Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1861 Page 3
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WAUCB Of MAL MTJICT. I WSaNCK TO BCT AN B LB OAST HOUSE AT LBSB A. than e??*t, with but little moue\ Jown *n l bklaaee p-iV alJe ta year's imKaim.nta It is id * g< d neighborhood, fhaiabtd throughout in the best ityie, with " all the mod rn lin proven. <-d'*, \ I ll?e part of the purchase m ioe? can remain ?enaAnently If desired apply u> liTBaTWW A CO., C?u? Me?ahaaia, Ma 1 riot i tract. AYALi aBL* PROPERT* FOR SALB ?TUB SOB ?erlher oBVm for aale the nnAalahed House, ftl br It*) , a.n of loi ZM feei front by SOU feet deep, In the Boa* EBblng nf Port J arris, Orange county, N. T., m tuJes m the city of New York Doacriuliou given at the fetlow plare,: tin-aril H?uw, FiOA areaae Hot* U U Na?.u, C^uiuit'uUl liKnr&uM oAv. 18 wall Itrwet. Full purlieu It** prior aud iniii of propert* will be givsn at 41 Fulton e*r>i?L X. I .. from 0 to 11 A. M? or at the Kr ? ier Uoum-, Port Jsarvis. U FOSTER, Proprietor m T Oil Vl?OK, N. J -A COUNTRY SEAT OP BI(JHT A it-en, u-ar tbe <>--pot; Aim cw luiprovtm tna, rich aolL p'. n't ot ruii: puie, soft '-pring water, hi>t anil oold, enm-d through the builaiaga. Apply to It. FMTTON A CO., No. ttf B Lliain street. /"lOUHTRY SKAT TO* CALK OR BXCHANQB? WITH V M acres of eiseltenl land, sltaated in WViteb-ster a 'Only, Mar toe depot, and within 20 minutes ride of Twenty ? veuth a-vee., on the Ne<v Haven Railroad. The buiMings are new led modem ; ho and cold water, ball' room, Ao ; shade and ftrali tr?*s. Will be sola low, or exchanged for a city house ar eon ui ?v seal with le-H land. Inquire of URBOOMT A CO., li Baud street, hew tork FaaMH FOR nALE? OF VaRIOUB BIKB4, QUALITIES and eonver lent to Hie di v. near d'pot, ecbool and ?i ntebee, lu good order, feue.- aftd buildings and i-ome ror ascnange. several Country .-cu'a ?u'l valuable- Mill Pivp-rty, HOl'TH WICK & A oOU, &J Maw iu >U'?t uuli HatH? HwCToK tMi U>TM WEST THIRTY-SIXTH jc street, hetv nen Ktlth and rilith arenuee, 18 SibH, lot W, rViadi iplii.i b.tck i on' Kn^'ish liaxement, *lth all the aoderii impioTt-menta ia,b)U ot the pnronaw mui remain lb* a ooniber of .viaih <or further particular* apply to tbe (PM) , li. bU rOuHKK, 10 College pluee. , OH ?AUb.-A NEW flitsr CLaSH rODR STORY r hrou u aP'De front tiou?<>, 2&x<12 lent, bailt lu the most ?Bt?t?tniu) ui inner, wlih li'gli iitoop; now nearly completed. Far put vi <uiar> apply on the promt ?ck, Wo 8 Meat TwenUath ? , noar Huh avuuue Epon 8AL^? 160 M*D140N AVKNUK, BHTWKKH X ihi. ty-vhird and thirty fourth aireou, a large. Unit ataM brown ?t .nu IiuUMt, 30x66, with an extension 16*M, Cwa itairca.'i'M of walnut, low wood, walnut and oak doora, ?ad every iniptavemtni oompleta. Inquire on the premiaea. ru fiAli-TIIB mansion HOI'HE and seven vots at Orutind, <>u 124th and litMh ?ireew, between Seventh and feighth avenue > wl b malne, carriage hou<e. Ae., Ac. ; ar?ur.da itkudaoatnJy laid out W>il be nolo low and on eaay irrtuK * or l ull particular* apply to LbtiJlAN ? BKOW/I, Uroadv ay XftOK ma1jB--TWO OF TUB llANOSi/MK'iT t'Ol/NTRT f Sent* >n tlio Ptate of New Jer?iy, within an hour and fcacty mlnale* of New York eity. for i>*rtiouar? in l?lif at 195 Futton stri ct, third floor, of J. P. kUl.NE. |l?OR SAl.E ? A BliaCriFUL COCNTBt BBSiOENCE. r at Mainaroii'dt- Praoe $(,UulX Turui* easy. If not Hold by nth of Uarch, will h<' ?old at auotiou on ihu premiaea. nr ptri ieulure a^ply to ? aaJS DAu, 146 Clinton atrect, or to W. a. W a'l K, uamoroutek. Eh u ale? a cvun^rt seat, wtrn ^ acbeh of land, situated one rnilu from t'aNtletou La., dint, Htati'n d; aiao one uf two acraa. Apply to W. M. VrliirfE vi Aiii.iitn lane. AaiOR bir L^UOHT OEUOtlTKL'li Bt'lLiUlMG SITES P on tbe rallsadM, overlooking the Mim^.ou; also on An Ate 11111 1 rappan lo t id, irom tlvo to Hi ty a'- r,-s, at rery low r*k r, H? pui |>nti-n of improv m<"nt; oiic hour from ctty by railioHd 0uld exchange for good city property. aw uPiucalnet u oM K4U IN BKOC kl.iN ? IN A t'lAhT CLASS r aeigbborho>d, cheap and terma easy, on Marcv avenue, lira m w i nam three bUiry and basement llouaes, tuutaiiuug (h rueit r.ouii, b'tlvrii, range, water, fta?, bjih aua all ?aed-ru lm|.rov- menta Apply at M K. iivj iil.i.NK su>re, eeri .er of 11 ?rcy and ilyrtk avenue*, near the promuca, or to K.'B, ouiidor. ckUUuan struct, caat aide, vcath kaue lunuh oi H} rile avetue. Foh bale OR BXCUaNOE.? STOBB PROPERTY, IN Charleston, S. C , on nne of the boat wholesale atresia, teofend lor ?aie or etcliaoge lor Merchandise. Addjcaa E. W., box l.tSD Sew tork Post oflioe. ||iOR SALP, OR KXCUAMiE FOR OOOD M KUCHA N IP dls?>? the high stoop i> Welti tig Llouae, 7o dudion street, Jersey City, m ar the ferry, and in view oi the b^y, c >u\ ml ant tor a Heu'lt-m?n doing b i^ueaa in the city. Indium at 370 Washing n (treat, ?e? > ork ||Hin C ALh OR EXi HaNUE.? SEVERAL IlBSJKAdLK M" Hi Ukee and a r.umber of a-oh lu Urooklya to oxehuug-*, ?Mh i.aab, for properiy la tail city or a farm near the city, apply to JOHN A. iiiULLar, 34 1'luo street, ro.nn y. IjiOK tA LK Ort L.VtHI A.X'jH ? A MAl.ooN ON BROAD U a ay. *n?o, rent with or tvithoul supp> r i<mqi. Alan corner Lienor htore, gtkK). and two Brooklyn House*. Apply at No. li Li>6 Uuildu g, up atalrn, or 1UU West liroad ^?y- _ _ a, OK Ha LE OR BBC HA FOB FOR I MMl'ROVED r prop-rty? ; be now* lour ?tory, broan stooe front Hou*e, lie Mailt* navenoe, in ui eicelleat neigbborhood. Will be and low ii applied lur luimodiateiy. lu^ulie at No. 0 C Ham lets htieit. >t t'Ai.r. (iK TO LET? a La.RU p. HOUSB AND OCT but itlinga, <?i about (i acre* of ljind, with pien.y Fruit, aailea irom rort Richmond, btaten island. Apply to K <* -.i.i ji, *m , Poet MNM A R SALB OB TO LET-NO. X WEST FORTY-SIXTH aireet, lie* r KifUi avenue; a new and elegant Hoiue in ?si order, and will bear cieae examination; sarin* tarora A. P. M*A, No. 01 Walt atrocL F? KT ||*in HaLE OR T4i LKAdB? AN BX it.S-OV'E WAtHlN J? Making and Hlaekamlthinc Mualm-es, whlek has been Mabiubed upnarcU ol ten yoais, and has a large run of wfe*to*ale oustjoi ra, wuiaii eaa o? oaaily en lauded. On the premnw'K aie Ave lsrae work-hops, a 1 taa nmv>?-*ry ?n*eM nery and tool*, atabie and plenty o' yard rtvna. KaUsfi-.otory r?a?on- will <e given lor wiahitif to ?e.l Abu, for aaie lor tmMt'. a *aut ty of m w and teoiml hand Wa#int, Carta, Aa Apply at a Fulton stri-ei, New ?or?. LHJU Ha I.L OR RENT IN NEW JBRamT ? AT A I>OtT J; pri.i , a dr?bab!i' Realdenee, with (rmnds attanhed. ar bBSkiblc scleral times a day by railroad, one bour n ride from the j. Innni'-e of J. L tKiNUH, 04 Mroad street. I^H'R^lxaAU LtM SK FoK HALE OB TO RENT ON f Kit th av.-nuo? The eingiuitl* I uruiaUcd llouae, .U3 Fifth avenue netneen Thirty-flitb and Thirty sixth airec-ta; four at >rlas, high stoop, brown stoae. ZUxju feat, alt the murem ?aces, wl.i be aoiu with or wltbout the Furotiore. Apply to H. H. 1. 1 l'i.i ? A A 90? No. H i'ine sirpet. HUVSB f OR BALB AT A UMKAT itACKlKICE? THE tane story, basement and subecliai; with high ?toop and au the modern tmpravemonta. Ra 16d fail ?; hirly-atventb Mtree , between devrnth and Mightb at enaea; lurms eaay ; lo aauon very desirable; call immediately. Real eutatb, wtth somb cash, wantbd-i.v l exchangit for Arntciaaa shuttle Hua u? Maduux, fully guaratif-ed irr>m principal 021 rt la tula city. Addrea jE*J abaage, box 2, ml Post oflica. CIM'BRIOR AND FIRST CLASS FARM OF ONE HUB *3 ilred acres, nighty utlahie, In high C'kiliva<t"ii, hounds 1 by tho salt water; four hours from New <orn; buiotngi large and complete? a rare and valuable enamw. aaaai-i psaiw bas b*an spared on the farm I'rtte fu.uuu. Jtoa^eiit. Addiesa A. / , box 1M lie rani oOioa. StiFVwUL COUNTY.? FABM AM O OOUJifAir a* AT, ecu aiolng 44tiacre? of tke flntat land in ihe amntjr ?( uwnt uurtrr * high atate of eulttraik*; on tae pctnla* ? a Im laifte maitalon nouae, Uum alorit*L wiiAobaetr^t-jry, 4c. ; nn 01 uou.e OUxflU f eet, and flnlahwd In the rooet pnrfect ?Montr, bvi.a and ouifaoueaa or ererj dnacrlpttoa udti auaeptata older; tine large ornamental aa.wlc irert In /root of buwur, an abundance <7 frail of every rarlety, llVtoaavf ha*, ?ut irotn the farm feat year ; l.UUU huahui* of potauiaa. buabela o< corn, *?. ComomaJoalUm by ataaruboat a..d railroau daiiy, aui only two mllea rrorn tha atoambaat dock Ti ? property wiU be aoul .cw f >r caab, or en-lian^ed t or mrti ciaa* uuiocutubeicd rlty property. Apply at (J. aMITB A OO.'B, dike M Broadway. FTO Ll'MBEK DEALERS.? fO* HALF. Oh EXCHANGE X for lumber, brtrka and buiidlag malrrtala, a Utn ciaaa Dwelling M uiuc, wl.b brjan aijue front, Ju Thirty fourth ??reel, near fctgh'h avenue; ou Mortgage; lb* balauoe tB/,uw will be taken In building malertUa at market t a.utv Addrea boi OTi l'oet oflloe. fflWO LOIA AT A B.llUIAIN?I/OC ATKD ON FULTON A. avcune, near L'tlca avenue, Brooklyn, on the Hue of city railroad, within forty minute*' ride of Ihn ferrle* Kor fnr tbtr pan lculara apply toll. W. JOHNSON. 