CorrripoadeMrc. 1'ar us, Maro > 1) 1861. J*o Struggle Between the Kmperur and the CUrm?Thi Jtxipcror F,art AttautfuUun, ? iu 71 m purai I'ower (if the Pope 7 he Peril* uf Mw Dtmuxvm in iVMct ? Hot* WtO It M JBnttf ? The Adilrta of the Qhaniler *f Dt ptdirt, dc.,<6c. <tc. The quarrel , or rather the struggle, between the Emperor Napoleon and the Frouch clergy In now assuming alarm ing propoi Hons. Even the alt absorbing Mired affair la for gottoa for the moment. An tbatmttkod about, specu lated upon, is tho iiumdrment of tho of I'olc tiers. The churchman hu iu th*t document attacked tho Km per or in the most savwc mauner, and he get? hid reply ' no loog> r in pampbl W, oat from *ho oIIIcIaI organ. Tho Mont* -uv that* notices th? Bishop's QQftlailgUt:? The Hixbop uf l'otcl>er? ban just uubHehcd In the MotuU a pastoral let'cr wslctl contains atlusloua la.-ulllEg to the Bin- i pemr'i go1 eimneut. ?ud ia of a nature to diaturb the ' public mind In ? oi sequence, and according tu tho t~rmsof i Art tt of the la wo' 18 Uei iii nal, A.n 10, ?hal letter liaa been ; ?ubmlit< d to t i.o blgb jurisdiction of the Council of State claagcrt to duside on all eaa^a o. abate Thus ) ou w ill pei cei ?e that the t ocular pow< r 1b brought to btar utoic*. rho l'i eiect or tho Depirtmeut of VI- j enne, in which lives tho lltshop, at once entreated, from the Minister of the !m?i |jr, th it proceedings' l>e ora neuced ugsinst tho Bis- bop, and that the marn'rmer/t be utopptd. M. de Peniiny, however, who feels tint war is now I'tclared betwi eu tnu government and the clergy, wan cartful not U> act as laibly as he had done in the ca?e of jio^r Gai ea^o; sj Lo published the^oJowiu^ reply to tLc It elect : ? Pari*, Feb 27, IHtil uc PHKrarr- In imly to your cm^Htch oi yester day. irmMiiittmK to inn u?e maminncnt of Mouseinneur the Bfniioi><it tolcMma, ? b?vo i lu'ortn you tb?t tho Korerument ban jui-i (iefeirod u> ac ux-u of *ouso to tho Council oi htato the en-late \>bo bus t>..t f- aied io bind the authority of his character to pa?alona out a ry to the InterejtK ol religion. 1h? r< prouuefon of tbU uuuuUmnit by llie j mrnala, una ua der tbo form ?f brochure, *ou'dhn?? autboMZ-Hl adra'nimt* tire t.r judicial reprer-lous Kut Minister of the Interior 1 have thought it wouid Do i! ujt ?ry to the Interval ol tbt< gr> vtrnuti'iK to witlidraw ioeh ? xit-a- ?? ?r>m the judgment 'of public 1 acoidiui;! v takeu iu atop* u p-ereut the miblic.tlion of a it cu> < m Iu *ai' li m rctualrd with no much uudicit) tbo Keciet fx mir "f the |>ai ty whuJi, uuilt r tbecli aki't religion bas nu othor aim tl'tu tint ol aibullia^ tbeeleili.t the trench p?>?ple, K. lit-, i'BUSlUMt. Cdflob thub tefeirod ?o the Toiinctl of State are usurp t tkma of powers, or oxcoaa m tho exercisc, contra t'ontion of the laws and regulations establi.-.hcl by the govern raent; infraction of the rules and roguiatio is sanctioned by the canons as recognized iu l-'ratico; violation of the liberties, franchisee and usngeri of the t.iilican c'mrch, and any prooecdiugs which uiay a&ctthc honor of 1'toucU citiaena. The peat fear lor his Maji-Rty is now that an n'RVfllna tlon nut> Etop him in his cuoor of uscfulne^ lo the em plre. In the Senate the groat topic of discussion Is the temporal power of iho Pope. To day tin* Sf irquls do la ]tocbe><|Uclin f[ioke in favor of tlut jiower. i^enator Pletrl, tlie former Prefect do I'ollce^DSwercl Uie Uar<(uii. flte following vt ill give you eoine idea of his apoeeh. lie said: ? The li ?gnu nl po-rer of the Pone i* lo?t. H e munt confine out>vli ? fo the pr>MUTstl< n of hi* #ptritiinl po>ver. Wo mnit conaldi r the attitude of the reaction h hii h b.'a .-nam rntbod lt? heai, aud mu-t determine o ir lli.e of conduct. Italy bat an ami* of tjtt,ijno meu, ? bicD she will j'lace on our aide in the conflict with ? hich wn are tbr atoned. As M. I'ietri sees the limperor each morning, you can readily appreciate uie imfiortanco of this declaration. Wc are on the eve of great events. Tho clerical party ?will force matters to an ituue. The Mires afl'air hts done much to Injure tbo government, as the opposi tion mntocs use of auch a flue chance to u-nert the meet Btortltiig thinga in connection with the llnauttul trotililos of the moment. Tho U&orty of discus wioo granted to tno Cuatub^r will. ( fear, pro.o for a long tinn a preat thorn in tno sue of tlie government Tlie Front 1 1 aro OooiaeOly uot us yet (ltled lor iVtrllamont and fre<' sptcofa. Too i iMtly tscited, thoy ruan from one ex treme to tne mb r. anu ptaiae to day bit to euiae to morrow. Hi w will it ail ?uo? Vwi may soon txp et to lie^r of nevr !in.incial dlflijul tlcs. us M. do Fertoguy u?n aanoum od his mtentiva of cvei hauling I tie Credit Mobiner. All these instituti ins ue, it it foaroo, roUcu to tae euro. The Krouch wi.l re main in ?yria. FMM, I Vb. 20, 1M1. tfafiUnn im1 Q,e Pmttifl ? Vt* BrUqimu Aqprc'* of /Vw.trt ? The /'ni/irrM a IU1 yi'nu Vmwmnniuo?l'mijlie Jmprcrtmenti to be h'tfot.d m 1801 ? Ihc Jft irs A(J"jL%r? .So ?/? ? The Journey if I'rime A'c lyleun (a llvni Pre an'ctl by the /'injtrrtr, <fc , cfc <tc. H would n|>p? ur its t' tho long pending slrufgla bo tween Napoleon ami tho rontillca'e woro hastening to a climax Ibe clergy, ?>* represt utod by their bi?hi|>8 ? and tlial is not t.1* ays the aamo thing as by their own voices ? tare dotermiooo to show no quarter. Kir- 1 ap pea red tho slabbing Om,h i.rc or tho limhop of Orlc.vw in rojily to M. I.iguerroiiiero 4 "Rome, It K ranee et l it Uio;" and now the llmbopof Cncttciit in waking the thunders of heaves by a roluminooa charge which unmtatulceably holJs tip the Kmperor to public execration as thel'oatiu* PiUte ot the nineu enth century. It has been *&id, I koovv, that thero Is little religion In France, and that of ail nations it would bo the last to hub Itself ip to tho fury ol a reiig ous w;ir. There is, of course, considerable truth in this But bo would take iv false o*tlmate of the oountry wtio drew his btrongc-it Inferences from what de ace? and b< ars in tho capital, t'roui having travlled moon in tho iulorior of Fianco, and havi.g mixtd wKh the parochitl clergy, I c in posi tively atM lure that religion has a lirtu and sett e l rest In the bearu- of the mai*es. I'ho pi tests ? let no one deny It? are a hard working, painstaking of laborer*. Their flocks surround them at all times and soa oor, and a biack bhe< p is detected with lynx eyed vigilance. Ibe clergy aro,f?r the most part, uk g ?d physicians of the body as the sjuI, and this does uot decrease thru- Influence. They cat, drink and si ep oftentimes with the luwlioet of thi'tr people, and, beyond ike hutiab e tenement asmgbid to thum as tbolr propur obode, in which they may h irdly bo said to lire, have uo bone but hi the mi 1st of th m? unto whom they ialn.a Ur. Education of the young was never so much attended to as at pretect; and be mat do a very prejudico^ party, whatover pba?e of Chirntiaoity he being* to, who would not hay that there la In Fiance a people carefully brought up In the love and fear of the Lord. Well, then, upon stub a peop'.e the thunder* of tho episcopate will scarcely be btara in rain. The Holy rather, in his Roman cifa< el, Is to the in wis imdoubt-dly ? f-pce'c.- of myth or veiled prophet, but without the> devoutly belli \ e him to be the sacred representative of tho ornclficd Rsdocaer on eirtb; and when they are told ? w hi u the wotdn sre printed, ami are echoed from lion* to hoots throughout every u>*u, rib.tgo or hamlet of the empire ? that Uie tntu they have hltou up to rulo ovtr theni if another 1'ontiiis I'tlate, ab<n.t to di?ecr*te tho vicar of Christ as his ^ro-u-ccsor did iao true na v lour , it [w i loot I e am prising that the;r hearts stiouid b? softly tn ubled. Ana now tiint the government Is tlofei mined u pii ^??vuu- <h? ?ei cr?bie suth >r of this , ?wlul onaiau^lit, the piec?eume? wii bo watched with uo common intonst. I tut, as I befcro observed, the bishop* do not al wars repremnttbe clergy, and iuis the gnroinnieut is fully aware of. Krom time to titnn word.4 bit-tin n throwu out on tliS part oT the goverumrnt, li.tim atug tymp-'Uiy with the working i i*m, at tho exix-iixe of the < piM< i>ate; and were the biatxips to coutuius to purmie tlieooursi' at {if esont a<ioptou, of asailng out their ana themas against Napoleon, there Ut little doubt that UlR Wajosty soi lid atimuiato the iii'erlor clergy . by opening Ml lo them the epi?c |m??o, to aot om ?u eflfltolu-ti co iu terpoite The workiug OM>??y arn r?r> til .paid, they krann In bitteinom of ypmt at the manner in wired tboy are cut oil trom preferment; but eruu while tb?y deio, tbi-y ha'.o a nx,iei conUOonce Uut Napoleon Dm their II. tore- 1 at he i- 1. bo, 1 confers, I uo not look to see the position of ths Foipeior absirbed la toe new role the woitoj Uwhop of l ot Her - bus OMlguod him Wllb ibe inforior clergy a<4 h? luro nmtriM, witu the or my at his bor(,au<l *-itn the naturtl amhltiou of Inn > country to toe !? anne Oi ee morn t He mighty i.npiro of ! . j' believe tho Kiuperor win run iiIk whits with tutflinsbtng. the temp . a ilteR of tb i Pop ? will bo re dtiood to zero, anil Sanlioi* vs ui UIP i!y On ii ?' mite I 1 1 I raise her self toto a l o ?