Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 19, 1861, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 19, 1861 Page 12
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JiALKD OP KM * I. KfcTVrK. AVIDIOI TO BUT AN KLKOAfcT HOliHIi AVLE4I than sosL wltii but UH'? ni ner down snu Wane* j u. aMeia yearly ln.Uttaui.i- It is In ? good i neignborUsMJ. tabbed throughoat hi the best style, with all (hi hi.mI, -n ioi proveuicnla. ? large pan of the ??? ?in*tn ?eraMmrnlly if dealrcd Apply to 8TUATTON k OO. , Com ?lifia Merahaeta, No. 1 rfi* street. AOOTTAGB, WITH QCABTBR OK AN ACRE OF Land, at Took??, lersaleer to lot, pleasantly located, ?Mb Hoe tittv of tho Hudson and vl.iago. toaaUun ueai hy Ml lor view unsurpassed Address or ap|>iy to 0. C. UaJtM LOW. ai the franklin House, Toufceia. a FIRBT CLAW HOH8K FOR PALE ON .IKRHKl AVK A w Jsrsev Oily; a fonr story Kn tllah basrmeut ISmb, with collar whole alia, autl coalmining ail Modern lat MNHnu ? gaa, bath, water closet, stationary wash tuba, U, oalf In minutes' walk In.? altbec ferry, L*mf Dork, from fool of C>hatnbers street after lat or May uexli, or Jer mt OMy. from foot of Cortland 1 atreet. Tuts u a ran- ohsnoe UttraMea handsome home lu a llr?t culm loaaltou autl MUWriiood at a tow prioe aad oa easy terms The Furnl tan, which wan new one year ago. Is also for eala at a aaorl. I W. H. U Warrsu street, New York ? rwttr HOUBK KOfc s ALB? ON PIKE STREET, B&.M0; Fourth street. *>,:?>; lilrecker street, $9,yui; Vkrtcfc street, f4,*W; Waveri.y plaoe, ?7 MX; Weal Tenth street. M.flUO; West Tveutielii street, t7,tll?>; Bast Twenty Kret atreet. UOOt); do., *6 do Went Twenty-Brat -ireet, B7.IU); West IV. tay second atreet, $<,000: da, B7,6O0; ? to.. ttiuJOU; Bast Twenty rourtb street. $4,500, West Twenty *11h etieot, $7,000: Wesl Twenty ninth atreet, $7,5U0: Jiast Th.rUetb street, $CU?>; East Thirty-second utieot, $6,000; Wiet Tttrt. third atreet, Weal Thirty -foil ilh street, $7 000, West Thirty seteuih street, $xA00: WeM Thirty ninth ?Arret, $4.fi00; Weat Forty tin* street, $5,l00; Eaai Fifty third ?<seat. $6.000; East Fifty -fourth .tii^u $.".,fc00; B utt Fjrly. seventh ali-t'C|2JAi, ?lt| a great number of others, of vari ous pcict ? nut >ooation?. For partlculara apply to C. 13 1*BATT, Ho 10 ltae atreet, room No. 12. A OK HAT UAORincK ? KOR &AJLB, A THREE 8TORT Wpb n'.oop and baaement briok House; has marble mun teta, As.; on Weat Party aLxlh atreet. Lot 100 loot. The abore muil bu auld. Twrma eaay. Apply lo A. HKRUK ANT, 6 Wall atreet. 808INB K8.? WOPLD EV UlANOE. A FINE, CrtlM FOBT afeia Ueatdeace in Vorkrllle for some well .?Htabllshtil di UuHineaa : must bo :i money making business. Villi iv .i A II C., l*o\ IH4 Heralil office. COCWTRY PLACE FOB BALE AT BTB ? WELL LOCA ted, wt*h<n five minutee' walk t>f tbe depot. The House Baa seven r.<oms; haa a stable and about ati acre of ground; ?rten$; bow occupied by Mr. 8kaidin<. Apply to 0. T. SbOBwBLL, l? WUllaia etreet. /lOdHTRY SEAT FOB HALE OR EXCHANOB? WITH V 1C aorra ot' exoclient land, situated in Weatcbcstor county, naar Cm dei>ot, and wtOiln 'j I mlnutea' ride of Twetity ? ?coih atreet, on tin- Mew llaveu Railroad. The buildings are new aad modern; IS and cold water, bath room, Ac. ; shade and frutt treea. will be aoid low, i>r eiebauged lor a city honite er oountrr Meat with le-a laud. Inquire of OBBUOBi A CO., M Bood afreet. Hew fork. DKLXiiHTFUL COCNTRY RKSIDENCB FOB KALE? M itii '?i acreK ot land, highly cultivated, a flna anaort mebi of frull in full bearing; mansion fiO feet win a re, built in ihe be i manner; grapery, crrenhouae, One garden, handsome ahn.hU-'y- lawu, ac ; pure a iring water carried t) ton of tbe hotuie ; au/face of the oounlry is rolling, but not rough ; ,<oene fj highly atlmctiTe. cliiuate unsurpassed for healtU. and the ueigfiborhood a desiralilo one; Jistani from New York city by tatiiOitd one and a half hi. 11 in New Jersey. Mora land can be had IV vianud I'erious wishing to buy an attrai-tlve and ' valuable piopetty roav obtain particular* oy addressing, with i vat ?ame, J. U., bo. 2,.%'S l*"si office. New York city; but the communication* of lrrei?poi*Hlh'e parties will not be noticed. Farm fob sale ob exchange-on lirf.rai. terms, near depot, schools and churches, in g?')d order butidiugr, tence ami < ultitatlon. well watered, plenty ot frull and a good farm. hOLTilWICK A WOOD, ai Nasaau atreet. FABM WJ&TEP? within twextt miles ok new Yeik, a stocked t aint lo work on shares, by an American man led man without children, or w ould take a good place as (oreaaan , can gtre the l est ol ret'erenoe for bobesty . capabl lilt, Ac Address for two days Fanner, bax lU Herald oaiee rB BALK.? A NEW FIB8T CLASS FOUR STORY brown stone tront House. l'>i&2 leet, built in the moat ?ubstaniial manner, with high stoop; now "early uompMpd. For particulars apply on the premises. No. 8 West Twentieth atreet, near tilth avenue FOt: SAI.K ? A COI/NTRV SEAT, WITH Z*i ACRES OF land, situated one mile from Cast lei on Landing, stalen Island; also one of two at'res. Apply to W. M. WlII/TE MMUk M Maiden lane: ||M?? SAI.F? BOUbF AND LOT NO. tn FIFTH STREET. ? between avenue* C and D. Lot 22 6 by '.iti feet ; house 4b feet and etu-nrton; three stories, Uaseuient and cllar, with modern ImprMS-tmenie Will t>e sold, with gas tixturea, Ae., at le?s t'.an cost. Forr ird^i ot ?dni.ssl> ii :iud further jmrti I'U S'S HOMIT to R H HUnWN, 121 Na'sau treet. I mm I to a P. M rR SALE? VERY CHEAl', AND AI.L BtJF SMI ON mortgage, a three story bus. ment and sui cellar frame ' ?fsut. In coisl nclgliborhood, Brooklyn; also a lions* of aasae tb scrtption to e.xihai se lor vacant lots in Brooklyn. Apply to \. S. DCNCOMH :>1 Lil>erty stieet. IlOR SALE-AN ITALIAN VILLA, WITH FINE ' g oundi-. situated on ibj bank- of a nv.-r nd iacenl to a large eKy '. elegant location, . liuodance ?f fruits, shtd--, Ac . hieise very ro >my ; tvrl be sold B? (??? tes- turn last season. Kor paitlculais applj 'o Y.\N HINKLKi W1NANS, No. 1 Tturt atreet. rR BALK? TUB THREE STORY AND RA8EMEST k Ottse No 18 Bank slieet, be'.weeu Fourth etieet and Wtwetnv pi ve, in good order; has gas. t>at!i, wash tub-, Ac , B>byl|tr??t or tbereafcouu: lot over feet deep Two thirds Vtm and mortgage Apply at the house, or at No. 2 Mowtlnc lireen, tlrst it' or, rear. IjV>R SM.I -A 73 \ChE FARM. NEAR FOKTCHBSTBR; 1 tir-t clsis bouse sod out buildings, eitceil-iit neighbor hoed, abundance of frntt tine view ot theSjitnd; land all nt-der ctiltivstion: will lx< aold very low. BHXJH A BOSitBTBB, 73 Nsisau street. rR RALE? A FARM OF 13H ACRES; 60 UNDER OCL tivatlon; tine orrh.ird, gc< si house, bam and other o n ImNiliDgs; pnoe BI.Mi Apply to T. K. I*KaC(H,'K, No .I" William sirret, mom 11 TjM)R bALB? AT YONKEKS, NRAK THE Dfil'OT, IN P view of the Hudson river, a Hou.-e, with 2'^ acres of I .aad, atl in oocnplete oi dm < .'all at N > J New street, ha^e meat office, and procure full )>articulars. VOR HaLB? OR EXCHANGE FOR KBA.I. ESTATE OR r met chandise, u beautj'ul Farm in low i, ten years under improvrment, near a thriviag town, containing thirty acre*, with a fine s'f am of water tunning through it. Address Cadmus, l"4? Waahingion street, Hoboken. Fob kaj.e? a first class foi r stoiiy high stoop brow a stone Hou?e, on Hurray Hill; clion-e location; in Hoe order Price $12 SON. Also a tine Plot of Central Pal* Loti ran be b?d at a great bargain. IRELAND A WEBH. 32 street. ru RA LB IN BROOKLYN? IK A FIB8T CLASS neighborhood, chf*p ami frma easy on M.?rry avenue, tiro new frame three story and basement House*, eontaluin" thirteen rtxnu, heaters, range, water, nu, bath and au modern Inpm nMHt? Apply at M. it BOBBINS' store, ?urvr of Marry and Myrtle avenues, near the premises, or to H. rHILLlPil. builder. hkiJlmAn street, <um aide, teatk kotiae aouth of Myrtle avenue. rB HALF, OB EXCHANUB-A BALOON ON BROW> waj $260; reut $::!?>. with or without *up|M-r room I. Alao corner Liquor btorr. $iiU0, and t*o Brooklyn llous?.v Afp'y at No. 6 Krto Butldlt g, up sialra, or 1U? Went Broad way. rl SAW. OR F.XCHANUK~rHB KOUOfflM) FIR-T rtau Farms and t'ounlt y Heats: ? ? Ou 'he North river, fnwn ill to 12U ai'rv* earli. 1 at lamrtown, 7 and 12 acres. 1 at Mamitionrck. 4Karie?. *t Scaredalc, >> and 60 mrrrm. 4 neat i Hf. ark and Blizat?i J . 2 U? 40 ncrri. 2 at t b * 14 and 20 am >a . at W codbrldge, 10 and lit aires. or. Bergen blQ, 4 and * acres. .1 at Hum leg, I, I? 14. ti and Wurrci. 2 at .Ismali-a, 2H and Hi Hi res. Sat GU-nt o?e, ?, Band 12. 1 at Bay Rlda-, 7 acre*. 2 tm Matro laland, I J an.l .ws aerea. IIU21 aNO A WBHIt, Hi I eitar aueet. ??R KAIE OK Stnaot do ?"* ?' ' J'jIoISb A CO.. No. 9 Nasaau street. rl SAU: OB BXOHANOE-FOK A OOOD FARM, Western Lnud or Merchandise, ucw ihr> e story brick Hou<ev, Weil lo-JtU'd i or te<i'lences or Invi stment JOHN Bit AlNBfetO, Wall street ferry, Brooklyn. rS BALE ORBXOHANOE-4 TALC ABLE I.EAfB of vfperty near Broadway, well rented, oaitlyto 'he city, pat nr h large annua pr>'tit; will b. exch-in.