186 rtoutb atreei. TAli V \ K.Md FOR PALE? TIIE BOTATK OF JACOB Jidaail, iirceaawl; ntuatlnn r.tigHah omghborfoud, X. J. Aa? aa bv >? K. Railroad, 10 uitautea' walk from d>'poi , lli f> mile* irom Weebawkrn ferrj. Inquire of C. Kit-ALU, lw Haaulnifton atrret. or 1 1 K. O. Uhl , on th? premier* V^HALtiAKLE REAL EKf ATE AT A UMiffi.-KO. urni brown ctone Uwelilng, 64 W eat Tweniy-clgtitk atreot, ?be block I rom liioadvtuy, ifirt-r atory and lilgh Moop h?ae MM, Hi feet I loot by 48 l"t 'JU iA! feet. Tw ..-third* ot Mw> purcbare money out remain on mortgage tor ttrt yeara. I ?milrt. iniiiint to ?' .1 it 1 . i? a^ tali alne at .ny uly l,: . porty. ann tncn-aalng In value. Apply to H. T. tiHEEN woOl), 78 William h.ieat. AlE-t FttrNTH AND LOTF, WITH A BITLEHBaD, to l?aae for a (MM of yeara. attuated foot ot tail ty eiglun Mreut, auMuable tor lumber, eial or other uhe ' w u i imune at 'he um? ollice, loot of Kaat twenty ait til ?beat, of I'. ?abiiltO<, from Ml to 1^ A M. 1L EHTVUSrtTkK OOVNTT TaX NOTICE.? TAX EH FOE TT all parta of waaiehaaiar eouofy maj be puld Uroogb my eorner ol' Urand and itliiaN ili atreefa, on Monday and lam <ay, March 18 ?<.<! 19. John n. tORKE, Oeneral Colteetar. WaNTKD- ?I1 LUTH TOtiKTULK. 1'LOT 75XWU; th mil ah fr"m ?'re*t to atlwd Wonld bo jire'errM t'i C^pnhaM orTia*e lor a Ion* tar in of yr.ara. Adoreaa, alauuc ?rwu, Ac , B. U. A , box ^itt fo t ouioe. WAN mi) TO RX?U*NUK? VN EI.KOANT HU'irtN atone from lioii'M In it. In a co>4oe locatu n, ?worth 9t,iMi, lor a |ojd rt mae and gard.-na, nr ? fe? acrM of land IMMMd, In a pi< ? n.u <?<; ? ,i . ?m. n one hour <1 Kew \ irk, v. urili fnim H,mw to #1 OJU. ho mon"y wanl?xt Aiidr **, with deacrlptiou, I. canon. An., J, C. Joy, boi I.U Hern Id n a.,. ... . : H*h and 10T It WARD FKOI'EliTV To UK H.lL'J ? PV Th? foni llouaea and Lota floe H, 10, 1^ atlil 14 K??e* ?*????. r.?ar the JlMltaa of f'anal atreet, ti*' t Hr >vl?ay, ??!? ra, IH\ .ai >n ami naeet atreats, a very 'balr-tblc |>laoe lor irMi.iitM' iiulni; pi,f or a pr .Tlalju eat*)ll*h[o<>nt or t Mtery ', a 'no llouaea and uita 21 and *.'< i.'h'-yatl* ?u?ai, n?ar Otnal. Ai o tho uc?n?ea and txit tKM lln.laon rtroet. all tlie above pr pariy wl l be aoW low, nt. to pay ..n in. !nvr*imrat. and on libera, tor. na Jkfiyiy "JAULb MUblti. 14 r.?a.? 'A^H ? *OB NALf:, THE THI1RK ?n?A? JltlOWN aliwa Ho<iwi and Lot 1K7 Weal Thirl.v-ilxUi atieai. mar Itroadnavi ntm^-jnbtNi lv< -l Ine udlns enen laloe; tn good order, rerenllf pelnted, pin 8a, t.ioufti water, Ac. io.ri^oI i>*i ui?mI uh"?) a ulv ou e prwaiaea, or ai .V, Llbei ty Hirer t. ' A inr iw | jbh. " DOD1TOBTH-8 DANCING A0ADRMIB& S? ?2S N?w Tcirk. No. 137 It on in (tie atreet, Brooklyn. Wedneartaya and Saturday a in New Tork. Mondam and Tbnradaja, rneadayaand Kriuaya In Brroklya. Clrtmun if (anna, Au , may be had at either Academy T1ANJO AND .HO DANCfRfl TACOIfT BT .1. Bon. AN JTJ Mir renownrd Han.tolil and ,llg Dime, i , 171 Kaat Iwelftli latraet, at AO er .ia par leaaeo, or tnlrteen for $t, Banjo* au 1* rtor lo anv In tha world lor aale or mailr to order. TH DTIMAR, BAL7.ET lAim OK THE TTtftATttR* < Po^a at Prrlla and Hanorer. ? Daaolag Aeidrmy Jo* B' it Lraaon, tl per mon' W, four avenlnaa; anl and iMijje | J.i il iV c"?ta l.adlea a' rijOd MUSI or KKUUU turn. wm.f. OllEJ i>HaKI PaRH R-A HALF *!LR RaOR 0 Track at aamuione k SJ acru?. with t?o Dwelling* and Itob'N, for fall" or lo let patr uli< d bjr Ne* Ro<h?ll > folk*; f?>od Tor <i)itunt>r lx*>d<>r* o- uiTealment Inquire of F. A. A?KF.N< K. 19 ?*lne street T liK 1'ki.KHKi fEU r?OTVING HTALUOR, IRu. ML 1 1' ATi'iiKN, trill stand fur a Llmix-d number of auw, at the |ir?iiil*n i.f the suhseriler, known as the D/keauta Farm. iuar hliig?bridga, lu .be city of Na?r York The ie? ?nu will commence OD the 7th of March Instant. fanou desirous of bavlmc iu*n? served ?UJ pleaae make early ay plication, a*, wheu the limited lumber la onmpleie, no funhet epplinatlona can be recefved. Good ? table* an lb* uremlaes a<,d ?'?l acres of pf-' Terms for the aeaaon flUU, and seasonable rhat ; ?? for k'vphie '.he nuraa. WR. WALTERM1RR, Waahlugtoo Drove Tard. N. T. H(IR8KS, CARRIAGES, AC. A PORTION OK PSIVaTR ESTABLISH MiiNT OF 1. M. Nnger for sale: ten Horses and all Oarriaasa, all itnrt tlaas. Carriage house 60 Waal Math street, Dear Fifth ?venue. CIARRIAUK* AND lluRtM.-POR RtLE. Ml Fatf iLf ) tarrtajje#. II tins let, Groc> ra, Bxprosa and Buhiimab Mugoas, of ail kluiH; aiao "?-i> id hand iVagoa* and M Utiii-m helling oir v. heap. Call and aiaialna til* stock, So. 1U Novlita street, Brooklyn For hale? a ii andhomr brown hoiwk, ia< teen baud* bifh, of sU|>erior action, tlioiouguly trained to caddl* Mid himese; with fop Wagon, Mtvers A Smith makers, Harness, Klauiiel and Kerrey Blanket*. W.mI (Aii>. ?on maker; Whip, Hy Nets Ac , Wardrobe, ami all the ap lOiuinx mm I a llr?i Was* turnout; t?*-u usod two tu <n ha Apply at Mr '1 tirnure's Hiding Academy, corner of Twenty, sixth street and Siitli avijue. flOH JAi.K?* LARGE 1UV HOK E. 1?S HAND6 bi,;h, souud und kind Will make a tine cuixto horsa Can be necm in the rear of SI Colon square, betweeu 7 A. It. and 2 P M., l'or one week. CtOK SALE? A DAPPLE GR?.Y MAKE, 15>* It AN Oh JT high, 0 or 1 v ears old; a xtyliah driver, gentle and eaty under the saddle, well ni t< d and trainee , sold for no fault. Can l>e feeu at 1'tsbmw'i etablet, Filth avenue and Thiny-nlnth street. Price $3TU Atk. for liraj Oolly. ]?ok halk? onk rlack HORaa, is.v uanos uwb, I' 7 y uara old, aound in all muBtt i, wuud nulic i ^p'ro did rotipe Hoine. for style and ueUon ba cannot on a>ir parHtd Ly any Uurse In uin elly aim.,, oue I'rurteo ".olt, 4 yiaii- old rt.irk brown, 1S'4 batida blah, sound In all rogputa; I m tuiaea to oe u good trotter, abd w toty ikemi iva Hi wave vrarranUd Any Rontleman within* ? koo1 li irte v i tiki d" well to call and aee tucut at Naw Hurk Urery si? blew, lh7 Weal Thirty third ureet. For sale? a handwimk bay raodlk hor^r, about US hands high, ferltctly kind and gectle, hnvin^ b'< n used bv a lady lifarly eiduUTefy . warranted Hound; will go In Mlnj'le or iJotible karnet-H. AIho, tor nale, a tin lit iVa^ in and M>t ot HsroM), near y new. Apply to ALU SKI' It. N ICOIaA Y, tc W Ulium street. IfOU hALB? *. 1'AIK OK 8MA.LL lUOt OO.SKev-4. r Jack and Jenny; kind and genlte under the saddi- md lU'lonblpor piosle huvnes* , trained lor the use of children; price ?lliu. Inquire at V.?i iluuson street, second uo <r below Cbrlstoplier. For baljs-a gray horsk and skelht.i.v wa ?on; horso 15 bauda. ei* yea /? old, p*cu< In 2:40, trou In "*)?, Is kind and iK uad In every reipen; Hiil.?Die for a doctor, butcher, or would make a go id aaadlu horsi. Inquire at til J ami a fctrect. R HALE CHEaI'-A NBW, LIGHT BLGGV; aL->0 a new Bti.ttttr, with Jump swit, shifting top and pole aud r abafts; al*u a new, light Kockaway, for one or i?J horset, und alt' a serond band, light Coach, in perfect order, and act open t'airlagi Aypiy at the red b'lck Ktiible on alley. No Bast Thirty -seventh street, between Maill?un and Fourth ?tm. HoiitiKs.? wawiea, a team of good h hheh in trade for some land on Long island Call on or addrexi J. llqitiuns, *st Fourth avenue, near 'twenty -sec jnd atrixn. New 1oi k. PONIES ? ONK HCTNDRKDHHKTI.aND, BOoTO^l a?D We!?h Pontoe have Just arrived fro? kumjpe, of all c> lorx, tlzes and such, from eight to fourteen bandit high. In Forty -second stjoet, betwteu i it tii and elxth aveuues. GB'I. T. HiLL. Road wagons ? bubwhter a oo? 572 and 97* Broome street, earner of Mott. are j?r*|i to receive or dei H lor t' eir superior Waguna, deUTerablo at au> poriod du ring the coming aeaaon. In addition to other itnprovemmta which have given thalr work tlie hiuhcst reuutatlou tor durn billty and elegance, they would direct special attention to their Improved rilde Bar, rendering their balf doling Wagons superior to all otters in strength aud el.i*t;eitj\ AUkoogB making Koad Wagons a special loatureol their DUslniisa. they would slsc invite eiaera for every style of Pleasure Carriage for town ana oounlry. Hi'SICAL. A LADY FROM FTTKOPH. WHO STUDIED UNOKH the beat musters there, wlinci to attend at the iesiu? of one more fiiil-thlug p'ipiJ on the planotorte. The uigin-nt relercoces and lest uioi.iaU oan be given aa to heraoolly acd competence lu per.ectlng in ttjit branch of their educa tion. Term*, $6 per month. Address K A. , Uerald oittoe AN EXPETUENCFll AIiTOHINOER 18 DE IROPS OF an engagement either In New k'ork or iimulra Kent qf reference* given Aodretn or eall on Mlsa 0 K B., No. 1 WaaavD plaec, Brooklyn, er ~t# John ml, ivew V or A. A QKEATLT IMPROTRD riANoFOBTtf. A LIUHl'E it liRAUBURV, Hajiufacturerk of a new scale of ornrttruiip baas pitent hnra laied, full iron frame, grand and square Pianoforte, No. t il Broome street. Pianos to let. A SUPERB, FULL 7 OCTAVE KOBE WOOD PIANO Bl lorte for sule m a ?acrif>rv, ilnhlv fiuished, with round oonieo ueauliluitt carved caw. grand circular scale, overstrung ban.