-er m iu y which can for * mi> ' Bient osll into 'lueMtua tha- of FrsMM. flat white on h* *.itij..?v iwl ,n., a fow w)rd<t 1 abont the Kfepresa. IV bishofis ui * ten eu cigh .hit In her Mnjeit. ! lies th? rullii iahl? I/O"! of A'-uil.*. ia?ri is ho Ml Ing it. The J mpres* Kugi-aW ir ia * | ?w of p irpstu4 terr?r about th" emtio e u of ii- r ?ru4. ii, p |?1U4 Ia t"lf I tog. Atmifl mo, II. d' ?iu in tor *i>u ,lR out VO a plig'ino ge tc the ilnly ?not ier nae m atimrieil in a<l ihe nr Hteries of a Wit i tppuM, Ue-u the l r,,r find- her in' a i t?<e o n<)( ??*? ilfee' iou. ?r If life wer" Mi abf> ?lute burthen to b<r. t'h?p'>eHii bav.i Ml the, | (bat ("rovidebca lis* iiwun *-' t ne' a g an l r Je it wm for tli i? III ?t atioMi* i ijrr 10 1 n 'ha te<rible h mr ? r ?g~ny wh?.u ttbeoaiiiea n -es.ioii trbelhor the Om-sariaa operation muat not be performed, and it Is f<* U?le aha live* ut the pi eeeut hour. But tbo pour il ia fairly bewiketed with all that u U?iu her; aod while she lovea the hmptror aad her little cat Id with fear whok streugth, ebe la in doubt wi ether t>hf> ought not to deaort both ? throne and all? for tlx* ??ke ol tbu t?c*i of Chi>6t Kinu and alw?>s indulgent ae the Enperor la to ber, I doubt w betbw evau bur Union or eutreatiea wlU divert hrni rrcm the path ho utarboeon It ta written io hu> b < k to arttle tbo 1 ujucy , ottlc </ue covte. ibe Ktupeior ana KuiprcKa are ab mi u on tor tola on a grain? scale at Uompiegne, where lu<ge banting prepara tions are w prociva. Ber Majedty 'a pi>ai ia<u recoiu mend a << uhiaot routine of outdoor oxottemonl wheoever It cu bo obtained. The municipality of Parta are d? i or a in* d i hit if the clergy auocoed in atlmuUtiiwc a holy war kgaiuM "tie Poi4tu? rtlato Emporor it ahall not be b>can?i> thee ia a lack of employment (he enumera thcii of tbe public wn? kg and improvements to be ettbetod in Uie j i ar of grace lh41 U something surpassing all belief, i-nd or* may well wiHider where all tbo m >007 cornea li<-m Ibe palaces to be decorated or erected, tbe theatre*, bridges, boulevard*, barracks, omuches, j>*rks, libraries, aveauae and railways would occupy one of your coli-oiiia. Tbe ostentatious annoua euiont of their com pletion this ye tr may ccrtalnly, hiwtvur. be tutoclcdaa a blind to oih' r nations, witb a view to Insinuate that Fr?nce ia too much eocupioU w ith Much paciilc operations to be Um>kiU? of others. Ibe faerie (i tow day a ago published the following in rrlation to u. touie.? Repeat* d r? nueaU bare born made to iw to publish aome la fc iDiall. D rrUi'Vf to Ibe tuluallon ?>( tl e att'alr Miraa Vfe can compn-l end <be uublle ImvuUeuou better than ? e can ??U?f y 11. We must therefore o nline ourselves la stating tbat by tbe care of la u>i de Ctrndny, named t^ovlsKinal Imvc or ut tie ? ?l be <!??? rale do? < liemm* de for. an eSSSShMtMl of the books ai d uouounts Im u<-l'-g ou. Thin lu\e?tigvion, ibe closed wliieti It In iai|>o??il)le 10 Ax wild aoeu racy, must re tire m> much tbe lonaei time thai ibe numerous und?r taking* founded l<y M. Mute ail ronrurgj towards tne Cabtae UeieiaJe. 1 bo I'dEragc llien pro. s on to state that Count de Ger ni'ty bun joinei himself to a juoioUl counoil. but that be hus cot. as was erroneously Kiatoo , called in any b.tnk or to usdfc* b>m in bia important mission. Au immenso deui ol ? xrileinciit continue n to prevail in tbo noui^r cia! wcild .ii/g thia cane; and what with tbt*. and tbe osUljultua of the Boman qutttlion, it would lie folly to deov 'bat tbO'O 13 a groat deal of paiuful anxMy. tho puie It-nitpurtistH aro by m moaua HatiHttod with wbat Iboy ten* lVrsgty's coquetry with tbe prtaa. l'oe libotals are V8ry lar indeed from beirg eoutouteii with tbe use the members of tbe I .egi^liiture h.iv made or tbnir new pa<l unientary pilviloges. and tbo one-uiibts and lo gllimifiis eiili.'-t wilh the clerical |?ti t) ,iu tbe hope of pro ducibg a p< noral eon'.imion bi wbicli e;icu pufly may aci umbte for iu own p^culia- viowc. M. errlbo, the drauta lu author, whose detih Ins caused a TMXux y in the Aoitdemy ? ha* left au immMM Bomber ol Hkuicheg of pieces, del w bed Pcenen, 4c., au'Uciuut, it i? laid, to employ a ioi>g lll'o lu c.>mplet>ug tbem. Pru.ce Napoleon, who wits es? eeuiogiy mxious to pro e?'t>d 10 Kcn'o, h ?n been peremptorily prevented %y tbe EuipiTO.'. 11 lb liljpt'iUi i( gliuetia, :m usual, wad vorv umvoluig to bo thwarted In 111* puip to, but cbo (Cotpfr'ir ai-'flored Sun ? an the htory g o- ? tba( bH preKeuiO i'i th'i poulukuvl city at tbe present uiom< ut would be the signal of a g neral cu.'M igrailou "Uy ooohiu," aiM bm Mijea ty, ? we walk daily upou hot nsh-4; tor Uo^'h take, leivo tbe ro eauo olouo. " A pouerul ri'i>ort prevailed that tbo Prinoeaa Cluthtlde was in ;<n Intei entiiiK mtaatlou It Is certain that >be her Mf Itnnly believed tbo fact; but witnio tn? la^t few dayn it te orider!t<KKi lhat iboayinptoan wero fallaolom, '?ud that tbe I'riiiOe who, most of all liln family, rodeiiibleh the groat li.undi r of w 111 In alt probability go down to the grave, "no sou of hu succeeding." Our ilrrltn Corr?*|>on?leii<-e. Hwtm.Kcb. 2T, 1S?1 j CVMraitrfl rf Washington' l Bi<Vuloy ? I tie Oktt< i\je? ?l" a I J'aor? Fte at the Anwrirnn Ein'M.<sy?The OuMti? j .Vprf h of (iartm lt*mp? ? His IrnaUt ami the fU fi inm-s, -to i Tho U21 of February ho* always boon u festive day fur ' tho Amor loan re?-ideuts in Berlin. For sever-al j earn vho | meeting? called to cokOrnto the birth of that godlike mm, w bo wassojneUy termed the Father of Urn Sxintry, were i graced with iho presence ui tho vcd? rubio flumb >ldt, and ! many of us (till recollect witb (>l ??asuro the w.irm entbu ' siar-m with which he dwell upon the uoetami'.ed pom ! per ity of giortous band of ? It tun, crcb free au<l irido | petdont, but nil firmly airl indl --oiubly uoliod, of which he had btheld tbo origin, and upon the brilliant ! futuro that was yot in store tor litem. This year tho | company assembled within tho bespit ab!t? doors of the i American I mbticsy came tngctaer unaer far different au.Hpi.x.a. Here, at leant, witb tbo wide oc-an rolling between them :ind the plaro of their nativity, they still acknowlcdgod thorns .-lyes tfco children of one com -non mother; South Carolina and Now Ye k, Virginia ac.d Cm ncctiout, California and Tola's, HtUl mot on terms of mu tual amity and fellow cit)Z'<ib>!jip: but 'he feeling of proul oonfld..-cco and pitnotic exultation was gone, a tiu;;o of melaucholy overshadowed tbo festive pr >coedlug?, and every oeo appeared to ask himself hiatus next anni versary would bo px~.2ed ? whether this whb not tn>? last time that the sons of tho great republic would g .ther together to fuleioulzi tho natal day of it^ founder in (M\aoo nud lv.rt.iony . and whether, er? aiothor year hid pneacd over their hoalF, Its memory would not bo drowned lr. blood and list in the fury of internecine war I are. Qw*l Otu* avrrtal. At stvtn p. M. tho visiter* began to |iour In, and tho spacious apartments of lhel'Jiiba?sy were noon flltod to overflowing Tho majority of tin> : >tnp iuy ooasicted of American cr-./eM, native and udootod, oue hunlrod and ihirt- in number; but ILere w?f? alao a considerable sprinkling of (ierman gncste, including gentlemen of tne h gilt ;t star. 'tog in the AilbticrAtlc aud sole ulllic world oC Berim, among whom I will only mention lUron vi>o Uonno, torsx-i ly l'russlau MImujUic at Wiu.uiugu-n, and Piofer?or von ilollsendorff. Aftor a prayer by the R?v Mr. I oweie, thai king Providence for tbo mial> old blet-fm hitherto vouchsafed to tho l ulled nutes, and Imporug tho Almighty ti avct ibo dauue ? that t> * (hioatcmd them, the eiiitre piny adjourned to tho tail' i! martyr, whore an ample ooard was e,>re* i with at'ti t*r a l-i fin.1* Tbo immortal memory ol Wa^btugtoo tuning Ix" a drunk in sob-am silence, Governor ?Vngn propt??d the boolih of the K'ug and ou^o of rru?t! ?, prefacing it by some flattering remarks eu tno pe's?n?i ( harv tei ol the K<ng, ihecoi jUI manner lu which Amen cans wore luv^ritbly rtxelved m ihw country . au t tno amiraile roUttotil that Un'l subHlstei aiioout mterrui tion b, tween the two nation* ever etrc-j tho I nton ha i *akon il J Htnung the great Powers of tho e?r u Bai on Konne responded to this t u.?t in a speech which w tl) l?c w?h tnteicst on your uMo of tne At antic, wh' tlier or not tho prophecy bo rc-?l x d which concludid it, tutd which excited the enthu m. nC m of hl^ auditors. It ran as lollowa: ? ttbik' I return my bent thanks lo fioveruor Wr'ght for tbo kind rxp'CMdons in shun he hiajtiKt now allu.ioj to I'lumiia, in I to li s M tjcutv tlio King, who so Junt y de serve the love of ht* |XN ple, I beg le?ve t-? oll^r a few rcmaiks respecting your own country When we were ae*embied here, a jeur ago we ilttlo e/.poi'ted tUe I'nion and the politp'al ln -iitutlous which th -n ror n-d the stib/ct of our admlrutum wouM s<>s<><>n bethrett< ned witn da^olutkm, and that tho I ulted would so so"n (hi on tbo b. nils or revolution and of civd war. It Knows ih.t ?