-ixl loi a good uBlBrugkberea farah. Aldrasi C F K.. bn lit ilcntld ndicr ii) i .M - ? . ? . IsXMl kai.K OB BXCIIABttfr A H Al.OO.N ON BBOaD JP IMS') %'??'* ' rent $.HW with or without Minper ruoms. Alan corner Uqtior mote, ????. ami two Brooklyn House* Appiy at No. ? Brie Buildlnu. up stall's. or in- Wc.i HroaJ ?V. |pOK HALB OB BXt'll \NI1R KOK 1 N I M I'llO VF.I) P property ? The new tour story, brown stone front Hotut , US Maoiar.ii at- iiu*, In an ficel!> in n? -Igkborhaoit. Alii t*< Motd low i; applied for Immediately. Inquire at No. & Chain Im? street ?UK ?ALB OB BXt II aN'.K rOR t'lTT PHOPKRNT A f ins of a<Te* on Cttt?n Iatand. near landing and si. with |>iata buHdings, fruit, wau-r new. Ar IT BODY A CO . 61 IJb. rty straoi. Cm hALB OK EXt'H ANilI, FOR A HOI SB AND LOT, or ( ouiitry pla<*, i . m il.w t., Mjwu, an Improved i la Ooinmkt* < ounty, l'i nnsytvanla, a<l joining a thnvtnf viuaffe. eonulnlng K acri's, V, acrnahnerhesnm and oak lin ker, plenty farm building-, lame a|.p|e orrhard, etorlli-nl watet, vtwy hraJth>. motxl marlie s at the d. <Hr; no In. nm braaee A irst rato chain* lor an energetic inau. Apply si Mr th street. New Ynrk 1POR BALK OB TO LBT-A LA BOB HOOSB AND OUT JP buiidiana, on about ? acrae at Land, with pienty Fruit. Ik ? from fort Blrhmoad, Htatea laland. Apply to B. rTWRuLR, Sir., Fort BiekM^. VOR HALB OR TO IJiT.-THREK HROWN BTONK P front 1! mi ?as, nertbsldool We?t Forty-fourtk <ireeet, be4ween Broadway and Nisth sTenue, a Urge I otUt{oil*ell iag with all the Iniurori'inents, nuri keast c >rner or rw<mty ihird Street aad Nlntk avenue; also, Houae N.i. 242 Weal ihin. areoud street. n. ,r l.lghtb avenue. al?>, Uotue No 171 We?tll.lrtv gUlk Mm "ear Klghth avnue. also, More and dwelling ?u Ninth nveuue, near Twenty founh street For furtker particular*, apply to HAMt'BL TOIIKN, No BO Braad way. between 10 and 11 ? elo<-k r?K HALB OR TO LBT--A WBLL BUILT DOt'BLF. frame Houaa, nontnlning eleven rooms, an acre of ground srell laid out, beauUf'iily slt iated. rmlt trees au4 well Or wstar on Ike premises. ne,.r salt water, good bathing, at Bath, afcout miles from tireenwood Cemetery. HAgea running dirert d'.rtog the aiimmer almost any hour during the day. V^r|MrUn.laraln<iUlre of J.J. BOURK. opi>o?1te 144 West ?treet. New Btit. rB.BA.LB OB TO LBT-MO. * WBBT FOBTY BIXTH mreely soar Fifth avenue, a new and elegant House in ?orTkn order, and will bear eiaae elimination , lermt tarora tfc A. I-. MAN, Wo. <4 Wall street. OOB BALK OB TO LKT-TUK DOUBLR THRBR BTORY f li weBlag Hwiae 11? Fourth street, .? rn. r .1 West Tenth strae*, with m* and Ciwon ?Ater. suitable for a large family or SSiOBB Bion. Apply to J. H. lRF.I.AM), B) W. I street r?B HALB OR TO LKT-A TIIKKR bTuRY HRH'K houae with krown aUMie liasemenl front, sll ?Uh new taapenvmente in it, at sltty eighth sireai, lieteeen First snd Beroad aeennea, Brat boose from c *ner oi ;4M ml ?. nun, north utile inquire ?f B. LAN* J, 2"W Ae?t Forty-fonrth aii ? -m. B HAl.F OR TO LKT-A FINK FARM OF THIKTV m rea. ad t ining ami i?eH'vAiBil the <ht>ial' -j. i i"ai? Bfid. N i m Miarter bout ? ikI" by ('antral Fsil.oad frmOwvl di i-t.i?( flstd Bsliss < n.l' nl.din F oK da. For par'i. nu.s ni>i'iiie si MB iwl#?y, A* I HA I, K* OF HKUt I'.sTlTK. F'it jt ox ti? i e\6k? i ffcN?rv? ?r a?T(5i l ??U'g d. d T:.<_tk!ii*.C.u j; 1. m-rj, wtinfc Jta? been eatan;- t ?,r4a of ten y?t?\ net h?? a ltrje mn ol whole sa.n cartel -rt, which fwa It; Mtllf < rt-ndeC On the premiseaaret)-. ! larg-- wo. kaliot'!-, nl las nr SBBB i macht 11") and tools, aUtbk and plc.iy o f yard room. batWartory r?* .en* <--U: c. }.i cd l i wuiil .e to ?p.' \\ i, far ulr for in > nod fcocoriU hand tVa,jiis, C*<u. Ac. lypi at f i.iu u kti 1 1, New -urk IRCR HA IE i>"t TO I. CASK ? BETWEEN POBOI11M aud Weft Ktnu, a beautiful VIHa. in i>rrrecl order, hav ing *11 modern imtoi.veiae.iis ?itl, lw? and Stableaaud ooeor twoacneaof Land, Mocked with bearing fruit trees. Apply to A M CoRN, d?E?hange plsee. F'K sale or hfm in nfw .iermey-at a low ?,r*o-. ? d*airabl?> Residence, with ground* attached ?o fCMible npjerul I times a dayby nUlron*, out Lour ? ride from - *' Inquire ol 1 L C(,s Off, ?> Brxnd street. TjM RNIHHED HOI KE FOR SALE OR TO LET.? TIIK A tim?stor>' and b?-At?tii< m hkh bto<-v browu stone front Uo7*?- Ml Eaat Thirtieth rtrt-et.Tn perfect order, part of the TT5 * gtntleiuau and wit o, If desired. Price 910,000, or rant St .100. JAMES BENLEKSON, 333 Broadway, room t HARLEM MM8 FOR SALE ? OX MBST AVENUE, between 112th aud 113th streets. with or without corner <*; **T WtUe money wanted; price S7UUc?<;h. Also. others '?"''^omfor improved Pro|*rtT. For particular*, Ac , up plytoVAN WWELE A WINANS*, No. 1 line street House for balb at a obeat sacrifice? tiik three atory, basemen! aud suboellar, with high atoop and ?H t hp modern improvements No 11# Wont Thirty-seventh at reel, between Seventh and Eighth avenue.; term* taty ; lo cation very desirable ; call immediately. IN #LA1 It FIELD ? MCST BE SOLD. THE DR. STBARNS' Country beat; II acrea gnrden .and; culture house, inn rooms; barn and carriage lion**; p'.mty ol fruit; all in com I>ipte order; alao double House and ujt, ten rooms, snluibl* lor oneor two fainiKnsi do cheap Farma, of all aire* and r>not*. Call ou TBOKM, IHO.Weai Washington market, B. BROWN. r mtun atnet, or STEl'IIEN VAIL, 1'U.uCeld depot, N. J. Lots to fxchanuk up town, three blocks I roea Ciii' ral 1'iii-k. Two or (our 'i?ud.-<ow<- Oila near Third aveone, rriw $1,2.10 each; inortg-Hje ihp year* to rua, S6&0 pa'h V'JU , trade fo?< cood poetry, liquor Moi??r Mtloon, livery atablb or coal j aid. Apply in the liquor atora, 96 Iilnaioii itrtcl. Murray hill i-rofertv for s alb ? trb kikst oi??a broprn atone front IIoimip.m Noa. 77 anil 79 Eaat ty-fourth atiect (1U0 feet atreeti, near Fourth aveuue, aud No* 1K7 and 1H9 Lc tine ton avenue, replete with all tUn motleru Improvement*, imt'.t bv days' work, and in the b""t workmanlike manner. TermN low to auit the tunes. Apply on the prpnuapf, fr >m 7 A M. to 6 'V M., or to MAITIIKW BYRNE8, H3 Eaat Thirty ee^.n.l *tr-ei. Real bitatb, with some cash, wajttkd iv I'HchaiifTH fi?r tirst elaia Klititlle Ki'\\ inj{ Ba< tiloe", full* (tiantuUN-d I rom principal oUlce in tU.i city. Addrp.-a E< change, box iMl Poet otjun. SI I'BKMB AM) FIRST CLASS FARM OFONEUVlf dred acree, eighty tillable, iti high cultivation, bounde.t by the aalt water; four houra from New York; buildings large and confine? a rare and valuable ehanrc, aanoei ppuae haa been apared on the farm. f*ric?t fll UUJ. Noa^ent, Addreaa A. X., box i'JS Berald olliee. SPLBM)II> RESIDENCE FOR SALE-B AMLT ACCfhH ible to the city yroundc handK/in^ly ar.vance<i, line bulMlngx, abundance of fruit, flowers, ahr>"ibber'\ ?c , boan tit'ul watei and uthrr view a, and a meat plpaaarii, itehintbln pine.*. socThwiok A WOOD, 82 Naaaau atreet TO BXCll ANtiE VO* FUBjnTVBE ?ANY OJfli BSEAK ingop houw- aud haviiii; some ^;ood Furnituro (enough tor a t>mail houne . or Ili>tiau, Lot ami furniture, can find a r?od cbano* to trade the aami tor Hii acres of Laud near Wll jlkBifipoi t, I'a , and !WI iierc* in Mlntnurt, or tome clly Lota rev and elear. Noue bi.t owtieia need addi-paa A. L , Brook fyn root ofliee. TO BXOIIAirnE? IMPROVED AND VNTBI' ROVED I teal Eatate, tree from ineumbrance, ;md $.'.,t<>> in c.ish for a atock of Mt i'-haudike; aiao, 9'J,.r4HI worth of I'uruiiure, for a lo< d llouw in Itrr.oklyii or in Near York, In iiilroat 19 Wall atrtet, room No. 1. TWO LOTS AT A B \ROAIN? LOCATED ON FCLTOIC Mvenua, near t tlua avenue, Brooklyn, ou the lino of city railroad, within forty iniuutoa' ride of the ferric* For fur ther particulars apply to (J. W. JOHNSON, lSbSou'h atreet. TWO FM'.MS FOR SALE? THX BSTATB of JACOB Edaall, deceMol; tituation English neighborhood, N". J. Acttn.t by Y K. Railroad: 10 uilnuiea walk I'rcui de|>ot : thren miles from Weehawken ferrj. Inquire of O. Elm \LL, 1M Wkahin^ton street, orcf K. C. 1?K\, on the I'remiaea. VALl'AllI.E HEAL E STATE AT A BARGAIN? Mo dern I.iu* n stone llvrel inu, Iri \S est Ti\ enty-elplitli streei, one block fiom Broadway, tlin-e story and high stoop base meat, 'JO feet front by <8 f>ei; lot 'A iltXi feet. Two-tnii ds of the Mirclia.?e money eau remain ou mortgaKO for tivc veaj>. I am detei nuued to sell it. it la as valuable an any Uty pn> , pertv. aud iiieitaaioi: ill value. Apply to II. T. tiREr.N VtO<?l?, 7K Wllli.un atreet. T\f\NTEI> TO EXC IIAMiE? AN ELE<;ANT BROWM v T ?|i ne trout Houm in Brooklyn, lu a choice . "-atlou, worth ttt.UX1. tor a gosd House and gantoiv*, or a fe* acres ol larid at:*ehnl. tn a pleasant locaiiou, within ouo hour ol N<? \ ort worth lr? m fci.tUl to %t UllO. No money wanted. Addi'. sn. with deerript.uu, location, .tc., J. C. Joy, box 1.