-, rleh'd t>l?te, ni> ?< beautiful tone, made by one ?J our best clij niakern and fully warranted; in u>e two month* a ??] Ik Aim ut ap t or blemish: to b" sppre laUid m i?l be ??< i. and tried; price SUAi. Apply at the d veiling .No 070 Sixth avenue, near the late Cryetal Palaee, from A A. M. till 8 f U for throe day*. N. H. ? 11 a* packing bok for shipping Audi desires to increase her number ok pupils on the 1'lanof nrt ? Trims $15 yer quarter; strlot attention In j<aid to Die rudiments; a deduction will be made f< r several puulli. at the wuue residence; none n??d apply but tl.i'Sr who uisb loalvsnoe In music. Uallat cr address No. U,. avenue B, n ar Alnth street, lor three Jay a Amaonifioknt nriK octavb rosewood Pianoforte for sale? Richly oarred legs and oaae, foil boa piat*, round eonere, to laid wit* satin wood; overstrung bass, inlaid with pearl and pearl ken; made to order for the presort owner by etty maker*; fully guaranteed for ihrwe years . Dee* In ?se but five months; a?t $.'jUu, will be sold for ?240, Including Stoel at?d Oormr. AW, rtecaat Drawing mxt Salt, cost $9UU, fur $160. Inquire at TV wast Twenty sbtfh gtreet, near Blkth avenue. /WHICKERING A BON'S ^ OR AND SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PTANW, 894 Broadway, New Tort HORACE WATERS' MUHIO STORS, SS? BROAD WAf, to be tm down? Worth street te be artdeo?il-4n cooks quunc* of whluh the si tensive stock of Planoe, Mel <teon>, Alekandre Organs, and all kind* of Me ileal tarehandl-w wul be sold at extremely low prions. Blx ornate seo ind hand Man os at $?, ?>< *iaT?. #100; ?*? rtetave, $I3II, eereo o? tave, $ltfi seven netare. been used but a fow months f lfti, sf ven octave filbert Ail:in Plana, elegant ly carved, price MO new, vr|:l be said arfSM; mm* head %e to $36 Twenty new seven octave pianos aai tea new Melo deons to rent, and reat allowed tf pi-.irnaked. Moarhly pe^> rseetved for Plaqoe and Melodt one. Major andebmon and hib wif*.~tue la bt Farewell," a new ballad, written by K. Burns cjm posed by (J. Vf. F. Nygoat? ' Tble ?m has Mw . rare reoum metidatloa of NautUul wordx and an eaqulsit* mnlixly aom 1Hn*d, and mast bwome popular? B? ? lew. T? be had ef ali I mu?lc Fellera Also the "Dawn of Day" polka, Mazurka, dwllruvi-d b- permtMlon to Wty Palmoieton, may be had at DODWOBfll'rt. Be. 6 A?tor plaue. OTTO MULLEK. TEACHER OF TUB PIANO AND hinging, fU Broad* sv, e, iner of Ta cntv first stree\ stconc tloor. ? Pari?euiar ?.tteatlon given to begmnere. Terms moderate Ple?M' eall in the foretioi.n. 4:1 fUl P1ANOFOB1EH. $iao Hy the introduction of uiwhlnery tu the mum featuring >f nanolorte ?, we are now able u> offer M the pitu lie h i tn <i octave iv wood Fit Nu, conUiutaxail the mod< ru liiMiioveiw nts foi $LiO eidL of more perl?ot wurWintinshlu ui..n '?as DWialty Iw an sold for $:*?> or $4U0 by the old method of .. aii I'ac.'irina. We rei-pact' ally Invite all dmilers and the nuliUc to oail n jJ rxfimlne there r.tyw lastrumeuteat (iftov EttrnlM A HALE a, C orner Canal and Hudson elreet *, New Tortt. mraciTioN! A OADESIBHUF FEMHANBBIP AND BOOEEEEPIN'*, A No. BO flrn?dw-ay a)1 B'-oakeoplw; Pupils will receive a fail ' outae of r'lmamaip v. uhout charge. 1'rlvaie lostruo Uun alvta. Call for am ulare. OLIVER B. OOLDSMira. Arrr.RkooN wuhno, b&? mr. o<)Lreak, no. m Itr :idv,sy, vrlu fi.rm $.' ( l*?em for Bank Clerts at fotii* 0 -Hick P M. ntliTnees or xrmbUag will be removed aad an tltgiil'. rapd, b\. une^s style guarantied. Bookkeplag, $1*1 A LADY OF THE HIGHEST RESPECTABILITY OF fer^ her nervlre* ks prf ate Inntnicirees to ladlan whoie sdtnat ion ban txen BMW -led. *Ui> also deeln^eUimakean aaakgomeii' vilhoneortwo Tamllies at vl?ltln? En^itan go | vern??sv ililidrrn. If nun modtra's and relerenoee unai 01 ptknuable add rear M. M. J, Herald ofloe. il |I W ? ffRJIISil, f? J?F.HnONS; BOO EK EE l'l NO A $10, I'M us unlimited . Wrltfag and ArittitneHe, $lu r>?r le ?uni-, e*< h , W 11 >?vet'i', New luik, mid i t Knlton ttr.ict, Br ' klvn Kr. m ev Kov S. W. King ?"My sons and dan** L?m a'.:-ndi d Cel. i'aute'k Ac* dome to my ettlr^ aatis ae Ion. f! is ji'vn o: n.' ruction Is ey>l*matlc and eipodtUrroe " Audi, \ llent in bfambu and krench, will 1*1 v ' 1 t seor,> In the same s? an equivalent for Board Addi??s Npcnlnh Teacher, Herald ofllce. 1?NULIMI HAND WRITING F.iR LADIEH.? MB. DOL Jit He AH. 0? Kroa' way, en?sg m* t?. retaovn etld'nev or ircttibttriK Irttm the most cramped, nervous hand, and give a fs-biopnlib' > nsilab style, liediueo term, $& Afternoon Class f ur lee< liera. . i. 1,10* EL R< I AN BJU KA1KNOBD 1 1 TOM, *IU r start *. ? i In Msy with a lunlied number fer a lour thrcugh o reitt llrile'u and iiciand, ildUaud. Hulglum, tier ni." y. Prussia, AttSttla, Italy snd Kranee, he Is faralhar with ail the objects <>1 inta*e? . aod ante loact a* oloer.ino, valet de pMre, and iiiftruet'-r Tbe evpen?e will not c?r*'4 $**', whteh nisy be ukon In elreular notes pnyanle on the return of lie I'aity. K? erence will oe gi.-en to the gi'ntlruinn who a ?e-iincat.ied Uie adv.i User last ?uutmer Adilress iMgma, uok It i Heiald olliee. ITALIAN l^NvIl AUE ? A J-RaC?TICAL, SHORT AND 1 -.i?y method, ontv i daot -d lit those dedrous of Singing Ita'isn opera- a ah a pur>! s-vant; Krvneh, npaulah and ita h?n I' tins of Orafnmar sno a e-i|W?r1or course of their Uia. r>?iiiit, utay be had at tbe I'olygloit i us tit ate, 844 Broad .vay. ?'sll th' e between II and 8PM, or at No 2 Washington |i.aoe, between li aad J F. JL L. i kLMk DI UHBMOLA. SPANIHII AND FH1 MCH I.ANOUAOB* TAUOHT IB B-ooklya.? Private leseons and cla??ee by two native teacher* pr 'essers ?t lite be?t schools o' the mly. Boarding for two gentlemen with I abilities to practice, st the teacher* reMdmoe, 75 rnlion avenne, two blocks (ram tae Otqr Mall, Brooklyn. ________________________ Tm-; fti'AMfw fama-AOR w TAr?*nr, a* iibkb tiiforc, l.y UVFItlABO OOBHtll, atrilntiu ll.ill, asKt 1)1, c , lll eniy llcxit', room No 7, wi rO auplleints are Pe'iuee! cd to call (mm 1 to o**loe.k, or t' ? to e o'-i sik P. M. WINK, B AID I lti? OHM AMVBKN CHAMPAtiNK AUB CONSPANTLT ON , <t r> mlit a' No. 75 1" .ambers ? reet, o is doer west of BUtKitla7! Hotel. H W. FKB400TT. eryppioR pRAt'nwT MiF^.-nAMMWs obl* ID !'inicd t'hsriit>s?n- \ " on dmiikht at Ma>DlM n great atiite, Broad a ay, corner v( <'t?lar street. E A BUTCHER BHOP AND nXTVHBK FOB BALE Oall it the corner o Chistun it ud 0 e n?? BOILEab ru? oaa.!1? l?E* Aftb BBO-JN > ? ? Bolters of all deaeripiu>u?, from I killhorwpnd'.it ? uapleta. also a. varal m>?oi rum s and sui.18s.iu n Cues Inquire at the Brooklyn tto*m Koi>?r ? ?-k*, ;7 ater street * M. FI.NP.Y t Drco htorb fur bale, in Brooklyn? wstuj fitted up ?'d doing a g ?d business, ? ud Iocs tad . u? of the Dim* ut Ifhbu- bond* in tb? eity N?? n need ap> > but those ha*fcg the cash Add'W* >^Uk. Her*ld uiticr. DhlO HTORB rou 8A '.E~fc HT i *Li - II e.O (jrWA-ti?d of thirty )rw>. ?o brlu>> op ?rtui>iiy m ?