<? oiust net rt ly ttsi meoh upon hum ua In.-'U tutlons, that no gi*oiroi?nt, however wi*djr framed, can exist lor any length of time unices the |ic<>plo for wto? ben< lit it is instituted are an'm it< d by that true t'hris< un spirit <it forbearance raid compromise wmch is tbe necet miy condition Of all social mnl politico life 1'bii is not too time i or the place to ?\amtn* Ibr jUxh whose fault tne present sinte of tlonu h'S been brought aooul. , This is a tiino I'm rt?c >nciliatioi?tiiUJ not for recrimination. I thee* fore abstun from ^preselug any opinion as to who U right or *-rong. No doubt siLS have beca c nnmitted on b jib ?id< ?: t o douljt eeltteb d>-mac b?vo seir-ed th>* pooolni; rpust>oi.s to promote aou p oseuule their ambi tiou? objects. Hut while we bare to admit tUis. womust at the rnme time cheerfully acknowledge mat the ma?:t ut tbo AneTltan |>fOp?e are so ind, and werily upon ihatr pn trs>, ni< well as upon their practical sense, that ai soon as they shall see clear in tho matte r tbeywillnrt mtt until they r-hall have ro-tored pe:u." and re esut'lisQ od tho I'd lou, hitherto Ibeir pride and the cu?y of the rort ol the world. (Ct?<eit.) ibe questtou very naturally nris< a on an occuion lute this wn it wou d in tt great a'id dlstibguisherl in.m whose t?inndi? were.eor*ie to d ?y , wrat would i ???neeal \V ishln. ton do If h? w <r? Still ninoiig usf W oiijj he despair v >'n?l unly riot, fir a wud wait in known to him ( frtuiei-dous cheeriu>< ) We tod b.m flurrt tinded by cilimltles and dilC:dities ol aliMin'1 by Ior?*I^Q and doin -lie io?u, in tne nn.Ul o' tic..r"? l arid mnt ny , in w uit of m mey , iu -?anl of uv^ry thug Lr daunted ly all this, in) s < ??J|!jr pumped hU wt.y ; till u.p-e dill'., i tu.< only seemed to ttr<*i gih^o b.a cournfie aut i nerj:) , and bis patriotic ?-ff ?r? - ?. e tluauy ciewiio i by th" li.lleet fcucceSH In the preai-id i-morguo | cy.uo.h woidd end ?ae s ai d njimis to sa\e th. Uulm < (>< m rai Wut-hin*t' n is gone, but nis -pirlt is still aJ e ! an < ng the Amerlcnn people. (Apolauee) We see | ll In Ibe effi u now nmklrur by the m<?t |.atriutic ne-n, fr' m all puts of the I ntuM -UUs, to restore peace and harmony. 1 bavu no dutiht their eBo te will be crowned oy sueccss, nay, I go further I b neve they Liu ( becu successful slready. I cur. riot suppiens a secret b<p?', tbe liopo that this rery da/ h? Owen Set apart lor a day ?<f '(eoer.'U re^onclllatSin, wud til d to dsy , on MaahUigioii s oir<hday,a new ik>u<i ol uns>n aiid lr ifu snip l:V '>ei n Mgtied. (s utn isnw<i iC Bbewf*. ) , I hope I atn nut a Isise prophet, ?ud tint tne stet ner i wtneb hsies New York to morrow WIU c 'Ui.rrn in a rea i night what I von in re lo predict bore today. 1 do not I >d er-pmr of ibe l/'Moo. on Iho c -ntra rt , I believe thai i s a atrt i' and otlierwiac henltby m>in, who is au idetily uken ret k Iroai rui overul>ui.diaice of benitb. olien ri?* ( torn tbo siik -m i ii*'>ilthier and stronger thin be was before, just so the 1,'umxi will rts" out of trie pre tnt crisis, strot'Knr, more powrerfal, and, above all, wr-ft i. Lx iter pto?|? ( t of juration than it ever h*i before I give y ou ' the I uiou, the wboie I niou, and notba^ nut 'be Obion May It I'let lor? v? r." When the ftppistiae had subsided which greeted tins ?doqu*ni htrangue Mr. Ilnoeon ruw> to oil r a tout to tbe I'BiveiiMl* ot borlm, wb< re eo many young Amertcaur were pr<??cuting their studies. In returning thanks. I'rvftasor Von ItottaendorfT alind ed to tbe approach log departure of the preaeul American AmtNvn-ador, and took the opportut uy of pavlug a graco ftrl Uimite to Uie aervicee renderei by him during the oilbcuil pc/'od in wbi b he bad repfewted biecjuatry at tbe ( ourt nf I'rueaia. He eltohed bt? w licltu le l?r tl- welt are of bis ti ilow CHi/ens, Ibe Inter- *t h.? ba?* iu t;,. lift- ip o- ( ermany .th'feu, roualrankneee witu wh en breiiHir-std his p"<iticei optnione. In cootra?iistii? tioj u> u??i Kuropt .l niixoin itistii, who only cwelrr C re ui'i'oims, line ' tprip.sue aud Uuc> dinner*, and thiuk i l>< 1. . b tr lr ' K.pty U' uteiid to tbe griev?iu?? of toe 0:<ifu*<i c'.niitiynien. In protecttog Ooroian mm gr:u ts who bru; hi- '.if> \m'*iiao c t Jtens. tne Am sni eiT n?< ?M-cit<< the r , lit nl frt* emigration ?td pere II hi itlrf rty II, m e< i(iaijee ? itn the ISWh ot D>? Ciiutilry ?ud will 'h. iiHO. nl n, til- of rtiMh *1 ?! ID d nup *<> h<- h-d ttxii' ee'iy <vi ii r,.n,*i to ill" piomot.on ot IM'ini) Iu lefiM ? , wli ell trill UiS>p?r .til. f <>UI me i>r>Jf*of tru liberty. Aiming to 'ha unlia(ipy dispute* that mam ?gMatod tt? Data, the nMtar compared them to oc* ?Mai biddings Mw?n man ?al wue. watch oa*ht not to l??4 to a* lanntiM divoroe, ?Ad expressed a bap* thai the t>Un ihal forced <he I Ancriom banner would not be Knotting ultra, but puuiets, subject to the <awt> of gravitation from a cmtral power Ho o< -deluded bj proposing tho I health of Got. Wright, which wu drunk with ail the I horor*. lo his reply, the Ambastidor pointed out the (tiswiroia 1 con* queues of national divisions. aa exemplified ?>> the condition ot' tiermauy, urging bis ooai|ialriou t > take warning by what the, saw here, to dy t > the r.?cun aud prrserve their country rrom ruin, anl offering .be follow ing sentiment: ? '-Iho secret of our success c <uiosu in our I'd km. When thai fc gone, ail is lost At home or abroad we are one people or we are nothing " !n the couise of the evening other aridnti*<t> were de livered by gwtlemoo from varioub Siaie?, wlmreof I will only n"tice one, which, from the position of the speaker, the socrct&j y of legation, Mr. E. ti. MT. Butler, attracted pai tioular at tout loo Mr. Butler ? a solon of ou of the flrst families of Louisiana, and, If I uiUlake not, a grand neph?w of the Ulu*trl<us object of the present ceiebraito.1 "No one amotgyou," he mud,' can rqjoire more heartily thin I do that, rtill* wo are so much excited at the uccounts which ore aow reaching us of the politic ?l troubles mat ahake the fouiidatlmi of toe mighty structure, >ur [TnK>o. the uame and fame of tho world's beet hero should serve to unite us so hippily today. CooneoieU by blood with Waehington, and ueeoetded from ancestors wboee dreds are lntim vlel|> blooded with the history of the Aniortouii Involution, I boast of no glorias that are uot the heritage of every citizen of our glorious l uloo, an?l shall make no claim upon your attention that will cot b? d t> htm who *ouU p.<rpetu vie if possible by the s-ic> iUc? of his life's blood, the proud ex tlairaltcu, I am an American clliseu.' (Chi era ) Af ter havir- survod tho I'mon at iht? Court for live yoars, and hau the g'atifru.iloii of receiving tho formal expres moo of the tnnuks of uv g -veraouent for services which 1 have rendered in tny own name wh <n In charge of ihu legation, >ou will uiMiomtaad that I must sever my oill cUI reiitlons with it witb profound regret. (\pplaune) lint . tlnco p y State, LoulHaua, has seceded from ibe Uni<n, u peniie of duty aod true devotion t > lier h <s compelled nie to forward alieady m* resignation as Soc 'clary of 'bo United Stales Legation here, aud to re solve to return h 'me to artist In laving mo I'tioo, if p # bib it, or lu avoiding the horrois of civil wu- if I llnd m> fat<- wedued to that of a confederacy of the Southern 8 la toe '? Toe luttPr po*tW>n of tho evening w?s p*ss?d by the yourger gueeia in music and datciug, by thrf older in animate < coovereati' n, anl nii ln gbt w.m far advan-od whi n the m< cling oiono up God graut ?h?l ?h?n th<s national unnlvereaM c .mee round a^a<u, tli? cl >uia tint hover ovei the lejiubiic may have vanlahmi, and that, in tho ivcr< b ol llaron itocne, "it may have rmen fr n tho pneetif cim's stioigoc am more powerful, and with greater prospect of uur Alton, than evor." French Opinion of the Morrill Tariff. [Tmnfeliuvd trim the l'.i n Momieur, Ke>. -S, lor the NKW YoMK tfkKAUl J Aipor'g the item* of news which chine from tbo United i-tater, in <>iju uhnii does nut dneo<ly concern the <1 nn>s tic cru it-, but is <j<> <fb? wor thy of utieut: >11. fur it bw in interim w< nil ln-iniig whtoh will e-c nai no one's niton lion. The repre>cui*itve* of the Northern Suies taking advfintu^o of tlic absence ol tha mthoro memborg, h ive bteu in grcut haste tu vole a new Cusuim llmse t?ritr No*, thou, th> Worth, wktek it Ornri.uj of pntg hryi U? tna?t ijavtuns, i- very ui-faUiful to idea* of tibr <y ictirn U kf\? Ui rio v-Wi tariff*, am i dor- not keep in i'k w the iruerati rf the South ? a country ea tent tally agricultural ouil very uu h in favor <4 fioe trade. nuj turifl hi r ?tofi ire in forc? was very pro tective, fcUico U Inipoeed on forced mer ihindiso ad valorem duties varying tt^m nlnenm to thirty per com itio now tarllT iBirt usee all tho UK * either diieotly or by combin%tiunn which sub-itl tule a Hpeciflc lor ad valorem uutle* f/ii< rU'v<fra<lr re )orm hai N*ti r*ry fyaly wowiil in t'ngi mil, and will U no MUr liU'l in Fiattvr; for our auk*, which nw d to p%y iiiw u.h u p?