(4 UersUI o'Uce \\ To iU RCHASR? A FARM. FROM FORTY vl to eight; aere-i, neai a railroad or walnr ? omniuuieation with Nev lork. Addreaa Land, care of I'a^e A Rlaneard, i "jo l t-ult< n aticet, atlnc lull parMeulars as -o location, price, b 11. lings. A o. I'art v.<sA'land d< (-irable. \\*1LL EXCHAKOE? V OOOH HOUSE IN WEST 11 TMrt) eighth stu-pt, four atory and baaement, hl^'h stoop, with all the biu r<Aenii nts, nud in a hr^t i-lsm neiuh borbisid, lor tenement pro|? rtj ; a uood ehanoo for those vai.ting m g?s d hon e to lire in. Vpply to R. ,1. A., 1M West IhlrO eightU street. TJITANTED ? t SMALL FARM OR COUNTRY - SB At, YT eruitauiiiiK about 15 or ill acre* of cultivated land, and vt lthin oae nom s ride of Wall atri-et Address >. B. t' , II raid till cp. wnli price., terms and full parti mlar?. WANTED TO PUBlTDAKB- V LOT IN GBEEN WOOl) Cemetery. Parties havitiK r.u e io ?t11 will pleassa-l dress boi I'Oit ofliee New York, stating price, louMtt.m, Ac. . < r i ppl; to 11. Htrwt, :i45 Fulton atreet, Itrooalyn. Of | A IMPROVED FARMS, COUNTRY SEAT*. ? llousi's and Lota I or sale or to exchange: also Reaj Estate of e\pry description for sale. If ynu ?. v i ? -Vt to purehnse a ht use, f.irm or country seat, from $2,tW0 to ?.euw, call mi A. HERQEANT, IS Wall s nret. $?J AAA WII,L B,;T A HOUSE, LOT AND FCBNI O.WUl/ t ire, situated a Kmnrvlllc, N. J., within two | nilnu:ea' wa.k i i om de|X>t, sets ssible flvi tnnes a d it to and 1 1 < in N' ?' folk. II not sold In four days will rent the home lor $l.~/0 | er >ear. Aildresa bo I II., Somcrvllle Post olhce, New .lerset.' MOrRAKCB. ^ 01 I H'T. OF I Hi; I N! I I P STATIC I.I i INSURANCE ? ompany, in the i ity of New \ or*, 4') Wall xtreet. ? New York, Mill March Nl. At the annual ela tion f>;rten PitvrtoiH of tlila Company, constituting Uk- ivuoud ft***, the fiillowrL'is gentlemen w.-re unanimously re ilevtcd:? WILLIAM, LITHE R UK \ DISH, UILMRKT. * V8D1NUTON II. VERVILYR. JACOB H\HSR\, HF.N.l AMIS Y. WHIELWUIOHI. U'OMAhO DOJ'.F.MI S. J OH N A LUOCREK, H?*MAN UKLfH'Kh. HANSON K CORSISO. And st ? meeting of the Hoard of Pi eotorg, held thl< il?y, .'OIHUI B. i'ul>U>'H, K?(? Kim uuanlTnotial} re ataetml Fre-ldent. Hi ord. r JOHN EADIF, Reci e?*ry. ? UAL. (SoaL, (OA J., COAL, J *4 7-\ $4 70. $1 7-V K--?t quality Willi# A**i. II TS; Red Aeu, $... "rreened unl drlivevrd to fair-IUca In all parta of lb' ? Ity. from Tarda 140 Wave; lev plan- i'J.< Weat Eleventh (tract ami 744 Washington atr?et. k. ru;vnwi-;i.u \NTKOMMiV AHONA l-'l DK AHTKCLC?lIsr. THAT EVERY ONE ? an depend ok. La Mudame WILSON, who tela tb<> object of jourrlaH aa aoon .i* you i nter her room. Wtlaon H tb<- trratitii eati -I -gist thn' wan > i or known. She will In ?ok? tb<- |*>wer* of her w- niterful ?douce, and loll all the evcnte ol your whole ilf>- Her imdMioumnMtlktt they ?uioi iK- evi ry one that commits her. Horn# Lulle* may Set a little timid, tBough (hey noe?l not fenr, for ahe araotli-ce nothing I'tit ?h it la re??oivtble to philosopher*. All ihmild OOBetllt tfcle most WOaderTul ami myatenooa Luly llorad vice liss acvi-r Ix ? n Wuown t" fall, mid iw?n-.y thousand dol lai i rowan! to an . otw who oan equal hor In the t?t>ove sol enoe. Madame Wilson in in posAe^ion of thi< celebrated nuus c eharma, w hich aro ew-r ocrtain In their effect. Truly ma; ihi h?- called a wondorf ill wonu.n. 1 ?>? Allen -<troet, be twprn 1 1 oi -art. n ami Rtnntori, ovi r the bakery. Fi?* lor la-lii-i and gratlemra Wenta ASTONISHING AND MOST WONDERFUL.? MAP AM K MORRow. ?erenth daughter, born with a oauI and gtft I of foreetght , telle how noon ?nd ofton you will marry, and all oonoeiii* of life; cvon \oiir v?ry thoughts. fchi- mtaran ????-? thoae who vlalt hor 'will not regret it. Fi*\ M oeni* l?i L'idlow ktre^t, alx loom from lloti?ion. ikntlpinrn not adml'.teil. rLAIRTOTARCE ?MRU. SEYMOUR'S MROICAL Clelrroyant Koo?n?, IIOS Eait Tw*ntl?-.h ?tr?-i. bPtwara Ilia: and Her- .ml avenuaa. I h?> moit crtt"*?l, iaa<li al ?ud bimlnraa oonaultatlon* day and orriilBC, and perfcut aatlaTae floa ciierantaed alwayn, or no pey. Madame iiahvey removed. -xhr cam inform her many friend* .-ind the pubi c of nil tlio ? ?*n'. - of life at ISrt Klrtogti n attest, nnar sher IT. Ladl- ?? M onnla , (?'ntke iiiou not admitted, lioura from 9 till \ Madame -ii \kker has removed from se\ i nth rtro?-t to 9-1 Kocond ?tro?t, h?t.wi-eu avontie C .?vl I'nlon nuirket, ihinl floor. Hbo mill ront Irvio* to tell about !->??% manla?,? , ab*-nt lrlon?4a, bttaineen and joititiey*. Lndl'? ib ? ont*. OoDtleuien not ailmitiod. Madame eat, ??? ?eventu avkni r. sear Twenty seventh Ntrert, anrjiriaes all who vlait hor. The aiok, t onhlfd ar.d unlucky ?hould leat her power. She telle your M-ry thought*, lucky nr.mbers kiaaia. Utdlea, J#ivnt?; gao'H, .'lOeenta. T? REMOVAL FROM 4H TO Ctf RlATOI'llER STRERT.? II Mia. U. RohllER palmlet, aairoloelet tnd apirRnnllat, b< if to itiloim h?r |*lrom and frtrndi the' ab>t ha- removed to tbe above moie ? oinmoilo'M oremlaea, wh> re atte an Ni oomulteal a* o-nal npon alekoe** and dlaeeto, ami upon all altal/N of lile Remember, tin Chrtaiopbcr rlreet, uiar l-'onrtk atreet, New York. fPMR OREATEST WONDER IN THE WORLD IR THK 1 young and aeoompUahed Madema BY Rt?N. from Ferla, wbeeen eeeenanlled with the aincteal eenndeuco on lore, oenrtehlp. marriage, elekaeea, lat?miteraiM?-, altaaHena, law ?utta, baalneee, iravelllng. abaent frlanda, loat er etnl?a pro peoty. Ac She baa aleo a aeerel te make you beloved bv Cr heart a Ideal, aed bring (together thoae loa? aaivtrated., idonee Ml Third ?re?Be, e?eve Twee?r aeventh at reel, aeeeed Boor. Ladlaa, M rente; gaatUaara, Moeuta. WHO WOULD NOT <K) WHERE FORTUNE rn'-fK). ye, aee MU* WELLINGTON, the greet Eegti-h pro pboteae, the beet of *11, and eaaeot be atoelled Oan he eon a H' d. naraonally oi by lelMw. on all afTaire of life, <y>neeriiing law aii Ha, journeya. abaeat ftlenda, lore, eon rtehlp, marriage. b>with, wraith, and who will iwoiahn dninkee and unfaithful boabanda Miaa W. la the only rierann la thle etty who haf tbeienuinr Roman and \ rablan laltaraana foe lore, g luek and all hualneaa alTalra, and are guarantee* for U f a Delay not to o. nanlt thia naturally gifted and beautiful young lacy. Luek} numkn given Hlghlv rraneetahle Hty rwfe 1 ? .<1^n J* ,''' n et ber rraMeMa, 101 filth avenue, oppo al'.e Eighth eti eel. ' (Wl I I 'it ' MIM MADAME WIRORR, ra.nojir and irt'ti (? H^arl-h ladr, unvelta tha mv< er ea . r ft t?f4ij, To?r"?ge. aba?nt frie; air* ?e?i. ) >-. - .n.iit"-i t ?? , aaea, "? ? ' i"l>y -?im'o r?, p-i _ H?K i)Al,K. A?PT^H?R MK)F AM) FIXT0*4?FOR SaOK - ( '?.! ki llw vkUittf i { Ulirs. phcr uj l.rtei ?-'.en i AIlKAfAXT, M?T.A>a EVTKBBELY i'Bt FXTAgLE business for sa-c it a bargain, favotaUe lease go?d ?oc* tiou, Well c-abllkbed ami ilo'nc a good Gr-1 f la?- t?-.:siursa An unuattsl good c^nre. SOCT1IVFICK A WOOD, *.' Nae ' tan tin" I. A WELL KNOWN OYSTER SALOON FOR SALK.-JjO . cation not excelled In Ne* York. Thin SaJooii is large, hai:da? ntiy furnished, and comnleta In evi rs department; favorable lease; a good chance for any person wanting such 1 a business Per particular! apply on toe premises, corner of I Canal, Hudi.iu and Watta -tree la. A EASE C'll AHCE ? FOR HALE ? ONE OF TMB MOST proai.-ing business cstablNhjusnts In the city, as (he 1 owner camot atiemi u< it, aa Mill be satisfactorily demon* itiatodbj oaillr.g on ibe premise*. 74 81eecLer sheet, corner ol Br> ad way, up stairs. in Shirt Uooaa. from 2 to 1 u'oiock. BCHI>K8S FOi: SALE-ON BEOAOWaT, BELOW Blcecker, aa respectable and responsible ax any on Ibe t; rem low. For particulars app.y at JO* float CHEUIHTS AND AFOTHEnABIBS ? A DRl'G STOliB beautifully arrangtd. with Mxtnresof the tlneet uescrip tii hi, all made lo order, aud a stork of the beat medicines and chemicals, I* o lit- red lor aale at a uacrtfloe ol one half Its real 1 alnr. to ant tie up a business The location and neighborhood very desirable, aaa large a unprofitable bus.mss has been conducted for Ibe pant UfteeV years on the premises . leas* favorable. Applv to ELK1NM k BBMEblOT, Real Estate Agent*, No. 1 t.ourt ol reel, Brooklyn. DINING SALOON AND LODGING HOUSE FOB 3ALE In i 'ie fil the beat locations In tbaeily : long lease at low rent; together or separate. Inquire of Mr G W. 4>HBR?IAN, Florence lUitel. or of J Ma\ A'ELL, Easu>ra Fcnri ilr??t flnisc, corner of Fearl and Ferry streets. Dili GGlfeTK DRAWERS, ABOtIT 3U? BOTTLES, iilaaa rases. Scales, Weight*. Morta.-s, Ac.. Ac., to be sold at a'jcut halt ccat. Apply at 3W^ter, fifteenth street, taturcn Eighth uad Ninth avenuea. J 'OB BALE? THE PROPELLER HKNRY ANDREW, now ruruivg on ibe Hudson rt/er ut Albany. 