( >i? in we asked, for h diugglsl, or ?n|?oU'<y a i byKnn wi-hing to obtain piucuce a t?r p r periou could mako t ie .nils* f settee alum ? qilh th pocia ? muuui, Inquire of HrELEit Jt H A K T, XI HeeKinan street. VIKING KaU ON.? * Unfe if A**<lal?, O* a PRI* 1/ clpal tboroug li-are favor sole !? a ? is, u ?? ely tiit*'<l up. wrll established and doing a 11 r -l 'Ik*- money making bu-dncsa. An euteiiingiy go J cfcuuoe ItOI'THWIrtir ft Wn?tf> ?J "(????. i ??wt ij^OK HALL ? i H t ? HENRY ANOliK*, r now ruining an tbo Hudt-ou nvsr to Aibmy, Id-' feet km IT, 28 fe-t U aai, 9 feet hold, o Iqjot eraugbt and >>rj last Aim several Baigea Apt>l? to JOtiN H. H&D"l&LD k CO., lb Boutt stree , jV>R HA I K ? TUB nTV'CK AND KlXrilttKs Of TilS old estaliUi-hed gn<vrj store III! avei,:- 0, oorner of bin klnt-i. For lenua inquire eu ton oreiui es FOR HALJi? THK uhA * (THUfcti \ 5A?1|, dOt/D WU1 and Fixture* o t the large firm cl >iw Bnglial Aie House Mo loS npring street no* doing s g-v-d nsiuess <teut low. House In perfect orU'*r. Reason fo? selling, proprietor (oicg lato business la the country. CH)R BALR-74 B1 AtDiNO MAt'lliN b->, WnH HfOOLe r log and VMnuing K tohineM rtenchea tha' Una, and ail tbe fixlurea, tojeibur with u una 1 -<l<-am bugljr. ? earn p ^uer and room* loiet. >D(iuii>of :HKIii ?AN S:UWAttr/, corner of t int avenue uiu l^aal r it'tj thini sUiieL l/C R HaI.K ? AN OLD gHTASirSMKI* ? TRa ? B 'NNRT r Bloaehlng aud Fresalng KauMlHhu^n* all In good order, with good paying ?iu? ?m?ra -ea"' mn given for wling. fuwif <?l.rn given immediately Apply at $2\b ?o?rr> to i N. W Agrui |iH>H SaLE? A WHULKf A I.R AND HKJ <IL. ORO K.ftY I1 and Liquor dtore, wl'h a Urgn Kee<t rttuPe adlalnmc. ti.vt b< ? n eatabiUbvd for ihe last w n ye^ra, aud nu? d >ing Hie iargi-nt o.tob buBiaen*, and is (h? lie t location In irand Hircet. Apply at tbe More, 213 Uratid atreet, or to IV. URUttN, 113 tirund street Wllliaaiaburg. JfOR HALE? TuE 81 H'K AND FUII'KK* OP A NEAT liutter aod gna-ery r-t re I'beaptoaoa^b cuit mer. Ap ply at ui Coui t stru t, Hrookiyn fnoK bALK? A BCT.,H t vHor, hi u<K, t'Alir and 1 KlxtuicM for cur \ln* on tlio !iu?lne h, al<fi Kooma to let lor a tsmily, iku years' h u , to a < a^b cost mer it will be u d low. Ituiufreat bit yo t nlrd avenue L'OH sAi.):-.< til s an u M AKUPAUTOBT, I? together wilb the 8t<?k ?nd Kluturna, and ??! tbe Tools nerersnry for tb? burines<; has be u ?-l otiahlish.d aud in Sucre* lul operation for tb- lusl hit years, li local rd In uie U St business paitul Uiu city, the rua?on for reiunj is ill > i Kith of tbe owner. Apply toD D'OONM# LL, on tbo pr? liiines, 64 ('bat ham street. FOK KaLE-A 1/IMNll HALUUN, W I I'll dAlt ANi) Billiard Room attached Has Men esuul ?h ?d at su<:h fur aevon years. Is cuing * first rale but'n-?ss. NoobjecUm to lakr a tarin In cicliange Addie-s i-ar n, statinn ? IjHiR KALc-a KlVE % L.Attn' Lb ASK Of' A KiK-lT r class Hi tW, situated in tbo boat pari of H "OAd ?ay, anil doing a first rate busluess Terms u.'nli r?te np^iy at 161 Broadway, corner of Win ui street room No 2. i^OR BALE? A PRIKHNO OFFICE IN OO ^D OftDER; r Typo, i'ret-scs and everything for a uim wltb ? s'na'.i capital wishing to g'> Into - usin-'is; good locality and a good run of work inquire at nun s.ieet JjH'R BALE LOW? A NfcW HTEAM Mil. c.NiUNE. OK I? i ilsby, Myndente A C >.'s mirufa tur> , aud similar to die Ote IIOK in u*e by 1* Aiugtuu Luglnn i/'ompt'iy No 7 of tblFCiiy For luithor purUculuis apply to a. S. DELaTOIJU, 26?b WaU streel, N. V. l|4OR ULE OR TKaDE-IHE FEc.D Hit I -E AND V five yeais' lease, tbo it ek Id store and Feed Wag-in, at 4< 2 V est street, otlerlng a goud opiXTt unity for euinarktng in tbls or other mercantile business, ni'iuire of AHO 11 LE MART1NE. HO.hL KOR HALE ? KLUilbi.V BITi.aiKD POR business, within two blocks of tbe New l'o k and Erie utid LuilHiin River Kju'n.a'' depots, oo-npleie') a nl newly <u;nl?htd and capable of aceoniuiodsting oomtortably 1UU guiutt ; will be disposed of on favorable terms to thv right l aitv, with a long and valuable 1> a e, a. d iios^essuin g vnu on the ?st of April Hotel now doing a good rsimleut aud city business. Inquire ou tb? premises, No. US ureenwioh sL Hotel fob. bale? now uoNDiiorbo ab an bno llsh Shades. Contains 12 Rooms brsides spanous Bar and reaniLg nooms; Is eligibly local, d ami for aao- at a great bwigaln. E. LaWRKNCA A OO , OS East Fourtsenth street Leabk and rixrrREH roR bai,e or to let? 1 he Stolen i& and 17 First strs t, built etpressly foi tbe 1'sekltig L n?l nets, with tour smoke bouses anil paten' ice house attached Inquire ob the premises, or of D. A. BUOO t W. A. CUBHMAN. LIOHTERH For daLE.? ONE DECK LIGHTER, OF W) tons and one open, of about f*l tons capacity, will be i uld chenp for cusb. lor further Inforiaalion aiip.y to WI1. H. HALL, 163 Maiden lane. LIorORB.-t\-iO C*8H WILL 8t7Y THE LEaIB, Htock and Mxtures of a first class corner Liqtioi Mum, wltb favorable lease Is selling for oue quarter less than Its v?lue on account ul other business. Apply at 262 Rudaoo ?yeet. 11 1' SIC BToRE FOR BALE? THK ENTIRE STyOJt OF JXl Music, stationery aud Klxtaroa, for $ l,au oasb; Is situ ated on one of the principal thoroughfares of Uroaaiyn, h?s been estabUsbtd thirteen yeais The mot sail ..tfta&rr esa wh ?*or r1U,,i5' Addrnss^iluslcian, Herald odloa, sfstlag Roadside hotel for bale-three mileb liom i'ultoo ferry Co??y Island cars pass the door The owner bits luaoe $l,flO0 a year, and Is retiring from the trade, laqulrr of uAMAliK, BU Nassau street, ?ew Yurk, or MaCAEV, VS Fulton awenuc, Brooklyn. STOCK OF QBMTB' FURNISHING GOODS FOR BAUE? Very low for' cash, suitable to Boo them and Writer* trade, consisting of tiau/e, Merino and Cotu>a I nder iiar ments, Mufllers Sba sis, white aud colored Shuts, Collars lies, Hearts, Ac. Apply ImmediaMlr St loo Broadway, up stairs. TO PHYSICIAN* ?A HBVt IOIAN, OF mKV?.N TBaRH' praetlee in a goad sod reepoeutble neighborhood hers, and averaging $l,auu a year, deal re i to dispose of it, and onioe fumlture, if reouirrd; astlslaetory ma?uns given to appli cants. Address I'bysicia*, b-u U7 Herald oto rBUTtHBRB? niRHAUB.? A ORE AT CHAMCB IS now otferfKl ?A first class market, with Futures, Horse and wmcoc, in one of the principal Uiorcagti ares nes." the City Hall, Brooklyu. ApiJy to FT O. KEhKLE, IS Pine Street, rooin 1 i | . j , , . . t , . ( . , ? ? , ; . OfoCK, F1XTURB8 AND OOOD WILL OK AH OLD O established Hst atere. No. SMI E'ghlh avenue, tor sale; leiius moderate. RPKiUL NOTlCfe*. \ RFKCTaL mjticSs -tuS BATHOLK MaNnFAC ii luring Coin m having bean nold oat their Mewing Ml Chines tjd bo r''j?trvd wnd needles sni piled at the Knrokn hewtn- Uw-liincdot, 403 Hmadsay. Fnoe of Machine f in, DR. U. IlF.HStLF.B, NO. 216 NPKINO flTRERr.-kT A Coroner's lnquesi held recently. at whlcli l appeared h wltntA*, u.y addr*s? **i glren by mistake ax .So. 116 ripnug stteet. AH 1 obeerre WTeiml dojlors algus at ?hat tmmner I think II pr> j*r, to praet-nt error*, to siai? that mj nildew i> '216 Hprln* SUtct. HKNKt llbrtBU&K, M. K. awl (J. l>. VfOTlCE ?ALL KKRNONH aRB. HBRKliT OaUTIONSD J> irsniuj; or hmr taring any of the crew of the British rhlp Constitution, from Lleeipoot, u bo debta Of their et'iitmcuvg will be paid by Ik* oaptAti or oomsigace M ft, MM. WILLI iMaaorton. vjcm^E? ab Ah su AL bumtiwH for m ? e tki'h 1!N M e* of the Ki Irkerbt An lee Coroimnt wll! h? hull at theiroUce, 433<*Bitl Mmi, on I'tiesday.Aprll V, l"*l. fLv f lln villi be cpen from 12 l" 1 o clink P M. Tim Transfer iiooks mil beoloaetl 'rum March 90 <<j April 9 Inclusive. Th?.o Hue* kino, Km R. T. COMfTu.N, Pres. Mfflr Tons, Msreb 18, 1S6I. V^TirP Tft TAXPAiF, KB -OFFICE OF THR CO*. XN tmwionersol ltt< ? nnd iawMntnta, Mo Si < street, Mew t oik, Ifci l, I^Hl - Bailcels hereby *1?it that II c A??c?euieiit H^lls of Beat and I'ursonai Kv.'aie of tli? aCy nnd count* o' Nw Yoik, for ?h<- jeer W81, will be or.-n.Kl on Monday, Uie Hlli lnM*ni, for paiiue innpot ion, iwid will con tiru* ntffi until the .t> b day of April Dett BtlMN Ail ta* Biyeis are earnestly taquesitid to M 1 and aiamiiM tko him, order that any t ir.n in the assessments inAy 1?e Oorreetdd Also, ail i<ersoa? en ;iM by la* to rethMilen n" '.bp.r nxa?*A nienis. M rraaon of bMBg rleritrnyn or for mlliinrv ?ar< inaa, ami aiao lUcrar* aiid rftatflftbUi laalltnUub*. by law au^npt from taxation, Art r?tu?U<d to rnako app'lmtlnn tjr latin r? di'tUoii or pfampttim prartooa to the ?loaln? ?: UaroUao? tbc.H' b day of April. 7ht aar-ttm of the *ot of April M, UN, la paMlak ad for ar InfonnkUou of t?i|)A>era:? Hoot ton 10 Lorlng th?- tltta the fcooka atiall he opan far pnb lie lu#L*ntloti. aa lii-Tviofort-, appllcy'iun may b? oiad? bt any p?r<ori|; hiin'wlf ?aitrf?v??<i by the a?r?tod valaailoo o' lila irtal or personal mine, toliavuthi s?m? eoirrc'-i XT *ueh appnoaNiXi be nwdr- In p?*atl"fi io the sra>???l vaUiaiiau of real i* ?u It nuilt hn aiAdo to writing ^tAting tli# B'our.rt" of objections thrir><c> and tfrora upeatM t'ommlsttonern 'hall aramlDa ino> t"o eowntaM'.l, and 11 In rhelr Judtinirnt thr as-ruumrnt la <-rrono<iHH ihi-y shall cause tne ?ami* to be corrected. If sueh ap iMca'tott be made In relation to l L<- a>'n?iw< d valuation of nerannul n>Ute, the applicant ?1ia1I l? xnamlned undar natb by the mid Cam mjBMoiurn, whj alia.l >>c aujhonaed to admlnlstw loch o? h, r?r any -if ih'-rn, and If Id their judgment Ih- awes-ltwfc' Is em>ne??ia, th?y sh?U onse the name to ??? o<*reo u- 1, a;id fli tli- amonnt of sm h aaeeasment as they may btilevn to be Jus' , ana iloclnre t^elr decision thcrwni within ihitty 4?y? after mieh r>rptlp*tlnn shall hare l>oeit Msdeto ibrm. hi?r? duf U n shall ne mult by the t?ard of Hup-rri?