>( 0CLt, will pay a tax varying from twenty to thirty |?r(?M.aMHI witiea, Ua*d at thirty pur cent, will be a**e?*e (1 at 33 % per ceut II" a reconciliation rboild be < fleet or) in the L'nltel t5t?u a, which <3ces net yet ap|ie*r to br beyond hoiie, it la pi oporto ?ormltio that the abolition of thin tariff will bo <>oe of the compromise t Lutae* obtained by tho S ruth. If the U%.i' n be nU rretnUit ?/, the pn-grammt nf free truli: proi >aim<U liy thr. South vnu <]> n te nur rcuie and ayi\>%tltuTc a road to fruitful intrremte and large return*. Tbo Nuidtr of Ca|?t Pykc, of the Ship tit'ui tai Paraoill. Tbe vosfel left the M- rcey on Monday morning, tie 20 1 h bound tor CLarS Btou, United ->t<tUM, uudor th'! cun maud of Cipiain I'vko, tlm cmt cunaisuog of first and Be ootid mat. s, bn.w- <raiu, atoword, and eleven soatneu. [t appear* tbe ship ban noi got far down the rivor when t>< me i-ngry words t ?ok piac*< between the captain uidciev. and tuo ww4i(i heart 'he io'ner styingio tl.e nrft mute, ("uninLg'i'im Canip>>eil,) in tho Ctbin "i'l'i jru ever sec Such a th n< la your life J I km oniy f-Lowlnp Ib it m?ii how to plui-o the rop>son tbe tx?liy iig pin, viiien he Li k<d m?twico." IV e*pialu th> n wet t on ceok. ai <1 abtiut hall an hour afterwards tae euwua ohoweil hiui thi'her, Hud mv blm puahiug ono ul tbe crfw al'r.ut, si>ing "Will you do itagun?" Ihe man r< pHed be would not. ail then went on quietly tor a tiaie, Imt b-t?ri'n dve and six o'c'iKk In the ev< n Itg, ' *.bu i-toAarii w .a in th? ciibln, be h?ar<l a tiM?e ou tbe upi?r (leek, whtvn he thought ?a8 oc uisioa eo l>> tbe < hiei tnut*' U.u;k<uk route ot tue urtw, auds ??n ulUTwarile heh<aida similar loim>, a|vp?renlly arising from tbe :-.tuje About seven all bauds w^re ra ted aft by me nisiioa e, whoV4d thciu tint he w.mid di vide tbe watriien, ic d if tbe hauoa would get up ? b'<n caiieo Uiey rhuoin be in uu d like men, out if not they should be treotr d to tho c mtrary. Tbe tneu tlirn went in i?i the fori cii?Ue, and or<*er wm n?uin restored. Ab nil ei^'bt oYltiek the hiuea'U wiis in tho galley, au 1 hearn g ii (J -hi ur tWii'e Ixxweeu the e.hief mite und some of tbe crew be ? i n? ati auo miw four men wl'h ''uusbc iihol ki.lvra in their bunds stabbing at ih<- mate as fast as uie? eotiin ia ab dire li no " Tbe ni?t? waa then bliHsliug co pMiealy fi otn vrttM'iis parts of thebvty. Tfie stow ?< I at u-n pie i t<i pnihi t tin > mate from tho violent!" of his tn fui .a?*o atsanaiita itud got h 'Id oue of thorn >>y tut collar, try u ft it poll Inm oil itie oltlcer. wbi n tbe rulll to fumed routu unu aitned a tl w u1 with hiu kniie, abieh be fo-iuui e > esc ipel t!<iunlughain ul> iut to run inio ihe eabm to inform -be capt^n of what Uid tuki-L puice when, to In" sirp-'t-e and h <rror he loutd Cai-tam l yke l?n g on hw tac- in a Urge pool of lliKKt oo the llunr oetween tbe fo-e and after c .biu? do ro:-ed tf>e un'on iu.iti' u?m aii i h,?'.h"d nis ( ue, but be m| in it few m ii ii tee Oinnmgliain >-h iuUm o it " Mur d*r," and th* ud m.te <ame ic m his uertn to uia a.^iafai ee, when tbo mau who a ruek at the steward lOmeO tli> m . ai d said to thi< Ijh c a- be whs supporting ? he bi<?1y of ?lic caput In , "You s >n of a l>? , you waul ed W. interfere, dl? }ou?'' at tbe imnu ill" aiming an oi tor clow at biin nub his kiu'e The steward agtia es luptd the blow and ran into tin' r.tlnp tils assa I uit a'as alH ut tu loliow hiai. when nai'tbe/ of fbe Ci?w Mopped bi?i, rtn.aiki' g, ? riieio has Oeetih-m ugb mu'iier i*.in milt. <lon f'oaru tile ship alii>v>y ' Tbe m?jnrtt> of tbe new ilon got tegeihcr mi **?{) fhnc clietrs at though ? be* were re)o|c?i g at -he r.sult of thoir murderous on Mai gi t The f-b'p was at thH ilrte nearly opposite l'?unt I ,y ;is Tlie captaiu dead and ihe mate nearly so, the la ? ii, ? ciew oio ni l ptiaeed to uny iurTh>-i mci of vioteuc*, norma ihcy imti ate aoy iuioniioa ot dong s-i 'hu atrwarl and the se- t.d mate th<-n arrai'ge-: to briug he vi :->ei b<ck to l.iverp a 1 an i mi le tin.-- kn.wu tu llieortw None Ot them opp ? rd the adop ion of this iouf*e, and tier bead eas ooce mitre turneil tor Liv-r l*ail. .-Sitne of iho i f e v? urs : ted U> bring Iter back, ? bii< the otnetf ? ogstali< refi.sei to do au\ 'lno* in tho ? bapi ot ?<>rk Sintiils ? ere bo sled for a pnot arm our was tiiki n oo board On ln-a 'iu what nto no ttntrc Of Iraiii-d a sieamor, tbe ship w as brin gnt up l(lj nver, au I wln n ulie tinvtd np^o>iu< tbe l'riuC''? I'nr bi ad . about oue o'o oea on Welmndty m<>rmug, there suit of tbo a 11 ray wits c ?nitnuuii'ite I by some m- ins to u |s 1K b counii aod wi h t bi- inking "m nt of tbe north liiirtlts *-t'igii. ile in mvdiaU'ly c <ivtyed tbo intilll gi Bi c to tbo oiitfdl ' (.iic- otllee ln?piCtor Carlteie t id ? l> ily f pi'tiri' olheers at once liuer u d the sbui, took ihewh-leoi tbe etew into eus<od> , anil escort? ? cnuin to tbe ma-li lirtoewell. Tbey found tb^ m%U' aim wt in a dying state, bavm,; oeen stat>lH<d m nearly K dozen dlf feret.l ratrts y| the bony. Intetligenon of thi- melai?cb?ly aflT*tr wan forwaroeJ to tho olhee u( tbo \meric in C'lHisul, ?rrt th tt tunc imiiy, t- fei be r w ith . hu vice f oi. sul Mr t> tiding, wa? eng?gr i I im s nw boots lines' gin dig it fn, ihi ibih thr :ni|i.i-st ? u the t-ndy of iTatdain I'ykn wits opi nod befi r<> trie Liverpool Burough OortHier i u.> tlrst uiHle, Cotningh un Campbell, whi was sut bed hu aevciiy is pr g ??snug tavor?nly. tkpt un l yki was u native ol a small town or vlllne in the hi f^hboibcoo ot I'nston, uid waa aboot IM JCiTs uf ase. ffe atis a narrli d fian ? ith a 'amity , aud bi *idow iiow reaidea in rletclii r stieet l\'Xteth park /%it>-r tuo removal ot tbe Isaly of iht un'ortunaui tnan to tho dead h'lnse, lie- unci t.v nftieors exairiiou hi.-Cib,n llm, nam i u?h or the pnlow r-t but b-'l ph itrigraoba -if hi-< wife und i lie yotiiig^'t ibid, a nice lutle tolsiw ab ul ? #u yitiiH o< ge in the ? aOin was *1.-0 it p tlr ot > mid s ah >? a, aid aitaetii il V} tbr-n a memorandum irmuiding tbe ctp tnio thel be \\?s to k< t t ?u Similar paira at a eertum sbnp in t hailtsuib. lb' soemi- to have b id a predilection fur asi?lt?rihf( life at a very earl) ago, tor it tit sod be ran itwsy fr< u< school, r ime to Liverpool and tv*s en* ?*??! as ciitnu t? ) on boa-d the very aiitp tn wht b tie <-am<' to hi? lititlm' I) etui Me afUiraarda Kindled uavinatl hi au l I reused ibroogb all the uranatsun ol rai.k in tbe merchtnt service unili ho qua-illed hiinitett for fh" more imp nt.ut ?nd na|ait.sihle poaltiou of m??tor. n? ? bt ?rii^d his o?r t.Ui rt'e about fiair year* sgti and was in irtlor o thn llei.o lal l*a<kb II tu tu tnat lime to tiia d-ath tie is sp .k-n ? f i.iui i tlirienl officer , ?n aoio seaman and a quiet, w? II Aui|a>A d noui. Market*. BAK1*0 BRO I UKKit' OIRCrLAR. liontroH, tttrch 1, 1861. Our colonial and foreign produce ma ke .i c-ai.iuun in active aid price# are ?ihu< Impruveun tit. M inejr in ( t in rnd roe fbtok of Kngtai.d r ?u- uf dM ???unl rem tins at cirfbt per cent OuumIi letvo off VI a #1 S for monct , ltl\ a Ml for <he acos.nt ttar s iver, h* Id , Mexican dollars, 4? US'-; amencan eagles, Ids Td , nominal. Iviu'ikiotta? pnntati, 70a 0d.; Houtn Aiaeri cao. 74s Ail per ouice A an- 1 tc an Block s n main fnaotlve. We hire nn busi ness to quote; pricea remain, therefore, nommUiy las ?aate. OKOBOB nOI.T AND to '? COTTOH CIRCtTLaB HvioiHSH. Haicn i, IKIt The week opered with a pretty a< t|?e r emano a- wal from Ibo t If O an for exnort. Hnder Ito aincratsel l? qntr), price* for* I tbe gene, ally useful qualities lit A o*r I can (??turn advauc-d * f nil fg?t per p sjnd l.atle'ly, Isiwev ? r, business h?s ot-cn N trolled ny mxue ?ry oou srdcratioijs, the appro ?nsi n witn parties b?>re bviug imtl tbe rtB? wed dt Btaud tor specs, to remll lo Amor r# not t nve made It Lt-cesearv tor tbe uireot<<r* of ihe lUuk of Fj gland, ui belr moetirg yister ay, lo rnsne a fd'th r kdvan-'e Ul Uk> I?lre idy v. ry nigh rate of dlaciuut lb* appiebeiisajr, has not, b )W#Ver, twin reali7?.l. still til re a leruin ? CMreti of u easintsa aiii-gai ia m xte)T tn?t ters wMeti u< aclinl to nusin'se, and ban ci -il ? ellahl re?i'l?rin in our mvk- 1, UK gret'er tsirti n ?' lb. Ik.ifaii-e notmal I'unnn tie csily port mil o 'h-t we"* haviliy bran. 1 St We now qu t. ' mid In " up ?n s ?V,d , Miolrf', aj - ft d 1h : Hnuiil. ea o. Ii . ke' a irfwe '1.1'" tipl md . ' , i Mi.b li iiji., t> iats 7\<1 , fa-'tig an ad /anoe iU p" tsi . n ? I I>hl India ootUMi ih without quolaolo ' bang- ii value. RrMla doH of ante, but inpjvrttaf )Mt week's Mm | hgypluui uonoa 1 1 freely ullfiod for W?. <uiil wan U m< me urcguitu it; la pru-ua aoo rduix to the flam o( bolter* ano thw wishes to realize ? ike tcudonoy being in 'uvor of buyer*. 