14" feet lon,?, ? fe?t Iw am, 9 feet hold, o' lifh- draught aaa vnry fast Also several Barnes Applv to JOHN U. Kr.D! !.HLD k 00., 1C South siree For sale? t* hhajkinu machines, with sfooi^ lug ami Wntting, I'.cti .ea. Chatting, and all the Fixtures, tOiietlier wlih a Mnall Hiram fctigln- Hte.uu l*> wer and roc main let, Itiaulreof CHRISTIAN SJHWABF4, comer of Kim avenue ana Kus. FiftyUurd street. EH)i! SaI.B ? A WHOLE8ALB AND ItRTATL GROCERY ? und Ucinor Sloie, t?i?h u large Feed Stm-e ilaa Iv en established for '.be '.aft ten yeiui, ?nd nnw df ln.; the lar^eKt citah buRlnenit, and it the beat location In [Irand aireet. Apply M 'h>- store, 'iilt (irand atrect, or lo W. OIIEEN, 13U Uniik'd street Wlllia nal urg. "LtOR BALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A NK VT T butter ami grocery HtT*. cheap to a oaxh cuMna&ar. Ap )>l> at ?1 1'ourt atnet, Brooklyn. FHHOK HALE? A hi TCI1M 6HOF, HORi-l , CA.HT ISO FUtureM tor carrying on the huaii>t"?: ;ilao Rooma tb let fur a family; iwuyeaia' 1? a-'c ; to a cash cuat.mer It will be Mrtdlai Iaqoira at Bo no Third arenue. 1/0R HAM.- A til N AND FISTOL MAM FAOTORY. r together wii h the Stock :tud KUturea, and all the I'oola iictwaary for the buaineo; baa he?n well natabliahed and in kttccM-fnl otx ratlon for the laat *ix yeara; U located in the l>eat buwlneiw ,]>ait of the city; the reaaon for aelltnf is U1 btnllli of the owner. Apply to D. O'OONNiLL, on tlic pi e n.Uet, 61 Chatham atreet TOR HALE.? THE STOCK ANO FI \TURB9 oi-' THE Book aud Htallnncry store, lti? Bowery, New York city, are now ofl?red lm- sale <>n favorable t?ruia. Four veara' F( Icsw to n nsponaiblu party, and none other need apply on the premise*. riR HALE? (IHOt'EKY AND LK/1'OK STORK ; A iio' d c land for the liquor butlneaa, or wil sell the tlx ttiree alone. Innulrt at 1?6 Centre atreel, between 'J and 4 F. M. |TOR SALE? THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURE* OF V an old estaMlabed corner Ortsiery store in Brooklyn, now doing a good cash buslnesa; must be sold soon, :ta the owner ia goiri: to Furoi e. Acilie.-a I". B., Brooklyn i'ost ollice. No agonta uetd apply. F|H)R MALB-THB LEASE AND FIXTURES OK A 1 small hotel, compiling twenls moms, located in ibe wee'ern pact of the city, near the depot of the Hudson River Halhuuil rent very low: yinai reaaon s given for selling. For further particulars inquire of OEo. KC1IN, In the segar atom, 114 Eighth at etiue, N V. N. B ? No agenta need apply. IjtuR H\LE.? STOOK AND FIXIURES OKA I'APER F hanging aud window shade Store, on Blghth avenue, 1 he best nart of tho avenue, an old established aland ; alao atock and flkturcaof a Hotel near railroad depnt. KINSII 1MER A Vt Il,?:o\, .M.I Fourth avenue. L'OR SALE? A FRINTINti OFFICE IN OOOD ORDER: P Tvpe. Presses and everything for a man with a small capital wishing lo go Into bualneaa; good locality and a good run of wm n ln<iuire at Ui Anu street. jj>OR SAW.? A SMALL SIOCK OF ORNTLEMEN'S P Kuni'sbing O^ioda, entirely new, bought for the spriug trade, together with pail of Oktures; locatii >n good. An excel lent chani-e will be 1 'Hired to a cash customer. The store Is neatly fitted un, and can be had on lesse if desired. Ktason lor soiling will be given. AppH at 268 Sixth avenue. Foil HAW- THE OLD ESTABLISHED UAOl'ERREAN (litllery KJ Fulton street, I'.rooklyn. I'hotograiihlc and Ainb iAyim A pparalna complete. The purchaser lnstrih teel In the art if required, or a partner taken. Inquire at'JUli t'hatliam square. New York. HOP KALE?A fORNER I.lgi OK STORE. WITH Kusk, Fixtures and Billiards, cow doing .1 good business. For further tiarttcuiars apply ou the premises, corner of Houston and Columbia streets. T,^OR SALE AT A BAROAIN ? THE STOCK, LEASE ?7 and Fixtures of the new aud elegantly tilted up Dining Kooni No. .<1 Nss,au street, now In lull operation. Inquire on he premises, firm .S A. M. till 7 F. M. PEED STORE F'?R SALE CHEAP-OB WILL EX change for 11 small Farm, worth about three thousand doll.irs. location desired wc?t of New \nrk. Address Ilalstes'l. lleruld oilice, or call from 12 t? 1 o clock at No. 8 I'lne street, room No. 3. Hotel- for sale, the lease and furniture ol' a small tir t class Hotel, in one ol the best locution* la 1 his city. Will be sold cheap and on hlieral terms ".o a re sponsible party. Inquire at or address M. H., No. 36 Aladiaoti avenue. Hotel roR sale? Nt>w conducted as an bwu llsh Shades. Contains 12 Rooma besides spacious Bar and reading Rooms; is eligibly located and for sale at a great bargain. E. LAWRENCE k CO. ,02 East Fourteenth street I BASE AND FIXTCREB FOR BALE OR TO LET ? J The Storea 15 and 17 Flrat atreet, built eipresaly for the Tacking business, with four emoke hnuim and patent lee ko'iM* at'ached. Inquire on the promisee, or of D. A. BCGU A W. A. OVBHMAM. LIQUOR STOKE FOR SALE.? THE STOCK, FIXTURK3 and Ira *? oi h well established Llqnor store, now doing a euo?l business. Apply on tlir premise*, No. ti Jamca ?tre*t, nut 11 hold. LlyUORS.? $K0 CASH WILL BUT THE LEASE, >t<ck and Fl vture.i of a drat rl?s* coiner Liquor Store, wlUt favorable leave laaelllngfor ouo quarter lew than it* value on account of other burineea Apply at 'J-tl Hudson aWM. MILLINF.KV ES r ABLISII MENT. ?FOR SALE, THE Mck, Fmuie* ?ud co<?l udll of n flrat cla?s Rraadway Millinery Establishment, with a splendid rtm ot custom anil rheap lmae. Apply at S23 Hroadn ay. PI'.# FOR PALE? IN HIE FIFTH AVENUE BRI"K Churrh (Pr Spring si; Few in the gallery, north tide. No. R Addresa C. t. If, bo? 3,4KS Poet n'tee. Ql \RTZROCK Ml Cm AND PORTION OF PVTRNT for fille, (".needed by minor* the very beat for redlining roek and other hard aiib?tan< e* to ltn|>alpahle ponder Kith hanN-nedHlitftlna trriuding surfaces ??aally r.i ai>?< d. SOUTH Wit K A WOOD. ."S Hawaii -treet SLOOP POR SALE ?THE HLOOK W 1 11V POO RW ILL, about tlO toBM burthen, built by Moure. Itavnor A 1'eets at Rcllpor* lone Island; la well forataatd throughout and ready tor ta<lMa>; will be sold low to close in catate \ to HENRY W T1TI S, Esq.. at Heliport, L I or to WM. BEVAjf, lit! Water aired, New York. SEOAR STORE FOR SALE.? THE STOCK AND FIX lures, with two years' 1 r,w of premises; one of (he l?e*l "rations on Broadway. n<ar Fifth Avenue Hotel Apply to J. II. RILL, LHj Fifth at cnue, oomcr of Twenty-third street TO PRINTEPS ? A BARUA1N -PKINTINU MATERIAL* for a weekly r-'Per: 1,000 pounds Plain and Kut fi T>i?'?, with (tones, Stands. Ualley*, Cases, Ar , Including hi i ion Pinof Pn sa. A Idre-a Davidson A Co., 1* Sprue* Street, second story. ^?1 rA ?FOR SALE, THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIX | 1 1 <Vi tur?? of liquor More IK Prinea street, handsome v flUed up. This Is a good > hanr? for a voting m,m Willi a -mall lamllv ; li' tnree worth the money; reason explained on I .(!?? prrmlnea, No. 19 Prince atrret. KIH*ITVHK. A SET OF RokRWOOD FA BLOB FURNITCRE, CAR pet, A e , but little used. wtil he sold cheap, by ? mil? I ti'dn breaking up housekeeping Applr al -16 West Twen tieth street. A BEDROOM SUIT of ENAMELLED FURNITUItE for In all oolors, of warranted mantiiarture. Ais > so,|d ehe-tnnt. Chamber Suits, plain and ornamental, .it H. M. FARRINUTOVS, MX < 'anal atrret, opposite Wooeter. Ea tubilfched In KIN. tMF.M.ID CHAMBER SUITS OF "VRRITORR, IN j all oolors and stylea, >t wholesale and retail. At f23 and upward*. Also Mattress ? and Palllaaeea. WARREN WARD 777 Canal street, Four doors eaat of Broadway. LTRNITUHE BOUtHIT FOR REAUV MONEV -A FAIR V valnt jtlten. In ready money, lor I'undl'iiv, ('arpeta, R'?>ks, A'-, at IZt Sixth avenue, liet ween Ninth and Tenth atn eta. fl'lRsT CIU8S ENAMELI.F.D FUKNIftTltE, PLAIN .le.-. la ed and Hrnined; a>lld walnut and oak aets, Mat treaaea. SprliiK Beda. ?<?. ,t W. FISHRIt A ? O , manurac tut era ??"? Broadway, between Bleeeker and Bond atreeta SWIRTWO. T/'RANCIS HtTLER, HO. II PKCK HUF, HAS ALL THE JT chvlee breed* for sale and stoek. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure ard Flea Eitermlnater. SO can ta per bottla. But li-r'a " Breeding, Tralnlnr, Dlsaaaea, Ae , of Riga," |L Doga boaried. trained, Aa Medlelnee for all dlaeaaea. PHI PALE A PAIR OF ITALIAN ORETHODNDB the smalleat la New Tork. not orertlve pouada weight and fourteen months old. Alao all Mack and taa UaoM | Wehetei Better pops; deg and alut are Imported. Hanboard 1 ed and trailed at 2S Madlaon street. Inquire for DANIEL FOSTER, front 8 A. M till ? P. M. TACIfT REBECCA FOR HALE.? SHE CAN BE SEEN at Oreeti|siiat. Tacht royvrna fob rai<r? the splevdid all '.p yacht Rowena, 40 ton a burthen, now lying at West, port, Conn , Is offered for ael* t..?. th*r with her tarkle, ap L:ti< nnd rarnltute. -^he was put in Irat rate ..nler by bar Ilet.wner B II. Wlnslow, K?I , during the paat aeaanin. Is oumplet'-ly ,.iic| el< i-ant:,? furtilsned in i err r?speet. ami will b<- aoid fiirap lor terms atiDlr to CIlAs L MATHER \t e -sport, t i.nn , or to s a l'lllf.Llr-. 61 Broadway, N. V. MII.ITA11V. M* tmtar* boticf forhaLX a >?f it of the ' ??* Mt " first iglment, with amntmneaita eom