<>r? ? f any as sea nimesits nit r??l ur prrsnnah.tAte tnposed ?hil?r I Ma net, tinl' ?s It shall appear, aador oath or attlrui 41o?, Uut Ilia parly M|rtWlN ?m linat lr to a'tai.d ?-1ih1n the p-"l id pre acrtlwd for the oorrevilon of uses, by n>a?in of sickn<**? or absence from the city. ol W, en apt or -ervlo-. <>.) A.J. WILLI AEbOM, I Cotit'itaelnnnra T W. ALI.f.Jf, .' o' Tites ytd J. W. HlU>?(f, ) A?ei' s/ SECOND MECtlAfW'P' nrtLDIVO ABHIKIJ AT'O!* ? Ihe dumb her sol the ah?.e as^f-laUon ?n- NqMUniiitl u nd a meeUnpt, on Tuesday, MateJi at "s o'ehvtt F M , at IH7 <.r*nd ?:r?et J. A. KMiTH, J'roaldeat. Jaroa fKiU. Secretary. TUP. FBlBklltt O* T PaikioH WILL Cut. R braie tbelr 77tb aiimv,>ri<ary dinner at the Astor lloiwrv on Monday evening, luth met , at 6 o'clock. The following named r ntlemen have beeu duly ulaeted aa oUoera for Ike ensuing y?-ar:? CHAELRH P. DALT, PreeldeBt dm, Watson. 1st \ lc< i-rra'k Kir- hard nril, 2d TJeePres'l 11 L nofftiet.M _ " Daulel DotUb, tih " H. Plrney, *ret?nrer. Thrmsp Hari .or, Heereta'y, ? Maroley street. The fallowing members, were anoolnted to act a* stewards, and from whom ticket- ma> Le otuined. BICHoiiD >RLL. Chairman. Can lei Devlin, eomer 1 1 road. H. u Uogusi, X Bsrolay (t way and Wairen street. John B Pngarty. i lieaatreai. Wnlser ??#', Park place. BeriiArdKmuh, am Mn adway. .lames Rtuart, Itt Nasanit st. Josn r. Doyle, wail NMl

B O't onnor. *1 Ann eirti't PeurRtoa KC Water street. Alfred Roe, 38 Wall street. *tm *?taoti, Psr* pi*". TIIOM AH BAAmoI N, nwrotAry, Bo 0 Harelar *fi*et ABHFlKLL.-r HE (rENF RH f>r r?f)PEKrf IN \V : k?r.< Ui ncrel>> B itinei that as the liviiiaihrntosM on the j mpfrty ui i n'l r in v. d anil hi diihts uf l he a^ietn tlofi nil jiafr* a nice. in {? ill br held lu hagio llall, cwicrof Delanoeyand Ch'Tsiii streets upper Il<*,r, n Kriibiy eTcolns, M?rch 22, at 7'-, o c|.? k, w m t^c rurchA^lne Tnts ee wlp B'skc nie Qt?i report. It i? It tHd that *11 tU< m mbcriwlll ?It-nd. w ttovama, ttooMs, ??., to ump. . T NEW BRIGHTON, Hr*'Ed I.ii,A!?D._Tf> l>Rf. n a ? u-BUtl ed Vanat ??; siaoi u- ?? I- r, wl h *aa, b*i bn, ubW, fiult, kitcbi u gai-d u? ?>>ril aorea u>e?t't>; .iluu <i> uif urpasaed, witulu ttvo u liiUWm of tb? Ittu ling KAUI KT, Mi 1 'HI&1 A *<>., ti rour.eenib nfccl, E. H LI'i Ml* I Co., 'O I "Ine street ? fJ? If O- H'X BOOM* t" Mil'? AbL OONNBOfiNU, A v |tb > ui>??ntrutx? rta'er o'i> at <u'l bath ou sa'iej H .r House l? i?w; all li m, rjoius lu atlou ti -t elaa*. A i L I s-'Ut' ? si cot uer ill iiil.itj.b .Ueet ai..l louriliave Dtl ! tplll 9 O C' ''fc A V lo^ I' M . JTI H*- I lltU hv-nir *T IU uc.l, u A 'dV A airian, in a brown >ii>nc bouse. ln<ialre el 181 Lei tog t<m avenue. A MM B KB Or DK MR A RLE FURNISHED AND nit rgnMM bOWM m Ninth, Teetli, Hou<i, fliiliueu >. Iwi-i if t.iuiih, ' third, l ?> eui, tti'ili, I'wenty clghib. Thirty -ecouJ, fnirty-fiiniiii. Fort* rumli ? d Ft t. i?v?atb atr*e>a. l/> K 4 PllTBAN. i> x-uil t"u' l HO. bK 10 UMUlbtiN li Dill-, UN* 4?W\ l t\ (J ' atla ?tr- wl, n nr la'lek: 'on men ronnia veil >'ur Hissed; H?t? furulltir l?r ?al9 at fl tl I'oa it gl\ >iu the lir?t of April or l><iSor? lb?. murders *ould rointlii. A U'.oi lOChtlOB A nice, ?ow* *r >r?? . vodku* h >?Ht ro lbt imqedlai-ely? lt? i> t tt??i ih* Furniture for <Uo on taay t< nn* ; all made last tail. Aiuld la i> faruisbe.i to a fnod "any. Appl} al >o J St Htnutby pl*c -, Fitly Mt oond street, near r ightli avenue HhOORLVN ? O Lr'i -*n': Of K HOU -IB IN * 1SH ington ?ti?et o> mi ting of twu t'ario a 'our It Jr -)iua and Kitchi'u, with ?sr I 'nut licn-ai.d Kid<"*o>?l at r; al? ? C. fl?tu.e? oijur oonvi.'Uii di??. Apply t*' ri Hit' bit A iPfetl, btmef ?g< uu, No. i Sauda mm -t, drooklyo, for iuV thi r partlt ulai a. BAhtMENT io L-T \v 417 Micr^KiiN i.iAud aud Br^uiue alrecW; go d culraui'e and liaut, oi.a 2bi9 fiet COCNTBt HE^lDfKCa rt) t,bT OR LK Ar 1 ? AT MaiiiMr'a llar >or. Staien l?iaiid: 10 acre* of K??d tilla ble land, a biMme onbtamlng hcv?n rm.uiH, h-tutiiii'iit. and flnl la.r, frontlag tb?- ?a??r ?1?<> ? bo<in? <*iuta>ii!ug fmr nxmiH, bf rn carriage tHiuM* and other ^otbui ding* .>o thu p ?mt?ea; * H1 b<* It t together ?< separate Tb? KlUtbelbporl mrrr boalh from ? lei N"1 7 North river laud a Ith o fiv ? ru'.uulw* ?u)k ot ibo ve?l?leaee. fur 1 urtber partie\ am up.ily ul ibe ferrj or ol U V. I'Obf A CO., oyoler bart;? 17, foot of .Sprtiw ?treet, N V. (iottaobs it ro? kawa>, U I ? TO LKT, TTRRK J t'otiageH, near the ?*a sb ire, lu full vln*' of the '?*an; one with II reoma fully furnUhwl tho o<her?.ln nunii par tlally lurnlf.b. d. Htabin and M?' house ,rtllei) to < " h Ap ply i.erMiuaily or by letter to II. BUiiUfV, Far tiocLv 1. I C'Ot'MR* SEAT.? TO RBNT ON 1U8 NAVKrtINK j ) river, neir Long uraueh, N ,J , 1'^ hour from the Uy, ; a neat < ot ?ge, wtib heauiitnl iawn?, naadn I' tie* ami brub ?ry runiiioii to tbe ?at>r. ?ate b^Uiiug tin i goo l Oabliu;, ?e ; with ?14 aeiea of exMllMlt Ian 4, vlth t'tl Irani of \ irouij kit da ol choice fruit? , a 1th a ho ae, ?a?i>n>i and far nlug un rlemento; with pleai-ttre noatg, Ar ?beti. ro a ,ite.i'*r. tor lora ton T not be found, lowv \ ad - or for tbe d.'-crtiiii? u inquire of Or. BO i T, So. f8 ca?t Mro?>way lien: fv tho whole Jim) mj^VRM- HED UOl'riB It) KfcN r.? "O LKT, A Vk Rt r bandai me Qree ?tory bro? n dtone II'iU"C, *leKatitlv and completely furBt'hed, In Forty -wen lb street, beta-ecu Hixlb ano Keven h avenuea. Oue or the buatlooaUoaa lnlbuuty. Aj>\ ly at :SS V*y atr<?t nitKMSHKll HOUSE TO LKT OR I.K W K T r twentj-founh at'eei., furnished cumpli-te, havlnjjati tb? modern convetiteneea. and In perl eat ?t?1er. Kent t,? per m ii tb foaoeamou ylven Mat 1. Inquire ut 300 Weal Tweu ty -fourth st -eet iiM'FNIKHBD UOt'SE 1<? LET, 1* BIlOOKLt N? TUB v fine three story Rig lab l>*ai:ment Uonso 126 I'.ielilo stre<-t (betw een Henr> ana t" Itnoti atrerlsi (he ground din prises two f till lota, well aid out and flagged. |Jm> uoiiso c "titainu tbliteen room*, with tine cemented oeli?r, nNo nth roi m, hli'^eaotiil ?a er aril ?e?er cou'tool ions. The ? Hrtulnre In fli -l clstis and Ihomugltlv c unplete f wo pl^LUOB aud inv lod'on the ?wai-a will "e lot irom b'1 tirntof Mny ioi >no year f >r (1,300 but only to a laniih and tirst rlata references must be given At'plv as abuve or to Mr W "ElLEU, at Clatlln, Mtlleu i t o n, Worth Mntit, Nt# York. ^ _ - b l liMKuKh BOl'HE Tti Uff>Ma Wl VIUbAI, I; w tb liable aru miinwlatlora, at. liable for a g^nlletnan's letlden e, !<1tUi.ted on bljiU yn>un<t ;lt f-puytcn liuyvil, t?. v., rouinikmllng a.i extensive v it w ol' tlio lludaoni iv r ami attr rournltiig country A'ldreu 0. W, Van X>oren, bpuylcn li*)Ml, N. V. rURNIfbEO HOUSE *0 LET IN NEW LONDON, t onn ?A Ihiv ami well Furnished House, In 'ho mo,it deMrable part ol' the city, tog 'lior wiili cinlag- h'mmi, >u ble, Oho KUidi-n, Ac ; will be lot I'l.r Hist ru ntl.n or l< n? r, at a !o* rent mr desertpilou and term# apply to <.OI(W Id A DO. eomiirxl Mioadwuv and TvseilU?lh ttreel. ?jOlSt-. 7* EAM niiltlY Klt.HtU (STrtatT, TO LET, X J or eiei.anfle for u fa'tn "J t *vi>! y-firn i?cre?, within two bourn ol U.e <lty ; woula hire a farm with pi IviU'gn of buying. Addresf John M Brown, 1#2 Mot ftiwt. HOI SEh TO i.ET OR LEAtiB? MA EAST NI.N'K te?mb atrret, throe stories, nifh stoop, tnodurn improve inrnlt, ali. , a genteel tiro Hory double hon-e In Tpnnrit, convenient to milr-ad A ppfy to 0. J. tUJutsUM, IM Kir at avenue, corner 01 Eighth stnwt BOTEL TO LET? '( BE KlR^T 01..ASH HOI EL SO. 21 ?o 17 Broadway, corni r ol Morris atreoi, known ?s tbo -tevenii House, iMu>?easii>ii 1 *-t of Mav nunt Kor further par ticular* apply to HEWIJiTT A TOflUANCB, So. 6 Bowling green. LO?T TO LET? #BOOND KTORT OF BVILVIH i 201 William street, 'en larre wludowe, hoist way .gas, Oroton water, woll calculated for toe emitting hueliK ?? having iwn cupltd for that yurpohe aufeial ytara. Inquire on the i remlaee. KtW BOARMNU UOLME. OF rOUTYHlX ROOWH.TO lot, at AmityTllle, L. 1 , In fiillrlewof Ibeucetn llood bay debing and fowling A man acquainted ? Itli ihc huawieaa pr*J erred, Aeferencb required. B. f'KluMUKK. /\ffiobb to let, in the euildixo no. 7 xsw V/ steeet, four dnera from Wait Inquire of U. IJVTNU OTOII A CO., un um. ur-mUM. f>AKT or A HOC BE IN OH4BLBN HTKKRT ro LET^ X suitable for a small family. con^Htlng of three r.jom* on Kvnd nnd two ou third floors; hot and Cola water, r.ath, Ra*. arge yatd, Ac ; rent *22fi; can t>e m?ii between the hour* of 11 Hint X Apply at 4? Moru >n atreet PAKTlALLi FCBAIHHKD HOL'oE (U LKf ?A flRfcT ela>w four atory brown cUwe II onto, ne*r Fifth arenue, ? cew bloekn above Madiam aquAt-o, to lxi or .