2 800 <tmeri<-au are rep?rte< to biro l?een taken oa ?ptculnlw*. * 960 American, g,0u0 Sural, W> Egyptian, uid TO 1 labia for oxpn t ? so ibat the 4eh fWK >t to the trinit) lor the we*k btve beeo about MI.MJO Oales. 11m business ib to day eatimat.-o at 0,000 bales ? 1,000 being on tpeculatlon ana for export JOHN L. BOWHS AMU BROTHER'S (MBClTLiK. UVfeKf toL, Vrofi Si. 1461. A continuance of unfaro<aMe ix.i.tical and commoroUl new* from the Uui ?d Sia'os, oom*Mued wiib the uitoc m of oar di'ti< lent grain barest. bare thrown a daiueea over trade here. By private co i tract ooosutnera p ur cbaae only J ant sullUHnot wool to inoet present roq tiro men to, and tbe g< ncral tendeuoy of prlrea In France, Belgium and Germany, m ??U u to Kug ana, w In tavor of buyers. Holders being iigbtly stocked do not aa a rule pre** salon, aud in occep.ioual ooses where bay era Lave to take tbe Inltiatlre form?r pr<oea are paid Pub lic aaiea of 41,000 bale* Australian and 16,000 bales C'ipe began in London on Xttth ult ; there ia an average at-eud iu.ce of borne and continental buy era; competition is mo derate and oocaaknaily dull, aud prices are ft to 0 per coat lower than at the sales beio iberu in December. sxmred and hand washed (< c., partially ecjured) Uuve suffered moat. Some parcels of secoud cIass uu washed Cipo bave been sold at 9d. to 0 %d. per lo , but dj purchaaea have been mado for United states account DU FAY AM) CO.'rt TRADE KEPOKT, Ma-tcuexritit, tlarob 1, 1861. Before enumerating the causes wnicb have no led un favorably upon our market, wo b?g to lay before our Irktbds aaiaiomeotot the exports ot textile ta'trici during ? bo past year continued with 1858 -mil showing a total lucicate upon the uin-r In oo'.toa goods of 212,005,429 yards, or ?3, 000, MO in declared val te, and id jttTLH amountug to 6 168 301 pounds weight, or to ?400 000 d-claied value. Noiwiib jun Hog the large dei in our shipment* to the Kaat Indies, the UHmI oxpurts ul the pasl year were lo excess of >he preceding one, nearly nil other markets having iakeu more, with tne excptlouof Mexico aud Austra lia which enow a tailing oil, amounting to tbe former country to nearly seven million of ya. us of cotton goods, and to Australia marly tea minion yards. rhe total of exports from tbe United Kingdom during the pant year

auiount to ?139,842,817 declared vaiue; whllo tbe lm ports for tho eiev eu mouth* coo lug 30m November are ?144,887,078, tho 1 .Her oxooedli K Uie former, ou tbe en tire ytars, i.caily twenty million* p>uuls, wuiie we nave exported in gold and alive t'i 666,672, moro tbau we have imported in i860 lo tb ?e wuo object to these llg uree as rhowin;; thai iho balance of trade is lai gwly agaiust us. ou the gioand tuat tu Kupiuud :outrea tuo irausit trade of mhor count/ toff wo wouni elate ibe plain fact as given by our fricu s Moeers. jtoitotf?BI, -ion & Co , in their tm nt cuxu nr. that tno Importation* of Uoui una brca> bttdls d mug tue livo mouth* from Uie lrt (t Peptuiltber to lit tl February auiouut ed to about sixueu nui |.on I a res sterling m value. Nothing could prove uu re clearly to il tho bar >? oat ia tins country h?b been grea iy n?Ucw nt, aau tbu estimate wo stutcu in our auuuul i ii :u ar of tho loss wnicb his ac crued to thu country f>om ins co curat ?aio? alone wis by DO menu, sb *X*gS* ato I cue in-nead oi u.tudibg i vir Ui the ag' icultuial ict-ieet uilliona o< pouoda to be Bot-nt in the country , anu in , art upouarticlts ol cli thing, the country is diu'ned 1 1 its p ecious in tale at a time wbm yitiih at rnurmcnU in 'he I '<? i'<<l tkutn . nut only check rxf rt* tut retain uu nrijr due ami eamt deraigt mnU of nutlt in other tfuari*?. Auo to thin the overtrading to luoia end on uini<*t lotai suspeusi n oi commerce owing to rt-(K ated fiiilurts oi ttu crops in that C'uutiyland lastly the diflicultu* c> eati-d ii tbe Levant trade, caused partly bj political uroiiii and tiu-aicial dietu* b ui'ies, ieadiug to tiiiDi(<rt>us in.>iciutik* failures amount firms engh^cd in tnut t'U'te, tbe p'<?iratKM of trade we are U boiii g under ju?l n<>w is lU'ly explained, as Wi ll as the nec?^lty oi auMnit i ug for a time to au unusually hiKti rate of money, until bullion Unas its way again luto thus country. It is u fortunate circumstance that the stocks of textile labries whicb ate now aix.'ULuuUting in tbe inmufuctur ing du-tricis have been saall at the bc-nlMniKg of tbe j i-jir. Ih b circumstance emolod tae prv?duc- rs to mtin tam prices intich ne'ter tnAn would other wuc hive been tbe cafe bib'ted many artlclns are held comparatively high even new, cous dering the tilgu rate ol mounts and getiirnl dt r:u>g>-u?-nt ol tia e. Itie court r the t ;i w mater In i ban taken h.i? disappointed etiany who specuu>t< d ou a rise, in couwii'ieuce of the diriiub- <> staU' of Aoieriijt and the oitlinaiiy ol briuging tbeootu>n to tb s couuiry. Miort time, turu outs, aud ?inrcnium rating priccs of textile labors it-saeuod the de tnHiid, aud for the present pr'Ct-s are not I'lcoiy tu cxp? ru nee a r*e. but, on toe cwnt<*ry , to sympathize with the downward temieocy of oar miikrt. l'h ? ac xinnts or the Arabia do not seetn t.i have been cousiderc l w favorable to h lders. fhe cop is still intimated at four millions of bak*. It must be c- 'tiler bum ttat tbus far 1961 does not b Id out much promim- of good to too mere;' mile commu litjr. It opened with ap' reQeoirious at>oui war aud with money at mx per ceut; on fie 7tu of lanua y the rate of discount was rilsed lo seven p-r o. nt; O'i tuu 14th of last montb to t'glit |ior cent, where It reaiaios at proseot. Ibe import wade tharis equally with that of export tbe drawbacks, not to fay gm>m of present circnmstancea, nor ate there any ptoepects of an immediate favorable chang*. Ou* fraMattantic brtthren are net content with bringing din/ram and ?fcmnpe??nl upon rvumjpean traderi by th -ir p IU*a> i(uarret+, but mutt add the. 'ilumiK Co rna t a tariff', v hv.h u ?>?rf topr Ai'it'ny, and thin I'tuC the 'loir to future uimtne'cuil (ratuMctV'iw. Mi mid this measure untortu Lateiy pasi into law. tbe republic will uo longer be hdd up as an rxamptn of a wiao government, hevora as the ciisai is which tlili country has to ontoud with, it will overcome it cimparutivcly wed, It peaoe be preserved, and we fancy ei^ht per cx^nt dt-> ount may aa equally pre vent war us it d'*s speculation. rhe manufacturuig mterost of the country Is no doubt utlerii g, aui likely to sutler still more, owing to the neoeeeity of irreatiy redootng the productions o. textile abrios which txroods p>enent wants, but as moat of our prooucets have done well during tbe last year or two, boy can better aOord a momentary reverse thin former y. Never betore were stocks (speaking in, general crms) smaller than at tbe beginning of tho year, ani al though thei may ha>o accumulated looonveulently by this ume, tbe fall in prices is not suoh as to cause appro bensu i s or ruin Consumption is going on, at least o Kime extout, nod In a little while buyers will again ap pear in ibe market. It must not be overlooked tuat tho P'McLt rate of etrcount puts aim ?t a atop to the most legirloiatx export business? namoly : that of yarns to tbe ni igbborlt ^ Htaios. tlio nigh rate or oL count acts as a bar to buslneas in all oirncti<i(is, and |iurcbaees have been oxceodingly small and at v?r'nbie pi icee. Innian aud Cain?6 4(hs satrt ings have been must depressatd, aa will bo seen by refer rug to our c imparative statement. Many outer.* fo' tanry gomh hmvi Q bm counter n,m*te<i by the A mr/icvu, tbe baud loom weavers are oadiy oil for work just uow, ai u that class of wo. k poouie are suflVring sevo.Wc, for the homo trace, allh ujrii rather b<>tier ttmu it was, does not at pr(M<ni allord eoiploymODt (or them No one like* to hold stock when tin cost is monthly enhanced by ev orbitanl inw* est; people rather pay the Urst slight ad ?iin e than take advantage of oilers now made, however low in price. Brraoitnlfi. WMKAT AND PI,Ol'R ItBAUY FOB KOVTOfKN' T- ? TOLI.B trN THK YOIIK CAMALM -TBK WUKAT UBOr, Eft'., klC. lhe pupers are bcgtcnlBg to speculate on the move ments o- gran when lake usvtgall ? shall often. At Ch'cago the wheat, llour and corn in store for shipment IS thus Htated:? M n?r, bbis SO .746 Mbesi, Oukhela 1 ,647 Hi > Coin, buahels 3^1,414 At Milwaukee there is also a large amount of bread stiitl.? u> siote at I mi h Chicago and vtilwiuke^contraclH me N Ir g mace for shipping grain anil II >or to Uutlaio an l Ukwigoat pretty fair rates tor ahtpowuers At the Canada ports ti(Min the lanes ihore aro largo ac cumulations ol n. oadstutls ready lor shipuunt down me t lawretoe. Tbe uu eTwrtteis who tusured this sutf, sai the quantity la store greallf excepts that ol a if prev toes year. A Montreal p?per undorslaatls ihat gr tia iroai ABiericao lake porta is t . go down the H Lawrenoo in tin- sprii g , auj H hnticipat s a lively trade, fhe in dtcaiians are more fa voraoio to an early opening of tbe Use auo river route, and it may be able to do domothing betoie tbe Kf ie<aual is ready for business. The si hedule ot toils adopu-d by tho Nov York Canal li? ard at the February meeting were, in sevoral liu pu'tant particuiais, odensive la the forwarders at tuo WrM. Tnev accordingly p-titiinei for a module tlion of ibe toil list <>o Dour, wheat, oorn, barley, ry <, oats, hx I lie qu stion ha* been argai-o lor several d t>4 eafoie toe H aid by f ulleioeu Irom Buffalo, lloiQ.stcr, -tyrauuoe, Ac , and decided taliaf actor uy to the petitioners, as lotlows ? 