iite. V III K- sold cheap hyMflj Dg'nOKO IIQf.BftOOf, ! i?t hr>adi> aj'. r om S. HOUR*. to MIT BASEMBMT TO LKT, ID A fH V ??. i^.i. ij * b - ?j fU.0" t? rt, re al 141 A SECOND KMH.K OF A MODBRX BUILT SO CAE. Xi situated :a tie Ninth wird, <?? tsistiag <>t Irout ud back room, hall K drt . m, .1. mh?, )>?utri??. water, gas, Ac., to nnher wits a flou bedrt<><n mi tliiid floor, tine large yard,; only one taih.i family in the hot -sr. ImI )'J6 Inquire at lis litidsoii etiei't, n the Mow. An fxut.irh basement housb to t,et? desiri Uly loea ted, witn all the m< dern improveiocu;*, oi, ba.b. (Mitt*) Ac. Ft weealuu giveu immediately I'artly furniaaed if desired. Kent re**cn?ble in ? good tenant. Apply at 12 8 Vc?t Twtnr fifth itRri A A NUMBER OP HOUSES TO LKl-UjO, $400, ftuOO. ?SU1 $ytf. fc ui mailt 4 mid unfurnished Parlors and Hedn ?mi 1 a good Ideational also a a table, with apart ment* for coachman, no Tueits see >ml atroot, near Fifth avenue JOHN MrKl UBIN, :;U i'uurth avenue. AURliX FOUR STORY HIUH STOOP BROWN hum lioute to lot, ' o Madison avenue, utwr the square, writ adapted tor a club or a flrat class boarding house: con tains twenty; roc ma. Ki-ut lutsK-raie. Cidl and sue tk E K. KISHIllMEft, 34.". Fourth a venae - FIRVT CLASS PR1VATK STABI.K AND CO At H " itcmae to let at M2 Weat V steeuth street; l our stall liable and good st/tsl coach houae. tilted with gits, water, water closets and other conveniences required iu a good ataitio. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO MINT ON WEST TWENTY second alrer! | large tSive story, high a'oop. elegantly ftirnlaiiMl, in a vecj Hue order Rent $l.'??) per voar, or would well furniture. J. 1'.. KDWAP.IiH, 377 wn'. T?r?mty thud a'reet. Tij. T-'t l ? , ] PRIVATE AMERICAN FAMILY WILL LOT ''OUR or five Room*, with pantries iu evety mom. Aiexcel lfnt rj-rortnpl** for a portT of geaUnnen. ne*~jUM| rrw'v furaUnea tor -aghotu. Apply at 06 Macdouga' alrce'., tiiat bonne from B'eecfcer street. a rvr.Mhiir.rt house near madlhon hqu vre to A. let? Four stoi ies high, bateoifut, brown atone, alw '5> W in good ordrrandthe elegant furniture alio >?r?loto, in eluding piano, linen and ? liver, with Immediate iiu?-K.,-in if desired, to a nrnt darts pri-au- t'stuilv onlj Hw pcruji.t <io pl) to LINO BE A HOLDEN, No. ft Dm Ukci and 1,'Ji-t Hra^waj. ACiESTIJBMAN'S KFglDEK'F TO LET. OB EX change, frr uwproved cBy property ?A ilue rtn> niii* atn^l**, with eleven lotn of ground, Kitualedai the wtuc- of Ort-ene and Huabwlok avenue*, Wllllamabun!. the, 'it s t-nt y Ave minutes by van from tbe ferry The ground* are V eil '?!d ? ut with grapevine*, fruit trees, .vi . Appij to W. rt. Bl'OWEB. Bo. 6 Coentii * alio. New York. BEOOKLTN.-TO LET, FART OF A HOUSE IN W-A8U ington &tn-?t, eonaisting of two 1'aHors, tour Be?lr ?>ra? and Kitchen, with eirnlleut rang- aud Rtdgvwtxid wat*r: nia > K? iitt'iie* and o:ber cionvenlrnoe*. Apnlvto P0HT8B x )P?h. boiut- ageula, No. 4 nan-Is street, Brooklyn, for Iut tlu-r particulars . COTTAiJEB AT H0CXAWAT, L. I. -TO LET, THREE Cottage*, near the sea shjr>', In full view of the ocean ; OD0 with 14 rooma tullv furnlnbed. the other* ID room*, par tla'ly furuinhed. Kia'ile and ice bou?i> (liiled) to each. Ap ply i ri ^o:.?iO <T by letter to Y\ . H, BOLTON, Par it*;ka way. L. 1. CVURNIBHED HOUSE TO LET IN NEW LONDON, F t fun ? A large and well Fnrulshed Houae, iu the most dealt a'nle pari of the city, together witlt carriage bouoe, ma ble, liar ; vBlrn, Ac. ; will be let for six mouths or longer, at a low rent >or description and term* apply to COKWIM A CO., corner ol ? uadway aad TwentiMh street. FUKMBHED HOUSE TO LET? TO A PRU VTE I' AMI Iv, the lour story high stoop brown oume Houae 195 West Tweutv-efghtli atr#et; ha-- eveiy convenience; genteelly fur nished' throughout. Inquire oa tbe premises, or in Trinity Building. 10 ui No 5. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? MOHr DRhlRABLY located, In Thirty fourth street, near Filth aveoue Will be let to a small 1 amity, without childien, but will not i>e le' 'or a boarding house. App'y before J P. M., to J. BBOCKHANN. 21 Beaver street. Furnished house to let-in sixhibvth strce:, between Hfth ind Sixth avenues, fmoialicd In the best style W.ll Is- let tor six mouths from April or May. Apply at It; Water street, up stairs. Fl BNI&HED HOUSE TO LET? pX TWENTY THIRD street, nesr Fourth avenue, a three story high stoop House, well funiishvd, or would cm li inge for a house on Murray Hill. VAN WINKLE .t WIN All S, No. 1 Fine street. Furnished hol'se, three and a half sro rieo. to let.? Between Oracc church and fifth iivetmc Part of the 1 ? tit ? otJd be token lu Board . Security re'inired and iamediate i<o*aessi >ii given. Addr as .i shaw, Union ? quart* I'oatiiRice. Fifth a\ enue store and basement to Iu new building at corner of Twenty sixth street, opjio site Madison sonare; also, in an me linlldin? a numUcrof excel leut Studios, nil \s1tli large north, aide and sky lights; one very large Store, AC feet front on Broadway aud 7fi feet front on Twenty sixth street; a lane Room on leennd lloor, suitable for biisine-s purjioses; and a large Haaoment, equal In size to Broadway str re, well adapted lor a restaurant. Apply to A. D(>DWoRTH, 80# Broadway, or on the premises, 1 rum 9 to 10 A. M Grist mill to let or lease? containing two run of ?ionea. Smut Machine, Ac , lu good order, with Dw elling, Stvble and abowt two seres of Imnd. The millpoud abounds with Trout. Bent 43IW. BI.OODUOOD H. CUTTER, Little Neck, L. L Hotel To LXT? THB kirst class HOYBL no 21 t<i '?i Broadway, eoruer of Mori u street, known as tiie Storms House, p w-etsiou 1-t of May neU. For further par ticulars apply to HEWLETT A TORRANCE, No. ti Bowling green. Houses to lkt-no. *h wbst twenty 8econd si net; fill lot, third r- -oni. gas fixtures. Croton, Ac , also, No. -79 West 1 n onty first street, English basem iu, op|H)site open squ ire. H. B. TURNER, 6 Wail street. House to let? the splendid three story, high Stoop, brow n 1'one lions*, with gun and water. Kent No. J"<i Pneitlc street, Bro >kl)n. ailjaj-'nt tocsrs and ferries. Apply toE AUEKHAtJII, No. 7 Cold street. New York, npstuii^ u 1 to j. Rit'HAKI>S,?N, :r.N Atlantic street, Biooilyn Houses to rent? 17j West Twentieth street, three story, high stoup, $65<t W est TlilTtieib street, throe ?toiy, English bs-u-iticnt, tWI West Forty third (trctt, three K ory. high *toop, tail (trove street, two and a half story, b.ick ISO Coiner of Oreonw ich and Horatio streets, mi W, -.2d sirret. between 7th aud s'h av*., I story. Eng. ban. 0U0 Weat Thirty-flfth at reft, four stoiv, English basement, I reoered throughout, gas fixture*, Ac. i^iO Weat Twenty second strevt, four fclory, English basement. ?**) W. XM st. 3 story, high stoop, cartwts fur sale, near7th av. 9.r<t) For cards of atlinlflon apply jo JAMES R. EDWARDS. 171 We<t 'I wenty -third street. Lokt to MMMW story OF building M William rtn et. ten large windows, hoistway, gas 1 1,1 ton watt r. well calcu at ed for tlie clothing buslni'ss n? i<*eti iK?upi?d for that purpose several i ears. Inqu pivmisea. IOFT8 TO l<ET? AT ltf MURRAY STREET. INQUIRE a on the premises, or of JOIIX LLOYD k mONK. 13 Nu Mill htlftl I 10 HI KOOMS t t.1i> STEAD* POWER, AT LOW RATES. HT ?iohn oaihu, ne walkei: street. MA'SON MEIHLEE, 70 AND 72 WEST THIRTY elghi h V f' et, betwei ii Hflh avenue and Broadway ?To irt, a -to*' iron! Haw inrnt is physician'* ??tiiee. al*o, eleg <n'ly I'ii niched whole Floors or W|*ra'e Koorns; house* new. Unit class, lour fUiry, hl#h stoop, bn,wn iton-; common parlor; les'auram below, !:? ui paid monthly. OFFICER TO I.ET, IN TUE BUILDING MO. 7 NEW ?'rret, four doors from WalL Inquire of 11. LIVING STON k CO., on lb? ptvmlsea. OFFICE TO I.ET.? p ART OF TUE VERY DESIRABLE Oil er 271 Hnadwav corner of Chambers street, under the Shoe md I.eatber Hank Apply to JOIIN HOOI'E. on til premises. Rooms to lbt.-the upper part or hocsb no. 20 Bond street will be let. In ? bole or pari ; an elo'lleat 1> n ation tor a mr reliant tailor, milliner; business, Ac. In quire on the premise* STEAM POWER IN CLIFF STREET -TO LET, TWO I ner Floor* of x . > aotliff mreet. rent $426 per annum; ?te?m power can lie bad If required. Applr t? 8KOMHAI HER k DEPBW. No. MCllfl street. TO I.ET? TTIE SECOND FLOOR OK PUB THREE slory brick House No. 151 Fit Houston street: rent $21111 Inquire at 166 * Houston street, TO I.ET-A HEAL'TIKl L RESIDENCE AT BINU BINU, runuusixlliig an estenslvc Ttew of tbe Hudson rirer. Tbe hoiim Is * neat two story and high basement d? eliiiu, couve nlently built, having eleven moms and nix closet* Built In Mtehen acc< mm' datlon* are complete rnnp?, hot and fold wati r; line garden, w ith plenty of fruit. rarrlitf? house and ??at?le, ill In perfect order. Apply to J. P. WILLIAMS. 