< aae, with ear pets, gaa flituuw, oll<-WUta and mirrors Innulrc of E. D. LaAbBNUB, 1 3M Huaiwar, a Jo?e fblrty-flm utruei. OOOMR TO LT.T? ' WtTH STEAM ru?TER, AT NOB. a It and 24 iranKiortMraet. Apply on the praiuiaes, or to U. LEFKEBlri, Ne. fit Bifkmaa atrwt, op atatra. ROOMB TO LET.? THE t'PPER FART OF HOT7SE NO. Si Buad at rent mil b? lot. in Whain or part; *B excvUeot location for a m<Tubant uUor, millinery btialuaaa, A a. ln ?uire on tka preailara. SITE AM FOWER TO LEAHl?-?* THE NEW riTE atonr brlek Ituildin* Noa. 42, *4 46, 48 and Ail Greene atreet The h??t hfftoted and moat miy^rtor rooaan in thia city. Looatton bkmi a>nir*l, one bluck from i'aual atreet and itnxtdway. ??<ilMin?>i ara heated ay oteam-, ateam holat aa4 erery aacommouatii<u Xnauraooe la one per ceo'. Bent low. Apply lmmcS ?tely to H. J. ROW A RD, on the premiaea. TO LKT-TO A BMALL FAMILT WTTHOtJT CHILD ran, part ol a a out eel brown atone Houm. ronialuu^ ?very m< (Vtn lmpr^ymuent and In a pleaxant nobthbortioo 1 ; tineaceptloiuib.e .Dfornnew will be given and required; r?nr. per annum. Apply at HO But Thirtieth street. Mew oik Ii O I.t. - . I I'hH I'AKI Kjf HOCHB Mil. 81 Ud cha d Blief-t between urand and Nmome atroet*. nuitn bla for a re-j-eiable family. Oiti be aeen frtim I to 4 cioUt. heiit Apply on the premlsi*, or of JOHN O HHJKN, fOT <irai.d atr et. '??>. ilf.TiM UIIII.K OR HAKT OK M??l KK 14 LE J. io\ p ar -. BUr^kar atreet, cnly one block wtat 'if Hro-id way 1 lie ! 'wei pa't baa been -tipled by a d-!UlU4 lor Mil year* A lea c e-'in b?> had 1 01 :i ?t- ri It demre<1. TJ L?T-F</R BU8IKEH8 FCRi'<?SE??, uTtjRB ON TUB 1 i??t corner ? 01 HarV and Hpriuc atreata: Ptora and fflliar 1U <'aihanne atreet; ijtore and Bwk <t<?m? W Broome Btroet; Urge Haremenl More tK> Howery ; T'ulrd Floor Bowerr, n "ar Ho. nie aue ti ni?o large troni Kooni, flrat (to >r, ai'.'i Uu*er>. tor iiaitiuuLtm iti'ji Ire of A. M. IrANNINO, Beal Estate Ajrency, ?/i Bowry. To ijiT? t?rrii-RH in the marble hi ildinu k, near >ul'on atn at; al. o offlee-. In ll'iu*M and bJ Hea er at'ett. Kor partlclara Inquire of A. M. KA? N i> ?, 'Jt/.i Bow cry. I'O LB1? T> A NVAJX (jlsM'JBRL KAM1LV, FART OK the Il<.i:ae 75 Charltoti inreet. Apply on the premlae*. flV) I.KT? IN A FIRHT CLAKX HOtrsE, ONE FLOOR, I coe?*Ui.K of four Bo mi aad two I'aoti U?, conu>iuln^ n I tb: oouTcnleurea. Apply at ICO Baat He. ? utcenth atreet, near btuyveaai.t k .uare. I'O let? ?4i?- iioi'eR ? BA* r ht , uit k>k lyc ; tire atory, brkk, i'lnvma; haasianrd water, ami tn iie? fict order; line garden, Be. Apply to m J. H TOTKuaO, Nu 7 Ant Baltic atrort. XM) I.Bl ? A TWO HTORT HOIBB, ABI? ABOL T THREE aereeof Land, hail atnlieeadof Wllliam^brfdge, Uar MM Railroad. Inoulre at Noa. 10 and Wt Chamber* atrr -t. rl.fcT? THE HEroND KLOOR AND FRONT HA1E tnent of tie three atoir brick House 01 Variek atreet. a 1 *mi;y i f four (wdttH*' wfll n *ui>t the re*1, ol the bm'dtng. lua daeiraMi iclauI tUe rcul will be nutde aaliafactury. Ba ha, gaa, Be. IOLBT? i'ART <JFi HE T*<) a TORT ANP AT tit! biiek Hovae N?. tXariun atreal, near Bnx>me, cotv iat thf of aeeoTid fl' nr. with panfi'-a Mid rJothe < elot.rt* bel ween, ItvBt baaeimint nnd two bedrwoma is the attic, wa er In the ba en ent Mnd conl vault t.nder the aidewaUL, loqnircof Mr. k .NUliAMt. 86c Httxxnc Flreet. " ? ?l??11 ' J ' *" " *' 1 ' '* d rpo LET-rol R KIi'RT AND it AHKMENT OOOiE, I J. VOoiter street, llouae and More, .V7 OanaJ #re?it btoreatol ?aa< nienl, ?fcM Hr ?Iwnv Three aloryaud "V?' nu nt lloti^e. IW Prince ">txe?t. T w 'o ftcry, basement %nd afie Home, Hrooine hUfet. Throe atory and banem ?n How, 2nt? Elm ?tre?t. .Mm" men'., ItfiiMi len t, well lighted. 400 I'oari at <-et. Apply to>*. et'OIT Jaatln, til Oanal sttrM, XH> LFT-NO. 147 *ABtTFul(Ti RIXTH HfREKr, KHAR Biraouay, a ba<i mem Ilouae, with *U m merit impro e m> rit?. Will be let etna)' to a respooaible party. CJWu be m t n between 0 ai.d t it A M., and 4 and d f. m. rt O LET? TUB UKaUHI l?r OOTTAUK. FITi ATI* ON J menkneck HliL iM'twnen 147th a?id itath ?tr et?. on th1* 0 d KinjisiriUjie mad, wtUi three aerea of inid at netted 1 fr 11 I.Rh, oiilMMI*, IttlutM, Ms burn, Ac Apply to Oil ifl A. LOHtMt, bouar atieot. eiwuor of llonew and Urw?ne fl'O HT? TO AN AMERICAN FAMILY OF ABOUT X tliree In number, the wconit fi(h>r of Willi Wt Alien str<et. eoiislst'DK o' troni and hark boom, with Mcdr.iom wvd 1'antilo*, uiid, il f juired, a ito?m ui aitic. Bent $^1U. A|> j.iy hi the prwtalsea aMiLKf-A FliHNIS'HFIt I RO NT AND BACK BOf>M, w ith panliits altachiHl, on thlnl Hoot, withf'ss and tire Tern a fS per wet k. No tnov ing in May. Ap|>iy at iOt K'giith avenue TO LBT? AT CLIFTON, HTaTF.N ISLAND, A HOUSE fully furblih' I, atsble nnd nine Lob1 of gre'ind, w. 11 Shaded; fumace, and eater In the h mee : ffvi miaufM' walk fri m the landing. ipp<y al 07 Men lianu Biclmnef fro LET, FROM THE FlHrtT OF MAT -TEE L0**R J r?ri of the three story Itouxa, M Is lington avenue, cm ?Utiiia of flrat floor, basemen' and rooms tn third story. App'y on the premise* rt RT Fr'KNTPHED? TWO RE ACTimiLT (TTUATED at? ne villa*, with nia?ntfi<?iit liwn ot several ?nr a, la ej irtlng unrlen, frnll, fore?t *r,d abnde trpe?; stnble ?? oaoli hciwe ; rot at BliiottvlUe. noith shore, Hinwn Island; p?rfertij health* , dsltghtful neigh lx>i hood. Balf an lumr from the city ; rem $too and *W4i Alio ie rent, a beautiful a?Udo StoBe < ot'flgir : Id rooms, r ear the shore In Rll1p:tvlUe, rtiifnr. nl-hed. r?fr # >8*1. |i,<miiih ?? Ur f.l.l.lOfr n otlioe, I A/Styr RlKkth -treot, or lo BARHKTr, BIHXf MBOK * IIAB 1 BBTT, | i ".Vail sti jet. mam mm, mom, au., to uet. V -V~- ^.WV VN.VWW>- v^-_ v -UTU-* 1.H> LET? 4jB Hr.ASON.A4Lh 1'EhXf, fo A HOOD ipii.ut the liuge miro e nut ding 8)4 nh?il?tf, lUlfeet by ii I. el I I neb front and rear, or uacb tluor vu let ?ep*r*l- ly. for p?' t.i uUr? Inquire of it ? UAUKtltd, mu IT1 i ultou atreel raid Building, or of ALi. AtiUER i A<>LfcM IN. 7:jt> Hr> at way rpo L>,7?Mj .l.o til >KV STREET, BAOoK L.?fJ? 1 modern ttir**p a to y ln.;h b?? it, out lir-iwn atoue II mae, penu-tniug K?", wtU'r, tUiuiei, to Nelghboi nuod pood. * til he .r\ low in * leap. umIdUi jmrty- Inquire of H. M. hIL'?'*MM a.N, 118 Hrotdv ?\ 1^0 l.ivf? *0 -/n IhnTH BIKEEE NBAR FIB ST AVE i) ? A full *lr.e three ,U>ry finch Iwneui.nt "nune. oon taming wa'pr, ga?, tu>lid mahogany ooore, Ae. Will Imp Inflow to a re>p. nslble part/. inquire ut 11. M. &ItiV'ERJtAN', 160 Br,*dv ay. r?<o u?. i? *?>. isc wkei t irrt-rtUfcu mitKBr, bb 1 Broad* ay and Kl^ilh wnim^A modern throe si <?r> high iam nir-iit Hou?r. vol bulling all the ui ?lern Irn ; prvv>ni'iitH. lu-iKhb rhooil Will b" let low to a , mpoj.?ible party. *U'|Uir? of 11. M. B1LVEUM aN, LM Broadway. f|H> L* r? ? HB llul'iB M tlAMMONl) rife HE f, BK" 1 twwu v* nverley piaco and Koerib >tr* r lot 2.'>xl70: Will bp r? bkd low 10 tt kiwui and cut In <?impi*te order bn /. |fl 1 a upation. lohuM^r fr.m .'lit 1', M. Apply to Ah 1 1 I 'it LKaHI. 87 M-ayei ?tre?t I'o in r-i nit lower f Aitr or tub noi'Ng, so. fx t? Broom.' ?net, 11. ur \ arick. front -in-l Ixiak room*, kucben And dining room, hot *11 it oolil waier, mm, .vc. May In- m vv noui 9 nil 12 A M. Aim I'rcm ^ ttil l ?'. M. Vcrycon v. 1111 ut for a nt)Otleni?n auiI w If 11 Kisui rr? ut r? i'akt of a vhrek mi-oav bko?m fAuNT J b<iUM In h??t F.irty ninth iirrrt Iniiuln- ?t 170 K?at furty-uuiib iur* , or ? M Old ulip, of O. UttDnKWoOO T) LKT-KO. tV7 KA T TWgNTV PIR81 HTHKBT, mar I eoond avc nop, ibp two tlory and banemnnt brick tli'?t*i;p, with Ihpkp yanl In front; itnod cp1i?p, km, b ttb, ?iihp, wtthb It ?yfc, Ar. ; rent only HI60 10 ? clioM) tpu?iit. i on ?.?>? ou cin W ill May. Apply 10 Mm. KAl.Nh, til rmirth iv?i n ip, or to h. II. hHOWN, 111 NA?.-utu -ire. t, t rout 1 lo l t' B. T> U-.T-A liABOM KOOBltB f?O0BK, and p!**faO'b nltiiAUil In I'ntakllu ti!?el. In tho rl!bu>e ?<? Alikirtti lnqu.ruol h M I iXK, infriA, or W. VAJf DB VBM'klB, 1?9 Kult.m mrw', New York. TO LEr, AT TRfcMtiNT, U'l'KB MO RBI SAVI< ?A (lr?t ra'? uronery tttAUii, ppu- 1U1 il>n d".pot. ('.w.^uion fli'-t of April Apply to JOUN B. KMAlir.K, Waihlngt in mrvune. It* man.. 1OI1KT-.IX). JIKKK MAN S fRKJBT- STOKK, B t^B A ruput, untlvr prlitir ; ud ulstli floor. Al?o tbn nUttt ilunr nf > o SI, and 'ounh uml Rlvih fluir.s of JSn :tt. the Oth floOia 01 il), 31 and :n Clin 01: ut wiih Kii'b oilier. Ap ?