1M0. 1WL M K M. y. Kltntr 2 0 2 (I w beat 2 0 2 6 Corn end corn meal 2 9 2 6 Bar ley 3 0 2 6 Rye a 6 2 6 (tale 2 6 2 6 l'i ?" and i eaus 3 I 2 6 tbe isi'ayette (tnd ) Jtrurnnl says ? t'lura all parts of tbe country we coetii.tie to receive cbernog uc ** of tiia p> ospect nt iui abundant wheat rr>ip \ J. Hull informs tn- ib" I to hbeltMu and Perry Urwo'hi|M tbe growing wheat never looked netter, anu farmers irom aU seciious are m tb> beet of spirit* at tno prm^. ot. Tbe KuAM'llviile ( feun ) Hrr,Ut says 'hi wheat crop of Ixgan county la l.sAing isuia kaitiy auo and proosi-ing. As uiU' h m bo said of the wheal crop g'-nerali/ in 1 enneseee riie Vacenees (Ind ) Oa,-'tte. says. ? We ire In'orm ?1 thai tbe growing w bent crop tooks roinirkibly wed lor ibr time o* year. But little in tuis sectiou appears to bo winter kiued. Ibe Ct.loago Vren *ay s tbat during the pist week tb* weaiber has been oool and pieaftait, and n gbly fav.mtM u . agi icoliural *p*ntMa? A I throughout, me uorthw st the laruii-is are busy pteparlog the soil for Uo soring crop-, and it is fully expected mat Uie a*sd vid He got into the gronnd early. Tb* winter wbo?t theougnout lam o?*trat and souihern po-tsius of tn* -<t?io looks Hautuilif ? Ml and much ins* has t??n winter kilioi than or liirco tears past. In ttouibern Mubigae an* Northern luJlaaa, the leports are ail of a favorable character. Pu*taow to ffeintrui, (Wmn Coast op Africa), nv nm Krmkh Mm. ? Official isrt'Oe ban bean given by tha Frmra I'lSt (ffloi' of tbw entib.whawnt of a 0-ancli nail per ket *ervio* between riaint Vincent (Oapi- Ve de Irlarxi*), sod t.oree, in c-.oncction wi h ibe lu iutbly mail puck* teervice beiwe>-n H >rie?ui an t<io d? .1 oiero fbo ?a i ?*i*)Od?r>ce from the I'biwnI atau?s tor tne I'reocli ?4?ioy of ei.ei;al and lie d> p?tilen< iee. forwarded rn the I- rem b m II, will reach lie dnsiinatl ai ra ich e>r wtea ? rut nv Duals of the f r <a>ch mall picketi inn rt.ird taux. via riatli" V<neeni, ibau bi lira iou a ? la Ivigiand, ii',.i h'trt* tbe rrench I'oaldticn wilt lot w if it la filtttro by lli? new lOUle, a'l letters not ap*cta>ly ad .m-ss-vl ia go t-rward Via filklwi't. l*lU'S lor "Hl???l, *?at v.i ki-n.-e, in trie l-rench m?ii, are ?ub^wi t i a .bx>genf uiii iy ot'ce th ? en gte rale, an ch is lu fuilo* i tie I'nltrd M?tm iwi fi-.UCh p?lag", aau Ml t*yi| aired to be prepaid. A* feor*?*T.T ? A FinMNk.' Wu t ? Bone; Vakan, of llvfedut. Vt, ? )nu?K?an >?'"Ow ' luairi-ge, ?t*.ut ft y tr ainee, witli ? dsaghier at ? lkins, <x tne sauii town ???? o?lei>i?teo C'lMMMtnio p nup, about t*a *<??B emce rloiwd with the wife 1/ William J?*ui->, of Rutland, ? itti me luteutioii, H i* s?iu, A ft> tog n Califor nia. Itr Jakrta lullowwi in purault of Mm guilt* ?*tr. In New lori th* runavty couple eluded ml the t ig A* W I be p> lice aud no doobi tucoedtxl id tnakiug ta Mr recap* to I'Blnorula by tbe summer which Kuilei last wtek. KIfb Jakine bad been mirrH^d but about four yet ua. [-be 1a a daughter of A'uoa I'ik?, ?f Kutl-tad, a?4 u mis from a rttptcutble faintly. rtio i k>|>emun( occa sion* 'he an at u net** exoiU m< ot aud irrtot among tUa friends of both famill.-s. ? Jroy (If. V ) Ttnet, March 11. IALM AT AUUT1UR. AM..RTIMKK OklKfiN A JO.. ?t'UTiO?Bil8& . MioNI#lCK?T HQUSRlli >CD rUSSiruM AT t-UBUO AOOflOM. The property of a family relinquishing bou-?Ao?u<utf. I D J'lil* d?/, Olondayi, March id At the eli-pant rwk ence of M. B Obapm^n, ??| , 40 We* MUMAib street, between 1 Ifth and Hiath iixmm, Halt commencing at lufci ?'dock, Viz : Roast*. ?d 7 octal u I lauoforte, Itomtwood drawing Ko m Suits, Bros re and Ormolu I bai.delisrs. Pier and Mantel Mirror?*, bti r ad* ana Lsoe t.luti-lns, Artanlic Mutuary, Oil rainutig* oy eminent aitlsta. Htiperb oevrej Hcd Oeesitrn Chiua Vaaes, Oh a duffel, Pxterslon table, faugttes, HookcaiH, Ocnue rabies China, Nines and silver Vt are, Table OlU-ry, Linen, AO Kcvewoid ?nd mab>>g?uy Chamber I'urnUure ea auite. horse-, Carriages, MrntM Holes. Wlaes, Ac. The cat ?li guee comprising lb? laryesi and richest assortment cf I' oUHebo d Kuinl i-re and Works oi Art offered at a*i tion litis aea~ n The furnitars wm aH lu'ide t<? order far the present owner lets than si rcn m' nth* ago. by W.||, BrmiuMl rf A Kotb, and it of tbe best description, In 00 in pleie order Catalogues at the house Hale i-eremptory. M ?(iM KR/liN f KOaK * OOii 1'IAMJfUH ? B, Tie rf<:li??t nstruni* nt ofl?i-rt?i at and n this ?.>iw>u, mipflrb 1; cMneU lrgH ami <Mki% four r>uud corncrx i ili lion oltta. citcrii iut K t>aM<. a>l the tnodert' iiu|iiovettieiit? wide by oily titaki ra. tolly tested by roinpeteni judgea and pi^inouncod a superior lustrou .ent; rosewood t anUrhiu-?, do. nt< oU cover eo In brocade: ??'remit cloth Cover: rt?K)koase, Secretaire, inooiMimr**, lady's Woik Tablo Writing Desk; frem-li ti lute i'ler Minors, marble Slabs and l? t?: two I;U"m8 Mantel Mtrrois. richly carved frames; embrotderad Laco Our talna French M uflea, ( Joru cei- ; two'?int nulla lira ? inu Kocm Kunil'ure, covered In three colorod Sitt u bio -aie ot tbe richest description, ctrred In sol<d roaswood; t?vo TeU)-a tcu' Solus, two Arm and ei^ht oval lock ("hairs rose wo<>d cootie Jablr.s statunry 'oa b e tops to uiatch thn sui ?; fctegere-s lined with tatiuwood marble tops, mirror duri aiid backs: Kitig'a paujnt reclining Eaiy Cba'rs; I'ler, Canl atiu yuartoi'e laules; Oil I'ainungs, by I egrand, cole, lnmsn, ho'ists II. i-olwr?B, Pg.'tw ana olacr einim i.t ai lists? essuuipilon of tbe Virgin Murv. from the cele i lilted |i(ilutliig ill tbe 1. tlvie, Paris; ntonn si mis, by t liujeraaglc; two superb .much i almtug>i ; supers Anlsilo Bronzes, ro|irtaeuitux Night an>l Morning Ortisaadors, I'aul ht.d Virginia I'aioung, Muatn, I'oeiry. Pandora, Ao , two liiagnltlcebt t-vres v awn, I rotn taa c illnutiou of Jccouie Bont paite cost $8 U: untl<iue unit go iilc Inception ? ha<r?. iIih jar Sen < of Verrattles a>id Lux>-m tore, by Davids; Fruit and KIowbis, w lnt? r Hetties Kienu.- h luterior, KreneU llni Kn uravii gs, VlHtd obcs, t'.hevalle li'ass, la il? do ;<ult, ro-"tw "d llnutsra, Cbaii ? to match Oilcloia, ? jtlr Carpet*, Hods &r t hsn'lx rb -fe"gli-i> Brussels <'arp?tH, roiewood uitrble to > Iirtsslng Hun aus, bedsUail.1- and Commodes to match, lolU t lab i p, rbavlni? -tandi, Bouknrs, C uiebM, arm and oval baek Chairn. covered In moquet . soring uad hair M.iun- jtcs, l \ a therBcds Boi?ten> ana llllows, v j Minora, Pastel P?jni I tigs il< < emu d China fo.iiu un?c?'ol ('urt?icis, Ac. Cppcr Chiiniije-s? frah giniy ud black <r?iul Bureau*, s . . Iti c.kers, ^ ashMnnos lining no. -m? Solid carved oak dufl'ol, Stutuai J n.arbio tc p; lieerdt s pat-nt illning Table, (kmc <138, sriu < hair", elegant seis crystal and ruby i{la?. ueoaatars, (ioblets, wines, cbampaftnen, Lemon lid '-s lumbbra: celery, fruit ami prtserre ftti.n s; linger Bowls, ruby .mil q ild liquor tcts, po.d si d china limner et, richly decoraMl Tea riet, 44 pHX-cs; hf.lld silvor lJiunei and Ten ^?t?, Stiver Ware, roil'eo Urn, I'asiers, Oake nn.-kets, Naoklu It intra, ?pimus, Korks, lvf?y hind td tuble ( iitlny Also, liusement auil Kitchen Kurtiliurn, toue, Inn, tin, Woadcn i* are, Kariiicn tV are, 1 oppei I teiicl'H. Ice Pitchers, Mlren, Ac. Fsr the acocm mi'dation oi parlli a living at a distance, a competent pernio v.1 l be in sltendatee to pa U and siilp goods, al a rca-on^hl* charge, hale ^mitive wubout regard to thn wea^ her. h. R ? tbe above ciegant rerldcna* lor saeor to let Kor 1'urthcr raitl-uiars Inquire op the auctioneers Mortimer Uru'Jn A o. AuctioM-ers, will give their personal atienil m to th^ nam ol furniture of tamlllCH devuulng housnkcplng. At Of ION OARiJ? TO HOirinKUBl'EItS.? H. W. P0R TKi? A Co., Auctioneers liLEUA.Nt R0t>*vk001>, SaTIN WOOD AND WALNUT l'TkMll'lfe, MaDB B\ MbfcKH, ROtjX ft MKICCKIM, IN 1 11 K U>HT SU.NNtR AND in I'BUFKC r OlilHSK. fknx'lli'iit iose\\ i- <4 1'iauoforte, three m*gaiti"ut Mtiu of id ro?