442 1- Igbth avenue. TO LET-DESK ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, NO. WJ Broadway. The location Is central, and Is suitable for anrklrdof a business man. Will be rented cheap by apply ? ingtoUEO. IIOl.BltOOk. Auctioneer. isW Hroadwav. room So. :i r LET-HIE STOBE. NO XVI HI.BRt KBR STKEBT. oear t'aimine. lias two tine show u indow*, \Otb g is flxtmes and counter*. The lo-atlon la unsurpassed for any kind of business l<> nt $?.<?!. \pjlv to <?KO. lIOLRKOOlt \uctioneer. No. ."?!? Rioedway, room No. Z. TO IM TO AN VMERIfAN FAMILY OF ABOUT three in number, the ?e<ond floor of dwelling 1*0 Mien street, consisting of fiont and back Room, with Bedroom tnd I'sntrle*. and. If r< iinrad, a Hn? in In tbe attic Kent $210. Vpc, I (1 'lie pn IB i M H. TO LET? SECOND OH THIRD STOItY, WITH OR without Kitchen and Parlor, or privilege Itisume, lur nlshed or unfurnished; baths and g??. Apply from 10 t ? I, at 120 1-eroy street. r I I.ET AT THE FOOT of SIXTY SIXTH -TRF.I.I, East river, a large Oothlc Cotuge, with ooacli houec, le?. hou?e, liable, Ac ; lnrge garden, fruit treea In varletv. eltht sere* of gmtinrt, altogether the oleasantest residence on ihe Island; will be let cheap to a good tenant Apply to the Km pire Hewing Machine Company, :s?f> Broadway. r) I.BT-IN A OBRMAN FAMILY, WITH OR WITH out partial Board, a front Hitting Itoom, ^omfortabty fur ni>hed, with adjoining bedroom, cloaeta, Ac.; house Mrs I class ; no moving 1st of May. Applv st J07', West Twenty seventh street TO LET? FRONT BASEMENT AND THRB1 FLOOR* over store; alao. three floor* la mar building, oonns ted hjr brt$(es? all well lighted. Cart entrance to rear building by alleyway on Croahv street. Apply on premMea, Mo 121 Broome street. ?P0 LET? THREE STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE IN 1 Twe?ty fourth itreet, between Sixth and Seventh are Miee; I* In good order, with aub cellar, bath, aaa chandeliers ?nd line yard. BentftK .LH. HILL, lf? Fifth h venue, corner of Twenty third street. TO LBT-UPPEB FLOOB, FIVB BOOBS, IM BART Forty II fth street, with gas. $11 M; three dft., 3S Down ing sttret, $8; three do., 101 East Twelfth Mreet, norner of Thud avenue, $10. lower pert of cottage 111 East Twenty eighth street, $B>. \ H. RILU IS5 Fifth avenue, corner of Twenty Third at reel. T? LET? TO A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, THE SE rood storr. consisting id four Rooms and pantries, and one Room n <blrd storv, containing i?aa and water, wit a prl li'eRClo ?vh In fc 'Ck nanh k tchen, o1 House Id Focsytli atr?et; reir $'JTft TO 1 .1 r \ KKW THREE KToRY IIRICK HOfrR i> ,.t^e it <~|e i im 'nem-'i's; $,*?!. A; >ly ?i ?h? i e,. l i t. ma 4 llnltl. HOOK*, &< , TO LOT. /TO. LET-IoN KXAiJOSAFT.K TBJUM. VO A OOO* I te ik. lit- '?-*(- mart)1* Bufldlnf IM4 lro??F?;, 110 f?* by 2? 1 eel 1 met tro<* Mid !?r, <.f eaeh Boor to let muiltir. paithntiara .! ui ire of 8B?)AMIN OAliU >J JW, li|., 117 nlMi kt:?.-t, lirn. il BuiUt'ng, or at AUUmDB BAGLBHON. 7M Xrwlwi' rUH? THE LOWIR PART OP THB BOOM. MO. Broome ?trvet, uear \ arlok, front and teak KMu kiahe-t and dining mon, hoi nod ooW viur. hi, Ae. May ] be jrfCtttt from y tll7l2 AT*. and from S Ull S P. M. Very on- 1 vrnlcnt iort gentleman aud wife. UeatfMS. ? rUI-?a m EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, near fcaoond arenuau the two alary and baaeneat brtok Cottage, with 1 a*e yard hi front; good cellar, faa, bath, range. wash trail, Ac, ; rant only 1460 to a choice tenant Poa ?-?skn tn 1st or May. Apply to Xn (JAINS, 61 Fourth art urn', or to E. II. BllOWlOBl Naaaau atreet, fruea 1 to 3 P. M. fTO I.KT-A LARUB DOl/BLB BO USB, FURNISHED, I nail pWasatuir altuated in Praaklla atreet, In the village oT Akloria Inqaire of E. Ml LLS, Aatoria, or W. YAM Oft VENTER, ISaValu.B street, Kew Tork. rno LET? NO. 23 BEEXMAN STREET ? STObS. BASE 1 meat, under cellar aad aUtk fleer; alio tke sixth ttoor of >o. 31, aad fourth and alxth Mora or No. 33. Tke 6th Buot -i of L"0, il and :3 cunnret with aacli other. Apuly to J A.S. CONNER A SONS, comer of Kaadr aad Can'.re Kreeta nuwiu lu^iiaaujf ?P0l;',JBD BY THS OBB TO LET? BENT $f?) PER ANNUM, HoUSK WO. 41 Lond >a terraee <vt e.A Twent) -third street). Can be Mm bet Wren l'-aiid tocJoei. GEORGE COGGILL, 7 A Broad street. rlh l ? DWELLING HOMES NOR 120 AND 134 Ohar in atreet, in gtx*l or 'at, ? itii gas and Water flx turea tHruu^iiul, at vety moderate rent* Apply to MAKTi X WaiFKS, in ? hart on a'.reeit, b?tw?ut Uiveuwfch and Waah lM7'<NI rtrvU. niO LET? NO. 12 CBOSBT HTBBET, NEAR GUANO," A Utfee aton. and bnseeuent llou?o with ana rlt-tudellirs, bjth, .hi.^o, t ot &ud i?i l water to aatond Hour, good yard. Sc. A jipiy on the ;iremi?ea TO LET? IN JERSE* ClfY, AN BLKOAJfT THREE Htory, very hjLh bsn^tofui bottie, with all m'xlern im prn t mtn . ; g*.-ll-;iirea, flU' bron i-hftnd*Uen, hudetteuiiinn room*: rtch rut illw** dix?i?, Ao tio bo Wnrr<- n tlr?6t, live niii u'va*' Iroui tue :?iTy Tuago-.d U'tmnt, will oe let tow TO LET?' TUB DWEIJ.INO PART OP UOO'SK. NO. 2T:t 0n*O'. Icb ?tr?et, thi?e doo?* nbov Murray Mroet, oo oupled for t'-u pant us a !*>. rdluf hotum. rvat low *>, n good kuali ; )i;fwt."l?u iBumslwir^y. A."pty ou.yutJOiiN LaLBN S, Ulil'ftaiiniugliia mmX, near f 'ltiou TO LET-THE UPPER P1HT OP A HOHSR, NO. H66 Broadway, two doora ?bovn Union ?'ii:ar?; ? tirsi rule 'oeatlon lor a ndlliuer or drea?raakt>r, or aiij Und oi butiaeks. mO LET? A THREE STwRY AND BA.VXHRNT BBIOK A Houaa, No 37 Smith au<eet, Brojki/n; contalna 1J rooina and ?:i tb? m' darn uuni-orrmen'*, vl/ ? s?s, water, heater* beUn and ?f>eakinc lubta. <tc ; aiiua ed uitiiln two blocka of the City Bm 1; neighborhood mitt cJaaa Kent $.'00. Apply on the piemiaea or to J. JONES, dicing aaloon, Pultan mar ket TO LET-TUF. TWO STORY AND ATIIO BBICK lloiik" -a w aus atrecla; ha? gaa ?od (.'roton, and recently been put In complete orler. To a a^id tei^nt aIU be ii-ab^d low Aim ,;?i -rai Hoildlug 1 lit l.liam him, aiutable .or a ltfht iiianui?< < nrliig liutina-x. Apply at 97 Water avroet TO LET? APARTMENT* OP THREE ROOM*, PROM April 1. in iiouae* No. 126 and 128 Hunt llou-ion aireel, and No. H Ki'rond avenue: ulao houar.i, paitK of hutiaea and apartmeuta in i ilfrmnt psrta ot ihn mi> und Brooklyu. Ia oulj ?? ol A M. PANNING. Howery. TO LET- TUB r.ABGB AND COMMODIOI'B FURNISH ?-d M: oi the anb^rlber. on the north shore of Ktaien 1 el? ad, bet weeu the rtaUR llarl>or at.d ractorrriUa lauilinga. 1 he amiw la iiuauroa^aed tor tumlly conirenlciicea, lik-. Inn jaalixlur?a ihiouxhout. uud hot an1 cold hi t ing water on every ktory ; al?o, batliing room, lauodr. , *lta t.ho unu*l hxturet'. to-.n?, -,a*<u> and lutimc< ? ihe giotind-t are hand ?oTiie.v laid out ?ltb hirge au-l eomin'KlWiu* gttrd> n?, togetuer with stab. . joe h',u?e wi:h ice, and oilier otubuilainga The ahoro In (rout oil. ra eveiy f .willy tor b?Ntlu# lne situ ation cnnj.ut bo eiveileu in the ut ijtliimrtiooit tor naiubrlty and tv.i.iiv Alio, i\VO UMPURNMUKD COTTaOPH P>r t?no<ap ply to tDWAJtU In EM V NT, So. 4i) Esebaoga |>l?r^ TO LET-S*C0ND FLOOR \ND I'.vRT OK TUIRD OF the hou-vf ?*) ha-t Miteetith atreei , hoinui coatnlnn mo dem Improvement*; reui t-'tO. Apply 10 <VM. ROBliRrS, ">o Tblul avenue TO LET-A JtRICK BUU.D1NO, FOUR STOKY. 26X76 tee:, on the coiner of Twenty eighth mre.-t and -lint ave nue aultable lor nny 'nanu'~aciui lnc liualuem, being well liflueil on thrvo Kld<-?; to be lea^ad low foi a term of yeara. Aiao the two aloiy and attic lloute .<1 Wa-hington litreet. Apply to PETI'lt LTNOH, 41 Yt ?ey a:r<-ei To LET? TBE THREE STORY ItBICK UOL'aE, NO. SIR Wefct Two nt y itecond street, with high ktoou. The houaa ha* all the moo em improrenieota. and 1* loeatnl near P.ignth avenue. Apply to ROOME A WELLB, 167 Math avenue. mo LET? THE WHOLE Oil PART OP HOUSE 14 LB X toy jilaiv. Blei vker atreet, enly otie block west of Broad way. i he Ijwer |>art liai beon occupied bv a deutint tor six yearn A lea*e can be had lor a store if deau-ed. TO LET? FOR BUSINESS I'UR1'0?ES. STORE ON THE eant corner ot Clark and Spring atreeta; Store and Cellar 22 I Aihuruie klitrt ; Hton- and Hack ftootna 2H4 Broome avri et : lt.