>y m .IaH. CON Mi K A HONS, cornrr of kpiaiIh Ainl Ocniri- ntroxta r> J-KT-riiB BTORE Nil. 10J W.I.L.IAM Siltnttr, with > -o ni on p :aiiJ floor, ront $*W; .U*o, tho Un-,. : tl. ^jr ol * o 111 ll?iktbun Atrt?' rHit #100, *ith uttoi) 01I1 ?1 lu il ? wan biiiWlnu. ?li<o Ai'Onvrniaut fcngiinh ban'im nt Uoiims In Twenty- 1 bin ?ihpi, mar H?o tid a\?uiip, lisnt $M0. Ap p\y to A lIVINOHTOII, No. 19 lU-pltmAii ilrtol rlJ|T-A^ V^Kl IB, NO * OtiOUI'LSD BY TbBiltiR. n ikiiia lot ui ui' Ouuipuny, No 8R pKiu-iii; wpK A- ap'^u forun lnaurHncn (-iimpniiy or broker * 01U00. Apply at I'iD I'Alk Bank, No. .1 Benkman iH'ii't. rIJ4T- BENT 9800 t'K it AN140M, HOPdB NO. ?1 Loud >n terraro ( * est Twenty third ain.-utj. Oaa *hi mtji between 13 and 4 o'clock. OBOKOE COdOlLL. 7B Bmad ?ti*et. ffH) LET- DWBLXilMd HOirHK^ NOS. 12U A 124 A CbArlion *ireet, in Rood order, with pas and WAte* tlx tun-* tlimugjuut, a very n??<li rate i?nt?. Apply to il Art IN W A TK h K, l ?i 1 harltou ntn-et, between tireen wiob and W aah tngum atn-i-ta rpo L-B1? <jlih A r, 1 HE KOI.R HToKV BROWN HTONH A houHP No. ItV wen' Forty -aeentid Htrnet; rent $IML ho lo^Vi'it -mty-H uoml dtrof t . mutftl.JUU. No Iti2 Wen' lorty -?*r aid atreet; n ni $#U. Ho. 17't AoaI torueth Biroet; rent two. No. 114 Weai Thlr y nln li mn-t; rent #700. A yip!* 10 J. VAN WaGNBB, Houso Agent, Not. 180 WmI I'1 '> I' ? ? lu) 1,1 'I'-"'. . _ ro UsI'-TWO OPftB ROOM#, WITH AMl'l.K Pow.r *ell Winnoil and ilKku-d lowtllolt ?eiy ie?l ntble Apply "(JOhEPu NAbON AOO , til Kt*km?u atreet T>0 LET- No. 12 CROriliY STRKfcT, NEAR ?JRa?ID, A tli pee 11. ry and Imp.* nn*nt Uoiino w lih ga? r-b indoliem, bHtli lanHP but and i-old water to aeound itunr good yard, A.-. Aptiiy un tun pjvmlMiA TO LttT? ool^E, NO 28 KINO ? rRBH I : OAS aNB water throiiRliOut : bAth room In ?enotid and Aiird Htory. (An Ihj ?t?n Irom 11 A M. to 4 P. M. Hunt $7<t). E. M. TO BEY, 17 / itn atrnPt. T, LF1-F ABT OF II ) 'HE IVl FOUKTH HfHdHT, W?-hUi(t'U ?'|ii'irr, Urpe pHrlor. haelt 10 .in, oloaMa, bath r>.?<ui, tm nrcubo tlwr. l'oiiriouma mu! piutry on tlilrd, two on fourth, 3AS, water, Ac. Rent $1U0. May be b-ipii from 1 to J 1'. il. TO LET-EUOIHIJI BOOMS A<1> SMALL SWW, ?i,uiIi?i hi loruer of Br atOWAy mid r^ell tli * n et, from r 1(0 to *'011; Al*o, the Blteinnnt Of > o 817 OrnadrfAy, wiik and pilruut eiitranPi} ou 1 well lb street. JullM 8. K, No. <>2 William Mutt. mo LET? A NEAT AND M0BLY KI RNISIIHD fRONT JL Him m, with Bi driaun, ul No. <2 HI * 1 1 . avenue, one door bolow W aver ey plaoe. In ;turi' at Hie ftirniuire More. T Tti Ihf? IB JERhhl t'liY, AN ELEGANT CHHEE ?tory, vpr> hluli baspmi nt r.uu e, with all m idem im pnivi menta; o*. aitun-g, fine brtin/echand*liornano ixti nmon Tunnih ; rtrh < ut gla?n th orn, Ac. No 80 Warren fctreet, five niiiriUA' walk ljom the ferry. To it good teuant, will ?e let low r> LET? THE 1HREB BTOBY AND BAHBMKNT liwelkinKNo BjWett Twenty M-venth aireet Oak, bath, Ac. Bent %M0. Apply to C O. I'INCKNfcY, 72 Wall stmeu o lei? The Dwi'.u.ixn paht or i.'ocbb n ?-. v j,. oreenw ich ultept, three door* a'io\e SI array nlreot, do eiipJeil lor m-ii ye?r>' ;ia?t n< a bo.irdlug bonn", rent low to a Ciil U nant . ix?ai i>?i n lmnirdiair|y. Apply onJyalJOilM Lh>>, l'Al Aasblngtun nireot, near Kttlton Tt) LET ? 114 WAHT 14TH HT . THREE 8TOR* AND miiic, n-iiv ?i,ion >gt U',.at JBil at , ttirne atory tiM ra Atone. 1 mbl, $7^6, HO Weal .Hitti fit., an a i.h^ lhri*p atnl'jr. in good onler, Vi'ilU (4 <7th at., tl \Hil, foar atory, brown auiup Iinu?, ?'.V.'VO. A > ?t 4l?t At , three ator; , with ->r with t?ti? furnlttni), *t'*0. *J7 Wp?t "-id ?t., three storv brick, good loPAUi.n, $???; ITti Wi?tj?'h M , Uin-p *UM7, tmih, bah. Ao.t $*W; I'i 4 Went 21 M ??., three itiry and eltlp, bl lek, AHUO; 440 #p?t Slat ?t , lour Atory, Enf lieh b.i?"'m<nt, $700, li'J iVeot 37th at., Uuee n'.ory anfl a tie, 4??>nd II W?K 4^h at., thru' apAiy lie* houM H, tetiu, iOltenwlck at., throe atorv buck, f IVM 1 ; No. I Ble?tker at , cOTOPi Bank, three niorv aud at l<v IMfi; 43 t;ree?wleb ay 'four ?toi y fbnek, frt? lis vth av., nouv> und Hore, w$a00, aIA two large IMM for light m'lUiifAi.ttirlBg purpiAPs f4UU; alau anveial o-ber H jaaca floin$.'W0 and upward*. J. A W". IIENMaM, 6th av , comer of ICtU at , from nmi-nlng till 0 In the evening. f|X> LET? THE HVALI. THKRE HTORY, BIOH STOOP. A hruwn atone uo??p 15ft Euiit rhlrty fourth itreeL U io'l lOCAtion, w idii atrtui and low rent. Apply At 38 Dry *lreot. TO LET? 9401) ? liO li hE 38 EAST BALTIC HTREET, Brooklyn, three HorJ lirft*, 13 ri vrma , baa r?s and WAter, ?nd m In prrfcct urtci ; fino garden, Ac. Apply to H. J. kTOFKOBD, No. 7 Reft Ba'tlr tt*rt. /liO LET? TEE LOWER H4BT Of HOUSE NO. 14 A Beih'itip atiect, m-ar Ai ingdon anuar*; two ptirlora, fioni aiid l>a'k 1 a omeni, w>th two all r|ilng ruoini ; rAnge, ? t ?p l ci ild water, g?.s end lar^i. yard ; rent $376 per annum. oanswion Bay 1. TO LET ? TH E TWO HT?>RY AND ATTIO FRAME Honn, with t"ri ron'n at' ? h?il and klP hen in the roar. Hitb Rmall g.irdcn apoi, aitua'Pd on the tlrvi nvcniia, 4accm lv,u-e nmre Plfty-elgbtb utreet. Rent 91U). Apply et 44 Beverii li street. TO LET ?THE I'R* MISER 1WU AND US URAJSO rt, aouthiveiit eorn< r of Fourth IHiml, Brooklyn, E. D. lli i * r ?Uiry brtea. A l'1'iy to U. B". KBL.S A V , UU Orami atteet, llrookljn, fc 1) rpo IiBf-THE OLD ESTABLISH KD BOOT AMI SHOE J hi ?,r?. U2 Okntfcatt ir.rrr-t itliKi li cij, aiao futures fa* MklulX rr<|Uiri>d. Inquire on the ptBW?. rLkl-IHE UHI'KR r*Iir OF A HOUSE, NO. ** two doom ubovn Union equare; u flmt rate localli n lor a nUlicir or droaamakiT, or Any kind ol bnalne**. I |H> Lbi? A HiUKK ?Tw8f AND UA+KUEXt BUCK X Houws No 37 hml h timet, Bro i jt ; contnlna IS rootna ?tid all ibe darn lmpiwerooiia, vl* ? fan, waiar, heAtar' belli anrt aprelung tubf a, Ac ; allna'ed wilblo two blxska of inn t;liy hul; twixhborliood lint ctaax. Kent f-6U Apply on the piiuuuc* or to J. JOM'.H, dining aaloou, Kulvoumaj ktt wsTi^Hs^waSfs' ?^SIS|? ^,t.^"3sarK;:arc!!?rv^ TO LET? nBTKKAL FJ KAT CLAM HROffR RTOXK ' front ard bitik UwUIdk Uoupw*, aitd a few Oo'tn*'"- , runt from lo >!,"??> a ??r ll|>prr purUof HOMM In Miih aranu>' wail started for rvutlng ou. In furnished ?noma A telrMorM miublc for hardware, dry uonda ?r Hi.y >Uit'i bualaa**. Amo, Floor" of aU rooma; rent fr jm #10 to JUG a moolh Kor Mir, M tt nmb?r of f r1*a'* RenlrfAonoa, from $2, HUM to $4L>,U0U each. Ofloi n..ur* fivm oariy liu to UteatniRht. JtiHN kaV*nA'III, NurtiM-Mt oormor or Forty flfUi ?uwi and Mlxih ar.iumr, flM) hJiT-lM kuMJEM*, Wfc?Tt:HKtl fBR COUNT*, A X lldiiM. moblr kod ah mt tcrea of (round ih? r* aidmer or the laic K. J. 0 idlo. It la near the Hariem Halt road, IS oulrn ' roui Furdy'a i-ution or Crotou Fall*. Apply a. a. Oullui, N?*w Vork roat *' TO U.T-A OOI HTRT MEAT, AT ARTOEIA, CONTAIN lux ?lrv! u r on ?, 'itt* ran g? nutl fiiro.v- The ground fronla l(?i feci i ti the Kant ti\ r by marly 4UI feci deep, 1? wall ?U.c. c! v. i'tt t" <w trci c ari l gr.i,'?Tine> in 'ull n. *roig. Apply to W. WHl lThMOKE, AaViiln, t <r M LlSwrty alreei. New ?ork. 1<0 I.KT- krojiE* AND OfPICRg IN HH< IAD H TRKK f. I nonr Wa!t--Hto;-e Nn. | ?n * l ?t>e.-t, Olfl-r" on a'vond and tblrd (Iwora (Iff *o. 3 Hr<?d atrert, alao, Uliir*" on third i ti ?jr of m. S hroad : wfll bo let low. Apply to A. J. PhLaTOI H.?H wmi atiwit. ___ TO I.BV->1UB DaHOE AJID 00*MOI>IOl'd fl'fVMHH rd *?ri*j'? of tic ana ritrr. ou the north *&iire of l>tat.'ii taUnO. between th? >-anf( (lar!<or m.d fa>ior)Tllle Inixi n,'i. i h? b^nne It nwrujfpaaaed for fatnllr eoartnlcnrra huliix (tan fn'.ttr. ? iferaoBRflM. and hot anlf >UI Hprtog water j on ever) itorj , alao, roowi, Utui'lrjf, with thu u<oiil Itthrea, eonMraton end lurmmtt* rfca ^wuoda arc band n.iiK .y Lad o'it v. Itli Urff ud commod'oun ? udeni, t iertlior With utobl'', (*? ho*?e lilnd will !??, and otl?*r oinhiiltitagn. ? Tbo ?b"tt l? iroi'i ofleri eTi") v f?nlll* tor lnjattn* Ibealia. j ali"n minor b? oreellKl In Uw nci/Uborhoei tor aambnly and tnauty , ? AlK.. IWO CNrVKMHTlEn forPAdB* Fi^tenmap ply to H-*A Hit KRllbNT, Mo. W Riehau;;e plaov I 2>0 UST-fBi OND VUH)H AND PARC OF f IIIRD Or ' ttir houir E?Kt hUtocntli n*i liou<?> rontnltia mo rn imprvv-vitonf, rent PuOl Apply M WH. RoHKRlH Ss;t1liud a?enui) TO l*T-lllR KIKUT CLASH TilBVh ?TOBT AND na<Mri#nt llfvi*. 7M Th .mi ion *ir^ , w*-hln<t -ro *<|iMr?, with fi ? m'Uli'irn lnn>r"v?io<>niH ; ma ne.l BtttinA arontho-.!*. Apply to rotl.v VUtVBK. H ?. J;1 Th mp* .u Stltfti +0* T9 la?. fo LIT OB FOK 8 aJJI?T H 8 r i^^tTThv TS!1 I aiUc brlek dwelling Huuw and Lallit Henry yroat J2 Crotoa water, bath room, gaa and rangu: to In ?t. Would l? rented u> ? small tanuty on " r?u.hii lT lX" ISElluLt ,l k0 1 't ??"*?? ?