< wood I'arlor Ku nliure, eovnrrd la the mort eipcn tiivc and desirable patterns of Crunch Matin; cnatly 1'lcrainl M.iutel f n net pint*- Mirrors, uli gntit 4)11 1 ainUnfjN, rllh v. 1 vn C*rp? if. large ii lo exten-i^e variety of <?? ?tly no id .Silver V art-, heavy out Ulif-a W an- of the iu'Mt oxpetstve kind, rle gaut China ?Vhi<\ 'lea < eU V;i?ea, I arian w?re, bi"iiiiX< and orn oln t locke. Ac. i he particular ait- uuon of housekeepers, h' lel keeper* i. n J ? lie tra<1.t generally la cillivl to the urge ?iid extciiah (i catalogue sate >1 the above rich ami coaily In usehii il Kuruliuit, Ueenritlonn. Ac , An, t> bo sola at public auction, to the higbist bidd r, foroa-sb, ou the pre tnii* a, No 218 Four eentn atreet, botwton i.lghth and Ninth ?venues, nt llt>i o cli?k ii<in day (<onu?y>, itircli 1M, being th? rich and desirable conl ntt. nf tun above uvo story dsveli mr bouse, the whole oi tvhi<-h will poiltivtMy. on talk. Par lors? Hiipcrior Velvet Carpels, three raaguineeut solid r.iae wood ruiitn, covered In maroon, blue ai d gold, and crimson and gold natlu or the nm?i expoonivo de?crlpUon ; Uoilno and 'lurk?7 I ssy chair*, In m'ninct and katui brocade; ladles' solid nwi-? uod b< oeptlon and Arm Chain, C/vrndli gold, bltio, crimson aiu niuwn ?*tin; aolld rosewood Oen tro Tablet, wlib rich ?Uni?iy nurblp to in; expensively carved n?c wood l'let, to a and Side Tables; costly ro >e wood htegi roe, with marble top*. plate glaa* do irs, Ai. Im ported expressly for the owner; ia'ties' roe-Wood *ork litblm, bronie and ormilu Ol 'cks, o?Kinl, sith tho mostchanio anil expensive Ui.a?.iap a, rntlated to older lu Trance; magnificent French nlato ler < i la?a, with rich nnd he tvy gold f ame; Mantel Mirror to match, of six I eet H'juan:; heavy embn Idniod I mc- Wind iw .iurtalim and i orm ea, laige and exten lve variety of oil fainting*, by nailVM artmia, bui-Ii m Undpcipt-n, winter ncrnna, niailne views, .Scriptural plecea, Ac. MaUMKICL T MKVbK OCTAVB PUKOFORTR, cl"y tiiadi-, caned luaa, elrjant case. tlaUh -d all round, Inlaid jiUt" and richly aet with |ie?rl, belim a la u,ibi<' aid eoKily lnsii unieot worthy ol' ii,ap.illou; r ?n?ind I'laoa t tool, ooveri d m Katln, with an elegant ?'?dcoauy ?mbrohl-rtvl Covnr. liibii>R Krom? Rleh Velvet Car|x-t, in foudodarj an 'to oai h\v? union I able, all pottaMd in t tin best manner; marble top >? am y Table, Mirmia, Hola tvdt Chairs m h?ir cloih, lOM'Wf.od . ult in eo*tl]r India Mlk, toReiher a lib .-r/iital cut ol iMiwarc, W lues, L'hamiMgmv., lumblera, <|.>bletf< ?nd iHieai.tcra oiuateh; rich ^blna Tea ai>d t?l .u r Son o?t>y hilvi rware, 'lea and Dinner Bervl*, Mhiin, I'ako Bisk.'i^, Oiuitera, Coffee and Tea t'roa, epooua, Korku, Ijiju ir ntaud, U|*Tier 1 ?ole Cutlery, Ao. Chnrnb-rs ai.d Nu tory?i.o.iuy olid iiweaood lind mibo^any ntidfteals, Svi.uarj inarb.e op HMI VtHkMHUB H'U OMNMAM io mati h, ov-r taenly pun' I l.ilr Ma'treeaea, from lurty t ?uty p iuuja liiude to o. der, in excellent condl'; ( 'vint.-nnRi a, He<l K^nada. Irtmin Canie'.a, Bedroom Minora t'l ?k.<, idllet 1 ableH, T wi l ttacka, 1 o let Set*. Oiiclir.ha, sciir Jai ,i *ta and Rods, mahopanv i ualn .ned t/halra. Moaktsnk Hofna, Hall Maud, 'lea and 11 inner Tane-, together with .? large ino d? aliabio as.-mrtment of li.neiu-iit and Kitcaen Ulatilk lo, with ubi h ihn rain will couimebOH. Ihe kaleoi iho ah .ve ruin lure la positive, without legaid to ^eatlier. ?> rt - I lie ? hove elegant llooao and i.ot f<r h?Io a' a g">'*( l< iigaia leiniana'y Apply to the owner on the preon*^ I'u ch* ?er., i f the above rurnliuro wlii please take no Joe that e/e,r> aitlelo muot b" M'lX ?UC1 i>\ h \LE OF NilKlrlCKNf PtlUMfURB. BU|iOih n.(H.wood Planol', til i; . nt rosewood I'arlor Multa. Btonzei, barbie Itioli carix-ta, illverw.ira. An $' ' ,''W north of Ajat claaa l'ailor, t.nambcr, i/ming l!?m and i.ioiary rurtilture to tie ,.oxl Bi auction, tviuuiu'. ri *ive, by V* UfanrtUlr, mic l.ioeer, i bin (MuM'aY) ?i tento' n, at 2 o'ol wk. At bon?o ,!it I wet t j flrpt Htreet, near Seven h *v?eae. lt.e rtil te Mirmtu.e ?>! the UuUrte U new, baMng lieeu rn o> i.tlj n an. for the owner, and eomortaea everytdiog de?ir able ora I anlie nable and coatly Inrnlahul re .menu" Hie a bole lu be i old Inr raxh and rem red lmuiodntt?lv iromtB" prvtuiaOa, am jig which .ire too chuaut solid rucvuod I'arlor rinui, richly carved, covered tn crlin?ou tuj inMiixn tir -ealel. made to order t#o m >i.iha auo sup. ro M!>en icavti roaew.iod llan .. nrUt, with ro* ? wimxI Mnrtc Cabinet, titnol and Oovnr, with l.i bin and waimnVe for two years .'ro n the inatir, m?rbl" too k**Kr ? e, rn Centre and l'i r labia* ,-nk Uainast and Lac t niielna, tb'ee el< gant 1'ier, nval mil Man ol Mlrioia, Itnkikb hair* an I Inupg'S, In Velvet Mild t *tkMlfy ; over *is>i )Kidi> t.n,;li>h ia| and ingr Jn Ca pern, nil H"Wj Hro *e VMika, iKk eevres met l?r?n.J*n t.hma ^'use*, aitii*.'0 Hitui/"*, Mailile tir upa, miMaiq mar .le fedNMll, tmoK ami i .niohi t'himdnliiira; gold and laad?enpe Shades, vnlvet Kuan, i ipiuiobn rleh carved roneaood lleasieana, lai^e Hair Mili and Minding, linnalng Huieau*. m iroln t?i? w anliptanna, huueh ToUet netn, one b octave 1'iait ifortd mail by twlnrt rnneh Chaira, Aim nad HeeepUoti chat*a, two Imii-noine Sofa Itodnteail*. Tet<i a l"te?, tun-kers, ,V ar.v r lX'fs K>tei ?mn Itiuu g Table, i^t. luurlpeu feet; n*K m ir |||? loll nutlet. ia?k Aim ( hairs el'gaut oak ?Vrliing Ue*k, nob r retcii llima I e\> ry ditcri,.. lou, ruby sod ery-tal (4iu, enio r", < l.e>*e umliea, thi .l?t>, t^lnimpagniK, iV u? le vai tei>. Wine ttoitlen, I elery dtinda Caralfn, rh n stiver wan, 1 rnn, i ..ntera. epoons. Parka, Hotter Knive>. Ivi j ?i rt ft lv?r? uilerj, with a ia'g" variny o' .oahog*n< oak an I io~?.od ChaiuUr Pu-uiiute uot mei. : ? .eu Also oa ? ol Vtndir'a Iron t at b?, rimr * ai pct?. Ollclotlis, Ao. Mo peu poi.i men1 ol -an , cooimrnoea at two t> ixnaelv * Mt K * IN, A CTI A. Hi Uhii?I> A IO.. Irving llulldi ngu, &)1 ai.J hr< a>iu av Ml ?l'n> MOKMN0, *AllCH M, at lu^o'el.iek ' SberiB'a n?lii, it lloek- and. ia,i e and i *in y m aioesry, Ac 1 1 ma i auk, in bankable I nnda - hKH?NI h> HAl.H l?r KKmII MaDK CLortlTNu A I'twi ' dn Ae ?A M OBI-TaLaK, aiic'lonner, t! Bi.wrrt *111 eel! on this d?y, Ib'h Inst, a Urg>- ato k o Hi ady viarte i lo bli g cMnprbnng in all aimut l,:? o ila? in -nia, cone -Hi t o< line oe mn-re an I ei,nh Croek. imck ami -ia I imi itaa; * la m lot at umn.i-r \ lo hli.?, a.ik, *aUu ai.i* hi >i in r? >ih ?; aa ~kln aaiiiiot and laouy on.nnun r* aei . A ia? simnt lit) pietyt I a*ai?ueie-, i I tha, iMn-sk ua, Vel>cia Mkrt-~, ii nliiua. A<.., oyr b. r with Nblrta, l*r.4.*ers, I'm ara, ravaia Mill I Also, a lo of anl t fell llate and cloc C-'pa. ?ig> H.u niih an a noe.innutof ail ira' .ga, A?k, Ac. i>f nrd-T of aeaignaiv also, two Hearing M.? nlnea. AbCtlOK M IIOK ? A PAMIL* liRCMMStl IIkIiMR kieiePC w ill elap ao( at private sale an their l'<ror, t. Iiein and iMi.ii.g ro m riiruimra at % g eat ?t0'ifl*<\ vl?: Mil ti iiiaewou i i-eveo octave I mnoiO'te |u excellent md r, cue i ?.*?i, lor i*. luelud ng ntiol md 'over; I'arlnt >Ui',C'n' #>10. ti?rf IMi; one do , #UM| ?.t<gaipa, i^iatre la blen, hiireann, |.?d>i a* a, Aaah?tands solid rosewood, O it ?II<|, loi $.10. *1.1 nwa ea, Ae Ihe PVralttiro was au n.a'e in 1 'd. . or ite pre . nt owner, a id h s been In ?*? Mji lifi nioinhr, ami I ? in iMtupluie onier lni(iil ? at K We-t twi m. fnth stirei n. ar nxih ivn. At ? 1 1< ^ RUlit K ? I. a nob a*o A/^l rim sAI.e J* t rnea?ry, i hiri, ami IIM ra"ka<"? ??la*a*rarp Hi .f fi. II. Iih'il I I , auet>ou.'et, Tuesdny, M wen 19, a*. 10 oil mk, ?I W Pvn I atrwet, a el.olee stuck. In ku* lor dealers. No ro aetve; no |? ?'p"D> ment ('all anil ape PUBLIC *' ACOTIOH. in imimiapflr of ? #?*-*?- rcnriwad In Iba luolii (Urmitt v'otirt *1 th- (rriri h?id n January, l(Ml, lh? uator ?igiMHl, >a < ? i.mml* loner, will offor furahil n/ hi. 10 AUOTiUM, t? i hi- M?hr.t M<?d< r. In froai of lha Uoart Hnn door of Kauawhacamoti. Virgin a, m MJKnl)*?, thr 'Oik M-rll natt, ? crrtarti irurt of Ul{, hr'niriil to il?a OM1 llw id C? nawha Miaiug Ml lAfiufaciurin* iJompan y, ??Uma'W %? lOQtihl ?,IIM a"*BA. MC,|i,tnith??rffrr'ni44?'T?? In a?d tM iiirfaaa !?? lw?t t|. vfiy arra* ol tha aaM 4,l?? arra va?.| The Mud toad* ?bousd la OAMMKU ?n.t*T ?* It ?ITl HIIMIUI) ar? rihiaird la *ana? ha v*,, oa Briar rreefc aad ?? ?avtfaMe watfii of (M r wrr T*KW ?.777*411? f|?e Mr r?at ?f tW p-<r. ha?? m-naj la t?*% mi lha *a r a f Ala, and ik? raa*?a tnerraf In Ul'xa ^nJ annual inatal mro a, with in. r- 1 lh>mn I nun ?af Ml* It" t?uroiiamr ? via * t<< ada. ? M> ?4> r jmui ikcii tu ?nd a Um raiainad oa 'ha land* ft* lh?- rtrf?-'i??n (WiiwiiU ' ih *. U Ifeuvll, Bpw?al OomutMlaaa*. fliMIII U, WW. ?AIiM v** AUOTIOH. Album' b. mcmJK ak0*1!!*?8?.- ^ _ Mitt sell this day (Mo . ten, Ma>ra IS, at 15', tfoltx*, ml the aloe k salesroom, 51 Mr illUm *. ? BIMjULAH liV*^ ' 4U bU fi ,il< tnM * iuak. 40 JO an* li-ptuao Mm fa?. Mt * Irving Hank W 66 ? * ?ol J|f ? c baibuin 'auk,, Vft iHudi lug ... IU9 ? 