-^e Kaaement Store 225 Bowery ; Third Floor. Bowi-rv, nfar Biim me ktroet: alao large < ront Koom, flrnt door, 2bK Bowery. For pat Ocular* tmi'ilre of A. M. PANNING, heal Eatile Apetiry. %i Bowaiy. qio IJiT? OUFIt'ES a THE MARBLE Bril.DINd ?? J Na**au, near JrultM ati-eet; :ilm odioe-. In Houaea Ui and 6,1 Reaver mml. For paMiOu.ain In juire o( A. M. FAlv NlNi*. J0i> Bowery. TO LB*? TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, PART OP the Hourr 72 tvharlton Mraet. Ai>pl* on IhC iiremiw*. TO JOiT? A TWO STORY HOUBB, AND ABOUT THBEB aeTea of Land, half a mile rait o( Wllllamsbridge, Har lem Rallioad. inipilre at Noa. 16and LI t'hnmbera street. rl.ET? l'ART OP THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC brlfk lloi:<e No. 9 .Marlon street, near Broome, conelat tng of aerotid ti or, with pantrtea Hnd clothe-i elon'ta between, (Ml baaenient and two nedmon in the attic: water in the bahen i m i nil roal vault under the sidewalk. Inquire of Mr. ENGLAND. O.W 1 1 room e street. TO LET? FOUR STORY AND BASEMKNT HOUSE, 1. Wooior atiiol. HMM and Store, >i7 rhtnal atreet Store and Baaement, 9*t Rroadway. I'hree story and base ment llouae. li? Prince street. Tm ?iory, b.taement and attic llou?e, 536 Brooine atreet. Three story and liaaomeot llouae, ?JUt Biro -tree t. Baaamint.JCxDO feet, vtell lighted, 4116 i'eart Htioet. A|ipiy to W. WtilT .lAKYlh, 221 Canal atreet. TO LET? AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND, A HOUSE fully luroWinl, si tide nnd nine Lot* of ground, well shaded; furnare. ei* ami water in the h uiae; tivo minutea' walk from the laiullng. Apply at l>7 MiMi'bant*' Ekeliange TO I.ET? THE Fl'B.VISHED MOHPBN HOUSE 46 tirote <treet, anitable lor a firat ? la a b'ardlng house. Alao, llie moilern ijoiife Nr. U0 Wavei h-y pi. too Also, a Hoii-e at J oil k era Apply at Ml I'ina street, room 4. TO LET? AT KlMiSHBIDUF, A NEAT (OTTAtiB, OP po?lie 1 odge a ?tore; full view -it' Harlem ilrer, and pleatani location. Apply J. I' DODOTv, Kinscabrtdi;*, or A. b. TAl'I'E.N, >o. 4 Pine atieet. TO I.ET?T11X WHOLE OP THE MODERN BCILT thi ee story English t>a*-ment llunn:, handsomely fur nished. The (iff tier will rttain two rooma only. Apply at MR Foiir:!i a?mue, between Twenty eighth and Tw etttV-ntuth atreeta. rno LET-THF. SECOND STORY, WItll TWO OKTIIRBK 1 Room* i n third floor, of a hat ing all the rondcm Iniprotement*. Apply on the premise*, lit Fourth alreet, War Seepntl avenue. rro LJT-T1IK FIVE STOUT BUILDINti 217 GltKEM A wieh street. now occupied a? a lurx- elnthlng < atabllah B>< nt, and haa been for tt.e laat tenor t\v el t e > uwx. \pplv to YVM. S M1TH. Jr., 37fl West Nineteenth stitet, at I or u>? F. M , Tor oue week. fro TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK HOUSE J 106 Ami'v street, roui. lining all 'be mmtern improve ?aunts, bath mom, A> . The i'arlnr Ktmiltute. ?'lunotorte, Olioloth*, Caipria, Chaira, Eitenalon TaMea, and complete Dtnicir Room Fnrnltnte, will be let with the ho'is.-, oi mild on reaet.nsb'e term" Inquire on the pr> mlsea rro IKT-TO A SMALL AME Kit ^ 1 J OI, I T Cvr-rfatto. ,.<toJs??d ?.? .>.r~ _**? ? ?????"? TO LET? THE THREE MOBY, HIOH STOOP BBICK Ilo'ue, No. 102 Lexington sivenuc, between thirtieth :md Thirty fust atre< t.?, with all the modern impr ivewtnta, in eluding at! tlitunw; rent SHOt) Inohlre Of bAMUciL Utd tll'.n, it the p m|> r>t Worka, Twenty fourth street, new K .<t liver, i r at It#* W eat Forty eeventh street; ean be ?een from on? tilt Ave I* M. f|M? UT-tRl ?OLLoVINd Vf.KV UftHI J. ?t??ry Honae*, tI?. ? No J!H) Weat Twenty-third street, wit a d< utile *t gtrcase; kino No. S7 ?est Twentv-tblril atreei ; rent fl.tUO: and No*. t4t ard I to Wat Twenty fourth street; rent 1*10 Apply tor HARMONY'S .NEPHEWS A CO.. 8t Oreen wii b street, or to A. LEAMAN. 217 #?t Twenty third street r LET? THE FOLLOWIXn HOUSES ALL IN FINS rondl'lon ami modern eonveateneea _ S#1 Wen 13th nt., between Hth anil 9th ara., rent. . S7.">il 144 Weat l&th at., between 8th and 7th avi , rent 7'tl II Warren place (Charles atreett, rent .'<7.1 S Weat 47th at , near Mli are . rent 1,U00 Apply to J. MATH h\Y HON, 047 Hitdaoo "net, Hefgre 9 A. M., or after 3 i*. M. Ti LET? THE FOUR STORY ENOLISH BASEMEN r Honae No. 270Vi Weat Thirty third atreet, neir ?tnth ave ?lie. Tlie Fourteenth atreet atage* pa ?* 'he door, and !>? tie.r tme" ? f atagea and car* paaa the cor?er. It contain* all the nwidern tiupmremrnta gaa, water and Aiturea. It will be put In peiiwt repair. Itent $42*> |?r annum. Inquire on the premiaea T? LET-PART OF HOl'SK NO. Ml WBST TWEI.FTH atree' (late Troy atreet , the -?eond Boor, tw? roovia on third floor, one room in the nttlo, and ba< k haaement, ts QMd order, with all modern Improvement*; famllv amali Can be aeen tn.m 10 to 4. Itent A'JM Apply on the pr. tniaea, or te N. ROE A S. I). WII.SON, AU Vaneh atreet. I^O LET ? FAHT OF HOUSE NO. 24 WARREN PLACE it h.irlea atreet i, the aeeond floor, three rooma, and two rooma on third floor, with prtnlege In bath hmwb Kud laamlry; In good order, with all modern inipravementa Faaodly muat be unnll. ( an be aeen (r?ml'?;i Ren' $1S0. Apply on the premise*, ftr to N. ROE A S. D. WILSON. JtlOVariek at. qv? LET? IN THE SEVENTH WARD, THR TWO STURY J ^nd altle Honae Na, i'ffl Madlaon atieet , haa all the mo it- rn "iirnwinent* and iti perfect e-der; rent low. Aim ei ? e n ? ' Waier atreei. Apar ment. No 7 Canal atreet, ' l>i.i 'mi ntaEo M Heater, four roitina each Store mraer ef wi'tgin and Stantan atreet > rent low. Apai taaeo a la ra noi.a | ar!? of therlty. Apply to J F. JORaLEMON, No. 19 F?ve\ atreet, la the haae mem rU 'I -AT m BROADWAY, ONE DOUR ABOYB Nlatli street, Second Klaor, 47 feet deeps light and ea tmnne toe best on the atreet. A aplea4M leraMon for a Beat c'aaa meri hant tailor, ft rat floor being occnpted by I*wt? A Heaeord a ablrt and f nrnlablag etora Apply la the a>ere TO LET? I' ART OF A NEW THREE STORY BRICK Honae, tn a desirable location In *ro?fclTn; will IM to a (tealrnble lra?at the whole -e?n?4 atefy, with two or mora fto.,nia on thud storv, with aae of wualironm. In ?h)ch ther* la hoi and cold water, atetloaary tHba Ae, . honae hue all the nmiftrrn 'trif*rov< nt* Ml*. A<?!pw?. nlzftof fionllf. M., H. T. ftrwry, HfrnWI fo l,?rr THE HOVSE, At\, XO. 7 BOM? MTBECT. nwvr Btoar war, well loenied fi r hitatin x* \wirpo-es. aii *i!v it W* Hipad" ay, of <l fi FAR Ml A.M. ot ?' t'2 Km?<l way, trvmi M te 12 o'elork ..f PKThB A II. JACKMVSi I rr<r> i.rt Till store m meetir bti;k>?. srin : i fry 1 ??<??*, Ae Rent ftpff low t I * I "Iii'isibe. i (> ti,;,t Ar^dy st 2d t < 1 1 fie't ?m rt, < j< atal'a. fl?0 I T T. "AI T IF A Itovp*. T' ? \ * ? . |, i' N i 1 tf ?a I il|lf M"l RWn 1 atix?".. UtH'HKS, &-1 ,, T1? LET. Tt LI'//- A TWO f>T'- T ?.:(2 B.U.rMI.MT ?* '*? ij 9'-' ??*?' '?-' l??<i M ?' d Fturti ak?o?t a, fl ? :v *?iO?0 -4' ? '? (tv: H^k$il>.iers Olid ?Ut<i> s e<wu v,l*V pr.V'4' ?*' ml 'Wt, V*r,? t Md'o cf tw<Hv.? l<-u, alorktd ?f> ' ileacrU'lUjaof :rult n'n wherr^a, .tf , U -? 6n? ?e"' 1 ?' '?>? 1 he jiJaw e .inrnai ds a fine view ef tie bay aid i? u?]v minute* t ro?n (ha lUmll'j#" *?? s*.c ferry i^S' i." v J*1"1 A^p' f to Mr OKOPII. Veu rta n "Ml ie, beiwrm Twnitv lirsi kilt Tweatt second struts, HeW/klyr. (>r v. KAlCn2L0'\. Mo. )? fload atrvat, f.>w Turk Til LET ? a llOl'nB AND?.ABHEN. 8KRBOI HOH) KT ? aiivwitr In ili? vP'site nail coanit at Wewu-b-* U-r ApplrteVM L. -iWITTI, No 74 HI cocker street. IIO LET TO A SMALL AMEiilC AM I vmILY.THBHBC mil FU?or of house Zip Broome Miftt TO LET? 7HK THRKF. 8TORY AND BlSFMRNf I r>* ellir.g a".*! W?l 1 w?nt v-ter- nth stioet Gas, bath, A<v, Lent Apply to C. C. PIMCKNEY. 75 \T?U street. TO LET-TIIE HI OOND STOUT AND BEAiS RAM men t of tlx Fourth stnel, sear Serund avenue. Cm too seen from - till 4 Y M. TO LET-H0U8I: SO. 1J7 W'P.XT fORTi ttreet, lii ar Itrosd \a>, 1'u^U?1j ' iwuu at, aooui 1.. 1 rev with-, lour stone-. high, In eicrUeat order; rent $A60 per am ruin. Apply tu J. M. i>?\ IK 8, U*> Wail aire- 1. TO LET -TOM. I.AP.OE FOUR 8TORV UKULISH h Awl' mcul Mouse, >10. iT We?t (?"?eel, cm.tstn In* all U?e medem improvements; no objferion to it tiret "lui br . riling house t an h?* i-ecu irom 2 tu i P. M , by applying at MS West Thirty secood street forrard tf admission. TO LET-TO A MUM. V \M7LY, WTTllOlT mil, dreu, tbite Uootns on tlie thi-d tlfst of !ui,.k So. It At torney street; the 11 tualik? 1* oci ual-i I ,y cu* tamiiy . ? ikr a Ml stok on tfce rloo". Inqnln- on th>- itinlto*. fpO LET? VHK FnONT AN!? B4t'lv V\r.I.i>4i. Ktitf 1 lloor ?bo-.'n :?1 n fe'jr line [???>? n Hen.' front Honk" fl* *" aiCrt?r? lmi'o eiawKt; rrn* $;'&>: i.c lUe WH\ i?d il< (>r uvC b.irk n?m cn the tliitd ttoo', rrn lnqmr* ?t 11 . (W ie*e p'h<*, <?r on th# vreinisw, ^o 175 Kim' 1'ortf a.Btfc e r^et, botween Mt JiJ and 1 tilrd s.eujfj. T? I.BT? TO A V AMI LY 'WITHOIIT ( HIU dren, * ot'iitlr t'nrnnlifil Uo?i??, rcul $ui?l: )i.-e?<;n: paat, pentlemnn and lil? *ite ; wll Hoar?t wt! j the l.imitr iT'qu'i* Eaht l-'if ty !i;ti utreet, it?i>r iron 1'litrJ ??en?e. fTH? LK'l- TT1K nfCI K l'ART OF THB MO?B?ff 1 ilipri- htory '?r'e d?e linj! Hot? S4UT?M Tw.'Oty -I'ourtk H.eet; four t-i? in?. hi-th *s'i-r ftf.i .rn-f; :t o. %i60 t?J tfco |!k? Apply on tlie i>'eoi TO IJsT? Tt? A WV Vi.L. RBSfKt'TrtHI.K KAM(Lt, tfl <{ upreryailof llu\ise ?u<i Weel Ntairwnlh utrKt, bt^ t?een > iyhth :in-t Mnth hvi nue*. tl'tn b? <wt'n from 1" M to 0 P. M. ( rLET? rvpRR VS RT OF ltOtruF. M:? KOCKTH \ fP nue, i ear iw< nty tlftli iireei. all e\r?t>t ilie o jiv floor. o>n>l?iiug <>t two I'm ?.!