*w *TO LEASE O* I'OR BALK- THE TH1UB RTOIT ?t i eJ^SSSi bri,k ?""?!??. *">? '*> *"d & 1 ii fi i* uto ?ikJuf"' 4 aorkuliup, heretofore used M t r*. iuSkn of ?LntrUry. * ?** tuulty tor the toil* ?li'um h. iu? Uariu^ * *"i"t ' t irrmrj ittmih?d far 2?5 t * :t ? w*jr io : k *75 t /raoi, ttfSStaS U?l, jeror?>A M ai iUtu,, 5 I- |yf T?, .itT . Utt I'RkHfc ? ghv KKaL lib Lb Liai Uttiif * )n , and th? *a-?m*iu illitt feet dues) of?T nve mory home Nu. 83 N?uu ?y *4 Wl._. 'iiySL.tlJ IT*) LKT OK LEAHR ? A LAKAK HOt.'KK, Ot INT A I Ml NO J about thirty roottic, fio un * aver ley ptaee. The hi? In iA by 1116 left aud la' i?il 133 feet u vuiuib. Very ul.aaaaf ly situated, nearly ? pj?o?lie ? itahn.tftou Parade iml, and U well adapted tor a i uardlDj or ulun I>?um ApnW to IlIv NoU A nL\< kW?LI? I I'.'V BrtAay. Uulehina A o , 42 Eun Fourteenth street, or te M. 0. Blahop, UA Broad vay. fTO UAH *oR nva IIUKMirUiTILl OK J together, Cff Lota < 0 Attorney and Bidgo street* be tween llrvumc i.i d lieiareey ?trueu. low occupied by John K. I'rrUa an lion foil' div P. t e va-ant on l?l o. May next. Apply to U. C. I'lNCkJufcY, Ti Wall ain't. rro LRAtE? FOB LODuh ROOM, l>k(LL ROOM OR i meeting, second I- lo?'r of Ii iu?< 16; rtleeoker at root, car u. r of . uil.vaii Mie. i; to in In loet from l>y tjO iwt deep; c UIiik !.'? In" blub \ j'liiy on the premise*, or to t. T >. ASTON, 17 Mali tenet aH) MSMT?VOR ONh OAh 111 >M 41'JiIL OR MAT? ] jn?e lnowu hi.. re bo<?ka, ? ivg.ully luralnhed, eon?plet? for liouieke?|.liiK, urar I'lfih a?ciiu? fiou-l Haul (3.0M), V ill only be r< tit( d u> a private family. Addrearf box 1,307 i'oai TO liKKT ? A I.AUi.f. HOI RK, WITH TWO A0RB8 99 ground aiablen, outboowa An.. It rery roomy ; ka* *? I Onion Hatnr, Ac. ; rttna fi ou r l^tuy alulu wtiTo', hel? Kirn', aud Necoiol avcuuen Ap,>>ytj HRARk 11. XJtRJ , Co., X', Paaaeti klreel. Kent $<?u. 1M> RENT? A M RM'lill) OurTAUE, OONTAINIMO nix rooiiiK, kitclien. cellar und h? iiaota' a^ar: naut, at 1 r.kt tK, within live uhiuiU h *t?'k of ibe npi>er depol; there 1? a K .OC baru - u the pluCe. Apply to ,ii:>aY BKaUE, US I hroadway. ] rpWO LARUK AND AN. Hnii.Mn TO LPT ? IJV THE J. Cli> HuUdmn?, oi rnrr of Jo?axl nueot and Bro.vtway; onULi^ntitiK broodway. 2t\'M fol and one Mxfft fent; I alp.? muilei? room* for oUice?, and weii furainbed roonw fur J h.c I'tting. In.|iitiom the otltee, up ?tA>r?. room >o K mo MilJ.INhltf, 40.- T't LEI KAUT OK KTORK 1 Window aud site ol More, iu out' of tin: b <t loonllUaa, | tlo i'K aiiood wh> le~ale and retull biibinexi- ; this i? u Krual j r.bauce for a prr?evrriofl i?dy. Apply ai 338 Caual Mreet. rrmri kino kahm.-to let kxtporx, h. j., 1 warm, early land ; plenty of manurea, and dally ataam to New ?ork; alto ieo acre* of i ranberry K>ouod; liouae, 1'ai >i, and ui-e of team Apply to Mr. ? iLCOLkl, (1X1 (Irean vi icb htn el, or fourth Itoor of 24 <tiiu atreet. JCXJUIT A It ? . N'OTlf'E ? TETRKANd OK 1HK WaR or 1K12, AND wtdewa that mudo cli'inx lor lie u? of o otlilng and aniiK, will ci.ii at the tu unty Ljind itlirw, 4 i:uy llall nlaee, and prei are to tvoelve tlulr oruiiruuw of alloarau. .; for the M* | uin rul U, KAlMUMI). iate Colonel. N. H. - All wbo liwve not iimde rlaima. will pleue call ax alKiro. WWT AND FOCN1I. 11-T HKIOW KI0BT. MTK INmT., 1M OOINO 1'ROM J tbe e. i rn r of Broome street and Mowery to 107 Hieocker *n. i t oi * i(oi 1 i(iiard rbaln, one rose set otainoml ring, aud a bum I; of rl. trni", all turappi'd in Otie pieee. of ii;i|MT W ho evi ti ond the Mine, und will I ??e ibetn at Win. Colieu'a, il> Maidoti lain', wilt be suitably te?'ar<leU. LObT? ON rRii'AV LAf>T, a pMaLL 1'ARCC.ts CON UinltiK a ljiee I'ooket llanok-rrhlef Tbe finder will be suitably rt nard< <1 on ruturnUig it ij iu owner, at No. 11 fiixl 1 wenti - second c toei't. 108T? ON SATURDAY. AT OR OOM1NO FROM THE J Aiademv or M nl? tnrou^h V xirlh uvi nu ? t i ? btrkttutK alriet, thiongh Tll U'enih atneilo lirvadn ay, down Broad way to Wateiley pi e?, a lnd> a *ol.l anil bln:k euaimlled b.ii- t l t II lounl, a rultabi ? ituvari ? ll he itlfen on wnd lug It to l:irt liuedoti^.ti street, next to tbe oerlier of Amity at. UKWARm. AltEWAItU or K1KI * liol.i.AHn WILL HK I'AID lor lh? rocjt "ry ol a Ih Id " aleh, nlolen tome U iy i (.luce. 1 he lnivber'a name ih eiiuravi'd or tbe work", "Joaiipti John ton, n t:ltureh street, ljveipo ?!;" ai*) tho ii im'ier, "6,132." Any couinoiuli atlon i flail ve to tbe above uiay be addressed te box ,11 1 1 oat ollico. tf.O REWARO.-4.OBT, ON HATUROAY NtOIIT, TROM ?f*?> (W l oiverally p'aoe, u binck and tan Terrier Oog, wiib white Iimwi; hail on a Uney u-ather collar, aniwers to the name of f nak Wb'asver will returu tbe wime will receive the above reward and the th its of tne owuer. Atoo n (.eolch Terrier Klui li> m v8 Myrtle aveuue, Brooklyn. W hoe%?i' ^ will tc'.uiu !t will reo<j?c reward. She ?u Mat on tbe Uih. tf;l l\ REWARD ? T/>*T. ON THE 10TH IN8T , EITHER iJIU iii a Wail aired ttaue or on tlio alroet from Wall down l'earl to Old tlip, tlien# via **al*r strnei to Wall street leiry ami up Montague street., Rro >kl> n, a buly's sutall Oold Hunting Cmd Vnlw The tinder w ill rewive the above re ward by I' llllni: ou O. K. Roberts, ho. V Old slip. New Tors. DKVriSl'RYT Artificial bonk eiluno for dbcaye b teeth- I'ut in while soM, without preeaure or pain. AelilnK teetb or aiTe Htaeil" can tie bll. d Willi B by the die rorei or, JaMKS I'HaahiS.M.U. Ueauntxi to 869 Broad ?a>, ???? ??'?, abo?e Onion aguan. LMCNMTEB, . OHAII'J a.TKD BUR4JEON DRNTMTt Mo. 60 W ktTwt uty ninth street, Between Broadway and Btxth aveaae The largest and cheapest dental eb tabl!>hintnt la the United States. ? N. B. UlimN * BW'k, 316 Orand atrod. New York, and 147 FnlUm ?tree! , Brooklyn, are Inserting full or partial set a of . terth en their kmjprarrd atmospheric piatua, with or wlihoui extrncUng 11. c mot* on plnflna, (IV): poIA $?; diver or ltfbber, BlO; uar'lal sm? of teeth ortgo d, Sil Mr tooth . sllrer, $1 ; teeth filled w ith gold, $1; with sliver, ua, Ik-dc o. cement, Cuecnta; t xtraeiieg, tC> ceuts. ASTHUU)tiT. A BONA rin* AMT1U) lAIUlHTk tflA* |vUr Oh* can oeptr.d on, U Kulfuo- WTLSOS. who tall* the object of loot rlait aa nun m jo ii cuter har rootii. |U4$no R'ltana U Qif umateat aauvl"glat that du ever known. she wilt In voke the potent of Mr wt>ndnrfal adeoea, antd tell All Ike ?vcnuoi your whole I lf?. Hit ..rcUjctloua am cutmelilM th?y au ' j.r.wi every ouf that outi?utU ber Hum* ted lee My ?el a 1UU? timid, though the; i.-mI no forik?uM Neea n'Ahlug but * but lk reasonable to phfloeophcra All ?ho aid eoaatiM this m<?t wonderful a ud my sierVjua lady. Ber ?once has never been known to tall, > nu twenty thousand dollars r? ward to a ny one who can <<jual ber in the a bote a#> ?nee. Madame ft llaon la In p-jaeeaaba of .be coleb(al?d OMt> pc charme, which arc ever ci , lain tn effect. Trohr may ?he be called a wnnderftl' woaaan. IHB AUeu arW, between Boualou and Htauion, w?er the baker;. n? for teniae iii gentlemen M eente ASTtjNTHHIVa AND MOST WONDERKIT..-V APAWK MOUHOSV, deng!;ter, born with a otnl aod gilt of lniealKlU; l*11? h'iw *.ion and often you wilt marry, ft?J all eonoernt of life, eren your reiy taonghta. Hhe gua n.utf< ? Uiomi wit" vlatt tu t w iL not rugret It rev. lit neola. 1M l.udl iw. all door* frtitn llou*>on atreet, (lent lemon not admitted ?KCItVT KOYITIAN MAOifl 1H KOWN I* THE eliade by the nwdera aublime ?ctei.c* ot apltliaal phe nomena.? Would yi-u rrallze thi truth of the old HMl "<>om iiiK etentacaxt tbi Ir ahaooea bef in\'' or ''to ae rotewarn e<l ih Ui lie foiewarntd?' It so, and you denim to a?TiM tn r many of life'a Ilia aud to ii cell n ooUBH.1 and advice npoi pe-plnatng caaes, tu obtain wiidotn uo n httalneaa tn gen< ml, to der Ira health, hiiLpia< aa aud a?ree?H ia Ufc, aad tv kouw the royal road that Iciiil* to r.i'Ruturta; atid If yon desire any or all tbesfl 'hints, poa? the ancient* i'|d ami cuaautt tow prophet or ne< > iuki nutkr cli'tue either of ' >tlr lata, ' the Inspirational'v Hooinambiile. or of "Alma," the erlra'irdrtinrj Kn>pho* auj'hei'r who will vi U yon with um -nlng oriainty all y?u detlre to know. Term*? ror jieraonal eotw nlut.on 91; oon auttHltob by ? t r |2 ln?in1m of MT BLJ/?T, or addreaa him In letter. l'_. W.viaUy t.laoc i&r.-t 8oor>, near Vf ..ihlna ton anuare, |1. V. _ CLAIBTOTAKCK ? M8S. ?RYWOCH'H VKTVlCAX t'lairvnyaiit Hwma, 210,'i Eaat TwmUath atreet. between Ftrat and hoc. uu art i.uet. me moat eritloa', moaloal and buatneaa ronmiltatloi.a day aao e?, aad pert** aaifcfM lion gusraiitced alway ?, or no pay. 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