9' fork hank tuu WU H impress Co. .. . I US HBook or bit g 8tea . . . 1<?> fr? CaMllard '?? . . . Vt * yifta-looal Hank W to uioAijtb , N?tr*l ft? Ml fMuoi.tlaeuisl ttaok .. . M *?J' B"JM .5* * 'lOManaf A Mrr Ban* MM ?(lo.?h?elna ........ IBi r Ml iwk'n ? it> u L O. - :*M:??raiaat? uu. I? (VMr AW bit. KK 60 6.1 Col M*rHMla? ...... W? ' 30 Kirvfeiui Ink. m 40 Merrtatii* Mutual la* J? * 40 Kick Pui.mIA lo 50 (irowrs' Il;i 4f r VffcssravA.-rs&xr ?""?"* : *,0QD Col. H<tu% A fi'd It*. U' bi .r Igage hood* * bodj!*^ ^ ?CUfcC? AX**. KK. *wrtfM|? ? ? { salts (4 tf! o. kit a d bond* ti? i Mnetey knd fhurtday ??" every day ? b?M10|i?<i. at rj", o'eloeb at the nt x k ??kr ; ^lUlam street, or at tl.e M>-tvl>aala' Kvctmnge If &fi*& toS&nLSt* ***** ? AliBKttl' H. NICOLA V * 00., * , . i , AlicU o^r. and Mod. II .ok mi, 1 | VwBto timet, dwu r Ml ' AO. TUTTLfc, AVUIIUNkHa ~ ' . ? i/iliee, 130 ti road way. . -v I^tiHEIlvLO KL HtU.UtiS BALM. F Tkevubwrlher wilHfrirote hi* attrnt on, ?? hnreteferB. ta I BAl.l-H OK f'UMl'UH At f.J.ATK UUVr.i.lTwWL l AMJS OCK.i i/K v.aolUr T Mak?,.iH am It otjmuf I lift. ?iim rl< u -e of 26) art la thle el-y is ? ?ukraa>ac M <b? Inteies' of rot l.yers nil OofaiUfully exucuted. Oka rgai ' moderate ntid rtiturna piotnpt ? ! A It'UoN > Al/K OK OBoi'KKRr aKO U I. *???.- 1 A llFpEf O. kT*?nwi!l **ll In b.ta to milt, on Tu<m4^. * Murrb lit. at IOoVli?k, at n6 viuideB l&bv tbt> ciitlr'- ?( ?f ' : i mailt r dt-riimng u<i-j u.-m ?bm- Oiautte waC Oommoo. 4o tNili* |Miel>ivc atin witluiut ietwrva. A iikiM * I or b?rt;aiiut. Urwda mpacki'd fo? abipiilag Avction halis-at thk iiowbr shad**, 8?'l.' I'OUK Utiont, luroday icuraiag, at 10' . n clock, um ? arf-'f hkKatotl? T .blf, a lot of t*i>Hr?, ix*ni>j ,hn?, ~ rtndy Ciu>kM, tlir e marhlo Tnblcs, fo r Hroate*d> one oil wHla? - rg, one Inrgv lc b I, 22 d. z Kutr h ado C rka, h lot at ' C'liuirv, m.d w oclcbiaitd ttcolob Figure? tbo o il/ on* tf Utv kind iu the ouuoi y. ? * . ? I'nidN MiTI h? L.AUOB ANI> I?03I IVBoaI.ROT \ < r>cki r' , Cliia* *ud tl"1 |.ic?a<e? Ulu i??:irr, oy .l 8. H. BARll.hT . auction i or ? 1utwtia?, Wardi 0, at 10 o el ok. ak 2tl l'e?il ?tr'et, a cliotco ? lock in lots for d->al*rs; uoinaarr?{ no poai|.ouMnci>t. ctli and ?? e MIINU TllAloat's SaLK ? Uli Hl?, WAl.Tiitb, A(T0 tlooe^f, will ull . u *tdnfnl?y, M*rr<i au, at lo^o'oljek. ?t No 4 Hayaid Htrcet, a latv- ?I'laotUy of 15rti-?fl? ?ud tbtM j t Ar|*Hc, veatiiu( licds, ^uitacuold Kiiroituic, btoien tail raiii k Apparel. a I & BWKAValt, .IK., Ac01 lOJUtlt tt--OPFI<'8 408 M1NTK . avenue? Will Kill on 1uerid-y, March ??, by vlrnie ??f a cbatU'l uiortfuge, at li'y o'<*4ock mi I be i>r? ni'? ?. Ml VTiak Taeotlc'b *tr< ot, U(Mi>ehi Id Kuri.lnii-r, rou-lAimg of I'iM I >ra t b?uibor, MulLg tutuin and Kitchen Kui nkure, oil "*K t .'ii yeta, Ac, a. <ll*|t||H, AUofay BH WkAVFB, JR.. Ait:<I UII, WILL <BL L OS ? M cdne.^duy, March *0, at l.Kia Biu>dwxy, a lar** nAao^k meiit ol Hotel furniture consisting of Oountora, Oyater bland, >00 0 uilra a d htoola, oil . aittlug*, Ao. r ale iwn mcnolng at 10,' < o'clock a. .it (M'.t 0KKUY U Vim AM WB&P. AliC J tioueer, will M'P at the at >rp of W. i- A I'.. Mmtlmwa,, 271 - carl auuet, on ? noMlay, Maxell 19, at 10 o clock In lota to?ult olty and country oettl n<. W draa'tc, O. 0. Koukiaj; bam and tellow W aiv; a great an ortmmt TkAMbL II M Kltt'lT, aUOTIOmKSP? DKHO \J etock.? BUBDHT, JONKS A Oo. win ?cll?H? fuwt day, March ".i, at Noi ol Beekman atreet, at '0 o'clock, Uta bainnce of alock of ?ald Htom and the future*, la'go Hook hate, i cukN. rounti't-H, Oasvii, tllaxa Cane a, l'latlorm icaMt, bbelviug, l>rN a em, Ac Edward w:ukn<;k, aootionrk^. KiNK OflulNALi (HL ''A/.VIlMaa. Py B A F. II. HCIiliNOK, on l uo day, tO'.b ln?t atlt r>'clo< k, nt their sa'enroom, 141 nmadwa/, a o-tllociion of tf*tm 4>il 1'aiutliigs "?moog w bich art loany nri/lnal* iKMring th? cer1iHc?toH of the artl-ia: aaong will be fouud Hia?Ui m-bAk, ttllll I" > Llat, by ? aiMrrerd taek. t \ EKIiih aND FluUlkbH, by i>? lir-tckuUar. INTEBIOH, by Don. W lJt'iii a by Hinctn. I.AM'hOAl'E. by Vincent. ?I HBPfc- T, by A. Van BemL bDNPbf, b? Deleaaard Also ? veal lino tpfeimena by Mauxonl, B. "W i !!? >t L^mmeoa, K H. HWIoiil.^cbaep lltkklug, AtWrl', HUi't, Uol-n ?? othciM 1 bu atove are taoua etnlMUon and will bo positive ly sold as above. EllW/RO I'iT 1NOBR, AUC TI >NEKH. WILL 8KU% on 'nri-ilay, March lit, at lb o'clock, li e St ck and fix ture* of tbe tin cei y nno I Igiior "tore lui av?ou - u, bclnrtnai be entli i.n i l.lgli'h t-trcetH. tviin'n uig m a eh ic ; (m K-eilon of ? ln< a Coidlalx, 'leu*. Uti cori<-a, Ac . alro i lorae Wag iaaa4 Hatnens. Lcaleii und coaauinen are r-apcctfully lavl^d ?? at let d. u OR SALE? aT I'UBLIO AU' tlON, jtAlUJil 23, V* C 2 I". M , ? n the preuilses, a dun t * o story II >u<e aa? (Mi CuMicilnu KS all -n unfeci i idei, with two aorea of okotaa Lund aod abundnDor of fruit, sbado tieca aud ahruokHry^ pica au>ly liaud, 1'ort Jems. N. t. For tc>crlpilon lujturo MM 1'ine street. 1L wttwiwea HEN hV B. UK.. ?. Jtv., auOTIoNBBis. ?lLi,HSLLOII TuB< DAf , it arch 19 At 11 o'olork, at i4l Bnatiaray peremptory Bale of da^Mi Cabinet Kurnlturn, i.ciog the entire stuck of ' bo ll.VMiNET M?Kt V AOdOOlATIOM. Comprlfcint; iu |mu-< ?f ruaevood. niihor'ny aud h'aok aat But Y arlor hiillf, coteird la ?ailn. IM *frf, emvet, nio>(uet, rv|w and bArrlotb; nvnwnod hu gerr-, ocnt'A. tMm anil .-ol > lahbs, . ete ? et ?, A* , oharroer furnltuitj 1 1 evriy <1- k- rlptlun Library Kun,nai?, to?e??t>od, m*h jgaay* wamnt *no o..k oxtcuaion inning Tablet, ItulfeUL blta bMitrda, Lilnlng t htira, t}ouci>ea Ac.; also enamelled Ited mtmnulta, roM^wood Bad manogaay iVardrxwa. uiolrtA Hat eluiida, OB'CO Kumi uiela e ery raricty, M'lrer fat Hi Ware, Mirrors, Ac ; a so one largr Are pr iof afo. T* ko positively solo aitbout any reaerve la oonse<|ucnoe of the AM solution of the a>wcihi(i>o By ord r uf .1 ??. HU?f, A Rest 1 ho goods nilt be on vie ? ad oatal wueH ready or Monday, IHto luat , ant p*rue> la wan', will du roll to ta amine tfco ?io k, every artkdo ooatg of ths best manuraouM and warranted Henri or ??em, au" iv#nb.k?? mono <t, haui IK, at li )-i o clix k . t lh. auciioti store |{ii wu bun atroak 1'oa, 1 1 floe. -oap tie ring, i-uvm Hi-cuiik, r pci>?, IA nitf and ItOdenif lobn i ?r*urt a .Iqaun, 4,110 pounds pur# WAMa Lead, UO,UMl Imported aud Gorman ??g ra. ziufio, aT 12 ti'i.'u v.K, Lotof l onta, fame, v?<?i whirl* -bawls, Dry (tooda, hbiKB, Oal'na. eovog llaool im Ao MOKltl AilK S?l .ft t?K Mm ttttUull ? UK* iTMAR ? M. DOt Q?r>, nuctlotuer, <*t laellou To aday, Mar ah IV, at 10% o'ol ck, at italoam >to No Ho Na*?u street, ? g?*a fihl ?n>?na?-Dt of furniture removed f .>r convenience >f <?|?, cooaiatiug of uiab-><?i>j ?nd rue*. ? . o.i o?-l,,r 'mniture, tix.: a?'M ro?e?i<od ? a- lor sU'ta, to*- red Iii bn*?t?il- ; vu : rtia ? l I'll ft. parloi Aim and enwlag t'uair*, tlnrira ttrmwla aa4 Ingram I 1st p*-'s, i ilcloiba, *?t inn, in ?rDl- top UMIM laMea, cook iwt, 1 >? c-aali'K 'iieau*, * a bMaedit, llul u ul-, Hair Maltreat**. l.o..iig?r, Ward mix a, >Uia~ .ur..llun\ UwL?*ii Chair*; also. five * lldora "a ?ai I ou -sf>a. P,t?K HUirkhfi'i ?U ? Hi i ifc I'lnLU w'il tin. day, at III o'cl.?t, on me cm or of Columbia aud ri'nn?i- HtK-r a. ? la'K? lut oi u? u md wom.u'a < l.runag, V dk>|. * .Holies, .ie*el'y ' nl- and tr?nou ? oloor urU lea tuouuiuToua t < iumiuud Byo'doi .1 Mn OJu u-u, Li asoaoi 'kWd smk-i i< H i he n fi > jo blu; will 'hi uoid as li o'el i k, onrt ibe *? lehr* aed ?e ?e ry at oaltpa*' 1 P. ?. |>ni b M 1*1 ? hi mi t. or vki. Pttoricttri ud I arrtoga aUeol known an the Idarafog* ttinweiy, ra rt i llj damped by lite, nulled to au ma tract tiring pu'p aa, i a Hi re I ai pa iu bite hi , uu 'be premme , .n -.?r?f*a ?I' M. ki i m n ii? tbr .-?'oU k? iir- . oi >, u oi'du inlay, *r k .'7, I.v I ai I; o'lhu-k ai tb*' valuable lot m or -it ml, wild um id pio.tiiii t >a iheroi.D, liuniii g on ih> rouib Alal *f a ?i i - i i/o et t, b.v a <li |.lb ot V.u Icei lo Jo-e liln ? lr<.ol it ? til la > old in one ,ot i i dhloed w -Uit purcba .era. The la pun. m>i.i> of a vrr; larse ma I bou-e mid ori??r), ? lib dno I tin am aiH'.lii k Icui- atnaln, ukvh -rill be I !xt r?l I i*l?* liidt' puiablr. -old . !? .r of u.. um ikm ??? to d?y of H?te Kor inr.boi iiartlraiani <1, ply lu l.jaat) U kllftii.M helm Mlii'i ( ulumoie, ?d , or ou >be preuilao* J A .1. ih??? * l>T A fiiiHIkkH, *luu -BLL, OS . 'i lie*' ay. Ma. ob 19, by virtue o it obattel mort^taa at Hi.', n oi ik, on lie pi * in ine* />o Ad .e u .nl fre\ II >uaa bold I ill I. .cur , oor?i.l ,4 io?e-oo l Uuof H te, I Mr % ti'krtid e- i a. |mr> rt h -n.. tut m?oi, tvindo* maOw .nd > ur mi.-, m- Mi l aio- | le> I a<? a, oru*?ol< and lucra n w?r |? if vHirluii andtl-tiigflt I ?.!>!<? Mi-l- ex?s *nd Itoildu-a. tlisBibrr Kui ooum-, c-mo ne-l (;bair* lotlrl i rock ry. Hint e? r ui tut tj i * , Au.. 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