>, MX Jtoouoi, Katement, K.ichft) ??d BitlUTom, luxiice order Vorv deKiruWe; $."iO0. KI>SHIMER A Vt U>rUX, .'K3 fwrtk itmue. TO T.PT? TTTJ! FOI'R STOKY UOC8E NO. .V. BI.EF.CK. ? er aireot, near BrtMidway. BoiumIm very ruo<a>, -It teot finnt. suitable for tnialneui piito<>aea: will b" altered It' r? <iuire<l. Also a large ll' u?e on Madlaun avenue. j; k WILCOX, :ti3 I'uiirtli aromio. TO LET ? A YEP.Y II ANDSt.iMF.LY FL RNI8UE1) HtXtBB on Mardou^kl nI reel; rent only $l<X<)a far. Afo im? on living plare, $l.Smi; one 011 Meat Twenty mcooM $1,7CU; one on Tw<-cty tlftli ktreet, Sl.rvu Call and hx> thorn. KIXSIIIMKRA W ll.Co.i, .'.i.'t lourta avenue. TO LET? FROM T1IK FIR8T OK MAY. THE CPl'BP". part hi the Hous.' :&> En<d Broailway, with kitclien and bat!i room; It will lie thoroughly }?nitei! for a tfood toniui Hie bouse ran be seen l rom 2 to ft P. M. TO LET? TO A 8MAIJ. FAMILY, A \ KHY OESIR AHLK I'urniahed (tottage. in the midst of e*ten*lm graoad^i high and healthy, with every convenience; lcxviUon W?k Chester county ; <'le*en wiles lio-u '1 liu ty-fn st street, m'wh bleby earn ai d bnai". Apply tu FIELD A MdLEaN, auc tioneers, Be. 9 1'lnr street q^O LET? FURNI8HE0 OH I Nfl BNISUBD, THK 1 threr- story brown atone Hour". A'tWent Forty fifth alree*. between Fiftn and 81xth avenues. Tlie 1 uinitiira ia goral and complete. Apply to B. LI VINUKTON", No. ;? .south William street. l TO LET? FURNJSHBD OOTTAOB, WITH ABOCT three-<iuarters nt sn line, $.'(11 per rear; and furMshi-d 5 snelon. with atvoit four acren, $ltH) p^- ?nonlh or tur the Ntimmi r, at Chatham, N. .1 , within .* few mingles' wi k of tlie depot of tlie Morriv and K?'ft Railroad. A)ipiy :? FfEI.D A Mi'LEAK, auctioneers, No. 1> l'ine street TO IilT? A TIinFK STORY BRICK IIOURK WITH ALL the Toorlern improvements, unw (illUfdg, (Mm writer, v liter climeis, Ae? ??<.mpl?te; rent low. Apply to A. B. rhlCB, 58f klyhtii avenue. rpO LET-A F1K8TCLAB3 HOI .^E MO. lWiWE^T Et J teenih street, between hiiili ami S? venth avenues; t'sor Htory, basement and sub-cellar; lias all the modern in jiro* ements. Can be aeen f ran ."? to A 1*. M. Also rttorr. i4t stories lilih. No. Bf5 Greenwich street, near Spring. Inquire of E. L A B. T. MIRNHAN. ?U Hudson etreet.V. T. rPO LBT.-BBOOKLYN HEIGHTS.? THREE HT3R I 1 high basement house, %! Columblit street, midway be tweeu the ferries, overlooking the harbor: will be put in pood order, wltli all Uupiorpnts; $JW H. BILL, 185 Fifth avenue, i-orner of Twenty-tUIrd street. TO LET-ON ONE HFNDRED AND ULEVENTB street, l^tween Third and Fourth aveniies, mar Ccutrai I ark, two well finished collate Horses: eight rooms and flna. vnrd eaeh. Facilities good tornett'iij ilown town. Rent ?HP II year, imiuin- at No. -f' Pearl street, orjin the premises. rl.ET ? HOUSE AND STORE, ?? BLEEnBBB stfeei, together or aeiMtmle; ilrst tto>jr m house 772 Sixth avenue; almi hoiixe U- F.aal Thirty second street. Apply 11* Bleeeker street. TO LET? THE KTONK COTTAGE KNOWN AS THK' rectory ot ht. I'sul's church. East Cheater, 1?J miles die ant ifom Mount Veruon station ot' the New Haven Railroad. 1(' miles from New York eitv. Inquire of Mr. E. VIaKC'I", 1 18 Chamliei ?? street, urot ENOCH WII^SON, Sexton, at tlie church. fpO LET? TIIF. FIRST CLASS FOI R 8TOI1T HASK i ment Houses. >*ns. 1.41 and IMS West Thirty-fifth Stri-et, replete with all the modern impmt omenta, brown i-tone f-uni to aC' ond tluor, large bay windocr, itsimry. Italian and Lis bon marble mantels; vestibule toarble. (wivlls huu,: with gir4 and pearl paper; halls with bhwK marble, iuindsome gaa fix lures and rhanurliers. s}K'Skl>i^ tubes. k>\, all in eood order; rent $7UU, lnquiie .sPaRKS, 217 We. 1 fhir.' ti fta stn-ei. TO LET? TUB T1IIKD KTf'RY OF HOUSE 5tJ BON Ik street; rtnt JiM; has six rooms, wi.h tlroton water. None butasmall lamllv neeil uiiolv. Ca;t be ae>'n t'rjrn tea A. M. to four P. M. TO LET OK Folt HALE? T1IE FOI R 8T3UY BAHE ment brick building, with all the modi-rn improvemenha, and is in complete orurr will be let or Icaacd on icasouabte terms, or w :11 be sold at a jrest bargain App.y at VSt Cher ry street rpO LIT OB FOR MALE ? THE TWO BTOST A? A attic brick dwelling House and I?t M Henry street UM Croton water, bath mom, gas and range; tela exeetlreU or der. Would lie rented to a small ismlly on maaoimble tetogL Apply on 1 he premises or at No. 1 Farry street, corner ex 1 Gold street. T?. LET OB FOR RALK-TM HOBOEBN, TWO HAM9 Mime three story and o?Uar Briek Houses; lot 100 fttt deep, house Bit leet, nearly new: raa and water; price fiUjMU. Inquire of ROBT. PELLE, I> Beaview plaoe, HoWoken. TO LEASE OK FOR FAIJ? THE THRiE BTORT AMD 1 lmiwm. nl brick Building, Run. 20 and 2t Oosaninrea street, ml table for a workshop, heretofore need la a ro lrtgetator manufactory. A good op|?ortiinity for tha Intro duction of machinery. having a lalsu clilniney attached for ?trjtm boiler, A Ajrfiy to J MATHMWdOM, M7 Budaoa fin at, before 9 A, M Mil after i P. M. TO LET OR LKARE ? SETF.RAI. WELL LIOHTBD On if* In, and the (laaemeot (list feet deep) of, Umm? lite story bixive Mo. .S3 Mmu siree.t. woat alio, urtiwnpn PnK ton >nd John atrm-i*. this alt/. Apply tj KkilCll BYBXK, 138 Mwu street. rLET OR LEASE? A I.A ROE HOUSE, CONTAWIMa about thirty mmu, Ho. 11)7 Waverley p ix* The hen en In i*> by loft feet. and the lot US feet m depth. Very pleaaaat ly situated, nearly > ppoalte Washington Parade Urounit. unl Ik well adapted lor a ooardiiuc or dub bouse. Apply to KAY NOR A HLACkWIiLL. MM llroodwar; Bradley. HttUHJne * ' o , 42 East FeOlleenth alreet, or to N. C. Htsh.ip, 14ft Broad way. TO I.F.T OR LEASE?1 TUB HA8EMENT ROOM, SH Hrr.adwav, mutable tor a triti'law restaurant. Inquire ol ,T. CaMPBELL. Jr., f ..Hie Rank. TO LIT OR LEASE? TIIF. FOCR STORY, HIOH STOOP, modern built I louse I7d Kaxi fourteenth ^tr.'ei, replete , v nil all modem conveob neew Item $1 itt). Inquire of It. I. I'KOZ, W Fnlton street. J bet r) r RT OR LI 1 ASK ? A FIKST OLA"* PIREF. 8TOBT brick House on HU Lnkn'i plac-, -lear llndoon ?.reel aKoUrst els?s hnmn n one front llouae, furnished, on Forty anound atreei near Broadway : aim. n Hamment, Sit Btith ivenue. anbatile lor business. Apply to A. BKBOEANT, 1A Wall street. BT OB LEASE ? IM EAST NINETKBNTH STUHET, between Broadway and fourth s> nue; a brown atone ft' nae. four -torn1*. -*i by "<5 feet, with butler'* extension. In qvbtof B T. ORATAOAP. 14H tinnd street. or at 42 W.'tt 1 wenty- ninth .treat. Can !?<? eeen betweon the bourn of 1 and 3 P M. rpo LET OB i.eape-the UM THRB'i story i. md at I If llotiv l>CT Vi'ltvi ry stieet, nenr Bro* me; eon tama lAt' oma. with sna throni-hont, and is well atiM>H)4l wit 5 t closet* : baa hl|b ?aaetnent and ll?rbt. dry \iu.lnr eel Iar Ileal ' Inquire nn the premise*. TO LEABK ? FOB m E TXAlUt, SEPARATELY OT TO. Ketber, live Lota on Attorney and R !<!??? atreeta, between Delanoey and Broome >ireei?, now occupied aaan iron foun n t?l John R. rjatt. To be vacant oa the 1st of May. Ap ply u. C. C. PINCK.NKY, at 73 WaU atroet. r) LBAhE? THE MANMOK 1101'HK, IN GOOD RE pair, with nbrmt ill ty tola aa litwn and ganbn, on Fiabtr '?mhib air?ot, rtrir Twelfth atrenwv Inquire ol .lOHB I'a1NE,47 Wall aireet. TO BE NT- A I. .4 ROE Hol'ftE, WITH TWO ACRRB OWi ' Krmiml liable a, onthouiea, Ac.: la *err kaa rwa, t'mion waiar, Ae ; attuated on Klality -i?tl. .treet, iiatu><?a HrH and second aveuoea. Apwlyto HK.NKI B. LRHDh A CO . y ya?>aa ?ti*et_ Bent ?*?. TO BF.NT ON t* EST TWENTIETH KTItBKT, A I.ARl.R I lour atory hldh atooc llotiw-. modern i?|'ro?eme>ita; **. Lituree. fte , will be put In in une ori'er, and leaned to a :'osal enant for three ?r Are y?an. ,1. R. KDVTAROB, ' ?./ Went Twenty third utreei. TO REBT? ON MOORMAN PLACE, TIIIBTY THIRD | atfe. t. a *oe tbreo atory l.iRh atoop briwa atone front Home, three rooms d??p; einelleni loeatlim; modem conre nteoreo, F*a Hiiuraa, A?; rent S8MA l R. KDWABM. J77 Weat Twe nty third ati-eet. r MILMNEBS, AC. -TO LET. PART OF BTORB Window and use of Store, In one ot the best toeabtlea, <VI?S acood w Morale and retail bualneaa: this s a ?r-ia ersnee lorapeTaeyonn* udjr. Apply at 3:? baaal atreA T?? !'AlNLTI';R^ T" ,jrr! THK OZaO WVAfUBHRn I Hint Sh. p va Rlreck. r street; also, the upper p?-"t oT ?re Hoti^e, tollable for a r apectable faml'.y. Apps al r? Htih avenue. ' ^ HO RUTAlIBANTg -THOSE IN WANT OF A LARuR 1 and well llfhied Bw.m in connection wb s a ?lorr- .?? I^^*dwsr, dlree'ly faclnr Bond ativet, ahouldapp'j (tiK'MJt SRABb agent, Htuwaam InetltiiMi, ?'r* Broadway. rp" iiaikdreshfrs an? other*. -to let or 1 Bro >dwsy. oppo^io- Vcndstrett, a ?eo?40T? t>p>, ontha second fc or Ann tn/OHNBMAttK, n?ent, nu; , Ia ailtnle, tlffl Brtiedwiif. fHfltUFT, TC> ASVALT.I'CI'T f AMTTiY, EITnHB the I <-*? or Hwr?." rt t '.air o IT l?ai -en* air.*.,; C"nt if iid K.O..!, |ui rent of KM E!o?r, Witt Pfte* >. ?? nd rol.l a ".m, wtb pei?i'?<, In Bat^rjcin, % C ? i a ike | * \v?